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The border of the forest is just ahead of you.

The border of the forest you called home and a cemetery.

It's is now up to you whether you choose to cross into the wide world or not.


It's been countless moons
I'm ready

With a sigh, I keep walking


The bright sun nearly blinds you as you step out. This is the first time you haven't been protected by the trees from it's harshness.

It's strong, but a cool wind takes what warmth you would have received. Your leftover clothes do their best to protect you.

Ahead of the grassy plain is a large pool of water. The biggest you've ever seen! The forest's rivers don't compare to this.


All I have covering my body is the cloth I use as a blanket at night, which I salvaged from the remains of the burnt forest…
Shake those thoughts away before they pull me down again, this is no time for depression!

I keep walking besides the water pool, it's huge size is…Kind of intimidating…Especially knowing I never swam in deep waters. So I keep admiring the reflection of the lights dancing in the surface of the water as I keep going


After several hours of walking, the scene is similar. The large body of water glistening in the sun, with the occasional fish popping it's head out of the water. You might be able to walk here without meeting anyone…

Behind some rocks, you can hear a wooden sound.



It's starting to get pretty tiring to walk watching the same body of water for hours…Just how long does it go?!
My train of thoughts is broken at the noise though. I stand at attention, ready to prance away at full speed as I look at where I think the sound came from
[''W-who's there?] I bark out meekly in the language of my tribe


The only response you get is some crabs that head back into the water at the sound of your squeaks.

A seagull lands on the rocks ahead and starts preening itself, ignoring everything going on around it.


I sigh in relief, relaxing from the tense moment
now a bit more calm, I keep going my merry way…This place outside of the forest isn't…It isn't all that bad after all…
…So far at least…


Past the rocks is a hollowed out tree trunk. It is floating in the water.

Only a few minutes and several hills later, you spot a new chunk of land, on the other side of the great pool


Oh dangit…I can't swim all the way over there on my own…
I sit down to think for a moment…
Maybe I could get that floating trunk somehow?


The floating trunk lays there, claimed only by the seagull. The water is constantly pushing it into the beach, but even you've seen the rivers hit harder.

You can try to ride in it, but you'll need to roll.


It's my best bet…

Roll #1 3 = 3


It is slightly uneven. The seagull makes mocking like sounds as you have to fight to keep your balance and not being thrown off of it. Fortunately, there's a big chunk of wood in the trunk that you could use to paddle instead of your arms.

Roll once more, for the journey across.


I try to ignore the gull, as much as I wish it woul just go away…

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's windy and the waves aren't kind to your efforts. The salty water splashes in your eyes. You feel like you'll tip over, and nearly do a few times.

But you made it over! You're tired and hungry, but you made it across!


Well it still beats being killed or eaten…
Let's check my bag, how long will my supplies last?…


You've got enough for a few days more. At worst, you can carry on with some stomachbpains on leaves alone.

But you smell something good, really good, coming from a distance ahead!


my ears perk up slightly as I turn to where the smell is coming from, I never felt such a good smell like that!


The smell is coming over a sand hill, some grey smoke coming over it. It's only a few trots away!


Let's approach veeeeery carefully and sneakily…and look over the hill, what do I see?



Nothing but some smoldering wood arranged in a pattern and some strange but good smelling item next to it.

Roll for Noticing.


What the…What in Gaia is that weird wood thing?

Roll #1 4 = 4


The side of the item closer to the fire is burned, but the rest of it is soft to the touch.

Someone took a bite out of it, but left it there. There's a big rock nearby that was obviously moved. Someone else was here, but any tracks are long gone.


Poke it slightly with my hoof
then smell it
then lick it, avoiding the burnt side of couse


It has a weird, fluffy texture to it, though the outside is harder. It taste sweet after a moment on your tongue!


oh…What kind of food is this? I never ate anything like it before!
The taste is almost overwhelming though as I slowly enjoy it
Once I'm done, I look around and shout
[''Hellooooo? Anybody here?!'']


No response but the waves and the wind.

However, you hear a gathering of seagulls now that you've had your fill. Maybe they're with the maker of that foodstuff?


Are they?…Maybe a beast tamer of sorts?
Let's follow those gulls and see where they'll take us then!


They're making lots of noise as they approach somebody lying in the sand. They poke them, then leap away. There's another person lying on the beach, the waves rolling into them.


