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The train is slowing down.
You look out the window to see the hills of the Ostmark, near the Prench border.

You're here to visit your brother Hanz in Prinzessinberg.

It's been a while since you've seen him. The letters from your mother said he'd met a nice mare and settled down here.


Ack Hanz, how I have missed you. Move to the doors of the train and get ready to get off.


It slowly stops.
The station is full of ponies.
Some soldiers probably going to the border.
Tradesponies heading for the capital.
You notice a grey pony with brown hair to the end of the station. That's Hanz.
He waves when he sees you!


Wave back and walk up to him.
"Hanz, my bruder! How are yoü?"


"I'm doing well! Did you have a good journey?"


"Very good, thank yoü. When I heard the news from mother I knew I had to come visit."


He starts walking out the station.
"Really? What did she say?"


Follow him.
"That yoü have met a pony and grown close to her."


"Indeed, I have.
And your prediction I'd have to marry a troll turned out to be untrue! You'll see for yourself she's a perfectly normal mare!"


"Why do you think I came here so quickly?"


He laughs.
"You caught me by surprised. I thought you were still in some foreign land."

Prinzessinberg is an old town. The buildings are of stone and richly decorated. The ponies here in the center are finely dressed and clearly of a high class.


"No, oür latest contract ended last week so I hürried back over to Germaney."
Look around.
"Thoügh we are very close to Prance…"


"It's not so bad. The border is still 10 kilometers away. When I got here, some ponies told me that there's secret Prench agents everywhere around here, but except for the Prench baker and a few traders, there's no secret agents.
I think it's all overblown. And besides, if worst came to worst, Prinzessinburg has never fallen to the Prench."


"Well, I hope yoü will protect your mare well. Yoü were lücky enough to find her in the first place!"


"Ha, those Prench can try. By now you're in the outskirts of Prinzessinberg. Homes are less frequent here and classic wooden style.
You many trees and a playground full of foals.
Eventually you get to a small house with a little porch.
The classic middle-class dream


>can try"


"That's a nice home to call home, brother."


"Thanks! Once Alena saw it, we had to buy it at all costs."


"Is she from Prinzessinberg?"


"Yes, but we met in Stuttegart, believe it or not."


"Well, that's nice. What does she do?"


She's a kindergarten teacher.
As you step into the house a petite light blue mare with orange mane comes down.
"Hello! You must be Liesl! Such a pleasure to meet you." She gives you a polite hug


"That's me! And you müst be the fräulein my brother spoke so highly of. It's nice to meet yoü too, Alena."


"Oh, he told me great things about you. You're a landsknecht?"


"Mhm, that is right. Serving leutnant in my company."


She leads you to the living room.
"Amazing! I'm so jealous, you travel all around the world!"


"Oh ja, I've been to many places because we are in such high demand. It's not a job for the homesick though."


"Oh my, have you been to Equestria? Or Trotantium?"


"Yes I have. Eqüestria, Trotantiüm, the crystal empire, Hyperborea… they're large markets for us."


"I'm jealous." She pats her hubbie.
"When are we going to Equestria. I've heard Canterlot is so romantic."


"Canterlot also has a lot of mages! You best watch out."
Wink at her.


"Mages are not so bad, as long as they're not Prench!" She giggles.


"Well, Eqüestria is a nice place to visit anyhow. I recommend it."


"Hmmm, say, Liesl, would you be interested in dropping by the school tomorrow?"


"The school? Why so?"


"Part of what we teach the foals, in a simple way, is the glory of Germaney and our past.
Landsknechts are heroes to them. If you stepped by, just for a little while and talked about your adventures, you'd have made their year!"


"Well süre I can do that. Anything for the German youth."


"Great!" She pours a glass of wine for all of you. "Cheers!"

Some things you want to talk about?
Want to take a tour through the town?
Want to skip to the school the next day?
Want to know something about Alena or Hanz?


"Hanz, tell me, how goes your work?"


He works for the regional office.
"Hmmm, busy, busy. We've had our hooves full making the preparations for the winter. And on top of that, the Krieg Ministery has asked us for an evaluation of all the military outposts near the border. I've been visiting them all week."
He takes a sip from the wine.
"At this rate, I hope we'll still get the winter preparations done in time."


