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What is your destiny?


Cloud Skimmer


"Goooooooooooood morning Cloudsdale! It's your usual host of the Morning Feather Rustler, Cloudy Curls!"
"Better morning, it's six o'clock and it's me, Sweet Keys!"
"What was with that big coat you came in to work with, Keys?"
"I know winter wrap up is over already, but screw that. This is just too comfortable to give up so easily."
"Hah, well you'll be having a hot time today, because the weather is scheduled to be a spotless clear day with a lot of warm sunrays! Shoutout to Princess Celestia here!"
"Now let's hear the newest hit by Charlie Barn to start the day!"

The chatter of the stallion and mare cut to music.

You wake up in your bed to the sound of the 'alarm radio'. It's still a bit unusal, but you guess magic is magic.

You look at your Wonderbolts poster across the room, and they flash their confident smile back to you.
Today is the big day. Your audition to the W- wait, no, you are just starting to work at the Weather Factory.
You'll have to earn that money for the boot camp somehow after all. Better get ready in time and not be late!



You wake up to the first rays of the sun shining in through the cracks and 'window' of the makeshift shack.
Recently you've been having such weird dreams. A tall, blue pony telling you nice things, that everything will be fine soon…
Even with the drug they've been giving to you…whatever that is, you have been feeling more clear recently. Both a blessing and a curse.
The bad part is… no, no, you don't want to think about it. The good part is that you could actually look around and understand everything.
The chain to the wall, the door, even a basic layout of the temple ruins.
You've been also more active with exploring your body, like how your wings work… surely, they didn't notice, did they?

You are knocked out from your train of thought when you hear someone approaching.



Princess Luna.
She appeared in a dream. She talked. Directly. To you.
She even knew your name!
There was no time for chit-chat though. She gave you a mission. A mission you cannot fail, nor can she talk to you again until you've done it.
You must seek out and protect a very special little filly.
She gave you some clues, like where to start your search. You had to gain acces to a small, five pony fishing boat that was headed to the city of 'Dixie'.

She forgot to mention the apparent storm that would hit during the night.
A brutal storm.
On the bright side, you survived! You cough up some seawater as you wake up on the shores of some sort of island. The sandy beach stretches for a while before turning into the foliage of a thick jungle.
Around you, illuminated by the dawning sun, you can see the wreckage of the ship around you. Splintered wood, broken barrels, torn nets. Nopony else from aboard the ship though… and none of your equipment.
Well bother.


I get up with a yawn, straightening my mane with a hoof.
Let's get some quick breakfast and a shower first, keep the radio on.


Well, bother indeed. Maybe they headed into the jungle? Island can't be deserted, can it?
Any driftwood big enough to use as a club? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Fold my wings quickly, and stop breathing. Close my eyes.
Pretend I'm sleeping.
As best as I can.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You take a quick, hot shower then proceed to your kitchen to throw some breakfast together. Toast and a simple salad, just to keep things nice and simple.

"..like cleaning your enviroment."
"So you're going to start at my place tomorrow?"
"No, not your house, Curls! Why don't you do the whole road from Sunshine Road to Stratus street?"
"Why, I could just strap a broom to my side and I'd do it on the way to work!"

You spot one that is suitable, but you'll have to battle that crab for it.
And boy does that crab look pissed at you even for looking at his plank.

A burly earth pony kicks in the door, sending the dust from the floor sparkling in the rays of sunlight.
"Rise and shine, little pegasus! We're going for a walk!"
You hear his crackling coming closer.


…Open an eye.
Slowly. Not entirely. Just enough to take a peek.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Fuck that crab. I'll just levitate it away from him and be done with it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Can't laze around forever. Turn off the radio, grab my gear and head out to leave for work.


He is leaning down, right at your face level.
You can feel his rancid breath.

He is a quick little fellow. And now you angered it.
It scampers back before you know it and pinches your leg painfully. Ouch!

"Now, for the news blo-"
You get your gear in check, lock the door, and take to the skies.
Traffic is pretty calm this early in the morning, and you can see some pegasi cleaning out the last remains of winter.


But at least I have the stick. Shake off the crab, and head into the jungle.


Yelp slightly and shuffle backwards.
Then, opening my eyes just slightly with an expression of horror on my face, look at him, avoiding his eyes.


I'll join them soon enough, I'm sure. Fly on.



You head through the first few palm trees into the jungle that gets thick fast.
As soon as you leave the beach, a terrible feeling of anxiety and slight nause comes over you. Something is not right. Something is not right with this island at all. And to make matters worse, you can barely see anything.

Also, beat my roll to shake off the clingy crab.

You touch down in front of the factory. A boring looked, fat guard is sitting by the gate. He puts down his newspaper and looks at you with a not-so honest smile.
"Who you are looking for, buddy?

"There, all better!
Ready to start the new day, huh, you little shit?
I told you we're going for a walk? Aren't you excited to leave this room? It smells even worse than you!"
He laughs again, and starts to chew on the chain at the wall.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The fact he's clinging on so hard is already cause for concern. Most crabs don't care. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Weakly pull on the chain, trying to free my hooves.
Try to ignore him.


Ha, there, he's gone. Keep walking. And listening. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Look at him for a second before answering.
"Nopony in particular. It's my first day at work, so I imagine I'm looking for a team captain or supervisor of sorts."


"Oh, you'll want to see the director first then."
He unlocks the gate for you.
"First floor, you can't miss his office."

He was a very angry and spiteful crab for sure, but now he's gone.

Your ears do pick up something though… the sound of ponies? In this jungle?

You can't ignore him.
Your chains do fall off though!
Your- wait, he undid the chains. The shackle around your neck is still on, and he is holding the chain leash.
He kicks your side.
"Come on, have your walkie. There's a special surprise waiting just for you."


Yelp at the kick and try to get up.
I haven't been walking in way too long…

Roll #1 3 = 3


Walk through on the puffy clouds to find this office.


Your legs are all shaky, but you're not even sure from why.
He snarls.
"What did I just say?!"

The reception desk seems to be empty so you head straight on. You spot the double doors right away. Beside the door you see it.

Head Director of Weather Control Facility

Cloud Trimmer

…also known to you as 'Father'.


Try! To!
Cough and grit my teeth.
Pull through!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Ponies? Well, that's what I was looking for. Maybe the crew? Let's get a good look at them, first, though. Might be about as friendly as that crab.
I'll move as quietly as I can so that I can at least get an eyeful of these ponies. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Right. Dad.
This wont be odd at all. Give those doors a firm knock.
"Cloud Skimmer reporting in for duty."


The blue pony told you it will be allright, you must do it, do it for her, do it for yourself…

You manage to stand up and stagger a few steps.
The earth pony seems content with this.
"That's it. Go on, walkies."

You creep closer. Yes, that's definitely the sound of ponies. The canopy becomes less dense, and you see a clearing.
A clearing full of basic, wooden huts. Some of the huts have smoke rising from them, and you can see the inhabitats. You can only see earth ponies and pegasi though, and most of them have some sort of shade of brown for their coats. From a first glance none of them seem very happy…

The door opens and you enter the office.
It lacks most decoration, and seems to be focused on efficiency rather than looks.
The big desk is filled with charts, maps, as well as geometry and weather tools.
He looks up at you with a stern expression, and motions for the small chair in front of his desk.
"Take a seat."


Follow silently, looking at the ground.


Sit down then. Wait for him to continue.


Well, they don't seem violent, at least. Maybe they've seen my crew. Head into the clearing, and speak to one of the ponies.
"Excuse me! Pardon my intrusion, but I seem to have found myself shipwrecked. I was wondering if you'd seen any other ponies wash up today?"


He seems to be enjoying yanking on the chain…
You are lead through the camp of them…
Those temples still freak you out every time you look at them, but they built their shacks all around AND on them.
You soon get close to the main square before the biggest ruined building.
There you see a brown pegasus mare. She seems to be half concious as well as beaten up. There is an awful lot of blood around her muzzle… but even more horrific is the creature standing beside her slumped form.
The tall buck with the big antlers and that always satisfied grin on his face…. you know he's in charge here, and every time he wanted something with you, it was something awful, even though he never as much as touched you…

He puts some order in his papers, then looks at you.
"I got your resume and I heard about your job interview. I have to say, I was surprised."

As soon as you let yourself known, a mare screams and nearly all of them ponies start running towards their huts, and a central bigger one in panic. The three bravest stallions with simple spears surround you.
You can see that they are shaking. One of them speaks in a broken way.
"W-What you want?
You no fool us!"


I raise a brow.
"Surprised about what?"


"I don't want anything."
I'll put down my stick.
"I'm simply here to see if you found anyone on the beach today."
I'll look around.
"What is this place?"


Look at him.
Only for a moment.
Then back to the ground without even a sound.


"With your brother going to Los Pegasus to be a firefighter and your sister learning to be a doctor like your mother, I was worried about the legacy of our line as the leaders of Weather Control. It's not because we pass it along, it's because your great-grandfather did it the best, then your grandfather did it the best, and now, your father does it the best.
Soon, I'm hoping you will be the best one day, to carry this torch."
He smiles.
"I want you to do me proud, son, but I won't make this easier for you than for anypony else. I can't."

Oooh… right. He still thinks you're not serious about the Wonderbolts thing. That's why he didn't give you money for it in the first place.
Better not tell him just yet…

They look at each other worriedly and speak in their language you don't understand before the one who spoke opens his mouth again.
"You raider! You try trick us so your friends slaughter tribe!"

His laughter could almost pass as pleasant.
You hear his hoofsteps closer and closer.
"Felfire, Felfire, Felfire, is that any way to greet me? No 'Good day sir' or anything? Not even a hello?"


Keep looking away from him.
Try to utter the words 'Good day sir hello' all at once, in a single breath.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well… I have to be realistic here. There's always a chance I wont make it to the wonderbolts. In that case, I'll still at least have this job!
Shake my head.
"I didn't exactly expect you to do so."


I shake my head again.
"I am currently under the impression the rest of my friends are all dead. I was hoping you would tell me I'm wrong and perhaps show me where they might be. I have no intention of harming any of you. I swear upon the moon herself."


"Come now, we're not all savages here. You can look at me. And your new friend."

"Good, I like that attitude. A real fighter.
You'll start where everyone new starts. Cleanup duty on the streets. That's something you can handle, isn't it?"

They look at each other again, then one of them ushers you forward with his spear while the rest start to poke around the bushes.
He seems to be taking you to an older, charred hut.


I'll follow, peaceably for now.


"Of course I can. How hard can it even be?"


Get that one feeling.
The one falling, sinking feeling in my guts, like if my heart dropped off my chest.
Instantly, stare at the mare with scared, afraid, unbelieving eyes.


"I bet you could have done it as a colt, but no way around it. Not that I'd let you take it. You will fly around a designated area, and take care of any weather anomalies that are not on the schedule. A quick way for a promotion is if you clean up everything on the streets if there are no stray clouds or anything. Picking trash might feel demeaning, but believe me there are worse assignments here in this facility."

You see a filly poke her head out of a hut before her mother sweeps her back in.
You enter the hut, but the tribal pony doesn't follow…

It's really, really, really dark in there.

"We found her wandering alone, looking for fruits for her little basket… I guess she didn't know this island is ours. Do you want to know what's her name is?"
The pegasus, with a lot of effort, raises her head to look at you with just as scared eyes.


"I don't suppose I could get a light in here?"


Gulp down and '1d10'
1-3: Nod.
4-9: Do nothing.
10: Shake my head.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Alright then. Guess I better get to it."


You hear a frail voice in front of you from the darkness.
"Why would you need a light? What do you hope it would reveal?"
That's pretty good Equestrian for a tribal.

He looks a little crossly at you, but then returns to his earlier demeanor.
"No ideas?…. We don't know either. To us she just said…"
He puts a hoof on his mouth and starts to mock worried yelling.

This seems to amuse most ponies who are around to hear or witness it.

"Pick up your ID at reception, then go to the staff room. You have your vest in your locker. I knew your number, so it will fit."
He smiles slightly.
"You won't need any tools for this job, so that's it. On your way out the guard will give you your route with a map and one of those crystal communicators. We just got them this year from Canterlot and they cost a fortune, so try not to lose or break it."


Give the mare a look of sadness and resignation, nothing more.
Stay quiet.


"I wont, don't worry."
Get up and walk out. Let's get this stuff done!
"Have a nice day, father."


"My conversation partner, for one. May I know whom I've the pleasure of speaking to?"
I'll squint a little. Am I adjusting to the dark enough to make out an outline, at least? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


After they are done with their turns of laughter, he looks at you again.
"What, don't you find it amusing? You shouldn't, you're not here to fucking laugh.
You are here because I want to teach you a few lessons."

"Humility is a virtue, but it is not innate in guests. I don't belive you introduced yourself yet."

It's a pony. An old one. The voice tells stallion.


I'll nod.
"My apologies. My name is Curry. I washed up on shore just a little earlier today."


Jerk my head around the collar, lowering my tired neck, and stare at his hooves.


"You wouldn't be the first one. I'm afraid you won't be the last one to, either.
It is the curse."

The pony standing beside you painfully nudges your side, but Buck speaks.
"Look at me.
You thought I wouldn't notice what you were doing recently? Oh, I can see through you like you were made of glass, little lass.
And I'll make sure you stop doing whatever you are doing. I don't want you to get any funny ideas."


Look up, scared once again.
Ignore the pain.
I did nothi…"


I'll put on a more curious expression.
"Curse? What do you mean?"


