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You have travelled for one week through the Kingsreach following the holy river Rhivnen in the company of the guide hired by the captain of the ship.

Kingsreach is a quaint county with rolling hills and orange colored trees. As you go further into the heartland of Hyperborea you meet less and less griffons who know Common Equestrian well and your guide is a great help. If some of you want to add Griffic to your languages and you have room for it, you may do so now as learning from the guide.

During the journey, you've passed by the mountain city of Lion's Eyrie, there Amber and Silver have acquired a diplomatic visa and have gained some leeway with the local military. Still they should be careful to not anger the wrong griffons.

You've arrived in the small town of Brimstaddt. You are at the unofficial borders of Hyperborea. This is where your guide will leave you. But before he goes, you can ask him some questions about Hyperborea if you'd like as well as buy supplies.


I'll pass on the language.
"Which language do the Unicornians speak?"


All the while during our travels, I never stopped talking about the Gravewolf and what the book says about it!

"-Trust me guys, we just have to hunt this one!"

Then, turning to the guide, I will ask for the tenth time if he's ever seen one.


I don't really want to learn this language, thanks.
Do we have enough food and water for the journey?


I'm not cruel, I'll carry my own stuff again from now on! How are we doing on food?


In Downtime rations are not spent, those are assumed to be part of your Panache/Prudence.
I also didn't take one ration from all you during the first adventure. But that will go into play now!
You all seem to have enough food to keep going, the only thing Mabel might keep in mind is that her fresh food will spoil at the end of the adventure (she already has it a week!).

You have not eaten yet today! You can buy some food at the inn or eat some of your own supplies.

"No! I haven't! And I don't know anyone who has! They're myths. You should go ask the Rune Priests at Mt. Grifjell if they even exist!"

Silver just says that he could handle it, when you take over your part of the gear, but you do note a small smile of relief on his face.

"Old Equestrian. But some of them know Common Equestrian I think. You might want to hire one of those or convince him or her to help you out."


Eat that fresh food then, and get some new fresh food!


Time to cast Goodberry '1d20+15'
'2d6' berries.

"We'll see about that."

Roll #1 18 + 15 = 33 / Roll #2 2, 4 = 6


That's 2 SP.


I would like to get some fresh food!
"We're partners, we should share your load!"


You have enough food for 3 days!
I have removed one Fresh Food (salad with an array of vegetables) from your inventory.
Fresh food normally removes sickness, but you're not sick!

One extra AD for funny lewd.
"I'm happy you want to help me with my load."
Common, comfort, filling, fresh or hearty food?
You can check Corebook p165 for the details.

With a wave of your hoof a bunch of multicolored berries appear in your hoof.


I like food fresh, is that such a bad thing?
Old habits die hard!


"Well yeah but where is this place?"
Also, can I buy a map of the area?


Actually, Knight has a detailed one of the area, I'm sure he wouldn't mind Soil borrowing it. It shows the entire Wild Lands area including Unicornia.

I wanted to draw it as well but got sidetracked. So you can do +1 to any Knowledge check about the area as well as ask me for general information you'd be able to see plainly on the map.

Salad is good.




Just common! We're prudent!


It's a simple meal with some bread and berry yam.


"Mt. Grifjel is the source of the Rhivnen. Just follow the river and you're there!"


I'll take one as a filling meal.


Do you want to buy a "complete" meal with 3 uses? Then you're good for the day. Of course Amber would have to buy 2 of those.

If not I'll just deduct 4 coin and consider you fed.


Gotta write all that down so I don't forget it!
"It's gonna be a fun trip!"


I think I need to but at least one more set of rations and animal feed.
Do that.


The animal feed for Indy is a nice bowl of crunchy gems.

You consuming one of your rations?


"Any other questions you'd like to ask?"


Does Inferni hunt for his own food though?


I don't need to, I've got my berries!


sure, that makes it easier I think.


You have a week's worth of animal feed in your inventory.
A nice mix of nuts and proteins.
He can hunt as well, but that would require you to do a forage roll for him.

It tastes very filling!
+1 gear bonus to Fort saves (8 hours)

Done, deducted and you both have a simple meal of bread


Yeah, one of its uses at least.


I see.
Maybe when we run low on stuff.


Your ration consists of dried hay mixed with a bit of dried fruit.


Then I'm pretty much ready.


"I wish you the best of luck" says the guide as he gets up. "Keep your eyes open among the ponies. They're not Equestrians."


That will do things to my stool.


"They're not as tame as Equestrian ponies."


"Oi mate who ye callin' tame?"


"I'm not all that tame myself, to be fair."


Snicker at that.


He lifts up his claws.
"Hey, I wasn't talking about you.
But everyone knows most Equestrian ponies count on their Princesses to do all the hard work."




"Oh really? I guess we are not that famous yet…"



Walk up to him and poke his chest angrily.
That's not what I saw at the battle for Mount Volcano-where-Mabel-died-but-not-really!
Thousand of ponies from all over Equestria were there, fighting against odds stacked dozens of times against them, and not one of them flinched!
So don't you go around calling Equestrians tame!"



"I'm afraid not. But perhaps in the future?"

"I did not know this was such a sensitive topic. I did not mean any offense."


"Paladins do hard work too! If you think ponies are soft then you're in for a big surprise mister!"


Turn away rather angry, ignoring the guide.


Smile smugly.
"You might hear of whatever we accomplish up here in a few weeks or months."


"I hope I did not offend you."

"I certainly hope so. I wish you the best of luck."

The guide leaves.

The road beckons!
Or would you like to go off-road?


Have an extra AD for standing up for Equestria!




It's not like there's any danger on the road, no?


Dumb proud griffon! follow the road!


Not that you know!



And I will trot beside the others, no need to overburden Indy.


You leave town and follow the dirt road. The orange leaf trees give way to pine trees. Up here the weather has gotten noticeably colder and clouds are gathering in the sky.

Roll an Impress for the quality of your songs


Cast Endure Elements on myself '1d20+15'

Roll #1 15 + 15 = 30


Play around with Inferni to pass some time


The glory days of doublecrits on singing rolls are over.

Roll #1 19 = 19


Roll Notice.

The cold goes away, you're perfectly protected.

He flies up high and doesn't come down to play with you.

You sing a very nice song! Still got it!



Roll #1 13 + 5 = 18



Roll #1 3 + 10 = 13



Roll #1 7 + 9 = 16


You faintly hear in the distance some stallion talking to another stallion.
But you can't see him through the forest.


Let out a small whistle to Inferni.
Maybe he saw, that's why he didn't come down.


Poke Silver and say 'shush'!


You can just follow the path and come out or try to sneakily watch who it is from the bushes…

He slowly comes down and lands on your head.



Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Your singing is too nice to hear other things.


"Everyone, be quiet and wait up."
Rolling to be a sneaky jenny

Roll #1 2 + 16 = 18


I'm just that go-
"Uh? But I was so into it!"


I'm the sneakiest! I beat Silver at sneaking! [1d20]


Roll #1 9 = 9


A-action dice! [1d4]

Roll #1 1 = 1


You stop as Mabel sneakily steps into the bushes and looks forward.
You see a large tomato and carrot field, multiple earth pony stallions are franctically trying to harvest the last remaining vegetables.
Then Amber pops up right next to you, her armor shining brightly.
One of the stallions sees her and starts galloping away, shouting to the others in a language you don't understand.


Give Amber a look.
"Great job, Amber. Should I try smiting evil and schmoozing up with Cadance next time, now that we switched roles?"


"I wonder what spooked them…"

"Huh? Why not, that sounds like a good time!"


One extra AD for you!


"Try to think of sad things before sneaking next time, you were way too shiny!"
Shake my head.
"We should follow them and see where they went, before we cause more trouble."


I scrunch.
"I didn't alert them did I? I'm pretty good at sneaking!"


"I'm sorry to break it to you Amber…"
Put a hoof on your shoulder.
"But you are really not."


Amber and Mabel are gone for a while.


I'm not going to get involved, Sneaking isn't something I'm good at.


"Just ask Silver then if you don't believe me!"


"…Hey Indy, can you get a look from up above?"


Oh, right, go back to the others.

Pause slightly and glance at Amber again.
"-got noticed, so we really should check out where that stallion ran off to."

"Silver would say only good things about you, dummy."


Indy spreads his wings and flies up.
Then slowly comes down again.
"There's a farm there, Pa. And ponies! But they seem to be running away!"


"I'm not sure why you care so much about some random farmer ponies, to be fair."


"I wonder what might have scared them away…"
Say, patting my dragon's head gently.


"It's a mystery."

"They seemed distressed. Maybe they are afraid or something, or in trouble."


"Lead the way then, we shouldn't get sidetracked for too long out here."


Indy grins.


"We better get going then. Should we pop by to say hello?"


"I think we should."


Lead the way, too.
We are losing daytime.


You continue on your road and leave the forest. You see the now empty carrot/tomato fields on both sides of the roads. There's still some unharvested produce if you're interested.

You see a small town up ahead built of straw and wood. You notice only one building of stone.

What you also see is that the way in has been blocked by carts and behind it are earth ponies with forks and bows.


I have my berries.
"Oh dear, what have we here?"


Not gonna steal.
"Maybe we do look a bit threatening. We should tell them we mean no harm, somehow… I'll try."
Give Inferni my weapons, and tell him to carry it to the villageponies, so I can approach them slowly, unarmed.


"If something goes wrong, I'll blast them."


One of the stallions shouts something at you none of you can understand.

Inferni grabs your blades and carries them to the villages.
They look threatened at first but then examine your fencing weapons.
They look at you more curious than threatened now.


Wave at them.


Wave too!
"They're building forts, that looks like loads of fun!"


"Don't. Please."

Approach them. Speak slowly.
"Does any of you speak Equestrian?"


Silver interrupts.
"I think they think we're enemies, Amber."

The ponies start talking amongst each other in Old Equestrian until you hear another voice speaking up in the old language and the crowd moves aside to reveal a purple unicorn with a pink mane.
She looks at Mabel. "I am Falling Star, mayor of this town. Might I know your names and your business here?"


"Hi Star, I'm Soil!
And we are monster hunters!"


"Huuuh? Why? We didn't do anything!"


"My name is Mabel, and these are my friends, Amber and Silver, the crystal ponies, Poor Soil, the earth pony, Soothing Mist the unicorn, Indy the Dragon, Inferni the phoenix, and so on! We are passing through here, actually, but we saw that you looked troubled, and thought we would ask if you need help."
Motion at the barricade.
"Looking at this, you do."


She says something to the gathered earth ponies, who then start to remove the barricade and some go back on the field.

"Forgive all these ponies. We get some trouble once in a while with the Griffons. We've learned to protect ourselves rather than find ourselves caught by surprise."


"You're not being bullied by another village, are you?"


"What are the griffons doing to warrant such a defensive reaction?"



"It's a common problem across all Unicornia I'm afraid. The barbaric Griffons don't want us here, so they come and try to intimidate us or smash our crops or hurt one of our citizens. It's awful really, but we carry on."


"I see… and is it all of the gryphons? Or just some of them?"


"You have lasted this long, so there has to be some merit in your fight!"


"Why were you afraid of us? I don't think we look much like gryphons…"


"Some of them I suppose. I think it would be too rude of me to assume all Griffons are involved of it."

She nods.
"We've lasted for centuries. And we're not going away anytime soon. Unicornia is already smaller than it once was, but we've said this far and no further, anytime they even think about trying something they feel our hooves!"

"Precautions. We're not used to having travellers so you might have been sent by them. Forgive us, the long years have made us very distrustful of anypony or griffon we don't know."


"That's horrible! Is there some way we can help?"


"If we knew where their base was, we could give them a stern talking…"


"Well since we are here, we want to h-"
Nod along.
"What she said."


She chuckles sadly. "I don't suppose you have a Griffon removal spell on you?"

"They sometimes come from that village down the road, the direction you're from actually!"


"I'm not a mage!"


"I see…"
Look at the others.
"Bullying other villages is not okay, is it, guys?"


"But we don't know if they are for real or just saying it so we go and bully that village…"


"Well… I guess it depends on the context…"


"Do bad ponies look this scared with pitchforks and cheap bows?"

"We ask their side of the story."


She smiles.
"That's very thoughtful that you'd help us just like that. But we can take care of ourselves. You'd only get in trouble with the Griffons."


"We can take care of trouble, don't worry."


"Silverhaze ponies did."


"What does it hurt to ask their side of the story?"


Falling seems to show interest in you.
"My apologies, but I've never seen a unicorn like you. Where are you from, may I ask?"


"No, you're not, I'm sorry. You both are Crystal ponies, aren't you?"


"From Equestria, but I'm originally from Neighpon. I can't imagine many of my kind come all the way out here."


"That's what Mabel said! Silver and I are crystal paladins!"


"Nice to meet you. I heard there was a whole Empire full of shining ponies like you."

"I'm afraid but it's good to meet another unicorn, I'm the only one here in town."


"That's unexpected, in Unicornia."


"That's right! We were gone for a thousand years but now we're back in action!"


"That name is decieving."


"There are more Unicorns in the capital and of course in other towns. But it's true, our numbers have been dwindling slowly.
It's hard when you have to keep a country together, surrounded by hostile griffons, for centuries."

"How nice it must be to just have an Empire spring up like that."

"No. This is Unicornia, as it was in the beginning in the time of the Tribes. The Unicornia of that time, after the Chism, absorbed the other tribes."


"Are we gonna be talking here before a barricade all day or will you show us your village?"


"I agree with Soil, may we enter?"


"Sure is, but can we come in now?"


Her brows furrow for a moment, but then it's gone. "Of course! We'd be happy to show you around!"
She turns around and steps into town.


"You have my sympathies."


Pat on Indy's side, and help Iris down before trotting into town.


