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It's the middle of summer and the Sun shines bright in the sky. Beneath you, you can see fields of grain, small vegetable gardens and the occasional farmstead.

These are the vast fields of the Unicorn Range. You're nearly home. You're flying on Indy. He's not as big anymore as he used to be, but still big enough to carry you and Iris behind you.
"I'm so excited to meet your family Soil." says Iris.


Smile as we soar through the sky,raising my head to look behind me, at Iris.
"It's gonna be fun."
Smile at her, without saying much else.


Indy speaks up.
"Pa, if you are my Pa, does that mean your Pa is my Grandpa?"


"Well look at you, figuring it all out already!"
Pat him on the head from above, and give the ground beneath us one more look.


You see the small circle of black stones you visited as a kid.
Your home must not be far.
There it is!


Call up Indy's attention with a few pats behind the ear.
"Settle down over there!"
Point somewhere nearby the house, but not covered by farmland.


Indy swoops down to a nearby field.
The farm looks better than you remembered.
The old hole in the barn wall that used to be covered up by planks is repaired and there's a few earth ponies you never saw before working in the fields.
Iris drops off as well.
On the porch you see an old stallion with white hairs waving at you.


Maybe I've got the wrong farm…
"It's all so much shinier in here!
Iris, come!"
Take her by a hoof and rush for the porch!


It is your Pa definitely.
His hair is whiter than you remember and he seems a bit more frail but his eyes are bright as ever.
He has a smile on his lips as you run over with Iris in tow.
"Welcome home, son."


Let go of Iris' hoof and drop my gear onto the ground, reaching forward with as much excitement and glee as before, moving into a strong hug with him.
It's been too long! Too damn long!"


"It is, it is. My word, is it just my eyes deceiving me or did you grow even taller than I remember?"


"Nah, it's you who are shorter!"
Smirk and let go of the hug, sidestepping to show the guests coming with me.
"Pa, this is Iris."


Iris puts on her best smile. "Hello, pleasure to meet you, mister Soil."
"Call me Brick. Welcome to our humble farm, Iris."
He looks to Indy.
"And you must be Indy. You're a bit smaller than I expected."
Indy looks down. "You too, I thought you'd be even bigger than Pa, since you're the Pa of Pa., Grandpa."
Pa laughs.


"He started shrinking after the whole exploding thing.
Oh I gotta tell you and Ma' all ab-"
Gasp and turn my attention to the inside of the farm.
"I gotta go tell Ma I'm back!"
Rush in!


As you go in, you smell sweet carrot pie baking in the oven and lettuce stew.
"Honey, has Poor arrived yet?" she shouts from the kitchen


Snowball through the kitchen, big wide smile on my face as I reach for Ma and squeeze her tight.


Old Ma seems overwhelmed as you grab her but then hugs you teary-eyed. "Poor, you're back, finally!"


"I did it ma'! I became a hero!"


Swing her around the kitchen in joy as if she weighted nothing.



"You always were! Ah, watch out, Poor, the pans!"


Settle her down with a spin and drag her outside in a hurry!
"You have to meet them! Iris and Indy too!"


She and Pa just came in!
Indy is outside, stretching his wings after such a long flight.


"You two gotta tell me it all about the farm! What happened while I was gone?!"


(Let's leave that question for just a second?)
Ma walks to Iris. "Oh goodness aren't you lovely. I'm so happy to finally meet you." Iris gives her a hug. "It's great to be here!" responds Iris.
Ma looks out to Indy. "Oh dear…I'll need to make more stew…"


(I misunderstood the reply to my previous post, by all means)
"He kinda eats a lot."
Grin at ma'.


Iris jumps up. "I'll help you!" "Thanks, dear, let's go to the kitchen." And there go Ma and Iris, chatting.
Pa grins. "I think they'll get along well. Good job, son."


Look at pa' confused.
"Uh? I'm not the one cooking!"


"I mean the pretty lady you brought back home. You sure know how to pick em!"


"She's just perfect, pa'."
Smile and seat down somewhere.
"Showed me things you'd not imagine."


You notice it's a new chair, dad sits on his old chair, but even that has been repaired.
"I believe that." he chuckles again.
"She seems like a nice mare. Hold on to that one, son. Nice mares are far and few between these days."


"But I've met lots of nice mares!
Amber, and Mabel… Well, maybe not Vilina, but she became nice!
Oh, and Celestia and Luna and Cadence were nice too!"


"But yeah, I'd never exchange Iris for any of them…"
Look at the chairs with a tiny smile, giving the one I'm sitting on a solid shake.


"My, you've seen the Princesses?" he seems astonished.


"They were okay."
Answer unfazed, as if it was no big.


"My, my. I never would have imagined. My son meeting the Princesses…"


"They didn't say they were sorry for the farm!"
Frown, angrily.


"Hmmm? Oh, well that's princessfolk for you. Probably too busy with parties. Luckily we have you. Thank you, son, the money you sent has been a great help for us. We can manage from now on."


Perk up my ears!
"You can?
That's amazing! Did all the repairs come from that money?"


He nods.
"And last years harvest. I have enough money now to hire some ponies to help me out with the harvest, and this years looking even better than last years."


Stare wide eyed at him!
"It's amazing!
I want to see the whole farm!"


He looks to the kitchen.
"I think we still have some time before the mares are done.
Let's go for a walk."


Beat him to the door with a happy trot.
"Pa is gonna show us around the farm, Indy!"


He glides over.
Pa walks over. "My…perhaps we could…fly on Indy?"


"I was hoping you'd ask!
Hey kid, up for it?"


He nods and quickly crouches down to let you both up.
Pa has some trouble but manages to get up. "No worries, I'm fine."


"Then you better hold on tight.
Like the saddle? Gift from the equestrian military."
Grin and hold on myself.
"Ready whenever you are, Indy!"


Indy flies up and soon you're circling above the farm.
Pa looks down. "So this is how those pegasi see the farm. Amazing."


"Pegasi are not quite this strong, though."
Lean forwards, talking to Indy.
"Look there! That's the field where I slammed the first bad guy!"


"Was he big?" asks Indy


"As big as the sky! And he had this large straw hat and tattered clothes!"


He might be back!


"IS THAT HIM?!" yell in disbelief, looking down onto the field.


Pa puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Yes…I uh hired him to watch over the fields. He learned his lesson Soil. Everypony deserves a new chance"
Pa has long since given up to explain the concept of a scarecrow


This is the hero equestria deserves.
Give my mortal enemy a deadly glare.
"He better…
So, what else is new around here, pa?
Point us to it!"


"You saw the hole in the barn got fixed? And we have few new fields of corn over there." He points them out. Those new fields are where the Flower farm used to be.


Gulp alarmed.
"Wait, what of the flowers now?"


"Ah…" Pa frowns. "About six months ago Grim, you remember the dad of Field, died. Sad story, he was out in the field when a timbrewolf attacked him. We managed to chase the wolf off but by then it was too late.
Field and her mother sold the farm and went away…"


"What!? why didn't you tell me sooner!"


"I'm sorry, son. So many things went through my mind when you came, I didn't think of it…"


"…You know where they went?"


"I believe they said they were going to family living near Neighara Falls."


"That's gonna be my next stop…
Indy, land there."
Point at the field where the Flowers' farm once was.


The farm itself is still standing here, abandoned.
Indy lands near it, as to not trample the corn.


There's a tombstone next to the farm.


Trot over to the tombstone, slowly, sadly.
This time I really can do nothing to undo this.
"I ain't even got anything to pay respect with…"


Pa stands beside you.
"You can pay respect without laying anything at his grave. Take a moment and think of how he lived."


"He lived the best life there is. Working hard and seeing it come to life."
Look down and sit by the grave, thinking about him, about the times he got me out of troubles, of the times he scolded me, of the day I said him goodbye when I left this place.

"But it's okay, the other side is not so bad. And Grogar's a smart guy."


He places a hoof on your shoulder.
"I'm sure he's in the Eternal Plains now, watching over his wife and daughter."


"Let's go back home Pa, Ma and Iris must be wondering where we are…"


He nods silently and climbs back on Indy.
"I'm sorry son. I know how you and Field were close friends."


"I'll stop by Neighara Falls before reaching the dragon lands, to try and find her."


"I'm sure she'll be happy to see you again."
You land back at the farm, where Iris and Ma are putting the plates outside.


Trot over to Iris with a tiny smile, nuzzling her.
"Did you get to show off your skills, hun?"


"Just a little bit. Your mom is a very good cook."


"Can't wait to taste it."
And then we had a family dinner.


Any more talkings or do you want to go to another part.


The rest is all pretty standard stuff. Maybe I will clue Iris in on what happened to my friend's father come night.
And show her my room.
But no lewd!


Of course not, not in your old bedroom.


It'd be super weird.
Maybe have a stroll around town before leaving.


Town is a large word, the unicorn range is a collection of farms. The closest to town is a small settlement nearby where traders gather and the local guard lives.


Then no need to do that. In the morning, begin gathering my things as I speak to my parents.
"What will you two do now? Keep on tending the farm?"


"What else would we do, we're too old to go anywhere else. If I can die here, I'll be happy." says Pa.
He looks over both of you. "You shouldn't worry about us anymore. We'll do fine, both of you have a future together, that's what you should think about right now."


"I'll come back around before riding off to adventure again, I promise."
Smile at my father.

It's time to go.


To Neighara Falls?


Actually, what's the closest?
Neighara of Tall Tale?




To Neighara we shall go.
But during travel, I want to have a chat with Iris.



She perks her ears.


"What did you think of the farm, of them?"


"They're very happy together. I love that."


"I was thinking, you know, maybe, we left so quickly from Tall Tale, we could go back."


She looks curious


"You know, you left everything there! And never went back!"


"I didn't like the place anyway….altough…"


Look at her hopeful.


