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"Pa?" he looks around until he looks down.
"Pa? You're so small…"

Ah, Tulip is right there! Coming out of the restaurant.


"Come out of there!"


Wave at her!


He steps one foot out of the pool.
He's about 5 times as big as you.
The ground shakes a bit as he sets his foot down.
He laughs and raises his claws.

You vaguely here some shouting in the distance but you're not sure where it comes from.
Tulip walks up to her.
"Ah, Mabel, everything to your liking?
Can I get you anything?"



"I… woah, I'm not sure. This is a bit overwhelming at first, to be honest."


How is his chest wound?


"Perhaps. But where would we find it?"

"Great, great, say I want you to meet some ponies."
She grabs your hoof and drags you into the restaurant.
"Mabel, this is Lord Puddington." You're face to face with a stern old pony with a top hat.
"Lord Puddington, this is Miss Mabel."
"Ah, miss Mabel, pleasure to make your acquintance, I've heard you and your merry band have been making waves in Equestria."

What chest wound?
He quickly starts running down towards Canterlot.


The one that soulsucker or whatever gave him!
Catch up to him!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"She was very keen on meeting you! I also met your assistant in Ponyville!"


(hmmm….~ Snack dont know really. Perhaps we can scout the city but that will take days/even months and by that time the cultist might be long gone." I gulp)


Yes, my reply was as in "it's completely gone"


Offer my hoof.
"Pleasure. Have we?"


"She was very keen on meeting you! I also met your assistant in Ponyville!"


"She reminded me a bit of myself when I was younger. Ready to become the newest and most glamorous fashionista.
If she tries hard enough, she'll succeed."
She's not taking your flank and tail measurements.
"Oh, was everything satisfactory in Ponyville?"

But Twilight tries to yank him back with telekinesis, roll for Indy's magic resistance.

"Quite so. I've heard rumors about all of you nearly starting a riot in Tall Tale."


"Maybe the Guard can help?"


"Will the guards be able to scour the city? Snack is not sure, perhaps we also need to recruit the paladins."


"I just joined them in Tall Tale, actually."


Dragon blood is strong blood?
And I will try to run run run!

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Wingless pegasus reactivates after having missed his conversation window.


I scrunch
"Bad things were happening there, that's why! I think we did a good job in Tall Tale, taking out those gangs!"


"That's their job isn't it? To make sure to know what's going on in the city.
As for the paladins, it would be harder to get their ear."

The conversation is still ongoing, see snacks post.

Resistant like a motherfucker.
Even to Twilights spells.
But you run your non-magic feet and keep up.
Indy is running straight to Canterlot, his head pokes out above the buildings.
Ponies scream and duck away as they see him coming.
And guards are scrambling backup.

Are you sure you're replying to the right post?

"Ah, during the riots?
Dear me."


"Afterwards, rather."


Keep up, and shout at him to stop!
He's gonna hurt ponies.
I have to stop him if he doesn't hear me.
Try and climb him!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It may not be as hard as you might think. One of our traveling companions, Amber, has recently joined the crystal paladins officially. With luck, she can convince them of the urgency of this."


He stops in the middle of the street and looks down to see scared ponies and buildings with minor damage.
He hold his claws near his mouth, scared to move.

"How did you manage there?"

"I could ask Twilight too, when she gets back.
She's a friend of the Princess."


"Then lets go and find the captain of the guards and report it to him."


I'll nod slightly.
"That would likely have a better chance of success…"
"Not to sound paranoid, Snack, but what if some of the guard are in on it? I didn't see a single guard anywhere near us during our stakeout. We should have seen at least one."


I then look at Fluttershy.
"T… Twilight is a friend of the princesses? Arent they Gods of some sort?"


"Let's get you back to Twilight, before some guards come running.
We can't hurt good ponies!"

Back to Twily! Clear the street behind Indy to give him manouvering space!
"Go home, nothing to see here! Just a normal, huge dragon!"


I look at you with alarm.
"Do you mean that we cant trust anyone but ourselves and Flutterspony? Then how wuld we solve this? To whom would we go too?"


"I was away, performing a show for a fancy party, actually."


"I never said we couldn't, just that it's something to consider. As for who to go to, well, Applejack mentioned in Ponyville that the Elements of Harmony needed to gather again, so anyone who can point us towards them would be a good start."


Roll for perception.

Fluttershy nods.
"That might be a good idea.
If the guards are in on it, we can't run the risk.
The paladins can be trusted but I'm not sure if they'll have enough ponies to send on this."

"Ah, but by any chance, is there truth to the rumors of your group fighting the Ursa Major?"


Indy about to have a breakdown?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Snack do want the paladins to be involved, besides Snack has a friend Paladin. Snack think FLuttershy knows Amber right?" I smile


"I doubt they will, considering how spread thin everyone is lately, but it's worth a shot."


Shake my head.
"It was an Ursa Minor, but I was still afraid for our lives."


He looks very uncomfortable and bad. But he slowly slips by with only a few broken fences here and there. "Sorry, sorry."
As you look around, you see a dark blue large pony on one of the roofs. Her mane twinkles with stars and you think her cutie mark was a moon, when you look again however she's gone.

You bring him to the edge of the city where Twilight shows up.
"Oh good, there's nothing broken yet."
Indy slowly sits down, breaking a few trees in the process.
"Sorry Pa, I didn't mean to break anything."

"Yes, I saw her briefly in Ponyville, if you can ask her, I can talk to Twilight if she gets back."

"There is a rather large detachment here in Canterlot, the threat of evil is strongest here. But yes, even here they're spread thin."

"Oh dear, your friend here said it was an Ursa Major."
Tulip grins sheepishly.


"I can hope they at least let Amber and her partner continue traveling with us, if nothing else."


"T's okay pal, you just got a bit too excited!"
Pat him on the hea- on the ba- on the side of the paw?
"The wound's gone, at least!"


"Then its decided, we go with the paladins then." I nod.


"Yes, but I'm afraid there might be cultists here as Snacks suggests."

Twilight walks over.
"Yes, the wound is gone…and we'll find a way to return you to normal, Indy."

"I'll have Twilight ask Celestia, you'll have to wait for that. Perhaps you could go ask Amber?"


"That went well."


Give her a look.
"I'm sure she just mixed them up."


I'll nod slightly, then frown.
"Right… If only there were a way to scan for the taint that the dragon puts in his followers…"


I look at Fluttershy as I gulp.
"Y.. you're friends with a Goddess?"


"Yes, they're very similar, only minor differences really. The Minor is very large, very strong. And Miss Mabel was the one who delivered the finishing blow!"
"Is that so?"

"…Twilight is not a goddess."
Twilight is not an alicorn in MH.


"It broke through the spells of Twilight…"

"Better then expected. Listen, mister Soil, I'm sorry, but Indy cannot enter the city this way."


"Well then fix him!"


I mean Celestia Sion


"Of course she aint pony." I chuckle.


"By hiding in the skin of the cultists. I doubt there are many more of these… skinwalkers, but they might have snuck in the same way."
I'll rub my chin and think for a bit.
"Perhaps by using the… remains of the skinwalker, we can develop some variety of detection field? Anyone that has anything similar inside them would set it off, and it would sound an alarm or simply light them up or something. Like draws like, after all, so that might be a way to go about it…"


Then your sentence doesn't make sense.
Since Fluttershy says twilight will go talk to Celestia, not herself.
"I..I'm not sure I follow."

"I don't know how…I'll have to look for a spell."

"Perhaps…I don't know much about magic. Only natural magic, and these things…aren't natural."


Maybe I can be here for longer this time.


"Wait, but can't he stay like this to fight the other dragon?"


"Far from anything natural I've ever known. And a good bit more wrong than those Lemarians were."
I'll sigh.
"Well, if nothing else, I should probably see to gathering it up in a jar or something so that it doesn't spoil, or… I don't know, slink away."


Lets just drop it
"Alright, Fluttershy go ask Twilight if she can ask the goddesses for help since she is friends with them."

"Snack will go and see if Amber and Silver can gather the paladins to help us."


You were tasting a delicious eclair from the Prance griffons.
They all taste delicious.
Except for one, a desert filled with creme as you take a whif you're hit by a strange smell, a smell of death.

"Uhm.." she looks at Indy.
"Yes…that would help. If that's okay with both of you. But he cannot enter the city. He'll have to stay here for a few days. Hmm, I'll need to check in with the Academy again first. I'll be right back to see if that's what you want."
She disappears again in a flash.

Twilight appears again.
She breathes in deep and then breathes out slowly while waving her hoof.
"Now, we should study the remains of the Skinwalker. What will you do in the meantime?"


I take it back to the gryphons.
"What is this?"


"Hey wa-"
Grumble something about freaky magic as she disappears.
"I'm not about to leave you outside like that, Indy!"


"Attempt to get the local paladin chapter onboard with a subtle search for any remaining cultists, as well as a quiet inquest of the guards to see if any of them are in on it."
I'll yawn.
"Also, perhaps some coffee is in order, along with a pastry. If it can help, we have a chemist on retainer who might be able to assist with the study of the skinwalker fluid."


"Snack will go find Silver and Amber if we can get the paladins." I then turn to Winston and Star.
"Lets go, or would you two prefer to stay here?"

Now lets go and find Silver and Amber.


I'll nod, and wave him farewell.


I turn to you.
"Wont you come Warren?"


He looks to you.
"But Pa, I can't go into the city. You saw what will happen."

"A chemist, yes that would be helpful, can she be trusted?"

Amber is not online though.


Lets go talk to Silver then.


"I'm sure you three have it well in paw."
"With my life."


"Well you could be extra careful!
You know, I hurt Iris too, when I first met her.
But then I focused just that much and now I don't even have to think about it!


"But what if I step on a pony? I can barely see them when I walk….And where will I sleep…"

"Then bring her here."

You find him in the Royal District.
Waiting outside the dressmaker.
"Oh hello mister Snacks."


I'll nod, and then I'll be off. Time to give Vilina the news.


"Hey now, whatever happens I'm not stepping away from you, hear me?
And maybe you could try flying like this, that way you wouldn't step on anypony!"



He looks at the town.
"I could try…"

You find her in the inn, enjoying a red wine.

The griffon looks at it, sniffs it.
"Mon dieu! What iz dis?!? My apologies, miss. Whoever made this, he'll be punished."
He looks to another griffon. "Philippe, who made this?" "I think it was Jean, he's in the back."
The griffon walks in the backdoor with the tainted pastry.
You hear a scream from the back after a few seconds.


No sense in beating around the bush.
"Vilina, how would you like to help Twilight Sparkle analyze a sample of viscera from minion of the undead dragon?"


Poke him with an elbow.
"Go on. I'm gonna catch you if you fall!"


I stealthily run back there.
/roll 1d10



Roll #1 5 = 5


I greet him as I try to catch my breath after going around.
"Hello, we need.. we need you and the paladins help. SIlver and Amber are the only paladins that Snack trust."


"…Sounds like a fun date."

He grins.
Roll for flying.

"Ah, we'll be happy to help.
Amber's still inside, but if I can help I will."

You're not that stealthy as you jump over and knock down the door, just in time to see Jean attacking the griffon cook.


I'll give a small smile.
"I thought you might like it. Shall we?"


[1d10] Please don't crash, I'm only one pony.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Attacking like he's trying to kill him, or attacking him like he's beating the stupid out of someone that made some rotten food?


I mean Jean the guy who made the rotten food is attacking the griffon cook, let's call him Julien, you just talked to and who was going to confront jean about your rotten food.
This Jean is now attacking Julien like a mad griffon.


I graba hooffull of flour and throw it in Jean's eyes.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I stand straight and whisper
"Does Silver know any paladins here in Canterlot, SNack needs you and Amber to help Snack uncover a cultist of undead dragon worshippers here in Canterlot. They've subverted the archives of the library to their own twisted goals and eve nattacked Snack, Warren and Poorsoil with their flayerd skin dopplegangers. Snack and Warren cant trust the guards since we are afraid they may infiltrated the ranks so…. Snacks gone to you." I grin.


"Can I bring the wine?"

He flies above the town pretty good and you keep up.
It's night by now and not too many ponies are still on the streets, though some are still a bit on edge.
Indy lands with a loud THUMP on a square close to the hotel.

He's blinded!
+2 for 2 turns.

He listens carefully and nods.
"I think Amber knows a paladin here. A batpony."


"I'd advise coffee, but I don't see why not. Having that on-hoof to celebrate the success might be a good idea."


We totally gotta show Iris this.
"You wait here! Act natural!"

I will go in and ask for Iris.


I gulp.
"A batpony? Can she be trusted?"


I hit him with a cheap shot.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"It's far too late for coffee. Lead the way then."

She's in your room, you find her in the bathroom, dressing up fancy.

"I think so. Amber seems to trust her."

You hit him right in the balls.
With, surprisingly, little effect.


And off we go, back to Twilight and Fluttershy.


"If that is so lets go and find her!"


"We have to wait till the dressmaker is done, I'm afraid."

And so you go, the Skinwalker has been brought to a different building.
"Do you want to watch this as well, Warren?"



"I'd like to assist, if I can. Though I don't know for certain what I'll be able to contribute, aside from fetching food and drink."


I keep attacking.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Hey Iris! you gotta check this out! C-"
Stop for a second.
Does she look pretty, in that fancy dress?
And do I realize it?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You can watch if you want. If you feel queasy you can wait in the room next to here."
You're handed a medical outfit.

Rarity takes a while to take all your measurements, far longer than Silver, who's waiting outside. The size of your flanks, the hooves, the hip joint, the abdomen, your neck, even the length of your tail.
When everything's noted down, she looks up "Thanks, darling. It will be done by tomorrow, I guarantee you'll look fabulous."

You do realize it.
She turns around and smiles.

Heavyhooves has scouted the hotel.
Shortcake is in trouble.
Where to go?

Jean drops down, unconscious.

"We'll have to wait until the dressmaker is done with her."


Well I don't know Shorty is in trouble, so… Off to Heavyhooves?
What's he got to say?


Well, scrub up, and let's take a watch. How gross can processing fluids be?


"I had some very important help with that in the form of Inferni here."
Motion at the phoenix.



"I've been here for so long, but I never even thought about going there. I should look into it, but first, let's head to the Gryphon Quarter. I might need to buy some clothes too."


I nod and wait
"How long should we wait for bat paladin?"


Perceptive jenny

Roll #1 9 = 9


Finally done!
"No, thank you miss Rarity! "


Inferni suddenly looks up as if he heard something and flies away out of the Elementarium.

Let's go.
You meet under the cover of night at the hotel.
"I think there's two ways to get in. We sneak in, or we disguise ourselves…"

The Griffon Quarter is small but distinct.
On the slopes of the mountain a number of wooden houses have been built. There are bridges but the easiest way is obviously the traditional way of flying.
There are a number of shops, a small shrine to the Ancients.

"I don't know….I hope she's not on duty right now…"


Stumble on my own words as I try to speak, gulping down heavily as I see her.


"Be here on time, darling."


Turn to Tulip and the other people.
"Excuse me for a second."
Huh, weird… I better follow him.


I gulp.
"Well… how about Amber? What do Silver think? Will she be able to help us convince the paladins to help us?"


"After all I've been through, I hope you don't mind if I offer a prayer first? We took a more painful route to get here."


"Where's he staying?"
I look up.
"Couldn't I just, y'know, fly up and break in his window and shoot the fuck?"


"We will!"
Rush outside back to Silver.
"That took so long!"


You run out of the inn, onto the square.
There's a huge orange dragon here!
Lucky it's so late at night or panic might have broken out already.

Amber is here!
Snacks is here!

"No, I should visit myself."
The Shrine is a smaller building on the slope a bit away from the others.
A smell of incense greets you from inside.

"Perhaps. I hope we don't get the whole guard after us then…"

She smiles and grabs your hoof.


"Amber!" I go after her.
"Amber, Snack needs your help in convincing the paladins to help Twily and Flutter pony in uncovering a spy network who is run over by a group of Dragon cultist!"


I shrug.
"Well, what's your idea then, besides just sneaking in?"


I scrunch.
"The paladins need convincing for that?"


A huge orange dragon?

Quickly, hide!
Sneaky donk!
What is it doing?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Wash my talons before going in, then start praying.

"Brave soul, who fears not death.