Sense motive…
Maybe Soil was right, and we aren't really welcome guests here, but that might be just paranoia.

Roll #1 8 + 7 = 15


I'll throw in an AD too

Roll #1 2 = 2


The town is quite small, only having wooden hovels and huts in which earth ponies in rags live. The one notable exception is the house of Falling star, made of stone. And the mayor's office, made of stone as well, and decorated with numerous gems.

"Ah, we unicorns have to stick together, don't we! We'll do fine. Princess Platinum will lead us through these hard times."

You don't get the feeling all of you are unwelcome guests here. You see that Falling Star seems very happy to see Soothing Mist. Less the rest of you.


Oh, right, she's a unicorn, we aren't.
That's a bit racist, but better than anything nefarious.
Pick up my weapons before we proceed.


"Where exactly is her estate? What is the city called?"


Let me try to Sense Motive as well, I don't like these guys.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Some of the earth ponies stare at you with wonder in their eyes.
One of the fillies comes to touch Ambers leg. She giggles and says something to her friends.

They're in perfect state.

You might not like them, but they seem okay.

"Platina. That's where her castle is. It's not too far from her. Just follow the road and you should reach it in about 4 or 5 hours."


I scrunch.
"Silver, what are they saying?"


Reach the mayor.
"Let's talk business, shall we?
What's this problem you have with your neighbours?"


"You… really don't get much in the way of visitors do you? Don't you ever need to trade?"


Silver looks at them.
"I'm not sure."
Falling speaks up.
"They're surprised you're actually a pony and not a walking gem."

"We get by. The earth ponies create the food and they're good at it. But I'll admit that I dream of having some fresh soap or new blankets once in a while."

She takes a step back.
"Our problem is that they don't take us seriously. They claim this land is theirs and they intend to claim it. One house at a time if they have to. But I don't see how you can solve that."


"Of course we are! We're just ponies like all of you!"


"I need to go speak to your princess for that reason. I've come to Unicornia with a trade agreement from Dixie."


She perks her ears.
"Really! What are they selling?"

The filly giggles and then quickly runs to her mom.


"We are good at smashing things."


"I can't say anything about that yet, sorry."


"Aaaaw. Are you a trader? If you ever want to send a caravan our way, I'm sure it'd be worth your while."
There's a sad tone in her voice.
"We don't have much, but we have food and gems…"

"Well, if you could get them off our back for a while I'd be grateful…"


"Yeah, can totally do that…"
Without another word, break off the main group and start roaming the town's streets.


Well this is weird! Wish I could actually understand them! Didn't Star know old Equestrian?


You walk away between the straw hovels.
Some earth pony foals and mares are looking at you curiously.

She's not here now unfortunately.


"I think gems are what the Dixians are looking for."


Approach a bunch of them, looking curiously back!
"So, can you even understand me?"


They look at each other and say something in a language you don't understand.

You could try to make yourself understandable with sign language, but that gets a +4 Error range!

"Yes, I believe that as well. But…do you think they can be trusted? If I remember correctly they're Earth ponies…"


"What's wrong with that?"


Well poop, they're still ponies and I want to help them out!
but not today, because I'm going to bed. Thanks for running!


"I'd rather work with unicorns like you. I think the princess will feel the same."



Oh well.
Try to say hello, for starters! Wave!
And what skill is 'sign language' under?


No real skill.
Say what you're attempting to communicate and the NPC will do a decipher check to see what you're saying.

The more complex your sentence, the higher the DC.

The same in reverse applies when an NPC tries to tell you something in sign language


This is quite a no brainer.
They wave back.
A stallion goes in the house and comes back with a cabbage bread. He gives it to you.


"Well, we are pretty amazing aren't we? I'll be making the deal anyway, the princess won't have to deal with those earth ponies in person."


I guess it's safe to assume there's no other donks here, huh.
I wonder if they'd like a show though…


"Oh, were you hungry?"


"Pico! Why are these ponies being attacked by angry gryphons over their land?"


I'd say this on Steam.
Griffons consider all property one cannot defend themselves as void. Combined with the feeling of the locals that Unicornia is legally Griffon territory.


Make a surprised "Ooh!" and accept it, cutting it in half and sharing it back with him, taking a bite.


"It might seem harsh, but if they can't defend it, it isn't considered theirs."


"But that's a recipe for constant conflict! How is that even sustainable?"


"It's how we've always had it, though."


He says something in Old Equestrian and bows his head.

Keeps the Griffons stronk. Though of course there are examples where it went out of hand.




I scrunch.
"So how can we solve this issue with these ponies having to live in fear?"


Raise a brow and look at him strange.
Tell you what, try and do a 'you and me' motion with my hoof.


"Teach the gryphons a lesson? We could say they are under our protection."


"They just have to prove they can hold it. They have to show the strength to fight off invaders and protect their people."


"Yeah, I think we should just go kick their butts and show them not to mess with this village anymore!"


"It's a bit radical… but it could work."


"And what'll happen when we leave? All the raiders know who actually lives here, they'll be back once they know we're off."


"We'll tell them this village is under our protection like Mabel said!"


You can try.

"That certainly sounds good. Would you like to join me for lunch?"

He points to his hornless forehead and yours.


"Oh sure, I'd love to. What are we having?"


Well… let's try to walk among the ponoes of the village and try to get their attention!


"That won't hold them back for long. They have to be strong enough to hold it physically and to be able to deal with all the politics too! They have to have permanent strength."


"They're just simple farmer ponies!"



Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Let's see what on the menu."
Falling's house is made of stone unlike the other hovels. Inside there's beautiful antique furniture. And numerous finely carved gemstones.
Several earth ponies bow as you both enter and start putting silver plates on the table and a delicious smelling stew.

Roll an Impress.

Roll Notice

Silver speaks up.
"How have these ponies been protecting themselves until now. There must be some kind of warriors they have…"


Very impressive swallowing skills!

Roll #1 12 + 8 = 20


You think he's making note of you both being earth ponies.

Iris trots next to you.
"I wish I paid more attention to Star when she was talking about Old Equestrian…"


"Rather big contrast with the rest of the village, isn't it?"


"Yeah, and they'll always be seen as easy targets. They need to make it clear they won't be forced out without a big, dangerous fight. They'll be respected for that, even if they just have strong walls to run to."

Notice '1d20+7'

"Warriors, walls, political alliances, anything like that will help them survive Hyperborea better."

Roll #1 7 + 7 = 14


"Maybe she knows how it, too!"
Then back to the pony, shrug.
Do I have any alcohol in my rations?


You immediately attract a large crowd of mares and fillies, clopping for your performance.

"It's normal for a mayor to have a bit more than the rest of the village, no?"

You notice a group of winged creatures flying out of the clouds towards the village.

You see the earth pony suddenly looking up towards the clouds.


"What are you suggesting?"


Well share half of my own food woth him, making a yummy motion as I break it!


"Everything that could make them safe. If they can put up a fort to protect their homes, get some mercenaries to stay here, anything to show force. But, it looks liek we'll have company. Look up!"


"Sure, I like the curtains especially. What are we having?"


What's this? An attack!?
"Incoming attack! watch out!"


You have abundant rations with you.
34 to be exact. How many do you want to give?

"An old favorite, Unicornian stew made of radishes, carrot, hay, and a tiny dash of magic."
She winks.
"Of course, we have to provide that last ingredient."
Her horns sparks and two white orbs float in either plate, turning the brown color a pleasant yellow.

Some earth ponies dash for one of the houses.
As they come closer you see it's 7 armored pegasi flying in V formation.
The head of the pack shouts something and they draw their halberds. They dive towards you and Pico.
Silver unsheats his zweihander.
The pegasi circle above you.


"Oh lovely. I'll be having that."


Ready my warhammer.
"Get outta here! You think you're intimidating us?"


I'll pull out my chain.

"What the shiny pony said!"


One of the earth ponies beside you shouts something to them.
And they stop circling.
One of them, a green pegasis with black armor and decorations in the form of a lightning bolt flies a bit down and an argument starts between him and the earth pony.
After a while, the leader barks some orders and one other pegasus, a brownish one clothed in similar armor but no helmet slowly floats down.
In broken Equestrian he says "Who are you?"

"Bon appetit."


Dig in!


"Paladin Amber Stone, servant of princess Cadance and the Crystal empire!"


"I'm Ferriro Pico, of the Pico family."


It tastes like a regular stew but somehow far more intense and rich, you attribute it to the magic.

The soldier says something to his captain and the pegasi lower their weapons.
Three, including the one you just spoke to, float down next to you.
"I am Cloud Hopper, Legionnaire."
Three others fly to the large house where earth ponies are now bringing out supplies of food.
The captain flies towards the mayors house.


"Did we come at a bad time, sir?"


"What are you doing here?"


I should learn how to cook with added magic, I bet it would make my ramen way better.
"This is great stuff. I love it."


"No. If you have no ill intentions we welcome you to Unicornia. We merely needed to be sure, these ponies here say you're visitors."

"We're doing our patrol of the region and collecting our monthly tribute."

The Mayor wants to speak up, but the door opens again and a pegasus with black armor and a lightning insignia steps in.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I have to speak here for a moment."
She turns and the pegasus gives a little bow for her. They exchange a few words and then he leaves again.


"Wait, you're in charge of protecting this village?"


"A friend of yours?"


"Thanks, I guess. I'm just here with the others, though. So don't worry about me."


"That is correct, ma'am."
Silver immediately shouts.
"Then why are these ponies saying they've been harrassed?"
The pegasus coughs.
"It is true that some incidents have occured but we have always responded as fast as we could. The Pegasus Legion has 5 towns and 3 cities to patrol in Unicornia. It is unfortunate that we can't be everywhere at the same time…"

"As long as there's no trouble, you'll be treated well."
You do note the suspicious looks on the other pegasi.

"A Centurion from the Legion. They're here to pick up the monthly tribute."


"I'm sorry, did you say a legion?"


"Don't overextend then! Or recruit more ponies!"


~A Gryphon in a Pony Town, it's to be expected…
"You'll have nothing to worry about from me."

"I'm sure they're trying their best. They live here too."


She frowns sadly.
"It's an old name.
From the times before the Exodus. Compared to those days it would be more of a battalion…maybe a company."

"Are you telling us how to run our own army? You can be assured we do all we can. Unlike in Equestria where there's an abundance of princesses, here we have to fend for ourselves."


"Hold on, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows for them. Queren told me about all the monsters and adventures they went through even before they got here."


"I understand. Not much of a fearsome legion anymore then."


"You think we have it easy!? You don't even know, buddy! Dragons, ursa majors, changelings, cultists, dragoncuisines, slavers, we've got our own share of issues we have to deal with!"


"They hold the line.
But they don't have the manpower anymore to push it.
7 years ago, the town of Ametha was so low on ponies that the Princess decided to relocate them to Hornton rather than spend more Legion resources to defend it. I think the Griffons claim it now.
When Griffons approach I shoot a green firebolt in the air so that the Pegasi know there's trouble. But we have to fend for ourselves while they come."

"Well aren't you special? A big hero. But I bet you've never had to fight for your own town, or your family."


"That's kinda true for me, but I'm trying! It's why I volunteered!"


"Why don't you leave these lands? There's a lot more ponies down south in Equestria who don't have to deal with territorial gryphons."


Half. Of. It.


"I fight for them and the empire every day I'm out on duty!"


"I fight for them and the empire every day I'm out on duty!"


"I fight for them and the empire every day I'm out on duty!"


"Leave our lands!
Preposterous. That's what those Princesses said too. They called it Homecoming."
She suddenly seems more hostile.
"This is pony land. This is where all ponies came from. This is our home! Equestria should be sending ponies here to help defend us against those Griffons."

He seems overwhelmed at all this food. He shouts and many other mares and fillies come to collect some too.
They all what you presume, thanking you in their language. One of them runs to his home and comes back with a small golden pin engraved with the Sun and Moon. He pushes it in your hoof.

"Here we can't volunteer. Fighting is not some big heroic thing here. It's duty."


"U-uh… It's too much, really!"
Take the pin thanking the guy with a kind smile before looking at all of them in worry.
I should teach these guys how to hunt for themselves…


"It must be harder when you're fighting for all you have. But, is it just the Pegasus that are trained? Even someone like me could learn, do you teach the ponies here to do so?"


"I don't care much for the princesses. And I'm not Equestrian."


She mellows a bit.
"Yes, I'm sorry. I just get so worked up knowing there's thousands of ponies who do nothing while we are here."

"Training earth ponies? That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard."

Iris is helping them distributing the rations. Making sure all the kids have one.
But why would they need to hunt? There's ample farm fields outside the town, more than enough to make all these ponies fat.


"I think the south has their own share of trouble with the civil war and all."


"You mean they've never been trained, at all!? But, you might get attacked less if they could hold out for themselves better."


That one's been over for a few years now
"I didn't know. Why are they fighting?"

"Earth ponies work the earth. The Pegasi fight and the unicorns rule. So has it always been here.
Can you imagine what would happen if we gave these ponies weapons?"


What did I miss


Still seems to have left its marks.
"Religious tensions as far as I can tell. I never really exposed myself to it."


Some talk
"Hmmm, a shame. Will you be staying long in our town?"


>"Hmmm, a shame. Will you be staying long in our town?"
Ignore that.

"Hmmm, a shame. Will you be staying long in our town?"


So… Turn to the ponies, forgetting for a moment they can't speak my language.
"Where is all your food?"
Then facehoof.
Point at the farms, and make a "what of it?" motion.


"I don't know, depends on my companions. I think they have stuff to do."


"Just a town guard, something to hold out at least. Because people they have to fend off certainly will be armed. And some of us already come with weapons built-in."

Raise a talon.

"A lot of the ponies I'm travelling with are armed and they've done great for themselves!"


Well, after my performance, which probably took this long maybe, I'll bow to everyone and find the others!


