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Banned for 1 day: banned text.

I hope someone can go to the MLPG and redirect my players here.

Report in.




You hold her close and gently stroke her mane. "We have all of tomorrow to figure this out. And the day after that, and every day after that. I'm not going anywhere."

You spy a grandfather clock in the corner of the room. Dinner will be soon—

"Who's in there? Miss Fright, is that you?" A stern, dark voice calls into the study, followed by a horn, followed by the imposing figure of Lord Travis standing in the doorway with his briefcases.

Lyra's just about frozen in your lap, and you hope her tears have dried as you try to discern the stoic expression on the old stallion's face.


"Uh… good evening, sir."

"Good evening. Lyra, are you quite alright?"

Lyra nods weakly and slinks away from you and the chair. You work up a response, "She was telling me about the family's history, got a little emotional, is all."

"I see." He telekinetically snatches the photo of his parents out of your hands before putting down his briefcases by his desk. It's almost eerie, how unmoved he is; even when Lyra throws herself on him, he affords her just a peck on the forehead while straightening out his belongings. "Did I miss dinner?"

"No. I think you're just in time."

"Get cleaned up. Tears don't become you." He nods at Lyra, and she dutifully turns to leave. He stops her from beckoning you to follow. "I hadn't had a chance to talk much with your friend, if you don't mind."

"Oh. S-sure." She waves goodbye to you, leaving you alone with Lord Travis. He looms over you with a bottle of cider and two shot glasses.



Accept the drink.


Accept the drink. Get ready for awkwardness.


This. Get the spaghetti ready


Accept drink.

Prepare for the "I know".


I fucking knew we should've cleared house before getting particularly affectionate.

Anyways, take the drink and take what's coming to you like the man you are.


"Yes. Please."

"A true gentleman graciously accepts his host's hospitality." He gives you a glass of cider and pulls up a chair for himself. Even this close, you can't make out any actual emotion in his gaze, almost like he's bored or displeased with existence itself. Whatever it is, he's a stark contrast to the bubbly personality of his wife and daughter. "She is… easy to make friends with, yes?"


"Yes sir."


ogodogodogodogod he knows
He's waiting for us to overly flatter her.
But we can't be too rude about her…

Should we just come clean before he comes to it?
Might make us look at least a bit better, being a bit more honest…




'Almost to a fault, though not nearly as much as some others I know. I've met some back in ponyville that literally throw themselves at newcomers. It's quite a sight to see when someone new moves into town.'


"Yes sir, she is." Take a drink.

Good idea.


No way in hell should we admit anything without being asked about it


"Almost to a fault, but she doesn't throw herself at strangers like some ponies I've met."

"Yes, she's told me about this… Pinkamena Diane. But this conversation isn't about her." He summons a pipe and begins to blow bubbles as he maintains a withering gaze on you. "I take it you get along quite easily with ponies."


Most of the ponies in Ponyville are very easy to get along with.


Nothing to do but go along, I guess.
He most obviously knows, so it's failing battle at this point I guess.

"Are you implying something, sir?"



>"This conversation isn't about them."

God damnit, reminds me of my own dad. Guy's gonna pick apart anything we say the moment we say it. We'll drown in spaghetti in under six lines.


Oh jesus fuck, he knows way too much.

Try to keep cool.

Pretty much. Might as well get to the point. And hope that we can get more than one drink. I have a feeling we're going to need it. If he doesn't vaporize us first.


We don't say anything until he does. Remember that he is an attorney.


She's told him about pinkie wanting our dick?




It's a fine line we're walking here. We can't be silent, and we can't say too much. Being an attorney, he knows shit already.

Basically, we're fucked.


"If I didn't, I wouldn't have lasted a minute in Equestria." You laugh it off. He hmms nonchalantly.

"Forgive me for prying. After a day Downtown one can't help but be… curious." He pours out another glass for himself. "What do you really think of the situation downtown? Can our kinds commingle?"


"There have always been humans that love nothing more than causing trouble. Most of them will move onto something else after a few months or years. Lots of people still aren't used to the fact that there are other sapient species out there."


'I should hope so. We still have these issues within our own kind back on Earth. It's still very violent in some places. From what I've seen, it's almost the same exact story. I simply hope things come to a speedier conclusion than they will back home.'


"Well, only time will tell, however I am hopeful. These types of situations are very tricky, as I'm sure you are well aware. The loudest voices tend to drown out the rational discussion."


