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Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPjeNWDsszw

The City of the Gods, of the Sun and the Moon.
Since before Equestria was founded, here on the slopes of Mt Laurenia was Canterlot.
Before the ponies came here, the Diamond Dogs inhabited the caverns of the mountains. It was the shining capital of the Diamond Empire. You see flashes of the magnificent ruins as the train goes through the dark tunnels up the mountain.
And before that, it was said the original gods, the Sun, the Moon and Mother Nature lived here.

The first thing that draws your attention as the train nears its destination is the massive palace of the Sisters. It dominates the skyline and can be seen for miles throughout Equestria.
As you leave the station, you enter one of the many squares in Canterlot. There are a number of statues depicting Equestrias finest heroes. The Lauren, the holy river with its spring at the top of the mountain, flows close by. A few fillies are playing by the waters.


"Not bad! But the crystal capital is way shinier."


I've been here before, haven't I?
Is it still familiar?


I whistle.


Canterlot is the biggest city in Equestria.
You recognize the square at the station and you recognize the Lauren, but large parts of the city are unknown to you.

It is definitely not as crystally in your professional opinion.
And you don't see crystal ponies anywhere!

Everything here is so big!


It really is!
How long until the cooking contest?


"Very traditional. I do like the antique facades."


"Would you believe that I was already here when I was just a little jenny, Inferni?"


Tulip gets out and pays a few ponies to handle all your bagage.
She motions all of you to come together

You were asked to present your invitation at the Neighponese Embassy in the Royal District. They'll know there.

These buildings must be far older than Dixie.

He nods.


"Yes, Tulip darling?"


I'm used to not seeing any by now… so sad! I should make up for the lack of shiny ponies!

"You're from Canterlot?"


Walk closer to her.

Shake my head.
"No. The moving circus came here every now and then, though."


I peek out of the door and see how this fabled city of the goddesses looks like in real life.


Tulip coughs and hoofs all of you some maps.
"I know a good hotel around here. I'll go there and arrange some rooms for all of you. I added it on your map, just use a taxi carriage if you can't find the way.
We'll see each other tonight."


Raise a brow.
"You're not planning anything, are you?"


…where is it?


I smile.
"How very generous of you. You have my sincerest thanks."


I look at Tulip and nod as I write it down on my note.
"Snack agree's, later tonight But we need to do what we need to do and that is to report the gigantic undead dragon in Silverhaze and …. that draconeques."


"Oh, okay!"

"I'm going to go see the paladins! I met some of them before, so I'd love to see them again!"


"Snack would like to meet the paladins too, Snack would like to hear what they had to say and what is needed to be done."


As a sidenote, if you're unsure what to do. Here are some ideas, you are free to explore at will
>Talk in the Academy about the undead dragon and Anarchy
>Silver and Amber have to report to the Crystal Embassy in the Royal District
>Shortcake has to report to the Neighponese Embassy in the Royal District
>Pico had to report to an agent of Goldbeak in the Hyperborean Embassy.
>Mabel could visit the Temple of the Elements in one of the parks.
>You could visit the Freedom Festival, there are posters for it everywhere.

She looks up.
"What do you mean?
I was thinking of looking for contracts and such."

The Royal District is close to the Palace.
You can see the Palace from here.
Maybe there are others going there as well?

"Don't mention it."

"You could go to the Academy."


"Perhaps Snack and Star would go to the academy first then and seek out what we can dig."


"Come on Silver, let's go check the crystal embassy first! Quick quick quick!"


"With the merchandise you made and everything."


"I'll see you all later."

Probably, it's a big city after all, but I really don't want to miss that contest.
Off I go to the Royal District.


"What will you be doing here then? You must know Canterlot somewhat well."

"I may join you for that."


Wave at the two of you


I wave at Shortcake as she leaves

"LightHeart pony can help Snack and Star on research if she wanted too."


Did everyone run away yet?


To the Academy?

You reach the Royal District.
The Royal District is less densely built than the rest of Canterlot.
Here is room for plains, trees and many small waterways of the Lauren, streaming in small waterfalls down the mountain.
The Royal Palace is in the center and you see the Sun Guard patrolling everywhere. No Moon Guard batponies however, they must still be asleep.
The Crystal Embassy is easily recognizable as it is the one crystal building in the entire city. The Crystal Empire flag hangs proudly above it and Crystal guards are outside.

"I'll keep it on the low. Promise."

You reach the Royal District.
The Royal District is less densely built than the rest of Canterlot.
Here is room for plains, trees and many small waterways of the Lauren, streaming in small waterfalls down the mountain.
The Royal Palace is in the center and you see the Sun Guard patrolling everywhere. No Moon Guard batponies however, they must still be asleep.
The Neighponese Embassy is on a small island surrounded by waterways.
It is very peaceful here.

"I'll look around, see if there are any business opportunities here."

Snacks, Star, Iris, Indy, Tulip, LH and Mabel are still here.


"What's to see here anyway?"



Smile at her.
"Thanks. I'm used to the spotlight, but the others might not be."
Wave her off too.
Let's visit a park!


"I could join you for that, unless you feel you don't require any company."


I'm probably grinning like a maniac right now!
"Look at it, Silver! Look! It's so shiny!"


I trot over to the Neighponese embassy with my papers at the ready.


"Oh so much.
There's the Royal District, there's the markets, there's the zebra quarter, the Freedom Festival is going on right now. I think you guys were invited to the Mages Academy as well sometime?
Or you could just trot around and see what you find.


She shrugs.
"You can come, but making arrangements can be boring."

"Just like home!"

The receptionist at the Embassy is a cold looking Neighponese mare wearing a kimono.
"Next prease."



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well, perhaps I shall explore instead then."
I'll join Snacks and Star to the academy.


Shudder at the thought of freaky magic.
"I like festivals, let's go there!"


"Hi, my name is shortcake. I'm here for the cooking contest?"
I show her my papers.


"Let's go inside to see what it's like!"
Approach the building and salute the guards before we enter.


You can't find the large park you've heard so much about.
So you settle down near one of the waterways of the Lauren for some refreshment.
Inferni is looking bad.
A stallion passes by.
"Is your chicken okay?"

The Academy is one of the largest buildings in the Royal District, except for the Palace itself.
You enter the marble and glass halls and see many unicorns in robes, discussing magic.
Magical servants float through the halls, no doubt doing some job for their masters.
The unicorn at the reception greets you.

In one of the lower districts, the flags of the town of Dixie hangs high and country music fills the air.
This is the freedom festival.
You see many gun sellers and a shooting range has been installed.
Merchants are selling cheap hayburgers.

She looks it over.
"Yes. Yes. This all looks okay."
She makes a few notes.
"The Lord makes the challenging chef face of against one of his own chefs.
I'll have to make an appointment for you.
How does tomorrow afternoon sound?"

They salute back.
The inside is shiny, the sunlight breaks into thousands of colored rays through the crystal walls.
A crystal mare is at the reception.


Trot over.
"Hi! I'm Amber!"


"He's a phoenix, not a chicken."


I grin.
"Snack and friends are here for research, it is urgent."


Wow, unicorn central. I've never seen so many unicorns without chains on together!
"Good morning, darling."


"Hello, Amber.
What's your family name?"

"Could have fooled me."
He trots away.
Another stallion walks closer.
"Excuse me, I couldn't help but hear you have a phoenix?"

"Are you members of the Academy?"

"Good morning. Are you with this Diamond Dog?"



I look at LightHeart and Stare before looking back at the clerk.


Nod at pat the head of Inferni. Keep him in my lap.
"I do. He is molting now, so he will feel a bit sick until his cycle starts over."


I smile and pipe in.
"Yes, darling. I am a member and these are two of my assistants. As he said, we are here for research purposes. It is rather urgent, so forgive us for not warning you of our arrival sooner."
Con Artist.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I nod.
"That sounds fine."




There's an unfinished conversation with Vilina, would you wish to continue it or autoresolve it by her grinning slyly and walking off?

"Yes, our Academy grounds are only open to certified members. I'd need to see your member badges…"
"Quilt!" another pony shouts as she passes by.
It's one of the ponies you met while capturing Cerebus.
"These are the ponies I talked to you about. The ones who have seen the Draconequus."
Quilt gives you all a grin. "Well why didn't you say so? Here, you should carry these visitor badges with you at all times while on the Academy grounds, our golems might grow hostile otherwise."
She hoofs all of you an emerald with an insignia of Starswirl.

"Such a magnificent creature, even in his most inactive times. You are blessed to have such a companion. I'm one of the acolytes at the Elementarium, our humble shrine to the Elements in Canterlot. We'd all be honored if you'd visit us."

She hoofs you 5 forms.
"I'll need your hoof on all of these."

"And Silver Blood." says Silver
"Amber Stone…" the receptionist goes through a list. "Ah you made it just in time, you have been scheduled to meet with Lord of Justice Shining Dove in fifteen minutes. Let me show you to his office."
She gets up and walks up a few stairs.


Cerberus? They mentioned something about that. I remember seeing that thing in the afterlife.

I give her a polite smile and take my badge.
"Thank you."
Waiting on Lemon from here on out.


"Fifteen minutes!? That's cutting it really close."
Go after her.


Perk up with a smile.
"Oh? I was looking for the shrine to the elements, but couldn't find it! I'd be happy if you could show me there!"


I'd rather she leave me flustered and take off laughing, thanks. Continuing that conversation would be awkward for all parties involved.
As for Canterlot… Well, I suppose first I should be sure that all our retainers are well off. Vilina, Star, Iris, and Tulip. If they've already left, then that cuts down on the ponies I need to talk to.


"I have some other things to check out. I'll take a badge if I can make it back in time."

Where is the Gryphon Consulate? I should at least find out what Lord Goldenbeak would have me do.


"It is right on time.
These kinds of orders came from the Crystal Palace itself.
Princess Cadance tends to know these things."
You walk up a crystal stairs with a map of the crystal empire in stained glass.

"I'd be happy too.
It seems the flow of the Elements might have sent me to the right place once again."

"The badge of a visitor will destruct itself if you leave the Academy grounds. I'll keep yours for when you'd like to enter."
The Gryphon Consolate is a bit isolated from the other buildings. A wooden building built like a nest on the mountain slope.
You'll have to fly inside. Your contact griffon Lord Goldbeak mentioned was a griffoness called Hilde of House Larsa.

Most ponies have left.
>You could join Iris with Soil to the Freedom Festival
>You could join Tulip and Vilina as she makes arrangements for your stay
>You could join Star, Snacks, LH to the Academy (currently inactive)
Or you could explore on your own.

Sure thing, these ponies told the party to mention they saw the draconequus, you couldn't know.


"The crystal palace!? Really!? Oh gosh!"


"Ah, good to know for me and the others. Alright then, I'll be off."

I'll fly over there. Politics isn't my bag, but it looks like I got involved anyways.


Well, if everyone's off on their own, so to speak, then I can be on mine. Off to the library. I'd assume the Royal Library is off limits to most travelers, but I can at least see if I can't get a pass for it.


Stand up.
"Lead the way then!
Oh, my name is Mabel. Nice to meet you."


"Yes, there's been quite a few such orders lately. It probably has to do with…well I suppose this matter is best discussed with the Lord Shining Dove."
She points you to an office with some chairs next to the door.
"Please wait here. He'll be with you shortly."

There are royal guards at the door.
There's a female griffon at the door to greet you.
"Hail, how can I help you?"

There are many libraries, the one in the Academy is the largest but you need a pass.
You could also go to the Royal Library that's open for everypony.

"Smooth Spice. The pleasure is mine. Follow me."
He walks further.
"You a long-time worshipper of the Elements?"


I'll try the Royal Library first, since that's open to everyone and I don't need to go through the hassle of a pass.


"My name is Queren Pico, and I am here, to uhh, just get some news from the homelands and complete some work I was given. Did I come at a bad time?"


I nod and go sit down on one of the chairs.
… Is it wobbly? I probably can't sit still at all!
"Isn't this exciting? Did you hear what she said? The crystal palace!"


1 so wobbly you tumble down.
10 very comfy chair, but you move around on it anyway
"I can't believe it! How did they know we'd be here? We told we'd be going to Canterlot, but not when."

The Royal Library is a large white building near the Royal District. There's a statue of Starswhirl the Bearded outside.
There are levels and levels of books and many ponies browsing them. What were you looking for?

"No, not at all.
News from home is worrying to say the least.
House Isin of Western Hyperborea has been gathering more support from the lesser western Houses for an incursion into Northern Equestria to retake the White Vale.
And the Eastern Houses are opposing it, but Isin is getting more and more support for the moment. Yes, I'm hoping I get to keep my job here."
She smiles grimly.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well, let's hit the librarian's desk, and inquire about any books pertaining to the town of Dawnwood.


Amber shoves the chair around so much she and the chair tumble to the ground.
The door opens right at that moment and a regal looking crystal stallion sticks his head out.


Get up and pretend nothing ever happened

Roll #1 10 = 10


"This is much easier and cozier than my usual fieldwork. Plus, I like lots of the ponies I met. I wouldn't want them getting hurt."

"Sorry to keep you, but I'm also supposed to meet with a Hilde, of House Larsa. Is this Gryphon available, or did I show up late again?"


Roll for book

You jump up like a cat and salute.
He looks over both of you.
"Warden Amber and Warden Blood?"

"Hilde? We have no one with that name here.
I think you better leave. Have a complimentary map of Canterlot, courtesy of our Embassy."
She gives you a closed map.




Roll #1 10 = 10


"I have been holding great respect for Nature for a long time now, but I haven't focused on the elements until recently."


"Heh? Okay, maybe I came in to close to lunch time, sorry about that. And thanks for the map, I guess."

I'll head outside and take to the skies before I open the map. I might as well go shopping and it should have the stores marked.


It does.
There's also a scribbled note on the map with an X at Aurora Square and "7PM. Don't be late".

He nods.
"There are few who venture into the realms of the elements. Many content themselves with looking towards the whole system of nature rather than looking behind and seeing the mechanism that fuel it."

You find a book on the history of Dawnwood and an archive of the local newspapers.


>Lemon look here


Suddenly gasp!
"Iris! We gotta bring Indy to that other pony!"


"Yes! I'm Amber! Hello!"
Grin like nothing happened.


I examined the insignia, what is it made of?
I then look at LightHeart and Star.
"Now, where do ponie's want to start?"


"The Draconequus or Dragon sections may not be a bad place to start, sugar."


The visitor pass is an inscribed emerald.
The receptionist speaks up.
"The group researching the draconequus can be found in the Solaris wing. They'll be more than happy to see you."

Iris perks a brow.
"Who? You mean Twilight?"

He opens the door.
"Please come in, have a seat."


Trot inside and take a seat as told.


I nod at LH.
"Right, its time to find know more about our enemy."
Lets head to the Solaris wing of the archives.

"Uhhmm… who are those who will be happy to see us exactly?"


"Yeah! The one Applejack told us about!"


"Very good, thank you."
Solaris wing it is then.


I guess honesty is key.
Show my hoof to her.
"I've been to the Realm of Fire and talked to Lord Pyrrus himself already."


How fortuitous. Let's go through the book first. Take it to a table, and begin reading.


He looks at it.
"Fascinating, I am in awe.
Not many can say they've been marked by one of the Lords of Fire."

You're already walking to the Solaris wing, so you'd have to go back to ask the receptionist that question.
If you continue to Solaris, please roll to not get lost.

What exactly do you want to know?

"Oh, then we'd have to go to the Academy!"


What do you take me for, some kind of an ignorant tourist?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Let's avoid the freaky mages though!"


Well, let's start with where it used to be, before it ended up in the Bag.


Its not like there's anything bad that is going to happen, we are inside a library after all.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"He sent Inferni, the phoenix to me in my time of need as well. I am honored to bear his mark."


"Uh, you wanted to speak to us?"


I think you're confusing Dawnwood, the birthplace of Iris and Selena with Greenville, the town in your bag.
Okay if we retcon you searching for books on Dawnwood, to books on Greenville?

He overlooks some papers.
"Do you know why you are here?"

"There are one or two fire priestesses in the Elementarium, I'll introduce them to you."
You reach a forest. Near the slopes of the mountain, there's a cave. The entrance is marked with the symbols of the elements.
"The Elementarium is old. More than a thousand years ago this place was already old and ponies came here."

The way is marked.
The Solaris wing seems to be very close to the Royal Palace.
The entrance is marked with the Sun.
Two Day guards stand there.
"Halt, what business do you have here?"

"I think that might be hard."


Huh. In my notes, it said Dawnwood.
In that case, yes, we're looking for Greenville.


"Research and reading." I smile.


Grumble a bit.
"Let's go anyway. Gotta talk with her!"


"Not really, but it has to be important! Whatever it is, we're ready to help!"


Show my pass.
"We are here to perform research on one Draconequus."


"I'd love to meet them."
"I didn't really consider myself a priestess though."


Maybe it was a typo on my side, in which case I'm sorry.
You find a book about it.
Greenville had been founded approximately 400 years ago near the Galloping Gorge.
A small town, it depended mostly on its agricultural industry and traveling merchants.
Approximately 200 years ago, these merchants visiting the town found the town had disappeared, including its citizens.
There was a official investigation done by the Inquisition but no official explanation is known to this day.
An old pony comes to sit in front of you. He looks up over his glasses. "Reading history?"

"It is important. But not in the way you think.
You both have been deemed worthy to be knighted by the Highest."

They look over the passes.
"Very well."
He guides you inside.
There are a number of mages and military running around the books and discussing.
In the middle of the hall is a large table and a map of Equestria.
A purple unicorn pony is looking it over.
A yellow pony with pink mane is with her, Snacks would recognize her as Cloudy Skies.
She waves to Snacks. "Hey!…Oh dear, where all your friends? Nothing happened to them, I hope."

Roll to find it.

"What's in a name?"
You enter the dark cavern, it ends in a large circular hall painted white.
There's a shrine to Mother Nature in the center.
There are four other shrines towards the sides, forming a circle.


Go wide eyed and gulp
"… W-what?"


I'll nod.
"I admit I'm usually a bit curious about strange cases. Greenville particularly has piqued my interest of late."


How hard can it be?

Roll #1 1 = 1


I brighten up.
"Ah! You're the pony back at Silverhaze!" I go over her and shake her hoof.
"Snack and the others are fine and exploring the cities, Snack hope those spiders under pony's care are fine." I smile..

I then look at Star and Light Heart.
"Snack think Yellow pony has not meet Snacks new companions, this is Star, a learned gem pony scholar and this is Lightheart an adventurer extraordanaire from far away Dixie."



Give the mare a polite nod of the head.
"Enchanted to meet you, darling."