He points to a large shed.
There is indeed a large quantity of food in there.
Some earth ponies are delivering some boxes of it to the pegasi.

You drew a large crowd!

They're talking to armored pegasi.

"Ah, well if we can help, don't hesitate to ask me."

"That's absurd.
These ponies would throw everything into chaos. The Griffons would have an easy time conquering us then."


"But the Equestrians here are all armed, and even my Gryphon pride won't stop me from admitting that they could all take me down in a heart beat. Even during the surprise attack, they stayed together."

I'll clutch the Charm I have to return for a moment.


Trot over to the pegasi and look at them work.


What's up with those guys?


Finish my meal.
"Maybe I can help you too, with your gryphon issue."


They seem to be soldiers.

"Really? That would be great! Perhaps the Legionnaires can even help you!"

It's not really work.
They collect part of the food and are preparing to leave again.

The Legionnaire seems to waver a bit.


"Hey. So, what are you up to?"


Whistle at them. Point at the food. Make a walking motion.


Get up.
"Do you have any knowledge of creatures which the gryphons fear?"


"I'm just tossing them ideas on how to stay safe. You're all armed, so it's obvious they can train the ponies here too! Maybe you can give them some lessons you learned while fighting back in Equestria!"


Not even I am sure what you mean by that.

"Hmmmmm. They do not fear much I admit. But there is a story of a demon that inhabits these parts. A Wendigo?"

"Hmmm, perhaps. Maybe I could tell my superior."


Because you don't come from a land of such expressive people as the italians.
I'm asking where they are taking it.


He still seems confused.
You see a pegasi who's talking to Pico however in a normal language.
Perhaps ask him?


"Thank you. Though, as much as it might add to his paperwork, why don't you try reaching out to the Pico family? I'm not the only one looking to seeing someplace outside of the Picostead."


Yes indeed.
"This one knows equestrian?"


"Tell me more."


Hmm? Oh, yeah. Sorry if I was stealing his attention from you."


"That's food for the Legion, to be brought to Pegalopolis."

"They're supposed to be large pony spirits that can fly and bring about giant blizzards. But I've never seen one. I doubt there is one in the region to be honest. But Griffons are frightened by spirits, they revere them."

"The Pico family?"


"The what? For the who?"


"I suspected as much. Thanks for the info."
Let's go find my frens.


"Of House Pico, East of the Howling Mountains. Queren, who is training me, and ventured into Equestria and made some connections. You could try reaching out to them. Not to brag, but we're not a group to count out of any fight!""


They're talking to the pegasi.

He talks slowly
"The Legion, that's us, we protect Unicornia.
And Pegalopolis is our city. We need that food to survive."

"They would really help us?"


…Do I need to roll to remember every heart warming eve's story?


"I can't say for certain, but after Queren came back with all those spoils and stories, I'm sure you could convince a few to fight for you."


Wave away.
"It's lucky you were talking to him instead, or I'd have never found out.
What's up with this war of theirs?"


Nah, I assume that's known to every Equestrian.

"Mmmmm, perhaps if you could send them a message. You don't have to convince them, just to let them know we can be trusted?"


"I'm getting caught up too, but looks like there have been raids, attacks, and a slow conquest of the lands for a long time now."

"I can do that!"


"I may have an idea."


"Oh, go ahead."


"I might be able to scare that nearby village into not attacking this one anymore using some illusion magic."


"Wow, you're capable of that!?"


"Thank you. We should be on our way then."


"Thank you for your patience with me."

Bow politely.


"From what I hear the gryphons really fear spirits, so if I disguise myself as one and add some light effects to it with some intimidation techniques to finish it off, they may be too scared to come here again. The one big issue is the language barrier."


"I can guide you with what to say then! We could also help sell the rest of the trick too!"


"Could you scout the village out for us first so I know what to expect?"


"You ponies live a few thousand years into the past…
Why don't you pegasi live on the ground too, if you wanna farm?"


"Of course! They might leave me alone compared to sending a Pegasus."


"Yeah. Just get me an idea of the size of village and such."


"Just tell me which way to go!"

Stand at attention!


"Sir, that's insulting. Pegasi do not farm."


"… I don't know where the village is, ask one of the people here maybe?"


"This is all silly. What are we supposed to even do here Silver?"


"I'm sure." he says sarcastically.

"Brimmstadt. Presumably. That's the closest town."


He shrugs.
"Perhaps Soothings plan will work.
As much as I'd like to find the Crystal ponies, we have to offer these ponies here our help."


"Okay, just point and I'll be off!"


"Yes, knowing where it is would be helpful."


"How are you planning to actually trick them into not attacking this village though?"


He points to the road you just came from.


"It's not an all too uncommon thing for Gryphons to fear certain spirits. If we make it look good, the attackers might be scared off for good."

"I'll be taking off then!"


"By tricking them into believing this is now the windigo's turf. If they think this place is claimed by spirits, they won't have the guts to contest their claim."


"Who doesn't farm doesn't get to eat, so it told me once my pa'."


Roll to Investigate and discover helpful hints.


Attempting to use Eagle Eyes '1d20+7'

Roll #1 3 + 7 = 10


"Ooooooh, clever! Turning their own ways against them!"


You can roll an action die if you want to heighten that number…


Yeah, let's try to get that a little higher.


Roll #1 2 = 2


Your Investigation takes a few hours and by the time you return the sun is already low.

You haven't discovered much, but you gather that only a few of the griffons are responsible for the attacks. They're currently drinking at the inn. You might be able to surprise them when they go out drunk


"Then a lot of ponies must be wasting their time farming in Equestria."


"Sorry for the wait, but I think I've been able to mark down some of the troublemakers."

Tell 'em what I know.


"Farming is not wasting time! What do you do that's so important!"
So, if we are all gathered by the inn, I think it's the time to say it.

"These ponies are crazy."


"How far away is it from here on hoof?"


One hour away.


The soldier wants to respond but is called to leave with the tribute by his commander


And they just let these guys take the food! CRAZY!


"What say you we go for a walk?"


"I just hope we don't run into anything like wendigoes."


"Yeah, I'd hate to ruin a perfectly good bear pelt!"


"If we do I'll just set them on fire. Come."
Time for a walk!


You go back to Brimmstadt.
By the time you arrive Celestia has lowered the Sun and Luna's silver crescent is rising in the sky.

The town seems the same since you left it at the start of the day. Yellow lights burn behind a few windows and smoke comes out of the chimneys.
You hear singing coming from the inn.

It has gotten cold and snow starts falling from the sky.


Look up and stay on guard for windigoes!


A quick prayer seems in order, while we wait for our prey.


Time to see if this plan will actually work or crash and burn.

Cast Disguise Self (1 SP) and try to whip up a convincing spirit outfit.

Roll #1 11 + 15 = 26


I'll AD it '1d4'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Boom. '1d4'

Roll #1 3 = 3


There might be some!
Iris shivering and puts on her warm cloak.
Indy doesn't seem too bothered, more surprised at the snow. He sticks out his dragon tongue to try some.

Oh wait, there's a Wendigo!

You ask all the Ancients for their blessing.

With a flash you're disguised into a mighty Wendigo!


Now let's add some more effects to it…

Cast Glow on myself '1d20+15'

Roll #1 10 + 15 = 25


Turn to 'Soothing' and scare the wendigo away!

Roll #1 17 + 9 = 26


You are now a glowing Wendigo even shinier than Amber.

I'll leave that up to Groves


"You want me to go in and guide them towards you?"


"Don't get all spooky with me, I need to keep my composure and be intimidating."

I look up.
"… Can you get me on the roof of that building? Might be more impressive that way."


"No problem, just make sure to hold on to any valuables."


I nod.
"Alright, carry me up there."


"Ready yourself."

I'll take him up and await my next orders.


She's on the roof atop of the inn.


"Now go in there and tell them there's something bad on the roof of the building."


Before you can even go there, the door opens and a number of drunk griffons stumble out. Singing about a hen so fair.


Look at Pico as if wondering who should g-
Join in!

Roll #1 12 = 12


"Well call me a sparrow. That's nice of 'em."


They look surprised at you.
"H-hey, the pony wantsss to a hen tooo!"


"Every farm needs a hen!"


"Whatcha doin here pony, sshouldn't you be in your town?"


Damn, what sounds do windigoes make? Try a bit of sinister whinnying and nickering.


"Whatsch tat?"
They look up.
Roll Intimidate


"I ain't got no town."
Step in.
"Well? You guys ain't gonna offer a drink to a hero?"


I'm a very scary pony.

Roll #1 20 + 8 = 28





Resolve '1d20-12'

Roll #1 7 - 12 = -5


Your disguise is so perfect. You see them shit themselves right on the spot.


They have completely forgotten about you.
Maybe you should snap them out of it?




Be really dramatic about it. Wave my hooves around in a spooky fashion.
"OOOoooOOOoooOOO! Leave Unicoooornia aloooooone! Leave the ponies in peace or suffer my terrible cuuuuurse! These lands will be cuuuuursed! OOOoooOOOooo!"


They are shaking like leaves and drop on their knees.
"Y-yes, m-mighty spirit, p-please f-forgive us.."


"Keep pressing them while you have the chance." I whisper.


"Your villages will not survive another transgression. The snows will come to claim all you hold dear in an endless raging blizzard. The white death will cover your lands like a blanket, cursing you all to suffer for centuries. Unicorinia belongs to the ponieeees!"




"Leaaaaave Unicorniaaaaa! LEAAAAAAAVE!"


They freak out.
They start running through the town shouting at the top of their lungs.


Well, that ought to scare them away for a little while I hope…


Griffons are waking up.
you might want to leave?



Cast Feather Fall and jump off the building. Can I take 10 on that?


"I can fly you back, but keep the illusion going for a bit more."


Go ahead.


It's getting late in the night.
Too late to get back to Daisyville.
Do you want to get in the inn here, though that might look weird. Or do you want to camp out in the forest?


Clop slowly at them.
"Wanna go in for a beer now? It's on me."


"No, let's leave."

We'll camp out.


"Got it."


You march into the forest towards Daisyville.

Far enough from Brimmstadt, you set up your tents and make a campfire to stave off the cold.
You'll be nice and comfy here.



What if I want to go in instead?


Well if you want to split up, that's no problem.


I will drink to griffons leaving unicornia.
And take up on anyone insinuating that's not a good thing.



Investigate '1d20+4'

Roll #1 13 + 4 = 17



Roll #1 5 = 5


Ignore those rolls, they're nothing interesting.


Nobody gonna talk back to the stranger talking shit?
Okay. Order a beer and roll it over.


I… don't really have anyone to talk to expect for Silver I guess. Indy and Iris aren't around from what I understand.


Oh no way I'm taking Iris with me now that I'm about to break some jaws, she's most certainly with you guys.


It seems not.
The inn is largely empty. Only the empty barkeep is here and he doesn't ask any particular questions on your statements.

You get a nice keg of honey mead.

Money taken: 5s

Some griffons come in and settle at the bar.
"Some mead. Grond and Doem swear they saw a spirit haunting the place. Talking about Unicornia."

Iris seems pretty sleepy.
And cold, she warms herself close by the fire.


"No tent? Aren't you cold?"


"Your friend was right, I saw it with my own two eyes.
Spirits want your sorry lot out of here."
Turn to them sipping my mead with a large grin on my face.


"I have a tent…but I want to warm myself by the fire before I go to sleep. It will be lonely sleeping alone…"

"Did you?
What did it look like?
And it did say we should stay out of Unicornia?"


"It was a windigo. Even kids know about them, you fools!"


"Maybe you can ask Amber if you could lend her partner for the night?"
I chuckle.
"If you're cold, I can get rid of it for you for a while. All it takes is a spell."


"And you just happened to be along to witness all of that? Just like that?"

She giggles.
"I don't think Amber would like that…"
She holds out her hooves.
"My hooves get cold so quickly!"


"Yep. I was here singing about pretty hens with shining feathers."
Put down the mead and stare them down with a shit-eating grin.


Try to cast my endure elements spell on her. '1d20+15'

"Can't she share with a friend? Here I was looking forward to some solidarity."

Roll #1 6 + 15 = 21


"You've got a big mouth for a pony."

She visibly feels better and wiggles her hooves.
"Why not ask her if you like solidarity so much? I know all 3 of you will be sleeping in the same tent anyway. Poor Silver, in one tent with 2 mares…"


Step down from my seat, cracking my neck left and right.
"You look tiny, for a griffon."


"With how much he seems to focus on Amber, I may as well not be there at all."


"You looking for a fight?"
He gets up from his seat.

"Oooh, does he? Tell me who sleeps in the middle?"


"Make a guess."




"You don't?"
To also shove him back onto a wall.

Roll #1 9 + 10 = 19


"You're a winner, Iris."



"Heh, I knew it."



Go on without me.


You catch the Griffon by surprise with your sucker punch against the beak and shove him into the wall.
The Griffons friend and the barkeep are shocked for a second before turning hostile.
"No pony sucker punches anyone in my bar."
Roll 1d4 + Str mod lethal damage.
And you may roll initiative.


Roll #1 15, 14, 9 = 38



To remind everyone, you're all camping out in the forest with a campfire and plenty of tents, except Soil who decided to stay behind.

You can talk to each other/NPCs while I finish this small battle with Soil, it shouldn't take long.


I'll just go throw myself into my tent. I'm sure my new best friends the paladin couple will help me set it up.


Who exactly is here with us from the NPCs?



Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4 / Roll #2 1 + 8 = 9


I think it was just us who went out to mess with the other Gryphons.


Do I still need to eat today? I think so! I've got rations for me and silver.


I guess the NPCs meant Silver and Inferni then.
"So… this deal is settled, huh."


"Soothing put on a good show. I'd have believed it if I didn't know about it in advanced. Hopefully this buys them time."


