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Dimensional Labyrinth Side RP Extravaganz Bananzas

>know your sheets

>will start momentarily


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Ashon comes out to the main area, wearing a new jacket / cloak: blue with gold trim, his cutie mark (a silver shield crest with a yellow star in the corner) on the back.


>Current Party locales
"Itailian Restaurant"
Lien (given control to me by Timber for this scenario)

>Outside of the arena


>Start when ready, at the moment Yin is in the kitchen drinking heavily out of a few bottles with Platinum

She looks at another, still unable to read it, but then shrugs as she starts gingerly sipping it


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>Name fix


Yin sleeps in a booth of the hotel lobby she chose to crash at after the dinner at the restaurant, a small pile of empty bottles curled up around her as Lien dozes peacefully nearby, eyeing her sister warily as she snores but passing in and out of sleep.

>Considering it is the morning after, ponies may have awoken from their trauma after Hood Wink knocked them out but unless you explicitly need conversation from them assume they give you what you need if it's not unreasonable like prizes and shit

>Not sure where everyone would choose to go after dinner but Yin crashed at a hotel we're told is there in Fun Land, so specify where your character is this fine morning


Ink is slumped against the wall in a corner between a support pillar and the wall near the door of the hotel lobby, only the occasional clink of his armor as he looks up to scan the room showing him to be awake.



Ashon, wearing his fancy new cloak, walks out into the center of the hotel lobby, keeping his distance from any woken-up ponies who may still think ill of the party for killing Hood Wink.

"Where is everyone?" he muses aloud.


Just outside of the Arena, Maali decided to strike conversation with Ebon in the night before until he got exhausted enough to finally head to bed…which was composed of an old blanket that he kept in his bag, curling himself into a tiny deer ball to sleep.
in the next morning, he woke up nearby the Hotel entrance. yawning as he finds Ebon on the door near him.
''Mhmmngood…good morning Mister Ebon… Goodness it has been a while since I slept on the floor…fells rather uncomfortable…''


Yin barely shuffles about her small collection of precious empty bottles, a few clinking onto the floor startling Lien fully awake as the older sister continues to snooze. Lien notes the figure slumped against the pillar and moves out of the booth slowly so as to not wake her up, moving closer.

"Excuse me, the Sombrite Psionicist…? A pleasant morning, but do you have a moment?"

You spot Yin passed out in a booth with a collection of empty beer bottles as her sister approaches Spilled. She bows her head to you as you pass, "Good morning, Mr. Ashon. Sleep well?" She lowers her eyes, "My… sister, seems to be."


Sir Platinum has returned to his normal form, armor and all, sitting in the booth across from Yin in the lobby, having stayed with her to make sure she didn't drink herself into a stupor or go looking for Ashon.

Eventually the Everliving Knight passes into sleep, head resting against a wall, long white hair going over his eyes, chest rising and falling in low snores.

Meanwhile the priest is sleeping across from him, completely unaware of anything.



"Pretty… good, actually." he says, scratching his neck absentmindedly. He watches Yin's inert form. "How are you, Lien?"


Remnant shakes the sleep out of his recently recovered head, and looks around his immediate area. The back of the hotel where the others are.
He makes sure there are no other others around before he takes his helmet off, and sets it aside himself, leaning his back on the wall behind him, letting out a large sigh of tiredness and relief.
"Damn…it was getting hot in there. And to think I was a scout…I never was good with making decisions."
He takes out his journal and jots down some notes, as well as illustrating the scenarios he and the party were faced with.


After Lien leaves the booth to talk to Spilled, Yin steadily dozes and takes in a long yawn, eyes barely fluttering awake as she notices the giant Everliving sleeping nearby.

She reaches across to prod with a rear hoof, her bun-mane undone to a long hairstayle and her tail bun similarly undone as she mumbles, "Hey, are you a beer?"


Ebon remains sitting at the frozen warp gate's door, reflecting over the past days event's in the quiet pass of night.

Ebon looks over at Maali as he approaches.
"Morning Maali."
He greets the deer, not commenting over the sleep.


Ink glances at her, giving her a good look at his eyes and the dark bags under them.
"I do," he responded quietly enough to avoid disturbing the others, "though I'd prefer to remain on watch while we talk."
With a soft grunt, he pushes himself up into a sitting position, cracking his neck before turning to Lien.
"So, you wished to speak to me?"


''Hello, ugh…Sleeping on the floor is bad for my bones…ouch…'' His bones pop audibly as he walks and stretches
''Well…How are you feeling mister Ebon?… Have you been staying here…all night thinking about…uh…yesterday?''


"Yes, of course," she responds to Spilled.

She bows her head again to Ashon, nodding, "V-very well, thank you. I was sleeping with Yin here in the lobby… with, the desk clerks knocked out we didn't feel right swiping a key. She was pretty drunk when I ran into her though, thank goodness Sir Platinum helped me get her onto a booth. I was hoping to ask, do you know where she went last night after we got split up? I haven't seen her in so long so I'm hoping this isn't a regular amount of drinking for her now."


He doesn't even twitch.


"There's not much else to do here, and I don't need sleep. …So yes, I have."



Finally seeing Yin stir, he gives her a smile and wave, then turns back to Lien.

"Well, uh… I made us spaghetti, which was mediocre, and breadsticks, which were decent. Then we talked about stuff for a while."

