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[Character Sheets and Information: http://goo.gl/y9CC4 ]

"My name is Mardi Grass. I've wandered Equestria for a long time cleaning the filth of Equestria, bandits, necromancers… When I met my comrade, we just made a great team."
She thinks.
"I think the biggest thing I ever fought was a horde griffons in the north."

"Just find him please…."

Not too long.
Skip ahead?

You find him in the inn talking to a mare you haven't seen before. She's pink with a blond mane and wears red markings in paint on her face.

"I'm sure they'll be thrilled!"
The mud bath gives way for a refreshing bath, with flowers drifting on the water.


Skip ahead works for me. I don't want to start anything too drastic right now.


After Warren is gone, let's go to the inn where Inferni is.


Take her hoof and look her in the eyes.
"Ma'am, I promise I will find the answers you seek and return your friend from wherever he went. Whatever dirty little secret lies hidden… I will find it."


Hmm. How odd.
"Made a new friend, Soil?"


"Hey I don't think I ever asked about you… I know you're from Tall Tale but that's about it!"



Look at her curiously.
"Why's that you fight gryphons now?"


You get to the ring.
Before you enter Cracked stops you.
"Before you enter, there's one thing we haven't discussed before. What's going to be your alias?"

You see Warren and Soil talking to an unknown mare.
Inferni must be upstairs.

"Thank you, thank you so much…that means the world to me. I just want him to be safe."

She looks to you.
"You're part of his group as well?"

"Well, I didn't live there all my life, I came from a small town called Brasswood. It's near Tall Tale, to the north."

"They had plundered a village of ponies. Their warlord, Greywing, was an evil griffon. He needed to be stopped."


I'll nod at her question.
"And you are…?"


I smile and let loose.
"Now if you would excuse me, I will get to work at once."
Take my leave and head back to the inn. I think I'll need help from my new associates.


"Oh… what was it like? Was it nice?"


"Mardi Grass. Hunts troubles.
Sit with us, Warren!"
Motion to the waitress.
"Two more cyders!"


Wave at them.
"Hey. I'll be right with you guys in a second."
Go upstairs, to my room.
Is he awake?


I'll wave off the cider.
"I see. A pleasure to meet you, miss Mardi Gras. I'm Warren, as Soil has mentioned."


"Mardi Grass."
She waves her hoof around and looks at Silver
"I heard there were 2 crystal ponies with you guys."
"Yeah, she's not here. Amber is looking for some dresses."
"Oh I see."

Roll for perception.

They're at the inn, talking to an unknown mare.


"Alias? Fuck if I know."
I tap a hoof to my chin.
"…Just call me something to do with music. I don't really give a shit long as I can fight and I get paid for it."



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Good day again. I do hope your day has been enjoyable so far."


"What's that you wanted?"



Nod veemently.
"Found a new smith!"


"So, what have you three been talking about?"
"Ah, hello miss Heart. And it's certainly been an experience."


"Excellent. I must say mine has been intriguing as well."
Look at the unknown mare.
"Where are my manners? My name is Light Heart, miss…?"


I believe I was buying zip zap apples?


He walks away.
Soon you hear him announce
"Ladies and gentlecolts. As the final fight of tonight, it is my honor to present our new upcoming fighter. She smashes heads just as easily as she rocks the floor, the LEGENDARY ROCK'N ROLL"

Cue entrance.

As you walk in, you see Inferni toying with a pink pony plush, as soon as he sees you, he throws it away and assumes a dignified pose.

"It was my turn to ask again? I heard talk around town that you are hunting a mighty dragon?"

"Mardi Grass."

To your question about the Arena, Applejack responded.
"We learned a lot there. It prepared us for many, many struggles to come."

"Very peaceful. Most of the ponies there were farmers. Lovely folk, but they couldn't read a book to save their lives. I moved to Tall Tale to become a researcher."


Is Big Mac back with the apples yet?

"Hmm. My friend Melody likes arenas."


Start snickering.


"Of a sorts. It's different than most normal dragons, however."


"Yeah, big damn thing slipped through our hooves once already!"


"What a lovely name, it reminds me of home."


It could be worse, though that "rock the floor" comment better not be some sleezeball innuendo…
I fly in.
Who am I up against?


I giggle.
"You do read a lot of books though Iris! I wouldn't be able to do it myself!"


He is.
5 nice Zip Zap Apples.
"Well ah'd love to meet her too. Here are the apples. Come by anytime, Miss Shortcake. I'd love to taste yer cooking sometime."

He looks away.

"How big was it?"

"Does it, where are you from, miss Light Heart?"

"And as her opponent. He eats oats for breakfast, dinner and supper. He squats more than the entire Equestrian air force combined. give it up for BULKBERG!"
A white strong pegasus shows up.

You get out and go to the final part, nice relaxing by a pool.
In the pool sits Tullip.
"Oh hey there!" she waves.


"Pretty big!"


I raise an eyebrow.
Really? They're pitting me against this meathead?


Walk inside.
Can I see where he threw the plush.
"You're not keeping any secrets from me, are you?"


"She'd love to meet you to, I bet. Thanks for the apples and I'll be sure to bring something over before I leave town."
I say my goodbyes and go back to Sugarcube Corner with the apples.


"Enough to bring down a small mountain as it escaped. Thus our trip to Canterlot, since at this point we're woefully unprepared."
I'll think a moment.
"Now, as it seems you and Soil seemed to have a question exchange worked out, I believe we get two questions now. The first, I must ask, is why you want to know. And the second is what you plan to do now that you do."


"Dixie, ma'am."


"Oh, hey Tullip! I haven't seen you in a while!"
Try to resist the urge to just jump in the pool

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Hey! What of my questions?!"


"What were you going to ask?"


"Their favorite way to hunt!"


"Well, the two questions I asked would settle the balance, and yours would give her one to throw back at us. So I'm pretty sure you can still ask it."


"Can't a mare be a little curious? Amongst fellow bounty hunters? There was an entire party for you. That raises some eyebrows."
She takes a sip from her drink.

"Ah…never heard of it."

Like a dignified pony you take a seat on one of the benches first.
"Oh I've been here for 3 hours already, trying to get calm."
She shows her drenched hoof.
"Oh, but I just can't get relaxed, I must have lost my mojo!"



You may start.

You know where it is.
He shakes his head.

You still need the Everfree Candy Corn for the recipe!


I'll raise one of my eyebrows.
"I suppose it would. However, you can't fault me for being just a bit cautious. I wouldn't want to send anyone to their deaths, after all."


"No matter, you say you are a bounty hunter? That's mighty exhilarating. What brings you to this town?"


Pick it up with a sly expression.
"Oh… what's this?"


"Your what?"
Look around.
"Uh… maybe I can help you find it! What does it look like?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Go in for a punch! Cheap Shot his big dumb meathead face!

Roll #1 8 = 8


I know. I'm dropping them off there for safety. Once that is done I head to the edge of the Everfree.


Smile a bit.
"We are a pretty big deal."


Just to be sure you know.
She's pink with a blond mane and wears red markings in paint on her face.
"We've heard talk of an artefact nearby in the Everfree. So we're asking the local ponies if they know anything about it."

You start it off rough.
"Amazing, Rock'n Roll is rolling over Bulkberg, who would have thought?"

"I mean my…uh…look it's a term for shezazz, savoir-faire, you know?"

He shrugs as you hold the pink pony.

"I was just curious. We wouldn't dare go after this dragon."

Roll to find.

"It seems like ponies know you."


"It's not yours? It's not mine either…. I guess I should take it down to the lost and found then…"



Roll #1 3 = 3


"C'mon! The hell you waiting for?"
Keep punching!

Roll #1 8 = 8


I'll nod.
"It was lovely meeting you, miss Mardi Gras, but I'm afraid I'm going to be parting ways with you all for the moment. I hardly even walked around the town at all since I've gotten here."
"Soil, when you have a moment, I'd like to speak with you outside."


Like the stuff Daring Do hunts?"
Nod to him.


"I see. I believe you have spoken to mister Skull from the arena as well, yes?"

"And I would like a moment as well, if you could spare one."


"Of course."


"Wait did you say arena?"



Roll #1 5 = 5




I'm totally gonna own that place! Where is it?"


"Yes…like that."

"I've talked to many ponies here."

She gets up.
"I see you are busy, so I won't bother you any longer. Goodbye."

He seems a bit too slow compared to you.
But he takes your punches, it will take more to take him down.

It's getting darker and eyes peek from the Forest.
You might want to hurry up cutie.

He looks pleading.

"Look, the point is, even after 3 hours here I can't relax!"


"Very well, miss Grass. I wish you the best of luck on your hunt."

"I would strongly advise against it."


"Nothing to say?
I guess some little filly will be very glad she got her plush back then."
Start walking towards the door.
Agonizingly slow.


Droop my ears saddened as she leaves.
"I didn't get to ask her…"



A bit?
He hasn't even done anything!
"Well, you actually gonna do something here 'Bulkberg,' or you just gonna stand there?"
Try to sideswipe his leg and send him down!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well, I've got some news that might cheer you up. But it has to stay a secret."


I keep trying.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Turn and smile.
"Now I'm listening!"


"Oh! I understand now! Something must be really bothering you!"


I'll look around a moment. How crowded is the inn right now? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Some of its fighters have gone mysteriously missing and I am working on finding out why. The owner of the colosseum feigns ignorance, but I strongly believe he is involved in some way. These fighters who disappeared obviously found something out they were not supposed to and were then disposed of. Something pertaining the current champion of the arena, Blackhoof."
I smile genuinely.
"Such exciting intrigue, it brings flutters to my heart."


I'll flick an ear at that.


"Another one of these things?
I thought the arena in Tall Tale was bad!
I just wanna slam things!"


"It seems that corruption is everywhere. Or perhaps this is the trouble that Anarchy sent ahead of us into Ponyville."


"You encountered a similar scenario before? My… such coincidence."

"I beg your pardon?"


"Yeah well, I'm going anyway.
Warren, you're smart. You can keep an eye out, right?
And then I get in and slam them in the face!"


"After the fight with the Ursa, Anarchy revealed himself, and said that he had sent some trouble ahead of us to Ponyville. This Blackhoof might be related."
"Perhaps, but they might have more practice being sneaky than I do. And I still haven't told you that secret yet."


"Who is Anarchy?"
Shake my head.
"No matter, I may require some assistance in this matter. I know of a location used by mister Skull outside of this town and would like to inspect it, but I am not comfortable doing this alone."


"A draconequis."
I'll tap my chin.
"And that's a good bit of foresight, as going alone would have a higher chance of you disappearing with the others."


"So are you telling me there will be stuff to fight?"


"More than likely. But that isn't what I was going to say."


"Meh, I'd rather just go to the arena and fight from there."


He jumps up and tries to grab it.
Roll higher then '1d10' to keep it.

She leaves.

Punch to the face dinga ding ding


You find some orange candy corn at the edge of the forest.
Right on time too.

She sighs.
"I never imagined adventuring would be so…stressful."

Not too crowded.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Indeed. Now mind you, there are some other matters ya'll should know. From what I hear, some of the fighters experienced headaches, loss of strength and feelings of dizziness during their time working in the arena. I was also told that mister Skull has a tendency to disappear in thin air at times, with nopony being the wiser as to where he went. He arrived here but a month ago, setting up this arena and making profit from the lack of other work and entertainment in this village due to the ursa blockade. Lastly, he was transporting something inside his cart that nopony was allowed to see when he first arrived here, claiming it to be 'decorations'."


I grab it and get back to Sugarcube Corner.


Lightining fast reflexes!
"What's the matter?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Stand up.

"I'm going there anyway. I'm big and heavy, they can't just puff me out of here like that! And there's Indy, too!"

Off to the Arena!


"That might end up happening. But you'll need something special to do that, I think."
"Now, Soil, don't get too excited. And keep this quiet."
Well, I should be fine… Pull one of those dragon teeth out and put it on the table.
"If they were just decorations, then he shouldn't have minded ponies taking a look. That alone is suspicious."


Aaand there it is…
I stumble back. Fuck that hurt…
Let's try that again.
Trip this fucker!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Raise a brow.
"Wait, I've seen that.
Where we picked up Indy!"


"Exactly my thoughts. I was hoping further investigation would shed some more light on that."


Giver her a sidelong hug.
"Whenever you feel down, just remember you're not alone! An adventure is only as good as the friends who accompany you!"


The tooth is roughly the size of a child.
"Yes, but this one is from a full-grown adult."
"We'll need to go about this carefully. If Soil can keep them distracted in the Arena, we'll have a bit more freedom to investigate."


Look at it close up, run it in my hooves.
"Neeeeat! You totally gotta show this to the smith here!"


"I believe one of your friends is already on that case. I do not know her name however."


"I was thinking of letting you have this one, Soil. There's more where it came from, but I'd need to research a few things before I can gather them with any sort of speed."
I'll raise an eyebrow at that.
"Well, it never hurts to have another pony in the mix, especially if she's on our side. If they make it all the way to the finals and end up against each other, that just makes the plan work even better."


Look at him all surprised.
Hug my pal Warren!
Squeeze him tight!
"Yer' the best pal!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Ms Cake is closing down as you arrive.
"Ah, you found it?"

Nope he swoops it right from you and gets it back up the closet, out of your reach.
Standing over it protectively.

You enter the Colloseum Club.
It is dark and smoky.
Melody is fighting a large white stallion.

As he poses for the crowd, you swipe him right off his hooves.

"Maybe I'm just not cut out for all this….I'm not strong like you, or smart like Iris."


"One last thing ya'll should keep in mind, the janitor of the arena is a pony we must keep an eye on. The last fighter who disappeared told his girlfriend he gave him, and I quote, 'the creeps'."


I nod.
"Yup! How long does this thing take to make?"


Ack. Bones. Creaking.
"Soil it's… fine. You're welcome."
"I'll keep that in mind."


"Gogogo Girl!"
Cheer for her and look around, looking for… Signups.


Too easy.
Wait until he gets back up and then give him a good sideswipe to the face.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You seem awfully attached to it. It's pretty cute."


"Don't be silly! You're super smart! And you're one of us, nopony is more or less important than the other."


Then I let him go, pick the bone and rush for the Arena.


"That is about all I have dug up thus far, I'm afraid. Are any other of your friends available?"


"You can do it under an hour, if we do a practice tonight. Come on in ad I'll show you how!"

There's a pony with shades on a couch, surrounded by 2 mares.
He looks like the go to pony.

How about a sideswipe to YOUR FACE instead?

He puts it away and tries his best to seem dignified.

"You think so? Really?"


"Mabel's upstairs, and I'm not sure about Amber."
I'll turn to Silver Blood, whom we've been ignoring completely so far.
"Silver, what about you? This does sound like something a paladin should look into, don't you think?"


Go towards him.
"Hey, I wanna fight."


Form the usual hoof perch.
"C'mere. It's nothing to be ashamed about."


Roll a 1d10



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Great, thank you!"
I follow her in.


"Definitely! With all my heart!"


Look at the paladin as well.


There's something awfully familiar about his face…
"Well, then you've come to the right place. Right after this fight, you can prove yourself."

Ms Cake shows you the ropes.
Roll for baking. You get a +4, for Cake helping you.

Iris chimes in.
"Of course we do Tullip. You're important to us all."
She sniffles. "T-thank you, both of you."
She hugs Amber.

After a few seconds he swoops down, without the doll.

"It is. I wish Amber was here though, she would be great help."


How about I give him one BACK?!

Roll #1 3 = 3


That's a +4 in addition to my +2, right?


No, +2 and +2


Shiny hug back!

Roll #1 2 = 2


I can do this.

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


"Neat! Can I bring Indy in?"
Show the dragon.
I kinda totally know who that guy is.
Is he bigger than a buffalo?


Run my hoof over the top of his head to pet him, like I was smoothing his feathers.
"When I said it was cute, I meant it and not as an insult. It shows me that you care about more things that you let the outside know, and it is beautiful. It doesn't make you less noble, Inferni, quite the contrary. It makes you even more regal, to have a heart pure and big as that."


"Well, where did she go? We should be able to meet up with her and inform her of the situation."




It is kinda an awkward hug and you drop into the pool as well.
Tullip giggles.

He blushes a bit.

Step, by step
Layer by layer,
You finish up a delicious looking, divinely smelling, perfect Zip Zap Pie.
Ms Cake looks in astonishment.
"My goodness, Shortcake, I don't think I ever baked a pie like that in all my years! You're a real talent."
While you'll have to bake the pie again for the emissaries tomorrow, this 14 will pass that automatically.

He is pretty big.
"Sure. Even more spectacle."

"She went to shop for dresses with Iris."


"I'm fine, I'm fine! Don't worry!"


