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Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Race: Crystal pony
Class: Ascendant
Skills: Crystal Emotions (R); Empower Weapon (MC); Heal (1); Bolster (1);
Talent: Sparkly Blue Cross (+2 to Heal)
Hits/Wounds: 5/5
Weapon/Catalyst: Warhammer [Great]; Crystal Pendant[Catalyst]; Knife [Single]

You have traveled far from the Empire. All alone with your kettle helmet and a trusty rusty warhammer you found in your fathers basement. But what you lack in weapons you make up for in faith, for you have come here with a dream.
To prove yourself worthy to become a paladin.
It's been a few days since you passed a settlement and your supplies have been getting low.
The Sun is setting on the horizon.
It might be a good time to find a place to sleep.
In the distance, at the bottom of giant canyon, you see a fire. Perhaps friendly ponies?
There's a worn sign at the path down the canyon floor "Galloping Gorge"


I bet they'll be super friendly! Pick up the pace and trot over there!


It's getting quickly darker as you make your way to the canyon floor.
There's a small stream flowing at the very bottom. From here the fire is not visible, but you know you should reach it if you keep trotting.
Roll for trotting speed.


I'm a strapping young gal, I can trot fast!

Roll #1 9 = 9


It looked a lot closer when you saw it from above.
You make your way across the canyon floor, you hear nothing besides the trot trot of your hooves, the crick of the crickets and the water of the stream.
When Luna's stars cover the skies you almost think about just settling down here when you see a fire.
You quickly trot to it, but when you get there you don't see anypony.
It is a regular camping fire with some bedrolls beside it, but no ponies to be seen…


"Hello? Anypony here?"
Look around.


No answer.
There's a little pot of soup boiling over the campfire. It smells delicious, your belly rumbles.


I scrunch. Whoever this belongs to can't be that far!
I can't steal from whoever this camp belongs to either! I should stick to my own food rations! Do I have much left?


You have one slice of bread left.
Not much.


I will sit by the fire for now to see if anyone shows up!


At least the fire is warm.
A few minutes later you hear a slow trot coming your way.
A silhouette of a pony approaches from the dark.
As it sees you it stops and looks.


Stand up and wave at the pony with a smile.
"Hello! I hope you don't mind I came here to warm myself by the fire!"


After a few seconds the pony waves back slowly. "Hello. Don't mind." he says in an emotionless tone. He trots closer and you see it's a dark brown stallion with white mane.
He stands by the fire and stares at you.


"I like your camp! Are there others with you? What's your name, sir? My name is Amber! I'm from up north, from the crystal empire! Where are you from? I bet you're from Canterlot! I heard a lot about that city, they say it's really pretty, but I don't think it can compare to the crystal capital! It doesn't even have shiny houses and roads from what I hear! Just bricks and stuff, which is kind of boring and dirty. You could eat off the ground in the crystal capital, that's how clean and shiny it is!"


"Clean and shiny. Yes, you are. I…from Canterlot. Yes…." he says slowly.


"What brings you all the way out here, mister? Oh, are you an adventurer?"


"Adventurer. Yes. Me and others…"
He sits down at the fire and stares at it.
The soup starts boiling over, but the pony doesn't seem to notice.


"Your soup is boiling over! You should probably take it off before it gets ruined!"


He looks at the pot for about 5 seconds, then grabs the hot pot with his bare hooves.
You smell burned fur, but the pony doesn't seem to notice.
He looks confused at the pot of soup he holds in his hooves.


I look very confused at him.
"Um… Are you okay?"


He looks up.
"Okay……Soup?" He offers you the pot.


"… Yes, thank you."
take the pot by the handle.
"… Where are your friends, mister?"


"Friends….friends close….meet friends?"


I'm starting to grow suspicious…


He gets up and motions you to follow him.


Carefully get up and follow him.
Bolster myself…


He trots away from the camp.
Here the light of the full moon is the only thing that allows you to see. He says nothing as you walk.
His trot is strange as well, you can't really put your hoof on it, but it's very uneven.


I scrunch and grip my warhammer tightly.
Savior guide me…


Suddenly the pony stops and looks at the sky.


Stop as well, silently observe him.


He suddenly screams loudly and points to the sky.


Wince and glance upward.


There's the shadows of two big bats in the sky. Quickly flying towards you.


I gasp and ready my warhammer.
"Hey! "


Roll for perception.



Roll #1 10 = 10


You notice two things.
As you look back down, you see the pony has disappeared.
And two the giant bats are actually ponies with batwings.
They wear purple armor engraved with a crescent moon. They quickly fly towards you.


Back away a few paces.
"H-Hey! Who are you!? Where did the other one go!?"


The two batponies land.
One of them, a stallion with gold eyes and fangs looks around. "Damn it, it's gone!"
The other, a mare, looks at you.
"Hey, you, don't worry we're friends. You're safe. Did that pony do anything to you?"


"… He offered me soup! Wait… who are you? What are you?"
A frown defiantly.


The mare smiles, revealing a set of sharp teeth.
But her voice is friendly.
"Please, do not let our appearance frighten you. We are batponies and we are part of Princess Luna's Moon Guard."


"Batponies? Wait… if you're princess Luna's guards and you're here… was that pony a bad pony?"


"Honestly, we're not even sure if it was a pony. We've had reports of ponies disappearing around here."
She looks around.
"Wait, you're alone here? What's your name?"


"He looked like a pony at least! He said he's from Canterlot! I'm Amber, from the crystal empire up north!"


"You're a long way from home. What's your business in Equestria?"


Puff up my chest proudly.
"I traveled here to help out Equestrian ponies with their troubles! I heard Equestria is having trouble, I so I really wanted to help!"


She looks at your rusty hammer and kettle on your head and grins.
"You've got guts, Amber, I'll give you that."


"I want to be a paladin one day! A paladin has to have guts to face her foes no matter how vile or dangerous! Guts and faith!"


"Do you need an escort to town? You can't stay here, it's dangerous."


"Which town? I was just looking around for ponies that needed help! And what of that pony? Who was he? Why are you chasing him? Don't we have to catch him now that's he's gone? We should hunt him down if he's evil!"


"I don't think you should be…"
The stallion interrupts her.
"Paleblossom, we don't have time. He must be close."
He turns to you.
"Do you know how to defend yourself?"


"Duh! I wouldn't be out here if I couldn't fight! I know some healing magic too, it's my special talent!"


"Good, stick close with us. And shout if you see something suspicious. If he was here, there might be some cave nearby where he lurks and where his victims might be."


"What is he, exactly? Oh! A demon? Or a vampire!?"


"We're not sure. Local legends speak of a skintrotter. He abducts ponies and wears their skin somehow….let's hope that's exaggerated."


"Sounds super spooky! I'm ready!"


"Let's find this cave then. Keep your eyes open."


"Sir, yes, sir!"
Salute him.


He starts looking around.
The mare nods with a smile for you to follow.
Keep your eyes open!


Be watchful! Alert pone!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You're very alert and spot a cave entrance nearby.


"Hey, there's a cave!"
Point at it excitedly.


As you come closer, a really bad smell emanates from it.
"That might just be it." says the stallion.


"It sure smells icky."
Approach it carefully and peek inside.


It's a dark smelly cave.
It goes down into the mountain.
"I'll go first" says the stallion.
"Paleblossom, you last. Amber in the middle."


Alright, follow him. Stay frosty!


[Smell intensifies]
You find some bones of rats on the ground.
You hear growling from a dark corner.


I frown. something might jump at me from the shadows! Be ready!
"What's that growling?"


The batponies grab their weapons.
A paw steps out of the shadows.
It's…a dog!
He stops growling and walks towards you, lickiny your face.


I giggle.
"What are you doing here?"


"Woof, woof."


Scratch my head with a hoof.
"He can't be alone out here…"


"He doesn't have a collar, perhaps it's a stray. Watch out, it might have diseases."


"That seems like a pretty big coincidence!"


"In any case, seems a friendly fella, no threat. Let's continue."


Let's keep going then? Does the dog follow?


It does.
"Woof, woof."


Keep an eye on it, I'm not sure I feel comfortable with it.


You enter deeper into the cave. You find a large room, at the end lay some ponies on the ground.


I gasp.
"Are… are those the ponies who disappeared?"


"It seems so. Keep your eyes open."
The batponies move towards it.
"Are you hurt?"
"We're chained down."
There are four ponies.
3 stallions, one mare.
They look terribly malnourished, but aside from that okay.


Look around. Where could that meanie be? And keep an eye on that dog!


The dog sniffs something on the ground and follows it to a hole in the wall. He crawls in it.
"Do you know where that pony who did this to you is?" ask the batmare.
"No..he just went away a couple of minutes ago."


I scrunch and go inspect that hole. peer inside!

Roll #1 10 = 10


There's some dead birds in there. The dogs tails wags happily as he bites a piece of it.


Hmmmmmmmm…. Look around the rest of the cave, any other holes or anything he could be hiding in?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Not that you see.
There's a lot of bones on the ground.
No ponies however, mostly critters.
One stallion is loose.
"Thank you, I thought I'd never escape."


This really leaves only one lead and suspect… check the dog again!
"Hey buddy… you alright in there?"


"Woof, woof."
He takes one of the birds and brings it, he puts it down in front of you.


"Uh… no thanks…"
Look back at the ponies and shout
"Hey! Is this your dog?"


Another stallion is free.
"Huh, never seen that dog."
The mare coughs. "I'm hurt."
The batmare looks at her. "Oh Luna, this is bad."


I thought they were fine aside from malnourishment!
Run over!
"Let me help!"
What's her status?


You didn't notice it before.
It seems her leg is broken.


Can it be healed with a healing spell like mine? Try it!
"Uh… I don't really trust that dog by the way… didn't you say that stallion could shape shift?"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Not your usual healing spell.
But you feel a pinch of inspiration from somewhere…
You focus your healing and the wound heals itself.
You've learned Mend.


I smile.
"How does that feel?"


She smiles as she gets upright again.
"Thank you, thank you so much. I feared I might die here."


My smile widens.
"Happy to help you, miss!"


The batstallion speaks up.
"Any others? What happened here?"
Two stallions speak up.
"I don't know, this pony came to us and jumped us, then I woke up here, that was just a couple of hours ago."
The other stallion speaks up " a week."
The mare "..I don't even know…maybe a month?"


"What did he do? Just… keep you here and let you starve!? For what reason?"


"It was weird" the stallion says.
"He brought us here and chained us up….and just looked at us, sometimes repeating things we say. He didn't hurt us…he brought us some food at times. Rats and mice." he grimaces. "I was so hungry."


I scrunch and look at the batponies.


"Do you know where it is?"
"It went out a few minutes ago. Maybe it's still around here."
The batstallion grimaces.
"Let's get all of you out here safely first."


"Yeah! Come on! The soup outside might still be warm!"


You pack up and get out.
Roll for reflexes.
Rolling for batponoe reflexes '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 8 = 17



Roll #1 9 = 9


AS you enter the cave again, you hear a scream and the thingpony jumps the batmare from the ceiling. He's on top of her!


Charge! Empower my hammer and swipe it off of her quick!

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


You swing your rusty hammer right in its face and off her.
It growls and jumps.



Roll #1 3 = 3


You get jumped. It's clawed on your back.
Buck it off!

Amber 5/4


Buck buck buck!

Roll #1 4 = 4


rolling for batstallion. '1d10'
batmare still getting up

Roll #1 10 = 10


The batstallion punches it off.
It gets up and starts running around you quickly.


Trip it with my hammer, then AMBER SMASH

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You give it a good knocking on the head.
It quickly jumps on the ceiling, looking down on you while showing its teeth.


Bare my teeth at it right back!
"Grrrrr! You don't scare me, you're so dumb you don't even know how to handle soup!"


It jumps again.
Dodging for bats '2d10'

Roll #1 5, 10 = 15



Roll #1 2 = 2


It's you again.
Buck little girl!

Amber 5/3


Buck buck buck!

Roll #1 10 = 10


You buck it like an apple pony, sending it smashing against the wall.
It gets up quickly again.


Heal myself!

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


You're healed up.
You get ready for a fight, when that dog shows up.
The thing turns around and eyes it slowly.
As does the dog. It growls. "Woof, woof."
The thing jumps up scared, howls and runs off faster than anything into the night.