Smile and kiss her.
I'm not entirely sure how to call something which looks so beautiful.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


I nod with fierce enthusiasm.
"Yes! And only Amber and Silver can do that! Snack's believe in you two!"


"Why don't they just listen to you?"
Bah! go find my bat friend!


"Your bat paladin is shopping for dresses…. " I blush a bit as I scratch my head. "Me and Silver cant interrupt that can we? She appears to be not in duty so…"


I was talking about Amber!


Whelp my bad.


"We could fight our way in?
Or perhaps, if you fly up and there's an open window, you could get in that way."

The dragon grins and easily picks you up with his talons. And lifts you up to eyesight.
Indy is perched on the snout of the dragon.

There's a number of shrines in here.
Each dedicated to one of the Ancients and the Spirits.
Ancients: Odrin, Torvir, Harr, Kraven,… (There are 28)
Spirits: Sun, Moon, The Mother (Love), He-Who-Laughs (The Laughing One).
As additional information the evil spirits not seen here are: Lokri (Tirek), The Tyrant (Kronox), The Serpent (Discord)

There's an old griffon with grey feathers guarding the shrines.

Go to the Tower of the Moon?

She kisses back and giggles.
"I wanted to ask what you think, but you already answered."


I'll follow Amber and Silver.


This time I'll be quieter, I promise!


"I like the second one. What floor is he on?"


Chuckle at that.
"Eh, I gotta ask you what you think of something too!
Come and see!"


"I've got a Pegasus friend who knows the strength of the Ancients." I saw to my female companion.

"Excuse me," I turn to the grey feathered Gryphon, "but do any of the local ponies ever visit here?"


Roll for luck.

You're at the Tower of the Moon.
It is a dark blue tower built partly into the mountain. There's a silver crescent at the top.

The fourth floor.
He points to the room.
"I'll try to get up there. But it might be a while, I'm not exactly very unnoticeable."

She walks with you.

"Nay, youngling, this shrine honors the griffon faith. Ponies are not interested in the Spirits."


"Maybe I might create a bit of commotion then."
I laugh.
"But nah, I'll try and get up there without too much of a fuss. Anyways, later! I'm off now!"
I spread my wings and take flight up to the fourth floor, and look around for any open windows.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Go toward the front and see if there is a guard we can speak too.


I'm a lucky pony! I'll find her!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It'll take a while, but maybe some of them can turn towards their guidance."

Thank them again for their aid, then head out into the shops. If I'm going to be in a town like Canterlot, I should do my best to look good as Pico. Any tailors up here?


"Indy? What's going on?"


There isn't…
That's weird.

You see a batpony flying out from the tower.
It's Paleblossom up there!
No time to be silent, she's flying towards the City.

Yes there is.
Hyperborean fashion is simple, practical, but projects power and elegance.
There's a female griffon in the shop.
"Hello, how may I help you?"

She sees Indy outside.
Indy is holding Mabel in one of his paws.
Rolling for Iris reaction '1d10'

He whispers. Which is actually pretty loud.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Ah sorry for the knee jerk reaction, forgot the reason of not trusting the guards.
Go and follow Amber.

"Did Amber see any paladins? Didnt know their HQ can be this great."


Flap down my donkears.
"Who is your… friend here?"


Fuck, I mixed up Inferni and Indy again sorry. It's Inferni perched on his snout.


"I'm in need of a set of city clothes. As you can see, most of what I have is meant to survive in the wild and tends to stand out."


Volume to max! I like shouting anyway!

Roll #1 10 = 10


What I'll say then is.
"You can talk?"


Ready to catch her if she faints…

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm trying to catch her attention!"


"Maybe Snack can help too!"
Also shout!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"HEY MABEL! I'M INDY!" he whispers.

You open that mouth and nearly deafen Silver and Snacks.
Paleblossom naturally hears you and glides down.
"Amber, what's the trouble? I don't have much time."

You are overshouted by Amber.
But the batmare flies down.

"Of course sir. We have an amazing collection. Please follow me."

She faints.
Indy quickly grabs her and lifts her up.


"How? When did you grow up? And how can you two talk?"


So…. how's that science project going? Anything interesting happen yet?


I look at her but let Amber handle the situation.


"I'm hearing stories about cultist spies here in Canterlot. What's up with that!?"


Watch out Indy! It's dangerous!"
Hold his paw to the ground!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Follow the Gryphon and check out what this store has.



They're closed, but you find a window to the side partly open.

Uhm sorry, must have missed your last post somewhere.

The first incision is made and a terrible smell comes out.
Roll not to gag.

"Cultist spies? What cultist spies….wait, does this have anything to do with that dragon…"

He puts her back to the ground.

Indy puts you back down as well.
"FREAKY MAGIC" he says.

A large selection of suits and tuxedos made in Hyperborean styles. Very elaborately decorated with gold.


Whatever, that works!
I pry it open. Quietly. And step inside.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Hoof over the nose, I've seen grosser than this… I think. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What kind of freaky magic?"
Look at Soil.
"Do you have any idea what's going on?"


"He's a quick study."
Smirk at Mab-

Quickly rush her inside and look for help.


"Yes they do! It's very important!"


Head towards the one with the least amount of gold. I don't need to make myself a target on the streets, even though I can handle myself. A simple suit with a vest is the best.


Rush over too.
What happened to her?


She saw Indy and fainted.


I nod at her.
"Yes it has to do with the dragon cultist! Twily needs the paladins help since we cant trust the guards…. we fear of informants and stuiff…"


There's a dead buffalo on the floor.

She seems to have fainted when she saw fuckhuge Indy.

Inside with a glass of water she soon opens her eyes again.
"Whu….what? What happened?"


"That…would explain a lot actually."

You find a simple suit. Not too expensive."

You have.
"It seems to be decaying at a rapid rate."
The mages perform a few magic tests on the corpse.


"You fainted!
I was so worried!"


"Well, it was practically a walking corpse beforehoof, so that's not too unexpected. Assuming it's an advanced form of whatever they were pulling in Silverhaze, then the bodies are probably being pushed to the point where the only thing holding them together is the sludge and necromancy."


Hold my hoof out for Inferni to perch on.
"I'm confused."


Is it-
Is it Stronghooves' original body? How is- what-
I shake my head and give the body a closer look.


When we last left off, Light Heart was being worshiped by all the handsome stallions and pretty mares.

How much did I miss?


"Thank you, that will do." I'll need to pay the Gryphon.

"Sorry about that, Hilde. I haven't dressed for the city in too long. Come on, you were going to show me around?"


"We could explain a lot of it if pony come and help us, the archives has already been attacked and sensitive info has been erased by a flayed thingy that can copy the shape of ponies. Snack, Poor Soil and Warren has already killed it."


"About what? What's going on, Paleblossom!?"
Jump up and down urgently


"I…I dreamed Indy was a giant dragon."

No it's another buffalo.
Roll to inspect.

Inferni flies into the inn as well.
Indy is alone outside.

That's one version of the story.
You were talking about guns with the winner.

"A few days ago, we found a group of ponies sacrificed in a ritualistic manner. They had small idols on them of a dragon head.
I wanted to investigate it further, but Diamond Ring, my superior, dismissed it.
It's why I was so surprised when you mentioned a dragon…"

"Shall we go see the Tower of the Moon?"


"I see. Look at this."
She points to something in the "arms."


I'll raise an eyebrow and take a gander.
"So… what exactly am I looking at?"


…what the shit

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Of course, lead the way. Maybe I'll get a lead on those two as well."


"Oh no, you didn't dream!"
Answer quickly with a smile.


"Where have you been, Indy?"


Oh right, and that olive agent said I could talk to her more.
"Well darling, thank you for the competition. It was mighty fun to shoot alongside fellow Dixie ponies again."


"Dismissed it? That sounds like a serious thing though! What are you investigating now?"


"Gaahh… that means everyone is in danger!" I look at her with surprise.
"We need to tell of Twily or anyone with autority now."


Indy looks very sad towards the inn.
Then to you.

She glares.

"Finally a real challenge. These Equestrian ponies don't know about good shootin."

You get to the Tower of the Moon.
Snacks, Amber, Silver and a batpony are there.

"Diamond Ring ordered us to scour the city looking for some missing pony of interest….it's weird, it's been a long time since all of us were sent out for one thing. The Tower is completely empty…"


You notice a deep wound as if made by a large sword.
This body is fresh but already parts of the wound are decaying rapidly. That's unusual.


"Freaky magic!"


"No, they don't. A bit backward when it comes to that, I've noticed. They prefer their magic."


"Oh, hello, what are you all doing up here?"

"Hilde, these are some of the friends I mentioned to you. Everyone, this Gryphon is a friend of mine, Hilde."


I scrunch.
"We should go talk to him!"


…Oh fucking-
Is it more life stealing shit?

I shake my head and proceed inwards, sneaky like. Focus on the mission at hand. Some well placed shot can take this fucker down like nothing and stop this before it gets out of hand.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"What kind of water was it? Did someone give it to you?
And don't worry, she was just surprised."


"There is no time, Queren! We are doing an investigation on the dragon cultists!"


"But this is Canterlot, how can there be… I should have expected some surprises here too. What do you need of us?"


She grabs you.
"You have to turn him back!"


You sneakily proceed forward, finding two more buffalo bodyguards slaughtered similarly.
You quickly duck behind a curtain as you hear something. You look and see a strange creature.
It looks like a very very thin pony, skin over bone, that is if it had skin, instead it's just flesh. It crawls over the ceiling, it's front hooves are sharpened to large blades and it has long fangs.
It seems to be looking for something.

"I'm not sure where he is…we could try his office."

"Must be because of all those unicorns."


"W-what! But he's awesome like this!"


"Of course she will! Even I was surprised when I saw you like this! I didn't even recognize you!"


"Warn the others about this, I guess! We're going to see the Paleblossom's superior officer!"

"Lead the way! Quick! Quick!"


"Warren!" I approach you and nod.
"Me and Amber are finding the paladins and they are here to help us!"


"And alicorns too. We can't forget about the benevolent sisters ruling these lands."


Follow Amber.


What the fuck.

I ready my gun and try to take a closer look at what it's doing. Can I guess at all what it might be looking for, just by where it's looking? Or is it tossing over everything?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Not a dull moment. I'll call Warren and the others. Shall we meet back at the hotel?"


"It will be better if we meet with Twilight!"



"Poison…this thing it oozes poison out its blades."
She floats some to a bottle.
"We'll have to investigate this."

Well you didn't see a corpse of Hard Coin yet.
But it did see you.
It jumps wildly to you. Roll to dodge.

You knock on the door.
No one there, it's eerily silent.

"Awesome? He could accidentally stomp somepony!"

"You know, I often wonder if they really raise the Sun or if that's something they made up."


I try to dodge out of the way and fire off a shot at it, whatever the hell it is! I can get a closer look when it's dead!

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll nod.
"That would likely be the poison that it injected into Indy before Soil ran off with him up the mountain. Do you suppose it might also be a catalyst to turn those afflicted into additional minions of Ner'ghal?"


"….. is the house usually empty bat pony?" I look at her.


"Or he could intentionally stomp on the other huge dragon!"


Gone already

"Why isn't he in his office? Who is the officer on watch then? Don't you have any other superiors you answer to aside from princess Luna?"


"Can I be honest with you?"
Lean a bit closer.
"I was a bit spooked at first. When you picked me up I thought you wanted to eat me!"


She frowns.
"I don't like it…"

"We're spread around Equestria lately. Diamond Ring is the only superior here this week….but where is everypony…did he really send everypony away? That would be a big breach of security."

It scratches part of your clothes.
You're fighting a Skinwalker.

Vilina looks it over.
"It should be…we should try and make an antidote."

"No, Mabel, you're my friend! And I like eating gems."


"Didn't I give you a pause when my coat turned white? I bet it took you a second to recognize me too!"


I'll go find the others and tell themn to meet with Twilight.

Who is the closest?


Pout a bit.
"You scared him!"


Cheap shot it!
Fly in, shove it and blast it while it's recovering!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


I gulp….
"Wait…. is Diamond Ring a trustworthy pony? W… what does bat pony mean about breach of security? If that means what Snack think it means then that irregularity is a big big thing."


"If we can. Assuming this gunk is all that's holding his minions together, an antidote could end up being one of the most effective weapons we could employ. And if we get to those afflicted before they fully 'die', then we could save a great number of lives."
I'll rub my chin, and shoot a glance at Vilina.
"I wonder what this stuff is even made of."


"What was that about?"


"It is! This is insanity! Silver, tell her!"


"To be quite honest, I find it hard to bring myself to care either way. What the alicorns do is for them to decide, it is probably far healthier not to get involved."


You duck and shoot it straight in the chest.
It falls back, needing a moment to recover.


The inn is pretty close.

"Oh dear..I did, didn't I?!?"

Didn't see you on Steam.
Francois leans on a table.
"I don't know, he just attacked me!"
Roll perception.

"There's definitely something fishy going on. We….maybe we should look in his office."
Paleblossom turns pale.
"We can't…"

Paleblossom nods.
"I don't know what to think anymore. He's a high ranking paladin.."

Vilina takes a look at it.
"..I'm stumped. What the hell is this stuff?"

"I guess. If they like it, that's their problem."


"We don't have such a good nose as you do!"


"Right! Knock knock!"
No time to think, try to smash the door open with my hammer!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Far as I know, it's run-off or something from a giant zombie dragon that styles itself as a good. There were barrels of it in Silverhaze, or at least there were barrels of the base liquid, and they were going to infect the town before we showed up and threw their plans into disarray, causing them to jump ahead to waking the dragon."


Nod quickly.
"Wanna go out and talk to him?"


Take advantage of his stumbling and blast the fucker with both barrels!

Roll #1 2, 4 = 6


Flap my wings.
"Well, do take care out here, ma'am. Equestria is not as orderly as our home. I bid you farewell, perhaps we shall meet again on the shooting range one day."


Let's go in through the back door, no need to deal with guests.

Let's find out where the others are. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10




"Does Paleblossom know…. know where to find him? Perhaps there is another headquarters here in Canterlot? If not we should report this to Twily… if not the princessess."



Before Paleblossom can protest you stomp down the door.
There's a corpse inside.
Sprawled over the door is the corpse of batpony dressed in high night guard armor.
His chest is split open.
"…Luna preserve us…" mutters Paleblossom.

Soil and Iris are here.
You can see Mabel outside through a window.


The body is moving.
But not as in he's waking up.
I mean his belly is.

You shoot but the Skinwalker rolls and crawls up again. You get no counterattack damage because he was down.
A sudden weariness grows over you, as if something is sapping all your courage.
-1 to combat rolls

"It would be an honor."
Tip le cowboy hat.

Pico is here!
"Yes..I should."
She shakily gets up again.


"There's something inside him!"
I jump backwards.


Help her and let's go to Indy!
"Hey man!
Seen Indy yet?"


C'mon! Struggle out of this funk!
I try to hum an Inspiring melody to get my spirits back!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Sorry to interrupt, but we've got cultists to deal with!"


"… This is not good. This is… Diamond Ring?"


"No, but you might want to bring him. Snacks and Amber and Silver will be waiting for us at Twilight's."


My jaw just hangs open.
"Everyone is indeed in danger!"

Lets see and check the corpses, see if I can know any info on who attack these poor paladins.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I don't have a hat to tip, shame.

Take to the air and find the inn that mare mentioned.


"Alright, wait for us on the roof!"


Got it! Oh, and say hello to Hilde. Hilde, this is Soil, the strongest Earth pony you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting."

Head out the back and fly to the roof.


Wave at Hilde.
"Who's she?"


"Ah, a friend from the Embassy. I invited her to meet you guys after a talk, but it seems we're getting caught up in something again."


"Oh… I was visiting the realms of the fire lords in the elemental temple, yes."


"By the Ancients…" Francois crawls back.
A bony blade bursts out of the stummick.

You manage to get a bit of color back on your cheeks.
It is some kind of aura emanating from the Skinwalker. You better finish this fast before it kicks in again.

"Yes…" says Paleblossom.
"W-what happened."

As you walk to the corpse, something drips on your head.
You look up and high up the ceiling another Skinwalker is grinning down.

She waves sheepishly.


You go back outside.
Indy kneels down.
"It's okay…Indy." She rubs his snout.


"I almost got devoured.
Oh, I also got this!"
Show him my mark!


I stab the stomach!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Strap on, we gotta gly to the Twilight now!"


