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The Doc responds, not looking up.
"Told me she'd check the ship's interior for any valuables we might have missed."


Cloud Skimmer
You visited Voltage.
You knocked, and she answered!
Just not as fast as you'd like!
You hear some fumbling around inside, near the door.

Lone Mesa
The nurse who announced you've got a visitor just left the room.
There is silence… then hoofsteps on the corridor.
Every second feels like eternity…


Lean against the doorframe and wait.


"She wasn't there. Only this open lamp."
I'll frown a little.
"You don't think… Doc, I think Scurvy might have run off with the child, since the ship is the last place both of them were, and no one's seen them since."


She's gonna paint all her lips red…


She eventually opens the door.
She is holding a broom on one wing and a bucket on another.
Most amusingly though, she has a kerchief to stop her mane from falling into her eyes, as well as a cute apron.
"Hey! What is it? I'm sort of in the middle of something."

The Doc actually stops his work to perk up.
He levitates his glasses off to clean them.
"Oh, no no no no, she wouldn't do anything like that. I had a talk with her, she calmed down."

He is caressing her mane…
He is speaking quietly, you don't hear what he is saying.


"You don't say."
I smirk.
"Just wanted to drop by and see if you're up for a little get-together with the guys tomorrow evening."


"Then why wasn't she in the ship when I went looking for Felfire? She'd still be in there poking around, or out here if she finished."
I'll shake my head.
"No, if she went through with what I think she did… then I had better get moving. If Buck has the child back, there's even less stopping him from just rolling in here with his raiders and killing everyone. Tell Splinterproof to keep an extra sharp eye out, and prepare defenses. Sharp sticks, anything."
I'll head to the door.
"I just hope I'm wrong."
And I'm off at a gallop towards the Raider camp.


Do I guess what he is saying?

Roll #1 4 = 4


She nods with a smile.
"Oh, sure! I'd love to!"

You guess a lot of terrible things he could be saying…

You make a mad dash.
The jungle seems even darker and thicker than before with this heavy feeling weighting down your heart.
Roll to navigate.


"Moon light my path, and guide me true."

Roll #1 10 = 10


If I had a magical blanket I'd be able to not see any of this.


"Great! How's 7 PM at my place sound?"
Playfully flick her nose with a hoof.
"Love the outfit, by the way."


"Sounds fine to me!"
Since she has her wings and hooves full, she can do nothing but scrunch.
"Stop that!"


I chuckle.
"Sorry, I'll leave you to your cleaning. I've got to spread the word to the others. See ya!"


Sadly, you don't have one.
Nothing but that pendant…

You see a light.
It is just getting late into the afternoon, but it is not the light of the real moon.
It comes from the pendant you have given to the little filly.
It guides you through the jungle effortlessly.

As you arrive at the temple, you see no sentries, but you hear a commotion from inside.

The Temple awaits.
May the Moon be with you.


"Bye! Hey, close the door for me, will you?"


Ready my trident. I made a promise, and I'll be damned if I don't keep it.
Miracle Grow the surrounding foliage so that it starts taking over the raider camp. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I must hide it somewhere, somehow… Turn it around and hide it inside my mane '1d10' but not before holding it tight one last time.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Anything for you, my dear."
Close the door and move on, who's next?



You hold it close to your ch-
"Hold on.
I think we've got a guest."

There is some whooping and hollering at Buck's words.

The surrounding flora starts to make it's way towards the temple, coming to an abrupt end at the threshold of the temple.
Everything that extended inside have shivered up and died.
you hear mad hollering and whooping from inside.


Widen my eyes and let go of the pendant.
Look at the outside.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Ah. I'm sure she'll be up for something like this.
Ring the doorbell.


Well. That's as far it gets me, I guess.
Keep my eyes peeled for Pegasuses, and make my way towards the center.


Ah believe ah had a guest.


Pegasi, you dumb cunt.
There is no opposition, but you hear the grinding of metal against stone behind you after you enter.
You see some of the raiders circling you.
Buck stands in the middle, greeting you with a smile.
"Ah, another lost little lamb coming into the den of predators! Curry, isn't it? Unlike you, your friend was kind enough to tell me."

Beside him, you see Scurvy, kneeling beside him.

The filly is nearby, surrounded by two raiders.

You can hardly believe your eyes, it's the unicorn!
He came for you!
He came into the temple because of you!

Only silence.



I'm waiting for an eternity.


Don't do this to me, Corvette.
Knock on the door.

Roll #1 5 = 5


For one brief moment, let joy run free through my eyes, widening my mouth silently.


I'll shake my head.
"Looks like I was right after all."
I'll look at Felfire.
"I'm glad to see you're still alive, little one."
And finally, to Buck.
"So. What is a deer doing in such a place, where plants dare not grow and the soil itself is tainted with blood of the innocent?"


Dare to smile at him for one, just one second.


You hear nothing at all.

Eventually, the hoofsteps come close enough.
The bearded form of Chief Ranger Hanlon.
The middle aged earth pony has a stern expression as he enters, closing the door behind him right away.
His armor is more elaborate than regular ones yet not fancy in any way, only more protecive.
His badge and the sign on his hat demands respect just by looking at it.
He walks beside your bed, looking your weakened body over.
"Ranger Number Seven."

You allow the briefest of smiles…
Yet the raiders seem to be smiling as well.

She tears up and looks away.
Buck just lets out a laugh, and points his hoof all around.
"Having the time of my life of course!"


I salute with my not lost hoof.


They are too busy smiling, right?
I could… Back away, slowly!

Roll #1 8 = 8


That bitch!
I can come back in the morning, I guess.
Who's next?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"At the cost of the lives and happiness of others. Poisoning the minds of your followers as badly as you have the land itself."
I'll point my trident at Buck.
"So we shall settle this. You and me, in single combat. Once you are dead, I will mete punishment out to those who deserve it, and the raiders of this island will be no more."


You back away from the unicorn and towards some more raiders behind you…
Good plan I guess?
You manage!

He looks you in the eye.
He doesn't sit down.
"So what they said about you is true then. Had to see it myself."

Orange Crush.
"Yeah, yeah, door's open!"

He locks his eyes onto your's for a moment…
Before the whole temple is filled with the laughter of just about everyone in it.
"How stupid do you think I am?"
Some raiders close in on you… but don't attack. Seems like they just made a circle around you.
You hear a familiar voice from the side, the pegasus that was near the lighthouse earlier.
"Let me rip him to pieces! I want to shred him to fuck-all!"
Others join in on the argument of who should kill you and worse.
Buck raises a hoof to silence everyone.
"Let our newest member prove herself, shall we?"


"Just a scratch."


"Hey there. Busy?"


"Scurvy is no more a raider than I am a Deer. She is just a pony that made a mistake."
I'll narrow my eyes at him.
"Or are you too cowardly to face your judgement like a buck?"


G-good enough…


"Seems a lot more than that to me, Ranger."

He is reading some comics on a couch, sipping orange soda.
"Sort of? Not really.
How's it hanging?"

He is facing down Buck without covering or dying already!
You never saw anything like it.

He looks down at Scurvy who stands up and takes a few shaky steps towards you.
Buck walks to the nearby steps of the stairs on the biggest temple to sit down.
Even the way he sits looks agressive, and a unicorn mare leans against him. You think you even see a pink shimmer around them for a second.
"Go on, entertain me."

The sailor enters the circle that the raiders made in front of you. You see blood around her lips and tears staining her cheeks.
"H-He is right…"
Her voice is just about to break completely as she draws her cutlass.
"We bow… or we die."


"I'm ready for whatever orders you have for me, chief."


"Then we die on our hooves, Scurvy. With our honor and pride intact. The captain would be ashamed of your behavior."
I'll shake my head.
"But there is a way out of this. If you trust me."


I smirk.
"Juuuust fine. I actually wanted to ask you if you feel like hitting a bar tomorrow evening with the rest of the guys."


I can't really think straight about this right now!
All my brain tells me he should run, all the rest of me just wants to burst into tears of joy and go to him.


He ignores that, and starts walking around your bed as he speaks.
"Rangers get injured on the job all the time. It's part of who we are. You get shot, you take a short break. You get stabbed you walk it off."

He lowers the issue he is reading.
"Sure! Which place?"

You could!
You tottally could just walk over there and wait why are you in the air…
Skyscraper sets you down a few meters beside Buck before caressing your throat with her wingers just lightly enough to make you feel her featherblades but not to injure you.
"Boss says you need to watch this from the best available seat~"

She is shaking.
"Y-You don't understand! They… they will just kill you, and the doc, maybe torture you! You can't understand! I-I… I'm safe now! Nothing can happen now! You could be safe too!"

In the meanwhile you see the pegasus who blinded Netsy pick Felfire up and drop her beside Buck, holding one of her blades at her throat.


"Exactly, sir."


"I don't know yet, but we're meeting at my place at 7 PM. Aaaand… I'm bringing a colleague from work."


Gulp down and creep away from the blades, or at least try to.
Shift my gaze from the wing to Buck, afraid, scared, and then to Curry.


"Nothing can happen? Look at you! You're being forced to fight and die for the pleasure of that deer. That's hardly being safe. And he's not going to protect you from the tender mercies of the other raiders. You've seen what he's done!"
I'll frown.
"And are you really so willing to forgive the pegasus who blinded your friend? You'd be working with her, hurting others, stealing children, murdering and raping and burning until there's nothing left to murder, rape, and burn except yourselves."


"Becoming a Ranger is something many only could dream about. The weak fall and the strong get tripped. Only the best of the best can earn this honor."
He looks you in the eye again.
"Most ponies would piss themselves just from the bare mention of the training you've got, Ranger."

He takes a sip and grins.
"Cool, is she hot?"

Buck just grins.
You can make some distance from the blade, but it means you'd end up pushing your head against her chest.

She lowers her cutlass.
"H-He promised…"

Buck furrows his eyebrows.
"You either start drawing each other's blood or I'll just have to do with the blood of the runt."


"Promises are easy. Now, do you trust me?"
I'll heft my trident.


"How'd you figure it was a she?"
I shake my head with a grin.
"She's got a thing for me, it's really cute."


I remember the hard training I got.
My old mates, many must have died by now….


No… I guess I'll let the blades scrape against my neck then.


"Come on, you would have just said 'Oh and a friend from work will come' nonchalantly if it was a guy!"
He chuckles.
"Damnit, there goes that."

"For decades…. Rangers knew when it was time."

You really feel them as you gulp…
No blood drawn yet.

Some raiders close up behind her, making her raise her cutlass and come closer to you.
She doesn't say anything but her eyes are begging you.




"Alright, Buck. You want blood, then blood you shall get."
And I'll hurl my trident at that sneaky pegasus whose wing I crippled last time we fought. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"The ladies just can't pass me up, Orange. They can't help themselves."


"Can't help screaming and crying just from the look of you?"

He is silent for a few moment.
"Those were different times."
He stands beside the bed and lifts his cloak.
You realize that his left hindleg from the ankle down… is not his at all. It's some sort of metal, matching the color of his attire.

"The fu-acK!"
Your trident strikes him in the chest and he coughs blood.
The other raiders start cheering.
As for Scurvy… roll to dodge her swing.


I…I'm speechless.


I'll block it with the kukri I took from Giggles.
"That was your cue to start helping me, you know." '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Yelp and bite my lip.


I laugh.
"Only on Monday mornings. Anyway, there's something else I wanted to ask."


He covers it up again, then walks right beside you.
"You have a choice, Ranger.
Give up and have a miserable life… or soldier through and be a Ranger until the end of your miserable life. No second chances, no changing your mind. If you stay now, you can never retire, not like the others."

"Another coworker? Bring her in!"

Buck smirks.
"Who are you rooting for, hmm?
Is it Smiles? Or the new gal?"

You really should remember the name of your first marefriend better.
You manage to block her cutlass just in time.
The blades scrape as she pulls away, swinging at you again. Block or retaliate.
"I-I can't disobey him! I just can't do it!"

The pegasus snarls and pulls out a wicked blade made out of pony bones then disappears in a dark, smoky flash.


There he goes, I guess.
"Yes you can! You made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes!"
Disarm her. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Naaaah, it's about your health! Much better, right? Corvette and I have decided to start training together and we thought that you might want to join in for the fun."


"Y-y-you, Buck…"
Avoid his gaze.


"I was born for this, chief. There's only one way I can retire."


She frowns as you attempt to disarm her, however, she seems to be way too skilled with her weapon for that, knocking your's to the side and creating a huge wound across your chest and side.
Still… you feel that she could have gone for your neck but she didn't.

You see something out of the corner of your eyes.

He laughs.
The blade grip of Skyscraper lightens up.
"That's what I like to hear!"

He shrugs.
"I don't know Skim, you know I'm pretty occupied nowadays."

His claim is supported by empty soda bottles as well as books and comic issues lying everywhere in the living room.

"Rangers are not charity, Number Seven."
He takes a deep breath.
"To get you this-"
He points at the place where your leg is supposed to be.
"- you might have to give up that farmstead."


I sigh and look away.
"I understand…"


"Come on, you're not that busy. I like reading as much as the next guy, but that doesn't mean there's no time for other stuff."


What in Tartarus is that?
Probably that pegasus… Go low, and use TK to spin my trident back this way to take out whatever's coming from that direction. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Secretly go back staring at the fight, and hold the pendant tight.


"Do you need time?"

"I do other stuff too! What about racing, that's healthy enough for me!"

You lower your head just in time to feel the wind of the blade swish just above your glowing horn, propelling your trident backwards behind you.
"Aaah, FUUCK!"
That hit the mark.
"That's it, shitface!"
Everything goes dark. Even closing your eyes is less dark than this.
You don't hear a thing either.
If you want to hit him, you will have to roll this number: '1d10'

Curry: 3/5
Scurvy 4/6
Stalker Smiles 1/3


Roll #1 7 = 7


To be a rock.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'll need some time…to say goodbye from that farmstead.
I've grown up there…lived there…I need to say goodbye properly."


Dive out of the darkness, don't want to risk hitting Scurvy. I've got my trident, so I'll lead with that, since I remember where Scurvy was, which was in front of me.
I'm diving out through the left. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"We only do those every so often. You were lagging behind pretty bad last time, don't you think?"


"I was tired from all the stuff and things!"

"I will be back in Appleloosa within three days.
Decide by that time. If you already did… do what you have to."

All your senses are useless right now. You can't see, hear, smell anything…
However, you do feel the pain.
The curved bone blade is filed to have tiny teeth all along it's lenght, biting into your flesh painfully.
By the time the darkness goes away, you are bleeding heavily.
Scurvy is a few steps away, staring sadly at you.
Once your hearing returns, you hear the flap of wings above you.

Curry 1/5
Scurvy 4/6
Stalker Smiles 1/3

The pendant emits a light only you can see and feel.
It makes you feel safe.
You can almost hear a whisper…

It will be all right. You will be okay. Trust in him. Have faith in him. He will get you out of here. The Moon watches over you.


"Sir, yes, sir."
Salute again.


Right. Spear the bird. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Gulp audibly in surprise and quickly let go of the pendant, backing away into the mare's chest.


"Come on Orange, don't be difficult! It'll be fun! Corvette is going to be really angry with you if you decline. She'll just go nuclear."


"At ease.
Gather your strenght. You will need it."
With that, he heads to the door.

She cackles.
"What's the matter, don't you like a bit of blood?"

You thrust upwards and jump back, the pegasus falling down right in front of you with a heavy thud.
Before you can react though he already rolls out of the way and onto his hooves.
Scurvy closes the distance as well, making the two of them stand at both of your sides at an attack ready position.

Curry 1/5
Scurvy 4/6
Stalker Smiles 5/2

He groans.
"Do I really have to?"


"I'm not going to force you, you know. I'm just saying it'd be good for you. Trust me on this, okay?"


Right… wait for them to charge at me, and then roll out of the way so that Scurvy hits the pegasus. I'll spear him as well with my trident. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Thank you sir."


Shake my head quickly and look back to the fight.
Unicorn, please.


He opens the door and turns back with his head.
"This is not a favor, Ranger. This is your duty."
He leaves, shutting it behind himself.

"What if I was there every other occasion?"

You manage to fool her but Stalker is a different story altogether.
He makes a sidestepping motion, making you dodge to the right instinctively.
You realize all to late it was a faint. With terrifying speed and a flap of his wings he closes the distance and uses the opening to stab the bone-blade deep into you.
He hold sit in your chest as your legs give out, snarling with his rotten teeth… which you just now realize are filed. He must be one of the cannibals.
"You're mine now!"

Curry: Helpless/4
Scurvy: 4/6
Stalker Smiles 5/2

You've seen smiles fight a hundred times.
He is quick and deadly. Above all, he fights dirty. Looks like the unicorn fell for the trick where he steps to the side to look for a weak point before lunging….

The unicorn collapsed…


"Not… bloody… likely."
Get up, leading with a headbutt. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"See, that's not a good attitude. Either go for it or not. Your choice, pal."



Roll #1 9 = 9


Well time for sleep.
Tomorrow I'll visit the farm.


Rolling for dream '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


He sighs.
"I'll get back to you on that by Monday, how about that?"

You roll around and can't get any rest as the scene of a rabid animal tearing off your leg keeps playing in your mind over and over again.

As you stand up you thrust upwards with your horn, scraping against his cheek, making him jump. He snarls, backing away turning into smoke before disappearing.

You don't get much rest as Scurvy strikes at you.

Curry 5/4
Scurvy 4/6
Stalker Smiles 4/2

It looks like the unicorn is winning… maybe the voice was right…
Maybe he can do this!
Maybe he can save you!
For the first time in your life, not everything is bleak!


Block the cutlass with the kukri. '1d10'
"Scurvy, you're smarter than this! You aren't alone here!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Then… Hope.
Have faith.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Sure. See you tomorrow then?"


Wake up with the sweat.
What time is it?


You block the attack and shove her back, making her fall on her ass.
Her grip on her cutlass weakens and she just stares at you with wet eyes.
"I-I don't… I don't get to come back…"

Buck snorts in annoyance.
Skyscraper puts a hoof on your head and smashes it to the ground.
"Why the FUCK isn't he dead yet?!"

"At your place, sure!"

Seems to be very early in the morning, probably half past five.