Ah shit…
I get back up! Like hell am I going down!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'm likin' this!
Don't you put me up with no whimps!"
Go to watching the fights.


"Dresses? Oh my…"


I'll raise my eyebrows.
"And you didn't go with her? I had assumed a young stallion such as yourself would have killed to see a cute mare in pretty dresses."


"Would you like some for yourself and your husband, Mrs. Cake? I promised I'd take something I made to the Apples, and I'd like to save some for myself and my two friends too."


"Now… could you show it to me, please?"


There goes another blow.

At 1 You're out.

Tullip splashes you with water.

Melody is getting smashed pretty badly.

"Iris said it was mares only…and she's very persuasive."

"Just a tiny slice maybe? It does look so delicious."

After some thinking he flies up and drops a small squeeky pink pony in your hoof.


"Ya can do it little singer!"
Incite her.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Get the fuck up!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I scrunch and splash back.
"You don't want to get caught in a water battle with me, I'm a professional!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll roll my eyes and give an exaggerated sigh.
"Alas. I doubt you'll get the chance to see Amber out of her armor that often, and this was one such opportunity."


"Uh, let's see."
I do the mental math.
"This'll need to be split nine ways, so a tiny slice you you and another tiny one for your husband would be best."


Inspect it, and hold it very carefully.
It obviously matters a lot to him.
"I'll tell you something in return."
Usher him close, still playing lightly with the doll.
"Mabel is only my stage name."
Offer the doll back to him.
"Very, very few people know that."


Melody turns her head to see where that loud voice comes from and Bulkberg finishes it off with a right hook to her unprotected face.
The fight is over.
Bulkberg won.
Melody wakes up a bit later in her dressing room.

"You're up next. Dragon dude" shouts Cracked.
Time to enter the arena Soil.

"Waaaah, I yield, I yield!" she laughs.

"That is not important to me. Amber is my partner, we fight together!"

"Thank you so much dear.
I'll be there tomorrow to see you compete. You'll swipe them away for sure."

He boops you with his beak


"Pretty dresses. Something about a Rarity boutique in town…"


Wince, but step in.
Is Melody okay?


"Of course, of course."
I'll wave a hoof.
"Anyway, we should try and find her before looking into this matter with the Arena. How long ago was she at the dress store?"


Nuzzle him.
"Are you curious about my birthname, huh?"


"I hope so. Thank you again for all your help!"
I give her a hug then cover my pie and take it back to Sweet Apple Acres.


"I guess I should be merciful just this once… You're lucky I'm feeling generous today!"


"Agh… fucking hell."
I rub my head.
"What the fuck happened back there?"
Is Triangle around?


She has been dragged off. You don't know.

Another fighter steps into the ring.
"Since our new challenger has some help in the form of a dragon, our fighter will be accompanied by…."
A wolf jumps out next to the fighter.

"…..pretty long."

He nods.

You find Applejack and Big Mac putting the apples in the barn.
"Well howdy miss Shortcake, back again so soon?"

She snickers.
"You know….you're really okay, Amber."

"You got knocked out cold" he says.


"Stand down puppy."
Shoot a killer stare to the wolf.
Intimidation bonus + ability to talk with animals.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"Then it's time we checked up on them. I don't imagine Amber's the type to take her time with dresses, since she gets so flustered about being called cute. Which way is it to the dress shop?"


"Don't worry, I won't splash you for not fawning me!"


Whisper it into his ear.
Then giggle.
"I think it's Prench."


"Yeah, I fucking got that."
I groan and rub my head again.
"Something fucking distracted me! Like fuck if I can remember what though…"


"You said you'd love to taste my cooking sometime, so I thought I'd show you what Mrs. Cake taught me how to make. I have a few other friends I want to share it with, though, so please just take a slice. I'll cut it in the house if you don't mind?"


"A boutique? Rarity? Well I do declare, why was I not informed of this earlier, mister!?"


He whelps and stays down.

"It's somewhere in the center of town."

She lays back.
"Aaah, I feel much more relaxed already. Did you like the spa?"

He nods.

"It was somepony in the audience. I couldn't really see who."

"Why we're always down to eat some pie!"
Time to go in the house again.

"I didn't know she was that popular!"



Also, is there a mirror in here? How bad do I look?


"Well, let's not waste a moment, then. Soil can't keep them busy forever."


Smirk and… Jump atop my opponent!
"Indy go!"
He uses me as a plantform to jump even higher, ice bolt!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 7 = 7


I'll cut a slice for myself, Applejack, Big Mac, Granny Smith, and Applebloom so that there is still enough left for Melody and Mwandishi to have a slice afterwards.


"I have heard of her. She makes the most precious of dresses."


Nod eagerly.
"It's tons of fun! My hooves are all nice and clean!"


"Want something to eat?"


You look like a battered housewife.
A black eye.
Some bruises.
Your mane is not in a presentable state.
There are traces of blood on your nose.

You find Rarity's boutique in the center of town.
Since dusk has already set in, the clerk, a white with green mane mare is just locking the door.

You slam him to the wall while Indy ices him!
The stallions seems to be in trouble now.

They try it.
"Why ah believe this might just be the best ive ever eaten!"

She nods. "I was thinking about doing it all over again tomorrow just to be sure."

He nods again.


"Excuse me miss, are you closing for today?"


"Back off Indy, we do this one on one!"
Punch him off his icy hooves with a hit to the guts!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Again? But we'll be on the road in a few days again Tullip!"


I bark out a laugh and grin.
Signs of a good fight.

I straighten out my mane, rub the blood from my nose and head out, still grinning.
When's this place close, anyways?


She looks up.
"I'm sorry, yes. But no worries, tomorrow at sunrise we'll be open for business once again!"
She gives you a smile.

You hit him right and the belly and send him flying across the arena.
The crowd cheers. You've won!
You see cracked skull near the employee entrance to the Arena beckoning you.

"Well I should make sure I'm clean by then shouldn't I?"

Seems like they're already in overtime.
One last fighter has just won and you see a pony with a blue cap and moustache starting to close the place down.


"But… they'll just get dirty! You know how it goes on the road."


Give him some of the non-prank foods I have.
"There you go."


Cheer along with the arena, shouting and flexing in a display of strength.
"Indy, jump up!"
And then off to Cracked.


"I see. Why, I'll be back tomorrow then."
I guess there's no sense stalling it. I'll need to find that shack on the edge of town some time. Take flight, time to look around.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I try to throw my voice to sound like it's coming from outside, and from Cracked Skull.
"Hey janitor boy! Get out here and clean the ring!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


You were also looking for Amber? And she was last seen in the dress shop. Or would you rather look for that shack?

He scratches his head and then walks through the corridor towards the Arena.

He eats the berries and then jumps on your back.

She ponders this for a minute.
"But it would at least have been good for a day right?"

"Well done son. You might have what it takes to make it here. Want a job?"


"Is it about punching more?"


Run out past him, bumping him aside and grab whatever keys he might have with a wing

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Want to go for a walk? Let's see what the others are up to."


I think I'll just work on the shack first.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I guess so. Is that worth it though?"


You miss, you don't have the keys!

"It's about 3 more fights and getting paid for it!"

He nods again.
They don't seem to be in the inn.

The inn is locked tight. Time for your lockpicks…

"Eh….mmm I should be looking for a new tent as well….I can't do that while I'm here."


"Damn right I'm in! Who's next?"


Try again! Pretend like I forgot something and run back, again swiping past him and trying the lift with a wing!

Roll #1 8 = 8


But let's cover our bases first. Con Artist a valid permit to investigate this property.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Oh right, your old one got wrecked didn't it? Where do you even get something like that!?"


"Hmm… well, nothing a walk can't fix!"
With phoenix on my back, enjoy a stroll through ponyville!


"I like that enthusiasm. But we're closing for tonight, son. I can sign you up for another fight first thing tomorrow, as soon as you sign this little paper here."
He hoofs you a contract.

Yaay, you got it girl!

You'd need to know what a "valid permit" looks like first.

"I think there's going to be a shop somewhere around here. Magic shop. Well at least I hope so, this village seems terribly….rural."
Iris frows her brows.

The one you can most easily meet is LH…


Aww shit yes.
Time to get the fuck out of here yo.

I got some time to kill before the dinner, right?


Well, looks like I'll have to count on my wits then.
Pick that lock.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Uh, stuff to read!"
Dive in.


"A magic shop? That sounds neat!"


I can just have a walk around too.
Get my mind off of things, such as almost dying today.

Roll #1 6 = 6


loads and loads of large words.
"release form"
"The Colloseum Club guarantees first aid for wounds but does not take responsibility for crippling or fatal injuries."
"…has to do 3 fight, in agreement with the owner"
"sum of 40 bits per fight" are just some of them.
Nothing about selling your soul here.

Sure you have.

Your wits fail you.
Somepony walks around and you quickly hide away.
You're going to have to go sanic.

"Isn't it? I hope they've got one of those Bags of Holding, I've been dying to get one."

You pass the local spa. You also see that mare Warren and Soil was talking to earlier in the distance.
She's talking to a cloaked stallion.


"Just 40 bits?
That's like, spare change!"


Let's see if I can Stealth closer to them to eavesdrop.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Try again?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Eh, might as well go for a quick flight then. See who I see and all that jazz.


"A what? You want a bag? We got so many bags!"


"What kind of noble family are you from? I've got a business to run here. With the economy what it is, I can't just give everypony a royal fee. I've got foals to feed!"

Maybe they've noticed you, but by the time you get in hearing distance they stop talking and trot off.

You get in and quickly close the door behind you.
There are some posters of scantily dressed mares on the wall. The desk is a mess full of papers, some bags of money and ash of cigars everywhere.
There's a king sized bed with a mirror on the ceiling and a safe next to it.

You see Mabel in town with her pet phoenix.
It's getting darker, everything is closing down. Ponies are going to get a bite to eat or a little drink.

"A bag of Holding. It's a very special bag. It can hold anything


"I can go out and punch one monster for five times that!"


Time to get dirty. Check those papers first. Be on the lookout for security.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well, try to catch up with the mare!


Man fuck that bitch. She's probably busy yelling at couples touching wings, the prude.

I perch up on top of a building across from the fighting ring and wait until it looks like it's cleared out.


"Yeah, but that's a whole lot more dangerous than this. Look son, I like ya, so how about 50 bits, but that's my final offer!"

Somepony is at the door.
Roll to hide!

Roll to do that stealthily.

Let's timeskip until a time it is.
Don't forget you have a dinner to go to! You should be there soon.


Under the bed!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"As long as I get to fight somepony strong enough."


I want to just catch up to her!
In a way that she can see me.
Without seeing that I was sneaking around, though.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I frown.
"So it's like really really big? How are you going to carry that? If you put a lot of stuff in it it'll be really heavy anyway!"


You jump under the bed.
The 2 mares you saw earlier with Cracked trot in, talking.
"…and that's how you get your mane straight."
'Oh I see…ugh, Cracked's place is always such a mess."
"All except the bed~"
They giggle.

"Oh don't worry about that. We'll manage. So I'll get the paperwork done, see ya tomorrow Soil. Oh and before I forget, what's going to be your alias?"

They trot out of town, towards the Everfree forest. Follow them further?

"No it looks, like a normal bag, but it's enchanted to hold everything. And you can carry it like a normal bag, no matter what's inside."


Eh, screw it. I'll hit this place up after the dinner. Might even give the janitor a chance to leave too.

I go find Strawberry and finally get to that dinner.
Can it be handled later when Campfire's here?


Let's… hope they go away quickly and stay quiet.


I scrunch again.
"… That's weird. But it sounds neat! I'd want one!"


"Uh… Alians?"


But let's seriously stealth it up now.
I'm starting to get a bad feeling.

Roll #1 4 = 4



"Time to get ready for the boss"
"Oh boy, let's hope he's in a better mood tonight than yesterday…" she sighs.
They both trot into a bathroom.
The coast is clear if you hurry.

"They're very rare, I've been looking for one for ages now."

"It's another name to use when in the ring. For example, when Bulk Biceps fights he's BULKBERG! because it sounds cooler.
You understand me?"

You don't get to be too stealthy now.
You hear growling in the nearby bushes.
You're reminded of the horrible tales of the Everfree Forest.


"That sounds like the name of a bad guy in a Daring Doo bo-"
Widen my eyes in brillance.
"The Mad Dunker!"


Keep following… but glance behind, what is it?
Can I make anything out?

Roll #1 6 = 6


So after the dinner I bid them all goodbye and head off to the arena.
Time for a little investigation…

Put an ear up to the door though. Anyone inside?


Get out of here. I'll come back some other time. Damn it all.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Oh… well let's try and find one for you then!"


"The Mad Dunker…sounds good. I like it."

There are green evil eyes lurking in the darkness.
Timberwolves, but they're not attacking just yet.
The mare and the cloaked stallion settle at a small camp in a clearing in the Everfree Forest.
The stallion trots further into the forest alone.

You don't hear shit cap'n.
Perhaps only the janitor. But he might be asleep already.

You yoink out while the conversation turns to contraceptives.
You're outside again, not much wiser.
It is getting dark…

"Oh I hope so."
She gets out.
"Ah…well I think I'll call it a day."


Inside I go then.
Open that lock!


"Tomorrow morning?"


Wait a bit, keep an eye on the mare.
Whisper softly, for the Timberwolves.
"You can get yourselves together after a good beating, but do you dare play with fire?"
Don't be threatening, just confident.


Most unfortunate. Bless my curiosity though.

Time to go get a cup of tea back in the inn where I'm staying.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Get out as well and dry my shiny coat.
"What about you Iris? What are your plans?"


The Arena looks empty.

"Tomorrow morning! Right at sunrise."

They retreat to the shadows, but they keep watching you.

Many ponoes here enjoying a drink.
You notice a crystal pony of your group, Star is here as well.
Reading quietly in a corner.

She stretches.
"Oh my…what time is it? We might as well go out again. I'm ready to go."


They'll stay there if they know what's good for them…
I don't actually want to burn them, but they don't have to know that.
Is the stallion back?


Head into the hallway with all the dressing rooms, still keeping an ear out for any noise that isn't mine.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nod and leave.
Gotta find the others!
I wonder if Iris' back yet…


Star? Oh right.
Sit down next to her.
"A mighty good evening to you miss Star."


"Alright, back to the inn!"


No he left to the north.
The mare seems to be cooking some kind of stew.

You hear a noise from the janitors room.
He seems to be reading something out loud.
A book about Daring do.

When you arrive in the inn, Amber, Tullip and Iris arrive as well.
Iris looks very…pretty.
Silver taps your shoulder.
"Looks like they went to the spa…be sure to give a compliment!"

Soil, Iris, Tullip and Amber arrive as well.
Star looks up shocked.
"Oh….oh hello miss Heart, sorry I was lost in my books here for a minute."
She giggles nervously.

You're back at the inn.
Soil, LH and Silver Blood are there as well.
Silver Blood trots to you.
"Well now, you three look…simply amazing!"


Let's play the waiting game then.
What kind of campsite is it?


Well at least he's distracted.

Head over to the Champion's door and enter. If it's locked try some of the other keys on the keys I lifted from the janitor.


"No need to apologize for being enthralled with a good book, sugar. What's that you're reading?"


"Thanks! It was really really fun!"


Nod absently at him without even turning as I stare at Iris for a moment, without saying a word.


Very simple, there is a small tent and a fire.
The mare is cooking some stew and occasionally tasting it.
After a while the stallion comes back.

She shows you the cover.
Treatise on the Missing God.
A new perspective on the Mythic Age.

"Must have been. You spent a long time there."

She trots up trying to do a seductive pose '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


But…it's not that…good.
Just walking up and smiling sheepishly.


"Now that is something I am unfamiliar with. Are you interested in history and lore?"


Perk my pointy donk ears.


Hey! I'm on a sneaking mission here!


"Next time we go to a spa you should totally join and get your hooves done as well!"


Look over at her, still without a word.
Nuzzle her cheek.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


She shows a light shining crystal with runes on it.
"I've been investigating the meaning behind these runes. And my studies have gone all the way back to the time the Gods walked Equestria and lived on Mount Laurenia (Mountain where Canterlot is now)"

He sits down silently and takes off his cloak.
He looks a tiny bit like a crystal pony, but where Amber is shiny, he is dark. His green mane hangs lifelessly, seemingly absorbing the light around it. His eyes are dark. He wears a crystal armor not unlike the armor Amber wears, but the color has disappeared from the crystals and are now just a sickly green. He has a crystal greathammer.
He sniffs the stew. "Smells good." he says emotionlessly.

You open it.
The Champions room is a bit larger than yours.
There's a closet and a shower. Also some pics of Blackhoof winning prizes.

"Eh…I'd rather not."

