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This is the paladin camp.
It is filled with paladins and camps.


Silver Blood?


"Look, boxers punch against bags too? So why can't I?"


"Boxing is a sport!"


"It's a fighting technique with your hooves. The same as I'm doing here."


"You're very stubborn about this! Okay then, keep at it."


"I was going to!"
He continues hitting the dummy slowly.


It also has ponies who need help


But you need Soil to heal them properly.
Anything you'd like to do in the meantime?


I feel so shamany I could just become a tree.


He's right there!


Watch him go at it for a while.


The book details you might be able to heal both Vilina and Iris at once if you all sit in a circle with Mabel facing Soil and the patients beside you.
Time to go to the medicae tent.

After a few minutes he stops and looks at you "Was there anything else you wanted?"


"I'm so ready!"
Off to the tent!


I shake my head.
"Not right now! Or actually, do you know paladin Clear Ice?"


"This is serious, Soil. Try to concentrate when we do it."


"Of course! I'm a master of meditation by now!"


"High Lady Ice, yes."

You're both in the medicae tent and the doctors have agreed to observe the ritual.
Any things you want to say before we begin?


"Hey Iris, dun worry, we got this!"
Give her a confident smile.


"Why is she so angry all the time?"


"I can only hope."

"Be ready in case anything goes wrong. Stardust is pretty volatile."


"I have no idea. She only came to the camp recently. I think she's a friend of High Lady Crown. We were really excited when we heard such a big hero would come here…..didn't really turn out as we expected."

She gives you a smile and squeezes your hoof a bit.

"We'll be here miss. We'll keep an eye on things."


Sit down and don't let go of her hoof.
Brain! Are we ready to do this?


Take my place in the circle then prepare the ingredients


I scrunch.
"You seem a little angry too. Ponies are just stressed out it seems!"


Just to clarify, you don't know why she's a hero, you've never heard of Lady Clear Ice before.

For what?

Everything is ready.
Except Soil maybe.


To help Iris!

Sit in my place.


"So… what did Lady Clear Ice do again?"


"Soil. Focus.
Nod if you are ready."


"One moment!"


"Oh right, sorry I forgot, most ponies in the Empire know Lady Clear Ice for her title, the Sword of Cadance."
That does ring a bell. The Sword and the Hammer are the greatest paladin couple ever. They are the highest ranking paladins and their latest fight was when they together with a party of high ranking paladins infiltrated the lair of the Changeling Queen Semiramis and chased her out of the Empire!

Uh…so you're ready?


I gasp.
"Oh! Wow! I had no idea that was her!"


Graon and nod.



"We were all hoping to learn a lot. But ever since she's been here, she's been mostly overseeing us and criticizing."

Roll a 1d10



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hmmmm… maybe I should ask High Lady Crown about it!"


We should have done it outside..

Roll #1 6 = 6


You both inhale the herb mixture and let it flow through you…
Colors become brighter…time moves slower.
Breath again.

"Yeah, you definately should. Who knows?"


In and out…

Roll #1 4 = 4


Let out a looooong breath.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Don't worry, I'll come back to you as soon as possible!"
Walk toward the High Lady's tent.


You leave again for the tent.
High Lady Crown is sitting outside, eating.

Another breath later…
You start seeing the energy within everypony close.
There are small black spots within the energy of both Iris and Vilina.
The visions are growing cloudy.
Breathe more.


I wish I could pick those black spots away…

Roll #1 10 = 10


"My lady!"
Salute her.


"What is it, Sentinel?"

As you look at them, one springs out of Iris' throat and floats in the middle off the circle, and one more and another one.
So close you could touch it, or beat it.


Let's just stare really hard at them all!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I wanted to ask you something, my lady. Pertaining Lady Clear Ice's attitude."


I can do it!
I did it before!

Roll #1 1 = 1


The visions become brighter, noises intensify.
A blinding flash and you open your eyes again and you're not in the tent anymore, but a cave.
A cold wind howls through the crevice.
A clicking sound too.

She puts down her notes.
"Go on."


"What?! Where are we?"
Run to the entrance!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Why is she… the way she is?"


"I have no idea. Be careful."

I don't like the looks of this…
Spot check.

Roll #1 4 = 4


From the only way out of this room crawls a black locust-like creature. Only it is about as big as you.
It makes angered clicking sounds as it advances towards you.

"What are you talking about, Sentinel. Speak clearly."


"She looks like she's brooding a lot…"


"HEY! Get out of my way or I'm gonna squish you! I need to get back to Iris!"
Shout at it.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Okay not really.
You just shout really loud and the black locust thing stops for a second. Confused.
+1 for any attacks against it next turn.

"Perhaps. But the High Lady's personal concerns are not yours, Sentinel."



Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh alright.
Jump upon it and slam it to the wall, even with my bare hooves if I have to!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


I scrunch.
"They are if I can help her do something about it!"


You try to sneak away but the locust sees you.
It is fast and slashes your wite fur.

Your shield isn't here. But you prove shields aren't always necessary as you grapple it to the ground before slamming it against the wall until nothing but green squish juice is left and some chitin parts.

A small smile appears on her face.
"That…is very kind of you, Amber. But I feel the High Lady needs some time on her own. I don't think there's anything you can do…"


"But… if something is bugging her, doesn't she need somepony to rely on? Her partner?"


One more punch!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Do I have my swords?
If yes, jab.
If not, jab with my hoof!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


There's a slight silence.
"She has many friends who care for her very much." She says at last.

You hurt your hoof beating against the slimy wall.

The thing is already dead.
The crevice is open to you.

Mabel 2/5
Soil 6/6


"Alright… I hope it gets solved then!"


Let out a savage roar looming over the dead thing's body.
Then, run for the exit.

Roll #1 6 = 6




She taps her hoof for a second.
"You're a kind soul, Amber. I feel I should tell you the truth. However, what I'm telling you must stay within the Order, you cannot talk about it, even to your friends. Do you swear on Cadance not to talk about this to anypony outside the Order?"

The crevice is very tight, you can only barely trot through it, both your sides brush each opposite wall. The crevice goes on for a while, raindrops occasionally fall down and above you see a tiny slit of light. High above your heads. You run into a split, the crevice continues both left and right.
There are more clicking sounds coming from the right one. The left one is quiet.


Where does the air come from?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I'll check the one with the clicking. See if it's just a dead end with more of these things."
Stealth there.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


My ears twitch a little.
"Y-Yes! I swear it on Cadance!"


It blows from the clicking one.

You walk through it and enter another chamber, there's a few torches and a cart of books here.
2 locusts are chewing on the books, until they see you, then they go for the attack and hit you on the head.

Mabel 1/5
Soil 6/6

"It seems our hero…the esteemed Burning Coal, the Hammer of Cadance…died during the final attack on Semiramis the Accursed."



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Backstab one!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


"Oh… Oh that's… that's not good. No wonder she's… oh Savior…"


I believe I was returning a hair brush and a bag of coffee beans. Unless that's happened already.


"I've heard Cadance Herself ordered a white candle to burn when she heard of his demise.
Worst of all, when Semiramis fled with the remnants of her hive, we believe she took his body with him. We were only able to recover parts of his armor. Not even his hammer was found."

It grabs you with its claws, ready to bite your head…
When a certain donk squashes it.

You rush up to the largest bug that's grabbing Soil, slide under it in one movement and with one punch in its soft underbelly, you tear out its…innards. And the beast drops dead.

No one has yet.
You know Soil and Mabel are in a ritual in the medicae tent.
Amber is talking to the High Lady.


Well, if Soil and Mabel are in the Medicae tent, then I guess the coffee will have to wait. Let's return Tulip's brush.


Thanks Mabel!"
Join sides with her and go for the other bug.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I frown.
"That's awful. Those dumb bugs."


She's in the ladies tent.

You slam the thing against the wall. Green squish is dripping out but it keeps wiggling, trying to escape. Chirp Chirp.

"High Lady Ice took it especially hard."


One more big punch! SLAM!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I'll stop outside the tent.
"Tulip, are you in there? Your brush has been recovered."


I nod silently, still frowning.


"You're welcome."

Finish it.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


You squishify the bottom part of the insect with a loud CRUNCH.
The top part is dead but spartling.
As you look around you see at the other end another passageway, the entrance to it looks like a giant mouth and in it is a circular stairway leading down.

There's an uncomfortable silence.
"Look…I know Lady Ice is not as cheerful as she used to be…you never met her while she was the Sword. She was like a loving mother to all of us. Always ready to help, always putting herself aside for all of us. She needs time…time to deal with what happened. Try to be understanding."


Grunt and go down them, cautiously.
"Who on equestria built this place!"


"I understand! It just makes me mad that there was no body! No closure! That's awful!"


"I don't think we're in Equestria anymore."


"Bullcrap! We didn't even move!"


"It made many mad. There is still a standing order to hunt down the remains of Semiramis' Hive on sight. We believe she is still somewhere in Equestria, but slowly moving her way south, towards Vilitus, the Changeling kingdom for sanctuary."

Roll for buttfun AKA perception


'1d10' God let me fall on top of the bad guys and give them a headache.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You hear a stumble.
She peeks her face out, wearing a skarf covering her head.
"Finally! Oh dearie Warren, you're the greatest!"
She takes it and disappears into the tent again.


"I hope we get them all… those terrible animals."


I'll blink a few moments, and then shake my head.
"Don't see why she needs the scarf, her mane was fine."
Turning to the medicae tents, I'll poke my head in to see if Vilina is up to receiving visitors. And if Soil and Mabel finished with Iris.



Roll #1 8 = 8


The fake stairs trap that turn into a slide is too typical, a bunch of seasoned adventurers like you don't step on that.
You make your way down and see down at the bottom a patch of green plants. On it sits a large locust with a large belly, with next to her a bunch of eggs.
It hasn't seen you yet as it is munching on the green plants.

As you enter the medicae tent you see to your surprise that all 4 of them are laying in beds.
All seemingly unconcious. The medicae all seem to have gathered around Mabels bed, checking her pulse and breath.


Woops mislink. That last one was for >>512925
Writing Ambers now


Frown hard at the locust, but stand back with Mabel.
"She a mommy or something?"


What in the…
"What's happening?"


"For the moment we have not announced the death of Coal yet. When it happened, the Hive was just defeated and the ponies of the Empire…they needed to know that the Empire was strong, that we could defeat any threat and rise above it. We were afraid the loss of his body and the legendary hammer would be a stain on the victory celebration.
So we kept it hidden, until we can recover his remains and bury him with all the honor he deserves."


"I guess she is. These creatures are very hostile though. Do you think they might represent the corruption?"


"I just know we can bash them and be done with it."



What is beyond the big locust?
An exit or something?


"I understand… that's really saddening news."


There's a webbing, but the stairs seems to continue, below the beast.

One of the doctors turns to you.
"Something went wrong. When these shamans performed their pagan rituals" he says the words with barely concealed contempt "they suddenly went into a seizure and lost consciousness. We've put them in these beds to make sure they wouldn't harm themselves. The donkey especially trashed wildly for a while. We needed all medicae to restrain her."

"Agate, the last bastion of Semiramis, was as you know abandoned after the attack. It had been under Changeling control for nearly 2 years by then…the things they did to the citizens…" she looks into the distance for a second "I pray you never see such horrors, young Sentinel. It was as you know turned into a shrine in honor of those fallen in service to the Empire. Coals hammer should have been there…he should have been praised as a martyr. Should you ever hear in your travels about Semiramis, contact us immediately. Do not engage her alone, she's a terrible fiend."
She shakes her head.
"Now let us no longer speak of such matters, they diminish our Prithivi [GM's note: Religious term of Crystal ponies for their shininess and thus a state of happiness], even your exceptional shine has seemingly diminished a bit…How is your search for a partner going?"


"What were they even trying to do? You had everything well in-hoof…"
I'll look at Vilina and Iris.
"And the other two went down at the same time?"


"I think we have to bring it down."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'm not gonna risk Iris for this. If there's a chance this thing is really what's turning her bad inside, I'm gonna squish it, every last piece of it!"
Step forward to the motherbug.


I perk up immediately.
"I had a vision while meditating! I saw a river of silver flowing from a beating heart! Silver Blood!"


She perks a brow.
"Interesting. And what do you believe this vision means?"

"They did. They didn't trash around though. If they weren't breathing we wouldn't know they're alive. We're looking for a way to wake them up, but so far nothing has helped."
Roll for perception.

You're a very stealthy white donk.

Attack her? You can't get much closer now without attracting her attention


Well is she… Like… In a threatening position?
Does she look even a little bit evil?


She's a giant fat black locust laying eggs and eating plants. Judge yourself.


"Well, there is a sentinel that goes by the name Silver Blood! I think it must have something to do with him! I talked to him a little and I think we could get along really well!"



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well, if you believe this vision is related to Sentinel Silver Blood, it could be. Have you told him about it?"

You slam right into it with your bare hooves.
Doing little damage. The beast screeches and vomits slimy green goo all over you
Roll to dodge.

You feel something along your belt and look to see your Inquisitorial dagger gone, you turn around just in time to see something small running out of the tent.



"Yes! He was skeptical, but I think he might just be a little shy!"



Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Son of a… Let's follow it.


"Well if you'd like to talk more to him, why don't you ask him to join you on finding the thief that stole all that clutter tonight? He was one of those on watch and I think he's quite angry he never saw anything. I believe he would love an opportunity to catch the thief."

You get a bunch of vomit all over you.

You slice open the belly with one quick cut. In a mush of squish and goo the beast dies, but not before a number of small larvae crawl out…

You look outside. Roll


You're still with the cooks…
Perhaps it's time to ask for your discordian cookbook back?

As you fly around the camp, you hear the sound of a violin coming from the edge of camp.
The sound is quite familiar.


Slice them apart!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Seeya, Mel. I'm going to try and get my thing back."
I return to the leader's tent.


The hell? Where do I remember that from…
And why's it all the way out here?
I go investigate.


Give it a big shake and get it off.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"That's… a great idea, my lady!"


With a flurry of strikes you slash them apart.
The moment they die, the webbing underneath you cracks and you and Soil drop down the black hole. Roll.

You manage to shake it off, luckily it wasn't acidic or anything.
The moment Mabel slashes the larvae up, the webbing underneath you cracks and you and Mabel drop down the black hole.

She gives you a warm smile.

High Lady Crown is outside her tent, talking to Amber.