"Do you think we're going to have a harsh winter this year?"


He nods.
"I've seen the schedules of the Weermacht. They're planning an exceptionally cold winter. Officially because last winter was too warm. Between us, I've heard the Ministry is concerned about something called Ocuflies. It's supposed to be a new invention from the Oddomane Empire, tiny magical flies that can be sent to spy on the enemy. The Ministry thinks they'll freeze to death in a cold winter. Best solution until they can find something better."


"Well, I likely won't be around to witness it anyway. I'm sure I'll be called to arms again soon enough."


"Better to make the best of what we have then."
He looks at Alena.
"I think we better tell her already."
She nods.


"Tell me…?"


"Alene is pregnant!"




My eyes widen.
"You're jesting!"


Alena shakes her head with a proud grin.
"We know from yesterday!"
Hanz chuckles. "I sent a letter to mom yesterday."


Hanz you saucy bastard.
"All these things I miss oüt on! Congratülations!"


Alena gives you a hug!
"In a few weeks, we'll know if it's a colt or a filly!"


"Mein Gott, it's wonderfül news either way! Mother and father will be pleased."


"I'm expecting some very long letter from mom any minute now."


"Well, I shoüld start planning for the fütüre for this. Woüldn't want to miss oüt on my nephew or niece being born."


"Do you want to be his or her gottmutter?"


"Büt of coürse!"


"Great! We couldn't be happier!"


"Ach, I think you müst be feeling plenty happy already! This is a big step!"


He nods.
"Honestly, I can't really grasp it just yet. A lot of things are going to change from now on."


"Well, I'm here for you two if you ever need help. I may be gone a lot, but you can always reach me by mail."


Skip to sleep?
Skip to school?
Other conversation?


Let's skip to that school.


The next day…
You make your way to the local kindergarten with Alena.
"You're gonna love them, they're so sweet!"


"Oh I'm süre they are. How many children are there?"


You step into the large stone building. In the entrance hall hangs a Germane flag and a picture of the Kaiserin. And on either side of the Kaiserin a smaller portrait of Luna and Celestia, the Divine Sisters.

Some colts and fillies in a grey school uniform are hurrying to class.


How adorable. Take off my hat and set it aside as I enter the building.


"Just follow me. First we'll do the normal morning routine and then I'll introduce you. Was it the same with you? Good morning, teacher and then the anthem before class?"

Should be, it's average drilling in Germane schools. Could have been tougher if you want


"Oh ja, this is all familiar territory."


The foals are neatly waiting in two rows. When the teacher opens the door they walk in, not in a perfect march, but they're still foals right.
As everypony gets seated, Alena goes to her desk.
"Good morning, class."
"Good morning, teacher." say the foals.
"This is miss Von Trott. Greet her."
"Good morning, miss Von Trott".


Bow my head slightly.
"Ein good morning."


"Now class, time for the anthem."
The ponies all put their hoof to their chest, teacher too. And start singing


Join in, of course!


Does that need an impress roll?


"Now, class. Miss Von Trott is a landsknecht."
For the first time, the silence is broken by gasps and very low whispers.
Most look with big eyes to you.
"Miss Von Trott is here to tell you about what's it like to be a landsknecht."


"My kinder, I hope I can shed some light on the lifestyle of a landsknecht today."


They are all silent, hanging on your lips


"Before I start taking qüestions, who here is familiar with die landsknechten?"


Many raise their hoof immediately, you see a colt in the back who hesitates but when he sees everypony raising his hoof, he does too.


Point at one of the ponies who rose their hoof immediately.
"Ja? What do yoü know?"


He stands upright.
"Landsknechten are mercenaries who go to foreign lands and have awesome adventures!"


"Well, that is the gist of it. We are soldiers who go out in the world looking for trouble to solve for a price."


A few other ponies raise their hooves.


Pick one at random.


A filly
"Why do all landsknechten wear such colorful clothes?"


I laugh.
"A good question! It's mostly tradition, our ancestors liked this type of clothing because it made them stand out more and thus universally recognized! Some landsknechten wear the colors of their province or town out of pride as well, but these days it really is mostly our traditional way of presenting ourselves."


