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You wake up to the pleasant sensation of of sunlight warming your face. Opening your eyes you are greeted by the sights and sounds of a new day streaming from the bedside window and you can't help but smile. Everything that's happened these last few days have been like a dream! You were so excited and giddy you can hardly recall it all too clearly, but you remember the night everything changed and how all your friends and family were there and there were so many ponies cheering and Ceelstia was there too and, oh you wish somepony would pinch you just so you would know if you are just dreaming!

And as you stretch to get up out of bed that's exactly what it feels like as a little pain shoots down your back!

"Auugh!" You grunt aloud as you get to your hooves and look behind you. Nope, you're definitely not dreaming. Two large mussy feathered purple wings stare back at you over your shoulders. They feel really stiff and numb, leg you sometimes get when your legs after a late night study session. Must have slept on them funny. You guess it might take you a while before you get the hang of these things completely.

Seeing you distracted with some other part of your body, your stomach decides to surprise you with a low growl and informing you its breakfast time.

It's the start of a new day. What should you do first?

((Help/Info: You are Twilight Sparkle, newly winged and crowned alicorn princess of Equestria. You have complete control of her speech and actions, which will be determined through majority rule and some finagling if any issues come up. If you want to know things such as INVENTORY, INFO or GAME HELP, simply ask and I will do my best to help. Have fun everyone!))


((Well its been about an hour and no one showed up. I'll just call it for the night and try again tomorrow. I guess trying to do it Friday instead of Saturday I bet on the wrong pony! ))


Did you announce it in MLPG?


((Of coursh, though I'm probably not good at it. Anyway, quest resumed.

Exactly as things were as they just left off in the OP. Simply choose your action(s), ask inquires, etc etc))


flex wings


check inventory


throw tea party


oh yes, I agree with this.


Carefully, you unfurl your wings and stretch them out a bit in an effort to get some circulation back. They tingle a lot and still feel like you have a charley horse, but the shouldn't give you any trouble….well, any more so then usual. You do remember accidentally swatting a pony or two in the face by accident when turning. Hopefully you'll get used to them. It's not everyday you grow new limbs, after all.

You just woke up out of bed and don't really have much on you, though at the bedside table is your crown, the centerpiece of which is the Element of Magic.


place crown on head


We're in Ponyville right?


>get crown


With a little magic, you rest the crown right on your head. You feel a little silly wearing this as a regular accessory, but seeing as you are a princess now it's probably expected of you.

Yes, in your bedroom in the library in fact. You and the others got back from Canterlot by chariot some time late the night before, though you were so excited you practically flew half the way yourself!

Land was a issue, though, but you were able to keep from hurting yourself. Not exactly as easy as Rainbow Dash makes it look.


What's on our to-do list?


Any important princess things we gotta do?


are there any royal servants around to make us some breakfast?



It's time to start the day and…..uh…huh. Celestia didn't exactly give you any clear instructions on what you should do now as a princess. You're not exactly sure what you should do now at all! Should you be managing or looking over important Equestrain political matters or something? Or maybe there's something you should be doing around Ponyville? What would Celestial be doing at this time in the morning?

You stomach gurgles again, bringing you back into the moment. That's at least one thing you're sure you can take care of. Perhapse you and Spike should make some kind of to-do list over breakfast?

"Spike!" You call out, walking around to his little bed…..only to fin it empty and his blanket on the floor near by. "Spike?"

A groan replies out of sight from the ground floor, under the edge of your bedroom loft space.


poke dragon with crown thingy


rape spike
alternatively find him and force him to cook your breakfast.


"Spike?" You say, while trotting over to the edge looking over the rest of the house. "Are you o-What the?!"

You look down to find the library is FILLED with hundreds, possibly thousands of letters, scrolls, post cards, notes, small packages and other written messages pilled up in heaps on the floor.

"Spike!" You rush down the stairs into envelop city. "Spike? Where are you? What's going on?"

Another groan, this time with one of the small mounds of written missives quivering and falling apart as the little dragon crawls out from under it, clutching a scroll. Eyes bloodshot, expression sick, a not so healthy amount of drool trailing behind him, Spike looks worse then the times he pigs out on junk food too much. You rush to his side and help him up.

"Spike?" You say gently. "Are you ok? What happened?"

Dazed, Spike opens his mouth to say something, but then immediately clamps a claw over it and bends double, like he's about to throw up. And he does….sorta, with a puff of verdant fire, a new small pile of letters splatter to the floor. Spike wobbles back and forth for a moment, then falls face first into the mess.


Ask Spike if he's ok and for how long have the packages been coming?


make sure spike isn't dead, ask him what's going on, and then read some of the letters.


He probably hasn't eaten all morning, poor guy. Fetch him something for that tum-tum.


You clear the pile away with magic and go to Spike's side.

"Are you ok?" You ask. He gives you a level look. "Ok ok. But how long has this been going on?"

"Uhh….a few hours, I think." He says with a raspy voice. "When was dawn?"

"This has been going on since dawn? Spike, if it was this much trouble why didn't you wake me?!"

"I tried! But every time I think its over and I try to get you, it ju-" Again, a sudden belch sends green flames shooting over you shoulder and a new stack of letters is born. Spike rubs his throat, coughs a bit and pulls a straggler out from deep within his gullet. "THAT happens!"

"Who are these letters even from?" You skim through some of them. All addressed to you, but you don't recognize any of the names on them.

"Beats me. Oh, except this one. It came through first. " Spike hands you the scowl he was clutching. "Thought it might be important."

You take the note. "From the desk of Princess Celestia"

Spike falls backwards into a pile of letters and soundly begins to snore.


We should read that letter.


we should eat that letter


You tear the seal and read away

"Dearest Twilight,

I know you must be full of questions and eager to know what you should do now as a princess. In time, you will take on larger responsibilities then you ever have before, which I know you will meet just as you have with everything before. But try no to feel like too overwhelmed; you are still young and new, so there will be a easy transition.

That being said, your first task as princess is right before you: I have made it so that ponies of Equestria can contact you through Spike, just as we do. One aspect of a good leader is being able to listen and respond when needed to the people. But don't worry, there shouldn't be anything too urgent in these first letters, mostly just everypony wishing you well or asking you questions. You don't have to reply to all of them or even any if you choose not to, though it is good practice to be reachable as a princess.

Please know Twilight I will always be here for you, as are Luna and Candace. Feel free to contact me at any time if you need any help. We love you Twilight and hope for the best.

- Celestia

P.S. Oh and let Spike know that this is only a temporary arrangement. I know this probably wasn't easy for him. Please give him this as compensation and my sympathy ."

As you unfurl all of the scroll, a diamond the size of a cat's head falls out and clatters to the floor.


Float it to him with out magic and get started on those letters.


File letters alphabetically by place of origin and sender's name.


You put the letter away and float the large gem over to Spike, still down for the count in the paper. As it gets close, his nose peeks up, pulling the rest of his still sleeping body up with him. Eye's close and by all appearances still unconscious, he snatches it out of the air with his mouth, falls back over and resumes snoring, suckling the diamond like giant expensive pacifier.

"Right, now that's taken care of, let's see if we can organize things a bit here…"

Concentrating, you put your magic and mind to the task of arranging the letters in order, placing documents of similar type, origin and alphabetizing them. The room is soon swirling with paper in spiraling patterns, leaving a now very exposed Spike curled up content on the floor. It takes some time and a bit of doing, but soon everything is arranged in a series of much more manageable neat stacks lining the walls of the library. It was actually kinda fun.

"There. Much better," You wipe your brow with a smile. You counted at least a few thousand letters. It'll probably take you hours, if not days to go through all of them, let alone trying to reply to them. Hopefully Celestia is right and there isn't anything too urgent in any of them. You stomach makes a sad little gurgling sound, echoing Spike as he snores though his mouthpiece.


Get some food.


Princess or no princess, this sort of thing is going to take you a while and you still need to eat.

"Spike, do you know if we have any…." You trail off, seeing that he's sound asleep and decide it's probably best not to wake him. Heading to the door, you decide to go out to eat.

"There she is!"

"It's her! It's her!"

Before you even finish opening the door all the way, you are bombarded with the shouts and cheers of what looks like all of Ponyville right there on your door step! In every direction are your friends and neighbors stomping their hooves in applause with happy faces. Behind the crowd, a marching band begins to play. In front, a firing squad of ponies with cameras let loose with a blinding salvo of flash photography.

You hardly took one step out the door and have already been struck blind and deaf.


run back inside and hide.
we should have some food in the library




Give a polite bow and try not to drop our spaghetti.


Stumbling a little backwards, you close the door shut and brace your back against it.

"On second thought," You say to yourself, panting a little. "Maybe I'll eat in today."

You head down the stairs to your modest little kitchen and open the cold chest. It's mostly empty, with a lone half empty bottle of milk sitting sadly in the corner. You give it a sniff and the crown nearly jumps of your head at the smell. No way are you drinking that, it'll probably give you indigestion. Or death.