At the edge of the camp you see…an ethereal pony. The ghost of Triangle Tune, if you remember you met him some time ago in the forest.
He seems to be playing a violin next to a number of training paladins, who don't seem to notice him or the music.



Roll #1 1 = 1


I walk over then sit down.


I find a nice cloud to sit on and observe him, see what he does.
Listen in to what he's playing too.


Uh oh!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Do you have any idea where we should start looking though? I'm kind of stumped…"


You hit the ground hardly. And lose one wound.
Then something falls on top of you. That hurts even more.

Luckily you fall on what seems to be a very soft and squishy piece of ground. Hmm….it makes sounds too.

"I'm not sure. It is quite strange, the thief seems skilled, but didn't take anything really valuable… I thought we'd double the watch tonight and try to catch him or her."
Shortcake is here

High Lady Crown turns to you. "Can I help you?"

He's playing the Ride of the Pegasi. A very energetic piece. He works that violin with a passion you've never seen before.


Groan and open my eyes, try to stand back on my hooves.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I bow.
"Miss High Lady Crown? Can I have my cookbook back?"


Eh… overplayed. I fly down and approach him, see if he notices me.


Stand up.
"Soil, are you allright?"
Where is he?


I scrunch and nod.
"I'll look into it as well!"
Salute her.
"My lady."
Go find Silver Blood again!


"Something fell on me…"



Roll #1 10 = 10


It's kind of hard to get up with this weight on top of you.
The weight talks, with Mabels voice "Soil, are you allright?"

That patch of ground is moving.

She scratches her head.
"Your cookbook?…Ah yes, the book of Creme-Fraiche…are you sure?"

He keeps playing till the end of the piece then looks at you.
"Back again?"

He's no longer where you left him.

You hear a noise in the bushes.


I nod my head.
"I love to cook and it has a lot of things I've never tried before."


"I should ask you that. The hell are you doing all the way out here?"


Maybe he came looking for me!
Ask around and see if I can find him.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Mabel what are you doing, I'm not a pillow! Get off!"


Check 'em out. Might be that little midget with my knife.


"Oh… Oh, sorry!"
Hop off of him.
"I didn't mean to!"


Try to stand up now.
"Damn fall. Where are we?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Glance around.
What can I see?
"I still have no idea."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I see. You know, usually I'm not too keen on handing over books that used to belong to…questionable figures. Especially when said figures interacted with Discord on a daily basis."

"It's been some time since I've been able to speak to anypony….I guess I felt like talking some more."

You find him cleaning his armor.

Your knife is laying there and there's a rabbit hole there too.

You're in huge hall filled with pillars, the room seems to stretch on forever…wait, you see a tiny light in the distance.


Walk up to him.
"Silver Blood!"


"Over there."

Start walking towards it!


Groan and wander near one of the pillars, tapping it with my hoof.
"Freaky place…"


"How are you even able to talk to me anyways? Is it some kinda magic shit?"
I look around. Does anyone around me notice anything about what's going on here?


I'll narrow my eyes a little.
So… that's how it moved about the camp so easily. Tunnels.
Pick up my knife, and fill in the hole with a bit of dirt.


"Right, but I'm not a Discordian. My sister is a priest of Celesita."


He seems startled but then turns to you.
"Amber! So….happy to see you."

You're walking towards the light

It seems solid stone.
You look back over to Mabel and notice a spider sneakily dropping down above her

"It's that cursed parchment. That sheet of music you carry."
Most ponies seem too busy to take notice of you. Or maybe they did notice you but don't feel like talking to somepony who talks to herself.

You fill it up good with dirt.
Perhaps you should check out if there are more tunnels?

"Of course, of course, even so…these kinds of things can be dangerous even if you do not intend it…"
She looks right in your eyes.


I look her back in the eyes.
"I have been baking since before I got my cutiemark. I know how to be safe in the kitchen."


It's almost certain there are. Let's get a few of the guards that are lollygagging or are just off-duty.
"I'll need some help looking for what may appear to be rabbit holes in the camp. That's how our little thief managed to get around so quickly and take off with all of those items."


Rush towards the spider, slam it away!
A giant spider, right?


With roll now.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Guess what!? We're going thief hunting together!"


I pull out the sheet music in question.
"This is cursed? The fuck did that happe-

"Wait. Cursed? Does that mean that you're some… apparition, that took on his form? Or are you actually Triangle Tune?"


Quick reflexes?

Roll #1 7 = 7


She gives you a long stare.
"…fortunately for you, we weren't able to find any heretic parts within the book…..but that doesn't mean they aren't there…"

"Through rabbit holes? You sure? What kind of thief would move through rabbit holes?"

It's a spider unlike any you've ever seen. As a start it doesn't wear a hat. Secondly it has 9 legs instead of 8, there's an extra 1 to the left of the beast.
It's not as big as those you saw in Silverhaze. More like your size.

You punch one off Mabel, 2 others creep out of the darkness.

"Thief? You mean the thief from last night?"

"I'm Triangle Tune…the great composer, the one who charmed both Celestia and Luna with a serenade…."
He sighs.
"And now I'm stuck here."

You duck right before the beast slashes you.
2 more creep out of the shadows.


"I'll be careful."


I stare back.


"A very small one. Didn't you notice that the only things taken were items that were small, or near the ground?"


"Yup! You were on watch, right?"


"More horrors?"
Get out my rapiers and start slashing!

Roll #1 4, 1 = 5


"We have company!"
Stand right behind Mabel, and start moving towards the light, ready to punch whatever comes at us!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well….there's no reason to keep it…..I'll give you a form. Go with it to the Keeper and he'll hand over your cookbook."
She shows you a signed form.

"Hmmm, now that you mention it, that is kind of odd…but what would a rabbit want with that kind of stuff?"

"Yeah, and he made a fool out of me. I definately want to help if you want to catch him."

You get bitten by one of the 9 legged spiders.
You drop to the ground in pain.
Mabel is helpless.

A left hook against one of the spiders drives them back.
But you can't move to the light as long as Mabel is on the ground.


"No time to nap!"
Help her up.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"What would a rabbit who was exposed to bear dust want with anything? It might not be itself anymore."


Accept his help.
"Fight or flee?"


"Great! Got any leads yourself?"


"What if they are like the bugs? The evil inside Iris and Vilina?!
We need to squish them!"


"Thank you."
I bow then take the form and go to the Keeper.


"Make up your mind!"


Grunt in determination.
"Let's just stand fight!"


As you tug at the form, she holds it for a second.
"To be perfectly frank, I don't like giving it back to you, I don't trust it…be careful with it."
She then releases the form.

She's up.

"Good thinking, let's take a look around the camp then…"

What's it gonna be kids?

"I'll tell you one thing. I bet there's magic involved."



Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I scrunch.
"I am a profession, mam. Yoou insult me."
I hmmf and trot away with the form.


We fight!

Roll #1 10, 3 = 13


Looking around the camp, awaaaay. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I bet you're right! Some of my friends were looking into this thing as well, let's go ask them if they found anything so far!"


Monkey Agility that second one

Roll #1 1 = 1


You slam against the wounded spider and kill it. 2 left.

You bring the form to the keeper, who hands you the book.

You manage to kill another of the spiders but then get bitten from behind by the last one.
You're helpless.

They're definitely not near the female crystal aspirants.

"I tell you, I looked around well. Whatever it was, was unnaturally quiet and fast."


Let's check near the kitchens. Bread went missing there. And I was hoping to find Amber there. Yes, that will be my story.
Anyway, near the kitchens. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Thank you."
I take it to my tent and start looking for good recipes to try in the future.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"And small! The hole we found our stuff back in was really small."


Roar in rage!

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


"I'm starting to dislike spiders…"
Roll to my hooves!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You find a rabbithole in the nearby bushes.

You don't even know where to start, so many.

"Let's go look for those then."
He puts on his armor and gets up.

The spider steps back…
and then charges!
Roll higher than '1d10' to break his charge and snap his neck

The poison makes you feel numb.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Flip through the pages and pick one.

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Aha. Here we are."
Leave it for now. Try to find a camp trapper. One of them has to be knowledgeable on how to capture small animals without causing harm. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Let's go looking for holes in the ground!
"I don't get it though, those holes were small! Not like a diamond dog."

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'd have to suck the poision out next time or something…
Still, numb hooves are still hooves, try to stand!

Roll #1 5 = 5


You find a recipe for Soufflé. There's nothing special about the ingredients. But somepony with know-how notices how some of the steps seem unnecessarily complex. A quirk of Creme fraiche or is there more?

You grab him by the neck and with a good twist the spider sinks through his knees and dies.

No…he's not by the female crystal aspirants.
Hey, there's Amber near the male crystal aspirants.

They're not by the male crystal aspirants.
Hey, there's Warren, near the female crystal aspirants.



You might want to get an antidote for that…


I'll bookmark it.


Oh hey, there she is. Excuse validated.


Get up already!"
Jump on top of the next spider and pack him full with punches!

Roll #1 10 = 10




"Why's that? You get cursed or something? The fuck is keeping a composer like you stuck here, when you should be long dead?"


You have bookmarked the recipe.

How lovely.

With a flurry of punches you punch all his eyes closed before slamming him with your back legs.
Spiders be dead yo.

He puts his violin down.
"Ah, I'm not quite sure young lady. I often wonder that myself…but I have an idea why it might be…it all has to do with that parchment I'm sure you have with you."


Go over there, pick Mabel up and put her across my back.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Gee. And here I was thinking that the fuckin' long dead composer of a piece of sheet music that I'm carrying around suddenly appearing before me in all his ghostly glory was just a coincidence."
I roll my eyes.
"You seriously know nothing? What about like… shit, what do you remember between you kicking the bucket and suddenly reappearing now? Anything at all?"


Now, where am I?
Or where are we exactly?


Now that I have my book back I'll put it in my saddlebag and see what the others are doing.


Uh… let's just keep looking around.
"What if it's a rabbit? They're small and they can dig!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yup…that does a lot to help the poisoning.

He shakes his head.
"But I remember how I died….but it's quite a long story…."

You're all still in the paladong camp right after the goods were found in that rabbit hole
Soil and Mabel are performing profane rituals in the medicae camp.
Amber is harassing crystal stallions.
Warren is looking for rabbit holes.
Melody is talking to thin air.
Weren't you going to ask Iris about the world?

See the answer above.

You find a small rabbit hole near your camp.
Silver Blood looks at you.
"And…why would a rabbit steal?"


"Snap out of it!"
Off to the exit! I must find help!


"Maybe it's trained! You can train animals to do stuff, Mabel told me all about it from her circus experience!"
Can I stick my hoof inside it?

Roll #1 10 = 10


So what would the Lord have me do after asking for my help?


I go and see what that jenny is doing to that poor stallion.


"Well, anything helpful in it? Or are you seriously telling me you don't know shit about why suddenly your… spirit or whatever was ripped from whatever afterlife may or may not exist and put back here, tied in some relation to this sheet music?"


"Sorry… I'm not feeling really well from this poision…"
Try to stand on my own.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Stop squirming! I'm taking you out of here!"


I shake my head, Iris is it? I totally forgot.
But first things first, lets make coffee for two. Go around camp and see if I can get some from the camp.
Any beverage would be good though if no coffee is available.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I can walk on my own…"


"No you can't! Now shut up and do…
Shamany things! Fix it!"


"I'll need some herbs for an antidote…"


"We are fixing Iris right now! Do it that way!"


"I'll try!"

Use what little I have for a Natural Remedy!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Not like that! I mean, like we are fixing Iris! With our mind and stuff!"


"We're not even sure about that! I just guessed it was the most likely explanation to all this!"


"I sure know I ain't moved one bit! So this all just a damn big freaky magic dream!"


"Right, right…"
Close my eyes and take a deep breath… then magically un-dream the non-existent crippling poision?

Roll #1 1 = 1


The only exit is the light in the distance.
If it even is an exit.
But Mabel is not doing well…
She's a smart donk, maybe she knows what to do.

You masterfully put your hoof inside it.
You feel something fluffy.

You've clinked your glasses.
You're free to leave.
Can't let that portal open and unguarded too long.

You arrive in the medicae tent to see both Mabel and Soil unconcious in a bed.
The medicae stand around Mabel who's violently spasming, trying to use healing spells.

"Let me think…it is all so fuzzy…wait I remember now…
Back when I was a young man, before I became famous, I was just a poor musician..I travelled from place to place working for a bit wherever I could, trying to impress sweet young mares like you…."
He seems lost in thought for a second.
"Trying to make my fortune…but whatever I did, I never got a break. At one time, after a particularly bad concert, I walked around, lonely, hungry, not a bit to scratch my flank, that's when I came to…the Crossroad…and I met a pony there…no, not a pony…I thought he was a pony at the time..but he must have been something else…a demon"

You feel your life ebbing from you.
Your vision starts fading…but in your minds eye, you see something in the darkness…a light…a winged fire…perhaps you could call it here.

Yes, Iris.
You find some coffee near the cooks of the camp. Enough for 2.

The light is fading…


I step outside and start searching through my book for a food that can heal her.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Please forgive my haste, but I must be returning now, my Lord. I've made a few other arrangements and I don't want to be late for them."


Grit my teeth.
Rush for that exit!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I-Inferni…. is that you? I need some help…"


I'll raise an eyebrow at that.
"So… you do think you made a deal with a demon then. Well, what now? I sure as hell don't know how to deal with any demons."


Lets go prepare it, have it ready and find Iris in the camp.


Try and grab it!

Roll #1 10 = 10


You find a particular salad that Creme Fraiche noted was "extremely refreshing."
It has all the hallmarks of a regular fruit salad, though the way the fruits have to be cut in a specific order and each in their own way is curious.

"Of course, don't forget about our deal. I'll make it worth it."

As you rush for the exit a light breaks the darkness. In a magnificent display of light and color, an ethereal phoenix breaks the darkness, lighting up the whole hall.
As the light touches Mabel a searing heat goes through your body, causing you to spasm as you feel the poison almost literally being seared from your being.
Roll not to scream.

"I didn't know it at the time. We talked and talked and he offered me a violin. For free. He said…he said I'd pay it in my own way when the time came… and then he left. And this violin…Sisters, the sound that came from it, the moment I grasped it, it was as if I and the violin were one. Everywhere I went, I floored the audience, I created music on the spot and wrote it down afterwards. I became famous, so famous I was invited to perform for the Sisters themselves…"
A shadow comes over his face.
"And that's when I met the court musician, Bolero Melody…"

You find her near her book cart, making a list of all the books she has left.
"Oh hey Snacks, how are you? I haven't seen you in a while." She gives you a hug.