Snicker a bit.
"We should do the next trick with Asharr the Devourer next time. Tons of lava with that one."


"That may be easy for you, but it seems like something I'm a lifetime away from."


"Well, I can't really do all the cool stuff just yet…"
"I could make Amber a bit jealous with one of them, though."


Your sucker punch was only short lived. The others jump you while the one shoved against the wall tries to bite you with his beak.

One ration of bread with crystal berry marmelade, plus a small crystal corn stick consumed.
Silver seems sober as you both eat.

and Iris and Indy.

It is pretty comfy. The paladins are still outside eating.

Roll #1 2, 16, 20 + 3 = 41 / Roll #2 3, 3 + 3 = 9 / Roll #3 4 = 4


What is Iris doing?


One of the griffons grabs a chair and bashes it over you head, while the one pinned against the wall bites your snout.
You get 6 Subdual damage.
Roll a Fortitude save.
Pass DC13 or get fatigued.

After that it's your turn again.


Poke his sides.
"Hey! Why so serious?"


Fort save.
And then proceed to bash the griff's brains in. The one who bit me, of course.
Use my hooves to slam the sides of his head in a slap from side to side
'1d20+10' '1d4+3'
and '1d20+10' '1d4+3' to shove him onto a wall!

Roll #1 18 + 8 = 26 / Roll #2 1 + 10 = 11 / Roll #3 2 + 3 = 5 / Roll #4 1 + 10 = 11 / Roll #5 2 + 3 = 5




"I'm sure it's only a matter of time until you can. But what do you mean by making her jealous?"


"Just watch!"




She's been talking to Soothing for a while, but Soothing has gone back in her tent now.
Iris walks over to Indy and sits next to him while petting his head.

He slowly takes a bite off the crystal corn.
"I'm wondering how everypony back home is doing…"

You're not fatigued yet.
But you the griffons handily block both your attacks.

The 3 start bashing on you now however.

Wait until I determine next fort roll

Roll #1 3, 19, 9, 11, 16, 4 + 3 = 65 / Roll #2 1, 2, 3, 3, 1, 1 + 3 = 14


"Did you know that while I was in the plane of fire, they told me I'm actually a Crystal jenny?"

Watch her out of the corner of my eye.


"I'm sure they're doing fine even without us there! Are you homesick?"

"What? Why are you bringing this up now?"


"Because I'm feeling happy and I think I'm about to show off my crystal jenny shine!"
Cast Glow to be a totally shiny jenny.


Your armor takes the blunt of it however.
No Fort save needed.

She's talking softly to Indy.

"I just wish I knew what was going on there…"

You're pretty shiny.


I scrunch.
"Mabel, I'm happy for you but I'm trying to talk about Silver's homesickness here!"

"Why don't you send a letter? Back when I was traveling in Equestria I sent my family letters all the time!"


Time to pay them back in kind. Same exact routine as before.
'1d20+10' '1d4+3''1d20+10' '1d4+3'

Roll #1 16 + 10 = 26 / Roll #2 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #3 2 + 10 = 12 / Roll #4 3 + 3 = 6


Scrunch back.
"Well, being negative won't help!"


"Guess her focus is elsewhere…"


"I was hoping for a better reaction from her!"


"I just don't think crystal jennies are a thing, okay? That's not how any of this works!"


"But I'm totally shiny!"


"Hmmm, that's an idea. Why did you stop writing letters?"

You bash with your shield right against the griffon in front of you, Slamming him against the counter and breaking a barrel of mead.

The Griffons stop as a larger armored Griffon appears in the doorway.
"You all are waking up the entire town. You better have a good reason for that?"
"Björn, this pony here attacked Griffjold." The others nod in agreement.


"Earth ponies, Crystal ponies, and I forgot something…"

"Oh, aren't there Crystal Sheep? Why not a Jenny? I really need yo look up all the Equestrian races."


"I didn't really! It's been a while since I last sent one but I still plan on sending more in the future!"


Shape my self up, with a cocky smirk.
"What's this, the three of you need yet another friend to put a single dent on me?"


"I can tell them about the cold. It's never as cold as this in the Empire. And I heard this is pretty warm for Hyperborea…"

"You better watch your tongue, pony." says Björn. "Fighting is all good and well as long as it's honorable."
He looks over the mess.
"Here's what will happen. You refund this mess. I think 20 bits should do. And you leave town. Or you're going to spend some time in jail."


"I have another idea."
Slowly sidestep towards my shield, all the while staring into this guy's eyes.
"You let me finish beating these good for nothing up like I was jus' doing now, and I leave.
They brought it upon themselves."


"There's a difference between shining and being a crystal pony! Soothing was shining earlier when she was disguised but that doesn't make her a crystal pony either! She's one of those Neppo… Nappo… Neigherponies!"

"Yeah, this is a whole other level of cold. We should have probably come here during a warmer month!"


"Does that mean we can't love either?"


"Wrong choice."
He grabs a large maul from his back.
The other griffons step back and hide behind the counter.
Roll Initiative


"I've heard it's so bad in the north that entire rivers and part of the sea are frozen."

Roll #1 20 + 9 = 29


Go for my shield!

Roll #1 19 + 8 = 27


You barely ready your shield before the Maul flings against it.
'2d6' Subdual damage boost dmg with '1d6'
Wait for fort save.

Roll #1 11 + 13 = 24 / Roll #2 6, 4 = 10 / Roll #3 4 = 4


DC 17 for fort save


"Don't be a dumbo, Mabel!"

"Maybe we can do some ice skating!"


I mean 16


This motherfucker.
If I can, retaliate with a shove over onto the glasses wall, and a good paddlin' once he's there.
Or another shove if the first one fails.

Roll #1 10 + 8 = 18 / Roll #2 6, 15 + 9 = 30 / Roll #3 1, 6 + 3 = 10


"I'm curios, what is the difference? Outside of the stories Queren told me, you're the first real ponies and jennies I've gotten to know."


"That's a mean thing to say!
What if I will remain loveless forever?"


"Aren't we also the ponies and jennies from the stories?"


"…Yes. As you can tell, I haven't gotten out much."
I sigh.


"You will, if you stick with us. We go around, as you can imagine."


"Have you ever ridden a sledge?"

Your first attempt to shove the griffon fails but in the second you manage to bash your shield against him and throw him on the table.
A number of glasses shatter and fly to the ground.
The griffon swings around, taking the Maul in his back claws in a lightning move, and attempts to smack you right on the head with it.


Roll #1 2, 9 + 13 = 24 / Roll #2 6, 2, 6, 3 = 17


But you manage to evade that one pretty well.


"I hope so. None of you are like the Gryphon's I know."


"I'm sure you'll be fine…"

"I haven't!"


You making the fort rolls for him on your own?
Take advantage of his pinned position and try to bamboolize him, with a shield slam!
If it hits and he fails the save I will go on to use Triumphant Swing then, if it fails I will just try it again.
'1d20+9' '1d12+3'
'1d20+9' '1d12+3'

Roll #1 16 + 9 = 25 / Roll #2 6 + 3 = 9 / Roll #3 19 + 9 = 28 / Roll #4 3 + 3 = 6


"In what sense?"

"I have. With Warren! Down a hill after a blizzard…. I'm somewhat amazed neither of us broke anything."

Pout and flap my ears down.
"What if I won't? Will I turn into a grumpy, wrinkly old jenny shooing colts and fillies off her grass?"


"Most of the Gryphon's I know are always bringing up their family, or lineage, and the like. Most of you seem to be more independent, disconnected, in a way that even Queren isn't. And he's the one I know has been far and away from the household."


You're doing lethal damage to him as long as you're using your shield to attack.
You also have an unarmed proficiency so that's also lethal damage.
You can switch to subdual if you want, but you have declared none of the sort.
Well until now with the shield slam.

Fort save vs DC14 '1d20+6'

You finish it off with a triumphant swing to the beak. Though you haven't lost any vitality yet so that doesn't recover.

"You haven't? We should do that sometime. We always did that back in Rubyville."

"It's fun, isn't it!"

Roll #1 2 + 6 = 8


But I have the shield tagged as subdual weapon, not lethal…


"…it was, I have to admit."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about me bringing up my lineage or family, that's for sure!"


"That sounds like a good idea!"


That broke the Griff something fierce, he's getting a bit tired…

But he's not done yet.
Boosting damage '1d6'

We've discussed how the shield was standard subdual and you wanted to change that so I made yours standard lethal. Remember?

Roll #1 1, 13 + 12 = 26 / Roll #2 3, 6, 5, 4 = 18 / Roll #3 3 = 3


And then I saw that Shield Slam requires a subdual weapon and told you that subdual was okay, remember?
Also, I will activate his critical failure.
And if that's not enough to stop the second attack, I will shield block it.

Roll #1 17 + 8 = 25


"Eh, why's that!?" I say full of surprise.


No I don't.
Even your sheet says it's Lethal!

You take advantage of the Griffs temporary weakness to slam a bottle over his head and weaken him even more. Your shield absorbs his next slam.

"Now we just have to find a sledge. I hope the Griffons sell some. Or maybe the Unicornians…"


"Why don't we make one ourselves? Can't be that hard!"


We got different sheets then!
But anyway.
And since the slam succeeded and he failed the save, shouldn't he have been out of it for the past round?

Roll #1 1 + 9 = 10 / Roll #2 10 + 3 = 13 / Roll #3 16 + 9 = 25 / Roll #4 4 + 3 = 7


"Or we could try making one from a tree. Can't be that hard, can it?"
"Or use the shield of Soil."

Smile calmly.
"I never knew my parents. I grew up with a circus."


"Of course. We can ask Ferriro."

"Can you make a sledge?"

You're absolutely right. In return I won't activate that crit and I'll be stunned for a turn.
Fort save '1d20+6' vs DC 13

Roll #1 12 + 6 = 18


Well he gets slammed once more!

Roll #1 8, 19 + 9 = 36 / Roll #2 10, 3 + 3 = 16


"Sorry if I shouldn't have brought it up."

"Depends on what I have available and how you want it."


"Just….a scratch. Raaah."

Fort Save '1d20+6' DC 16

Here we go again.

Roll #1 2 + 6 = 8 / Roll #2 10, 15 + 13 = 38 / Roll #3 2, 6, 6, 6 = 20


Nope, we really don't go~
"I can keep this up all night!"

Roll #1 19, 8 + 9 = 36 / Roll #2 5, 2 + 3 = 10


That 13 should be 10.
Making it just one hit of 12.
You must Fort Save vs DC 23


But he failed the fort save!


Chuckle and shake my head.
"Oh, don't worry about it. I'm not sad about it."
"I had a good life with those people. Without that circus, I wouldn't be the jenny I am today."


Oh right, the stun.
Oh well.

Fort save for me vs DC 12 '1d20+6'

Roll #1 9 + 6 = 15


My turn

Roll #1 6, 8 + 13 = 27 / Roll #2 3, 6, 5, 5 = 19


No hits.
Your turn


"You stupid chickenfaced kiddo, stay down!"
Again, shield slam him into oblivion.

Roll #1 6, 4 + 9 = 19 / Roll #2 11, 3 + 3 = 17


"What we're the Circus folk like?"


"Just a simple sledge we can use for two ponies! There's plenty of wood here right?"


Both miss.

My turn

Roll #1 11, 17 + 13 = 41 / Roll #2 1, 1, 6, 2 = 10


"Incredibly caring! They were my family! You might hear some bad rumors about carnies and circus folk, but they are the kindest, most loving people you can find from all around the world."


Saving against that.

Roll #1 7 + 8 = 15


Roll a fatigue…
Oh fuck it.
You win. You smash him over the bar and he's unconcious.
The whole bar is smashed.

You get 82XP


Victory by default?
I'm the best at boxing!

Grunt and give a squinting look at the remaining griffs.


"I have some tools with me, so I could give it a shot."

Let's find some decent wood and get to work.

"Could you give me some tips then? I know someone back home who would like to get into that type of work."


"Well, first thing first, you need to be good at something awe inspiring. My trick, as you might have heard, is acrobatics and sword swallowing. You also have to be confident!"


Do you guys wanna move on to the next day?

You're very intimidating.
And they run off.


I would like that a lot.



"Let me write it down. He'll appreciate the help."

Sounds good.


Yeah let's regroup and move on.



Soil gets an extra action die for beating the GM at his own game. And can also expect serious reprisal in the nearby future for that.

You wake up the next day to a snow white forest and a smoldering camp fire.
Where to next?

Ferriro's map shows there are 3 towns this side of the river in Unicornia.
Daisyville (where you've already been), Graniteton, The Crossing (place to cross the river Rhivnen)
On the other side is Platina (Princess Platinum's hometown), Manekerk and supposedly a cloud town named Pegalopolis.

The road then goes further towards the griffon town of Groheim. There's a ruin called Lokkrjund named on the map further south.


"Well, Ferriro, which route is the best for us?"


"According to my magesight, Platina is the absolute best way to go through."


"I can map the best route for that then."


But that dice will be gone by the end of the session!
Also, I guess this was a beautiful night to make passionate love to Iris!
"Why is that?"




"Can you explain it in simple words?"


The easiest route to Platina is through the Crossing.

You can chose to downtown travel skipping the Crossing and go directly to Platina, or you can check out the Crossing if you want.

You all heard Soil making passionate love to Iris last night.


"Sorry, but explaining spellcraft to a layman is not really possible."



Is there anything of interest at the crossing.

Snicker slightly.




What's at the Crossing, boat service?


Ferriro can roll a knowledge check to remember if he wants


What's at the crossing? Anything interesting?


"Umm, if I recall properly…"

Knowledge '1d20+4'

Roll #1 16 + 4 = 20


Give my book about Spellcraft for Dummies a look of distrust now.
Check the crossing out.

