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"We make our choices and take what comes."


Your most recent task was to deliver some art supplies to somepony by the name of Guerpone Weiss. However, you have been warned that while he has not been seen for years now, requests for more supplies have still been issued to his abandoned estate, where more and more of his abstract 'art' pop up, while the deliveryponies never return…

You and your unicat has just managed to escape from a strange painting-pony, The Lady in Red, who seemed to ignore any damage dealt to it.
You just opened a door to an L-shaped room. Beside the door was a plaque for The Lady in Blue, with the painting itself absent.

This room seems to be adorned by small pictures of instects on the wall. There are two doors from here, aside from the one you just entered from, one to your right, at the bottom of the L shape, and one at the end of the long corridor.


I will go down to the door at the end of the corridor.


It is locked.
You hear someone say 'Psst'
Someone else is here!


The other door is the one I desire in that case. Ignore the voice, because I don't care for it.


'Psst, hey, come back here!'
The tiny, thin voice fades as you make for the other door.
It is open.
There is nothing but utter darkness inside, but your cat starts glowing her horn as you enter.
This room looks almost like a storage of some sorts, full of assorted painting and statues on the ground. It stretches for a bit, but there is no apparent exit.


I'm looking for the lady in blue in here. She must have that key on her.
Where's that bitch?


You go deeper, and quickly scan the paintings, but don't see the Lady painting.
When you turn to check again, you see that some of the statues are not where they originally stood…


Set up a substitute and leave the room. Keep my katana in reach!
"Stones are shifting like monsoon landslide."

Roll #1 8 = 8


You set up a fake you and leave.
You're only a few steps away when you hear commotion inside.
Your sword is at hoof, and your cat meows in response.
'Psst, over here!'[/size6]


Okay fine voice. Follow the voice.


You pass the small, framed pictures of butterflies, moths, flies, wasps and so on.
Eventually you come to an empty stretch of wall, with a nail to hang a frame on.
You see no one here though, only a small dot on the ground.
'Down here! It's me!'


Look closer.


Your cat hisses at the idea, but you see it's a tiny… ant.
The ant waves one of his tiny legs.
'You're just the pony to help me! My picture was taken off this wall! Will you help me put it back up? You do me a favor, and I'll help you too!'


You're shitting me.
"You are a talking ant. What happened?"


'And you are a talking pony with wings, so what?
The others said I was being too friendly with visitors, so they took my picture and threw it off into the cold, ugly storage where all the useless ones go! I want it back on the wall! I loved looking at myself!'


Do not question it
"I must find the owner. I came here like homing pigeon to deliver his package."


'You can't really do that if you are stuck here! Listen up, you get my painting back on this wall and I will open the door for you so you can try and find him!'


The bug has spoken. I'll put it back where it wants to be.


You do remember seeing his picture… back in that storage room.


Okay nice, I'ma go back there and get it. No problem. Easy peasy.


As you enter again, your cat lights it up once more.
You do find the picture, but a heavy statue that looks like a pony made out of wax is in your way.
The Candlepony statue even has a wick on its head!


I move past it. What's it gonna do? Wax me?


As you try to move past it, you hear a loud, scraping noise from behind you!
Since you are a jumpy mare from a criminal background, you and your cat turn your head instinctually, but nothing is behind you, it must have been another statue…
But the Candlepony has moved as well, blocking you from reaching the Ant picture.


Hold out my katana
"I can slice you like butter on a late summer day. Move."


The candle remains unmoving like the solitary rock a the field.


Tumble past it! Statues aren't agile!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


You roll past it with no problem! It's now or never, grab that picture before it has a chance to move!


Grab it and run!


You grab it and start hoofing it towards the door!
You manage do dive past it and slam it shut behind you.
There is quite a big commotion behind you.


This is pleasing to me. I will write a haiku about it later. Where is my ant ally?


Where he was before, in front of the nail on the wall.
'Did you get it? Ooh, Ooh, put it right up!'


"I did get it."
Put it back on the wall


You place it on the spot of wall where it belongs.
You hear the ant mutter a tiny 'sweet' before scurring away!
Hey, where is it going? It disappeared into a crack in the wall!

Shortly after, you hear the door click open.


"Thank you tiny ant friend. What other wisdoms can you share with me?"


He seems to be gone for now, unless you want to wait around for him to pop back up.


I can wait a bit. He wanted to look at this thing he said.


He soon crawls out of the hole and stands in front of it.
'Oh, you're still here too? You wanted to bask in the glory of it, didn't you? I can understand.'


"I wished to see if you had more wisdoms to share."


'Wisdoms? Uh… let's see… you can never leave through the way you came from, but they say you can leave if you find yourself. You're not lost, are you?'



'Good! That means you can leave! Hopefully. Listen, if you can't, make sure that you at least become tasteful art. Like my picture. It's a beauty to behold isn't it?'


"Of course."
I'm not staying here for sure. Moving on.
"Come, cat."


She rides on your back as you make for the door.
As you enter, you hear it click shut behind you. This small room has two doors, one in front of you called 'Way Forward' and another to the right with the title 'Liar's Room'.