I scrunch.
"It got scared of a dog? We got to chase it down!"


The stallion nods.
"We'll go after it. Paleblossom, can you escort the prisoners safely to the camp."
She nods.
"Let's go."
Time to chase!


Run run run!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You trip.


I-I meant to do that!
Get up and actually start chasing now!

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4


You run.
You suddenly hear growling again.
It must be nearby.
"On the alert" says the batpony.


"Yes sir…"
Stay frosty again. Be aware of my surroundings!

Roll #1 7 = 7


you dodge his next jump.
He's on the ground, hit him before he gets up.


Yaaaa! Smash smash smash!
"Savior guide my hammer!"

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


You give it a good stomp on the floor.
It tries to get up.


"Stay down!"
Smash it while its down. Filthy creature!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You smash it in the head.
It stops moving.


"That's right!"
Glance at the batpone.


He looks it over.
"It looks like a pony…But I don't know what the hay that was."
He shakes his head.
"There are dark things in this world, hiding in the shadows. Luna's moonlight draws them in the open, where they're vulnerable. It won't be hurting ponies anymore."


"… It's dead?"


He touches it.
"I think so. It wasn't very strong…"


"O-Oh… I never really… went this far before…"


He puts a hoof around you.
"It's okay. You did good."


I nod quickly.
"Yeah! I… I did!"


"Look kid, if you want to be a paladin, this will happen more. It's not the best part of the job, but it happens. Just think what it might have done if left unchecked here."
He pats you on the shoulder.
"Just make sure not to kill out of rage. Don't become an inquisitor."


"I know! I know! That's why I didn't become a priestess, I wanted to be more! Do more!"


He chuckles.
"You'll be a fine paladin. Look, I don't have much with me to thank you for your help but take this."
He gives you his regular steel greathammer.
"This will work better than that rusty thing you have now."


"Wow! That one looks really fancy!"
Take it eagerly and look it over.
"Much sturdier too!"


"I hope it will serve you well. Say, if you're ever in Canterlot drop by the mines. I'd love to catch up sometime."


"The mines?"


He starts digging a hole.
"Yes, it was once a huge Diamond Dog city, quite impressive. Most of us batponies in service of Luna live there during the day."
He chuckles.
"We don't really like sunlight, you know."


He stops digging.
"Actually, we'd better burn it."
He gathers some wood.


I scrunch.
"Wait… like vampires?"


"I suppose. But don't get me wrong, we can stay in the sunlight, we don't die like vampires. It's just…too bright. And the mines are quite impressive. It's from the golden days of the Diamond Empire. Dog craftsmanship at it's peak. I almost pity those living in the city."


"Do you… drink blood and stuff?"


"What? No, of course not. Some ponies say that, but they don't know what they're talking about."


"I was just wondering!"


"Never seen a batpony before?"
He lights the corpse.


Shake my head quickly.
"I've only been in Equestria for a little while…"


"You won't find many of us. Drop by in Canterlot, I'll be happy to show you around."
The corpse is cooking.
"Let's get back to the others."




You find all of them at the camp.
The dog has been playing with the mare. Seems like the mare's got a new pet now.
"It's done." The batmare nods.
"Amber, you're welcome to stay with us for the night. Do you want to travel to Vanhoover with us in a few days?"


Nod eagerly.
"Sure do!"


End it here?


If that's all you have?
thanks for this, it was fun!


I didn't want to make this too long.
I might have other ideas if we're in some ded night sometime again.

Prepare for epilogue.


In the eventual final report the Skintrotter of Galloping Gorge remains a mystery.
Looking like a pony, but abilities far beyond it. Links were made with other cases in Hollow Shades. But till today the case remains largely a mystery.
The survivors recovered and the mare kept the dog lovingly.
Amber stayed with the batponies a few days but soon the spirit of adventure drove her back on the road….towards a small town named Silverhaze.

Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ7LPAm7f4E





Light Heart
Skills: Inspire (1), Cheap Shot (1), Improvise (1), Con Mastery (2)
Talent: A queen of hearts card (+2 to Con Mastery)

Intro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtfjWleiHQ4
You've been on the True Freedom for 3 weeks now. Aside from some bad weather a few days the journey from Dixie to Los Pegasus has been rather uneventful so far. Today is a warm and sunny day as you come on deck in the morning. In the distance you can see land again. The western shores of Equestria. Captain Bootstrap, an old one-eyed sea dog is on deck looking at the shores.

Tiny Soil
Skills: Toughness (R); Slam(1)
Talent: NONE
Intro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CJ96LGGP6w
Life is hard for a tiny pon in a big pon world. Especially when you live on a farm, far away from the nearest city. Dad is there now, selling grain. Mom is in the home sewing some new clothes. You are a tiny pon, the sky is clear, it is warm. The grain is golden and high. Perhaps you can go and see what Field Flower, your tiny filly friend from the nearby farm is up to?

Skills: Crystal Emotions (R); Empower Weapon (MC); Heal (1); Bolster (1); Mend(1)
Talent: Sparkly Blue Cross (+2 to Heal)
Intro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9LjmwG-9Hg
You've been staying in Vanhoover for a day, in the guards barracks. Vanhoover is a strange city. So many ponies and griffons around. And all of the houses are made of stone, not sparkly at all! Paleblossom and Deepfang, the batponies have made sure you can stay here for a few days, until they have to return to Canterlot. It is early morning, but you have to get to the training yard quick. Paleblossom decided to give you some lessons with a greathammer!

Skills: Unbreakable Will (R); Monkey Agility (MC); Stealth (1); Backstab (1);
Talent: Sword Swallowing. This includes making others swallow her sword too.
(+2 to Backstab)
Intro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKyueRPVD6I
It's been a while since you've last been in the circus.
Here in Shadows Row in Los Pegasus, is your new home. Among those loyal to Slim Cat. From forging money you made your way up slowly. You're on your way to the Rugged Flagon, a bar and meeting place of your gang. Twotooth, the Diamond Dog who brought you into the gang wanted to meet you there.


Well, no time to waste then. Get ready: tie my mane up in a ponytail, don my sneaky cape and stealth tools, and get my swords as well. Let's hope I can continue the trend of not having to use them.
Off to the bar!


Take a big breath of the fresh air and look at the sky with a smile!
I've my horseshoes, I've my hooves, I've my head right here…
Let's go running to the next farm!


Saunter over to him.
"Why I do declare, captain Bootstrap! It appears there is an end to this infernal sea after all. I was beginning to fear we would be en route for eternity."


Oh! That's nice of her! Better hurry then!
Is it evening? they did say they don't like sunlight


The Rugged Flagon is noisy and rowdy as always. Twotooth sits at his usual table.
He winks as you come in.
"Grab a seat, have a drink!"

You run through the fields to the next farm as fast as your hooves can take you.
Roll for perception

He grins and takes another blow of his pipe.
"Haha, no worries miss Heart or Belle?, the sea might be a cruel mistress, but she ain't that cruel."

It's very, very early morning. No sunlight yet. Only a bit of color in the distance.
You meet Paleblossom in the training yard. "Morning, moonshine."


"Don't have to tell me twice!"
Grab a drink, have a seat!


I scrunch.
"My name is Amber!"


'1d10' I like butterflies!

Roll #1 3 = 3


As the namefield implies, Light Heart. She dropped her real name the moment she left her family mansion.
"If I had to endure one more day of looking at the endless horizon… why I would have screamed!"
Motion at the land in the distance.
"A wonderful sight to behold. One tends to miss such variation of scenery when monotony torments one's mind."


You get yourself a flagon of dark brown ale.
"Hows it going? Had some good catches lately?"

She looks up.
"Don't they say Morning, sunshine in that Empire you come from?"

You run as quick as you can through the large field of grain. Suddenly you see a blue butterfly and start chasing it. It is fast, you're sooooo close.
BONK. You went so fast you bonked into somepony. You both drop on the ground.
You look up. It's an orange pony with brown mane, Field Flower. She rubs her head and gets up again. "Hey Soil!" she says with a smile. She's been changing lately, for the longest time, you both were just as big, but now she's getting a bit bigger!

"Haha, not a sea dweller, miss Heart? I'm sure if you gave it a chance you'd get fond of it."


"Bits and pieces, nothing big. I'm taking it slow and steady, and it seems to be working so far."
Let's drink up.


Rub my head as well and open a single eye tentatively, looking at what I just hit…
Gasp, smile, and jump up.


"Sure, but that's… that's different! I bet you would really like it there during winter, when the days are really short!"


"I do believe I will have had my portion of seafaring for a long time once this trip is over."


"Looking for something big. There's something big coming up soon, and I need a jenny with nimble hooves."

She grins. Hoofbump!

"Hmmm, sounds lovely."

"Shame, but don't worry, we should be in Los Pegasus this afternoon."
You hear a squash behind you.
One of the sailors you've seen occasionally during the trip put down a bucket and starts scrubbing.
Bootstap frowns.
"Do ye have to do that now, Wave?"
The unicorn sailor gets up embarrassed.
"Ya'h told me to scrub the deck, Cap'n. So that's wha ah do!"
"Do it somewhere else then, can't you see we're busy."
Wave quickly scurries away.
Bootstrap shakes his head.
"Good lad, but not the brightest around."


"Race you to the old rocks! Last there is chicken, no matter you got longer legs now!"


"I wonder where you could find such a jenny around these parts."


"If you ever get the chance to, you really should see the crystal capital. It's really, really pretty. Promise me you will!"


"When do you think we will arrive, captain? As much as I do appreciate the stay on your lovely vessel, which allowed me to travel to Equestria, I am eager to feel solid land below my hooves again and take in some of these 'Old world' sights I have heard so much about."


"You're on!"
Beat my roll '1d10'

He shakes his head.
"Oh dear me that would be a miracle. If I found one, she'd get a good share of the loot."
He grins.

"I will. Let's hope I get some spare time soon." she smiles. "You brought your new hammer?"

"I reckon it won't take too long anymore. When the sun is a bit over its peak. I'm sure you'll love it, miss Heart. Las Pegasus is a sight to see."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Tiny legs do miracles.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Hmmm… yes. What is it they always say? 'Viva Las Pegasus'? It must be quite something."


"If that was the case, I think any jenny you found would be willing."
Grin back.


I nod eagerly and ready my new warhammer.
"Of course! I even sleep with it!"


They sure do. Hers might be longer but yours go twice as fast. You make it there first with quite a bit of distance.
The Old Rocks are five rocks in a circular formation. Overgrown with vines you can barely see old drawings on them. Not that it really matters to both of you.
She arrives panting.
"G-…good one."

"Even that lovely jenny right in front of me?"

She smirks.
"Good habit, when you're on the road, you want it close."


"Big city, lots of ponies, lots of sights. Lots of pretty bitches as well."


"Chicken, chicken!"
Snicker and start climbing a rock.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I gather it must have a notable pegasus population as well, if the name is any indication."


"Especially that one!"


"I know! I don't want someone stealing it or something, that would be awful. A paladin without a weapon isn't as effective!"


She scrunches.
"Am not! Get back here."
She tries to grab you '1d10'

"Yes, not as big as Cloudsdale but the city started out as pegasus colony. There's still a lot of homes in the sky. Never been there myself for obvious reasons."

"Great…" he stops and frowns as he sees something behind you.

"Let's see if you're effective with a weapon." She takes a fighting stance."Try to hit me. No empowering!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Charge! If she wants me to hit her, I'll hit her!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Lean back and turn in my seat like I was just getting comfortable to glance back.


No fair!"
Wrestle with her, pin her down!

Roll #1 1 = 1



She grabs you and pins you down.


Nope pinned down.


"The New World does not have many cloud homes… certainly not Dixie. This will be most interesting indeed."




She blocks you easily.
"You show yourself too easily. Try to look at my eyes instead of where you're going to hit me."

"Ship at the horizon!" shouts a sailor.
The captain looks up. "Let's take a look at this."

Oh no, it's that haughty Slim Cat, he's here with three others of the gang.

"Who's chicken now?"
She smirks.


Raise a brow. Walk over to the railing and see for myself.


"You only winnin' cause of 'em longer legs!"