"So now that we scared and kicked some griffon butt, will we be going back to that pony village to celebrate?"


"We could, but I don't think they'd be able to offer us much of a reward."


"It's just to celebrate!"


"There's a small harbor there we can use, but I think you'll be more interested in the area around it. There's some buildings and ruins there, old ones. REALLY old."


"How old? I'm pretty old myself!"


"Hey I know what really old means!
It means ancient treasures and ancestral tombs to defile!"


"If I recall right, are you older than Equestria itself?"

"They've been around a long time. There might not be much left in them."


"That does sound interesting…"


"It's on the way there, so if you have the time, we can explore a little."



Do you want to stop by Daisyville on the way to report your success?




"No, not that old!"






Platina it be.


So skipping the Crossing then.


Unless people want to see it, yeah.


I want to check the ruins out.


I'd like to see it!


DOWNTIME for 1 hours
As you pass by Daisyville, Falling Star is thrilled to hear of your succes.
She hoofs all of you a precious gem worth 1d6+2 * 30 as a reward.
Each one of you may now roll as to how much yours is worth.
She also hoofs a letter of recommendation to Soothing, which might make it easier for you to gain an audience with Princess Platinum IX.

All of you also get 3 Reputation, Soothing gets 5 instead for casting the spell, Soil gets 5 for the fight.



Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Oooooh shiny! [1d6+2]

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7



Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Will you be recording all of this or should I keep track on my own?


I'm recording it as we speak.
Though you may do as well, if you want a second version to make sure.


Nope, I'm good.
Did we not stop by the ruins?


That's at the Crossing, you're still in Daisyville, next post will show you arriving at the Crossing.


I got C- in geography!


Everything recorded on the Inventory sheets

Downtime for 5 hours.

You make your way through the white winter landscape. The sun is shining magnificently and despite the cold wind you feel not too cold.
During the afternoon you finally get sight of the Crossing.
It is significantly larger than Daisyville. And at least made of stone. As you walk into town you immediately note the number of unicorns here is far larger. The vast majority of them dressed well and hurrying on their way, while scruffy looking earth ponies are cleaning the streets. In the distant sky, you can see a cloud city, presumably Pegasopolis.


This is quite the society. I'm glad Neighpon has been spared of this madness.

Where are those interesting old buildings then?


"Everyone seems so much more, stratified, is that the word? How is it in where you're from?"


"I don't like this place."


I scrunch.
"I'm noticing a pattern here!"


"Like a whole other planet."


As you walk further you see some very richly dressed zebras, a group dressed in Germane clothing, and a group of Prench aristocracy.

Some of these buildings look really ancient already. A surprising number of them seemingly deserted.
You can do an Investigate check to ask around about interesting old buildings.

Silver frowns.
"I think it's pretty obvious."


Stop one of the 'normal' ponies.
"Hey. Who's in charge here?"


All kinds of people here! Interesting!
I wonder if there are donks too.


"Even for Hyperborea, this seems off."


I gasp. Zebras! I don't think I've ever seen one before, ponies back in Neighpon are afraid of them!

Approach these striped devils with care.


Not long later, indeed, you see a richly dressed donkey with two minotaur guides.

Define normal, the foreigners or the unicorns?

You may roll Knowledge if you desire to know more


"This country is awful! I see why ponies like Equestria more."


Let's approach to see if that donk is up for chatting or not.


Rolling '1d20+4'

Roll #1 15 + 4 = 19


"Awful or not, seems like the rest of our group likes it."
He points as all the others run to greet the VIPs.

Roll an Impress.

You heard they were always filthy. This one is clothed in beautiful tiger pelts however and wears plenty of gold jewelry.

You remember that some of the larger towns in Unicornia have a very favorable taxation system and complete confidentiality, leading to ponies and even some eastern Griffons to leave their fortunes in the hooves of the Unicornians.
You imagine it would be way harder to bully these towns than the smaller ones.


"Awful or not, seems like the rest of our group likes it."
He points as all the others run to greet the VIPs.

Ignore the first post and roll an Impress




"It's a very wealthy place though. If you could raise some support here, a lot of the neighboring ponies could be safer."


Let's play the clueless tourist. Walk up to him with a smile and wave a hoof.


Not everybody wants to speak to you.
Roll an Impress.


I'd rather roll an intimidate.


Very impressive jenny!

Roll #1 3 + 8 = 11


"I'm not really a diplomat… I solve my problems differently!"


Please go ahead.

Roll an impress.

The donk seems unimpressed and walks further grumpily.

"Weren't we here to find ruins anyway?" says Silver.
"Let's ask around and move on, I don't want to stay here and look at all these poor earth ponies."


Grab a foreigner at random.
"Hey, stop being a stuck up idiot and listen to me, you prick.
Who the hell is in charge here?"

Roll #1 2 + 9 = 11


Oh well.
Can't impress them all.
Let's find some better, less snooty people!


Fuck you two game.
2 ad.

Roll #1 1, 3 = 4


"But you're a Paladin, your words will have the best impact."

"Yeah, we should ask around."


Easy peasy.

Roll #1 12 + 12 = 24


"Not of their faith! I'm an outsider!"

Let's look around for the architecture!


"It's still an important job, no matter what! It carries weight everywhere!"


You grab

He looks surprised and speaks something in a language you don't understand. The smaller zebra mare next to you translates.
"Oovur the Magnificent wants to know where such a beautiful looking pony like yourself comes from." The zebra winks.

You grab one of the Prench nobles.
"Sacreblue, qu'est ce que vous veux dire?"
Iris jumps in. "Nous voulons demander qui est le maire?"
"Ah oui, c'est Small Debit."
"It's Small Debit, Soil."

Roll an Investigate check.

Soil grabbed a Prench pony.


"Where is he?"
Growl a little bit.


not trained in that stuff! [1d20+1]

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Whoa, Soil, what are you doing?"


You can try to roll for Silver as well.

Some translating later "At the mayors office in the center of town."


'The magnificent'? Wow.
"I'm from Neighpon. You're zebras, aren't you? I've never seen any of your kind before!"



Roll #1 20 = 20


Let the prench guy go.

"Have you seen this place?"
Take large steps, opening my hooves wide to motion all around.
"Everything here is wrong! We gotta find who's in charge and fix this! All of this!"


"You can't fix snootiness, Soil. It's part of the sad lives of these ponies."


"You better believe I will!
Even if I have to slam half of this town to do it!"


"His magnificence has never seen a Neighponese pony either and says that if they're all as pretty as you, it must be a very lucky country."

He has a +3 to Investigate. That's his Competence boost.
You can't make heads or tails of it. But Silver manages after a while to discover that many old mansions are empty but presumably cleared long ago. Just outside town to the west are the ruins of Puddington. Part of that town was built into the ground and there might still be treasures there to unearth.

Iris takes your hoof.
"Soil, I find it unfair too, but there's nothing we can do, we're guests here we can't just change an entire society overnight."


Squint real hard at her, taking her hoof back and holding it steady.
"I'm not just gonna let this go on undisturbed.
At the very least we can tell everypony here about equestria!"


"…I'm preeeeeeetty sure slamming a whole town just because they have their noses high would be a crime."


"I figured as much, we aren't the first treasure seekers here. But the buildings themselves might hold some value to Equestrians."


Give him a hug!
"Well done Silver! Let's go check this all out!"


"Have you lost your mind? Do you see what they are doing here?
Enslaving earth ponies and leaving them as last class citizens!"


"What is his magnificence doing here? I never thought zebras would be able to handle cold weather."


Silver looks happy.
Do you want to go to the Ruins of Puddington?

"We could try to tell them about Equestria, but I don't think the Unicornians will like it. And we don't even know the language the Earth ponies speak!"

"Business. I'm afraid we can't say more."


"It can't be all unicornians are just this evil!
There has to be some good among them!"


Looks like our best lead for anything, so yes.


"Are they enslaved? You might be just assuming that!"


"If you keep thinking like a kid I'm gonna slap you like a kid!"


Flutter my eyelashes and try to persuade.

Roll #1 12 + 12 = 24


"I'm just asking for more proof before we act hasty!"


"Even if they are not called slaves, they might not know any better, like wolf pups who never eat meat because they have been only fed salad!"




"You know, that could be said about some donkeys back in Equestria too… are we going to free them next?"


This is bullshit because this has never been shown.


The 3 of you leave town towards the west.
After about 20 minutes of walking, you come across crumbling ruins of an old town. You think this must be Puddington, even if you can't read the Old Equestrian signs.

He thinks for a second, then smiles.
"His magnificence is a very wealthy stallion. And here in Unicornia he can have trusted advisors on how to handle that money."

"But how can we help? How would we find an unicorn that wants to help…"


"We go ask?"


"How is that?"


I fly around, how many buildings are still standing?


I guess you're right then.
Soil is known for his intellect, right?


"They don't ask too many questions here where the money came from or who's asking for advice."

"Okay…" Iris doesn't seem too sure.
Asking around is an Investigate check. A Hard one

Most of it is rubble, but you see one of the larger ones has a stairway into the deep. I hope you brought torches.


"By finding one that doesn't scoff upon seeing us, maybe."


Nothing on me.
How much are they if we have to go back and buy some?


"Can he give me any advice on how to use my money? I'm a tradespony."


Mabel is only known for her sword swallowing, so what would she know?
"If only the others would help…"

Look at Mist, Ferriro and Amber specifically.


I think I got torches, don't I? Light one!
"Let's go down! Surely it's safe and stable!"


It's an Investigate roll

2 bits, but Amber has some.

Silver looks into the pit.
"I sure hope so, it looks very old."

Mist is talking to a zebra.
Amber, Silver, Ferriro are gone.

The zebra thinks for a second, then nods.
"Perhaps over a drink or two?"


"I'd like a bit of tea right about now."



Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Let's investigate with Mabel's idea.

Roll #1 17 + 1 = 18


"Maybe there's something still good down there then."


"Stay behind me, I'm going in first!"
Light my torch and lead the way in.


"Please follow us."
You're led to a small cafe. An earth pony in tuxedo comes to take the orders. The zebra orders a strong beer and a tea for you.
"So, what's your name again?"

You both don't really seem to get through. The language barrier is a difficulty and you can't seem to find anypony who's willing to listen to you. This might take longer than expected. Eventually you learn a priest at the local church might be willing to share some info.
The sun is setting by now.

You enter what seems to be an old network of tunnels.
Roll Investigate to guess the purpose of these tunnels.


Well, we can do that tomorrow, if we want, I'm going to find an inn for tonight instead.


"I'm surprised they've lasted so long with careless adventurers going through them."


Roll #1 20 + 9 = 29


"Soothing Mist, roughly translated. Where are you from? Zebrica?"


Ferriro is so much more trained at this I'm not going to try rolling here.


Before going there, I will try to get Soothing's attention.


There are two places to sleep seemingly. You can try in one of the expensive hotels of the Unicorns or you can go to the outer Earth pony slums for cheap lodgings.

"No, his magnificence is a proud subject of the Oddomane Empire."

Told over steam

She's talking in a little cafe a bit further.
Indy drops by next to you.
"Dad, should we go burn the mayor?"


I'm inside somewhere and probably staring at my table mates.

"Oh I see. You're the ones who make really good coffee, aren't you?"


I go pale for a moment.

"So, this is where they tried to live through the blizzard. There's some blankets and marks where they huddled together for warmth."


How expensive are the unicorn hotels?



"Maybe once this is over, if mom says it's okay!"
Into the cafe I go, with the grace of an elephant in a china shop.
"Heeeeeey, Soooothing!"


"Look over there, you can still see the remains of fires. This place was a shelter against the snow."


"Used by ponies?"


Snap out of my stare.
"What? Hello?"


And so you do.

25s to a 100s a day, but you do get the full good treatment then.

"Yes, we-"
They are silent as Soil shouts.

"You mean the ponies from the stories? During the Great Blizzard?"


"Yeah, Earthies who couldn't leave the land. No claw marks around to indicate Gryphons, no tools or catalysts for Unicorns."


"We gonna investigate about this nasty business with earthies being slaves and stuff, you wanna come?"


The zebra mare translates all you say to the rich looking zebra.


"I was about to ask for business advice here…"


I would not have expected any less.
"Get comfy then."


"Odds are good. And probably any other blizzard that happened. This place is still holding up, it must have been built as best they could."


"And…there might still be some valuables down here…but we'd be stealing from the dead." says Silver.


"O-Oh… That's sad…"

"No way we're doing that!"


"Ah to hell with it. What do you need me to do?"


"It wouldn't be exactly right, but maybe you can send them off to be stored? We won't be the only ones tempted to come down."


"Nothing, it's just, we usually do these investigation things as a team, I thought you'd like to come along!"


"Ferriro does have a point. And maybe some here still need a proper burial…"


"Alright, I'm with you."


"Yeah… we should dig them some graves."


"We totally have a lead, too!"
Go outside with her.
"And I'm sure those ponies you were talking with will be following us now."


"Let's keep moving forward and see what else we find."


"I don't know, I never got to the point of asking Eezor the magnificent what his business here was. What he told me about being a financial adviser was rubbish."




Follow the tunnel?

Soothing leaves the Oddomane zebra's behind.
Maybe to Soil's surprise they're not actually following. Perhaps they're very sneaky and just waiting for the right time to follow?


Yeah, let's keep investigating


Maybe they hired somepony else to follow!
"There is this pony who's gonna help us talk to the earth ponies, so we can tell them all about Equestria!"




"Who is that?"


"The mayor, Small Debit!"
Say that loud enough for ponies to hear.


You both go further inside the tunnel. Your torch is the only light. The tunnel is unadorned, the earth walls only upheld by the occasional wooden support.
Water drips from the ceiling and some moss grows on the ceiling. As you walk through the tunnels you see small chambers dug into the walls with ashes in the middle. You figure the ponies lived in these small pits.
Except for the occasional drop of water it is dead quiet…
Suddenly a cold breeze rushes to you from deeper inside the dark tunnel and blows out your torch. It's dark now.

