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Cloud Skimmer
You just finished up a late lunch at your parent's home.

Curry & Felfire
After more than a day of hard work, the ship seems to be in a good enough condition to leave the island with.

Lone Mesa
You just woke up to the bright sun shining in the window of the clinic. Your vision is still a bit fuzzy, but you can hear the clear chirping of birds from the outside.

Kelani Rush
The stallion you just met left hastily after you talked with him in the abandoned, run-down house.

You just shaked the two idiots who were following you around, wanting to inspect the giant dreadlocked banana plushie you are carrying.


Time to go home then?


I'm probably on deck, looking at the sea from somewhere safe.


I should probably get Felfire acquainted with the idea of boats, then.


Yes I did.
Swift like a summer typhoon.
Now where then heck do I need to dump this shit?


Get out of here. Let's go to town again.


I blink.
Why am I here?
OH the kid!
Where is he?


Time to go home.
But only after your mother gave you a long hug.

She's on the deck, staring at the sea.

Seems it has to go to a fair somewhere along the beach. You can see a ferris wheel in the distance.

You leave, through the door this time, and walk back towards Ponyville. Where to?

He is on the cot where you left him. His eyes are closed and his mouth is open.
There is a bottle of clear fluid hanging near the wall, connected to his hoof with a little tube.
The doc is clutching a half empty bottle of whiskey, snoring on the desk.


Reminds me of the festivals back home…
Which stand am I looking for? Can I find it?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Of course!

Once that's over with though… time to get on with it.


he's breathing right?


"Well, little one, we'll be leaving the island soon."


Uh, this was all so sudden. Could you give me a moment to orientate myself?


Hmm let's go to the news stand.


You arrive there soon, but the sights, the sounds, the smells! There are a lot of them and so much t take in!
Flashing lights, ponies in clown suits, visitors laughing and having a good time, the sound of activites, echoing music, so much of it all!

You are back home in no time.
What do?

His chest rises and falls, albeit agonizingly slowly.

The old stallion is still there, watching one of the many papers he is selling.


"Any good news?" I ask with a smile.


Just… do whatever I do on an average evening like working out and whatnot.

Rolling for that '1d10'
Then go to bed.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Look up at him.
"To live on the boat?"


I don't think you understand.
I'm from Neighpon, work comes before pleasure.
Find where I need to be.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh Celestia.
I have almost killed him.
I need to warn the sheriff.
Get up.


"For a while, yes. But the boat is only our means of getting to another place. It carries us across the water, and we leave it to explore another land. In our case, this boat is headed to Equestria."


He doesn't even look up.
"They're saying the Fillydelphia hayfields will yield excellent crops this year."

You work your wings good. You can't even feel the injuries from before now! Then you drift off to sleep, dreaming of-

"Gooooooood Morning, Cloudsdale!"
"You know who we are, aren't you?"
"That's why they start a Monday with our voice and the Feather Rustler!"
"Let's not ruin their day anymore with your yapping though, and let's give them some soothing music!"

After a bit of walking around, you find what you are looking for.
Seems like it's a stall where ponies can throw balls at glasses to knock them off for prizes.
Seven balls for seven piles of bottles, the more piles they get, the better the prize. The top prize spot seems to be empty.

Your legs and head both ache as you do, but you're on your hooves now.

Splinterproof, who has been working almost non stop the past day, is beside a huge valve like handle near the big metal thing, which Curry knows that is for opening the floodgate to let the water in so the ship can get to the sea.


Go to the sherrifs office, I need to warn him about the raiders.


Sorry, got lost while running.
"…Is Equestria… Like home?"


"Alright, little one, the captain seems eager to set off, so are you certain you have everything that you want to take with you?"


Is the keeper here?
"Delivery service!"


Morning routine '1d10'.
Then to work.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"It is a very large place, and I was born in a coastal town called Autumnsreach. But just because it is a place where you're born, does not mean it's a home. As I said before, I've take to calling the world itself my home, since I'm no longer welcome in Autumnsreach."


"…You had a fight with the Buck of Aut-


I'll shake my head, and chuckle a little.
"No, nothing so grand as that. My family just… didn't want me anymore. So they turned me away, and told me not to come back there."
I'll sigh a little.
"I suppose I could have ignored them, but I've found quite a few interesting ponies in my travels. And I found you, so I can't really be too angry at them."


Gasp, and stand up, rushing towards him and hugging one of his hooves tight.


"Oh? Can o have a local paper?" Pit the bits up for it. "And a coffee?"


I'll be a little surprised, but smile and return the hug.


Bury my face on the side.
Through it, squeak a few words.
"Your momma was so, so, so wrong not to want you…"


The door to the office is open, which Sheriff Brass hates. That probably means he's not in. However, you do hear music from a radio coming from inside.

The bald pony who is running the stall turns to you with a huge smile.
"Grand, grand, come in! Just what I needed!"

Your breakfast feels dull compared to your mother's cooking.
Once you arrive at work, you notice that something is different.
Namely, that there are two HUGE cat posters behind the desk of Airheart decorating the wall.
She waves at you with a goofy smile when you enter.

He gives you a copy of the Ponyville Press.
"I don't serve coffee 'mfraid. Just papers."


"Maybe, but if she had kept me, I likely might not have ever found this island. Or you. I think that evens it out, don't you?"


Fuck, maybe I'm too late.
Grab my gun and look inside '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"But… A mom that doesn't want you…
That's so sad!
At least I had mom…"


"Ah' well have a good day." Go to the bar.


Oh dear god.
"Uh… Airheart? Good morning."


"True, it wasn't a good thing. At the time, though, I had little choice but to accept it and just keep going. After a while, it stopped hurting, and while I can't honestly say I've forgiven my parents yet, there will come a time when I might."
I'll ruffle her mane a little.
"But that's enough worrying about me. Are you sure you have everything you need before we cast off?"


"Where to place it?"


Let go of him and take a few steps back, looking around.
Then look myself over.
Oh, I get it.
Lift a forehoof, looking at it.
"I don't have the chains…"


"You won't need chains ever again. You're free, and free ponies don't wear chains."


Look up at him.
And smile.


I'll smile back.
"Good. I'll go check on the others, see if they're ready, and then we'll be out to sea."


A stallion is sitting at the desk!
You whip out your gun, to which he looks up at you, talking from under his beard, not even phased by the barrel of death facing him.
"Whoa there, son, what do you think you're doing?"
It's Rickety Crimes.

It's smokey and dark, just as before.

He points at the best prize spot.
"Just hang it up there!"
He turns to the ponies passing by.
Damn, he can talk loudly, but even that is suppressed by the roaring cheer.

"Good morning! Do you like them? Do you?"


That was my boss right?


Go up to the counter and order a drink.


"C-can I come?"


Nope. He is the retired bad-guy chaser… and the father of Deputy Wildstar.


"Sure. Would you rather walk or ride?"


"They're… something else alright. I'm glad you've found a way to spruce the place up a bit."


Shake my head.


"Crimes? What's happening, where's the sheriff?"


"Alright, then let's go."
First we'll check with Captain Splinterproof.


Put it down there.
"I will need you to sign the papers, sir."


Shakily, pull myself up and follow.


The barkeep just nods, and serves you both a cold beer and a shot of… something.

She grins.
"I'll bring in the rest tomorro-OH OH AND LOOK!"
She raises a pen.
At the end of the pen, there is a tiny cat figure. It is attached, and it is made to look like the cat is hanging on to the pen for dear life.
Airheart snortles.

"That young feller Cobbler didn't like the way the milkpony looked at his mare, and decided to 'teach 'im a lesson'. Brass went to educate Cobbler in return."

"Will do."
He pulls you close in a half hug, pointing at you with his other forehoof.
You hear hollers and applause coming from everypony who is near.

The two of you walk down there to her.
She is fixing up the turning valve with a rusty wrench Angler found.
She doesn't look up.
"Let's hope this works and the boat won't just fill with water."


"Well, if it doesn't have any holes left in it, I'm sure it'll work fine. How are you holding up, captain?"


"Wow. That's… a nice pen. I like your style."


"Holes are bad…"
Stare at the captain.


What the fuck does this gaijin think he's doing?
Just… wave, I guess.


"Listen, crimes. We got bigger problems. Me and Wildstar found a hideout of outlaws. They're well organized and planning to attack the city.
I almost got shot, Wildstar took a hit, he's at the doctor. He's safe for now."


Drink up and look over the paper.'1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"…yes, they are."

" 'm fine."

"You can borrow it if you want to write something! Do you?"

He lets you go.
"Want to have a free go for a prize for the fast delivery time?"

He jumps up, defying his age.
"My son was shot?!"

There is a longer article on Brown Bark.
It lets you know that the investigation so far concluded that he was indeed murdered, possibly by a blade of sorts. The only reason the guards are letting this info out is because a tall, white mare was seen nearby the crime scene shortly before the possible time of the murder, and she could be dangerous.

There is also a coupon for a chocolate milkshake in there!


"He's fine, but you should go see him right away.
He's at the doctors office.
Crimes, you would have been proud of him, he fought like a true ranger"


"No, I don't think I'll be writing today. Just weatherwork again! See you at lunch then?"


Look at the setup.
"It would be my honour."


Pocket the coupon and think back to the feathers I found.. what color were they?


"Did you remember to eat today?"


He shakes his head with a grim expression.
"Frankly, I can't give a shit. I always told him he'd get himself shot up, but he didn't listen. He's the only family I have left. I can't afford to lose him to some bandits!"
He rushes out, towards the clinic.

"Oh… Okay…."
She seems fairly disappointed.
"See you there…"

It's a pyramid of bottles, seven piles.
He motions you to the other side of the counter, and puts down the seven balls.
"Come, come, let us see the try of our saviour!"

The feather that you found was grey.

She keeps working on fixing the floodgate controls.


These are like ninjastars… only round. Like ball.

Roll #1 2, 6, 2, 1, 7, 10, 8 = 36


I sigh.
Time to collect the sheriff.


"Hey come on, not my fault!"


Okay.. look around the room while I an here '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll give her a flat look.
"Am I going to have to bring you another bowl of fruit and make sure?"


You can can only get four and a half, half with such a good throw that a falling bottle knocked some of the others over, but one of your balls went backwards, eliciting some laughs from the crowd.
"Only counts if they are all of the table! That's four!"
He waits for the cheers from the crowd.

You head towards the house where you think Cobbler lives.
You can see a small crowd.

She pouts.
"Not even a tiny thing you want to write?"

A bald, tattoed, muscular stallion is sitting right beside you. He gives you a killer glare when you look at him.
"You looking for a fight, punk?!"

"No time. We are leaving within the hour."


"Out of the way. Ranger business."
What's going on here?


So… that's it?


"Alright then. I'll go see if the others are ready to go, then."
And then it's off to find Doc.


"Fine then."
Accept the pen, grab a sheet of paper and write down my name in very eloquent letters.


"Not tonight. I've fought enough ponies already.." '1d10' make it convincing

Roll #1 5 = 5


I know what I must do.
Find fruit.

Roll #1 5 = 5



The ponies part at your approach.
In the middle of this little 'show', you can see Cobbler on the ground, Brass holding him with one hoof.
Cobbler's face looks pretty messed up. When the Sheriff strikes him again, it becomes obvious why.
"-you feel tough for beating up an honest pony doing his job, huh?!"

You are given a terribly cheesy painting of a flower.
"There you go, your prize!"

But it's in the dark parts of the ship!

He's outside of the dry dock, staring at the… jungle.

Airheart clops her hooves together excitedly.

He gives you a look, but then snorts and turns back to his drink.




"… Thank you, honourable keeper of the stand."


Dark parts have no ponies. I like those parts.


"There you go. It's a gift."


Ah shit.
Step forward.
"Sheriff. I think he had enough…"
Look at Cobbler. "Didn't you?"


He shakes his head and looks at you.

He ruffles your mane.
"You're welcome! Come back any time! Only four bits!"

Stalker Smiles was always in the dark parts…

She gives you a hug.
"You're the best!"

He tries to speak, a bit of spitting a bit of blood as he speaks.
"Yes! Yes, please, Celestia, stop!"
Brass drops him to the ground, but kicks him in the abdomen for good measure, making him curl up.
"Let that be an example for ponies who think they can do whatever they want!"
He walks over to you.


"The captain's planning on setting out soon. What's got you distracted?"


I smirk.
"I know. But I better get to work now. See you later."


Finish my drinks, pay the tab and leave.


This fucking shi dan is about to receive a hoof to his face.
"The paper?"


He is silent for a while.
"It's not right. To leave her here."

She lets you go.

You pay for your drinks and exit the dank inn.
Where to next, slightly tipsy pegasus?

"I don't give receipts."


"Netsy, you mean?"


"For the delivery."


What time is it?


To work I go.

Roll #1 10 = 10




He frowns and shakes his head.

"Oh, right!"
He does nothing.

Around noon.

You finish today's quota so fast you have HOURS to just chill on a cloud and enjoy this beautiful day and the beautiful mares that pass

She spares you a glance.


I pat him on the shoulder and whisper. "We got trouble."


Wave the paper around.
"I need it signed."


"Is… Is anypony in the shadows of this ship?"


I'll be quiet a while as well.
"Scurvy doesn't deserve it either, that's true. Do we have enough cloth for a burial at sea?"


Well, I think I should actually swing by the doctor instead.


Hmm okay go around the corner and disguise as a repair pony '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"I know, I just handled it!"

He quickly and expertly signs it.
"Anything else? Five bits for seven balls!"

She stops momentarily, before returning.
"Not that I know of."

"The captain wanted her… and Netsy too, to be buried as soon as we could so they wouldn't… get up."

Her door is open.
She's busy with some paperwork, wearing a pair of cute glasses.

You look like a very convincing repair pony.
Where did you get that mustache from?


T-then I can do it!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"More than that. We need to get to your office."


I'll nod.
"Have they been recovered, or do we have a run ahead of us?"


Go to the residential area. Look for the fanciest houses '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Thank you for using our service."
Then leave!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Knock knock knock anyway.
"Morning, doc."


You venture into the dark parts and… find some fruit.

He sighs, shaking one of his forehooves. You can see blood on it.
He starts walking.

"We buried them while you were out."

You find a mansion that could only be described as a palace at first glace.
Man, they must be rich!

But the fair is so shiny…
The temptation is so big!

She spins around in her chair to look at you.
"Oh look, it's my favourite patient."


Take it to the captain!


"Already your favorite, huh?"
I smile.
"Are you busy?"


"I see."
I'll look at the jungle for a moment longer.
"But you don't want to leave them here, on this island."


I walk beside him.
"Those scouts, the ones you had me look out for, you were right to be suspicious of them."


… I can't. Work comes first.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Okay. Approach their roof. Stealthily. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


She gives you the cold shoulder.
Oh gosh.
You'll have to speak to her again to get her attention!

"I might be, it depends on what you want."

He shakes his head, looking at the ground.

"Did you get'em?"

You are a very ching chong pone and manage to resist.

You are like a leaf blown by the wind, not making a single sound, not noticed by anyone.


..Settle the fruit right beside her, then sit behind it.


"Well about the thing I asked you about…"


"I doubt the captain will give us the time necessary to dig them up and give them a proper sailor's burial, Doc. To be honest, I don't want to leave anyone here either, but staying on this rock is not good for anyone's sanity."


"They got us, almost. Poor Wildstar got hurt. he's at the doctor right now."
I turn to the sheriff.
"They're not ordinary bandits. They were examining the town. Strategically looking for weaknesses with military precision. I tried to find out who their leader was, but we were discovered before that."


Of course I do. Head back to base.

