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Your name is Chip the Space Marine, and you have no idea where the fuck you are. For whatever reason, you have the inclination of saying this strange pastel colored land would be called Equestria, but the thought is quickly put down as you distract yourself trying to remember how you got here in the first place.
Yeah, there's the ticket. Through some sort of combination of chaos gods being dicks, the warp being the warp, and you being the unluckiest mother fucker your chapter has ever seen, you managed to get zapped away from your ship without any sort of warning. It couldn't have been during a more convenient time, at least, because you were in front of your superiors answering for a mistake that cost quite a few of your battle brothers in the heat of battle.
You swear it was an ork that did it.
Filthy bastard.
In any case, you somehow survived your surprise transit to this strange earth, sitting in the crater you made.
What will be your first action in this strange world?

Consider this an experiment for myself. This could have come by at a better time considering I haven't drawn in a good week and I'm still a little rusty. Expect drawing styles to change and whatever else nonsense comes with somebody that has no idea what he's doing.


check inventory


Check your trusty transdimensional coordinate positioning device!


Thank the God Emperor of Mankind for your safe deliverance.


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Alas, you only have your suit of armor with you.
And your transdimensional coordinate positioning device is in your locker underneath the subspace ammo storage device.
No matter! It's all you need to survive. You give a thumbs up to the big guy for helping you survive. Gosh, he's so nice. What a team player.
Enough nonsense, you should probably get your bearings; from where would you want to peek over?


check to the south


I giggled.


climb a tree
look at surroundings


What's our auspex say?


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Unfortunately, because you weigh in at NEARLY A FUCKING TON, climbing anything that isn't reliably able to sustain that kind of weight is out of the picture.
You look to the south, in the case of being in a new planet, is whatever direction you want it to be, you see the mountains and forest stretch almost to the horizon. At the very least, you hope those are forests and mountains, I mean come the fuck on. Not much more than fucking scribbles by some ADHD nerd with nothing better to do at 4 in the morning.
At the end of the path seems to be some man-made buildings off in the distance.
You hope.


Advance forwards boldly, as the Codex teaches.


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Wait, no. That's bullshit. Just get a move on, we're all waiting.


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Just get a move on.


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get a move on harder


Name your boots, one should preferably include the name "Booticus" But not "Stompy" that's a filthy Ork name


What are you, a Black Templar? Get a move on!


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You make a mental note to name your boots 'Lefticus' and 'Derechiarus' when you have finished your journey, but for the time being you have decided to go from MIND NUMBINGLY SLOW to REASONABLY PACED. You say you don't want to run too fast into a trap, but it's really because you're a fat piece of shit.
Just, goddamn. A fatass going as fast as he reasonably can; just by the shading you can tell if you actually saw him moving he'd be so graceful. Like a gazelle.
But, like, fatter.
Whatever you do, don't focus on how horribly slanted he is, it's bad for your health.


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So graceful.


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It's worth mentioning you like exaggerating your time skips.
It's been thirty minutes.
In any case, you're just about to get into the city and hopefully find a way off this rock.


Is that xeno scum?
Looks like that.
Purge the xeno scum.


Ignore the xeno animal and continue to the city.


Do we have our trusty xeno purging gun? Tainting yourself with xeno bits might lead to un-expected issues


Also you're a fat lazy bastard and can't be assed to chase it around


Before you do anything: try to remember which chapter you belong to, what your rank was, how (and why) you were send to 'Equestria'… hell, try your best to recall anything!

Knowing your background is paramount to and for any further actions.


Poke at the xeno animal for the lulz and get walking.


(I'll get an update soon, just fiddling with a couple images)


Ah, the infamous "Soon"


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Come on, guys. It's like you never saw a quarterhorse before. Why, by the stature, you could swear it belongs to the long forgotten Squ-


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did that horse just fucking talk


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Well, there's your xeno purging quota.
You could swear this part is where you earn some sort of an achievement, and it'd be assigned a numerical value to be used as bragging rights to fellow 12 year olds.
Alas, no achievements ever come from it.


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>for the lulz
And yet, you get the feeling that there will be a peculiar marine that won't survive to see it.


>achievement said twice
I should probably not update at 4 am anymore.


Yes, I'm liking this quest.


Venture forth to find more xenos to purge!




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>Venture forth to find more xenos to purge!
That is a thing you should be doing right about


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Well, that's what you deserve for standing in place for three months, I guess.


Demonstrate the superiority of the imperium over these heretical instruments! Crush their weapons of war! Grab and break that spear, in whichever way seems best


Make sure they didn't take our bolter. We don't need it to kill them, but its machine spirit will be royally pissed at us if we ended up letting them take it.

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