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Light crackles outside
Cloak of darkness envelopes
A group surrounds me

Kracka boom!

All three of you stir as a loud thunder booms outside, the sound of rain surrounds you yet muffled yet it sounds large, hollow, like being inside a chamber. Its cold and a bit misty but it staved when all of you three realized that you are stacked on top of each other.

Whats evident as of now is that its raining and it is evening, broken occasionally by the flash of lightning outside. All of you stir up and is now awake.


Blink and look around.
"What… what in seven hells just happened?"


I'll clack my beak in irritation.
"Get off of me, you two. Where's Aryn? The others?"


I stand up and get off the others.

"I know not. Why is it no longer hot?"
I try to find the others in the room we are in.



Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


I'll look around the place we're in as well. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I peer outside.

Roll #1 10 = 10


They are nowhere to be found around in this room. What you see though are a couple of broken chairs and tables, and old worn out painting and the smell of mildew.

As you go around, you stumble upon you feel something arong…
One of your wing is dislodge, its not broken but it felt a bit painful.

You look outside and amongst the rain and lightning, you see a vast forest ahead of you. Below you to be exacty it looks like you are on a large structure. The wind battered on the closed window and the howling can be heard inside. The area is mountainous but since you peer far, you can see some kind of lake far from here but you are not sure.
There is also something… odd but you cant grasp it yet.


Tch. Must have been when those two landed on me. A quick heal and I should be right as rain. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I check out the painting.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"A thick forest lies ahead of us! It appears we are in some sort of tower!"


"We are in a tower? I knew not that goats had such power."


"Oh, that's grand. Can you see anything else of value, or are we just birds in a cage?"
I'll tsk.
"And I think the two of you dislocated my wing…"


"We are high up, at the very least. Perhaps even a castle."

"The weather makes it hard to see, gryphon!"


"Well, I can't do anything about that."
I'll frown.
"I'm worried for the others."


File: 1377907741661.png (327.71 KB, 1000x1000, aaa16.png) ImgOps Google

You have fixed it somehow but it still feels a bit cramped.

The painting is faded and old, a bit torn on the side, its paint is already melting but your keen eyes somehow see its details even in the dark.
It depicts… some sort of an armored ape smiling, standing next to what seems to be.. a giant pony with small eyes. As you stare at it somehow the two figures seems to be staring at you.

There's are two doors nearby. Both of them are shut.


Of course they are. Let's try to open them. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I have found a maybe magic painting. It depicts creatures that are not existing."


"Curious, but irrelevant!"


"What's it look like? It might be a clue to where we are. And those large… things that grabbed us."


"In the world are there a smart ape, or does the thought leave your beak agape?"


"Smart apes? I've never run across any. Or apes in general, for that matter."


"What about ponies that are giant? Or in response is your mind defiant?"


"Those Saddle-Arabians are large. Have you not seen them before?"


You opened one of the doors and it leads to a cabinet of some sort. Its pretty large but all it contains are tattered clothing and the smell of mildew with an opening or a rectangular hole at the top, its very very dark up there.
The other door leads to a corridor with lined windows and an old carpet in the middle of it. This room where you are now is at the end of the hallway.


"The largest of you horses are your princesses. Other than that, I doubt there are any 'giant' ponies."
"Any of you have a light? Otherwise we're going down the hallway."


"A light? Such as a torch? No."


I nod my head.
"They are slender and tall, this pony is not like that at all."

"My eyes are good in the dark. Are you only asking for a lark?"


"Then come here in this closet and look into this upper room. Perhaps there might be something, or someone, up there. I'm not exactly owl-eyed."


I check out the cabinet and look through the hole in the top of it.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


As you try to climb up, a pile of boxes fall down on you and buried you beneath it. Then a familiar voice called.
"Hello is there somebody there?"


How familiar? '1d10'
And I'll help dig Miiba out of the boxes. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Aha! A voice from the darkness!"
Step over the boxes and the zebra.
"Worry not citizen, we mean you no harm!"


"I am here, do not fear!"
I try to get out from under the boxes.

Roll #1 9 = 9


File: 1377910278576.png (347.13 KB, 1000x1000, aaa17.png) ImgOps Google

You have no idea and it appears Miiba can stand on her own. He even pushed marching dawn away as he stands up over the boxes.