She giggles.
"Soil…not in public!" she says playfully


What the… what's going on with him?
Sick? Or something else?
Keep listening in!


Close the door behind me and start searching!
There's gotta be some shit in here, somewhere…

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Oh my, that sounds like quite the legend."
What kind of runes?


"Why not? It's great fun! You could also enjoy a mud bath!"


Pull away.
"Your… Dress, smells very…


The mare nods. "Will you take over? I need to go as well."
She disappears while the stallion keeps watch over the stew.

You open up the closet and find a number of pills and herbs.
They're unmarked however.
If only you had a freeeen who knew more about herbs.

They're very elegant and curvy, but you've never seen them before.
"I think they're Lemarian, which would indicate they're at least 5000 years old, if not more."

He shakes his head.
"It's not manly!"

She does a full 360 to give you a good look.
"You know…" she whispers.
"You might have a better view if you saw it in your room~"


Maybe they aren't up for anything shady… but why camp out in the Everfree if so?


Lemarian? Have I heard of that before?
"My my, where did you find these beauties?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I've done quit a bit with herbs in my time…
Still… I don't touch of those types. I take one sample of each different thing I see.
Is that it for this room?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Is there like, more light?"


I cock my head.
"What do you mean? You're not afraid are you?"


Roll for perception.

Maybe some old stories.
They're supposedly from the ancient empire of Lemaria. An ancient civilization that had astonishing technological wonders and knowledge but destroyed itself in a civil war and conveniently left almost no trace of its existence.
Most consider it a fabrication, though many mages and some religious factions believe it once existed.
"In a place called Silverhaze Falls. We travelled there some time ago."

You take another look through and find a note from Doctor Sand, telling the next shipment is ready.

"Hmmm, something like that~"

"Of course not…I just have…other things to do…like training!"


"They must be quite valuable, you must be quite fortunate to have found them."

Roll #1 1 = 1




"Hmmm… I know what you mean, but you still need to take time off every now and then Silver."
Pat him on his back.
"We can't burn ourselves out, okay?"


Doctor Sand…
I'm gonna have to look up that one.

I feel like that's all that's in here though. I head back to the door and listen. That janitor still reading his book?

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yeah, my dad was a geomancer in the Empire and I don't think even he ever saw anything like it…"
A drunk stallion waggles over to your table and grabs your shoulder.
"H-hey cutie~ Wannah dansche?"

"Oh and order maybe bottle of wine Soil? I'll be waiting upstairs." Wink.

"Well if I feel tired I just take a nap, no mud needed." He grins.

He seems to be.
You also realize now that it can't be an official version since Daring Do is doing some quite explicit things with one of Ahuizotls henches."

You hear a twig crack behind you and turn around to see the mare.
"..are you spying on us?" Her eyes narrow menacingly.


"No, why would I? Can't a jenny walk her pet without someone thinking she is up to something shady?"


Once she's gone, turn to Silver.
"Did you smell that?"


"Fine then, no mud! But manly or not, I'll keep having mud baths!"
Stick out my tongue at him.


Well now.
Er, I suppose he's at least… preoccupied?


Erm, and I look around again. So the only rooms here are the fighters? Does it look like there's any doors that lead elsewhere?


Carefully remove his hoof from my shoulder.
"A most flattering offer darling, but I'm afraid I must decline."


The stallion now trots up from the other side as well.
"This far into the forest? I find that hard to believe" He says emotionlessly.

He holds his nose in the air.
"Smell what? I smell mostly booze."

"Well….and I'll keep having naps."
Boops your nose.
Hey that mare LH you met earlier seems to be having a bit of trouble with a drunk stallion.

Fighters only.
The other is maintenance with the janitor.
And another door leading to a staircase to the bar.

He grabs your shoulder again but a bit firmer.
"Oooh come on shweetie, one lil dance, don't be like that.."


"What can I say, I like long walks in Nature."


I need to get that janitor out somehow…
I perk up
"Hey, Triangle. You there?"


Give him a look.
"Sugar, I strongly advise you not to bother a lady while she is conversing with another pony."
Smooth talker.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The stallion takes one step closer.
"Well then…in that case I suppose we have no choice but to…." he pauses for a second "..let you walk your pet."
The mare gives him a weird look.
"Uh…you sure about that?"
He nods.
"Definitely. Come on, jenny, it's almost dark, you don't want to be late back in Ponyville."


"Uh. Must'have been me."
Off to the bartender!


He's there.

"Eh…you're right, you're right."
He gives you both a nod. "Sorry ladies." and walks away.


He's not too busy.
"What do you need?"


"Very wise of you!"
Turn back to the crystal mare.
"I will let you get back to your studies miss Star, thank you ever so much for indulging my curiosity."


"True. I am starting to get hungry.
What about you, folks? You do know there are some timberwolves sniffing around here?"
Keep my cool.


"Do you think you and… do the whole 'phase through' thing? I have an idea to get the guy running with his tail between his legs but I need your help. "


"Wine up the room…."
Try to remember which one is Iris'.



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hey… is that pony causing trouble!?"


>Do you think you could go and do the whole 'phase through' thing to the janitor in there?


"Oh, we can handle ourselves. And we love Nature as well."

Room 121 of course!

Seems like he's already taken care of by a stern talk from LH.

He goes in.
Soon enough you hear the janitor stop reading aloud.
"Brr. I should turn on the boiler a bit."
You hear him walking around.
"Pfff, helps nothing, maybe I should just go to bed before I get sick."
10 minutes later you hear him snoring.


"No problem, come by anytime!"


"Room 121."
And I'm off there aswell!



That's uh
I guess that's a way too.

Can I open the door and sneak inside without waking him?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Anyone else around?
Just get another cup of tea.


"Do you? How nice to meet some fellow minded ponies."


"Hey Silver, how about we have a fight!"


Amber and Silver Blood are here.
And another cup of tea.

"Right here?"

"Why don't you join us for dinner?"

The door is open.

The door creaks.
Rolling against you for waking '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh fuck

Roll #1 3 = 3



He wakes up.
His stern face mellows when he sees you.
"Oh…wait it's you…uh…Melody was it…What are you doing here?"


Knock and push it open.


You've still got it, Mabel.
Maybe working in a thieves guild did pay off somewhat.
"If you insist."


"No, outside dummy!"


Yes… sounds like they'll be having a bit of a rumble.
I'll just enjoy my tea for now.


"Oh uh, hey. I just- y'know… I left something…"
I cough.
"Very personal behind in here. Do you mind if I look for it?"
Smooth Talk!

Roll #1 4 = 4


The room is dark and lit by candles.
There's a bucket with a bottle of champagne besides the bed.
On the bed lays a beautiful white mare with long flowing pink mane. She wears pink socks and pink panties.
She has a red rose in her mouth but as she turns around and sees you she looks suprised and drops it…

"Oh we would love to."
They sit back near the campfire.
The mare puts some stew in 3 bowls.
"Ah, ah, Mardi you forget the most importent ingredient."
Out of a knapsack, the stallion gets a few black pungent leaves. He crumbles them and throws them into the stew and gives you a bowl.
"Bon appetit" he says with a grin.

"Oh…of course. Why I bet I'll win even!"

It's very peaceful here.
You see Daisy and Rose sitting near a window.

"Here?!? W-well of course not, what are you looking for?"


"You are not Iris!"
Shut the door and barricade it with my own body!
Shout back inside, from over the closed door.
"I'm sorry!"


Those two again?
Maybe I'll join them.
"Good evening ladies, would you mind if I joined ya'll for a drink?"


Take the bowl and smell it.
Can I make out the scent of any herbs I know?
Start waving my hoof above it.
"I like my food warm, but not too hot. Thank you for the meal, though."


I scrunch.
"Don't get too cocky! Do we use our weapons or go at it unarmed?"


"Something… something very personal and dear to me, so could I get some privacy?"
Continue Smooth Talking.

Roll #1 10 = 10


A stallion walks to the room with a bottle of wine.
"Excuse me, sir, this was for you."

"Not at all, Miss Heart." You get a spot right next to Rose.

Oregano, some vegetables, but you can't place that one leaf….it makes your spine tingle however.
Both ponies start eating.

"I haven't practiced unarmed in quite a while."

He sighs.
"Well, this is my own room…but ah suppose since you ask so kindly. Let me just take something personal as well."
He takes a little box from a cupboard and the Daring Do book.
"I assure you, it isn't there, lady."
He trots outside.



Shake my head quite alarmed.
"Wrong room! Wrong room!
Where's Iris?"


"Alright! You better bring out your A-game because I don't mess around buddy!!"


Take a cautious, but inconspicuous little taste.
Try to determine what it is.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Why bless your hearts."
Take a sip from my tea.
"So how are ya'll faring tonight?"


The servant points to a room further down the hall.
Room 131, how could you forget that?

"Neither do I."
Intense staredown '1d10'

You taste….oregano, carrots, a bit of salad, some thyme, some sage…and a little taste you can't quite identify, but it's almost nauseating.
The other 2 seem to eat it just fine.
"Do you like it?"

"We always come to get a little drink after the shift is done. You should try some of the Apple Acres Reserve. You won't find too much of that outside Ponyville."

Roll #1 1 = 1


What spices do you use? I'll want this recipe for myself."
Don't eat any more just yet.


That sounds rather gauche.
"That sounds delightful, but I think the tea serves rather well for the time being. Are you two merchants here?"


Let out a deep sigh of relief.
"I think the mare in here needs a lantern. She's using candles!"
Take the wine with my mouth and trot over to 131.


He doesn't seem terribly confident!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Alright, now, I take a good look around. What's in here?

Roll #1 3 = 3


He looks confused and knocks at the door to take a look at this safety hazard.

As you knock, you hear Iris' voice "Come in~"

The mare and the stallion exchange a look of understanding and chuckle at some kind of inside joke.
The mare turns to you.
"Nothing much, some oregano, thyme, sage, lavender and Kronox Weed."
The last one is unfamiliar to you.

"Both in the flower business. Not that there's much business these days."

The staredown is not that intense.
More an awkward exchange of glances and unsaid words.
Time to go outside.

The room is not that spacey.
There is a closet, a small table and a chair close by the ventilating shaft. The bed is right next to the boiler.
You find all kinds of dirty clothes and a few clean ones, one of those new camera things, a book with recipes, a calendar with tomorrow marked, tools.


Talk through the handle of the bottle.
"Irish, ish dat ouu?"
Peek in.


Y-You too…
Head outside then. Put my hammer down and take off my crystal armor. No need to get them dirty.
"No weapons. Go until one pony is down. First to three wins!"


Can I take the… camera-thingy stuff from inside of it and pocket it? Maybe I can find someone to get the pictures from it.

I also stand on the chair and peek inside the ventilation shaft. Do I see anything inside it?


Flick an ear.
"Oh? What's that last one?"


"Oh my, that sounds like a lovely occupation. Do you happen to grow them on plantations?"


The camera is empty.
You remember the little box the janitor took with him. It looked small enough to hold some pictures now that you think about it.
A long dark shaft. There's a grate in front of it. Upon closer inspection, you see it has been removed earlier. But you'd need tools to open it properly.

He takes them off as well.
"I won't back down!"
Roll for initiative '1d10'

Iris is laying on the bed with her dress on. She winks. "Did you bring the wine?"

"Kronox Weed, never heard of it? It's quite popular where I come from."
Another chuckle.

"We both have our own big garden…I suppose that's a bit of a plantantation…a mini-plantation." she giggles.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Can't say that I did."


"What kind of things do you tend to grow? Your names are a bit of an indication, I suppose."


He looks confident now!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Good thing there's some tools in here.
Fuck. He might come back in here and notice I'm gone… I need to do something to distract him.

I peek out the door to see where he's gone.


Slip in and kick the door close with a bump of my rear hoof.
Drop the bottle on the table.
"Uh… Why are you on the be-"
Wait, this was somewhere in my notes!


The mare takes another bite.
"It grows plentiful on the slopes of the mountains on the eastern border between Equestria and Hyperborea, but only there. It's no surprise you don't know it. You don't like it? It is an acquired taste."

"Roses, daisies, but these days you need more to keep afloat. I try to grow as many flowers as possible. Sometimes we even go pick some wild flowers in the Everfree Forest."

"Here we go."
Left uppercut '1d10'

He seems to be whistling and reading his book.
"You found it, miss?"

Was it?
"Oh…I was waiting for you~"
She gets up and pushes you on the bed. She trots in front of yo, next to the bed.
And then turns so you can watch her in profile. Her butt and tail are somewhat accentuated.
"How do you like that dress here~"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Swipe his legs from under him!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Seems so."
Put the bowl down and stand up.
"Hyperborea? Isn't that the home of gryphons?"


Okay, so what is there for an enterprising Gryphon to do here in Ponyville? Is there a church available, on any other place that might get my eyes?


"Um… not yet. I might be making a bit of noise though… could you not come in?"
Smooth Talk?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Wild flowers? What value do those have?"


Look her over with a lost stare, trying to remember what they said.
Tilt my head and smile.
"I like you in that dress."


The cathedral of the Sun and the Moon is here.
Close to the clock tower.

Nope, that uppercut hit hard.
Silver smirks.
A right hook '1d10'

She nods. "Yes. To the north."

"…noise? Can I ask what you want to do? That is my place to sleep we're talking about."

"Some flowers in the Everfree only grow there…they're quite valuable, but hard to find. I tried to grow some of them, but the seeds don't want to open outside the Everfree. That's why we call them wild."

Something about condoms?
She grabs the bottle and pours 2 glasses and hoofs one on you.
"What shall we toast to?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I- It's, um… it's private!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I see… are they magical in nature? If they refuse to grow outside the forest…"


"Well, I wanted to at least pay for using their place that time, if it was theirs."

Walk up to it and look inside. I don't want to interrupt anything.


"A lucky shot!"
Dodge that and give him an uppercut of my own!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Looks my memory is still serving me right then!"
Take a deep breath.
"As much as I love the company, my poor little pet must be worried sick. I better go find him, he had more than enough time to do any business by now!"


I totally have those! Somewhere!
Take the glass.
"To us?"


He gives you a flat look.
"Eh I dunno…"
Maybe a cute smile might help?

"Could be…some kind of nature magic. The Everfree Forest is really weird, unnatural even. Like, I once heard a pony say that deep in the forest there were flowers 3 times as big as a pony, and they eat animals, and they fly!"

You're seeing stars
And a right hoof coming to finish the job '1d10'

The mare looks around. "Where is your pet anyway? Is it a dog?"

The Cathedral is always open.
You enter.
At the end is stained glass mural of the 2 sisters defeating Discord.
There are more, depicting the legendary Grand Crusade of the Sisters, around the Cathedral.
Nopony except a nun, quietly praying near a figurine of the Moon, seem to be here.

"To us~"
She takes a sip and then looks deep in your eyes.

Roll #1 6 = 6


This is going downhill fast!
Block and counter his strike!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Look back, wondering if there's anything on my fa-
Oh right. That's the cue.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"That's what I want to find out."
Shake my head with a smile.
"Much more than a simple dog, I can assure you."
Start slowly walking away to the edge of the little camp.


"Well I do declare! A flying flower? That sounds mighty interesting."


I try to give him a smile.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I've already come in, might as well go through with it.

Walk up to the nun. "Excuse me, Miss. Can I take some of your time and ask a few questions?"


You block his strike and both struggle in a headlock to gain the upper hoof.
This is getting quite contact intensive.

As you lean in for the kiss, you hear a weird sound and the bedplanks crack, you tumble behind you on the mattress on the ground.
You both look astonished for a few seconds and then Iris begins to laugh.
"Oh Celestia, how does this happen?"
You also spilled a lot of wine everywhere.

The mare speaks up.
"HEY, wait…"
She gets up and slowly walks towards you.

"Well…allright, since you asked so nicely, old Scrubbing will wait here."

She gets up.
"Of course, all are welcome under the wings of the Sisters, and not just ponies."


"It might be just a legend. Just like the vampire bunnies. And the monk-eighs, or whatever they're called."


Overpower him!
I'm stronger, I know it!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Glance at her.



Roll #1 1 = 1


Now quick, grab a screwdriver from the toolbox and open up that vent!


"Well those all sound exhilarating. Perhaps I will pay this forest a visit tomorrow."


"Thank you kindly, but I just wanted to know a few things since I arrived in Equestria. With all that has happened, have there been lots of ponies coming here to your church? I apologies if its a weird question."


Try to get up on my hooves.
"They make the beds too weak in this damn place!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


You grab him in a headlock and slowly try to bring him to his knees.
He struggles to get out '1d10'

"Do you want some stew for the road?"

It's opened.

"If you do, you should do it with some friends. It's a dangerous place. I wouldn't dare go there at night."