You go through your cupboard, but don't find anything substantial. The last few days have been kinda hectic. Neither you nor Spike had much opurtunity to go grocery shopping. You stomach makes impatient protests.


Read one of the letters and eat it. We shall become the princess of goats.


Well, you suppose there is one solution to this….

You return upstairs where everything is just as you left it, though now with the added luxury of a marching band and a crowd cheering through the walls outside. Spike remains dead to the world. Still, it shouldn't be too much a problem for you and get to reading the letters right away.

You speed though a few letters and see that they are all pretty similar; random citizens of Equestria greeting their new princess, wishing you luck ans sending their love. Many seem to be written by young foals in crayon. Other's ask you personal questions, like what its like to suddenly have wings. It's quite a lot to go through and rather….tedious.

To help pass the time and quit your stomach you start to nibble on some of the letters you've read. It's not great, but it a tleast makes you almost kinda think you're eating. Your stomach reluctantly simmers down a bit, but you can't help but wish you had one of Applejack's homemade fritters or one of Pinkie's sweet confections instead.

After about the third dozen letters, one catches your eye; a very large, very ornate blue one with a large seal showing an all too familiar cutie mark.

"Oh no…" You say to yourself and carefully open the letter.

It snaps open on its own about halfway through, exploding an show of sparklers and whizzing fireworks, threatening to burn your house down!


Contain the sparks with our magic.




Shoving the remainder of a half eaten letter in your mouth, you quickly pat down the several small flames that came to life around the room with magic, including on Spike…who merely brushes at it like its an annoying fly and turns over in his sleep. Damage was minimal and soon the letter plays itself out to its entirety. Annoyed, but not all together suprised, you cram another letter in your mouth and read on

"Twilight Sparkle!

It is I, none other then your GREAT AND POWERFUL best friend Trixie! I have just heard the big news and, as your closest and most important friend, simply had to congratulate you on your new found ascension into greatness! The GREAT AND POWERFUL Trixie could hardly believe it when she heard it, but if there was anypony that could become a princess in the manner you did, why it could ONLY have been the one pony capable out doing me! I am so happy for you Twilight that I shall return to Ponyville post haste so that we may catch up and other such things that friends do!

The GREAT AND POWERFULTrixie shall see you soon!


- The Great And Powerful Trixie"

"There are other ways to end a sentence then with an exclamation point…." You mumble to yourself, feeling a slight headache coming on and stuff another letter into your mouth. You feel like your eating, but this paper doesn't feel all that filling.

"Princess! Princess!" A mufffled voice calls out to you.

"Hurrh?" You turn your head to the window to find a young colt perched on the windowsill outside with a camera. The moment you are facing him, the flash goes off and your surrounded by spots dancing in your vision.


We best address the crowd from the balcony. Or cry for help.


This. Address the crowd, answer some of the their questions, then let them know we have a lot of letters that need reading and answering so we should get back to work. Before we go outside make sure we don't have any bits of paper hanging around our mouth.


This is getting out of hand. You spit out the paper in your mouth, quickly try mussing your hair so it looks a little nicer and flutter up to your balcony over looking the side of your house. As you step outside the crowd immediately focuses up on you, followed by the band playing up again and the lightning storm of cameras. You steady yourself on one of your telescopes you have set up here. It all reminds you of the big coronation back in Canterlot, though this is on a much smaller scale and you know virtually everyone in the crowd. You scan the ponies looking for your closest friends, but don't seem to be able to spot them anywhere, which makes you kinda nervous.

You are completely alone up here, with the whole town looking up at you expctantly. What should you do?


Say hello and thank them for being here.


"Please let me out of my house."


You take a deep breath and try to put on a big smile you really hope doesn't look as nervouse as you feel. You've done public speaking before, but this is just strange now that you're a princess. What do they even want you to say?

"Ahem," You clear your throat. The crowd immediately falls silent, as does the band. Everypony's undivided attention is completely on you now. "Uhh….hi, everypony. I wanted to say thank you for…..being here today! Yeah, it REALLY means a lot to me. I just would like to ask you all if I could maybe….you know, get out of my house. Please."

The ponies in the crowd all exchanges looks with one another and a low murmur starts. You see a lot of them shrugging or shaking their heads, but after a moment or two the crown takes a noticeable step back and the area around your front door becomes more clear, though not a single pony has dispersed.


Go out and walk through the crowd. Say hello, make smalltalk, ask them how they are doing, etc.


"Uhh….thank you. Everypony." You say, tentatively waving to the crowd, but on second thought stop halfway and awkwardly back off the balcony. "Thanks."

You once again try the front door and are actually able to make it all the way to the top step this time. Everypony is still there with expectant smiles, seemingly not put off by your request at all, though they seemed to have simmered down a little. A few ponies still snap pictures at you, but not the blitz it was before. As you walk though the path opened for you quite a few ponies bow as you pass, ponies you've known for years, treating you like royalty. It all feels so…strange.

"Hello," You shake hooves with a few ponies as you go along, which they accept eagerly. "Hi. How's it going. Nice uh……weather we have today, huh?"

"Did you hear that? The princess thinks I did a good job with the weather today!" Somepony in the crowd cries out.

"You weren't the only one working today, you know!" Another one hisses.

"O….k. Moving on." You continue along like this for a while until you meet up with a more close friend. "Oh, good morning Mrs. Cheerliee."

"P-princess." The school teacher pony says blushing, and doing a kinda awkward half curtsy. "I was hoping that I might be able to ask if you might want to stop by the school one of these days. I'm sure the students would love it if you did…..if you have time, of course!"


We can stop by today, but can't stay very long. We need to get breakfast and we have a lot of letters that need answering.


"Of course! I mean, I'm a little busy right now, but I'm sure I can make time later."

"Oh, thank you so much Twilight. I mean princess!" Cheerliee does another awkward kinda curtsy, nearly falling over her own legs.

"Princess! Princess!" Another pony shouts from just next to you. "Please come to my store! I'm sure you'll love it and I'll knock of 90% for you!"

"Well, I-"

"No wait, sign my cast please princess!" A young colt says, pushing the other pony out of the way despite hobbling on three legs. "I'm sure if you sign it I'll feel better!"

"I guess I co-"

"Princess! Please, kiss my baby!" A young mother shouts, elbowing others out of the way as she brings you her child like a football. A darling little foal is held up for you, but it is in desperate need of a tissue.

"Eergh, maybe if I-"

"No, I have so many questions!"

"I was here first!"

"Stop pushing me!"

The crowd is getting rather aggressive and begins closing in around you from all sides, each pony shouting at you for something. You back up, only to bump find your path has been cut off as the crowd hems in around you.


Shoot a flare into the air with our horn to get their attention, but be careful to get their attention. Tell them that we have a lot of letter that need answering today and that we will have plenty of time for them tomorrow. They can use that time to think about what they want to ask us.


((Well, I think here might be good to leave off. Thanks for playing everyone! A thousand experience points all around! Just glad to see this thing finally moving. Next session will probably be next weekened. Any thoughts so far? If not, good night then))


((Whoopsie. Missed by a nose. Posting is slow to refresh for me for some reason. We'll put a pin in that action and save it for next time))


It was the first session; nothing to say. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad.


Last time on Pretty Princess Quest…..

>Woke up to find yourself at home, back from the big coronation the night before. Also a little hungry for breakfast.

>Went to get Spike, only to find him belching a forest of letters, nearly filling your home
>When it eventually subsided and before he passed out, he handed you a message from Celestia explaining that the letters are from ponies all over Equestrai, for you to reply to as you see fit, as well as explaining she and the other princesses are there to help you.
>Organized all the letters so that its much more manageable
>Went to go get breakfast, only to find all of Ponyville at your door
>Trying to find breakfast inside yielded no results
>going through the letters you discovered Trixie has sent her congratulations and will be coming to Ponyville to see you.
>After getting harasser by a colt paparazzi, you addressed Ponyville from your little balcony, pleading to be let out of your own house
>You walked among the crowd, meeting and greeting everypony, with Mrs. cheerliee requesting that you might come by the school house one day to see the foals
>Suddenly everypony in the crowd wanted something from you, hemming you in and cutting off all points of escape


File: 1362194686013.png (158.04 KB, 500x491, pon hat.png, IO Google TinEye)

All around you the rabble of the crowd is growing, with your friends and neighbors shoving each other aside and climbing on top of one another, each vying for your attention. Backing up has only lead you to bumping into the crowd behind you, leaving you in a circle of ponies on all sides. You can't hardly understand what any one pony wants with them all trying to shout over each other. Aggresivly they are getting closer and closer.

What do you do?