You pull out a fluffy white bunny.
He's 2qt.


But I had no poison!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I perk up.
"H- Huh? Who the fuck is that?"


"I'll do what I can for that Gryphon when I get back. Thank you for everything."

Bow properly, then head on out back to that small house and hope everything is still there.


"Silver, look! I found a bunny!"


That really hurts!

Roll #1 4 = 4


When she is done hugging, hand her a mug of hot coffee.
"Something to keep eyes open ya?" I smile as I go over and see what are the condition of her books..
"How is Iris pony holding up?"


I run off to the kitchens and start preparing it.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Not you dummy.
Let's just say you the light and display fills you with a sense of power. +1 to your next attack.

"The court musician, he and his family were courtiers for as long as can be remembered. Probably even now still. What a…two-faced bastard he was. Such kind words for me in public. Always appearing to be a friend. But in the end I found out he was working against me since I the moment we met. Him and that whole rotten family of him. None of them knew a thing about real music. It was just another politics-ridden family, like all the nobles…
But I didn't know that at the time, we became friends…he introduced me into the high society of Canterlot. But in the way he wanted. By slowly telling half-truths and twisting others words, he made me mistrust everypony in Canterlot. He told me they were jealous of me, wanted to harm me. I became paranoid. I turned to alcohol, to drugs. I became a wreck. I lost nearly all my shows, all my money. I was desperate. Then a pony came, I never knew it was one of Bolero's servants, to commission me a requiem."

It is all still there. The door is still open. The inside isn't a hallway anymore however, it's a dazzling swirl of colors.

Silver smiles despite.
"Well, isn't he a cutie…who would have thought we'd find a rabbit in a rabbit hole. But he doesn't look like a thief to me…"

Hurts like motherfucker. You spasm and scream but slowly the pain stops. Feeling weak and dizzy, you drop off Soil. You see the place where the spider bit you is seared shut, leaving a black stain on your otherwise white fur. But you also feel very…clean.

With a last screech the phoenix fades again into nothingness.
Leaving only darkness and the lighted hallway up ahead.

"Thanks, I needed one of those."
She takes a sip of the coffee.
"I'm looking through the books. We lost a lot when the whole camp got destroyed because of that tree." She pauses.
"I'm seeing what we still have left. A bit more than half seem still intact."

You cut up the fruit and put it in bowl exactly as instructed. The result looks like a normal fruit salad. You wonder what's so refreshing about it.


Stop and turn around hastily, looking at Mabel!
Try to help her up.
"You okay?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I frown.
"Go on…"


Does it look like a thief to me?
"I don't know… looks can be deceiving!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


I run it over to the medicae tent.


"Okay, okay, off we go into the crazy portal to crazy town."

Head in and hope it's quieter than the last time.


Stand up and nod.
"Yes, yes, don't worry, I'm okay now."
Take some deep breaths and shudder.
"Inferni cleared the poision. We can go now."
Try not to tear up from the pain.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"*sigh* If we have know."
I then drink some before wiping my mouth.
"Does Iris pony need help with anything or is Iris able to handle it?"


She's up.
You're ready to go.

It doesn't feel particular painful anymore. But you have a strange sensation as if there is some kind of emptiness inside you. As if the fire burned away the poison and there are empty holes where it used to be.

You're there. Mabel seems completely quiet again. The medicae look completely bedazzled.

Judge for yourself

As you step in you are swept inside and you feel like you're on a rollercoaster for a second. When you blink you're in a circular room. In the middle is a table with all kinds of small miniatures on it, there are a number of marked chairs around it.
On the door is a large V etched.

"I worked day and night, drunk and pepped up on drugs, and when I finished it, I wanted to show it to the last friend I had. He came over, Bolero. He praised me, called it my comeback and offered me a glass of wine to celebrate. I drank and within seconds I felt the poison take hold of me. With a devilish grin, he told me that requiem would now be his and that he'd play it for the first time on the funeral of his dear friend, who died of drugs. And so he did…I remember I saw it, even after death…everypony was in awe as he played it with my violin…and he lived on to become one of the greatest court musicians ever…."
Triangle falls silent.

"I think I'll manage it. What brings you here Snacks? Besides bringing me a cup of coffee?"


I scrunch.
"It's sleeping, Silver! What do we do?"


"Uh, is she okay?"


"Good boy that Inferni of yours."
Off to the light!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'm in now, better take my time to look at my surroundings and get my bearings.

Investigate the miniatures.

"Maybe that Librarian finally took a break? I wonder if he painted them."


"He really is."
Follow him.
"Sorry for the slowdown."

I'll dwell on that later. Now that I can walk we have to work on helping the others now.


I looks sideways and fiddle my fingers.
"Uhhh…. Snack is… well.. Snack wants to ask a favor."
"Can Iris teach Snacks about learning more… of the world?"


"Tsk. Just think about not dying around here, okay? What's good is my shield if I let you down like that?"


I go silent for a few moments.
"That's… that's fucking… wow."


"I'll try my best not to die."


"What happened? Is Mabel okay?"


"Unless you know somepony who can talk to animals, I don't see what we can do."

One of the doctors turns to you.
"Honestly…we don't know anymore. Just a minute ago, she was trashing about and her heart was racing, we feared we would lose her. And then she calmed down and she seems stable again. We're flabbergasted…These strange profane rituals, always trouble. And none of our spells seem to have any effect either!"

You enter the hallway. There are strands of webbing everywhere. Quite suddenly the hallway takes a sharp angle down. Roll to not misstep.

She smiles and puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Oh but Snacks, I would be delighted to teach you whatever you want."

"I think he was eventually buried with the violin in the Melody tomb. they buried me, and the rest of that parchment, my requiem, in the cemetery near Ponyville."
He snorts.
"A gift, that bastard said. Since I inspired the requiem. Everypony thought he was so noble."
He grows silent.


They are unconcious!


"Profane rituals?"
I scowl at Mabel.


I really wish I were a goat.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"So… is that it then? You're stuck here because you're soul's at fuckin' unrest or unease or something?"


"Be careful here."
Step light as a leaf.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I met somepony before who could… but she's not around now!"
Put the bunny back where I found it with a sigh.
"I'm flummoxed. Where do we start!?"


Grumble as I fall.
I'm not even surprised anymore!


"Can they eat? I have this, it might help."


I show him my fruit salad.


"Snack is thinking about what kind of books does Iris keep? Snack wants to learn more about pony culture and the cutlture of other races."


Roll to have your brain cells work for one second in your short life.

"She and the stallion did some kind of ritual, inhaled some herbs, perfectly safe they said! I should have known, I should have put a stop to it."

You both slide down and fly over an edge, right into a large spiderweb that hangs precariously over an abyss, the web is attached to 3 large pillars that emerge out of the darkness.

The miniatures are weird, there are ponies, griffons and others, some have a bronze footing, others silver with a name, even others gold. One of those with a gold footing is a small miniature of a crystal mare.
Engraved in the footing "Hokkaido"
The miniature seems dusty, as if it hasn't been used in a long time…

He sounds irritated.
"Well…maybe I am…that bastard took me in all holes. He took everything from me."

He looks at it.
"A fruit salad?"

"I have many books and maps, about the Equestria and it's history, the Frozen North, the Zebra Lands, Hyperborea, the Empire, Neighpon….


Un-stick myself from the web!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Try to ragain some footing and make my way for one of the pillars.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh. I thought you meant she was trying take advantage of him. Yes, a fruit salad. It should help, I hoe."



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Do you wanna get revenge on him?"


Is there a duster anywhere? I hope he won't mind if I pick it up by the base.

"This must be gryphon work, I don't think a Unicorn could be so precise."

Look it over.


"That is… many." I gasp as I browse through her books.
"C… can Iris teach Snacks about the Crystal empire?"


Nope, I guess you won't remember who else could talk to animals.

Silver Blood thinks "Mmm, maybe we could ask around, see if somepony heard something."

You manage to get right, and balance yourself on the web.
In time to see GIANT spider drop on to Soil.

As you make your way to the pillar, right from above a Giant Queen 9-legged spider drops on you. You're helpless.

"Hmmm. I'm not sure if she's open to eating. Try, but..don't force feed it, we're not sure how she'd react."

"Well, he's dead for a long time now, isn't he?"
He sighs.
"But yeah, if I saw those Melody's knocked down a peg, I'd at least be a happy ghost."

You find a duster and clean the miniature.
The detail on the miniature is astounding, it almost seems alive.
You cannot quite identify the metal out of which it is made however.

"Oh of course, where should we begin?"


Punch my way up!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Backstab it!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"I see… Well, I go- wait, the fuck do you go when I'm not around?"


Who? I'm confizzled
"Didn't that already happen?"


I put some food in both of their mouths if they are both unconscious.


Give the miniature a quick pat in the head to make sure there isn't anything else on it.

"Well, aren't you exquisite?"

Put it down and look at the others. Do I recognize the game, are they wearing any uniforms?


You're pretty stuck.
The spider starts cocooning you.

You jump and deliver a magnificent hoofpunch to it's back…but can't break through the thick chitin.

He rubs his neck and smiles sheepishly.
"Uh…who says I go anywhere?"

See meta
"Maybe we missed something?"

Roll 2 times.

There is a hooded mare, a big Diamond Dog and a masked stallion among the gold base miniatures. And many, many silver and bronze base miniatures.
They seem to be on a grid. Underneath it is a map of a city, roll to see if you remember that city from school.


"Is this a real map, or something they came up for this game?"


Roll #1 1 = 1


"Stop that, if you'd please."
Poke an eye then!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Name. Guess he forgot about any area that wasn't Equestria or Hyperborea.


Flex my muscles any rip my way out of it!

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 4, 7 = 11


The door suddenly opens and a…pony clown comes out.
He looks surprised to see you.
"You….are not supposed to be here…"

You punch him in the eye, but it doesn't stagger the beast.

You flex and rip it to shreds, you're up again.
The spider hisses.
Suddenly you feel a strange taste in your mouth, something sweet.
You feel energy inside of you, as if you could run faster than ever before.

Mabel seems to out of it and the piece of fruit drops out of her mouth.
Soil instinctively chews on it however, but you don't see any kind of external effect.
"It was worth a try" says the doctor.


"You mean you just stay here the entire time? Wow… that's gotta suck."


What the…
No time to think.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Punch the eyes harder!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I rub my head.
"I don't know… ugh, I wish Warren or Mabel were here or something."


"I don't exactly want to be here either…"

"But are these yours?" Point at the figurines. "They're marvelous. Did you make them?"


"Uh…not exactly, I stay with wherever the parchment is…sometimes I'm just invisible."

Like a whirlwind you slam the spider 3 times from all angles in less than a second.
It doesn't seem to do any damage however…
You're a bit like fillysecond now

Do you know the definition of insanity?
It's doing the same thing again and expecting different results.
Ironically, there is a different result, you get a spiderclaw in the face.

Soil 10/5
Mabel 3/4


I sigh.
"Darn it. Bye, doc."

I go to where Melody is.

"What are you doing?"


"Mabel! Out!"
Run up the highest pillar.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Wait… so you basically follow me ar-"
I give him a glare.
"There better not be an always in that fuckin' statement."


"I really really start to dislike spiders."
Follow Soil on a pillar!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Dun worry, I'm gonna squish him good!"


"If we can hurt it!"


Look confidently at the top of the pillar, and say nothing.


"I like your optimism at least."


You find her angrily talking to herself.
Some bystanders give her the occasional worried glance.

You zap up to one of the 3 pillars, they're all equal height though.

He mumbles "Well eh…you see, the thing is…"
He shuts up, relieved, when Shortcake shows up.

The pillar is like straight up, only someone who could fly or run so fast he can just walk up there could do it.
Your moment of inattentiveness is rewarded by another slash to the back.
You're helpless.

"They are not mine. And please do not touch them…they're very…fragile."

"Where are they? We could look for them."


First, look around quick for thinks I might be missing.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"The thing is…?"
I tap a hoof impatiently.


"They must be around!"
Find someone from the group. Someone must know.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Roll out of the way and up my hooves.
"Spider if you would stop trying to kill me…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well there's a giant abyss underneath you, a giant spiderweb, and like a big spider.

"Well I have to stay close to you, so I follow you around. But not all the time, not when you go to the bathroom or something, of course."
He laughs nervously.

PS: Shortcake is here >>513542

You trot over to Iris, she always knows what to do.
"Hey Amber, my big paladin. Oooh and who is this handsome knight?"
She looks to Silver.

You manage to get up but the way the spider shows her fangs tells you she means business.


"Silver Blood!"
Look at him.
"This is Iris, she's the smartest pony alive!"


Is the spider holding on by anything else than the web?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'm ignoring her on purpose :U
"Yes. Of fuckin' course."

"Oh. Heya Shorty. I'm, uh…"
I pause, trying to figure out a way to explain this situation.


Grit my teeth at her!
"How do you like me doing that, huh?"
Try to kick the web where it is attached to one of the pillars!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Sorry, but they're really well done." Put the model back. "What are they made of? They hold their color well, but it's a shame someone just let them out here for so long. Are they yours, or your children, Mister …?"


Silver Blood puffs his chest a bit at Iris' compliment.
"Greetings, miss."
Iris smiles.
"Well thanks Amber, but I'm not that smart, I just read a lot of books."

No, it simply holds on to the web.
The web holds on to the pillars.

He smiles sheepishly.

You hit it again and again but the web won't come loose from the pillar.
You notice a small crack in the pillar itself however…
As you notice the spider slashes you again.

"I doubt that would be within your understanding."
He stands aside.
"You need to leave."

Soil 10/5
Mabel 1/3


"You're very knowledgeable! Do you read detective novels?"


And the pillars hold onto…

Roll #1 9 = 9


There's no point fighting it!
"Run along now, Charlotte!"
Face the spider and buck the pillar with my hooves.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"At least give the name of the game they're for, to use such nice models. Since you seem to be one of the inhabitants, could you tell me where the door I could use is to get back to Equestria is? Or did the nature of this place put me in front of it with this door here?"


Some empty blackness in the void.
But you can destroy the pillars as Mabel is proving.