Roll #1 78 = 78


I meant '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Move in to take another swing, looking her straight in her bat eyes.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Handsome Haughty indeed.
He's not so terrible when he gets his money.
Drink some more with a calm smile as they enter.


It's a large ship coming towards yours.
The captain takes a looking glass and peers.
His smile fades.

You can't squirm loose!
But she let's you off.
"Aaaw, such a shame. I was going to tell you something, but I don't know if I should tell a chicken." she says playfully.

You mess this one up, you're not used to this.

They quickly walk over to your table.
"Well, well, Twotooth, Mabel. I hope you're ready because this one'll be a breeze."


I scrunch. It's the new weight and balance! I got to get used to it!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hey I'm no chicken!"
"I could harvest a whole field on mah' own!
Wanna see you do the same!"


"Oh my."
Good thing I always carry.
Best to not get in the way until the captain is done issuing orders though.


"When am I not ready, Slim?"


Another block.
This time you get a little knock on the nose.
"Keep your defense up. It's not because I'm defending that you shouldn't."

She chuckles.
She creeps closer and whispers conspiratorially "I know a cool place."

The captain issues his orders.
"Miss Heart, you better get belowdecks, we might not be able to outrun them."

"I hope so. Did old Twotooth tell you about this?"


"Does it have…"
Whisper back.
"Freaky magic?"


"Just that it's going to be big, nothing concrete."


Rub it.
Fine! Pretend to miss, then hit her when she counters!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"And miss out on all this excitement?"
Cock my rifle.
"No, I do believe I shall remain on deck, darling. Pirates are mere outlaws of the seas, a well placed dose of lead will neutralize them as quickly as any bandit and brigand I have encountered before."


She nods.
"Superfreaky magic!"

He smirks
"We're going to rob the merchants guild Vault. Big enough for you?"

That one hits!
She grins.
"Very good, try it again."

The ship tries evasive maneuvers but the large pirate ship is much faster. And comes up broadside. You see a horde of howling pirates sneering at all of you from up high.


Get all excited and start running circles around Flower.
"Lessgo right now!"


"Well, I've heard it's got a lot in it for me… but I sure hope you have a plan."


This time I'm going to go for a frontal attack again, no tricks, just speed!

Roll #1 4 = 4


That is quite the show they are putting up. Perhaps they live for the stage, like I do.

In any case, what is the good crew on this ship doing? No returning fire?


She leads you into the woods, in the deep dark forest…

"We'll split up in teams. There's an entrance near the back. A small window, from there you can sneak in, it shouldn't be too hard to find and disable the alarm from there. The four of us will go through the main door then to keep the customers busy. We'll meet at the vault, get the money and then twotooth should be ready with a carriage to get us all out of there."

You attack again, but she blocks it. You nimbly block her counterattack however.
She stops.
"That's good for a first time."

This is a small ship. It's not equipped with cannons, a grave oversight. The crew is carrying swords and pistols but is outnumbered. Still, none are shooting yet, not even the pirates. A boarding hook clings to the ship and one pirate comes down.
"Who is the captain here?"



"I'm just not used to this new hammer yet… I'll need way more training!"


"That sounds simple. Waaaaaaay too simple."


Are you trying to sneak innuendos in my pre-pubescent horse, narrator?
Away into the deep dark forest we go!
"How did'ya find it anyway?!"


Diplomacy is always the way to go when the odds are against you.
"That would be the good captain Bootstrap, sugar."


"Be sure to practice a bit during the day."
She yawns.

"I like simple plans. That way less can go wrong."

>implying your horse gets innuendos
"My uncle came by earlier. He was talking to my dad and I listened in. They were talking about this strange place in the forest, not far from here."

Bootstrap steps forward.
"Aye, that would be me. And I'll tell ye, this here is no trade boat. We don't have no riches or gold. But me and me crew will fight to the last if it's a fight you want."
The pirate overlooks both of you.
"Hmm, yes, it so happens to be that Captain Blackhoof is interested in this vessel for other reasons and while we're not afraid of a fight, I'm sure it would be a lot easier for everypony involved if the good captain would accompany me to our ship unarmed to discuss an agreeable solution that satisfies both parties."


Skills: Burrow(R); Supreme Survivor(MC); Slam(1); Suppress(2); Marksman Shot (1); Sentry (1);
Talent: +2 to Suppress

Intro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBJ_m75h66U
It's busy days in Fort Stardust. A new bunch of slaves has recently been captured. A bunch of refugee ponies, they were easy prey. The Taskmaster is currently at the slave pens registering them and getting them ready for work. You should report to him


"If you say so. You're the boss, after all."


Forgot to alter your skills
Skills: Burrow(R); Supreme Survivor(MC); Slam(1); Suppress(2);


Look at the captain, then back at the pirate.
"May I join? I do believe that is how parlay works, no?"


"We shouldn't keep to long then. From the moment we leave this tavern until we meet up at the Vault, we don't know each other."


Trot happily after her, deeper and deeper into the woods.


Nod and stand up.
"Well, in that case I've got places to be."


I sit there, waiting for the Taskmaster to show up. Counting the remaining bits that I got after giving the rest to my cousin so that the clan can pool it together so they can buy the needed supplies and food for this month. We already got what we need but as they say that having extra money at hand will not hurt anyone.
I then stand up, eyeing the new catch and seeing if all of them are in good health before approaching the Taskmaster.
"Snacks take it that this lot is an easy catch boss."


Captain Bootstrap nods.
"Aye, but I must warn ye, ya better stick close with me. We dunno what these pirates might be up to."
He turns to the pirate.
"Aye we shall parlay, but I have a request of me own. If we go up there unarmed, you must stay here unarmed with me crew."
He grins.
"A little safekeeping, ain't that right, miss Heart?"

You trot deeper into the woods.
Until the forest suddenly stops and you enter a circle of flat charred dirt, surrounded by forest.
In the middle is a formation of black rocks.
Flower grins.
"Come on."

He grins.
"Yes, we got a lot of good ponies lately, good for business, we need a lot of ponies if we want our fort to grow. And you know growing means right? More money, more bitches." He laughs and slaps you back.


"We'll see you there."
Move to the next part?


"What the heck…
Did a dragon come by here? It's all black and smoked!"


Yup, time to get to that building.


I smirk.


I laugh along with him.
"Not only that more wealth and fame! If this fort grows solid any kingdom will fear us even Equestria." I sneer as I gave the prisoners a mocking look and see how they react. After checking them out I then stand attention to the boss and smile.
"Boss, Snack kind of needs a bit more.. bits you know. Perhaps boss got an assignment needs done like being an overseer on the workers or guarding them." I grin.


"Wooow, wouldn't that be awesome if there was a real dragon here!"
She looks up in the sky as she gallops towards the black rocks.

You find the Vault pretty easily.
The front is guarded by guards but you sneak into the back alleys and get a black mask out. Above you, you see the vent. A little climb would do the trick.

The pirate looks around, weighing his options.
"Very well." He takes off his sword and pistol and throws them towards his mates on the pirate ship.
A rope is lowered.
"Your turn."

The prisoners seem scared and huddle together.
"Hmm, a bit more bits you say? What's the matter? Got your eye on a fine bitch? Need to impress her?"


Good thing I'm an agile jenny!
Up I go, in the vent!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I wanna see the black rocks too!
"It'd gobble ya up in one bite!
I'd have to save you!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Put down my rifle and shake my head at the rope, opting to fly up instead.


I then try to scare these prisoners with a mocking bark of my own.
"OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! Hahahha! Look at them huddle!" I smile gleefully…. yet a bit uneasy before sneering.
"Paahh…this dog can get any bitch he wants even if he does not have the bits. But still a little bit of gold or gems can come a long way you know what I mean?" I smile before


Agile and nimble as fuck.
You crawl into those vents in one two three.
Crawl, crawl, crawl, crawling through vents.
You'll have to be quick, the others will be here soon and the alarm should be off by then.

"No way, I'm way too fast for a dragon."
You come to the black rocks.
They're rectangular smooth black monoliths, you've never seen anything quite like it.
In the middle is a large block as an altar and a circular pool of water.
It is eerily quiet here.

You do so, while Bootstrap climbs the rope up.
The pirates shout and howl as you land on deck.
"Look at that fine piece of flank!"
"Hey pretty lady, why don't you stay with us, we'll give you the time of your life!"
"Look at that tail! I just wanna bury my face in it."
Despite that, none advance. Parlay must be respected.
Bootstrap comes on deck as well and the pirates shut up as a large pony with a parrot on his shoulder walks on deck.
This must be Blackhoof.
He grins as he sees both of you.
"Greetings, welcome on board of the Nightmare's Revenge."

"I'll talk to the Expeditor, you've been working well. I think a little raise wouldn't hurt. Now let's look over these slaves."
He takes a note.
"Now there should be 7 of them."
He counts them.
"Waaaiiiit, there's just 6. Where's the last one?"


Well, keep crawling, I suppose my destination will be obvious when I get there.


Give the pirates a smile.
"I do love a enthusiastic crowd."

Then turn to the captain as he appears.
"Enchanted, captain Blackhoof."


Would you look at the crazy coincidences here…
Trot closer to the middle, and touch the pool with a hoof.


I stand there a bit surprised.
"Hey dont look at Snack, Snack just get here." I smirk before looking at the prisoners and slowly approach them.
"So sneaky sneaky little ponies are escaping from us. Getting bolder, now tell us where is the missing slave." I approach the most scared among them and try to intimidate.

Roll #1 4 = 4


It feels very cold to touch.
"Hey Soil, I found something." shouts Flower.

You take a few turns and there you are. There's a network of crystal wiring here.
One blue connected to a generator. One red leading into the ground.

Bootstrap just nods.
Blackhoof takes your hoof and kisses it.
"My, I was looking for treasure in these waters, I didn't think it would be this beautiful."

They huddle up, but don't answer.


"Bah.. " I then look at the Taskmaster a bit irritated.
"Have taskmaster any knowledge on who's the missing one? Where did the hunter's catch this batch by the way?!"


Shake my hoof and trot over, a questioning look on my face.


Slash them both, starting with the blue one.


"And just when I thought the boredom would kill me before reaching our destination, here you are to bring some excitement to this day. Thank you ever so much for allowing us on your ship, captain."


"There should be another stallion among them. We caught them not too far from here, near the pools. Blast this bunch. I'mma go get the whip if these fools don't want to talk, I'll make em talk."
The Taskmaster wanders off.

Right behind the monoliths is a circular hole deep in the ground. There's a ladder and a light at the bottom.
"Come on!" She grins as she starts going down the ladder.

You hear the system powering down. Fucking easy, you'd have thought the Merchants Vault would be better protected.
You hear shouting. It seems the rest of the gang has arrived.
Time to get to the Vault itself.
There are two other exits, one left and one right.

"If you seek excitement, you're at the right place."
He turns to Bootstrap.
"Captain, my apologies for this interruption, but me and my crew have a problem, a problem that can only be fixed with a boat such as yours. If we work together, you'll be on your way in no time, maybe even a little richer."
He puts a map on the ground and points to an X on a small island.
"This is Isle La Muerta. We are looking for the legendary treasure there."


Let's go left.


Hey, wait, I can't see a thing!"
Start going down anyway.


"Oh? Captain, you had my curiosity, but now… Now you have my attention."


I look as the taskmaster wander… before looking at the poor lot and give them an irritated frown. I then close my arm, began to pace back and forth then sneer.
"So you ponies will not only get whipped but also made to work after that. If Snack were you, you ponies better talk before any of you get hurt." I then lean on one of them
"Who is the pony that is missing? Tell me now and Snack will make sure you wont get whipped."


You come to a stairwell, you can go up or down.

Roll to get down without tripping.

Bootstrap frowns.
"What does this have to do with us?"
The captain coughs.
"The islands is protected by a maze of rocks and underground currents. The Nightmare's Revenge is a mighty vessel, but she can't get through there. That's where your smaller vessel comes in. We shall work together. Part of me crew comes on your ship and together we shall find that treasure! And of course, for your generous assistance we'll give you…10% of the loot."
He grins.

They look at each other.
The stallion by you speaks up.
"He climbed up to that hole there." He points to a small crevice in the rock.
The other ponies look angry at him.


It's dark, yo.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I guess it's down.


"Only ten percent? Given our willingness to cooperate with you and your crew, would a 20% cut not be a more profitable deal?"