Some do turn around when you shout.


Sooooo, what exactly is happening and where?


"If this starts a riot, I'm not sticking around. I don't want a criminal record."


Amber, Silver and Ferriro went to the outskirts of town to visit the old ruins of Puddington. They're exploring a dark underground tunnel now.

Soil, Soothing, Iris, Indy are gonna try to do something about the oppression of earth ponoes. Or are at least discussing it.

You walked away from Soil earlier to look for an inn.

Iris frowns.
"But look at what's happening here. We can't let these ponies be used this way. They can go to Equestria and have a good life…"


I might have to reconsider the inn thing, it's too early.
Maybe see if there is a temple here, but that's probably unlikely.


"The smart ones have probably left this place already long ago. Those who haven't left are too stubborn or patriotic."


There's the temple of the Sun and Moon.
Or are you looking for something else? In that case roll an investigate and specify what temple you're looking for.

She scrunches.
"Are you calling these ponies dumb? They just don't know any better! We can show them a better life."


A fire shrine, duh

Roll #1 13 + 3 = 16


"And I'll help with that, but if this escalates and puts me in a bad spot I'm not going to be happy."


Yeah they better.
"We had so much fun starting a revolution in Tall Tale though!"
"What if they don't know any other way of living?
It's like Plapono's cave, everything else seems horrible to them!"


"A revolution?"


"Yes! That was a totally rad time, too!
We kicked some Hydra butts, freed slaves, and all that stuff you do in revolutions!"


The local temple is dedicated to the sun, moon and Princess Platinum, but nothing to see in terms of the elements.

But as you walk around town, Inferni suddenly flies up and points out a small set of marks on a building. You study it and what at first glance is just decoration is actually a rune of Earth.

"These ponies will be a lot less happy if we don't help them!"


"What exactly do you want me to do here? I don't have any revolution spells."


Are there any more runes on the building or just Earth?


Shuffle close to her.
"Make sure we are not followed, for one."


"Why? We're not going to be doing anything illegal are we?"


Just an earth Rune.
The building is otherwise unremarkable. Just another home with some sweet flowers on the window.

"Just your help."


Find the door and knock.


"If you think meeting with ponies who might want to help poor ponies while those who want to help the rich ponies follow us is a good idea…"


Alriiiiight. Did anyone follow us?

Doing a Notice check.

Roll #1 4 + 10 = 14


AD '1d4'

Roll #1 1 = 1


After a few knocks, a unicorn in simple clothing opens the door and says what you assume to be hello in Old Equestrian.

Should be a Search check.
I'll use your +11 from that.
Unless in very unusual circumstances I'll be the one to ask for a Notice check since notice is subconcious while a search is active perception.

Anyway, you don't see anypony following you here, but in the market a lot of ponies sure were staring at you because Soil was shouting about Small Debit.


"Hello. Do you speak Equestrian?"


"Sure, we're safe."


"Then we can totally go on!"
And rather than Debt's place, we go to said church.


"I…know…bit…" she says with broken accent.

You enter the small church dedicated to the Sun and Moon. Instead of the Equestrian Luna and Celestia, there are statues of the royal princesses. The current one is prominently placed in the middle. Princess Platinum IX. The Sun and Moon are engraved on her crown and her cold stone eyes are looking down upon her subjects.


Show the unicorn my Mark of Pyrrus.


Look up at the statue.
"I really like her style. I need to ask who her sculptor is because I want one of these in my future mansion."


"What a strange thing, isn't it?
Everypony in power says they control the sun and moon, when in truth it's only our Princesses who can.
Who'd ever want to lie like that…"




She looks at it and then nods to you to come inside the house.

There's only one pony there dressed in a white gown. A white unicorn with orange hair.


Walk up to her.
"Excuse me miss, do these kind of statues also come in solid gold? I'm looking for some decorations for my estate, you see."


Follow her and enter.
Look around, what is the place like?


She speaks Equestrian with an accent.
"You have expensive tastes. I'm sure some of the goldsmiths in town could deliver. I can recommend a friend of mine."

Inferni flies in as well.
The place is very spartan.
No decorations except a few pots with beautiful flowers, only a few chairs a table and a kettle over a fire.
You notice some dirt spots on the floor.
The mare speaks softly "You…." she thinks and then points to the fire.

There's a stairs.


"That would be great. You're the mayor of this community?"


"I see. Thank you."
Glance at the stairs.
"Is there anything upstairs?"
Point up.


Amber and Ferriro



She raises a brow.
"The mayor? No, I'm merely a humble priest of this church."

She puts her hooves near her head in a sleeping gesture.
"Me earth."


"Ugh, I could feel that under all I'm wearing. Does anyone have flint?"


"Ah, I see."
Walk over to the fire and sit down in front of it.
It is certainly a humble temple.


"You… worship the princess?"


Relighting the torch!
"What a draft!"


"Just like they help everypony.
"Oh about that. The mayor thing was just a lie for whoever followed us."
Grin at Mist.
I assume I've met with this priestess already?


You only hear each others voices, if you're close to each other you can probably feel each other.
You stumble around in the dark.
Silver: "Where did that draft come from? Can somepony light a torch?"

To relight the Torch in pitch dark roll a Survival -2

You merely heard about her while asking around.

"No, we worship the Sun and the Moon. But our Princess is the head of our Church and rules with their consent."
She doesn't seem too convinced about that last statement.

It doesn't look like a temple. More like a home.
"You here for help? Not many Elements here."


"I thought that was weird already, makes sense now."


"Is there anything you need help with?"


action boost! [1d4]

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"That's heartwarming. You seem like a devoted soul."


Survival '1d20+5'

I have a +7 bonus regularly

Roll #1 9 + 5 = 14


She shakes her head.
"Not me. You need help?"

As you both fumble around with the torch, you suddenly see a faint white light at the end of the tunnel, but when you manage to light your torch again, it goes away.
"Did you see that too?" asks Silver.

"Why have you both come here? I doubt you're here out of love for our Princess…"


"It's because of how ponies live in this place…"
Frown deeply.


"I saw it, but I haven't heard or felt anyone else…"


"Yeah! Suspicious! Something else is down here!"


"I'm good, thank you. Me and my friends are just on our way and made a stop here."


"Only Earth here. But nice meet you." She nods to you and opens a hatch into the ground.

Silver unsheats his sword.
"Perhaps looters, let's be careful."

Iris nods.
"We heard you're concerned about the earth ponies too."
"Ah, you've heard about my charity for the earth ponies, it's true. I've been trying to teach some of them how to read and write as well as raising some funds to help out the poorest among them."


"Nice to meet you too. My name is Mabel and the phoenix is Inferni."
Can I see what's down there?


Gasp quickly!
"You mean ponies don't know how to read?!
All the adventures they are missing out on!
All the fun and dreams!"


"I'll take point!"
Start trotting towards where I saw the light.


"So how could we help?"


"Lead the way."

How small is the place we are in?


It's at first glance a hole in the ground. But then you see the runes etched on the rocks and the small effigies of gnomes. You figure it's a meditation place like the Earth worshippers have.
"My place. No show many pony." she smiles.

Iris is shocked as well.
"Do you need books? I have books. I can help them to learn to read!"
The priest smiles.
"It's a tragedy. The school we have is far too expensive for the earth ponies. But if you could spare some books or a donation I can make sure it will help a foal to learn."

You trot to where the light was. It's right next to another earth room. But you don't see anypony.
The place you're in is very cramped. The tunnel can only have one pony moving through it at once. The rooms are small though this one here is a bit larger than the others.


Smile back.
"It is very nice. It must be peaceful down there. Thank you for showing me."
Bow my head.


Embrace my shield with an angry stare on my face.
"Oh I can do much better than that.
We can smash the snotty ponies' faces in until they teach to everyone!
Why are all earth ponies so poor anyway?"


"I can't even open my wings here."


Can we keep moving deeper?


"Sorry. No fire statue. But use fire here."
She goes and starts talking to the flowers in old Equestrian.

The tunnel goes on.
As you move away from the room deeper into the tunnel…roll Notice.

Her ears perk.
"Sir, that would be very unwise. I don't condone violence.
The earth ponies usually do most of the manual labor, the low paid jobs. Most of them can't get anything better because they can't read, which is why I'm trying to teach and get support to start a school. Some of the locals are enthusiastic about it, but it's hard to get funds."


Well, I can sit down in front of the fire that is already going.


"Well, they should all stop working the fields then.
See how pegasi and unicorns like that."


"I'm getting bad vibes actually, but I'm excited too."

Notice '1d20+8'

Roll #1 13 + 8 = 21


"Well… I know I just asked about buying a huge statue made out of solid gold, but I don't actually have many funds on me at the moment."



Roll #1 20 + 9 = 29


It's nice and warm.

"That would be…extreme.
The Pegasus Guard might see it as a revolt…"

You both hear the cracking of a fire burning in the room you just left behind you.

She nods sadly.
"I understand."


"And what are they gonna do about that, uh?
Me and my friends are monster hunters. We can take on anything a bunch of puny pegasi can throw at us."


I wonder if I can make a connection to any firelord, not just Pyrrus….

Start to meditate.


"Eh, did we leave something burning behind us when the torch went out?"


Go back then! Quickly!


"Just how many troops do the pegasi have?"


You can give it a try.
Any one you want or someone in particular.

You rush back in, but the room is again empty and no sounds.
Suddenly you smell a disgusting smell of rotting flesh.
Silver gags and leaves the room.

"A-are you suggesting a r-revolt?"


"Wouldn't be the first time. It fixed things once already!"


"No, not me."


Both of you roll Resolve as well.


The first one who responds!


Fortitude check to keep strong!
"who goes there!? Come out!"

Roll #1 10 + 8 = 18



Resolve '1d20+7'

"Hey! This isn't funny!"

Roll #1 2 + 7 = 9


"Sir, I'm a mare of peace. Not of violence."

You get 5 stress damage.
Roll a Fort save DC12 to not get Shaken.

You manage to keep your head together. But the room is empty and the smell disappears again.


Alright. '1d4'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh boy.
It's Lavan next time.


"It's pretty violent to leave a whole bunch of ponies in the hooves of snotty, rich, fat nobles who squeeze'em.
If this was back in Equestria earth ponies would have revolted already!
That's what they did in the Heart's Warming Eve story, at least!"


"What's going on here?"

Fort '1d20+5'

Roll #1 20 + 5 = 25


You keep yourself together.



Roll #1 11 + 8 = 19


What are you rolling for?

"But this isn't Equestria.
It breaks my heart, but societal changes take time. Some of the ponies have been talking like that, but I've convinced them not to do anything."


"Silver! Don't run away too far! Come on!"


Turn to Iris.
"Do we have a book about the Windigos and Heart Warming Eve with us?"


"Whoever you are, stop this!"


"Bleh sorry. That stench caught me by surprise." he steps back in.
"What do you think that was?"

She perks her ears.
"Yes…yes I do have some in Indy's bags…"
Extra AD for smart idea.


You feel it getting colder in the room.


"We have a book for you. What you gotta do is read it and read it over and over to all the ponies you know, okay?"


"Some kind of an angry ghost or something! This place is haunted!"


Is the wind blowing?


She smiles again.
"Some of them will surely be happy to learn from it."

"What did they say in the Academy about Ghosts again?"

Nope. You're too deep underground.


Gift her the book, and promise I will be back with more later.

"Soothing, Iris, we need to find the others."


Knowledge check?

Roll #1 13 + 3 = 16


"I wouldn't doubt it. It's too weird here."


You get +1 Rep

You remember part of it.
Ghosts are spirits of ponies that refuse to go on to the Underworld and remain trapped in a place for one reason or another. Your weapons are blessed and could weaken a hostile spirit if it manifests itself, but usually it is more prudent to find out the reason why the spirit is here and make sure they can move on.
Spirits are often tied to certain objects or places where specific events related to why they remain happened.


Where are the others?


You don't know where Amber or Pico are, you do know the general direction Mabel went in.
You could ask around if anypony saw either of them


"Guys! The ghost might be possessing some kind of an item around here! Unless… this whole thing is just haunted! We need to find a way to put it to rest!"


Let's ask around.

Roll #1 18 + 10 = 28


You hear a guard saying they went out to the old ruins of Puddington some 20 minutes out of town.


"What luck, I totally want to check those out too!
Wanna go?"


"Why not? Let's go."


"Let's go back down. Maybe whatever it is that holds it is there."



"I'm not sure. Maybe we should take another look around this room? Here's where we hear all the sounds." offers Silver.

Take Iris with you or have her take a look around town for good books?


Not leaving her alone, it's dangerous.


Not leaving that nerd behind.


"Right! It's time for a paladin investigation!"
i'm terrible at these!

Roll #1 20 + 1 = 21


You take her with you!
After a good walk, the Sun is starting to get low in the sky.
You reach the ruins of Puddington, there's not too much left. Just rubble and the outline of houses. You don't see Amber/Silver or Pico here.

Don't forget you can spend ADs to crit!

You start putting your nose to the ground and do a thorough search of the room. Suddenly you hear something crack underneath your hoof.
You dig a bit and find a bone of a small horse. You pick up a skull as well. It is cracked as if an axe or something like that pierced it.


"Sounds good."

Does Tomb Raider apply to this situation?


"Woah, this isn't what I think it is…"


Of course Indy is with us as well, right?

"These places usually have secret underground entrances, I'd know, I've raided lots of tombs!"



Of course!
He's flying over and lands a bit furter.


"Well, how about you look for it then? You're in charge of entrance seeking."
I'm going to cast a cheeky detect secret doors spell.

Roll #1 12 + 15 = 27


"Indy's a bright kid."
Look up at the sky, in Indy's general direction.


