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Crumple: 5/2 (5/5)
Honey: 5/4 (5/5)
Shiny Rock: 5/3 (5/5)

Eo-Naxx Fang: 6/4 (6/6)

Luke Warm: 5/4 (5/5)
Onyxia: 5/4 (5/5)

Ug: 6/4 (6/6)
Nero: 6/3 (6/6)


>YEAR: 1017 AE

>Onyxia and Luke

>Crystal Empire, Esmeralda's home
Having heard an argument coming from within the home, Onyxia and Steel kept low to hear the couple having a troubling conversation.
>"He's from my hive, and he's EXTREMELY dangerous, Elites like him are only one step below the Queen of the hive. He had something to do with that Son of Sombra, I'll bet anything… we have to think of the baby, too, honey. We're all in danger."
>"And that's why we HAVE to tell them you saw him."

Steel shakes his head, "I'm not sure what they're talking about, 'hives'."

>Honey and Shiny Rock

>Tunnels underneath Canterlot Mountain
Having been split up among the stone tunnels by Obsidious' magic, the breezie and the floating computer were left only with Merc the framed Wonderbolt with his bloodied wings as they navigated the labyrinth of tunnels, eventually coming across a large crystal door in the middle of a wide cavern, twinkling lights of the crystals embedded in the ceiling illuminating it dimly. It's tight shut, and what's on the other side can't be seen… but then you usually have a key handy don't you?

"Okay, I know what you're thinking," Merc groans, tapping at the rocks as he stares at the door. "And I think you should think about doing anything else, alright trigger happy?"

>Eo-Naxx Fang

>Obsidious' Manor, Canterlot
Leading the way you find the study in a complete mess. The bookshelves have been tossed all over the floor as have desks and papers, and the walls in this room don't appear to be made of a smooth stone like the rest of the manor. This one is rough and jagged like the mountain itself. But it is a dead end, as the others look around Screech seems convinced.

"You sure those ears are workin' right? Could be busted,"

"My ears don't bust," Screech barks back, "They're just around here somewhere I know it, I heard something." He presses an ear to the wall, "I think on the other side…"

"That's just the mountain, I think." Fluttershy comments. "There shouldn't be anything on the other side…"
"Well keep finding it," Rainbow barks, throwing over stuff as she looks for some kind of switch, "Fluttershy, you and Fang check upstairs, got to be something around here."


>Same location as Onyxia
As you walk towards Esmeralda's home to meet with Brain, you notice Lavender walking down the street away from the Empire as well.

Only she is not alone. On her flank is a tall white unicorn, a nice suit adorning his flanks as he rubs his muzzle against Lavender's along the walk. You see them talking in low whispers you cannot here but the stallion seems very relieved at Lavender's well being as he coddles her the entire walk.

She gives you a brief glance as she sees you walk by, a small look of confusion on her muzzle as she stares at you for a few brief moments. The stallion doesn't notice however, and she's eventually forced to look away as she keeps down the street with him.


>Ug and Nero
>Crystal Throne Room
You two race out of the hidden room and into the throne room, various guests and dignitaries gathered in their as they await your speech. Celestia and Luna are not present, supposedly preparing their leave for Canterlot, but Shining Armor and Cadence greet you first.

"Emperor Nero. The entire state's outside waiting for your speech. They're ecstatic, has something else happened… she pauses as she looks past the throne towards the hidden room."

"…oh my goodness… is that…" She blinks a few times, looking to Shining Armor, "Call the guard, we need to assemble any miners available in the city at once.

>Onyxia's location is not yet known to you


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Honey gives Merc a 'pfft' the slightly blows the bangs over her face.
"Oh pleasea. You thinka I don't know whena to treat somethinga with a careful hoofa?" She says, digging out the damaged unibeam and letting it regrow to full size. She grabs what wires she can, hooking it up to Crumple about where the head would be.
>Repair and attach Uni-Beam
>DC -1

Roll #1 7 = 7


Onyxia takes a step back, hearing the subject her parents are talking about.
[Hive? This, this can't be what caused him to leave, can it? No, no it can't, none of this happened before, right?]
She looks over to Steel.
"It… it doesn't matter does it? There's something dangerous they saw, that's all that matters."
Onyxia walks over to the front door and knocks.


With a nod and a smile, she gets to the controls.
"Alright. If thisa could cut anda bash through metal, then ita can cut through crystala too!" She activates the Unibeam, watching as the two halves unfold and a red formation of energy springs forth, forming a blade.
"Sweeta! Color isa bit different than Ia remember, but who cares?" She then begins the task of having the Unibeam cut the rock around the door.
>Unibeam natural +1
>+1 from MagiTech effects and its new Spell tag
>Not sure if the DC -1 from Single would apply, but mentioning it anyway

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


LukeWarm keeps his head hanging low and turns his face away from Lavi and her special somepony. Luke lets out a heavy sigh and continues walking to Esmeralda's house, his cat jean close by.

Luke tries for the door if it's not locked and slips in unannounced. Trying not to wake anyone since it's late in the evening.
[1d10] stealth

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shiny Rock's smiley face turns toward the mysterious crystal door trying to discern how to open it and what might be on the other side.
Ug looks over to Giselle. "We should am getting ready to leavings Sweety Beaks, Big Pony castle in south in troubles and Shiny Rock needings our help. We am needing to go talk to Purple Princess Pony first."

Ug calls over to Nero as he runs by.
"One momentings King Pony, Ug looking for Crystalingythingy."

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 9 + 1 = 10



Luke stops your hoof before it can knock. "Shh, it's late Onyx. Let's not make racket."


"The Bat Pony's ears are still functional. If it says it is there than clearly more force must be applied to this search." Fang follows Rainbow's advice, and turns to Shy, "Come Yellow Pegasi our search is up stairs." with a sweep of her tail Fang makes her way out of the Study searching around for a way upstairs, assuming Fluttershy will follow.


>short post to answer 4th eye, rest will come momentarily

>You discover the location of Onyxia, at a house belonging to a spa-matron and her husband (currently between jobs) in the middle of the city with Luke


Ug turns to Nero and calls back.
"She is am at mommys house near Crystal Spa thingy in middle of city. Luke is am there with her."


"We need to let them know we're safe at the very least."
Onyxia knocks with her other hoof.


"No! You'll crush her!" Nero protests.

"This gem is solid, if you try to break it she shall shatter. I will go find Onyxia and she will release her."

Nero says, starting off before Ug stops Him.
Nero nods.

"You have my thanks. Vizier, show me to this place, Shining Armor, do not let anypony touch that crystal, on pain of death!"

Nero leaves with Cadence by chariot to the spa.
>Getting on once we're outside, obviously.


Merc lowers his eyes with a dead cold stare.

"…no, I don't think that at all. What? The breezie who assaulted, kidnapped, and home-invaded a innoc…" he stops, "Mostly innocent celebrity? Nah, that just reeks of finesse."

You successfully mount back on the unibeam to the cart, it's light pink glow coming to life once more as a small sword juts out from it. Merc winces at it, "You think we should be finding the others first before we go busting down giant doors that practically scream 'Evil Lair' on it?"

Steel gives a nod of his mouthed helmet. "I suppose not. My curiosity is the least of my worries."

As you knock on the door, the shushing starts and you see one of the shades of the window leave. The door unlocks and it opens wide, showing your young mother and her husband gathered around a table. You smell a savory scent coming from the oven in her kitchen as Hematitus smiles. "Onyxia! Thank goodness, we were starting to worry when we didn't see you come out with us. We must have gotten separated. Brain Freeze is with us in the…" she blushes, "In the back." She drags you inside, "We've already started dinner, I think we could all use it." She peers at Steel, "You're the stallion that helped save my husband and me?"

He gives no response, looking to you instead.

The Beam begins slowly sheering through the crystal door, sparks flying through the air as a rumbling feeling suddenly reverberates underneath Crumple's 'feet'. Merc looks around, having felt it too. "You think he was serious with that whole 'the tunnels have eyes' bull?"

>hole in progress, not cut through yet but you've made it into the crystal

You think you spot Lavi making one more glance at you before you leave your old flame to her new flame, slipping in unannounced as Esmeralda opens the door for Onyxia. Your entry is slick and fast enough she does not take notice of you and you find yourself in a position not to be seen by her or Hematitus. You see the latter sitting on the table as the smell of food emanates from the kitchen.

>Shiny Rock looks through the door and sees a gigantic metal machine, tubes and tendrils run throughout a multi-leveled cavern that extends down about 100 feet directly down across three levels. At the bottom is a massive turbine and propeller of sorts, and along with it Obsidious, holding a green glowing horn in his teeth as he sets it down on a table next to a collection of green stone. Around the room are over a hundred breezies trapped in stone spheres.

>"Come on, Chitus, answer me. I demand an explanation."


Giselle huffs, crossing her talons, "I thought ze male pony vas the vone to be carrying ze female," she shrugs, "But, if it must be, I vill do so for you Cutie-Hoof." She flies outside with you as you leave the chamber, finding Twilight outside not far from Celestia and Luna as you see the princesses lowering the sun and raising the moon respectively. Meanwhile, Twilight speaks with Pinkie and Rarity,

"I don't think he needs an apology…"
"You were somewhat harsh, darling, from the sounds of it."
"W-well he deserves it! You know Luke is a troublemaker, I'm all for forgiveness but he just…"
"Took care of himself and a bunch of other ponies including Celestia's secretary all by himself while you were keeping the roof up?" Pinkie throws in. At this the purple pony looks down at the ground, but looks up as Ug approaches. Her eyes light up.

"C-Cornelius the Cavepony? Wait, oh my gosh oh my gosh!" She throws herself at your hooves, "Wait, I read about you too from Celestia's writings! You're Ug the Stonewilled, aren't you? That's incredible! I mean, I never thought that cavepony in ice was the same… oh I have so many questions! What was life like back in prehistory?"
>she rants well until you decide to cut her off, other wise you'll be here all night

Fluttershy nervously unfurls a wing, "Um, actually, Miss Fang, it's not Yellow Pegasus. It's Fluttersh…"
"Yeah, alright, you two do that. Bat-boy, Spike, help me check out the bottom floor."

You ascend the stairs with Fluttershy up to a series of bedrooms, including two master-sized suites. Digging through the drawers and beds, Fluttershy chances a look back, "Sorry about Rainbow Dash being just a little too pushy. She's just excited to help you find the amulet is all." She looks at a cupboard, "I wonder why Mr. Obsidious has so many mare clothes?"

Cadance and Shining Armor nod, the stallion stepping forward, "We'll see no one approaches until you've found her, then, Emperor. Do you know her?"

Cadence, however, leads you outside following Ug's advice. "The spa-matron… oh, he must mean Esmeralda I think her name is. Wonderful treatment she gives to every pony who comes through those doors. I've gone there myself from time to time." She opens up her wings to land in the chariot, holding on to her crown and hair this time prepared for the sudden take off as they race through the streets.

Before long she points it out on the side of the road, then turns to Nero, "She… must be important, to order pain of death for those who approach."


As Luke ambles toward finding Brainfreeze in any of the rooms he is interrupted by the luxurious smell of food. His stomach growls, having not consumed much other than alcohol the past 24 hours.

Against better manners Luke follows the scent into the kitchen.


"Limitless options," fang says not giving her a second glance as she looks behind everything in the room systematically. Rearranging everything carelessly with her telekinesis in a similar fashion. "Logical assumption suggest female equines flock to affluence, mare clothes are a byproduct."


Onyxia meets Steel's gaze, turning back to her mother.
"Yea, we just got a little caught up in the crowd."
Onyxia says as she gets pulled in.
"S-So are you two fine, you got back here alright and everything?"
She questions with a bit of nervousness, not wanting to admit she was eavesdropping.


Nero answers Shining Armor as He leaves, not even turning around.

"I will introduce you when I return. Nopony approaches!" He says repeating the order as He heads out with Cadence, taking off, His chariot rolling down the street towards the spa, before coming to a slow stop. Nero steps out of the chariot.

"Stay with the chariot, I should not be long." He says, mind-focused, walking up to Esmerelda's and knocking on the front door, staring patiently at the door as He awaits an answer.


"We havea others." Honey says, pointing at Shiny Rock.

"Come to thinka of it, you wenta off and found me ina Nightmare Moon's dumba castle." She looks at the sphere with a bit of a nod.
"Eithera this is just some biga…coini…something, or youa just like having mya back."

"Ifa they do, then theya better be ready toa watch me breaka everybreezie out!"
She continues to have Crumple work on the door.
[1d10+2] DC -1

She also tries to do quick repairs on Crumple after that tough fight before.
>Repair, DC -1

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Ug rubs the back of his head. "Ummm. Cavepony times alright Ug guess. Everything am being cold or am eaten by dinosaur. Ug making easy living smashing bones with rocks. Shiny Rock is am showing up eventually smacking Ug in back of cranium and as they is am saying, the rest is am history."
Ug looks around nervously, "ANY am WAYS Ug is am we not have time for rememberings for Cavepony times! It am now times we is am having to rememberings! Purple Princess Pony, King Pony's older nephew is am Bugnapper and hiding under Canterlot right am nows fighting with Ug's friend and employees! He is am scary powerful and Ug am afraided that King Pony's brother is am his target. He is am having scary machine down there that is am probably for nefarious and or evil purposings."
Ug shakes Twilight
"You is am needing to get the Elements of Deus Ex Machina and Harmony togethers again!……………or……wait…….You is am still having those right?"
Ug checks his watch.

"Also Ug would am asking to trouble White Dress Pony for am spell to be fixing Ug's ruined new suit and pretty griffon girlfriend's dress as well if she am can managing it. Ug is am important to be looking snazzy in this era."
Shiny Rock tries to find an alternative way to open the door. Also keep listening in on conversation

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


You continue to hold up your scent, the search for your cousin put on hold as you make a break for the sweet smells of whatever comes from the kitchen. Looking underneath the stove you see a large, berry-filled pie warming up as hay-steaks simmer on the stove. Hematitus finally takes notice as you near his mark, smiling a bit more sincerely. "Hey, friend, you want the crystal berry cobbler's first slice? I'm sorry but I already called dibs on that."

He points to the back room, "Your cousin is, uh, entertaining himself in the back room. He got really scared for you, Esmeralda managed to calm him down. Still, you might want him to know you're okay."

"Oh…" Fluttershy says in a low voice, looking around the various dresses and accessories. "I, guess he has a lot of, um, 'affluence' then." She takes out a few more dresses carefully in a half-hearted search so as not to make a mess, then turns to look at Fang's dragon wings as she shutters.

"I… I'm sorry, I don't mean to stare. I have a bit of a, well, a ph-phobia of dragons, you see. They're very pretty it's just… hard, is all."

Hematitus nods, "It was tight getting through the entrances Princess Celestia set up and with those lunatics jumping at us in the crowd, but," Hematitus grins, "Well, I was able to protect my family."

"Brain Freeze too." Esmeralda sighs, "Bucked one of those maniacs so hard the poor thing hit the ceiling. Dear has been stressed since he came here, I think my talk with him went well though. And yes, as you can see, we made it back safe and sound, thank goodness. Nothing happened once we were safely out. What about you?"

"On that," Hematitus holds up a hoof, "I have to say, your sense of direction is impeccable. I was with my wife every second after you rescued me and we invited you to dinner but," he scratches his head, staring, "I don't remember telling you where we lived…"

"Hematitus…" she says to him, voice low.

>"Get inside." Steel whispers, closing the door behind you without another word.


Cadence sighs as he leaves the cart, watching you approach the modest little rock house. Just outside, you also see Steel, moments before the door closes and he stands in your path, blocking the knocking and looking down from in front of it.

"Evening. Something you need, Emperor?" the metallic mouth asks.

He rolls his eyes, "Great, a floating toy. That's all we need, isn't it?"

Honey's repairs on Crumple go slowly, the damages not coming together easily as the unibeam makes continued work through the door. An opening begins to be made as the rumblings get more intense. Merc starts dancing as the ground gets rough to stand on, "Hey, watch out!"

>A large serpentine stone head juts out of the ground just underneath grumple, roll to dodge (instant)

"Dinosaurs?" Twilight chuckles, "I'm, I'm sorry but dinosaurs couldn't have…"
"Twi." Pinkie gives a chuckle, "You're really arguing when dinosaurs lived with a CAVEPONY?"
"Pinkie, I told you, your picture books are wrong! No fossil evidence shows…"
"Ah yeah! The Pie called it! Dinosaurs and caveponies, uh huh!" She does a little dance as Twilight turns to your latest accusation.

"Wait, what? You found the Breezie nappers! We tried for days but had to leave it to Seabreeze and Fluttershy when the return party came up. Are you absolutely sure? We don't have the elements any more but we've something even stronger. Our Friendship!" She opens up her wings wide in a showy display, Rarity jutting aside as she looks at the torn and ruined pieces of Ug's suit.

"Oh my word! Well of course I can! Oh, this is just awful, I couldn't even speak at first the tragedy of seeing such a lovely dress-suit in tatters. And your girlfriends dress!"

Giselle scoffs, "Oh, it is just a bit of dirt, it vill surely…"

"It vill come out this instance! Pinkie, give me my emergency pressing kit I gave you."

>Rarity pulls aside Giselle and you as Pinkie lifts a sewing machine and a collection of dress materials out of her poofy hair. As you do, Twilight asks

"We'll go to Ponyville and gather the rest of us, then we'll meet you there in Canterlot."


>Also, small correction to your posts:
>Esmeralda's house is not located near the spa, it's fairly distant but Cadence would still be aware of it and lead to it


>Shiny Rock gets in on the conversation, finding the door only opens on the whim of Obsidious' stone magic.

>Down below on the floor, a small orb of light comes out of Obsidious' horn and sparks in front of him. A crystalline image of a horse's outline appears before Obsidious, and a crumpled up, anonymous-hidden voice speaks

>"Obsidious. I assume you're calling about the operation?"

>"My brother is DEAD, Chitus. I demand an explanation."

>"He did not do as I instructed, and was foolishly cornered by your enemy. I did what I could, but you'll be happy to know he at least accomplished his mission objective."

>"The palace is gone?"

>"No, but it was accomplished all the same. I'm looking for any scrap of his body for your purposes but I'm having trouble locating it."

>can choose to automatically succeed on listening in with 4th eye


Onyxia steps a few steps in, looking back confused as Steel shuts the door.
She turns back to her mom.
"I'm glad you two and Brain Freeze are all alright. And I'm fine, just jostled around a bit from the crowd, but nothing to worry about."
She looks over to her father.
"Y-Yea, I saw which way you walked out, so I had a rough idea of where to go. Glad I was right with the first knock, heheh."
She laughs nervously.


Eo turns looking very seriously at Fluttershy, "Are your Cornia in accordance with regular Equine health? What of my wings causes your psych distress, Yellow Pegasi?" she says sounding almost scientific.


"I'm here for Onyxia, stand aside Black Knight."

Nero says somewhat loudly, in no kind of mood for detours.
>Not screaming, but loud enough to be heard inside.


Honey quickly does some quick control work before hoping off of Crumple and to the opening. She lets Crumple distract the serpent while she inserts the head of Gonzo's mace into the opening. She lets the mace grow back to normal size, then taps it to make the mace grow to its wrecking ball proportions.
>Making Gonzo's mace grow inside the opening and force the door open
>Recharge 4, Automatic Instant: The Mace can grow to the size of a wrecking ball with a tap

Meanwhile, the Crumple Cart's jets activate to jet it away from the serpent.
>P. Flight

Honey then reunites with the cart, having it launch flaming buns at the serpent head before ducking down to attempt to make repairs again.
>Masterwork Ranged Great (crit 9+) Spell Fire attack


>DC -1

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #3 8 = 8


Ug nods and looks at Celestia.
"Ug coming all this am way to speaking with you Sun Princess Pony. We is am having to need make more arrangements but it am going to wait until we is am dealing with King Pony's older nephew."
Ug turns to Giselle.
"Alright Singy Griffykins we is am being off. Ug knowing it am being crazy romantic first day in modern era and it will am be good to finally relaxing again once all over. For now we is getting ready to the fightings again! Am you not is excited?!"
>Ug flies back to Canterlot
Shiny Rock continues listening.


Hematitus raises a brow, "We must not have seen you as you came out behind us. Big crowd, I guess. Lot of houses in the direction we walked as well. Must be really lucky to have got us that time."

"Hematitus!" Esmeralda scrunches her muzzle, then sweetly turns back to you, "I'm sorry. We're, all just a little shooken up by what happened. We're glad to have you with us." The oven dings, and she moves towards the kitchen as Hematitus continues to just look at you, a slight twinge of concern in his eye.

"She's right. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh there. Just, trying to protect her is all." He chuckles, "She's, not exactly traveling alone."

At Nero's shout, Onyxia can recognize immediately but given Esmeralda's position in the kitchen she couldn't hear as clearly. "Hematitus, more guests? Please, let them in for me while I get the pie out? Extra big slice for you!"

Hematitus sighs, moving for the door. "Going to need more chairs at this rate. And maybe more tables."

>Can try to block him if you wish

The Black Steed stands his ground, "If you'll wait here, I can see if she's in a mood to speak to you. I can deliver a message, if you wish?"

He doesn't turn to look back at the door, but you see movement and talking coming from inside.

"Umm, my cornu what now?" She shakes her head, "It's just, I-I'm very very scared by big, scaly, scary dragon types like you… wait, I mean, no, I'm sorry that's mean, not like you! I just…" She looks around the room, pulling at a few dresses

"Ooooh, I'm so sorry, do you think you could try on some of these? I-It'd make me a little… well…" she blushes, "I'm sorry."

The Crumple cart takes off and avoids the stone serpent easily, but as it launches its bun cannons at it the snake extends off the ground and into the air, avoiding the attacks zipping around as it nails Crumple Cart through the mid section, heavily damaging it back down to 0/1 as its oil and condiments start leaking out. However, your timely repairs manage to move it back up to 5/1 at the same time as it stands ready to attack again.

Merc winces as he rolls out of the way, flexing his wings but aching, "Damnit, my wings are cracked, what do you want me to do Honey?"

>The wrecking ball after fitting in the hole begins expanding massively within its confines, cracking and breaking the crystal as it grows and making a large hole in it as the rocks shatter. The moment the Gonzo Mace is unplugged, it begins to grow back quickly, roll to enter (non instant)


Luke is caught drooling over the pie. He smiles sheepishly through Hermatitus's comments, nabbing a steak when Hermies is not looking.
[1d10] nab steak

>Still, you might want him to know you're okay."

"hehe, Thanks mister uh- Hermies. I'm gonna check on Braniac right now." Before leaving the kitchen to the backroom Luke places a tall can of Crystal Empire Rocky Mountains Brand beer from his bag, onto the table in front of Hermatitus as a thanks.

Luke ambles over to the back room, chewing on half of his steak, while popping open another can of rocky mountains beer with his horn.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Not alone?"
Onyxia questions, until she realizes what he meant.
[She's already… So, I'm there, a-and here at the same time? …I hope this doesn't cause any problems.]
"Oh, no I understand. After what happened I don't blame you or being protective."

As Onyxia hears Nero's voice, she angrily sighs. She steps forward quickly, putting a hoof on Hematitus' shoulder to stop him from opening the door.
"Could you, not let him in please? I recognize who it is, and I really don't want to see him right now."


Celestia nods happily, "Yes, Lavender told me to expect you! It's wonderful to see you again Sir Ug, I'm just so sorry it couldn't be under more peaceful circumstances. Such is fate, is it not?"

You notice on her back is Sir Sterling, who is covering up her cutie mark with her body as she lays on her rear. "Hello Sir Ug. I'm protecting my princess' integrity, Might I come along?"

Celestia chuckles, "It is good to catch up with you, Sir Sterling. But Luna will accompany them to Canterlot. I wish to stay here to help oversee things."

Luna grins, "Yes! Off to save Canterlot is their beloved princess of night! Sounds glorious!" She grabs Pinkie and Rarity onto her back and lifts off, beginning to fly up as she whistles for Twilight. The gushing pony takes out her wings and follows, Giselle sighing as she lifts you up from behind.

"Aye, I suppose I can forgive you Sugar-Tail, but I demand a show for me after this. Zat vas a huge crowd here in front of zat castle."

>Before departing, your clothes were stitched right up by Rarity, and the flight to Canterlot will get you there next turn…

>Shiny Rock post next

Hematitus is distracted with getting the door as you sneak away a steak from the grill… but its sizzling hot, you goof. Take 1 hit but hey got hay steak.

"No problem, Luke." he takes a look at your can, Esmeralda staring at it as she attends to the rest of the meal before turns back.

You head to the back room where you see Brain Freeze giddly rocking a cradle back and forth as he arranges a bunch of toys in a neat chest on the side wall. He grins, staring at you with happiness one cannot articulate. "LUKE!" He jumps over to hug you, crushing you, "Oh, Jean's okay too! I'm sorry Luke, I'm so sorry but she scratched me and I couldn't hold on but I did like you said and got away and buwwaaaaaah! I was so scared, cuz!" He bawls, holding you tightly, "I didn't want you to die yet, I really didn't…"


Honey looks at the hole she made, then back to Merc.
"Througha the hole! Quickly!" She yells at him, having Crumple fly her through the hole.
>Crumple and Honey entering

As Crumple flies, Honey goes to repair Crumple some more.
>DC -1 to repairs

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8


>Obsidious looks up at the door, cringing, "How did they find this place so quickly?! These tunnels are constantly shifting, they couldn't have…"

>"Do not underestimate them." The anonymous voices sternly reminds. "I've still many of his horns, but the next stage of the plan requires that machine to run. Is it operational?"

>"Yes, completely. Your designs were straightforward and… frankly, brilliant. I've the hole closing up now, and I even added one more Breezie to the store. I'll have it running by tomorrow morning."

>"Excellent. I'll have your brother… prepared, as well, by then. But, there is one other matter…"

>"Could it wait another time, Chitus?"

>"I don't wish it to. I don't deal well with those I can't trust."


"That is am excellent point Ug's Airborne Amore. Ug will am thinking about this more, maybe we can am hiring White Dress Pony and Pink Party Pony to be the helping of us. Ug will am be getting you bigger crowd than even King Pony!"
Shiny Rock tries to determine the purpose of the machine while continuing to listen.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Nero glares at Steel as He realizes whats going on. He steps back, crossing His arms.

"Onyxia! It is Emperor Nero, open the door!"

He shouts.


"Will adorning these garments quicken our search?" she asks still sounding very serious.


"Ssss ow, hot hot" Luke says to himself as he tries to ignore the delicious burn pains.

Before Luke can even say "hay Braniac" he is subdued by the weight of Brain Freeze's hug "its okay, its okay Brain. Your cousin Luke had everything under control" Luke spilled his beer which is now being lapped up by Jean.

Luke wriggles out of the hug and playfully nuggies Brain's head with his hoof.
"It's already past bed-time Brainiac, did you eat already? If not we can stop by somewhere later. I can't troubling these folks so much so we're gonna have to find another place to sleep. So c'mon up and at'em." He says trying to lift Brain's bulky self up on his hooves.


"Thanks. It's our very first and, I'm just excited. Scared, terrified," he grips the floor with his hoofs, digging in, "But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not going to let anything happen to them, no matter what."

He turns to look at Esmeralda, then whispers low, a serious look in his eye,
"Which, as a reminder, if there's anything I should know, please don't wait to tell me. Please."

Hematitus stops whispering and keeps moving to the door, "It's okay, head to the back room. I swear I won't tattle on you." He chuckles, "But it's rude to just close the door on ponies, Esmeralda taught me once. If it's somepony you don't want to see we've got sanctuary, I'll shoo him off then we'll get dinner underway."

Honey jumps at the hole, but moments before she makes it another stone serpent leaps from the stone and slaps Crumple before it can enter, the twin serpents arcing around the room as Crumple is taken down to 4/1. Your repairs move it back up to 5/2 but the stone snakes keep moving around. Merc shouts, "I'm on it!" As he leaps through the hole

"You know, darling, it's somewhat rude to refer to ponies by their name and occupation." Rarity points out as she flies on Luna's back
"I dunno, Pink Party Pony is pretty much my business card." She grabs one and hands it to her, who admires its penmanship. "See? Effective and quick, huh!?"
"…I didn't know you had such good cursive."

Giselle chuckles as she watches their antics. "They are adorable! Can ve keep zem like ze others? Ve seem to be having quite a growing collection of ponies vith us. Metal ponies, striped ponies, bats, ze list goes on."

You arrive in Canterlot in the dead of night, a manor that is attached to the mountainside. Luna lands in front of it and the whole party hears sounds of rummaging happening inside.

Fluttershy blushes, "Well, I would be searching much more quickly if that's what you mean…" she takes a red floral pattern dress, "H-here, maybe this one?"

As you shout out loud, you see Steel just about to lean forward on his lance as the door unlocks, the giant armor settling down and looking at the ground.

"What?! The Emperor?!" Hematitus quickly unlocks the door, opening it wide despite Onyxia's behest as he moves Steel aside, then kneels.

"Emperor Nero! It is such an honor, we weren't expecting… I mean, come in, please. Honey, you won't believe this!"

Steel can only stare at Onyxia with, what she can surmise, disappointment through his visor.

Brain Freeze sniffs and gets up to his hooves, rubbing his eyes as he looks at his brother, "Bu-but what about dinner? I-I said we'd love to stay for food, cuz." He looks at Jean lapping up the alcohol, then shoos Jean away. "No, wait, Jean don't! That's bad for kitties and ponies, you'll hurt yourself." He stares back up at Luke and asks,

"Can we just stay for a tiny bit? This place is so cool, those two nice crystal ponies are having a baby!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Merc slams into a part of the door as it closes up, "DAMMNIT!"

>not closed yet but it will be in one more turn

The purpose of the machine is a shield generator. The Breezies have a powerful protective magic that is normally only used on their pollen with the aid of a stiff breeze, but this machine's goal is to turn that power into a magical force field so powerful it shames even the princess' might with this many in tow…

>"I saw what Torbernitu tried to do."

>Obsidious scoffs. "I have no idea what you're talking ab…"

>"I SAW one of his minions go for her. Do not try and pretend he took that idea up on his own. You were hoping to gain a card against me?"

>"…this is why he died, isn't it?"

>"Do not be foolish, Obsidious. I hardly take business matters so personally. He died of his own mistakes and ones that we can correct, but if you are going to take the Empire with my aid, I demand total trust between us. You do not go for my love again. Understood?"


"Should know? What do you mean?"
She asks with genuine confusion, not really sure what he's asking for.

"Oh, thank you, but I don't think it'll help…"

Onyxia trails off as the second shout echos and the door opens, scowling at Nero.
"What are you doing here."
She says bitterly, not kneeling or doing any of that nonsense.


"If this will hasten our search as you say than i'll wear it." she says before reluctantly attempting and failing to but the dress on.


Nero nods to the pony he saw earlier at the temple as he bows.

"I am afraid I cannot stay for long. I am merely here seeking Onyxia's aid in something of great importance."
"Seizing ten minutes of your evening. I have need of your abilities at the Palace."

Nero says calmly.


"And why should I help you?"
Onyxia says dismissively.


"Dammit is right." Honey says, looking around. She grits her teeth, which turns into a grin.
"Merc, holda still!" She fires her shrink ray and shrinks Merc down to her size, helping him up onto Crumple.

"Youa two, Shiny. Thisa time, I'ma helping youa out!" She also takes a moment to shrink Shiny Rock and drags him onto the cart.

"Let's go!"
She points her raygun at Crumple, firing The Honey Special at Crumple.
>instant automatic, next action is automatic

"Alrighta Crumple! Let's-"
She guns it on Crumple, jets roaring to life as they fly at the door.
>Crumple carrying Honey, Merc, and Shiny Rock through the opening


>slightly shorter posts for these for speedier convos
Fluttershy mumbles at the difficulty, then carefully tip toes forward as she grabs part of the dress in her hooves, scared by the draconic appearance but wishing to help. "I.. here, let me help you Miss Fang." She pulls the dress over her head, stretching it down to flank over her legs and tail with a few slots made for pegasi wings allowing Fang's to slip through. She sighs, "There, that's a little better, d-don't you think?"

It is a pretty red floral pattern dress, matching with your scales in the mirror. Long sleeved with hems that stretch off near the bottom.

With Esmeralda out of ear shot, he whispers, "I just notice patterns. A random spa-patron runs out wet as a fish to save my life without knowing who we are, then a gigantic stallion comes out of thin air to save us from falling debris that is now with you, and you find our house on just one try without us giving you any hint as to where it is? Add all that up with that bas…" He closes his muzzle, then nods, "Just, if there's anything you want to tell me, please, I won't react poorly. I just… want to protect my wife and child. That's all."

He looks between you and Nero, "You know each other…?"

Esmeralda jumps as she turns around at their new guest. "E-Emperor!" She leaves the hay steaks and pie as she matches her husbands' bow, "All the same, it is such a pleasure to meet you three times in one day! Your speech and ceremony were wonderful… well, up until… you know. I hope everything is alright. Are you sure you do not have time to stay for dinner? We have extra chairs, you see."


Nero looks to the bowing changling, then to Onyxia.

"Do not make Me resort to threats Onyxia. Somepony is trapped in the Tower, and we cannot free her without your ability. I have left you to your own the entire evening, I do not think it is beyond reason to ask for ten minutes of your time."


"Wow, seriously they're having a little tyke of their own. Esmeralda doesn't even look like she's gotten big yet. Weeell if you already asked then we can stay for dinner."

>"Onyxia! It is Emperor Nero, open the door!"

Luke over hears that familiar loud voice.

Luke runs over to the other side of the house to greet Nero "Yo, Dresses what are you doin here so late. Don't tell me you're lookin for a place to stay too."


"Ug would be am keeping them but they might be am copyrighted by Hasbr-…..Ug mean they am very busy ponies but Ug will am try!"
When Ug lands he slowly walks up to the Manor.
"They am in deep chamber underneath big mansion. The entrance is am being over here!" Ug leads them to the rock wall Honey shot up. "It big cave network underground, hard to be am navigating but Ug know way!"
What's going on inside?
>still listening
>looking for weakpoints in the machine.
The shrunken Shiny Rock floats over and plays a hologram schematic of the machine paying special care to display the purpose of the machine..

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


Eo looks at itself in the mirror, raising, and lowering a hoof briefly before turning to Fluttershy. Her Expression turns from blank a huge toothy smile as she suddenly reaches out her strong forelimbs, and grapples Fluttershy in a crushing hug, "Thank you Yellow Pegasi, maybe i wont actually eat you in this time." she says rather casually still squeezing the life out of her.


Honey looks at the hologram, looking at it from many angles.
"Whata the fuck do alla these…squiggly things meana?" She says, motioning to the Equish used to label and describe things.
"Still, I'vea blown up enough generators toa know what one looksa like."
She gives a hum in thought.
"Looksa like explosives are out, consideringa what isa feeding this…I'ma assumming Force Field fora Pussies?"


"Those a-are just all coincidences, n-nothing to woory about."
Onyxia says as Hematitus mentions the patterns of her and Steel helping, trying to downplay it and dissuade him from worrying.

"And yes, we do know each other… unfortunately."

Onyxia glares at him, the talk of a threat angering her.
"…I'll help the trapped pony, not you. And that's it, after they're free I'm leaving."


Merc is shrunken down by the ray as the snakes leap and miss the shrunken Crumple Cart, Merc shouting his curses all the while as you zip through the shrinking hole but missing it through their rocky teeth. The hole almost closes up right behind her as she appears on the top layer, still shrunken. A series of mechanical tubings go throughout a deep, multi-leveled chamber with frozen Breezies in crystals everywhere.

Brain nods, "I think it's really cute, they're making all this stuff by hoof! I asked if I could help arrange her toy chest and Esmeralda said that would be okay and she'd give me dinner to pay me! She also made me feel a lot better when she… talked…" he looks away from the door, "Uh, yeah, dinner will be really fun, cuz! I love hay steak, it's so good."

As you make for the door, Hematitus and Esmeralda turn to stair at you as well. "Huh? Who's 'dresses'?"

Brain pulls on your tail, "Luke! That's the big fancy king guy, shouldn't we bow or something?" He hides behind you, his large frame barely covered.

As you navigate into the manor, you see a surprising sight: Rainbow Dash, Screech, and Spike are also gathered here, turning the house in to a disaster area as the pegasi and dragon run to Twilight as she enters.

"Rainbow! What on earth are you doing here?"

"We were helping a friend find something down in Ponyville and we think Obsidious, that weird uptight guy running the Cavepony exhibit? We think he stole it. We're just doing a little…"

"Breaking and entering?" Rarity asks,

"Eh, I call it 'detectiving'. Sounds cooler, more 'super-heroey'."

As you bring them to the room where Honey smashed the wall down, the mountain wall is completely covered up, no hole in sight as you listen in on what could be happening.
>You can't see much but you know Shiny, Honey, and Merc are close to the Breezies. Boo and Z are lost in the tunnels as well.

Shiny Rock can find no immediate flaws in its design. Obsidious hasn't taken note of the shrunken party yet.


"Tor son of Sombra is dead, and I have killed him. The palace and the city are safe. But I have no interest in staying for dinner, I still have many things to do before the night is over. Enjoy your evening."

Nero says nodding to Esmerelda and Hematitus.
"I myself have said as much. Come with Me."

Nero says leading Onyxia to the chariot and returning to the Throne Room's Hidden Chamber.


Come with Ug Blue Fast Pony, Bat Pony, and Purple Dragon! We is am going to rescuing breezies!"
Ug runs smack into the wall and staggers back with birds chirping around his head.
"That wasn't am there when Shiny Rock coming through here. You is am being careful Princess Ponies. King Pony's nephew is am master of manipulating stone! He is am constructing big bad breezie magic harnessing machine in order to shielding himself from you magics. We am needing to get through this wall or finding other way down below!"
Ug looks for an alternate route.
Shiny Rock keeps searching for weak points.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


Upon entering, Honey looks around at all the frozen breezies, her face showing something not seen on the little breezie: shock and horror.
"Shiny…tella me…."
She looks up at the metal sphere with a growing anger that seems to become more and more intense.
"Tella me how to FREE THEM!" Her rage visible, her wings and antennae glow slightly to heal Crumple up some more.
>repairs, DC -1

Roll #1 7 = 7


Onyxia looks back to her parents.
"I'l be back shortly, don't wait up on me. Enjoy your dinner while its still warm."
Onyxia walks out, stopping as she passes Steel.
("Stay here with them, I'l be back before you know it after I help this trapped pony.")
She whispers, then continues to the chariot.


Fluttershy's pupils turn white as you show the big crushing smile, but she does not escape the hug as you grip her in your vice grip of hooves, her stuttering getting much worse as you mention eating her (and a taste as sweet as honey appears on your tongue as you embrace her)

"N-n-no pr-pr-problem, Fang… I'm happy to help." She gulps, lightly embracing you back while shaking, "Can you stop… uhh, sm-smiling, please?"

>You begin to hear a new collection of voices downstairs you haven't heard before

Hematitus nods, "I'm sure they are. Just, if any thing comes to mind, I'd appreciate it Onyxia."

Esmeralda puts a hoof to her mouth as your talk goes so aggressively with Nero, but does not chide or judge as she nods her head. "We need to have the steaks cool a bit, we'll make sure the hay is still juicy when you come back, Onyxia."

Hematitus nods his head, "Of course. Come on back afterwards."

Esmeralda nods her head down, "I'm sorry to hear it had to come to that. I'm sure there was every chance made for him to go peacefully, but we all thank you so much for protecting us, Emperor. That the palace and the Heart still stands is much a joy for my family and I. Please, stop by any time, we have a wonderful spa here that I think you'll love."

Hematitus chuckles, "And you should reconsider the cobbler, too, sir. Thousand year old recipe."

Leaving short time for formalities, the two see you off to Cadence's chariot where she await, bowing again to Onyxia as the chariot makes off for the palace and the throne room.

"Onyxia, it's good to see you again. I'm sorry for the sudden interruption, but something important we feel you are best suited for has come up. We found a pony trapped in… well, it's probably simpler to show you, Onyxia."

Leaving the chariot for the throne room of the Crystal Palace, Shining Armor's guard stands aside to let you both in, where in you see a beautiful crystal mare of gray coat and silvery hair completely sealed off in a giant red crystal in a secret chamber located behind the throne.

"Nero said you could handle something like this?"


Luke lets out a laugh, patting Brain on the head condescendingly and answering both of their questions "Haha.. Oh Brainiac, nah don't worry. It's just my long time annoying buddy Nero. You don't have'ta bow."