Silver seems stricken as well.
Dove continues.
"Yes, the order, as always happens when a paladin is knighted, came directly from the Crystal Palace.
Now, this means, that as Wardens you both have accomplished something that gained the attention of the Lady of Love herself.
Do you know what that is?"
He grabs a paper and a quilt.

"Oh Greenville, shame what happened to it, isn't it? One of the big unexplained mysteries."

As you walk, a goat grabs one of Iris bags and starts running!

"Pleasure to meet all of you. My name is Fluttershy. I wanted you to meet me here so you could give your account of the dragon to my friend Twilight."


Not if I can pancake him!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Yes. One wonders what ever happened to it, though with the amount of magic in the world, it's rather a surprise that no one's figured it out yet."


I look at her.
"Fluttershy… but we call you Cloudy Skies back then."
I then look at Twilight and FS.
"… about the dragon, Snack can tell about it specially those times when it escape the Silverhaze mines, but as of now our group dont know where undead dragon has gone too…"


"May I?"

Approach the fire shrine


I might be a bit sweaty and pale right now
"I… we just did our duty as warders and followers of the Savior… We did fight those evil cultists in Everfree though… That was pretty good work!
I didn't expect we'd be noted so quickly!"


This isn't my territory. I've only heard tales of that dragon, so I'll keep quiet.


You engage the Mighty Shield and bump the goat right off the road.
He drops the bag and starts running.

"Many magical mysteries in the world….
There were a few farms in Greenville you know.
The sweetest mares were living there, not like these city mares."

"Yes I apologize for that. It was necessary for my security."
Twilight steps up.
"Hello, I'm Archmage Twilight Sparkle, but call me Twilight, it's easier.
Here we are studying and following the movements of the Draconequus, I need to know everything all of you know about it. Every detail."

As you approach the temperature markedly increases.
The shrine is colored a bright red.
At the top is a red sun.
Beneath it, seven busts of the Fire Lords.
In the middle, bigger than the others is a grand bust of a living flame, it's eyes clear and sharp even for stone. It is marked "Itumno the Bright"
On both sides of him are 3 smaller busts each.
You see one of Pyrrus the Shining.
The others are marked as well.
Before each bust is a cauldron with a fire.
There's a zebra meditating before one of them.
Inferni perks up as you walk here.

"There must be something special.
We mark these occasions in the annals of our order. I need to know about it in detail, before we can proceed."


Rush after him!

Roll #1 5 = 5


VS '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You've been to Greenville before?"


Think long and hard for a moment.
"… Well we did do that sacred ritual to kill the prince of darkness. Oh, we also went to the afterlife to revive some friends of ours, does that count too?"





Silently approach the bust of Pyrrus, so I don't disturb the zeeb.
I'll pay honor to the others as well, but first thing first.
Sit down, and put Inferni in my lap.
"I feel it too. It's amazing."


I nod.
"Snack can give the details but Snack is not the sharpest of the bunch. Snacks companions Warren, Amber, Poor Soil and Iris can give additional information."
I then sit down.
"As for the undead dragon, Snack and the party encounters the thing when all of us lands in the mining town of Silver Haze, creatures comes out of the ancient diamond doge mines and began pestering the citizen. At first we though it is a straightforward job but it turns out some towns people are in cahoots with some pony dragon cultist who worships it and do malevolent things inside like sacrificial rites and stuff."
I then cringe a bit.
"The… green icor, smoke or something that the dragon breathes is quite toxic, but also potent that some of the dragon cultist turns to something… more than a normal pony. Weapons hurts them less and they are hard to put down… not to mention they are not who they are and has turned crazed, its something Snack didnt know that ponies are capable of doing to themselves and their own kin." I gulp.
I then scratch my head trying to recollect everything.
"We are too late to stop the cultist and it came out bursting out of the mines, with green smoke and green eyes as it roars into the sky and heads…. north if Snack is correct."

Is that everything? Try to remember more details.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Look to Snacks expectantly.


I turn to LightHeart.
"Snack is sure that the undead dragon and whatever those dragon cultists are up to no good whereever they go. If they find another solitude cave, they may try to recruit and spread… its quite frightening come to think of it." I frown.
I then think for a moment.

"If Snack is correct, Zona. A friend of Snack and the group, goes and joins a band of inquisitors… Snack assumes that she is to hunt the dragon cultist… Snack is not sure… though Snack hopes she is safe."


The goat, battered by your shield, nimbly jumps and climbs up a building.
You can still try to follow him on foot and surprise him as he comes down.

"You could say that."
His voice turns very familiar.

"Tell me about both of those."

The fire burns brightly.
Filling you with energy and hope.

Twilight nods.
"Interesting…do you have any idea what it wants to do?"


Take a deep breath, close my eyes and meditate.


Can I recount them or do I need to type it out?


Just say you recount them


Alright, recount both events to as much detail as I can remember to the nice shiny pony. Unless Silver wants to pipe in as well


I blink twice.
"Uhhmmm… uhh… spread evil? So far the cultist did plan to take over Silver-haze so the cultists are a problem…. as for the dragon, Snack is not sure. Snack dont know if cultists take orders from the dragon or they are the one's who controls it. Its a mystery." I frown.
I then tilt my head as I eye this purple pony, she kinda looks weak for a pony.
"Is twily pony knowledgeable about dragon?"




"I was wondering when you'd show up, to be honest."


Nah, I will try to cut him off!
Run ahead!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Time to talk to Warren while we're on the train!


I'll look up from a book I was reading.
"Yes? What's up, Amber?"


Sit down next to you and grin.
"Just checking in to see if you're doing okay."


"I'm doing fine, thank you."
I'll close the book.
"Though I'm curious as to why you think I need 'checking in on.' Have I done something to make you worry?"


"Your wings are gone, that's pretty worrisome! I'd be pretty sad if they took away my shiny coat!"


I'll give a small smile.
"That. And it does take some getting used to, but I've still got my legs. And my wings will come back eventually."


Wrap a hoof around you and pull you in a sideway hug
"Don't let it get you down. That was a really good and selfless deed for Vilina. She won't ever forget that!"


"I dare say she won't. I just hope she's not getting the wrong idea about why I did it, though. It might get awkward if she gets a bit more serious about what she started at that dance before we left."


I cock my head
"What did she do?"


Knock first before peeking inside.
"Canterlot in a few days it seems ponie's. Hope anyone is not nervous." I smile, obviously worried myself.


I'll cough a little uncomfortably.
"Well, let's just say that decided to tease me a little."
A distraction. Thank dog.
"I'm fairly ready, Snacks. How about yourself?"


"Did she make a dirty joke!?"

"Huh? Why would I be nervous?"


"What? No, no."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"And why are dirty jokes the first thing you think of?"


I enter and sat down as I grab the complimentary jug of orange juice and began to drink.
"Snack feels worried… not all ponies are used to dogs. Snack has seen how other ponies react to dogs. What if city ponies stare at me? Snack dont want group to be cast out because of Snack."

"Dirty jokes? Right now?" I grit my teeth as I shiver.


I'll wave my hoof a little dismissively.
"I sincerely doubt that the city ponies will make too much of a fuss. You're only one dog, and you're a charming fellow besides. And if they make us outcasts, well, that's their loss."


I gulp.
"Good for Amber that she can take it, Snack is worried."

I look at you.
"But we have a mission, if we are cast out then its our lost too." I frown.


"Not necessarily. After all, the only ponies we need to be on our side, really, are the ones with any sort of power. Froofy nobles aren't who we're going to be speaking with."


I shrug.
"I dunno, I just think she's not afraid of telling dirty jokes."

"Well we're tourists, tourists always stand out!"


"She isn't, but that's not what she did."


"What did she do then? Tell me! Tell me!"
Jump up and down on the seat


"Why are you so curious?"
I'll inch back a little.
"It wasn't terribly interesting, at any rate."


I nod.
"Understood, Snack is just too worried."

"Snack just hope Canterlot is welcoming, Snack has never been to a big pony city."


"It's a decent worry to have, but I'm sure everything will turn out fine."


"I bet it was, that's why you're avoiding it! Tell me! Tell me tell me tell me tell me!"

"If you went up north to the crystal capital, you'd get a ton of stares because dogs aren't common!"


I'll start to sweat a little.
"R-really, you wouldn't be interested in the slightest. It was boring business stuff."


Poke you in the ribs.
"I don't believe you!"


I turn to you.
"How about Warren what does he feel?"

I smile.
"…. Snack has plans to visit with Star… one day that is"


"I don't have to admit anything anyway!"
I'll quickly open my book, upside-down, and on the completely wrong page, and then become very interested in it.


"I feel like there's going to be a lot to do in Canterlot, even if we didn't have a dragon to warn them about, so we shouldn't wear ourselves out worrying about what other ponies will think."


I scrunch.
"Your book is upside down! What are you doing you dummy?"

"It's the greatest city in the world, it won't disappoint!"


"I'm evading the question, that's what."
Blushing slightly, I'll fumble the book trying to get it to face right-side up.
"Blasted hooves…"


I nod.
"Snack do plan to do that, such things must not be left. It can upturn the balance of nature and if that happens it can only lead to misery for everyone, ponie's gryphons, doge's… and everyone alike."


I then recline.
"…. will it be cold there? Snack will need to catch more bears to make more bear cloaks."


I'll nod.
"Besides, if nothing else most ponies would probably just think of you as 'delightfully exotic', since I doubt the city ponies get out that much."


"But why? Are you angry? Did you get into a fight with her!?"

"I don't think it's very cold within the city. Outside it's very cold during the winter though!"


"Quite the opposite. She…"
I'll sigh.
"Look, she invited me back to her room, alright? That's it. It flustered me."


I tilt my head a bit confused.

"Snack see's, Snack better ready some plans if the time come's." I smile.


"Some ponies find other races… exotic, Snacks. That's how hippogryphs and such are born, you know. Some pony takes a liking to a gryphon, and then…"
I'll let that trail off.


"… Why? There's no reason to get flustered over that!"


"It is when I don't know if she's doing it out of a sense of being in debt for us bringing her back, or if she actually likes me, or if she's just playing around and flustering me because it's funny."
I'll rub my nose for a moment.
"I mean, I'd be flattered if she really did like me, but if it's out of a sense of debt or something, then I can't help but feel that it would make everything awkward. Not to mention I'm not completely sure of my own feelings, so I can't answer her honestly."
Readjusting my monocle, I'll lock eyes with Amber.
"Does that answer your question?"


I gulp.
"I.. is that true? Snack dont know if something can happen…. Snack dont know." I look down.


I scrunch again.
"I'm confused! She just invited you to her room! Why is that bad or awkward?"


"Well, with the right magic, anything is possible. Hippogryphs are rare, though, possibly only the stuff of myth. I've never met one, after all."
I'll sigh again.
"Amber, what do you think two adult ponies do together in a room, alone, and at night?"


"… Is this a trick question? Sleep!"



I'll just give you a blank look.
"I envy your naivete, honestly I do."
I'll clear my throat a bit.
"But I'm fairly certain that what she had intended, or hinted at, was something more along the lines of what Soil and Iris do. Though with less broken beds."


"… O-Oh."
I blush.
"I forgot about that! I didn't realize you two… oh!"


"We're not. I'm not… it was probably just her teasing me, that's all."


"W-Well are you sure that's what she wanted? Silver and I are adults too and we haven't…"
I trail off


"Well, you two are partners and not lovers, right? I don't know how it works for crystal paladins, and if they're forbidden from, well… dating or marrying their partners, but I can't imagine Silver hiding his affections to well if he has them."


"… perhaps one day… if she feels its the right time that is." I smile

I look down and blush.
"Oh… Snack didnt know Amber is kind of…"




"We're paladins of Cadance, we're allowed to marry and everything."
I scrunch.
"I don't know how Silver feels about it!"



"Have you ever asked?"


"No! I don't think about those kind of things!"


"Its weird that Amber still feels a bit worried of Silver's feeling since Snack always see both ponies quite happy with each other." I smile.


"I meant have you ever asked how he feels about it. I mean, you two make a good couple, and a strong pair."


"I don't want to mess up and upset him or something though!"

"He thinks so too, and so do I! We're great partners!"


"And have you never considered making it more than just professional? Has Silver never mentioned that he might like you as… more than a partner?"


"Its fine to know what someone thinks of particular subjects and such or else pony wont know if partner is upset about subject or not, that is how Snack and Star do it, that is why Snack now know more about Star since we exchange things that makes us happy and makes us sad."


I blush
"W-well we kissed once! We're pretty much each other's special somepony and partners!"

"We've had some talks back in Ponyville. I learned a lot about him!"


"Then tell me what upsets him?" I close my arm.


"Oh? Good for him. But have you ever walked down the street while holding tails? Shared meals, slept in the same bed, or even gone on a date?"


"I'm not sure if I should share such private information, because that would probably be something that upsets him!"

"… No…"


"Does that mean that Amber knows what can upset Silver then?" I smile.
"If so then that is good if that is true."


"Well, then it sounds like you've got something to do in Canterlot aside from paladin business, then! I'm sure he's waiting for the right moment to ask you on a date, but you might be able to get the jump on him by asking first. And you can get Tulip to help you with picking out good date locations, too!"


"I don't know everything…"

"Paladin business is very important! We don't want to disappoint Cadance by lollygagging around when there's work to be done!"


"But wouldn't Cadence be disappointed that her loyal paladins aren't deepening their bond of love and trust with each other? I mean, going on a romantic date in Canterlot, showing the ponies there that there's no love quite like that of two paladins of the Crystal Princess?"


"That is fine, knowing one's partner is part of the relationship. It will come in time as far as Snack knows, even Snack and Star is knowing more of each other… even somethings that even both of us dont know of each other." I grin


"M-maybe! But maybe Silver is planning something already! I should probably wait for his move!"
Try to look confident in what I just said

"It is pretty important to know your own strengths and weaknesses."


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"He's already asked you on a date?"


"… no. But he still might!"


"So… any other plans besides the mission you and Silver want to do in Canterlot?"

I then look at you.
"How about you Warren pone? Any plans for Canterlot?"


"Well, hope does spring eternal."
I'll give a small smile.
"Though, sometimes a mare has to take charge in a relationship, Amber. He might be waiting for you to ask."
"I've got a few things I need to research, but other than that I doubt I have much of anything planned. Outside of informing the royals there about the dragon."


"How can you know!?"

"Yeah Warren, any plans with Vilina?"
Innocent-yet-teasing look.


"I don't. Which is why you should ask."
I'll shuffle a bit.
"And no, I don't. I'm not even sure how I'm going to handle her, one way or the other."


I look at Warren.




I move in close and 'whisper' loudly in your ear
"Maybe you two should kiss."


I try to connect.
"So… you and her?" I scratch my head


My ears will flip down.
"That's… probably not going to happen."
"No, we're not… together in that sense, but she might think that way, or be trying to settle the debt for bringing her back, or something, so I don't know. I'll be honest here and say I've never really had much experience with mares like her."


"Why not!?"


"Because I can't just go around kissing ponies that I'm not completely sure how I feel about yet!"


"Why? Is there something wrong?"


"Vilina is nice, isn't she? You gave up your wings for her!"


"Well, if she's just offering because I gave up my wings to bring her back, then that's not… right."
"Exactly. And if I take advantage of any feeling of debt she might have about that, then that would make me a bad pony."


I then look at the two of you.
"But what if she genuinely fallen? Is there a way to tell?"


"I don't think she would feel that way!"


"If there is, I don't know it."
"Be that as it may, I can't really sort things out in my head. So for now I'm just going to set all that trouble aside and focus on things I can do. Like research."


"You shouldn't just focus on work, you told me so earlier!"


"Yes, but… this is one of those 'do as I say and not as I do' sorts of things. It's a terrible failing that I can't follow my own advice, but really, there's no way that I could pursue that line of thought without it getting incredibly awkward for everyone involved."


"Stop making up excuses!"


I scratch my chin.
"Hmmm…. Snack has no idea about this… perhaps there are 'love experts' that may know more about these kind of things."
I glance at Amber.


"Well, I'm not as honest about my feelings as you are, Amber. I've never been."
I'll just sigh again.
"At any rate, this is why I didn't want to say anything. I don't want this turning into a bigger deal than it is."
"I'd much rather try to muddle it out on my own…"


"… but what if she is the one?" I gulp.


"Then I'll either realize it myself, or she'll realize it for me and make sure I hear about it."


I fold my arms.
"True…. "
"….. if Snack has not come to the rescue… then perhaps Snack has not met her that fateful day…. "


"Fate's a tricky thing, Snacks. I just hope it stays kind to you."


"Snack wont let this blessing of mine slip by… so as you. It is better to know more and talk more to her to see… if what she feels is true or not." I look at you curiously.


"I suppose. But there will be time for that later, after we're in Canterlot. No sense on making the train ride unpleasant by making a fool of myself."


I grin.
"That is Warren's pony choice then. Snack is just here to tell Warren that he has his chance and must take it if he can.|"


"Taking chances is all well and good, but I'm quite comfortable being friends for now, until I sort all this out."


"Then Snack wont bother Warren about it, its Warren pony's decision after all."
I then recline.
"Has Warren been to Canterlot?"


I'll shake my head.
"This would be the first time I've been, actually. I wager it will be quite the experience."


"Everyone appears to be its their first time, Snack has heard of Canterlot but if it is the city that Snack has head of in the tales then it will be impossible to explore the whole city in one week… or even a month!"


"Well, who knows how long we have there? We should make the most of it while we can. We could have a month, or just a day, but we should try to enjoy ourselves."


I then look at you.
"By the way, that black box that we have… ? Should we have that checked too?"


"I doubt it could hurt. Though it hasn't caused any trouble since Anarchy activated it… do you suppose we broke it when we killed those… things that came out of it?"


I shrug
"Snack dont know, but if we did then that is good. That thing creep Snack out."
"Nonetheless we need someone to have it check it up."


I'll nod.
"But who would we even mention it to? The magic academy? The princess? The local paladin regiment?"


I ponder.
"Mage academy sounds good but Snack is not too sure."
Perhaps after Tela wakes up.~
Also got to eat.


See you later.


Roll +2

The commander silently notes everything down.
"Now, do you know how a Knighting goes?
Are you aware of the ceremonial procedures?"

She points to the map.
"We've tracked its movements, it has settled in the northeastern mountains for now. But every scout going there doesn't come back.
We were hoping you could tell us more.
Any idea of its name?"

"I was getting my hair done."
He strokes his mane.
"Do you like it?"

You close him down and cut him off as he comes off the houses.


Do I? I forget.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I scratch my head.
"Its name is Ner'Ghal…. ? If Snack correctly remembers. Does Twily pony heard of Dragons name?"



Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Knightings take place in the Crystal Capital.
The Wardens take their oaths before Cadance herself.
Often family and friends are invited to observe.
Afterwards there's a gala for the newly knighted.

"Hmmm, perhaps…"
She turns to you.
"I'll level with you. Our records on dragons have been tampered with."

You feel at ease.
"The Fire accepts you."
A voice says.


Open my eyes.
Who said it?


"I know some of the general details, sure!"


I stare at Star then to Twilight.
"How? What does it mean?"


Growl at him menacingly.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"So you are aware the Knighting is traditionally held in the Crystal Capital?"

You look around and see a cloaked zebra near the fire. His hooves are into the fire without any visible damage.

Star looks up.
"It means somepony might be working together with the dragon!"

You come closer, growling, but slip over an unfortunately placed banana peel and smash right into him.
You're both on the ground, you on top of him.


"Yes sir!"


This is not a kart circuit, what are bananas doing here!
Stand up and keep him pinned.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Stop rolling pls.
You have the advantage, you're way stronger than him.
Let's just get through this before we start critfailing again.


"Inside the city?" I gulp then look around.
"T.. that is bad! We must tell the others and warn the whole city! If not perhaps tell the princess ponies!"
I then look at twilight.
"Well at least one princess pony already know already."


Twilight is not a princes in MH


Strong pony.
Poke him on the chest.
"What was that for?!"


Twilight shakes her head.
"No, no, you can't tell anypony in the city.
This must stay a secret until we can find the traitor."

He wriggles a bit.
"Let me go!"

"Would you like to return to the Empire?"


Frown at him.
"Who are you?"


"I see it accepts you as well."


"Well of course, my family lives there. I won't stay in Equestria forver, the empire is my home!"


I then rest my head on the table and look at Lightheart, Star and the two leading pone's.
"If that traitor has access to the magical library then it means pony traitor also has this." I showed Twilight the visitor badge….
"If not this one then perhaps something that identify traitor and allow him or her to access the confines of this library."


"It's a vision."
I'll idly flip a few pages in the Greenville book.
"So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"


"I'm nogoat. Just another goat trying to feed a few kids!"

"Yes. You shouldn't try it.
The fire has not accepted you that much yet.
The cleansing would still be painful."

"Mmmh, unfortunately you'll have to stay in Equestria a while longer."

"The crystals aren't showing anything.
We think it's one of the mages, but we can't be sure.
We wanted to ask all of you to discretely look around if you can't find any clues…"

"I forgot my bag."


"That you did. And you'll get it back, as we agreed. There will even be stardust in it."


"I didn't mean to.
What exactly is the cleansing?"


"So… no promotion yet?"


"That's a bad way to do that!
You feed kids by making apples!"


I nod to twilight.
"We shall try our best…. but where to start looking for clue's?"


He looks up and looks you over.
"Promotion…interesting choice of word.
A knighting is much more than a promotion, young one.
You are officially inducted into the Order by blessing of the Highest.
You will be counted amongst one of Cadance's Chosen.
And you call it a mere promotion?"

"Most of us clean themselves with water.
Fire is a more effective cleaner.
Where fire threads, all impurities turn to ash.
It is not a cleansing for the weak however."

He bleats.
"I have to buy apples here, doofus!"

"Ask around, maybe somepony saw something. Or keep an eye on the archives, perhaps somepony left a clue or is going there again…"


"Leave here, double doofus!"
Push off him and let him go.


"I am not weak."
Sound determined.


"Snack would like to explore the library though, it may have clue's."
I then look at Lightheart and Star.
"Should we split up on looking around? It may hasten the search but Snack is not sure it will be safer since the aggresor may caught scent of us."


Star nods.
"I can go look elsewhere."
I think you'll have to talk to Groves to get him here.

He bleats and runs off amongst the houses.
City folk…..

"Yes you are.
I can smell it from here."


I scrunch.
"They called us becoming Warders a promotion too. That's what the word means! Advancement of a position in a hierarchy!"


Goats are all kinds of crazy.
City goats even more.
Back to Iris, she's been waiting long enough.


"Yes, and you will have many promotions in your life, but this particular one is more.
It is a break of your old life and an induction into a new one."

She's waiting for you.
"Did you get him?!?"


"Yeah. Told him to get apples and let him go."


He looks at his hoof.
"Or you could just give it to me now.
Easier that way."


Raise a brow.
"I can't smell strenght just yet, I have to admit."


"Easier doesn't always mean it's right, you know. As you're aware, while we had an agreement on the bag and the stardust, our agreement did not cover the other contents of the bag. The village of Greenville will be returned to its place in the world."
I'll close the book.
"I'd think you'd appreciate the chaos that would come about from a centuries-old village adapting to the modern day."


Who goes there?



"Twilight suspects there is a spy amongst the cult of the undead dragon that has been tampering with the records of the celestial records, covering their tracks. If Snack and pone's find him… or her then we may be able to put a stop to this."

"Snack plans to search this library, how about LightHeart what does she want to do?"


"To be quite frank, I haven't the slightest clue what this is all about, darling. I thought we were here to investigate this Anarchy fellow of yours, not an undead dragon. Still, I could help with your witch hunt."


She scrunches.
"Good thing you were here…"

"Please, do not take my words as an insult.
Your phoenix is a sign your potential is there.
But I'm pointing out there's still a long way to go.
Fire asks the impossible of its adepts, you should not feel embarrassed that you are still weak compared to what Fire demands."


"Okay okay, no knighting yet then!"


Smile a bit, proud of myself, and trot to her side.
"Let's go, okay?"


I turn to Twilight
"If Twilight and Flutter would lend their ear and allow LightHeart to speak, LightHeart pony might give you details about another menace that is as threatening as the undead cult."


"Nah, I'd rather keep it."
He sighs and rubs his temples.
"Am I to understand you won't hoof it over right now?"

"Is something bothering you?"

Time for the academy!
You arrive at the academy.
A hundred ponies in robes are here and this is just the entrance.
The recepionist asks how she can help you.

"What's the matter?"


Perk up happily.
"I wanna see Twilight!"


"Huh? Not really. I mean I guess there's Anarchy and the dragon, but that bothers pretty much everyone. I was just saying, if you want us to stay in Equestria we can't very well get knighted in the crystal capital, right?"


"That is the thrust of it, yes. But, I am a pony of my word. You will get it back, as well as a good portion of stardust to cause mischief with, as we agreed originally."
I'll adjust my monocle.
"This will be, of course, after Greenville is restored. And I get the dragon skeleton I put in there out."


"There is always room to improve, I've learned that a long time ago.
And I am not insulted. In fact… I don't suppose you know how to progress on that way?"


I gulp.
"As LIghtHeart pony reminds Snack, there is a deadly being… known as Anarchy that has hounded and attacked our group back then. A 'draquenesque, being of chaos that has caused trouble both to our group and to others surely."


"I believe the correct term would be 'draconequus', but yes. He was causing trouble in Ponyville as it turns out."


"Everypony does.
Do you have a reason for seeing her besides that?"

He's silent for a few more moments before continuing.
"Yes, actually since so many young promising Wardens are currently serving in Equestria, the Saviour has decided to exceptionally move the Knighting to Canterlot.
It will happen at the Royal Palace, the day after tomorrow.
Her Royal Highness is already meeting with the Equestrian Princesses."

"Warren, warren, warren, and to say I had such high hopes for you.
In any case, I need to get going."
He gets up.

"Please, sit."

"A drconequus?!? Have the paladin orders been informed?"


"Oh, yes! Indy!"
Point at the dragon on my back, trotting in place to show him off.
"Applejack told us to see Twilight and her dragon!"


"Uhhmmm…. Snacks companions Amber and Silver are both paladins of Kaydense. They may have gone to paladin school in Canterlot to tell but Snack is not sure yet."


Jump up!
"Princess Cadance is here in Canterlot!?!"


Sit down beside him.


Twilight and Flutters look utterly confused.
Star quickly jumps in.
"He says two of our companions are paladins and they have informed their fellow paladins here in Canterlot."

"And we'd like to talk about the dracolich" adds Iris.
The receptionist hoofs you three badges. Don't take them off while in the Academy.
You should go to the Solaris wing.

"Yes, she is."

"Why do you think my flesh can pass into fire unharmed?"


"I'm not terribly upset about betraying your expectations… though shouldn't that be what you had hoped for? Or am I simply being predictable?"
I'll open the book again.
"I do hope you don't cause too much trouble on your way out. After all, Canterlot is probably one of the more secure places in the world at the moment, so any aberrant behavior surely won't go unnoticed."


"She sounded nice."
Smile a bit and trot to the SOLARIIIIIIISSSSSSS wing.


He walks out without any trouble.
You note a little grin on his face.

You're with Snacks, LH and Star now.
Talking to Cloudy and a purple pone.


"Because you have mastered a technique that allows you to do so."


"Hey, you guys hanging here for fun or what?"


…Check my bag. See if that creep switched them while I was bantering.


"And she's safe here!??"


He shakes his head.
"Try again."

Your bag is still okay!

Cloudy waves.
"Hello Soil, this is Twilight."
She nods to the purple pony.

"Of course she is. We have a whole detachment of crystal paladins near the Palace. Not to mention the Day Guard and the Night Guard."


"Your willpower?"


Wave at Twilight!
Bump Indy off my back and onto the ground.
"Go on, introduce yourself!"


Still holds everything? Good.
Now, since I know where Greenville used to be, I can shelve that for now. Finding the spell to bring it out will have to wait. Now to look for a bestiary that has an entry on that weird thing I saw flying around inside the bag. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Soil!" I smile and approach.
"No fun for now, perhaps later after telling Cloudy and Twilight of the situations… about the monsters that has escaped."


"… Okay. Good! You can never know for sure with that undead dragon flying around and stuff!"


I smile at Indy and turn to Soil
"TWilight herself is good at knowing and identifying dragons."


I'm not sure if I can handle this much longer.
"Well, this certainly is getting crowded."


"Everything requires willpower to a degree, but I am only using it right now to hold up my hoof, not to keep the fire back."

"Now I shall explain to both of you what still needs to be done before the ceremony happens.
After the ceremony, I will redeploy you both into our ranks.
I believe commander Dust needs more hooves in Southern Equestria."

She looks curiously at him.
Indy shyly introduces himself.
Twilight smiles.
"My, my, aren't you growing fast."
She floats over a bowl of small gems.
"Here, these are for Spike but he's not here right now."

There's much space.

You find drawings of voidworms but not much is known about them.



But now I have a name. That's more than I did.


With power comes responsibility…
"Southern Equestria? We'll be deployed there?"


"You don't need to keep it back, since you are one with the fire, aren't you?"



"Yes, the San Palomino Desert has been volatile lately."

He nods.


Right, well, that's about all I'm going to get out of the library for now. Let's walk about town. See if I can't find a dealer in enchanted goods. If I'm going to return this bag, I'll need one of my own to replace it.


"That's my best guess."


I scrunch again
"I'm not sure my friends want to go there!"


"Thank the pony, Indy!"


"Let's find this Aurora Square and see what I'm dealing with."


Even so, I think it's time to subtly book it out of here and go to the freedom festival I've heard about.



"Not a bad guess" He grins.

He writes something down.
"Your friends?"

He wiggles his tail.
"Thank you!"
The receptionist can't help but smile.





Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 8 = 8


"We found him-"
Tell Twilight Indy's story. A bit cut short.
"-and then we died!"



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Yeah, didn't I tell you about the dragon and stuff? And how we got two of the back from the afterlife? They were there too! We've been traveling together since Silverhaze! They're great fighters!"


Grin back.
"So will you tell me, or will you keep teasing?"


She flops her ears.

It's a big city and you find it hard to navigate.
A vendor comes to you.
"Beautiful gems straight from Trotantium, have a look sir!"

You make your way there without any trouble.
The streets are decorated with hundreds of Dixian flags.
Vendors are selling hayburgers, red velvet cake and sweet cider and sweet tea.
You see a shoooting range up ahead.
A pony is calling for ponies to join the upcoming shooting tournament.

You get hopelessly lost in town.
You're in an alley to your side is an antique store, your other side a steel door with a small sign.

"Yes, but your future is with the Order. If they would not like to travel there, it seems your paths will diverge."

"Within each pony shine the 4 elements. The fire within me burns through every pore of my body. I am already on fire inside. A little flame on the outside is nothing compared to that."


"… Oh."
Flop my ears down.
"But what about Anarchy? … The dragon? They're not down south…"


"How does that affect your relation with water?"


"No, thank you. I'm afraid I'm not in the market for gems today."
Keep looking for an enchanter. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wave a hoof.
"Long story, after the Ursa and the shaman magic and the big spider, but you should ask Warren for that!
So when we came back he had wings!"


"Ugh, I can handle forests, but not towns?"

Inspect door.


Oh my.

I'd love some sweet tea right now but I want to check out this shooting tournament!


"The Order needs both of you down south.
Many more adventures and heroic deeds await."

He grins.
"I wash myself every day, if that's what you mean."
He laughs loudly.
"The key here is not to take the visualization of fire or water too literally.
We call the energy of the Fire ElementFire because this energy has much in common with plain fire in our material world, it is the perfect visualization to comprehend it, but it is not the energy.
Same with Water.
The energy of Fire is antagonistic with the energy of Water. But they can coexist, as they do in Nature."

He keeps clamping you.
"But it's a bargain sir!"

She overlooks his wings.
"They still aren't fully grown. It will take time for these wings to become strong enough, Celestia knows it took Spike a while.
You should do some exercises to speed up the process."

You hear music coming from inside.
There's a closed peekhole on the door.
You make out a tiny engraving "Club Random" next to the door.

There are 5 shooters already practicing their guns on the targets ahead.
You notice one older stallion in white Dixian garb carrying a large rifle.
With a yeehah he fires a few perfect shots before throwing his hat in the air and taking a bite of his hayburger.


I sigh and deflate
"I understand…"


"Exercise? Like, harvesting two fields in a row?"


"I am not interested."
Keep good hold of my bags, and break away from this pestering merchant. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Chuckle along.
"It's not what I meant.
I am asking how the other Elemental Lords think of you. I know that I had an unfortunate little hiccup with one of the Wind Lords."


I'll knock if the door isn't open.

"Excuse me, is anyone here?"


Clap a few times for him, then check my own gun and see if I can get a few practice shots off somewhere.


"The Water Lords are not my friends.
I have chosen the different Lords of Fire as my guardians.
I do not need more."
He takes of his cloak and you see the tip of his black mane has turned red.
"Each Lord has his own temperament and teachings, one can spend a lifetime learning of each of them."

A little port on the door slides open.
Two eyes peek out.
"Whaddaya want?"

You leave the merchant behind you and finally make it to an antique shop.
You also see Pico at a steel door on the other side of the road.

She giggles.
"Something like that.
When Spike got his wings, he had no dragons to teach him the ropes. We had to figure out everything for ourselves. Dragon wings are frail, they need a good diet of gems and exercise to grow."

"Now, before you see the Knighting tomorrow, you'll have to pass by the Royal dressmaker to make a ceremonial uniform for you.
Secondly…we have invited some guests from the Empire…both of your parents."
Silvers mouth falls open.

A few fire their guns in the air as you shoot.


I can practically feel the freedom coursing through my veins!

"Would any of ya'll care to tell me when this little 'competition' takes place?"


Hmm. Wonder what for? I'll head into the antique store.


"My parents!? Really!?"
Jump up, suddenly happy again
"What about my little brother? My sister!"


Let out a small whistle.
"I'll need to catch up and do it before I get old then!
Does that happen to you, no matter which Fire Lord you follow?"


"It's been a long trip for me, so I'd like to come inside."


So, no flying in strong winds?
Two thousand wing pushups every morning?"


"Yes. It is a sign of pride.
I do believe following only one Lord wouldn't trigger it.
Following one Lord is only for those who seek the Elemental Equilibrium, one who dives into the nature of Fire needs to learn all the Lords, all the facets of Fire."

"Hmmmm, don't make any trouble."
The door opens and you're greeted by a huge Diamond Dog in a tuxedo.
There's a light tunnel and loud music comes from the end.

He grins a little.
"I do not know. I know they've been set up in a hotel close to the Royal District. I'm sure they can't wait to see you."

It's a large dusty antique shop straight from the books.
Statues, tapestries and strange devices are stashed everywhere you can see.

"Every hour miss. No one's been able to beat Grey Velvet yet!"

"Not from the beginning…
We could start with a little test if you'd like…"



"Hmmm, and who would that be?"


"How many lords do you follow? And do they appreciate if you seek the guidance of the other fire lords?"


Nod quickly.
"It's gonna be fun Indy!"


"It's the feller over there."
He points to the older pony in the white garb.
"He's a landowner back in Dixie. Came here with his family and all his money to spread freedom!"

"I am friends with all of them.
Good friends with some, respected acquaintances with others.
The Lords care little if you seek the guidance of others."
He grins.
"As long as you don't talk bad about them, of course.
Friends don't do that."

He nods and claps his claws.
Twilight grins.
"It's good that you're both eager to start. But first you'll have to climb."
She walks to the window and points to the top of Mt. Lauren.
"You'll both have to climb to the top of the mountain, where the source of the river Lauren is. I'll wait for you there.
Don't underestimate the climb. Many come back empty-hoofed."


Grin back.
"I hope playful teasing is acceptable.
Sometimes I just can't help myself."


Hmmm… it's been a year or three now, but do I remember somepony by that name?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"ALRIGHT! A climb!
That's gonna be fun!
…But why?"


He grins.
"…I wouldn't do it with Lavann, to be honest.
Or Itumno.
They are…"
He weighs his words.

He was one of the fiercest anti-Equestrians and anti-Princesses stallions in the whole of Dixie. And there are a lot there who don't like the Princesses.

"The river Lauren has a magical essence. You can feel it as you bathe in there or drink its waters. At its spring it's the most powerful, we'll use it to help Indy, but I'll be waiting for you there. You can't go into the source without protection." She adds with a serious tone.


"But I've got a shield!
And those tiny bags anarchy gave me!"


"One can take a joke in pride and offer a riposte."


"A shield can't protect you against that kind of magic. What tiny bags?"

"That's not how those two work I'm afraid.
They have a short fuse."


"You know. Conservatives!
And hey, my shield's the biggest shield!"


My. I doubt those alicorn princesses are too pleased by his presence here then.

"Thank you, darling."
I would like to speak to this individual. Approach him with a confident smile on my face.


"I mean no offense when I say that I know that keeping a level head is not an attribute related to fire."


"Please, promise me you won't go in there without me."

He shoots another few targets before turning his head as you approach.
"My, you are a sight for these old eyes, young lady."
He takes off his white hat.
"Might you do this old stallion a pleasure by telling your name?"