Also we should probably drink, if we haven't already, given he's on his second.


"Time will tell, but I'm hopeful. It's a tricky situation, but it's one we've seen a lot of within our own kind—it's still an issue in many places, even violent."

"That is nice to hear, but I meant biologically." He looks you over. Thankfully, your fear and nervousness haven't revealed themselves, but it's still no easier to discern what he's thinking. "It is a sticking point of the arguments downtown."


'I don't know the extent of what it can do yet, but magic seems like it might be a solution.'


"I don't see why not. Don't ponies ever get involved with gryphons or zebras?"




"Maybe. I haven't given it much thought"

Feign ignorance and keep those noodles safe in our pocket.


"Don't ponies ever get involved with… I dunno, griffons and zebras?"

"Equinoids maybe, but alien species are right out. It really makes me wonder what's going on that's got the idea stuck in people's heads. Sadly, I've only rumors to go on." He turns away and starts rifling through his files. "I realize you must have been asked this many times already, but do you intend on finding a wife? Moving to Ponyville seems an hermitage on your part."

He continues, "Unless you were open to interspecies relationships. In which case, perhaps you'd find out what's going on in the AEIOU that's got people in a tiff."


'That sounds like you're asking me for a favor. I might have some free time tomorrow if you needed me to run some errands for you.'


This, but make it sound more polite.


This. However aren't we going to AEIOU with Lyra tomorrow anyway under the cover story of the MMO meetup or whatever? Just be careful not to spin too many stories here, or we could lose track.


Good point. Maybe we should just ask him if he's suggesting something. Less pressure on us to say something dumb.


"While I'm here, I might do some sleuthing for you."

"I don't need you to do anything for me, except stay away from Lyra." With a single gesture, he enchants his files to arrange and stow themselves, then he turns to leave. "If you want to test your theory, I suggest you pursue Miss Keen."

He doesn't wait for your response, and in the distance you can hear a bell calling you to dinner.



Getting late, calling it here.

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/wzuDCRry


I would say 'OH FUCK' but this is good, in a way. he thinks we're pursuing her, and haven't already, well, you know.

This is good.


I'm sure he thinks it's a bit more than that after seeing lyra in our lap

We using this board next time?


Sorry I don't have the webpage up yet, but I'm almost done caping all the quests. Should be done in another hour.


Well, he doesn't know everything, but he knows more than is comfortable.

Shit is gonna go down when Lyra can't hide our little 'secret' anymore.

Thanks for the session!


After this and what happened last week, I think /q/ might be a healthier base of operations. I'm not sure what the policy on NSFW material is for this site, though.


This is going to complicate things.


NSFW content in the context of a quest should be fine, AFAIK.


Well images are allowed if spoilered. I'm sure something can be done with text.


Image porn is okay on this board according to the rules:

2. NSFW Images are allowed as long as they are pony related and spoilers are use.

If erotic images are allowed, it wouldn't make sense to not allow fapfics.



NSFW material is A-ok here, just spoiler such images and as for text a small warning that the quest/post may contain something questionable should be fine. We are all big boys & girls here, if someone doesn't like what they are reading they can stop.


Are you by any chance still working on Lyraquest?





Yeah, it ended a while back, but I'd be happy to field any questions you have.


Bonbon quest when.


No quest, but I still have to write that bonus scene. Other things have taken priority now, though :(


Has it been a month since you've started writing it, or did you just lately started it?


I started writing it the week after Lyraquest concluded but haven't finished it. I haven't gotten back to it recently, as I'm still intimidated by the… emotional challenge of such a situation.


Emotional challenge of having candy mouth suck you off?


Emotional challenge of having Candymouth suck you off of her own volition when you've impregnated her wife behind her back.




That's why I await your precious bonus scene, my lord.


File: 1346040351792.png (315.78 KB, 722x692, 13190799943156.png)

> There will never be a lord travis bonus scene with kiwi keen bursting in and high-fiving anon during climax


>no bonbon quest
my day just got a little worse


What, you want to make a quest of winning Bonbon's affection in the midst of a nontraditional family structure and a hectic life with a hybrid mutant baby and all the attention that draws?

…That does sound interesting.


do it


File: 1346098340371.jpg (27.58 KB, 431x381, 1338095310002.jpg)

>Romance Bonbon
>Learn more about her and Lyra along with taking care of the kid
>Complete the triangle romance
>Family becomes a lesbian pony, lesbian pony, and human.

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