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[Character Sheets and Information: http://goo.gl/y9CC4 ]

Last thread here: >>512726

There's an eerie silence.
The long room is ancient beyond count. You find yourself near the door. At the opposite side you can barely make out the figure on the red throne. But there is no mistaking it. It's a doll….a talking doll. It's eyes have been replaced by tiny cold lights.
The cube floats up by itself and places itself right before the doll, who tenderly places a cloth hoof on it.
The paladins surely are, except Ice and Crown who look upon it with the same stoic expression they've worn ever since you came here.


"Why the doll, Anarchy? Afraid to face all of us by yourself?"


Rush for her, take her away!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I scratch my head confused.
"A doll? Is this Anarchy's joke or sumthin?"


"Could be, or he's simply trying to take us off guard."


"You are really a coward, aren't you?"


I then grab my crossbow and try to scout around a bit but not far from my team. Any signs of anomalies or anything besides the doll?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You said that Draconequus could transform right? It's not really just a little doll that's had us all running around?"


"You can't hide forever…"


"But this is so much more fu-."

You make a dash for the throne with blinding speed. As Molly sees you approach Anarchy sighs.
"Oh why don't I ever get to do evil monologues without somepony trying to get in first…

The doll presses the cube and unseen patterns light up.
A high-pitched sound echoes throughout the hall and flashes of light appear, rapidly taking form. One in particular is huge, nearly 10 times the size of a pony.
Since Soil got a 10 I'll let you have a +1 if you attack one of those now, or you can keep running for the doll.

There is something behind the doll. A large carving in the wall. Very…very big but it's too dark to make it out from here.
There might be other threats to worry about however, see post above.


Roar in anger and slam the biggest one.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Oh horsefeathers.
Homing magic. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What is that?"
Aim for the head!
Well if it has a head.
Marksman shot

Roll #1 1 = 1


Jump into Stealth.
Let's see if Inferni can blind it.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 10 = 10


"It ends!"
Spellbreaker on the big one.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"From one thing to another." Sigh.

Shoot the big one with Reflex Shot.

Hawkeye [1d10]
Reflex Shoot [1d10+3] Talent plus Big Game Hunter

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 + 3 = 9


You slam right into its hooves as it takes form, denting the metal form.

The doll laughs and pulls a mic out of its ear.
"Ladies and gentlecolts, presenting the match of the century!
In one corner, from the deepest trenches of Vilitus, making a comeback after 10000 years, the Black Lemarians!"

The figures take form.
The huge metal bipedal titan roars as it stands up, nearly touching the large ceiling with its head.
Another is shaped as an alicorn, but whatever grace it once had, is long gone. Her metal wings are sharp and jagged and in her eyes burns a cold green glow.

Two other seem to have been unicorns, heavily armored they stand next to their mistress.

And three others are the same as you met earlier. Metalized earth ponies.

"And in the other corner, straight from Equestria and the Crystal Empire….oh and one griffon too I guess….The Dorks."

You summon up 2 motes.

The Titan opens its eyes and a green beam shoots from it across the hall, exploding the ground on impact and sending Snacks, Mabel and Amber into the air.

Inferni, remembering that last time that trick didn't work on the Lemarians turns into a flame and flies straight at the Titans armor, melting a little in the process.

You do not see a apparent weakness, then again, you've never seen anything like this before.
The bullet hits it straight between the eyes.

Clear Ice, Crown and the other paladins charge for the Titan.

Soil 10/6
Warren 5/5
Snacks 0/4 HELPLESS
Mabel 0/4 HELPLESS
Amber 1/5
Pico 5/5


#Lemarian Titan ??/??
Black Lemarian ??/??
Lemarian Acolyte A ??/??
Lemarian Acolyte B ??/??
Lemarian Slave A ??/??
Lemarian Slave B ??/??
Lemarian Slave C ??/??


"Ow.. ow! Who is that doll calling dorks?!"

Try to stand up!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Heal Mabel.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


This is fairly bad.
Help Mabel up. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



Since Warren helped me up, I'll just try to backstab one of these abominations.
Inferni can keep up the good work.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Indy! This is our time to shine!"
Point at the big beast.
"I will bring you down. For my family, for my farm, and for Iris!"
Jump at it with the power of a thousand slams.
Indy sets it on fire!

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"You could at least mention Hyperborea, you walking piece of stuffing!"

Try aiming for the "eyes" then and hope it hinders its movement.

Hawkeye [1d10]
Regular Attack [1d10+1] BGH

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


Please use one of their names so I know who you're trying to backstab.

Rolling for paladongs '2d10+2' '5d10'

Roll #1 3, 2 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 1, 8, 7, 9, 3 = 28


The Alicorn


See >>519118
I need to know whose eyes.


Yeses of the giant robot thing. Not the Alicorn.


Snacks is up.
Mabel is up, but not before getting gashed by Ambers awry spell.

With a magnificent leap you jump behind the Black Lemarian and stab it in the back.
Her Acolytes turn and face you, their horns glowing green.
Inferni flies around the Titan doing what he can.

The power of a thousand slams bashes against the Titans feet without much result, it kicks you and Indy back, sending you flying against the wall.

You can make up from its build and how much visible damage that it sustained so far that it is really, really fucking strong. But you figure that you might be able to do some extra damage by attacking the place Soil already bashed in.
+2 to your regular attack
You hit it doing some damage.

The Titan has turned its attention towards the paladins. breaking their charge with an earthquaking slam of its hoof. still some manage to persevere and damage it.

#Lemarian Titan ??/??
Black Lemarian ??/??
Lemarian Acolyte A ??/??
Lemarian Acolyte B ??/??
Lemarian Slave A ??/??
Lemarian Slave B ??/??
Lemarian Slave C ??/??

Soil 7/6
>Indy 0/4 HELPLESS
Warren 5/5
Snacks 0/4 HELPLESS
Mabel 5/3
Amber 1/5
Pico 5/5


Roar and charge at the Titan once more, as if unfazed by the hit.
Indy tries to get up on his own.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Sorry Mabel!"
Charge my hammer with holy power. Then smash the Titan with it!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Indy's roll.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Snacks is up


"It happens!"

Draw my longer rapier and stab at one of the acolytes with both!
Inferni keeps distracting/chipping away at the titan

Roll #1 5, 6 = 11 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Okay time to do some damage
Go for one of the acolytes
Marksman shot

By the way what are these acolytes doing?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"All this time and everyone is still running around without a plan."

Take aim at the Lemarian Acolyte B to protect that Donkey.

Hawkeye [1d10]
Reflex Shot [1d10+3] BGH and Talent

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 6 + 3 = 9


Rolling for paladongs '2d10+2' '5d10'

Roll #1 7, 4 + 2 = 13 / Roll #2 4, 4, 2, 9, 9 = 28


I'll help Indy up. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


He's up already! Use that for me instead!


But you aren't down yet!


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.
Surprisingly, you do the same thing and the result is different, you get kicked extra hard and slam into the wall.

Indy's up however.

You smash into the Titan.

You hit one, interrupting its magic.
The other one however hits you with a concentrated magic force pushing you away from the alicorn and severely hurting you in the process.
Meanwhile the Titan finally noticed Inferni and fires a green beam from his eyes, hitting Inferni.

You hit one of the Acolytes straight in the head. It reels.

One of the Acolytes pushes Mabel away from the alicorn, seemingly trying to protect their mistress at all cost.
The Alicorn has been surprisingly passive however during the fight, calmly overseeing the chaos.
The slaves aren't doing anything but watching as well.

As you aim for the acolyte a green beam from the Titan blasts you down.

He's up.

>upping people before they're down.

Clear Ice and Crown get up and unleash a flurry of holy power on the titan, visibly damaging its armor. It steps a little back.
An opening the other paladins take advantage of at once.

>Indy 5/4
Warren 5/5
Snacks 5/4
Mabel 2/3
>Inferni 3/5
Amber 1/5

#Lemarian Titan ??/??
Black Lemarian ??/??
Lemarian Acolyte A ??/??
Lemarian Acolyte B ??/??
Lemarian Slave A ??/??
Lemarian Slave B ??/??
Lemarian Slave C ??/??

A red beam shoots out of the robot, it flashes over everyone, as if its looking for a target.


Hit it where the beam is originating from! Spellbreaker!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'm sorry pal, I know not the meaning of "impossible".
Up myself as Indy flames the thing in his new, green fire!
First for me, second for Indy.

Roll #1 8, 8 = 16


Get up.

"Aim for the eyes next, that hurt."

Recover '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Help up Soil. '1d10' Send two frost bolts towards the Lemarian Alicorn's horn. Maybe that will disrupt it. '2d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10, 10 = 20


W.. what? Is it hurt?
Lets check it out! Reveals my axe and attack it!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Inferni can take a bit of hurt, he can cause it back!
I keep battling with the Acolytes!

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 5, 8 = 13


The beam locks on you but you focus and send it right back to its destination and part of the head of the titan explodes.
Whatever that was, you're not seeing it again.

You're up.
Indy flames at the hole in the chin of the Titan.

You…can't. But Warren helps you up.

Before you can attack Warren fires at the Alicorn, fires good.

And so he does, flying right into the hole in its chin Amber caused.
Before you can battle further with the Acolytes, Warren fires….

You help Pico up and focus on your motes
With a shout you send them swirling off, they fly towards the Alicorn, circling each other and..right before they hit the Alicorn, they clash.

The combined magical energy explodes and the ice shatters into a million tiny sharp pieces, flying all around.
Even the doll looks up behind his glasses and puts down his popcorn as they fly straight for the alicorn.
The Alicorns metal shell is barraged by a veritable wave of small ice shards, tearing holes into the shell as if it was butter.
The Acolytes attempt to magically shield themselves but the shards are too fast, tearing through iron and leaving only scraps.
The Slaves who stood by until now turn back to retreat but are literally pierced into the wall and their green eyes go dark.
Surprisingly, none of your friends got hurt as the motes all melted before touching any of them, no matter how close they were. A surprising display of magical control.

Soil 6/5
>Indy 5/4
Warren 5/5
Snacks 5/4
Mabel 2/3
>Inferni 3/5
Amber 1/5
Pico 5/4

The damaged alicorn struggles to get up. A high-pitched screech comes from it as it sheds it iron body and a green cloud of energy formed like an alicorn flies up in the sky.
2 tendrils of energy pierce the Titan. Its form overloads with energy, roars and charges at the paladins with renewed vigor.




Charge back at the Titan. Smash it with my hammer!
"Go back to the depths of Tartarus where you came from, you big jerk!"

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Inferni, flame that Alicorn-energy!
I try to backstab a weak point in the titan.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


"Exposed parts, easy marks."

Aim at the Tendrils with Reflex Shot to sever them.

Hawkeye [1d10]
Reflex Shot [1d10+3]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 3 = 7


I'll blink a little.
Well! I should do that more often. Now that everyone is back up, I'll slip into the shadows. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Not today!
"Indy! The feet!"
Indy fires ice at the feets, trying to slow the titan down.
And I put myself in its path, SLAMMING AGAINST IT AS HARD AS I CAN!

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


Just stood in awe before shaking my head and take a careful aim on a weakspot.
Marksman shot

Roll #1 4 = 4




I'll fly up and backstab the risen black lemarian.

Roll #1 7 = 7


As you smash a hole into the Titan, green energy bursts out, but you sidestep it like a pro.

Indy flies right at the energy giving it a good jolt of Fire Elemental energy.
As you backstab a hole into its back, green energy bursts out, but you jump away before it hurts you.

You aim and shoot one, severing it from the host.

You're gone.
Not a trace.

The Titan seems to be heating up, the ice doesn't do much. The titan fires a green beam at Indy who quickly dodges it, getting only lightly hurt in the process.

You ram into it with the force of a thousand power rangers and punch a shield-size hole into it.
Green energy bursts out, but your shield protects you.

The Titan opens its eyes and fires a green beam at you. You dodge it barely and your butt is scorched.

You fly towards the energy being, but before you can get close a tendril grabs your hoof and you are electrocuted.
You tumble to the ground, still convulsing from the shock.
No flying for 2 turns

Soil 6/5
>Indy 1/4
Warren 5/5
Snacks 3/4
Mabel 2/3
>Inferni 3/5
Amber 1/5
Pico 5/4

The Risen Black Lemarian floats to the ground planting her hooves into the ground.

Roll to dodge.
Flyers get a free pass, if they use this turn to fly up.


Damn it.
draw my axe and charge it!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Fly over the ground and approach the throne while stealthed.



Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Get into the air and keep my distance.



Plant myself down and use the shield as cover.
Indy flies up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He can't fly yet!


Inferni flies, I dodge!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Indy runs behind me if he's close enough / tries to dodge?

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 2 = 2


tired and groggy didnt read that part
While rolling


Rolling for paladongs '2d10+2' '5d10'

Roll #1 5, 9 + 2 = 16 / Roll #2 8, 7, 8, 2, 4 = 29


A number of tendrils burst out of the ground and flail around wildly.

You manage to dodge this shit.

2l8 m8, the tendrils grab you and you're electrocuted.

With a series of acrobatic jumps you stay out of range of the tendrils.

Nope got grabbed too and electrocuted.
Can't spew fire for 2 turns.

Nope, got grabbed, this electrocution thing doesn't get better.

You get grabbed and electrocuted.
Your shining stops.
Crystal Emotions disabled for 2 turns.

Ice gets electrocuted, while Crown heroically dodges it and sears another hole in the Titan with holy power.

3 paladins get grabbed and electrocuted including Blood, the other 2 keep their distance

The tendrils retreat again into the ground.

Then Warren performs a daring move.
Flying low he catches the doll unaware while she's watching the tentacle spectacle.
Slamming a dagger in the doll with one hoof and grabbing the cube with the other, he flies up victorious.
But the Risen Lemarian turns around and the Cube starts to buzz.
It unleashes a huge amount of energy right into Warrens' hooves.
He convulses and then falls smoking to the ground clenching the cube in his hooves.

Soil 6/4
>Indy 1/3
Warren 5/5
Snacks 3/4
Mabel 2/3
>Inferni 3/5
Amber 1/5
Pico 5/4
Shortcake 5/3

The Risen Lemarians' energy body turns red


Warren is unconcious and out for the time being.


"Ow ow! Stupid!"
Heal Mabel!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Molly! Warren!"
Place one more slam against the Titan.
"Indy! Hang in there!"
He takes a turn to… Rest a bit?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 2 = 2


I'll try to backstab the Titan.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Red doesnt seem to be a safe color
Attack the Lemarian at a distance
Marksman shot!

Roll #1 10 = 10


If she still has the other Tendril attached, cut it now while I'm in the air.

Hawkeye [1d10]
Reflex Shot [1d10+3] BGH and Talent

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 + 3 = 9


Inferni and I both attack the Risen!

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3, 1 = 4


Monkey agility that 3

Roll #1 7 = 7


She's healed a bit.

You cut the last tendril.
The Titan seems far less powerful now.

Indy can still use his claws as regular attack.
But since the Titan is ded in a few seconds no counterattack for Cake and Indy.
As for the doll, she gets up again, wondering what the hell just happened.
Soil slams right into the dispowered Titan, this is too much and the Titan falls over onto the ground.
It dematerializes and its energy flows back into the cube.

The alicorn shoots a wave of black fire straight at you. You feel an unnatural pain unlike anything you've ever felt before.
Inferni gets hit as well and falls to the ground unconcious.

The Alicorn proceeds to spread the fire straight for your friends.
But your magnificent shot distracts her and the wave stops and she turns back green.

Soil 6/4
>Indy 1/3
Snacks 3/4
Mabel 4/2
>Inferni 0/3 UNCONCIOUS
Amber 1/5
Pico 5/4
Shortcake 5/3

The Risen sees she's all alone and beckons the cube, that slowly flows towards her into her ethereal hooves.


Bolster Mabel!


"End of your games!"
Rush for the Risen and, with a swipe of my shield, get the cube off her hooves.
Indy stays back.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Run to the Alicorn and tackle her to the ground!!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Damnit, I can't let her do that!
With the help of Amber's bolster, get up and snatch the cube before she gets it!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Letting RNG decide for me

1. Aim for the Alicorn's Horn to stun/stop her magic for now
2. Aim for the Cube and pin it to a wall

Decision [1d2]

Arrow Strike [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 3 = 3


I try to knock the cube away from her.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Bolstered as fuck.

No claws? Okay.
You knock the cube away from her, but it slowly rolls back.
You're dangerously close to the Risen now.
Roll to not get assraped.