Roll #1 8 = 8


She is too consumed by work to notice!

"Oh, I stumbled and it all fell in the trash. Sorry."
She frowns.

His lips are quivering.
"It was my fault… she was so distressed, I thought she just needed time… I wasn't there for her!

He sighs.
"Will he be fine? How many of the fuckers? Did you cull their numbers at least?"

You are back there, fast as lightining.
Blue Collar seems impressed.
"Woah, back already?"


Heh' check the windows for any open. Or occupied rooms '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I didn't have the time while I was dragging him out of there. I counted six." Six, right?


You find an open window to an empty room


Okay sneak on in. Heh' anything shiny in here? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Give her a look.
"Doctor humor. Almost as bad as dentist humor."


I'll put a hoof on his back.
"Doc, you did what you thought was right as a physician. By the end of it, Buck had done something to her. Got into her head. The same way he did to all his minions."
I'll sigh.
"And no one can blame you for not seeing it, especially me. I could have talked to her more. Made certain she listened. But what did I do? I went off and nearly got myself killed for the fifth time that day. So even if you're somehow convinced that this is your fault, know that we're all carrying that burden too."


"M-miss Captain?"


"Yes. I was swift like migrating swallow."


Since you are alone in the house, sneaking and stealing rolls are now automatic.
You find quite a bit of gold jewelery, just in this room!

"Hey, give me a break. My brain is too occupied with storing actually useful information."

There is another long, grave silence.
He keeps staring.
"…I loved her. I still do."

She pauses again, wiping her sweat.
"Yeah? What is it this time?"

He gives a few forceful pats on your back.
"That's the spirit! Listen, why don't you take the rest of today off? I can give you some better jobs tomorrow, since you've been nothing but grand for your past deliveries."


Poke the fruit towards her.


"Thank you."


I laugh.
"Sure thing, egghead."



I never knew that.
"…I'm sorry."


Oh yes. Let's steal the most valuable things only can't stay too long. Do the next room.


She looks at it.
Then at you.
Then at it.
Then rolls her eyes and picks it up, taking a bite from it.

"You've earned it! Give me that saddle and deliver the receipt and you're done for the day!

"Egghead? I guess you really don't need those nerdy papers then!"

At least. There might have been more inside. Wildstar killed two, however.
"…you think they will attack now? After that?"

"She knew it, I know she did… and I think she felt the same, but we never… capitalized on it, even though she was the only reason I was serving on this ship."

You grab the shiniest shit, then move into the next room.
There, you are faced with a most amazing sight.
A small, stone statue on one of the shelves.
A stone statue of a rabbit.

It's not an ordinary one either.


Sit down and look at her eat with a smile on my face.


"You said they were gone, doctors can't lie can they?"


"They didn't seem like the type to give up. Wildstar killed two. But with that level of discipline, I don't think they'll give up just because they've been discovered. We'll have to be on full alert."


I'll be quiet for a bit.
"You both thought you had the time."


Give it to him.


She quickly finishes it.
"There, happy?"

"We can, if our client is dumb and it's the only way to make them feel better."

"We'll need more than just the two of us then. Set up a perimeter."

"I should have just said it the moment we got here and never let her go…"

You do so.
You are now free all afternoon!


"I like food.
It is the price for being good and staying quiet."
Keep smiling.


"Well you have me beat then. Darn. Here I thought doctors wanted ponies to be healthy!"


"Hindsight is always perfect, Doc. But she wouldn't want you to chain yourself with regret."


"Right away."
I'll start with the orchard and the places those ponies deemed vulnerable.


I'm probably hungry. Where's that stand?


Carefully snatch the rabbit. With a wide grin


"You know you can have all the food you want now, right?"

"You are already as healthy as you can ever get, Cloud. However, I can't cure you of the dumb. I'm sorry."

"I know, I know……. why don't you check on the Captain?"

They seem do be going about their daily business, not suspecting anything.

You sure are.
Fortunately, you have the entire city memorized, so you find your way back easily.
The mare is giving a stallion a paperbag full of food even now.

You feel something deep inside as you touch it.
This is definitely what you need. You feel more complete.


"Just came from there, actually. I'm going to go check on Angler. See you on the boat, Doc."


Open my mouth wide in surprise.


I need my daily noodle intake.


"Well damn, how long do I have, doc?"


He mutters a "See you."

She rolls her eyes.
"Don't give me that look."

You are a very chingchong mare.
She waves at you when she notices you.

She lowers her head, flapping her ears down.
"I'm afraid it's terminal. You'll be dumb the rest of your life."


Turn around and stare at the wall.


"Don't do anything crazy, alright?"
And off I go.


Maybe I am repairing something after all. Let's go now.


"No… alternative treatment?"


"I have returned for noodles."


I inform them that if they notice any strangers approaching the town, they should be careful.


It's a very dull wall.
You hear her sigh.
"Didn't mean it like that, sorry…"

He nods.

Angler is on the ship, making sure everything is fine one last time.

Leave the mansion?

"As science stands today, the dumb is incurable."

She chuckles.
"You liked my cooking that much?"

They all nod, and you can see the fright on their faces.


"B-but what do I have to do then?"
Keep staring at the wall, but uncertantly glance back.


"A little nervous before we set out again?"


Well.. it won't hurt to loot some more stuff.. one more room..


"Well shit. Anyway, could you take another look at that wing of mine? It feels a lot better, but still."


"It is just a precaution. The chance of anything happening is very small."


"They were good noodles!"


She shrugs.
"I dunno. I can't really tell you to do the job of a sailor, can I?"
She pauses.
"You can be our new lookout, if you want."

"Aren't you? This isn't a ship any of us are used to."

It seems to be another bedroom.
A pinker variety this time.
There's a lot more jewelry in here though.

She raises an eyebrow.
"This isn't that kind of trick, is it?"

One stallion steps forward.
"S-Should I get my gun?"

"I'm glad you liked them!"
She scoops you a big bowlful of it as you speak.


Turn around.
"W-what's that?"


"But you and the captain have been making sure it's all in as much of one piece as possible. I have faith in your abilities to make this tub float."


"… What? No. Look, I'm serious okay? I don't want anything snapping while I'm flying at a three hundred miles an hour. I like being alive."


I nod.
"You may, however, don't take any chances. If you see anything suspicious, you come to the sheriffs office. Only use your gun in emergencies."


Patiently wait for her.


"You just keep your eyes open and tell us if you see land or a ship ahead…. pegasi are supposed to be good at that."

"I don't want to take any chances."

"Fine, fine."
She puts her pen down.
"Sit down and spread them."

He nods.
"O-Okay sir, I got it!"

She gives you a big bowl of noodles.
"That will be two bits!"


Okay take what I can carry and that is probably enough. Leave the mansion


Do as told.


"Carry on."
An armed populace is a stronk populace.
Is there some kind of tower out here to watch the area?


I have a mission!
Run to deck!


"Well, of course not. But this thing should at least last us until we run it aground back on mainland Equestria. We may even make it to the dock! I'm sure you and the captain have filled in all the holes and cracks, though we'll know soon enough. I saw the captain fiddling with the floodgate lever earlier, so she's bound to be itching to leave."


You leave it, booty safely packed away, not a witness around.
Where to?

She walks behind you, and starts prodding the base of your wings.

There is the clocktower in the middle of the square.

You canter over there as fast as your tiny hooves carry you.

"If she is dead set on something, there's no stopping her."


Now find a high place!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Get on top there and take a look for dangers '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Well, let her do her job!


"I should probably find some paddles, just in case. And a bilge pump."
I'll chuckle a little half-heartedly.


Let's go toward the bar again. Maybe my donkey friend is there


There is a crowd nest on the top of the mast, but you can't get up there… the front of the ship is pretty high though, and you can climb there!

You are
The Danger

The contrast between the dark inside and the bright Sun that just recently rose makes it hard to spot much.

She presses one hoof firmer, causing a slight ache.
"Did that hurt?"

He motions around.
"Notice something? Or should I say, something missing?"

He is, sitting around in the dinky corner, sipping beer.


I could do with a ching chong mare to wash my hooves about now.
Eh…keep watch '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Go over to his table.


"Just a mild ache."


He reclines to the wooden wall with a toothy grin as you approach, making his many earrings jingle.
"Yer back."

If only there was one around somewhere!
No suspicious movement so far.
You can see Brass recruiting able bodied stallions.

You hear a giggle.
"It should. You're perfectly healthy.
Only one thing."


Well, lay back and wait for happenings.


"I'm abnormally handsome? Don't worry, I know that."


Give her the two bits and accept my delish noodles.


"Indeed." Smile smoothly and show him a piece of jewelry. "With presents"


You see a the outlines of ponies, far, far in the distance… Heading this way. You know from which direction. You probably know why, too.
With that pace you have probably an hour or so left to prepare.

"Oh my, delusion? If only you said it sooner! I know a really nice place, Mount Massive Asylum, you'd be right home in there!"

The mere smell makes you feel as if you were home, surrounded by all the other slant-eyed ponies.

"Skipping taking me to dinner, eh?"
He extends a hoof expentantly towards you.


I trot down to the sheriff "they're coming"


"Can't contain this much crazy, doc."


"Oh, but this matches your eyes. I just couldn't wait any longer." Smile and give him that one piece of jewelry.


That's racist.
"Thank you, Shu. It is great honor to eat your noodles again."


He snorts.
"Let's get to the armory."

"Don't make me sedate you."

He takes it and holds it close to his face, inspecting it.
His grin widens.
"Wouldya look at this…"
He glances back at you again.
"Quality stuff. Where didya get it?"

She bows.
"It's a pleasure to serve."


"Alright alright… what did you want to say?"


"Time to teach those sons of bitches what it means to fuck with apploosans."


Smile "you like that, huh?" Lean back "do you like it enough to have a chat about brown bark?"


"What do you use for your feathers?"

You go back to the Sheriff's office, and he unlocks the metal door towards the armory.
The whole room is stacked with rifles, pistols, and a shitload of ammunition. A few 'metal apples' too.

"Gimme the full set that goes with this."
He shakes the necklace you gave him.
"And I might."


"Hm? what do you mean? What kind of soap?"


"I only recently came to Los Pegasus, do not know many good places to eat yet."


Groan set the matching pieces on the table.


She shakes her head disapprovingly and walks to her table.
"Tsk tsk tsk. With what you want to do, your feathers need special care, not some just soap or shampoo."

"I hope you find my cooking pleasurable then!"

He sweeps them off quickly, into a brown pouch that quickly disappears in his vest.
"Let me just say this, yer treading on thin ice."


"Yes." Listen intently.


"Daily extensive massages from pretty mares?"


Devour these noodles.


Get me a rifle, stock up on ammunition, get 4 pistols and some metal apples.


Do I hear something about trying to climb the mast on my own?


"The feather and the trap? They are both phony."

"Preening is important, yes, from a pretty mare, all the better, but you'll need this."
She scribbles something on a piece of paper.

You are a ravenous little mare, chomping it down in a blink.

Brass starst loading guns as well, handing them out to the stallions who followed you two.
You are stocked up as well.

It's imposing, but not impossible!


I say let's climb it!
The railing, not the mast.
I'm not crazy, baby steps here.

Roll #1 9 = 9


What does she scribble down?


Let's teach them a lesson.


Raise a brow at him " you are really good at your job huh? What are you taking about phony?"


"Do you know where the good sake bars are, Shu?"


It's easy and your wings and side doesn't even hurt from the strain!
You can see ENDLESS BLUENESS up here!

Looks like a prescription.
She gives it to you.
"Get this cream, and apply it to your feathers every night before going to sleep. Let it seep in, too, don't just smudge it in your sheets."

Once everyone is locked and loaded, you leave the Sherrif's office. "Where do we intercept 'em?"
There are a few choices.
The town limits provide a lot of cover for you and not much for them, but stray bullets might hit civilians.
The orchards would provide a lot of cover for both you and them.
The foot of the hill outside the orchards will provide good cover for you, but gives them the high ground.
The top of the hill exposes you with little cover, but gives you the high ground.

"They are false leads to set the guards off. It's what they do. The mare who killed him doesn't have feathers."

"I know of one, but I have not visited it yet."


"Where is it?"


"What who does?"


"Alright… thanks doc. Didn't know that was a necessity."


She gives you an adress.
"They sometimes order riceballs."

"Does it matter who that feather belongs to if it is not the killer?"

"It isn't, but you'll have less problems with the falling out. It should strenghten them quite a lot."


cock my head.
"Do you wish to join sometime? It would be great honor."


I can't decide.
RNG tell me.

3. foot


Roll #1 3 = 3


"I guess not. Do you know who is? Or what he was killed over?"


"Alright, understood. As for the training regime…?"


Look at it in ecstasy, sparkles in my eyes.


"Didn't risk it, to find out the why… as for the who, it was a mare going by the name of Malakh Ha-Mavet. Saddle Arabian."

She gives you a small dossier.
"Here you go."







"Saddle Arabian huh? …she works for someone?"


Smirk and open it up.


We'll make our stand in the orchard.





He nods.
"Aye. A very influental pony, if you could call him that."

It's a long winded training programme, spanning over several pages to every last little detail.
Following it makes training a DC3

Everypony takes up positions, taking cover behind trees. The time should be right, they should be getting near now.
There is an omnious silence…

It is perfect.
And soon, you'll be living out there, in THE BIG BLUE on this ship.

She bows.
"If my time allows it, yes. Thank you for the invitation."


Aaaaany minute now!


Check my gun one last time.
Dramatic staring intensifies.


I grin.
"This is exactly what I need, doc. How much do I owe you?"


I bow too.
"Thank you for considering my invitation."


"If I get us a few beers could I call him a name?"


You recall how much fun you had in it yesterday, splashing around!

You hear the sound of a cart being pulled.
A single young mare who barely looks twenty, dressed in rags soon shows up, pulling it behind her. She doesn't seem to have any holsters on her.

"A trillion bits, with interest. And your father's factory."
She smiles back.

"Would you like to dine at my household someday?"

"I suppose I could."
He leans closer, his face taking on a dark expression.
"If ya want to stay alive, I suggest ya shouldn't dabble into this too deep."


Shoot in the air.
"Stop right now."


"I'll take it into consideration." Buy us some beer


"Hmmm… how about no, you crazy pegasus doctor?"


"I… this is too great of an honor."
Bow twice.


She jumps in the harness and her eyes shoot open as she skids to a halt.
"W-What? Dontshootmeplease! Take what I have!"

You get some for both of you.
He rolls the bottle around for a while before speaking.
"Afzal Malik."

She scrunches.
"Give it back then!"


She bows in return.
"I would be honored to have a guest who is from the home of my mother."


Hug it close.
"Finders keepers."


"Hooves in the air. Where I can see them."


Nod slowly and drink mine. "I won't mention you. If that makes you feel better."


"I would be honored to meet a pony from my homeland who came here as well."
Bow again.


"I will tell on you with Daddy!"

She sits down in the harness.
"Ju-just take my money and leave, please, don't hurt me!"

He let's out a long, bellowing laugh.
"You think you have a shot at meeting him?"

"I am honored you accepted my invitation."
She bows to you.


"Daddy is on my side."


Alright alright, this is getting silly.


"Listen, I'm an officer of the law, work with me and nopony will steal anything, but right now, I need you to get out of that harness, put your hooves in the air and tell me if you're carrying weapons. I'm not joking."


Smile "I think someone else might."


"That's not fair! You cheated!"

"When are you available?"

"If I do that the cart will roll away! I-I'm unarmed, I swear, you can check!"


"Do ya'? Who might that be?"