He snickers.
"That's more part of the Earthies if I remember correctly.
They don't get fazed by anything."


Roll my eyes.
"Fine, but I'm gonna start climbing right now!"


"I can imagine."
Flop my ears down and stare ahead with a monotone voice.
"I like rocks. Rocks I like."


"You may call me Light Heart, sir. That's a mighty fine bit of shooting you've done there."


"Good luck, I'll see you at the top!"

He snickers.
"Dead on. But would you guess those are just the initiates.
There is a master in earthern magic here in the temple.
As far as I know, he has not moved or spoken for the last three years.
The Earth acolytes say he is alive and communicating with the Lords."

"My thank you, young lady. And I hear you're a Dixian yourself. Do you like our festival, it's my way of bringing the joy of freedom to Equestria."


Raise a brow.
"Oh? Doesn't he need to eat or drink?"


"Let's go Indy! Show the prancy purple pony we are faster than her!"
Grin and start moving!
Reassure Iris I will be back for dinner.


"His acolytes say the earth sustains him…but honestly, he looks pretty dead to most of us here, if not for the fact that he doesn't decay we'd have dragged him out here a long time ago."

"Don't be late!
Or you'll have to clean the dishes this time."


Off to the mountain!


"I feel right at home here, sir. I don't reckon the Equestrians have ever tasted so much freedom in their lives."


"That's pretty impressing… but I'd find it too boring."


I was at the embassy?


So where am I now?


"Nah, just look at all these happy faces!
It's great! Have you tried a piece of our red valvet cakes yet?
Straight from home!"

You're in Canterlot.
The group has started exploring.
Shortcake is at the Neighponese embassy
LH is at the Freedom Festival.
Mabel at the Elementarium.
The rest at the magic academy.
Pico is in a dance club


You find a path marked with the Sun and Moon, the stairs lead up.
Roll for the first part of your journey.

"Good, you wouldn't make it far with us otherwise."

Yes, you stamped the papers and are ready!


Where was I supposed to go now?


"I should probably start with meeting the rest of the Lords, shouldn't I?"


First part it be!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I would, but a lady like myself has to watch what she eats."



Ugh. Fuck. Hate this fucking city….
I guess I go see what the hell the Freedom Festival is?
At least it seems new. Definitely more bullshit, but it's at least new bullshit.


You're free.
You need to be here the next day to participate in the tournament.
You can go where you want now.

"No…you should know about them sure. But that's not your first test."

You get up the endless stairs.
Soon you leave the noises of the city behind you and come back in the wilderness.
As you pass a turn, you reach the river Lauren again. One of the many streams flowing down towards the city. There seems to be a small pool here where a mare is bathing. She hasn't seen you yet.

"Ah, a shame.
Would you like a tour around? My son knows everything around here. JUNIOR!"
A younger stallion arrives wearing a cowboy hat and 2 colt pistols.
"What's the matter Pa?"
"Show this young lady around the Festival."

Roll for searching.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Let's walk around this district and see what there is to see.


I smile gracefully and offer my hoof.
"My thanks."


"Hey! HEY!"
Trot closer.
"Which way to the top?"


This is a big city and it changed so much since you last went here.
You have trouble finding your way when you suddenly bump into Heavyhooves.
"Ah, Melody, I was looking for you."

He places a kiss on it.
"The pleasure is mine. Now anything in particular you'd like to see.
We've got shooting, like you see here. We've got Dixian drinks and cuisine tasting on the next square.
There's a rodeo further up ahead, and some seminars on what freedom is.
We're also doing a reenactment of the battle of Dixie in a few minutes."

She looks up.
"It's up there above! Just keep going. And watch out for the snow."



"Snow? It's spring!"


"Oh! Hey Heavyhooves, what's up?"
I hold out a hoof for a hoofbump.



Roll #1 9 = 9


"Oh my, a reenactment? Why I'd love to see that, sugar. I do love theater."


"Up there, it's never spring."

He bumps it.
"I've got good news.
I found out Lord Hard Coin is in this city.
We might have our revenge sooner than expected."

The Royal District is a pleasant district full of tiny roads, public gardens, canals and grand buildings everywhere, there are dignitaries and servants running around everywhere.
Also a large amount of Crystal pony guards come to think of it.
You see a bunch of musicians up the road playing for handouts.

"So do I. Let's go."
He leads you towards Prancing Square that's been cleared for the occasion.
On both sides volunteers dressed in Dixian gear and in Equestrian gear are lined up ready to attack.


"Indy, we are going in the wrong direction!
The spring's not there!"


"Fuck yeah. 's like fate's willing or something with that coincidence, shit! When do you wanna do him in?"


She looks blankly at you.
"the spring? Of course the spring is up there.
Where do you think all this water comes from?"

"We'd have to think this through. I heard he's got a lot of security. I don't think they'd be too happy to see me."


"From the top of the mountain, duh!"
Shake my head like she's saying nonsense and keep going up!


Perk my ears.


Goodness me. What an insult to the Equestrians.


I ask around about the crystal pony guards.


"Could just shoot 'em all."
I draw my gun and twirl it on a hoof, looking from side to side for any panicked reactions and snickering.


She stares as you walk away.
Roll for the next part.
+1 because your previous 10

He nods.
"Welcome to the neverending ride of tests.
Everything you do from now on will be watched by the Lords.
That is, if you keep their attention of course.
Come with me."
He steps to the fire.

Turns out the Princess of the Crystal Empire is visiting the Royal Palace. The ponies here are extra security."

You see a lot of ponies looking angrily.
But a surprising number is laughing or even cheering for Dixie. You notice how these seem to be the poorer.

There's a few ponies who take a wide berth.
"That might be doable…if we're lucky."



Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Step beside him, paying attention.


Cool. I'll go listen to the musicians for a while.


"So where's he held up? Hotel or some shit?"


Hmmm, I do find it rather funny myself~

Smug grin.


They play a good tune, very jazzy.
A mare, no older than 16 is playing the sax.
Another mare, around 18, the bass.
They don't seem to have made much money yet.

Earth pony stronk.
You make a good pace right up another set of stairs.
Here the vegetation gives way to pure rock and it gets noticeably colder.
There's only one stream here and no mares bathing in them.
Or wait…
A mare does rise out of the pool, but no ordinary mare, she is unearthly beautiful and her eyes shine with a blue glow.
Her smile warms your bones.
"Hello traveler, what brings you here?"

"Yes, I believe so.
The Nuzzleton."

Junior has a smug grin himself.
"Do you wanna join?"


The brazier burns brightly.
He moves close to you.
"Tell me, what is the Inner Fire to you?"


Am I right in remembering that that's another soulless, upper crust hell hole?
I think I had a recital there once.


I give them some money and then head to the upperclass district of Canterlot. I'll tell Melody about those ponies later.


"I'd love to, but then again I do love watching actors play as much as I love acting myself."


Gaze into the fire.
"A bonfire in the dark that might guide me so I shall never be lost in life again."


Some would call it one of the most classy places in Canterlot, yes.

"You're an actor?"
A trumpet sounds as the "Dixians" charge.

He softly holds your head and whispers.
"I'll lend you some of my energy.
Gaze into the fire. What do you see?"
Even Inferni looks up at the fire for the first time.

Bankers, nobility, merchants.
All live here together.
Anything specific you're looking for?


The bakeries.


A shithole, right.

"So what are ya gonna do now man? Keep scoping out info about that douchebag?"


Keep staring into the fire.
What do I see?


"Hmmm, yes sugar. A born actress. Why, it is my talent."


There's a bakery.
The sweet scent of cakes and baked goods hits your nostrils from a block away.

"Maybe, I think I'll need backup if we want to get in there."


"Is that so? Are you here in Equestria with an acting troupe?"



Roll #1 10 = 10


In I go.


"Mm. Well, keep me updated if you find out anything more. I gotta go settle a few things here myself."
And off I go to…
Somewhere. Hell if I know.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"No, I actually haven't practiced my trade in over a year now. A shame, really, but I found other matters to occupy myself with, such as traveling."




You gaze deep into the fire.
You see light.
And darkness.
A winged shadow flying over Equestria, destroying all in its path.
The vision fades…but then something else comes into view.
You see yourself as a fire elemental exploding into flames without hurting you.
You see two kingdoms far away clashing.
You see a grand castle on a cliffside.
The vision fades.

Inferni seems to have disappeared.

You wind up in a shady alley.
You remember there used to be a good bar up here.

A few griffons are in charge of the bakery.
"Puisque je vous aidez?"

One of the Dixian soldiers gives the Equestrian captain a slap to the head.
"All by your lonesome?"


Lets start investigating then.
Go around the library and look for anyone 'suspicious'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I was in the embassy right? Talking about princess Cadance!


An honest to goodness Fancy bakery? Ohmygosh!
"Je ne, uh, parle pas de bons français?"


Move my head up and down with the beat and head down the tunnel. What else is down there?


"I… I don't think I ever had a vision quite like this."
Look around, is he nowhere near?


There's a huge dance floor and a bar.
Many ponies and other races are dancing here or talking on the tables on the edges.
There's some scantily clad mares and griffon girls dancing in cages hanging above.

See >>590711

"Don't be too disturbed by it.
Fire is potential.
You saw possible things that might happen in the future, guidance towards great deeds.
It seems your bird has returned to his form."
You see some ash in the fire brazier.

"I can speak Equestrian as well, madame.
How may Francois help you?" he says with a french accent.

You walk around the library and see a diamond dog dressed in a tuxedo carrying some books.


How much money to I have on me?
"I used to own a bakery out in a border town and was wondering how what I made compared to real Fancy pastries."


"I am not disturbed…"
"It was pretty great, actually. Not the contents, but the power."
Look at the ashes.
"Finally! Maybe he'll stop being a little grump now."


"Why of course. Why wouldn't I? Everypony knows not to to get involved in a shoot-out with a Dixie pony."


"A purple mare! Seen her?"


"I should go see them soon!"
Look at Silver.
"Hey, I can even meet yours too then! That'll be great fun!"


Huh!? I stare at the book and the way this doge dresses up. A doge never dress like that!

Go over and put a hand on his shoulder.
"Hey! What book those!"


"I'm going to scream if this gets any louder…"

Time to get a drink then. Turn to the wall, let's see what spirits they have. "Never expected to see a place like this here in Canterlot."


Quite a lot.
You made loadsa money on your travels.
"Ah oui, madame? Not to brag but my pasteries are famed all throughout Canterlot. I guarantee your satisfaction."

"Do you know what to do now?"

"Yeah. Even the Equestrians learned that."

"Yeah…wow, I can't believe they're here."
The commander coughs.
"There is one other matter.
As far as I'm aware you do not have ceremonial uniforms, correct?"

He turns around and adjusts his monocle.
"Why, this is an encyclopedia on rare Diamond Empire age artifacts, my dear fellow."

Hyperborean mead, Cider XXXX, Saddle Arabian Arakh, Trotantine Sugar Liquor.

"Yes, she said I should lead you to her."


"Great! I'll take one of…"
I list off my ten favorite pastries.


"I know what I should stop first, yes. That giant dragon."


"… No, we don't. But why do we need separate armor for that? This armor is what we wear when we perform our duties!"


Plop down the cash for a shot of Saddle Arabian Arakh. Have to keep the dream of visiting all these places with a little sample.

"How long has this place been up? I never heard about it out in the towns."


Shady alleys are the best man.
I go check to see if that bar's still there.


"Well, it's mighty kind of you to worry about me, darling, but I promise you I can take care of myself just about anywhere."


"Really?" I eye him and snatch the book and see for myself.


"Okay! Where?"


He hands you a platter of delicious Fancy treats.

"Yes, on your way, your inner fire will grow until it erupts, when it does, then your true journey will begin."

"It is not armor, more like a uniform.
A paladins duties are not just on the battlefield.
A paladin needs to be at home at social gatherings just as well. And there's a celebration after your knighting, you'll be required to wear your ceremonial uniform."

It tastes sweet and hot.
"We keep a low profile, don't want just any geezer coming in here."

"Have you seen a lot of Equestria?"

Yes there is.
The iron door, the bouncer remember you, the hard music.
The lewd dancing mares.
Even Pico is here, but that's not from your memories.

Encyclopedia of the Diamond Empire

"You'll need to swim here up the river."


"Okay, so where do we get the uniform?"


"I saw that happen too."


Not so much a "bar" as it is a "club."
Still pretty fuckin' great. Good to see that the music's not dead either.

Waitwhat, Pico? Why's he here?


I scratch my head and just grin in embarrasment,
"Oh… ahaha, sorry. Snacks mistake." I then hand him the book back as I stare at him and his unique look.
"What is a doge doing here if Snack might ask."


"With the rich folks here in Canterlot, I can see why you probably wouldn't need to. So, can I at least bum you for the story of the place?"


"Oh a bit. I just traveled here from Ponyville.

It's fairly charming. Different from home to be sure."


"Thank you!"
I sit down on a bench outside and enjoy my treats.


"You'll have to visit the royal dressmaker.
I'll let her know you're coming."

Bar, club whatever.
He seems to be talking to the barkeep.

"I'm a researcher at the Academy.
Winston Waggleton, my fort name is Waggle, but I found the ponies here didn't take it too seriously.
I study the old Diamond Dog ruins of the past.
Pleasure to meet you."
He offers a paw.

"This used to be part of the old catacombs in the city. The previous owner bought it, renovated it and turned it into the fine establishment you see today. Now his son runs the place.
It's one of the dirty secrets of Canterlot, you might say."

"It is.
Are you a patriot, Light Heart?"

Each one tastes more delicious than the last.
Each bite, each chew opens up new sensations of taste and flavor, all flowing together perfectly


Well, there's nothing else to do until tomorrow, right? I'll see what the others are up to.


Who do you wanna find?


Look at the river.
"Nopony can swim upriver, that's just silly!"



I walk over, listen in on their conversation.




"Royal dressmaker? Who is that?"


"What kind of a Dixian would I be if I weren't?"


I accept his paw and shake it.
"Snack's name is…. Snacks. Nice to meet Winston dog, Snack didnt know other dog is also intertested in old diamond dog mine's." I grin with enthusiasm.


"It's a well kept secret, I'll give you that. I barely managed to stumble into it. Which reminds me, I could use some directions, if you have the time. "
Inquire about the Square I'm going to meet the Gryphon at.


You find her at a dark club full of loud music and scarcely clothed mares, she's listening in on Pico.

"Her name is Haute Couture. She prepares uniforms and royal dresses, usually for the Equestrians, but the Princesses have allowed us to borrow her services."

"We need ponies like you here Light Heart.
Come, follow me, so we can talk more private."

"A true shame not more of our folk is interested in our ancient past.
It seems ponies are more interested in it than us!
And ponies usually don't like dogs, a true shame."

"That's not too far. Lemme help you out."
He gives you directions.

"This is not your usual river. You will find that if you jump in here, things seemingly impossible become possible."

"No doubt.
Rise, Mabel, rise."
The light flickers and in an inferno of color and heat Inferni rebirths.


Is there another path up the mountain?


I shake my head.
"Why am I not surprised?"


"My sister would like her, I bet! Where is she now? Should we go immediately?"


Watch him in awe.
Stand up and extend my hoof for him.


"Hm? Oh certainly. Do lead the way."
He better not be having any non-gentleman-y illusions about me.


"…pony's fear of doge's is not irrational, Snack do have rough time with other pony… who has bad experience to our kind." I gulp.
I scratch my head.
"But not everyone hate us Winston…. Snack is sure those who let Winston inside the library sure is fond of our kind, so is Snacks friends, specially Star pony.. " I smile.


"Thanks. Hopefully I'm not too late. And don't worry, I'll keep this place's secret."

Time to get off he chair and head on out.



Yes, the one you've been following.

"Make sure you go today. When exactly, I'll leave up to you."

He lands on it proudly.
In the flash, the mysterious zebra has vanished.

Like LH would object.
No he's taking you to a quiet cafe.

You can read everything they're saying!


He told me what I had to know I suppose.
Smirk at Inferni.
"Well now, who is this charming phoenix?"


"Eh, no thanks. It's gonna ruin my armor."
Keep going for that way and ignore the crazy mare who wants me to drown.


What are you implying?
"Yes please, Earl grey would be wonderful."


"Okay! Anything else? When is the ceremony?"



Let's hope the crowds aren't too thick on my way to the meet.


You didn't say anything!

Huh. Weird.

"Bwuh- how the hell is everyone finding this place?!"



"Wait, this place was supposed to be hard to find? I only had to sneak through a tunnel and talk my way past a diamond dog watching a door."


"Tomorrow at noon exactly.
Be sure to be early."

He spreads his wings proudly.

She disappears into the water again.
Soon you reach the cold spring near the top of the mountain.
The pool is circular with a whirlpool inside, the water seems to be moving upwards from the dark middle of the whirlpool and flows out of the circle down the mountain.
Twilight is here.
"You made it so quick? Impressive!"

That LH is a qtie
You get some tea.
After a few moments junior continues.
"Light Heart, this festival isn't just about promoting Freedom.
In a sense it is, but we're not just here to celebrate.
We, as in Dixie, is trying to gain a hoofhold on Equestria."

Not at all, you make it right in time.
The receptionist griffon is there, looking nervously.

"It's good you found some friends who can help you. It took me a long while to fit into pony society. But I'm glad I did."


"I'd come here sooner but a buncha' mares along the way wanted me to take a swim with them."


"It's a fuckin' hole in the wall! Underground! Y'know- not a big place or anything!"
I put a hoof to my head and sigh.
"Whatever. Just don't tell anyone okay? Anyways…"
I look back to Pico.
"Know why he's here? Or- was, whatever."


Brush the feathers on his head without ruffling them.
"You look absolutelly stunning!"


"… I'm sorry? A foothold?"


"We will!"
Grin at Silver.


I pretend to clear my throat to get her attention.

"Why all this run around?"


"Ah… it seems Snack is lucky… very lucky if Winston ask. Snack met them on the way to hunt monsters and soon we sticked together since all of us are good at covering each others back" I smile.
I then find any nearby chair so both of us can talk while sitting.
"Who's Winstons friends? Where are they?"


I tilt my head.
"Why shouldn't I tell anyone? This place is weird, but it could be fun."
I glance at all the mostly naked mares around the place when you ask about Queren.
"Maybe he's got a pony fetish?"


"There's gryphons here too!"
I shake my head.
"And nah, he's too… upright, for stuff like that."


I raise an eyebrow.
"Well you never know, I guess."
I look around.
"So…what do we do here, exactly? Drink?"


"These Equestrians, they're Dixians just like us.
They're yearning for Freedom, only they're too oppressed to see it.
Celebrations like these, we gain a lot of supporters, ponies who see that there is nothing quite like Freedom."