((Help/Info: If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to ask))


Cast Stopga

Teleport to Zecora's hut and collect your thoughts




Things are getting out of hand on you fast. Luckily, this isn't the first time you've been the unwanted center of attention of this town and know a trick or two. Flaring out your new wings to have every pony back up a little and give you room, you cast a quick teleportation spell around you. One moment you are staring down a mob and deafened by their shouting…

..and then in a flash you are in the shadowed calm of the Everfree forest. From your perspective it was instantaneous, which can always be a little jarring.

It's dark, the morning's early light not quite strong enough to give much vision this deep in the woods….but the familiar smell of one of Zecora's brews points you in the right direction and you can see her cozy hut nestled away not too far, the warm lights inside and the gentle smoke wafting up from the roof showing that's she's awake.

((Sorry if I seem slow. For whatever reason the thread doesn't refresh automatically and I'm doing this the hard way))


Head inside.


Find some green and purple


You quickly make your way to shelter, your legs kicking up a little low lying fog the forest sometimes gets. Shivering a little, you knock on the door.

Zecora answers it seconds later, greeting you with a smile as warm as the inside of her home, but then her expression shifts to one of confusions, followed by an amused little smile as she looks you up and down.

"My my, who is this pony who stands at my door," She says happily, nodding at your wings. "It looks like Twilight, but now with something….more."

"Good morning, Zecora." You say, feeling slightly embarrassed, tucking in your wings. "May I come inside?"

Zecora politely guides you in, closing the door behind you. There's a boiling cauldron to one side, a fire blazing away underneath. It smells wonderful. There's also a few of Zecora's masks and books strewn about, as well as a place setting at her table. Seems you interrupted her during breakfast.


Drink from her cauldron because delicious things don't just stay delicious.


Apologize for the intrusion and then proceed to unload spaghetti


Explain to her everything that's happened so far


Challenge Zecora to a rap battle


"Oh, I didn't realize you were having breakfast. I could go if you're busy…"

"Please, I insist you join me," Zecora says, waltzing over to the cauldron, back to you. "Perhaps you'd like some herbal tea?"

"That would be lovely, thank y-" You say, walking to the table, only to have your horn clink a bunch of Zecora's hanging glass bottles full of who knows what. You've been here a hundred times before, but it would seem your new height is posing a new challenge.

"Sorry about that! Let me just…." You try to settle the swinging bottles so they don't break, only to accidentally slap one of Zecora's masks off its wall mount with your wing. You catch it inches from the ground with magic.

"Sorry, sorry! I'm still new at th-" You try to find a new, safer route to the table, but end up backing up into a stack of books, knocking them to the ground. "Sorry! Let me pick these up! Sorry!"

You frantically try to put everything back in order, but Zecora returns to your side and rests a for hoof on your shoulder to stop. You're scared you've upset her, but if anything her amused smile has only grown since you got here. She leads you to the table and sits you down herself before sitting down across from you. In front of you is a wafting cup of one of Zecora's special tea blends.


>only second session of the quest
> immediately end up having to start rhyming

((Oh you guys))


Drink tea, calm down and explain things to Zecora


Kick, punch, it's all in the mind


Check to see if the tea is your favorite or a store brand


"Thank you," You take the little cup and have a few, refreshing sips, tasting the mint and juniper and a number of other flavors you can't place, but it all helps you collect yourself. You take a deep breath and explain everything to Zecora, starting from all the trouble you caused with Starswirl the Bearded's spell to the coronation and getting back last night. You're sure she probably heard about all that around town, but she sits and listens to you politely and intently, sipping her own cup of tea. It all just comes flooding out, you're unable to stop yourself.

"And now Princess Celestia has me going through all those letters from ponies around Equestria I don't even know and everypony in Ponyville is acting crazy over me being a princess and I don't know what I can do and…and…"

"Twilight, Twilight," Zecora interruptes you, waving her hooves for you to slow down. "Your plight you have clearly shown. But I wonder why you are doing all this alone."

"W-what do you mean?"

"It's a wonderful thing for you to have ascend." She gives you a knowing look from behind her cup of tea. "But I feel you may be forgetting you still have friends."


Okay, what, we'll just have Pinkie throw a distraction party so I can actually get some work done?


where are our friends?
Let's go find them.


Ask Zecora how much she knows about her friends…


"That's true, I guess…" You concede, thinking hard. "But things are kinda different now. Aren't they?"

"Did you all stop being friends? Or was that another change when you transcend?"

"No, it's not that. But I really just don't know how they could help me with all this."

"Perhaps your friends may need your help, too."

"W-what do you mean by that?" You ask Zeccora, frowning your eyebrows. She simply smiles back at you and collects the now empty tea cups.

"I know a few of them have something special for you."


aw yeah we vn now


Tell her to spill it or else.


That's all well and good but with the mob and crowd following us we can't get anywhere, let alone to our friends.

Do we have guards or something? A cavalcade?


can we get a disguise or something so people don't recognize us?


A vest, headband, and a pair of colored glasses.


I think Zecora was talking about Twilight's friends, not her own

Don't you fucking go there


Oh sorry, rhyming dialogue is confusing.


"B-but I couldn't even get out of my house today, Zecora!" You plead with her, shaking your head, your little crown pinging around your horn. "How am I supposed to even get to my friends without everypony in town jumping on me?"

Zecora answers you with a flat look. "You are still as smart as ever. Perhaps you can come up with something clever?"


You have no guards to speak of, or a cavalcade, or any of the other royal hangers on you usually see princess Celestia has. Was she supposed to assign some to you? Or are you not ready for that sort of stuff yet? Or maybe its one of those princess things you need to learn on your own? Ugh, this is confusing.

Either way, you're not sure how much help a bunch of guards would be. They might keep the other's off you, but would probably just draw more attention to you.

You guess you could whip up some kind of disguise, though that seems like something more up Rarity's alley then your's. Plus, you don't have much to work with here: Zecora's masks and stuff might hide your face, but they're not exactly low profile.


Can we use our Alicorn magic for a disguise then?


Can we roll for a magic disguise?


If only our crown were bigger…
It's worth trying to have some sort of a disguise.

Hell, let's put on a hat and change our coat cover.


A magical disguise might be possible and plays more to your strengths. But of what, exactly?

((Input suggestions…..NOW!))



Coat lightened to practically her mothers light white purple
Mane in ponytail
Tail also


what about our cutie mark and wings?
Can we get a dress or something to cover them?


Hmm, cutie mark…
Wings aren't an issue. Hide the horn with a hat. BAM. Tall pegasus.
As for the CM…maybe borrow something of Zecoras and get a flank hiding cloak/dress?
Worked for Applebloom once.


A cardboard box.


File: 1362202463657.jpg (80.42 KB, 489x283, SSBBCardboardbox.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

No one will ever know


Lets see here….your mane and tail are simple enough. A few rubber bands and your have a couple of ponytails, sorta like how Applejack does her's. And with a little magic, your easily change your coat color lighter. You couldn't decide on a new color, so you decide to just base it off your mom's, who you thought always looked nice.

You turn to Zecora, who is already has a mirror up for you and nods approvingly. You hardly recognize your reflection staring back at you. But your alicorn status is still glaringly obvious. You use your magic to transform your crown into simple hat to help cover your horn…..but it almost instantly turns back. You try it again, but the crown refuses to be anything but a crown. Weird. Maybe the Element of Magic doesn't like magic messing with it.

You look around for another solution and see Zecora's large hooded cloak hanging on the wall by the door. Asking her permission you try it on, covering your wings and cutie mark entirely.

And done! You look yourself over in the mirror. You sure don't look like you anymore. Now you look like some entirely new unicorn…..who's kinda tall. And wears a crown.


Try and keep out of public eyes while likke for our frens

But first we thank Zecora of course


Pfft. The crowns not a big deal. DT wears one all the time and nobody cares.


pay zecora in rape dollars and go search for our friends


"I think that ought to do it." You say approvingly, putting the hood up to help kinda hide the crown a little. "Thank you so much, Zecora."

"You're most welcome and I wish you luck," Zecora leads you to the door and waves you off. "Feel free to come back whenever you feel stuck!"

"Thank you!" You call back with a wave and trudge back to Ponyville, now incognito. Zecora doesn't live too deep in the forest and you soon find yourself on the little path out in the morning sunlight, just outside of town. You pull the cloak and hood a little tighter around you. "Ok Twilight. You can do this. Just….act natural. You're just a normal unicorn, minding your own business. No reason for any pony to stop you now."

Acting as nonchalantly as you can, you smoothly reenter Ponyville, which is a bustle with morning activity. The crowd seems to have dispersed and ponies have resumed their normal days, though as you walk by you can catch snippets of conversation all about you. Luckily, no pony gives you a second look, or much of a close first one either and you pass by uncontested.

"Look! Look at the princess!" Somepony near you shouts and you nearly duck in surprise, thinking of another escape. But the shouting pony is shouting to her friend and pointing at something in the news paper, not at you. "No wonder she looks so good. We've got to try this!"