A tendril sprouts from her slamming you back.

Another tendril sprouts slamming you into the ground.

The alicorn sprouts a third tendril gripping your claws and swinging you into the ceiling.

And there comes the fourth tendril.
Right in the stummick and into the wall.

Roll for paladongs '2d10+2' '5d10'

Roll #1 4, 4 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 5, 1, 4, 4, 8 = 22


I have one thing to cling onto.
My shield. Shove her away with a powerful slam!
He's too hurt.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


They get severely hit by the unexpected barrage as well.
The Alicorns wings have burst, sprouting into a number of tendrils and with the same calm as ever she gets ready to attack


Well, it's not a fencing technique, but let's try severing those wing-tendrils!

Roll #1 9, 2 = 11


It looks like I can't do anything without being hurt, so I'll hang back at the rear of the group.


"My talons aren't just for show, you know."

Cut myself loose and pin that cube down despite my headache.

Hawkeye [1d10]
Reflex Shot '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


Heal Indy!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


I got up, reload my crossbow and shoot!
Marksman shot

Roll #1 9 = 9


Rolling for paladongs '2d10+2' '5d10'

Roll #1 5, 8 + 2 = 15 / Roll #2 1, 5, 3, 5, 4 = 18


You duck behind your shield as she breaths an inferno of black fire on you.
But your shield seems to manage, must be that stardust.

You clip one, but get hit by another.

You do so and fly down, holding the struggling cube down.
The queen has turned her attention to you.
Her fury is terrible to behold.
Roll to avoid her attack.

He's healed.

Ice jumps forward and slashes one of the tendrils.
Crown in a masterful display of swordsmanship, cuts down 2 others.

The other paladins are getting battered and weary however.


Soil 6/4
>Indy 1/3
Snacks 3/4
Mabel 1/2
>Inferni 0/3 UNCONCIOUS
Amber 1/5
Pico 5/4
Shortcake 5/3


Slink back into the shadows!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Indy unleashes a frozen fury upon the queen.
And I slam down on her neck.
if that was a "dodge" roll and didn't count as slam, make this a slam with +2. Otherwise, a normal attack.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Evasion isn't my strong suit, but dodge I shall.


Roll #1 6 = 6


The last of my empowered weapon… Use it to attack the queen with full vigor.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


You're stealthed.

Indy fires ice at the Risen. (queen was a bad word of mine, she isn't. I must be getting tired.)
It chills her to the ethereal bone and she seems to slow down.
That was indeed a dodge, here's your +2 = 4
A tendril slams you out of her way.

You get battered away and lose the cube, which floats freely again.

She slams you aside, floating to her target.

Soil 5/4
>Indy 5/5
Snacks 3/4
Mabel 1/2
>Inferni 0/3 UNCONCIOUS
Amber 0/4 HELPLESS
Pico 3/3
Shortcake 5/3


How evil of you.
Now I have to wait for the recharge!
Take my anger out on the tendril instead!
Indy freezes her some more!

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2


It's now or never, Mabel.
Find a sensitive spot and Backstab it.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Get up!

Roll #1 6 = 6


If this is how it goes, so be it.

Get up and aim at the cube again. Keep her away from it and buy time for the rest.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Reflex Shot '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6



Sorry, I thought I wrote that. I wrote the dmg down on the sheet.

Your bolt flies flawlessly hitting the Risen in the head.


Is it dead?
I approach with axe ready to strike.

Roll #1 2 = 2


The Risen holds out her hoof to catch the cube.
So close.
But then an arrow of Pico shoots it right away.

And then, as the Risen looks at it flying away, Mabel bursts from the shadows, stabbing it in the back.

The Risen screams a long emotionless scream and melts.
Before she dissipates completely she screams the only thing she ever said
FAH FAALJUD EREIN OBLAAN and then she's gone. Not a trace remains of her nor the Acolytes, nor the slaves, nor the Titan.
The Cube glows for a second and then turns into ash.

The hall turns silent again.
A clap arises from the throne.
"Well now, I wasn't expecting that. Maybe I chose a bit too good when I picked you up from Silverhaze."


Raise my gaze to look at Molly, in anger, in spite.
"It wasn't you that picked us up, Anarchy.
We were destined to meet.
Because we are heroes."
Start moving slowly but confidently towards my doll.


I smile in triumph as I brush the dusts off.
"Bah! Anarchy is a coward entity! My friends and I are able to vanquish your puny servants and their motley crew!"


The Cube is finally gone?
Pick up Inferni and put him on my back, then stumble in front of Warren, to be between him and the throne. I may be beaten up but I'll still protect those who are unconcious.
"Getting afraid yet?"


Stand with my fellow paladins!


"We were already professionals then. Thanks to you, we learned to work together against bigger Evils."


"Oh well, guess the fun is over for now then…OR IS IT?"
The doll pops a bottle, the label says "PROPERTY OF THE OFFICE INQUISITORIUM. DO NOT OPEN!" from behind the throne and opens his mouth.
"Time for a comeback!"


"I don't think you are supposed to open that."


Swiftly pull out my hoof-mounted crossbow and shoot a bolt at the bottle.
I get only one chance here.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Gently put down Inferni.
"You could have a nap some other time…"

Get out some herbs and Natural Remedy myself.
"I would rather that you not."

Roll #1 4 = 4


The bottle shatters and the liquid spills on the ground.
The doll looks annoyed.


"We'll clean that up after you get shoved in a nice, locked box."


"I'm sure you have your other tricks."


Walk up to her until I'm close enough to grab her.
Extend a hoof and grasp Molly by the neck with a killer stare.
"It's over Anarchy.
Give. Me. Molly. Back."

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


The doll crosses his front legs.
"I don't want to! I'm staying here!"

"Meh, I'm not in the mood."

"You know, if you had sewn a tongue in here, I would have stuck it out at you."


Don't let her go.
Don't sweeten my stare, either.
Just stare.


Rrggh. That hurt.


damn it where is he!
Explore the room and try to identify the source of the voice, Is there any place he can hide in this room? I am a dog and this a dog fort perhaps I can see some of its secrets

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Rise and shine, Warren. You allright?"

"One of these days we will find you, and you'll have nowhere to run. Count the days you have left."


"I love a staring contest. Here's a hint, I don't have eyelids, so I'll win."

Clear Ice looks at the scene.
"Sentinel Amber!"

He is the doll. He possessed the doll.
You discover something extremely interesting looking on the wall behind the throne however.
Light some torches to examine it better.


Bonk Molly on the head.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Been better. What about the cube? Where is it?"


"Yes ma'am!?"


"What… ?" I remember having candles inside my bag, perhaps that will suffice.
Approach those… 'eye thingy' in the shadow, with axe at the ready of course.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It's gone. Turned into ashes when the last of them died."


"Well… there's that at least. How about Soil's doll? Is Anarchy still in it?"
I can get up, right?


You're probably better for wear than I am, so I'd say yes.
Offer a hoof anyway.
"Yes, he is."


Eh….what 'eye thingie'? I didn't mention eyes…

Doesn't really help.
He's still staring.

"This might be a good test of your abilities."
She takes of her shining crystal necklace.
"Chaos retreats in the sight of Harmony. This necklace contains a tiny shard of the Crystal Heart in its core. Use it to banish Anarachy from that doll."


I'll frown a little, but take the offered hoof.
"Was hoping that breaking the doll would drive him out. Going to have to apologize to Soil…"
Once I'm on my hooves, I'll wander over to the others.
"Glad to see everyone's still in one piece, though you're looking a little rough, Mabel."


Turn around, still holding Molly, and raise her up to the sky.
Look down at her with watery eyes.
"If that's true, help her!"


Sorry what I meant is approach the back of the throne with axe ready.


"Yes ma'am!"
Carefully take the necklace and… I guess it works like a catalyst? Must be. Direct it at the doll and fire at will.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Stand strong. Stand strong for Molly.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I've been roughed up more, don't worry. Let's deal with Anarchy first."

Let's hope this works..


I'll nod, and look at what's going on.


I'll join up with the other Paladins for now.


Let me give you all a status update.
Most of you have burn marks, slashes, torn clothes.

There's nothing dangerous behind the wall.
When you light the candles you're greeted with an enormous carving.
A giant carved out map of Equestria, the mountains and rivers carved out deep in the stone.
There are markings on the map.
Where you are is marked by a fort icon and the name stands under it, Fort Rikhtirund.
There are other forts with names on them.
You slowly realize this is a map of all the ancient dog fortresses in Equestria.
And 1 stands out amongst all others, coated in gold. You might want to try to climb closer to it.

You hold it out like a catalyst, channeling holy power through it, imagining it obliterating Anarchy's presence from the doll.
The doll laughs "Oh Discord, they let everypony join the paladins nowadays."
You look towards Crown, who mouths the word "Harmony."


I believe in you! And so does Warren, and Snacks, and Mabel and Iris and everypony!
And I'm sure if she was thinking straight, even Molly would cheer for you!
You can make it!"


I'll nod along with Soil.


I nod as well, even putting on a small smile.
"Go get him, girl."


I'm one of two people here who can give her a thumbs up.


My eyes widen in awe.
"By my paws…."
Approach it, completely forgetting about Anarchy or my friends nearby and ready a piece of cloth in case to dust off the carvings, and study it now! What is the carving made of?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Pure granite.
By the Great Dog, it must have taken them ages to carve this.
And so precise, there are even individual caves on the mountains on the map.


I look at them and smirk, then turn back to the doll.
"Let loose of the doll, the power of Harmony compels you demon! Like your master, it will be your undoing!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wait, can I see my home fort from the map? Also does it have some sort of map about the roads and underground tunnels in Equestria? How about Silverhaze mines dog fort? What is its old name before the ponies called it Silverhaze mines?


The pop struggles
Then it laughs.
"Oh this is too much."

Crown steps up, but to her surprise Clear Ice walks to you.
She lowers her head and grabs your hoof and speaks softly.
"The Heart is not a weapon. You cannot destroy the presence from the doll.
The Heart is a shield and no evil can stand its aura.
Don't try to chase him away. Let your inner harmony flow through it and he will go away by himself, he cannot stand it


It is an ancient map from long before your fort was made. Far older even than the fort of Silverhaze, you don't see it on here.

The map does show a number of long tunnels each leading from their fort to the gold one in the middle.


Hmmm examine the middle goolden fort. Also how many forts are connected to the golden fort?


Frown at the doll, but still keep it high.
I believe in Amber.
I really do.
Be one with her. Just like Mabel taught me. Show her I too can feel her harmony.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Okay. Try that. If the RNG will let me.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Amber, relax. You're still a bit strung out from the fight. Relax."


"He can't do anything any more. All he has are empty words."


There seem to be 8.
The one closest to here seems very close to where you're going, Ponyville.
There's some kind of unusual metal piece in it.
The golden one is also in a place you're soon to visit. Right underneath Canterlot.
There's also an unusual piece in it.
They can be removed.


Take out lots of papers and began taking notes on the placement of the pieces and try to copy the map. Also take notes the things that I can read on the map and also the area's surrounding it.
>dont fail me rng

…. Canterlot.
A dog fort right underneath the pony capital? But why,,,, ? I ponder.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Anyway also try to remove just one of the pieces to examine it.


I close my eyes and focus on my inner harmonic aura, filled to the brim by my friendship with the party and my companionship with the paladins. A wicked spirit of chaos like him… he doesn't understand that harmony. He's has not experienced it for himself and he never will, because he simply can't stand it.


Perhaps you could read the history of Canterlot somewhere.

And after some tries you get the notes right. You know where they are.

It seems like a special key, like the one protecting the vaults in your old fort, this one is far more complex however. Perhaps this one opens something in that place?

The pendant glows.
And for a moment everypone feels refreshed.
Then the pendant goes to normal again.


Open my eyes and look up, at the doll I'm holding in my hooves…


Raise my ears.
Come on Amber…


It doesn't talk.


"There we go. Now we just need to get Molly mended, and she'll be right as rain."


Bring her closer to me, look deep into her buttons eyes.


"… Did it work?"


"Is he gone, for good?"


"Probably not. But he's gone for now."


Ice takes the necklace and gives you a tap on the shoulder and a nod before walking to Crown again.
Crown replies "if it didn't work, I'm sure he'd have let us know by now."

Soil…I had a weird dream.
Nobody but Soil and Mabel heard that.

You would hear that too from the doll, but it's not the voice of Anarchy.


Hug her with a happy, serene little smile on my face.
"It's okay. The bad guy's gone."
Then, put her back to safety inside my armor, right next to my heart, and look down at the others with that same smile.
"Thanks, everypony."


"Ha! That was easy!"


Blink, and look at Soil, dragging myself a bit closer.
"Soil… I heard that."


Trot down up to her and hug her, too.


And draw her into the hug too!


"All she'll need is a few stitches. Sorry about that, but it was the only way I could think of getting the cube away from her."


"If only the rest had been."

"Anyone have pills or something for the pain?"


Motion him to come closer with a hoof as I hug Amber and Mabel.


"Time to regroup in the camp."

"The medicae will take care of that."



I'll roll my eyes, but get closer as well.


I squee.

"Come on, join the hug!"


I'll help the Paladins airlift anyone too injured to walk.


"I'm glad we all made it out okay."



"I'm so happy. Because I've all of you."

And after one last squeeze, let go.


I'll rub the back of my neck a little, then with a bit of an awkward smile I'll pat Soil on the back.
"Having friends is quite the thing."


Boop his nose.
"You did something really dangerous back there! I was worried!"


"By the way Soil… I think I heard your doll talk, and I don't mean Anarchy."


"Well, it worked, didn't it?"


Nod at that.
"When you didn't get up I thought of the worse…"
Drop my ears a bit.


"Well, duh! She's Molly!"
"I was scared too!"


"Not. Happening. Ever again!"


"It'll take more than that to kill me. Hopefully."
"I should probably still get a once-over from the medicae to make sure I'm in good condition, but there shouldn't be anything to worry about now."


"You big dummy! Don't let it happen again!"


"I'll try."


"I'm not gonna let anypony get hurt like that anymore, believe it!"


"I thought you… I didn't know she actually talked!"

"You put up a nice show before that, though, I have to commend you on that."



"I'm not hearing anything…"


Just frown.
"Hey, I'm not crazy!"


"I know you'll do your best for that, Soil. And knowing you, you'll probably succeed."
"I was a bit surprised as well. The bolts colliding was… a bit of an accident, to be honest. I just rolled with it."


"I know you're not…"
Shake my head.
"We'll figure it out."

"When I stab my throat while sword swallowing I pretend I did it on purpose too."


"Your freaky magic was just that good."


"Presentation is half the spell, really."
I'll nod.
"Anyway, we should all be making tracks back to the camp."


Shake my head.
"No way.
First I wanna search this place!"


"Make sure everyone is patched up before you run off!"


Sit down on my flanks.
"I'll just catch my breath first.."


"We could all use a breather."


"Are any of you hurt?"


"We aren't going far! And Indy can smell the way out!"
"It was fun!
I can't wait to slam Anarchy straight in the face!"


"Nothing a few minutes out in the sun won't fix!"


"Mabel's a bit worse off. I'm mostly fine."


"I wouldn't call it fun, but we did good."

"I have to admit, I'm a bit messed up."


"Nothing but a few marks. They'll go away."

"We'll go together, is what you mean, right?"


"If you wanna. I was talking about me and Indy!"





Grumble grumble… "Fine, just don't wander off to far. We need to get the camp prepared for the night."

Go back to helping the Paladins.


"If you're hurt, you need healing! Don't you have that nature-y trick to do that?"


"Hey, don't get mad at her for so little! She's doing great!"


"I'm not mad!"


"I was a bit busy with those… whatever those terrible things were."
Look over Inferni.
"If you're going to heal, could you heal Inferni first? He just passed out, but I don't want him to remain hurt."


"You sound like!"


"I know exactly which spell to use!"
Bolster Inferni.

"Don't be silly."


Frown a bit.


"Don't be sorry either! I've just learned to speak in a very loud and clear voice!"


Sigh a bit.
"I think I'll need a drink after today."


"That's good, you were always a bit silent!"


"I'll get you a glass of water!"

"I have been speaking like this since ever!"


"Not like that!
But like…"
Wave a hoof away.
"Ah, nevermind."
Set down my shield and sit, taking a deep breath.


"Not now, Amber.
And I was thinking of something stronger."


I scrunch.
"I'm not too loud, am I?"