More raise their hoof, to facilitate posting, I'll just assume you take another question until time up or you want to move on.

A small colt speaks up.
"How long have there been landsknechten?" Up to you. Germaney has in one form or another existed for approximately 700 years already


"Several centuries already actually. Us Germanes were always regarded as the most industrious of ponies so naturally other countries wanted our help while fighting wars."


"My dad says landsknechten are no match for the Imperial Army!"


I laugh.
"Comparing the two is a very silly thing to do. We're a specialized branch of soldiers, the imperial army is organized in other branches and specialties!"


"Did you fight the Prench?"


"Mmmm, yes we have on occasion. We're well trained when it comes to fighting spellcasters for sure."


"What was it like?"
Alena frowns. "Siegfried, that's not an appropriate question."
"Sorry, miss Liesl…"


"I'll spare you the details, but I can tell you the Prench are even flashier than us Landsknechte."
I grin at him.


He grins too.
A small filly asks.
"M-may I s-see y-"
Alena speaks up. "Speak loud and clearly, Hanna."


"Natürlich! No touching though, it is razor sharp!"
Unsheathe my sword in a swift motion and hold it above my head. I think an Impress roll is in order here.

Roll #1 3 + 10 = 13


You overdo it and nearly cut off part of your own mane, luckily that doesn't matter for the little foals as they look in awe.


"I forged it myself. As a landsknecht you're expected to be able to repair and patch up your own gear. You really pick up a lot of skills as a result."


"How do I become a landsknecht?"


"The recruiting process is very similar to the military, so don't worry. If you have the determination and guts for it, you'll get there if you want."


"What is the biggest enemy you've ever fought?"


I chuckle.
"Do overweight Prench mages count?"


The foals laugh.
Alena speaks up.
"Well, that was wonderful but our time is up. Say goodbye to miss Von Trott, foals."
"Goodbye, miss Von Trott."


Nod my head slightly.
"Work hard, meine kinder."


Alena leads you out.
"Thanks for dropping by. They'll be talking about this for weeks." she says once the door is closed.


Take her hoof.
"Anything for my brother's significant other. You're doing Celestia's work out here teaching these youngsters. If they ever misbehave, leave them to me for a day."


She winks.
"I'll keep it in mind."


"Gut. I will see you later."


Time to go.
Time for a walk in Prinzessinburg?
Something else?


I can go for a walk. See the place my brother calls home now.


Prinzessinburg is one of the oldest cities of Germaney. But because of its proximity large parts of the town have been destroyed and rebuilt throughout its long history, making a weird mish mash at times of different architecture.
The most authentic part of town is the Old City, you could visit the famous beer gardens or see the outside of the Stutwanstein or the walls of the city that only have been breached once.
The Cathedral to the Princesses if you're feeling religious


Normally I would be drawn to the beer gardens, but I feel religious today. I will go see the cathedral.


The immense gothic cathedral dominates the landscape. A glorious testament to the glory of the Princesses…and the heroic sacrifice of the fallen. Many of the dead of the wars fought near here are buried in the catacombs of this cathedral.
It is dark in the cathedral and so silent, as if ponies still feel the chill of the dead. At the end, centerpiece are the two statues of the Princesses, Luna and Celestia. Their stone smile looks kindly upon the ponies lighting a candle in their honor.
To the side, flanked by two Imperial guards is a monument to the Unknown Soldiers.
The walls are decorated with paintings. Of the Grand Crusade against Discord, Canterlot, Bridlin and the First Kaiser.


Hmmm, there's something about these kind of temples which puts my mind at ease. I'm not a hugely religious pony… but still. I should light a candle. Brighten up this darkness.


To the Sun or the Moon? Or one for both?
You notice a smaller shrine that seems new tucked to the side.
It's a small statue to the Crystal Princess, with an offering of roses.


I'll light a candle for each. Even that other princess. I don't care much for her or those diamond ponies, but I'm sure she must have done something right if she has statues lying around.

Now… any cute nuns walking around?


Sisters blessing. You have +1 to Cha until the Sun goes down.
(Editors note: might change it into something better later)

Roll Notice for qt nuns


They shall not escape my gaze.

Roll #1 8 + 10 = 18


You sneakily check around and see a qt blue mare nun with a red mane and speckles bringing roses to the Cadance statue


Hmmm, maybe she can enlighten me.