>Somepony is trapped in the Tower
"whoooa, sounds heavy"

"Hay! Where you guys goin!?" Luke fumbles over as he trots out the door after them and their chariot "I wanna come too! I'm not good at wholesome dinner conersation!"

"Brainiac, stay here I'll be back." Luke says as he leave after Onyxia and Nero. Jean is seen running up to Luke and jumping into his bag.


Fang releases Flutter keeping her smile up as she speaks, "Ginger is a pony, ponies are happy, so Ginger is smiling." her smile broadens as she creeps back down the stairs to investigate.


Steel bows his head.
>"I'm sorry." And stands guard outside the door as your parents turn to their meals.

Brain gasps, "Cuz! You know the big shiny important pony? You didn't tell me that, I liked his big speech at the party. It was like out of those movies about the ring, it was so neat!"

As you head out to join the chariot, Esmeralda and Hematitus look to each other as they're confused by all of their dinner guests running out at once with the Emperor, just barely shouting that they'll keep your food warm as you go.

The princess in the chariot with Onyxia and Nero, Cadence, turns back in shock as you begin to run along. She shouts out, "I-I'm sorry! It's a two pony chariot and we're pushing space! One moment…" as the chariot races along, she uses her magic to lift you up off the ground, carrying you with it as the chariot pulls her along to save your legs the trouble

>Forwarding to the scene above with the crystal and the mare trapped within

>Crumple is thrown up to 5/3

Merc stares around at the breezies, his eyes narrowing in his shrunken body. "I… I… recognize them." His body shakes. "I know them. Oh Luna above, I'm gonna be…"

Luna scowls as Rainbow stares in confusion. "Uh… who's the circus pony?"

Giselle smacks the back of Rainbow's head and curtly turns up her beak in a snobbish manner, but Twilight quickly interjects before any violence among the group can break out. Ug searches for an alternate route… of which there is none. These tunnels have been manipulated by stone to be completely closed off by a long wall of stone. More stone magic or straight up explosive force will be necessary, or teleportation (but that requires very precise idea of where you are going, otherwise you could end up in the stone).

Shiny Rock spots that the turbine, the large fan in the center, is the most vulnerable entry to the core but its vents are small, even smaller than shrunken Crumple or Honey. What's more, it's made of a very durable metal known as Mithril, like much of the machine.

>Okay, now everyone's caught up on number of posts. All the next posts will be at once again


"Well, I can't just stand by if somepony is trapped."
She says to Cadence as she sits as far from Nero as she can.

As she's shown the crystal prison, she looks over at Nero, angrily whispering.
("You made it sound like somepony was trapped from the tower falling apart, not some statue!")

"…I'll try, I haven't had much luck with crystal though."
She responds to Cadence as she steps up to the crystal, placing her hooves on it. Her black crystal spreads over the red one, up the middle in a thin line before coalescing around the rest of it. The red crystal splits open along the original line, spreading apart to free the trapped one inside (hopefully).
>Transmute [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


>ONe more correction: that crystal the mare is trapped in is silver, not red.


Nero stands back, looking up at the Crystal as Onyxia's crystal spreads over it.

He does not answer her, His attention fixated on the large silver gem


"We can't am exploding wall, or breaking through it. Purple Princess Pony, you am using your magics to teleporting us to the other side of this wall! Ug calculating that there am empty space on other side of wall so you am having to be precise. Ug thinking it am being more than meter thick rock wall.
Ug tries to fine tine the precise location of the void on the other side to guide Twilight's teleport.
Shiny Rock highlights the vulnerable parts of the machine for Honey.
>Heal on Crumple

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"Free them…." She says, her voice seething with can only be anger.
Her glowing intensifies, affecting Crumple even more.
>Upgrading Wrath to use Fire elementalist effects

Roll #1 1 = 1


She has Crumple move forward to investigate the place further before she does anything…drastic.


Luke enjoys the ride to the palace, hovering in Candence's magic "Hay thanks toots." He pops open another beer and relaxes.

Entering the castle Luke makes sure to give shining armor a "Whats up" not sure if he remember's Luke. He continues alongside his friends, while sipping his beer.

When they get to working on the crystal prison Luke announces "Hay!! If Onyx can't crack'er open I call dibs on next try." He holds out his rifle, swinging the barrel around.
Luke points to the obscure black crystals your producing "err.. Could you always do that? You're not a terrorist right?"

Luke stands by you drinking his beer "So.. Who's the broad in the crystal?"


"What? I'm not a terrorist… And I've only been able to do this since a short while ago."


The black crystal of your hooves spread along the surface of the silver prison, the massive gem losing its silver sheen to dark before it is manipulated down the center, no cracking sound adjoining the split of the gem as it peels apart like a flower, the purple robed figure inside gently falling forward to the ground below before Cadence catches her in telekinesis to lower her safely to the floor, the silver-maned mare unmoving. Cadence looks to Shining Armor, "Quickly, we need medical ponies in here."

Fluttershy gasps for breath as she's released, trotting slowly behind Fang as she makes downstairs. "Oh, um, that's… nice."

Upon getting on to the floor, you see a collection of many other ponies gathered. Ug is checking a large section of the stone wall along with his griffon lady, and with them have come the pink pony who spoke to you at the fair, a tall alicorn dark as night, a white unicorn with a stylish purple mane, and Twilight Sparkle herself, who looks up at Fluttershy in suprise. "Fluttershy is here too? Don't tell me Applejack came along as well."

"N-no, I mean, we last heard she came here too but we didn't find anything but the door knocked down."

Twilight looks up at you, tilting her head, your draconic body and dress unfamiliar "I'm sorry, I don't think we've met. Twilight Sparkle, and you are?"

"That's Fang," Rainbow mentions, Screech gulping audibly as he awaits the inevitable of Twilight's eyes dilating.

"F… Fa…you, aren't, EO-NAXX Fang, are you?"

You transfer extremely precise information to Twilight Sparkle, your mind shared with hers as her eyes dilate and blink white light, the positions inside the tunnels made known.

"I… Oh my goodness, I see! I see it all! Okay, I'm ready, just say the word and we're in Corn… Ug."

No you can't redo it, just making sure everyone is ready to go


The crumple cart heals for nothing (and giving you bits of the conversation since I forgot last time)

>"…certainly you underestimate Tor. I gave him no such orders to attack her."

>"I'm sure. Regardless, it hardly matters. He served his duty well, 'she' is safe, and given your abilities, it is sufficient to say we'll see him again soon."

>"The horn I have will suffice but should it fail I'll need more. In the meantime, the machine will be operational tomorrow morning. We'll meet our deadline."

>"We must. This incident has moved it up by a day. Be wary, Obsidious, and don't underestimate your opponents as Torbernitu did. The Book of Eon has promised you the Empire, so long as I obtain the Heart."

Cadence pops an eyebrow, almost dropping the field of magic roughly as she comments, "Toots?"

She keeps a wary eye on Luke as they enter, Shining Armor's eyes bolting open and giving a hard glare as he remembers the stallion that peeped on his little sister. "Warm."

As you pull out the gun to fire, he quickly puts a hoof on it as Onyxia cracks it open herself, slowly shaking his head in a 'no'. Cadence coughs, and says, "We appreciate the gesture, Luke, but we think its a mite too dangerous."


As you try to upgrade Crumple's power through your rage, it intensifies in a fiery aura of anger that explodes (literally) as she lights her own breezie body on fire. Merc gasps as he fans out the flames with his hooves, putting them out but dropping Honey to 0/3 extra crispy.

"What the hell, you have to relax! He's going to find out we're here!"

Crumple likewise tries to make a move to learn more about the machine, getting a better view of the three levels going down and the various breezie-crystals trapped. He also sees Obsidious speaking with a large, floating orb of light at the bottom closest to the machine, but he turns up in your direction at the sound of Honey's crit fail
>roll stealth, not instant


Onyxia steps back from the crystal as the mare falls out.
"Is she alright?"
She asks with concern.


Nero takes the mare in His hooves as Cadence lowers her, sliding to the floor as her head rests in His elbow.

He sets His head to her chest, frantically checking for a heartbeat.


Honey grits her teeth, the flames only serving to keep her nice and enraged as she gets back up.
>assuming defaulting since no combat

Honey grabs Crumple's controls, moving it back and away.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Now I never had a talk with a terrorist. but that sounds like something a terrorist would. I should know, I watch a lot of dateline. I know Crumps is secretly a talking roach trapped in a robot's body, or -uh was trapped. I think I missed it when he came out to everyone. Point is I've come to terms with his degeneracy as an inferior vermin race. And have no qualms with him because I can tell me and him share some hard Equestrian values. But I don't know 'bout you Nyxi, you're kinda sketchy sometimes. Seems like you always got something to hide. So be straight with me sister, are you apart of the communist changeling regime of terrorist roaches." Luke rants on about his racist sentiments as he sway his beer back and forth. Talking the whole thing down like you were sharing a brew by the alley.


"Alright that's cool, I get that. I'm just glad to be doing something on a friday night." Lukewarm says taking no offense whatsoever.


Luke lets out a catcall whistle as your lady is lowered unto you "Smokin moons, she's hot." Luke says, likely again ignored a response

"Hay Nero whats up, stop ignoring me like that. I'm asking the real questions here"
"Hay c'mon whats her name?"
"You know her?"
Luke prods at you for answers.


Onyxia takes a step back, a bit shocked at the little rant.
"N-No, I'm not a terrorist, o-or any of that stuff. Why would you even think that?"


Nero growls.

"Armor, get him out of here!"


Fang trots down the stairs, giving a creepy smile she holds out her staff, and presses one of the sides of one of the tips against the baffled twilight's shoulder, "Just Fang, i know of your Twilight, another time, another place."


File: 1428733296820.png (223.21 KB, 500x375, Luke'sspiritanimal.png) ImgOps Google

"Hay, I'm just connecting the dots. Doesn't help that you give me so little points"

"Ah c'mon Dresses! Don't be like that."


Ug waits to be teleported.

Shiny Rock heals Crumple [1d10+1]

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


ignore +1


sounds like something a terrorist would say


"I'm not sure… we only just found this chamber thanks to Sir Ug, today. If she were from Sombra's reign, she could have been in here for centuries." She steps forth but lets Nero go ahead.

"I do not even known who she is."

You press your ear close to her chest, and are first met with the terrifying void of silence.

But before long you find what you seek, and a steady beat arises, along with slow but audible breathing.

The body starts to shift, and her head turns from the side in your direction, a pair of purple eyes staring at you through narrow slits.

"…have I… awoken? Or is this only a pleasant dream again?" Her eyes begin to well with tears, her breathing now scattered as she moves her hooves to touch you, "Oh gods, let this be real… tell me you are here…"

Cadence sighs, "Thank you. You're, not quite what I was expecting. I was told of you by Celestia as well as the other heroes of the Griffon Wars, but I have to admit even with a title like 'the spirited' you're a tad more enthused than I thought."

Shining Armor grunts and prods your shoulder as he witnesses the touching scene.

"Luke… shut it, man."

He salutes, "Yes, Emperor." He picks up Luke in a magical telekineis, carrying you out unless you want to try and fight it and lets you down outside of the chamber, out of earshot.

"Okay, listen, I feel I'm missing something from Cadence about you being a hero, but even you have to know that wasn't tasteful in the slightest, right?"

She winces as the staff goes out and touches her, still seemingly shocked as she watches the staff in a gasp.

"This is… this is the Ginger Blossom isn't it?" She scrunches her muzzle, trying to contain her excitement, "OOOOH I can't help it! You're the mad mage Eo-Naxx Fang! I read so many books about your exile from… oh," She coughs, "Uh, Celestia told me the history books were a little harsh in that regard. Sorry, I'm just… time travelers! Historical figures, I've been SO ready for this…"

"Um, hi, earth to Twilight?" Pinkie pokes her eyes, "Are we going to go save the day or not?"

Oh, right, right. She turns to Eo-Naxx, "We're sorry to cut this short, Fang, but we came here seeking out a dangerous pony called the Son of Sombra… and, I'm starting to fear he's one we've had under neath our muzzles all this time. Ug has given us a way inside, will you come with us?"

As Twilight nerdgasms about yet another historical figure, Screech pulls you aside from the others as they prepare to jump in, "Ug, listen, man, thank the freaking gods you're here, she's INSANE man, she's freaking me out, everything that staff touches just… changes, boss!"
>Warping this next turn

Crumple manages to be healed by Shiny Rock's power up to full 5/5, Merc looking over the edge as Crumple gets in closer with no worry of Obsidious catching him yet. The other voice disappears, and Obsidious goes back to a workbench with the green horn and starts casting some sort of magic on it with various stones moving about and connecting with it, humming lightly to himself.

"Okay, we have the jump on him… I still say we need help, but if we can break out the Breezies, think a few hundred of them can take this guy?"

>Crumple is now on the 2nd level of three, with the others being at the top


"I don'ta want him taken. Ia want him fucking deada now," Honey grumbles quietly, trying to once again improve Crumple now that's she's calmed down.
>Magi/tech Fire element onto Wrath

Roll #1 3 = 3


"This conforms to my interests," she eye's twilight as she mentioned her 'title' "I'am not mad, i'am quite calm as you can see Purple Princess." she retracts her staff breaking contact, as she returns it to it's upright position in her currently invisible TK arm.


The Emperor sighs with relief, holding her in His lap as her heart starts to beat. He moves a bit of her mane out of her face.

"I'm here. Oh praise all my fellow gods you're safe. With all that has been happening I have not even had time to worry Beloved. You are in the Crystal City, and Sombra is in chains. Much has happened, too much almost even for Me to bear. I am just so glad you are okay."

Nero exhales again heavily, closing red eyes of joyful tears.



"Oh hellos there Sorceress Pony…..wait! Ug am having idea. Can you am using you ams staff to be blowings up this wall so Purple Princess Pony am not is having to attemptings the dangerous teleportations?"
Shiny Rock makes sure to mark out the crystals the breezies are inside with breezie symbols and warning signs not to damage them.

>Looking for the source of the other voice BACKWARDS IN TIME!!!!


Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Hmm…I'ma not liking the machinea though. Listen, youa start getting the breezies offa those tubes ora whatever. Do nota break them out. I'ma sure this sick son of a bitch planneda for that."
She has Crumple move.
"He'sa doing something, and I'ma be onea big annoying progress stopper."
She maneuvers Crumple away from Merc so to not blow his cover, then heads towards Obsidious. She doesn't say anything, but has Crumple adjust a condiment nozzle and fire a black substance to block out the light around him.
>+1 from MagiTech
>one time +1 from crit bonus a few sessions ago upon repair

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Perhaps though i suspect the Purple Princess is capable of the transportation, we've meat to spare in case of the unfortunate… miss calculation."


"You am making excellent point Crazy Sorceress Pony, will you am be volunteering or should Ug am be going first?"


"Could being trapped that long be possible?"
Onyxia questions. She looks over the scene, feeling glad as she sees that the pony is alright, but seeing Nero's extra care and affection towards her, she realizes the pony must be one of the family members he was looking for.

She makes her way out quietly, leaving the chamber as she makes her way out of the castle and back towards her parent's home. On the inside however, she fumes. Nero comes hunting her down, talking of threats for her help to save his family? If he'll act like that about his own, she'll just treat him the same when it comes to hers then.


>'the spirited' you're a tad more enthused than I thought."
"The spirited? You sure they didn't say spirits, thats kind of the only thing I bring shindigs."

>"Luke… shut it, man."

"Shining could you pipe down. I'm trying to talk to Nero over here."

Once Shining is ordered to throw Luke out he exacerbates his comments as hes being shown the door.
"H-hay! put me down!"
"Hay listen to me, I'm talking to you Nero."
"Fine be like that! You're just making yourself look immature"
"You can't solve all your problems by ignoring them!"

>"Okay, listen, I feel I'm missing something from Cadence about you being a hero, but even you have to know that wasn't tasteful in the slightest, right?"
"Bah! Nero's just dramatic" He takes a dring from his can, crushing the empty beer and shooting it into a nearby trashcan like a basketball. "Is that seriously Princess Cadence? I never saw her out of thet t.v. Hardly recognized her."


"Our chances of success are doubled should we work in unison Old pony."


"Well then we am not needing to be worrying! Ug am never steering us wrong yet right?"


forgot to roll for sweet basketball skills [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Swing your stick Old Earth Pony. I shall follow through."


She begins to choke on tears, barely maintaining composure before reaching up her hooves to allow a long embrace tucking her head in close to your chest, lightly sobbing,

"I knew you would find me again. Every part of my soul had faith in you, Beloved." She takes in a deep breath, "I can not even express my happiness, I… Oh, Nero…" She stops her speech partway, seeking comfort through the ordeal as she calms her breathing in the embrace.

"…is Nau here as well? Mother? Gidri?"

"I… can see that?" Twilight asks more than answers, as Fluttershy (not that Fang catches her) gives her head a steady shake back and forth as Twilight chuckles. "Well, if that's the case then…"

"Enough with the delays!" Giselle and Luna both cry out at once, surprising each other as they look to Twilight in anticipation.

"Right, sorry, sorry! We've got more than enough ponies to take on anyone, Son of Sombra or no. Hang on."

>Dangerous teleportations

"Don't worry, Ug, I have a perfect idea of where to go!" Her horn envelops everyone in a bright purple light.

"Hey. He's not dying until he explains how I know each and every one of these faces in here to me." He pauses, "THEN we can skin him."

Your attempt to improve Crumple creates some sparks again, but they do not draw attention nor do they successfully improve the cart however. "Okay, I'll start moving to each of the tubes and start unhooking the Breezies. Just… be careful, alright? He kicked our asses once and we're still on his turf." He moves off, making his way to the breezies on the current level as Crumple sprays jet black ink over the unicorn, a suddenly roar of anger emanating. As he turns about

"I knew it! I knew the stone serpents subsiding were too good to be true. Where are you? Make this quick and end your pitiful existence." He does not leave the field of darkness though you can sense he's moving about

Cadence nods, "Anything is possible, I imagine… Sombra was a deprived, but admittedly brilliant soul." She notes as Onyxia begins marching away from the scene, Cadence decides to follow and leave the two their space.

"Onyxia, thank you again for assisting us. We are sorry for interrupting your plans, let me give you a ride back in the chariot to Esmeralda's home. I'm certain she wanted to thank you very much for saving her husband." She puts her ears down, "But, I couldn't help but notice the tension this evening. If it is none of my business, I understand. But is there anything I can do as his new Vizier, and your Princess, to help you?"

The empty beer can misses its mark, and Shining Armor groans, "Yeah, it is. And don't change the subject buddy. I don't know what you saw but I saw what looked like a happy reunion you just had to go and try to ruin. Put yourself in your shoes, how would you feel if you ran into someone you loved and suddenly some jackass makes a mockery of it, Luke?"

Cadence coughs as she exits with Onyxia, "Um, Sir Luke? I'm offering Onyxia a ride back. Would you care to join her or did you wish to stay?"

Roll #1 8 - 2 = 6



Roll #1 3 = 3


Luke catches you before leaving completely "Hay Onyxia, you leaving already? What happened?"


All of a sudden, Fang and Ug find themselves in a long, crystal filled tunnel. Twilight smugly grins as she looks around, only seeing Fluttershy present as she shakes in the cramped space of the tunnel. Twilight's jaw opens a little.

"Oh…oh… u-u-oh."


>Would you care to join her or did you wish to stay?"
"Just one second Princess" Luke holds his hoof out to gesture them to wait

Luke turns back to Shining Armor "Reunion, love? Just who is that mare. And why does everypony keep treating Nero like he's freakin royalty. He's just an obnoxious exchange student with flashy clothes that rants about how great his heritage is. The guy comes off as obnoxious, self-absorbed and over dramatic most of the time and is really just concerned with helping himself. Even Onyxia will agree wtih me on that one. huh." he gestures to >>622905
Onyxia to back him up


Fang looks around, noting the present ponies. "I see the important meat was transported safely. Well done Purple Princess." spreading her wings she gives a powerful compact flap to spring herself farther up the tunnel, remaining in flight she starts flying down the halls oblivious of the others trotting pace.
(Flying through the tunnels)

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Fucka yourself!" Honey yells, having Crumple fly in the air as she points her ray gun and fires the blue rings of the shrink ray into the darkness field.
>Shrinking Obsidious

"You havea better chance of suckinga dick like thea gay fuckboy youa are!"
She has Crumple move as to make it harder for him to pin point where she's firing from. The carrot steamers open up, hissing ominously.
"Crumple Missiles!"
>Masterwork Spell Great Dual Fire Cleave on Obsidious and the turbine
>Talent: Crit fail -1, crit fails on 1-

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #3 10 + 2 = 12


>Shiny Rock
>The other voice you detect is coming from a changeling, a powerful one known as Chitus. he is currently responding from the Crystal Empire, but you cannot figure out who he is disguised as there, if he is.



Ug stomps his hoof. "UG KNEW HE SHOULD AM HAVING CARRIED THE DECIMAL!" Ug looks to Fang and Twilight.
"Well we am can try to teleport the rest over here or if that am not beings possible we can try and blast hole through wall again."
Shiny Rock follows along with Honey returning its gaze to Obsidious tryinig to find any specific weaknesses.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Hey! You am waiting up!" Ug calls to Fang before turning back to Twilight. "She am going to gettings lost in tunnels without proper directionings!"


"Nothing, just leaving Nero with the pony he wanted so badly."
Onyxia replies flatly.

"Thank you for the ride, but anything between me and him I don't think can be helped."

Onyxia nods in agreement as she keeps walking with Cadence.


Nero holds His wife, feeling relief wash over Him.

"Isha…." Nero begins.

"As I said, too much has happened. I fear if I simply begin to explain you shall die of despair before I finish the telling of it. My seer tells Me at least some of those I have lost yet live, but you are the first I have found."

Nero slowly rises, helping Isha to her hooves as He does so.

"I need you to trust Me. Everything that was lost shall be regained, everything that was destroyed shall be rebuilt. But you must temper yourself Beloved, not since the days of Ea-Mukin has the Empire known such devastation as it does now."

Nero says, holding a hoof on Isha's face as His own rests against hers, before pulling her into an embrace.


Before you fire the shrink ray, a hoof of stone appears from the ground closest to you, pinning Honey to the wall under a stone hoof (0/2) as he shouts from the darkness,

"You think I cannot see you?! All of this cavern is an extension of my consciousness. The only reason I could not see you before was because I was preoccupied with more important matters!"

The carrot missiles strike him and, worse, the machine head on with powerful explosions. The machine does not appear to be heavily damaged but you note the metal is scorched in some places. He curses, "NO! I am not allowing further delays!"

He stomps his hoof against the floor, and sends a flying eagle of stone from the floor towards Crumple out of the dark

Merc gets to work on disabling Breezies from the machine

"M-meat! Those were my friends, your friends, the Princess I … oh no, where are they?"

"I-I sure hope they're alright…" Twilight looks to Fang as she flies down the tunnels, running after as she shouts, "Wait, Fang, we can't just go running off, we'll get lost!"

She then turns to Ug as they run after (not getting very far) with Fluttershy hugging so closely to Twilight she's practically attached, "If you can find them again, I know I can get them back." She gulps, so long as I didn't put them in any walls. But these tunnels could collapse if I use too much destructive magic."

Scanning Obsidious, you find no immediately discernible weaknesses, save one fairly obvious one: his power works on stone alone.

"If I had to make a guess," Cadence looks back, "I'd have to say Empress Isha, his wife. Thank goodness he found somepony familiar. Being here alone cannot be easy."

Shining just hangs his jaw open at Luke's naivete. "…Luke, your grasp on reality I've heard from Twily is strenuous at times but now it's just getting…"

"Extremely concerning." A voice comes from the throne room as you see a familiar purple mare with glasses enter. Lavender bows to Cadence and Shining Armor, approaching Luke with a stern glare. "…I came to say thank you, for what you did," she adjusts her glasses, "While I still knew where you were. But I'm getting the idea YOU have less idea of where you are. Luke, what do you think is happening right now?"

Candence frowns, but nodding her head. "I understand… but I would be of more help if you ever wished to speak more of it to me. Celestia did not give me every detail about your group. And even if it was just to hold the throne, I was chosen to be a princess and guide all Crystal Ponies, Onyxia. And I love being able to help them."

She hasn't changed much in 26 years. A chariot arrives to take you back to your parents, whom keep the door open eagerly awaiting as they dig into their steaks through the open door. You see two fresh plates on the stove being kept warm, Steel hanging outside the door keeping watch as he sees you approach.

>"What happened?"

Her eyes downcast at this news, closing again as she is helped up to her own hooves as she listens to the tale. "…I will be prepared as I am able, Beloved." She holds the embrace tighter, "No matter how much we've lost, it still has you. I still have you…" she inhales.

"I cannot be in this room anymore. Can we go anywhere else? Are we even still in our palace?"

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 1 - 1 = 0


As he shakes the earth and fires his stone projectile, it misses by a wide margin and hits one of the tubings on the machine, causing an isolated explosion to burst out from it and hit him in the darkness.

Merc is met with a subsequent burst of electricity from one of the tubes, shocking him and sending him sprawling as he tries to release a breezie from its gem.


Honey attempts to wiggle free of the pin.
>Instant recovery

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Not *cough* again…." she growls, strength fading.

Crumple continues the onslaught of carrot missiles at Obsidious and the turbine.
>You know the drill

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Fang continue flying down the corridor, determined to find that which she seeks. She wont let anypony, or anything hold her back.
(Continuing to fly as fast as reasonable down the tunnels in search of Obsidious, and HER amulet.)

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"On it Purple Princess Pony! Ug will am the finding your beloved cartoon companions!"
[1d10+1] Finding everyone
Shiny Rock attempts to heal Honey [1d10]

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Nero gently breaks the embrace, letting her lean slightly upon Him.

"We are in 'a' palace. I will give you the barest basics of what has happened, but you must have faith in Me. Nothing is entirely as it appears."

Nero says walking slowly out of the room.

"It is currently over the twelve-hundredth year of the Emperor Nero. The Crystal Empire, sans this city which Anunoth has built, is no more. Hyborea has swallowed it. The southern lands have united under a pantheon of foreign gods, whose names you nor their ancestors knew. They have defeated Sombra and bound him in their capital, located now on the top of the Everfree Mountain. I have made them My allies, and one of them has become My vassal already."

He stops, letting her process, still out of earshot of the others.

"But I have a plan. Everything will be gotten back. Every city and town and village, every temple and palace and house, every blade of grass will be restored if I succeed in what I am attempting. So Beloved simply be at ease. For you at least the nightmare is over."

He says trying to cheer her slightly after that series of bombshells, letting her respond before heading out to Cadence and Armor.


The sudden appearance of Lavender has Luke at a loss for words. When she puts him on the spot Luke feels a flash of heat wash over his body stressfully. "L-Lavender!? Well I -er W-what do you mean? I thought we're all just hanging out."


"Nero's married?!" Candence's comment flaberghasts Luke "A-and she's an empress??"


"I would speak of it, but most of the issue only Nero can fix. I'm afraid you can't help much when it comes ot him."
As the reach her parent's home, Onyxia steps out of the chariot, looking back to Cadence.
"Thank you for the ride. And, thank you for the offer, if I do need help, I'll come to you."
She waves goodbye, and heads up to the door ,stopping next to Steel, whispering so her parent's don't here.
("It turns out the trapped pony was one of the family member's Nero was looking for, I'm starting to regret helping now after how he acted when he got here.")
She sighs.
("But there's nothing more can do. What about you, did you really wait outside the whole time? You didn't need to do that you know.")
Onyxia steps inside, gesturing Steel to follow.
"Hi, I'm back. Luke's going to be staying there for a little bit, but I'm sure he'll show soon."


The hoof pins Honey helpless underneath, solid as a rock as Merc barely struggles up to his hooves and notices, "Honey! Hold on, I'm coming!" from where he fell

The missles impact against both him and the machine, the machine still holding up but Obsidious grunts in pain through the dark, sending a small rock from the ceiling to Crumple to 4/5.

"You'll make a nice addition. Just like the annoying festival brat, and that little 'bigshot' Breezie." You hear four large 'stomps' in the ground and a rising rumble as four figures drop from the cieling

[1d10] Crit Range 4-

Twilight and Fluttershy follow as closely as they can, but the tunnels seem to go on in no discernible direction with no end in sight.

Racing through the tunnels, a strong rumble accompanies it. Fluttershy gulps, "Oh no, please, please no more, I can't take EEEP!" A large stalgmite juts out of the ground in front of her, saved only by Twilight blasting it away as more and more come out of the tunnel. "It must be him!"

>Roll a dodge for these summoned stalagmites, it's instant and you can roll for another search next turn as well

She says nothing as you tell her of all that transpired, her face contorting as the fatigue and ages hit her. "Eleven centuries… six of the cities destroyed… the TRIBES uniting? Under gods we never knew existed until after its fall?" She shakes her head, holding it in one hoof. "How can it be so far gone? Where were you all this time?" She closes her eyes, pained.

"This is all his doing. I am disgusted I allowed him to fool me for even a moment." She looks to Nero's eyes, full of hurt, "Beloved, I have spent every dreaming moment trusting your word, holding on to the thought of embracing you one more time. I would not dare stop now, even if you must follow in your father's father's hoofsteps and take back everything from nothing. But my nightmare does not end until I know what you plan to do to your brother for this as well."

She smiles, "Please do. Any time." She leaves you be to the house, the chariot making back for the palace.

Steel turns and shakes his head. ("I cannot eat, and I am hardly sociable. I saw few better things to do with my time.") He turns his head, ("You regret helping her? Should you have ended her, instead?")

As you enter the building, Esmeralda and Hematitus turn from their meals, smiling, "It's quite alright, we'll keep his meal warm for him too." Brain looks disappointed as he sees his cousin has not yet return, Esmeralda putting a hoof on his shoulder, "And I'm sure he's not drinking too much, either."

She gets the plate of hay steak with chopped crystal-berry salad prepared on the table for you, sitting back down herself.

Shining nods, "Yes, she's his wife. Yes, she's an empress. And yes, that makes HIM an emperor. Royalty. You really thought he was just some exchange student?"

"Hanging out? Maybe you were but Luke, this has always been your problem. You never know when it's time to take things seriously." She stops herself, putting a hoof to her muzzle.

She sighs, "Come on, walk with me." She offers a quick walk through the palace to talk things out and leave Shining in the throne room.

"My fiance's working on something right now, and I heard you were back at the palace. I don't think I got to thank you properly for saving my life, earlier today. White would love to meet you and thank you for that as well, you know."

Roll #1 4 = 4


The four creatures are just about to be spawned from the ceiling as another explosion rocks nearby, sending the unicorn flailing through the dark field as the figures fail to be made above and Obsidious silently stares at the machine.

"I give you one chance, Breezie. Surrender, or face the consequences! I have no intention of drawing this fight out any longer!"


>Shiny Rock fails to heal Honey, another hoof extending from the ground made of stone to push Shiny Rock away for two hits (3/3)


Ug calls over to the ponies.
"Remember Yellow Quiet Pony and Purple Princess Pony! King Pony's nasty nephew is am controlling this with stone manipulating magics. You can maybe am countering hims with magics that working against stones! Ug am having no idea what that is through since Ug not am regular wizard. Just Time Wizard."
Ug dodges the razor sharp spires and tries to find the others.
Shiny Rock recovers and tries to heal honey again.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"What? Area you proposing, ngh, somea sort of deal? Because I'lla parley." She pants from her pinned position.
"Though…my bot won'ta stop," she says, just as Crumple launches another volley at Obsidious and the turbine.


"Witha me pinned, ita *cough* has to be knockeda offline, or leta me go so Ia can turn it off myselfa." The look of terror is evident on her face, looking at Obsidious with a helpless expression on par to how helpless she currently is.
"Soa…let's parley…oncea you let me goa to turn offa Crumple."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


("No, I wouldn't do something like that just because of her relation. I just feel Nero was i a position I was, and he got his family all safe, but everything of mine is still at risk, and now he can't understand to give him the feelings to not erase time.")
Onyxia leads Steel inside.
("You don't need to eat, but you could talk a bit. It can't be healthy to be a silent guard all the time.")

Onyxia sits at the table, looking over to Brain.
"Don't worry, he was just talking with Shining Armor, I don't think he'll be long."
Onyxia looks down at the food, savoring the smell. Not having had a good family meal in a few days, she digs into the salad first.
"Its been so long since I had a good meal like this, thank you."


Forgot Dodge roll [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


>You really thought he was just some exchange student?"
"Okay, yeah I get it Shining. I got some stuff to reevaluate, thanks. you can stop being an asshole now."

When Lavender chides Luke, he lowers his head embarassed. Getting talked down by your Ex infront of ponies you know ain't flattering.

LukeWarm takes Lavender up on her walk wanting to escape this embarassing situation. Although Luke doesn't much welcome the former. Luke can't help but feel awkward talking to Lavender again. The last time they spoke being at the friendship festival. And that didn't end on a good note.
Luke isn't sure what to say, so he just lets Lavender do the talking. Luke contemplates whether he'd even want to meet her fiance, but he'd be lieing if he said he wasn't curious.


"He is imprisoned, and imprisoned he shall stay. I plan to confront him soon about all he has done, but I will not kill him. I cannot imagine how he has hurt you, what our people have suffered at his hooves but…"

Nero sighs, looking into her eyes.

"If he must die then I will kill him. But only when I am certain there is no loyalty towards me or memory of our friendship left in him at all. That is my decision."

"As for my whereabouts? Let it suffice to say it has been a very strange week for Me, and I will explain everything later. For now, I desire nothing more in this world than your levity."

Nero says walking into the throne room to Shining Armor and Cadence, turning to His wife.

"Isha this is Shining Armor, our new captain of the guard, and his wife, the goddess Princess Cadence, our new Vizier."

Nero's eyes drift over the pink alicorn and her candy-colored mane, before turning to Isha with a bit of a smirk.

"As you can see we sort of went in the opposite direction after the previous Vizier's failures."

"Shining Armor, Cadence, this is My wife Empress Isha."


Continuing search, and dodging

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


Twilight and Fluttershy both get a couple of scrapes as they hastily avoid the rising stalagmites, Twilight sputtering, "I-If it only works on stone, then I know some magic that can turn stone into just about anything else! We can remove his weapon supply!"

Ug is scrapped a few times by the attacking earth, suffering 4 hits to 2/4. Fang's flight gives her little better faring, reduced to 3/4 by the tunnel as she finally takes note of a path that has not yet been taken before, leading deeper into the caverns as she spots what appears to be a large door at the end of the cavern. Ug can sense its the path to the Breezies, but no signs of the others anywhere yet.


The explosions rock him again, causing him a great amount of pain you can tell even through the darkness as it hits the machine again as well. You feel the hoof lighten off your back as Shiny Rock heals you to 5/2, Merc arriving as well to help you up.

"Then do it. And for every moment you don't, I'll shatter one of your kind into a million fractals."

[1d10] A long piece of liquified stone comes down from the ceiling towards Crumple Cart

("…Again, I have no health to be concerned of. And I was silent for years after Discord cursed me. You only gave me my mouth… two nights ago. It is the first time I spoke in years.")

He does not come inside near the table, but stays situated near the doorway as you sit down. Brain seems relieved that Luke is safe, and Esmeralda chuckles, "You're quite welcome. I figure we didn't get to eat much at the party, so I just whipped something up."

"Hehe." Hematitus takes his last bite of hay steak. "No one just 'whips up' something this good. You must have sprung it into existence. I didn't know I married a unicorn."

"Onyxia, are you staying in the Empire long? Esmeralda told me you were traveling before coming back."

He chuckles, "For you? Nah, how could I?" He lets you go with Lavender.

As she takes his silence in, she smiles to herself, "I know before this I figured we may never speak to each other again, but after your disappearance I… I couldn't stop worrying." She stops and looks at one of the walls of the palace and the art upon it. "For the past few years, even as after I started school and working for Celestia, I feel like I'm constantly reminded of you. There's this stained glass I like to look at that's the spitting image of you, fighting a griffon king."

She chuckles, "I know, that sounds silly, but, where I'm going with all this, Luke, is that, you deserve to know I still care about you. And I'm worried. Not just about the drinking or the detachment from reality but, you seemed ready to just charge into danger earlier today. It was the bravest thing I've ever seen but, why did you do it?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


The liquified stone falls completely over Crumple Cart, sending it down to 0/4 and pinned to the floor of the cavern, slowly sinking it a mass of melted stone that seeps into the earth.

"…if it is, then so it is. But I saw no memory of the loyal, noble Vizier who once helped you reclaim the Empire all those years ago. When he…" she takes a deep breath, the tears slowly welling up again as she breathes.

"He cornered me. He took advantage of our trust we placed in him, gave me no escape. He took my beloved Nau out of my hooves, gods look after her now wherever she is. If he has even a shred of love left for you, I did not see it."

She pauses. "A… week? There must be something the matter with my ears, I thought you said the twelfth hundred age." She hurries along as you both enter the throne room, looking between the two before focusing on the new vizier, stepping forward as they both bow their heads.

"Empress Isha, it is such an honor to meet you as well."

She continues scanning Cadence, lightly chuckling, "Our new vizier is a goddess? I have never thought I'd see a deity so adorable."


Onyxia starts into the hay steak, having finished the delicious salad.
"I'm… not sure. I'll have to leave again, I don't know when, but after, I'll be coming back to settle down and not have to travel anymore."


Fang lands a few feet from the door, raising her staff's head towards it she begins charging a spell to blast it away, but just to be safe she attempt to detect any protections it might have.
(Seeing if it's locked? what villian in their right mind leaves a door unlocked.)

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Nero's anger rises for a moment when He hears of Nau, but He contains Himself to answer her, whispering.
>"As I said, I shall explain everything later."

Nero turns to Cadence and Shining Armor, smiling at Isha's observation.

"The others are more intimidating I assure you. Speaking of which, where are Celestia, Luna, and Twilight? Have they already departed back to Canterlot? I was led to believe Twilight would be staying here."


Shiny Rock tries to heal Honey
"Ug am no seeing them yet….." Ug says witha s light worried sound.
[1d10+1] looking for the others

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


"Thanksa you two," Honey replies to Merc and Shiny, going over to the fallen Crumple. She turns off the barrage of carrots as the cart tries to right itself.

"Nowa then, let'sa talk business," the weary breezie begins to say, "youa want that…thing upa and running, right? Well, whata if I tolda you I'm the only breeziea you need?"

"Mya magic is…longa story short: different. I don'ta work off flowers anda shit; but anger anda metal." She motions to Crumple.
"Toa you it isa pile of junk. Buta for me, thata is my creation. Anda you know first hoof howa much punch it packs."

"Soa my deal to you: leta every breezie go, and leta me take their place. Youa want power, I'lla build you a source of power thata will make this set up youa have look dumb whena you look back. All bya myself."

"Ia might even be willinga tp make it so youa could geta that power when it isa done doing…whatevera it is you area doing here. Endless power, anda all you have toa do is let everya breezie free first, anda the only thing. Whata do you say?"

>doing some dealings with Obsidious


Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"Lavi.." Luke pays Lavender a glance, and a heartfelt expression on his face "Thanks Lavender, I- I honestly didn't think you ever thought of me, at least not how I thought of you."

"Doing things like what you saw back there has been comin naturally to me lately hehe… I couldn't tell you why I behaved like. I'm not worth it."


"That's a shame." Esmeralda frowns, "Coming home so quick then having to go out immediately? It must be really important."

"Little getaway actually doesn't sound too bad. You know, Esmeralda and I, we haven't traveled anywhere since we got married… and, well, I don't think we'll have much time once the baby arrives. Might be good to get out of the city for a week, let things settle down here. Canterlot's nice, any recommendations being a traveler?"

Esmeralda gives a small shake of her head to Hematitus, but does not say anything harking back to the earlier argument. "What were y

The door is a solid structure of crystal, looming over amidst a large cavern of stone. The door has no locks or handles, and you detect it has a powerful magic protecting it.

It is not sooner that you scan the door the ground beneath your hooves begins to shake, and a slithering stone body of a serpent juts out of the ground not too far away as Fluttershy follows closely behind, "Fang, watch out!"

Using Ug's sight, you finally manage to spot a few of the others… thankfully nearby, and mostly unhurt.

Most of them were split into groups, the closet of which being Screech and Rarity who are running away rapidly from a rolling boulder down their tunnel. They're close enough to go grab if you ignore the chamber Fang found that leads to the Breezies, Twilight looking to you for your call on where to go (or if you wish one to go one way and the other to go to the door).