You crack it a little more.

"Believe me friend, you don't want to know what that game is called, and I can lead you to the exit, but you have to leave. Now. I won't ask again. Just your presence here could cause terrible calamities."

"I enjoy a good detective novel from time to time. Shermane Holmes, Poneot,…"


"Great! You must be all over the mystery behind the thefts going on inside the camp!"


Destroy it!

"Shoo, Charlotte, run to your piggy friend!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Look for a plantform we can rest on once the pillars are destroyed!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'll leave her to it and see if I can't find Snacks.








There is nothing, Soil.
You will drop down with the spider in the Abyss.

"Oh, well I heard some rumors, but I was too busy with all my books, I overheard Warren saying something about rabbit holes?"
Shortcake is here too.

Before you can hit that pillar again, the spider slashes you again, you're helpless.

Soil 10/5
Mabel 0/2 HELPLESS

Snacks is with Iris but he seems busy reading.
I don't think Lemon is currently here
Iris is talking to Amber and a paladin you haven't seen before.
Iris greets you "Hello Shortcake. You look great today."
Reminder that you still have a bowl of fruit salad.


Look up.
What is up?
And in the meanwhile, zap down and help Mabel up!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"High. I came here to give this to Snacks. He's been doing a good job at…not being a diamond dog."
I give her the fruit salad.


"I'm getting tired of this…"
Try and get up…

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Yeah! We found a bunch of stolen stuff back in a rabbit hole before!"


Both of you. I just realized I made a continuity error with Iris. She's supposed to be still unconscious in bed. So let's pretend this happens after she gets out of there okay, my sincere apologies. Also, the way things are looking now, she should or should not be terribly sad right now, so I ask you to conveniently ignore that. Once again, sorry.
I can either roll further with it for a little while, or I can retcon this and you talk to someone else.

You're not getting up and the spider start cocooning you.

You jump down and land right into the web you're stuck and helpless.

Mabel 0/2 helpless
Soil 0/5 helpless.


Don't flail around.
Relax and just slip out of the grip of the cocoon and spider.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Let's retcon.
I'll sample some of my salad outside the medicae tent.



Roll #1 6 = 6


Retcon then.
Who do I find?


The spider slashes you to make sure you keep quiet. Cocooning continues.

You get out.
Mabel is becoming a white cocoon.

Soil 10/5
Mabel 0/1 -DANGER-


How about you and Amber meet instead?
Once again, apologies. it seems to be getting late.


I'm not going to give up… Crawl away!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Only one way to stop this.
Slam the cracked pillar. Shoulderfirst into it at the speed of sound.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Sure, it's fine.






"I'm trying to figure out who has been stealing stuff around the camp!"


"You mean it wasn't a rabbit?"


I look at Silver.
"I had the same idea, but Silver here thought that was silly…"


"Well what else could it bee?"


Your vision fades and darkness grasps you.

You run for the pillar, pieces fly from it. Just a little bit more….

Soil and Mabel
As the last life essence ebbs away from Mabel, the spiritual bond of the ritual breaks, no longer fueled by one of the participants.
The world stops, the spider fades, all grows black…you hear voices, calling out to both of you.

You both open up your eyes. The medicae seems relieved to see you.
"You made it! Thank the Savior."
Besides Soil, Iris wakes up as well.
She looks to her side.
"Soil…" she pauses surprised at her own normal voices and then squees of happiness and hugs you.
The medicae looks towards Vilina, she remains silent however.
One of the doctors feels her hoof and his expression turns grave.
He quickly attempts a healing spell as the others crawl around him to assist.
Iris grows silent as well.
After 5 minutes of continuous healing, the medicae stop exhausted.
One shakes his head and covers Vilina's head with sheet and all bow their head as they begin a prayer to the Savior.


Stare at her and start to tear up.
"No… please, no…"



Stand still the whole time, biting hard on my lower lip until I draw blood, trying to hold back the tears.
And even then, never break my angry expression.
Never stop looking towards Vilina, never stop hoping.
Finally, as the healing stops, raise a hoof to try and reach her. To try and wake her up. But stop short and retract it, lowering my head and nothing more.


The tent has gone silent.
Even the noise outside seems to have lessened.

You feel a hoof around your waist.
It is Iris.
She rests her head against you looking at Vilina.
Hot tears stream silently down her cheeks.


Aaaaand I'm alone again.
"Maybe we should meditate on this, Silver…"


Stand strong. It's the only thing I'm good at after all.

Not this time.
Pass a hoof over her shoulders, and pull her into a big, soft hug.


I believe I had just met up with Amber?


Gulp and look at the doctors.
Try not to shake too much.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Fine, fine, but it feels that many random people have access to this place."

Let him lead me away for now. No reason to doubt him yet.



Yes, you see her with another pony.
The same stallion you saw earlier, the one who stood guard last night.
Silver shakes his head.
"I don't know what good that would do…"

You remain composed.
The doctors talk amongst each other.
"Somepony should tell Lazuli…"
"I'm on it."
One of the doctors trots outside.
Another comes to you.
"I'm sorry for your loss."

A weak voice comes from Iris.
"S-she can't…she can't be really gone, can she.."

He leads you through a myriad of hallways and passages.
"Many ponies come here. None at random."


Stand up.
"No… I… I am sorry…"
Hang my head and ears and walk out of the medical tent.


Say nothing, but kiss her forehead.
Just a light, little kiss.
Then go back looking at Vilina.
But spare a glance for her as she leaves.


"Found yourself a friend, Amber?"


"It helps clear our minds and maybe pick up on things we wouldn't have thought of before!"

"Warren! This is Silver Blood. We're trying to solve the mystery behind the thefts around camp."


"Were they invited then? Oh, I never gave my name, I'm Queren Pico. You are?"


"Well, I managed to get a glimpse of what tried to run off with my dagger, but not a very good one. I looked roughly the size of a rabbit, and has been moving through the camp in tunnels. If we find them all, and cover up all but one, then we should be able to lay a trap for it."


"Aha! I knew it! That sounds like a great plan to me."


"The trouble's in finding the holes. There might be some in places that stallions aren't allowed to be, which would explain how the mares' tent was raided so easily."
I'll look at her companion.
"So, Silver Blood, are you Amber's 'special partner'?"


Where did we say I was?


She is covered with a white blanket but you can still see her outline.
The doctors have solemnly started to clean up the tent.
They don't speak.
Iris weeps silently in your arms.

The sun greets you warmly.
You hear a sound behind you and look to see Inferni perched atop the medicae tent.
He glides down on your back.
In an unseen display of affection, he rubs his beak against your cheek for the shortest of seconds standing back up.

You notice a doctor coming out from the medicae tent in the distance looking grim.

"Names are of little importance. I am a Harlequin. A servant of the Laughing One, or as griffons tend to call him, He Who Laughs."
You've heard of tales of Harlequins in hushed voices. The highest servants of He Who Laughs, in griffon mythology a mischievous spirit who roams the lands, sparking parties and merriment. They are said to bring happiness wherever they go and are as deadly as the strongest of griffon heroes.
This one doesn't seem too happy right now.
"They were called here, by He Who Laughs, just like you were. None enter without his permission."

You were talking to Amber, seems like Warren just joined as well.
You notice a doctor walking out of the medicae tent looking grim.

His ears perk up.

You notice a doctor walking out of the medicae tent looking grim.


"You did everything, Inferni… unlike me… Thank you for your help."

Are any of the others around?
I feel they should know.


Out of the medicae tents? Was someone wounded?
"Amber mentioned that paladins of Cadence worked in pairs. I was simply wondering if you were her 'other half,' so to speak."


I walk over to him.
"How are they doing?"


I'm here too!


Keep walking along with him.

"Why would he invite me of all griffins? I'm just a hunter, as far as my family is concerned, at least."


I snicker at his reaction.
"That's not really been decided yet. We get along great though!"


"Ah. Well, it's good you get along, at least. I suppose you'll have to fight together first to get a feel of how you play off each other. Finding the right partner can be rather difficult."


I've nothing to say. No words that'd make a pony feel better.
All my life has been slamming and stomping things. This is different.
Tug Iris a little closer, and rest my head over hers. I'm angry. I'm sick. I'm mad at things I don't know.


You see Warren, Shortcake, Amber and a stallion you don't know, talking to each other a little further.

Who knows?
Mabel is there too.

You mean the doctor or Warren?

You were just talking to the ghost of Triangle Tune, he asked if you were interested in helping him for REVENGE?

"Even the harlequins have trouble interpreting the his will at times. Maybe there is a special destiny for you, maybe he did it for his amusement, perhaps both. Tell me, what do you think of the Labyrinth?"

Silver shakes his head.
"Let me make one thing clear. There's nothing decided here. I'm just helping with this investigation."

"I'm sorry Soil."


"I failed."


She's up and moving? Then that means they finished! Time to return Vilina's coffee beans. I'm sure she'd love to have a cup.
"Pardon me, Amber, but I've got to go check on someone. You two have fun."
And I'll head towards the medicae tent.


The doctor.


Recall the dragon and the voice.

"I liked that Librarian, some of those other doors, not so much. Is he okay?"


Wipe my tears and meet him halfway.
Gulp and take a deep breath, ears still hanging.


I giggle.
"Don't worry, I wont ask you to marry me just yet!"

"Alright! Have fun!"


"Uh… Can I get back to you on that?"


"What's the matter? Are they alright? You look like someone punched you in the stomach."


Look him in the eyes.
Just get it out. Just say it.
"Vilina didn't make it."
Try not to tear up again.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll blink.
"What do you mean?"


"I don't know any Librarian here. We tend to the knowledge of the Laughing One. But I would not dare to assume I have seen the whole Labyrinth. It stretches on into Eternity."

He shrugs.
"Sure, not like I have anything else to do. Just call."
He vanishes.

He turns to you, looking solemn.
"Uh…perhaps you should sit down for a second."

"You both went in there to help us…to help me…if I hadn't been infected.."

He looks at you flabbergasted.


I sit down.


"We tried to cure her and Iris… something went wrong, with the ritual…. I think I-I messed up and… and when we woke up she wasn't breathing. The doctors tried to bring her back, but it was too late."


I scrunch.
"That was a joke!"


Put a hoof over her mouth, but take it away a moment later, looking her in the eyes.
"Don't even think about taking the blame for this."


"You don't, maybe he was a temp, or are there other deities here with their own workers?"


I pause for a moment to contemplate what just happened.
And then I go find Shortcake.


I'll just stare at her for a moment. Then stare a little longer.
"That's ridiculous, and a poor joke."
Go around her and head towards the medicae tent.


Try to stop with a hoof.
Gulp again.
"Warren, please…"


"I'm sorry to tell you this, but there were…complications. Your friend, Vilina, she didn't make it."

"Well…let's just find this thief okay? Wait…"
He points to a sad looking Mabel who talks to Warren.
"There's something wrong with your friend."

"I just feel so helpless.."

He chuckles as if you said something funny.
"Who knows? Here it is."
He points to a solid looking door.
"This should bring you close to your friends, but before you go in, there's something I should tell you."

She's talking to a doctor.

You walk in to find an eerie silence.
The doctors are silently cleaning up.
You see Iris crying in the arms of Soil, who's looking at…
The bed where Vilina lay.
A sheet has been pulled over her body.


Look at him as he enters, locking eyes with him for a second before lowering my head, turning it back on the other side.
"So do I."
Squeeze her a bit.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


I look down at the ground.


"I'd be honored to hear it."


Ignore the doctor.
"Hey Shorty! I need to talk to you!"


I follow his gaze and look at Mabel.
"She sure looks sad… Give me a moment!"
Walk over to Mabel.


Look at her.


"I'm sorry. There was nothing we could do."
He trots off.
Oh look who's here. >>515314

"How long do you think you've been gone?"


Not paying attention to that.
Stare for a bit. Slowly head towards the table.
"This is a joke, right? Some horrible, cruel joke?"
Reach a hoof for the shrouded form, but pull up short.
"This is my fault… I never should have taken her with us."


"You look sad! What's wrong?"


Put a hoof on your shoulder, looking up at you.


"Very little. Time to get her the first time, a little in Hyperborea, and now I'm just having this conversation."


She seems to calm down a bit and silently lays in your arms.
"I'm so glad you're with me."


"Amber this might be tough for you but…"
Just let her know.
"Vilina died."
No need to beat around the bush.


"Of course, but time works very differently here than outside. I'm afraid you have lost…several weeks."


I look up at you.


Just keep holding her.
I'd like to tell her so am I, but really, what if I had failed earlier?
What if now she was the one with a white sheet over her head?
I'm just troubles for her.


Ears drooping, turn to face you.
"So it really happened, then."
Sitting a bit heavily, I'll pop my monocle out and just let it hang.
"Soil, what went wrong?"


I stumble in my stride.
"… What?"


"Wait, several weeks? I was just delivering a package, I told them I would only be gone for a little. I need to get back to them as soon as possible."


"I wasn't strong enough to save Mabel.
Then… Stuff happened. The spider got her. I didn't manage to break the pillar and…"
Shake my head.
"I just know I failed."


"The ritual. It went wrong."
"We tried to cure her and Iris, but the corruption was too strong… when we woke up… she didn't."


"Listen, I- wait, the fuck's wrong?"


"…Vilina's dead."


"Many things have happened in that time, you might find things are very different now."
He opens the door, only black is behind.
"You will want to climb up and travel towards the sun, in 10 minutes you'll see a camp of crystal paladins, you'll find your friends there."

So you would leave her?
Look at her, you're all she has to hang on to right now.


"Oh… the fuck? From what? What happened?!"


"C-Cure her? Ritual? What do are you-?"
Shake my head quickly.
"We have to wake her up then somehow, quickly! S-She can't be dead!"


I shake my head as well.
"No Soil, the fault lies with me. I'm the one who insisted she come with us in the first place. If I hadn't done so, she'd still be alive. In prison, yes, but alive."
I'll stand up.
"I… need to think. Pardon me."
And then I'll leave the medicae tent, and take wing to a nice tree somewhere along the edge of camp.


Put a hoof on your shoulder.
"It's too late… The doctors tried everything."


Silver keeps to the background, knowing this is not something he can help with.

You find a nice tree at the edge of the camp.
It seems peaceful here.


"Um, thank you for your help. Will we meet again?"


