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The carriage rides through the countryside. You look out the window to see the fields of crystal berries and the Crystal Mountains in the distance. It's been almost a year since you returned to the Empire and you and Silver have been busy as bees. One assignment after the other. The Commander has barely given both of you any rest ever since you arrived.
But this is the last of your assignments for now, just this and then a week of rest in the capital.
You've been sent to the small town of Aqua Port at the western edge of the Empire near the Maaz river. The Order received a report that a witch has been captured by the local authorities. Your mission is to determine her guilt and if innocent find the real culprit and bring the Princess' Justice upon them.

As the carriage rides you think of easier times back in Canterlot….

Flashback to the italian thingy or shall we march straight to Aqua Port?


I'd like to do that dinner first if possible!


Flashback tiem.
You just sat down at the table
As you sit down a moustached pony comes out
"Aaa, good day to you. Here is-a the menu, yes. Some wine for the pretty lady?"


"Uh… sure! White wine I guess?"
Look at Silver


"Oh yes, white wine is..very good with italian food!"

The moustached pony notes it down and hoofs you both a menu.
"The-a specialty of the-a day is-a fresh capellini with a green sauce."


Yes! I got it right!
"That uh… that's my favorite! I'll take it!"


"I'll have the same!" says Silver.
The waiter walks away and brings you some glasses and a small bottle of wine.
And gives you a small bit to taste if it's good first.


Let's see if it is good, I know this trick!


You do? What trick?


The whole thing where you sniff the wine first and then taste it! I saw my parents do it before!


Then roll for Impress to make it look dignified and sophisticated as fuck


So sophisticated and classy!

Roll #1 13 + 7 = 20


You sniff it and let it swirl a bit before taking a sip.
It tastes not very sweet, you think your dad called that dry. It has a very delicate and smooth texture.


Aw… I like the sweet wine more!
"It's… great!"


The waiter smiles and fills your glass and Silvers and walks off again.
Silver raises his glass. "To a job well done!"


"Yeah! We sure did well! To the start of our career together!"


"Yes…a career together." he chuckles. "It's been a while since we met back in the paladin camp. Now we've defeated a dragon together."


"I don't think anyone can tell us we've been slacking off!"


He grins. "No, not even Big Chin could tell us that."


"Huh? Who?"


He facehoofs.
"Oh sorry, I forgot you didn't stay with us in the camp. Big Chin was how we called our instructor, because he had a chin the size of a boat. He always used to say we were the laziest paladins he had ever seen."


I scrunch.
"That's right, I never went to boot camp… I guess I'm lucky!"


"We had some good times too. Being yelled at all the time tends to form a bond."


"So does killing a massive undead dragon Silver! I think our bond is pretty strong already even though we didn't meet that long ago."


You get your pasta!


Oooooh, what does it look like?


Silver opens his mouth to answer but gets interrupted by the waiter bringing pasta.

It looks like long thin strings covered in a green sauce. It smells delicious however.


"… Are those worms?"


The waiter gasps.
"No, no pretty lady. That is pasta! Made of wheat and water and egg! Very yummy yum!"
Silver nods. "Yeah it looks weird but it's really tasty." To prove it, he eats a bit and smiles.


Have a careful taste of these wheat worms!


It tastes pretty good!
Though it is the sauce that makes it.


Lick my lips.
"Mmm, you're right! It is really good! I like the sauce!"


"Grazi, Grazi, Bella!"


"My name is Amber!"


"Bella means pretty lady in my language."


"Oh! Thank you!"
Continue eating.
"Hey Silver… have you come across any ponies that don't like crystal ponies yet?"


"More than a few. Some seem to think we're troublemakers in Equestria. But luckily there are not many ponies like that around here…"


I nod.
"It's really sad! We came across a few back when we met up with some obsidian knights. They wouldn't even let me sleep in a room even though I wanted to pay for it!"


"I'm sure they'll change their mind. Look at all the good things we did, nopony could be mad at that…"


"We'll just have to keep proving them wrong!"


"Say…you talked about our career together…does that mean you want to be a paladin pair for years to come?"


Look at him like he's crazy.
"What do you think Silver!? Of course I do!"


"Then…well I think we need to be honest to each other, get some stuff out."


Look confused
".. Stuff out? Like what?"


He fumbles a bit with his fork.
"Like…well, if we're going to be together that long you should know that I…like you. Like…like like you…"


I grin.
"I like you too! I thought that was obvious!"


"I mean like more than just friends…"


"Partners, yeah!"


"No I mean…"
He grabs your hooves.
"Amber…I think I love you."


"O-oh! I… I… that's so sweet of you to say!"
I blush


He smiles.
"I…uh…well I'm not good at this…but I was wondering if before we go back to the Empire…we go explore Canterlot together…you and me?"


I bite my lower lip and nod quickly.
"Yeah, s-sure! I'd love that! Just… you and me."


I guess your pasta must be done by now.
Silver quickly asks for the bill.

Wanna play that too, or shall we end the memory here?


I think this is fine. Thanks.


And Amber and Silver had a fun time exploring the alleys and bars of Canterlot, just two crystal ponies without a care in the world.

So different from now…
You're back in the carriage and arriving at the small town of Aqua Port.
Aqua Port was only founded a couple of years ago. Originally it was merely a port to arrive goods on the Maaz river but small businesses sprang around it, until it became a small town in full growth.
As you look through the town from the carriage, you immediately notice how angry every pony seems to be. Arguing with each other, or walking around in a foul mood.
"You see that?" asks Silver.