Person? Or pony?
Let's approach it slowly and carefully…It might be a trap!
[''Um…Excuse me…'']


Pony person, his proportions are similar to yours, but he'd be a bit bigger if he stood up.

The Gulls part way for you, though they stay close and peck at the bodies on the beach.


[''Hey…get away…''] I shoo the seagulls off and gently stir the pony
[''hey…wake up…'']


You shake the body and that's when you see it. This pony person's throat has been cut open! He's dead!


With a sharp gasp I pull myself away as I feel my heart skipping a beat
I fall back on my haunches and stare at the dead corpse, eyes wide and a thousand thoughts running my mind at the same time


The Gulls leap away for a moment before returning to poke the body. Two of them start fighting over something shiny the dead body has in their hand.


I blink and crawl closer, eyeing what was it they were fighting about…


It's a shiny necklace, with a pretty green rock attached to it. Some go into the bodies pocket and pull out some shiny yellow rocks.

The wind is picking up, and you aren't familiar with this place. You'll likely have to take the bodies oversized clothes if you want to stay warm.


I don't feel so well about this…
But they will not need it anymore, so it would be better if I made use of them…
I loot the corpse to see what other belongings it previously owned and take the clothings as well, muttering an apology


Lots of shiny bits on them. Maybe they had the spirit of a magpie in them?

The clothes are loose on you, but it's easy enough to tie down. The dead lady on the beach had a dagger on her. It would be wise to keep that.

The rest is just some empty bags the ocean looted and a bunch of circular rocks on them.


I wonder what those shiny things are for?… Still, I better keep them, I can find out later…
Before I leave, however. I meditate and offer a pray for these pour souls…


The Seagulls keep quiet while you pray, only the ocean making a sound.

>Sailor Outfit (Jumbled)
>30 Gold coins
>Necklace with odd gem

Once you are done, the Gulls return to their instincts. You know what will happen to the bodies.


Just the natural cycle of nature…

Hug my clothes and take my leave, keeping everything in my bag


More than a day and a night go bye before you see something strange in the sky. There's a light that comes and goes. It kept you up at night, but it made it easy to see if anything was sneaking up on you.


It's unerving…and so odd…
Yet I feel somewhat enticed by it…maybe out of curiosity?…
Let's analyze this light…Where is it coming from? anything more I can make of it without getting closer?


It comes and goes from the west. When there is clouds, you can make out its origin better.

So far, it's been the only thing out of place you've seen. No new smells or sounds have appeared yet.


From the west…
Well, let's follow my curiosity and find the source of this light…


It's a calm day that greets you. The sun is much calmer than it was on the first day you left the forest a week ago. The waves are even smaller now.

Which stands in contrast of the massive white tower that is reaching into the sky! It even glows a bit on top.


For a full minute I just stand there, eyeing the tower, amazed at it's size, wondering how can a thing like this exist? it blows my mind!


It glows several times as you stare at it in the day. It's whiteness stands out from the natural rock around it. All around it you can see some stairs, even from far away.

Maybe there is people there!?


my ears twerk slightly as I cautiously walk in… I open my mouth to speak but I opt to better stay quiet for now as I sneak inside…


It's eerily quiet. The thick stone walls block out the sea. Inside, at the first floor, you see someone's living space. There's some more of that thing you ate by the fire, but it's cold and hard to the touch here. There are blankets laying around.

There's a mother door, on the opposite end of the one you came in.


I should better leave those things alone…
Let's head through the door, carefully opening it and peeking inside..


It leads outside, but reveals stairs heading up.


Slowly head upstairs, making sure to hug the walls. I feel a bit afraid at the thought of falling from such a high place


It's very smooth, you aren't used to these kinds of surfaces.

As you climb, you can see just how far the water reaches. Even the birds are flying under you.

As you reach the higher stairs, you see blood on them


If I was already scared of the height, the blood just made it worse.
Yet, my curiosity is stronger than my fear…Against good sense, I keep going


There's a wooden door at the top. It's been kicked in and there's more than a few blood prints on them.


O-okay let's approach as silently as we can and peek inside


You can see someone slumping on the ground. There is a pool of blood around them.


Purse my lips and resist the urge to run
I take a step closer. taking a good look at the blood, seeing if it looks fresh


It's dry.