That smile tells you that you just did something.
"Since when are you brave enough to talk without me having to squeeze every word out of you?
That will be lesson one."

"The raiders.

Because of them, the island is cursed. Any ship sailing near runs ashore, and nopony can ever leave."


My eyes will grow red and teary, but I will shut up after that.


"Then I just have to get them to let me leave."


"You do not understand. It is not them that will keep you here. It is the island."

He hold up his hoof.
"Today we'll learn three lessons.
The first one is very simple. When I ask you, you answer. Otherwise, you don't say a word. Is that clear?"
He slowly walks back to the beaten pegasus.


Open my mouth, teeth rattling, and let out a squealed "Yes…"


"What do you mean by that? It's an island."


"I'm glad we came to agree about that then. I asked your friend to hold on to this and keep it warm until I could tell you this…"
He pushes her to the ground and raises one of her wings, then throws it right in front of you.
Right before you that's… a bloody, severed tongue.
"Just in case you'd forget this little rule. You can keep that as a reminder if you want."

"The Island on which the ancients built their temples.
The temples that are now desecrated."
He sighs.
"The ruins that now seethe in fury and curse everypony who sets hoof on this soil."


Look at the tongue.
Shring a bit on myself.


"Then all I have to do is cleanse them. Easy enough. Don't suppose any of yours went exploring on the beach earlier? I had a few things. Friends, as well."


"That's two lessons remaining."
He steps on her back with one of his muscular forehooves and makes her let out a muffled, pained cry.
"Come on, as we practiced."
He does it again, and she spreads her wings, crying some more.
"I hope you're paying attention."

He lets out a bitter laugh.
"We never leave the village. And even then we are not safe from them."


It's just gonna be one of those things, I know it is…
Don't dare look away.


"So where do I find these temples? All you need do is point me in the right direction."
I'll scratch my chin a moment.
"How often do these raiders attack, anyway?"


"Most who got on this island by a wrecked ship, joined them. Why should I help you find them?"

"I take no pleasure from this. I really don't."
That's awarded by another circle of laughter.
Then a rusty scissor is shoved in your hooves by the earth pony standing beside you.

"Let it not be said I'm a tyrant, Felfire. I'll give you a choice.

You clip your wings-"
He takes out his decorative, long dagger that was in the cracked altar of the main temple…
"-and she gets to keep hers. Your choice."


"Because I can't stay on this island. I have a mission."


"You want to venture into their den alone?"


Start hyperventilating.
I need my wings.
They keep me warm, and hot, and…
I can't do this.
They take everything from me.
I can't take this too!

Throw teh scissors away.
For the next few seconds, look at the mare with big, scared, sorry eyes.


"If I have to. That said, I'm not just going to walk up to them and say hello."


"Very well then."
The mare begs you with her eyes, and tries to mouth the word 'please', but it's too late.
She can't really scream without a tongue, but she tries as the blades cut into his flesh and bone.
Soon, she is left shivering in shock, her wings thrown away to the side, two giant wounds gaping on her sides.

"Lesson two is no flying."

"You did to us."


Instintively extend a hoof towards her, but retract it a second later and look away as the deer fnishes the job, biting on my tongue.


"True. I took a rather large risk to do so. However, if these raiders are about as pleasant as you make them out to be, then I have reason to be less friendly with them."


"Look at her.
I want you to take a good long look at what you've done."

"You are welcome to try. Nopony ever made it back who tried to oppose them. Only those ever came back who joined them."


Bite harder and look at the mare.


Even you can't imagine the pain she is in now.
Her eyes are open wide, and she can't stop shaking.
He caresses her mane with a hoof.
"How does it feel to know you caused her this? Are you happy, little Felfire? Did you like to watch her suffer?"


"As I've said, I have a task. If they're preventing me from leaving this island, then I've little choice."
I'll grimace a little.
"I just wish I had my things. My trident, at least."


Mouth wordlessly the word 'no', over and over and over, until a yelp comes out of my mouth.


"I would give you a spear, but none of your words could guarantee it would not stab an innocent in the gut a week later."

"You're just that selfish then? I'm guess that makes you ready.
There is only one lesson remaining."


Look away from the mare now.
Try not to puke.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'll pause for a moment.
"So, which way do they usually attack from? That might be where their base is."


You can keep your…well… lunch that you had two days ago down.
"Look at her! I want you to see how pointless it was for you to cause all this. To make her lose her wings."

"We know where their base is. They have taken the temple ruins. That is why the ancients are full of wrath."


"Which way, then?"


Start breaking down and sob slightly, looking back at the mare.
Keep it together.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You can see the top of the tallest ruin if you leave the hut."

You can't.
Your whole body is shaking and your vision is blurry from the tears.
"The final lesson is… you can never win."
He rears up only to arrive antler-first into the mare, who can only let out a choked last breath before the light in her eyes go out.
"You could have just earned her a quick death."
He shakes his head to clear some of the blood from his antlers, then starts walking away.
"Bluntstone… clip her wings."


"Thank you."
I'll turn towards the exit, then stop.
"I don't believe I ever got your name?"


Just keep crying.
Don't even try to move.
Don't lend my wings to them.
They will have to pry them open.


"I might not have one."

With your face down in the dirt, next to a severed tongue, you get your wings cut up by some dumb earth pony…. he doesn't know what ends where, so it takes a few, not too painless tries for him to succeed.


Now can I keep crying?
Cuddle my wings close, try to pet away the burning sensation.


"Hope you don't mind I just call you 'Elder,' then."
And then I'll head out. I've a temple to walk to.


You are left alone to cry as they start to play with the wings of the dead mare instead, ignoring you for now.

You do see it from the clearing. It is like a strange pyramid…

After a good hour of walking, you start to hear sounds of ponies again… not so pleasant this time. Better keep low profile from here.


And the mare holding my leash?


Let's keep that profile low. I can be quiet. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Every raider around is too busy playing with the corpse and… well, to each their own of which part they play with and how.

And through all of this, you feel… you feel something strange. A feeling you can't quite place your hoof on.

You see the ruins themselves now. It has a crude wall made out of wood from chopped down trees, and seemingly wrecked ship hulls, but it's far from a perfect job. There is a shaved pegasus mare sitting on a tall rock pillar, but she has her back to you.

You hear some pretty wild laughter and hollering from further in. Must be coming from right before the pyramid you followed.


I'm… I can try to run?
Please let it be so…
We are in the ruins, right?
Sneak away.
Anywhere but here!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shaved? That's not good. Guess these raiders are pretty bad news after all.
Suppose they have her out as a sentry. Sneak around, and head towards the voices. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


The chain rattles a bit, and the ear of one of them even twitches… but you slip away from the square. Avoid shacks, that's important… you make a small circle around a collapsed shrine…
You haven't felt such a clarity since ever!
And you are so close to getting away… You take another corner… only to bump into the legs of a pony.

You find a suitably sized hole in their makeshift wall. Inside you see some basic houses built from wood beside the stone ruins, though the presence of greenery overgrowing everything is what really gives you more cover. The voices are louder now, but you still can't see anything.
Maybe around this corner… something bumps into your leg.
Oh, wait, no it's just a pile of stones you walked into.

You do see something of interest. A bleeding, collared filly running into the legs of a raider a few meters ahead of you.



Look at him.
Stare for a whole second.
Leg it.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Bleeding filly? Collared? Obviously not happy with who she ran into? That's no good at all!
Maybe I can get lucky and peg that guy in the back of the head with one of these rocks I just walked into. Knock him out. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You sprint between his legs and jump into a bush!
"Huh, wha', hey!"

He pulls out a rusty machete.

You levitate up one of the rocks and aim it at his head just as the filly makes a mad dash to some bushes, but as you fling it you hit your own horn.
That hurts real bad, and your horn is giving off strange sparkles.
You can't use your magic for three turns.

On top of everything, he turns to you, machete in mouth.
"Fwho the fuck afe tou?"


No wait.
Keep running!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"The friendly neighborhood passerby?"
Don't give him time to react, smash him into unconsciousness. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You want to move your legs, but you can't.
You seem transfixed.
The fear has gotten a hold of you.

Before he could respond you throw out a solid uppercut, plus he hits his head in the stone building behind him.
He slumps down next to the wall unconcious.


Right. He won't need that machete any time soon. Take it. And then look for that child.
"Little one? Are you alright? I won't hurt you, I promise."


What can my shaman eyes see? '1d10'
Do they see the little foal?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cower in fear I guess!

Roll #1 7 = 7


He's gripping that machete pretty solid.
And your horn still hurts when you try to use it.
For a second it seems to be a good idea to take it from his mouth with your own mouth.

It was a terrible idea. His mouth smelled and tasted like he was eating shit. Which he very well might have, for all you know.

You've got it at least! But there's nothing here, only bushes.

This unicorn doesn't seem familiar… he's neither a raider nor a tribal.
Your ears flick as you hear something, almost like the soothing, calming whisper of that blue mare…


Grimace, then take it with a hoof.
"pleh. That was a terrible idea."
I'll look towards the bushes again.
"You don't have to come out, little one, if you feel safer hiding. Though it looks like I've more than just leaving the island as a reason to do away with these raiders."


Ignore the stallion and lie down in hiding.
Instead, turn to look towards where I heard that sound…


Alright, so that's not doing anything. I'll look around the corner, see what she was running from.
What can I see from this distance? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


The bushes rustle a bit.

Nothing there…
You hear it again, like it was a faint breeze brushing against your ears, but as you turn, your eyes just end up looking at the unicorn again.

You see more stone ruins, as well as wooden and metal shacks and the surrounding greenery, but you can't see anything else from this corner.
The sounds seem to concentrate from somewhere in front of the big temple you followed though.


I can't lose that!
That is my way to freedom, I'm sure!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Sneak a little closer, while remaining out of sight. Along the edge of the house. '1d10'
Then take a quick look around. I'm not here to get the whole place up in arms just yet. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 9 = 9


The tone gets more stern, but still caring, and a bit more clear.

Yes, it is the way to freedom.

…but you still don't see anything else! What does it mean!

Behind you, without you noticing, the stallion starts to stir…

You notice a nice spot where you can see the whole square. They have less of their 'buildings' here.
The whole place is a mess. This seems to be the settlement nightmares are made out of. Corpses and body parts of varying age -from bones to still fresh meat - are used as decoration. The body of a pegasus mare with a recently shed pool of blood lies right in the middle of the square. You can't seem to locate where the forehooves or one of the wings went, but the other wing is being tugged by two raiders with their mouths, like dogs fighting over a bone. And you feel yourself retch involuntary as you see where the head is and what is being done with it…

For sure, there are a lot of these depraved psychos around.
On the bottom of the stairs leading to the main temple, there seems to be a non-pony sitting though who catches your attention. He is leaning back against more of the steps with a grin. It's a muscular deer with imposing antlers… you're pretty sure they are not painted to be that color.

You hear some murmur coming from a nearby stallion and mare, but you can't quite make out what they are saying.


Listen a little harder. But don't leave my hiding place. '1d10'
And keep a firm grip on the machete.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Lay down in the grass and don't even breathe.
I'm about to die here, as soon as he fnds me.
They will tie me to a wall and leave me there forever, until my hooves fall off!
I don't want to die…
I don't want to be here anymore…

What else do I see?


"-you mean?"
"It's like, example, we're having sex right? And he's like 'Why are the curtains on fire' and I'm like CAUSE I FUCKING LIKE IT OKAY?!"
"Ack, what a whiny little fucking bitch! I bet he missed the show this morning too!"
The mare laughs.
"His loss. T'was fucking awesome. What a dumb bitch that was."
"Which one?"

The unicorn sneaked towards where you came from. The knocked out raider's closed eyes are twitching.
You franatically glance around, but don't see any openings. You know this place has walls. It has sentries… how are you even going to get out? And if you're out there alone, then what?

Your little heart is racing.


Throw a stone to that raider! Stop him!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh shit son.


You just exited your father's office.


Yup, and I had to pick up my stuff. Let's do that now.


You go to the reception desk.
There's….. nopony there.
There's one of those little attention-grabber bells though.


Ding ding!


A mare comes up from under the desk. Her glasses are sideways, and she is rubbing the top of her head.
"Sorry, sorry, uh,hi!
You needed something?"


Was she sleeping under there?
"Are you okay there? My name is Cloud Skimmer, I was told to pick up some things here?"


Her eyes don't seem baggy or anything.
She giggles awkardly.
"Oh, yes, yes, I was told!
She glances to the side then back at you with a forced smile.


I lean forward a little.
"Were you looking for something under there?"


She leans backwards with her upper body as you lean forward.
"Yup! Yes, I was!"


Strange mare.
Just wait for this Airheart to show up with my stuff then, I guess.


I'll frown, and listen a moment longer. I can guess which "show" they're talking about, but there might be more captives.


"The pegasus!"
"Both of them were pegasuses!"
"That's not how you say it, shitstain."
"Oh what, you're going to give me a fucking grammar lesson now?"
"No, but I can ask Buck to do that."
"O-Oh fuck you!"
Seems you won't get much use out of these two.

You throw pebbles at him until he groans and wakes up.

She is nervously tapping her wings on the table.


"Nice weather out today, huh?"


Throw pebbles at him too!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Bunch of savages… Start to head back where I came from. I need a plan. Stealthily.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Uh, yeah! Did you know we make the weather here?"

You tip-hoof back unnoticed.
A pebble that hits your muzzle that came from a bush makes you notice the raider woozily standing up just before you take the corner. He shakes his head to wake up.

