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You wake up in a bed in a room.
The walls are made of wood.
You vaguely recall waking up in the ashen fields and seeing a zebra.
But he is nowhere to be seen now.
You look around, you think you might be in a room in an inn.
You see Inferni perked on a chair, sleeping


Sit up on the bed.
Run a hoof through my mane.

…it's weird to have a body like this again after all that time.


It's the same, and yet different.
There's a tinge of red at the tip of your hairs.


Hold my mane in my hoof and look at my mane.
Then at Inferni.

Take a deep breath.




Get out of the bed…
Stand on my hooves…

Do a backflip.

Roll #1 20 + 5 = 25


And I'll explode an action die on that


You do a double backflip without any effort at all!
You feel amazing, so energized. You feel like you could run for miles without any effort.
Inferni wakes up at your noise.
He squeeks happily.


Start grinning.
Do a little bow.
"Dare I say it? Is Mabel the Showjenny back in business?"


He cocks his head and flies out the door.


Do another quick stretch then run after him.


You're on the second floor of an inn, looking out over the dining hall, it's empty save for one zebra slowly chewing on a piece of salad.
Inferni flies and rests on the table next to him.


I guess I can try and just excercise those skills…

Jump down instead of taking the stairs, landing beside the table, before sitting down with a smile.
"Good morning."


"You are in good spirits for a dead jenny."


Brush a hoof through my mane and ears.
"I don't feel dead, considering to be a dead jenny."
Look at the phoenix.
"Isn't that true, Inferni?"


He nods.
"That's good. Come, eat."


"It's been a while…"
Get some of that salad.
Give it a taste.


It tastes delish!
But not spicy enough…


Taste it for a while.
I didn't like spicy foods before, but I sort of crave that this salad had a little more bite to it!"


"I have something then."
He gets a little pot from his bag.
It's filled with a red powder.


Take it from his hoof and sprinkle it generously.


Have a taste with a 1d20+con mod



Roll #1 19 + 2 = 21


That's the taste you need!
It makes you feel alert and warm


I must be starving so just keep eating until I feel full!


You order two bowls of salad, and eat…until you realize you don't have any money.


Uh oh…
Look at the zebra.
"I don't suppose you could cover that for me?"


"I suppose I can."
He hoofs the coins to the waitress.
"But we should find some source of income soon. Money doesn't grow on trees."


Pick up a knife from the table and start playing with it as I eat.
"If only we knew a donkey who could earn money by circus performances…"


"If we had such a donkey nearby we might earn some money to cover our immediate needs."


Finish up the food.
"If only…"
Look at him.
"I don't think I caught your name back in Canterlot."


"Adeen is my name.
You are Lorraine.
Or Mabel if you prefer."


Frown for just a tiny second.
"Let's stick with Mabel."
Smile at him again.
"Thanks for getting me out from under all that ash."


"No thanks are required,
I was asked to do so."


"So you only did it because it was asked of you?"


"No, I would not have let you been buried under that ash if I had known.
But the one who is truly responsible for your rescue is he who told me where to find you"


"He sent me back to be his priestess in this realm."


"And to continue your training of course.
And expand your knowledge."


"And I suppose you are here to help me with that."


"Partly. Your benefactor cannot be here physically to guide you on your first steps in your new life but there will be a time when we have to go our seperate ways again."


"Until then, I'm thankful for the help. It will be strange to get back into… being alive again. Not to mention to fulfill my new purpose."


"And what will your new purpose be?"


"Taking my fate into my own hooves."


He nods.
"Very well."
And takes a sip from his beer.


Stand up.
"Not to hurry you, but you said we needed to make some money?"


"Yes. I've been thinking about doing a small job I read about, but if you can make enough money by swallowing swords, that's fine as well."


"What job would that be?"


"Some trader lost a shipment of goods to a group of bandits. Should be easy to get it back."


"We could do both. Help the trader, then use the fame we gain from that to gather a crowd so I can put up a show for them."


"We should leave first thing tomorrow."


Look over myself.
"I'm not sure what you think about that, but even if I don't have any clothes at least I could use a rapier."


"Hmm, of course, forgive me. We shall visit a blacksmith first."


"It's okay. Come on, lighten up a bit for me, will you?"
Hold my hoof out for Inferni.


Do you want to skip to tomorrow, or do you want to ask Adeen some questions?


I don't want to burden him too much. There will be time for questions, I assume.

Let's skip.


The questions have to come from you.
Personal initiative is paramount in Fire.
If you don't ask, he won't ask you.

The next day.
You buy some clothes, armor and a rapier.
Basically the stuff in your sheet.


And I will ask those questions when I feel the need to ask them.

Give the rapier and the parry dagger a few swings in the air to try them and feel them up.


Plain steel. Not the best you've ever wielded, but you'll manage.


Put them away.
"I'm ready."


He looks around.
"Good. Now let's ask around if somepony knows where we could find these bandits…"
Roll Investigate


Investigative Jenny

Roll #1 20 + 3 = 23


I'll spend an action die to crit that


You're lucky as your stealthy self overhears a whispered conversation between two peasants that the bandits are currently hiding in Trample Grove. Even more fortunate is that they mention a small cave that can be used to flank them and surprise them!


Relay that information to my zebra companion and start heading towards that cave.


Scene ends…



New scene
Inferni lights your way to the cave in question.
You and Adeen go in.
The cave is dark and dank, but Adeen produces a light from his hoof to guide you both.
Roll survival to find the way


It's only a cave, and we got more than enough light.