"You are a good cat. I wish for you to know that."
Way forward


She purrs and nuzzles against your neck.

The door is closed.
Guess you'll need to find the key…


The liar's room? Not my thing but I must continue on.


You enter a narrow room.
It has six paintings, each one of a stallion in a different pose, each one of a different color - Green, Brown, Yellow, Blue, White and Red.
Between the Yellow and Blue Paintings, there is another room.
You can make out different writing under each of the paintings.


What do they say?


The Green says "Stand in front of the Statue, go west three tiles, then south 1 tile. That is where the key is!"
The Brown says "Stand in front of the Statue, go east 4 tiles then north 2 tiles. That is where the key is!"
The Yellow says "The one in White speaks the truth!"
The Blue says "The only truth-speaker is Green!"
The White says "Stand in front of the Statue, go east 2 tiles, then south 2 tiles. That is where the key is!"
The Red says "I agree with the one in Yellow!"


If this is the room of liars… I'ma follow the Brown directions.


You keep in mind what the Brown stallion painting has to say and enter the room that is after this one.
It is full of large tiles on the floor, with the large, marble statue of a dashingly handsome earth pony stallion in the middle. You can see the directions North, West, South and East on the walls.
By that, you can figure out which tile you should lift to get that key, if you follow the Brown instructions of east 4 and 2 north.


Check that exact tile. It must be the one.


You lift it up to reveal that there is a hidden compartment with a key under it!
You also see that the other tiles around it were booby trapped.
The moment you grab the key, you hear a loud scream from the room where you came from, the one with the paintings.


The rooms said there were multiple liars, not one. I am smart!
Go back to the room.


You go back inside, and the room is a mess.
Red 'paint' is splattered everywhere, and the canvas of the Brown stallion has been torn to pieces.
The other stallions now all hold different bladed weapons, covered in the same red substance, glaring at the spot where the Brown stallion used to be, and keep chanting "LIAR!" over and over and over again.
Your cat hisses in a frightened manner.


I won't let it bother me. They're just paintings.
"Come cat. I have found the key."


She meows, still a bit uncomfortable.
You do unlock the 'Way Forward' door with it, which leads to a stairs, heading down.


Going downstairs.
"You must not be scared of these machinations."


You enter a colorful room. It seems as if the walls, the ceiling, and even the floor have been drawn with crayons of all kinds.
The room itself has a door in the far end, but aside from that it's just full of toys. Toys of all kinds littering the floor, with no arrangement whatsoever. Well, maybe aside from the fact that all the dolls are hanging from the ceiling by ropes, all of the tied differently - on one of the legs, on the body, on the neck - all of them staring at the ground with lifeless eyes.

Your cat is even more freaked out as usual, hissing at one of the far corners.


I calmly keep walking towards the door.


You are almost there when you hear a girly scream!
"Aaah! Who are you?!"


Look where the scream came from.
"Iga from Pony Express delivery."


It is a yellow earth pony mare, ready to throw a toy ponywagon at you.
She drops it and her eyes go wide.
"D-Delivery? You're not one of them? Ohmygosh, you are a real pony too?"


Look at my hooves and flap my wings in curiosity.
"Yes, I am real. Who are you?"


You appear normal to yourself, at least.
"Wide Palette, I-I used to have an art shop, but it's been so long I don't even remember where… I was told to get supplies here and I've been stuck in this dumb room ever since!"


"That does not sound ideal. How do you manage food?"


She shrugs.
"I was never hungry, I was never thirsty… I could sleep, but I never felt tired… it's all so strange! I just want to get out and go home already!"


But first I must deliver this package. You may follow if you desire."


"Oh, right! You have wings! You can finally get the key so we can leave!"
She points up, to the hanging dolls.
One of the dolls is an ugly purple one with weird blue hair. It is clutching a key.
"I can't reach up that high, and if I tried to throw it with something it just grumbled at me and grasped the key tighter…"


Look up at the doll.
"I see."


She looks hopeful.
"Can you get it?"


Fly up there!


Your cat clings to your neck and mane, mrooowing displeasedly.
It's not a fear of heights though.
The ugly doll is giving you the stinkeye when you approach, and grips the key tighter.


"Hello doll. I require aid."


It keeps gripping the key.


"Why not?"


"key is my only toy the others have all the toys but no one lets me play with them key is my only toy you cant take it."


"Why don't they share?"


"others say im ugly toy im not good enough to play with other toy others very mean key is my only friend key never mean"


Well that's rude. Look at the the other dolls.


They seem like they are trying not to snicker at the conversation even as the two of you are having it. All the other dolls, no matter how they are hung from the wall, have colorful books, carts, stuffed animals and other pleasant toys.


What if I take toys from the ground and give them to purple?


You can try.


Yes, I'm trying that!


You fly down to the ground level and collect a few toys to offer for the purple doll.
It seems happy at first, but they all fall to the ground, as if they were trying to worm their way out of your grasp, and rather take a nasty fall than to be hugged by it. The doll frowns.
"other toys mean others hate me im ugly but i cant help it key never judge key my only friend please dont take"


Curry and Felfire

It has been three days since you arrived in Pontugal.
You were not held back from free movement, but with all the bodily and mental trauma, you couldn't leave your quarters even if you wanted to. Still, with a lot of sleep, drink, food, and even more medical attendence (Felfire occasionally given mild amounts of drugs so she won't get the shakes again) you feel well enough to explore, or pay your friends a visit to see how they are doing.