Honey is successfully healed to 5/3 by Shiny Rock, but Crumple does not escape the solid stone entrapping it
>Lowered DC next attempt

Obsidious steps out of the darkness as you lower it, listening to your proposal. He isn't bleeding: instead, he has chunks of him hanging off like stone, craters made in him from attacks. It was though he a colored statue than a pony.

"That is quite the noble sacrifice. And, I admit, your junk is impressive for… well, junk. I've never met a Breezie like you before," he taps a hoof on the ground of the cave, considering your offer.

"I'll consider, but I want proof you can deliver first. I could simply take you and that power for myself but honestly one more breezie among a hundred will hardly do me any good. This offer though, if it works, I see no reason to hold onto the rest." He looks to the machine, wincing at the turbine

"I'll see you out, and even give you a small prototype for which you can test. If you make a suitable power source in a day's time, then we'll trade: I'll hand over every Breezie in exchange for it. I'll even let poor Mercile know why he kidnapped them in the first place. But I give nothing until I have it in my hooves."


She nods at your request to speak later, though you see a hunger for learning in her eyes that speaks of impatience.

She turns to Cadence again, "You seem a very noble goddess, Cadence, I will enjoy working with you in our new Empire. You are not of the Crystal Ponies, but seem not like any tribes pony I have ever met either."

"I'm one known as an alicorn, Isha. One of only four in existence, that share qualities from all three of the tribes." She turns to Nero, "Celestia is still here to help make sure the city is safe even with the Son of Sombra's death…"

"Sombra had children?!" Isha nearly shouts, keeping her stance but the thought of it so mind-boggling she could not help it.

"Oh, uh, yes. And Luna and Twilight departed with Ug to see the other one in Canterlot. They left sometime around sundown, Ug specifically requested them."

She puts a hoof on his back, "Luke, that's silly. You and I… we had something very special. I'll never forget the times we had together, I just…" she turns away, not wanting to distract the conversation with sour memories.

"You're absolutely worth it, Luke. I don't like the things you do sometimes, thinking about some of the stunts you've pulled still drives me up a wall. But don't you dare say you're not worth it. There a lot of ponies who love you as you are."

"I want to know what happened to you, Luke. After you… well, after our discussion at the festival, you're the same as you've always been. Then your parents call saying you've been missing for days… and now you're carrying a laser on your back and dancing with crystal ponies, dodging falling debris and saving damsels in distress from Sombrites? I'm not saying it's a bad change, but it is a change."

>PAUSED FOR CAVE PARTY, can do a bit more with the ones that are just RP


>Esmeralda gives a small shake of her head to Hematitus, but does not say anything harking back to the earlier argument. "What were you doing before coming back home?" she says trying to change the subject off of leaving the city


Nero nods to Cadence, then turns to Shining Armor.

"If she is not busy, bring Celestia to Me at once, tell her nothing except that I want to see her and that it is nothing serious."

Nero steps back, sitting on the throne.

"Also bring me a healer, an enchanter, and Lukewarm."

Nero leans into his hoof, facehoofing.

"Yes I know what I said. Just do it."

He turns to Isha upon her remarks.

"The alicorns are….different. I will explain all this later as well. In the meanwhile, we have nothing to fear from Sombra's bastards. I have already slain one of them, and the other is being hounded as we speak. I will be following after them shortly, as soon as I have settled some minor business here."


"I'lla do you one better; I'lla stay here anda you can watch me. Youa know I don'ta trust you as far as Crumple cana blast you, so I'ma sure you feel the same. I justa need some extra materials fora this, of course; mostly metal anda crystals."

She flies over to Crumple, working the controls to make it upright once more. As she does so, she also attempts to give fixing the red crystal on Crumple another try as a sort of preview to Obsidious.
>Repair Magic Bolt, DC -1, fire at a harmless area if successful

>Crumple Instant


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


>Crumple normal

Roll #1 5 = 5


A bit of dread wells into Onyxia despite the happy dinner conversation about leaving, knowing that her father will be taking a forced one.
"I haven't been to Canterlot in a while, but it was nice the time I was there. Manehatten was a nice stop too, the lower parts of the city though were much better pony wise than the busier areas though, despite the looks."

She takes the last bite of her hay steak as Esmeralda speaks up.
"Oh, just some sightseeing, getting caught up in helping ponies in need and other crazy things."
She says with a light chuckle at an essentially true summary of her past few days.


Honey plops down wearily, rubbing her eyes as the fatigue of everything today finally catching up to her.
"Ia…think I'm just tireda at the moment."


"Ask Nero.. or Ug, I'm starting to think I don't really know what happened while I was gone." Luke gives himself a moment to contemplate the events of his journey so far.

"Well.. what makes you think being gone's what changed me. It's been five years. Five years Lavi.. I've had a lot of time to make poor decisions and get into trouble. So let me tell you, Nothings changed!" Luke leans over a rail guarding the upper floor from the bottom. Luke hangs his head over the rail, looking down the the ransacked palace. "Since we broke up thats all it's ever been. I use to be optimistic, but that went away. Everyday I spent in Manehatten alone.. just gave me less reason to keep going. I've been mugged by junkies, mocked by children, resented by authorities, I don't even have my friends from highschool anymore, to help me through." Luke turns his face to look Lavender in the eyes "If I'm so worth it, then why didn't you come to Manehatten with me. Living together was all we talked about in highschool. Was I really that embarassing to be with." Luke's words quiver. He fights the tears welling in his eyes.


Shining Armor indeed raises an eyebrow at Luke Warm's desired presence, to which Cadence gives him a soft glance that causes him to roll his eyes and go about his way (probably going to attend to Celestia first though) as he heads off. "Luke Warm may just be a bit from what I heard last, but Celestia shouldn't be too occupied at night."

Isha walks up besides the throne, leaning against it as she still nurses her head. "I am ecstatic to learn, but I feel my poor mind is working with a good amount of information as it is. One peaceful night's rest with you will give me the strength to give Tophet envy."

She takes a look around the throne room, much of the damage still evident from today's earlier attack. "I assume this their doing? I wonder what minor business could be so important that you leave his other spawn to others."

"Well," Hematitus holds up a hoof, "How about Canterlot? The train goes there every few hours, the temple construction team was kind enough to give me a few extra days' pay in compensation for my accident, it'd be a fun trip." He gets up to take the plate away to wash along with Brain's, who eagerly watches the door waiting for Luke, as Esmeralda listens to your exploits. "That's such a wonderful goal, Onyxia. Just, helping ponies around Equestria. Anything especially crazy you'd like to share, we love to hear."

She looks away as you bring up history she was hoping to avoid again, closing her eyes, "My path was leading me in a separate direction, Luke, I… I don't know how to explain it any better than that. I know we talked about it forever, but things were different then. You were just getting harder, and harder to connect with, to talk to. I hoped it would help us both."

She looks out over the rail, "I know it's been harder for you than it has been for me. I heard you go off before at the festival almost a week ago, how awful things had been, but it's not too late to start trying again, Luke. You need to start trying again, and what I saw today? I thought I saw you trying again. Something HAS changed, Luke."


File: 1429492892382.jpg (48.73 KB, 500x313, clock33.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Time is what we want most. It is also what we use most.

Calling for sheets on the 33rd session of timequest!


File: 1429493181500.jpg (28.37 KB, 500x413, NeromeetsUg.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1429493256183.jpg (54.76 KB, 480x346, Shin Getter 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1429493847751.gif (456.3 KB, 500x264, FearAndLoathinginLasPegasu….gif) ImgOps Google



File: 1429494798902.jpg (21 KB, 433x315, cultfit-evolution.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



Luke Warm: 5/4 (5/5)
Onyxia: 5/4 (5/5)
Ug: 2/4 (6/6)
Nero: 6/3 (6/6)
Crumple: 0/4 (5/5)
Honey: 5/3 (5/5)
Shiny Rock: 3/3 (5/5)
Eo-Naxx Fang: 3/4 (6/6)

Beginning novel


>Year: 1017 AE


In the halls of the crystal palace, Luke Warm has been pulled aside by his old flame Lavender Current to speak of old times and present dangers in the aftermath of having saved her life. After Luke had reminded of how quickly she abandoned him five years ago before he left for Manehatten.

She looks away as you bring up history she was hoping to avoid again, closing her eyes, "My path was leading me in a separate direction, Luke, I… I don't know how to explain it any better than that. I know we talked about it forever, but things were different then. You were just getting harder, and harder to connect with, to talk to. I hoped it would help us both."

She looks out over the rail, "I know it's been harder for you than it has been for me. I heard you go off before at the festival almost a week ago, how awful things had been, but it's not too late to start trying again, Luke. You need to start trying again, and what I saw today? I thought I saw you trying again. Something HAS changed, Luke."

>Canterlot Mountain


Merc and Honey lick their wounds following the battle in the Breezie Chamber with Obsidious, ending with Crumple being slowly assimilated into the ground by Obsidious' rock magic and the red-crystal Honey was hoping to use as a focus for his magic bolt attack failing to re-energize.

At your offer to show off to prove you're capable of powering the machine without Breezies, the stony-crumbling body of Obsidious rolls his eyes, moving forward (slowly, with a small limp) to the machine and scoffs. "You will need to do better than that if you sought to impress me, but I digress: your offer intrigues me and as I said there is no pressure for you to do it here and now, little one. Take your time, leave my home, and I'll find you again when you are well and ready."

Merc leans down, "You're not actually trusting this psychopath, are you?"


Fang and Ug had taken the majority of the Mane 6 along with Princess Luna to the manor of Obsidious, the owner of the Cavepony attraction back in Ponyville, having learned that he was the true kidnapper of the Breezies. They found the tunnels beneath his manor and, lacking a means of opening a hole, used a combination of Ug's foresight and Twilight's teleportation to zap them all inside.

It was successful, but the party was split up into several groups through the criss-crossing mazes of tunnels, aggressive as well as the tunnels loose boulders and grow stalagmites in attempts to stop their approach.

They eventually happened upon a large crystal door amidst a cavern in one direction, which Fang and Fluttershy took to try and open it to sadly no avail. What they discovered afterwards was a large, stone serpentine swimming through the earth stretching out to attack Fang in retaliation as its jaws unhinge and swing out at the dragonic unicorn. She can sense a heavy amount of magic poured into it to make it move, as though summoned. "Fang, look out!" Fluttershy screeches
>Roll an instant dodge

Ug, meanwhile, in the other direction of the tunnel, finds the first part of the missing party with Twilight. Using Ug's sight, you finally manage to spot a few of the others, the closet of which being Screech and Rarity who are running away rapidly from a rolling boulder down their tunnel. They're close enough to go grab if you ignore the chamber Fang found that leads to the Breezies, Twilight looking to you for your call on where to go (or if you wish one to go one way and the other to go to the door).


>Crystal Empire
Nero sits upon his throne besides Isha, finally released from her millennial long crystal imprisonment. The heartfelt reunion continues as she leans close during his discussion with Shining Armor and Cadence. Shining Armor raises an eyebrow at Luke Warm's desired presence, to which Cadence gives him a soft glance that causes him to roll his eyes and go about his way (probably going to attend to Celestia first though) as he heads off. "Luke Warm may just be a bit from what I heard last, but Celestia shouldn't be too occupied at night."

Isha walks up besides the throne, leaning against it as she still nurses her head. "I am ready to hear more of them when you are ready to explain. I have done nothing but sleep for over a thousand years, I have little desire to return to it soon."

She takes a look around the throne room, much of the damage still evident from today's earlier attack. "I assume this was their doing? What minor business keeps you from going after this other bastard yourself?"


Onyxia enjoys a peaceful dinner with her hosts, the spa-pony Esmeralda and her husband Hematitus along with Luke's cousin and Steel, the latter of whom sits near the door not-conversing with any of them. The meal is finished and the two grateful parents of the past continue to chat with their guest as the pie warms up in the oven. Hematitus, in particular, seems eager to bring up the subject of leaving the empire following the eavesdropped conversation revealing he knows it's in further danger.

"Well," Hematitus holds up a hoof, "How about Canterlot? The train goes there every few hours, the temple construction team was kind enough to give me a few extra days' pay in compensation for my accident, it'd be a fun trip." He gets up to take the plate away to wash along with Brain's, who eagerly watches the door waiting for Luke, as Esmeralda listens to your exploits. "That's such a wonderful goal, Onyxia. Just, helping ponies around Equestria. Anything especially crazy you'd like to share, we love to hear."


"Leave? Nah. Ia went through too mucha shit to get toa you, and I DO NOTA want to go through all that again." She replies, going back to the red crystal with a bit of renewed vigor.
"Justa need to focus…so quieta down."
>Raging Power Core: Is able to power machines. Also gives +1 to all rolls made by the machine being powered.

"Ah, justa roll with it, willa ya? He'sa got us bya the balls witha the breezies as hostage," she says to Merc out loud, making sure Obsidius could hear that bit and maybe stroke his ego a bit.

In the meantime, the Crumple cart still attempts to get back up and out of being assimilated.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 5 = 5


>attempt 2 for Crumps

Roll #1 4 = 4


Nero sits on the throne, resting His face upon His hoof.

"Trivialities. I have equipment to procure, I was injured slightly in the earlier battle and require healing before I set out again, and I am going to invite one of my servants to accompany Me to the battle, though that should be entirely unnecessary. I have already sent the Seer who found you, along with the goddess' Luna and Twilight to deal with him. If he still lives by morning he will be in chains."

"That being the case, I am in no hurry to depart, so I figured I would introduce you to Celestia, the leader of the alicorns, before I leave."


"Nothing too crazy, its more of the ponies you meet than the things you do that are more memorable."
Onyxia says, glad for her mother interjecting with a different topic aside from travel.
"I've met some nice Diamond Dogs and ponies that were living underground near them, a pair of bat ponies, a unicorn blacksmith, Steel over there, and you two now, to name some."
Onyxia recounts as she names off some of the ones she's met in her time travels.
"Huh, thinking over all those I met through this, even with some of the trouble it causes when you barely have control over where you're going… I don't think I'd want it any different with some of the ponies I've met."


"Purple Princess Pony we must am gathering you ams technicolored friends together quickly. Ug am finding path to bugnapped bug ponies, and it am being where we just am leaving Crazy Sorceress Pony back that am way."
Ug leads Twilight to Rarity and Screech and looks for the rest. [1d10+1]
Shiny Rock floats out of sight.
[1d10] stealth

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Eo rolls out of the way, and attempts to slam a spike from the ceiling into the snake's face.
(dodge, and attack)

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


File: 1429498260451.png (70.24 KB, 275x224, cancer.png) ImgOps Google

"I've been trying for five Sun damn years" Luke rams his hooves onto the pavillion railing he was leaning against. "AHHH! His yelling rings through the castle. "They said 'Go to college you'll need an education' 'Get a job money makes the world go round' 'put yourself out there, mares won't go looking for you' I've been listening to assholes my age that don't know any better than me all my life. And for what!? So I can get a dead end job, barely make ends meet, have a family I won't even be able to enjoy." Luke hangs his head low over the railing "I wasn't even able to get a dead end job." Luke sighs deeply "And it's too late now, you can't go back in time to fix all the regrets. And theres no fixing me.. I got cancer.. of the liver and I think lymbic system or something like that. Point is I'm gonna die and I don't know long I've got but it's not much."


Using your magitechnical abilities on the red crystal, it begins to glow with a faint red light as a surge of energy that raises yours and Merc's hairs on end emanates from it as it pulsates.
>Successfully created Power Core: +1 to the next roll made by the machine it powers if roll instant successful, then recharge roll successful to use again

Crumple tries and fails to get out of the sinking stone, stuck as Obsidious chuckles. "I'd suggest it stop if I were its owner. The harder it struggles the faster it will sink." He eyes the crystal, "But that… that is certainly impressive. It would do well." He takes the gem in his telekinesis to inspect it, "But, I need the Breezies specifically for a reason. Might you know what that reason be, little Breezie?"

Isha can't help but give one small curl of her muzzle into a smile. "I cannot say that I am in any hurry for you to depart either, Beloved." She raises her brow, "Two goddesses I can have confidence in but I am surprised you'd place so much faith in a mere Seer to trap one of your nephews."

"He is a very talented 'Seer'. And to the request, you will be glad to say you have both shortly," a regal voice comes from the entryway into the hall, Princess Celestia entering to greet you, a healing pony besides her as she immediately begins to work on Nero's wounds as Celestia gives a light bow to Isha, "I am told we have yet another visitor from the past joining us. Welcome home, Empress."

Isha observes her, craning her neck up at the sun goddess. "You were right. This one is more imposing… very tall, at the least." She nods her head, "It is good to meet you, Celestia I am told?"

"That is right, Princess of the Sun,"

"Clearly." She points to the cutie mark with a bemused expression.

Celestia turns to Nero next, "Congratulations. This must be quite the welcome home present. I'm only sorry we had no idea of her presence."

Esmeralda looks over her shoulder as you point to Steel, "Oh, so that's your name. Thank you for helping us escape earlier, Steel. Please, there's still a bit more and desert is…"

"I already ate. Thank you."

"…alright then." Esmeralda raises to go get the pie from the oven as it dings, answering Onyxia on her last comment, "That's usually how it goes. Sometimes life just seems to be a nightmare, with surprises you're not sure if you are ready for or wish you could undo but, over time, you get to see those decisions and events you went through all make you who you are. And there's no other way you'd have them." She looks to Hematitus as she says this, who gives a light smile in return.

"Couldn't agree more, honey."

You discover in another access tunnel Pinkie and Giselle next: the latter is talking enthusiastically to the former about wedding parties. They are not in danger, but as you lead Twilight to Rarity and Screech, the pair howl like madponies as they attempt to get away from the boulder following them through the tunnel.

"Rarity! Oh my gosh, hold on, I'll stop it…" as she's about to fire a bolt, a stone serpent raises from the ground and wraps around her, causing her to yelp in shock. "What is with this place!? He can't be doing all of this, it's too much to concentrate on!"

>Shiny Rock fails to hide


Flutters gasps as the snake barely grazes you in its assault, nicking your skin and causing a slight gash as the dress is slightly torn and you're taken down to 1/4. Fluttershy is terrified out of her wits to come to your rescue at the moment but you see yet another serpent starting to crawl along the ceiling towards her as the one that nicked you rears up for another assault.

"Le-Let's go back! It's too dangerous!"

"I hear you hardly ever go back to Ponyville these days. Your parents love you and they can help you get a better job, finish your education, or… or something. If you want I can even help, White Collar has plenty of money I know he'd be willing to loan you until you get back up on your hooves and…"

"…you what?" Lavender's eyes shrink and she takes a few steps closer, looking him in the eyes. "What… tell me you're joking." She has mist forming on her specs, getting up closer to you and shouting, "You… you're dying?! Luke, by the Princess, why haven't you told anyone? Your parents didn't know anything about this when I spoke to them while you were missing! When did you find out?!"


"Ug suggesting we will am be dwelling on that after finding technicolored horses!" Ug says as he runs through the tunnel.

"Oh hello Ug's Feathery Fraulein, we am in spooky cave now!" Ug says to Giselle as he tries to locate the others
Shiny Rock attempts to hide again

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Yea… Bu what if some things could be changed, should you let them be different, or try to keep them the same?"
Onyxia questions, looking over to the stove as the pie is ready.


Luke takes himself off the railing "Yeah tell my parents, pftt! Why. So I can watch the two ponies I love most cry their eyes out. I'll be spending my last days knowing that every night Mom and Dad cry themselves to sleep. And they don't deserve that." Luke pauses for a moment. He stares back into Lavender's face. Already feeling sorry for telling her.

"I was diagnosed when I got into a car crash two months back. I didn't get too banged up but when I came too the Doctor had good news and bad news."


Fang raises another rock, and slams it into the snake attacking fluttershy.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Nero smirks as He is healed.

"I am unsure that there is anything I would rather have with Me, Sun-Princess. It makes me loathe to leave to deal with such a trivial concern after I have found her so recently."

Nero turns to Isha.

"As I have said, she is the leader of the Equestrian goddess', as well as Prince of the Three Tribes, and a powerful ally of the Empire. She has provided me endless supplies and support in exchange for My saving her Kingdom roughly six centuries back."


"Woah woaha woah!" Honey yells, flying up and landing on the crystal, getting a slight shiver as her hair stands up on end again.
"Easy there, it'sa not done yet! Ita needs to be connected anda shit. You doing that hocusa pocus crap could mess thisa up and send usa sky high. Maybe evena level this entire mountain."
She flies over to the immobile Crumple, ripping and tying wires so it is one, long, continuous wire. She takes the spear, but leaves the mace and the several pieces of the old armor behind. She also gives herself a small pick me up with her raygun.
>The Honey Special; Insta Auto; next action is automatic
She flies back, tying wires to the crystal, wrapping around it like a protective case, and leaving some extra hanging.
"As is, thata thing needs something to take alla the by-products. Ita is my rage powering shita, after all. Bettera my now useless cart takesa the extra heat and shit instead ofa melting down youra machine and killing usa all."

>Crumple Arise: Automatic; one time use; with appropriate amount of materials, construct a robot with the convenience of Breezie magic. Any damaged/broken items used in bot construction is repaired to its former quality as though they were repaired via MagiTech. Optional: can apply one Magi-Tech upgrade at the cost of not being able to use it again, and losing the Repair DC bonus, for the rest of the session. Activates upon Honey's choice.


As she works, she listens to him speak.
"Do Ia know? How the hella should I know?! I barelya know what othera ponies are talking abouta half the time."
She waves a hoof about.
"'Oh, killa with honor.' 'Havea fun when you'rea near-death.' 'Stop trashinga my home, that'sa illegal.' And whatevera the fuck Stall Street isa. Arrrgh!"
It was clear she has gone off tangent a bit.
"Sun fuckinga dammit! I at leasta understand you alla the time so fara."


Giselle and Pinkie gasp as Ug appears, the griffon grinning wide as she leaps into his hooves, "Uggy! I vas so scared you had gotten lost. If you had disappeared I… I… I don't know vhat I would do to ponies if I lost my Uggy."

Pinkie chuckles, "Oh, probably something gruesome. That wouldn't be really fun. Also Ug are we on a movie set or something? That rolling boulder seems really familiar."

Screech and Rarity race down the tunnel after you after you locate Screech and Pinkie, both still in danger from being pulverized
>Meant to mention that Twilight was restrained by that stone snake: it's on you to stop it

>This time, Shiny Rock hides successfully, phasing out of view as Obsidious is distracted.

"You mean if we had a choice?" Esmeralda puts a hoof on her chin to ponder the question as she sets the pie aside to cool, the crystal berry scent so strong it has Brain Freeze practically drooling over it.

Hematitus shakes his head, "Whatever happens in this world, happens. If we could go back and change it… I feel like I would regret it, eventually. The surprises in life, both the good and the bad, are what makes us who we are." He smirks at Esmeralda, "Maybe I'm biased because I've had a pretty decent hand dealt but I can't think of anything I would change." He pauses, "Well… maybe a few, there's always a few things." He grumbles,

"Few recent things."

"Two months… Luke, you idiot, they'll only be more hurt if you wait until it's too late! You honestly think you're protecting them keeping something like this from them? Keeping it from me?! I…"

She stops, "No, I'm sorry. You don't… you didn't HAVE to tell me. But Luke, for the Sun's sake, they're your PARENTS. You honestly think that if you were in their position they wouldn't want to know? Luke you have to tell them. We can get you help, there's so, SO many good treatments for cancer today that we would all be wiling to help you get through. You're not in this alone, we all love you."

The stone raises from the ground and shoots out at the stone snake assaulting Fluttershy, nailing it through the stone as it tumbles from the ceiling and sinks into the ground. Fluttershy gives a weak yelp and flies to your side shuddering like a scared animal as she clutches to your wing.

"W-What are we going to d-do? Twilight didn't follow us!"

The twin snakes leap out of the ground at the same time on an arc for you and the yellow pegasi, stone fangs born with two small crystals visible in their throats. Exactly like the Rockodile at the swamp.
>Instant Dodge, higher DC due to multiple enemies

Isha smiles, and you feel her hoof gripping yours. "Then let us hope your Seer and these goddesses are capable enough you do not have to."

She looks again to Celestia, "The empire seems fortunate to have your alliance, Sun Princess. I am pleasantly surprised that the three tribes made something of themselves in our absence, and grateful for your helping my beloved."

"It was mutually beneficial and a pleasure to do so." Celestia nods, The healers get to work on Nero, healing him back up a wound. "The enchanters should be right behind me Nero, Shining Armor was seeing to them next. Was there no one else within save your wife? Sombra might have others hidden throughout the palace if this were the case."


Obsidious looks incredulous at the claim that it is capable of leveling the mountain, but groans in relent as he passes it back to you. "You'll need an awful lot of rage then to power what we have in mind." Crumple arises successfully following your magitech patch job as the energy pours into it from the crystal, showing a successful test.

He chuckles, "I suppose it is a bit subtle, though I appreciate the compliment: I do find myself to be rather easy to work with, should my partners simply comply with simple requests. I'll be short on the details for what it is you , but we'll test it in the machine to see if it works as it should without them first. How long do you think it will take then?"

A slight rumble comes from the upper levels, Obsidious sneering, "Oh wonderful. The others made it hear." He groans, cracking his neck, "I'm not in a mood to deal with them, so let's say it won't take long then?">>624240


Ug smiles to Giselle. "It am being nothing to worrying about pretty griffon girlfriend. Ug is am got this under control." He puts down Giselle and pulls out a brown fedora and whip from no where.
"Ug having no idea what Pink Party Pony is am being referred to, maybe she is am reading it out of Daring Do book. Ug never reading those books, it am low quality genre fiction."
Ug puts the fedora on and cracks the whip.
"Stone snakes, why is am it having to be stone snakes!"
Ug runs over and hits the snake with the whip trying to distract it.
Shiny Rock hovers there silently trying to heal itself.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Watching the snakes closely Fang grabs the shuddering Shy and gets out of the way.
Turning in anticipation of the stone serpents Fang charges her horn, and attempts to rip the glowing stones from their throats.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


Nero nods at Celestia's comment about the enchanters.

"Good. I have hopes to find some use for the treasures I acquired from Garfield. And no, Ug saw no others within the castle, Isha was alone. I have word others of My family live, but not whom, or how many, or where. I will have to look into it another time."

Nero looks to Isha.

"I have to depart. I will not have this hanging over My head, and I cannot know if they are successful until I join them. I swear as soon as I return I shall tell you everything that has happened, and answer any questions you have. In the meanwhile, I am sure Celestia will not mind entertaining you, and instructing you about anything you ask her."
>No I am not telling the two of them to leave, yet. I meant for when I leave.


Onyxia takes in a deep breath to take in the lovely pie scent, but her mind still dwells on the talk.
"What if you did't know how things were. If you didn't know what could change your life how how big the change could be?"
Onyxia asks her parents.


"AHahaha! HAHAHA!" Luke forces a loud sarcastic laugh from his gut. "Yeah, So many good treatments. Those skeletons on cheemo are so strong and brave. Maybe I could put myself on therapy, lay around in a hospitable waiting to die." Luke struts around the hall attacking Lavender's suggestion. "Then all my friends and family can stop what they're doing to come watch me wither away in my hospitable bed." His voice grows more resentful with each sarcastic comment "Maybe I'll be lucky and be one of those 5% percent that survive and have to keep a cabinet of body numbing pills in their house. How splendid and wonderful that WOULD BE!"

Luke takes a bottle of Chardonnay from his bag. "Such a great Idea Lavy, hay! Cheers!" A big fake smile on Luke's face as he pops the cap off "You really changed my life" And starts guzzling down the killing fluid.


File: 1429505591463.jpg (36.6 KB, 450x506, Black Getter.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Oh, nota too long," Honey says, giving a sigh that she is calming down a bit.
"Leta me just connect this toa the proper place."
With power core in tow, she flies up to the machine. Remembering the machine schematics from Shiny Rock's hologram, she is quick to hook up the wires to the part of the machine keeping the breezies captive instead of the shield generating part.
"In facta, ita should be good toa test now!"
Honey glares at Obsidious, and eye twitching, before giving a menacing grin.
"Time to wakea the fuck up! CRUMPLE ZONE!"

>Crumple Arise: Automatic

The power core shines brightly, causing a huge surge of power into Crumple, and surging to all the crystals holding the breezies captive. Honey grunts as her wings and antennae glow brighter than they ever have.
>Crumple Arise: Making MagiTech unusable for rest of session for one free upgrade.

It only takes mere moments as the Crumple Cart is forcibly pulled to the glow. The sounds of metal moving, breaking, bending, and screeching can be heard and Honey is soon encased in a large, metal casing. The casing suddenly has a single, red glowing circle. It looks at Obsidious, and glows brighter as a row of smaller eyes seem to glow into existence. The amount of magic is immense as the Crumple Cart is morphed into something greater as the magic rips the machine's parts and adds to it. The glow around the captive breezies isn't just for show, as it melts down the crystals and sucks the liquefied crystals into the glowing mass of black metal.
>Crumple Arise: Free MagiTech upgrade. Melt the crystals keeping the breezies captive (in the process freeing them) and turn it into a thick, clear, crystal coating. Increases Crumple's H/W by +1/+1

The glow turns brighter, and there is a metallic roar.
"CRUMPLE IS BACK!" A vocoded, and quite angry, voice yells out.
>Crumple the Raging: Full description: http://pastebin.com/DFsNn1TD
>Magic Bolt repaired
>Nightmare Honor Guard Armor repaired (+1 hit)
>Has the Raging Power Core

The new, sleek, and black Crumple emerges from the glow. A cape comes to rest as Crumple hovers ominously.
"Back from the dead, and ready to kick you sorry ass! That golden catbird fortress will fucking PALE in comparison to what I'll do to you!"
Crumple looks dead on at Obsidious, the tip of the head glowing red and extending into a long, blade shape.
Crumple flies down and charges Uni-beam blade first into Obsidious.
>Uni-beam: Single, +2

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"WHAT?!" You hear Twilight screech as she continues to tangle with the stone snake, "Daring Do is a masterpiece of modern adventure! It's got a following of hundreds of thousands, its writer is an acclaimed prize winner!"

"Ooooh, sore spot." Pinkie comments as you go ahead and whip (wherever that thing came from) at the snake. It works, oddly enough, as it releases the princess and she angrily turns towards the boulder

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Shiny Rock manages to successfully bring itself to 5/4 in its hidden camouflage, Obsidious none the wiser.

You grab at Fluttershy but the extra weight of her causes you take on too much weight to dodge effectively. The attack nails you from both sides, dealing two wounds to 0/2 as Fluttershy gasps at you being harmed to defend her.

Your sacrifice was not in vain however, as the snakes freeze up as you grab at the glowing stones, slowing and frantic in their movements as Fluttershy tries to help you up to your hooves, eyes full of concentrated rage at the stone snakes.

"I am sorry to hear that." Cadence steps in, "We've had the search for any with purple or red eyes to come forward expanded but no others have been found. We're going to extend our search outside of the Empire in the hopes someone might be found."

As if on cue, the enchanters arrive asking to take your weapons for the process to begin, Isha sighs, "I understand why you must. I am… just disappointed that you must. It may has been a week for you, but, for me it has… there are few things I want less than to see you leave after that."

"I will gladly answer any questions you might have, Empress Isha. I've time to spare in the Empire until I hear from my student and my sister once more." She looks at Nero, "And, while I understand if you wish to wait till later, there was that matter I told you had arose in the six centuries since I last met with you."

Hematitus and Brain likewise breath in the scent of the dessert as she likewise carries a few bowls of cool whip on her back to toss on to the table, Hematitus thinking about the question.

"Even if we didn't know just how big that change would be? I don't know… like I said, there is a few things I would have wanted differently but that's a different animal than actually undoing it. Sometimes…"

Esmeralda puts a hoof on your shoulder, "Sometimes there are times where we need to accept what has happened, and don't look to the past but to the future. What about you, Onyxia?"

Lavender puts up a little scrunch in her muzzle, "Luke, are you listening what you're saying? That is just INSULTING to thousands of ponies, what they are doing takes some real courage. Courage I KNOW you have, Luke, and they're not all like that. It has to be a better option than just… what? Being absolutely reckless until you die some other way? How is that any better than the time you could give them if you just… didn't give up on yourself?"

She puts a magical tug on the chardonnay, wrenching it from your hooves. "Luke, please, don't do this to yourself. This isn't something you can just run away from. Your parents have a right to know, they have a right to help you. I want to help you too!" She starts lightly sobbing, using a hoof to rub her eyes, "Damnit, Luke, why are you trying to push me away? You have CANCER, Luke, what the hell am I supposed to do? Not try and do anything to help? Is that what you want? Cause I don't!"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Twilight keeps the boulder held back with her magic, the stone snack relenting and letting her go as Rarity gasps for air, "That took rather long, didn't it DARLING?" She spits out the last line as the danger passes for now, more than half the party reunited.

"Where to now, Uggy? Let us be done with this silliness and kill ze bad pony already."

Fluttershy succesffully helps up Eo-Naxx outside the chamber, eyes full of fury as she looks at your wounds, "Did they hurt you?!"

The whirlwind of metal and crystal swirls about the room in the creation of Crumple the Raging, Obsidious flabbergasted as he sees the crystal prisons melted away. You feel as though the Breezie magic within them contributes to that of your own, a mass of hundreds of the little bug-ponies accentuating the power of your new crystal, mithril war machine in its synthesis. They stay knocked out in your hold but you see bits of it different than your original design, customized in their imagining to make it feel like home…
>7/6, still down one wound from before

As the cape grows you see the breezies are not left about the cave. Rather, as your crystal assimilates, you find them gathering inside as Merc looks on with the biggest of shit eating grin at Obsidious as the stone-torn pony backs up

"Damnit… DAMNIT! You know what that machine is needed for?! You know what you cost me?" He grunts as the laser blade nails him dead on, causing him to back up as he roars

"You've had your chance! I'm taking my machine BACK!"
[1d10+3] A large stone serpent erupts form the ground in front of you charging you

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


The stone serpent breaks in pieces against the chassis, the stone flying back and hitting Obsidious and throwing him against the back wall, his stone like body breaking apart. "Grraaah!"



"I don't give a shit what it cost you!" Crumple yells, standing tall and proud from the failed attack.
"Because if you couldn't make it by yourself, then it was gonna be a failure anyway! Because shit like you can only make shit!"
Crumple hisses and both sides open, revealing the seven-barrel, slash cut gatling gun, and the howitzer unfolds as well. The gatling gun whirs to life and the howitzer takes aim right at Obsidious.
"So get ready asshole! Because you're gonna need that sack to keep all of you in one fucking spot!"

"So suck on this!"
The gatling gun unleashes a bullet hell with howitzer shells roaring out of the barrel.
>Masterwork Great (Crit 9+) Ranged Spell Dual attack
"Die already!"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


Nero listens to the three, thinking.

"Vizier, this is My decision. I am going to finish up here and then depart to Canterlot to deal with this Nephew of Mine. When I return I am going to retire for the evening, barring extenuating circumstances. In the morning I will address the Empire to tell them of the events of tonight, as well as inform them Isha has been found. Afterwards I will meet with all the alicorns to discuss everything of importance, with any others permitted entry to come in only on My authority. I am sure Twilight will wish her vassals present, and some of My servants may prove interested as well."

Nero looks to Celestia.

"That is My decision. It has waited this long, it can wait longer still. I will not be torn away by yet more business the moment I return to the Empire."

Nero says briefly glancing at Isha.

He looks to the enchanters, handing off the two swords and instructing them on what He desires done, a simply transference.

"Where is Lukewarm, I still require his presence?"


Fang looks around frantically as she's helped up, blood oozes from her maw, "Numerous injuries. Internal damage present, insufficient.. excess meat…" Fang chokes out, coughing up more blood. Clenching her staff in her TK fist Eo clacks the bottom of it's length against the ground, sending out pulses of green energy into the nearby stone which quickly return to the staff, flowing up the length, and into a swirling green sphere of mist in the center of the staff's three points.
(Skillcatcher stone summoning.)

Roll #1 1 = 1


"We will am be having book club meeting later Princess Purple Pony, but we am needing to find Blue Fast Pony and Princess Moon Pony and getting Robot Bug Pony, and Shiny Rock. Robot Bug Pony am needing our helpings five minutes ago! Orange Apple Pony and other Bat Pony is am somewhere else too Ug need to am finding."
Ug turns to Giselle.
"We am finding last two Ponies and getting back to door! Can you am flying in small cavern Giselly Gumdrop?"
Ug looks for Luna and Rainbow Dash.
Shiny Rock searches for Applejack, Z, Boo, and Seabreeze

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2



Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"My future is what I'm worried about… It feels like my life is falling into the hooves of others, and I can barely keep it going how I want it too…"
Onyxia says sadly as she lets out her issue to her parents.


Luke stops his antics. He got carried away again. And now he's gonna and made another pony about cry.

He puts his hooves on Lavender's shoulders, and tries to wipe the tears from her eyes "Lavender.." He sighs the word soft and heavy. "It was nice. That I got to see you again at the festival. I'm glad we got to talk again, and I thought it was really cute how you wanted tell me all about school, and getting hitched. But, you have to look at this the way I do. I still try to forget you, b-because just.. it hurts too much. I'm sorry if I push you away. But thats exactly what I'm doing. You're getting married soon, I don't belong here."

"This is my life. I got dealt bad cards, and.. I'm really scared. I don't want to die, but I also don't want anypony to watch me waste away. It would destroy me.. It would of just been better if I never came back from my trip."

Luke pulls Lavender in for a long hug "I'm sorry Lavender. I should get going, I didn't really want to see your fiance anyways. Bye." Luke begins heading out the opposite direction they'd been walking.


The machine guns round tear through Obsidious like tissue paper, Merc whooping as the stone body is reduced to pebbles littering the floor of the now mostly empty cavern with the machine and the breezie prisons all freed. His broken stone body begins to lose all color to a dull gray as Merc rolls up to it, smirking.

"Well. I guess I was wrong. Who the hell needs back up when you've got the power of fucking Breeze friendship or whatever the hell that was." He moves closer to it, kicking a pebble. "Damnit, he never told me what Aqua…"

"Wonderful." Merc jumps as Obsidious' head starts speaking, looking up at Crumple the Raging with an eye, "Look at what you've done. This is all turned into one big mess I'm going to have to clean up now…"

"You're… alive?!"

"Of course I am. Do you think I am naturally made of stone you simpleton?"

You slam the staff into the ground, but as it begins to shine in the center the ground suddenly shakes violently and you are thrown from your hooves to the ground, Fluttershy gasping as well as you fall from her grip (5 hits, 1/2). The snakes rear up and go in for the meal, Fluttershy looking up at them with a cold hard glare
"That's… ENOUGH!"

Isha lowers her head, "You do what you must… I will be waiting eagerly, of course. Do not take long on this bastard of Sombra's, if there is one pony I wish to speak to it is you."

Celestia looks to the hallway, "I saw Shining Armor going after him in the halls, he should not be too much longer. But," she chuckles, "My assistant was looking for him earlier as well. I'm sure they'll be done before long. Do you want an escort to accompany you on your trip to Canterlot?"

Giselle scoffs, "Can I fly? Uggy, please, I remind you am I faster zan zat tacky toy your Breezie rides, jah? I can fly just fine. Vhy do you ponder?"

As you attempt to look for Princess Luna and Rainbow, the tunnel you are in suddenly shift, twisting and contorting as the entire network of tunnels begin to change and connect to different passages, the heavy stone assailing you and knocking you down a wound to 0/3 as you feel a great rumbling occur from the direction of the crystal door.

"What was that? It feels like the whole mountain is shifting…" Twilight gasps as she tries to help you up. "We have to find whoever is causing this, before he brings it all down on our heads."
>out of combat so no need to roll

>Shiny Rock unfortunately cannot locate Apple horse or the other bathorse or the raphorse.

"…I'm guessing it has some business with that visit earlier." Hematitus sighs, "I sort of feel that way times at too. I'm… not really comfortable going into the details but I frequently find myself in situations where I have little to no options. And I know there's no way of changing it." He looks up as he swallows a slice of the pie, ecstatic as he tastes it. "But sometimes you find out the pros outweigh the cons in that scenario."

"Onyxia, here's my advice: sometimes things are out of your control and there's time you have to accept it. But the things you can change that you want to? You have to work to change them, no matter how hard it is, because you'll find those things you CAN change are so rare in life they'll be worth it. I changed a lot for my wife, trust me." At this, Esmeralda chuckles and leans into give him a peck on the cheek.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


>Stare successful
The stone snakes freeze in place as they lock eyes with Fluttershy, her face solid as stone as you feel her keeping them in place. They're slowly coming out of it however, inching towards her as she starts to back up.