"In the evenings after my work. Am free now"


"What's in the cart?" I approach slowly.
Nod to the others to aim at her.
Check around, is it just her '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"What are you going to do about it? Write a letter to Celestia?"


"I plan to find out ." Finish off my drink. "Where about does this guy hang out?"


"I can finish work soon and meet you here after I sold all noodles."

"J-Just some wares!"
You don't see anypony behind her anywhere.

"Funny you should say that, I am her wing doctor. Royal degree and everything. Totally. I'm her favourite too. She can banish you then send you to a dungeon in the place she banished you to."

"He's all over Equestria, and sometimes his home. If you want some up to date information… this topic is gonna cost a lot."


"I'll personally reimburse you for any damage to your wares."
Fire a shot at the cart. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Oh yeah? Well… uh… you're dumb!"


"I'll figure something out.. see you again mate' "
Get up to leave.


I'll look around for a moment.
"Supplies? Clean water?"


"I would be honored."


For a long second, seeming to stretch into eternity, there is silence.
Then the side of the cart is kicked off, revealing three ponies, one bleeding, inside… around a huge gun. One pony aims while the other starts to crank something on it's side. One of those fancy, and expensive mechanical automatic guns. More importantly now, it's deadly. You got a +1 to your dodge roll since you winged one of the ponies who handle it.
The mare who was pulling it dived for cover.

She gasps, putting a hoof in front of her mouth, flapping her ears down, showing every symptom of a mare-that-is-about-to-cry.

He just chuckles as you leave.
Where to?

"Lifeboats. A ship this size should have at least a pair."

She bows again.
"Safe travels until we meet again, then."


"That's right, I said it."


I'll nod slightly.
"I doubt the captain will give us enough to to make even something as small as a canoe, though."


Lets see.. its still early. Let's visit the tower.


"You big meanie!"

"That's why I'm worried of things going wrong. We'd have some wood to float on at best."

It's still open. Seems like there is a small exhibiton inside, which ponies can see for a small fee.


"Somepony has to play the villain."


I'll rub my chin a moment.
"Think we can delay the captain long enough to at least get a few felled trees on board? If nothing else, we'd have a makeshift raft we can put together while on the water."


Let's go visit it. '1d10' look around for stairs or suspicious walls.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I-I thought you loved me for my brains!"

He shakes his head.
"Not likely. She'll set out within the hour, she said."

You couldn't miss the stairs even if you wanted to, they run at the sides of the walls up to the top, with several floors along the way.
Nothing suspicious about the walls though.


"Then we're just going to have to make sure this tub holds together and not let it fall apart."


Climb the stairs. What about doors and windows? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Not anymore. Anyway, should probably let you be now. Thanks again for doing this, I owe you big time."


Fly off then.
Got nothing to do right now, really


Dodgan '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"I'll be sure to count on you on that."
You hear Splinterproof yell a quick "Yes!".
Looks like she's finished with that mechanism.

There are windows scattered all over the floors, most of them seem to have locks on them for the night.

She chuckles.
"Think nothing of it. Now get to work before your father fires you."

What do your kind do with free time anyway, freak?

Your Ranger instinct makes you jump and roll into the cover of a nearby tree within a second, but as you hear the gun whirr up and start firing, there are more than a few screams of pain followed by heavy, wet thuds from were some of the recruited stallions were taking cover.


"I'm so amazing that I'm done until lunchtime already!"


"I'll keep an eye out for leaks, but aside from nailing boards to the side, I'm not much of a boatswain."
I'll flick an ear towards the captain's exclamation.
"Seems we're about ready to cast off, though."


Hmm maybe I can steal a lock from a window '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Something happened?


Free time? What's that?


"Are you now? Or maybe they didn't want to overburden the rookie."

Looks like you are ready to leave.
The Sun is slowly dipping down towards the water.

While nopony is looking you snatch one of the locks.
Planning to put it on your diary?

The time when you are neither working, sleeping or eating.


Look at the magic BIG BLUE thing.


Let's do a headcount. How many of us are leaving the island alive?


"Nah. I'm out though. See ya around."


I'll skip past that. Don't want anything to do with it.


It's BIG and BLUE and… starting to seep inside the drydock!

Captain Splinterproof, now turning the valve and letting the water in.
The Doc, fidgeting with his glasses.
Angler, getting the boat ready for leaving as soon as it can move with the water.
Felfire, staring at the sea, and you.

"See you later, Cloud."

After a bit, you meet up with Shu where she said she'll be.
Her cart is all packed up and attached to her with a harness.


Timeskip time?


"I hope Shu has made good sales today."


Stand up and look at it move inside, eyes wide in surprise!


So few…


"Curry! Curry!"
Run up to him.
"The big blue is running over here!"


"Yes, it certainly is. And in few moments, we'll be floating on top of it."
I'll give her a little smile.
"And then, it will carry us out, onto the sea."


Look at him with big eyes full of wonder, but then rush back to staring at the sea.


To lunch?

She nods.
"I have very loyal customers."

It starts slow, but as the huuuuge metal thing slides to the sides, it rushes in faster and faster, until it fills everything around the ship, then starts to rise!

Well, there was a raider unaccounted for from the Temple.


Or one of the coming days?


I would have thought the Captain's hunt a bit more fruitful.


Shoot from behind cover '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Neighponese customers?"


You can skip to Wednesday to start your training with Corvette and Orange Crush.

He killed every other raiders the Doc counted were present.
Including Balefire.
The ship lets out a tired groan, and rises, righting itself from it's slight tilt as the water starts to lift it.

You hear a yell as you do, killing the one that was wounded already. You hear a small pause, then you see splinters fly everywhere as the apple tree you use as cover is shredded just above your head. The gunfire stops as they reload, but you hear the tree cracking and snapping. It's going to fall!

"Not much. Many Equestrians like the food."
She starts walking, pulling her cart behind herself.


"TIMBER" to make sure the other recruits actaully step aside
Quickly hop to another tree '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Damn. Well, let's not get too swallowed by sadness, and focus on the horizon.


Sounds good!


"Noodles are good, yes. Even the equestrians must taste this."


You jump into the cover of another tree, but as one of the Apploosans dives out of it, he is shot in the gut, falling onto his side into a pool of blood.
The mare who was pulling the cart shot him with a small pistol she was probably hiding, and she's on the other side of the thick apple tree you chose as nearest cover!

The BIG BLUE, also known as Curry as the sea or ocean is slowly painted orange by the setting Sun. As Angler finishes up with the preparations, Splinterproof hops up and pulls the boarding plank in. With a heavy lurch, the ship starts rolling forward, agonizingly slowly.
Angler seems to be on the edge.

You have to collect them. Who will you go for first?

"Not just noodles. All of the delicacies."


This is all too amazing!


Corvette. So she can help me pressure Orange into coming quickly.


"You bitch. Is this what you wanted?"
Try to hit her '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Listen for anything that might cause worry. Creaking boards, a snap, anything. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"The seaweed? Riceballs?"


You never felt like this!
The thing that you are standing on is MOVING!
You don't have a very stable hoofing now.

I bet you would love to pressure a stallion to come quickly alongside a mare.
You arrvive at her house.

She ducks and knocks the rifle out of your hooves.
"Duh! It's the biggest money we ever made!"

There is a final groan as the ship leaves the drydock for good, and you can feel the pressure that the sea is applying on the ship, your heart feels the same… but it holds.

She nods.
"Among the others. I know a lot of recipes."


Grasp something! Something still and stable!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Knock knock.


Just… have faith in the captain and the others' work. We'll get there.
"You all right, little one?"


Look up at him, scared.
"Curry! The world is moving!"


"You'll pay dearly for it, I'll make sure of that."
Grab a gun and Marksman Shot '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You are a true master cook then?"


"Not quite, little one. That's the boat, being carried by the sea. But until you get your legs under you, you might want to hold on to something."


Nod veemently.


You grab the thing that has been the most consistently stable in your entire life… Curry.
More specifically, one of his forelegs….
It's not as bad as you thought.

She opens the door.
Seems like she has a small bag with her.
"Hey there, Skim! I packed some sport stuff that I had lying around. I'll smack you if you laugh at how they look, though."

One of the recruits, a stallion you know works at a bakery, sneaks up on her from behind. You quickly pull a pistol yourself as well, but she is faster, shooting it out of your hoof. It doesn't hurt, since it was the metal leg, but the bullet richocets, hitting the stallion who collapses. He didn't die, but he's very hurt.
The mare just laughs and aims at your head this time.

"Just a cook, not a master."


"But you know many recipes, yes?"


Okay, I can stay like this for the rest of the travel.


"That's fine, I can handle a sore cheek."


"We'll likely be at this a few days, so you'll get used to being on a boat soon enough."
I'll laugh.
"And then it will be walking on land that will feel odd."


She nods.
"Yes, very many."

"I'll just have to hit you somewhere else then."
She chuckles.

The island is very slowly starting to become smaller.
The setting sun throws shadows on it, the exception being the top of the temple, still visible from here jutting out from the jungle, painted red by the last rays.


"I never walked much anyway…"


Shoot her knee '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You wouldn't dare."
Take off.


Good riddance to bad rubbish. Hope the place burns down or sinks into the center of the earth.
"Well, you're going to be walking a lot, little one. We've got a long road between us and getting your wings fixed."


The bullet only scrapes her, but it's enough to throw her aim off, the bullet whizzing past your cheek.
She jumps behind a tree to reload.

She flies beside you.
"I totally would."

It might be the stretching shadows and the strange light, but you seem to see something move at the top of the lighthouse.


I'm too blind to see this kind of stuff!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"That's mean, Corvette. I know you act all tough, but deep inside you're a sweet mare."


Shoot the pistol out of her hoof '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Squint. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I am just gonna keep it. Now look at the exhibit


It's too dark to see anything.
Maybe it was just a shadow.
Splinterproof unceremoniusly trots belowdeck.
"Angler, you're in charge for now. I'll be in a cabin."

"I can be sweet on the outside too!"

You do so, and she clutches her hoof quickly.
"Ah shit!"
You hear the machinegun whirr up again, firing in another direction, probably at your friends.

It's full of nice, albeit mediocre paintings.
A pony announces that it will be closing time in fifteen minutes.


"When the planets align…"


Shoot at the guy with the machinegun
Marksman shot '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Okay I will leave for now. Go outside and look for a place to hide '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Squint harder. There wasn't anything up there to cast a shadow, if I recall rightly. '1d10'
"Looks like the captain's decided to catch up on her sleep. Want me to make a quick walk around to make certain nothing's leaking?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


You can see Orange's house now.
"You have to deserve it!"

You don't have a clean shot from over here, only leaving a bullethole in the cart.

The surroundings of the tower are pretty bare.

It's pretty far away now, but it looks like… the shape of somepony. Or someone. Unmoving.
"Could you do that? I'll stay here at the helm like the captain ordered."


Again? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Still clenched tight around Curry's leg, I will squeak.
"C-can I help?"


"I don't? I'm a nice guy!"


Okay.. sneak into a cloud '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You shoot again, and the firing stops. A body falls out of the cart, dislodging it slightly, and making it roll down the rest of the hill, crashing into an apple tree, killing the other pony inside.

Curry will be right back

"Sure, maybe to those other pretty mares!"

If there is no place to hide, you'll just make some.
You collect a few, puffy, comfy clouds and sit on top of them, staying out of sight, peeking throught a tiny hole you make in it.


Slap the mare KO with the butt of my gun '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hey, I'm always nice to you! We're old friends!"


Brilliant! Now do I see any pony here? How close is the meeting time? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You knock her out.
You still hear shooting… Coming from the town!
Brass stumbles out of behind a tree, clutching his shoulder.
"Oh fuck me!"

"Are you? Prove it! Be nice to me!"

About 20-30 minutes.
You only see the stallion closing the tower up and walking away.


"I'm being nice right now!"


Run to clutch.
"Those bastards. I'll get you help."


Okay keep watching..


"Maybe I will try more in future."


"Are you?"

He pushes you away.
"No time for that! Get to the town, protect it, do what I failed to! I'll shackle this motherfucker so we can interrogate her later. GO!"

Noooooooot a single soul around.

"From my recipes?"


"Your food."


"Alright, this is going nowhere, let's just get to Orange."


Get going.
Shoot the first raider I see '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Weird. Who would be seeing us off from up there?
"Of course."
And, with Felfire still clinging to my leg, I'll start making my patrol around and inside the boat. Checking for leaks, cracks, and anything else that looks like it could threaten the integrity of the ship. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Well sneak into that window I took the lock from. Its almost time after all. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You arrive at his house.
Before you can knock, she barges in.

You run back to town as fast as you can.
You see two bandits behind cover, occasionally pulling up to shoot towards the houses.
You cap one of them immediately.
The other turns around in fright, aiming at you.

It's rather dark down there for you to see anything.

It opens up a bit too fast and smacks into the wall as you open it, knocking a pair of paintings down from the wall.


Snicker and go after her.
"Do you have a warrant?"


It's so dark in here…
"Curry, it's dark…"



Oops. Just slide and take a moment to fix it.


Marksman Shot '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"So it is."
Let's light up the horn. That should give us a decent glow. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"It's my obligation t-"
She shuts up, as she can hear what you can hear too.
Orange seems to be preparing some food in his kitchen, while softly talking to himself.
The rosebush trembled when
A bird on its twig flew;
My own soul trembles when
I think, my dear, of you,
I think, my dear, of you,
My darling, charming maid.
Thou art the richest gem
The Princess has ever made.

…he's reciting a poem.

Very dark.
Perfect for sneaky stalker ponies to pray on the weak…

She bows.
"You honour me."
She stops soon, at a nice little home with a garden full of flowers.
"This is where I live."

As you place the second one back, you hear a mare's voice behind you.
"You're here early."

Right between the eyes.
You spot two others as well, headshotting another immediately.
The third realizes that they are losing and starts to run for it, but is shot in the neck by a bullet coming from the town.
That should be the last of them.

Your horn illumintes the belly of the ship decently.


Fucking bitches.
Get back to Brass.


Raise a brow and look at Corvette.
Didn't know he was into cheesy love poetry.


Turn around slowly "I'm not the only one it seems."


"Ooooh!" in amazement.
"That's so beautiful!"


"There we go."
"Is it? It's a small bit of magic I picked up when I needed to look in cabinets and such and there weren't any lights at hoof."
I'll give Felfire a little smile.
"You'll be seeing a lot of strange and perhaps wonderful things once we hit the mainland. This little trick is barely scraping the dirt when it comes to what unicorns, and some other magic-users, can do."
Now, let's continue checking the hold. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Better than my place.
"A very nice home. Your garden is kawaii."


"But it's amazing!
I wish I had a horn like yours…"
Let's ignore that time with the pendant.


"Well, once we get your wings fixed, you'll be glad you were born a pegasus. You see, no matter what I can do, there are some things that only you can do. Flying, moving clouds, all sorts of things that I, as a unicorn, am incapable of doing."


"That's stupid.
Unicorns are the bestest!"


He has a grave expression on his face as one of the recruits carries the shackled mare away.

She's about to explode with laughter.
He didn't notice you yet.
"I know thy love was mine
Neath last year’s summer sun;
But winter came since then —
Who knows what he has done?
Shouldst thou love me no more,
Celestia bless thee still;
But, if thou lov’st me then.
A thousandfold she will.

Half the room is dark.
It's the mare you met in the park, though without the giant hat this time. All traces of sweetness are gone both from her face and voice.
"Say what you want."

Seems like they patched it up perfectly. Not a single leak to be found!
Felfire is getting a bit dizzy though.

She undoes the straps of the cart.
"Arigatō. I try to take good care of it."