"Like apple juice?"


Shake my head.
"You shout just right in battle!
It's always lots of fun shouting with you!"


"Sure… sure."


Lean close and whisper to her.
"I got some stong five-x stuff from a place we were at!"


"You're talking about actual alcohol, right?"


Nod with a grin.
"Got a mug for just the occasion!"


"Good. I haven't had a glass since Tall Tale."


"I just hope this next place we go to has a big inn!"


The paladins are performing one final sweep to check for any malignant residue.

Snacks seems to be investigating a large stone carved wall in the back.

Silver Blood seems battered but happy.


And I was here the entire time too.


You were indeed.
What a fight!


This is a great time to go check up on Indy.
"You okay pal?"


Pick Inferni up and give a litte kiss on his forehead.
"Wake up, sleepyhead."


He opens his eyes again.
Then coughs a bit.
He flaps his wings a bit seemingly to test.

Indy rubs the ash off his scales.
"Wooo, we defeated the bad….ghost pony…thing!"

You know, you might find something interesting if you looked around the chamber~


I go-



"We sure did pal!"
Grin and high-one him.
"Wanna see what's around?"


"You're fine, Inferni.
You just got knocked out."


"A key…"
Take note where I got the key before exploring room. Besides the door that we came from, are there any doors, secret or not present in this area? Lets use those dog fort skills to good use.

Roll #1 3 = 3


He makes an icky face.
And then flaps upright again, landing on your back and starts grooming his feathers.

He starts to run around.
"Oh look here, here!"
He points to a small passageway near the throne.
It's pretty dark.

Your attention is drawn to the small passageway Indy points out.
It's dark

Your attention is drawn to the small passageway Indy points out.
It's dark


Go near him.
"Make some fire, it's way too dark!"


"The fuck is this?"
I grab whatever the nearest lit torch is and shine it in there.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let out a laugh.
"Drama queen."


"What is it Indy?"
Go near it with my candle on and see whats inside.


Indy lits a small torch and together with Melody's improvised torch you lit the passage.

You see a heavy stone wall.
The wall is carved.
In the middle is the image of a robed Diamond Dog holding his paws in front of him. In his paws there's a small deep hole, as if he held it. It looks like something should be placed inside this hole.

The robed diamond dog is flanked by heavily armed Dig Dogs on both sides.
There's an inscription in old Doge above the carving.

He squeeks, before continuing his grooming.
Look, your friends have discovered something.


Walk over there.
"What's this?"


Look at the armored dogs and their carved gear.


"Indy found a wall!"


Approach the inscription and see if I can read it. Any words or sentence I can translate?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Did I see anything that looks like it might go there?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Silver Blood! Are you wounded?"


"Seems to be more than just a wall to me"


They're carved, they're images.
But very neatly carved into the stone. It's almost if they could walk right out.
The gear they're wearing is very unusual, it looks very heavy and sophisticated, unlike any dog armor you've ever seen. Covering their body completely.

You see Snacks carrying something, that looks exactly like it would fit.

You can make out the words ANCESTOR and GOLD.
You remember the vaults in your old dog fort.
By old Dog tradition, the doors to the vault are decorated by the images of the guardians of the Fort and inscribed with the sentence "May these guardians protect this place forever."
It seems this was already a custom in old dog time.

He rubs his side. "Ah, just a scratch…that was amazing what you and your friends did!"


My eyes will shine a bit.


Well, as the others figure it out, I'll try to make a Remedy for myself so I'm not too roughed up to explore whatever this is.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Snacks! Lemme see that thing you have!"


I look around, how are the other paladins in regards to health?
"Well… we're used to fighting together! We're synced up pretty well by now!"


"An…ces…tors.. Gold…" I said to the others.
"This is old dog writing, perhaps this door leads to a vault of ancient origins." I smile.

Produce the key that I got and try to see if it fits the hole on the dog statue's paw.


You ran out of herbs.
Better stock up later.

One seems to be badly wounded and is being healed by Ice. Pico has already offered to airlift him out.
Crown is overseeing the other paladins who sweep the area. All are a bit wounded, but it doesn't seem to impede them. Their duty comes first.

He already put it in.

You put it in, there's a click and you turn the key.
The wall shakes and slowly sinks into the floor.
The dust settles and a large room has opened.
As Indy shines some fire in it, you immediately see 2 chests. There's also a rack with weapons and 2 dog mannequins wearing Ancient Dog Armor.
There are a number of carvings on the walls as well.


Look at the empty pouch.
"That's unfortunate."
Then at the new room.
"Well now, would you look at that."


"We still didn't get to defeat him though… that murderer."


Poke my head inside the new room!
"No! Way!"
Jump in and look around.
I guess the armors are 2doge4me?


"Huuuh… would you fuckin' look at that."
I head over and open one of the chests.


My eyes widen up in excitement.
"It is a dog vault, just like one we had back in our fort." I called out.

Head out and read the carvings on the wall.

I gulp as they head in.
"Careful, dont break anything. Also it may have traps so watch out ponies."

Are there traps?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm sure you'll get him…in time. Wow…you and your friends didn't even flinch…you must have had a lot of adventures…"

Melody opens one of the chest.
It's filled to the brim with gold pieces.

They are.
But it wouldn't be too much of a stretch that, in the hands of a smith they could be reforged to suit a pony.

They're images. They seem to portray various ancient dog gods.
One in particular shows a dog with a shining halo, another with a crescent necklace and one sitting next to a tree living on a high mountain. They seem to be speaking to a griffon, alicorn pony and smaller doge who sit at the base of the mountain.

No traps to be seen here.


Well, it's about time I changed attire…
What else is in the room?
Mechanical bonuses?


"Isn't that something."
I've done enough terrible things for it to not be amazed by gold anymore.
What about the other chest?


"Well yeah! We've been through a lot together and trust each other with our lives!"


"A history of some sort?" I scratch my head trying to take all of this in account.

Began to copy whatever it is I can copy within my notes. After that begin to examine the armor.


I cough and quickly close the lid.
I doubt those bitch ass paladins will notice if there's just a teensy bit missing off the top…

Roll #1 2 = 2


The armor will give you 2 more hit points and 1 extra wound.
The other one would fit snacks nicely, maybe you can tell him that.
There are a number of weapons on a rack and a small helmet that would fit Indy nicely.

Another one filled with gold.
Wow, all this gold would definately give the whole party a nice bonus even if you shared it with the paladins.

Would be hard to swipe it with everyone looking in this tiny room. Still…if the loot is shared equally, there would definately be a very nice share for you.

There are 2 more carvings.

The armor is very sophisticated and heavy, made with old dog craftsmanship. Wearing it is like wearing a tank.
The armor suits you.
Wearing it would give you +2 HP and +1 Wound


Like that's going to happen.

I snort and go investigate the weapon rack.


"Yeah, I can see that. You're lucky to have found such good friends."


I am not saying that we can't put it to good use, I'm just saying I won't lose my jaw over it.
"This will make travel easier, I suspect."

Let's have another look what this room has in store.


Oh shit son.
I'm totally getting this.
Trot over to the helmet, pick it up and whistle at Indy, calling him over.
"Hey, try this on!"
Then, yes, do indeed look at the weapons too.
Like I will ever find anything better than what I have!
"Lots of gold?"


I grin.
"If we partner up more… Well…"


"Yes, lots and lots of it."


Looks old… and this is dog history. I dont know if it is appropriate to wear it lest it recieve damage.

Lets move on to the carving, raise my candle high and investigate the other two. How does it look like?


Smile a bit to myself.


Well your choice. Seems like Soil is taking one however.

Another carving, shows the same mountain besieged by all manner of vile creatures: dragons, hydras, demons, led by a large horned dog.. The small dogs, alicorns and griffons fight back, aided by the large dogs on the mountain throwing lightning and fire down from the sky.

There are a number of different weapons. You find a sturdy mechanical crossbow.
#Diamond Dog Crossbow.
A crit inflicts triple damage instead of double

You find a heavy rapier on the rack, while it would be impractical to use for backstabs, it would be a boon in combat.
#Diamond Dog Rapier
When used in a Dual attack, one normal fail inflicts no counterattack-damage.

There's a number of weapons.
No shields.

"I think that would be great! Having adventures…but I don't know if Lady Crown would allow that."


Guess this is all useless to me then!
Not even… Something something larger than life?
You know, to slice down things in case I need to slice down things quick instead of making jam out of them.


"We could totally ask!"


I usually like something a bit more… loud.
But ah hell, I can't pass this up.
I take it!

Hmm. I fly back outside and take aim at the nearest breakable thing, and try to hit it!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Copy it down to whatever paper I have and write down notes, describing about its appearance, what it is made off and date of when we discover it.

So.. what is the last carving?


Take it off.
"Hmm… this might be useful for my secondary. It looks great for parrying.
What do you think, Inferni?"


You find a large greatsword. It's quite good for slicing.
But you are quite inexperienced with it, and it won't give you any special mechanical bonuses, besides the Great tag.

"Let's do so when we're back at the camp. She seems busy now. Say, where are your friends?"

You take aim at a tree twig.
One shot and its in splinters.

The last carving shows the horned dog in a deep cage underground.
The dog with the halo and the one with the crescent necklace are gone, instead the Sun and the Moon are in the sky.
The last big dog near the tree looks up at them with a tear in his eye.
The griffons are not on the carving.
The alicorns are seen on the plains on the base of the mountain with homes
The dogs are seen underground, working.

He gives a nod.


Look around quickly. That's a good question!


I'm no good with them things.
Grumble to myself.
"Stupid Anarchy, not leaving behind a monster to skin."
How's Indy liking the elmet?


"Oh, there you are! What are you doing?"


You find them in the vault.

It fits him nicely.
This will surely protect him better.
+1 HP and +1 W for him wearing it.


I'll take that rapier then.
"You've done grooming yet?"


I grin.
Might not have the noise, but DAMN does it pack a punch!

"Huh? What's up Amber?"


Motion with a hoof at the room full of loot.
"Picking stuff."
"Ya like it, boy?"


"What is this place? Some kind of… treasure cove?"


"Ask Snack, this is a dog place."


I fly over to her and throw a hoof over her shoulder, grinning.
"You could say that. It's an ancient dog treasure room! Look at all this fuckin' shit. You see those two chests over there? Full of gold. Weapon rack has some nice weapons too!"


Write it all down in my notes and keep it safely in my bag. Got to tell my chief about this discovery when I got time to go back to my home fort.

As for Canterlot…. perhaps the library there has answers too. Perhaps if me and the others do got there in the first place.

Anyway lets check the loots. Go and check the chest and racks.


"Hey! What is this place exactly? Are you sure it isn't trapped or something?"

I scrunch.
"I don't see poop anywhere, but that sure is a lot of gold…"


"Hasn't blown in our faces yet!"


Perhaps even Iris stack of books has some clues about the fort underneath Canterlot.

He nods.
And then raises his hands and growls menacingly.

He nods.

The chests are filled to the brim with gold.
You find a mechanicla crossbow which would triple the amount of damage for a crit.


I chuckle and shake my head.
"Stuff, then. Is that better? Look at all this stuff."


Join the others.

"I hope it stays that way. I'm out of herbs."


"It is an old dog fort, Snack has heard rumors of it but this is the first time Snack has seen one. If Amber pony ask, this fort looks like it is older than Canterlot itself as depicted on the carvings on the walls."

Check out the crossbow. Is it in good working condition?


"Too bad everything here is… Dog stuff."
Growl playfully at him and start packing the armor together with a chest of gold.
"Time to bring this stuff back to the camp."


"Well, it's very shiny! What about it though?"

"Wow! That's older than I am! … I think."


"I found a rapier that will be perfect for defense."


"It's worth a ton!"


"Bah. That looks more like a toothpick than anything!"


I smile as I produce a paper to write down
"Perhaps, does the crystal empire have any relationship with diamond dogs in the past? What does Amber pony know about diamond dogs back then?"


"A ton of what though? Gold? It is gold!"

What do I remember? My memory is a little fuzzy…

Roll #1 8 = 8


It is. Like it was made yesterday.




Roll #1 6 = 6


"I do not need any more if I find a weak spot."



"It's worth a ton in the ability to buy shi- stuff with it!"



Well…. I do like to keep this in good condition but the party needs the gold.

Perhaps ask the others to leave the armor rack, weapon rack and chest in place and take only the armor, weapon and gold to camp.
Also keep some of the gold coins(perhaps 30 gold coins) that I got and keep them safe for archeological/study reasons


You don't remember much about Diamond Dogs. You remember that in school it was said that the dogs once had a great Empire, but when the ponies came down to Equestria from the north, it fell and the dogs scattered to small forts.
By the time of the Crystal Empire there were no dogs in the proximity there.


You'll have to discuss that with the others.


"I don't need more stuff! I'm a paladin, I don't do this for the money!"


"You are missing out on all the fun, you know!"


"Not much, really… sorry to say!"


"For once I actually gotta agree with him. You really are missing out on a lot!"


"…. if that is so… then this fort is older than the Crystal ponies themselves. Just look at the carvings." I lead Amber to it and show her the different Gods helping each other defeat… something.

Perhaps I'll count the coins that I got first. Let them have what they deserve.


"It's just gold."


"Like, all the ale!
And comfy beds!
And shiny armors!"


I shrug indifferently.
"Don't get me wrong, it's really pretty and shiny, but… somepony else probably needs it more than I do. Like the other paladins!"

"What's that they're fighting?"


"Still just gold."


"Nah, I'm pretty sure I need it."


I stick my tongue out at the mention of paladins.
"Feh. You gotta come celebrate when we get back! Drink some booze! Fuckin' live a little!"


"Are you sure that getting Amber is a good idea?"


I stick out my tongue back at her!
"I'm living right now!"


Getting Amber drunk*


"All manner of vile creatures: dragons, hydras, demons, led by a… large horned dog. See there pony?" I pointed out that part of the carving

"After that, that horned dog was imprisoned. The dog with the halo and the one with the crescent necklace are gone, instead the Sun and the Moon are in the sky. The last big dog near the tree looks up at them with a tear in his eye and the alicorns are seen on the plains on the base of the mountain with homes Amber pony can see it there." I point out the carvings.

I then look at her a bit weary.
"What does ponies think about all of this?"


I scrunch.
"Hey! I only got mildly drunk last time and that was the strongest stuff they had!"


When everything is packed, you and the paladins leave the Fort behind.
You arrive back at the camp where your wounds get treated by the medicae.
It seems everything is allright at the camp.
The other party members are doing fine.

A small black tent has been erected near the edge of the camp, where Vilina has been placed. Surrounded by candles.
The priestess of Cadance is there to provide counsel as needed.



This of course happens after your discussion here.
Finish this first if you like to.


"Aren't you a little too young to get drunk?"


"Why the fuck not? 's not like we're gonna be doing anything for a while. 'sides that, what's the worse that can even happen?


"She's been fightin' with us for longer than we've known you, she's totally old enough!"


"Sounds like some kind of an old legend!"

Oh… that's for later.

I frown.
"I'm an adult!"


Your wealth level has been increased by 2 points as the gold is shared equally

Everyone receives 1 SP


"Sounds like more trouble."


"She still has a long way to mature."

"Watch the language. Amber has been cussing more than enough as it is."


"You always do that.
Talk 'bout others and stuff like they are kids."


"There's nothing wrong with any of my fuckin' language."


"Perhaps trouble, perhaps a legend."
I then stretch my arms.
"or perhaps an old rambling of a dog artist, Snack dont know yet but there are more old forts. Snack knows their location thanks to this one pointing it out. If Snack wants answer to it perhaps visiting the one that is right underneath Canterlot might be a good idea." I smile at them.


"No, but I would appreciate if you didn't swear, at least not around Amber. That is not too much to ask, is it?"

"I'm just trying to prevent you guys from avoiding the mistakes that I made when I was younger."


"How old are you anyway?"


"H-Hey that's not true Mabel! I'm an adult pony! Over a thousand years old!"

"How would we find it and get in though?"


"Yes you are. That doesn't mean you cannot mature. It doesn't always mean just growing up."

"Well, how old do I look to you?"


"Amber's old enough to decide what she wants to do. She doesn't need you controlling her ass."


I frown at her, looking hurt.
"I'm not a child…"


"Not as old as mom and not as young as Amber."


"Amber's not a donkey!"


"Is giving advice controlling?"

"I didn't say you were. Even I have to mature in some ways, Amber. It wasn't an insult."