"I had a friend there named White Streak. I wonder how he's doing…"


Smile and roll over the soft grass we are laying on, moving closer to her.
"That's a good reason to go.
And maybe, since we are there, we might drop in on your father…"


"Oh! Yes, that's a great idea!"


Smile proudly, reaching out to nuzzle her.
"I was so worried."


"That I wouldn't want to see my dad? Are you kidding?"


"You said nothing about it when we went to see my parents, it seemed strange!"


"Oh, well you seemed so excited. I didn't want to barge in."


"Then it's a deal, we will go meet your pa' before heading for the dragon lands, okay?"


"Deal." Nuzzle, nuzzle.


Off to Neighara falls!


Eta: 2 days


Good for me.


You reach the Neighaghra Falls.
The majestic waterfalls are roaring beneath you.
The closest town nearby is Dim.


Let's land this beauty somewhere close-but-not-too-close to Dim, then.
"Let's try not to scare the folks here too much.."


Roll perception for a good spot!


I don't have the sheet at hand, could you add the related bonus?
Surely there has to be a place.

Roll #1 16 = 16


No bonus
But you do see a small forest nearby.
You land there with Indy. Should be around 10 minutes to walk to Dim. Indy could stay here if you don't want to upset the locals.


Not gonna treat my boy like that! Instead, we walk the rest of the distance, so the locals have a chance to see us approach slowly.


Sense Motive roll for villager '1d20+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


As you approach most ponies hurry back to their homes and wait behind locked doors. While not outright hostile, you spot some ponies looking cautiously out their windows.


Guess I can just keep walking for now. Seems like they haven't heard of the heroes who killed Ner'Ghal yet!
"Hey! Anypony here?"



Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


One of them opens a window.
"Yes? What do you want?"


Stupid scaredy ponies.
Look up at him with a big smile and a cheerful tone.
"Looking for flowers!"


"Flowers?!? What kind of flowers?"


"Flowers! Field and Red Flowers!
Ever heard of'em?"


"Oh…" she looks to you both and Indy. "Wait…that dragon is not going to hurt us right?"


"Naaaah. Tell'em, Indy!"


"I won't hurt you ponies at all, unless you're meanies."
The pony seems to weigh your words.
"Good, I'll come over." She closes the window and comes down.
"Let me show you the way."


"Oh, that's nice!"
Smile and follow.
"It's going way better than in Canterlot now that you are smaller!"


Seeing how the mare doesn't get immediately swallowed, the other ponies leave their houses as well. Talking about the big dragon in their midst.
"Red lives at the edge of town. She's new here…but Field left a few months ago…"


"Left? But she can't leave again, she already left the farm so until she's back there she can't leave this place too!"


"I…am not sure what you're saying…."


"Nevermind! Onwards to Red!"


You go to the a small house to the edge of town.
An old mare is sitting on a chair near the door. She looks strangely as she sees all of you coming.


Wave at her, picking up speed.


She squints her eyes as you approach.
"Wait a minute. That shield. Could it be…Poor Soil?"


"Auntie Reeeeeeeeed!"
Keep on running!


"Oh yes, it must be you." She holds out her hooves and braces for hug impact.


If there's one thing I know is slams.
Let's slow down, not killing her would be good!


You lift her up effortlessly, she's thinner than your mom! "My Poor Soil, you've become even bigger than I remember." she smiles.


Fly her around like dad used to fly me before settling her down.
"It's all the travelling!"


"It's good to see you again. I'm sorry Field isn't here. She'd be happy too."
Iris bumps in. "Field?" she looks at you "That friend from your farm?"


"Auntie, this here's Iris!
She and I… Uh…"
Grow all red.


She looks at both of you. "My that's great news, Poor. I bet if Field were here she'd be so happy for you as well."


"But I wanted to tell her too!
You know where she went?"


"She left some time ago, I assume you heard about my husband?"


Nod, bowing my head in sadness, my voice low.
"I was by the farm, a few days ago. Tried… Thinking things, saying things."


She frowns. "I miss him every day. Field had it hard as well."


Hug her again. Softly and calmly this time.
"He's just waiting, don't worry about that. The Eternal Plains look beautiful."


"I'm sure they do…He was a good husband."


And then I will actually just mingle and entertain her with some of my exploits because I'm not good with grief.
By the end of the day, go back to the topic of Field.
"Why did she leave again?"


"We don't have a lot of money. She left to go adventuring and send money to help me out. She always wanted to be an adventurer, but she stayed because of her father. Now when we got here and we needed money I couldn't stop her. I believe she's in the Griffon Kingdom now. I have a letter from her…"


That's just like what I'd do if I went adventuring!
"Can I read can I can I?"


You're so alike!
"Of course dear." she rummages through the cupboard and gives you a letter.
"Hey Mom!
I've just arrived at Neverspring. It's all the way to the North of Hyperborea. It's soooo cold here, and it's summer. The Griffons tell me that in the winter the sea around Neverspring freezes shut, isn't that amazing? They also tell me that to the north of here, there's an island full of ponies and their island is littered with crystal statues. I never heard of that, but I'm afraid I can't visit it now. I've found something. I'm sorry I can't tell you about it in the letter, but I promise, the next time I write you I'll send you a fortune!!!!!
Field xoxo


Turn to Iris, and Indy outside.
"We gotta totally go there guys!"
Back to Red!
"How long ago was this?"


They're also inside.
At least Iris is.
"I got this just a few days ago." says Red.
"To Hyperborea?" says Iris. "We should write to Pico, maybe he can show us the way."
Indy frowns "But what about the Dragons, Pa?"


"That's true! We have to get to the dragons first!"
"But then we are going to Hyperborea!"


"And don't forget about me!" says Iris.
Gasp looks like you have a lot to do!


"We better get on the road again then!
Thanks for everything, auntie Red!"
Hug her one last time before leaving.


"Take care!"
Dawnwood is not too far from here if you want to go to her dad.


Nodding to the narrator intensifies!


A few hours later you're flying above the small town of Dawnwood in the northern forest.


Hug Iris tight up here, leaning into her ears to make sure I don't have to shout over the wind.
"Can you see your house from up here?"


"Yes, it's down there." She points to a small house at the edge of town. "But we should land in the town square. I doubt ponies will be too freaked out!"


Pat Indy and gesture him down. Maybe we need a quicker way to react…


What do you mean?


Something to suggest him faster directions!


Maybe you both can work out a super sekkrit sign language for bros only.
Indy lands in town square.
Some ponies back away but once they see there are others on there, walk over curiously.
"Hello" says Iris, waving.


Smile and "Hello!" with her!


"Oh wow, look it's Iris. And she's on a dragon!"
Iris smirks.


"You know'em, Iris?"


"I went to school with those dumbos."
She smiles.
"Hey, so good to see you. They're green of jealousy."


Make them greener.
Jump down in an athletic display and offer her a hoof to help my pretty lady down.


She takes your hoof and gracefully steps down.
"Thank you, Soil. You're always so good to me."


Just smile at her.
"Make way now."


Time to go to the fathers home?




Iris lives in a small house near the edge of town.
She knocks on the door and when her dad, an older pony with a grey short beard opens, embraces him. "Daddy!"


Time to stand back and look all smiles!


"Dad…this is Poor Soil."
He looks you over. "Well well, so you're the one dating my daughter?"


Why is he asking me if I read her calendar?
Just smile! Wider!


"Hmmmm….welcome to my home. Please come in."
He gives his daughter another hug and leads her inside.


Trot in, threading carefully and leaving the shield by the entrance.
Still without saying a word.


His house is quite different from yours. Smaller and filled with fishing equipment. "I'll make some coffee, dad!" Iris winks at you and leaves you with Dad.
Dad takes a good look at you and sits down on his chair.
"You a fisher, boy?"


Nod quickly.
"Picked it up while travelling!
Always good for finding new boots!"


"New boots? And what do you do with those new boots?"


"I used to make flower pots outta them!
But then I stopped when flowers started talking, it was kinda creeping me out!"


He takes a look at you.
"You making a fool out of me, boy?"


Shake my head.
"It's freaky druid magic stuff, I didn't even know before Iris told me!"


"What do you do for a living?"


"Hunt, mostly.
Or we go after baddies."
Start counting on one hoof, counting it every time I make a different name.
"Ponies who steal souls, dogs who sell slaves, statues which come to life, undead dragons with big squishy pony armies, stupid doll-stealing dracucumbers…"
Glare off to the side as I mention Anarchy!
"I'm gonna get that guy!"


He nods.
"And how's this hunting business going? You making good money?"


"I think so?
Most went to the farm, but now the farm is fixed, so I dunno what to spend the money on anymore!"


"Perhaps you should start gambling. You like gambling?"


Shake my head.
"Ma always said to stay away from that!"


He scratches his beard.
"Hmm, at least you have some sound thoughts in that head of yours. What do you want with my daughter?"


Raise a brow, looking unsure of what to say, as if I hadn't understood the question.
"I… Want to be with her?"


"Yes, that's obvious? Why? To break her heart once you're done with her?"


No way we always cuddle afterwards.

Quickly recoil, eyes wide open in surprise.
"What does that even mean, I can't be done with her until we are both done for!"


"And why's that?"


"Because we can't be apart anymore! It just can't happen!"


"And what would you do to make sure that doesn't happen?"


"I'm gonna protect her from it all! No beast, no villain, no storm will ever touch her, this I sweared by my strength the day we met!"


Iris walks in with tea.
"What are you two talking about?"
"Fishing" says dad.


Settle down without a word, sharing an angry but determined look with Iris' father.
Enjoy my coffee.


Sensing the tense situation, Iris puts down he coffee and starts talking about her adventures to dad, ranging from Tall Tale to Canterlot.
Dad seems to relax a little.
"So you fought a dragon?" he asks you.