He leans in close to Lien. "How bad's the hangover?" he whispers.


"…Yin was drinking?"
Ink blinks and looks over at the sleeping Yin with concern.
"No, that's not normal… outside of that one party, I've never seen her let go of herself like this before. And that party was a celebration: this is…"
He pauses, then sweeps the room again, sighing when he finds nothing once again.
"Morning Ashon. Hope you slept well last night."


''I have too…before sleep…I…I suppose I should go and talk to Miss Ying, I was rather sour towards her yesterday…And she did not seem…well…she was rather hectic I suppose…Unstable even…So I am going looking for her, would you like to come along?''


"…I suppose so."
Ebon says, standing.
"Sitting around now won't help anything."



"Like a log, actually." he says, twirling his wrist. A nasty burn marks the place where his ring (now absent) usually sits.

"You like my new jacket?" he asks, turning around to show it off.


"Yo, Remnant." he says, with a wave. "What's good?"


The disheveled mare scrunches her muzzle, barely pushing herself up to her hooves as she takes one of her empty bottles in her magical telekinesis and starts prodding Platinum's muzzle with it, pushing up the lip. "Hey, wake up, Platinum, it's *YAWN* morning… I think."

She spots Ashon from afar, but without her glasses she doesn't spot that it's him precisely. She gives a weak wave back as she starts pushing bottles out of the way onto the floor.

>Lien Ying

"That sounds rather nice. I was simply wandering around the arcade trying to… think, about Hood Wink and everything that happened." You see her bat back a little wetness as she shakes her head, "But, I wouldn't know, she only just woke up. I just know last night she threw up a number of times into the potted plants of a few stores and thought something might have happened."

"Well, she's always had a problem with alcohol as far as I can remember. Baba often caught her consuming it at much too young an age, but I've never seen her so far gone in one evening. I was wondering if you knew of anything that might have happened?"


''No, no…remaining still is for stones, leaves blow in the wind…'' He quotes
''uh…Sorry that might not have been the best analogy…still… Let us go'' He said walking towards the general direction of the others


Remnant struggles to his hooves, stowing away his old journal, and retrieves his helmet, carrying it as he goes around the building to reenter the hotel, not minding if the locals can see his face.
When he does enter the lobby, he puts his worn helmet back on his head and thumps it a bit.
"Alrighty then…who's even alive here?…"

"Quite a few things, actually. I managed to catalog the events of last night and everything prior while I was in the back, not to mention getting a breath of fresh air as well. That's always nice."
He takes his journal out and waves it a bit.
"If you want to take a look, I wouldn't mind. That reminds me, I need to get another one soon…"


Ebon nods and follows after Maali.


He mumbles incoherently, something about 'damn griffons' before going back to snoring.


Reaching the hotel, Maali goes ahead and knocks on the doors and waited for a moment to hear response. eventually, there was a few knocks on the door where Ying, PLatinum, Ashon, Ink and Remnant were, followed by a ''Hello?''



He gulps, but restrains himself from displaying symptoms of guilt. "Well, if it gets too bad, uh… I can fix that. Healing magic knocks out most hangovers."

His eyes linger on Yin for a while, before he turns to Remnant.


He raises his hoof. "I'm good, I remember most of it, myself."


"Yo, Maali." he says, raising a hoof to his lips to indicate silence.


"Hey, Ebon." he says, turning around to show off his jacket/cape thing. "Check it out, I got a cape now, too."


Ink watches with a dull stare as Ashon shows off his bling.
"Yes. It suits you."
With that, he turns back to Lien.
"…What happened? Give me a moment to recap, my head's still a bit foggy…"
Putting a hoof to his forehead, Ink goes silent as he contemplates.
"Let's see… her sister shows up, after what was apparently several years apart… who bore news of her father dying, and Yin is supposedly the only one who can take over… then said sister gets pulled into a game by a changeling queen, complete with a total one-eighty in your behavior… turns out the changeling had a crystal or something that made her an infinite source of excitement, only in a literal sense rather than the fun one… said queen tried to kill us… then threatened her sister… then trapped us in a ball with a pony with total control over probability… then got attacked by said queen again… then got in a fight with some of her friends over what to do about the queen… then ended up having to kill the queen despite her best efforts to find another solution…"
Ink blinks and rubs his eyes.
"…Damn. I really did miss a lot yesterday."


Upon hearing's Ashon's voice, he pushes the door open
''Um…Good morning Mister Ashon. I…Where is miss Ying? I need to apologize for my attitude last night…
Also, how are you?''


Remnant turns around and waves to the duo.
"Had a nice evening? I didn't know skeletons and deer were compatible," he snickers.

"I couldn't remember half of it. It just came to me a few minutes ago, actually…"
He shrugs, and sits down to start drawing some more.


Yin growls, hopping off of the booth and crawling over her special glass collection to climb up on Platinum as she starts pushing his face with her hooves, trying to get a reaction.

"What are you on about, Plat? Come on, stop giving me the cold shoulder, I wanted to talk. I…"

She picks up on the snoring, raising her ears up a bit with a raised brow, "…Platinum?"

Sights she doesn't do so well with but she recognizes that little voice anywhere, Yin turning back to the source of the greeting, "Maali?"