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


It's quite easy to move through the cave and you reach the other side quite easily.
You come out the other side and take a look at the camp.
Just as said, the camp is here and the ponies haven't noticed you yet.


You can use that link to take a look at the camp.
You can move mabel 30ft/turn. Combat hasn't started yet, if you want to combat since you haven't been spotted yet you get a surprise round.


Speak in a low voice.
"Let me try and handle this, guys. If negotiations go sour, feel free to lend me a hoof."
I don't even need a cloak, I think. I like my new mane too much.

Circle around the camp so I have an opening to sneak in and try to sit down among the bandits without any of them noticing me.


Roll #1 18 + 12 = 30


You're among them unnoticed.
The pink mare is making some lunch while the other two are complaining about the recent absence of travelers on the road.

Inferni and Adeen have moved a bit closer but are out of sight of the bandits.
If you want to you may "appear"



'Appear' to them.

Let out a content sigh.
"Hmm, that smells delicious. What are we having for lunch? Nothing illegally acquired, I hope."
Make sure that my rapier isn't concealed, so they can see I'm armed, but there's no need for me to reach for it just yet.


They all jump up and grab their weapons.


Shake my head slightly.
"You don't want do to that. I'm here to talk. It's better for all of you if we talk."


They look at you suspiciously.
"You a bandit too?"


Shake my head.
"No… I was a thief for a while. Part of a really succesful organization. I learned the hard way that crime never pays. I came here to talk to you about that, so you don't have to learn the hard way."


"Oh a do-gooder. Get out here, before we teach you some manners!"


Give them a look, dropping my smile.
"I think you should listen, actually. You didn't even notice me sitting down here. Imagine how easily I could pick you off, one by one, without any of you ever even knowing your bandits-in-hooves are dead."
Old Mabel wouldn't have said such things.
Then again, Old Mabel wasn't a priestess of Fire.

Roll #1 10 + 7 = 17


And an action die

Roll #1 4 = 4


Rolling Resolve '3d20+1'

Roll #1 12, 1, 3 + 1 = 17


They're all taken back.
"Uhm….please don't kill us…"


That's better.
"Throw away your weapons and sit down."

Extend a hoof as a perch.
Inferni should get the idea.


They slowly throw their weapons to the ground and look over to you.
They gasp as Inferni flies over and rests on your hoof.



Let him chill there. He'll probably show off too, knowing him.
Look at the bandits.

"Now pay very close attention.
I'm giving you this one chance to get your lives back on track. You are going to tell me where everything you stole or took is. After that, you are going to give yourselves up, so you can have a try at a normal life later. Take a constructive part of being an Equestrian instead of ruining the lives of other ponies. I promise me you will be happier once you realize how wrong you were to be bandits."

Close my eyes and take a deep breath.
"Otherwise, if I learn you just return to stealing, terrorizing others and being villains…"
Look at the fire.
"I will speak with Fire itself to track you down and end your lives. You won't be able to go anywhere where I can't find you."
Look up at them again.
"So, what will you do?"


They look at each other.
"B-but the guard will put us in the dungeons!"


"If you don't give up yourselves, then they will kill you."
Smile at them again.
"And I spent a year in a dungeon, so I know what it feels like. Giving yourselves up and repenting just means they might even sentence you to a very short time."


They look at each other and at the fire.
The pink mare frowns but the white mare speaks up.
"The loot is in the chest over there."


"Now, we are all going to pack that up and bring it back to town then."


Sorry was away for a sec

Roll #1 8, 8, 6 + 1 = 23


They all look at each other and surrender.
Adeen comes from his hiding place.
"Well done, Mabel"


Smile at him.
"Not everything has to be solved with violence."
Stand up.
"Inferni, would you be a dear and collect their weapons for me?"
Let's get ready to move back to town with these guys.


Adeen and Inferni collect the weapons.
Skip to town and collect the reward?


Do just that!


Normally you'd get some XP and loot and all that stuff but nothing for the jenny!
No, just no stuff in Chrones

You collect the reward and leave the barracks with the thanks of the Equestrian Guard.
You divide the gold amongst you and Adeen.
Here's enough for some good food and a comfortable place to sleep for several weeks.

Adeen grins. "This will tide us over for a while."


"Awww… I was really hoping I could get a chance to show off in front of people to get even more funds."


He raises a brow.
"You might get that chance still if you're not done showing off. The inn is right there."


"I can wait. Maybe I can gather a crowd in the next town… speaking of that, where to next?"


"We will see. Speak to the fire, to Lord Blacklight and ask."


Raise a brow.
"Lord Blacklight? Lord Pyrrus was the one who showed me the Path of Light and taught me the ways of Fire."


He looks at you.
"Really? Now that is interesting.
It was Lord Blacklight that interrupted my studies in the Burning Chasm to come retrieve you. And Lord Blacklight is not known to interest himself in anypony not a follower."


Perk them long donk ears.
"I've heard his name, but I definitely do not remember becoming an acolyte of his. I just presumed Lord Pyrrus sent you!"


"Hmmm. Puzzling. My lord does not speak to me often. Perhaps you could attempt to contact Blacklight?"


"I'd like to find out what this is about. Quite interesting!"
Look at the edge of town.
"I prefer meditating out in Nature, though, if you don't mind."


"Do what you got to do. I prefer rowdiness around me. The energy is very fiery."


Let out a tiny snicker.
"We can wrestle with Inferni next time you want to meditate then."