"That was the second one actually. "
Lean forward on the table, smiling a bit.
"First one was in the underground of this one ring of slavers just out in Tall Tale, but that was nothing compared to the big smelly himsef, Nar'Ghul!
We had some help from the elements on that one!"


"Hmmmm, whaddaya know. I didn't think you had it in you."


Frown at him.
"Could'a done it all ourselves even!"


"What's your weapon, Soil?"


"You're seeing it!"
Point at the shield I left by the door.


"Now that's a small shield."


"Never seen bigger."


"I have a bigger one right in my garden, at this very moment!"


"Show me."


Dad takes you outside and there it is, a huge shield made of wood, but unpainted. Why it's nearly twice as big as yours!


Run to it, inspecting the shield with wonder and amazement.
"How do you even lift it!?"


Roll Notice


I really need put some points into the most common skill check in the game…

Roll #1 17 + 1 = 18


You notice only the front is made of wood, the rest is papier-mache. Dad chuckles. "I'm just kidding. This is part of a float I'm making for the parade in a few weeks. I still need to paint it. What do you think?"


Explore it!
Check it in and out, knocking on the wood and running a hoof along the paper.
Then chuckle.
"Bet it'd give a scare off every pony if used in a battle."

Roll #1 15 + 1 = 16


It seems stronk enough for a float, wouldn't hold its own against dragons though.

"With you both being such big heroes, you could join me on the float. With the shield and Indy, it would be amazing."


My eyes light up and I take a big breath.


"Why yes, it would need some more work in the coming weeks however."


"Weeks? But we can't stop in town that long!"


"Oh, that's a shame then. Still you've given me a mighty lot inspiration."


"We could try making it back by then! When is the parade gonna be?"


"In exactly two weeks from now."


How far is the place with dragons and all?


Not more than a few days. It's not that far from here.


"We'll try to make it back, okay?"
Smile at him.


"It's alright, son. I'll manage."


"We better start moving quickly then!"
Stay here one more night and then fly away.


Right let's get to the meat of the story.
You fly to the Snowspires mountains.
It is said that here are a number of dragons lurking in the mountains.
As you approach from the air, you see a light flash down near the flank of the mountain and a pony waving towards you.


"Set us down there, Indy!"


You fly down to see an avalanche took place here. The whole place is quite unstable.
You see a pony with part of her body stuck inbetween the rocks.
She's neighponese with black mane and a off-white coat.


Motion for her to stay still.
"Don't you move!"
Fly down with Indy, and jump off beside her.
"We're gonna try and move the rocks."


"Hello there, stranger! Little bit of a situation here that I could use some help with."

"Not much space to move around in the first place, really. It's good that you came along, I was already starting to worry about having to cut my leg off out of desperation after days of being stuck here. It's not even wounded or anything, I just can't get it out, so you can see what a waste it would be to remove a perfectly healthy, if currently useless, leg. Nice dragon by the way, I was looking for one of those."


"Eh, legs grow back, I'd not worry about it that much."

Can Indy just move the rocks away?


"I guess, but it would really hurt. Not that I'm speaking out of personal experience, but dismemberment just sounds plain painful."


Indy grabs the biggest rock and with great effort lifts it enough to have soothing slip out before letting it fall again.
Soothing is free, and except for some minor scratches still intact.
She's a unicorn.


Pat the dragon on the leg.
"Thanks. I now owe you a leg. What's your names?"


"I'm Poor Soil, this here is Indy, and the lady in the back is Iris.
Where are you travelling to?"


"I'm Iris." says the blue mare. "Hey you're from Neighpon, aren't you?"


"The eyes are a giveaway, aren't they? My name is Soothing Mist."

"I came out here looking for dragons. Maybe even fight one to test out some spells. They're supposedly not the biggest fans of cryomancy, so I wanted to put that to the test."


"Aren't you worried about them gobbling you up?"


"Pleasure to meet you."
Indy sniffs your mane.
"I'm Indy."


I laugh.
"A little bit, but they'd have to take me down first before they can do that."

Look up at the dragon.
"Nice to meet you Indy. How do you like ice?"


"It's nice in a cool drink…"


Raise a brow as she questions Indy.


"See? They don't like it very much. Don't worry though, I'm not going to go buckwild and start icing you with my frost spells. You seem like a nice dragon."


"Uh…thank you. We're here looking for dragons too."


"Is that a smart thing to say to the first group of strangers you meet?"


"To fight?"

"First group? I've met other strangers before. You're hardly the first, though I guess you're the first in this particular area. I just felt I needed to elaborate on my earlier statement about trying out frost spells on dragons, that I didn't intend on using them on… Indy here."


"Hmmm, no we wanted to talk to them. But we don't know if they'll like us. We're monster hunters so we can fight if we need to!"


"You sure talk a lot!"


"Would you like to come with us?" asks Iris.


"You're monster hunters. Oh I see. But today is your day off and you decided to spend it talking to dragons? I can get behind that. And if they turn out to be hostile, I can get behind that even more. Would you mind if I came along to witness this dragon whispering? I won't be a bother, and if things go south I can help you fight them off."


"As long as you don't start throwing freaky magic everywhere!
Indy, think you can carry one more?"


He nods.
"She's not so heavy. Iris weighs more."
Iris goes red at that comment.


"Iris does have a bigger butt, that's true!"


Iris gives you the glare of death.


Mimic the motion of zipping my mouth shut!


"Not a spell as long as we're flying, I promise."

"We should probably go then. This looks like it could turn into a brutal homicide and I'm not all about that."


Nod and help her #ridethedragon.


You all get up, Iris angrily.
And Indy gets all of you in the air again.

You must make a Team Search check to find dragons.

Since only one of you needs to spot a dragon, the highest among you may make the Search check, in this case that is Soothing.


Can't we all roll, just in case soothing throws a 1 and I a 15?

Roll #1 11 + 1 = 12



Sometimes several characters perform a single task together
and individual success is irrelevant — when Bluffing, for example,
even one failure can expose everyone involved. Other times
several characters making the same check, or even a cooperative
check, unfairly tips the odds in the characters’ favor (even a few
characters can practically ensure success with Notice or Search,
for instance). In either of these cases the group should make a
“team check.” This works like a standard skill check, except that
only one character makes the check for the entire team.
• If every member of the team must succeed to reap the benefit
(e.g. the Bluff), the character with the lowest skill bonus
makes the check.
• If only one character must succeed for the entire team to reap
the benefit (e.g. the patrol), the character with the highest
skill bonus makes the check.
When two or more characters qualify, the team chooses
which makes the check.


You may use that roll as a cooperative roll if you both want to.

When multiple characters work together to perform a task,
they make a “cooperative check.” One character becomes the
leader and all others become helpers. A maximum of 5 helpers
may assist each skill check. The leader makes a standard skill check
against the full DC and then each helper makes the same check
against a DC of 15. For each helper who succeeds, the leader’s
result increases by 1, and for each helper who scores a critical
success the leader’s result increases by 2. If any of the helpers
suffers a critical failure, however, the entire task is ruined and must
be started again. The leader’s total result — after all helper bonuses
are applied — determines the cooperative check’s outcome.


"Eagle eyes Soothing is on the case, I'll find you a dragon."

Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13


you fly for '1d3' hour(s) until you see a small dragon flying around one of the peaks.
You spot a larger dragon on the mountainside keeping watch over the smaller one.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Indy! There! Finally!
Set us down near the big one!"


"If I know my animal behavior 101, the big one might not be pleased with that!"


"I bet she'd more pissed if we went bother her kid!"


As you approach the small dragon flies down to the big one and huddles under its wings.
Indy lands and the big dragon, about three times as big as Indy is getting upright and looking at you intimidatingly.


Wave my hoof with a big smile.


Oh she's got an attitude on her.

Give her a short wave as well.


Indy follows your lead and waves as well.
The big dragon gives you all a good look.
She growls. "Stay right there. What is your purpose here?"


"Indy here wants to learn all about dragons!"
Point at, well, Indy!


She looks at all of you and Indy.
"You, dragon, you may approach, but those ponies must stay there…"


Poke Indy's side, encouraging him with a smile.


He waits until all of you are off his back and then slowly glides to the dragon.
After some talk in hushed voices he comes back.
"She wants to listen to my story, but she says I can't come as a…pet of ponies. I have to leave my bags here."


Iris waits on Indy.
"You're a mage, Soothing?"


"It's okay, I can carry them anyway."
Smile and help him undo the straps.


"I use magic for a wide variety of purposes, so yes. You can call me a wizard as well though, if you think that sounds better. Or sorceress? Sorceress sounds a little negative though doesn't it?"


"Wizard sounds like it needs a beard!"


"Sorceress always makes me think of a mare that shoots random lightning from her hooves while it's that time of the month."
She chuckles.

You unstrap him and put the bags near you. Indy walks again to the big dragon.


"That leaves warlock and witch I guess. Neither of which I want to call myself because the inquisition would be all over me if I did."


"What about just mage?"


"Or you know, just your name.
It's there for a reason!"


"That was the original plan. It's short and doesn't carry any negative connotations with it."


"Mage Mist! It fits!"


"Just Soothing is fine too. Or Soothy if you want to be endearing I guess?"


Scene ends….


Next scene starts next session, but feel free to keep faffing


"Or we could just call you MMM.
Miss Mage Mist."




"Yes, MMM!"


"That might get confusing, but I'm not against it."


Me and MMM will do great things, I can feel it!"
Pat the girl vigorously on the back.


You see the dragons flying off to parts unknown.
Both of you roll Notice quick



Roll #1 11 + 11 = 22



Roll #1 18 = 18


As you are chatting there, so enjoyably both of you suddenly notice a shadow messing with your bags. It's a goblin!

You see there's not just one, there's another behind a rock as well!