>Lien Ying

She spots the deer entering, skipping over, cheerfully asking "Oh, Spilled's pet goat! Hello again, did you sleep well last night?"

Lien's expression lights up, "Oh, actually, that sounds like a perfect idea. I didn't know healing magic could be used for it, I'm sure my poor sister will be in need of it. Come this way, please."

Lien lowers her head and her eyes at the sounds of Hood Wink dying again, "I… think that is a accurate assessment. I guess I should not be so surprised she decided to indulge so much after all…"


He tilts his head, showing confusion
''Sleeping was rather rough, yes…I am aching all over…'' he shrugs his shoulders



"Yeah, that shit wasn't cheap, that's for sure."


"At the table. Me, I'm all that and a bag of chips right now."


Ashon makes his way over to Yin. Without getting her attention, he swallows nervously, and sticks a hoof into his bag. He "heals" Yin's hangover.


Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Ebon looks over at Ashon's show.
"I didn't know they had a cape store here. Or did you make it yourself?"

Ebon tilts his head.


Plat gently pushes Yin away, mumbling with his eyes closed.

"Go back to bed Emerald, damn unicorns haven't even raised the sun yet…." he says rolling over a bit, face into the wall.


''Oh, there…t-there you are Miss Ying, h-hi…uh…About last night I-'' He stops himself, staring at Lien. ''Uh…D-deer…Not a goat…Do…Do I look like a goat?'' he lifts a hoof and looks at it, trying to remember the last goat he saw. ''hmn…Oh, but I have slept well yes, I assume you did as well?Oh…And how about Miss Ying? is she well? Did she had problems to sleep?''

He turns to the chips. ''Uh…hmmn…So…er…Alright I honestly did not understand this one…''



"Bought it at a tailor I saw around the corner. Had to pay extra for the cutie mark on the back. A lot extra."


"It means I feel good, Maali."


Ink's eyebrow makes the now-familiar trek up his brow to perk on the peak of incredulity.
"…I don't recall any of you paying for anything."
"To be honest, I'm glad you're concerned in the first place. It shows that you care. Regardless of justification, it was a foolish thing for her to do."
Ink smiles as he watches Yin sleeping.
"She spends so much time worrying about the rest of us… it's about time we got the chance to return the favor."


He chuckles.
"I'm sure you are, Maali."

"It's nothing, I'm just making a joke we'd make all the time back in Zal. Believe it or not, the deers over there were rather nice, some of my mates back in Zal left with a deer in their hooves, believe it or not."
He looks around and whispers.
"Many of the deers were homosexual back there."



"Yeah, you caught me, I stole it. Ink, I think Nepharsisus was in control of your brain when they explained that happiness and smiles are currency here."


''huh…well I apologize, I feel I have not been around you all quite enough to master your…uh…expressions. well, And how Is Miss Terra? I know she does not need sleep, but I have not talked with her in quite a while.''

''Oh Hello Mister Ink, Good Morning, I am glad to see it is Actually you, and not Nepharsisus controlling you''

''He blinks a few times, but leans in closer as he hears about deers
''Oh and what happened with those deers?''


"Emerald?" Yin blinks her eyes, poking at Platinum again, "Platinum, are you alright? It's not your wife, it's Yin, do you know where you are?" She looks him over a few times, still barely comprehending as she asks in a low voice,

"Platinum, are you fucking sleeping?"

Lien smiles as you so eagerly leap to help, the magic washing over Yin as she pushes at Platinum in an attempt to prod him.

Yin suddenly starts toppling over, her head spinning rapidly out of control as she falls over from Platinum into the bottles making a resounding crash.

"GAH! My head feels like a fucking shit hurricane, geez…"

Lien blushes, "L-language, Yin."

Lien blushes more, shaking her head, "Oh, n-no! I'm sorry, I thought that's what you went by. The news said you did, with your story from Aramael?"

She looks to Yin as he asks, "My sister slept well. It was, well, before that that I was concerned. She drank very very much last evening. I think the day got to her, is all, Maali. Still, I'm worried…"

"Lien," Yin groans from the ground amidst the bottles she fell in, "I'm fine, stop worrying."


"Yes, I agree. It was very, VERY foolish to drink that much last evening."

Yin chuckles as she struggles to contain her headache, "Ah, there's the drinking lecture, Li-Li. I thought you forgot how to give them, you little goody four-hooves." She smiles, "I can hold my… oh god." She holds her stomach, "Okay maybe I can't, don't say a damn thing."

Lien smirks at the small victory.


"Ah, I'm glad to hear the other ponies are recovering from yesterday."

"Oh, good for them."
Ebon comments on the deer marriages.
"Is that common in Zal?"
He questions on the homosexual comment.


"Go back to…." he half-responds, immediately cutting back into snoring.


"Yeah, but the memories are still there, so I can shift through them. I haven't really paid for any of this stuff either."
Ink thinks for a moment.
"…I haven't actually picked up anything yet, have I?"
Ink smirks impishly.
"Not feeling well, Yin? Maybe we should get Platinum to sing you a song; I bet that would make you feel better."
"Hello to you too, tree-ears. Sorry I wasn't around much yesterday."
Ink reaches over and ruffles Maali's head.
"Ready to get out of this place?"



"I'd tell you if you shoplifted something without forcing a grin, guy."


