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A low but glaring trumpet re-sounded from outside of the small house from where your group has slept, from outside the busy chatter of ponies hawking either their ware's or are just pretty excited from the occasion fills the street below the loud and excited sound is to be subdued only the glass window that covers the window… but not the several loud boom of fire-works that can be heard from a distance, being set-off in the distant square up-north.

As the first light of the life-giving sun illuminates the room, all of you smell the warm and moist scent of baked pie's and fried eggs down below, not to mention the ribald and jovial shouts of patrons from all across equestria, their excited shouts regarding the festival of harvest echoed the place only to be…..


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"Yeah… yeah…"

….. by celestia's mane these losers sure do know how to wake up everyone.
And with that all of you… either strangers or friends, paragons or virtueless, citizen of equestria or not, wakes up to the celebration of spring on the outskirt of Canterlot.
Happy spring festival!


Sure is loud… but hey, festivals are festivals. Let's get up, get geared up, and head on down.


"Ahh! They've already started on the firworks! I'm late, I'm late!"

Get my bags together and try to find some breakfast I can eat on the run.


"…I wusn'tdu manner'o thpeakin'… OY!"
Sit up in my bed and wipe my eyes groggily. I need some cider…


Both of you are greeted by a busy common's area, every manner of race's are here eating their breakfasts that are cattered to their diet, eggs and chicken for those who need the meat, cereal and grasses for those who wants a mellowed out morning, Strong coffee and hard cookies who wants a strong morning. The cook seems to be able to accomodate what manners of diet the customer wants.
So far there are only a few more table's open for seating, one is at the windows to see the different assortments of tourist coming and going, while another is at a far end room.

"Oi whats yers?" A fat female pony with yellow mane ask."

"Looks like you are in a hurry, where's your distination bro?" One of the patrons ask, seeing the way you are carrying your things.

"One cider it is, perhaps taking a seat is a good idea sir, we are getting a bit busy." the griffon serving the tap gives you one.


"For breakfast? Egg and toast, with a bit of jam if you can spare it."
And I'll stake out the table near the end of the room. Less traffic back there, so I'll be able to eat in peace.


"Thanks mate!"
Go ahead and take a seat in the corner, then knock the cider back, coming back up frothy-lipped.
"Ah, tha's the stuff! What a fine day it be, eh?"


"Heading North. I'm going to sell some of my own fireworks and set up for the evening festivities. Gotta get that done soon or everyone will be disappointed in me."

Make sure to jam some toast in my mouth as I head out.


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"eggs and toast to the gentlemen." The fat pony smile.
"MILDRED! EGG AND TOAST! CHOP CHOP!" He claps as mildred, a stout pony delivers your food to the appropriate seat.
In there a pony with a fancy but cheap looking hat observes outside, staring a bit when her eyes sticks to a crystal pony carrying an assortment of fireworks pass by.

"That is the stuff, Cider by the apple family line; who's secrets of cider making has been past down from their generation for already one hundered and fifty years!! I mean hell yeah!
When you come about, you are sitting next to an earthie who has yellowish-green coat, with greenish-yellow mane. Decently tall, but not overly muscular, I mean talk about who lifts!

On the other side of the seat is a pony wearing a fancy yet cheap hat staring outside to a crystal pony carrying an assortment of fireworks as he passes by.

By celestia's beard you are late!
As you head outside, you caught a fleeting glance of a pony staring at you from inside the tavern that you stayed… just before a loud boom of fireworks is heard again on the morning sky.
Damn those Black powder clan! They are at it again! Damn them for trying to monopolize the fireworks industry!
You remembered back then that your stall is at the far-end of the main square, that is where all the fire-work related stalls are placed.
Also no-smoking is allowed.


Ooh, fireworks! I know fireworks! I'll go talk to 'em.
…Just as soon as I finish this drink.


Well, so long as he's not raising a fuss, I can enjoy my breakfast. Which I shall.
And while I do so, I can just listen to the rumors circling the place over breakfast. Might hear something interesting.


"Nonono! I won't be able to sell any of mine if I'm not there for my clients! Come on, gotta hoof it!"

Let's rush into my market stall and get my wares up. I can tidy it up as the day goes by.