"Well look what we have here. Target practice!"
If I want to attack them, I need to roll initiative right?

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


"Hey! Stop that you green ponlet!"
Bull rush it as far as I can, against the wall!
And after the surprise round, initiative.

Roll #1 6 + 15 = 21 / Roll #2 3 + 8 = 11


yes. Everyone does.


Roll #1 15, 13, 3 = 31


The goblin is aware you're there, no surprise round.
Now lemme check these initiatives


Alright, let's give this a try.

I'll give you this link, you can use it to move your token around and such, once you've moved, press "end this turn." It will give you a link. Post this link in the post with your attack and so we can see how you moved and act appropriately.

The goblin quickly unsheates a knife and runs towards you.

Current map

Turn: Soothing


Blast the guy south of me with a Polar Ray.


Roll #1 10 + 13 = 23



Roll #1 6 = 6


You spray Freezing air towards the goblin, doing significant damage.

The other goblin makes a run for both of you as well!


Turn: Soil


Move up to the incoming goblin and slap his shit, stopping him in his track.
'1d12+3' if hit.

Roll #1 19 + 9 = 28 / Roll #2 7 + 3 = 10




You storm right for the goblin and before he knows it, ram the shield right in his face.
Flawless victory, he's dead!

Meanwhile the other goblin reaches Soothing, attempting to stab her '1d20+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


But misses!

Time for Soothing!


"Nice try."
Polar Ray him right in the face.



Roll #1 4 + 13 = 17 / Roll #2 3 = 3


You freeze his head to an icicle.
He drops to the floor, dead.

Normally you'd get XP, loot, yadda yadda.
Not right now, sorry, they only had shit.
Iris looks at them.
"Bleh, they look so ugly, look at those…what are they called? Claws?"


Poke them with a hoof.
"Your dragon has claws too, doesn't he?"


"Those ain't no claws!
They look like the back paws of diamond dogs!"


"Well, they're definitely ugly. That I can safely say."


"Beh, they're just thieves! I don't like them at all."
Iris looks to Soothing.
"But that magic, that was amazing!"


I smirk proudly.
"I agree, that magic was pretty amazing."


"I liked best how you jumped away from that green pest, great reflexes!"


You suddenly see both Indy and the large dragon flying back.
They land on the ridge.
Indy seems troubled


"Hey pal! Finally made it back, did you?"
Plant my shield onto the ground and lean on it.


I can only wonder what they discussed.


He walks over.
"Dad, she took me to the other dragons nearby…but they say they cannot teach me about the dragon ways unless someone initiates me. Normally my Pa should do that, but they say you can't because you're not a dragon."


"That's racist!"


"I know!"
He rests his head sadly on the ground.
"What do I do now?"
Iris walks over and hugs his head. "There there, Indy, it will be fine…"


Turn to the other dragon!
"Hey! What's this story all about? Why can't a pony initiate my boy?
He's ten time more dragon than most dragons I've met!"


"I don't have any dragon shapeshifting spells either. Can't help you there."


She turns her giant head to you and lowers her head till eye level, blowing some fumes in your face.
"You're not a dragon. How could you initiate anyone to the mystical secrets of dragons?"


Close my eyes and let the smoke clear before pointing with a hoof at the dragoness.
"Then why can't you initiate him?
What, there have never been orphan dragons before?"


"I offered, but the one who initiates has to stay with the initiate until he knows the rules of dragon society and our ancient magic. And he said he doesn't want to stay with me until that time. He wants to travel with you"


"Well then, I will just have to dragon up!
Teach me how to be a dragon!"


"How long does such an initiation even take?"


"You…a dragon?"

"Not very long. It can take long to learn our ways fully. But the secrets of dragon magic is in our blood."


"Yeah, it can't be that hard! I could teach you to be a pony in a day!"


She rubs her chin.
"To be a dragon you should….hmm.
Can you survive in extreme heat?"


Slam my chest.
"I can survive anything!"


"Even Lava?"


"Yes he can."
I smirk.


She looks at you.
"He can?"


Open my mouth to let out an esitant sound
Turn my head quickly, kinda suprised.
"Can I?"


"Of course. Ponies have just as much inherent magic as dragons do. Just you watch."


She looks towards Soil again.
"But he can't fly!"


"I can fall with style!"


"Not all dragons can fly, but he can."


She shakes her head.
"Very well. If he can survive being tossed into a lake of lava and fly back out again, he may act as Indy's initiator."
She spreads her wings.
"We'll fly to the meeting."


"Just give us a few moments, okay?"
Trot back to Soothing Mist.
"How exactly am I gonna fly and survive the lava?"


"Please, remember who you're talking to."
I wink.
"As a certified wizard I know some spells I can use for this."


Freaky magic.
"Ready to go, then!"


She flies up and waits in the air.
Climb on Indy?


Yeah. Let's go.


Climb on as well.


You both fly on Indy in the air.
A little further, hidden by grey clouds, you find a huge dragon meeting ground.
There are at least 20 dragons here you can count. Most fully mature with some smaller dragons nearby.
When Indy lands, some dragons scoff.
"Why are you back with the Kravo, Xarana? We have already established he has no initiator."
"I have found one. An honorary dragon." she nods to Soil.


Step up, looking at the crowd of dragons with slight excitement.
"That's right."


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. The dragons start laughing.
"Surely this is a jest!"
Iris steps off Indy.
"That's right! He'll show you all, he can do anything a dragon can, and better!!!!"

Iris whispers to Soothing. "Your spells better work!"


Pat him on the back.
"You'll do find down there, I'm sure of it. Just trust me."
Cast Resist Energy Fire on him. Boost the roll with an action dice if I have one. '1d4'

Roll #1 20 + 13 = 33 / Roll #2 2 = 2


You've got 3 every session.


He is protected as fuck!


Look at them unfazed, holding my head up high.
"Let's get this over with, I will show you what a pony can do."


Just wink at her.


"Ha, this is gonna be funny."
He points to a pool of lava in the middle.
"A real dragon would feel just as much at home in a pool of lava as in the air. Go ahead, do a few laps."


"What, no dropping me from the top of the mountain now?"
Smirk at them and…
Do I believe in magic?
I guess I do. Swim, motherfucker.
In the lava.

Roll #1 7 + 11 = 18


Everyone, even the dragons gasp as you jump in.
It is kinda hot, but remarkably tolerable and you feel no pain nor see any wounds whatsoever, you quickly do a few laps.


Containing my disbelief is the hardest part!
"Wish showers were this warm!"


Even Indy looks surprised!
The other dragon recovers.
"But surely, he cannot fly. He does not even have wings! Checkmate, believers."


Trot over to the edge of the lavapool.
"Is it not too cold for you, Soil?"


Swim over there.
"Kinda. What do you have in mind?"
Grin as I climb out of the lava.


"I could create a fire, but I think the dragons would like to see you fly first."
Point a hoof at the sky.
"Maybe fly up and touch that cloud over there?"
Cast Levitate on Soil. Use an action die to boost the roll again '1d4'

Roll #1 2 + 13 = 15 / Roll #2 1 = 1


He starts flying straight up!
Now everyone is really stumped!


Flail my hooves as if paddling through water, all the way to… Wherever I manage to get!


You fly right up into the air until you're on a cloud.
It's quite windy here.
Indy points "Look, my Pa is flying! He's a dragon."
The dragons talk amongst each other. Eventually, they agree "He must be an honorary dragon."


Bring him back down.


He lands safely back on the ground.


Announce with the most candid expression there is.
"Flying's cool."


"Very well then. This…pony may act as an initiator. Pony, what is your name?"


"Poor Soil, from the Unicorn Range."


"Then Poor Soil, do you swear you will watch over Indy until he can properly apply the traditions and secrets of the dragon magic and blood we'll teach him here today?"

"Nice magic" whispers the large dragoness that brought you here


"Of course, I've been doing that ever since I first found him!"
Grin, looking up at the dragon.


Just keep looking at Soil.
"I know. So you see, we're all magical in our own ways."


"Good then. Indy. Step forward."
Indy steps forward.
"Present your right claw." Indy makes a cut in his right claw and shows it.
The older dragon does so as well and gives him a hand.
Indy seems to nearly faint but gets himself upright again.

You see some blood dripping on the ground from the strange ritual. If you can quickly get it…dragonblood is worth a fortune, especially of ancient dragons


Look worried at the scene.


You're not the only one.
Iris grasps your hoof and looks very worried.
She doesn't even relax when the clawshake ends and the wound closes again.
"Dragon magic is all in the blood, Indy. Our wisdom and knowledge, all is in our blood. You are a bronze dragon and as such, the physical power of bronze dragons is without equal. Let that blood guide you."


I do have a few jars! Fill one of 'em up.


Bite my lip and grasp Iris's hoof with strength.
"You can do it kiddo…"


Roll Prestidigation if you want to do it sneakily.

"But how will I know what to do?"
"Follow the magic of your blood, it will guide you. Just like it guides all of dragonkind. Now arise, Indy! You are a dragon!"
Indy spreads his wings proudly


Lean towards Iris, with a tiny smile on my face.
"I'm kinda… Proud."


Ehhh… I'll try.

Roll #1 13 + 4 = 17


What a sneakypon.
You manage to do it!
You have a bottle of dragon blood.

She puts her head on your shoulder as the other dragons cheer.


"Knew you had it in you, kid."
Smirk at Indy, relieved.


Noice. Stash it away.


Do any of you want to talk to the dragons?


Do they even want to talk with us!?
"What's it gonna be like with Indy now?"


You can try!
There's a few of them around and they seem more relaxed now.

Who are you asking that question?


The dragon who cut his paw and shared blood with Indy.


Sure. That dragoness?


He looks to you.
"He's been given ancient dragon blood. That will guide him towards becoming a better dragon. How, I do not know, but you have to make sure whatever happens, he gets there."


