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Your Destiny is in the making.

Cloud Skimmer
You had a friend over, Corvette, to your house. She only shrugs at your question.
"Work is never easy, but who doesn't like a challenge?"

Curry and Felfire
The two of you just went back to the others. The Doc is speaking with Scurvy in private, Angler is making… something, Splinterproof is on watch, and it seems Netsy is regaining consciousness.


Lone Mesa
You wake up to the distant crowing of a rooster and the light shining in through one of the windows, painting the room in a yellow light.
It's been a calm few week with not much to do, but with Appleloosa you can never know.

It's time to start your day.


Glad to see Netsy's getting back together.
"Little one, would you like to speak with Netsy? She might like to know you're safe."


Time to get back to work.
Take a gulp of whisky from the bottle next to my bed '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Few pegasi don't. We need to uphold the image of all pegasi in the eyes of the groundwalkers after all."


It tastes like it always does.
But it does help you get out of your bed more easily.

She let's out a laugh.
"We are sure showing them how great life is up here when they can't even see this high!"


"I feel sorry for them sometimes. Must be awful to never see the best parts of the world without som kind of transportation."


Get up, get me some breakfast and give some food to the dog too.
Look out, anything going on? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Move around my mouth soundlessly.



"Is that a yes, or a no?"


She plays around with her beer.
"I don't know, remember when I told you that for them, flying is magic?
For us, magic is magic, isn't it?"

You managed to wake up real early this morning, your food tastes great, and Rocky is as happy to see you as ever.
The two of you eat your breakfast on the porch. You see nothing out of the ordinary.


Shake my head violently and stand a bit closer to him.




Where do I usually get my assignments?


"No it is, then. I'll handle the talking, and then we can let her rest a while longer."


Gulp down and look at the ground.


"And you never thought about moving objects with your mind and stuff?"

You just go into town and ask about on lazy days like this. When something big happens, they look for you.
For now, your best bet is to just visit one of the Saloons. Totally not for the whiskey.


"It's alright."
And we'll head over to Netsy. Is she lucid?


She looks awake, but she's squinting her eyes closed, like she was trying to go back to sleep.
Or to wake up from a dream.


One of those days.
Go to the saloons.
Don't look at any of the customers as usual, just sit down and order a drink.
"Anything happening, [name of barkeep]?"


"Well… there are some things I could imagine doing with that kind of ability…"


"Netsy? Are you feeling better?"


She rests her cheek on a hoof.
"Like what?"

The bartender of your favourite bar is called Jaron.
Mildly oversized bartender, always wears that filthy apron of his.
He greets you with a big smile and pours you a shot of whiskey.
"Heeey, goooood morning Number Seven. You know there are always things happening here!"
You don't need to look at anyone to know they must be staring as you entered.

She groans, and opens her eyes.
Just eye.
"…Goddesses I'm fucked up, aren't I?"


Take the shot. '1d10'
"Anything suspicious?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Fetching a drink whithout getting up, moving clouds from far away, moving the sun around…"


"See, exactly! Don't tell me you wouldn't try it!"

It's like the very nectar of gods.
This isn't your favourite saloon for no reason.
He leans closer, scratching his chin as he speaks in his deep, rumbling voice.
"I did hear some rumors about a young feller causing some troubles, but I don't know much of the details myself."


I nod.
"The princesses are really lucky, yeah…"


Look at her a bit scared.
She looks so much like a raider…


"Did he climb a tree or something?"


Especially with that big scary scar on her damaged eye… spooky.

"Yeah… especially those pretty wings."

"Oh, no, no, this feller is causin' a ruckus by being some tough guy I hear. Spooked most folk around into bein' quiet about him."


"I see. I might give him a little visit then. Where's this feller?"


"Don't worry Corvette, your wings are very pretty too."


I… The one who did that to her. I remember her…


"A fair bit, but you're still mostly in one piece. That doc is a practically a miracle worker."


She flares them to her full wingspan, slightly nudging your side in the process.
"Of course they are."

"Heard he uses a small cave due south. If you're allot upon cathing him, you might want to speak with the folks owning the farms down there, see if they know something more."

Roll not to be spooked by the memory.

She sits up, then hisses, before glancing at her wings.
She doesn't say anything, just stare.
Looks like the doc had some old bandages he found in the town's clinic, but even through those you can see the base of her wing is a mess.


I'm scared!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"My wings are pretty too, right? … Right?"


"That be a mighty fine idea."
I put my head back on and leave.
Time to go to one of the farmers.
Ask around '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"It'll take time, and rest, before you're anywhere near ready to move, Netsy. With luck, I might find some herbs or plants that can be used to speed up the healing while I'm out."


Scared, but safe! The unicorn is right beside you!

She eyes them up.
"They're not bad. One night I'll sneak into your room, pluck some of those feathers and put them in my wings. I bet I'll be faster than you then!"

She looks back at you, then hangs her head.
"I'm sorry…"

You hear the sound of wooden shutters closing at the first two farm you get near to.
Nopony in sight.


So what did I remember?


"Still thinking about that, are you?"


"No need to be sorry, these fiends seem to have a way of sneaking up on ponies. At least you're alive, and capable of healing."


I walk to one of the farms with closed doors and knock.
"Ranger, I would like to ask some questions."


That she has a blind spot - she never looks above herself.
She thinks she is the top aerial predator of the island.

"No… It was just a thought."

"She was just… so fast! By the time I realized what was happening… Some lookout I am, huh?"
She lets out a tired, bitter chuckle.
"A half blind one."

You hear some murmurs from inside for a minute or so, before an old donkey in a rugged hat and dirty beard opens the door just enough so that you can see the faces of each other.
"What is it?"


I chuckle.
"Just checking."


"Have you heard of some feller cauing trouble around here? Lives in a cave."


"Well, there are clerics that should be able to grow it back, once we get back to Equestria. Besides, I think you could make an eyepatch look good."


"You wouldn't be laughing if I actually won, would you?"

She looks up at you again with a serious expression.
You think you see the hint of a smile in the corner of her mouth.

"That pony buck? Keepin' folks around these parts afeared, stealing crops? Sure have."


"Well yes, unless I saw or heard something funny."


I'll chuckle a little.
"Now we'd just need to find you a parrot, an absurdly large hat, and a fancy coat. Then you'd fit it perfectly. But first, you should rest. I'm sure Scurvy will be happy to know that you're recovering."


"He has? Does he have a name? And friend?"




"Like how Orange did today?"

"Thanks… I thi-"
"Something's approaching!"
That's Splinterproof!

"Bangtail was mentioned. He ain't alone, has a gun to accompany him. That's why we didn't want to try and stop him, our lives are worth more than some crops. Heard him shout he'd burn our houses if we told the Sherrif though."


"Hey, don't make fun of him! That's very rude."


"Little one, you stay down here with the others. I'll be right back."
And I'll head up to Splinterproof's crow's nest.


I nod.
"You've never seen me."
I walk away.
Stealth '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"I know, I know… but seriously! I don't remember the last time any of us did so poorly."

All of the crew is looking towards the jungle, the captain with her crossbow raised.
You can see a green shape, it's almost like a ghost, something ethereal… something with antlers, and it's coming your way in a slow, confident pace.

He quickly shuts the door as soon as you say those words.
Sadly, you are out in the open, with nowhere much to hide but walking beside the fences. Head south, or keep asking about?


Maybe another farm can give more details.
Walk to another farm


Keep shadowing him and mumble something.


Like shit it is. Head down, bring the shiv and nailbat.
Before I get out the door, though.
"What was that, little one?"


"I don't think we can be friends anymore now that you said that, Corvette."
Shake my head.
"You know Orange, he probably drank too much before the race. It's all for fun anyway."


Speak in a low, subdued voice.
"The… She… Doesn't look above…"


"She? Who do you mean? One of them?"


"The one…"
Motion with my hoof around the eye the mare was missing.
"The one who did that…"


You see a mare washing some clothes in front of a porch and hanging them to dry.
She hasn't seen you yet.

"I didn't mock him, I was expressing my concern! It's not healthy, what he is doing!"

As the green apparation gets closer, Splinterproof fires his crossbow, but the bolt passes right through it.
"What the…"


"A fine hello to you, miss."


She let's out a yelp as she faces you, then a shriek as she sees your clothing.
"Sorry sir, I… sorry, a-a good day to you Mr. Ranger! Can I help you with anything?"
She seems nervous.


I'll nod.
"I see. I'll keep that in mind."
Matter of fact…
I'll head over to the Doc, Angler, and the others.
"Heads up, that nutty pegasus with the wing knives doesn't look up. That's how we'll get her."
Then, to Felfire:
"Little one, I need you to stay in here where it's safe, okay? You've still got my pendant, so you know I'll come back."


"Just a moment of your time.
I heard there was some feller named Bangtail lurking around…"


Shake my head while trying to look at him.


"I was just kidding Corvette. You're right, he was slow as heck today. If you're that worried… maybe it's best to talk to him about his health."


"Are you sure? I'm going to go where it's scary, and dangerous."


The others look at each other and nod.
When you hear his voice, you feel compelled to look at him. He is still closing the distance, so it sounds like he is half yelling.
"I believe you have something that belongs to me!"


"Like Tartarus I do!"


Open my mouth in vain once more a-


"Little one, calm down and stay here. I'll be back in just a moment."
Head to the doorway.


She puts down the shirt she was holding back in the basket and nods.
"I-I've heard of him, supposedly a mean one, a real bad egg. Showed his face here earlier, but I think my husband managed to send him running last time. H-He's out in the fields now, working."

"We probably should.
Soda intervention?"
She let's out a long laugh.

The voice of Buck.
Slightly distorted, like when he is doing that out-of-body thing he does…
You are drawn to his voice like a moth to light.

It is closer now, giving a cheeky nod as it passes Splinterproof, who just grows more annoyed as another bolt harmlessly passes through it.
Then it looks at you.
"I don't want to talk to you. Don't waste my time."


Yep. Guess I have to obey then.
Start moving towards the door.


"Can I talk to him?"


"Too bad. You aren't taking anything from us."
Block her progress with a leg.
"And you aren't harming this child any more than you already have."


Wait, scratch that.
"Could you show me where he is"


"Could be more subtle about it… like asking him to train with us."


She gulps.
"H-He told me to do my chores… he must be out in the fields, I'm sure a Ranger like you can find him no problem!"

Your way is blocked.
You could try to squirm past the leg…

"I'm going to talk to her now, or I won't go as easy on you and your mates as I did so far.
Sounds like a real deal, eh?"


She gives you a look.


I… Have to!

Roll #1 1 = 1


And your best bet is to break down crying against his leg.
That will convince him, right?


I… Don't know! I don't know I don't know I don't know!
Keep bawling.


I smirk.


"Sure does. I've a better one, though. You leave us, and the child, alone. In return, I don't make you suffer. That's a kindness you haven't shown your victims."
I'll glare at the projection.
"Besides, you will be talking to me, and no other."
My eyes will dart to Felfire for a short moment.


I say a bit more quietly.
"Miss, if you are in some kind of trouble but can't tell me, just give me a small nod."
Say louder.
"So where is he exactly? Can you point the direction?"


"See? He missed me so much he is just overjoyed that I'm here again!"
He then looks at you and chuckles.
"Ooooh, temper little unicorn. You don't know what suffering is until I've shown you."

"I didn't say yes yet… only if I'll have the time."

Her lips quiver a bit as she nod, and she points a shaky hoof towards an apple orchard.
She half whispers.
"M-My husband was already gone when he c-came and he told me he was hungry so I either pretend I know nothing or he'd… he'd…"


"Just stay calm and play along. I'll return."
"Thanks, Miss. Maybe somepony else will have heard something. Good day."


"But without you… what reason will Orange have to train as well? If you're there too, it'll be easier to convince him!"


I'll frown at him.
"Your last messenger harmed her, and what I did to him didn't quite fully pay him back."
Grit my teeth slightly.
"And you've yet to experience suffering until you have earned the wrath of Lunite."


She nods at you again and goes back to her basket of clothes.

She snorts.
"…Fine. We can do it.
You better work your attitude while we'll be at it though! We already know you fly better than us, so if you'll rub it in, we'll sure as heck will rub your face in rainclouds!"

The apparation lets out a laugh.
"There is only one God here, and that's me. You better learn that fast."
His tone gets more grave.
"Now, Felfire. Show yourself before you make me angry."


I snicker.
"If you can catch me first. See it as a incentive to train harder."


I'll glower at him.
But let Felfire poke her head out. Don't let her pass, but let her be visible.


Stare at Buck with desperate, begging eyes.


I trot away. Out of sight.
And go stealthy '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You can't make out much of the facial features, but he leans his antlered head down to be closer to you.
"Felfire, my dear one. Why would you leave me?
Didn't I give you everything?"

"We're going to regret this, won't we…"
Despite her tone, you can see she is smiling.

You manage to hide yourself from most angles you could be caught from.
Where to?


I'll growl at him a little.
"You also crippled her wings, and make her wear a damned collar."


Look at the house, any windows or places where I can sneak in? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shout desperately, still in tears.


"Don't worry, I'll be there to catch you if you fall."


There is an open window, possibly opposite of the kitchen.

"Pscht, like I'd ever fall.
Or fly into cloud pillars."
She gives you a smug look.
There was this one time you were checking some fine butt out while flying beside her and flew into one…

He looks at you for a moment, but doesn't say anything.

"I trust the pegasus served as a friendly reminder of the damage you do when you disobey me."


I wince.
"That was… uh… the sun was in my eyes!"


"The pegasus being attacked wasn't her fault. Your raiders would have attacked anyway."


Keep trying to wrestle free of the leg.
I'm sorry! I was coming back!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Sneak inside. What's it look like?


"Little one, this was not your fault."


"The sun was behind us, Skim."
She seems like she is trying to hold back a giggle.

You manage to get free of him, and don't stop until you are right in front of the green ghost.
He sounds annoyed now.
"You better. And teach your mate what happens to ponies who speak when not asked. You do remember, don't you?"

You climb in the window.
Looks like a guest room the bed is made but hasn't been used for a while. The floor is dusty and there are a lot of furniture and boxes here that don't belong… seems like they use this room for storage more than anything. The door of the room is closed.


"Uh… there was a reflection of the sun in my eyes?"


Press my ear against the door.
Do I hear anything?


Nod furiously, tears in my eyes.



Roll #1 9 = 9


Walk up to Felfire, glaring at the apparition.
"You'll not find me as easy to kill as a helpless village filly, Buck."


"Oh I bet. With all the glass Cloudsdale has, we rival Manehatten!"

"As if you could forget."

You hear a laugh.
"Where are your manners, you know my name but didn't even say your's yet?"

You hear the sound of a spoon scraping against a metal plate.
Coming from a few meters down, most likely the kitchen. If you had to guess, there is a corridor between the rooms, the stairs facing the main door, and the kitchen to the right as you enter. Most farms really look the same.


"Yup. Definitely all the glass."


"Manners are for civilized folk, not monsters who delight in the suffering of those around them."


Quietly open the door and check my target '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You really have some gryphon eyes on you then. Are you sure you are not half that half pegasus? Would explain a lot of things."

"We're not all savages here, are we?
Out of the two of you, I know who knows when to behave when an authority says so.
Isn't that right, Felfire?"

The door opens with a horrible creak.
Looks like it hasn't been tended for a while, much like the room itself.
You hear the spoon hit the ground and the sound of a wooden chair scraping against the floor, as well as the voice of a young buck.
"Ah heard that! Whoever that is, stay put! Ah have a gun!"
You are no longer in stealth.


Stealth again '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"You're a cheeky little mare, Corvette."


Mutter a chocked "Yes." and stare at the ground at Buck's hooves.


She sticks out her tongue at you.
"Am I?~"

You try to circle around and get to the kitchen from the back room, but you find the buck with a rifle aimed right at you there. How did he know?
You don't have any of your weapons out, so be careful what you do now.
Roll for perception.
"Ah told you to stay put!"

"Good girl. I'll have much more to teach you once you come back, especially after this vacation you took."


Lower my voice even further and start shaking.
"p-please… No…"


Perception '1d10'
"Bangtail I presume?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's very uncouth."


The hoof he is aiming with is shaking just slighty, and there's sweat on his brows.
"Who's askin'?!"

"What was that?!"


She sticks her tongue out at you again.


Fall to the ground, still shaking.


"Do I need to tell your parents about your behavior, miss Corvette?"


"I'm here to place you under arrest. You can either surrender and come quietly or I'll have to take you by force."


Stand between Felfire and the thing.
"That's quite enough, Buck. You will not darken this place any longer. Begone."


She looks shocked.
"You wouldn't!"