Let's find a nice little natural clearing though, and set up a little circle where I can make a fire without burning anything down.


You do so.


Well, let's see what I managed to learn…

Hold my hoof next to that little space and try to create a fire.

Take 10 on Flare.


You poof a little flame from your hoof on the circle


Squee a bit.
This IS really sweet, to do it back here in Equestria!

Sit down in front of the fire and take some deep breaths, start meditating.

After a while, gaze into the fire.

"Lord Blacklight, I wish to speak with you."


No answer comes.


Uh… this usually works with Pyrrus!

Keep gazing.
"Lord Blacklight, Elemental Lord of Fire, I, Mabel, Priestess of Fire and follower of Lord Pyrrus humbly wish to speak with you."

Use Free Hint.


"He won't answer you, Mabel." says the voice of Pyrrus. "He answers very few."


"Blacklight will not answer you, Mabel." says the voice of Pyrrus.


"Lord Pyrrus."
Take a few seconds.
"Why won't he?"


The voice changes.
"Adeen, it has been a while."
Adeen bows his head slightly.
"Lord Pyrrus, you honor me."
"Mabel." says Pyrrus "Blacklight only speaks to his followers. You are my follower. I guide you. I am your benefactor to all other Lords. I had hoped more time would pass before you met the dark star."


"You know I want to meet all of them, Lord Pyrrus."
Shake my head slightly.
"Why is it bad that I want to speak with him? And if I not interest him, why would he send Adeen?"
Motion at the zeeb.


"Blacklight is unlike any Fire Lord you'll meet.
But you are of interest to him, but that's not enough for him to want to speak to you.
Mabel, I told you I accepted you as my follower because of your willpower but that is not the whole truth."


Continuation of /s10/
"I know where you must go. Have you ever heard of the Mt. Hiemel?"


Shake my head.
"If I did, I can't remember it."




"It's a holy place in Hyperborea. The legends say that it was the place where the Sun and Ovrin defeated Tirek and threw him off the Mountain. It is a volcanic place, holy and it is the most unique forge of Hyperborea. Only the highest rune priests may operate it. It is called the Hemelforge."


"Could we even enter it without the Hyberboreans getting angry?"


"No, but you do not need to enter the Hemelforge. For underneath the Hemelforge is something even the Rune Priests do not know about the Donkerforge, a sacred shrine to Blacklight. It lays at the bottom of a dark network of caverns." He shudders. "It is lucky the place is so dark for I fear what terrors might be seen so deep in the earth."


"It's strange, to have a Lord of Fire who lives in the Darkness…"


"Is it? Fire is more than Light."


"I know it is, that doesn't make it less strange, especially after I know how bright the domain of Pyrrus is."


"It is quite strange you were not taken under the direct wing of Blacklight. But Pyrrus might be a less…ominous teacher"


"I met Lord Pyrrus by chance, really. I never intended to become a Fire Priestess, even after I visited his realm, at first I wanted to study all the Elements."


"It must have been fate. These blood bonds are no joke. Were your parents fire worshippers?"


Shrug nonchalantly.
"I never met them, so I wouldn't know."


"A shame, maybe they'd have answers."


"I'm sorry, but I don't really know where they are or how to find them."


"Perhaps Blacklight knows? He must keep an eye on his…descendants."


"The question is… do I want to know?"


"That only you can decide."


"We will see what the future brings."


"Good, shall we go get a drink now?"


"It's been a while, sure!"


Time to go to the bar.
Or you want to timeskip to Vilitus?


I'd rather skip to V.

I can roll for bar shenanigans for a recap, though.


Any modifiers you think are applicable?


Constitution for drink tolerance?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You spend a happy night in the bar. Adeen is a bit grumpy but once you get a few drinks in him, he does manage to smile. At late hours, you even do a sword show for the drunk customers.


Still got it!

Anyway, let's get that adventure underway!


You arrive at the city of Tall Tale. It's been a long time since you last were here. It's very different. The graffiti and gang signs of your last visit have disappeared and there seem to be less bums.


It seems like a really good change, if you ask me!

Nuzzle muh bird.
"Isn't it romantic to return to the city where we met, Inferni?~"
Tease him a bit.


You think he blushes.
But it's hard to say since he's already red.


Only one way to find out…

Turn to Adeen as we walk.
"Do you think he will propose soon?"


Adeen looks to Inferni.
"I think he's hiding a ring under those feathers."


"You think so?"
Prestidigitation to get my hooves close enough to Inferni unnoticed that I can tickle the soul out of him.

Roll #1 15 + 6 = 21


You succeed and tickle him.
He jumps up and falls down on the ground!


Tickle tickle tickle!
After I had my fun put him on my back though, and proceed to the adventure!


He gets back up but this time flies out of sight of your hooves.
"We should find a ship to bring us to Vilitus" mentions Adeen.


He'll come back for more~
"I was never much of a seajenny, so I'm not sure where to look if there's no official ships."


"We cannot ask the port authority since no reputable traders will visit Vilitus. We'll have to turn to the alleys and inns and find ourselves passage."


Sigh softly.
"It's been a while since I did things like that."
Nod towards the port.
"A sailor inn is our best bet."


Roll Search


Resourceful jenny
Plus an action die

Roll #1 17 + 4 = 21 / Roll #2 2 = 2


You seek one out quickly. The name doesn't ring a bell, but you know that stench.
The stench of hardened sailors interested in making bucks and not asking questions.
You open the door.
Ponies and griffons are playing cards. A thick smoke of cigars is in the air. On the side a donkey is playing the piano and on the stage a few mares wearing nothing but socks are showing their wares.


