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You're back in the antechamber.
Vilina has become rather pale, even for a spirit.

Who wants to speak for Vilina?
Who will stay here?


You know my answer from last thread.


I'll speak for her, of course.


I must speak for her.


I talk talk talk, it was my fault!


I talk.


For those who weren't here last time.
The judges sit on a large stone bench raised above the courtroom, behind them, barely visible in the dark sits a large ram, silently observing.

"How did it go?" asks Heavyhooves.


As before, I'll wait until I'm called to speak.


Well, wait until they call for me.


"Fairly well, given that she was granted resurrection. Though it was mostly due to her own doing by befriending a certain gryphon with a lot of power down here."


Sit down and squint at the ram, silently observing him right back!


The aura from his intense.
While not threatening like the Tirekians, or disorienting like Discords, it feels like a heavy weight.

"Shallow Moon, step forward." The zebra judge whispers.
Slowly Vilina steps before the bench and looks up towards the judges.
"Why should this court grant you life?"
After a pause, Vilina whispers "I've done a lot wrong in this life, a lot of things I wasn't proud of. Being here, having seen all this, I've come to realize how foolish I was…I wish to go back so I can right the wrongs I have done….together…" she glances back for a sec "together with my friends."

He whistles
"Never hurts to have friends in high places."


Nod slightly to Vilina - no, Shallow Moon.


I know how that feels… even though apparently it wasn't my decision to do bad things.


"So it seems. I must say I am impressed, it seems I underestimated her. Perhaps something to keep in mind when I one day end up here myself."




I scrunch.
I wish I could feel Cadance's aura already! I bet it's really, really nice! Not that she can be any nicer than she already is of course.
Smile at Vilina!


Some ponies say it makes you feel funny down there.

The Court looks at each other.
"The same friends you have not even graced with your true name."
Vilina looks down and grumbles.
"That's not my real name."

Heavyhooves nods"Something I wish I had known earlier. Let's hope that's not anytime soon."
The old mare of the three chuckles.


I'll flick an ear at this. I knew she fled her home town, but discarding her name is news to me.


Huh? What?


"I understand…"


I bite my lower lip and smile, sauntering over to said mare.
"Now… I hear y'all are of some importance down here. Would you do me the honor of telling me your names?"


"Hey, I don't give a mouse's whiskers about her real name!
A name's just a name!
She's just Vilina!"


Vilina faces the judges.
"I didn't lie to them. I've been using this name for so long, it might as well be my real name. I don't care for the old one."
The griffon judge glares.
"Is that so? How can you try to right all your wrongs, if you're afraid to even face your own name."
"I'm not afraid!"
The judges look at each other.
"Let your friends have the stand."
Deliver your plea.

The filly speaks up first.
The mare "Fecunda."
The old hag last "Venta"


Bow my head slightly.
Look at what they're doing, then turn to the filly.
"You must have created my… lifeline? Is that what it is called?"


Well, no time like now.
Step forward and bow my head slighty.
"You know who I am, and you must also know that I feel responsible for what happened to her. I will admit, I didn't talk a lot with Vilina, or get to know her well, but she was, and still is, a friend.
When the accident with the Ursa happened, it was clear that I must try and help her. I was rash and confident, believing that Soil and I can easily fix the unnatural damage that has been done to her.
I've failed, and she died."
Take a deep breath.
"If you must take a life, take mine, not hers."


Step back with Mabel as well, staring defiantly at the court.
"It's my fault too. For exploding the Ursa, and first for making the huge tree, and then for finding the book, and then for failing to protect Mabel.
Neither one of them has to die, it's my fault."


I'll take the stand.
"Honorable judges of the dead, and lord of the realm, I humbly request the resurrection of Vilina, or Shallow Moon, or whatever her name is in your records."
I'll look up towards Grogar.
"I am aware of your stance on oaths and their breaking, Lord Grogar, and I seek her resurrection so that the oaths and promises we have exchanged may be fulfilled. I will not let death make a liar of me."


Step forward.
"I plead the same case as with Melody! We also spared Vilian's life for a reason, to try and help her become a better pony! Instead she died because of that meanie Anarchy and his… his trickery! Killing Vilina was the biggest mistake he's ever made and I want to have it erased. She's one of us and I won't leave her behind! Allow us to bring her back to the land of the living and we will change her destiny, I promise!"


The filly looks up.
"You can call it what you want. Most ponies call it the Thread of Life. I'm not sure why."

"You'd sacrifice your life for hers?"

"Commendable, taking the blame."

Grogar is silent.
"Such an oath alone is not enough, Warren. This court seeks to measure whether Vilina is worthy of resurrections. Acts speak louder than words."

"The court doubts that even Anarchy was consciously aware what his actions would cause. It was, in the end, fate."


She's trying to trick me, I bet!
"And… my thread had a few loose strands?"


"Yes. Yes I would."


"Can't you bring him in for questioning or something? He's still responsible!"


"If the small oaths are not upheld, then how can one expect the larger oaths to be honored?"
I'll look between the three judges.
"If it is acts that you are looking for, then perhaps her own attempts at righting her own path will be evidence enough that she truly wished to change her own fate? Is not the effort of turning over the proverbial new leaf enough of a reason to see her finish the task, and live on that new side?"


"We have no concerns about her intentions.
We have doubts about her willingness to go through on them."

"You wish us to call him here?"

"Would the knowledge that she plotted your death in life change your mind?"

"Nope, nope, nope, it was just as shiny as all of them." She grins.


"… May I see it?"
Look at the adult mare.


"He's the one responsible, so yeah!"


"I, however, do not. I have faith in my friend to go through her plans of bettering herself. And if that isn't enough, I'm more than willing to lend my assistance so that she might."


"She wouldn't have one such a thing."
Glance at her.



"Hold that thought."

Vilina quickly shakes her head.
"Of course not, I swear!"

The Griffon stands up.
"The Court calls for Anarchy."
With a flash Anarchy in draconequis form appears, together with a bath tub, seems he was just taking a bath.
"Hey can't a hardworking man take a bath in privacy?!?"

The mare clasps her hooves together and a shiny thread appears. Because of the way it disappears under her robe, you can't see how long it is.


I'll glare at the draconequis.


"Why would they say that you did then?"

Glance at Anarchy and narrow my eyes.


I stare at the thread for a moment, then blink.
"It looks so very… frail."


"You bastard!"
Jump at him!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


I scrunch.
"You're in court now! Shows that you can't run away from your deeds! You killed Vilina!"


"He will be standing on the side of the judged in due time."


You slam right through him!
Literally, your soul just runs through him.
"Hehehe, that tickles."

"I wasn't gonna…I changed my mind…"
Anarchy chuckles.
"Kind of a dreary place for a reunion. I always hated the underworld decor."

Anarchy looks hurt.
"Moi? But I didn't even touch her."

"All of them are, but they hold the whole Tapestry together."


Stop, turn around looking at him, and scrunch.


I smile widely at the old mare.
"As for… how it ends?"


"So, we encountered the trouble you set ahead of us in Ponyville. Your minion didn't last too long once I destroyed that odd pyramid."


Frown a bit.
"When was this, Vilina?"

Turn back to Anarchy again.
"You will be spending quite a lot of time here soon, so better get used to it."


"I won't touch you either when I smite you! My hammer will! Same thing!"


"When we just met. You killed my gang, my friends. I felt…vengeful."

Anarchy yawns.
"Oh I doubt it. Not even Discord is here, why should I be?"

"How's things with that lovely Iris. Has she finally decided to jump you?"

She puts the Thread away again.
"That is not for us to tell."

He coughs.
"Listen, Judges, you obviously don't know these guys as I do. Sweethearts, all of them, but expecting them to hold a proper witness interview is like expecting a cow to do age magic."

He shrugs.
"It was more about seeing your faces when you realized it was a doll anyway."


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"You mean you didn't set up the life-draining mechanism in the Ponyville arena?"


"Iris doesn't jump! She's too quiet for that!"


"Hey! You're responsible for this, so why don't you set it straight? Maybe you can start to redeem yourself too!"


"That was at first. Before the accident happened? Did you still feel that way?"

To Anarchy.
"Because you're malevolent."


"Hm, of course."
Tap my hooves together somewhat nervously.
"So…. Grogar is not very talkative is he? Do you three often interact with him?"


He bows down to eye level.
"Look, I know thinking is hard for you but this is a court. You need something called evidence if you want to throw around claims like me killing little miss Heisenberg here."

"Never. We don't answer to him. We just spend some time here once in a while. Our home is far away. Near the end of the Myr."

"No, I swear to you."

Anarchy conjures a halo above his head.
"That's offensive."

"I mean, did you plow her pie yet?

He thinks for a while.
"Oh right that little thing. So silly, I don't even know why I gave that crystal to skull, he didn't have a funny bone in his body. So boring. Hurr, I'mmm gonnaaa suck out your life."


"Whoa, you know nothing about plows and pies!"


"Oh. … What are you three exactly, if you do not mind me asking? If you do not answer to the ruler of death… you must be quite powerful."


"If you could take things seriously for a moment and stop goading my compatriots, Anarchy, perhaps you would like to tell us why you aren't ultimately responsible for Vilina's fate, as it was your machinations that lead us to fighting that Ursa outside of normal protocol, which exposed her to its dust, which then led to her unfortunate and premature demise."


"I believe you."

Back to Anarchy.
"You are an affront to anything good in this world."


"They obviously know everything! The judges themselves are witnesses! All of my friends are!"


"I could say the same about you. What about her, does she know anything about how to handle spears?"

He shakes his head.
"Who killed the Ursa? Who did the ritual that ultimately led to her death. If you claim I am responsible, surely you will admit she has responsibility as well."

"Such a charming jenny. I wonder why you never get dates."

"We were here in the Beginning and we will be here at the End. We are the Fates. Our home is near the center of reality in the Labyrinth, where the we weave the Tapestry of Fate, which decides the fate of all beings, mortal or immortal."


"Don't change the topic."


"Hey you ain't gonna drag Iris into no war!"


"No way! If a pony gets hurt by another pony and a doctor tries but fails to heal that pony and that pony dies, the doctor is not responsible if he did everything he could to save that pony's life, but the pony who hurt the pony in the first place is!"


"I do not plan to shirk the complete weight of the guilty sentence, Anarchy. So long as you take responsibility for what you have caused."
I'll rub my nose for a moment.


"Which means that you are more powerful than anything else in the universe?"
Sit down for a moment while I process this.


They look at each other.
"There is one more powerful. Only One."

"Don't worry, I'm sure your bald bird will keep you company. You can be the crazy phoenix lady in the old house."

"Then that would be the Ursa for exploding. And we all know who caused that."

He smirks and turns to the Judges.
"I take full responsibility for using a vial of Humongous Growth Potion made by Shallow Moon…"
Vilina's mouth falls open "LIAR"
"…to make a fuckhuge tree to lure an Ursa Minor to said tree and collect the stardust causing a huge environmental catastrophe in the process."
Vilina shouts "LIAR LIAR."
Anarchy just smirks as he turns around and an empty bottle appears to in his claw.
"I had to get it somewhere. Here."
He throws the bottle to Vilina.
"I liberated it from the Inquisition who took it after that little incident of yours."


"That one being?"


Don't even indulge him by giving any reply.


"So you admit to stealing contraband potions with villainous intent. I'm sure that will be everything the judges need."
I'll look to the judges.
"Is it sufficient?"


"Uh… so you plead yourself guilty for theft too?"


"Mister Warren, as previously stated, we were not here to determine guilt or not."
She glares at Anarchy.
"He will be judged in due time."
Anarchy waves.
"I see you're warming up to me~"
The mare turns to you.
"But this court is here to determine why Shallow Moon deserves a resurrection. The manner of her death is of no relevance."
Anarchy smirks.
"Oooh, now that's unfortunate, isn't it Amber."

"It is the One…the One who started all this."
She waves her hooves around.


"And of pissing in your stew that one time."


"Your honors, I would think that, with Anarchy's admittance to his involvement in her untimely demise, any deaths thusly linked would be suspect at best, as he is a being of chaos. His mere presence can turn fated meetings or fated passings on their head, and muck up the planned deaths of anyone."
I'll shrug.
"Surely the court couldn't have accounted for the chaotic influence of a draconequis in their fated calculations of life spans?"


"… This? Everything?"


"The Court does not decide the deaths of anypony. We merely judge them on their actions during life when they arrive."
She looks at Anarchy.
"This draconequis is not dead, and as much as it pains me, he is therefore beyond our jurisdiction."

"And everything that is not created."


I just scrunch.
Some justice this is…


I'll nod at that.
"Then, as he has no relevance to anyone, could he not he and his testimony be dismissed? I believe not all of us have volunteered what we would be willing to offer in exchange for Vilina's second chance at life."


"Where is he then? In this labyrinth you mentioned?"


Bureaucracy, whaddayagonnado.

The Judge nods.
Anarchy disappears in a flash.
"Continue, mister Warren."

"In a way, you could say that. He is here as well, in the living world too."


"Have you conversed with him? 'Him'… he is male? What is he exactly?"


I'll clear my throat.
"Now, as in the case of Melody Maker, I have little to offer that isn't part of myself. And as I assume that, if what I offer is not dear to me in some way, it will not be considered, I am left with offering something that I think is, to me, worth more than a single life."
I'll spread my wings a bit.
"I offer the sky, or at least my access to it."


The Judges look at you.
"We spoke earlier how we were unsure if Shallow Moon would be truly willing to make up for her past sins even if she were resurrected. You seem determined to prove us wrong.
We will grant her resurrection on one condition. That you ensure she does not fall again. We will take your wings as your guarantee. If we consider your duty fulfilled of rehabilitating her, you will regain them…"

"He is…all and nothing. It is quite hard to explain in the confines of pony language. Some refer to him as the Primordial One, others as the Laughing One."


"Hm. Well, I suppose these things are a bit too much for a mere mortal to understand. Thank you for your explanations, ladies."


I'll bow slightly to the judges.
"You have my oath, then, that they are yours gladly until you deem fit to return them."


"You will come to understand. When you wander his Labyrinth."

"Then it is done."
You feel a tingling as your wings disappear.
"Next up, the case of Heavyhooves. Would somepony call in miss Maker again?"



That's… going to take some getting used to.
And I'll head out to direct Melody in. I've got no stake in Heavyhooves's revival, but I'll at least give him a bit of encouragement before he heads in.


"I very much look forward to that… it sounds rather fascinating."


Npcs on.


While the others are discussing, lets approach Star and nod. How is she looking?


Did they finish the case?


I can't as long as Sol isn't here.
He'll do that tomorrow.
I'm just here since Snacks wanted to talk to Star.




She's looking okay.
The grim glow of the underworld makes her look a bit pale.
She seems to be studying the architecture


Stand next to her and wrap a re-assuring arm around her.
"Seeing anything that catches pony's attention?"


"Look at this, Snacks."
She points at the bricks in the wall.


Fix my stare at the brick wall that she is now pointing at. Anything I see that is familiar?

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's a black rectangular brick.


Lets slowly try to scratch it and examine it more.
Wait a minute this is an ethereal brick wall… whoa they still make stone-carvings in the after-life?
"What of it Star pony? All Snack can see is that mason workers are not out of job in the after-life." I chuckle at my own joke, trying to brighten the mood.

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's a brick wall, it's only distinguishing feature is that you can't pass through it as a soul.
"But look how smooth it is! I wonder how they made it."


"Hmmm…. Snack dont know really, back in real world if Dogs wants to make surface of wall smooth we apply plaster since it sticks and its hard. But it is labour intensive so only a few wealthy one's bother with such processes. There are other methods of making wall smooth but it escape Snack as of now. :" I scratch my head.
Sit down and look at her.
"So far all Snack see's is a normal brick wall that is smooth, anything Star pony is thinking about?"


"It's solid granite, hacking it like this would take…years at least."


"It appears to be so, a soul that is trapped inside this place would never have a chance of escape…."


"I wonder how they did it."