He tries to sound confident.
"You're not arrestin' me! I'm dangerous, ya' know! You can't take on me!"

It takes a step back, and looks at Curry.
"Let me just tell you this then… for every twelve hours Felfire isn't back where she belongs, I will kill a tribal. That should be a good incentive, right? I hope to see you soon."
You hear laughter again, then the etheral apparation slowly disperses into air.
Most of the others are silent.
Netsy is shaking.
Scurvy is crying.


He… Is he gone? Just like that?
"N-no! I have to go back!"
Run for him!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You're shaking, you're sweating. You've never actually fought before, did you? Have you ever even held a gun?"


"As your personal flight coach, I feel like it is my duty to do so."


"Little one! No. This isn't the way."
Catch up to her and stand in front of her, blocking the way. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Curry manages to stop Felfire before she can get farther away this time.

"Well then I will tell on you too! That you have been rude to your friends as well! And harassed me!"

He holds it closer to himself.
"Ah did! Ah, Ah killed ponies before, five o' them! Ah could kill you!"


Fall to the ground in front of him, a terrorized expression on my face, crying in fear.


"I'll have you know that my dad thinks highly of me."


"If you were going to kill me, you would have done so already, so put the gun down."


"Little one, we are going to make him regret everything he has done, for he has made a grave error. He gave me time."
My expression will soften a little.
"Little one, we aren't going to let anyone die. And we're not going to just hoof you back to Buck. You will remain free, I swear to the Moon herself. But for now, I need you to stay with the crew until I come back. Can you do that for me? I will only be gone for a few hours at most, and then we can get started on making Buck sorry he was ever born."


"I'd hate to ruin your image for him then, but you leave me no choice!"

He takes a few steps back, bumping into the chair with his flank, gun still pointed at you.
"Ya' think I'm kidding! Stay put, let me go and ah can let you live!"


"He'll never believe you! I'm an upstanding, kind gentlestallion!"


Bite my lower lip so hard I draw blood, but silently nod.


"You are a good filly, Little one. Keep my pendant safe, and I'll return to you no matter where you are."
Once Felfire is safely with the others, I'll start heading towards the tribal village.


Stay with the others, still shaking.
Curl up in a little ball.


"Who wouldn't believe such a charming, honest mare as I am?"

You need a blanket…




Roll #1 1 = 1


I… Look around. Is there one?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Take a step forward.
"We both know that isn't going to happen."


"You're too soft on yourself."
Get up.
"Now I don't know about you… but I should make sure I get enough rest for tomorrow. Especially after that race."


There is, just a few steps away.
The one you brought with you.

He gulps and cocks the gun.
"Ah'm not kiddin…."

She stretches her legs and wings, then flops down on the couch.
"Can I crash here for the night? It's sort of late and I'm too lazy to go home now. If you leave before I wake up I'll close the door and everything!"

It takes you quite some time, but you are getting near you think.
Hey, you can even see that older pegasus tribal that asked you about his daughter!
He has a spear on him, and it seems like he has spotted you too.


Crawl to it, sobbing.
Reach for it and hug it tight, finally breaking in a full blown cry.


Great. Though if it's been this long already, I doubt Buck's been too slow on sending his raiders here.
"I need to speak with your elder!"


I snicker slightly.
"If you want to share my bed, you could just say it outright Corvette."


Take the gun from him quickly '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


It's good to let it out finally…
You cuddle up with it for some comfort.

His eyes are red and puffy…
Without a word, he lunges at you, stabbing with the spear.
Roll to dodge.

"Oh, so you'll take the couch? Even better!"

With a quick motion, you step to the side and knock it out of his hooves. It's not hard to do so.
He falls on his ass and tries to crawl backwards.
"Please don't kill me!"


Throw it around me. In here, I'm invisible.
In here, he will never know that actually…
"I don't want to go back!"


"Hey! Don't you take advantage of me!"


I can guess what he's mad, sad, or otherwise emotional about. I'll take the hit, but try not to get too wounded. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Point the gun at him.
"Lay still on the ground. Don't move another muscle."
Sit down on a chair and look at him.
"Now let's play a game. I ask a question, and you answer me truthfully."


It's odd, but… you feel better just from saying that to yourself.
A bit calmer.

"I'm sure an upstanding gentlestallion would let a damsel in distress use his bed, right?"

Well, the spear is sharper than it looks allright, as you get to know it personally when it says hello to your chest.
He says something angrily in a tongue you do not understand.

Curry 1/5

He is still shaking, looking around franatically.


"Ah what the heck, it's all cloud anyway. Go ahead. Don't mind the stains."


"What are you looking for?"



He looks you in the eye, his tone a bit more spiteful now.


"Yeah, don't worry about those."
Try to keep a straight face.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh, you don't want to lie to me. Let's start over, what's your name?"


You keep it straight until you realize that there might be some actual stains on your bed.
She gives you a slightly worried look.
"I'll juuuuuuust stick with the couch then."

He spits out the word like it hurt him to talk to you.


Okay. Now… Poke my head out.


I shrug.
"Your loss. Nighty night, Corvette. If you need anything, help yourself."
I'll need to clean those off! Head to my room. Time for some sleepzzzZZZzzzZZZ…

Roll #1 8 = 8


"So you're the one who has everyone running scared? I find that hard to believe."


"The folks here are all beef-headed, just like you are! They ain't hard to scare!"

You are still in the same place where you were when you got in the blanket. It seems like it possesses some magical properties…

You are pretty tired at this point, and manage to fall asleep pretty quick.



Rolling for dreams about various types of butts.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Where was I?


Lower the gun in the direction of his junk.
"Let's say I believe you, what were you doing here?"


Ow. Grimacing, I'll push through the pain a little.
"I'm… sorry about your daughter. I was too late to help her."


You dream of smelly dumpsters instead.

Well, that's almost the same, right?

Near the enterance of the dry dock.


He draws the spear back, and goes for another stab.
Roll if you want to dodge.
"She killed her! That filly you brought! And now she'll kill all of us!"


Not really…
Oh well. Morning routine time. Is Corvette still snoring away?


Yup, on the couch. Looks like she raided your fridge for some snacks sometime during the night, then found a fuzzy blanket you didn't know you still had. She is tucked in and sleeps with a smile on her face.


"Where are your friends?"


I'll leave her to her dreams. Get some food, do some exercises for my wings, shower, etc. etc.


Roll for the outcome.

"Ah ain't got none!"


I'm going to accidentally wake her up, am I?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Fuck this. Tie him up. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Is… Is buck gone?


"You're wrong! The filly was in chains, and from what I saw the blood was on that deer's hooves. He's manipulating you!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


You quickly grab some rope that was in his saddlebags and tie his hooves together.
"Y'all going to regret this!"

He is.
At least you can't see him.

"They took somepony today! Say it was because filly!"
This time you manage to step to the side before he can land the hit.
Turns out he is not that great with weapons. He attacks again nevertheless.

Once you made all your food, you stumble and drop the plate from a cramp in your wings. You spill your food, have no time to make breakfast again, make a terrible mess and ruckus, from what you hear her groaning in the living room.
Before you can say anything you are distracted by the fact that your favourite mug fell through the clouds of your house. That's gone for good. How did the cloud enchantment even broke on it?


"And why's that?"


The other ponies?
T-the unicorn?


I sigh and prepare to leave. Peek inside the living room to see if Corvette is fully awake first though.


"Ah'll murder y'all and your family, that's why!"

The unicorn isn't here.
You see most of the other ponies though.

She is rubbing her eyes with a wing.


Give him a smack across the face. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Sorry for the noise. Gotta go to work now."


"It's because of Buck! That demon doesn't like losing."
Take the pony's spear away from him. '1d10'
"If you want revenge, point your spear at who deserves it!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


They are friends of the unicorn, r-right?
Go… Near the wounded mare. carrying behind my blanket.
Stare at her.


You give him a pretty darn powerful smack with the butt of the rifle.
He spits blood at your hooves.

She waves you off annoyedly with a hoof and grumbles something you can't understand.

He would have missed, but you politely guide the weapon towards your direction.
It hits your chest with such force that part of it lodges into you and the handle snaps in two.
He snarls at you, then flies off deeper into the jungle.

She is changing the filthy bandages on her wings.
After a bit, she notices you staring.
"Oh, hey there."


"Still feeling funny?"


Become smaller yet, cowering under the pillow, but keep my head poking out.


"So lazy.~"
Take my leave then! To work!


She chuckles and flicks her ears.
"I'm not completely blind yet to have heightened senses, you gotta' speak up."

You feel sort of hungry, but arrive a good ten minutes early as usual.

"Ah wasn't joking… ah'll show you…"


Hit him once more '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Any vending machines with snacks around? If not, I'll just get prepped.


N-no… I can't!
And with that, leave the blanket on the ground and dart out, away from everyone.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Ah. Shit. Okay, don't panic. Since it's wedged in there, I'm going to have to leave it in until I can get some form of medication. Need to find some medicinal herbs. Won't make it back to the Doc in time, so it's first aid I need here… Natural Remedy to make myself a poultice to put on this wound. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


This time he expects it and manages to pull up his hoof just enough that it doesn't hurt him.

You only see a coffee machine.

She looks at you confusedly at first, but when you reach the doorway and take a peek, you see she is smiling.
You go inside the dry dock, where the half-ruined ship is. You are alone here.

On top of not finding any useful flora at all you trip on the root of a tree nudge the spear-shard deeper inside your chest, drawing blood.
Breathing sort of hurts now.


Time to look outside and shout to the mare that it's safe now.


Oh well.
Once I'm ready, let's see what I need to do today.


Try not to cry as I start walking through the ship.
It's my fault she's hurt…
And look around for… For this! Look at a boat! For the first time!

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Oh, that's no good…
Focus, Curry. You can't die yet. Find some good herbs and make a remedy. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You shed a few tears, but they dry up as you start looking around. This is a really big boat, that's for sure! It's bigger than the shacks that's for sure, and it has some wooden pillars with cloth on it! You'd have to walk across a plank to get on it!.. well, if it didn't have those holes, you can crawl through those.

She doesn't dare come closer.
"Ju-Just take him away from here! We don't want him here!"

You get ready. Looks like you'll be supervising that it will rain steadily and without lightining for most of the day.
Want to timeskip until lunch break?

Ah, there it is! Something to stop the bleeding, something against infection, you even get something against the pain! You feel pretty good now, but that thing is still inside you.


It's going to have to stay there until I can find a bandage or something to put over the hole it's going to leave. Limp my way to the rest of the village.


Yeah, that would be nice.


Pick him up and take him back to the Sheriff for questioning.


Yeah! I will get inside the belly of the ship through the holes!




He is cussing at you but can't do much as you take him to the Sheriff's office. You enter, and Deputy Wildstar, a stallion in his twenties, the son of the retired Sheriff as you know, springs up from behind a desk.
"Ah, Ranger Seven!" He glances at the pony on your back.
"Who did you bring it today?"

The ship is slightly tilted, so the first crack you see will require you to climb a bit up to it, or at least pull yourself up with your hooves. You can also try to flap your busted wings to give you a boost.
Roll however you try it.



Roll #1 5 = 5


I can't fly.
Try to climb the planks.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your mane gets wet throughout the morning, but the job isn't that terribly hard.
You had to jump on some of the clouds that stopped to rain, or kick the electricity out of another before it could build up into a lighting bolt that could reach the ground.
You could dry your mane in the locker room or just go to lunch break like that straight away.

You climb a bit and pull yourself up… but the rotten wood snaps and you whack yourself painfully in the face with the plank.
On the bright side, you created a hole you can go through without climbing now… but this will be a real mess to fix for any carpenter.


Better now that while sailing!
Get to my hooves and rub my nose…
Move inside.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll go dry it off, just in case I get sick.


"Some joker who thinks taking over a mare's home and threatening farmers is acceptable."


Your hoof gets a bit red as your rub your nose… and as soon as you move inside you trip in the same plank and faceplant to the wooden floor….

Well, at least you are inside! Your muzzle really really hurts though.

Venturer is sitting there, eating lunch from a lunchbox. He waves at you when you come in.
"Oh, hey there!"
You find a clean towel for just such an occasion. Looks like your father runs this facility really well, to think of small details such as this.

"Sheriff Brass is out of town today, so we'll have to deal with him."
He picks up the keys from the desk and opens one of the empty cells.
"Chuck him in."
"Y'all regret this! Ah'll get out and burn your houses to the ground!"


It's… Okay! I can do it! Stand up…

Roll #1 9 = 9


I wait until he's locked up.
And talk to Windstar alone.
"Ah don't like this, Wildstar. Do you know anything about this guy?"


Details? I don't think it's that unusual for pegasi!
"Morning, Venturer. Had a good shift so far?"


You spring up on your hooves! You have a ship to explore, you can't just lie around now!
You seem to be in a small room. You wouldn't know what the purpose was, but you see a doorway to what seems like a corridor.

He shakes his head.
"Heard none o' him. Is he fresh out of Dodge or somethin'?"

"Rainy days can be tiring, with making sure the clouds cover everything and all, but hey, ups and downs of the job!"
He chuckles and grabs another bite.


Move to the door and peek outside.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Why are you sitting here though? Not coming to the mess hall?"


"I don't know. But I don't like this. Call it a feeling. I think I want to find out more why he was doing that."


Yup, it is a corridor. You see deeper into the ship, but it gets pretty dark that way fast. The light seeping through the cracks illuminates only so much.

He shrugs.
"When I know that the day will take a lot out of me I like to cook for myself. Just so, you know, I get enough nutrition and everything."
He flaps his wings.
"If I make my food I can make sure that I can stay healthy and fit."

He closes his jaws and glances away like he was in deep thought, then turns to you.
"Since Brass is out, I can turn a blind eye if you want to interrogate him yourself."


"Not a bad idea… what's that you're eating right now?"


Move to a side of the corridor and follow it with one hoof, slowly moving inside the dark.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I nod.
"If you want to go grab a beer or something at the saloon, I'll watch the prisoner."


"Thymed rice with broccoli. It's really good and easy to make!"

You move slowly by the way, but you can hardly see a thing!
AND THEN SUDDENLY THE WALL IS GONE UNDER YOUR HOO- wait, that's just another open doorway.

He puts on his coat and hat.
"I think I can hear Old Mrs. Henderson wailing again. It's probably nothing, but better safe than sorry."
He lowers his voice.
"Don't rough him up too much."
He leaves you with the suspect. There is, however, another pony in a different cell.


Fall to the floor and start catching my breath after the scare, waiting for my eyes to get used to the darkness.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You know what, I'll keep that mind. Thanks for the idea."


First things first.
Walk over to the prisoner what was his name again?
"How do you like your new home? Not as comfortable as innocent farmers homes right?"


You take deep breaths and you see small circles swimming around your vision, but you still don't see anything but the dark.

He smiles at you.
"I could show you how to make it someday if you want me to."

He gets up against the metal bars of the cell.
"Screw y'all!"


I roll up a cigarette.
"Want one as well?"


Maybe this wasn't such a good idea…
Proceed forward, slowly, while using the walls as guidance.
There must be light somewhere!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That might be nice, if you don't mind doing so. I should get to eating lunch now though, I didn't have breakfast this morning so I'm pretty damn hungry. Catch you later, Venturer."


He raises an eyebrow, and gives you a suspicious look.

You stumble forward again, then trip and roll into one of the small rooms along the corridor!
Just as you try to stand up your hoof bumps into something metal… you can see it's outlines, a small lantern!

"Just find me whenever! And of course, see you around too, Cloud!"
You head to the cafeteria. You see some familiar faces like Skyheart and Lancer, eating at different tables. Looks like Airheart probably already finished and ran back to her desk already.
Roll for the quality of food.


…What's a lantern?


Gimme gimme gimme.
I'll head over to Skyheart this time then. Almost the same right?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Give him one and roll one for myself.
"So, Bangtail was it? Where are you from? I never saw you around town."


That thing that isn't a torch but makes light! It's a light captured in a metal and glass little thingy! One of the pegasi sentries had one before she broke it! You can remember her yelling about 'Breaking the assfucked lantern'!

They do look strikingly similar.
The food is not only filling, but seems genuinly appetizing, and that's not just the hunger talking from you.
She smiles as you settle down nearby.

"That's because ah'm not from around town, genius!"


…Hug the lanters.
"I'm so sorry they hurt you too…"


Good, chomp down!
"A good afternoon to you too."


"You sound like you're from Dodge, am I wrong?"


"Of course ya are!"
He extends his muzzle with the cigarette.
Light it for him?

"How are you today? Feeling well?"
She seems much more relaxed than her sister.