"No apologies needed. An understandable question, but faith in the Sisters has always been important in Ponyville. On clear days you can see Canterlot in the distance. We practically live in the Sisters' shadows so many ponies keep coming here."

Iris grabs you.
"I don't mind~"
Kissu kissu '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Inside I go then.


Widen my eyes and kiss back, pulling her closer.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"I'm good, thanks. I had a big lunch of flowers."


"Why of course not at night, I wouldn't see a hoof before my eyes!"



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Did you get a lot of ponies that fled their homes here? Have many returned yet?"


Crawl, crawl, crawl.
You see a vent opening.
You see the janitor in the hallway reading his book.
You come to a split. Left or right or keep going?

Her wings flutter.
Are you out of your armor yet?
If not she offers to help you with that.

"Suit yourself."
She goes to sit by the fire again.

"And during the day, you would see all the horrible monsters up close!"

You're surprised as Silver suddenly jumps backwards. You fall to the ground with him on top, he claws out of your grip trying to gain the definite upper hoof. '1d10'

"Many…but most keep traveling to Canterlot. Things seem to be slowly stabilizing however. Especially western Equestria. The east is still rowdy…Occasionally we get travelers from Canterlot traveling back home."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Right, I've obviously missed everything due to timesliding. What's going on?


Keep going.


"Well that sounds mighty awful and all, but I do have some tools at my disposal to deal with such creatures."


Still inside it.
Give her sweet eyes as she helps me out of it, and at the same time bite down on her dress, gently tugging it away.


No! I'm not losing now!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'm not exactly as well versed as my traveling companions, so what can you tell me about the Sisters? What led you to choose this life?"


Wave at them.
"Have a nice day!"
Time to get the heck out of here!


It's getting evening.
Amber and Silver are wrestling outside in a remarkably contact intensive practice match without armor or weapons

LH is talking to daisy and rose in the inn.
Soil is upstairs, you noticed Iris was dressed extremely nicely earlier.
Tullip and Star are in the bar as well.

You find an opening that looks over Blackhoofs room.

"What we're trying to say is, be careful there. So where are you from? You don't sound like you're from around here."

In no time you both are out of your clothes, well except for Iris socks and laying next to each other on the mattress. Iris runs a hoof over your chest and you feel all kinds of new feelings.

And you roll over and got him this time.
You press him with your body to the ground.
Aw shit, it's getting close.
He tries to pull you over again. '1d10'

"Ah the Sisters, Celestia and Luna, the Sun and the Moon made flesh. As a little filly I heard the stories of their heroics."
She waves to the various murals.
"The Great Crusade, the Council of Hollow Shades, the Siege of Chaos….for thousands of years the Sisters have worked tirelessly creating a brighter future for everypony in Equestria and beyond. I felt it was my calling to help them in whatever small way I could."

You go to inn again.
You see Amber and Silver wrestling outside.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Alright, I'll note that and go back, them go left.


Another split. Left or right?



Right. Then that means they're all occupied, and I won't be missed. Head out to whatever passes for a library out here. If it has a sign out front with a book on it, it's either a store or a library.


"Well thank you dear, bless your hearts. I'm from Dixie, all the way across the ocean"


Oh, youth.
Let them have their fun.
Let's go inside and walk up to the bar.
"Can I get something strong?"
I need it…


Lean closer.
Mimic her motion with my own hoof.
"I forgot what my notes said…"


"A call to duty, you'd say? Normally, what goes on in one of your services?"


No no no! I wont let him! Come on!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You find an opening into your room.

The Golden Oak Library is still open.
The Librarian yawns and looks up "yes?"

Rose perks her ears.
"Dixie, you say? I've heard about that…is it true that they've got zebra slaves there?"

He gives you a glass of Hyperborean Vodka.
You see LH sitting here too.

She blinks..
"Notes? What notes?" she giggles and nuzzles you.

"Yes, I don't know where it came from, I just felt compelled to do it. Our local priest said that Celestia and Luna had a plan for me and that I should follow it.
As for my duties, that depends. Every day on dawn I and my colleague must give proper reverence to Celestia and at dusk to Luna. I guard the Cathedral overnight and guide any followers of Luna with their troubles. I also perform special rites during certain astrological alignments and interpret the stars to divine Luna's designs. My colleague concerns herself with Celestia and her special teachings."

Alas, you're on your back, shoulder to the ground. You're defeated.
Silver smirks "I won!"


"Good day, I was wondering if you happened to have any books about spells that can shrink items, like for storage, or any spells that allow you to look into places you can't physically go."


Panic slightly, put a hoof over her side as she nuzzles.
"On how to do this stuff!
I even had classes but I remember nothing and now what if I hurt you or it's wrong and what if…"


"How do you give them their due reverie?"

"And, if you wouldn't mind, what have you been able to interpret from the stars so far?"


Wave at her.
And send down that drink.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"The plantation owners have been known to utilize such methods, yes. I admit I am not exactly a fan of said methods."


I scrunch.


"Check rack 3A on the Astral Plane. Or rack 5 on Transfiguration. But between you and me, astral is far easier."

She puts a hoof on your mouth
"Sssshhhh….don't worry. Just do what comes naturally, I could lay here like this for hours. Just try to relax and let's enjoy being together…"

"Simply obeying the laws and living a good life is a form of praise to the Sisters, but if you want to be more direct, a small prayer especially during dawn and dusk work wonders.
As for the stars…they foretell of more dark times coming, but also hope…order will be restored to Equestria."

-2 for Hyperborean Vodka, but you seem to be going right through that. Might need another one for proper drunk.

"Admit it, I won!"


"Well, I'd assume so. However, there's just one foolishly large item that they refuse to leave behind, so I was hoping to shrink it down into something more manageable. Thank you for your help."
And I'll go check those shelves. Get the book for each.


"… Yeah you did."
Stick out my tongue at him anyway!


"I wouldn't mind order being restored if it means less giant dogs running me over. Tell me, how does one direct a prayer to the Sisters, or does each one prefer a specific method?"


Gently move in for a kiss, and spend the night with her.

Roll #1 3, 1, 9, 3, 6, 8 + 12 = 42



Roll #1 10, 9, 6, 8, 7 + 10 = 50





Raise my hoof to signal that I'm ready for another shot.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You come to a few bars, blocking the way.
You might get them loose, but if you're not careful it will cause a lot of noise.

He boops your nose and gets off you.

"Simply a prayer in your thoughts should be enough, however it usually helps if you're looking at the Sun or the Moon while you're doing it."


And so Soil learned about the pleasures only mares can provide.
The broken bed became a nest of love that night and even the mare in room 121 heard the moans and felt the shakes and silently wished she was there…
I bet everyone from the party heard it as well when they're going to sleep.

Daisy speaks dreamily. "I did hear the gentlecolts are very refined there."

You get another one.
Bottom up 1d10-2


Maybe later.
Go back to the main intersection and go Right this time.


"Why yes darling, our hospitality and gentlecoltery are quite unique. You won't find a place in the whole wide world as inviting and polite as Dixie."


"You bet! And this time I'll win because you're getting cocky!!"



Roll #1 9 = 9


Lie in bed, passing a hoof behind her back, staring at the ceiling.


"You don't mind leading me through one of thanks, would you? I had to take shelter in an abandoned and mostly destroyed chapel once, when I first started my career as a monster hunter, so I'd like to thank whoever it belonged to."


And I'll be looking through those books. First is Astral Projection.


Down the hatch

Roll #1 4 - 2 = 2


It goes up.
Ooo, feels a bit unstable.

"I noticed, you seem quite classy as well. And I love that parasol."

Initiative '1d10'

She snuggles up to you.
"That was amazing~"

"Of course not, do you remember if there were images of the sun or the moon or both?"

You find Astral Projection: The Definite Guide

That hit the spot.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Oh fuck

Roll #1 6 = 6


Last one!

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8


You cross to the next section.
Left, right or straight?

You're one stronk donkey.
You can handle it.
A large pony with a black jacket nods to you.
"You sure know how to handle your drink, ma'am."



Alright, let's pick that up. And then go to the Transfiguration aisle to pick up the one on size magic.


That's right! Hit him good!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hug her closer.
"Just… Wow."
Roll over to a side and nuzzle her with a happy smile.
Is it still night or the day after?


I chuckle.
"I love it so very dearly too. You would not believe the uses it can have at times."


Pillow talk~
I'll go with everyone to the next day a bit later.

He defends! '1d10'

You find a dressing room you haven't seen before. You can only see it, but not enter it from here.
The shaft continues.


"Too bad it's getting winter…now it's hoofboots and warm jackets."

Roll #1 8 = 8


1 for Silver



Roll #1 6 = 6


"No, I looked. There was naught left, it must have been a town hit by either battle or looters, all that it could offer was a roof."

"Here, this is what I heard from some of the ponies I met in Equestria. Tell me what you think of it."

"Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its homeland.
Let strength be granted so the world might be mended.
Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its homeland.
Let wisdom be granted so the world might be mended,
Brave soul, who fears not death.
Prithee, lull the Dark Ones back to their ancient slumber."


Huh. I wonder who's this belongs to.
Keep going.


What a horrible fate!
"I had no idea you could…
Wow. Just wow."


"Thanks. Had a long day, I guessed I'd unwind a bit."


"Indeed. But I do not mind the change of pace. It is nice to change things up every so often, don't you agree?"


Again! Uppercut!

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 10 = 10


You find the book Basic principles of Aetherial Transfiguration

She thinks about it "It sounds familiar but I'm not quite sure where I've heard it before…I should check some of my books. Would you like to wait?"

You crawl until the end here. And another empty dressing room, one you haven't seen before…but you do find something in the shaft here, an empty glass!

"I must say, it was…very different than I thought…"

"I love the winter and all the snow. Soon the Falling of the Leaves will begin."

"Long day too huh? Well, as my dad always used to say, sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you."

2 for Silver, he wins.
He helps you up again.
"Maybe we can do this tomorrow again, when we're both rested."


"How was you thought it?"


An empty glass?
Whatever. I'll pocket it, but like… scratch something here so I know where I found it.

Go back to the intersection, and the straight.


That will likely be what I need. Take both books, and find a table. First up, the Astral Projection book.


"Of course. Thank you for your patience."


"I doubt I will be here to witness it. A shame, but it is for a good cause that I must leave."


"Why are you so good at this!?"
Prod his chest with a hoof accusingly.


"I'd know about ups and downs, believe me."


As you pass the intersection you see the janitor knocking on the door.
"Excuse me miss, are you quite done in there, I'd like to take a nap now."

She giggles. "I didn't know it could get this messy~"

You read up on Astral Projection.
The book states it is possible through deep concentration and focus to temporarily separate your soul from its physical body without dying.
It talks about dangers inherent and how through concentration and focus one can resist the dreaded pull of the Underworld exerted on all souls.
As a footnote it mentioned that souls that succumb to the pull can never return to their physical bodies, only Priests of Grogar have learned the ancient arts how to do that.

She nods and overlooks her books.
"It reminded me of a very old legend. About Grogar, you know who Grogar is?"
In Griffon mythology he is the Horned Judge. Lord of the Dead. He earned his title by fighting alongside the Griffon hero Jormag against a great evil. Jormag then became the guardian of Falhallen, the afterlife of heroes."

"Where are you going?"

"Well remember that dummy I was fighting against when you first met me? You laughed at me, but I told you technique was important!"
He hits you on the shoulder playfully.

"Don't we all? That's why we've got alcohol."


Ooooooh! The nerve!
"Well enjoy your victory while it lasts!"


"Canterlot, darling."


Hmm. Good thing I was planning on tracking down one. Perhaps then I can learn how to make a failsafe function in the spellform to draw me back if I wander too far afield.
Note that in the back of my mind, and keep reading.


Throw my voice to sound like it's coming from behind the door
"Just a bit longer! I've almost found what I need!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Widen my eyes.
"But I like you messy, you look so nice like this."


"That, and more."
Let's order a beer, to wash down these shots.
"I think I should clock out after this. Close the day on a low note so tomorrow will be better."


"Only a little, but is this prayer rarely heard here? I'm surprised it had to be looked up. Still, what do ponies here believe about Grogar?"


"Well, allright, but just 5 minutes and I'm going in!"

The book details the steps to performing a successful seperation of the astral and physical body."

"I'm sure you'll beat the shit out of me tomorrow."
He looks up
"It's getting late."

"Canterlot? Oh my, darling, you'll never forget that. For in all the lands in the whole wide world, there's no city like Canterlot."

She scrunches.
"And the mattress, it's all wet…we should have put a towel or something there…"

"That's what keeps me going. Hey, you were the jenny who swallowed that sword right? Might impressive, my little daughter was holding her breath the whole time."

"It's a very very old prayer, I believe.
Here, Grogar is the Lord of the Dead, he judges the dead according to what they've done in life and brings them to their rightful place in the afterlife."
She pauses. "But there's a detail not many here now. Grogar was not always the Judge of the dead. Before him there was Kronox."


"So I have heard. I do look forward to seeing it."


"You can sleep in my room until it's fixed…"


"I'm not familiar with that name. Who was Kronox?"


Nod, smiling wider.
"Glad that I could bring some joy! I'll be in town for a few days and I might do some impromptu shows, so if she keeps an eye out, she might catch one."


Right. Can I commit the process to memory, effectively "learning" the spell? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I go back to his room, put the grate back and and screw it in, and pocket the screwdriver.

I poke my head out the door.
"Alright, done!"
Do I see his little… box, anywhere?


"It is, so I'm going to sleep!"
Pick up my armor and hammer.
… Do we share a room or what?


You need to spend one SP for that, you don't need to roll.

Yes, he's carrying it in one of his hooves
Stealing it is a hard roll.
"Did you find what you needed?"

Naughty pon.
Of course not, but you can sneak in if you want~

"Say, can I get an autograph, I'm sure she'd love one."

"Before Grogar, the first Lord of the Underworld was Kronox, a vile and evil god, who ruled the underworld with an iron hoof, and brought misery and pain on the surface world.
But Grogar, together with Luna and Celestia fought against him and imprisoned him deep within Tartarus.
It was a long and bloody conflict and I believe that prayer originated from that period. For protection against Kronox."

"Ooooh, so generous." Her hoof creeps down.."How could I ever repay that~"

"You should visit the Royal Quarter and see the paladins, they look amazing."


Alright then.
Consider it learned.
Now, onto the transmogrification book.


"Can I be honest?"
Look around… then smirk.
"I was hoping you'd ask."
Is there something to write on and a pen on the bar?


Why would I want that!
No, just go to my own room.
"Good night Silver."


Follow her hoof in surprise for a second and then look back at her, trying to stumble together a sentence.
Li-like, I ruined the b-bed it's th-"
Yeah, shut up.


"Oh I'm sure they do."


I nod.
I give him a hug (eugh).
"Yeah! Thanks!"


It's a complex book with all kinds of chapters on the philosophy of aetherial currents and transmodular constants across different shapes.
Roll for comprehension.

You find a pen and a little paper.

"Night Amber! Good dreams!"

"Soil…shut up."
Her head follows her hoof.
Oh boy here we go '5d10+10'

"Or I heard the city of the batponies is also incredible."

He enjoys that hug.
"Thanks miss, hope you found what you're looking for.
Now, let me go with you outside, so I can close up."

Roll #1 4, 4, 5, 7, 1 + 10 = 31


Oh boy.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"… Excuse me?"


Shutting up now!

Roll #1 1, 7, 9, 1, 9, 4 + 12 = 43


Sleepy pon. Sweet dreams.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Lick the tip of the pen.
"What's her name?"


Well at least I earned some favor with him.
I head out and leave.

What time is it?


It might as well have said herp a derp a derp.
You're going to need some coffee for this one.

"Well, before Canterlot was there, there was a giant Diamond Dog fort in the mountain and when ponies came to Equestria they drove them out and built Canterlot on top of it.
I heard the batponies that serve Luna live in the deep special caves now. It's quite amazing. Those ancient Diamond Dogs knew how to build, unlike those slavers now."

Very, very late
Time for beb.

"Golden Mane."

You sleep right through that other couple that's making a lot of noise.

A bit more tired but still bretty gud.


Panting, roll over and put her on top, staring into her eyes.
"You shine."


To the librarian.
"Pardon me, but you wouldn't happen to have any strong tea? Something to keep me up for a while?"


No fuck that.
I go flying. I got an underground to investigate…
Look out for any unsavory individuals. Back alley dealers, street punks out to wreak havoc on the night, the lot.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Batponies… what are they like?"


Ha! Good!


"Let's see then!"
To a very special filly, Golden Mane

May your successes in life shine bright as a phoenix and your health blossom like the Spring flowers
Above all, never be afraid to smile and be happy

Best wishes
Mabel the Marvelous


"You silly stallion."
Kissu '1d10+2'

You say that, but you get sleepy.
In-flight. Oh, closing your eyes for one second isn't that bad…
When you open them again you're partly stuck in a roof, looking down on beautiful white mare with pink mane, wearing pink socks and pink panties.
She's laying in a bed and looks up towards you, with the same surprised look as you.

