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Cloud Skimmer
Milky Way waves a wing.

"I don't think that is possible, Miss. Mister Flower Pot is a very busy pony."

You don't see her right outside.

You stare at it in complete awe.
That dagger.
You want it.
You need it.
It must be yours, and you can never let it go.


Wide-eyed, extend a hoof for it.
Touch it.
Grab it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"No no, you've got me interested now!"


I'll look at the guardpony.
"Do you know which way she went?"


He gives you a nonchalant look.

"Curiosity killed the cat, Cloud."

You grab it.
It's in your hooves now.
You feel safer.
More powerful.
You can't let anypony take it from you.


"Hey, I told you about the Wonderbolts the first, don't you trust me at all?"


Not a pony.
Hide it safe, hide it wherever I can.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"If this package does not arrive, we will both be in much trouble."


"It's not that. It's just not important."

You see an earth pony stallion standing beside you.
One of the natives.
He kicks you away from the pile of weapons, then angrily says something in that strange language.

"What kind of package is it, Miss?"


I'll sigh.
"Little one! Where did you go?"


Whimper and try to scramble away.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I know nothing of its contents. It is a mystery."


"Alright, fine. I see how it is."


You hear someone talking angrily from behind a nearby hut.

You scramble away, but he takes a step after you.
"Saya melihat anda mengambil sesuatu. Beri kembali, benih kejahatan!"

She tilts her head.
"Then I am afraid I cannot let you see him, Miss."

"It's nothing personal, Cloud. You know I don't like talking about my life."


I'll flick my ears at that, and head around it.
"What's going on back here?"


This fucking baka-gajin is about to get it hard.
"I must. Otherwise he will not get package."


"Sure. I'll just go get a drink."
Get up and do so.


"Stay away!"
Try to get up, try to run!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You see a native earth stallion yelling at Felfire angrily beside a pile of weapons.

It's over.
Imprisonment, take two.
Only different masters this time. Must be all angry at you for the other raiders making them victim for so long.
You curl up and break down crying.

He frowns.
The others are dancing on the floor, except Corvette. You can't see where she is.
Orange is talking to a mare at the counter.

"I can't allow you to just go up to him without an appointment with a mystery package, Miss."
You see the guard walking up to you.



Roll #1 8 = 8


Celestia only knows.
Order a drink and listen in on Orange's conversation.


"Hey, hold up! What's going on here?"
Trot over and stand a bit protectively over Felfire.


"This package comes from grorious shipping company!"


The unicorn!
He's here to save you!

You stand over her, while the stallion shoots you a glare.
"Perosak yang mengambil sesuatu dari longgokan. Ia mahu mencuri dari kami."

"Which one?"

The barkeep gives you one.
"-ust with some friends."
"And do you and your friends come here often?"


"I have no idea what you're saying. However, if it's about the big pile of scrap weapons over there, then I'll agree that she shouldn't be playing near them."
I'll look down at Felfire.
"What were you doing here, little one? A pile of weapons is no place for a filly to play."


"From [Insert name here]."


Take a small sip and just casually, lean onto the counter, pretending to be just a stranger.



Roll #1 5 = 5


"Calm down, little one. Calm down."



Roll #1 8 = 8


Okay, stop crying and sobbing and look up at him.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"There we go."
"Now, can you tell me what you were up to over here? I thought I had asked you to wait in front of the hut until I came back?"


Mouth a few soundless words, looking at him in fear.


"It's alright, little one, you don't need to be afraid. I just want to know why."


"I was asking about the company, Miss."

"Every once in a while."
"I'm not a regular either, but I know I wouldn't mind seeing you more."
The mare giggles.

The tears are still flowing though.

The stallion stomps.
"Kanak-kanak yang harus dibunuh seperti yang lain!"


He's gonna kill me!


[Insert company name here]*?


Well well, isn't he a slick playboy?


I'll give the stallion the stinkeye.
"Let's try this without being angry."
Picking up Felfire by the scruff of her neck with my teeth, much in the manner of an overlarge cat, I'll move us back to the front of the hut, away from the pile of weapons.


I don't know how this could make it any worse, so just imagine a bulbing mess of tears currently paralyzed in fear.


Pony Express!
That's where you work!

He sure is.
A yellow wing nudges your side, and you hear Voltage's voice.
"Skim, you are just sitting here while one of your poor poor friends just waits to be danced like she was never before!"

You still hear him cussing, but he doesn't follow you.


Place her back on the ground, then sit down facing her.
"Alright, sorry. Now, what were you doing back there?"


"Pony Express."


Are we away from the other pony?



Catch my breath, slowly, staring at the ground.


"Well I was taking a little break after setting the dancefloor on fire…"
Pick up my drink and put it safely on the table, then return to her.
"… But I can't possibly deny a call for help from a damsel in distress. I have a reputation to uphold."


I'll raise an eyebrow at her.
"Nothing, hm?"
I'll sigh, and then shake my head.
"Alright. Nothing it is, then. Now, I've finished what I've come here to do. Let's head back to the others."
And I'll hunker back down so Felfire can climb back up.


Don't move instead. Keep staring at the ground.


"It's alright, you know. I'm not angry."


Stand up, and trot beside him. Keep staring down, but don't climb on.


"Do you have an official paper?"

She grins.
"Show me what you've got! I'll have you know I've won the dancing competition at the Stormbrewer the other week!"


"So, you want to walk then? Or is there something the matter after all?"


Shake my head.


"Alright then."
I'll rise back to my hooves.
"Let's go back to the others, then."
And then I'll start walking towards the boat town, keeping pace with Felfire.


"I have a receipt that must be signed."


Chop chop.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well well, let's see what you've got then, hotshot!"
Take her downtown to the dancefloor.


"Could you show it to me?"

The two of you hear the brushing of leaves above you, and it's not from the wind.

Reminds Felfire of Skyscraper.

"Winner gets a free drink!"
She offers you a hoof, letting you take the lead.


Whimper, shut my eyes and keep going, soldiering on.


Shake my legs a little to get them ready, then lay it down good and rowdy.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Take it out and show it, but not give it to her.


I'll flick my ears.
"Don't worry, little one."
Protect on Felfire, keep an ear out for whatever's in the bush.

Roll #1 10 = 10


They are still a bit stiff.
She takes the lead from you right away.
"C'mon Skim, you can do better!"

She lookes at it.
"Ah, I see."
She picks up a strange crystal and holds her other hoof at you to wait.

You shield her with your body.
A battered and bruised pegasus mare lands in front of you. One of the raiders. She seems to hold an improvised stick/sharp metal scrap javelin under one of her wings.
She gives you a fierce look.

You see Balefire land in the front of you two.
She seems badly hurt.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll glare at her, and levitate my trident between the two of us.
"And what do you want?"


Stare wide eyed at her, stopping dead on my tracks, strength failing my legs.


I wait, patient as a hunting mountain lion.


"Just trying to see what you've got first, that's all."
Do better!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Her voice is very raspy.
Her eyes are sunken.
She tries to hide it, but she can't seem to put weight on one of her forehooves.
"I want her!"

"Mister Flower Pot? Yes… Yes, I know… I know… No, he did not arrive yet… yes… yes Mister Flower…"

It would be hard to beat those coordinated moves.
"Like what you see then?"


Take a tiny step forward.



"Not on your damned soul."
Place a hoof in front of you.
"You're only taking this child over my dead body."



Roll #1 7 = 7




She looks at you, before looking back at the unicorn.

She bares her sharpened teeth at you angrily, lowering her head and spreading her ruffled, bony wings to try and seem bigger.
"She is mine!"

You're starting to get the hang of it.
She laughs.
"Now we're talking!"

"Yes… Yes Mister Flower… Did you- No, No Mister Flower…. yes, I will send her right away, Mister Flower… Two sugar no milk, I understood."
She yells to another mare.
"Bring the boss some coffee!"


"She is no more yours than she is mine. But I'll be damned before some soulless raider takes this child and hurts her again."


"Just needed some warming up!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


He is a coffee pony, interesting.


She said I'm… HERS!


I'll spare a glance at her. Why is she so happy about this raider?


You quickly take the lead from her to which she offers no resistance.
"I've got some more tricks as well!"

"Mister Flower… yes so… no, Mister Flower… a package. Yes, Mister Flower…. From the Pony Express… No, I don't know, Mister Flower."
She lowers the gem.
"Any hint on what kind of package it is at least, Miss?"

She keeps snarling, occasionally glancing at Felfire.
"You don't know shit. She's coming with me!"

You can roll for a spot check, Curry.


"Give me one good reason."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You keeping those under the feathers for now then? Why not show them?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Take out the package.
"No. Not my job to know, only to deliver."


Whimper and stare Belafire in the eyes.


She starts to put more and more effort into her hips and wings as she dances.
"You couldn't handle it!"

She nods.
"Some kind of fat envelope… yes, Mister Flower… I'll send her up right away, Mister Flower."

Her colors look strikingly familiar to Felfire's…
"She is mine."

She claws at the ground with a hoof.


I'll glare at her a moment longer, and then connect the dots.
"You… you're her mother?"
"Little one, do not move."


"I'm a veteran of the dancefloor, I've seen things no ordinary stallion ever does. I can handle it."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Press past C-

Roll #1 1 = 1


Do not move.


I could have been back at the depot by now!


"I'll sort this out."


"You're just an off-island fucking genius, aren't you?"

She snarls again.
"Felfire! Come!"

She puts down the crystal.
"Looks like he was expecting this package after all. His office is on the top floor, double doors. You can't miss it, Miss."

Apparently, you can't.
Her moves are almost mesmerizing. You can see why she'd be able to win a dance-off.
"Had enough yet, Mr-no-ordinary-stallion?"


Whimper, and hide behind Curry.


"Okay okay, you're a great dancer. I submit to your dancefloor skills."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"With great haste like grassland hare."
To the top floor! Penthouse floor!


"That's enough. Who are you? And what makes you think I'd return this child to a mother who let her get into such a situation in the first place?"


"I Think I'll start by getting that mare some flowers.." '1d10' break free!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You put up a show at the end at least.
She wipes her brow.
"You weren't half bad either, I'll admit."

Roll to navigate this glass labyrinth.

She grasps the javelin in a wing.
"I'll take her if I have to."

You manage to shake him off of you.
"To ruin the life of another?!"
He starts yelling.


Shit. I can still fly right? fly away, any direction. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I've had some practice in the past… not nearly as much as you though, it seems."
I'll need that drink now…




"You're in no shape to fight anything, least of all me. So put down your spear, and we can talk this over like adults."
I'll float my trident back to my side.


Not this time, crystal palace.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You start flying away, but you feel the painful impact of a flowerpot smashing against your head as you do.
Thankfully, he doesn't seem to be chasing you.

She sighs.
"Woo, I need to sit down after this!"
She starts walking back to the table with you.

The Crystal Palace seems to think yes, yes this time.
By the time you get to the first floor, you already bumped into at least five glass doors.
And this was just the first floor.
Your muzzle sort of hurts.

She doesn't lower her weapon.
"You can't just take her! I know what you're planning! He's just like them, Felfire! He is just like them!"


Ow ow. Keep flying away until I can't hear him anymore. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I am nothing like those monsters."
I'll glare with a bit more venom at Balefire.
"And I did promise to take her off the island. I plan to keep my promise."


Stop breathing and step away from Curry's leg.
Look at him with begging eyes.


Once we get there, enjoy my drink and relax.


Keep going, I will defeat it some day!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'll sigh.
"I'm not going to kill her. But she is in no condition to raise you. Especially with a very angry pony hunting all of the raiders that escaped."


Look at Belafire.


I'll shake my head.
"The captain is not going to let her anywhere near the ship."
I'll scratch my chin a moment.
"But perhaps we can compromise. You remember the cave where you had your first night of freedom?"



"We'll put your mother there. And so long as she promises to not attack anyone, I won't tell the captain she's there. I'll even bring you to visit her. How does that sound?"


You fly out of range to another part of this small town.
You're safe here.

Crush and Milky are there, both drinking.
Orange seems annoyed.

You take the next few floors with ease! Only a bit more now!

"Why should I trust you?!"


"Because I keep my promises. And you don't have much choice."


"What's wrong Orange?"
Take a swig from my drink to quench my throat.


Good. I have become one with the surrounding area.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Whew, now disguise as somepony else. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"H-he's good! Mom! He is!
Not like the monsters!"


He snorts.
"Got cockblocked by some bitch the size of an airship."

You make this bond eternal with the smudge your face leaves on the glass door before you which you just walked into.

You get a brand new look on you.
Nopony could recognize you like this, and you still look handsome as well!

"I-I can just kill you!"

"Shut up, you don't know nothing."


Whimper and back away, into the underbushes.


Ah, wonderful. But now I'll never catch up to her.. at least I know her name, or a name.
Go over to the windmill and look around '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Sounded like you were doing so well too. What happened?"


I hate glass. Stupid gajins and their overuse of glass.
Top floor?

Roll #1 3 = 3


There are a lot less ponies around now.
Maybe they are all taking afternoon naps.

"This ugly air-whale just dragged her away. A friend of her's or something."

Yes, top floor.
You think your nose is bleeding though.


Sigh and go look for that old man again '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wipe it off. I need to look good.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Well, tough luck pal. I know how it feels."


"You could certainly try, but I'd like to refrain from violence in front of the little one."
I'll remain impassive.
"If you don't want to take my generosity while it's extended, that's fine. I can just tell the captain that she missed one, and let her take care of the rest."


"Get back here!"

He is sitting in his newspaper booth.
He is covering his face with his hooves.

He takes a drink.
"Fucking great, that's how."
"You should come and dance to cheer up!"
"Where's Corvette, by the way?"

You smear it all over your muzzle.

"If she's still alive."
She grins wickedly.


"I really have no idea where she went."


Shake my head, half to say no half to wipe away the tears.


Move more solidly between her and Felfire.
"It'll take more than a crippled old nag to kill the captain. You barely look capable of standing up, let alone attacking anything."


Sit next to him. "Hey, something got you down old man?"


Disguise into someone better looking then.

Roll #1 9 = 9


She tilts her head, looking at you with only one of her bloodshot eyes.
"Maybe I killed her already."

"Come on!"

"I think I saw her."
"Making out with somepony."

He wipes his face with a hoof and looks at you. His eyes look red.
"Nevermind. What can I get you? Canterlot Times? Sun Daily?"

You change up your appearance, looking much more presentable in this situation.
You see the double doors in front of you. You hear some raised voices from inside.


I'll just shake my head, and sigh.
Then levitate her javelin away from her. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sniffle up and shake my head again.
In determination this time.


Knock knock.


"Damn. Who was it? Did you see?"


She cusses and stomps as you do, before lowering herself to her knees, drastically changing her tone.
"C-Come on, Felfire! Come here!
Won't you give me a hug?"

"Come in!"
You hear another vioce, still yapping.

Milky shrugs.
"Didn't really pay attention."


Look at Curry, waiting for a signal from him.


"I hope it was the same one…"


This pony is mad…
I'll keep an eye on Felfire, though I won't stop her. The javelin I'll toss off to the side.
"Let's head to the cave, then. Where I'm certain your mother won't fly away with you."


Enter then!


Nod, and go back staring at Belafire, with pleading eyes.
"Mom… Let's go. It's a really nice cave! So much better than the old place!"


"The Canterlot times please." Look around at his desk for clues about this 'bout' character '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Same one?"

"…I don't care for any fucking cave! Just come over here already!"

You enter.
His office is quite big, and there is a giant, intricately carved wooden desk in the middle. Behind it is a shelf full of books, as well as a small statue that looks like a phoenix.
A pony in a suit is sitting behind the table, while a seemingly distressed unicorn is standing on the other side.
"You can't do this to me! Not after all I've done for this place! This is not fair!"

He turns around to get you one.
The only indication that you see is a small picture of a young pony in boxing gear. Looks like it's cropped from an article with the title 'Bravly Bout wins Manehatten Championship


I'm scared."


"… Forget I said anything."


"Are you a boxing fan?" '1d10' try to get a date from that picture.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Walk over to the desk and take out the package and paper.
"Mister Flower Pot?"


"Just come over here and I'll make it all better…"

"Now you've got to say it."

You can't, but it doesn't seem very new.
"Used to be. Why, looking for sports magazines?"