The lantern doesn't say anything, but the glass clinks slightly as you hug it.


Light my own and wait.


Sit down with her.
"Are you hiding too? Is this why your light is out?"


"Can't really complain aside from missing breakfast by having it fall through my home to the earth."


"The other directon!"

She stays silent.
She must be scared.

She covers her mouth with a hoof and giggles.
"How did you manage to do that?"


"You can't talk either? It's okay…
But there's a nice pony outside! He's-
Different! He will help us!"
Pick her up in my mouth.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Wingcramp. Snuck right up on me, so I fell while carrying my plate. Pretty traumatic stuff. Probably a result from yesterday's race."


You tilt your head and try to pick it up by biting on the glass, but your teeth just clink against it…

No, that's not how you lift a lantern.

She sits up in her seat.
"A race? I didn't know you were a racer!"


But… It has a handle like the bucket, right?


"It's just a thing we do sometimes, me and some friends. For fun, you know? It's a nice get-together kind of thing!"


Oh, there it is!
Yes it has!

"Oh, I see. I could never do it, but I like looking at races. They can get me excited without putting myself in danger."


"Fan of the Wonderbolts as well, I assume?"


What's in the other direction?


Pick her up.
Try to figure how her light works…

Roll #1 5 = 5


All kinds of small settlements and stand-alone saloons, as well as farmlands. He wasn't specific on purpose.

"They are the best racers after all, of course!"

You pick it up but can only scratch your head…
You never saw how it turns on.


I smirk.
"They sure are. Among other things. They're pretty much my biggest inspiration out there."


Put her down and look at her with sadness, poking it slightly.
"Lantern, please, make some fire…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Getting real tired of you playing like this, Bangtail. If you want something, you'll have to give me something."


She leans forward and rests her head on a hoof.
"They are?
I always wanted to go to a show of their's, but the ticket prices are not something I could ever afford."
She frowns.
"Keeping a house with Airheart around is…not easy you know."

"Let me go now and ah'll think about not killing y'all."

You poke at it and notice there is some sort of tiny wheel on the side that you can turn.




Put my lighter away.
"Real sad, Bangtail, real sad. And I thought we got along. Where are your friends?"


Try it…

Roll #1 3 = 3


She chuckles and shakes her head.
"She tends to drop and bump into things a lot. I try to keep as few fragile things home as I can."

"Ah told you, ah need none!"
He spits out the cigarette at your hooves.

The indide of the glass seems to be… weird now. But there is still no light. Something is missing.


Then she's really dead…
"I'm sorry lantern…"
Sob quietly, and start heading for the light.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I shake my head.
"So you're just a crazy loon who walks from town to town scaring farmers?"
I look to the other cell, who's in there?


I chuckle along.
"She's really something else, that mare…"


You head back where you came from.
The lantern sits quietly and lonely where you left it.
You see more here, but there's not much to look at, just some more small rooms.
If there is a way up, it must be through the darkness.

A middle aged stallion. You recognize him, he sometimes gets drunk and picks a fight at saloons, so they bring him in to cool off for a day or two. He's got a hot temper, but isn't really that big of a criminal.
"Ah do what ah want and ah take what ah want!"


What? No, I wanted to bring the lantern with me!


Meh, not worth wasting my time on this guy, guess my feel was wrong. Not going to start beating on him when I don't have any real suspicions.
"And now you're going to the county jail for a long time. Not long enough if you ask me."


You put it down before!
Not like it is going anywhere.
You can go back for it.

"Apart from everything, I still love her very much. Since you cared to actually talk with her, I think you know that beyond her ditzy surface she is real sweet on the inside."

"The mare let me in! Ah did no crime! You can't prove anything on me!"
He seems smug now.


Yeah, it was implied. Bring her into the light. Inspect her out here.


I chuckle
"You think they'll believe the word of some crazy nopony with a temper more than the word of a Ranger? You're not that bright, are ya?"


I nod.
"No doubt in my mind about that. I'm happy enough to keep her company during lunchtime whenever I can."

Wait, where is the doctor? Doesn't she eat lunch in here as well?


He bands on the bars.
"Ah know ponies! Ponies with influence! They'll get me out and y'all be in big trouble!"

The glass is a bit fogged up now, and the little valve is still turned.
You see there is a removable little spot at the top.

She smiles gratefully.
"And I'm really thankful for that for you. She doesn't have many friends, you know.
You are a really nice stallion, Cloud."
Roll to see if you can spot her.


…Pull it?


You pull it upwards.
A weird, unpleasant smell hits you, and makes you dizzy as you inhale it!
You feel some coughing and retching coming up!


"No need. I'm not doing this as some sort of favor or out of pity, but because she struck me as an interesting pony to be around. I don't think it's possible to get bored around her, seeing how lively she is. I appreciate that in ponies."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I doubt anypony gives a donkeybutt about you."


Urgh! Turn away!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You turn away just in time for some fresh air, and only cough lightly.

He narrows his eyes.
"Y'all see."

"I know you don't, and that is why you are such a nice guy…"
She trails off a bit, then quietly eats more of her food.

You can't seem to spot her.
She's either not here or she left already.


"W-what's the problem lantern?"
Go near her, scared.
Do I notice anything?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I chuckle.
"I'm shaking in my boots."
I trot back to the sheriffs office.


You see that now that you opened the top, the inside of the glass is not so foggy.
There must be a connection!

You hear him cussing as you leave.
Deputy Wildstar didn't get back yet.


Maybe it's because of the little thing I twisted…
Twist it in the other way!


Look around. Any wanted posters hanging around?


You twist it back… nothing seems to happen right away.

There is a fairly recent one, one you haven't seen before.

There is a drawn picture of a stallion, about thirty years old, with a shaved head and a winnfield beard, as well as both tips of his mustaches curled up to be standing a bit apart from his muzzle.
The criminal only known as 'The Manticore' is still at large.
Wanted for murder, arson and robbery.
1000 Bits reward

All officers attempting arrest are warned to use precautions.


I know shit about lanters, don't I need a match to light it?


Exactly. You turn the valve, remove the top, light it with a match, seal the top, and can use the valve to control how much light you need from there on.


Where the fuck am I supposed to find a match.
"I will fix you…"
Bite my lower lip and go back into the darkness, where the lantern stood.


The small room is still as dark as it was before.
You can barely see anything.


I will have to go by hoof… See what's in this room.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 7 = 7


I guess I'll wait here for a little while.
Perk my ears.
Prisoners often talk and boast to each other when they think no one else is around. Maybe Bangtail is talking to the drunk guy right now.
Listen '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you get near the village it seems quiet…
Too quiet. Something is not right. You should proceed with caution.

You touch something… icky.
You have no idea what it is.

You hear him all right, telling him what he will do to your mother and any and all female relatives in the most obscene of manners. If a lady heard this she probably would have fainted after the first sentence, and he just goes on and on…


Yuck! Pull back…
Can't I make out it's shape?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Of course. If the previous villager was any indication, there are either raiders there, or I'm in for a very unfriendly welcome.


Roll to not go in and give him a right hook.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Calm as fuck.
He's just a crazy guy anyway.


Peek out of the bushes as you approach?

You can only make out it's stench!
It's terrible!

And just like that, Deputy Wildstar comes back as well.
He hangs his coat by the door.
"Well? How did it go?"


"Meh, I think I was wrong about him. He's just a lone bum going from town to town, scaring people. Some years in the county jail will set him straight."


Back away in horror, whimpering.


"I heard the judge is out of town, going to Canterlot to some big meeting and whatnot. His trial is gonna' have to wait, but we can keep him locked up here until then."

You don't see what it is but… you hear movement.
From where that icky thing was!


Back away slowly towards the door!


"Bummer, what's with this Manticore feller?"
Point to the poster.


You back away, but you see a strange, small form rise on the floor!
It's too dark to make out what it is!

He looks at it, then nods.
"Ah, they sent that poster just yesterday. Heard he's been causin' trouble somewhere between here and the San Palomino desert."
He walks to a cabinet and takes a bottle out of it.


For the door!




You are out on the corridor now.
The form stumbles towards you!
You still can't make out what it is!

He chuckles, and pours you and himself a glass before sitting down.
"Bert's been misbehaving again this morning, so I brought him in to cool off a bit as you saw."


Back towards the light!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You scramble back towards the hole where everything is properly illuminated!
The something follows you very, very slowly and you can see that it's a… rotting seagull?


How can it move!


Oh well.
I snicker.
"My friends don't always agree with you on that."


Does he have a wife or some reason why he's an alcoholic that I know?


You have no idea!
It lurches forward again, until it is fully in the light, then stops.
It looks like it's been dead for a while… you can see some of it's bones, and it's wings are really messed up. Yet it's sittin there, looking at you, occasionally moving a twitching leg or wing.

She raises an eyebrow.
"Oh? Don't they?"

He lives off of temporary works and jobs, and has no family


Fall down to my rump and stare at it in horror, almost crying.
"S-stop… Please!"


"Poor bastard."
Drink up my glass '1d10'
"Maybe he should get a job."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Mmm… they'd probably tell you to lay low the compliments so it wont all go to my head."
I chuckle.


It tilts it's head, which let's out a pretty gross sound as it does.
It's not coming any closer at least.

Ahh, whiskey, you can never get tired of that taste.
He finishes his glass too.
"Would you hire a drunkard?"

She chuckles as well.
"You haven't show too much of your ego to me so far, so I'm blissfully unaware."


"I may or may not have showed off a tiiiiny bit during that race I mentioned."


"I wish I could have seen that then."
She giggles.
"Just so that I know what to truly think, of course."


"You're free to join next time!"


Stand up and take a single step closer.
"W-what are you…?"


It gives out a gurgled 'yeow' sound.
That must be seagull language to say… seagull?

She shakes her head.
"I couldn't race like that! I could only watch!"


"Then watch, that's fine too!"


Stare at it.
"Buck s-sent you, didn't he?"
On the verge of tears, gulp down.


The gull turns it's head to the other side now.
It seems confused now.

"Your friends wouldn't mind either?"


"Of course not, why would they? They're a fun bunch!"


"Is that a-
Let out a sigh of relief as my face contorces into an impossible grimace of happiness and fear.


"Where does he get the money to keep drinking anyway?"


The leg of the gull cracks and it sort of falls down, but it stands up again with the help of it's wings.
It's almost as if like it is waiting for something.

"I'm not sure, I wouldn't want to be rude or anything… are you sure it's okay?"

He shrugs.
"I think every time he gets the opportunity to do this or that for somepony he does it, then sends the money down the hatch soon as he gets it."


"This isn't some kind of top secret cultist activity, it's just a race! You're more than welcome."


"If you say so… but as I said, I'll be content with just watching! That's allright with everypony, right?"


"Skyheart, trust me. It'll be just fine. Why wouldn't it be?"


"I just hope he's not stealing shit."


"He's a drunk and a fool, but no thief. Heck, remember that fancy golden trimmed telescope the colt livin' across the bank had? He found it and returned it when it was lost."

She shrugs and glances away.
"I just have a hard time meeting a lot of new ponies at once."


"True. But alcohol does bad things to a lot of ponies."
Take another shot of my whisky. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh… hey, you know me, don't you? They're a nice bunch of ponies, don't worry. One of them stayed over at my place last night. I'd invite you to come over so you could meet her, but I really don't know if she's still going to be there or not."


You take another shot.
You overhear that your favourite prisoner is still spewing obscenities about your family…

"To be honest, I didn't really have much planned for today apart from sitting at home and cleaning or reading…"


Look behind my shoulder irritated.
"That son of a bitch…"


"Well if you're feeling up to it, you can join me at my place. If you're lucky, Corvette may have been too lazy to leave it. I don't want to gossip or anything, but when I left the house this morning she was still sleeping."


Wildstar perks his ears.
"He doesn't really seem to like you."

"Didn't she have to go to work or something?"


"Probably. Unless she had a day off. You can never know with that mare, really."


She giggles.
"That really does sound fun. Speaking of work though, we should probably get back to our's!"


"It's about that time, isn't it? Well, have a nice day then!"


"He's been talking about how some influential pony will set him free. He better hopes he doesn't because if I see him free again, I'll make sure he never comes back here."


"You too!"
She stands up from the table.
"See you after work then?"

He let's out a snort.
"Who'd care about him, really? Empty threats, I say. Oh, what about his possessions though? Did you bring those in too?"


Uh…did I?


"Sounds about right!"
Get up as well.
"Later, Skyheart."


He didn't have much, just his gun on him.
You took that.



"He only had a gun"
Inspect it '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 3 = 3


It seems to be a decent model, for a nobody like him. Probably wasn't cheap to get it.
There is something however that you failed to notice so far - the gun isn't loaded. It never has. There is absolutely no ammo for it.

It sure got messier by afternoon!
This time you are drenched by the time you manage to finish work, and a bit tired too, from all that jumping on clouds.


I can handle it. I'm a strong pegasus. Handsome too! Aspiring wonderbolt!
Let's rid of my work equipment and take a shower!


"That's odd." I get up and walk back to Bangtail.
"Stop the act."


He glances at you.
"What ya' want now?"

The shower is certainly more full than usual!
Both mares and stallions are in, some of the chatting up with others while showering, some of them just washing themselves in silence.
You think most of them are weather control and not patrol though.


"Just shut it. Your gun, there are no bullets in it. Who are you trying to fool?"


All these butts~
Well, let's wash off this salty rainwater and sweat. Git clean.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Like hell it ain't had any bullets!"
He's one stubborn fool.

You accidentally open up the cold water first and yelp at the chilly streak that hits you.
A mare nearby giggles.


"I'm getting pretty tired of your shit. Something ain't right here and you're going to tell me what or I'll take you down a peg."
Intimidate '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Whatever! Wash up!

Roll #1 9 = 9


His voice weavers a bit.
"A-Ah just left the bullets at my camp! Ah didn't e-expect a fucking ranger to show up!"


This time you get it right.
You get clean, fresh, and handome as ever.
Most other ponies are done by the time you are done as well.


Walk inside the cell and grab him by the throat.
"I'm losing my patience!"
Intimidate more. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Let's go check if Skyheart is done too.


She's at the lockers, changing her clothes. You remember that she works at the factory, but seems that she took a shower nevertheless. She is drying her legs with a towel.

He whimpers.
"A-Ah never had any bullets! Ah never killed anypony! A-Ah just ran away from home and stole the gun! Please don't hurt me!"


Wait for her to finish then.


Drop him.
"Fucking pathetic. You know what they'll do to you in county jail?"


He is shivering.
"P-Please! Don't send me there!"

Once she is done she puts on her casual clothes… then turns around and blushes when she notices you.
"Oh, hey, I didn't see you there… I didn't keep you waiting too long, did I?"


"Nah, I just had a shower myself. Is your sister going to be fine on her own?"


"I really should, after how you scared a mare out of her home. Did that make you feel tough, huh? Scaring an innocent mare and a few farmers to make yourself feel good? You'll be making a lot of prisoners in the county jail feel good once you're there."


She nods.
"Oh she can take care of herself just fine, I just get a bit paranoid sometimes."
She let's out a small laugh.
"I almost enjoy looking after her sometimes."

He falls to his knees.
"Please! J-Just let me go! I'll never come back to Appleloosa I swear!"


"Well, no time like the present then. Let's get back to my place."


She smiles at you.
"Lead the way!"


"So you can go out and scare other farmers who don't know what piece of shit you are? Like hell I will…"
I look to the deputy.
"What do you say deputy, I'm sure we still need some community service done around Appleloosa, that way we can make sure he doesn't fuck around again."


Lead her along then, back to my homestead!
"Now I'm warning you, it's not Canterlot palace or anything so don't expect anything grand. Still a nice enough place to live though."


Wildstar smirks at you.
"You know them pigs Dad keeps for truffles? I'm sure the old stallion would appreciate some help mucking the pigsty out."

You two are on your way!"
"Oh, don't worry, at least I'm sure you have ornaments and decorations!"
She giggles.


"Oh you'll see. I've been thinking about adding a rainbow to it…"


"What do you say, Bangtail?" I say with a smirk.


"Oh, I always loved those! We used to have one when we were just fillies!"

"Ah'll do it! Ah'll do it just please don't send me to jail!"


"Well, I might just go through with it. Guess I'll see if it's possible or not."


Drop him and get out of the jail.
"You better make sure I never find you thinking about scaring ponies again."
Lock the door again, a few days of reflection will do him some good before his community service.


He crawls over to the sleeping mat and curls up on it.
Wildstar walks back to the office with you, laughing.
"Oh, darn, that was pretty amusing, Seven!"

The two of you arrive.
She takes a look at your house.
"Hmm, it would definitely look good! It's a pretty house without it too, nevertheless. Did you build it?"