Whimper and think happy thoughts.
Think happy thoughts.
Think about anything but here!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Of course you get to come back! You were scared and made a mistake, that's all. Friends forgive each other for mistakes!"
That sneaky bastard is still out there… Can I spot him? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Good! See ya!"
Flutter out of the room and head outside.
Who's next?


Try to sleep again '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hot Pursuit!

You think about the farm…

You remember the sunset at the top of the lighthouse…

"I-I can't do things like this…"
You see her shift her grip on her cutlass…

You also spot Stalker on the edge of your peripheral vision, ready to pounce.


M-muh farm…


On the double!
Knock on his door. Maybe his waifu will be around as well.


"You are not taking your own life, Scurvy! You are going to be leaving this island with me, and the little one, and the rest of the crew! Do you hear me?"
Wait for him to pounce, and let him impale himself on my trident. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Open my eyes, just a bit…
Feel the necklace on my coat.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You don't have to sell it… it's not your farm, it was the farm of your father and his father before him!

Indeed she is, because she answers the door.
Her mane and feathers seem pretty ruffled.
Fresh Wind!
"Hehe, hey there, Cloud. What's up?"

"Tell the Doc that I'm sorry I kept him waiting…."

You see her raise her hoof but have to turn away to face Stalker as he pounces. You time it perfectly and raise your spear just in time as to not let him get away.
He winces as the three tips pierce his abdomen, swiftly kicking the trident out of him. You feel darkness overcome you again, the last thing you hear the roaring laughter and cheer of the raiders.
You have to react:

You would love to, but your face is still plastered into the ground.
You do hear a loud hollering.

Roll #1 10 = 10


N-no! Tell me he isn't dead!
Raise my head! Open my eyes!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Dammit, Scurvy, now is not the time to do this! Dive towards Scurvy and try to keep her from killing herself. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hey there Fresh. I'm good. Is Pursuit around?"


You feel another painful, wicked slash.
You hear his laughter before your vision even comes back.
"At least she was good for one thing, huh?"

You hear Stalker snoop around behind your back while cackling.
Before you, the yellow sailor lies in a red pool. She is taking ragged, sharp, short breaths.
She looks up at you, and her lips curl just slightly uprwards.
"I-I don't… get to co-come back…"
She takes one last, long sip of the air, never to exhale it.

Curry : 3/4
Stalker Smiles: 2/2
Scurvy: DEAD

You panic and you even manage to lift the hooves of Skyscraper.
The unicorn! He! He!…. He is still alive.
He is standing over the bloody corpse of the mare who brought you here.

"Oh, yeah, of course! You want to come in and wait for him?"


Close my eyes for a brief moment.
"May the moon light your path home, friend."
Take up her cutlass, and along with the kukri attack the sneaky bastard.

Roll #1 1, 10 = 11


He… He's fighting for me!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well, I actually just wanted to know whether you guys would be interested in a little get-together with the rest of the guys tomorrow evening."


That's a whole lot of blood…

"Oh, sure! You know he's always up to those kind of things!"
She giggles and tries to straighten some of her feathers.

The cutlass is soaked in blood and slips out of your grasp.
As you turn around to face Stalker he penetrates his weapon into your side…just as you do the same for him with the kukri.
There is an awkward moment of realizing the pain you are both in before you both collapse to the ground.
He spits in your face and turns into smoke again, vanishing from your grasp.

Curry: Helpless/3
Stalker Smiles: 5/1


So he's just like those other raiders…

Roll #1 3 = 3


Grasp the cutlass, and use it to help me stand back up. He's probably going to try that darkness trip again. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Great! What about you? You're free to come too if you like."


She smirks.
"You think I'd let him go out drinking without me? Not a chance!"

You wonder if all the kindness has just been an act…

You are up on your hooves again in no time.
Buck seems impressed.
"Are one of you going to die anytime soon? I'm starting to get bored over here."

Stalker is playing the waiting game.
Roll for perception. You can't attack this turn.


"I will not die until I fulfill my promise."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Shaking, beg Buck.
"P-please… Stop this.."


I chuckle.
"Yeah, I'd keep a close eye on him if I were you. Give him my regards, alright? We'll meet up at my place tomorrow at 7 PM."


DC7 to dodge.

"Of course. I won't let you die until I had a good time watching you squirm."

"What was that? Speak up, I didn't hear you. You want me to kill him right now? Is that what you want?"

She frowns.
"Oh, that's a bit too early… would it be a problem if we were an hour late? We already have plans you know."


'1d10' to dodge, and attack that sneaky one as I dodge '2d10'. I'm not falling for his feint again.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4, 2 = 6


Shake my head.
"N-no! Please, let him leave!"


I shrug.
"Well… I guess you guys can go straight to the bar then."


"If you wish.
He can leave."

As if by a sixth sense you spin around jump to the side. In the next second he is where you just stood, bone-blade first. You swing both your weapons only for him to block one and acrobatically dodge the other, landing on your other side.

"Which one will you go to?"


I knew he wouldn't li-
Wait what?


"I'm not letting you get away this time, sneak. I haven't paid you back for harming the little one."
'2d10' cut into him.

Roll #1 1, 4 = 5


"The Kahana. You know it, right?"


"Of course, that place is the reason why I had to get a grass-skirt."

He nods.
"Yes. First his left foreleg.
Then his left hindleg.
Then his right foreleg.
Then his right hindleg.
Then his head.
After a while, maybe even his body."
Skyscraper bursts out in maniac laughter.

He is too fast, cutting your flanks with his weapon instantly.
To make matters worse, the moment you turn around to face him he jumps up and kicks your weapon so you stab yourself with it, making you collapse.
He's got a lot of fight in him, considering how beaten and battered he is.

Curry: Helpless/2
Stalker Smiles: 5/1


What a fucker.
Stand up. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Right. Why did I even hope.
Spare a sorry glance for the unicorn and hold onto the pendant.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I snicker.
"Riiiight. Looking forward to that, Fresh. I'll leave you be then. Got to get home and eat some dinner at last."


She tilts her head with a sly smile.
"I'm not wearing that in public, you know. I just have a hard time believing Hot didn't boast about it to you."

He stands above you, blood seeping from his wounds and oozing from his mouth like a rabid dog.
"I told you I'd fucking get you, didn't I?!"
He rears up and stabs his jagged blade into your back.
That pain makes you start to understand Scurvy.

A bladed winger reaches under it to flip it out of your hooves, into the hoof of Skyscraper.
"What have you got there, huh?"


Curry: Helpless/1
Stalker Smiles: 5/1


No! Squirm, protect it with my hooves, clench it to my chest!
Shut my eyes tight and hope.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You know I wont judge you if you do wear it, Fresh. I'm sure nopony would really mind."


I already understood her. She was scared. Terrified. But she succumbed to that fear and refused my help. I don't have that luxury. Use that salve the doctor gave me, and stand up. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm sure you wouldn't, Cloud.
What would my dearest say though?"

You jump up and take it back.
This was probably one of the bravest thing you have ever done against the raider.
You hold it close to your heart and feel it's warmth.
You expect to be beaten for it, to be punished, but nothing is happening…

You quickly down the contents of the little vial.
In the short time of you standing up, all your wounds seal up, all the scratches disappear, even the tooth you lost earlier regrows.
As you rise Stalker is too stunned to say or do anything.
That is when you feel it. You do not have to wear your pendant to know that Luna is helping you. You feel invigorated. Your purpose cannot be stopped.
With a quick, almost automatic move of your hoof you finish off the pegasus. He stumbles backwards, choking on his own blood, glancing at his open neck before falling to the side.

There is a stunned silence.
Even Buck raises from his seat to make sure he is seeing things right.

Curry: 6/6
Stalker Smile: DEAD


"Wouldn't he wholeheartedly agree?"


Breath heavily and make a mad dash for the unicorn.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll glare at Buck.
"And now it's your turn, Buck. Once I'm done with you, I will cleanse this temple of the fouling you've done to it. And then the little one and I will leave this island."


"I think he'd rather not see his fiancée getting oogled by everypony!"

You start to run but the other pegasus quickly comes back to her senses, stepping on your tail to halt you painfully.

He stays silent for a second, before letting out a laugh, slowly clapping before standing up.
"You…. are a hard pony to kill."
His face bears a devilish smirk.
"Kill for me."


That's a… Sensitive spot.
Yelp in pain and fall to the ground.


I'll shake my head.
"No. Your time is over, Buck. The time of the raiders is over. I protected the village from you and your ilk, and I will do what I must to keep the rest of the island safe from you."


"Maybe not… but maybe he should realize the goodness of charity."


She even pulls you back by the tail.

"I know the woods are lovely, dark, and deep… but wake the fuck up! This is my island.
I do what I want here. You would be more useful to me as a killer than as decoration or dinner."

She chuckles.
"Dream on!"


Start to tear up.


I'll shake my head.
"This island is not yours. It is it's own. And I will thank your minion to let go of the little one, or I'll do to her wings what I did to your sneak's."


"You know what? I will!"
I chuckle.
"Which reminds me, there's a colleague of mine coming along as well. You guys haven't met her before."


You start to tear up, but then…

Buck nods to her…
And she grabs her neck by a hoof, holding her to her chest, scraping a blade along her cheek to draw blood.
Buck speaks.
"You don't get cocky with me, pal. You don't seem to be comprehending the position you're in."

"Oh! Really? What's her name? Is she nice? It's been a while since I met new ponies!"


Panic and look from the wingblades to Curry.
Think about the pendant.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I smile.
"Her name's Skyheart. She works weather factory duty. She's very nice, but I think she gets a little anxious when surrounded by ponies she doesn't know."


"I understand that I am very angry, and you were not expecting me to walk back from the brink of death better than how I walked into your camp. So you have to options, Buck. Either you cease being a raider and live peacefully elsewhere, or I kill you and all of your raiders, and bring peace the old-fashioned way. Then leave the island with the child."


It's okay, you still have it, as long as you have it nothing can go wrong…

It is keeping you safe…

Your ears do perk at a familiar name…

"Is that so? All right then. I see that those are your terms.
My terms… I've still got a lot to throw at you. You will die eventually."
He smirks again.
"Balefire. Deal with him."

A scrawny, sickly green pegasus with a small scythe lands in front of you.

"Oh, I see… so how will you, you know, introduce her to the others?"
She glances behind her back.
"Especially Hot and Corvette?"


Look at her for a brief second.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I was hoping you'd keep him in check while I worry about Corvette. I went by her house earlier, but she wasn't home."


I don't have time for this crap. Launch the trident at the unicorn making Buck's shield. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I can try but no promises."
You hear a voice from the house.
"Hey, babe, where are you?"

That's definitely her…

Wait, you see movement behind Curry!
And a shadow passing above!

You launch it quick as lightining, landing it right in her chest, making her stumble and fall against the stones.

"…Now you've fucked up. You have fucked up now. He's free prey, folks."
The rest of the raiders roar up in a crazed, animalistic cheer oozing with bloodthirst.
The first to charge at you is Bluntstone. He is way too fast, you can't even possibly raise your weapon in time. His corpse skids to a halt beside you, a thick wooden bolt buried in his head.

Splinterproof is already reloading, Angler moving in to cover her.
You hear yells of "FUCK THEM UP!" "KILL THEM IN THE HEAD!" and other such niceities even as Buck lowers his head, your heart sinking as the antlers begin to be surrounded with a sinister green glow…



I raise a brow with a smrik.
"Well, looks like the stallion himself has entered the fray. Just tell him not to mess things up for me, alright?"


She chuckles.
"I'll keep him on a tight leash, don't worry."
She shouts back inside the house.
She briefly turns back to you.
"See you tomorrow then!"


"Enjoy your evening."
I think that was everyone… except Corvette. I'll have to return to her in the morning. What time is it? I guess I'll go home and work out before I eat.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's getting dark. You are too hungry to work out right now.


Fiiiine. Let's just eat something then. Maybe tune in to the radio while I eat.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You caught a ten minute long commerical break. It's pretty dull.


Urgh… just eat up my meal then.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You make some quick salad.
Damn, you are getting good at this! Tasty!


Has the radio moved on yet?

Roll #1 1 = 1


…it should have. It's totally silent even though it is turned on.


Great. It's probably broken or something.

I'll just sleep instead so I can get up early in the morning for exercise.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You go to sleep.
Well, you want to.
You toss in turn in bed for at least an hour and a half hoping to catch some shuteye but you just can't fall asleep for no particular reason.


I should have just gone out tonight…
Think happy thoughts. I'll fall asleep eventually!

Roll #1 5 = 5


You think happy thoughts.
You occasionally shift around to try and get more comfrotable.
You glance at the clock again.
Still nothing.


Goddammit. Fine. I'll tire myself out then. Do some wing push ups.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You do some workout. Once you feel your wings tire you stop.
You on the other hoof still can't fall asleep


I sigh and just stare at the ceiling, trying to get my brain to shut down.

Roll #1 7 = 7


[White Noise]

You dozed off, but it wasn't much.
You woke up again.


This is just going to be one of those nights…

Roll #1 6 = 6


Looks like it.


Close my eyes and try to sleep as much as I can.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Which is next to none at all.
It's almost six in the morning now.


Looks like I'll be out of commission this afternoon then.

Get up and go do some light wing exercises, then take a hot shower, eat something and try to take a nap.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Your wings are still tired and the shower only wakes you up.
You can't really nap now.


Guess I'll nap later.
I'll go see if Corvette is home today.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You see a mare fly away from her house from the distance. She's gone by the time you arrive.


Knock on her door.

Roll #1 5 = 5


No response.
She usually has her front door open though. You could walk in if you wanted.


Sure, why not right?
"Corvette!? You home?"


No response.
You hear running water from the bathroom though, and some faint, melodic humming.


Is she seriously deaf?
Fine, I'll just wait for her to finish then.


You sit down in the living room.
Her green parakeet is staring at you.


Approach the cage he's in.
"Hey there little fella."


He's not in a cage, just on a perch.
He chirps then mimics what you just said.


I plop down on the ground and wait.


He chirps a bit more then says "Yes, right there!".
You hear the water stop.


Good. Stand back up.
"Hey Corvette!"


You greet her just as she comes out, drying her wet mane with a towel.
She jumps slightly.
"Oh shit Skim!"


I laugh.
"You are one deaf pony, Corvette. Didn't you hear me shout out to you earlier?"


She furls her wings back to her side and sits down beside you, still drying her mane.
"I was in the shower, no I did not!"


"I came by yesterday eve as well, but you didn't answer then either."


She shrugs and moves on with the towel to dry her tail.
She's pretty casual around friends so it's up to you whether or not you want to sneak a peak.
"I can't be home all the time, can I?"


I've probably had plenty of peeks before.
"I guess not, no. Anyway, I was wondering whether you'd be free tonight."


She smirks.
"Are we going on a date, Skim?"


I laugh.
"No, not really. I was more thinking about a little get together with the guys over at the Kahana. You up for it?"


The parakeet squaks and recites the weather forecast of Thursday.
"Hey, do you know me like I'm not?"
She laughs as well, finishing up with her tail.


"Nice. I knew you would be. We're meeting at 7 at my place."


"Should I bring anythin?"


"The love of your life, if you want."


She pushes you a bit with her wing.
"No need, the party will be at his place."


I chuckle.
"Anyway, I should probably mention I'm bringing a coworker along as well."


"Oooh, are you bringing me a cutie?"


I crack a smile.
"Easy there, I don't think she swings that way."


"Oh, I thought it was a guy!"
She snickers.
"I see you are only catering for your own needs then, for shame! What about the esteemed guests?"


"We're just meeting at my home, nothing more! We'll all go to the Kahana together!"


"Who else is coming?"


"Milky, Orange, Pursuit and his beloved goddess, you know, the usual bunch. The mare I'm taking along is called Skyheart. She works in the weather factory."


She thinks for a few seconds.
"Hmm… doesn't ring a bell."


"I'm not too surprised, she's not insane like you are."


"When was the last time I did something insane?"


"No idea, I can't keep track of you all the time! Anyway, Skyheart is a little… shy? I guess? She gets anxious when surrounded by a lot of ponies she doesn't know."


You spy a devious smile forming on her face for a split second.
"Is she?"


Jab her softly.
"Yes she is. And I know what you're thinking right now, so wipe that smile off of your face. Don't go and push the poor thing around, you hear me?"


"Meeee? I'd never~"


"I'm serious, Corvette. She has a lot to deal with already and I don't want you mucking things up."


"No, no, I'll be very friendly, I promise!"


"I know your tricks. Don't make me regret asking you along, you hear me?"


"You won't, geez, stop worrying so much!"


"Just making sure after that devious little grin of yours. I'll be keeping an eye on you."
My expression softens a little.
"By the way, I informed Orange about our wishes."


"When aren't you?"
She winks.
"What did he say?"


"As you probably might expect, he cited being terribly busy as one of the reasons he couldn't join at first. I told him you'd be terrible upset with him if he declined, which seemed to have some effect. He'll let us know his decision this Monday."


"You haven't been going around scaring people with me, have you?"


I smirk.
"It's the final solution, when all else fails."


"I think I should be proud it works so well."
She flops down to her side lazily.


"Well, that remains to be seen. Try and prod Orange a bit more tonight about it, will you? You know how lazy he gets sometimes."


"I'll tell him I'll wear some sexy sportswear. That'll bring him around."


"Well now… you better keep to that promise, Corvette. You know… to motivate him?"


She flicks your nose with her tail.
"Suuuure, to motivate him."


I chuckle.
"I'm a very chaste stallion, you know that don't you?"


"And my second name is Nun!"
She chuckles back.


I smile slightly.
"Anyway… in all fairness, Skyheart has an eye on me."


"So you want me to be your wingmare and your wingmare?"


I laugh.
"I think I can handle things on my own for now, so no need for playing wingmare a second time… yet."


"You know where to find me if you change your mind!"


"Oh I do."
Wipe my eyes with a hoof.
"By the way, who was your friend leaving the house earlier?"


"Oh, just somepony I know. I don't think you are familiar with her."


"I thought not, didn't recognize her."
Get up from the couch and stretch a little.
"Well, I should probably go home now. I need a nap, had an awfully sleepless night last night."


She snickers.
"Been thinking about this Skyheart, huh?"


"Maybe a little. We'll see how things work out, alright? See you tonight at seven then?"