Better act fast.


Deck him with the hilt of the machete. Put him back to sleep. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You don't say?"


I just want to leave.
Stay quiet, close to the edge of the bushes.


She forces a smile again.
"I do! We totally make the weather here. All pegasi!"

He goes back to his unnatural slumber fast, the unicorn makes sure of that.

The bushes rustle again.


I smile slightly.
"I had no idea. Fancy that…"


Look and do nothing else.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll smile towards the bushes.
"Thank you, little one. That could have ended terribly."
Nodding to the rustling bush, I'll start moving away from the village.
"You're free to follow, little one. If you want, I might be able to help get those chains off you."


You lean forward too much and fall face first onto the ground, out of your cover.

You start to make your way towards where you 'breached' the wall.

Not like I don't like other ponies, they just can't walk on clouds!"


With a startled, scared expression, try to jump back into the bush.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll glance at the filly, but not move towards her. With grown-ups like I saw, she can't have too high an opinion of us.
"There's no need to worry, little one. I won't hurt you, and I won't give you back to them."
I'll glare back towards the village.


"Let earthwalkers be earthwalkers."
Look around.
"So… seems like it's taking your colleague quite a long time."


Glance at him, but then lower my eyes and keep backpedaling.
Move my lips and say nothing.


You backpedal into the unconcious stallion, which makes you jump forward in his direction.

She blinks.
"To do what?"


"… The items I asked for?"


"Oh. Oooooooh, right. Hehe, riiight, that's sort of my job."


Yelp and go quiet, shaking and looking at the ground.


"… You're Airheart?"


"Yeah, I am!


Well that was a misunderstanding.
"So, the items? Could I have them now? I need to get to work soon, you see."


She laughs awkardly.
"You see, I was just looking for them since I sort of lost them…"


A look of sadness will pass over my face.
"What did they do to you…?"
Shaking my head, I'll start moving away from the town.
"If you want to, come with me. The farther we get you away from here, the better."


Start following, and '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Ah. Well that's a bit of an issue. Not having an ID could be troublesome."
Scratch my mane with a hoof.
"Can I get a replacement?"


Remain quiet. And far away.


You soon reach the hole in the wall that you used to enter. You glance up at the pillar from before.

She nods cheerfully.
"Yup! I'll just need the number of your last ID!"
She looks at you expectantly.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The sentry mare is lying with with her stomach on the pillar, bored out of her mind.
Seems you can slip past easily.


"I don't know that number because… you lost my new ID. It's my first day here."


"Oh, right…"
She ducks under the table again.
Roll for perception.


'1d10' to see how well I know her and how scared of her I am.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh dear god…

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll head past her. If she's chained up, I might make a note of releasing her later.


It's the pegasus who shaves her mane! She never hurt you, but during a 'play'-fight you saw a captured tribal stab her eye with a spear and she didn't die but broke the spear and beat the stallion to death with it! Oh, no, what if she noticed and came after you?

You see a white plastic card on the far side of the reception desk.

You mean the mare on the pillar?
She seems one of them. And you are a good ten meters away from that pillar.

You duck under the wall and head for the cover of the jungle.


Pick it up with a hoof.
"Is this it?"


"Ouch… oh, hey, there it is!"


While I'm out here, I'll take a few leaves and berries. That kid looked pretty beat up, so she might need some medicine. Natural Remedy to make a poultice to put on her later, if she ever catches up. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Put it away.
"Thank you, miss Airheart."
Idiot. Let's go find my locker then and put on my gear.


Look scared at the unicorn and hide again.


You collect some of leaves and the bark of a tree, and mix it.
You can apply this on her wounds as soon as she is nearby.

Inside or outside the wall?

"You're welcome!"
You head down the corridor to the staff room.
Seems to be empty at the moment, the others are probably working already.
You find the locker with your name on it. There's a yellow sticky note next to the lock with nothing but 6-I-I written on it.


Good. That's probably going to have to wait until she's asleep, though. I doubt she'll let me anywhere near her while she's awake.


I'm still inside.
Too scared to move.


No idea what that means, but I'll keep the note for now.
Put on my vest and head on outside. Find that guard.


You can see her blinking with wide eyes. She didn't come out yet.

You are sort of hidden. Sort of.

You hear the sentry yawn as she stretches.

Probably the number of the combination lock, the number you need to open your locker, to get your vest.
Problem is, 6-I-I doesn't seem to do anything to open it.


Not now…
I'm dead anyway!
Take a deep breath and run.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I swear to god…
Am I sure it's 6II and not 611?


See if I can't distract that sentry mare. Toss a rock or stick over the wall in a different direction. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh, yeah, you figured it out, those are actually ones!
Still does nothing.

You take a deep breath and trip on a piece of the wall standing out, and land outside in the clear with an audible pomf.

You react quickly and toss a small rock, that lands inside on some sort of stone. The mare turns her attention there before groaning and slumping back down, facing the other way again.


I'll figure it out later.
No vest for now then. Good job dad, you sure know how to organize things properly.
Lets head out to meet that guard then.


Good. I'll keep moving, but stay in the child's line of sight. Can't go to that village, since she wouldn't trust them, but we can't just stay out in the open. Let's see if I can't find a good source of clean water away from both places. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


He eyes you up.
"Aren't you missing something, bud?"


Panting heavily, Get back on my hooves.
Weakly, get back after the unicorn.


You scamper after him as fast as your legs carry you.

You make a good distance, but the stream you find seems to be running from the direction of the ruins. Those red streaks tell you as much.


Where is he even going anyway? Do I recognize this place?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well, that's no good… Maybe I can filter the water a bit by getting the local plants to grow a bit. Miracle grow any reeds or plants that are in the stream. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You've never been here before your entire life.
It's the middle of the jungle.

…It feels so free!
No raiders anywhere nearby!

There are plants-a-plenty, and you usher them to grow faster and clear the water they live in. They don't do it for you, they do it for themselves, but then again, they are just plants. The water looks crystal clear now.


I'll thank them all the same.
Now to set to work making myself some shelter. Any deadwood around I can use to make a lean-to? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Start hyperventilating and looking at the sky.

Mouth the world 'free'.
Not once, not twice, but over and over and over.

And then, fall over as exhaustion takes over me.


Not that you can see.
Guess that natural cave formation that is perfect for shelter against being seen and weather alike will have to do.

On a side note, the pegasus starts to motor mouth without a sound and her legs give away.

It feels so good!

Pomf =3


A cave will do just fine.
I'll start gathering loose leaves and underbrush to make bedding, and then check on the kid from a few feet away. If she's still awake, I'll let her rest there.


Can I…
Wake up?
Or just…

Roll #1 9 = 9


It's not the best, but it's more than nothing.
It will definitely beat the sand of the beach.

You daze off for a few minutes, and see a dream… there she is! The tall blue pony!
Oh gosh, she is smiling at you! Her words echo in your mind!

Your struggles are far from over, yet you got so far already.
You must stay strong, little one, for yourself.

Your eyes open again, and she is gone.
You feel invigorated.


Open my eyes.
What did I just do…
Roll over into the grass and breath the fresh air.


Yep. And it'll be a place the little one can hide while I start getting rid of the raiders. And if we need a fire, that rusty machete can do more than just cut into raiders. Though torching the place might just be easier…
I'll keep an eye on the child a moment. I'm going to need to get those chains off… Is the leash made of leather or metal?


You roll around in the grass.
Your wings hurt but the feeling of the grass on the rest of your body is too good. And there is no stench! No stench of anything!… well, except of yourself.

During a moment of pause in her rolling around, you can see that the collar is metal, with some of the chain still attached.


This machete's no good for that. Maybe… maybe I can undo the lock on the collar with telekinesis without her noticing? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


You manage to snatch the chain off, but you can't figure out the lock.


Stay quiet.
Rest and…
Look back to the unicorn.


He's looking at you.
He is holding some sort of chain.
Your neck seems to be lighter too…


I'll have to take more time with that later. I doubt she's going to let me look any closer than I am now. Not while she's awake, anyway.
I'll give her a small smile.
Then toss the chain into the woods, and head to the stream.


No… NO!
Look at him in terror and run away!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Or not.


As in, just stand back, scared.


It rattles as it lands somewhere in the green of the jungle.
The water is surprisingly cold.

You stop rolling around and stand up.
He just threw that chain away… He is doing something over by the water now.


"There's no need to fear me, little one. Eventually I'll get rid of that collar as well."
Take a drink. It's kinda warm.


Cough a bit and sit down, looking towards the walls…


It's pretty refreshing after all that running around, that's for sure.
You even splash some on your face.

You can see the top of the temple, nothing more.


No care.
Stand up.
I'm free. Free!
I couldn't walk in… Ever!
Run, run circles all around!
There is a stream, jump into it!
And let the water lull me.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You run and run and run in circles and nothing is stopping you and nopony yanks your leash and you can go wherever you please and you jump in the stream and splash around the water!

It's very cold, and it stings some of your bruises, but you can feel the grime and whatnot washing off of you!


Dip my head into the water, again and again, drinking the clean water and washing off whatever was in my mane, letting the water rush off past my ears.
Then, finally, have a look around.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll have just been off to the side, smiling a little while laying down on the grass.



Roll #1 1 = 1


Stay the fuck away.
Don't even look at him!


You are as clean as you can be, given the circumstances.
The water tickles!

You know what unicorns can do with their hooves… and that's not magical. That's not magical at all. Some even sharpen it on purpose…


Hide quickly behind a rock, looking scared from over it.


Well, at least she's feeling a little better. I'll get up, and start heading to the cave. I'll need to start moving a little earth, setting some traps. I don't know the raider patrol patterns, so I don't know when the raiders might come looking.
Start marking a few spots in the dirt, then I think it's past time I've prayed.
Going to a spot near the cave, I'll grind a rock on the face of the stones into a moon-shaped design. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You find a rock slightly larger than you and peek out from behind it.

That's a lousy moon design, if there ever was one.
The filly is peeking at you from behind a rock.


…Can I improve it a little? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


That'll do, Curry.
That'll do.

That is praise-able at least.


At least. Time to praise the moon. And maybe pray for a little guidance on how to deal with those raiders and help the child. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I can actually turn around.
He's busy.
Not gonna do anything to me.
Doesn't look like a raider…
Rest with my back on the rock and look at the grass in front of me.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The last time you ate was two days ago.
You are starving.

You feel the dread and general paranoia that shrouds the whole island subdue a bit around you, but that's all you can achieve


And it's just…
Lying here? Free?


It's not covered in anything.
It doesn't look poisionous.
It doesn't look sickly.

It's just there.


I suppose that's all I can hope for at this point, until I take care of that temple.
…When was the last time I ate? Before the wreck, obviously. How many hours ago was that? I'm surprised my stomach didn't give me away.
I'll look at the grass around my hooves.
"Well… desperate measures for desperate times…"
Eat some of the grass.



Dig in!

Roll #1 10 = 10


It tastes like grass.
Good enough to fill that hole in your stomach.
Nothing special.

oh god Oh God OH GOD this grass is the BEST grass ever oh sweet mother of mercy it tastes so good and there's as much of it as you can eat and it is great and you can enjoy every single bite of it and oh gosh this must be what heaven tastes like!


I… I never want to stop!
Fill myself up to my heart's contempt, and then fall over on my back.
Best. Day. Ever.


You eat until you can't swallow a bite more and end up on your back.
The foliage of trees makes the sun play with the shadows… you've never seen such a display before.


I'll look at the kid for a moment. Those wings are a wreck… It's going to take months for those to heal, barring magical help. But those are months she'll have, away from those savages.
…I'm going to need help from that village, and they aren't going to like it.
"Little one, I need to leave for a short while. Can you keep the cave safe while I'm gone?"


Stare at it enthralled.
Until he talks to me.
Scram back to my hooves.

Roll #1 6 - 2 = 4


You try to stand up quickly but you're still wet from the stream, and slip on the grass.


I'll start towards her for a step, but then stop.
"Are you alright, child? You didn't hurt yourself, did you?"
I'll look a little worried.


Scramble back!
A fearful expression on my face.


I'll take a step back.
"The cave is safe, if you need a place to sleep."
I'll look a little sad.
"When I come back, I'll try and bring some food with me."
Taking the machete with me, I'll start heading into the woods, towards the friendly natives.


Wait for him to leave, in silence.

Advance inside the cave.


It's a very nice natural rock formation

It will be quite a trip.
You might leave her alone here for hours, and that's just counting walking there and back.


Well, I know for a fact she's not going to come with me… willingly, anyway. I can hunt down some fruit and food, though. We'll need that later, since grass only does so much for you.
Start scavenging for food. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


How far am I from…


Far enough not to hear their usual whooping and screaming at least.

There's plenty of grass around…


Well, of course there's grass. Let's look up for a change. Check the trees for low-hanging fruit, or fruit that I could grab with telekinesis. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You find some mango.
Not much, but enough to fit in beside grazing.


Lie in the cave.
Just for a minute or two.
I never saw the other side of the forest…


It's shady in here, and cooler than outside


It'll do. Let's keep looking around the perimeter. Have to make sure we're in an out of the regular beaten path. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'm going to die anyway.
He told me so. I cannot win.
So if this has to be my last day, I'd rather spend it outside of here.
Under the sun and invetween the grass, amongst all those things I haven't see in such a long time…

Leave the cavern.
Enter the woods.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Luckily, there are no paths whatsoever.
Unluckily, that makes your navigation harder too.