At the circus, I was very young when they told me that sex sells… but that's not the kind of circus we were.
They also taught me that while being showing something to spur the imagination is not neccesarily bad, impressing using actual talents leaves a much deeper impact.

Let's just sit down at an empty table and look the people who are in here over.


Most of the people here seem dock workers, but you spot several groups of sailors.
Most often they're drinking and cheering at the dancing mares. But there's a group of four captains playing cards at a table


I should get closer to that group and spy on their game. That would tell me a lot about who might be the most suitable captain.


Roll Sense Motive



Roll #1 14 + 7 = 21


Two of them have the smell of crooks.
One of them openly boasts about moving slaves one time.
The last one seems like the best option. You guess he's a smuggler, but you doubt he'll mind smuggling two of you to Vilitus


Observe the way that last one plays his card for a bit.


He plays his cards close to the chest.
You notice he doesn't play many cards, but plays a slow and steady game. Unlike the high bids and losses other sometimes take, he slowly but surely increases his stacks through small wins over the half hour


He'll be perfect.

Walk up to him, I don't really want to wait for their game to be over.
Lean somewhat close to his head.
"Excuse me, do you have a moment?"


"Can it wait till after my game?"


Smirk at him.
"I don't know, can it?~"


Roll Persuasion or Seduction.



Roll #1 20 + 8 = 28


Let's spend an action die on that!


You say that line so sensually, the captain becomes intrigued.
"Sorry, mates. I'll quit here for the night."
He gathers his winnings. "Now, miss, may I buy you a drink?"


Sex sells… and while I'm not that kind of a jenny, that doesn't stop me for putting on a good show, does it?
Twirl my mane with a hoof.
"I wouldn't mind… it would refresh us while we have a chat~"


"Bar, 2 glasses of wine for me and the lady."
You sit on a table with a glass of white wine.


Swirl it around in the glass.
"If I can be so bold, you look like a fine captain of a fine ship… is that right?"


"That be right. The Pearl Necklace might not be the biggest ship, but she knows how to move with the waves, faster than any other."


"Does she know how to move to dangerous waters?"


"That's her specialty."


"I might need her to do so in that case."


"Really and um, what do I get in return? Are you willing to sail in dangerous waters?"


"I'm sure we could reason out something mutually beneficial."


"I'm listening."


"We need a lift to Vilitus."


He doesn't bat an eye.
"Those are dangerous waters indeed. An exceptional lift requires an exceptional compensation."


"I'm listening."


"1000 bits."


"Oooh… that's quite the price, isn't it? We're not going to Tartarus, are we?"


"An experienced crew, more importantly a discrete crew, combined with the fastest ship money can buy. It's a bargain really."


"Of course it is a bargain. For you. Not so much for us."


"Hmmm, I could make it less steep, if you mylady would be willing to share my cabin."


"Is it that small of a ship?"


He shrugs.
"You either take it or leave it, lady.
But I will say me and me crew don't appreciate that kind of talk"


Nod slowly.
"I wasn't complaining. I won't mind to share a cabin."


Adeen looks questioningly at you.
The captain grins. "It's the best way to travel. I'll make it 500 bits then."


"Sounds much better."
I'll talk with him about it when the captain can't see or hear us.


Adeen speaks up.
"Half up front. Other half when we get at our destination."
The captain nods "Fair enough. When do you want to leave?"
"Hmmm, fine, we'll leave in 2 hours."


"Where shall we meet you? What is your ship called?"


"The Swift Falcon. On dock 52. Once I have my payment."
Adeen drops a bag of bits on the table.
The captain takes it and nods "Until later then."


"See you in two hours~"
I guess we should leave to get whatever we might need for the road.
Also, to talk to Adeen.


You both get up.
Adeen looks at you questioningly


Once we left and the captain isn't anywhere near, give him a smug look.
"If anyone asks, I'm your bethroted. That's what the sailors have to know, anyway."


"The captain will be in for a cold bed."


"He will. I doubt he would dare lay a hoof on a husband-to-be who looks like he could destroy a ship by himself."


He smirks.
"Well done, Mabel."


"I guess he should have been more specific~"
Do we need anything else for the journey?


Food? Drink?


Stock up on the first two.
What kind of books?


romance books?
Adventure books?
It was more meant as recreation


Could get a few of the former for when I'm not meditating.


Right, time pour the boat?


After that, yes.


What do you want to do on the boat, or shall we timeskip to Vilitus?


Aside from rusing the captain?
Just meditate and read on the way.
Maybe chat with Adeen.


Le epic ruse begins.

The Swift Falcon is a small ship. As you go on board, you see the crew of quasi-pirates are hard at work preparing for setting sail


Let's just hope no quasi-pirate hunter decides to target the ship. Wait on the deck as we set leave the docks


The captain comes over.
"Ah, shall I show you to your quarters?"


"Not yet, I'd like to see us set sail and move out. Haven't been much of a seajenny."


"Very well!"
And soon the boat sets off, onto the calm waves, into the horizon!


I'll pretend I'm awfully amazed by the visage, until we are far enough off shore that the captain wouldn't turn back.


The captain is busy giving orders


Allright, just wanted to make sure he wouldn't be too surprised.
Walk up to him.
"About that cabin…"


He grins
"Please follow me!"