"I'll be there!"


Flutter out of her house then. Hmm… I should probably try to nap so I don't crash tonight. Let's go home and catch some sleep.


You go home and finally give in to the fatigue that has been building up.
You fall asleep face first on your bed.



Roll #1 10 = 10


You wake up shortly after two in the afternoon. You didn't sleep all that much but you feel refreshed and full of energy.
You hear your radio from the other room too!


Oh thank fuck.
Let's go eat something and listen to the radio for a bit.



There is a music block on with not much talk between songs, and an occasional ad sprinkled between them.
Roll for making lunch.


Cooking skills activate!

Roll #1 10 = 10


In to time you whip up a meal that is so good that you amaze even yourself.
There are even enough left that you can offer it to the guests when they arrive!


Delicious. How very pleasant.
On that topic, do I have some drinks in storage?


A bottle of wine, and half a dozen beers.
That's not a lot.


No… maybe I'll just run to the store for some groceries then.


You arrive at a nearby corner store.
What buy?


Some vegetables and fruits, some beers, some wine, some snacks maybe? Like chips?


You get a basket and collect all those.
Roll to see how bad the queue is.


Rabble rabble rabble…

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's pretty long and boring.
You spend almost 20 minutes waiting before you can check out.


Bah. Pay up and take my groceries home. Put the drinks away in the fridge so they can cool down.


Done and done!

What now?


Uh… If I've got the time, maybe I'll try some speedflying. How's the weather?


After the last two days, today was scheduled to be sunny and cloudless.


Awesome! Let's do it!
There's a race track in town, right?


It's a smaller one but there is.
You also have a yearly pass which makes entry free.


Alright. Need4speed time.
Do some rounds, on the double!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You not only break the track record (previously set by you) but also amaze a lot of the other pegasi that are there, mares and stallions, foals and adults.
Some of they even clap for you, as well as a mare blowing you a kiss.


Hehehe. That was excellent.
I'll probably need another shower though. Take a break and preen my wings.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You preen yourself with precision and speed.
Your wings are in top shape!


Let's do some stunting practice too while I'm here. Loops, corkscrews, that kind of basic stuff.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Most of the foals are still watching, hollering and clapping loudly at every stunt.
Of course, some adults are in your 'audience' as well.


After many trials and errors, you arrived in Los Pegasus. It is quite a nice place to spend time in, with it's beaches, bustling city center, all those theathers, even something called 'movies' which you couldn't afford to see for yourself yet. Which is concerning, since you started to seriously lack money. That was when you came across the flier for the Pony Express. Sounds simple enough! You went to their office right away, which was nearby the huuuuuuuuuuuge airport at the eastern end of the city!
You have been directed to a smaller building nearby. There you were told to wait patiently in a medium sized room with some chairs and a table with a few magazines. You are the only pony here. They should call for you any minute now now.

Lone Mesa
You wake up your hospital bed again.
You don't know how long you were out, but it seems to be in the morning.



Now to just settle down and do some endurance flying to finish. Don't go too fast, don't go too slow, just cruise along the track and keep those wings beating.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Time to get this old bitch on the road.
Try to get out '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Tap my hoof in rhythm as I patiently wait for the voice which will relieve me of my passive waiting stance.


You gladly note that your endurance is still top notch too. Your foal-fans clop and holler every time you pass them during your circles.

You stumble out of bed and almost fall flat on your nose before righting yourself. Walking will not be easy at this point. Not without a crutch.

There is no music playing so you tap the floor to make some…

You sure must wait a lot for nopony else being here.


Let's walk and find one of the nurses to hoof me one '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Excellent. That'll be enough for today.
Salute the kids and off I go. Going back home!


Like lone leaf on empty tree…


One of the fillies faints theatrically, but a colt catches her.

You're home!

With the use of walls you manage to stumble outside. A nurse gasps when she sees you out of bed and runs over to you.
"Oh my gosh, Mister Ranger! You should be in bed! What are you doing?"

A few more minutes pass before the office door opens by magic.
"That pegasus mare! Come inside!"


What time is it? I need another shower after that.


"Checking out. You have a cane or something around here?"


Stand up and walk through the door.


You're good. You've got at least an hour and a half before they arrive.

She gulps.
"B-But the doctor said you shouldn't…"

You see a fairly simple office.
Behind a desk sits a tan unicorn stallion, his glowing horn shutting the door behind you.
"Please take a seat."
He sounds pretty nonchalant.


Sit down as told. Silently.


Alright, get showered up and prep myself to go out.


"Don't worry about it, cupcake. Just tell me where the cane storage is and I'll find my own way out. Like you never saw me."


Sinister or not, he needs to go down. And I have the moon on my side.
Start to drag back the trident with Telekinesis and charge Buck with the Kukri. I can't give him time to focus. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Find the courage to scream off the top of my lungs.
"Above you!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


He scribbles to some papers, then looks at you expectantly.

You are fresh and as ready as you'll ever be. It's six o'clock.

She points a hoof down the hall.
"O-Over there, on the left."
She hurries away.

You manage to scream, which makes Skyscraper put on a smile of glee.
"That's right, I-"
She has a split second to realize you aren't talking about her before the net drops on her, trapping her to the ground.
Netsy lands on her without mercy, chopping off one of the bladed wings with a heavy cleaver.
"How do you like that, bitch!"

You pick your weapon up while charging, and deal a strike!
Yes, that will…
Bounce off a pink shield.
It pops from the strenght of your strike, but it gives him enough time to finish.
His horn stops glowing, inducing bloodlust and rage filled screams from the rest of the raiders. If you'd turn around their eyes are burning with a black-green flame of frenzy.
All actions againt Raiders are at -1 for three turns.

Buck takes out his fancy, ancient dagger and crouches in a combat stance against you, teasing you to attack with a whistle.


Go get meself a cane, like an old man.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I am here in search for work. Have I come to the right place?"


"So, it looks like that shield lasted longer than when your slave was focusing on it. I'll have to keep that in mind."
Hmm. Let's test his guard. Scurvy's sword and the kukri will lead the way. '2d10-1'

Roll #1 3, 8 - 1 = 10


Awesome. I've got my food and drinks ready… I'm fresh and clean… Now to wait!


Scramble up and away from both of them, I… I need to run! There's only one pony I'm safe with.

Run to mom.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Kelani Rush
You wake up in your small village in the woods, but this day doesn't seem to be any better than the one before. The usual happy scenery is still grey and black, slowly decaying flora. At least you don't see many dead animals, they were probably clever enough to move away. Your village cannot be moved though.

However, today is important. A druid yesterday told you to pack your things, because the Head Druid wanted to speak with you personally.

You stumble and fall flat on your face on the way once.
Now, you just need to open the door without falling over again.

"Yes. I will need a name first of all. Preferably a real one."

After 20 minutes, you hear a knock. Someone is here early!

You slash his chest with the Kukri, barely making him wince, retaliating by a powerful kick followed by a stab of his dagger, making you stagger backwards.
"This is some fucked up foreplay, huh?"

You disregard everything that is happening around and make a beeline to the safest thing you can see. You dodge the grey unicorn trying his best not to get hit by two raiders at once and circle around the mare who gets her crossbow ripped out of her hooves and snapped with brute force making her yell in frustration.

None of the is important right now.
You close the last of the distance with a little jump and skid to a halt right between the legs of Balefire. She looks down at you in surprise but steps over you immediately to shield you with her body. The bearded stallion in front of her pauses in confusion as well, giving her an opening to stab her spear into his chest.


Go answer the door.


"… Iga. My name is Iga."


"You tell me."
Using telekinesis, have the trident go at him from behind. '1d10'
"I'd prefer we kept this short, though. That temple behind you needs to be burned."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Come on old pony, you've been through worse.
Get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Heart, stay still. Don't give up on me now.
Look up at her, eyes filled with joy.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I wonder if he is ready to give up and leave.. I know I'm not yet..
Well, strap on my backpack and head to the temple.


He writes it down on a form, but raises an eyebrow.
"That's a pretty short name, Iga."

It's Milky Way.
He has his mane done differently, wearing a blue vest.
"Hey. I know it's early but I was ready and bored at home."

You get up and lean against the doorframe, opening it with your mouth. It tastes of disinfectants, but whatever.
Roll to see how easy it is to find a cane or crutch between the supplies.

You make sure you have everything, then go to the temple. The beauty of it is not entirely intact with the leaves falling and the vines drying out.
You try not to think too much into it and procced inside.
Faun, The Head Druid is meditating with a frown, caressing a root of the huge tree that the temple is made out of. He stands up and greets you with a nod when he hears you.
"I've been waiting for you. I have something you must see."
Looks like he is wasting no time. He already started walking deeper into the temple before he even finished the sentence.

She looks down at you between her legs, forcing a small smile.
She is interrupted when she is smacked across the face with a thick branch, held by the telekinetic force of the unicorn with the glasses!

He jumps a slash from you, jumping back, straight into your trident, burying it into the side of his flanks.
He hisses in anger.
"I'll just put the fire out with your blood!"

Curry 3/6
Buck 3/8
One last turn of Raider Frenzy.


"I have no family to speak of. No ties. No bonds of blood."



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Of course. That's why I'm here after all."
Good thing I know my way around here. Try to fly ahead of him. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Turn and look shocked at him.
Jump back to mom!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You assume you're going to kill me. You should wait to make such boasts until I'm actually dead."
Alright, now a solid hack to his rack. If I can damage his horns, I should be able to short his magic. Here goes Scurvy's Sword. '1d10-1'

Roll #1 3 - 1 = 2


"Looking good Milky, come in! I was pretty much waiting too. Already did all the training I needed to do today."


His horn lights up.
You feel a strange sensation in your head…
It stops and he scribbles something.
"The company does not take responsibility for funeral costs should anything happen to you.

You stumble forward and smack into a shelf. You fall over from the impact. The shelf wobbles a bit, but does not fall on you… two open boxes do. They have scapels and syringes. You get a lot of cuts and stings in your back.


You fly ahead of him. Surely, he is heading to the-
You see him chanting something before a sealed wooden door which recedes when he finishes… the inner temple! Only the most respected druids have been allowed there, and even they go there only every few years! It's the most sacred place nearby, a place you've been dreaming to see ever since you were a colt!

He smiles as you greet him and enters.
"It sure helps you stay in great shape! I barely do anything more than our races and some occasional laps when I feel I need to clear my mind."

You cower under her while she covers you with her wings. Her feathers are in terrible shape…

The unicorn backs away as he is forced to use both the branch and his hooves to keep a mare trying to bite him at bay.

"You died when you entered my island, you just had to catch up."
He reacts way too fast, closing the distance before you can back away, holding your hooves down and headbutting you brutally. His antlers win over your horn.

Your head hurts so much you grow dizzy and feel like throwing up.
You are helpless.

Curry: Helpless/5
Buck: 2/8


sorry, gotta go need to get up real early tomorrow, thanks for running for me
"I understand, yes."


Just a scratch.
Where's me cane?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"M-mom… Let's run!"


Get up. '1d10'
"There are worse things than death here, deer. I'm one of them."

Roll #1 9 = 9


My eyes go wide, is it as amazing as I imagined or has the dead blackness spread here?
Wait for him to go in first. "Sir.. What's going on?"


"You know there's nothing more I love than flying, Milky. For that, I've got to stay in good shape. Want a drink?"


I might give you a solo session to get you a bit more involved sometime
"Do you have an adress?"

You see a regular cane nearby. Nothing fancy, just what it has to do.

He enters, and you follow eagerly. It leads into a chamber that seems to be in the heart of the tree, the only light given by fireflies. The druid rubs some mushroom spores on the flowers on his shoulders, making them give you two some more to see.
Even now the ceiling is lost in the darkness it is up so high. There are ancient carvings in the wooden wall, green wines running inside them… this place has been only seen by the most priviliged for generations!
In the middle of the chamber, you see flowers… they are wilting.
"These flowers… these gave the magic that made this place flourish. They have been dead for a year, maybe too now. They were so powerful the sympthoms didn't even show, only now."

"If only I could be in a shape like that!"
He chuckles.
"Sure, what do you've got?"

"I ca-…We can't… He'd find us…"

You roll out of the way of his stomp and jump to your hooves.
You still feel the the moon's blessing cursing through your veins.
"As annoying as you are, you amuse me. I might keep you alive, chained to a wall like your little filly friend. I'd make sure you would get the same treatment as she did."


Curry: 6/5
Buck: 2/8


Shake my head.
"No! NO!"
Hug her tight, crying.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Take it and get back to muh farm.


"All it takes is some willpower and a go-getter attitude, Milky."
Walk over to the fridge.
"Beer? Wine maybe?"


Bantering isn't getting me anywhere. The fastest way to silence that heretic's mouth is by removing it from him.
Set the Trident spinning with telekinesis and knock Buck's legs out from beneath him. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Stare at the dead flowers at first horrified and then solemnly as if mourning their passing after a long silence I ask in more serious tone than I probably ever used in my life.
"What can be done?"


The way there is hard and wobbly, but you arrive there in reasonable time without falling over.
Your dog runs up to when you arrive, jumping to lick at your face through whines.

"If only I had some motivation!"
He sighs.
"Wine will do it."

"There is only one way to find out."
He looks you in the eyes.
"You. They have chosen you."
He points to a weird spot among the sacred flowers - a few of the seemed to grow unnaturally close to each other… you get the feeling he wants you to have a closer look.

You try to hug her, but restrict her movement, allowing the bearded stallion to stab her back with the spear before letting go of it to brawl with an earth pony raider.

He doesn't anticipate it, the trident combined with a telekinetic push makes him land on his back hard.

Curry 6/5
Buck DOWN/7


Now, let's grab that trident, and j-j-jam it into his guts. I'll have the lighter weapons on float-by. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Well, I conscripted Corvette to start training alongside me already and I've been pushing Orange as well. It's good to have wingponies when training, you know? Keeps you motivated to keep going."
Pour him and myself a glass of wine.


Meet his eyes and with a firm and determined nod..
look at the flower cluster. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Pull the spear out, help her!
"I'm s-sorry!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Does that leave me with Pursuit and Fresh as wingponies?"

He raises his glass at you then takes a sip.

As you step closer, the flowers wilt away rapidly, leaving behind only a collection of seeds… seeds that are, from your perspective, placed beside each other like a mosaic, giving the shape of your cutie mark.

You hear his voice beside him. He speaks with a tone you've never heard before… He seems to hold you in higher regard than even himself.
"Those seeds can make you see."

You try to help but just tug at it helplessly before she wraps a wing around it and removes it for good.
"..not your fault…"
That doesn't sound very sincere.

He tries to kick you away but you have the higher ground, making him grunt in pain as you impale him.

Curry 6/5
Buck DOWN/6


This probably isn't going to stay so easy. I need to do as much damage as I can before he wriggles away or calls on that tainted magic of his. Keep pressing in, maybe I'll get lucky and hook something. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Look up to her, as if awestruck by her very existance, and just stare, trying to catch my breath.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I chuckle and drink as well.
"Ask yourself this, do you really want Corvette as your wingpony? She's pretty fast."


Blink rapidly in confusion and aw "..you don't mean that.. I should eat them?" slowly reach to touch the seeds.



"Heck no! She freaking beat Pursuit in wing wrestling once! It's like she can turn confidence into pure power!"

He nods.
"Many druids only dream of this. Legend says those seeds can prove clairvoyance like no other magic."

She picks you up and scurries to the side, pressing herself to the wall, holding you with a wing against it too.
"Let them kill each other."

He tries to kick you away again but you do not even flinch, pressing deeper and twisting your weapon. A gush of blood signals you hit something indeed.

Curry 6/5
Buck DOWN/5


Toss a quick glance around to make sure I'm not going to be broadsided, and then let's proceed to pin this bastard deer to the ground. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Smile a bit, "I'll tell you what its like on the other side then." eat the seeds.


I laugh.
"Just imagine her when she gets mad."


Calm myself.
I can't believe it.
It's her, really her. Finally her.
Allow myself to rest upon her wing, and smile.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You scoop them up into your mouth.
They taste heavenly. Your entire life you haven't tasted anything that could even compare.

You sit down on your flanks, your eyelids growing heavy… For a second, there is only darkness. Then you see light. The Sun is bright, in the middle of the sky, shining down on the green form of a tall mare… that… you can barely believe it, that is a pony manifestation of Mother Nature herself!

You try to open your mouth but no words come out. She spreads life everywhere she steps, and soon you see fillies and colts running around and between her legs, giggling in delight. Ponykind. Her children.

"Ooh… I'd rather not."
He drinks more of his wine in protest.

It only takes that milisecond of distraction for him to capitalize on it, kicking you in your chin with force you wouldn't expect, making you clutch your jaw and wobble back.
He jumps to his hooves in one fluid motion, his antlers already glowing.

The battle itself seems to pause as dead bodies start to rise on the battlefield. Scurvy, Stalker, other raiders who fell, some of the intact 'decoration' corpses… but it doesn't stop there. All the blood that has been spilt so far start to pool up in a dozen puddles, slowly rising into deer-shaped crimson horrors.

Curry 4/5
Buck 8/5

Everything is so perfect….
If it wasn't for the sounds of battle, you could fall asleep here…

Until you hear Buck yell out of the top of his lungs, and see the dead return and blood take his shape.
You feel a sick motion inside of you and your pendant glows sick green.


Spit to the side.
"So, calling on your dark god for help, then. So be it."
Lament internally that I didn't look at that scroll detailing how to deal with the risen dead.
"If you go down, they'll follow."
Set for the charge, and then fire off the trident like a bullet at Buck with telekinesis. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Nature itself?..I bow before her my wings adding to the effect by spreading themselves and curving slightly, kiss her hoof if possible.


"Be as it may, I always had talent for flight. I've been given these wings, so I'll be damned if I wont put them to good use. I've got some ambitions pertaining them."


He snickers.
"What, you aspire to beat her in wing wrestling?"

You bow down before her, but feel a caress on your chin.
It is a vine growing from the ground, making you face her.
You are too far away to kiss her hoof, but you don't need to. She speaks without words. That vine told you everything. Before Nature, everyone is equal from the smallest insect to the largest dragon.


I smirk.
"That too maybe."



