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[Character Sheets and Information: http://goo.gl/y9CC4 ]

You have arrived near ponyville. A small rural town located in close proximity to the dreaded Everfree Forest. Nothing special to see here.
Just some farmers and peasants.


Alright, once Vilina's in the gravekeeper's hooves, we'll head on to the feast.


Stop Mabel and Warren.
"So what do you guys think!?"


"About what?"


"Silver Blood, duh!"


"He's alright. What really surprised me is that you picked a partner so quickly."


"I had a vision about it!"


"A… vision? Not that those are too uncommon nowadays, but is that so?"


I nod quickly.
"It must have been one from Cadance, I just know it!"


"I don't know, I haven't talked much with him yet.
A vision though?"


"Well, he seems nice enough. I hope he serves you well as a partner."


"Yeah! I was meditating and all of the sudden I saw a river of silver flowing from a large organic heart! Silver blood!"

"I bet her will! We'll be super close partners and do all kinds of stuff together."


"That's nice."
"And I bet you will."


I'll chuckle a little.
"Oh will you?"


"I'll have to write my parents about this… they'll want to know!"


"I'm sure they'll be thrilled you've picked your life partner, Amber."


"Introducing him to family already?"


"They will! Picking a paladin partner is a big deal!"

"Uh… why not?"


"I didn't say you shouldn't."


I scrunch.
"Why ask then?"


"Most certainly, it is."


"Girls introducing boys to their parents used to be a big thing, or so I've heard."



"But I told them about Soil, Snacks and Warren ages ago!"


"Ah, but we're not paladin partners. You're stuck with Silver Blood your whole life, and he with you. That's practically marriage no matter how you look at it."
I'll chuckle again.
'That's why I was so surprised you picked so quickly."


"We're not married! And I was guided by Cadance herself! She knows all about these things!"


"So, you don't think he's cute?"


"I know, Amber. I know. But you can't deny it's very similar."


"Uh… H-He's strong!"

I scrunch again.
"It's different!"


I'll just smile.
"So you've said."


"And handsome?"



"Only a maybe? Well, I suppose you didn't pick him for his looks."


"Maybe isn't an answer, Amber."


"He's nice looking, but that doesn't matter!"


Smirk and nudge Warren.
"There's definitely something between these two, don't you think?"


"I'm sure it mattered to him. He's probably counting his blessings, getting to work together with such a sparkly young mare."
I'll chuckle.
"Perhaps, or at least the beginning of something. Who can tell? She does protest quite a bit."


"Denial is one of the first signs of love in bloom."


Try not to blush [1d10]
"It's too early for all this!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"For some. For others, it's the excessive blushing."
"As evidenced."


Let out a small laugh.
"I think we just cracked this case open. Should we tell him, or let him find out on his own?"


"We'll let nature take it's course, I think."



I'll give a small chuckle, and pat you on the back with my wing.
"It's alright, Amber. I'm simply teasing you because you fluster easily. It's rather cute."


"Sounds like a plan."

I chuckle as well.
"She told me not to call her cute the other day. We'll need another word."


"I'm not supposed to be cute!"


"Why not?"


"Paladins are not supposed to be cute!"

I frown.


"What's wrong with a paladin who is cute to those who have nothing to fear from her?"


"C'mon, Amber. Who says paladins can't be cute?"


"If I'm cute to you guys, others will think so too! They wont take me seriously!"


"Iris is cute and I can take her seriously. Same with Star."


"That's different!"


"How so?"


"Aww, am I not cute?"

"You can be cute and taken seriously at the same time."


"Well, not cute, but you have your own charms."


"Not everyone is like you guys! Some ponies might see me as incompetent if they judge by looks!"


"And that's why you prove them wrong. Being underestimated can help you get the upper hoof in a fight, you know."


"Or can lead to people not trusting me with their problems!"


"Then you will surprise and amaze them all the more."

"I guess I grew out of looking good. I had hoped I had another ten years or so of it. Helps with gathering crowds if you are a sight for sore eyes."


"If ponies would turn their nose up at somepony offering help just because of how they appear to be, then they might not have been worth helping in the first place."
"I can only speak for myself, of course."


"Ponies who are afraid or under stress tend to not think straight!"


"They probably wouldn't be thinking about you being cute if they were that distressed."



"Most ponies register the uniform before the rest of the pony, Amber. You shouldn't worry about letting your mane down, so to speak, especially around your friends."


Join them from behind.
"Then you slam them. With your hammer."


"That isn't to say you're unattractive, because that's not it at all. It's just my personal tastes…"
Oh thank god, it's Soil. He'll distract them.


Look at him with a weirded out stare.
"What you ponies rambling about?"


I just scrunch. They don't understand!


"This and that."

"I know. A surprising amount of ponies feel that way about non-ponies."


"Put that down right now.
We are going to a feast, no angry ponies allowed!"


"Thank you for understanding. I fear I'd make quite the mess of it trying to explain properly."


"She's not angry, she is flustered."

"I understand. It just surprised me that you think like that as well."


"Isn't it like… Same thing?"


"It's really just… 'as well?' What do you mean?"


"I'm not!"


"Not at all. Being flustered is closer to embarassment."

"I didn't think you were racist, but as I said, I understand."

"You seemed to be!"


"Hey waitaminute here, Warren's no rashist!"


I'll blink, and stop for a moment.
"Wait, you think…? Where did you get that idea?"


"Well, I just said that I know that a lot of ponies are racist against non-ponies, and you thanked me for understanding."


"I'm not! And why would Warren be racist? That's silly!"


"You are stupid.
Talking just like that stupid zebra."


"No, I said that while you may have your own charms, you don't appeal to my specific tastes. That's what I assumed you understood."
I'll shake my head.
"I did not intend for that to be taken as a slight against donkeys in general."


"That was my bad then. I was starting to get worried, really."


"Well, you shouldn't have. Why on earth would I insult a friend like that?"


"I'm not insulted by racism anymore. I've learned not to be anymore. That's why I was just mildly surprised."
Shake my head.
"I guess I just need some time to relax. I'm starting to see ghosts where there aren't any."


"Yeah! I mean… I wouldn't have a non-crystal pony myself!"


"You two seem too excited about this stuff."


"Wouldn't Cadance say that love knows no bounds?"


"Yeah, but love is also a personal thing! I like crystal ponies!"


"We're just having a conversation about it!"


"I know, you like a crystal pony already too, don't you?"


"I-I never said that!"


"Didn't you?"


Stick out my tongue at her.


Look extremely confused between the two.


"It's mare talk, Soil."


"I'm onto you, Amber."


"They are strange…
What was that racer thing about?"


"No you're not!"


"Then why did you stick your tongue at me?"


"Just a misunderstanding. It seems that in her past, Mabel has run into ponies who have a baseless dislike of donkeys."
I'll rub my chin a moment.
"You do know what racism is, right?"


"Because… because I can!"


"It's that thing the zebra said I did?"


"If you can, so can I!"
Stick out my tongue at her!


I'll think a moment.
"I must not have been there for that. When was this?"


I look taken aback for a second, then stick, my tongue out back at her!


"Oh, when I slammed his nose and then the innkeeper lied to us about the stolen money and I went to sleep in a cave and those crystal knights joined me!"


Quickly boop her nose with a hoof when she does!


I'll think on that a second.
"Was this before or after Tall Tale? Because if it was before, I definitely wasn't there for that."




Shake my head.
"Before. It was raining, buncha ponies looked all angry at Amber and stuff just 'cause she was a crystal pony."


"You were asking for it!"


"Ah. I was in the Labyrinth, then."
I'll nod.
"But those strangers hating Amber simply for being a crystal pony is racism. Hating anyone simply because they aren't the same race as you is racism."


Think about it for a while.
"Then I'm racist. Against monsters!"


"I didn't ask you at all!"

I perk my ears.
"Oh yeah… that inn…"


I'll trail off.
"Well, I guess I'd never thought of it that way before. But, I can't talk to monsters and animals, so I'm at a bit of a loss when it comes to that."


"The innkeeper was mean."


"You did, when you stuck out your tongue."

"Who says you can't? They might just not understand you, or you might not understand them."

"Some ponies are just mean like that."


"You knew many of those ponies?"


"Maybe… but some of his money was stolen! I gave mine so he'd be happier!"


"Mutual understanding is what it would take, and if I can't understand, then I can't talk with them. It's just the way it is for me."


"He said it wasn't!"


"Well it was something at least!"


"I don't get it…
Wht lie!"


"…some of them, at least."
Drop my ears halfway.
"I was involved with some really, really bad ponies at one point in my life of which I'm not very proud of."

"You can do magic though. That's nothing to sneeze at either."



"He didn't lie at all… I think."


"…So you took out the bad ponies!"
"I don't get it."


I just shrug!


"…The world is full of strange ponies."


Shake my head.


"So… They did bad things to you?"


"It's complicated…"


"I've yet to find a spell that lets me speak with animals. That's purely in the natural magic domain."


"Hey, I like stories!"


"This isn't a very happy one."

"Well, do you want to talk with animals?"


"You are here now.
How bad can it be?"


"Most are just mean."


"I'm not certain I'd have the time to study."
"Monsters, or ponies?"




"It's not that bad of a story, Mabel!"


"You thought that wolf was mean, when it was only in pain."

"I was asking whether you want to talk to them, not if you want to learn to talk to them."

"Did I tell you all of it?"


"Well, that can probably be explained as them not knowing you."
"It might be interesting."


"No, I thought he was just a wolf!"




"I told you everything up until the point I got lost in the tunnels, didn't I?"

"Yes, and wolves aren't evil."

"I can't say that it isn't."




"Perhaps one day, when the fate of the world isn't in the balance."


"Let's hope we are not way over our heads on that one."

"Well… it gets worse from there."




"Tsk, we can totally slam that big mean dragon back to its home."


Wave a hoof around.
"Not a story for tonight."


"We'll do more than that."


"What could be any more awesome?"


"Slamming it right out of existence, of course. I'm pretty sure by the time we get there you'll be strong enough to knock it into next week."


"Getting rid of it forever."




"Ooh, that sounds cool!"
Smile excited.
"And I bet Indy will be big enough to face him one on one!"


"Well, maybe not one on one. But he'll certainly be bigger by then. And you wouldn't make him do all the work, right?"


"Isn't it more fun to vanquish evil with friends?"


"I'd never leave all the fun to him alone!"


"Right. And we'll be there too, backing you up until that dragon's nothing more than a bad memory."


"Well duh, I'd never expect less of my friends!"


"Darn right."


Smile at that.
"You can count on us."


Sniff the air around me.
"Heroes need their food!
To the feast!"



"I am getting a bit hungry."


"That they do."
And it's on to the feasting area.


The Sun is touching the horizon as you arrive at the gates of ponyville. There's a warm breeze and it's comfortably warm for this time of the year.
There's a shaky wooden fence around the town, no doubt erected to provide some protection against the rampaging monsters from the wilds.
As you enter the gates you are greeted by a large crowd of ponies, cheering for you.
Above the gates there's a large banner saying "Welcome to the Slayers of the Ursa Minor!"
It is decorated with some shiny stars.
From the crowd a brownish mare with gray mane trots forward.
"As mayor of ponyville, it's my honor to greet the heroes who slayed the Ursa Minor and defeated the crime in Tall Tale!"


I give a whistle.
"This is a hell of a celebration."


Whistle surprised, looking around.


"We were just doing what any trained soldier would, Mayor."


"It's great to be here!"


"Wow! You guys must have really not liked that ursa!"


Nod with a smile.
"You didn't need to do this though."


There's a large table with lots of food, right beyond the crowd.
"That Ursa blocked our attempts to fix the railroad for months now! Now we can finally trade with the other towns again."
She coughs.
"Now, I have prepared a speech for this occasion!"
Some in the crowd roll their eyes.
She gets to a small platform, while an assistant with glasses hand her an extremely long roll of paper.
"Fillies and gentlecolts,
Ponyville has a long proud line of heroes that came here. Even from the very beginning, the first settlers….."
Roll for boredom.


I have food!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Be a good pony and pay attention!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh god.
A fucking politician giving a speech?
I'll take this time to go grab some food I guess.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Try and mind my manners.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'm used to my sister's droning.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'm a trained soldier, this should just fall off like water on a penguin.

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 7 = 7


Also look around, where is Star?


The speech drags on and on.
You try to sneak to the eating table while some of the more well dressed ponies frown at you.
Wow, there's salad, and apples (lots and lots of apples and apple related consumables), there's cakes and pies, and a whole lot more.

Your paladin instincts kick in and you pay attention, even though the speech is pretty boring. Especially when she starts talking about that one time Celestia came to visit.

You let all of it pass you and, with fitting disregard of etiquette, turn your attention to the dinner table, as you overlook the different delicacies, a little yellow filly walks up to you and looks at you shyly. "H-hello"

Do you know that feeling when you want to pay attention but you just can't, because it's just too boring? You're feeling that now. You barely avoid falling to sleep, unlike Inferni who has nestled himself on your back and is snoring softly.

Your sister doesn't drone like this. It just keeps going and going and going. Your eyes fall down on their own and you're shocked awake when the crowd politely claps.

You both manage to hold your own.
Star is right next to you, looking at Mayor Mare.

When the speech finally ends, mayor mare trots up to you. "Oh before we start the banquet, there are some ponies I just have to introduce to you!"
She leads you to a grey stallion. "This is Filthy Rich, one of the most important ponies in ponyville. And Diamond Tiara, his lovely daughter." The pink filly next to him smiles at you all. "So nice to meet you."


Just scratch my head upon the presence of this stravagant looking pony.
"Hello?" I wave to both of them.


I smile back.
"It's nice to meet you both."


Hey Celestia isn't bad! She's no Cadance, but still!
Wave at the two ponies.


"A pleasure to make your acquaintance."


I start munching on whatever looks the most expensive.


Throw my back up a bit to wake him. Speak softly.
"Psst, you can snooze later!"

Do a little more-circus-act-thanking-than-etiquette bow to them.
"Nice to meet you too."


Wave at them, still snacking on an apple.


"Nice to make your acquaintance. You've certainly got this town out of a rut. Already got my boys working on fixing the railroad."
Mayor mare drags you to a large red stallion and a purple mare. "And this is Big Macintosh, from the Apple family, one of the biggest apple farms in all of Equestria."
"And this is Cheerilee, our local teacher."
"Welcome to ponyville!"

He wakes up, grumbling, but gets upright.

"H-hey…miss hero, can I have your autograph?"


"Waaaait a minute."
Raise a brow looking at the red stallion.
"You got a cousin named Red that lives in…


"It's our honor to be here."

Turn to the others.

"After what's happened everywhere else, this is nice, isn't it?"


I stare at Big Mac.
"Whoa, how'd you get so big?"


"Big Macintosh of the Apple family? I met your cousin back in Tall tale!"


Whisper back.
"You'd want to look majestic in front of all these people, wouldn't you?"

"Nice to meet you all."


I bow a bit and smile.
"This place looks peaceful enough, Snacks likes it."
I then whisper to Star.
"Snack thought Ponyville will be big but this looks to be quite small, what does Star think?"


"Heh. Sure! Do you have a pen?"
I chuckle.
"And what's your name?"


Cheerilee smiles.
"He eats a whole bucket of apples a day!"


He nods.
Cheerilee asks "How is she?"

You notice he puffs his chest a bit more.

"I'm so hungry, I wish that mayor would stop so we can eat."

"Gold Mane!"
She hoofs you a pen.
"One day, I wanna be an adventurer just like you!"


"Best cyder ever!"




"She beat me in the arena, so very good!"
Look around.
"Does this mean Applejack of the Apple family is around too? I have a letter for her."


Then ask one of the ponies.
"The forest beside the town is Everfree, right?"


I dig out whatever loose scrap of paper I have that isn't sheet music or revolutionary propaganda and start signing with a wing.
"Adventurer, eh? So what do you like doing Gold Mane?"


I smile at her and nod before looking at Mayor Mare and flick her ears.
"If Mayor pony is fine, Snack and Star would excuse ourselves to go and eat." I smile.


"Sorry, but my chest has been hurting. I'm going to get some food."

Anything that might appeal to a Gryphon there?


Cheerilee nods. "You should come by the farm, cider is the best when it's fresh."


Big Mac and Cheerilee look at each other for a second.
"She had a long day at the farm and she wanted to sleep early."


The mayor stops all of you.
"Oh but there so much more important ponies to meet! It just would be such a shame if they didn't get to meet you!"
She drags all of you to the next pony.
Cheerilee waves "We can talk more at the party."
Mayor Mare looks around "let's see, there's Zecora, Diamond Spoon, the Cakes, the doctors…oh who first…oh I know who first!"
She guides you to a white pony with blue mane.
"Let me introduce you to a delightful friend of mine. She's an adventurer just like you. Her name is Light Heart."

"I like to play detective! And play hero and kill the bad monsters with my sword!"
She swings her hoof in the air while making a swooshing sound.
"Hey, can I see your weapon?"


I clear my throat.
"Miss Mare, I do believe your presence was requested elsewhere because of an issue with the desserts."


No choice but to carry on. Have to keep that professional demeanor.

Offer a talon to each of them. "It's a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you for all this."


I wanted to talk about apples and cyder!


I just sigh and look at Star.
"Pony Mayor is too insistent, perhaps we can eat after this if Star is fine."