"I heard they're like ponies, but they have bat wings. Spoookky."
Daisy bumps Rose "Sorry to interrupt but it's getting late."


The proud father smiles.
"I bet she'll love this."


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



"But it's true!"
But just shrug and hold her tight, I'm getting sleepy…


"Spooky indeed… and certainly intriguing."
Finish my tea.
"Quite late indeed. Thank you very much for the lovely chat, it has been entertaining."
Get up and head to my room then. Time for some rest.


Oh. Mislink. Derp.

"Uh… hi there."


It's warrens response.

She gives you a special herbal mix.
"This will take care of it.


"Thank you."
Once I'm back to the table, I'll drink some tea, and get back into that book. If I can understand it, I can do like that Wing spell and put it on a scroll that I can use as a focus for later.
Now, Comprehension! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"As I said, I'd be more than happy to meet her in person if I run into her the next few days."
Stand up from the bar.
"But if you'll excuse me, I had an awfully long day."
Do a little bow.
"Give my regards to the filly, and a good night to you!"


Roll for happy dreams +2

Roll for happy dreams satan


You have 2 choices, you can
A) learn it now, and have some temporary lessened magic tomorrow since you worked all night
B)Try again tomorrow night

"Come by any time, Mabel."
Roll for happy dreams.



Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Happy happy dreams

Roll #1 5 = 5


I am the essence of purity itself!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Well I can't leave this poor mare alone now, could I?~

Roll #1 9, 10, 4, 9, 10 = 42


Let's burn that midnight oil.


Oh my, seems like room 121 gets some after all~

You got it.
Transmogrification learned. However, since this is not an official spell, it will only work on certain objects.

You dream of becoming a world class fencer

You dream of sitting in nature, but a shadow hangs over the forest. A dread presence in the darkness. You also feel a bit bad in your belly. Something you ate?

You wake up in the middle of the night and go get a little to drink. When you walk to the bathroom there's a rumbling from above, louder and louder.
You look up to see the roof shatter and a giant black dragon flying in the air.
It roars and fires…you wake up next to Iris…and hugging her go to sleep again.


Roll #1 1, 7, 5, 2, 9 = 24


…"I'm gonna keep him away, just you trust me.
I'm gonna protect you.


And now I'll pass out for five minutes in the library.


Not bad.


A new day dawns…


Begin "leaving bed" operation.


Much to the dismay of my eyes. They're going to sting for a while.
But at least I've got that Shrink/Grow Objects spell.
Put the books back on their shelves, and make my way back to the inn. I've got a breakfast to try and choke down before I get dragged everywhere today.


What about the dinner?


Time to get up and see if I can find breakfast.


Hop out of bed! What a nice night that was.
Time for breakfast!


Morning stretches!

Roll #1 8 = 8


And a new day filled with opportunity comes with it.

Head downstairs.



Timewarping it.
Meeting Shortcake where?


Might as well get some food.


On her way back to town?


Sounds good to me. Will we be playing both in the past and the present?


If it's alright with you.


I wake up in my room and smack my lips, remembering that pie. Time to get dressed and go make the next one. The judge was coming through today, right?

It's alright with me.


Timewarping to meeting in the center of town.

You feel pretty good. Leaving isn't that hard.
For once Iris is still sleeping while you're up.
You notice a small black pony downstairs. It's the gravekeeper.

While you walk in the inn, you notice a pony standing in the middle. A smaller black pony.
It's the gravekeeper.

It's downstairs compadre.
You notice a small black pony downstairs. It's the gravekeeper.

Downstairs, same routine like yesterday.
You notice a small black pony downstairs. It's the gravekeeper.

Pretty good.
Inferni is still sleeping.

Breakfast is being served.

Yes. You should wait however, the pie will be made while the emissary is watching.
As you go downstairs you notice a small black pony. It's the gravekeeper.


"Good morning sir." I tell him while trying to add some things to my plate.


"Good morning. I don't suppose the priest has arrived yet?"


Lazy bird.
Give a tiny good morning kiss to his forehead without waking him then get ready and go downstairs.


I'll be walking back to the inn through the center of town.


They didn't bury her yet, did they? I though we were trying to bring her back.
"Hello, sir!"


I land next to Shortcake.
"Hey Shorty! You busy?"


"What you doin' here, guy?"
I gesture to the gravekeeper.


Order some tea.


Wave at him.
"Good morning sir!"


"Nope! Oh, I've got a slice of pie for you and one for Mwandishi. I was taking it to him right now."


Also, listen in on what the rest of the party is saying to that black pony.


His voice is low and raspy.
"Ah Mr. Warren, that's why I was here. He's not here yet. But large crows have been gathering near Grogars shrine…that always happens when he's coming. Maybe later today."

The gang is talking to the gravekeeper.

You hear it.


Go to the bartender and order a few dozen apples…
And then Iris' favorite. Hoping I get it right.
Listen in to what the others say.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Cool. I got invited to a dinner with two lovely mares, and they said it was cool if I brought along a friend. You in?"

"Crows arrive when the priest comes?"
I raise an eyebrow.
"The fuck does that mean?"


I'll smile slightly.
"Good. I've got a few questions for him when he gets here, so I'm glad we have an estimate of his arrival."
"I'd assume they act as a bit of an advance party. The crows give warning to the ponies so they aren't surprised when he shows up."


Whisper over to Warren:
"Will you be attempting to bring her back today?"

Start digging in to some of the food.


"Who? Not Grogar himself, right?"

"Sure, but I do need to get this pie dropped off first. You should have your slice now so Mwandishi doesn't distribute both slices to the oppressed people in his stomach."
I laugh.


Rub my stomach a bit as I walk.
Do I still feel something?
Walk up to them.
"Good morning everyone."


I'll flick an ear at that.
"Ah, so it wasn't just me who was considering that possibility. That makes this much easier to talk about, then."
I'll nod to Mabel.


Go sit near him.


"Morning Mabel. Serve yourself something b'fore its all gone."

"You seem to have lots of pieces here, it's hard not to come to that conclusion."


"Eh, maybe later. One of the mares is a baker, and I know from experience with you that you do not refuse fuckin' food from a baker."
I start heading over to the address I was given.

"I guess. Still creepy as shit."


"Good! Vilina won't have to wait much longer then!"


A priest of Grogar? Oh my.
Why would they need one of those?

Nod at her.
"A good morning to you. It appears you have a special visitor."



He tips his hat and trots away.

The gravekeeper looks up.
"No, just his priest. That's almost as bad."

It feels a bit heavy.

You arrive at her home.


"Hey, wait! I can't take two slices of pie over to a baker's house!"
I fly back to my room and leave the pie there, then fly back to the square.

"Can he bring ponies back to life?"


I'll nod.
Well, that brightened the morning a bit.
"Priests of Grogar are some of the few who can."



"Well hurry up!"
When she gets back and we get there, I knock on the door.

"The fuck you two whispering about?"


"I'm sure there is enough to go around."

"I see."

Frown… maybe I should try to make remedy for stomach ache after breakfast.

Smirk at him.
"Had fun yesterday?"


"Well, I suppose there's no need to, actually."
I'll readjust my monocle.
"I had planned on asking the Grogarian priest to revive Vilina."


Pokerface at her.
"I dunno what you're talking about."




I stand next to her and crush off my snout to get rid of any crumbs.

I groan.
"I think she meant all the noise you were making."


"Long story short, we are helping a friend whose life was taken from her before her time."

Flick my ears visibly.
"Oh really?"


This is going to be a great day!
Get some food and dig in. I need to store energy for this!


Keep eating as Warren explains the plan.


"Don't whisper about that shit yo. Makes you two sound like you signed us all into some 'deal-with-Grogar' thing where we forfeit a part of our own souls or some shit."

I laugh.
"That's right… Soil had some fun last night, didn't he?"


Droop my ears and focus on the apples.
Really focus on 'em apples.


"Our traveling companion who died recently, thanks to the Ursa. I had no plans on letting her go off into the great beyond without some sort of fight."
I'll nod.
"First we'll need to actually ask her if she wants to come back. I would, honestly, but she might not feel the same."


Yep, focusing on apples time.


"You speak of… returning a pony from the dead?"
My smile widens.
"Now that would be quite the feat."


"I jus' think we should take her back by ourselves."


Who knows?

You follow her to the adress.
A minty pony opens.
"Oh you made it."
She looks to you.
"You must be Melody's friend. I'm Lyra."


The gravekeeper shrugs
"That's what they say. I've never seen him do it however."

Some light salad and strawberries with an orange juice of course.

The minty pony opens.
"Oh you made it."
She looks to Shortcake and introduces herself.


Blood Silver is there as well.
You once again have a very larger portion than him.


Snicker a bit.
"That's nothing to be ashamed of Soil. We're just poking some fun."

Shake my head.
"I wouldn't be advocating returning the life of a pony if she died of natural causes but…"
Bite my lip.
"…that's not the case here."


"Of course she'll want to come back!"

"I had fun with Silver too yesterday! We wrestled!"

Poke his side.
"Isn't that right?"


"Considering I don't know what they'd want in return, it might just come down to that. I was mostly planning on taking that cost myself, however."
I'll look at him a little curiously.
"Did I miss something?"
"And I don't expect it to come easy."
"We can't break into the land of the dead, Soil."
I'll shake my head.
"There are… ways, but they're all going in one direction. No way back from it."
"I can only hope so…"


"Says the mare who wasn't in her room?"

"Oh, good point! Why wouldn't she want to come back though?"

I extend my hoof.
"Shortcake, it's good to meet you. Melody said you are a baker?"


"My I offer my assistance then?"


"You didn't miss anything."
Snicker and silently mouth the word 'Iris' at him.


"We're her friends! Friends stick together!"


"She… hasn't had the best life, before she met us. And I doubt we gave her many reasons to stick around…"
I'll frown a little.
"It would be appreciated, Miss Heart."


Look at her kinda unsure on what she meant.
"Yeah well, let's just bring Vilina back already then.
It's my fault after all."


"Hey Lyra. Bon Bon here?"

I raise an even bigger eyebrow at that.

I furrow my brow.
"Seriously?… Grogar's a fucking prick. You try to make a fair deal with him he'll still fuck you over in the end. You don't bargain with him, shit."

"Nah. Lyra here is a musician. Her partner Bon Bon is the baker."


"If she means that much to you, I'll help anyway I can. Equestria has seen enough loss of life, bringing one back seems only fair."


Shake my head.
"Don't say that, Soil. You did nothing wrong, I did."


"What else would you have us do? We can't just leave her dead."


Silver Blood gives you a hoof up!
You the man!

"Not me, but my friend Bon-Bon is, she's inside. Come in please."

"She's in the kitchen. Come in please. It's cold outside."


I'll be fairly stonefaced at that statement.
"I believe we've all argued that we're in some ways responsible for Vilina's demise."
"Perhaps. We haven't even begun to bargain, after all."
"Thank you."


"It's true! He really pinned me down hard for the most of it though!"



"She was sort of a jerk, but she didn't deserve to die like that."

"Oh! What do you play?"

"I'd love to meet her. What does she bake?"
I wipe my hooves and go inside.


"Yeah he can try that.
Then I will slam him to the face!"
And I will…
Give that hoof back to Silver.
Wrestling with Amber's gotta be real fun!


"It's nothing, Amber. But Silver Blood had you pinned down in a sweaty wrestling match? I underestimated both of you. You moved faster than I thought."
"I don't think anyone does, really."


So whats happening?


"I can't pretend I was not part of it, Warren."


Breakfast. Undertaker has just informed us the Priest of Grogar will be arriving later today. I've got something for you.
"But you also can't pretend you're the sole cause of her death."


"It is the least I can do for your kind invite to the group, darling."

I chuckle.
"Oh my."


You missed like 3 turns.
The gravekeeper came around to tell people the Priest of Grogar would be around soon.
You might want to talk the rest of the gang.


"I do appreciate it."


"I am not. With Anarchy and the Ursa… I'm still a mayor part of it."


"Take it from him."

I step inside.
"Nice place you two got here."

"Heh. Heh."


Arrive down the Inn and scratch my head.
"Is there a funeral?"


"No, thank you, I was never comfortable with the idea of suicide."


"And she wouldn't have even been there if I hadn't dragged her along. As I said, we've argued about this enough already."
"There might be a resurrection, if things pan out, Snacks."
I'll blink.
"Ah, that's right. I have something for you."


"I'm not arguing, I'm stating it. There's no argument about it."


"… Huh? It wasn't that fast!"

"Well he's pretty strong after all! "

I scrunch.
"He's really good at wrestling, okay? Better than I am!"




"A not-funeral, more like!"
"Okay, guys, let's not do this again."
"You two laugh a lot."


I'll smile a little.
"Well, he's probably had a bit more experience with 'wrestling.'"
I'll look at Silver Blood.
"I hope you didn't go too hard on her. Amber's still quite new to all this wrestling business."


"You were speaking in a way that could be interpreted another way, Amber.
Unless they are right."

"Let's not."
Grab some food.

And try to hold back a chuckle.


"The lyre. And she's baking us some very nice soup, her own special salad and a cake as dessert."

"Thanks! It's small but both of us like it."
As you step into the light she looks shocked.
"Oh my, Melody, what happened to you!"
She gives a glance at Shortcake.

"It was a good practice match. We should do more tonight."

He perks his ears.
"I practice hoof-to-hoof combat a lot, it's my favorite."


"Will it be Villana pony?" I approach the two.
"Also what is it?" I look at Warren.


"What you talking about, Amber's great in hoof-to-hoof!"


"Yeah, I usually don't go unarmed… but I'm going to practice more with him now!"

"What? That's silly, wrestling is wrestling! Duh!"



"Amber doesn't really seem like that sort. Then again…"
I look at Soil.
"Who knows?"

"Oh, does she need help tossing her salad? I don't get to work with veggies very often."


Shake my head with a smile.
"One day you will realize a lot of things and feel embarassed, I can tell."

"Looks can be decieving."


"Have you ever gone up against a non-Equestrian, Silver?"


"Pussy out if you want. Fuck if I'm going to let a friend forfeit his soul to that fuck Grogar though."

I bark out a laugh.
"Did some time in the arena. Got put again this dude, this massive stallion. Easily twice my size. I nearly had him but he got a good swing in that had me out like a light."

"You kept making it sound like you two fucked last night. Like Soil and Iris."
I break out into laughter.


My goodness, they're both so innocent.
I'll nod, and then pull the Bag of Holding forward.
"Mabel and I found something interesting up on the mountain after we got blown there by a rather stubborn northern wind. I figured you and Soil wouldn't forgive me if I left something like this behind."
And I'll pull the other dragon tooth out onto the table for Snacks.
I'll chuckle.
"I know she is, but I was making a bit of a joke. There are two types of wrestling, you see. One is the normal wrestling, and the other is, well…"
I'll shrug.
"From what I can gather, you and Iris had a rather vigorous 'wrestling match' last night."


"I'm gonna bring this food up."
Take Iris' food and go up the stairs.


"I didn't say we won't do it. I said we are not going to try and cheat Grogar to kill all of us."

"Warren, you are just going to confuse Amber even more."


"Whoa, Iris knows how to wrestle? I'm gonna do it with her sometime!"

I shrink back.
"W-What!? No!"
Try to contain my embarrassment.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Wait, what? Who's killing themselves and why?"

"Oh! That's what happened? Are you okay?"
I start looking you over.


Shoot her a glare, but keep going as she realizes.


I giggle.


Silver Bloods ears perk.
[Spaghetti intensifies]


"You fight in the Arena? Oh wow, are you sure you don't need a bandage for that?"

She chuckles.
"I'm not sure. Maybe she needs some help."

"I have…I have only wrestled with crystal ponies."

She wakes up with a grin.


"Try not to get too distracted, Loverboy."
I laugh again.

"There's ways. Don't resign yourself to a fate when you don't know the options, Mabel."

I laugh even harder.

"Yeah, I'm alright. 's just some bruises and shit. I barely even bled!"

"Nah. My nose stopped bleeding when I came to."


"None of us are. We are going to negotiate with Grogar to get Vilina's soul back."


"Well then, when you're up to the challenge of taking on a native Hyperborean, let me know."

Smile at him while I continue to eat.


"No one's killing themselves. But we're hoping to undo a death that has occurred."
Right, I'm finally going to start eating breakfast. That late night is going to catch up with me if I don't get some food in me.


Set it own beside her, on the ground since the bed collapsed.
"Hey. Downstair is too crowded."