You start to wander off but not even twenty steps in, you notice something.
It's… are those… antlers?


There is no accurate description for the sound my heart makes, beating just once and then stopping, inside my chest.
Stare at the woods in horror, unable to move, be it forwards or backwards.
And hold my breath.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Hmm. That's worrisome. Head back the way I came, pick some mangos, and then head back to the stream. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You can't recognize a single landmark… worrysome indeed.

You cannot move.
You are rooted to the place where you stand.
You cannot move a single muscle in your body.
You clench your eyes shut.
You can hear his voice clear crisp and calm as ever.
"Got yourself lost, haven't you, you silly thing?"


I can't even t-
No. If he talks, I must answer.


Right. Use my ears. Use my memory. Trust in the moon to lead me back to the right path. And return to the cave. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nothing but a long, high pitched scream comes out.

You don't need the moon, you can hear the filly screaming her lungs out.




Hurry. Drop the mangoes, and have the machete float along with me.


"Fucking my ears won't get you fucked less, Felfire."

You rush back to the cave. You can see the filly standing a few meters away from a cave, screaming at… nothing in particular.

You two are alone. But you won't be, if she keeps that noise up.



Roll #1 10 = 10


You finally muster enough courage to open your eyes, spin around, and do a mad dash, running straight into the legs of the unicorn.
You duck behind his legs for cover and fall on your side to continue crawling away, looking back and… he isn't there.
He just… isn't.
Those were branches.


Stop there, fall flat on my belly, letting my hooves give up on carrying my own ridicolous weight, and curl up in a small ball of feathers and fur.


You curl up to hug yourself and start to weep.
It felt so real…


"Little one, what's the matter?"
I'll step away slightly, and reluctantly refrain from physically comforting her. My front hooves will idly paw the grass.


Shake and keep hugging myself, without a word.
Just glance back to the spot where He was standing.


I'll look from her, to the shrubbery, and then back.
Wordlessly I'll march over to the shrubbery with the machete, and start cutting it away until there's nothing there.


Get back on my hooves.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You obliterate all those branches and vines and whatnot.

You sure showed them.


You are still shaking.


Well fuck him.
No wait, maybe fuck is not the best choice of words…


Look around the ground. Anything that could have spooked her like that?
…Maybe like that odd horned thing that was ruling the raiders? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's probably the worst choice of words.

He sure was a fucked up unicorn pony. He looked nothing lik-Oh god he is here to gut you with his… no, wait, those are just some branches. That must have been it. It even gave you a scare.


Let's take those down. Probably what set her off like that.
…He's going to get it good, to instill that sort of fear in children.


Stand up. Look at the unicorn with big, teary eyes.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You hack away at them until it's nothing but firewood.

Apparently not just children.

You have to sniffle too as you do so.


Stuttering, I will only say a few words, broken by my side glances at the ground.
"T-ta-take m-m-m-me away."


I'll stare at the branches a moment.
He's probably what's tainted the temple.
I'll turn to look at the child.
"That is the plan. But there is one thing between us and leaving the island."
Wait, since when was I going to bring her with me off the island? Well, no helping it now, I've gone and said it.


Stay silent and look at him. Nothing else.


I'll nod to myself.
"Until we leave, we'll be living in this cave here."
Take the cut up wood, and bring it to the cave.
"The stream will provide clean water, and the grass is good enough to eat until I can find something better. There's a mango tree a little ways off, and I can bring some of those back every so often."
After moving the sticks, I'll sit facing the filly.
"Do you want me to take off that collar?"


"You don't have to speak, a nod or shake of the head will suffice."


Stare at him for the longest time.
Then, silently, shake my head.


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Very well."
I'll pause a moment.
"I… have a small bit of medicine. May I apply it to your wounds?"


Widen my eyes and shake my head even harder.


I'll look to the cave for a moment.
"I've prepared you some meager bedding well apart from mine. It's not much, but it's better than sleeping on the stone. Until can take you from here, this is where we'll live. Don't wander too far, as I might not be able to reach you in time if you need me."


Be very quiet, and try to occupy as little space as I can.
Go sit where he told me to.


The cave is still cold and shady…
And he stopped that bad vision too…


Alright, let's set up those branches near the mouth of the cave. Make a little ring of stones, pile up the sticks and twigs, and then… well, we'll give it a spark. Bring the fire to warm life. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I will just stay put.
Get away from the island and then… Be somewhere else.
And life without beds. Yes, in my house, there will be no beds.


Not like you know what a real bed is supposed to be like.

It fizzles out with a bang.
A loud, sudden, scary bang.


I'll scoot back a little.
"Botheration! I can never get that one to work right…"


It's that thing filled with stains, with many chains and ropes and towels all around, no?
Shring suddenly at the noise and cover my eyes with my ears and hooves.


Close enough.

You stop drop and roll at the sudden shock.

Must have been hitting your horn earlier.


"Sorry, I'm sorry. Looks like I'll have to get this fire started the old-fashioned way."
Taking a nearby rock, I'll set the machete at an angle poking into the sticks, and start making a few sparks. Try to light that fire. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Say nothing, but shuffle closer to the back edge of the cave.



He's dumb though, rocks aren't alive


Not working… Maybe a bit more muscle should do it. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I will just stay here.
Maybe try to fall asleep.
All my body feels strange… Like somepony is crushing me with every breath I take…

Roll #1 10 = 10


You only manage to get the machete duller.
Looks like you won't have a fire.

Guess you'll be missing all that heat in the middle of the jungle in the middle of the day.


You can fall asleep.
A dreamless, peaceful, revitalizing sleep.


I'll have to get some decent stone from one of the villages, I suppose.
Now that she's out cold, I'll apply the natural remedy I made earlier. Gently as possible, so she doesn't wake up. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


While she's resting, I'll go out and grab a few of those mangoes from where I left them. Assuming they're still there.


I remember falling asleep after eating the best dinner of my life.
Free grass.


"Vest's not here today, I'm afraid. I was told there'd be a crystal communicator waiting for me here."


That post said she didn't like it applied but didn't wake up either.
I blame the GM.

And yes, the mangoes are still there.

It's so relaxing to not wake up to some sort of shouting or screaming!

He shrugs.
"That's a bummer. Where will you but your stuff then?"
As he speaks he walks into the guard's booth, then gives you a small, blue crystal and a map with streets marked on it.


Oh, did I…
Did I wake up already?
I guess it's not time to sleep…
Blink a few times and rub my eyes, looking around.


Some time has passed.
The unicorn is not around.
You feel less sore.


I'll come back with the mangoes.


You see that the filly woke up and is looking around.


"My bag. Thanks pal."
Seeing how I didn't open my locker, I didn't put away my bag either. Put all that stuff in there.


Wonder who he was.
But still, not like I remember them all…
Now I have to leave this… Place.

To leave this place, I have to leave this forest.
To leave this forest, I have to leave this cave.
To leave this cave, I have to leave this… Rock.

Stand up and scuddle to the entrance of the cave.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll deposit all but one of the mangoes next to the fire pit, and then walk off back to the mouth of the cave to eat mine.


You put your stuff in your bag.
The guard takes a crystal in his own hoof and taps it.
"Test, test."
You hear it in your bag as well.
"Good. These crystals can pick up all the other ones, so try not to clutter it up with useless chatter. Oh, and no codenames, I know that's disappointing to a lot of people. Just who you want to talk to, your message and an 'over' at the end. Simple enough?"

You manage to sneak to the enterance of the cave.
A small succes!

You see the pegasus filly sneaking to the cave enterance. She completely missed you entering just before.


Do I notice him now, standing a few meters away from me?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Yup. I'll keep that in mind."
Let's get this show on the road! … Collecting garbage.





I'll just watch her for a second. Then float one of the mangoes from where I left them and set it next to her.


It floats over and lands beside her without a sound.

No, you are busy staying out of the line of sight of that butterfly…

What even is that thing? It looks so pretty!

You also notice a fruit appearing next to you.

You study the map and go flying on your route.
Seems like work started for the whole city, but there are still pegasi flying and walking around the streets.
You see… '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Stare at the butterfly wide-eyed, as if hypnotized.
Jump on her!
Chase her! Catch her!

Roll #1 2 = 2


I seeeeeee…?


Ten pegasi?


I'll just watch her enjoying herself for the first time in who knows when.


Wow, not a single stray cloud or weather anomaly.
You don't see any trash thrown around either.

So your job now is to leisuirely walk or fly around your route.
Pretty good for a first day, huh?
"Security booth, it's security patrol #2. Damaged cloud formation at the wall, near the southeast corner. Seems natural. Send somepony to fix, over."
"Got it, mark it and carry on, over."

In your excitement you try to hop and flutter, but it's a painful reminder that your wings hurt if you flap them.

She winces in pain after flapping her wings.


I'm going to have to make more medicine for that. Until they heal, they'll need plenty of care… Not that I know the first thing about caring for pegasus wings.


Wince in pain and fall on the ground, rolling over.


Hmmm… take out that communicator.
"Security booth, this is Cloud Skimmer. I'm on the case."
Let's find this anomaly.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll start forward slightly, but keep my distance.
"Are you alright?"


Breathe heavily and roll over, looking at him in fear and backpedalling at the same speed he moves forward at.


As if to mock you, the buttefly keeps fluttering around.

Or any kind of wings.

"Is your zone green? Over."
Uh… You don't exactly know what that means.
You do fly back to the factory, and find it. Seems some of the clouds decayed and made the whole wall weakened. Building clouds are magically enchanced, so they cannot be kicked apart like regular ones, but if their integrity is damaged like this, they can be, which is obviously a big deal in security, or keeping your house intact if it's the wall of your home.


I only moved forward one step.


Look on the map. Where is this and which area was I assigned to? I'm sure the zones are marked on there.


Stand back on my hooves and just look at him.
Then, notice the mango, and dart with my eyes to it.


I'll step away from it, and gesture to it.
"It's for you, if you're hungry."


You went back to the weather factory.
Your route is around roads, streets, and whatnot.
And the route is marked in blue. The weather factory is not marked.
"Come in, Cloud Skimmer, over."


Scuddle to it, and dig in without a word.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"My zone is blue, not green. Over."


You hear the amused laughter of the security patrol guy who called in.
"Green means that it's clear. No misbehaving weather. Yellow means slight weather misalignment, and red means possibly harmful and dangerous weather anomalies.
Patrols can only leave their designated zones for whatever if it's green, over."
You hear a voice you don't recognize.
"This is Featherfeel from repairs, Cloud Skimmer, can you fix it or should I go there, over."

It's pretty tasty!
You could almost dare say it's better than the grass!


Naaah, nothing's better than grass.

Look up to the unicorn with calmer eyes, enjoying the fruit.


I'll let her eat in peace.



What the fuck are you doing, dad? Why didn't he brief me on this?
"Then yes, my zone is green. Over."
Can I fix this shit on my own?


Once I'm done, look at him. Silently, but not as scared as before anymore.


Every pegasus should be able to, as long as they want to have intact houses.

You just have to be careful. If you are too rough while patching it up, you migh accidentally dissipate parts of the wall.


"Are you feeling better?"


"I can fix it, no need to come over, over."


"Roger that, over."


Let's put on our construction hat and fix this bitch up.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Slowly, nod.


Mulligan Improvise.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You dont have one.
You don't even have your vest.
You scramble the clouds around a bit at first, not achieving anything, but then get the idea of smooth the damaged parts next to the intact parts, and basically let the problem fix itself.

You give it a few taps afterwards. Yup, that's solid cloud, good as new."


I'll smile slightly.
"There are a few things I need to take care of, so I'll need you to stay within sight of the cave while I'm gone."
I'll point to the moon I hastily scrawled on the cliff face.
"That will keep you safe while I'm not here. The moon will watch over you."


"Security booth, this is Cloud Skimmer. Anomaly neutralized, over."


Open and close my mouth a few times, but don't say a word.
Then, go near the graffiti of the moon and look at the unicorn with blank eyes.
"He will come. You cannot win."


"Good job! Return to your patrol area, over."


"We'll see about that. I have something he doesn't."


Let's do that. Eyes open.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Just stare into the void, saying nothing.
Settle down near the stone.


Still nothing to worry about…

You're pretty sure you can do whatever now, as long as you stay nearby and do some patrols around your route.
"Maintance, there's a busted raincloud at the cleaner storage, over."
"This is Featherfeel, we know. I've already sent Hazel to fix it, over."

You are starting to get used to all this chatter on the crystal too.


You don't feel as safe.
The stone didn't knock out raiders or bring you food.


Hmmm… maybe I can spot some nice mare or stallion ass instead? Hey, got to pass time somehow right?

Roll #1 1 = 1


He told me to wait.
I can't do anything else.
I'm lost here.


Whoa, dude, look at the ass on that blue mare!
Look at it!
Hot fucking damn, LOOK AT THAT ASS!
You barely register slamming into a pillar and falling down to the ground. Your stuff scatter out of your bag.


"Still, I need you to stay here while I'm gone. It will take me a few hours to prepare for things, and so long as you're here then they can't find you. There's plenty of grass, and the mangoes are in the cave if you want something sweeter."
I'll sigh slightly.
"I'll be back as soon as I can. If I'm lucky, I'll find you some medicine to help your wings heal."


That ass though… Just imagine a hooffull of that ass!
Urk. Start picking up my shit off the ground and put it back in my bag.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You collect everything.
The mare noticed though. She snickers mockingly into her hoof and flies away.