"Fang, r-run. I don't want to see anypony get hurt any more, can you o-open that door?"

She silently sobs as you pull her into the long hug, gripping you back as you embrace her before you pull away. She watches you go from behind, throwing out a hoof. "You don't have to forget me, Luke… I certainly never forgot you. But please, just… don't push me away. We can help you get through this. Your parents, your friends… just don't give up. You can't give up…"

Eventually she is out of earshot, though the last thing you thought you heard her saying was that she was going to find you tomorrow as well, that this discussion wasn't over.

As you pass a corner, you see Shining Armor leaning against it, sighing, "Rough huh?" He goes up to put a hoof on your shoulder, "I ran into her husband while I was looking for you. I pointed him in the wrong direction to buy you some time… sorry to cut things short, but the Emperor needed…"

"WAAAAAAAAAAH!" You are suddenly assaulted by a flurry of red feathers and a golden mane, a pegasus mare wailing into your chest as she pins you to the ground in a powerful hold. "SAY IT IS NOT SO, SIR LUKE!" It is Sterling, devoid of her armor or any clothes whatsoever.


"This is am taking too long! Princess Purple Pony you must am finding the breezies, Ug and Ug's Pretty Griffon Girlfriend is am going to find Princess Moon Pony. Ug am bad at am giving directions so Ug will am psychic imprint into am your brains."
Ug touches Twilight's forehead and shows Twilight the way while also trying to find Luna and Rainbow Dash.
Shiny Rock floats silently trying to find the missing ponies again.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


Fang clears her mouth of blood, and looks between Shy, and the door, "Yes, but hold still."
Fang taps fluttershy for a moment with her staff, her green aura washing over Flutter, and than retreating back into the staff.
(Skillcatcher, The Stare)
Fang plants twilight into the ground, and using her Tk arm reaches out and slams one of the serpents into the doorway in an attempt to smash it open.
(TK attack on the door/one of the serpents.)

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


Crumple says nothing and walks over to the head. The single-eye gaze of Crumple looks down at the head, unphased by his not-dying-ness.
"Persistent piece of shit, aren't you?" The vocoded voice of Crumple replies.
"Now then, I think its time you start talking before I crush you."

"Answer the shit about his marefriend, first. Then, tell me about this 'mess' of yours. I just might be willing to clean it up while you're dead. And remember: I made you my bitch, so DON'T skip out on the details."


"I will hurry."

Nero looks to Celestia.

"No, that is fine. I imagine Ug and the others will have the situation all but handled by the time I arrive. But as long as I am burning time, send an order to have one of your servants travel ahead of Me to Canterlot, I wish to transfer some books from the Canterlot library to the Empire. Send over as many texts on mechanisms and the natural sciences as seems prudent to you. See that they arrive some time tomorrow."

Nero says offhandedly, tapping His hoof on His throne's arm, waiting for Lukewarm.


Onyxia thinks over her fathers words, giving her some renewed confidence to take control over her time to be what she wants.
"Thank you, this means a lot hearing it from you."

She looks down at her slice of pie, having enjoyed the first family dinner she's had with her entire family. But with all the help and advice they've given, its time for her to help them.
"I… I overheard what you were talking about earlier, just before I knocked on the door."


Luke appears a tad annoyed someone was eavesdropping but he is grateful for being given some time "Thanks Shining."

Luke is tackled onto the ground before shining can finish. "DAMNIT! who else was eavesdropping on my very sensitive and intimate moment!" Luke pushes Sterling off of him "No Sterling, it was all a lie, I told Lavender I was gonna die because I totally awful guy who likes to make ponies cry." He said very sarcastically.

>Luke is ready to leave with Shining


>Up at 6/3
>Luna and Rainbow's positions are shifting with the tunnels reshaping, but you think you see them fighting some kind of purple pony figure that reminds you of Obsidious himself. Still not precise on how to find but you imprint the directions to the door okay into Twilight.

"Roger that, Big Foreheaded Pony!" Pinkie replies mocking your accent, grabbing up Twilight and Rarity to race towards the crystal door and lend their aid.
"Be more careful with your dress Giselle dear, I see it being ripped in places!"
"Ug, we'll be back after we find the Breezies! Good luck!"

Screech looks to you as he gulps, "Uh, boss-pony, where do you want me? If Boo's lost down here I have to help find the idiot!"

Shiny Rock is successful this time: Boo and Z are arguing back and forth as they wander a tunnel that goes in a literal circle underground, connected start to end, for the past couple of hours. Seabreeze was among the breezies freed and now inside of the new Crumple. Applejack is in a much worse position: she's frozen in a crystal of orange color just below this chamber.

"Oh, um, okay but EEP." She squeaks as the green aura washes over her and you pick up her impeccable stare
>The Stare
>Can be used against all nearby enemies. If successful, animals become your minion if they are not being controlled by another. If they are, they can break free on a successful roll as they're being controlled. If the target is intelligent, they are made helpless (no wound loss) and cannot act until they break free on a successful roll. Any actions against such a target succeed on DC 4+.

The telekinetic arm reaches out and grabs the nearest snake, slamming it repeatedly into the doorway over and over as it starts to crack and shatter. The hinges do not give but the door itself is starting to break, though you spot the hairline fractures slowly receding.

The snakes attempt to break control [1d10]

"Go ahead and crush me. In case it was not obvious as of yet, this is merely a statue. I'm still more than well alive, though don't make any mistake: I have felt every. Single. Attack. And I will repay you in full when we meet again."

"But," he snickers, "His marefriend situation is so pathetic it is humorous, so I'll simply share that detail." Merc sneers and bares his fangs as he gets talking. "Well, simply put: she was never in love with you, Mercile. She simply used you to an ends, both before you broke up and when you met her again… you don't even realize I was just talking to her before you barged in, don't you?"

"…what? That… you called that thing Chitus."

"It is… you fell in love with a changeling, dear boy. So sorry, but we merely needed someone fast enough to capture Breezies and a Wonderbolt fit the bill. He had you hypnotized and sent on your merry way by your third glass."

"…you… Aqua's… he… no…" Merc starts to shut down, backing up as he twitches his wings, "Oh Luna no…"

"As for my 'mess', well, you're wearing it. I'll be needing that machine back and, since I consider myself a business pony, I'm willing to trade for it. Your other friends will suffice?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


The snakes stay in Fluttershy's thrall

"…" Hematitus looks stunned as you drop that, looking up at Esmeralda as he gets up from his chair and moves to lock the door, though Steel stands in his way. He sighs as Esmeralda looks worried at her husband, but the black pony simply sighs and goes back to the table.

"I… I think there might be a misunderstanding. What did you think you hear?"


"Esmeralda, honey, please, just… let her answer."

Shining chuckles, "If it helps, I didn't hear a thing… until, well, you just confirmed it for her." He rubs his neck, "That's… really bad to hear, man."

"I-I'm sorry," she sniffs, the armor devoid mare sitting straight up as she sniffles, "And there is no need to lie, Sir Luke, though you try to protect my feelings I know what I did hear." She takes in a long enhale, "I was spending time with my Princess again and after she had to go I was flying around looking for you to try and help you win your true love and I saw you together and I was saying, 'VERILY! Tis a happy ending!' and I wanted to see the part where you two reconciled and renewed your love and then… I heard everything. I just wanted to see true love, I didn't mean to breach your privacy. How can we stop it? This land is so amazing, surely the future has a cure!"

With Sterling practically latched onto your back, Shining starts leading you back towards the throne room, letting you two hash it out. Going up some stairs back to the throne you pass by a large white unicorn with a blonde mane, the same unicorn you saw with Lavender earlier, rush by as he races the stares without so much as a how do you do in a hurry.

"In the meanwhile, I think I will ask our new, hopefully more trustworthy Vizier some questions. This is, as you said, a new empire she has ruled for a short time. I would care to share some things with her as well as I learn. She has much to learn in a short amount of time, I imagine." She leans into whisper into Nero's ear, "And, perhaps entertain myself with a minor puzzle: you noticed her cutie mark, Beloved?"

"Of course, the Empire library is massive of its own accord but its texts are a bit outdated from what Equestria has acquired. My student Twilight had actually overseen such a transfer of many modern texts to your stores some time ago, but I'm sure there is always more knowledge to be added. I'm particularly interested in what you'll think of a few things we've uncovered since our last visit 600 years ago. Origin of Ponies you'll find fairly entertaining, as would Ug even more so if he didn't already read it from the past."


Eo's telekinetic arm surges with energy as it splits into two arms, sweeping her wings she dashes towards the door, and rams her TK into the fractures, attempting to get a good hold via forcing them to grow larger, and deeper, before attemting to rip the doors open.
(Tk attack on door.)

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


>mistake on my part, Isha was never told Cadence ruled for a period of time
>"This is, as you said, a drastically changed Empire. I will teach its past to her as I am taught of its present. She has much to learn in a short amount of time as well, I imagine." She leans into whisper into Nero's ear, "And, perhaps entertain myself with a minor puzzle: you noticed her cutie mark, Beloved?"


"I heard you talking…"
She leans in close to whisper so Brain Freeze doesn't overhear the topic.
"That you saw a changeling, somepony dangerous. Please, don't be upset, I know it was wrong to eavesdrop, but your secret is safe with me."
Onyxia says in precaution like a child to a parent when they know they were going to get scolded.
"I want to help so no one else needs to know or finds out."


"Hah! A sneaky piece of shit is more like it." Crumple says, that being a blatant rejection of his proposal.
"How about this: I leave and find them on my own, and you get jack shit."

With that refusal, the mouth guard on Crumple opens and reveals the sharp, jagged maw. The mouth opens and tightly grips Obsidious, but doesn't crush him.
"Actually, I will give you something. Free of charge, too; because I know you greaseball bastard 'business ponies' love free shit."
A red glow forms in Crumple's mouth, right in front of one of the eyes on the statue.
"More pain."
Crumple lets out a stream of fire like a dragon, letting the flames burn the statue head as long as possible before it breaks/crumbles from the heat.

>How much free pain for Obsidious?


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Ug looks at Screech.
"Yes you will am be following Ug. Now we fly!"
Ug says pointing forward waiting to be picked up by Giselle.
[1d10+1] To find Luna and Rainbow
Shiny Rock tries to find a way to free Applepony.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


Nero answers Isha, not bothering to whisper.

"That is the least of the mysteries I have still to deal with. Though since you have mentioned it, I may as well have her indulge us as I wait for this servant of mine. On that note, brace yourself for when you meet Lukewarm, he is a barbarian in every sense of that word."

"Vizier. While we wait for Lukewarm, would you care to explain how you came to acquire My mark upon your flank?"

He turns to Celestia.

"I will look into it."


"Oh shut the hell up Shining I don't want your pity. I'm just that asshole that drinks all the time. So just keep treating me like that you hear."

"And could you both do me a favor and keep this our little secret. Okay." He says to the both of them.

Luke blushes at a thought "Sterling! I just noticed. You've gone nude. Hay I'm proud of you, finally accepting my cultures degeneracy." Luke turns his head to speak with her as he carries Sterling up the castle.

>This land is so amazing, surely the future has a cure!

"Haha. Maybe in the future they've got a cure but in my time Sterly I'm afraid I'm gonna be passing in my casket anytime now. Pfft good riddance they'll say, yeah well the living was cramping my style anyway. I'm just too wild to be alive." Luke says in a very jubilee attitude, trying to change the mood. He doesn't mention anything when the white stallion passes by. Although he's sure it's Lavender's fiance.


You manage to keep the fractures from closing up as you sink your telekinesis into them, halting the healing process of the crystal door but its massive weight keeps it from being opened further. Fluttershy keeps her glare on the remaining snakes as the one you used to smash the door down writhes on the floor. "Fang, hurry… I don't know if I can…"

A pink blur shoots from the opening to the tunnels you came from before you spot two tiny balls, like party-poppers, thrown in the mouths of the stone snakes. The blur jumps down to swoop Fluttershy out of the way as a shrill voice calls, "Everypony hit the deck!"


He looks to Brain Freeze as you whisper, looking back and forth between Esmeralda and him as the wife gets the point. "Brain, honey, can you go check on the baby's toys again? Just to make sure they're all organized? I'll get you an extra big slice of pie to take home."

Brain nods eagerly and leaves the room, leaving the three of you to speak in private as Hematitus rubs his neck. "Well, that's good to hear it's safe, but… *sigh* if you heard that part then you know why it has to stay secret. No one is going to just listen to that accusation without checking why and if they do… I don't want anypony to get hurt but…"

"But what?" Esmeralda interjects, "Hematitus, you know we have to… Onyxia, if we keep this secret then who knows how many ponies will get hurt? They'll understand, they have to."

"They only thing they'll understand is how to throw me in a cell, honey."

The fire washes over the stone head in a blaze, but the stone head simply grits his stony teeth as the flames heat it to a red glow.

"You never will find them. And I'm in a position to kill all three if you don't… grr" He grunts through the gritting burns, "It's not as though you truly hold as many cards as you say! We can build another machine, I can find another source to power it! I lose nothing if I choose to end this conversation and with it your friends lives."

The three of you race through the caves along a jagged path of shifting terrain as you are met face to face with the two of them.

It is a larger than usual tunnel and several stone creatures you see assault Princess Luna and Rainbow, the former blasting them as quickly as they come while the latter dodges and weaves through them. "Surrender, Obsidious! Your treachery ends here. You pulled the wool over our eyes but you will find yourself in Tartarus with your brother if you force my hoof!"

The purple pony fighting them takes a hard hit from one of her magical blasts, but takes the pain as he looks on at Ug's arrival. "You…." the business pony growls as he stomps the ground of the tunnel, "Of course! You started this horrible day, of course my main attraction has to come and ruin this for me as well. The nerve!"

[1d10+3] A stone dragon's head juts out of the ground towards you…
[1d10+2] An explosive arrow fires from Giselle's bow halfway there

>SHiny Rock discovers Honey could using the same magitech she used on the breezies, but it would require direct contact: She's buried several dozen feet below the stone. Onyxia's ability would do the same as well but unless she is teleported out first or dug out first there is little to be done.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 9 = 9 / Roll #3 8 + 3 = 11 / Roll #4 5 + 2 = 7


The little party-poppers explode in the Stone snake's mouths, crippling one and destroying the other as Pinkie, Rarity, and Twilight come from the tunnels to help. "Fang! Keep up the force, I'm coming to help. We'll push it open together!"

>Meanwhile, the stone dragon breaks slightly upon impact with the exploding arrow, but the figure juts through and impacts against Ug with tremendous force dealing 3 hits to both him as well as Screech and Giselle, both of whom are slightly tossed back by the force (3/3)

Shining Armor nods, "Not my place to tell anyone. Safe with me."

Sterling blushes as she clutches your back while you carry her, "Oh, yes… that. Y-you see, after seeing Celestia naked, I sort of blew what I am told is a 'gasket' by her dark sister. I kept Celestia covered with my own body all afternoon as she refused to wear anything but she eventually explained to me how this is simply the norm now. And, well, if my princess does not need clothes, then how can I say I am too good for them? And so now I am naked too. It is liberating, in a way, but I feel so exposed and vulnerable. What if a sword fight occurs right now at this very moment?"

As you mention how close you are to death, she exclaims "Well we have a time machine! Why not go to this future-of-futures and find one there? You are too honorable to die like that, Sir Luke, I can't allow it! You haven't even reunited with your beloved."

>You enter the throne room to see Princesses Celestia and Cadence speaking with Nero and the mare you saw earlier in the crystal, moving and up and about.

"I have seen the Sabi before. I am confident I will be prepared for his barbarism. In the worst case, I am sure we have guards close by to throw him out."

As you ask Cadence about her cutie mark, she looks back and forth and blushes, "I guess it IS pretty similar, huh… It's kind of a long story, but, I have always had a talent for spreading love to those in need of it, even back when I didn't have magic. I acquired my cutie mark one day in my village where I was adopted. Even saved it once form a love stealing witch whose spell I learned to reverse and, after that, I met Celestia in this strange blue void where received my horn." She tilts her head, "How did you get yours?"

>As she speaks, you see Shining Armor and Luke Warm (STerling on his back) enter the throne room


Fang does as Twilight says, and continues attempting to pry the door open.
(Tk atack.)

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"And I'll blow all those machines up if you piss me off again, so don't tempt me." Crumple replies, letting the flames rage on.
>Burn baby burn!

Feeling the need to get shit done instead of wasting time, Crumple makes his way back to the regenerating door.
"Besides, not sure what friends you're talking about. But if they're who I think they are, they'll be fine."
Once at the door, Honey opens Crumple's head with an audible hiss, Honey looking VERY tiny in this new, larger head.
"So end it if you want. Or you can stick around and watch as I make an ass out of you a second time."
Honey takes aim at the door with her raygun, sending out the blue rings to shrink the door down.
>Shrinkray on door

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"And that's why I want to help now, before anypony gets hurt."
Onyxia says in response to her mother. She turns back to her father.
"Who was it? I can find out what he's doing and deal with him so you don't need to risk yourself."


"Stop yous am the fightings!" Ug waves his arms as he is carried.
>Ug checks to make sure that it is not the real Obsidious and if so what it is.
Shiny Rock floats over to where Honey is and displays a hologram of Applejack stuck underneath the floor and visual instructions of how to get her out.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Nero listens to her tale, intrigue rising.

"When My father Umbra perished, I was forced to take the throne. I was only a boy, not fourteen years had passed since My birth, and I was asked to rule over as imposing and mighty people as ever existed. It would not be inaccurate to say I was nervous. So I prayed to the gods for guidance, I looked to the ancient kings, and I poured Myself into study, trying to apply Myself to this wisdom, to learn the secret of kingship, to learn how to govern this impossible masses, whom I knew would split and fall asunder with My slightest difficulty. The weight of My world was on My shoulders."

"On the night of My coronation I stood before the temple, and saw the starry void overhead, from which Anunoth ruled Creation. My robe was long, it was a man's robe, and I was a boy. The people gathered in hushed anticipation, as I ascended the steps of the Ziggurat. There stood one of the great priests, with others around him, holding the crown in his hooves. My heart beat within Me, as I considered again that with My slightest failure, with My barest inattention, all that I loved would vanish like mist."

"I took the crown into My hooves, and held it towards the sky. I swore the oaths of the Emperor. I called upon the gods in turn. I swore by My great name that I would be the highest and noblest of all upon the face of the Earth, and set the cold metal upon My head."

"And there at once My vision cleared, My heart stopped. As I looked upon those many people, it became a very natural thing to Me. I realized I was King, as surely as the sun shines and the bird sings, I could not help but reign. My mark appeared that very day and hour."

As Nero finishes His tale, He turns to notice Lukewarm entering, wishing to ask Cadence more of her cutie mark but not having the time.

"Greetings, mighty Lukewarm! Welcome."


"Hmm?" Honey looks to the hologram, keeping her hoof steady on her shrinkray and leaving Crumple's head where it is as it breathes fire.
"Yeesh. What'sa with this guy and trappinga ponys in crystals? Hea must have some weird, grossa-ass fetish or somethinga."

"Hmm, Ia think we'll have toa just carry her fora a bit, Shiny. I'ma sorta burned out righta now." She says, showing as she tries to make her magical glow, only for it to blink and fizzle out like a dead light bulb.


>Well we have a time machine!
"I- W- What? Sterling we're gonna have to talk about this later. Its been long day filled with revelation and I got the feeling I'm gonna wanna be sitting down for whatever the hell you're goin on about"

Luke finally enters the throne room. Setting down Sterling and greeting everyone with a simple "Yo"


Nero looks to Lukewarm, standing up.

"I am running late, so I will spare you the theatrics. I require the shield of Gavon, guard of Garfield, which last I saw you possessed. Secondly, I am going to deal with the second son of Sombra, and wished to know if you desired to accompany Me. And lastly, despite your previous lack of tact, I figured introductions were in order."

Nero says looking to His wife, then to Luke, holding out His arm.

"Isha this is Lukewarm, the mighty, the barbarian, one of My strongest warriors."

He turns to Luke.

"Lukewarm, this is Empress Isha. My wife."


"Er -uh Hi Isha." Luke ambles forward stretching out his hoof for a hoofshake "This is kinda weird." Luke turns to Nero "Aye Nero, sorry about ruining your moment back there, I wasn't aware of things."

"I left the sheild back where you picked me up. I got tired of carrying it around everywhere."


Rarity and Twilight combine their blue and pink fields of magic to your green, the combined energies pushing open the door wide to a large chamber leveled in three tiers. Once inside, the stone snakes scatter back into the stone, Pinkie helping up Fluttershy as the cavern is made open to you.

Within, you see a lot of large blanks in the walls of the chambers where there might have been something before with a series of strewn mechanical equipment across the multiple levels.

From the top looking down, you can see a tall, intimidating machine about the size of a buffalo firing a large stream of fire onto a pile of stones turning the floor bright red, a pegasus with a pair of broken wings sitting down nearby, and a collection of desks and notes and chests strewn across the floor of the chamber as well. Twilight walks up besides you and looks around, "I… I don't see Obsidious anywhere. And I don't recognize either of those two either."

The stone head of Obsidious melts into a molten pile the heat intensifies so much, with the words of the head repeating
"Desperate times…" as they dissipate into mush.

You feel a series of rumbles coming from throughout the cavern, and a particularly big one as the doors where you burned a whole through shoot open in a burst. Merc turns his head upwards, then depressingly turns it down. "You think he was bluffing? About that mare with the hat, your batpony and zebra friend?"

As the ruckus occurs upstairs, you suddenly hear a knock at the back of your cockbit and some shouting occuring behind it.

Esmeralda looks to her husband as his brow furrows deeply, he gets up and walks around the table. "Okay, that does it."

He gets up close to you, Steel moving up besides to back you up but Hematitus does not pull anything yet. "WHY are you so fixated on helping us?"


"I know, she said she just goes around helping ponies, but this doesn't seem strange to you? First she saves my legs with the statue at the sight of you running out in a hurry. Then she has some kind of invisible knight from the middle ages break debris above our head as its coming down, then she finds our house with no directions, and now she wants to help us with Chitus? Why? Onyxia, I have a good sense of when ponies are lying." He leans in,

"You are not telling me something important. I need to know WHAT if my family is at risk." He asks furiously.

>You verify this is not the real Obsidious: it is a stone statue animated to look alive. The real one is hidden somewhere else connecting by stone to this location controlling it through a constant connection to the stone.

"Why do you keep calling me that? It is OBSIDIOUS you shrewd buffoon. That was for ruining the Cavepony Experience, Mr. Ug. I'll see to it the good Professor will be hearing of how the rights to your likeness were sold to me prior to your unfortunate disappearance."

"Seriously?" Rainbow shouts, "You're this big evil Equestria conquering dark lord and you get mad over something like that stupid exhibit?"

"It was a beloved hobby and it was NOT stupid."

[1d10+3] Cleaving 5 targets with a summoned stone attack
[1d10+3] Luna retaliates with a gravity attack of her own

>As Shiny Rock displays the instructions, Merc blinks as he looks at the hologram. "She's underground? How the hell do we get her out of solid stone?"

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #2 10 + 3 = 13


The stone attack hits the party for two hits apiece (Ug down to 1/3) but Luna's gravity spell hits the stone Obsidious hard, leaving him floating above the stone in a miniature gravity spell as he freezes in place, struggling to get free of the field with Luna smirking at her success. "You didn't honestly think to match us all alone, did you? If so that is honestly a tad sad."

"That… that's incredible…" Cadence comments, the story having quite the impact in its grandiose telling. She looks back at her own mark, smiling in recollection. "A cutie mark that appeared to prove you're destined to rule sounds inspiring to witness."

Isha gives a low laugh, "Do not be so disappointed, Vizier. You will have many opportunities to be inspired by your Emperor. The rise to the throne was only the first of many."

"Still, I am told it was a sight to behold. My sister and I had not yet even been born onto this Earth when it occurred."

She looks confused as you seem confused. "What? Did you already forget? That is rather silly to forget is it not?"

Entering the room, you see Celestia nod her head to you as well. "Hello Luke Warm, it's so wonderful to meet you again. We didn't get much opportunity earlier, what with the palace collapsing. I wish to apologize on Twilight's behalf, I feel she was somewhat stressed by the situation. Did you speak with Lavender?"

Isha looks back at Luke Warm given his informal greeting (receiving a slight facehoof from Shining in the process) as she repeats, "'Yo'?" She gauges him up and down, turning back to Nero, "He is one of your strongest? Truly? I feel somewhat underwhelmed again."

She looks at the hoof you hold out, nodding her head in turn. "Hello Luke Warm. It is pleasant to meet you. You are now one of my husband's mightiest I am told?" She looks to your back, "Who is your friend?"

"Sir Sterling m'lady." She hops off of Luke's back and gives a low bow, "A Knight of Equestria!"

"Do knights no longer wear armor in this time?" She pokes fun, but Sterling blushes redder than usual.


"Gooda riddance." Honey says, giving a good spit into the molten pile of stone before the head closes up.

"Eh, we'lla get them out. Firtsa, the one with the hat anda funny accent." The back panels slide open, revealing a brand new missile rack, with ACTUAL missiles! Complete with shark faces on them!
"If the stone is solid, then we might as well get blasting."
>Blast through solid rock with the power of missiles!
>Masterwork Great Ranged Dual Fire attack

At the noise, Crumple pivots on the spiked wheels and has a fresh salvo prepared; not recognizing any of them, nor Eo's new look.
"Tell me who you are before I blast you to hell!"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


Onyxia cowers back in her chair as her father approaches close, worried at his increasing tone and slightly misty-eyed at his final amgry demand.
"Because you're my family too!"
She blurts out.
"A-And I don't want to lose you again!"
She shouts out, eyes closed.


"All is forgiven Lukewarm. Though I need that shield, go and obtain it at your earliest convenience. And I require an answer to My other question, do you wish to accompany Me to capture or slay the second son of Sombra?"
Nero nods to Cadence, stopping as though in thought.

"This, 'blue void', you mentioned. Did it happen to take the form of an open morning sky, with all the stars of the firmament glittering overhead?"
"I have personally seen him slay a golem twenty cubits high [30 ft], slay men by the dozen, and fall from the sky riding a dragon that can not fly. He also aided Me in defeating a griffon king, so high and mighty that he made Gillian look like a newborn chick. Trust Me, his appearance is very deceiving."

Nero states plainly to Isha.


Fang presses Twilight against Ginger(universe reboots), "The amulet is priority one, two, three four, five, six, seven, and eight repeating. Bring it to me."
Eo states before attempting to take flight stretching out her scaly wings.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Ug smirks.
"Ug am getting the impression that you am tad bit mad. That is am okay, Ug am un-licensed psychotherapist shrink head."
Ug puts on glasses and gets out a notebook paper and pen.
"Now Darth Sidious, telling us how you feel. Ug is am thinking this having something to do with you ams father."
[1d10] To break through some tough metal barriers and get to the heart of the problem.
Shiny Rock heals itself

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


>Did you speak with Lavender?"
"eeeeeYeeah I got to talk to her. It didn't go to well. Thanks for askin though."

>I feel somewhat underwhelmed again."

"Yeah, well guess thats why they call me Lukewarm"
>You are now one of my husband's mightiest I am told?"
"Yeah I guess, but to be honest I don't remember a thing about what happened during spring break. I was really drunk."

"Yeah I'd be up for that. We'd need to pick up my cousin though. I really shouldn't be leaving him with other folks for so long. Could you give me a ride?"


mental barriers*


"You can bring your cousin here when you get the shield, then we will all depart to Canterlot. We should be back in the Empire within a couple of hours, I doubt he shall even be alive when we get there."


"Soo, you can't Like, roll out one of those chariots so I can go get the shield. I don't wanna have to walk all the way Esmeralda's and then back. Besides it'd just be faster."


"I can and I will. I will have somepony bring you there and back here with your cousin in tow. Is he a warrior, or a civilian?"


You launch a barrage of shark-headed missiles out towards the ground underneath where Shiny Rock points out her location, the missiles blowing apart bits of earth a bit too close to Crumple as the shrapnel tears into the new armor, taking it down to 1/6 health but the machine stays standing with its newly enhanced armor from the blast.

Merc takes cover behind you as the explosions rock the cavern, but points out to Shiny's hologram in a frantic, "Wait, wait, stop! Look!" AS he points towards it, you see a small hairline fracture appeared on Applejack's prison after the explosions occurred.

"You're breaking it… I think that could be bad, but, that's just me."

Hematitus looks confused between you and Esmeralda, his brows raised as he asks, "Esmeralda… you have any sisters or cousins you never told me about?" She shakes her head.

"No, I… never met Onyxia before today. Do you…"
"No. She's not a… you know what. I'd know."

Seeing you distraught, she moves up closer to put a hoof on your back and calm you down, like she did in your youth. "Onyxia, what do you mean lose us again? I'm so sorry, but, have we met before? Hematitus didn't need to raise his voice like that, but he's just scared for me and our baby, that's all… you can trust us too."

She nods her head, eagerly. "Yes, it was. Countless visions of all the good I had done in my life up to that point as well… it was the most magical place I had ever visited. You know of it?"

"…if you claim he has, I will believe it." She stares back at Luke, "Just barely though. He seems so… uninspiring."

Twilight nods in confirmation as she heads through the doors, and your wings open up to take flight but flounder as a wound from the battle makes them ache and close up reflexively. "Oh, wait, let me look at that!" You hear Fluttershy call having regained her wits, rushing into look at the wound as Twilight searches the cave for it.

At the bottom, you see the giant robotic creature, similar to Crumple, turn to you and shout for you to reveal yourselves.

The white unicorn at the top looks down to shout at Crumple, "W-wait! Don't fire, we're just here for the Breezies. So… do kindly hoof them over, please. And thank you."

She whispers, "Faaang? A giant machine is pointing guns at us. What is our plan, darling?"


"I am sorry to hear. Did she invite you to the wedding the day after tomorrow?"

As you continue speaking to Isha, she chuckles at the Luke Warm crack. "Humorous. And you claim to drink so much that you do not remember your time as my husband's warrior?"

"He is a powerful warrior indeed!" Sterling defends your honor, "I have seen him win countless duels against opponents so large and so teeny tiny I could hardly believe it was not me!"

"I…" Shining holds up a hoof, rubbing his forehead a bit. "I'm sorry. Emperor Nero, I think you might be mistaking Luke for somepony else. When you were asking to see him I wasn't expecting you to suddenly praise him as your greatest warrior, he's… he's just a friend from Ponyville or Manehatten or whatever. He's a normal guy."

Obsidious' stone copy says little as you try and speak with him, his angry glare only concentrated on you and your allies as he sits their floating in low gravity. "My father? My father was a fool who allowed our entire empire to vanish into tundra and snow. He feared my potential to overtake him. I will soon prove him right when I take it all back…"

Luna raises a brow, "You… dislike Sombra?"

"I'm not speaking to any of you anymore. Desperate times are going to call for desperate measures."

"Look around, silly pony." Giselle levels her bow and arrows at him, "You are not in much position to make threats."

>Shiny Rock fails to heal successfully


Fang holds while the pony inspects her wound, looking to the white unicorn she pokes her with Ginger before attempting to fly down to the main floor.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 6 = 6


File: 1429521779334.jpg (46.9 KB, 654x654, CE4r5vR[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Denial, Lashing Out, Megalomania, these are am being clear signs of abandonment issues. Tell Ug abouts yous am mother. Did she am being holding you enough when you am foal?" Ug says as he doodles a funny cartoon on his notepad.
Shiny Rock tries to heal again [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Nero looks to Cadence.

"I might. I will think on this as well."
The Emperor turns to Shining Armor.

"Do not rush to defend your pride so easily Shining Armor. I said one of the strongest, not the strongest. Secondly, what do you mean he is a 'normal guy', I myself have seen him perform feats of grandeur and might that would stagger the imagination of lesser men."

Nero laughs a bit, thinking back to Lukewarm's shitty apartment.

"What am I to believe, that some vulgar creature living in poverty stumbled through the ages, drunk out of his wits, and then, by sheer chance, overtook all the hosts of King Garfield, vanquished the Overseer, and did many other deeds, only to return home sober and possess no recollection?"

"Do you think I am a fool, Shining Armor?" Nero says in good humor.


Onyxia looks up at her mother as she comforts her, feeling eased, but still distraught.
"This… I wouldn't blame you two for not beliving, but… I'm from the future. It sounds ridiculous, but that's how I knew where we live, why I listened in, and why I've been watching out for you two. Because you're my…"
Onyxia takes a breath, wiping her eyes as she's pouring out to her parents, worried they might toss her out as a crazy nutjob. But Lost, her father, in the Nightmare Era saw the truth, hopefully they'll see it again.
"You're my parents."


Crumple simply gives the worried Merc a nod.
"Don't worry, I know when to stop. We'll take her along, and work on getting her free later."
Honey shrinks the crystal, and in turn Applejack, down and has Crumple pick her up and place her within a safe spot in the cargo area.

"You're here for the Breezies too?" The missile rack remains open, but the missiles that were standing at attention and prepared to be fired sink back down.
"No can do. I already went through a lot of shit to get them, and I'm busting out of here with them. Unless you want to end up like that," Crumple pints a hoof to the molten pile of stone that was Obsidious, and Crumple's head open, revealing the little breezie pilot inside, "thena I suggest you backa off!"

Crumple's jets activate, flying up and meeting up with the odd, dragon pony.
"Hey. Who thea hell are you?" Honey asks, now the one doing the looking down on ponies from a top her new, bigger mech.
"Ifa you're looking fora the Breezies, then takea a hike."


>He's a normal guy."
"Eh, yeah I'm just a guy from Brooklyn."

>Did she invite you to the wedding the day after tomorrow?"

"Whu wait!? The wedding is tomorrow! I -I can't believe I forgot." Luke is distraught for a moment. He looks down in contemplation.

"Alright I'll be heading out. Where ever the chariots are I'll find it." Luke runs out the throne room. Not really know where to go but godspeed regardless.
[1d10] finding chariots!!!

Before Luke leaves the throne room you can faintly hear him say to himself "Holy shit what did I do over Spring Break."

Roll #1 1 = 1


thank you dice. First roll of the night folks


"Your kind don't interest me Moth Pony, " Fang does her creepy grin, flashing her rows of sharp dragon teeth as she cocks her head to the side enough to make a crack loud enough that a physician might question the integrity of her spinal columnm, "Ittssss mee! you're best friend Fang!" she says straightening out to search for the necklace.


Nero facehooves.

"Vizier, please have somepony take him to Esmerelda's."

He says sitting back down on His throne.


>error on my part in reading. Its late, ffs. Timey wimey fixer uppers a go.

"Yeah, that is. Fuck." Crumple replies, giving an annoyed, vocoded sigh.
"I don't have all that much in terms of gentle shit. You got any bright ideas?"

"Fang?" Honey asks, following along as she speaks, and has clearly seen enough shit in her own time to not be bothered by the neck snapping.
"Lasta I checked, Fang didn'ta have the dragon thinga going for her. Thougha, if it isa you, its nice to see youa not all sad anda shit."


You fly down to the main floor with Twilight, scanning the ruins of this lab chamber for any sign of the amulet while ignoring those addressing you. Rarity gives a curt 'ow' as you prod her with the stick but after your wing is mended you take off.

Looking around the room, the wounded pegasi who stands close to the robot approaches you both as he asks, "Uh… hi? Kind of a FUBAR situation here, what are you doing?"

Digging through scattered notes, you find a series of drawings and calculations depicting your mark: the legendary alicorn amulet is seen among several of the, particular detail given to its red jewel in the center of the artifact.

"It was here… but I looked around and I can't see it anywhere else." Twilight comments.

>Another glitch occurs in the Shiny Rock that holds up the healing app.

"We do not speak about my mother. And this conversation is ending." He grins maliciously, and around his neck you begin to see parts of it jutting out and forming like liquid stone as it morphs into a rough shape of a winged horse with a red jewel in the center. "If I studied its history, the blue loud-mouthed one should be familiar with it."

Rainbow looks on as the shape around his neck becomes one of familiarity, her jaw dropping. "Oh crap…"

The room is so silent you could hear a pin drop at first. Both of your parents just look at each other in silent shock as they try to process this. Steel steps up to break the silence.
"She speaks the truth. She is not of this time. Neither am I. She only sought your safety since arriving."

Esmeralda shakes her head, "That's… that's impossible though. Who can…"
"No…" Hematitus shakes his head, "She wasn't lying that time." He moves in close, looking at your eyes and slightly opening your muzzle to gaze at the little fangs withing, his eyes widening in realization as he inspects your coat and mane, doubling back between you and Esmeralda. He steps back, muzzle quivering.

"What is my name?"

Merc shakes his head. "If my wings were working, still probably would break my own hooves before the ground. You have a shovel function on that swiss-army-bot you made? Other than that is teleporting, I guess… the alicorn that just flew in probably knows that shit."

You see the white unicorn take a deep breath and relax as a familiar yellow pegasus steps forth. It's the one you first met with Seabreeze. "Busting them out? Then, then you have them?!" She starts to flutter down, her excitement overriding her fear of the machine, "Please, please, sir, my friend has been looking for them for a week now. He's so worried about them and we think they're in danger. If you have them can you please let them go? Their home is going to be closed off soon…" As she gets closer and you come out of the cockpit, she gasps, "Wait… you're Honey!" She looks at the big massive Crumple, "W-what are you doing in a thing like that? Is Seabreeze and everypony okay? We came to help. Did you find that Mercile von Grayscale?"

"Oh they sure fucking did alright…"


Shining Armor sort of looks at the floor as Cadence follows suit, the white stallion eventually speaking up,

"Well, actually, yes sir that's actually sounds pretty accurate. Luke works a pizza delivery job last I heard, still trying to get through college in Manehatten. Kind of a bad apartment too, doesn't really have a lot of ponies who like him in Ponyville… no offense man."

As Luke confirms it, Shining Armor nods, "See? Normal. Just your average Pony Joe."

As Luke tries and fails to arrange a chariot, Cadence moves out of the throne room chasing after him to arrange one as the white stallion from before appears to hold up a hoof to Luke to stop him from running around blind, "Pardon me, my Princess, but if he needs a ride I have a chariot ready to go. Please, let me take you wherever you need to go, Mr. Warm."

Fate seems to hate you tonight. It's Lavender's fiance. "White Collar, we haven't met yet. I still owe you for saving my fiance's life tonight, I insist you let me give you a ride if you need one."
>Fast travel to Esmeralda's?


"Whywouldibesadi'amhappy!" she says loudly, and quickly in a giddy tone, loud enough for pinky to hear before she screaming for about five seconds, and than goes back to searching.


Luke grimaces "Yeah.. sure, no problem" Luke begrudgingly agrees and follows him.

>Fast travel


During the chariot ride Luke can't help but ask "Sooo, Why's your name white collar if you pull a chariot?"


Fang glares passively at Twilight before turning to Crumple, and Merc, she floats the picture of the amulet up for the pair to see, just the picture not the name or anything about it, "Have you seen this artifact? Obsidious has it, and we need it intact…" she thinks for a moment, "Or the future is lost."


Nero thinks on this for a moment.

"That is impossible. He drinks more than any man in Sabi, he uses a firearm for a club, I saw him strike Garfield son of Gillian into the ground and then mock him for sport. How could it possibly be that he is just some average pony?"

Nero asks skeptically.


Onyxia is silent as her parents speak and while her father inpects her.
"Your name is Sharithik."
She states quietly, the tense shock of the situation getting to her as well, felling time coming to a standstill as she awaits their reaction.


Ug chews on the end of his pencil,"Mhmm mhhmm, this is am all pointing classic abandoment disorder. What do you ponies thinking?" Ug asks nearby Luna and Rainbow Dash ignoring the Alicorn amulet.
Shiny Rock tries to zero in on the location of the REAL Alicorn Amulet.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Wella good on ya then. Ifa you need helpa, let me know…after I bust througha some rock firsta." Deep down, Honey felt good seeing her not crying/upset like she was back in Sterling's time.

"Closest isa this beam weapon, but seemsa too risky for something thisa delicate."

"Okay, onea at a time. Firstlya: you remember that carta I had. This isa it, after somea underhoofed tactics. Second: yesa. They're alla insidea Crumple. And lastly, wea did, but Merc isa innocent. He wasa brainwashed or somea shit."

"Buta we've got biggera shit to worry abouta. That mare witha the funny accent is trapped undera us, and all ofa Crumple's stuff will breaka her prison, which will alsoa kill her. Got anythinga that can help?"