That's a lot of ponies.
Wave at them I guess.
Not that I'm not used to attention.


She perks her ears.
"The desserts? Oh goodness!"


"Sorry, it seems I'm needed elsewhere, enjoy the party!"
Mayor Mare trots off. Leaving you with Light Heart and free from being dragged everywhere


"Oh… Uh, bye?"
I guess I'll have to try again later!
Look at the new pony.


Look rather confused at the scene.


"Thank you for your presence, Mayor."

Look at the new pony. "Hello. Is this town always so lively? I like it."


I give her the autograph.
"Don't think your parents would like that very much if I did that."
I laugh.


I'll have sneaked a glass of something to drink during all of this.
"Quite a busy lady, isn't she?"


"Inferni, could you bring me an apple or two?"

Turn to the pony.
"Nice to meet you too."


"Charmed to meet you all. It appears y'all are quite free to enjoy the feast now."

"I couldn't tell you, I am not from around here either!"


"Oh, what's a pony like you doing here then?"


"Where might you hail from, then?"


It looks like the Mayor has left, so I'll go to the food table.

"Isn't she a bit young, Mel?"


"Is there any entertainment? Because if there isn't, I might provide some later."
"Name's Mabel, by the way."


"What's up with her talking so much!"


The crowd disperses a bit.
You can visit the bar or the banquet.
Or talk to one of the many ponies here.


"Hey, can I have your autograph too?"


Look at Star.
"Lets eat, Snacks starvin."


"From looking at all the mares?"
She trots to the table and picks up an apple pie.

He gets an apple and drops one for you.


"I heard about a illustrious band of adventurers being in the neighborhood while passing through here, darling. I thought I'd stay around and see for myself."

"Why, from Dixie of course!"

"Yes ma'am, there should be a band performing shortly!"

"Oh bless her heart, she was a might bit too excited."


"I'm afraid I've never heard of the place. There's still much of the world to see, it seems."


Raise a brow.
"You always talk this fancy?"


"Uh… What's a Dixie?"


"From Dixie? That's a mighty far place, isn't it? Oh, and I'm Queren Pico, at your service."


"A bit young for what?"

I grin.
"You're persistent kid. Persistence is good."
I chuckle.
"Tell ya what. How about we make a deal? That cool with you?"


"Feel free to just call me Mabel."

Let's get a taste!


"Sure…wait…what deal?"

That's a mighty fine apple.


"Uh, okay?"
I grab a napkin and write my name on it.
"Here you go."

I pin my ears down.
"Sorry, I guess I'm not good at jokes."


"'The new World' as they call it as well. It's such a charming place, I do miss it dearly sometimes."

"Fancy? Well I do declare, that's a very kind thing of you to say, it's how I was raised."

"Why of course miss Mabel."


"You sound like a book."


Finish it!

Shake my head and chuckle.
"Please. I meant it when I said just Mabel."


"Well, make sure to stay safe while travelling. If you'll excuse me.

Anything on the food table that might interest a Gryphon?


I scrunch.
There's so much of the world I haven't seen yet! It's frustrating!
"I'm Amber by the way!, nice to meet you!"


I frown a bit and look sideways, thinking of what to say next.
"Is Star mad at Snacks looking at the Nurse pony?"


"New world? Sounds rather exciting. Perhaps one day I'll find myself there."
I'll look at my drink for a moment.
"Ah,but if you'll excuse me, it seems I've run dry. It was a pleasure meeting you, miss Heart."


I chuckle.
"Do I? What kind?"

"If you say so then, I'm not used to customs here in Equestria yet."

"My… you must be one of those crystal ponies I've heard about. How lovely to finally see one of you kind folks in the flesh."

I bow my head slightly.
"Don't ya'll worry about a thing, I'm sure we'll talk more soon."


Mayor Mare wanders back.
"Seems like false alarm, those desserts are still fine. Ah but I see you've met already!
I should just tell you all then, that there's some rooms reserved for you in the Zipzapple Inn. It's the finest inn in ponyville. If you need a place to sit down, there's a table with enough room for all of you near the banquet! Have fun and feel free to come talk to me."

She nods.
"Why did you do that? Was she prettier than me?"

There's no meat. But the pies look great if you're not on a diet.


"How about… you show me around and then I'll let you see my piece?"

"Huh?- Oh f-~!"
I give you a play slug on the shoulder.


Not today I'm not. Start digging in.

How many can I eat?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll nod in return, and then set off for food and drink.



"Okay! What do you want to see?"


"Yeah! I'm a crystal pony! A crystal paladin even! This is Silver Blood, my partner!!"


"Oh, the inn!
Wonder if they have beer th-
The food!"
Rush back to the food!
"We are missing the food! Quick!"


A white crystal pony nods.
"Nice to meet you."


"Maybe it's just personal preference."

"May I ask something?"


"I dunno. You're the one who's showing us around. Pick something interesting! I've never been here before."
I take a bit more food and start chowing down before we leave.


To restate, if you guys want to sit somewhere and talk amongst each other, there's a table reserved for all of the party +extras. It's right next to the food and the bar! So no shortage of food and drink.

There's also a bar outside, next to your reserved table.

"Why, yes of course."

"Uh…okay. OH I know."
She runs as fast as her little hooves can carry her and brings you to a large closed shop.
"This is Sugarcube Corner. They've got the tastiest sweets here!"


So, I'm perusing the food tables. Are there any sort of honey-based foodstuffs that have no redeeming nutritional value?


"Alright, thanks."
Time to go and see if those desserts are as fine as she says.

I laugh.


Rush up to them.
"Hey! Got cyder?"


"My apologies mayor, I must have misinterpreted."

I smile.
"It's good to see ponies of justice in the vicinity. I does put my heart at ease."

"I do suppose so, feel free to simply call me Light Heart as well."


I'm fine, switch over to the candied apples. My bird side likes them.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I want sweets! Lots of sweets!

"We're happy to serve and protect, miss!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Looks like the place is closed though. A closed shop isn't the best Ponyville has to offer, is it?"
I chuckle.


"I will then."

"One of my trades is entertaining. You wouldn't mind if I put up a show later tonight, would you?"


I give a sad smile .
"Snack is trying to be honest, Snack does not want to lie to Star because Star deserves more than to be lied upon."
"She is pretty Snack says, but not more prettier than Star pony, this Snacks swears upon" I smile at her as I put a paw on my chest.


"Excellent, I'm quite glad to have met y'all."

Hmmm, how about some apple pie?


Theres a honey-laced apple pie.
There's also an apple in a bun with honey.
And honeycakes.

She shrugs. "Ah, better to check twice than having burnt desserts!"

Well, you're pretty sure you could do better on some.
But those pies do look really delicious.
You see a chubby mare and a lean stallion, putting some final cakes on the table.

"Do we? We got entire barrels full of it!"

You get 4 before you're starting to feel a little sugar high, perhaps wash it down with some water, soldier.

There's lots of them.
They're not as good as crystal berries though…

She scrunches. "Well, when it's open it's good!"
She thinks. "OOOOH"
She runs to a large building with a bell.
"This is the school! I love it here."

"Why of course, are you a phoenix tamer?" She glances at Inferni who screeches.

"Okay, okay…just promise to not to that again please?"

There's lots of it and cider too if you're interested.


Any place to serve myself some? The water will make it easier to eat more stuff.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Pull out the bear mug.
"Fill me up!"


"Oh, no, Inferni is just a friend.
I am a sword swallower."


If it's not alcoholic, sure, I'll have some cider with the apple pie.


Ah, honeycakes. Those will do. As I lack any sort of tea, I'm sure cider and punch will suffice. Now, to eat enough to make my teeth hurt.


I walk over to them.
"Hi, these desserts are pretty good. Did you two make them?"


I resist the urge to blow a raspberry.
"School? What do you learn here? What does that… Cheerilee? Was that her name? What does she teach?"


I whisper to Silver.
"What does y'all mean?"
I guess they'll have to do…


"So do tell, what brings your group here to quaint little Ponyville aside from looking for a place to call home for a night?"


"Hunting more stuff.
Bigger stuff!
The bigger, the better!
Oh, and going to Canterlot."


"We're on the way to Canterlot, actually. A few things we've uncovered in our travels have given rise to enough concern that we feel the Princesses should know, if they don't already."


Speak with a full mouth.
"We're going to Canterlot!"


"We are on our way to Canterlot."


You suddenly let out a burp.
Oh dear, you might have eaten too much.
Roll to find a quiet place quick!

"How strong do you want? We got all the way up to 7 X's. And that's a nice mug you got there, I bet there's a nice story behind it."

"Oh my, I'll tell the band to quit a little sooner, then, but enjoy the party first, I'll call you."

There is.
A good glass for you. You notice the large pony with the shield has a huge mug made out of a bears head.

Om nom nom.
These sure are good.

"Yes! And thank you, desserts are our pride."

"Math…and geology, and history, and all kinds of things!"

"It means all of you."


"Excuse me, where'sthenearestrestroompleasei'minabitofahurry."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Mine too, I love to bake!"


"Canterlot you say… quite the high class type of settlement, wouldn't you say?"


The barkeep raises a brow.
"And why are you all going to Canterlot? Some kinda big hero mission?"


"And what kinda history do they teach you there?"


"Best story ever!
Made it by mahself!"
Shine proudly.
"Gimme four-"
Lift 4 hooves.
Nod with a goofy smile.
"Very big.
We gonna catch that dragon! He ain't slipping past us a second time!"


Ha ha, the trick always works. Just like I told that yellow and pink shaman. A pity there's no tea.
I guess I'll pick up some salad as well, and a few other things. A small bit of everything, if I can manage it.
"Well, it would have to be. Not to mention the place is practically a fortress."
"Something like that."


"It is the capital, isn't it?"

"Oh, no, let them play! I can wait!"

"You could say that."


"Oh, I guess that makes sense!"

"I don't know, I've never been there! It's the capital though, so it must be nice. Can't be as nice as the crystal capital though! No way!"


Take a sophisticated sip from my mug of cider.
"Capital cities and dragons, how very exciting. You know, I have never been to Canterlot myself… yet it is quite legendary even where I come from."


You quickly find a restroom and about 5 minutes later, there's lots of room again in your tummy.

"About Equestria! And how the Princesses defeated Discord and about how ponyville was founded!"

"A dragon eh? We once had a pony who had a tiny dragon with her. Was a most charming fella. A dragon like that?"
Iris is putting Indy to bed, so he's not here.


I wrap a hug on her and look her in the eyes.
"Snack promises."

"Also, Snack ask forgiveness… if Star finds it in her heart…" I whine a bit.


Shake my head.
"A dragon like…"
Motion my legs wide, as if to show a record catch.
"Thiiiiiiiis big!


She nuzzles you.
"It's fine, Snacks. Let's get some cider and talk with the others about our adventures."


"I take it you want to come along? Or am I assuming too much?"
I'll shake my head.
"Ours is likely several thousand years old. And mean."


Disregard illness, acquire food. Not a common occurrence to get so much.

Chow down on some fritter.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"How did that dragon look?"


"Lets then shall we."
I then stand up and took some cider and carry her mug as we approach the other, where are they btw?


Try not to choke when he mentions the thousand years old part.
"That's mighty kind of you to suggest, mister Warren. I admit my dragon hunting skills are a bit rusty, but I have been in the bounty hunting business before."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well, if we're traveling in the same direction, it's really no trouble to bring one more along. Especially if she can hold her own against whatever pops up on the road along the way."


"Hmm… alright, I guess. You fulfilled your part of the deal, now I'll fulfill mine. I'm a mare of my word."
I take out my gun, unload it and hoof it off to her.


"Well, I'll be, that's big! Let's hope one of those don't show up here, eh!" he chuckles.

"Nasty fellas, those old dragons. Why we once had one over on the smoking mountain. But Applejack and her friends chased it away."

"Very cute actually, for a dragon. Green and purple."

Om nom nom.

They are also near the cider stand. Right next to you.




Sophisticated as fuck.

"I will consider your kind offer then."

Dragons sure seem to be common around here…


You know what will make this all go down nicely, some milk. Any around?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I wave at them.
"Whats happening here?" I take a gulp of my cider.


"Would have been nice to meet with it."


I'm off at the schoolhouse.


"Oh no! Let's hope he does, more stuff to slam right in the face!"
Gulp down the cyder.


"We may have another traveling companion, if miss Heart decides to cast in her lot with us on the road to Canterlot."


"Wooow." she holds it carefully, with full trigger discipline.
"My dad has one of those and he told me how to handle it, but this one is like a LOT bigger."

"She's an apple family mare. She used to be a very big adventurer once. Or so I heard, she doesn't talk much about that these days. Doesn't even come to town much anymore."
He sighs.
"I bet it's those stallions."

You can't find it.

"I heard he's in Canterlot now. Spike, his name was."



"Oh? Another new face to meet?"
Nod at him politely.
"My name is Light Heart, so very nice to meet you sir. And… another crystal pony as well? Lovely!"


Ask one of the mares helping here.

"Is there any milk or juice here?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I can't imagine a mare who can face down an adult dragon would have much trouble with the average stallion."


"Well then you're in good company. We're the Cakes and desserts are our specialty. We own the shop Sugarcube Corner."

Star nods at you.
"Hello, I'm Star Quartz. Who are you?"

The mares point you to a large bottle of milk.


Listen at the Applejack tale.


I chuckle.
"So you know how to shoot then?"


Guzzle it down and stop the eating.

Anything else going on in town?


Look at Light Heart…..

"Snacks, and this is Star. Warren told Light pony will come with us? Is she sure?" I smile at Light Heart.

Then whisper to Warren.
"She looks…. sickly."


"Maybe we can look him up if we are there."


"How do you mean? Seems fine to me."


"I am Light Heart from Dixie, sugar. That's not close-by, so you are one of the first crystal ponies I've seen in the flesh."
I chuckle.

"You are heading to Canterlot from what I hear and as it so happens, I am mighty interested in seeing the famed capital."


"Oh, you own that building? I was wondering who did, it looks great! Mind if I come over and bake sometime?"


"Oh I don't think she would have trouble beating them all to the ground with her bare hooves. None at all. But that's not the thing. You see, she's got a whole lot of…suitors. Can barely leave the farm without running into one of them, I bet she's just gotten tired of it."

"My dad says I'm not supposed to shoot though. It's dangerous."

Lots of ponies seem to be talking.
If you want to talk to ponies now is your chance.

"I get that a lot! But I don't think I've met any Dixian ponies before. That parasol is just like in the pictures I have in my book about Dixie. It looks really lovely."

"Well if you think you're up for it, we could always use a helping hoof. In fact, come by tomorrow, we might have something that interests you."


"Well that's a stupid story."


I'll shrug, and nod slightly.
"The perils of popularity, I suppose."


"I never said it was an exciting story."


If I can actually post now, that'd be great.

"But I need to deliver her a letter!"


"I don't even know what a suitator is!"


"That sounds great, I'll be there!"
I'll eat a few more pastries then try some actual food.


"Well, you could pass it to her brother, or you can hop by tomorrow. The Apples are very friendly ponies, I'm sure they'll let you on the farm."

"I think she just wants to lead a quiet farm life you know."


"You shouldn't have much trouble, Amber. After all, you're not a suitor. Or a stallion."


"Baaah, it's not that dangerous!"
I look around for something that I can have her shoot.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let's get something to eat.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll ask around for the recipes to this food. When I'm wandering the woods, it'll be nice to know how to make some of this warm stuff.


"And it's a good life to live, if you're the type for it."


"That's an idea. As I said, Spike. Or Spikey-Wikey as some called him here."


"Why this old thing? You're too kind, ma'am."


"Good! I take letter carrying very seriously!"
Keep munching on food.


"If there are too many stallions between you and her, though, just give a yell and we can help run interference."


I then shrug.

"Indeed we are, why is LightHeart pony going to Canterlot? "


"It's when a stallion tries to court a mare."

You spot a few empty bottles, you can place them up for target practice.

As you make your way, you trip and land your head right in a pie.

You might be better off asking Shortcake, she's an expert on those things.

"It sure is."

"I like the style."


"She should just punch'em all."


"For some ponies, Soil, that's not quite a deterrent."


Stand up.
"…at least it's tasty."
Let's get something to wipe that off.


"You wouldn't know how to make these? They're delicious."


"She's just not hitting hard enough."


I go and set them up.
"There. Now, lemme just…"
I load up the gun and hoof it back to her.
"Go on. Give it a try."
I grin.


"Of course I do, why? Also: Who are you?"


"Eh, I think she doesn't want to give them attention or something."

You find a napkin. Then Mayor Mare comes for you. "It's time. 5 minutes!"

She looks at it and back to you.
"If my daddy saw this, I'd be in a lot of trouble."


"Well I left my sweet Dixie behind for a reason sir, to see the world! Canterlot is a high class city, quite fancy indeed."

"Now I don't know how things are up there in the Empire, but these things are a necessity down south! It's a mighty fine way to protect yourself from the sun."


"Ain't she got a brother to beat'em up for her?"


Let's clear my face quick.
"Oh, already?"


"Maybe we should help her!"


"Not everything's so simple, Soil. Some ponies might take it as a challenge, and get themselves seriously hurt trying to win her affection."
I'll think a moment.
"Pretend for a moment that Iris is Applejack in this situation. You want to get her attention, and get her to like you. Imagine that there is a really big pony standing between you and her. What would you try to do?"
"That's a possibility, if she wants the help."