Shoot it again! Twice!

Roll #1 9, 2 = 11


Ah damnit! Step back out of its reach and shoot!

Sentried Marksman shot with my axe!


"Maybe I shouldn't have gotten a new suit already. Hilde, do you need to go get your weapons?"


"Somepony murdered him! We need to alert all of Canterlot! The princesses could be in danger!"

"I recognize that! It must have been behind this! Don't let it escape!"
Empower my hammer. These things could be a threat to the princesses if they're killing paladins! Time to strike! Purge! For Cadance!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


It stops moving.
Seems like you nipped it in the bud.

Your first hit is right on, before the second the skinwalker attempts to grab you.
Then the door opens…
to reveal Heavyhooves in a maid costume.
"I came here as fast-WHAT IS THAT?"

Melody 1/5

In a flash Snacks throws his axe right at the Skinwalker. It drops down on the table where Amber drops the hammer so hard it shatters to ash in holy fire.

"I have a dagger with me."
She walks outside and scream seeing a fuckhuge dragon.


"F-fly on Indy?"

You see Soil, Iris, Mabel, Pico, a grifoness you've not met before.
Oh and a fuckhuge dragon.


"Someone should probably get the guards…or a doctor."


Turn to Indy.
"You can do it, pal?"


"Did the dragon already get here!"

Grab Hilde and put her behind me, quickly!


"Yes!" I exclaimed as I look at bat pony.
"Looks like this is the culprit! Perhaps there are more and is now attacking the citizens as it is!"


"It's the mark of Lord Pyrrus."


"They're not so tough when you face them head on, you just can't let them catch you off-guard!"
Turn to Paleblossom.
"Blossom! We should send word to the princesses about this! I think it's a pretty serious security breach! Can we activate an alarm somehow?"


Dammit, did I miss all the excitement and adventure?

Observe the dragon from a distance, does it appear hostile?


Kick him in between the legs and force him off! Whatever the hell this thing is, that should at least do something!
Cheap Shot!



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Twilight looks at the bottle.
"It must be magical. I'll try to neutralize it."
Her horn glows and the bottle is engulfed in purple but nothing happens.
"Impossible, it resists my spells."

No in fact it looks a lot like a giant version of that little dragon Soil has.
And Soil is talking to it.

"WE ARE ALREADY HERE." says a loud voice from behind you.

Hilde is screaming.
And ponies are coming outside.


Soil is talking pretty calmly to it for a huge dragon.

Rolling for Heavyhooves.

Francois runs off.
And soon one of the Night Guard comes in.
"What's going on? This cook is not making sense."


Now with actual roll '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Turn around with my crossbow at the ready. Who.. wha.. I what?


"He is a Lord of Fire! The one we met before!"


"Soil, where's Indy?"


Turn around slowly.


"That guy made me a bad pastry then attacked a chef then something tried to crawl out of him."
I point at the dead griff.



Flutter over to it.
"Hellooo-ooo? Indy was it? What happened to you, sugar?"


"Good boy!"
"What do you mean?"
Look at him strange, as if not understanding.


I'll pull out that bottle I pulled from nowhere after the fight with the skin walker.
"Well, the water that was in this mostly neutralized the poison when I gave it to Indy. Is there enough left in it to know what it was? Soil thought it was close to something that was up on the peak of the mountain, since he ran there almost immediately after he got a look at it."


"BE careful! Get your shield up!"


"What? Why!?"
Reach for my shield, still perplex, unsure who I should shield against!


There's a huge dragon there! Can't you see it!?"


"Yeah, isn't it awesome?!"
Smile excited and put the shield away!


"WAIT, WHAT!? What's going on?!"




There's a large pony behind you.
She's dark blue, her mane flows twinkled with stars. She wears a silver crown and necklace. Her cutie mark is a moon.
Paleblossom immediately bows.

Heavyhooves charges too fast and runs past the Skinwalker into the wall.

More people are coming and screaming.
One of them is running for the Night Guard.


"I see."
Twilight takes a drop of the water and throws it on the poison.
It sizzles and disappears.


I look at her dumbfounded and aim my bow at her.
"Are you the leader of the cult you pony!"


"Speaking of Soil, did you manage to catch up to him? What did he do up there?"


I try to wrestle my way out of the thing's grasp and get up!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"That doesn't make sense either."
He looks over the corp.
"…Luna…what the hell is this, it's like there's something…inside him."


Roll my eyes.
"Time to go, Indy."


"That's Indy! How'd he get so big?"


"That's what I told you!"


"Freaky Magic, duh!"


Bow as well, I know enough to know who that is!


"Gah! I hate how often that answers so many questions I have!"

Turn around towards Hilde.

"Hilde, meet Indy, Soil's and Indy's kid."


"Oh you poor thing, you must be under so much stress right now."


"Maybe he seemed like that at first, but he really isn't."


"He's a bright boy."
But we should really fly before the night guard comes here. Again.


"He hasn't been this big until a few hours ago, Hilde, but Indy's been with us almost since the start."


She looks flabbergasted.
"Y-you said there was an evil dragon!"

Giddy up?

She looks you right in the eyes.

She rolls her eyes
"He threw his dragon into the magical spring. Now we have to deal with an enormous dragon as well."

Can't get up!
Rolling for Heavyhooves.

"I…am gonna need some backup."

Silver knows too, but Snacks doesn't.







Roll #1 8 = 8


"What is it?"



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Magical spring?"
I'll think for a moment.
"Aside from his size, he was… healthy?"


Giddy up giddy up
I hate you sion
Not it's in my head.

Pet Indy's head.
"Hey, it's alright. They don't mean it!"


Take a breath and smile.

"Well, yes, there is. But it's not Indy, he's a good kid. He just happened to have a bit of a growth spurt thanks to magic or something."

"Let's go, those cultists might be making their moves."


"Of course, he was on fire!"


"Snacks, that's princess Luna! She's one of the Equestrian princesses!"


"Yeah, we are wasting lots of time!
And I'm not leaving Iris alone with those guys around!"


"Actually, having her be with Indy as he is, is actually a great idea. She'll be much safer with him."


"See, they both coming with us, so we golden!"


"With Indy as big as he is, we'll all get there faster too. Let's hurry, I don't want to think about what those cultists might be doing."


"Tell me what I missed."


"Amber and Snacks warning me about cultists and to get everyone back. Plus, it seems they've begun attacking people. One of the buildings we were in front of was empty of any Police or Guard."


Heavyhooves shakes it off and does another charge. Slamming the creature off you.
You're up.
The Skinwalkers aura is sapping you again.
-1 to rolls.

"I don't know. That worries me!"

>tfw Lemon is sleeping
She slowly steps past you and puts a hoof on the dead Diamond Rings corpse and closes her eyes in respect for a moment.
"Diamond Ring was one of my most loyal paladins. He will be buried with honor."

"Yes, he almost ran over Canterlot."

Indy flies up with you and Iris.

Indy flies up with Soil and Iris.

Indy flies up with Soil and Iris.
A lot of ponies are around now.
Night Guard is coming.


"Me too! Do you need to take a statement or something?"


Better hide I guess?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Bet you Inferni can't fo that!
Let's fly to the caaaaaaaastle!
"That's bold!
We'll make a bite outta them!"


Come on Hilde, we've got a battle ahead of us."

Fly off with them.


"They'll probably make him feel sick."


I'll think for a moment.
"So the spring at the crest of the mountain possesses healing powers strong enough to not only drive the toxin from Indy's body, but also jumpstart his growth to incredible size."
I'll look between Vilina and Twilight.
"If we can replicate the healing effects of that spring, it might prove to be the very antithesis of Ner'Ghal himself…"


Let's just roast them, okay Indy?"

Pet the dragon and hold Iris close.


"Gah!! " I bow in front of her.
"Forgive me princess! Snack did not meant to aim the bow at pony princess…"


You sneak away not so sneakily to the Royal District.

"..uh…yes…what happened?"

To the Caaaaastle.

"Yes, that seems logical…but there's one snag. The Spring is beyond any magic we can conjure."




Rise up and stand proud!
"This won't go unpunished, princess! I will destroy this evil, I promise you that!"


"And what of science and chemistry?"


"Like I said. I was eating a pastry, it smelled bad so I complained, that gryphon attacked another one, we killed it, then something tried to crawl out and I killed it too."


Paleblossom looks up.
"My princess, I think I know where to look.
I found traces of rituals in the sewers. We must search them."
Luna looks over all of you.

"Perhaps, but we'll need a pure sample of the poison."

"You'll have to come with me to the Tower of the Moon."


"Okay, we'll go! Tell princess Cadance I said hi!"


I am here.


"By the time we get a hold of something like that, I'm afraid it might already be too late."
I'll rub my chin a little.
"Do you think that was the only one here in Canterlot? Or at least the only one that far along?"


I look at the princess.
"The sewers? What makes pony princess think the cult is in there?"




It's Paleblossom who suggested that.


Then redirect my answer to her.


My question etc


Princess Luna nods and leaves.

The Guard wants you to come with him to the Tower of the Moon to make a statement.

Twilight is suddenly quiet and seems to listen to something you can't hear.
"Your friends found another skinwalker."
She finally says.
"They're going to try to find the source, you should go to the Tower of the Moon. And if you can get a pure sample we can work with it."

You make it to the Tower of the Moon as Pico said.
Amber, Silver, Snacks and a batpony are here.



"Silver! What are you standing around for? You heard the princess! We need to go flush out those sewers!"


I look at the Paleblossom.
"The sewers? What makes Paleblossom think the cult is in there?"


I'll frown a little.
"So that means there are probably even more that we haven't found. Great."
I'll think for a second.
"On the way up here, Snack mentioned a series of caves underneath Canterlot. Do you suppose that might be a possible location?"


Park Indy on the roof.
"Guys! Quick! What's going on?"



There's a giant dragon here with Soil riding on it.


"Soil! You're riding a big dragon!"


I look at Soil and smile as I approach you.
"We will go hunting heretics PoorSoil. It looks like Paleblossom bat pony has idea's where they are."

I look at Indy.
"How is he? Snack is glad that Indy is looking good."


When you arrive there, a large dark mare flies out. Her crown is silver, her hair twinkles with stars, her cutie mark is a moon.
The guard immediately bows.

"I found a group of victims there two days ago with idols of a dragon."

"Perhaps. It would take long to scour them all."


"Indy's just that awesome!"
Smirk at her.
"Alright! Smashing time!"


"Indy! Why are you so big!?"


"Well, let's hope we get lucky, then."
Turning to Vilina, I'll continue.
"Do you want to come along, or would you like to stay here for a while?"



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Smashing time indeed." I nod as I ready my crossbow.

I gulp.
"This is bad… many ponies has died already…. this must be stopped."

I then look at Star and Winston.
"Snack will undestand if Star or Winston wont come but Snack will do his best to defend you two."


Very pretty.
"Uhh, miss? Are you the one I give my statement to?"


"FREAKY MAGIC" says the giant dragon.

"I'd like to stay here. It's been so long since I've worked in a real lab."

That's a 0.
Roll a 2d10.
Rolling for Heavyhooves '1d10'

"No, we're coming!" says Star.
Winston nods "A gentledog never goes out of the way of a challenge. Besides you need someone like me to explore those sewers."

She looks at you.
She then looks you over.

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 2, 2 = 4


"I hope there's a way to fix this because I don't think you can fit inside the sewers like this!"


I'll nod.
"Have fun, then… ah, right, I forgot. I picked this up earlier in town, and I thought you might like it."
I'll fish the decanter from my bag.
"I suppose now is as good a time as any to start breaking it in."


"Hey why are we wasting time when there are cultists to squish?"


I give a very clumsy curtsy.
"Uh, y-yes, your majesty…highness? Princesness? Mam?"


"Alright, lets do this."
I then look at both of them.
"Thanks.. for accompanying Snack." I smile


You get hit on the head and your world fades…
You're unconcious.

He looks suprised.

She smiles and winks.
"Go get 'em."

Because I'm gathering you all together
Paleblossom thinks.
"Mmmm, we could take the entrance within the Tower of the Moon, or the the entrance near the Palace Garden. What do you think?"


Star smiles and gives you a quick bellyrub.


Pat on Indy's head.
"Which one's big enough?"


"O-okay!…Uh, Princess!"


And away I go, after asking Twilight where the Tower of the Moon actually is and how to get there.


I scrunch.
"How did this even happen! What kind of freaky magic?"


I shudder at her soft touch and blush.
"A.. aye, lets do this."

I then look at Silver and Paleblossom.
"lead the way."


Paleblossom looks at Indy.
"Uh…The entrance near the Tower might be available and the old halls of the Diamond City are pretty large. But if we have to search the smaller tunnels, he wouldn't be able to follow us in there."

She nods and flies away with the guard.
It seems Soil, Amber, Warren, Snacks and a giant dragon are at the Tower.

Soil Indy and the rest are here.



I don't think the rest of the party is ready yet.


I'll stop dead in my tracks once I see how huge Indy is.
"Soil, what did you do."


"Indy, you think you can flood the small tunnels in fire?"
Grin at him.
"Oh hey Warren!"


I fly after them.

A giant dragon?


"You should know better than to mess with magical swirling pools!"


I simply stare at him for a minute.
"What did you do? How did… why? And what happened to Indy? That dragon's got his colors, but that can't be him!"


"Nuh-uh, this is one-hundread-two per cent indy!"
Tap on the hard and scaly head of the dragon as if to confirm he's real.


"What did you do after you ran up to the peak of the mountain, Soil? How did…"
I'll massage the spot between my eyes for a moment.
"Actually, you know what, we don't have time for this. We've got bigger problems."
"Snack, you recall earlier on the way to Canterlot you mentioned the caverns beneath it. Do you think that perhaps they might be a staging area of the zombie-dragon cult?"


I frown…. and look down.
"No…. if they are camping there they might have already desecrated the ancient diamond dog site… "



They're not flying however.
They seem to be deciding on something.



"Hey! Don't pick on Indy!"
Frown at Amber from the top of the dragon's head.


"Soil, this is your fault! That was a dumb thing to do!"


I hover close to them and listen.


"It's a possibility. However, Twilight mentioned that they're rather expansive, and searching them entirely would take quite a while. However, if they are operating from that site, it will shorten search time dramatically."
I'll speak to everyone.
"Also, we have another objective, aside from simply shutting these cultists down. If we can obtain a sample of the poison those skinwalkers use, Twilight and Vilina may be able to create an antidote to it, given time, and perhaps even a way to weaken Ner'Ghal. So, if you happen to see any pools or barrels of the stuff, grab a vial or bottle of it for study."
And to Indy.
"Indy, it's alright to disobey your 'Pa' if it doesn't seem like a good idea. For instance, you wouldn't have jumped off a bridge if he told you to before you got your wings, would you have?"


Indy was hurt and that water had fixed him twice already!"


"And what if the bridge was on fire and we had to run off it, uh?"


"Then you'd be jumping too. In the situation I'm asking about, it would be Indy jumping by himself."


"Yes, samples indeed." I nod at Warren.
"Does Twilight said anything more?"
I nod at Warren then look at Winston.
"This looks like its going to be an adventure." I grin. "Just dont forget getting the vials though."


You listen in on their conversation and thus can read the rest.
They seem to be talking about skinwalkers and cultists.
And dragons.
It seems Indy is the giant dragon.



Winston nods.
"Very much so, old chap."


"Your situation is stupid."
Frown at him.
"What if Indy was there alone?"


Am I with the others now?


"We'll have to fix that once we've dealt with this!"


You didn't explicitly say.
I'm assuming you're listening in on them sneakily close by.
You are free to join them.
Or they might roll to see you.


"The water from the spring at the peak of the mountain seems to be an antithesis to the poison itself, burning it away and, in Indy's case, healing some of the damage it caused. Unfortunately, the effects of the water cannot be magically replicated, but I'm hoping that it can be alchemically copied."
"I know, Indy, and I'm very glad that you're alright. After this is all over, however, we're going to have to find a way to shrink you back down so that you can walk around town with your ma and pa again."
"You'd let a baby dragon get into a dangerous situation all alone?"
I'll raise my eyebrows in mock surprise, then wave my hoof.
"In hypothetical situations, Soil, events are put in a way that they wouldn't normally happen. For instance, asking what someone would do in a certain situation is a hypothetical exercise, where you think of how and why ponies, or dragons, would act in that situation."