Follow him with a smile.


He opens the door to his richly decorated captains suite.


Walk inside.
Is there a bed?


A big comfy double bed!


Get a book out at random from my saddlebags, get comfy on the bed, and start reading.


He sits on the bed and slowly caresses your leg…


Clear my throat.
"Can I help you with anything?"


He smiles.
"Sweet Mabel, I'm afraid I cannot contain myself anymore…"


Lower the book and look at him with concern.
"Are you feeling sick? I know traditional medicine to brew up something to make you feel better if you need it."


He grabs you.
"I wish to make love to you, sweet jenny."


"I am very flattered, but I doubt my affianced would appreciate it! He takes very harshly to stallions who try and get intimate with me. That poor unicorn from Ponyville… I hope his jaw is better."




"You didn't miss the strong, handsome zebra stallion I am travelling with, did you?"
"Oh, isn't he just dreamy?"


"He…wait he is your…fiancee?"


"Wasn't it obvious?"


He stands up.
And walks off.


He took it rather well…
Back to reading.


A bit later he comes back.
"You tricked me!"


Lower the book again and perk my ears.
"Hm? No, I did not, I do know medicine if you are still feeling sick."


"You made me think that…
Well, I don't care. Even if you're gonna be like this, you did promise to sleep here, so you will sleep in this bed with me!"


"Of course. I will sleep in this bed. It is comfortable! Thank you so much for the invitation!"


He walks off again, angrily



Do a downtime Resolve roll for how pleasant the trip was.



Roll #1 7 + 5 = 12


You have a jolly good time denying the captain pussy.
Eventually the ship enters she Shears, the two defensive walls to protect the harbor.
Here it is, the brown lawless town of Vilitus.


A teasing good time for sure.

Get on the deck, with Inferni perking on me.
Turn to my companion.
"I suppose we have to talk to Lord Pyrrus for further instructions?"


"We can try.
If you're in the Lords favor, perhaps he will help us further."


"Let's try and see if we get any guidance or visions or signs on our own."
Smirk at him.
"A little bit of independence. Show the Lord of Fire that his little children can be useful on their own."


Captain comes over.
"There it is." he seems grumpy like always


Give him a genuinly warm smile.
"Thank you so much!"
Brush up against Adeen.
"Oh, honey, isn't it beautiful?"


He puts a hoof around you.
"Magnificent. We owe the captain many thanks."
The captain doesn't look happy.


Try not to snicker. Make it a giggle, that would sound more genuine.
Maybe it will cheer up the captain.
"I can almost see our foals!"


He holds you close.
"Let's start on that tonight~"


Lean onto his shoulder.
"I've nothing against that. You know I've been saving myself for just you~"


"We'll be at the dock soon!" says the captain angrily.
And soon you arrive indeed.


"We can wait until the night, but thank you!"


Time to go?


Give the captain one last hug before that


You can almost taste his anger


Awww, poor guy.

Anyway, time to leave!


Vilitus City is dirty.
Is that your kind of city?


Absolutely not
It's sad to see


Even so, here you are


Time to search for clues!
'1d4' Action die

Roll #1 20 + 4 = 24 / Roll #2 1 = 1


You find an older pony in a bar who seems like he knows more.
He points you to a ruin known as Bkumptur, to the east.
He even tells you about an opening in the side of the ruins, that might allow you to avoid some traps.


Smirk at Adeen as we head out


Go there immediately?


I suppose I don't really want to hang around this place too much.


I'm not gonna let you get supplies and such.
That's for the real quests.
Just roll an athletics check for the journey


And an action die too

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1 = 1


The sun is ruthless.
You walk for hours and when you arrive, you got sunburn.
Your strength is -1 for the rest of the session.


And don't think I forgot about that -1.
You think you got away? Nah nigga.


I'll just have Adeen do the lifting.
Is our place nearby?


There is a partially buried temple here.
"Ah crap! We'll have to dig a hole in…"


Let out a sigh.
"Are you sure? This heat drained me a lot already…"


"No complaining!" He hoofs you the waterskin.


"I'm not complaining, I'm just saying, I did the intellectual part of the work, you could do the physical!"


He rolls his eyes.
"Don't worry, Princess, we wouldn't want you to get your hooves dirty."
He starts digging.


"I'll do that when the time is right for me to get them dirty!"


You are a lazy jenny until a dirt Adeen sticks his head out.
"I found something."


Not lazy, just conserving energy!
Hop beside him.
"What is it?"


"Take a look for yourself!"
He disappears again.


Better find out what this is about!


You slip down the hole and find a small tunnel into the structure. Not a door, more like a window hole.


"Must be the passage we've been told about!"


"Indeed!" You hear Adeen from deeper inside


Keep crawling in!
"Keep your eyes open though!"


You drop out in a small hallway.
Adeen is here, with a fire springing from his hoof.
"We must find the room you saw in your vision."


Cool trick!
"Things aren't really familiar yet, so let's head in."


Left or Right?


"Inferni, I don't suppose you want to scout out the right… just not like last time."
I still feel bad for his death at the dragon lair even though it just meant he molted real quick.


He shrugs and flies into the passage.
Roll a 1d20


"I hope he'll be allright…"

Roll #1 12 = 12


After a little while, he flies back and shakes his head. Must be nothing there.


Plant at tiny kiss on his neck.
Proceed onwards!


You follow the tunnel until you reach a dried up fountain. The passage continues to the right.