"Fireworks! Celebrate the Day and the Night with genuine Crystal pony powders!"


Bleh. Festivals.

Which way to this big celebration?


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Sorry for being slow.
Why the festival is at Canterlot!!
Well it is far from the fort where you came from thats for sure.

Ugghh… damn, after walking from ponyville to Canterlot all day its a welcome retreat to be able to rest on one of the fine inns that are still accepting customers on the outskirt of Canterlot. The small town is already flooding with people and thanks the great dog that you are able to rest before the spring festival tomorrow, ready to do whatever fancies you by the next morning.



…. talk about asshole's waking everyone up! How rude! Youth these days! Well at least it is morning and you can hear that the commons area is alraedy busy, the smell of warm food wafts on your nose.


Food it is. Go investigate these smells.


Talk about fireworks! You finish your cider and head out to the open! As you make your way to the main square, your sight caught the same crystal pony carrying a bag of assorted fireworks and is now hastily setting up his store, next to a group of earthie that are demonstrating theirs.

Well great sale's talk, but not that great considering you are still fixing your place up. Some do look at your place…. specially this one earth pony that come's from the tavern where you stayed but lots of the mare caught by other entertainment that caughts their fancies, ride's, aquariums, dresses, exotic items…. I mean (almost) everything is here….

"Well this is a surprise, a fellow fireworks maker" a bufflalo approaches.

Not much rumors….. mostly regarding the princess will show themselves by late afternoon, the biggest pumpkin contest, a dance party, military march by midday, fireworks contest by night and oh…. tournaments!
"I take it you are new here." The young…. and petite unicorn in a fancy hat looks at you, youthful and he looks like he come's from one of them burgoius… not to mention he looks like a goddamn mare if not for that soft voice yet boyish voice.


"Yup, fairly new. Just taking in the local life for a bit before exploring the festival."
Takes all kinds to make the pony world go 'round. He must get quite a lot of attention, though.


Investigate the smell it is! This place is already packing with many patrons of different race's eggs and chicken, spiced veggies, coffee, toast, cider, you name it!
"What does fancy your tastebud champ!" A fat pony approaches you.
The place is full… I mean there are only a few seats left, the glaring one is that from a window next to an earthie who has yellowish-green coat, with greenish-yellow mane. Decently tall, but not overly muscular, I mean talk about who lifts!
Also next to him is a female looking unicorn talking to him.


Grumble and just grab some raw, uncooked meat. Go sit down at the one open spot.


Make sure the lighters are as far as possible, get a nice box for them, keep some distance from the rest of the fireworks.

"Hi there! I wasn't expecting so many of us to be here. I'm Uny!"

Extend a hoof.


Oh, goodies! Two of them! Or is that the cider? Nah, they're too different. I'll go ahead and approach both booths.
"'Ello mates! Fine day for demo, ain't it? Ye get to blow stuff ta da briny, an' ye cut coin for it too! Heheheh!"


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As you extend your hoof, he dismisses it with a tap.
"Well now, you look like a friendly sort…. but we aint friends until the fireworks duel is done boyo!: He sneers as one of his confidants approaches.
"Hey Jes-up! You makin friends with another one of those uppity crystal fellows?
"No ma! He's the one who being friendly…"
Then he looks at you full of determination.
"But I aint buying it."

The buffalo looks at your direction.
"Ha! Uny looks like you got yourself a new customer." the Buffalo walks to you.
"But I assure you that his ware's is not the best callibre."
He then gives you a calling card.
"Just go to the Buffalo BOOM and I assure you friend that the bang that you are finding in your bucks will be worth it!"
Uny… hmmm he maybe referring to that Crystal pony inside the booth.

The Waiter is a… bit disturbed as you grab a raw whole chicken and walk down the commons room. Some of the pony and griffon patrons eye you for a moment before turning back to their business with hushed voice's…
But seeming that he wants to prove his spirit is not defeated the same fat pony approaches you,
"You want some drinks with that I reckon," He smiles

"I see….. sir Geass is it?" He looks at you Lemongrass
He eye's you, staring with mild amusement as if he is trying to size your worth…also the same stare that he share's at the wild looking diamond dog that take her seat next to you. He then chuckle's as he saw what is on her plate.
"Friend of yours?" he chuckles.