I nod.
"Something is off already…"


Spooky, pony should be happy.
The carriage rides in town. The crystal homes are already here, but not yet as decorated and refined as in the Capital.
The carriage stops near the barracks and the guards stand at attention as you come out.

Note: as a paladin you're considered to have Military Renown 4 in the Crystal Empire. You may also spend 50 reputation on Favors. Look in chapter 4 of Core to see what you can do with that. You'll start the main adventure with 50 rep regardless of how much you spend in this adventure.

Roll Notice


Super perceptive paladin pony!
Smile at the guards.
"Hey hey guys!"

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


Nothing strange going on here.
One of the guards speaks up.
"Welcome my lady, it is an honor to welcome you to Aqua Port."


"Thanks! My name is Amber, paladin of Cadance. This is my partner Silver Blood!"


He nods.
"Sir. We're here because we received a report you detained a suspected witch?"

The guard nods "Yes sir. We have her in the dungeon in the barracks."


>he nods
That's Silver


"We'll go speak to her straight away!"


"The mayor asked to meet you before you went to speak her. I sent a pony to tell him as you arrived. I'm sure he won't be long"


"Uh… okay! We can wait a moment for him."


You see a fat pony with a large moustache arriving. He walks over to you.
"Ah, you must be the paladins. Welcome, welcome to Aqua Port. I'm so glad you're here to take that witch away."


"Just doing our job, mayor. You managed to detain her in the dungeons? What happened?"


"Oh, she came here about a month ago. She claimed she was doing research on the river. Little did we know she was up to all kinds of horrible schemes.
It wasn't long before there were strange lights flying over the river. The crystal berry fields nearby rot in one night! "


"That's no good! Do you know if she had a reason to do this? Did she work alone?"


"She doesn't want to talk. We know she was alone, when we went to find her in her cave upstream she was alone."

Silver scratches his chin. "What made you suspect her?"

The mayor snorts "Somepony arrives all alone and goes to study in a cave away from town? Pretty suspicious. And we found the evidence when we came in. She had all kinds of strange arcane items and she fled when we told her to come with us! That's all the evidence I need. But we confiscated her belongings as well."


"We'd like to see her belongings and talk to her."


"Right, Smite show these ponies what we found on her."
The guard takes you and the mayor inside and opens a chest marked "EVIDENCE"
Inside you find a leather bound book, a metal plate with a heart pierced by a sword ("Scary, isn't it?" adds the mayor), some potions without marking, a pony skull and various herbs


Can I sniff the potions and try to figure out what they are? And the herbs too? Guess that's investigate?

Roll #1 15 + 1 = 16


Your investigate is +9 = 24
You sniff the potions.
One is a potion of Confidence.
Another is a potion of Darkvision
You cannot identify the third potion.


Not exactly illegal or dangerous stuff…
Flip through the book real quick, what's it about?

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Investigate +9, is it +1 on your sheet or something?

The book is full of gibberish, either it is the work of a madpony or some code, but you can't make sense of it.


Close it and take it along for now.
"We would like to go speak with her now."


Yes, just for clarity, the metal plate has a heart pierced with a sword engraved in it. It's not a real heart.

"Yes, follow me." says the guard
Scene end…..new scene incoming


new scene
The guard takes you downstairs to the prisoner with the mayor in tow.
There isn't much light here. You see a crystal mare sitting in a cell. She looks up as you approach.


Turn to the guard and mayor.
"Would you mind leaving us alone? Don't you worry, we can handle ourselves!"


The guard nods but the mayor frowns.
"Are you sure? I'd like to be here for the investigation, I'd like to find out why she did all this to my town."


"Don't worry, we'll report our findings to you and then take her to be put under trial for her crimes!"


"I'd rather stay. I'm the mayor here. I should be amiss in my duties if I didn't oversee this interrogation."

You or Silver could attempt an Impress (persuasion) check against the mayors Resolve to get him to leave.


I will do that!
"And we're paladins! Our investigation is to happen without any outside influences that could change the verdict."

Roll #1 9 + 7 = 16


Mayors resolve '1d20+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Note: during actual play I won't ask during an opponent 1's if you want to activate it as a critfail. If you want to or decide you want a minute to think, tell me with a quick post, because once I post description your chance has passed.

The mayor bows his head.
"Very well, I'll take my leave."
You see him leaving upstairs and closing the door.
You and Silver are alone with the prisoner. She looks to the two of you.
"You're paladins?"


"We are paladins in Her Majesty's service. And you are accused of dabbling into witchcraft to terrorize the ponies of this town. We're here to take you back to stand trial for your crimes, but first I'd like to ask some questions."


She nods.


"I guess we can start with the most obvious, did you intend to ruin the town's crops and have you been practicing dark magic?"


"No! I swear it on the Sun and the Moon and the Crystal Throne!"


"What's your name? What brought you to this town? Are you a magic practitioner?"


"My name is Platinum Flower.
Like I told the guards I was here to do research. And yes, I practice a little magic, but I don't dabble in the dark arts!"


Take out the book with leather binding.
"Can you tell us about the purpose of this book? I can't read a thing that's written in it!"


"It's my diary. I like to encode it so nopony else can read it."


"You have to admit that's a little suspicious! What's the deal with the pony skull? It's a little spooky to just carry around, no?"


"Yes, but I assure you there's nothing bad in it. Just some notes on my research.
The pony skull is part of my research. I'm investigating the ancient civilizations that lived near the Maaz river."

Protip: you may activate skill checks such as Sense Motive to detect a bluff, whenever you please. Not saying this here is a bluff, just saying it's your call when to use it or not.