"Ah, yes, I've heard enough, you can leave."
He looks at you.
"In person. That's for me, I assume?"
He takes out a pen and licks the tip.
"I'll take that now."

The other pony seems furious about being ignored.
"Flower you do this and I will burn this whole place to the ground!"


Shake my head.
"Nah… it's just a hunch anyway and I'd rather not piss Corvette off."


"Why aren't we g-going to the cave?
Why did y-you never stop the monsters?
Why did you l-leave me alone?"
Break down into sobs.


shake my head "The sport's just not the same, those new guy just don't have the spirit of the classic champions. Like that Bravly Bout."


Glance over at the pony, but keep my focus on the box, handing it to him.
"Please sign paper to confirm transaction."


"You tease."
"I'm starting to get hungry, what about you guys?"

"..I-I had no choice! You know that! It was either you or me!"

He quickly signs it then takes the package.
"Thank you. You can see yourselves out now. Both of you."
The other stallion storms out.

His eyes narrow for a second.
"He was a nobody. Just a lucky little punk."


Bag the paper and walk out.

… Where the stallion? Follow him.


My heart will sink.
Stare at her with utter disappointment and…
Regret? Horror? Pain?
I don't know if there's a word for this.


"Was he? " ask genuinely curious. "I've been overseas for a few years, did something else happen?"


"I ate plenty of salad back home… I'll pass on any more food. In fact… I think I'll be going home in a bit."


It would be hard to miss him, he's fuming and cussing all the way down.

"His luck ran out. He's nothing now."

"Oh, already? Why?"

"B-But now that's over! It won't happen again!"


"Such a shame, he had real talent didn't he?"


Curl up and cry.
"G-go away…"


"I'd like to be fresh and not smell like booze when I visit my old folks tomorrow."


It is unwise to poke the angry beehive with a stick. I will just see where he goes.


Levitate Felfire up onto my back.
"You had best leave, whoever you are. Pray to whatever god who would still accept you that our captain does not find you."
And then I'll start heading back towards the docks.


"He was just a lucky punk, nothing more, nothing less.
Now, are you buying sports too?"

She flies up, out of sight, only to land again in front of you.
"Give me! She's mine!"

"Big deal, they can nurse your hangover or something!"
"Stay safe on the way home."

He is heading downstairs.
He is muttering something to himself.
DC4 if you want to hear it.


"I don't they they'd appreciate it. I haven't seen mom in… a while."


Lone Mesa

Appleloosa. A quaint, mostly quiet little town.
Finally, after nine months, you are back to see it again.
Knowing you no longer have a home here is hard on your soul, however. Returning is not the same as it was before. You did not come home, since there is nowhere to call home anymore. You came back to work.

The better part of last year was not easy on you and for you either. The 'rehabilitation' as the ponies in the capes called it was nothing but one hardship after the other. Your new 'leg' was nothing but pain and dissapointment at first. You didn't get your leg back like they promised, you got a clunky, heavy peg, you thought.
It does not suit a ranger to give up. You soldiered on, through pain, sweat and blood. By the end, you did not mind. You wanted to run every mile they told you to run, fought every fight they told you to fight. You excelled at every practice. You jumped like you couldn't before, you deflected knives with your new leg, you broke planks with your punches, but learned your limitations. One wrong move or skilled opponent can still turn your new limb against you.

A gust of wind brings you back to the present.
You are standing in front of the Sheriff's office.
The door of the cart that got you here slams shut behind you, the ranger in the reigns not even sparing you a glance before galloping off. He's got a job to do.
So do you… but who says you cannot meet up with some old friends before? After all, they are the ponies who will brief you anyway.


Perception of cat.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Tip my hat and smell that appleloosan air.
Still the same. It never changes around here.
Trot inside.


Perception of mole.


shake my head slowly. "Just the times. Nopony I cared about played this week.."


Deputy Wildstar is sitting in a chair with his hindlegs on the desk, smoking a cigarette.
He drops it from his mouth and jumps on his hooves when he sees you walking in.
"My eyes must be messin' with me, it's Lone Mesa!"

"…fine, whatever. It was nice to hang out, but we'll need to get more drunk next time!"

The only words you can make out are 'Burn it to the ground' before the Crystal Palace rises up against you once again, stopping you dead in your tracks with a clunking noise.
When you are done smearing your face all over another glass door, the stallion is gone.

The newspaper is in front of you on the counter.
"That will be two bits."


Albglh! Quick! Get out before it overwhelms me!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"It's been a while, Wildstar."


"Sure, sure. See you guys later. Be sure to behave, okay? I don't want to hear any messages on the radio about a drunken band of scoundrels causing trouble tomorrow."
Time to leave then.


hoof over the two bits.
"Have a good day, Sir."
start to walk away to a bench or something.


"Heck, where in hell have you been? I thougth yous was a gone coon!"
He walks over to give you a brotherly hug.

"No promises!"
"Bye, Skim!"
"Goodnight, take care!"
You are now outside. It's a bit chillier than it was earlier, but still pleasant.
There are a few ponies lingering outside.

You panic and run in the other direction…
However, you don't get stopped by the glass now.
You do, however, crash right through it with quite the ruckus.
There's glass all around you.

"You too. Come again."
You take the newspaper.
After walking a few minutes you find an empty bench and take a seat.
The headline of the newspaper talks about one of the upcoming national holidays.


Take flight. Powerful wingbeats to get home. Might as well take the opportunity to put those muscles to work.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh nooo!
Did anyone see that?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Keep reading. '1d10' look for stuff about disappearing ponies or murders.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Time for a brohug, but not gay. Short and to the point.
"It's a long story old friend. I suppose I needed some time away from here."


You are sober enough to flight straight and steady.
You get home pretty fast, but it's definitely not a record time.

A mare, probably secretary is looking at you with wide eyes.

No homo.
He steps back, and glances at your metallic leg.
"Dad told me… is that what I think it is?
Cause I have no idea what that is."

You do find an article, albeit a short one.
It is a little bit in the 'Crimes' section. The victim is 'unidentified', but the description makes it clear it must have been Brown Bark. He was found dead with multiple wounds near the edge of the town. The paper states it was probably a mugging gone wrong. Seems like investigation is ongoing and any information will be rewarded…. which probably means they have no clue.


"It's my leg." I say flatly


That's fine. I didn't even add the bonus!
Brush teeth, get ready for bed.


"… Sorry."


Sigh softly, its up to me to figure out what happened to him then.
Maybe there is something about a statue in here, just check to be sure. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


He pokes it, slightly taken aback by the metallic sound his horseshoe makes as it clinks against it.
"Crap, that ain't a leg."

After some drinks, you're pretty sure that sleep won't be hard to achieve.
Especially if you'll think of those hula mares…

She seems to be at a loss of words for a few seconds, but then runs up to you.
"Are you allright, Miss? You're not hurt?"

Nothing about any animal statues.
There is however an article about some bust of a pony that has gems for eyes. The Starswirl Bust, will be on display for the rest of the week in the Ponyville Library.


"It's a leg." I say again.


"I am fine, thank you."
Look at the broken glass around me.


Trying to sleep while aroused is not ideal.
Lets catch some shuteye.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Alright. Fold up the paper and take it with me. Head to the edge of town and look around '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


He seems pretty amazed.

She looks at the broken glass too.
"You know, I should tell you that you need to pay for that…"
She glances around.
"…but the important thing is that nopony got hurt. Accidents happen."

Of course it's not ideal.
You toss and turn for a bit in bed.

It's the middle of the afternoon already.
You don't see anything out of the ordinary. You don't even know if the murder happened this side of town in the first place.


"How's the sheriff?"


Not again.
Just sleep.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Your kindness knows no bounds."


'1d10' keep checking this area anyway, once I finish here I can just try the other side of town.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"He's, uh, he went over to the bar to check out a brawl an-"
You hear someone kick down the door, then the voice of Sheriff Brass.
"Kid, I swear if you didn't roll me that cig I will kick your ass all over to Dodge Cit-"
He pauses when he sees you.
"Ranger Number Seven!"

Maybe try sleeping on your back, because sleeping on your stomach won't work with that horseboner poking you.

She waves a hoof.
"Nevermind… I'll just clean this up and get somepony to replace it."

You are just about to give up when you see something… a few barely noticable drops of red on the grass. You have a hunch it must have been nearby.




that or somepony dropped tomatoes
Look for any clues that might have been overlooked. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Do I need to take care of this thing?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Thank you miss. What is your name?"


He is holding two bottles of whiskey in his hooves.
"I didn't expect you so soon!"

The trails end abrudtly… the killer was possibly a pegasus?
You follow the drops in the other direction, soon finding a 'Crime scene - do not cross' line.
Beyond, you can see the big puddle of dried blood…

If only you had somepony to take care of it for you!
You are tired enough to fall asleep though, even if your dreams are a bit lewd.
Did you set your alarm though?

"It's nothing, really. I'm Red Tape."


'1d10' look for feathers, maybe I can figure out what color this killer is.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Things have been going better than expected. I'm starting to get used to my leg."


Nah. My parents were only available in the afternoon anyway.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I will remember this. Thank you, Red Tape. If you ever need my services, I am available."


A bit further away you do find a single grey feather. It's a bit messed up… the owner probably lost it while fighting.

"So, it's true? You're really back to work after all that?"

You still wake up by 9 in the morning, feeling fresh as fuck.

"Don't mention it, it's the least I could do!"
She glances around.
"Now excuse me, I need to find a janitor."


"It's what I do, Chief. It's what my cutie mark is telling me."


I bet!
Usual morning routine. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Time to get out of here.
Back to the depot.


Hold onto that.
Fly up, what's the most logical place I would fly away to if I was in a hurry to get away from here.. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You're one tough motherfucker."
He closes the door and puts the bottles on the desk.
"Some whiskey?"

You get a shower, do some excercises and make a killer breakfast.
You've still got some time to kill.

You arrive there pretty soon.
The mare behind the counter smiles.
"Any luck delivering it?"

You soar up in the sky.
Hmmm… nothing, nothing… Wait, there's a spot.
Looks like a little clearing. It's obscured by trees and rocks, it's towards the Everfree so nopony on hoof would wander around there, and it is only visible from the right angle in the air.


Go straight there.


Let's go pay the good doctor a visit. See if she fulfilled my request.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yes. Personally, as requested."


Run behind Curry.


You land… it really is a good spot!
Roll to check for clues.

You fly over to her house.
After a few knocks… nothing.

"Good job!"
She takes the receipt.
"Think you have time for one more today? It's your first day on the job, wouldn't want to overwhelm you."

She grits her teeth again, growling and approaching dangerously.
"Yes! You're coming with me!"


'1d10' checking for clues

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That hasn't changed."
I sit down.
"How are things here in Appleloosa?"


Well, maybe she's doing her own stuff today. Can't blame her. Let's just enjoy some casual flying then, wherever the wind takes me.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Yes I can."


"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing?"


He pours all three of you a glass, and hooves it over.
"Been having some trouble with bandits a few months back."
Wildstar cuts in.
"The last time they showed their faces was a week ago, like they were scoutin'. They hadn't attacked or robbed anypony in a while, but they're out there."

You enjoy the sunshine and the sight of pretty mares.
You're in luck, too, because as you are flying over the park, you spot Storm Dancer walking leisurely below.

She runs over some files and packages before giving you a medium sized one.
"This should be simple enough. It's to one of the more peaceful neighbourhoods. Be careful with it, it is fragile."

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Kidnapping my daughter?!"

Looks like whoever ran off here cleaned up pretty… what was that clicking noise coming from the ground?
You glance down to see that you set off a trap, connected to a small box… the fuse is burning, and it's almost inside the box!
Act fast!


'1d10+1' fly away with pegasus dodging?

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


I'll glare at her.
"She wanted to be free. So I'm taking her off the island."
I'll pick up Felfire and put her on my back.
"Now you can either get out of my way, or I will make you get out of my way. I'd prefer to settle this without violence."


"What did they look like?"


"M-mom… Please. Stop this…"
Hang on tight.



Oh! Land next to her.
"Well well, look who it is."


I nod and carefully store it in my bags, then wait for the documentation.


With a stong flap of your wings you take off and fly high up, just in time to see the whole thing explode and propel fiery sharpnel everywhere… you wouldn't have wanted to be near that when that happened… or the bad side on whoever set this up.

She hangs her head low…
Then leaps forward, trying to take your kukri.
Beat my roll to stop her.

"Scarves, hats, long coats, we didn't see shit."
"They didn't look like amateurs to me, Number Seven. Dodge says it's not coming from the East though, they'd know it."

She glances at you with a smile.
"And I was having such a nice day too!"

She slips you the piece of paper.
"Be careful! And try to finish before sundown!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cry out in desperation.

Roll #1 9 = 9


TK to restrain her. '1d10'
"Do not try something that foolish again."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Any word from los Pegasus?"


"You know you should never take nice days for granted as long as I'm around."


Whistle softly.
And that would have destroyed any evidence too.. but I could take another look to be sure '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I will be swift like northern mountain wind."
Check the address and my map.


Felfire's screech throws her off focus and she bites next to the handle before Curry pushes her back.
"I'm not kidding! I won't… I won't let you just take her from me!"
She starts slowly circling you.

"Not theirs, theys' say."
"Must be shackled out on a farm, or in one of the smaller settlements. Worst case scenario, they are part of a team from Witchita."
Witchita is a ghost town in the desert, abandoned years ago, now lived in by junkies, bandits, and generally pony scum.

"I know, I know.
How's your weekend going? Dislocated any wings recently?"

You find the remains of the trap… which actually might be useful, if you gave it to an expert.

You glance at the adress, and immediately know where to go.
You memorized all of Los Pegasus already!
It will be a 45 minute flight there if traffic is good.


That's many minutes. Better make haste.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh you know, just a few. The usual. Yours?"


Really? Well, collect it then.
Sigh softly and go to the library.


"You think they're here to raid the town?"


I'll keep eye contact with her.
"And how do you plan on stopping me, or even her, from leaving? By yelling? Making yourself less of a pony and more of a monster, like Buck was?"
I'll snort.
"Her leaving the island is for the best. On the mainland, there are doctors who can fix her wings. She'll be able to fly again."


Stare at her with damp eyes.
Whimper into his ear.
"Let's just go."


I'll nod slightly.
And then start moving.


When you are stopped at an intersection by the traffic cop, a pegasus flies up to you.
"Excuse me, do you have a minute for our Princess and Saviour, Princess Celestia?"

"Just the usual.
Oh, and yeah, I was working out of office hours on some papers for a buffoon from work."
She shakes her head.
"Ugh, my precious time!"

You put what you can away.
The library seems to be a huge tree, complete with windows and a door.
The sign at the front says it is open.

"They robbed a few farms. After that we had a shootout."
"Winged two of them, but they all got away. Theys' been sniffin around since."

She stares at you for the longest moment…
"S-Shit like that can be…. it can be fixed?"
Her voice is less agressive now.


I dunno mang, I'm just a lol filly, yo.


"Wow, what kind of colossal douchebag would make you do work during your off-time?"
I smirk and shake my head.
"I appreciate you taking the time for that stuff doc, thanks again. Say… you wouldn't happen to know where Skyheart and Airheart live, would you?"


"Sons of bitches. Any ideas on their numbers?"


"It likely won't be easy, but the ship's doctor thinks that, with the proper care, it's possible."
I'll sigh.
"And even after they're fixed, there will most likely be a period of time that they will need to recover before she can fly without any difficulty."


She circles around to stop in front of you again, but her wings hang limply beside her now, and you can't see any trace of ill intent in her eyes. More like… hope.
"Can they fix me?"

"Somewhere between five and seven, but they might have more buddies somewhere. They never showed up all at the same time, that's why we aren't sure."

"Don't worry, I'll chalk it up to you owing me."
She smirks back.
"Why, you want to ruin their day too?"


"My time is limited."


"I'm not certain, but doctor might be able to take a look at it."
I'll look her in the eye again.
"If you promise to behave yourself."


"No I just…"
I sigh.
"I asked Skyheart to come over yesterday and share some drinks with my friends but she didn't show up. I don't think I made her mad somehow, so I'm kind of clueless why she didn't come."


Trot inside looking around curiouslyfor anything valuable '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'd need to make sure of their numbers first. If there are too many, I might need backup."