"That's pretty broad, but I guess it's true."


I then reveal the old key.
"Snacks found this."

I then scratch my head.
"As for trying to dig underneath Canterlot without guards chasing us or pony princess finding out is another matter. Also another thing is how to find it too, or if it is a good idea in the first place."


I huff and look away.


I frown.

"You're not giving advice. You're trying to control her damn life! Let her make her own decisions for fuck's sake.:"


"So… How old?"


"Oh, you found a key! Why wouldn't it be a good idea though?"


"How about thirty?"

Just shake my head.


"Is that more or less than thirtyone?"


I shrug.
"Just a hunch, matters little since Snack has plans to search for it too… though there is one right next to ponyville on its eastern border and Snack has keys to it too."


Raise an eyebrow.
"Why, are you thirtyone?"


"Thirt- you're not even that old! You're like, a couple years older than I am!"
I groan.
"Just… for fuck's sake, leave Amber alone. She's probably had enough of your bullshit."
I leave.


"No, I'm tw-ent-orty-wo?"



Narrow my eyes.
"That was more than enough to learn more about life than you managed, it seems."
Let her go.


"I dunno. Something."


"When were you born? Can you tell me that?"


"What happened?" I scratch my head.


"In the morning?"


"Nothing, don't worry about it."
Rub my face with a hoof.
"I guess I'm just tired."

"Nevermind. Let's just go back to camp."


"Got no idea pal."


Shortly after the defeat of Anarchy, I'm going to help the Paladins check out the immediate area and make sure there isn't anything dangerous left.

However, a particular Donkey catches my eyes.

"Excuse me, I don't think we've met before, but you did quite well against those monsters."


I look you over.
"I don't think we did, no. Thank you. You weren't half bad either. I got pretty roughed up, but I think that showed."


"It's obvious with that white coat of yours. Make sure to get patched up before we do anything else. But, let me ask, I don't recall ever seeing another Donkey with your colors. Are either of your parents the same color?"


Smile a bit.
"No, no, this isn't my natural color. I usually have the usual, run of the mill coat. The corruption from the stardust did this, from the Ursa."


"What happened against that Ursa? Warren mentioned it to me earlier, but it looked like my arrival heralded more problems at the time."


"It's a long story. In short, Anarchy, that demon, was Bedrock all along. He forced a seed to grow into a giant apple tree. That tree got the attention of an Ursa, among other things. We had to kill it out of self defense."
"When it died, the stardust got everywhere, infecting flora and fauna alike."
Look away.
"As well as some of our friends…"


"I'm sorry for bringing it up. Warren wasn't his usual calm self, it didn't take me long to figure out why. If I hadn't delivered that package for Bedrock, you'd have had me to help too."

I'll face talon at that.

"I still delivered something from Anarchy to Lorg Goldbeak. Something he was expecting, so it looks like our problems have spread beyond Equestria, and I have no way of getting a message back home in time. This is going to get worse."


Shake my head.
"Don't beat yourself up about it. He tricked all of us."


"Ugh, it's hard not to when everything seems to be conspiring against us."

"But still, he's gone. You helped put down all those things since I was gone. Maybe there'll be something left after all."

"Here, let's chat about something better while you get some bandages. Where are you from? Any family waiting for you? I for one, am from Hyperborea, child of the Pico family. Have you heard about them?"


"I can't say I have, though I met a quite a few gryphons. Why don't you tell me more about your family then? I will tell my story in return."



Puff up my chest.

"We're an illustrious military family. All children of the household are trained in the combat arts and expected to serve. We have a large holding of land and numerous sla…servants. Yes."

Turn away real fast.

"Oh, and yeah, but, I'll need to talk to Warren about that part."

Turn back around.

"I found myself hunting large beasts here in Equestria since the Princesses locked themselves up, and that's how I wound up with the others."


"I see."
Take a deep breath.
"I was raised in a travelling circus ever since I've known my mind. That's where my talent of fencing and sword swallowing comes from. Many years ago I wanted even more adventure, so I bid farewell to my friends…"
Chuckle a bit.
"Family, really, at the circus. Lots of things happened and many years passed, until I met with this group in Tall Tale. I have to admit, I feel most at home since the circus in this group."


"I guess."

Look at our motley crew and sigh.

"We aren't exactly the picture of military discipline or an organized team. If you were used to people from different walks of life doing different things for one purpose, you are definitely home."


"The fact that I like them doesn't hurt either. They mean good. Sadly, that's hard to come by sometimes."


"Everyone here has a good head for combat here, so no worries there. The Crystal Pony seems a little young, and the one with a shield can have his moments, but I'd trust them all to watch my back. When I got a chance to saw you, you moved well, and what was that fire thing beside you?"


"As I said, I used to fence for show. Of course, that knowledge can be put to use outside of the stage as well."
Chuckle a bit.
"Oh, that was a phoenix, Inferni. I wouldn't call him my phoenix, since it is a mutual agreement. He is a very proud creature."


"How did you even come across something so incredible and get it to agree to help you?"


"I first met him in Tall Tale. He was the caged pet of some nobles, but he got away.
Later on, I managed to get the attention of the Elemental Lord of Fire, Lord Pyrrus when we tried to prevent a volcano from erupting nearby. When I was in trouble against the Ursa, Inferni came to my help. Well, he saved me, to be honest. I have a feeling that Lord Pyrrus sent him-"
Look around conspicuously.
"-but just between the two of us? I think Inferni likes me, he just doesn't want to admit it."


"You do seem to have an infectious personality. I can see why. But it must have been an awful lot of trouble to even reach an Elemental Lord."


Smile at that.
"It was all about willpower, and you know what they say about donkeys and stubborness.
I do want to visit the other Elemental Lords as well, though."


"Is that wise? Most of those Lords aren't known for having a, stable, personality. But getting them on our side would be beneficial in all this."


"As long as I am respectful, they should not harm me… I hope."


"You have us, so they'll have to think it over a couple of times before they even try."

"Any idea where we can find them?"


"I think the Elemental Lords are out of our league. I wouldn't want to be on their wrong side."
"I will want to visit the Air plane next. Above the clouds so I will need a little magical assistance with that."


Spread my wings proudly.

"If you're fighting with us, then I'll be glad to offer my help in that matter. None can truly challenge a trained Gryphon in flight."


"Thank you for the offer, but I will need wings of my own if I hope to achieve anything."


Sit down.

"A winged Jenny. Is the world prepared for such a thing?"


I sit down on my flanks as well.
"I really hope it is. It should be temporarly though. I feel safer with my hooves on the ground."


"Warren and I will protect you, so you can focus on doing what you need to do."

"An Air Elemental. I wonder what he'll be like. I've heard stories about his followers seemingly always having their heads in the clouds, but still be keen observers."


"Thank you."
"And there is more than one Air Lord. Four to be specific, one for each point of the compass. You know, the big winds."


Resist urge to lie down

Roll #1 1 = 1


Fall down with an audible thump.

"It's never easy, huh?"


Raise an eyebrow, but don't say anything.
"It is never easy, I've learned that much already."


Smile and laugh a bit while on the floor.

"Sorry, but this feels like too much for the Third son of the Fourth clutch to bear, with all the things that have been happening here and everywhere, now I might add having to visit all four corners of the world and then some. I wonder what my family would say if they found out I was involved in all this."


Shake my head.
"It shouldn't be that difficult. They are all in the same place, the Elemental Plane of Air."


"That doesn't seem to bad then. Are they a Council, like the Ancients?"


"I've heard that they are quite unique, each of them, so I'm not sure how well a Council like that would work."


"We can petition our Ancestors for aid, so it might be the same. Ask them for help and see what they want in return. Our Ancestors usually ask us to try our best, but I don't know what the Air Elementals could want from us."


"Neither do I. I hope it will be just a simple trial to pass."
"I could use some additional help and good news."


"You've added another flyer to your menagerie, and you have your Phoenix friend too. Those Paladins over there are kind of rough, but they are well-trained. Things are starting to look up if you focus on that."


Look away and gulp.
Only talk after a few seconds of silence.
"…we lost a friend just today."
Say this to myself silently.
"And it's my fault…"


Sit up properly.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. She seems to have meant a lot to you and the others."


"It's so unfair…
It was Anarchy's fault. She didn't need to die…"


"He's gone now, and we still have a purpose. We won't let her and all those Anarchy and his lackeys have hurt be forgotten."


"No, we won't…"
Shake my head.
"What makes it even worse is that I want to get revenge for her and I hate him for making me feel that way."


"It's what someone like him would want you to do. His form of a last laugh. Try to put him out of your mind and focus on what we can do now, for the sake of your friend. She wouldn't want us to simmer in hatred when we have so much to do."


I nod.
"I know, I know, I'm sorry… I'm just feeling stressed from everything that has happened."


"Sadly, that's normal. Right now, go ahead and let it get to you. Let it runs its course, just remember we're here for you. Anything comes up, you can let this Gryphon know."


I give you a thankful look.
"Thank you… it really means much to me that I can rely on so many people around here. If you need help with anything, you can look me up too."


"Come on, let's get back to work. The Crystal Paladins are staring at us."


Nod and stand up.
Smile a bit.
"In all this talk, I forgot to properly introduce myself."
Extend a hoof.
"I'm Mabel."


"Pleasure to meet you, Mabel. Go ahead and call me by my first name, Queren."

Shake her hoof with my talons.


Oh… let's go in in silence.


I'd rather have my own thoughts about that…
Let's get healed.


The sounds of the outside world fade away as you walk in. Some kind of enchantment laid on the tent maybe? Inside it is calm.
At the center lays Vilina on a bed. She seems peaceful…as if she's merely sleeping.
There are a number of candles around her body and behind her stands a small small crystal pyramid inscribed with the sigil of Grogar.
There are a few chairs there, Priestess Lazuli silently sits on one of them in the shade.

The medicae have their hooves full.
One looks you over and cleans your wounds.
"You seem pretty well considering the circumstances. Try to not get into too much trouble for a few days and that should heal up nicely."


Walk by the tent, standing on the threshold.


"I've been better. There are things that hurt more than these gashes."


Walk over to the bed and place a hoof on it, frowning and speaking quietly.
"… You wont be alone for long Vilina. I promise. I wont let you down again."


Actually walk up to her and sit right beside, looking at Vilina without a word.


"That's not my expertise."
He hoofs you some leaves.
"If you have trouble with the pain, chew on some of these and it will numb."

So quiet.


I suppose I've been tucked into a corner in the medicae tent until I'm given the once-over.


I guess there's somepony I have to visit.
Leave the tent and put Indy down.
Go look for Iris.


Nod and take them.
"I was about to go and look for some herbs anyway."


Take a deep breath and just sit by her side for a while longer.
Glance over to the priestess, what is she like?


Some bruises, some gashes. The medicae treat you with some soothing salve. A refreshing feeling comes over you.
"You got off lucky…This will heal mostly without scars. Perhaps a little one here and there from the gashes…barely noticeable."

"We found a clearing not far from here with a lot of healing herbs. Help yourself. It's to the west. Near a small waterfall."

You find her near her cart of books.
When she notices you, she smiles and runs to you and gives you a hug.

She wears a pink robe and hood. On her belt hang some potions and a herbal bag. She herself is a light pink mare with yellow curly mane. She smiles kindly at you.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I hope mom is doing alright…
I sigh and walk up to her.
"What… what will happen to her body?"


Huggy day today.
Hug her back.
"You aren't gone."


"Thank you."
I'll nod to the medicae.
"Where… did they put Vilina's body? She hasn't been buried yet, has she?"


"Thank you."
Stand up and leave.
To the west.


She speaks calmly.
"That depends. Has she ever talked about her beliefs or what should happen to her if she died?"

"Of course not, silly. Where would I have gone?"

"A small tent has been set up for her. Near the edge of the camp, you'll know it when you see it. I went myself an hour ago."

You find a small clearing in the middle is a pool and a small waterfall sprinkles into it. The sun shines brightly through the leaves of the nearby trees. As the medicae said, there are a large number of herbs here. Truly a place blessed by nature.


I'll nod.
"Thank you."
And then out of the tent I go. Off to find that small tent near the edge of camp.


"N-No… not really. I'm not sure if she was religious at all."
I scrunch.
"And… I don't want to give up on her just yet."


Slowly start collecting the herbs then. Fill my pouch.
Sit down beside the pool when I'm done.


"Things and ponies are just running away today."
Look back at the funeral tent, then back at Iris.
"I should put down this stuff."
Give a little shake to my armor and the loot.


It's easy to notice. A black tent you haven't seen before.

She puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"She was dear to you."

The sound of the flowing water calms your thoughts. Some birds chirp happily in the distance.

Iris helps you get it off.
"Have you been to her yet?"


Let's see how calm.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Have you?"


Sniffle a bit as I lookat the pond.
Look at my reflection in it.


Head on in.


"We didn't know each other that long yet… but she was one of us. There's a wrong to right here!"


"Buuaaah!!" Where are we?"


She nods.
"With Star. Poor thing, she was crying the whole time. Tullip said she didn't want to go, but I think I saw her slip out of the tent a bit earlier."

The image of a white donkey stares back at you.
And a phoenix, high on a tree.

The sounds of the outside world fade away as you walk in. Some kind of enchantment laid on the tent maybe? Inside it is calm.
At the center lays Vilina on a bed. She seems peaceful…as if she's merely sleeping.
There are a number of candles around her body and behind her stands a small small crystal pyramid inscribed with the sigil of Grogar.
There are a few chairs there, Priestess Lazuli silently sits on one of them in the shade. She's softly talking to Amber.

"It's one of the hardest things in the world saying goodbye to the ones closest to us."

See >>519531


My breath will catch a moment. This wasn't supposed to happen.
I'll head up beside the bed.


Turn around and look up at him.
"Didn't see you there, Inferni."


Open my mouth to answer that, but stop as Warren enters.
… I think he may want some privacy. Leave the tent with a sigh.


The priestess walks out with you. "Before you go…there's something that must be taken care of. We left her belongings in her tent. I do not know what should be done with them. Perhaps you know?"

It's as if you could just snap your hooves and she would wake up…

He squeeks and then glides down and sits on your back, looking at you with his head sideways.


Wince a bit and look at the ground, trying to hide my face.


Point at my bags.
"I was just… getting some herbs, I was running out. You know, to help heal people…"


"We'll keep them! She'll want them back after all!"


Sit near the bed.
"I'm sorry…"
My ear will flick at that.
"What do you mean, want them back? It's not like we can raise her from the dead. Not without her coming back… wrong."


She grabs your face softly and makes you look at her. "Hey…it wasn't your fault."

He holds his head sideways the other way.

"Amber…I realize this must be hard for you. But you must accept what happened."


Stare back into her eyes and sniffle a bit.
"Didn't look that way to me."


Extend my hoof to urge him to perch on that so I can see him better.
"I want to ask you something."


I scrunch.
"No way I'm going to let that jerk Anarchy win like this! I've heard… about spells that can bring a pony back to life. Don't you remember the necromancer in Tall Tale!?"


"I remember she used that dead dog like a puppet. That's not the kind of life Vilina should come back to."


"That's one spell, there's other spells too!"


Go and look for the others, where are they right now and what are they doing?


"Like what? Pray to some elemental lord that she gets reborn as a squirrel or some such nonsense?"
I'll shake my head.
"Unless there's someone who can bring her back right, she'd be better off in the ground. And I don't know of anyone who has that power, or is even strong enough that they might have that power. Outside of a princess, anyway."


"I've heard stories about ponies being brought back to life like they were before! I don't care if you don't believe me, I'll look for a way no matter what!"


"Sssshhh. It wasn't. You did whatever you could. Nopony could have known that would happen. It was nopony's fault."

He perches on your hoof.

The priestess gasps.
"Paladin…necromancy…that is not our way, that is not Cadance's way!"

Amber and Warren are near Vilina's tent, arguing.
Soil is with Iris.
Tullip is watching the paladins training.
Star is walking around the camp.
Mabel is nowhere to be seen.


Close my eyes and take a deep breath, then draw her close, bringing her head to my chest into a deep hug.
"Okay. Okay."

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"You are a phoenix… you don't really view death as we do, do you?"


I droop my ears.
"It was just an example…"


"It's not that I don't believe you, Amber. I've seen stranger things than ponies coming back from the dead lately. It's just… would she even want to come back?"


She strokes your mane.
"It's allright…We'll find a way to get through this…"

He nods.