"She's, uh…"

Before he can respond, the smell of burnt flesh and hair seeps from the bag. He gasps and pulls out his hoof, now severely burnt on the bottom. He braces his teeth to keep himself from screaming Germane profanity.


"Y-Yin!" Ashon gasps. "Fucking…"

He flies away for a few seconds, then returns with a tall glass of water. He holds it out to her, his other (burnt) hoof twitching.


He tilts his head, ''huh?…N-no I…'' He blushes as well ''I don't think I could be fit enough to be a goat… b-beside my antlers are much more different than their horns…oh…oh wait… are you talking about the 'Dimensional Heroes' Concept that they have been spreading around…?''
''Wait a moment…I am being called a goat!?'' He asks, indignated.
''And…about Ying… well I am worried about her as well…'' He approaches the shadow casting unicorn ''Hey… Miss Ying?''

He giggles adorably, his ears flattening against his head ''Well…Miss Ying and I were going to Destroy the foolish Moles who dared to provoke our Ire'' He says smiling cutely
''That is why she will teach me how to anhialate them!''


He heartily guffaws.
"I'm just kidding Maali, I was just trying to poke a little fun with you two!"
"But in reality, there were a few of my former comrades who left after their tours were done, and they simply lived in quietness outside where we would fight The Quintumverant. I still visited a few of them whenever I was allowed to leave for a day or two."

"Believe it or not, it's not too common over in Zal, and it's generally frowned upon. Since the deer and their spouses live quite aways from most of where the fighting with The Quintumverant happens, they're largely ignored. Inside of Zal itself, it's far from common."


He blinks in surprise.
''Oh goodness…uh…Mister Ashon would you like me to treat that?…ouch…oh dear that looks like a rather nasty burn…'' He says worried

''Oh I see…hmn…Hey…Mister Remnant, how were the deers in the place where you lived?''


"…trouble with the missus, I take it? Did she catch you two sneaking off to go smooching again?"
Ink tilts his head in confusion.
"…what do epidermal blemishes do that invoked your ire?"


''well…I do not really know…Miss Ying said they were eeeevillll…And I believe in her, she also said it would be fun…Oh, oh She also mentioned some mistical, rare weapon that was the only one that could truly defeat the moles!''


Still clutching her stomach, she peers up at Platinum's sleeping form, still incredulous as she smirks. "Ah, okay, I get it, this is another funny joke, right? Missing the punch line, can't give it a passing grade Plat." Still snoring, she reaches up and stares at his closed eyelids.

"Alright, well I'm not in a playing mood. Platinum, if you're awake, open one eye lid and I'll start making out with Lien."


"It's a necessary sacrifice, sis." She chuckles, waiting for Platinum's eyes to shoot awake.

She shakes her head as she continues trying unsuccessfully to clear the headache, looking at the water with hungry eyes as she takes it in her hooves (magic not working) and starts guzzling it down quickly, gasping at the end. "Oh, sweet, sweet water… wait, Ashon? I-is that you?"

She peers through her eyes, "Sorry, uh, I, think Doppleman took my glasses and hid them somewhere, I have no idea where they woooooh," she holds her stomach, "Poor choices…"

Lien nods her head, "Yes, remember? All of you are very famous across the dimensions now… I, don't know why they are calling you a pet goat if you aren't one though, that's just what I heard."

Yin looks up at Maali's rough form without her lenses, smiling as she holds her stomach, "Hey, Maali, did you have a good night? Probably a better morning so far than me at least, so far."

"Yeah, I can just see the big lug singing like a choir boy, can't you? What, you know any good hangover songs as well as drinking songs? o/' oh there once was a big ass headache I had… 0/'" she jauntily tunes.

"How was your night in comparison? Everything okay up… well, up there?"


"Well, I never personally knew very many deer back in Zal. The ones I did know were fairly decent and all, mostly peace-loving little creatures. Kinda like yourself."
He scratches his head.
"I remember meeting a young deer once who lived alone. I remember he almost immediately fell in love with my former sergeant. After he was reported MIA, I went to the deer's home, he lived in a forest by the way, and I found the two spooning," he chuckles, "I just left the two of them alone afterwards."



"Fucking do it, now." he hisses.


"Y-you could say that… and she's not 'the missus' any more. She and I aren't together."


"Yeah, yeah, it's me. Check out my sweet new coat." he growls, blowing delicately on the burnt hoof.


"Why would it be frowned upon?"


They don't.


He shrugs.
"Don't ask me, I hardly ever visit the city. I know for sure that Saint Luce is more lenient on the subject."
He smiles, not that Ebon can see it.
"Kinda makes me proud of being a Yellow aura user, y'know?"


''Uh…Me and Ink have a very intimate relationship…that I cannot deny but…Pet…Goodness I think that might be…a tad bit too far…Unless he considers me a pet and never told me…'' He taps his chin with a hoof
''Mister Ink? Do you consider me a pet?''

''I…Really did not…I slept well but was a slumber filled with worry…''
he looks away from her
''And guilt…I…I wanted to apologize miss Ying…The way I was yesterday…ugh…Goodness i was just…so upset over that…I am really…really sorry…You do not look so well too so… uh…W-who wants a morning D-dose of Mumbo Jumbo Planty Gaia magic to h-help? Eh?''