He's leaving again.

There's nopony this high up usually.
It must be the river playing tricks on you."

He starts blushing and hides his beak behind his wing.

"What do you want to do first?"

"We can't afford to be seen.
Goldbeak sent you right?"

"I came here alone, long ago.
Trying to learn about our glorious past.
It's been hard." he grins.


I'll show her the bow he gave me.

"I wouldn't have asked about it if he didn't tell me about it. What's going on?"


"You're not shy, are you? How are you going to show those flaming feathers off to my friends then?"


"Hmmm… I see. Are you certain? These ponies are loyal to their… well… princesses."


"That is true, Snack and Star pony have plans to explore the diamond dog mines underneath Canterlot. Snack and Star is lucky to stumble upon an abandoned one, so far Star and Snack are taking notes and learning more and if we find out, we will let the world know of doge's glorious past and friendship with pone's."


"See my parents of course! I'm sure you want to see yours too!"


"Rivers aren't ponies!"


"Good, he sent you.
You're one of us then.
Good, we'll need your help.
The Griffon King won't listen to us, we'll make him listen."

He flies up and around, squawking happily.

I'm not saying it will happen in a day.
But slowly…you saw them cheering for us on the square."

Those ruins have already been explored however.
Except for the Vaults of course."

"Okay…I'm…I think I'm ready."


"Vault?" I tilt my head in curiosity.


"I suppose. But they are blindly devoted to their alicorn princesses."


"Great! Let's go see them then! It'll be so much fun to see them again and meet yours as well!"


"What exactly is the plan to do that? I know thé were already starting to prepare for [i]it."


"Feeling better, huh? Show me your glow!"


He flashes and you're blinded for a few seconds.

"Simple. We'll show him the Equestrians are evil.
We'll arrange an attempt to kill the Griffon ambassador.
Then he'll surely listen to Goldbeaks demands for war."

"Pffft. Ponies everywhere are the same.
In the end they don't care who rules them as long as it's good enough.
And right now Equestria isn't doing fine."

"The deepest vaults of the Diamond Empire.
Unscathed for centuries, special keys are needed to open it."



Blink away the spots.
"Oh.. wow. And I bet you even held back."


My eyes widen with interest.
"Special keys? Where did Winston read that? Can Snack look at it?"



"Don't you think that might be a bit, drastic? Plus, you must have heard the news about everything going on? Right?"


"Perhaps. Though I have met some of the paladins serving them. I do doubt they would ever wish or even allow to remove the princesses from their seat of power, darling."


Travel there?

You do recall Goldbeak was in league with Anarchy, right?

"I investigated the place myself.
It seemed the ancient dogs used some kind of crystals or stones to seal their Vaults."

He holds his head sideways.

"The river Lauren is magical." She says plainly.


Yeah! Let's go!
"Silver! You don't need to worry about meeting my parents, they're really nice!"


[sp]Yes, he was the one who got me there. But this Gryphon probably won't believe me if I told her that her boss and likely Lord was into hanging out with Anarchy and his ilk. I just have to bring yphe same things I did back then and push her towards a better, less kill-y endeavour.


"Well, you wouldn't make me go entirely blind, would you?"


"I met a magical river once.
It had water so sweet, it was salty!
All rivers are magic, no?"


"Really? Snack specially Star will be interested to see that! Can Winston bring us both there?" I smile with glee.


"I'm sure you've heard news, or rumors about it, correct? Because I can tell you, lts of stuff coming from the provinces are true, and much worse than you think."


"I'd love to meet them…"
You go to the inn where your parents are.
You see them in the restaurant eating with your bro and sis.
They haven't seen you yet.

"Yes, that's why we're doing this, no?"

He nods his head.

"This one is very special magic…it is the place where Mother Nature first stepped hoof into the world."

"Yes, but we'd need some backup, those places are dangerous."


I believe I'd just entered an antiquity shop.


"Listen, tell me what you know so I can clear it up for you how deep in the hole everyone is and why that is a bad plan."


Nuzzle him a bit.
"I'm glad you feel healthy and fit again."


"Really? What kind of danger? Snack and his friends are good at danger.


Charge towards them
"Hi! Hi! Hi! Guys! Here I am!"



"Whoa! Why did it ask me to swim upstream then?"


So you did.
Much antiques.

He flaps his wings and flies over to the bust of Pyrrus.

"Possible monsters, earthslides, lava…"

"What I know? I know we gotta kick those ponies out of our lands."

Rollan for reaction.

"In time, it all takes due time.
But having somepony around with a silver tongue and who knows the land would help."

She shrugs.
"I'm not too sure.
Don't take it too seriously.
This magic is primal, it forms and disappears again. It is without reason. Who knows why it wanted you to swim?
It would have been dangerous for you to do."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I've seen worse than a little swim."
Pat on Indy's back, pushing him forwards.
"Here we are."


Walk over there too.
And glance at my mark.


I shake my head.
"Snack thought Canterlot is safe place, one moment it looks peaceful, the second there are monsters and dragon cult spies lurking around."


Let's look for the proprietor. Maybe browse a little on my way to check-out counter.


"What would such a pony need to do?"


"A nice sentiment, but no prize for you. Come on, have you been following any of the number of threats that lurk here? Have you investigated them, or even picked up a newspaper, talked to anyone here, at all? I mean, have you looked into what they would have to deal with, like a good scout I know you're trained to be?"


"Uh- well- this isn't much a couples place."
I scratch the back of my head. Fuuuck this is gonna get awkward…
"Get shitfaced. Blow your ears out with the music. Throw yourself the fuck around in the pit 'till something breaks - though that's only on weekday nights. And… get laid. Y'know, the usual - not that I'm here for that. I'm just checking up on my old stomping grounds. I swear."


It's still the same mark.
A little darker.

"It is a very deceiving town."

He's in the back.
"Can I tempt you with anything?"

He walks up a bit nervously.
With telekinesis, Twilight swipes some water from the pool, it glows ominously.

"Gather information, recruit powerful ponies to our cause."

She looks at you stunned.
"What's the meaning of this?
Are you some kind of spy?!?"


They are stunned, but then your mother breaks into tears and grabs you hugging you tight!




I raise an eyebrow.
"Riiiight. Well…I guess I don't mind if you sleep around. Just a bit, though!"
I give you a stern look.
"If I can keep sleeping with Mwandishi."


Sit down in front of the statue.
I should talk with him.


I nod.
"If Winston will excuse Snack a moment, Snack will get Star. Star pony will surely be glad to see a fellow archeologist." I grin.




"I'm not entirely certain about this whole matter, to be quite fair. Would that not be espionage?"


I smack my face.
Aaand then it got awkward in an entirely different way.
"Jus'… never mind. Let's just get out of here."


Hug her back tightly!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"No, I am Queren Pico, a Monster Hunter."

"I've been active for a while and business is getting better for me. Please tell me you can figure out how that is a bad thing for Hyperborea."


I look confused.
"What? Did I say something wrong?"


"You just might, if you have what I'm looking for."


"Now Indy, open your wings."
He shows his wings and Twilight floats the water over them.
Indy closes his eyes but opens them again in surprise.

Meditation time?

"I'd be honored to meet a fellow researcher."

"I'd like to call it supporting freedom and the Dixian way."

Mommy holds you so tight you might burst!

"Goldbeak told me you were one of us."

"What are you looking for?"


Meditation time


What's the water doing?


"I would hardly call it befitting for a Dixian lady."




You feel the presence of Pyrrus.

Swirling around his small wings.
You might be mistaken, but you see them glowing a bit, or it might be the magical telekinesis.

"Traveling the wilds alone isn't the hallmark of a Dixian lady."


"What's happening?"


Smile to myself.
"My Lord… I never would have imagined the visions would be so vivid."


"I never claimed to be alone, darling."


"Be that as it may, most Dixian ladies I know are more than happy to stay at home, spending the afternoon beneath their parasols watching the plantation. That makes you a bit special, no?"

"Your connection to the Fire enhances the visuals, but do not let them deceive you.
They are glimpses of potential, nothing more."

"Normally dragons take decades to mature, unless they're given gold and jewels to hoard.
I found a better way.
This infuses Indy with part of the energy of the river, wait a bit, you'll see."


I nod.
"I know, because I will not let something I saw happen."


"I may be special, but I am no fool. I doubt the Equestrians would take kindly if they were to find out. I love Dixie, but I am not willing to die to spread freedom to Equestria."


"What new wisdom do you seek?"

He frowns
"For shame."


"I want to learn more about the other Fire Lords before meeting them."


You'll need to find another idiot, asshole.
"I'm sorry to disappoint, darling."


"How does it feel, pal?"


You wait a few minutes without anything happening, then are your eyes deceiving you or is Indy growing?

"I can tell you some but not everything I know.
Some you will have to learn for yourself."

"I suppose you're not such a patriot as I had hoped."


Squint and stare in surprise!


"I would be glad to hear whatever you are willing to share."


"Well, it is a shame to hear you think so."


He becomes longer and leaner, about your size before Twilight stops.
"That should do, for now."
His teeth and fangs are sharper and his wings are bigger.
He grins as he inspects himself.

"Itumno, the Magnificent is our King.
The most powerful of us all, at his command the earth shakes and volcanoes erupt."

He empties his drink.
"Enjoy the festival."
He walks off.


"What of his personality?"


Inspect him myself as well!
"What did the river do?!"


I smirk after he's left and finish my tea.
"Oh I will."
Let's get to that shooting competition.


Roll for perception.

"I think the closest word you mortals use would be…fierce."

Twilight opens her mouth to respond but Indy interrupts.
"I feel stronger!" he says in a deeper voice.
"Look Pa!"
He inhales and shoots fire meters high.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Bring up my shield and put it between us.
"Try again!"


Roll for heat resistance.

You don't notice anything.
The shooting range asks for new contestants.


Stardust forged, man.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Let's show these amateurs how it's done.

Sign up!




I wasn't talking about the shield.
You got pretty hot yourself, when it's over your mane is a little singed and you smell like burned hair


Neither was I!
Move the shield quickly away with the biggest of smiles!


"Show us what ya got, miss Heart!"
Shoot the targets!

"Language is such a constriction.
Powerful, dominating, commanding, the very essence of what we are.
He could destroy a city with but a thought."

"I know! Hoof bump!"
He holds out his paw.

Roll #1 1, 6, 7, 7 = 21


Pew pew!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Hoofbump that, dude!
Maybe in the soft part of the claw.


You easily beat your competitors in round 1.
Soon round 2 begins.


Roll #1 8, 7, 6 = 21


They call me nimble hooves.

Roll #1 5 = 5




Rush into him and give him a headlock!
"Wait until we show Iris!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"A Gryphon of Hyperborea? Yes. Someone who wants the best for his family and friends back home, yes."
"Before we go further, just tell me what information you've been able to gather on people here to see how much work is left to do."


Second round goes less for you, but you manage to hang on by the skin of your teeth.
But there's still hope in the third round! '2d10'

He tries to escape! '1d10'

"I think not, I think this is some kind of trick.
Did the ambassador send you?
Who are you working for?"

Roll #1 3, 2 = 5 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Indy has gotten stronger and manages to slip out of your grasp!


Shove him with an happy laugh and then finally settle down.
"You are strong, kiddo!"


"So could you."


"He did. You would've gotten word by now if anything was wrong. As for what I work for? That one is easy. I work for all of Hyperborerea and its people."

I'll pull back to give her some room to breathe.

"I've been all over Equestria and I know plenty of what's going on. My question is if you've done your job, both of them."


Lets go find Star, I'm sure she will be delighted to see a fellow researcher


He strikes a pose flexing his arm muscles.
"I bet I can lift you!"

"Yes, but the difference is subtle…
My….predilection is towards the energy and heat fire produces. To the growth and prosperity of others.
His predilection is fire at its most abstract, as a force of will and power.
We would say he embodies Shoi'Khar.
It is hard to fully explain in pony language.
A meeting would give you a better idea."

"…what job? I thought you were here to help me…"

She's looking around the library.


"Try that, big guy!"


DC8 to do it '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Indy pls.


"Do you think I am ready?
I feel ready."


Approach her and smile.
"Star pony, snack was going around and met this diamond dog who is also interested in our search for DD mines and artifacts. Snack didn't know there are other dogs who are into this"


Nope, Indy tries to lift you but falls down again.
Roll reflexes to not fall down the mountain!

"Oh, let's go see him!"

"Not yet.
You need to grow stronger first.
If you're too weak when meeting the King, his mere presence could kill you."



Roll #1 10 = 10


"I certainly do not want that.
Am I strong enough to meet the other Lords?"


"What misfortune…"

"I am here to help, but I need to make sure this is a thorough job. Can you see it from my side? I don't want to go in blind and I need to make sure you aren't either."


I hug her before carrying her.
"Yes let's, his name is Winston and he might help us."




"Hey, I can walk on my own."

She shakes her head.
"Okay, let's start from the beginning here.
Who sent you?
Is it Goldbeak and if not, who did?"

A first test for you would be to meet Asharr the Eater."

Despite your significant weight you do a bodyflip and land easily on your hooves again, grabbing Indy before he falls off.

Mommy is hugging you and petting you and kissing your mane and crying and and saying things you can't understand and holy shit, you're not getting any air.


"You are not quite there yet, pal!
Wouldn't want your first time flying to be off a mountain!"


"Mooooom pleaaaase…"


"Goldbeak. He has a nice estate, gave me this bow, and asked to look for you."


"The Eater?"


"Aww… Snack thought star is tired."


"Aww… Snack thought star is tired."


"He got his title for embodying the Kal'Num of Fire, or its nature to consume."

"Snacks, we're among researchers, they can't see me being carried around!"

"Yes, good and then you know why he sent you to me. To stage an attempt on the Ambassadors life.
But you don't want to do that?"

She loosens you a bit so you can at least poke your head out and breath.
"My little gem, I missed you so much!"
She plants another few kisses on your cheek.

He flaps his wings.
"I..I can fly now?"


"I don't know, you tell me!"
Grin at him and Twilight.


"I suppose the test when meeting him is to avoid being devoured then."


I scrunch.
"I missed you too, but please don't choke me again!"


I just chuckle as I lovingly pet her mane before putting her down and nod.
"Right. If luck holds both of us might learn a thing or two from him."


"Yes. I have my reasons to delay that, but keep going. I want you to come to the same conclusion I have that we still have some more work to do."


She nods.
"He should try to just float up.
I don't want him to get hurt trying to fly down…"
You have to roll for Indy's first fly try.

"That is for your own to learn."

"I'm sorry, Amber."
She holds your head to take a good look at you.
"My, you've grown…"
"It seems your adventures have made you stronger, my little filly." says dad.
He opens his hooves for a hug.

She walks to Winston.
"Ah, a pleasure to meet you, miss Star." says Winston, tipping his hat.
"Miss Star? Wow…I'm sorry for the outburst, I'm used to Dogs saying Star Pony."

"Look, I don't know what you're thinking but just consider this.
The Ancestral Lands are Griffon territory, they threw us out and it is ours. This is our chance, a chance to take it back, to restore our old glory."
The Ancestral lands is a patch of land in the Hyperborean Mountains on the edge of Equestria, it currently belongs to Equestria.
The area has been disputed for centuries with ponies claiming the tribes lived there originally, griffons claiming the area was abandoned and the ponies thus forsake their claim.
The area forms an easy corridor between east and west Hyperborea so it is a point of strategic value, as well as economical.


"I'm not a little filly! I'm an adult!"
Give him a hug though!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Pat him on the back, just above his wings.
"C'mon pal. I'm sure you will do great."

There's always a first time.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I scratch my head at both of them as I grin.
"Is there something wrong with Snack saying Star pony?"


"All well and good. Now answer my questions. Have you looked into what has been going on around you? Have you been listening to news or rumors about what they'll have to deal with?"


Your leg feels heavier than usual, you look down to see your little brother hugging your leg.

He's a bit above the ground, but can't quite get up.
Twilight smiles.
"Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it, I suggest you practice back in Canterlot, not here near a chasm."

"Uhm…" Star scratches her head. "No…"
Winston grins.
"What miss Star is trying to say, mister Snacks, is that amongst other pony researcher it makes you wrongly look a bit mentally challenged."

"Why should we care?"


I grin and pick him up to give him a proper hug.
"Oh I missed you!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Mom says you're a paladin now!
I-is that true?"


"That sounds like something a smart pony would say!"
Smile pleased. "Race you to the bottom of the mountain?"


"Almost! I need to get knighted first to make it official! I'm really excited!"


"I suppose there's no sense in waiting around then."


I ponder for a bit before giving out a frown as I rest my head on the desk.
"R… really? Snack talks this way in pony language… Snack admits that Snack is not the best when it comes to communicating with other races." I said with a pout.


Twilight frowns a bit at your second plan, but says nothing.
He starts running! '1d10'

"Will you be a guard of Cadance then too?"

"Are you ready?"

"I doubt anypony cares out there, old fellow. But take it from me, if you want to be taken seriously as a researcher of ancient Dog ruins, you have to act and talk like a researcher too."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"IT'S ON!"
Super-action-jump down the mountain road!

Roll #1 6 = 6



"It means the world, to us and Hyperborea. I know some of what they can expect, and it isn't easy. What kind of training have you had before you got this job?"


"As ready as I will be."


"… Maybe? I don't know, but that would be really great! It's not for me to decide though."


I look at both of them and think for a moment.. before looking at Star and smile
"Taken seriously.. yes." I nod before looking at Winston.
"Yes… it would be best for Snack to learn how to speak properly. But then.. how did Winston learn how to talk fancy?"


You do a race down, but Indy seems on fire with his new height and finishes before you.
He jumps with his paws in the air!

"You talk in riddles. Speak plainly like a griffon.
I was a shieldmaiden."

"Go to his shrine and close your eyes, if he accepts you, you'll see his realm.
Be wary, you are a guest in his domain.

"Dust, let your sister have some space." says your dad.
Mom then looks at Blood.
"Oh my, and who are you?"
Blood clears his throat nervously.
"Uh, I'm Silver Blood, Ambers…paladin partner."

"With the help of a dear friend here.
If you desire, I could teach you.
You'd also need some new clothes, not for exploring, but for spending time in the Academy. I know a good place where they can help you."


"I know I am. I am a guest in your's too."


I grin again.
"Silver's the best! He keeps me straight and in check!"


"You got better!"
Grin at him.
"Next time I wanna see you beat me as you fly."


I look at him and look at Star.
"Will it be okay? Snack dont want to force Winston but Snack would be indebted to him." I nod.


Mom smiles from ear to ear.
"In that case, you should both join us for lunch.
Do you like hayburgers, Silver?"
"Do I!"