"We're only one third of the pony race. Earth ponies are excellent growers, you can fly, and with a little practice, control the weather. Unicorns may seem the most powerful, but we're, in truth, one of the weaker races. Without our magic, we'd be pretty much hopeless when it comes to farming, or making the weather work."
Great. Let's head back up on deck.


I should…
Let go, yeah.


My expression is serious as fuck as well.
"How many injured?"


Shake my head.
"I can't fly.
Buck said so.
Mom said so."


Roll my eyes and grab her, tug her back to the outside.


"Only because your wings are wounded. Once they are fixed, and with practice, you will be able to fly."


Shake again.
"No, I can't fly!
They said so!"


"The truth. Mostly. I was a friend of brown bark. "


"My apartment… not so nice."


"They also said Buck couldn't lose. They also said that you wouldn't ever leave the island."
I'll give her a look.
"And look at you now. You're free, Buck is no more, and we've left the island."


Look over at my wings, and flap them.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You're back up top.
Felfire is feeling funny in her tummy.

"Only one."
He grimaces.
"Five dead."

As soon as she is out she falls on the ground the moment the roaring laughter erupts from her.

"And? That concerns me why? He is dead. Snoop around more and you will be too."

"Where do you live?"



Roll #1 7 = 7


It hurts.




I frown.
"It's really not that funny."


"Those bastards…who died?"


"In hired place in city. It is not very clean, but I am only new here and do not have much yet."


"Then why was I invited to this meeting at all?"
Sigh and smile at her "not that I'm not enjoying seeing you again, miss chocolate lover. " '1d10' smooth criminal~

Roll #1 1 = 1


'1d10' ruse?

Roll #1 6 = 6


She can barely talk between fits of laughter.
"H-He… ahahah, oh, pon, this is too great… telling poems to… ahahah, himself!"

He lists you the name of five ponies. You've heard about all of them, but didn't particularly know them.
You do know one thing, they were all good, hard working ponies, even ready to face danger to protect Appleloosa.

"I was new here once too. Hard work bears fruit."
She motions a hoof to her home, and starts walking towards the door.

She raises an eyebrow, but doesn't comment on it. After a short pause, she continues.
"What were you hoping by coming here?"

You know this feeling, it's just like after eating leftover foods that you have been given, when it comes back up.
The floor feels wobbly and unstable!


I have to run, hide before they see me!

Roll #1 5 = 5


I step closer to her. "Just to talk. Maybe I can help your cause."


Just wait for the whore to stop laughing.
"Don't choke yourself, will you?"


"Hard work always makes you prosper. Like old Neighponese saying says."


You try to initiate your usual scampering escape tactic, but all this boat-being-thrown-around-by-water thing confuses your legs and you nearly hit the doorway.

She narrows her eyes.

She wipes a tear off her face.
"How are you not… ohh, ahaha… how are you not laughing?"

She nods with a smile.
She starts digging around for her keys.
You notice a small, oriental fountain for birds to drink from in the front garden that you didn't see before.


"At least we're safe…for now."


No matter! Keep going before I throw up!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'm a little disturbed by the fact that poetry is apparently not a socially acceptable thing to delve into in your mind."


She sure has a lot of stuff…


"You tell me. It seems like you have a good cause. A good cause needs deticated members. And you seem small. Which means you need recruits."



This is no place for a blue pegasus
Brass nods.
"I'll keep watch, just to be on the safe side. You go back and make sure everything is aight' in town."

You manage to get out of sight, inside a non-used, dusty cabin of the ship.

"Hey, I don't have a problem with poetry… but fuck that cheesy shit, by himself?"

She opens the door and enters, holding it open for you.

"Really? Pray tell, how did you jump to those conclusions?"


I shrug.
"Really, I don't give a crap what he does with his free time."
If she's finally done laughing and snickering, I will knock hard on the door.


Go check the town '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Now I can throw up without anyone seeing me!


"The fact that you are the only one here meeting me. And that you do your own spying and delivering. As for the goodness… well how could a mare as pretty as you be bad?" '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I bow first, then enter.


Corvette pulls herself together.
"Don't be such a grump."
Orange opens the door.
"Oh, hey. Sup?"
Corvette tries not to snicker. '1d10

You see a few bodies covered in blankets.
Rickety Crimes is overseeing things.
You also see something that you haven't seen in long years - his legendary revolver, the Regulator, which he never used since his wife died.

[barfing noises]
You empty your stomach's contents, but you don't feel much better.

You swear you could see the teeniest of blushes.
She sighs.
"Fine. I don't sense anything devious about you. You can come to our place, if you can make your way inside. A test, of sorts."

You walk in and see… an equestrian stallion giving her a quick smooch to the lips?
"Black Currant, this is Iga, a friend."
He smiles and turns towards you, bowing just like the customs dictate!
He said hello!


"You're the grump most of the time~"

Flash a smile when he opens up.
"Guess what time it is?"


Trot to him.
"What a mess."


I can leave. Find a place where to sleep away this bad dream.


Bow as well.
"It is great honor to meet you Black Currant."


Smile "well. Do I get a hint at least?"


"No, you are!"
She chortles a bit.
Orange blinks, then squints at the sun.
"Uh… don't tell me, I can tell… uh…"

He shakes his head.
"Those cowards went straight for the townsfolk. I think they wanted to get to the armory."

Looks like someone from the crew lighted up a candle in a few rooms which are designed to be used.
It has leaves and grass in a corner to sleep on!

"It is great honor to have you in our humble home, Iga."
He smiles and let's you step in further while the other ching-chong closes the door.

She pokes you in the chest with a hoof. You are about to get confused when you notice she was holding a folded up piece of paper.
"Now leave."


That can't possibly be for me.
Count the beds!


"We got to make sure we got them all.
I'll go do a round of the perimeter.
Keep your eyes open, Nopony wants more surprised."


"Exercise time!"


Secure the paper in my pocket.
"Okay. I'll see you later.. " smile at her and fly out the window. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


What's the inside look like?
"It is very kawaii."


Two 'beds' as in places where the greenery was placed to make the wood more comfy to sleep on.

"Don't worry 'bout me, I was a sherrif once. I'll keep things in check here, you do that."

He groans, visibly disappointed.
"Oh, really? I'm, uh, sort of tired now, y'know, had a long day and evertyhing."

You fly outside, out of the tower, paper safely in your pockets.
Where to now? You don't have much time until your date.

It is nicely decorated, with a mix of both Equestrian and Neighponese items. Looks like an upper middle class home!
"Thank you! We can wait in the living room while Shu prepares dinner. Are you hungry?"


They are not for me then!
I will just try and sleep outside of this room.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"A little bit, yes."


"Did you now?"
Glance at Corvette.


Right, Felfire seems to have scampered off a minute ago. She looked pretty green around the gills… Let's see if I can't find her. Boat's not a big place, after all.


Look for some flowers. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Nod silently.
Walk the perimeter with a grave expression, looking out for more threats, ensuring this place is safe '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You get settled down on the hard, cold wood in front of the door.
Feels just like home, only it doesn't smell like various bodily fluids!

You find her curled up on the wood in front of a room.
The room has lit candles and two makeshift sleeping areas made out of leaves and grass.

He nods at the mare, then motions to a doorway.
"This way then. She can fix up a nice meal really fast!"

She mouths 'Bullshit!' wordlessly.
"Yeah. You know how it is, Skim. Right?"

For a naturefag pony of nature it is easy to locate some nice looking and smelling flowers on the nearby fields.

You see a trail of blood, leading inside a wooden shed. The lock has been shot off and there are bloody hoofprints on the door.


"I think you should get your butt ready for practice in about… five minutes before Corvette gets very upset. You don't want to keep a mare waiting, believe me."


This is heaven.


Get my gun ready and step in '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Yep. Pick a nice bunch of them.
And tie it with a bit of rope or something since I don't have girly ribbons.


Follow his lead.
"Noodles? Rice? Seaweed?"


I'll look at her a little curiously.
"What was the matter? Have a little trouble getting your sealegs under you?"


Gasp and look up, surprised.
Try saying his name aloud, but end up just yapping for air.


"What's wrong?"
I'll sit down next to her.
"Are you feeling alright? You ran off in a bit of a panic earlier."


No I mean…Yes!
Totally didn't do anything bad!"


Corvette bares her teeth.
"I'll be here in five."
He turns around and closes the door.

The door has been blocked with something.

Or better, you find a strong natural vine and tie it together with that.
You now have a pretty bouquet of flowers!

"We usually start with a few Onigiri to warm up, then follow with a Donburi or Chahan and some Yakisoba for the last dish. When we want to keep it simple."
He leads you to a well furnished living room, and motions for you to sit down on the couch.


Any windows?


I do so and look around again.
"That sounds very delicious. I am once again in awe of your home."


I'll nod slightly, then look into the room.
"Seems you've picked a room for us. How does it feel knowing you've got your own bed?"


I snicker and pat her on the head.
"Easy girl. I'll give you a snack once we're home."


Look around, confused.
There are only two beds!"


"So there are. But there is more than one room."


Stare silently at him for a while.


OK. That should be good. Date time. Dress nicely. '1d10+2' disguise should cover this.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


I'll nod again.
"So, we get to share this room. You get one bed, and I get the other one."


My fice will light up.
Then, I rush for one of the beds and start running around in it.


I'll chuckle a little.
"I take it you want to sleep in that one."


A small one on the side.

He chuckles.
"Arigatō. We try to live a simple life, but a pleasant home means a healthy soul."

She tries to playfully bite your hoof.
Beat this roll to be faster.

You forgot to pack a suit… Not even disguise helps that. You look nice, but not elegant for sure.

So soft!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Nod eagerly.


Do I feel any better?



Roll #1 4 = 4


Well… maybe she won't mind? Go to the date now.


"Then the other bed is mine."
And I'll walk over and plunk down on it.


I nod.
"Do you sell noodles too?"


Your stomach is still a bit rumbly, but you don't feel like throwing up just yet.

Beaten by a little girl.
She can totally nibble into your hoof.

You get in front of the restaurant with a few minutes to spare.
She shows up soon after, looking quite different in that dress, a sharp contrast to her uniform.
She waves at you with a smile.

Pretty soft, for a makeshift sleeping place.

He shakes his head.
"I could never do the magic that Shu can when it comes to food. I work for a bank."


"So, I noticed you were looking a little seasick earlier. Feeling any better?"


You say like that's a bad thing!


"You sleep here?"
Look at him surprised.


He works for the shekelponies?


"I do. Unless you'd prefer to have the whole room to yourself."


That's waisist.

She grins and bites you a bit more before letting you go.
It did look sort of hot, even.


Trot up to it and look inside '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Shake my head with a smile, then rest down onto the bed.


I'll smile as well, and then settle onto my grass bed.


I'm not into biting, luckily.
"How much longer before we kick in this door and take him by force?"


Is not.


"Why hello miss lock box. You look particularly nice tonight." Offer her the flowers. And a smile. '1d10' smoothness roll.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You see that the baricade is pretty makeshift, a tough kick can dislodge it and open the door.
You see the bandit inside, collapsed against the back wall in a puddle of blood. He is still breathing, very heavily. His pistol is on the ground beside him.

Are you into bedroom eyes though?
"Maybe he is busy taking precautions because he knows he'll see me in a sport outfit?"
She snickers.
"Or you in a sport outfit."

Is so.
"Really? How come?"
He chuckles again.
"Do I look like a cook?"
Speaking of, you start to smell the dinner that is being prepared.

Smooth as fuck.
Her cheeks get rosy and her ears flap down as she accepts them.
"Oh, you shouldn't have… thanks. You look pretty swell, too."


Roll for dreams.





Roll #1 4 = 4


"Oh my."


Shout "You're surrounded.
Throw that gun to the door and we'll let you live. You're hurt, you're not going to live unless you get medical assistance."


"No, but you do not look like a typical banker."


"I do apologize for the lack of a suit. I never expected to meet such a lovely mare on my travels." Hold the door for her .



"This was your plan all along, wasn't it?"

He grabs the gun and tries to lift it, but it clatters to the ground. He is too weak to even raise it, not to mention to aim.

"How does a typical banker look like?"

She walks in with a smile.
"Oh, don't worry about it, the flowers more than made up for it."


Walk in there and get that gun.



Roll #1 6 = 6


I snicker.
"Drat! Foiled again!"


"Not like you!"


You still need to kick the door open, remember?

He motions at his butt.
"My cutie mark tells otherwise!"
It seems to he a vault door.

You hear shuffling from inside, he's doing something by the door now.
"Well, I bet we will get all sweaty after it, we'll have to take a shower~"

You start seeing some disturbing images after falling asleep, but then you see the outlines of a tall, blue pony with both a wing and a horn and all dreams go away. You wake up in the morning, your stomach still rumbling.

You can't get the image of Scurvy stabbing herself and Buck ripping Netsy's throat open from your mind. Your night is filled with those scenes playing over and over again.
You wake up in the morning.


Kick it open '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Are you coming onto me, Corvette? I didn't think you were that desperate yet."
I snicker again.


"Yes… I see."
Equestrian butt…
"Maybe I am shortsighted about Equestrian bankers."


Look around, with one eye still closed, pretending to be asleep.


Well, that's an uneasy night…
Grumble slightly as I get up, but then look at Felfire.
Smile a little at what I assume to be her sleeping peacefully, possibly for the first time ever.
Stretch, and stand up.


You kick the door open with ease, the meek baricade not stopping you at all. You don't even trash the door, which would have been unfortunate for the owner of the shed.
The eyes of the bandit are open, and he looks up at you as you enter, still breathing heavily. He tries to hoof for his gun, but he already lost too much blood. You see several gunshot woundss in his chest.

She leans closer
"I bet you'd be coming ont-"
Orange opens the door with a sports bag, but pauses.
"What are you two doing?"

He smiles.
"When did you come to Equestria?"

The candle is snuffed out.
It is much more bright now.
Curry just got up and started stretching.

Looks like she is still asleep.


Grab his gun.


I'd imagine much of the journey will be this way…


"Chatting. Good to see you're ready."
Flap my wings.
"Enough time wasted, let's go!"


"A few months ago. I have not fully settled in yet, you might notice."


Whew, Buck's not here!
Get up and check the pain in my tummy.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You take it effortlessly.
He seems to be in pain.
He tries to say something, but it comes out as a whisper and mouthful of blood.

What pain? It's totally gone now!
Not a clue of it!

You need a therapist.

They both open their wings and follow you to the gym. The changing rooms here are not coed. Corvette goes to the female changing room while you and Orange go to the male.

He nods.
"Yes, but your equestrian is pretty good already!"


Get changed then.
"Are you ready for the workout of your life, Orange? This is going to get really intense."


Listen up '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I bow.
"You honor me with those words. I try to learn quick. I hear much of it."


Outta here, on the deck!


Time is the only therapist I'll get.
Time to follow Felfire out and see what's for breakfast. Though she got up pretty quick. Guess she's got her sea legs.


Can't hear shit captain.
Now he's just giving you the stinkeye.
His breathing is slowing down.

He gets changed as well.
"That's what I'm afraid of…"

"Watashi wa anata no purosesu de Neighpon no koto o wasurenai koto o nozomu."
He speaks pretty fluently!

It's sooooooooo bright out here!
Angler is at the helm.
What is even more noticable… The BIG BLUE is everywhere around you! Only the BIG BLUE around the ship and nothing else… apart from the sky and sun.

She went out to the deck.
Angler gives you a nod and a "Mornin'" as you two step out.


Squint my eyes to shelter them from the blinding sun.
I like this place so much!


"Morning. The Captain still out cold?"