"I knew there was something off. I'm surprised he didn't shit his pants when I arrested him. That son of a bitch could make a good actor."


"No, but I did change a few things about it."
Open up the door.


"Heck, I'd shit my pants if a Ranger was out to arrest me!"

You hear no answer.
You do see a small note on the kitchen table though.
Heya Skim,
Thanks for letting me stay at you! I explored your fridge when I woke up, but don't worry, I prettied up your place a bit as a thanks! You really should clean your house more often!
Thank me later!


"We can consider this crime solved then."
I sit back down.
"…Do you need me for anything the next few days, Wildstar?"


"Well she's goners. I shouldn't be too surprised, really."
Check the fridge.
"Want a drink?"


"Brass is gone, but I can handle myself, whatever Dad says. He is busy playing farmer anyhow.

"Oh, what a shame. She sounded interesting.
What do you have?"


"I'm thinking I might take a trip out the desert for a few days."
Look at the Manticore poster.


Good question, what do I have?
"We could go pass by her house instead and then head to a bar for a drink or something. It's all the same to me."


He looks at it, then at you, somewhat worriedly.

A bottle of wine and some beers, as well as soda and mineral water.
Your fridge is pretty well stocked.
"Oh, no, no, this is fine too!"


I smile at her.
"Well… there's wine, beer, soda or just the classic water. What kind of pony are you?"


"Wouldn't be the first time.
Besides, even if I don't find anything, it will be a lot more fun than spending another day at the saloon while everypony looks at me like I'm the boogeypony."


"Some water would be nice."

"Y'know, wearing that outfit, you sort of are. When are you leavin'?"


Tap my glass and think for a second, eventually deciding on "Tomorrow."


Pour her and myself a glass of water then.
"Nice and healthy. Please, take a seat if you'd like."


He fills it up with whiskey.
"Until then?"


"Here? Or do you have something more comfortable?"
She takes the water and sips from it.


"Amen to that."
Drink '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"The sofa, of course! Nice and extra fluffy. Made out of cumulus clouds."


It tastes so sweet. You could drink it all day, every day.
"Just drop by Dad before you leave. Maybe he can give you some advice."

The two of you go over there and plop down.
"Pretty comfy! Where did you get it? My sofa is more patchwork than clouds at this point."


Drink some water.
"Now this is something I made myself."


"I'll make sure to tell him."
Put down my glass and put on my hat.
"See ya later, Wildstar"


"It is?"
She giggles.
"Is there anything you are not talented in?"

"Good luck out there, Number Seven! Take care o' yourself!"


Get outside.
How high is the sun?


Not even noon yet.


"Dodging trash dumpsters."
I let out a soft snort.
"Really though, my family's always been in the weather controlling business. Making a sofa with some clouds wasn't too hard with some pointers."


Roll a cigarette and take a stroll around town.


Might as well see what horrors are waiting for me. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Not many ponies out on the streets now.
At least the cigarette tastes good.
It's hot as hell though.

"You got it right though! When I fixed my bed I had hard lumps in it for weeks!"

You sneakily take peek from the bush, without being noticed.
The village almost seems deserted. The corpse of a villager is nailed to one of the huts, probably as a warning. On the top of the hut, the bald pegasus you saw sitting on top of a pillar earlier is looking around. Looks like they have a sentry, as well as a slender earth pony mare standing in the middle of the village.


"It took me a while to get it exactly right too, to be fair. But it was worth the weight."


Well, shit. Looks like my plan to make the jungle grow into a barrier to protect the village came too little too late.
But the jungle has other ways of taking revenge.
Miracle Grow everything in sight. Just have it all explosively grow up to take revenge on these raiders who dare taint the island. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Boring, just like always.
But in each and every shadow some murderer could be lurking.
Any interesting buildings beside the saloon I could check out?


She jumps a bit up and down to test how comfy it is.
"I can see that!"

The other saloon.
Or one of the dances, but they don't start until the afternoon.

The fauna suddenly starts to boom, and vines quickly snake up on the legs of the mare to snare her in place.
The pegasus on the roof swears and jumps up, but just as she is about to fly off a branch grows in front of her and hits her in the face, making her fall to the ground.


>dances don't start until the afternoon.
Fuck my luck.
Go into the other saloon and look if there's any trouble.


"So tell me, how long have you been working in the factory? I know your sister's been on the job for a few years already."


Step from the shrubbery.
"You DARE come to this place? Harm these ponies?"
I'll glare at both of them.
"And what's worse is that you dare lay the blame for what you've done at the hooves of an innocent. On behalf of both this island, and the moon, I've come to punish you, and all who call you kin, for all the evil and suffering you have wrought."



This one's called the Salt Block. It's a bit more expensive, but it is both more bright and clean. The owner is a well dressed, tall earth pony.
Here most ponies have the common courtesy of not stare you down.
The bartender is cleaning a glass.
"What can I get for you, Ranger?"

"I've been there before her, actually. I knew how good she was with numbers when she wanted to, so I pitched the idea to Mr. Trimmer."


The pegasus scrambles to her hooves, taking out a short mace.

The other mare just… stares down at the ground and starts laughing.


I smile slightly.
"Some guy huh, that Trimmer?"


"Your finest scotch. And some information."


"Did I fucking stutter?"
Yank the pegasus's mace from her hooves with TK, and bash it against the other mare's face. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I've got to say, he runs the place real thight!
He is a demanding boss, but a good one nevertheless… if a bit grumpy sometimes."

He puts the glass in front of you and fills it.
"It's on the house. What do you need?"
It always puts you off that he doesn't have the usual Appleloosan accent.

The earth pony mare cuts herself out of the vines with ease. Seems like she has a hoof-grip kukri on her right and a spiked hoofguard on the other.

It just takes you a second to pay attention to that for the pegasus to fly up and disappear into the thick foilage. You can't see any trace of her now.


"Oh yeah, definitely a grump."
I snicker to myself.


"Anything unusual happening today?"


"One of my customers, an apple farmer comes in every day exactly at nine to take a shot then go about his day. Haven't seen him all day today. Last time he missed a day was when his daughter got down with the fever and he was home treating her."

"…and I think his glasses are a bit old timey too. I mean, those were in fashion twenty years ago!"


"What's his name?"


"Hmmm… you might be right about that, actually. Next time I see him, I'll talk to him about it."


Well, I've got my own weaponry.
Face off against the earth pony.
"So, you weren't content with despoiling the island, you had to make the others suffer. Judgement has come."
Ready that sharp wing-knife in my telekinetic grip, and wait for them to make the first attack.


She stumbles towards you, like she is on wobbly legs, swinging her kukri at thin air, not even being close to you.
All the while giggling.
"It's all just, so funny you know!"


"You're not even sane. Buck used and broke the lot of you, didn't he?"
I'll shake my head.
"Then I'll try to make this quick and give you rest."
Keeping an eye out for the pegasus, I'll launch the wingknife at the earth pony mare. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Adanac Apple. Lives due north."

She blinks.
"What? What do you mean?"

You launch the knive at her with your telekinesis, and hit her in her chest. It lodges in there, drawing blood. She looks down at it… then pulls it out with a hoof and throws it away.
"Tee-hee, that felt funny!"

Giggly ??/??
Curry 5/4


"I might as well go check in on them later."
Look at my drink.
"Where you from, bartender?"


"Well my dad and I are pretty close, you see. Even if he's so busy with work and all."


I'm sure it did.
Float the knife blade back up, and then hit her with it again. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


He takes another glass to clean.
"The Big Apple. Manehatten."

She mouths the words at first then her eyes go wide.
"Wait, you don't mean you-"

Just as she chucks it away, you float it back for another round. This time, leave a long scar all along her cheek.
For the first time she raises her head and you can see that her pupils are nothing more than pinpoints.
"You're funny."
She wobbles closer to you.

Giggly ??/??
Curry 5/4


"You're a long way from home.
What brought you to the middle of the desert?"


"I did say my family's in the weather controlling business."


Keep my distance.
"You're one of the few who believe so. A shame we're going to have to part ways."
This is likely going to take a while. Perhaps go for a lung… '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Business. If there is any place where a small fortune can be turned into a big fortune, it's these parts."

"I didn't know!"
She puts a hoof to her mouth.
"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, I mean-"

You stab her chest again while stepping back. She gasps for air… then let's out another long cackle.
"Come back here! Tee-hee, you can be my boyfriend~"
She's bleeding pretty badly now.

Giggly ??/??
Curry 5/4


"I'm afraid I'm wed to my work."
Looks like I'm going to have to finish this by taking out her head. Hopefully I can get the knife into her brain in one shot… I don't want her to suffer any longer than her broken shell of a mind already is.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I let out a laugh.
"Don't worry about it. In fairness, we don't really talk that often. And we sure don't see eye to eye all the time either."


You line the blade up a few meters from her, then launch, intending to finish her off… but with surprising speed and accuracy, she knocks it out of the air with her spiked hoofguard. It flies into a bush, out of sight.
Before you know it she closes the distance between the two of you with two hops, and draws her kukri along your side and over your back, eventually pulling you into a hug.
Her muzzle is right against yours, but you are too busy being in immense pain to do anything about it.
"That's too bad, I like you!"

Giggly ??/??

She calms down a little bit, but quickly finishes her glass of water.
"Why? What's the matter? You don't like each other or?… sorry, you don't have to answer if you think I'm being too personal, I'd just like to know!"


I scratch my mane awkwardly.
"Well… he wants me to keep up the family tradition and focus solely on weather control stuff. Which is fine and all but…"
I trail off.


Ow. Ow ow ow.
Get free of her harmful grasp. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


She scoots closer, ears perked and with a curious expression.

You manage to knock her hooves off of you and backpedal, taking a deep breath to stay up and standing.
She snorts, then bursts out laughing again.
"Come back~"

Giggly ??/??
Curry 5/3


"Ah… nevermind, it's just a silly dream anyway. I shouldn't rely too much on something I don't even know will work out. Sorry for stressing you out like that."


Right, this is going south fast… Those plants that I caused to grow have to have some sort of medicinal property. Let's whip up a Natural Remedy. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


She shakes her head, still looking at you with wide eyes.
"No, no, please tell me! You don't stress me out! When I was a filly I always wanted to be a scientist, just because of the lab coats, and now I work with the factory… but I get to wear lab coats!"
She giggles.
"You can tell me!"

You quickly float over some herbs and apply it to your fresh wound, stopping the bleeding and soothing the pain.
The mare doesn't waste time however, and swings her sharp blade in a wide arch, going for the neck.
Roll to dodge!

Giggly ??/??
Curry 5/4


Hmm, I'll have to be on the lookout for things that can be used as a sedative… '1d10' to dodge, '1d10' to disarm and take her kukri.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5


"How cute…"
I smile.
"I haven't actually told anypony about this yet but… I'm aiming to join the Wonderbolts. That's my current goal. Not taking over the torch from my dad, but joining a militaristic team of the most elite fliers in the world."


"Really? I would have figured the opposite."


You try to yank the weapon off of her, but notice that apart from the hoofgrip, it also has some leather straps, fastening it to her hoof.
That's pretty ingenous for an earthie… yu don't have enough time to pull back though and are awarded with another painful gash. At least it's on your chest, not your neck, that would have been nasty.
"Stop playing and come here~ Hehehhhehehehe~"

Curry 2/4
Giggly ??/??

He shakes his head.
"The amount of money I had wouldn't even be enough to rent a place back there. Here, it made me rich."

She is staring at you with an open mouth.
"…wow… really? I mean, that's no small task but… wow!"


"I hadn't thought about it that way. Still, you would need some business sense to turn that money into a successful bar."


Right…Good thing I had the nailbat with me. A good swing should put her down for a minute, at least. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I crack another smile.
"You're telling me. Now I'm not stupid, I know how my chances at getting there are slim no matter what. There's no guarantees at all, but I'll be damned if I don't give it my best shot. Just so I can at least not blame myself for never trying."


He motions about you.
"The Salt Block is the best bar in town, isn't it?
I know I have my prices, but it comes with standards. It's been three weeks since the last brawl that happened here, and I serve no scum. It works."

You pull your weapon out with nimble speed and swing it right at her.
You take her right in the head, her skull making a large CRACK noise as the weapon connects. She wobbles on her legs and stumbles to the side… then looks at you. there is a giant black eye and her right cheek seems to be fractured, blood is pouring from her eyes… and she just keeps laughing.
"I really… tee-hee, like you~"

Giggly ??/??
Curry 2/4

Her wings open up and flutter a bit.
"This sounds so… so… great! I'm rooting for you, Cloud! Oh you got me so excited just thinking about knowing a Wonderbolt before he became a Wonderbolt!"


"Let's keep it that way."
Put on my hat and walk out.
Let's make sure that Adanac is allright."


"But you are dead. One cannot love the dead."
Go for the head again. I need to end this before that pegasus decides to jump in as well. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I chuckle.
"I'm glad you have some faith in me. With some luck and a ton of training, I might even live up to it."


You whap her on the head again, and some of her blood splatters on you.
She laughs it off, even though you saw one of the nails poking straight into her eye. She dives at you again, roll to dodge!

Giggly ??/??
Curry 2/4

You head over to where his farm is.
Roll for spot check.

She jumps in her seat.
"So, do you have like, a training schedule and everything? Have you been training how to sign autographs too? How do you look in a flightsuit? How much do you fly a day? Do you know any cool tricks?"
She seems super stoked. This excited attitued and her looks reminds you a bit of her sister.
She couldn't deny the connection.


Spottan '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


'1d10' to dodge.
'1d10' to TK toss her into a tree.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"I make sure to work out whenever I can, but I haven't started actually drilling yet. I need some extra info first and I know exactly which pony can provide it. I haven't trained autographs and have yet to purchase a flightsuit."
I smile.
"I know a few tricks. Mostly involving sheer speed and force. Very brutal and raw stuff."


You see an abandoned basket of apples… and it has blood on it's side. This seems like a case allright.

You duck out of the way of her attack, surprising her so much that she completely looses her footing, letting you easily smack her spine-first into a nearby tree.
She falls to the ground, lying on her side… still cackling.

Giggly ??/??
Curry 2/4

She nods as she listens, giving you a look like a filly on Hearth's Warming Eve.
"Do Wonderbolts only get that trick where they can pull those lightining clouds after them after initiation? What's your most flashy move? I'm not asking too much questions, am I?"


Get out my gun.
Go into sneaky mode '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"What's so funny?"


She drags herself to her hooves, holding the one with the hoofguard at her face for a moment.
"Hey, it's blood!
Tee-hee, it's so pretty!~"

You manage to conceal yourself in the orchard.
There seems to be a trail of blood leading somewhere.


Follow it, sneakily.


I chuckle.
"I can't make those lightning clouds appear, no. As for my moves… they're not actually flashy. I like the long arced loopings. The longer and faster you go, the more G-forces start hitting you. It's… interesting and scary to see how much your body can handle before the blood starts rushing down too fast and you start graying out."


Whatever's she's on must be dulling her sense of pain, even to the point of death. What kind of monster does this to a mare? Or anyone?
Using TK, I'll have her hit herself in the face with the spiked hoofguard, since it's up there at the moment and I don't have to get closer. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


They lead you through the orchard for a while… then you hear snarling, from up ahead.
There is a small toolshed there, surrounded by two coyotes. They seem to be circling around it.

She gasps.
"That sounds so dangerous! I'd never dare to do that! Sometimes I get anxious when I fly too fast!"

As your magic's glow surrounds it, she grins at you, looking beside her hoof, and closes the distance in a blink of an eye with a tumble, bitchslapping you with the spikes.
She's got quite the strenght in her, aside from her slender appearence, and you realize she is hugging you again, muzzle to muzzle, her kukri uncomfortably close to your neck.
"You are a real, hehehhehe, keeper you know that?~"


I think the blood leads there, right?


By the moon, what did I do to deserve this.
"Tell me something. How is it you can just keep going like this? Any normal pony would have been dead by now."


"Believe me, it makes my own heart pump as well. The adrenaline adds to the sensation even further."


Where was I?


There is also a third, dead coyote nearby. Seems like it was whacked in the head with something heavy.

"But aren't you afraid that you'll pass out and crash into the ground? That could be deadly!"

Staring at a dead seagull.
Or was it dead?

Oh right, you are helpless, in case it wasn't obvious.
She guffaws.
"Normal is no fun."
She pulls you closer and tries to give you a smooch, with tongue and everything.


Undead seagull.
Stare at it, still fearful but now curious.


She can try, but I won't return it. I don't know where she's been.
Wriggle free. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That's why training is so important… to make sure your body is used to being battered by gravity. It's a matter of getting used to it, you see. But yes… it's always dangerous. I know it is."