Trot after her cheerily.


She lays some flowers at the shrine.
She looks to you with a smile.
"Hail, landsknecht."


"Guten tag, fraülein. I noticed you have a third inanimate occupant here."
Gesture to the smaller shrine.


"Ah yes, the Crystal Princess. The Princess of Love, a new star in the pantheon."


"I don't mean to be rude, but what makes her worthy of her position? Surely she can't be as powerful as the Equestrian princesses?"


"By no means, but Love has always been a minor godess, creating bonds of friendship and happiness among ponies under the protection of the Moon and the Sun and now Love has deemed a pony worthy to embody Her. Cadance now rules the Crystal Empire, loyal to her big Sisters."


"Are you a fan of love, fraülein?"


"It is a beautiful virtue, is it not?"


"Oh ja, very beautiful. No coincidence that you in particular are tending to the shrine."


She grins. "Are you perhaps seeking advice in matters of Love?"


"In a way… I süppose so."
Smile at her playfully.


"Is this a private matter?"


"Well, that depends on your preferences I süppose…"


"I see…"
She looks at you.
"…maybe we can talk it over with a drink."




"Let me just grab a coat."


"Don't let me stop you."
Put on my hat again.


She comes back.
To a little cafe? To beer gardens?


The beer gardens, now that's truly Germane!
"Do you mind drinking beer, fraülein?"


She smirks.
"Oh…I don't drink much, but I can handle one or two."


"Very gut! Come!"


The beer garden is a large field near the center of town. The field has large apple trees to lean again and plentiful colorful flower, and soft grass to lay or roll in. The apples and flowers are imbued with magic to make them alcoholic in nature, giving a nice sidedish for the average consumer.
In the middle is a large round wooden bar, with immense wooden barrels to sate the thirsty.
During some weekends this place is packed with ponies.
It's a work day however, so now there are just a few.


I miss work…
Sit down at one of the tables and ask for some refreshments.


You both get a big tankard of beer.


Down some of it immediately.
"So fraülein, what is your name? Are you a follower of any alicorn in particular?"


She takes a good sip as well.
"Hmmm, I'm Freya and I used to be a priestess solely dedicated to the Sisters. But after a study trip to the Empire I realized I was needed to spread the word of the new Princess."


"Did you meet ze princess?"


"Yes, very briefly. I was in awe of her kindness and beauty."


"Beauty, you say? I guess the princess of love must be beautiful."


"Would be a bummer if she wasn't."


"I appreciate beauty in my life. Going to war is hell sometimes, but coming back here to ze beer garden and sharing a drink with a cute mare soothes all those old wounds."


"Then I must be doing something right as a priestess. Have you been gone from Germaney for a long time?"


"Ja… almost a year. Und I will need to leave again sooner rather than later."


"Then you should make the best of your time here…"


"Hmmm, ja indeed. Why do you think I approached you in particular?"


"You needed some spiritual comfort?"
Her sly smile suggest she already knows there's more.


"Ah… I would love some comforting, frau Freya."


"Do you want a private session to discuss spiritual matters? At my place?"


"Sure. Just let me finish mein beer."
Chug that motherfucker down.


She drinks as well and you take off to her place. It's a quiet enough little cottage. you're struck by the amount of crystal empire memorabilia.


Oooooh, this is nice.
"This stuff looks expensive."


"It isn't! In the Empire this is like iron for us. Plentiful."


"You must really like the place. How do they feel about Germaney?"


"They don't know much about it.
When the Empire disappeared, Germaney didn't exist yet.
I've invited a few fellow priests over a few years ago and they loved it here.
But I haven't seen any crystal ponies here besides that." she scrunches


"I see… I see… They'll come eventually."


"One day! Now, there's not much room here..I guess we'll have to sit on the bed to talk."


I grin.
"Naturlich. We have so much to discuss."


And fade to black

Roll #1 6, 4, 4, 1, 2 + 2 = 19


Oh dear, you're gonna have to make up son.


Le lewd ponoe face.

Roll #1 9, 4, 3, 10, 4 = 30


At least you make up for her shoddy technique.
She cuddles up to you.
"Hmmm, that was lovely~"


Pull her closer, I need the warmth. I needed that.
"Mmmhm. You're a good priestess, Freya. You've certainly healed me now."