Honey looks at the picture for awhile, thinking it just some fancy looking piece of jewelry.
"Nope. Been too busy breakinga doors, getting Crumple back, and puttinga that greaseball bastard in his place."
Honey shrugs.
"Buta what the hell, I suppose I cana help you search. Forgeta the future; just toa keep that good mood ofa yours going."
Honey inspects the chests, using her raygun to blast the locks if any are locked.
>Helping Search

Roll #1 9 = 9


You see Pinkie running down the steps as she gasps in your face, "I THOUGHT I recognized you! You're the hoody pony who didn't know what the hay fun was!" She looks around, "This isn't really more what I had in mind, given the life threatening danger and all, but, eh, different tastes for different cakes. Having fun now?"

"Oh, I don't pull it, obviously." He refers to a pair of earth ponies at the helm who take the chariot to pull you along with him as he sits with you in the chariot itself.

The trip does not last long given the short distance and your directions, and you shortly arrive in front of Esmeralda's house before long. The door is closed but you see ponies inside. "So… you were her old flame, I hear? Heh, have any funny stories she wouldn't share with me?" The awkward is thick enough to spread on toast.

Merc shakes his head, "Uh, no. No we were too busy getting our asses kicked for the better part of the last hour and then all assorted shit hitting the fan. He wasn't wearing anything like that…"

"It's of the utmost importance we find it, for the safety of the future." Twilight adds, looking around the chamber, "I need you to share with us everything that had happened here. The breezies might be safe, but we still have many ponies who might be lost out there in the tunnels. Add that to the imporan

Shining Armor shrugs, "Well, he certainly wasn't doing any of that before he disappeared five or six days ago. I didn't even know he knew how to use a firearm. The drinking is about the only consistent thing I've heard but that gets him in a lot more trouble than good graces. About the only thing he's done in the last year I've known is peeking on my little sister in the shower. He's just, not a warrior."

"Even if that WERE true then," Sterling puts her muzzle up at the captain, "But he is certainly a mighty warrior now, is he not?!"

Rainbow gulps, "I think we need a new plan… but I'm betting more on the whole 'overbearing' dad angle than anything myself."

The Alicorn Amulet manifests in full on the stone Obsidious' neck, the floating statue turning back to solid, uncolored stone before crumpling to the ground in a pile of rocks. Luna and Giselle lower their guard as they look around the tunnel, waiting for the next step to happen as you search for the real amulet.

The real amulet is, as you can imagine, around the real Obsidious' neck. The real Obsidious' whose location escapes you for the time being as the tunnels give an eerily calm sense of stillness. "Is… is that it? That's the big bad amulet I've been helping Fang look for?" Screech shouts.


Hematitus freezes, then looks at Esmeralda.
"…she's definitely not a changeling who'd know that. The only pony we'd ever tell that to is…"
They both turn and look at you, still in total disbelief for a few moments. Then, the silence is broken again by a few light sobs coming from Esmeralda. She is grinning, cheek to cheek, as she moves up to nuzzle your cheek.

"I can't believe it… we had a girl! I knew it was a girl, I just knew it. Look, Shar, she has your coat just like you thought she might!" She envelops you in a hug, still laughing as Hematitus looks nervous of doing so at first. She eventually grabs his hoof and pulls him in to join the embrace much like the one earlier today at the temple.

The hug lasts for several moments, Steel backing off to let you all be as Hematitus speaks, "Wow. This is… this has to be a bit weird for you then, heh. We're not much older than you are now." He leans his head back, sighing, "I was hoping I'd still have a few months to prepare for this."

He relaxes and pulls back. "Okay. If you want to help us, I'm ready to take it. Dad's are supposed to have a hard time saying no to their kids, right?"

"Then they're all safe!" Fluttershy exhales, "Oh, thank goodness… are they all alright? No one is hurt too badly?"

"Wait, 'funny accent'?" Rarity gasps, "Applejack is trapped underground!?" She lights up her horn, closing her eyes as she puts it close to the earth. "I sense a massive gem under there! Oh no, Applejack dearie we're coming!"

"It's okay, it's okay!" A large purple alicorn moves up to greet you. "I've read about you too! You're the demon knight that fought with everyone in the Griffon Wars! I thought you blew up in the battle of Gildevast…" she looks up and down at the massive machine you now pilot, then shaking her head, "Well, besides that, don't worry I can get her out of the ground between Rarity's sensing and my teleportation spell. Thank you, we owe you for saving Seabreeze and his friends."

>The chests are broken open one by one, and you find a collection of various items within ranging from more documents to diagrams of Ug and Shiny Rock to one filled to the brim with green glowing horns. But no Alicorn Amulet yet…



File: 1429925236511.jpg (85.64 KB, 500x333, clock34.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Time… time never changes.

Calling for sheets to the 34th session of Timequest


File: 1429925393562.jpg (42.18 KB, 500x281, Mazinkaiser.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1429925421597.jpg (138.57 KB, 800x657, Caveman-computer.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1429925499807.jpg (204.01 KB, 600x331, CuteGils.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



Luke Warm: 5/5 (5/5)
Onyxia: 5/5 (5/5)
Ug: 1/3 (6/6)
Nero: 8/6 (8/6)
Crumple: 1/6 (7/7)
Honey: 5/3 (5/5)
Shiny Rock: 3/3 (5/5)
Eo-Naxx Fang: 6/2 (6/6)

>YEAR: 1017 AE
>Crystal Empire Palace
Nero sits among the throne room with his reunited Empress Isha, the Princesses of Sun, Sir Sterling of 417 AE, and Prince Shining Armor as he explains the relationship with Luke Warm's less than inspiring past.

"Look, I don't think he's really a bad guy and, hell, if he did do all those things then kudos to him. I'm just saying, Emperor, he's a regular Joe from here. Lives in a cheap flat last I heard from Twily."

Isha turns her head to you and asks, "'Joe'?"

Princess Celetia steps forward, "Surely this does not lessen your perception of him, does it?"


>Esmeralda's house
Much to their shock and surprise, Onyxia has revealed to both her parents who she truly was and her reason to wanting to help them now in this era with the changeling issue.

They both still hold Onyxia in an embrace, tears streaming from their eyes as Steel, begrudgingly steps forward.

"You believe her then? No more proof needed?"

Hematitus shakes his head. "The only pony I ever told my name to is Esmeralda. Onyxia isn't changeling… or, I guess, at least not fully. It's weird, being half crystal pony must block my senses."

"But, besides that… I just feel it. In my heart." Esmeralda grins wide, but her expression quickly turns solemn. "What did you mean, Onyxia, by… 'lose us again'?"


>Outside Esmeralda's house
Meanwhile, Luke had courteously been given a ride by the future husband of Lavender Current, White Collar, a prestigious upper-class white unicorn driving his chariot to the home of the spa-pony Esmeralda where Luke's dinner has, by this point, grown colder than his father's namesake.

He begins to walk you to the door, White Collar nervously tugging at a little collar and tie placed around his neck as they approach the house. "So, Luke, uh. Lavender's told me a lot about you! She say anything about me yet?"

>Canterlot Mountains: Chamber
The majority of the Mane 6 rests with the ruined chamber of Obsidious' former Breezie Machine, the hundred breezies coming too within the confines of the newly upgraded Crumple the Raging as Fang and the gang charge in to bring reinforcements to the cause.

Fluttershy is checking every inch of Crumple to see if there's a way to check on the Breezies inside as Honey hears a pounding at the back of her cockpit door. Rarity and Pinkie currently try to dig through solid rock to get at the trapped Applejack underneath, but find little progress being done.

Fang and Twilight analyze the notes of Obsidious to reveal he does indeed have the Alicorn Amulet under his possession, but to what purpose his coded writings cannot be deciphered. Obsidious himself has fled leaving behind little else in his chamber, but Fang does discover a chest filled to the brim with green glowing unicorn horns, and several schematic/diagrams of Ug the cavepony as well.
>The unicorn horns are clearly magical and give you a sickening nausea being near them.
>You also discover a long, etched black club that appears similar to the variety Ug carries around, etched with mysterious symbols into its side.


>Canterlot Mountain: Tunnels
Meanwhile, Ug and his team reigned victorious over another statue of Obsidious, Giselle/Screech/Luna/Rainbow present as they watched the statue summon a stony apparition of the amulet to his neck before the statue crumpled into dust.

Luna blows blue flares out of her nostrils as she crushes the remainder in her gravity field. "Well, that's enough of a distraction then."

"Zat vas a fake?" Giselle asks,

"Indeed. The second one I broke after coming in here." Luna brags, looking down both directions of the tunnel, "The real one cannot be far! He had very precise control over that dummy, magic like that must have a range."

>Reminder: only missing party members left are Z, Boo, and Spike.


Onyxia holds in the embrace, tears dotting her face as well, overjoyed at the family reunion, even if it was in the past.
As her mother questions what she said, Onyxia wipes her face.
"In the future, before I was born… something happened that started a changeling hunt across Equestria. They searched everywhere, and you left to keep us safe."
She says, looking at her father.
"Mom said it was just for a little while, until the guards stopped their search. But, you never came back. I don't know what caused them to start searching every city, but after I heard you two talking about that other changeling, I think it might be him. I want to deal with him before anypony finds out what he is so you don't have to leave…"


Shiny Rock tries to locate where the real Obsidious is.
"One moment if you am pleasing, Ug am need to locating stragglers."
Ug looks for Spike, Boo and Z

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


Nero's eyes flash in surprise as Shining mentions the length of Luke's disappearance, coupled with the rest of the information, He realizes the timeline is somehow shifting in reference to the machine. He thinks on this, as well as on the matter of Lukewarm, finally looking to Isha in answer about a minute later.

"Do not ask Me, I'm unfamiliar with the expression."

He turns to Celestia.

"Of course it does. I had thought him somepony great. I cannot deny his deeds, but he is not what I imagined he was."

Nero moves His hoof out from under Isha's, gripping hers in His as he continues to patiently await Lukewarm's return.


"Whata the fuck?" Honey says, looking behind her.
"Alright alright, sit tight!" Honey presses a few controls, unlocking the door behind her to allow whoever was banging inside.

"Heh, nice piece of robot, isn't it?" Honey brags through Crumple to Fluttershy.
"Forget what your dumb books say, Crumple's back and ready to start tearing ass again!"



Luke tries to hide his grimace when White Collar moves to sit next to him. He pops open a can of GOAT Brew to calm his nerves.

>have any funny stories she wouldn't share with me?

"Uhh Nnope, Lavi's an open book" He lies "You should ask her if it tasted lukewarm."

"She says you're wonderful." Luke says deadpan as he knocks on the door


Hematitus looks to his wife, who scrunches her muzzle, "It has to be. You said he was dangerous, what else would he be doing here in the Empire? I'm sure he'll be stopped whether we tell them or not but if they DO catch him, then," she stops, taking in a deep short breath. "They'll find you."

Hematitus leans on a chair, looking back and forth across the floor. "Heh… figures. Seems no matter how much I try to make my own home my old one always finds a way to pull me back in. What the hell could they do to stop me from coming back though…"

He shakes his head, "Onyxia, I know this changeing, Chitus. He's an Elite, a… a kind of 'special op' Changeling. If we try to take him down with only a few of us like this we'll be in way over our heads."

The door knocks as Hematitus rolls his eyes, "Oh for the love of the gods what now…"

"I'll get it." Steel says, putting a hoof up, "You talk."

Shiny Rock scans the entirety of the mountain: Obsidious is situated at the bottom in a large cavern situated underneath the mountain. It's continually moving outwards away from the mountain as the purple unicorn within meditates on a raised platform with a hot glowing red horn with the amulet around his neck moving this isolated cave moving underground away from you all.

Ug knows that Boo and Z are trapped in a large, circular tunnel that connects back in on itself they've been following in a loop for hours. Spike is somewhere in the tunnels alone but you can't peg his location.

As you search, you feel Screech pounding on your head for attention. "B-boss! More!" he points a shaking leathery wing at the tunnel away from where you came (opposite from Fang and the others) as solid stone ponies alined with spikes and red jewels begin to burst from the wall in groves. Luna stands firm as a small mob appears before them. "Oh, that's better."

"It is a disappointment, Beloved. Is it that surprising however? I may not have received the 'best' first impression but as a 'barbarian' he paled in comparison to the Sabi."

"But why is that? I would think you of all ponies would appreciate a pony who started with nothing and became much much more on his own. He was not born or raised a warrior but doesn't that make his heroic deeds all the more impressive considering so?"

"He failed to inform Nero of his true nature." Isha fires back.

"To be fair," Shining raises a hoof, "I think he's been more than a little out of it today. Emperor, did you know he didn't even know you were an Emperor?"


As you open the back door to the cockpit, you are met with a big, blue, grinning face as a mane of pink hair leaps from the back of the cockpit and holds you in a vicegrip of a hug. "Thank you! Honey, you wonderful-a magnificent-a bloody psychopath!" He gets back and wipes some tears from his eyes, "They're all down here. Everyone! We thought we were done for but you, ya lunatic, ya pulled it off!" He points behind him, and you see a small swarm of beady eyes poking out at you from behind him. You see more of them exploring the interior of it behind, much different than you remember it being in the original Crumple.

Fluttershy coos as she gets up in the cockpit with her muzzle, "Seabreeze! Oh, you're all alright, that's wonderful! Thank you Honey, thank you." She gives you a little (for you, massive) kiss to thank you.

Meanwhile, Pinkie and Rarity give up on digging. "This floor's impossible! We have to crack it open…"
"No, don't," Mercile holds up a wing, having been bandaged up a bit by Fluttershy. "He said if we try to much force it'll crack her too. I hate to admit it but maybe we should have taken up his offer…"

White Collar blushes red at the joke, re-opening his collar. "Oh! H-heh… yeah. G-good one, bud. Y-you know, she says you're pretty great too from time to time, friend. I was hoping we could get to shake hooves before, well, before she and I… ya know. Tie the knot?"

He knocks on the door, to which you hear a muttered curse as Steel opens the door wide, his intimidating figure giving pause to White Collar as he steps back. "hello…"

Steel nods, "Welcome back Luke Warm. Your dinner got cold after you left. Esmeralda has it in the oven to warm it up."

White Collar gulps, "F-friend?"


Fang reaches down into the box of horns with her Tk arm, grabbing a handful she inspects their magical properties.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"This is am stupid and worst still boring. You is am boring me Darth Sidious with your stony ponies. AND UG DON'T AM LIKING IT WHEN UG IS AM BORED!"
[1d10] Ripping one of the stalagmites off the ground and using as a club vs. 4

Shiny Rock displays a hologram of Obsidious's current location to Honey.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I'm not sure, but that's how I got caught up in this travelling. I left to go find you, but then some portal opened up, and after some other things, now I'm here."
Onyxia looks over to the door as they hear the knock, turning back as Steel goes to get it.
"We have to do something though! After all of this trying to find you, I don't want it to be all for nothing right at the end."
Onyxia says with desperation.


You determine that they are unicorn horns, but their exact properties remain unknown. Despite being cut off from a unicorn however they are still overflowing with an evil magic that flows into your TK arm, changing its color from green to a sickly brown the longer it holds on. The inside of the box looks corroded and rusted to hell.

"Fang! Hey, Fang!" Pinkie jumps up to sneak on you, poking around the chests with you before staying as far away from the horns as she can. "You're pretty funny looking under that hood but I think it looks pretty nice with all the scales and all. Anywhosits, do you know magic to make stone not go 'CRACK' but more like 'phooooo'? Disappear I mean?" She does exaggerated motions with her forehooves as Twilight sighs and rubs her head.


Honey gives a huge smile and laugh.
"Ofa course! The only thing to beat a lunatic likea that jerk is an evena bigger lunatic!" She looks behind Seabreeze, the sight of all the breezies being fine making her smile even bigger, this time, more in relief than boasting.
"Damn, now I'ma gonna have to learna this new layout."

"Wha-hey, whata are you-?" Honey gets cut off as she gets kissed. She begins wiping her hooves on her head, blushing from the embarrassment of something cutesy like that right when she's basking in hot-blooded badassery.
"Yeah, youra welcome. Buta don't do thata again, okay? Ia still need to seta up my old home ina here."

"Yeah, don'ta do that." She says to Pinkie and Rarity. "Ia already tried explosives, and caused somea cracks. Didn't thea purple one say something abouta teleporting ora something?"


>I was hoping we could get to shake hooves before, well, before she and I… ya know. Tie the knot?"
Luke's face scrunchs, the beer enters his windpipe and he starts coughing

"*Cough cough* Shake hooves?? *cough*" Luke turns to White Collar "Whitey, If you've really heard all about me then I don't know why'd you be so eager to get buddy buddy with me."

Luke turns to Steel when the door opens "Aye, whats up Dark Knight, Hope I wasn't interruptin anything." Luke mozies in through the door "Thats cool, I don't mind cold food."

Luke approaches the dinning room "Hay everypony, I came to pick up my cousin. He still in the play room?"


"Oh, welcome back Luke. Yea, he's back there."
Onyxia says as she greets Luke.


"I'am aesthetically pleasing to you, Pink Pony?" she asks ignoring her second question.


"Actually…" Nero interjects to Isha.

"He didn't. Within the hour of My first meeting him he told me outright, in no uncertain terms that he wasn't a warrior. He hid behind me during our first battle together. It was only later that he seemed to, spontaneously, become somepony else entirely."

He looks to Celestia.

"A pony who leaves his native land a despised fool, then within a day demonstrates extreme cunning and might, all whilst drunk, and then returns home with no recollection? That has My curiosity Sun-Princess. I am not denying His deeds, but the nature of them is very strange."

"What did he think I was then?" Nero asks Shining Armor.


"Thanks, me and Nero are gonna be heading off to see one of his relatives. And after that I'm thinking its best I head home, so I'm gonna be taking Brainiac off your hooves."

Luke ambles close in to give you a short lived hug "Well its been cool Onyxia, I'll be in Ponyville, if you ever miss me."


"One of his relatives?"
Onyixa questions, but is caught off guard by the quick hug.
"O-Oh, you're going to stay there? …I'l be sure to visit you sometime then…"


You take the stalagmite off the ground and pound 4 of the nearest across the face, causing slight cracks to appear but they continue to steadily advance (20 in total)

"Ug!" Luna charges up her horn, "I can keep them at bay, I see they are coming out more quickly than we are destroying. Take our ponies and defeat Obsidious, your princess demands it!"

Rainbow fires back, "We're not just leaving you here!"


"Well," Hematitus gives a small chuckle, "I'm not coming up with many ideas other than… well, telling them the truth about Chitus, run away like I was apparently supposed to, and this time knowing what I do DEFINITELY come back? Didn't I ever tell you all where to find me, or, or anything? I'm looking so forward to being a dad I… I couldn't have just NOT come back."

As the door opens and Luke and his guest waltz in, you see the blood begin to drain from Hematitus' face as he gives a weak smile, Esmeralda moving in between the two to greet them. The guest, a white unicorn in a fancy tie and collar, bows. "Hello, ma'am, uh, j-just a friend of Luke's. Giving him a ride. My name is White Collar."

Seabreeze points to the inside, "We don't know how we did it-a, but it-a," he laughs, "It reminds us a bit o' home. I hope the arrangements are-a not too much-a worse than a hot-dog-a cart."

Fluttershy smiles, and flutters off, "I'm sorry, I'll ask next time. I'm just so happy they're all alright."

As you mention teleportation, Twilight nods, "That's right! Shouldn't be too hard. Cornel…ahem, UG's floating sphere I've seen can draw pretty accurate diagrams and Rarity can sense gems anywhere."

"And this one's moving!" Rarity screeches as her horn lights up, "It's moving away from us, to the ground!"

"Uh oh!" Twilight hurries up a spark to try and pin it down…

"…well, he was good to be honest. But then why did a coward choose to stay with you, or was chosen by you to stay?"

"Strange is certainly one of many things to describe Luke," Celestia nods, "Shining Armor may have had a point that a key to his bravery is a lack of a firm grip on reality. But that courage does not simply come from nowhere."

"As for what he thought you were…" Shining Armor snickers.

"He, uh, he thought you were a foreign exchange student."

The room is felt with dead silence, until Sterling and Celestia begin cracking up at the seams.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


The four that Ug had pelted are destroyed as Luna turns back to seethe, "DOTH THOU DISOBEY! YOUR PRINCESS OF NIGHT DEMAND YOU SLAY THE SORCERER RESPONSIBLE!" in an ominous howl.

Twilight's spark fails and only summons up a piece of rock that was in the same location, but it does not contain Applejack's gem. "Dang it, I missed… it's moving quick, isn't it?"

"Well, I, I don't see why it's so odd Luke. I know a lot of ponies that get on pretty well with their ex-spouses' new hubbies. I just figure you sound pretty important to Lavender. I know this whole deal is kind of awkward but I'd like her to know I'm willing

You both enter through and Steel shakes his head, "Nothing that cannot wait."

As you enter, Hematitus seems frozen like a statue with a light smile on his face, Esmeralda nodding her head as she welcomes you back in. "Sorry about the food, Luke, but I think you'll find it warm enough. Even have a slice of pie left for you. Brain's back there still, he…"

"CUZ!" Brain comes running back out, jumping up to hug you, "Heya cuz, d-did you go to the castle and meet the Princess too?!" He has Gaven's shield on his back, keeping it safe.

Pinkie chuckles, "Well of course silly! I'm not our resident fashion pony but I'm digging the scales. Sorry about the dress though but Rarity can make you a new one if you wanna!" She starts looking through the chests for something, but says, "Just don't touch those horns, they're bad for you, it'll make them look all rusty. So you find your amulet yet?"

"No, it's not here," Twilight groans as she concentrates on teleporting AJ out from underground, but after her failure you hear her say, "Dang it, I missed… it's moving quick, isn't it?"

There's a sudden shift and shake in the chamber, and a ominous sound of stone grinding against stone sounding from above. Mercile looks up, "That's not the only thing Princess."


"I did not make any progress towards finding the amulet until i adorned this 'dress' there is a connection here, and i'll need new clothes. Direct me to your "fashion pony"."


"Of home? I willa have to takea a look later. Oncea I've settled this shita."

"The bastarda is probably trying toa bait us. Tooa bad killing thea bait setter is how Ia do shit!"
Honey channels some of her magic into Crumple, looking to fix him up a bit.
>Repair roll, DC -1

"Don'ta worry about the gem. Seea that?" Honey says, having Crumple point to the hologram of Obsidious' location from Shiny Rock.
"Send mea there. I'll cut hisa shit out from the source!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Mom said that it wasn't supposed to be long, a couple of weeks at most. And that's why we need to stop him now, in case whatever kept you away was bad!"
Onyxia quiets down as the unicorn steps in and she sees her dad's face droop.
"Hello White Collar, thank you for helping Luke out."

Onyxa leans over to her dad.
("Is that him?")
She whispers after seeing his reaction.


"I had little choice, he was one of the few ponies with Me. As I said, I will explain everything that has happened when I return."

He listens to Shining Armor's statement, not recognizing the phrase "foreign exchange student", but quickly grasping the concept.

"How?" Nero asks incredulously.


Ug slautes Luna with the stalagmite.
"Ug will do his am duty Princess Moon Pony!" Ug turns to Giselle.
"Are you is enjoying yourself Giselly Gumdrop? The fight is am not even begun yet, we is am needing to get to where King Pony's older nephew is! This way!"
Ug leads the rest of the ponies in the direction of Obsidious.
Shiny Rock looks for a way to get to Obsidious.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


>"One of his relatives?"
"Don't quote me on that. He said 'son of Sombra' but from what ponies keep tellin me Nero's like.. royalty?"

Luke continues the banter with White Collar "Oh Haha I get it, makin sure the bride all comfy before you put the ring on. Well I'll save you the trouble guy. You can go back to Lavi and tell her I was too drunk to piss straight and you didn't want to ruin you nice shirt." Luke punctuates the sentence by brushing White's shirt with his hoove and then turning him towards the door.

>"Sorry about the food, Luke, but I think you'll find it warm enough. Even have a slice of pie left for you."

Luke smiles "You Crystal folk are too nice, thanks." he wraps the food with plastic wrap. He does his best not to fall over with the food in his hooves after Brainiac throws himself on him.

"Yup, I got to meet lots of princesses, even Celestia was there. You got all your things we outta get going." Luke sees the sheild is on Brain's back "Oh good you got that too. I forgot it here."

Luke begins walk out the front door, saying goodbye to everyone.


"Oh, that."
Onyxia says at hearing Nero is going off to kill another pony most likely.
"A royal pain is more like it."
She says after Luke's question of Nero's status.


Luke sighs before leaving out the door "What did he do this time?"


"Just being himself like always."
Onyxia grumbles.


"Oh, easy. HEY RARITY!" She squawks, piking you up in a single hoof and dropping you right by Rarity as she digs at the ground in vain. "Hey, Rarity! We have a fashion emergency. We'll get Applejack out in a sec, right? After that you think you might be able to work a lil' magic?"

Rarity pouts, "I WOULD love to, Fang dear, but I find myself a bit distracted at the moment with my best friend almost being hauled off into the earth with nothing to do to stop it." Her eyes get a bit puffy. "It's such a shame too, that WAS such a lovely dress Fang dear. If we make it back I promise I have another ready for you that would match such stunning, er, fangs as it were."

Crumple is healed to 7/6 by your repairs, and you hear a few of the Breezies going around in the interior trying to make sure everything is in place as well.

"Teleport you all the way down there…" Twilight looks at the diagram: you guys are in the upper part of Canterlot Mountain. Far, far at the bottom is a small cavern where Obsidious' 'getaway cave' like wise makes its escape with Applejack's beginning to descend quickly enough to get close behind. "I… I think I can do that. I haven't teleported something so big so far though… the last time I tried I accidentally zapped everyone who tried to get into the tunnels into completely separate locations. I think I can do it… but I don't want to risk more than one at a time."

"How about I go in with you then?" Mercile stretches his wings, getting up the massive mech. "I'm feeling a lot better and dying for some payback. Let me go with."

"But we have to…" Rainbow is cut off by Screech as she's grabbed by the tail in his teeth and dragged back.

"Who the hell doesn't take a direct order from PRINCESS NIGHTMARE FREAKING MOON?" Screech squawks, pulling her back down the tunnel with Ug and Giselle. "Trust me, I'm doing you a favor feather-head."

You arrive back in the original tunnel you sent the ponies away down, and from there into a large cavern with a wide open door leading into a chamber with various broken equipment and a number of ponies within: you're reunited in the room with Shiny Rock and the others, Crumple's new imposing figure standing above the rest.

>Shiny Rock manages to analyze that Obsidious has completely sealed himself off from any tunnel leading back up to this network: he's completely encapsulated and safe as he moves away. However, you spot another means of following WITHOUT teleportation: you make your own tunnel.

>The box of green horns nearby along side the black club and schematics of Shiny Rock/Ug from the frozen exhibit are the same horns as those used by the Sons of Sombra in the empire to almost destroy the palace. They have the ability to corrode anything they come in contact with at a quick pace. These can easily make a tunnel to follow into Obsidious' chamber without need for teleportation.

As you come in, the others take note immediately. "Rainbow! Cornelius! You're safe! Where's Spike?"


As you leave, Esmeralda whispers something into Brain's ear, who nods eagerly and gives her a big hug before coming back after you. "Luke, we're happy to provide any kindness you need. If you're ever back in the Empire stop by any time. Enjoy the food. Goodbye Brain Freeze, thank you so much for helping me with the baby's room! It's a deal, if it's a boy I'll name it what you suggested!"

You and Brain load into the chariot as White Collar backs off as you brush his shirt with your hoof, then looks off towards the family and bids them farewell. Approaching the cart, he sighs, "Luke, I'm sorry, I know this has to be awkward but I promised Lavender there wouldn't be trouble between you and me. Just, before the wedding, how about I buy you a beer? If you think that's alright, then, find me and I'll happily do it partner." He takes off from the chariot, "I'm afraid it's only a two seater so you and your cousin will ride without me back to the palace. I'll just hoof it back, don't worry."

The drivers of the cart zoom back off towards the Palace, Princess Cadence meeting you both upon your return
>May move directly to the throne room and greet the ponies in there

White Collar smiles wide, and bows, "Thank you kindly, miss. I just wanted to help out a dear friend of a friend, so to speak. It's a pleasure to meet you all but I imagine he'll be needed back at the palace fairly soon."

He turns to go out the door as Hematitus grips your hoof, "Do not make any more eye contact than we already have… sweet mercy he saw me. I have to be the unluckiest changeling this side of the hive to have him waltz up right to our house on pure coincidence. He didn't spot me before but hell if he didn't now."

Steel gets up and makes a move for the door, pulling up his cloak, "He separated from Luke and is moving on hoof. I'm going to trail him, and see what that brings."

Esmeralda puts a hoof on Hematitus' back to calm him. "We saw him come out with a poor purple unicorn who was almost kidnapped of all things in that chaos. My husband… your father took one sight of him and nearly fainted. I guess that has to be him."

Celestia rubs a tear from her eyes as Sterling makes no such plesantries at hiding her laughter, Isha showing a small but noticeable twinge of annoyance at her cackling. "We have much, MUCH work ahead of us."

"I said it before: Luke is certainly an impressive pony. I suppose you'll just have to ask him. I'm rather curious myself."

"I share the sentiment." Isha mumbles.

"Speaking ooooof." Cadence sings as she enters the throne room, "He's back, Emperor, just arrived by chariot.
>May interact with Luke and Brain as well


Fang attempts to use her Tk in the recovery of aj.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Ug thinking they am still is lost Ug try to finding them but no can! No time talk Ug need doing things!"
Ug runs over and gathers up the schematics, the Club, and carefully picks up the horns.
"Obsidious is am in this direction but we am need is tunneling through the rock to getting to him! Follow Ug's lead!"

[1d10] Placing the horn on the wall and then bashing the wall with the club as it gets brittle.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shiny Rock searches for Spike

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"Be careful Steel."
Onyxia says as Steel heads off.

She turns back to her father, worried.
"Wh-What can he do that has you so worried? He's just one changeling, right?"


Relieved to have the ride back without White Collar, Luke takes advantage of the moment of peace to feed his cat bits of dinner, whom was sleeping his bag.

Taking note that that Pony with the crystal heart on her butt might actually be a princess. Luke attempts a hesitant and awkward bow when meeting her again.

Entering the throne room again, Luke greets to every "Ha -uh I'm back." Luke takes notice to the laughing ponies "Er, Whats all the giggling about? Something I say?"


File: 1429936417955.png (1.28 MB, 1280x800, Black Getter Eyecatch.png) ImgOps Google

"Abouta time you showed up! Though, Shiny wasa a HUGE help."
Honey watches as Ug does something with the horns.
"Knocka that shit off, that'lla take forever! Youa up to geta shrunk instead?"

"Oh, you'rea going to do it. Evena if I have toa give you a boosta to do so."
Honey takes out her raygun and aims right for Twilights horn. A zap of honey-colored energy strikes her horn, filling Twilight with the great power that is Honey's 'fuck you I do what I want' spirit.
>The Honey Special: instant automatic; Twilight's next action is Automatic.

Crumple looks to everypony else gathered.
"Not too sorry fora the brief reunion, buta," Honey twirls her raygun and the cargo hatch on Crumple opens, "anypony whoa wants to shove a crystal up this guy's assa, speak the fucka up!"
>assume that Honey shrinks down ALL willing volunteers and they get inside Crumple.

After everypony is loaded up and set, the head on Crumple closes around Honey.
"Alright! Fire up that horn and drop me right on that asshole's head! Because I'm gonna blow his head up all over four giant flying fortresses!"


meant to type "Hi"


Nero nods as Cadence announces their return, directing the enchanters to Gaven's shield and passing them His to perform the transference. He looks to Luke and Brain.

"Welcome back Lukewarm. I imagine the large pony with the shield is your cousin? Good. We can leave immediately."

Nero rises from His throne, turning to Isha and embracing her.

"I will return shortly. In the meanwhile, indulge your curiosity with Cadence and Celestia, I will not be long."

He kisses her deeply upon the lips.


"Ug currently experiencing technical difficulties so you an knocking yourself out"


>10, at night with the Moon Pearl

Your green telekinetic arm manifests and digs right into the solid stone of the floor, Rarity and Pinkie both jumping up and out of the way as your arm moves through pure bedrock to grasp hold of the AppleJewel (heh), its tight hold digging through the rock and beginning to pull Applejack back up through it as the rock cracks and breaks underneath Rarity and Pinkie's hoofs: pulling it up through the earth the floor shatters as a massive, orange jewel is held above the party's heads. The ponies look up in shock as you hold Applejack, crystallized in an orange gem only slightly cracked from Crumple's explosion.

Twilight holds her jaw wide open. "But… that… you… that was solid bedrock."

Your honey special beam washes over Twilight, whose horn glows a slick golden glow as she envelops Crumple in a teleportation field. The shrink ray takes in Merc, Giselle, Ug, and Rainbow into the storage area."

"I'm going to stay here in case you need to teleport back: Shiny Rock can help me watch you all so I can do just that if necessary…

"Woah! I… thank you! Know where to go now! Alright, I'm going to send in you four first: I need to stay here and do what I can for Applejack. Give them hell, we'll be watching! I'm going to stay here in case you need to teleport back: Shiny Rock can help me watch you all so I can do just that if necessary… and Applejack needs all the help she can get."
>If Eo-Naxx Fang would like in on this trip please specify

You are surrounded by a golden light, and then everything goes dark…

Crumple is transported into a pitch dark chamber: only a slight red glow emanating from the neck of a purple pony sitting at the center on a dais next to a large black chest illuminates anything. You hear an exasperated sigh.

"My hostage freed and my secret getaway found. My you are but a persistent and annoying pest. If we're going to do this come at me then. I'm quite honest this is my real body. Truly. Come, I'll prove it."

The unicorn horns do indeed work successfully: the horns begin boring a tunnel through the earth at an accelerated pace creating a large tunnel through the disintegration of bedrock. But at Crumple's suggestion, Ug decided (via Steam) to take that route instead as the more expedient route.

Before you go in, Pinkie Pie leaps into your hooves with that black club mentioned in a few posts between her teeth, "Wait! Don't forget this, Ug, I'm pretty sure this is down here for some reason. Who knows why but you know, gift horses and looking in their mouths?" She giggles and leaps out, leaving a large black club that resembles your old ones in many ways but much lighter and with symbols you don't recognize sketched into the side

>Blackwood Club

>Great Weapon
>Whenever this club strikes anything, it is so dense that it cracks their defense a bit. The next blow will land on -1 DC, stacks as long as it consecutively hits.

>Shiny Rock successfully manages to pin down Spike: he's in the tunnels but safe for some odd reason. Eating away at a pile of gems left behind by somepony he makes no attempts to leave or find the others for now.


"I'll try." You think you see the slightest of metallic smirks as he heads out the door and completely vanishes from all sight.

Hematitus sits down in a chair, catching his breath. "Well, for one: he doesn't know I left the hive for your mom. Or at least, he couldn't know. They all think I'm dead after the Canterlot Wedding but I figure he isn't going to keep track of every drone. Point is: he knows he's not alone in this city any more and he has the authority to tell me to jump when he says… can't say I could say no either."

"Chitus was, right behind Chrysalis, the best hypnotist we had in the hive. He has these pheromones that, if you catch a whiff, you're pretty much already gone. Only the insanely strong willed can break through it. I don't think I smelt him giving off any though. He could have any number of 'sleepers' he already tagged just waiting for a signal. Besides that he's no slouch in a fight. I've personally seen him clear out hive tunnels of purple worms himself."

He holds a hoof to his head, "That give you an idea of what we're up against? If not, then I'm also willing to bet he has something to do with the Sons of Sombra, so, consider that his back up Onyxia."

She takes the kiss in full, leaning back to allow you to kiss all the more as she wraps a hoof around your neck. Eventually, the kiss ends and she looks up at you with eyes misty with the early signs of tears.

"I shall pray you do not take long… be careful." She gives one smaller kiss in return, then lets go (begrudgingly)

Celestia covers her muzzle as she coughs. "Of a sort, Luke Warm, of a sorts. Welcome back."

"A student!" Sterling chuckles as she pounds you hard on the back, keeping her wings flapping in joy at the thought.

Princess Cadence presents Nero and Luke with a pony holding on his back, upon two pillows, Nero's Khopesh with the enchantment of Garfield's sabre moved into it. Presumably, he takes the shield from Luke's cousin with his agreement as well to move the enchantment into Nero's shield
>Upgrades moved from the Griffon weapons to Nero's
>Nero's Shield [Masterwork, +2 Hits/+1 Wound, recharge 3 automatic instant allows you to take all damage for another party member for the round, only incurs one wound if combined attacks cause helplessness while doing so]
>Nero's Khopesh [Masterwork/Single, An enemy hit on a crit/autocrit takes -2 to all rolls next turn]

Sterling hops onto Luke's side tugging close as he asks, "Wonderful! Where are we going again?"

Brain Freeze meanwhile is currently frozen with fear at the sight of the princesses, stuttering as he tries to mutter a 'hello' to either one.


>Eo-Naxx is indeed included with Ug and Honey on Crumple


"Persistent, annoying, and getting pissed off the more I hear you talk!" Crumple yells, and…
>Raging Power Core: Instant, +1 to next roll if success
>+1 from Magitech bonus

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Luke is still clueless as ever "What? what!?" He ambles to Nero

"Seriously Nero whats all the laughing about?"


…unfolds the chaingun, making it spin to life and aiming at Obsidious.
"So let's get this started! 'Cause I'm gonna make you feel the wind in places you've never felt it!"

The chain gun roars to life, firing quickly and several bullet casings clinging onto the ground.
>Masterwork Great (Crit 9+) Ranged Spell Dual attack

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7


Nero slowly, reluctantly breaks the embrace.

"Aren't I always?" he says with a smirk, turning to the others.

"Armor, Vizier. I am leaving to deal with this treacherous nephew of Mine. In the meanwhile Isha is in charge, obey her as you would Me."

He takes the sword, sheathing it, and dematerializes His shield and other equipment before He starts to walk out of the throne room, looking to Sterling.

"To deal with the last son of Sombra, or meet with the victorious Ug, Luna, and Twilight."
Then Luke.

"Your comment about My being a student. Intoxicated or not, I have a habit of formal introduction."

He stops once, turning back to the throne as He leaves with Luke and Sterling, looking to Isha.

"I love you." he shouts, pausing briefly for her to respond before leaving via two flying chariots [Nero+Luke on His, Brain and Sterling on another] towards Obsidious.
>I'm assuming Ug left some form of direction when he left, or told Sunbutt where he was going.


Eo's tk arm flexes with the crystal in it's green grip, "Now can we get the amulet?" she asks flatly looting to P R, and T


Ug regards the new club for a moment. "Eh it am not nuclear powered but it am doing."
He shrugs and holds the club aloft and runs in screaming murderously stopping before he reaches Obsidious.
"So is you am sure you am not wanting to discuss those am issues? Ug is am here for you if you am wanting to opening up Darth Sidious."
Ug goes back to screaming like a mad cave pony and wallops Obsidian wit the club

Roll #1 10 = 10


Onyxia sits back in her chair, hearing what he could do, she has no idea on how to handle this.
"I… how…"
Onyxia holds her head in her hooves, losing hope at trying to stop this to keep her dad from leaving.
"So even if we could handle him, he could just control us… How can we stop him?"



"Okay yeah well I said a Wealthy Student! And you're like my age, hold did you land such a sweet deal being a freakin king?!"


Nero looks to Luke like he's retarded as they walk out of the castle down the hall.

"The old King died." Nero deadpans.

"And unless you've crossed your centennial, you are younger than I am."


>"The old King died."
Luke makes a face in need of being facepalmed. "Okay, yeah I should'a known that one"

>"And unless you've crossed your centennial, you are younger than I am."

"Yeah by like a year or two right." Luke retorts


"I know my appearance may be deceiving, but I am actually one hundred and twenty four years of age, Lukewarm. How old are you?"


Luke looks you straight in the eyes with a bold expression. A slight pause before he answers "One-hundred and twenty-two."


Nero laughs.

"Given what I know of you, I would believe it took you so long to finish your education."


The machine guns tear towards Obsidious, a small mound of stone leaping from the ground to protect him as the Raging Power Core malfunctions and drains a bit from the engines. You can hear an army of Breezies moving about down there trying to help you get the core back online to full but in the meanwhile you see the amulet flare up as the wall quickly follows him along the ground as a moving shield.

"There is no wind down here! My powers have been amplified with the power of the amulet. Now I…"

With its structure weakened by the club, Obsidious is met with a face full of club and sent flying back by the barrage. He seeth at first, the red light of the amulet giving him a bloody nose as he stares daggers through the dim light.