Dangerous, well can't afford to take any chances. Is there blood on their fur?


No, but both of them have blood on their muzzles.
They keep circling the shed, snarling at it.

"I'm not talking about gravity, I'm talking about the ground! You know how a pegasus only has to lose control for a second for disaster to strike…"

You try to fight it but a painful reminder that she has her blade against your neck makes you open your mouth… She doesn't hurt you more, but she's playing tonsil tennis with you pretty intensly, and you cannot do anything to stop it. She even moans into your mouth.
At least she doesn't smell like shit. She does have a coppery taste, with all the blood she has over her face and in her mouth.



I guess there's that.
Got to break out, though. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


It makes a yeow sound again.
Gulls sound just as annoying in death as in life it seems.


"Mister seagull… I need to go up… In the light!"


"Without gravity, I wouldn't need to worry about hitting the ground now would I?"
I snicker.
"But yeah, I know about the risks involved. All I can do is make damn sure I don't lose control."
I wave a hoof dismissively.
"We've been talking about me all this time now, but what about you? What's your dream? Your current goal?"


They tasted pony blood.
They must be put down.
Unseen Foe one of them.


Oh wait. And Marksman Shot '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


She loses herself into it, giving you a moment of opening to slip out of her grasp without her slicing your neck open.
She pouts.
"Aww, I was eheheh, getting into it~"

Giggly ??/??
Curry 5/3

It turns around, and let's out that sound again.
Then it starts to stumble back into the darkness.

She looks at you, mesmerized, before shaking her head.
"Oh, I don't have much… I keep things simple. I'm just an average pony, you know? I want to be happy, I want my sister to be happy, but I never really had something to fight for."

You shoot one of them, which collapses with a whine, but the other lowers it's head to snarl just before you take a shot at it.
It starts to sniff into the air to try and find you.

Coyote1 Helpless/2
Coyote2 3/3

Roll #1 1 = 1


"No hobbies? Special someponies? You said you wanted to be a scientist, didn't you? Which branch interests you? Physics? Chemistry?"


…Follow it.


"I could tell."
That bat is probably on the ground, since I didn't have much moving room for a minute.
Focus, Curry. Grab the bat with TK and give Giggles there another solid bash on the head. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The coyote loses it's interest in you, and instead goes for the neck of the injured one.

Coyote1- DEAD
Coyote2- 3/3

You follow it and soon can't see a thing, but it keeps squaking to let you know where it is.
Just when you think this might be a bad idea, you see something… light! A staircase leading up!


Gulp in surprise and run for the light!
"T-thanks! Thanks so much!"


"Chemistry. I sort of got my wish. I do have to use it in the factory, and I sometimes help out in the lab too. But it's nowhere near as interesting as… you know."

You hit him, but this was a breeze compared to what hell you gave her earlier.
She giggles and swings her kukri in the air blindly again.
"Come on, hurt me some more! heheheh, I know you can do better than that!"

You run up, and see that this is some kind of hold! There are boxes and barrels and another stair, leading up to the top of the ship!


Don't stop running, go right upstairs!


"And if I refuse?"
Ready the bat, just in case she lunges at me.


She wobbles around you.
"Then I'll take you, tee-hee~"


"Oh don't say that. You've already gotten what you wanted. Meanwhile I'm not even close to beginning on my own dream yet. Heck, you're the only pony who knows about it right now. I think a lot of others will declare me crazy for even thinking about it!"


You go up and up!
You don't mind the dust at all!
This is really a big ship! Continue running to the nose of the ship? Or run back to the helm where the wheel is?

"Don't ever let the opinion of others weight you down, Cloud! I believe in you!
If you doubt yourself you're just going to make silly mistakes that will take you farther away from your dream!"


The helm! To the helm! Where I saw that piece of cloth!


Fire my gun at him. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You're right, but I can't be blinded by optimism either. In the event that I can't achieve what I want… I'll still need to have something to fall back on. That something being the weather facility."


I just need to end this in one go. She's taking way too much time to bring down. Hit her with everything I've got. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You run to the helm, but realize the cloth isn't there, it's up at the top of the large wooden cross!
It's a huuuuuuuuge cloth!

You take aim, but again, the lucky son of a bitch moves it's head just in time for you to miss.
It hears the gunshot loud and clear now, and runs at you! Before you can pull your knives it bites deep into one of your legs.

You are helpless, and have a coyote gnawing on your leg.

"Your father is running it, I'm sure you can count on him, can't you?"

She proves to be too fast again, and slices your flanks with a quick dash before dancing back.
She starts wobbling around you, singing.
"Ring-a-ring o' roses, tee-hee~
pocket full of posies
Heheheh, we all fall down~"


"I think so. But he's not going to be happy when he finds out about my other aspirations. Which is completely understandable."


Hit him and get up '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Right, this is going nowhere. Miracle Grow the plants around her until they complete envelop her. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Oh… wait, is this about the family business you were talking about? That's why the differences?"

Sweet mother of mercy this really fucking hurts!

Lone Mesa: Helpless/3

Yes, yes this seems to be work-oh wait no she chops them down before they do anything useful, the last swing breaking off the top of your nailbat. It's a broken stick now.

"Tsk tsk, heheheh, no cheating!"

Giggly ?????/??
Curry 3/3


I nod.
"Yup. It's tradition."


Okay… this is going to suck, but yank the spearhead from my chest, and then stab her with it. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Celestia, this shit hurts.
Get up '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


…I must reach it!
Try to climb the wooden thing!

Roll #1 6 - 2 = 4


"Oh… what do you think he'd say if you told him?"

Yes, that indeed hurts, but you get it out, poking the hole in her chest you made before.
She stops a pounce just to laugh.
"You already did that, silly~"

Fucking Heavens, if he keeps that up he is going to rip your entire leg off!

You don't get too far before plopping down onto the deck, on your rump.
At least you don't hurt yourself.
How do they get up there?

Maybe the ropes…


Fuck, fuck.
Pls '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


With a little TK boost, shove it as deep as possible. Hopefully all the way to the heart. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


…Yeah! The ones on the side of the ship!
Climb from there!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I have no idea."
I chuckle.
"Anyway, I've bothered you far too long now. I'm sure Airheart is waiting for you at home, no? Don't feel obliged to stick around if you don't want to."



You push it down forcefully, and she actually tenses up as blood trickles from the wound.
Her legs start to waver more than her usual wobbling, and her giggles start to be accompanied by ragged breaths. She is still standing though…

Yeah, that's a totally…. yeah, no that looks scary!

She shakes her head again.
"Oh, no, I'm sure she's fine… I don't want to leave just yet."


Mom, I'm coming home.
Shoot '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I chuckle.
"Suit yourself. Want another drink? You hungry?"


Finish the job. Shove the spearhead home. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


According to all rules, I'm dead.


Time to cower away. Is the seagull still around?

Roll #1 8 = 8


You fire your gun, not even bothering to aim…
Your vision grows darker around the edges before the pain proves too much, and you pass out.
Maybe you'll see your Ma' and your Pa' now….

She smiles, scooting a little closer to you.
"I could use a bite."

You backpedal from it, standing at the middle of the helm again.
It just finished to crawl onto the deck. It seemed it had a hard time taking the stairs!

You push and twist, letting you hear un uncomfortable, squishing sound.
She wobbles towards you one last time, dropping her weapon on the way, putting a hoof around your neck and collapsing against your chest, staining you with her blood.
"It's all just…. hehe, so funny, you know…"
You hear her giggle with her last breath, then slump against you, lifeless.



Look at it for the longest time without a word.
Then, finally, ask him.
"Can you help me?"


"Rest in peace, and may the moon light your path in the afterlife."


I crack a smile.
"What would you like to eat, Sky? I'm warning you, I'm not a master chef."


It squawks pitifully.

Her hoof slips down, and she collapses on the ground beside you.
She still has a smile on her face.

She ponders.
"A salad is not hard to make!"


Lone Mesa

You wait for Death to take holt of you, but salvation never comes.
You are aware that you are alive, but not of where you are. Of what's happening to you. How much time passed since you passed out? Or maybe you did die? Maybe the afterlife is nothing but a void, this terrible, dark, silent nothingness where you are alone with your thoughts for all eternity? If time is passing, you do not realize it.

After what feels like a thousand lifespans, you finally feel something.
Pain. In your leg. In your chest. Pain everywhere. And for the first time, you see light. It is blinding. You think… maybe it's your eyes opening…. you are no longer falling into a bottomless pit, you are on your back.


"True, but I still might find a way to muck it up."
Get up from the sofa and wander back to the kitchen. What supplies do I have to work with here?


Cock my head on the side…


Okay… now I need prepare.
First, I'll need some of these plants. A compress to stop the bleeding and maybe seal up this wound. Natural Remedy. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


All kinds of fresh vegetables, especially lots of lettuce.
You even have some of those tasty tiny tomatoes.
Two types of dressings too!
You can definitely make something good out of these.

It retches some… bile on the deck…
It doesn't seem like it's in a very good condition, even for a dead bird.
It keeps looking at you.

Looks like your earlier magic has already receded, and the plants shrunk back… strange, that does not usually happen. If you had to guess it's just one of the Island's properties. You can't find anything useful.


"Don't worry, looks like Corvette did a good job on restocking the fridge. You'll get your salad!"
Take it all out and get to work on making a nice salad. Do I have pasta? I could prepare some to add to the salad.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well, let's hope the elder has something in his hut…
Stumble my way there after taking Giggles's weapons. I'm going to have to accept the wingknife is lost.


"P-plese… I can't help you…"


You have!
You cook it nice and ready while you prepare the rest of the salad.
You notice that Skyheart followed you out in the kitchen.
"Can I help with anything?"

You take the spiked hoofguard and the khukri.
You fumble inside, and find him sitting where you first saw him sitting.
He says nothing as you enter.

It just stares.
Stares at you with those dead bird eyes.


I smirk.
"I've got it under control. Don't worry, this wont take long. … Do you like cooking?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Sorry about bringing trouble back to your village… I hadn't expected them to get here so early."


She trots a bit closer.
"Are you sure? And I… hmm, I do make the food for Airheart and me, and I like doing it, so yes. I do!"

It's coming along quite nicely! Even looking at it makes your mouth water. You just need to serve it now.

"Direct your apologies to those who died."
His voice is raspy and monotone as ever.


Close my eyes.
Maybe it will be gone.


"It's done, don't worry."
Usher her along to take a seat at the table and take out some plates.
"I mostly do it out of necessity. I'm not too horrible at it by now."


You close your eyes.
It's sure is dark here behind your eyelids.
You hear a squawk.

She sits down and waits patiently.
"We all make food because we are hungry, but it can be fun to do so, can't it? It's better to think about it like recreational time than like it's just a chore, I think!"


Open them, slowly.
"B-bird… You hate me too?"


"I suppose you have a point there."
Put some salad on our plates.
"Bon apetite!"


"I have. As well as to the one whose daughter was taken. I did not tell him when I was first here, for fear that it would be true, but it seems when I first visited the raider camp, it was his daughter that they had killed. I wanted… to leave him with some hope for a while longer."
I'll grimace a little.
"The pegasus who was standing guard escaped me. We need to move the villagers before he comes back with more raiders."


It looks just as confused as you at the question, if anything.
It falls almost comically to it's side again because of the broken leg before standing upright.

She smiles.
"Thanks! You too!"
She takes a small bite, then another, and another, before digging in. She only stops to praise it.
"You little cheat, you said you're not good at this, but this tastes heavenly!"

"Move them where? They are scared and helpless. If it is death you have brought to them, they will want to die in their homes."


"Sometimes I get lucky."
I chuckle and dig in as well.


"…It's okay. I won't hurt you. Okay?"
Are there… Pieces of cloth and small sticks around?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I did not… intend to bring death here. And they are hardly helpless. Even a mouse, when backed into a corner, will bear its fangs."
I'll think a moment.
"But, there may be a place where they can be safe. Or at least where the mares and foals can hide while the battle takes place. A small cave, a little ways out. There is a stream of fresh water, and I've marked it. That was where I first took rest after leaving the raider village."


She giggles and smiles, a bit of dressing still on her lips, before continuing to eat.
She didn't praise you for nothing, tasting your own creation you did do a very good job. You probably should make food for yourself more, it's leauges better than the foods you only have to heat before eating.

There are small sticks around, yes, and you even find a little piece of cloth. Looks like it's an old linen tissue.

"You said they are on their way here, and yet you want to take the most vulnerable into the jungle."


Okay, be strong…
Pick them up and go near the seagull.
"Stand still now…"
Fix him up with some impromptu bandages.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I should… it's healthier too.
Finish up as well then.


"Where else would they go? It's not like you've any underground buildings, or escape passages…"
I'll shake my head.
"Can your people fight? Defend their homes and loved ones? If they won't flee, they shouldn't wait for death meekly."


You fix up the wings to be looking more presentable, and put a stick to sturdy that leg…

It's still a rotting corpse, but at least the wings are not a mess now, and it can stand without falling over every other second.

Skyheart is sitting patiently in her seat, she finished up really fast!
"Thank you for this Cloud!"

"We cannot fight and win. We can fight and die.
That is why we endure. The two raiders killed some when they got here… now more of them will come here, and kill more of us, out of spite and revenge."


"…Are you gonna be okay?"


"Only natural to properly provide for a visiting lady, no?"


I'll just shake my head.
"Very well. You've consigned yourselves to the end, I can see that. But I'm not ready to go quietly into that darkness. I will attempt to intercept them before they reach here, but your people need to be ready to fight any who ignore me, or get away. They must overcome their fear."
I'll cough slightly.
"It is better to die on one's hooves than live the false life of chattel."
Nodding to the elder, I turn to leave.
"I had hoped for some form of medicinal compress for my wounds, but I've taken more from your people than I can repay."


It keeps staring.
Then nods.
You guess.
Maybe it's head just bobbed down.

DC4 to notice her blush.
"It is… but still, I didn't expect this! I mean, in a good sense! I mean I didn't know you can be so good at so many things!"

He rolls over a jar to you.
"Take it.
When they'll come, they will not wound anyway."


"What do you mean?"


I snicker.
"Really, you give me far too much credit."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sit down with him and look up at the sails.
"Can you get up there?"


"They will kill."

Her mane is hiding it, but she even flopped down one of her ears while blushing!
"Well I'm not going to thank your fridge!"

It tries to fly.

Roll #1 8 - 3 = 5


It manages to generate some lift with the bandages, but not nearly enough to fly up.
It lands on the deck with a squishy tud.


"You could thank Corvette for making sure it was stocked though. She's kind of my mare behind the scenes at this point. Don't tell her I said that though, it might go to her head."


"Guess we are just the same…"
But I must get to the sails!
I can't really fly though…
Try again to climb the rope.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Is she um-"
Her voice is strange for a tiny second there…
"your marefriend?"

This time you manage to grab the rope before having second thoughts and letting it go again.


"Maybe. Thank you for the medicine."
Take it, and then step out into the village.


You can feel the eyes of the villagers of you, but none of them show their face, or even their muzzle out of their huts.


Start pacing furiously up and down the deck and…
Fall to the ground.
I'm exhausted.


They wouldn't, would they. Scared of everything…
Exit the village, apply the medicine, and then Miracle Grow the trees around the village into a mighty dome, with no spaces for a pony to slip through. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I crack a smile.
"Heh, no. But she's a good friend. A childhood friend. Hot Pursuit, Orange Crush, Milky Way… we all go way back."


You hear a wet plop.
Looks like it followed your lead.
"Hey? H-Hey, kid?"

That sound isn't near you, but it echoes through the drydock.

She relaxes in her seat.
"Oh, it must be nice to have friends like that! I had a lot of friendships where we… sort of forget about each other until it would be too awkward to start talking again."

The herbs work wonders. There seems to be some powder on them too, making them more potent.
You are now at full wounds.
Your horn glows with light, and so does everything around you start to slowly get bigger and bigger, until the clearing is out of sight. The surrounding trees stretch into the sky, bend and arch to touch each other.
By the time the village is concealed by nature, you are panting with exhaustion.


"Oh… well those things happen sometimes. You must have some friends on the job though, right? Somepony special maybe?"


Open my eyes and look around, scared.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That should… hold them for now."
Time to head to the cave for a quick wash-off and then check out the raider village. If they're going to send a raid here, then that means that the camp is going to be lightly guarded.


She plays with her mane using a hoof.
"Oh, I do have friends, yes, but nothing special…"

You spring up.
It's the voice of that yellow earth pony mare.
She is at the door of the drydock, looking around.

