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You are an adventurer.
You are inside an inn for whatever reasons brought you on your way.

The small town is near the shore of the sea, it's name not even worth a mention.
But as you sip your drink, eat your food, or just watch the warm fire on this cold winter night, you can't help but notice a big, burly, scarred earth pony stallion dressed in the fur of a wolf, sitting in the biggest, decorative wooden chair, his voice sounding over the general murmur of the tavern. His voice is oozing regret and hurt, only a meek stallion listening curiosly to his tale.

"…I alone was the only survivor, my entire tribal army, completely annihilated!… in my dreams I still see the arrows, pouring down like rain!"

The unicorn sips from his mug, then breaks the silence.
"What does this tower hold that would make you sacrifice a whole army? Treasure? Gooooold? Ruuubies? Diaaaaamo-"

"BAH! Nothing as materialistic as treasure! At the top of the tower lies the mystical Well! The well of a long forgotten king! Anypony who could reach the infamous well are granted one wish! Your greatest desire…"


Then my kids will be born cripple and able to move objects. I've seen this movie already.
"Any… wish? We could set the world right! No more heresy! No more hate!"


Greatest desire? Sounds interesting. I trot over and inquire from this oddly dressed pony. "Where might one find this tower sir?"


I perk up from my tea and stare dreamily at the warlord.

I lean forward a bit, to listen in, but stay at my table.


"Any wish? Oh… Oh! That would be amazing!"


I write some stuff in my journal, but keep listening.


"If you are a noble enough pony to wish for that!"

"At the seas, on a nearby island. It's the only island close to the shore so finding it is not that hard."

"That's why I tried to seek it!"

He looks pretty weathered from all the battles he must have gone through in his life.


"And.. what of the dangers there? What did you face?"


I get up and trot over.

"Sorry… you said a rain of arrows. The well is guarded by an army, or some sort of magical traps?"


"An army wouldn't be too hard to get around… I could just sneak in!"


"Of course! Who wouldn't?"
To the harbor!
No wait. Listen to the rest.


"If only what I had to challenge there was an army! But it's far more dangerous than that! Far more dangerous than anything you have ever faced in your lives!"

He slams the arm of his chair with a hoof.
"It's those damned Guardians! The archers whose arrows are plentier than there are fish in the sea!"


"Arrows? I bet I can outmatch all of them! For Celestia!"


I shrug
"They can't hit what they can't see right? I can just go in at night and use the darkness as cover!"


"So its forces of magic protecting the tower. I can handle that for sure. I'll make to that well and get my wish!" I pay for my meal and head outside, is there a boat rental service?


I follow her out.

"If you are going to look for this well, I would join with you. I am Wildflower, a student of the natural world and a guardian of the same."


"It was enough to stop an army, but be their guest to try."

"I tried a more direct approach, but that might work. If only I knew…"

There is, but it's pretty expensive to rent one all by yourself.

Just as the warlord opens his mouth again to speak, he is bashed on the head with a broom by the innkeeper, seeming like a small child next to him.
"What are you doing in Great Khan's chair again?! Git out of it right now! I told you it's not for you to sit!" He only grumbles some good wishes to the party before standing up and heading to his room.


"Looking for a boat?"
Follow them.
And look for a boat!


I go outside and search for trees.

Using my survival skills, I attempt to lash them together into a raft.

Does survival need a roll?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"pleased to meet cha' Wildflower. Let me just see if I can find us a way across the water," are there any boats unguarded, and is the sales pony looking at us?

Roll #0 4 = 4


some FALLEN trees, that is


"Oh, and.. Cyronia's the name, I'm a student of the magical arts."
I tilt my head "Another adventurer? Just so you know I'm getting my wish first!"


"We should probably band together then! As friends!"

"I'm Livia, a pleasure to meet you!"


"Oh not a problem! We all will get one, after all!"


The party is all outside, at the docs.
Seem that the prices are high, but if you all throw together what you have you can afford a large enough boat.

Yes it does.
You piece together a small raft from some wood you find lying around, but it looks like it would sink as soon as you'd set it on water.
There are others who you can hear are talking about boats too on the other hand.

Looks like all the boats are at the same place, and there are two guards there.
It would be pretty tricky to get one without paying.


"Yes, we will all take our turns at the well, should we find it."


"Don't worry! Celestia will guide us and see to it!"


Do the boats have crews? How big are they?


Nope you only get the boat itself, you have to row it yourself..
It is big enough to fit all of you and your gear comfortably, and looks sturdy too.


"Sounds good to me!"

"And if the Sun fails there is always the Moon."