How can you forget that voice. Its Miles, though her voice does not come from above it comes from some sort of conical shaped pipe device that is made of brass attached to the wall. Its old and rusting.
"H.. hey! Is that you Miiba? Gideon? Marching?! Are you there! Where are you?"


"We're… near the roof of this place, I think? High up, at least."


"Of course! Who else could it be!?"


"We are in a tower, I cannot gripe. Why is your voice coming from a pipe?


She seems to be hysterical a bit but calm.
"N.. near the roof? Then that means we are far from each other. I am here in some sort of kitchen… it a bit dark and it smells down here. I dont know where we are or the others and I am all alone. What happened with that machine?!" She seems to be frustrated for a moment.
"T.. this pipe is some sort of voice relay in the whole house, I spotted it when something crash from the other side and I recognize your voices. "


"Excellent! We shall mount a campaign to retrieve you!"


"Stay where you are, we will not be far."
I go into the hallway.

I raise an eyebrow at her odd choice of words.


There's a creaking sound of some sort from the pipe and Miles suddenly goes quiet.
"…. there's something here." She whispered before going quiet.


"Stay hidden, stay safe. We'll be there as swiftly as possible."
And I'll start for the hallway.


"What are you looking at? Come on, forward march! Hurry!"
Find the entrance to the kitchens!

Roll #1 2 = 2


I gallop off and go down the first set of stairs I can find.




File: 1377985533096.png (343.35 KB, 700x700, aaa18.png) ImgOps Google

No kitchen or stairs. Another thunder boom an the rain battered the wooden roof as you enter the other door and you ran through a long hallway which ends to a double door.
There's light on the other side of the door.


Light? Perhaps there are others here.
"Careful now. Who knows what else lurks here."
And I'll peek in the door. Do I see anything that might prove violent? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"A mighty dragon to guard the castle? More likely than you think!"


I'll just shake my head at that.
"Dragon wouldn't fit in here. Get your head out of the clouds and focus on what's important: reaching Miles and making certain she's safe."


"Dragons come in all sizes, gryphon. Do not speak of things you clearly have no knowledge of!"


I rush through the door.


File: 1377987962863.png (512.45 KB, 1000x1000, aaa19.png) ImgOps Google

All you see is a dark room with a lit fireplace. The place is a bit barren with some rotting books and a table nearby. Three doors are evident from here though there is no window whatsoever.


Is that something in the darkness?

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


I'll listen at the door across from this entrance. '1d10'
"You two check the other doors."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Check those books!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You step on some of them and its a bit mushy under your hoof, you flip a few of the pages but a lot of them are of no value except for the few that was stacked in the middle which are a bit dry and the text are… readable.

The door you checked is locked, you try it with your talons but it wont budge,

It is.
There is something staring at all three of you in the darkness with its large eyes. Its as large as you and its shaggy with two large owl like eyes and a beak. Suddenly it opens a small door and goes inside before closing it.


"Hark! There is something in the dark!"
I run over and pull open the door.

Roll #1 2 = 2


What are they about?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Before you get to it, its gone. There is no door to be found in the dark corner where you saw it. Only a wall.

Its… equestrian writing. Its about cooking to be exact while the other one is some sort of history book.


I scowl and look through the other doors.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Hmmm… what is the history about? This castle maybe?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What's the matter? The door over there locked as well?"


File: 1377990353523.png (609.01 KB, 1000x1000, aaa20.png) ImgOps Google

There are three door, one door that Gideon checked wont budge while the one you checked leads to another room. Its a bit spacious and has a bed in the middle of it. Lightning flashing from the window reveals that it is perhaps a master bedroom.

The history book is a bit faded already and you have a hard time reading it specially with the lighting condition. What you can make out however is a picture of a dark sun with a tree on a barren field. The text say something about this house able to withstand some famine but you blink a moment or two after that. Its just too dark to be reading right now.


I try to buck down the door that won't open.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Put the papers in my bag for now! Then return to the other two.


It shudders but wont budge.


Master Bedroom? Might be something. Like a key. Look around. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I keep trying.

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1377991433519.png (501.47 KB, 1000x1000, aaa21.png) ImgOps Google

You picked the cooking and the history book. You also picked up two additional books that looks in fine condition and head back to your companions. Gideon who is in what looks like a bedroom and Miiba who just kicked down a tough door.