Look at the fountain for a bit, before following the path


Another dead end!


Go back to the fountain and investigate it.
Does it have a secret passage maybe?

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


The fontain is completely dried out. Made of stone. The entire bottom is scorched black.


Scorched black?
By what? Fire?


It does seem to be traces of ash.


Can I try to examine the ash?



As you touch the ash you see a vision of a fountain, but not of water, of lava.
The bottom you see now seems like it cooled down.


"This was a fountain of lava it seems."
Relay that to Adeen


"Interesting, old temples to the Elements had these kinds of fountains. Do you think you can rekindle it?"


"…I can try. I don't know how to do it though."


"Sometime you will learn how to create fire from your hooves. But these kinds of pools are already steeped in fire magic. You don't need heat. Just some kind of fire, or heat or light spell might do to kickstart it"


"I can create fire… sort of."
Take 10 on a Flare by holding my hoof against the fountain


Your Flare is more of a light spell than actual fire.
But it does the job as light spreads through the bottom and you feel it getting warmer.


"I think it's working!
What do we do after we activated it?"


"No idea!"
The bottom melts and turns to lava and lava bursts out of the top of the fountain.
A yellow line appears on the ground, leading back through the tunnel you came from.


"Oh! So maybe this is why Inferni didn't find anything!"
Follow the line!


It goes all the way back ending into a wall.
A small circle on the wall lit up (it's not lava)


Place my hoof against it.


The wall slides back.
Roll Notice jenny


Notice Jenny

Roll #1 19 + 5 = 24


The hall is round with 3 elevations in the middle.
Everything is dusty as if there hasn't been anyone here in centuries.
On top of each elevation is a floating pyramid glowing in red light, except for the middle one. There it seems the pyramid has fallen down. You see another exit on the other side.


Probably because there wasn't anyone here…

I'll do something very stupid and put the fallen pyramid back on without knowing what it does


you put it up there…doesn't do anything


Look at my burdy.
"A little fire to this, Inferni?"


"This is definitely what we were looking for" sats Adeen.
Inferni fires a blast at the pyramid without any kind of effect.
"We should look around. Perhaps we can figure out the purpose of this place first."


"A little more investigation can't hurt."
Point at the other door then head that way.


"I will stay here. Just shout if you need me."
As you step into the dark corridor, you hear a soft constant buzzing.


Perk my jenny ears, but proceed.
What's giving off that buzzing?

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


It's really dark, maybe you should light something?


Can't Inferni help with that?


He could a little, or you could try another of your fancy spells?


Your eyes slowly get accustomed to the dark, you see another hall before you. There are three large tubes here, giving off the buzzing. One is broken, split open and heated steam is coming from it.


I should probably avoid that.
I can follow the tubes though.


You'll have to get past the steam, it's in your way!
Inferni flies through it


Can't hurt that bad…
I do already have some resistance to this stuff…
Walk through it!


You don't feel anything!
Well to be more precise it feels hot, but you feel strangely relaxed in it


I'm liking being a fiery jenny more and more every day!
Keep walking!


You find yourself in some kind of room. There are all kinds of blinking lights and buttons.
One thing stands out however. the ones with the intact tubes shine green, the one with the broken tube red.
You could roll a knowledge check to figure out more about this machine, but it's a tough one.



Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


You can't make hoof or tails of it.


Push some green buttons


Roll 1d20 to be lucky


Lucky jenny

Roll #1 8 = 8


You press one of the green buttons and it goes out.
The buzzing stops.


Press a red button?

Roll #1 15 = 15


It doesn't do anything!
Adeen comes in.
"What happened? Now all the pyramids are down?"


"Uh oh… I think it was these buttons…"
Click my tongue.
"If I were to guess, I'd say the steam is making the pyramids afloat."
Press the green button I pressed fist.
"The third one was down because the pipe is broken!"


When you press the green button again, the system starts working again, and steam flies into the face of Adeen, though he doesn't seem to feel a thing.
"So…we were sent all the way here to fix a pipe? Really?"


"Whoops… sorry!"
"Fix it and then see what it does.
I'm sure there's more in this than what it seems at first."


He looks at the pipe.
"You got any spare parts?"


Shake my head.
"Think we can sort of weld it back together with a little help from Inferni?"


"For that we need iron. Anything we can use?" he starts looking around


Searchy Jenny
Plus a dice

Roll #1 18 + 4 = 22 / Roll #2 3 = 3


You start looking around and find a stash of the black metal everything here seems built out of.
Maybe you can melt it in the right shape


Grab some of it and show it to Adeen.
"Would this work?"


He looks it over.
"Perhaps. Have Inferni melt it and reshape it with your hooves?"


"Think that might work?"


"If your hooves don't burn off…"


"…We don't know that yet?"


"I have absolutely no idea what kind of temperatures you can stand."


"Maybe we can experiment with Inferni before then?"


He shows his claws.
"…I suppose he can try."
You'll have to roll an untrained Craft roll with Inferni.


Oh boy here we go

Roll #1 18 = 18


Despite the fact that he has claws and no hooves Inferni does a fairly decent job.
He looks haughtily at both of you, as if daring you to say you expected anything less.


Pat his head.
"Don't get too cocky!"
Look at Adeen.
"I'll definitely have to try how much heat I can take once we are at a safe place."


He tries to insert the pipe.
Int '1d20+4'

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


"Do you mind giving me a hoof with this?"