"Is it? Snack has heard of Canterlot. Isnt it the ponies capital city? Will it not be a more of a fort since a princess pony lives there."


"That might be handy in the Empire too.
Sometimes the crystals shine really hard."

"Eh, I dunno. It's just what I heard. Take it or leave it."

"Well, I'm so curious towards your act, dear."


"I'm not that forgettable, am I? We were at the inn, where everyone met? I know I've been called around, but how many Gryphons do you know that you'd forget me?"


"Do you not wanna do it after all? Your dad's not here."


"I haven't seen it with my own eyes of course, but I've heard the buildings are so tall they pierce the clouds above."

"… Crystals? Whatever do you mean?"


"Slam the pony?"


"I'm glad. I'll get prepared then!"
Find a calmer spot amidst all this bustle.
Make sure I look presentable, do a one minute-mini-meditation to get my breathing right, then perch my hoof for Inferni.
"Want to put a show up for them to amaze all these ponies?"


"OH! Sorry, I had completely forgotten. Here, let's find a place to sit. You can tell me all about what sorts of pastries and cakes gryphons make."
I load up a plate with food and find a place to sit.


"Uh…Okay, but don't tell my dad, please."
She aims and shoots '1d10'

"Well our houses are made of crystal, the palace is one huge crystal. My father is a geomancer, a pony who makes magical acts with crystals. I'm learning to become one too."

Inferni nods.
"One minute" shouts a pony.

Some ponies gather in front of the platform, seems like Mabel is going to perform her swallowing.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Yeah! We should definitely ask!"

"Uh… you know, the crystals! There's a lot of them back home and they give light!"


She misses completely hitting a side of a house instead.


"And now you've hurt, and possibly wounded for life, Iris's brother. Even if she liked you before, the fact you'd hurt her kin like that means that she won't choose you."
I'll shrug.
"A sad end for Soil the suitor."
I'll take a small drink.
"Of course, this is just an imagined thing. Iris likes you, you like her, and there's no big pony standing between you. Applejack, however, doesn't want that attention, but she can't hit ponies."
Oh boy, a show.


"Not that many that I know. My family didn't bring in that many different types. But all of these are good. Start with whichever one you think is tastiest."


I wince.
"Shi- Uh… maybe we should take this somewhere else…"
I take the gun, grab the bottles, throw her on my back and then try to high tail it out of there.
Maybe this time find some place nice and away from… homes that can be shot at.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You're in an orchard not too far outside ponyville.
Loadsa apple trees.


"Suitors are stupid."
Shrug this off and go watch Mabel swallow.


"My my… Why I'd love to see that one day for myself. Back home, we just had the sweet old mansion near the plantations."


"Right. Let's not put all our eggs in one basket. Wait a bit until I'm done with the second sword.
After that, you can soar in with a bit of a fireshow! Don't blind them, please. Just make them amazed. After a few circles, you land on my hoof, we bow, and that's it!"


"Oh hey, Mabel is going to swallow hard again!"


"… Swallow?"


"With berries?"

He nods.
"5 seconds!"


"You don't? Aww, that's a shame. I'll be baking at the Sugarcube Corner tomorrow, so swing by then."


"Yeah, she's great at it!"


This looks safe enough.
I fly up to a b-
Actually… I pick a few apples and set those up in a tree.
"Alright. Now, try hitting one of those apples. Y'gotta try and squeeze the trigger, don't just yank it."
I demonstrate with my crossbow.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Yeah! She swallows like a champ!"


"…Eheheh. Not too used to this thing, I just got it a bit ago. It's an old Diamond Dog piece!"


"Military training usually doesn't include baking. I can handle myself well enough with my wilderness survival training, but everything else escapes me. How long have you been cooking?"


I chuckle.
"No darling, cotton and tobacco and the likes. It's our bread a butter!"

"I… see."
Well this should be interesting to watch.


"Since I was a little filly. How long have you been in the military?"


Aaaaand on the stage I go!
Start with a little curtsey.
"Greetings, ladies, gentlecolts, children of all ages! My name is Mabel, and I hope to be your entertainer for tonight! It is needless to say but I will say it anyway, do not try this at home, neither should you try this anywhere! I have been practicing for years now, and hiccups still happen to me too!"


I clop my hooves in excitement.
She must have practiced swallowing so much!


"Since hatching, to put it simply. The Pico family has always served Hyperborea, but when you get to the third son of the fourth clutch, even the Ancients tend to forget about them. I went through the normal training, but unless I wanted to stay in a corner of the house forever, I decided to make a name for myself hunting the beasts that have shown up here in Equestria."


Break out the hoof fan and provide some wind to cool myself while watching this spectacle.


I nod as you speak.
"Oh. Well, uh, thanks for coming here to fight the monsters. We appreciate the help."


Cheer for Mabel.


"You've fought them too, so don't sell yourself short. Where did you learn to fight?"


"I picked it up on the rode."
I shrug.
"I'm not that good."


"It took lots of courage to stand up to Anarchy and those things that he lifted up. How about a trade?"

"You show me how to cook these delicious things, and I'll help you learn to use ranged weapons like my bow. You rushed the things, but I saw that it didn't go as well as anyone would have liked."


I nod and rub my wounds.
"Yeah, it didn't."
I extend my hoof.
"It's a deal."


The crowd cheers.
Go for it, donk.

"Oh. I'd love to see it one day! I don't think any Crystal Pony has been near Dixie in a thousand years…and then there wasn't any Dixie yet."

You hit the side of the apple.
The filly takes aim and '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


She misses radically and nearly hits a sleeping bird in the tree.
It angrily flies away.
The filly pouts.
"Maybe I'm not meant to be an adventurer after all…"


Present the short rapier.
"Let's have a little warm-up. Or should I say appetizer?"
Let's swallow that sword.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Shake with my talon.

"Let's eat this food first. It's already here. Be a shame if it went uneaten."


I start to eat.


"Eh, maybe guns just isn't your thing. Let's give it one more try though, Gold Mane."
I reload it for her and reset the apples, in case they got moved somehow.




Get back into the main table and chowing down.


The crowd holds its breath as you take that small sword and stick it deep in your throat.
You take your hooves away and you hold it purely with your throat.
The crowd cheers.

The pies are pretty good. Lots of sugar.

They didn't move.
She aims and…'1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I cannot imagine how strange it must be to awaken again after so many years. When I heard the news, I had trouble believing it. Do feel free to visit some day, you'll be more than welcome to. We take our hospitality quite seriously."

Oh… Sword swallowing. How quaint!


Iris should totally see this.


I cheer along!
"Mabel! Mabel! Mabel!"


I'll clap appreciatively.


Place a hoof on my chest, then remove it.
"The next part is even more dangerous!"
Present the longer rapier.
"Oh, and if I happen to stab myself, do me a favor and pretend I did it on purpose!"
Time to get real!
Stand up on my hindlegs, find balance, and swallow the entire rapier.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Hits the apple right in its appleness.

"It was really like….there was just a gap. One moment you're thousand years ago and the next you were here."

She's put Iris to bed and trots to you.
"Oh, is Mabel performing again?"
She gives you a peck on the cheek.

"Oh hey, who are you?" says a blue with yellow mane pony who just give soil a peck on the cheek.

You take that thing right deep in your throat.
The crowd looks in disbelief and you get an ovation!"
Inferni once you take it out.


I clap
"Nice! See, you are cut out for being an adventurer after all, Goldie."
I grin.


Slowly let my left hindleg crawl back to get to a kneeling position.
Remove the blade, and put both my forehooves in the air, sword an all.
Inferni's time to literally shine!


"Goodness me."

"Dreadful. However, you are in a unique position to have perceived the world in two different eras."

Look at the blue pony and give her a polite nod.
"My name is Light Heart, ma'am. So nice to meet you."


Nod with a smile..
"Everypony's wowing at her!"


I'll applaud at the Jenny's show while stuffing my face.


She squees.
"Wow, I always wanted to do that. Thanks!"
She gives you a hug.
+1 for tiny pony.

The moment you pull it out, Inferni flies in and delivers a spectacular flash with all colors of the rainbow.
The crowd goes wild once again, Mabel.
You still got it.

"She sure knows how to swallow."

"Iris. Lovely to meet you. Say…you're not from Equestria are you? Your clothing reminds me of some images in a book about the New World."

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


I thought I was getting out of practice!
Stand on three legs, one leg being the perch for Inferni to land on.
Once he is on, bow, multiple times, in each direction of the crowd.
"Thank you! Thank you! You've been a lovely audience!"


Some ponies throw flowers at the stage.
You notice there are some papers between them.


And? How is the hug?


It's a pity Vilina isn't here for this…
Nibble on another of those honeycakes, and add my applause to the crowd's.


"Must have been fun in the circus.
Where's Indy?"


"why, no, miss Iris, I'm from Dixie. I'm a mighty way away from home, you see."


Well scoop the flowers, and bow again.
"Until next time, Ponyville! I wish you all a pleasant night!"

Let's leave the stage, wouldn't want to overdo it.


It's okay.
Quite endearing.
You might almost have motherly feelings about it.

"I put him to bed in the Inn. He was exhausted. Baby dragons need their sleep."

"Ah Dixie. That's quite far indeed. I've heard it is quite a nice place."

Like small tiny papers with things written on them.


"She called you Ma' the other day."


Let's read some of them once I'm off stage.
Nibble one of the flowers too.


I give her a quick squeeze and let go.
"So you enjoyed that? That's a little taste of what it's like to be an adventurer!"
I grin.
"I actually used that gun to take down a dragon. Well, with the help of the rest of the party I arrived with."


"Pardon me… another dragon?"


"He's helping me lots since we picked him up."


"My my… How large is he, if you don't mind my inquisitiveness?"


"…he did?" She seems quite concerned.

"Room 121 in the Zipzapple Inn, come by~"
Another "I'll be near the backstage, cutie~"

"Wow!" She thinks. "How do I become an adventurer like you."

"A baby one." says Iris. "We found him abandoned by a bunch of mean diamond dogs."


"Indy is a small dragon we liberated from some slavers."


"Because you read him stories, and cook, and stuff.
And called me Pa' because I teach him to hit good and we work together!"


I would blush if I wasn't busy laughing.
Nibble another flower, and read some more notes for laughs.
"Some stallions always crack me up with these.
You did a great job, by the way, Inferni. You amazed even me!"


"Goodness me! Why, that's simply awful for that poor thing."


"Not really, he's having lots of fun!"


"He's been improving at a steady rate, even helps us out on a few of the bigger things. He's a very quick learner, too."


"Maybe I'll tell you later. I think this has been enough for one day."
I chuckle.


"How very kind of you to ensure his happiness like so. I cannot wait to see him some time."


"Tomorrow's a fairly good bet. He'll likely be in a grumpy mood for having missed the feast, though."


"…I see." She looks down in thought.

He's not on your back…wait you don't see him anywhere.

She gives you your gun back and starts running to town "thanks!"


"Not like they had gems!"


Blink. Look around.
"Inferni? Where did you fly off to?"


"There would have been plenty of other things for a baby dragon to eat."


I chuckle.
"It is quite the feast he is missing, yes."


"Oh…it's nothing. I was just thinking. Poor Indy never knew his real mom and dad."

Roll for maximum preparedness.



Roll #1 3 = 3


"We should get him something!
So he can eat that tomorrow when he wakes!"
Fall silent with her.


"Indeed. Though I think I'm going to grab a few pieces of the desserts, and retire early. Good night, miss Heart."
I'll nod to the others, gather up a plate or two of assorted cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and pastries, and then make my way to the Zipzapple inn.


"Then you'd best think ahead on what he might like to eat!"


Too late.
Out of nowhere, Inferni flies out right in your face and flashes you.
You're seeing stars everywhere for 10 seconds, before your vision returns.
You see Inferni perched on top of a house laughing.
He laughs and then points to his tail, where you pulled a feather out.

"I wonder if they were captors of the diamond dogs too."


"Uh… Meat, and… Gems!"
Think some more.
"And sweets!"
Poke her.
"Were you?
Because I see her ma'.
Right here."


"Good night sir."

Well this conversation has turned rather grim…
"Miss… Star, was it? How long have you been traveling with these fine ponies?"


Rub my eye with a hoof, laughing as well.
"Catching me off guard, huh? Sneaky."

Point at him, then and me.
"This means war. It is on, Inferni. Prepare for the unexpected."
Laugh a bit more, then collect the flowers I've got.


"But that's not the same…"

"Well…they helped me out of a bit of trouble with those same diamond dog slavers.." she seems uncomfortable for a sec.
"But now I help out, with geomancy, and sometimes when something needs researching and Iris doesn't know it.
We've see a lot. I should show you my Lemarian Tablets sometime."

He nods.



I smile.
"Why, that sounds mighty interesting."


Stay silent then.
And hug her, without a word more.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


I'll wait for that jenny to return.


I'll walk out of the backstage and to the others after declaring prank wars on Inferni.


"Very impressive show, you sure do know how to handle your rapiers."


"Thank you. I had quite a practice with them. Used to put on fencing shows apart from the sword swallowing too."


"Oh? A fencer as well? My my, perhaps we could have a match some day."


"We could. It has been a while since I had a proper match anyway."


Walks along and listen to their talk while drinking a mug of cider.
"Talking about how to fight eh?"


"I'd say fencing is more similar to dancing than fighting."


"I look forward to it, I haven't been able to practice much myself since I left home."

"Yes indeed."
Pat my rifle lying at my hooves.
"Shooting is my preferred method of actual combat though. Fencing is more of a hobby to me."


"I'm sure you are a formidable opponent. Do you prefer single or parry dagger?"


"Mabel has shown her works and Snacks is impressed. As of now she is a pretty good hunter by her own right."

I gulp as I eye the gun.
"Snack hopes pony knows how to use it. She doesnt look like it."


"As long as I'm known as a monster hunter, and not just simply a hunter. I have nothing against animals."



I chuckle heartily.
"Well I do declare mister Snacks, I have been shooting guns since I could walk!"


"I'm looking forward to it then."


"Monster hunter indeed aye." I nod at this.

"Really? What does pony shoot it with? Have she gone hunting already?"


"Showjenny has a better ring to it, though…"


I tilt my head.
"Does Mabel miss her past occupation?"


"I find it mighty exciting to find another pony, or donkey rather, who has a passion for performing!"

Keep smiling.
"Wanted ponies of course. I was in the bounty hunting business for quite some time."


I scratch my chin.
"Hmmmm….. "
"Snack knows hunting but what does 'bounty' mean?"


"Yes. That is why I still love to perform to this day. The lights, the curious eyes on you, the gasps, the applause, the cheers… it's not something that one can forget easily."

"Blame it on me growing up with a circus."


"It's a reward for apprehending said wanted individual, sugar."

"Oh my, that sounds mighty exciting. I doubt you ever got bored on the road."


"Hmmm…. now Snacks remember the stage back on his home. It sounds similar in all things." I nod.

"… Oh! So it sounds similar to what Snacks…. do.. back then. ahaha." I grin a bit.


"What stage?"

"You bet! I absolutely loved it. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I never felt adventurous enough to leave and find other joys in life."


"It was an exhilarating occupation to be sure. But I moved on to find other things to do, so here I am today."

"I wonder the same about myself and home. It was nice and calm out there, but I wanted to see some excitement in my life. That is why I left."


"Well Snack thinks you have gone to the right place. We are hunters too exceptt we hunt large monsters."

"Well for the.. what is it.. bounty? For bits too." I grin.

"We got an amphiteather in our fort, many play in the stage from actors to comedians and even dancers too. It is a good thing too watch after a hards days work back then."


"A circus has a similar purpose too, only it is on the move from town to town most of the time."

"I almost had more excitement than I could have asked for myself, but at least it was with friends."


"Why, I have heard of your exploits, that's why I was excited to meet ya'll."

"Having even one friend around makes all the difference. Relationships may come and go, but friends are forever!"


"Ah, Snacks see's. So Mabel has more crowd to entertain and not just the same dogs over and over again. That sounds nice."

"If that is the case, pony is sure welcome." I offer my paws to her.
"Snacks is my name, what is ponie's name?"


"A new crowd each time!"

"What a nice sentiment."


"As the kind mayor introduced me, I'm Light Heart."
Look a bit confused at his paw for a second, but then shake it anyway.

"It's a saying from home I always carry in my heart."


"Have you been making friend since you arrived?"


"I only arrived here the day before yesterday, darling. I hadn't had much time to, but I have been mingling with some of the kind ponies of Ponyville."


"Light Heart, nice to meet you." I nod and shake.
"Just stay at back first if we hunt, we dont want newcomer to get hurt immedietely."


"I prefer staying back, sir. I have my rifle for that."


"What are your plans for the future?"


"Going where the wind blows me. Joining ya'll lovely folks to Canterlot sounds like a mighty fine plan to me."


"You are more than welcome to!"


"Glad to have an addition range, Snack can switch from range to melee, Mabel is a good fencer, Poor Soil is a solid pony that likes going personal, Amber pony too likes being personal too, Warren likes to fly and support, Shortcake and Melody are good when working together and…. and… hmmm… Is that all of us? Snack thinks so."


"If anything comes close, I always have this."
Tap my parasol.


"An umbrella?"


"Parasol?" I raise an eyebrow


I chuckle and twist the handle, then pull it back to reveal the rapier inside.
"Appearances are a mighty fickle thing, ain't they?"