You wash up, then head towards their settlement.


Here's hoping things aren't hopeless.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You must have had somepony special before though, right?"



"Right… uh, so, could I get another glass of water?"

She is walking around.
"Hey, kid? Filly? Are you here somewhere?"

You see no sentries at the usual places.
You sneak inside.
Things are mostly abandoned. You do hear the sounds of two ponies further down. As you head there, you also notice something very similar.
The handle buried half into the ground, it's your trident! It looks like it's in the same condition how it was before…. except you don't remember the ornament at top.
A head, missing it's eyes, with the tongue hanging out. Okay, the handle might be a bit bloody too, but at least it's here.


Try to back away.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Take my trident, and take the head off. Clean the handle in the dirt a bit, and then head towards those two ponies. It might be the prisoner they want to execute later.


I smile and get up to pour her another glass.
"Anyway, moving on from that topic. How does your weekend look?"


You backpedal from the railing of the ship.
You still hear her voice.
"Come on, filly, please… don't be doing this to me…"

You reclaim your weapon, ans sneak towards the voices.
It's the two raiders you overheard talking the last time you were here.
"-ot fucking fair! How come we don't get any of the fun?"
"Buck said we need to stay and make sure the place is safe?"
"Guard what, you dumb fuck?"
The mare kicks at the dirt.
"Not fucking fair, I hope they at least bring one or two back here alive!"

Her wings unfurl a bit.
"I'm free!"
She closes them and drinks of the water quick.
"Hehe, I mean, I'm probably going to play some games with Airheart on Sunday as usual, but Saturday is totally free!"


"G-go away…"


Buck isn't here? Shit. Only one place he'd go…
I'll need to head back to the boat house. Fast.


Hoof her the filled glass.
"That's great. I don't have any plans yet, just some ideas, but we should definitely do something together again this weekend. Are you a fan of going out for some drinking?"


"Kid! Please!
I'm your friend, remember?"
She seems to be walking around the dry docks, but probably didn't even hear you.

Roll before you leave.

She takes it.
"I don't drink much, really… Gosh, I can't even remember the last time I did."


If the prisoner is still here, freeing them would be neat.

Roll #1 4 = 4


No. I can't talk. He will find me if I do.
Hide. Silently.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I chuckle.
"I'm not a heavy drinker either, but sometimes it's nice to just let loose, you know? I'll let you know what my plans are sometime tomorrow or the day after, alright?"


You see a filly near a pillar.
She has her back to you, with her head looking down.
Looks like if you go around in a circle, you can reach to her without being seen by the two raiders.

The gull squawks as it sees you moving.
You hear the hoofsteps stop.

She nods.
"Okay! Be sure to keep me informed!"


Hold my breath!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Is she the same color as the villagers?


What time is it anyway?
"So tell me, are you a Cloudsdale native?"


She is a light purple.
She seems bigger than Felfire.

The gull yeows again and you can't help but let out a loud squeak.
You hear the hoofsteps again.
"Come on, kid, come on!"

Late afternoon.
She shakes her head.
"Las Pegasus. I came here to study and work. My sister followed me because she missed me too much."


I perk up.
"Wow, Las Pegasus? That's really flashy."


…another prisoner? Is she wearing a collar?


You can't see, but you do see some chains beside her front leg.

She waves a hoof around.
"Oh please.
It's nothing special."


"You didn't like it back there?"


Well, what's one more rescued child.
Head over to the little one.
"Shh, little one. I'm going to set you free, but you need to be quiet."


"I like this place much more, let's just go with that… I don't like saying bad things about anything, not even a city."

You circle around to reach her.
She looks up at you, terribly confused.
She is a unicorn, her hair is a mess.
She opens her mouth in surprise. She looks like she is trying to piece some information together.


I'll hold a hoof to the side of my mouth.
Snap the chain with TK. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I chuckle.
"'If you don't have anything nice to say about something, don't say anything at all.'? You sounds like a kind pony then."


The chain is too thick for you to break. But you do notice something. It's not connected to her.
As you glance back, you see her horn glow.
Then you hear a click and cold metal around one of your leg.

"I guess trying to stay positive is a family trait."


"I guessed as much. That's a great trait to have for sure."


Ah. Of course. A trap.
"So, that's what they had you doing. I'm afraid I can't stick around, little one."
Use my own TK to overpower the child's and force the manacle open. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You easily overpower her magic, but the shackle doesn't give. You can't force it open.

She stumbles to her hooves and starts backing away from you.
"I got you! I can't believe it! It was me who got you! He'll be so pleased he'll reward me I bet! Heh…hahah, hahhah!"

"You don't seem to be a downer either."


"What's there to be down about? I've got a place t call my won, a steady job, friends, clear goals, good food and…"
I look her in the eyes with a smile.
"A nice mare to talk to."


"And you're going to let me go, little one. Who has the key?"


She giggles.
"I almost believed that until the last part."

You see that the shackles connect to the thick stone pillar beside you.
She keeps slowly backing away from you.
"Why would I?"


"Because even though you did catch me, I'm not going to punish you for it. And if you free me, I'll take you with me to somewhere that Buck can't hurt you. Or any other raider."


I cock a brow, still smiling.
"You're not a nice mare, Skyheart?"


She stops in her tracks and her eyes widen.
Then she bursts out laughing.
"Fuck leaving, I love it here!"

She blushes again, and shakes her head.
"I'm just a mare. Nothing special."


"I think Celestia herself once said each and every one of us is special. We have our cutie marks to show for it too."


She chuckles, and waves her hoof again with a flap of her wings.
"Like ponies with some sort of heart mark are so unique!"


"That doesn't make you any less valuable. After all, this afternoon wouldn't have been this great without you."


"I've had a very fun afternoon with you too, Cloud… but a pony like you could spend an afternoon with anypony and make it great!"


I chuckle.
"Careful now, you'll make my ears go red with that kind of talk."


"Shh Please!"
Look beggingly at the gull.


This time it's her turn to smile.
"A soon-to-be Wonderbolt should be able to handle praise better than that."


"That's what the flight suit is for."


"The suits don't cover the ears!"


It looks back at you, silent this time.

"I heard you are in here! Where are you?"


"I could blame the ears on the cold. The cheeks are much more difficult."


Shout back.
"Is the unicorn there?"


You hear a pause.
"…. no. But I, uh, I can lead you to him!"

"I'll try to get you a flightsuit as soon as I can then."
She giggles.


Nope! Run away!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"A lifelong dream come true to be sure."
I look up at the clock.
"Now… I'd hate to rush you out, but I'd like to work out for a while today. To keep my wings and body in shape, you know?"


You run back into the belly of the ship.
You perk your ears… you hear her board the ship through the plank.
"Kid, please, I want to help…"

"Oh, okay… or, well, I don't suppose I could watch you? Or would that bother you too much?"


I get up and crack my neck.
"I don't mind an audience."


She flutters up and claps her hooves.


Go back through the dark!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'd be a pretty shoddy Wonderbolt recruit if I did…"
Walk out of the kitchen. Get down on the puffy cloud floor and do some wing push-ups.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You stumble down the stairs and back down the corridor.
You can see the hole you came in through.

She flutters over to your sofa and watches you.
"Your wings look so strong… I could never do that…"


Jump out!
"C-come with me mister bird!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"They're pretty important if you want to fly fast, after all."
I grin and switch of to doing some sit-ups.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You jump out of the hole, and hear the bird yeow… on top of the deck.
"Oh Goddeses, what's that?!"
You forgot that mister bird is very very slow…

She lies down on her side and watches you do them.
"That's true… do you do this a lot?"


"Every… morning and evening… to stay in shape… somewhat…"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Lie in wait…

Roll #1 7 = 7


You hear a squish thud, an "Eww!" and then see mister bird falling down near you.
It opens it's wings somewhat, and with a bit of a glide it flies into the side of the ship, right beside you.

You're starting to feel the strain already… but she is looking at you with those curious eyes.
Come on, don't you give up now just yet!


Great! Jump around in victory!
Let's jump out now!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Phew okay…
More wing push-ups!

Roll #1 2 = 2


You jump out, just in time when she leans over the railing to see what happened to the bird.
"There you are! Stop, please!"

You start doing more, but you distract yourself by looking up, making one of your wings collapse with a bit of an ache after one of the pushups.
She sits up on the sofa.
"Are you okay?!"
It's nothing serious, but it does hurt a bit.


I pant softly.
"Just the strained wing acting up again… don't worry."


Nope! Run towards the camp!

Roll #1 3 = 3


She grabs a rope with her hoof and pushes herself away from the ship then jump towards the ground in a roll.
She couldn't deny she was a sailor… She's standing between you and the door now!


She raises a hoof to her mouth.
"Are you sure? Can't I help?"


Get up.
"I'm fine now. No more wing push-ups today though."
I chuckle.


She still looks concerned.
"It wasn't because of me, was it? I'm sorry!"


"Of course not, it was my own fault for pushing it that hard even though I knew it was still a bit fragile."
Look myself over.
"I'll have to take a shower later though."




She bites back a snicker.


I raise a brow with a smile.
"Something funny you'd like to share, Skyheart?"


"I get to do whatever I want!"

She bites her lips and shakes her head.


"That doesn't seem like nothing to me."
Flop down onto the couch as well.


"Oh, I doubt that."
Fiddle with the manacle with TK some more. If I can't force it open, maybe I can get the joints loose. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


She covers her mouth while giggling.
"It is, I'm telling you!"

It's pretty tough and strong, your TK does nothing against it.


I fake a pout.


Oh, well, that's no good.
Clonk the foal over the head with the butt of the trident and knock her out. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You smack her head, but it just makes her angry.
She pulls a rusty knife out of her vest.
"Now you've done it!"
You hear hooves approaching, and her TK shoves the knife towards you. You better deflect that.

"It was just a funny thought!"


'1d10' to jiggle her horn, and in the same motion donk the filly on the head again. If her horn is jiggled, the TK will be disrupted and the knife will drop.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I change my pout into a small smile.
"You really do remind me of your sister sometimes…"


Look at her in fear and take a few steps back, shaking.


"Thankfully you don't remind me of your dad… uh, no offense!"

You don't act fast enough, and the blade scratches you. It's too dull to stab you, but it does leave a painful little gash.
The mare and the stallion arrive, wielding a short spear and a slab of stone sledgehammer respectively.
"Well fuck me, he is!"

Curry 3/5

"C'mon, kid… I can take you to the unicorn! Don't you want that?"


Mister Bird pls help!
Shrink back as much as my physical form allows me to.


Right, no time for this shit. TK the stone pillar out of the ground. Hopefully the chain is tied around it instead of spiked to it. And hurl the pillar at the two raiders. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I let out a chortle.
"He's nicer when he's not at work."


"I only met him at work though!"

The bird stumbles between the two of you, but she kicks it away with an expression of disgust.
"Come on, you are coming with me!"

You fail to lif the entire ancient stone pillar out of the ground, but the top breaks off, which you toss at them.
"Oh sh-"
They have no time to react and both get a faceful or rock. The filly, however is short enough that she can duck under, and scratches you with her little blade again.

Curry 2/5
Bluntstone 2/5 - recovering
Raider 2/5 - recovering


Run away, under her legs!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Well, I'll tell him to go easy on you next time you're in trouble."
Wink at her.


While I've got the time, I'll grab the pony's big hammer with my TK, and smash it against the chains. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You sprint between her legs.
She spins around.
Stop now!"

She raises her proudly.
"I never get into trouble!"



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Is that so? I'm not sure about that, you seem like a bit of a troublemaker to me."


You grab it, and smash the chain once, twice, three times… it weakens considerably, just a bit more…
The filly however, sensing what you are doing, smacks a treebranch against your horn, making you lose focus, and giving enough time for her friends to get up.
"Kill him! Kill him!!!"

Curry 1/5
Bluntstone 2/5
Raider 2/5

You can't….
You freeze up.
Your body simply locks up.
You can't move a muscle.
She walks over to you.
"Good girl. Now you are coming with me, without making any trouble, got it?"

She fakes a pout.
"Whatever do you mean?!"


Gulp down, silently, Choking back a sob.
Then, in tears, nod.


Should be weak enough now. Pull with my muscles and swing the chain like a whip across all three of them. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well I don't want to be that stallion but… I've heard things about you. About how you're a real wild card. A loose cannon."


She nods at the back door of the drydocks.

"No I'm not!
I'm an angel!"
She smiles inncoently, tilts her head, and even opens her wings a bit.

Almost… but not quite.
As you struggle with it, you get slashed by the little raider again, and collapse from the pain.
The mare laughs.
"Would you fucking look at that, Shriek already knows how to work the knife like a champ!"

Curry - Helpless/4
Bluntstone 2/5
Raider 2/5
Shriek 3/3



Move towards it while staring at the ground.


"An angel or…"
I lean in slightly, lowering my voice.
"A demon?"


But it was all a ruse. Snap back to my feet, ready to fight. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


She giggles again, leaning a bit towards you as well.
"You'll have to find out!"


"I can tolerate a potential demon as long as you don't start growing horns and speaking in tongues, I guess."


She takes her tail in her hoof and starts to play with it, like a nervous filly would.
"I can't make any promises about that… is that a problem?"


"Can you at least promise not to sacrifice any virgins? I could get into big trouble for that."


"You said you could bail me out the next time I get in trouble!"


"From my dad, but not from the fuzz. Just be an angel instead, alright?"


She sighs.
"…fiiine, I guess I will have to be. Just because you asked so nicely!"


"Good girl. You know how to sing, don't you?"


She flaps down her ears.
"Oh, I sing to myself occasionally while cooking, but I'm nothing that great!"


"Music is great isn't it? I love listening to the radio in the morning. And waking up to it as well."


"Oh, we used to have one of those radios as well, it was amazing! The voice of Cloudy Curls was just so good to listen to!"


I smile.
"Cloudy and Keys, yeah… my two alarmclocks."


She clops her front hooves together in tiny motions.
"In one of the magazines I had I've read that there was actually something between them but they never went public with it!"


"They sound like they'd make a great couple. Good for them."


"Just the other day I heard something really scary though! They talk about all sorts of things and not all of them are good things!"


"They were talking about the Pony Express this morning, weren't they? Some kind of postal service?"


"Oh yes! They were already doing it when I was a filly, but it really started to grow now!"


"Sounds like a real pegasus job. Why not call it the pegasus express?"


"They use earth ponies to haul the heavy stuff, I heard."


"Guess that makes sense. Might not be a bad job for a pegasus, you know? You get to move around a lot as see a lot of stuff."


"I guess that's true… but what if you have to go to a dangerous place? Or get robbed?"


"Well… every job has its risks, no? Some are just lower than others."


"That would be too risky for me!
You could get seriously hurt over some package!"


I smirk.
"Well… what if you got sucked into a cloud making machine? You'd probably make for a lovely cloud and all, but it's not ideal."


She raises her head proudly again.
"I always follow every single security step when working with dangerous machinery!"


"Skyheart cloud… how would that look?"




I give her a look.
"You think you're boring?"


"I know I am…"


I chuckle.
"That's really harsh. And I disagree, you're the opposite of boring."


"You're just saying that, you can't convince me otherwise! I've been living with this condition for years now!"


"Well then, maybe we should give things a serious twist this weekend then, if you really insist on feeling that way."


"What kind of twist are you thinking?"


"It wont be so much of a twist if I already knew that, would it!?"


"Oh, so you don't know yourself?"


I chuckle.
"Do you like karaoke?"


"I'm not the best, but I do!"


"Aaaand… do you mind me inviting a few friends? I don't really know if they will want to come, but I've always wanted to hit a karaoke bar."


"Of course! I'd love to meet your friends!"


"I'll have to track them tomorrow after work then… how about we rendez-vous at my place? 7 PM on Saturday sound alright?"


She nods gleefully.
"Sounds great!"


"It's a date then."
I chuckle.


DC4 to notice her blushing again.
"It sounds like it is… I should go now, it's getting late I don't want to impose on you."


I smile at her.
"You aren't. It was great having you over Skyheart. I promise I wont have wing cramps next time."

Roll #1 6 = 6


You can see it clear as day.
She hops off of the couch.
"It was great being over here! Thanks for everything, I had a really great time, Cloud."


Get off the couch as well and lead her to the door.
"Tell your sister I said hi, will you? If she wants to come along too, she's certainly invited."


"I will do! See you tomorrow at work!"
She hesitates for a bit… '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Then leans forward and kisses you on your right cheek at the door.
"I'm looking forward to the weekend…"
She blushes again.


"Me too Skyheart. See you tomorrow at work."


She waves at then opens her wings and flies away.
You can hear her giggling adorably as she takes off.