"…… Snack also dont know, but so far tale's told through generation of ancient diamond dog craftmanship that out-class modern types of craft-works are still told through text and story-tellings back in the forts. By the looks of these granite walls this is no work of a simpleton."
"Perhaps it is also a work of a pony, specially unicorns who slowly try their best to polish the rocks individually and measure them with ease. As far as Snack knows, magic… can do everything." I smile


"Hmm, yes, magical bricks, of course, why didn't I think of that?"


I chuckle.
"Snack thinks Star is pretty bored with the afterlife considering her taking so much time to think of how a granite wall is made. If we are allowed or if its safe, Snack wanted to explore more of this place, but as we know it is dangerous to wander without a guide."


"Why? I think it's fascinating. I've never seen its like before."


I sit down.
"Nothing go pass that misses your sight Star, even something as simple as a wall like this." I smile.
"Makes Snack wonder what canterlot will look like…. will it have these kinds of masonry art?"


"I've read it has the most amazing masonry, some buildings are thousands of years old."


I look at her astonished.
"Snack thought most ponies has seen Canterlot but it looks like both of us will be first-time visitors."


"I've never seen it before. From what I've read, Canterlot is supposed to be the first city, ever."


"First city? Of pony kind?" I look at her astonished.


"Of….ever. It is said the gods built it first. It was destroyed later of course, but at the same spot it was always rebuilt, by dogs first in the mountain, then ponies."


I look at her astonished and a bit afraid, hearing that it is used to be an ancient dog city, currently now inhabited by ponies.
"An eternal city… " I smile. "Snack wonders if there are still trace's of our ancestry there. Snack means perhaps the archivers will keep some details of it right?"


"More than that. There are still mines of the dogs in the mountain itself. It was the capital of the Diamond Empire. I read it's amazing."


My face brightens up.
"Want to explore with me there? Perhaps we can get a pass and see how far the mines go?"


She nods.
"Of course Snacks, it must be amazing. And I think we might be able to use that key in there."


I go grab the king but realize it is back in my 'body' in the real world.
"ehehe… yes 'we' have the keys, dont worry." I playfully go and nuzzle her.


"Yes, we don't have it here, but we have it!"
Ghost nuzzle.


….. ohohoho…
"We are kind of… spirits right?" I smile slyly as I wrap my arms around her.
"Do you think both of us can fly? Snack means ghost can do that right?"


"Not in the Underworld, I tried. Some kind of magic is keeping us down here. The same that's not letting us through these walls I imagine."


"Awww… no fun." I frown.
"Makes me wonder if it will be worth it to fly through Canterlot as spirits… in the night sky specially where there are fireworks flowering to lighten it up. Seeing the ponies dance in the street and celebrate the achievements of their kingdom. The doge's told me that the city is in a state of eternal festivities." I nuzzle at her warmly.


"I wish I was a pegasus sometimes"


"Snack thought it will be… beautiful sight, specially when being shared with someone." I nuzzle closer.


"We could dance together, under the stars."


"We could?" I look at her a bit shy and blushing.


"Yes." she puts her hoof around you.
"We definitely could."


I then wrap my arms around her too and whisper.
"Snack.. does not want to be part with Star… Snack feels just by seeing her nearby…. "


"I won't run away from you~"


"As I to you." I close my eyes.


Ghostly kissu '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Try my best to answer in kind.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The kiss is strange.
Since you're ghosts you don't really feel anything physically.
But as spirits the emotion attached to it has been intensified to a higher level than possible in the physical realm.
The kiss gives you a feeling of bliss.
you stop and hug a bit.


I lick her cheeks for a bit after that and hug and just bathe in the glow of our love
"Will cadence pony princess approve of us?"


She shrugs.
"I hope so, but if not, too bad for her."


Upon hearing this, I lick her cheeks one last time with enthusiasm and happiness.
"Right. Too bad for her." I chuckle


She stares back at the brick.
"…I keep wondering how they made that."


I just nuzzle with her.
"Perhaps we will see some records back in canterlot pony archives or library about it, perhaps answer is there. Snack sure Iris and Star would be happy to be able to visit there."


"You're right, I suppose." she chuckles.
"I'm being silly again."


I pet her head while chuckling.
"But you are a silly pony Star, that is why Snack likes Star pony for being silly at times."


She scrunches.


"Is Snack being silly like Star being silly?" I smile.


"Very, very silly."


"Snack takes that as a compliment." I smile.



No idea where I was.


I was rudely interrupted by Anarchy.


…What's going on again?


Vilina's trial's over, it looks like. We're being ushered out.
You're up for Heavyhooves's trial.


Vote Light Heart for governor of Dixie City.


Well, it's not like I want to stay here any longer than we have to be.


You may remember how you told a buffalo named Heavyhooves he could be resurrected.
The Judges specifically asked for you to speak for him.

Vilina's trial is over.
Warrens wings have been taken for as long as Vilina is not rehabilitated.

Does someone want to go with Melody?
The Judges have specifically ordered that only Melody may speak for Heavyhooves.


Well, I'm not going to question the judges then.


I've nothing to say for him, though I wish him luck.


I'll go. We came all this way, least I could do is be there for her to help someone else.


I have no idea who he is, so no.

"Your wings? Why, that's absolutely dreadful, sugar!"


"Well, I'll get them back eventually. So I'm willing to let them go for now."


Nop nop!
"Congratulations on your resurrection Vilina! We should throw a party!"


"Good thing you know that spell for conjuring wings now, right?"


"That is most generous and kind of you."


"Well, I can't exactly say those will work either. And even if they do, I'd be in quite the pickle if I needed my magic the same day."
"Well, I had to offer something I thought was valuable, else I doubt they'd have considered it a trade."


Nothing to say, but hoofbump him as he leaves.
"Good luck pal."


"It was very nice of you to do this for her. You're a great friend, Warren."


R- Right.
I gesture for Heavyhooves to follow and walk inside again.

"So. I'm assuming you want to hear something about why he should be resurrected?"


I'll scratch the back… well, make the motion of scratching the back of my neck with a hoof.


Tilt my head, but say nothing.


The Judges observe you.

The three ponies in the corner giggle.

She allows herself a small smile.
"Let's not celebrate too early, I'm not alive yet."

You follow her inside.


Ghostly boop her ghostly nose.
"Neither are we, but we will be soon! I'm so glad to have you back, I was really really sad when you died. Oh!"
Look between Silver and her.
"This is Silver by the way. Silver Blood. He's my partner!"


Frown and trot over.
"What's so funny?"


"But you will be soon."


"Well, you're fairly close to it, at any rate."
I'll take a look at what Soil's doing with the Fates.


What does Heavyhooves look like?

Keep quiet as Melody and the judges talk.


I scratch my chin.
"Well, fuck, you know his story. He was unjustifiably killed and has a family to attend to, and I'd like to help him get a bit of revenge on the shitbag who killed him."
I bite my lip. Fuuuck… what the hell do I say?


"You wished them luck. Why?"

"I can hardly believe it. I doubt I can ever repay all of you for what you've done."

He's a big buffalo soul with a long beard.

"Is that so? It is your sincere desire to help him to have his revenge?"


"Cus' they are my friends!"
Look offended.


"Well, you probably won't have to worry about that."


"You don't have to."


Oh you conniving fuck!
I sigh and place a hoof on the bridge of my nose.
"Yes. Yes, I am sincere in my desire to help him have his revenge, because it is fucking wrong and terrible that shitheads like this poor guy's boss roam the earth."
I pinch the bridge of my nose harder, hoping that they aren't going to fucking go there.


How is the trial going by the way?


Heavyhooves smiles behind you, looking with hope.

The Judges don't seem as happy.
"Just minutes ago, one pegasus was so dedicated to reviving an earth pony he was willing to sacrifice his wings for it, at least for a time. What about you?"

"I never knew ponies could be so kind…I never met ponies like you."

The filly nods.
"Aaaaaaaah, okay, I get it now."

Melody is still being questioned.


"Yeah of course you do! You look smart!"



"A little kindness goes a long way."


Perhaps check out on Villana and see how she is.
"How is pony feeling?"
Also how is Star?


"We're a bit of an odd bunch, though."
I'll grin slightly.


She grins.
"I know everything!"

She looks at both of you.
"Wow, a lot happened while I was gone, huh?"

"Mabel…I am sorry…for you know, what the judge said."

Star is still staring at the wall, it's about 10mins after your faff.
"I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of this. Thank you Snacks, for coming after me."

She shakes her head.
"I've never had anything like this happen to me."



Okay, they didn't. Good, good…
I gulp.
Well fuck it. Time to throw my metaphorical hoof down.
"I would sacrifice my musical ability. Abstract as that is or whatever the fuck you wanna say, you can't argue that that doesn't hold value to me."
I take a step forward.
"But, if that means I get to help another in need, out of a bad situation brought on by the kind of fuck I've dedicated my life to fighting against, then so be it!"


Pat her on the head.
"Good kid."


"I should think so. Resurrections are a terribly rare thing."


I smile at her.
"Its fine pony. everything will be fine."


"Sure! I got a big promotion! Wait till you see my new armor and warhammer!"


Shake my head.
"It's in the past."
"I'm just glad you changed your mind."


"You do this to punish the one who sent mister Heavyhooves here, we shall keep you to it.
But remember that revenge is a dangerous road, before this is over you will have to make a hard decision. When Heavyhooves vengeance is complete we shall return your musical talent."
The hammer slams and you feel yourself lightheaded as your cutie mark disappears.

You are suddenly and without warning engulfed by white light. Before the world fades completely you hear the filly saying "goodbye!"


You suddenly hear a creaking of wood and open your eyes.
You're in a red barn somewhere, the early morning sun creeps through the windows.
You look and see that all of you are here laying in a giant heap of hay, waking up from sleep. Vilina, Melody and Heavyhooves too.
The creaking came from an orange pony, some of you recognize Applejack, opening the door.
She looks surprised to see you but then grins.
"Ah'll be darned. Ya know, the inn in town is lots better for sleepin'!"



Was any of that… even real?
I quickly whip around to check my flank. Is- they didn't- no


Scratch my mane as I get up, with a slight smile.
"Sleeping on hay can be more comfortable than those beds, though."


I'll blink.
My stuff. Is everything here?


Oh c'mon I didn't get to chat with the filly!

Hey this kinda looks like home!
No it's just that stupid grogar pony who put us back here!"


Rub my head.


Jump up.
"Whoa! We're back!"


I open my eyes.
"Well… who are you?" I look at the silly looking hat wearing pony…. before I stop.
Whelp where is Star?


At least Heavyhooves is here.

All of it.

She scratches her head.
"Ah thought that grogar fella was a goat!"

Silver is here too.

"Ah'm Applejack, sugercube."
Next to you, she's also waking up.


"Not grogar, the pony who works for grogar!"
Wave it away and leave the hay.
"So this here your farm?
Looks preeeetty!"


…Do I still have wings, or are they gone completely?
And Vilina's nearby, yes?




I let out a tonedeaf shriek.
I quickly draw my mandolin and give it a strum. Please please please tell me I can still at least play…

Roll #1 8 = 8


That accent…
"Begging my apologies sugar, but do you happen to be from Dust?"


I then approach Star and slowly wake her up as I hug her.
"We made it, all of us made it." I nuzzle before looking at AJ
H… how did we end up here? Is pony also a servant to goat god thing?"


Hug him! We're finally back in our physical forms!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


She chuckles.
"If ya like this here old barn, you might wanna go outside and take a look at the orchard."

You quickly play an old tune. It doesn't come as easy as it used to and you make a few small mistakes, it seems you can still play but your natural talent is truly gone.

It's as if they were never there.
You hope you don't get phantom pains.
Vilina gets up.
As she looks at you, she sees your missing wings.
She runs a hoof over where the wings used to be.

You don't see him anywhere…until you see a near featherless chicken poking his head out of Star's bag

She grins.
"Ah got some family in those parts. Ah doubt that says much, Apples are everywhere."

She shrugs.
"Ah dunno, sugar. Ah wanted to ask all you the same thing. How the hay are you here in mah barn? I thought you left to the Everfree forest days ago."

Another shiny hug '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12




"Heck yeah I want to!"
Smile excited.


"Oh dear."
Reach over to the featherless 'chicken'


"They'll come back. It's just going to be odd walking everywhere."


"Hm. You have a lovely accent, darling. I have heard of the Apple family, ya'll are spread around everywhere indeed."


I look down and gulp,
"Snack does not know… "


"Well follow me then, partner."

He coughs a bit.
But snuggles in your hooves. Must be cold without feathers.

"I'm sorry…" she says.

"It's our family tradition. Our family has always been travelers and farmers. We go where there is no apples to feed ponies."

"That's mighty strange."


Hug him.
"Aww, look at you…"


"How considerate. There are many places like that in this world, I imagine."


Trot up happily, with a smile, but a second later turn to my dragon.
"Hey Indy, you okay?"




You just got a shiny hug of 12.
What do?


T-try not to blush too bright.
"Whoa! That was a great hug!"


He coughs up a few feathers.

"Terrible, terrible places."

Indy gets up from the hay.
He looks around.
"….how did we get here?"

"You're good at being hugged."


Pat his back.
"I'm going to take good care of you until you get better, don't worry."


"Why do we want him out of the party?"


Begone, interdimensional traveller.


"Freaky magic."


He flaps his featherless wings but doesn't get up.

He shudders.
"Freaky magic is freaky!"


"That's what my little brother always said!"


"Lets go see the farm!"


"If I may be so bold as to ask for a tour around your farm?"


Pick him up.
"Can I help with anything?"


"You have a brother?"

He jumps up!
"Is the farm like Dads farm?"

"Come over here, sugarcube and I'll show ya around."

He coughs and shows his tongue. He makes a drinking motion with his wing.


"Yup! A sister too! Don't you?"


"I dunno Indy!"
Turn to Aj.
"What you farm here? I smell apples!"


Put him on my back and find a water source! A bucketful of it, or a well, something like that.


"I've got 5 brothers. I'm the second youngest."

She opens the door.
"Look around."

You find a well on the grounds.


Look around!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Draw a bucketful of water for him!


"Whoa! Five!? That's crazy! The storks must have been really busy!"


Follow her lead.
"What is this delightful farm called?"


He quickly gobbles a lot and he swells up.

This farm is big. Behind the fences you see apple trees as far as the eye can see.
"Ya'll need a tour right?"

"….yes, the stork was very…very busy."


Oh dear.
I never imagined it looks like this when they do their thing.
Chuckle a bit.
"You look plump, Inferni. Anything else you need?"


"I would love to see the whole facility, darling. But… you did not answer my question."


Nod eagerly

Roll #1 9 = 9


I giggle.
"Don't you have any sisters though?"


I am here.


You're on Sweet Apple Acres, smell that fresh apple-y air.

He shakes his head.
"No, kinda wish I had one."

"Sweet Apple acres. Now, she points to the red barn and house. Here's the house, me, and Granny, and Big Mac and Applebloom live here together. Many ponies but we get along well together."

He shudders as if he's cold.


"About what? Dying? That's nothing to apologize for."
I'll use my wing- no, I sit down and take off my monocle with my hooves, and clean it for a moment.
"Now, I think I've put off trying that coffee of yours quite long enough, if you're in the mood to brew some."


It smells nice.
How is everyone doing?


Take off my cape and wrap it around him!


"Do the four of you take care of all the work on your own?"


"Jus' like at the farm!"


Mabel is taking care of a featherless phoenix.
Warren is talking to Vilina.
The others are getting a tour of the farm.

"No…about you having lost your wings…"

He becomes red hot and sweats like a pig.

"Me and Big Mac mostly do it. Lots of work. Sometimes Applebloom helps out when she's not too busy with school. And Granny always has some wisdom to share."

"Ya seemed like a farm pony to me. What kind of farm did ya come from?"


Whoops… Unwrap him!


I walk over to Warren and Vilina.
"How are you two doing?"


"Well, like I said, they'll come back eventually."
"Getting used to not having wings for now, but I'm perfectly fine. How about yourself? Checked on Melody yet?"


"Aw… I guess I'm kind of your battlesister though! That's something at least, right?"