"Ha! Would you look at that! Lighty and Mabel have in common when it comes to theatricality." I smile in amusement.


Let out a whistle.
"Pretty good!"


"Well, a lady in a foreign land has to come prepared, no? I firmly believe in the right for one to arm themselves for self-protection purposes."


"As long as it is not to harm on purpose, I don't see why not."


I nod.
"Rest assured I do know how to hoofle myself. I will not be a liability in any shape or form."


"I believe it. You don't have to worry though. I doubt anyone would want to make trouble with us."


I nod at this.
"It is good to be prepared anywhere one goes. Who knows what bumps into the night."

"Yup, no one does. Well mostly."


"Bless your hearts, y'all are too kind."


"Is there such a thing as being too kind?"


"Of course not! It's a figure of speech, darling."


"I know it is."


"Well no matter then."


Despite all the people here, this is one of the few moments we'll get to really talk.

"Amber, do you have a moment to spare?"


Lick my lips.
"Sure thing! What's up?"


"My travels have brought up some of my stuff I had hidden away in my head, and I'm hoping a fellow Soldier would be willing to listen and not tell others. Nothing big, but stuff I'd rather not let the others know."


I look around me to make sure nobody is listening and shuffle a little closer.
"Okay! My lips are sealed!"


"Well, you know the difference between when you're being trained to do something, and when you actually do it? In your case, it would have taken a while to learn how to properly wield your hammer, then there's all the little things you have to pick up on to hit a moving, attacking target. In my case, my first real hunt didn't go all that well."


I nod in understanding.
"There's a big difference between a dummy and a living thing!"


"Yup. In my case, I made lots of dumb, silly mistakes because I did everything exactly like I was taught. Works well when they use the same areas year after year, not so much in real applications. My first real hunt was against something big and dumb that I should have trapped and claimed the bounty on, but I made too many mistakes."


"What was it? A bear? A manticore?"


"I won't even say it out loud for fear of anyone knowing what it was."

Cover my eyes and laugh a bit.

"It wasn't all that dangerous, in hindsight. I'm the one who should have been more careful. I got really banged up. Let's just say that me fighting Cerberus in the Underworld would leave me with less injuries."


"You can tell me! I wont laugh!"


"Nope. I won't risk it, oh alright, I dragged you over here. Promise to keep it quiet, okay."

Move closer, I don't want anyone hearing this.

"It was an Crocotta. Like a wolf, but weaker. The only scary thing about it is that it will target Equestrians because it is always hungry, but any adult could drive it away."


"Oh… I've heard of those before!"


"They're smart when they're wandering alone, but once they even think they have something, they go at it. They're terribly predictable, and I should have been paying more attention. I didn't properly set some of the traps and I was careless with the knives. It got out, and we got into a very dangerous fight."


"But you still won in the end!"


"Still here. I was prepared for things going south, just didn't think I'd have to use it so soon. But, here's the part I wanted your input on. I ended up wandering into one of the abandoned towns that litter the countryside. Think Silverhaze, but empty. the only building sturdy enough to trust was one of the pony temples. I ended up taking shelter there and leaving a few bits as thanks."

"But, since we're here, I'd like to learn more about your Pony deities since I used one of their temples, most likely. So, what can you tell me about Cadence, is it?"


"Oh! Well, she's our princess and savior, the one who freed us from Sombra's reign! Her domain is that of Love, a very important aspect of life! We're paladins of the Crystal order, which means we serve and protect Cadance and the heart of the empire! We're especially different from paladins of Luna and Celestia because every paladin of Cadance has a partner to work together with!"


"You mentioned Sombra, who was he? Sorry for asking simple questions, we didn't bother much with news from Equestria until the Civil War. And wait, are all three Princesses related then?"


"Sombra was the brother of the old king of the empire! He took over but was banished by the sisters. Unfortunately he took the empire with him, causing it to disappear for a thousand years. When it came back, Sombra was back too, which is when Cadance came in! Cadance isn't related to the sisters though, she used to be a pegasus before she ascended."


"Ponies can change?"

Look at Mabel's direction.

"Of course, even Donkeys want to take to the skies. Honestly, magic is far too wild here. Give me structure any day. Say, I know about that curse, but were you one who vanished a thousand years ago too?"


I nod.
"Yeah! To us it felt like just a day had passed though."


"A thousand years, huh. Technically, I think you're older than my family line. I wonder what this place will look like in a thousand years. Back to my question, what exactly is the "Domain of Love"? I'm used to thick books with lots of rules, so pardon if I'm asking what look like obvious questions."


"All the love! Family love, love between friends, romantic love, love from a mother to her child, that's what we treasure!"


"That doesn't sound like stuff that would lead you to carry that thing around."

Point to her warhammer.


"Love has to be protected too! Changelings feed on it for example! We're also responsible for taking down who lack love and compassion, like demons and stuff!"


"That makes sense. Hypothetical question, does your order allow non-crystal ponies?"


I nod quickly.
"Yeah! Everyone is allowed to worship and serve Cadance!"


"Well, that's nice to hear. How do you see the servants of Celestia and Luna? I know there was frequent competition between the Gryphon families and our units showed it. We were always thinking about ways to outdo each other."


"They're paladins like us, just serving in a different order! We're on the same side, so I don't feel any kind of rivalry towards them!"


"Trust me, that's a good thing. Not having to spend a day cleaning up after someone else's pranks is a good thing."

"So, how do you join up with your order? With us, there were lots of expectations awaiting us since birth."


"I joined just a few days ago back in camp, silly!"


"With the way you talked about Cadence and swung that hammer around, I thought you joined a long time ago."


"I've been wanting to join for the longest time, but I had to wait for the right moment. When I finally encountered some crystal paladins in Tall tale, they told me where the camp was where I could join up! You don't need to be a paladin to hold a hammer and worship Cadance."


"Putting it that way makes sense. If you could do me the favor, could you tell me how she freed you from Sombra? With the way things are going, I'd like to know of any possible ways to deal with future problems."


"There's several stories going around… but it comes down to her beating him in a magical fight using the power of love."


"Power of Love sounds admirable, but I was hoping for a sword or a ritual. Sorry if this brings back bad memories, but do you remember anything else from a thousand years ago? With all that's going on, I don't want to leave any option unchecked."


"Uh… a lot of it is kinda fuzzy. I asked Star the same and she said the same! I do get flashbacks sometimes though, so I guess I'm slowly recovering my memories or something…"


"Don't worry about it. Get some food in you. A thousand year gap in memory because of a curse might be a good thing."

"Oh, how about one last question. When we get through with all this, and we will, what will you do?"


I think for a moment.
"Spend time with my family and keep traveling, I guess!"


"Sounds like a good one. How big is your family?"


A new day dawns in Ponyville.
The Cakes are once again, getting their bread and cakes ready.
The merchants are setting up their stalls.

You wake up in the Zipzapple Inn. (seperate rooms)
Breakfast is being served.
Bread, grains, apple bacon…

Seems like a good day to see what this little provincial town has to offer.


Well shit, got stuff to do today!
Jump outta bed and go for breakfast, there is no resisting the smell.


Get ready and go downstairs for breakfast!


Morning stretches!
Got to stay in shape!

Go outside for it down, in the sunlight of a garden or yard, if possible.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Might as well go grab some breakfast.
I head downstairs.


Make sure to look fabulous. Preen those wings, work that mane and get nice and clean.


I brush my mane, braid it, then go downstairs and get myself a nice big breakfast.


While doing your morning stretches, you accidentally hit your special herb bag. It's contents spill all over the floor.
It wakes up Inferni who sleepily looks what all the ruckus is about.

Downstairs the buffet is ready.
A yellow stallion seems to be handling the cooking, while a blue mare with yellow mane is making sure the buffet is stocked.
There are some other ponies here enjoying their breakfast and reading the Ponyville Gazette.
A minty pony is playing a lyre to provide some background music.


You look fabulous dahling.


Grab a bite to eat and find a seat close to that minty pony. Wait for her to finish her piece.


"Gosh. Sorry about that. Also, good morning."
Gather it up again… and dust it off.


Take some food and dig in! Gotta stay fueled up!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Are those the cakes?
I load up a plate with plenty of fruit and pancakes with syrup before taking a seat.

I start to wave you over, but roll my eyes when I see you sit down next to her.


Wake up wake up wake up wake up.
"Aha! Ponies think they can start without me!" jump in and get some of those delicious food.
Lets see how much I can stuff myself before getting full.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Hey, I like background. Music.
Grab something from the bugget and just listen in for now.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Downstairs I go then. Have some tea and light pastries.


They're not the Cakes.
You're sitting close to the rest of the party.
There are some newspapers available for free if you're interested.

You seem to be a bit hungover and don't eat too much.
Star sits down next to you.
"Sleep well?"

You load up a big stack of apple bacon.
Silver Blood looks with big eyes.
"You're going to eat all that?"

It's not a bad piece.
When the minty pony is done, she makes a little bow and some ponies give some tips.

You manage to save most of it.
Inferni shakes his head and shuts his eyes again.

Iris comes down with Indy and comes sit next to you.
She hoofs him a large bowl of shiny gems before getting a little bread and tea for herself.
The minty pony soon finishes her song and does a little bow. Some ponies give her some tips.

You sit next to the party and have some green tea.


I'll skim through the papers while I eat.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Can't swing a warhammer on an empty stomach, Silver! I need energy!"
Devour my meal.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Well, was she any good? If so, I'll tip her too.
Heck, I'm kinda rich n-
"I ain't sent the mail to my parents yet!"


"Hey there. Not a bad piece. What's your name?"
I give her a grin.


Come on, will I have to go and gather some from the wild later to make up for that? Tedious.
Anyway, let's go down to get some food, leave the phoenix to sleep.


I nod to her and offer some food.
"Here. Apple cakes, Bread with peanut butter and strawberry jello, Pear pie, take your pick. These ponyville foodstuff is not bad at all."
"As for Snacks sleep, the bed is small for me but its better than sleeping on cold ground."


Just quietly enjoy my tea and observe the rest of the party for now.


Some headlines, read more?
>Neighponese noble nearly starts diplomatic incident while dining with the Court of the Sun and Moon
>Griffon forces amassing near the northern border.
>Third pony goes missing in the infamous ponyville "fight club"

Om nom nom.
"I try to eat light, heavy meals just make me sleepy."

She was okay.
Iris looks up.
"You write letters to them?"

She smiles.
"Thanks. I'm Lyra. I recognize you. You're one of the heroes of the party yesterday."

He's a lazy bird. Probably won't get up till noon.
The eating hall is pretty filled, but there's some chairs at the table of the party.

"That looks nice. But I think I'll just take some bread with apple bacon."
She trots and gets some food from the buffet.
"Couldn't you ask for a bigger bed from the innkeeper?"

Observing intensifies.


"I'm sure they read'em. Even if they don't write back."


I scrunch.
"You only just slept though! How could you feel sleepy if you ate a heavy meal now?"


I'll read about the fight club.


I nod.
"Melody. And yeah, I am. So… you doing anything later, Lyra?"
I give her a wink.


Oh, I'll have a surprise for him allright.
Food for myself.
Sit down beside the others.
"Good morning."
Let's grab some apples. Are there some apple pies as well?


"As long as bed is comfy Snack does not mind, maybe Snack will ask other ponies if Snack can get a bigger one for later."
I then look at Star, is she wearing the pendant I gave her?
"Say want to come along later? Snack plans to ask ponyville residents if they know of rumors of a dog fort nearby. It says so in the map back at that ancient fortress."


"A good morning to you too."


"Had a nice night?"


Seems I've a bit of a late start. Those sweets must have settled heavily. to knock me out that long.


"I cannot complain. Pray tell, where is your beautiful phoenix gone?"


Make my long ears flip down and droop my head theatrically.
"Snoozing, like the lazy little bird he is."
Chuckle and go back to normal.
"Don't tell him I called him a bird though."


"Is it that intelligent?"


"Oh…well, we travel much…maybe they can't send one back, because of that."

"Maybe I'm just a sleepy pony.."

Lightning Thunder has recently gone missing. Volunteers have been searching the Everfree Forest and the surrounding area with little success. He is the third fighter of the infamous Colloseum Club to have gone missing since it's opening a month ago. Cracked Skull, the owner, denies any relation to his club and says he has personally offered a reward for anypony who offers information that leads to finding the missing ponies.

"My friend Bon-Bon has a small stall at the market. I try to help her out when the breakfast rush is over. You should come over. She sells amazing sweets!"

There are.

"Sure. Maybe we can find somepony who knows."

Good morning sunshine.

You see that little dragon Soil talked about munching on some gems.


Sunshine, indeed.
Gather my things, and head down into the commons. I'll grab a light bite to eat, and then head out into town, if I don't get stopped on the way.


I'll have to look into that after I do some baking with the cakes. I fold up the paper and stick it in my saddlebag. Once I'm done with breakfast I head to Sugarcube Corner.


Shake my head.
"Not it, He.
And yes, he's not only intelligent, he is a proud, cheeky prankster."

Grab some and dig in!


"You better not fall asleep during a fight, that would be really unsafe!"


Blink once or twice.
I should totally tell them where we are going in my next letter!"


Oh my… look at that thing.
It seems to be capable of speech despite being so young.
"Why hello there, what is your name?"

"I see. Inferni was his name, correct? I will keep that in mind."


"You friend Bon Bon, huh?"
I chuckle.
"So you're gonna head over there to help? Mind if I join you?"


"Don't worry if he acts high and mighty at first.
He just loves attention and praise."
"A real show-phoenix, it turns out."


Nopony stopping you.
You settle next to the party.

Sugarcube corner is already open.
You see Mr. and Ms. Cakes inside. There are a lot of delicious looking cakes and treats.
"Good morning. You're up early. I thought you would have slept in after that party."

Om nom nom.

"I know. That's why I'm eating light!"
He looks up.
"We should go around ponyville later. See if we can't find any trouble we can solve!"
Iris perks her ears.
"Amber! Are you going out?"

"That sounds like a good idea. I'm certain they'd love to tell you how things are on the farm. I'll have to write my parents a letter as well."

He looks up with some little pieces of gem in his mouth.
"Indy. You?"

"Of course! You should totally try some treats!"


"Now where to start, perhaps the local library has some information." I scratch my head before looking at the yellow stallion and call him.
"Say is there a library here in ponyville?"


"Hey there.
Sticking around?"
"I never met your pa and ma!"


After eating, stand up.
"Excuse me for a minute."
Find some sweet berries, a small bowl, and some vinegar if I can.


"Well, let's get going then."
I get up and wait for Lyra to pack up, then head out.
"Hey, since we're out mind telling me a bit about Ponyville?"


Eat and just listen to the others talk for a short while.


I shake my head.
"I was too exited about getting to bake in a real bakery again. Anything in particular you want done?"


"With such wonderful plumage, I don't blame him."

I smile.
"My name is Light Heart, sugar."

"I believe so, Canterlot is certainly an interesting destination."


Look at Iris.
"Yeah we are! Wanna join us?"


"Can't wait to check their shops."
Turn around and look at Amber too.


"The Golden Oak Library. Just look for a large tree in the middle of town."

"They live in Brasswood. A small town near Tall Tale. I left for Tall Tale to try to become a researcher in the Academy there."
She chuckles.
"That went a lot different than I thought"

You find all those easily.

"Of course. What do you want to know?"

"Well, we've got a big delivery for Filthy Rich and we still need to make a lot of cakes. If you want to help, just help yourself to an apron and come with me to the kitchen."

"Hello Light Heart Sugar!"

"Eh…that depends on what Soil wants to do…"
She looks at Soil.


I put on an apron and follow her.
"Any specific kind of cakes?"


I chuckle.
"Simply call me Light Heart. That will do for me."


"I gotta send this thing and stuff.
Go have fun."


"Oh, your name is Light Heart Sugar? That's cool!"


Soak them in vinegar them.
Bet they will be a sour surprise when I give it to Inferni… flashing me like that, that cheat.
Pack some actual food for him as well.

Walk over.
"Good morning. Will you be able to do the wing spell today? I mean, if you've got nothing else planned."


"Fuck if I kno- er, I dunno. This is my first time here. What's interesting that isn't food related?"


Shake my head.
"No darling, just Light Heart."



"I didn't have anything too pressing, but I'm sure I can take care of that. It's not like I'll need my magic today, right?"
I'll stand.
"Alright, let's just head out to a clearer area. Don't need to draw a crowd, after all."


"Oh, right away?
Did you have breakfast yet at least?"


Finish up my food and wait for Star to finish hers.
"Just say if Star pony is full, Snack is excited to discover this dog fort that is near here. If we find it, Star can also come and study it too!"


I'll nod.
"Yes. I suppose eating on the road has made me a bit quicker at tucking in."
I'll chuckle a little.


"Thanks, that will really help us." I nod to the yellow stallion.


"We need lots of strawberry cakes. Perhaps you could take care of those and I'll do the chocolate cakes. Or would you rather the opposite?"

"Okay, Light Heart. You have weird accent."

"I guess we'll stay here then, for now."

Your devilish plan is complete.

"Well ponyville is just a quiet little town. Most of the trade around here has to do with apples."
She thinks.
"Mmmmmm, do you like a spa? We got a lovely one in town. Or you could see the Ponyville Tower. It's a very old tower, but you've got a beautiful sight from the top."