I want… Moar of that sweet stuff!


We should probably visit our friends, see how they're holding up. Tides could probably use the company while she's on the mend. And the native pony Buangan is probably feeling like a fish out of water.


The doctors only let you get a little bit every day!

Unless you mean other sweet stuff, like that yellow thing that flows and tastes heavenly! What did they call it? Honay?

Who shall it be first?


Well, Tides is either asleep or itching to do something other than sleep.
Buangan will more likely be awake, so I suppose she's our first stop, then the captain and Angler.
It'll do Felfire some good to get a bit of a walk as well.


Nope, I totes meant that.
But if the doctors don't let me, I will have to take it myself!


"So, little one, how do you feel on taking a walk around? Check in on the Captain and the others?"


The hosts were kind enough to bring her bed into your room, so she wouldn't be scared!

The room of the native is a few doors down your corridor.

They have it locked up somewhere!


Noted. And that was kind of them.


Kick a bit with my legs.


Knock knock after walk walk?


Yar. First stop, Buangan's room.
Knock knock.


You hear her timid voice.


"It's Curry. Just wanted to see how you were doing."


Look around in the meanwhile, at all the other rooms.
My head feels dizzy…


"Don't wander too far, little one."


These doctors are too clever, they don't buy it like the raiders!

"Come then."
She opens the door and steps away from it.


"Pardon the intrusion, then."
I'll head inside, along with Felfire. No sense her getting lost in this place.


The native pony just stands around awkwardly, waiting for you to say something.


"So, how are you doing? Adjusting well?"


"I miss home, even if bad. Ponies here are strange and hard to understand."


"It gets easier, with time."
I'll nod for a moment.
"And homesickness is a part of travel that no one can escape."


"I didn't know… maybe staying was good."


"Perhaps. But the hardest part of the journey is over. For the most of it, Equestria is peaceful, and travel is fairly easy especially if you follow the roads."
I'll make certain Felfire's okay, and then continue.
"Besides, just think of the stories and songs you'll have by the end of the trip."


She looks down.
"I did start a song, but maybe… maybe song is not good."


"Well, no one will know that until it's sung, right?"


She shakes her head.
"Its not… not uh…"
She is looking for some word she can't find.




She nods her head.


"Well, it will come along at its own pace."
I'll think for a moment.
"I was thinking of checking on the captain and Angler, if you'd like to come with us. Perhaps taking a walk will help."


"Nopony here swears… It's creepy!"


"That's not necessarily a bad thing. And while we're here, I should mention, we should keep the swearing to a minimum as well."


She shakes her head.
"No… I don't feel very… comfortable, with them. Maybe time help."

"Less violence is good."


"Very well."
Time to change tacks.
"So, what do you plan to do once we're ready to leave?"


"I just want to explore… maybe go with you."


"Well, I've nothing against it. And it is safer to travel in groups. Our next stop is intended to be Cloudsdale, the home of Pegasus ponies in Equestria. That's where I hope to get the little one's wings fixed. I figure that if anyone knows how to help her, they do."


"Is Equestria a happy place?"


"For the most part. At the very least, much happier than that island. Ponies like those raiders are punished for harming ponies by those that enforce the law, and there are heroes who take care of the ones that slip through the cracks."


"Like you?"


I'll chuckle a little at that.
"No, I don't qualify for a title like that. I was just a pony in the right place at the right time. A hero wouldn't have lost as many friends as I did."


"Buck would have lost us more if not you…"


"And that is a comfort. I only survived by the skin of my teeth, and I'd like never to find myself in such a situation ever again."
I'll sigh a bit.
"Not that I regret the decision to get involved. Something had to be done. I just wish I could have done it better."


"Better than two generations of my people."


"There's no offense to your people, but how many could use magic? That helped even the field a lot."
I'll frown a bit.
"But that's over and done with, and the less we dwell on that particular ghost, the better. What matters is that future generations of your people will be free to do what they wish, as you've done."


"Hopefully no more Buck…"


"Well, there are those out there who lust for power the same way, but he was the worst I'd ever encountered. Most on the mainland get taken care of by law enforcement or those aforementioned heroes."
I'll be silent a moment.
"At any rate, I believe I've bothered you enough, so I'll leave you to your thoughts. It was a pleasure speaking with you."


She nods.
"I will try song more."


"I look forward to hearing it."
And with that, Felfire and I will take our leave.
Should we pause until Sylt gets him connection issues sorted out?


Cloud Skimmer
You were just talking about Corvette about your acceptance to the Wonderbolts!
Sadly, even though she applied too, she didn't get a letter…

She smiles, but you can see her eyes getting a bit red, visible even with her crimson fur.
She shrugs.
"Well, maybe I'll just do freelance like my sister. If I can find wherever she is nowadays."