Oh, I thought they were in the tower and we were outside. I join whoever is around because I've not got much of a clue.


"Why are you asking questions which would never happen then?
I'm not gonna let Indy be in danger!
That's why I brought it to the top to cure him!
And now he's big like this so nopony can hurt him!"


"Yes, but now he's also so big that he can't walk in town with you and Iris. Don't you think that would make him lonely?"


"We are gonna fix that! Tell everypony he's a friend!"


Tiny OOC note.
Not many citizens would have problems with the dragon who helped protect canterlot, once we are done with the undead dragon!


Hey, hey hey the loveable Shortcake pony is here.


"That might work here, but what about the next town? Or the town after that? Word does spread, as do rumors."
I'll scratch my chin a bit.
"For now, though, ponies will be scared. If we're lucky, they'll just stay out of the way and give Indy a chance to prove he's friendly like we all know he is. Other ponies don't know that yet, and they probably won't believe us for a while."
But we haven't killed it yet, now have we?
How convenient.
"Is this everyone? Where's Melody?"


I nod at Winston.
"Once finished we will be able to explore and study the diamond doge site at last. It will be great!"

I look at Warren.
"So its the opposite of SIlverhaze gooey and sickly green liquid! That is great news!"


I smile at Shortcake.


"It looks that way so far, but we do need to run some tests. And if it's as effective as we hope it is, then it may even cripple Ner'Ghal himself, since he practically sweats the stuff."


"Too bad for them. We will prove everypony how good Indy is when we take down that dragon!"


"That's the spirit, Soil."


"Shotcake! Right on time to go fight bad ponies!"


I smile back.

"Where is Melody? What happened to the dragon?"


"Indy had a growth spurt. Wasn't Melody with you, though? And what's-his-face, that buffalo?"


"That is great!" I grin.
"So when do we start?"

I smile and hug you.
"Where has Melody been? Canterlot is under attack by dragon cultist! Snack is glad Short pony is safe."


"As soon as we get back from wiping out this cult cell. If they've got a sample of the goo, that'll be our first real step."


Still with the party?


I shake my head.
"No, she left to do her own thing and I went to a bakery. After that a gryphon went crazy and something tried to get out of his belly after I killed him."

I yelp with surprise then slowly return the hug.
"I've got no clue. I'm glad you are all safe too!"


I nod at you.
"Yes we need to do that."
"So when are we heading out?"

I smile and nod.
"Does Shortcake want to come with us just like old times? There are dragon cultist who are killing ponies left and right, we need to stop them."




I'll frown a little.
"That's a bit worrying, since we were expected by the cultists. Hopefully she and that buffalo aren't getting in over their heads somewhere."
"Soon, I'd wager. Though I'd rather all of us be here if it can be helped."


"Yay! Lets get ready!" I get my crossbow and reload it.

I nod.
"True…. " then I look around "though where is Light Heart pony…"


I'll look around as well.
"That is an excellent question."


Let's assume you are.


Point at her.
"Right here?"


"I've been around, darlings. You should not worry too much about me, some ruffians are hardly enough to ruffle my feathers."

Last time I was at least!


"I hope she's safe."


"What? Thats impossible, Snack has bee…. "

"Gaah!!" I step back
Where did LightHeart pony come?!"


"So all we're missing is Melody since Mabel's on autopilot…"
"As do I. We just got her back from the deadlands, I don't want to begin imagining what Grogar would demand of us if we tried to go for a two-fer."


"Well she is safe!" I smile and pointed.


"She was with us!"
"Maybe the buffalo ponynapped her!"


"I was speaking to little Indy a moment ago, sugar."


"Warren! What are we waiting for!?"


"His continued survival is dependent on Melody being alive as well. He wouldn't possibly be that stupid."
I'll shrug.
"I had assumed we were waiting on a contingent of paladins or other administrative type to make sure everyone's on the same page."


"Yes, most of us are here!"


"To keep her as close as possible!"




I nod.

"That's not Melody Maker."


"The paladins are spread too thin over Equestria right now. Those cultists won't smite themselves though!"


File: 1408918684926.jpg (135.45 KB, 960x540, Nuxezar.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

With a spell, Paleblossom, the batpony opens the grand gate next to the Tower of the Moon.
It opens slowly but is large enough for Indy to enter.
Inside you are greeted by the Great Halls of the old Diamond Dog Capital.
The hall stretches on far beyond your sight and the ceiling is so high up you can barely see it.
Normally these halls would be filled with batponies, alas they've all been sent out leaving only an eerie silence.

"This used to be called Nuxezar, the capital of the old Diamond Empire, hundreds of years ago." says Winston.
Despite its age, the stonework is still solid. "Many statues were destroyed but there are a few left here, many more in the Depths."
He points to two old statues showing fierce Diamond Dogs in armor.

There are 2 ways forward, further through the Grand Hall, or take one of the smaller sidepassages into the deep.

You wake up slowly with an immense headache.
You're alive but chained in a cage.
You seem to be in some kind of old ruin, there are a few statues of Diamond Dogs near you.
Next to you is the unconcious body of Heavyhooves, chained up as well.
"They got us." says a voice behind you.
You look, it's Hard Coin!
Chained up as well.


Chained in a-
The fuck!?
I thrash around a bit, test just how strong these bonds are.

"The fuck are we?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Should we split up? There are enough of us that we likely could, but I'm not certain that would be wise without some way to communicate."
I'll consider a moment.
"Though if these are anything like the Silverhaze Cultists, then they'll be off in the deepest parts…"


"Oooohh…" get distracted and examine the statue's and carvings! Any info and idea's I can get from it?

Roll #1 8 = 8


I shake my head.
"Snack dont know…. we must stick together. Snack fears the flesh… skin wearer might copy us and fool the group if we separate with each other."


"Maybe we can sneak through the sideways while the others go through the main hall."


I hope my family is safe…
Who is this Winston guy anyway!?
"It's nice, but we can't really do any sightseeing today!"


"Snack raises a valid point, though we haven't seen them disguise themselves as a pony without actually wearing their skin."


"That's why we won't go alone!"


"Splitting up seems unwise. I do not favor tight corridors such as these."


"And how would we stay in contact with the other team? It's not like any of us know how a messaging spell works…"
"We could put it to a vote."


"Vote for not splitting, we bash skulls together wuha!"


"Maybe through Inferni?"


"Would he know where the other group is? He might get captured, or wounded."


He seems to be a diamond dog befriended with Snack.
You can ask him.
He's clothed very differently than other Diamond dogs you've seen before. In a tuxedo and his accent is very posh.

You think you could get out of it if you keep trying, but you might alert guards if you keep trashing.
Hard Coin sighs.
"Somewhere far underneath Canterlot I'm afraid…"

The stonework is far more advanced than what you ever saw made at the Fort.
The dog in the statue wears an axe similar to yours.


"I think we're really effective together! We should stick together!"


"I say we go further."


"If you really think so. Who knows what we could find in those side passages though."


"And you know this how? Some fucked up friends of yours cross you? That why there was some… thing rooting through your goddamn room? Tell me what the fuck is going on you piece of shit!"
I look around. Do I see any guards?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"She's right.
Let's walk down the main hallway."
Grin with pleasure anticipating battle.


Well, time to make our choice.
"Keep going through here, or check the side passages? I vote for the side passages, as they might have dug in from there to escape general notice."


"You may be right. I agree."


"The side passages seem good for me."


"Whatever you think is best, you're the smart guy!"



I look at my axe.
I look at the group as they walk by and follow the group as I tail Winston and Star
"Look, that doge's axe and mine are the same."


From one of the side passages one of the Skinwalkers crawls out. It hisses at you.
Hard Coin goes pale.

"Now that is interesting. Perhaps something to look into after we find these miscreants?"



Did they take my stuff?

Ah fuck it, even so, whatever. I give it a glare.
"Yeah? The fuck you want?"


Ah, right. Indy…


"Yes! Lets" I nod at Winston and follow the rest.


Why is Indy even with us!?


you have been disarmed.
They left you with your mandolin however, mistaking it as just an instrument perhaps.
You also still have the music sheet of Triangle Tune.

The Skinwalker just hisses and crawls into the shadows.

Hard Coin starts crying. "thisisn'thappeningthisisn'thappening."

This place is still large enough.
He'd have big trouble with the small passages however.


Off we go down the side passage.


"If you guys go that way me and Indy will just have to go alone."


"We can't just let you and Indy go it alone. Perhaps some of the Nightguard could go with you? They'd be invaluable in navigating the place."


I turn towards Hard Coin and give him a glare as well.
"Oh shut the fuck up."

I pull the chain taut, and wind back my hoof, and then give a good stomp on it! Cheap Shot!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Ask them."


"I suppose I should join you then. I do prefer the bigger corridors."


And so I will. Any of the Night Guard want to stick with the big dragon and Soil?


There's only one and that's Paleblossom!


Then I guess I'm asking her.


How about
for the main corridor?

for the sidepassage

Too stronk! Keep trying.
Hard Coin sniffles.
"How did you get involved in this? I never invited you to my room. And who's the buffalo?"


"Nice to see somepony who doesn't shy from adventure."
"Hey Indy, can she hop on?"
Talking about LH.
I'm cool with that order.


Works for me.


I'm fine with that


"Just- shut up! Shut up already and let me concentrate on trying to break this fucking chain!"
Deep breath…
I need a plan. A plan to get out.

I give another look around. Do I see anything of note?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well, I am certainly hoping to see some proper dragonfire."


I guess! Though the others won't have a healer!


And I'll do that next time,




I groan.
"Triangle Tune, you still there? Can you help me? I can't see fucking anything in this darkness…"



Great Halls

You advance with Indy through the Main Hall, Indy has trouble getting through at times but you slowly make headway.
You hear a bubbling sound.
Roll to determine the location.
Paleblossom perks her ears.
"What's that?"

Side Passages
The side passages are dark and steep.
You hear voices in the distance.
Roll for perception.

He appears.
"As always, I thought you had forgotten about me." he says grumpily.


"That's the spirit!"
Grin and signal Indy to go on ahead.


"Fools who look for trouble!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Perceptive jenny

Roll #1 6 = 6


Perceptive and shiny!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Survival '1d10+3'


Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Perk my ears as well.
"Something that is about to get shot, I do believe."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Great halls or main corridor, check a few posts up to see who's in which group.


I'll go main. There are plenty for side passages.


I look at PaleBlossom.
"Has Batpony ever been here?"

Also use my scent of smell to try to… see if anything is amiss.
Supreme survival

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh c'mon man, don't be that way. I was busy! You know how it is…"
I give him a weak, hoping-he's-not-that-mad-at-me smile.
"So can you help me out? Please?"


So you're in the Great Hall group?


Most likely


You look up, searching for the source of the noise and slip over a pool of water.
As you look over the ground you notice the source of the noise.
A large bubbling pool of sickly green fluids.

Paleblossom nods.
"A long time ago, but we don't came here often anymore…."
Soil slips and lands right next to a bubbling pool of sickly green liquid.
Paleblossom frowns.
"That's new…"

He rolls his eyes.
"Fine, what do you want me to look for exactly?"

It's a mare and a filly talking.
You hear the mother telling the filly not to run away too far as you find them.
They both look hungry and messy.
The filly quickly hides behind her mom.
Mom looks uncertainly at all of you.


"What are you two doing here?"


"A key- or, or- something I could break these chains with. Anything I could use to get the fuck out of here!"


How revolting, does it smell?


"Oh… no.." I frown.
"This is like SIlverhaze all over again!" Look around! Any trace where it came from!


We don't have any food on us, do we?


Get up.
"Puddles shouldn't make noise."


Uh… this seems weird, but okay!
"Hi! Whatcha guys doing here?"


"Ugh, what kind of mess is that?"


"The witched kind I bet!"


"And leaves a stain, I bet! I just got this suit and I'm going to ruin it the same day, I just know it."


"Good. Suits are not a thing for adventures."
Grin at him.


Smells like death.
"This is foul. It must be cleansed at once." remarks Paleblossom angrily.

You notice hoofprints in the mud.

"We were just looking for a roof above our heads…we're not trespassing, are we?" says the mare cautiously.
It seems there's no food in your inventory.

He nods "I'll take a look." and fades through the walls.
"Who are you talking to?" asks Hard Coin.


"I was expecting a little time off, not cultists! I'll just beat them up and make them pay for a replacement."


"Oh I can live with a tiny stain until we are out of here!"


"I don't think so?"
I look at the others.
"Is she trespassing?"


"Well darling, I do hope you have a a sponge and a bucket of water hidden somewhere because this seems like a dangerous liquid."


I turn to Hard Coin.
"Shut the fuck up. Don't think you're remotely off the hook for what you did just because I'm stuck here with you."
I huff and await Triangle Tune's return, idly glancing around the room while I wait.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Uh… not really I guess. It's not really safe though! Have you seen anything suspicious around here?"


"I don't know, but I do know it's not safe down here. It's dangerous."


"I'm worried about what could have left the thing. Doesn't look like something people normally leave behind."


You notice hoofprints in the mud.


"Snack think it leads this way… Snack will take lead."
Hmmm… lets follow it and keep the group at my back.
Supereme survival.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Not in any place that would enforce penalties for it."
I'll ponder a moment.
"How long have you been down here?"



Snacks seems to have found something. >>595516

Paleblossom grips her axe. "I'll find whoever is responsible for this, they'll have much to answer for."
She follows Snacks.

The tracks are easy to follow in the mud.
You see a small chamber up ahead and light burns inside.
There seem to be 3 ponies inside.
That chamber would be too small for Indy to fit through, Soil must roll additionally for Indy to find a way to get in if he wants to.

"Uh…about a week now. We come up in the day…"

"Are you talking about those weird ponies?"

Silver shakes his head. "I don't think so."

The Skinwalker creeps into sight again.
Triangle Tune returns.
"I got good news and bad news.
The good news is, I know a way out."


"…What's the bad news?"
I eye the skinwalker tentatively…


"Can you explain them? What did you see?"


"They are pretty weird, yeah!"


"Weird ponies? The ones that are rather creepy and look like they came out of a nightmare?"


"I'm not from around here. You recognize those ponies?"


"What weird ponies."


Cock my rifle and follow suit.


Get a better look and see if I can see the right symptoms for undead dragon cultist ponies… you know, green goo in the mouth, eyes, looking dead etc.
Also looking like miners…


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Why must it always be tiny rooms…"
Yell at the three.
"Hey you!
Stop right there!
From on top of my dragon.
Looking at them mean.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


The three look outside and see the giant dragon.
Light Heart would recognize one of them as Grey Velvet Jr.
The two others, looking like normal ponies panic and try to grab Grey Velvet with them further into the passage.
Grey Velvet resists and grapples with his attacker while the other runs.

"There's a group of ponies here, poor and refugees like us.
They live deeper down and give out free food and water. But you have to join them for their Mass. I didn't trust it, but my husband Iron went there to get food for us both…when he came back he wasn't the same." she sniffles.
"He's down there with them again."

"There's two passages out of here, one leads to another cell with a pony in there. Another leads right to their main hall.
There's a large group of ponies there, talking about sacrificing two mares, a stallion and a buffalo. I'm thinking that refers to you."


>"What weird ponies?"


"Their mass? Are they heavy?"


"Did any of them happen to mention what their mass is about? A dragon, perhaps?"


"That… smells like cultists! Just how many ponies roam this place? You're refugees?"

"Don't be silly, Shortcake! A mass as in a ceremony!"


Jump onto the two wrestling and break them apart!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"…what the fuc- wait. Two mares?"
I look around. What the hell- two mares? Who's the other one?
"But fuuuck… all the more reason to get out. Did you find a key? Or anything heavy enough to break these chains with?"


"I'm sorry to hear that… we are heading down there. We will try to find him. Your real husband."


I don't think so, darling.

Shoot the one trying to run away. Cheap Shot in the leg.


Holy shit go after them and tackle one of them! Preferrably one who is kindapping that someone!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Oh right!"
I blush.


"I'll go after the runner!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"There's another mare in that other cell I was talking about. Now let me do the work."
He walks into the Skinwalker who trashes about and then becomes calm.
The skinwalker walks to the cage and with one slash cracks it open.
Hard Coin crawls into one side, scared for his life.