"Okay, let's go."


I chuckle as well.
"Let's go then! Maybe we will be back by the time Inferni wakes up, which is probably hours away."
"I've got some payback in stash for him for yesterday."

Now, we wait.
Or pass time.


"What did you want to do though Iris?"


"Alright, then. Out back should be fine."
And once we're outside and away from curious onlookers, I'll start up that Wing spell for Mabel.


Alright head out and find this large tree in the middle of town.


Stand still.
Focus on the memory of how the wings felt.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I can do that, don't worry."
Time to get started on my first cake.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I chuckle.
"Well I do declare, I'm not from Equestria."


Right… let's start this off. Shape the magic into those wings. We did it before, so it shouldn't be a problem. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Giant tower with a view? Maybe I'll go check it out later. Is that it though? No… interesting local legends or whatever? No 'monsters' or 'ghost hauntings' around?"
I look around. Do I see this Bon Bon's stand somewhere?


Watch their exchange.


"Well, I thought we should go out this afternoon and find you a nice dress. Every mare should have at least one!"

And poof, there are the wings.
Shiny as ever.

"Do you need me to help with that?"

You find it easily.
Inside you find the library.

Ms Cake starts too.
"I'm a bit jealous of you, you know. Seeing the world, having adventures. But alas, I'm here in Ponyville."

"Not from Equestria?"

You see a lot of stands.
"It's near the end. And I've heard some stories about a ghost in the Tower, but I've never seen one. Monsters? Those are all in the Everfree Forest…not many ponies go there. It's an evil place. Just think…all the plants grow there..all on their own!"


Shake my head.
"I'm gonna take a look around. You and Amber go have fun."
Kiss her on the forehead and stand up.


And that's my magic for today.
"Well, what do you plan on doing with those today? More practice? Or did you have plans on speaking with the Wind lord already?


Shake my head.
"I came here by ship, from a land called Dixie."


Flap them tentatively.
"They still feel weird. Imagine if you had-"
Bite my lip.
Damnit, don't say that!
Shake my head.
"I think we had enough practice. If we seek one of them out and fail, we'll just try again some other day. What's the worse that could happen?… well, apart from me crashing down from the sky."


"A dress!? That's not very paladinlike Iris!"


"Perhaps there is some info here, lets look!" I nod to Star and look whats inside. See if I can find the librarian who manages the place.


"Ha! Now that sounds like some fun!"
I laugh.
"Maybe I'll go check that out later too."


I start work on my second cake.
"It's not as good as the books make it sound. They don't write about how cold or wet you get, or how boring it is when nothing is happened."


"Being blown to the other side of Equestria, maybe. But you are the expert when it comes to nature and its magic, Mabel, so I'll leave the hunt for a wind elemental to you. I figure, since we've got the downtime, I'd explore the town a bit. See if there's any unrest that might have been what Anarchy mentioned."


Frown a bit.
"I know that is important, but if you are stressing about that even right now, then you are letting him win. I'm sure that if there is anything out of the ordinary, we will find out about it soon enough."


I'll shake my head.
"I didn't say I was exclusively going to do that, though. There's an entire town to explore, and taking the time to enjoy myself isn't so impossible while gathering information."


Indy perks up.
"Yes Pa?"

"Dixie…I've never heard of Dixie…"

Iris huffs.
"What's not paladinlike about it?"

A grey mare with glasses looks up from her papers.

Lyra shakes her head.
"In the Everfree? You shouldn't go in there alone. It's dangerous."
You notice a stand with sweets, managed by a yellow pony. "Ah that's Bon-Bon!"
Lyra hops over and they gave each other a little kiss on the cheeks.
"Look, Bon-Bon, I met somepony. This is Melody!"

"You know, you should add a tiny little bit of cinnamon at this stage. Family secret. Don't tell anypony." she winks.
"Oh town life isn't that interesting either. Same routine every day. But when you've got a husband and foals, it keeps you busy."


"I'm going to check the town, wanna come?"


"I'm certain you will learn more about it one day. But look at me distracting you, I should leave you be now."


Oh, hey I forgot my roll.
"Thanks for the tip."
I nod my head.
"Oh don't I know it. Not the husband and foals part, but the busy part. I used to own a bakery you know."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Have fun relaxing then!…
Oh, and if I am suddenly gone for days, then just assume that I somehow angered one of the lords by accident.
Oh, and feed Inferni if that happens, please."


I scrunch again and look at Silver Blood for help.
"Uh… paladins are supposed to be fierce!"


I'll chuckle a little.
"I'll keep that in mind. What do phoenixes eat, anyway?"


I raise an eyebrow at the kissing.
"Your friend, huh?"
I chuckle and hold out a hoof.
"Melody. Nice to meet you, Bon Bon."


"Hello, name is Snacks and this Star pony, a historian and keeper of lore. What is pony's name?" I nod to the grey mare.
"Say, any books regarding history of ponyville and nearby locale's? Legends? etc?"


"I thougth they were raptors exclusively, but he likes to eat nuts and fruits as well."
"Which is how I'll get back at him."


"Oh? Well, you'd best not disappear before you do, otherwise I'm fairly sure he'll blame me."
I'll roll my eyes.
"Last thing I need is to have an angry phoenix chasing me for feeding him the wrong thing."


He hops on your back.

"Okay, bye Light Heart."
He hops on Soils back.

"I see that, you look like you've got this all down. I mean , some ponies can cook very well. But you can see somepony has done this professionally by their speed. What happened to the bakery?"

Silver Blood opens his mouth..
Iris stomps to you and gives Silver Blood a look that shuts him up.
"But there won't be just fighting. Paladins have to attend royal balls, and all sorts of social gatherings. Or you might even one day go to a fancy dinner with somepony and when that happens, you'll be very glad to have a dress!"

"Very…good friend."
Bon-bon takes your hoof.
"Likewise. Do you want to try one of my treats."

"Dusty Shelf. You should look under "Ponyville". There should be some books under there."

Where to next cowgirl?


"I'm preeeeetty sure that you feeding him wrong won't be the first thing bothering him and making him upset if I disappear."
"I'd take him with me, but fire has no place on the plane of Air elementals, so I can only hope I won't mess up… like last time I thought I could do something…"
Look away.


I nod at this and head to the shelves.
Lets browse through some of the books with the help of Star shall we?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Let's head outside and explore the town a little bit.


Look a bit worried at Iris' outburst.


"F-Fine! We'll get a dress then!"


I'll sigh.
"That wasn't your fault. Regardless, it's in the past, so you shouldn't let it weigh down your future too heavily. After all, it's impossible to fly carrying such a weight."
I'll pat you on the back.
"And even with magic wings, you won't catch a wind elemental with a distracted mind."


I make the third and remember to use cinnamon.
"It was in a town on the border of Equestria and nowhere. The monster dried up the trade, and without traders I couldn't get most of the ingredients I needed to make anything special and a lot of the ponies in the gem and timber industry left. Without distant ingredients or many customers I couldn't afford to keep the place going."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I take a sweet and pop it in my mouth.
"Mm. It's good!"
When I finish it, I fake a pout.
"But aw, here I thought I had a chance… Unless you two up for a… 'menage a trois,' hmm?"
I chuckle and waggle my eyebrows.


You find a book called "Lorbthar: Ponyvilles underground treasure."

You find a big building at the end of town called the "Colloseum Club". There's a very strong white pony outside.

Once Amber says yes, she's her happy self again.
Seems like it's her way or the highway.

Iris smiles.
"I knew you'd see it my way! Come, I know there's one of Rarity's Boutiques in town."
Silver Blood coughs "Uh…do I have to come too…dresses is not really my thing…"


"I know I can't…"
Shake my head a bit.
"I had total confidence before, but now? Now I'm scared, even if it's not someone else's fate depending on me."


Oh, good.
"Hey! Silver!
I'm checking out this town, wanna come?"


An arena of sorts? I'm not a pony of physical strength, but I'll inspect it anyway.


"Fear is good, though. Fear keeps you from doing something foolish without doing the thinking first."
I'll take off my monocle and polish it a bit.
"It's dealing with and overcoming our fears that let us do what we do. Frankly, I'm terrified at the thought of us fighting that giant dragon. So I'm doing everything I can to prepare for it ahead of time, so that even though I'm gripped by fear, I don't let it drag down my wings."


"Uh… no, you can do what you want Silver! We'll meet up later!"


Glances are exchanged.
"Oh you're very sweet, Melody. But Bon-Bon and I have a closed relationship. We're not really into that."
Lyra gives you a hug.
Bon-Bon nods.

Silver Bloods ears perk up.
"YES, yes I'm going."

Silver seems relieved.
"Have fun with the dresses!"
Iris gives you a hug.
"Oh this will be so much fun, just us two out in the town!"

The strong pony gives you a nod.
"YEAAAAAAAH, come on in. Fights, all day every day. Have a drink and bet on your favorite fighter."
There's a notice next to the door. There's a reward for 3 missing fighters.



"Thank you."
Hmmm? Take a look at those. Any descriptions?


Snicker and leave the inn with Bloods.
"Let's go check out the smith."


"Uh… yeah! Sure! Come on then!"


"Star lookie here." I show her the book.
Browse through the book and read it, if I can read it.


"Sometimes fear is the appropriate response, yes… and as scary as the dragon is, there is something that makes me forget all that. Thinking about how Amber will smile when it is dead, how Soil will cheer with Indy, how you fill fix that little monocle and say that was quite the fight… that gives me confidence."
"And I take back what I said earlier. I would take Soil with me if I could. I'm sure he'd solve any riddle in to time in a way we cannot imagine."


I hug her back.
"Eh, it was worth a try. 'Least you didn't nearly chase me out of town like the last couple I've made that offer to."
I laugh.
"Consider yourself lucky you've bagged such a lovely mare though, Bon Bon! And that offer will still be open if you two ever change your mind~"
I grab another sweet and flip Bon Bon a bit, wave goodbye and head off.
Hm. Maybe I'll go give that tower a look now.


I'll chuckle.
"I'm sure he'd solve it in a way that makes sense to him. And honestly, you get more interesting answers that way."
I'll put my monocle back in.
"Now, it's time you got flapping, and I got walking. You'll know where to find me if you have time to gather folk before your meeting with the Wind lord."


Start fluttering slightly above ground.
"Somewhere around town? Though I don't think I can come back for you if I find the breezies. Once I do, I don't want to risk losing sight of them and not being able to go to the elemental plane."


She frowns.
"Ah…It's been though on all of us. Me and my hubby almost had to close down the place here ourselves….but we pulled through. Say, I just had an idea. Me and my hubby received an invitation from a Neighponese noble. A cooking contest of sort, but we are far too busy too travel there. And you look like you know how cooking!"

It seems to be talking about three fighters.
A dark stallion pegasus named Thunder Lane, a white and blue mare and a green unicorn stallion. They seem to have gone missing recently and the owner, Cracked Skull is offering a reward for ponies who have information.

"Gee thanks, I wasn't looking forward to dresshunting."

"Okay. Let's go."
Iris leads you to a large boutique in town.
A white pony with green mane greets you.
"Hello, welcome to Rarity's boutique, where every garment is chic unique and magnifique!"

"This seems interesting"
[Outside of Ponyville, near Howling Ridge lays one of the oldest Diamond Dog Forts of Equestria, Lorbthar. Constructed before the Grand Crusade, this Fort has long been abandoned, save for the occasional band of Dogs that take up residence there.]

Hugging intensifies.
She whispers in your ear.
"Hey, Mares like us have to stick together, you know. Maybe you can come over for supper tonight, we can still be friends."


"Damn right, the only dress I want is a good armor!"


"Then go, with my wishes for luck. I know you'll be able to do something you set your mind to. You're too stubborn not to."
I'll grin.


"I saw something about a Neighponies noble causing an incident with the Princesses. Is that the same one?"


I whisper back.
"Sounds like a plan to me. What time and what place?"


Turn to the white stallion.
"May I speak to this 'Cracked Skull'?"


Wave a hoof at her.
"Hi! I'm Amber! Warder of Cadance!"


Smile back.
"That worked in the fire plane, now I'll have to use my wits."
Stay silent for a few seconds.
"Are you any good with riddles?"


"Hmmmm… so just outside of the Howling Ridge, looks like we now know the next place we should visit. We got to ask the others first if they want to come." I scratch my chin.

"Unless Star wants fewer heads to share treasures with." I wink at her.


"I wouldn't say that I am any better than most other ponies. I tend to overthink some riddles, and underthink others."


And I keep on baking.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"I say that's good for balance then."
"I'm sorry to bother you more, but could you come with me? You and Amber were there at the Fire Plane too, and it was good to have you there."


I'll rub the back of my neck.
"Well, I suppose I could… alright. Which way, then?"


"Thank you! I'll make up for it somehow, okay?"
I rise a bit then stop suddenly.
"…well, which was is the nearest flower shop?"


I'll shrug a little helplessly.
"I hadn't had a chance to explore the town quite yet. I suppose we could simply ask around town."


"That's right, we don't need no dresses!"
You find a sign at a house. Anvil's weapons and even better weapons

"YEEEAAAAAAAH. He's the guy with the black glasses!"

"I read that too. And yes, it's the same one. I read in the paper that he complained very loudly about the Princesses Cook. That explains this invitation I got."
She rummages through a stack of papers and hoof you a perfumed paper.

Dear Mr Cake,
Lord Yonaguni of Neighpon, the Sublime Connoisseur of all things edible, is travelling through Equestria seeking a cook to deliver new and exotic experiences in taste. Should you dare to seek eternal glory in the Arena of cooking, you are invited to challenge one of his legendary undefeated Chefs.
In 3 days one of his emmissaries will pass through ponyville, seeking those worthy of this honor. Present a dish to him of unmatched taste and you will be worthy to challenge the Cooking Arena in Canterlot!
Lord Yonagi.

"What do you think? It's tomorrow and I don't have time to go to Canterlot even if those emissaries liked my cakes."

"Just come over to our house in Neighstreet 7. Around 8 o'clock?"

"Just call me Coco."
She looks you over.
"My, my, aren't you a cutie. I've never seen a crystal pony before!"

She looks unsure.
"I don't know…what if there are Diamond Dogs in there? It might be dangerous, no offense."


"You have my thanks."
Let's find this pony.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"This place looks promising!"
Waltz in.
Anypony home?"


"I slept and dreamt that life was joy, I woke to see that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy."
"Sorry, I just meant that at least we have a walk around town while finding one. I need something beautiful to attract the breezies."


"Works for me! Mind if I invite a friend who's uh, of a similar preference? She's also a baker too."


"And you're sure I won't drive them away?"
Right, let's look around town. Flower shops… '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"It sounds marvelous! Thank you so much for showing me this! Oh, I'll have to think of what to make that emissary."
I make another cake.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"I'm a paladin, miss. I am not cute! Buuut, I am a crystal pony, that much is true!"


"Pffhahaha.. well it is ancient, Snack doubts any dogs live there." I chuckle.
"I hope."

"Well strength in number right?" I pat her head.


"Why would you?"
Follow him.


"Well, I'm certainly no paragon of beauty."


Roll my eyes with a smile.
"You are perfectly handsome, I can assure you. Plus I honestly doubt the air elementals are judgemental in the first place. Prejudice doesn't bode well with logic, does it?"


"No, it certainly doesn't. And it's not the air elementals I'm terribly worried about chasing away, it's the Breezies."
I'll be quiet a moment.
"What even are breezies, anyway?"


The inside is dark and smoky but you quickly see a large brown pony sitting on a comfortable couch overlooking the arena.
He wears small round shades and a hat. On both sides he holds a mare.
There seems to be a bare-hoofed match going on in the arena and the crowd is cheering and bets are going wild.
When you approach Cracked looks up behind his glasses.
"Hello." he says with a deep voice.

You see 2 large stallions, almost as big as you near a forge. One is older with a moustache, the other younger. They both look very much alike.
The moustached one looks up.
"AH customers, come in!"
He trots to you.
"Welcome to Anvil, I'm Old Anvil, the biggest weapon expert this side of the Crystal Mountains."

"Of course! We'd love to meet her."

You find a stall run by a white pony with red hair, she has a collection of roses in all colors.

"You know, I might be able to help a bit…it's the least I could do, you've baked so many absolutely wonderful cakes."

"I just don't want to get into trouble."


"Thank you, both for offering and for thee compliment!"
My ears fold down and I scrunch a little.
"But are you sure you are allowed to help?"


"And I'm Poor Soil, monster hunter all over Equestria!"
"Whaddaya have for me?"


"Good day, you must be the famed Cracked Skull, correct?"


"Here we go…"
Hmm. Any that stand out as particularly beautiful? Aside from the flower mare herself, of course. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Sweet! I'll see you then. I wanna go investigate the town while there's still daylight. Later!"
I wave and fly off.
NOW I go to the Ponyville tower.


I pat her head.
"Snack is sorry, sometimes greed runs through my head that it clouds my judgement. Sorry again, perhaps we shall ask the others to come with us when we start exploring the mines."


"Well…you seem like a dapper warrior too. Strong warriors can be cute!"


I scrunch, is she trying to trick me?
"… I guess!"


"They are air elementals. They regulate the wind and make sure all is well up there."

Do a little curtsey at the flower mare.
"Good morning. We are looking for a flower bouquet or two that would blow the mind of anypony laying eyes on it!"