"Good luck then.
You are going under my aegis, but whether Asharr will care is another matter."

"Yes of course, you need to look your best!"


"Yes, I'm hungry!"
Take a seat at the table.


"There is only one way to find out.
Until next time, Lord Pyrrus."


Anyway. Back to Iris.


"There was a cult that summoned a flood of demons not too far from here. I caught one, want to meet it? I haven't named it yet, maybe you can."

"Oh, and Cerberus got out again. Did you know any of that? Because if you didn't, you'll be killing a lot of our own soldiers."


"Maybe we can do that…. but before that, perhaps Winston can help Snack and Star about something." I lean close to him and whisper to both of them.
"Remember Winston when Snack wrongly accuses Winston of being an infiltrator…. Twilight pony suspect that there is a dragon cultist in this library who subvert records of the library… and Twilight suspect its here right now…" I gulp.


"I'll win for sure! Let's go see Ma!"
He runs off towards the Academy grounds.

There's tomato and hay soup.
"You must have seen so much while you were here, Amber." says dad.

He fades.

"I…didn't know…"

He adjusts his monocle.
"A traitor hmmm?
Perhaps a stakeout at night would flush out the fiend."


Trail after him.
I love this new Indy, he's so energetic!


"Stakeout?" I tilt my head.


"Yeah! I wrote a lot about it in my letters but there was no time to write all of it!"


Time to look for that other shrine!


It's near.
The busts are arranged with King Itumno in the middle and the 6 Lords on each side of him.
Asharr seems less pony like than his peers.
More like a living patch of lava

"We wait hidden until he shows his head and catch him as he alters records."

You spend a bit more time discussing adventures, unless you want to RP that out completely?

Mom looks at Silver Blood.
"Are your parents coming to Canterlot too?"
"Yes, they should be in this hotel as well, but I haven't seen them yet…"



Nah, I already did that in my letters!
"We should find them soon then!"


"Ooohh, that could work." I grin.
"Now we just need to find black clothings and a headmask to blend with the night."


"Like I said, that was only a small taste. I still have more experiences to share, but I hope you got the important point I was trying to make. Here, I have an idea. Take some time off and come with my comrades. I'm sorry, but this won't be as easy as you may have thought."


Silver stands up.
"I'll ask around where they are.
I'll be back in a few minutes."
He walks off.
Your brother jumps up.
"Is Silver your special somepony Amber?"
Mom grins.

"Yes, that shouldn't be too hard."

"Maybe not alone.
But with the might of the Hyperborean army, nothing can stand against us."


He storms into the inn.
Lifts dumbfounded Iris into the air and gives her a squeezing hug!


I guess that was to be expected.
No sense in waiting.
Sit down in front of his bust.


"I happen to be in the market for bags of holding, if you've any."


I scrunch.
"… He's my partner, dust. My paladin partner in service!"


I then smack my hand and grin.
"Yes! Lets do this!"

I then offer my hand in the middle of the table.
"Lets do this!."


Trot shortly after him.
"Freakiest magic yet."
Smile at her.


"I want you to come with me. I still have a mark or two that could hinder any such invasions. I've been chasing a Dragon that could cause some harm to them and a pair of Ponies who I personally want to take down. After that, we might try things your way? Think of it as clearing the way for them."


He holds his head sideways.
"But you like him!"

Roll for meditation.

"Ah, bags of Holding, a very discerning customer, please come to the back."
He opens a door.

Hooves/paws together.

Indy holds her up happily and her hooves trot in the air.
"I-Indy?!?" says Iris shakily.
"W-what happened?"

"….I can't leave right now. Goldbeak would kill me…"



Roll #1 2 = 2


Into the back room, then.


Wave a hoof as if bored, listing off what happened. "Archmage Twilight, some stuff with the magic river created before everything else…"
Then burst into excitement!
"He's all grown up! Can even run faster than me! And look at the wings!"


"Then I need you to be my eyes and ears here. Make some friends, get in touch with the ponies who bring the news, I'll need some help from you to make sure nothing worse comes that way."

"But, how about later today, will you be free? I want you to meet some of my traveling companions, get to know them. Just so you get a better idea of what's going on. How about that?"


"I-I do! We're very close! We make for a great team too!"


"Now time to get ready."
I turn to Winston.
"Winston, go and ask Twily p… Twilight for permission for us to be allowed to investigate in the archives and libraries late at night during this whole week so they and the guards may know we are here."
I look at Star.
"Snack and Star will go in search for clothes and stuff that we need for investigating and capturing the culprits…. though come to think of it. What do winston and Star think we need to capture them? Snack think of nets but that is something that might be obvious…"


You feel a sudden heat.
And a tug as if you're swung across mountains.
In your minds eye appears an ashen crater.
You stand upon its slopes. The hill above seems endless, the chasm below is dark as night.
You feel as if you're getting sucked into the chasm.

He holds out a leather bag.
"A genuine bag of Holding, sir.
Stitched and enchanted in far off Neighpon."

"T-that's wonderful!" says Iris shakily as an overjoyed Indy runs around the inn holding her high still.

She frowns.
"Fine, I will come, but I can't promise I'll spy for you.
I want to see these friends of yours first."

Mommy grins and pets your mane.
"You don't have to be shy, Amber.
After all you're an adult now, it's only natural."

"Can't you hold him down?"


"Mmhmm. And how much do you suppose it holds?"


Stand my ground!
Don't budge an inch towards it!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Calmly sit down in the middle of the inn, ordering for some beer.
"Hey Indy she will feel sick if you keep it up!"
Chuckle at the scene.


"You'll like them, and we'll be meeting up at the hotel. Are you still working or did you take the rest of the day off just to talk to me?"


"I'm not shy! I'm not shy at all! why do you think I'm shy!?"


I scratch my head.
"Good point, okay ropes or manacles are needed, Snack and Star will go get some… and something anti-magic if it is unicorn spies." I scratch my head… then look at Winston and Star.
"No let all three of us meet Twilight first, perhaps Twilight can provide us the materials." I smile.


"As a true bag of holding it is estimated it could hold the entire universe twice, if you can fit it in there."

You manage to hold your ground for now and the attraction weakens for now.
You can move around, you see fiery shapes on the slopes. Other Fire Elementals, like you saw in Pyrrus Domain.

He stops immediately and carefully puts her down.
"Sorry" he says while scratching his head a bit embarrassed.
"I-it's okay." says Iris, who's grappling to regain her balance, nearly falling down.

"Yes, I don't need to work right now."

"Because there's a little blush on those shiny cheeks of yours."



Cover my cheeks quickly!
"No there's not!"


"Oh? May I test something?"
I'll nod towards the bag.


Okay, trot up to her and offer my mare a side to lean on.
"And all of this in a few minutes!"


Maybe I should head to the top of the slope.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Then you can show me around town! I've never been to Canterlot, so I want to take it in. What places should a Gryphon see first?"


Lets go to twily


Twily seems to have left, as has Soil.

"Don't worry about it, Amber.
It's perfectly natural for a mare your age to have a special somepony, you shouldn't feel embarrassed about it."


You keep going and going, but the top of the slope doesn't move an inch closer.

"Uh, perhaps the Griffon quarter?"

She's grateful for a shoulder to lean on.
"Wow….I don't know what to say…this morning he was smaller than me, now he's bigger than you…"


Opening the bag, I'll shove an entire leg in there, only stopping if and when I hit the bottom of the bag, or it goes up to my shoulder.


"And not like those badevil dragons who do it by hoarding stuff!"
Crape my chin in thought.
"Even though the jini never got us our salad and gems…"


"Lead the way. I haven't met all that many Gryphons in a while."


That's futile then…
Any sign of the Fire Lord?


"Can we talk about something else please!"


"Whelp.." Lets ask the guard where Fluttershy is though.


Your father coughs.
"Are you feeling nervous about the Knighting?"

You can't feel any bottom.
Of course, it's hard to test whether or not it can hold the universe twice however.

"I can get some salad and gems~"

No…only his servants working on the slopes.
The sky is dark, the ground is ashen.
You smell sulfur.

You are directed to her reading a book.


Kissu her as the only reply.
Trot over to the counter once she leaver, drinking some more.
"Best girl in the world."


Well, so long as it is what he says it is, that's sufficient.
"And how much were you asking for this particular item, sir?"


"A little… but I'll be okay. I'm too excited to be nervous right now!"


I should approach a servant then.


The innkeep looks over.
"You seem to be having a good day."

"A fine specimen like this?
5000 bits."

"I'm sure you'll do fine, sweetheart, I can't even tell you how proud I am.
My daughter, knighted by the Saviour herself."

They look up and swirl around you.


"Where is your Master? Down the chasm?"


"So, what can I expect in Canterlot's Gryphon Quarter?"


Approach her.
"Hello Flutter pony, Snack would like to introduce a doge who would help us in catching that spy. This is Winston."

"Also.. we need help in getting supplies… and permission to stay here in hte library for a week until the night." I smile.


"That sounds fair."
I'll look around for a bit.
"Would you mind terribly if I looked around before I complete the purchase? I may end up getting more than just the bag."


"I'm glad you're proud! You always wanted me to become a priestess, but this works too right?"


"He is everywhere. Ashhhhaarrr, this is his realm, the ground his flesh, his eyes are upon all"

"It's small, there's not many Griffons here.
A few selling Hyperborean wares and some pilgrims to visit the peak, the legendary birthplace of our people."

"Wait, you want to stay in the library for a week or for a night?"

"Be my guest, sir."

"I always hoped you'd be a guard, your mother a priestess, this is a nice compromise, I guess we both won."


"Yeah! This is what I wanted to be. I couldn't be happier with my position!"


"How do I test myself before him then?"


I'll browse the store. Any sort of magical knick-knacks and accessories that stand out?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Then let's not waste any more time! I could use a few things from back home."


Smile at him.
"Every day's a good day, momma said."


"Did you fight many heretickers?"
asks Dust.

"He seeeesss alll, heaarress alll"

You find an antique chemical decanter.

And there you go…

"Momma was a wise mare.
You here visiting or on business?"



"Heretics, they're called! And well, we fought some bad ponies yeah. Heretic isn't a very nice word though!"


Hmm. Vilina might like that, and I did say we were taking care of materials for her services.


He scrunches.
"But they're not nice!"

Perhaps she would.
You also find a little bronze phoenix miniature.
And a large dragons tooth.


Hmm. Items for everyone, it seems. Well, since I've already got an entire dragon skeleton for Soil, I can probably pass up this tooth… unless it's magical.
"Pardon me, but this dragon tooth here. What can you tell me about it?"


"Just tracking down big-as-a-mountain dragons, 'dat all."


"Maybe not, but you can't just call anyone who has done something bad a heretic."


"Lord Asharr, I came to your realm to prove myself worthy!"


I am here for 10 minutes.


"What's the difference?"

There's a loud roar coming from deep in the chasm.

He whistles.
"Not many dragons here.
The archmage has a dragon I think.
Haven't seen the cute fella around for a while."

"Ah, you have a fine eye.
It's a genuine tooth of Darenthion, the Terror of Trotantium.
Have you heard of him?"

That's very little, sorry.


"I can't say that I have. I assume with a name like that, there's a fair story behind it as well?"


Trot down, to the edge of the chasm.
Stare down into it.


"Heretics are ponies who denounce Cadance or the other alicorns and worship evil stuff like Tirek!"


It's okay.


"What was he like?"


"W-what's a Tirek?"

"I saw him once.
Kind fella, almost like a pony in dragon body you know.
It must have been hard for him, being a dragon surrounded by all ponies. Just imagine if you were living completely among dragons and have never been with other ponies…"

It is dark, so dark.
But you sense a presence inside calling you.
It makes your hairs stand up and you suddenly feel very unsafe.

A long time ago, when Trotantium was just a number of city-states, Darenthion came down from the Shudderpeaks.
Terror he wrought upon the fledgeling nations. He burned entire villages alive with but a single breath of fire…"


"You don't want to know. It's spooky stuff and you're too young for these things!"


I've been to the depths of the Underworld, get it together Mabel!
If I made it back from there, this will be a stroll!
Stomp my hoof and stare the darkness down.
"I am not afraid!"


Multiple villages in a single go? Obviously exaggeration. I mean, unless the dragon tooth I'm looking at is bigger than I am by an exponential degree. Or close in size to that giant zombie dragon's.
Regardless, I'll motion the merchant to continue.


"…Where can I find more dragons?"


He scrunches.
"I'm old. I'm like 10 years now!
I'm not a scaridy pony"


It is big, but not bigger than you.
"The fearsome dragon roamed the countryside and flew further east, making its way to Cloptantinople, already a sizeable merchant city by then.
When the citizens heard of its approach, panic broke out.
Ponies trampled over each other to flee the city."

"You hear about one or two flying through Equestria once in a while, or hoarding in some deep cave.
But I've heard there are tons of them in the large mountains up north. Near and into Hyperborea. I heard there's a volcano there, just crawling with the largest dragons you"ve ever seen."


"I am not the one hiding in the dark."


"But surely there must have been some who stood against it."
Hmm. If it happens to have any residual strength from the former owner, assuming this merchant isn't feeding me a line, it might bestow some rather interesting effects.


"Then we must go there!"
Smile excited.
"Once this is done it's the first place I'm gonna go to!"


"Well… I'll tell you one day, okay? This isn't really the time to talk about this stuff."


You are greeted by laughter.

He nods.
In Cloptantinople, lived Black Arrow, an archer without peer, he vowed to stand against the dragon.
When Darenthion approached, he stood atop the highest tower, alone and ready for battle."

He grins.
"I wish I was an adventurer like you sometimes. Seeing the world, seeing strange and magical places.
But when you've got a wife and kids, you've got responsibilities."

Mom shuts him up.
"Dust, we'll talk about that when you're older."
Dust scrunches but is silent.
Mom turns to you.
"You know Amber, we wanted to go sightseeing in the city, I'd love it if you could come with us…"


"A single archer against a dragon large enough to panic an entire city?"
I'll raise an eyebrow.


"But… what about Silver?"


"A bit of both, I suppose."


"Hey being a pa must be awesome, you know the stuff I did with my pa back then was the best!"
Drink some more.
"I miss my pa…"


"He had balls of steel or was very, very foolish.
Whatever his motivation, he stood upon the tower and shot arrow after arrow at the raging beast.
And the last arrow, the legend claims, pierced Darenthions hide and he fell to the earth."

"Perhaps after you've met with his parents?
There's time."


"Where is he right now?"


Grin over at my sister.
"I think that designer you like is here in Canterlot by the way."


"At the farm I guess!"


"He must have been quite a shot to shoot it from far enough away that it didn't kill him in a single pass."
I'll rub my chin and look at the dragon tooth again.


This is stupid.
I am stupid.
But I'm going to do it anyway.


"IS SHE?!?"

"It sounds improbable, but that's how the legend goes. And here is one tooth of the terrible beast, at a bargain."

You jump into the Abyss.


"Perhaps you should make a stop there, first, before you go to the dragons.
Family is important, take it from me."


"Eh, you allright, barpony."
Smirk at him and stand up… Where are Indy and Iris?



"That's what I heard back in Ponyville… I hope she hasn't moved by now."



Roll #1 10 = 10


Indy is getting fed gems by Iris.

"Only 3000 bits sir."

"No, you stay right here, we haven't seen Amber for so long, the least you can do is be here with her."
Silver shows up again.
"Uh…I found my parents."

You jump inside and feel a churning.
It's like you are chewed up by some infinite large mouth, yet it does not hurt.
When you open your eyes again, you sit before a throne, on both sides flanked by Djinns.
Here sits Asharr, the Eater.


Pop in.
"Hey, I'm going back in town, gotta do a few things. Send a few letters. See if I can find the others, too."


"That does sound to be a bargain, if it's as old as you say."
I'll squint a bit, and rub my chin again.
"Very well. I'll take the tooth, that bronze phoenix, the alchemical decanter, and the bag of holding."


"Oh! Where are they?"


Stand tall and proud.
"Lord Asharr."


"Be careful, you hear me!"

"Very well sir."
Popped in your inventory.

'They have a suite at the top of the hotel."

"Mabel…You are strong indeed.
I have eaten your fear, tasted your spirit, I am pleased."


And I will pay… from the mountain of gold in the other bag of holding.


"I am glad you are."




Easy as fuck.
You got your items!

"Why have you come here?"


"I want to meet the Lords of Fire personally."


Hello I am horse.


"Oh… wow! When can we go see them?"


I was shooting gunz?


So we're still not in a day where you have to cook, we should find something for you to do.
Amber might take a tour around town soon, maybe you could join?

"And what for?"

"….right now?"

It's about to be the third round.
You're cleaning your weapon as a nervous looking mare approaches you with ammo.
"Uh…You needed some ammo, dear?"



Show him my mark.


I raise a brow. Does that twat of a stallion think I'm a fool?
"Why of course, darling."


"Sure! Let's go! Go go!"
Grab Silver and pull him along quickly! I don't even know where I'm going!


"Do you even know what that Mark represents?"

She trots over with the ammo, hoofing em over very close to you.
"Oh my, I'm n-not sure if this is the right t-type. D-did you get to talk to Junior?"

"Amber! The suite is at the top of the hotel!
You're running to the basement…that's for staff!"

As you make your way back to the hotel, you come across the Freedom Festival, organised and about the great nation of Dixie.
You see Light Heart a bit further preparing for the shooting contest.
And there's a seminar about Dixian cooking.


>As you make your way back to the hotel, you come across the Freedom Festival, organised and about the great nation of Dixie.
>You see Light Heart a bit further preparing for the shooting contest.
>And there's a seminar about Dixian cooking.
That's for >>593257
Not Amber


Ooooh, off I go to the cooking seminar.


"My allegiance to Lord Pyrrus and the element of Fire."


Play with the ammunition in my hoof.
"Indeed I have."


"I knew that!"
Go go, upstairs!


There's a mustached stallion there adressing a crowd.
"Now when ya'll think of Dixie, Ah bet ya'll be thinking of hayburgers and fries and Hot Hays with lotsa lard, right?"
The crowd, many of which are eating hayburgers right now, nod agreeing.
The stallion smiles.
"Yeeha, that's some good Dixian food right there. But did ya know Dixie also has some amazing other food? Our deep-fried cabbage is legendary among the New World, beans and greens, fried tomatoes, sweet patatoes, bread pudding, and desserts such as Red Velvet Cake.
Now that's good eatin'
I'm tellin' ya folks, if ya follow mah guidance, ya'll will never say again Dixie got no cuisine!"

"So then we come back to the original question, why seek out the other Lords if your allegiance lays with Pyrrus?"