Roll #1 3 = 3


Then I should approach her. Smile at the ponies running around her hooves briefly and try to relax. Look at her with curious and yet trusting eyes, she likely already knows what I want to ask. '1d10' rolling to observe and relax.

Roll #1 8 = 8


He scratches his chin with his wing while sipping.
"What then? Will you tell me?"

You don't need to stress about anything. You are safe here, with her. She is much taller than you, naturally. A pegasus takes flight to play midair with a young gryphon. You see a young donkey gleefully wrestling with an earth pony. Everything seems so happy and tranquil here. There is an ever present scent of flowers.

She nods with her head, and starts walking away from this clearing however.

You see the crew run close to each other to form a defensive circle as the remaining raiders who are still in shape to fight approach them alongside some of the dead.

One of the blood-deer spot you.
It lowers it's antlers and starts charging. Balefire takes off to the air with rapid flaps of her wings… leaving you behind on the ground.

He stops it with the blade of the dagger and twists it with such strenght that it fliess of to the side. As you charge behind it he lowers his head, yanking it up as you are within range, painfully scratching and impaling your chest as well as throwing you on your back. Before you even realize you're down he jumps and sits on your chest, beating on your face with both hooves.
You feel teeth getting loose and your eye swelling up.

Curry: Helpless/4
Buck 8/5


He can fucking try. Get up, and get him off. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Start gsping for air, eyes widened in fear.
Roll away.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Mmm… Can you keep a secret?"


Follow her, this beautiful place, such a harmonious feeling.. If only our world could be like this..
Tickle the donkey and earth pony by brushing them with my feathers as I pass by. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


How can I fail at tickling? Ruse. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


He puts the glass down and nods.
"My lips will be sealed!"

The most you get out of them are slight chuckles as you pass by. You'd love to try again, but you have to catch up, can't keep Mother Nature waiting!

You are rooted in place by fear. You cannot move.
It's so close now…
Brace yourself!

You try to raise your body but he just uses the momentum to slam you back into the ground, over and over again.

Curry: Helpless/3
Buck: 8/5


Bounce back from the ground, and shove him off. I need to get my hooves back under me. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


No of course no. She called me here for an important purpose. Fly to catch up faster '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Shut my eyes, cover my face, and pray to the only god I know.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I lean back a little and relax my posture.
"Once I'm feeling confident enough in my skills and training… I'm going to try and become what I've always admired. A Wonderbolt."


You feel a little nervous about keeping her waiting but catch up. She walks silently for a while before coming to a stop. In front of her you can see a tree, only slightly taller than you… but you realize it's the giant tree that the temple is located in.

She caresses it's bark with a heartbreaking frown.

His eyes go wide.
"Whoa-wait… whoa. I mean… damn. Skim that's really awesome!"

You clench your eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable… but it doesn't come.
You peek to see that the blood has… changed. The blood pony looks just like your mother, standing protectively over you… The pendant! It's shining! You are doing this!

You pull your hooves in and like a spring launch him into a wall of stone with a kick.
He grunts but gains hoofing right away, ready to charge again.

Curry: 6/3
Buck 6/5


I chuckle.
"It is. A tall order, but I wont let that scare me away."


Place my hoof on the tree as well, look at her and try to ask "how can I fix it?"


Look exhausted at the pony of blood standing in front of me.
Then peek over, towards the battle, starting to sob.
Help him…"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Spit out what blood or tooth might be swimming around in my mouth at the moment.
"You pack a decent punch, for a deer."
I'm pretty sure that the kukri and sword are pretty much on the ground near him, so… let's launch those at him with Telekinesis. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


He looks around at your house.
"It shouldn't come as a surprise, really."
He chuckles as well.

Once you place your hoof on the tree it is as if you feel a heartbeat coming from under the bark… it is fast and irregular as if you were listening to the pulse of a scared and cornered mouse.
You see etheral black tendrils choking the roots of the tree.
Nature stares at them with a sad expression.

You see two undead creeping up on the unicorn. If they aren't stopped they can catch him by surprise!
The blood pony spreads it's wings and pounces, starting to rip into both.
A few meters ahead another blood-deer loses shape momentarily to turn into the shape of the unicorn, turning on the raider standing beside it.

You float them up and launch them in a small circle.
Buck let's out a loud yell when the circle completes and both weapons are buried in his sides. He stumbles forward, coughing blood.
"Protect me, you fucking cowards! DIE FOR ME!"

The unicorn mare appears beside him in a flash of magic while two pegasi corpses land in front of you. They both have the 'villager-brown' shade of coat, their dead eyes burning with black flames.

Curry: 6/3
Buck: Helpless/4


Can I reach there black tendrils?
"The black death.. but why.. how?"


I smirk and nod at the posters.
"You all already knew I admired the Wonderbolts, but I can't blame you for not thinking me crazy enough to apply for membership."


Take quick breaths, lips curling in glee at the unreal sight.
Jump to my hooves and incite the unicorn.
"Go! Go!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"No solid residence."


I'll speak to the unicorn mare.
"It's not too late for you to surrender. Or do you just want to be used and thrown away at Buck's convenience? You were better than that, once, and you can be so again."
Float my trident back over to me and grasp it firmly.
"To you who are dead, though, I offer no such treaties."
Spear the one on the left in the head. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


You touch one of them, making you draw your hoof back quickly from the sudden pain from the contact.
She slowly shakes her head. It is unnatural. She does not know what or why is attacking this sanctuary.

"When will you do it? And… uh, if you don't mind me asking, from what?"

He writes something down again.
"So, Iga, would you tell me why you want to work with our company?"

The second 'Go' is cut short as your face is cut open by a small knife. You cry out in pain and curl up on the ground.
You see Shriek, the unicorn filly holding it in his telekinesis breathing heavily.
It seems that the magic from earlier was a bit too powerful for a small body like her's. She is still under the effect of the rage spell.

You are helpless.

She stares at you while Buck pulls himself up with the help of her. He is saying something to her in a hushed tone. You can roll to see how much you hear.

You sink your trident into one of the undead, injuring it but not managing to penetrate the skull. The other snarls and sucker punches you in the face while you are dealing with the other.

Curry 5/3
Buck 8/4


'1d10' to overhear.
Now, shove the other zombie into its companion, since it's stuck on my trident. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"Once I have the funds and I feel ready to. It's going to be a rough ride for sure, so I'd like to prepare."


Clench my face with my hooves, looking with fear at her.
Shaking, try to mutter something, try to beg her to stop!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Look around for the source of the tendril, maybe there is some sign, some direction? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
"It is the best out of my few options. I have experience handling packages, you see, yes?"


You don't hear shit over the snarling of the zombie in your face.
You smack one into the other, making both of them stumble. The zombie your trident is stuck in seems to start falling apart.

Curry 5/3

You can't even open your mouth by the time she jumps at you, stabbing you repeatedly!
That really really hurts!
Plus she is super scary how she shrieks like that!


He finishes his glass.
"If you ever need help with anything, just say it! I'm sure if you told the others they'd tell you the same, that we'll be with you on this!"

They seem to be nested under the tree, deep in the soil…
Maybe the placement of this sanctuary was not so accidental after all.

He nods as whe writes.
"Can you tell me more about these experiences?"


Narrow my eyes at the black things. "How can we fight this?"


Kick it off towards Buck, and be ready for that other zombie. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Mom… Unicorn…

Close my eyes, flail wildly and try to get away from her grip. Fight with every last breath.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sure thing. Just… don't spread this around, will you? I'd rather my family doesn't know yet."


"Back in Neighpon. Carrying packages for clients with swiftness of mountain lion."


"We're going to kill you!
Just like we killed your marefriend who brought you hear!"

You feel a punch or two after she says that, but then it stops… did she stop?

The mare teleports away while Buck blocks the corpse, giving you enough time finish the other one by stabbing it in the neck.

He nods.
"Your secret is safe with me!"
He snickers.
"Now I also know what to get you for your birthday."

"Good, good… Iga, are you aware of the dangers this job might possess?"

She steps closer to you and places a hoof on your forehead.
Your eyes close and you see the image of a small statue… it has a potent magic, but not if it stands alone. You see a glance of many more, too many too quick for you to count. Together, they have the power to repel whatever dark magic is tainting the land.


I cock a brow.




"Right, now let's finish what we started, shall we?"
Follow up with a sweep to bash the shit out of Buck. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Slowly open one eye.


Smile in understanding. "I believe you have the right pony." '1d10' try to remember as many of the statues as possible.

Roll #1 9 = 9


He smirks.
"More wine?"

"Our customers expect their packages to arrive all the time. How can we trust you, Miss Iga, that you will not flee if you have to deliver something particularly expensive?"

It's easy, they all looked like animals!
When you open your eyes her hoof is no longer on your forehead but on your cheek.
She smiles back at you, still not saying anything.
She trusts you, believes in you. It is your time now to be her champion.

She is held in the air by telekinesis, apparently choking. Her small frame is slammed into the wall behind you.
The unicorn in the glasses is glaring at him with an expression that truly scares you.
"You killer her?!"
He slams her against the wall again.
"I've heard you!"

You lose him from your peripheral vision for a second before he reappears beside you, bucking into your sides with his hindlegs.



"I do not wish to become a wanted criminal in Equestria. All the attention would be on me."


Look at the exchange for a second, in fear, but then stand up, trying to find a safe place to h-
I have to help the unicorn!
Run to him!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I laugh.
"Yeah, can't go wrong with that."


Oogh. He's mad now.
Wait until the last moment, and then stab him again. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Give him a pat on the head.
"Yeah boy, I missed you too."
Go inside, is my whisky still here?


I should really try this no words thing, admire her beauty, and stand close and confident, telling her that I will stand by her and remember her.


"We will need a bit more of an assurance, Miss Iga. Only at first. Once you have proven to us that you are to be trusted, you will be a full time employee. During your internship you will have to wear a badge that will let us track your whereabouts. Do you agree with these terms?"

He pours himself some more, then glances at the clock.
"Where are the others?"

If there is one thing that will never leave you in your life, that is your whiskey. It is still there.

You stare into her beautiful green eyes, feeling safe just from looking at her kind smile of those lovely lips…

Your mind is more than a little hazy… you dizzily shake your head, your nose still filled with the scent of sweet flowers…

The feeling of the wood under you brings you back to reality. You are back in the Tree… but no, you're not back to reality. That wasn't just a simple vision. Your memory starts to work again. That was definitely all real.

The head druid is looking at you expectantly.

The other filly is telekinetically bashed against the stone again and again and again until you hear a sick crack and her body falls down beside you limp.
What if he will try to kill you now?!
You are too scared to help anypony!
You can't even help youself from this pony about to murder you!

Definitely mad. He learns from the patterns you use and blocks your weapon with his antlers before rearing up and giving you a faceful of punches.

Curry: 1/3


Great. Just what I need. I suppose it's time to do something unexpected. Pretend to make a feint, but then feint the feint by carrying through with the original attack. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"… Yes."


He… He killed her?
She was my friend! She…
Shake in fear, anger and confusion, falling back to my hooves as I look with swollen red eyes at the body of the filly.

Roll #1 4 = 4


What time is it?
"Not sure, but they'll no doubt be here soon."


Sit down and take a chug.
Talk to the dog.
"We might have to leave soon, boy."


There's still fifteen minutes before the rendez-vous.
"Betting two beers that Crush will be late."

He scribbles something more, then presents you with a stack of three papers.
"Sign these then."

You relax into your chair and let the booze wash away your worries.
Your dog tilts his head and whines in response.

He falls for i-Wait no, fuck, he's got a hold of both of your forehooves now, so close to you that your chests are touching.
"You learning from Stalker?"
He lifts you in the air then slams you into the ground. How the fuck is he so strong for a deer?!

You can't do much more than shake.
Her neck is bent at an unnatural angle.


Dark heretic magic, that's how.
Spring back up. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I know..it sucks…but I can't sit here for the rest of my life…"
Take another chug
"No matter how much I'd like to."


Look up at the glasses-wearing unicorn.


Inspect the papers before signing them.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Get up energetically with a grin on my face. "I know what I have to do."


"Betting four he'll blame it on having an extremely busy schedule."


He is clutching his head in his hoof.
He seems to be crying.

You jump on your hooves, only to be beaten bloody by him again and forced down to the ground. He takes a few steps back to grab his dagger, ready to finish you, before a blue pegasus mare flies into him at full speed, sending both of them tumbling on the ground…
You have to stand up quick.

It seems to be an average contract, nothing shady going on with it.
He takes the papers and staples them together.
"Can you start right away?"

He starts to nuzzle and lick your leg, still whining.

"That's only half the time. Deal!"

He nods.
"What is it? What did you see?"


"Don't worry, old boy. I'll take you with me. We'll manage." Pat him on the head. And put some whisky in his drinking plate


And up I'll get. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Alright then, let's see who's going to end up right."


"I can. I have prepared my mind for this."


Look up to him with my own tearful eyes.


"I saw her, she was in this field and.." Look around still amazed. "It was our home, the temple. Its being choked by these black tendrils. I need to bring back some animal statues to fend off the thing."


He starts to lap it up eagerly.
Save some for yourself too.
You'll need it.

You hear a knock on the door.

He scribbles something on another paper and gives it to you.
"Take this, leave this builduing and go left. Go into the house facing the warehouses. Find a pony named Blue Collar."

"We are attacked?…



Good boy.
Guess it's time to pack muh things.



He looks down at you and wipes his eyes.
"Hide. I have to help him."
He runs off towards the fight.

You struggle to get up, but can't.
You see Netsy and Buck roll on the ground for a few meters before she flies up, just in time to dodge his antlers.
They circle around each other for a bit.
"You really think any of you will make it out of this alive?"
He touches his chest to see how badly he is bleeding, snorting with a smirk.
"Time for a rude awakening."
Netsy snarls and divebombs again, only to be dodged. Buck follows by rearing up to kick with his forehooves but Netsy keeps staying out of his reach by fluttering away just in time, trying to sneak in a kick or two of her own. You can do nothing but watch them fruitlessly wrestle as you struggle to stand.
You feel a hoof on you, but it's not hurting. The Doc is lifting you up. His eyes seem red and his glasses are cracked.
"Get up, quick… I don't have much left…"
He levitates out a syrenge.
"This might keep you on your hooves just a bit long-"
You two turn your heads as you hear a scream. Seems like Netsy didn't notice a pillar behind her, leaving her no room to escape and allowing Buck to bury the dagger deep in her sides. She kicks him off momentarily to pull it out and throw it away, but he quickly grabs her forehooves and pulls her close to him, sinking his teeth in her neck. You don't see her face, only her legs. They twitch for a while before falling limp.

You hear the unicorn beside you start to hyperventillate and jab the needle in you. You feel a rush of energy.
"I-I can't do much more… I… I can't do anything…"

Curry: 36/1


As you start to sort your stuff you notice how you have an afwul lot of empty whiskey bottles lying around


"That's not true. You act fast while I distract Buck, and you might be able to save Netsy. Now, hurry!"
And I'll dive into buck, horn first, and get him off of Netsy. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"There we go. I'm guessing that's… Corvette maybe?"
Go answer.


I cannot hide!
Take one step forward, just one, and stare at the scene, trying to summon all my courage..

Roll #1 8 = 8


He shrugs.
When you open the door you see not one but two pretty mares. Both Corvette and Voltage are here.
Voltage has a dress you saw on her before but Corvette seems to be wearing something new. It's a saddle with a tiny skirt that is only enough to accentuate the curves of her flanks.
"Hey there, Skim."

Her body lands on the ground with a thud as you charge into him, aiming at a previous wound with your horn. He kicks at you to get you off, but you manage to pull your head back in time without getting hit.
He stares into your eyes, his face and beard dripping from the fresh blood of your friend.
"I wonder if that other mare tastes as good as she did."

Curry: 36/1
Buck: 4/3

You either gather your courage now… or die and never use it.

Everything going around you is scary, you are a little, weak, frail filly… but you have courage.


I guess I let things go…
What would ma think if she saw me like this…


"You've done a very foolish thing, Buck. You made me mad."
Float my trident back to me, grip it firmly, and hit Buck as hard as possible. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Rush to Netsy's side.
She was one of those helping. She was there! She can't be dead!
Not because of me.

Ignore the fighting and the danger. Rush to her and check her neck wound.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ladies. You're here nicely on time. Come in."


Unlike your pa, she didn't care that you wanted to be a ranger. She wanted you to do what you feel you had to do. Your destiny.
She never stopped loving you.
Neither did your pa, even if he showed the opposite sometimes.

They both enter. You think Corvette flicked her tail when she walked in, but you're not sure.
You hear Milky from inside.
"My oh my, what a pair of lovely looking mares!"
He chuckles.

You sprint there.
You see that the grey unicorn is scrambling around to help her, but it seems futile.
Seems like Buck ripped out some pretty vital parts of her neck. You touch it to see how bad it is… suddenly, she moves.
First just a leg, then a wing as well.
In no time she is up on her hooves, looking at you with the neck in her hole and glassy eyes… then she starts snarling.

He grabs it and his pure physical strenght quickly overpowers your magic, letting him bash you across the face several times.
It's pretty embarassing to get this roughed up with your own weapon.

Curry: 32/1
Buck: 4/3


I bet she didn't want me to be a limp drunk though


Man, I really don't care right now. Take it back and beat him with it. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Widen my eyes and drop my jaw.
Then, after a second of inaction, throw myself at her neck.
Hug her.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry you died because of me I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!"
Start to cry into her back.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Go back inside too.
"Before I forget, Hot Pursuit and his beloved other half will be late. They'll join us at the bar at 8. Which means we just have to wait for Orange and Skyheart to get here."


She woldn't have wanted her son to think she was so judgemenetal either.

He throws it into the ground nearby and follows up with a punch. Doesn't hurt that much after the trident at least!
Curry: 31/1
Buck: 4/3

The snarling stops as you cry into her mane.
You feel her blood drip on you.
You feel a hoof around you… she hugged back?

"Do you have any snacks?"
"Psscht, snacks? Let's get to the drinks!"


Squeeze once before letting go, stepping back.
Sniffle up, while looking at the ground.
"S-so if you wanna hurt me, if you wanna kill me back…
It's okay. B-because I owe you that…
But please…"
Lift my gaze up to her.
"Help the unicorn."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Weeeeell… I did make a wicked salad earlier. A large bowl of it too, so I've got plenty. Otherwise, there's beer, wine or whiskey."