I keep on baking.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Well, I can't help when the judges are looking, but I know an old Ponyville recipe with some local ingredients that is sure to blow the emissaries away. I'll teach it to you"

"Everything anypony could want, I specialize in custom made pieces. Let me demonstrate to you. Show me your weapon!"

"In the flesh. And who might you be? We don't get too many mares here. Especially not ones as pretty as yourself. Please sit down." He nods to an empty spot on the couch.

There's a few bouquets with a mixture of different roses, creating a rainbow of color.

Ponyville Tower doesn't look like much at first glance.
It's old and at the very top is a bell and an overlook.
Next to it, there's an old pony napping on a chair.

"That would seem nice."

"Just think of it this way. When a rugged and scarred pony comes to fight, ponies immediately think he's strong. When a cute pony wants to fight, they underestimate her but then you can more easily catch them by surprise and overpower them. And you get more respect, since they didn't think about you that way at first."

"These are my best ones. I call them rainbow bouquets!"
The dazzling multicolored bouquets are a myriad of colors. They almost seem to shine. "Picked them myself!"


Eh, who cares about some old guy.
I go inside and head up. Let's see this "magical view" or whatever.
Or maybe the ghost


"That would be great, thank you! How many more cakes do you need made?"


"They must be well cared-for, to have such a shine to them. How much are your Rainbouquets?"


I ponder a bit and just sit there staring at her.
"Anything you want to share with Snacks…. " I scratch my head.


What about his mares? Are they pretty?
"Thank you. My name is Light Heart, I am a traveling… entrepreneur, if you will. I heard rumors of missing ponies."


Show him the bare piece of wood covered in stardust.
"Kinda made it myself."
Smile proudly.


"They are simply beautiful! We'll take two! How much do they cost?"

Snicker at the worldplay.
"Good one."


"But it wont protect me as much as my crystal armor, which is also way shinier! Anyway, I'm just looking for a dress I wont be using in combat."


As you climb the stairs A SPOOKY GHOST POPS UP.
Oh wait it's Triangle.
"I don't see many ghosts here…"

"That's all dear. Thanks. These are great. I'll be sure to tell filthy rich you made them. Now, if you want to bake that special recipe, you'll need some special ingredients, I have some here. But some need to be gathered."

"Just 4 bits! And they are the best. I water them every day, give them the best soil. And I make sure they listen to a symphony of Triangle Tune every day!"

"Eh…it's just…last time I went into a Diamond Dog den, you know….I just want to be sure it's safe…"

They have long legs and shining manes. Must be model ponies.
"Ah, such a shame. They were good friends of mine. When I heard Thunder disappeared I nearly cried."
The 2 mares nod.
"I'm personally offering a reward to ensure they're brought back safe and sound."

He takes it and gives it a critical look.
"Oak….nice cut, but a little rough around the edges….and what's this?"
He takes a little bit of the stardust and nibbles on it.
He coughs and one of the hammers gets up and starts jumping around.
"Stardust! My, my. Junior get that hammer won't ya!"
The other pony starts a wild chase to catch the hammer.
"Good piece of work son. I could fine tune it a little bit" he says to you.

Iris nods.
"I would like one too."
Coco smiles.
"Then you are at the right place. Why don't you get out of those clothes and I can take your measurements."


"Thank you. Please, tell me all about the special ingredients."


"We'll take a pair, then."


"Oh. Hey Triangle. And yeah, there really doesn't seem to be anything here at all. Damn shame…"
When I get to the top, I look around. Can I look over the town from here?


"You do seem mighty worried. They were fighters from here, correct? Have any leads been found so far? I cannot imagine capable ponies such as they can have disappeared without a trace."


Ditch the armor and hammer for now.


Squint my eyes at him.
"Fine tune like how?"


Give her ten bits. I should have that much right?
"Two of them then, please. Thank you! The extra is for the extra care you put into making them look like this."


"Star should stay in Ponyville then." I pat her head.


"Well, we'd need a few Zip Zap Apples. I think the Apples should still have some on their farm. Tell them I sent you and they should give you some. The other is Everfree candy corn. Usually some grows near the edge of the Forest. Don't go in there though. It's dangerous."

"Here you go."
She hoofs you two bouquets.
They smell heavenly.

It indeed offers a nice view of town.
You see the large apple orchards outside town and the Everfree forest stretching on far and wide.
The school, City hall. A large mansion you haven't seen before. Ponyville hospital. A big camp sparkling with gems, not too far outside town, it's not the paladins camp though.
A large fountain near the edge of town.
As you look, the bell suddenly gongs on its own.

"It's a tragedy, an absolute tragedy. And some ponies even dare say I have something to do with it! I tell you, ever since I got here, some ponies have been against me, like that Lily and Daisy."

The pony takes some measurements of your legs, body and flank, same with Iris.
"Mmmmh, with your color and your sparkliness, I think you might want something with some yellow Sapphires."
She shows you a white dress, richly inlaid with shiny sapphires and a golden braid along the edges. "try it."

"Look at this son."
He shows you the edges which are roughly cut out. "You see, now it looks like a big piece of wood that's used as a shield. Shave it off a bit and BAM large shield worthy of the name. I could do a lot more with it, especially with the stardust as a base, but alas I'm still waiting on a shipment of exotic ingredients."

"Well…I want to help…are you sure it's safe?"


"I have stuff like…
Fire elements, manticore blood, gems…
Could that help?"


"Thank you. Which way to the Apple family farm?"


"Thank you kindly, miss…?"


That mansion… I bet that belongs to the fucking mayor. It could sure use a nice new coat of paint… Ma-
I perk up.
"Was that you, Triangle?"


Take a deep breath of the scent.
"Thank you!"
Start fluttering.
"Now let's go before these flowers make me hungry again!"


"These are tough times for all of us, it can lead to some ponies overreacting to these things. When has each of them disappeared?"


Oh dear.
… Sure, put it on then!
"I do like yellow a lot!"


"Like Star said, if she does not want to come its fine. Better safe than sorry right?" I smile.


"Well why didn't you say so, son? That's exactly the kind of thing I'd need."

"It's just outside town. Take the main road, you can't miss it."

"Rose. Thanks for your business. Come back soon!"

"Not me."
Everything is quiet again.

"Thunder just yesterday, the others last week. I don't even know how. I was just talking to them after the fights and next day BAM gone."

Coco fits it around you.
"Yellow? Maybe something else then. And you're so shiny already…a bunch of gems might be too much."
She goes to pick up another dress.
This one is yellow, but a bit darker than your coat. It has a few layers. The edge is braided in black.
"And wait for it!"
She places a small yellow heart crystal as a broche near your neck. "There! Much more subtle. But still classy and sophisticated."

"But I want to help. I just want to be sure we don't get into trouble."


I look around. Do I see anything… off-kilter?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I've been carrying this stuff around since Silverhaze, damnit!
Lay everything down on the closest table.
"You do armors, too?"


Now, let's do business!
Fly above the houses, lick my hoof, and hold it up.
Try to tell the wind.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Thank you!"
I give her a quick hug, then remove my apron and hit the road.


"Most strange… I wish you the best of luck then, mister Skull. My ladies."
Get up from the couch.
"Now if you would excuse me, I must tend to some business."


"No worries of that, miss Rose. And I'll take one regular bouquet to go, if you please."
I'll set down however much one regular bouquet costs, plus an extra two bits, and then join Mabel.


Do I like it?

Roll #1 2 = 2


I scrunch.
"I think there's too much yellow now… and black and yellow kind of makes me look like a bee."


It's all pretty quiet again.
"Must be one of them very quiet ghosts." offers Triangle.

"Son, I do everything. I've done everything. These days I look only for challenges. My son can handle all the regular stuff."
He looks it over and picks up the elemental essence and sniffs it.
"Good quality. Almost as if you went and killed one yourself."

It seems to be coming from the southeast.

You quickly reach the large orchard you've seen when you arrived.
"Sweet Apple Acres"

"If there's anything you need, just ask. And don't be afraid to talk to the fighters. They want it solved as much as I want it solved."

You get a big bouquet of red roses.

Coco goes into the back and fetches you another dress.
"How about this?"
This dress is a tad shorter, coming to your hooves, allowing for more mobility.
It is a very light yellow with light pinkish edges.
"Very simple, yet elegant!"


I look at her a bit with a worried expression then chuckle at her naivety. Silly crystal pony.
"Star knows our business…. Snacks business right?"
"Snacks business revolves around trouble. From the undead dragon to the mystery of the crystals and now uncovering the mysteries of these old dog forts, all of these invites trouble. If not, (for some reason) there will be hostile dogs, we might come in trouble with traps, ancient evil or just sad memories…. dungeon delving and monster hunting is dangerous bsuiness and it always spells trouble."

"But against all these trouble and danger if Snack can protect Star, Snack will. That is why Snacks want to put Star out of harms way because she feels she is not ready to face danger."


Well, wait for Warren.


And those will go in the saddlebag, while I take wing and join Mabel in the air.


I nod.
Any fighters I can spot that are on a break?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well duh, how was I supposed to get one otherwise?
And I've got this really old dog armor, and I want to fit it on me!
But I also want to keep the manticore mane from this one!"


"Wind is blowing from the Southeast. Pyrrus said that I would probably have luck with the Lord of the Southern wind, so I think we are on the right track."
Let's fly higher.
Above the clouds.


Scrutinize it carefully, it doesn't look too cutesy does it?

Roll #1 4 = 4


I look around.
"Who said that?"


Up we go…


"I like it better than the other one but… I don't know, I want something fiercer and less cute! Something that says 'don't mess with this mare!'"


"I guess so. Eh, if it isn't gonna do anything then I got no reason to stick around. It's not like I can really deny the existence of ghosts or anything."
I laugh and poke a hoof through Triangle, then start heading down, still keeping an eye out.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Apologies. The sign says sweet apple Acres.

Ah, the wind is blowing nicely here.
And the sun shining fiercely.

Star scrunches.
"I understand….thanks Snacks."
She gives you a hug.

You go to the dressing rooms.
One of the fighters, a gray and black mane stallion seems to be on be on break in his room.
As you enter he seems to have just come out of a shower, with a towel around his flank.
"Ah, you must be the one I ordered. A new face and a very pretty one at that. How about we take a shower together?"
He takes off his towel, giving you a good look at his junk.

"Really, you an adventurer then? Ah old dog armor, sturdy. I love that material. Stand back son. I'll show this armor who's boss!"

She thinks for a bit.
"Oh wait…" she looks at your armor.
"Wait here a minute!"
She trots out into a room and 5 minutes later comes back with a dark yellow tunic and a shorter yellow cloak and boots.
"It's 3-piece. You wear the tunic underneath the cloak. It's elegant yet also sturdy. Like a…very elegant light armor. When a stallion sees this, he'll think know you're not to be messed with!"

"Nothing to see here. Maybe ghosts come out at night? I dunno."


I go on in.


The scent from the flowers should carry far…
I'll keep an eye out for Breezies. Whatever those are. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Maybe. Either way this place is boring and I got a target for a bit of mischief and some real fuckin' justice. Let's go."
I step outside and…
Actually, maybe I should go find a newspaper. See if there's anything I could use to help debase the mayor.


Make sure the flowers are clearly visible.
"I think now we wait? The book said a gift of flowers should do the trick."


I smile.
"Perfect! This is great!"


I raise a brow but don't flinch otherwise.
"I believe you are mistaken, darling. While your offering is most flattering, I'm afraid I must decline. Rather, could you tell me what you know about the three ponies who have recently gone missing?"


"Totes! Me and my pal Bloods here are monster hunter!"
Pat Bloods on the back.
"You picked anything yet?"


"Snacks want Star to come, show her the marvels of the ancient forts, but Star is not sure of herself and Snack dont want to see Star hurt. Only if Star feels ready." I release her.


There's an old green mare napping on the porch.
You hear trees being bucked in the orchard.

As you look around, the wind suddenly changes direction and picks up.
A cold northern wind blows and before you know it a gust forms around Warren, pulling him in and swinging him around.
Mabel gets -1 to attempts to pull him out because of inexperience.

Some headlines, read more?
>Neighponese noble nearly starts diplomatic incident while dining with the Court of the Sun and Moon
>Griffon forces amassing near the northern border.
>Third pony goes missing in the infamous ponyville "fight club"

"Now stand still, then I'll make sure it fits right…and oooooh."
She picks your crystal pendant and makes sure it hangs on the outside of your dress.
"That makes a nice touch and it just screams SHINY"

"Oh….uh…I see."
He quickly puts the towel back on.
"Uh….Thunder….yeah, I saw him the night before. But I didn't notice anything…"
The way he says that last part triggers your bullshit sense.

"Monster hunters eh? You must be seeing a lot of exotic things! Tell me all about it. And you, shiny, what do you want?"
He starts bashing at the armor with a fury rarely seen outside volcanoes.

Blood scratches his chin. "I dunno. I have my crystal greatsword and it suits me just fine."

"Well, if you and the others protect me it won't be too much trouble right?"


Oh, damn, North is not good news!
Quickly, grab his hoof to grab him!

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


Woah woah woah. The fuck? A fight club?
I open the paper to that.


"You can bet we did! Like that time the ponies made of jelly just didn't want to remain dead! Or the huge hydra in the sewers of that town! Or the squid in the stream!"


"If I may be so bold as to ask what were you doing together?"



I smile.
"I like it when things are shiny!"


"Of course it wont, as long as Star stays at the back. Amber would pretty much defend her fellow Crystal sister and Star can count on Mabel and Soil too. Not to mention Shortcake, Warren and Melody to keep an eye or two at the surroundings too."


I'll head into the orchard.


Mabel pulls you out.
But the wind keeps picking up.
Multiple gusts form and move in your direction. In the gusts you see flashes of ethereal pegasi moving around fast.

Lightning Thunder has recently gone missing. Volunteers have been searching the Everfree Forest and the surrounding area with little success. He is the third fighter of the infamous Colloseum Club to have gone missing since it's opening a month ago. Cracked Skull, the owner, denies any relation to his club and says he has personally offered a reward for anypony who offers information that leads to finding the missing ponies.

He bashes it quickly.
"You must have found a lot of exotic things….and is that a dragon on your back?"

"Having a drink after all the fights. We usually did that after the day."

She finishes fitting your dress. "There you go. You'll be a sight to see at any ball."
She turns to Iris and picks an aquamarine dress with yellow ribbons.
"What do you think Amber? Do you think Soil will like it?"

"We should go see if anypony wants to join us then!"

You find Big Mac and an orange mare in the middle of the orchard bucking trees.
The orange mare looks up.
"Well howdy ma'am, how can I help ya?"


"Indy, introduce yourself!"


That sounds… suspicious as fuck.
"What do you think, Triangle? That worth a look?"


Start circling around him.
"And you claim he seemed relatively normal?"


Be efficient.
"North winds! Trouble!"
As much as I don't like this, toss one of the rainbow bouquets at them.
Hopefully that will achieve something.
And keep trying to stay level!

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4


What in the…?
"I take it these aren't your Breezies, Mabel?"
Ready my Inquisitor's Dagger.


And dodging the gusts, of course. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"I think Soil likes you without the dress already, so I wouldn't doubt he will Iris!"


"My name is Shortcake. Mrs. Cake told me I could find zip zap apples here?"


"If its adventure they wont stand back those guys. C'mon lets go." I smile as we went off to meet the others.
"Thanks for letting us read books." I nod at the librarian.


"Remember how I said the Southern Lord is on good terms with Pyrrus? Well the Northern one is the opposite!"


"Fantastic. Just fantastic."


"I'm Indy! My Pa is Soil, and my Ma is Iris."
He strikes a heroic pose '1d10'
"Well now, a real live dragon. Say Soil, mind if I borrow him for a second, for my work? This armor needs to be heated and I want to see if dragon fire is as good as I've heard."

"Ponies going missing like that ain't right. I don't care what this Cracked Skull says. Those types are the most shady of all."
A cold wind starts to blow and clouds start to form in the sky.

"…uh….yes…." he seems uncomfortable.

Mabel gets stuck into one of the gusts and gets dragged along.
The wind is picking up harshly and clouds are coming in. A storm is coming.

You dodge the gusts marvelously but Mabel is dragged away.
The wind is picking up badly and clouds are coming in. A storm is coming, you might want to get back to the ground.
More gusts are incoming.

"Okay then I'll take it!"
The dress quickly gets fitted and you pay for the dresses.
Coco let's you out with a smile.
Iris grins "That was fun, wasn't it? You know what we should do next? Visit the spa!"
A cold wind picks up and clouds start forming in the sky.

As you go out a cold wind starts blowing and clouds are forming in the sky.

Roll #1 2 = 2


He should work on that heroic pose.


Raise a brow and look at Indy.
"Why don'tcha give it a try lil guy?"


Right, enough of this silliness. Take out the Bag of holding, and shove the storm, and the Northern Wind Elementals, into the sack. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"….. Weird, whats with the sky today?" I look at Star.

"Lets hurry before a rain comes." Head out and find the other.


I nod.
"Real fucked up. Let's go investigate then."
I look up at the rain.
"…It'll get us indoors and out of the rain anyways."
I head off to the Colosseum Club.


High wind at high altitudes, just the thing I didn't want during any of this!
Come on, use these wings, put them to good use!
Believe in myself!

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7


"Are you absolutely certain about this? I'm afraid holding back information could prove to be… problematic for you."