"Being a priestess of Love has its perks."


"We both get to have a fun time so it's hard to disagree."


She rubs your belly a bit.
"It must be rough being a landsknecht"


"Not always… but sometimes it can be bad, especially when you're far from home for a long time under harsh conditions. Luckily you have the fellow landsknechte to rely on."
Nuzzle into her mane.
"And the comfort of another soul nearby."


Nuzzle nuzzle.
"You should visit the empire when you get a chance."


"I'm süre the winds will blow me there some day. We visit so many different places, it's only a matter of time. Maybe when the gryphons decide to get uppity again…"


"I haven't been to Hyperborea yet. What's it like?"


"Mountainous and cold. Beautiful landscapes actually, it's just that not all places are friendly to non-fliers."


"I wish I was a pegasus sometimes. Must be fun to fly and sleep on clouds."


"Ja… they look so soft and fluffy."
Roll her over on top of me.
"But I think they must be cold to touch too."


"Mmmm, I don't think so, the sun always shines up there…"


"But it must be windy too. Kind of like on a high mountain."


She hugs you.
"You can wrap the fluffy clouds all around you like a blanket against the wind.


"I'd rather wrap some good company around me to be honest."


"Hmmm, I'd be happy to oblige~"
More fade to black


Too lewd for mlpg.co!


You do a little nap.
Roll Notice


Alert as fuck.

Roll #1 6 + 10 = 16


Boosting that with an AD '1d4'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You dream about beer and sauerkraut.
Scratching sauerkraut.
You open your eyes.
Nunponoe is still sleeping next to you.
You heard something faint. Like a scratch but different.
Hmmm, there it is again!


Roll out of bed.

Maybe she has a cat I didn't notice before…


You check around. You don't see signs of cats.
Hmm, the sound is a bit louder in the basement.


I sigh and go down there. Maybe there's a whole civilization of underground hobos living there.


Who knows?!?
You go down roll search


Be ready for anything…

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


Whoops, that should be +11


It seems to come from under the floor.
Probably some animal.


Hmmm. Is there some sort of hatch or anything in the floorboards? Or a weak spot?

Roll #1 11 + 11 = 22


You feel around and remove a few loose planks.
What should have been solid ground seems to be a hole into a tunnel. The scratching sounds more like mining picks with the planks removed.


Oh what the hell is this? Look over my back, then carefully proceed into this tunnel.


Are you carrying your weapons?


I doubt I'm carrying my halberd, but I probably do have my sword on me.


You drop down.
The tunnel seems to have been dug recently.
You see magical light flares at regular places in the tunnel.
You can go left or right, the mining sounds come from your left


Magical light flares… what on earth? Go right first. If there's nothing of note after 5 minutes of walking I'm turning back.


Just as you're about to turn around again, you come across a small set of boxes and a table with chairs. Nopony seems to be here. But there's a pipe laying on the table.
The boxes are neatly stacked on the side. Marked with Food.
A small map of Prinzessinburg hangs on the wall with a red line through it.


I frown. I don't like this. Someone's digging tunnels and it appears to be done in secret. Take the map.

I'm going to meet with the sound now.


The map shows a red line coming from the north and ending at the local Army Staff Barracks.

You go back.
Roll for stealthiness.


Boosting it with a AD even though I'll likely fail '1d4'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Rolling to notice

Roll #1 17, 4 = 21


You sneakily sneak your way closer.
At the end you see two ponies working, digging their tunnel further into the cold rock.
They're both wearing leather brown clothes without anything remarkable.
As you get closer you suddenly see another sitting on the side getting up.
"…I thought I heard something." he says with a Germane accent.
He looks around, you may try to Hide with another sneak roll or you can charge for a surprise attack


I'm not going to just outright attack a bunch of ponies for digging a hole…

Still, unsheathe my sword and step forward.
"Guten tag."


They stop and look at you.
"….Guten tag, fraulein."


"Working hard here?"


"As you can see.
I'm sorry but this is a restricted site…"
The others are holding on tightly to their gold and steel picks


"Who do you work for?"


"…are you a patriot, fraulein?"