"It's only a few minutes, Miss!"

"Didn't she tell you she wouldn't be home? She went to Canterlot to some sort of crazy cat lady conference that Airheart was dying to see."

You glance around, and your eyes focus on the little pedestal set up in the middle of the room, holding the intricately carved bust of a beaded stallions. Even more interestingly, the eyes are blue gems, shining in the light as-
"Watch it, will you?"
You got so distracted by the shinies that you walked into the mare in the guard clothing, standing near it… why is there a guard here? This library isn' that big.

Wildstar shrugs.
"I can go with ya' to have a look around town."

"…can I be with her if I do?"
She glances at Felfire.


"… I thought that was in the morning?"


I'll think for a moment.
Then narrow my eyes slightly.
"If you remain on your best behavior, I can at least keep the captain from killing you. Probably."
Then shake my head.
"I can't make any promises, but it's the best I can do right now. There's practically no chance the captain will let you on the boat, but you'll at least have some time with her before we leave."


I shrug and wait until I can get moving again.


"Pardon me. I must have been lost in thought. Its been.. a strange day." Smile her. "Or maybe I'm still lost in a daydream? What is a nice mare like you doing here?"



"You sure?"


She gives you a look.
"Sure, ponies from all around Equestria will just gather a bunch of cats together for an hour or two.
Makes sense!"

She chuckles.
"Oh, cut that out."
She points a hoof at the bust.
"The librarian wanted to make sure that nopony would knock this over or start groping it or whatever."

The pegasus smirks as you fly right away as soon as you get the right to move.
Roll again for traffic.

"Hell yeah! Theys been like cowards since we changed bullets."

"I can! If they can fix me!"
She takes a step closer and grabs your sides with both forehooves.
"I just need-"
She stops midsentence with her head rocking forward and Curry can feel warm blood splatter over him before noticing the thick, wooden bolt sitting in the back of her head.
Her body slups down lifelessly.


Keep vigilant.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Look at her speechless, staring at her body as she falls to the ground, mouth agape.


I'll step back in shock.
"What the…?!"
Look around. Where did that bolt come from? I'd assume straight behind her.


"Are you telling me they looked at cats from 8 in the morning until 7 in the evening? Because that's really crazy. I'm all for cats and all, but after 11 hours I think I'd be spent."


"Oh? Now that you mention it, I think I saw something in the paper about a piece being displayed here. Some kind of starswirl thing?"


"Good…I can use the help."


You arrive in the neighbourhood soon.
Rows upon rows of nice houses, complete with a garden.
Problem is… every street here looks really similar, and you can't see any street signs.

Straight behind, yes.
You see thick foilage there, but nopony so far.

Her face is down in the dirt, as blood slowly starts too ooze from the wound, her limp, ruffled wings spread completely.

She stops you, then prods the base of your wings with hers.
"Wow… things are starting to make sense. You sacrificed all your brainpower for these muscles, huh?"
She rolls her eyes.
"They probably went sightseeing afterwards. Not to mention the events like cat competitions and shows that Airheart told me about. Heck, they might have spent the night there in a hotel."

"That would be this thing right here. I saw you eyeing it up, no wonder. It's getting the Library a really good traffic."

He takes a shot of whiskey and seems a bit unsure, but speaks eventually.
"So… ya' sure you're ready for this? I mean, it's been a while."


"As ready as I'll ever be. I've been training for this. To get back in the field."


My face will distort in a grimace of pain and horror.
Jump down from Curry's back.
Jump to her.


I'll just… cringe a bit, and then walk over to Felfire. Keep her Protected in case more bolts happen to fly out of the foliage.


"I figured they would have left Friday for that already. It would have been nice if she actually told me she couldn't come. I didn't really think any further when Airheart mentioned the cat thing, I thought maybe somepony else would be accompanying her, I don't know."


See if I can find someone to ask directions then.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Look a little embarrassed.
"Its quite a lovely piece of art. I didn't realize it would just be one necklace, the paper made it sound more like a statue."
'1d10' try to notice if she reacts to 'statue'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Brass walks into a back room.
Wildstar rolls his shoulders.
"Lets get us some sons of bitches then. One more whiskey for the road?"

You jump down to her. Maybe she will get up. Maybe she'll just chuckle, like Giggly did when she was hurt. Maybe everything will be fine. Maybe she is not dead.

She does not move.

You see some leaves bustle before a pony steps out of the bushes…
It's Spliterproof. Once she is in sight, she drops the crossbow she was carrying -a seemingly different one than before - and starts pulling the string back to reload. She seems proud of herself.
"I saw her getting a jump on you. Now it's just the unicorn from that big camp and we've got them all."

"What, didn't Sky tell you she'll be there? I bet she did."

You only see a colt playing with a ball in a yard nearby.

She looks weird at you, for sure.
"Uh, that statue is the art, not the… I mean, the bust is the thing, it's not just, like a holder."
She scrunches.
"I fell into the same trap, you know."


Fall down to my knees and start crying my heart out in front of her.


"I didn't see her, no."


I'll just stare at the captain for a moment.
"Can we speak… over there, for a moment?"
I'll gesture to a few feet from Felfire.


Laugh a bit.
"Hey, how long to you have to guard that thing anyway?"


It will have to do.
"Hello, small friend. I seek a certain home but this neighbourhood confuses me."


You start bawling right next to her.
No response beside the slowly spreading crimson pool around her head.

She raises an eyebrow questioningly, but follows you.

She shrugs.
"Guess she just wanted to get rid of you then. Or set you up on purpose. Because that's totally something she would do."

She sighs.
"All night."
She looks around.
"At least I won't be bored, with all these books to read."

He stops and looks up at you, tilting his head as you speak.


Take out the paper and the address.
"Do you know where this is?"


Wipe my eyes. She wouldn't want to see that.
Instead, go to her side. Stare down, at the ground.
And then cuddle under one of her wings.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Really? Do you get a diner break?" Smile sweetly at her. rolling to be extra smooth '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Why are you so hostile all of the sudden? I'm not mad at her or anything, but it would have been nice to have known for sure she wouldn't show up before."


In a whisper, I'll converse with the captain.
"Captain, there was a reason that one was still alive when you found us. She is… was the little one's mother."
I'll sigh.
And then look a bit sad at that.
"The only reason I hadn't killed her when we first bumped into each other is because of the little one. But she was willing to behave, once she heard that I planned to take the child with us to the mainland to fix her wings."


He ignores the paper.
"Your eyes look… funny."

Her feathers are a bit rough, but her wing is still a bit warm.
She is motionless. Like she was just sleeping.

She half drops the weapon and staggers, using it for support. Her voice is low.
"She wasn't trying to kill you?"

You see a little glisten in her eyes, and her mouth curls up ever so slightly before she speaks.
"I wish I had, but I can't really leave. Had to pack food for the night."

"I'm not hostile, Cloud, I was joking."
She sighs.
"Listen… I bet she didn't mean anything by it. She's a good mare, a honest and nice pony, but with Airheart? Sometimes, she has a lot on her mind. I'm sure you can understand that, can't you?"


Sniffle up and cuddle closer to her body, closing my eyes.
Staying silent.


"Let's do it."
Put on my hat.
And drink my whiskey


"… Yes. The address?"


I'll shake my head.
"Not at that point, no. I'd already beaten her and taken her weapon."
I'll close my eyes for a moment.
"I'm not saying she didn't have that coming, for letting her daughter get into that situation in the first place, but…"
Shake my head.
"If there was even a sliver of a chance she could turn around, I wanted to take it. Because that way I could show the little one that we weren't like Buck and his raiders."
I'll eye the crossbow for a moment.
"Where did you pick that up, by the way? It doesn't look like the one you had during the fight at the village…"


"I do, in fact I think it's admirable she cares so much about her sister to postpone her own plans for her. But… even a note on my locker would have been nice."
Shake my head.
"Nevermind, it's really not that big a deal."


"That's a shame. Did you remember dessert? I'm thinking of stopping by the Sugar Cube Corner before it closes, I could pick you up something."


You cuddle closer to her.
With your eyes closed, you could imagine that she is just sleeping… yes, she just told you a bedtime story, and now it is time that you both get some rest, to start fresh tomorrow, so you both have the energy to play.

Brass comes back, throwing a rifle at Wildstar, who catches it after his own whiskey.

"Why… are your eyes like that?"

She frowns.
"Can I ask you not to bring this up to her? Please?"

"You would? I'd be pretty glad if you did."
She stands tall.
"Keep my sugar up to perform my duties well!"

She shakes her head looking for words.
"I… I didn't…"


"We'll be back soon, chief."


This is so much nicer…
Smile softly, keeping my eyes closed.
"Mom, are we leaving now?"


Nod. "You got a favorite cake or should I just pick up something random? I'm Kelani by the way."


"I won't, don't worry. Still… I wouldn't mind paying them a visit. I've got time to burn anyway."


"Is that important? I am not from here."


"Captain, it's… fine. There's nothing we can do about it now. Except apologize to the little one, and hope that, in time, she'll forgive us."
I'll look back towards the child and her dead mother.
"Neither the daughter, or the mother, are well, Captain. What Buck did to them, to all of those raiders… he broke them somewhere inside. But I'll be damned if I let him drag that little filly along with him to Tartarus."


"Bring the kid back in one piece, will ya?"

She doesn't answer.

"Lockbox. That's my name, not a cake by the way. I'm fine with anything, as long as it won't make me any fatter than I am already!"

She quickly scribbles an adress down to a piece of paper.
"Now be a nice little colt, or I will make your next checkup very unpleasant."
She smirks.

He keeps staring.
"Are you squinting? Can you open your eyes more?"

She seems pretty out of it. You are not sure if she heard it or not.
"Ship… we should… go back. To the ship."


"Thanks. I know my stuff, don't get your feathers all ruffled."


Close my eyes and rest.


"You should not focus on a pony's physical traits alone. They are ever changing, like a tree going through the seasons."
Disguise myself into a Equestrian pony if this gaijin doesn't want to listen.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll just shake my head a little.
"I'll meet you there, captain. Keep your head on straight, and don't get hurt on the way back."
And then I'll head over to Felfire and… the corpse.
But what to say…?


"Feather ruffling is part of my job!"

It's so comfortable like this…

She walks away.
You see her wobble a bit, like she was unsure of her footing on land after landing.

You try to stop squinting, but it doesn't work.
"Do you always speak like that? It's strange!"


"Are you always so inquisitive?"


Give her a look, then fly off to the address I was given.


Mistakes hit everyone hard.
Hmm. I might have an idea of how to get Felfire to leave the body. Whether or not she believes me, though…
"Little one…"


Give her a smile.
"Now who told you a dirty lie like that Lockbox? You're beautiful."
and then start to walk away.


Open one eye and look at him.


"We can't stay here, little one."


"But mom can't move right now…"


He smiles.

You see a tidy, but rather simple cloudhouse when you arrive.

You think you start to see the forming of a blush as you turn around.
Leave the library to Sugarcube Corner?


"You're right. But that's only her body. Her spirit has left it."
I'll sit facing Felfire.
"It doesn't mean that her spirit is gone, though."



"Nah, mom is here."
Close my eyes and bury myself even deeper under her wing.


The Heart residence. I'm surprised it's not on fire or something. Let's see if they are home already.
Knock knock?


"Then will you answer my question if I answer yours?"


I'll shake my head.
"Felfire… your mother is dead."


Sob quietly.
"I k-kno dat.."
End up bawling louder and louder.
And hug her body tight and close.


I'll close my eyes for a moment.
"There is a way that her spirit can go with you, little one, no matter where you go. Even if her body can't."


Her wing moves slightly as you nudge her body, but nothing else happens.

There is not as big of a crowd there now as there was earlier, but there are still quite a few ponies lingering.
The stallion is still behind the counter, currently serving some cookies to a pair of colts.


"Coming!" You hear from inside. It's the voice of Skyheart. Then you hear, slightly lower "Who's thaaaaaaaaaaaat" and an "I don't know, that's what I'm going to check!"
Yup, her sister is home too.


Grow quiet, sobbing softly, but open my eyes to look at him.


I'll wait patiently then.


"I am from Neighpon, in the far east."


Get in line and try to look at the menu for something that's not cake '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll gently lift the moon pendant that Felfire's wearing, just a little, with TK.
"In my faith, the spirits of the fallen are believed to watch over those they care about after their deaths. While they may not be able to physically shelter us from what happens in the world, they are still a strong mental and spiritual support that we can rely on."
I'll let the pendant settle back to where it was.
"If you'll let me, I would like to give your mother a proper burial, and hopefully let her spirit come with us to help keep you safe."


The door opens, and Skyheart's face brightens up considerably when he sees you.
"Skimmer! Hey! How are you doing? Um.."
She quickly runs a hoof through her mane and wings.
"Sorry, I've been up for a while now, I must look like a mess!"

"Far east?… like, Fillydelphia?"

There are a lot of things that aren't cake on the menu, but the doughnuts with vanilla topping seem to be the sweet of the hour, at a lowered price.




"Further. Many many lengths further."


Now, to start digging a hole. Telekinesis can help with that. Let's get a nice four-foot-deep hole going. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Away from Felfire and Balefire, of course.


"Hey Skyheart. Just thought I'd come by before heading to my old folks. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"


Donuts, that will do. Buy a half a dozen, and some coffee to go with it.



It takes you a while, but you manage to dig a deep enough whole without any problems.

She shakes her head.
"No, no, not at all!"
"Whoooooooooooooooooooo's thaaaaaaaaaaaat, sis?"
"Uh, do you want to come in and say hi, or?"

You purchase them, with a rather good price.
"Coming back for more already? Hope it will grow into a habit!"


"Not in Equestria."


"Sure thing, I have some time to spare. How long have you guys been awake though? Did you catch a nightride back here?"


"I just can't stay away!" I chuckle softly.
"Thanks for earlier" I add before turning to go.


"Oh. Oooooooooooooooh!
Then what are you doing here?"

She shakes her head.
"No, but we did come with the first one in the morning. Oh gosh, I wasn't really expecting any guests…"
She stands aside from the door to let you walk in.

"I aim to please!" He chuckles as well.
Back to the Library?


Yep. Back to the library.


Alright… now to set Balefire into the hole.
"And now, we make a small prayer to the moon, so that your mother will watch over you, and keep you safe, from now until you grow old."
And I'll start filling the grave.


I chuckle.
"Don't worry about it, I won't be in your manes for too long."


"… Because I moved."


"Why? Did you get tired of everypony squinting at you?"

The shades of twilight are starting to show over the horizon as the sun begins to set.
You arrive back, and find Lockbox boredly reading through a book.

"Oh, you're not bothering at all!"
She motions with a wing for you to enter.
As she does, you see a face pop up around the corridor, before Airheart jumps out in full.
"Oh! It's Cloud Skimmer! Hi! Did you come to say hi because you were missing me? I can't be at work all the time!"

You lift her corpse up, removing her from beside Felfire, and gently set her down.
More and more of her slowly disappear as you start moving the dirt of the jungle down into the grave.


"No, I just wished to move."


Follow mom and Curry.


"I had some free time so I figured I'd pop in to see how you two are doing, of course! Did you enjoy your cats?"


stealth '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"We lay you to rest, Balefire of an unnamed island. May your soul find the peace that escaped you in life, and may you watch over your daughter and keep her from the tragedies that befell you."
Continue shoveling dirt.
"In the name of the Moon, I bury your body and return you to the earth. In the name of the Earth, I return you to the embrace of the world that bore you. In the name of Felfire, I pray that your rest will be easy, and your spirit will safeguard her throughout all her life."
Once I'm done burying her, I'll inscribe a moon symbol onto the dirt.
"Be at peace, and may your spirit one day be born anew into a kinder world."



With how little the windows are, you easily slip into the shadows of the bookcases.

You barely hear the "Oh boy" from Skyheart before Airheart grins, almost shooting to land in front of you as if somepony shot her out of a slingshot.
"Ohmygosh it was so amazing there were like a literal ton of cats if you weighted them all it would have be even more I bet, like a cat-o-ton of cats was there and there were like these small ones, and tall ones, and fluffy ones, and…"
She start motor mouthing with great glee.

The two of you are now alone in the middle of the jungle, with nothing but a patch of dirt with a moon symbol on it and a puddle of cold blood nearby.