"Since you asked so nicely!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


You both try to replace the pipe but the eisting pipe is hard to dislodge.
"…we'll need something to cut this pipe open…"


"Think a simple sword will do it?"


"I doubt it."
He looks around.
"The ponies that built this must have had special stuff to make all this. We should look further."


"I see."
Go back to the room and look under tables or whatever compartments I can find in the machine!

Roll #1 11 + 4 = 15


You take a good look around but don't find any equipment, instead you find a trap door in the floor. It leads down with a ladder.


Peer down.
What do I see?


It's a strange room.
There's a number of tubes, one seems to have lava in it being pumped up from the deep.
Another moves in water over the lava, turning it to steam and sending it up.
Next to this machinery, you see a number of large metal balls. They look like spiders crawled up into a ball.



I guess I should climb down and investigate, huh.


You're down.
The balls have some small circular hole in them.


No time for naughty thoughts!
Inspect one of them from closer!


They're circular and shallow. You probably have to put something in them.


Probably a key.
Pick them up for now.
Now to look for a key…

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6


These balls are pretty large.
You can only carry one at a time.


Snicker lightly.
Allright, grab one of the balls gently and haul it back up.


You bring it back up.
"That doesn't look like a hoofball" observes Adeen.


"Are you experienced in these kinds of balls?"
Point out the shallow part.
"They need something to open them."


"Hmmm…it looks a bit like some of the inscriptions on the pyramids…"


"Any ideas? There's more down there. Maybe the pyramids and these are interchangeable?"


"Perhaps…let's go take another look at those pyramids."


Nod and head back there.


You grab your large ball and go back to the pyramid room.
Two are floating, one is still on the ground


The steam is making them float obviously.
"You remove the pyramid and I put this on, okay?"


"Roger that."
He removes one of the pyramids.


Put the ball in it's place.


Nothing happens, it just lays there.
Not even floating.


Not even if the shallow part is facing downwards?



"Back to Plan A I guess!"
Better keep looking for those tools, down the hatch


"I'll keep looking at these things…"
You're back down!


I was looking for some tools, right?


Yup, roll a search check


And a die

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8 / Roll #2 3 = 3


You don't find any tools…
As you look around you see a picture on the wall similar to one of the balls you found, the ball has some glowing stone in its back similar to that of the pyramids.


Any of those stones lying around down here?


You only saw them at the pyramids.


Back up!
It's one of those runny day!
Let's see if I can get them out of the pyramids!


You investigate the pyramid and slide your hoof over the symbols, the stone slides out and stays in your hoof like a magnet.


Sweet! Now lets port these babies to the balls!


As you put it in the ball unfolds and assumes a spider form. Before you can react it slowly runs into the corridor again, its legs ticking against the steel floor.


Better follow it to see where it goes!



You follow it from a distance.
As it reaches the broken pipe it stops, turns towards it.
A hole opens in the ball and a small needle appears.
As it touches the broken pipe it sparks with purple fire and slowly the pipe reforms into its original state.
Once its done, the spider drops down and the stone on its back stops glowing.


Oh! Well, that makes it easier! Great, now that it is repaired, we can probably get the pyramids to function again!


They already are!
You are just in time to see a stairway opening up underneath them, leading deeper into the temple.
Adeen nods "That did it."


"Looks like it did.
Shall we?"
Head down!


You go down…
The passage goes WAAAAAAYYYY down.
Roll Athletics to not get too tired.


Tough jenny?

Roll #1 2 = 2


You get pretty tired and stumble the last few stair.
You and Adeen both enter a large dark hall, at the opposite end you see a strange symbol.
"Amazing" says Adeen.


Huff a bit.
"Yeah, but I wish it had less stairs."
Investigate the symbol!


It's nothing you have seen before.
"It's an ancient symbol for lightning. The Lemarians didn't use fire anymore, they caught lightning and used it in their machines."


"We don't need to get lighting down here though, right?"
Use Flare for some light to keep looking around.


The symbol glows as you light a flare and slowly opens, revealing a room with a large window. You see a glow coming from down behind it, but from this angle you can't see what it is.


Can I approach it from another angle then?


Think of it like a cliff, at a distance from the edge, you can't look at the bottom.
This is the same, if you walk to the glass you might see what's down there glowing.


Cautiously approach then.


You look through the glass.
The bottom is covered in wiring and black cages. In those cages are lightning elementals, a rare form of Fire elemental.


Oh damn.
Are they trapped?
"Adeen… you might want to have a look at this."


Adeen steps beside you.
"Holy Ancestors! Look at that! Those elementals must have been there for….ages!"


"Poor things. We should get them out. Maybe this was why we were lead here!"


"That seems likely. We must find a way down."
He ticks the glass.
"That's pretty strong."


"I don't think breaking it is a good idea anyway. Melting it maybe, but then we'd still need to get down."


"Didn't we bring any ropes?"


"I'm pretty sure we did."


"Then stand back."


Stand back a bit and watch him work his magic.


He focuses and then breaths out a torrent of fire from his mouth, melting a huge hole in the glass.


Just stand there, speechless for a few seconds.


He clears his truth.
"Excuse me, I had something stuck in my throat." he says cheekily.


>his throat


"And I thought I could do cool things with my mouth!"
Have to give a proper comeback!
Prep the rope!


"I imagine you do."
Rope ready for deployment.


"Do you?"
Snicker, then shake my head.
"So… it would be easier if you held the rope and let me down, right?"


"I believe so."
He takes the rope.
An athletics will do it.