Look at my wings.
Hug myself with them and say nothing, just curling down into a ball on the ground.
"It's alone here…"


Continue patrol then.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I'll think a moment.
"It may seem that way, but so long as that's there, you aren't alone."
I'll gesture to the moon carving.
"You see, it's not just a symbol. Where I come from, there is a princess who lives in the moon. She keeps watch over the world while it sleeps, guides ponies in their dreams, and that moon is her mark. No matter how alone you may seem, she's always with us."


Stay quiet.
Look down at my hooves and wait for him to leave.


The filly seems really uncomfortable with this idea…

The sky is still clear, and you didn't even have to lift a winger.
You even spot some cheap cafes to sit in if you got hungry or thirsty.

"Security booth, this is Royal, come in, over."
"I copy, Royal, what is it?"
"I found a strange anomaly. Looks like a big, bloated, black cloud, over."
"Where is it, over."
"Oh wait, my bad, it's just Bobby's mom, over."
You hear the laughter of all the guards through the crystal.


I'll look a little sad.
"Stay safe, little one. I'll be back in a while."
And with that, I'll go into the woods with the machete. Not towards the raider village, but towards the friendly village.
Staying alert for raider patrols. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well they don't sound concerned.
Oh! I could totally do some speedflying! Good training to push my wings to the max.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I won't be left alone.
Sneakily, follow him.
To see if he's hiding the exit from me!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Time for spee-Oh, ow god, oh sweet mother of mercy, the pain!
This is not just a simple wing cramp… shit you must have hit it when you flown into the pillar! Oh god, you can barely move it!

You hear some shouting once, but no other signs of any of them being nearby.
It takes slightly more than an hour to get back there.

You follow him all the way to the village.
Your short legs get a bit tired, but at least he didn't notice you… you hear ponies. And strange speech… it sounds like the tribal ponies the raiders always caught and tormented for fun..


Fucking hell. Alright then. Let it rest for now, stay grounded for the time being. Hopefully it'll fade away.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Widen my eyes.
More ponies?


I'll approach the village, well visible so they know I don't mean harm.


Roll not to squeak.

You keep walking your route.
Damn, this shit is bad…

Time passes though, and before you know it, it's past noon.
"It's Bobby, do they have food yet, over."
"Check the kitchen, how would I know?"

Oh, right. Workers get a free meal every day at the cafeteria.

They are completely shocked, but don't panic this time. It's like they can't believe you are there.



Roll #1 2 = 2


Great. Let's see if I can make it back to the cafeteria.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Mulligan. Come on, quit being a fucking bitch.

Roll #1 6 = 6


It hurts at first, but you can fly again.
You fly back to the factory. The guards are bunched up outside, laughing between themselves.
You nod at them as you pass and fly in, to the eatery. Seems like there's a line already.

That's a pretty loud squeak.


Nopony heard me though, right?


Cue up. Time to feast.


None of the tribals seemed to notice.


Roll #1 1, 2 = 3


The food is absolutely horrible, one of the worst things you have ever eaten your life, and on the top of it you only find place to sit next to some grumpy maintance guys who really don't want to speak a word with you while eating


What a lovely day this is turning out to be. How's the wing?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hurts a lot.


Right, medical bay here I come.


You knock and enter.
You see a white pegasus mare in a coat. Her mane is in a tidy bun.
"Hello, what can I help you with?"


I sigh.
"I collided with something while flying and hurt my wing. I can still fly… barely, but it hurts like hell."


Can I hear the squeak? '1d10'
"I've come back, in peace no less. May I speak with the one I spoke to before?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Clear as day.
You recognize it as the 'oh no, people' squeak of the filly.

They nod with wide eyes, and step to the side. You have a clear way to the tent.

She winces.
"Oh, I see."
She nods with her head.
"Hop on this table and spread your wings, please."


Do as told.


I told her to stay put… But I'll head into the elder's tent.


I will wait at the edge of the village.


She lowers the table so your wings are easy to reach.
She walks to your side, and firmly starts to press the base of your right wing.
"Does this hurt?"
Roll to see.

Surprisingly, the earth pony comes out of the tent.
You see him for the first time. He looks like a skeleton with soggy skin pulled over him.
Both of his eyes are completely grey.
… damn, he must be old. And frail. His hookes shake as he stands with the help of a cane.
"You… You are the first one to ever come back from there in decades."
He seems to be in complete disbelief.

All the ponies here are brown!



Roll #1 3 = 3


The mare I killed!
Oh no! Nononono! If they find out, they will kill me for revenge!


They all seem to be transfixed by the unicorn though…




You also notice there are no unicorns apart from him either. Only earthies and pegasi.


"I said I was coming back, didn't I? Anyway, I need some information. The leader of the raiders. What in the world is he?"


…Were there unicorns amongst the raiders?


Yeah, that hurts real bad.
He notices your discomfort, and walks to the other side.
"And this wing?"


Wait, yes, there were. I know there were.


Some of the tribals dare inch closer to you.

"…How? You're neither one of them now or dead.
Tell us how, and we'll answer everything."


"That one is fine. It's just the other that hurts thankfully."


She hums and walks back.
"I think you dislocated your wing. It's nothing serious, but I will have to pop it back in place."


"They are anathema to me. And I've something to protect from them. A child I helped escape."


"Well, no sense in waiting then. Do it."


"What?! One of them?!"

"Okay, take a deep breath."
She takes your wing in her hooves.
"Three, two one…"
Rolling for pain with -2


This is the part where I should really, really hide…

Roll #1 6 = 6


You are still hidden by the leaves at the edge of the clearing.


Stop her.
"What are you doing? Don't count down like that! Otherwise I'll tense up my muscles as you reach one, which just makes it more painful! No warning."


I'll shake my head.
"No. She is a victim as much as any of you. Her wings were mangled and there were chains about her neck. Probably not even ten years old."
I'll look around.
"Which is why I've come to your village. I'm seeking help in wiping them from the island, piece by piece until none are left. Least of all the monster that leads them."


She stops and looks at you.
"Oh, sorry, I just thought that it would be a good-"


He shakes his head.
"We could never defeat them. Kill one or two, yes, but defeat them? Never…

As for the child. Is she one of us?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


FFFFF '1d10-2'

Roll #1 8 - 2 = 6


It hurt terribly for a second, but then it's nothing.

The mare is grinning.
"Works every time."


I let out a long sigh.
"Thank you, miss."
… Is she a looker?


"It's Storm Dancer.
I don't believe I got your name either."
She definitely is.


"I never meant to attack them head on. I mean to whittle them down, one or two at a time. They go out on patrol, and they come back missing one or two."
I'll consider a moment.
"I don't know. You didn't happen to lose a blue-green pegasus with a yellow mane, did you?"


Hot damn, I should get injured more often.
"Cloud Skimmer. It's my first day here. I'm not sure how I feel about being in the medical bay on my first day."


"Better than going to the morgue in the first day, isn't it?
You wouldn't have been the first one."

"They don't have patrols. They only move out to attack us, and when they do, they move out in force."

For your question, he just stares at you with those creepy, grey eyes.
Everypony else is some shade of brown here.


"The path of the pegasus is always a dangerous one, to be fair."


"That's unfortunate. And her not being one of yours doesn't matter, since she was a victim as much as any of yours were."
I'll consider a moment.
"If I could lure them into a trap, that would be better… Is there any sort of quarry or deep pit on the island?"


"Especially for those who work here!
I'm glad when I can close a week without having to pronounce anypony dead."

"She's not one of us.

There are only hills and mountains."


"Now you're just playing with me."


"Well, I wasn't going to leave her there in chains and with mangled wings."
I'll consider a while longer.
"Still, what is the creature that leads the raiders? He's got something on his head that looks like the tangle of branches or brambles, and he's no pony, I'm certain of that."


She bites her tongue then lets out a laugh.
"Of course I am.
The worst you guys ever have it is getting thrown around a bit by wind or zapped by lightning."

"The one they call Buck?
He is no pony indeed. He is what you would call a deer."


"A deer? I thought they were supposed to be more in tune with nature than most shamans. Why would one act this monstrous?"


"Still. Something happens to you while flying, you go freefall. Deadly stuff."


"We do not know how he was before the Island.
It's been many years since he arrived, and he only made the raiders worse.
They take extra care to torture non-ponies. Maybe he was afraid of that fate. Maybe he was like this since he was born. We cannot know.

She nods.
"Some accidents cannot be prevented, but would you ever give up flight for the safety of ground? I know most pegasi wouldn't. It's part of our life as much as preening our wings."


I smirk.
"Definitely not. Let those earthwalkers plow through the dirt down there. I like my wings."


I'll frown harder, then shake my head.
"I don't suppose I could ask a small favor? Two blankets, and maybe a proper piece of flint to start a fire?"


"Try not to fly into anything else then, pride of the pegasus race."

She is cheeky, you got to give her that.

He just stares at you… you think you can guess what that means.


"No, hm? I don't suppose you could tell me, at least, where I might find those, or at least the materials for them?"


"I don't know, miss Dancer, how else am I going to get my daily dose?"


"Of pain?
I'm sure you could ask security to help you with that."

"There is only jungle, ruins, and the abandoned corner."


"Abandoned corner?"


"Good idea. I'm sure I can work out a deal with him."


"The settlement left to decay by those who wanted to explore the Island, before the raiders came."

"Make sure to tell them I sent you!"


"Where is it?"


"I'll try to remember. Thanks nurse."
Hop off the table and walk out. Time for more work.


Oh actually… go to the reception again.


"Doctor! I'm a doctor!"

You find Airheart staring at the ceiling.

"On the corner of the Island."


"North, south, east or west?"


Zoning out again, great.


He points southwest.

She hops in her chair and looks at you.
"Cloud! Hi!"


Take out the sticky note.
"What happened here?"


"Thank you."
I'll turn to leave.


You see a glimpse of the filly, looking at you from the bushes at the edge of the clearing.

They all just stare at you, except a middle aged pegasus.

She examines the note.
"I think that piece of paper was drawn on by a marker."
She takes a blank yellow sticky note and gives it to you.
"Here you go, this one is clear!"


I'll stop a moment.


"Yes, somepony put this on my locker so I could know the code. Except it doesn't actually work. It's not 611."


He looks at you with sad, weary eyes, and catches up to you at the edge of the clearing. He seems to speak decently, though not as well as the Elder.
"My daughter… she went to collect berries, and she hasn't come back since yesterday…
Those monsters took my wife three years ago, and she is the only one I have left… if you go back there, could you find and bring her back to me?"

"I see.
Have you tried another code yet?"


"No, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble.
I was in a hurry, you see. Don't tell me the note was upside down or something."


"If she is still alive, then I will do all in my power to do so."
A look of sadness will pass over my face.
"You know I cannot promise more than that…"


She turns it upside down.
"Well… those are numbers too."

"Thank you…"


Wait for the unicorn to come back into the woods.


"How exactly… how can somepony mess it up this badly? Wait no, don't answer that. Nevermind. Keep the note."
Goddammit. Go open up my locker then, 119.


"I pray that I can bring her back to you."
And then it's off to the… actually, once the villager goes back into the town, I'll look at the bushes for a moment.
"If you wanted to come with me, you could have just asked, little one. We can walk together from here, if you like."


"A gift! Thank you!"
It opens.
There is your vest!

He goes back.
The villagers go back to their sad business.


Come out of the bushes with a sad look on my face, staring up from him to the ground, wordlessly.


That mare is mental.
Put on my vest then. It's about time to continue patrolling outside. Let's DO this!

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's a perfect fit, and you not only look great in it, but you still find your patrol route as you left it.
Spotlessly clean of any litter or rogue weather.


Any trash?


"No need to look so sad, little one. Next time, if you want to come with me, just say so."
Off to the southwest, then.


No trash, no litter.

A good hour and half of trotting through the jungle, and you spot it.
It's a small port with a few brick houses, and surprisingly, a lighthouse.

Even more surprisingly, the light is on…


Slowly follow.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You headbutt a nearby tree.


Damn. No work for me today. Just wait then.


I thought it was abandoned? Maybe one of the crew survived!
"No need to fret, little one. If we're lucky, one of the friends I came to the island with survived. I'll go check it out, and if it's safe then you can come out of hiding."
I'll wince a little at that.


Rub my head and look up at him, then back at the dock.


"It's alright."
I'll think a moment.
"Do you want to explore the town with me? Nodding or shaking your head will do fine for an answer."


You pass the time by listening to the chatter on the com-crystal and soon enough, work hours are over.
You head back to the facility to the locker rooms. Now there are actually ponies there, and it seems to be unisex.

Most buildings look like they are about to collapse, with the lighthouse itself being the sturdiest.
The wood of the dock is mostly rotten away, with sunken ships surrounding it.
You are a good fifteen more minutes of walking from the settlement.


Look at the town again.
Then at the jungle behind me.
Finally, nod.


All the butts I could hope for~
Take off my gear and put my bags back on.


"Let's go, then. And stay alert."
And to the settlement. Ears open for anyone, or anything, that might be moving in the ruins. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Follow quietly a few meters away.

Roll #1 6 = 6


People seem friendly too, if a bit tired.
You got your stuff now.

"This is security booth, Cloud Skimmer, I think you forgot something."

Yup. Definitely movement coming from the ligthhouse. And noise.


"What would that be?"


"Giving the crystal back, over."


Start breathing heavily and look worried in the direction of the lighthouse.


"Hey now, give me a break. I was going to on the way back out, over."
Do just that.