A moment of silence, and then I'll speak.
"Now, little one, it's time we returned to the ship. Would you like to ride on my back?"


I'll listen to her gushing about cats then.


sneak up behind Lockbox. Put the coffee and dounuts beside her.


"Sometimes even the mountain lion must leave its den. Will you tell me where this address is?"


Stay silent and climb on top of him.


And I'll start walking back towards the boat, taking the same path the Captain did. Hopefully she made it back alright…


After the fifth minute mark, she gets to the point about the cat beauty competition.
You notice Skyheart bringing two glasses of clear water balanced on a tray on her back. The glass Airheart takes seems to be a lot thicker than the other, and after a quick sip of hydratation, she goes off again. Skyheart offers the other glass with a wing.

She doesn't notice you placing both of them beside her, too busy focusing on her reading.

He tilts his head.
"What adress?"

After about half an hour of walking, you arrive at the shore.
As soon as you do, the doc rushes up to you.
"Finally, you're here! What the hell happened?"


I'll shoot a small glance back at Felfire, and then back to the doc.
"Did the captain make it back safely?"


Look over her shoulder, what is she reading? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Take a sip.


Show him the paper.


"She did, yes, but she wouldn't talk, just tell us to get back to work… we are a bit worried."

Just as you are about to sneak a peek into what it is, she raises her head and you must pull back keep yourself from being seen. She sniffs the air a bit then turns, noticing your gift.
She giggles, putting the book down.
"Tee-hee, come on!"

"Oh. Oooooooooh!"
He looks at the paper, then you.
He fidgets around a bit.
"I can't read yet…."

Roll for perception.


I am on high alert!

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll nod.
"The captain… might need some time. She made a mistake today, so she's likely trying to think."


Appear and sit down with her.
"Still warm even." Smile widely.


I smile.
Stupid baka gaijin.
I just read it out loud for him then.


When she touches you as she gives you the glass, you see the teeniest of tiny blushes.

"She started helping Angler on the ship without a word. I guess she wants to get out of here as fast as she can."

She looks at you with wonder in her eyes.
"Oh, you shouldn't have, really! I thought you were just joking!"

"Oh! I know that!"
He points at the house just across the street.
"It's that one!"


"Thank you, small foal."


Step off Curry and go towards the ship.


How adorable.


I'll nod again.
"I guess that means I can't slouch off either."
I'll turn to look at Felfire- who has jumped off my back.
Follow after her.


give her a soft smile and pass the coffee towards her, perhaps accidentally brushing her hoof with mine.
"Oh, but I would never lie to you Lock."


Airheart is starting to run out of air, so Skyheart puts a hoof on her shoulder.
"I think he got it."

He smiles.
"You're welcome, Miss Nipponese!"

The boat seems to be in a much better shape now. You can see Splinterproof hammering some nails and boards at the outside, but the sounds of work can be heard from the inside of the ship too.

Her hoof lingers on your's when it touches, and she takes a sip of the coffee.
"This… heh, you really brigthened my day, you know."


I smile.
"Yeah, it sounds like you two had a lot of fun alright."


Bow and make my way over to the house.


This is not the place I remember…
Leave. Go for the beach.


"Just hearing that makes me glad."
"But I'd love to hear anything else you want to talk about too. "
Take a bite of a doughnut, and look interested.


Keep following.


Turn around, while we are in the middle oof nowhere, and stop, staring at him.


I'll stop as well.
"If you'd like some time to yourself, just say it, and I'll go back to working on the ship."
I'll shrug.
"I'm not terribly smart, so it helps to tell me these things."


Just stare at him, trying not to break down into sobs once more.
"I n-not know what d-do.."

Roll #1 9 = 9


She nods as well.
"Air, why don't you go back and see if you can get that nasty one solved?"
She nods with glee and after waving at you runs back inside.
"I have to admit, it was better than I expected it would be."

The door stands before you.
It is not made of glass, it should pose no threat to you.

She takes a bite of another, then one more sip of her coffee.
"Like what? You seem to be more interesting than me."


"I'm glad you had fun too."


Knock on the door!


"That's fine. You're young, and your world has just changed completely."
I'll sit down.
"It's alright to cry, to scream, to get angry."
I'll scratch the back of my neck.
"And while I don't quite know what to do next, aside from leave the island… I want you to know that if I can offer any help, you only have to ask."


"Me? I'm just a traveler. I have a.. you see my mother she was an archaeologist. I never paid enough attention to it as a foal, and now I sort of regret it.. But its never too late to learn right?"


"Ah… I don…"
Collapse with my rump to the ground and cry in confusion.


I'll stand back up and head over to Felfire, then sit next to her.
"It's okay."
And I'll sit there for a bit.


She nods.
"Plus sightseeing Canterlot was really nice too!"

You rap on the door, and soon a teenage looking mare opens it.

"Archaelogist? Like, the ponies with the really tiny brushes?"


I smirk.
"Spot many handsome unicorn stallions out there?"


"Konichiwa. Delivery service. I have a package."


Look up at him, and then stretch my hooves out.


I'll pull her into a hug.
"It'll be fine. It will be fine."


Stare off into the sea.
"How do I call you?"


Her cheeks turn bright red, and you can see her nervously tapping a hindhoof.
"Heheh, you're funny… No, no, I didn't really have time for that, you know."

She grins.
"It's here? Sweet! Give me, give me!"


I nod and take out the package and paper.
Present the paper first.
"Please sign the acceptance papers."


I chuckle.
"Sure, sure. Nothing special about unicorns right? With their mystical magic and stuff…"


"Well, my name is Curry."
I'll keep her in the hug for a bit.
"And how about yourself? Do you still want the name you have now, or would you like a new one?"


"yea, like that. She loved to dig up old things. "


She grins wide, scribbling something real quick, reaching for the package right after.
"Give me!"

She looks away.
"Well we did see a lot of them…"

She points a hoof at the bust.
"Well this thing is old, supposedly."


Give it to her.
"Thank you for choosing our service, miss."


Shiver for a moment.


"So you want to keep your name?"


"I'll bet. Is everything alright? You look a little flustered."


Just nod.


She quickly unpacks it and starers at it in awe.
It's some sort of metal-glass-metal thing, with a colored fluid in the middle.
"Sure, sure! Sweeeeeeeeeeet!"

She fans herself with a wing and shakes her head.
"N-No! Nothing at all! Everything is okay!"


"Really? Do you know anything about it?" Sip on the coffee.


"Alright. So, Felfire, are you feeling any better?"


Shake my head, and hold tighter.


I'll just keep hugging her, then.


Strange Equestrian ponies and their strange objects.
Bow and leave then.


"Maybe I should just let you catch some rest. You must be completely exhausted."


"Curry, I wanna go home…"


"The village?"


"It's the face of that famous guy Starswirl. Apart from that?"
She shrugs.
"Not much, except maybe that he probably liked shiny things, if he got fancy eyes for himself like that."

You leave.
Roll to see how the traffic is on your way back.

She pouts.
"Going so soon?"


"Only if you want me to."
Give her a wink.



Roll #1 2 = 2


She giggles.
"I'd never!"

Ponies are just heading home from work, so on your way back you have some serious delays.
The sun has set already by the time you get home.


"…No. That's not home."
Hug him some more.
"I have no home now…"


"Hm, I see. I thought starswirl was a wizard not a dragon." smirk.


"Well, I don't have much of a home either, actually."
I'll pet her head a little.
"But, there's another way of looking at it."


"Sadly, I can't stick around forever. But maybe if I had something to drink… I could be persuaded."



Home sweet home?


She chuckles.
"Yeah. Or he was just, like really vain. Fame does that to ponies, doesn't it?"

After giving your saddle back and ending your shift, you can indeed go home sweet and sour home.

"Oh, we have mineral water and peach juice!"


"For me, I've begun to think that the world is my home. No matter where I am, the roof is the same sky, the same stars… the same moon. The floor is the ground, solid and earthen. And there are no walls except the ones you build yourself."
I'll chuckle a little.
"Sounds kind of silly, doesn't it?"


"Peach juice sounds great actually. That'll go easy on the stomach."


Go then. It's been a long day.


"I tought where momma was is home…"


You do so.
The creaky apartment door opens up for you.
This place is not much to look at, but it's cheap at least.

"You're not sick, are you?"
She motions for you to follow her


"Nah, but it's early in the day. I can't get worn down by getting filled already."


Take a shower?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Does it? I've not met many famous ponies in my time." Eat some doughnut while we chat.


I'll nod.
"Your family can serve as a home, that's true. But, for ponies who don't have families, like me, we have to find our own home. Other ponies can give you shelter, keep the rain of sadness off of you for a time…"
I'll pet her mane.
"For now, I can be that shelter, until you're strong enough to stand on your own."


"Will you help me find mister seagull?"


You dress butt naked and step into your shower.
The only problem is, there is no warm water.
Not even cold water.
This is the iciest chilly water that ever touched your skin.
You jump out of the shower driven by instinct after how unpleasant it is, only to hear a loud CRUNCH when you do. A quick look confirms that you landed on a cockroach.

"Ah, good! I was starting to get worried."
She leads you to the kitchen, then back to the living room, motioning to the couch, setting the glass of juice in front of you.
Airheart is nearby, lying on her belly on the ground with a pencil in her mouth.
You see quite a few small magazines everywhere around the room, one of which she is working on.

"I was once hired to guard the crib of some visiting fashion designer… he was a disaster of a pony!"
They are some really good doughnuts!


"Mister Seagull? Sure, I suppose. Where was the last place you saw him?"


"By the way, I should probably clarify that I got your address from the doc. I ran into her while I was out flying."


"Near the boat, before that mare kicked him away…"


Scrape it off my hoof. I guess I'll try that shower later… Am I hungry?


"Well, I think we can take a look. Are you okay to walk on your own?"


Nod weakly.


And I'll release you from the hug.
"Near the ship, right?"


Nod again.


"Oh, from Storm? How nice of her!"
She smiles and pats the seat beside her.

It's pretty disgusting.
You were hungry before, but not after this.


"Alright, let's go."
And I'll head back to the ships, keeping pace with Felfire.


Lead him there!


Sit down next to her.
"Yeah, she's really great. She's actually helping me come up with ways to train myself better to improve my flight and endurance."


Wash it off I guess…
Then go to bed.


You are back in the dry docks.

"She seems rough, but she is a really nice friend!"

You wash it off with freezing cold water.


"Alright, let's get looking."
And I'll keep an eye out for this… mister seagull.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Look for where mr seagull was!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Definitely. She's a clever mare for sure."


Dry it off.
Then sweet dreams.

Roll #1 9 = 9


She nods.
"Did you know she had two degrees, not just the one in her office?"

You clean the bug off your hooves then drift off to sleep.
You dream of a beautiful zen garden while all kinds of typical neighponese instruments make background music.
You also swim in a river of Ramen noodles.

You were a bit scared at the time, you don't really remember where he could be.

You see no seagulls. The only thing you see around is broken boxes, heaps of rubble, a boat, and the naked, sweaty captain hammering a large sheet of scrap metal to patch the ship's side.


"Really makes you wonder why she decided to work where she's working."


The hole in the boat!

Roll #1 4 = 4




"Oh, she has other jobs too!… well, not all the time, but she is a wing specialist, so they sometimes ask her for help! Even from other cities!"

You see no such thing. The hole is gone.

When you wake up, there is a big puddle of drool on your pillow.


"A mare to my heart. Wings are a wonder of nature."


Worth it.
Check if the shower has warm water now!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Look down saddened and look around some more.


She unfurls one of her's slightly.
"They are nice."

Yes indeed it does!
Take a warm watery shower?

Nope, no hole big enough for you to fit anywhere on the boat.


I smile.
"The best. Always take good care of your wings, what's a pegasus without them?"


Before it goes cold again

Roll #1 3 = 3


Then go back inside the boat. Maybe he went back there!


"Really? Did you at least get a good hat out of him?"
look over at that statue, its a unicorn right.. so not something I need to steal?


She opens her mouth to say something but Airheart perks up and interrupts her.
"An earth pony?"

It stays warm through the whole shower, but you swear you could hear someone giggling while you clean yourself.

You go back to the inside of the boat.
A loud, repeated sounds can be heard from somewhere inside.

It's a pony bust, yes. Not one of the nature statues… but you bet those gem-eyes are worth a lot.
"Not even a pair of socks!"


"Earth ponies have their own magic!"


Perception check.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Snicker "What a selfish guy. Not giving a lady socks."


"Oh… an earth pony without earth pony magic then? Oh, or a unicorn without a horn!"

Your ears twitch at the sound, and it is definitely not just your imagination.
You spin around, and see a tiny hole in the wall. At flank level. And somepony is watching through it.

She waves a hoof.
"Not that I'm a fan of them anyway. Got to look tough on the job. I might not be a city guard, but that doesn't mean I have to look like a jest!"


Follow it!


"What about when you're off the job?" smirk and sip on the coffee.


"Exactly. And that's no good is it?"


My neighbour…
Sickening. Just get out of the shower and pretend I didn't see anything. Return to my main room and Disguise as someone else.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You go down, and see light from a room!

She stops mid-bite, then swallows it and smiles back.
"Oh, I don't know. I guess if somepony asked me real nice."

She squints at you.

You get out of the shower. You try to change your appearance… and manage somewhat?


"That's right."
Look back at Skyheart.
"So… you were saying?"


Smile again. "What are you doing tomorrow?"


Bah, doesn't matter anyway.
Go out and knock on my neighbour's door.


"Mister Seagull? Is that you?"
Peek inside.


She was looking at you.
She shakes her head and flicks her ear.
"Sorry, what?"

"If I'm unlucky, I'll be guarding this library all night again. If I'm lucky, well…"
She chuckles.

After a minute or so, a scrawny, yellow earth pony opens the door. His face looks almost as messy as his appartment.
"Hmmm, yes?~"

You peek inside, only to find the sailor stallion hammering away at a piece of metal.
He doesn't hear you.
Beside him, however… it's your lantern friend! And she is shining!


Tumble, take him down with Japoneighse fury.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Let's hope you get lucky then.."
"Say, they don't make you work on murder cases do they?"


"… Nevermind."
Drink some juice.
"I was wondering, did you have any plans tomorrow evening?"


Slip inside! Silently!

Roll #1 5 = 5


You leap at him, tackling him to the ground.
He laughs at first at you taking control of, which quickly dies and turns to worry when he realizes that you angrily standing over him holds nothing good for him.
"A-Ah! Hey! What do you think you're doing?! Ah didn't do anything!"

She pouts.
"They would, if I could be a City guard -well, more of a town guard here - but the last three times I applied, they didn't want me. That's why I'm working here. Or wherever they hire me."

She smiles and starts playing with her tail with a hoof.
"Oh.. well, not much, why?"

He doesn't stop working, but you see his ears twitch.


Go by the lamp and sit down, looking at the flame inside!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Maybe we could grab some dinner together after work? I don't know how your factory schedule works."


Punch him.
"You know your tongue speaks lies."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"..hey what if you came forward with some new evidence? Would that get you hired?"


You sit down beside it.
There is a tiny flame dancing inside in the middle, spread far to every corner of the room by the glass around it.

"It's mostly the same s-so.."
She stutters a bit and starts to blush.
"Dinner? Like, at your place or at a restaurant or?"

You punch him in the guts with considerable force. By the looks of it, that hurt. A lot.
"I-I didn't want to spy on you, I only took a few peeks, pleasedon'tkillmepleasedon't!"
He looks like he's on the verge of crying.

She snorts.
"As if they let me near a crime scene."


"They don't trust you?"


"Up to you. I can cook pretty decently and I like doing it, so that's an option. We could cook together!"


Whisper to her.
"Lady lantern! Are you alright?"


"You dare impede on my honor?"


"No, I'm just a civilian. Can't really get near crime scenes until after they got everything."

She nods.
"I'd like that!"
Airheart jumps to her hooves.
"Can I come?!"


"I did dun nothing like that!"



look around to be sure no one's listening. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I laugh.
"Ask your sister."


"You did."
Unsheathe my katana.


Gulp and cover my mouth with two hooves!
The pony here must be keeping her chained!


Most ponies left the library already, and the librarian bare is busy writing something at her desk at the other end of the room.
It's just you and her here.