"Anything you want to say before you die?"


I grin.
"Good, let that fear be your fuel for today. Use it as fuel for your journey. COME ON!"
To the gym!


What the fuck does that mean?


"I hope you do not forget Neighponese in the process."

You give your eyes some shade.
It's still reaaaally bright though!

He shakes his head.
"She's been trying to figure out where we are since dawnbreak. She's in her cabin."

He finds the strenght to spit blood at you.

You find Corvette already there.
Her butt is pretty nice in those pants.
"Ready boys?"


I shake my head.
"No no, but I try to speak as much Equestrian as I can to learn quickly. I still think in Neighponese."


"She'd be better served to do so at night, in all honesty. The stars have always been a navigator's friend."
I'll shrug.
"Though I doubt I need to tell that to trained seaponies."


"You don't know just how ready I am."


I should go hide downstairs maybe…


"I can see from the way you form sentences and pause to think to find words sometimes. It's okay, you're doing really well."
Shu enters the room and bows
"Dinner is ready."

"The doc and I tried to jot down what we could about the stars, that's what she is working with, but she sailed the ship when the storm hit, she knows an estimate."

Orange is a tad distracted it seems.
Corvette flares her wings.
"I bet I'm more ready!"

It is darker down there…


BLAM '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"The wind behind us, or should I start thinking about rowing?"


"Oh yeah?"
I flare my wings too. I bet mine are bigger!


I get up and bow too.


Good enough?


"We're sailing where the winds and currents take us until the cap'n figures out where to."

You give him the coup de grace.
He's dead.
You don't envy the pony who'll have to clean this puddle up.

Yes, your wings are bigger than the wings of a mare, congratulations!
"Yeah! Totally!"

Currant does likewise, and motions after Shu who left.
"Dining room is that way."
Those smells are already making your mouth water!

Good enough!
It's not too dark either you might even be able to… explore the ship!


Follow my nose!


It's not me.
Go patrol further '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Come on then! Let's go get swole!"


"A pity we couldn't save the charts."


But let's avoid the place where I threw up last night…

Roll #1 2 = 2


They lead you to the dining room!
It's a big table, full of all kinds of deliciously smelling and looking traditional foods!
Shu stands beside the table with a smile.
"I hope you will find the meal enjoyable."

You do your rounds around Appleloosa, but don't find anything else.

Roll for workout with a +2!
Corvette: '1d10+1'
Orange Crush: '1d10-1'

Angler smiles bittersweetly.
"There was this one time when Scurvy and me got drunk and accidentally used some of them as lighters for our pipes. Splinterproof managed to get us back to land then just fine."

You avoid going there but you can't avoid the smell, ugh. Someone ought to clean that up!

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 7 - 1 = 6


They won't find it!
If they find out I threw up they will do what mom did…
I don't wanna…
Oh gosh search for something to clean it!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Go back to the sheriff.



Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"It looks very delicious, Shu. You have outdone yourself."
Sit down for a taste.


I'll laugh, a bit sadly.
"Then I'll trust her judgement. We'll just have to make sure she doesn't forget to eat."


You find Brass patrolling the outskirts.
"No movement here. Find anything?"

This isn't just about wings. You do well, but not extraordinary well. The same as Orange, in fact, and you an see he wasn't even trying!
Corvette ran out of breath pretty soon and excused herself to sit down and drink some water.

You all sit down and start to eat.
This has got to be the best food you ate since you came to Equestria! You just can't stop eating it!

"The Doc' tried earlier today, but she sent him away."

You find a bucket of water to wash it off, then clean the rest with a rag!
There, it's like it was never there! Not even the smell!
And you managed to not get any of it on you!


"A dead body in a shed. It's over it seem."


Wow, what a pushover!
"Just warming up here. You feeling tired yet, mister Crush?"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I'm such a nice housewife.
Whatever that means.
Now, let's explore!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well, I guess she's going to have to deal with somepony a bit more bullheaded."
I'll think for a moment.
"Do you think you could show Felfire the ropes of being a spotter? I'm afraid I'm not quite known for my eyes."




He nods.
"I'll get someone to recover that."
He puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"…you did good today, Ranger. We couldn't have done it without you."

Corvette is still recovering.
"Heck no, I can take it!"
Looks like he stops goofing around at your challenge.

You almost trip on the rag.
Okay, correction, you did get some of it on you now.

There is a corridor, a stairs down, and a lot cabins, where to?

He frowns.
"I'm afraid the litl'un would fall if we made her climb up."

You are full of food soon.
The others seem to have enjoyed it just as much, sitting with content smile.
"Did you leave room for dessert, Iga?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"That's the spirit! Yeaaa!"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Fuck, Orange totally eclipsed you!
Do you even lift?




"5 ponies died."


I smile.
"A little bit."


I'll rub my chin.
"There are other positions on the ship where she could get a good view, aren't there? I'm sure she'd love to be of help…"
"Though I should probably ask if she wants to be a lookout. She might be better off just enjoying the trip."


"I'm glad you like them." When we get to our seats pull out the chair for her.


Corvette tries to make a comeback.
Orange is still liftin' more than you.

Down you go!
It's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig room, full of stuff! Like the food the unicorn and his friends brought on the ship!

"It would have been more without you."

She brings a plate of Daifuku for you, then bows.
"It is great honor to have you as guest."

"Rest assured I could do with a lookout, but I don't want to stress her out."

She smiles at the gesture and sits down.
A waiter comes to serve you two soon.
"What can I get the two of you tonight?"

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"Do you need more help here?"


Corvette nearly faints, and lies down on a bench instead to catch her breath.
Orange: '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


But I've still the stench of that stuff I threw up in my nose.
Let's keep checking the room.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Come on, time to put some effort into it!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"I believe the Lady mentioned hay fries before?" I look to lock box for a confirmation.


"I'll make sure to ask, then. First, though, to get the captain to eat something. She's not eaten since before we finished the boat, by my reckoning."


Daifuku! Great!
"You are magnificent cook, Shu. I am a lucky pony to be here."


He shakes his head.
"We'll get the cart t the backyard of the office and check for whatever clues they left us there."

You saw movement from the corner of your eyes!

You give it a big finish, without breaking a sweat, but Orange has enough and throws in the towel too.

She nods. "The specialty."
The waiter scribbles something.
"Can I get you two anything to drink while you wait?"

"She might have an kept it a secret."
Even he doesn't believe that.

"I would be glad to have you visit more often. It is always nice to meet someone from Neighpon."


Time to drown myself in water.


Turn around and confirm that!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I bow my head.
"It would be great honor."


"I'll need some rest then."
Trot off.
Go find some whiskey


"May we see a the menu?" I ask politely.


"Just don't be surprised if I end up at the Doc's with black eye or worse. She was fairly cross the first time I tried to talk her into eating."


You always have some in your trusty flask!

You rehydrate yourself.
Corvette is still panting on the bench.
Orange smiles.
"That… wasn' that bad, actually."

It's getting a bit late.
"The door is always open for you. When we are at home."
Currant nods.
"You can visit anytime."

He gives both of you a menu for drinks.
Lockbox starts to flip over it.
It has drinks of all kinds, but mostly wines, ranging from fairly cheap to pretty expensive ones.

"From what I hear it was closer to force feedin'. Her words, not mine."




Roll #1 6 = 6


"See? I told you so. Doesn't that make you feel great?"


"That's not exactly wrong."



Roll #1 5 = 5


"Anything look good to you lock box?" I say flipping through the menu idolly.


"One day I may invite you to my house. But first I must work hard. Always work hard. If you ever need me for something, I am at your service."
I bow.


You scamper back onto the deck, screaming, before you could say 'Felfire you scaredy shit'.

"Yeah… yeah, it totally does! We should start doing this more often."
"Uuuuuurhg! I think I'm dyiiiiiiing!"

He snorts amusedly.
"Get to it then."
Felfire runs on the deck, screaming.

There is a bullet lodged in your flask. It didn't puncture it, but it left a dent.

"Hmm.. how about this one?"
She shows you one of the wines from the lower category…. she probably wants to save you money with that.

They both bow and say their goodnights as well.
The husband walks you to the door and opens it for you.
"Be safe on your way home, Iga."


Eh, pull it out and drink. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh goodness, what's got her in a tizzy?
"Little one, what's the matter?!"


"I lived in Neighponese city. I know how to defend myself. Thank you."


"Corvette, you dramaqueen! Have you been slacking off?"


"If its the one you want then its perfect." I say staring into her eyes.


Hide behind him and point at where I came from!


Sweet nectar of the gods.
You feel much calmer now.

He waves goodbye.
You go back to your shitty little apartment.
At least it's terrible, after such a nice place.

She pouts.
"I've been doing, uh, excercise, just not like this!"

She nods with a smile, staring back dreamily into your eyes. The waiter looks at you expectantly.
"Will you pick that one then, sir?"


Time to talk to that whore.


"Yes. That one." I confirm to the waiter.


I smirk.
"Alternative exercise huh? Elaborate."


I'll look a little curiously.
"You're certain we five were the only ones on the ship?"


I can deal with it.
Take off my clothes and sleep buttnaked


He's behind bars and tied up to a chair in the Sherrif's office. Nopony is here to watch her though.

He writes something down and walks away.
Lockbox is still smiling at you.
"I've been looking forward for this~"

She pants a bit more.
"It's something… huh… much more fun than this torture."

Angler nods.
"Pretty damn sure."

You are a very naked ching chong.
Feels comfy!


"Not very effective though, by the looks of it. How much sleep did you get last night?"


"I'll check it out. It could be a bit of wildlife that stowed away."
And I'll head into the room that Felfire fled from.


Stick my dick in her!
Nah, I won't take that bait.
Tap at the bar.
"Today didn't end as you suspected huh?"


"As have I. I can hardly believe its only been one day since we met."


Stick with him, and whisper.
"Smile's here…"


You bet.
Sleep time. Dreamland.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll set my mouth in a frown.
There shouldn't be any raiders left alive.


She doesn't look at you.
"I suspected a lot of you would die, so I got that right."

"Uh… enough?"
Orange snickers.

"I'm happ we did. I could use some nice things in my life. Like a nice stallion."
The waiter comes back with two glasses, and pours wine into both.
"Your order is being prepared."

You dream of food.
So much food.
Your ching-chong butt will get fat at this rate.

The two of you head down into the hold.
It's rather dark here.


Cling to Curry's leg.


Light up. Banish the darkness from the corners.


I am lithe like city cat.


Look at her.


"Sure thing. You'll get fat at this rate. A chubby little pegasus."


"Thank you sir."

And focus back on lock box. "You are the nicest thing to happen to me since I got to ponyville. " raise the glass "a toast to us?"


Let there be light!

Loads of crates. Most of them are filled with food you've found, and whatever you could salvage, as well as old, wrecked boxes and such. It's a pretty big hold, this was probably a supply ship in it's prime days.

For now. All that Daifuku will got o your butt.
It is the morning.

"Because we came here with a lot of firepower, it was obvious some of you'd die. It was a pretty safe bet, actually."

She snorts and gets up with a pout.

She raises her glass as well.
"You're the best thing to happen to me in a long time. To us!"
She clinks her glass to your's.


"Fatty Mcfatfat~"


Smiles never stays in the light!


"This town doesn't have much to offer for raiders."


Get up for shower.
Perception check.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Smile and drink. "So. Did things go well at the office?"


Let's just look through everything, to ease Felfire's mind.
"Doesn't look like anyone's here, little one. You should be safe."


"I'll just sit on you and smother you then!"

Well there is a lot of light here and now. Does that mean he's not here?

"Maybe we weren't after the town then."

You don't see anything out of the ordinary.
The hole in the wall seems to have been blocked like you 'asked'.

She pouts.
"They asked for more time. I guess I'll just wait and hope for the best."

Roll for perception.


He can't be here now!


"What were you after?"


"If you can catch me. That weight is going to slow you down soooo much. You'll need a runway to land and take off!"


Take a shower and get clean then.
Eat breakfast too


"Hmm. Well it might be a dead end anyway. I'm sorry for any trouble I caused. "


She shrugs, as well as the ropes let her.
"Heard the whiskey is nice."

He is also dead!

She pounces at you!

You didn't forget this time, clever girl!
You get prim proper and ready for work!

She waves a hoof.
"Don't be silly, you're not troubling me at all."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Earthquake imminent!"
Fly awaaaay!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"It sure is. You'll be processed, brought to a judge. You'll probably be hanged."
Take another sip of my whiskey.



Roll #1 9 = 9


Shut the fuck up, you western fat pig.
Go to work.


"Ah, but we still need to make you a real detective somehow. " I smirk deviously. "Maybe there is something I can do?"


You are too tired from all this excercise.
She got you down on the ground.
"Call me fat again and so help me Princess!"
Orange seems to be enjoying this quite a lot.

"OOoooooh noooooooo!"
That wasn't very genuine. Mocking, even.

You do catch a glimplse of something, a strange arrangement of crates.

Make me, you squint eyed nippon.
You arrive at the warehouse soon enough. Blue Collar greets you with a big smile and waves you over.

"I just need a good case, and I'll be set to be a guard!"


Approach him and bow.
"Honorable master of the warehouse, what news?"


"That doesn't disturb you?"


"Oh now you're suddenly strong and fit again!"


Narrow my eyes a little, and move those crates.


"Those trials can take an awful lot of time… Oh, and I will have a call, won't I? And a lawyer? Equestria is a civilized country, after all."

"Good news, Iga. I have two packages that is not for Los Pegasus! We are testing your speed outside city limits!"

"Did your mother never teach you not to anger mares?"



"Well… she might have mentioned it once or twice…"



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Yes.We are."


"Very well. I will make great haste like swallow migrating south."


"I'll be your lucky charm then. I just know you will get a good case." Sip on the wine.


"It was very stupid of you not to listen!"
She steps off of you, and fakes hurt.
"You're lucky our friendship has weathered worse storms!"

She smirks.
"I don't have to say anything to you then, if I don't want to. Some dumb bandits, huh?"

He motions at your equipment.
"Saddle up and get to the recieving desk, you'll get a map there."

She has been working on hers too.
"Ooh, I would be very grateful!"

It has been arranged like that to give cover… to someone hiding there. That someone is there as well. You move a crate away, revealing a teenage looking native pegasus. She has a few scars along her neck and face, but she gives you a terrified look when you discover her hideout.
"P-Please! No! Don't kill me!"



Confusion will be evident on my face.


Gasp and jump back.


"No. Not dumb bandits. Just scared kids."


"Hurricanes, more like."
Get up.


Get 'er done.


Her breathing is rapid and her eyes are jumping between the two of you.

"I'm not scared. I know exactly what will happen to you and it makes me feel soooooooo happy!"

"All of which was your fault, by the way."
She smirks.

You saddle up and get get a package, the note and even a map!


"Now that's a bold statement."
I guess that's all for the gym?


Mirror that!


"Really? And what will happen to me?"


I'm set then? Off to my destination!

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll have an eyebrow raised.
"When did you sneak on the ship? I could have sworn it was just us before we left."


That ass tho'.
It is. Do you want to do anything in particular or should I suggest the next part?

Reminds me of all those tribals they dragged to the temple…

"Did you see me? I thought I was well hidden! When I saw you fixing up the ship I knew you'd leave!"
She has a thick accent and occasionally stops in front of words, as if to think what to say next, but she's the second best tribal speaker you've heard aside from the old blind guy.

"You're going to get killed, and there is nothing you can do to stop it."