You spy the front of the paper they are reading and it has your picture taking up the entirety of it. It's of you, surprised and mouth stuffed with letters you were desperately eating to stave off breakfast not a few hours ago. A large headline reads "New Princess! All new Diet! Twilight's secret to keeping that royal figure!"


That's not going to be good for Spike.


Yeah we gotta check up on the little bugger, see if he's holding up. After that, check some letters and then go meet up with the girls


The paper sure is quick today. You decide it might be best to check up on Spike after leaving him alone in all the chaos. As you you head home, the two ponies start to tear the paper apart and nibbling on it. You try no to roll your eyes.

You turn the corner and see your house down the street a bit…and there's still a dedicated group still camping around by your front door. And you spy a couple familiar faces from the distance too: Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. The Cutie Mark Crusaders. Though they don't seem be with the crowd; they have planks of wood and a couple buckets. They seem to be building something, hammering some of the planks together.


let's go see what the CMC are doing


Since I imagine that you can't teleport while using a magic diguise, find the CMC and ask if they can help you get in your house undetected.


((Teleporting and maintaining magic disguise at the same time shouldn't be TOO much of a hassle. Of course, trying to maintain even more spells or teleporting a significant distance might make things….difficult))


Well then teleport into the house from a safe distance






Teleport. The CMC could wait for a bit


Talk to the CMC, they're the first familiar faces we've seen in Ponyville aside from Spike and Zecora!


Kidnap the children


You nonchalantly pass by the crowd and the CMC, whistling a nondescript tune. No pony pays you any mind as you round the corner behind your house, away from prying eyes and easily teleport yourself back inside, no pony the wiser.

"Spike?" You call, while still trying to keep yourself hushed. "It's me. Spike? Are you still in here?"

A couple sleepy mumbles answer you and you find him exactly as you left him, curled up on the floor and suckling the diamond…..though there's now a noticeable baby dragon sized bite mark in it.


Give him a little kiss on the cheek and start checking those letters




You can't help but smile at him, even if he is sleeping the day away. Still, he probably had a rough night, so you bring a blanket over, tuck him in and give him a little peck on the cheek. He brushes at it, as if trying to wave off a fly. You smile at him and return to the letters.

Again, you skim though most of them quickly and quietly. They all sorta blend into one another, ussually being some kind of heartfelt but plain congratulations or letter of endearment from ponies you've never heard of , though there's also quite a lot of scrawled crayon written ones that were probably made by little foals that make you smile. Still, the whole thing becomes rather monotonous, even for you. About halfway through all of the letters though, one catches your attention.

The envelop wasn't like all the other's; it was a high quality engraved parchment with fancy fringes. There was no address, only "To her royal majesty, Princess Twilight Sparkle" and a was stamped seal, marked with what looks like some kind of clawed insignia. The letter itself was of a fine quality with neat, flared pen strokes.

"Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle…." You read aloud, paraphrasing. "Salutations from the Griffon Kingdom! Congratulations on your achievement…….send regards…..spirit of griffon/pony relations…..sending personal dignitary? Will be here tomorrow night? Have all necessities in order for arrival?! What?!"

You nearly drop the letter. After going through so many bland ones, this one hits you sideways. You've been a princess for hardly a few days and now you have to entertain a dignitary from a foreign land already?

"Princess Celestia didn't say anything about this!" You say to nopony in particular, fretting over the letter. "She said these letters wouldn't even have anything important in them. What should I do?"


Can we send a letter asking Celestia for advice?


Time to fake our death and start a new life.


"Ok, keep calm Twilight," You say to yourself, trying those breathing techniques Cadance showed you. "I can ask princess Celestia about this. She even said so in her letter."

You quickly gather your stationary, quills and ink at your writing desk, brushing aside some of the discarded letters.

"Dear princess Celestia….." You start, putting ink to paper.


"I just got a letter from the griffon kingdom! They're sending over a dignitary and I've got to get things ready for him and I can't get a moment's peace and WHAT SHOULD I DO?"
Or something like that.


Remember the last time I had to oversee ceremonies of national import?

Please tell me the griffons don't have any lurking demigods among them.


"I just got a letter from the griffon kingdom!" You scrawl hastily, still fretting over thew news. "They're sending over a dignitary and I've got to get things ready for him and I can't get a moment's peace and WHAT SHOULD I DO?"

There. Short, sweet, to the point. Really emphasizes how much you are freaking out right now. You sign it, warp it in a neat littel scroll and bring it over to Spike…..who is still sleeping.

"Spike," You whisper, nudging him. "Spike. I'm sorry to wake you, but this is important!"

He curls up deeper into the blanket, covering his head.


Yell "SPIKE!"


No, don't yell. Someone might hear you.
nudge him harder


Poke him with our horn?


"Spike. Spiiiiike~" You say gently, but firmly, trying to rouse him. You even softly jab him a few times with your considerable horn, but still he refuses to get up. Eventually your patience wears out. "SPIKE!"

"Agh!" He cries, jumping out from under the cover of the blanket, it and the gem sailing off across the room. He stares up at you from a sitting position, wide eyes and confused.

"Sorry. I would have left you to sleep, but this is super important," You hand him the letter, which he snatches a little gruffly. "Something urgent has come up and I need to talk to Celestia."

"Fine. Whatever," He says, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes before holding the letter in front of him and sending it off in a burst of green fire. Grumbling, he gets to his feet and stretches. "Now then, where'd that little morsel get to…."


Wait anxiously for a reply.
Use that breathing technique Cadence taught us to calm down.


Do we know anything about griffons? Maybe we should look for a book about them while we wait for a reply.


Spike goes over to where the blanket fell and checks under it for the diamond. Coming up short, he turns to check somewhere else, only to bump into you standing directly behind him.

"What is it now, Twilight?" Spike asks.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just waiting for the reply."


He goes to check another side of the room, with you falling in step directly behind him, matching his every move. As the minutes pass and nothing turns up for either of you, Spike begins to have fun with you. As he takes a step, you take a step to make sure you are as close as you can be to an answer. So he starts to amuses himself by taking a half step, waiting for you to follow, then immediately goes back, with you puppeting along.

After nearly falling as he takes a series of quick little steps, he gives up and turns to you.

"Twilight, it might be a while before she gets back to you."

"Yeah, and she might reply in the next few seconds!"

"Twilight, you're acting silly!"

"No I'm not!"

"Then why do you look like your mom?"

"It's a long story!"


did the letter arrive yet?


To try and pass the time, you decide to take the opportunity to brush up more on griffons. You've only really met two griffons your whole life and didn't really get to interact with either very much. Luckily, your library is well stocked on nearly all subject matter and you are able to find an appropriate book as Spike skulks off somewhere to look for him gem.

"Griffons: A Pony History and Guide." You read the title aloud and start scanning through the book, skipping through things you already knew. "Large composite creatures… adapt flyers…here we go. Today ponies and griffons live in relatively good terms with one another. But it wasn't always this way. In fact, many years ago, to do their predatory nature, griffons would often…..prey on ponies, picking of lone stragglers, even going to war with the ancient pegasus tribes…."

This book isn't really helping your nerves.

Spike's wandered off somewhere, but you haven't heard the tell tale sound that a letter has arrived.


((Well, we been at this a good five or so hours. I think maybe we can call it a night. A thousand bonus points for everyone. I was kinda expecting things to move on further then this by now and since my schedule is kinda open, do you guys want to do it again tomorrow? Or would that be pushing things?

Also if you guys have any questions, comments or suggestions about the quest, you can always just post them here or in the /qt/ thread http://mlpg.co/qt/res/16882.html ))


I wouldn't mind doing it again tomorrow night!


we griffon now


Last time on Pretty Princess Quest…..

>Surrounded by nearly all of Ponyville, rabid with their need of your attention

>All routes of escape seemingly cut off, you telleported out of there to the one safe place you could think of: Zecora's
>She invited you in and made you tea as you began knocking things over with your wings by accident
>After telling her your situation with the towns folk, Zecora cryptically suggested you should go talk to your friends for help
>As to the matter of how to get about town, you donned a disguise by redoing your hair, lightening your colors with magic and covering yourself in Zecora's hooded cloak
>You returned to Ponyville with no pony the wise, but discovered that you still have some dedicated ponies on look out in front of your house
>Teleporting inside, you went back to going through your letters, discovering one very important one from the griffon kingdom
>They're sending a dignitary and he'll be there by tomorrow night!
>Unsure what to do, you frantically sent a letter to Princess Celestia asking for help


File: 1362280828107.png (174.99 KB, 900x904, twoylort spurkle.png, IO Google TinEye)

You continue to read through the book on griffons to pass the time waiting for a reply from princess Celestia, though the more you do the more your begin to fear not only embarrassing all of Equestria in front of an important ambassador, but making them so mad they they'll eat you.

"Heh, what am I think," You nervously giggle to yourself. "This was all a long time ago. Griffons don't do this sort of stuff any more. They….oh dear."