Look back at her and take a deep breath.
Just hug her tight once more.
"So am I."
"Hey, pal…"
Try to tell you this before you leave.
"We are gonna fix this. I promise."
Give you my most confident stare, despite the watery eyes.


"I have no idea. She and Iris were in beds, and so were Mabel and Warren, in the medicae tent."


Take a seat up near the top of the tree. Idly start rolling the bag of coffee beans around in my front hooves, then close my eyes.
"If only I'd gotten there before they started…"


I shakily stomp a hoof.
"Vilina isn't dead! She can't be dead!"
I start tearing up.
"S-She was fine before! How can she be dead!?"


"Perhaps. But if we do, it will not be the same. It never is."

The coffee beans smell good. She must have had great taste in coffee.


Don't say anything, just move closer and give you a hug.


"I'm not following, but thank you for the door. Much better than winding up in the snow again."

Bid my farewell, and follow his directions.


"The fuck…"
I sit down on the ground.


I hug you.


I hug back.
"So… what now?"


I half-heartedly shove her away and start stumbling over to the medical tent.
"I-I'm going in there and do whatever I have to do! She c-can't…"


She looks up at you.
"Let's go somewhere…I can't be here right now."

You fall and fall and suddenly…
You're in what seems to be an underground chamber. It is dimly lit by a torch.
There is a large hole near you that seems to be recently dug and light shines at the end.
On the other side is a chamber and you see a small dark figure walking there. You can't quite make it out, but it seems like a very small pony, as big as a rabbit, and it carries something…a..cube?
Then walls of the passage collapses as if in slow motion and blocks the way, leaving the recently dug hole as the only way out.


Stand in front of you.
"Amber, don't… you don't need to see it…"
Start to tear up.


She was just starting to get comfortable with the others. Amber was even getting close to being her friend! She… she still had so much life in her…
Put the coffee beans back in my saddlebag, and wipe the tears that started to leak out.
"No time for tears, Warren. You're supposed to be the smart one. The one who's always got a plan."
Shake my head one more time, and then drift down to the ground, and start walking through the camp, back towards the tent. I've got to arrange to bury her.


I guess we should.
Give one last gaze at Vilina's shape under the sheets before turning around, leaving the tent with Iris.


"I really didn't like that."

No choice, get through that hole.


"I don't know."
I lean closer.
"I didn't really know her."


"Out of the way, M-Mabel!"
My bottom lip quivers in anger as I try to get around her.
"I'll… I-I'll… fix this. Wake her b-back up…"


"Neither did I, but… fuck. Still not right that she went and kicked the bucket."


I nod.


Before you go…
you notice somepony coming from the forest.
Wait, it's a griffon…it's..Pico? Where the hell has he been?

You follow the directions and soon enough you see Warren near a tree.

The sun shines brightly.
A robed blue crystal mare arrives near the tent.
"I heard about what happened."
She takes both one hoof of yours and Iris in hers.
"I am deeply sorry for your loss."


Try to hug her again to stop her.
"I'm sorry Amber… I'm so, so sorry.."


Look at her in mild surprise.
"Who… Are you?"


Wave over to Warren and fly over there.

"Hey, over here!"


Damn fine timing for him to come back, isn't it.
"Hello. What have you been up to since Tall Tale?"


"Who told you?"


I struggle for a moment, then give into the tears and hug her back.


"Nothing more than a delivery for that pony, Bedrock. I couldn't believe he knew that Lord in Hyperborea. It was all too brief, and a little more than I bargained for, but how have you been though?"


Try to stay strong for her, but hold her as she cries.


"Less than good. And it's not so unbelievable when it turns out the Bedrock who has been traveling with us was actually a draconequis."
I'll grimace a bit.
"Bastard played us all for fools."


"Wait, explain from the beginning. What do you mean dragonequis, and what was he doing with all of you. Are the others well? Where are they?"


Keep sobbing into the hug for a while. Then, when I find the strength to sound my voice again.
"H-How is this p-possible… Why? Why…"


"…I-I messed up. I wasn't strong enough, I couldn't fight it…."


I'll sigh.
"It's a long story."
And I'll run through the events of the last few days. The cube, the fire elementals, the giant tree, the bear, the explosion of said bear, the reveal and revel of Anarchy, and finish with the joining up with the paladin camp.
"And that's where we are."


I whimper softly and tighten the hug.
"I-I don't understand… h-how did she get hurt? "


"I'm sorry, my name is Lapis Lazuli, I serve Cadance here as her priestess offering guidance and counseling to the paladins here. I'm here to take care of the deceased and the ones she left behind. Please, if there's anything you need, a small favor or a listening ear, do not hesitate to talk to me."


Look at Iris, waiting for her to talk.


"The ritual we used to cleanse her linked together our spirits…"
Take some deep breaths.
"When I passed out, her soul couldn't find it's way back to her body I think… I'm not sure…"


"Ugh, he had me deliver something to Lord Goldenbeak, was that part of his plan too? Aghh, I thought I was just coming back to simpler things!"

"Wait then, I have to tell you something, but please keep it to yourself for now and help me. The Lord asked me to meet and aid someone, but if they were working together, what should I do now?"


"Nevermind, look, I gotta ask you something."
I pause, trying to think about how to phrase what I wanna say.


She speaks up.
"Thank you, miss Lazuli, but I..I think Soil and I want to be alone for a little while…"
She nods.
"Of course. In trying times, it is best to be with the ones you love."
She nods to both of you and walks inside the medicae tent.
Hey, there's Indy. He happily walks to you and gives and hugs one leg of both you and Iris. His tail wagging happily.
"I missed you both."


"C-Cleanse her? Is… is this because of the stardust stuff?"


The website isn't making noises when people respond to me.
"The doctor."



I nod.


Brb for thirty


"I-I didn't know…"
I grit my teeth and stomp a hoof angrily.
"Damn it! I should have been helping out!"


Perhaps this is a good time to offer your condolences to one of the other party members.


Smile down on him and pat his head.
"Hey pal. It's so nice to see you again."


I go into the medicae tent. That's where they all are, right?


"Not your fault…"


"That really depends on who he asked you to meet. If your lord Goldenbeak was aware that Bedrock was Anarchy, then he might be working against him as well. If not, it could just have been Anarchy tying up Bedrock's loose contracts so as not to seem suspicious."


No you only find a robed blue crystal mare here and 2 crystal paladins.
"I am sorry. Are you here to pay your respects to the deceased?" asks the blue mare.

Iris gives him a smile despite her tears.
"Hey Indy."
Indy lets you go.
"I played with the phoenix!"


"Ancients save us. There are too many things going on here. It's like I showed up to cooking contest and I was the main ingredient. Every rock seems to have its own plans for this chaos."


"T-That stupid ursa! And the tree! And Anarchy! We should've… w-we…"
I take a quivering breath.
"This isn't fair! Why did she have to die!? S-She was doing just fine!"


"I…didn't really now her. How did she die?"


"You made a friend?"
Pick him up and put him on my back, then keep walking with Iris to somewhere… Further away from the camp. I need fresh air. I need a little stream. I need to wash.


"She didn't have to die… but life is not always fair."


I'll shake my head.
"Doesn't it just seem the way? Not to mention that damned cube putting it own flavor of evil on our plates…"


"This is… this is bullshit!"


"Yes, Amber… yes it is…

I'm sorry…"


She shakes her head.
"As far as we're aware, a cleansing ritual gone awry. The ancient rituals are effective, but often not without risk. It seemed to have healed your other friend, Iris I heard she was called."
She shakes her head.
"As far as the doctors told me, she was in very serious danger of eventually dying to her mutation and her friends tried to help her. Rest assured, she did not suffer."

"He was a phoenix. He was perched up a tent being grumpy, so I torched him. And then he tried to torch me." He laughs.
You find a clear stream not too far away.


"And then?"
Set him down and start undoing the armor.


"My wings won't kill me, will they?"


"… I need to see her."


She looks at them, shocked.
"They're a mutation? Have you had them checked by the doctors?"

"I ran and ran, but he was very fast and he got me and then I went after him and he tried to hide everywhere, but I got him!"
Iris looks at him smilingly.


"Good boy. You flamed him good then?"


Shake my head.
"Just remember her as you knew her. You don't need to."


"I DID."
He blasts a green bolt of fire across the stream to prove it.
"He tried to get me again, but then he suddenly poofed away. I think I won."


"I didn't think they needed to be checked."


Raise a brow.
"Wait, what's up with your fire?"


"To Tartarus with that!"
Start walking over to the medical tent again.


It's hopeless.
Just let her go inside.

Are there any campfires around here?


"You better do. It's hard to know with these kinds of things."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

Inside the tent you find Shortcake and the priestess who blessed you in the ritual, the blue Lapis Lazuli.
In her bed you see the outline of Vilina covered by a white sheet.
Lapis turns to you.
"Amber…my deepest condolences…"


Yes, there's more than one even.


"Too much to hope that one of those plans ends happily for everyone? But wait, what cube?"


"It's green!"


I freeze at the sight of the figure covered by the white blanket.
"D-Did she… did she suffer?"


I go and have the doctors check out my wings.


Grab a thick log that is on fire and walk out of camp.
Find a quiet spot in the forest.
Clear some grass away for the log so I won't burn anything and set it down.


"I don't know all the details, save that it is incredibly bad news. A small black cube that has attempted to control Amber, myself, and probably Shortcake as well. It was unfortunate I couldn't leave it in the realm of the Fire Elementals to be melted down in their volcano forges, but it was either that or move the volcano that would have drenched this area in molten rock."
I'll paw at the round for a moment.
"We turned it over to the paladins for safekeeping and disposal."


"A small cube, about this size?" Try to estimate it with my talons.


He thinks for a second.
"Oh yeah…huh..that's weird. I didn't think about it before."
He blasts another green fireball.

"The doctors assure me she didn't."

You find them near another tent.
"You should have come with this ages ago!"
They check out your wings.
"Huh…very interesting."

It's there and it seems safe.


"There must be something in a book.
Hey pal, why don't you go check and tell me what you've found?"
Smile at him.


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Why do you ask?"


Sit down in front of it.
"Lord Pyrrus."


He runs away.
Iris watches him leave.
"He's so full of energy."


I nod weakly.
"O-Okay… I wish I knew… I… can I see her?"


"Um, well, I sort of ran into it. Over there." Point to where I came from, "being taken away by this sort of pony rabbit thing. I was thinking of cooking it, but then the tunnel collapsed."


"Is that good or bad?"


"He's a good boy. I'm glad he's not in that cage now…"
Go to Iris, nuzzling her cheek.
"I'm glad you are still here."
Hug her, closing my eyes.


I'll stare at him blankly for a moment.
"It what."


Just keep pointing back to where I was.

"It looked strange, but I thought it had just taken some interesting baubble from the camp, so I didn't go after it with too much effort."


A voice echoes from the fire.
"I am here."

"Of course, but…"
She scratches her head.
"I had the paladins prepare a tent for her. To properly place her body for now. A quiet place, where we can think about the deceased, I was just about to bring her there. Do you want to see her right now or shall I first bring her there? It might be more peaceful to see her there."

"There is not a single trace of necrosis on your wing, what we'd normally expect with stardust. It seems your body has adapted surprisingly well to the wings."

"I'm glad you're here too~"
Kissu '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"By all the pits of Tartarus, this day can't get any worse."
Spread my wings and prepare to fly.
"You might want to introduce yourself to the guard before coming into camp. They're paladins of Cadence, so they'll at least hear you out if you say you were with us."
And then I'll shoot up into the air and wing it towards the main tent cluster where the leader was.


"Lord Pyrrus… I have failed."


Take her by a hoof and slowly step inside the stream with her, offering her my smile.
A smile born out of the selfish knowledge that she's alive, she's still here, and she hasn't left me.
Good thing I'm too dumb to understand anything other than this big joy.


"Oh, that's good."
I look around, then whisper.
"Say, is there any way I could get my horn back without losing the wings?"


"I-I'll wait then… Thank you for your work, sister…"
… Where is Star? And Tullip?


"How so?"

She slowly follows you in the stream.
As she steps her hoof in the water, the yellow dye comes off. She looks at it, a bit shaken, and then looks to you.

The tent is in the middle of the camp, can't miss it.

"I wouldn't know. stardust is so volatile, I suppose it could just…come back sometime."

"Amber, please it is no trouble, and if there's anything, anything at all I can do to help you in this time, please don't hesitate to come to me."
Star, she should be in her tent, looking at the tablets once more. Tullip, you last saw her in the ladies tent.


"I tried to help a friend… but I ended up killing her."


"Yeah… s-sure…"
They should know too…
Go find Star first. Did Silver Blood decide to give me some alone time?


Flap down right in front of it.
"I need to speak your commander. This is urgent."


"I think I'll leave it like this for a while. Flying is fun."


"She has passed to the Eternal Fields, as all mortals will one day. This is inevitable."

I suppose he did. Unless you asked him to stay with you?

The guard lets you through.
High Lady Crown looks up from her maps.
"I heard about your loss, the Order of the Crystal Heart offers her condolences."

He looks at it.
"I can imagine that. I wish I had wings.
But there aren't many crystal ponies with wings nowadays."


I didn't say anything! I was too sad!
"Savior help us all…"


"…was there even a chance to save her?"


"I thank you for that, your ladyship, but there's another matter that needs our attention. The cube's been stolen."


Chuckle and take another step into the stream, still leading her by the hoof.


Silver Blood looks really uncomfortable.
"Uh…Amber…I'm sorry for what happened to Vilina."

"No. You gave it your all and it wasn't enough. Thus it was impossible at this stage of your life."

She looks at you for a second.
"Mister Warren, that's impossible."

She smiles a bit and she steps with you.
As she steps in it, her blue fur comes out again.
"Do you…think I look pretty…like this?"


"Not as impossible as you might think. Check where it is stored."


Nod with a goofy smile, brushing her mane away from her eyes and staring into them.
Kiss her.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"I understand…"
Bite my lip.
"I told her she would be allright…"


"… yeah, me too. You don't have to stick around, you know… I understand if you'd rather not be here for all this. I've got to tell the others…"


"Mister Warren, I know this must be a trying time for you…"

You share a passionate kiss in the stream.
"Thank you"

"Such is a thing mortals promise often, but never do they realize they are never in a position to guarantee it. The fire of life is bright and shining, but so easily snuffed out."

"I'll stay…if you want."