"The big kind.
We took days to plant it all!"


I shake my head.
"I'm not sure where she has gotten off to."


"That sounds like quite the workload. Have you never considered hiring aid?"


"Well, she can't have gotten far… I think we were all dumped here on the return. Perhaps she's on the tour with the others?"


He's growing cold!
Ice spots are forming!

"I'm still a bit shaky…I can't believe I'm…back." says Vilina.

He puts a hoof around your shoulder.
"I can hug my battlesister right? Especially if she's so good at being hugged."

She frowns.
"I feel so bad."

"It takes us weeks to harvest all the apples sometimes. There's so many."

"Aw, me and mah brother do just fine. We Apples know how to handle an apple tree." She bucks her hooves.


"Applejack is giving a tour?"

I give her a hug.
"Well, you are!"


"I love it here! Bet Iris would t-"
"We gotta go back to her!"


Wrap him!


"You sure can!"
Sideway hug!
"We need to hug more often!"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I'll bop her gently on the nose.
"Well, don't. It's not everypony that gets a second, or perhaps third, chance at life. So long as you use the chance well, then it'll be worth the effort."
"So it seems. Soil and the others went with her."


"I do not doubt it. Do you happen to have any cider lying around for sale? I would love to try some."


She seems unaccustomed to getting hugs, but she slowly puts a hoof around you.

He grows hot again!
How to solve this dilemma?

"I think she's in town."

"Do ya'll want to see the cider storage?"

"I like that."


"..you still want that coffee?"


"Oh! Well, excuse me."

"Stay safe!"
I break off the hug and go looking for Soil.




Splash some water on him while he is still wrapped?


Excuse me blurting and stuttering.
Off to town!


I'll nod.
"I do, indeed."
"Have fun."


She opens up a cellar.
Inside are tons of barrels stacked up, marked with different years.
"We keep the cider we don't sell immediately here. Aging it for a while makes it better. Want a taste?"

He runs off to Ponyville.
Follow him?

That seems to douse him for now.
He hops on your back and snuggles in your fur.

Ponyville is peaceful as ever.
To the inn?

"I can make some in the inn."



"Get comfy and get some rest, okay?"



Wait, I thought he was with the tour? I want to go to the tour.


"Then let's head there, then. There's a few things we should talk about away from prying ears as well."
I'll gather my things, and then we're off to the inn.


Let's get you settled.
LH is still in the tour. She's being shown around the cider cellar. Here ciders of different years are stored and aged.


Down I go to look at the Cider.
Did you say this was pausing soon?


No, V2 is, I can keep going for at least an hour here, probably a bit longer



"I would love to. They are… non-alcoholic, are they?"


"Oh, could I have a taste too?"


"Some of the more aged ones have quite a knock in them. But the younger ones are perfectly non-alcoholic. I'll tap ya one of last year."

"Would ya like a taste too? Of the younger or the older ones?"

You go to the inn.
You're informed Iris isn't here.
She's at the edge of the everfree forest.


You arrive back at the inn.
Vilina grabs one of her saddlebags.
"I'll never understand how my bags came with me."


Time to I don't know what else to do so I'll just go to sleep


Talk to Pyrrus?


"I usually just blame magic for these sorts of things. It saves me the headache of figuring the exact science to it."


Time to run there! Right now!


"Uhhhh, older?"


I want to do that, yeah, but it'd have to be cut short if I start now anyway


"That would be lovely, thank you."


She gets out a bag of beans.
"They're still good!"

next time. night

She smirks.
"Here's one of our 8-year old barrels. We got older but those are really fancy. We sell them to very rich ponies."
She taps a little glass of 8-year old cider.
Roll a 1d10+3 for taste.

She taps you a young cider.
Roll a 1d10+2 for taste

She's at the edge of the everfree reading a book.
Surprise her or just shout?


"Whoa. What is your oldest?
I take a sip.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


I was so scared!
Silently trot over there and hug her from behind.


I'll nod, and wait patiently for her to begin her brewing. I wonder how different it is from steeping tea…


Glug glug glug.

"Oh, why hello there sugar. Enjoying the cider too?"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I nod.


It tastes quite strong.
"We got one barrel that's nearly 50 years old. A rich client in Manehattan has been waiting a while for it."

She rolls over in complete surprise but she smiles as she sees you.
"SOIL" Hug and kissu '1d10+2'

She crushes the beans and lets boiled water flow through it. Then she does it again, and again in different variations.
"Most ponies just let it go once. They don't know how to make the perfect coffee." She smirks.

It tastes young, sweet and sparkly

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"That's amazing!"
There's not really anything for me to do here without Sol around. Thanks for running!




Kissu back.
Hug her close and tight.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Distillation enhances the flavor, then? If it tastes half as good as it smells, I think I'm in for quite the treat."


"Hm. This is quite excellent, miss Applejack."


"I was so worried. I waited here every day."

She pours you a cup of hot coffee.
"Do you want some cream or sugar?"

"Why, thanks sugarcube, it's the pride of the Apple family. If ya wanna buy some I can pour ya a bottle. Just don't tell anypony. Ponies can go crazy here over the cider."


'I'll try it without, first, then see how that effects the taste. This is my first cup, after all, and I don't know how I like it yet."


"I certainly would love to buy a bottle. To help me keep refreshed while on the road."


She pours you a few bottles, which you promptly pay for.
"Now, why don't ah show you the orchards?"


Here's your cup!
Vilina looks in anticipation.


Well, let's see if I like it black.
Tasting '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You could get used to this stuff.


Hmm. Very rich. Bitter, but refreshing. And hot.
"It's delicious."


"That would be lovely. Please, lead the way."


"I don't know how I'd manage without it."
She drinks a cup herself.

She leads you across the many apple trees of the garden, detailing every species.
She then leads you to a patch of seemingly barren trees.
"Now this here are our very special trees. Zapapple Trees."


"Excuse me?"
Look at the trees.
"They look rather… hm… weathered."


"I've been making due with tea. With as many varieties as there are, it's not hard to find something new in places you visit."
I'll take another sip of coffee.


"Ya think so, but these are magical trees. When the wolves howl and the clouds gather, they bloom and produce the most amazing magical apples in just one day."
She leans against one of the trees.
"This is one of the reasons for the success of the apple orchards. The secrets of how to tend and harvest these trees properly is kept in the family."

"Tea..it's not bad, but I need to energy of coffee when I'm working."


"There are certain blends of tea that provide a good amount of energy. Boosts circulation, all that."
I'll pause a moment.
"You know, there was something I forgot to do, after the Ursa attacked."
I'll put down my coffee, and walk over to Vilina. Once I'm at her side, I'll reach over and remove her collar.
"You haven't needed that thing for quite a while, and I do apologize for taking so long to get it off."


"How… magical. I do not believe I ever heard of such a species of trees. A shame they are not blooming right now, it must be quite a sight. going from… this to a blooming tree in such a short period of time."


She rubs her neck.
"That feels so much better."

"They don't got them in the New World?"


I'll nod slightly as I return to my seat, and put the collar in my bag.
"So… Shallow Moon?"


"Not that I know of, no. Certainly not in Dixie. We do grow apples, but mostly focus on other 'crops' like cotton, tobacco and hemp."


She scrunches.
"Yes…I'd love it if you kept calling me Vilina however. That's my name, as far as I'm concerned."

"Hmm, I should write some of my cousins. Sounds like they could use some good old Apple wisdom up there. I'll tell them to give you a free bottle of Zapapple Yam if you're there."


"Your cousins in Dixie?"


"I assume that the Shallow Moon of the past died in the village with her teacher. Or shortly thereafter."
I'll take a small sip of coffee.


"Nah, ah don't think ah got cousins there. But some of mah cousins were looking to move. Why not Dixie?"

"…Something like that."
She bites her tongue.
"Warren…you've been so kind to me…I need to tell you….I killed my teacher."


"Well, it certainly is an earth pony town. And yet… what do you know of Dixie?"


I'll be silent for a moment.
"I trust you had good reason?"


"…It's in the New World?"


"..it was an accident…truly."


I'll motion for her to continue.


"Of course. But are you aware slavery is legal in Dixie?"


"…Ah wasn't."

She scrunches.
"It's painful to talk about."


"Well, I'm afraid it is. Mind you, I hardly approve of the practice. Unicorn slaves are employed to work the plantation fields all over. Thankfully they are treated well. As well as one would expect a slave to be treated, that is."


"I'm willing to wait until you want to talk about it."
After a short pause, I'll speak again.
"If it makes you more comfortable, I can answer a few things about myself if you have any questions."


She scratches her head.
"Ah don't like that. But an opportunity is an opportunity. Besides, if one of my cousins comes there and works the equestrian way, that can show ponies how it could work differently."
Roll for perception.

"It's…okay. You should understand…I didn't want it to happen to my teacher."



I nod.
"Of course."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"My teacher had a disease. It would act up from time to time…When that happened I cared for him, prepared his medicine. One day…I made a mistake when preparing it…"
She sniffles.

"Now why don't ah show you the cattle."
Over her shoulder in the distance next to one of the trees you see a pony…Charity Belle? She's looking at you, then walks out of sight behind the tree.


I'll nod slightly, and wait for her to continue.


… What. … Wait what?
"Hm, hm…"
Maybe that cider was alcoholic after all… Maybe some kind of reaction coming from my brains? That must have been a mindfart.


Surely it was.
"What's the matter sugarcube? Ya look like you saw a ghost."

"You must think I'm horrible, don't you?"


"Ah… it must have been my mind playing tricks on me. I thought I saw somepony I knew but she is not even near here."


"Do you want to go back to the farm for some tea?"


"Well, since you are offering…"
I chuckle.


"Why, because you made a mistake? Ponies make mistakes, and sometimes the littlest mistakes have the biggest repercussions."
I'll shake my head.
"If I thought every pony who made a mistake was horrible, I'd very swiftly be out of friends, and I'd be the horrible pony."


How long has it been since we left?


"That's not how the ponies from the village thought about it."

You go back to the farm. Applejack makes some tea. A green mare is snoring in a chair."

About a week.


That must be the grandmother…

That mindfart is bugging me… perhaps I should ask one of those eggheads about it.


"Wasn't gonna let you down like that…"


Quite a brainfart.
Now she's up the stairs, staring down for a second before walking out of sight.

"How long have you been back? I've been watching the Everfree and I didn't see you or anypony come out."


"You did mention before that they were a rather small town. Any unnatural deaths, even those that are freak accidents, tend to be viewed with a mob mentality."
I'll sigh slightly.
"It's what lets them react so readily to, say, a timberwolf pack moving in nearby, or the random manticore. But when the town turns on itself… It's never pretty. I'm sorry you ever had to go through such an experience."


"… I'm afraid I will have to excuse myself, sugar. I… Something is off."
Leave in a hurry.

Where then fuck are those eggheads?


She snorts.
"Fools. All of them."

Applejack looks surprised as you leave before you can say anything.
You need Iris or Star?


Whichever one of them is available!


"But you did escape with your life."


You run the road to Ponyville.
Sweet Apple Acres disappears out of sight.
….but ponyville doesn't come into sight.
You keep running and running, but you don't seem to be making any progress.
It's like you're running in circles.

"I did…I ran. I ran as fast as my hooves could take me."


"We… Minutes! I ran here as fast as I could! That freaky magic brought us all back to life in the Apple's farm!"


I'll let her continue.


Oh god.

Oh god.

Fly! Fly!


"Oh my…what happened? Is Melody back? What about Vilina."

"I lived on the streets for a while traveling from town to town. Until I realized my skills came in handy for some ponies. Manufacturing drugs and the sorts."

You fly up into the air.
The road seems to stretch on and on. And on both sides of it, there's nothing but forest.
Sweet Apple Acres are nowhere to be seen.
As you fly up further looking towards the horizon you bonk your head against something in the air.
You rub your head and look up….you're back at the ground again. You look where the ground used to be and there's nothing by sky there.


I actually have no idea what happened! What about Melody? And Vilina? And the Buffalo?


Just stay calm… there has to be a logical explanation for this.

I need to lie down for a second.


They all got rezzed.
Warren lost his wings.
Melody lost her musical talent.

You lay down for a second.
Suddenly you feel something fuzzy at your leg.


Slowly turn my head to look at it.


Whoa now.
Warren you a champ.
Melody you cray cray but I will teach ya to sing again.
"They are fine just…
Things got strange."


It's a fuzzy white rabbit.


"…what happened. Tell me everything."


"Why not work with a herbalist, or a brewer?"
I'll motion with the coffee cup.
"You do make exceptional coffee, so anyone with an ounce of sense would have been glad to have you."



What is it doing?


Sit down and tap the ground beside me, telling her to do the same.
"This' a kinda long story."


It is pulling your leg and pointing.
It wants you to follow him.

"I guess…but I was a very different pony then. Betrayed, hurt and prideful…you could say I wasn't thinking straight. I didn't want a job at somepony's side anymore. I wanted to show the world…that I was the best."

She snuggles up besides you.
"Tell me…I've got all the time in the world."


"So you took a new name, completely separating yourself from your past?"



Why not, right? I mean fuck, not like I know what to do here. Maybe I'm dead and this is purgatory. Maybe I never got out of the underworld.

Stand up and follow it.


Explain to her about the strange pony, the demons, the leaving-my-body-behind and eventually the super awesome griffon gods I should have totally talked more with.
And what happened to Warren and Melody.


"I needed to. Shallow Moon was a murderer."

You follow it into the forest.
Roll for following it.

It becomes late.
"That's…wow…that's…I don't even know what to say."



Roll #1 7 = 7


"It was two long weeks…"
Which is immediatly followed by a stomach grumble.


Wait, I meant
"It was one long week."


You follow it deeper into the forest.
You pass a deep patch of foliage, once you get through it, you don't see the rabbit anymore.
Instead, in the middle of the forest surrounded by trees, you see your old home. It is overgrown, abandoned for years it seems.

She chuckles.
"I'll make you something to eat. Come on, let's go back to the inn."


Smile and nuzzle her. Let's go back to the inn, walking close.


"By error, not design."
I'll shake my head a little.
"I can make no such claims myself, unfortunately."
After a moment, I'll speak again.
"So, why 'Vilina'?"


Raise a brow.

Observe it from here for a minute, then move toward it. Time to investigate. I want to know if I'm dead or not.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Holding tails?

"Have you never heard of her?"

You open the door. The interior falls apart, the vases are broken, cupboards haven't been cleaned for years. The planks creak upstairs.
You hear voices. A slightly higher pitched you "Ha, gotcha!"
Then a higher pitched Charity "No fair, I'll get you!"
"Not if you can't catch me!"


Holding tails softly.


Hm. Curiouser and curiouser. Maybe I'm not dead… this certainly doesn't look like Tartarus. Though clearly I've entered some kind of… dreamworld? Hard to say.

Let's follow the voices! I'm intrigued now.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Until I came to Tall Tale, I was completely unaware of anyone named such. Though I admit I didn't do much research into things before I decided to become a monster hunter. I mostly traveled for the freedom of it."


At the inn, after some futile protest from the innkeeper, Iris commandeers the kitchen, determined to make you something extra special.
You better get down at a table and put on a napkin.

You go upstairs.
All doors to the rooms are open, the same dusty abandoned look within.
As you pass a corridor, you see a ball, the only thing not covered in dust, in fact it shines as bright new. There are hoofprints of tiny ponies in the dust. They lead to the one closed door in the house…your room.

She chuckles.
"It was silly. Vilina was the chemist that discovered Basilisk Strangler poison, one of the deadliest potions known…I thought it would sound….scary."


Pick up the ball and look at it, then move forward and enter my room.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'm a lucky stallion.
Let's take a moment to get this armour off.


I'll give a small chuckle as well.
"And here I was thinking you were just rearranging the letters of 'villain'. That's certainly a better reason for the name."
I'll sip my coffee.
"And it worked, for a while. Until a bunch of stupid adventurers came in and mucked everything up."
I'll smile a bit.


You open the door and are greeted by an endless corridor with doors on each side. There's a sound of a large ticking clock coming from down the corridor.