No need to buy! Walk to the owner of the fastest boat I can see!
"The Inquisition requires your boat and crew for a mission of the utmost priority!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Friends? Well its nice to meet you at least Livia." I shake your hoof. "These boats over here look really pricey but would probably hold us all.


I walk over to the group.

"The trees here are not sturdy enough to make a raft. Do you want another in your little party?"


"I believe we will need all the help we can gather. Joining the party would be acceptable."


"Well then, let's pool together and get this done as a team!"

"Sure, it increases our chances at success anyway!"


The pony gulps as he looks over the party.
"The Inquisition… oh dear, this sounds serious… of course, we would never hold back the Inquisition! G-Go get those heretics!"

He clerly looks scared, but signals for the guard.

The party now has the boat which is ready to sail.
You can even see the island in the distance.


"I don't see why not, as long as you're all clear that I get the first wish." I smile a bit.


"You start sounding a bit too pushy with that."
"The inquisition thanks you."
Let's get to the island!


I shrug at her.

"As long as you don't wish for the end of the world."

I pause, thoughtfully, for a bit.

"I'm not sure I even believe it's real. It doesn't matter, though…"


"In the order we joined, then. I shall take second, the Inquisitor third, then Livia, and last the zebra."


"Don't be so pushy. We'll see when we get there."

"Oh, that's good! We have a boat now!"


You all pack your stuff on the boat and board it.
If you have anything to do or say before the island, then do it now.


"Pushy? you joined me, not the other way around."
"Sounds reasonable enough."
"Don't worry, I've got a fun wish in mind."


"And what would that be?"


"The Inquisition doesn't join ponies. We enlist the help of like, hearted individuals!"


"I think the Inquisitor should get the first wish, he's the one who got us a boat after all…"


"We won't get any wishes at all, or even find out if the story is true, unless we shove off. Let's have this discussion after we know there's a reason to argue."

I untie the boat and push off.


"There's a crew for that, you know."

Turn to the improvised party.
"I think we should all talk about each other first.
It's important to know your battle-brothers after all."


Aaaand while still disputing who wishes first for what, the party sets sail.

Everone takes their turns in row-row-rowing the boat, headed straight to the island.

It will take three turns to get there, you can get to know each other a bit better until then.


I frown deeply. "But..It was totally my idea first.. why does he get to have the first wish? I thought you just said not to be pushy and he pushed that boat salesman into giving up the boat."
"Oooh, its a secret!"
"right, lets go then!"


"The boat is still his. We'll just use it to achieve the means of Her will! No harm will come to the boat and he'll sell it again tomorrow!"


"I am no brother. Indeed, it seems the majority of us are sisters. So tell me, 'battle-sister,' about yourself.

"For my part, I am on a personal journey to learn and discover what I may, before I rejoin my coven and become a full druid of the Everfree."


"It's just a saying, don't take it so personally!"
Wave an hoof dismissively with a smile in front of my face.
"For me, it's just the wish to help ponies! After all the time I've spent behind a desk in Canterlot I can't wait for the occasion to do some proper good!"


Two more turns.

It's getting nearer by the second.
There is something on the shore it seems.


"Well… like I said I'm Liva. I come from Mariville and serve my lord by seeking out ponies that need aid, learning things from them in return."


I stand proudly. "I'm Cyronia, I specialize in the magical arts, ice magic," I giggle a bit. "Its quite useful really, served me well over the years.. What about you?"


What's on the shore?

Hey do I get the Child of Gaia bonus for that?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I come from the East. The small town I was born in lies between two empires that are constantly at war. I followed the hoofsteps of my father and became a merchant of live game. I will tell you now that I do not plan on killing anyone to get to this well. In the border town I come from, we have seen the ravages of war, and we believe that killing is an abomination. We will find other means."


But apply it yourself or I'll forget.

It seems to be a small band of ponies.
With a camp and everything, but you don't see any boats.


"There are ponies on the shore, but I do not see any other boats. Perhaps they are natives."


"Killing.. An abomination? Serving your lord by… Helping ponies?"
'1d10' not to cry.
"How joyous it is to meet such like minded individuals!"
"Oh! Magic! Always a wonder!"
"How peculiar. I wonder if they follow the Sun!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Or the Moon!"

"Oh, that could be helpful. Maybe they could aid us and we could aid them…"


"I would not be so quick to assume friendliness. Be on your guards."


I give you an odd look. "The sun? No killing.. This isn't going to be a problem if we run into trouble is it?"


I raise a brow.

"Why don't you just freeze their feet to the ground, if you're as talented as you say? There's plenty of cold to work with here."


"As long as they don't oppose Her might, there should be no problems!"
"The moon, indeed…"
Nod at her.
"Fine. But don't cause troubles."