At this pace, you can make it there before sundown! You will have to spend a day out in the wilderness for sure, since your destination is to somewhere in Whitetail Woods. You are still at the edge of Los Pegasus, in case you want to look for a cheap sleeping bag you can buy. Of course, you can just go naturally and sleep on a cloud if you can find any there, but it never hurts to think ahead.


Eh, I'm about ready to skip. We'll have to do this more often though!


I'll rub my chin.
"Did the Elder ask you to come with us? Or are you here on your own?"


"Oh that's it? I'm trembling."
Trot away.


I know what those are!
Those are the playthings!
Stare at her.


I think I will go natural, like…
…nope, I got nothing.
Just go on and use the map to navigate

Roll #1 7 = 7


She bites her lips and shakes her head….
"My own…"

Maybe you should play with her.
You stare at her with your best 'creepy child' stare. It doesn't make her any more comfortable.

You succesfully managed to get Orange hype for getting buff, but Corvette got discouraged.
Another week passes. You feel your performance improve tremendously from the workout charts of Storm Dancer. Another week and you'll be faster than ever before! Want to go to the public flight course now, or wait until then?

She yells after you.

Brass and another stallion just finished pushing the cart they used into the back yard of the station.

>no witty ching chong analogies
Shamefur dispray, commit seppuku, you bring great shame to your famiry.

The map is well detailed and tells you that you have to go to a part of the forest in the southern part of the forest, below the train tracks that run through them (Note: Train tracks are not to scale on the map).
The instructions seem to be pointing to a cave.
Roll 3d10 for travel.


Inspect cart '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


H-Here I go… into this strange foreign land.

Roll #1 2, 7, 9 = 18


I'll sigh.
"Well, there's no helping it now, you're along for the ride. The captain will have to decide what we'll do with you otherwise, though."
I'll shrug.
"Though it won't hurt to have another set of hooves to help with tasks around the ship. Come on, then. No sense in hiding anymore."


I'll just have to tease her about her condition to motivate her then.

I'll wait.


Two of the corpses are still in there, as well as ammunition, a few explosives, and of course the gatling gun. That fucker must have cost a small fortune.
As you are busy inspecting that construct, you hear coughing! One of the 'corpses' lurches at you, grabbing your ranger uniform with his forehooves. He coughs again, spitting out more than just blood…. the pins of the grenades that are on his chest pad! Think fast!

The sun is shining, and the weather conditions are fine, which might be part of why you slow down your pace to a comfortable flight instead of the rushed hurry you did in the city. A few pretty birds pass by you, joining you during the flight and singing songs, which makes your trip a lot better though! The day is starting to stretch into the afternoon, and you are still some ways to go.

In the meantime, want to have the talk your mother asked you to have with your father?

She reluctantly stands up. You see she has a simple bag for her belongings, but you don't see what those are.
"Y-You… you won't kill me for this?"


I don't remember what that was about at all.


Keep flying then. At a relaxed pace, not too fast or too slow. Don't want to get worn down.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'll shake my head.
"Why on earth would I kill you for being a stowaway?"
I'll turn towards the door.
"Come on then, you two. It's time we informed the rest of the crew about our unexpected passenger."


Throw him off me in a direction where there are no civilians and not the cart '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3



"No, he's not like that!"


When will you visit him?
Before/During/After work hours, or visit them at home?

You make good time, but still at a nice pace. It is starting to be late afternoon. You arrive approximately somewhere around your destination, but you cannot see anything because of the thick foilage of the forest. You might have to land and look for the cave on hoof.

Thankfully, only Brass and that other pony is here, and both of them are at a safe distance.
They throw themself behind the sherrif cart at your exclamation as you grab the bandit and throw him out of the cart, out of the way of the volitale ammo and explosives. This takes time, however, and he and his explosives go off two steps away from you. You cover your face with your metallic leg just in time, but your other leg and chest gets a lot of painful sharpnel in it.

After a deep breath you draw the conclusion that you are still alive, bleeding from several small cuts. If it wasn't for your reinforced ranger armor and metallic leg, you might have not been this lucky.

"I saw what you ponies can do…"

She frowns, but seems reluctant to follow you, hanging her head.


After work hours.


Do that then. land and look for it.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"The captain might yell at you for sneaking onto our ship, but I'm pretty sure that's the worst she'll do."
I'll stand next to the door.
"Come on…"
I'll think a moment.
"Do you have a name?"





The corridors and halls are empty as the other workers leave and you visit him, knocking on his door.
"Come in!"

There are barely any giblets of him left.
Brass rushes over.
"Fuck, are you allright? How bad did you get hurt?"

She looks ashamed.

You land on the ground of the forest. It's pretty dark here… you can barely see anyth- HORY SHIT IT'S A SPIDER THE SIZE OF A CARRIAGE CART!
It's incredibly ugly and hairy with poision dripping from it's mandibles, and it is right.next.to.you!!!


"Just a few scratches."
Look at my hooves.


"Evening, dad. Got time to talk?"


"Well, Buangan, my name is Curry. And this little one is Felfire. The Captain, Splinterproof, will need to be informed that you're on here."
I'll rub my chin a moment.
"And you are probably fairly lucky that it was me that found you, since I'm the only one who has visited your village. I don't think the others would have known to tell you apart from the raiders."
I'll shrug.
"At any rate, now that you've been found, it's time the crew got together and we talked about what to do with you. So come along… though I should probably exit first. Hold a moment."
I'll stick my head back out into the hallway. Is Angler still there?



I should set a substitute up. Stealthy, like chameleon changing coats.

Roll #1 9 = 9


It couldn't even scratch the black paint of your metal hoof.
The other is getting painted red from the tiny gashes.

He looks up at you, taking his glasses off and putting some paperwork to the side.
"Sure. What is it, son?"

You make another very convincing you. The spider stars poking the fake you with a foreleg, it's mandibles chattering.
Roll perception.

The doc is enjoying the sunshine on the deck too. Angler is of course, at the helm.

Felfire is now left with the pony. She is giving you worried glances.


"I think I'll need to see the doc."


I'll poke back down into the hold.
"Alright then, come on up."
And I'll escort the two up to the deck. And then over to the Doc.


Sit down.
"I'm not going to dance around this too much, I'm sure both of us have a lot of stuff on our plate already. But… mom told me you're having a bit of a cough lately."


Open my eyes wide.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Stare back, growing smaller.


He nods.
"Can you walk over there by yourself?"

She is startled by you, jumping slightly.

She follows, reluctantly, again, shielding her eye from the sun with a wing. Her feathers are pretty roughed up, but they aren't clipped like Felfire's.

Angler just mutters "Well I'll be…" while the doc seems completely flabbergasted.
"Curry, who is this?!"

He waves a hand dismissively.

You almost look like normal people like this!

There are cobwebs all around, big enough to trap a pony even! What is even more interesting is that you were so focused on the ugly parts of the spider that you didn't notice he has a mustache and a hat. It pokes the substitute again, the chattering of mandibles sounding almost as if someone was clearing his throat.


Let's see '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh really."


Oh well, follow with Curry, looking at the kid.


… any corpses?


"A stowaway. One of the native ponies decided she'd had enough of that island. I found her in the cargo hold, and thought we should all discuss what to do with her like rational adults."
I'll look back at her for a moment.
"Her name is Buangan, and I don't believe she means us any ill will."


No, only skeletons of wildlife littered on the ground around the webs.
Who said that?

"Yes, really. She is just being paranoid. I feel completely fine. I'm not going to keel over just yet."

More of a teenager, really. Do you know what a teen is?

She nods.
"I don't! I will be good and do whatever you want just don't hurt or kill me! I'll leave wherever you land, too!"

You're a motherfucking ranger. You can walk it off. Hell, you can pour whiskey on it then throw some bandages around and be done with it yourself."


Ten with one zero more?


Guess I'll do that.


I'll glance at Doc and Angler.
"It seems she's scared of us, by the way. We apparently had a reputation."


"Why don't you go see Storm Dancer, just to be sure? I'm sure you'd hate to let mom worry over something when a simple visit to the doctor could alleviate those worries, right?"


Who said that?

Roll #1 4 = 4


That's a 'hundred' not a 'teen' you imbecile.

She fidgets with her hooves, struggling to bring herself to say something.
"I saw… everything."

What a waste of whiskey… you take a swig of it too, for the heartache of having to use it like that instead of drinking.
Putting weight on that hoof will sting for a day or two, but otherwise you'll be fine.

"She is a very busy pegasus and so am I. No need to waste both our times on worries without basis."

You have no idea! It's only you and the spider here!


Then what is teeen?
Turn to the teen.
"Curry is good."


Can't think about that now.
"Anything else discovered?"


"It's her job. I think you should."


… Is the spider talking?


I'll raise an eyebrow.


"Found this in the pocket of the other guy. He must have been the leader of this bunch."
He gives you an envelope. The seal of it is broken, but it doesn't look like the Sheriff gave it a read yet.

He sighs.
"I don't think it's-"
He is interrupted by a coughing fit.
When it ends, he looks at you with a stern eye, but you can sense he knows he was 'busted'. It's the same air around the two of you than when he caught you stealing cookies from the jar when you were a colt.

The spider turns to you when he hears the voice.
"Oi, finally! Ah wis running mah geggy at ye 'n' ye didnae respond, bit ye did keek lik' th' runner wha is suppose tae git us th' mail, richt? "

You don't know! You'll have to find out!

She flaps her ears back and lowers her head.


"Go see her, dad. Don't be stupid."


"Then you'll know that we don't hurt anyone who doesn't deserve to be hurt."


"A thousand apologies. I am the delivery mare."


He frowns.
"She'll think I'm getting old and weak. Just like your mother does."
He's not that old.

She glances at the doc momentarily, then takes a small step backwards.

He tips his hat with a hairy leg.
"Name's Spider. 'twas a clap o' luck that ah stumbled intae ye oot 'ere in th' wilderness, eh? Ah kin shaw ye th' wey back tae whaur th' ithers bide, ah overheard thaim talking aboot something wi' a pony, sae ye mist be that. "


"Come on dad. Even if she did, which she won't, who cares what other people think? Do you want to be incapacitated for a few weeks because you let some disease run its course?"


I'll blink.
"Oh. Oh right. I didn't mean you."
I'll shake my head.
"At any rate, this is the doctor, who tends our wounds, and the pony at the helm is Angler. The captain is… hmm. Where is she? Doc, do you know if she's in her cabin?"


"I do not understand. Others?"


"What if she wants me to take days off? I cannot allow myself that commodity. You cannot turn off weather."

"Aye. Ah'ament th' yin ye'r keekin fur. We hae a colony o' sorts oot 'ere, whaur th' ponies dinnae fash us 'n' we dinnae fash thaim, bit we aye need tae trade 'n' exchange goods whiles. "

The doc opens his mouth but Angler responds.
"Aye, that she is. And if you ask me, you shouldn't bring her along if you plan on telling."
This makes Buangan slightly nervous again, and she actually shuffles closer to Felfire.


"You're acting like the world will stop turning if you take a few days off. Have some trust in the ponies working under you for goodness sake."


"I see."
Present the package and the paper.
"I was ignorant of spider community."


"What kind of example would that show to them? How could I expect them to be punctual and always be here when I can't do the same?"

He wiggles one of his front legs around.
"Ye dinnae git it, dae ye? ah'ament th' yin wha that package is fur. Tis fur th' leader o' th' community. Sumthin fancy he ordered. Ah kin leid ye thare tho."


"I'm sure they won't fault you for taking some sick leave. You're a pony, not a damn machine."


"Where is the honorable leader?"


"…fine, I'll get myself checked, but I won't promise to take sick leave."

The giant spider turns around, looking back at you.
"C'moan pal, follow me. Ah will shaw ye th' wey. Mynd th' webs. "



I'll nod.
"I had planned to leave her with you and the little one while I speak with the captain."


Follow him.


Cloud Skimmer, see

Lone Mesa, see

He starts skittering along the forest's floor at a surprising speed for his size.
He keeps cheerily talking.
"Tis crakin' tae see a pony aroond thae bits wha isnae 'ere tae hunt or hurt us, ye ken. A lot o` yer folks ur bonny mean tae us juist fur bein' whit we ur. We dinnae ca' ye mingin' fur ainlie huvin twa een or four legs, dae we? Weel, mibbie auld douglas, bit he's ancient as th' hills 'n' hud a lot o' ill experiences wi' ponies. Dinna fash yirsel though, he's a' blether na bite, fur a' his skelp he haes a hert o' gowd."
Roll to not get stuck in the webs on the ground or between the trees if you try fluttering instead.

Angler nods.
"Sounds fine to me."
Buangan, the native you found still seems nervous, standing nearby Felfire now.


"Oh I'll hear what the doctor has to say, don't worry. Thanks though, I'm glad you've at least agreed to getting check."


Slowly, circle a hoof around the floor, avoiding eye contact.
"Hey there…"


My Equestrian is nowhere near good enough to understand this accent.
"Thank you."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Can you give me a little refresher?


He sighs, and takes out a small notebook.
"I'll have to see when I have the time for it… Unlike some of us, I am busy with work, you know."

She looks down at you.
Her legs are shaking like leaves. Seems like you're not the only one who is scared of others.

You manage to navigate the webs without getting caught up in them. The two of you arrive at the mouth of a huge cave. It's chock full of webs in and out, and you see even more creepy giant spiders skittering around everywhere.
"'ere we ur! Isnae it a beauty? Ah will shaw ye ben!"
He motions towards the enterance.

The siege of Appleloosa by bandits is over. A lot of ponies died on both sides, but you managed to come up on top. One of the bandits previously thought dead even tried to bring you down by using a grenade. Only one of the bandits survived, she is locked up in the sherrif's office.Sherrif Brass just gave you an envelope they found in the pocket of who was assumed to be their leader.


Try to look up at her face.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let's open it up.


"I know. Because you still stubbornly refuse to delegate your tasks. You only have yourself to blame for that."


"It is… very beautiful. I am honored to be invited to your home. I will follow your lead."


You look up at her.
Those scars… you sort of feel lucky. You don't have scars like that. You're not disfigured at least.
Plus, she is just a native! You've got nothing to be scared of her! Not only was she on the same, unfortunate side of the island's inhabitants as you, she seems to be spooked as well. You have this strange urge, this unknown feeling replacing your apathy… it's like you want to… help her? Somehow? But how?

"If you want things to get done without a problem, trust nopony but yourself. You'll learn that when you are older."

He lets out a very weird noise, which you think might be chuckling, and goes inside. It's pretty dark, the only lights are coming from strange, blue crystals hanging by webs from the ceiling. You guess they don't want fire to set their webs ablaze. Still, you feel literally dozens of eyes on you as all the spiders stop whatever they are doing and look at you. You arrive at a large dome of web, and a particularly large and hairy spider stops your guide.

"Wha is that?"

"She's git something fur th' gaffer."

You know the drill by now. Bring proof of their death, preferably their corpses. Try and cheat me and you won't get away with it. Here are the targets for Appleloosa:
One deputy sherrif
One sherrif
Two rangers

Don't fuck this up

Behind the titles, there are numbers. From the price of the deputy you could buy a carriage. For the sherrif, you could buy a house.
For the rangers, it's a small fortune. But two of them?


Then I guess it's off to see the captain.


"Until your heart gives out under the stress of your workload. Don't you think your health isn't important as well? If something happens to you…"
Shake my head.
"You won't be able to look after mom anymore."


two rangers?



"Sheriff, is there any other Ranger here?"


Nopony said anything about another ranger coming here, and you don't know any other resident ranger either.


Spideru spideru spideru.
"I come to deliver a package."


She is in her cabin, working over some sea charts.
By the looks of it, she didn't get much sleep.