You get it off.
Indy takes a seat next to you.
"I'm hungry!"

She chuckles.
"It wasn't that bad…"



Most annoying room ever? This will give me a headache. Keep walking. Why not.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The corridor seems to curve downwards and in different directions.
Yet you have no trouble traversing.
You keep passing more and more doors.


Time to find a fire.


Stomach grumble will be his only answer.


Open one of the doors and peek inside.


I'm here!!!
Where is Vilina?


You can find more than one in Ponyville or do you want to make your own a bit isolated?

Your tummy rumbles.
Eventually Iris emerges again with a large stack of hay pancakes with carrots
She puts it on the table and picks up a bowl and grabs a large bag marked "Indy Food".
She drops a bowlful of gems into Indy's bowl.

You open one of the doors a little bit.
You hear chanting.
A group of timberwolves is sitting on a stage.
They howl in different tones, creating a melody while a bunny is conducting.

She went to Ponyville with Warren.


Make it isolated.
I don't want to accidentally tell a passerby that their lives are not controlled by them as I've learned.


How… odd. How very odd indeed.

Slowly close the door again and move on to the next one.



My jaw will hit the floor-
Share a look with Indy, too!
And then with Iris!
I love that girl!


Indy is too busy eating.
Iris simply smiles triumphantly.

You find her in the inn drinking a cup of coffee.
She smiles as you come in.

You open the door and the whole world is in greyshades.
You see a few ponies passing by, they don't make a sound as their mouth moves, but text cards appear above them.
Somepony is playing piano somewhere.

You have a nice fire.
Indy hops off and lays next to it.


Who would even want to live in a world like that? Close the door before I get pulled in or something.



Sit down.
Summon Lord Pyrrus.


Lean forward and nuzzle her, before digging in.


Grin back and sit down next to her.
"I bet you're happy to be back alive and breathing!"


Two burning eyes twinkle in the flames.

She sits down as well.
"I've been reading about Canterlot. Such a fascinating place. Did you know the tunnels the trains travel through there are thousands of years old?"

"It's a blessing really. I've never been so happy to drink coffee."

You open the door and you see a network of interlocking turning gears. At the end is a large clock ticking.


A clock? What time is it?


Nod slightly.
"Lord Pyrrus, if I may take some of your time."


"I know how it feels! I wasn't allowed to drink coffee for the longest time by my parents for some reason, but eventually they gave in. It's really yummy!"
Pull her in for a sideway hug.
"Welcome back anyway! I hope you're going to stick with us."


Shake my head as I stuff my mouth.


The clock points to:

"I sense conflict in you"

"I can't imagine why they would do that. Yes, yes, that's my plan…if all of you will have me."

"Yes, it was build by Diamond Dogs, but now batponies live there! And I read there's a Museum of Saddle-Arabian art there, we have to visit!"


Stop eating and ask that with my mouth still half full.


Sigh, then nod.
"I have learned that my fate has been woven for me already, and I'm merely acting it out rather than controlling it. It was… a lot to take in."


Not sure what to make of that…

Move on to the next.


"Duh! We came to save you from the underworld, why wouldn't we want to have you!?"


"The Fates spin their web over all of us."

You open the door and see another corridor of doors, a bit further you see Pico, escorted by a clown entering one of the doors. The door slams shut.

"Ah…I'm not sure. I'm used to not being wanted around."


"Yes, batponies."


"Even you?"


Gulp down the last bite.
"All that in a tunnel?"


Pico? That gryphon?

I wonder… perhaps I am looking in the future or past as well as alternate… realities. It all sounds a bit outlandish.


"Huh? How… why?"



"Maybe not all in one tunnel. It's a huge complex made long ago."


The door opens into a long passage.
At the end you see a bonfire and next to it Charity. She gets up and starts walking off again.

"You do remember I used to be a criminal?
Technically I still am I suppose."


"I guess no amount of willpower and stubbornnes can change that?"



After her!


"Dogs loved their tunnels…"


"Yeah but…"
Make some gestures with my hooves
"Didn't you have like… other criminal pony friends or something?"


"It is possible, for those who master their will fully and completely."

The door slams shut behind you. By the time you reach the bonfire you see her in the distance running towards another. This tunnel is dark. Roll for perception.

"I think mister Chip will love it."

She chuckles.
"I was the leader of my gang, Amber. At that level you don't have friends, not ones who wouldn't backstab you the first chance they got at least."


"Not with that attitude!"


These may be illusions, but my curiosity is getting the better of me. Trail her!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Perk my jenny ears up.
"How is that possible?"


"Talked with him 'bout it yet?"


She ruffles your mane.
"Our little paladin, you'd make a terrible gang leader. That's very good."

You storm down the dark tunnel, intent on capturing her but the floor suddenly gives way in the dark and you slide down another tunnel!
You haven't been going this fast for ages, roll for calm.

"Those imbued with Fire have the ability to alter their destiny to another of their choosing. This is the the nature of fire, our nature, we change and break the barriers that constrict us."

"I think Star already did. She says she and Snacks found some key that might unlock something in those dark halls. Let's hope it's not another dragon."


"After Anarchy, I'm ready to take on any dragon!"


This is me giving a fuck.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I scrunch.
"How hard could it be? You just have to yell a lot and give mean looks and ponies will know not to mess with you even if they're your friends!"


Let my mouth curl up into a little smile.
Nod at the fire, and speak with determination.
"Lord Pyrrus, I want to control my own destiny, not walk the path someone else chose for me. Can you help me achieve that?"


I suppose it's too late for me to jump in at this point?


"I can. But to do so, you must commit and travel the path of Fire further, a path that only tolerates those of unbendable will.
Think not only of what you can gain, but what you might lose."

She chuckles.
"I bet you could do a very good mean look."

If you were any calmer you might as well be dead. Your heartrate barely increases as you slide down and fall down into an underground lake.
At the shore is another bonfire, there's a pony sitting there, but it's not Charity. The pony is singing in a language you don't understand.

"Also, I read that Archmage Twilight has a baby dragon too!"


"Who's that?"


"I will never master the other elements this way, right? That is a sacrifice I'm willing to make."


Slowly swim towards the shore.

What type of pony? What does he/she look like?


"I do! I practiced it a lot when I was younger so ponies would take me more seriously when necessary and I think it worked great!"


It's a large pony.
She has a white coat and white wings.
And a long pink flowing mane and tail.
And a horn!
She hasn't noticed you.

She looks baffled.
"You don't know who Archmage Twilight is?"

"So be it. Hold your hoof into the fire."

"Show me your meanface!"


"Okay but you asked for it!"
Give her my meanest look!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Reach out and put my hoof into the fire, without hesitation.


Bite down on some more food.


An alicorn. How novel.

Approach the bonfire she's sitting at. Might as well use it to dry myself.
"Good day."


She slowly turns to you.
"We greeet the Libeeerty Beeellle."
She stops.
"Our apologiees. Weee have not communicaated like this for veery long."

"She's the most famous mage in Equestria, except maybe for Starswirl the Bearded, but he's dead, so I don't know if that counts."

It hurts.
A small mark is burned into your hoof.
You shudder as you feel something warm flowing through your hoof moving to your belly and staying there.
"Each fire starts as a spark, given time and proper cultivation, it will grow into a flame."

That's pretty mean!
"Ow please, Amber, don't hurt me!" she says jokingly


"What's that about the dragon?"


"… I see. You know my name. I'm afraid I do not know yours, darling."


Bite my lip to soldier through the pain.
Pull it back once it's over and inspect the mark.
"How do I kindle it?"


Switch back to my normal look.
"I warned you it was scary!"


"He's a baby dragon as well!
Perhaps we can talk to her.
That dragon and Indy could be friends."

"Naaame….our naaame waas losssst long agoooo….thrrown adriffft among the waves of One….."
She seems to concentrate.
"Adresss usss as Twelve forr we are maany"

"That was too scary! Are you really a good paladin?"

"Become one with it, let it guide you. But beware to not let it consume you."


"We are gonna meet archmage Twilight in Canterlot!
That's decided then!"


How does the mark look?
"I will do my best. Thank you, Lord Pyrrus."


"Still, where did you even find that hydra? I thought they were supposed to be terribly rare."


"Very well, miss Twelve. What exactly is this… world? Or is it a dimension? I cannot say I have ever witnessed something quite so… unique before."


"Definitely! Ask Silver! He'll confirm!"


"Let it grow. We shall talk again when you're ready."

"Woorld…dimensssion…such terms do not apply….it is the inversssion….a not-dimensssion more properly….the amalgationnn of the Void and Worrrld…the Tresshold between what isss and what iss not."

Silver is here.
She looks at him.
Silver scratches his chin.
"I'm not sure…that was pretty scary Amber." he says with a grin.

It's a bird, a phoenix.
Pyrrus disappears again.
You feel strangely…invigorated.
You feel the need to…move.

It's quiet for a second.
"I missed you, Soil."


Smile, and lean forward, nuzzling her nose.
In silence.


"You'll never guess. I found it in the sewers."


"What is your function here then, if you do not mind me asking?"


Nod again.
"Until next time, Lord Pyrrus."


I'll chuckle a little.
"And here I thought tales of ponies flushing alligators and the like down into the sewers were just rumors and urban legends. Training it must have been quite a challenge."


I smile pridefully.
"Maybe you should train your mean face as well! You'll have a lot of catching up to do though."


Kissu '1d10+2'

She looks at the flames.
"No functionnn….We merely….perssssist…..a functionn we had….when We…was still I…..We….lossst our function….and all that wass dear to usss."

The eyes disappear.

She looks sadly.
"I found her in one of the tunnels while we were moving our operations. She killed five of ours before we could contain her. Another three died before we could tame her. But when she was tame, she was the closest I had to a friend…"

Silver mean face '1d10'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"How come? What triggered this change?"


Look at Inferni.
Show him my mark, even though I know he saw it.
"What do you think? Does it look good on me?"


Chuckle at that.
"When this is over… Do you wanna come to the farm?
Meet pa, ma…"


"I'm… sorry to hear that."
I'll be silent for a moment.


"That's pretty good! Come on Vilina, show yours! I bet you have a really good one!"


"We seee it noww asss the inevitable machinationsss of desstiny….but when we werrre I we sssought to ssseee beyond the veil offf the world….eeexxplore the Beyond….We saw….We still see beyond the Faallsse Veil….We ssseee you innn Dixxie….We seee you in Anneeiv….we seee you in the Ner'Ghal chaaamber….clearly we sseee you near the Quiet Sssong…."

"It's my fault..I shouldn't have sent her after you."

She giggles.
"Of course."

Vilina gives you a cold stare. '1d10+2'

He nods and climbs back on you.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Spring up with joy, and jump around the table, up to her, hugging her in happiness and pirouetting around, planting a large kiss on her cheek.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I've never been to Anneiv befo-
"… You can see past, present and future? As the Fates do?"


Well, time to rejoin the others then.


I'll shake my head.
"Vilina, we were sent into the sewers with a contract for a hydra. Ostensibly, we're monster hunters, and clearing the gangs from Tall Tale was… unexpected, to say the least."
I'll frown a little.
"Of course, had we known at the time that the pony who'd given us that contract was actually a draconequis in disguise, we likely wouldn't have taken it."
I'll stare at my coffee for a little while.
"Not that that's any comfort, I suppose…"


Scrunch again.
"That's really… really mean!"


She giggles.
"You seem happy~"
She rubs your chin.

She shakes her head.
"Paassst…presssent…meaningless….All One….infinite….and eternaalll…howww ssshaattered you are….all of Ussss are One here….but you….how many of you arrreee there now…."

You start trotting to ponyville.
But the energy fills you…you feel like running.
You gallop to Ponyville faster than you ever did before….incredible…and still full of energy….you want to do more…

"I'm a big girl…I understand. In your place I'd have done the same."

She changes back to a smile and pats you on the head.
"Years of experience."


"Ma 'nd pa' are the nicest ponies in the world, I'm so happy you wanna meet them!"


"Well… there is one of me at least."


"That doesn't exactly make it right, though."
I'll drink the rest of my coffee, now that it's cooled.
"So, how would you like a job?"


"I'll have to catch up on that! Ponies must have taken you really seriously when looking like that!"


This feels sort of nice…
Start doing some acrobatic tricks, like back in the circus! Frontal flips, cartwheels, everything!


"Mmmmm, but that's for later…what do you want to do now~"

"We count ssooo many…in Eeequestria….in the Noorrrth….in the Nightmaarre…in the lairrr of the Fallen…."

She chuckles.
"I'm not gonna be a cleaner."

"They did." she says with a cold undertone.

All perfectly.
A crowd forms and cheers.
You feel invincible. You bet you could do far more daring things.


"The Nightmare? The Lair of the Fallen?"


A crowd? How about some sword swallowing show for them?
While standing on one hindleg?


"I hadn't considered that, though I'm sure you'd look quite fetching in a maid's outfit."
I'll grin a bit.
"No, what I had in mind required your talents as a chemist. You see, in the future we might need to neutralize someone, or something, without killing it. A pony well-versed in sleeping or paralyzing toxins would be indispensable. Of course, we'd do all the fighting, ingredient gathering, and heavy lifting. You would be in much the same position as Star or Iris, except you'd actually be getting paid for your services."
I'll idly toy with my coffee cup.
"Now, you don't have to answer right away, but the offer is on the table if you want to give it some consideration."


Look kinda embarrassed.
"I can't say that with Indy here!"


"Well… I'm really happy you're with us now and that you're not a bad pony anymore!"


Easy peasy.
So boring even. You've done this so many times before. Isn't it time for something new?

"All shaarrds…aall connected by that one myssssstery we cannot name….that one myssstery that we seee in you…."

"I'll take it."

"Indy, go play outside. Let's go upstairs~"

"Yes…I hope I can be a good pony…it's been so long I don't know how…"


Give her another hug.
"I believe in you!"


"Hmmm… Very well. I suppose this is not your everyday type of place. You must be immortal then, yes? Time is irrelevant to you?"


Well… this might get dangerous, but…
Swallow a sword, then start doing backflips, with the blade still in my throat!


Give her a lovestruck expression and follow her up, almost if led by her gaze.


I'll raise my eyebrows a smidgeon.
"Well, in that case, welcome to our little company."
I'll extend my hoof across the table.
"It will be a pleasure to have you with us."


"How do you do it…being a good pony?"

"Time….does not exissst….Illusionssss…that shroudss your visssion."


With a mischievous grin she takes you back to your room at the inn and starts undoing the few clothes you still have on.

"Hey, you helped me…more than anypony ever helped me before, how can I say no?"


I think I will pause here for tonight. It's getting pretty late. Thanks for running.



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Rollan '5d10'

Roll #1 9, 5, 9, 10, 6 = 39


+10 = 49


"It is rather helpful with matters that require punctuality, however."
I chuckle.


She really enjoys herself, that girl!

Roll #1 2, 1, 6, 6, 8, 3 + 12 = 38


"Huh? It's easy! I just… treat others the way I would wanted to be treated myself! If a pony is hurt and needs aid, I help that pony because I'd want to be helped as well if I were in a similar situation! Also, it feels really good to help others and do good deeds. Especially when you think about the fact that you're actively contributing toward a better world as you do so!"


"Quite easily. Now, I do have to warn you that our ultimate target, currently, is the giant, undead dragon that came out of the Silverhaze mines a while ago. If at any time before we reach it you want to part ways, I will understand completely."
I'll readjust my monocle.
"At any rate, friends help each other, Vilina. Even when there's nothing to gain."
Chuckle slightly.
"Sometimes especially then."


You do the badflips and do a pose.
Ponies cheer!
You can taste blood.

"Time is…unnecessary…since all happensss as it sshould…"

"Do…like you would be treated yourself…hmmm….but what if other ponies don't treat you like that?"

"Than that dragon is as good as dead."
She grins.


That's so fucked up.



I shrug.
"Just because they're jerkfaces doesn't mean I have to be. I just deal with them appropriately and move on!"


It's what he linked to me. First reply.