"That I can promise.
Just so I'm sure though, anything special a dragon needs?
Like, extra large loafers or something?"


"You might want to get him a dragoness once in a while."

She's sitting there with her brood.
She looks at you.
"The pony wants to speak more?"


"What am I, a dragon pimp?"


"Yes, What's your name?"


"No, you're a bit too small for that."
He laughs

"Xarana. Pony name?"


"Soothing Mist. Nice to meet you. Are you foreign to Equestria?"


"You are the foreigners here. Before the great pony invasion, we dragons called this continent Vrodrul. But I was born on this continent. Not too far from what ponies call the Crystal Mountains. I don't know if that's inside your Equestria."


"I am a foreigner. Did the eyes give it away?"


"You ponies all look the same to me."


"I'm not even sure whether that's racist or not."


"What's racist?"


"Racism is prejudice and discrimination based on biological differences. It's regarded as bad by many because they generally believe an individual shouldn't be judged by his or her race. It comes in many forms and degrees, so elaborating any further would be very lengthy and boring."


"So let me get this straight, you mean I shouldn't make comments on how we're different to ponies that are biologically different?"


"No, what you actually 'shouldn't' do is to judge someone by their race. As an extreme example, a non-dragon attacking you or your kin because they perceive dragons as dangerous, beastly, inferior beings."


She raises her brow.
"Pony, when you came here, were you worried some dragon might attack you?"


"What's keeping all you dragons in here anyway? Where are all the houses, and farms, and stuff?"


"I knew it was a possibility."


"This is one of our Vrolom, we gather here sometimes to share information and let our children bathe in the wisdom of their elders."

"So you acknowledge that I as a dragon am dangerous?"


"Isn't that smelly?"


"You have the means to inflict destruction on something, so yes. Of course, the same applies to me."


"We bathe!"

She grins. "Is that so? You can inflict destruction?"


"Yes, in the wisdom of the elders! And elders, ponies at least, smell!"


"You better believe it. My bowels are a certified weapon of mass destruction after a few portions of noodle soup."


"Give me your best."

"…..you're not the brightest are you?"


"Nah, that'd be Amber. One day she shone so bright they could see her from the Moon!"


"I don't see any noodle bars around here, Xarana."


"Can't you conjure some noodles with that magic of yours?"

"I find that hard to believe, how are you not blind from such an intense source of light?"


"We had shades!"


"Not noodles specifically. That might not be a bad future project though, I'm sure there's spells that let you conjure entire meals out of thin air."


"Shades, what's shades?"

She snorts.
"That's just lazy."


"Using magic requires effort too, not just the learning of spells, but the actual casting of them."


"Crystal pony stuff. Freaky magic if you ask me.
So if you aren't here most of the time where is it dragons live?"


"We live a solitary life. Some of us in caves, others in lakes or even hidden beneath cities.
Some of us just fly from place to place."

"Hunting and gathering is a worthy daily struggle that keeps the senses and respect for the wilds strong. Once you have mastered the arcane, you become lazy, out of touch with the other creatures of the world."


"Hey, that sounds just about like how I live! Just, with less inns and pony stuff.
How do you even walk in a city?"


"Envy is a vice, you know."


"I never go to cities myself, too noisy. But I know of one dragon who made his lair in a cave system underneath a port city. Through the underground streams and lakes she moves in or out."

"So is pride."


"I may not be humble about my skills, but it's funny to hear a dragon of all creatures point that out."


"That's not exactly good to mingle with ponies!"


"Are you suggesting we are prideful?"

"Why would I mingle with ponies?"


"Are you denying that you are?"


"Indy would! I need help with making that happen!"


"That's something we have in common then."

He snorts.
"Indy said so as well.
I do not understand why he'd mingle with ponies and not stay among his own kind."


"I'm not denying it. There's no shame in taking pride of your achievements as an individual."


"Can't he do both? He's got forever to be with you lonely-ass dragons!"


"I cannot help dragons mingle with ponies. I can only show dragons how to be dragons."

"Such an awkward way of thinking. To take pride in what you do, rather than what you are."


"Well, guess that one is up to me."
Puff out my chest in a proud motion.


"That's basically what I said."


"And me!" says Iris, trying to puff her chest as well! '1d20' to make it not look awkward

"You consider your achievements what you are?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"What you do shapes what you are."


And just because I'm an asshole I'll throw an action die to crit it.

Iris breathes in deeply and holds her breath looking defiantly at the dragon.
She becomes red, then a new shade of blue…

"You can do as many things as you like, you will always be a pony."


"I'm perfectly fine with that! Being an alicorn pony would be even better, but as a unicorn I have plenty of options open to me."


Look in extreme surprise at Iris!
"I never knew you could change color!"


She keeps going!
Trying to stare the dragon down.
The dragon looks confused.
"Is she healthy?"

"You come from the lands over the Sea, correct? Are there many dragons there?"


Put a hand behind her back, moving in to whisper close.
"You okay sugar?"


"Dragons are important symbols where I come from. And yes, there are dragons living there too."


She exhales and inhales again deeply.

"Hmmm, important symbols you say?"


"You totally stood up for Indy!"
Smack her on the back.


"They stand for power and strength and even good luck. In older times they were believed to control hurricanes and floods."


You SOFTLY pat her on the back
"That's right, mister dragon, we'll take care of Indy!" she sticks out her tongue at the confused dragon

"Perhaps I should pay them a visit sometime."


"Let's go get Indy, alright?"
Move that hoof behind her back and lead her away from the big bad dragon.
We outwitted a dragon! Ah!


"Not like you don't have the time to in your lifespan."


"I suppose you're right.
I think your friends are leaving."

Indy is bathing in lava


"You liking it here, pal?"


"So they are. A farewell to you, fair dragoness."


He whispers "I like water with soap bubbles more.."

"Goodbye, pony."


Rejoin the others.


"Come out of there once you are done then, kiddo. You got anything else to do?"


He gets out of the bath and shakes off the lava.

Roll DEX to dodge that shit!


Ah fuck. How about I use Polar Ray to cool it instead. Probably a better chance at success.

Roll #1 12 + 13 = 25


Dex? I'm gonna stand before Iris and SHIELD BLOCK this shit!
I've been waiting a whole quest for this!

Roll #1 9 + 8 = 17


Soil hides behind his Big Shield while Soothing manages to quickly freeze the lava flying towards her.
"Oh…sorry." say Indy "I wasn't thinking."


Put the shield away, shaking the lava off it before it cools down, looking at Indy with a frown.
"You are not a tiny dragon anymore, be more careful! Iris might have been hurt!"


Pick up some of the obsidian or whatever I created.


He lowers his head.
"Sorry, Ma…"
Iris gives him a hug.
"There, it's alright, nothing happened."

You have some small pieces of obsidian!


"Good boy. Be careful from now on though."
Turn to her.
"Is your trip here complete now?"


"Another sight seen. I think I will return here some day when I have become more learned."


"And now where to?"


"I think I'll stick around the area for a while longer and see what I can dig up."


So who's leaving?


If Indy's through, I guess we are.
"See you on the road then. One day."


You can go to more places if you want, but main Indy's story is over


I nod.
"One day. Farewell and good luck."


I'm actually okay with pausing here for the moment.


What do you want to do next?


Time to ask Iris!
"Are we in time for your father's parade?"


"If we hurry!"


"Heard that, Indy?!"


You all climb up quick!
As Indy flies up, Iris pats your side "Hurry! We'll be late!" with an excited voice


Lean forwards, with an expression of challenge on my face.
"You gonna let grandpa wait, Indy?"


Roll Ride!


I have to install openoffice it seems. Hold on a minute or tell me my bonus while I do.


Take your time.


Fly little dragon, fly.
And boost it with two action dice, too!

Roll #1 12 + 9 = 21 / Roll #2 4, 4 = 8


Indy doesn't need more encouragement and flies there as fast as he can!
When he lands near the home, he's exhausted.
Funnily enough, ponies are still hanging decorations up. Surely the festival is close but it can't be today? Or even in a few days.
Iris sighs "oh good, we're barely on time."


"Barely on time? Ponies here do things at the last minute!"
Dismount and detach everything off Indy's back, he needs the rest!
Pet his head.
"I'm gonna get you some water."


Her dad comes to greet you again.
"Ah you're back? I had expected you tomorrow at the earliest."


"Our boy gave the winds chasing us a run for their money!
Say, you got a bathtub of water lying around?"


"Of course!"
Iris runs up.
"Thank goodness we're on time."
"..on time? On time for what, sweetie? The parade is in 4 days.."
"Exactly! That's barely enough time to learn what dance passes we should do, or think about the music, or what extra decorations we should put on the float…"


Give Iris a look of slight disbelief, and then meet eyes with Indy, only to look back at Iris, with the expression of a horse who doesn't understand what he's being told.


Not just you, but Indy AND Daddy have the same look.
Iris scrunches.
"What?!? This is very important!"


Just look very disappointed at Iris, without saying a word!


"Oh, you stallions!"
She stomps inside.
"That's my little filly" says dad "always thinking about the details."


What's there to be done, till then?"


"Would you like to help with the float? I could use an extra pair of hooves."



He brings you to the barn after Indy got a tub of water to drink.
You gaze upon a half finished papier-mache of a warrior wielding a giant shield.
"I'm glad you're around. Maybe we'll get to finish the dragon in the background as well!"


Look up at the thing… Who's that handsome devil?!


It's not you!
He's too small compared to the shield!
Dad grins. "I thought I'd make a float about all the heroic tales floating around lately!"


"What are they even about?"


"….can't you guess?"


"A tiny guy with a shield and a dragon?"
Smirk sheepishly.


"It was supposed to be about you. But I guess I did make it too tiny…"


"It's five times my size already!
Let's get to work on it, okay?"