That's true, I can! But I want to RP this for now.
"Which one was that?"


Roger that!
Just making sure.

"Us! Well, not us, but the crystal ponies that lived here before we got locked away a 1000 years."


Glance at Silver
"Can you explain to us why there were floating lights reportedly flying around the river? Why the crops went bad?"


Silver looks back, he frowns clearly displeased at her answers.

"I don't know!"

"Lies!" Silver says suddenly. "Admit it, you did it and you're trying to deceive us with these heinous lies!"
The mare stammers. "N-no, you have to believe me…"
"You keep talking in circles. You know more than you let on. Admit it, you did it."


Take out the metal plate.
"What about this? It looks pretty evil!"


"Y-yes, I-I know it looks that way b-but…"
Silver slams against the bars.
"You better tell us what you know quick before I lose my temper!"
The mare looks scared as fuck now, she looks pleadingly towards you.


"What is it then? I want to help you but you have to work with us here!"


Silver looks to you.
"Don't bother, Amber. She doesn't want to help."
The mare quickly speaks up.
"No, no I want to help…look I'll tell you but I promise I didn't have any bad intentions…"


"We're listening!"


You get an extra Action Die for good RP during this scene.

"I came here to study the Heartsworn."


"What? Who?"


"The Heartsworn. At least I think that's their name from their writings. Listen, a few years ago I was doing excavations near Agate. There I found skeletons of a pony clothed in armor, similar to that plate you're holding now.
It seems that for a small time there was a settlement of them near Agate. I found a drawing of them in a boat on a river. This river was the closest nearby so I figured I might find more here. And I did."


"So? What did you find?"


"I could show you…"
Silver interjects. "Hold on, you're still not telling us something, why didn't you tell us this in the first place?"

"I…feared ponies wouldn't understand. The Heartsworn, there's some very disturbing things about them. For one, it seems they worshipped gods that I don't know. I feared ponies would think they were demons. I brought some small relics with me of those. But they never made lights appear or anything! They're harmless…"


"Show us as in… showing us some place? How can we be sure this won't be some kind of trap?"


"It's back in the cave…Look whoever did this, it wasn't me I swear. I think somepony else is doing these things and making me a scapegoat…Look, these Heartsworn they might be the most important discovery we've made so far. I didn't know it back in Agate but I do know. They were Crystal Ponies!"


"One last thing."
Show the unknown potion.
"What's in here?"


She looks at the potion.
"Oh that, I made it myself, if you drink it, you lose all tiredness for a while and feel fit as a fiddle. It helped me to work in that cave."


"You're an alchemist?"


"Yes, an amateur, I don't know much."


"Why did you attempt to flee when the mayor asked you to come along?"


"They scared me. I didn't know they came from the village. They just stormed in and started throwing my stuff everywhere. I thought they were going to kill me!"



I scrunch.
"So what you're saying is you're just a victim here?"


"Yes! Somepony must have set me up!"


Look toward Silver
"What do you think?"


Roll a Sense Motive for him



Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"I don't know…it's worth investigating…"


I nod.
"I think so too…"
Look at the mare
"Hey! You said you can lead us to that cave place right? Do that."


"If you let me out of here, I can…"


"Ok… but this better not be a dirty trick because I'll be really mad if you betray my trust!"


You do have to ask the guard to let him out.
With your renown, that should cost 5 rep.
You can check Core p 188 for more possible uses.


I will spend that, yeah!


The mayor is displeased that you're letting her out.
But your rank is unquestionable.
The pony is released.

Go to the caves?


That's right, I have the authority now!
And yes, let her lead us there. keep an eye on her for sure though.


New scene!

You set out to the Maaz river.
After a hike for several hours, you reach the cave with your prisoner.
"Here it is." she says.


"So… tell me again. What happened exactly?"


She steps into the cave.
"I was here doing research. I was doing an excavation in the back of the cave where I found…well you should see it yourself…"


Let's see what she's talking about!


You follow her past a small living space, things thrown everywhere. But the mare continues quickly, deeper into the dark cave.
Here you see traces of digging until you reach a grand hall. In the middle is a lake.
"This was once part of the river, it seems the entrance collapsed and formed a small lake. Look in the middle!"

Roll search


Searchy pony!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You take a look and see what looks like an old dock at the shore.


Point at it.
"Hey, look! Silver!"


He takes a look.
Roll a search +3 for him as well



Roll #1 16 + 3 = 19


"Yeah, I see it, there's a ship underwater" he says


"Huh? I just see a dock…"
Look again [1d20+2]

Roll #1 18 + 2 = 20


Now you see it too.
A large vessel in the middle of the lake.
It doesn't look like any ship you've seen in equestria, and it's far too big for the small ships crystal ponies use on rivers.

"Yes, I believe it got stuck here when the cave collapsed" says the mare


"Whaaaa? Why is it here!? It's so big!"



"I think it was part of a fleet that was here around 500 years ago." the mare continues.
"The fleet must have been docked on the river and this boat got trapped when the cave collapsed."
She starts climbing down.
"Watch your step!"


Follow her.
"An entire fleet! That sounds amazing!"


She smiles.
"I'm glad you're so excited about it."
Silver looks suspicious.
"I don't trust all this."

You may take a 10 on an athletics check to swim to the boat if you want, once there you may do an investigate roll by yourself or Silver


I'll take that ten!
"Come on Silver, you got to admit this is pretty amazing!"


"It doesn't look like any ship I've ever seen."


"That only confirms this is something special!"


You both take a dive with the mare and reach the ship.
Investigate roll?



Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


The ship is made of wood, the bow is exquisitely carved into a dragon head.
The wood itself is covered with moss and weeds, but you can make out a heart pierced by a sword on it.
You also see a sack near the ship and grab it.


Oh! What's inside the sack?


You open it up and find some small statuettes made of crystal. They depict animals and are engraved with small runes that you can't read but you've seen them near demonic rituals perform


That's suspicious!
"What are these?"


The mare comes take a look at them.
"Oh, look. These are neat. I think these represent gods or spirits of the ponies that made this ship…"


"I've seen these runes before around ritual sites…"


She looks at them.
"Ritual sites? I didn't know. I've never studied rituals…"


I frown.
"Demon summoning sites. This is not a good find!"


She gasps.
"No…I didn't know about that.
I was only studying crystal pony history…."
Silver grabs the hilt of his weapon.
"First crazy things happening outside, and now demonic artifacts."


I scrunch.
"I want to believe you, I do, but I think there's more going on here than you realize!"


She scrunches.
"I…I found some of those relics before in the cave…I put them away in my bag. The guards must have taken it as evidence.
Please, take them with you, to prove I don't want them. I don't need them.
I was merely studying the crystal ponies here."


I frown, but nod and take the bag anyway.
"Alright… I'll take them for now."
maybe I shouldn't trust her… but some of this stuff is pretty amazing!


Roll intelligence



Roll #1 14 + 1 = 15


You remember you didn't see statuettes like these among the evidence


"Wait… this is the first time we've seen these statues isn't it Silver? They weren't part of the evidence we were shown…"


Silver perks his ears.
"Now that you mention it…"
He looks to the mare.
"Are you sure the guards took them?"
The mare nods.
"Come, I'll show you where they were."


Look concerned now.
"Right… show us."


You all run back to the living area in the cave.
The mare turns a bag inside out, only showing a scrap of paper with drawings on them
"They were in here, right next to the map I found!"


I frown.
"If they took them… why didn't they show those to us, Silver?"


"Maybe they have something to hide as well?
If this strange magic in the town didn't come from this mare, it must have come from somepony else."


I scrunch
"A trick! A ruse to fool us! Maybe… she was close to discovering something someone didn't want her to discover?"


Silver looks to the mare.
"You keep saying this is Crystal pony history. Anything special about it?"
The mare looks uneasy.
"W-well…I do have a theory…but I don't know why anypony would want to stop me…"


"A theory? Tell us!"


File: 1417733600690.png (49.29 KB, 1105x566, Ye_Olden_Map.png) ImgOps Google

She hoofs you the piece of paper.
"Here, this is a map I found. It dates back to approximately 500 years ago."

The map is crude and the top part has been torn off. You see a crudely drawn outline of the western coast and the Maaz river, with a red line drawn, which you guess might be a travel route. Unfortunately the route seems to have continued on the missing top part. Furthermore you see two symbols you guess indicate some settlement. The square near the modern Aqua port and a settlement near modern Agate. There also some lines near the modern Crystal Capital but not the traditional symbol of the Palace and Heart.
You also see a crude pony drawn near the bottom with stars around it, traditionally indicating a crystal pony.


"Shame we don't have the rest of the map! What do you think is up there that was important to them?"


"Look at the map. The Crystal Pony, that doesn't make sense. 500 years ago, the Empire was locked away! And these crystal artifacts, that heart symbol. Don't you realize what it might mean?!?"


Does my brain make the connection?

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Your brain is quite empty.
Luckily your companion makes up for it.
"You mean…there might have been crystal ponies while the Empire was away?"
"YES, exactly that's what I believe. Survivors maybe or crystal ponies that were away far enough to not get wooshed away with the Empire.
I think that ship belonged to them. Maybe they lived here a while..or maybe they came to check if the Empire came back. Whatever the truth, they must have come from the north. From Hyperborea…"


N-no it's not!
"Wait, how come we haven't heard about this before?"


"I don't know. Maybe nopony knows. Maybe they're dead already. I've heard the northern seas are horrible. And Griffons don't like ponies. 500 years ago they'd rather have killed and eaten a pony than talk to him."


"Well they had better not hurt any crystal ponies or I'll have to serve some justice!"


Silver shakes his head.
"This is all interesting. But shouldn't we first find out what's causing all the trouble in town and then think about long lost crystal ponies? I think we should have a talk with those guards…."


"You're right Silver! We should! Is there anything more we should see here, Platinum Flower?"


"No, shall I stay here while you investigate further?"


You're out of the pool, what's next?


I think we're done with the spa in that case yea? Didn't Silver say he wanted to go see some mages?


You were going to see a Prench mage perform.

He's on stage on the Royal Square


Let's see what he can do!


As you arrive, a large crowd has already gathered. With a poof of smoke, the pony appears out of nowhere.
An older grey pony with a large moustache. The crystal ponies start clopping the ground.
"Merci, merci, madames and monsieurs. Today vous are lucky for the Great ponnande de Prance will do magic tricks beyond belief."


Sit down somewhere so I have a good view on what he's showing!
"Why does he talk all weird?"


"He's Prench!" says Silver, as if that explains it all.

Ponnande clops his hooves together and a big empty bird cage appears as if from nowhere.
Then he throws it in the air, and it explodes in fireworks with white doves flying from it unharmed


"Can all Prench ponies talk and do stuff like that?! That's so weird!"


"Prench ponies speak Prench! It's the language of love!"

The Prench mage takes off his hat and from the hat a pretty mare climbs out, in a glittering bodysuit. "My assistent, Bubble Spark, give her a hoof, monsieurs!"