Eh oops, that was for Mabel

You do the badflips and do a pose.
Ponies cheer!
You can taste blood.


getting tired obviously, pausing soon


"Hmmm… of course. Well, it certainly has been a pleasure speaking with yet another immortal higher being. Is there someway I can leave this place? And more importantly, is there a way to return whenever I wish to do so?"


"Well, dead again at any rate. Glad you're with us."
Grin back.
"Now, I'll let you finish your coffee in peace. There's one other member of our merry band I've got to check in on. Hopefully she hasn't turned the town against her yet…"


Whoops… do stupidly daring things, the flame said, nothing can go wrong, the flame said!
Remove the sword and do a little curtsey.


"Lllllleaave….why would you leave"

And the inn once again experiences a very very unusual night.
Pots were broken, limits shattered, new peaks were reached.
When you wake up in the morning, you realize that not only did you once again break the bed, but the cleaning crew will need at least a week to get all this off the walls.

Your lungpipe still seems to function, guess it was just a little wound.
The ponies cheer. "Mabel, mabel, mabel…"

"…come back soon."


I'll drink a natural remedy later to patch it up.
Smile at the crowd, bowing again.
"Thank you, thank you! I hope you all enjoyed this improvised little show!"




"While I have enjoyed my stay here, the decor is rather… dark. Why, it certainly could do with some colors to brighten the place up. Not to mention my dear associates will likely start to wonder where I am if I do not return at some point in the near future."


I'll nod.
"It shouldn't take long at all. Hopefully."
I'll give an exaggerated grimace.
"Knowing Tulip, she'll be insulting the owner of that quill and sofa branch store we passed on the way back into town, or lamenting the fact that the roads are made of dirt."



"Why would you return to them….when you're already…there…"
You suddenly smell tea….and apple pie.
You blink….and open your eyes.
You're at the apple farm.
Applejack sits across you, as well as Granny Smith.
"Aw sugarcube, ah didn't mean to wake ya. Ya fell asleep like a brick. Ya must have been very tired."

"Oh you simply must come to my party next weekend."
A few fillies run up for your hoofprint.
You see a few stallions staring

Whoops indeed.

"I hope she didn't get into too much trouble."

"…define…appropriately. Because I'm not sure if your appropriately is same as mine."


Rub my head.
"My apologies. I was feeling rather exhausted from all the walking we had done yesterday. Ya'll have been so very hospitable to me, but this is a clear sign that I should return to the inn to rest."


"If I'm still in town, I can do, but I might be moving on soon!"
Sign all the hoofprints the fillies ask for!
Eyewink at a few of the stallions, for fun, with a smile.


"One can only hope. See you in a little while, Vilina."
And away I go.


"Well it depends! If they're just saying mean things, I just ask them what their problem is and why they're being rude to me. But if they're really mean and try to hurt me by hitting me or something for no good reason, I hit back! And hard! That's not me being mean either, it's action reaction!"


"Go take a nap, darling. Young mares like you need their beauty sleep." says Granny Smith

One blows you a kiss.

And that's for next time.

"Hmmm, I see…Interesting."



I nod.
"Thank you for the tour, miss Applejack. And for the hospitality. Have a wonderful day, both of you."
Time to leave. Back to the others in town.

I ought to see what Tulip ended up doing.


"You should definitely talk about Mabel and Warren about this, they're both like… really smart with their words. I guess that's because they're older than me though!"


After some searching you are directed towards a large carriage at the edge of town.
The carriage is closed, it is decorated with a number of banners.
"Come see the amazing monster hunters!"
There's a large banner with exaggerated artwork of all party members.
On a note is a pricelist for autographs, pictures, a meet and greet…

"I'll think about it, if I see them again."


Oh dear.
"Well, we have been gone two weeks… what sort of trouble will this be?"


So what was happening?


I chuckle.
"She mentioned this to me before. It appears you and your friends are quite popular. No surprise there"


I'd blow one back, but I'm surrounded by lilpons, so keep giving them hoofprints!


"Yes, but this does sort of reduce us to sideshow attractions as opposed to legitimate businessponies."
I'll sigh.
"I doubt she'll take too kindly if I ask her to take it all down…"
Knock on the door of the carriage.


"Well, her intentions were good at least. I doubt ya'll have much to fear about appearing illegitimate."


"We'll see, I suppose. I can't imagine she's been too successful, since we've been gone these last two weeks."


"Don't think! Do! Do, do, do!"


"Perhaps she let ponies reserve spots to speak with ya'll."


"Amber and Soil no doubt would have no trouble fulfilling those bargains. But we can't stay here forever, and we need to see exactly how many 'reservations' she may have taken while we were away."


You broke another bed.
Wanna ask the innkeeper for a new one?

You fill at least 10 papers before you're done.

"Thank you." she says slowly.

You can't see inside the carriage


I should.


No answer when I knocked?


"Well, Ponyville is not too large of a town. How bad could it possibly be?"

Knock knock?


"If there's one thing I've learned in all my life, it's that you never ask that question."


"Anything for a friend!"
Get up and start walking away.
"Come on, Silver! Let's go say hi to Iris so she knows we're okay!"


"It hasn't been that long and it's not like she could go far in that time."


Disclaimer time.
"Make sure you don't try this at home, children! I've been training for this all my life, and I still make dangerous mistakes sometime!"


The innkeeper gives you a grin.
"No worries, it's on me."

Tullip opens up.
"AH, there you are! You certainly took your time."

Her room is locked.
You hear noises inside.
Silver looks to you.
"Uh…maybe we better leave them alone."

"Can I have a sword too?" asks a colt.


"Awnful kind of you."


"… Why? I think they're wrestling! I had no idea Iris did that stuff!"


"But we did what we set out to do."
I'll cast a glance at the banner.
"You've been… busy. Do you mind if we come in?"


Just give him a smug smirk.

"We are very glad to see you are okay too, darling."


"That is not up to me, but your parents! A sword is a not a toy! It should always be respected and hoofled with care! You and your friends could play with wooden swords, though! Just make sure not to hit each other! Instead, you could try to fence with your wooden swords! Conquering a friend in swordplay is much more fun than just hurting them!"


"It wasn't exactly a walk in the park, you know."


"Don't mention it."

"Yeah…wrestling…I don't think she's wrestling…"

"Not at all! Quick, I gotta show you what I had made!"


"Come in, come in."

"What does a sword taste like?" asks another.


Saunter inside and look around.


"Metally. It's not a very nice taste, to be honest!"


"Wassit all 'bout?"


Oh boy…
In we go. How's the place look?


I'll go in and see what has been done with the place.


I scrunch.
"How do you know? It sounds like they're having a lot of fun!"


The place is full of boxes.
She opens up one and gets out a bunch of shirts!
"Look, I had them custom made!"
She hands LH a blue one with "Lightning Heart" on it. It is noticeably shorter than the one for the males.
For Warren there's a black one with WARren on it.
Pico gets a brown one. In addition to his name, a fierce looking griffon points at the viewer with a text balloon saying "Don't do drugs."

"Oh nothing, nothing."

"What if you make a giant sword of candy! Then it tastes good!"

"Yeah…but they're not wrestling. I think they're…you know…making love."


"There's so many in here. How many have you sold already?"


Grab some sweetened ale and bring it back to my beloved, as well.


I smile.
"For me? I do not think I have such a big reputation in Equestria, sugar."


"This is… quite something, Tulip. Did you make one for everyone?"


The gears in my head will grind for a moment longer before I realize what I mean.
"… Oh. H-haha… Uh, okay! I didn't know Iris… eh…"
Try not to blush!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"But then that's just eating, not a stunt! You wouldn't be cheering on me for eating candy, would you?"


You're a perfectly composed pony.
"Uh…it makes sense, she and Soil are in a relationship…"

"Ten, but with all of you around for marketing, we'll sell tons in no time!"

She's resting on the bed.
She smiles as you approach.
"Thanks~" she says as she grabs the sweetened ale.

"Not yet!"

"Yes, and a lot more, for selling."

"Oh right, that's true, you're so smart!"


"I-I guess!"
Let's get out of here before my mind wanders too far and I have to take a cold shower!
What about Tulip?


"I try to be wise based on my past experiences, but I'm sure you can find smarter people than me."
Motion with a hoof over them.
"Maybe one of you will grow up to be a really smart scientist or wizard!"


"Just what kind of marketing have you been up to?"


"These must have taken a while to make… when did you start?"


"Well, I am flattered nonetheless. This is a kind gesture. I am impressed."


Nuzzle her.
Then, drink my own ale, and start cleaning up.
I need to get a move on…


"No way, I wanna be an adventurer just like you!"

After some searching you find her in a carriage together with Pico, LH and Warren.

"I had a press conference scheduled yesterday, but you weren't there! No worries, I'll get a new one."

"Light Heart gave me the idea. I started right when you were gone."

Tulip beams.

Where to, stud?


Get my armour back on.
"We've been slacking so much, we need to pick the others and start working again on monsters!"


"Hey guys! What's up?"


I'll raise an eyebrow and look at Light Heart.
How's the quality of these shirts, by the way? Material any good?
"Well, I must say I'm impressed you managed to put all this together in a scant two weeks. The carriage alone must have been fairly costly."


"Being an adventurer is not all fun and games! It can be really dangerous, even sad sometimes!"


Smug smile.

"Hello darling. We were just discussing miss Tulip's new enterprise."


"Uh… her what?"


"Tulip seems to have set herself up a merchandising business while we were away."


Gesture at the crates and clothing around us.


"Oh… wow! Were we gone for that long!? No wonder Iris and Soil are having so much fun togeth-"
Don't finish that. Shove a hoof in my own mouth. No more words.


I'll raise my other eyebrow at that.
"Well, I'm certainly glad they didn't decide to wait until nightfall, then. Otherwise we'd never get any sleep."


I just chuckle.


She helps you with your armor.
"Oh, surely it can wait a bit~"

"Ah Amber, quick, wear this."
She gives you a pink shirt.

She waves your hoof.
"Nothing compared to what we can make with all of this."



Just… keep that hoof in place!

Pop my hoof out!
Put it on quick!
"I love pink!"


"We can't keep breaking a bed a night if we don't fight monsters!
The innkeeper offered this one, but who knows the next!"


"Such talk is usually reserved for after you've made the money back."
I'll consider a moment.
"How are you pricing them?"


How big is this carriage?
"Now darling, who will be in charge of pulling this… ensemble?"


"Tell us a story!"

It's a pink shirt with "Amber" on it.
There a sentence "Do good and you'll shine just like me!"

She chuckles.
"Perhaps we should just ask for better beds?"

"10 bits a piece, 30 with hoofprints!"

"Uh…I haven't thought about that yet…"


"Gotta ask that first thing in canterl-"
"What if we break the tent?"


"That is rather important, is it not? Ponyville only has so many ponies. Branching out to Canterlot may be wise once business is settled here."


I gasp.
"It's really nice! Doesn't protect me much in battle but still!"


Chuckle again.
"All right, all right… Now this is a story all about how my life got turned upside-down.
I was raised in a travelling circus where I spent most of my days, learning the tricks that I just showed all of you!
But as I grew and grew I wanted to do something new, so I said my goodbyes and left."
Shake my head with a smile.
"On my first night out alone, I got robbed of almost everything I had."


She grins.
"Then we shouldn't play inside the tent~"

"I'll get right on it" she writes it on a list.

The foals gasp.
"Did you catch the thief?"

"It fits you like a glove!"


"That seems fairly reasonable… Well, I see you've got everything well in-hoof here, so my worries were completely unfounded."
I'll give Tulip a small grin.
"Though, perhaps next time you could ask before you start to merchandise your traveling companions."


"Good. I am eager to see just how aware Canterlot is of this monster hunting troupe."


"I wanted to! I went after them first thing in the morning! I chased their trails for days, until eventually, I ended up in a forest… but then, I got lost!"
Make a 2spooky motions with my hooves.
"The canopy was thick, making the whole forest so dark I could barely see my own nuzzle! I couldn't find any food or water, strange noises kept me up at night, I was so exhausted I could barely move…"

Dramatic suspense!


I grin.
"Maybe I can wear it over my armor…"
Look at Silver.
"Try one on too! I bet you'll look real mean with some pink!"


"Worries? What worries?"

"If they're not, they will be soon!"

The fillies are holding each other in fright.

"Pink is not my color…"


"Wait you mean like…"
My gaze will glow.


"I was just a little worried about how things might have been going while we were gone. But, as I've said, those worries were silly to have and are gone."
"Silver might do better with a nice complementary color, though. What looks good with pink? White?"


"I was giving up hope… I had no more energy or hope inside me…"
Sit down and droop my head, flapping my ears down.
"I finally collapsed onto the moss and grass of the forest floor…"
Peek up with a cheeky smile they can't see.


I scrunch.
"I think you'd look great with pink!"

"I guess!"


"That is a good attitude."




"W-what happened?"

"Yes, listen to Warren, white is much better!"

"A winning attitude! So should I schedule you for a hoofprint session tomorrow?"


"Well, I am not very famous here in Equestria yet, but why not?"


Raise my head and perk my ears.
"I would have died, if it wasn't for an old druid who lived in the forest! He found me and took me to safety, gave me food and water… but most importantly, he taught me things that completely changed how I look at life."


"Don't you think white is kinda boring though?"


"Well, I'll leave you all to your business, then."
"To some, white is a symbol of purity. That's why so many wedding dresses are white, you know."


"Wooooooow! What did he teach you? How to bring trees alive and make them fight?"
"How to grow beautiful flowers?"

She notes it down.
"Be sure to wear that shirt."

"Nah, white is a good color. Very…peaceful."

"What about you? A hoofprint session too?"


"Hm, very well."
How gauche.




"Perhaps after everyone else has been informed of your merchandise. I'm sure Soil will be absolutely thrilled."


"A bit of the latter, yes. More importantly, he taught me how to appreciate and find the things Nature gives us. After his lessons, suddenly, the forest didn't seem so dark. There was food and water everywhere, if I just looked in the right places. The strange noises at night turned into beautiful music to my ears that lulled me to sleep. He also taught me how to find and use herbs that can heal anything from small scrapes to big wounds!"


"I'm sure you'll love it. How much should we ask for pictures?"

"How about you, Amber? Hoofprint session?"

"Where is he?"

"I wanna be a druid too!"


"Pictures taken by whom? This is important."


"I believe he's at the inn, though he might have moved or gone somewhere with Iris in the meanwhile."


"Oh, I'm not a druid!
I was just shown the ways of Nature.
I could have become a druid but…"
Look around and lean closer to the kids.
"Can you colts and fillies keep a secret?"


"Uh… sure? I guess?"


"Me! And sold to your fans."

She snorts.
"When they're done fucking I'll have a word with him."

They huddle together with you.

"Good, together with Light Heart then."


Well, that was crass.
"I'll leave you to it, then."
And it's out the door and away. Back to the inn.


I scrunch at her harsh language
"Tulip! T-that's no way to talk!"


"How much would it cost you?"


"Instead of becoming a druid who masters all elements of Nature…"
Show them the phoenix mark on my hoof!
"…I decided to take my fate in my own hooves as a follower of Fire."


Where's Melody Maker? I think it's time we had our talk.


She woke up not far from you.
With the buffalo known as Heavyhooves


The hell have I been doing? It feels like forever since I clonked out…


I stand up and walk over to her.
"Are you awake?"


You woke up with the others in a barn in Ponyville.
Most everyone has moved to Ponyville already.
You and Shortcake and Heavyhooves are still here.


"Yeah. What's up? The hell has even happened? It feels like it's been forever…"
I stretch my sore limbs out after my long rest.



I look sideways at the buffalo.
"I think we need to have a talk."


"Talk about what?"



"…Bit less vague then that?"


I scrunch.
"Why aren't we like Lyra and Bonbon? Are we not even together?"


Vilina, and Soil/Iris are here.

"Oh excuse me, making love."

"Woooow, can you make fireballs!"



My ears immediately fall and my eyes widen.
"Like- what do you mean like… Lyra and Bonbon?"