"I asked you a question first."


"It's a project in the interest of Germaney. I can't say more. It would be best if you left and don't discuss this with anypony."


"Do you work for the imperial administration?"




Sense bullshit.
"Then you must have the proper documentation to dig these tunnels under private property, ja?"

Roll #1 17 + 9 = 26


Your bullshit detectors are off the charts.
"Y-yes, but I left it further down…"


"I already checked, nothing of the likes there. Do you know what I think? That you are engaging in illegal activities. Why does this tunnel lead to the house of a nun? I suggest you tell me the truth now, doing otherwise would be a grievous error."

Roll #1 3 + 10 = 13


Uh, that was intimidate.
AD boost roll? '1d4'

Roll #1 2 = 2


They pick up their mining picks.
"It's one of you, three of us. I think you're making an error here, fraulein…"


"I've faced much worse odds. I will make you talk."
Shift into a combat stance. Battle it is! Rolling for Initiative.

Roll #1 13 + 4 = 17



Roll #1 16, 2, 1 + 3 = 22


Alright, sorry for the delay, this took ages to setup and then didn't work, so I remade something very quickly.


The cocky first miner takes a step forward and takes a bullwhip off his belt. He cracks it before swinging it towards you!


Roll #1 19 + 2 = 21


Direct hit on your leg for '1d6' subdual dmg

Roll #1 2 = 2


Your turn


That's fine.

I'm moving up: http://pyromancers.com/media/view/main.swf?round_id=103502

And tripping the pony I'm facing.

Roll #1 13 + 8 = 21


Resist '1d20+7'

Roll #1 8 + 7 = 15


You successfully run past him and trip him.
He becomes sprawled.

The next one runs up and tries to hit you with the pickaxe '1d20+4'

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


And hits for '1d8' lethal dmg

Roll #1 2 = 2


You get cowardly flanked and hit by a pickaxe. The third one can't quite reach his friends yet.

The one you tripped tries to reposition and get up, he becomes flat-footed in the process.



Not enough to punch through my armor though, right?

Anyway, slash at the guy who I tripped.

Roll #1 16 + 5 = 21


For damage.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Nope, you can take it for now!

You manage to hit him on the head.

The second miner attempts to grapple you!
Resist with Athletics!

Roll #1 14 + 1 = 15


Stop that shit!

Roll #1 15 + 9 = 24


You push him back and manage to distance yourself again.

The third miner jumps up and tries to slam you with the pickax '1d20+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


But doesn't hit.
The first miner is now completely up again and he uses his whip '1d20+2'

Roll #1 19 + 2 = 21


Dmg '1d6'

Roll #1 6 = 6


This time, you actually feel it, you take 2 subdual damage!
Your turn



Damned if you do. Stab the pig with his whip.

Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10 / Roll #2 18 + 5 = 23 / Roll #3 3 + 4 = 7


Whoops, didn't mean to keep that in the email field.


We'll take the sucessfull one.
You manage to stab him in the shoulder.
'1d20+18' vs 20

Roll #1 11 + 18 = 29


But he's still not down!
Then you hear a shriek.
Seems like our little nun woke up came looking for you!
The two others ignore you and rush you.
The third seems confused.
What do you do?



I shall help her of course!
"Guten morgen! Sleep well, fraulein?"
Bad move turning you back on me m80. Move over and slash at the guy I'm facing!

Roll #1 17 + 5 = 22



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


You slash him to the ground. He's badly wounded.
The other two decide to make a run for it!
Rolling Athletics '2d20+4' plus GM AC '1d6'

Roll #1 11, 3 + 4 = 18 / Roll #2 6 = 6


After them! Tackle one of the fleeing cowards!

Roll #1 15 + 9 = 24


You tackle one to the ground.
The other escapes through the tunnels.

You have one tackled to the ground.
One who is bleeding while nun ponoe tries to bandage him.


Coup the grace to knock him out?

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13


You grab his head and smash it unconcious against the floor.


Use my silk rope to tie him up.
"I'm sorry fraulein, but were you aware of this tunnel network below your home?"


She's bandaging up the other guy.
"Huh? What? No, of course not."