The doors hinges breaks and lets loose of the door. What you see is the door leads down this floor, but the area below is dark. Very Dark.

No key but this place is a bit.. surreal. Its decayed like the other two rooms you came from but this place has some normalcy in it. A table here, two cabinets, a large mirror and a chest are what populates this room.
The window is banging a bit because of the strong winds though.


I go down carefully.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


A chest? Might be something useful in it.
Open it up '1d10', and if the innards of it look useful, I'll take them with us.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Bravely walk behind him.

Roll #1 9 = 9


File: 1377992852014.png (300.29 KB, 1200x1000, aaa22.png) ImgOps Google

After navigating in the dark, the stairs leads to a room in what appears to be commons room the same above. It is barren and there is only one window in here, that gives poor illumination. A fireplace is also present in the same location where the fireplace from above is situated though its unlit. There are more spiders down here, some of them looks like a bit fat now that you think about it.

Something feels… odd though.

Whelp, its stuck, though you can see chest hinges are very rusty.
You feel alone though.


I look around to try and spot what is causing the odd feeling.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7



Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1377993780089.png (357.53 KB, 1200x1000, aaa23.png) ImgOps Google

Something… like watching you two the very first time you step in.

Will wait for fidget.


No time to waste getting it open, then. Head back into the other room.




Roll #1 4 = 4


Whelp you are not able to open it.



Look up.

Roll #1 2 = 2



Its too dark you cant see anything above.


"How peculiar!"
Slowly and carefully advance further into the room.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Can I see anything yet?

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


The door out of the master bedroom? Wasn't it left open? Or the chest?


You are not able to open the chest, the master bedroom door is open though, the cabinet is closed so is the window.

However the door the door in the common rooms that wont budge is open courtesy of Miiba who kicked it.

Slowly you advance, you see two more doors in here. Rotten tables are present and a lot of webs with little spiders skittering around. The floor is also a bit crunchy as your hoof steps on it.

The room is a bit dark, it will be wise to bring some sort of light source in the area.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Do I remember seeing any torches anywhere?


Uh… ew? Back off again.
"We require light."


I'll head through that door. The others must have gone down there.


File: 1377998379121.png (321.81 KB, 1200x1000, aaa24.png) ImgOps Google


Whelp its a big spider that tries to skitter and bite your neck. Now you noticed there are many of them here though they are keeping their distance.


None so far, though there are lots of broken table to come around.

You've gone down the dark stairs and saw them, though Miiba has repelled some sort of spider as big as her ear.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 1 = 1


A 2nd spider has crawled through Miiba neck and bit. While Marching has a spider on her body biting on her plate armor, its seems to be confused and woozy upon biting the thick metal.


I gather the broken tables and take them up to a lit fireplace.


I slap at it.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Crush it violently.

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's at this moment I regret only bringing flint and steel, but no torches.
"Back up the stairs you two! We need light."


Many of them are swarming the area, Miiba feels a bit woozy(-1 on attack roll)


I grab the tables and go up the stairs.


"Tactical retreat it is!"
Run back up!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I grab her tail with my teeth and pull her up with the broken table pieces.



Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll rush down the stairs and start lugging her up, along with any table scraps that >>476727 can't get. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You just came from upstairs and its too late for that.

You grab her tail but your bite is not strong enough to pull Marching to whatever is pulling her.

As soon as you turn your back something large bit you

Then a lightning bolt strikes from the window illuminating the room.

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7


File: 1378000311072.png (524.76 KB, 1200x1000, aaa25.png) ImgOps Google

Both of you see marching Dawn shrieks as a giant spider is biting her neck and is bringing her up. Another large one has made its way down and is now going to attack you both.

Its large and your helpless, you can also feel some of its brood is on your head.

also 7 small spiders appear to fight.

2 giant spider
7 small spiders


Bugger all it's a spider.
Lifestream the one holding Dawn. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I grab the spider taking Marching Done with spiky brambles.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The spider's eyes clearly twitched a bit but is still holding on Marching Dawn, It has already began to spin some web on her seeing as she is not fighting back.
Holding 4 hits of cure

Your brambles shoot in the air but only manage to hit some of the smaller spiders, The large one holding Marching is already spinning web on her while the other large one attacks.