"Wow! Did you see that? She was in his hat all this time!"


"Must have been uncomfortable! She was upside down the whole time!"

The mare is an earth pony. "And now, I shall have Bubble disappear and reappear!
He holds a veil before her, and when he drops it, she's gone!
Then you hear a whistle from a few meters behind you, there she is!


"These guys know their magic! Not even Mable could do stuff like this!"


"Pfft, I think this was just a simple teleportation spell!"



I scrunch.
"Can you do a teleportation spell, Silver? I think not!"
Raise my hoof!


"You, the charming madame in the back! Come to the stage!"
He points to you!


Jump up! Walk up to the stage!


"Give her a warm clopping!"
"What's your name, madame?"


"I'm Amber! Love your show!"


"Amber, and it's lovely to have you here."
He places a kiss on your hoof gallantly.
"Now, Amber, I have here…"
He dramatically shows a pack of cards.
"And you may pick from this pack of cards any one card without me looking!"
He turns around after handing you the cards


Pick one of the cards.
"And then?"


"Look good at the card, memorize it! then put it back in the stack! Do you remember it?""


Remember the card I picked and put it back in the deck!


He takes the deck back.
"Now, I shall through secret magic techniques discover what card it was!"
He begins shuffling through the cards.
The ponies hold their breath


Wait for it…


He stops shuffling and looks at you.
"Amber, tell me a number between 1 and 52"


"Uh… uh… three!"


"Aw, in 5 seconds you'll wish you said 11."
He hoofs the pack to you without shuffling more.
"For the third card in that pack, is the card you picked!"


"No way!"
Check that card!


It is the card!


I scrunch.
"But how!?"


He whispers in your ear.


Scrunching intensifies
"Yeah but how!?"


"Ah madame, there are many secrets I cannot tell you! You were a wonderful volunteer! Give her a warm clop, sil-vous-plait!"


Walk back to Silver…
"I don't get it!"


"We could corner him after the show. Tell him to tell us or we'll charge him for heresy."
He winks


Seriously consider that for a moment.
"No! Silver! That would be abuse of our position and power! That's not acceptable at all!"


"Maybe we can ask him very nicely! We were going to ask him about Germaneigh anyway!


"Well… okay."


Soon the show is over, with a thunderous applause from the crowd.
"Come on, let's go meet him!"


Follow Silver!


You gang up on the mage as he's packing!
Silver takes the word
"Hello mister Ponnande, that was a great show!"


"Yeah, really impressive!"


"Merci, monsieur, madame. Vous are too kind!
You are paladins oui? I have the uttermost respect for the paladins serving their country."


"Yup! We're Cadance's paladins!"


"And you were a good volunteer as well!"
You see Bubble walking around, seems like she doesn't live in a hat after all


Hmmmm… keep an eye on here!
"Aren't you letting her go back in your hat now that the show is over?"


"Oh!" he laughs. "When not in the show, she can stay outside the hat. The hat is awfully small!"


"I can imagine it is! Props to her for fitting inside!"


"You hear that, Bubble! Even the paladins are complimenting your physique."
Bubble blows you a kiss.


"Where did you learn magic like that? Did you go to a mage school back in your homeland? I heard magic is popular in Prance!"


"Indeed it is. Magic is the pride of Prance.
You will never find any other people who are so…bred for magic. Our people as a whole are born mages. Under the benevolent rule of our King Jacques III and his dynasty, we have flourished."


"That sounds like a impressive holiday destination!"


"It is, you are welcome anytime!
Try our baguettes, our croissants.
Or visit our museums and see our beautiful land. Drink our wine and champagne."


Look to Silver.
"What do you think? Should we go there some time? Oh! Maybe during our next leave! I bet we could learn a whole bunch about modern magic and mages!"


"That sounds like a great idea!"


why did Silver want to ask him about Germaneigh again? i can't remember why that's a thing we need to ask about
"How far away is Prance though? I mean maybe we shouldn't go too far from the empire just in case princess Cadance suddenly needs us…"


You were wondering why the Germanes and Prench fought each other so often

"It is quite a journey. The other side of Equestria. Next to the Horseshoe Sea."


"Wellll… I mean Equestria isn't that far…"


"But Equestria's territory is vast. The only land greater is Hyperborea."


"Don't try to complicate the matter with your fancy mathematics Silver!"


"We're talking about geography, Amber!"


I scrunch.
"Almost the same thing!"


The mage interjects.
"In any case, using the train, you'll be there in a day."


"Okay! One more thing though, isn't Prance fighting Germaneigh? I don't even know why but you guys fight a lot for some reason?"


A shadow comes across his face when you say Germaneigh.
"No…we are not fighting Germaneigh for the present. Though those…monsters would deserve it! I tell you, miss Amber, do not be deceived by Germane propaganda, the germanes and their Kaiser are evil!"


"Huh? Why? What happened?"


"Why, it is a long story. Once Germaneigh and Prance were a great empire. Those were great times for I tell you, the Emperor and his great troops were a force so grand, so strong as to rival the Equestrian armies and the Godess-Princesses of Equestria.
When the Emperor died his empire was given to his two sons for they could never see eye to eye.
But still we worked together, especially near the border, the mystical Lyonesse, the place where the first emperor lived was a place of coorperation and a true greatness.
And then hundreds of years ago…"
The mage gets angry
"The Germanes foolishly invaded that land and killed the defenseless Prench! It was only through great sacrifice and our magic that we could beat back the bloodthirsty germanes and their diabolical machines!
And we will never forget all those who sacrificed for our land!
Lyonesse switched owner so many times, but rest assured, Lady Amber, one day we will break through the foul Germane lines and bring the Kaiser himself to Ponis to the guillotine!"