"Come on Corvette, you can keep trying can't you?"


"I can't keep trying forever."


"You don't have to.

But… not if you keep living like this. No offense, but you need to look after yourself better. I'm not saying you need to spend every waking moment training and eating healthy, but you still need to adjust. It's a choice really, to sacrifice part of your lifestyle for your dreams."


She snorts and stands up.
"Yeah, I bet."
She walks to a nearby shelf, and grabs something.
She returns with a lit cigarette in her mouth…
Which is weird, since she quit two years ago!
She plops back down on the couch.
"I might as well just focus on the living part."


"You're a big girl, Corvette. I'm not going to make your choices for you. You really… shouldn't do that though.

And for what it's worth, I think you could do it if you put your mind to it. You're a good flier, I've had all my life to see as much."


She inhales some smoke in your direction.
"Not as good as you, apparently…"
She chuckles and shakes her head.
"Listen… I am going to try again. Next year. Maybe. But I've got some… shit to deal with, first, okay? It's been a rough few weeks, but I want you to know, until then, I'm going to cheer for you every time you're around with a show."


"You're right, you're not as good as me because of stuff like that."
Wave the smoke away.
"You don't need to excuse yourself to me, you know. It's a big sacrifice, and not one everypony would want to make. I still have to get through bootcamp first and there's no guarantees I'll be able to do it. But this is the closest I've gotten so far, so I'll do anything to get there. Things haven't been easy lately, but that's not the point. As long as I can keep the dream alive, I'm going straight through it all."


She takes a long breath from her cigarette, then puts it out on the table.
Jeez, that's not very clean.
"If you want to practice some more before that, I'm still up for it."
She looks around.
"Well… in the afternoons. Mornings I'm usually busy."


"Alright just… try to lay off the smoking please. I've seen enough hospitals to last me a lifetime.

I'll be seeing you around Corvette. Stay safe out there."


She chuckles, then as if a predator, pounces you to give you a tight hug.
"Oh come on, cheer up you dumbass, you're actually doing it! If my head wasn't killing me right now, I'd tell you we should celebrate!"


Let her.
"Yeah I'm… doing it. That'll take some time getting used to if anything."


She lets you go and smirks.
You still see her eyes being red from earlier, but she looks genuinly excited.
And a bit sly.
"I'm jealous. You're going to get all the hot mares now!"


"No real difference from now then, am I right?"
I bite my lip cheekily.


She nudges you with a wing.
"Well… grab some stallions for me, will you? Unless being famous means you'll keep those too!"


"Don't worry, I won't forget you guys. But yeah, I may as well send some Voltage's way as well."


"Keep a secret?"
She leans closer.
"As timid as she can be sometimes, she once told me she likes stallions who… you know… buck the appletree like an earth pony, get it?"
She snickers.


"Hmmm… I haven't visited her in a while. None of you guys for that matter. We should hang out as a group again sometime soon, before I land in bootcamp."


Her eyes light up.
"I can organize a little something… but hey, you're not going to hog the good news all to yourself, right? Go tell the others too!"
She falls back onto the couch, lying onto her back with her wings limp and her legs sticking in the air.
"I still got some… you know.. stuff, to do. Totally not napping."


"Hey you enjoy your morning, Corvette. I'll see you around."
Who's closest from here?


Some of your friends might be actually working at this hour, so your best luck is either trying Orange Crush or Voltage.


Let's go see Voltage first, knowing Orange he won't be going anywhere.


It's just a short fly away!
Knock, ring the doorbell or just walk in and sneak up on her?


Just walk in, fuck it.
"Hey Voltage? Knock knock!"


You hear running water and humming from the kitchen!
With that, she might not have heard you.
Good thing, knocking wouldn't have done a thing then!


Is she cooking? Sniff the air and approach the kitchen.


You can only smell lemon…
As you approach, you see she is highly enthralled by the act of washing dishes with some sort of squeezed lemon thing! Clever!
She is humming a happy tone and shaking her flanks to and fro as she goes from one plate to the next.


What kind of sorcery is this?

Just walk up to her.
"Hey there big V."


You definitely should ask her!
She jumps in fright and turns around, dropping a plate which shatters on the hardened cloud floor.
She takes a few deep breaths, hovering nervously above the ground.
"Skimmer, what the hay?!"


"Ouch, sorry about the plate. What's gotten you so nervous?"


She blushes with hear ears flapped back, then quickly darts for a broom.
"Y-You know I'm in a whooooole other world when I'm cleaning stuff! And I was just thinking about this new song I could play at a concert… I'm not nervous, you just surprised me! What would you say if I snuck up on you like this?"


"I'd certainly start questioning my situational awareness.

Here, let me help you with that."
Knowing Voltage there should be a broom nearby. I'll use that to gather the fragments.


With some nifty teamwork, the mess is gone in less than a minute.
"Thanks… but you're one to talk, you almost broke the ceiling over at Milky's house when Orange crept up on you and bit your tail, back when we had that party for Milky's promotion!"


"Hey, I was tired and had my mind dulled by those cocktails. Not fair!"


She rolls her eyes and chuckles.
"You want to go sit down in the living room now?"