"Lemongrass, actually. And no need for 'sirs,' as I've no lofty title. Just a simple hedge knight."
I'll look at the dog as well.
"And no, can't say I've had the, er, pleasure."


"Oh, you're the other booth. Don't worry, you'll see the amazement that genuine Crystal fireworks can bring."

"Hello and welcome to Kite's Fireworks shoppe! I have every manner of fireworker and frizzler and dazzler in Equestria, and no one can beat their quality! Can I interest you in a few to commemorate the celebration? You're my first customer, so I'll give you a discount."


Hmph! They don't make things explode, I do! Just to spite them, I'll check out this Uny fellow.
"Well, all right! That's the way ye do it! What've ye got that's big?"


"It's got blood in it, hasn't it?"

Raise a brow at the two of them, but say nothing.


"Here for the festival, then?"


"Going through. Maybe I'll stop and poach the free food."


"Plenty of things that go boom in the night!"

Pick up a few samples of them.

"This one is set to bounce around, so give it a wide berth, but it'll get all the eyes on it."

"This one is special. All the colors of the rainbow to light up the night, plus a few tweaks to dazzle them while its on the ground. Not recommended for people with neck injuries."


"Fair enough reason as any to stop over. Though you might want to grab things that are a bit more… cooked, once you get out in the main street. Might get the guards after you if you start taking down an entire chicken in front of foals."


He smile's a bit surprised and shake's his head.
"Ah my mistake, lemongrass is it? Well considering by your built you are no doubt a warrior of no little talent, so is this fine lady here." he looks at the diamond dog.

"Hawhaw! We will see about that! Get your ware's ready for we shall kick yaw flanks!" He scoots out like the scoundrel that he is laughing with his ma along the way.
Well if you are looking for any positive outcome's because of this, at least some ponies took notice of the ware's being presented. Some even checks it out.
"Genuine Crystal fireworks you say?" A young foal approaches.

He raises the menus list from his face as you can see he is a bit disturb hearing that.
Well we got water Ma'm."

The fancy look colt stare's at you.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hmmm… Ma'm Watch is it?" He smile's with uncertainty in his voice.



"Fine. Water."

"Mmm… You cook all the good stuff out when you put a chicken on the fire."


I'll idly toy with my plate.
"Don't think I'd actually offered my name, though, stranger. How is it that you came to know something close to it?"


"Oooh, I like this one." Pick up the bouncing one and hold it up against my ear, giving it a shake.
"How many d'ye have, and how much ye want for'em?"


"I wouldn't know the difference, honestly. Don't make a habit of eating, well… meat."


"Just a few bits if you don't mind me putting a few advertisements on it while you walk around. Same boom at the end of it."


"Fine by me! Oh, I'm going to have fun with these…
What's yer name, lad? I like a fella what knows his explosives."


"Name's Uny, of the Kite family if fireworks and fun makers! Who do I have the pleasure of being with today!?"


"Loch Load, best demopony around! Nice to meet yah, Unykite!"


"Correctomundo. Because of the way the Crystal Empire is, you can't just make regular fireworks. These'll glow extra bright when they bounce off any glass or river or reflection. Get your parents to buy you one and tell them it'll be like buying three!"


"It's been my business pleasure! I look forward to your positive review of it."


"Aye. Ah'm the best in the business, and I say this be fine quality work."


File: 1401300159401.png (385.53 KB, 1300x1000, New canvas6.png) ImgOps Google

After a minute or so, a glassful of water is brought, not to mention a pitcher too as the scared waiter scurries away from your sight, clearly he doesnt wish to see you further but that is not up to him to decide.

He chuckle's and as he offer his hoof to you two.
"How uncivil of me for not telling my name to you two, allow me to introduce myself." He bows a bit
"My name is Oswald of Roads, a learned scholar of sort and not a bad fighter himself if I might add. Glad to meet two fine, robust and strong characters like yourselves." He smiles

"Ah! I will call Bigshot and Mundo! They will love to see these! We shall make large boom boom go and shoot in the skies!!" He scoots off, looks like you got your first customer this early, not to mention youngsters too!
Besides from the jerk-ass earlier, there are other fireworks merchants here too, next to you is a flower merchant and from the farther corners are toy store's, this place will be packing with merchants and tourist specially when afternoon come's. You cant imagine how it will be by tomorrow!


