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TowN oF ParasKiEver


Obey the law and the guards at all times
All workers or slaves are not allowed in the mountain district
Keep your weapons sheated at all times
Weapons are peace-bonded as one enter
Public display of magic is forbidden without a permit
Paraskiever is not liable to anyone's death
Mercantile business are conducted only in the town square
Public cuddling are forbidden
If one needs more information ask it in the barracks

The sign is old and weathered but the message is still clear and readable. It is a clear evening and the pale but bright moonlight shines upon this rich mining town. The snow is light and the river is unfrozen and indication that this town will see a lot of activity for the months to come.

Actually it is already thriving, the smell of the foundry envelopes the eastern district while the western parts carry the smell of sour broth and stale bread, the pale moon light illuminates the streets as you and your group can hear hysterical laughter and song in the Inns, tents and taverns that populate that district. Your ears twitches a bit as you hear that there are still faint sounds of rocks being picked in the northern side, an indication that this town does not sleep to make up for most of the working months.

"No magic in this town little pony without license! That is final!"
"You have no right to raise your voice to me like that you mutt! I am a magician and I will have my respect!"
"Baaah! Begone! And dont let me caught you or BucketHead will throw pony in dungeons himself!"

There are nine diamond dog guards active on the checkpoint that leads to the town. A pony seething with anger while pulling a wagon that carries many things pass by as one of the guards eyes her suspiciously, another guard approaches and halt your group of five.
"Halt, what business do group have here?!"


paused until I say so.


its a go.


"Just visiting."


Nod at Aleister's comment.


The dog frowns at you two.
"Visiting? This town," he pointed, "not for visiting! This town is for work and mining and trade and anyone who dont do that is useless! Beg…"

Another one smacks his head.
"Dont let ponies leave idiot?! Its night time already and if Buckethead dog sends them out they will freeze."
He then looks at you two.
"What business do you five are here?"

"I am a baker sir." A gryphon said.
"I'm a drover." A pony said.


I look at Sylt.
"How typical of the Master to send us here"
"Uh sir, uh we are fighters."


Roll my eyes.
"As he said. Fighters for hire."


"What did I do now?"


"I'm sure he's planning on something."


"Planning to laugh his ass off."


That should have been whispered.


Chuckle behind a hoof.


"I'm a coffee maker."


early pause


File: 1384203616266.png (393.15 KB, 1024x1000, bb 1.png) ImgOps Google


The guard called BucketHead looks at you two suspiciously.
"FIghters? You two want some fighting to be had? This city is peaceful! Bego… "
The other one looks glumly at him smacking his face hard with fast and look back at you all.
"So you two are sellswords eh? No fighting going in maintown except to kick out changeling in the northeastern mines or guarding caravans and you two are ponies and we cant let you in the mines to fight them. Hey HEY!! Green eyes! Come and register these two!!"
A unicorn with Green mane, white coat and green eyes comes running carrying a bag full of small clay tablets.
"Register these ponies and let them in and lead them to west district."

The green eyed pony bow down before looking back to the rest of the group and faintly smile.
"Visiting in the working season? Good timing, the town needs a lot of skilled workers or guards to keep the operation running. Now if you could just give me a single hair and I can embed it in your identification tablets. By the way, my name is Green eyes and if you have any questions just ask me."


Several of the guards look at you with interest in their eyes as Greeneyes began her speech.


"A hair? Curious."
Give her a hair from my mane.


Pick one hair from my mane wi-
No, hold on.
"The sign says no magic.
Is Telekinesis allowed?"


I nod.
"And why are there such strict rules?"


She began to get your hair, telekenitically cutting it in two, keeping one of it and infuse the remaining one to individual small clay tablets before giving the tablet to each one of you.
"This is your identification tablets, do not lose them alright." Green eyes smiled at you two.

Greeneyes tilt her head.
"Well minor magics are fine and all but it is usually frowned upon, casting of flashy ones are not encouraged without a permit, lets leave it at that." She smiles.


I cock an eyebrow.
"Uh….right. So how much do we get paid?"


Hold firmly onto the tablet and just nod speechlessly.
"Where to for a room?"


The gryphon and the pony stevedore has left for the night heading to the western side of town talking to each other while the other guards pat one of their comrades and began to leave.