"…can her's be rekindled?"


Sit down in the middle of the stream, looking up at her.
"I will protect you. Forever and ever and ever.
And I will not let you ever be sick or hurt or feel bad again."


"I'll be fine on my own. Don't… don't worry about me."


Long silence.
"It can…but not by me."

She hugs you.
"You can't promise me that, you never know what can happen. Just promise me, that whatever happens, you'll be there for me…as I will be for you."

"Uh…sure…if you need me, you know where to find me…"


I'll shake my head.
"Lady Crown, I know this may seem absurd, but a gryphon who was a part of our travel group just returned, and should be speaking with your camp guards about gaining entry to the camp, and he has seen our little thief running off with a black cube. He told me that the round itself parted for the creature, and I have no reason to doubt his words."
Take a short breath.
"Now, Lady Crown, even if you don't believe this to be true, please at least make the attempt to put a mind at ease."


I nod silently and walk over to Star's tent.


"Can you tell me how?"


Rest my head on her shoulder, looking a bit sad at this…
But hug her back.
"I promise."


She gives you a long look.
"Very well, we'll settle this right now. Follow me."

She's in her tent.
"Hey Amber…w-what's wrong?"

"Tell me first, why do you want to bring her back to the living realm?"

You hug in the middle of the stream.
"I never thought I would end up here, when we met in Tall Tale…it seems like a lifetime ago…and it was just a few weeks…"


Start brushing her mane.
"What did you think would happen?"


"Thank you."
I'll follow her.


I bite my tongue and look at her with misty eyes, answering with an unsteady voice.
"It's V-Vilina, she… she passed away, Star."


"It wasn't her time. She… she was dead because of the deeds of Anarchy. That monster indirectly caused her death."


"I don't know…but when I looked at you, laying helpless in the street…I don't know…I saw a spark in your eye….I knew I had to come with you, whatever happened."

She trots to a large guarded tent near hers.
A stallion salutes. "High Lady!"
High Lady Crown walks past him "Keeper, open the chest."
"Uh…milady, there's an unauthorized pony here."
"I said OPEN IT."
The Keeper runs inside.
You should go inside too…

Her shiny suddenly stops.
"V-vilina? She's…no…no that can't be."
Tears well up in her eyes.

"Many die due to the actions of others. Would you say those need to be resurrected as well?"


I know what's not in there. I don't care what else they keep in here at the moment, so I'll follow behind the High lady.


"I'm sorry… I only learned about it when she was gone already. I… I had no idea she was under threat of dying…"
I look down.
"T-There was nothing either one of us could do to stop it…"


"That's so silly."
Pull back and nuzzle her with a smile.
"But now I'm not letting you go~"


"Anarchy is an abomination, an enemy of Nature. The chaos he created was a crime against Nature too!"

It was… maybe she could live…


What's happening?


"I'm sorry to hear that."


The tent is filled with books and all kinds of special contraptions.
In the middle stands a large chest marked with runes and the most complex lock you've ever seen.
"We'll know directly if the cube is gone, mister Warren."
The keeper stutters "H-high Lady, might I remind you that this chest is protected by some of our most powerful enchantments. I can gua-"
The look Crown gives him quickly shuts him up and he starts dismantling the lock.
After a few minutes he opens it.
The Keeper grows pale.
"I-it isn't here…"

"And I'm not letting you go! I've got you, mister!"

"It seems you have chosen your path then."

Star sniffles.
"Savior preserve us…and I've only just gotten to know her…"

You were talking to shortcake?

"Nothing that can be done about it. Blame Sombra. Enjoy those wings."
There's a qt pegasus right here >>515561


"I will, thank you."
I take a few seconds to view Vilina's corpse, then head baack outside.

"You wanted to tell me something?"


"How? How in every god's name did that thing just dig up into this tent and into that chest?"


"…I don't want her to be dead because I was not strong enough. Because I couldn't do it."


Stand up and try to catch her tail with mine.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I keep looking down.
"I'm sorry. We should have made sure all of you were safe before engaging that ursa… I-I could have prevented this…"


"Right. This is… how the fuck do I say it because honestly I have no damn idea."
I scratch my head.
"I talked to the ghost of Triangle Tune who's spirit is somehow stuck on this fuckin' earth because one of my great great grandparents fucked him over six ways to whatever and now he's wants revenge and he wants me to raid said ancestor's tomb to steal a violin he took from him."


"That sounds a lot like a book I read once. Who's triangle tune?"


I hand her the sheet music.
"The guy who composed this."


The Keeper is silent and looks towards High Lady Crown.
The High Lady looks like somepony just bludgeoned a baby seal to death with his bare hooves and then pissed on it right in front of her while putting pleasuring himself anally with a statuette of Cadance.
"no…oh hell no…not here..not in my camp." she says with barely contained anger.

"You have chosen your path then. Should you seek to bring her back to the living realm, you should seek the followers of either the dread god Grogar or the Harlequins of the Laughing One. But know that bringing the dead to life is not something without a price. Each will ask a different one and you will have to choose.
Now return to your camp, brave Mabel for your trials today have not yet ended and you will need every ounce of your strength for what comes."
The fire dies.

She pulls you in a hug.
"Where is she? I need to see her…"

Your tails intertwine so perfectly, it feels so right. You've never felt like this before. A mare's body so close to yours. Her eyes staring into yours…


I look at it.
"Oh. How can I help?"


Grogar… The Laughing One…

I'm not sure I can help then…

Just stare in front of me.


"I don't fuckin' know!"


Hug back.
"In the medical tent. B-But they're going to move her to a different tent where we can visit in peace…"
I tighten my grip with a weak whimper.
"I-I still can't believe this is really happening…"


That's… that's quite a look.
"The last known location of the thief is where we found everything the last time. A sealed off chamber of an old dog fort out near the edge of camp. According to Pico, the gryphon I mentioned earlier, the passageway the small rabbit-sized pony went through sealed itself after it left. Considering the amount of stardust that hit the countryside, a rabbit-sized pony isn't too far-fetched."


Gulp down nervously, staring back.


"Thanks for that, Melody. That really helps my self-esteem."


I sigh.
"Sorry… I just don't fuckin' know. I found out my shitbag family actually are worst than I ever thought. And all this shit with Warren… and now even fuckin' Vilina… I'm stressed, okay?"


"Me too, sorry. Where is he buried?"


There's a loud trumpet echoing through the camp suddenly.
All paladins jump into action, take weapons and armor up and assemble in the middle of the camp.

You hear a loud trumpet coming from the camp.
Seems something's going down.
You remember what Pyrrus said about trials not being over.

Star opens her mouth but her ears (and presumably yours too) perk up as a loud trumpet sounds through the camp.
It's the universal paladin code for "high alert get your butts into action.".

It's one of anger.
The Keeper looks at her.
"What shall we do?"
The Keeper hurries outside faster than his legs can carry him and soon a trumpet sounds across the camp.
"We will deal with this, mister Warren. We will deal with this thief once and for all."
She angrily stomps to her tent as the paladins start assembling in front of it.

But as often happens during these moments, shit happens.
A loud trumpet sounds alert at the camp.
Iris looks over it.
"Oh fuck…what's going on now…"


Jump up to my hooves.
This day…

Gallop back!


"At the family tomb in Canterl-"

"What the fuck was that?!"
I jump back to my hooves and take to the sky to look at what the alarm was sounded for.


I'll nod.
And then leave the tent. I doubt they want me sticking around in here while they're busy. I'm not fool enough to bite the hoof that shelters us by looking through things.


I follow Melody into the air.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Stay close."
Jump out of the stream and shake away the water, then hastily don my armor back up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I gasp.
"I-I gotta go! Sorry!"
Break the hug and run towards the source!


In the large clearing before High Lady Crowns tent have gathered all the paladins in full battle attire. You also see all other party members of course.

You have some trouble getting your pants back on while running. Once you're finally in the camp, you have some time to put them on right. Iris runs after you with your helmet in her mouth. "mmou fogt hemmmt" she mumbles with it in her mouth. See post above.

You leave a bewildered Star, but she knows just as you, duty calls.
As you join the other paladins, you see Clear Ice next to the High Lady's tent and if you had any doubt she is the sword it is now washed away. For she carries Premvorkir, the legendary crystal greatsword that cleaved a thousand Changelings, the same sword that slew the fearsome Changeling Captain Ar'dakir, the Terror of Agate, in single combat at the Battle for the Crystal Capital.
You also see Silver Blood in the back rows.
You also see the other party members of course.


Quite the assemblage. Adjust my monocle, and straighten my clothes.


Perk my ears.
"What's going on?"


Go stand next to Silver Blood.
Got to shake these feelings off. It's paladin time now. No time for emotions. Be strong.


"You'll see in a moment."


Go land near, but out of sight. Listen in.


Join the others while finishing to put the armor back on.
"What just happened?"


Raise a brow.



From the tent emerges High Lady Crown in full crystal armor and helmet and white cape.
A paladin next to her hands her two giant crystal axes and she steps forward, pacing around adressing the crowd.
"Servants of Cadance, today we have been dishonored!"
A murmur goes through the crowd.
"Right here, in our very camp a thief has stolen something that was given into our safekeeping. A dark relic of unimaginable power. This was entrusted to us, to see to it that it's evil never gets the chance to flourish! That relic has been stolen! I ask you, my fellow warriors, shall we stand for this?"
"Never!" "NO!"


I whisper to Shortcake.
"Who the fuck is this? And what the fuck is she even talking about?"


I'll stay silent. Never seen a crystal war party before.


Flap my ears down again.


"Boo! Hunt down the thieves!"


"She's in charge, and i have no idea."


Didn't we find the stolen stuff already?"


"The thief wasn't content to let us take it back. It returned, and made off with the cube."
I'll shake my head.
"what's got the High Lady so mad is that it was under so many locks and spells that it took the ponies with the keys at least five minutes just to open its container."


"I didn't see the cube in there.
It moved on it's own before."


"Oh. The cube. The cubic cube you never told me anything about. I get it."


"We told you it was evil and it attacked Amber's mind, didn't we? I honestly didn't know much more about it until Star looked it up."


"Not like we know much, Soil."


"Wait, the cube is gone?"


"Right. Let's just find it quick."
Look around in the crowd for Indy.
Even yell out to him.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"It seems so."

Make a perch with my hoof in response.


"Indy and Inf-
Inferoni chased each other today."


"Of course she's in charge. Look at that fuckin' cape. She's probably some haughty noble, or even worse, a noble's daughter. Fucking useless, the lot of them."

I perk up.
"The cube? You mean, that cube?"


"…did they? Why?"


High Lady Crown raises her hoof and the crowd goes silent again.
"I have been lax. Not hunting down the thief before he stole this relic, thinking him weak. But no longer, now he will regret his mistake."
She raises her two axes.
"Whoever it may be, he has incurred the full wrath of Cadance and we will bring her justice to him."
Cheers from the crowd.
"Some of you will join me to hunt him down, others must stay in the camp to ensure this thief cannot try to come back here!"
The Lady steps down again and trots down while the Paladin Lords issue their orders.

Amber and Silver Blood are given orders to join the away team.

High Lady Crown comes over to the party.
"I cannot ask you to join us."

He's there. Coming from the direction of the book cart.
"I was reading so hard, I didn't notice anything!"


"With all due respect, that cube already showed what it can do to pony minds.
It couldn't affect me, not directly, not while I was carrying it. It sent an assasin against me, it tried to get away, but it didn't speak to me. I will go."


"We've not much choice in the matter, High Lady. I've already lost one friend today, I won't lose countless more if this cube gets away."


Shrug with a smile.
"Boys will be boys."
"Are you joking? I'm not gonna miss the fun for nothing!"


Take a deep breath and nod at Silver determinedly.
"We have to get that cube back. Be mindful around it, it speaks poisoned words to you."


"I wouldn't talk that way about somepony in charge of a group of paladins, Melody."


Inferni pretends he didn't hear that.
Oh man, better look dignified at those paladins…yeah…

"Oh Saviour…we'll stick together then right?"


That means he's looking forward, with his head up…
Pluck one of his feathers quick.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Approach the high lady and salute her.
"My lady! Permission to speak freely?"


"Maybe we should go wit them? Who knows, we might end up near that tomb."


"And yes, that cube."


You got one.
He squeeks and flaps away to a nearby tree where he looks angrily at you.


"You have my thanks, you have more experience with this…cube."


"That cube is bad fuckin' business. I'm going to help find it, but not for you."

"And? The paladins are just a bunch of self righteous dickweed fucks too! They don't do shit to help people, they just throw their influence around to oppress the poor and fight 'the enemies of their goddess.' Sickening."


"They can also squish your head with a hammer."


Put it in my mane.
"You deserved that and you know it."
Hold my hoof out for him again.
"Now come back, we've got work to do."


Then add.


Time to make certain I've got everything. Make sure my crossbow string is good, knives are in order, and… Well, it doesn't do any harm to keep the coffee beans with me, I guess.


"I think our fellow paladins should be properly warned about the cube's power and how to deal with it, ma'am! It tries to speak to anyone near it and will say anything to gain power over them! You said it yourself, it's power is unimaginable!"


"Screw that cube and screw that thief. We are gonna catch him."
Wander off near him, watching as he gets ready.


"I'll go too!"


"Whatever the reason may be, if you're here to help, we accept it."

He comes down and sits back on your back, but keeps a very close eye on you.

Oh lookie, it's Tullip.
"What's going on? Can't a mare brush her mane in piece?!? It took me hours to get it a bit proper again…"


"How's Iris?"


"You have my thanks as well. We can use anypony we have."


Let out a big sigh.
"She's fine. And I'm really happy for that…"


"The thief made off with something very dangerous. We're going to get it back. You should stay here with the paladins who are holding down the camp."
"Good. That's good to hear, Soil."


Take a step closer, but say nothing more.


Iris is still here you know.
She gives you a hug.
"Be safe…warrior."

"Hmmph, well I hope it can be a little quieter."
She stomps off.


"Might as well."

"Don't I fuckin' know. Bastards…"

"So where the fuck is the cube? Do your cro-… paladins, know where it is?"


Blush at the hug, and answer with a nod.



"Thank you. I'll need your help."

"Do we have a lead?"


"Indy can smell things!"