Gideon:5/5 4 hits cure
March: 0/4 webbed, lightly poisoned
Miiba: 4/5


I try to grab her with smooth vines and pull her free again.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Foul beasts! Thine arrogance shall be your undoing!"
Try to break free!

Roll #1 2 = 2


A pity I can't use them on Dawn.
Heal on Dawn. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You try to release yourself and kick but you scream as it tightens its bite on your neck, pumping more poison in the process

The smooth vines failed to release her, the web is too tough. While you are distracted the giant spider moves next to you and flail its arms around, pushing you back.

Ahh!! Small spiders on you! Small spiders on your neck!!
The seven small spiders surrounds you but only one of them is able to manage to bite.

Gideon 4/5 4 hits cure stored
March 0/3 webbed, lightly poisoned.
Miiba 3/5


I move away and keep trying to free her.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Damnation. No time to take this slow. Flap into the room and take down the entire web cocoon Dawn is in with my claws. '2d10'

Roll #1 1, 6 = 7


You try to pull but the webbing is too sticky! You cant pull her out of it but you do notice that the tug of war is even and the spider is not able to pull her higher.

The other Spider jumps at you and dragged you down!! It began to spin web on you but you are able to kick its head out of the way which makes it not able to spin in you in a cocoon. Your talons also helped and with that you are able to escape but you are still in a prone position.


Well, get up. Can't lay about all day. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I keep trying to pull her free.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The poison doesn't faze me right? I'm a strong knight.
Break free from that eight legged monster!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Whelp, you are not fast enough and the spider jumps at you and began to bite you.

You're steady pulling irritates the spider and it attacked you!

Miiba's pulling you down distract the spider so much that it left you dangling high in the air. The cocoon is not wrapped that tightly and a bit of work might be needed to get free, but you still feel woozy.

Gideon 1/5 4 hits cure stored
March 0/3 webbed, lightly poisoned.
Miiba 1/5


Dump those hits into myself, and then stand up. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I try to crush it with vines.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Stay alert, I can't slip away now.
Try to force myself free.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1384206297246.png (389.01 KB, 1024x1000, aaa555.png) ImgOps Google

You are able to stand up, the spider however stop its movement and began to panic.

Not that crushed but you are able to disable it, the spider is not able to move and began to squirm inside the bramble, its mouth clamping tin the air trying to desperately get out of it.

:The poison is beginning to seepin and you began to get a bit tired and relaxed. Like sleep is trying to get inside your head but suddenly a….. small bird like thing holding a torch began to burn the webs surrounding lmaking you fall down unto the floor, released from the webbing but tired and helpless.

"Follow me." It said in a monotone voice with its finger pointing to a trap door.

The spiders are panicking as one of the large one's try to kill the fire that is spreading.


First things first, Heal Dawn. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Rub my head and try to get up first of all!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"We cannot fight much more, go through the door!"
I stand guard by the door then go through once the others have entered.


You breath in and felt it in your heart, the poison has reached it and began to spread.

Gideon however knows what he is doing, he began to focus his healing sorcery on March's chest and slow it to halt.

The spiders are preoccupied killing the fire.
Turns distraction.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Get. Up. I can walk!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Right, she's not getting up for a bit. Heft the pony like a sack of potatoes and get into the escape door.


I cover them then follow them through the trapdoor.


roll to help her up.

You are so dizzy and you cant get up. The owl, bird thing is a bit hesitant but began to help you up.

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'm fine I just… require a moment to collect myself before getting up."


I'm helping.

Roll #1 5 = 5


A combined effort I suppose, you three are able to drag Marching dawn inside the trap door and shut the door in.

You then notice that it is a bit small but at the same time it is also some kind of elevating room that leads up and down. The bird owl thing began to pull some lever with great effort, some rust began to creak out of it and the elevating room began to descend.
"Upper area's of house is housed by nasties, better to stay below if one dont want to be disturbed by them."


"Good to know."
Heal, take two. Second application: removing poison. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Those wounds of hers, can you heal?"

"You, creature, are you real?"


"Given time, yes. The poison is making it a bit difficult, though."


Sorry Paused for now.

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