"Sure do. I've got some news for you."


Her ears perk.
She leads you inside the living room, sitting down on her hoofchair while motioning you to the sofa.
As shiny and tidy this place is, she doesn't likes her own chair more, since no one else sits in it. Cleanest spot, as she says.


Sit down.

"I got a letter you see, with the Wonderbolts seal on it…"


Hey eyes go wide and she starts shaking her forehooves, making that squee sound.
"Ohmygosh! What is it?"


"My application to the Wonderbolt training academy was accepted. They've invited me to bootcamp, Voltage."


Her eyes go even wider, and she lets out a 'Woah'.

She is silent, aside from staring.

You think you might have broke her.


"Uh… I just thought I'd come tell you in person. You guys have been such great moral support through it all and I haven't been able to connect with the crew the last few weeks with everything that's been happening."


She blinks the awe off a few times.
"I… oh, gosh, Skimmer, I don't even know what to say! Congratulations! It's… It's really happening, you did it!"


"Well… this is only the start to be fair. But yeah, Wonderbolt academy… that's pretty big."


"A start? Knowing you, it's already done and over with! Gosh, I… I can't believe it, you're doing it! How did you take it? I mean, when you first saw?"


"Like a foal in a candy and ice cream shop. There may have been some traces of liquid happiness involved too.

… Wait. Bad euphemism."


Her glance after that is quick, but you catch it.
She blushes and raises a hoof to her muzzle as she giggles.
"Sounds like you sure were excited then, huh."


"… This has been my lifedream for as long as I can remember. Just ask Corvette, she'll affirm."


"Well, I just hope you cleaned up after it! Ooh, right, and what about her? You two applied at once, right?"


"No… Corvette didn't get any letter. Maybe it's late in the mail or maybe she just didn't get selected. I've spoke to her about it, she tried to play cool but I know it hurt her. It sure hurt me…"


Voltage frowns when she hears that.
"Aww… That… that must sting… I'll go over and visit her this afternoon then."


"I know. I really hoped she and I would be wingponies when we got selected."


"Well… maybe you can be her trainer next year, when she reapplies?"


"We'll see how it goes. Right now I think she could use some moral support to keep her spirits high."


"I'll do everything I can, I promise! So, when are you leaving, exactly? I think I have a cookbook, if you're going to live alone there, you should take it with you, they are easy to make and healthy!"


I smile.
"Thanks Voltage. It'll be soon. I've been doing my best to cook healthy so far."


"Did you ever get around to trying that salad recipe I gave you?… but wait, we are getting off topic here! Gosh, our very own Wonderbolt Skimmer!"


"That's Cadet Skimmer for now. But yeah… that'll take some getting used to."


"Wait, so as a cadet, do you get the uniform right away or what? Can you like, keep it and have it on when you're not there and everything?"


I laugh.
"I don't think they'd appreciate that from a cadet, you know."


She giggles again.
"Soooo… that means technically you could, right?"


"What, you want to try it on?"


"No, that's not… well, maybe I… Definitely not without washing it first!"


Give her a hurt look.
"Do I disgust you, Voltage?"


She snorts.
"No offense, Skimmer, but your sweat is the last thing I want to come in touch with!"


"Only the last thing? Oh my."


She gives you a disgusted look.
"Well, not spit or snot or anything icky either, you get what I mean!"


I chuckle.
"Don't sweat it, I was only teasing. Hey, do you know if Orange Crush is around today?"


She clicks her tongue and looks away, deep in thought.
"Uuuuh, hold on… yeaaah, I think he should be."
She shrugs.
"But you know him, you can never be certain."


"Fair enough. I'll go see him next then."


"Will you break one of his plates too?"
She gives you a smug look.
There is a tiny bit of hurt in her voice though.


"Aw, come on Voltage, it's just a plate. I'll try to make it up to you somehow okay?"


"It could have been a special plate! Well, it wasn't, but it could have been!"
She chuckles.
"You'll figure something out. Keep that uniform thing in mind."


"See you later, V. We'll do something with the whole crew sometime soon before I leave, I promise."


"I'm looking forward to it!"
She waves cutely with a wing.
"Just make sure you don't get too excited again!"


Alright, now I can head to Orange. I'll ring the bell this time.


Lone Mesa

You are on top of a water tower over the town of Fairbank.
The Sun is slowly being raised by the Princess.
There is an eerie calm surrounding everything.
There are no ponies on the streets.
There is no sounds aside from the creaking of the signs hanging in front of the vendors shops in the gentle breeze.

You see an armored cart being pushed towards the town, surrounded by ponies dressed in mismatched armor, some in brown, some in black, all of them wearing a small emerald badge.


Let the games begin


In just ten minutes, the cart and the mercs following it are nearby the enterance of town.
There is still no bandits on the street, but you see some movement on a few rooftops.


I wish I had a sniper right now


You should have thought of that earlier.
The convoy reaches deeper inside the town, when a shot rings off from the belltower of the church, grounding a pony on the streets.
A moment later the sign of the Saloon is kicked over, revealing one of those machine guns you saw back at Ponyville in a bandit cart.
Other rifles and magical bolts start raining down, but they return fire shortly after, and a spire of magical energy shoots out of the cart, deflecting all the magical attacks.

