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Rewind the clock a day….
You've been trotting through the mountains for days.
Officially they're called the Winterpeaks, but you've heard the locals refer to them as the Cursed Mountains. So shining and white they look from afar, but as the days pass in coldness, snow and ice, none but the strongest would say that these mountains don't have an edge of maliciousness to them.

It is getting darker. Holly, Iris, Soothing and the others are setting up camp. Today it's your turn to look for some good old dry firewood. Not an easy task given that everything here's covered in snow.
But in team, you can all get things done quicker!

As you're gathering wood in shouting distance from each other, Amber stumbles across large pawprints in the snow. Like a wolf, but way bigger.



Make that Soil!


"I really wish Pyrrus just showed me a spell how to light wet wood."
Snark a bit, I don't like this cold.


Grin, looking at Indy.
"Ain't this something. Send out a flare, kid."
By which I mean, fly up and breath fire into the air so the others know to rally on us!


Inferni flies next to you and drops a piece of dry firewood in front of your hooves.

Then you see a large cone of flame in the distance, that can only be Indy!

"Yes Pa!"


Put it in my bag.
"Well, whatever that is, it's better than this snow."
Head there with Inferni.


So comfy and roasty.
Now, have a Survival check to identify where these tracks come from.
I should have a map of the surroundings too if I'm not mistaken.

Roll #1 11 + 6 = 17


You're with Soil now, who's checking out some large oversized wolf tracks.

Very comfy.
The tracks originate from further down the valley, it would be a serious climb down to find their source. Perhaps the animal was going for a drink or hunting?


"Found something nice, hmm?"


"At least worthy of becoming another mug for my collection!"
Point out, towards the valley.
"We should go check that out."


P.S. just to be sure that you mean what you said, that's where the tracks are coming from, not where they're going!


"I had a fun sleight ride with Warren almost breaking my neck, but we could repeat that for this valley if you want."


Well fuck me. Where are they going?


Up the hill, you see them disappearing over the top.
It doesn't look too far up. And the tracks look fresh, perhaps you can see up there what the creature looks like.

Indy cocks his head.
"You never told me about that!"


"Warren gave me wings, wanted to teach me how to fly, some Wind lords got pissy at me and tried to kill us, we got caught in a blizzard and stuck in a cave with some weird bones, jury-rigged a sleigh to work and rode all the way back to Ponyville!"


"Never mind that, wolves hunt uphill, Mabel!"
Start trotting through the snow, following the tracks.
Snicker as we run.
"Ooooh, that's cutesy!"


Roll an Athletics!


"Awww, that's why I wanted to do it again!"


Roll #1 8 + 8 = 16



Roll #1 10 + 14 = 24


The snow is up to your knees and some of you get up to the top of the hill easier than others. Indy, having waited for you both to almost be on top, simply spreads his wings and lands down way ahead of you with a twinkle in his eyes.

Up here, you can see the large wolf prints lead to a cave in the distance…


Look at the cave.
"Shall we?"


"Oh yes, I love this part!"
Pull out the shield and stalk ahead!


You get closer to the cave and find multiple wolf tracks, some smaller, others 10 times as big as your hoof.
There's also a disturbing amount of bleak bones laying scattered around the entrance.


"That's a lot of wolves…"


"Hey, you asked for it!"


"Ain't saying I'm backing out of it.
Just wolves, you know."
Smirk to her.


Indy looks down
"What if it's one wolf that can change size?!?"


"If we find a bunch of pup, let's try not to slaughter them though."


"Nonsense, wolves hunt in packs Indy!"
"Pup skulls don't make for good mugs anyway."


Might as well enter.
I see good in the dark.

Roll #1 5 + 22 = 27


As in, you see orphans smiling and doctors saving lives?


You sneakily enter the cave…
It's very dark and scary…
You feel a draft….wait, a warm draft coming from a tunnel to the left.

"Maybe it's a lonely wolf?"
Mabel disappears in the darkness of the cave, invisible.


Follow the left tunnel… leave the dry firewood as a trail for Soil!


I'll wait here and not fuck it up for mabel.


"Dad, should I fly up and see if I can see any wolves?"

As you step further you hear a loud breath and the tap of paws coming closer. You see a wolf just as large walking towards you….

Rolling to detect '1d20+13'

Roll #1 2 + 13 = 15


But he passes right by you!


Slowly follow, see where it goes!


"Not a bad idea. You do that, I will search around."
You can handle the spot roll for Indy, while I take a minute to plan out some Tactics in case wolves came out of the came.

Roll #1 19 = 19


He goes back towards the entrance and then goes into a different tunnel. The tunnel here gives way too carved smooth walls, clearly griffon made.
The wolf jumps into some pit, but you can't see from here what's in there.

You climb the rocks and get ready for a dive attack if one comes out!
Notice while you're here…




Roll #1 15 + 1 = 16


Let's backtrack and see the place where the wolf originally came from.


You leave the one wolf to his destiny and take a tour back, as you follow further, the cave suddenly goes steep down. It seems to be an old steep stairway, but the stairs are slippery and have mostly worn away through age and water.
It would require an acrobatics check to make it down without slipping, not to mention possibly breaking your neck.