"These are trying times, but we must stay strong and remember her as she was. She's in the Eternal Plains now, she finally has her rest."


I stomp a hoof.
"She is one of us! We dragged her along after sparing her life and now… n-now she's gone because of Anarchy's twisted trickery! We owe her as much to at least try!"


"…would you simply come back from the ashes if you died?"


Its her! Oh my oh my, look in my bag if there is something I got for her in the diamond dog vault.

Seeing her walking along the camp I go and approach Star.
"What is Star pony doing around camp?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I am going to stay strong! You can count on that!"


"It's not…"
Bite my tongue and let go.
"Not what…"
Try to look for the words.
"Not what…"
Shake my head in mild anger.
"I don't wanna see you hurt!"


"I dragged her along, Amber. It was my pointless optimism that, just maybe, having friends would help her turn her life around. Look at all the good that did her. If I could make up for letting her die, do you think I wouldn't give my left wing to do it?"
I'll grimace, and take a breath.
"But we shouldn't be fighting here. Not now. She deserves at least that much peace after the life she's gone through."


I shake my head and walk away. Where is Iris? She's smart!


I'll just let you go. And stay in the tent.


He gives you a suspicious look and slowly nods.

The priestess looks sadly as you trot away.
She's with Soil near her pile of books.

The priestess goes in as well.
"Should I stay here or would you rather have some privacy?"

Eh….what did you have in mind?
She smiles sadly when she sees you.
"Hey Snacks. Oh…I've been trying to clear my head after everything that happened. Did you guys get Anarchy?"

"I know…and I wouldn't let anypony hurt you either…"




"You have it easy then…"
Contemplate that in silence.
"Just how old are you?"


Look down at her with a smile.
"You are just strong enou-"
Turn to her, suddenly silent.


"No, it's alright."
I'll stay quiet for a while.
"Is… is there no way to speak with the dead outside of necromancy?"


"Oh…hey Amber." she puts on a smile.
"How are you?"

He shrugs.

She thinks.
"I've heard the priests of Grogar can do that as well…they're not really necromancers…barely."


"…How open are they to visitors?"


"Terrible! But you're smart so maybe you can help me. How do you bring ponies back from the dead?"






Perhaps a necklace
I too frowned for a moment.
"Uh uh, but Snack is glad that everyone still got out in one piece. Things could gone wrong way but we manage, its good that Star remained in camp."


"There is one monastery, but I wouldn't know that location. They never speak of where it is. Most priests of Grogar simply travel alone from graveyard to graveyard tending to his shrines."

She's speechless for a second.
"Y-you want to do necromancy?"

He spreads his wings and shrugs again as if saying "I don't know."
Time must have very little meaning to a being that lives forever.

You've got a gold and silver necklace from the chests.
She has a stern expression.
"Did he beg for mercy?"


I'll be quiet a moment longer.
"Is there a graveyard in Ponyville? Do you think they might have a shrine there?"


"Isn't that evil?"


I scrunch.
"Alternative methods! There must be some!"


"I guess I'll never know…"
Glance away, then back to him.
"Have you helped others before? Like you are helping me now?"


She nods.
"We've been thinking about bringing her there…to be buried."

"Well that's a whole debate….but it's unnatural."

She shakes her head.
"I don't know…I've never really studied much about Grogar…I think I have a book around here somewhere though."
She looks around and gets a book out of the pile 'Varieties of Faith' "Aha" she exclaims happily.

He nods again and chirps 5 times.


Smile slightly. You're not that special, are you Mabel?
"Did you like them?"


"What errr… no? We didnt capture Anarchy nor met him. How come…"
I scratch my head.
"Ah! Snack meant 'Nuh uh we didnt ', is that correct in pony language?"


Leave all my stuff here and go out of the tent, I need fresh air.
Sit in the middle of the camp looking at ponies all around.


Look at it!


"Before we put her underground for good… if there is a Grogar priest in attendance, can we speak with her? I'd like to be able to apologize to her for being too late."


Are we still in the Fort and what is the current line of conversation and who is together?


In order: No, none, and Amber with Iris, Snacks is with Star, Soil's by himself, Warren's in Vilina's death tent, Mabel's off in a clearing talking to the Windlord.


I'm talking to Inferni, actually


Eh, close enough.


File: 1390084375376.png (473.39 KB, 640x480, orlanthi windlords.png, IO Google TinEye)

>wind lord

"What's up?"


"Of course. If there's one there, he or she would probably want to perform the last rites. But to be completely honest, they kind of creep me out."

He peers into the sky for a second as if thinking then shakes his head sideways. More or less.

"Oh…yes, that's correct. Damn him. He got away with all this….If…if Cadance were here I bet she'd have taught him a lesson!" she stomps her hoof.

Indy is with Tullip. He seems to be snacking on some gems.
Warren is in the black tent.
Snacks is talking to Star.
Mabel is who knows where.
Most paladins seem to be relaxed, some sparring; others reading their books. You see High Lady Crown writing on a table outside.

You quickly find the page on Grogar.

Grogar, Lord of the Dead.
Grogar is perhaps one of the most prominent gods worldwide, being part of godly pantheons under a variety of names in Equestria, Hyperborea to even exotic Neighpon.
The reason for this that his domain touches all sentient beings. As Lord of the Dead, Grogar is responsible for judging the dead based on their actions in life and afterwards guiding them to their proper place in the afterlife.
In most cultures, shortly after a death, the loved ones of the deceased sacrifice small items of worth to him, asking him to be merciful on the deceased.
The number of true priests of Grogar is few and worldwide they visit graveyards ensuring the shrines of their liege is sanctified and the dead undisturbed.
He is worshiped by necromancers as well, as he allows them to circumvent the laws of the dead to a certain degree.
It is not exactly known how he became such a patron of necromancers, but some ancient legends tell that Grogar was not always god of the dead, but had overthrown another cruel god, who denied the dead their rest in the afterlife and did not allow necromancy in the slightest.
There have been stories of Grogar allowing certain souls to leave the afterlife and return to life again in very special cases. In these stories, the hero usually contacted one of Grogars priests who could then act as an intermediary for his lord.

You're back in the paladin camp.
Warren is talking with the priestess in Vilina's tent.
And.. >>520896


"What about me?"


I clop my hooves together.
"We need to find a priest of Grogar on a graveyard!"


Uh. I never got to talk to the paladin.
Go sit beside "High Lady" and look at her write.


"As long as they can do the job, I wouldn't care if they were a two-headed goat."


"Does Star think that if we ask Goddess princess pony's help, they can stop this madness once and for all?"


"Ooookay never mind."
I leave.

I enter the tent.


I'll wave a wing at you as you come in.


"This is a strange place to talk, isn't it?"


He does the same gesture.

Iris looks at you.
"You really think it would be that easy? Grogar is….well he's…not a friendly god." she shudders.

She looks up.
"Oh hello…Soil was it? What brings you here?"
You can make out the name Anarchy in the book.

"It's their job."
She sighs and looks at Vilina.
"It never is easy."

"I think if Cadance were here, she'd stop him."
She sighs.
"But Cadance must be very busy right now…"

The sounds of the outside world fade away as you walk in. Some kind of enchantment laid on the tent maybe? Inside it is calm.
At the center lays Vilina on a bed. She seems peaceful…as if she's merely sleeping.
There are a number of candles around her body and behind her stands a small small crystal pyramid inscribed with the sigil of Grogar.
There are a few chairs there, Priestess Lazuli nods as you enter. "Greetings."


Try to hide a frown.
"I see… Are you hungry?"


Frown at the name.
"You fight well. I wanted to know you."


"It is, I suppose."
I'll just nod at that.


"Of course it wont be… but I have to try! Don't you understand? We failed her but have a chance at making it right again. Even if we fail again… we have to at least try it."



"What are you talking about, if I can ask?"


"Snack thinks the same thing." I nod and give a confident smile.
"Say….. if Star pony doesnt mind, Snack found something that suits her." reveal the necklace.


"Mostly wondering whether or not there would be a Grogarian priest visiting the Ponyville cemetery, so that I can have a few last words with Vilina. I couldn't get here in time before she… passed on."


"Why just a few last words?"


He nods.

She smiles.
"You are a capable fighter as well. I don't think there's much to say really. I've served Cadance wherever she needs me, whether fighting the hordes of Semiramis or the many foes here in Equestria. Ice is a far better fighter than me, even though you haven't seen her at her best earlier."

"I'm not sure. There are some things that are better not meddled with…"

"Wow, what's that?"
She grabs it and takes a good look at it.


"She looks like the bard without the swears."


"Because I doubt a Grogarian priest can bring a pony back from the dead, and have them come back right. Especially if they don't want to come back. So I need to make sure she wants to live before I do something selfish."


"Let's go and get some then then."
Walk back to the camp.
Let's go to wherever they have the food.
Avoid the black tent


"Well who else could make them come back at all?"


"The princesses, maybe? I don't know. That's another problem."


"Why not? Back in Tall Tale a necromancer helped us out as well and those guys are even more unnatural!"


I frown.
"I think my sister would've smashed your head if she heard you call Celestia a Necromancer."


"Sumthin we found in the old dog forts Vault. It is an ancient necklace made by the dogs of old as Star pony can see in the craftmanship. Snack has idea's of donating it to my fort or a miseum but it seems to be more dazzling if it is around Star's neck." I grin.


"Necromancy and bringing the dead back to life properly are two different things. One's unnatural, most likely evil, and turns the dead into slaves… and the other's probably impossible."
I'll shake my head.
"And I'm sure your sister can't be too fierce if those traveling companions of yours are still alive and well."


I shrug.
"They did save me and all the other townsponies that were taken captive, plus a bunch of donkies. She also helped them killed an alpha dog that makes Snacks look like a runt."


"Well, that's one good thing, at least. And I don't think I'd care to imagine the sort of monster that sort of dog would be."


"He was pretty terrible, yeah."


I'll just sit in a bit of an awkward silence for a bit.


You visit the kitchen.
The cooks are preparing some healthy extra large salads.
Inferni glides of and picks up a walnut with his beak and starts to smash it against the table.

"I'll let that slide because you don't know her. But she used to be one of the Empire's greatest heroes. Without her, I can safely say the Empire wouldn't be where it is now. But she recently lost somepony very dear to her. And she's still in mourning."

"Reanimating a body and resurrection are 2 completely different things….I think."

She looks it over.
"Wow, I've never seen these kind of markings before and the way they created these tiny forms, amazing, I have to study it more closely!"

The priestess speaks up.
"That sounds like quite a story. Maybe we could talk about it over some tea? The cooks make some great tea."


"Uh. I can kinda understand that…
We lost a friend too."


Walk up to one of the chefs.
"Hey… you don't happen to have a glass of wine that no one will miss, do you?"


"That sounds like a good idea. Let's get out of this depressing place."


"Which one is worse? Wanting to save a friend or torturing a criminal after he's died? I'm not suggesting we turn to blood magic or anything, just that we give it a try!"


Chuckle for a moment before leaning on a post or something.
"Never tiring from learning about the world eh? One of the reason Snacks admire Star pony."


She nods.
"My condolences. I hope she finds her rest in the Eternal Plains."

"I can't allow you to have that."
He then nods you closer.
"But you guys are great fighters, I respect that. There's a crate in the tent, grab a bottle, just don't tell where you got it."

Since Warren isn't here for a second.
You walk with the priestess towards the cooks.
"You're from Equestria, miss…?"

"And all I'm suggesting is that we can't do things like that rash. These are major decisions, Amber. It will impact Vilina and all of us greatly. You must think this through."

"There's so much to learn and so little time. Oooooooooooh, look at this."
She fumbles with one of the beads and it opens. "A secret compartment."
She looks inside. "Oh…but nothing in it…"


Look down.
"What if she doesn't?"


"Shortcake. Pleased to meet you."


"Ah, I see. Thanks anyway."
Give him a thankful nod and head inside the tent.
Look for the crate and sleight of hoof one out.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'm not saying we do it now either! We'd need to find one of those priests first anyway. All I'm saying is to not give up hope!"


"I'm sure she will. If she was your friend, she must have been a great mare."

"Lazuli, likewise. It must have been quite an adventure in those mines. But I'm glad to see it didn't take away your desire to see new things."

There you got one.
Inferni is cracking open his second walnut.

"Well…I suppose it's worth a try."


Well, let him eat.
I wasn't really hungry anyway.
Leave to the edge of the camp, find a nice clearing where I can sit down.


Look at her with pleading eyes.
"But what if?"


"Oh…. weird, what do old dogs put inside their necklaces?" I scratch my head as I sit next to her.


I nod in determination.
Now I should go find the High Lady. Or actually, find Silver Blood first.


"That's where it started. After I met Melody Maker and Mwansdishi I got, uh, really interested in adventuring. I'd buy all the adventure books off merchants that came through town, but couldn't ever leave because of my bakery. After the monster attacks killed the trade industry my business dried up and I had nothing else to do."


When you leave, he looks up, grabs a few nuts and flies with you to the clearing.

She sits back.
"Grogar judges all of us at the end of her life depending on our deeds. He has never made a mistake, everypony gets what he or she truly deserves. I can't imagine that mare who has touched all of you so much, would be judged badly by him."

"I don't know! Do you have more of these? I want to open them all!"

He's in his tent resting.
Normally mares aren't allowed in there.
There would be a lot of push-ups to do if a Paladin Lord caught you in there.

"Oh..I'm sorry to hear that."


I shrug.
"I found Melody and Mwandishi again, so everything is good now."


I like doing push-ups though!
But I probably shouldn't… Can't I just call him out?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Sit down.
Let's get this bottle opened.
"Do you like walnuts? What about other nuts?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"What if she wasn't…"
Wince a bit.
"The nicest mare?"


"Snack is… well that is the oly one Snack found. Well there are those diamond dog fort that Snacks wants to investigate once we resume our travels. If Star wants she can tag-along with Snack so both of us can study what we found. In fact Snack has notes of the old fort we visited while hunting Anarchy.:"
I show Star my notes.


"Melody, she's a musician? I think I saw her before. She was acting…weird."

You do so, like a pro. Loud enough for him to hear it, low enough for nopony else to hear it.
He comes out rubbing his ears and yawning.
But grins when he sees you.
"Oh hey, Amber. You still awake? I'm dead tired."

You open it with your teeth, like a real drinker.
He nods, he nods too, he points to some fruit on a tree as well.

"Everypony has done things they aren't proud of."

"Huh….this is interesting…"


"Yeah, she talks about a lot of weird things. I don't think she means them though. She just wants to look tough."


"Yes! Want to come along with me to the High Lady?"


She's no help!
"I have to go."
Leave. Go for the little tent where Vilina is…
There was one mare…


"Huh, good. That means I won't have to go and hunt critters for you, will I?"
Throw the cork at a fruit. Try to knock one off.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I guess I'll have stuck around in the tent while Shortcake and the priestess left.


I looked at her curiously.
"Find anything familiar? Has Crystal ponies known of this piece of dog history?"


"She was…talking to herself."

"Oh right…wait a sec, I can't look like this. Need to be presentable."
He disappears and reappears a few minutes later in full armor.

She looks confused "Okay. Good day."
Then she continues writing in the book.
You want to talk to the priestess?

You hit one and it falls to the ground.
He could have just flown though.
Inferni hops over and chews on it.

I guess you did. But pause.

"No, the Empire never had much contact with the dogs. There was one ancient dog fort near there if I remember correctly, but it was already abandoned when the Empire was founded. But I read something very much like these drawings in my notes on the Lemarians!"




I know, but this way it's easier for both of us, isn't it?
Take a swing of the bottle.


"You look good!"
Tap his chestplate with a hoof.
"Come on. Let's go!"


I blinked my eyes twice.


"Oh, right. I wouldn't worry about that."


I'm still sitting here on the edge of the camp, sipping some wine from the bottle.


And so Warren finally leaves the tent.



I guess I'll wave at you a bit noncommittally.
"What are you up to, Mabel?"


Watch Inferni eating that fruit as I reply.
"I wish I knew."
Show him the bottle.
"Want some?"


"What is it?"


"Just wine."


"…I probably shouldn't. If it works too well, I might make it a habit."


"One bottle won't change the world. Or you."


"If only it could."
I'll go sit next to Mabel.
"Well, hoof it over, then. One draw one kill me."




Hoof it over.
"Don't ask where I got it from though. I'm not supposed to tell."


"Then I won't."
Take a swig. How does it settle?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You sure this is wine? Tastes more like grape juice."