From your point putside the door, you hear no breathing or movement except for the howling of the wind.


[''I-is there anyone in there?!''] I shout, remaining outside. this might very well be a trap…


There's a bright light inside that is warming up, then flickers.

The room the body is in is small. A quick peek would let you check the corner. Roll for it.


I squint at the light, wondering just what could it be…

Roll #1 4 = 4


There's nothing there. You hear no movement and see only a very well lit room.



Yes, let's head inside, but keep my guard up!
If nothing jumps at me immediately, Let's take a closer look at that body


This is person is clearly old. He's a bit shorter than you. His clothing hides numerous wounds on him. One of his hooves is covered in a thick material, the other isn't. His pockets have been robbed of their contents.

There's a weird, magical object in the middle that is gathering magoc, but poorly.


Gathering Magic…Odd… Let's pull it out with both my hands and take a good look at it…


You can feel it pulling in some of your magic, then flashes a beam of light everywhere.


''Gah!'' Drop the orb and shield my eyes from the light, jumping back at the scare


It dims for a few seconds, then continues to pull out bits of your magic to charge up.


Do I feel any weaker or different as it does?
I take the old cloth I was using as clothing before leaving the forest and use it to cover the orb completely


It feels like a bug bite, but nothing you haven't experienced before.

It's still flashing, but at a much reduced rate.

Roll 2d10 to spot


just what is this thing?…

Roll #1 6, 4 = 10


Just another flash is the only answer you get.

But the orb loses your interest for a second when you see a really big wood boat coming to the shore. It's absolutely massive, like a floating island!


Is the orb small enough for me to hide under my clothes? if so I'll hide under the folds of my clothing as I head outside. I am paralyzed in fear for a moment once I reach the stairs though. As the sight makes me feel lightheaded, also giving a good view of whoever was watching me from the boat
Soon enough, I gather courage to descent again


You can see a lot of movement on the wooden island before you rush down.

The descent down is raucous. The wind and the waves are bearing down on everything now. The birds seem to be screaming about a storm.

The wooden island would only be a quick run away now. The orb your carrying would make it easy to signal them


It would…But should I really show it to them?
Let's try just running up to the island, slowing down the pace as I get closer


There's a crest you can hide behind as the wooden island makes its approach.

There's a lot of people on top! There must be way more inside of it!


That would be a good idea
Let's hide for a bit as I watch them on top of the ship


The Wooden Island stops a little off shore, and the people on top lower a piece of hollow wood like the one you have. There's a big scary guy with claws rowing and a tall but thin lady with really long ears coming towards the beach.


I never seen people like these in the tribe…What are they?…
I keep in my hiding spot, watching. And hope they don't have any ill intents…


The small boat lands and the two passengers are seen talking to each other before coming off the boat.

You don't understand their language.

They stare at the tower, then start looking around.


They don't seen too violent…
Maybe they are friendly!
Let's slowly peek my head out of my hidding place, staring at them


Covering the orb to hide its light at least conceals your position. But her ears and his snout are pulling double duty. They head off towards the tower.


Roll #1 6, 1 = 7


Her ears flick and she looks in your general direction


[''Um…H-hello…''] Raise my hand slightly


"Kiu vi estas?" You hear her yell out after she falls down with surprise. The clawed individual helps her up, but they keep their distance.


[''W…What?''] I slowly get up and stop hiding, but I remain away
[''I don't understand…'']


She scratches her chin, then responds.

"Bạn có hiểu tôi không?"

She talks a bit with the flustered looking person with claws.


My ears perk up as I stare at them with a puzzled expression
[''Who are you?…''] I point a finger at them both


She seems a bit disappointed with the individual. She then turns to you and smiles and waves. She's starting to walk towards you.


Oh gosh oh gosh what I do
I stand in place, but get ready to run away at the slightest sigh of danger. She can see my necklace starts to dimly glow…


She stops where she is, her hands raised. She then leans down and beckons you over.

"Ne zorgu, mi ne tuj vundi vin."


I blink, standing still for a moment. Torn between running or trusting these odd people…
I relax and slowly walk towards her, worry showing in my face


She stays in place, smiling and with her arms exposed. As you start taking steps towards her, a piercing cry comes over the island!


Jump away from her and run to the opposite direction, back to a hiding place


Someone else already beat you to it. An enormous crab pops out of the sand, about as wide as you are tall. Several more appear near the two travelers.