Just stare at him as I rip into my meat and chew with my mouth open.

"Yeah, alright."


"So what draws you from your books and such to the festival? One of those competitions you mentioned earlier?"



"Ach, what a sweet lad," I chuckle jovially, taking another swig of cider.
"Ey, I've an idea! Le's give a demostration of what yer wares can du!"


Some small talk with the neighbors should help pass the time.

"Hey there, I'm Uny, and I'm glad to be your neighbor today!"

"Yeah! What better way to show everyone how good they are!"


He is a taken back a bit by Switch demeanor but so far he seems to be tolerable of it as he takes a seat and put on his hat and looks at sir Grass
"Actually I have come to the Spring festival to look for exotic books and other things that might caught my fancy. Besides that I am a bit curious as to see the royalties on the throne, the princess of sunlight as they claim back in my place, her radiant beauty can envelop a whole crowd in its warmth and can make any man fall for her… one way or the other it seems. That they will do everything to protect her and thus any equestrian are bound to serve her no matter what."
Then he smile's.
"But alas the princess is not going to show her face until late afternoon that is and boredom will take me and you two from morning until sunset…. unless the three of us join….. force's?"


There goes one, but it is still morning the other crafts/tradespony are setting up their stalls and only a few of them are testing their ware's to the crowd that is gathering. Perhaps showing off is a good idea but be warned of flying pegasuses in the vicinity.


"What exactly are you asking of me?"


I'll scoff a bit at his description.
"How do you mean, join forces? I'm not too good at hunting books."


Right, safety first.

Let's finish setting up before the rest of the crowds come in.


"Oiy, watch this!" Aim at one of the walls and fire offfire off one of her bouncing firecrackers to bounce it between the walls on either side of the street.
Trick shot-split '1d10' dc-1

Roll #1 10 = 10


"HAAH HAAH!!! That ought ta get their attention!"


"Even I didn't expect it to go that far! You must have quite the touch with explosives!"


"Ah'm a demopony! Explosives be me job. Ye want ta build a house? Ah'm the one what levels the rotten husks in da way!"


"You must be real busy with talent like that! It's an honor to have sold you fireworks!"


He clears his throat
"Ahemm… actually I am asking you two to join me in the Equestrian tournaments, with you two on my side we could make a fortune the three of us and if lucky, we may be able to pile-up golden feathers after the other. Well it is better that than you two seasoned warriors wallowing up inside a tavern all day and by the Goddess forbid playing circus game's."

As Uny kite is setting up, a fire was shot and the last thing you two see is a flash of triple colored lights coming out on three directions! The crystal fireworks that are set off then flies in the air and into the morning skies, its trail of green and red smokes fills the square grounds before it reaches the blue skies….. and…


"Aaauuugghh! Did you see that ma!"
"Ohhh that is lovely!"
"Hey it came from those two!"
Oh deer… here they come…. it seems that you got…

Roll #1 7 + 6 = 13


13 individual groups of customers!
"You guys sellings?"
"Yeah we want that! Perhaps bring some of it back home to drive away them spirits from the farm!"
"Ma I like three!"


I'll shrug.
"Well, it's something to do at least. What's with the golden feathers, though? Just tokens?"


"There's plenty of genuine Crystal fireworks to go around folks! Line up and prepare to be amazed!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm off to a great start because of your help."


"A tournament? Like fighting?"


"Aye, but it's gud work. Ach, here they come!"

"Ah be a one-eyed king of ka-BOOM, an' this be me favrite shop in Canterlot!"
Blow those stupid buffalo a rasberry.
"Ye shouldn'ta messed with da best, boyo!"


"Here, the Rainbow one, on the house, as a show of thanks."

Now to focus on the clients.


"Ach, it's nuthin…"

"For me? Aah, she's a beaut… Thanks mate!"
Sit back and swig my cider as I watch her work.
"Yer a pretty lass yerself, ye know that?"

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