"That's better!"
I scrunch and leave this place!
because I'm sleep, thanks for running


I'll wave to Vilina, then head over to Soil and Iris.
"Hey you two lovebirds. I hear you've managed to send Amber off in a fit of embarrassment."


I clear my throat and glare at the buffalo, trying to get him to leave.


Shake my head.
"I do not have any magic with fire. I can talk to an Elemental Lord if I look into them, though! I also have a Phoenix-"
Lower my voice with a bit of cheeky tone.
"-but he is molting right now, so he is very grumpy, so I don't think he'd like to show himself around!"


I don't think Sylt is here anymore
Iris grins.
"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"I'm sorry, I'll go."
He leaves towards ponyville.

"He's turning into goo?"

"…about 3 bits."


"A what now?"
Raise a brow, confused.


I wait for him to leave before speaking.

"Well…you know. We travel together. We have sex with each other. Doesn't that make us a couple?"


Rolling for blush.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I blush pretty badly, but manage to keep looking at you instead of down at the ground.


"I uh- I uh…"
I look around everywhere but Shortcake, biting my lip at the same time.
"I- Does it?"


"Molting, not molding! It means he is losing his old feathers so he can grow new ones!"


"I'm sure you don't."
"I ran into her at Tulip's carriage before I came back this way. It seems you two were rather… vigorous in your reunion. She was a little embarrassed."
I'll shake my head.
"But that's not what I was going to talk about, it's Tulip's business that she set up in our absence. It seems she's been making shirts, banners, and other sorts of merchandise to sell to our, as she put it, 'adoring fans.'"


"I suggest you base your price off of that, sugar. I must say it is remarkable that you managed to procure all this equipment… you must possess quite a sizable money-box."


I slowly nod.
"I'm pretty sure it does. I mean…if you don't really like me."
I look down at the ground.
"I guess that's fine."


"Our what?!"


"I sent a letter to daddy. And ponies will be more than happy to pay a lot for a picture with all of you!"

Iris chuckles.
"Yes, I saw, she was so enthusiastic about it."

"Ooooh…that's weird. Do ponies grow new tails too if they lose a tail?"


"No! No… I do like you, Shorty. I do. It's just-"
I pause, and bring a hoof up to clear my throat.
"This is just a lot to-… Are you asking if you wanna be a couple?"


"Your father?"
I raise a brow.
"What did you say your family name was again, darling?"


Tap my chin.
"Pretty sure ponies can grow tails back, yes, but it would be really slow!"


I'll sigh.
"Apparently we're popular, to a degree. Enough that she's already sold several shirts. I think she's got one for you in her carriage."
"I'll say. Though she might get a little overzealous without some oversight. She didn't even ask us if this was alright, to begin with."
I'll shake my head.
"At any rate, there's another thing to mention. Vilina will be joining us officially as our group's chemist. With her help, we may even be able to take some monsters alive, so that we can harvest fur or a few scales, for example, and then let the creature go."


I look back up confused.
"No? I mean, I thought we already were one. Because of the traveling together. And the, uh, sex. Are you saying we aren't?"


"Well- screwing each other's brains out and traveling with one another isn't really… a couple, y'know? It's different!"


I look confused again.
"Really? What is it, then?"


"Friends… with benefits?"


"A fan?"


"Fans, plural. Admirers, ponies who think we're cool and all that. You're probably somepony's hero, you know."


I squint.
"Are you sure? Those weren't ever in any of my books. The hero always rescues the damsel in distress, then they fall in love."


"Well- those are just books. The real world's different, y'know?…"
I shake my head.
"What even brought this up?"


"Yeah, my ma's!"


"Well, what if you were some little colt's hero as well? That's what I'm saying here. You might have ponies who want to grow up to be like you in this town."
I'll chuckle a little.
"Tulip will probably be ambushing you at some point in the near future, though, to discuss hoof-printing sessions and pictures and all that. Merchandising."


"Just books?"
I huff.
"They seemed pretty accurate to me. Monster, danger, adventure, romance, it was all in them. What brought it up was our dinner with Lyra and Bonbon. I'm pretty sure neither of them are sleeping with half the ponies that catch their eye."


"I wanna see those ponies now, I don't care for Tulip!"


"Well, I don't know where exactly they are, but Tulip might help arrange meetings, autographs, the whole nine yards for what heroes get to do."



"Oh, that's cool. My brother said that he would pull my tail right off!"

"That's a good idea" says Iris.

"And mine~"


Familiar with that name?
"Hailing from…?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Then I oughta go and ask Tulip right now!"
Chuckle and swing her across my back, playfully.
"Wanna go find Tulip?"


"Why would he say such a thing?"


"And with you as our Researcher and Star as our Geomancer, we'll be well-prepared for just about anything that's alive. And even a few things that are dead."


"Hey! Why are you blaming me? Sorry that I didn't automatically assume that because we were having sex we were a couple!"
I huff.


I huff even harder.
"Assuming? That's how it works! That's how everyone did it back home! The only reason I wasn't certain was because there are three of us instead of two!"


"From Tall Tale."

"Lead the way!" she stays on your back.

"He's a meanie!"

"Woop, sorry Warren, seems like Soil is taking me to Tullip!" she giggles.


"Have fun you two."
And then it's off to Vilina's table.


"That's not how it works at all!"


"Warren, Amber told me I should ask you for advice on how to be good."


"But does he love you?"


"I do not believe I have had the pleasure of visiting that city."


I stamp my hoof.
"Then how does it work!?"


"He's a meanie!"

"You should. It's quite dignified. Not like these peasant towns."


Shake my head.
"That is not what I asked."


Weave off at him as we go to Tullip.


So what is happening? WHere are we now?


"You… y'know. You… both partners have to actually say some fucking words about whether or not they're a couple! Lay down the ground rules and shit!"


"How lovely. But what made you leave it behind, sugar? A thirst for adventure like me?"


"No, he's a colt, colts don't love colts"

Still in Ponyville, nothing happened.

She's in a carriage, decorated with all kinds of banners.
There's even one with the party on it. You are pictured with a shield 5 times larger than your actual one.

"Exactly, all that boring city life was nothing for me! I'm a born adventurer."


Where is everybody and what are they doing? Also I am hungry where is AJ?


"Not that way. Think of it like this…
If your brother saw that a bigger colt push you to the ground, would he rush to protect you, even if the other colt was bigger and stronger than him?"


"I can very much relate with that. It is a big and beautiful world. Most of us ponies live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I do not wish to be most of us ponies."


"I thought it was assumed!"


You have no idea what most people are doing.
AJ is back at the farm.

He thinks.

"We are not most ponies! We are better than most ponies!"


"It's not! It's not assumed at all!"


I sit down hard.
"So…are we?"


That's not how shields work!
"Hey! Tullip! What's this about fans?"


"Then he might be mean to you sometimes, but in here.."
Poke his chest gently.
"…you matter to him a lot. You should appreciate that you have a sibling like that, who cares about you, even if you don't realize that sometimes when you have a fight."


"Not necessarily better. Merely more adventurous, like you said. How old are you, did you say? You still have many years ahead of you. It is good that you started early, because there is so much to actually see."


"Oh boy."
I'll chuckle a little.
"Well, I don't quite know how much help I can be at that. You've got to know what's right if you know what's wrong, and it's usually just a matter of choice at that point."


Perhaps find Star and Iris first and see how they are doing.


"Yes! That's not-"
My anger immediately fades and my eyes widen once more.
"I- uh- is… Are- are you saying you want to be?"


"…." he deeply considers this.


"There you are! You know, while you and Iris have been humping in the hay, I was at work, here try these!"
You get a shirt that says "Soil" There's a large shield pictured on it.
"Oh and Iris, I want to work on your egghead image with some humor."
She gives Iris a shirt that says "I'm with stupid ->"

"That's not easy."

You're already with Star.
Go to Iris?


"I-Yes! Yes that's what I'm trying to say! You helped save my life and half my town!"


"What the heck…"
Look at the shirt.
Then look at Iris.
"Hey that's not nice.
Indy isn't stupid!"


"I never said it was. I know this will sound cheesy and old-fashioned, but sometimes the right choices are the hardest ones to make."


Just look at him with an amused, supportive smile.
Let him figure out the rest with himself.


My bullshit detector is going off. Does she look like she's lying?
"About the same age I left home…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


I start trying to mouth words, but fail to vocalize anything, all the while looking everywhere but Shortcake.
"I… guess? You're- look! This is an awful lot to take in… I haven't actually been, y'know… in a committed relationship or shit like that in a long time!"


I speak dryly.
"You've not? I wouldn't have guessed."


Whelp perhaps not now.
"What does pony want to do?" I nod at Star.


Wise donk.
Where to now?

"I suppose. I'll have to watch how all of you do it."

"All the same. I'm hungry."

"Exactly, just like me."

Iris starts "I'd rather wear my own clothes, Tullip."
Tullip pouts "But the brand! We need to think about the brand."


"What, you got cows around?"


Smug grin.
"Just like you, darling."


"You've got a good head on your shoulders, Vilina. All you need is a push in the right direction, and you'll be able to figure it out from there. And if you stumble or falter, well, that's what friends are there for. To help you out, or correct the course."


I scrunch up.
"I'm being serious here! Look- I like you Shorty. You're not bad on the eyes and the sex is amazing, and you're a pretty great pony. But- shit… a relationship is a lot to ask!"


Wave goodbye to the rest of the colts and fillies, then let's go back to the others.
Maybe I should check up on Tullip.


I scratch my head.
"Perhaps that farmer pony is friendly enough maybe she knows where is the best place to eat in this town." I nod before walking towards the farm.
"Hmmm…. what does Star think of this .. ponyville?" I look around the place as both of us make our way.


"Why is it so much to ask? A relationship sounds great to me."


"Because it requires, y'know… commitment!"


I frown.
"Is it really that hard to-hmmm. What if we each choose an extra person? Like, we could be relationshipers-with-benefits."


I place a hoof to my head.
"That's… not how it works. Like, at all."


I sit back and cross my forelegs.
"It's called a compromise, Melody."


"It's a nice enough place, a bit rural, but okay."
Sweet Apple Acres comes in sight.

You find the giant carriage with LH and Soil in it.

Involuntary scrunch.

She chuckles.
"Always with the polite talk, Warren.
You'd hardly believe you're a thief."

"Brand, brand recognition! We have to form a cohesive image!"


"I don't understand a word that you say, and care for even less!
Now, where my fans at?"


"What's going on?"


"Snack agree's…. it is good place to live Star agree? Just look at farm like that." I laugh as we make our way to the farm.


"How naive even are you…"
I bury my face further into my hoof.


Lean in slightly and lower my voice.
"I am very good at picking up lies, sugar."


I perk an ear up.
"What was that?"


"I'm having trouble believing it much these days as well. There's been little to no call for discretion with this group."
I'll sigh and shake my head.
"Then again, I can't really regret that. Thieving was simply a means to get by and save on travel costs. Now that I've actually got the money to spend, I haven't seen or felt the need to 'liberate' possessions from their owners."
I'll rub my chin slightly.
"Legitimacy has ruined me, I'm afraid. But that's not a bad thing."


"Tomorrow there's a hoofprint session.
If you come there with the shirt, there will be tons!"

"Ah Mabel, put this on, for our new monster hunting enterprise."
She gives you a shirt with "Mabel, Phoenix tamer" on it.

Scrunchening intensifies

"I'm not a farm pony."
AJ is finishing up in the garden.
"Howdy, sugarcubes."

"Tell me about those days…"


I speak up, slightly muffled from having my face buried in my hoof.
"Look, just… okay. Okay. No dumb compromises. I'll be your damn girlfriend. Happy?"


I squint again and lean forwards.
"Are you sure you aren't just saying that?"


I chuckle.

"Miss Mabel, there you are."


Put the shirt on over the armour, ripping it.
"Eh, I will pass."


I chuckle, "Pfff it looks like that."
Wait is Star irritated by that?

I nod at AJ.
"Hello, Snack and Star is kind of.. starvin and we like to ask where to get food. Dont worry apple pony we can pay."


I take my hoof off.
"No, just- look. I said yes, alright?"


I lean forwards further.
"You don't sound very happy about that."



Look at it, then frown.
"Inferni is not a pet, he is a friend. I hardly tamed him."



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Other ponies don't know that!"

She doesn't show signs of irritation.
"Come on in, we were just making supper.
Do ya'll like apples?"


"You'll come to the hoofprint session tomorrow?"




I pull Shortcake the rest of the distance to me and start thoroughly kissing her.


"Well, there's really not much to tell. In my youth, when I wasn't running about sneaking up on rabbits or nose-deep in a book, I would… borrow pies with no intention of returning them. Straight from the window sills they were cooling on. Those pies became less and less frequent, of course, as ponies got wise to the pie thief prowling about."
I'll have a little half-smile on my face.
"After a time, I decided to set out on the road, traveling wherever my hooves would take me. What I couldn't afford, or find, I'd usually do without. Except, of course, when a rather fat merchant or wealthy pony would wander by. I never took from those with less than me, you see. A pony needs everything they have to survive when they're poor, but the wealthier ponies can stand to tighten their belts a little. So, I would often simply be a cutpurse or ghost along the rooms of an inn, taking only enough to see me to the next town."
I'll rub my chin a moment.
"You see, if I had taken the entire purse while a pony slept, they'd know immediately something was off. Especially if I was gone the next day. So I took a few bits here, a hoof-full of bits there, so it seemed as if they'd simply lost them, or never had as many as they thought in the first place."
I'll clear my throat.
"That isn't to say I've never been caught in the act, of course, though I prefer not to recall those, as they aren't very flattering endings to misadventures and capers. Eventually, after about a year or two on the road, I ran into the rest of the group. Soil, Snacks, all them. I could have passed them and left them to deal with their bear problem, but… I don't know. Something made me go check it out. Common sense abandoned, I helped them out as I could, and we ended up joining forces. This was just outside of Silverhaze, before all this craziness started."


I nod.
"I will be there."


I hug you tight and kiss you back.


"Snack hasnt eaten apple's much since we left Silverhaze town. Apple's are good."
Alrigtty lets meet the appolz


I'm being a shiny pony and nobody can stop me!


Who would want to?
"Hey there, Amber."


Took you long enough!
"Hey Mabel, what's up?"


Smile at you.
"Well… I have a bit of news, actually."


"Really? Tell me! Tell me!"


"I made a commitment to someone very special."


I cock my head.


I extend my hoof and show you the phoenix shaped mark on it.


Stare at it for a moment.
"Is that a tattoo?"


Shake my head.
"It's the mark of the Fire Lord Pyrrus."


"Oh. Why would you want a mark of him? He seemed like a jerk to me!"


"He was doing what he was supposed to do, keeping the balance of Nature."
Then take a deep breath.
"And I want to tell you too much… but being a follower of him will allow me to control my own fate better."


"A follower? Like… a paladin?"
I scrunch.
"Cadance is way nicer, you shouldn't follow him!"


"Yes and no. I follow his teachings."


"But why?"


"Because Fire represents willpower! And I'm a stubborn donkey, aren't I?"


"I don't know about this Mabel, you better not start summoning volcanoes on towns or something!"


"I won't become a Fire Lord, or Lady. But Lord Pyrrus sent Inferni to accompany me, and you like him, don't you?"


"Maybe so, but still! You better not go evil, Mabel! That would make me very sad!"


"Why would I go evil?"


"I dunno! I just don't know about this whole fire lord business!"


"Lord Pyrrus is not evil, I assure you."
Ruffle your mane.
"I'd never go evil, Amber! And even if I wanted to, I bet my friends wouldn't let me!"


"Alright I guess… if you ever change your mind about Cadance, let me know though!"


"As I said, I am pretty commited. You wouldn't give up Cadance either, would you?"


"I'm a paladin, that's different!"


"Is it? What if I am a priestess now?"


"Paladins and priestessessessess are different. Mom wanted me to be a priestess too but I didn't want that!"


"What's the difference?
And why didn't you want it?"


"Paladins are the doers! Even those who don't like us call us Cadance's attack dogs."


"Are you saying priests and priestesses can't do anything?"