"…if it's not a problem for you?"

His eyes widen.
"Oh, nonononoonno, no, shit, what are you doing, please, Goddesses no, don't! Don't kill me!"

She has no chains on her.
But is she helping him out of her free will or not?


"Not at all."


Creep forward and try to move her away.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Airheart clops her hooves and starts fluttering.
Skyheart adds.
"Thanks for the invitation, by the way."

You place a hoof on her glass… and she burns you!


Stare at him harshly.
"Back home, I would have challenged you to kettō with me. Here, I cannot. You are a lucky hare getting away from eagle."
Sheathe it again.
"Do not violate my honor."


"No problem, it'll be great fun. I like cooking!"


Whimper and scurry back, out of the door.


"I.. went by there earlier and I found something. A feather that may belong to the killer.. I followed the trail to a spot on the woodsand then I had to flee from an explosion." Show her the feather.
"I trust you Lock.. if I came forward with this I might be killed just like that stallion.. "


He scurries away from under you, breathing heavily.
"I-I won't, I swear I won't, I'm sorry!"

"Should we bring anything?"

You quickly dart out to the dark corridor.

Her frown disappears, and she quickly glances around. Then she giggles awkardly.
"Uh, you're just pulling my tail here, right? If this is a joke it's not funny!"


"Nah… I'll take care of things. After work I'll get some groceries. You guys wanna pop by an hour after?"


"Close that hole."
Leave this shithole and go to work.


Shake my head and touch her hoof staring into her eyes. "No joke. You see.. the guy who was killed was my friend. I.. want to help."


Whimper and look at the lamp.
Then at the pony.
Is she helping you?"


She nods.
"That would give us time to prepare too!"
Airheart is still fluttering.
"Awww, I want to go right away!"

You leave him cowering in fear as you walk out.
You arrive at work soon enough.
Blue Collar notices you and flags you down with a hoof.

Her leg twitches but she doesn't take her hoof away.
She gulps.
"You really are serious about this."
She sighs.
"And you think I can help?"

He stops, and turns to look around.
"Huh? What?"


Point at lady lamp with one hoof.


He glances at it.
"I guess? It was too dark to patch this place up without any light."


"Well I'm sorry, but I got stuff to do first."


Go over to him and bow.


Nod " I think you are the only one who can help me. "Give her a desperate stare. "Please Lock. "


She pouts and gives you sad puppy eyes.

He smiles and pats you on the back.
"Nice job with yesterday. It was just warmup, but you did well. A day or two more of work like that and we can send you to more interesting-"
He chuckles.
"-and dangerous places."

She fidgets a bit.
"…I'll help."
She takes a deep breath.
"What do you need me to do?"


I shrug and look at Skyheart.
"I'll leave you two be for now."


"It was an honor."


Nope out of here! Run in a random direction.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You run snout-first into a wooden wall.

"You're not done yet. Saddle up and get ready for some more deliveries!"

"Oh, okay… thanks for dropping by!"


"Want to show me the way out?"


"Of course."
Time to get geared up then.


Rub my snout.


Smile softly as if relieved. "Just hearing you say that makes me feel better."
Show her the explosive parts I collected.
"Can you get these and the feather to the detectives? Tell them you found it, and then see what they make of it? I found these in the woods, and the feather on a blood trail leading from the scene to the woods."


She grins and hops off the couch.
"Of course! Air, solve that tough nut puzzle for me from earlier, will you?"
Her sister nods with determination and flies back to her magazine.

You get your fancy little saddle on.
It is time to get a package!

It hurts a bit, but you're not bleeding at least. It doesn't have any splinters either!… is this ship magic? The wood doesn't give you all the splinters!

She reaches over to her saddlebags and quickly puts them away into them.
"I will…"
She eyes you up.
"You're not in trouble with the guards, are you?"


So, I find that mister Seagull yet? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You're a real gentlemare, Sky."


This place is so different from what I remember…
Go up, where I found mister seagull the first time!


Ok, go collect one.


"No. I'm just afraid I'm involved in something too big to deal with alone.. I really am glad to have met someone I can trust. And that it happens to be some pony so beautiful.. well that is just a bonus." Smile at her. "Tell me how it goes, maybe over lunch?"


You do find a seagull.
A partially decomposed one… it.. seems to have some pieces of cloths and sticks attached to it.
It looks pretty gross.

She giggles and walks past you and stops in front of you.
She looks back with a smirk
"This way, sir!"

You found him in a dark room, you don't know which one. You did fix him on the deck though. You go up there, and see some of the sticks you didn't have to use.

You get a thin but long package.
"This is for a rich pony. She allowed this package to be taken by her servant, so if you don't get past the door of this adress, it's no problem. Just give it to the servants, not the guards, if she can't personally take it. Servant, not guards. Got that?"

She blushes.
"I'm working until six in the morning, so I don't think I can do it right away."
She smiles.
"I'd love to talk it over dinner though."


Pick them up. Maybe he will need fixing again…


"Okay. What is a good place to eat diner?"


I… really hope this isn't mister seagull.
Taking a quick glance around, I'll levitate the dessicated seagull and… uh… I guess I'll start walking it out of the dry dock.


"Right behind you, kind miss."


"Yes, understood."


You now have a bunch of tiny sticks.

"Hmm… there is a place near the main square, you can't miss it. They have the best hay fries in town."

You walk outside with it.
It looks even more gross in daylight.

She giggles and starts walking towards the door. It's not often that you see her without her labcoat on.

She smiles.
She gives you a small plastic card.
"This proves that you are officially sent by us. You might need this later too, so don't lose it!"


Trot to the edge of the ship and scan the sea from here.


Does she have a nice butt then?


Alright, now… let's see if we can't work our way somewhere off the boat without running into Felfire. If I aim to dispose of this without her seeing, then I need to be careful. Let's head out of the drydock area, and towards the ruined houses.


"Okay. Thank you."
Bow and take off then!


"Hay fries huh? I'll meet you there say… 7pm? "


There is a big metal thing seperating the dock from the sea.
It's so big you can't even see where all the blue-ness ends!

The heart-shaped cutie mark on her shapely flanks make it quite nice, yes.

You reach the ruined houses with a short walk.
They surround you from all sides in varying states of decay.

You're off to the big city again!
The adress takes you to the northern part of the city.
Roll for traffic.

"Sounds good for me."


No way!
I must learn what this thing is!
Circle around.


That sounds excellent.

Wait for us to reach the door.


Alright, I'll just… tuck this over here in this dilapidated building, and then make my way back to the dry dock.



Roll #1 7 = 7


Roll to look back up before she notices.

The blue thing or the big metal thing?

You hide it under some rocks in one of the ruined buildings.
The Doc is currently trying to offer some water to Splinterproof, who keeps trying to push him away so she can keep working.

Your luck strikes again. The winds carry you swift and sound, and soon you reach the designated spot. It seems to be a big estate, complete with a large garden, surrounded by a tall fence.
You don't think you're supposed to fly over that.



Roll #1 10 = 10


Big metal thing.


Let's head over to those two.
"Captain, working yourself to exhaustion isn't going to help if we can't leave the island because you can't steer the boat."


Then I will use the gate. Is there a bell?

Roll #1 8 = 8


You not only look up before she notices anything, you even get a glance of something more than just her flanks.
She smiles at you.
"Feel free to visit anytime!"

Off the ship, hopping down to before it, then a short walk in the dust later, you arrive in front of it.

She glares at you momentarily.
"I'm fine."
She keeps hammering.

There is a small booth beside the gate.
When you land in front of it, two stallions step out, wearing uniforms. One of them whistles, while the other steps in front of you.
"Well, what have we here?"


I'll sigh.
"No, captain, you aren't. At least listen to the doctor."


"I will."
Give her my address.
"The same goes for you."


"Package delivery for the owner."


Smile at her. "See you then.. and watch put for a yellow mare with a red mane.. she seemed suspicious. "


But what is it?
A huge iron cage for the blue-thing?
Keep looking around it!

Roll #1 1 = 1



She probably didn't do it on purpose. You were the one looking at her inappropriately!
She smiles wide.
"Got it! I can hardly wait until tomorrow!"

"I'm not thirsty."

"Not so fast, sweetcheeks, give me a name first."

"Wow, that really narrows it down… but I will."
She smiles back.
"And don't you get killed before we meet at the place!"

It probably is! The first thing you find is a medium sized pile of dirt nearby it. It has a small, round hole at the front. Maybe you could look inside and find out what this thing is!


Peek inside!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You're also not letting him talk to you. He's worried about you."


I chuckle.
"Me neither, it's going to be good fun to cook together."
Before I leave… let's do the same thing she did to me last time. Kiss her on the cheek, then fly off.
"See you then, Sky."


"My name is Iga."


"And miss seeing your face again? Never." Let my eyes linger in hers for a moment and then walk away.



She grits her teeth.
"I'm. Fine."

Her eyes widen and she holds up a hoof to her cheek while blushing madly.

The other pony scribbles something down on a paper.
"Reason of visit?"

She stares back into your's dreamily.
You exit the library.
It's already dark outside.
Guess you'll need to find a place to stay at, unless you want to sleep on a clearing, like you did sometimes as a colt.


Recoil and fall to my butt, rubbing my nuzzle.


I'll look at the doc, and then back to her.
"Alright. Just don't overwork yourself, captain. You're the only one who can pilot the boat."


I chuckle and fly off to my parents' house.


A clearing? What about a cloud? Fly up and grab a fluffy one. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Package delivery for the owner."


You feel something warm on it… and it hurts a lot!
That's probably blood.

She pauses, but it's only for her to move on to another hole to patch.
"Angler can too. That is why he's a mate."

You arrive there in short notice.
The door is usually open, especially when they know you are coming.

You catch one, but it is too small for you.

"Any weapons?"


I'll just shake my head.
"Just… don't overdo it, okay?"
And I'll walk off. Time to find the little one. Hopefully she hasn't found another "mister seagull."


Is it now?


Unbuckle my katana sheathe.


Run away from the black thing!

Roll #1 9 = 9


I was leaving for the wastes if I remember correctly?


Oh, there she is, running towards you… is her muzzle bleeding?

It seems to be open, yes.

"We'll need to take that. You will get it on your way out."

Yes you were.
Deputy Wildstar and you just left the Sheriff's office.
"So, what's yer plan?"


Walk inside then.
"Mom! Dad! I'm here!"


"Locate them without being seen and try to get an estimate of their numbers, plans, and anything else of importance."


Give it to them.


Ah, geez, what did she get into now?
"Felfire, what happened?"


'1d10' fluff the cloud out

Roll #1 9 = 9


Point at the black thing, in worry and hurry.


There is no response.
The are probably out in their back yard on a nice day like this.

"That will be a doozy. We only got scouts o' them. If we knew where they were, we'd have gunned them down already."

The stallion takes it, then gives it to the other one, who puts it in the booth, then scribbles some more.
"Now, Miss Iga, don't be alarmed, but I will need to check that you are not hiding anything."

Theeeeeere you go, much better now! King sized cloud bed just for your leisure!"



Let's go check!



A hole? Probably a snake of some kind, or a crab, then… got her right on the snout.
"Alright, alright, hang on. Let's get that nose of yours looked at."
Let's see if I can't whip up a little natural remedy to stop the bleeding and help patch her snout. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Shouldn't be that much of a problem to follow one of those scouts…"


Stick close to him.


Zzz time to sleep. Its been a long day. dream of nature and not being murdered '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


There they are, both sitting in comfy looking chairs, a table between the chairs with some drinks on it. Your mother is sitting with her hooves crossed, ears perked, staring in front of her.
Your father is in the other chair, holding a book, reading it aloud for her.
"-if you have any objection, this is the time to mention it.' My heart was beating so fast and there was such a singing in my ear that I could scarcely stammer I had no objection. 'I should think not! Now you are to understand, secondly, Mr Pip, that the name of the person who is your liberal benefactor remains a profound secret, until the person chooses to reveal it…."

He steps closer, patting down your gear at first, then sliding a hoof under your saddle. Next, he runs his hoof through your feathers, then the hairs of your tail.
"Okay, you're clear. Now you just have to sign the paper and you're ready to go in."

"If he dun see us first."

You apply the first thing you find in your pouch, and it seems to stop the bleeding.

Your muzzle feels like whatever he just did it set it on fire. You stopped bleeding though!

No harm can befall you while you are under the care of Mother Nature. She safeguards you in your dream.


Stick it into the sand!


Which papers? Read them.


What did I just stick on her face?
She shouldn't be facediving into the sand.


"If that happens, we'll have to do it the hard way. Where have these scouts been spotted?"


Casually wander over to where they're sitting.


Your muzzle is now covered in sand.
It's a bit better. Not a lot, but a bit.

It lists your name, why you are here, and that you agree to your weapon being safeguarded by them while you are on the premises.
Seems legit.

The first thing that was in your pouch, duh.
Maybe check what it is before, next time?

"They've been roaming from the northwest side all the way to southwest and somewhere inbetween."

Your father stops, and puts the book down.
"Afternoon, son."
Your mother's face brightens as she hears your voice.
"Skimmer! It's been a while! Come here, will you?"


Go over and give her a gentle hug.
"It has! How are you two?"


Now don't fall behind Curry!


Sign it then.


Put on my hat.
"Guess we better get started then."
Stealth '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll shake my head.
"No, I didn't. I'm sorry. How about you?"


Shake my head.
"But I got some sticks!
To fix him if he's hurt!
Like last time!"


So that was mister seagull.
"What will you do if you can't find him before we leave the island?"
I'll pick her up and put her on my back.


Wiggle my hooves as he picks me up and then finally rest on his back, hugging his neck.
"We can't leave without mister seagull!"


I'll start walking back towards the main area.
"Alright, then. Now, maybe I just didn't know what he looked like, but could you tell me about mister Seagull? How you met him, what he looks like?"


She hugs you back tight, before pulling back, placing her hooves on the two sides of your face, gently feeling your muzzle up, looking at you with her white eyes and a huge smile.
"Busy, but fine! What about you, though! Your father told me you finally started to work!"

You sign it, and the guards open the gate, stepping aside.
"Please follow the road and don't wander into the garden, Miss Iga."

You slink into the few shadows of the midday sun, concealead to the untrained eyes.
Wildstar follows you, though his skills in sneaking seems to be nowhere near your's.
As you sneak to the outskirts of town, he speaks in a hushed tone.
"Uh… by the way…can I ask ya something?"


"On the boat, he wasn't moving…
Then he started following me, but didn't move right yet.
So I fixed him."


"That's right, it's been interesting so far."


"Go ahead, son."


"Didn't move right? How do you mean?"


Like when they use the balls with chains and hit a pony in the legs.
He walked like that."


"I understand."
Walk onto the domain and follow the path.


So… broken. Great.
"What would you do if we couldn't find all of mister seagull? If he was in as rough a shape as you say, then he might be missing a few pieces."


Stay silent for a while.
"Do you think that pony could heal him?"


"I've only heard good about his work so far too. Unless they are hiding something from me."
Your father adds.

"When that thing.. happened…. ya know… Dad told me your name. So.. should I still call ya Ranger Number Seven?"

It's a really nice garden, with a well kept lawn and a lot of pretty flowers. You quickly reach the big double doors of the estate.


I'll think for a minute.
"That really depends. Healing magic only works on the living. If mister seagull isn't alive, then it won't work."


"But he can walk!"


"I never asked ponies to call me that. They just did. You can call me whatever you want."


"Ya don't mind?"



"Well, those bribes aren't cheap."
I smirk.


Knock knock?


"That doesn't mean he's alive, though."
I'll stop for a moment.
"From where I come from, Felfire, there are ponies who can make dead things move without touching them. These ponies are called Necromancers, and their magic is used to bring the dead halfway back to life, and use them as soldiers, or servants."


Hug him a bit tighter.
"That's wrong…"


Ah, sweet nature.. I shouldn't keep her waiting too long.
Stretch and glance around at the area '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll nod a little.
"But that isn't to say that there aren't good necromancers out there. Some use their powers to speak with the dead on behalf of the living, and can pass along words of comfort. Others use the secrets of the dead to help those who need it."
I don't think telling her about their most sought-after power at the moment is a good idea, so I think I'll leave that off.
"Magic of any kind is a tool, Felfire, and it only becomes 'wrong' if the pony using it uses it the wrong way."
I'll grimace a little.
"You've already seen what can happen when a creature uses magic for the wrong things."