I nod at him and smile.
"Good one, now tell me if anyone is missing besides him>" I sneer.


You go down.
The shouting gets louder. Some shots are fired.
You can go left or right.

He frowns.
"That's ridiculous. Without our map, you can't get there, this is our idea."

He quickly shakes his head.
The Taskmaster comes around again with the whip.



Whoops, you trip and both of you tumble down, luckily without any grave injuries.
"Aaw SOIIIIILLL" Flower rubs her head.


"Heyy who put stars down here?"
Rub my head along with her.


Oh, dear, that is NOT good.


"Indeed, but the True Freedom will be going through tricky waters. A combination of rocks and strong currents does not sound favorable to your chances. Is such generosity and bravery not to be rewarded?"


I then nod at the Taskmaster.
"Snack already made one of them quakers squack. It seems the one who escaped climbed up that hole." I point at the small crevice.


"Good. Which one said that? He should be rewarded."

"You make a hard bargain lady. 15%"

You're at the vault.
A large iron door magically protected. The fighting and shouting has stopped. Hopefully a good sign.
The vault is locked.
There's a panel. On it you can enter 4 single numbers. Your thief instinct when trying will tell you if a number is right or close. You only have a limited number of tries, be quick.

You're in a dark room. Suddenly lines along the wall start lighting up illuminating the white room.
The lines end at a door, there's a white circle in the middle of the door.


Reach out a hoof.


"Double wooooow!"
Follow the lines as I look around craning my neck, and slowly advance for the center of the room.


Well now
Let's try to crack this which I could not possibly know, but that never stopped this jenny before!


Point to the one who blurted it out.


He shakes it with a grin.
"Me and a couple from the crew will accompany you on the ship." He motions and a large amount of pirates get on your ship.
"Let's get going, we'll sail side by side to Isle La Muerta."

The rooms are shiny but featureless except for the glowing lines.
Flower is pushing against the doors. "Hmmp, it won't open."

2 and 4 are correct.
Others false.

"Extra rations for him. And none for the others. Snacks, get out there and get that wayward pony."


I nod and gave chase, lets track that son of a bitch
supreme survival climb
Supremesurvival spot too

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's because you ain't strong enough!"
Go there and PUSH!
Probably running over the white circle in the middle of the room.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Hmm… 2-3-4-7?


"Aye aye, captain."
Flutter back to the ship.


"I will! You sound pretty tired. Are you staying up past your bedtime?"
I scrunch.


You misunderstood.
The white circle is on the middle of the door, but I get your drift. You push very hard with one of your hooves on the white circle.
The doors open and hissing sound is audible as mist comes from the inside, blocking your view.

You quickly find his trail in the tunnel and follow it up to the surface.
You look up into the sky.
Huh…it's darker than usual, isn't it supposed to be day?

3 should be at a different place.

The original crew is outnumbered by the rowdy pirates.
Captain Bootstrap shakes his head. "Ah don't like this, miss Heart."

"I am pretty tired. I think I should go to bed."


"See? I told you, not strong enough!"
Peek inside excited.


Hmmm… this is not right, also look around and see why its a bit dark.
I stop on my tracks and try to smell the air to see if he is near…. now also try to spot if he is nearby. I then also unsheate my weapon.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Do you have a better idea, captain Bootstrap? You may have noticed we are outnumbered. If we are lucky, we may live to see another day."


"Okay, have fun!"




She grins.
"Don't get in trouble today. If you do, you know where to find us."
She ruffles your mane.

3 is correct.
You hear somepony coming.

You see it soon. The sun is dark. The moon is in front of it. The ground starts shaking. Something big is coming this way.

"Aye, watch out for these pirates as we sail, miss Heart. Ah don't trust them."

The mist evaporates and you see a lush indoor jungle.
The leaves are greener than you've ever seen and the colorful flowers smell divine.
Flowers mouth falls open.
"omygosh, Soil, are you seeing this?"


Let's hope it's the others…


"I'm smelling this!"
Try a flower.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I don't trust anypony, old man. Not even myself.
"Of course, darling."


What the hell is this!
I try to stand my ground and see what the hell is coming this way. If I remember correct it is still morning!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Run off to… I dunno. What's there to do?


Indeed it is.
But the moon is in front of the sun. And it doesn't look like it's moving.
The shaking gets harder and from the trees bursts a black mass shaped like a rhino. It pushes you aside easily and keeps running.
As you get up again, two ponies in dark clothing with the emblem of a red moon on it come from the forest. They are accompanied by two black masses shaped like wolves.
They stop as they see you. The wolves growl.

Skip for the journey?

You open the Vault. Loads of shining gold bars are inside.
Twotooth bursts in, holding a paw to a wound on his shoulder.
"Ya got it open, good. We have to be quick."

You walk aimlessly in town.
A few streets further a griffon calls you from a dark alley.
"Hey pony. This is your lucky day. I've got the deal of a lifetime for you."

It smells so nice. So fresh. As if it just opened in Spring.
Flower is already picking some and making a bouquet.


Probably for the best.


I'm good at this, aren't I?
"What happened up there?"
Let's start bagging the gold.


I gasp and run over.
"My lucky day? Really!?"


Okay step back step back and get ready to dig to escape, trying my best to show them I am not afraid.
"Uhhmmm… hello?"


That was meant to bite on one!
Let's start exploring as I chomp down.
"Why ish-ere 'a horest in 'a horest?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Isle La Muerta isn't too far from here. It should only be a few hours.
You go to your cabin.
The door suddenly opens.
And a one eyed pirate comes in.

"Some bullshit. There was a guard hidden, started shooting at us from nowhere. Hit me in my fucking shoulder. Hit Banks right in the stomach, poor fuck. Slim shot the guard."
He starts gathering the gold.
"This is such bullshit, we gotta get out quick."

"Feast your eyes upon THIS."
He opens his jacket and pulls out….
A shiny orb. It glistens and some kind of mist dwells inside.

"We're looking for a group of ponies, dog. Did you see them?"

They taste exquisite.
You go past some trees and foliage and in the distance you see something golden.
"I don't know! It's so crazy. I never knew there could be trees under the ground!"


Play with my parasol.
"Knocking appears to be a lost art."


"…he didn't kill him, right?"
Keep packing gold.


"No ponies here no siree.. Snack will go now yes." Slowly and farther inch away… look a bit, dont I have any back up? Also what does this group of two ponies look like? Are they enslavable?


Mindlessy wander over there.
"Maybe there's a whole other ground under ground, imagine that!
Another farm, another me, another you!"


My eyes widen considerably and are filled with amazement.
"Oooooooh! It's beautiful!"


"Mademoiselle, it is I."
He grins and pull away his eyepatch to reveal another eye.
He pulls at his beard to show it is fake.
Roll for recognition.

"He wasn't looking good, girl. Try not to focus on that. Let's grab what we can and get out."
He fills another bag.

They are ponies, heavily armed ponies.
Their dark wolven companions seem very…demonic however.
There are no other dogs out here.
"Scram." one says. The wolves growl.

"No way! Maybe we'll meet another you here?!? Oh…what if we meet our parents here? The underground parents? They'll be mad."
You come to a field of golden flowers. In the very middle is one large silvery flower, it shines light.

"Yes, a Luckbringer from the zebra lands and it could be yours for just 20 bits, a bargain!"



Roll #1 6 = 6


Keep filling the bags!
"Killing wasn't part of the plan!"


… how many bits do I have? Enough? if so, give them to him!


"Mom's never mad!"
Frown… And then go 'ooooooh!' at the flowers.
Touch one of the golden flowers. Is it made of metal of… Flower?


Damnit… just get out of their way…. damn these asshole's for letting my target get away. What am I to tell the boss and I wont get paid..

Argg anyway where does those heavily armed ponies going? North?
Hell why do I care try to see if I can track that lost pony… if not try to track a new slave.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You look closely.
And beyond the make up and fake scars you see the face of… Wave?!? That retard sailor pony that was scrubbing earlier when you were talking to the captain.

Slim comes in, he's got some blood on his coat. Behind him a bleeding Banks is carried by his friend.
"Change of plans. The guards are in front of the doors. We barred them but we got to get out the back now." says Slim. "Gather up the gold."

Yes, you have.
"Wonderful. Enjoy it, you'll have good luck now as long as you carry it."
You get the Luckbringer.

It feels like a very weak metal. You can bend it, but it is certainly not organic. Surprisingly it smells good too.
"Soil? Where are you?"

You quickly find another trail leading into the bushes.


Shout out loud. Then, poke the silver flower.


"Hmmm… I do remember you. What brings you here to my cabin disguised as a pirate, this lady wonders."


This really is my lucky day!
"Thanks, mister!"


Urrgghh… I peek from the bushes and try to see what is beyond.


Scoff at him, but keep that gold coming in.


A beautiful tone comes from it as you touch it.
"I'm coming!…AAAAAAAAAAAA"

"Haha, can I share a little secret with you, mademoiselle? I'm not Wave, the slow minded sailor, now I am One-Eyed Jack, pirate seemingly in service of Captain Blackhoof."

"No thank you. Have a very, very lucky day."

You see the escaped pony. He tries to run.
Match my roll to catch him '1d10' you get a +2 because survivor.

You got your bags full.
"Let's go, the back exit. Quick."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Turn around quickly!
What's happened? Run there!


Well, let's split it out of here.



Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"You certainly are flexible. Who are you really?"


Get back to the street and walk with a skip in my step.
Gosh I'm so lucky!


Roll for sneaky escape!

"Soil, HELP!"
Flower has been grabbed by some kind of….crab, she's stuck in its shears. The crab consists out of a huge amount of vines strung together forming the shape of a crab. Flower tries to get loose.

You quickly catch him and pin him to the ground.
He struggles "Let me go, let me go!"

"Mademoiselle, in Prance, I am known as Vaudeville, I am the leader of a large theater troupe. I was here on board preparing for a new role I would play as a sailor. Little did I know, I'd have to play a pirate as well." He smirks.

What a lucky poen.
You're positively shiny.
There's a market a bit further down the street.


Ram right into the "crab's" arm, where the shear meets the body.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Slowly unsheathe my rapier from my parasol. Speak in Prench.
"I have heard of Vaudeville before. Have you heard of me?"


Sneaky jenny

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh! I bet I'll be super lucky and find something neat!


"No and no!" I pin him and tie him up.
"Now where do pony thinks he is going huh?"


He grins, takes your hoof and plants a kiss on it.
"Mademoiselle Heart, I did not know you spoke the language of love. You are full of surprises. When I was in the New World I spoke to some colleagues. They spoke heartbroken about a promising new actress who left them."

The crab starts to move away.
You quickly run intending to ram it right in the balls, but trip over your own little hooves, you tumble head first into a tree. BONK.
The tree shakes and a thick branch drops from it right beside you.
Man, wood is hard.

You all quickly run through the backdoor. Some guards pass the corner.

Perhaps you will.
There are all kinds of stands.
Vegetables, fruits, clothes…

You push him to the ground and tie him up.


Wood is hard!
…Wood is hard!
Pick up the branch and use it as a sword! Or a shield even! And SLAM with it against the crab!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Sorry! Can't stop now!"
Keep running!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Why call me coward? I caught pony fair and square." Now poke my head out and try to make sure that those guard ponies is not passing by before carrying him up.
"Trying to escape and leave your friends behind? You are the coward pony." I sneer as I carry him up.


I'm hungry! Let's check if there's a stand with crystal food!


"How very kind of them to speak so highly of me behind my back."
I smile and pat the spot of the bed I'm sitting on next to me.
"Why approach me now, monsieur Vaudeville?"


He sits down next to you.
"Madame, I've been listening to those pirates and I fear, how terribly cliché, that they intend to betray us. Once they have their treasure, they don't want to share."

The branch is still a little large, you charge with it in your mouth but it gets stuck in the foliage.
The crab is getting away!

You all make it out fast. Even the wounded pony, as your strong buddy Twotooth picks him up and runs for his life.
You all gather in an alley.
Slim Cat leans against a wall and takes off his mask. "That was something." He grins.

As you turn around one of the wolves jumps out of the foliage and growls.

Roll for searching.