I smile after her, then get back inside and close the door as she disappears from sight.
How tired am I?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Not tired at all!
You're full of energy!
You feel like you could move mountains.


Shame my wing is still a bit fucked…
Is it too late to fly over to my grandmother's house?


It's getting dark soon, but it's not late enough that she went to bed.
And grandmothers are always happy for visits.


That's very true. I'll fly over then. The extra bit of fresh air will be nice.


The cool breeze does feel good.
You arrive in front of her house soon enough.
No matter how old she is, she is keeping the surroundings pretty good looking!


Maybe she's got some extra hooves to help with that.
Ring the doorbell.


"I'm coming, I'm coming!"
You hear her shuffling hoofsteps from the other side of the door.


Just keep patiently waiting for her to get to the door with a smile.


She opens it, and her mouth turns into an ear to ear smile.
"Cloud, my little chickadee, I was thinking of you just today!"
She moves forward to hug you with her frail legs.
"I'm so clad you came, I got some crepes I couldn't eat by myself!"


Hug her back.
"Hello grandma, it's good to see you too."


She breaks the hug and starts walking inside.
"Come on in. Do you want some tea? Or malt coffee?"
Her feathers seem to be a bit ruffled.


"Some tea would be lovely, actually."
Walk in after her.


She leads you to the kitchen, and motions you to sit down.
You see some crepes on the table.
"Help yourself!"
She starts preparing the tea, then puts the water with the kettle on.


Sit down.
"I've shared some dinner already, but I'd hate to turn these down."
I chuckle and take a taste.


Magnificent, as always.
"I'm glad you like them!
Do you want some jam for those too?"


I nod.
"These are great. Some jam would really go well with them."


She brings over some apricot jam, as well as your tea.
"Should I get any sugar in it for you?"


Shake my head as I taste the tea.
"No thanks, it's fine. Have a seat."


She sits down, facing you, and takes one of your hooves in her's.
"It's been so long since we had a chat! How have you been?"


"Pretty good, if I say so myself. You know I started working that new job a few days ago, right?"


"Yes, your father told me! Oh he was so proud of you… and so am I!"


I chuckle.
"Growing up fast, hmmm?"


She chuckles calmly as well.
"It's seems just like yesterday when I was still holding you on my lap and telling you stories."


"Well, I like the work so far. And I'm getting along with my colleagues splendidly."


She caresses your hoof.
"You were also a little charmer, haven't you?
So how are things between you and Spring?"
…she must mean Spring Renewal, the mare you were going out with for the longest time.


I cough in my other hoof awkwardly.
"We… split up, grandma. A short while ago. Now don't you worry, it wasn't anything dramatic. We just… decided that our relationship had run its course. We're still friends though."


She frowns.
"Aww, you two were so nice together."


"Yes well… we had been together for a long time as well. Six years…"


"I still think she is the one for you, Cloudy, you two always seemed happy when you visited."


"We get along just fine as friends. We just felt like our relationship had hit a wall."


"We hit that every ten or so years with your grandfather, and still never split up, did we?"
She chuckles again, and looks out the window with a sigh and a longing smile.


"Don't worry, there's other mares out there. Plenty of them are nice too."


She leans a bit over the table to be able to reach you and pats your ear, just like when you were a colt.
"I'm not worried for you. You also managed to get along just fine."


I smile.
"I'm glad you have confidence in me."


"I remember when your brother build a little cloud-cage for you… you surprised all of us when you flew out! We didn't even know you already could!"


"You know me grandma, always full of surprises."


"As long as you don't plan on giving me a scare! More tea? Can I get you anything else? I have some chocolate covered bananas in the fridge if you are interested."


I pour in some more tea and shake my head with a smile.
"I'm full, thanks for asking though. I have to keep an eye on my health!"


"Are you sure?
Are you eating enough?"


"Of course!"


"I don't want you to be starving, if you ever want to have some food, you can always come by!"


I nod with a smile.
"I know I can. Thanks grandma. You're too kind to me."


She shakes her head.
"It's just a shame that your brother and sister are so far away, they can never visit nowadays…"


"Yeah… I do miss seeing them around. I hope they're doing alright out there."


"Your sister at least writes every now and then."


"How is she doing?"


"She's doing well, she's working so hard to get that degree!"
She smiles again.
"In the last letter she told me about meeting a nice stallion too…"


"That's good to hear."
I smile.
"About time she got around to thinking about stallions!"


She nods.
"I'd like to see the children of any of my grandchilds while I'm still alive and kicking."
She gives you an almost conspiring look.


"Don't worry, I don't plan on staying alone for the remainder of my life!"


"Just get on with it so I can see!"
She chuckles again.


I smile and lean back in my chair.


"Good, good!"
She stands up to wash the plate you ate from.
"Do you know that big store that opened nearby?"


"Uh… remind me again?"


"It's a few blocks down from here! That big chainstore and what have you!"


"Hm… haven't check it out yet."


"They have carriages that go there and back!
It's so useful, I can't fly like I used to do…."


I nod.
"It's good that they're thinking about ponies like you."


"The buck yesterday even helped me carry the grocery bags inside! Such a dear, he was."


"It's not always easy to come by kindness like that in this world…"


"That makes it even nicer to come by it!"


"That's true, I suppose. Have you heard anything from dad lately?"


"He was here earlier this week, he helped me water some of those plotted flowers I keep at the back yard. He seemed stressed so I didn't want to bother him much."


"Yeah, he's got it busy from what I gathered."


"Isn't he always… and he still drops by every now and then."
She leans back in her chair with a smug smile.
"Maybe I did something right while raising him."
You couldn't deny she is your grandmother, that's for sure.


I chuckle.
"What do you think about those glasses of his?"


She waves her hoof around with a huff.
"If your grandfather ever wore a pair like that I would have knocked them off his face and made him buy a new one."


I nod, smiling.
"I thought so."


"Are you sure you don't want to try some of those bananas? They are really good?"


"Sorry, but I've got to look after my body!"


"You don't like them?"


"Of course I do. But I already ate a salad before coming here and then those crepes with jam you made."


"I made those bananas too… do you want to take them home with you?"


"Sure, if you have leftovers!"


She smiles and slowly walks over the fridge.
"Here you go! Let me wrap it up for you!"
…that's a LOT of chocolate covered bananas.
At least half a dozen!


Oh dear…
"How long can I keep these?"


"They will be good for a few days in the fridge!"


"Alright, thanks!"


She pats your head again.
"You're welcome any time, chickadee."


Get up from my seat.
"It was great to talk to you again, grandma. If you need anything from me, don't hesitate to ask."


"Oh, I don't want to take up your time with tasks, but if you just want to have a tea and a talk with this old mare, the door is always open!"


"Of course."
Give her a hug.
"See you grandma. Thanks for the tea and crepes."


She hugs you back.
"Tell your father that I'll be over at Mayflower this Sunday, so if he wants to come water the flowers he has to bring his keys!"


"I will, don't worry."
Break off the hug and leave.


You leave with the sweets she packed for you, and arrive back at your house.
It's starting to get late.


Put the food in the fridge and get some rest. Do some more push-ups before bed, but not too many. Got to be careful.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You can't even do two before your wing starts to hurt like a bitch again.


God fucking dammit.
Just go to bed then. Have some nice dreams or something.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You have nice dreams of cute mares and good looking butts, and a good night's rest to top it off.



As soon as you try, you are forced back down.
As an added insult, by the filly.
"Can I kill him? Can I?"
The stallion smacks the filly on the back of her head.
"No. Buck's orders. Not yet, anyway, hehe."

It leads to the other side, facing the shore.
The view of this side is entirely blocked by the building.
"Move it, along the shore. Go."
She is following right behind you.


"Gooooooooood morning, Cloudsdale! You are listening to the Morning Feather Rustler with your favourite host, Cloudy Curls!"
"Made even better by me, Sweet Keys! So, from what I heard, one of our reporters, Quick Scribble just returned from a trip to the Island of Freedom yesterday."
"I'm sure he's got a story or two to tell."
"Nothing about illegal substances though. Nope, not a thing."
The sound of Curls trying to stiffle a laugh and fail can be heard.
"In the meantime, have this piece of music from one of the Island's talented artists!"

You wake up with a smile on your face.
Today's Friday too, which makes things even better!


Goddamn, I wish I was dead.
What's going on?


That's right! Get the fuck up and let's get this party started!
Go go go!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I suppose Buck took the captive villager with him, so there was no point to me coming here?"


You have no idea.
You try to open your eyes, but everything is blurry and fuzzy.
You are in some sort of room… a bed… it's all very confusing.

In a montage of awesome you do your morning routine, refreshing you to start the day with a certainly positive attitude!
"-as warned about the length of the concerts she gives, but… hehe, I did not expect that!"
"Come on, tell us and the listeners, how long was it?"
"Eight. Hours."
There is a round of chuckles.
"Hahah, what, seriously?"
"Yes, she just went on and on and on without breaking a sweat!"

The two grown-ups look at each other, then laugh.
"There was no order about that guy. So we got creative."


Try to say something '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


What are they talking about?
Stick to the radio for a moment to listen in.


I'll frown.
"How do you mean? The captive was supposed to survive until the end of the day. That was Buck's term."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"You didn't disobey Buck, did you? For shame."


You manage to utter "Damn."
You notice somepony sitting by the right side of the bed, the retired sheriff, Rickety Crimes. That grey beard is unmistakeable, so is the single feather stuck into his mane.
"Calm down, son. You've lost a lot of blood."

The mare bitchslaps you, the filly still excitedly jumping around you.
"You shut your whore mouth."

"That's… wow. I guess she does deserve the title 'Queen of Music' then."
"She never liked the queen part, from what I heard. She says it makes her sound too old."
"She has a really unique sense of humor, doesn't she?"
"Oh, you don't know half of it!"
"I've heard that you've met her in person."
"Yes, I did, but unfortunately I didn't have my recording equipment on me. I do have the transcript though, but really, it's just not the same."
"I think our listeners are interested nevertheless. You can hear the interview with Buttermilk Sky here on the Morning Feather Rustler, right after these commericals!"


I'll grin at her.
"So you did disobey him. And I'm sure he already knows."
I'll laugh.
"Even catching me won't save you, then."


Squint my eyes.


Do I have time to listen in? If so, I will. Otherwise, to work I go.


"He was just a fucking, run-down villager! He'll excuse us for having a bit of fun for ourselves."
"Worst case, he'll fuck her anyway."
The mare shoots a glare at Bluntstone.

He puts a hoof on your shoulder.
"Don't get too worked up, Mesa. It won't do you any good."

You can catch the first few minutes of it.
"You are behind the creation of this Island, making it what it is today. What made you do it? What were your ambitions and inspirations?
A very mean minotaur once told me-"
"Wait, a minotaur?"
"Don't interrupt me! A very mean minotaur once told me, 'Imagine, if you will, a perfect city.' And so I did! I just had entirely different ideas than he! He was a real bad guy, let me tell you that! After I managed to travel back from another dimension-"
There is a snorting chuckle.
"Shh! Dimension, I had a chat with a really good Pink friend of mine and she said it was a great idea! A place where everypony is free to do whatever brings joy to them, to play music, rejoice, and have fun fun fun! No meanies allowed in!"


Blink again.
This is weird.
"Where am I?"


Goats are weird.
Turn off the radio, I should get going! To work!


"He was a run-down villager that was supposed to stay alive."
I'll tsk at her.
"Well, there's no helping that, I suppose."
Grab my trident, and leap to my hooves, pulling myself free of the weakened chains. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"At the doc's place. You got roughed up mighty bad."

You only have a few minutes to change when you arrive.
As you enter, however, Airheart almost jumps out of her seat she waves so hard at you.
"Hey! Hey! Cloud! Come here!"

The mare notices what you are trying to do and steps on your trident, and within a moment's notice the stone-slab-hammer of Bluntstone smacks your face, hard.
You taste blood and spit out a tooth…fuck you got dizzy.
The filly cheers.


I cock a brow and wander over.
"Something wrong, Airheart?"


I blink.
"Right…I remember now, I was trailing something…a coyote and then that bastard grabbed me out of nowhere. Fucking rookie mistake."
I trail off.


Shake my head.
Can't just give up here.
Magic the weakened chain so that it snaps and flies into Bluntstone's eyes. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Look! LOOK!"
She holds up a flier… holds it up so close you can't make a word out of it.
She's a bit overexcited.

You see a frown form under his facial hair.
"I'm sorry, son."
You are slowly staring to regain your senses, but something is not quite right…

You manage to finally snap it, using it as a whip against the raider. He drops his weapon and collapses on the ground with a yell, raising both hooves to his bloodied face.
The mare is startled and gets her weapon ready, but the filly behind you already scrapes your flank with her knife.

Curry 4/3
Bluntstone Helpless/5
Raider 2/5
Shriek 3/3


What do you mean,, voice in my head?
Move my arms and legs a bit.


Back up a little.
"Hey calm down, what is it? I can't see from this up close."


Alright, enough playing around with the filly. Scoop up the trident and smack her with it. Knock her out. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You move them but… your left foreleg.
It's… more than half of it is missing. It abruptly ends in a bandage covered stub.

The front page says Canterlot Cat Convention.
The date says it starts tomorrow at ten.

You pick your weapon up and give her a rightful slap in the face, sending her sprawling with a bloody nose.
Bluntstone clears the blood out of his eyes, preparing to stand back up.
The mare snarls and slashes at you.

Curry 3/3
Bluntstone Helpless/5
Raider 2/5
Shriek Helpless/2


Smack the raider mare with the blunt end of the trident. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"… Wow. Really?"
I chuckle.
"You want to go there?"


I raise my head and look at it.
Wave it around for a second.
It really is gone?


She pulls her head to the side then bites down on the handle, overpowering your magic and stabbing it right back…into your chest.
To the same spot where it hurt too!

You collapse against the pillar again.
Curry Helpless/2
Bluntstone Helpless/5
Raider 2/5
Shriek Helpless/2

She nods.
"Uh-huh! There will be so many cats there! And I can meet them in person! Or catson! And I can pet them and everything!"

You almost feel like it is still there, but your eyes confirm that it is gone.
Rickety speaks in a somber tone.
"I'm sorry, son."


Try to remain stoic '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I've wasted too much time here… need to get away. Wrench my trident back and stand up. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sounds like a jolly good time."


She nods.
"I know I'll simply love it!"
Tick tock, almost time for work!

You pull it out of you, but in the meantime, the mare helps up Bluntstone.
You are on your hooves, but you can't keep losing blood like this forever.

You had your fair share of licks with terrible things in life. You never had much money, you never knew love, your parents were murdered without you being to stop it. No matter how long you have lived in Appleloosa, ponies always looked at you as if you were a stranger. Your best friend in this miserable life has always been whiskey, to ease the pain, even if just for a while.
Into each heart some rain must fall, but too much has fallen in your's… making your tears fall alike.


"…fuck." I say in that shitty breaking bitch voice.


"Well I got to get to work, so I can't stick around any longer. Tell me all about it later, okay?"
I should go see dad really quick.


I don't plan to. I need to escape while they're busy picking each other up. Quickly, into the jungle.


"Shhh, Mesa. It's allright, I understand."
Rickety slowly gets up and pulls you into a hug, the closest thing to a fatherly embrace you could hope for.

She nods.
"Okay, bye!"
You enter his office, he is at his desk, as usual.
"Ah, Skimmer, it's you. What brings you here?"

Roll for the escape.



Roll #1 2 = 2


"I went to see grandma yesterday, she wanted me to tell you that she wont be home on Sunday."


"Just….fuck. Fucking why…"


You don't even reach the jungle before feeling pain across your side, the mare landing before you, her weapon coated with your fresh blood.
"Where do you think you're going, big guy?"

Curry 2/2
Mare 2/5

"That is good to know. Thank you for telling me. I would thank you for visiting him, but that is not a favor but an obligation as a grandson of her's."

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you, Mesa. There's no stopping these things."


"I've never eaten a bear…."


"I don't have time for you."
Bash her aside the head with the trident and keep going. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I smile and roll my eyes.
"Yes dad, of course. Any plans for the weekend for you and mom?"


"You've took on much tougher things, son but you cannot beat them all."

She dodges as again and slashes.
"You don't have a say in it!"

Curry 1/2
Mare 2/5

"We planned on visiting the spa for some relaxation. I need some of that for sure."


I nod.
"I've got a busy weekend ahead, but maybe I can swing by on Sunday if I have time to spare and you guys are home."


"Like Tartarus I don't."
Stop briefly, pivot, and swing the trident like a bludgeon while she's still moving forward. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I took on much bigger things, I spend every fucking day of my life protecting those ponies who don't even give me the time of day…and this is what I get?!?"