I'm going to break his legs. One by one. With my bare hooves. Punches away. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Meh, whatever voice in my head.
Grab a few planks and paint for sale on them, then set it outside.


She doesn't say anything but heads towards where the two are fighting, stumbling slightly in the process, trying to right her stance with her wings.
It's… working? She is going to help him!

You throw a punch but he locks his around your's to keep you in place then headbutts you.
Then again.
And again.
And again.
Those antlers aren't getting any less painful when they meet your face and horn.

Buck: 4/3
Curry: 26/1

Voltage nods with a smile.
"I'd love to try that! With some wine if you could?"
"I'm okay with a beer, Skim. Or two. Just bring them on!"

You do just that.
If only ponies ever visited.
The only pony who comes around here is that old lady, and even then she just comes to feed your dog.


Then I shall break them. I'm hard-headed enough for that. Box his ears a little. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Stare at her, falling back on my rump in wild surprise of what on hell just happened.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Get these ponies what they asked for.
"Take it easy guys, you should at least be able to walk to the bar without stumbling."


Eh, its good enough for today.
I'll see what happens.
Time for drinking and sitting on the porch and brooding.

Roll #1 6 = 6


As you stop to think she stops as well…

What the… is she… is she doing what you are thinking? Or what you are doing she should be thinking?
Are you controlling her?

Your technique is not good for much, but it's enough to get you out of his grip.

Buck: 3/3
Curry: 26/1

Corvette giggles.
"Please, the worst thing that could happen is one of you having to carry me, which I wouldn't mind at all!"

You sit down in front of the house, sipping your booze.
You notice that something is missing, but just as you think that Rocky shows up with a crumpled pack of cigarettes in his mouth.


Give him a nod.


I… I don't want to c-
Close my eyes and grasp the pendant with my hooves.

Please. Help him.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Take his eyes. If he can't see, he can't hit. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"And then not remember a thing about tonight the coming morning? I bet you'll regret that."


He puts it down beside you and wags his tail.

You crouch down and spring up, poking your horn into his right eye. The feeling of the wet squish as it pops onto your horn is anything but comfortable. He staggers back and falls, clutching it with a hoof.

You feel a bite on your rear.

Buck: Down/2

She staggers closer…
Then bites the back of the unicorn, looking back at you.
Is this helping?

"Hey, I can repeat the best parts of a night in the morning."
Corvette giggles while you see Milky's face turn red for a second.


Voltage giggles too.


Shake my head quickly, in embarassment.
Point at Buck!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Good boy."
Light a cig.
And enjoy one of the few days on this farm I have left.


Stomp him to death. Whatever bit me can wait. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I chuckle.
"Ladies, please contain yourselves. Orange hasn't even arrived yet and you're already out of control."


"Oh I bet he'd love to find us here out of control."
Milky shrugs.
"Really, who wouldn't?"

You will miss the sight of the setting sun from the porch…


Get to the other side of the fucking house then.


She let's go of him but backs away. What you are seeing is almost mesmerizing. Buck is… being defeated?

You pounce on him and rear up on your hindlegs, bringing your forehooves down with all your might. First you break his ribs. Then a hindleg. Then some more ribs. Finally, one of our stomps takes off his left set of antlers.

His breathing is getting shallow, but he is still smiling as he looks up at you.
"I will… take… everything you love… from you…"
He coughs up some blood.
"Just wait…."

Buck: Down/1
Finishing him is automatic.


"You will take nothing ever again. Least of all from me, demon. Now die, and burn in whatever hell awaits you."
Crush his skull and grind it into the dirt.


Widen my mouth and just stare, speechless, eyes lost a thousand miles away.


"There's also Skyheart! Have some decency!"


He keeps laughing as you raise your hoof.
He keeps laughing as you bring it down.
He stops when your hoof connects.
You split his head open, leaving him dead on the ground before you.

You suddenly feel a weight you did not know was pressing down on your heart let up.

Buck is down on the ground. His antlers are broken.
His head is bleeding.
He is not moving.

He is dead.
Buck is dead.

Milky leans closer.
"Well, at least she'd know what kind of company she'd get herself into."


Breathe one long breath out. Then turn towards the other raiders that are still alive. I'm not done yet.


"I'll have you know Corvette promised to behave tonight."


Try to talk again. Try to move. Try and wander over to the unicorn.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You want to… but you want something more… His dagger… you could get it while he is not watching!

Whichever raiders aren't dead already have already fled. You never counted them but seems like at least three-fourth of them must be dead, judging by the corpses.

"Wouldn't be the first time!"
"I can be an angel~"


Go where my heart guides me, I guess!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Well, there's that, at least. How many of the crew are dead? The captain?


"Attacked from below, by something evil unnatural. That must surely be the cause of the death in our forest." And with a smile "Her, Mother Nature. She showed me everything."


"I believe in Corvette, you guys. She's going to act as my wingpony soon, so we'll need that trust."


You rush over to the unicorn and cannot resist but hug his leg.

You see Angler leaning against a wall, taking heavy breaths while the doc is trying to treat him with the last of his supplies. Seems like he is missing his left hindhoof.
Splinterproof is not looking any better for wear. She is walking towards you, full of wounds and gashes. She has a swollen face and a black eye, but she no longer has her right ear.
You feel a tug at your legs.

"You mean, like to pick up girls?"

You see a slightest twitch on his face, but he tries to remain stoic.
"Are you telling me you have met Mother Nature in person?"


Keep hugging.
Would you fuck him?
I'd fuck him.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"No, to practice flight. She's got the talent for sure, but lacks the training."
Eye her for a moment.
"I haven't seen her tricks, endurance and maneuverability firsthoof yet though."


"Oh… you're safe, little one."
I'll smile at her.
"That's… good."
Sway a little on my hooves, then sit and hug her.
"It's over, now. You're well and truly free."


"Yes, In the flesh. She is a tall green pony."


Bury my head on his chest and start sobbing, holding on tight.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh I have a trick or two. Endurance as well!"
She starts to laugh, but Voltage cuts in.
"Aaaaaanyway, are we still going to race on Tuesday?"


"I know how she looks, I just… She showed herself to others before, but…"
He takes a deep breath and puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"You are truly blessed."


Just hug her for a while. The doc'll be around eventually, and until then, I think it's kinda safe to pass out. We'll torch the place after I wake up…


"Funny, Corvette. We'll see how much you'll laugh on the track next week."
I give her a challenging smirk, then turn to Voltage.
"You bet we will."


Corvette winks at you.
Voltage sighs with relief.
"Oh, good, I thought that'd mean we wouldn't do it anymore!"


Calm down and pass out aswell, sleeping into his hooves.


Smile proudly, and then with a smirk reply. "That's what all the ladies say anyway."


"Why, afraid you wont get to look at my tail anymore Voltage?"


He takes his hoof off of you.
"You mentioned statues."

"Unlike you, Cloud, I look at the faces of my friends when we meet."
The others chuckle.


Stretch a bit "Yea, different animals, together they would have the power to push back the black thing attacking us."


"Don't give your tails too much credit, Volt. It's just that I tend to not see them very often because you're always lagging behind!"


He thinks for a minute, then walks over to the tree-wall, pointing at a carving.
"Did they look anything like this one?"

The depicted statue looks just like one of the statues you saw!

Milky nudges Corvette.
"I think that's why he always lets you catch up."


I laugh.
"Darn, foiled again!"


Nod. "That's one of them." Flutter over and an examine the wall. '1d10'
"I assume I need to fly somewhere?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yes… yes, that's one of many. Even I do not know how many of them are there."
He traces his hoof over it.
"When this started, we sent out a few scouts for information. Brown Bark said he found something."

Voltage fakes a frown.
"Milky, we really need to get in gear if we want to bamboozle him too."


"Brown Bark did? Was it another cat?" I ask with a grin.


"You wont get me twice!"


He shoots you a look.
"It might be information relevant to our problem!"

"Won't we?"
"I bet we could!"


"Save yourselves the embarrassment and give up now. You'll thank me later."
What time is it?


Give him a suddenly serious face in return. "I guessed as much. What did he find?"


It's five past seven.
"We'll catch you off guard!"

"He didn't tell in his message. He is currently in Ponyville. He said whoever we send, he will meet them at the inn called Traveler's Delight."


flex my wings a bit. "Ponyville? That's at least a day's flight from here isn't it?"


"Ooooor… we could just enjoy the evening and get drunk beyond our imagination."


"Yes, it is. The others have gathered you something."
He turns around and gives you a bag.
"It's all we could spare."
Looking inside it has food and… whoa, that's a lot of money!

Everypony present raises his/her glass at that.


Raise mine as well.
"Cloudsdale better watch out tonight!"


"I will make the most of this. Thank you." Tuck it away safely in my backpack.


"No city could be prepared for us!"
"Especially drunk!"

You put it away.
"Will you need anything else?"


"Liking the salad, Volt? I'm told I make them well."


"A good map and a lantern perhaps?"


"I love it! Can I have the recipe? How did you make it?"

He nods.
"We have both."
He starts walking out.
Take a good long look. You might not see this place for a while.


Take a stroll around town, about what time of day is it? Do I see anypony I should be saying goodbye too?


"I don't know if I should reveal my secret salad magic…"


It's still in the morning, but not too early.
There are some ponies hanging around, minding their business. If there are any friends or family you'd like to say goodbye to, now is the time.

She gives you the puppy eyes.
"Pretty please?"


"Weeeell… I guess there wouldn't be too much harm. Tell you what, why don't we arrange for a cook-off to happen somewhere next week? That way you'll see the magic happen firsthoof!"


I don't have an siblings, and most of my friends left ages ago to get away from the dying plants.. but.. My dad is still here, stubborn old man that he is, I'll go say goodbye to him.
"Hey dad, did you hear the news yet?"


"Ooh, I'd like that!"
Milky chimes in.
"I could drop by too and make some sweets."

He is busy tending to some plants that are on the verge of wilting. He's not the type who gives up easily.
He wipes his brow and turns to you, putting the gardening tools down.
"What news?


"I'm being sent away on a mission for the temple." Gesture to my backpack.


"Sounds like a plan then. How's Friday sound? When we're done, we'll have our evening meal and drinks to share."


"I'd like that."
"Hey, can I come too? I can make cocktails if that counts."

He nods.
"Good to see that you are not giving up like the rest. When will you come back? By the end of the week?"


"Sure thing, Corvette. If you think you can handle my salad. Where will all of this happen though? Here at my place again?"


Nod and smile "Don't quit while your hooves still move, right?"
"I don't know when I'll be back. It might be a long time. I've got to travel pretty far."


Milky speaks up.
"My place has a bigger kichen and a seperate dining room. We could do it there."

"How far?"


"First Ponyville, and then who knows. Its not as simple a task as getting a message."


"That's a deal, Milky. I'll come over on Friday when I'm done at work."


He eyes you up.
"I see. You be careful out there, you hear me?"

"Is that good for the rest as well?"
"Works for me."


Sit back and relax.
"Now to wait on our two lost little sheep."


"I'll make you proud dad, don't worry. I'll come back, and those herbs will start to grow again, green as ever." I say confidently and give him a hug.


"Told you he'd be late."

He hugs you back. Properly too, not just a half-assed hug-back. That's pretty rare from him!
"Good, then you can finally start helping me out in the garden once you're back."


"Skyheart's late too… I hope she didn't get held up back in Canterlot all day long or something."


"You told me she was from work, not Canterlot!"


Enjoy it while it lasts.
"..Or I'll convince Marry Weather to do it, she's better at that kind of thing."


He shakes his head with a smile.
"One of these days I'll get you to be useful to your old man."


"She is from work. Weather factory. But she went to Canterlot with her sister this morning, so she might be getting held up…"


"Oh. I thought she was from there or something?"
Voltage asks again.


"I just told you! Skyheart! She's a friend from work I invited over tonight. As far as I know she lives here in Cloudsdale."


"You have a marefriend?"


Smile back at him. "Don't worry. I'll find a way to make things better. I'll send back any interesting seeds I get too."
Step back as if ready to leave. "I love you old man."


"I only met her a few days ago, Volt."


She whistles.
"You work faaaast."

"Don't get sentimental with me."
He pats your back.
"Come back in one piece."


I snort.
"I'm just trying to be nice to her, that's all. I've hung out with her sister, she's… uh… interesting."


"My wings have carried me this far, I'll make sure they can carry him home when I'm done."
Turn and start to leave, taking one last look at dad and his stubborn little herb garden, soon enough he actually will be able to grow things.


"You usually say that when you want to say something bad without saying anything bad."


Currently it is a pretty sad sight, but you know you can make it a lush, green, fertile ground again.


"I wouldn't say necessarily bad. She's nice to hang out with at lunch. But she's a little… let's just say ditzy."


Well, Lets see.. I have a map, a lantern, food, money, a rope, spare clothes, my daggers and a sleeping bag. I guess that's everything. Time to fly to Ponyville.


"Orange kind of ditzy?"

It feels strange to leave your village behind like this, not knowing when you might return.
You open your wings and take to the skies, looking back one last time before heading to the right direction.
This might not be easy and a lot of ponies depend on you… but just thinking back about everything makes you smile.
You have a good feeling about this.



"Uh… no. Look, it's not important okay? You'd see what I mean if you met her."


Of course I have a good feeling about this, I have a good feeling about most things I do.
But then, this is special, this is for her, for our home. Keep flying fast toward Ponyville, hopefully I'll find this Traveler's Delight place easily.


You fly as fast as your wings carry you, but it is quite a distance. When night falls you set up a small camp on a clearing then go to sleep. The night is uneventful, and after a quick breakfast you continue your journey. From the position of the sun you'd guess you have about one hour to noon when you finally spot the a windmill and the town 'hiding' behind it. You come in from the east, arriving at a train station. There are a few ponies waiting for the train, maybe you could ask them for directions?


That's probably a good idea, look for the most friendly looking pony and approach them.
"Hello, do you have a moment?"


Bow and leave the office.


That went well!
You expected getting hired wouldn't be this easy.
Go and find that place he spoke about?

You see a stallion whistling with a smile, watering the flowers under the windows of the station.
He turns at you and puts down the watering can from his mouth and turns to you.
"Always! Do you need help with the train schedules?"


Yes. With swiftness of a forest lynx.


"I've just gotten into town actually, looking for a place to eat and stay overnight. Have you heard of the Traveler's Delight?"


If only your ears were that fluffy.
You leave quickly and find the building he spoke about. You enter, and see a lot of ponies walking around, filling in sheets and forms, sorting harnesses and saddles, handling packages and letters. There is a pony in a hard hat and a blue shirt in the middle, issuing orders.

He smiles even wider.
"Welcome to Ponyville! I bet you will have a great time!"
His smile falters a bit.
"Maybe you want to choose another inn though. Not that I have anything with the place itself, but sometimes some, well, shady guys are seen snooping around there."


"Really? Is it in a bad part of town or something?"


He shakes his head.
"It's not the place it's the…"
He looks a bit uncomfortable.
"The people. I don't want to be talking bad about anypony, but that's just the truth."


Walk up to him and bow.
"Blue collar? I am told to see you."


"Oh, I see. Where is this Inn so I might steer clear of it then?"


He turns to you and looks you over.
"Yes, what is it?"

"It's a bit deeper in town, to the north."
He points in it's direction.
"There is a really nice place called Sugarcube Corner there though. You can visit that place."


Give him the paper.


He takes it and runs over it with his eyes.
"I see. I have an easy job for you right away."
He motions with his head.
"Follow me."
He sounds stern, but a job oriented way, not a mean way.


"Sugarcube Corner? Well, that sounds lovely. Thank you for your time." Smile to him and go north.


Do as told.


"Have a pleasant stay!"
He waves you off as you fly away. You soon see which two buildings are standing out, one of them a pink and colorful cupcake shaped one, and another which is pretty dull brown compared to the rest of the town, with the wooden carving of a smiling pony and a pillow above the door.

He leads you over the racks.
"These will be your equipment. When you deliver small packages, take a saddle. Only take a harness if you are delivering something really heavy or you have to pull a cart."
He takes off a saddle and gives it to you.
"Is that clear?"


"Clear as icicles on a cold winter day, senpai."
Put the saddle on.


He tilts his head.
"Oookay, I'll take that as a yes. Is that saddle good?"

Roll to see if it fits.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Go into the dull brown building. spot check to see if I recognize anypony here '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


It's a bit loose, you are not a plump pony to fill it out.
"Does it fit?"

The sign does say that this is indeed the place you are looking for.
You enter and search for familiar, faces… but see none. You see the earth pony barkeep, a pair of pegasi mares at a nearby table and an earth pony stallion chuckling with a unicorn as they drink.
You see a somepony sitting at the corner table, but from this angle you can't tell who it is.


"It is a bit loose."


"I see."
He takes it off of you and gives you another one.
"How about this one? Remember, it is very important to always check your gear. We can't afford to lose the wares of our customers."


Maybe he's not here right now. Approach the mares in the mean time, and keep an eye on the corner table.
"Good day ladies. I don't suppose the pair of you are locals?"



Roll #1 2 = 2


They look at each other as you approach. One of them giggles at your question while the other drags from her cigarette.
"I don't know, we might not be."
The other mare sits inside to make place for you.

Waaaaaaaaaay too tight! You can barely breath with the straps!


"T-Too… Tight…"


He blinks and quickly undoes the straps.
"Oh, sorry!"
He removes it and rummages through the rack.
"I don't suppose you know your saddle size? That would be helpful."


Do I? If so just tell him.


Sit down with them. "Well, I'm sure you ladies are are knowledgeable as you are beautiful. What do you think of this town?"


He finally manages to pick one that fits just fine!
"Now, this is company property so if you lose it you have to pay for it."
He puts a small pin with a tiny gem on top into the saddle.
"I will remove that once we know you can be trusted. Come on, I show you how to get signed up for deliveries."
He walks you to a small window. There is a mare sitting behind it.
"Do we have her ID yet?"
"Yes sir!"
The mare hoofs you over a small card. It looks like an employee card of sorts.
"Don't lose that either if there is one way."

They giggle again.
"It's certainly not Manehatten."
"Neither is it Baltimare."
"Thank heavens it's not Baltimare!"