That I can do!

Roll #1 12 + 5 = 17


You climb down and set hoof on the cold ground. There's a cage quite close to you.


How sturdy is it?


Quite sturdy, made of the same black steel most of the stuff here seems made of.
All kinds of wires come out of it.

The lightning elemental seems very still as if it is in a dormant state.


Where do the wires lead?


Over the floor, into the walls.


Are there any more buttons anywhere near?


Not this time.


Search around for any possible ways to open the cage!

Roll #1 19 + 4 = 23


What roll is that?






You don't see any opening.
It seems the cages were built around the elementals.
You feel the power running through the wires, sapping the elementals.
Perhaps if you could cut them without hurting yourself, they could be free on their own.
Or if you could provide the elementals themselves with some extra energy to wake up.


I don't think simply cutting these wires is a very good idea.

I could try to throw the parrying dagger into the wires where they enter the wall…


Go for it.
You may take a 10 on it.


Take 10 in that case.
Take my sweet time aiming


It's easy.
Your dagger slices the wire but the shock disintegrates it on the spot. (you get a new one free by next adventure)

There seems to be some life in the elemental.He's moving again…slowly.


Move closer to the cage.
"Take your time… although you have been imprisoned here long enough. You and your kin should be free now."


The creature normally shines like lightning, hundreds of lightning bolts moving at, well, lightning speed, warped together forming a pony figure.
Now what should have been bolts looks more like wire…stale and barely moving.
The figure looks to you but you see no spark in its eyes.


Not good enough… There must be something else!
Search for something else! There must be something holding it back!

Roll #1 14 + 4 = 18


As you walk around, you notice your daggers feel heavier than usual, as if something is pulling them subtly to the ground.


A what do you call it… magnet, that's it!
There must be one of those around!
Keep walking around with a dagger out, to see where the pull is strongest!


You remember that magnetism is a water-elemental based forced in the universe.
You figure the abundance of magnetism, thus water-energy, is pacifying the elementals in the room.
You feel around until you're certain you're above the floor tile that attracts the strongest.


Can it be pried up?


It's a hatch.
You see a large black box, once again with wires attached, it hums quietly.


Lift it out.


You slowly lift it out, cables still attached.


Can it be opened? Or is it an enclosed box?


It's enclosed.


Gotta sever the cable with another dagger then.
Take 10


The humming stops…
And you don't feel any magnetism any more.


How is the elemental looking?


Even more active.
He seems to get some spark back…
They slowly slide through the bars of the cages and float to you.


Stand still and wait.


They slowly swarm around you.
And start glowing.


This is somewhat… nice.
Observe what else will they do.
"Is this all of you? I don't want to leave until I know that none of you are prisoners any longer."


They don't talk…but lightning bolts are sparking inbetween them now…dangerously close to you


I'm not afraid.
Hold my head high!


Suddenly they all unload lightning at once.
You feel…Strangely weightless, and are vaguely aware of things passing at enormous speed. Suddenly Adeen is here too…and before you can even registers you're back a donkey and in an alley in Vilitus City.
Most of the lightning elementals fly as lightning into the sky.
One nods at you before disappearing as well.


Nod back.
Then shake my body, legsies and ears.
"Woooh… that was something, wasn't it?"


Adeen shakes himself
"Indeed…I've only done that once before.
Remember that feeling, it will help you should you ever seek to master lightning…
Now we must move before the Changelings get here to find out who has been shooting lightning in the sky."


"We definitely want to avoid that!"
Let's head to the port quick!


Do you want to sneak into a boat or barter passage?

Doesn't matter either way, it's more to write the end passage…


Barter of course!
Maybe that friendly captain is still around!


You search for the drunk friendly captain and get into a bar fight.
Roll for how well it goes. You may add a DEX or STR modifier.

Here's my roll '1d20+4'

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9


As a carnie who was also a thief once, I'm sure I can handle a brawl gracefully!
'1d20+1' Dex

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


I'll spend two action die for now

Roll #1 4, 3 = 7


It was a heavy battle, but you won.
The friendly captain is KO, but you meet a griffon who likes your style.
He's going home to Hyperborea and you can hitch on and drop off at Equestria.


Sounds like a plan! I'll consult with Pyrrus on the voyage about this quest and what's next.


He doesn't talk to you.
But you see a vision in your meditations, once again urging you to go to the volcano in Hyperborea, but you don't see yourself going alone. Soil and the others will be with you.
Then you see one more vision. A sign of an inn at night, with Canterlot Palace in the background. Canterlot!


So I could go straight to Hyperborea… but the Canterlot vision proves that I might need to meet up with the others in the capital!

It's been too long since I last saw them!


It's been a long time, indeed.
You see Adeen on the bow of the Griffon vessel.


Walk up to him.
"Will you come to Hyperborea or do you have other things to do?"


"I'm afraid that our paths will split soon.
But the inner fire connects us all.
Perhaps when you need help, we shall meet again…"


Nod with a frown.
"I'm going to miss you until then."


"Do not be sad.
There are no barriers.
We are all part of the One Eternal Fire."


"Does that mean we can chat if we both commune with the fire, no matter where we are?"


"Yes…in time you will learn to do so."


Smirk and give him a push with my tush.
"Just make sure not to forget about me until then!"


He seems a bit nervous about the tushie bumping.


It was just a friendly gesture!
"Hey, how about we eat something real spicy before we part ways?"


"Sounds good."

And then they went and ate spicy things!



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