You discover the book also has illustrations.

You decide to close the book for now.

Looking around Spike is no where to be found, though you doubt he could have gotten to far. And you're reasonably sure that letter hasn't gotten hear yet, as you probably would have heard Spike belch it up. The clock on the wall seems to be clicking a little loudly for you. It's not even noon yet.

What should you do?

((Help/Info: If you have any questions or clarifications, or wanting to know things like INVENTORY and junk, please feel free to ask))


>20 minutes later

((I was afraid this was going to happen. I'll give this till the top of the hour before giving up, I guess))


File: 1362283332984.jpg (8.5 KB, 260x194, My peers.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

((Seems like these session work in alternation. Not sure what happened this time, as a lot of anons seemed interested when I announced it earlier. Probably my fault. Anyhow, we'll try again next week, probably Friday again))


((Well, lets try this again. If anyone is here just proceed from >>359573

and we'll see where things go!))


She should exit her house and go look for Spike like a good surrogate sister should.


Do this


"Spike?" You call out, looking around. That little dragon seems to have wandered off somewhere while you were reading. You go out the front door to see if he went out while you were distracted, but immediately find yourself in the same situation you were in this morning as everypony at your door step snaps their heads to face you when you step out.

"Princess?!" The closes pony chimes, but their face immeditly melts to dissapointment as they look you over. "Oh, never mind. Its not her everypony!"

The other's have a collective groan and resume their vigil, not giving you a second look. You don't see Spike anywhere, though you do notice the CMC have almost finished whatever it is they were building not too far from here: it looks like they're setting up some kind of stand or booth.


We can go check out what the CMC are doing, ask if they've seen Spike anywhere.


Talk to CMCs with a different accent and fairly different attitude to keep up your disguise

If it fails, just plead with them


Didn't realize we were going incognito, still reading through the quest
But yeah see what they're doing in any case.


Closing your door, you pull your cloak up a little closer and walk over to the fillies, the other ponies ignoring you completely.

"No no," Applebloom shouts, pointing at the front of their little booth where a jumble of wood cut are sprawled. "You put the letters on backwards!"

"But YOU already put the E on backwards!" Scootaloo argues right back, also pointing to the stand. "I thought that's what you wanted!"

"No! The is is supposed to be backwards, but not the others! Now nopony is even going to know what we're selling!"

"Why is the E supposed to be backwards?"

"It…it just is!"

"Girls, girls!" Sweetie Belle shouts, jumping between the other two. "We have a customer!"

Applebloom quickly trots over to you as the other two quickly start looking busy, all of them grinning. "Howdy! We're not open just yet, but if you'll wait just a minute we'll have drinks ready soon!"

"Uhhh…." You do your best to try and disguise your voice, making it deeper. "What, uh, what are you little ponies up to here?"

"We're selling lemonade!" Applebloom says, pointing at the booth, but frowns again at the letters. Now that she's pointed it out, you can see it says LEMONADE in all wrong facing letter. "Excuse the sign. Would you like to be our first customer? Only one bit for a cup! You look like a thirsty pony if I ever saw one!"

"Uhh, maybe later. Have any of you seen Spike anywhere?"

"Spike? I think he might have just passed by here a few minutes ago." Applebloom starts to eye you suspiciously. "Say…..I've never seen you around town before. How do you know Spike?"


He's only THE savior of the Crystal Empire you stinking little fillies, not that you've ever been there.

Follow by sipping lemonade with an outrageously smug expression. Remember, we're trying to NOT be like twilight, so acting different is IMPORTANT


Since we're outside the library as well, we could always say we're a fan of Twilight so of course we know about Spike to try to talk to the Princess.


This and this only instead of being a Twilight fan, Twilight pretends to be a Spike fan.

It would be hilarious you have Twilight mock herself by saying that Spike would always save Equestria if that dummy Twilight wasn't around to tell him not to.


"He's ONLY the savior of the Crystal Empire you stinking little fillies. Not that you've ever been there," You say smugly with a roll of your eyes for good effect. You really want to make sure they don't catch on its you.

"Hey! We have so been to the Crystal Empire!" Scootaloo shoots back from the booth and Sweetie starts making the gesture to shut up.

"You don't have to be rude. I was just askin." Applebloom frowns at you.

"Whatever," You brush her off. "I'm here to see Spike, but I can't with all these ponies fawning over the princess everywhere. Big deal. I bet Spike could save all of Equestria himself without that Twilight holding him back."

The three fillies all exchange looks with each other.

"Riiiiight," Applebloom says slowly. "Sorry, we haven't seen him. He's probably in town or something."


Go into town or something.


Go into town avoiding Pinkie Pie as she's likely to see through your disguise (via her craziness and the fact that she knows everypony and that your alicorn nature would give you away)


Should probably think of some plan of action on how to find him without drawing too much attention (IE Magic or flying).
Which doesn't seem too pressing in it of itself; I mean, he'd likely come back after receiving the letter.


Trotting around the outskirts of town is feasible. The marketplace and other hotspots are bad news, but there should be an easy way to cut through town. Twilights lived there long enough, she's got to know all the quick routes home by now.


"Yeah, whatever. See ya." You say gruffly to the little fillies and march off. You feel a little bad about being rude to them, but you really don't want to get exposed and end up in another mob. And it was actually a little fun pretending to be some other pony.

You wander around Ponyville looking for Spike, doing your best to not attract any more attention to yourself, avoiding the really crowded places and hitting up Spike's usual hang outs. But after checking most of the park, scanning the market from a discreet distance and the playground, you turn up nothing.

"Now if I was a little dragon….." You say to yourself, thinking. Your stomach chimes in it's thoughts, no longer satisfied with Zecoa's tea. "…..that's it!"

The only other place you think he might have gone would be to get something to eat. And his usual go to place to snack is Sugar Cube Corner, which you had intentionally been avoiding in case of crowds. And sure enough, from a safe distance you can see Spike talking to some pone through the open upper door half.


Possess/Mind Control the pony he's talking to? Pinkie Pie will blow your cover if she notices you at all

Or hide and wait for him to leave hoping he doesn't leave with Pinkie Pie


"C'mon Spike," You say to yourself anxiously watching him. "Just finish talking and come on back. They don't look like they're open even, just turn around and…."

In a few minutes of what looks like pleading from Spike he eventually seems to give up and turns to leave, much to your relief. But then the door suddenly swings open and Pinkie Pie hops out.

"Wait Spike!" She shouts and turns him around. "I'm sorry. You can come in for a bit."

"Thanks Pinkie!" The two of them go inside wit the door slamming behind them.

"UGH!" You shout frustrated. A near by mare nibbling on a newspaper gives you a weird look. "What are YOU looking at?"

The pony looks taken aback and runs off.


Twilight's becoming psycho Twilight, go right in grab Spike, use the "Want It, Need It" spell to distract Pinkie

If we hate Pinkie we can cast the spell on her


I think Twilight has killed Pinkie enough. We could always, y'know, go inside, get something to eat and talk to Pinkie and Spike. FRENS and all.


In that case go inside and ask Pinkie to Pinkie Promise that she won't blow her cover when she quickly sees through Twilight's disguise


You need that letter and Spike is the only way to get it. Taking a deep breath you approach, ready for damage control with dealing with Pinkie. Besides, she's one of your closest friends. She'll probably help once you explain things to her in a calm and reasonable way. You knock on the front door and the top half swings open, revealing a frowning Pinkie Pie.

"Sorry, we're closed right now. You'll have to come back later Twilight," She says briskly before going to close the door.

"Uhhh, hold on a second," You say in your disguised voice, holding the door open. "I really need to talk to Spi……did you just call me Twilight?"

"Did I?" Pinkie says looking at you dim witted for a second before something seems to click in her head. She suddenly looks terrified and in one quick action leaps up over the door and warps her legs around your face.

"Pwwnky!" You try to shout, muffled by your friend's underbelly. You can't see anything with her on top of you. How she hasn't impaled herself on your horn you have no idea.

"Twilight! No no, don't look! It's not ready yet!"


Get that pink one off of our grill, we're just here for Spike after all.


Tell her why you need Spike


"Pwnky, et off uh me!" You mumble through Pinkie's gut.You try to shake her off, but she's latched on to your head tight.

"No, it'll ruin the surprise! This is a super duper bad time for you to be here, Twilight!"

"Iugh eed toh ee ik!"

"Oh, you're just looking for Spike? Why didn't you say so?"

Pinkie releases herself from your face and like a video played in reverse zooms in a backward leap to the other side of the door again.

"Spike! Twilight's here! And she's all dressed up."

"I know," Spike says walking over, nibbling an extra large chocolate chip cookie. But before you can say anything an explosion from the back kitchen shakes the whole building.

"Pinkie Pie! Where are you?!" Mrs. Cake calls from the back. "We can't do this all ourselves!"