That'll do it!
It sends her to the ground with a thud.
"Ughf… fuck…"

She's down.

Curry 1/2
Raider Helpless/4

"Come in the afternoon, we should be."

He sighs.
"Nopony ever said being a Ranger is an easy life, or one without sacrifices."


"Piss off with that sacrifice talk. I've fought my whole life and this is my fucking reward, fuck this, fuck fuck fuck."
I'm pissed as fuck.


Keep going.


"Noted. Now, I should get to work. Later dad."
Take my leave. Get geared up and commence my work.


She tries to stand up, but can't muster the strenght just yet.
You gallop into the jungle, but you don't feel safe just yet.

Another rainy day to supervise.

"I understand that you are angry. You have every right to be but it won't help you, son."


I can do iiiit!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"What happened to that beast? What happened to it?"


Well, of course not.
Don't go to the cave, but start working my way back to the boat house. Along the way, gather herbs and plants that could be used as medicine for a Natural Remedy. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"It was shot, by the farmer who heard the ruckus and went to check. Said' it took half a dozen bullets before keeling over."

Of course you can!
You can also get absolutely drenched while doing your work! Your wet mane, tail and clothes stick to you in an uncomfortable way, not to mention the cold.

You find all kinds of useful plants on your way, as if you were following some divine path. You cure all the more serious injuries and most of the minor cuts too.
Curry 5/4




Think happy thoughts…
Lunch soon…
Warm towels…
A nice butt to hold on to…


Praise the moon for lighting my path.
I should be able to pick up the pace a little. Not a full gallop, but at least a canter. Buck's probably already well ahead of me.


"Shooting it wouldn't have given your leg back, son."

Just a little bit more!
Roll again before you get to have your break.

You head back towards the camp.
Pause until Felfire catches up chronologcally.



Roll #1 6 = 6






It doesn't get any worse at least.
You need this lunchbreak!
You head back to the factory.
Where to first?

He does, calmly sitting back to his seat.
After a minute of silence, he speaks.
"Want a smoke?"






He rolls a cig, puts it in your mouth and lights it.

You dry yourself the best you can, but still feel somewhat cold.
Venturer is once again, eating in the locker room, waving as you enter.


Just stare a thousand yard stare.
"…My life is over."


I sigh.
"Damn rain… what's up, Venturer? I'd love to hang out with you, but I've got a mare to catch and listen to her talk about cats."


"Things seem mighty grim, I have to admit."

He chuckles.
"Shitty day, as expected.
At least there's the weekend to look forward to."


"I hear you. We'll talk next week, alright?"
Wave him off and head to the mess hall.


"Did you tell the Ranger Command yet?"
Or whatever the central ranger guys are.


"A'ight! Catch you by then!"
You arrive. You couldn't miss Airheart even if you wanted to.
She's not sitting, she's fluttering above the seats while eating.

"Yes. I heard Chief Hanlon will come here, in person."


"That asshole. Celestia fucking damn it."


What the heck?
Rub my head and flutter over to her.
"Airheart… take a seat will you?"


He raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.

She looks at you with an oblivious smile.
"What do you mean?"


Take her hoof and lead her down to the ground.
"Sit. Relax."


"Don't look at me like that.
I respect him. But the moment he trots in here he'll just fucking tell me I'm a useless fuck, maybe not in that way."


She blushes as she realises, and giggles.
"Sorry! I'm just so excited!"

"…That is a possibility, son."


I smile.
"I bet you are. Is your sister coming along as well for the show?"


"…Maybe he'll let me keep it. I can still do my job right? If I put some extra effort in it?"


She nods.
"Uh-uh! She promised to come with me!"

"That's up to him, not me. I believe in you. I don't know about him."


I smile a bit.
"Yeah, yeah, he will…he must….."


"That sounds like a great little outing to me. Pet some cats for me there, would you?"


She squeeks and accidentally kicks the table.
"I will!"

"Until then, get some rest. You need it."
He stands up to leave.


Get some rest.

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


I chuckle.
"Are you going to be flying yourself there? To Canterlot?"


"Skyheart told me we should take a coach.
She doesn't like flying a lot, you know!"

You manage to fall asleep, not troubled by any nightmares this time.
You awaken to some nudging, by a nurse.
"Mister Ranger?"


I nod.


I nod a little.
"So I heard. How is she doing?"


"You've got a visitor."
She leaves the room quickly, leaving the door open.

"She was smiling like mad yesterday when she came home! I think she was excited about the cats too!"


Try to get up a bit.


I snicker.
"I guess she must be. Weren't you lonely all on your own yesterday?"


"Nuh-uh! I was doodling!"


"Let me guess… doodling cats? I didn't know you were an artist."


Where were we?



"I'm not! I just like to grab a pencil sometimes and draw things!"


Keep walking, slowly.
Stare at the ground.


"That's nice. I never was good at using pencils with my mouth."


After a while, she nudges your side.
"We made some good distance. To the jungle. Go."

"Do you use your wings?"


Look at her with tearful eyes.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I've tried… with moderate success."
I chuckle.


"So how do you write?"

You collapse and break down into sobbing.
She looks distressed.
"Ahh, come on, don't do this… please… stop crying, come on!"


Just look up at her and keep crying.


I smirk a little at her.
"Very messily."


"You should practice!"

She awkwardly pats your head and tries to pull you to your hooves.
"Come on, stop it, don't cry! Not now! It's… It's okay! We're going to see the unicorn! Your friend!"


Shy away from er touch.


"Oh I have. When I was just a colt, my teachers always berated me for not being able to read what I wrote down and instructed me to rewrite everything."
I keep smirking.
"… It didn't help."


"…Yeah. Yeah, promise."

She scrunches.
"Write something for me!"


I hold up my hooves.
"Sorry, nothing to write with or on."


She starts to eat faster and talks through a mouthful.
"Af my defsk!"


"Talking with your mouth full is rude, you know."
I chuckle a little and shake my head.
"So you want me to write what exactly?"


She finishes quickly and gulps, wiping her mouth with her hoof, then her hoof with the napkin.


"Alright then, I guess. If you're done eating?"


She nods.
"I am! Let's go, let's go!"


"Alright alright, don't get your feathers all rustled up."
Get up from my seat and follow her.


She flies back to the desk like she was trying to evacuate.
Catch up!


Oh god.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Then, stop crying and get up.
Give her the faintest smile and walk again.


You can barely keep up with her!
How can she even fly so fast?!
By the time you arrive she even has a paper and a pencil ready!

She smiles back, and motions towards the jungle with her head.
"Come on. I'm sure he is waiting."




"… You're a pretty fast flier, Airheart."
Pick up the pencil and look down on the paper.
"So you really just want to see me write?"


You soon enter the jungle, and head in deeper.
She doesn't seem to be very confident in where she is going…

Anything goes!"




"Yes, yes, he must be missing you a lot…hold on.."
She seems lost, yes, almost as if she was going in random directions.


Stop and stare at her silently for a moment.


She tops as well.


Keep staring..


I shake my head and write down a short poem in my normal manner of writing.

I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers,
From the seas and the streams;
I bear light shade for the leaves when laid
In their noonday dreams.
From my wings are shaken the dews that waken
I wield the flail of the lashing hail,
And whiten the green plains under,
And then again I dissolve it in rain,
And laugh as I pass in thunder.


"D-Don't look at me like that! Keep moving!"

She giggles.
"That is really messy… your writing I mean! Not the poem! I liked that, it's really nice! Is it about weatherponies?"


Keep staring.
But after a moment, pick a direction and start walking.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shake my head.
"It's a poem about clouds. Or part of it, at least. I didn't make it up myself, for the record."


"Oh, I thought you did.
Why do you know it if you didn't come up with it?"

You confidently start strolling in a direction.
"H-Hey, where are you going?"
Shortly after, you arrive at the cave the unicorn found. It still has that moon on the inside.
Sadly, he isn't here.


Sit down right beside the moon.
No, lie down and curl up, closing my eyes.


"It's the only part I remember from poetry day in high school."


You feel safe here.
After a bit of serene silence, you hear her speak.
"What are you doing?"

"I don't remember much! My memory is not so good, you know!"


Twitch one ear, but don't open my eyes, don't answer her.
Just stay quietly here.


"That's fine, Airheart. We all forget so many things."


"You do too?"

You hear hoof clop against stone unpatiently.
"Stand up, come on!"


Lower both my ears and try to sleep.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Sometimes. Which reminds me, I should go see somepony before lunch is over. I'll leave you to it, alright?"


You try to asleep but the sounds of metal against stone makes your eye spring open.
"I. Said. Get. Up."

"Aww, okay! See you around, Cloud!"
She starts spinning around in her chair.


Stare at her with fear, eyes darting from the stone to her face, shivering.


That mare…
Go check, on our doctor. Hopefully she's in her office already.


She puts the cutlass away, then glances above the canopy, seeing something you can't from this height.
"I know where to go.
Get up. Now."

You knock and enter, finding Storm Dancer in her office, writing some reports at her desk.
"Look who the wind blew here! What can I help you with?"


"He will come here. I know he will."


"I'll try not to take up all of your time."
I smile.
"You're a clever pony, right? At least, I hear you're an expert on pegasi."


"Not if we go to him first."
She grabs you with her mouth and pulls you to your hooves.

She glances at her doctoral degree on the wall, then hums.
"Gee, I don't know, what makes you think that?"


Widen my eyes in shock and shut everything down for a second, gasping.
Shut my eyes and bite my lower lip as hard as I can.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Well nurse, I may need some… advice. Say I am a moderately fit pegasus wanting to become a extremely fit pegasus. What type of exercise, lifestyle and diet would you suggest?"


You see that tall, blue pony for a split second…

It helps you realize something…

Whatever she is saying, the way she said 'he' definitely didn't refer to the unicorn.

She thinks and tips the pen at her lips a few times before speaking.
"What exactly do you want to achieve with it? That's important, there are more than one set of muscles you can favor over others."


"Stunt flying, high velocity flight, flight endurance and various other forms of aerobatics."


Look back at the mare with the shiv.
Lie down on the grass and then on my back, without breaking eye contact.
Talk in a broken, scared but resigned sobbing.
"Do it. Like they always do."


"Oooh, a real daredevil. Trying to impress a mare?"

Her eyes widen in horror and she gulps.
"…F-Fuck this…"
She picks you up and puts you on her back, and starts walking again.
She keeps mumbling something to herself as she walks.


Remain silent, resting my head on her neck.
Close my eyes.


I smile and shake my head.
"I don't need my wings for that, just my striking good looks and charisma."


She tries to hold back a laugh.

You nod off a bit, your little heart beating so fast…
After a while you feel her stop walking.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I keep smiling.
"And as you can see, my good sense of humor as well, of course."


Open my eyes and look around.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You open your eyes but you don't like what you see.
She is just outside the enterenace to the Temple.

"I will work on something for you during the weekend then, Casaneighva."


Start breathing quickly in a panic. Jump off her and give her one last look of terror and disbelief.


I nod and give her a serious look.
"I really appreciate it, Storm. It means a lot to me. Do me a favor and… don't tell anypony I asked this, okay?"


She takes out her cutlass and puts it behind you, giving you nowhere to go but forward.
"I'm… I'm sorry kid. It's either you or me."

She nods, smiling with kindness this time.
"Doctors are good at keeping secrets, don't worry. You can trust me."


I smile as well.
"Thanks. I'll leave you to your work then."
Time for work again?


Gulp down. Stare at her for one more second.
Beg her with my eyes full of tears and silently mouth
Walk towards the knife.


Time for more rain.
Roll 2d10

She trembles when she realizes your intention, and stabs the blade into the ground… then pushes you to the ground with both hooves right after, letting out a sharp, loud whistle.
You are pinned.



Roll #1 2, 10 = 12


I… Squirm free!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I've gotten to the boathouse by now, yes?


It starts out terrible, but ends awesome.
You manage to dry yourself on the go, and even get to help out with the Weather Control group when they pass by. Being part of their cheerful banter definitely lifted your mood!

The earth pony is too strong! You can do nothing against her with your struggling.
Bluntstone and Shivers run over after hearing it.
"Well, well well, look what we have here."

You see Splinterproof raise her crossbow as you exit the jungle, but lower it immediately afterwards.
When you get near her, she lets out a relieved sigh.
"Thank the Goddesses you are back. I was starting to get worried."


Look panicking from one to the other…
Stop breathing.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well, I decided to stop by the local village to see if Buck was telling the truth. There were a few raiders there, but I managed to kill one, and the other fled. There was no prisoner in their camp."
I'll jingle the chain on my leg.
"Just a trap. Where is the little one?"


Great! That's the way I like it!
Now, I need to visit some friends to ask them about tomorrow, so I need to quickly shower and get dressed again!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You hold your breath to try and seem as small as you possibly can.
The mare gets off of you and picks up the sword again.
"Y-You can have her but I demand safety in exchange!"

The raider mare laughs, while Bluntstone walks over to you.
"Buck will decide about that. You are staying with us until he gets back."

"You were at their camp?!"
He nods towards the warehouse.
"I think she went inside. I was keeping an eye on possible threats."

You try to go fast, but there's at a queue at the shower this time. It has a limited capacity, after all, and today was a long day for every worker.


I'll head in.
"Little one? Are you there?"


Keeeep holding it until I die!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Fuck it, I'll just shower when I get home.
Grab my stuff and go. Who is the closest from here?

Roll #1 3 = 3


No response, just the ship, sitting there.

Your effort is valiant, but your stubborn body makes you gasp for air at the last second.
Blunststone scoops you up with a hoof and holds you to his chest.
"You've been a baaaaaaaaaad filly, Felfire."

There doesn't seem to be any hot water.
Milky Way lives the closest from here.


Look inside.
"Little one?"


Alright, let's go hit up Milky first then.
Ring his doorbell.


Start crying uncontrollably and pound away at his chest.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Roll for spot check.

He opens the door with messy hair, and it seems his coat is half-dried.
"Cloud? I thought I'd have a bit more time before you arrived!"

Shivers flies and lands behind Scurvy, motioning her forward, inside the temple.
You start crying and punching his chest as he walks back with you, making him wince.
"Stop with that fucking crying, it's all you ever fucking do!"



Roll #1 4 = 4


Stop it with the crying. Give up. I'm dead anyway.


"… You expected me?"


"If it's not you, it's Corvette or Hot Pursuit. I can't remember the last Friday afternoon I spent home."
He chuckles.

It's pretty dark in here… you can't see much.

He carries you inside, and sets you down.
Scurvy sits down nearby, shaking.


Look at her for a last instant, until she looks back at me.
Mouth the words
I'm Sorry


I smirk.
"Well, I'm not here to hang out with you today. Just wondering if you're up for a little gettogether tomorrow. At a karaoke bar. With our usual group. And a mare you've probably not met before."


She breaks down into sobs.
Shriek laughs at her.
"What's the matter, don't like the decorations?"

"Oh! That sounds fine! What time?"


Look at the walls of the temple, at the rest of it…
I know what's coming now, don't I?


"We'll meet at 7 PM at my place. That sound alright?"


Light my horn.
"Little one?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


He doesn't seem to be here just yet…
You only see these two.
Where did they all go?

"Sounds like a plan!"

You light your horn, but trip over a lantern that was placed in the middle of the corridor…


"Alright, see you there Milky. Be sure to look swanky, alright?"
I chuckle and fly off, to the next one on the list!


I… I'd rather not think about them.


"As always!"
Voltage up next!

You see the pink filly, Shriek stumbling out behind of a pillar. She seems to have blood all over her nose.


…Don't make eye contact.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Gotta go fast.
Knock on her door.


You two stare at each other for a long while.

You hear noises from inside.


Try to… Smile at her?

Roll #1 4 = 4




How odd. Pick up the lantern, and carry it out to the others.
"Have any of you seen the little one?"


"Hold ooooooooooooooooooon!"
You hear her closer to the door.

She blinks and sneezes some blood onto the ground near her.
That sort of breaks your smile.

You see that the valve of it has been turned, but it hasn't been lighted.
The Doc is changing the bandages of Netsy while Angler is crafting planks to be used to patch the ship up. He speaks.
"I saw him playing on the deck of the ship for the brief moment I looked inside. I've been busy working ever since."



I should go back to looking down at the ground.


Huh. Close the valve.
"Well, she's not there any longer…"
I'll look around a little.
"Where's Scurvy?"


"I'm waaaaaitiiiiing!"




The sandy dirt looks discolored with old, dried blood.
You wonder from who this could have come from…

The raider is still teasing the mare that brought you here.
Bluntstone is sitting back and enjoying the show.