Searchy pon

Roll #1 8 = 8


No, best idea! Charge with it on my back
then roll it out onto one of my hooves
and slam the crab with it!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I feared as much. They are quite the rogues."


Reach out for my weapon and fire a bolt to the wolf!
Sentried marksman shot to its head.


Frown at him.
"Did you kill the guard?!"


"Ah, but there is nothing in this world as rogue as two talented actors, especially if one is an enchanting mare."

You find a small stand. How lucky!
"Fresh crystal berries from the Empire!" shouts a small mare.

This plan would have worked if the branch wasn't stuck. You shake and tear at it until it breaks in two. The branch is now a lot smaller, still bigger than you, but it should be less heavy, perhaps it was a bit too heavy to properly balance for a tiny pon.
The crab still is moving with a struggling, teary flower in his shears towards the open gate.
The moment it sets a foot in there, a loud noise echoes throughout the whole room and the lights turn read.
A voice speaks in a language Soil doesn't understand.
Priority warning: Containment Breach in Biodome 6. Biological Hazard Team, please respond

You shoot it straight in the head it disperses.
The two ponies come from the foliage.
"Well, well, seems like the dog was lying to us after all. Hand him over dog, and tell us where his friends are."

He frowns. "He was shooting at us. What was I supposed to do? Just let him kill us?!"
You hear a muffled sneeze from behind a trashheap.


Gasp for a moment, but my priority is to reach Flower!
Rush for her and the crab!

Roll #1 4 = 4


>turn red


"You flatter me, what do you propose?"


"I want some! I want some!"


Grab the slave pony and point the crossbow to its head.
"How about Snack tells you two to scram and leave, if not this one takes the cake?"

Goddamnit, spot for a good escape route while stalling and besides size them up, can I take these two ponies down?


"Knock him out, disarm him and tie him up! Anything! But not killing! We're not murderers!"
Raisea brow at that.


And investigate, obviously.


"We were going to kill him anyway."

You push away the trash to reveal an elderly homeless stallion hiding.
Slim Cat and Twotooth aren't wearing masks anymore.
"Shit." Slim Cat grabs his gun.

"A daring plan that requires cunning and skill. I will impersonate Captain Blackhoof. To do that however, he has to be taken somewhere alone, where we can overpower him. That's where you come in my dear."

"That will be 50 bits for a bag."
You have that, barely. But that's way more than they ask in the Empire.

You gain on them. Now would be a great time to hit.
As this is a life-changing moment of Fate, I'll allow you the +3 Fate bonus if you want

The voice begins again.
Priority Warning: Zero response from Biological Hazard Team. Initiating Contingency Algorithms. Code: Contain, Sterilize.


Stand in their way.
"No more killing."
Turn to the hobo.
"You saw nothing. Your life depends on this, do you understand? What did you see?"


I raise an eyebrow.
"Then he is far better working for us than being killed by you." I sneer as I point my crossbow to him.


If I want?
Sure I do, but just you see as I throw a 1.

It's now or never. Rush on them and slam the plank in a swift, unsheating motion onto the crab's back, flattening him to the ground!

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"That still leaves quite a lot of pirates in the equation."


And fire
Marksman shot!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"These pirates don't want a fight, they want money. Once we've got that treasure, we'll tell them we'll go without killing the crew. Once we're gone and they're safe. We'll have a feast, those pirates will be so drunk and we'll sneak out unseen with that treasure. Bootstrap picks us up and we're good to go. You feel like pretending to be a Pirate Captains girl for a while?"

The hobo quickly nods.
Slim Cat glares.
"We can't take that risk. These vagrants would sell us out for a few bits. This gold is my ticket out of this city. Stand aside Mabel."

"You choose the wrong ponies to pick a fight, dog."
You are fighting two Nightmare Cultists.

You hit one in the chest. But he staggers back up.

As the crab steps halfway through the door the doors suddenly seal, slicing the crab in two. Flower tumbles with the front half of the crab on the other side.
You bonk shield first into the remnants of the crab, at least it was your shield now and not your head. Drastic improvement.
Sterilization protocol now in effect
Flames burst from the ceiling setting the trees on fire.
Quick little pony, find an escape!


The door I came in from?!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Land my axe on the one cultist that I got a critical hit!

Roll #1 4 = 4


That one is closed.
It's getting pretty hot.
The flames are coming closer.



"He's just a scared old stallion! He won't do it. You spilled enough blood today!"
Glare back.


"Well… An act is an act. And I cannot say I have any better plans myself."


"That's really expensive! Why is it so expensive?"


Roll for staredown '1d10'

"Then we shall meet again on the Isle. Lead him away from his crew and I shall do the rest."

"Lady, these Crystal Berries are the only ones in Equestria. If they're too expensive for you, that's too bad."

Roll #1 3 = 3


I can stare harder than he ever could.
Raise my ears for added dramatic effect, and to seem taller.

Roll #1 5 = 5



"You can count on me, monsieur Vaudeville. The show must go on."


I scrunch and walk away.
"F-fine! I don't want your berries anyway!"
I can't just use all my money like that!



"The show must go on."
Fast Travel to the Isle.

Your first attack is dodged and the nightmare cultists hits you on the arm with his club.

The staredown intensifies.
"…..Very well. Scram!"
The stallion starts running.


Ah damnit! Step back and aim at him with a careful shot and precise strike with my crossbow.
marksman shot

Roll #1 7 = 7


Flap my ears back down.
"Good. Now let's get out of here."


Hmmm… no, I will do some premature scouting first. See if I can gain another audience with the pirate captain in private.



Roll #1 1 = 1


The ship is quickly making headway towards Caballeria.
The heat is scorching, luckily there's a cooling sea breeze.
Captain Blackhoof is on your vessel near the steering wheel keeping an eye on everything.

You hit him right in the hoof. He drops his club.
The nightmare wolf attacks, dodge!

You get back to the tavern. Here you'll be safe for now.
A healer is scrambled and your wounded teammate is taken to the back.
Twotooth grins. "That was a close one."

You turn around and trot into a stack of baskets full of crystal berries.
They all tumble on the ground and one of the baskets falls on your head!
You can't see!
Your hearing is severely lessened. You hear the salesmare making angry noises.


"I don't like what happened."


Saunter over to him.
"Everything in order, captain?"


Ack!! Step back and try my best to get away as I ready my axe.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Try to break free from the basket's grip! Don't panic!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Aye, let's hope Brick pulls through."
Slim Cat walks up.
"Doc says he's gonna be fine. They could hit Brick in the head and it wouldn't matter, not like he's got much brains up there."

You block the wolf and hit him back.
He yelps.
The pony struggles to get loose.
"Hey I can help, let me free and I'll fight with you!"
The two nightmare cultists come back for round 2.

Walls closing in.
Can't breath!
Your horse instinct for running is triggered and you start running in random directions, you're vaguely aware of bumping into a few things and hearing some shouts, but the adrenaline rush overpowers it mostly.
roll to gain control of yourself.


Switched up LH and Snacks.
Read post above.
LH post comes soon.


Saviour grant me strength in these trying times!

Roll #1 6 = 6


I then approach the pony and cut him loose now!


"That's good at least… maybe you should have tried incapacitating instead of killing, too."


"Aye, soon we be at Isle La Muerta and all of us will bathe in gold."

The darkness is dark and full of terrors but you manage to get a hold of yourself.
As you get out of the basket you see that you've plowed a path through the market stalls.
Lots of very unhappy ponies are looking angrily towards you.

He's loose and he starts fighting with you!
You may roll for his abilities and target, his only skill is slam.

He grins.
"Mabel, you're a sweet jenny. But being sweet gets you nowhere in this business.
You've got to make an example once in a while, I don't like it but that's how it is."


"A good thief never has to kill."


I smile.
"I do look forward to that."
I look around and inch closer, lowering my voice.
"Though in truth, I have been considering requesting to join your crew. I may not look like much of a pirate, but I have plenty of… useful talents which I am certain would benefit you."


"… Oh. Sorry!"
Grin innocently.


He looks you over.
"What sort of benefits do ye have?"

You hear a crack above you and look up to see a bucket of purple paint falling straight on your head.
"Sorry!" shouts a construction worker from above.
As you take the bucket off you're now full of purple paint.
A lot of ponies start laughing.

"Perhaps if we were trained by Lordblades or something, we wouldn't but I'd rather pop one head than going to jail."


Alright lets get this jam started!
Both of us go after the cultist, I ran after one and ram him hard as I take him down to the floor and start clobbering him while my companion starts to get busy with the other.



Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Oh hey, they aren't mad anymore! Remove the bucket from my head.
"It's okay!"


Roll my eyes.
"As if we couldn't get you out of there. I bet a little timeout in a dungeon would give you some time to actually think."


"Why, I am from Dixie captain! Our guns are practically parts of our bodies. I am not one to brag often, but I am quite a good shot. My true talents lie in diplomacy and forgery however. Coupled with my many social connections, I could get you into many places you would normally never be granted access to."


A few stall ponies walk up to you and demand you repay them for the costs.
You don't have nearly enough money.

He smirks and puts his hoof around your shoulder.
"Aaaw, you're cute when you're angry."

He scratches his chin.
"Interesting, interesting, if true. I would be a fool if I didn't see those skills for meself."

From the bushes the large nightmare rhino joins the fight, running both of you over.
You're both helpless.


Arrgghh damnit! Both of us are caught good with that! Wait a minute, a Rhino?
Try to stand up! Both of us!


Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6


I'd like that, if I wasn't so upset!
Scrunch and shake my head.
"Don't start with this… it doesn't change what you did! You know I said my conditions are no killing!"


"Do consider my words. Every aspiring enterprise requires a face."


"I only have like… 60 bits on me!"


Yeah, the rhino that ran you over before these guys came.
You're both up again. But this beast will require all your skills to take down!

"Perhaps a trial period would be in order. Then you can show us your skills yourself!"

He shakes his head and starts to speak again as suddenly the door slams open.
A scout shouts "GUARDS"
The inn gets up in one movement, trying to scramble for the back door.

You owe 200 bits in damages.
They're calling the guards, you might go to trial over this!
Did you know ponies with a record can't be paladins?


No time for arguing!
Time to make a hasty escape ourselves! Back windows?


Gaah… this job is more trouble than it is worth! Dmanit all. I then aim my crossbow at the rhino as the stallion see's the opportunity and strikes hard and fast!

Marks man shot

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Uh… uh…
Take out the orb.
"Can't I pay with this? It's the most valuable thing I have!"


"Surely a stallion such as yourself can recognize talent when he sees it, no? Is a trial period truly necessary?"


You can make it if you make a gottagofast roll

The rhino runs over both of you again.
The pony is helpless.

You take it out and the pony merchants scrutinize it.
Suddenly a large stallion with scars and dark clothes comes from the market.
"I'll buy it. 200 gold pieces."
Another old hooded mare with a necklace made of bones jumps from the shadows.
"No, I will, 300."
A bidding war starts.
One of the merchants tells you "Okay kid, give it to me and we'll call it even."
But the other merchants jump in "No fair, it belongs to me!"
Now the merchants are fighting too!

"I see talent. But my crew doesn't. They believe mares on board bring bad luck. If you come with us you can stay in my cabin for a while…for your own protection."


Fastest donk.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I chuckle.
"Of course. It would certainly allow us to get to know each other better in a more private environment as well."


That stallion and the mare, do they look like trustworthy people to this shiny pony?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Get out of the way pony! Go handle the other ponies! I'll handle this myself!" I grit my teeth as I aim my bow and shoot at the rhino!

pony stand

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 5 = 5


Not really…
Put it away again.
"Stop fighting please! I have some friends who could maybe help instead!"


The merchants don't hear you over the arguing!
The old mare trots to you.
"Little pony, 3000 bits for the orb."
"Don't listen to that hag. 5000 bits it is!"

"Good, let me give you some advice. We pirates might seem like a bunch of savages, but, as everywhere, once you take the time to really get to know somepony you'll make new friends in no time."

Vroom, the Rhino is unstoppable.
The cultists are just laughing now.


Nope, the windows are already blocked!
"They're at the back door!"
Make for the basement or the second floor?


Second floor!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Arrghhh! damn these cultist, them them all. I then aim my crossbow to the Rhino's head and try to get a clear shot!
Marksman shot!

Pony get up!!