He listens with a small smile, looking up at Remnant
''Sp-spooning?What is that?''

''S-sorry…'' He says as he readies the plant magic and Ashon can almost immediately feel the burn getting better
>Earthen yadda yadda life and whatnot


"…Better than it was," Ink admits sheepishly. "Sorry about yesterday, it's just… finding out about that king who ruined Crystal's homeworld… he sounds really familiar…"
His teeth grit as his face darkens, a flash of pure psychotic rage twisting his features for a split second before returning to his standard deadpan stare.
"…I wasn't willing to risk hurting anyone until I'd calmed myself down. Though it seems ponies got hurt anyway…"
"Military societies tend to frown upon homosexuality because it doesn't produce any future soldiers or support personnel; in other words, they see it as wasting resources."
"…What happened."


Ink stares at Maali for a second.
"…huh. I didn't think you were into that kinda thing, but okay. I don't think a spiked collar would really fit, so maybe just a simple buckle collar? Any particular color you want it in?"



He gingerly sets the restored hoof down. "Thank you. Thank you."


His face falls. "Make a long, long story short… this dimension was the nail in the coffin of a marriage that's been on its way out for a while."

He lowers his voice. "Before you ask, no infidelity."


She grins as he turns around and show's off the sweet leather, and takes the conversation starter readily, "Woah, where'd you get that? Looks pretty slick, . No wonder I didn't see you as, well, you at first…" she spots the blowing on the hoof, but can't spot the marks. "Uh… do I smell burnt coat?"

Yin's eyes bolt wide as he gives no sign of wanting to watch literal yingcest, she stands up and shouts at Harmony, hoping he's a lighter sleepr, "HARMONY! Wake up, I think something's wrong with Plat!"

Lien blushes a third time with the revelation at the closeness of their relationship. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to… I'm sorry, that is very rude of me." She bows her head low, "Please, accept my apology, Maali."

Yin looks up at Maali, shaking her head, "Maali, really, it's fine, you don't have to apologize for anything. I should be the one apologizing…" She looks down, "I'm the one that failed, remember?"

She holds her stomach, "And, yeah, if you think that tea of yours is just the stuff for hangovers, then by the gods, please, save me."

"…right, I can imagine it would." Yin gets Spilled's implication, shaking her head as she adds, "Though, I doubt it could be him. That was millenia ago, remember? And, again, it's fine, everyone came out without a scratch. I don't know where Krystal and the others are but you'll see them before we go, alright?"


"What does your Aura have to do with it?"

"Seems like a trivial issue, I don't remember that sort of though in my day. Guess times change."



"Not anymore. Maali got me." he says. He looks with worry at his bag, which he promptly zips up.

"Yeah, I woke up a guy at a clothing shop, paid him extra for the cutie mark on the back. Had to stand there with all my teeth out for an hour to cover the costs."

"Y-you alright, you need more water, or…" he says, still looking guilty knowing what he did.


"Thought I read somewhere that early, early pegasus society was rife with colt-cuddlers? That true or what?"


He chuckles and pats Maali's head.
"It's nothing you should get so worked up about just yet, you'll know it when you see it. This I almost know for certain."
He stretches a bit.

His unseen smile grows larger.
"In Zal, we have five rulers, one for each color aura, excluding purple. My leader, General Saint Luce, the Leader of the Yellow aura users, is the most laid-back, and the more lenient of the five generals. Kinda makes it easier to give an example that living in Zal isn't exactly all but. But don't take my word for it, I'm just a soldier. Might wanna visit it yourself."


Harmony leaps from his sleeping position laying in the booth, looking around with a start at all the ponies, his hood falling off his head as he tries to get his bearings.

"What, where, when?" he mumbles aloud.

He yawns.

"Oh. Good morning Yin."


"I wasn't going to ask. I joke around, but not when things are serious."
Walking over, he puts a comforting hoof around Ashon's shoulder.
"It's just… this is sort of out of nowhere for me. Getting her back was your main goal; for the two of you to break up this suddenly… there weren't any signs that either of you were unhappy…"
"…Yin, remember where we are. We just fought beings that distort reality to their whims. Sombra was able to lock an entire empire in stasis for a thousand years. I'm not willing to rule it out. And if it's true… then maybe I actually have a chance to accomplish what I set out to do…"

Ink smirks at Lien as she blushes heavily. "Trust me, I'm not very easily offended when it comes to sex. I'd be making passes at you if it wasn't for the minor in my head and the fact that you're Yin's sister…"
Ink pauses to think for a moment.
"Though come to think of it, just how close are you and Yin?.."



''Oh, purpl-wait…so is that…a yes?'' He tilts his head ''A-and please no spikes…I already get hurt enough accidentally with thorns when I try to grow a rose crow for antlers…''

''There there…I suppose miss Terra is…oh…y-you…What happened with the marriage with miss Terra?'' he asks, getting more and more worried

''O-oh no no it is perfetcly fine, I should be the one Apologizing…F-for not even introducing myself properly…Ever since I have gotten in this dimension you have been rather preocupied with other things and all…uh…C-could we start again? yes? L-let me…uh… Hello, M-my name is Maali. it is a pleasure to Meet you'' He smiles, his face red with an identical blush as Lien's

he nudges her with his nose ''hey… You have not failed just… Sometimes plans get d-different results right?…I just wanted to avoid murder again…But it is like a curse to us…ugh…L-let us, not stay in this depressing subject yes?''
He smiles and passes part of the energy from his glowy, flowery body to Ying
''Now come on…I have made no tea this morning, but I do hope this helps…'' He said filling Ying with magical planty 100% natural energy.
''Is that better?N-now come on, accept my humble apologies and put a smile on your face already…''

''Aw…well…Now I should add it to my list of places to visit, I still have a rather long life ahead of me…Granted I do not get killed by some sort of huge magical creature or something of the sort…That would be quite unpleasant…''



He rubs his forehead. "Look, it's not something everyone needs to hear the nasty details of at nine in the morning, before we even eat."