Sound surprised.


"That monster in the form of a deer."


Shiver and grow silent.


He grins.
"Ain't that fine as cream gravy!"

Your mother chuckles.
"Just say if you need some pocket money then."

As soon as you knock a well dressed stallion with a tiny mustache opens the door.
"You must be here with the package. Please follow me."
He opens the door fully, then turns around to start walking.

As you wake up and stretch you realize that your cloud bed has shrunk a lot while you slept.
It's barely big enough to comfortably hold you!


… Follow?
Look around.




Well, at least I was done sleeping in it!
Go back to the land and start walking around town. '1d10' keep an eye out for that yellow mare, or anything else suspicious

Roll #1 8 = 8


Anywhere I can sit down?
"I'm sorry it's been a while since I last visited. But with all those new coworkers to meet, I've been a bit busy."


I'll be silent for a moment.
"Well, let's get back to looking for mister Seagull. Perhaps he wandered off over this way…"
And I'll head back to that dilapidated building that I stowed the corpse.




"What's the matter, Felfire?"


"…I wanted to tell you something but I dunno how to say it."


"Well, just say it how it feels right to you."


"I wouldn't cry with you.
You are good."
Bury a side of my face onto his neck and rest.


I'll be a little confused.
"I should hope not. I don't have any plans on doing anything that would make you cry, anyway. You're a good filly, after all."


Smile in silence.


There are two other chairs nearby.
"That's my Skim, always making some friends wherever he goes!"

You arrive at the ruined buildings.

The place is huge, full of ornate marble sculptures. Intricate oil pantings adorn the walls.
The servant is leading you up a flight of stairs, keeping his head high.

"What? I'm just glad I can call ya yer name! Makes me feel special."

You spot a glimpse of the mare, walking down the streets.


Stealth up and follow her '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yeah… there's some interesting ponies out there."


Keep following.


Alright, should be around here…
I'll make a show of looking for it, and give Felfire the chance to spot it first.


"What are we doing?"
Look around.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Looking for mister Seagull."


"I didn't know I was such a celebrity."


"Is he here?"


"Finding that out is why we're looking."


You slip into the shadows of the houses and sneak after her. She keeps walking, occasionally sipping of her coffee.

"Interesting?" Your father asks.

He keeps leading you, and you soon hear the sound of music drifting through the air.
He stops before a door and turns around.
"If you would prepare the package, please."

"Ya are, for me at least. I mean, you're a gosh darn Ranger!"

Felfire can see some familiar feathers poking out from under some rocks.


Gulp and jump off Curry, rushing for that.
"Mister Seagull!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Did you find him, Felfire?"


Keep following her.


"He must be here!"


I nod.
"The doctor, Airheart, Lancer…"


I'll help her dig around, and uncover the… dead seagull.


Take it out, as well as the paper.


"Why did you never become a ranger? You've got talent."


She seems to be going for the park. She sits down on a bench, alone, placing a small bag beside herself.

"All hard working ponies, each their own way. You could take them as examples…. well, maybe not Airheart."

He nods, then opens the door, stepping aside.
Inside, you see a mare polishing a large stringed instrument. That thing is so big she probably has to stand on her hindlegs to play it!"

"Dad told me I'd get mahself killed. He said I can make a fine sheriff or a fine corpse if I try as one."

There it is, Mister Seagull!

There it is, the… decomposing gull corpse with the various attachements.


What does she look like?


"Well, Felfire, it looks like you found… him."
I'll rub my chin a little.
"He's not looking in too good shape, though."


I snicker.
"Yeah, that sounds like him."


"The girl means well. I think she's sweet."


Jump over there and pick him up!


…maybe she's meeting someone, just wait nearby and see what happens.


Well, she's happy at least.
"Careful now, he's in pretty rough shape, it looks like."


"I've got sticks!"
Start fixing him!

Roll #1 9 = 9


She is a blue pony with white mane. A middle aged mare, you assume.
She stops and looks up, bowing to you as you enter.
"I assume you have what I have ordered? Excellent."

"Don't it?"
He sighs.
"Y'know, he's been going hard on me sinc M-"
She shuts up quickly tugging on your ranger overcoat.

"I didn't say she does not. But she can get… distracted."

A little while later, a stallion walks by sitting down the bench. He opens a newspaper and reads it for about a minute or two, before standing up and starting to walk away… taking the bag with him.

You attach some more sticks to him. His legs won't be wobbly now!… his torso is a bit squishy still.


"Oh yeah, no doubt."
Look back at mom.
"Did you enjoy your day out?"




Present the package and the paper.
"Please sign here to accept delivery."


okay! follow the stallion.


But he's standing up now, right?


Shut up or I'll make you fight a coyote
You can see the vague outlines of two ponies gallpoing in the distance.

"How could I not! You should really come with us one of these days, it's really healthy!"

She looks at the package.
"Give the the delivery first. I will sign nothing until I know that my order is in prime condition."

He walks to the edge of town. There are a lot less houses around here. He seems to be headed toward a shoody looking house. It has some windows boared up and the roof is partially missing.

He's a floppy bird.


"You're right, I probably should…"


Why isn't he moving?"


Look what they're doing.
Are they moving this way or away?


I nod and give it to her. She seems reputable.


Okay.. this could be something.. Keep watching him.. is the hole in the roof big enough to sneak into? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


'1d10' I'm only pretending to get stuck! Ruse.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'll look at the bird, and then back to Felfire,
Then I'll hunker down next to her.
"Let me see…"
I'll pick up the… corpse, and listen at its chest.
"Ah. Just as I thought. Here, listen."
I'll hold it so that she can listen to its chest.


Listen to it and then look at curry, confused.


"Alright, now listen here."
I'll tap right above my heart.
"What do you hear?"




I'll set the bird body down, then tap my chest again.
"Listen right here, and tell me what you can hear."


Move closer.


I'll shake my head.
"That's my heartbeat. So long as my heart makes that noise, it means I am alive. Your heart also makes noise, as does the heart of every other living thing."


Think for a second.
"Momma had that too…"


I'll nod.
"…And do you know what it means when the heart stops making that noise?"


"T-that they are not alive anymore?"


"What's stopping you?"

Neither. They seem to be moving south. You are facing west right now, so you see their sides.

She gently unpacks it, revealing an intricate bow for her instrument. The wood almost seems to shine.
She inspects it closely, then smiles and turns to you.
"Grand. I will take it."

You manage to fit in without problem. You just had to close your wings, dummy!
You hear the door downstairs get shut. He just entered.


"Nothing really."


I'll nod quietly.


quietly sneak around here, look for signs of what they do, or anypony ekse here. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Do they look like raiders bandits?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Thank you for trusting us with your delivery."
Present her the papers.


Look down on mr. Seagull and stay quiet.
"But… Just yesterday he was okay…"


I'll nod.
"Death… is usually a very sudden thing."


They are too far away for you to tell.

"It's not hormones, is it?"

You find nothing at all. Everything is covered in dust. Seems like the place is abandoned.

"Your company did not disappoint."
She signs the sheet then slips something on top of it.
"This is for you."


"Like with mom?"


I laugh.
"No mom, it's not."


What's… that?




…Well, okay, sneak down stairs and find the stallion '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Look down.
"Curry, go away. You will die too.
Like mr Seagull.
Like mom.
Like him."


"Because I know that for your age it could be embarassing to be in a room full of naked mares for a prolonged peroid of time."
Your father coughs, but he's probably just trying to cover up a chuckle.

It seems to be small piece of paper.
It says that if you take this piece of paper to a bank, you will get the amount that is written on it in bits.

You sneak downstairs, then feel cold steel on the back of your head as you reach the bottom step.
"It was only a matter of time I suppose."


"Don't worry about it, I've grown accustomed to being surrounded by naked mares."


I'll shake my head.
"Everyone dies some day, Felfire. It's what we do in the days between now and then that matters."
I'll smile slightly.
"And besides, Death has already passed me over several times already. I'm not going to go easily. I can't leave you all alone, after all."


"Thank you for your gracious generosity."


"…" give him a calm smile. "Well, Its not like a great place like would stay secret forever."


Just bite my lower lip and poke mr. Seagull with a hoof, over and over.



Roll #1 2 = 2




Keep poking the dead bird.


"Oh, do tell. You know I want to know first if you have a new mare in your sights!"

She smiles.
"Don't mention it. Have a nice day."
The servant coughs at the door. This is probably your cue to leave.

"Any last words?"

No response




Leave then!


Sneakily move closer.
Do I need to roll for that?


"Well… there's Skyheart. She seems to really like me."


No, since they are far away as well.
You start closing the distance, but lose sight of them as they disappear into one of the apple orchards.

The servant closes the door behind you, urging you to take the stairs down, back to the hall.
He opens one of the doors leading outside.
"The Lady was grateful for your services. Fare thee well."

"Oh, do tell!"
"Skyheart? From the factory labs?"


"Yes, that's Airheart's sister alright. We've spent some time together and it's… nice. She's good company."


Step outside.
"It was great honor."


Your father stays silent.
Your mother shifts around excitedly in her seat.
"So.. anything going on between the two of you?"

He nods, and closes the door.
You are in front of the mansion now. You should probably get your stuff back.


Track them down? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Let's go back to the gate then.


"We haven't spent that much time together!"


You and Wildstar manage to follow the tracks they have left.
You stop about a hundred meters from them.
They seemed to have stopped, and set up a small post. The stallion has a rifle pointing at the town, watching carefully, while the mare sitting beside him is looking into a pair of binoculars, taking notes every now and then.

You walk back to the gate, ignoring the delicious smelling flowers.
One of the guards scribbles the time of your departure on the same sheet as before, offering the paperwork to you to sign again, while the other takes out your weapon from where it was kept.

"Nothing at all then?"
Your father actually smiles at you.
"Son, see, this is what happens when you marry the inquisition."


Anything special about them?
What do their clothes look like?


Sign off, accept my weapon and move on then!


I sigh.
"Nothing serious yet."


Boots, brown leggings, dirty duster capes. The stallion has a hat while the mare has rags around her head, as well as a pair of googles she's not wearing now so she can use the binoculars.
They are both armed. You can see pistol holsters on the mare, and a knife of the stallion, aside from the gun. The clothes would definitely suggest they are bandits, but their equipment is not the cheap, rusty one-shot bolter rifles or barely functioning pistols most run-away bandits have.

After the exchange, you head back towards the base.
Your stomach grumbles like thunder in the storm, however.
You didn't forget breakfast, did you?

She smiles, then starts tapping the table beside her, searching for her drink.
"Do drop by and keep me up to date if anything happens, okay?"


"Yes mom."
I chuckle.
"You sure have a way of making me feel like I'm twelve again."


That's for the weak. Lunch is what's really important.


I suppose we can keep watch for now.
Hold my hoof to my mouth to indicate Wilstar should be silent as well.


"That's what moms do!"
She chuckles, and empties her glass, turning to your father.
"Could you get me another glass, please?"

You didn't forget lunch then, did you?
One way or the other, flying straight is much harder with a protesting tummy.

He nods, staying low as you do.
The stallion occasionally shifts his weight and glances around.
The mare keeps taking notes for a while, before stopping to smirk, hoofing the binocular over, and pointing with a hoof.
"That spot, right there. See it? Good cover, good vantage, easy to defend if we take it. Gives us control over that entire row of streets."
The stallion hums.


So they are planning a raid of sorts.
But who are they working for?
They don't seem like your average bandit.
I don't like this.
Let's wait and try to follow them if they leave again.


I only just got to work! I'm not immediately going to eat lunch unless it's midday already!
Just keep going.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"It was just as bad back when I first got together with Spring…"


It's about 11.
You take a wrong turn when your nose is hit by the smell of hay fries, but you get back to the right road shortly after.

"Of course! I was so excited, that you were growing up, getting a marefriend already!"
Your father leaves with the glass, and your mother motions you closer.

The mare jots down a few more things, before they both stand up, gathering their gear.
The mare takes out a map, and points somewhere on it you can't see.
"There. We'll check things from that side now. Is we settle here… yeah, then the pigsty from that side, the barn and the orchard will give us cover."
She packs the map away.


I cock a brow and lean in.
"I'm a mature pony."


She nods, her cheeriness replaced by worry.
"I know, that's why… I want to ask you something. It's about your father."


>hay fries
What do you take me for, some kind of Equestrifat?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"… What? What's wrong?"


The smell lingers, but you can keep on track.
And hey, hay is hay.

She gulps.
"He's… recently, he has been coughing in a way that I don't like. It just sounds nasty. I told him to go to a doctor, but he says he is too busy, and I think it's his pride speaking too… I don't think it's anything serious, but I'm concerned, and he won't listen to me."
She extends a hoof in the air, searching, offering for you to hold.
"Could you try and talk some sense into him the next time the two of you are alone?"


I frown.
"How long has he been having it?"


I'd rather eat rice! That noodle stand doesn't happen to be nearby, would it?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"About two weeks now, I think."

You don't see that exact noodle stand, but you do see a cart that sells riceballs and seaweeds. The pony who runs it seems equestrian though.


That baka better not be ruining our national pride.
Land near the stand and see if I can order something.


Waiting on leaving.


"He's got a certified doctor sitting a few door down the hallway and hasn't bothered getting that checked?"


There aren't any others around.
She smiles at you, and bows.
"Good day. May I interest you with some of my food? Cheap and tasty!"

They start cantering away, heading south again, away from the direction the two of you are.
Wildstar looks at you.
"Whatdya' think?"

"You know how stallions are… he thinks his pride is more important than his health. He'd sooner die in front of his desk than take a day off."


"I'm not sure.
I'd like to see who they report to. We should follow them until they go back to their camp."


Shake my head.
"Being sick is the worst, nothing wrong with taking some meds to relieve the pain."


"Yes you can. Riceballs?"
How do they look and smell?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"The only days off he ever took since he's been in charge was when he stayed by my side in the hospital after my accident."
She frowns.
"I really hope you're not the stubborn fool he can be sometimes."

He nods.
"This'll be one o' them sneakin like a snake days, huh?"
He starts carefully following the tracks.

Cooked just right, sticking together perfectly, smelling delicious, even better than you could cook it.
"Get two for a bit or five for two bits!"


Sneaky beaky them to their camp, whenever that is '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I can cover the 'fool' part pretty well, but I wouldn't be walking around with a sick cough for two weeks without doing something either."


This lady is a friend.
"I'll have five."


They don't seem to be going for a camp.
You follow them, and they stop at another vantage point, setting up the same scouting post as earlier, only looking at a different spot of town this time. The stallion seems to be snacking on an apple he snatched from one of the trees while still keeping a hoof on his rifle as the mare is drawing things on her map and taking notes.

"That's why I'm asking you to-"
The two of you can hear hoofsteps approaching, and your mother leans back into her chair, smiling again.
"I remember how shy you were when you first introduced her!"

She puts them into a small bag for you.
"Can I offer some seaweed for you to go with it? It would be on the house!"


"It was awkward. I can't imagine you two being less shy about it back in the day."


"On the house?"


……..look can we skip to the part where they go back to camp or should I just try to nab em here?


"We should probably head back to the others, Felfire. They might need help with the boat."


Something something dead seagull in my hooves.
Cradle it a bit and then look at Curry.
"Now I do what you did with mommy?"


"You go."


She chuckles.
"For free."

Your father sets the glass down beside her, sitting down afterwards.
"You'd think that, but your father was proud as a peacock! I wonder why, though…"
He chuckles.
"Because the most beautiful mare agreed to go out with me?"

Sometimes, a ranger's job is to sit tight like shit in the grass. This is one of those days.

You and Wildstar follow them to two more scouting spots before they head west, away from ponyville.
Thankfully, some of the rocks and hills provide enough cover for you to follow them without being seen even after they've left the outskirts of the town and the last orchard is behind you.
About an hour of travelling later, deep into the afternoon, you can see that the two of them arrive at a seemingly abandoned outpost. It seems to be from around the time when the peace treaty with the buffalo.
A single house, surrounded by a yard and a medium sized plank fence, as well as two watchtowers. The gate is opened for the ponies.
You see that only one of the towers is occupied, by a pegasus mare with a rifle.