"Oh… the weather is turning around! I think it might start raining soon too! The spa sounds nice, let's go!"



"Did Cracked Skull send you?!?"

Indy hops off and walks to the forge.
"Now I'll put the armor over the forge and fire it good!"
Indy blasts it and the armor is burning red in seconds.
"Yes, yes, that's it. Oh Celestia I feel alive!"
He starts bashing the armor with even more vigor than before.
Snacks and Star come in.

You both get caught in a gust. You're sent spinning around. But you manage to get hold of each other and together pull yourselves out at high speed.
Tumbling you fall down the sky hitting a snowy mountainside.
As you look up, the clouds are packing and snow falls down at this altitude.
You see ponyville in the distance, but it is soon blurred by the harsh storm.
And you can swear you hear cruel laughter in the wind.
You better find shelter quick.

The rain starts gushing down but you see Soil inside a smiths shop.
You go in.

The rain starts gushing down as you go in.
It's dark and smoky in there.
A crowd is waiting for the next fight.
At the side you see a large pony wearing round shades on a couch, surrounded by a mare on both sides.

The rain starts gushing down as you enter the spa.
Inside a blue and pink mare are waiting for you.
"Hello, how can we help you?"
Iris shakes off the water.
"You only live once. Give us the full package!"

"Well, we've got some left from our last harvest! They aren't cheap though."
The wind starts picking up and clouds are forming in the skies.
The orange mare holds her hat.
"That's weird, there wasn't any rain scheduled for today. Why don't ya come to the farm with us for some tea?"


I whisper to Triangle under my breath.
"He even looks like a shitbag too."
I chuckle and approach the pony.
"Hey. When's the next fight?"


Son of a…
"That North Wind isn't very friendly, is he?"
Can I see any sort of cave, or overhang? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


the large pony on the couch*


"I do believe I was the one asking the questions sir, not you. But I shall answer it honestly anyway. No, he did not."


"Yes! The full one!"


My ears flop down.
"I don't have much as far as money goes, but I'm a great cook according to Mrs. Cake. Maybe I can pay you that way?"

I look up at the sky when the wind picks up.
"Tea sounds great, thank you."


"What gave it away? How did he even know…"
Time to be on the lookout! Something to shield us, if we get stuck here in a hail…

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'd wager it was Anarchy that told him about us, just to foul the weather."


Take a step back, but wave at both Star and Snacks.


Also, ask them
"Did'ya see anything cool in town?"


"Oh that filthy, wretched… of course North would know I'm an ally of Pyrrus then!"


"No helping it now."
Make sure I stow the Bag of Holding for now.


"It goes without saying but I'm terribly sorry about this change of plans…"


"It's fine, it's fine. I just hope the sudden snowfall won't upset the town. I'd hate for us to bring trouble to them."


"They can trade for new snow shovels with the traintracks fixed at least."


The pony looks up.
"Well, well many new cute faces today. It starts in a few minutes, darling. Sit down and have a drink. What's your name?"

As you look around, lightning strikes the top of the mountain, and an avalanche comes down.
Roll to get out of its way!

He sighs and quickly closes the door.
"Okay…Thunder seemed very…nervous when I last saw him…the other ponies as well…."

"Well come on in. Let's leave those wet clothes here and get you both into nice bathrobes."
There are some very soft white woolen bathrobes ready.

"You know Ms Cake? Ah can offer a discount in that case. But let's get to the farm first."
She puts the buckets of apples on her back and together with big mac runs to the farm.
You have more money than you think. The Dog Fort mission got you a nice share of gold. With a discount you can easily pay it.

There's a cave nearby.
Lightning strikes and an avalanche comes down from the top.
Roll to get inside quick!

Star speaks up.
"We found a book about a nearby ancient Dog Fort!"


Are you kidding me.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Neat! Maybe there are even bigger monsters there!"
Look over at the smiths and Indy.


"What were they nervous about? Did something significant changes in their lives?"


"Melody. And I'm not here to shoot the shit. I'm here to fight."


"There, in that cave, quick!"
Leg it!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Take off the armor again and put on the comfy bathrobes.


I run after them. Let's see if all my adventuring has left me in good enough shape that I don't arrive panting.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I guess that Northern Wind really hats you.
You quickly make for the cave Mabel points out.
The avalanche passes over, luckily not locking you in, but the storm outside passes all reason.
Mabels wings are frozen and after a few seconds destabilize and disappear, the ice falls to the ground

"I like that talk, son!"
He finishes bashing the armor.
"Now, give me that old armor!"

"Not really….look there's something weird going on in this club…I'm not sure what it is. But I know Cracked Skull has something to do with it…Thunder told me he had discovered something, but he was scared to talk about it. I should have stayed with him."
He looks down.

"You want to fight? You up to the challenge?"

Comfy as fuck.
The sauna is first.
Naked or a towel?

You do pretty good.
You get inside just before the worst.
The orange mare hoofs you a towel.
"Here ya go, miss…?"


Quick, take it out.


"I see. You say something strange is going on, could you please name me some examples?"


"You fucking doubting me? I'm up for the challenge. I want to fight."


I'm a pony, we're 'naked' a lot!


I take the towel and dry off.
"Shortcake. I think I missed your name?"


"I guess you've had it for flying, today…"
Hmm. Hat magic a torch from my saddlebag. It doesn't have to be lit, since I've got my daggers to rub together for a spark. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"There goes that…"

"Nevermind that for now. Are you allright?"


"Just fine, thank you. Let's see if I can't get this lit so we at least have a little warmth in here."


Start walking away from the mouth of the cave, deeper in.
"Look what you've done now, Mabel, good job…"


"It's fine, really. This one might have been my fault, since they might have noticed the bouquet I brought along for lunch."


"Careful? Let me tell you something son."
He rips it apart in a few pulls.
"These kinds of things like it rough! A bit like a mare you know!"
To your surprise, the pelt indeed is off without even a hair brisked.

"Well it's hard to say. But Cracked Skull sometimes disappears….nopony knows where. And it's not outside. And sometimes…and this is weird to explain, but sometimes I don't feel myself. Like I've had a fight, and I won and I feel good and 5 seconds later I almost fall down exhausted!"

"Then get your butt in that arena darling, I'll tell our champion to rest, you get to fight a pony!"

You get out a torch and make a light.
The cave is extremely large, and you see scorchmarks on the walls.

"Applejack. How nice to meet ya, miss shortcake!"
The old mare sets some tea and grumbles about the weather.
"This is Granny Smith, the wisest pony around."
There's a small yellowfilly that comes in and shakes off the water.
"And that's Applebloom. And of course, Big Mac here."

You and Iris sit down naked in the wooden spa as one of the twins pours some water on the hot rocks. The sauna quickly fills with steam.
"Oooooh" purrs Iris "It's been so, so long since I've been to a spa…"


"Champion? Tell me more about him."


"This cave is huge…"
I'll take a look at the walls.
"Wonder what made these scorches, though…"
Think a moment.
"Wait, I remember someone yesterday mentioning something about that Applejack and her friends having a run-in with a dragon. Did we get blown all the way to his mountain?"


"It's nice to meet all of you, and thank you again for having me over for tea."
I sip my tea for a little.
"Sorry, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but you are the element of Honesty, right?"


"Those flowers we got for them did look tasty, a shame they had other plans."
I look around as well.
"That would explain the snow. And those."
Let out a bitter chuckle.
"Imagine if that dragon was still here. I guess it could have been worse."


"Why I do declare, that is quite odd. I believe mister Skull is a rather new inhabitant of Ponyville, correct?"


Think about this for a second.
Watch him work.
"So what's to do rough enough around here?"


I shift on the bench and look around.
"I've never been in one! What are we doing? It's hot in here!"


"I suppose all that's left is to simply wait out the storm."
I'll sigh, and shake my head.
"You wouldn't happen to be friends with any earth elementals that can make us a small shelter, would you?"


Shake my head.
"Sorry, I only know the fire guys so far."


"You'll meet him soon enough, cupcake.
Now get in there and show me your moves!"

After a few seconds she nods.
"Yes…yes ah am."

The cave continues further in….

"He came here only about a month ago.
Started the Colloseum. With the railroads blocked, there wasn't much work around so when paid very well, many ponies flocked to it. And those who had money came to bet."

"Not much, I'm afraid. Used to be all kinds of merchants passing through but that's stopped some time ago. Gah, I'd love to have challenges again!"
He neatly attaches the pelt to the armor.
"There ya go, son. Put it on and give a big shout! YEEEEAAAAAH"

"That's the point Amber. The heat makes you perspire and all kinds of unhealthy stuff flows out of your body. It's very healthy. Believe me, once you get out of here and get a dash of cold water, you'll feel like a new mare."
She leans back.


Look back at the Blizzard.
"Think we should head in deeper?"


Might as well explore a bit.
"Well, you'll likely know all of them by the end of it."


"Let's. Nothing else to do while we wait, after all."


I blush.
"Sorry if I'm embarrassing you. Where were we? Oh! Right, the zip zap apples. I'm getting a recipe from Mrs. cake and she says that I need a few, so I'd like to buy more than a few in case I mess up."


I just nod and ponder in silence for a moment, before looking up at him again.
"Very well, thank you for your cooperation sir."
Take my leave. Leave this building and head outside. That Skull guy gave me some names. Daisy and Lily…


Oh gosh!
Try it on!


I walk away, and when I'm a safe distance away I whisper to Triangle Tune.
"Watch that shitbag for me, will you? Listen in."
I the go fly into the arena.


>I then go fly into the arena. Who'd this shitbag put me up against?


"… Oh. So being sweaty is healthy? Does that mean it's better not to wash yourself often?"


Nod and venture deeper.
"You think we jinxed it?"


"Nah. We might have jumped the gun, though."


Drop my ears.
"I checked the wind, I thought the southeastern direction will be good enough… I had no idea the Northern Lord would actively try to hunt me down."


"Like I said earlier, he might have just had some of his elementals there to stir up trouble in case you did come by. It wouldn't be the least Anarchy has done to foul us up."


Before you go, you notice a mare pegasus flying into the Arena.
She looks familiar. Wasn't she part of the group of adventurers?

"Nah, nah it's allright…"
She looks over to an old photograph on the wall. "Just a lot of memories, you know…I think Big Mac can fetch you some Zip Zap apples."
Big Mac trots out while Granny Smith coughs. "Come on Applejack, you don't need to be so modest, you're a big hero!"

Further down the cave you find the skeleton of a large dragon. It's head alone is a lot bigger than you.

"That's good son! Like a real stallion!"

A red pony with a hammer comes out.
The crowd cheers.
Time to fight!

"Not the sweat itself. When the sweat comes out, all sorts of filth comes with it, the body doesn't need it anymore. Once it's out, it doesn't need to be on you anymore of course."


"So what can ya do to make the shield better?"


"We can't get back for this at an elemental lord, but Anarchy is-"

Stop mid-sentence.
"…what did you say happened to that dragon?"


"Blood and ice, that's monstrous…"
I wonder if it can fit in the bag…


"Good memories, I hope?"


"Applejack and her friends dealt with it. I didn't expect dealing with it meant killing it. I had assumed they'd driven it away."


Maybe… But I haven't spoken to her.
Perhaps I can once her battle is over. For now however, I must ask around town for those two mares that were namedropped.


"Ooooh, I get it! It's like wee!"


"That's… wow.
I'm at a a loss of words."


I open up with some Cheap Shots!
I draw my gun and fire at the pony.

Roll #1 7, 2 = 9


"I'll attach this fire elemental stuff right in it. Watch and be amazed."
He carefully places the essence on top of the shield. Measuring it endlessly until it is in the right place.
Then he starts bashing it with his bare hooves.
"Yes, yes get in there! Rip it open!"

It probably could.

She nods with a slight smile
"Very good memories. Travelling all over Equestria…helping ponies in need."

You ask around and find Daisy and Lily talking to a pony named rose at the market near a flower stall.

She chuckles.
"Yes, Amber. It's exactly like that…but a bit cleaner."
You're a very sweaty pony.

One of those teeth is as big as filly.

You immediately fire in his leg, but the pony flanks you and hits you on the head.


"…Need me to keep it steady?"


Fly away, switch to my crossbow and fire off a bolt at him!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Did Princess Twilight ever get her own place? New from the outside died with the trade, where I am from."


Stare at it for a while.
"How big is the dragon we'll be dealing with?"


Approach them.
"Good day ladies. May I have a moment of your time?"


No Alicorn Twilight, I said this a few times in meta, but you might have missed it.


"I wonder… if the dragon is dead, did it leave any other treasure behind?"


I smile and just sit back and relax then!
"This is nice!"


"There are a ton of books about your travels, but I've got the feeling not all of them are true, huh."



"If it had a hoard I'm pretty sure we would have spotted it by now."


"Don't worry! It will keep itself steady! It wants this! You know, like a mare!"

You hit him good.
"Hey, come back down!"

They stop.
"Uh..yes? Who are you?"

"Ah just wait Amber, it gets even better!"

She chuckles.
"Yeah, most of the biggest things we did, were never even published. But ah like it that way. It wasn't about fame, it never was. But we got it anyway…."


"It could be a small hoard. Hidden out of the way in case the main hoard is found by adventuring types, like ourselves. Or Applejack and her friends."


"Sure thing!"
I fly back down and kick him in the face.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Mares want to be punched with fire elements?"
Look confused to the others.


"Can't hurt to look. I don't think he will mind."
Let's have a look behind the dragon skeleton.
See if this cave has anything else.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Star just looks astonished at the smith.
Silver blood coughs. "I don't think he's talking about essence."

And you fly back down and hit him right in the face with your hoof.
A cheer from the crowd. This is going well.


"Why, my name is Light Heart ma'am. I have been hearing some unsettling rumors surrounding the colosseum and some of its fighters. I also believe you three are not the greatest fans and allies of mister Skull."


While she's busy with that, I'll start putting that skeleton in the bag.


"Well you did save Equestria from Nightmare Moon and Discord. It's hard not to get famous after doing things like that. We only fought a draconequus once, and he got away."


"Really? Do we get candy or something, because that'd be really great!"


Too easy.
I don't even need my weapons for this. Just hooves ought to do the trick.
Another Cheap Shot! Dropkick his ass!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Is this stuff like the meat in the consepersevative?"


You find some coins and gems here and there.
But it seems the biggest part of the hoard has already been taken.

"Oh that place! It's an affront. You know ponies fight themselves bloody there?"

"Another draconequus? What was his name?"

"Even better!"
Once you both are sweaty you go out and dive in a cold water bath.
You don't even feel the cold and feel refreshed
The twins are waiting with towels and bathrobes.

This time the stallion gets a hit in.
But he seems battered. A little hit to the head should do it.

"….wait what?"

The bag might be large enough, but the opening isn't.
You'll have to think about this.


One more knock to the head it is!

Roll #1 4 = 4




"Stuff Bedrock said.
And Warren.
And Mabel."


"Of course, it is an arena after all. I admit I am more interested in the missing fighters however."


Blast, if only there were a shrinking spell I knew. I'll have to come back for it later. For now, just wiggle one of the teeth loose. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Scoop them up.
"A bit of leftovers, that's all."
Walk back to Waren and give all of it to him.
"Here, take it. I… well, I don't really feel like rewarding myself right now."


I'm from the north anyway, so I can handle some cold! Dry myself off with a towel and put on a bathrobe.
"I'm feeling great!"


The stallion bites off.
Shit, this might be harder than you thought, you're getting tired as well.

She shakes her head.
"Never heard of him. But if he's met you. You better watch out…Draconequi never forget."

"and what did they say?"

"We don't know too much about that. But I'm betting that Cracked Skull is behind it!"

It's very tough. Try harder!

The twins wrap your mane in a towel and guide you to some soft benches.
Iris squees "Time for a facial mask and hooficures!."
She lays down on one of the benches.


"Beats me.
But I took notes!"
I'm sure they are here somewhere.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Put a little muscle into it. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What are you doing with that?"


"I don't intend to forget either."


"I see. The last pony that disappeared… Thunderlane, do you happen to know if he had any family?"


Oh screw it. I go in for an easy Cheap Shot and punch him dead in the face.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Honestly? Soil would never forgive me if I just left this here. Since I can't take it all back, and I'll need to look up a shrinking spell once we get back to town, I'm just taking this one tooth. I'm sure he can think of something to do with that."


"Oh! Now this I'm familiar with!"
Go lay down as well!


I blink, then chuckle.
"Well, I wasn't thinking of that. I bet he'll love it though."


"I'm a bit worried what Indy will think of it, but since we didn't kill the dragon, he might not think too much of scavenging."


"You wouldn't pick the bones of a pony and give it to a friend of a pony, would you?"
Borrow the torch , and stick it in the ground.
Sit down in front of it, and call out the name of Pyrrus.


You hoof them to Silver.
Who tries to read them.
"I…uh…this writing style is very….unclear…"

You crack one off.

"What did this anarchy do exactly?"

"He has a marefriend here in Ponyville. Poor thing."

You hit him right in the face and he's knocked out flat.
The crowd erupts in cheers.
You see Cracked Skull and Triangle near the fighters exit. Skull waves at you.

"Do you want a full facial mask or shall I just lay on a little bit?"


"Eh, don't worry, I'm gonna explain'em to you some day!"


"That is… mighty saddening to hear. Could you be so kind as to point out where she is?"


"Full facial! I like facials!"