The regular bullets, bolts and arrows still kill those who are unfortunate enough to be out of cover.
Many of them run for the houses.


Fuck. I sure hope everyone went for the basement like I told em too.


You see casualities from both sides, but what is strange, you see none of the gryphons yet…

Neither do you see the mare from yesterday.


Hmmmm, look in the air.
Are they flying up there?


Seems they are still in hiding… are they waiting for something?


Let's wait


Some of the fighting seems to die down as mutual cover is found, but the church just seems too good of a vantage point.

That is, until the entire belltower explodes in fire and rubble.


Hmmm, can I climb down again sneakily?


Everyone else seems to be occupied.
Especially now that the Talons are starting to show their ugly faces.

You soon understand why - you see the black carapace armor flying over the cart, mowing down the bandits.
She might have had something to do with the belltower too.


What a cunt!
Is the fight dying down?


Nope, it's heating up!

And it looks like the church is about to collapse on the building next to it…


Climb down sneakily.


You descend without anyone spotting you.
You could make your way through the buildings unspotted to be closer to the heat of the fight.

The Talons are seemingly gaining air superiority, but you see three unicorn mercs casting what looks to be a teleportation spell…


I don't care about them.
Quickly go to the building near the church and evacuate the ponoes inside.


You manage to slip inside unnoticed.
There are about a dozen ponies here, most of them older mares.
They are praying quite zealously with the lead of the stallion priest who looks ancient judging by the number of wrinkles on his face


"Hey, you have to get out of here. This place could collapse any moment!"


The mares all look up to you.
"Where could we go?"
"They are shooting outside!"
"It's a warzone!"


"Follow me, we'll go out the back and get inside another house!"


"Or do you have a basement? If it collapses, I can get you out later…"


The mares all start to wait by the door.
The whole building shakes, and one of the big wooden beams falls near the front door, followed by stone rubble from the tower.

The priest speaks in a solemn tone.
"Unfortunately, it was right under renovation, it is not safe. You take my flock to safety, but I must stay with my church. I have been here since I was a colt. Princess willing, I might die here too."


"I think the Princess would want you to live!"


"If she is willing, I will."
The building trembles again.
"Please, keep them safe."


Well, nothing to do here. Show them the way out. Is there another home nearby?


The nearby building seems to be on fire, one of the convenience stores.
The nearest safe house is across the street…


Any enemies on the street?


It's pretty chaotic.
And yes, there are bandits near the building, taking cover from the advances of the mercs.
As you peek out, you see a Talon launch a grenade at the carapace armored mare who is flying by.
She goes down crashing inside a house with a spiralling descent.


Hmmmmmm, this is bad.
Is there really nothing else, like a small hovel nearby, not over the street '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


The wine cellar of the store seems to be a seperate entity from the building itself, it could be safe!
There is a scream from behind you after a large thud, the mares starting to panic as a dead gryphon impaled on a giant bolt from what seems to be an anti-air ballista crashed near them.


Tell them to get into the wine cellar quick!


As you usher the old wrinklebags down, the church toward crashed down on itself, shaking the whole town with a wave of dust and debree.

This seems to put a temporary stop to the fighting.


When will we learn?
Close down the cellar and sneak behind the store.


You shut it and sneak behind the fiery building.
The thick layer of dust is making ponies everywhere cough, and it's hard to see…


Are there ponies inside?


If there are, they are long turned into charcoal.


RIP in ashes.
Look towards that building the edgy mare crashed into


It's nearby.
The dust is still not settling, but you hear the occasional shot or the metallic clinking of edged weapons already.

You think you could navigate to it with ease, while being hidden.


Try to reach it. I wanna see what happened there.


As you walk through the ashes, sand and dust, you come face to face with her.
Her helmet is gone, and you see burn marks on her neck and armor.
Her eyes go wide when she sees you in front of her, and you hear a loud BANG and see the muzzle of her rifle flare…

Then hear a thud from behind you, and the clatter of a sword.


Take a look behind me.


A gryphon is lying dead there, making a pool of icy (what?) blood below him on the sand.
The dust is slowly settling, and the sounds of battle are returning.

And the mare just turned her fucking back to you!
A ranger!


What does she look like?
Is it the same mare from the caves?


It is! You can't get a word in before she flaps her wings and flies off, her gun blazing.

Also, because you are tackled by a pony!


Well she doesn't seem to care much.
Slap the guy who tackles me with the butt of my gun '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


That's hard to do when you are on your back and he is sneering with you at a knife!
Looks like one of the bandits!


Kelani Rush
You are in the cottage of Erdei in Whitetail Woods, after having just discussed the statues and their awakening.

The world is your oyster, you could either go back to Los Pegasus or fly to Ponyville to tell that mare that you did what she asked of you.


I'll go back to Ponyville and see that mare, and my other mare while I'm at it.
They probably miss me.


At least one of them for sure. Good odds!
Since it's the morning, with some fortunate winds you can fly there by sundown.