You manage to hold your tears.

The party arrives at the island, hopping out of the boat.

The ponies on the shore seem to have gathered up to greet you, one way or the other.
You can count seven ponies there, one of the standing before the others in the middle with a shit-eating grin.

"Welcome, welcome! It is so nice that you came!"




Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"Ah! Natives?"


"We are looking for the tower. Do you know where its entrance may be?"


I subtley throw a trap down onto the ground in front of the group.

"The pleasure is ours, though I could do without the biting cold."

Roll #0 10 = 10


It's like you don't even exist on this plane anymore.

You could dance in front of them while holding fireworks and singing a catchy tune and they wouldn't even notice.

It is in the perfect place to protect your group from them if they decided to attack.

"Yeah, yeah, just cut the chatter and give us the boat. And all your stuff. And we might, might not hurt you."


Ready my bow.
"By order of the Inquisition, you are under arrest. Lay down your weapons and lower your head under your hooves."


Ready my spear.


Well, there goes that thought.

Prepare myself for attack.


I sigh and draw my bow.

"Remember to spare what you can."


They seem to prepare the weapons of their own

"Don't make this harder on yourself. Just give us your things and the boat and you can keep your lives."

The leadpony guffaws loudly, then turns to the other bandits.
"Can you believe this guy?"


I transform in to the Decay form and power attack their leader.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11



I guess not then.

Backstab the biggest looking threat

Roll #0 8 = 8


Trick shot the closest target to knock it out.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"May Her warmth embrace you."
Explosive trickshot right into his face.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Where's the mage's reply?


Andelia had to go for a little bit


You take up the form of a rotting like body covered in foul fungus, that would even make Mother Nature retch a bit.
The leader can only gasp in surprise before you thrusts your spear forward, creating a gaping hole in his neck.

Taking out their only archer seems like a good idea, and he falls dead even before he realises what's happening.

You make the bandit standing the nearest out, knocking her out cold.

Your aim is a bit off, did you remember to Praise the Sun today properly?

You only manage to blow up some trees beyond the shore.

Two dead, one unconcious, four remain.
The rest charges at the party.

Andelia said he had to bail for a short bit


Take out my sabre.
"Celestia guide my blade!"
Swipe sideways one of the charging ponies.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Take out my lil' crossbow and shoot one of them in the head!

Roll #0 7 = 7


Twirl around and stab one of the chargers, again with the power attack.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


The attacking should trigger my nat 10 trap

Trickshot another with the knockout poison, cursing my allies for their indiscretion.

"Flee before they kill you! You don't have to die!"

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Or just surrender! That works too!"


You are too slow with drawing your weapon, but manage to only get a small cut on your leg for your mistake. He does seem to be going for your neck this time…

You stop him before he can do so though with a well aimed bolt, but his helmet kept him alive, if a bit dizzy.
+2 for any rolls againt that pony next turn.

You twist around for some stabby stabby again, the pony you aim at obivously too busy trying not to barf just by looking at you, allowing you to plant your spear firmly in his chest.
He's not dead but he is bleeding on the ground.

The mare can only say "Oh come on!" before the trap springs.
Avert your eyes children, that was pretty gruesome.

Your shot however just pings off harmlessly from the shield of your target.

"Fuck you!"

Three dead, one unconcioius, one dizzy, one bleeding, only one still standing.


Parry him.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Put all my decaying muscle into stabbing the one still on his hooves.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


But the description of trap says that it renders helpless, not kills. ;_;

Trickshot again. Sorry about the short post, leaving for dinner, will play by phone.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


Use my telekinesis to force that pony onto the ground, beating his head a few times to put him unconscious

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


These goons are made out of jelly, a crit is too much for them to handle.

Your shot lands, making him fall asleep in an instant-
Right before he gets impaled on a huge spear, the weapon passing through his entire body with ease.

You migh have got hit if it wasn't for Livia's quick thinking, beating the pony into submission.

The one who was bleeding earlier seems to have stopped breathing.

The battle is over, and now you have two knocked out bandits.


"Someone tie these two up. We should probably question them."


Start muttering a prayer for all of them.
Also, start piling them up.
"May She show you mercy…
May She show you mercy…
May She show you mercy…"

Roll #0 2 = 2


I breathe a little easier now that I'm no longer a collection of rotting flesh held together by fungus.
"We should not have taken captives. Where will we keep them? We cannot let them go — they will likely take our boat, and leaving them tied on the shore is likely as much of a death sentence."


"Leave them tied up and locked on the boat. We'll turn them in on the way back."