Roll for craft!



Roll #1 17 = 17


You go mad with power!
Nah, you do a good job finishing the dragon papier mache well in time.
But you think it needs something.
Of course, edible gold dust!


-Why would I-
Is that even a thing?


It is.
But of course, if you think of something better to make it sparkle?


Nah, it oughta sparkle gold, that's a good idea.
"I will need a bakery!"


"A bakery? What the Tartarus for?"


"Gold dust!"


"Oh I see!
There's a small bakery at the end of the street.
Give Flour my regards!"


"I'll tell them Daddy sends me!"
Rush out!


You get to the small bakery.
Inside is a pretty pink mare and a lot of cakes.
"Hey, how can I help you?"


"Hey! Daddy sends me! I need gold dust! Lots of gold dust!"




"Iris' pa, you know! Making a big paper cart!"


"Oooooh, right! You're the stallionfriend of Iris?!?"
She distractedly plays with her hair.


Smile a bit.
"I'm lucky."


"D-did you really defeat a dragon?"


"Just one?
There was that one in Tall Tale, and then the biiiig, huuuuge one north in the mountain!
And then I got to swim in lava!"


"Woooow, oh my Celestia! You're so awesome! Can I have your hoofprint?!?"
She quickly gets you some stamp ink, but no paper for a hoofprint signing…


Look at my inked hoof, then back at her in confusion.


She stretches her back leg and points to her flank.
"Right there, next to my cutie mark~"


Take a step back, careful not to put the hoof down on the ground.
"Isn't t-that gonna stain?"
Somehow, that feels mildly embarassing…


"Aw, don't worry about it!"
She wigs her flank.


Iris would be mad at me if I touched the flank of another mare!"
Keep backing down, get to the door!


"Wait! Wait, okay, I'll get a paper."
She quickly scrambles for a piece of paper.


Absentmindedly wipe my brow with the inked hoof before printing it for her.
"Happy to help!"


She takes the paper.
"S-sorry for before…I didn't want you to feel bad."


Literally hoofwave that away.
"So, got the dust?"


"Oh yes! How much do you want?"


Lean onto the counter and answer excited.
"A dragonload!"


After a few minutes, she comes back with a giant barrel. "This is our entire stock. Will that do?"


Nod veemently!


You pay for the goods and now get to bring the barrel back.
"Thanks for shopping here!"


I bet she'd have gifted me the thing, I had 'hoofprinted' her flank!
Make a barrel roll.


Maybe she had!
Roll Acrobatics


Acrobatics to roll the barrel along?
You know what, I could just as easily pick it up, let's do that.


Roll along then.
I just wanted to have a comical crash into the wall without any real damage if you failed the roll. No fears.

You get back to the float.
Dad walks up.
"Is that a barrel of beer?"


Shake my head.
"It'd be a damn small barrel of beer if that was the case!
This is just the golden dust for the dragon!"


"Gold dust!
That's an interesting idea. It will certainly draw attention"


"It's for the dragon, duh! It will look just like Indy!"


"Right. There seems to be more than enough in that barrel. Do you wanna help me to shape this net into the dragon wings?"


"Hell yeah I do! Indy! Come over! We need you as a model!"


Indy comes in and looks at the float.
"Who is that handsome dragon?"


"Beats me, I only know smelly ones!"


"Hey, I took a bath….10 days ago!"


"We are stopping by the neighara falls on the way back!"
Get to work!


Downtime to sometime else?
More conversations?
To the parade?
The bath?
Something else?


To the parade it be!


You spend some good times around here.
Working on the float by day, drinking and talking at night. No lewd though.
At least not in the house. Just imagine if the bed broke here.

On the day of the parade, the whole town is decorated with Equestrian flags.
This parade is to celebrate the day now more than 1000 years ago, when Dawnwood was liberated from the grasp of Discord by the Princesses during the Grand Crusade.

Your float is ready, depicting a large warrior with shield and dragon.
It might be a bit pompeous to sit on the float yourself, but hey, why not?
Iris will join you on the float. But Indy is much too big to sit on it.


It sounds incredibly pompeous to be fair, and I don't like parades for the princesses anyway!
I could give my seat to Indy!


You could do so!
You can be the anonymous pony in the crowd, if you don't bring your shield with you.


It will be a hard five minutes, but I could make the sacrifice. Oh, and Iris could come along too, I guess!


Without your shield, nopony will recognize you!
Iris has put on a yellow simple dress.
"What do you think?"


"It looks so… You."
Smile, hoping that's enough!


Rolling resolve '1d20'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Top lel.
"What do you mean?"


Go over there by her side, hoof against her back.
With a grave look on my face, near my lips to her ear for one, fatal whisper…
"That I love it~"


"Aaaaaw~" she melts like puddy in your arms. Quick kissu '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Kissu back.
Thanks, Warren!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"You know, dad is already to the parade to get the float ready with Indy~"


"Wouldn't want to miss it after all that work! Hop on!"
Sit down, inviting her up my back.


She doesn't jump up, but rubs your back leg.
"We have a little time to spare. We could have some quick fun~. It's been a while!"


Look actually worried!
"I don't want to break your old bed!"


She reaches down..
"Like this we won't need the bed~"
Hoersblowjob '5d10+2'

Roll #1 8, 8, 2, 7, 2 + 2 = 29



Mare please.
We are gonna make a mess of your new dres!


File: 1421022293298.gif (824.61 KB, 200x197, 1371424894458.gif) ImgOps Google



I'm a very happy stallion right now.
Hope we have time for cuddles, but I will still have to pay her back for this sooner rather than later!
Now, off to the show!


Time for the show.
You make it just in time.
Roll for athletics to get a good place in the crowd


And whatever happens, Iris can sit atop me and enjoy the show!

Roll #1 12 + 11 = 23


You manage to gently work your way forward, until you reach a spot in the front.
Confetti floats down and you see the orchestra coming, playing the Equestrian National Anthem.

Some patriotic ponies are singing along


I will do like the players at a football match and just open and close my mouth in time with the rhytm!


Time for prestidigation roll!

And no, there's not gonna be disastrous effects, just funny effects



Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


You miss a few lines here and there, but only Iris seems to notice who gives you a playful prod in the ribs.


Okay, now I'm embarassed!
Hide that by swinging my hoof around her back and pulling her closer together as we wait for the floaters.


you grab her very close.
No more prodding for her!
The first two floats are coming.
The first shows a big Luna and Celestia facing a monstrous Discord.
The traditional opener.
The rest are themed by the year.
The second shows a bunch of zombies being defeated by a batpony paladin and a jenny


Waaaaaait a second, I know those ears…
Point at it and look at Iris, speechless, as if waiting for her to realize it too!


She looks.
"Is that a float about Mabel?"


"Exactly captain s-"
Wait, mabel?!
Look at it!
"Wow you are right, that is her!"


"Yes, and that batpony too!"
Iris looks at the float.
"…I hope Mabel really is okay…"


"If only somepony would invent a way to talk with anypony else from anywhere in equestria…"


"Yes, like…some giant megaphone that would allow you to shout very far…"


"But that would make it so everyone could hear everything and then it'd be a great mess!
Maybe if they all shout inside some tubes…"


"But what if two ponies shout in a tube to the same pony?"


"Then everyone should have a different tube, one for me and one for you.
A you-tube."
And after this sickening streak of silly, let's enjoy the floaters.


Roll Notice!



Roll #1 16 + 1 = 17


As the next float flies by, the crowd cheers loadly, but your sharp pony ears perk as you can swear you discern somepony scream further ahead, and not out of joy.


Super farmer senses activate!
Turn to where that came from!


It's from behind you to your left, in the distance.
You notice some ponies have begun turning around a few hundred meters away.
Most of the crowd is still too busy looking at the floats.


"Iris, stay here!"
Start making my way through the crowd!


Then the one shout that sends the crowd into a stampede.
The crowd panics and runs in all directions.
Roll Str to bulldozer your way through


Wouldn't that be athletics?
Do I have the shield with me?

Roll #1 8 + 11 = 19


Athletics is also good, if you'd rather roll that.
Yes, you have your shield


Plant it into the ground and stand firm, letting the stampeeding crowd run around it.


And I think that might be a resolve roll.

Roll #1 12 + 12 = 24


Hmmm, resolve is more about mental Resolve.
This seems more a matter of strength and athletics.
Anyway, RNG seems to favor you in both cases.

You plant your hooves and shield firmly in the ground and wait for the stampede to pass, when you look up you see two harpies, large rams with wings, surrounding a defenseless mare!

Roll initiative for both you and Indy


I think it's getting a bit late to start combat now, I'll pause and we start combat first thing next time. Sorry for starting so late.

Roll #1 18, 7 = 25




What's Indy's Init modifier and stat block?


Indy (Huge Beast Flyer/Walker — 65 XP): Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10; SZ H (6×3, Reach 1); Spd 70 ft. flight, 20 ft. ground; Init II; Atk V; Def III; Resilience III; Health V; Comp II; Qualities: achilles heel (cold), damage immunity (fire), fearsome, light sleeper, rend, veteran III.
Attacks/Weapons: Fiery Breath (damage II: damage type: fire; armour piercing 2), Bite II, Claw II
Indy (Huge Beast Flyer/Walker — 65 XP): TL: 4
Str: 14/+2; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 12/+1; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 10/+0; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +3=2+1(dex) Melee: +6=4+2(str) Fort: +3=2+1(con)
Health: +9=4+1(con)+4(size) ~ 100/24 Ranged: +5=4+1(dex) Ref: +3=2+1(dex)
Def: 11=10+2+1(dex)-2(size) Comp: +2 Will: +2=2+0(wis)
Size: Huge (6×3); Reach: 1; Speed: 70 ft. flight, 20 ft. ground;
Qualities: achilles heel (cold), damage immunity (fire), fearsome, light sleeper, rend, veteran III.
Attacks: Fiery Breath [2d6/20] (damage II: damage type: fire; armour piercing 2), Bite II [1d12/17-20], Claw II [1d10/19-20]


Me '1d20+8'
Indy '1d20+3'

Roll #1 16 + 8 = 24 / Roll #2 17 + 3 = 20





7 squares of movement for both me and Indy towards the harpies!
Shove trick against the harpy I'm facing as I slam her across the face!
If successful, close the distance.
Also, damage roll.
Indy uses his bite!
'1d20+6' to hit, '1d12+2' damage.