"Oh my, you certainly are well traveled ladies. Surely you are touring the world as fashion models?"


"You cheat."
"You must have saw us."
"Which magazine was it?"
"I have a guess."
The share another glance and chuckle.


Put it away.
"I understand. I will not lose it."


"Use that card to pick up packages at this window."
The mare places a small, brown package on the counter with a paper beside it.
"Sign that, please."
"You can only have one delivery at a time. Once you are finished, come back here, and sign a paper. That way we will know you started and finished a job. Simple stuff."


"Yes. This is not Sudoku science."
Sign that paper and pick up the package.


Laugh softly with them, "I'm Kelani, and if you ladies find yourselves bored look me up."
'1d10' look at the corner subtly as possible, has the figure moved at all?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"The saddle has a bag for small packages like that to keep it safe."
He gives you another paper.
"This has the adress and the expected date of delivery. Your first job is easy, you don't even have to leave Los Pegasus."
You glance at the adress. The adress is somewhere along Long Beach, and it has to be delivered today.

It has, but you still can't see whether it is a him or her. Or see anything really. He picked the best spot it seems.
You feel the touch of a feather on your leg for a split second.
"Oh we suuuuurely will."
"Most definitely."


"I see. It will be done then, if that is all."


"For now it, yes.
He smiles and shake your hoof.


Damn, I'll have to get closer to them then.
let my own wing tips rub against the mares legs, smirking and replying "I can't wait." and casually walk toward that corner of the room, can I tell who it is? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Look at his hoof for a moment, then shake it.
"I must go, forgive me."
Time to deliver a package!


You have a job to do!
First you have to get to the other side of the city though! Roll for traffic.

You hear giggles again as you stand up to walk to the corner.
You soon get a glance of the po-…wait, it's not a pony. The figure sitting there is a donkey… a not so pretty one at that. His body is pretty skinny, accentuating the muscles he has as well as the old scars his body is bearing. He is wearing a grey vest, apart from that he only has jewelry, a necklace and at least a dozen earrings and various ear-pieces that you can count from first glance. He smiles at you, showing you that he has a missing tooth or two.
"You're not bad, lad, you know that?"


Equestrian cities are not busy compared to Trotkyo…

Roll #1 8 = 8


Smile back at him with a tilt of my head. "I'm told I'm more than Not Bad, but perhaps I could show you a few things?" Have a seat with him. "Kelani's my name."


You navigate the streets and other ponies easily and soon you are on the beach.
The ocean, palm trees, the sun shining, happy smiling ponies everywhere… this is certainly a pleasant place!

"If you've been anything other than not bad I wouldn't 'ave noticed you glancing aroun like you were expectin somepony. The Princess maybe?"
He smirks.


It is. Perhaps I will write a haiku about it later.
For now, I must find this address.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I've already met a pair of lovely princesses today." snicker a bit. "Maybe you're a little more observant than your earrings would indicate Brickwall, what are doing here in Ponyville of all places?"


You go down along the beach, seeing a row of small houses. Pretty quick you find the adress that is on the paper.
It seems a bit… less cared for than the other houses nearby.
Knock on the door?

"I've been here for a while now, pal. If anypony it should be me who's askin that."


"Well, you were right about me looking for somepony here." Put on a pouting face. "I'm looking to meet up with an old friend, comes from that same little village as me that one, poor chum must be lost in a big city like this I've been worried sick."




You knock knock knock on the door.
You hear a stallion's voice, then hoofsteps. Then a loud THUMP, something crashing on the ground and some swearing.
After another minute an earth pony in a bathrobe and sunglasses opens the door.

"Funny you should say that. I happen to be an expert on information… but that has a price. Some ale might jog my memory about newcomers."


"A package for you, sir."
Take out the package from the bags.


"Ale huh? I'll be back with a round then." Go to the bar tender and buy us both drinks, and some kind of snack as well, traveling made me hungry.


He tastes around his mouth and rubs his head.
"For me? Did I order it?"


For pretty cheap you get the drinks and some salty crackers that are available.


Good enough for a snack, I didn't expect anything great from this place after all.


The donkey takes the drink as soon as you arrive back at the table, taking a long swig.
"Aaaah, that's better. Now, what was that you were askin again?"


"According to the order, yes."


"Did you see anypony traveling though? Would have been a stallion [describes Brown Bark], Not nearly as handsome as me of course, but he has his own rugged charm, a bit of a farm boy."


He takes off his sunglasses. His eyes seem sort of red.
He squints at the package, then opens his eyes wide before squinting again.
"Doesn't ring a bell…"
He sniffs then excalims.
"Oh, but, wait, I don't live alone!"

"That guy, he's been hangin around this place for a while."
He takes another swig.
"He's dead."


What name does the paper mention?
"What is your name, sir?"


Inhale sharply and take a long drink. "Dead you say? How long?"


The paper mentions someone called Open Cage.
"I'm Pin Point. Why?"

"Two days, maybe three, who keeps track of that?"


"This package is for Open Cage."


"I don't suppose you know how he died? I'd like something to write to family.."


"Uh, wait a sec. Wait here."
He walks inside, leaving the door open, almost tripping over his own slippers.
He comes back with another stallion.
"OOoooh, duuuuuuuuuuuuudeeee, I've been waiting for this all day!"

"Got shot in the back of the head he did. He has been sniffig around things that somepony didn't like I hear."


"Are you Open Cage? This is for you."
Give him the package.


He takes it and opens it immedaitely.
It's a tiny metal pipe.
"Pin, quickly! Bring the stuff! We gotta' see if it fits!"


Narrow my eyes a bit glancing over my shoulder. "What kind of things?"


He doesn't need to sign anything, does he?
"Thank you for using our service."


He leans closer as well, glancing at the side and lowering his voice.
"Things I didn't find out since I'd like to stay alive."

He does. The small sheet that has the adress has to be signed.
The other stallion returns with some sort of… glass vase? He puts the pipe into the glass and both of them start to cheer.
"Now we just need t- ooooooooooooooooooh shit."
"I think we've emptied the stash while waiting!"


Present the paper.
"My condolences. You must sign this paper."


Cage looks heartbroken, but Pin grins.
"Wait… you can't leave until we sign that, right? Right?"


"That is correct."


Nod slightly."I think I understand.."
"Was he staying at this Inn? I might like to pick up some of his belonging to send back, if there is anything left, if you know the room number maybe?"


He chuckles.
"Duude, then you have to do something else! We can't sign it just yet!"

"Don't bother, his sister did so already."
He doesn't have a sister…
"He doesn't have one, does he? I suspected. Who am I to go accusin' ponies though?"


My eye twitches a little.
"That will require additional payment."


He nods.
"Sure, sure! We have.. uh, cash and cash."


"Then what is it you require?"


curse softly under my breath. "What did this sister look like?"


"Uh… you know, down the beach! There are two guys, KG and BJ! We need some, uh, favors from them, just say our names and they'll know!
They'll give you something, bring that here and we have a deal!"

"Red on yellow, earthie. Couldn't see her mark."


Drink some more before replying, "Anything else you can tell be about these ponies that killed my friend?"


"Why not do this yourself?"


"We would miss the best parts!"
"Yeah! We have something important to do here!"

"Not at the moment… for some hazard fee, I could find out near anything."
He smirks again. You wish he didn't, those missing teeth are not very appealing.
"That's why I'm an information broker, after all."


Just ignore the teeth. "I see, well.. if you hear anything let me know." pass him a few bits with a steady stare.


He glances down.
"It'll take more than that to convince me to risk my life, pal."


"Ah, well I won't ask you to do more than you're able. I do have certain talents, I could do you a favor of sorts in return, a stallion of your line of work must need some help occasionally." '1d10' maybe I can sound very convincing.

Roll #1 5 = 5


He lets out a laugh.
"I've worked with more talented guys and gals, pal. I'm listening though, what might your favor be?"


He laughed, well fine, just smirk at him and speak quietly.
"Is there someone in the city you need to get close to? Somepony who isn't easy to get at? How keeps their secrets close? I could loosen those lips, and find out for you. Or if there is something else you desire, I could obtain it for you."


"Money always works. If I wanted somethingI don't have I'd get it…. what about you?"
He glances around again.
"You've got somethin to sell, maybe? Somethin no pawn shop would want, huh?"


Look thoughtful "Not at the moment, but should I come into possession of such an item, I take it you might be interested?"


"Very. Some pieces might even fetch the price of some sensitive information."


Nod and finish off my drink. "It was nice meeting you Brickwall." Now off to do some looking, for this red and yellow mare.. she isn't in the bar by chance is she? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Cloud Skimmer
"Yeah, but I want to know now!"
"I'm sort of interested now too."


Kelani Rush
She doesn't seem to be.
Even the pair of pegasi are gone now.


"She's a bit scatterbrained, you know. She does her job well but she's very easily distracted."


"Oh. Well, that happens to everypony."
"Like how you are easily distracted by mares, Skim?"
Corvette snickers at her own joke. Her cheeks are already rosy from the drinks.


"I'll have you know I'm a very attentive pony at all times!"


Well, lets go across the street to the Sugar Cube Corner. That's a good a place to start as any.


You can see Voltage half-frowning.
"You could be attentive when cleaning your house, you know."
Milky smirks.
"Here she goes!"


I take a deep breath, then exhale slowly.
"I remain calm. I will be back shortly."


"Did you spot a speck of dust somewhere?"


There are a few ponies sitting out in the little garden it has - couples, elderly, you even see some foals sipping smoothies.
Inside, there are a few more ponies, eating pastries.
A plump stallion is behind the counter. He greets you with a huge smile as you enter.
"Ah, a new face! It's always a pleasure!"
He puts a tray with a cupcake on the counter.
"Here, this is on the house as a welcome gift to Sugarcube Corner!"

"Yeah, just hurry."
"Or we'll run out of snacks too."
"That would be terrible."
"The worst."

"Look at those windows! When was the last time you cleaned them?"


I bow and fly off towards the beach.


"What's wrong with the windows?"


Smile broadly and carefully pick up the cupcake looking it over '1d10'. "Well, that's awfully kind of you. I heard this was the best place for sweets in town, something you don't skip if you're visiting."

Roll #1 6 = 6


She points at them with both hooves with agitation.
"Just look at them, gosh!"
Milky and Corvette are holding each other while snickering to don't laugh out too loudly.

It is a very deliciously looking one! You haven't seen a cupcake like this back home.
"I'm glad you decided to drop by! Can I get you anything else?"

The beach is packed with all kinds of ponies -and non ponies.
Some are just enjoying the sun, some are bathing in the ocean.
There is a small street beside the sandy beach, filled with little bazaars selling this and thats, ponies walking, skating.
It also has a lot of artists! Jugglers, live-statues, costume players!


"I'm looking at a set of beautifully maintained windows!"


I'm at work, I need to focus. Too many ponies around here… how am I supposed to find the ones I need?


Give the menu a look while I eat it. I bet its wonderful. "You have cheese cake? My grandma used to make just the best cheese cake, haven't seen her in years. Such a sweet old lady.."


She grabs your head with her hooves and points with a winger.
"There! Look! Full of smudges!"
Milky and Corvette are laughing uncontrollably already.

…You don't really know!
Time to listen to your instincts!

…wow, this place has like, all the cakes.
All of them.
They are having a sale on cocoa too today, it seems.
He smiles and nods.
"Of course we have!"
He turns around to the kitchen.
"Bring a slice of that fresh cheesecake please, Sweet Cheeks!"


Interesting. I could get used to a large selection like this.
"Oh, wonderful. Could you put an extra cherry on it? "


"I think you're seeing things Voltage, maybe the wine is getting to you already. You should have a lie down to recover for a while!"


Yes… my instincts.

Roll #1 1 = 1


A tall earth pony mare walks out holding a tray in her mouth. She puts the cheesecake down on the counter.
After they share a peck on the lips the stallion puts a cherry on top.
"Here you go! Do you want anything to drink with that! Feel free to sit down at a table and I'll bring it to you!"

She finishes off her glass - which was almost full of wine - then wipes her mouth with a determined look.
She walks out into your kitchen.
Milky and Corvette are rolling on the couch, still laughing.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Instantly, you feel a revelation, a force, pulling you towards something.
You can feel it calling to your very soul.
With determination, you start flying towards the direction your heart is pulling you to.

In the matter of minutes you arrive at the Neighponese buffet, selling cheap noodles.


That's pretty cute. Look back at the table she means. '1d10' "A glass of lemonade will be fine."

Roll #1 9 = 9


T-That's racist!

Buy some noodles…


I laugh too.
"Next time we're doing something like this, it's not happening at my place again."


It's a small table nearby, which has two seats beside it.
It's one of the last remaining tables where nopony sits!
"I'll bring it over there in a moment then!"
She starts working on your lemonade.

You get a cupful.
Hmmmm, it's so delicious!

You sit down on a bench and finish it.

…You were doing something, weren't you?

"Ah come on… ahaha, we all have our fair share of it!"
Milky sits back up and wipes away some tears, while Corvette stays how she is, lying on her side.


Nod at her and have a seat, and take a look at all the ponies around me '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Yeah… I guess so. Are you alright there Corvette? You look a little worse for wear."


Y-Yes! I need to find those ponies.
I must focus on the goal, like white tiger hunting its prey…

Roll #1 4 = 4


"What? Noooo, no, can't I just get comfy?"

It's hard to focus, that cheesecake looks much more promising than anypony else in this estabilishment!


You are temporarly bamboozled by a stallion that is covered in glittery gold dust.

You do hear music coming from somewhere though.


"A bit comfy… and a bit intoxicated?"


just focus, I need to keep an eye out for that red and yellow mare '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Gold du-
No, focus!
Follow the music!

Roll #1 7 = 7


She smirks and purrs.
"Maybe a bit~"

Cherry is red, check.
Cheesecake is yellow, check.
Lemonade is also yellow, check.
You've got everything!

-it that goes down at City Hall,
We get the feeling we should fuck shit up,
Yeah we should fuckin' start a riot.
A Riot!

We have 'em screaming in the streets,
we have 'em tippin' over shit and breakin' fuckin' windows of small businesses,
and settin' fuckin' fires!
and settin' fuckin' fires!
and settin' fuckin' fires!

The sound gets louder and louder as you approach, until you see two earth pony stallions (on the fat side too!) furiously playing their guitars.


"That's quick! The evening is young still!"


Mei Ling! What kind of music is this!?


Yes! Time to dig in. I wonder if cheesecake is really everything I've heard it is!
With a grin I'll start eating.


You've never heard anything like it!
Maybe you should ask them!

"Oh, don't worry, I can take a lot more!"

Voltage shows up again, fluttering over to your window, starting to clear it with a wet rag.

The moment you take a bite, the calm you've been feeling is disturbed by an explosion.
An explosion of taste in your mouth, that is.
If your tastebuds could scream with joy they would be causing a cacophony of sound, but since they can't the best they can do is draw a long 'mmmhhh~' from yout that you cannot hold back!


"I thought you were going to have a lie down, Volt?"
Flutter over to her and try to nick the rag.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh dear! I hope no one heard that. Look around to check '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


This country…
Alright, walk up to them then. Too much of this and I'll go deaf.


She has no chance against your swiftness and dexterity.
"H-Hey! I wasn't done with that!"
She pouts and tries to give you the puppy eyes.

A quick glance confirms that you weren't too loud, but the stallion behind the counter gives you a knowing smile.

They finish up the song just as you walk up.
Only one pony claps for them.
The one who sang steps closer to you as you do.
"Came for an autograph from the greatest band in Equestria and beyond?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'd be a terrible host if I let my guests clean up the house for me. Be a good pony and sit down and relax, would you? Just look at Corvette!"


"No. Are you KG or BJ?"


Smile back at him, and finish up my food slowly. Nice lemonade to wash this town with. Is any pony else sitting alone? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You both turn to look at her at the same time.
Corvette winks back.
Voltage then turns to you, tilting her head slightly.

They look at each other, then smirk.
"We have a fan, it seems!"
The one with the guitar scratches his head.
"Why is she squinting though?"

You make sure to enjoy every little crumb and droplet of food and drink.
A little filly at the table beside you. That table seems to be closest to the counter.
Her legs are hanging in the air, and she is swinging them back and forth under the table.
She smiles at you and waves when she sees you.


Trot over to her. "Well, hello little lady. Are you waiting on your mom?"


Usher her back to the couch.
"Just relax, Volt. It's Saturday eve!"


She giggles and shakes her head.
"No, I'm usually here all day! I live here!"

She pouts.
"I was relaxing but then you stopped me!"
Milky pours her a glass.
"Here, this should make you feel better!"


Give him a flat look.
"I came here swiftly like the northern wind on behalf of Pin Point and Open Cage."


"Are you seriously implying you like cleaning?"


Smile at her, I see.
"Oh, so you're the owner's daughter. I bet you must be really good at making sweets."


Milky nudges you with a wing.
"She totes does."

"Trippy! Say something like that again!"
"They are okay dudes, yeah!"
The black maned one, the singer, swings the guitar over his back.
"What do they want?"

She nods excitedly.
"I practice with mommy! I got my cutie mark already while baking!"


"They asked for favors."


"Well, to each their own I guess."
I snicker. What time is it?


There's a knock on the door, and without waiting you hear somepony open it.
"I'm here, I'm here!"

"Dude, we told them like a hundred times we don't do concerts for free. We have a fee of at least two pizzas and a few bits!"


Narrow my eyes… if that's even possible.
"I think they were talking about one package."


"Just in time as per usual."


"You did? That's fantastic! What's your name little one?"


It's possible, if a bit concerning to them.
Ooooooooh, duudeeeeeeeee, I just sold the last one an hour ago!"

"Yeah, yeah, I had a busy day, okay?"
He walks in, grabs a beer and pops a squat beside Corvette, who is still on her side.
"Hot damn, girl. You're going to make stallions mad tonight with that outfit."
"Hehe, that's the point~"

She smiles proudly, pulling herself up a bit on her seat.
"Sweet Rolls, mister!"


I smirk.
"Busy with what? Female admirers?"


I sigh.
"The spirit of luck has abandoned me."


"I was doing things, Skimmer."
He drinks from his beer.
"You know, stuff."

He puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Hey, hey, don't worry!
I will help them or my name wouldn't be Blackjack!"
"I don't think that's how the saying goes."
"Shut up."