I scrunch and cover my face with my hooves.
"W-We didn't do anything like that! That's not wrestling at all!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


I examine it and see if I can decipher anything that is of value to the tooth.

"Where do Warren pony find it? This looks to be mighty interesting ha?" I grin.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Do you seriously want to cheat a god-like being on his own territory? A territory, which I should remind you, you will be visiting eventually?"


"That's good."

"I'll go check. Thanks for inviting us, by the way."
I follow my nose to the kitchen and introduce myself to Bonbon.
"Do you need any help? I love to bake."

"Oh. You can't just do a spell or something? they make it sound easy in my books."


"As I said, up on a rather foreboding mountain. It's about a day's journey, more or less. It might take longer going uphill than down, however."
I'll shake my head.
"I did a little research. The only ones capable of bringing a soul back to its body properly are Grogarian priests. The Laughing One's followers may be able to do it in his labyrinth, but I'm not entirely sure they actually brought me back to life or just grabbed another of me from some random door."


"It doesn't work that way."

"Don't worry too much, Amber, it was just poking some fun."


"It's alright, Amber. We only tease because we care. We all know that you wouldn't do such things, especially out in the open and without proper protection. And marriage vows."


"The… Laughing one? I do not believe I have heard of such a thing before."


"Wait, what? When did you die?"


I give her a wicked grin.
"Your face says otherwise, Paladin of Love."


"Heh. Of course you run to the kitchen first."
I shake my head and laugh, then turn to Lyra.
"So what's up with you?"


"I wouldn't know much about it, had I not been there."
"A fair bit ago, while you all were traveling to Tall Tale. It's not every day you're killed by yourself, after all…"


"I can tell you know, that would be a mistake. A fatal one."


"I wouldn't even know how to react if I had to fight myself."


"It… was an experience."


"If Warren like, perhaps Snacks can accompany him when he goes back to said mountain. Snack would be interested to see where Warren pony has gotten said tooth."
I then think for a moment.
"Has Warren shown this tooth to anybody else? Perhaps we can show it to Star or Iris for inspection. If not perhaps someone here in ponyville can know if these tooths have any properties."


"Well… it appears I have chosen a mighty interesting group of individuals to travel with. How fortunate."


"I never really asked, but did it say anything or just fought you?"


I walk over and give you a hug.
"Sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean."

I stick out my tongue at you.



"I gave one to Soil, and that one is for your use."
"You might change your mind as we keep going."
"He spoke with me for a time, first. I'd rather not go into detail about what."
"The Laughing One's Labyrinth is a strange, strange place."


"hmmm… to use for what….?" I tilt my head.


"I prefer a more positive look on things. Which does remind me there is a certain arena mystery left unsolved."


"We fight ourselves every day, don't we?"


"I didn't know you worshipped him. You never seemed like the laughing type."


"I'd rather die giving a nice big 'fuck you' to the gods than shrivel and waste away."


"I would leave that up to your imagination. A tooth roughly the size of a child can have quite a few uses."
"I don't, actually. Back when we didn't know Bedrock was Anarchy, I ran a delivery for him. It was through the Labyrinth."


I perk up at the mention of the Arena.
"Wait. Who the fuck are you?"


"Of course, but it isn't everyday our other self physically strikes back."

"He must have been laughing the whole time we were dealing with him and helping."



I nod at this.
"Right, say when will said ressurrection begin? Snack has something to attend too first and see what Snack can discover in Ponyville."


"Of course if you would rather focus on retrieving your friends from the clutches of death first, I will gladly join."

Give her a polite smile.
"My name is Light Heart, sugar. How nice to meet you. I believe I saw you in the arena yesterday."


"I'm sure your rebel attitude would take you far in the underworld, but the rest of us would like to have a fullfilling life. Alive. We aren't going there to die in vain. Neither will you."

"There are worse thing than physical wounds."


"Melody. You're investigating the arena too, Light Heart?"


"He wasn't laughing in that hole."
"The priest will arrive some time in the afternoon. We've the entire day until then, and the resurrection itself might not happen today at all, depending on how eager the priest is to bend the laws of life and death."
"I promised to help you with your investigation, didn't I? And I do have a morning to spend."


"I uh… I-I need to go prepare myself and take a shower!"
Run away! Upstairs! Lock myself in my room!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm just glad I didn't have to encounter myself when I was running that errand too. I'm an archer, I could have been struck down before I even knew what was going on."


Great, I hope she isn't upset.


"That is correct. A curious case, is it not? I have been working on gather clues so far."



"By the way… who was that mare you were talking to yesterday? Here, in the inn."


I'll shake my head a bit.
"I envy how innocent she is."
"That's of course assuming that your alternate self would have chosen a similar enough path to your own. The other you could have been a melee fight- wait, you were in the Labyrinth?"


"If you want to clean it up, there's a bathroom upstairs."

"I'll keep it in mind. You griffons look very strong."

"Oooooh, strawberries, you remembered."
She sits upright and eats a few.

You're as red as a tomato and your ultrashiny starts to fade a little.

"Oh, you Melody's friend? Nice to meet you! Could knead that dough?"

You're locked up good.
You're finally alone, away from prying eyes.


"Mardi Gras? She was another adventurer. I'm not quite sure what she was after, really. But she did manage to pick out Soil as the easiest one to get information from."


"Miss Mardi Grass? A treasure hunter, I believe. Some of the locals seemed suspicious of her and her illustrious companion."


I nod.
"Yeah. She helped save me from diamond dogs, actually. What sort of things do you bake? I love cakes, pastries, pies, and those sorts of things."
I start kneading that dough.


Cold shower please. Ice cold.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Watch her eat, sitting behind her.
"I'm gonna fight at the arena later. Wanna come?"
And I was that close to get her to tell us her battle styles, you double zigger!


"Oh fuckin'…"
I sigh.

"What have you figured out?"

"Eh, I'm good like this. 'less you want me to clean up or something."


"Well… I might have been trying to be sneaky and follow her. I got busted.
I do wonder though, why she and her strange crytsal friend were camping in the Everfree."


I nod at this
"Snack will try to be on time."
I then leave.

Time to explore ponyville, is there a blacksmith somewhere here?


"You said it yourself, he used that Labyrinth so we could do deliveries for him. I even told Soil to let you all know I was taking off."

"Still, I'm glad you thought I was capable of going to Hyperborea and back by myself. I'll make sure to put that strength to use for you."

"It's our sight you'll have to worry about. Every soldier is taught archery, even before they are old enough to really join."


"Strange crystal friend?"
I'll nod as you go.
"Well, you were one for quite some time, I had assumed you were occupied with other matters."


"A thing or two… Mister Thunderlane was the last fighter to have disappeared and it is known that before he did, he was often nervous and complained headaches. One of his friends informed me that right before he disappeared, he came to him to speak about finding something out about mister Cracked Skull and his champion, mister Blackhoof."

"Looking for something, no doubt. I would love to explore that area myself."


"I was, with that delivery. Managing that labyrinth was a chore, and those ponies there weren't always clear on things, especially that poor librarian. I hope he's okay. But, they had a nice game set I saw. I might commission one if I get the chance."


"He looked like… a crystal pony, only the opposite. It was like he had no emotions, and where the other crystals seem to shine, he was… dulling the light around him."

"They had a site there, brewing their dinner. With Timberwolves around. Not the best camping site, is it?"


"I ran into a rather pleasant fellow, on the first run through."
I'll be silent a moment.
"I've met that crystal pony before."


Perk my ears.


"Blackhoofs on so many 'performance enchaining supplements' that his balls are probably shriveled to raisins. The guy has so many pills and herbs even I can't identify them all."
I show her the samples I took.
"And knowing fighting rings like these, Cracked Skull probably is in with Blackhoof. Either prays on his delusions of grandeur or cuts him a deal, I don't know which yet. There's also more, but I need to investigate further."

"And this does remind me…

HEY! MABEL! Come over here!"
I wave to her and gesture her over.


I'll nod.
"He was the one I was making a delivery to. Well, him and a zebra shaman. The gem I was delivering was supposed to have returned that Crystal pony's shine."
I'll rub my chin.
"Though, with Anarchy behind the wheel instead of Bedrock, that gem might have done the reverse."


"Oh, who was it? The librarian I met was, a little off. Nice enough pony, but he had forgotten who he was. I left him a note to fill out, maybe his librarian nature gets the better of him."


"Not a librarian. Just a fellow who was enjoying his tea and gave me some directions."


"I make some candy from all kinds of fruits to sell on the market. But I love making salads as well. Wait if you're a baker, I should leave the cake to you, you're the expert!" she grins.

Ah…cold water…it numbs the body, numbs the soul…but it doesn't wash away the shame.

She nods.
"Sure, I know you'll slam them all to the ground. Say, did you tell the innkeeper our bed was broken?"

"…well if it doesn't bother you, it's okay. Everypony should do what makes them feel okay. Come let's get a little aperitive."

Yes, you remember Anvil wasn't too far from here.

Silver seems worried about Amber.
"Doesn't archery need a bow? Wrestling is hoof to hoof."

Silver walks over to you.


Shake my head.


"I believe you are right."

"One of the fighters also informed me that mister Skull sometimes disappears into thin air without anypony knowing where to. He also mentioned that he sometimes felt his strength getting drained after winning a fight. The locals tell me mister Skull came into town about a month ago, pulling a large cart with unknown contents inside it. He did not allow anypony to see said contents, claiming them to be 'decorations'. He also has a place outside of the colosseum where he keeps all his administrative work. Lastly, mister Thunderlane's marefriend informed me that the janitor gave him, and I quote, 'The creeps'."

"Perhaps they are confident enough in their combat abilities to not be afraid of these animals."


"Great, I'll do my best. Maybe you can teach me to make candy some time?"
I get started on that cake.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Go and meet Anvil.
"Hi pony." I wave at him as I approach.


"It wouldn't tie your tongue in a knot to say please, would it? I will be you with a second!"


"…it seemed to be more than that to me."

"That's definitely not good news… They may or may not have tried to poision me. I will have to read up on Kronox Weed, something even I don't know about."


"Must have been nice, though I probably would trade what I saw through some of those doors for a simple cup of tea."

"We're trained in almost all arts of combat, I just enjoy using the bow and keeping my distance."


"Well, the library in town is surprisingly well-stocked, so you might have some luck."


I'll just quietly nod at this.


"That was what I had in mind."


"… Stupid!"
Punch the wall and get out of the shower with a long sigh. Dry myself off. Put my armor back, swing my warhammer onto my back and put my gameface on.
Back downstairs I go.


"Ah, I'll tell him later, no problem. I hope he doesn't charge extra."
She nuzzles you.

You get on it pretty well, satan.
"Oh it isn't that hard with the right ingredients. I'd love to show it."

He's an older massive pony with a moustache.
"Hello there partner, how can I help you!"

He rubs his head.
"Uh…Mabel…do you think Amber will be okay?"

"That won't help you in hoof to hoof or hoof to claw in this case."

Silver waves at you.


Smile at her return.

"Should I look for some tea for you?"


"In any case, I do not think they are involved in the arena mystery."


"Great! I can teach you how to make cakes and things."
Just a gew more finishing touches and it should be good to go.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


I nod and follow her to the table.

"The janitor's a lonely perv who lives in the maintenance room. I got in last night and overheard him reading - loudly, too - some Daring Do 'fan-penned' work. You can imagine what it's about.

He also had a camera with him, but I didn't get any of the photos he had. He kept those with him. But given that all he took from the room when I asked to 'find something I lost' in it was that and his book, I'm inclined to believe that it's just more wankbait too."

"Ugh… can you please come here, Mabel? I need you to identify some herbs."
On that note, can I recognize anything about the pills?

Roll #1 10 = 10


>few more finishing touches


I'll wave at Amber.
"Regardless, these problems at the arena are likely the trouble Anarchy sent ahead of us."


"Correct, but I have mentioned that I am a soldier, we've all done practice in it. I just happen to prefer the bow. How many weapons are Paladins trained in using?"


"Snack would like for a good pony smith to inspect this weapon."
I dug from my bag my axe and show it to him.
"Snack would have shown this to a dog smith but the lack of any fort nearby has prompted Snack to seek out the best pony smith that is nearby so here Snack is." I grin.


Nuzzle back.
"It was a really weak bed! What if it broke with you on it?
He'd have hurt you like that!"
Stand up and start donning my armor.


Smile and nod, especially once I see her coming down.
"She is a strong and brave pony. There is nothing I can imagine that could make her not okay."

"I'm not even sure I want to ask."

Walk over there.
"See, was that so hard? A little kindness can go a long way, Melody.
Let me see."


"Perhaps… or perhaps it was photographical evidence."

"This… Anarchy. You say he is affiliated with Discord?"


"In the sense he is also a Draconequis. Other than that? Trying to apply reason to him is a waste of effort."


Sit down silently.


"Are you alright? We didn't go too far, did we?"


Let's track down any tea in this place.


I show her the herbs.
"Took 'em from a fighter's stash. No idea what they do, the only herbs I recognize are the ones that free your mind."

"Siting in plain sight like that? He didn't seem to bright to me, but if he's dealing with a scumbag like Cracked then I'd imagine he'd at least hold his cards closer to his heart."


"I'm fine! I just needed to… clean my equipment!"


"What are you doing?"


"Are you sure? We can tone it down in the future if it's too much."


"We might have, a bit."
Smile at her.
"Chin up, Mabel, you know we are your friends. Feel free to make an inappropriate joke back."

"I see. You suspect these are performance enhancing, right?"
Let's see what these herbs are! Surely I must know them with all the nature knowledge and hippyness!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Chin up, Amber*


"Troubling. Most troubling."

"Well, I do not think there is any point in theorizing further. I would like to take a gander in mister Skull's administration today. We have plenty of clues, but no solid evidence."


"Yes I'm sure!"
Stick out my tongue at them.


"We're not likely to find much solid evidence, if he's got any brains in his head."


I'll smile a bit.
"Alright, then."


"I am certain I will find enough to warrant the application of a bullet to his head."


"That's the Amber we all know and love."

"Trying to see what this guy was taking."


"Taking where?"


"Let's hope that a single bullet will be enough. Though we should at least try to gather enough evidence to get the law on our side, of course."


"That would be helpful to know."


That cake looks delish as fuck.
"That looks great. I'll just warm up the soup a bit and we can start. Do you want some wine?"

You're by the table next to the kitchen.
Lyra pours some wine and gives you a glass.


You've seen these before.
Muscle enhancers, performance enhancers, deadly if taken too much.
One of them, Nevom, is completely illegal in Equestria and carries a long prison sentence for possession.

There's lots of tea here.
What kind you want?

You identify them as coca, papaver and Pegasus Tail. All performance enhancers.


"I sometimes forget Equestria is different to my home in that regard."


Back down I go.
"You ponies still giggling like young foals?"


"Yes please."
I stick the cake on the counter to cool.
"Want me to carry out the salad?"


"Not us."


"We've moved on, Soil. Ready for another day in the Arena?"


"In his mouth, probably. Definitely in his body."

Coca, papaver and Pegasus Tail.
Not very recreational.
In fact, I'm preeeeety sure all of them are good for cheating and getting an unfair advantage."


"Enjoy even the small things, Soil."


"Oh, you meant like that?"


I'm gonna slam'em like nopony ever did!"
"Yeah, I will."
Snort a bit, but smile.
"And what's this 'bout cheatin?"


Pull Silver aside and whisper.
"N-Next time we wrestle, maybe we should keep our armor on so they don't start giggling again!"


"Excellent, that is our first weapon to use against mister Skull then."


She comes down with you as well.
She walks to the innkeeper.
"Uh excuse me sir. It seems last night, the bed in our room broke. We're terribly sorry."
He looks up and raises a brow.
Then glances towards Soil with a grin.
"It's allright miss, I'll have somepony take a look at it."
"Oh thank you."
Iris walks to the breakfast table and greets you all.

"Let's start with the soup, it's ready."
She takes it off and trots to the table.
"Lyra, a glass for shortcake as well."
Lyra gives you a glass of wine.
"Time for dinner."

He gives you a serious nod.
"Or…just keep it a secret? Wrestling with armor is not so fun."


Can we hear that from where we are, over the conversation we're having?



"Some herbs that would make him fight better."

"Now, could you shed some light on the why? I am a step behind on this."

Wave at Iris and cheekily wink at her.



"Fighters in the arena are disappearing and I have taken the burden upon myself of finding out why."

Give Iris a knowing smile.
"A good morning to you too."


I'll take a quick glance between Soil and Iris, and pat Soil on the back.
"I'm honestly impressed."


I cough, then snerk as I try to hold it in, then I start laughing and pounding on the table.


I follow her to the table and take my glass before taking my seat.
"Thank you for having us over for dinner."


"Investigating this fighting ring. Ponies from it are disappearing."