Bring that inactivated statue with me.
'1d10' rolling for rushing there

Roll #1 8 = 8


You take the Bunny statue and make such good time that you are there by afternoon, around 4 o'clock! Your wings are a bit stiff after that, and you are pretty parched, but you're there!


Excellent. Now to go to that secret clubhouse of the mare with the changing mane and see what color she picked today.. I mean tell her I went to Los Pegasus.


You remember the way to the hideout underground at the edge of the city with the freaky lights and everything.
However, the chamber is completely barren now, aside from a table, on which lays a stragely shaped, blue-ish opaque gem. Next to it is a note saying. "For Kelani Rush. Just Touch."


"I knew she missed me." I touch the crystal with smug grin and not a second thought about it.


Once again you let your dick heart think for you instead of your brain.
The moment your hoof connects with the gem, you feel the world falling away, as if you were diving through a thick, dark fog….

A moment later your concioussness returns to you. You are in a much different place… There is a small slot for the gem you are holding behind you, and a door in front of you.


I groan. "Girls take it easy on the magic.. Its barely even morning.."
'1d10' Time to get my bearings, where is this place?

Roll #1 8 = 8


It has a different sort of light. It's a small room with nothing but the gem slot and the door.
Guess you'll have to take the door to find out!


Only one thing to do. Put the gem into the hole.


Actually, you could have just went through the door!
You feel reality shift around you, and after an uncomfortable trip you find yourself…. back in the chamber of the Ponyville hideout.



I guess I'll look around for another gem.


Nope, you still have it! Guess it travels with you! But how do you activate it again, to take you back?


Maybe.. tap it with my wing.


You gently tap it…. nope. Nothing.

There is a bright flash next to you. Out of nothing, a zebra stallion appears!
He has some weird beard and a labcoat on.
"Wow, okay, so you get a one of a kind, magical teleportation stone created by a powerful witch, but leave without hearing how it works right after you arrive! I was considering putting up signs for the doors, but I didn't think they would be necessary for anyone."


A stallion? Aw man. Try not to look disappointed.
"Uh, sorry. I thought it was like a key or something. Also it broken now."


"No it is not. I'll run it down by you… first, it was rigged to get us to our secure base. 'Gee, how can it be secure from all the assassins and people trying to kill us if a gem could just teleport them- shut up, it's tailored for you. Do NOT let anyone else touch it, ever. Not even with their magic. It will shatter into pieces then. As long as you have it, you can use it to travel from these hideouts back to our hub. Makes transportation between Equestrian cities a lot, easier, believe me. You just have to take the gem and focus on the word 'Revenge' very intently. Here, I'll demonstrate."
He pulls a similar gem from his labcoat, closes his eyes, and disappears in a swirling flash of lights.


"So.. All I have to do is think about revenge?" I close my eyes and think about brown bark, and my village, how much they need my help and how unfair it was that Bark died to some mob boss. "…Revenge."


You don't know which feeling gets to you faster.
The anger from the thoughts, or the twisting of time and space as you are zapped to the room again. This time, the door is open, revealing a circular room with other doors, most of them labeled after larger or more important Equestrian cities. The zebra is standing in the middle of the room.
"Good, you got the concept!"


Walk over to him admiring the layout.
"So, this place.. what do you call it?"


He blinks.
"Um… uh, Hub? I don't know, no one really asked before. We all just sort of rolled with it."
He turns around, and starts leading you down the one corridor that is not probably another portal-place.


"The Hub? Sounds like some kind of comic book store." I chuckle at him as I follow.
"And that makes you.. the Hub Master?"


"Nope, I'm just the… Head Scientist? I do monitor incoming and outgoing traffic when I'm here, and saw that you were having a problem."
The corridor ends to a double door.
"Oh, this one? Enchanted to look like a dead end wall to anyone without a crystal."
He opens it up…. the dirt tunnels give way to a properly furnished… mansion! It has stairs and corridors and everything! It's much larger than you anticipated!


"Hmm, if you're the Head Scientist.. that means that you have scientists under you.. which means.." I smile at him.
"You have an assistant. Is she pretty?"


He gives you a look.
"She is also 13, so you're out of luck."


"Okay Okay. I was just asking."
I sigh and walk into the manor. "She your daughter or just a talented kid?"


He laughs.
"My daughter… ooh, good one. No, she is just really good at it… Well, for the most part. But what unicorn filly doesn't explode things every now and then, right?"
He starts taking the stairs upwards that to the left of the corridor you just came out of.
"I'm guessing Mirage will want to talk to you, so I'll just show you to her. You're lucky she's in."


"Sounds fair enough.." I follow him upstairs rolling the crystal around in my hoof. "Guess this means I'm really part of the gang now."


"Yes. Oh, but don't worry, we are very cautious. Even if you were a traitor you couldn't get anyone else in here, and well…"
He looks you over.
"We might have taken a bit more time if you looked like a better fighter."


I laugh at his joke. "Yes, and I might have not followed you so readily if you looked like a more powerful wizard."


"Oh, I am not a wizard, but if it can be built and it hurts ponies, look no further."
He arrives at a very plain, white door.
"If you want to chat some more, I'm at the labs."
He turns to take his leave.