Smile a bit.
"Maybe I took it from the wrong crate then."


"Eh. I can pretend, at least."
Drink a bit more. Two more fair-sized gulps. '1d10'
And then hoof it back to Mabel.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You like your drinks strong then, I guess?"
Down the hatch some wine goes.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Not really. I just… could have stood to have the mind dulled for a while."
I'll pull off my monocle, and pocket it.


Take anoter swing and hoof it back.
"That's why I got this wine."


I'll just sigh, and accept it back. Swirling the bottle a little, I'll take another pull on it. '1d10'
"At this rate, we'll be done with it before it even begins to work."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I know where a crate full of these things are if that becomes a problem."


I'll just shake my head.
"No, that won't really be necessary."
I'll hoof her back the bottle. It's not doing a damn thing for me. Sigh again as I lay down on the grass.
"Perhaps if I sleep, an answer will come to mind."


Let out a tired chuckle.
"Is sleep your meditation?"

Let's try to finish that bottle then.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Not really, but a dream might be nice to help forget things a while."


"I would rather not dream now if I could help it."


"I guess…"
Close my eyes for a bit.
"Why didn't you two wait for the rest of us?"


"The ritual required connection to Nature to work… and I honestly thought Soil and I were strong enough…"


"But why didn't you wait? Let everyone else get a chance to offer support, or at least give them some encouragement before they went under?"
I won't be able to hide the little bit of anger slowly dialing its way into my words.
"Would it have killed you to have waited for us?"


Drop my ears.
"I didn't even consider we could fail, okay? I believed that we could solve this whole thing no problem, save the day then have a good laugh at it at the end of the day!"
Look away.
"It didn't kill us, no…"


"Mabel, you always have to consider failure! Always!"
Fume silently for a moment.
"But there's no salvaging it now. If we're lucky, there will be a Grogarian priest at the Ponyville graveyard, where they intend to bury her. With their help, I'll be able to ask Vilina if she wants me to find a way to bring her back. And back right, none of that zombie nonsense."


"The Laughing One could help us as well…"
Keep looking away.
"Pyrrus told me that."


"Do you know an entrance to his Labyrinth? Without Anarchy's map, I don't see us finding one on our own."


Shake my head.
"I don't.
Maybe the Air Lords could help, if I gain their favor."


"And for that I'd need to cast you that spell, wouldn't I? Might as well do it while we're between locations."
I'll get to my feet.
"I suppose I'll go grab it."


Keep looking in front of me.
"I'm so sorry.

I know it should have been me."


I'll deflate a little.
"That's… that's not what this is about. You tried. You made a mistake, but you tried."
Sigh, and rub the bridge of my nose.
"We've all been under a lot of stress, and that leads us into poor decisions. The best we can do is make up for them."


"I was the one who passed out… if anyone, it should have been me who didn't wake up…"
Wipe my eyes with a hoof.
"I messed up before, but I never had to fix death."


"If you hadn't woken up, the only difference is that we'd have two bodies and no way at all to fix it."
I'll shake my head.
"We should both be sober by the time that spell is cast, so go freshen up. We'll want to put on a good front if we're going to meet these air lords of yours."


"She was the second pony I ever killed…"
Nod and stand up.
"There is a clearing to the west. I'll be there by the pond."


"Let's hope she's the first you bring back from the dead, then."
And I'll fly off to my tent to gather the spell scroll.


I'll wait for Inferni then go to the clearing myself.


And while I leave for the tent, I'll probably bump into Amber.

Stop and stare at her for a moment, as if about to say something.
Scrunch slightly and call out to her.
"Hey! Amber!"


"Soil! What's up?"


"Soil! What's up?"


"That… Mare over there. The paladin."
Nod towards the High Lady.
"She doesn't know."


"She doesn't? … What doesn't she know exactly?"


"What happens to Vilina now."


"Oh… well her spirit probably went to the Eternal Plains but… I'm hoping to get her back."


Frown even harder.


"Because she's one of us, that's why!"


"Not that! Why…"
Sit down and think hard.
"Why does it feel so… Wrong?"


"Wrong? That she's… gone? Well it feels wrong to me too… to everypony in the group, I think."


Shake my head.
"To bring her back."


"Does it? How?"


"I don't know! That's what I'm asking you!"


I shrug.
"I can't sense what's going on inside your head Soil, only you can! I suggest meditating on it!"


"It's because of meditating that she died!"


"Really? That's weird… I thought it was like… something to do with dreams?"


"And meditation. And because I didn't protect Mabel."


"I wish I could have helped out… I didn't even know something was that wrong with Vilina."
I scrunch.
"Nobody told me until it was too late…"


Groan and trot around, obviously nervous.
"We though…
I thought it'd be over soon.
Not like this."


"I'm sure you did your best, but I just feel guilty about myself."
I frown.


"What? You weren't even there!"




"You are not a shyamayn!
Wouldn't have helped anyway!"


"But I could have comforted her… Like… like mom did whenever I was sick at home. It always made me feel better and safer. She was good at that as a priestess of Cadance…"


Sit down.
"Well I'm sure somepo-"
Grow pale in face, drooping my ears low.


I cock my head.


"Nopony talked to her…"


"… Oh."
I look a bit sad.
"I'm sure one of the priestess did at least…"


"…What happens to ponies after they are gone?
And I don't mean to good ponies, like the mare said.
I mean to… Not so good ones."
Look up with a sad expression.


"Well… it depends, I guess. I don't even know what beliefs Vilina had…"


"It's not… Like… The same for everypony?"


"Not really, no. Most go to the Eternal Plains though!"


Sit down.
"This stuff is so complex…"


I nod.
"It can be, sometimes."


Stay silent for a while.


"Huh? Why?"


"For this. Expaning this stuff to me."


"Oh… well I'm sure a priestess would do a better job than me…"


Shrug, with a smile.
"I like my friends more than a priestess."


I smile back.
"Thanks… that's really nice of you to say!"


Remain there, looking silly.


"Well I should go see the lady now! I want to ask her if Silver Blood can join me as a partner!"


"Wait so…
You are leaving now?"


"I'm staying with the group for sure!"


"So… This pony is coming with us then?"




Wave her goodbye as she leaves.


You find her in the tent.
She nods to you as you enter.

He's with you.

You can find High Lady Crown outside her tent, writing in a book.

"They're the ponies I've been studying about, come to my tent, I'll explain it!"

She looks at you. "Well, if you're sure it's not an issue…"


Alright, off to my tent to pick up that scroll for Mabel. It's about time we cast this thing.


Approach her with a salute.
"Ma'am! If I may interrupt?"


"You'll laugh at my attempts at flying, won't you?"


Let's get up and see what needs to be done today.


Where are we now?


You find it in your bag.
It's a complicated spell. But you should be able to pull it off.

Silver Blood salutes as well.
Crown nods. "What is it, Sentinels?"

He shakes his head.

You're both still in the paladin camp.
But there's little more to do here, after the final things have been taken care of you'll probably leave for Ponyville.
Warren seems to be busy with something.
Tullip is sitting near the paladin training field.
Iris is with her books.


Sit beside her.


Right. First, I'll read it. What are the instructions, risks, components, etc.?


Sit down beside the pond at the clearing.
"You sure?"


"The time of our departure is drawing nearer! I was wondering if I could choose a partner to take along."


Eh, why the hell not.
I'll just walk around and listen, see if I hear anything interesting.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll go meet Tulip. Training would be a good thing right now.

"Hello there. Getting some exercises done?"


"I'm sure it's fine."
I leave the tent and go looking for Melody.



I scratch my head in confusion.
"Arent there only four… come to think of it, five types of ponies that Snack knows and that includes Crystals like Star."


She smiles.
"How are you feeling?"

The spell doesn't seem to require many physical components.
It does demand intense visualization of the intended subject with wings while chanting a spell over and over again, until it takes hold.

He holds his sideways.

"Of course, once you have found a fitting one. Make no mistake, this is an important decision."
She looks over to Silver Blood as well.

Paladin stuff, reports. Nothing too interesting.
Suddenly you hear a voice next to you.
"Have you thought about my idea?" It's Triangle Tune. His ghost at least.

She looks up.
"Eh…looking on is just fine for me as well."

She's walking through the camp. >>521533

"I can better show you, follow me." she trots to her tent.




That doesn't seem so bad. Is the scroll consumed in the spell, or does it linger afterwards?


I nod.
"Yeah. I think I'm gonna do it."


I look at Silver Blood as well with a smile.
"I know what I saw… so I'd like to choose Sentinel Silver Blood as my partner."


I walk over to Melody.
"Heya, Mel. What's up?"


"I thought you would, given your pranks."


Offer a smile.

"I could show you if you like. I'm sure you'll like it."


I look around first before following her to her tent.


"And why do you feel that way?"

It can be reused. The note mentions however that the amount of energy drawn into it will disable your spells for the rest of the day.

She nods.
"And what of you Silver Blood?"
He puffs his chest.
"It would be an honor to fight alongside Amber!"

He waves his wings.

"Eh…it sounds really..tiring."

In her tent she shows you some of the tablets you found. "See, these tablets are from the Lemarians. The legends say they once had a great magical empire right here in Equestria. They were supposed to be the first ponies ever created!"


He grins.
"Excellent! Oh…that's a relief! I can't tell you how happy that makes me."


"…What happens to bad ponies?
When they die."


Right. So let's hope I don't need my magic later today.
Roll it back up, and then fly off to that clearing where Mabel said she'd be.


"Maybe some of those swords. I don't know how ponies can do it. Here, how about a bow?"

"There's a bit more to it, but just pull back and aim."


"Yeah! It would be a honor for me too! A huge one!"


I wave.
"Hey Shorty! Just talking. What's up with you?"

"Yeah yeah…"


"Not much. Somepony asked me why you were talking to yourself though."

Hey wait a second…

"Are you talking to him right now?"


Wave at him and walk over.
"So… I'm not very good with magic. How will this work?"


"Somepony? Who the fuck asked?"
I nod.
"And yeah, I am."


"Magic Empire? Like Canterlot?" I blink.
"…. and created? Created by whom?"


"Well, long story short of it is that to cast this, I'll be using up pretty much all of my magical effort for the day. It's mostly focus-based, though, so it shouldn't be too bad."


"The priestess in the death tent. I'm, uh, not standing in him am I?"


"You're not. I… think you'd notice if you were?"


"We had our quota of daily evil fighting, so I hope that won't be a problem then."


"Would I? I've stood in a ghost before."


"I hope as well. Now, let's get down to business."
Setting up a few feet away, I'll unfurl the scroll, put my monocle back on, and begin to focus.
Wings, wings, wings, wings…


"Grogar judges them for their evil deeds. If they were really evil, they get sent to Tartarus, but that's not something that happens unless you were consorting with demons. Most bad ponies are doomed to wander the outskirts of the Eternal Plains, forever seeing the beauty of it in the distance, but never reaching it."
She pauses.
"But there are gradations, ponies who have been bad sometime during their life but regret their actions and better themselves, or ponies who did bad deeds solely because they were born in a bad place and had to steal simply to survive are judged less harshly than those who persist in their evil deeds for pleasure or greed."

She's there.

She looks at it.
"Well…It is a while since I've used my crossbow…"

"In that case, follow me into my tent." She trots in.

He waves his hooves in front of Shortcake.

"Well, I've been translating these tablets and it details what they believed was how they were created. They say that they were created by three gods. The Sun, the Moon and Nature. But back then they weren't hanging in the sky or invisible, back then they were ponies and lived atop a mountain. Mount Laurenia, where Canterlot is now."


Stand still.


Focusing continues, time to add magic.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"…What's the Plains like?"


Pat Silver on his shoulder and follow!


"The Paladins have set up some targets. Let's pass some time by practicing."


"Fuck if I know. I assume you would?"

"She can't see you, Triangle."


"Snacks see's… and?" I wait for her to continue.


I don't think I can see him.

"I don't know. Hey, why don't you stand in him and see what it feels like?"


"Hey Triangle. Poke her."


Mabel starts glowing…

"I heard Equestrians tend to believe a bit differently. But the core tends to be the, it is a great plain where delicious fruits grow plentiful, everflowing rivers of honey and cider. There is no pain, no sorrow, no cold, no hunger, no tiredness and ponies exist there in perfect harmony. The Equestrians believe the Sun and the Moon both shine there all the time, watching over them. Crystal ponies believe at the center shines the Crystal Heart, illuminating the whole Plains and the sky is filled with thousands of stars, twinkling like gems."

In the tent.
"Before you can truly become partners, you must take an oath. Becoming paladin partners is almost like a wedding, except you don't have to be in love. But when you choose a partner you must swear before Cadance to trust each other with your lives and protect each other always."
She points to the same gem upon which you made your sentinel oath.
"Both place your hooves on there and you must swear an oath of your own creation on it. Say in your own words how you'll support and protect each other from whatever may happen from this point to Cadance and the heart."

"Okay, but you go first!"

"I know! It's weird."

Your belly suddenly feels cold.

He does so. Sticking his hoof in her side.


Take a deep breath, relax…


"He has his hoof in your side right now Shorty. Feel anything?"


"Aim for the middle one."

Hawkeye '1d10'
Reflex Shot '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


Alright, keep the focus, and a bit more magic…
Winged white donkey. Winged white donkey. Winged white donkey…

Roll #1 3 = 3


"…I like stars. And fruits. And cider.
Did you ever taste the cider they do in Silverhaze?
It's like… Apple flavored."





I place my hoof on the gem and wait for Silver to do the same.
"I swear to you, Silver Blood, my loyalty, my protection and my solemn support. I call upon the Savior to act as our witness and to give Her continued blessing so that we may succeed. My weapon and my heart are yours, always."


Glowing continues but nothing happens.

"Maybe I should poke something else?" asks Triangle.

Right on target.
Tullip takes her crossbow and aims '1d10'

"I've never been there. I did taste the cider in ponyville. The cider from Sweet Apple Acres is very good."

"Well….the Lemarians, they were alicorns and they said their gods lived on a mountain, and your sketches show an alicorn, dog and griffon and three large dogs on a mountain. What if those large dogs and the gods of the lemarians are the same?"

He places his hoof.
"With the Saviour as my witness, I swear to support and protect Amber always. Growing and learning together so we can serve Her better. May Cadance strike me down should I falter!"

The gems shines for a second and returns to normal.
Crown claps.
"Very good, keep this oath in mind during your darkest moments and know that you have sworn this before Cadance. Keeping your oath will give you strength on your path. Break your oath and Cadance will turn her gaze from you."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Tullip stomps her hoof.
"Why can't I do it?"


Obviously this means I need to put in more magic. MORE MAGIC!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Deep breaths, relaxation…
Wings soon, I can feel it.


"It's the same with all the weapons. Here, take your position again and fire. We'll use them as a test."


Stare at Vilina's body, as if distant miles.
"Is it right?
To take ponies back from a place like that?"


I giggle.

"'Poke something else?' Now what's that supposed to fuckin' mean?"


I salute her.
"Yes ma'am! We wont disappoint you or the Savior!"


I pondered for a moment.
"If Star would like to know, Snack has found out that there is a dog fort undearneath Canterlot. Does Star think….. Lemarian artifacts are present there?"


I raise an eyebrow.
"Maybe he should, Mel. He's a ghost so no one else would ever know and you do seem to like him~"


"You mean like, go mess with people?"
I grin.
"That's a fuckin' great idea Shorty! Who should we try this out on?"


I roll my eyes.
"I meant you and your ghost stallionfriend go on a date and maybe something else, silly. Pranks sound good too, though."


I roll my eyes and poke her in the chest.
"You know there's only one way I swing, Shortstuff."


I laugh.


Sweat begins to form on your forehead. This isn't as easy as you thought.

Maybe you can help with a roll?

She takes aim and tries again '1d10'

She puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"I can't offer an answer to that. What you need to ask yourself is, does it feel right?"


"Other ponies? Never tried that before…"

She nods.
"You are hereby promoted to Warder. Continue to serve Cadance and soon you'll be full Knights."
She looks to Silver Blood.
"It seems you will leave us then…"
He nods.
"We will miss you. Perhaps you'd better take this time to say goodbye to your friends here."

She thinks.
"That could very well be….but I've never heard of it before. There's a large Dog Fort under there…Nuxezar or something. It was excavated when Canterlot was founded and the Diamond Empire of Dogs colllapsed.
I think the tunnels of the train run through there…and the batponies of Luna live there as well."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Obviously it's because I'm not putting enough effort into it. Maybe I have to think like wind? Swirl the magic like an updraft to lift that winged donkey into the air.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"What? 's true."