"Not in my time, no. That was all pre-Equestria though, I'm unsure of the early cuture after their founding."

"So the purple stigma is in that dimension too? I guess aura culture crosses dimesions, to an extent. And don't dismiss your word for being a solider, you're still a pony like any other citizen."


''Oh that is right…Speaking of eating, I should help set up breakfast. Would you like some tea? I could also see if there is some food somewhere…''


"When battles got to the point where each side had spellcasters and casualties started reaching the thousands regularly, the need for a constant supply of warm bodies goes up. War is a very difficult system to sustain, and militaristic societies are trying to go for decades as if they were already at war. Conserving resources is very important to ponies with that mindset."
"Like I said, spikes don't really fit you."
Ink taps his chin thoughtfully.
"Purple, I like it! Now we just need a leash, and I can start taking you for walkies…"
Try to keep my poker face while I troll Maali. [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


''Ah…I-I can already walk on my own…'' He says blushing.
''A-and Leashes are for Diamon dogs…N-not deers…''


She gives a soft sigh, "Okay, that's good, but why did I smell burnt coat in the first place?"

She nods her head yes, "Yeah, I, I could use a lot more actually. Don't know what happened but my stomach suddenly feels about ready to paint this whole fucking hotel floor deep yellow."

She clutches her head, "Better for you than it is for me. Listen, I'm sorry for the rough wake up call but something's wrong with Plat, he completely ignored my offer to let him watch me making out with my… sister…" Yin stops, Lien sighing,

"Sounded much better in your head than outloud, didn't it?"

She nods, "I guess it is a possibility. I mean, what isn't here? But I'm just saying even as possible as it is, doesn't mean it's likely. It's a big dimension, could be a lot of crystal tyrants out there."

As he mentions that he'd make passes at Lien, the younger sister turns red as a tomato and starts stammering, "I… I uh… we… th-thank you, but I…"

Yin gets up to her sister's defense, "We're super close, but Spilled, I know what your thinking, and it AIN'T gonna happen. Ask me why."

Lien shakes her head, "No, really, it was all my fault, but, yes, I would not mind." She bows her head again, smiling, "Lien Ying, from the Ying clan. It is my astute pleasure to meet you, Maali."

She takes the nose nudge and happily nuzzles his head in turn. "I agree… but you're right, Maali, we all wanted to avoid it coming to that. We just… weren't given much more chances for anything else."

Taking in the healing energy to soothe her stomach, she sighs as her mind clears, "Maali, you're a life saver. Thank you a ton. Hey, do you know where…"

The stark outline of a skeleton can't get passed Yin's blurry vision either. She hangs her head low. "Ebon? Good morning…"


"I'm reasonably sure the pharmacies sell Viagra, Yin." the priest says in a tone you can't tell if its sarcasm or autism.


"I guess things got grim over time. The only things we worried about in the day were undead and other sorts of dark arts."

"Good morning Yin."



He mumbles with disappointment that he couldn't oust Ebon as a colt-cuddler.


"We're in a hotel, we can just have the cooks make us something." he says dismissively.


He takes the cup and returns with it full again.

"Well, uh… I touched my ring."

"After last night, I tried to talk to Terra again. No response. She didn't say a word to me. But, I felt the psychic channel was open. So, everything I said was heard. I told her what was happening, what we spoke about… still, nothing."

"Tried to heal your hangover just now, so I grabbed the ring. Figured it'd be fine to use it, wouldn't take more than an instant. I ended up grabbing a fire poker instead of a ring, it seems."


"Oh, but just think of how cute you'd look in a purple collar, with tiny silver nametags and a little jingling bell!"
Ink gives her the biggest shiteating grin he can manage.
"Says the one who was just proposing making out with her to wake Platinum up…"
come on, poker face, don't fail me now! [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


He smiles, and does something he has not done in a while.
Kissing the tip of his hoof, he places them on Lien's lips gently. ''There…'' He says smiling. ''Miss Ying told me about you and her family, I must say I was rather eager to meet you. the technique of controlling shadows that comes from your family is something I found absolutely amazing''

''Mister Ebon, yes…'' He smiles ''He and I talked last night and all. He continues snuzzling and filling her with healing energies. ''Take some more, you need to be well. and how about some of that tea again hmn?''

''Oh right…you never had MY tea now have you?'' he chuckles

''B-but bells are for cows! Why does EVERYPONY misses my race! I am a DEER, not a goat, Dog or Cow…Gosh…'' he kicks the floor a bit, still flustered
''B-but I would like a purple color, yes…''


"Yeah, you should. Might wanna be wary though, ponies in the cities might be a bit wary about non-ponies in the area. I'm sure they wouldn't mind deers very much, but I'd keep a watchful eye open."