As you sit down ready, you notice Griffon runes on the wall.
It pictures a nest encircled in a circle, next to the circle is a sun and a moon.
What could that mean?


I'll slide down with style.

Roll #1 17 + 9 = 26


Follow up with another roll to hide again.



Roll #1 7 + 22 = 29


If only I'd studied griffon rather than old unicornian!
I know what I'll do. Make a chalk of this with a slip of paper and a stick of charcoal.
Then rush to the base camp, flying atop Indy. Time to cross-reference the books!


Something to think about next time!
The others are too busy setting up camp and you don't think about making a ruckus for a few wolves.
Roll an Investigate roll.

You not only manage to creep down, but you do it so stealthily no one heard anything.
It's warm here, you see a tunnel with a light at the end of it.




I wish I'd married Iris already.
Then she'd have to support me in these moments of hardship!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


File: 1454020461190.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, skyrim_blackreach___1_by_w….png) ImgOps Google

I wonder if Iris feels the same?

You enter an enormous cave that stretches as far as the eye can see. You look back and see that this entrance is an old worn pillar with stairs inside and even behind you the cave stretches endlessly.
The ceiling is dotted with numerous gems glistening by the light of the glowing mushrooms. As you step a hoof forward, you hear something crack beneath it, you then realize the floor all around you is covered with bones of griffons, ponies and other animals, only further up ahead it seems to end.
There's 4 wolves, slightly glowing, of different sizes roaming inbetween, sometimes gnawing on one of the bones.

'3d20' +13

It takes a while but then you find a book of old Griffic legends, it seems to refer to Hell. Read on?

Roll #1 8, 7, 3 = 18


None of the wolves you see notice you


Sure do!
>that pic
I've seen enough SFM porn to know where this is going.


I am outnumbered, so let's keep it that way… try not to step on the bones and circle around the wolves to avoid them.


Roll Notice



Roll #1 7 + 9 = 16


AD it for safety

Roll #1 1 = 1


You slowly circle the three wolves to hide behind a large rock wall a bit further.
Wait..the rock wall has hair.
You look up and realize you're right next to a huge wolf, as big as a house. He seems to be sleeping luckily…

In Griffic mythology the idea of Valhalla and the Hall of the Ancients is central. But the concept of the Underworld itself is shrouded in mystery. Some of the Griffic myths have heroes committing suicide in order to enter the Underworld and save someone from demonic forces, suggesting the Underworld to be a spiritual place, rather than a physical one. However, one, the legend of Silkbeak, sharply contrasts the other myths in the Eadda.

In it, Silkbeak, a bard of unmatched prowess travels to Mt. Grifjell in pilgrimage. While he thrudges through the heat, smoke and fire of the lava caves, he gets a vision, the Warlord Sun and his wife Vreyya appear before him…


Continue, as I walk back to the cave entrance.


Oh damn… veeeery quietly make distance from it!
When I'm safe…
Take out the stone with the little lightning in it! This calls for some help!


You slowly walk back to the cave…

The Sun praises Goldbeak for his intelligence and wordplay before telling him of the purpose of this vision.
He tells him that their daughter [note: this is the only place in all of the Eadda that mentions the Sun having a daughter. In some pony mythology the Sun and Moon are said to have a daughter called Mother Nature. The Eadda makes no mention of her name however.]
Their daughter was tricked by the evil Moon spirit to descend into Hel, a place underneath the Earth ruled by demonic forces. [note: The Griffic Eadda does have the concept of Tartarus so it is unclear if this means Tartarus or some other place]
Neither the Sun nor Vreyya can enter this place without light so they ask Silkbeak to intervene on their behalf and arrange for their daughters release

You hear a thunder and see a lightning strike the hill in the distance.

It glows for a second and fades, she must be on her way.


Now, it's just a matter of staying hidden and wait for her and Soil.




"Indy! That's our call!"
Start rushing towards the thunder!


You hide

'3d20' +13

You jump on Indy and rush there.
You see a light orange colored pony has appeared at the cave

Roll #1 3, 5, 7 = 15


Jump down and skid to an halt!
"Hi there!"


She slowly looks up, not showing any reaction to a huge lizard landing right next to her.
"Good Evening."


"Are you Mother Nature?"
Dismount, looking curious more than anything!


"Would you believe me if I said yes?"


"Sure! You look like the mother nature kind of mare!"


She smiles.
"I guess in a way, I am. Who wants to know?"


"I'm just an adventurer visiting!
My name's Soil the Poor, and this is Indy the Dragon, my son!"
Pat on his head and step forth, sitting down before her.
"Say, have you seen my friend Mabel around?"


She nods.
"I was looking for her actually.
Some mother nature business."


"Oh that'd make sense! We should go find her then."
Stand up again.
"But what about the wolves?"


"A strong stallion like yourself isn't afraid of wolves is he?"


Shake my head.
"Thought we were in for a nice hunting trip!"


"Okay, so how would you do this as a hunter?"


"I'd bang on my shield until they all circle me and then have a big brawl!"


She nods.
"I like that!"


"We should have a hunting trip together, some times."


"Shall we then?"





And as I nod, take out my shield and start banging on it.

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