"What a cute name, for a cute little girl." Smile at her.


I nod slowly.
"Riiiight. Stuff. It's good that you're here though, Corvette was really heartbroken about you not being here."


"I have little time, I am a courier and I need to do my job."


"What's your name, Mister?"

"Was she?"
He looks around.
"What about that chick you were talking about?"

"Chill, we've got this! Come on, let's go to the Wake and Bake!"
The other pony puts his guitar over his back as well.
"Finally, I'm starving!"


"Kelani Rush." Is there like a toy machine around here?


"What is this wake and bake? Washoku?"


"Uh… she hasn't shown up… I'm starting to fear she got stuck in Canterlot. She went there this morning, so maybe she didn't make it back in time."
I sigh.
"We should probably get going regardless…"


"It's a pizza place!"
They start walking away to a direction.

You look around, but no, only sweets of all kinds.
"Nice to meet you Mister!"
The stallion walks over.
"Sorry to interrupt, but Sweetie, your mother wants you to help her with the oven."
"Yaaaaaaay! Gottagomisterbye!"
She hops off and runs to the kitchen.
The stallion stays.
"I hope you enjoyed the food?"

He sucks on his teeth.
"Ooooh, did you get set up."
Corvette chimes in.
"We'll need to get her another date then!"


"Oh, yes. It was almost as good as what grandma made." Smile at him. "Cute kid."


"Let's not jump to any conclusions here!"


"What's this pizza you speak of? Is it like noodles?"


"Hey, we've all been there."
Voltage nods.
"Getting freshened up and then having your plans cancelled is the worst!"

He nods.
"We will work to improve it the next time then!"
He chuckles.
"She is, until you try to stop her from tasting everything she helps making!"

The one with the brown mane stops.
"Whoa, whoa whoa, wait, stop, hold on, you don't know what pizza is?"


"It's not like noodles?"


Chuckle a bit. "Well, with a taste tester as efficient as her you'll have the best bakery around."
"Say, what others places should I visit while I'm in town? I wouldn't want to miss anything."


"Bah, let's just get going."


"Pscht, noodles are trash compared to pizza!"
"It's like the best food ever invented!"

"Oh, the town has some nice tourist sites, like the windmill, the clock tower or our famous town hall!"

"I'm okay with that!"


"Hot Pursuit will be waiting on us otherwise, let's not make that happen."
So… to the bar then?


"A clock tower, and a windmill? Those sound great." Smile and the speak in a hushed tone. "You know, earlier I saw this gorgeous yellow and red mare, I was wondering if you've seen her before.."


"Chi Fu! You did not just insult our great noodles!"


It takes everyone a few minutes to finish their drinks and get ready, but you set out at a walking/fluttering pace, depending on preferences.
"So, where to first?"

He chuckles.
"You've got some nice eyes and good tastes for sure, I see. Don't let my wife hear that though!"
He glances back.
"I'm not sure who that lady is, but she drops by every now and then. If she was from Ponyville I would know though."

"I can insult food all I want if pizza is on the line!"
"Calm down, Glass!"


"Do not test my patience!"


"The Kahana, remember? They'll be there at 8!"


Nod, and blush a bit.
"Do you remember what she orders?"


They start walking again.
"Just you wait until we show you the wonders of the wonderful wonders of pizza."
"Aaaaaaaand this why I write the lyrics."

"Right, right."
"It's been a while since the last time we were there!"

"Hmm… a banana smoothie and two choco-rods, every time!"


"But what about the package? I need to finish my delivery."


"I'll take two choco-rods to go then." Smile at him as if grateful and pay a little extra.


"Which is a shame, I love the theme of that place."


Blackjack speaks.
"That's the best part, we'll get the package and pizza at the same time!"

"Yeah, well not all of us has a rich da-"
Orange is shut up by a quick elbow to the gut by Voltage.

He smiles back and gives you small brown package.
"Thank you for the purchase, I'm hoping to see you around!"


Time to leave. Meander around toward the windmill looking around at each pony. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Hey, don't get all up my jock Orange!"


"How kawaii."


"I'm just saying, shots are like twice as much as in the Violet!"

They share a confused look but then continue.
You soon arrive at a small restaurant smelling of grease.
Blackjack walks up to the counter.
"Hey, is Jojo in? Tell him that we want a big Al Capony, a big Spicerod-"
He lowers his voice.
"And a large Marley with extra crisp."
The other pony turns to you.
"What kind of pizza will you have?"

The stylish looking windmill is at the edge of a clearing and park.
Ponies are walking around, enjoying the day.
One pony, however, catches your eyes.
Despite the large hat and sunglasses, you can see that she is a yellow coated mare with red mane, sitting on one of the benches, reading something.


"I would like a pizza."


Go sit set to her and casually pull out a choco rod as if contemplating eating it.


"Maybe you'll drink a little less then!"


"No shit, but what kind? There are a lot of types!"

"How could you ask such a thing of me."
Milky rolls his eyes.
"I'll get some for you, you big baby."

She only lowers the papers she is holding at first, but pauses a bit when you get the sweet out.
You can't tell because of the shaded glasses, but you can guess she is looking at the food you're holding.


"Pizza with noodles?"


Flip it around in my hooves some more. "Oh, I shouldn't have eaten so much for lunch."


"Oh don't, I'll just buy him some drinks myself. It was my idea to come here after all."


He deadpans.
"Let's just get you one with pepperoni and mushrooms."

The mare beside you remains silent, and as if protestingly, turns around… but she fidgets just a bit.

"You guys shouldn't be spoiling him like this."
You soon arrive, the two palm trees bending over from both sides above the enterance, which has the famous 'eternal-fire' behind the sign.
As you enter you see that the place is packed but not nearly full.
You see Fresh Wind waving from a table that's large enough to fit all of you.




Walk over to the table and plop down on one of the seats.
"Hey there, Fresh."


Sigh and put the rod back in the bag. "Its too bad no one I know likes these things. I definitely can't eat them right now." look at her again.


The three of you sit down at the table.
"You have to wait for it before it's ready, but trust me, it's worth every second!"

She leans over to give you a hug, then hugs everypony else as well.
"Where's Pursuit?"
"He's at the bar, to get some drinks!"

She puts the papers away and clears her throat.
"I have a niece who likes those, I can take them off your hooves if you want to."


"I am eager to taste this pizza of yours."


"Awesome. This is going to be great, I can feel it in my bones."


"You do? That's quite lucky. Dose she live with you?" Smile at her.


Blackjack play with his hooves while Glass stars to pick at the strings of his guitar melodically while waiting.
Soon, the waiter arrives with three huge, flat plates, setting them in front of you, as well as slipping a plastic bag to BJ.
This so called 'pizza' is like a round bread, but the sides seem to be more baked than the middle. The middle seems to have some sauce and toppings on it, covered in cheese.
It does smell really nice.

Hot returns soon, with a wooden tray full of drinks.
"I saw you guys come in, so I guessed I'd get one for everyone!"
There is a soft murmur of people talking and laughing coming from the other tables. Two mares in grass skirts are shaking their hips slowly on the stage as an exotic looking stallion play a pedal guitar.

"No, sadly not, but I can pay her a visit in the afternoon."


"I'm sure she is adorable." Smile at her. "May I know the name of such a kind and thoughtful aunt?"


Take a swig, what am I drinking?


Prod it experimentally with a hoof, then have a taste to see how I like it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


She chuckles.
"Mineral, if you really wish to know. It's not very polite to skip introducing yourself though, is it?"

Some kind of shot from the wooden 'glasses'.
It's spicy, but leaves a good aftertaste.

It's so cheesy and weird and it tastes nothing like noodles at all!


"Oh, I'm so sorry Miss Mineral. I am Kelani." hoof her over the bag. "So, are you enjoying visiting Ponyville?"


"Ah… good stuff."


"This is not like washoku at all. Too much cheese."


She takes it with a nod and puts it down beside herself.
"You could say that, yes."

"I know right? You can't get that anywhere but here!"
"Didn't they raise the price of it recently?"
"That was because the spice they are making it is exported from overseas, and you know, a few ships get sunk and the price skyrockets."
"Whoa there, Milky, let's not get into politics!"

"There is no such thing as too much cheese!"
It's a bit disgusting how he said that while chewing food.


"A few ships sunk? What happened?"


"In our kitchen, cheese is rarely used. It mucks up the taste."


"C'mon, Skim, don't goad him into a rant!"
"The Trotantines got fed up with Equestrian supplies getting over to their side without problems and let their sea serpents loose on basically any ship they came across which is diplomatically unacceptable if you ask me, even if we're at war. Then they went ahead and claimed it was 'a rogue squadron that their goverment had nothing to do with'."

"You could order it without cheese, y'know."


"I prefer ramen or noodles."


"Well, ain't that a kick in the head."


"Oh, yeah, we eat that too!"
"At the end of the month when we can't afford proper food."

"To make matters worse, th-"
Corvette stuffs a hoof into Milky's mouth.
"SOOOOOOOOO, who has some nice topic?"


I smirk
"I've got one, the Wonderbolts!"


I cast him a glare.
"Baka, are you insulting our heritage?"


"I'm pretty sure I'm insulting your food."
"It's not an insult if it's true."

She smirks.
"Better! Come on, tell us something interesting!"
She pulls her hoof back, making Milky stick out his tongue with a 'bleh' sound.
Fresh snuggles closer to Pursuit, who chuckles.
"Just try not to get too excited like last time."


"Excited about the Wonderbolts? Me?"


"You gajins don't know your food."
Push the pizza away.
"I want that package."


"You almost cried when I got that signed picture for you for your last birthday."
The others snicker.

One of them makes motions at his head with his hoof.
"She's out of her mind."
Blackjack nods, and subtly slides you the tiny pack, contaning some sort of dried green flower.
"Tell them we'll deal with the money in person."


Tea leaves!
"Thank you."
Put it in my pouch and get up, bowing.
"Good day."


"H-Hey that's not true…"


"Don't forget to tell everypony how great we are!"

As soon as you leave you can finally breathe fresh air again!

"You're right, that's not true."
"Yeah, I think it wasn't an almost!"


I sigh and lean back a little.
"We all have our weaknesses."


Fly back to the house!


You get a pat on the back.
"Well, Orange cried over a toy."

The door seems to be wide open.


Uh… walk in.


"And then there's Voltage with her OCD…"


You walk in and find the two ponies crashing on a couch, staring intensely at a fish aquarium that is on the table across them.

"H-Hey! I just like to keep stuff nice and clean, that's all!"


I just snicker at her response.


"I return at last."


Pin angrily hushes you, then turns back to staring at the fish.

She blushes a bit.
A brown mare in a hula skirt walks up to your table.
"Can I get you anything? We have a deal on our special Mango and Desert Lime Cider! Limited time only!"


I smile at her.
"I think I'll take you up on that deal."


"I have your package."


They stare for a minute before one of them twitches his ear.
"Oh, right, cool, just in time!"
He stands up and walks over to you.
"So, uh, I guess if you give it to me I can sign that thing."

Most of the others agree as well, some of them ordering more shots as well.
As the waitress walks away you see orange checking his neck to get a good look.


"Yes. And pay me for this delivery too. Which comes first."


"Aaaanyway, back to the Wonderbolts…"


"You were going to tell us something interesting!"

"Oh, right…"
He taps every pocket of his bathrobe, then pats it again.
"Give me a sec."
He walks over to a desk and picks up a glass, pulling out the bits that were under it.
He hooves them over - they are a bit sticky from whatever alcohol was in that bottle.
"So, where is it?"


Enough bits to cover my lost time?
Present the package.


I smirk.
"I guess I may as well spill the beans to you guys. I've decided to apply to the Wonderbolt academy in the near future."


Just enough.
He takes it then tosses it over to his friend, then signs the slip of paper.

"Whoa, really!"
"Gosh, Skim, that's great!"
"You're shitting me, right?"


"I'm dead serious. I've driven up my training schedules to near maximum and once I have the right amount of money… I'll go for it."


"Thank you."
Put it in my pouch and leave this place. Back to the work place!


You fly back to your place of work as fast as your wing carries you!

Everyone is pretty stunned, even Milky, even though you did tell him once already.
"That's… a really huge overtaking, Cloud."



"I know. I've been toying with the idea for years, but now I'm absolutely sure. If I train hard, I'll be ready for it."


So, I have to turn this paper in now? It's been a while…


Curry & Felfire
The exhaustion of the last few days has finally caught up with you both. By the time you wake up, it is late morning into the next day.
You both get up on the beach, near the dry dock of the ship. You are both covered in makeshift bandages.
For Curry, some motions still hurt, but at least nothing is too serious.
The sound of a hammer hitting something repeatedly can be heard from the warehouse.
The doc is sitting nearby, with his back to you, looking at the ocean.

Yes, at the same desk where you got it and the package.

"You have my support, Skim."
"Mine too!"
"That's really fucking awesome."
"Let's get some drinks to that!"


"Thanks guys… and uh… don't spread this around, okay? I'd really appreciate it if you didn't tell anypony. I'm not entirely sure how my dad would react to this news."


Take deep breaths, wide eyed, trying to piece together what happened right before I fell unconscious…
Just stare at the ponies here with me, silently.


"You don't sound very happy." Scoot a little closer. "Did something happen?"


"Good day, Doc. How's the little one?"


"Oh, right."
"Don't worry, my lips are sealed!"
Corvette pokes you with a wing.
"C'mon Skim, what's the worst that could happen?"

First of all, this isn't the camp.
Second of all, there are no chains on you.
Third of all, you don't think any of the two are raiders.

She glances at you momentarily.
"Nothing that you should be concerned about."

You startle him a bit, and he fixes his glasses with his magic before turning around.
"Oh, you're awake. I was starting to get worried you lost too much blood."
He frowns a bit.
"She is okay."


"Have you met him?"


"Good. Good."
I'll close my eyes a moment.
"I know we lost Netsy. Did we lose any others?"


Make that very quick breaths then. And find a shade to hide under, in silence, listening to the others.


"No, really. If something is bothering a pretty mare like yourself, It is definitely something I'm concerned about." Give her a concerned look. "surely there is something I can do to put a smile on that face?"


"Yeah, briefly!"

He gulps and has trouble finding the words at first.
"Yes… Scurvy is… she's gone."

You scurry into the nearest withered bush you find, making it shake a bit as you do.

She chuckles, but you don't like the sound of it.
"I'm grateful for the offer, but I'm afraid you are out of your league here."


Stay silent.
I wish mr Seagull was here. He'd protect me.


You do see your bucket not far away, next to the door of the warehouse.


Sneak there!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well… believe me when I say he wouldn't approve at all."


"I tried to bring her back, Doc. I really did."
I'll let out a slightly pained sigh.
"But she gave up. Took her own life. She didn't… didn't trust me. Or herself."
Cough slightly.
"At least that bastard deer is dead."


Smirk. "I don't know… I'm told I'm leagues ahead of other stallions. If you're getting at what I think you're getting at."
'1d10' keep and eye on her reactions, is she feeling tense?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Halfway there you trip on a rock and land on your face with a soft thump.

"Most of the rest are too. Some of them fled, but… well, Splinterproof went back to the jungle during the night after getting you two back here and in the morning. She killed three more since then. That must be the last of them."

Orange shrugs.
"Who the fuck wouldn't approve if their son was a Wonderbolt?"

You can't read her at all. She seems to keep a pretty good poise.


Yelp and get back to my hooves, quick!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"He values tradition a lot, he wants me to stay in the weather department. And… maybe he wouldn't believe I could make it and see it as a waste of time."


"There's that, at least. How's the boat coming?"


"I see I've made you uncomfortable. And still failed to make that pretty face smile, I suppose I should admit defeat." gently pat her on the shoulder. "It was nice meeting you Mineral." and look very sad as I turn to leave, maybe a tear if I can manage it. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You are up again on your little hoofsies!
The bucket is so close now!

"Slowly but surely. Angler is working on it. With the metal we managed to grab from that place, we might be able to fix it up sooner than we thought."

"I guess he is blind then if he can't see how good of a flier you are then!"
Fresh facehooves subtly.


Tiptoe to it!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well… I can understand him wishing to keep the weather trade in the family. But he'll have to understand that upholding tradition isn't always possible as well. I'll break the news to him sometime… just not yet, okay?"


I'll nod.
"Am I good to move around yet? There's somewhere I need to go before we leave the island."


You put on quite an act.
Sadly, you can't really judge her reaction because of the sunglasses.
"Aww, you can have some choco-rolls to make you feel better."

"If you need tips, I can tell you how my parents reacted when I dropped out of college."
Meanwhile, the drinks arrive!

Victory! You are right next to the bucket now!
Seems there's even some fresh water in it!
Will you take a peek?

He nods.
"Just try not to do any fast or sudden moves or the bandages will fall off or you might open up a wound."


S-she's back?!
Look in there, quick!


I snicker and start nursing my drink.
"Yeah… I bet that wasn't pretty."


I'll get up on my hooves, and grab my trident. I can use it as a staff, at least. Then I'll head out of the room.


"Maybe just a walk, another chance to make a pretty mare smile, if you have the time?"


You peek inside quick.
In the water, you see the face of an opal filly with amber mane. Her eyes are burning with greenish black flames. She is giving you a wicked grin, showing sharp, bloody teeth… and on the top of her head, sits a pair of gnarled antlers.

You pick your trident up, but you weren't in a room. You were out in the open.
You have to admit, the gentle, warm sunshine and fresh air must have did you good.
You didn't notice how nice this beach is before.

She pulls her own drink close to herself.
"I don't think I've seen mom cry that hard before…"

She gets up from the seat, picking up the bag with her teeth and putting it in her saddlebags.
"I'm afraid I don't."


Jump back, flailing wildly with my forelegs, trying to kick the bucket away.

Roll #1 2 - 2 = 0


"Can I see you again Miss Mineral?"


How grand, indeed. The little one should be fine with the others, and I'll start to make my way towards the tree dome where I left the village.
Am I close enough to have heard Felfire's shriek of abject terror, or was she somewhere else?


"You're not being very encouraging."


She gives you the first honest smile you saw from her so far.
"I would rather not."

"Ooh, and my father, geez, that was a whole different story!"

You heard her allright.
It would have been very, very hard to miss.