"It's not just in the dimension, it's especially strong in Zal. While I may be a citizen, I like to spend my time in trenches and out in the wilderness. Believe it or not, I don't like being in the city."

He gets up and walks out the lobby door, waving.
"I'm gonna go for a stroll, folks."
He turns the corner and goes back to the back of the hotel, taking time for a brief respite, taking out his journal and quill to make some more drawings after he removes his helmet, taking great care to be in a secluded area of the back, so as no living soul could see him.
He leans back to the wall of the hotel, and takes out a deep breath.
He shakes his head as he closes his eyes.
"Sriblo Leza…"
He shut his journal and stows it away.
"Ne bil'she."


"But it's a JINGLE bell, Maali! You know, like the Reindeer wear? It'd be perfect!"
Ink chuckles and gives the silly deer a hug.
"Don't worry, I'll make sure to pick you up a nice purple Collar before we leave this dimension, okay?"


Yin growls, clenching her teeth before shouting, "No, that's not what I meant, Harmony. Plat's… snoring. He doesn't sleep but he's acting like he does for some reason. I thought he was just spoofing me at first but Plat usually has a punchline to cracks."

She rubs her head, looking up at the skeleton as she asks, "Did you, have enough time to yourself?"


Lien scowls through the red-face, "Y-yes, a good observation…"

"Hey, she's my sister. That gets me a free pass. But she's 17, so Nephy isn't the only other minor you have to worry about…"


Yin turns back, "Huh?"

"My birthday was two weeks ago."

She drinks it slowly, guiltily looking at the burn with concern as she realizes Terra is so unrespondent she'll burn him rather than help him again. "I… I see. That was nice of you to try and risk it though, my head appreciates it. My toxic stomach even more for the water."

She sighs as she looks up at him, pulling some of her lose mane from her eyes. "So, not one word, huh…"

Lien steps back a few hoofsteps as the kissed hoof touches her muzzle. "O-oh. That was… I see, some sort of greeting. Thank you," she grins, "Yes, it is a very special technique we practice that we're all very proud to learn." Her eyes widen a bit, "She, didn't mention a lot of how it works, did she? I-it's supposed to be secret."

She sighs as the healing energies pour in, readily taking the disappearing headache. "That's good. Tea sounds fantastic too. He doing okay?"


He blushes.
''W-well…I-I suppose a reindeer is not so bad…Y-yes I would love that!'' He hugs Ink back. as always the deer was soft and warm like a plushie


"…Yes, I did."


"Well, there you have it, Yin! and I never said it was for me…"
Ink wriggles his eyebrows and nudges his head in Ashon's direction.
"I get the feeling he could use some cheering up right now~"
There is no way I am going to be able to keep a straight face through this… [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1



"I'm not a tea pony, really. Coffee, that's better."


He refills the glass again. "Nope. Not a word. I'm not really keen on trying again, either… for a while at least."

He reaches out with a wing and straightens out her mane. "So, uh… you got any plans for the next three days or can I show you around the place?"


He clears his throat. "I– are you– really? Right now?"


His words are cracking about halfway through the sentence; by the time he reaches the end, he's doubled over with laughter, clinging onto Maali as he laughs uncontrollably.
"Oh- Oh sweet Faust the look- the look on your FACE-"


Harmony walks over to the sleeping Plat, looking him over.

"I thought this might happen. When I gave him control over his anatomy I also gave him control over his unconscious functions to some degree. Naturally as an Everliving, Sir Platinum does not require sleep, it is biologically redundant, even in this transformative state. However with the body rewired, it doesn't necessarily follow anymore that he cannot sleep, because in a living thing the ordinate passion and the actualized result are separate faculties, hunger is not eating, nor constipation explusion, nor weariness sleep. All in all this could lead to very interesting states in his psychology, especially given its relation to memory, thought process, data retension…"

He stops his rant, realizing how he must sound, looking up at Yin and pointing at Plat.

"Um. He filled his blood with sleep hormones without intending to."


''Oh she did not no, besides even if she did, I doubt I would be able to replicate it. So do not worry. uh…Let's see about me about me…Oh yes yes, I am from the Guarira tribe, a tribe of nature worshiping deers like me. Through our dedication, Gaia allows us to merge with her beaultiful Terra with both our bodies and souls, which allow us to do things like which I am doing right now. See these flowers that keep sprouting on my body?'' He poses a bit.
''They are filled with natural energy, it works rather simply. I take energy from the nature around me, channel it in myself and I can transfer it to somepony else…Even without no natural energies around here, I can still use my antlers see? So they are like, My secondary catalyst in a way!'' He says proudly smiling

''Indeed he is. but…Looks like Mister Ashon has not tasted my tea ever before…'' he whispers to her
''We have to change that, no pony has truly lived until they have tasted my brews, do you agree?'' he jokes, chuckling. ''Oh now I am just flaterring myself too much, hehehe…''

''Nonnonono, Tea…I do not know how to brew coffe…I apologize…''

Maali is confused, but he couldn't help but chuckles as well ''Ehehehe…A-alright w-what is so funny mister Ink?''



"Fucking… Yeah, mm-hmm." Ashon dismisses, turning away as Maali talks about the earth.