Does she sounds genuine?
"Well, there is not much time to lose I'm afraid. I don't know who is behind this or what the purpose is, but I doubt it is good for Germaney like they claimed."

Roll #1 7 + 10 = 17


She sounds genuine to you.
"I knew nothing about this…I never even go to my basement…"


"Okay then."
I'm going to carry this guy back.
"We must move swiftly. Is he surviving? We must get him out of this tunnel."

Roll #1 5 + 10 = 15


You get him on your back.
You hear a rumbling of water.


"Fraulein, run now. Back home bitte."


Roll Athletics to make a run for it!



Roll #1 1 + 9 = 10


GM AD spent
Before you or Freya can move a huge wave crashes down the tunnel and flushes you both down the tunnel against the wall.
You're under water.


First things first, is the tunnel entirely flooded to the ceiling?

If yes, we need to swim up.
If no, we need to swim back the way we came in here from.

Roll #1 20 + 9 = 29


And I'm definitely activating that crit.

Also, I obviously meant the other way around. Swim up if there's air, swim back if not.


It's not yet up to the ceiling.
But the nun is dazed from the knock against the wall.
You grab both her and the miner quickly and swim against the rising water securing yourself back in the cellar.
By the time the nun wakes up again the cellar is flooded but the water seems to have stopped rising.


"I'm sorry fraulein, your basement appears to have a tiny leak."




"It's a feature, indoor pools are expensive!"


She scrunches and looks to the miner.
"We have to call the guards."


"Ja. We have one friend to question here. I will look after him, why don't you go inform the town guard?"


She nods and runs off.


Let sleeping beauty rest on the floor for now. I'll be keeping an eye on him.


Do you want to try to wake him up or just wait for the polizei?



Fuck it, wake him up.



I don't have smelling salts on me, so unless my nunny friend had some lying around, I can't do much.


Roll search



Roll #1 7 + 11 = 18


You find a bottle of smelling salts in a first aid kit!


Gut, let's go wake up our little princess.


You hold it in front of his nose and he wakes up.
He looks around and back to you.


"Guten morgen, Dornröschen. You are in big trouble, I'm afraid."


He remains silent.


"What were you digging down there for, my freund?"


He remains silent.


Roll my eyes and grab him, time to get him a little bit wet again. Shove his head into the flooded basement and keep it there for a little bit, then pull him back out.
"I would answer the question if I were you."


Roll Intimidate vs my resolve '1d20+5'

Roll #1 4 + 5 = 9


Ur a cheeky cunt m8.

Roll #1 3 + 10 = 13


He coughs.
"We weren't digging for anything…we were making a tunnel. To the Reichskazerne"


"Why? What are you planning?"


"To blow it up of course. Those colonels had it coming."


"Again, why?"


"Why? Because this country is ran by a tyrannical Kaiserin and her bourgeois nobility! They don't care about the people, they only care about their pockets and their power. They suck us dry. Not just me, you as well!
We of the Comm Partei want to free ponies like you, so we can finally control our own destiny."


"That is high treason."


"Is it? Me and my comrades want to make this country a better place.
The Kaiserin and the nobles care nothing for us. And the new Crown Princess wants to start another war with Prance, killing thousands of us. Us!! Not nobles, they don't fight!
They are the true traitors!"


Too bad for this guy war is my business.
"Nobility does fight, dumkopf. I've heard enough."


He spits on the ground.
"You're just indoctrinated by the bourgeois."


Oh no you fucking didn't.

Smash his face into the spit.
"Do that again and I'll cut out your tongue. Now shut up before I lose my patience."


You smash him into the water.
Soon you hear steps and the nun comes back with two police agents.
"What's going on here?"


"Just having a friendly chat with our captive. They were digging to blow up the Reichkazerne."


"Did he now?"
He looks to the captive and smashes his head in the floor once again.
"You didn't see that. Any idea why?"




"That traiterous scum."
He spits on the ground.
"I'll have him brought to the Kazerne immediately. We've had a problem with some of them lately.
What's this about a tunnel?"


"It's been flooded. I'm sure Freya can show you once the water drops."


"I hope it will. We'll call our experts if necessary. Do you have a description of his accomplices?"


I'll describe him. The one who fled.


"The Reich is grateful for your help, ma'am.
We'll take it from here."


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