I'll hold up the blunt machete as we get closer.
"Take care, little one. I'll go inside to see if whomever's in there is violent or not. If they're friendly, I might be able to get you a blanket."
I'll pause by the lighthouse door, and listen. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


He thanks you as he takes it.
"Just letting you know, don't worry. No hard feelings."

You hear the crackling of fire and the faint sound of wood against something metal…

"-nd him?"
"Even dead is better than not knowing."


"Right. G'day."
What a terribly, boring, unlucky day today was. God damn. Let's go home and have some simple dinner. I'll turn in early tonight, I think.


Do I recognize either of the voices? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


You go home and heat up something simple.
Unfortunate… but hey, at least you didn't strain yourself with too much work.

They are vaguely familiar.


I will stay behind, hidden in one of the crumbled houses.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Collapse on top of my cloudy bed and get some rest '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I'll nod to her.
Then I'll knock on the door.



You hop in your bed and fall asleep right away.

All voices stop for a few seconds, then you hear hushed speak.
"Who the fuck is that?!"
"Shut it!"


Freeze. Don't even turn.
I've heard that sound before. I'm dead.
'1d10' to get a hold of myself.

Roll #1 3 = 3




Dust rises around you, making your eyes water…
or are those tears?
You can't turn around.

A stern female voice speaks.
"I'm going to open this door now! If I see a hoof off the ground, a wing not by your sides or a horn glowing, that's it for you. Understood?"


"Yes, yes. You've naught to worry from me."
Stand where I am, but look towards the child.


I don't even want to turn!
He's there. I know he is…
'1d10' get a grip.

Roll #1 6 = 6


No…noo…Come on, at least face it!
You spin around and there he is!
The one to blame for that noise!

A big wooden roof piece collapsed to the floor when you nudged into the door by accident.

She is frozen up in place at one of the buildings with dust rising around her.

"You better freeze!"
The door slams open and there stands a mare with a crossbow aimed at you!
Wait a second… She's the captain of the boat!
The realization of who you are quickly reaches her, and she throws her weapon on the ground and leaps to give you a hug.
"By Celestia's Mane in the sky, you are alive!"


"As are you, captain! I had worried about the rest of you when I woke up on the beach."
Return the hug.
"What of the rest of the crew? Who else survived?"


It was nothing.

Start crying. I'm so fucking messed up. But still alive. And Buck is not here.
Cry myself out in joy.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You see a bearded stallion behind him share the same relieved expression, but noone else in the interior.
"Everyone else! We got ashore about half an hour's walk from here, and you were the only one missing!"

You're not entirely sure why you are crying, but you are.


At least I can cry…
It's been so long since I dared to!
Finish sobbing in a corner and wipe my eyes.


"I'll be damned. Where are they? The local raiders didn't get them, did they?"


You got dust everywhere in your eyes, but at least you did it because you are free to do so!

Her expression turns angry.
"No, but we saw what they are capable of. Netsy is up at the top on watch, and I left the other two at the communal part of this port after we made sure it's safe. They are looking for anything salvagable left there."


Peek out of here and look for the unicorn.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Good. Did any of the weapons make it? Tools?"


"Yes, but we only had time to gather our basic gear. By the time we went back, the rest was gone."

She pauses, and takes out your pendant.
"I saw this lying in the sand and got it though, to mark your grave with it… Thank Heavens it didn't have to come to that."

He is speaking to a purple mare!
And the mare has something in her hoof and she is extending that hoof to him!


I'll take the pendant, and hold it tightly for a moment.
"…thank you."


Nope nope nope.
Find another hiding place.
He might be about to sell me off to her!

Roll #1 2 = 2


You try to turn to run and smack into the doorframe of the house, then tumble inside.

Creeeeeeeeaaaak BAM!

"It was the least I could do at the time."

The gruff looking stallion speaks.
"You had any trouble yourself?"


Wince at that and rub my face.
What just happened.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"A bit, but…"
I'll turn to the noise.
"Hold on just a minute."
I'll walk over to the rubble.
"Are you alright, little one?"


Your face starts to sting!
Aaah! What's happening?!


They give each other curious looks, as they can't see into the house.
"Who are you talking to?"


Must be a cut…
Hold it with a hoof and slump down.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You sit down.
It doesn't feel like a cut, it feels like tiny little stings…




Crawl out of the rubble.


The purple mare and the green bearded stallion are looking at you!


"A child I rescued from the raider camp. She's… not too good with ponies, though. Understandably."
It's still light out, right?
"It's alright, they won't hurt you. They are my friends, and they'll help us leave the island."


Just stand still, but ready to bolt it on an instant's notice.


Well, I suppose that's the best I could hope for.


It's just a bit after noon.

The mare winces.
"I see… wait, WHAT? You've been at their camp?!"


"Briefly. Their leader's a monster of a deer, called Buck. He and his raiders have tainted a temple on the island, and the natives think it prevents anyone from leaving."
I'll frown.
"From what I've seen, I'm inclined to agree. These raiders are sick in spirit and mind. They need to go."


Touch my face once more, prob it to understand what hit me.

Roll #1 10 = 10


She nods.
"That's our biggest problem, yes, but not the only one."

You ran into a wooden doorframe and tumbled on a wooden floor.
You've got a bad case of splinters.


I will survive.
After a while, relax and sit down, watching the unicorn talk to the other ponies.


"I assume the lack of ship is another problem."
I'll stop myself before taking a step closer to Felfire.
"Little one, would you like me to help you get those splinters out?"


Shake my head violently.


My face will fall slightly.
"Would you like anyone else to help take those out? I think the doctor made it off the ship, so he might even be able to help make your wings feel better."


Look panicked, and shake even harder.


"Alright, alright. But don't poke those splinters, okay? If they get in too deep then they won't come out easily, and they'll hurt."


Just keep staring.
And don't touch my muffle.
Well, maybe once.


"It is.
We survived, but damn me if that wreckage was recoverable."

She gives her a sad look, then turns to you.
"Anything we can do to help her?"





Find a corner and sit there.


I'll shake my head.
"At the moment, I think she just needs time."
I'll lean a little closer.
"and if the doctor can manage it, she needs medical attention. She won't let anyone near her while she's awake, so while she's asleep is the only chance he'll have."


What a lovely free corner.

She nods.
"Doc is still looking for things we might need. Want to round us up?"


I'll shake my head.
"Not all at once. Too many ponies at once might send the little one into the woods in fear."
I'll sigh.
"And you've been telling those sent out not to engage the raiders? I've heard from their usual target that when they move, they move in force. Which can actually work to our favor, with the right decoy."


"The two of them? I told them to lay low and don't take a breath. Netsy has the eyes of an eagle, so she could warn us in time if they approached them or us."


"It might still be a bit much. You see how she is with just the two of us."


"They can't stay out there forever. They will have to come back to the Ligthouse eventually."


Keep in my corner. Yep.
What time is it anyway?


"I know. But slowly. She was still in chains this morning, so she needs time to adjust."


You're stupid as shit, you don't know. The sun is still up high.
You were never taught how to tell. You never needed to.

She frowns.
"Listen, I'm more than ready to help, but safety in numbers is more important. The best I can offer is that you two stay at the top with Netsy, but I'd like them to be back here before sunset."


I'll nod.
"I suppose."
I'll look towards Felfire.
"Little one, is it alright if we join my friends here? We'll be safe here."


Look up at both and don't say a word, but don't look as scared either.


"I know it's a lot to ask… but could you go and look for them yourself? I'd send our pegasus, but if she is not on watch, we are too vulnerable. And you seem you can handle yourself just fine."


I'll look at the rusty chunk of metal I've been carting around.
"I don't suppose I could bother you for something a bit more useful than this?"


The stallion gives you a short spear… well, it was a normal spear before, but it's handle broke in two it seems.
"This is all I can offer."


"It'll have to do. Thanks, and I'll be back as soon as possible."
I'll look towards the woods.
"Which way did they go?"


File: 1381350604400.jpg (18.26 KB, 469x367, drawing in the dust.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

The captain mare draws in the dust of the floor with her hoof.
"Here we are, in the lighthouse, and these are the fishing huts. The sea surrounds much of this corner, but if you go North, that way-"
She draws an arrow.
"You'll get to the actual village, where they lived. They should be there."


I'll nod again, then turn to the child.
"Little one, I'm going out to look for two more of my friends. Do you want to come with me, or do you want to stay here?"


Shake my head once at the mention or going with him, and again at the idea of staying here.


"Then what do you want to do, little one? My friends here can keep you safe, and even take off that collar if you want to, but I might get into trouble out in the woods."


Look towards the forest and then at my wings, shivering slightly.
Stare at the unicorn for the longest time, and eventually, move my lips to spell out the words 'don't go'


Can I understand that? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Looks like I can.
"You… want me to stay here?"



I'll look a little helplessly at the captain and her friend.
"It seems that my expedition is on hold, for the moment."


The stallion is back to making food.
She raises an eyebrow.
"What's the matter?"


"The little one doesn't want me to leave, but she doesn't want to go back into the woods with me either…"
I'll tilt my head slightly at Felfire.
"Come to think of it, do you have a name, little one?"


Oh boy.
What a question.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I see. All we can do is wait then."


Come on, say it.
Your name is Felfire.
Buck gave it to you so you would always know how much a rotten, filthy, disgusting and evil little shit you are.
Say it, so they know too.


Start crying and curl up.
And keep crying.
Inbetween sobs, do say a few words.
"F-fel.. Felf-f-f…"
Gulp down and keep sobbing.


I'll move forward just a step before stopping myself.
"…Would you like to change your name? Now that you're free, you don't have to keep that one."


Don't answer.


I'll stay quiet for a moment as well.
"I'm sorry, little one. But if you do not like that name, I will not call you by it."


Stand up, clean myself and sniffle a bit after wiping my nose, always looking down.
Then, go…
Into another corner.
Somewhere away from both him and the other mare.


I'll watch her go, a little sadly.
"Captain, could you keep an eye on her while I'm gone?"


There are plenty of these fishing huts and shacks.
Some of them are even built out of weird red stones!

You enter a doorless one and occupy a corner.

The mare gives a sad look to Curry.
"By the Princess' back hair, what did they do to her?"


"I don't know, and honestly I don't want to know. What I saw them doing to some other poor mare they'd managed to pick up, likely from the peaceful village, I can't imagine it was pleasant."


She nods.
"Of course, of course."

The mare wants to say something but the stallion speaks up.
"I'm making food so spare the details, both of you."


I'll nod, then head to the other side of the wall that Felfire's huddled against.
"Little one, I'm heading out into the woods. I can ask the others to bring you a blanket and food, if you like. Would you like me to ask them? You can tap the wall once for yes, and two times for no."


After a long silence, tap once.


"It will be out shortly, then. These are good ponies, little one. You've nothing to fear from them."
And I'll head back over to the others to ask for a blanket and, when it's ready, food to be brought out to the child.


They nod.
The mare brings a blanket a bowl of food to the door.


Spy her from inside the hiding place and wait for her to leave.


She soon heads back to the lighthouse, but leaves the door open.


Sneak out when I'm sure she's not looking '1d10' and pick up the food, moving it to yet another house.
This way they won't know where I am!

Roll #1 3 = 3


And with my broken spear and blunt, rusty machete, I head out north to find the other two shipmates. A broken up old village can't be too hard to find.


After ten minutes, you see it.
It's wasn't hard to find, for sure.

You manage! Operation succesful!
…this one is a bit darker though.


…It's okay. It's still day after all…
Ignore the dark '1d10' and drink my soup.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Time to look for the other two. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You manage to concentrate on the soup without spilling it!
It's yummy, but you still prefer that green grass.

…this place seems entirely deserted.
You don't see any movement.


They might be hiding. Keep that spear at the ready, and listen. I can't be alone here. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'm gonna miss all this once Buck comes back…
Slip outside again, and go after the blanket.


You sneak out, and grab it. It's crude, but still cuddlier than anything you ever got, and warm!


I must keep myself from rolling into it right now!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You see the sign of a red cross, and get closer.
You soon hear voices from inside.
"-ing else?"
"No, no. I'm afraid that is all. Still more than we hoped for."
"And the rest?"
"I would rather come back for anything else we need some other time. We can be target specific, but looting this whole place while in mortal danger is not something I want to carry on doing. Our discovery will be more than enough to boost morale as it is."
"Okay doc, whatever you say."


You giggle and roll around, but you notice the two ponies looking at you with a smile, trip in the blanket and introduce your face to the ground. The splinters hurt even more, and now you even have tiny pebbles stuck to your face!


Yelp in pain and start kicking with my hooves to free myself from the blanket.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Knock knock.
"Sounds like a couple of washed up sea rats have come ashore. Need a hoof carrying things?"


You kick it away before realizing that it didn't mean to harm you. You just stumbled. You brush off the pebbles so some of the pain goes away, but the splinters still ache.

"…who are you?"
"Wait a minute, your voice sounds familiar. You're the unicorn we took aboard, aren't you? Come in."
"Don't worry. You can put that away."


Are the two ponies still there?


"So glad I'm recognized, doctor. Just came up from the lighthouse, actually, and the others were rather surprised I'm not dead."
I'll enter.


They didn't move an inch.

You see a concerned yellow earth pony and a calm grey stallion in a coat.
"So am I, to be honest."
"What if he's a gh-"
"No, he is not, I am pretty sure."



Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm pretty sure ghosts don't bleed, if you'd like to check."
I'll hold a leg out to the side.
"So, need help carrying things back to the lighthouse?"


Soon enough you are hidden safely under your blanket…

You're safe here. No harm can come.