"They're just not trained to fight. I want to defend my faith, not just preach about it!"


"I can fight. I think we had a pretty good little duel once, remember?"


"No offense Mabel, but there's no way you could beat me in a real battle with the Savior empowering me!"


Smirk again, and take a step closer.
"I guess I'd have to fight you with love then~"


"That doesn't make sense!"


"Why doesn't it?"




Start circling you.
"I think I can fight you with love instead of war."


"Oh yeah? Show me then!"


Step a bit closer as I circle you.
"I know you don't want to fight a friend, Amber."


"I don't? But we have already!"


Shake my head.
"You told me that if you would beat me in a real battle. Would you hurt me?"


"It wouldn't be a real battle if I didn't!"


Stop in front of you and pout.
Flop my donk ears down too.
Give you a sad look.
"You'd really hurt me?"


I scrunch.
"A battle is a battle, Mabel! What are you playing at? I fought against Apple too in the arena of Tall Tale!"


Straighten up.
"If, for some reason, we were forced to fight each other, do you know what I would do?"


"… No?"


Take a step back.
Unsheathe my rapier.
Then gently place it on the ground in front of me and sit down.
"I'd do this."


Look at tit, then back at her.
"… I don't get it."


"I wouldn't raise my sword on you."


I scrunch again.
"Mabel, that's a really bad way to start a fight! No wonder you decided to become a priestess!"


Give you a constanza look.
"If I had to fight someone who was not my friend, I'd do this."

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 6 = 6


Nope, I quickly jumped into some nearby shadows and you have no idea where I went!


"What are you even doing!?"


Creep up on you from behind…

Then with a nimble leap, jump up on your back, standing on you with the tip of my hooves.


Jump up in surprise
"Hey! Hey!"


Using my years of acrobat training from the circus, stay balanced on your back.
"Yes? Something wrong, Amber?"


"Get off of my back!"


"Get off your back? But I'm not criticizing you!"


"Not funny!"


"You seem upset, Amber! What's wrong?"
Use a forehoof to ruffle your mane while still on your back.


I rear and try to get you off of me.


Jump off and land on all four with a smirk.


"Totally not funny!"


"I have no idea what you are talking about!"




"Come on, I know you enjoyed it!"


Find Light Heart!


Probably cleaning my repeater someplace. Put it down as you approach and give you a polite smile.
"Good day, miss Amber. You look positively bright today."


I grin.
"Thanks! I'm in a good mood, so yeah I'm bright! Not as bright as that one time when I got blasted with stardust, but still pretty bright!"


Look at your shiny coat.
"Remarkable how easy it is to judge the mood of a crystal pony by looking at his or her coat. Ya'll sure are a special bunch."


"It's easy to see who's sad or not, yeah! Pretty useful if you want to lift up the spirits of ponies who are feeling down! I don't even need to ask how Silver is doing, I can see it by looking at his coat!"


"A good excuse to ogle him, I'm sure."
I chuckle.


Look confused.


"He certainly is a handsome stallion, no? Somepony like him must attract a lot of looks."
I smirk.


"H-He's very strong! Of course ponies give him looks! I give him looks too! … Because he's a great paladin!"


"Oh I am certain you give him plenty of looks, sugar. The two of you being partners and all… Why, it leaves a pony to wonder whether or not ya'll are more than just friends."


"I do watch his back in battle! And we're both paladins of Cadance. Our bond is very strong! Stronger than even friendship!"


"Stronger than love?"


"It is love! Cadance is love!"


"So I hear. Have you met her personally?"


"… No. I saw her during the crystal fair though! I'll never forget it! That was the best day ever!"


"I'm certain it was. The ponies of the old world do so love their alicorn leaders. Paladins doubly so."
"Still, the Olive Order back in Dixie could learn from your kindheartedness. They are a bit less… sociable, you see."


Stick out my tongue in disgust
"Olives? Those are icky! Who would name themselves after that?"


I chuckle.
"Well darling, their name is hardly the worst offender when it comes to taste. They are our primary defense force, experts in antimagic."
Thanks for the faff, but I'm getting tired so I'm bedding in a bit. Continue tomorrow?


"Antimagic? Hey, I know how to break spells too!"


! Player Reminder !
If you guys wanna move on the plot, type "let's move on the plot" or something similar.

Shall we move on to the next day?

Big Mac, Granny Smith and Applebloom are here.
It's apple sauce for dinner.

"Mmmmmmhhh." She pouts a bit.


I'm fine with moving on whenever.

I was talking to Tulip, but I'm fine with skipping to the next day. I'd like to finally have a chat with this Vilina creature as well.


I guess I have nothing else to do anyway.


I've mostly settled my things here, I'm ready to move on and hunt down those two jerks.


I think me and Indy should take a moment.


Uh… I guess I'm ready!
Unless Silver wants to do that picnic!


Lets go and meet the Apple's with Star.


It's the evening before you leave.
Tomorrow the train to Canterlot and more adventures leaves.
Snacks took the liberty of organizing a little party at the ground of sweet apple acres.
There's a huge campfire and the smell of apple fritters is in the air.
The moon is rising.
This could be a swell party.

Indy is snoring in your room on a cushion.

We'll do that in Canterlot.



Follow the smell to its source!
Poke him with a hoof, tentatively.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Sit beside the campfire and stroke the head of my poor lil' molting phoenix.


I fidget as I stand next to A.J and Granny Smith.
"T.. they will come right? SNack will go and invite them."


I don't have Climate Control, but that doesn't man I can't just bring a cloud over for a little shade.


Well, this is as good of a place as any to talk to Vilina.


You float comically with eyes closed towards the source.
A large stack of apple fritters, freshly made.
There's also a bowl of marshmellows if you want to fry some.
He wakes up, rubs his eyes and jumps up when he sees you.

And lo and behold, everyone is coming and takes a place by the campfire.
Time to be a good host!

It's late evening however.
I doubt some shade would do good.

She's sitting besides the fire, writing.

He's looking worse by the day.
Every time he sneezes he coughs up feathers.
One of them flies into the fire and for a slight moment everything smells of burnt feather.


"You sure I can't help you somehow, Inferni?"


"Silver, we should dance! Where's the music!?"


"Poor guy. I can sympathize with losing feathers like that."


Saunter over.
"Miss Vilina, you have my sincerest apologies."


Alright, lets go and grab the tray of apple fritters and began to distribute it to the others.
"This is last day in Ponyville so a little gathering would not hurt. Besides we deserve it after all those adventuring. AJ pony helped Snack and Star making these so enjoy."


Smile at you.
"It's like the changing of the seasons. Once he gets to his 'Spring', I'm sure we will be all amazed by him."


Sorry, can't talk, five much murshmallowsh in my mouth.
Let's go by the fire.
"Hey champ. What was your sleep like?"


"Thank you! It is nice to relax like this every now and then."
Try those fritters.


"Thank you, darling. You are too kind for doing this for us."


"He'll have the new coat look, to him, all bright and shiny. Come on, let's make sure the others don't finish off the food before we can get some."

"After everything, this seems like a very good idea."


"Not just new feathers."


I jump in glee.
"Its been sometime since we had time to eat together in relax, the time we only able to do that is back in Silverhaze and Snack is glad that ponies are happy."


"It's a nice evening, no need to worry about anything else but the food and friends we have around us. I might just fall asleep here, it's so nice."


He looks up and then slowly lays on his belly.
Time for a massage~

He looks around.
"Maybe miss Heart has a trumpet, or Applejack has some instrument?"

She looks up with a cold look.
"That won't save you…"
She then softens up.
"I'm sorry, old habits die hard…sorry for what?"

Everypony thanks you and starts munching on the apple fritters.
Don't forget the dice you brought!

It's very warm. Snacks comes with some fritters.
Iris leans against your shoulder.


He rubs his shoulders
"I dreamt about flying in the sky.
There were many dragons flying beside me.
They were so big!"


Well, give him the best hoof-massage I can

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I like tonight already!"
Let's stick a marshmallow on the fire.
"We gotta go see dragons next then, how'd you like that?"


I then smile and sit down next to the campfire.
"Its not yet time to sleep Queren, Snack wants to do something, perhaps all of us can play a game."

I then produce a dice.
"Perhaps a dice game of truth or dare? Winner of dice would be able to ask truth or dare to the participant of their choosing." I smile


"Here I am collaborating with the group of ponies you call friends, yet I have not introduced myself to you. So very rude of me to wait this long."
Extend a hoof.
"My name is Light Heart. So nice to meet you, darling."


"I wouldn't mind a few more of these."

"Oh, now that sounds interesting."


I scrunch.
"A party without music?"

"Snacks! Where is the music?"


I turn to you.


"Yeah, music!"


"Does Amber mean the thing where someone sings and someone plays a tune? But Snack is not good at singing?"


I scrunch again.
"Nevermind then! I guess we can play a game of dice or something."


"Well all Snack got is a good dice I borrowed from AJ pony. If pony wants we can start."
I began to roll.

Roll #1 6, 6 = 12


You massage his as carefully as you can, he suddenly starts coughing and coughs out a bone.

It starts smelling delicious.
Indy tries to grab it before you.
Roll higher than '1d10' to be 2fast for him
He looks down for a second then looks to you.
"What if the dragons don't like me?"

She shakes your hoof.
"Vilina. Nice to meet you.
You sound Dixian, am I right?"

"Perhaps Tullip has some kind of music player?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I scratch my head as I look at you apologetically.
"Snack has little time to prepare so was not able to ask for musicians… sorry."


"She might do!"
Where is Tulip?


"So what happens now?"


Food mine!
"They'd be stupid dragons!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I nod and give her a gentle smile.
"The accent is a dead giveaway, is it not?"
Sit down next to her.
"Writing something there, sugar?"


"Roll these two dices"
I give you a 2d10 dices
"and whomever has higher roll is welcome to ask a truth or a dare to fellow pony." I nod as I bite a chunk of the apple fritter.


"Well, here goes nothing."

Rolling them. '2d10'

Roll #1 10, 10 = 20


"Well, since it was just us two so far, I'll dare you. Those big arms of yours, could you 'walk' around this whole circle on just your arms?"


"Yes, I met a few Dixians in Tall Tale.
Most of them were magic users looking for a more safe environment to practice their skills.
I understand Dixie is quite repressive of magic."
She looks at her note.
"Solving a few math problems, gotta keep my mind sharp."

She's sitting a bit to the side of the fire, counting money, occasionally she bites the bits.


I gulp as I smile to the others and to Star before I look at you confidently.
"Watch me!" I then lift my legs up and try to began walking around the fire using just my arm.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You grab it right before him!
"Dragons are really big aren't they?"


And now scrunch at him…
And share half.
"Heck yeah they are!
Some are even bigger than that Ursa!
The one we are chasing is as big as a mountain!"


"Hahaha, I didn't think it would look like that."

"Alright, who is going to roll next?"


"Oh! Oh! Me!"

Roll #1 6, 10 = 16


I gulp as I look at the others.
"Anypony wants to join?"


I nod.
"The Olive Order is quite restrictive when it comes to magic, yes. Quite a shame, I always did support the idea of letting ponies practice their talents if they are beneficial to the community as a whole. Quite frankly, I believe the Order are a bunch of brutes. But I suppose we do need them to protect our fair homeland."


You walk around the fire on your arms!

He smiles as you give him half.
Snacks is running on his arms around the fire.
"As big as a mountain?!?"
He seems truly impressed.
"Do you think I'll ever be that big?"

"Not a good place for ponies like me.
I know a few diamond dogs who are smuggling there.
The Olive Order isn't as thorough as they like to believe they are."


Trot over there.
"Tulip! Tulip! Tulip!"


"Alright, let's see what I get." '2d10'

Roll #1 1, 4 = 5


"Darn, you win. So what'll it be, truth or dare?"


Go Snack!
"Eck yeah!
You will be even bigger than me!"


Scractch my chin.
What was your home like?"


I laughed.
"Snack have not rolled yet." I grin.

I then look at Star and AJ.
"Do pony want to join?"
Lets roll the dice!

Roll #1 6, 9 = 15


I chuckle.
"The diamond dogs have always been quite sour about losing their position in Dixie. It was bound to happen, they were so very sloppy running the community."


"To be honest, the staff and the building itself was nice. I wouldn't mind spending a few nights for them. Plenty of wide open spaces and places to visit."


"Unfortunately, not being the first clutch severely limits your options and I cam here. I'm actually feeling much better about it though, since I learned the truth."


She looks up and takes off her glasses, she never wore glasses before.
"Yes, Amber, what can I do for you?"

"Wow, that's like…even bigger then your shield?"

"The market for all kinds of magically enhanced potions is big in Dixie.
You wouldn't believe the amount of Vilitian Musk, enhanced with some magic to full potency, we shipped to Dixie every year.
Or magical talismans and necklaces."

Applejack shakes her head.
But Star will join next turn.


What did I miss?

"Oh, dear, is that supposed to happen?"


Snacks has started a game of truth or dare if you wanna join.


He's shaking all over his body!


Of course I want to join!

But I need to take care of Inferni too while I play.
Maybe a hug will help him?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I just scratch my head as I smile.
"Well… doesn't griffons make new home for himself? I thought they live in clouds and such?"


Blank expression for a moment.
"Sounds like fun!"
Smile excited.
Nod again!
"If you get that big I'm gonna let you hold it!"


"Well, I'm afraid hiding those in Dixie is quite the ordeal. The order enjoys utilizing a special breed of crows which can sense magical influences like no other. You would not believe how many are arrested because of those birds alone."


I then hand the two of you with 2d10 dices
"Whomever rolled highest got to ask a truth or demand a dare to someone in the party." I nod.


"What's with the glasses? Oh! Do you have a music player thingy? I want to dance but there's no music!"


"That might be nice for some, but I still aim a little higher, so to say. Solid walls, windows, a real, hard, immovable bed. I like things like that. I don't mind using the clouds, but it still isn't exactly a home to me, you know? I still flash back to the ones we had at the hotel, you know?"


"Sounds like fun."
Roll the dice, then!

Roll #1 8, 5 = 13


"You mean clouds aren't the best thing to sleep on?"


"Don't get me wrong, they can be fluffed just right, but a bed has your blankets and pillows laid out just like you want them."


I look down as I reflect a bit.
"Home… is far away for me… and its a bit poor with the lack of food and such, all these monsters that roam around… no one wants to trade and with no food trade for our gem, life kind of stagnate." I smile sadly.


I then look at the dice and began to roll.

Roll #1 6, 3 = 9


"Hey I wanna see you do the sword trick again! Lemme roll!"

Roll #1 10, 5 = 15


"Which one?"


You start to hug him and he calms down.
Roll for perception.

"Pa, Ma tells me dragons live in the mountains and they don't live with ponies usually. Why don't they live with ponies?"

She shrugs.
"In my line of work, you learn that when something is forbidden, ponies want it all the more. Everything can be circumvented."
She shakes her head.
"But that wasn't my territory. The Olive Order was a problem of those dogs."

"They're to help me read. I do have a gramophone player."
She searches through her stuff and hoofs you a grammophone player and some discs.
"You know how it works?"

Star '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 8 = 8


Perceptive jenny

Roll #1 9 = 9


Look at it.
"I've never seen anything like it!"


"Because they dunno what they are missing!"


Tie between Star and Soil.
Soil gets the question


"Nah, I got one already.
You go Star."


"They certainly are. But I do wonder, what exactly is your territory then, miss Vilina?"


I'm going to stuff one of those fritters they brought into my beak, let's see what the others do.


You see a tiny grin on his face.
The bone was probably a trick.

"Okay, you just put the disc in like this and then you wind it up like this and then…"
Music starts playing.

"Maybe we can convince them to come live with ponies too!"

I'm going to throw this marshmellow in the air and Queren has to shoot in mid-air!"

"My territory was Tall Tale, now I guess I'm just a mere alchemist."


"Hey, wait! I'm not even!"

Reflex Shot. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Star cheers


"I never saw you do alchemy, Vilina!"
"First we gotta find them!"


Clappity clap at that.

Chuckle and poke him.
"You little cheeky boy."