Roll #1 20 + 9 = 29 / Roll #2 11 + 3 = 14 / Roll #3 16 + 6 = 22 / Roll #4 10 + 2 = 12


You better believe I activate that crit with an action dice.


Do you push him forward andd stay next to him or do you stay on your square?


You storm forward shield first, before the harpies know you're there, your shield slams right into him, shoving him back and on the ground, you take your shield and slam it repeatedly in his face until his eyes turn to X's and stars fly around his face.
He is helpless!

Indy launches forward grabbing the other harpy with his teeth and with a swing slamming him against the wall.

The mare takes her chance to escape. In MH2, I'd give some extra CP for that, but alas this is chrones!


The standing harpy looks mangled but flies up and dives horns first right to indy!

The remaining harpy

Roll #1 4 + 5 = 9


But Indy doesn't even feel it!

Your turn!


I'm so sorry mister Harpy!
"Shoul'da ran when you had the chance!"
Get into flanking position and SLAM the harpy from behind, tossing him between me and Indy!

Attack 1
Attack 2

Indy, the proud dragon he is, uses Flurry this time, because we got a full turn!
Attack once with every Natural Attack he has.

Roll #1 14 + 11 = 25 / Roll #2 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #3 7 + 11 = 18 / Roll #4 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #5 11 + 8 = 19 / Roll #6 12 + 2 = 14 /


Last dice didn't roll.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You slam the harpy as he's crawling up and slam his behind again for good measure.

The harpy decides this isn't worth it and tries to escape but Indy catches him and throws him back to the ground, KO

note to self: make stronker enemies.


And you'll get those stronker enemies in the following nest battle, believe that.


T'was just luck!


Lucky poni.

Anyway *cough cough¨*

You've disabled the two harpies. And the fleeing ponies slowly come back, when they see the defeated harpies, they cheer. The hero that defeated the dragon has saved us once again!
But amongst the crowd a distressed looking mare strumbles to get through to you.
She clamps your hoof in tears. "My son! They took my son!" You look up to the west to see tiny specks disappearing fast into the horizon. There were more harpies…
Time to be the hero?


"I'm on it!
Indy! Let's race down those harpies!"
And without another word jump atop him, exchanging a glance and a smirk with Iris in the crowd as we lift off.


Roll a Ride(Dragon)!



Roll #1 18 + 9 = 27


You jump on Indy and give flight.
The harpies are fast but Indy manages to keep up, slowly gaining on them…
until they descend into the dense forest.
You look down but don't see them…


…"Brace yourself, Indy."
Steady myself, bracing onto the saddle.
They might be coming up from under us at any moment…


Indy circles around, but no attacks come.
Indy looks to you.
"Should I try to breath fire over the place?"


"That'd make a mess of the kid we are trying to save!
Just dive down, let's give chase on the ground!"


Indy slowly descends landing into the thick forest. No sign of the harpies…but it is very quiet…."too quiet" says Indy.


"Get ready for an ambush…"
Survival, let's look for tracks.
And boost it with an action die.

Roll #1 19 + 5 = 24 / Roll #2 3 = 3


You step down from Indy and search the ground until, concealed by bushes, you find a hidden tunnel leading underground. You find a harpy feather indicating they at least passed here.
Harpies don't like being underground, so maybe they're leading you into a trap…


Or maybe they want me to think this is a trap and they are feasting on the poor boy instead!
Is the tunnel big enough for Indy?


Surprisingly, it is large enough for Indy.
Though that does raise concerns about how large this nest must be if it needs these kinds of exits.


And that's the one and only track I found?


Around here yes.
But harpies do prefer the air, it's probable that this tunnel leads to a more open nest somewhere.
You could roll your knowledge to take an educated guess where this tunnel might lead.


I will do that.
'1d20+4'. +6 if you think it's related to my "rare monsters" study.

Roll #1 17 + 4 = 21


You remember you saw a ravine in the distance while in the air.
The cliff sides there would make an excellent hideout for a harpy nest.
And this would be an escape tunnel.
That does leave the problem…what if you attack the ravine and they decide to run through here?


[evil idea intensifies]
"Indy, I need you to wait here.
And if harpies come through… Well, make sure they don't come through!"


He nods.
"…wait, what are you going to do, Pa?"


"Advanced tactical manouvers!"
And with that, I'm off! To the ravine!


You wander in the general direction of the ravine. After a good 20 minutes you reach the crack in the earth.

You take a peak down and confirm your suspicions, in the cliff wands multiple nests can be seen.


Now it's only a matter of finding a way down.

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13


You see a way to climb down, it won't be too hard, but you run the risk of the harpies seeing you from a distance.


I need something more… Risky. Like a ledge I can jump down from which would take me right into the midst of the harpies.


It's right here.
You could just jump down and land in the middle of them.
The risk of broken limbs is not neglectable though…
Getting tired, I'll stop here.


What's the situation like? Can I spot the kid?


Roll Notice



Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


You don't see any kids…


What about the baddies?

Roll #1 14 + 1 = 15


There's at least 7 Harpies you can see.
A big task without Indy. And surely there must be some broodmother nearby.
Their nests are made of wood, the whole cliffside is covered in old dry twigs.


Well I might need to be strategic here. Do you have a grid?


Of you and the cliffside?


Of the battlefield!
I can't decide what to do when I am outnumbered 7 to 1 and have no idea where the enemies are and what the cliffside looks like!



Here you go, the gray stuff close to you is a cave inside the cliff, you can't see what's in there!
You'd climb down right into some of the brown stuff. Which is wood.


None of this seems very defendable.
I might be a dumb-o, but this doesn't mean I'm such an idiot to think 7-to-1 are decent odds.
Tell you what, can I take a Survival check to know how to navigate the surrounding area well enough to lose pursuers?


Of course.



Roll #1 18 + 5 = 23


you find a safe path down that could put you within range of the harpies. Clearly these harpies never had to deal with invaders in their own nests.
You also guess the cave must among other things lead back to Indy.
As you climb down, you notice something else, the nests themselves are built on a ledge, you could climb underneath it if you want.


I actually want to do something else…
Pick up a rock and throw it at the nearest Harpy.
And then it's time to bolt it through the woods!

Roll #1 14 + 6 = 20


You throw it at one, right on the head!
They screech and start chasing you!
Roll to hide, stealth. It's an easy roll though, you're way faster than them.
Or you can roll Athletics if you're luring them somewhere.
Or something else?


My main goal is to separate them through my knowledge of the woods, and then pick them off one by one. So yes, I will be rolling Stealth.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


You're not very stealthy, instead of one by one, '1d4' manage to find you.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wait! Ignore that roll.
Because of the dense overgrowth of the forest, according to the rules, you get a +4

You remain hidden! And the Harpies are seperating looking for you.


Nice! Time to use this to my advantage! Lay in wait for the harpy which lags behind the most, and be ready to jump on her!


Roll Tactics to Ambush the first Harpy.


But I already rolled sneak!

Roll #1 18 = 18


That's being hidden!
It's a different thing to Ambush.

Anyway your sneak goes well.
You rush up right behind him before he knows you're there.

Roll an attack of your choice, you get a +1 bonus. If you go above 17 you instadrop him.



Roll #1 6 + 10 = 16


So goes life.
'1d12+3' and apply Shield Slam.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


>he doesn't use an action die to boost that roll


You shield slam him to the ground.

Roll initiative.

Not gonna make a grid for this, unless you're not gonna attempt to stay melee


I forgot AD existed!
Shouldn't said Harpy be stunned now, thanks to Shield Slam?
Okay, time to SLAM again.

Roll #1 3 + 9 = 12 / Roll #2 3 + 3 = 6


And initiative.

Roll #1 5 + 8 = 13



Roll #1 11 = 11


And initiative '1d20+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


You go first!


Shield Slam trick applied to both attacks.

Roll #1 5, 18 + 9 = 32 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 3 = 14



Roll #1 3 = 3


You got em!

Let's make this a lot more interesting.
You're statistically almost certain to win against all them seperately unless you throw lots of 1s.

So roll me a 1d20+2 to see how well you feel after defeating all of em.


Bitch I got CON through the roof!

Roll #1 11 + 2 = 13


You feel pretty tired.
More because of the running to track them than the fighting!


I have like, a billion points in resolve and athletics and constitution.
I'm sure I will be fine.
Time to roll back to the harpies' place!


You going down to the cave?


The kid HAS to be somewhere!


Roll Survival to get extra info



Roll #1 4 + 5 = 9


You enter the cave and hide behind some rocks, you see two more harpies and the brood mother near a fire.
They're boiling a kettle of water, which one of the harpies stirs.
You see the colt nearby bound.
Their intentions are obvious.



Oh boy.
So, first thing first.
"INDYYYYYYY" shout down the cave.
Then move there and pick the colt up!


The "Indy" vibrates throughout the cave…

Roll initiative.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 12, 8 + 2 = 22 / Roll #3 15 + 6 = 21



Roll #1 3 + 8 = 11


One of the harpies rushes to black the exit while the mother floats to you with deadly intent in her eyes.