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 3 = 3


I nod.
"I would be a fool to let mere appearance make me think any less of anypony."


"Why do you want it so badly!?"


The rooms are closed, too long to break them open! Try the roof!

He can't get up!
But you take your last stand and hit him straight between the eyes.
The rhino collapses to the ground and dissolves before your eyes.
The Cultists are on alert again.

"Aye. Now tell me about ye."
Fast travel to the Isle?

The old mare trots towards you.
"Give it!"


I scrunch.
"No! I don't trust you at all!"



To the roof!

Roll #1 6 = 6


I then aim my bow at one of them and shoot
"get up now!" I shout at the pony!

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


No ponies still here!
You jump to another house.
Get in here or keep going?

The mare fires a lifestream spell!

After a few hours, an island largely shrouded in mist comes into view.
"Aye me lads, Isle la Muerta."
You see a number of shipwrecks outside the mist already.

You hit one of the cultist in the chest and kill him.
The other starts running.
"I can't. My hoof hurts." says the pony.


Keep going!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Dodgy pone!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"A most charming view, I must say."


You're up another house.
Go down here or another one? (you don't have to roll this time)

There's a black spot where the Lifestream hits you, but nothing too permanent you hope.
The big stallion grabs a big axe and swings it "Give it!"

"Aye, a true pirates island."


Another one, gotta' make some distance.


I grit as I start to give chase to the cultist, not minding the pony complaining and let him stay down. I then go in full sprint as I see the running cultist, I then jump up, with mouth open with the intent to clobbber her down and catch her as I try to wrestle him with my arm and my jaw aiming for her neck and pin her down.
>rng pls

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"I can see why you require a nimble ship to navigate these waters."


It's a him
But you got him suppressed tiger.

Aye, ye cross another few houses matey, and ye don't stop until you're far from the bar.

"Aye, me and a few of me crew will stay on board here while the rest of those roaches stay on the pirate ship. You stay close with me, miss Heart, this island might be dangerous, I want to see your skill."

Rolling for boat as it enters the mist '5d10'

Roll #1 8, 10, 3, 8, 2 = 31


Can't I hit these guys back?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Bite him hard on the neck and pin him down! I then produce a rope and start to tie up this bastard with the clear intention of bringing him home as a prize.


Sure if you want.
You just had to dodge first.

You tie him down.
You know got one tied down Nightmare cultist pone
And one pony with a broken leg.


With him tied up, I slowly release my bite and carries him up on my shoulder as I go to the pony with a broken leg.
"Hehehe.. two catch… not bad." I grin as I start to lift him up too.


I'm not a pirate!
Anyway, go down to street level once it is safe.


Empower my weapon and hit the next one trying something funny!
"Back off!!"

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


You swing it in the air above you and…
it doesn't move.
You look behind you to see your warhammer got stuck in a crack in the wall.
Roll to get it loose quick!

Drag them back to the fort?

You're back at street level.


Noooo! Get it loose!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Yup! Time to get my paw… also time to report that some asshats are roaming our territory with the intent to sacrifice any slaves that is under ours to their weird-ass gods.
Go and meet the taskmaster


You move, and crack your warhammer broke!
You're in trouble now.

You drop them with the taskmaster.
"What's this? That one wasn't on the list?"
He points to the Nightmare Cultist.


We have a proper hideout, right?


N-no! That was a gift!
Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh!
Run! Run run run! I need to find my bat friends!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Ahhjh… bastards ambush me and my catch. wantign to sacrifice Snack catch for weird God of dark… they fight hard, even with them they had a a rhino something. But snack defeat them and kill the other one.. now this one we make a slave of ours and dig gems and pull cart!" I slap the cultist in the head.


You start running!
Roll to outrun them!

Not really, there are some meeting spots for situations such as these however.
Better get that phat butt over there.

The Taskmaster puts a collar on both of them.
"That won't do. Here, now he's a pony like all the others."
The Taskmaster pushes both of them into the pen.
"Hehe, this will work out fine, Snacks. Look at the other slaves. They hate the cult pony. That means they won't spend time trying to escape, rather they'll be thinking of ways to get payback on that pony."


"Of course. I would not want to get lost around here."



"Heh, serves him right for putting me to too much trouble." I spat on the ground as I look up at the task master with a smile.
"Hehe… now that I do job, do I have pay?"


Speedy pone!

Roll #1 3 = 3


It's not phat!
Get my butt over to the meeting spot.


The cult pony stays at the edge of the pen, looking nervously at the other ponoes who have huddled together in the middle.
"Yeah, got some extra pay waiting for you at the end of the day. You'll love it Snacks. Would you mind looking the new slaves for now? I need to check the others."

They're gaining on you.
If you don't throw an 8+ next round they'll get you.

You get there and find a bloodied Twotooth.
"Mabel…thank the Big Dog you're fine." he says as he holds his arm.


"Are you okay?"
Look at him with concern.


Saviour grant me power!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I nod attentively as I go and check out on the ponies and see how they are. How many of them are there? Number of Males and females? Races? I tried my best to tally and make sure that none are missing.

"Dont make any sudden move and all will go smoothly pony…." I frown with my crossbow in hand.


"Been through worse." he says with a forced grin.
"One of those bastards shot me in me arm. I'll need to see a doctor soon."

The mare sweeps you off your feet against the ground. She got the orb!
But then an axe swipes and the head of the mare rolls over the floor. The stallion got the orb now!

Full earth pones, except the cult one who's unicorn.
There are 6 mares and 4 stallions, cult stallion included.



I scrunch and tackle the stallion! Disarm him!

Roll #1 6 = 6


The boat ride through the mist goes smooth, all things considered. a few bumps, but you make it safely to shore.
The mist is less here on the island itself. You can see the sun above you.
The island is silent. There's a forest behind the white beach. But no animals to be seen anywhere.


I then look at the pony who has helped me and see if his wound is that bad.
"How are you holding up pony?" I look at him a bit worried…. all the while scouting the mare's and just glancing shyly at them.


Is Vaudevill with among us in disguise?


His hoof is twisted wrongly.
You might want to get the horsedoctor.
It's time to medically check the new slaves anyway.

You see him working with the other pirates, shouting about wenches and gold.

You tackle him and grab the Orb.


How gauche.

Very well then. Let's see about getting to shore with this rowdy bunch.


Make a run for it!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Where are the others?"


"Hmmmph.." I frown and look around to see if there is another dog near me and call him out so he can watch the pen so I can call a pony doctor. Where is he/she?


The pony doctor, a very large Diamond Dog is in his office, studying a manual on pony anatomy, upside down.

A carriage loses its wheel in front of you and a large amount of oranges are rolling your way! Roll to dodge.

"Haven't seen many yet. But Slim Cat came through here….he was mad like I've never seen. I fear he might do something stupid."

A few boats leave for shore.
"Allright ye mutts, according to me map we should find the treasure deep in the forest."
Roll for path.


Combat roll out of the way!

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Didn't he do enough of that today already?"


Nope you slip and roll to the ground.
Luckily for you, your pursuer does as well.

You notice a pathway through the forest.
Might be the first to share that with the captain.

"I hope so. Maybe he just went home."


"Captain, I do not mean to interject but there is a pathway over there which we could use."
Point at it.


Get up, get up!
I need to get to my bat frens!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'll go check on him, just to be safe. Go get a doc, okay?"


"Yarr, I see. Look you roaches, this mare is doing your job better than you! Get a move on before I have all of you flogged."
The crew gets a move on.

You slip again and as you try to get up again you notice somepony big approaching you from behind.
You turn your neck just in time to see a large hoof coming towards you at alarming speed.
Next thing you know you're on the ground waking up with a guard beside you.

"I've been through worse lass. I'll wait here a little longer, see if other survivors pass through. Then I'll go to a doc, promise."


"Make sure the rest are safe too… I'll make sure Slim doesn't get himself killed."
To his home!


All of them?
I smile at the captain but don't move.
"A gunpony like myself is expected to have a good eye for detail, captain."


Try to move
"… Hello?"


All of them.
"Aye, dat be true. Now we shall go."
He trots towards the path.

You knock at the door of his appartment, but no reaction.

"Are you okay? How many hooves am I showing?"
He holds up one hoof.


Rub my head.
"That's an easy question! One!"

"… What happened?"


Climb in a window then!


Uhmmm… looks legit. Maybe?
Approach him.
"Uhmmmm is doctor holding the manual upside down?" I grin.


Trot behind him, then pretend to trip over something and fall onto the ground with a soft - ladylike - cry of pain.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Seems like somepony knocked you out. You've got a black eye, and your nuzzle was bleeding for a while."

This is the official pony doctor, and as far as you know he does a good job.
"I'm studying how ponies look upside down, in case I have to examine them upside down."

You do so masterfully.
He comes back.
"Lady Heart, allow me."
He offers you a hoof.
If you can keep him from moving for 2 more turns you'll be all alone. The crew is still moving now.


"Bleeding- Oh!"
Where's the orb!?!


"Ah.! What is Snack thinking?" I grin and scratch my head in embaresment before straightening myself up.
"Doc, I got a ponyslave who's leg is broken, Snack needs help."


Grasp my hoof with the other and cringe.
"Just a moment please… oh how clumsy of me… you must think me an incompetent fool now."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


He frowns.
"Lady, perhaps you'd better stay here and rest. We'll get back with the treasure in no time."
He turns around…

"Let's go. We gotta check the other slaves anyway."
He walks out.

It's not in your bag anymore!


"I've been robbed! This is a disaster!"


"Wait! I believe I can still walk! But please… do help a lady get back up."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Follows before leading him to the pen where the newly caught one's are there. I then approach the pony stallion that helped me and pet him a bit on his mane as I try to calm him down..
"Pony calm down, the doctor here. He is good pony doctor."
I then look at the doctor. "Doc, this pony helped me earlier. Snack need him treated."
I then glance at the cultist, how is he doing?


"What did they steal, miss?"

A shout comes from the other group, they found something. The captain quickly runs, leaving you in the sand.

The pony doctor starts working with his tools. '1d10+2'
The cult pony seems to be nervous but keeps his distance from the rest of the herd.
The collar forbids them from speaking unless spoken to.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Fixed up with some bandages.
"I'll write him down to get a day extra before he needs to work. Shall we look at the rest?"


"My lucky orb! They stole my lucky orb! Those jerkfaces!"


Well I'll be! The nerve of these ruffians!

Pull myself up and flutter after him.


Dumped in the sand like a cheap whore.
Anyway, you quickly see what the commotion is about.
There's a bridge across a gap but it's broken.
All the pirates are earth ponies, so who do they call?

"Who did?"




I scrunch.
"Those jerkfaces! An old mare and a stallion with a large axe! I broke my warhammer because of them!!"


Well well, looks like I hold the cards now.


I then let the doctor work his magic on the good pony as I approach the cultist and eye him.
"Pony cult seem not smiling now. Where is pony smile now?" I look down at him.


Roll for sneaky donk.

The guard looks to something to the right of you.
"An old mare you say?"

"Arr, bridges, the mortal foe of any pirate!"

He looks at you in disdain.
"You will pay dog, they will come for me."


"Yarr indeed, captain."


I chuckle.
"Will they even find pony under here? Little pony has no chance of escaping and he will pull cart like the pony he is." I grin at him before looking at the doctor.
"What is needed to be done doc?"


He looks down.
"That's it then lads.
Seems like this is over.
Another bridge has defeated us."

"You bring those ponies one by one to my room for examination. Gotta make sure they don't have any diseases that could infect the other slaves."
Start with a stallion or a mare?


Step forward and spread my wings to take flight and fly over the gap. Can I grab the bridge?


Start with a stallion first, actually lets start with the pony who helped me in fighting off those goddamn cultist and slowly carry him.
"Come on pony, pony will tell doc to heal your leg." I nod.
I then look at the doctor.
"Can doc help this pony? He is the one who helped me fight off those cultist."


"Oooooooooh" say the pirates.
They're not the brightest bunch.

"The one who escaped right? I can fix him right up. Taskmaster will be pretty mad at him though." The doc starts to mend the leg


I tilt my head in confusion.
"Why is that? Pony is loyal pony are you not?" I pat his head.


He nods.
"Yes, loyal."
The doc shakes his head.
"He escaped, Snacks. Ya know taskmaster doesn't like ponies that escape!"