I point to a nearby paladin.
"Can you try and sneak up behind him and spook him?"


Imagine myself with wings then!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Fruits and cider are pretty cool…"
Sob, just for a moment.
Then wipe my eyes and stand up, quickly and awkwardly excusing myself.
Leave the tent.


Look at Silver Blood with a smile
"We wont leave just yet, so you have some time!"


"See you can do it. Try again. Breathe just the same and keep that position."


I blinked for a moment.
"What?! Dont tell Snacks ponies plundered or destroyed it?"

I then paced back and forth for a minute or two.
"Oh no, oh no. Does Star think Canterlot has archived the things that they find in there?"


Wait, can I hear him or not?


"It doesn't mean I can't tease you about it."


No, I linked it to you since he was responding partly to something you said.

A wind softly starts blowing as the glowing intensifies and suddenly 2 white butterfly wings sprout on Mabels back.

He walks up and puts his hooves in the paladins belly, who was polishing his armor.
The paladin shudders and looks up for a second.

You leave the tent. The sun is shining outside.

"Right, I better go see them. I'll see you soon, Amber."
He salutes Crown and trots outside.

She tries again, with a bit more confidence '1d10+1'
"Where did you learn to shoot?"

"….I don't know. It seems very probable the ponies sacked it all those centuries ago. They were fighting a merciless war against Diamond Dogs. When they took the capital…well, it's not a stretch that they would have looted the place. Still…maybe there's something left still. We should take a look."

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Glance back.
"…wow. That's something new."
Try to flap them.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Did it work?"


Where's Indy?


Turn to Crown now that we're alone.
"My lady… what will happen next? Anarchy is still on the loose and… there a lot of other bad stuff out there that needs handling as well!"


"All the Gryphons, from the smallest noble families to the Royal one, are expected to know how to fight. Even the third son is expected to be able to handle themselves, though many of us are sometimes sent to Academies for some time."

"What about you ponies? What kind of training do you receive after hatching?"


I laugh.

"I think it did."

I gesture for him to do it again.


I'll blink a bit.
"Well, I certainly wasn't picturing butterfly wings, but I guess they'll do."


"Wings are wings for me. It feels… weird."


"If we arrive, Snack would probably would like to visit it. Star would be welcome to come with Snacks if she wants." I smile.


"I am waiting on a courier from Canterlot with intelligence reports, based on that we will move to wherever we are needed. I'm finishing up my report on Anarchy for the Index Chaotica and then it's simply waiting."

You flap them a few times and immediately wink up in the air. Surprised you stop flapping and fall to the ground again.

He's digging a hole with his claws.

"Well, we don't hatch, we're born…and I never received training until I came with all of you. So you're from a noble family? I come from a rich family as well."

The paladin settles again.
Triangle puts his hooves in there, waving them around with a grin.
Now the pony stands up again, looking at his belly confused. He scratches his head.

"I'd love to."


Go sit next to him and watch him work.


I nod.
"What if… we run into him again? We'll need to contact you!"


I struggle to try to not laugh too loudly.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"What do your family think of you being here with us? I'd considered myself blessed if they even acknowledged I was gone. Being part of the Fourth clutch means they really didn't bother with me."


"They sure don't work like normal wings…"
I'll roll up the scroll.
"So, I guess you'll be on the lookout for air elementals, then?"


I nod.
"I think I'll try to learn how to use these first."
Give them a few tentative flaps again, and try to stay afloat.

Roll #1 2 = 2



"Then its decided then." I offer my paws to sake her hoof.
"Snack is glad Star would come, perhaps Snacks can also ask others if they want to come."


He keeps digging and digging, concentrated, the sweat drips from his face. He's so focused he hasn't even noticed you yet.

"Mmmmh…well not me per se. But still, you could use backup. I know Equestria is building a special direct mail system for coordinating the military in these dark times. Maybe they can help in that regard?"

You laugh your ass off.
The paladin looks weirdly towards you.
"What's so funny?"

"Eh…I sorta….didn't ask their opinion."

You are completely unused to these wings.
You can't stay afloat for more than a few seconds.

"Canterlot is still so far away…but didn't your map show another dog fort near ponyville?"


Start helping him dig.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You're definitely going to need to practice with those."


"Then we have something in common. However, I was trained from hatching how to do these things. What led you to take them up?"


I nod.
"I'll look into it if it comes to that, ma'am! I think that will be all then, permission to leave?"


"Nothin'. Nothin' at all."
I continue snrk-ing and chuckling.
What's Triangle doing?


"I know."
Just relax, be light like the caress of a gentle spring breeze on the face, and flutter above the ground!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"It does… look here." I pointed it to Star on my notes.

"Snack also has the key to its vault…. or its door. Snack is still not sure what this key does but it is appointed to that fort though." I smile at her.


"Seems like you're getting the hang of it now, though."




"One lucky break does not mean I can fly just yet."


He looks up.
"There's something under there! I can smell it."
You dig together and suddenly you find a…GEM.
"AHA" Indy smiles and starts chewing on it.

"I was bored at home. I wanted adventure. So when I saw Warren, I wanted to join."

"Permission granted. Be sure to come around to say your goodbyes when you leave."
You suddenly notice how the stripe on your armor got a bit lighter.

Triangle's laughing as well, waving his hooves.
The paladin mumbles "I'd better check with the medicae" and trots off.

You get off the ground and float in the air.

Remember that you have a key for both that fort and the one under Canterlot.
"Maybe for the Vault? Maybe there's treasure in there…"


"Are they really that tasty?"


"Now comes the hard part."
Let's try to move around mid-air.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"That's rather, crazy, sorry. But, how has it treated you so far?"


I meet back up with Triangle.
"Oh man, that was fuckin' hilarious! Do you think you can even move objects?"


'Well, practice flying in circles for a while. Stay only a couple feet off the ground, so you don't hurt yourself if you fall."
I'll start making small divots in the ground.
"After that, we'll try for gliding, and more dextrous flying."


I grin to myself and leave.
Uh… I think I'm pretty much ready! Guess that leaves me some time to talk to somepony. How about Tullip? To see if she's doing okay?


"Most likely indeed, perhaps the local pony who lives near it didnt know of its location and has not disturbed it yet. What do Star think?" I smile as I ease in near her


He breaks off a piece and gives it to you.
Indy Passive skill: Detect gems and treasure

Like a boss! You're soaring through the sky with your magnificent wings.

"I'm sad I lost my tent…"
She mopes.

"I don't know I never tried."
He tries to pick up a rock, but doesn't manage it.

Tullip is talking to Pico in the training yard.

She leans against you.
"We should ask around in ponyville. Maybe Soil or Amber will want to join too. They're always looking for treasure."


Pick it up and start suckling on it as if it was a lollipop.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Sit down with her.

"What happened to it?"


"Aw. Can't like… will yourself to move it or whatever? I've heard stories about ghosts and spirits n' shit moving objects or making strange noises, you think you can do any of that?"


"Pico! Tullip!"


"Looks like this will have to wait."

"What's going on Amber?"


I start laughing.
"Okay, this is sort of fun!"
Start flying in circles above the pond!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sit down next to them.
"Whatcha guys doing?"


"I think those are poltergeists. I read a book about a family that got attacked by one after building their house on an ancient buffalo burial ground."


Tastes like dirt. You swallow it accidentally and can't breath!

"It got destroyed by that meanie Anarchy!"

"Oh hey Amber."

He focuses until the ghostly sweat drops drop of him but nothing happens.
"I…guess I'm not that kind of ghost…"

Oh flying in circles, how neat.


"We were just having a conversation while we practiced shooting."

Whisper over to Amber. "What happened to Tullip's tent?"


Cough it up!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Guess what? I just got promoted as well! I'm a warder now, which means I've got a partner!"
Look at Pico.
"Uh… it's a long story with giant trees and parasprites."


"They're all just different names for the sa-"

"…I guess not."


Just stay afloat.
"How do I look, Inferni?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You're making me glad I wasn't here if stuff like that kept happening."

Look back at Tullip and put a wing over her.

"Making a tent is basic survival training for us. I'll help you make a bigger, better one. Hows that sound?"


You cough it out.
Indy looks confused.
"Soil don't like it? Then why does Soil collect gems and gold?"

"Oh…congratulations, I guess. Who is your partner?"

Triangle curses. "Well fuck, I finally thought I found something fun."
He tries to kick a table over, but he just goes through it, pissing him off even more.

You manage barely.
Inferni watches from a tree and then does a few loops around you.

"My tent was special! It was a magic tent, a whole mansion could fit in there."
She crosses her hooves.
"At least its under warranty, I'll ask for a new one once we're back in civilisation."


Wince and hoof it back to Indy.
"It's like…
You can buy food with that.
And stuff.
And I send some to Pa' and Ma'."


"Silver Blood! He'll be coming with the group once we leave. And don't worry, I'm sure we can share a tent until then!"


I smile.
"Hey, everyone got into hunting monsters because of lack of finances so Snack think its fine as long as Snack is able to pick the historically important stuff." I then slowly nuzzle my snout on her head.


"Too bad we can't fly around like this forever, huh?"


"Hey, you can still mess with people!… And I agreed to your thing, remember? You're gonna get your violin back."


"If it was under warranty, how long have you been out."

"Where you given any new responsibilities? Promotions usually come with those."


"Well, you two seem to be having fun. I'll go tell the others you'll be unavailable for a short while. Have fun talking to your elemental lords."


"Well yes, like I said I have a partner to work together with now! That's a huge deal!"


"Whose the lucky one who got assigned to you? Where are they?"


"Silver Blood! He's saying goodbye to his friends now, but you can find him near the male tents!"


Shake my head.
"I don't think Inferni can come with me to the Air Plane. He's too fiery for it, so I'll have to go alone then."


I'll think a moment, and then shake my head.
"You'll be alright by yourself?"


"…I don't really know what to expect."


"Hey, while he's here can you tell me more about the violin?"


"Well, we can see if Melody and Shortcake are up for the trip. I'm afraid I wouldn't be much use without my magic."


"Fuck. I know jack shit about it, but you can't hear Triangle…"
I turn to him.
"Could you explain it real quick for me to tell her?"


"How about it Tulip. Want to go somewhere else for a moment?"


"Pa and Ma….what's that?"

"Silver Blood? Is he cute?"

She nuzzles.
"More than that! You could share it with other Diamond Dogs and ponies. The old diamond dogs were master craftsdogs, I'm sure we can learn a lot from them."

He squeeks.

"I don't need it anymore. You can have it. All I want is to have my revenge on the Melody's. To have the truth come out for the world."

"Well, it's a magical violin. I don't really know how it works, but when you use it you immediately feel more inspired than ever. And every tune you play, you play better than you've ever played before…"


"It's like…
The ones who you grow up with.
The Pa' plays with you and works with you and teaches you to hit good, and the Ma' loves you and reads you stories and cooks…"


"Uh… he's strong!"


I retell his explanation of the violin to Shortcake.
"Well… you'll get that, Triangle."


"Simply not being alone would help. Plus, you don't need your magic to be clever, do you? Air elementals respect wisdom."
Glance around.
"And between the two of us, if I had to choose, I wouldn't take Soil over you for that."


"Flattery gets you everywhere, I suppose. How do we get there?"


"Oh. And it's buried in a tomb in Ponyville?"






I nod at her before looking at the map again, a bit excited on whats to come.
"Does Star think Iris have books about the old dogs? She has lots of those right?"


"First, we go to the clouds… next, we have to find the breezies. Somehow. They are timid, from what I've heard."


"…so you are Pa?"

"Cute strong?"

He nods and sits down.

Triangle speaks up.
"There is something in ponyville, the second part of my Requiem. You could use it to help prove the truth."

"Maybe she has. We can go together."


I'll face talon while looking at these two.

"Perhaps we should meet him? You don't want to reality to crash down on your thoughts, eh?"


"Strong strong!"


Blink once or twice.
Look perplex.
"But a Pa' needs a Ma'!"


I wrap my arms around her.
"No… not now."


"Yeah, Amber I want to meet your stallionfriend!"

"Iris is Ma!"

She hugs you '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I scrunch.
"He's my partner! If you want to find him, he's over by the male tents I think."


"She does cook good."
Offer him to jump on my back.
"C'mon champion, let's get a-move on."


"Come on Tulip. I'll take you. I still need to check the camp anyway."


Hug her back as I slowly drag her on the floor for a cuddle and just admire her,

"Snack… is sometimes fearful of how to approach ponies, is Snack being too pushy or out of place in the surface world? Snack is still doubting if…. if he belongs here." I whispered.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Has he said anything?"


"Okay. I want to see this hunk of yours."

"Thanks Pico, I'd love that."

He sits atop your back.
"Pa…what was your Pa like?"

She rubs your belly.
"Don't worry Snacks, you're doing wonderful. Everypony likes you. And if somepony doesn't, well they are dumb!"


"Fine! Go see yourself then!"


Smile broadly as we trot back to the tent.
"He's a great pony!
Strong, twenty times bigger than me, smart, so so smart!
And he can make grow loats of trees all at once!"


"It's a good opportunity to move around. While we move over there, any reason you decided to leave your folks?"


"Snacks is happy hearing that." I smile as I playfully lick her face in appreciation.

"Lets go meet Iris shall we."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Bigger than you?"
He seems astonished.

"I told you. I was bored."

She rubs the drool of her face but grins.
"Let's go then."



"So much bigger!
He's so tall he talks to clouds!"


I follow Tullip and Pico by the way.


"Sorry, just thinking about it, we have too much in common. I could've stayed home, but where's the fun in that when there's a whole world out there?"


"I have no idea what breezies are. But I suppose we'll find them when we find them."


The day has come to leave.
All belongings are packed and you're ready to go to the near town of ponyville.
Leaving early in the morning you should reach it before nightfall on hoof.
One question remains, since Vilina isn't buried yet, who will pull her cart?


I'll offer myself of its too much to bear for the others.


Someone who knew her better than I did.


I was the one who failed, it should be my burden to carry.


Correction. We were. Our burden. But did we fix the decomposition problem? Did we even sit down to decide if we will bury her or bring her back?


I guess Mabel will…


"Are you sure? I think you're carrying enough of a burden as it is."


Let's decide to decide once we are in Ponyville and have actual options.


She's wrapped up in a burial cloth, she won't decompose soon.
As for the other question, it hasn't been answered yet.
The nearest graveyard to properly bury her is Ponyville though


"I am sure, yes."


"…You carry the books. I carry Vilina."


Poor Vilina…
I sigh and take point.


"And you shut up and let me pull."



All I can do is give them time. Carry those books for them.


"Soil… You can walk with Iris. I've got this."


"Shut up."


Can't argue with that.


"Help me with the books and we'll walk together."


The books are in a cart. One person is needed to pull it.


It was an invitation to just walk with me and I'll keep her company.


"I wonder how much time the forest will take to heal."


Allright then.
Time to go off.
The unpaved road waits for you.
And behind the hills, ponyville!


"You gave it a chance. Next thing you know, it'll be in full bloom."


"It's been a lot since last time…"
Okay, I don't exactly know how to handle a cart with a body though!


"Hey Silver, how are you feeling?"


"I hope. The damage was… bigger than I anticipated."


It's exactly the same like the cart with books, but instead there's a body inside it.

"I'm….excited, I think. Not sure. This is all so new, and I don't know anypony here."


"You'll learn to like them soon enough!"


Stare at the town.
We should go look for work, and then drink some, and th-

"Everypony, we gotta decide what to do with Vilina."


"It has been done, but that is the past now. The recent past, but the plants and animals will start moving back in. After a while, you'd be pressed to find where anything happened."


It's beyond the hills.
The road stretches evermore through the forest.


This certainly isn't awkward.
I think uh
I'm just gonna keep walking here. Yeah.


"We already did. We're gonna try to bring her back!"


I nod.
"I know. Nature always finds a way."

Frown a bit.
"We have to make this right. What happened to her."


Well, sorrrrrhy!
Keep walking. Trot trot.
"I guess you decided…"


Now might be a good chance to get acquainted to the new member of the group, Silver Blood.

"I don't even know their names!"


Where is he?


"Here, how about we pick up some plants from Ponyville and plant them back there? Help Nature out a bit after all this."


"It's easy! Mabel! Poor Soil! Snacks! Warren! Star Quartz! Iris! Tullip! Melody! Shortcake! Pico! Inferni! Indy!"