She claws right into your chest, you must make a fortitude save or start bleeding…



Also, since now it's my turn, and since I have improved stability…
And if that's successful, next attack is to Shield Slam her. If it isn't, just shove again.

Roll #1 11 + 8 = 19 / Roll #2 17 + 9 = 26 / Roll #3 6 + 3 = 9 / Roll #4 12 + 9 = 21 / Roll #5 1 + 3 = 4


Your first attack succeeds, setting the broodmother on fire!
But you fail to hit your second attack in the confusion.

The remaining harpy quickly flies to you and attempts to strike you '1d20+5'

Roll #1 17 + 5 = 22


Suck on my 23 AC, harpy.


To no avail.


The broodmother screeches and flies away from the fire as fast as possible trying to douse herself.

The last harpy continues to block the exit




Hit the Harpy to the top left and do the same trick!
to SHOVE it away!
And then '1d20+9'
and '1d12+3' to SHIELD SLAM and hopefully stun the other!

Roll #1 1 + 9 = 10 / Roll #2 9 + 3 = 12 / Roll #3 18 + 9 = 27 / Roll #4 12 + 3 = 15



The Harpy flies up as you run to shove him and you tumble into the fire

Roll Will to not get on fire yourself!


Ah fuck nevermind.
Ignore that post


your first attack misses as the harpy flies up.
But your second attack is a hit and stuns the harpy.

HARPY is stunned






Double bite the broodmother!
And once he's bitten, BREATHE FIRE RIGHT INTO HER!

Meanwhile I will get to shoving the harpy again
Too many dice roll, continued for my second attack.

Roll #1 19 + 6 = 25 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #3 2, 3 = 5 / Roll #4 2 + 9 = 11 / Roll #5 7 + 3 = 10


Oh and you bet I'm gonna activate the crit.
And as a last touch,
to keep on hammering the stunned harpy!

Roll #1 14 + 9 = 23 / Roll #2 4 + 3 = 7


Indy bumps out of nowhere, biting and mangling the wings of the harpy, before shooting fire.

Before you can attack, and I describe those rolls Indy must roll Initiative.



Roll #1 14 + 3 = 17


The Harpy mother attacks with her claws.
Dmg '1d8'

Roll #1 1 + 8 = 9 / Roll #2 5 = 5


>attacks Indy that is.


Do you want to activate that error?


Errors 'r gud.
Go for it.


How many AD's?



Indy nimbly avoid the claw strikes backing away. As he bumps into the cave wall the cave shakes and a boulder drops on the broodmothers head, doing '1d6+1' Wound damage.


Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Let's keep going like I have so far.
Shove one of the harpies into the fire '1d20+9' and damage '1d12+3', and Shield Slam the other!
'1d20+9' and '1d12+3'

Roll #1 5 + 9 = 14 / Roll #2 10 + 3 = 13 / Roll #3 11 + 9 = 20 / Roll #4 4 + 3 = 7


As for Indy, he just bites.

Roll #1 11, 3 + 6 = 20 / Roll #2 8, 6 + 2 = 16


The Current Initiative order is:

I'll use those rolls.

Indy leaps forwards and grabs the harpy in his maws, shaking her around before the Broodmother manages to slip out again.

The Harpy next to you leaps forward to attack '1d20+5' '1d6'

Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3


But misses.
You on the other hand, pummel im right into the fire with your shield before slamming the other into the ground. He looks close to defeat

The Brood mother screeches loudly.
Indy must beat a DC20 Will save or become deafened in addition to suffering Sonic Dmg


Be brave, Indy!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Dmg '2d8'

Roll #1 8, 5 = 13


The broodmothers screech pierces stone and Indy only hears a loud *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* for the next '1d6' rounds

His turn

Roll #1 6 = 6


Gotta roll again?
Guess he just keeps on wailing on her.

Roll #1 3, 11 + 6 = 20 / Roll #2 6, 10 + 2 = 18



Enraged Indy bites her again!
The Broodmother is a mangled mess

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3


The broodmother seems to lose morale and starts to flee towards the exit of the cave.
You could try to block her when its your turn.

Rolling not to get caught on fire '1d20+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


And he does as well, and starts fleeing towards the outside with the broodmother.


But… He's immune to fire?


I'm not talking about Indy, talking about the harpy you pushed into the fire last turn


Your turn.


Oooh, right.
Move here, dragging the kid along at full speed.
Give Indy a nod, motioning towards the fleeing harpies.


Auto-complete the following few turns.

The last remaining harpy joins the mother towards the outside as his mother runs past.
Indy stops at the cave entrance and watches them fly off.

Normally you'd get XP and loot, but this is Chrones, so lel nothing.

The colt is still tied up.


But I was counting on Indy incinereting them all as soon as his turn came up!


Well their speed is high, so…
You may roll for him to make a last attempt to do so.


Roll what though?


I assumed you had a roll ready to incinerate them.

This is the situation after both the last harpy and the broodmother moved.



The breath weapon doesn't take a roll, and Indy moves before the harpies!


The Current Initiative order is:
Broodmother < moves
Indy < NOW
You <<<<< Here you ran towards the wall
Harpy2. < Moves


Nevermind, can't get to them anyway not enough range.
Rather, get ready to give chase!


What do you do with the colt in the meantime?


Free him up!


You quickly free him. He stands up. "A-are they gone?"

If you wanna give chase you better jump on Indy now, wanna take the colt with you or leave him here?


"They are. But we not done yet. Wanna go on an adventure, kid?"
And without another word, throw him on the dragon, jumping up as well!
"Hold on tight!"
Give chase!


Roll as you fly outside you see the still burning remains of one of the harpies and give chase.

Roll a Ride.



Roll #1 5 + 9 = 14


Fast harpy '1d20+3'

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


You're gaining!
Roll another Ride +1



Roll #1 4 + 10 = 14


Speed '1d20+3'

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


The kid himself is wide-eyed, overwhelmed by emotions of being snatched up into the sky.

You gain on the Harpies quickly and they notice you.
They start a straight dive towards the ground.
Acrobatics '1d20+6'
Acrobatics '1d20+3'

You must ride to keep up with them in their wild dive.

Roll #1 14 + 6 = 20 / Roll #2 13 + 3 = 16


Keep up we will!

Roll #1 19 + 9 = 28


You hold the kid tight as Indy dives down into a nosedive towards the ground, quickly gaining on the harpies.
This is a perfect chance for Indy to do a natural attack against one of them.
The broodmother has a higher defense.


…What about ZE FIRE?


Go ahead, say so.
The harpies will do a reflex save.
Those who fail you may blob with damage.


Then let loose of a fiery breath, trying to engulf all three of the harpies in its cone!

Roll #1 5, 3 = 8


There's only two left, there was one who succumbed to the fire as you flew out of the cave.

Your fiery breath is 3d6.

Broodmother '1d20+6'
Harpy '1d20+4'

Roll #1 3 + 6 = 9 / Roll #2 12 + 4 = 16


Waitan for last 1d6



Roll #1 6 = 6


The smaller harpy manages to evade by an inch but the broodmother, already badly mangled, bears the full brunt of the fire.
She now tumbles down the earth helplessly.


"Jump on her Indy!"
Time to dive down and Bite into the harpy!

Roll #1 8 + 6 = 14 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


Indy swipes and grabs the last harpy with his teeth. The wings crack before Indy lets him plummet to the earth as well.
The harpy is clearly dead.


"Last one!
Let's go chase after it!"
Grin wide on my face, hold on tight.
Ride to catch up with the last harpy.

Roll #1 9 + 9 = 18


Speed '1d20+4'

Roll #1 13 + 4 = 17


You're in range…



Roll #1 15 + 6 = 21 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


Indy opens her mouth…
It is done..
The last remains of the harpy tumbles down to the forest to be eaten by timberwolves and Indy's belly brushes against the trees as you pull up.
For the first time the kid says someting, "wow." breathlessly.


Smile at the kid.
"It was pretty fun, wasn't it?"


He just nods with big eyes.


"Where's mom? Did she send you to help me?"


"Yeah, we are going back to town right now kiddo.
What's your name?"
Tap Indy on the back of the head.
"Great job there pal.
Let's go back now."


"Orange! And you're the big warrior that defeated the dragon!"


"And this is mi kid, Indy. He's a great warrior too, isn't that right Indy?"


Indy roars.
The colt looks with open eyes.
"Was he that big when the stork brought him?"


Everypony knows kids are found inside cabbages!"


He perks his ears!
"Momma said the stork brought them!"


"Well my momma said they grow in a cabbage!"
Off we go discussing stronk, cabbages, flowers and bees all the while.


You land back in the town and the colt jumps off and runs to his momma, who hugs him quickly.
"MOMMA! I want a big dragon brother too!"


Jump off Indy as well, he's been working himself to death today.
Pat him on the side of the head.
"That was a real good job you did back there."


"We did good, didn't we Pa?"


"Yep! Taught a good lesson to them' monsters!"
Let's go find Iris.


The mom storms you and hugs you.
"Oh thank you, thank you!"


Pat her back awkwardly, "Couldn't let those baddies get away with it!"


"Oh how can I ever repay you?"
Other ponies come wandering too!
Before you know it you're crowded with ponies congratulating you.


Okay time to smile for the camera and back towards Indy!
"Now don't you worry, for it is just the way us Monster Hunters do things!
And be sure those harpies won't give this town no problems ever again, right Indy?"


Suddenly somepony whispers in your ear from behind you as you're still getting hugged.
"Having fun?"
The mare perks and lets go.


Jump before her and kissu, because she saved me from this hug!


Kissu, kissu.
"The hero of the day…Again."


"Gotta get used to it. Not gonna stop till I can stand!"


Time for the celebration victory credits?


Sound good to me!


And so Soil became, once again, the hero of the day.
And the party continued as it had before!
Ponies covered Indy in flowers and you had free refills of all the cider you can drink!



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