I'll just wave that off.
"Don't worry about it."
She probably doesn't know yet.
"You remember that hole where we found everything else? Apparently that's where the thing makes its home. And according to Pico, who just returned from who knows where Bedrock… Anarchy sent him, saw it vanish into one of the passageways that shifted the earth to close itself."


Say nothing more, looking away.


"We should have investigated closer the first time."

"That will be useful.


"Then if you know it be respectful."


"We'd have only found rocks and dirt. Now we need Pico to show us which section of wall it went into, and we'll be good to go."


"Thank you, Sentinel, I'll make sure it is spread at once." She gives some orders to a Paladin Lord.

"Then that is where we will search. Are you ready to depart?"


I'll nod.


Tighten my helmet on, sparing one last worried glance at Iris.


I bow.
"May the Savior grant us the strength needed to prevail…"




She blows you a kiss.

And off you go into the deep dark forest, all of you together with High Lady Crown, High Lady Ice and a small detachment of crystal paladins, alert for any sign of trouble.
As before you enter the same old abandoned dog fort room.
Crown orders a few paladins to clear the rocks from the collapsed hallway as they suddenly start moving on their own and resettle within the walls, forming a twisted archway downwards.
A soft laugh comes from the end, with a hint of maliciousness. The laugh of Anarchy.


Ready my shield.
"I know I can hurt him."


I tense up and grit my teeth.




"Of course. I should have probably expected that."
Fire up homing magic. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll take this moment to find a good shadow to hide in.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Drop to stealth.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You get one mote.

Such sneak.
So sneaky, you don't even see each other even though you're in the same shadow~

"Oh my, did you miss me already~"

Crown gives a hoofsign to her paladins.
"Move forward, but expect anything."

The paladins move in.


Slip into stealth '1d10+2' and follow after the paladins.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Shut up, I'm coming for you!"
Start moving forward, shield first.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I sneakily follow the paladins.


Circle around.


Bolster Warren.
Keep moving and stay alert.


Such a stealthy pone.
Make sure not to bump into your fellow stealthers. They might like it.
You're bolstered too.

"Oh right, you and your shield Soil. the very same shield that I GOT FOR YOU."
The walls reform and 2 stone golems attack you, with a quick slam Soil smashes one.
"You didn't even thank me ;_;"
You actually hear the teary eyes, somehow.

You are fighting one stone golem.


I'll backstab it.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Fire off the one frost mote '1d10' as I sneak past it.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Not this shield!
This shield is my own!"
Slam the second golem, too!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


I'll wait for an opportunity to strike at Anarchy.


Leap of Faith! Amber smash!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"mmmmm, that one golem died a bit too fast…how to improve it…thinkthinkthink…"

"Oh thanks, Warren, excellent idea."
As you shoot the frost mote stops right before the golem and then absorbed and it turns to solid ice. It roars and smashes the floor, causing both Soil and Warren to lose balance and hit the floor.

Your excellent backstab does little to the creature and he slams you out of the way.

You manage to hack of a piece of the frost golem.

Shortcake 4/5


Heal Soil!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Get back up.
"So, what do you want with the box, Anarchy?"


Once I'm circled around, leap out of my hiding place and Backstab Anarchy!
Go for the neck!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


I grab a torch and throw it at the ice golem's face.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Thanks Amber!"
Go full slam of the north star on the golem!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Also I'll use hat magic to pull out a vial of alchemical fire. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Shoot the golem!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Healed like a motherfucker.

"Oh what a boring subject. Let's talk about something interesting, I heard your little squeeze got killed by Soil and Mabel."

You throw a torch at the golem, melting off his icy shell.

I assume you mean the frost golem.
Once Shortcake defrosted the golem, you chop his head clean off.

And then Soil slams the body to pieces in one clean slammawham.

No counterattack because the thing is dead.

There's a stone door ahead.


Clean cut.
"Don't you dare speak about her."


Grunt at the dead golem and turn to the door.
"Stand back everypony."


I'll hide again.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I growl at the voice and prepare myself.
"You're going down."


I'll bristle slightly.
"So I assume you're at the bottom of this, both figuratively and literally."
Head down the hallway. Slip back into stealth. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Oh shut the fuck up, will you? You're annoying as shit."


"Touchy subject, Mabel? You know, it's good to talk about your feelings from time to time."

"No talking, really? You were always the talkative one…or was that Soil, I forgot…"
Not many places to hide here.

"Yawn…so boringly noble."

"Talking to disembodied voices again, sweet Melody? Seems to become a habit for you…"


"I've got nothing to say to you."
I keep looking for places to hide as we walk.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You will not anger me. Then again, neither will your imminent death make me smile."


"You are going down, monster."
"Indy! Ice it!"
Ice on the door and then slam. The fucking. Door.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5




"Again. Shut. The. Fuck. Up."
I flip the voice the pony equivalent of the bird. Which I guess is some kind of wing gesture.


File: 1388457466339.jpg (182.91 KB, 800x571, Barrow.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

You both spew ice and rage against the door, until Crown shakes her head and simply slides it open.

Behind the door is a large deserted hall. There don't seem to be any other exits…
"Spread out" commands Crown. "Find a way through, but stay within view of each other."
The paladins spread out cautiously, looking for the way further.

Here you can hide easily.


I take flight and try to get a better vantage point to look around the room.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"This doesn't look like the diamond dog tunnels I was in."


Grunt. She could open just because I weakened it!
Keep moving forward. Not recklessly, but not slowly either.
"Indy, did you figure out what the green fire is?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hmmm… secret doorways! There must be some kind of mechanism hidden around here…

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Be a lookout from above, please."
That's for Inferni.
I hide as in stealth.

Roll #1 2 = 2




File: 1388694790885.png (35.96 KB, 1322x2955, Naamloos.png, IO Google TinEye)


Hall is a better word, it is quite large. You find a little plank near the top to rest on and overlook the room.
It seems the hall had some sort of ceremonial function, near the middle of the hall are a number of ruined benches pointing to what seems to be a ruined altar.
Amber seems to have found something else on the other side of the hall.

He nods.
"Book says it's a special kind of magic fire of big dragons! It can do all kinds of things, like sending messages, and burning!"

On the other end of the hall you see a lever in the wall. Near it is a small staircase leading to an elevated platform. In the wall there you find 3 rotatable spires. There are 3 sides to the spires, each showing a different animal.
>see pic
Currently, the left one shows a spider, the middle what seems like a fish, the right what seems to be a bat…
You can rotate each one to a different animal.

Inferni goes sit with Melody.
You can't quite tuck yourself away…


It looks weird…and ancient, so very ancient…perhaps Snacks would know more about it.


This place is fucking weird…
I go fly over to Amber.
"Hey! What're you looking at?"


Where are we?


"Aha! A puzzle! No problem for me!"
Scrutinize the wall for a moment, then change all the spires to bats.


"Burning's good."
Reach the others.

"What's the holdup?"


Together with the party you have ventured again within the abandoned diamond dog fort chamber.
This time, through foul chaotic magic, the hallway was open and you heard the voice of Anarchy coming from deep within the ruins.
You entered a large hall with seemingly no exits as pictured here >>515766
While the rest of the party might find such a dog fort strange, you realize something more.
This is not a regular fort, this was a fort built during the Golden Age of the Diamond Dogs, when the Dogs ruled Equestria, before the times of ponies. Look at the architecture, the skill, the craftsmanship. This puts even the master craftsdogs of your old fort to shame…

All the spires have been set to bats.
Pull the lever to see if you won.


Do it!


You hear a click.
Roll a 1d10-2 to dodge.


"Yo. Crystalass, the fuck you doing?"
I try to discern what the hell she's doing and why she's pulling that mysterious lever.



Roll #1 9 - 2 = 7


Since you're standing so close, roll a 1d10 to dodge as well.



Roll #1 7 = 7


Explore the area and see what information I can gather about this fort.

"What are we finding about this fort ponies?" I asked the others

Roll #1 5 = 5


You hear a click and both quickly jump away before a torrent of small arrows fly through tiny holes in the walls, right at you.
When it stops, there's another click and the lever resets.

Might I point out >>516172 is coming close now too?
And so do the other paladins, Crown at the front.
"What happened?"


"What the hell! Don't go pulling fucking random levers!"


"What just happened?"


"Ha! I almost solved the puzzle!"


I sneak over to you.
"What do you make of this place?"


Raise a brow.


Anarchy. He's at the end of the fort and has attacked us. Telling you like this because I assume Snack would be mad as fuck about all this and wants him dead.


Point at the spires.
"It's a puzzle!"



And if you win, you get arrows?"
Look around.

Roll #1 2 = 2



"You try it!"

"No, that's when you're wrong."


You look at some of the wall carvings and texts. The old doge texts are very different from modern dog language.
You do find something you can read. A name: Fort Rikhtirund, the name of the fort you presume, the doges of old had such weird names for their forts.
You notice the hall must have been used for religious services, there are a lot of ruined benches and you notice a stone altar in the middle..

Crown nods.
"That might as well be, but be careful Sentinel, those arrows could have torn you apart. Now let's take a look at these spires."
She walks up the elevated platform.

You see the spires Amber talked about up on the platform, they're all set to bats.


"Spiders, fishes and bats!"


Well I go to the door.
Poke on it.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hmmm, what is the meaning behind them though?"


meant for

"Oh. So you didn't solve it."


"This is an old dog fort, far older and magnificent than Snacks is able study. For Anarchy to use such a place is unthinkable." I grit my teeth
"Keep close."

I study the stone altar. Has it seen use recently? Anything I can pick up?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I didn't say I did! But I'm close!"


I look around for any signs of where Anarchy might be.

"Oh. Thanks, but I think I know my way around dog forts."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Don't die."


You don't see a door, there's only a solid wall next to the lever.
So you poke the lever again.
Roll to dodge 1d10-2

Crown speaks up.
"It must be some kind of small puzzle, to protect the inner Fort…perhaps we should look around further."

It hasn't been used in quite a while, there are markings on the side however.
See pic.

You don't notice anything chaotic.
Except the voice that speaks up again.

"Are you having fun?"


File: 1388696586335.png (49.11 KB, 1322x2955, Naamloos.png, IO Google TinEye)

Now with pic


Fuckhuge shield protect me.

"Stop hiding coward!"

Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5


I nod.
"We need some clues, yes."
Look around, along the walls, any carvings?

Roll #1 1 = 1


I don't respond. Instead, I track down Melody.

"Have you found anything yet?"


Markings? What are these carvings?

I look around, where did that voice came from?


I shake my head.
"Nothing. All I really saw was that this is a ceremonial hall or some shit."


"Were you shouting about arrows or something?"


You catch most of them with your shield, one arrow hits your leg.

You look around the walls and find a hole in the wall, as you look in it, you see a large gem at the end.
You try to grab it, but pull back as the stench coming from it is beyond belief.

"Oh come on, try to see the fun in things! It's all a big adventure, ancient forts, treasure, all that stuff! What about you, paladins, are you having fun? What about you Crown?"
The crystal paladins and especially High Lady Crown professionaly ignore Anarchy.

Like they're on the pic.
Who knows what they are?
The voice seems to come from all around you at once, it's hard to pinpoint the exact location.


Chough a bit.
"Oh, jeez…"
Try again, hold my breath and grab it!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm gonna have lots of fun! Fun slapping you around!"


"Come on."

I walk over and look at those pillars.


What strange markings.
Perhaps touch these markings on the altar? Trace them using my finger and see if it is embossed or something. Touch the fish looking marking first



I follow her.


You know what, I'm joining my pal Snack.
"Hey pal, what's with these markings here on the altar totally like the ones on the pillars that turn and click when you pull the lever?"


So very close.
Try all fish!

"Always so cocky! How are things with you and Iris anyway? Did you hit that booty yet?"

As you put your arm deep in it, you hear a click.
Aw shit, roll 1d10-2

Curiouser and curiouser.
The markings seem to be simply etched into the stone.

They are all set to Bats.
You can turn each one around to form any combination you want.

And so you do.

"Crown, you're so boring! What about you, Ice? Still being an icy cunt?"
Ice professionally ignores him too.


"I'm not gonna hurt Iris again!"
Symbols. On the altar.
In order. And on the pillars.
Maybe if I focus real hard I can get it.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Careful. That shit shoots arrows if you get the combination wrong."


I do a little dance.
"Combinations and arrow traps? This is just like my books!"



Roll #1 8 - 2 = 6


I look at Soil and then nod as I approach the pillars, How many levers are there and how many pillars are present?

My eyes then widen.
"W… what? Who's there?"


No… I'd rather not get shot! The others will figure it out!


What if
What if we have to put
What if we
We put the pillars in the order that's on the altar?!"
Look at them as if I said something crazy.


I chuckle.
"There's plenty else like those other books too, but now's not the time or place for that Shorty."

"…You could've said that without be patronizing you asswipe. Nobody but you has checked the altar yet."
I shoot him a glare.


I'm not sure what you're rolling for.
As you can see on the pic, there are 3 symbols and there are 3 spires with those symbols on it.
You don't need to roll to set them the same.

You pull out just in time before a knife almost slices off your arm.

There are exactly 3 pillars and 1 lever.
The voice sounds like Anarchy's.
"Did you forget about me already, dear Snacks?"

Crown looks at you.
"You really think it's that easy?"


Look at her confused.
"What's patronizing mean?"


"Be careful, Mabel!"
I give her a cheeky smile.


No, I was rolling to have the cool cgi connections in my mind.

"I'mma try. My shield's big enough."
Pop them right and pull the lever.


"Sounds like a good idea."

"Let him have his moment, Melody."


That was too close for my tastes.
Did I get the gem at least?

"I knew that would happen!"


I shake my head.
"Is he really that fuckin'… daft?"


You set them.
The current combination is: BAT, SPIDER, FISH

You hear a click.
Roll 1d10-2 to dodge.

You got it right in time.
There are more holes in the walls if you want to go on an adventure.


But I wanted the bat in the middle and the spider on the left!

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


"What kind of gem is that?"


I'd rather keep my hoof.

"I didn't get a good look yet."
Inspect the gem while the others work on the levers.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I think so."



As you can see on the pic, that's the order they're depicted on the altar.
You catch a few arrows before you get out.
Crown shakes her head.
"It was too good to be true…still, perhaps we're missing something."
She goes to look at the altar again.

It's a normal gem, nice to have, perhaps Star can charge it with her geomancy.


Shrug and pick off the arrows that made it.
"What if we made this thing run out of arrows?"
"Stupid lying altars. Books don't lie."