"You alright now, after yesterday?" he asks, hoping to get Maali's words off his mind.


She stands up to her hooves, keeping her head low still.

"Can you forgive me for what we did, Ebon? I'm so sorry, it was all my fault that plan went up in smokes, I know you and Lien both wanted to save Hood Wink. If you're still mad at me, I understand, I just hope we can still be friends…? I've never had any friends like you all."

"…" Lien looks silent at Yin for having forgotten her birthday and age, but Yin starts blinking rapidly as he nudges in Ashon's direction, breathing in lightly through her nostrils.

"Spilled, I swear as drunk as I am I will…"

As he starts cracking up, she relents, smiling as she holds her head, "Spilled, what can I say, you're just too damned funny…" but she chuckles lightly as well.

She nods her head in understanding, "I don't blame you," Yin blushes as you reach out and fix her mane for her, the unicorn using a bit of magic to help readjust it as she nods. "I think that sounds great. A bunch of clicking, screaming lights and sounds are the best cure for a hangover, right?" She chuckles, "I like the whackamole first. Just, let me figure out what Plat's deal is first here, he won't move."

She leans in to whisper away from Lien, "And, I would like to talk more about. You know."

"So, wait, his body doesn't KNOW he doesn't need sleep anymore? So, you're telling me that he's ACTUALLY asleep?"

She looks into Platinum's peaceful form, realizing that this might be the first night's sleep he's been given in over a thousand years. "…wow. I wonder if the reason he's so hard to get moving is he's catching up on 1200 years sleep deprivation."

Lien sighs, "That is good. I'm sorry we cannot share more but it is a very closely kept secret as to our origins. Or, at least, it is supposed to be," she gives a light scowl towards Yin as she listens to Maali explain his magic.

"Your magic sounds very beautiful however. We live in a valley back home, and we've a lot of natural energy flowing through our garden on the estate."

"Yeah, I've heard 'raving' reviews about it from Akira," she chuckles at the memory, "Well, we're thinking about hitting up the arcade here, think there's time for tea on the way?"


''I-I apologize…uh…Would you want to talk about something else?…O-or could I try to talk to Miss Terra?''

''Oh how lovely! I also love gardens, I planned to someday try to grow an enourmous one once I settle down someday…hopefully…But that day has not come yet, so I am satysfied w-with…woah…'' His eyes flutter for a bit, he looked dizzy for a few moments before shaking his head off.
''I am more than h-happy with tending to the garden of others…H-hopefully, when we arrive at your state, would you let me take a look on your gardens? it would be an immense pleasure and an honor as well…''

''Ah, I suppose so yes. But I am actually curious to try the coffe that mister Ashon talks so highly about now…is it really THAT good?''
Ying coul still feel the energy influx washing over her, overfilling her with energy…Maali's legs were shaking a bit…


The unicorn priest nods.

"If I did it right, soon enough it should be just like him and eating. Possible but strictly speaking unnecessary. But this is all theoretical, this strange transformation into, 'this', is something I've never heard of him doing before. Much less developing all these pseudoliving tendencies and modified biology."

Harmony calmly leans down next to Plat, and holds open his ear.


Plat's eyes shoot open and he leaps to his hooves.

"I'll slaughter 'em!" he shouts before suddenly stumbling around, uneasy on his legs, head spinning, highly disoriented trying to keep his balance.



"Yeah… hate to start off the morning with such a gloomy topic, honestly. Dinner was good, though, yeah?"


Ashon grits his teeth. "Not right now." he says, intentionally keeping the subject ambiguous.


"I'm fine, I just needed time to reflect over this new perspective."

"It wasn't your fault, there was no wrong doing that happened that needs to be forgiven."
Ebon tilts his head.
"Not be friends? What happened was out of our control, I can't be mad, or dissuade the only ponies I've known after millenia over something like that."


He lowers his ears
''I-I apologize…Um…I-I would be feeling up for some coffe then!, I would love to try it for the first time, ehehe…''


As Platinum shoots up and begins immediately losing his balance, Yin can't hold it in any more and falls over to her side, clutching her now healed gut. "Hahahaahaha! Platinum, help, your princess is already getting dragged off by those filthy peasants to work the fields! Quick, smash them!" She rubs her eyes,

"Morning, sunshine."

She nods, smiling, "Best spaghetti I've had in my entire life. Yeah, it was perfect. Need more of it."

"Coffee? Oh, absolutely, it's a gift from the gods themselves. Like mine a bit dark, big surprise, but I think you'll need yours with a bit more cream and sugar."

"…" She pauses for a few moments, wiping her blurry eyes before pulling in Ebon for a hug, "I don't know what I was thinking. Thank you, Ebon, I… I thought after you went off last night you were absolutely furious with us."

>letting vigil make the pause post


Ebon looks down from under his hood as Yin hugs him.
"I was upset, yes. But none of it was anything I could hold against any of you."


Plat holds his ears, dozens of voices sounding in his head, memories, indistinct and unrepaired, half-forgotten flooding his head.

"Ah, whats the…"

The sounds continue to play in his brain.

"I didn't catch…that shouldnt have happened…"

The indistinct chorus continues as he sticks a hoof in his ear and tries to clean it out.

"I…can't go back…"

He collapses again.


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