"Did he say anything crazy? Do ya like the ammo, miss?"

You run upstairs, dragging him behind you until you're all the way up.
There's a guard standing before the door.


"That doesn't mean I cannot get to know the other lords, does it?"


"Uh… hi!"


"Hmmm… where were these made?"
Hold it up in the air and inspect it.
"That depends. Who is asking?"


I keep listening.


"I'm with some ponies who are concerned Grey Velvet might be doing something very dangerous. Near the Colt manufacturing, straight from New Jockey."

"Now all ya'll have some ingredients right in front of ya, anything special ya see?"

Silver drags himself up.
"Uh, hi Earl. Uh…I'm here!"
"Welcome, master Silver, your parents are anxiously waiting for you."
He opens the door.

"And why me first? Luck?"


"It would have been in vain to visit the other Lords if you consumed me afterwards, wouldn't it?"


I snicker.
"Master Silver?"


"Well, not my primary choice of manufacturer but they still seem to be quite well made."
Put it away in my ammo pouch.
"Then I can inform you that yes, he is involved in dangerous business. He was wrong to think I was going to get involved in espionage for no good reason."


"Oh dear….we thought so…listen, I'm with the Order. [GM's note: the Dixian anti-magic order, forgot their complete onion something name.] We've been keeping an eye on him for some time….thanks for confirming our suspicions.
Ah'm glad it's to yer liking, miss."

"Shut up! I tried years to get him to stop that…he doesn't want to!"
He walks into the suite.

"Don't tell me you were afraid I'd consume you."


"I wasn't sure how tasty I would look for a Fire Lord."


I smirk and go in after him!


Olive order.
"Of course. Thank you, sugar."


"I must admit it's been a while since I've eaten donkey.
They were always so salty."
He picks a lava tooth.

The suite is amazing!
Two floors, benches, a swimming pool, four bedrooms, and all comforts one could want!

"Listen, if you want to know more, drop by the Old Dixie Inn. Good luck with the contest miss."
She tips her hat and walks off.


"I think that's the first time I'm glad someone would say such a thing."


"Wow! This is impressive, Silver!"


I'm not sure if I do want to know more. But then again, I'm curious.

Let's finish this contest first.


He looks at you and suddenly you're in an archipelago.
You're on a rock on one of the largest islands, in the middle of the island, a giant volcano is erupting, spewing magma and smoke far into the sky.
All ground except the rock you're on is covered in lava flowing to the sea.
The whole island is burning to ash.
You see two glowing eyes in the lava.
He rises.
"What do you see?"

"You should have seen our old house…"
The guard leads you to a desk where an older pony is sitting, staring and talking to a crystal orb, as you approach he holds up a hoof as if to say he'll be right with you. And keeps talking to the orb.
"Ah, there's my little stallion!" a mare with heavy make up appears. She holds up her front hooves "Silver, give mom a hug!"
Silver walks over there and gives her a hug.

You can still decide later.
Next round.

Roll #1 2, 10 = 12


"I see you."


I just smile and stand by.


"Me…and my duty…what do you think of my duty?
Can you imagine the life that once filled this island?"

"Oh you've grown so much Silver!
You'll be a big paladin!
Oh and who is this?"
"That's Amber, mom, you know I wrote about her in my letters…."
"Ah yes, the little mare, oh she's such a cutie.
Come here and give me a hug dear."


Open fire.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Dying is part of life."


Uh… okay!
Give her a hug?


"Interesting viewpoint.
Up until recently, you'd have given me a different answer.
What changed?"

The final scores are in.
Another mare, Steel Flint, won by a few points, but you get second place.

You get a hug.
"Oh my, aren't you a cute thing? Let me take a look at you"
She inspects you all over non-sexually
"Where are you from, dear?"


"I had some personal experience with the nature of death."


"The capital of the crystal empire!"


Oh well. Let's go congratulate her.


"Quite a change of heart, is it not?"
He grins.

"The Crystal Capital?
And what do your parents do?"

Can't win em all.
The mare in question is wearing a cowboy hat and shaking hooves with Grey.
She smiles as you congratulate her.
"Aw, thanks honey, you did mighty well yerself, I was sweating after that masterful shot first round."


"Mom's a priestess of Cadance. Dad is a member of the city guard!"


"It is, for the better."


"Perhaps…if it was made out of an observation of nature and meditation.
Or if it was made to hide your pain far and deep."
He slides circles around you.
"This I wonder."

"Hmm, a bit low but I guess it's cute. And it's not that important anyway, have you ever been to our town?"

The dad walks up from the crystal ball.


"It wasn't to hide my fear.
It was to challenge and tackle it."


"Uh… no. I guess I've seen more of Equestria than I've seen of the crystal empire by now. I always stayed in the capital."


"I was not talking about fear, I was talking about pain, an important difference."

She's saying you're a pleb.
"Aaaw, you should visit sometime."
Dad walks up.
"Hello, I'm Blue Blood, you must be Amber. My son talked very highly about you in his letters."


"You can grit your teeth and overcome pain just as you can defeat fear with courage."


That's a little bit rude, but fine!
"That's right, Amber's my name, sir!"


"Well, you were better in the end, sugar. Congratulations."


"But they're not the same.
Do you fear death or do you hide away the pain of friends lost?
Think carefully before you answer."

But you are a pleb.
But here's your chance to move up the social ladder!
"The paladins protecting our Empire have my respect. Let me congratulate you with your promotion to Knight."

"Oh my, what kind of gun is that?"
She points to yours.


"Thank you, that's very nice of you to say!"


"… I do not fear death. I fear the death of my friends."


"Are you looking forward to the Knighting?"

"Is that why you seek the power of Fire?
To prevent that?"


I know that our fates are sealed.
But with Fire, I can control my own. And if I can do that, not even the fates can stop me from saving my friends."


"Of course! It's the most important day of my life! I'm sure Silver thinks the same!"


"Why, a repeater of course. My gun of choice for years now."


"Bending fate, it is our fate to do so, ironically."

The guard coughs.
"Sir, these ponies were insisting to meet you."
It's mom and dad and Dust.
"Oh I'm sorry" says mom "We couldn't wait to see Amber again, so I thought we'd come up. What a wonderful place you have here, it's almost bigger than our home…"
Dad goes sit down in one of the benches as Dust jumps in the swimming pool.

"I love the small custom modifications you made. I've always been more of a pistol mare. I love the grip, I love how easy it is to carry. I love the sound it makes…"



"Hey guys! … where's sis?"


Mom shake her head.
"She ran straight out when I told her she could visit that designer of her."
She looks around.
"Oh my, I love the decor, mister Blood."
Daddy Blood seems flabberghasted.
"Uhm, yes thanks, uhm please leave the pool…"


So… I wanted to go find the others because I'm pretty much done, right?


"Really? That is great Fluttershy, we will do our best to capture that spy." I whispered and smile.


For now, since you're in the inn, the closest one is Amber, who's causing trouble in the suite upstairs!

"Uhm, sure. Are you going to do that alone? it might be dangerous…"


"That is why I want to do this. No matter the toll it has on me."


Let's go check that one out.
What's happening there?
"Hey what's happening here?"


I shake my head.
"Snack is fine working alone but Snack do have friends, but currently Snack dont know where they are in Canterlot. Winston is enthusiastic on helping." I then look at Star.
"Will Star pony come? Snack will do his best to protect her."




Star nods.
Fluttershy shakes her head.
"It's your choice, but I'd feel better if you had some backup."
You may do this with Winston and Star now or go find others to help.

It's a fancy suite of the Blood family, but it seems Ambers family has invaded!
Her little brother has jumped into the private pool and Silvers dad seems a bit overwhelmed.

Your mom walks up to Silvers mom.
"Oh it is so wonderful to meet you miss Blood, you simply have to come with us to see the city."

"It will have no toll.
The fire cannot hurt those who are pure."
He swirls around.
"But you are no sufficiently purified yet.
My teachings would destroy you."


Go over and pat Silver's dad on the back.
"You oughta be proud of those two, they know how to kick some ass!"


"How do I become pure?"


"Huh? Soil? How did you get in here?"

"Dust! You should probably ask first next time you use the pool!"


I scratch my chin.
"The three of us wont do, strength and safety in numbers is good is it not?" I grin at them.
"Snack will find first PoorSoil, Warren and Amber for they three are always up for a fight." I smile.


"I walked up the stairs!"


"Past the guard, I mean!"




He jumps up.
"Wait, who are you?"
Ambers dad walks up.
"You must be Soil, Amber told me you're a great fighter. Thanks for protecting my daughter."

"B-but Amber? Pleaaaaasssseeeeeee"

"Let's go find them!" says Star.
Winston will wait here.

The guard is too busy trying to get Dust out of the swimming pool, but he's a fast swimmer.

He opens his mouth.
"I could burn the impurities away in seconds."
But closes it again.
"But it might destroy you as well.
Let the fire within guide you to purity.
You have received a vision have you not?"


"Somepony's gotta carry the shield around after all."
Smirk proudly to both of them.
"But they saved us plenty, like that time in the cave!"


"We will be back Winston, thanks for everything, Snack and Star will gather his friends." I grin.
Alright lets find them and go outside of the academy to find them in Canterlot.


Roll #1 5 = 5


"I did, but I do not know the meaning of all of them yet."


"You should have asked first, Dust!"

"Yeah, Soil is the best fighter of the group!"


"Yes, she's a chip off the old block, she could always handle herself, even during the invasion of Changelings. Most fillies and colts were hiding, but not Amber, she wanted to help at all costs."

They have no inner meaning.
They are signposts.
Do signposts have meaning beyond "go there"?
They point to where you can find meaning."
He swirls around.
"Purification is not something one does.
One does not fall in love, one does not become a leader, it just happens.
The visions show you were to go and you'll know what to do.
Follow the visions and one day you'll find yourself purified without doing any concentrated effort."

He quickly climbs out and runs to Silvers dad, jumping up his leg.
"Please, please, please can I swim in the pool, mister?"
Mom is still talking to Silvers mom, but she seemed to have warmed up a bit.


Star thinks they might be in the inn.


"How will I know I'm pure?"


"Inn? Right, Canterlot Inn it is." I smile and go to one of the many fine Inns where we suspect the group has stayed.


Look excited and curious!
"Hey, that's a story I've never heard!"


"That's better!"

"It was a long time ago! I wasn't an adult like now back then!"


You know where that is.
Tulip told you before she left.
It seems most are in the suite upstairs.
They're talking to a few ponies you haven't seen before.

"You will know."

Silvers mom shines.
"Oh my, dear, do you want to see the town too?"
Dad looks up.
"Uhm…I'm sorry, I have some business to attend to, can't leave the mine alone for 5 seconds or it might implode."


"Promise you're gonna tell me at least once!"


"I understand."


"I'd love to go visit the barracks of the Equestrian paladins as well, some of my friends may be there."




Approach them.
"So how are ponies finding Canterlot?" I smile


The unknown ponies seem surprised to see you.
A smaller colt runs up.
"Amber, Amber, look! A crystal dog!"

Snacks has arrived.
Most ponies here have never seen a DD before.
Dust runs up to him.
"Mommy, Daddy, Amber, look, a Crystal Dog!"

Her dad grins.
"It's a fine story. I couldn't be more proud."

"Now, go back, Mabel, next time we meet you shall either be ready, or you shall be breakfast."


Nod again.
"Until then, Lord Asharr."


"Snacks! You're here too!"

"A diamond dog! That's Snacks! Snacks and Star!"


I look at the small colt in surprise and just smile.
"No, not crystal doge, diamond doge." I nod as I lecture the poor lad.


I nod.
"Snack is…. " I look at the unknown ponies and the colt with hesitation. "… going to ask… Amber, Warrne and PoorSoil if they want to help Snack in finding a spy in canterlot… but it appears things are getting a bit busy."


Well, now that I've got my things, I suppose I should head back to our inn, switch over the contents of the bags so that the town and void worm are all that are left in anarchy's bag, along with a single jar of stardust, and then go out to look for the others.


"Looks like you are an attraction, Snacks!"
"Whoa there! A spy?!
Of course I'm gonna help!"


I gulp, a bit embarrassed.
"Yes, Twily pony told Snack that the archives are being manipulated by someone… or something. Twily wants that someone to be found if we want to find the records about the udnead dragon." I nod.


Your vision fades and you open your eyes again at the Fire Temple.
Where Inferni has already gathered a crowd of interested fans.

Dust grins.
"Oh, a diamond Dog. Hello, mister Snacks!"

They're uninvited in an overcrowded suite at the top.

Star nods.
"Tell em the plan, Snacks."

Mom looks to you.
"Amber, are you leaving already…?"


I don't even know how I would know that, but for the sake of convenience, let's poke my head in as well. Or at least get stopped by the door guards.


He did?
What kind of fans?


"Well… nope! Because I know my friends can handle it!"


Grab Snacks and Warren and let's get outta the door!
"Don't you worry guys, we are gonna fix this sooner than you can say doublesalad!"


I grin as I close my arms.
"Hello little pony, is Amber your friend?"

I nod at Star.
"So far the plan is to wait till nightfa….. "



"I say we go to the archive and beat up all ponies that try and touch it!"


The innkeeper gave you directions.
And the guard is too busy overlooking the chaos already.

A few nature worshippers, Water priests, Air priests. He's more than happy to show off his fabulous wings.

Soil is dragging all of you outside.
Time for the plan?

"Okay. Let's go to the Barracks then?"


I scratch my head
"We will do that, but after we capture said spy. The spy wont show up if we are not stealthy.


Well, that was shortlived.
"Could anyone fill me in on what's going on?"


"Yes! Let's go! I bet my friends are sleeping, but I'm sure they don't mind me waking them up!"


"But, Amber, it's the middle of the day!"

I'm sure Snacks will.


"There's a spy at the archive!"


"And us yelling about it in public isn't supposed to tip him or her off? What archive? What spy?"


"Snacks knows!"


I nod at warren as I smile and lower my voice
"Snack is findign Warren pony since Warren is a good at thinking, so far Snack, Star and Winston has planned to ambush and captre a spy for the cult of undead dragons that is destroying or hiding important draconic article's…. specially those records that regards to the undead dragon in the Silverhaze mines."

Snack wants help from Amber, Warren and Soil…. but it appears Amber is a bit busy is she?" I scratch my head.




"Who is Winston?"


"Twily, an important book pony who is a friend to Fluttershy, the yellow pony who has saved us back in Silverhaze riding the spiders…. has tasked me about it since it will be hard to gather more info about this undead dragon monsters…. the more we know about our enemy the easier it will be to hunt it ." I grin.


"Yellow pony… you mean the writer? If I'd known she was here, I would have gone with you all to see her and say hello."
I'll scratch my chin.
"So… what are our leads?"


"Winston… ah, an educated doge that has knowledge of the ancient diamond doge history of the past, specially regarding the times where there is an alliance of pony and doge back in ancient Equestria. So far Snack has asked Winston help and he is willing too." I grin.

"Uhhmmm… " I scratch my head.
"So far, there are missing books according to Twily pony… the lead so far is that if the spy has access to the archive then it means it is an insider with one having this badge."
I showed the badge of the Canterlot archives.
"One needs this to enter the archive's, Snack and Star got one, Snack think Warren and PoorSoil can get one too once Snack and Star approach the guards.:"


"Alright… so what's the plan? A stakeout, or is there a list of suspects?"


Ready to go on a fun trip?


Star coughs.
"What Snacks wants to say is, that there's a spy in the Academy library, somepony who's altering the records of the undead dragon.
So Archmage Twilight asked us to do a stakeout at night and try to capture them."


Walk closer, as if I was just one of the onlookers.
What kind of show is he putting on?


"Oh, that sounds fun!
We can set up a campfire and sing songs and tell stories until the bad guys show up!"


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Archmage Twilight? Seems I missed quite a bit while I was off shopping."


I shake my head.
"No suspects yet except the idea that the spy has access to canterlot archives."
"So a stakeout is one Snack is planning."

I lower my head as I smile at Star.
"Thanks Star."


I shake my head.
"No… nothing like that, we need to be stealthy so spy wont spot us and make a run for it."



"That's the problem.
Twilight thinks it must be somepony who works at the Academy. So we'll have to be very still until we see somepony altering the records, after that we can beat him up!"

"…you should really get those speaking lessons."

"She's quite nice!"

He shining a beautiful multicolored light over the room.

You make your way to the Barracks.
There are two towers.
The tower of the Day Guard and the Tower of the Night Guard


"Right. When are we expected?"


I just lower my head, a bit embarrased as I whisper back
"…Snack thinks so too…."


"We can go to Canterlot Archives, then Warren and PoorSoil can have a look a it."


I'll nod.
"We'd need to get our badges, as well. Would seem a bit suspicious if we got them right before the stakeout."


I nod, "Yes, lets go."
Guide the group towards the canterlot archive's.


Do you guys wanna timeskip to the stakeout?


Talk to the first person beside me.
"Heh, that's a nice bird, isn't it?
I bet I could lure it over by simply just whistling though."


If nothing else is going to happen, then sure.


I am fine doing a timeskip….


The night guard one! The night guard one!
"Come on guys! Try not to wake any of the other bats!"



The Sun sets…
You've set yourself up sneakily in the Academy archives, with a good look on the Kronox wing.
It is very quiet here.
Roll to stay awake!

The Night Guard Tower is partially built into the mountain itself and consists of dark rock.
The gate itself is lined with silver and the insignia of the Moon is prominently displayed.
It seems very peaceful here.
There's a receptionist.
"Yes, may I help you?"


Well, it's not like I did anything today. '1d10'
Probably should have asked Vilina about her coffee, though.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I nod to the others as I stay close to Star as I keep watch out for shadowy figures.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Watch the guy with the CON of a mountain critfail.

Roll #1 9 = 9



"Hello! I'm here to say hi to some friends!"


You all keep your sleepy eyes open like hawks.
A few times a researcher passes by but nothing to be concerned about.
As the Moon hangs high you see another cloaked researcher approach the wing.
He floats out a book, opens it, and a green magic starts altering the pages.
"That must be him. whispers Star.

"Get outta here! No way!".



Well, let's set the table. I'll start casting Homing Magic. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'm telling you! I've got skill for this. I'm even willing to bet on it!"


"Amber Stone!"


I nod at Star and start to approach the spy stealthily.
Before jumping at him and capturing him at the act.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Since Snack's already tackled the researcher, I'll jump down as well and look intimidating in front of him.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"I mean, who were you looking for?
If you're a friend surely you know their names."

"Ehm, I'm not a betting stallion."

You've got 2 motes.

You storm at the researcher and grapple him down before he can do anything.
He struggles to get up.
"What's the meaning of this?"

He grows quiet as you look at him.