"You want to talk 'Ug'? Okay then. Let's talk business shall we? You're a businesspony as am I, after all. How much could I interest you in a team up here?"

He begins to sink into the floor [1d10+1]
As a large snake shoots out of the ground towards all combatants (cleave 5)

[1d10+1] Giselle begins to sing a jaunty tune in the dark singing of battle
[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] Rainbow and Mercile both try and dodge the stone snake

With Applejack out of the ground, Fluttershy and Screech work together to slowly lower her down to the floor as Twilight nods, looking at Shiny Rock, "Yeah, yeah, we're ready! I can send you right there if you want, Fang, they could use all the help they can get. I can see it around his neck!"

A bright light envelops you and you find yourself in a deep dark room of stone, five other figures nearby as they fight against a pony sinking into the stone with the amulet around his neck. He looks to you,

"AAAND there we are. The mare who broke my favorite Rockodile at the swamp. Or, at least I think you're a mare… can I make an exhibit out of you after you're stuffed?"

He shakes his head. "Well, it only effects you if you smell it, but," he chuckles, "I honestly can't tell you what it smells like. It's like I said… he's too dangerous."

Esmeralda takes a deep breath, then puts a hoof on both of their shoulders. "Then we don't do this alone. We ask for help."

"They'll never take our story on faith, Esmeralda. I'll have to come clean…"

"You're NOT like them, Sharithik. They'll…"

"They won't care. I'll be as big a suspect as anyone else and then exactly what Onyxia said will come true. I'll have to go."

"He is going to hurt a lot of ponies! We should tell the princess, or the Emperor, or somepony."

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 2 + 4 = 6 / Roll #3 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #4 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #5 4 + 1 = 5


Obsidious has sunken into the stone, taking the light of the amulet with him as he covers the room in darkness with no sign of light, though all of you can still hear his words vibrating through the walls. The stone snake smashes into the walls behind you all but fails to nail a single one of you in its attack, but Giselle's concert is held back by the attempt.

"Surprise. Yes, this is my real body: but with the amulet I need not present it. I can crush you all like little flies in my hoof so long as I stay safe within the stone."

Sterling giggles as she flies towards the chariots Nero directs you towards. "A student! You are most hilarious, Sir Luke!"

Brain Freeze hops into the chariot besides Sterling, the pegasus rubbing his mane as she calms him down preparing for the flight. "Do not worry, Sir Freeze, it will be most fun! Pretend you are the one flying and you'll be fine."

They grant you their best as you leave the throne room with your new tools, Sterling nodding as she flaps alongside Luke to the chariots and they take off, making for the mountain of Canterlot to the south with the two of you in your chariots.

As you soar above Isha, you can see her streaming eyes watch you depart, holding up a hoof as you fly out of sight shouting her love for you as well before leaving the Crystal Empire behind.

For a couple of hours the flight back to Canterlot seems uneventful. But as you near the mountain you see no sign of battle or trouble along the entirety of the city. You remember Ug referred you to the mansion of one Obsidious that lived here but as you approach you all suddenly hear a rumble come from within the mountain, giving Sterling pause as she watches the waterfalls shake leading down to the base. "That… that sounded good, yes Sir Nero? Sir Luke?"


"No, we're not telling Nero!"
Onyxia shouts quickly after they mention telling.
"I mean, there has to be something he can't stop, like…"
Onyxia trails off as she thinks of what they could do to stop him, and then the light bulb hits her.
"Wait, we can trap him! I fixed the damage one of those sons did to those statues, so I could trap him in stone, or crystal, or anything. Stop him before he knows whats happening, and block out his pheromones and all of that!"
Onyxia says with hope on her plan.


Your retort hits close to home throwing Luke into a fit of rage. "Fuck you!" Luke throws himself at Nero while on the chariot, wrestling him in the cart. "I'll throw you over! And I'll do it to!"

"Pfft don't worry about it Sterly" Luke says as he takes a swig from his bottle.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Ug would am considering offer but only if you is am willing to apologize to yous Uncle King Pony for being terrible nephew."
Shiny Rock searches for the core of Obsidious's essence in the rocks.
Waiting for roll [1d10+1]

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Hiding won't save your ass for long, bastard!"
At those words, a few panels swivel and reveal some new looking speakers. Looking through, Honey can't find the library that used to be in the old Crumple. She rolls her eyes, instead bringing down a microphone into the cockpit. The mouthguard on Crumple reveals the metalic, jagged-toothed mouth of Crumple.

Crumple throws its head back, mouth wide open, with an amplified, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" A mix of sound and breezie magic that is heavy with her rage resounds out of Crumple in all directions.

>Wrath: recharge 2, spell, ranged; damage all nearby foes with a powerful blast, ensuring they cannot attack you on the next round; renders targets helpless on 9+ and can kill weak enemies on a crit.

>+1 from Magitech

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Ug runs toward where he thinks Obsidious is or was last and stabs one of the rock disintegrating horns in the nearby rock.

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1429942727821.jpg (241.49 KB, 900x588, the_Balrog_by_adorindil.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nero sighs as He leaves Isha behind, soaring into the cool clear cold night with the others, enjoying the long flight.
Nero catches Luke, gripping him around the throat as He casually resists.

"I will warn you once. Most ponies I would not warn at all. Assault me again, and I will lock you so deep underground, that Lamashtu will be in the apartment above your own. Am I clear?"

Nero says seriously.
Nero looks slightly nervous as He realizes they are inside the mountain. He slowly lowers the chariot, landing near the Mansion and dematerializing it back into His wrists, approaching the Mansion.

"Come Lukewarm, Sterling. The battle may still be going on."

He looks up at the sky.

"Ug, Lukewarm and I are coming in, sent Shiny Rock to guide us to your location if at all possible."


"ack! Hrn!" Luke chokes under your grip "Can't be worse -hnk than living with my parents." His voice is ashy from the choking.


Eo silently glares at the figure before balling up her fist, and attempting to smash the pony.
(assuming it's obsidious tk attacking)

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Nero puts Luke down in the chariot as they leave the Empire.

[Some time having passed given this happened as we left]

"Lukewarm. Tell me of yourself." Nero says as He approaches the mansion.


Sharithik puts a hoof to his muzzle, thinking about the proposition.

"You would need to make it really tight. He has magic like any changeling does, I've seen him blast stone walls before but if it's close enough he won't be able to do it without blowing himself up too. And, of course, we'll need to make sure he doesn't know we're coming." He nods, "That could work…"

Esmeralda shakes her head, "Or it could place both of you in serious danger. Onyxia, dear, I don't know what Nero did to you but we can at least trust the Princess, can't we?"

"It's us or no one, Esmeralda. We can't let others know."

She spots you fighting on the other chariot, which unfortunately forces your bottle off the hoof and to the ground far faaaar below and shatter before you can take a sip. Sterling cheers you on as you fight for your owner while you see Brain Freeze looking down at the bottle with a desperate look on his face.

>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWB8P4jbsAA almost forgot FIGHT MUSIC
The jammin' beat courses throughout the cavern, shaking the rocks loose but making no indication you've managed to hit Obsidious. Rocks fall from above, but angle towards you unnaturally to pepper Crumple for 4 hits (3/6). Above, you see two bright gleaming gems stick out from the ceiling, taking the shape of a pair of eyes.

"I am everywhere now."

The Shiny Rock can't pin down his location in the stone as he moves around, and when Ug makes his stab with the poison horn, it digs into the wall and glows a bright green as the point begins to disintegrate the wall. Several cubic meters turn to ash in an instant. But no sign of Obsidious through the dirt. A small stone stalagmite shoots through the ground for your trouble and nails you for 2 hits (4/3)

Rainbow and Merc fly out to the center of the room, beginning to soar around each other in a tight pattern to make a small cyclone. "If you can get him out we can make a vacuum to pull him in! It's a classic Wonderbolt trick."
"*GASP* you were in the Wonderbolts?!" Rainbow squees

Giselle pops in a special red arrow into her bow as she sits on the back of Crumple, "And I still have a few seeker arrows, if you'll remember vhat those do pixie."

The balled up fist flies towards the wall as Obsidious sinks into it, colliding into it with great force to shatter stone but no sign if it had hurt him or not yet.

"You I do not remember antagonizing. What is your business here?" The walls reverberate with the question, having no source to their meaning.

As Obsidious hides inside the walls, the top of the ceiling suddenly starts shifting into 10 different mounds that droop down from the top to plop on the ground


Luke and Nero arrive at the mansion of Obsidious: to which they find it having been visited quite recently.

The entire mansion is pretty much torn upside down with shelves and furniture flung everywhere, and the front doors blasted off. The directions before from Ug specified that there was a tunnel leading from the study's rocky-walls built into the mountain leading into the tunnel network, but the wall is sealed up completely when you investigate.

Sterling looks about the mansion with the two of you, kicking at the occasional overturned book. "I hate it when I'm not invited to parties, you know. Do we know how to get this tunnel opened then?"

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


10 solid stone replicas of Obsidious arise on the floor from their mounds of liquid stone, forming into smiling dopplegangers who move to approach the party. "I am legion now."

"And Ug? I NEVER apologize. Come now, be serious: what stack do you have in this? Clearly one of them is after my amulet, the other for their Breezies: you can't want anything from me given you've already stolen my exhibit."


"I don't want to risk that. They didn't know when Dad left before, and he never came back. If they did know, it might be worse…"
Onyxia says to her mother.

She turns back to her father.
"Steel can help us get close, but he's out following him. And, I'm not sure if I could get it tight enough quickly. If we could block out those pheromones it could buy us some time though…"


Fang watches the mounds, trying to decern which of their amulets remains magical, using this method to determine the real one, she attempts to grab the one she suspects is real.
(Tk attack)

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Oh for fuck's sake!" Crumple yells. Inside, Honey grumbles, but then gets an idea. She focuses her magic into Crumple, trying to have the mace tail become a part of Crumple's normal weapon systems.
>MagiTech: Making Gonzo's flail a part of Masterwork Weapon; transferring the Enlarging effect and the 8+ crit range

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Holy crap, thats'a heavy question." Luke indulges himself with another swig wine. He smacks his lips ready to real talk "Well, I was born and raised in ponyville, good home, good family. I was'a real momma's boy. I think I get my drinking habit from her. Graduated highschool. I stuck by three of my best friends the three years through. We got into a lot of hijinks me and them. A lot of it was cuz we drank a lot but also cuz we were young and stupid. In retrospect I think I never really changed. Yeah.. you think we'd get invited to parties a lot but we weren't all that popular. guess it was on the count that we drank to much, but also cuz this one time my buddy Soft Teather got so drunk one Hearth's Warming night He flew into Lavender's friend's chimney hunting for Windigoes. An -uh well He kinda got really scared cuz the fire was lit and he could feel his wings singing. Ended up shitting all the chimney fire. Yeaah.. That house still smells like pegasus poop.. and shirly temples. Anyways after I graduated I moved to Manehatten for college. Me and Lavi were suppose to go it together, but she had different plans… I think she just had cold hooves." Luke realizes hes rambling "Sorry, I'm makin this long aren't I?"


"Quit squawking and get to firing!" Crumple yells at Giselle. "He's kind of got the upper hoof here."
As she says this, she has Crumple try the power core once more.

As her magic dies down, she growls and simply uses the mace as is.
"All these shits against all of us? I'll take a bet of us winning with these odds."
The flail grows to the size of a wrecking ball, and the tail is swung at all 10 of the mini Obsidious, also aiming for the gleaming gems in the ceiling.
>Gonzo Flail cleave: 11 targets, critfail halved, crits on 8+
>Talent: -1 to critfail on Cleaves
>Crit fails 5-
>+1 from MagiTech effects from Crumple Arise
>assumming Raging Powercore works, if not the +2 is +1

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"Must'a been one hell of a party. Honestly, I'm kinda jealous." Luke says as he ambles around examining debris


File: 1429944627950.jpg (54.14 KB, 500x625, Gate of Babylon2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nero listens to the rant, comprehending every other word about.

"Not at all, by all means continue."
Nero looks to the wall.

"Well, there is always the direct approach."

He says crystalizing as arrows fill the air behind Him, before rocking through the wall in such numbers as to hopefully tear it down.

[1d10+1] Inspire [Which now applies to everyone as I'm at the 'scene' as it were]
[1d10] Blast

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Shiny Rock flies up to Nero and Luke to try and guide them there.

"You is am really underestimating how BORED Ug can get. But you is am having a point there Darth Sidious, Ug really not seeing the point of am still fighting you."
He leans on his club.
"Ug can't am saying the same for Ug's friends though." He sighs.

"Tell you am what, Ug will am cut you a break and hanging back and giving you till counting of ten. You am is better getting out of here before then because Uncle King Pony is am on him way right now with Luke and if Robot Bug Pony and Crazy Sorceress Pony doesn't am ruining your shit first they will am soon. That am Ug's offer. Living to fight another day? Cutting you ams losses? Boy have you am having some losses. Alright count of ten!"
Ug takes a deep breath.
[1d10] Intimidate

Roll #1 6 = 6






Esmeralda looks to the table, sighing with defeat at the prospect. "It's just not fair. He's such a good pony…"

"We can't always rely on life to be fair, love." He leans in to give her a peck on the cheek. "But it's not so unfair, either."

He turns back to Onyxia, "He has to activate the pheromones and, like I said, as long as we don't smell it we should be okay. The trick is we won't know we've smelt it until, well, it's too late."

Esmeralda sighs, "Well, I guess… if you plug up your noses? Listen, he left a while ago anyhow: how are you going to catch up to him?"

The TK attack blows through one right away and turns it to rubble, but as far as you can sense none of the clones are real: the real Obsidious is hiding in the stone around the cavern somewhere in the walls.

The clones move to assault before you see Rainbow breaking out of a tornado she was creating in the center to help knock one around. "Hey Fang! Glad you could join! Way better than playing dressup with Fluttershy, right?!"

"I DO NOT SQUAWK YOU TINY INSIGNIFICANT BUTTERFLY I VILL EAT YOU!" She squawks as she cocks her arrow, "And I only have so many Seeker Arrows left from ze past, I need to make sure I see him first."

The flail grows to massive sizes and is now large enough to hit all the stone replicas (of which only 9 remain, all heavily damaged but still standing). The mace flies into the ceiling as well, and you hear a slight grunt from the walls followed by a cackling laughter.

"I'll have you crystallized again soon, Breezies…"

The remaining 9 clones are assaulted by your friends
>[1d10+1] Merc slamming his head into one
>[1d10+1] Rainbow kicking
>[1d10+2] x 2 Giselle fires of explosive rounds

Brain Freeze comes from down stairs with a lot of ladies' clothes on his back. "I think someone was playing dress up up there, Cuz! This guy has a lot of ladies clothes."

"Brain Freeze!" Sterling blushes, "You can't just go touching a mare's clothing whenever you feel such!"

>+1 to all rolls
The barrage of ice arrows assail the cavern wall and freeze it over completely but the force does not tear much rock wall way from it. After the last ice arrow makes impact, Sterling takes up her sword from her scabbard (the only piece of equipment she has left) and bows, "If you'll allow me, Sir Emperor." She scrapes her hooves against the floor, glows from her red coat to a bright white covering her body and starts charging the door…

Shiny Rock leaves the Mane 6 remaining in the chamber up the tunnels towards Nero and Luke, but finds that stone wall that was preventing their entry that they had to teleport past before still in their place preventing access.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #3 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #4 9 + 2 = 11


Merc and Rainbow are tossed around by the clones with mere physical attacks but Giselle manages to blow up two more, leaving 7 remaining with low hits. The remaining 7, however, make their attacks against the party
[1d10+1] Crumple
[1d10+1] Crumple
[1d10+1] Giselle
[1d10+1] Rainbow
[1d10+1] Merc
[1d10+1] Eo-Naxx
[1d10+1] Ug

As the stone statues attack you all, you hear a light groan coming from the walls. "I could, Ug: I could take my losses and run. But I have lost so much I fear I may not have much to run to. I need the machine back at the very least."

"Ug, listen, you stand nothing to profit here unless you help me. I made you a star, you might remember, hell I helped found more of your tribe's artifacts thanks to my funding. We're not fated to be enemies if we can…"

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #3 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #4 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #5 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #6 9 + 1 = 10 /


Two of the stone statues gang up and pummel down on Crumple, knocking down to 0/4 and helpless as they pepper away at it. The one attacking Giselle is blown up by one more arrow. The one attacking Rainbow manages to knock her helpless. Merc destroys another and Eo-Naxx Fang is taken down to 2/2 by the attack.

[1d10+1] Because I can only see 6 rolls need to redo Ug's

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Fang sends out a pulse of magical energy, attempting to discern Obsidious's location before plunging her TK fist into the wall to break him out.
(TK attack)

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Ug is taken down to 0/2 by the attack

>only 5 remaining, all brittle


Luke jumps right back into the story "Yeah well, me and Lavi been friends since kinder. We started dating our freshmen year. I finally chocked up the guts to make the move. And fuck were we in love. I know they say young love ain't as deep but that was the only love I ever had. We talked a lot about spending our lives together. So when she couldn't come with me to Manehatten needless to say I was depressed. My best buddy in the whole wide world Capsule Carbonate came to live with me. Help me through it all. But two years went by and he had to go his own way. He found a mare, and a good job in the refreshment industry. Now he lives up in Canterlot. I use to visit the three of them but that stopped happening as they went their own ways. Except for Corn Fred he's one of those family eriented earth ponies that never leave home. Anyway, Capsule went and left me this bat as a keepsake. My Depression came back full force. It made it hard to study, and hard to make friends. I stopped goin out all together except when I needed to or got dumb drunk. And I do crazy shit when I'm drunk. I started knowing ponies I didn't even remember. Got a bit popular in Manehatten. And it kinda scared me. Just what was I doing.." Luke pauses for a moment to think.

"The popularity hooked me up with a job when I really needed it. Met a cooky pest exterminator lived a lot like a hermit in the slums of brooklyn. We never did our work sober. The fumes were too much to deal with when you weren't blown of this world. He eventually got arrested for harboring and torturing illegal changelings in his basement. His mind was gone but his words always stuck with me. I'll never forget you Creepy Crawly" Luke takes a drink in his memory.

"I cycled through a lot of jobs, and I always went to school. But My grades never quite cut it. They reduced my government aid with each year. On top of that I crashed the car my parents bought me not too long ago. My Uncle helped me pay for the damages. Sometimes I just can't handle the chaos of Manehatten and have to get away. I'll often take a train out the woods near the city and just wander. Camp out sometimes. Theres a beautiful cove where you can see the Manehatten lights flicker in the distance. The echo of business just faintly reaches. I always wanted to bring a girl out there."

"I spent five years in Manehatten and never got anywhere. And now I'm gonna be livin with my parents again cuz how much of a fuck up I am"


Oh, woops, forgot the result of Sterling's roll as well

Sterling manages to shove headlong into the frozen stone wall and, with it made brittle by the cold, forms a large crack in the center that spreads on a hairline throughout the wall before it breaks apart with Sterling in a pile of broken stones, her rear end sticking out of the stones.


>Correction on this, forgot the bonus from using the machine for a body gave it the huge modifier size: it's down to 1/6 from the first attack then 0/5 from the second.


"GAH! You little shits!" Honey yells, causing Crumple to yell it as well, as she furiously mashes buttons to get Crumple back up.
>Helpless recovery by Honey on Crumple, Instant from talent

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


>Honey regular attempt

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Steel went after him, and he's pretty fast. I'm sure if we head out to look he'll find and tell us where he is pretty soon."
Onyxia thinks on what her other said.
"Plug up? OH! What if we made a filter or something, block out his pheromones with something better? Hmm… maybe I could mix some of your Crystal Berry Pie with something to make masks, I doubt anything could beat that."


"Brainiac, put those back. You don't know what squatters been wearing those."

Luke pulls Sterling out of the rubble by her tail "Way to use your head Sterling."


Nero listens to the story, mulling it over, again only understanding 'most' of the details.

"Have you considered that perhaps you simply weren't trying the right activities? You are rather skilled with that club, at least when you're drunk."
Nero helps Sterling up.

"Excellent work Sir Sterling."

He looks up at Shiny Rock.

"Right on cue. Can you take us to Ug?"


File: 1429947323368.jpg (26.29 KB, 402x402, itshardbeinglukewarm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Ehh, yeah baseball's fun and all but I'm not good enough to be makin a career out of it. Honestly, only thing I really wanna do with my life is set aside some money and buy a bar. Have a nice lookin place for folks to come to watch the game and relax. Maybe with a piano so I could play when things aren't too busy."


With Crumple back up, Honey looks at the brittle looking statues, smirking.
"Let's kill these fucks first, THEN we can tear at each other throats!" Crumple says to Giselle, the back sliding open and the chain gun unfolding once more. Crumple's eyes and back line glows slightly as the bullets fire are incendiary and the shark-faced missiles have red-colored warhead covers. They all fire out, attacking the statues and indiscriminate areas from where she thought she heard the laughter of Obsidious.

>Masterwork Dual Ranged Spell Fire Cleave (crits 9+) on 6 targets

>Crit fails 5- from talent

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #2 1 + 3 = 4


"Baseball? I meant use it as a weapon as you have been. The pay of a soldier is respectable, and if you're following me, there is sure to be plunder as well. If you had been sober and asked, I would have ordered Ug to share the treasures of Garfield with you."

"You play piano?"


Shiny Rock leads Nero to where Ug and the rest are fighting.
"You am willing to fighting to death then? Not am wanting to leave with life intact? Ug am not letting you kill his am friends and employees but Ug willing to letting you leave if you am give up now."
Ug tries to struggle up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


>"You play piano?"
"Yup my momma taught me since I was a foal. She use to give me some of her drinks to help me play more confidently. I got pretty good at it."

>the treasures of Garfield with you."

"Yeah, and.. About our time fighting Garfield. That was just pretend wasn't it? We were at a medieval festival playing around."


Nero and Luke follow to Twilight's location.
"Interesting. I am fairly good at it myself, but I cannot say I have practiced that long."

Nero listens as Luke talks about Garfield.

"Lukewarm, how much do you not remember? You traveled through time several on multiple occasions, you helped Me defeat the strongest Griffon king to ever live, you rode a dragon. Do you not even know that I am not from this era?"


ignore "several"


[1d10+1] Inspire
[1d10+1] Inspire
>sorry Shima

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


>+1 from inspire
You notice a ripple through the ceiling that appears to represent movement. When you fire a burst of telekinetic energy you blast the ceiling open: you see the slightest trace of Obsidious' hoof as he slides through the stone to get away

You hear shouts coming form the back. "Honey! Our chassis is-a scorched and we're losing power! We're working to get her back up and runnin' again."

>Crumple back up at 7/5

Giselle nods her head, but cries out for you to watch out as the shark faced missiles are intercepted by flying boulders from the ceiling that cause them to detonate prematurely, the explosion damaging Crumple down to 1/5 from the attack.

"Dumkoff! Come out and fight like a griffon!" [1d10+2] She fires a red arrow at the sliver of his hoof revealed by Fang

You fail to get up as Obsidious shouts back,

"How can I possibly have your word on that? The machine wants me dead as dead can get, can you promise me protection from THAT?"

Mercile, meanwhile, attacks the remaining 5 targets himself by slamming into multiple targets over and over to ricochet off one right after the other in an attempt to stop them
[1d10] Cleave 5

Esmeralda blushes, smiling for the first time since the conversation started "Onyxia, are you trying to tell me my pies stink?"

"They stink wonderfully, darling." He moves up to the kitchen looking for some left over bits of the pie, facing back at Onyxia, "I have some paint fume masks in the back as it happens that we could use hold the scent. Contract work, love the perks."

He finds some of the berries and takes a long whiff, "It could work, but, just to be safe, we're making our plan to trap him with your ability the moment we see him." He looks back at you, "Let me guess: that's something to do with my shapeshifting you got from me, right?"

Brain pouts as he's forced to put the dresses back upstairs and Sterling nods her compliments to both parties as she's lifted up by her tail. "Noooo problem. I'm the masterful of all weapons you see and the most dangerous weapon of all is the pony mind… pony mind… pony mind…" she shakes her head loose and looks up. "Does anypony else smell hellfire?"

Looking down the tunnel, Shiny Rock leads them towards the chamber with the other ponies within (a large collection of blue and white flames emanating down one side tunnel with a princess you recognize screaming curses and praises of her fearsome reputation as the princess of the night) until you all make it within the chamber that once held the breezies prisoner.

Within, you see Twilight pacing back and forth non stop as she looks at a frozen gem containing Applejack not unlike the one that held Isha along with most of her friends and Screech.

As you both enter, she jumps up to shiny Rock, "Oh, thank goodness you're back! Look, the others aren't doing too well, Ug and Fang are both down to their last leg and the robot is…" she looks up at Nero, "Oh my goodness, Emperor! Thank goodness, I think the others need help. Obsidious we sent down too few ponies, and…"

She looks back behind Nero at Luke, gasping, "Luke! What are you doing here, this is dangerous! Did you follow us here?"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Giselle tags Obsidious' hoof with a red arrow, pumping her talon in the air as she squeals in victory, "CLOAK PONY! Vell done, vell done!" She looks to Crumple and bangs on the cockpit
"BREEZIE! Can you use zat magic of yours to sync vith me? I hit him vith mine seeker arrow!"

Merc manages to break the last of the stone pony statues as they crumble to dust, but the wonderbolt is left exhausted by his injuries and falls over, panting.


>traveled through time
"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Luke is boggled trying to wrap his mind around the idea. "I mean, I can remember some more of what happened since I'm getting tipsy. B-but time travel.. Thats like.. out of the comics. Theres no way that really happened."


Fang lets her magic linger around the blast area before forcing it into the rocks, and back to her, copying the magic of stone travel.

Roll #1 9 = 9


>-1 to Nero next turn


Fang attempts to use the captured magic to melt into the stone, and pursue Obsidious, assuming this works she trying to use her TK arm to grapple him.
(Stone meld, and tk attack.)

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


"I can give it a try!" Honey focuses, attempting to give Crumple the ability to sync with the tracker arrows effects.
>Magitech that shit!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Nono, they smell wonderful!"

"Yea, its something I learned while travelling. I can't really shapeshift myself, but I can manipulate other things."
She responds to her dad as she steps over to the berries, taking in the scent.
"Yea, we'll get the drop on him and seal him up. Nothing he could make could beat this smell though."


"It happened. It baffles me that you are just now becoming aware of this. Ug, Onyxia, Honey, Fang, myself, are all from various eras of history. Everything you vaguely remember, truly happened."
"Where are they now? And why are you here?"

Nero says in His divine form, drawing His sword and materializing His shield.

"I brought Lukewarm. Though I do not blame your reaction, apparently his reputation at home is less then I knew of him."

[1d10] Inspire
[1d10] Inspire

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 10 = 10


>"Does anypony else smell hellfire?"
"Nnnope. but I taste it." Luke pours Sterling a glass of wine.

Luke ventures down the tunnels with them "Brain Freeze stay behind me" Luke's cat pops her head out of his bag to see whats going on.

"Just what the hell is this place?" Luke mutters, as he is both terrorfied and enchanted but the displays.

Luke stops his gawking of the environment to respond to Twilight "I thought we were visiting a relative!"


File: 1429949663265.gif (1.2 MB, 320x180, 4th of July Crumple Style.gif) ImgOps Google

Honey's magic causes Crumple to glow in various spots, the single eye taking aim at Obsidious. With what magic is left in her from that, she also decides to give Crumple at least one song to begin her library collection once more.
"Alright, let's give this a shot!"
She looks at the song, having no title to it, but she shrugs and lets the music play from Crumple's speakers.

"Huh, just what I like!"
She revs up the chain gun and fires missiles at the same time, looking to hit that hiding bastard right where it hurts!
>Masterwork Great (crit 9+) Ranged Spell Dual Fire attacks

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


"I- I can't believe what I'm hearing." Luke grasps his head at wits end with his grasp of reality. He pluckers down his flank onto the ground. "I was really a hero?"

Luke can feel himself wash over with heat. The stress makes sweat rise from his skin.
He raises his head up at Twilight "Twilight! Whats happening?? Who are these people really!?"


Ug shrugs,
"Ug never am saying Ug controlling Robot Bug Pony and Crazy Sorceress Pony, that am yous problem. Ug was am just going to sit back and watch show instead of clobbering yous again with club."
He continues to struggle up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nero puts His hoof on Luke's shoulder.

"Get a hold of yourself. You are astounded. You have every right to be. I myself was in awe when it fully hit Me what had happened. I will explain, slowly."

"I am Nero, the son of Umbra, brother to Sombra, and Emperor of the Crystal Ponies. I come from slightly over a thousand years ago. Eo Naxx is a witch who came from your Hearth Warming era, Ug is a pony from the times of Lamashtu, Onyxia is from a few decades from now, and Honey is a survivalist from the far future, the year 1500 AE, after the Sunfall. Do you remember that? The reason we were traveling to begin with?"


Onyxia places the masks next to the berries and leftover pie, placing her hooves over the masks. The black crystal grows over the masks, opening up and growing over the food to hold them inside, the masks themselves shifting for a more tight seal to make sure none of those pheromones have a chance of getting through, while the filter section closes tight around the berries and pie, squishing it into a more thick paste to make sure all the air that comes through is filtered through the sweet smelling dessert.
>Transmute [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


The magic for sinking into stone is copied successfully, and the dragon pony sinks into the stone to swim about in it as though it were water.

You find Obsidious as you surf though the stone, and he gives you the most shocked expression a unicorn can give as you pull him out of his safety zone with your telekinetic grip, pushing him out and smashing him with the attack. He's starting to bleed. "GAH! What? I am the only one who can use that spell…"

Fang pulls him out entirely with her magic as you see him tumbling down, the seeker arrow still in his hoof as you let loose with your missiles and machine gun fire, the barrage of bullets and missiles streaming across the air at the now very visible target. His face is slightly shattered: it is not another stone clone but he had some sort of protect that Ug's club blow earlier had shattered that leaves his face a very solemn grimace as the bullets and missiles home in and take their mark in a huge explosion.

Obsidious is sent flying backwards towards Ug with a large splatter of blood leaking from his chest, landing far away as Merc helps Rainbow up to her hooves and Giselle does a victory cry on your back, leaning down to tap on your cockpit in celebration.

You fail to stand up but Giselle quickly flies over to give you a talon up this time "UGGY! Are you okay my cavepony bear?"

Obsidious lands not to far away, blasted to hell by the combined attacks from the others as he loses more of the plating of stony armor you cracked earlier with your club.

"*COUGH* damnit… I am… the son of Sombra. The future heir to a vast empire *COUGH*." He starts to sink into the stone again

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Giselle is knocked over by a sudden out-thrust stone hoof from the wall next to Ug, and is knocked far away from him towards the other wall. Obsidious begins to sink back into the stone but with severe injuries. "I'm not finished… not yet… still have many more things to do. For ALL of you now."

>+4 to Nero
>+3 to everyone else

Twilight is about to speak as another tremor rocks the chamber. She looks at Shiny Rock, "Ug asked me personally to come help him bring in the other Son of Sombra. I got us all inside with my magic but we were separated in the tunnels. Most of us found each other and we found the Breezies and then everything started shaking and," she takes in a deep breath, and calms down,

"Obsidious has the power to control stone over vast distances. We found his real body was trying to escape underground. I was able to teleport them there and resolved to stand watch over my…" she looks over at the frozen Orange pony besides her, "Over my friend. He's still able to summon rock creatures all the way up here even while fighting Ug and Fang and Crumple…"

She looks over at Luke as she raises an eyebrow. "You… brought him here? As in, willingly invited him."

Sterling looks from behind, "Is there another meaning to the word?"

Brain nods and gets close behind Luke as they walk through the tunnels, Sterling looking at the glass of wine with a chipper look. "OH! My favorite! Thank you Sir Luke." She downs it in a single gulp, passing you back the glass as you get into the chamber with the others.

Pinkie jumps you first, drawing jealous looks from Sterling, "Lukey! Hey, welcome to the party. And by party I mean more like, you know, those adventuring dangerous kind than the fun kind. Not that this isn't fun, just, more life-threatening than anything else so far."

Twilight, a small look of guilt in her eyes, tries to calm you down, "Well, technically, you are Luke. Just that relative happens to be an evil sorcerer… Luke, you alright?"

As you start to break down, Twilight begins to show genuine concern, and with a nudge from Fluttershy clears her throat. "Luke, I… I don't know how to explain it to you better than the others have already, but you have to understand that what you're going through isn't some game. We're in Canterlot Mountain fighting an evil sorcerer called Obsidious. These ponies… Luke, I don't know how you know these ponies but they're really from different eras. The Cavepony Ug, an ancient sorceress Fang, Emperor Nero… I'm fairly certain that whatever you think has been a dream: hasn't."

Twilight looks around the team as her attention is drawn to Shiny Rock's projector. "Wait a second… they turned the tables! Obsidious is… oh my goodness! Here, we can't be too safe, we should swoop in and make sure he's secure." Her light glows a golden glow, and you two both find yourselves enveloped in light…

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Luke turns to face Nero. His touch helping a bit "Y-yeah I think I do." Luke is starry eyed. Still coming to terms with reality.



Duke Lukem appears from behind Luke and puts a hand on his other shoulder.
>"And I'm you from the future"
>"Eaugh, why are you all sweaty?" He said in a more lukewarm voice
"Holy shit.." He said even more captured by the revelation "I'm a badass."
"Wha-wait wait. So I beat the cancer?!"
>"What the hell I didn't have cancer."

Luke's smile colapses back into a frown of deep despair


Fang tightens her grip on Obsidious, a wide toothy grin spreading across her dragonic features, "Did you really think bedrock could stop me? silly little pony.." Eo attempts to start draining Obsidious, "I'll only ask you once, because killing makes the others cross. Give me the amulet, and i'll turn you over to the others."
(TK attack on obsidious)

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


>Not golden anymore, regular pink glow
Nero and Luke's bodies are transferred across space to the inside of the cavern successfully, where they see their mark sinking into the floor of stone as though it were liquid. Upon teleporting however they are put in the most inconvenient of spots: Giselle happens to fly into both of them at once from being launched by the stone hoof from afar, slamming into them both for 4 hits apiece.

Giselle holds on to consciousness, looking at you two as she lands upon you both. "Zank you for catching me dumkoffs."

Hematitus takes the paint masks out of the back room of the house, and hands one off to you as he starts loading the filter with the berries as Esmeralda sighs, "I hope they do… I was hoping I still make them when you're as old as you are now."

You take the berries with the masks and create a pair of two crystallized masks that hold the berry scent inside of them flawlessly. The two masks come together and Hematitus tries one on, heaving in and out as he tries for smelling a small match he burns to catch the smell. "Nothing. Just the berries." He holds it to you with the mask on as well, and you also can smell nothing but your mother's home cooked meal.

He makes for the front door, opening it up as he takes a look outside at the cold night air. "Alright… alright, if we're going to target him we should do it sooner while it's night. If he's in disguise we don't want to assault him without any proof." He takes a deep breath, and removes the mask. "Are you ready?"

Esmeralda puts a hoof up, "Wait…" she goes up to give Sharithik a kiss on the cheek, and then moves over to nuzzle yours. "Please, be careful. And don't be afraid to call for help. Your lives mean more than our secrets."



"Hah! Amazing how well we can all get along when we're killing jerkoffs!" Honey yells to Giselle happily before she went over to help Ug.

"Oh no. Not again!" Honey yells, focusing some of her magic into Crumple once more for some more…powerful fire.
>MagiTech: Upgrading Fire elemental into Napalm elemental
>Napalm: on successful hit, target takes ongoing fire damage each turn. Amount of time depends on how much higher the roll is above the DC, with minimum of one turn.
(basically, making this have a useful effect finally)

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


also going to try and copy stone sinking again.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Crumple glows brightly once again as her magic takes hold. Already, she can here the tanks that produced the fire effects become reinforced to handle the new, more deadly, magical fire substance.
"You will not get away! Not until you've burned in all my fury!"

The wheels on Crumple engage, vrooming with great speed at Obsidious and does circles around where he is melting into the ground. As she circles, the chain gun revs up and fires a long, continuous stream of bullets. Each bullet detonates with the new, intense fire.
>Masterwork Great (crit 9+) Ranged Dual Spell Napalm attack

Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6 / Roll #2 1 + 5 = 6


Onyxia gives her mother as hug as they prepare to leave.
"We will, I traveled all this way so we could be a family, and I won't let anything stop that."
Taking hold of her mask she puts it on, letting it drape down under her neck by the strap.

"Yea, that'd cause even more problems. If we meet up with Steel we'll be able to follow him without problem."
She says to her father as they head out towards the castle, as that's where White Collar said he was going after he left with Luke.
"…So, I know we're supposed to be quiet so we sneak up on him. But, could you tell me about yourself? Mom's told me some stories about you two, but, I'd like to hear some of the stories you could have said."
Onyxia asks her father as they walk, wanting to know him.


File: 1429952765440.jpg (111.64 KB, 1280x720, 1429567977805.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nero is about to answer Luke, before Lukem shows up and we're teleported. The Emperor pushes Giselle off, rising to His hooves as He sees Obsidious start sinking into the rock, just barely catching the red of his eyes. Nero's shield and sword dematerialize and He casually draws His spear from a portal behind Him, aiming it at the rock, firing off a massive tornado of rainbow colored light, tearing a forty foot long tunnel into the stone as big around as a pony and creating loud roar of winds.

>Fervor, after this I go helpless, fluffed as just backing up unless I'm attacked
>No big speech, no warning, no shout to the heavens. I'm doing this because I have a wife waiting at home and this is bullshit distraction-tier.

Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15 / Roll #2 6 + 4 = 10 / Roll #3 2 + 4 = 6


Jean screeches a painful meow form having someone fall ontop of her. "MREEEOOW!!" She jumps out the bag and clings onto luke's neck

Luke rises up from the pile. He looks over to both his surrounding friends he's made over the spring break. And then this mean looking dude made out of stone across the room

"Why do I even care anymore.." Luke puts the wine bottle to his lips and lets the entirety of its contains guzzle down his throat. He throws the bottle onto the ground, shattering.

And then with his hoof clasping his bat he charges toward obsidian. Screaming his warcry. His cat clinging for life screams the same cry.

>Child of Gaia +1

[1d10+4]Taking a swing at Obsidian
>Jean's rolls to claw Obsidian's face off

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8 / Roll #2 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #3 3 + 3 = 6


Ug stands up [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Duke Luke comes in right beside Luke. Holding his bat with both hooves and screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!"


Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11




Giselle calls back from her prone position after being knocked back, "Ve aren't friends now are ve?"

Your long streams of bullets blow into the stone where he sank in, but a long tremor leading along the ground towards you juts out as a large stone snake tears into Crumple and sends it helpless again (0/3) as systems start to burn out. He continues to sink in, "We're not through here… Honey, was it? Not by a long shot! You'll see me again soon."

You sink your magic into Obsidious just as he feels he has escaped, your telekinetic grip beginning to drain the energy from him. His face looks as one with fatigue, his stony armor lowering with the grip sucking him dry. "You… do not want it. But, given what is about to happen… I see no better use for it anymore…" He grins, "Know this, however, creature: I do not fear you…"

As you attempt to copy the sinking stone spell again, he makes one last grip of his hoof to the stone wall and hits Fang with an attack of stone from below that feels lesser than before, but leaves him venting as he slowly tries to sink in again but moves slowly. (0/1)

Jean, Duke, and Luke proceed to wail over Obsidious upon arrival, his loss from the stone protection giving him little to defend from the onslaught as he says nothing in retaliation to the countless blows from them all.

"It's too late." Obsidious whispers at the last moment as you make one more attempt to stand up.

You head out towards the castle with your father, the masks under your necks might be cause for attention were it not the empty streets giving you both a free night of any gawkers.

Hematitus keeps a vigilant eye out for any sign of Steel or White, but he looks surprised at Onyxia's request to know more about him. He looks at the ground. "I'm not sure what all there is to tell you. Sometimes it's so hard to imagine life before Esmeralda. I'm sure anything I have to tell she must have told you by proxy but… I guess if you want the basics, I was a guard for the Changeing hive under Chrysalis. No one has seen her in some time but back then I was ranked above the bread and butter drones. No Elite but not bad either. Took part in the invasion of Canterlot last year too. That was…" he chuckles, "That was fun. But, it lead me to meeting your mother and for that it was worth it. As for stories, I don't have many to tell. I've done plenty of contract work and odd jobs around the Empire to make ends meet while Esmeralda kept up the spa but I'm sure you've had more exciting things happen to you."