She looks confused at you for a moment before smiling and showing you her collar.
"I dont know why you are asking me that but I take it that you already know the position I have in life."
The guard then scratch his head looking away before looking at you two.
"Barghrest is confused why we should pay you but if you ponies are looking for work here then you might snoop around in the eastern district along the merchants row by morning. They do the trading and stock there so plenty of people there will find for capable 'fighters' to guard their wares. If not you can carry their wares if you like."
"If you two like to do some mining, unicorns are in demand since they can find gems for diggers to dig so that is another one if you are up to it."

"Western district in the Jumping pony Tavern in the People's block, Avoid trouble and trouble will avoid you"


I look in disgust at the collar but don't say anything.
"We'll go to the market then, right Sylt?"


"Y-yeah. We should…"


"Or the tavern?"


Once we're out of range I give you a look.
"You thinking what I'm thinking?"


Nod very, very slowly.


We go to the tavern then.
Or the market?

Sylt decides, she's going to get her way anyway.


I'm already walking for the market, you fool!


Market then.


She smiles.
"My friend got injured in a caravan incident and we got ourselves into huge debts thats why I am now here. Dont worry two more years and I will be able to pay for myself."

You two left the gates and walk towards the east district, leaving behind a confused pony and guards.
No surprise here the market is closed, nobody here except for a many large warehouses and a few houses with lit rooms. Some guards are walking and doing their duties while a small camp area is present on the far southern side in where laughter can be heard.
"Whats you two doin here ei?" A guard approach you two.


"We were looking for the market.
To buy some waffles."


"Looking for the market… We were told it was around here!"


"Market? No marketing during the night, every trading is conducted in the morning you two. You sure not lost?"

He then scratch his head, sniffs in the air and began to give you looks of suspicion.
"Ei, where's ya identification? Gibme."


Sigh and pull out the tablet.


Show it.


He looks at it, looks at the hair tied to it and gives it back.
"Looks legit enough, at least you're not changeling. You two should not be here tonight unless you want to be called thieves."

He then look again to you two with suspicion.
"Unless you two are."


"We'll just go to the tavern then."
Wave and trot away quickly.


Sigh and roll my eyes, but before I can say anything, notice Aleister leaving and go after him.


File: 1384210890272.png (626.75 KB, 1024x1000, bb 2.png) ImgOps Google

You two began to walk past some winding narrow ways, asked a bit of direction in where the taverns are located and one of the guards tell you the details.
"there are five taverns here you get it? one at the eastern district, the other one is on the north and there are three on the western part. As for the Jumping pony? It is located on the western part just walk on the main street and turn left on narrow walkway west and you will be there."

As you two made your way you see it, the athmosphere is a bit lively with many guest chattering both inside the Inn and on the outside. It is a mixed bunch, from what looks like skilled workers to experienced individuals. All of them are relaxed and a bit joviial even at this time of the night. The door is open and both of you smell ale and food inside.




File: 1384278363586.png (466.04 KB, 1024x1000, bb3.png) ImgOps Google

Some of the ponies and gryphons that is a part of your caravan group has left for the night, two of them however mysteriously left and goes to the market place, much to the suspicion of some of the guards.
Two of the guards began to size you up.
"What kind of coffee do you make pony?"
"Do you have Decaf?"
"Do you make Expresso?"
"How about that coffee with chocolate and cherries on it?"
"Now now, she is not here to make coffee right away. Pony needs to register first, Green eyes! Green eyes! Take care of this one."

A unicorn with Green mane, white coat and green eyes comes running carrying a bag full of small clay tablets.
"Well you've been awfully quiet there, dont worry, many of the guards here like good coffee so you wont find lack of work here. They call me Green eyes, if you can just hand me one piece of your hair then I can embed your identity to this clay tablet for identification." She smiles.


So where am I? Did I get my identification thingy?


"Yes, Yes; I'll need to restock on supplies but I can do the extras, I can do most kinds of coffee, but It will take some time as my machine isn't warm enough yet."


Pluck out a piece of hair for the green eyed pony


Go in.


They smiled enthusiastically.
"You had a machine? Great! When will pony? set up shop and where?"
"I heard one of the caravans are hiring Barista's to come along with them on the road. Perhaps that may make some good bits if you've come here for work."
"Why would you send off this pony away? Its been some time that Barghrest had good coffee!"
"I was just saying!"