He's talking to Amber.
About how he doesn't know anypony yet.

"Uh…and who's who again?"


Turn my head around as I hear her call my name.


"In any other case, I would find bringing a pony back to life unnatural, but the cause of her death, Anarchy, is unnatural as well. Lord Pyrrus told me there is a way to bring her back without necromancy."

"Right now, they would just get mutated from the rest of the stardust. This needs to clean first."


I fly over.
"You called? Who the fuck's this?"
I gesture to Silver.


"Yeah but…
The place where she is. It's like, the best place ever!
Is it okay to call her back from there?"


"Oh yeah, that. It's only a matter of time before it blows away. We'll just look around for while, maybe in the future we'll add some."


"Mabel is our the jenny who can swallow really well, Soil has a really big shield and uses it to slam stuff, Snacks is the diamond dog who knows all about digging, Warren is the pegasus who is really sneaky and uses magic, Star knows stuff about gems, Iris likes books, Tullip likes tents, Melody likes music, Shortcake is a great cook, Pico is the gryphon who disappeared for a while, Inferni is Mabel's phoenix and Indy is the little dragon!"

"My partner!"


Help the others pack their thing and get ready to move.

I nod at Amber.


"I'm not sure about that… and we can always ask her opinion it. I think."
"I'm not very versed on this."


"Hey! I do waaay fuckin' more than 'like music'!"
I huff.
"New partner? Partner in what?"


The stallion turn to you.
"Uh…greetings, my name is Silver Blood, Paladin in service of Cadance. Pleasure to meet you."
He offers you a hoof.


"Uh… you also like to say naughty words!"
Look at Silver Blood.
"Paladin partner! We were promoted to Warders and assigned to serve alongside each other as is tradition among the order!"


"I was making a delivery for a Gryphon Lord. That's not something I can reschedule."


"Melody. And loosen the fuck up! You paladins are all waaay too damn polite."

"Riiiight… and I do more than just swear!"


"… Sleep?"


"Yeah, you swear a lot.."


"Doesn't sound like."


He puffs his chest.
"We are taught to always represent the Order to the best of our abilities. But it is nice to meet a musician."

"And who are you? I think I heard your name…Soil…and you must be Mabel, I think."


"Yes, I am. Not many other jennies around here, as far as I know."


"Got that right.
So, you gonna hunt too?"


"I want to help Amber however I can. If that means we go hunting, then we'll hunt."

"And you can swallow really well?"


"Like the best! Just ask Warren, Snacks and Soil! They've all seen it!"


"So far we hunt many things but one of hunts that always elude us is undead dragon that escape from a mine west of here.|


"It's great fun.
Nothing like charging into an hydra and cracking one of its heads in one go!"
Then nod.
"Yeah, she can swallow it all!"


Twitch a little when he mentions that dragon.

"We're trying to take it down, but it seems we run into more problems every time."


Smile with a nod.
"You could say that, yes. I grew up with a circus, you see."


I sigh.

"Man fuck you both."

"So what are you going to be doing with Amber?"



"You just did it again!"


"All I'm saying is, you could try and be nicer. At least to your friends."


"Ah you're Snacks? Nice to meet you."

"I see the helmet. You slaughtered the Hydra by yourself?"

"I'm going to stay by her side and together we'll complete our paladin training!"


"And with Amber, and Snacks, and Warren and Indy!"
Nod at Indy as I finish the presentations.


"Why does it even matter! What do you have against swearing, Soil?"

"You might wanna take a page from your own book next time you give more of your fuckin' unwarranted 'advice' to Amber."

"And how long's that gonna be?"


I smile at him.
"Yes we are, we can do it if we work together! Savior be our witness!"


"It's hard to understand what you say!
Books don't have swears!"


"However long necessary. A lifetime if necessary."

"..I've never seen a dragon this close before."


"He's a pretty cool guy."


I nod at this

"Nice to meet you… err.."


"Would you believe if I said I grew up with one?"

"When I give advice to Amber it is because I care about her."


"Don't worry about Indy, he's a real sweetie."


"What's so hard to understand?

"Sure have a reeeeal shitty way of showing it."


"You grew up with a dragon?"


"They are not like ponies talk!"
I'll echo after Queren.


"Silver Blood."

"You did?"

"Where did you meet him?"

"And you're Pico?"


"It will take her further in life than pointless swearing, I assure you."

"The ringmaster of the circus, Fusilli, was a dragon. Not a big, adult one, but dragons age a lot differently than we do."


Get out of the stupor.
"Some dogs, slavers and stuff. He was i-"
"Indy, you wanna tell it?"
"You totally never said that!"


"I didn't?"


"Queren Pico, of the Pico Family of Hyperborea. If Amber trusts you, then you can count on my archery to protect."

"Why was he a ringmaster? Seems 'mundane' for a dragon."




"Sure it is! You just hang around a bunch of ponies with sticks up their asses, Soil."

"Suuuuure it will. You keep telling yourself that."


"That sounds painful…"


I nod at Silverblood.
"So Silver pony will come with the group right?"


"I believe we've met in passing once before. So Amber has made you her partner, then?"


"You never asked!"

"He knew that too, but it was his passion. Can you really blame him?"

Roll my eyes.
"Do you like reading books?"




I laugh.
"Now you know why Mabel acts the way she does!"

"Some. Depends on the book. What does that have to do with anything?"


"No, seeing as how I'm just following my training. When you put it that way, he must have been lucky. Where is he now?"


"So… You don't have a stick up your ass?"


"Do I look uptight to you?"


Look her over reeeeeal well.
Shake my head.


"I totally did! We swore oaths and everything!"


"I might buy you a book about manners. It will do you wonders. Maybe you will be able to make actual friends with it."

"Somewhere around the world, still touring with the circus I assume."


A small grin will grip my mouth.
"The traditional 'until death do us part' oaths, or something a bit more personal?"


"I've never heard of such a thing before, that's amazing!"

Indy nods.
"I was in a cage with all these mean diamond dogs. And all I did was sleeping and I only sometimes got food. But then Soil came and slammed them all! And then we went on a boat and slammed more things. And now I'm slamming with Soil"

"It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Yes. I hope we'll all get along."

In the distance, from the hills you see a pony running closer at amazing speed.


"A dragon run circus. Might be a fun distraction. Nice to know Indy wasn't a one time thing when it comes to good dragons."


I raise an eyebrow at him looking me over.

"I make friends just fine. Easier than you at least, you old hag."

"The fuck is that?"
Can I make out any details of the pony?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Undo the straps of the cart and ready my shield.


"We had to make or own oath!"
I serious the fuck up and put a hoof to my chest.
"I swear to you, Silver Blood, my loyalty, my protection and my solemn support. I call upon the Savior to act as our witness and to give Her continued blessing so that we may succeed. My weapon and my heart are yours, always."

"Uh? Who's that?"


I'll squint at that pony. How odd.
"And your heart, hmm?"
I'll give a very pointed look at Silver Blood.
"I'm sure he'll be quite careful with it."


"There is good and bad in everyone equally. Some just choose to embrace the bad."

"I'm still going to get you that book."

"It really way. You should have seen the shows!"

I guess we'll see what that pony wants soon enough.


It's a lightly armored crystal pony.

When the pony comes closer he slows down and trots towards you.
"Excuse me travelers, is this the way t- Silver?!?"
Silver waves "Hey Whirling."
Silver explains "Whirling here is one of our couriers. He is responsible for carrying orders to Canterlot and back."
"Wow, I didn't expect you here…"
"I'm leaving the camp, Whirling, I was sad I couldn't say goodbye. I'm going on my own path with my partner Amber."


"Hey! Don't just forget what you were gonna ask us! Is this the way to what?"


I smile and wave a hoof at him.


Wave at him, but don't interrupt.


"Shh. He's allowed to say hello, you know. You wouldn't want someone beating you over the head for getting distracted, right?"


Nod at the pony, but keep on the watch.


Grunt and put down the shield, electing for re-strapping the armor on.


"I wanted to make sure the paladin camp hasn't moved yet…but seeing how Silver is here, I doubt it has."

"Well it's a good thing we met then before you left. The embassy had given me a letter addressed to you."
He rumbles through his packs and hoofs you a sealed letter.
"Well, nice to meet you Silver. Good luck in the world out there, don't get killed out there."
Silver gives him a nod. "And you don't get into too much trouble."
"Me? Never."
He gallops off again.


"Ooooh, a letter!
I send a lot of letters too!"


"Oooh! A letter from the embassy?"
Wave after him as he leaves
"Thaaaanks Whiiirliiiing!"

"I've sent a few as well lately!"
Break the seal and read the letter.


"Let's hope it's good news."


"He was running towards us! I thought something actually bad was happening, shit…"


File: 1390344587673.jpg (Spoiler Image, 466.32 KB, 1000x1292, Letter-Amber.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

>For Ambers eyes only


"You are too easy to scare."


I'll shrug.
"Well, he is a courier. It's their job to be fast."
I'll be a bit more serious.
"Though you're right. With what Anarchy mentioned earlier, there might be a bit of trouble waiting for us either on the way to or at Ponyville."


"We got him once, we'll get him again. His days of creating chaos are numbered."


"We will get along." I smile at Silver.

I just shrug
"Nothing we can take care off." I smile


"He's a courier, of course he has to run!"

My smile widens and widens as I read the letter.
"It's from my parents!"
When I finish it, I hug the letter close, after which I roll it up again and safely store it in my bag.


"Just stay on the lookout, but it could just be his way of getting a last laugh. Let's hope for normalcy right now."



The sun is rising in the sky.
If you want to reach ponyville before nightfall, you better get moving.


Hauling ass.


"Let's get to town. I'd like to get a solid roof over my head tonight."


Chop Chop

"So it was good news?"


Alright lets head out!
"Come on ponies, we aint getting more sunlight."


You mean we didn't get moving after the random encounter?
"Good to hear they keep in touch, Amber."


"Wasn't scared. I thought shit was going on."



I nod.
"They say they're happy I'm safe and proud that I joined the paladins! My sister asked whether I'd seen any dresses of Rarity but… I have no idea who she is."


"We'll celebrate the letter when we get into town. You don't want it to get wet now, do you?"


"Makes sense that they are happy and proud. I would be in their place too."
Smile at her.


"Well, I'm sure you can ask about it once we get into Ponyville. If they're popular enough to be heard of in the Crystal Empire, I'm sure at least one pony will be able to tell you about them here."


I assume we're walking already.

"I'll have to write back once we arrive there!"


You make headway fast through the forest.
The leaves are a myriad of red, yellow and brown. It seems fall has come. But luckily the weather still isn't bad. A warm breeze flows through the forest.
When the sun is at it highest point, the forest gives way to grasslands. The path leads to the high hills in the distance.

You hear something that sounds like a thunder in the distance….


"Make sure to find a cute envelope, so they'll know it's from you before they even open it."

Are there any clouds?


Hmm. We should probably pick up the pace. I'll fly up a bit to see if I can't get a good idea of what's waiting for us.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Is it normally like this at this time of the year?"


Look around for clouds.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh no, not a thunderstorm…"

"Why cute? I need something official! Like a paladin seal!"


"Rarity's some big name designer that all the 'upper crust' of society - Canterlot, Manehattan, et cetera. The ones who have more money than brains. Or empathy."

I look up. Do I see any signs of thunderclouds?

Roll #1 6 = 6


>that all the 'upper crust' of society love


"You can have a paladin seal on a cute envelope, can't you?"


There aren't any.
Another thunder…
And another.
There's a pool of water to your left…

You fly up. The path seems clear. But you notice something large to your right, moving through the trees in the forest. The trees bend and shake.


"There's something coming! Something big!"
Damned if I didn't use up all of my magic casting that bloody spell for Mabel.
At least I've got my crossbow.


Oh shit…
I take flight and head up above the treeline. Can I see whatever it is anywhere?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"…Iris. Hide."
Drop the cart. Bring up the shield.
"Everypony! Get ready!"
Get ready.

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's the next day, you have your magic back.


Ah. In that case I'll prep Homing Magic.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Sorry, but I'm leaving your books for now."

Get into the air.


Null that with the dagger.


"Inferni, could you fly up and check out whatever that is?"


"What is that?"



"It doesn't match!"

Uh oh.
Bolster Warren.


From the treeline bursts a giant creature you've never seen before. It looks like a giant dog, but has 3 heads. It is truly gigantic, almost as big as the Ursa Minor.
It roars and starts running towards you all.



Inferni tries to blind it!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Wow! Look at that!"
I roar as well and empower my hammer. Charge!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Run into him!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"What even is that!?"
Let's Hat Magic, to pull out a book on cryptozoology. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shoot it in the leg, hinder it.


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Play some music to Inspire everyone!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Protect on Melody.


The dog runs towards you…and runs over you right past you and runs into the grasslands.

You're in a open plain.
No place to hide.
You get bumped aside by its paws.
Inferni flies in front of one of its faces but gets slammed aside.

You jump aside and press your hammer into its legs as he runs. It doesn't seem to harm the beast.

You slam right into his paws. He doesn't even seem to feel it.
Indy gets slammed right underneath one his paws as he runs along.

You hit him. It doesn't hinder him at all.

"Cryptozoology for Dummies"

You get slammed aside as it runs past all of you.

The dog runs further onto the grasslands. It runs around, playing around. As it rolls on the ground happily in the distance, he crushes a farmhouse without noticing.

From the treeline behind you, 2 armored hooded ponies arrive, panting and sweating.


Hope it's got pictures. Start leafing through the book scanning for mention of a large, three-headed dog creature.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Ready my crossbow
"Run or shoot?!"


I stare in disbelief, then break out laughing.
"Aww, it just wanted to play in the grass!"


"Whoa! It didn't even feel that!"


"Hold, everything we had just bounced off."

Point towards the ponies

"We have company."


>he crushes a farmhouse
>crushes a farmhouse
>a farmhouse
'1d10' I wonder if he actually understands me~

Roll #1 1 = 1


Run to Inferni and pick him up.
"You okay?"

Then up to the dog.
And chuckle.
"We overreacted that, didn't we?"


"I don't know Mabel, that thing just destroyed a farmhouse!"


Look at him and then the dog.

Does it even notice him?


The hooded ponies walks toward you. It's a mare and a stallion. They look tired.

The 3-headed guardian of Tartarus.

Legend has it Cerberus was created by the gods when Tirek the Terrible was defeated. He was placed at the entrance to ensure the terrible creatures within would never escape.
Cerberus is rarely seen outside Tartarus and the few ponies who've had contact with him are the Mages of the Equestrian Mage Acadamy of Canterlot.
Cerberus is said to be strong beyond reckoning and impervious to harm. 2 traits necessary to keep at bay the horrors of Tartarus.

It doesn't really notice him as it keeps rolling over Soil this time.
According to cartoon physics, Soil is not as flat as a pancake.

The hooded mare speaks up.
"This no laughing matter. Cerberus could cause so much damage if we don't get him soon."


My rage will inflate me again!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Not on purpose. It doesn't seem to want to intentionally hurt anypony. We just need to lure it away from others."

"We are here and ready to help then."


"Who are you two?"


Guard dog of Tartarus? Then what's it doing here?!
Fly over the others.
"That thing is Cerberus! Tartarus's guard dog! What in all the world is it doing here!?"


"What else is there out here for him to destroy?"


Grab Soil and keep him away from Cerberus.

"He, it, whatever is playing over there. We don't need to make it mad."


How are you gonna pick a large, heavily armored and currently in harm's way pony like that?
Also, a quite mad pony, too.


You inflate again indeed.

"Thanks…but we're not sure what to do. He's so fast. We've been running after him for hours."

The stallion speaks up.
"We're mages connected to the Academy of Canterlot. We're part of a team that monitors Tartarus."

"He somehow got loose from his chains. And it seems he wants to…have a walk. But we need him at Tartarus!"

"You see those hills? He could climb them in a few minutes if he wanted. He could trample ponyville and whatever in a hundred miles from here if he wanted."


"Wait, I think I heard you say the guard of Tartarus?"


"Hey you! Are you even listening?!
You know what you just did?

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


"We ask him nicely."

Nod to Inferni and walk over to the doggy.


"How… how are we supposed to stop him?"


I don't have to do it for long. Plus, ponies aren't able to easily reach their backs, where I can grab your armor and you from.


"What is to be done with large three headed dog?"


I roll my eyes at them mentioning they're from Canterlot.
"So bait him with something and take him for a walk."