"With all the healthy diet crap she is making me, I doubt I will. And if I do, she has three beautiful children, doesn't she?"

He scratches his head.
"Not that I know of. It's only you, i'nnit?"

You see the tiny eyes of the bouncer narrow, before it crawls to the side, opening up the way into the dome.
"A'm keeping mah een oan ye."


"Three beautiful children and no husband. Healthy diet or not, watch your health. It's important and you know it."


What's the name of that pony who went with me to their hideout again?


Knock knock.


What a creep.
"Of course, honorable guardian."


Take a step forwards, bringing a hoof up.
"Y-you okay?"


"I will try. You know when I could rest easy and die without worrying, though?"

Deputy Wildstar. He's probably still at the doc's.

Most of the captain's cabin door is rotten and useless, so you can see inside. Still, she looks up.
"It's open."

The inside of the dome seems to be much more bright.
Inside, in the middle of it all, there is a huge throne. Atop it sits a giant spider, easily three times the size of any of the other ones you saw earlier.
When it sees you, it claps it's two thin front legs together excitedly, and speaks with a high pitched voice.
"Finally, finally! It's 'ere! come closer, dear!"
The boss is a female?

She shudders at first, then gulps and nods.
"Yes… I-I am sorry. For sneaking up. Should have asked for stay on boat."
She frowns.


"Perhaps….they mistook Wildstar for a ranger."
I quickly check up on Wildstar.


"Looks like we had a stowaway. One of the natives decided to come along for a ride. She seems pretty harmless, though, and scared out of her wits."


"When you actually start trusting the people you work with."


"C-curry's good!"
Smile a bit to her.
"He'd have let you come with us!"
Sit down on the floor.


Spider queen, spider queen.
Approach her carefully and bow.
"Venerable boss lady, I bring you a package. You must sign this paper to confirm the delivery."


He's still out cold.
His father, Rickety Crimes is here as well, sitting beside his bed.

She looks at you with a stern expression… then slumps down, breaking out into bitter laughter.
"I'm the worst captain in the history of seafare, aren't I?"

"When I will know that I can leave the company in the hooves of someone I truly trust. Somepony close."
He gives you that look.

She sits down as well.
"I didn't know… maybe he tell me to go back to village. I didn't want live in that village!"
It's pretty clear her first language isn't this one.

As you get close, you are suddenly swept off of your hooves! The giant spider grabbed you and pulled you close! It was all a ruse! Oh no, now you are going to get eaten an-
Oh, wait, is she hugging you? She gives you a big squeeze.
"Aren't ye th' prettiest 'n' cutest wee pony? 'n' ye git 'ere sae fleet tae! thare wur times ah hud tae hauld yer horses weeks fur something tae git 'ere! 'n' ye'r nae feart o' me either! ye'r sae cute ah wish ah cuid keep ye!"


Good, at least they didn't get him.
Hmmm, I need to know more.
Go back to the mare.


"Do you trust me?"


"Not yet you aren't. We're still alive, after all, and afloat."
I'll shrug.
"Besides, no one else noticed she was aboard until the little one and I noticed something was out of place in the hold. The thing about the natives from that island is that they had a good reason to get skilled at hiding."
I'll walk over and give her a little pat on the back.
"You look like something the tide brought in, though. You need to get more rest."


"Y-you were hurt too at home?"
Slowly crane my head along the ground, to look at her closely…


I'd bow, but I'm already being hugged!
"You honor me, but I am otherwise engaged. My employer expects me to return."


She is in her cell, playing with the bars.
She doesn't seem too upset.

"Of course. You are my son."

She hangs and shakes her head as you pat her back. For the first time, you can hear her voice crack slightly as she loses her composure.
"T-They died… I couldn't keep my promise. I told them I'd get them all off that island in one piece."

Her brown coat is pretty filthy, now that you have a closer look. The scars seem old too.
She shakes her head.
"I was hurt elsewhere. If I stayed at the village, I die. So I live alone in ruins of shore village."

One more squeeze later, she puts you down and pats your head.
"O' coorse, o' coorse. Ye'r nae in a rush, urr ye? Ye cuid hulp me test th' hings that ye git 'ere fur me!"
She quickly scrapes something onto the delivery paper with a leg, probably how she signs them.


"But you think I don't want to follow in your footsteps."


They don't want you either?"
Start getting all mopey thinking about it.


Uh… well I guess I could help a customer.
"Anything for a customer."


"No one expected that necromancer, Captain. Nor his legion of goons."
I'll sigh slightly.
"And you aren't the only one carrying that burden, either. If I had not gone trying to get rid of that den of murderers, then they wouldn't have been drawn into that."


"Who's your boss?"


"I know you will see the importance of why you should. I didn't want to follow your grandfather's path either, yet here I am. It's what we are destined to do."

She shakes her head.
"The bad ponies, they knew village was full of ponies to hurt. They rarely check other places. I hide in village to escape them."

"If you didn't do it, then I would have…. but I was their captain. They depended on me."
Her body shudders.
"I'll never forgive myself.. I let my… I let my crew die, and I didn't."

She gives that weird, chuckling sound and takes the package. At the same time, her other legs pick up and set down a small table between the two of you, with a pink, frilly tablecloth. She unpacks the package which turns out to be a tea set!
She squees at the site, then looks over you to yell at another spider.
"Awright, beefy, git me some het cooncil juice wull ye?"
She sets a cup down in front of you.
"Isnae it bonny?"

She pouts.
"Aww, you do care about me!"


"I'm not playing games."


Yeah, Buck always went there.
Look at the ground in shame.


"Is it?"


Look at the cup, then the spider.
"It is very kawaii."


"Your crew isn't all dead, though. Angler and the Doc are still here. And someone has to tell the families of the others."
I'll rest a hoof on her shoulder.
"And you did everything in your power to keep them alive.You did more than any one pony ought to have taken on by themselves, and still managed to walk away from it. I know you've been beating yourself up over this, the lack of sleep is proof you've not rested since then."
I'll look her in the eye.
"Now, you are a captain, Splinterproof, and your vessel still has a ways to go. But you've got us here with you."


"I was going to suggest 'pin the bullet on the ranger'. I can start, just give me a gun."

She lets out a yelp!
Looks like the doc walked over.
"Do you want me to check you up? If you're going to say, you should be healthy."
At the same time, Angler, the stallion at the helm whistles.
"Oi, little'un. Come here for a sec, will you?"

"It's been for generations."

She smiles.
"Whit's that, dear?"
The big bouncer pony shows up with a stone jug full of hot water, which he pours into the big teapo then scurries away. The mother spider puts a filter into it.
"Tis bin ages sin ah talked tae a pony! Whit ur th' speirins o' th' world?"

Her eye is glistening with tears.
"How could I tell them that I couldn't save them? How could I rest like that?"
She drops a hoof on the table.
"Not to mention that we are still lost at sea, with only these old charts."


Gulp down and look up at him, quickly nodding as I lower my head again and obey.


Grab a rope and start making a noose.
"I know a better game."


"And what of my brother and sister?"


I have no idea what she just asked.
"A thousand apologies, I do not understand the question."


"Captain, I'm certain they would forgive you, had they the words to do so. The only one who can't forgive you… is yourself. And I know the pain won't just magically go away, I know you'll probably grasp onto that guilt for a long while. But you shouldn't. You went through a harrowing that no one should have had to go through. Angler and Doc are both proud to have such a capable captain, and have expressed that, even with such outdated charts, you'd be able to get them home. They still trust you. I trust you."
I'll give her shoulder a little pat.
"The only one who doesn't is you. If we're lost, we'll simply look to the stars for guidance, as sailors have done for centuries."


You walk over and he.. lowers the your eye level.
"Wanna' help me?"
He even lowered his voice!

"You're going to hang yourself? I guess that works for me too."

"They are both good ponies, but they don't have the capability to run an organization and factory as big as this. You do."

She pours you some tea and speaks slower.
"Whit wis that word ye said?"

She sniffles, then straightens her shoulder to stand up properly again.
"…thank you, Curry. For trusting me… and for everything."
To your surprise, she steps closer and gives you a hug. Or rather, takes one.


"No, you are."


Look into his eyes, and then quickly to the ground, nodding.


I laugh.
"Do I? What makes you say that?"


"Kawaii? It means… cute or… lovely. In Equestrian."


Well, I'll return the hug.
"If you didn't deserve the trust, I wouldn't have given it. Now, let's go see about this stowaway, shall we?"


"Then how are you going to get any answers?
Tsk, you're not very bright, are you?"
The noose is ready.

He reaches into his back, and pulls out something long and metal, with a shiny round thing at the end. It looks pretty makeshift.
"I managed to throw this together from some scraps I found… it's a spyglass."
He puts it down in front of you.
"Do you want to be the ship's lookout?"

"Your sister is too easily pushed around and your brother is better at recieving orders than giving them."

She raises her cup, then tilts her head back and sloshes the whole thing down… looks like she can't really drink the proper way with those huge mandibles in the way.
"Oh! Ye'r a foreigner! Ah coudnae tell! Whaur urr ye fae?"

She steps back.
"…if you think she's okay, then let her be."
She sighs.
"You are right. I think I need some rest."


"What is…"
Look at the curious metal thing, and pick it up!


I'll nod.
"Alright. I'll leave you to that, and we four will handle the stowaway. I'm sure she can help with the menial tasks, and with a bit of help she might even make a half-decent seapony."


"I'm flattered dad, really, but I'm not really good with administration."


"You're not going to give me answers. So I might as well have some payback for my friends."
Attach it to the ceiling.


"Neighpon, the land of the rising sun."


It's pretty easy!
It's long, and it has a tiny side and a big side and some shiny glass in the middle!
"You look into it, and you will be able to see far away!"

"Princesses know we will need all the help we can get. The first big storm that comes along… I don't even want to think about it."

"Maybe you could help me out sometime, to learn."
He sounds pretty hopeful.

You do so.
"Seeking vengeance? Awww, that's not very ranger-like."
She takes a step back from the bars.

"Ye haven't touched yer cuppa yit!"
She motions at your tea.
"I ne'er met a'body from thare! Ur thare spiders thare toe? Tell me a' aboot it!"


"We'll be fine. I'm sure of it."
I'll give her one last pat on the back, and then head to the door.
"Of course, you know this means we'll all be expecting you to actually eat, right?"


"We protect our own. When scum like you kills another Ranger, we take care of that on our own."
Check if the rope is hanging good.


Nod quickly and eagerly in surprise and amusement!


"Yes. Big spiders live underground. I lived in big city. No spiders."


"Why not teach my brother or sister? Assertiveness can be taught."


She rolls her eyes.
"One thing at a time."

It's firm like the flanks of an applebuckin' mare.
"If I already killed one of your kind, I wouldn't be here, I would be spending my money in Los Pegasus or Manehatten."

A task! And you can be super useful!
Roll to figure out how to use the spyglass!

It's some really nice tea!
"Then howfur come ye'r nae scared?"

"But willpower cannot."



'1d10' I'm smart. But unlearnt.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I must perform my assigned task. Fear is the killer of duty."


"I think you underestimate them."


It's easy to figure out!
You look in it at the small part, point it at something far away, and it will be like it's super close!

"Och, yer a brave wee lassie, aren't ye? Ah ken spiders wha hae less courage than ye."

"I try to think realistically. No offense to either of your siblings."

You were on a date with Lockbox, enjoying some great food and some mediocre wine.


Smile over at her, paying attention to her expressions. "Did I mention you look stunning tonight?"


"And what happens if I don't take over the torch?"


Give the spider a polite smile
"You honor me with your compliments."


"Stop lying, we found the letter."


One of her ears flicks lightly and she blushes at your compliment.
"You look pretty handsome for yourself, too."
From the way she said it, it's pretty apparent she is not used to giving or recieving flattery.

He snorts.
"Don't be ridiculous."

"Na, ye deserve it! Some o' th' courers outright attacked us fur thay didnae ken we wur th' ones thay wur keekin fur! In fact, ye did sic a guid jab ah juist hae tae mak' a litte something fur ye!"
The giant spider raises her abdomen and reaches back with her two back legs, and you can see something silky slowly take shape from her spinerettes.

"And? Did you find the payment too? If you did, that asshole was hiding it from all of us."


Just stare him down.


"Yes, quite a sum of money."


That's a bit weird… but I'll observe and see what she does.


How adorable I grin at her and continue eating a bit to get her a moment to recover.
"So.. what made somepony as lovely as you want to be a guard?"


He stares back, his voice harsh and serious.
"We all have our obligations, son. To Equestria, to Cloudsdale. To our family."

She sizes you up.

It takes less than a minute, and once it is done, she sits back down, and passes over little pack like thing, containing three folded up sheets.
" 'ere! Thae ur some braw webs if ye ever git caught in a raucle plook! Juist throw yin o' thae onto anythin' that tries tae hurt ye 'n' thay wull regret haein a beef wi' ye!"

Momma' Spider's Web:
Throw it on an enemy automatically to disable them for five turns. Single use, 3 uses.

She eats some too, but takes her time to respond.
"I always liked to protect others from bullies and play treasure hunt games… it was sort of like an investigation for a filly. When my cutie mark showed up, I know I was right, but, well, I couldn't really get to guard anything but things nopony wants to steal. Makes my job easy, but I want to do something for others."
She says the last sentence passionately.


"… Thank you. Your generosity knows no bounds. I will treasure this gift."
I bow in respect.


"You answer first.
Where is the body of the ranger you killed?"


"I know I do. We will talk more of this later, I'm sure."


"Clearly they are under estimating your ability, blind fools. If only I knew how to open their eyes."


She pats your head, which honestly, feels pretty creepy.
"Think hee haw o' it! Noo, ah dinnae wantae keep ye up ony mair than ah did awready! A'm sure ye aye hae a lot tae dae!"

She sits down on the jail cot with a shrug.
"How the fuck should I know? I thought the old fart was still alive."

"When your time comes."

She chuckles.
"If you know any Chief Guards, you could ask them to write a letter of recommendation."


"Make sure you go see the doctor."
Turn to leave.
"I will know if you haven't done so."


"Who." I say sternly.


Pocket the web thing, I guess? It's probably all sticky…
"There is always more work to be done. Thank you for using our service."


"I only saw a picture. He has a beard, like this."
She motions with her hooves.
"They told us he never wears Ranger outfit either."

"I will, I will. Take care, Cloud."

The outer wrapping surprisingly isn't, but you should take care not to unwrap it by accident.


Do I know the guy?


Chuckle back a bit. "I think you just need a little luck.." stare into her eyes and move a little closer. "And you don't have to do it alone, not if you don't want to."


I nod as I leave.
"You too, dad."
So… I'm not entirely sure what day it is or what time it is or anything. It's been a while.


I won't
Guess it's time to leave then! Bow one last time to the big spiders with weird accents and get out of here


You know old ponies with beards, but none of them ever said anything about being a Ranger.
Only one of them is really good at guns, though. The now retired Sherrif, Rickety Crimes.

She matches your motion and moves closer to you as well.
"Everything is better in company."

You can skip work anyway, to go and visit the training/racing tracks to see how well your new workout paid off.

You bow to them and turn to leave. They all wave at you and spout their almost gibberish goodbyes.
It's getting late, but if you really hurry you can be back to Los Pegasus before midnight.
The Pony Express never closes anyway, there is always traffic so you can even deliver an out of town delivery within the day!


That sounds fun. Let's do it.


Am I fast enough to get back before nightfall?

Roll #1 10 = 10


And he never wanted his son to be a Ranger.
"You are stupid. He wasn't a Ranger."