Green eyes does not mind the mindless chatter made by the guard dogs and began to get your hair, telekenitically cutting it in two, keeping one of it and infuse the remaining one to individual small clay tablets before giving the tablet to each one of you.
"This is your identification tablets, do not lose them alright." Green eyes smiled.


"It is late, and I am cold and tired. Those questions will be answered tomorrow when it's easier to warm up my machine."

Turn to Green Eyes

"eh- where is the Inn?"


Stick with him.


She tilt her head
"There are 5 Inns in town if I remember correctly. Most of them are by the western district of Paraskiever. Just walk by the main road leading west and you wont be lost and dont go any alleyway." She grins at you.


"Right, yea alright thank you!"

Head in that direction and look for the cheapestmost affordable Inn I can stay at. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The confines of the jumping Pony Inn is warm and comforting, a welcome respite after several days trekking the snow covered roads leading here. The aroma of sizzling rabbit meat and chicken is heavy as well as that of smell of ale and bread, a reminder that the town caters to almost any race. Loud laughter and can be heard anywhere as well as chatter about how the next day will be a good season for the caravans since the haul of mineral ore's is huge. A promise of many prosperous days to come.

A porky and fat female diamond dog approaches you.
"Welcome sir and mada'm to our humble Inn, I take it you are weary from your travels and like a rest or a spell or two, you can either wait for the Inn to close down and use this common room as your resting place or rent one of our rooms! We got some nice little pony size rooms here that you can use Mister and Missis… ?" She looks at you two with a smile.

Well there are three inns in the western district alright. You go from one corner to another from different streets and you find out the different Inns located in this part of the town.

One of them is mountain side Hostel, the outsides of said Inn appears to be a bit deserted but they have the occasional individuals chatting outside while anyone who goes in usually close the door. There are some tents erected outside and carts just parked on the corner, indication that this maybe a merchant's Inn, perhaps a guild Inn too.

The Jumping pony looks warm enough but modest, there is laughter coming inside and it looks like the people here are composed of a mixed bunch, ranging from what looks like simple folks to one's carrying weapons and some shady figures. Its late already and some of them are a bit drunk now that you notice.

The Highlands Inn is last but not the least, the place is jovial at best, loud and raunchy at worst, well from the outside that is. Many individual are drinking and having a good time. There are many people here but most of them are composed of what looks like individuals seeking a good time in this cold place. Evident by the sounds of laughter and the occasional faint moans that can be heard.


I can't risk my baby falling into someone else's hooves…


Roll #1 2 = 2


Head to the Highlands Inn, there should be some free (or cheap enough) rooms there for myself!


Do I have the moneys for this?


"Mister Smith I take it, well you two will feel fine at home here. If you'd like to partake in our fine food and rooms just tell and we will try to acomodate." She grins.
You look in your bags and that it will take a weeks before your wealth reserve will lower to a destitute level if you sleep in the common rooms; food and drinks included.

The first thing that struck you is that this place is noisy. The sound of a band of bards playing their tune on a stage adds to the noise but it is nothing compared to the patrons who are doing…. all sort of things from drinking, eating shouting insults, a fight is even going on in one corner between a griffon and a buffalo!

A lanky female diamond dog approaches you, his breath smells a little.
"An adventurer I presume, sophisticated folks dont come here unless they dont have the cash. Dont worry, all manners of individuals we take in here with a modest and cheap price. You can lay your mat on the common rooms once the Inn closes down."

She eyes you.
"You're a newcomer I take it, mister…. ?"


Nod and look around the room for a place to set down my machine.

"Latte. I know the name misleads."


Smile broadly.
"We would love to."


Some groups are going around asking questions to some of the patrons, handing out some cards to some of them as they pass by.
Both of you stand there, the place is full of people chatting all the while your guest heads to the kitchen to cook something up. There are some empty seats on a far corner of the place the room that appears comfy and doesnt attract too much attention.

"Latte? Odd named fellows is common here."
He looks at the machine.
"I keep an eye on that if I were you , you dont know who will go around here and take interest on taht kind of machine, whatever it is. Now what do you need?"
In the crowd you do notice some individuals chatting up to the folks giving out something to them as they pass by.


"That would be harsh, this machine is my life and livelihood. I need a place to rest, then to sleep if you'll please. I'm not in the mood for brewing."


Uuuuh! Comfy seats! I love comfy seats!
Hint strongly towards them to Aleister and go.


Get the hint and go with her.



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