"What's this!? Did this belong to a foal!?"


"There might be more around here than just that."

'1d20+9' Search

Roll #1 14 + 9 = 23


You detect a secret door underneath some rubble in one of the bigger houses.


Silver looks at it.
"It looks like it…"

You do another dig in the ground and find another similar skull.


Snort air through my nose angrily and stomp my hooves.
"How dare they!"


Knowledge check on how to open it should be DC15.

Roll #1 11 + 8 = 19


"And it isn't just one. Here's another, and there may be more."


There's a simple lock on it and you get it open easily. Inside is a small chest.

"Let's not jump to concl-…Did you hear that?"
There's a faint giggle in the tunnels outside the room.


"Ghosts can't hurt us, right?"


Casting Detect Magic (1 SP) before opening it.

Roll #1 13 + 15 = 28


Go towards the giggling sounds with a determined look on my face.


You don't detect any magic on it.

In the distance you see the vague outline of two fillies, but it's very dark…


Let's see what's inside pandora's box then.


I scrunch and approach them.
"Hey! Hey! You two!"


There's a lot of bits in there.
After a count, you have about 134.
They're old and marked in Old Equestrian.
Maybe some old stash the ponies forgot during the Exodus.

They giggle and run off into one of the other rooms.


"What are you kids doing down here!"


"So what are we waiting for?"


Nice find Indy. You deserve a cut!"
Let's share. Half for Indy half for Soothing.


"This place is dangerous! Don't just run around like that!"

Follow after them!


"Wait what? I found this!"


As you run you hear a stallion voice whisper watch out

Actually, Indy found the underground entrance.
The secret stash was found by Soothings magic.


"They're ghosts, they don't have to fear anything!"
Chase after them!


Nevermind me, I fucked up at reading.
Carry on.

What's this place looking like?


Come to a screeching halt and start looking around for the voice and what to look out for.


You mean the underground entrance?
It's small and tight and dark, Indy definitely wouldn't fit inside.
You vaguely hear Amber and Pico inside.

You enter the room, but nopony is there.
The room is deserted. But there's some items here, you see a broken doll made of twigs on the ground. And somepony painted on the walls. A stallion, a mare and two fillies, happily together. The drawing is crude and childlike.
As you look around you also find a rusty axe planted in the ground.

You look around and you suddenly see the vague outline of a pony peeking out from another one of the rooms, carrying an axe. It quickly disappears.


I meant that, yes. Shout into it.


You both hear >>625560 faintly


"How dare they! What kind of a monster would do this to some kids!?"


"I just saw someone with an Axe. I hope I'm imagining things, but I don't think so."

"Whose out there! Show yourself!"


Sure do!
Let's roll in and reach them!
"It's me, Soil!"


Feel free to tell each other about the situation.


"Hey, is anyone over there with you!?"




"Oh I'm here too. Hello!"


"That's great! Now watch out for the possibly killer ghosts we have here!"


"Oh nice. Want Indy to set the cave ablaze?"


"Ghosts? Are you sure?"



"Yes! And there might be one with an Axe if I'm not completely blind!"


Droop my ears.
"No fair though…"


"I wish we could call some ghost hunters right now. Ghosts are nasty business in Neighponese mythology."


"It's too cramped in here for that."

"You don't have anything that let's you deal with them? Any ideas? We found a messed up scene down here."


"It'd be just a little roasting…
Anyway, what's this about ghosts?"


"I'll need to know more about why they're here first. Ghosts haunt places for a reason as far as I know."


"We found cracked skulls. And an axe."


"And that's strange because…"


"Those are the skulls of children…"


"Child ghosts? That makes it a hundred times worse. They're restless for some reason."


"That's pretty sad, but why would they be ghosts…"


"Try looking around for anything that might help!"

"This was a shelter used by your Earth ponies during winter. In a small place like this, someone could have snapped and killed them."


"But why would they be ghosts?"


"That's what we're trying to find! Look around for anything out of place!"


"But if you don't know they are ghosts…"


"But this place has been weird, and we know something is here! Just start looking!"


Shrug and get looking.


File: 1430938223976.png (12.04 KB, 1092x610, ggg.png) ImgOps Google

The tunnels you're in are dark and dusty, clearly nopony has been here in ages. Water occasionally drips on the ground and you step into small puddles of mud.
The cave is so dark you can't see shit unless you're carrying or close to someone carrying a torch. Amber and Pico are carrying torches

Pico's theory is that this tunnel network was used at one point to shelter ponies from blizzards above. Those must have been desperate times if they preferred to stay here rather than outside.

I have taken the liberty of making a crudely drawn map for this network.

Don't forget you can run Search checks for perception. Notice checks are only necessary when I ask for it.


Lavan, huh?



Your conciousness drifts in darkness until from the deepest darkness a flame erupts.
Before your minds eye a figure appears. It looks like a donkey but the shining gem eyes reveal it's unearthly nature.
Lavann the Great has come.


Bow slightly.
"Lord of Fire."


Also Soil gets one extra AD for doing some outside session faff.
Would give one to Pico too but Knight's not here.


We're with the two little explorers, right?


Amber is in the room with the drawing.
You all are in the tunnel itself near the one with the skulls, but you can clearly see each others torches.

Silver studies the drawing.
"If those two fillies are ghosts, where are their parents?


"I don't know, but they're probably not doing well either! We need to fix this somehow!"


Approach them.
"They probably passed away."
Can I investigate to determine the age of these remains?

Roll #1 18 + 10 = 28


I say "We should head further down. Old ruins always conceal fun stuff!"
'Unexplored' seems promising.


It's the room where Pico saw a pony with an axe earlier.
Will you light one of your torches?

You mean the filly skulls in the room that Amber is not in or the old axe in the room with the drawing Amber is in and you're approaching?

"We have to figure out why they're here…Uh…do you think asking them to come will work?"


Of course!



The pony remains.


"Silver! They're probably scared and confused!"


The donkey studies you intently.
"Who are you?" he says slowly.

You light up a torch.
The room is muddy and filled with scraps of blankets.

You determine they must be around a thousand years old.


"I am Mabel, Priestess of Fire, follower of Lord Pyrrus."


"… Wow."

Call out to them.
"These remains are over a thousand years old!"


Wait, how can be scraps of something like blankets, which degrade, be thousands of years old?
"That's amazing!"


"I'm that old! That's really old!"


He snorts when you say Pyrrus.
"And what does Pyrrus want?"

"It was just an idea!"

I only talked about the skulls being thousand years old.


Silver looks at you weirdly.


"I guess this place must have some good preserving qualities… I doubt these ghosts will be able to speak our language, which isn't really a surprise I guess."


"I guess we'll have to at least try Silver's idea!"
Let's go look for the ghosts!
"Hellooooo? Ghoooosts? We're here to heeeelp!"


But then why didn't those who used the blankets remove the ancient skulls before using the place?
"Ponies don't speak our language, so nothing strange there!"


What you don't know is that the skulls were found after a little digging in the mud of another room.

Roll Notice.


Pico and Amber digged it up if you want the whole story mister CSI.
For someone who CSI's so much, you don't Search a lot.


"Fire Lords work in mysterious ways. I am not here on his behalf."



Roll #1 6 + 10 = 16



Roll #1 14 + 9 = 23


I've got like, +1 with a cap of 15 to search. These are all ooc things.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


You don't hear anything…
Too bad, how will you then find all the hidden treasures I've hidden throughout?

You can swear you heard somepony say "help" coming from the left fork in the tunnel.

You think you heard somepony say help in the left fork of the tunnel but might have been an echo.

He takes a moment to think about that.
"On whose behalf then?"


"My own."
Smile confidently at him.


"I heard something! quick!"
Run left!


By stumbling into it?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I think I heard something…"
Follow her.


If anything he seems more suspicious.
"That's good, then you won't mind doing something for me?"

You both run into the left prong…one of the support pillars suddenly snaps and mud comes down on you. Roll reflexes, also for Silver.

You stumble over a few empty wine bottles. They don't look 1000 years old.
The rest is running somewhere.


"That depends on what you would want me to do."


I'm not a fucking ninja.

Roll #1 17 + 2 = 19


"No!" Me and Silver: [2d20+1]

Roll #1 5, 9 + 1 = 15


Wait what? Wine?
Pick a bottle up and look at the label. If it has one.
Then follow the others.


Despite not being a ninja, your ninja ancestors help you to jump out of the way just in time.
Your friends are not so lucky.
The tunnel has become blocked with mud and rocks and Silver is stuck with his legs on this side. You don't see Amber anymore.

"Help one of my servants come to power in that pathetic town of the Crossing."

You both get trapped.
You're stuck on one side with only your head and two front hooves out of the rubble, helpless. Vaguely in the dark you see a pony figure lifting an axe to split your helpless head.
Silver is nowhere to be seen. Your weapon is out of reach.

It just has a label and no year. Probably very cheap wine.
You see Amber disappearing in the rubble and Silver here stuck in the mud.


Help pull them out!
What roll, athletics?


Cast levitate on the rubble, clear it out.

Roll #1 3 + 15 = 18


AD boost '1d4'

Roll #1 3 = 3



"Do elaborate, because I will need the details if I want to help."


Aaaaaaa! Try to move! Get free!

Roll #1 13 = 13



Roll #1 13 + 11 = 24


And AD.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 1, 2 = 3


The figure vanishes right before you get hit.
Roll Fortitude (DC14) to not become Shaken.

Together you free Silver.
"Ambers still stuck in there. We've gotta get her out!" He starts digging '1d20+4'
Your combined work has almost cleared the way.

"My servant will.
Succeed and I will reward you.
Fail and you will face my wrath."
You wake back up.

Roll #1 13 + 4 = 17


Work work.

Roll #1 19 + 11 = 30


…he didn't tell me where to look for the servant though.


Let's dig then.


Roll #1 5 + 7 = 12


I'm fine! I can handle it!

Roll #1 12 + 8 = 20


I'm fine! I can handle it!

Roll #1 4 + 8 = 12


I'm fine! I can handle it!

Roll #1 10 + 8 = 18


I'm fine! I can handle it!

Roll #1 1 + 8 = 9


That's a problem.
The mare still seems occupied with her plant. Murmuring softly to it.

You can handle it.
Your breathing and heart rate calms down as your friends come to free you and help you up out of the mud.
You might need a bath later.

You free Amber and help her up, the way is clear.
You see Ambers hammer laying in the mud next to her.


"Don't do that again, you two."
I feel like there's a bad ghost here as well…


I don't want to distract her then.

Thank her softly and leave.


"You gave us quite the scare!"
What of the path?


"S-something is trying to hunt me down… one of the ghosts did that, i think the monster who killed those fillies!"
Grab my hammer quickly


She doesn't even seem to notice you.
As you step outside, you're approached by a unicorn with intense amber eyes.
"There you are. Come on we don't have much time." Inferni flies and sits on your head, looking fiercely at the new unicorn.

Your path is clear!
Roll Notice
Amber too if Tela can post



Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9



Roll #1 5 + 10 = 15


This unicorn must be it.
"You will have to give me the details first. I want to know what I am getting into before doing it."


my posts just go through slowly

Roll #1 10 + 9 = 19


Silver hoofs amber her weapon.

She raises a brow.
"My, my, a new spark."
She licks her lips
"Don't worry, I'll guide you every step of the way."
Inferni screeches.
"Inferni, I hadn't noticed you. You look very…small."

You lean for a moment against the wall and with a crack tumble through it.
You're on the ground in a hidden room

You don't notice anything until Soil accidentaly crashes through a wall.


Narrow my eyes.
"Don't avoid the question."
Looks like Inferni has helped and met more fire acolytes than I thought. Glance at him briefly.


"Thanks… this is such a mess!"


Oh for f-…

"This place is really starting to work on my nerves now."
How dark is it here?


Inferni seems irritated.
"I'll tell you what you need to know. This will get messy and dangerous. If you don't like that, walk off. But know that Lavan doesn't like those who waste His time. And neither do I for that matter."

"Hey, we've been through worse."
He looks to Soil.
"I'll take a look in that chamber."
He steps in.

Ambers torch went out. The only torch around is Soils.
If you didn't have that you wouldn't see a hoof in front of your eyes.


"What? What?"
Go in after him!


Cast Glow then, no SP cost. '1d20+15'

Roll #1 17 + 15 = 32


"You want to kill people. I had a guess for that.
What I want to know is why. I might be a priestess of fire lords, but I will still sooner face the Wrath of one than kill innocents."


"Whoa what?"
Look as well!


She giggles.
"How innocent. Killing is such a big word.
Scare them off is more like it.
With extreme force.
And believe me, they're not innocent."

A ball of light springs from your hoof and shines a white light above you.

You keep on the ground and lift your head up and see a skeleton floating right above you!

You walk in and in the light of Soils torch you see a macabre scene. In the middle of the small room there's a skeleton of a pony hanged with a rope around the neck. There's a necklace with a Sun symbol around her neck.
The room around her is filled with trashed and smashed items and idols. You'd need to investigate further but at first glance it looks Tirekian.


"Fine. Lead the way then."
I am still somewhat suspiscious though.



Roll #1 14 + 7 = 21 / Roll #2 3, 2, 4 = 9


Very good.
She leads you through town.
"This town is run by Air Elementals" she says out of nowhere.

You shoot it to pieces.
Parts of the skeleton flying in all directions. Some flying against your friends.

You get both hit by some very old bones.


The very good should be "very good"


"W-What's this? A temple?"
Is it?


"…That took care of it."
Snort with a satisfied attitude, picking the torch back up.
Now, what's in this room?


"What the fuck!? Are you out of your damn mind!?"


"Hey, I saved us all! A skeleton was floating in the air ready to attack!"


"I've had bad experiences with some Air Lords before."