"Give a gryphon a little more time next time."

"Oh, and here, you've got a marshmallow ready to be cooked."


Let's poke her and see what kind of pony I'm dealing with here.
"I hear you specialized in a rather peculiar branch of alchemy."


"Magic! I can't believe what crazy stuff you ponies came up with in the last thousand years!"


I clap and smile.
"Good job pony, that looks like a hard shot!"


"There has been no need for it so far."
"Are we going to look for the dragons, Soil?"

"There's not really anything special about drugs.
Alchemically speaking."

He grins and slides out of your hug again.

"Okay, let's roll again."

"It's no magic, it's mechanical!
Now I only have a few discs, so be careful with them okay?"

Roll #1 3, 9 = 12


I then nod.
"I'll get this one." I grin.

I look at you.
"Does LH pony want to join?"


"Hey, I know I hang around with you all, but that doesn't mean you can just say something like that."



Roll #1 4, 1 = 5


"You better drop those feathers or I'll pluck them out myself!"


Roll #1 2, 4 = 6


"Sure, makes things exciting." '2d10'

Roll #1 10, 9 = 19


"Yeah but…
Like, how does that work?"
"Right after we are done with this big one!
We can ask the others, too!"


I scratch my head.
"Ah… well Snack didnt expect that but it is a good shot, Snacks got to admit."


"No darling, specialized. It is your talent, no?"


"Perhaps later, sugar. I'm having a chat with miss Vilina here for now."


Sorry I'm late.
I heard something about a feast?


I nod.


Offer a beaky smile.
"Don't worry about it."


"I'm always careful, thanks! Come on Silver, let's dance!"


"Pretty much, yes."

"Alchemy is the study of the composition, structure, properties and change of matter either through matter or magic."
He gives you a hug.
You notice tiny wings have sprouted on his back.

It's the evening before you leave.
Tomorrow the train to Canterlot and more adventures leaves.
Snacks took the liberty of organizing a little party at the ground of sweet apple acres.
There's a huge campfire and the smell of apple fritters is in the air.
The moon is rising.
This could be a swell party.

Some ponies are playing truth or dare, if you'd like to join, you may roll a 2d10 once the next dare is completed.

Looks like Picopo won.

"I'll have to warn you.
I'm good at the Crystal pony dances!"


He shrugs and lays by the fire.


"I thought it was making potions that make you invincible!"
"H-hey Indy!"
Hold him up and poke the wings.


Sneakily lean closer to him, then pluck a feather quickly with my mouth.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Let's see how good your balance is, Mabel. Hop on my back and try to stay standing on one hoof."


"… Have you ever considered brewing potions to strengthen the heart?"


I smile at this.


"Well, I used to be an acrobat, so it shouldn't be too hard!"
Snicker, then hop on your back and stay there with just standing on a hindleg.
Spread my forehooves for better balance.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Woah, even I don't think I could stay standing on one limb like that."


I'll join in a little bit. Instead, I load up my plate with apple fritters and go in search of Snacks.

"Thanks for the party, Snacks!"


"I am a showjenny from a circus, remember?"
Chuckle and hop off.


"I'm a great dancer too! Mom always said so!"


"That too.
But those usually require some specific ingredients."
He feels
"Wow! I have wings!"
He flaps them, but they're not strong enough to carry him in the air yet.

He jumps up and walks a bit further grumbling.

Good, seems like you can join in.
Snacks is available.

"Medicinal, I know some alchemical potions for the heart.
Depends on the condition of the heart."

"Let's see your moves."
He starts dancing the Crystal Salsa '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Well, let him be for now.
Eat some more apple fritters.


"Can you, like, make one that makes a dragon grow pronto?"
Lift him up by the back of the neck as he flaps the wings.


I nod and smile.
"Snack wants this party so everyone can get together and rest after all those battle's we have gone through so its okay if you ask me." I smile

I then hand the dice.
"Would Shortcake want to join?"


"Don't mind me, I'll put in my dice already." '2d10'

Roll #1 7, 6 = 13


"Cardiac dysrhythmia. Are you familiar with the condition, darling?"


Imma roll too.

Roll #1 3, 9 = 12


Rolly roll

Roll #1 6, 8 = 14


What's this!?
Mimic his movements!

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 9, 1 = 10


I enjoy the treats as I talk.

I smile.
"It's a really great party so far, and the food's delicious!"
I look at the dice.
"I'm not sure. How do I play?"


"Pony rolls two dice's and whoever got the highest dice will be able to ask a truth to one pony.. or a dare if she or he wants too." I smile

I then hand the dice to you.


I'll have star roll too '2d10'
And wait on Shortcake

Roll #1 4, 9 = 13


"Well, okay!"
I roll the dice.

Roll #1 10, 7 = 17


"And it looks like we have a winner. So who will you challenge to a game of truth or dare?"


"Hmmm. I dare Snacks to do a handstand."


"I don't know how many more he can do, since I already dared him."


I laughed!

Roll #1 7 = 7


He falls back into a snore.

"Oh that's easy, you don't need a potion for that."


"Look Pa, I'm flying!"
He seems so excited!

She looks at you.
"I know it's not a question a lady should ask but I should know how old are you?"

The dance is quite fast.
You've seen couples do this in the Crystal Capital before.
It's said to be Cadances favorite dance.
"We gotta practice if they ever play it on a paladin bal, you know?"

Easy as pie.
Star claps.


And then Warren was there too.


It's the evening before you leave.
Tomorrow the train to Canterlot and more adventures leaves.
Snacks took the liberty of organizing a little party at the ground of sweet apple acres.
There's a huge campfire and the smell of apple fritters is in the air.
The moon is rising.
This could be a swell party.

Some ponies are playing truth or dare, if you'd like to join, you may roll a 2d10 once the next dare is completed.


I then gobble an apple fritter.
"How do you like that? Snack is good at anything!" Declaring that I throw the dice.

Roll #1 4, 6 = 10


I chuckle.
"I'm twenty-one years old. Do I not look the part?"


"I thought you'd be tired by now."

Rolling. '2d10'

Roll #1 5, 10 = 15


I sit back and clap.
"Very cool!'



Roll #1 7, 5 = 12


Chuckle and put him down.
"You gotta train hard to make'm work!
Maybe ask Warren, or Pico, how to fly!
C'mon let's go show Iris!"


Well, I'll wander about a bit. It would be rude not to see what the party has to offer, before settling in one spot. Food seems to be the order of the evening, though, so let's head there.


Roll roll

Roll #1 9, 1 = 10


This is advanced stuff!
I scrunch.
"Where did you even learn this?"


"Alright Star, let's see your dance moves. Maybe you can show them how it's done."


"Dragons grow more fiercely as they gain more possessions.
Give him a lot of money and he should be growing like a weed.
I did hear that dragons grown that way tend to get more greedy however."
He runs downstairs flapping his wings all the way.

"I followed dancing lessons back home."
He says as he makes you twirl.

There are fritters to eat and marshmellows to roast, most of the NPCs are here.
You could also timesplit and continue the conversation of last time here

She chuckles "You look as fresh as a spring flower, dahling, don't worry about that.
To be honest, most with such a condition wouldn't even reach your age."

Unless more roll? Just one turn.


I wouldn't mind waiting.


Stick my tongue out at that.
"No way, that's bad for Indy!"
Turn to Iris and exchange a look with her, nodding at the music.
"You think ponies here know some farm dance?"
Spy on him from upstairs.


Time to Split, then.
I'll gather up some fritters and a few marshmallows to roast later, and settle down somewhere near the party. Should be funny watching them do… whatever it is they're doing.


I close in to Star.
"Perhaps.. uhmm… Perhaps Snack can help Star with that." I blush.


"Hm, a good thing then that I am not 'most ponies'. Though twenty is not an unusual age to read with this condition. The thirty year mark on the other hoof…"


I'm getting dizzy!
"I never knew! Why though?"


I wonder if anyone would be interested in an improv show later…


Rolling for dance just in case~
I then nod to her, lets see if my dancing is still good after all those dangers that we have gone through.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Time for her to dance!

Time to dance '1d10'

She nods.
"Hmmmm, I know some potions that can help…stabilize I mean. It would make the chances of an attack lower.
But a cure? I've heard there might be one, but I do not know the recipe…I'm sorry."

He chuckles.
"My parents go to a lot of balls, I needed to know the dances so I could fit in."

"I don't know…I had expected something more…are you sure you're not hiding anything from me?"

"Who cares? We know!"
You can't hear them but see them
He talks excitedly to Iris and turns around to show his wings.
Iris claps and gives him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Oh… sounds fancy!"


"There is no need to be sorry, sugar. I have lived with it for a long time now, I can hold out for a while longer, I'm certain."
I'll find a way. One day I'll find a way.


"Well, color me impressed. I didn't know you had that kind of skill."


"So… Uhm…"
Scratch my back silently.
Lean against her ear.
Whisper quickly, almost embarrassed.
"Wanna dance?"
And I think we can quit this here.
Ready to move on.


"I'd be happy to brew you some of those stabilizing potions.
It will make you feel a lot better, I assure you."

You do a small dance together.
But you should brush up those skills.

"Thought you'd never ask."
She gets up.

"Me neither."

"Yes, very boring too."


"I already have pills that help me with this, quite expensive ones at that, but that would be very kind of you. Thank you."


I smiled at her.
"Pony and doge's dance style really differs a lot, though Star really dance great." I laughed


Smile goofily and stand up, offering her a hoof.


If only Sol were around to dnace with.


"Why'd you join them then? If it's boring, don't do it!"


What did we bring to drink, because I could use a glass or two.


"That's why you're traveling so far from Dixie isn't it?"

"Another throw?"

You could ask!
Or you could roll.

She blushes and stands up.

>tfw 0sol

"Ah it wasn't that easy.
In the Blood Family, you have certain standards to uphold."

There's cider and beer.
Maybe you brought more?

Roll #1 2, 1 = 3


And then we danced.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Give her an innocent look.


Well, is there any other form of entertainment aside from music and food?


"Why would I have reason to hide anything? Well, aside from the occasional bouts of peeping that all colts find ways to do during their teenage years…"
I'll clear my throat.
"I'm rather curious as to what you expected."


I look around as the other begans to dance and shake my head.
"Perhaps we can dance the night away…. " I smile at her warmly.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ooooh? What kind of standards?"


Just some cider, we've got a city to visit and I don't want to be nursing a hangover.

Time to drink up!


I go looking for someone to dance with.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Anything you want?

"To see the world before the end."

You start one of the old dances of your town.
You remember you used to dance like this once before with Field Flower.
That's a long time ago.

Tulip has no dancing partner.
She's a bit to the side.
Counting stacks of bits.

You drink very conservatively.

"You've never heard of the Blood family?"

"I'd love that~"

"I'm not sure…perhaps a daring heist? Stealing from the rich, giving to the poor?
Some secret love?"


No, I am asking.


I shrug and walk over to her.
"Want to dance?"


Snacks reserved food and fire, nothing else.


I'll just chuckle a little.
"I made a business of keeping my head down, really. If you've heard of me, then I was obviously doing something wrong."
I'll sigh a moment, then.
"Though, I suppose that's all gone quite out the window, now that I've fallen in with them. I was honestly surprised that we've become so… known. It's a bit of a thing to take in, really."


That girl was fun to have around.
Oh pon. Reminds me of things.
Bonfires, dances, apple fritters…
I didn't have a dragon pal back then though.
Or a griffon pal, or a dog pal, or a shining pal, or a donkey pal.
Or a smooches pal.
But Field Flower was almost as fun as all of them together.


Are there any places where I could put up a good and exciting acrobatic show?
I don't want sword swallowing to go stale.


I smile at that and nod slightly.
"It is a big and beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it, for shame. I don't wish to be most of us. Not with the limited time I have been given."


I then hold her hooves as I nod and just sway along with her in a slow rhythm
"Snack had'nt much practice… its been a long time."


Are there others having their own picnics, or just us?


…? did I? [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


It's just you, I'm afraid.

She looks up and takes off her new glasses.
"Uh….dance?" she looks a bit suspicious at you.

Come to think of it, there was a Blood family that owned the biggest crystal mine in the Crystal Mountains, the same one the Crystal Heart was rumored to be dug up from millenia ago…
couldn't be the same family could it?

"You're doing fine Snacks, just be calm."

"That's a brave decision. How did your family take it?"

You can use the table with all the food if you put it near the fire and safe first.

"What are you thinking about?" asks Iris.

"Time to do some big heists?"


I nod.
"Sure. Melody's off somewhere, and given how she acts I don't think she'll mind me dancing with another pony."


I don't really want to step on the table with all the food on it… hmm…


Smile at her.
"How I danced like this back in town, before things went bad, before I had to leave, you know.
Remind me of a friend o'mine."


Crystal gears turning in my head

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Goodness no. Those are things you do to make a name for yourself. And unless I pick the target very carefully, I'd bring the law down not only on myself, but also my companions."
I'll grin slightly.
"But if we happen to run across some evil-minded noble or warlord out in the middle of nowhere, well, I might be inclined to see what I can sneak away with."
Well, I've likely polished off my snacks. Who's speaking or interacting with whom?


"They wished to keep me in Dixie at first, but I pleaded and managed to convince them in the end. I joined up with a traveling band of actors and left my home behind. I do intend on returning there one day, of course. But not today. No, not today. There is much to be seen first."


"What are you looking for?"


Hmm, you see some logs a bit further, with some rolling, you can use them.

You are a very hard thinking crystal pony.
You can almost see the gears in your shiny head.

"You never talk much about your old town.
Do you miss your friend?"

She looks at the bits.
"You know, I still have a lot to count…oh fine. Just one dance."

"Warren, the thief with a golden heart."
most are dancing. Iris/Soil, Snacks/Star, Tulip/Shortcake, Amber/Silver
LH is talking to Vilina.

"It's a big world out there. Ever seen Canterlot before?"


"… The Blood family!? Silver!"
Grab him with my forehooves, eyes wide.


"Nopony ever asks.
She was a nice friend.
We went to explore lotsa places when we were kids, too!"


"I have not. Hence why I wished to join your friends in the first place. A city of unicorns… sounds so very exhilarating. Unicorns back home are not quite as proud as the ones in Equestria, unfortunately."


"Gilded, at best."
Thank goodness none of them have asked me to dance. I've got five left hooves.


"Just something to help me do an acrobatic shows, for some entertainment."
Point at the logs.
"Those will do."


I give her a smile and take her to the dancefloor.
Off we go!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'll help. Where do you want them?"


"Somewhere close where everyone can see!"


I try my best to calm down before holding both her hooves… and press her closer to me as both of us dance slowly near the fire.
"Thanks for helping me out for this small gathering."


"I'll put them a bit away from the fire. You'll need your stage lighting to be good."


"Aaaw, it was a compliment."
Vilina is looking towards you…

"It's quite a special place.
You won't be prepared for it."
You notice her sneaking a peak towards Warren once in a while.

"It was fun! And it was your idea!"

"Hmmph, let me take the lead" '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Do I post or do you?


He smiles a bit sadly.
"Yeah…that family."

"She sounds like a good friend, what happened to her?"

You may if you like.


Let's roll the logs closer

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I've no idea!
She was all angry and didn't want to talk to me when I left!"


"Then I'll take it as such."
Is her talk with Light Heart so dull? Well, I might as well amble over.
"You two enjoying the party?"


"Sure, right behind you." '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Mister Warren, so kind of you to ask. It is quite lovely, yes."


"Why did you never tell me! You guys totally found the crystal heart and everything! You guys are like… like heroes!"


I look around seeing everyone doing their thing and just held her close.
"Just a few more days and we can see the fabled mines underneath Canterlot. Snack will make sure Star get first pick of the jewels… unless the princesses jewels are hoarded from the doge mines that is." I chuckle at the idea.


"Er, maybe I should."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Easy peasy together.

"Oh dear, she must have liked you very much!"

"Ah, if I had somepony like you when I was younger, perhaps I wouldn't have strayed so far."
"Yes, very much so.
I especially like the dancing.."

Vilina nods.