The beam collides into Obsidious as he lays against the wall, barely sinking into it as a bright flash of red glares from the alicorn amulet and a wide smirk sweeps his face as the beam collides into him, a roaring tunnel of wind erasing what was there with a long tunnel going into the back of the cavern, extending deep within.

A low moan calls from the back of it.

Close to Fang's hooves where she was hit however she sees that small glimmer of red, a little trinket that only she can see close enough to her…


File: 1430702769023.jpg (151.38 KB, 630x565, clock35.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.

Will be starting TimeQuest here soon, no need for sheets I know you're almost all here.

Luke Warm: 5/5 (5/5)
Onyxia: 5/5 (5/5)
Ug: 0/2 (6/6)
Nero: 0/6 (8/7)
Crumple: 0/3 (7/7)
Honey: 5/3 (5/5)
Shiny Rock: 3/3 (5/5)
Eo-Naxx Fang: 0/1 (6/6)


>Year: 1017 AE
>Canterlot Mountains
Ug, Luke, Fang, Honey, and Nero stand among a darkened chamber with bright red crystals above illuminating the room over a mess of reshaped rock and stone, a black coffin near the center of the room and a larger tunnel formed near the back.

Obsidious has been defeated, a strong groaning and the shuffling of hooves sounding through the dim red light of the cavern showing a purple pony with bits of rocks crumbling off of his skin, his natural armor giving way, as blood pours from his face and body. He grins, stepping over stones and gravel to look at his enemies as, while many are on the ground, he can not say he fares better.

"Well… this is certainly not how I hoped this would go. Wasn't expecting so many guests after the others did such a splendid job of ruining my day."

He sighs, "If it's all the same, I'll be surrendering now, gentlecolts."


Fang notices where no one else does a small shining glimmer from where Obsidious was last blasted away. Peering closer through the darkness, she notes the shape of the amulet, but a small crack appearing down the center of its red gem…


As Crumple struggles to stand, she gets the panicked shouting of Breezies from behind the cockpit. Seabreeze slams open the cockpit door, "It doesn't-a look good down here, Honey. The war machine's taking-a lot of damage, but-we'rea working to repair it now. What's happened out-a there?!"

>Crystal Empire
With specialized, anti-pheromone gas masks draped around their necks and the cover of dark aiding in their search, father and future-daughter sneak out into the night in search of White Collar, aka Chitus, before he can enact whatever he has planned and make life very hard for certain changelings in the Empire.

As they stalk through the night, you find no word or sign of Steel yet, but make small talk with your father to ease the calm. "I'm not sure what all there is to tell you. Sometimes it's so hard to imagine life before Esmeralda. I'm sure anything I have to tell she must have told you by proxy but… I guess if you want the basics, I was a guard for the Changeing hive under Chrysalis. No one has seen her in some time but back then I was ranked above the bread and butter drones. No Elite but not bad either."

"Took part in the invasion of Canterlot last year too. That was…" he chuckles, then sighs in regret, "That was 'fun'. But, it lead me to meeting your mother and for that it was worth it. As for stories, I don't have many to tell. I've done plenty of contract work and odd jobs around the Empire to make ends meet while Esmeralda kept up the spa but I'm sure you've had more exciting things happen to you."

He looks around the city. Most ponies are in bed right now so you have the streets mostly to yourself. "Any idea how to find your knight?"


>Note that everyone has +3 from Inspire, Nero +4


Nero lowers His spear from where He fired it, holding it upright, its base upon the stone floor.

"Crumple Zone, Ug." He says acknowledging them as His body radiates divine light as He turns to His Nephew.

"Obsidious, I presume?"


Fang's eyes flare green as she practically leaves a small crater with her TK fist where the amulet was while picking it up, and quickly latching it around her neck.


Honey works the controls on Crumple, making herself shine brightly to help kick start the repairs.
"It'sa fine. We beat him, buta I suggest you geta back in there anda tell everybreezie to focus on repairs. Ita about to get messy."
>Defaulting back up
>Repair, DC -1

The now new and larger Crumple Zone looks down at Nero with the single eye, the extra row of eyes glowing as well.
"No, he isn't Obsidious."

The wheels on Crumple lock into position, tearing the ground up as Crumple speeds to Obsidious. He slams one of the wheels into Obsidious' leg, lifting him up by it as the spikes in the wheels have a firm grip.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Nero looks on at Crumple Zone as it grips Obsidious via spikes.

"You're looking well. So what exactly was the situation here, I heard from Ug you were already in battle with My Nephew earlier this evening. Why?"


"Only over these past few days, and that's been more chaotic than anything. The best thing out of it all so far is having met you."

Onyxia looks around.
"Well, when he's following somepony you can't see him, but he's always found me whenever I get nearby."
As they walk, she calls out for Steel to see if they are going in the right direction.
"Steel, are you there?"


Ug waves. "Hello King Pony! How's the wife?"
"Good for you Darth Sidious. It am good that you am making reasonable decisions to surrender before Ug am smashing your face in again. Giselle dearest? Would you am be helping Ug standing up?"
[1d10] Standing up
Shiny Rock heals Ug

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Crumple doesn't even look at Nero, the rageful tunnel vision focused on the lifted Obsidious.
"This cocksucker got a pony brainwashed to kidnap breezies of this time! Then the bastard stuck them in crystals, and enslaved them for their magic."
A slight red glow could be seen forming in the jagged, metal maw of Crumple.
"I don't care if its not my time and shit: I'm giving this jerkoff what's coming to him, with PLENTY of interest!"


"Distressed, and happy to see Me, but otherwise alright. Thank you again for finding her."
Nero takes this in, grasping the concept.

"I understand your anger, Crumple Zone, but I do not think now is the ideal time to kill Obsidious. We still do not know exactly what he was after, or what his plans were, do we?"

>Inspires because why not.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8



Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9


Crumple's head sharply turns to Nero, flames licking just outside the metal mouth.
"I DON'T CARE! Not killing him just gives this greaseball bastard a chance to get away!"
The eyes on Crumple grows brighter as Honey's revenge is, literally, just a few button presses away for her.
"I WILL see to it he pays for EVERYTHING! HERE AND NOW!"


With their apparent victory Luke sits his flank down to catch his breath.

The sight of crumple scares the ever loving shit out of Luke. "What kind of screaming metal turd from hell am I looking at!?" He fumbles out his laser rifle and points at Crumple. Luke doesn't seem to recognize him.

Duke Lukem stands around not really paying attention to things and more focused on admiring his reflection in one of the crystals protruding from the wall.


"All in am days work!" Ug says saluting with his new club.
"But Robot Bug Pony, you don't wanting Darth Sidious to be am recurring character antagonist in our story? It am being to spice things up a bit eh? Eh?"


Nero looks to Ug, waiting for an answer before preventing Honey's request to kill him.

"Do we know what he was planning? Who he was working with? Is My brother involved?"


The purple unicorn nods, barely standing. "The very same. Welcome to my house, uncle. I hope my brother gave as warm a welcome as he could upon your intrusion to my castle. I would say not to get used to it, but, as you can see, I'm not in the best vantage to argue."

Nearby, you see two pegasi helping each other up and shaking off the remains of several stone statues. One with technicolored hair stares at you. "What was with the light show?"

Obsidious turns a small degree in your direction as you latch up the amulet, but you only see a sly smirk across his muzzle as you put it on.

The crack in the center of the amulet glows a deep, scarlet red that races across the rest of the amulet onto your scarred body as you suddenly feel a surge of energy coursing through you… but not ultimate power. It feels discordant, chaotic, zipping in every direction but not concentrated enough to focus. It's getting hard for Eo to concentrate.

>Crumple begins to get repaired with over a hundred breezies working on internal repair, rising up to 7/4

You tear through the earth towards Obsidious, latching on to his leg and lifting him up as he gives a pained grunt when the spikes dig in.

He flops down like a ragdoll with the rest of his body as you hold him aloft, a cold stare leering at you despite his helplessness. "You do not want to do this, Breezie…"

Giselle barely manages to get up after having the wind knocked out of her herself, flapping over to fly to Ug and help him up with her talons as she looks at her ruffled feathers. "Oh, Ug darling, he ruined my preening I received this morning! Let me stick an arrow in his hoof and…"

"Thank you, Ug." Obsidious compliments, "Yes, with recent events and injuries made known to me I'm clearly beginning to see there's wisdom in a small amount of diplomacy now. Now, if you could keep your rapid, mechanical dog from tearing my leg off," he points at Crumple the Raging digging spikes into his legs, "I believe I have a proposition for you concerning my black box over near the center of the cavern."

>Shiny Rock heals Ug, up to 6/3

"Really? Must have been a rough last few days then, Onyxia. But, if it means you get to save me from whatever it is that forces me to leave, then maybe it will have all been worth it in the end. But, what I don't understand is, how did you get wrapped up in time traveling in the first place?"

As you call out for Steel, you hear no answer, but Hematitus locates a carving on the side of a building. "Wait, hold on, come look at this." Looking at it, you find its a long slashed arrow pointing in the direction of some back alleys. He leads you down a bit more, to which you find another arrow, which leads farther in towards the direction of the Crystal Palace. "Think he left these for us?"


He grins, "Well, if it makes you feel any better, it wasn't exactly my idea. If you were to release your iron-clad grip on my leg, I could share more with you…"

>+1 to everyone next turn
One of the pegasi, a gray-coated, black-maned individual with wings with wrapping around them and a moon-shaped scar under his right eye, moves up. "Honey, wait! That son of a bitch knows where Aqua Marina is… or whatever her real name is. I'm not going to sleep at night until I find her and get the truth."

As you level your rifle at Crumple, you see a sudden, pink flash occur behind you.

"WAIT!" You hear the voice of a beleaguered Fluttershy, you might recall from Ponyville, putting your rifle down, "It's full of Breezies, you can't shoot it, it's not bad at all."

Twilight arrives moments later, catching her breath with her horn shining brightly. She looks over at you, sighing, "You alright, Warm? I'm sorry, I kind of teleported you right on the spot there, I got a little overly enthusiastic. I'm guessing it didn't really help things much."


"Not. Now. Rummy." Crumple says, slowly and with emphasis.

"You wanna get a piece of what's coming to him too?!"

There is a slight growl.
"One question, that is all. No more. And I'll see this dirtbag gets ready for his trip to Hell."

"Shut the fuck up! I don't care what you have to say! You're a dead stallion breathing as far as I care!"

Honey looks to Merc, then back to Obsidious.
"This meat sack said so himself: she was an illusion to trick you into kidnapping my people!"


"The time travel, that was unexpected. When I was finally all ready to go out and search for you, some crazy portal opened up only a few hours after I went off into the tundra and pulled me in. And, now I'm caught up in all this time traveling."

Onyxia looks over the arrows.
"He must have, it's something he would do. Let's hurry."
Onyxia follows the trail of arrows.


Fang fully collapses, form her already prone position. The light faiding from her eyes.


"No accomplices, and Ug not am totally sure what he am fully planning. But Ug breaking through to key causes of you am nephew's psychosis. Spoiler alert, it all am your brother's fault. But no Ug am not finding any connections with your brother other than he am being terrible father."
Shiny Rock floats over to Fang and tries to heal her

Roll #1 2 = 2


"He asked me for a gift so I killed him where he stood. His last words were boasting that you were as powerful as Anunoth Himself."

"I am disappointed."

Nero turns to Rainbow Dash, still in radiant divine form, looking at His spear.

"A gift from My brother, an Anunoth spear. The symbol of Imperial office, and by far the most powerful weapon that I possess. Emperor Nero, a pleasure. Am I correct in assuming you are Rainbow Dash?"
"Sombra isn't involved? Interesting."
"You do not dictate to Me what I can do, Crumple Zone. You will get your revenge for what he has done to your people, but I need to know what is going on first. Otherwise your people could still be at risk, and Mine also."

He turns to Obsidious.

"Speak quickly, for I have places to be. What were you planning? And do you indeed work alone, as Ug says?"


Ug turns to Giselle. "Well Giselley Gumdrop Ug will am be waiting to see what King Pony and Robot Bug Pony am doing first. Darth Sidious is am awful prick, but he am maybe being useful awful prick alive."
Ug shrugs.
"You am no scaring Ug Robot Bug Pony, remember who am helping you finding Darth Sidious in first place."
He says pointing to Shiny Rock.
"It am King Pony's nephew so you may am be better off letting him deciding Darth Sidious's fate."


Luke Doesn't listen to a thing fluttershy is saying, more kinda in shock that fluttershy is even saying anything within his vicinity. But In that moment Luke basks in her mint smelling forest aroma, his heart beating harder than a retard in marching band. He thinks is it hot in here? Or is it just the wine?

>"It's full of Breezies

"Wait? *Hic*" Luke breaks from the trance, are you telling me that thing is full'a roaches?"
Luke reaims his rifle, the electric sound of a revving laser is heard as hot ions coalesce into the rifle.

>"You alright, Warm? I'm sorry, I kind of teleported you right on the spot there, I got a little overly enthusiastic. I'm guessing it didn't really help things much."

Luke responds as he puts his eye on the laser sight "Nah, its cool, my cat got pretty pissed though." Jean can be seen scared fuzzy, with her claws digging into Luke's side.

>"Not. Now. Rummy."
Just as Luke squeezes the trigger he yelps a response "Crumps??"
>child of gaia

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Oh hello Luke. You am making sure you am not late to work tomorrow. Ug needing you for important businessings."


"And neither do you."

"I care only about my people, and I will defend them again if I have to!"

"Yeah, Shiny Rock helped me. Not you."

"And this fuckoff kidnapped MY people. Tried to kill me! As far as I'm concerned, him being my murderer is a better reason for me to decide his fate than him being family."

Crumple adjusts his body to shield Obsidious from the shot, not knowing it was for him anyway.
"Back off. His life is mine to take."


"Eh.. could you pick me up? I need to be stayin in with the folks today."


"You am caring about ONLY your bug pony peoples? What about the am missions? What about the Sunfalls."
Ug turns to Obsidious.
"Ug thinking this am being close lead to what am causing it. We am killing Darth Sidious now and we am not getting important informations."


"The Sunfall will be fixed, and this pony WILL NOT be apart of whatever results from us stopping it. He doesn't deserve to live and see something as great as that if all he'll do is kidnap and enslave!"


Merc looks at the ground, biting his lip. "He said she was a changeling. One that's still out there I bet. I want to know where the hell she is!"

Obsidious sneers as he feels the pain tighten around his leg. "I'm much more valuable alive than dead, Honey: I know where that changeling is and will gladly divulge information you wish, IF you allow me to live through this." He grins, looking over your shoulder as he sees the rest of the ponies upstairs arrived. "What about the cow-pony, hmm? If I die there's no safely bringing her out of it. And don't you think I'd do much more credit to your ponies alive than dead?"

He nods and he follows after you through the alleys as you go along the dark pathways. "Just out of nowhere, huh? Don't even know what caused it? Well, I'm not complaining considering the circumstances, but those kinds of questions would be at the top of my list right about now."

The arrows lead you, ironically enough, far enough away from your home you wind up in a series of back-paths that loop around your mother's spa. From here, you notice a dim green light from behind the corner before before a heavy iron hoof juts out and blocks your path, the rest of Steel's imposing form appearing and causing Hematitus to adopt a low fighting stance as he puts up the other hoof to calm him.

"He's behind this corner. He has been speaking to a green light for almost five minutes. He appears to be alone, perhaps communicating. Do not turn the corner yet, his eyesight is keen. I do not know for sure but I suspect he knows he's being followed."

You near on fainting as you suddenly hear a voice meeting your ears, that of a familiar purple princess. "Fang? Fang, are you alright?" They sound clouded and unclear as though your ears fail you. "Come on, Fang, answer me. Can you even hear…" she pauses as she feels around your neck. "Oh my goodness… Fang, concentrate on my voice. Can you understand me…?"

Shiny Rock floats over to Fang but the healing function fails, the processor maxed out from the last few hours.

Obsidious gives a curt laugh. "I'd care to see you fare better. But if that is how you feel, allow me to make a promise that the next time you see me fighting, I'll turn your bones to stone the terror will be so all-encompassing."

Rainbow turns her head, then flutters over as the others arrived. "Oh, right, you're that big hot-shot leader guy who was coming back from the dead?"
"RAINBOW!" Rarity shouts, blushing, "I-I'm sorry, Emperor, she's very informal… Rainbow, I meant to ask, why weren't you there to greet him with us? Fluttershy and Applejack had excuses…"

"I had to help Fang find the Alicorn Amulet like Twilight said to."

Obsidious chuckles, "You've already disrupted my plans behind repair, but if you must know, the machine the breezies were meant to empower was to use their protective magic, usually wasted on pollen of all things, to create an insurmountable barrier for an ally of mine. But where he is now, even I can't say for sure."

Giselle huffs, crossing her talons as Obsidious nods.

"Quite so, Ug. You've my ire for swindling me out of a gold mine, but I feel I can provide you with so much more than if I were to be taken away. And you me: let's simply say I had more vested interested in your corpse than simply its marketability to foals and ponies of all ages."


"Um…" Fluttershy shakes her head no, "um, no, Luke, I-I said Breezies. Cockroaches are very different." As you re-level the rifle, she goes in to full screech mode, "NOOOO!" she puts herself in front of it.

Twilight sighs, "Then, if you could put down the laser rifle that, Princess I can't believe I'm saying this, you REALLY got from the future down, I'd appreciate it if you didn't shoot my friend or a robot full of endangered Breezies."

As you aim for Crumple, you accidentally let loose a bolt that Fluttershy is barely pulled out of the way for the laser to bounce off of Crumple's chassis, causing 1 hit of scorch damage (6/4) but only superficial. Obsidious laughs as he watches Luke fire haphazardly.

"The others I recognize from attempting to take my life across this very, VERY long day… but you I do not recognize. Honey, this one is trying to kill your Breezies more than I am right now. Why not break his leg instead?"

Twilight punches Luke's shoulder, "That almost hit Fluttershy!"

Obsidous perks his eyebrow.

"Sunfall, you say…?"


Ug looks at Shiny Rock and shrugs then looks back to Luke.
"Shiny Rock saying you am having to cartpool with Z and Bat Ponies."
"Well Darth Sidious you am going to have to deal with Angry Bug Pony first, She is am quite inconsolable. Also you may am wanting to tell Ug more about why Ug's corpse am so interesting for something that am not existing yet. Last time Ug check Ug am not all that corpsy. Irregardlessed you am maybe wanting to tell Ug because Ug will am finding out anyways."
[1d10+1] Why is Obsidious so interested in Ug's corpse.
Shiny Rock attempts to heal Fang again

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Also Sunfall am too complicated to be explaining to you so you may am just wanting to read the cliff notes like Ug did."


"Well we have this time machine that we've been using, when I first got pulled in back then the pony who made it said it was some side effect or something. It just opened up portals over time randomly. As long as I am able to get back to when I got pulled in, and make sure you're safe, I don't care why it happened to me."

Onyxia stops as Steel blocks them, peering at the light beyond.
("Pull us into your cloak, we'll get the jump on him then.")
She whispers with conviction, not wanting to let this guy get away.


Nero ignores Rainbow and Rarity's arguments, as well as the very prudent question of why RD was helping Fang find the Amulet, to focus on Obsidious.

"I do not think Crumple will stay on her leash much longer. Continue and I *might* be persuaded to show you mercy. You said are working with Changlings? Where are they? And why did they want this barrier?"


"shit sorry! Sorry!" Luke rubs his shoulder "I wasn't tryin to hit Flutters."
Luke turns promplty turns to fluttershy "Sorry bout that by the way."
And then back to Twilight "You gotta admit though, for a bunch of cute roaches, you stuff'em in a demon trashcan and they're pretty intimidating." Luke walks closer up to Crumple and Obsidian

"Yeeeeaah" He said scratching the back of his head "T'be honest I don't much recognize you either bro, I was kinda just goin with the flow." Luke pours out a glass of rum for Obsidious "Wanna last drink before my friend offs ya"


"And she will be found, WITHOUT his help!"

"I freed the breezies from your crystal shit once, and I'll do it again for whatever a 'cow-pony' is!"

"Well, there's your answer." Crumple says, looking at Nero. The metal maw opens, and looks to Obsidious.
"And your one question."

"Nothing you have to worry about."

Honey makes sure to lock the cockpit door, and shut out any images/noise from reaching the breezies inside Crumple. Crumple moves his hoof to slam Obsidious onto his back. The eyes of Crumple glare down at Obsidious as one of the spiked wheels is raised up. Spinning to the point of being a crude buzzsaw, it cuts into Obsidious' jaw, separating the mandible from the rest of the skull and ensuring he can't close his mouth.
"When you go to Hell, do me a favor will ya?" Crumple asks, 'vomiting' unignited napalm into Obsidious' mouth against his will. Once satisfied, Crumple's head opens to reveal Honey, raygun trained on the opened mouth, and she spits into one of his eyes.
"Tella the Devil to packa his shit, because I'lla be taking over when Ia go there!"
She fires her raygun, igniting the napalm and letting Obsidious burn.


>kill blow to make it official


Luke kicks the dirt "Ahh horseshit! Yeah squeeze me in with the two fruits and the zigga. Alright Ug but after this you gotta come with to my parent's, I need somepony to back me up on why I was so late."


"Where he'sa going, he won't needa it." Honey says, breathing heavy as her rage seems to die down as she stares at the fire, a feeling of satisfaction washing over her.


"That am fine, You am introducing them to Sterling yet? How did they am liking her?"

(note: leaving hospital now will be back home soon)


"Nah, the folks ain't met Sterling yet. Not sure I even want to, them seeing me with a nice mare like her, they'll be gushing."


Fang wraps a forelimb around twilight's neck, squeezing her tightly, she speaks in an urgent low whisper, "It's gone, it's weak, but it's coming back, help." with that she slumps back to the floor off of Twilight.


>Shiny Rock successfully heals up Fang to 6/2
>Ug searches for answers, and discovers that Obsidious' interest in the frozen Ug is tied to his connection to Shiny Rock: and the infinite knowledge disposed from it. But in addition to that, is some research that dates back to Ug's native time.

"Well, as I'm sure you've already 'discovered' for yourself, your machine. It is connected to you and only you, and I feel that connection has something to do with when you were frozen with it… or however long you discovered it before then.
>Wow, you're good.

"Oh, no, not asking for an explanation. It simply sounds familiar, is all."

Steel nods, opening up his cloak to envelop Hematitus and Onyxia both as you are both brought into the dark dimension once more. Hematitus seems disoriented, looking about confused in this strange parallel place as Steel holds up your gunlance towards him. Turning the corner, you see that the 'light' White Collar was talking to has vanished and the unicorn is now walking on his merry way, the light outline of his shadowy self assuring you its him. "He appears to have stopped…"

Hematitus dons the pie mask, and moves over to force yours over your face as well. "No chances: if you even catch a whiff of his pheromones, you're done for. Your friend should…"

"I will be fine." Steel answers back, "I have no sense of smell. Onyxia, we can strike now and fast, before he gets into open streets again."

"But BE careful," Hematitus repeats, "Even I don't know everything an Elite like him can do."

Obsidious, grins, looking over at Crumple, "So, you're on a leash then? I thought you seemed a bit too rabid to be without a Master."

"As of right now, who can say? I'd feel much more prudent to answering were I knowing my survival were to be ensured, Uncle. But I can tell you they wanted the barrier for personal usage, to protect a single pony. We had a simple arrangement, that they would assist me in reclaiming my throne and in exchange we reward them with a certain desire of their heart."

Fluttershy sighs, "I-it's okay, I know you didn't mean it. Just please try to not shoot them again, p-please?"

Pinkie chuckles, hopping up on top of your head, "Yeah, but to be fair I think ANYTHING gets scary once you put it in a giant metal death machine that look nothing like a Breezie, huh?"

Obsidious scoffs. "My taste buds will not forgive me if the last thing they touch is your dollar-store liquor…. though now that I think of it you DO look familiar. Do you… oh. Oh, well, this is a funny number of coincidences today."



>Healed to 5/2 by shiny Rock's heal
Twilight gasps as you suddenly grab her neck and pull her close, her ears opened wide as she listens to your warning. She looks back with you at the cracked amulet around your neck, shaking you as fall back over in a slump. "Fang? What's weak? You mean… you mean the demon? Has it been in control this whole time? Fang, we, we can help but you have to fight it with me. C'mon, hang in there." You feel her hooves shaking you for several moments trying to rise you up, then tugging at your amulet to no avail.

He is interrupted as the fire suddenly erupts from Crumple's mouth, enveloping him in napalm that burns him to a cinder but no cries of agony emanate from him as he burns. He stays limp in Crumple's iron grip as the fire spreads and covers his entire body, the other ponies in the chamber watching with horror, sadness, or neutrality as the first son of Sombra perishes. Fluttershy covers her eyes with Pinkie covering from the carnage, the final show of Obsidious' holocaust ending when the flames dissipate to show a blackened corpse.

The blackened corpse then speaks, "A shame…" before he scatters into dust with only his purple horn left behind as it plops on the ground.

You hear a voice come from behind. "He… he surrendered."


Fang rubs her head as she stands up to her hooves, she glares down on Twilight as she spreads her wings out, "What do you want Purple Princess?" Fang's eyes flare green as she smacks Twilight's hooves away from her amulet.


Onyxia reaches and and fastens her mask as her father puts it over her muzzle.
"I'll be careful, although he won't be able to do much. I'm not going to give him the chance."
As White Collar start to walk, Onyxia runs forward in the shadow-scape to cut him off. Once she gets in front of him, while he's still in the alley, Onyxia breaks out from the cloak's magic, slamming her hooves on the ground as back crystal rockets out along the ground. It spreads over both the ground and the walls around Collar, splitting crystal off from all around him to seal him in a contained crystal prison.
>Transmute [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Honey doesn't pay any mind to the other ponies around her, nor his final message. She gives a long sigh as all the pent up anger and frustrations seem to vanish from her.

She has Crumple grab the purple horn, intent with making it another war trophy in addition to the ones she has already.

Honey looks to the voice.
"He wasa a kidnapping, manipulating, enslaving sona of a bitch. Compared to the shita I've seen, thisa was tame."


Nero growls as He sees Crumple Zone destroy Obsidious.

"You fool! He still had secrets he was willing to divulge! You decadent, weak mad dog! You could not have waited a moment to sate your lust for revenge, not even knowing that he knew of the Sunfall and Lukewarm?"

Nero turns to Ug, then others.

"The Changlings are after My Heart, I want to know where they are and what exactly they are planning. Princess Twilight, meet me tomorrow morning in the Empire along with your vassals, we have business to discuss with the other alicorns. Rainbow Dash, go bring Me Princess Luna. The rest of you I don't care what you do. I am returning to the Empire immediately. At the least I know of a few shapeshifters within My city who may know something of this."


Luke looked on very casual at the event. After insulting his offer he felt particularly apathetic.
"Eh.. You did the right thing crumple. That guy was'a asshole"

Luke exits the scene walking towards the rest of the party with the mane 6
iLuke struggles keeping eye contact with fluttershy "Er yeah, sorry again, my bad."
Luke turns his eyes up to pinkie "See, At least Pinkie gets it. Yeah, I promise not to shoot lasers at breezies but Crumps is the exception. Thats just like our thing.. if I remember that right?"

Luke holds out the Obsidious's glass of rum to Rainbow, swishing it in the glass gesturing if she wants it or not.

Luke nudges you with his elbow "Aye Ug, you know what dark rock pony was goin on about thinking I looked familiar?"


"I tolda you: one question. You evena managed to geta an extra one in beforea I finally gave him whata he earned."

"So calla me all the names you want, Goldie. I don't givea a fuck. Alla I care about is gettinga these breezies home before something elsea happens to them."

Honey simply nods in quiet agreement with Luke.
"Well he'sa dead asshole now."


"hardcore dude…"


Nero looks up at Crumple Zone, glaring.

"If your foolhardiness has put MY people in danger, I will do much worse to you then call names."

Nero says with a calm suppressed anger.


Twilight gulps as you stand back up to full height, looking left and right as the young alicorn tries to cover for what she just heard. "I… Uh.. I was, just, making sure you're alright. Yeah, hehehe, just that." She clears her throat, then she rubs her hooves. "Sooo… you, got the amulet I see! Did Obsidious have it on him? How are you… well, feeling? Any great desire to… I don't know, conquer anything?"

She looks around for your staff, then back towards her friends. "Will, will you be okay for just a moment, Fang?"

Leaping out from the shadowscape, White Collar suddenly gives a jump as the prissy unicorn watches you come out of nowhere into his sight. "WOAH! I say, what on earth is going…"

He gasps as the walls and ground are covered with black crystal, then the earth itself moves to surround him in a tight, stone cube that he attempts to leap away from
[1d10-1] "W-what's going on?!" (Bonus for element of surprise)

Looking behind, you see Fluttershy, her eyes tearing up and overflowing with tears. "I know, but… he was just defenseless. He wanted to give up, to turn himself in. How could you…" She takes in a deep breath, huffing as Pinkie consoles her. "C-can we just go home now…?"

Merc sighs, flying to face your cockpit. "But he KNEW where she was… who the hell else can tell me now, Honey! We could have… I don't know, tortured him or anything to get that out of him."

"And Ia say you did alright…" Seabreeze speaks from the back of the cockpit, opening up the door. "I… I saw it, Honey. You did what he deserved, before he could bea threat to-a anyone else." He sighs. "I just-a wish Fluttershy didn't-a have to see it."

Twilight looks at Nero from the sides, giving a brief flash of Teleportation to Rainbow Dash so she could leave this enclosed chamber to locate the Princess of Night. She responds, "I think my friends and I will need a good night's sleep first after all this madness, but, of course, we can meet you there in the morning. I might be up all night finding a way to un-crystallize Applejack first, though."

She coughs, "And, I think we've more problems than just the changelings, too…"

Rainbow shrugs, leaning over to take a swig of it and passing it around to any other ponies or griffons or breezies that need it. Another pegasi you don't recognize, with a scar under his right eye, takes it from her and downs almost half of it before giving it back." Fluttershy nods her head, "I-it's okay, Luke, I know you didn't mean it." She sniffs, walking back with the others as Twilight prepares a massive teleportation spell, surrounding everyone in a bright light of violet that takes them from this dreary place back up to the big chamber with the tunnels that lead up back to Obsidious' mansion. Rainbow flies off immediately to locate Luna as you all look around the chamber, where Sterling, Screech, and Brain Freeze wait behind a crystallized Applejack waiting for your return.

Sterling immediately jumps Luke, "Luke! I heard such shaking from below. Is all alright?" She then turns towards Crumple, gasping. "Sir Demon?!"

Roll #1 9 - 1 = 8


White Collar makes it through a small slit just before the entire thing closes around him…

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


But then an iron hoof comes from the shadowscape, jamming into his muzzle. However, it does not send him flying back far enough and White Collar takes the hit to his bleeding muzzle as he rolls out from where the cage now stands, holding up his nose in a fright as Steel stands besides you, gun-lance leveled at him. White Collar throws up both of his hooves.

"W-w-wait! I have money, you want it? Please, just…" he throws bits at your hooves. "Just take it!"


"I don't need your money, I need to to stay still!"
Onyxia slams her hooves down again, the black crystal growing out to grow over the stone cube and the ground under White Collar, the stone breaking back open as it lunges forward in erratic, false living movements as it goes to surround the unicorn while the ground under him grows up to seal around him.
>Transmute [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


Honey looks back at Nero from the open cockpit, giving him a glare to match his.
"You don'ta scare me. Ia survived in a place where the FUCKINGA SUN was getting closer to fallinga on me! Unlessa you can do THAT, your threatsa mean nothing to me."

Honey is unmoved by Fluttershy's crying. She simply has Crumple stow the purple horn into a storage area in Crumple.
"Yeah, goinga home sounds good."

"Ifa you want to knowa stuff, hanga around Shiny Rock," she says to Merc, "ifa it knew everythinga to help me geta to here, then ita can help you find some mare ora whatever."

"Lifea isn't fair, Seabreeze. The soonera she learns it isn't alla hookers and sunshine, the bettera she will be."

Honey looks to Sterling, giving a small 'heh' as a slight smile forms on her face finally.
"Yeah, Crumple isa back. You can'ta keep a good demon down forevera."

Honey looks to Twilight.
"Mind hurrying witha the 'getting usa out of here' bita? I wanta these breezies back in the safety ofa…wherevera they made their homesa at."


"OH WOW! What am a startling revelations that am being! Shiny Rock did you am knowing anything about this?" Ug says with thinly veiled sarcasm. Shiny Rock turns its smiley face side towards Ug and shakes its head whirring irritated.
"Well atleast you am counting yourself lucky you am having parents right? You could am being orphan like Batmare."
"What he am saying" Ug says pointing to Nero.
Ug rolls his eyes and turns to Giselle.
"Well Ug's Griffy Goodness we might as well be leaving here. Let Purple Princess Pony and her technicolor friends am be cleaning up the mess. Sorry you am getting your feathers messing up. This am being one crazy date hmm?"
Shiny Rock and Ug look for and gather up documents and materials Obsidious left behind.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


Fang clicks her staff's heel on the ground, "I've no desire to do anything bad, not at all Purple Princess."


"Return to the Empire tomorrow morning, I am meeting with the alicorns to discuss the Sunfall, and I'm sure you'll have something to comment on this Changling business. Till then good night."

Nero says respectfully to Ug.
Nero just shakes His head angrily, turning to leave.
Nero turns to Twilight as He readies to depart.

"I will give you a hint. You must melt the crystal, not burn it or break it. And if there is another problem you can inform me of it in the morning if it is not immediately relevant. I am going home."

Nero turns to Luke.

"Come Lukewarm. We're departing this place."
>Leaving to Luke's parent's house with Nero and Luke in one chariot, Luna and Brain in the other. Sterling can fly that short distance if she's coming with.


And with that Duke wanders off to his own devices before the teleport.

"Yeah! Everythings cool. We just put the beat down on Nero's nephew, Crumple grinded him into mulch and Nero wasn't too fond'a that." Luke gathers close to speak in a whisper "He kinda threw a bitch fit so don't mention it around him kay."

Luke calls out to Rainbow as she soars off. "Yo Taintblow Rash! I'm back in ponyville! You know where to go whenever you wanna get your drink on!!"

Luke waves at Brain Freeze to comeover "Aye Brainiac field trip's over, we gon'be leavin now."

Luke follows after Ug

"Yeah Ug but Batmare's rich. Gonna be honest Batmare should be more grateful 'bout that fat inheritance she got from the parents she didn't even get to know."


>oh shit wait change that to Luke and Brainiac follow Nero in his chariot. >Forgot about the chariot.s


White Collar cries out, "HELP! Somepony help me… Please, you can't do this, I'm getting married the day after tomorrow!"

Steel moves in to block his escape route with his imposing form. "No one is coming to help you."

You hear Hematitus whisper, "Don't believe him, no matter what: I KNOW it's him."

Merc looks over at the floating orb as they come out of the chamber, making their way up to the crystal gates they shrunk their way through the first time as he sighs. "Yeah… I guess I should." He looks up at Crumple, and holds out a hoof. "Still don't appreciate you guys almost killing me and wrecking my house… but I guess everything else wasn't so bad. Thanks, Honey."

Seabreeze, meanwhile, heads back down below to tell his people to get ready to go home. "No, it-a isn't. But the fact that-a little pegasus doesn't stop-a trying to make it that way is what-a I love so much about her."

Sterling leaps up, poking at your new armor. She pouts, "Oh, damnations. Here I am having cast aside my armor for a change and now you get a brand new set! It is simply unfair."

Twilight then comments, "I can only teleport us so far. The rest of the way I think we should just take the tunnels out to Obsidious' manor. Need to find a few more of our friends on the way out, too."
>recall Boo and Z are still missing

Giselle groans and nods her head yes. "But, not the worst vone I've been on, believe it or not. You recall zat Gregory, ze commander Honey blew up? MUCH worse first impressions."

Pinkie jumps up, "Yeah, but hey, looks like we got a lot of need loot out of it anyhow, huh?" She moseys over to the collection of notes and schematics where she found your blackened club, and Shiny Rock assists her in picking up a slew of stuff about Ug and Shiny Rock that Obsidious was researching.

They seem to revolve around the place where Ug was located as a means of finding where he was born, believing this site relevant to Shiny Rock somehow in the present. What's more he seems to be drawing connections between Shiny Rock and some sort of book that he does not have among his possessions.
>Just checking, you going to Ponyville with Nero/Luke?

"…riiiiight. Of course." Twilight nods her head yes, then looks around for one of her friends. She casts a blink of teleportation, and you find yourself suddenly met with Screech again as he looks around confused as to why he's suddenly face to face with the mare he fears most. "Just, hold on one second, please, Fang? I-I'm not done with this conversation." She immediately flies over towards the rest of her gathered friends, communicating in secret as Screech gulps.

"Uh… hey again! So, you uh. You got the amulet? How's it feel? I-I still can't find Boo anywhere so I was thinkin' of looking for him." He gulps. Looking over at Twilight and her friends, you see a few of them occasionally look back, especially the white one.

Roll #1 5 = 5


This time, he does not escape: Onyxia's cage entraps him like a rat with no way out as the stone surrounds him entirely. You hear him banging on it fruitlessly as Hematitus leaps from the shadowscape. "YES! He'll run out of air in minutes, we got him…"

As you all make through the tunnels, you notice Twilight nod. "Thank you, Nero, I'll give it a try. We'll see how she is by morning. I think I still need to find Spike and Screech's other friends, a zebra and batpony I believe. I'll make sure they're discovered to."

Making your way up to the entrance that Sterling and you pushed down, Obsidious' manor is passed through with no great to do as you find the Pegasi you left parked out front playing cards to pass the time, immediately jumping to attention as you come out ready to lift you up with Luke/Brain.

Rainbow flips you the pony bird as she soars away, "You're on, drunktard!"

Following up to Nero's chariot, Brain nods his head as he prances in place, "I got to meet Princess Twilight, cuz! I got to say hi and everything! And that nice Sterling lady played with me so I wouldn't be scared while you were down where all the shakies were happening."

Sterling chuckles, "Tis a knight's duty to see her ponies are happy. Now then, Luke, where is it we are going next you say?"

The chariots depart this dreary location and make for Ponyville as you leave most of the Mane cast behind to clean up after the mess Obsidious made, the little valley town within clear view of Canterlot mountain making for a quick flight down. Just below, most of the fair is being wrapped up for the evening, only having a day left or so, and Luke's house can be spotted below. The lights are well lit within."


"Don'ta worry. I'll see whata strings I can pull fora ya." She says to Merc.

Honey is…left speechless at what Seabreeze says. She simply can't think of anything to say in response to that and watches him go off in silence.

The poking, however, helps to break that stupor.
"Ifa you want a new set, thena ask Onyx verya nicely."

"Fine fine. I dida sort of bring them intoa this mess, mighta as well bail them out too. Justa get on with it alreadya, I've gota shit to do," she says to Princess Twilight, clearly not knowing/caring about the Princess part.


Onyxia holds still, not breathing for a few seconds after the rock seals up. As it holds, she falls backwards to her flank, letting out a sigh of relief.
"I'm so glad that worked, I was worried when he slipped out the first time. But… he's trapped now. We're safe."
She looks up to Hematitus with a relived smile, a load of stress and fear off her shoulders.
"You're safe."


Among said belongings of Obsidious, there was also the aforementioned black case he had down in the lower chamber where you all fought him. It's completely intact despite the fierce battle, and on its side are a pair of handles. It's cold to the touch. Upon opening it, Giselle gasps as it reveals your frozen body, stolen from the exhibit.


Ug grins wide.
"We am taking this back with us to Manehatten!"
Shiny Rock gets started on renting out a storage facility to house frozen Ug and Obsidious's equipment.
Ug turns to Pinkie.
"You is am pretty helpful Pink Party Pony. You and your friends should am coming to Manehatten sometime to be visiting Ug and Ug's Griffy Gumdrop. Positions in Ug Corp is am opening soon!"
Ug makes sure he has cleaned out the entire cave system then searches for Luna.
"Moon Princess Pony! You am here anywheres? Ug needing to the speak with you before Ug am leavings!"


Nero lands the chariot, letting Luke and Brain out as the wheels roll to a stop in front of Luke's house.

"Goodnight, mighty Lukewarm. I look forward to speaking with you again, and I thank you for all your help tonight."

Before shouting "To the Empire!" and taking off, returning to Esmerelda's.


Fang stares at Screech, "it makes me happy." she says flatly, glaring at him through florescent eyes in a threatening way.


"Eh trust me Brain Freeze the whole Princess thing loses its mysticness after so much."