"If you like. I can help."
"I think they can spare the moment."


How big is the house? How many ponoes could it hold potentially?


Set the seagull aside and start digging into the sand.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll help dig.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well, he was a bit older than I was. I wouldn't be ashamed of bringing anypony here these days."


"Thank you, honorable cook pony. What is your name?"


Ground floor and one story above it.
Technically, it could hold two dozen ponies. At least, that's how many were stationed at these outposts back in the days. From the run down state, missing tiles and boarded up windows, you doubt that is the case now.

Felfire has trouble on her own, but with the help of Curry, you two quickly make a hole deep enough for the seagull.

"I hope you wouldn't bring anypony that would make me ashamed."

She puts some seaweed beside your food, and hoofs it over, bowing herself.
"My name is Shū."


Huh…..This could be trouble.
"Wildstar I'll need you to stand guard while I try to sneak in there."


Look at the dead bird and hold him close one last time.
"If you meet mommy be kind to her."
Put him down in the hole.
"Goodbye mister seagull…"


Sample it.
"How did you learn to cook this dish so well?"




I'll wait until she's ready to bury him.


"Gotcha'. Stay safe."
He cocks his rifle and aims towards the outpost, standing watch.

He looks so peaceful.

Absolutely delicious!
"My mother taught me how to make them."

"Like a prostitute."
Your mother rolls her white eyes.
You can see a tiny smirk at the side of your father's mouth.


Time to go sneaky beaky like and avoid that watchtower '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Try to find out who's inside there.


Do what Curry did for mom, cover him in sand.
Then without a word go over to him and sit quietly next to his forelegs.


"Prostitutes are really expensive, dad."


You pile the sand over the hole, forming a tiny mound.

You sneak around unseen, managing to find a broken plank. You manage to squeeze inside.
You are now hidden between the house and the fence. You can check out the courtyard or try to see if there's a way into the house.

"That must be why you wanted the job."


"Very good. Will remember this food place."


I'll just be quiet for a moment, and then settle down so that Felfire can get on my back if she'd like.
"I'm afraid I don't really know what to say in these sorts of situations, Felfire."


"Ow, busted."


Anypony in the courtyard?


Try to mock up one of the raiders' voice.


I'll shake my head.
"I'm pretty sure that's not quite what I'd use. Perhaps 'rest in peace' might work better, especially since you liked Mister Seagull."


Look at the small pound of sand.
"Curry, let's go."


"Alright. Would you rather walk, or ride on my back?"


"I'm here every day!"
With a little detour, you could have breakfast here every morning before heading to work.

"At least do you get the exotic ones? The others are not worth the price."
Your father seems more amused than your mother.

Yes. There is a campfire cracking in the middle. Four ponies are around it. One of them is the stallion you saw, one is eating, the other two mares are quietly talking and chuckling between themselves.


What are they talking about? Dicks?


"Ah, I'll keep that in mind. I thought you wouldn't like the Neighponese or Arabian kind."


Shake my head and stand up, starting to walk.


"Many thanks."
Memorize this location and take off again.


And I'll walk alongside her.
"We'll likely be leaving the island, soon. Once the boat is repaired and stocked with food, we'll set out and go across the ocean, back to Equestria."


"What's Equestria? And what's sailing?"


"Equestria is the land I'm from. It's a great big island that stretches hundreds of miles. It's home to hundreds of thousands of ponies. As for sailing, it's what a pony does to make a boat or ship move. You use big sheets of cloth to catch the wind and it moves your boat across the water."


I ruined those!
But stay silent and keep walking, avoiding Curry's stare.


"Of course, the boat was in pretty rough shape when we found it, so we might have to make entirely new sails out of plant fibers, or whatever cloth we can scavenge. Fixing the holes in the sides of the boat is going to take us at least another few days."


"Am I going back home until then?"


They are talking about some ponies whose names mean nothing to you.
It might be about dicks.

"I've always wanted a Neighponese massage, but never got around to getting one."

You commit the place to your memory and head back to work.
Ready for your new assignment?

The two of you arrive back at the dry docks.


What else would mares talk about.
Let's take a look inside the house then.


I'll shake my head.
"You'll be living with myself and the crew until we're ready to leave, unless there's something you don't want to leave without. If you need to go grab something, just tell me and I'll keep you company while you fetch it."


I chuckle.
"Maybe mom can learn how."


Think about it for a second.
"I don't want to leave without you."


"You wouldn't be. I did promise to take you with me when I left the island, didn't I?"



Nod with a tiny smile.


I'll smile back.
"Now, let's see if anyone needs any help around the boat, and if not, then we'll see about getting something to eat."


Look at my stomach, only now realizing how hungry I am.


The windows are boarded up, you can't see insinde. Entering through the front door seems awfully risky though.

Your mother seems like she is upset. For a moment you think she won't even reply… but she smiles.
"Only if you learn how to give Arabian hooficures, Trim."

You give the old paper to the mare at the counter, get a new one, but no package.
"Go talk to Blue Collar, this package is rather… big."
She snickers a bit.

The others all seem to be still working on the ship, except the Doc, who seems to be cutting up fabric then rolls them up into makeshift bandages nearby.


True. Look, while in my hiding spot, for other entrances '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I understand."
To Blue Collar?


Well, let's head over to the doc.
"So, is anyone one lunch detail, or should I try my hoof at it?"


I get up.
"Well, looks like I did played my diplomatic role well for today. Just to be clear though, I won't be taking any part in it."


You find a back enterance. The storm door is open, but the other seems to be locked. No dice. There.

He smiles as you approach.
"Ah, Iga, what do you have for me this time?"
He offers a hoof to take the paper.

"The captain has Angler working on the boat, so he couldn't cook. She wants us off by tomorrow evening, so yes, I suppose it is up to you or me."

Your mother pouts.
"Leaving so soon?"


Try to muster the strength to talk.
"I c-can help."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Something big."


I'll grimace a little.
"She really shouldn't overwork herself. And I hope she doesn't regret leaving me to cook."


I need to know who is behind this.
Stealthily get into the storm door '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well… I guess I don't have much else to do today."


You can't.
He killed Shriek. Just picked her up and killed her. He could kill you too.

He chuckles as he reads it.
"Oh, you'll love this one. Follow me."
He walks into a storage warehouse you haven't been to before. It's full of rows upon rows of shelves packed with all kinds of random stuff.

"We'll just have to see. As long as it's edible, she'll be fine with it.

As you try to pry the door open, you don't notice a mare walking behind the house, probably a call of nature. She, however, notices you, and aims her rifle at you.
"Whoa, who the fuck are you?!"
She is a few meters away, aiming right at you.
Think fast!

She smiles again.
"I've made some lunch, if you're interested!"


"Come on, Felfire, let's wash up and make something to eat."


Time to scurry somewhere else, somewhere very, very far away from here.


"That sounds great, count me interested."


Quickly push that gun out of the way and grab her, hold a hoof over her mouth '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Or maybe not, just follow him with a weak nod.


"I will love it?"


And then we're off to the cooking area.
"Now, what you have to remember about cooking is that you always need to wash up before you start. That way, you don't put dirt or other things into the food."


Look back at where we came from.
Then at Curry with an absent stare.


I'll nod.
"Yes. It's… hmm. It would probably be easier to show you."
Once we reach the cook station, I'll start up the fire and set a pot of water to warm.
"Washing is what ponies do to get clean. It usually works better with warm water."


Sit down and look at the pot.
"Is the other unicorn gonna kill me?"


Your father stands up.
"Let's eat outside, it's a nice afternoon."
Your mother chuckles.
"I wonder who planned it to be one."
They share a quick kiss, then your father walks inside to fetch plates and such.

"I definitely got a chuckle out of this one!"
He walks down along the shelves, counting them as he passes them.

Her eyes widen once she realizes what your garbs mean, giving you enough time to push the gun out of the way, but not enough to prevent her from shouting "RANGER!" twice.
She tries to smack you with the butt of her gun.
Roll to dodge.

The 'cooking station' is as makeshift as it gets, but it does the job at least.


"What did you prepare?"


Dodge and try to take her hostage '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What? You mean the Doc? No, he won't kill you. His job is to save lives, and heal ponies."
Once the water's warm enough, I'll scoop some out in a tin.
"Now, we don't have everything you'd normally use when you wash your hooves, but we'll make due. You take a bit of warm water here, and scrub a bit until the dirt and grime of travel starts to come off. You don't have to scrub hard, unless the dirt is really caked on there."
I'll demonstrate.


Fidget with my hooves.
"He's hurt Shriek thou…
And Giggly's gone too.
They are all gone."
Then look at him clean himself.
"Ooooh! I know how to do this!"
Reach for the water and start scrubbing!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I cock my head and just keep following.


"Well, what was Shriek going to do to him if he didn't defend himself?"


"Cauliflower and dried tomatoes!"
Oh man, that brings back some memories!

The hard wood hits your muzzle hard, making you stumble.
You can hear the rushing of hoofsteps towards you. You can't stay here!

You wash your hooves, prim and proper.

You manage to scrub away all the dirt and bird-parts.

He stops abruptly, pointing a hoof.
"This is it."
On the shelf is a plush. It is nearly as big as your body.
It resembles a banana in a colored beanie, with dreadlocks and sunglasses.
He snickers again.
"The things some ponies will want us to deliver never ceases to amuse me."


Hey, I like water!


Time for ranger disappearing powers ZING '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


What the unholy fuck.


And now that that's done, we'll see what we've got in the manner of foodstuffs. What am I working with here?
"Now that we've washed up, we see what ingredients we've got to work with."


I smile.
"That sounds really great."


"You know how to cook, C-c-curry?"


And it's not freezing cold this time!

You hear a gunshot coming from nearby, but it's too close to be aimed at you.
However, as you turn around to bail, the mare takes aim and fires, her bullet brushing past you painfully.
When you take the turn around the corner of the house, you see that the way between you and the hole in the planks is blocked by a stallion and a mare, both armed.

He nudges you with an elbow.
"You'll get quite the attention with this, I bet."

Some very basic spices, probably from Angler's remaining stash, as well as the fruits that have been scavanged from the jungle.

"I made it just because I knew you were coming."


"That's really considerate of you, I'm glad I came."


"I do not understand its purpose."


"We have this whole place surrounded. One word of me and we'll start shooting!"


"Not really."
I'll laugh slightly.
"That's why I said I hoped the captain doesn't regret leaving me with the job."
Well, I'll line up a few fruits, and then put that kukri into the hot water that's still on the fire.
"Now, Felfire, when using a tool like a knife to help prepare food, you need to make certain that it's clean as well. That helps prevent diseases from spreading."
Once the kukri's about as disinfected as it can be, I start cutting up the fruits.
"Now, this isn't going to be very fancy, but a simple fruit salad should be easy enough for the two of us to make. Could you grab that bowl over there, please?"
I'll nod towards the bowls nearby.


Find the bowl and grab it with my mouth, bringing it over to him. Set it down and peek over the working pony without a word.


"Another thing to keep in mind, Felfire, is that knives are rather sharp, and you can end up cutting yourself if you aren't careful."
Once I get to the last fruit, I'll turn the kukri so that the handle points towards Felfire.
"Another thing you need to remember is that when you hoof a knife to someone, you always give them the handle first, and make certain they have a good grip on it."


Recoil away from the weapon.


I'll simply hold it.
"Would you like to try cutting up this last fruit?"


Shake my head.


"I'm glad too."
Your father shows up with a tray full of plates, as well as the food itself, and sets it down to the table in the middle.
"Come on, pull those chairs closer."

"Neither do I, Iga, neither do I. But our job is not to understand, is it?"

"Then we better cap you before you speak!"
They both take aim!


"That's not smart thinking.
As a hostage I would be worth much more to you."


"Perhaps one day, then."
I'll slice up the last fruit, put all the pieces into the bowl. Then, I'll rinse the kukri and sheathe it.
"Felfire, can you go into the ship and tell the others that food is ready?"


Pick up the… thing.
"I require the delivery address."


Widen my eyes.
But they…"


"They'll be with us on the boat to Equestria, Felfire. Besides, none of them want to hurt you, I promise."
I'll smile a little.
"They might seem a little rough around the edges, but they are all nice ponies at heart."


Gulp down.
"What am I supposed to say?"


Get close.
"By the way, I'm thinking about trying to get some tickets for one of the upcoming Wonderbolts show."


"All you have to say is that the food is ready, and they'll know where to go. The captain might be a bit stubborn, though."
I'll rub my chin.
"Tell you what, you get everyone else, and I'll deal with her. You can start with Doc over there."


"Actually, you haven't seen the fliers, have you?"
They both laugh, then fire.
If you weren't a ranger, you wouldn't have the instinct and speed to duck and roll. Luckily, you are.
Roll to dodge.

The food is done and ready!

Collar helps set it on the saddle, fastening it so it won't fall, then gives you a sheet of paper.
"Here you go."

Your father gives you a look.
"I've heard those don't come cheap."



Roll #1 2 = 2


Look at doc, then at Curry again.
Stumbling on my hooves, go meet Doc.
Try to talk.


'1d10' to talk.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yeah they don't, which is why it's a big deal."


"Many thanks."
Look at the address.


Your gear stops one bullet, but the impact is painful. Not as painful as the other bullet, which is stopped by one of your ribs.
They reload their guns, and you can hear ponies from behind you.
You are not helpless though.

You can squeak out an "M-" but not much more.
"Is something the matter?"

"I hope you're not here asking for money."

It seems it will take you to Long Beach again.


"D-dinner is ready."

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll just be watching from here, doling the fruit slices into separate bowls for everyone.


Fuck time to disappear RNGpls '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I shake my head.
"I'm not. Just… letting you know where that wage you're paying me will be partially going to."


Let's leave and set course then.



Roll #1 5 = 5


You manage to speak properly.
He puts down the fabric he's been working on and stands up.
"Oh, good. Where is it?

You hear two more gunshots, but no impact.
The ponies in front of you swing around.
You hear a cry of pain and a soft thud from behind you.
You see Wildstar in the outlook tower, reloading his rifle.
Now would be a good time to run!
You can exit through the fence as an automatic action.

"Not a very clever way of spending it, if you ask me."

You have a bit of a problem squeezing through the door.


Nod towards Curry, without a word.


"It's not that expensive. You know how much I love seeing those shows."


Damn it all. Push through.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Finally, get out. Towards Wildstar.


He glances at you.
"…Thank you."
He walks over.

"I just don't understand why."

You manage to push through by looking back and tilting the plush, but the smile of the banana looks almost as if it was mocking you.

You get outside of the fence, and start running. Wildstar keeps giving covering fire, and jumps as he can see you made it out so he can run alongside you.
"We better scram!"


"Nice job. Let's move."
Time to get out of here!


I'll hoof the doc his bowl once he comes over.


Off to the others!>>533376


"What do you mean? The Wonderbolts are pretty much the greatest symbol of us pegasi. Nopony else in the world has mastered the art of flight as well as they have!"


Which just urges me to get to where I need to get quicker and dump this thing.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Bullets whiz past the two of you as you run.
You are almost over a hill when one of them actually hits, and you feel blood splatter over your face.
Wildstar collapses, clenching a hoof to his neck.
"Ah, shit."

"Thank you…"
He glances back at Felfire.
"I… I want to say something, but I'm not sure how to."

You remember that the stallion was inside the ship last time.

"No, son, the greatest symbol of pegasi is the ability to control weather."

You could swear you can hear the laugh in a silly accent.
You arrive at the familiar beach in no time.
You see two familiar ponies nearby.


Fuck no!
Carry hem with me '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You don't have to hedge your words with me, Doc. Say it how it fells right."


I laugh.
"Gryphons can do that too. But we've got them beat on raw speed."


Oh no…
Just… get to the address.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hop in there.


He puts a hoof around you, still clutching his neck with the other. Still he's losing a lot of blood and walking seems to be pretty painful for him.
A few more bullets kick up the dust and sand around you, but at least they are not chasing you two. Once you'll get around the hill, you'll be safe.

He fixes his glasses and looks at you sternly.
"She… touched the corpse of Netsy, and she… it stood up."

"Pegasi, however, provide weather control for all of Equestria. This factory is the biggest and most influental in the entire country. That's a symbol of pegasi power, isn't it?"