"But… if you were together before, why not unite again? That way neither one will have to fight over splitting land!"


He smiles friendly to you.
"You have a good heart, Lady Amber, but if you knew the Germanes, you'd know their way of life is so…so alien, so low, they have fallen so far from what the Empire was all about. It would be a mercy to conquer them for we would bring them true civilization and peace.
And, Lady Amber, the first time they killed Prench in Lyonesse was not the last. Every year there are stories of the Germanes attacking defenseless Prench towns and terrorising the citoyens."
He shakes his head.
"I lost one of my sisters to the Germanes. Perhaps they were one of us once, but the Kaiser has dragged them down a dark path. But one day, par la volonté des princesses, we shall be victors!"


I frown.
"That's awful! The princesses should do something about that!"


"These brutes claim to have loyalty to the Princesses as the physical Godesses of the Sun and Moon, but their actions prove them wrong!
Our actions of vengeance are justified! Only through strength shall we defeat this plague!"

Silver coughs.
"You know, I heard the Princesses condemned the violence on both sides, that the Prench have also done terrible things to the Ger-"
The mage shouts "The Princesses are too benevolent and good to comprehend the depravity of the Germanes! We have to make hard decisions sometimes! If you were in a war like ours, you would not be saying such things!"


I don't like the sound of all this…
"This sounds like a bad deal for both sides…"


"The Prench did not want this. We are a peaceful and noble ponyfalk, but when we are threatened, we defend ourselves. Remember that!
Vive le Roi!.
And now, miss Amber, mister Silver, I'm afraid I must be off."
He nods and walks off.

Silver looks to you.
"That was…bad."


I nod.
"That sounds horrible! Ponies must be suffering so much because of all this!"


"I know…but what can we do?
They are both followers of the Church of the Princesses, and even the Princesses cannot stop them…
I wonder…you know Amber, one day, I hope we can find out what's happening there…"


"Next time we have a audience with Cadance I'll ask her about it! I'm sure she'll find a solution!"


"I hope so…"

I think we can stop here.
We can continue another time


"So… what should we do next?"


What do you want to do next?


Do I know where Star is these days?


Star is in Canterlot. You could take a train there.


I don't think I should… so far away! I'll just write her a letter about that whole thing we discovered later.
"Silver! Maybe we should split up and go spend some time with our families, what do you think? They probably miss us a lot!"


"I suppose I should show my head there once in a while…"


"If you don't want to go alone I can come with you, I haven't even met your sister!"


"Uhm…I'm not sure you want to. She's not a fun pony."


I gasp.
"But… she's your sister!"


"I know that! But we never really got along."


I scrunch.
"How is that possible! My sister sometimes got angry at me but we got along well most of the time even though we're different!"


"You clearly never met my sister. Or really got to know my parents. They don't really want me in their home. That's why they sent me to the paladins when I said that's what I wanted."

PS: after careful deliberation I've decided to retcon the mention of the Kaiser. Instead Germaneign is ruled by the Kaiserin to go with the pony theme of Matriarchy. Here ends the autism message.


"I'm really sorry to hear that… if you just want to join me instead that's fine!"


He nods.
"I'd love that! Your parents are really nice!"


"Well… let's get going then! I'm sure they won't mind us visiting without warning!"


"Let's hope so."
You go to the quiet simple home of your parents in the suburbs of the Capital.
Dad should be on guard duty but you can smell a crystal berry cake your mom is making from a mile away.


I grin and pick up the pace.
"I can smell home already! Come on!"


You hurry home.
As expected, mom is here with a cake.
"Amber! you're home!"
She gives you a shiny hug.


Shiny hug her back!
"Yeah! Silver and I are on leave! I've been so busy I figured it was time to come back home!"


She gives Silver a hug too.
"Uhm..hello miss Stone."
"Don't be so formal, Silver, you're part of the family now too!"


Look around.
"Is dad working? Anypony else around?"


"Dad is on guard.
Brim is at the foalgarten.
As for Spark, she should be home soon!"

Brim Stone is your little bro.
Spark is your older sister.


"Alright! You hear that Silver, you get to see my sister instead!"


"Is she cute?"


I scrunch.
"She's older than me! Not a foal!"


"Nevermind. What does she do?"


"She likes fashion! She's a very fashiony pony!"


"We all hope she'll be a famous fashionista one day!" adds your mom.


"You didn't tell me what your sister does, Silver! How old is she?"


"She's 28. She uh…she's being groomed to inherit the Blood mines and all that…"


"Groomed? Like by a hairdresser?"


"As in prepared to handle the responsibilities as the heir of the family fortune"


"Ooooooh. Sounds like a lot of responsibility!"


"It is! I'm glad I don't have to do it."


"Maybe that's why you don't get along… maybe she's unhappy…"


"Nah, I don't think so!
She's a meanie."


"I dunno Silver, maybe we should invite her over for tea!"


"That's a wonderful idea!" adds your mother.
"F-fine…" says Silver.
"Who should we invite for tea?" says a familiar voice.
Its Sparkle!


Tackle her into a shiny hug!


"Amber! You're back!"
Shiny hug intensifies


"We're on leave, so I wanted to come see you guys. We've been super busy and I missed you guys!"


She gives you a bunch of kisses.
"Aw, I missed you too!"
"The cake is almost ready!" says mom "Come and tell me all you've been doing!"