Roll for memory.


'1d10' Do I remember him?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I look at him a bit confused.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh, Paleblossom and Deepfang!"



Roll #1 4 = 4


She looks at her list.
"I'm sorry, Deepfang has been assigned to Los Pegasus for the time being.
But miss Paleblossom is here, she's sleeping at the moment."

It's an older, slightly overweight unicorn.
It's a bit hard to see without the delicate clothes he wore in the past, but his face, you're looking at Regal Silverhaze, former lord of Silverhaze.


"Aww, but then where's the risk and the fun?"


"Hey you are the mayor pony from that place where the dragon broke everything!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll frown.
"So. You weren't content to let your own town burn, you had to weaken the others. Why? Why serve the dragon?"


"They're separated!?"
I look horrified


I keep pining down the pony as I look at you two.


"The former lord of SIlverhaze, who was going to sacrifice his citizens to the undead dragon."


I then stare down at the lord and frown.
"So it is you after all, what is pony doing here far far away from Silverhaze?"


She raises a brow.
"Yes. She's at the end of the hallway, in the ruins of the Nexus."

He looks at all 3 of you slowly.
"Isn't this a surprise…Ner'Ghal foretold you would be coming.
He called it beginning and end.
When you are defeated, his reign may truly begin…"

"Fine, but just a few bits"


"That won't happen for a good long time. Now, are you going to come into custody quietly, or are you going to resist?"


Quick, go there!


I just stare at him with an unamused face as I keep pinning him down.
"You cant defeat us at Silverhaze, what makes pony think he can defeat us now?"

I look at you.
"Lets tie this pony up and present him as a gift to Twily." I grin.


"I neglected to bring a rope."


"Good enough for me."
Hold out one of my hooves and let out a sharp whistle.


"Then call guard ponies, Snack will hold this bastard in place."


"Oh please tell us you want to resist!
It's been too long since I squished a pony to the wall!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Fair enough. Think you and Soil can hold onto him without killing him while I'm out?"
I'll look over at Star.
"I'm sure you can keep these boys behaving?"


Star scrunches.

"Bah, this meat puppet has served his purpose anyway. My father was always a fool, but at least we put him to good use.
You can keep what's left of him."

Inferni looks up and flies over to sit on your hoof.
Everypony is impressed.

"Oh my" exclaims your mom as you walk to the end of the hallway.
It ends into the mountain where the architecture changes.
You're greeted by enormous ancient stone halls and delicately carved hallways and pillars.
These are the old Diamond Dog ruins from long ago.
Now taken by the batponies.
There are a number of batponies hanging on the dark ceiling.
You see Paleblossom amongst them.


I nod.


"Hey! Anypony in there?"
Bonk the guy on his head, as if trying to talk to somepony inside it.


With a nod, I'm off to find some guards. Shouldn't be too hard.


I scrunch. How am I supposed to reach her?
Oh! Throw a small pebble at her!
"Paleblossom. Wake up!"


I scrunch back at Star, imitating her face jokingly before looking back at Silverhaze.
"What do you mean by that?"


Do a little bow.
Then turn to him.
"You honor me with your presence, Phoenix."


Roll for throwing.

Roll for guards.

"Remember me, Soil? Good old Swift?
Do me a pleasure, and make sure my father stays dead."


Regals body rips open and from its innards rises a thin heap of muscles and bone.
It has arms like swords and teeth like razors.

You are fighting:
Dragon Skinwalker

He screeches pleased, slightly bowing his head for you, playing along.



Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Stay back Star." I shout as I raise my crossbow and shoot it!
Marksman shot

Roll #1 1 = 1


Look at the crowd with an amused smile.
"How about that, huh?"


"Freaky magic!"
Indy, show what your new fangs are good for!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 5 = 5


You don't see a guard, the patrol must be in the next wing.
You hear fighting, back near Soil and Snacks.

Unfortunately you are still holding the skinwalker in your paws.
He slashes into your arms, causing you to go helpless.

You slam the skinwalker against one of the bookcases with a loud squish!
Indy carves a few scratchmarks into the skinwalker.

"Truly blessed."

Your stone ticks her wings and she wakes up, stretching her batwings.
Drowsily she looks down.
She spreads her wings and floats to the ground.



Back in there, and let loose two ice bolts. Can't let him shred the books.

Roll #1 7, 1 = 8


I grin and give her a shiny hug as soon as she lands!
"Hi again!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Arrgghh… try to stand up.


Keep him down!

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hello Am-"
You give her a shiny squishy hug!
"-ber! My, you've gotten stronger."

You throw 1, icing him, the other explodes, freezing you. You're helpless!

You can't get up.

The skinwalker screeches, jumping up and down extremely fast and slashing both you and Indy.

The Skinwalker emits a cold aura, sapping you of your strength.
-1 to all rolls.

Skinwalker Perfect Health

Snacks 0/4 HELPLESS
Soil 10/7
>Indy 3/6


Ech. That wasn't supposed to happen. He didn't even flinch…
Break free of the ice and return to the battle.

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7


"I advise caution, they are really proud creatures! For example, I could barely avoid getting bit if I touched his chest!"
Try to boop his chest with my other hoof.


Ahw c'mon, that's plain not fair!
"Indy! Heat it up!"
Fire breath to melt this cold presence!

Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Arg damnit, lets do this! Get up.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I've been training hard, Paleblossom! It's good to see you again!"
Volume control is probably an issue right now


"Amber, ssshhhh, there are other ponies sleeping."
She puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Let's go to the mess, it's easier talking there."

Indy fake attempts to bite you, but you easily dodge it.
But this is enough to emit gasps and concerned looks from your audience.
"Omigosh…how can she handle that beast?"

You scratch your head and look up to see Indy grasped by the Skinwalker.
The Skinwalker says something in a dead language and stabs Indy straight in the chest.
A sickly green color spreads over his chest, similar to the turned citizens of Silverhaze.
Your slamming instinct turns into overdrive and with sanic speed you crash right into the skinwalker, slamming him off Indy and he takes the Shield Train right into the wall.
Like many before him, he learns that once you're inbetween a shield and a hard place it's hard to get loose.
Indy grasps his chest and sinks to his knees trying to get his bearings.

You can't get up.
This hurts so much!

You break free.

Skinwalker Wounded

Warren 5/4
Snacks 0/3 HELPLESS
Soil 10/7
>Indy 0/5 HELPLESS




I look up and scrunch, then nod at her. To the mess!
"Uh… Why did you and Deepfang get separated?"


Go over to the dragon. We need him in this fight.
"Indy, are you alright?!"
Help the dragon in any way I can think of. '1d10-1'

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4


I can't stop pressing the guy against the wall though.


Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5 / Roll #2 7 - 1 = 6


"By knowing he is not a beast, but a cunning, thinking predator!"
Lower my voice.
"I am pretty sure he is much smarter than a lot of people I've met, actually."
Back to regular voice.
"From that, I know he would definitely try and claw my eyes out if I leaned much closer!"
Lean closer to him!


Arrgg… nope nope nope! Stand up you doge!

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7


You're at the mess hall, it's pretty empty.
"Deepfang is on a mission in Los Pegasus, he knows the area. Meanwhile I know this place best, so I was needed to deal with a problem here.
I'm sorry, I'm sure he'd have been glad to see you."
She looks to Silver and the parents.
"My, so many crystal ponies, is this your family, Amber?"

Inferni looks suspiciously as you lean closer, then quickly claws but right in front of your eyes.
"Oh dear, that donkey, she's crazy!"
"How does she do this?"

He starts pushing like a wild beast against the shield.
He might be stronger than you thought….

Indy grits his teeth and gets up again.
He growls and turns towards the skinwalker.
His chest looks bad, but he seems determined to finish this fight.

You're up!

Skinwalker Wounded
Aura of weakness in effect

Warren 5/4
Snacks 5/3
Soil 9/7
>Indy 6/4 Necrosis


Snile relieved, letting out a weight off my chest.
Let's see if Indy can warm this up for us.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 4 - 1 = 3


What is this… feeling? Its like it is dragging me down….
"Wh.. what is this?" I grit my teeth as I ready my axe and attack!
Expansive weapon, change weapon type to dual using my Blood Waraxe

Roll #1 2, 10 - 1 = 11


"Don't push yourself, Indy. Iris would be beside herself with sadness."
Let's see what I can pull out of my sleeves with Hat Magic. Hopefully some medicine for that gaping wound in Indy's chest. '1d10-1'

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


"You don't have to be afraid as long as you know to respect them! In fact… if I just tried to take one of his feathers, he would be really mad at me, he might even burn me!
If I ask nicely, however…."
Turn to Inferni, lean just a tiny bit closer, and speak in a tempered voice.
"Oh, majestic phoenix, you would do me a great honor if you were so generous that you donated one of your beautiful feathers to adorn my mane."
Bow my head to him when I finish.


"Yeah, they're here for my knighting ceremony!"
Nod towards Silver.
"And that's my partner! Silver, this is Paleblossom, I met her a while back while I was on the road!"


She looks confused for a second.
"Oh right, you crystal ponies always fight in pairs. My, my."
She gives Silver a hoof and whispers something in his ear.
Silver chuckles.
She turns to your parents.
"It's a pleasure to meet all of you.
You can be proud of Amber.
I've seen her fight and she's a model paladin. Always looking out for the weak and poor first."

Inferni stands upright proud, considering your most courageous request.
The audience is breathless as they wait to see what he'll do.
He spreads his wings. Gasp!
Then he slowly moves his beak over his wing, plucking out one and holding it out to you.

Since you rolled a crit and this is done, I'll let Indy do some heroics too.

You slam the Skinwalker against the wall once more and then let him go, making room for Indy, who looks angrily.
He takes a breather and unleashes a pillar of blue fire right at the skinwalker.
The Skinwalker is charred but still moving.

And it is then that Snacks comes with his blood axe, slamming it straight into the creatures chest, revealing dark brown flesh underneath the charred skin.
The axe greedily absorbs the blood and the skinwalker falls down dead and melts into the ground.

You're not sure what would help.
But you pull out a flask of sparkling glowing water.

Indy waggles and collapses on the ground.


Alright, let's head on over there and apply it.
"Hold still, Indy, I don't know how effective this will be…"
Do I have to roll to apply, or is he pretty much an easy target?


Accept it with a hoof, and put it in my name.
"You are truly the most generous and charming of all phoenix!"
Grin to the audience


"What were you two whispering about?"


"Yeuuckk..:" I spit at the thing as I look at the axe with surrprise for a bit…

"Who would know something like that is the spy!"


"No one, really, but it shows that the dragon isn't just going to sit idly by and let us get strong enough to kill it."


I nod and sit down.
"How is Indy? Can Warren pony fix him?"


Forged in Stardust mode: On!
Keep pressing the charred sack of meat and bones and undead corruprion against the wall.
And look back at Indy.
"You alright?!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'm not sure. Hopefully this will help, but I have no idea what that thing did to him…"


>The axe greedily absorbs the blood and the skinwalker falls down dead and melts into the ground.


>implying I read other posts
"That wasn't him!
Somepony else was talking!"


"How do you mean?"


I nod.
"True, it was… something else… but not the Silverhaze pony we know.:"


"I mean like…"
Slip behind him, moving his jaws.
"Like thiiiiis!"
Also, check on Indy.
Trot to his side, looking at him expectingly.


You don't have to.
You pour some of the water on Indy's chest.
The atrified flesh glows and slowly heals….
Indy closes his eyes.
"That feels…better."

"Oooooh, I want a feather too! Can I have a feather please?" asks a mare in the audience.

Silver blushes "Oh…uh…"
Paleblossom interjects "I told him he should make sure to watch your back."
Silver nods quickly.

The blood disappears and its a clean axe again.


Look him carefully up and down.
How is he?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I wouldn't want to test my luck too much!"
Take the one from my mane and offer it towards her.
"Just make sure to thank him, not me!"


I'll rub my jaw a moment.
"You mean like a puppet?"
I'll sigh a little in relief.
"We're still going to get you looked at by a professional. I don't know what that thing did to you, but I'm not going to risk your health on something I pulled out of nowhere."


Scrutinize them both
"If you say so…"


"He called him pa.
The old guy, not the guy inside him!"


I smile, looks like it is magical after all.

I look at Indy as I stood next to you two.
"Will dragon be okay… Twily knows about dragons, if Indy is injured we can ask her for help."


"I can't imagine Regal's father would still be alive, but maybe it's like what you've got going with Indy."
"We should probably ask her anyway. She's likely got the most information on dragon health issues and what that thing did than anyone else alive at the moment."


Shake my head.
"The other way!
The guy talking called Regal's his pa!"


What a confusing horse.
"I wasn't here for that part, unfortunately."


The wound reminds you of the horrible wounds the citizens of Silverhaze suffered before being turned into an undead.
Perhaps your brain is working overtime for Indy because you also remember that it took the healers days of continuous healing to reverse the disease.
You look at the water and it seems a lot like the water from the maelstrom spring at the top of Mt Lauren.

Paleblossom chuckles.
"You must have so many stories.
What happened since you left? I think you were going to the Trotting Mountains?"

The bottle is empty, but the wound seems to have been stabilized.
He gets up again.

"Who is this…Regal?" asks Indy.

She takes it with trembling hooves.
"Thank you mister phoenix."
Inferni gives her the slightest of nods.


"Regal is, or was I should say, the lord of Silverhaze. He sought to resurrect the undead dragon, and was willing to sacrifice his citizens to do so. We managed to keep the damage down, but he escaped in the confusion of the dragon's awakening."
I'll look at the puddle of viscera.
"What happened to him after that, and before he came here to alter the records, I don't even want to guess."


"Regal… looks like we need to ask Twilight if she got info on said Regal…. perhaps it is in cahoot with the undead dragon cult."


"The pony mayor in the town me and warren and amber and snack and melody met and-"

Stand up straight and determined.
"We have to go to the top of the mountain.


"Hopefully there aren't any more spies or saboteurs around."
"What mountain?"


"Maybe… hmm… Maybe I could find out his name!"
Perk my ears up.
"But I assume he'd want to whisper it to me."


"I met many new friends! Monster hunters, obsidian knights, crystal paladins and a lot more! Right now we're trying to stop an undead dragon and a draconicuisine from doing really bad things!"


"This mountain!
Indy's hurt!"


"I fail to see how those two facts are related, Soil. Shouldn't we get Indy to some healers to check the damage from that spell?"


"You don't understand! He's hurt like the ponies in Silverhaze!
Healing's not good enough, the water of the mountain's gonna do it!
You worry about finding Swift!"


"We would know that if there are more."


She perks her ears "…an undead dragon…like a big undead dragon?"

He slowly moves to your ears and silently says "pfffffrrrrt"

Indy shakes his fist!
"I'll burn that mean pony!"


"Who is Swift?"
"Not necessarily, though we can hope, at least."
I'll glance at the puddle of guts again.
"It might be a bit late for that. We've just dealt with what's left of him, I think."


"Yeah! From Silverhaze!"


Try not to snicker.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"The guy from Silverhaze!
Regal's son!"


"I don't believe I ever met the guy. But if you say he's part of this, I can see about looking into it."


I frown too.
"Silverhaze… is a memory to Snack but the exact details are ereally not that etched to Snacks memory." I scracth my head.
"But as long as those cultist are here, then citizens are not safe."


"You two go and do that!"
I gotta run.
"Come on Indy!"
Off we run to the mountain!


She looks troubled.
"Wow, you seem to have gotten yourself in quite some trouble, Amber."
She smiles a bit "That's the Amber I know."

Timeskip to the top?

You laugh at the non sequitur.
Unfazed in character, Inferni straightens up.
The public looks at each other.
"What does this mean?"


Heck yeah, I conquered that bitchassmountain anyway.


Clear my throat.
"Ooh… he told me his name, as well as a very naughty comment that I'm uncomfortable with sharing!"
Let's see if I can pass on some of that laughter along.


"It's not looking for trouble! It's what's expected of me!"


I nod at Poor Soil then look at Star.
"Looks like this thing is deeper than we thought.:


Your mom taps you on the shoulder.
"Amber sweetie, I don't want to interrupt but it's getting late, shouldn't you and Silver to the dressmaker?"

"We should tell Twilight!"

You make it back to the top at full speed.
The Maelstrom beckons.

Laughter a plenty.


Let it subdue.
He said his name was none other than Inferni. Isn't that right?"
Look at him.


Look extra worried.
"Jump in Indy!"


"You're right! We should! Uh… talk to you later, Paleblossom?"
Grab Silver by his tail and run off to the tailor pony!


I'll nod.
"So, the real question is if she's awake at this hour, since I doubt she'll take too kindly at being awoken in the middle of the night.


"Yes we should." I nod.
"Lets go." Head and find Twilight pony.


He jumps into the pool of raw magical power.

He gives a firm nod.

You run off to the Palace.
You find two mares at the dressmaker.
One is a light brown mare with white mane.
Another a white mare with purple coiffed mane.
The white mare looks up.
"Ah, you must be the late arrivals. And only five minutes before we packed up too. Come on no time to lose. Get out of those dreadful armors so we can take your measurements."

Star scrunches angrily.
"She'd be mad about us telling her about a serious security breach? Then she'd be the worst pony forever!"

The guard wakes Twilight, she shows up drowsily with a night cap and fluffy hoofshoes.
"Yes, did you find anything?"


W-why me!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Could I get an applaud for Inferni, please?"


Well, time to recount what just happened. Regal, the fleshcraft monster, and the name "Swift", who seems to be orchestrating things.


I scrunch as I take off my armor.
"This armor is not 'dreadful'! It's very shiny and pretty and I like it!"


I bow a bit.
"Success! We've found the culprit!"
"But it fought back and now its die…" I frown.


"My goodness dear.
Have you even looked at it?
It's all messy and full of..ugh..dirt."
Now that you look at it, it was more shiny when you got it.
"Here, miss Haute, have one of the servants clean these armor to perfection for the Knighting.
Now, miss Stone, please hold out your front legs like this."
She makes a motion with her legs.
Miss Haute takes the measurements for Silver.

Twilight listens carefully.
"It lived…inside this pony?
Oh dear, and our enchantments couldn't detect it."
She starts walking in circles.
"This is bad, this is really bad."

The ponies stomp the ground in applause.
Inferni slightly bows.
Great show Mabel.


Mimic her motioning!
"It was shinier when I first got it, I promise!"


Bow to them as well.
Maybe I should look around in town, see if there are any other street performers.


"It also seemed to poison Indy, much like as what happened to the ponies of Silverhaze. Luckily, we managed to delay the curse… poison… ailment?"
I'll shake my head.
"Whatever it is, we managed to delay it enough for Soil to take him to the summit of the mountain."