See if I can tie it back into place properly. Let's hope it holds. Make sure to keep hold of it when they cross.

Killing them would be quite funny though… then bluffing their friends back on the ship into following me to the same death as well. But then there'd be no treasure. And killing Vaudeville is not something I want to do either.


I shrug with a smile.
"I'll try to reason with taskmaster dont worry doc, besides with him he not only save Snacks life but also let Snack capture new slave." I grin evilly as I point at the Cultist.
"A new slave that is to pull kart and dig gems, that is one who deserves 'discipline'."


The captain looks to you.
"Arr, that be good, miss Heart. The rest of the crew is sure to see your talent now."

"Take it up to the taskmaster."
He puts a collar on the pony "55"
"Next pony, Snacks."


"Of course. Shall we continue?"


I look at the slave, now this time pick a mare and pet her head as I guide her to the doctor. What race is this one and how does she look?
"Mare's are more unlikely to escape.. Snack thinks."


It's a feisty one. She tries to get loose.
White earth mare with red mane.

The crew soon reaches a large clearing in the jungle and starts digging.
The captain sits down next to his crew, looking bored.



Sit down next to him and 'accidentally' brush my tail against his.
"You seem rather bored, darling…"


"H.. Hold steady earthy pony, this is just check up or I bite neck." I grunt as I wrap my arms around her body and lead her to the doctor.


"Aye, they be digging a while."

"She looks okay. Put her on her back, I need to see if she's with foal."


I scratch my head and pat her head.
"Pony hear doctor, stop resisting and it will be over." I then slowly turn her and put her down.
"What is pony name?"


"Perhaps we could go for a walk. Just… you and I. No other hungry eyes spying on us."


She glares at you and stays silent.
The doc checks her belly.
"Her new name is 56. No foals, too bad. Anyway, won't take too long."

He perks a brow and grins.
He gets up and follows you into the jungle.


"Wont take too long?" I look at the doctor before picking another stallion.


Saunter next to him.
"So… an experienced stallion like yourself must have acquainted yourself with many mares over the years."


"You know, with those ponies."
Some ponies are chosen as overseers to look over their fellow ponies.
These get special priviliges like once in a while being able to sleep with one of the pony mares.
"Get that stallion that told us the pony had escaped."

He grins.
"Aye, many a wench."


I frown for a bit upon hearing that as I look at no.56, before I nod and get the stallion who informed on pony 55 and bring him to the doctor.
"Oh.. Snack see's, I thought only dogs get to be overseers. Isnt it dangerous that Stardust might get overpopulated if we allow them though?"


"I do love a veteran of mares. Though I bet none of them were from Dixie…"


"We can sell those we don't need."
"This one looks fine. Hey you pony, you've helped us well, wanna be an overseer?"

Doges are usually Slavemaster or Taskmaster.
An overseer is always lower than the slavemaster.

He suddenly grabs you and pushes you to the ground. "You little slut, you're practically begging for it"


I grin.
"I have no idea what you are talking about, sugar."


"Ah, extra gems for it. Snack see's, that is a brilliant plan… though what about mother and foals? Wont that be… " I frown a bit as I look at another stallion and bring him up.


He grabs your clothes, intending to rip them off.
"Oh you know exactl-"
The captain drop on top of you, unconcious.
Vaudeville shows up.
"I hope I didn't interrupt something?"

"Won't that be what?"


Push him off of me.
"We were merely frolicking."
I chuckle.
"Your arrival was most timely however, I was about to deal with him myself."


I look down thinking for a bit with a frown before shaking my head.
"Nothing… just worried of the consequences of such actions on pony family and… nahh.. Snack is overthinking again," I frown. How many more slaves do we have btw to be checked including the cultist.


Many more, but we can skip all that unless you want to do something in particular.

"Forgive me for interfering so soon then. An annoying habit, comes from saving to many damsels in distress"


"Well, perhaps we can continue this roleplay some other time. Shall I turn around so you can get changed?"


I then accompany all the slaves and be checked and tagged until I came for the cultist, securely grab his mane before tying a rope around his neck and lead him to the doctor..
"Now come bastard, Doc shall check on you and if you do anything…." I keep him close as I lead him to the doctor.
"This one is dangerous though… making Snack worry." I nod at the doctor.


"As you please. I do not care either way."
He starts changing.

"Rowdy one?"
He pulls his tail and the stallion tries to kick him.
"Yup, a few days with the Taskmaster will stop that annoying habit. Get some guards."


Wait for him to be ready, then look at the unconscious captain and unsheathe my rapier.
"Shall I?"


"Yup." I then tap his head lightly to show who is boss before calling the guards.
"Guards escort this pony to the cells. Alright."

I then look at the doctor. "Well they all look well, looks like we are finished." I smile before glancing a bit at no 56


"Aye miss. Stab the dirty traitor! How's the accent?"

"Seems so."
I am out of material. Shall we end this chronicle here?


Sink my rapier right into his heart.
"The occasional 'yarr' would make it perfect."
Pull out again, then pierce his throat for good measure. Wipe the sword off on his coat and sheathe it again.


Just bring no.56 and the cultist under my careful watch and care as they work in the mines and we can end this chronicle story.
Shall I give another Chronicle idea that you may use?


Go ahead.

"Why do they say Yarr anyway?"


I shrug.
"A complete mystery to me, I'm afraid."


"Now then, could you roll in the grass a few times, we have to make this disguise perfect.
Such a shame of the dress, I'll have the finest dressmakers in Los Pegasus make a new one.



Roll around in the grass~

"Another victim of this harsh world."


You're a very grassy mare.
There are some cheers in the distance.
"Sounds like they found something."



Roll #1 5 = 5


"Then let us go witness this treasure of theirs."




There's a dead old mare right next to you.
Killed by a giant axe.

*cough* "Yarr"
You both make your way back to the clearing, where the pirates have dug up 5 chests already, with more incoming.
A stallion with purple coat and green mane lands next to you.
"Yarr gov'nah we be finding some mighty booty in these waters."

You climb into the window but tumble over a stack of papers. Good thing nopony seems to be here…


Quickly check every room!
He must be here!

Roll #1 5 = 5


A pegasus? He must have come from the ship.
"Yarr to the mighty booty indeed."


"She's dead! He killed her! The jerks are killing each other now!"


He gives you a mean look.
"You shut up you little bird or I'll pop ya head like a bottle, swer on me mum."

"What did this other pony look like?"

Nope he's not. There are traces he was here recently. He picked up something from a case. From the looks of it probably a gun.


He wore a cloak didn't he?
"He wore a cloak and carried a really big axe!"


I look very unimpressed but stay silent. I'll shoot his dick off later.


That idiot!
Can I track him?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Cap'n can I talk to you for a sec without the little squeeze?"
Vaudeville gives you a nod.

You search through the city and find him holding the old homeless pony at gunpoint.

"What about his coat or his mane?"



Fly up and sit on a cloud or something.


Did I get a look at that?


Cartwheel over there, to kick the gun away as I arrive!

Roll #1 3 = 3


They argue for a while until the stallion walks off again.

Roll for memory

You grab a small bottle and throw it towards the gun. The kick causes the gun to miss its target and the homeless pony scuttles away.
"Nono!" Slim Cat fires a few times, but the homeless pony is long away.
He looks at you.



Roll #1 6 = 6


Narrow my eyes.
"Just what is wrong with you?! Why are you trying to kill an innocent pony?!"


Where does he go?


The stallion walks to a bunch of other ponies and starts talking.
Vaudeville is ordering the chests to be returned to the ship.

"Innocent? Innocent?!? He ratted us out, all of us!"

He had a green coat and a dark green mane


This smells bad.


Start walking towards him.
"Think, you idiot? How could he? He didn't know who we are, where we went, and even if he did, do you think guards could have ambushed us that fast?"


"He has a green coat and a darker green mane!"


Yes, they haven't washed in days.
They all stink of rum, quite a contrast to your perfumed self.

"How about you think! He's a beggar, he's probably heard of us, those little snitches always have. And he smelled an opportunity for more bits so he could get a few more bottles of jack."

The guard notes it all down.
"…this could take a while."


"I have friends who could help! Luna's paladins!"


"Did you even hear any of what I just said? Can you even think straight?"


Revolting. Not like I'll actually say that out loud though.

Still, something is up. Let's wait for those chests to be returned.


"Why would this be a concern to paladins?"

"You shut up. Ever since you joined our group you've just been nagging all of us. Boohoo, don't kill them, boohoo be nice to them. You're not cut out for this, Mabel, you never were. You should have stayed in your circus."

They're on their way to the ship.
The pegasus suddenly flies up and without a word sits down on a cloud next to you.


Look confused.
"Why not? You should have seen his axe! That guy radiated evil!"


Look at him and raise a brow.


Narrow my eyes.
"Ever since I joined this group we've made more money than you dared to think of."


He takes a gun and points it at you.

"Hmmm, perhaps…I guess it can't hurt to have paladins on the case."


Cheap shot it out of his hooves.


"I should go warn them!"


You shoot it out of his hooves.
"Hey, what's your problem bird?"
He says as he rubs his hoof.

Go there?

He sneers.
"And because of what you did, letting that rat go, we're about to lose it all!"



"Pointing a gun at a lady is rude, darling. Pointing a gun at a Dixie lady is plain stupid."


"If he ratted out on us, why is he still on the streets? Why isn't he at the guard barracks, collecting his bounty?"


You find them back in the barracks in dark room reserved for them.
But you don't see them in their beds.
Roll for perception.

"Aw, just havin' a lil fun, ya stupid bird. Ya better pay me back for that gun."

He growls.
"Enough, I'm sick of you."
He trots off.





Roll #1 6 = 6


If the others have left already… hmmm.
"I don't like your attitude, sugar."


Timeskip to the next few days?

Yup, they're snoring with their tails attached to the ceiling.
Pretty creepy.

"And I don't like you, but ya somehow got on Cap'ns good side. Mares on the ship, always trouble, I bet you're trying to break this whole ship already."


Gotta' rebuild what was messed up.


"Shut up. Am I really the only one not stupid enough to believe in fairy tales?"


Stomp my hooves! Wake them up!
"Hey! Hey Hey! Hey!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


He points at his eye and then at you.
Then dives down towards his gun.

They open their eyes and stretch their wings.
"Yes, Amber what is it?"

The following days some of the escapees gather again. Twotooth is still alive, as is a number of your gang.
A substantial number has been captured however. You haven't seen Slim Cat the past few days.


Cheap shot his wing as he goes. Let gravity do the rest.


You clip his wing.


I probably told them all that I saw him trot off in a huff.
"So… what now?"


"I need your help!"
Take a deep breath and talk quickly.
"There was a gryphon who gave this this shiny orb which made me really happy because it was supposed to make me very lucky but then I accidentally knocked over some crystal berries and the mare tending to the stand got really angry and wanted me to pay her but I didn't have enough money so I offered the orb as payment but then an old mare and a stallion with a large axe showed up and started offering me thousands of bits for it but I didn't trust them so I refused and then they got angry and wrecked my warhammer and then I ran and they chased me until I fell and got knocked out and then when I woke up the old mare was dead and the lucky orb gone!"


A tragic flying accident. How sad. Let's return to the ship.


Very sad.
The ship is almost loaded.
Land next to the Cap'n?

"Lucky orb? Did it bring you much luck?"

Twotooth scratches his head. "We should get talking to the boss, Fat Cat."


His brother? Great.
"Where is he?"


Not needed. Just stay on the masts.


"Not really, but I didn't have it for long!"


You're way up high, overlooking the work.
Soon the ship departs again, back into the mists.

"And where did this…murder happen?"

"Dunno, he usuallly contacts us…talk about Tirek…"
A small filly enters the bar and trots to you.


"Near the markets!"


The plan is clear. Wait for them to get wasted.


Raise a brow.


She trots to you and hands you a note.
"From the boss."
She waits.

"Lead us there."

Actually, first of all, every part of the treasure has to be loaded onto the pirate ship.
Vaudeville orders the transfer and to the chagrin of the pirates orders all the original crew to be unharmed.
Switch to the mast of the pirate ship?


Read it.


The booze will keep them happy soon enough.

Let's switch.


"Follow meeee!"
Run off to the place.