For a moment, your body locks up, freezing in place.
The filly in the bucket moves her mouth, her words sounding distant and etheral.
There is no coming back for you. Once a slave, always a slave.
Once she starts laughing you can move again, and you start by kicking the bucket into the wall with so much force that it sends you sprawling on your back, accompanied by your loud, desperate scream.


Hobble over there.
'Little one, what is the matter?"


"Alright alright, let's switch topics shall we?"


Run away. With all my power, think of nothing else and run away.

Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5


Leave with a solem nod. "I hope your niece likes the snack.."
but then just go around the corner and disguise as somepony else '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


ruse? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You run headfirst into the legs of the unicorn.


"Little one, what's the matter?"


Look up at him, scared, crawling backwards, away from him.




I'll look a bit concerned.
"What's wrong? You look as if you've seen a ghost."


Try to calm myself down?

Roll #1 7 = 7


She raises her glass.
"Cheers, then!"
The others do so as well.
"To you, Skim!"
"To our very own Wonderbolt!"


As you go around the corner you, after a quick, expert make-over of your mane and such, you look like a completely different pony!
Just as you would go to track the mare however, an elderly pony from behind a newspaper stand steps out and blocks your way, grabbing one of your forehooves.
"Bout… Bout, what's the matter with you?"


You are shaken, but not stirred.
You can get out of a full panic.


Alright, let's go there then!


I smirk and raise my glass.
"Thanks guys, I knew I could count on your support."


Curl up a bit, watering eyes looking at him…
Then close them, look away, biting my teeth and putting my head under my hooves…


"It's alright. You can tell me what's wrong."


Look confused, try to slip away from him '1d10'. "What are you talking about sir?!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Whimper almost impercettibly, not changing my stance.


I'll sit down next to her, and pull her into a small hug.
"It's okay, you know. You're alive, we're alive, and you're free."


Shier slightly but don't try to break away.
Instead, start sobbing a bit.


"What do you mean? Buck is dead. He can't hurt you ever again. And neither can the other raiders."


Raise my head, and stare for a second at the bucket sitting away from us.


The mare behind the counter smiles at you.
"Oh, back already! May I have the note?"

Orange quickly downs his drink.
"Fuck being your wingpony this way though, that would be a disaster."

You manage to step back from him, but that seems to just agitate the old pony.
"What's the matter with you? Something wrong with your mind? Are you feeling punchy?"


I'll look at the bucket as well.
"You know, I'm going to be going out into the woods for a little bit. Would you like to come with me?"


"You're not bitching out on me, are you?"
Glance over to Corvette.


Give her the note.
"Those ponies… they spoke in strange tones and had strange scents."


"I think you have me mixed up with somepony else. I'm late for a meeting.." Damn it I don't have time for this, is that mare still here? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1




"What would be the point? I mean, if you can fly like that, my wings are nothing!"

She tilts her head and starts to scribble down something as you do.
"What do you mean?"

You cannot see her anymore. On top of that, he grabs your hoof again, more firmly this time.
"You've been late for years, haven't you?!"


I'll hunker down next to you.
"Now, this will be a bit easier if you climb aboard, since I don't want to force you to walk all the way where we're going."


Well, I guess I'm going along with this for now. Laugh a bit. "You know me always late for something."


Bite my lower lip and look at his back…
Well, I can't run anyway…

Climb aboard.


"They said 'dude' and 'wicked' a lot and smelled like some sort of foreign plant."


"Help you get back into shape? I wont be expecting you to pull a Flash Frost on me. Just… improve your physique."


"There we go. Now, hold on tight. I would be sad if you fell."
I'll rise to a standing position.


He doesn't find it amusing in the least.
"You owe for so many years. You owe for so many things."

She looks at the paper and chuckles.
"That explains their order… never mind that for now though. Was everything allright?"

He groans.
Fresh smiles.
"Oh, gosh, I almost forgot, I didn't even show it to you guys yet!"
She shows off one of her forehooves, bearing a golden bracelet. The sign of engagement until marriage.


"Oh, I'm sure it isn't that bad?"


Hold onto his neck.


"And here we go."
I'll start making my way towards the village, with Felfire riding on my back.


I whistle.
"Heeeey! Would you look at that!"


I nod.


All the while, keep holding on, head resting on the right side of his neck, looking at the ground as it runs past us.


He leans a bit closer.
"Isn't that bad?! What game are you playing here, Bout?!"

It's not as quick as you usually make this distance.
Felfire gets startled at the sight of Temple, but as Curry takes another turn it quickly becomes clear he isn't headed that way.
When you arrive, you see the remains of the natural barrier, which withdrew already.
The village seems intact, and there are no bodies anywhere in sight.
The villagers seem to be out in the open now.

She blushes a bit at the approval from everypony.
"This also means I want to invite all of you to our wedding, informally, but you'll get those fancy letters too!"

She smiles.
"Good! You were in time too. Are you ready to take another order or would you like a lunch break?"
You did eat some noodles…


…So this is the new place?


I'll stop a few feet from the edge of the plant barrier. I'm sure they've seen me.


Bout, maybe that's "my" name
"No games sir. Ready to get back to work." Look for a reflection if I can, what do I look like? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I chuckle.
"Man… I can't wait for that. I'll be counting the days, Fresh."


"I am ready for more."


You saw this place once, from the bushes, remember?

Okay, now they are getting back to hiding in their huts.

She takes out a large envelope.
"This package is very important to our client, do you understand?"

Hot pushes a shot over to you.
"I'll have something to talk to you about."
He grins.
"Totally not my stag night."

There is a small mirror on the side of the stand. You made your mane look shorter and combed back, while your jaw seems to be more chiseled.

"How will you make all those wrongs work out again, tell me?"


I guess I'll walk into the village. Head towards the chieftain's hut.


I do… And they were not that different from raiders.


I tense up.
"I will guard it with my life, otherwise I must sudoku."


There is one young colt standing outside his hut with a spear.
He blocks your way as you'd enter and speaks in a language you don't understand.

You did see many of these ponies in the camp though.
Usually being raped, dead, or in pieces.

She blinks.
"Yes, keep it close, but nothing that drastic. What I mean is that it is absolutely important that you get this to the right person, and not to some assistant or another courier. You must see it through."


Interesting. check out this stallion holding me, there is more to him it seems. '1d10'
"How do you suggest?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I understand."


"I bet."
I smirk and down the shot.


Lock eyes with the spear-pone.


"I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you're saying. Where is your leader?"


You are pretty sure he must think you are somepony else.
"Start by stop playing the fool."

She gives you the package and the note.
"It is for the CEO of one of the big companies in Los Pegasus. The adress is an office building, and you'll need directions inside, but do not just give it over to the menials. You need the signature of the boss."

You're starting to feel the kick of these drinks!

He motions at Felfire then at the hut, still speaking in his own language.


I'm not surprised.


"She is with me. Where I go, she goes."


I see. Droop my ears down and try not to cry.

Roll #1 8 = 8


fuck, how am I supposed to know what he wants me to do
"I just need to pick up some tools and then I can get to work.." try free my hoof and walk past him. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I nod and take the package and note.
"It will be done."


You manage to hold back every tear.
Or maybe you just ran out of them and the new ones are not quite ready.

He shakes his head and stomps his spear to the ground.

Corvette finishes another drink.
"Who wants to dance? I do!"

She smiles.
"Good luck!"

For how old he is, he sure has a pretty solid grasp.
"Lives are not something you can fix with tools, kid."


I'll hunker down a little.
"I'll be back shortly, little one. Wait here for me."


look more confused. "What?" I guess I'm stuck with him, so let him lead me where he's going to lead me.


I raise my forehooves.
"I'll light the dancefloor on fire!"


Look at him in despair for a split second…
Then close my eyes and nod, gritting my teeth.


"I'll return shortly. Trust me, nothing will happen to you."


Gulp down and… stand strong. Stare defiantly at the spear-pone.


"Great fortune depends on luck."
I bow and leave. Now… where's that address?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"How will you fix your mother's broken heart?
How will you fix your father's tainted pride?
How will you fix how you did dirt to a sweet decent girl who would have cut off a hoof for you?!"

He is getting louder as he speaks.

The pony moves the spear out of the way as Felfire is on the ground.

She hops out of her seat, and so does Pursuit, Fresh and Voltage.
"Come on then!"

The adress is on the note, but finding your way there will be a whole different matter.


"Now, may I enter?"


Surely there is a map of the city hanging around here somewhere?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Here's hoping I can still think straight enough…
"Are you gonna twerk it up, Corvette?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


He steps to the side, letting you enter.

There is one map for sale at one of the newspaper stands.

You can think as straight as you are.
So a bit fuzzy, but mostly okay.
You do feel the jive in you though. +2 to your eventual dance roll.
She shakes her rear.
"You'd love to see that, wouldn't you?"


Do I understand the pony, anyway?


And in I'll go.


"Maybe you mares should have a twerking contest. Pursuit and I will judge you fairly."
I snort.


I meant back at the building!
I guess I should buy one anyway, I got some bits earlier after all.
Put up a substitute of myself…

Roll #1 6 = 6


It's the language of the tribals. You only know things like 'Please' and 'Stop' in it, which you have heard a lot.

It is dark as usual.
You can see the shape of the pony, but he does not say anything.

"Nuh-uh, Pursuit should only judge my rear!"
"Hey, I've sworn loyalty, not blindness."

Corvette runs her wing along your back.
"Desperate for that date, huh?"

You do so. Not like Equestrians could ever tell the difference.


"How is the village recovering, Elder?"


I smirk and push her wing away.
"Don't flatter yourself, Corvette."


Trigger warning for racism next time!
Now… sleight of hoof nab one of those maps.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Look past the pone, at Curry as he leaves…
Then stare at spearpone.
Mouth the word "hi".


"A day counts for nothing."

"I didn't mean me, I'm looking for a real stallion."
She smirks back.

They only see a foreign pony looking at the newspapers. By the time they realize you may or may not have stolen a map, you'll be long gone.

He stares down at you, saying something back.
Sounds scary.


WWhimper and take a step back.


"True enough. But at least you won't have to worry about the raiders. They're dead."


"I always thought you and Orange would make for a cute couple."


You do so.
And as you do, you hear a quiet whisper, coming from somewhere.
It's not in the language of these tribals.

"Most of them are. The rest we can kill now if they show their faces here."

Orange finishes off another beer.
"Who says we haven't tried for a short peroid?"
Corvette looks surprised, and gives him a glare.


… I know that was bad of me, but I need those bits.
Inspect my map.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Turn suddenly towards it.


"Ooookay, I'll be on the dancefloor then!"
Let's hurry over and shake those wings!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


I'll nod.
"In the future, I might send some ponies here to try and cleanse that temple. Doing it by myself is impossible at this point."


You don't see anyone.
The whispering is still there… like it's coming from nearby.
Calling to you.

You lay down some serious moves. You get a few hollers and whistles from strangers too!
Voltage soon joins you, and you can see Pursuit dancing with Fresh.
Corvette shows up as well, and you can see that the look of many stallions divert to her when she does.
Milky and Orange remain at the table, drinking and chatting.

You inspect it so well that you won't even need it after this.
You know the whole of Los Pegasus and it's streets now.
I guess chinks do learn fucking fast.

"No need. Those ponies would just take the place of the fallen."


Find it!

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's nice to let those joints flap around aimlessly after a week of flying!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"That seems odd. Are you certain they would? I mean, the Celestial church are a bunch of jerks, but they're hardly easy to influence."


[Trigger warning: Racism]
Find the place to be then.


You find it.
It is coming from a nearby pile of used, bloody weapons.
They all look sharp… but the whispering seems to be coming from the bottom of it.

And how!
Hooves, wings, body, neck, head, mane, tail, all of these you move in a way that only makes you feel more alive than anything else could, but you're pretty sure that if this was a contest you'd totally win it.

"Just leave it be."

After a good thirty minutes of travel you find it. It's a large office complex.
The side of it seems to be almost entirely made out of glass!


Alright… I need a breather. Go back to the table and sit down.


"Well enough, then. I just wanted to check on you all."


Ah yes, the crystal palace.
Look for the entrance.


Rattle my teeth, gulp down and… Approach the weapons.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"-ompany can basically do anything they want, legally, with this loophole."
Looks like Milky is in the middle of a rant to Orange.

Roll. It's all glass!

"We are fine. We will stop surviving and start living."

A sword pokes your hoof painfully as you do.


"That's great. And we'll likely be shipping out, as soon as that boat's repaired."


Sit back and have a drink.
"You ranting about your politics again, son?"


I am one with the glass.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Suckle on it and just look at where the sound comes from.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Good. Leave this place and never return. Take the demonspawn with you."

Orange gives you a desperate look.
"You've gotta' help me man, it's like he doesn't even need to breathe to talk!"

Of course you are.
It's almost as if you are a cheery, naive, somewhat dumb crystal pony.
One who is squinting a lot.
You find the enterance with ease.

It is coming from the bottom of the pile still.
As you take a better look at your hoof, you see it wasn't just a single poke, the blade cut into your flesh.
You are bleeding a bit.


"Who do you mean?"


I lean in on Orange and whisper.
"Run. I'll hold him back. Don't look back."


Enter. Who am I looking for again? Read the note.
Also, check the room for hidden glass walls.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Shrug. Move the blades away using the one blade That fell.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"The one who bears the curse."

He clears his throat.
"Gonna' get myself another beer!"
He makes a beeline for the bar.

You are too busy reading the note to notice the doors are glass as well.
You walk face-first into it with a loud thump.
You make an oriental-pony-face shaped smudge on it as your face slides down on it.

No, you don't understand.
That hoof really hurts.
Like really fucking hurts and bleeds.
You are starting to have troubles moving it


I'll raise an eyebrow in confusion.
"What curse?"


Wince and look back, at the spear pone.
Puppy eyes.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Rub my face and carefully enter this time. Name?

Roll #1 4 = 4


I let out a long sigh and relax again.
"How's life going, Milky?"


"The one you have brought here."

He turns away from you….
O-Oh… well you…
Wait, a small container just rolled over to you.
The colt is avoiding your gaze though.

The name is pain as you walk into the other glass door.

"I don't know, you tell me!"


"The child? She's no more cursed than either of us."


…smile a bit and open it.


Stay zen…
I'll have my revenge later, glass door.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"What? I'm asking you!"


It's full of dried up herbs.

"Is she not?"

As soon as you manage to open it.
For now, you only leave the third smudge on it.
You pretty sure that's laughter you hear from some passerby.

"I'm as okay as I'll ever be. You know I have a boring life apart from you guys."


Try to rub a few leaves on the wound.

Roll #1 2 = 2


How can this be so hard!?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Why would she be? She was as much a victim as any of you."


"Ow come on, how's work at least?"


But the bleeding stops and the wound closes, somewhat.

Maybe you're just dumb.
The security guard inside finally has enough and opens it for you.

"The last time she was near, I felt it. She bears the presence of the Temple on her."

"Bores me to death. I'm starting to think I should have majored in criminal law instead. At least then there wouldn't be the same case with different names over and over again."


"Oh. Well, that can be taken care of, easily. Even if the temple itself can't be cleansed, it should be a simple matter to drive its influence from her."


"Damn… That's rough. Ever think about picking up some hobbies… or a mare?"


Whimper a bit and hold my hoof close until it gets better.
Then, look at the colt.


Slink inside.


He blushes, and quickly drinks.
"I'm not sure I have the time for either."

The laughter from the streets slowly die as he closes the door behind you.
You see a janitor sigh and start cleaning it.

He ignores you.

"You underestimate the power of that place. What it does to people. What it can make people do."


Go back to the swords.
Make them fall from the top!

Roll #1 5 = 5


D-Dammit… I bring great shame to myself today…
Read the note at last.


"We'll see. Now, I've left her alone quite long enough. I will take my leave, Elder. And you have my wishes for your growth."


"Come oooon, you got to make time!"


You clear away most of the weapons.
You recognize a few, they belonged to the raiders.

It is for a pony called Flower Pot, who is supposedly the boss of this place.

He leans forward from the shadow, grabbing your hoof, looking into your eyes with his own, grey, blind ones.
"Get rid of her while you can."

"I have a hobby, flying with my friends, and meeting with them, that's good enough for me!"


But… Is the whisper still there?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Strange foreign gajin names…
Go to the reception.
"I have a package for Flower Pot."


"And what about a nice mare? Somepony to warm you up at night?"


"I can't abandon her after everything she's been through, Elder. She needs something good to happen in her life."
I'll gently remove his hoof from my leg.
"Even if she is touched by the temple, that will just be something we have to get out of her."


And it is louder.
More impatient.

"Please wait, Miss!"
She takes out a notebook, and quickly checks it.
"Do you have an appointment?"

He looks uncomfortable.
"I don't know about that…"

She is His legacy, and it will come back to haunt you."


"P-please… I'm almost there!"
Swat the rest aside with one of the weapons already out.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Then I shall simply have to prepare for that."


"Perhaps, I am a courier."


He doesn't say anything.
Just looks at you with a sad expression.
Almost pleading.

You clear the way to the bottom.
The whispers were coming from the ancient dagger that is there.
The dagger of Buck

"What is your name, Miss?"


"Well, it's up to you to make your future at the end of the day, pal."


"I can't really get boggled down with things like that… I'm just happy to hang out with you."


Widen my eyes as the wind is knocked out of me.
Is it really…
Calling me?
"What- what do you want?"


"高山流水, but you may call me Iga."


"I can't just leave her to her fate now. Not so soon after she's finally gotten her freedom. I promised her I'd get her off the island, as well."
I'll shake my head.
"Fare well, Elder. I will take your warnings in consideration, but I have faith that she can overcome the poison that was left in her."


"You'll change your mind eventually, I'm sure. Although I get wanting to be alone as well, there's less responsibilities to worry about that way."


yOu mUsT taKe uS

She checks her notes.
"I'm sorry Miss Iga, you don't seem to have an appointment. I can give you one, would next Thursday be good for you?"

"Leave and never return."
Those are his last words to you.

"Hey, it's not like I like being alone… bah, it's complicated. Nevermind."




Resist control?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You're sending mixed signals here… come on, tell me what's bugging you."


"No! This package is urgent. It was ordered and to be delivered to Flower Pot personally."


And I do so. Is Felfire outside the tent?

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