Straighten up my mane a bit '1d10'
and knock.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your sleek up your mane and make yourself look presentable.
As you knock, the door opens on its own.
The pale white earth pony mare, the beauty you cannot forget, is standing in front of some… workbench? For magical stuff? Or is it alchemy? You're not quite sure.
"Just get in already. I don't have time for your misguided attempts at flirting with me."


"What's the hurry? Did the angels call you back to heaven?"
Walk in and stand right next to her.


"No. We just lost two ponies to mercenaries. They weren't careful enough."
She shoots you a look.
"I hope you will be more careful."


"I was so far. Did was you asked without a problem." I show her the newpaper from Los Pegasus with an expecting look.


She glances over at the newspaper, then at you.
"I see."
She turns around to face you.
"And how does this make you feel? All those ponies dead because of you?"


"Feels like you had a reason. Forcing that to happen isn't a light decision." Stare at her with a frown.


"What if I told you that those ponies were manufacturing ammunition to the Emerald Mercenary Company, one that kills any of us if they see us, working for the Saddle Arabian who is responsible for getting your friend killed?"


"I'd just say that it sounds like I'm neck deep in a war, without knowing who exactly our enemy is." Slide a wing over her smooth like '1d10' for smooth
"But knowing exactly who I want on my side."

Roll #1 1 = 1


You do so, but immediately feel a sharp pain in the base of your wing. Her eyes are glowing too.
"I told you not to do that. If you sit down, I can tell you what the sides are, just to be clear that you chose right."


I wince and sit a bit away from her rubbing my wing.
"I didn't mean to offend you.. I was just trying to be friendly.."


"Be friendly with the enemy you have to seduce. I don't care for any stallion. Nor any mare, before you jump to conclusions."
She motions to two comfy looking chairs.


I guess I'll sit down with her there.
Frowning and still rubbing my wing.


"Don't be so dramatic. I assume you already know I am a witch. I could have done much worse."
She sits down.


"I know I don't look it, but I'm a pretty sensitive guy." I pout at her.


"I can get Camain subscribe you a set of balls then."


I sigh and stop overplaying it now.
"Alright Alright, So, you're finally going to tell me what's going on in the world? Lets get to that, since you don't have time for small talk."


"I assume you have heard of the Saddle Arabian."


"Of course. That's a desert country with tall mares and stallions."


"I meant The Saddle Arabian stallion, here in Equestria. The one we are at war with."


"Oh. I have heard something about him, and how he's an evil overlord from a comic book."


"His name is Rais Al-Malik. Leader of Kings."
Her face darkens.
"He killed my daughter."


"I see.."
I give her a serious stare.
"And a lot of other ponies too? For what cause?"


"He claims it is to make Equestria better.
For that purpose, he manipulated and pressured the court of Canterlot, who then pressured Princess Celestia, into singing some laws, that benefit him. Namely, even the guards can hardly do anything against the contract killers of his mercenary groups."


"And yet Celestia doesn't feel that she should stop this threat? I'm sure she has methods.."


"He is in the high courts, not us. For them, we are labeled terrorist."


I sigh. "And so the world crumbles while politically games distract ponies who matter."
"But really, everypony matters. We're all equal in her eyes."


"Yes, but the truth is… she hasn't made many public appearances recently. Some say that it has to do with her sister. You know how the legend goes. But some ponies who know the divine better than I do, say that Nightmare Moon is up to something, and she can sense it. She has her hooves full as it is. And while we are all equal, we are not her sister."


I blink at her statement.
"Oh, yes. I hadn't heard anything about the Nightmare returning. I have heard some odd rumors about areas of land being affected by something, but you know how unreliable those can be.."


"A return isn't likely. Nightmare Moon somehow interfering with this world is, however."


I look at her as if trying to judge if she's serious.
"Could she be interfering with other deities?"


"No, but I'm pretty sure she could with mortals. Especially if she gets help."


"…You have a lead on something don't you?" I look curious.


"Maybe, but I don't know if it is credible yet. It's far from Equestria too."


"Too far for the mare with her own hub?"


"We can't really afford to go past the borders of Equestria."


"Hmm.. So what's on your mind right now? Anything I can take care of?"


"For now, no. Tomorrow, I might have a task for you. This place is pretty empty now, most of the trusted associates are all away, doing this or that."


"Right. I guess you aren't ready to tell me exactly what my friend was doing when he was killed?"


"He asked us for help. We helped him. Some of his spies caught wind of it, he got killed. That is all."


"What did you help him with?"
"I'm asking because It might be related to what I'm supposed to do to."


"He wanted to break into a house, here in Ponyville. I don't know why. We already gave him tools to do so when he was struck down."


I frown.
"And he of course didn't say what he was onto because he wanted to be sure.."


"I don't know. The house was robbed blind later anyway."


I sigh.
"Guess it doesn't matter now. Whatever found is gone now."
"I'll come by tomorrow sometime. Had a long flight to get here."


She nods.
"Come back tomorrow."


I'll go to the ponyville door now. I think I get how this works.

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