"Alright. I'll…"
My eyes widen.
"Oh fuck, you might be right. In his room, there's a vent shaft that leads all over the building. You can spy on anyone from there…"

I pick up the glass and offer it for a toast.
"This is shaping up to be a lovely night, eh?"


Figured as much. Fucker…

"Fits with the rest of this shit."
I point to one of them.
"This shit? Literally poison. Super N's a… fuck if I know. Muscle enhancer thing. Makes you strong as fuck, but at the cost of literally eating away at your brain or some shit. I never touched the stuff - heard too many stories about it."


"That works too! We'll have to secretly wrestle from now on!"

Wave happily at Iris! At least she doesn't giggle at me!



"So would it be fair to assume that the other fighters that are higher up in the rankings would have this… 'Super N' slipped into their food, or taken willingly? If so, Soil might have quite the fight ahead of him today."


"Isn't that like, a good dinner or something?"
Look at him kinda perplex.


"They can eat all the herbs they want, still got nothing on my shield."


"Not every stallion can break the bed out from under him and his partner on the first night. I'm surprised Iris can even still walk today."


"Perhaps he uses said pictures to blackmail some of his fighters. It seems like a logical thing to do."

"Super N? Is that legal?"


"I sincerely doubt it."


Just stare at him, mouth sligthly agape.



"What? I'm honestly impressed at the both of them."


"We can't have that, can we? If I can in any way, I'll help."

"None of these seem like games, especially if taken all at once."

Shake my head.
"Not like that. These have side effects."


Turn around and never look at him again.
Ever again.


"So, is it safe to assume that our lost sheep were removed after uncovering these things? Or is there more to it? The… headaches and sudden loss of strength sound… troubling. Perhaps… these were withdrawal symptoms."


Let's look for something sweet, to go with the breakfast.


"That is a distinct possibility. I can speak for the herbs, but not for those pills. I have no idea how that could interfere with the natural ones."


"Perhaps. The missing ponies might have realized they were being fed illegal stimulants, and were planning on going to the guards. And paired with Melody's discovery of the vents, it's likely they were spied on, photographed, and then threatened. Those that decided to go through with it anyway… vanished."
I'll shrug.
"That's just a guess, though."


"No. In a scheme like this, Blackhoof can't take a fall. Chances are, he cuts it to a safe enough dosage, just enough to give him that edge in the fight. Keep him numb to the punches."


And fuck no. Even possession of Super N shit is like, a year's sentence. But I'm not calling the guard on this shithead. That's only going to complicate things."


She nods.
"Hey Mabel. Hey, what's that..near your tail?"

"Hello miss Heart, it's a really good morning indeed!"

Iris looks to you.
"Hey, can I also hear the joke?"


You all sit at the table.
"Oh no problem" says Lyra. "Melody was so courteous, we just knew we had to get to know each other better! How did you both meet each other. And enjoy the soup."

Lyra nods.
"And it's only getting better once you taste Bon-bons soup."

She waves back.

"hmmmmm" he gives it a good look.
"I'll need to run some tests on this…would you mind?"

Iris ears perk.
Rolling for comprehension '1d10+2'

Berry tea?

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


She suddenly realizes all the looks.
And facehoofs.


Seems like a winner. Get a cup for Amber and Silver as well and bring it to the table.


I shake my head,
"Snack is fine with it, as long as pony dont dent it too much."
While he do his job what is happening around me?


"This appears to be a somewhat plausible theory. We should keep it in mind at the very least."

I chuckle.


"You are saying a lot of bad stuff…"


Look at my tail, what is she talking about?




I wipe my eyes.


"Me and a few people from my town got abducted by diamond dogs to dig in their mine. Melody is one of the ponies that saved us."
I start eating the soup.
"Mmm, what's in this?"


"Probably. Any number of these things is enough to take Blackhoof down, and who the fuck knows what'll happen to Cracked."

"Headaches, loss of strength… That sounds about right for withdrawal symptoms. Did they say anything about mood swings?"

"Like Shorty said, we met after me and an associate of mine rescued her from some Diamond Dogs."
I take a sip of the soup. How is it?


"I'm… sorry?"
I'll look between Iris and Soil.
"I suppose I have made it rather awkward, haven't I."


I roll my eyes.
"You two can't take all the credit, Mel. There were like a dozen ponies."


"Come on, some people would be jealous of that."

"I only just heard about this whole arena fiasco."

"Let's blame this morning for being awkward all around."


"I brought the rest if you want more."

"We're here to help. If you can think of any way we can help you, just give the word."


"Hey! It was just me and Mwa that took down the dogs who locked you in the kitchen though!"


"No, nothing of the sorts."
I get up.
"I believe I should continue my investigation at once. Are any of you practiced in the art of stealth?"


"We might have to… I blame a lack of sleep."


A brown spot has appeared.
Seems like the white is reverting.

Iris puts her hoof on your shoulder.
"It's okay, Soil."
She gives a stare at Warren.

Pretty good. Much vegetables. Might need more pepper maybe?

"It's a bit of my own recipe, but mostly dandelion and fresh tomatoes from our garden" says Bon-bon

It's a blacksmiths shop.
Another pony is working on making some weapons near the forge.
After a while the pony looks to you…
"Mmmmmmm, brother, I have an idea. But there is really only one way to test it."
He grabs a knife and cuts himself a tiny bit.
The blood drops fall upon the axe and disappear.

"It's okay."


"Right, well…"
Stand up.
"I've got a fight soon. Better get moving."
Kinda bummed out, go for the exit. Wake Indy first.


"Were you having fun last night too?"

"Oh… I guess I will be less of an attraction now, would I?"
"I looked like I'm from a circus being all white!"


"I was reading up on things in the library."
I'll shrug a bit sheepishly.


"Distraction's good enough, isn't it? What do you need?"

"Mm, this soup's delicious!"
I drink a few more hearty spoonfuls.


I frown a little.
"And my sister. She helped a lot too."


"I'd like to help investigate this illegal stuff, but I'm getting into a big cooking contest today."

"It's delicious."


"Found something real interesting?"

"I might be."


"I can do observation, if that's what you need."


"A few things, actually."


"I may or may not have broken into mister Skull's personal quarters last evening. Unfortunately before I could find anything I was forced to leave as his… 'mares' came in."


"Care to share?"


"What were you looking for?"


"One is a spell that lets me project my spirit into places I can't normally reach, or would be dangerous for me to-"
I'll sit up a bit straighter.
"That's it. I can use that to snoop around the Arena offices."


"I'll be right there. I'll just get my mane in order." says Iris.
You wake Indy up, who stretches and gets up.

"I thought you were a circus performer?"

Bon-Bon blushes.
"Thanks. And we here in Ponyville know all about Diamond Dogs, a few years ago a band of them had set up shop near howling ridge. They tried to capture some ponies. But we drove them out."


"Clues, mostly. I noticed a locked safe for one. I believe its contents may prove to be interesting."


I look at the axe dumbfounded.
"What does that mean? Did pony blood dried up immedietely?" I look at him with astonishment.


"Silver, have you prayed yet today? Meditated?"


"Good thinking, Warren!"

"What type of lock did it have?"

"That was the joke, yes."


"That's good. I think I've only met one diamond dog that isn't scummy."


"Well, it's a bit dangerous, though. My body is left pretty much undefended, and motionless. I'm completely unaware of what happens to it until I return to it."


"I could drop you in through the air. Cut down on sneaking around through most of the place. And I can wait on standby if there's anything you need evacuated."


"And of course your lovely sister…"
I momentarily frown, but quickly wipe it from my face.

"Shit, nice! Have any idea where the key might be?"

"Even I gotta admit they're a bad bunch… But never mind that. How were your guys' days?"


"A normal lock, I believe. I'm afraid I did not get a chance to put my lockpicks to use."

"Quite interesting… and very useful indeed."

I chuckle and spread my wings.
"I believe flight is not much of an issue for me."


"You have friends to watch over you. Like you watched out for me yesterday."

"Maybe today then."


"No, I could attempt to pick it open but that may not be possible. If that is the case… the key is most likely on mister Skull himself."


I grin.
"Still upset you couldn't get her?"


I'll nod a little.
"Right. But I don't really know if I can open doors or anything while I'm projecting."


"How big was the safe?"

"How long would it take you to get back to your body in that case?"


"That shouldn't be a problem either, should it?"

"Hmmm… if nothing else, you could at least scout ahead, see if anyone is in there. If the coast is clear, we can sneak in."


Uh… Sion?

"I'm afraid I do not follow."


"Supposedly it should happen almost instantly."
"The spell makes it so that the only things that are aware of me are other spirits, and other things that lie between the world of the dead and the living. I wouldn't be able to speak to any of you without hopping back into my body."


"Hm. I'm going to be fighting today. I'll see if I can spot the key on the dude if he calls me over to talk."

"You know it isn't just that Shorty. She saved my life! Is it that bad that I still harbor lingering affection for the girl?"


"Hopefully you only meet spirits willing to offer directions. Is there no way for us to force you back?"


Clear my throat.
"Who says that if the keys are on him they would stay on him?"

Shake my head.
"I meant you could see if the room and the surroundings are empty, then tell us that after coming back to your body."


I laugh and swat you with a wing.
"Well her sister is sitting right next to you."


I'll shake my head.
"Not unless any of you are a priest of Grogar."
"I suppose, but repeated castings might wear me down faster than just sitting there all day and taking note of what happens."


"Some…body with dexterous hooves could relieve them from him given a proper distraction and skill, I suppose."


"Nah, this is a very special axe you've got here brother. This is what they call a Blooddrinker."

"Uh…no I haven't."

"Hmmm. Well I'm going to fix my mane up. Excuse me."

"Well as far as I'm concerned, they can all stay far, far away from Ponyville."

"Oh…made a bit of money with the lyre and the candy."
She sighs.
"These are hard times. But we pull through. I always say, at least we don't have to feed foals right?"

Not too big.
Could be lifted with some trouble.


"Not too heavy or big…"


"So it drinks blood…. and?" I give him a bemused stare.
"Is it a dangerous weapon? Or even an artifact?"


"Worst comes to worst, we could just lift the thing and deal with it later. But let's see if we can come up with other plans in the mean time."


"SILVER! Praying and meditation is important! Come on!"
Drag him away from here! Find someplace to pray together!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"The one with us is actually reform. He's kind of sweet."


"You know, after all that happened these days, mind if I listen in?"


"We only need it once. Then anyone wandering nearby should be simply kept away."

Smile a bit.
"Do we have a plan?"


"Now it may be possible to simply open the lock with a lockpick. Mister Skull may have a key on him, but this is an unknown."


I'll nod slightly.
"Let's just hope that things go as easily as saying them."


"Big day today little champ. Fun times!"


"Yeah yeah, I still love ya too Shorty."
I lean over and give you a hug.

"You have any ideas of what specifically to do?"

"Tough times? What, is someone giving you trouble? Driving customers away?"


"Taking the safe will be the last option. If we can go in and grab everything and get out without being noticed, all the better."


"Even if he doesn't, it would be unfortunate if he stumbled into his room while it is being searched."

"It's never that easy, but we got out of every bad situation so far, haven't we?"


"We must ensure he is distracted, so we may search his room in peace. This is critical."


"Well, who wants to do which part?"


I give you a hug back. When I remember where we are I blush and let go.
"Aheheh, sorry about that you two."


"If he's watching Soil's fight, then I doubt there will be any trouble with that."


"This wouldn't be the first time we've been involved in an Arena mess. We'll be able to handle ourselves and cover for each other if anything happens."


"I believe I am best fit to search his room."

I nod.
"Excellent. Let us hope we find something noteworthy. Once this objective is completed we may begin plotting our next move."


"Both me and Soil are entered. If Soil's fighting, I can keep searching the vents. Lotta places there I didn't recognize and there's still some stuff I haven't searched. Or-"
I clear my throat.
"I could… 'entertain' his mares and keep them out of the way as well, in case he gets any ideas about sending them to check on things."

"Aww, they don't mind a lil' bit of affection Shorty!"
I pull you back and give you a kiss.


"Uh… sure! But praying and meditation is something that happens in silence, not much to listen to!"


Nod as well.
"I'll stay around and make sure he doesn't leave for his room then. If he does, I'll hold him up and try to see if he has any keys on him. What was his name and looks again?"



"If you can walk me through the first steps, that will be fine. After all we've been through, I want to make sure I've offered my thanks to whoever has been helping us this whole time."


"These weapons were forged in older times, brother, enchanted by powerful mages. They drink the blood of the ones they slay…"
He looks right in your eyes.
"and the more you slay, the stronger the axe will become…"

You find a good spot outside and pray and thank the Saviour for all the blessings she has given you.
You get a warm feeling.

Bon-bon raises a brow.
"A reformed dog…you sure? If you ask me he might be plotting or something."

You could go back to the cathedral later.

"YES. We'll be the Big Champion!"

"Well…sorry, we don't want to bother you with our problems..it's fine really."

"No problem, it's good to see you both care for each other so much."
Time for the salad.


"If you feel comfortable playing the distraction that way…"
I'll grimace a little.
"But I don't really want you to feel like you're being forced into it."
"Our next move, assuming we get the evidence, is to find where he's kept the three ponies who have disappeared. One group can go to rescue them, assuming they're still alive, and the other can organize the guards into a raid force."


"Actually… I would like to have a partner come along. Anypony will do. Just in case."


I try to push you back.
"I'm sure they don't want to see two mares kissing. They probably get enough stares because they are roommates."

"Wait, you two are having problems? How can we help?"


Off downstairs.
"My god don't you ponies ever get tired of talking so much?
What's going on now?"


"Right… I'll come along then, and Melody can distract him and his mares, since she volunteered."


After breakfast, I'll see if they are holding a morning mass.

"I can handle any fights and lead the guards around. Saving others is our first priority, I can take a few hits for that."

"Planning. Get some tea and join in."

Offer Soil a cup of sweet Berry tea.


"Snacks see's, Snack didnt know such pony magic existed… perhaps it is even evil magic dont you think?"
I grabbed the axe and toy with it a bit before smiling and putting it back in my holster before showing him the doge crossbow that I got in the vault.
"How about this? What does Anvil pony think of it?"


"You're just jealous because you can't get any."

"I ain't got a problem with it. They're cute."

"Wha- hey! I never said anything about Cracked! I ain't touching that sleezeball."

I break out laughing.
"Oh Shorty… when I said Bon Bon is Lyra's 'partner' I meant she's her partner."

"No, seriously, what's wrong? You're not bothering us at all."


Sniff on it and sit.
"Planning only happens in books!"


"Excellent, we have a plan. When shall we set things in motion?"


"We were actually just finishing up, Soil. You and Indy are ready to fight?"
I'll nod.
"So long as you're comfortable with it."


"No time like the present."


"It's easy! You just… pray! Pray for whatever you want to thank the savior for!"

"Do you feel it, Silver?"


"Heck yeah!
But how's that part of the plan?"


Who said anything about touching? I thought you said you'd help by distracting them."


"It's the most important part, actually. While you're fighting in the arena, you'll be holding the attention of most of the guards, and the pony whose room we're going to be raiding for evidence."


"Lots of books are based on real events. I should know."

Try not to flashback to reading all those books on tactics as a child. '1d10'

"Who knows, maybe we'll be the next big seller."

"Well, I'll definitely offer one for still having all my tail feathers and another for having met you all."

Roll #1 2 = 2


I scrunch in embarrassment.


"Are you sure his mares are like that?"

I take a closer look at both of them.
"Sorry, I hadn't even considered…I mean, you two are the only other mares I have met aside from Melody who dislike stallions."


Take a looong, long sip.
Then put the teacup down and look at him with quite the serious expression, arching a brow.
"Okay. Why are you doing this again?"
"Who'd ever read something 'bout a bunch of noponies hunting dangerous monsters and becoming friends and having fun and learning all about life?"
Scoff off.


"Ponies are disappearing and we thing someone is doing something bad, that is why they are gone."


"We should just slam the baddies then.
Like we did in Tall Tale!"


"Because there have been fighters going missing from the arena, and their families are concerned. We're going in there to find out why they're disappearing, and where they're going."
I'll scratch my chin a bit.
"And the other fighters might be taking drugs to improve their fighting abilities, which is illegal. So we're looking for evidence about that, too."


"But there lies the question. Who is the bad pony that needs to be slammed? What if we were lied to and hurt the wrong pony?"


"Okay, I will try to leave them all in one piece then.
Don't want you to scoop up the evidence with a spoon."
"It's in their eyes, I tell you."


"We need to find out where the ponies are first."
Frown a bit.
"And you know I don't approve of killing ponies, even if they are bad."


"Well, the fighters in the arena itself are going to be up to your judgement. Just don't kill anyone."