"Alright! Silver! This is my sister Sparkle. You remember her don't you?"


"Yes, we met briefly before the ceremony."
He gives her a hoof.
"Aaaaaw, sis, he's so polite! You sure did a good job on him!"


"You bet, Silver is the best! I'm lucky to have him!"


"Have you already been on a date?"
She winks.


"Um… Yes! It was nice!"


Your sis saunters closer with a smirk.
"I bet it was very nice."


Look toward Silver to help me out here!


Just to be clear, how much should he be blushing?


What are you implying! They haven't done anything!


Got it!
"Yes, we work very well together! As paladins!"
Sis saunters further next to Silver, trying to make him drop his spaghetti.
"Really? Just as paladins? As real Paladins of Love?"


"Yeah! As princess Cadance's paladins!"


Silver holds his own.
"Yes, we're paladins of Princess Cadance. That means we support each other and help each other!"
Mom jumps in.
"Let it go, Sparkle."
Sparkle scrunches. "Yes, mom."


"Let's eat! And Silver, maybe you should write your sister a little to invite her over!"




"Sure! Go for it! How long before she'll get here you think?"


"Perhaps by tomorrow? Our town isn't far…but I don't know if she wants to come."


"But… why not? I really want to meet her! She's your family!"


"Fine, I'll send her a letter. If I send it now, it should be there by tonight….uh…can I sleep here tonight?"
Your sis giggles.
Mom smiles. "Of course, Silver! You're more than welcome here! Just be careful, we don't want any accidents!"


Look confused.


"Yes! I want grandfoals, but you both don't have to rush. You're still young and you're paladins right now."


I scrunch in confusion.
"What does that have to do with anything…"


Your sister snickers.
Mom scrunches.
"Oh dear. Amber, we'll need to have a talk later after the cake. Just you and me."
Silvers orange coat is glowing red.


I shrug and grab a piece of cake!


It's a nice crystal berry crunchy cake!
Silver tells mom and sis all about your adventures!

Stay here, timeskip to the Talk or timeskip even further?


The Talk sounds pretty funny.


Oh dear.
Time to booze up.
Anyway, after a thorough discussion of your adventures and your sisters advances in fashion, mom asks if you want to help her in the kitchen to clean the dishes.


Just keep it short!
"Sure I'll help you!"


If you want to slp, we'll continue another time.


uhhh… sure I guess. Thanks for running, I had a lot of fun.


Thing is, with all these exams, I'm stretching out the Chrones a bit, so if there's things you want to do, tell me!
We'll only really start MH at the end of january or start of february

Your chrones is mostly over.
The last thing is Princess Cadance doing
But that can wait, since that would instafinish your chrones with nothing to do for a few weeks.


Okay, goodnight then!


When you get in the kitchen, mom hoofs you a towel.
"I'll clean the dishes, you dry em off."


PS: gonna keep this short.
What do you wanna do after?


Harass Silver's sister!


So back to the cleaning.
"How are you and Silver doing?"



Roll #1 5, 4, 6 = 15


I said swing! He swings his sword at Sombra!


You made the Grapple roll first!

But fine, just this once!


Silver misses!


Ambers turn, you wanna Grapple with that 21?


I just made the roll for Silver in meta because it wouldn't work on the other site.
Now I'm gonna grapple using that roll of mine



You roll a 21 to Grapple the fiery barely material form of Sombra….
And get burned for '3d6' dmg, in addition you must roll above the number of dmg in a reflex save to not catch on fire.

Roll #1 5, 5, 3 = 13


I already regret my decision!
I need to increase my roll with the d4! [1d4]

Roll #1 11 + 1 = 12 / Roll #2 2 = 2


And good that you did, you manage to avoid getting on fire, but get heavily scorched in the process.

Sombra unleashes another torrent of fire!
Roll both a Reflex save or get burned!


He's starting to annoy me!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 7 + 5 = 12


And you both fail, which is kinda logical since you're right next to him!


If only you had some holy spells to throw on him!

Roll #1 1, 5, 3 = 9


Silver 9dmg, 4 stress dmg

Roll #1 5, 1, 2 = 8


Amber 8 dmg, 4 stress dmg.

You're gonna need to see a doctor after this!


Silvers turn!


I'm taking this opportunity to active Retribution for a free attack!
damage: [1d10+4]

Roll #1 20 + 11 = 31 / Roll #2 6 + 4 = 10


Activating that if I can?


You swing through the fire and cut of part of Sombras fiery mane!
He looks bald for just a second before the fire returns. But the shame will never go away!
+1 to you and Silvers rolls next turn

You have no more action dice!

Silvers turn!


Silver's gonna keep slicing him up like a piece of bread!

Roll #1 10 + 8 = 18 / Roll #2 2 + 6 = 8


Silver strikes a powerful blow to Sombras head, slicing his horn clean off.
It sizzles and melts in the water.


Now for my own hammer strike!

Roll #1 1 + 12 = 13 / Roll #2 3 + 5 = 8


~Time to activate that with one of my own GM dice~

Sombra roars and breathes a gust of fire from his mouth!
You fly back and tumble through the water taking '3d6' dmg

You feel dizzy. Roll Resolve to get back up!

Roll #1 2, 6, 2 = 10


I'm strong! Fight the dizziness!

Roll #1 14 + 9 = 23


You slowly get back up, determined more then ever.
You mane is ruffled and you have some bruises now.
And some black scorchmarks on your armor.

Sombra attempts the same with Silver.
Roll his Reflex.



Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


Nope, more damage.