Doesn't seem like it.
Silver speaks up.
"It's a mess. It seems like somepony smashed all of this…
Maybe the pony that was hanging here?"

A lot of smashed black stuff.
If you remember it, some of it looks like stuff you saw in the Tirekian cave long ago.


"You are a fucking moron. Firing a cannon in enclosed spaces, you'd have to be a complete nutter to think that's a good idea. Ugh."
Look around the room.
"This isn't going to help calming those angry ghosts down."


"…Amber… Is this plae evil and stuff?"
"Just shut up and go your own way if you don't like how we do things.
Amber and Silver aren't complaining like prissy fillies who just got out of Sewing School."


"… Do you think she was a paladin or something?"
my ears drop.


"I will! But I'm not helping your ass back up when this place caves in."

I'm out of here. I don't feel like dying.


Shrug and reload my cannon.


You're back in the tunnels.
Go all the way back out?

"I don't know…where was that thing she was wearing?" he starts rummaging through the rubble.



Since Amber ain't giving two shits…
Smashed stuff. Dead dead skelly. Interesting.
Anything else I can see?

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


No, I'm going to find a different part of the tunnels to explore, if there are any.


Searching for it too!

Roll #1 16 + 9 = 25


"They're nasty.
Their servants are here in town. Controlling the strings of the mayor.
Lavan wants me to replace them.
This will become a Fire town."


"This cold northern place sure could use a warm place. Just make sure you allow the other elements too. Fire can't exist without the rest, after all."


File: 1430947462282.png (9.52 KB, 1092x610, ggg.png) ImgOps Google

You find a few bits, but not much.

You find it.
It's made of gilded iron and has a Sun symbol on it inscribed with magic runes.

You could try the other prong or go further down this tunnel.

"That's not our intention at all."


Mate I'm definitely lost here. Weren't me, Silver and Amber in the same room?


"So what, you will just drive everyone else away? How long until another element comes in to do the same? Then the next. You cannot sustain just fire in one place for long. Like it or not, ponies will praise the other elements too, even in a far-away and secluded place like this."


Yes, and Amber found the necklace, you find only a few bits inbetween the rubble.
You found the trashed tirekian stuff already if you want to keep some of that.


Or bones


"She must have been a paladin or a cleric or something! And we just destroyed her skeleton! That's sacrilege!"


Derp, I thought the necklace was a door for some reason and wondered 'how the fuck do you miss a gilded iron door?'.
"I'll go look deeper in. Still haen't seen these ghosts you were talking about."
Deeper in I go.


I'll try the other prong.


"I'm not talking about the ponies, they can worship whatever they want. Like that slow mare back there. I'm talking about the Elementals, they can't stay here."

Silver takes a look at it.
"We've done something very bad. But we can make it right. Maybe somepony can translate these runes for us…where's Soothing?"

As you walk into the other prong you see in the distance a stallion running with two fillies in his hooves into a room.

You follow the tunnel until you come to a door. There's a note on it, but you can't read it.
There's another room beside you but the door there has fallen down. The one in front of you is solid stone however, completely unlike the rest of the place.


Well does it have a handle?
Open it!


"Oh, well, that's a given.
I'm just not sure how radical the followers of each Lord are. I'm almost afraid to imagine a servant of Asharr."


"W-We should collect the bones and gather them again! Go get Soothing, I need to do this!"
uuuuuh… what do I need to roll? Search? To get these parts back?

Roll #1 10 + 9 = 19


Anything here of note? Items or something? Clues?


The stone door doesn't budge.

She sneers.
"Asharr, that little gluttonous rat. If there's one you have to be afraid of it is Lavan."
Her amber eyes glow for a second.
"He grants true power to those who serve well."

I assume you went into the room the ghost went in or just the tunnel?

Now that Soil is out of range you're only seeing very little because of your natural shine. Light a new torch?


I'll keep that roll in mind, just noting that.


Guess I can try and slam it open.
What roll?


"I am not afraid, not even of Firelords. I acknowledge their capabilities with humility, but I am not afraid of them."


Would be Athletics, but you'd have to roll really high to open it.


Guess I can try.

Roll #1 20 + 11 = 31



Roll #1 9 + 9 = 18


Activate the crit, with TWO action dice!


Yeah, into that room. Let's see what they got.


You light another torch.
As you collect all bones slowly together again, you hear a loud crash and feel a cold wind blowing around you.

You lift your back hooves and smash the door to pieces with one smash.
The door crumbles and a cold foul smelling air flows out.
Behind it the walls are stone, engraved with runes and a few Griffon statues…covered with gems. Flanking a stairs leading deep into the earth.

The room you enter is larger than the others with moldy old furniture. There are bookcases with ravaged old books and prominently on a desk an old tome.
Silver comes in after you.

"Then you're a fool.
Oh I know why you say that, you've heard the old rhetoric of Fire is afraid of nothing. But that's only a very basic grasp of the true inner workings of fire."
She scratches her chin.
"I suppose you do not know much of Lavan. Shall I explain to you what his aspect of fire is?"


Well now.
Whistle to myself and start looking over the statues, before casting a glance down the stairs.


Eye the tome.
"What is it?"


"I have lived in fear once in my life already. I am not going to again."
"Go on, I'm listening."


"I'm working on it! I'm sorry! Don't be mad! I'll… I'll make this right again…"


"I'm working on it! I'm sorry! Don't be mad! I'll… I'll make this right again…"


You could get one or more of those gems pretty easily.
The stairs itself is long. You see the bottom of the stairs from here.

"Do you know anything about runes? We found a necklace and we want to know what it says."

One of the bookcases falls down on its own.

"The other Fire Lords have told you about how Fire prizes individualism. But such is only half the truth.
A Will can hold strong or a will can bend. How do you think a Will will grow the strongest?"


Why just one?
I'm sure I can probably carry them all with my muscles. They are not just for plowing fields and mares!
Get jewing.


"Maybe. Let me have a look then."


"Determination and stubbornness?"
I am a donkey, afterall.



You set to work.
You manage to get '1d8' gems worth 40 silver.

"Uh….Amber still has it…"
The books start to tremble.

"That's what most would say. But it is wrong, that only requires Will. It does not strengthen it. Why? Because all of us only do things we ourselves want to do. That's all good and dandy, but when do we truly strengthen our Will? When somepony else makes us do something we don't want to. And despite all our objections we break through and do it anyway. That is Lavan, he is authority, to use our poor language to describe something so multifaceted, incarnate. Fire is not just about Will, it is also about bending it. Through bending our own Will, we become stronger of Will. Through learning what bends our own Will, we can bend the Will of others, which is at all times the nature of Fire."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Just… one… moment…"
Detect alignment on the book if I can.

Roll #1 4 + 15 = 19


"Are you saying my will is being bended right as we speak?"


That's fun.
Shout along the empty halls.
"Hey guys, I found something!"


It has no alignment. It is not magical in nature.

One of the books flies towards you.
Roll Reflexes.

"It only is when you do something you don't want to.
We'll see how you feel about this next assignment."

Everyone heard that.

You have it all back together again! The poor mare.


Try to duck.
"Show me to those runes."

Roll #1 19 + 2 = 21


"I can still just invoke his wrath instead if I find it too repulsive."


How are these stairs shaped?
Try going down, just a bit. Only the tip.


Can I make out the title of the book or something as it whizzes towards me?


"I'm sorry… we'll fix this place, I promise! Just… just wait."


Or the tome, whatever it is.


You avoid it.
"Amber has it. Come with me!"

"If you're too prideful to do something because somepony else asks you'll never become a true Fire Priestess."

Geometrical, but parts of it have broken off.
You don't see much yet.

The tome on the desk is not flying towards you, but the ruined ones in the shelves are still trembling.
You could grab it quick if you want.
There's a title on it with just a name. "Piesmith." and something you can't translate next to it.

Extra AD for cute roleplaying.
The skeleton says nothing.
But you hear a fillies crying voice saying behind you. "Mommy, you scare me."


Oh well. Into the dark I go.
Tell Iris I loved her.


"This isn't about pride. If what you say is true and we just need to get rid of some Air Elementals and chase their acolytes away, I have no problem with it."


Spin around quickly!
"Where are you? How can we help you!?"


Nah, they're ruined anyway. I'll check back in a minute. Not really in a hurry.

Follow Silver first.


You step down and end up in a large chamber.
On altars near the walls you see mummified Griffons.
As you step in, torches spontaneously start burning a cold blue fire.
At the end of the room, there's a fully clad griffon skeleton in armor sitting lifelessly on a throne. His claws clasping a sword of Ysrim white metal.

"We'll do it by infiltrating their secret temple and burning it to the ground."

There's no one but you hear.
"We want to find daddy…"
But soon Silver shows up with Soothing.

You find Amber holding a skeleton.


Silver looks concerned at you.
"Amber, are you okay?"




"I've read enough books to know what happens next…"
I wish I had a camera.
Iris would love this place, I should show her. She's outside?


"Made a new friend?"



"Silver! I think I got most of the pieces! Do… do you think this is enough?"

"Hey! What does this amulet say?"


"Oh, the amulet please?"


Investigate the amulet.

Roll #1 10 + 10 = 20


Inferni screeches again.
The mare chuckles.
"Don't mind him, we have a history.
Now watch out we're here."
She stops you and points to a small building at the other end of the street.

Maybe you can come and get her.

Silver shoots you an angry look.

He puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"It's enough, Amber you did great."

There's a magical writing on it.
Read Magic spell?


That should do the trick, yes.

Roll #1 10 + 15 = 25


Yep, I totally should!
Wish I could fit Indy in here, it'd be useful not being half a pony fighting an undead abomination with a legendary sword.


"I'll ask all about you once we're alone, don't worry."
Time to be a sneaky jenny.

Roll #1 20 + 16 = 36


Action die to crit.


"She must've been right here… fighting Tirekian cultists or something…"


The Puddington Special Tribunal has condemned Orange Bloom to death by hanging for the murder of her husband Lively Drop and her two daughters Clever Drop and Cloudy Drop and the crime of Heresy. May the Sun save her soul from the demons in her heart.

You come back out and see Amber, Silver and Soothing in the room with all the rubble.

You're a very, very stealthy jenny.


Infiltrate the small building.


"Hey you dumbos, I found a bunch of undead-looking griffs and the boss is holding a sword of that amazing white steel they have!
Let's get it, I wanna see how it cuts!"


"I can't just leave this behind!"


I clear my throat awkwardly and whisper those words in Silver's ear.


"What's this? What's going on here?"


Just walk through the front door which you'd need to pick or Search for another entrance?

He perks his ears.
And looks at Amber.

"Uhm…Amber, let's go outside for a minute, this gloom is getting to all of us."


"I think this skeleton belonged to a paladin who fought against Tirekians or something! I need to give her the proper respects she deserves."


Look at Silver with an expression which says 'what the hell is going on', and follow.


Search for a sneakier alternative

Roll #1 18 + 4 = 22


I sigh and look at the skeleton sadly. Get up and follow Silver out anyway.


"The spooky floating skeleton I cannonballed?"
Give her a big, large, apologetic smile.


While I'm here, are any of these items still radiating bad mojo?


Outside the Sun has set and Luna's crescent Moon adorns the sky.
It is getting cold.
Iris and Indy are huddled together near a campfire.
Iris smiles as you approach.
"Did you find anything?"

Once you're outside Silver sits down.
"Amber, that skeleton of the mare we found, she wasn't a paladin."

You see a cellar window you could pick open without too much eyes seeing you.

Do a detect magic.


The Iris post is definitely meant for you in addition to providing setting for everyone outside.


"Lots of things! Just you wait till you see them!"
Then start listening to Silver.


I'd have guessed.


What do I have to roll to pick that open?


'3d4' Rolling to regenerate some spell points using my core ability and three AD's.

'1d20+15' for Detect magic. 2 SP.

Roll #1 2, 4, 2 = 8 / Roll #2 6 + 15 = 21


"It's too late for that now!"

"What? But she has to be! She had a sign of the Sun on her and everything! At least she must have been a cleric!"



Very faint, but nothing salvageable…but you detect something else, but not here, somewhere else in the tunnel system.

Iris looks with interest at Amber and Silver as well.


Let's pick it, then.

Roll #1 1 + 6 = 7


"Soothing translated the runes. It wasn't an amulet of her. It was put on her, to save her soul.
She…was the heretic."


Sit down and give Amber a worried look.



Let's go check on that tome from earlier again.


"No! So she's the killer!? The pony who's causing all this!?"
What did that ghost pony trying to kill me look like?


It's definitely not coming from the tome room is it? I guess it must be someplace at the end then.


It's a harder lock than it looks.
You look around but still nopony has seen you.
You may continue.

You walk back. You know the source of magic was here somewhere…
You go back in the tome room, it seems peaceful again.

You never saw more than an outline. It could have been a mare or a stallion.

It definitely wasn't but it was close.
Unfortunately the tunnel seems to end next to the tome room.

"It seems to be that way…"


Come on Mabel, you did this before!

Roll #1 20 + 6 = 26


Allright, I'm going to action die that too.


I scrunch harder than ever before.
"If that's the case… well it doesn't change anything! We need to help those foals!"


Investigate the tome.

Roll #1 5 + 10 = 15


"So what you wanna do, read them a goodnight story and hope they leave?"


You pass the second check with flying colors and unlock the windows.

The tome seems to written in Old Equestrian. You might find somepony in town to translate it.

He nods.
"Yes, we'll save them.
Nopony can stop us from doing that."

"We'll find out what's keeping them there and we'll remove that."


"Well, speaking of down there…"
Roll my eyes as if trying to say something very inopportune.
"Can we get that totally sweet sword off the dead griffon king first?"


Put it in my bag. Then return to the other room with the skelly. I need to investigate and find that source…

Roll #1 4 + 10 = 14


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