You break them apart.
The grey pony falls to the ground.
The other pushes you back and grabs a knife.
Indy can help from this angle but a wrong move could damage both of you.

You're fighting a Risen Cultist.

You shoot him in the leg and he falls down. One turn before he gets up again.

He's helpless but attempts to get up!
You're fighting a Risen Cultist.

As you run towards the grapple the Cultist evades you and pushes you to the ground, you're helpless.

Snacks 0/4 HELPLESS.

"They are rather underfed."

"Yes…they did mention something about a dragon, but very hush hush."

"There were many ponies here. Running when monsters destroyed their homes. We came looking here to start a new life, but there's so many refugees, a lot of us end up in places like this."

"Thank you, that would mean so much to us."


"I can't promise anything, but we'll do our best."


"…Oh man, that's fuckin' sweet! I didn't you could like, possess people or whatever. Oh man, you're fuckin' awesome Triangle Tune!"
I hold out a hoof for a high one.


I just have to play this smart.
Slam the cultist's face and push him towards Indy, or at least in view of the door and away from us!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Arg! roll over and stand up!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"That's no good. We'll need to make sure they get food."


"They're who we're looking for. Some of their number have gone up into the city and defaced books in the Canterlot Academy library, as well as assaulted and murdered several citizens."
I'll rub my chin a little.
"You say your husband joined them recently? How recently? Has he mentioned any rituals or 'sacraments' he would have gone through at the mass?"


Let's get this shooting really going. Wardance. Don't stop until failure.

Roll #1 7, 1, 4, 8, 1 = 21


Whirlwind rather.


I scrunch.
"That's sad! I wish I could do something to help, but we've got an emergency on our hooves. You should probably leave this place, miss. Things mighty get really ugly!"


Grab an arrow and put them down.

Hawkeye '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 2 = 2


I lean over and whisper.
"What was the emergency again?"


"Thank you."

The Skinwalker looks at it and softly puts a disgusting skinless paw on it.
"AAAH, you're one of them!" says Hard Coin.

You grab him and swing him outside within plain range of Indy.

You're up.

"Perhaps you could ask the Princesses to make sure there's food?"

You swing wildly hitting both targets.
They're both helpless so no counterdamage

She holds her filly close.
"But where must we go?"

You hit the downed cultist.
He submits.
There's one left.

Great Hall group: One cultist left, in full view of Indy.


Marksman shot the last cultist!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"About 5 days ago.
I don't know….he didn't talk much about it.
He came back with food, but it smelled weird so we didn't want to eat it.
He got mad and told us we would eat sooner or later. That's when I took my daughter and hid here."


"Indy! NOW!"

Fire on the risen cultist, mah boy.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smack my face.
Uuuuuugh, can't he just shut up for one goddamn minute…
Gotta go now, thanks for running!


"Inferni… do you think you can lead these ponies out to safety?"


"The cultists, Shotcake! The dragon cultists!"

Do I have money on me?


"Okay. I'll ask her next time I see her."


"Don't think about running away."

Tie him up, Survival.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


I'll nod.
"That's rather like what happened in the town of Silverhaze, a little while ago. This cult deifies the dragon zombie Ner'Ghal, and nearly sacrificed an entire town to it. The food he offered you was likely poisoned with whatever it is that turns ponies to his cause."
I'll pace slightly.
"Can you direct us to this church or gathering place? If we can get a sample of whatever it is they're putting in the food, we might be able to make a cure for it, and save your husband before it's too late."


You tie him up good.

"….that sounded sarcastic."

She points to a passage.

He nods.
"So you're just sending us outside?
It's night and cold. Who knows what kind of criminals might be out there…"

I recall you spending a lot of your money.
You have some left, but not a lot.
You'd not have enough for your own room at the inn or any inn.


The entire Great Hall lights up with red fire.
The cultist is defeated.
Pico has one prisoner.
And there's Grey Velvet Jr. on the floor.


"Straight down there? No turns or anything?"


… they need help.
"My phoenix can stay with you."


"No, really. I met princess Luna on the way here and I think I get to see princess Celestia at a cooking contest I'm going to."
Who am I with?


"Silveeeer. Help me out here!"




"Unless you want to wind up extra crispy, tell us what you were doing here."


Shield me, Snacks and LH from the heat and peak over my shield only after everything's passed.
"You guys okay?"


Approach… the downed pony on the floor and help her up.
"Are you okay pony? Why are you here?"


"It seems likely! Indy sure is great at setting everything on fire!"


"Well that and maybe eating the head clean off out of someone."
"Wait is that a thing?"


"I dunno, he might find that gross!"


"Are you okay, darling?"


"Ah… oh, well yeah thats rights." I scratch my head smiling.


Grey Velvet Jr. nods shakily and gets up.
"Yes…yes, thank you."

He grabs a bag of bits and hoofs it over to the mare.
"Here, use this for tonight."
She grabs it quickly.
"Thank you."

"Yes, that will do, thank you."

"Truly?" she looks in disbelief.

"You'll see it, it's marked by torches."

The cultist nods. "We were just discussing business."

"I'm fine. These ruffians captured me."
The cultist snorts "Liar!"


Turn to muh bird.
"Keep them safe, okay, Inferni?"


"Uh huh."
I nod.


"Hey, you are the evil one. You are lying!"


"Come come, mister Velvet. The truth now if you please."


"Just be safe and watch out! Hurry!"


"He's lying!?"

Scowl and frown very hard at Velvet.


"Here, of all places? What kind of business could you be having?


I'll nod again.
"Thank you for the information. Now, which cultist is your husband, so we know to keep him alive until we can work out a cure for all this?"


Grey Velvet Jr. takes out a hoofkerchief to wipe the sweat of his brows.
"Now, uhm these ruffians promised to help me spread the spirit of freedom throughout Equestria. Believe me, I had the best of intentions. But tonight they lured me here and wanted to force me to drink one of their disgusting cups. I refused and then you showed up.
Believe me, I had no idea they were into these kinds of barbaric rituals."
The cultist snorts "You conveniently forgot about that Olive mare we had to kidnap."

"He has a white mane and blue coat. He has a scar on his left elbow. He got it in a fight while travelling."

Inferni leads the mare and the filly out.
"Thank you, all of you!"


I wave goodbye.
"You're welcome!"


"White mane, blue coat, scar on the left elbow. Got it. With luck, your husband will be back to normal and with you again soon. Be safe."


"Whoa wait a minute! More ponies kidnapped?"


"No problem!"
Hug Silver.
"Thanks for that! We should always help ponies in need, no?"


"Where is that mare!?"


"One I have met."
I chuckle.
"I'm afraid you have made a grievous error, mister Velvet."


Next part.

"Yes…yes we should. It's weird…my parents never gave much money to ponies in need."

"Please, miss Heart, I'm sure you, me and your friends can come to an arrangement?"

The cultist grins.
"She's about to be food for the Dread Dragon, like all of you will be soon as well."
Paleblossom looks at him in disgust.
"I don't know what happened that made you fall so deep, but I promise you, you'll get what you deserve.
Why are all those pools here?"


>next part?


Down the path she mentioned, follow the torches. With luck, we won't run across her husband until after the antidote's completed.


"No thanks. I've got my own dragon to feed."
That'd be a good cue for Indy to growl.

Move on top of the cultist and slam his head inbetween the magical shield and the ground.
"Now listen up.
I can give you a slap with this and turn you into a pretty gem pony for my dragon to snack on, OR you can tell us where the others are hiding."
'1d10+3' intimidate.
I think the dragon should also count for some bonus?

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8



"Egypt's tend to cause indigestion. Where is she, so we can save her and show you how wrong you've been."


"Don't worry about it now, let's focus on the objective first!"
Give him a quick kiss and run off with the others!


Next part


Bite my lip and grin.
"Grey Velvet jr. not only working together with cultists practicing dark magic, but also plotting to kill a member of the Olive order. My my, imagine the uproar if Dixie gets to hear of this."


*Gryphons tend to cause


The cultist turns a bit pale.
"The pools are here…because the Dragon wants to share our Gift with all of Canterlot. Tonight our Champion will ascend the Endless Stairs to the top and pour Ner'Ghals gift into the river spring. It will spread all over Canterlot and Equestria!
Go down that passage to the Mass. Then you'll see for yourself and find that mare you like so much."
Paleblossom grits her teeth.
"We have to stop this, we can't let this happen!"
She looks at the passage.
"..but your dragon can't follow us through here. He'd be of immense help, but we somehow need to force our way through if we want him to join."

[Sweating intensifies]
"I have money, resources. We can work something out, miss Light."

You follow the torches towards a large hall.
In it sit a few hundreds of ponies, the poor and forgotten.
They stare at a large cauldron towards the front.
There in a white robe is Swift Silverhaze.
Next to him, two gigantic undead ponies.
The ponies attending the mass seem normal still but their eyes are dim. As if they're not really looking at anything



Roll #1 8 = 8


Stealthy jenny

Roll #1 3 = 3


Whispering to the others, I'll advise caution.
"It seems we've found them. And whatever's in the pot must be what they're using to brainwash these ponies…"
Frowning, I'll stare at the two large guards.
"Taking advantage of the downtrodden and desperate… Simply foul."
I'll slip into a more stealthy stance as well. '1d10+2'
"Assume that most of those ponies down there are already turned."

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Turn to Indy, worried.
"Pal, you have to go back.
Tell Twilight all that you heard, okay? I will take care of this mess!"


"We'll come back for you after everyone has been saved from your saviour!"


Paleblossom holds her head.
"This passage seems to lead downward, if you can find a way to somehow weaken this floor…Indy could smash through."

"I'll be waiting right here." says Grey Velvet Jr.
"On my word of honor."


You're not stealthed.
And some of the ponies notice you, staring at you with empty eyes.

Swift shouts "Bring the Gift to the Source!"
The two giant undead grab the Cauldron and start climbing the stairs upwards.
"Now…to celebrate this glorious day, we shall bring four new lives into the fold.
Bring in the prisoners!"



Look at her in silence for a moment.
Then grin.
"Smashing stuff is what we are good at."


"I hardly trust your word. Perhaps I ought to put a bullet in your leg to reinforce my point. Not that running would help you at this point."


Addon for Snacks.
Soil and Paleblossom are discussing smashing the floor for Indy to reach the enemy, since he can't go through these small passages.


"Snack can dig." I grin.
Lets start work and make a hole for Indy to get through, being careful to avoid the delicate architecture and carvings that warrant careful attention.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Well, this is no good. I'll whisper to the others.
"That cauldron must be as pure a sample of the poison we'll ever get a chance of getting. A pity I can't just fly over there and make a nuisance of myself…"


>being careful to avoid the delicate architecture and carvings that warrant careful attention.
That's pretty hard considering all of it is delicate architecture, but since you're a >10 I could go with minimal damage, but there will be damage.


The minimalist of all!!


Just enough for Indy to squeeze through.



"So who's this pony here?"


"I could go!"


"Ask him, I'm certain he will be more than happy to tell you."


"And how do you plan getting through the crowd of infected civilians? I'm pretty sure most of them only joined up with this because of the food, and then the poison did its work."
I'll frown while looking over the throng.
"And I'm rubbish at disguises, so I can't push through them, either…"
Thinking, I'll look at Amber and Silver.
"I don't suppose either of you know how to break mind control or curses?"


"I could try to break the spell, but I'd have to do it one by one which would take a long time. If it even works! We should just push through the crowd."


Keep my voice low.
"Maybe I can pretend I'm just a hungry outcast looking for food too? If things so wrong, I can just hide, but we might find something out."


How much of this am I seeing?


"There are hundreds of them. We wouldn't make it five steps before being swallowed up."
I'll nod.
"That may be our best option. I could also try sneaking around the outside of the crowd, to get closer to the stage."


"And help me in case I can't get out on my own."
Look at the others.


Snacks has started digging a hole large enough for Indy to stick his head through.
Suddenly…Snacks must roll for reflexes.

"Miss Heart, if those Equestrians find out about this, think about how it would affect relations between Equestria and Dixie, all because of a simple misunderstanding…"

"I'm no one really. Just the wwrong pony in the wrong place."

You're with the others so you're seeing the crowd and the cauldron being carried up and Swift near it.

You notice some cracks forming in the ceiling.



W.. what?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"..what is that."


I swoop down and backstab Swift.

Roll #1 3 = 3


No time to waste then.
Flap my ears down, hide my sword behind my cape, and walk down, into the crowd.

Once I'm close enough, look at the pony who seems to be running this.
"Excuse me… they told me I could find food here."


Lick my lips.
"Oh the horror."
Keep my rifle aimed at him.

"Soil, would you be so kind as to knock mister Velvet out? I do believe he needs a timeout."


I scrunch.
"That doesn't look very safe!"


"Yeah, I don't like him anyway."
Nighty night for this guy. Smack him on the back of the head with the shield.


I check out the cage Triangle Tune told me about.


He's knocked out cold.
Snacks has finished digging. The hole is small but it would be quite easy for Indy to smash the edges and push his head through, allowing him to directly hit the crowd underneath with fire.

You quickly jump aside as you reach the ceiling underneath. Down there you see a crowd of infected ponies. They haven't seen you yet
Indy could easily smash through and attack them now, but you'd have to get out of this pit if you don't want to fall down in the middle of that crowd.

You both see a diamond dog paw dig through leaving a little hole but nothing else.
Some ponies in the crowd look up, but most are focusing on Swift.

Swift grins.
"Why yes, everypony is welcome here. We distribute the foo-"
A mare suddenly swoops down but gets caught by two ponies.

You swoop out of the shadows to backstab Swift but right before reaching his back, two ponies jump in and push you away.
You roll over the stage.
Swift grins at you.
"Attacking a pony from behind, have you no honor?"

There's a mare in there. She crawls back to the end of the cage as you approach.
"Don't come closer, you monster!"


Hide in the crowd.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Whistle silently and pat Snacks on the back, whispering.
"Nice job pal. We take it from here."

Turn to Indy.
"Your turn big boy!"


"Easy there, out stuff, I'm here to get you free!"
Can I see the key around here anywhere?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Time to Bolster someone. Warren, I choose you!


I nod.
"Ack, Aye Go crush them."
I then try to get out of the way and climb to a stable position.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Not when dealing with someone like you!"
I stab one of the ponies attacking me.

Roll #1 10 = 10


That can't be Snack, can it?
But my attention's going to have to go back to the stage, and I'll quietly curse at Shortcake's failed attack.
"Amber, Silver, we'll have to work our way through or around the crowd. Can't leave Mabel and Shortcake up there by themselves. Be careful of that hole in the ceiling, though. It might be the others."
And, still stealthed, I'll begin to work my way around the crowd towards the stage.


I will take pleasure in toying with his life some other time.

It may be worth getting some good points with the olive order. One of their agents being sacrificed by some undead fetishists is something I cannot allow.


"And where are you running?" says Swift

"Y-you're not one of them?"
No, but the skinwalker Triangle is possessing destroys the lock with one smash.

Indy nods.
Paleblossom waves to you.
"Quick, we can go down through this passage."
Winston and Star follow her

As you walk up, Indy grabs you and puts you at the back of his head before slamming his head right through the hole you made.
He roars at the surprised crowd. You have an excellent vantage point here on top of his head.

You've bolstered Warren as Indy pushes through and roars.

Suddenly Indy's huge face smashes through the ceiling and roars.
The crowd panics.

Suddenly Indy smashes through the roof and roars.
Your captors are so surprised you easily shake loose and slice the throat of one of them.


"No way. Are you? Why are you locked up by yourself?"



Well, I suppose there's no need for stealth, but the chaos hides me so I won't leave my cover. I will, however, pop out a few homing missiles. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Staying out of trouble? I can come back later if it's better."
Oh hey Indy… I guess I pull out my rapier.


I use this opportunity to throw sand into Switch's eyes.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Rain fire from the heavens!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Time to sound the trumpet. Roaring is fine and all, but music is just a tiny bit more refined.


Roll #1 4 = 4


Our chance to charge the stage! Muscle through the crowd!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Haha! Ready my crossbow and bolts and began shooting while atop Indy!
Twin shot at two of the crowd!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I…I'm part of the..guard. I was investigating a pony called Grey Velvet. But those…things found me and captured me."

Indy launches fire. Dodge roll.

Indy launches fire. Dodge roll.

And with a roar he does…
See next post for results.

Your trumpet isn't heard over Indy's terrible roar.