Man, you are getting on the low end here…


Silvers turn!

Roll #1 1, 4, 6 = 11


Just die already!

Roll #1 1 + 8 = 9 / Roll #2 11 + 5 = 16


You know the drill


Roll Resolve for Silver

dmg '3d6'

Roll #1 6, 6, 2 = 14



Roll #1 19 + 5 = 24


But he powers through!

Ambers turn!


"Just go down already you sad excuse for a pony!"
Bash his dumb head in with my hammer.

Roll #1 8 + 12 = 20 / Roll #2 2 + 4 = 6


File: 1426200283403.png (287.15 KB, 539x541, happy.png) ImgOps Google

Some ambient music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL_l1FP4c6Q

You slam your hammer down on his head one last time and the shade of Sombra slowly seeps back in the water howling.

You and Silver sink through your knees. This combat asked a lot of you, you feel pain in places you didn't even know you had. You feel so tired.
You can't keep your eyes open…the world starts fading…
You see the water, it changes again to the island far in the frozen land.
You see yourself fighting Sombra there..but you're not alone, you see Soil, Mabel, Silver and a few other ponies you don't know…
Together you defeat the shadow of Sombra and the Crystal Heart rises above the island…

It looks so happy…maybe if you rest your head in the water, you'll be there….


A voice!
You slowly look to your right and vaguely see a shining pink pony approaching you.
Her horn touches your mane and you quickly feel fully rejuvenated!

You jump up to see Cadance restoring Silver as well.




"You did well, both of you.
This was not an easy test.
Not many can face the Shadow of Sombra and emerge victorious!"


Lower my head slightly.
"Princess I… don't feel like I performed well enough. We were lucky to be able to wear it down with raw physical power! I just think I need to train more and develop my divine powers for these kind of foes!"


Silver stands next to you.
"Yes, we are still can't channel the mystical powers…"
He lowers his ears.

Cadance steps to you.
"You can't learn to channel my power by training, it can only come through sacrifice, courage and hardship.
This is why all paladins must go on a sacred Crusade before becoming a true paladin lord.
What you saw in the pool will be your quest, during it Fate and Love will guide you both to hone your skills and become closer to divine power.
What did you see?"


I derped that sentence.
"We are still unable to…"


"We were on an island… Silver, me and our friends! It was really cold and… I saw Sombra and the crystal heart! Is that a vision of the future?"


"A possible one…"
She swirls her hoof in the water looking deep into it for a few moments.
"Paladins often see Sombra in here because he represents the evil that always threatens our lands. But it might not be Sombra you'll face on that island.
Come…let us go back to the court, you're certainly hungry…"


"Yes! Very! Thank you princess!"


Once you make it back out of Sombras lair you start feeling better again.
Cadance locks the door with an intricate key.

Up topside you see the cooks have prepared a lavish meal with crystal corn and hay with crystal berry sauce.


"Oh! I love this kind of food!"


As you all sit down, Silver takes a sip of water.
"Princess, do you know what we have to do now?"


"You know what I think? I think we need to find our friends again first! The old team back together!"


The Princess nods.
"Yes, that would be the first thing to do.
But there is more."
She nods to a breastplate at the edge of the table.
On closer inspection its the old breastplate that was found in the cave.
"My historians have researched it and we believe, as you reported, that it belongs to a lost group of Crystal Ponies.
I believe your vision shows they still exist and make their home on an island far too the Frozen North."
She looks at both of you.
"And it will be your duty to find them again. To bring them under the light of the Crystal Heart once more…"


"They're still out there!? That's amazing news!"


"Yes, it's amazing…
I do wonder what they're like…it's been a thousand years…a lot of generations have passed. They might be very different from us…"


"They're still crystal ponies no matter what, they're part of us and we're part of them!"


Cadance nods with a smile.
"Then, you both accept this quest?"


"Yes! Yes yes yes!"


Silver nods.
"It will be our honor!"


"Silver! We should write all our friends as soon as possible!"


Cadance clears her throat.
"Now, there's a few things you should know.
The past week we have done some investigation, determining the possible location of the crystal ponies.
We think we have a lead."


"Perfect! What did you find?"


A pony comes in with a large map and Cadance spreads it out over the table.
"This is Hyperborea."
The map is huge, the Empire seems like a tiny speck compared to it.


"Right… Queren is from Hyperborea!"


She nods.
"It's the land of the Griffons.
Enormous, but most Griffons live south, the north is sparsely populated.
We've received intel that there are stories about Crystal Ponies living north.
Our contact told us to seek help in Neverspring."
She points to a town on the edge of the Frozen Coast.
"We were thinking about sending an ambassador, but since it's your quest, you'll be perfect."


Big smile!
"Sounds like a pretty cold place, we'll need to prepare accordingly!"


"Yes, you should. The nights there are so cold, your hooves could freeze right off if you're not inside…"


"what about the evil I saw up there? What could that be?"


File: 1426208357111.png (303.27 KB, 609x654, anon_pls.png) ImgOps Google

"I'm not sure.
You'll have to be careful, Amber and Silver.
And not just of whatever evil lurks there.
Those ponies have been seperated from the empire from centuries. Some might not welcome you…"


"Don't worry princess! We have a team of experts to back us up!"


"You'll go with my blessing.
You'll be representing the Empire to these new ponies.
If you can convince them to resume relations with the Empire or even send emissaries here, you'll both have done a great service to the Empire."


"Yes ma'am! We won't disappoint! I don't know how long this will take us but we will not stop until we've gotten our happy ending! I love happy endings!"


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