You start flying towards the adress, but you hear their voice.
"Isn't that the chick?"
"Yeah, that's her allright."
"What's she carrying?"
"Looks, awesome!"
"Hey, hey you, wait!"
They start cantering after you.

You enter the ship.
You see the light shining from another room this time.


Fuck, fuck, do I need to roll to get over le hill?


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Stood up? Like how the rest of them were?"


Trot over. He's the guy with Lady Lamp…


"Sure, but earthwalkers barely ever get to see it. The Wonderbolts are our prime image."


Pretend I don't hear them and keep flying.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Only for the speed

He nods.
"Only… it was like she was anticipating it. All the other corpses were unmoving by then."

Yes, he is. Lady Lamp is still shining for him, as he is working on fixing another room's wall.

He's about to say something but your mother interjects.
"Let's eat before it gets cold, okay?"

Your speed at flight is much faster than their half-running canter, and you shake them off your tail when one of them smacks into a street performer.


Sanic speed '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10




"Well, there was a lot of necromantic energy flying around thanks to Buck. Perhaps some of it simply latched onto her, or she managed to make it work out of desperation?"
I'll rub my chin.
"I don't think we should worry too much about it, though. This could just mean she has some magical talent that needs proper teaching."


Dig in then.


No shitting around this time.
You won't let this kid die to some lousy bandits.
You pick him up on your back and run ovet the bend of the hill in record time, then over another, just for good measure, even managing to find a nearby cave to hide in.
You put him down, and he points at his bags.
"Bandages… Ah have sum in there…"

He stops his work and turns around, wiping the sweat from his brow with a hoof.

He stay silent.
"I see."
He takes the bowl with his magic.
"Thanks for the food."

It's absolutely delicious, just as you remember it!




"Thank me after you've eaten it. I don't know how I can mess up a fruit salad, but there's always a first time."


"Hmm, this is very good!"


"A beggar has no right to be picky, does he?"
He stops awkwardly, then tries a small smile. He probably has a lot on his mind, just like the others.

It reminds me of all those weekend days, helping your mother in the kitchen so your delicious lunch would be done sooner.


Mouth the word dinner, while looking at the fire burning inside Lady Lamp.


"We'll be off this island soon enough, Doc. And then we can either put this whole thing behind us, or break into the largest barrel of ale we can find and drink ourselves stupid."
I'll chuckle.
"It might not be much of a task for me, though."


"Hang in there, son."
Bandage him up '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"This sure takes me back…"


"Look.. I don't want your package. I don't even know what it is." '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The little light flickers inside, as if it was doing passionate dance, painting long shadows on the wall.
" 'scuse you?"

"I'm not much a drinker either, believe that. The only alcohol I spend a lot of time with is for medicinal uses only."

Oh lordy, that's a lot of blood. One of the nastiest bullet scrapes you've seen. If it had been just a tiny bit closer, he'd be dead right now.
He hisses in pain as you do so.

"Did I get it right?"
Your father wastes no time to talk and is digging in even greedily than you do.

"We both know it's me you're after. I won't end up like him. Guess I'm lucky they didn't send her again."
The sword vibrates slightly, drawing a speck of blood. He probably tensed up.


Get him on my back.
"You'll be fine, son. Just a scratch. Let's get you back home."




"Well, when we get back to the mainland, we'll all have an excuse to get stinking drunk. Enjoy your food, Doc."


"Sure did, tastes just as I remember."


He wiggles around to try and get comfortable, holding the bandages with a hoof.
You hear a weak chuckle.
"Did ah do good?"

He puts down his tools.
"You'll have to speak up, kid."

He nods again.
"Thank you."
He walks back to his work, levitating food into his mouth and returning to the clothes with his hooves instead of magic.

"I could give you the recipe if you want to try it."


Shake my head and wave with a hoof for him to follow me instead.


Right, time to wait a bit to see if Felfire can bring out another one.


"No… that would just take away its uniqueness. I'm not a bad cook, y'know! I have my own recipes!"


"What? I'm not a murderer! I thought you were the one who kill him! That's why I followed you."
'1d10' try to make him calm down.

Roll #1 9 = 9


He stands, picking up the lantern with his mouth, ready to follow you.

Nothing just yet.

She nibble son the food as well.
"Oh? What do you usually make?"

You can feel him take some deep breaths.
He draws the sword back, but you can still feel it hoover near you.
"What if you just want to make me believe that so I let my guard down? You're not tricking me into killing me, are you?"


"You did great. Like a true ranger."
Get to town stat.


"Stuff like this as well. I had a lot of practice on my own."


Back to Curry!


take a step forward, turn around and face him, do I know this guy? '1d10'
"No I haven't even drawn a weapon, I.. I'm from White Tail Woods. The druids sent me.."

Roll #1 10 = 10


You gallop there as fast as you can with a body on your back, and it is already deep into the night once you arrive.
Wildstar has fallen unconcious, but you can hear and feel his breathing.

"At least you're not like your brother. He just orders takeout almost everyday from what he told me."
Your mother smiles.
"Oh, I'm so proud! I always knew you'd like making food, I saw it in your eyes when you helped me! It's a small wonder you didn't have a cooking related cutie mark!"

You lead him back to him, and he puts down the lantern and turns it off once he arrives.
"Oh, you meant dinner."

You don't know him. He is a green unicorn. His eyes betray him, you can see that he is a nervous wreck, the sword is trembling in his magic.
"…like the guy that was killed?"
He lowers his weapon.


I'll wave slightly.
"Yep. Hope you like chopped up fruit."


Nod, but still look at the ground.
Where am I and what does this place look like?
Is the cap here already?


I chuckle.
"I like cooking and all, but it just can't beat flying."


Nod slowly "He was from my town.. I knew him.."


Where's the doc?
I should know that, rush him in.


"Beats an empty stomach."

You are outside, on the dusty floor. Nearby there is a drop to the 'hole' the ship is in. Only Angler, Curry and you are here so far.

"Your father was quite the flier back in the day, you know."
"I had to live up to my name, didn't I?"

He slowly sheaths his sword, not relaxing entirely just yet.
"If you knew him, what was his name?"

You storm right inside the clinic without so much as a knock.
The lights are still on, but the good doctor seems to have been sleeping at the desk, fallen forward on a stack of paperwork. When the door slams open he yelps and scrambles for his gun, pointing it shakily at the door.


"I guess it's in our genes."


Trot off to a side, curling up on the ground, making not a sound.


"He needs help!"


"Sure does. And I don't think I'll be able to pull the captain away from the ship, so I'll bring her her food."
I'll levitate one of the bowls.
"You did a good job, Felfire."
And I'll float the bowl of food over to her.


Look surprised at the bowl and then up at him, in confusion.


"You didn't think I'd have you run all over the boat without making you something to eat too, did you?"


Look very…
Surprised? And look down at the bowl without looking up again.
Mutter something.


"You're welcome."
I'll pick up another bowl.
"Now, I'm off to try and convince the captain to eat something. See you in a little bit."
And I'm off.


"Brown Bark."


"Just like leadership."
Your mother chuckles.
"And humility."

He tries to focus, still groggy, but drops the gun and rushes to a medicine cabinet once he realizes what's going on.
"Put him down on that cot by the wall! What's his bloodtype?"

That bowl of food sure looks inviting.

It's impossible to miss the sound of tools working. You find her right away.

"That's right… Listen, we have a safe place… but I'm not sure it's a good idea to bring you there."


Tiny bite?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm a very humble stallion, mom."


"Captain? It's time for food."


"No idea. He's Wildstar, the sherriffs son."


"You can at least tell me what's going on?
I'm totally lost here."


Yes. Just a teeny tiny bit.
…….. screw that, you gobble it all up, not leaving a single scrap, even licking the bowl clean. The stallion chuckles at you, taking another bite, then pouring half his bowl into your's.
"Eat up, kid. You need it more than I do from the looks of it."

"Are you? A humble pony never has to say he is humble."

She doesn't even flinch.
"Not hungry."

"We keep tabs on that, in case they get shot…"
He quickly starts putting lots of equipment on a small metal cart.
"Where was he shot? How many times? Does he have bullets in them?"

He sighs and looks around.
"He was asking a lot of questions, and it crossed the interest of a very powerful pony. He wasn't careful enough, and he got killed for it."


"He found out something didn't he?
Can you give me a hint at least?"


"One shot in the neck."


Look up with wet, joyful eyes for a moment and then dive in again, finishing what he pours me.


"Because I'm not a doormat either!"


"Too bad. You're eating even if I have to forcefeed it to you."


"Bruise or clean hit? Was there an exit wound? Work with me here!"
He pushes the cart over to the cot, putting a tube into a glass that appears to be holding blood. He jams a needle in Wildstar's hoof and gives you the bottle.
"Here, hold this high."

"He did. We never knew what. He was killed before he could tell us."
He frowns.
"I'm sorry."

The raiders barely gave you more food, they always just took it from you! You gobble it up fast, and soon you are left with an empty bowl and a full tummy.

She chuckles.
"Oh, I know you aren't, far from it!"
"You're a little rebel, is what you are."
Your father says that with a smile.

She stops only to give you a glare that makes your blood freeze.
"Try me."
She turns back to the work after a second or two of intense staring.


Shake my head.
"Did he trust you?"


I'll levitate one piece of fruit out of the bowl, and float it in front of her face, but not so close that it blocks her view.
"Now either you can cooperate, and I feed you piece by piece, or I do something stupid that gets me hurt. Since I'm pretty sure you have no plans of stopping."


Smile happily at the stallion here, still unsure if it's something I should do. Close my eyes not to look at him directly.


"I can be very disciplined too!"


Holding it high.
"The bullet went through his neck!"


He nods.
"…yes. We… we were discussing that maybe he'd be safer with us, but we wanted a background check first… It took too much time."

She swats it out of the air with a tool, and continues working.
"Not hungry. Leave me alone."

You close your eyes. You hear his footsteps, trotting a small distance away from you, then you hear the sound of a pony drinking, finished by a small sigh.

"You better be, if you want a promotion, which I suppose you do."

The blood starts trickling down the tube, into his hoof.
The doctor picks up a pair of shears, cutting off the bloody rags that were on the kid's neck.
He grimaces at the sight.
"This is not good, not at all… How long ago was it?"
He quickly soaks a little patch with what seems to be like alcohol and starts clearing the wound. Wildstar's body twitches out of instinct, but he doesn't wake up.


Okay, take a peek.


"I told you about climbing the ladder, didn't I?"


I'll sit down.
"No. I know you're bothered by what happened in the woods, that's obvious. But working yourself without the intent to eat, sleep, or even rest for a moment until we're at sea isn't the right way to deal with it."


…'1d10' does this seem right?
"I don't have much choice but to trust you.. I'm Kelani. Kelani Rush.
Were you supposed to meet somepony here?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"A few hours ago. You need to save him, doc!"


Seems like he took a drink, and a rag to wipe his sweat off his face from the nearby rickety table that has the meek supplies of the group.

"I bet you just can't wait to see your own name on my door."

"It's exactly how I'm going to deal with it, and you won't stop me from fixing this piece of junk as fast as I can."

You don't think he is lying.
He offers a hoof.
"I'm McGill… I can't really tell you, but I can set up a meeting for you for later."

"I'm working on it!"
He quickly jabs a syringe into his neck, then starts sewing the skin where the bullet parted it.
"He's lucky to be alive right now!"
The blood from the thing you are holding is running out fast.


"Can you use my blood doc?"


"I didn't plan to, Captain. And you don't have to stop working if I feed you."
I'll float another piece of fruit near her head.
"The benefits of a unicorn, I suppose."


Shake his hoof.
"Would it be okay if I just listen in? I could watch your back in case something goes wrong."


"I think I'm going to avoid officework like the plague for as long as possible, dad."


Make a low sound, almost a meep.


"Do you know your bloodtype? If they don't match, that could kill him!"
He finishes sewing. The blood jar is empty.
"Get me more alcohol from the cabinet, quick!"

"I'm not a toddler. I can take care of myself. Now grab some tools and make yourself useful or stop pestering me."

"A third party, you -no offense- is the definition of things going wrong. Besides, if you want that meeting, I should get around to set that up now."

"You'll have to grow up for your responsibilities sooner or later, son."

He turns to you.


Try to say the whole word.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Alright McGrill. I expect you know how to find me?"


"In twenty years or so, when I start getting too old and my flight endurance starts to waver, I may consider office work. If I can't fly, what's the point?"


"Well, I wouldn't treat you like a fussy toddler if you didn't act like one."
I'll roll my eyes.
I'll float the piece of fruit back into its bowl, and set it all next to her.
"And I'm afraid I'd do more harm than good when it comes to fixing ships. Best I can do is keep up the ponies fixing them."
With that, I'll stand up and start heading out.
"If you ever need to talk about things, I've got an ear I can lend."


I should know that.
Tell him.
It matches '1d10'

Get alcohol too.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You manage to squeeze it out.
He shakes his head.
"Think nothing of it."

He clears his throat.
"Gill, not Grill. And you'll have to meet with us. Do you know where the Ponyville Tower is?"

"You're not saying I can't fly anymore, are you? I could beat you in a race with one wing tied up even now."

She doesn't reply, only starting to hammer the nails into the ship even harder as you leave.

He nods.
"Perfect. You can help then."
He pours the alcohol over his neck once you bring it to him, and starts applying some proper bandages.
"If he gets that blood and some medicine, he'll probably make it. Take that jar and get over to that matress, I'll take your blood in a minute."


Well, I don't think that really helped her mood any…
Back to the food tables. It's time I ate my own.


I laugh.
"Maybe you could… or maybe you couldn't. All I'm saying is I plan on using my wings as much as I can while I still can."


Stand up and trot off, towards the shore.


Lay down and mutter a prayer to Celestia that Wildstar will make it.


"Its the big pointy thing in the center of town?"


Angler is still there.
Felfire is wandering off towards the shore.

"Nothing wrong with that. A pegasus who flies every day is a healthy pegasus."

Inside or outside of the dry dock?

You sure hope she's listening. The thought of why she's giving you so much shit also crosses your mind.
Once the doctor finishes with the bandages, he walks over to you.
"This might sting a bit."
He jabs a weird syrenge into your hoof, connecting it to a tube that leads into the jar.
The blood soon starts trickling, then flowing into it.

He shakes his head.
"Not that one. The one on the outskirts. Near the park. It's sort of an attraction. It's open every day until five. The meeting will be inside, at six."




I'll head up to the food table, and chat with Angler.
"So, wasn't too bad, I hope."
Pick up my bowl.


"Yeah, and I like staying fit."


He nods.
"Gave half of mine to the kid. You should've seen her."
He snorts amusedly.
"Reminds me of Netsy when she smiles…"

There's not much of a shore, only the big metal thing.


Pause. "I actually have diner plans. Is this a long meeting?"


Tap >>534472
n it and look out, into the sea.
Actually, sidestep around it to look at the sea. Leave the drydock.


"Hopefully she'll smile more. Children shouldn't have to live with what she did."
I'll go silent for a moment.
"I'm… sorry I dragged everyone into that."


Eh…Gods, you never know what's up with them.
Such thoughts only distract.
Try to think happy thoughts…like….a beautiful farm mare.


He raises a brew.
"Not particularly."

The easiest way is to walk outside, and beside the hangar shaped building. You walk all the way to the shore, where the sand meets the water.

"To Tartarus with that talk, I was glad to see them die. Worthless scum, they were."

Once more and more of your blood is drained and you start to feel dizzy, it becomes increasingly easy to think such happy thoughts. Going home to your farm, petting your dog on the head, kissing your shapely eartie mare on the lips…


Splash my hooves in the water, jumping up and down where the sea meets the sand.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Sounds nice.
But those things are not for me.
Still, can't hurt to dream.



Smile slightly.
"Alright, I'll be there."


"But was the price really worth it?"
I'll look back towards the ship.
"I know I couldn't have taken all of them alone. I know that. And I know I couldn't have saved everyone in that fight. But we lost so many…"


Your mother chimes in.
"Just be careful, okay? Don't fly too fast inside the city, that could lead to no good."

The wet sand and splashing, small waves both tickle your hooves as you do, making you giggle uncontrollably as you hop around.

You doze off, and fall asleep, but the daydream doesn't follow.
When you wake up