"Gotta go!" Pinkie says, bounding through the double doors. "Nice seeing you guys. It should be ready some time tomorrow!"

"Let me guess," Spike says over the din of the chaos coming from the back. "It's about the lett-"

"It's about the letter!"

"Well I don't know what to do Twilight, cause it still hasn't arrived." He says with a shrug and takes an large bite from the cookie.


Can't say I didn't see that coming, but what now?
I'm not sure how much help Pinkie would be with gryphon etiquette, though I am curious as to what she's making. If anything, after learning a bit about gryphons either through Celestia or other means (Fluttershy maybe?) we could put on a bit of a dinner party with mixes of gryphon and pony cuisine.

I might be thinking too far ahead, so for now I guess ask Spike what he went to see Pinkie for or what she was doing.


Do we know (approximately) how much time we have before our gryphon guest arrives?


Wallow in despair then

A. Try to get to Canterlot as fast as you can and see if you can reach the princess
B. Rainbow Dash could possibly make it to Canterlot in a short time if you can find her, maybe ask her about Griffons since she was friends with one
C. Applejack is a great pony to seek help with if you want a calm, honest, simple answer to things. She's probably the best friend to keep Twilight from becoming depressed



Either of these, just keep Spike by your side for moral support and incase the letter arrives


Actually Applejack seems like a horrible idea in retrospect, she'll blow Twilight's cover because she won't lie


"Hnnnnng!" You groan, feeling more and more frustrated. "Spike, that latter is very important."

"Well what do you want me to do about it? I'm not the one writing it!"

"I didn't mean tha-"

"Look. Twilight, you can't keep hounding me all day on this. The letter will get here when it get's here and thats that." Spike says matter of factly, crossing his arms. He then belches a a spurt of fire and a letter flops to the floor between the two of you. He simply shrugs and returns to his cookie.

You tear into the reply in a second.

"Dearest Twilight,

Really? That's wonderful news, Twilight! Though it is a little funny they neglected to inform me of that. They're probably….well, the polite way to put it is they want to be nice and make connections with you as the new princess. But don't worry yourself too much over it! After all I've had you organize a lot of functions that have turned out wonderfully. After all, that's part of how you ended up in Ponyville to begin with.

I'm sure you'll be able to handle everything with ease. This is simply a formal get together for appearances. It's not as though you're going to be singing some treaty or anything. Just be friendly and polite. The griffons are a good people and this dignitary should respond in kind.

Try not to get too worked up over it, Twilight. I know you can do it. I'll always be here to help you.

- Princess Celestia"

According to the other letter, they should be here TOMORROW NIGHT!


Do our little breathing exercise, then go make sure we have the library clean, and a room prepared for our guest. Try to remain calm, and avoid the throngs of ponies who want to see the princess. Make sure there isn't another 'formal' letter hiding in our mail.


You set off back home, leaving Spike stranded in cookie town. There's just so much to do! You need to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for this dignitary. You'll probablly have to clean and double clean everything. Maybe set up a room for him. Will he be staying with you? Is that normal? So many questions and the clock is ticking!

You make it home in a matter of moments. Not much has changed, though now the CMC seem to have their business up and running now with a steady line of ponies getting drink. And they've added a new sign to their booth, calling it "Princess lemonade."

And as you get close you see that the mayor is here now, waiting in front of all the other ponies by your front door, looking rather impatient.


Well, we can't avoid everyone forever. Can we teleport back into the library, assume our normal princess form, and perhaps meet with the mayor?

Just throwing out ideas here, I missed the first part of the quest and have just caught up to where we are.


First order of business would be to deal with that crowd and mayor, would look pretty unprofessional to have the ambassador arrive with half of ponyville outside to what I'm assuming is a small, private get together.

So, lets meet up with the mayor, answer questions or whatever she wants us to do and disperse the crowd by the end of the day.
After that, we really need to find what we should do for the dignitary. We kinda live in a library, not much in terms of rooms or good dining space.


Then go see Pinkie Pie and Rarity, the two of them could help throw a formal party


You quickly duck out of sight, flash back into the library, get out of your get up with a few quick spells, take a few deep breaths and open the door to the waiting public.

"It's her! Twilight!" Comes the expected response and the ponies quickly hem in close. The mayor, however, seems ready for them, shoving and pushing others out of the way in a manner you really wouldn't expect from her. Managing to get to the front of all the other ponies, she smooths out her mane that got tussled in the commotion before bowing to you.


"Mayor, please, come inside," The other ponies are still making for the door. "I insist!"

You uncerimouniously yank the mayor inside and slam the door close behind, leaning against it and breathing heavy. The whole time the mayor remains bowed. You roll your eyes.

"Please, you don't have to do that," You say, helping her up.

"O-of course! It's just I wanted to speak with you" She says, flustered and smiling.

"Did something happen? Should I tell princess Celestia?"

"Oh no, no! It's just that I heard the big news and wanted to know what you had planned!"


Planned for what? Like, in general now that she's a princess?


Admit that you're going to try to speak to Pinkie Pie about throwing the dignitary when she has spare time


Might be a good idea. If we can get the mayor to help get rid of the crowd, maybe have Twilight throw a short speech about how despite being a princess now she'll still be there to help ponies and answer their questions yadda yadda, just try to make it sound wrapping up.


"Well I'm still working on it, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to talk to Pinkie about getting a party going for when the dignitary arrives."

"Don't you mean when the dignitaries arrive?"


"Oh goodness, you didn't know?" The mayor says, but eyes the metric ton of letters you have around the room. She produces a couple of papers for you. "U-uhuh, of course not. Good thing they sent me letters as well."

"What letters?" You say, quickly going over them.

"Why we're getting gusts visiting from all over Equestria! My colleges from Manehatten, Los Pegasus, Baltimare and Cloudsdale and more will be here tomorrow night to meet with you! Isn't that exciting?"

You are stunned frozen with a vacant expression despite the mayor's bubbling enthuthiasm.

"Whatever did you mean before with the one dignitary, y-your majesty?"

"What? Oh, there's also an a representative of the griffon kingdom coming, too. I got they're letter." You start to snap back into the moment. Just having to deal with the griffon ambassador doesn't seem so bad in perspective now.

"Really?!" The mayor seems beside her self. You're scared she's going to pop something if she keeps this up. "Oh my goodness, that's wonderful news! Ponyville is going to be the center of attention for all Equestria! We'll have ponies from all over coming to visit. This is fantastic! Oh my, I think I need to sit down."

You think you do, too.


((Well I think this might be a good place to leave off for now. Thanks for playing everyone! Ten points to Griffondor! Assuming things go well, next session will be this coming Friday, same place same time as always. Good night!))


Sounds good. Thanks for this session!


Last time on Pretty Princess Quest…..

>Still under disguise, went searching for Spike who had left the house for whatever reason

>Spoke to the CMC, who were setting up a lemon aid stand outside. When Applebloom became suspicious, you acted like a jerk to throw her off
>Looked around Ponyville to try and find Spike, eventually coming to Sugar Cube Corner
>Waited for him to leave, but Pinkie dragged him inside, forcing you to go in after him
>Pinkie saw through your disguise instantly and freaked out, jumping on top of you and telling you something wasnt ready yet
>Told her you just wanted Spike, so she let go and went into the back kitchen where some explosions were coming from
>Argued a little with Spike about waiting for Celestia's letter, only for said letter to appear at that moment
>Celestia expressed her surprise and joy for you at your big news, encouraging you and telling you to relax. She says it shouldnt be much more different then any other big event you've helped organize before
>Returning home, you were surprised to find the mayor at your door now, along with the rest of the many ponies rubber necking to see you.
>She was also excited for your big news, but had no idea that a griffon was coming, just as you had no idea half of Equestria was, too


When you're calm and ready, go make a list


File: 1362884780028.jpg (20.26 KB, 300x300, Twilight is a princess.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

The mayor is becoming increasingly excitable at the prospects of the coming event. You, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly daunted and trying your best to collect your thoughts while keeping up with her.

"A real foreign ambassador!" The mayor says, smiling brightly and acting as giddy as a filly half he age. "Can you imagine it? Ponyville will be the talk of Equatria for months! We'll have tourists coming here for months after the fact! This will be bigger then when princess Celestia visits! This will be bigger then when the Crystal Empire reappeared!"

"I don't know about that…." You say unsure, but the mayor hardly seems to notice you.

"Oh goodness, there's so much to do. The town will need to get ready and organized for visitors. We're going to need food and entertainment and decorations and a suitable venue to host a-and….and…"

In the span of a just a few seconds the mayor has turned from cheerily excitable and nearly bouncing around the room to fretting worriedly.

((Help/Info: If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to ask))


How many feathers do we have?


((A lot, actually. Judging by how big your wing spand is next to your friends or other pegasus ponies you've see, you probably have more then the average pony. Though Celestia dwarfs you, considerably))


Go make a list


As the mayor continues to worry aloud over the challenges presented over organizing this affair, you decide to make a simple list to help. With a quill and stationary at the ready, you start to write while talking aloud.