"It's just an option. And that's only if he gets suspicious. Otherwise I'm going to go dive through those vents some more."

I continue laughing.
"Oh Shorty…"


"No idea. Worth a try though."


I'll nod.


"Do you not?"


Put down the teacup and cross my forelegs.
"Now I will have to be careful!"



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Just keep him and his friends, mare or not, off our backs, if you could, if the fight is not good enough of a distraction."


"You've got that part down. Now, where would we find the bad ponies?"

"We can get some rope and other materials. In fact, we could just pretend to be there to fix a few things. For the flyers, we'd be there just to fix some high up things."


Arch a brow.
"Do you?"


"Where ponies have been disappearing! The arena!
I know I saw that big guy somewhere else!"


"Being careful will do you good. Remember, they might use illegal things to get an edge over you."

"I'm not sure they would buy it. Especially since they must know who we are."


"Can you recall where?"


I scrunch harder


I chew on my cheek.
"Mmhmm. Well, good luck seducing those other mares. I'm going to get ready for that cooking judge."
I leave.


Raise a brow and smirk slightly.
"Mabel, we fought an Ursa. And fire ponies as big as the big tree!"
Tap my chin.

Sion, is the 9 I rolled last time enough to remember he was in Tall Tale?
If not, further roll to remember!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"My papa taught me to shoot bad ponies, sugar."

"Did you? Where, if I may ask?"


"Yes, together. We can't promise to be there for you, and they might not play clean."

"Who is to say who is a bad pony and they cannot change?"


They look at each other. Bon-Bon coughs
"Well…we've lately had trouble with our new supplier. The old one died in monster attack. He's been asking really high rates for some of the things I need to make our candy. We tried to negotiate better rates…but that pig wanted to…" she glances at Lyra.
"We refused and now I can only barely afford to make candy. We can't sell this for higher prices you know. The kids love it."

"Let me tell you something, brother. Every weapon thirsts for blood, that's what a weapon was made for. Putting a spell on it to make it taste blood is not evil in my eyes. It's knowing a weapon."
He looks at the doge crossbow.
"Good, sturdy, will serve you well brother."

He nods.
"Yes…but there's something…don't you feel it, there's an evil presence somewhere in this town."

Flashback time.

I told you, you recognized his face.
You said "I know what that is."
So I thought it was obvious. Yes, he's the Enforcer.




… Is there?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Later Shorty!"

"Which big guy? The gryphon? He was the champion fighter in Tall Tale until I beat his ass."

"Oh, that fucking pig. Who is he? Gimme a name so I can go beat some sense into him."


You feel it now too.
There's something hanging over the town…
Blocking the positive rays of the sun and the moon a tiny bit.


"Why, the sheriff of course. Or the marshal. They tended to hang or shoot bad ponies."


Shake my head.
"Nah, not the gryphon.
The guy that calls himself Cracked Skull.
I fought against him in Tall Tale!"


I scowl.
"What a jerk. What do you need to make your candy, maybe we can help you find some things?"

"I don't think hitting him in the balls with your instrument is a good idea this time, Mel."


I give a half wave with a wing as I leave.


I'll raise an eyebrow at that.
"You did?"


I perk up.
"Why did you fight him, darling?"


I nod at this before showing Anvil the diamond dog armor.
"Can Anvil shape this armor into any shape or sizes? It is an old and ancient armor that Snacks has found under a very very old vault. Snack found two and Snacks plan to donate one to a museum while lending this one to a friend of mine."


"That's actually when I met Iris!"
"He was red. Green asked me to help."


Soil already had this armor done. He took one, you only hold one.


"Excuse me?"


"I see…"


I scrunch.
"You're right! I didn't feel this before!"
Now this requires further investigation!
"Who is responsible for this!?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Sure it will. If he doesn't give them a cheaper price I'll hit him some more."

"He was red? Huh?"


"In the middle of some big event, it wouldn't be unusual to hire a little extra help. But mostly, in case anything happens, pretend to be part of the crowd and we can probably get away if anything happens."

"Le's avoid using extreme force. It'll be more costly if they have others who will seek revenge for them. If we can get them tossed into prison, folks who'd avenge them are likely to let them rot their for their own stupidity."

>Child Queren
>Reading a military book
"Honestly, the words started to blur together. It was important, it would help me now, but after three hours in the midday sun, I just couldn't focus anymore. No one there could, and this is that I was aiming to be the top student. And then the teachers made us all run around the school because we were starting to get lulled to sleep by the lecture. I can feel the heat and the dry air leave my beak chapped and where is the tea, I know I brought tea, there should be something to drink around here something big please I'm parched."

Get something to drink.


"He was one of the red guys! The green guys' stuff was taken by them, and they needed help, but then the green guys' stuff wasn't the green guys' to begin with!"
"Yeah, he was pretty tough."


Ah I thought he didnt get one because of it not fitting to him, alright then.
"Thanks Anvil pony, Snack is grateful, if Anvil needs anything just tell Snacks."


"And then you get arrested. Again."


I'll frown a little.
"But why did he come here… unless he's the 'trouble' Anarchy sent ahead of us."


Grin wide to myself.
"Can't wide to crack his skull open!"



"Ehhh… fine."


"Bad guys doing bad things.
Then we kicked them all out of Tall Tale."


"You must remove the roots of the weed for them to disappear entirely."

"I… see."


"True, but I'd rather not leave an opening for others to fill. At worst, exploit their camaraderie. Even criminals have friends, and they won't just leave them their if they are hurt, buying us time to do whatever we need."


"Then we simply kill their friends too. I am certain the bounties on their heads will be quite plentiful."


"Yeah, we can do that."
"I like how you think."


"Really, we're likely to end up in jail or worst. Lots of them might just be guards or guilty of small crimes that don't carry a death sentence. We'll wind up with more trouble than any bounty is worth."


"We shall see and judge when the time comes."


Shake my head with a disappointed frown and leave to my room without a word.


I slowly step away from her.
Bitch be crazy yo.


"True, there's still lots of work to be done between then and now."


"I was under the impression you were bounty hunters, was I wrong to assume so?"


"Living targets often have a bigger payout, and breathing bodies end up with less paperwork for us."


"No way! We are Monster Hunters!
Only big and scary stuff for us!"


"Well that's mighty strange, back home the opposite was true!"

"But ya'll are still going after criminals as well, no?"


"Only because criminals are dicks.
We don't actually get paid for that."


"No bounties? Why, that is quite the disappointment."


"We've been known to free lance into other things. Hunting monsters doesn't always have the best payout."

"Think of it this way, if they're dead, we have to carry their corpses around. If they are alive, we can make them carry us and our stuff."


"Indeed, but they also require food and water and become a liability to take care of. Prisoners tend to make matters complicated. This discussion is pointless in any case, as the absence of bounties changes matters a lot."


"That's stupid.
If there's like, many of them, they can only be trouble."


"True, let's focus on the safe for now."

"That's a problem we'll deal with once we get there."


So, in the time between breakfast and the mission, Warren finds himself on his own for a brief moment.




"What's up, Amber? Something the matter?"


"No! I just had a prayer and I realized you never pray or meditate! What's up with that?"


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"What do you mean? A lot of ponies aren't very obvious about whom they worship, or when."


"I've never once see you pray though! Who do you serve?"


I'll think a moment.
"I'm… not certain, actually. I don't think I follow any particular sect, though I can't deny that they do exist. I mean, I've already gone into the Laughing Labyrinth, after all. Pretty big evidence of there being something more than what I know is out there."


I scrunch.
"Which one do you like most?"


I'll shrug.
"I'm fairly neutral towards most of them, though I do likely owe the Laughing One for bringing me back to life."
I'll clear my throat.
"Though of course the more negatively-associated deities are not exactly in my good books."


I walk outside of the inn, ears hanging low and a frown on my face.


"You should definitely look more into it! I don't know much about the laughing one but it sounds fun!"


"I don't think I quite fit their idiom."
Ah, a distraction.
"Mabel, what's gotten you into such a mood?"


Oh, damn.
Sleight of Hoof to put something away in my bags without them noticing.
"Hmm? Oh, hey, didn't see you two there."

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll raise an eyebrow at the bag stuffing, but ignore it for now.
"What's got you frowning? You were in a fairly pleasant mood before we left…"


"Why not? Don't you like fun?"

Wave at her cheerily.


"Of course I do. I'm just… not."


"Nothing, really…. it just seems I was wrong about someone."

Smile a bit and raise my ears.
"Hey Amber."


"I think you're a fun pony!"


"Mistakes happen. Who was it, if you care to share?"
"Well, I'm glad you seem to think so. But in my line of work, not drawing attention to myself is usually preferable to being the life of a party."


Shake my head.
"It's not important, I don't want to ruin the mood."
Smile slightly.
"And hey, I'm telling you. We should just start a circus already."


I'll just roll my eyes a little.


Yesterday a stallion asked me to give an autograph for his filly!
Wouldn't you be glad to make someone happy in small ways like that? It's why it means so much to me."


"Small happinesses are usually the best ones, from my experience, but every pony has their own way of making them happen. You perform, Amber protects ponies so that they can live peacefully, and I… well, I try to stay out of the way. Make the world a bit safer with this Monster Hunting business."


"There must be more that you want in life than that."


"You can do both!"

"What? What's wrong?"


"Wants and needs are often horses of other colors."
I'll shrug slightly.


I scrunch again.
"Okay how about Luna? She watches over the night! Perfect for being unseen!"


"Nothing is wrong."
Shake my head again.
"I just disagree with killing ponies."

Point at my white coat.
"Change the color then to a mixture of both."


"Amber, I don't see that having a particular patron or not is much of a concern right now. You and Silver have Cadence, and I trust you two to watch over the party. Along with Mabel's Nature patronage, I think we're in good hooves as it is."


"Life is rarely so simple."


"But… it's fun!"


"I'll take you word for it."


"Amber, didn't we talk about forcing religions on others already?"

"Life is terribly complicated, it's just up to you how simply you live it."


"… Fine then."

Stick out my tongue at her.
"I'm just curious!"


I'll simply spread my front hooves a bit helplessly in a shrug.
"Speaking of meditation, though, how are you and Silver Blood getting along? I hope our teasing earlier during breakfast hasn't made anything too awkward for you two."


"If you make faces when the wind changes, your muzzle will be stuck in that grimmace forever!"

"Come on, don't be so clueless. All I'm saying is, that it is important to be kind to others, but don't forget to be kind to yourself."


"Well, that's common sense, Mabel."
And I'll nod.
"She's right, by the way, Amber. You make a face for too long and it could stick that way forever."


"Uh… F-Fine! Why wouldn't it be!?"

"N-No it won't! That's silly talk!"


"Well, it's just that I was afraid we'd gone a bit too far, and that would strain your partnership with Silver, instead of making it stronger. You see, life partners have to weather quite a few things together to make certain their bond doesn't break."


"Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom."

"Oh it's true. There was a young pony at the circus, just like you. She had to give up her life of adventure because no one would take the silly face stuck on his muzzle seriously."


"So it's said."
And I'll look at her a bit sideways.
"She became a he? That must have been quite a face she pulled."


Motion circles at my face with a grin.
"Bearded mare, you know. Facial hair helped hide it."


"We are in a strong partnership! We swore an oath!"

"I don't believe that!"


I'll give a small smile.
"Alright, alright. I just wanted to make sure a little horseplay didn't make things difficult for you when you meditate together. Alone. With no one around except your princess of Love."


"Your loss! I will be there to say 'I told you so' when it happens."

Chuckle at that.
"Oh my. I can definitely see why they would want to meditate a lot then."


"What are you implying!?"


I'll hold my hooves up in mock defense.
"Nothing at all, Amber. It's just that a mare and a stallion by themselves can lead to some rather awkward silences, especially after you've finished praying to the Princess of Love. I didn't mean anything by it other than that."


"You know, I think something like that could get… awfully romantic."


"We're paladin partners! Duty and religion comes first! … And we're not interested in each other! We are professionals!"


"Just wait until you have to use shared showers.
Oh, could I tell a story about that or what."


"Come now, Amber, who's to say that Love can't bloom on the battlefield?"
I'll chuckle, but then shake my head.
"And I know you're a professional paladin, Amber. Just remember that you can be professional, and still find a special somepony to keep you company too."


"You're just t-trying to throw me off-balance! It's not working!"


Walk closer to Amber.
"Oh… well, if you're not interested… you wouldn't mind if someone else were to make advances on Silver?"


"Of course not!"


I'll just grin and shake my head at all this.
"You know, she might just do it."


Grin slightly, and wink at Warren.
"Hey, Amber did just say that the coast is clear! And he is a handsome, strong stallion, isn't he?"


"I wouldn't be a good judge of his looks, but he seems sturdy enough."


"Pfff, he's a paladin like me! He's profes-… professionalistic! We both want to focus on becoming official paladins!"


"Don't official paladins have families? To my knowledge, there's no chastity condition for being a paladin…"


"He can be a paladin and have a special someone at the same time, right?"


"He can, but he wants to focus on our job first! And there is a lot of job to do!"


I'll clonk my front hooves together.
"And you're absolutely right."
Nodding, I'll continue.
"So it's up to you to keep him on the track, and not go gallivanting after random mares and jennies. Even if they're mares and jennies you know."


"You've got your work cut out for you, don't you?"

Snicker at that.


"He won't! He's faithful! … professionalistic I mean!"

"We do!"


"And is keeping him… faithful to you part of it?"




"I wasn't arguing that he wasn't, Amber. I'm just saying keeping him from straying from the path is just as important as your other paladin duties."


Shake my head.
"Guess that you called dibs on him first then."


"No way!"

"Faithful as my paladin partner!"


"Yes, but you two do relate to each other in this partnership, right?"


"No? You mean you wouldn't stop him if he strayed and went to some other religion, or turned his back on the Princess?"


"I thought you meant-… No! I mean yes! Yes I would stop him!"

"What does that even mean?"


"You'll find out."
Lean closer, speaking in her ear.
"Shared. Showers."
Try not to break down giggling.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Good. Having a reliable partner is one of the fundamentals of a successful relationship."
And I'll raise an eyebrow.
"What exactly did you think I meant? You've already said you've no romantic plans towards Silver Blood."


"They don't force shared showers!"

"Good because Silver is reliable! We both swore our oaths and I trust him with my life because I know he'll keep to it!"


"Oh, but you will want to."


"Why would I!"


Shake my head.
"Why wouldn't you want to shower with a stallion you like a lot?"


"Because it's not professionalistic!"


"Yes, but it's lots and lots of fun!"


"It's just a shower!"


"Washing away the sweat, as the two of you stand there in the hot steamy mist, all naked and wet…"


"Well, you aren't a unicorn, so you might need help reaching those hard to get to spots. A partner can help."


"And how!"


"Stop making it sound so dirty!"


"Showers are to make you clean, not dirty, Amber!"


I'll feign confusion.
"How is having a friend scrub your back dirty?"


I scrunch and just keep silent.


I'll scrunch back.


Bite back a snicker, and make a surprised face.
"Oh, dear, Warren, I think she might had something else in mind!"


"Well, she is a young mare in the prime of her life, it's only natural to draw such conclusions."
I'll shrug.
"Though perhaps it could also just be our choice of words."


I'm not saying anything more! In fact, I think this is a good time to leave.


"I may have worded them a bit ambiguously…"

"Hey, Amber, I take full responsibility!"


"I guess we're breaking so we can prepare for the mission, then? See you later, Amber."
"You were a bit relentless, there."


"Yes, but what will happen now?"
Look at Amber go.
"She'll go to Silver, tell him how dumb we are, you know, bond a little with him…"


"Perhaps. Or she'll just avoid him to stay out of 'awkward' situations."


"Amber? Avoiding friends? Really?"


"Avoiding coltfriends, anyway. Or at least a potential one."
I'll shrug.
"Love is a strange thing, after all."


"Isn't it just…"


"Anyway, if you want to go after her to make up for the teasing, you'd best hoof it before she locks herself in her room again."


"I told her she is free to tease me back!"


"Amber's… not really good at teasing. She gets flustered far too easily to return banter."


"Come on, I would be an easy target even for an amateur teaser like her!"


"I honestly don't think Amber even rates 'amateur' status. She's just too pure and honest."
I'll shake my head with a small smile.
"That's why I asked if I made her angry so much."


"Isn't she just the most adorable?"
I smile too.
"And hey, she knows we are her friends. We do it because we care!"


"She really is."
I'll chuckle.
"And I believe we've said that, too. Still, it's probably best if you went and caught up with her. I'll need to go over this astral projection thing a few more times before I'm certain I won't be dead weight when it's needed."


"You'll be fine, Warren!"
"Well, it can't hurt to reassure her we didn't mean anything wrong by it."