"He pretended to be a guy traveling with us for a long time, and wound up having us do a whole bunch of bad stuff, including killing that ursa major. Thanks to the dust from the ursa major I'm a pegasus now, a few other ponies got changed, and one pony we traveled with is dead."


"Depends, really. If the pony's bones had magic properties, I just might. Or if that friend was a necromancer."
Ha ha, into the bag of holding.


I walk over to him.
"That enough?"




"Indeed! But practical."


Anvil keeps hammering it until it suddenly explodes in fire.
"HAHAHAHAHA. There you go, who's the strongest now?!?"
The whole surface covered in stardust has turned to a green flame, but it doesn't seem to burn away the shield.

"Of course. And if you want to help, I can tell you a thing or 2 about Cracked."

Your face gets covered in facial mud, with some cucumbers on your eyes.
Then the twins start giving both of you a hooficure.
"My…I must say I love adventuring but I really missed this" sighs Iris.

"Nasty business. If I was there, I'd have unleashed harmony all over his stupid butt!"

It falls in.
Want another? DC4

"You did great darling!
How about I sign you up for a few more matches? The pay is good."


"Tell me about the Champion."


…Might as well. '1d10' Snacks might be able to use it as a sword or punching gauntlet.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I don't suppose we can borrow the elements until we hunt him down, can we?"


Take it and swing it around once or twice.
"I'm so gonna try this out!"
Turn to the others.
"You guys done here too?"


Pyrrus, do you copy

"Still gross."


I nod in agreement.
"It's pretty great! My hooves could use the attention!"


"You have my attention, ma'am."


"As a nature mage, I had figured you'd find it no more 'gross' taking wood from dead trees or picking flowers that might have been fed by some dead animal or another."


"Oh..a travelling adventurer who came here just a few weeks ago. Rose to the star almost immediately! You wanna meet him?"

A voice erupts from the flame.
"I'm here."

"Do they have spas like this in the Empire?"

Another one disappears in the Bag.

"I am."
Star nods.

"Ah, sugarcube, they only work with me and my friends….and it's been a while since I've seen them."
You hear a tinge of sadness in her voice.


That should be fine for now.
I'll let Mabel do her thing while I wait.


Pay the smiths.
"You are like, the greatest smith ever!"



"Nature always uses everything, even the bodies of the dead.
It can still be gross to think about using equine bones!"

"Lord Pyrrus. It seems we had a little trouble running into the Northern Air Lord. He ambushed us, changing the winds I predicted would benefit us."


I nod.
"Let's see this guy."


"I'm not arguing that fact. And it definitely wouldn't be my first choice."


"Well, when he came here. He had a large cart with him. All wrapped up and tight. We couldn't see what it was. Was to decorate the place, he said. But you saw the inside. No decoration there. I wonder what he brought."

"Say, tell me….do you find lots of trinkets like this on your travels?"

"The Winds see everything in their domain. And He knows of your association with me. The North is vengeful and petty."

He takes you to a room.
Inside is a large black stallion.
"Blackhoof. The champion!"
"More meat? You better give up, little mare, I'll destroy you in the ring!"


Nod eagerly.


"I made that one like a few days ago!"


"I'd like to see you try, limp dick! I've stared down fucking dragons, and you think you can take me?"
I laugh.


I nod.
"Yes indeed… anything else?"


"The North won't stop me. Lend me the warmth of your fires to weather the storm, so after it is over I can succed to seek out the South in your name."


"Oj. Sorry."


"Mmmmmmm, I like this….I like this very much….Say, do you need a smith, I'd love more challenges like this! My wife, bless her, has passed away a few years ago. My son is old enough to own this place. I'd love to see the world one last time!"

"It's on, bitch!"
Cracked Skull waves a contract.
"If you want, sign here. It binds you to 5 fights, and your pay of course. The fights are planned with my assistant. Don't worry, just one fight a day. Deal?"

"He has a shack at the edge of town where he has all kinds of papers..maybe you could investigate there?"

"I have no dominion within the sky. But perhaps there is another way. I shall send an emmisary to the south. On your next attempt, He will protect you from the Norths revenge."

"It's allright. You know, we once fought in the arena of Tall Tale. We still have a big place in the Hall of Fame there."


My eyes will blink.
Out last smith just turned out to be a dracococonut!
I'm so gonna tell everypony you're coming with us!"


"Thank you. Now… we have some matters to attend to. Like surviving. Just one last thing… Please, tell Inferni to stay put if you could. I don't want him to endanger himself."


I sign the contract.


"I shall keep that in mind, thank you for the tip."


"Really? Why would you all fight in an arena?"


"I'll have to settle some affairs first. But seek me out later. Or better, where can I find you?"

"Of course. This storm is disrupting Nature. It will subside soon. It is not in the Norths power to keep disrupting."

You sign it.
"Excellent. Let me show you to your dressing room."
As you walk there, a door opens and a griffon steps out.
"Ah, Melody, this is a new fighter who joined us a few days ago, this is Gurion. A real talent. Gurion, this is our newest addition, Melody."
The griffon….the griffon you fought in Tall Tale, the one you poisoned.
He stops dead in his tracks.
He looks you over in disbelief and then his face turns to a grin not unlike that of a child who just discovered his christmas present.
"Why…how lovely to meet you, miss Melody."

"You're welcome." They show you the way to Thunder Lane's house.

"Ah, it was Dash's idea. She wanted to prove herself."


Save you from what, darling~




"The inn!"


Nod again as he fades, then stand up.
"The good news is, next time we try, we'll have protection. The other good news is that this blizzard can't last forever."


"Has anything else unusual been happening lately? Anything at all that comes to mind?"


I nod.
"Same to you, Gurion."


I nod my head.


"Sounds good!"

About half an hour later, the storm fades and the sun shines through the clouds again.

Daisy thinks for a second.
"Now that you mention it….there were 2 weird ponies in town. Or maybe they're still here…I saw them talking to Cracked the other day, but they've been talking to lots of ponies."

"I happen to have received a cake from an admirer. Would you like it? I'm not into those anymore."

"We had some amazing fights there. It prepared us for all the other things that came."


With a happy smile on my face and a song in my heart, I will turn around and leave the smithing shop.


"Looks like it's cleared up."


"If it wasn't for this cave, we might have gotten into big trouble."


I shake my head.


"Indeed. We're lucky it was here that we got blown to."
I'll poke my head out from the cave. Can I see Ponyville from here? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Where was I?


Follow him.
"At least if we froze to death the others could have brought us back to life in one trip."


"Could you give me a description of said ponies? Perhaps their names even?"


"Personally, I would prefer not to die again. It's incredibly unpleasant."
I'll shake my head.
"And how do you mean? Without Bedrock's… Anarchy's map to the Laughing One's labyrinth, it's not like we can go straight there and ask them to bring us back."


"They would have realized what happened sooner or later. Let's just be glad it didn't happen."


And run right into a mare.
The mare is pink with blonde mane.
Her face has some peculiar make up in it.
Red lines flowing from her eyes in intricate patterns.
She looks at you coldly.
"Hello. I overheard some of the ponies talking about a group of heroes in town. Are you one of them?"
A bit further stands a stallion, his face and most of his body obscured by a dark cloak.

See >>524296 for Iris reply.

"Too bad. See you around." and he walks past you down the corridor.
Cracked Skull whistles. "Sounds like you're making friends already."

It is easily visible.
Will be a little hike but nothing you can't handle.

"They didn't talk to me. But the mare was pink with blonde mane. And she had like make-up on. Red, very creepy. Like a mask. The stallion just stood aside and he wore a cloak to obscure himself."


Oh right.
"Uh… I never visited one before at least. Maybe? I don't know!"


I'll rub my chin.
"It's probably going to take most of the day to hike back to town. Let's hope we don't run into anything on the way."
Well, let's get walking… though, wait. Can I see anything to make a sled out of? That storm dumped a lot of snow. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Motion at my face, where her marks would be.
"You have…. Something on your face."


"What a charming bouquet of individuals."
I chuckle.
"Thank you, miss Daisy. If there is something underhoofed going on in your fair town, I will expose it."


"Nothing like a walk in the sunshine in Nature.
Plus, if we run into an animal we could just make friends with it."


"I've always had a talent for that.

"So we done here?"


"It's not random animals I worry about."


"Monsters? We're not on the Everfree side."


"With how things have been, I don't much trust the established stomping grounds. Running into some horrible frost wyrm or yeti or something would just be about the worst thing that could happen on the way down. That, or running into Anarchy. I don't doubt he'd take the moment to gloat, or do away with us since we're split from the others."


"Actually, he might have not been behind this. The Northern Lord can see everything in the sky, or so Lord Pyrrus told me. It may have been purely his spite that got us into this mess."


"If that's the case, then I'll take that as a small miracle."


"Even if we did run into Anarchy, what's the worst he can do? You saw how his failsafe plan turned out."


"That was when we were all together, along with a detachment of paladins."


"Such a shame. They must be beautiful. Crystals everywhere!"
The hooficure is over.
Time for a massage.
You can have one of the twins, or Ricardo, the spas masseur.

As luck would have it, somepony must have forgot their sled right here! It looks old, but very sturdy.

"Yes. Where I come from, all warriors wear these as a sign of honor and strength."

She smiles. "If you need anymore help, you know where to find us!"

"Yes. Here's your dressing room."
It's a small room with the bare essentials, a place to hang your clothes, a small shower, and a first aid kit.
"I can book you up for a fight this evening if you want, or you can wait till tomorrow. And here."
He gives you a pouch of bits.
"For your first fight."


"Both of us can sneak very well. Plus, Nature is our home turf againts him."

"…how convinient."


"Of course."
Now, Thunderlane's marefriend. Knock on the door.


I will smile in amazement.
"Great warriors. I like it!
Yeah, we are the heroes!"


"Well, Mabel, it seems I found you a ride down."
"Yours, perhaps. And my sneakiness didn't help very much."
Hat magic a 20ft length of rope. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I think I'll just take one of the twins.
Inspect my hooves first though!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Book me for another fight this evening."
I take the bit pouch. How much is in here?


"It could come useful later."
"It's been a very long time I was on a sled."


since I was*


"I hear they're much like bicycles. You never really forget how to use them. Of course, I've never really ridden one, since snow wasn't much of a thing where I came from."


"I really hope you don't imply that you want me to be in charge of it!"


"You're the one riding it. I'm the one pulling it, assuming I can pull any rope out of my sleeve."


You pull out an elastic.

A white pegasus with red eyes open the door.

"Yes, I figured by the way you carry yourself. I've heard some amazing stories about your group."

…You've had better hooficures.
The blue twin starts massaging your back. '1d10+2'
While Ricardo handles Iris.
Iris looks up. "So how are things between you and Silver?"

"Sounds good. See you tonight!"
About 40 bits.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"I think there is place for both of us on it.
You put the rope up front, get a kickstart going downhill then pull the rope in the direction you want the sled to go!"


"No fair! I want stories about your group too!"


Nod my head respectfully.
"Good day ma'am, my name is Light Heart. If you'll excuse me for asking, are you affiliated with mister Thunderlane?"


Well, I'll pocket that for later. Never know when it will come in handy.
"Well, it seems that it's not quite cooperating. But, if there's room for both of us, then I just need to give it a push and hop on. Let's point it in the direction of town, and start this wild ride."


"How about an exchange then? You tell us a little bit about your group and then you can ask something about ours."

She sniffles.
"Y-yes….did you find him?"


Look at the side of the mountain.
"This will be a wild ride for sure. If we make it without any broken bones, I bet we'll be enjoying ourselves a lot."


"Uh… good? I think we'll make for great partners, just like my vision predicted!"


"How about we talk this in front of some cyder?"



"Well, if it gets too crazy, we at least have brakes."
I'll flap my wings a bit.
Moving the sled into the proper position, I'll gesture to Mabel.
"Well, no time like the present."


"I'm afraid not, ma'am. I have taken particular interest in this entire case however, and would like your input if you are willing. I do hope to solve this swiftly so that you may be reunited with your friend."


Mislink see last post here >>524763


Sit down at the front of the sled.
"Will you be able to see the way from behind me?"


Is he gone?
I wait for that jackass to leave and call Triangle over to me.
"So what'd he say?"


"Won't need to, that's why I lined it up, first. I'm trusting you to point out any horrible jumps or crevasses between us and town."
Once we're ready, I'll give the push-off and hop onto the sled before it gets too far. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I don't think this sled will get us to town, but it'll get us off the mountain at least."
Brace for the start!


"He talked about your butt to one of the mares. And then went down a maintenance stairs to get here. But he didn't say anything suspicious."

"He seems like a really nice gentlecolt. Did you pick him just because of the vision?"

She exchanges glances with the stallion.
"Sounds fine. My friend has other business to attend to however. Let's go."

"Oh..I see…well I'll help you in any way I can, but I already told everything to the guards."

Roll a 5d10+2 for the ride down with the slay.


Oh my

Roll #1 4, 3, 1, 9, 9 + 2 = 28


"He dunno what he's missing."
Off to the inn!


I smile.
"I am not bound to their regulations and thus far more flexible. I understand mister Thunderlane worked in the arena. Is there anything in particular he told you in the days before he disappeared?"


How lewd. '5d10+2'

Roll #1 3, 10, 6, 6, 2 + 2 = 29


"Fuckin' A… so he's gonna be creeping on me this entire time. Great."
I groan.
"Time to fuckin' explore this place then, I guess."
I walk out into the main hallway. Anything interesting out here?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I looked him up because of it! And because he seemed so nice and strong and smart, I was convince the vision was true!"


The ride starts off bumpy, as the slay starts moving before both of you are properly settled in. Luckily Warren manages to grab hold of Mabel before she flies off.
When you both are on the slay proper, you scream as a sudden cliff pops up from the white horizon.
You fall down for a good 5 seconds before the slay smashes into the snow, miraculously upright and continue down.
As you reach the base of the mountain, the snow disappears, leaving only dirt and rocks.
The slay capsizes and both of you tumble around. Apart from some scratches, you seem allright.

You settle in the inn and order some ciders.
"Now…what was your name again?"

"He was complaining about headaches every night. That's not like him at all!"

The hallway is white, there are several rooms for fighters.
There's also a door labelled "To bar" and one "maintenance"

"You sure seem to like him. And he seems to like you as well! Oh thanks, Ricardo, that was divine"
The twins lead you to your mud baths.


I double check the rest of the hallway.
Anyone here?


"Soil the Poor. Monster Hunter!"


"Well! That was quite the experience."


I nod, making a mental note of that.
"Anything else?"


I frown.
"I'm not his fillyfriend though!"


Stand up and shake myself.
Then start laughing.
"Hahaha, woooh!
I told you it would be great if we didn't break anything!"


It's empty except for you.

"I heard you hunted down….an Ursa Minor, is that correct? Tell me about it."

"Well, he had the idea something weird was going on inside the ring. And he wanted to find out….he said Blackhoof had something to do with it…."


"I don't even think the sled is broken, either…"
Shake my head.
"Now it's just the walk back to town. Should we bring the sled back with us?"


She jumps in the mudbath.
"Oh of course not, Amber. I didn't say that!"


I go check out the Maintenance door.
Anything up with it?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I don't think there will be any snow until the winter for anyone to use it and you saw what happens when it gets onto dirt."


"Blackhoof… pray tell, who is he? A friend of mister Skull?"


I scrunch.
"I-I bet you were thinking about it though! Like Mabel and Warren!"


Smirk excited.
"So, this tiny seed, it didn't want to grow, but the dracoconut used some green stuff and now it was the biggest tree ever and then we were all in the leaves and everywhere and the ursa came and it kept whining and then we slammed the ursa and it exploded and then was dead!"


"True. If it belongs to someone in town, though, it might be good to return it…"
I'll heft the sled over my back, and start walking towards town.
"Now, let's head on back, before we're missed."


"Why did they leave it on top of a mountain then?"
Get out some of my special herbs ready for use from my saddlebags as I start to walk.
Plus the tinderbox.


"Well, it could have been forgotten when they walked out with the dragon's treasure hoard."


"It would have been easier to loot it with a sled."
Light it up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Inside are some brushes and all sorts of cleaning products and equipment. Near the ceiling is a small vent shaft, barred.
There's also a chair, a newspaper and a pipe here. Must belong to the janitor.

"He's the arena champion. T-thunder was convinced he cheated the matches somehow"
She sniffles.
"And now he's gone…"

"I think you two form a lovely duo. And that you'll accomplish many things together."

"I….see. Must have been quite a fight."

You light it up.
Good medicine.


"Perhaps. But then again, it might have been a leftover from one of the previous 'dragonslayers.'"
So we'll be walking for most of the day, won't we?


"… Most interesting. Is that all?"


It's about a half an hour walk.
You can skip it if you want.


"Yeah! That's right! We'll be the best paladin duo ever!"


"Heck yeah.
Much better than that prissy fire elemental who kept blabbering all over.
Your turn!"


Hm. Nothing interesting in here then.
I duck back out into the main hallway. Can I tell which dressing room belongs to which fighter?


Take a puff then chuckle.
Offer the 'medicine.
"Do you want some?"


I don't mind skipping it, if nothing is going to jump out at us.
I realized just a moment ago that I shouldn't have been able to cast Hat magic previously, since the wings ate up my magic for the day.


"No, thank you. Was never much interested in intoxicants."


"It just makes you calm and happy, nothing more."