The unicorn shakes his head.
"We got a few basic supplies, and a doctor's bag, we can carry those. We did find something much more valuable, but I'll tell that once we are all together."


Blankets are the best place.
I never had one.
I bet if I had a blanket they'd have never hurt me!


"Then let's not waste time. And doctor, I brought a patient for you. Small filly, former captive of the local raider population. Very, very scared of just about everyone, so she probably won't let you near her while she's awake."


You are pretty sure that yes, this is indeed the case.
Blankets make you invulnerable to outside harm.


Peek from under the blanket. Still there?


Yup, but they are talking between each other now.


Back under the blanket, move with it above my head and navigate the ground back to my hidy hole!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You smack into a wall.

He frowns.
"That will prove some problems with the diagnosis…"
"Does she need to be held down?"


Quick, under the blanket again and into a…
Ponies still there?
Sneak closer!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I think that would only make things worse. She was in chains before I found her, and she's still got the collar because I couldn't figure out the lock with her awake."
I'll frown a little.
"Considering what she was running away from when I found her, I doubt she'd take too well to physical contact of any kind."


You sneak closer and peek out.
Yup, still in there talking.
They didn't notice you yet
They pretend they didn't, but you don't know that

"Oh, sorry."
"I see. I do have some sedatives that might help as well, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it."
He nods with his head and the mare with the cutlass at her side starts walking back.


I didn't need to know that!
Sneak past them and move inside the lighthouse!
I've never seen something like that before!


Follow them back.


They didn't notice a thing!
Like you are a ghost!
You can see old stuff covered with dust, some not so old stuff, the two ponies beside the fire, and a set of loooooooooooooong spirraling stairs.
…then you hear other pony voices!

You arrive back in another ten minutes.
You see the filly left the bowl in front of one of the houses.

"Splinterproof, we're here."
"And you won't believe what we found!"


Yelp for an instant, but move right against a wall and go quiet.
Start climbing the stairs…

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll go look in the building where the bowl is.
"Little one?"


Turns out that climbing a stairs with a blanket is pretty hard, and you soon step on the blanket, trip, and fall down the stairs.
It hurts, a lot.
"Oh, damnit!"
"Is she allright?"


You're just in time to see a blanket fall down the stairs. Possibly with a pony inside.


Scramble for it!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Grab her with magic, blanket and all. Bundled. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You want to but it floats away! Noooooooo!

You only catch the blanket


Damn. float it back to her.
"Sorry, little one. Are you alright?"





Jump towards it! Try to flutter!

Definitely can't hear you.

Roll #1 5 - 6 = -1


You try to flutter it but it just hurts and then you jump again and fall through it when it floats in front of your face!


Roll over into it and stand still, panthing heavily as I suppress the pain.


I'll wince, and take a few steps forward before stopping.
"Little one?"
"Little one, are you alright?"


There are five ponies here, and the unicorn is talking to you!
All of them are looking at you!


I'm invisible in here!
Peek outside…


Hide under the blanket again and start shaking.
Close my eyes shut.


I'll look a little sad.
"Doctor, perhaps you should inform the others of what you found?"


It's dark, but you're safe, safe safe safe…

He clears his throat.
"Ah, yes. And Ne-"
Before he can finish, the mare lets out a loud whistle and shortly after a pegasus mare flies down from top.
"Thank you, captain. So as I was saying, we found some valuable supplies, but that dwarves to the discovery we made. We-"
The yellow mare excitedly jumps.
"We found a ship!!!"


Sneak out, to a corner.
Under the stairs!


"A ship? Are you certain?"


You hide under the stairs!
Yes, victory!

The others are as surprised as you are.
The doc looks annoyed, but continues.
"Although it is not in a very good condition, it has been preseved in the inside of a dry dock that had a roof. I do believe it can be saved with a bit of work."


"That's great news! That means that as soon as I clear out those raiders, or at least their leader, we can set sail."


Yelp as he mentions clearing out the raiders.
Hide as he mentions 'leader's.


The yellow mare speaks again.
"We'll need to chop wood first. We found a few tools that can help with that. Not the best, but eh, it's something."
She puts two rusty axes and a hatchet on the ground.

You're scared…. and a bit sleepy again…


I'm in a blanket.
I'm safe here.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Try resting in your other side… that wing hurts.



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Well, if there were any whetstones in the ruined village, we could have been able to use those…"
I'll look a little concerned at her for a moment.


There, all better.

"Couldn't find any."


"A shame."
I'll pick up one of the axes.
"I suppose I should earn my food, then."


The yellow earth pony and bearded earth pony pick up the hatchet and the axe, and nod then head out. The pegasus flies back top after changing a few words with the captain.
Time to chop food!


And I mean wood.
For food.


It's just swinging an axe well away from the others. How hard can it be?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Not hard at all, if a bit tiring.
You spend the next few hours chopping wood with them while Felfire naps.
She wakes up just as you finish, still tired.


The doctor looked after her while she was out, right? That would have been his best chance.


Am I still in the blanket under the stairs?


Yes, and removed the splinters and treated some of the wounds, but he didn't have any equipment to treat the wings, even with what they found.

Yes…. the blanket seems to have shifted around though. And you hurt less in general.


"So, doc, how bad is it?"


What are the ponies here doing?


They just started eating, and talking around the fire.

He takes off his glasses with telekinesis and cleans it.
"Not very good I'm afraid. She is undernourished, battered and bruised, she looked frail, due to missing many vital vitamins I would assume, and I can do nothing with those wings with what I have."


I'll frown a little.
"So we just let her rest and feed her until she starts to get better?"


"That's all that we can do given the circumstances."
He gives you a few pills.
"Sneak these into her food. It will help her get back on her hooves faster."


I still want to see what's on top of the lighthouse…
Pull the blanket above my head but leave a small hole for my face, and start moving slow, slow and quiet, towards the stairs.
One at a time!

Roll #1 6 = 6


See, now that you take it slow, you are making much better progress…
whew, it's tiring, but you can see the top now!
A light swirls around it every now and then!


Widen my eyes in complete awe, and even drop the blanket on the stairs, te make the last few steps in a single leap.
Sit in front of the revolving lights, just staring at them and wondering how something so beautiful can exist.


"That's going to be a bit difficult if she decides to watch. But it shouldn't be too hard otherwise…"


You are drawn like a moth to the light.
It leisurely swirls around, a fire burning on the inside, reflected to be much more powerful by mirrors.
You have no idea how it could exist, but you could watch it all day and night. It's even more interesting than the setting sun.


"It's for her own good. It's a small wonder how her bones went on for so long without fracturing or breaking."


Sit right beside the fire, curl up and close my eyes, with a happy smile on my face.

If even tomorrow Buck came back for me, this was all worth it.
I'd still be happy. Not even complain. Not even try to run.
It was worth it just to see this fire.


"Who says they haven't?"
I'll frown.
"You saw the hackjob they did to her wings."


You feel like you could fall asleep here.

"Pretty great, eh? It gets boring after a few hours though. Annoying after a whole day."
It's the voice of some mare you don't know…


And try to locate her!

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You dive for the blanket of your safety and pull it up for you, but you don't see where the voice is coming from!


He nods sadly.
"True… but if they did, at least it healed without crippling her."


I'm invisible now!
Start walking around the fire, try to find that pony!


There she is, a blue pegasus with a net as a mark, smiling, gazing out at the sea!


"At least."
I'll look around.
"Now, where did she get off to…?"
Start looking around. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Wait… You mean there is more outside of here to see?
Other than the sky?


File: 1381361611750.jpg (348.14 KB, 1920x1200, sunset.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

She's nowhere on the Lighthouse floor.

Well, there is the sea… it's like a water only more than you can even think of how much of it really is!
And the setting sun paints it all orange!


Huh. Did she go outside?
Look around outside. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Try not to pass out from happyness.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Let out a squel of surprise and happyness so big and sudden, my blanket will drop.


You look around.
Nope, not outside either.
You notice the light of the tower pass above your head…

It's…. you have no words. It's just so beautiful… you think you are crying, but it's not because it is bad.


Look up, I guess. She couldn't have gone up there, could she? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Stay plastered to the window.


There is no window.
Not anymore at least.
It's all in front of your eyes.

Yup, she is. In fact, you can even see her, sitting on the edge of the ledge of the tower's top.


I will stay like here until it's too dark to see a thing.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You watch as it slowly sets over the horizont, and only the fire of the lighthouse behind you remains


Is the other mare still here?


Well, she's enjoying herself. She's probably getting hungry, so I'll grind up one of those pills into the soup, then head up the stairs.
"Little one? Are you hungry?"


She is.
And apparently, the unicorn is too now.


I'm still a little ways down the stairs, though. Don't want to scare her.


Turn around in surprise.
After a few seconds, let my stomach speak.


And then look at the mare with the same expression of surprise.


She chuckles.
"Getting hungry? I'm sure Angler whipped up something nice."


Try to become as small as I can and look away from her, in fear.


"Sounds like. I'll leave it up here so that you can eat when you like. Don't let it get too cold, though."
I'll set the bowl well enough away from both the stairs and the ledge.


She frowns.
"Hey, I'm just saying."

She glances at you and shrugs, mouthing 'what now?'


Shuffle closer to the bowl and the unicorn.


It's closer now.



Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5


Just start drinking from the bowl.


And filling!
It end all too soon.


Look at the unicorn as if to ask what comes next.


I'll shrug, and mouth "hide?"
"How are you feeling?"


She blinks, then flap her wings and flies up to the roof.


Look around unsure on what to do, opening and closing my mouth a few times.
Try to find the strength to say "Good."

Roll #1 6 = 6


You utter it, if quietly.


I'll smile.
"That's great."


Silently finish the dinner.

I wonder when they will come to take me back…


"Did you enjoy the food?"
I'll sit so it's just my head that can be seen over the lip of the stairs.



Nod quietly, hastily.
There are too many ponies here… I need the blanket!
Look for it!

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's right where you left it, just beside you.


Slide under it again and give Curry two large puppy eyes.


I'll rest my head on the steps.
"So, I see you've discovered the ocean. Once we get the boat fixed up, we'll be sailing on that to far away places."


Shake my head.


I'll look at her sideways.
"Oh? Why's that?"


Bite my lip and shake my head again, looking down.


"Are you scared of the water? There is an awful lot of it, but that shouldn't be a problem…"


Shake my head again, and drag the blanket over my mane.


"Are you still afraid of those evil ponies and their leader?"


Open my mouth and breathe heavily once before pulling the blanket over my muzzle and going still, perfectly invisible from everypony.


"That seems to be it."
I'll think a moment.
"Well, you won't have to worry about them. The captain is a mare who knows her way around a fight, and the others are no slouches either. We can keep you safe."


"He will win.
He always does."
Remain still under the safety of my blanket.


"And there's always a first time for everything. He has to lose sometimes too."
I'll grin at her.
"And you'll be free to fly one day, sure as the tides. I swear on this pendant."


Stay silent and immovable under my blanket, the only safe place in the world.


The winds from the sea start to get chilly up here though…


But it's beautiful…
The first time I can feel wind as long as I want!
Let it lull me to sleep.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll flick my ears in the wind.
"Do you want to come downstairs? We might be able to find a comfortable place for you to sleep."


It's too cold to fall asleep.


Shakily, stand up and pull the blanket back.
Look at Curry as to say I'm ready to leave.


"Alright, then. Would you like to ride on my back, or do you want to walk on your own?"


Widen my eyes in terror at his offer and take a step back.


"Okay, okay. I get the picture. I'll be heading downstairs now, so be careful on your way down. Is there anywhere in particular you'd like to sleep?"


With a half broken voice, dare to look up.


"Well, certainly. But I meant if there was any particular spot. Not up here, because it's too cold, but downstairs. I doubt any of the beds are still in any serviceable condition, but a couple blankets can probably make for a comfortable resting spot."


Shake my head at that.
And right after, hide under the blanket and start giggling maniacally.


"Alright, I'll set you up a spot, just don't stay up here too long. You might get sick."
And I'll head down, and make Felfire a little bundle of… well, whatever is at hoof that isn't too moth-eaten or taken by the others. Under the stairs should do. She'll feel safe there, right?


After ten or so minutes, go after him.


You don't know.
You do set up a small fortification of whatever is at your disposal.


You see a place under the stairs, and it looks comfy… but the ground floor of the lighthouse is not too big, and there are at least… there are many ponies here!


Anyway, I'll pick a different spot, probably near the wall. Today was a long day.


How scary do they look?


One of them is like totally gruff and has a beard and snores and everything!



Roll #1 3 = 3


Oh no, oh no, you feel a flashback coming up… you can't stay here!


Reach the beach! Before it's too late and they will be back!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well, as she bolts out the door, I'll sigh.
"I suppose that wasn't alone enough…"
Grab the bundle and follow after her.


You're out of the lighthouse, and stand beside the piers looking out to the sea… it's pretty dark, but you can see the outlines of sunken boats and broken piers when the signal light flashes your way.
There are some more broken down houses a bit back, a safe distance from the lighthouse.


Ignore those.
Run ahead.
Run for the sea.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Crack says the rotten, weak wood it snaps below your hoof and drops you in the shallow, cold seawater.


Good thing I'm following her. Haul her out of the sea with telekinesis. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


It's too dark, and you can't see below the pier from that angle.


I don't suppose I know how to swim, right?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, shit.
"Little one?! Are you alright?"
Head out to the hole and look down.


You don't, but with some effort you can stay afloat.
For now.