Luke turns to Sterling "Well Sterling, you're gonna have th honor of meeting my mom and dad" Luke waves hoof in the air to ironically give a lazy "Wooo"

On the way home Luke fights the churning feeling in his stomach, he doesn't look forward to seeing his parents.

Once they've arrived the front door step Luke calls out to Nero as he leaves "Hay wait up! Nero!! You can't leave! You gotta help me out with explaining all this bullcrap!!" He chases the chariot futily and throws a bottle at it in a fit of rage "Come back damnit!"
[1d10] sweet throw

"Damnit, and Ug didn't even come." Luke faces back to his home. He feels squemish as he approaches the the door. He now stands on the welcome mat. Luke can't tell if he's nervous or just drank too much, tries to ignore the freezing feeling taking his limbs over and knocks on the door. Time to face the music.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hematitus nods, looking at the stone prison as the noises eventually dull down. He sits down next to you, putting a hoof around your shoulder, "Thank you, Onyxia… I'm… I'm glad we were able to do this our way."

He looks at the large stony prison jutted above the ground. "We're going to have to sink this down though. He might have some ponies looking for him now that he's missing and this big block sticks out like a sore hoof."

"Something is not right." Steel mentions, moving closer to the stone.

"Like what?" Hematitus grunts

"You said these Elites were among the most dangerous of your kind. Did that not seem the least too easy?"

Twilight nods, "I was able to ask the orb, Shiny Rock? I was able to figure out they're in some kind of close off circle of a tunnel they've been going in loops in for hours." She chuckles, "Uh, not the brightest pair, but I think I can teleport them out."

She pokes at the crystallized Applejack, "But Applejack, you said you were able to free all the other Breezies, right? Can you get her out too? Fang was able to take her out of the ground…" she looks over at the dragonic pony, "And, there was something about her I'd like to ask too, if you have time after this."

Giselle squeals, "AW, back to Manehatten! Ze shiny, brighty city of ze future. MUCH better zan Rock City or Mountain-spire city. Blegh." Shiny Rock begins making calls to rent out vacant space as Pinkie trots over to look over at the frozen you.

"Thank ya Uggy. If you're looking for party ponies I've been trying to expand business lately. Cheese isn't going to throw more than me this year… OH, but, I had a question." She pokes at the frozen statue, "So, I had this sort of thing happen to me once. I REALLY hated all the other me's after a bit, even if it was fun at first. What are you going to do with this you?"

Moments later, Rainbow comes flying down with the princess of night. "That is simply Princess Luna, my very ancient subject! And yes, of course." She has severe battle damage: after leaving her behind with an army of Stone Obsidiouses, you see she's made a necklace of their little gems embedded in her along with a lot of crumpled stone around her wings and mane. "The halls sang of my triumph, but sadly they stopped appearing some time ago. I assume that your doing, Ug." she bows her head, "Your princess thanks you. Now, what can I do to repay the offer?"

"D-does it? Heh…" He pokes at it, "I hope it was worth it, you know. All the craziness, the rock-crodocile, the almost being stabbed by stalagmites, all the rock monsters. But if it makes you happy that makes me happy and that makes EVERYONE happy so we're all happy right?!" HE smiles widely, trying to look calm and collected as his eyes dart left and right. "RIGHT?!"

"Ahem." A white unicorn speaks up from behind, spooking Screech as he jumps out of the way. "Excuse me, darling: I wanted to thank you again for such bravery in helping our dear Fluttershy save her Breezie friends. And, well, I couldn't help but notice," she pulls at the tatters of your dress, "I fear this thing wasn't made for combat, my dear. I dare say it's rather ruined now." She seems nervous, but puts on a much braver front than Screech could ever hope.


As the chariot pulls off, you see the quick flutter and shouts coming from Luke's house before leaving him, Brain, and Sterling behind in Ponyville without so much as a how-de-do.

Nero feels a bit of glass chipping away at the back of his chariot but it doesn't reach him as he speeds off into the night.

Some time goes by as you soar back to the Empire, but the pegasi push themselves to their absolute limit to get you there in record time. It isn't before long before you locate the home of Esmeralda as you've been there before, the Pegasi setting down nearby. You approach the door and knock, to which you see movement through the windows before it opens. The same green mare from before gasps, smiling and bowing down to you. "Emperor! I… I feel very honored, twice in one night?"

Sterling chuckles, "I am sure they are very proud and noble warriors just the same as you, Sir Luke! I believe it quite an honor to meet the sires of such a proud knight such as yourself. Huzzah!" She shouts at the top of her lungs as the door flies open.

In the picture of the door, you suddenly see a big red mare taking up the doorway, "What is with all this racket?! Don't you know what time it is?"

Sterling peeps and shutters back. "Sorry miss."

Brain leaps forward, "Aunty Hot!" He envelops her in a hug before Cold Dish comes to the door as well. "What the… hon, what's all the hullabaloo? Is that Brain? Hey Braniac, whatcha…"

Then they both turn to you, muzzles up in a scrunch as you stand there out on the front lawn like a deer in the headlights.



"We got him by surprise, he panicked and now he's trapped."
Onyxia stands back up, walking over and putting her hooves on the block, her crystal spreading over it.
"Let's just get rid of him and move on worry free."
The crystal edges onto the ground just around the prison as it sinks into the ground, hiding from sight and leaving no trace of it being formed.
>Transmute [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Thena what are you waitinga for? Get on witha it," Honey says, now starting to sounds annoyed slightly that they're still here and all.
"C'mon, walka and talk!"
>Did I have to put in green text I wanted to leave? Because I would like to right now.

"Well, I wasa sorta…rebuilding Crumple duringa the whole freeing thing. Buta if what the Golden Wannabe Badass saysa is true, then some steadya heat will get hera free. And beforea you ask; no, I willa make sure she doesn't burn to a crispa."
Then the question about Fang.
"Hmm? Ia don'ta know her all tooa well, but aska anyways."


"N-no Sterling Shh! You gotta calm down its the middle of the night." Luke tries to hush Sterling.

At the mention of 'Aunty Hot' Luke blushes. Remembering all the ponies that'd tell luke he had a banging milf for a mom. "P-please, just call her aunty Brain."

Luke freezes for a moment, its hard to speak. "Erm." He looks to the ground "H-hi mom. I'm back home." Luke ambles closer up "Sorry for being so late."


Ug puffs his chest up and looks smug.
"Well Pink Party Pony, unlike the episode where you am being accidentally the many chaotic copies of yourself, Ug is am able to coordinate between Ugs because we am of one mind. The Mind of Ug! Oh….and Shiny Rock too." Ug says as Shiny Rock whirs angrily behind him.

Shiny Rock examines frozen Shiny Rock inside the glacier.
>Is Frozen Shiny Rock able to accept the merge command from Un-Frozen Shiny Rock?
Ug bows and then fishes inside his ear pulling out the Time machine (much larger than his ear) and plops it down on the ground in front of Luna.
"Thank you Moon Princess Pony, Ug would am requesting that you be taking most important and valuable Time Travel Doohickey back to Canterlot with ams yous to be keep safing along with Ug's fortune that Sun Princess Pony is am keep safing already for Ug."
Ug turns back to Giselle.
"Ug am is ready whenever you am is Lovey Dovey!"

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"And hopefully My last stop for the night."

Nero says answering her, stepping inside, looking around.

"Is Onyxia not here?"

The god-king asks, taking a seat in a nearby comfy chair, letting out a sigh of relief at finally getting off his hooves.


Fang wraps Screech in a life sucking hug before dropping him, and turning to rarity, "This garment helped me find the stone. If the clothes of this era truely are this powerful than i shall allow you to assist me in finding new one, white unicorn."


Hematitus looks at the crystals as they slowly sink him into the ground, not all the way just yet but beginning the process.

"Wait… no, he has a point." Hematitus gets up and looks at it, almost afraid to touch it but leans in close. "Chitus… any Elite doesn't get panicky like that. What we just saw, that was just a front: an act. He was trying to convince us we had the wrong pony, or, trying to convince everyone around him we were just assaulting him."

"I did not see him escape." Steel comments, "He IS in there, there was no way out."
"…how can we be sure?"

The ponies leave the confines of the tunnel, Twilight lifting Applejack out of it via telekinesis as Luna leaves to retrieve Boo and Z from the tunnels. "I see. Yes, if you could help us over see the process back home in Ponyville, we'd be much obliged." The pegasi begin loading up with their passengers on the short flight down their, those who cannot be carried put into Crumple for safe keeping along the flight.

Crumple begins flying out of the tunnel minutes later, Boo and Z groaning and moaning in the back of the Crumple shrunken among the other Breezies as they meet you up front in the cockpit. They're up for talking in a bit here, but first as you finally touch down in front of Fluttershy's cottage, the tired Pegasi droops down as a collection of animals come to greet her. Applejack's frozen form is placed down close by. The rest of Ponyville seems to be blissfully asleep.

Twilight asks, "I've reason to believe she's not as under control of her demon as I was lead to believe and that she's fighting it even as we speak, but we're putting together a plan to take it out. It's going to take time, and I know you've already done so much for tonight so if you and all the breezies need to rest, I understand, but it's something we may need your help for as soon as tomorrow considering you're all together… right?"

Sterling blushes an even brighter shade of red. "I'm sorry, but it was a joyful reunion. Was I not supposed to proclaim my joy to the heavens as Knights do?"

"But her name is Hot Stuff, right cuz?" Brain asks, but Hot Stuff and and Cold Dish move past to look at their wayward son, eyes filling up to the brim with tears as they move out into the lawn. They both surround and circle you like tigers.

"You… you said you were coming RIGHT home. We heard you on the phone… do you have any idea how worried sick we've been getting?!"

Cold nods his head, "We were THIS close to pressuring the guards for another search party. Champ, how could you?! We were worried sick after you being gone for so long, and then you show back up when we thought… oh Celestia, we thought…"

Cold takes in a deep inhale, and you find it suddenly EXTREMELY hard to breath as the two ponies wrap you up in a gigantic hug, crying their eyes out onto your fur as the nuzzle you to no end. "My baby's okaaaaaaay!" Your mother wails.

She shakes her head. "No, I'm sorry. We offered her a room for the night to thank her for saving my husband again, but she left some time after dinner. If she comes by, I can tell her you were looking for her though, your highness?"

She sparks up, "OH, I think I have some pie left. It's, a little cold, but you could warm it up once you're back at the palace?"


"Oh." Pinkie says so matter of factly. "That makes sense. Wish I thought of that."

"You do not even know vhat he is talking about, pink pony." Giselle retorts.
>Shiny Rock is able to accept the merge command from the Un-Frozen Shiny Rock: its information is downloaded and added to its own as it merges systems remotely. It doesn't present it with the boost of knowledge as the future Alicron did, but it maintains control.

Luna looks at the Time Machine as he presents it, then nods her head yes. "Of course! Canterlot's vaults are second to none, and I'm aware of the Great Treasure of Ug the Stonewilled among our coffers. It will not be so much as smudged so long as the Princess of the Night gives you her word."

Giselle nods after you retrieve the information from Ug, having the ice coffin carried under hoof as Luna arranges a chariot for you both to take you to Manehatten. Z looks almost ready to go with you, but asks you to give him a day to chill out in Ponyville before he makes his way back home with you. In the meantime, you both disperse into the night leaving the time machine in Luna's care, the sparkling metropolis appearing after a few hours of flight.

Giselle yawns, looking over the sparkling city. "So, Uggy, we managed to save yourself and preserve your dignity as well as that of several dozen Breezies lifes, or vhatever ze Honey vas going on about: vhat is next on ze agenda?"

Screech keels over drained of all life (in reality he's just scared himself enough into thinking that), falling limp over as you feel the taste of his fear along your tastebuds. Rarity primps herself up, "Ahem… well, it's, actually RARITY darling, but that's quite alright. Please, let's get out of this dreary place and make for civilization. You simply MUST come to my boutique, I'll get you fitted up right away darling. I've even," she chuckles, "Something I think fits you to a T, dear."

The party begins making its way out of the caves, most of the party leaving for Ponyville among Crumple's shrunken carriage before being let out in front of Fluttershy's house, the party slowly dispersing as it does so.

You finally see Boo come out as well, rolling his head in pain as he moves out onto the grass and sees Screech. "SCREECH! Man, dude, I…"

You see Screech immediately tackle and hug Boo to the ground, "You left me alone! How could you leave me alone?"

Boo grunts, "Ah, geez, Screech, don't be weird man, I…" he suddenly turns up and looks at you, his gaze dumbstruck. "Fang?"


Onyxia holds her hooves on the cube, more from being unable to take them off as she's transmuting it into the ground.
"I… I can make it see through, so we can confirm he's in there, but he still can't get out."
Onyxia looks to the cube, a little worried as Steel and her father question the ease of the takedown. The crystal on the top portion of the prison facing them shimmers and spikes as Onyxia works on reworking the stone there into a see-through transparent crystal, giving the ma window as she continues sinking the cube so they can see Chitus still inside.
>Transmute [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Honey opens the cockpit door leading into Crumple.
"Hey, Seabreeze! Dida you want to crash here fora the night in Crumple, ora you want everybreezie back home alreadya?"

"Waita, back the fucka up. What isa all this abouta demons and Fang or Eo or whatevera? I didn't even knowa what a demon was until Ia fucked shit up during thata whole raid on…oh, what dida that golden ass rename Crumple's gravesite? Err-Licianus ora something?"
Honey begins to fly around Crumple, repairing any outside damages that she can.
>Repair, DC -1

"Though leta me see ifa we can at leasta free this mare firsta. They dida not look comfy for thea breezies, so I doubta it is comfy fora her."
She has Crumple open its mouth, breathing a steady stream of fire to melt the crystal, but actually trying to be careful about it this time.
>melt Applejack to freedom!

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


File: 1430721027279.gif (479.97 KB, 500x422, try to take over the world….gif) ImgOps Google

Ug looks at the city below and turns to Giselle with a serious expression,
"The same thing ug am trying to doing every night Giselly, TRY TO AM TAKING OVER THE WORLD!"
Ug says shaking his hoof at the sky but then brings Giselle close and smiles.
"But Ug could am doing for a Nightcap! And maybe you am singing pretty song!"

>Skip to next day whenever

Shiny Rock makes sure to wipe all traces of software from Un-Frozen Shiny Rock, leaving only the hardware intact.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


File: 1430721269392.jpg (7.5 KB, 236x172, 3c2db86e86f9f90c58024b3099….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Ha I meant the FROZEN Shiny Rock


File: 1430721533930.jpg (154.88 KB, 500x532, 1535suq.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Cold pie is fine. And milk if you have it. My questions can just as easily be addressed to you as her."

Nero sits His arms on the arm rests, waiting for her to come back with what she mentioned. When she returns he looks up at her.

"Thank you. Let me get straight down to business, as I am far too weary for subtly. Obsidious son of Sombra is dead. Burnt to death by a servant of Mine known as Crumple Zone. Preemptively, as it would turn out, he was prepared to trade information for his life."

"But before he died he let slip that he had certain…accomplices. He said that he had promised My heart to the Changlings, in return for My city."

He takes a bite of the pie, drinks down half the glass of milk, and wipes his face with a napkin.

"You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?"

His eyes focus in on her.

"Changlings, I mean?"


Fang cocks her head at Rarity, "I hardly see any semblance to the name, but you make dresses. If you don't want to be White Unicorn, than you can be White Dresser."
Later outside the cave. Fang glares down at Boo, and Screech, "That's me."


Luke is overwhelmed. He can't muster any words under the pressure of his parent's scolding.

Luke pushes against his parent's hug "Its okay *sniff* Mom, Dad please I'm alright." Hot and Cold grip Luke, they're embrace is tighter than it's been. Their love fills him with a deep sense of shame that tears him apart. Luke can't keep back the tears, it stream down his cheeks. "I'm sorry! T-Theres just been a lot going on in my life!"

The shame eats at him. Luke grits his teeth and buries himself into his parent's fur. And begins to heave a forceful push "Would you QUIT SMOTHERING ME! I'M ALRIGHT!"
[1d10] to break hug

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hematitus and Steel stand at the ready as you work your transmutation on the cube that remains jutting out of the ground, working it into a see through crystal to confirm his capture.

Hematitus' face droops as the see-through crystal you make reveals a large, glowing green hole at the bottom, digging deep into the earth with the sides luminescent green. Chitus has gone.

Steel and Hematitus immediately look around the area. Your father curses, "Damnit, he can't dig that fast, that's not one of his…"

"I've seen that tunnel before. The Son of Sombra was trying to make one just like it for his escape. How he did it is…"

[1d10+2] Out of the corner of her eye, Onyxia spots a large, solid green horn leveled at Steel's chassis.
>Reactive combat testing, trying it out

Seabreeze looks to his Breezies, relaxing soundly as Crumple lands and continuing to beautify the interior to their style of comfort to make it more appealing to you. He nods, "Aye, I-a think that would-a be for the-a best, Honey. The portal home doesn't close for another-a day, so we'll be safe." As you look at the massive crowd of them, he holds up your hoof. "[Aye, Breezies! You all-a know the one-a you should-a be kissin' the ass of for our asses being saved?! Three cheers for Honey!]" Your people all crowd around you and begin shaking your hooves and tussling your hair in thanks, wishing you welcome for their savior.
>Repairs continue to go smoothly on the Raging Crumple, bringing it to 7/5

As the Breezies celebrate, Fluttershy even moving in to help them with repairs, Twilight explains, "Oh, you didn't know?" She clears her throat, "Well, to make a long story short, Honey, your friend we thought was under control of her magic when actually, I think it may well be the other way around. I… I even have reason to believe based on what she's told me it could even be some sort of possession. And now with this amulet around her neck she's dangerous. And we'll need help. We need time, but, could you"

You get to work on Applejack right away, the fire going over the crystal and beginning to melt it. Bits of molten rock drip on to the grass of Fluttershy's yawn but as you notice the crystal un-doing itself, you also notice twinges of pain along Applejack's face, her hoof closes to the fire starting to noticeably redden.

>beginning to burn Applejack but it is at least melting

>Timeskip is okay, but if anyone comes looking for Ug in the night where they are still occurring I'm going to have to Ugblock them.

Giselle chuckles, taking the time to sing a german lullaby as you two land infront of one of the most prestigious hotels in Manehatten for a long earned rest…

>Shiny Rock begins wiping all traces of software from its counterpart, when it suddenly encounters back shock from it. It is presented with the same, three-pronged symbol that blocked it finding Nau before as it nearly smokes out but successfully manages to delete the Shiny Rock without destroying itself in the process

>The systems are overpressured, however, 0/2 to Shiny Rock's wounds and a -1 penalty to the rest of the session on Fourth Eye

The next morning arises with you and Giselle in bed, the baroness snoring very loudly as you begin to receive a call waking you up.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Boo looks you up and down. "Woah, Fang… I didn't know that's what you looked like under that! Holy smokes, you're… a dragon pony? Damn, that's pretty sweet."
Screech seethes, "Are you freakin' serious right now?!"
"What's your problem, Screech?"
"I spend the whole day with her that's the problem!"

Rarity huffs, quickly leading you away from the others as Boo and Screech follow. "I am NOT White Dresser either, I'll have you know Miss Fang. You may simply call me: Rarity. Rar. I. Ty. There, that is not so hard is it?"

Before long, you wind up marching through the night up to her boutique, a carousal shaped building where she pushes open the doors. "Now, then, Fang: your last dress was splendid but frankly I was surprised it was so well done considering it was, of all things, among that ruffians' rather limited collection. Red floral patterns don't really suit you, my dear. I'm thinking…" she looks you up and down, then grinning, "Leather?"

Boo perks up, "What now?"

As you chat about the impending doom of the Changelings, Esmeralda brings you a fresh class of milk to go with that pie. "I'm sorry to hear he was put down so quickly then. That plan just seems absolutely awful, I know we'll be able to stop it however. You're our Emperor, after all." She smiles, but it quickly fades as you ask her if she knows anything about Changelings.

"Changelings… no, I'm sorry, not much Emperor. As I understand, they only came into existence after we were frozen in time, and then their last appearance was months before we came back." She sits down on the couch as well, looking at the door occasionally.

Hot Stuff and Cold Dish are shoved away successfully, both still tearing up and crying out loud. Hot Stuff is the first to make the move back. "Honey… honey, we just don't understand. After that blue light, w-we thought it was some sort of prank, but then you wouldn't show up anywhere…"

Cold sniffs moving in to open the door up, "Come on in, son, you're home. Just… we're so glad you're alright. Come on in, just tell us all about it. We'll put on some coffee, sport." He leans in to nuzzle your neck, "Thank the Princess you're alright."

Hot Stuff looks back at Sterling and Brain, both of whom are tearing up at the sight. She nods. "You two as well, come on in. Luke has a LOT of explaining to do, but we can do it over comfort food."

Sterling nods, making her way in. "Thank you, m'lady! I do not think I know of this coffee but I'll gladly take your hospitality."

Cold Dish looks as Sterling enters, then nudges you in the side. He dons the first smile you've seen all night. "Say, uh… who's the red-coat, hot-shot?"


Onyxia takes a step back, her crystal quickly retracting as she stares at the hole.
"What? B-But how, how could he have that?"
Onyxia quickly turns as she sees the horn coming towards Steel, if it could melt stone and crystal like that so easily…
"Steel look out!"
Onyxia turns and jumps in the way, putting a hoof around Steel to pull him as she raises her other hoof, her crystal widening off at the end of her hoof along her leg, a shield forming as she holds it up to intercept.
>Shapeshift [Shield] Instant Auto
>Block, Auto Sentry


Fang watches Boo, "No, i was a pony when this one met you. I got better." Fang turns to White Dresser, "Very well, if it will hasten the process than by all means continue, Rarity, also, what the clothing is made of matters little to me."


Honey seems taken aback a bit at the sudden hoof raising and mass cheering, this being something the breezie was still getting used to compared to how her life usually has been thus far. But seeing them all safe, and finally able to speak her native (and somewhat easier to speak) language with others, she gives a happy, normal smile for once.
"[Thank you, everybreezie! I'm just extremely glad you all are safe and sound,]" she says, her way of speaking going from 'rough and gruff' to 'smooth and somewhat eloquent'. She shakes hooves back, and even laughs a bit even as her braids smack her face every so often from the tusslings.
"[So what exactly have you all been doing inside my robot? I apologize in advance if it was boring in here, but I had to put practicality over comfort at the time.]"

Admist the cheering and celebrating, Honey looks back to Twilight and Fluttershy.
"[Huh. I thought she was acting sort of peculiar.]" Honey begins to say, then realizes she's still speaking Breezie.
"Sorry abouta that. But yeah, last I saw hera, she was a cryinga mess. Then suddenly she'sa all smiles and grins likea cannibal that found a fresha, shallow grave."
She listens on, raising a brow at Twilight's pause.
"Could I…what," she asks, moving a hoof in circles a bit to get her to continue, but she stops that motion as the dots connect, "oh, help? Yeaha, not sure how I can, buta I guess I cana try."

Seeing the sign of pain, she takes out her raygun.
"Hanga on juuuust a moment." She peeks her head back to the other breezies. "[I'll be right back everybreezie. There is something important I must attend to first.]"
She fires the raygun at Crumple, then adjusts the fires to stop burning Applejack, but keep melting the crystal prison.
>The Honey Special: Next action automatic
>melt the prison and free JappleAck with no further pain. Automatic


Nero takes another bite of pie, closing his eyes and smiling as He drinks the rest of His milk.

"In my youth, Esmerelda, I was quite the talented actor. Did you know that? My 'Caduceus' was the jewel of Dacia for a time, and it was only the death of My father that made Me become too occupied with politics and war to perform. Though to this day I remain an avid consumer of the theatrical arts."

"Your presentation needs work. You see, when you intend to lie to a god, generally speaking you don't change expression immediately beforehand. I know your husband is a Changling. I also know Onyxia is half-Changling. If they are not a threat to Me or My Empire, their species is to Me entirely irrelevant. All I care about is keeping these ponies of Mine safe. And if you are withholding information from Me, I cannot do that."

"So if your husband is not affiliated with the Changlings in question, it would be the height of prudence for you to inform Me of that now, before He is slain in the crossfire. And if you know anything about the Changlings who are responsible for this conspiracy, do not think that deceiving Me about these things will keep him safe once I find out."

Nero takes another bite of pie.


Ug turns over still half asleep as the phone rings cuddling with the snoring Giselle.
Shiny Rock still smoldering from the accident earlier picks up the phone but does not answer.
(who is it?)


Luke pushes them back finally, he tries to calm himself down. "Yeah.. I thought it was all a prank too."

Luke shuffles on inside the house with the others "Mom, Dad, I really am sorry. I never meant to make you guys worry so much. Thats the last thing I'd ever want is to make you two cry."

>"Say, uh… who's the red-coat, hot-shot?"

Luke double takes, to make sure Sterling isn't within ear shot "Honest dad, she's a real nice girl. Her name's Sterling and she's been helping me get over being a sad sack since I met her. I really like her, so just play it cool, please."

Luke sits himself down on a kitchen stool, he's got himself a cup of coffee and a bowl of Rainbow Flakes, The only cereal with enough sugar to make you see colors in 10 seconds flat. Banned in over 12 provinces.

Luke stirs his cereal contemplatively "Alright so.. I guess I'll start from the beginning."


>quick response for simplicity's sake
On the phone Shiny Rock hears an angry donkey shouting through the other end. It's Murphy, the legal representation you were looking for yesterday on suing Equestria for fire usage. "Hey. Ug? It's Murphy, I know you're there, pick up!"


Ug rolls over groggily.
"Oh….hello Lawyer Donkey Guy…..Ug was hoping you would am having called later but this *yawn* fine…." Ug rolls off the side of the bed, puts on his bathrobe and shambles over to the coffee maker, lighting a cigarette halfway across the room.
"What's on yous am mind?" Ug asks as he pours a cup of coffee yawning again.


Steel looks around moments too late as the horn careens towards him.
But Onyxia leaps in time, her hoof forming into a wide enough shield to stop the horn before it hits him. The horn digs deep into the crysalline hoof, but its poisonous spread is dulled
>I Made This: Passive; immunity to disarming, weapon durability damage, armour breaking, and other harm to your weapons and equipment. The Shield doesn't lose quality
>Damage is avoided but not status effect to her body though through block. Will lose one hit every round until helpless

The poison seeps in and steel brings up his gunlance to bear on a figure sticking to the side of a crystal building. It is dark, and hard to make out, but it has dark green glowing compound eyes that shine through, along with the glare of moonlight along a pair of sickle like blades adorned to his forelegs. A pair of beetle wings flap intermittently as he cocks his head at the strangers.

Hematitus moves to you as he pulls the horn our of your shield. "Onyxia! Are you alright?"

"Hmmmm." A shrill, raspy voice calls from the shadows. "Pheromones aren't making it through the masks. Impressive craftsmenship. Drone, why are you attacking your superior?"

He groans, "I'm not a drone. Not anymore."

"You're sick. Do not worry, I'll intend to help you. I could use an extra pair of hooves."

[1d10+5] Steel unleashes the full fury of the gunlance on Chitus
[1d10+3] Chitin crosses his blade arms across his face, his hard skin suddenly glistening black as though it were coated with some kind of gel
[1d10+2]/[1d10+2] He then jumps out immediately to slash at the harness around Hematitus and Onyxia's muzzles to break the masks

Boo cocks a brow as Screech sighs, "See man? She just changed into this at some point. I don't know.."
"Well, I mean, I think it looks pretty good."
"How the hell… Boo are you just ignoring what I've been saying since I found you?"
"Yeah huh."

"Hmmm…" Rarity moves over to a collection of boxes, the smell of leather emanating as she opens them up. "Monsterskins are rather expensive, especially this sort, but I don't think I could do without at least a good amount of it." She moves over to Fang, asking her into various position as she begins taking a measuring tape to her along several lengths, "Something to match with the imposing figure you have, but… lithe, to a certain degree. Perhaps a coat… oooh, wait a moment." her magic begins working around the boutique, several bits of leather forming along your flanks and your old dress removed as a long coat with matching leather leggings for all four of your legs begin covering your body, forming a pair of leather pants and vest and sleeves as she finds a large collection of monsterhide she maniacally begins cutting, feeling almost as mad as Fang herself. "Yes, yes, YES!"

Suddenly, you feel her stop as she gets up near your neck. "No…"

Roll #1 2 + 5 = 7 / Roll #2 8 + 3 = 11 / Roll #3 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #4 5 + 2 = 7


["Well… we hope you don't mind, but after your little magic act got us all free, we've been sort of renovating."] Seabreeze shows you the interior of your bedroom, which lacks the grit of your futuristic origin but look much more like what you'd see in a modern Breezie bedroom. "I guess we must have been doing it subconsciously after we were working together to make it, but we made it feel a lot like home. Guess that's why we'e so eager to stay the night." He goes into a fridge of sorts, and pulls out a little jar of honey from within. "Somehow even made it-a fully stocked!"

Twilight nods, "Yes, that. To be honest, we're not quite sure how either yet, but I think I have an idea that could let us take the fight… well, pretty directly. Just be on the lookout for us tomorrow, we'll make it work."

As you almost burn Applejack, you use your Honey Special to improve the process of melting the crystal to the point of it simply sliding off as the rest of the girls gather around. The orange pony blinks slowly as she comes to, looking up at the giant robot melting her prison with fire.

"Uh… what in tarnation did I miss?" She's suddenly jumped upon by the others before she can answer.

Esmeralda pauses as she sits on the couch, she looks down at the table as she tries to think about her answer, then holds her hoof over her stomach before saying,

"I'm… I'm sorry, Emperor. I promise you, neither my husband OR Onyxia are affiliated to them at all. Please, believe me, he hasn't done anything wrong, he's innocent! I can't…" she pauses, "Wait. You, wouldn't care if they were…" she pauses, "I… I don't understand. Every Equestrian city would have good reason to throw out any changeling they came across."

Hot Stuff takes a long whiff through her muzzle, entering the house the coffee begins to boil as she hugs you. "Luke, it's okay. Really, it is. I know you wouldn't mean it, you're such a good colt. If you were able to contact us earlier I'm sure you would have."

Sterling sits down on a bouncy, fluffy couching, looking over at pictures of your mothers' old time as a starred diva with interest as your dad chuckles. "I bet she is, sport. Just saying, you're like your old man: red coats and light colored manes, right?" He chuckles, "Oh, I won't hold out on me not embarrassing yah, son: you done put us through a lot of grief, this is payback."

As you get your cereal, Brain pours one for himself and Sterling as well, who takes great interest in the breakfast snack. Hot Stuff sighs, "Well, son, we're waiting."

"Listen, I've been taking a second thought over your case. And, frankly, Ug: I STILL think it's damn near impossible. No freaking way we'll get away with this. But, frankly," he sighs, "I'm becoming a bit of a dinosaur, Ug. Scary, but, outdated. I'm the best there is but you'd be hard pressed to sell that against all these fancy ass unicorns coming out of Canterlot University like they're putting the diplomas on cereal boxes."

"So, if anything else: I think this case will put us on the map, regardless of outcome. If you think you've got a case, hell, I'll retire to an island in the tropics if we pull it off. But if we don't, I still don't see a downside to the publicity. You have time for me in Canterlot day after tomorrow, I'm going to a wedding for a buddy of mine, I can talk business either today or then."



Fang ignores Boo, and Screech as Rarity works, "What's the matter White R- Rarity?"


Onyxia stumbles back as the poison starts to flood into her, feeling woozy as she leans against her dad.
"I-I'm fine… I blocked most of it…"

As Chitus leaps out towards them, Onyixa rights herself and stands tall to defend her farther, holding her shield-arm up.
"I'm not letting you lay a hoof on him!"
>Block (blocking the attack on Hematitus) [1d10+1]

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"Does it look like we're sitting in an Equestrian city?"

He sets the finished desert and glass down nearby and leans forward, front hooves on His knees, with a sympathetic expression.

"Tell Me what you know."


Honey is quick to turn off the fire before the ponypile occurs.
"Ahh, they'lla fill you in. Ifa you don'ta mind, this breezie is goinga to finally get somea rest."
Once Crumple has been set down in a comfortable/safe spot (can be in the Flutter's cottage or something, not caring too much at this point), Honey powers Crumple down, but leaves the internal power on in case any of the breezies are using it for anything.

Honey follows Seabreeze as he shows her what they've done so far.
"[Not at all. I don't-,]" her eyes widen and mouth agape as she looks at her bedroom. She walks around slowly, and feels…at peace. Instead of makeshift furnishings of whatever junk she could find; it was just all natural…nature stuff. The kinds of things that was usually either sickly if not burned away by the sun.
"[Seabreeze. This…this is all…*sniff*…all.]" She can't help herself anymore; she breaks down crying, though clearly smiling, just at the sheer beauty, and just how right this feels compared to her old room, "[I'm sorry…I'm just so…everything is so foreign, and yet…it feels so natural and right somehow.]" She sits down on her bed, now being a large mushroom that felt spongy against her, liking this much more than an actual sponge.
"[I love it, Seabreeze! *hic* I really do. Thank you all so much, I…I don't even know where to begin repaying all that you've done!]"


Ug listens sipping his coffee.
"Well Mr. Lawyer Donkey Ug would am be in complete agreements. And it am being very important that we am not putting this case to trial until we is am having the sufficient amounts of the evidence to convince Judge."
Ug begins pacing across the room toward the window.
"Indeed, it am being a very momumentulous undertaking to am sueing Civilization for fire. But truth am needing no defense Mr. Lawyer Donkey. And Ug has the access to the records and means to scientifically proving his claim. The question is, will it be enough to convicing jury, and or judge."
Ug finishes the coffee and puts out the cigarette.
"Ug would like to am keeping right to trial by Jury Ug think, Unless Lawyer Donkey would am be recommending otherwise."
Shiny Rock spends the next few hours healing its internal damage and defragging its memory banks.
[1d10] Heal

Roll #1 4 = 4


>"Oh, I won't hold out on me not embarrassing yah, son: you done put us through a lot of grief, this is payback."
Luke already regrets having said anything but doesn't protest.

>"Well, son, we're waiting."

Luke looks on at the ponies eager to hear the story. "W-well you see -uhh" Luke stirs his cereal more "i-its kind of hard to explain, you gotta keep an open mind"

What am I gonna say. I can't tell them I travelled through time. I don't even believe that. And I was too fuckin drunk to even remember. I guess.. maybe I should just tell them what I do remember.
Luke prattles on in his head


"What happened was, after the I lost you guys. I woke up at a stage, I was with all these ponies I thought were actors at first were really just regular folk like me that got lost. There was a pony dressed in a robot outfit named Crumple Zone. He's one of my favorites, we get in fights all the time and screw with eachother. And there was an older, real hairy pony, kinda like a grown up, wiser, bitter version of Brain Freeze who called himself Ug. He'd later end up giving me a job, but at the time we were both looking for work. And there was this depressed kinda artsy mare named Eo Naxx Fang that never showed her face, I think she was the only legitimate actor. Cuz that sounds like a stage name. And theres another one. A guy me age called himself Nero and he was the most dramatic of the group. It came off real annoying sometimes but you could tell he was just really passionate about roleplaying. So this old pony named Glitch tells us this whole deal about the world burning and mutants. He was laying out all the setting and plot for our acting adventure. It was a pretty sweet exposition and theres a bunch of bits like that. The deal was that we had to save the future from becoming a burning hellscape through mystery solving and lots of faction vs faction play. Next thing I know we're fighting mutants and its the coolest thing. But at the time I thought it was real cuz the special effects were really surreal. You'd be scared outta your wits too. But eventually got over the fear and just had fun with it all. So we end up in this underground mall afterward, but the place is abandoned except for some animatronics still working the place. This is where we met Onyxia. Another very good friend. She's a crystal pony and joined our LARP crew a bit late. She was kinda hard to talk to, like Eo. But I think she really warmed up to me. So we all just go on this amazing spring break Larp adventure. I met a lot of ponies, some of these ponies became such good friends that they'd end up staying with us all the way through. Everyone was hyped to see me too cuz I always brought booze to the game. So in order We went from sci-fi level, to halloween level, and then to medieval level. Basically a huge medieval festival like we use to go to. that one was the best by far, mead whenever we wanted, food everywhere, after eating we just get into fights while bulking armor and weilding big ass swords. I met Sterling in the mess hall and she was one of the players that'd stick around after we were all done with spring break. I remember Ug would always say stuff about like how nothing's really real and we're all just ponies dancing on a stage for some enigmatic master. He'd always be saying stuff for us to think about. Crumple was kind of the fire of the group just always getting into trouble, he made it exciting though. And Nero, despite all his melodrama, he was the guy that kinda pulled us together to be more into the who LARP. Even everyone kinda hated Nero. When we finished we came back to Manehatten to relax, When I got on the train back home to ponyville, I saw Twilight on the train. I kinda followed after, cuz of impulse. Sorry about that. But it kind of worked out cuz apparently there was some after party to all this that Nero threw for everyone. And uh, well now I'm here."


She looks up, smirking, "See now dear? Was that so hard?"

She sighs, "I had a sudden, MADDENING idea, inspiration struck! I was on an unstoppable roll, and then…" she pouts, "I stopped."

She adjusts your collar, looking at your dragon muzzle and horns. "I just can't put my hoof on it but there's something missing from this little ensemble… ooooh, I'm just blanking!" she throws herself over at the batponies expecting to be caught in her faint, but Boo and Screech the dunderheads don't catch on and let her drop. She scowls, "Well, clearly they don't have manners where you two came form."

>hit by 10+2, roll a 1, ouch…
The firey flames dance along Chitus' skin as he swoops in to attack Hematitus and Onyxia, his blades screaming through to strike with enough force to send her shield arm flailing away despite not being cut through. It sends her flailing to the ground, knocking against the ground hard (Onyxia at 0/2). Your craftiness manages to save the mask upon your face, keeping it secure.

Chitus flutters on nearby as Steel turns into a charge, but Chitus looks at Hematitus as he similarly gets cut along his side, just having barely missed having his mask taken off.

"Drone: is this crystal pony your mark?"
"Get away from her!"

He puts the scythe-leg close to Onyxia as she lays on the ground. "I will kill her now if you continue." This gives both Steel and Hematitus pause from their attacks, the scythe leveled low towards your neck. "Thank you. Next, remove your mask. So you can replace hers." He leans in, grabbing at your mask as you lay helpless…

She sighs, looking down at the table and then to the door. "My husband… yes, he is what you say. But, please, believe me when I say he's different. He's never done anything to hurt me or any Crystal pony."

"But, when we were escaping the palace collapsing earlier… he saw an old friend, or, acquaintance at least from his hive. A-a white unicorn that also stopped by our house later, but I don't remember his name, he just stopped in so quickly, and then they left after him so fast. I don't know where they are now but they wanted to bring him down alone so he couldn't hurt anypony and we wouldn't have to… share how we knew."

Seabreeze chuckles, taking a look around the room as he feels every bit as home as she does. "YEah, we thought you might, Honey." he looks at a small leaf used as a towel from the showers, holding it in his tiny hooves, "See, the moment I met you I thought you weren't from my hive. I don't think I really understand everything about where you say you come from… it sounds scary, from what I heard, but deep down, I don't know a Breezie alive who doesn't feel most at home among the woods. We were hoping we could try and share that with you, when we were all being saved at once like that."

He smiles, "Welcome home, Honey. You don't need to repay us for a thing. You saved us, after all, remember?" He gives her a long hug, "Just, do me one thing in return, alright?


File: 1430730217819.jpg (238.87 KB, 720x405, holy shit luke.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Giselle gives a perturbed look as she takes a sip of her coffee, not exactly enjoying it as she continuously adds more sugar and cream. Shiny Rock's loading time for the cleanup approximates at 40 minutes…

"In my experience, getting a jury to agree has always been easier than a judge, so yeah, Ug, I'd say you've got your moneys' worth on that. Next step of course is finding a court to hold it… I hate to say it but considering our target I wouldn't be surprised if anyone less than Princess Sunflank herself sat in on the podium. She doesn't take a lot of shit from either side, so we'll be walking on eggshells. That means anything we have can't afford to deviate from the case."

Your parents listen very intently as you give the long, very enthusiastic explanation of your journeys throughout time and space told in such a fashion. STerling looks more than a little confused and at times raises her hoof only to put her own hoof down later as you explained.

They only sit silent for a few minutes, digesting the entire tale before Cold Dish finally breaks the silence.

"Uh… I see. And, where are these friends of yours now, son? The 'LARP' pieces?"

Sterling cocks her head. "Am… am I not really a knight?"

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