Indy launches fire. Dodge roll.

You get a +2 for ranged while on Indy, but your shot misses!


You do so.


Uh oh

Roll #1 7 = 7


Do I have to dodge fire and does Melody have any way to make sure she isn't a skinwalker?


Oh. Oh dear.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh no, run run ruuuun!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Ah damn! FInd another good target, someone who looks to be the boss and now try not to miss!
Marksman shot

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


That ruffian!

Fly down into the room below once the smoke has cleared, I need to get an eye on the situation.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll give the crossbow on my arm some use. It's about time to upgrade…
Fire amidst the crowd!
Let's see…
"Indy! Focus on big targets!"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 6 = 6


I guess I'm safe.

I backstab Swift.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Follow me, toots."
We head to where the others are.


Battlefield description
The cave hall here has one stage where a sacrificial altar is placed.
There are 3 passages there.
One with a large stairs, where the Giants went with the Cauldron, the Giants are out of sight.
One other passage you don't know where it goes.
And the one where Soil/LH/Paleblossom are. Out of range of Indy but close to Swift.
On the stage is Swift, a bodyguard and Shortcake.

The rest is the hall where the crowd is.
Many are burned and helpless, others forget themselves and run away in pure terror.
Only '1d15' cultists remains to fight, in range of Indy

You run as fast as your hooves can take you to the stage.

You are not so lucky and get hit by Indy.
You're helpless!


You don't have to.
She doesn't but the mare doesn't seem hostile.
She slowly walks out. "Thank you. Who are you?"

One of Swifts bodyguards rushes you, despite his size he's strong enough to throw you against a wall, no doubt there's a Skinwalker inside him.

Indy fires and makes 3 cultists helpless.

You take advantage of Swifts surprise to stab him in the back.
He's helpless.

You follow the passage and enter the Mass hall, where chaos has broken out.

>???? Cultists (we'll see now -3)

Roll #1 15 = 15


See my post.

You see swift and shoot his helpless body.

12 cultists.


This looks like a proper paladin job! Empower my hammer with Cadance's might and charge at the guy in charge. I remember his face!

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Ah shite.
Get back up thanks to being bolstered, and make a beeline for the stairs.
"Try not to kill them! If we can get to those giants, we might be able to make a cure!"


Get up, it's not time for toys now. Now it's time to SLAM.
And Indy can keep lightning up the night!

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Now it's time to try and be a stealthy jenny again so I can follow the giants.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The Bodyguard looks pretty dangerous. Cheap Shot him.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"My name's Melody Maker. Now shh, I don't want whatever is out there hearing us."
I keep walking.


Er, I mean I fly up and start playing an inspiring song.

Roll #1 7 = 7


As Indy fly by go and target another one!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


I atack him while he's down.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Your music sounds hollow and empty.
The curse the Judges put on you still hasn't lifted.

Indy fires a magnificent blast and fire spreads all over.

Soil must roll for dodge.

Indy spreads fire. Roll dodge -1.
2 more cultists go helpless.

Fire. Roll dodge.

Fire. Roll dodge.

You kill another cultist.

He rolls around and tries to get up but you stab him another time.
Swift grins, it doesn't seem to hurt him, despite you having dealt several mortal wounds.

Fire! Roll to dodge.


>9 cultists


Roll for dodge.
But hey, at least they are on fire too!
Indy, keep that up!

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 10 = 10


The what?
In that case I dive in and attack whoever looks like the best target.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


Grrr. I'll backstab him again.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Grand. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Fly up out of reach!

This isn't worth getting my feathers seared over!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Dang it Indy!
/roll 1d10



Roll #1 2 = 2


Target the important looking cultist! Fire!
Marksman shot

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


They sure are.
And you are too!

And Indy keeps going, turning 6 more cultists helpless!

Melody got cursed by the Judges of Grogar in the Underworld, losing her musical talent until she helped Heavyhooves get his revenge on Hard Coin.

Melody tries to fly into the bodyguard but he grabs her out of the air and throws her against the wall.
You're helpless!

Indy can't hear you over the sound of all this FIRE.
But you manage to get through unscathed.

You stab and stab.
Suddenly he growls in pain as green blood starts pouring out.

You manage to dodge.

Too late, your feathers get ruffled and your mane seared.

The fire is so beautiful…oh shit it's burning you!


>3 cultists.

Swifts eyes turn in the back of his head and he starts shuddering and speaking in tongues…

Soil 9/6
Melody 0/4 HELPLESS
Amber 5/5
Shortcake 6/6
Warren 2/5
LH 2/5
Mabel 2/5


Right, let's head a bit up the stairs, but not far enough to lose sight of Swift, then pop Homing Magic again. Maybe it'll actually work this time. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Fire, you set me up! I thought we were friends!

I suppose it's time to Backstab Swift so he stops whatever he is doing.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


As if that's gonna stop me!
Get the Bodyguard pinned, SLAM him!
Indy stops here though.
Instead of fire, he should roar as loud as he can!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #2 7 = 7


This is a disaster area.

Fine then, try the trumpet again. Maybe if that dragon shuts up for a moment they might even hear it! Inspire.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I keep on stabbing!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I try to get back up.

Roll #1 8 = 8



Oooooh, he and I are going to have words later!
Charge at Swift! If the bodyguard tries to stop me, hammer his face in instead!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You get 3 motes.
You go up but the Giants are out of sight, you can't go up more and still see Swift.

You slam the bodyguard. He glows and turns into a zebra mare.
The bodyguard looks confused at himself, actually herself.
She doesn't seem hostile anymore.

Indy roars and the remaining 3 cultists freeze in fear.
+1 to attacking any of the cultists next turn.

You kill another cultist easily

You're up.

Swifts eyes start glowing green and he throws you off him against the wall.
You're helpless.

You can't sound over Indy's roar!
The Risen Swift fires a ball of green energy at you. It hits you severelyand you're helpless.

The bodyguard is too busy being a zebra mare and you slam right into the Risen Swift

>also 2 more cultists

Soil 9/6
Melody 5/4
Amber 5/5
Shortcake 0/5 HELPLESS
Warren 2/5
Mabel 2/5
Snacks 5/5


Natural Remedy on Light Heart!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Shit. Shit shit shit. We've got to take him down fast. If skinwalkers can chill us to our bones, who knows what foul sorcery that thing can unleash.
Fire all three frost bolts at him, and my crossbow as well. '3d10' ice, '1d10' bolt.

Roll #1 3, 2, 10 = 15 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Indy! Finish them off!"
Fire on those two.
Instead, I'm gonna fall heavy on that nigga! Right in the face!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 8 = 8


I swoop down on one of the cultists and bash his head in!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


I spread my wings and fly up and away instead of hitting the wall.
Escape Artist.


Now target two more cultist and shoot!
Trick shot: split

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"You are nothing in the face of true power! For Cadance!"
Hit him with my hammer again. Him and his creepy skinwalkers!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Ouch, that smarts.

Try to get up.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Swift fires a bolt of green energy at you.

Your magic goes awry and all motes explode freezing both you and Swift.
You're helpless.

Indy doesn't fire since the others killed the cultists already and 2 dodges for one turn is a bit much.
You slam Swift right in his shining face.

You kill a cultist

You're up!

You manage to kill the final cultist.

You slam right in Swifts face.

You can't get up

Swift unleashes a flurry of green bolts, they chase all of you, roll to dodge. Helples people dodge if they manage to get up.

RISEN SWIFT frozen (-1 to crit range)

Soil 9/6
Melody 5/4
Amber 5/5
Shortcake 0/5 HELPLESS
Warren 0/4
Mabel 2/5
Snacks 5/5
Mabel 4/5


All I have to do is roll out of the way! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Whoa! Duck from the green bolts!

Roll #1 5 = 5


I dodge!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You know dodging's not my style.
Instead, I will BLOCK that and counterattack with a SLAM!
Indy should… Do nothing for a while because he's messing things up big time.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


>>596618I dodge too!

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 1 = 1


Drag my flank back up.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Reply with a rupture.

Roll #1 7 = 7


It could all be so simple. Unfortunately your frozen body feels numb.
The green bolt sends a shockwave of pain through your body and you see visions of a dark mountain full of zombies.
You're still helpless.

You get hit and for a second see countless zombies storming through your old fort.
You drop off Indy and lose your vantage point.

The bolt follows you and you get hit.
You see a vision of yourself as a slave for the Dracolich, and it vanishes again.

The green bolt sizzles against your stardust infused shield. And you slam Swift hard.

You manage to dodge the green bolt.

The green bolt electrocutes you and you drop helpless filled with visions of a cold dead Empire full of non-shiny undead ponies.

You manage to get up and dodge the bolt.

You slice the Risen Swift.

Risen Swift Slightly Wounded

Soil 9/6
Melody 5/4
Amber 0/4 HELPLESS
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 0/3 HELPLESS
Mabel 2/5
Snacks 4/5
Mabel 4/5


The future will change, dammit. I'm not going to let that bastard get away with this. Get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Warren is in trouble…

Please Nature, let this Remedy work.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Indy! Teach him a lesson!"
Focus fire on Risen Swift!
Can I use that one SP I have left aside to buy a skill right now?


Also, forgot the roll!

Roll #1 8 = 8


I try to help Amber up.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I try to blind Swift again.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Good grief.

All I want to do is play a tune on my trumpet!

Roll #1 2 = 2


W-What is this? I won't fall for this trickery! I won't let it get to me! I'm strong! A strong adult pony!

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


Cover the other! Shoot!

Roll #1 5 = 5



The future will change!

Y-you can't.
It hurts too much…
Luckily Mabel serves you a potion.
You're up.

It works, he looks a lot better already!

Indy unleashes cleansing fire!

She's up!

Swift is blinded.
+2 to rolls against Swift for 2 turns!

Not right now!
It hurts too much!

Swift slams you aside.

Risen Swift Wounded

Soil 9/6
Melody 5/4
Amber 5/4
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 5/4
Mabel 2/5
Snacks 3/5
Mabel 4/5

Swift roars and from his pores a green liquid secretes.


Melody and I tag-team Swift.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


"Stop that, Indy!"
It'd be a good time to remember how to breathe Ice, my boy.
to freeze Swift and the liquid pouring out of him.
'1d10+4' to slam the frozen nigga to space.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #2 4 + 4 = 8


Smile at Warren after I see he's okay.

"Amber! Help out Light!"

I backstab one of those pores, open it up more.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Thank you…"
Alright, let's take another shot at this thug. Reload the crossbow and fire. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



This is fine. I can handle it. Get up and about.

Roll #1 9 = 9



I'll change it myself! Heal Light Heart!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Ah damnit!
I then aim at the pore and shoot at it!
Marksman shot

Roll #1 2 = 2


You do a combined attack.
Your lesbian love powers soar and you strike great damage to Swift.

Indy breathes ice, freezing half of the hall and Swift.

You slam Swift right in the gut.

And even more pours out!

You shoot right at Swift, the bolt gets stuck in his shoulder, covered in the green poison. Swift laughs pulls it out and throws it right back at you.
You're poisoned and helpless

You accidentally hurt LH.

You feel pain in your heart but it fades again.
You weakly get up.

You shoot right at Swift, the bolt gets stuck in his shoulder, covered in the green poison. Swift laughs pulls it out and throws it right back at you.
You're poisoned and helpless

Swift roars and out of holes in the wall, ten Skinwalkers slowly come out crawling towards the stage and from the ceiling.

Risen Swift Heavily wounded

Soil 9/6
Melody 5/4
Amber 5/4
Shortcake 2/5
LH 5/2
Mabel 2/5
Mabel 4/5


Also Swift FROZEN (-1 to crit range)


Shit… Get up. Got to get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Then use that point to but Earthen Strike, and get SMASHING with my shield right onto the guy's face!
Indy fires ice again!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Too much excitement?

Oh well. Open fire! Whirlwind. Shoot until I'm spent. '6d10'

Roll #1 6, 3, 5, 5, 7, 1 = 27


Ouch! Ouch! Stand up!

Roll #1 6 = 6



Warren and Snacks are in trouble too! Heal Warren!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


I'm getting a bit worried over here.
Rupture Risen again.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You manage to get up.
But you feel…funny.
The wound is starting to decay.
Amber heals you a bit, but it doesn't stop the wound.

You smash him right in the face!
Indy continues breathing ice.

You stab him deeply.

You're up, but you feel…weird.

You heal Warren a bit.

Light Heart swings around, doing terrible damage to Swift, until in one last struggle he smashes her down.
Swift falls down as well…finally downed.
A cold laugh erupts from him. "I'll be with the Dragon now…as will all of you soon…

You are helpless and poisoned.

The Skinwalkers get ready to attack as a squadron of the Night Guard storms in. The Skinwalkers turn to this new attacker.
The stairs are open…

Soil 9/6
Melody 5/4
Amber 5/4
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 5/4 NECROSIS
Mabel 2/5
Snacks 5/4 NECROSIS
Mabel 4/5



Need… need to pull out another bottle of that spring water that I used on Indy. It'll counteract the poison… hopefully there's enough for all of us. '1d10' Hat magic.

Roll #1 2 = 2




"Indy! Stop it!"

Ice to freeze the skinwalker in place!

I will go and help LH up, she's really bad off!

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Light Heart seems to be in a bad shape…
Can a Natural Remedy cure her?

Roll #1 10 = 10


You get out a bottle of cough medicine.

With one spray Indy freezes most of them into place.
Some of the Night Guard walk up to you.
"Are there any more of these creatures?"

Light Heart is up, but she's in bad shape.

You apply one of your most soothing cures and it seems to soften the pain. But the wound stays



"That's the best I can do… I'm not sure what more there is."
Look at Amber.
Hide my worry. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Not here, if they know what's good for'em!
And we need some of the water atop mt. faust to fix Light Heart!
Can you guys fly there?"


"Uh… uh… wait!"
Mend that bad wound!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Mother of fuck.

Grit my teeth.
"This is… fairly… painful."


"Let's just take advantage of this moment."


You look like a very unworried donkey.

"Yes, these stairs should lead us close to the source."
Two Night Guard batponies hold Light Heart up.

Two batponies in silver armor come to you.
"Miss, can you fly or shall we carry you up the stairs? You need magical attention quick."
The pain completely disappears for a second as Amber applies her magic, but slowly returns.

You take away the pain for a little while, but this wound is beyond your power.


Shake my head.
"There is nothing we can do. Everyone who is afflicted needs to leave. We can't take risks."



Roll #1 2 = 2


"I… cannot say I feel up to the task of flying right now."


So what's left of the bad guys?


I scrunch.
"This stuff is vile! So vile!"


Let's help them move the injured away. We don't need them being caught in the middle if they have hidden reinforcements."


They are taken into custody.
No one has told anypony here yet about those two giants carrying the cauldron right to the source.
Bad memories.

A batpony stallion takes you in his hooves.
"Hang on, miss." He quickly flies up the stairs towards the source.
You suddenly hear a slow thumping, look up and see two undead giants walking high up the stairs carrying a large smoking cauldron.
"What the?!?" the batpony stops "Do you know about those things, miss?"


One of the batponies comes up to you.
"These things are foul. It would be better to destroy them then abide their existence. Do you have any idea if there might be more?"


I didn't even see those!
Wasn't it only the other group?


"I haven't acquainted myself with them yet, no."
Pained chuckle.
"They hardly seem like the friendly types."


"I was caught up in the trouble, but I think there might."


"Sorry, I just found myself fighting them after a tour of the city."


"I bet there are! There's always more! But we can deal with them!"


He looks back and back up.
"Whatever they're doing with that cauldron, by the time we get back with help it might be too late…Quick, can you shoot at them, draw their attention somehow? Let's hope the sound draws the others attention as well…"

You're right.
The only ones who saw it IC are Mabel, Amber, Warren, Silver.

The batpony nods.
"We'll spread out and clean out these caves. These beasts must be redeemed with sword and fire."


"They were carrying a cauldron. I don't know what was in it, but probably nothing nice."


"Wait, where?!"
Turn around alarmed.


"I lost track during the fight."


"Where did they go?"


"Where were they last?"


"Why of course, darling. Anything for my savior."

Cheap Shot one of the undead.


"Taking the stairs."


Rush up the stairs!
"Indy! Meet up from the other side!"
Unless he can come in through the door.


Since the injured are taken care of, follow Soil.