There she is, trying her best to stay up on top.


Keep it up!

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


"Little one, I'm going to try to lift you up out of the water, alright? I'll set you down immediately after."
"Though you are a pretty good swimmer."
'1d10' to TK lift her out onto the pier.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Not in any condition to answer.


Ah, to Tartarus with it. Pick her up with my hooves and set her down on the dock. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


…this isn't so hard!
You can totally do it by instinct! Just pedal with your hooves like that! Yes, you can feel the wet ground below the water soon! You made it! You're on the shore now, next to the base of the pier now.

Your magic fizzles out again, but she made it out on her own already. No need to pick her up.


Well, good for her.
"So, under the stairs was no good, then? Where would you like to sleep?"


Cough up some salt water and look with big, reddened eyes at the unicorn, panthing.


You also shake some water off of you, like a dog would. You can't help it.


"You swam very well! You got out before I could manage to help you."
I'll take one of the cloths from the bundle, and float it over to her.
"Here, dry yourself off with this. You'll catch a cold if you go to bed wet…"


…Use those to dry myself, and snuggle up in them, right here on the beach.
Maybe now I can sleep…

Roll #1 4 = 4


Still too cold… and out in the open… No, this won't do.


Look up at the unicorn and wait.


"Well, if you need a place to sleep that's away from the others… I'm pretty sure those buildings aren't completely useless…"
I'll consider one of the empty buildings.
"Is there any one you'd like in particular? I can try and fix it up as best I can for the night, and you can sleep there."


Shake my head and move for one of the buildings, doesn't matter which one.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Part of the roof is missing and it has no door, but it will do.


I'll follow after her.
Alright, now it's time for my magic not to be useless.
'1d10' to clear the debris and put a makeshift door on the front.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Fall down on the floor.
I'm spent.
In every sense.

Roll #1 9 = 9


A beam falls down and blocks the enterance… well, I guess that's a door for the night.

Ahhh, so good to be finally resting…


Welp, that'll have to do.
Set the bundle down next to Felfire, and then I'll leave her be.
"Goodnight, little one. Rest well."


Weakly echo him as he leaves, emitting no intellegible sound


I'll be sitting outside the ruined house, until I'm certain you've drifted off to sleep.
Then quietly pray to Luna for guidance and Felfire's quick recovery. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


The answer for your prayer is… a feeling of uneasiness.

Or maybe you're just getting tired yourself.


I probably am. I'll head back to the lighthouse.


They prepared a sleeping place for you near the fire. How considerate!


How considerate indeed. But I can't sleep yet. The captain still awake?


She is, staring at the fire.


"Captain. Been quite the day, hasn't it?"


Felfire, roll.

She manages a laugh.
"You tell me. I was just thinking I needed more adventure in my life."



Roll #1 8 = 8


You jerk awake.
Something is not right.


…He is here, isn't he?


It's not him, no, no….

But there is definitely a presence in the room beside you.


Don't look at it.
Slowly, scuddle towards the entrance…

Roll #1 9 = 9


Yeah, you can totally… Wait.
There is a support beam blocking the door. You are trapped.

You hear the resistance of wind and the soft clop of four hooves against wood.


From which side of the wood?


Floor, the other end of the small room.
…only one pony you knew could walk so softly.


"Well, there's a fine line between more and 'too much' isn't there?"
I'll chuckle a little.
"So, we've got a boat. All we need to do now is kill the deer that leads the raiders, and we'll have no worries."




"Oh, good, we can do that after the morning coffee, then we'll be back home by lunch."
She shakes her head.
"Can't we just leave? I don't want to lose any of my ponies."

Stalker Smiles, deranged pegasus tracker, one of Buck's most trusted.

You feel warm breath on your ear, and a quiet voice.
"Make a peep, peep, and I'll bite your tongue out."


It's over, I always knew it would happen.
Give in to his order, stay silent and curl up in an even smaller ball.


"I don't want any of them lost as well. But as long as they're here, they're going to make life miserable for the natives. And the deer that leads them is a thrice-damned monster. The sooner he's dead, the better."


She frowns.
"Listen, I know it sucks for the natives, I'm sure of it… but I'd rather not die for them. These people have families. All of them. They should get off this island, scot free."

He starts prancing around you, but his hooves make no sound.
Oh, of course. You only heard him before because he wanted you to.
"Enjoying your vacation, kiddo? C'mon, you can answer that."


"I'm not asking you to. I'm not asking anyone of the crew to. It's just something I need to take care of before we leave."
I'll idly fiddle with my pendant for a moment.
"I just don't want anything like what happened to that child to happen to anyone else."


But do I have to?
Keep shaking and remain silent.
He just said he'd cut my tongue if I said a word…


"I don't have much of a family, only these ponies, so I'd volunteer. But if I go, they come too. Clingy bunch, the lot of them."

This doesn't seem to please him. He snarls, bites one of your wings open, and steps on it.
"Listen here you little shit you give me the cold shoulder or play smartass with me it's going to end terribly."


Yelp and bite my tongue a moment later, holding back sobs.


"You're needed here with them to help make the boat. If I manage to succeed, then we're likely going to need to leave really quickly. We'll need to be able to disembark right away."


He grins, puts some more weight on your wing, then steps back.
"Then why leave? Wasn't it super comfy for your picky little ass back there? Didn't we give you all the loving you needed?"

"I talked with Scurvy. It will take more than a morning to get it fixed up."


Keep looking at the ground.


"That gives me time to prepare, and maybe make sure Felfire is more seaworthy."
I'll grimace at the name.
"They certainly gave her a rather ugly name, don't you think? Perhaps one day she'll be open to getting a better one."


He cackles.
"You know, Buck has been missing you awfully."

"Looking at her, the name is the least worrying thing."


Remain silent.


"Did you miss him?"




"Which is why she needs help."
I'll look towards the door, and then yawn.
"Do you think it was a bad idea to let her sleep out there? How good is the visibility up on top of the lighthouse?"


"You want him to punish you for being such an unruly little shit?"

"Netsy has the best pair of eyes I could point at anywhere nearby. As long as she is awake, nothing can slip past her."


"Well, here's hoping she hasn't nodded off… You've had her on watch all day, haven't you?"


"…I did, yes. Then again, she's probably used to it. She's the one in the crow's nest, after all."


Take heavy breaths.
"I… Deserve… It."


"He said he should get at you first… but you wouldn't tell anyway, would you?"
He starts circling you.


I'll lie down.
"When did you all light the lighthouse, by the way? Soon as you found the place?"


"He will..
Be angry if he… Notices…"
Make a pause.
"He always knows…"


"Soon as we figured out how."

You suddenly feel a painful cut on your cheek.
"Then you will fucking tell him it was your fucking fault and you did it to yourself while running away!"


Tremble, quiver at the cut, but don't let out a sound.


"Wouldn't that have given away your position to the raiders…"
I'll sit bolt upright.
"That would have given away our position to the raiders. Especially at night."
Head upstairs. Need to check on Netty.


You feel the blood trickle down.
"So, who was that?"




"And any rescue boats."

You quickly head upstairs.
She is keeping herself awake by preening, or so it would seem.

A cut at your hindleg.
"No,you stupid fuck. It was you, You!"


Okay, this one I feel.
Fall to my knees as that leg gives out.
No! It was me, only me!"


Head over to her.
"Netsy, you awake? Have you seen anyone approach the light?"


She spits out a feather.
"Ptoo- wha-huh?
I was keeping an eye on the treeline, no movement."

He cackles again, and licks the blood from that cut…
"See, I'm a good teacher too, right? Right? Tell me I am!"


"Were you asleep just now?"


"You are th.."
Inhale sharply.
"Bestest teacher. Ever."


She extends her right wing.
"Unless this got freshly preened in my sleep, no.
Why? What's twisting your giblets?"

You get poked in the side with his dagger just enough to draw blood.
"No, no, no nono, that's Buck! Did you smoke away all your fucking brains?"


Cry in silence as the metal pokes me.
You are a great teacher!
Buck is the bestest at everything!


"I don't know. I just feel… uneasy. Could you do me a favor, though? There's a run-down house with half a roof and a beam across the doorway. The child chose to sleep there for the night. Could you keep an eye on her?"


She leans back so you don't block her view, then back to you.
"I saw you two go in, but I can pay some extra attention to it, sure."

"So, when are you coming back, huh?"


Keep shivering.
"Whenever Buck wants…"


I'll look into the night for a moment, and then head downstairs. Can't shake that unease, though.


"He wanted you to… let's see… a fucking day ago. You're really late, aren't you?"

Maybe it's this terrible island catching up to you.


Don't even answer, just shake.


Maybe… whatever it is, I can't relax. Fire's too warm. Too cold without the blanket. Something's… just off.


Kicked in the gut.
"Aren't you?!"


You didn't forget about your goodnight prayers, did you?


Spit out at that.


I did pray! Right outside Felfire's hut. Guidance and the child's recovery…
I need some air.
Go outside.


He snarls.
"You ever leave again and I'll cut your ears off and stuff it in your ass."

It's very silent out here, and the cold sea wind makes it chilly, but fresh.


Rattling my teeth, answer quietly.
"I understand."


Was it this quiet before I went inside? Who can say. I'll go… one more check on the kid won't hurt her, right? Just to see if she woke up in the night. That house is probably pretty breezy…


You peek in the partially blocked doorway, which you can step over, but she can't.
…she is standing near it, staring at a wall, teeth rattling and mumbling "I understand."


"Little one? What's the matter?"
Light up my horn, get that machete ready. Maybe it's another thing that looks like something it isn't.


Mouth agape, I will stand perfectly still, not knowing what to do.


All you see in the dark is a wicked grin before it vanishes as the light appears.
Curry, roll.


Fucking raiders.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You see a shadow fly past above your head, and duck just in time to avoid the twin blades.
"Don't you want to give me a ponyride?! Bwaahahah!"
You don't think he is quite done with that trick.


Fucker. Attempt to break his wing with TK. '1d10' Let's see how that bastard likes it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You spin around and… see nothing.
Still you let your intuition guide you and grab thin air with your TK, awarding you with more than a few dark feathers in your grasp and a pained shriek.


"You're one to talk, you piece of offal!"
Yell up to Netsy.
"Bring a torch, we've got a raider!"
Let's swing that machete around. Blunt as it is, it can still hurt a wounded raider. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You hear a sharp whistle coming from the top of the ligthouse as you swing your weapon at nothing in particular again… and it connects, leaving a big wet pool of blood on the ground.
Netsy stops the light to be fixated on where you are, and for the first time you see your foe, a blue pegasus with now-ruffled wings and a deep wound cut in his sides. Just as the door of the ligthouse burts open with the reinforcments, he spits in your face, and an unnatural darkness surrounds you, blinding you completely.


Jump towards where I saw him last. He might not have moved yet. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You catch nothing this time.
Your vision returns soon, and you can see a trail of blooddrops leading into the jungle.

Spilnterproof and the two others except the doc and run over to you, weapons at the ready.
"Damnit, I knew we were getting away with this place too easy."


Okay, time to hide in a corner shivering.


You curl up in a corner.
He is waiting for you.
He didn't forget about you…


"It's a big light house."
I'll shake my head.
"Doc, we need to take a look at the little one."
Head towards the house she's in.
"Little one? I'm so sorry… I never should have left you alone. Did he hurt you?"


I should…
Go back to him.
Maybe he won't kill me if I go back alone.
Maybe he will just punish me himself…
No way I'm gonna turn around, away from my corner.


My face will fall.
"I'm… so very sorry."


You can hear the swearing of Netsy all the way down here.
"What happened when we got out? We saw nothing around you, even with every light pointing at you. How many of them were there?"

Maybe he will… he always wins, after all.


"Just one. Light blue pegasus, blended in with the dark. If I hadn't hit him, I'd have sworn he wasn't there at all."
"Doc, can you see if he did anything to the child? We don't know how long he was in here."


"That's bad news… We won't get much genuine rest it seems. You were right."
He nods, and steps in the house, but pauses and glances back at you.
"I can already tell she's in shock."


I'll glare at the woods.
"I never should have left her alone."


Turn around to look at the pony who just entered the room.


It's a grey unicorn with a brown bag.
He takes a small step towards you.
"It's okay, I am a doctor. Do you know what a doctor is? We help ponies by making pain go away."


Splinterproof sighs.
"This is a nightmare…"


Don't answer, or move for the matter.
I know what makes pain go away.
The stuff the make me smoke.
So there, I know plenty of doctors.


He can't read minds, so he takes another step closer, and levitates something out if his bag.
It seems to be… glass and metal?


"We'll need to find a safer place. It's not much, but there is a cave I found a little ways away. It's fairly out of the way, and there is clean water."
I'll glance towards Felfire.
"And we'll need to bring the boat. We can't risk it being destroyed."


It cuts and gets stuck.
It cuts and burns.


The yellow mare -who you assume is the captain called Scurvy- speaks.
"It's too big to move. It's bigger than the ship we had before. No way we can move that from the drydock."

You feel a little sting at your neck…
Then you feel the pain go away, and then you get really, really sleepy.


I'll frown a little.
"But the cave can give us a little safety, I suppose. Only so many ways into it, after all."


It's the third time today…

Roll #1 9 = 9


You fall asleep for real now. A real slumber.
None of those pesky, bad dreams… just sleep.

"You should take her there. We-"
Splinterproof puts a hoof down.
"We are guarding that ship with our lives."



I'll nod.
"No more open lights, though. We can't expect outside help at this point."

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