"Lets see here…Things We Will Need For The….party? I guess it's a kind of party, but more fancy? Event? Get Together? Box Social?"

You decide to just leave the last part blank for now until you can decide on something. For now, you start to list of some of the things you will need based on what the mayor is saying.


>Proper venue

You tap the end of the quill just below the last one, thinking. Is there anything else you will need?


Well she'll need to put up some invitations? Announcements?

I guess she needs to figure out whether it will be a public or private event.

Probably talk to Pinkie about that


You jot down a few more ideas that occure to you. Now the list reads:

>Thinks we Will Need For The


>Proper venue
>Talk to Pinkie Pie

You're still unsure about a lot of stuff. Is this going to be a public thing for all of Ponyville to come and join? Or is it going to be just you and them? Nopony has told you either way. Are they leaving it up to you to decide, or is there just some unspoken rule that you SHOULD know and they're just assuming you know?

Your head is swimming with questions on what you should do. You look to the mayor for help, but she's gone very quiet without you noticing, sitting by the window and faced away from you.


I guess you could go talk to the Mayor about it.


Twilight goes to the Mare


"Miss mayor? What else do you think we'll need?"

The mayor doesn't respond to you. She just continues to sit there, staring out at the rest of Ponyville. A little worried, you go over to her side and gently tap her shoulder.

"Miss mayor? Did you hear me? Are you feeling ok?"

She shudders and turns around to face you. She's bawling heavily, tears streaming down her face and she tries in vain to hastily wipe them and a somewhat runny nose with her hoof. Her glasses are askew and her hair is coming undone in places.

"Oh Twilight!" She says, wrapping her fore legs around you and starts to sob into your shoulder.

"Uhh…..There, there," You say, completely taken by suprise and unsure what to say. "Everything will be alright? I'm sure together we can get everything done!"

"It's not that!" She cries, muffled through your side. "Well, it is! But not exactly."

"What's wrong? How can I do to help?"

"That's what I mean." The mayor pushes herself away from you. She's very red and wet in the face. "Just look at you. A princess, taking charge with another one of your lists to help you get everything in order, ready to help out everypone. You've only been in Ponyville for a few years, but you've done so much!"

"I…..I'm not sure I follow. Did I do something wrong to upset you?"

"No! It's just….." She clutches your front and nearly falls to the ground, pleading. "Do I still have a job?!"


Apologize profusely


"I'm sorry!" You apologize profusely. "I didn't mean to make it seem like I was taking over your job as mayor!"

"But you are, aren't you?" She says, wiping her face.


"But you're a princess now, Twilight! And Ponyville is your home, so naturally you would be princess of Ponyville." She lets go of you, letting herself just lay on the floor at your hooves. "And there's no reason to have a mayor when there's a princess."

You look down at her, frowning. That does kind of make sense, you admit. Celestia has told you you are a princess now and is teaching you all about being a good leader. But are you really going to be taking over Ponyville? Are your friends and neighbors really going to suddenly become your subjects?


I'll be a jerk and say that this reminds me of the scene at the end of Boast Busters where Twilight doesn't want others to hate her for being a show-off.

Start crying out because the fear that you're making other ponies feel insignificant, jealous, and resentful?


The mayor is a wreck, afraid you're replacing her. Nearly all of Ponyville is treating you like a huge celebrity instead of a normal pony. Princess Celestia is counting on you to do all these new things you hardly understand. Everything in your life seems to be changing in ways you can't control and you hate it. It's all just so much and before you know it you start to cry, too. A few tears run down your nose and splash down on the floor besides the mayor, who looks up at you.

"I-I'm sorry, princess," The mayor stammers, quickly picker herself up and trying to clean herself up. "I din't mean to upset you with my problems. I should probably just go…"

"No, please!" You leap forward before she can get to the door and wrap your legs around her, mimicking her own outburst. "Please, please don't be upset. I don't want to replace you! I don't think I even could if I tried!"


"Stop! Just call me Twilight, like always. Please. Everything seems to be changing for me, but I don't want you to treat me any differently, ok? Because I won't stop respecting you as mayor."

You stand there in silence, with your head buried in the mayor's shoulder. You can feel her wordlessly wrap a hug around you and a few wet tears drop somewhere along your side. The two of you share a nice long cry together for a good long while before she eventually relinquishes you, smiling.

"You're a good friend, Twilight," The mayor says, wiping away her tears and straightening her glasses. "Whatever happens, I'm sure we'll be able to make things work out."

"Together." You add

"Together," She echos, with a renewed vigor and heads to the door. "But we still have to get things ready! I'll see what I can do with organizing the rest of Ponyville while you get to work on your list. Sound like a plan?"


Just got here, let me catch up…


Let's just try and get to Pinkie's to talk to her about it. This is really more her department.




Did Scrubbles died?


You see the mayor off with wave and a smile, but quickly have to retreat back inside as the crowd surges forward to meet you. Behind the protection of your front door, you go over you list.

"This really is just one big party, I guess. Pinkie should know what to do."

Deciding on to err on the side of caution, you suit up in your magic disguise again and teleport out the back, unseen. And just as before, nopony in the crowd gives you a second look. In fact you even pass by the mayor on the way and get no reaction from her.

Sugar Cube Corner is jsut as you left it only a little while ago. Spike is even still here, now snacking down on a large cupcake.

"Are you sure you can have those?" You ask him as you come in through the door.

"Pinkie said I could!" He snaps back defensively.

"Jeeze, ok. Where is Pinkie, anyway?"

"Probably still in the back, I guess. They've been banging around back there this whole time. Everytime I try to go see what's going on Pinkie blocks me."

"Hmmm…." You wander over to the counter, facing the doors to the kitchen. There's a lot of clahses and rumbing coming from the back.
"Pinkie? Are you back there? We need to talk."

"TWILIGHT!" Pinkie bursts through the double doors and once again latches around your face, smothering you. You don't even try to force her off at this point. "It's not ready yet!"



Just try to shout out our question, tell her what we need to know. Promise to keep our eyes shut.


"Mpphmm pphmhm mmmpphmm, ppmmee"

"Oh, ok then," Pinkie says cheerfully and climbs off your face. "So what's up?"

"Pinkie, I need your help to organize a party."

"A party?!" Pinkie positively beams at you. "Sure thing! Let me jus-"

And explosion errupts from the kitchen and a pot full of something shoots between the two of you like a cannon ball. Before any of you can react it slams into the opposite wall and splashes its clearly boiling contents all over Spike. He cries in suprise, but after a moment realizes he's ok and sights in relife. In fact, he sniffs some of the stuff that fell on him and likes it.

"Oh, that's good,"

"Shhhh! Don't tell Twilight!" Pinkie waves her arms frantically, making the sign to zip your lips. She tehn looks frantically between you and the kitchen. "So uhh, when is this party?"

"Well, I'm still working on where it'll be, but it needs to be ready by tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow night?! That's terrible…..but also perfect!"


"I'm sorry, but I can't help you right now Twilight. My full undivided attention needs to be here. Buuuuut, the surprise should be ready tomorrow night! It'll be the biggest, most greatest part of the party! You'll love it, everypony there will love it. It'll be perfect!"

"Oh, ok. But I was really hoping for your help on this. You're an expert when it comes to parties."

"Thank you! But I'm sure you and the other's can handle it! You're super smart and can figure everything out on your own. Plus Rarity is jsut as good at setting up party decorations as me, if not even better! And Applejack makes the best apple turnovers!"

Another explosion comes from the kitchen, this time with a fire creeping its way over the doors. Pinkie calmly rummages under the counter and pulls out a fire extinguisher.

"Gotta go!" She says happily and sprays the fire out as she returns to the kitchen.

((Sorry for taking so long. I keep getting distracted))


Don't worry.

Anyway, I suppose we should add "Talk to Rarity" and "Apple Turnovers" to the list.
Let's head over to the Carousel Boutique and ask.


Take Spike with you so he doesn't get a tummy ache


Well, Pinkie wasn't as helpful as you were hoping, but at least she's given you a few ideas on where to go next. You take out your list.

>Thinks we Will Need For The

>Food (Talk to Applejack?)

>Decorations (See Rarity)
>Proper venue
>Talk to Pinkie Pie (Check)

"Well, I guess I'll go see Rarity then."

"Wait, you're going to go see Rarity?" Spike says, immediately coming to your side. He quickly licks all of the stuff that spilled on him with a single swipe of his long tongue before smoothing out his head scales. "How do I look?"


Together you and Spike leave SCC and head over the Carousel Boutique, Rarity's home and place of business. Again you pass by more ponies and lean in close to Spike as if to help hide you, but really nopony seems to notice you. At the boutique itself things seem to be rather quiet. In fact, with all the doors and windows closed you're wondering if Rarity is even home.