The filly waits.

"Urgent meeting.
5PM at the Horse's Head.

You go sit down on the mast of the pirates ship.
The Griffon in the mast looks up, but leaves you alone.

You bring them back.
They inspect the site.
"Hmmmm, come here Amber, do you see this?"


"See what?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Just enjoy the seabreeze and relax. No need to make myself look suspicious.


Look at her.
"Just me, or?"


You peer at exactly where he points and for a millisecond you see a flash of a glow.

AS the pirate ship sails off, Vaudeville starts a large party and retreats to his cabin.
Go there now or wait until the pirates are drunk?



"What was that!?"



Nod to the others.

"We are going to the Horse's Head then, at five."


Paleblossom grins.
"Very good, it's a talent we paladins have to identify influences of other divine entities in the area. One day you'll train it so you can use it at will."

You fly back down and with cheers enter the Cap'ns cabin.
"Ah, miss Heart, I hope the pirates didn't give you too much trouble?"

"Good, finally some action."


"I was forced to kill one of them, but nothing I could not handle, captain."




"Another divine entity? Which one? No wait! Let me guess! Uh… Grogar? Nightmare Moon? Can I buy a vowel? Does it start with an T?"


"I see….as long as they don't notice anything. That purple stallion is pretty suspicious of you. I think he was jealous or something."

You're at the Horse's Head statue, away from prying eyes.
Soon Slim Cat emerges from the shadows accompanied by a number of guards and his brother.

"No….keep guessing, you've gone through most of them already."


"He is dead."


"… Discord?"


"….I suppose it's for the best. Now let's wait until they're passed out."

"Bingo! Or at least an artifact of him, I fear your lucky orb wasn't so lucky after all…"


I scrunch.
"But the gryphon said it was! Why would he lie about that and give it to me?"


"Yes. These pirates are brutes, I look forward to leaving them behind."


"So, what is this about?"


"I'm afraid he might have tried to trick you!"

"Let's wait a few hours. Do you play cards, miss Heart?"

Fat Cat steps forward.
"My brother has given me a rather disturbing story. It seems you have allowed a rat to escape?"




Keep scrunching.
"But why me!?"


"Your brother gave you a false story. The old stallion was no rat. The guards must have been planning to raid the inn already."


He shrugs.
"Who knows? Maybe he thought you were an easy target?"


"At the evening of our most successful raid? A bit too much of a coincidence isn't it?"



Rolling for Card success.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"What are you insina… insanu… insinu… implying!?"


"Calm down, Amber. If that was his idea he failed miserably."

You didn't win, but didn't really lose either.
Vaudeville opens the door.
"Let's go."


"Not at, because of our most succesful raid. And it didn't go smoothly, either. Someone murdered a guard."


"Lead the way, monsieur."




"I still don't get the point!"


Fat Cat looks at his brother.
"It was a damned rat. I told everypony to stay quiet and not to move.
He moved, I had to make an example!"

Roll for stealthy circumstances.

"Who knows when Discord is involved?
Maybe he thought you'd be fun to mess with."


Le camouflage.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I scrunch
"That jerk! We need to put an end to this!"


"Yes! You made an example that we aren't only thieves, but murderous bandits! You were the one who caused all this!"


"Nopony would have known it was us if you didn't let that rat go!"

"We'll track him down!"
The batponies start following the invisible trail.

The Moon hides behind the clouds. And the pirates are snoring. The ship is anchored close to a nearby island.
If you can get a small boat and get a bit east, the True Freedom will pick you up.


"Because he knew who we were? If there was a rat, it wasn't the old, homeless stallion who knew nothing."


Follow them.
I'm ready
I was born to smite


Don't we want that delicious treasure?


Yes. That's the plan.
Of course, that would mean taking risks.
The treasure is belowdecks.

The trail leads to a burnt out home.
As you look at it your ears start flopping!
On their own!

"You saw it, he had a large bag of gold!
Where did he get that then, since you know everything apparently."


Keep them in place!
"Stop it, ears!"


Vaudeville is with me? Let's go check it out.


"What large bag of gold? He had nothing when you were holding him at gunpoint."


"I took it from him!"
He gets a pouch of gold from his saddlebags and throws it to you.
"Explain that!"


You go belowdecks.
There are 5 chests there.
Vaudeville opens one.
It is filled with gold and jewels.
Vaudeville takes a gold necklace and carefully places it around your neck.



Roll #1 10 = 10


I chuckle.
"Why thank you, monsieur."
Let's see what we can gather.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your ears stop flopping and you feel good.
There are 2 entrances,
Paleblossom would like to go through the front door while Deepfang votes for a sneaky entrance through one of the windows.
What does the shiny pony say?

Lots of treasure, you get an entire chest on the boat without trouble.
More treasure?


Let's not push our luck. My life is worth more than gold and we already have a nice little haul.


"Oh, I can explain all right. You are lying. You are not stupid. You know you were wrong, so you made this up and ran to your brother."


Unless Vaudeville wants more?


I'm not sneaky! Front door! Going in hammers blazing (with holy fire)


"Even though it pains me to leave all this treasure in the hooves of these villains, perhaps it would be better we leave."

"You calling me a liar?!?"
The others grow silent.

You smash open the door and in the end of the hall, you see the big axed pony performing some strange ritual with the Lucky Orb!


Stare him down.
"That's what I said."


I nod in agreement.
"A fine end to this adventure. We can treat ourselves to a fine meal when we arrive."


Point a hoof at him.
"You've been very naughty! Surrender now, agent of Discord!!"
Empower my hammer for dramatic effect


Slim Cat grows red of anger.
"Twotooth, grab her, send her to the dungeon!"
Twotooth doesn't move however.
The tension for the entire gang can almost be tasted.

And so you both sail off into the night and get picked up by the True Freedom.
The treasure gets split between you, the captain of the Freedom and Vaudeville and you finally make your way to Los Pegasus.
As promised Vaudeville bought a new dress for you.
Eventually adventure called you further north…
The end

No such luck, paladin!
Soon everypony in this town will be unlucky!
What an unfortunate turn of events!"


Don't even flinch.
"If I didn't know your brother was the big boss, I would wonder how you ever became the leader of the gang."


"I don't think so! I'm going to take you down!"
Take a menacing step forward. Look fierce! [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


You step a hoof forward without noticing the "wet floor" sign to the side.
You slip over it and tumble to the floor, swiping towards the wall!

Dead. Silence.
Slim Cat slowly walks forwards and plants his dagger right in front of your hooves.
A challenge to a duel!


Look at the dagger, then at him, raising a brow.
Keep being dead serious, though.
"A duel?"


Get back up! Back up!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Yup, you get back on your hooves before hitting the wall.
The big axe pony doesn't focus on you however.
He's using the power of the Orb to block the two batponies.
Successfully for now!


"Right here, right now.
I'm in charge of this gang.
Nopony disrespects me."


"Respect is not just taken, Slim Cat. Respect needs to be earned."


My time to shine!
Charge at him while he's disregarding me and smash him with my warhammer!
"For Cadance!"

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


He raises a hoof.
And a number of ponies start cheering.
More than half.
But there is a large minority staying quiet, especially Twotooth.

You charge and hit him in the back by surprise!


"Not so funny now is it!?"
Follow up by swiping his legs. I'll break him!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Deliver a precision strike, cold and harsh.
"Anyone who must say he is the leader is no true leader."


"Prove it, take up that dagger and let's see who's the leader here."

You swipe him of his legs to the ground.
He's helpless!


Pick it up.
"It only proves you are a fool and not a leader, to challenge someone who has been fencing since she was five."


Raise my warhammer above him!


Rolling for initiative!

He kicks your legs, roll for luck!

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 8 = 8


You jump aside and headbutt his head!
He is defeated.
Paleblossom and Deepfang rush in.
Paleblossom gives you a batwinghug.
"Are you okay?"


Time for stabbity stab stab '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Damnit, that's not honorable at all!
Try to parry!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Shiny grin.
"Am I!? That was great! Did you see that save!?"


You parry it.
Slim takes a few steps back and tries another attack. '1d10'

"You did very good." says Paleblossom.

Deepfang looks at the pony.
"He's out. We'll question him later."
He looks at the Orb.
"We'll need to secure that somewhere it can't harm anypony."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Dodge it and stab at his hoof.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I grin and shine brighter at the praise.


Paleblossom raises a hoof in front of her eyes and squints them to protect herself from your shinyness.

"Perhaps we should go back to the barracks."

You dodge and slice his hoof.
He holds it, bites his lip and goes for a headbutt '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


That's not a fencing move.
Try to counter with a literal stab to the back as he leans forward to the headbutt.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


You get taken by surprise and bonked on the head.
"That's foul!" shouts Twotooth, who runs towards you, but a Slim Cat supporter jumps to stop him.


Slim Cat grabs his knife and goes for another stab '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Shake my head.
"I'll handle this, don't worry for me."
Two can play that game.
Parry with my sword-hoof and punch his face with the other.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I giggle cheerfully and hop up and down.


In the coming days two shady looking ponies came to the Barracks, introducing themselves as members of the Inquisition.
They took the pony and the Orb with them to an undisclosed location for research.
Paleblossom and Deepfang continued training Amber, and the day after threw a small party for her success against the Discordian Orb.
But in the shadows a griffon was giggling to himself. "This isn't over"
The end?

You get stabbed in the knee!
Twotooth tries to intervene again, but more supporters of both sides flock towards him trying to provoke each other.


I should start taking this seriously and parry more… but first, to get control of things back.
Spin around completely for a powerful slash at him!

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 9 = 9


He trips you over and puts you in a headlock.
Fat Cat shouts "Stop."
But either Slim doesn't hear it because of the shouting of the gang turning against itself, or pretend not to notice as he tries to bring his blade to your throat '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I always imagined this contact go down differently before, but now…
Buck him, kick him where it hurts most.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You kick him in the nuts!
Meanwhile one Slim supporter hits Twotooth and fighting begins.
"You mule!" says Slim.
He tries to stab your throat '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You tried to kill me!"
Go for a disarming parry, swing that dagger to the other side of the room!

Roll #1 5 = 5


You trash about, he blocks your free hoof with his hoof and tries to stab your throat and in a reflex your blade flashes.
The next second Slim looks dumbfounded and there's a red line on his neck, slowly blood starts dripping down from it.


Take a step back and look at him with horror.


Shouts come from the fighting gaang members but only a few have yet realized what just happened.
Twotooth is in trouble!


Drop my sword.


Roll for effect!



Roll #1 5 = 5


A few turn their heads but most keep fighting.
Twotooth gets a few hits to the stomach and loses another tooth.
He hits the ground and ponies start stomping on him.


Try not to tear up.
That should get their attention.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Actually, the shouting overwhelms all and suddenly you get bashed cowardly by a baton on the back of your head.

You see endless dark.
But slowly you come back to yourself.
"Wakey wakey" says a voice you vaguely recognize.


Squint my eyes and try to see who's talking.
"What? Where am I?"


Roll for perception



Roll #1 2 = 2


There it comes.
Raw, unfiltered pain.
Your muscles hurt.
You think you're on some kind of bench.
You blink again and things start to get form.
You see a light to your left and a vague outline of a pony.
That voice….it's Fat Cat.

"In a place you'll spend the rest of your life."


Wince, and try to move my hooves.
"He was coming for my throat! It was an accident!"


You're restrained.
"Yes…He was a fool, my brother.
You showed me that.
The way he behaved tonight.


"You know I didn't mean to kill him! Let me go!"


You feel hooves on your hooves and with a twist, the pain returns worse than ever before.
"He was a fool, but he was my brother.
And you are dangerous, Mabel.
You nearly tore our gang apart. But we are whole again now.
And you…you will remain here.
I won't kill you. I won't let you be some kind of martyr for Onetooth to shout behind.
No, you're going to rot away here.
Every day you're going to wish you'll die. And every day we'll keep you alive.
For the rest of your life."


Stare at him…
No, I will not let him win.
Through the pain.
"Then I will greet you with a smile every day. Even you deserve to see something nice daily in your rotten life."


He doesn't smile.
"We'll see how much you'll like it in a few days, or weeks, or years. It doesn't matter."
He walks off.
The light goes away abruptly as you hear a lock click shut.
The End

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