Roll #1 3 = 3


He can't.
His head disappears through the hole.

You hear a shot echoing from the stairs.

You leisurely take a shot at one of the giants knees. He growls and almost drops the cauldron. The duo stops and looks down towards you both.



Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'll fly up there and meet you there!"


Shoot again but at the other guy this time… just take it easy. Don't want too much stress.

Roll #1 4 = 4


After them!
"Soil, you better not try to kill us with Indy again!"


"I know you're made of tougher stuff!"
Grin at her.


"I'm not that close to fire just yet."


The Giants up the stairs tilt the cauldron, spilling part of its poison down the stairs.
Those who fly can attack, those on the ground need to roll to dodge.


Darn undead…

Cheap Shot the same guy again. Don't want to risk anything crazy.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Or, you know, slam the shield into the stairs to create a pillar which diverts the poisonous river!

Roll #1 4 = 4


No! Dodge!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Evasive jenny

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'm a Gryphon, so I'll help whoever I can get out of the way of the evil flow.

Roll #1 4 = 4


One of the giants claps his hooves together hard and the magical shockwave sends both you and the paladin into the poison.

The poison streams down the stairs before you can react.
All of you have gained Necrosis.
The giants grin and put the cauldron upright.
You are all shaken across the stairs. The fur around your hooves is already starting to turn pale.
The paladin commander looks at it, grits his teeth, unsheats his sword shouting "DEATH!".
The paladins storm towards the giants, determined to stop the nefarious plot before the Necrosis takes hold.


Soil 9/6
Melody 5/4
Amber 5/4
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 5/4
LH 5/4
Mabel 2/5
Snacks 5/4
Mabel 4/5


Now's a lovely time to stop being ded.
Homing Magic '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's just a bit of ooze.
I can shake it off.
Charge at one of the giants and SLAM it towards the clifface!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"I just got this suit too!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Reflex Shot '1d10+3'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 + 3 = 5


I'm just going to try and Rupture one of the Giants before I get the urge to either swear or cry, neither of which I'd be proud of.

Roll #1 9 = 9


On another note.
"Don't forget to grab a sample before it all spills away!"


There's more in the cauldron, and all the way down the stairs.


"For Cadance!"
Empower my hammer! No time to lose! Crush these filthy creatures! Smash them to bits!

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


What a powerful clapping technique.

Just… sound the trumpet. Inspire. We may need it.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Rolling paladin damage '5d10'

As a warm up for Brotherhood, roll a 1d10+1 for Silvers attacks.

Roll #1 1, 8, 10, 2, 7 = 28


Oh boy!

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


NECROSIS: Your breath turns cold.
You feel a presence at the edge of your mind.
It is there no matter how you try to shake it.

You summon 3 motes!

You slam one of the Giants right in the hooves! He staggers.

You notice how you could do more damage to Giants by shooting them in the head, but it's so high up it would be hard for ground forces to do that.

You rupture one of the Giants knees.

You attack one of the Giants hooves.

The paladins and Silver manage a valiant attack doing severe damage to both giants.

Your breath grows weak. You feel your heart beating in your chest.
The paladin comes back and picks you up again. He's turning pale but smirks as he gets you back airborne.

Rolling for next paladin attack '4d10'

You can attack 3 points on the Giants: Head (out of range for non-flyers), Hooves , Body (slightly higher DC for non-flyers)


Soil 9/6
Melody 5/4
Amber 5/4
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 5/4
LH 1/4
Mabel 2/5
Snacks 5/4
Mabel 4/5

Roll #1 9, 1, 3, 3 = 16


Our jenny manages to ignore the mental effects of NECROSIS.
But not the physical


I wish I had a fire here right now…

Knee-cap one of the giants, Backstab.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Cough slightly. I'm not going down that path, dammit. Hat magic again, try for a container filled with that spring water. A bowl, a glass, a mason jar, anything. Just as long as there's enough to use. '1d10'
And the frost motes will fire off, two at G1's head, one G2's head. '2d10' '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 5, 3 = 8 / Roll #3 2 = 2


I will attack the legs, keep trying to destabilize the giant I'm wailing on and throw him off the cliff.
Hit the joint.
Earthen Strike.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I can still kill! PURGE! Attack him again! Leap of Faith [1d10]
Silver too! [1d10+1]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


"Ugh, if I vomit on this suit…"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Return to Earth on the Head of Giant 1, hopefully weakening it. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


Well… I can try and shoot again. Cheap Shot.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Please specify a target



Oh right, the head please.


oh! Hooves! Go for the hooves!


NECROSIS: There's a voice in your head talking in words you've never heard before.
But you know he's talking about the inevitable destruction of Canterlot.

Giant 1 sinks through his knees. His head and body becomes vulnerable.

You get out a glass of spring water.
The motes do little damage but you get kicked back by giant 2 in one fel swoop.

The giant pushes you back with his hooves and suddenly you find yourself in the unfamiliar position of being pushed against a cliffside.
You're helpless, pinned.

You do incredible damage, the Giant wails.

You shoot the Giant straight in the head.

>Giant 1 KNOCKED DOWN (can be completely attacked by ground forces) Lightly Wounded

>Giant 2 Lightly wounded

Melody 5/4
Amber 5/4
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 1/4
LH 1/4
Mabel 2/5
Snacks 5/4
Mabel 4/5


Oof. I really hope that's the right kind of spring water, though. Drink it down.




Roll #1 2 = 2


Being a jenny means being blissfully unaware of any naughty voices.

Stab the eye of Giant 1

Roll #1 3 = 3


Shove it off!


Now then, let's try to inspire again.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Shove it off!

Roll #1 5 = 5


There's been voices telling me things before and none of it happened!
Heal Soil! [1d10+2]
Silver attacks the legs [1d10]

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Tear into it with my claws!

Hawkeye '1d10'
Keep attacking the Head '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


Rolling for paladongs '5d10'

Roll #1 10, 7, 1, 4, 10 = 32


NECROSIS: Despair grips you.
If you go down it's harder to get up (DC+1)

You feel odd.
The wound heals up but your fur suddenly grows long.
Necrosis effect does not apply to you.

You might be unaware of the voices, but the giant slams the wall, causing rocks to drop on you and your teammates. You're helpless!

Your voice is faint and you get hit by one of the dropping rocks. You're helpless!

The Giant is too stronk for you!

Your magic feels weak and doesn't heal anypony. Has Cadance abandoned you?
Silver gets hit by one of the falling boulders.

You do critical damage to the knocked down Giant

The paladins mange to severely damage both giants.
One of them drops to his knees, Necrosis gripping him.

>Giant 1 KNOCKED DOWN (can be completely attacked by ground forces) Wounded

>Giant 2 wounded

Melody 5/4
Amber 3/4
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 1/4
Mabel 0/4 HELPLESS
Snacks 5/4
Mabel 4/5
Pico 5/5


This would be a great moment for my dragon to show up.
'1d10' to stand.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I should get up in that case.

Roll #1 3 = 3


That's all that really matters at the moment.
Go help Soil up. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8



Get up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


N-No, she'd never!
"Watch out, Silver!"
Heal Mabel! I need her aid! [1d10+2]
Silver keeps attacking the downed giant if he's not helpless! [1d10]

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 5 = 5



Roll #1 3, 10, 4, 2 = 19


NECROSIS: Small bits of fur are coming loose.

He's got a whole way to go, sorry, he's not here yet. Hard to get out of a tiny cave while you're small as fuck.
You feel a few ribs breaking before Warren manages to distract the giant for long enough for you to slip out.

Luckily Amber pony heals you up.

You distract the Giant, allowing Soil to unpin himself.

You're back up. You're not sure how long your heart can take this.

You heal Mabel back up.
Silver tries but gets blocked by the Giant.

The paladins manage to get another hit in.
One of the paladins sinks to his knees, praying to Luna.

>Giant 1 KNOCKED DOWN (can be completely attacked by ground forces) Heavily Wounded

>Giant 2 wounded

Soil 12/4
Melody 5/4
Amber 3/4
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 1/4
Mabel 0/4 HELPLESS
Snacks 5/4
Mabel 2/5
Pico 5/5


Try to push the doubt away and shoot it.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Reflex Shot '1d10+3'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 9 + 3 = 12


Just… shoot the second giant in the head. Cheap Shot.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Get my shield down on the first giant's face!
'1d10+2' slam.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


I'll still need to stand up though.

Roll #1 8 = 8


LH 5/3
Mabel 5/4




Sorry you're up. Use that 8 for something


Right, let's clean house.
Backstab the downed giant with the Inquisitor Knife. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Rupture should be off of cooldown.


Bolster LH!
Silver keeps trying to attack the downed giant! [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


You are all suddenly hit by a terrible headache as if your brains are trying to crawl out their skulls.
-1 Wound

You shoot and the Giants skull explodes into pieces. One is down.

Why even bother? You can't win. If these die, thousands will take their place.

He's dead by Picos shot but you slam right into the others knee bringing him down as well.

You rupture the remaining Giant.

LH is bolstered.
Silver does good damage.

You hit the Giant straight in the eye causing a roar.

You see a ray of sunshine coming from the top of the stairs.

>Giant 2 Heavily wounded

Soil 12/3
Melody 5/4
Amber 3/3
Shortcake 2/5
Warren 1/3
Mabel 5/4
Snacks 5/4
Mabel 2/4
Pico 5/4


No regen here?
And fuck this guy AGAIN!
'1d10' Earthen Strike.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I just hope I have enough ammo. Shoot.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Okay, now Heal her [1d10+2]
Silver can wail away on the second giant! [1d10]

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Spell resonance Homing Magic.


"Let's see how you'll feel!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Return to Earth '1d10+2' MH bonus

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


We've already won, just pull through!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


The sullen thoughts disappear as you and the paladins are suddenly enveloped by a golden light revitalising you.
With one push together you manage to bring the giant to its knees. Picos attack weakens the protective magic around giant allowing Soil to break his neck with a massive strike. It is still alive somehow, its head hanging to the side, Mabel finishes it off with a blade, slicing open the Giant.

Fight over

The glow still envelops you.
A voice from above shouts.
"Quick, heroes, come above to bask in the healing waters, my Sister cannot hold the corruption at bay forever."


Is everyone able to walk?
If not, carry those who cannot. Let's hurry.


Stumble upstairs.


"Oh… this will be darling."
Can my savior carry me upstairs?


Perk my ears.
And try to get up there.


"Anyone who needs help, let me know."

Get to the water.


I hear, and have no reason whatsoever to disobey. I'll try and support anyone who needs it.


Yes, he can!

You come up the stairs to be greeted by a truly illustrious band in the first rays of sunshine.

On the rock above the spring lays Indy.
Next to the spring stands twilight, next to her flanked by two Day Guards, a white alicorn with a flowing multi-colored mane. Her cutie mark is the Sun. As you look upon her you are suddenly filled with courage, thinking yourself able to lift mountains.
Next to her flanked by two Night Guards is a dark blue alicorn with silver tiara, her mane sparkles with a thousand stars. As you look upon her you are filled with a deep feeling of calm and assurance.
And next to her, flanked by two Crystal Paladins is a pink alicorn with multicolored mane and golden. Looking upon her brings you a giddy feeling, as if you're in love with life and the world.

I'd let you roll a Willpower roll to withstand the mere auras from these goddesses meshing together, but since we don't have stats for that, just decide what it would be like to have all that conflicting stuff inside you.
The dark blue and pink pony's horns glow as they float water from the spring to you.


I think, honestly, no one will complain if I just sorta pass out. I came far too close to death, and undeath, today than I care to admit.
Before I go out, though, I'll look at Twilight.
"There should be enough for a sample down there, I think…"


I am a donkey.
Donkeys are stubborn and all that, right?
Look them in the eye, but drink greedinly from the water.


…I don't know man, I'm just a simple pony.
Stay silent, breathing slowly…
And then catch him before he passes out, at least try and avoid him falling flat on the ground!


Well… I've never been one to worship any alicorn, but I suppose this might be a little overwhelming.

That said, I'd like to feel better first and not slip into a coma.


Splash through the water and rush towards Cadance with starry eyes.
"Princess! Y-you're here! I felt it! Hi! I'm here too!"


All that worry about rank and position seems silly when you've been face to face with your god and these Sisters. I understand now why the nuns follow them.


You slip into sweet unconsciousness.
You feel as if wrapped in a warm blanket.

You get your bro before he embarrasses himself.
You feel cleaned by the water. The weariness of this adventure slips off you.

Stubborn, maybe.
That doesn't mean this magical water doesn't soothe your aching bones.

The water calms you down and soon your heart is acting normal again.
The batpony slowly puts you down with a grin.

She looks a bit surprised but then smiles kindly.
"You have brought honor upon the Empire through your deeds, my faithful servant. I am looking forward to Knighting you, Amber."

You feel refreshed by the water.
Why, even your suit looks clean again!


Grand. Perhaps the future has changed today. But until Ner'Ghal is well and truly dead, I won't really rest easy.


She knows my name! She talked to me! Try to contain my wide grin
"You know my name! Magic!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Splash it over myself and drink some more!


"Guess that was all of them, uh?"
Smile to myself and my friends, relieved.


"Thanks sugar. Ya'll are too kind."
Wink at him, then turn to eye these alicorns while I drink some more. Let me guess, they're using spells to amplify their presence.


Just smile and drink.

"I wouldn't know who to send the bill to."


Let's wrap this up for all ya'll.
The Princesses commend you for your valiant deeds and invite you to the castle this week to discuss the situation and plan our next move against Ner'ghal.
You're all freed up now!

"How could I not know the names of those who dedicate their lives in service of the Empire?"

Celestia speaks up.
"No, this is merely the beginning. You should rest and gather your strength, for soon we will have to fight this evil at the source."

Maybe they are.
"Wanna go have a drink sometime?" says the paladin.


"Can't wait."
Look up, towards Indy.
"You ready too, right pal?"


"Why sure. How could I reject such an invitation like that?"


I just need to make sure Hilde is okay.


He gives a roar in the pale morning light!

"Tomorrow? And where can I find you?"

And from now on let's assume the conversations were done off-screen and finished to their rightful conclusion.



She's fine but shaken.
She agrees now that there are worse things to worry about than starting a war.


Giggle and paw at the ground with my front hooves excitedly
"I'm just doing what needs to be done! For the empire and for you! And for all the ponies I love!"


I'm gonna catch up with my pal Pico!
Come in from behind, patting your back with energy.
"Where have you been all this time anyway?"


I smile at you.
"Careful, don't get too excited."


"Mabel! Do you even know who that is!?"


"Yes, that is why I don't want you to get too excited and faint in front of your favourite Princess!"


"I'm not going to faint! I'm made of tougher stuff than that! How can I not be excited? Three princesses at once! That's a lot of princesses!"


"That's three times the princesses we usually encounter!"


"We don't see them often though! I wasn't even prepared for this! I thought I was only going to see princess Cadance at the Knighting ceremony!"


Smirk smugly.
"Maybe you two can become friends before then, so it's lucky actually, isn't it?"


"Friends! I'd like that, but there's probably so many other ponies she has as friends already!"


"Why wouldn't she want to be friends with a pony like you though?"


"She's probably really really busy, I don't want to bother her or anything!"


"I'm sure she has time for you!"


"But there's probably other ponies who would love to be friends with her too!"


"You are her paladin though! And the most devoted one I've seen too!"


"All her paladins are really devoted! I'm not even officially a paladin yet!"


"Would she congratulate her other paladins though?"


"If they did something good, I don't see why not!"


"You did something good now! Plus I bet she's heard of all the great things you've been doing already!"


"I was just doing my duty! Like the other paladins!"


"But you are cuter than most paladins, so she'll make friends with you for sure!"


I scrunch.
"I'm not supposed to be cute! I'm a fierce paladin!"


Boop your nose with a hoof.
"A cute fierce paladin!"


"Mabel! I'm not cute!"


Snicker again.
"It's cute how you're trying to say you're not cute!"


My face reddens
"Stop making fun of me!"


Look surprised.
"I'd never! I'm just complimenting you!"


"It's not a good compliment for a paladin!"


"Take it as a compliment for a pony then!"


"I'm still a paladin regardless!"


"Well, do you palado your paladin things while you eat?"


"Mabel, this is serious business!"


"Don't I look serious?"
Look serious.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Glare really angrily.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Sorry, I'm laughing too hard to notice


Turn tail and walk away angrily.