"Nothing important I think, Amber."
That is for later.
Bag the gem and walk over to Crown.
"Maybe if we try it in reverse? That's just a wild guess."


Perhaps help the others arrange the pillars according to markings that is present on the altar.
"Snack have no idea who you are! Get out of my head."


"That could work."

"It's Anarchy."


And actually, go check the holes from which the arrows fire.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Then the door still wouldn't open, or whatever that lever does…" says Ice dryly.

She looks at it.
"Reverse? What makes you say that?"

He's silent.
The pillars are set according to the markings on the altar.
As Soil proved, it didn't work.


They're small dark holes, you can't even poke your hoof in it.


"Well what fuckin' else can we do? Setting it like that didn't work."
I try setting them in the reverse order.


"A guess. If I left a clue out in the open like this I'd put a spin in it for sure."


Look at the pillars instead.
Maybe they look but don't look, because how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't?

Roll #1 2 = 2




The current setting of the pillars is: FISH, SPIDER, BAT
Pull the lever to see what happens.

They sure look pillar-y.


I back away from it.


I pull the lever.


"Lemme do that…" Pull it.


The wall shoves back and opens, revealing a new passageway.

"How boring. I hoped at least one of you would be torn to shreds by arrows."
says Anarchy


I look at Shortcake
"If it is Anarchy then…. he is near."
I rub my temples and try to focus.

Perhaps there is more to this fort, lets go and do some studying, is this the only marking present in the area? Do some digging or scrape some dirt of the wall. Lets study this place.

Roll #1 7 = 7


-Or perhaps not.
"Soil pony has done it." I smile.


"Great. Don't worry Anarchy, we are coming to get you."

Whistle for Inferni.


"Good thinking, Mabel!"


Raise a brow.
"Wasn't that M-
Whatever. Let's get after Anarchy, c'mon pal!"
Let's rush down the next hallway.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Fuckin' finally.
Push on now.


"Don't get too excited, I'm afraid the worst of it is still ahead of us."


"Who knows?"

I sneak on through.


Follow them.


As you walk in the passage, you see many wall markings depicting many scenes.
One depicts Diamond Dogs working the land.
Another shows a very large large diamond dog, the other diamond dogs barely come to higher than his feet. He carries a large axe, ready to attack an equally large wolf…

You make your way down the passage.
Suddenly you hear shouting for help. But it's not Anarchy, or anypony you recognize.
For the first time, Ice's stoic face softens to shock. "I-Infinite?!?"
She immediately breaks rank, unsheats her greatsword and rushes down past you down the hallway.
High Lady Crown shouts "Ice WAIT. Savior damn it. We got to go after her!"


"What the fuck is she going after?"


"How did somepony get here before us?"
Rush after her.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Get into stealth as I go after her!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Unsheate my axe and follow them!


I run after her.
Am I still in stealth?


"It's a trap, I bet!"


"Just keep your guard up pony."


The crystal paladins ignore her as they rush after her.

You rush after her, but she's fucking fast.

Too fast to stealth.

You rush after her.

You're a stealthy pone.

You rush after her but Ice blindly runs over a trapped floor plate in her rush to get down.
The ground shakes and an amount of rocks drop behind you and start rolling down.

You run down, trying to avoid the rocks.
Everyone must roll a 2d10.



Roll #1 1, 8 = 9


Of course it had to be a trap!

Roll #1 7, 8 = 15


Oh no!

Roll #1 8, 2 = 10


"For f-"
I'm not sure I can stand strong against all this…

Roll #1 4, 7 = 11



Roll #1 7, 5 = 12


Rolling for paladongs.


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 9, 3, 8, 1, 2 = 23


Dodge! Push whoever gets behind along!

Roll #1 1, 2 = 3


Can I expend my one success to mitigate Amber's failures?


You get hit by one of the rocks and tumble down the hallway.
You're helpless.

You expertly dodge everything and get down the hall unscathed.

You get hit here and there, but manage to avoid the worst.

High Lady Crown dodges like a boss!
Silver Blood stays with Amber and gets tumbled down as well.
2 paladins remains unscathed.
2 are lightly hurt.

The passageway ends in another large hall.
In the middle lays a wounded armored crystal pony.
In tears, and not even noticing the chaos behind her, Clear Ice runs towards him "Infinite!"
But when she gets close his voice turns to Anarchy's "SURPRISE"
The wounded pony shift away to reveal a large iron pony with menacing green lights in his dark eyes, carrying a scythe.
He gets up and slashes the surprised Ice.

With a flash 5 other iron ponies flash into the hall ready to attack with their scythes and swords.
Crown grabs her axes. "Attack formation!"

You are fighting 6 Unknown Iron Ponies.

Snacks 0/4 HELPLESS
Mabel 5/5
Shortcake 1/5
Soil 4/6
Melody 4/5
Amber 0/4 HELPLESS



File: 1388701274260.jpg (147.95 KB, 1600x1049, hall.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

pic of the hall.


"Indy! Go to Amber!"
I help Snacks up, Indy helps Amber.

Roll #1 3, 9 = 12


I try to help up Snacks.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Bleh… Get up!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"These guys again!"
They made the forest scream in agony…
"Inferni, remember that trick you showed me at the party?"
Inferni tries to blind them. Let's hope those glowy eyes are not just for show.
While he does, I slip into stealth.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Cheap Shot one of the iron ponies!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Well, this isn't looking good.
Fire up homing magic. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Try to get up

Roll #1 2 = 2


One of the Iron Ponies runs towards you using his scythe to slash you across the face.
Indy helps Amber up.

Shortcake helps Snacks up.

Inferni flies up and flashes the whole hall in a display of fire.
It doesn't faze the Iron Ponies in the slightest.
But it energizes you. +1 to your next attack.
You sneakily sneak sneak.

You fire right at one of the Iron Ponies.
Who doesn't even flinch as he comes closer and swings his scythe in your leg.

You get 2 motes.

High Lady Crown lets out a shout and attacks one of the Iron Ponies.
The Paladins turn to another.
And Clear Ice recovers from her surprise and throws herself at the Iron Pony with a fury rarely seen.
You have 3 Iron Ponies to kill.

You're already up.

"They're tough nuts, aren't they? They don't talk much, which is usually a minus for me, but I like them anyway."


Plant my axe to one those iron ponies head

Roll #1 10 = 10


Forgot score

Snacks 5/4
Mabel 5/5
Shortcake 1/5
Soil 4/6
Melody 1/5
Amber 0/4 HELPLESS


Right, let's duck behind a pillar and slip into Stealth.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Slam down on the iron pony that just sliced at me.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


And Amber 5/4


"Son of a bitch!"
Beat him over the head with my gun!

Roll #1 6 = 6


I backstab an iron pony.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Well, he can always burn them then.
I backstab one of them.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 3 + 3 = 6


Strike against one of the iron ponies!

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Rolling for paladongs


Roll #1 1, 3 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 10, 1, 6, 10, 2 = 29


You're stealthed.

You're going to have to slam harder, because this doesn't do it.
He breaks through your defense and slashes you again.

You hit him good. But it doesn't stop him.

You sneak up on the iron pony that attacks Melody and deliver a quick slash to the back.
The pony staggers and turns to you.

This isn't nature.
The roll is 3+2=5
Inferni attacks one of them with his claws.

You empower your hammer and with the power of the Princess you smash one of them to pieces in one hit.

In the front, Clear Ice isn't doing well, she just got staggered back by her attacker but remains firm.
Crown is having a moment of trouble as well.
The paladins manage to beat back their attacker, especially Silver Blood who delivers a few mighty blows with his bare hooves!

Snacks 5/4
Mabel 4/5
Shortcake 1/5
Soil 3/6
Melody 1/5
Amber 5/4
Warren 5/5

"Yes, I like them very much. They were once ponies you know. Serving that asshole of Law. But these ones in particular…they caused some trouble. So much that they and their brethren fought against each other. Almost tore the world apart. Literally!"



You strike with your axe right in the middle of one of the Iron Ponies.
He staggers back.


Grown and kick him away.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let's give Clear Ice a hoof. Backstab the one she's up against. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Indy's roll.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Keep up the heat! Smash another one with great vigor!

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


I throw dirt into its green eyes.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"What? THey are former pony paladins?" I shouted to the others.

Look at my axe in confusion still not seeing how this thing is special.
Draw my crossbow and fire a bolt. Aim at the weak part of the iron ponies armor.
Marksman shot

Roll #1 2 = 2


>But it energizes you. +1 to your next attack.
I wonder if he can breathe fire… Anyway, he keeps attacking, and I get my other rapier out to attack.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 2, 3 = 5


Monkey Agility that 2

Roll #1 3 = 3


Rolling for paladongs

Roll #1 6, 6 + 2 = 14 / Roll #2 3, 1, 10, 1, 5 = 20


Jam the gun into his face and fire!

Roll #1 7 = 7


As Indy's flame heats up the abomination, you slam him into Oblivion.

He turns around and pushes you back.
But you gave Ice an opening.

You attack the one Melody is attacking and stagger it.

It doesn't do anything.

As the Iron Pony is staggered by Amber, you put your pistol in his mouth and shoot his head off.
He's down.

Both Ice and Crown strike back and finish their opponents.
The paladins take some hits but manage to kill theirs as well.

As the Iron Ponies fall to the ground they sizzle and disappear again in a flash.

You all take a breather as High Lady Crown walks angrily to Clear Ice.


Everyone is death so no counterattack damage.


"Damn things. Not even leaving behind a trophy!"


"You should be glad they don't."

"Is everyone allright?"


I try to fly around behind it and backstab it again.


"That takes care of that!"


"That was rather close."
"I'm well."


they ded


"What? I'm not! I want proof of what I hunt!"


Nod with a smile.
"Good. Last time I fought one of these they roughed me up."

"Their very presence made the forest scream when one was coming after me, for the cube. It is better that they are gone without a trace."


Mimic her yapping and yapping with a hoof.


"Wow! The trees were screaming?"


"Snack is fine so far, do Mabel think we are near Anarchy?"


I rush over to Melody.
"Mel, are you alright?"


Glare at him but don't say anything.

Shake my head.
"I'm not sure. Knowing him, he must still have some tricks for us."

"Not literally."


High Lady Ice simply looks defeated towards her and mumbles "sorry."
Crown sighs and whispers "We've talked about this, Clear…maybe you should go back…"
Clear angrily looks up "I'm fine!" she growls between her teeth.
"No, no you're not…this isn't-"
Anarchy speaks up "Feeling sad, Ice? You know, I've seen what happened to Infinite, let me tell you, it was quite a show!"
"shut up!"
"Those changelings, wooow, they surely know how to break somepony"
"SHUT UP! I'LL GET YOU!" Clear Ice waves her sword angrily towards the ceiling.
"Oh come and get me~"
A door opens at the end of the stairs.
Ice doesn't immediately rush through it though.

"All of you are invited too, you know~. Time to open the box~"


Grunt and stand up, shield first.
"Slow this time."
Start walking up the stairs.


I try to hide again.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll frown.
"Lady Ice, we will need all our wits about us here. You and I both know that we can't let ourselves be bogged down with emotion right now."
I'll grip my dagger a little tighter.
"But there will be time for those emotions later. We just have to survive first."


I shrug and carefully approach the stairs. Any traps?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"For the last time! Shut the fuck up Anarchy!"
I groan.


"Enjoy these few minutes Anarchy, for they are your last."
Try to stealth again.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Ready my axe as Anarchy taunt us.
Still dont know who is Lady ice or the other one.

"Mabel Donkey is right on that." I grit my teeth


You start climbing the stairs.

"This time? I have the impression it always goes really slow with you, Soil."

Little place to hide here.

"This isn't your concern. You can't understand."
Clear Ice starts walking up the stairs.
Crown speaks up "We'll go together."
Ice waits for her and they go up the stairs together.

Not that you can see.
Silver Blood catches up with you
"You okay?"

You stealth it up.
"I don't think so. You see, I'm not even here. Well in a way I am, in a way I'm not."

Only Amber knows them somewhat.
They're paladins.


They're the other paladins. High Lady Crown is their leader.
"Oh I can't, can't I?"
I'll snort.
And then head towards the door.


Walk up the stairs.
"Yeah I am! We'll be fine as long as we stick together. My friends aren't paladins, but they know how to take care of themselves!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You won't be able to hide forever…"

Proceed carefully.
What's in the next room?


"You were the slow one last time, when I slapped you up and down with my shield."
Smirk to myself.


Follow Mabel.


"Oh yes, and do you remember in that little head of yours, that I was going to teach you a lesson for that? Do you even realize Soil, that all that happens now is YOUR fault? Tell me…have you checked your pockets lately?"

Another large hall, at the other side is a throne, it is faced away from you. At the side sits the cube.

"They sure know how to fight!"


"Is that… is that that fuckin' cube?"


"Well, there that is. Mabel, I believe you're best suited for carrying it for now.
Look around, and up as well. Never know if he's sitting on a chandelier or something. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Stop for a second.
Check my backpack.


"Cube? Is that the same cube?"

I look at Warren.
"Is the cube still in your bag?


"Yeah they do! We've all had a lot of practice!"

Narrow my eyes at the cube.
"Smells like a trap!"


It can't be this easy, can it…
Get nnearby in the shadows, then jump at it, grab it while I jump and roll away from any traps that might activate.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What are you trying to do with that? Its bad news!"


"We gave it to Mabel, who then turned it over to the paladins for safekeeping until it could be destroyed. Whatever's been stealing things from the camp somehow got into a chest that took the ponies with the keys five minutes to open."


You enter the hallway.
Anarchy's voice echoes from behind the chair
"Well you made it…

It is there.

The hall is large, there are some streams at the sides of the hall, water flowing through a small canal, probably an old aquaduct, partially ruined.

He grabs his weapon.
"Let's stay close anything could happen."

You're trying to all that do that to something that's literally fifty meters away in this large hall? Next to an evil fucking villain? With one roll? Ignored.

You check your backpack. Helm still here, that mug is still here, what could possibly be missin- and then you realize…

The throne turns around and on it sits an old small doll, it's face twisted and its eyes glowing red. It's mouth opens and Anarchy's voice says "Welcome"



"Soil is that your doll."


Drop my jaw, and my shield, to the ground.


"Uuuuh… What?"

"… What?"


…a doll?


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