I let this moment go on, and reach until i'm holding her hoof. "And there is no one who's company I'd rather have." sigh happily. And probably we are close in finishing our meal by now.


"Wouldn't have that price on his head otherwise."

Your wings feel much stronger and more flexible.
DC is now 5 and your bonus to flight is 3.
You see other pegasi practicing today as well, since it's such a nice day.
Better warm up!

You are fast as the flow of the raging river.
You get back to the HQ an hour before midnight, and you don't even tire yourself out too much!
The place is a lot less busy than usual, and a different pony is at the checking window as usual.

She smiles as you hold her hoof.
"I'm really glad you came to that stupid exhibition now."
You are, unless you want to order dessert.


"Why a bounty for him?
What made him so special?"


Let's get those wings warmed up with some casual exercise first.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hey, it wasn't so bad. I'm just glad you had that night shift." Smile back.
I guess its rude not to ask..
"Are you ready to go, or would you like some dessert?"


Let's drop off this paper with the delivery confirmation first.


"There's a bounty out for everyone who protects the law."
She smirks and leans against the wall, still sitting on the cot.
"A war is coming to this desert. And when it is over, I will rule it with my laws."
She starts laughing.

You flap them, rotate them, and get them ready for some good old fashioned speeding.
You see a mare who looks very familiar, but you can't remember why.

Her smiles widens.
"I'm ready to go if you are~"

The stallion takes it, looks at it, then back at you.
"This delivery must be dated wrong. It says you made this run today."


"Lets be off then."
Pay for the meal and leave a tip, and lay wing over her back as we leave.


"Very dramatic, all you need is a moustache to twirl. What's next, gonna leave a broad tied up on the train tracks?"


From work maybe?

Let's start with some speedflights around the track. See how fast I can go first before moving on to the agility and aerobatics.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


I nod.
"It was today. I just returned."


That's one pony you made happy with just the tip today.
She leans against you as the two of you walk and starts heading towards her home.
"Good thing I have a strong stallion seeing me home, who knows what could happen otherwise?"
She chuckles again.

"Hey, I'm just the one who gets paid to do the dirty work."

Oh, yeah! Definitely from work!
She was the mare who giggled at you when you doused yourself with cold water in the shower. She works Weather Control.
You could go faster, but this is a very decent speed for your current effort, easily faster than some average pegasi.

He blinks, then looks at it again.
"Holy sh- you flew all the way there and back in a day?"


"And who pays you?"


Let's push it. Why not? Increase the pace, make those wing muscles work overtime.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Smile confidently and brush my tail against her. "I'm more than happy to assist a mare as lovely as you."


I nod.
"I was swift like mighty typhoon."


She shrugs.
"I guess we'll never know, with me getting hanged and all."
She points at the noose you made.

Now THAT is fast! You are pretty sure you could go even faster, but you are doing laps at a very good pace now!

She wraps her tail around yours in response.
"Are you?"
The two of you arrive at a small house. She takes out her keys with her mouth and quickly opens the door.

He scratches his head.
"Well… wow. Okay."
He puts the paper away.
"That's pretty amazing work you did there."


"I'll leave it hanging here.
Maybe you can think a bit about it."
Walk out, to Rickety.


Go faster? I want to push my limits. If not today, some other day.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"It is what it is. I take my work seriously."


chuckle softly and rub her side with my wing. "You know.. your lips look really cute like that."


You find himself outside, sitting on a small bale of hey, gazing into yonder.
He turns to you when you approach.
"What's the situation?"

You start to overstep your boundaries, and after a wrong flap of your wings, you lose control and smack into the soft cloud railing at the side, which only makes you trip and thumble until you come to a stop.
Ouch… that hurt.
You hear the laugh of the mare from work.
"You allright there, hotshot?"
She extend a hoof for you to help you up.

"I'm sure Collar will write your paycheck accordingly."

She spits the keys out on the ground once both of you are inside and kicks the door shut with a hindleg.
"Do I?"


"We got things under control."
Look to Wildstar.
"How is he?"


Lean in and kiss her.


Draw out a deep breath.
"… Sure."
Take her hoof after I've had a moment to collect myself and pull myself up.
"I might have lost control there for a moment."


"I will be eternally grateful."
"I must leave now."


He is inside the clinic, but you can see him through the window.
"They say he's stable now. He just got to gain his strenght back now."

She kisses you back, pushing you against the wall.
Whoa, she got some strenght!

With her help, you stand up easily, but your legs still ache.
"I saw that. Did nopony ever tell you not to push yourself?"
She sizes you up.
"You're the son of the boss, aren't you?"

He nods.

As you leave, however, you see a small package! Someone must have dropped it or left it!


Wow, she's really eager I guess its time to help her out of that dress'5d10'

Roll #1 6, 3, 2, 10, 5 = 26


"Not to push myself? On the contrary."
I snicker.
"You're right about that though. I recognize you as well."


I sit down.
"Why didn't you tell me?"


And then everything faded to black
which means the two of you totally fucked

She smirks.
"Do you?"

Roll #1 3, 1, 1, 8, 1 = 14


He looks at you.
"What do you mean, son?"


"Why you don't want him to be a ranger…"


Hm? What's it say?


"You've laughed at me before."


And then I stealthed away while she was sleeping to go check out that note. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


He sighs.
"You saw what happened out there. He is a good boy, but he is not made to be a Ranger. It would just kill him."

You can't find the note that is supposed to go with it anywhere…

She snickers.
"Did I? When?"

She fell asleep a bit too early…
You check out that note, it has some directions on how to get to a certain hideout.
Looks like you'll need to find a way underground, outside of Ponyville.




"You remember, I'm sure you do."


"You should have told me you were a Ranger."


How heavy is it? Can I hear anything inside when shaking it?
I should go back to report this.


Felfire and Curry

A day has passed while you were out at the sea.
The Doc has been trying to ration food as well as making inventory of all the medicine left.
Captain Splinterproof might have found a direction to sail towards to, aiming to reach a current that will help you navigate the ship back to Equestria. Angler refused to give up the helm until she rested properly.
Buangan, the native pegasus has been spending most of her time belowdecks.

Curry was tasked to check the ship every now and then for any faults that might need repair.
Felfire got to help out too by being the lookout with the naval telescope. She threw up a few times and occasionally felt dizzy, which The Doc chalked up to going cold turkey from the drugs she has been given, but has nothing to treat it.

Time passed mostly uneventfully, until Felfire caught a glimpse of something big and gray in the distance…


A shame I don't have a fishing pole…
Not like I'd get any bites with no bait and while we're moving, anyway. Perhaps I can try and get Buangan out from belowdecks. It's not like any of us would hurt her.


Spy it closer, what does it look like?

Roll #1 1 = 1


You get so excited that you flare your wings, which hurt and cause you to yelp, the sudden feeling making your hoof twitch, which makes you poke yourself in the eye with the telescope too.

If Netsy was here she'd have already made some sort of improvised fishnet, you're sure…

You do hear some sort of music from her usual semi-dark corner of the ship's belly.


I'll knock on the wall near the door.
"May I come in?"


Jump back on my flank and rub my eye with a hoof.


You fall back onto your butt.
Owie.. you're sort of seeing stars with that eye now.

The music doesn't stop… which you guess is a yes?
You hear her sing about… Buck?


I must go find Curry!


Perhaps she's singing about how she's free of him.
I'll enter the room.


You hop up onto all fours!
Angler, standing behind the wheel, raises a brow.
"Something startle you, little 'un?"

She is stringing some sort of small instrument, similar to a guitar, only with some rattles attached on it.
When you enter, she starts singing in Equestrian instead of her own language.

"Buck, Buck oh Buck…
Buck you caused your downfall
You will fall down in your hole
Then you'll find, you'll find you've lost your soul

You faced the Sun
And you fought, I saw you figthing the Moon
Your hoof is withered
And your life, your life is done

You have claimed to be our king
Now now now… you don't have anything
On the island you're invincible, so you've told
Buck you've killed our young, now your blood
Your blood runs cold

She closes her eyes and looks down, finishing the song.


"I didn't quite peg you as a songstress, Buangan."
I also didn't know she knew that many words, and what they mean. But she doesn't need to know that.


Point at the sea, where I saw something!


Maybe she was just shy around you?
She opens her eyes.
"It helps. Make nightmares go away."

He looks at the horizon of the Big Blue Thing.
"Did you see land?"
You are certain that whatever you saw was not an island. It looked like… a floating big metal temple!


I'll nod quietly.
"Are you getting along with the crew? You don't have to stay down here if you don't want to."


"It was all shiny, like the blade of a knife!"


"I'm afraid…"
She shakes her head.
"I sneak on ship."

He perks up.
"A ship… and probably a serious one, too! Where did you see it? Which direction?"


"Captain Splinterproof, Angler, and Doc won't throw you overboard just for that. They're actually very nice, once you get past the gruff exterior."
I'll rub my chin a moment.
"Though I'll admit the captain is about three-quarters 'gruff.'"


Point him!


She nods again.
"She hunted raiders like how they did to us."

He picks the telescope up and looks through it.
After a few moments he looks at you.
"It looks like a big military vessel… they might be our ticket home."
He smiles.
"Very good job, kid!"


Smile back, radiating happiness!


"She was, understandably, very angry at them. The raiders killed more than half of her crew, ponies she had the responsibility to keep safe."
I'll sit where I am.
"But you are not a raider, nor have you done anything that would make her angry. If anything, she could probably use the extra pair of eyes looking for leaks in this boat. She'd probably never admit that, though."


"Go get the Cap'n quick for me, will you?"

"She is captain… chieftain of this ship, yes?"


Nod, and storm off!


I'll nod.


"Is sh-"
She pauses when you both hear the clopping of tiny hooves zip past the corridor.

You canter as fast as your tiny little legs carry you.
You think you saw a glance of Curry in one of the dim rooms but you cannot stop!
You skid to a stop and almost trip in front of the mostly intact door of the Captain.

…now you'll have to knock though.


The captain is always so quiet, that's not gonna be a problem…
Is it?
Try to knock.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll flick an ear.
"Seems the little one's got something important on her mind. Wonder what it is…?"
I'll get up and go look out the door. Where did Felfire get to?


You can do this!
You raise your hoof and…
You'll knock….
You'll do it yeah….
Just working up the courage for it, give it a few seconds…

You see her standing in front of Splinterproof's cabin.
She has her hoof raised in the air.


Squeeze my eyes and knock!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll watch for a second. See if she can muster the courage to knock, since that looks like what she's trying to do.



Any second now!

She squints her eyes closed, her hoof hoovering in the air.


Please, it's important!
Whimper a bit and knock!
Even slow and low, if it's what it takes!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You take a few large breaths, then finally manage to lay down a few, slow, but loud knocks!


Oh, right, that was the easy part.


Look at the ground.


There she goes.
She's getting better.


Looks like she's whispering something at the door.

You hear hoofsteps, then the door opens.
The tough mare looks down at you.
"What was that? I didn't hear a thing."


Gulp down and try to repeat that!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Here comes the rough patch of sea, Felfire.


Turn to him in worry and desperation, unable to talk!


Looks like she hit some high waves!

You try, but it comes out as a muffled mutter!


I'll nod at her, and motion for her to keep trying.


Okay, I can't talk to her! Instead, give her a pledging look and turn to move, looking back, hoping she will follow!


Shake my head.
"Up! Boat! Hurry!"


That is enough to get her attention.

She gets a bit too 'excited', however, and grabs Felfire!
"You saw a boat?!"


I'll raise an eyebrow, then look at the captain.
I'll take a half-step forward before this reaches its inevitable conclusion.




She quickly realizes her mistake once Felfire starts screaming and lets go of her, taking a step back.

As Curry can judge from her look, she doesn't really know what to do with the wailing filly.


More like, the traumatized, hiding-in-a-corner, filly.


I'll walk up near her, but still a few feet away.
"Little one, it's alright. The captain wasn't going to hurt you…"


Splinterproof grimaces.
"…I'm sorry, okay?"


Not like I'm here with my mind right now.


"She's… got a long way to go, Captain. You head up on deck, and I'll try to calm her down."


Roll not to hyperventillate.

She nods and turns around without a word, trotting away. She seemed upset at herself again.


I'm in a whole other dimension!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Buangan, do you still have your instrument? Maybe a little music will help her calm down."


At least your breathing is fine.

You start to hear something weird… It's slow and calm…

She heads back to the room, where she was peeking from, and comes out with it.
She sits down, and starts playing something that sounds almost like a lullaby.


I… Focus on that.
Stop thinking about the touch.
Focus on that calming sound.


You perk up your ears.
Your heart slows down.
You could snugly fall asleep right then and there if you wanted to.
Of course, you do not want to do that, since you wouldn't hear whatever this is!


I'll nod to Buangan.
Then I'll just sit to the side and listen as well.


Open my eyes, slowly…
Look from Buangan to Curry as if to ask what's going on.


"Are you feeling better?"


Nod slowly…


The native pony has a serene expression on her face, her eyes closed.
The sound is coming from that piece of wood with the strings tied to it, and she is dragging her hooves across the strings to make it happen!


"Good. Don't forget to thank Buangan for playing her song."


Look with curious eyes at the native, but stay silent, in fear and respect of this magic sound.


I'll think for a second.
"Is this your first time hearing music?"


The soothing experience ends when she stops, slowly lowering her hoof.


"Thank you for playing, Buangan. It was lovely."


Try to squeak out a word…

Roll #1 9 = 9


She nods at both of you shyly… then slinks back to her room.

Maybe the music was to calm herself just as much as to calm Felfire.


I'll nod.
"Music is something… well, magical isn't exactly the right word, but it works. You see, songs and music have helped ponies for centuries, whether in celebrating good times, or coping with sadness."


Look at you with a lost expression.
"But is it good?"
Look down worried.
"It felt good…"


I'll nod.
"Music, in general, is a good thing. From what I'm told, music is more about emotion than talent, but being skilled at making music does tend to go a little easier on the ears."


The kid out of a raider camp totally understands every word you say.
Shakily, I will step back up, cantering slowly for the stairs.


"Once we get to the mainland, I think I should probably take you to listen to other musicians as well. There are about as many types of music as there are types of ponies."
And I'll follow her up, stopping for a moment.
"Buangan, do you want to come up on deck with us?"


You understand some of those words!
You are so clever!

She shakes her head.
"No… I feel fine here."


"If you get curious, it's alright if you come on up."
And I'll head up with Felfire.


I will smile. Inside of me.
Then wait for Curry and go up.


Both Angler and the Captain are staring off to the distance.
The captain has the telescope to her eyes.

Even with just your bare eyes, however, you can already see something on the horizon.


"Well? Any idea what it is?"


Trot up to the side of the ship and look deeeeeeeep into the Big Blue Thing!


The Big Blue Thing now has a tiny speck of Grey Metally Something!

Angler nods.
"Ship of the army, nearly the size of a flagship. One of those metal clad ones."
Splinterproof keeps spying, looking worried.






And you were the one who spotted it!



Maybe if you keep spotting things, you'll get your cutie mark in it!

She frowns and puts it down.
"No steam or smoke, moving very slow, like it's surfing on a current. No activity whatsoever… and worse, I think I can see rust on the side."


When I get a cutie mark is the day I have to go to the village and come back covered in pony ears!
I don't want that!


"So… just kept in poor shape, or sent out to be scuttled?"


Maybe if you ask them real nice you'll only have to collect a pair?

"No way Equestria would just let a ship like this go to waste… We only saw a few of them in the Baltimare port, and they were always headed to the overseas war… I've got a bad feeling about this."
Angler speaks up.
"If we set our course well, we can catch up to it within the hour."


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