"Rarity?" You say knocking at the front door. "Are you here?"

"Just a moment, please," Rarity's voice calls from somewhere inside. And in just a moment the top half of the door swings open, revealing your friend, though she does seem rather annoyed to see you. And she her usually immaculate mane seems frayed and split in places. "Hello, darling. Can I help you?"

"It's me Rarity. Twilight. I'm in digsuise."

She gives you a flat look. "I'm sorry but I'm in no mood for games, who ever you are. I am very busy. You'll have to come back later."

"But it is me! Spike, will you tell her….oh forget it!" You sigh, frustrated, seeing Spike has gone into his dreamy love struck state he gets when Rarity is around. You swear you can see little heats in his eyes. He's no help. You use you magic to undo your new look. "See? I needed a disguise to get around town."

"Twilight!" Rarity brightens up at your reveal. She then reaches over the door and grabs you. "I'm so gald you're here! Please come in!"

"But I-"

You are swooped in side, the door slamming behind you and, presumable, in Spike's face. You're dropped on your hooves and find yourself in a dress. A really nice new dress, with big poofy sleeves around your legs and studded gems all along the eloquent saddle.


Try to tell her what we need to tell her as we try on outfits.



"Do you like it?" Rarity says eagerly at your side, ready with tape meassure and a pin cussion. "You don't like it, do you? I can touch it up if you don't like it."

"No, Rarity, its beautiful. I love it. I'm just….not exactly sure why I'm in it."

"Oh well you see, your highness, I've been just so excited about you ever since we got back from Canterlot, that I just couldn't sleep! Heh," She wanders across the room, which is a mess of cut fabric, measuring tapes, design sketches and other tools of Rarity's trade. She pulls back a curtain revealing a rack loaded all across with dresses just as fine as the one you are wearing. "So I thought to myself 'Twilight is a pricness now! And a princess is going to need a positively royal wardrobe to match her!' So I stayed up all night and made you some casual evening wear!"

"This is casual?" You say skeptically, looking your dress up and down.

"For a princess like you, Twilight, anything would look casual."

"….Riiiiight. Anyway, Rarity, I came by because I need your help decorating for a party. You see, there's a bunch of officials and dignitaries and stuff coming to Ponyville an-"

"A party?" Rarity's head snaps to face you. "With dignitaries and other important ponies? Coming here? Oh this is wonderful news, Twilight!"

"So you'll do it then?"

"Of course, darling!" She grabs onto a pony mannequin, half dressed in some proto outfit, and starts to slow dance with it around the room. "I can picture it all now! You the center of everypony's attention, the bell of the ball. Every pony hanging off your every word. So charming and beautiful! Oh I can't wait!"


Fantastic. Give her the details that we know, and then we've got to head to Sweet Apple Acres.


This, but ask to have the dress for the party tomorrow


Good thinking.


"That's great, Rarity!" You take out your list and check decorations off. "You always have a good eye for detail. And if you can decorate half as good as these dresses, then I'm sure every pony will love it!"

"Oh you faltter me, your highness." Rarity says, dipping the mannequin. "When is this party, exactly?"

"Tomorrow night. Still not sure WHERE its going to be, though."

"That shouldn't be a problem. I can probably prepare some things here now. Oh and I should also have time to make a you a few more outfits." Rarity suddenly horrified and lets go of the mannequin in mid twirl. "What are you going to wear?! I'll have to design you something right away for the festivities!"

"But all these dresses are so nice, already? Wouldn't it make more sense to just wear something like this?" You gesture to what you are already wearing.

"Of course not!" Rarity's horn twinkles and the dress violently rips off you in shreds, and are discarded with a flick of magic. "You'll need something truly magnificent for an event of this caliber! But not to worry, I have just the idea!"


Let's just mention that she shouldn't call us "your highness".


Maybe comment on the whole not wanting to be a flashy, fancy princess?


"Well….ok then. I'm off to Applejack's. I'll come by later to let you know where the party will be."

"Wonderful! And I'll….I'll…." Rarity trails off as she watches you put your cloak back on. "I'll not let you go out looking like that!"

"What? I need it to hide in, or else everypony will bombard me with something."

"I can't let a pricness leave my boutique in something so….so drab!"

"It's Zecora's."

"I can hardly say I'm surprised. Here, let me just…." Rarity scoops up a couple of supplies and in a matter of seconds embroiders the trim of the cloak and weaves in a few designs along the sides. She looks you over, not looking satisfied at all, before tieing a bow around your neck. "Perfect!"

"Uhh….thanks." So much for low profile.

"Don't mention it, your highness."

"And stop calling me that! Nothing's changed between us, Rarity. You don't have to act diffidently around me."

"Pish-posh! You are a princess now and should be treated as such! But I won't argue. there's a lot of work to do!" Rarity turns on a dime to go get to work, only to bump into the manniquine she was playing with earlier. "Pardon me."

A little put off, you reapply your magic disguise and head out the door. Spike is in the exact same position and expression on the door step where you left him. Rolling your eye's you levitate him on to you back. "Come on, Romeo."

You get a few glances from ponies around town as you make it over to Sweet Apple Acres, but since no pony started shouting "Princess! Princess!" you guess it's probably because of the bow. And possibly the dragon on your back. None the less, you make it to the farm without incident. As you approach down the dirt road, you see a large booth has been set up to one side with a few heavy looking barrels.

"Huh. Is it cider season again, already?" Spike asks, coming to.

"Looks like it."

You don't see any of the Apple ponies anywhere, though.


Go look for Applejack if not go back to AB and ask


"Hello?" You search around, making your way to the house. "Applejack? Big Macintosh? Anypony home?"

"Howdy, stranger," Applejack says, stepping out from behind a tree and nearly making you jump out of your skin in surprise. "Sorry, didn't mean fright ya. Was jsut relaxing from knocking around barrels all day. What can I do for ya?"

"It's me Applejack."

"Me who?" Applejack says, looking at you with a raised eyebrow. "Don't think we've ever met."

"It's me, Twilight."

"…wait a second, is this some kind of game?"

"Oh for the love of-" You undo the disguise, starting to get really annoyed doing this again. As you do, Applejack looks shocked, immediately takes of her hat and bows down at your hooves with her nose pressed to the dirt.

"Your majesty."


Tell her to please stop with this and that we are the same as ever.


Remind her that you're friends, more than just subjects


"Applejack, please get up."

"At once, my lady!" Applejack says and snaps up to her hooves, but keeps her hat off.

"You don't have to call me that. We're still just friends. Nothing has changed."

"Of course, your greatness," Applejack says, bowing down at your hooves again. "Please forgive this pony for not knowing that."

"This is going to be a long day, isn't it Twilight?" Spike says, standing on your back.

"Shhh!" You set Applejack back on her hooves with a quick levitation spell.

"Thank you for raising this unworthy pony up, your lordship," applejack says, going down for another bow, but you cut her off.

"Stop! Applejack, just stop. You don't have to keep acting like this. Our relationship as friends has not changed at all. Do you understand me?"

"Crystal as a crystal pony, your eminence."


((And with that I think I'd like to put a pin in it and leave of this session. Thanks for playing everyone! Very happy with how we're progressing now. Any questions? Comments? Things I could be doing better?

If not, good night and I'll see you all next week!))


>Very happy with how we're progressing now
Good good! I'll see you next week.


Previously, on Pretty Princess Quest…

>Spoke with the mayor at your place

>Compiled a list of things to do for the big even coming up
>The mayor had a serious break down, distraught that you were going to replace her as the defacto leader of Ponyville
>You did you best to assuage her fears and promise to work together with her.
>Decided to talk to Pinkie Pie about how best to get this party started, but she was too busy doing her secret surprise that she couldn't do much more then advise you to talk with Rarity or Applejack
>Rarity was THRILLED to help you decorate for the party, even after she had apparently spent all night making you a brand new wardrobe of fancy outfits. You promised to come by later to tell her where it would actually be.
>Went with Spike to Applejack's and discovered it might be cider season again
>Applejack was happy to see you. Sort of. For whatever reason you can't seem to get her to stop acting differently


File: 1363486725799.png (284.27 KB, 900x904, twoylort spurkle.png, IO Google TinEye)

You are at Sweet Apple Acres with Spike on your back and Applejack at your hooves. For whatever reason you can't seem to get the idea through her had covered skull that you two are still just friends like you always were. But despite this, Applejack is still acting…..oddly.

"Applejack, please." You plead with your friend.

"I am at your service, princess." She says, bowing down low again.

"She's probably going to get a more crooked back then Grannysmith if she keeps this up." Spike whispers aside in your ear.


((If you want to know things such as INVENTORY, INFO or GAME HELP, simply ask))


((Well its been a while and no one showed up. Probably my fault for taking yesterday off. Oh well. Sorry if anyone shows up to find this ded. We'll try again next week))


Darn, see you next week.

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