You manage to pile up the dead, but your soul is restless.
Such a shame, young ponies like this passing over such matters…


I sigh and remark, "You're murderers. I don't know if we should travel together…"

I pick up my trap, reset the springs and safety, give it a quick wipe on the snow and stow it before drearily trotting toward the isle center.


"In her flame, may you find peace."
Try to find comfort in my own words.
Then, set the bodies on fire.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Killing prisoners is not something I do, miss."


"Hey, we gave them the chance to back down! But they attacked and threatened us first, remember?"



Roll #1 1 = 1



You manage to peace your mind, breathe, relax, meditate….then properly set yourself on fire.

In her flame all right!

There is a thick forest of pine trees once the shore ends. Are you sure you want to leave the others behind though? It looks preeeetty dark in there.


"There was another way. You could have vanished and left. The boat it just a material good. We took more than a boat from them…"


Throw myself into the water of the sea!

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Death is just a part of the natural order, Djata. The bluejay does not let the fox eat it with impunity, and if a deer fights a wolf, one of the two will die. But now is not the time for the philosophy of war."

"I do not suggest we kill them now. I suggest that we should have killed them when we had the chance."

"Inquisitor, it is not the time for self-immolation, either."
Try to put him out.

Roll #1 3 = 3


My eyes widen

"What are you doing!?"

Heal him!

"Vanished? I could have, but what about you and the others!?"

Roll #0 8 = 8




Wildflower trips you but you manage to pick yourself up and put out the fire in the water before any actual damage is done.

He wasn't singed badly but you patch him up for good.


"We were capable of ending it without death… None of us were scratched."


"Thank you.. That was… A momentary lapse of reason.
Seeing all this death, uneeded death."


I tie up the bandits.
And try to heal their wounds.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Help her tie the bandits.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You wouldn't be very good boy/girl scouts, those knots look pretty lazy.
It wouldn't take much effort for them to get out of it.

Wildflower also heals them, but they are still out of it.


"None of us were scratched because we acted swiftly and strongly… we shouldn't risk our lives for ponies that wanted to kill us. Or maybe worse than just kill us."

"They chose their own faith."


Keep trying?
"It's the same thing I keep telling myself. Doesn't make it any easier."

Roll #1 1 = 1



"Just try to do better and keep going. Somepony has to…"


"Yes. I for one am grateful that I was not wounded, and I would not have it any other way.

"You have chosen the wrong profession if you wish to be a pacifist, Djata. Do the animals you capture hold themselves back? No, I'm sure they attempt to kill you all the same."

Untie the knot and try again.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You manage to do it properly now.

They are secure, you can stop choking them with the rope now.


I nod. "I hunt ponies, for the most part."


Raise an eyebrown at this.
"And for what reason?"


"…Then you are a fool as well as a hypocrite. Stay your tongue from now on."


"They're the most common slave game where I come from. And every capture is done without murder. Peace is always an option."


The remaining bandits are tied up safe, and the thick forest awaits…

I think I'll pause now since I'm getting tired and Andelia's not hereI'll try to continue this tomorrow.


"Sla.. You are a SLAVER?"


Oh and you can keep RP-ing but the plot won't move obviously.


"You're just a petty killer with no regard for life. Your opinion is meaningless."


"You… you're a slaver?"

I unsheathe my sword


Another nod. "Not while visiting this country, though. I have respect for the law. I am a merchant, not a brigand."


"There is no slavery in nature. Death is a part of life, but the freedom to live as you want is something given to all living beings on the earth, and it should not be taken away."

"Yes, the peace of a slow death in captivity."


"Calm down.
Give him one occasion to explain and turn himself in before attacking. Too much blood has been spilt already."
"The.. Law? This matters nothing with the law of a coutry! There is nothing worse than selling another living beign! You will stand down and trun yourself in! Now! By Her Law!"


"You're telling us we were wrong to kill when you take away lives yourself!?"

I look over to him, staying back for now.


"Have the druids kept you so naive? Bees and ants live on slavery. Don't pretend killing is better. Any pony will choose slavery over death."
"And I understand Celestia encourages the bondage of sheep and cattle in her lands."


"This is no matter for discussion.
Lay your weapons down now."
Assume a ready stance.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Bees and ants live as a family. Do not talk to me of naivety, and do not presume to know what anypony would wish. I would prefer death to a cage, and if you believe that slavery is anything other than a slow wasting death, then you are a fool."

"I say we tie him up and leave him with the bandits."


"Agreed. He's worse than them."


I nod in agreement as well.

"Enslaving innocent ponies… I can't believe you would even try to justify that!"


I'm eating and don't have time to respond anymore. Family members trying to talk to me.


We can finish it later, I'm sure.


You can finish next time



Sure man, see you another time!

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