Run after you.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't want to be mean! I meant what I said!"


"Leave me alone, Mabel. I got stuff to do."


Lean closer.
"I really meant it when I said you can probably become a friend of Princess Cadance! Just keep that in mind!"


Just rejoin Silver in silence.


Night is over

Now we're in the twilight period before the great battle.

Here are some things that need to be done.
Figure out which you'd like to do first and who you want to do it with.

>Audience with Celestia or Luna to discuss the matter of the dragon

>Discussing the findings with Twilight (multiple players recommended since it might be dangerous to go alone.)
>Soil meets an unexpected guest
>Ambers Knighting (friends can be allowed to watch it in the audience)
>Shortcake's cooking contest
>Melody's confrontation with Hard Coin.
>Snacks lessons with Winston (solo recommended)


And of course, other stuff you'd like to do, say it to me.


Did Grey Velvet jr. get away? If not, I should probably ruin him.


I'm ready for the audience or whatever the others need me for.


I'll go watch Amber's Knighting. Not often that a Gryphon gets to watch it, let alone that of a close friend.


Might be smart to talk about the dragon first of all!


Nope, he got captured by Paleblossom and is currently in the cells of the Moon Tower.
He's not been charged yet formally.
You'd have to talk to Paleblossom about seeing him, or telling her what you know.

Two for audience?

Seems like Amber goes to the audience first


I'll follow along then. It isn't smart to ignore the monstrosity on the horizon.


Oh I'll tell her. There's a member of our honored olive guard in peril after all.


You could ask her to come as well to the Tower of the Moon, she'd love to.


I can do the knighting after.


Just like that? Of course.


>Audience with Celestia or Luna to discuss the matter of the dragon
Our time's running out!


Celestia or Luna?

Just like that.
With the current revelations there's no real reason to keep her identity secret any longer



Luna saw us first, so I guess her!


Very well then. She can come to Moonland to hear about his vile deeds that must certainly be punished severely.


Luna might have been the one up and is probably more caught up. We'll go with her and she'll give Celestia the rundown.


Por que no los dos?


There is the court of the Moon and the court of the Sun.
One sleeps while the other guards unless there's an immediate emergency.

She comes to find you.
She seems ruffled but composed.
"Good morning, miss Heart."

You go together with


Ignore that last post.


Well, which one is up then!


It's the same, currently the votes are two for luna, one for celly


Luna it is.


She should pay more attention to her appearance!
"Good morning. I wanted to speak to you about one of the prisoners you have locked up. Grey Velvet Jr. is his name."


She nods.
"That's why I'm here. It came to my attention that he has been apprehended during the raid last night. He had tried to have me sacrificed to those abominations."

The Moon shines bright outside the tall windows of the Royal Court.
On a golden throne with the emblem of the Sun and Moon sits Luna, Princess of the Night. Two fountains of the holy river are besides it and the silver Night Guard protects the gates.

Luna nods as you enter.
"Citizens, please step forward."


Please, step.


Step forward.


"Am I even a citizen, legally?"

Step forward anyway.


"Yes, quite the sickening behavior on his part. He attempted to talk his way out of trouble as well, which just comes to show how corrupted his mind is. I do not believe he is remorseful in the slightest."


Step forward!
"I'm more like a citizen of the crystal empire!"


I step forwards.


Luna smiles as she steps of the throne to greet all of you.
"All of you have performed a great service for Equestria. Henceforth you shall be honored quests of our country, no matter where you were born."


Luna steps forward.
"It is my honor to present to all of you, even your absent companions the Crescent Medal in recognition of your service to Canterlot and Equestria."
A servant steps forward bearing a number of silver medals. Round, each engraved with the two alicorns chasing each other.


"He will soon be. I have been given authorization by the order to send him back to Dixie to stand trial. Would you like to come with me to pick him up?"


"It's an honor, thank you!"
I curtsy.


Smile at her.
"You really shouldn't have. I wasn't doing it for any medal."


"Of course. I would come to testify, but there is work to be done yet for me here in Equestria."


"Thank you, Princess."

I give a proper Hyperborean bow.


"Ooooh thank you, they're shiny! Look Silver, they're made of silver!"


I hope it won't break if I wear it in combat!


"Of course. If I could take your statement that would be a great help…in addition to the testimony of an olive agent." there's a wicked grin playing around her mouth.

"You have prevented great calmity.
Yet I fear more blood will be shed before we can destroy the source of this evil.
As we speak the Equestrian army is gathering to confront the dragon…"


"Well, it certainly was obvious to me from the start that there was something not quite right with the boy. Little did I know what perverse things he was plotting behind all our backs."


"We'll help too of course! I've sworn to destroy that dragon and I intend on contributing as much as I possibly can!"


"Just tell us how we can be of service! We've been hunting down that dragon and all the misfortune that follows in its wake."


"Quite right. I wonder if his father was aware of his dealings…"

"You have done more to fight this dragon than all of us. It is only right that I take you into confidence. Please follow us."


"Where is the dragon, anyways?"


"Don't worry, we are totally ready to kick his butt!"


"Yes Princess!"


"He may very well be for all we know, darling. Though in all honesty, I don't recall any indications that this is the case."


Follow her!




"In any case, once this breaks I doubt he'll be around here much longer. He'll be looked at with distrust."
Go to the tower?

You follow her into the next room.
There are a number of military officials here bowed over scrolls and discussing troop movements. A few mages as well.
Luna continues. "The dragon disguised itself magically for a long time. After it went north, we sent scouts to track it down without any results until now."
She shows you a map of Equestria and points to a town near the northern border with Hyperborea. "A few days ago one of our scouts came back near death from Eagle's Watch near the volcano of Tireks Mouth. He died after giving us his report. Our guard had to burn the body to prevent raising. What he told us..is bad."



"That sounds bad already."


I frown.
"What's going on?"


"That does sound bad."
Poke my medal after pinning it on my chest.


"Being able to disguise itself is bad enough, what else could be added to its list of evil?"


"How bad?"


You go back to the Tower of the Moon where you are allowed access to the prisoner by request of the Dixian Embassy.
Grey Velvet seems more grey than usual and without his southern clothing, a lot less classy.

"Tales of a city filled with the walking dead. Dark clouds have been seen rising from Tireks Mouth and the plants near the city are dying. We fear Ner'Ghal intends to move soon upon Manehattan. If he succeeds he'd have an army to spread across northern Equestria.
We have to stop him before that.
The city itself will require a lot of ponies to breach.
And the dragon itself…we know only one force that might weaken it enough to make it vulnerable. The Elements of Harmony."


"Oh, those undead ponies are filled with squishy goop, reeeeeal hard to kill!"


Shit eating grin: on

"Hello, sugar."


"If they're that close to Hyperborea, my own family would end up at risk…"


"Walking dead? That's… that's really horrible! You should ask for help from the gryphons!"


"That's horrible to hear…
And what of these Elements?"


"We don't know if Ner'Ghal intends to move upon Hyperborea…but it's not impossible."

Luna closes her eyes.
"All of you have the most experience fighting him…would you be willing to be part of the group that deliver the final blow to this dragon?"

"We have requested their aid. But we have not received a reply yet.
Relations between Equestria and Hyperborea are strained as of late, I do not know if they'll come."

"They are mystical shards of power…they existed from the first moment of creation…some say even before.
The current holders of the Elements are here in Canterlot. The power of the Elements should be enough to destroy Ner'Ghal or at the very least allow us to kill him…permanently."


He gets up.
"You like this, don't you? I can't believe I ever saw something in you. I thought we could be partners…instead you're just a common traitor!"


"As if I'd not want to go there!
There's a bad evil dragon to kill!"

"Why don't we send Pico to ask for help?"


I scrunch.
"How mean! They're at risk too here!"


"Of course we'll help!"


"…so, what is the catch?"


"We'll do everything we can. Just tell us what we need to do?"

"I don't really have a lot of pull there, even within my own family. I can tell you that things aren't so clear over there either, though."


"Well I am sorry to burst your bubble darling, but I most certainly am not a traitor here. I hold no great love for the alicorn sisters, but to conspire with an undead animal? That is most foul."


"The Elements must be used against Ner'Ghal directly. I hope he comes flying out when we attack…but if not we'd have to go into his lair in Tireks Mouth with whatever horrors he created."

"If there is some way Pico could help, we could use all help we can.
Yet it would have to be done fast, there is no time for a large diplomatic mission to the Lion's Eyrie."

"I didn't conspire! I didn't know what they were planning! I just wanted to help these slaves see that they need freedom!"


"You were quite aware of what you were doing. Conspiring to murder a member of the Olive order is no small crime."


"At best, and with such short notice, you might be able to hire any unaffiliated Gryphons living nearby. Those on the border might be more willing to help neighbors and defend themselves from a possible threat."

"However, that might be a long shot. We're better off working with what we have here to put down the creature once and for all."


"Can't we siege his fort, or something? He has to come out eventually."


"Can't they be used against those monsters too?"


"I guess most of the work is up to the ponies then! You can count me in as being part of the group, princess, nothing would please me more!"


"So how far is that place, exactly?"
"Isn't Cadence gonna send paladins too?"


"There's already a detachment of crystal paladins in Equestria, remember?"


"Yeah, we met them! Are they coming?!"
Look all excited!


"I don't know, I guess so! I'm not in charge of that stuff!"


"But you got promoted!"


"I'm not even officially a paladin yet."


He looks as if slapped and takes a few steps back.
"T-they'll hang me…you can't send me back..please I'll do anything…"

Luna looks over the map again.
"The Hyperborean settlement of Ravenstead is close by. Perhaps we could gather allies there? The Equestrian Army can't go there however. You'd have to go."

"Our generals are advising against a prolonged siege. We know Ner'Ghal has a large number of minions at his disposal and every one of us that falls would strengthen his forces.
We fear that a prolonged siege would lead to our loss by attrition. Our strike must be fast and brutal."

"You have our thanks, Amber and Silver."

"Yes, but the Elements have so far only worked in large bursts. We'd like that to happen when in range of Ner'Ghal, lest we merely destroy his hosts and he can attack us without our biggest weapon."


"The Lion's Eyrie would take five days to reach if we left now, not to mention we'd have to prepare for such a mission."


"Cadence's taking it too slow!"
"Better send a letter before leaving then!"


"I'm sorry darling, that's not my decision to make. I do happen to have bigger matters at hoof right now."


"Can the Elements of Harmony blast a hole in his hiding place so we can get to him?"


"I can try. With a threat so nearby, I'm hoping that some of them can see that working together is their best option."


"She's not! How do you even know!?"


"You are strong enough to be a paladin already! I know!"


"I see…
We will do our best to protect the elements until then."


"Yes, but the Elements have so far only worked in large bursts. We'd like that to happen when in range of Ner'Ghal, lest we merely destroy his hosts and he can attack us without our biggest weapon."

"You bitch! You cruel sick…!"
The olive agent chuckles. "I'd shut up now, mister Grey. You're not helping your case."

"It would be a great help."

"It has been sent. But no response yet. I hope we hear from the Eyrie soon."


"They are suite capable, but against this darkness they'll need all the help they can get.
Your courage is commendable."




"I do not take pleasure in having ponies sentenced to death, sugar. You only have yourself to blame for what you did. You know the Dixian laws."


"It's her decision, she must have her reasons."


"Whatever, you sound so crazy about this."


"If I can help to get the world rid of that affront to Nature, I will…
It might be more stubborness than courage."


"When can we expect to move out?"


You can switch to other encounters you want whenever you want.

"All I'm guilty of is serving Dixie."

"In 3 days. We are expected to come close to Eagle's Watch by the end of the week."


Let's get the knighting underway then!


"I hope for your sake the jury sees your point."
Leave this idiot.


With all that's come up, I should go talk to Hilde and anyone else from the Gryphon embassy. I'll need a plan to really be able to recruit.

Of course, I'd like to attend this.


Does anyone else want to see the Knighting?

Where to next?


"So how are we gonna get there?"

And yeah, maybe the visitor thing?


Of course I should visit!


I suppose I can witness the knighting.


Sure, let's see the snotty paladins.


How could I miss it?


We could do both.



You still got the cooking contest. Do that now?


Amber is in the antechamber with the other paladins to be knighted right now.
You're all wearing your best suit and will be called soon.
Silver is here too, pretty nervous.

All of you are in the main hall. Amber is in another room still.
A large stage has been prepared decorated with the pink and the heart of the Empire.
Amber and Silvers parent are here, as well as a number of crystal ponies and some Equestrian delegates.

You wake up in the Inn, Iris is still sleeping.


I suppose I should say hello to the parents of Amber while we wait.


See, I told her it was about time!
Cute. Roll out of bed and make sure the sheets don't fall off her.
I've a certain appetite this morning…


"Am I dressed appropriately for this? What do you wear to a Crystal Paladin's Knighting?" I mutter to myself.


Bump against him.
"Don't be nervous now! This has been a long time coming! Today we're finally officially going to become paladins!"


"Unfortunately, I left my glittery dress back home."




They're here in their best outfit.
Ambers mom does her best to remain dignified, while Ambers dad is dressed in his military garb.

Do you?
You should get down and get something to eat then.

Apparently judging by the other guests, you wear formal garb.

"Maybe it's a bit too soon, don't you think? I heard some ponies have to work years before being knighted."

Maybe you could make a glittery dress out of one of the shiny ponies?


Are you suggesting I skin them and use their coats as a dress?

What a revolting thing to do.


Yeah, seems like a smart thing to do!


I scrunch
"We worked harder than ever before! But even so, that's not even the point. If Cadance thinks we're ready, we're ready! You trust her judgment don't you?"


Think of the money!

Unless you were hungry for dat booty?

"Yes…I do. I just hope I can live up to her expectations…"


What kind of callous ruffian would wear such a thing? Certainly not somepony I want to get close with.


"We just have to keep doing our best, that's all we've ever done and all we can ever do!"
Give him a hug
"And as long as we have each other, there's nothing that can bring our spirits down, right?"


You are too lewd for this timeframe, narrator!


Aaaanyway, as you go down to get some breakfast, the innkeeper waves to you.
"Mister Soil, I have some news for you."

[Goodbye horses theme intensifies]
The murmur of the crowd lessens and ponies sit down.
"Fillies and gentlecolts, would you please rise for the Princess of the Empire, Cadance and her husband, Shining Armor!"

"Yeah, you're right. Oh, I think it's starting."
You hear some clopping coming from the main hall, but the commander doesn't say you can move yet.


Stop and turn around, strolling towards the innkeeper.
"The genie finally delivered that lettuce he promised?"


"Oooooooh! I'm excited! We're so lucky to be here, Silver!"


Well, I suppose it is only polite to do as told and show respect. I do hope they don't expect me to bow for them too.


A pink alicorn and a white unicorn take the stage bearing the emblem of the Empire.
The first paladin pair trots through the walkway to receive Cadance's blessing.
A stallion and mare, they look pretty nervous and hold tails as they walk up.

"…uhm, no genie here, but I have a message from a lettuce salespony…"

The first pair is called up, you'll have to wait until it's your turn.


That's fairly adorable. How old are they?




Roll #1 8 = 8


You estimate them no older than 20

Will skip to your knighting next turn.

"Yes, he wanted to speak to you, but when I said you were sleeping, he scribbled down this note on where to find him."
He hands you a piece of paper with scribbles. Roll to read the ugly hoofwriting.


Heavens me that's young. To commit to something like this at such an age… a bit of a waste if you ask me.


I am here.


I'll get star on this.



Roll #1 7 = 7


And Amber and Silver are even younger!
These paladins sure are crazy.

Do you want to do the cooking contest or do you want to watch Ambers knighting?

You slowly translate the scribbles, the hoofwriting is bad, but not as bad as that of Tossed Salad, the weird merchant that sometimes visited your farm.
"Dear mister Soil,
I have something of interest for you.
I will be at the Dawn Square selling lettuce. Please drop by at your earliest convenience.
PS: if possible, bring your marefriend as well.

Your name is called!


I should probably get to that cooking contest.


I hope Indy's watching too, because he always liked Amber!
Guess it's time to get breakfast and take some sweet rolls upstairs to Iris.
Wake her up with the smell, and as she eats show her the letter.


I grin and look at Silver.
"Come on. It's time to go together."


Ils sont fous ces poneys de cristal!


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