It's coming at you with its claw!


I try to repel it! But avoid trying to kill it
My necklace glows as my right arm thickens with rocks forming around it. With the thick limb, I fist the claw away
'1d10' earthen strike

Roll #1 2 = 2


Its pincer is much stronger than its smaller cousins. It penetrates the feeble rocks you drew and cuts into your arm.

Get up and move!

Maali Helpless/4


[''G-get away!'']

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's not the fastest thing around. You manage to roll away towards the other two. The clawed one is headed towards the boat, the long eared one is fighting the off.

Here comes two of them!

Maali 5/4


["D-dont kill them! If they're injured enough they might run away!"] I help the long eared Lady, holding down the crab she was fighting against as my necklace glows again, making the sand beneath it shift and sink
'1d10'g earthen grasp

Roll #1 2 = 2


The attack would be more dangerous if there were better rocks around. The sand here is brittle, as the Crab again demonstrates, crushing into your other arm.

Pulling out your arm sends blood flying everywhere!

Maali Helpless/ 3


Shout in pain as I feel my head getting a bit light.
Again, I try to get away

Roll #1 9 = 9


You are good at getting away.

The long eared lady is being ganged up on!

Maali 5/3


["L-look out!"] I try to push one of the crabs away from her, trying to hit its side with a rocky fist again

Roll #1 3 = 3


You're getting more cut up than she is! You're even getting your blood on her.

She's able to punch away a few of the crabs, but they're still coming.

She yells at you to get up and get to the boat!

Maali Helpless/2


I give her a worried look.
I couldn't leave her all alone..
But I could die here…
'1d10' I get up

Roll #1 4 = 4


She grabs you and yanks you aboard. These crabs are dangerous, they've done damage to you and you feel light headed.

You can hear her yelling something at you.


It hurts so much… But I barely can even listen to what she's saying, let alone comply as the world blurs around me.
I let her drag me along, at least I'm pretty light so it won't be difficult for her…


You pass out after being dragged into the boat. The pain and blood loss is unbearable.

You wake up in a small room. There are bars ahead of you. What looks like the door is locked. Your hands are cuffed. You only have your clothes on, Catalyst has been removed. You hear snoring nearby.


What… What are these things In my hands?
Wait… Where am I even?
And what is this snoring…
I try to get up looking for anything beyond the bars
["H-hey, heeey!"]


The snoring ends, and you can hear someone getting up nearby.

["Sorry."] The Long Eared lady says, her eyes tired.


My ears perk up and I turn to her, eyes wide and surprised
["W-what? What you… S-said?… "]


[Hello."] She says after a bit of thought. She heads over to a pile of papers and a cup of water.

["Food."] She says, pointing to some berries and water in your cell.


I blink, glancing at the berries and water, but turn to her again
["H… How?… Do you… Understand me?"]


["Sleep."] She says with a smile, then buries herself in notes. ["Talk."] She points at you and your bed.

["And."] She approaches your cell. You can see her wrist strap catalysts glow. She signals for you to put your arm out.


I feel slightly more comfortable knowing she at least understands me a bit.
I step closer to the bars and put my injured arm out for her with a bit of difficulty
"Who… Who are you…?"


She points at a piece of crab lodged into your arm. You feel your blood starting to pull up a bit, and she suddenly smiles as the last piece comes out, but your blood isn't spilling out.



I just stare at her face and eyes for what feels like a full minute with a shaken up expression
["Friend…" I look down at my arm, and move my hand to touch hers…


She smiles and pats your head before you can do anything, then heads back to her papers. She pulls out the key and removes your cuffs.

She points to herself. "Poitou." Then she points at you.


I give her a weirded out look before I realize what she meant. She was telling me her name!
"M… Maali…" I point at myself


"Ma-ali? Maali." She thinks she has it, and sits down. She starts going through her gibberish, words you would say if you were half asleep, trying to talk with you.


You have risen up one Tier. Weapon selection is available.


Tilt my head to the side
["Yes… Maali… Um… Where am I?… Where are we?…"


Poitou has managed to get a good chunk of Maali's language down over the month that she's been studying with you. She's one of the VIPs of the Research Ship you're on. Her Assistant and your other talking companion is Rhodan, the Diamond Dog.

You've been taught how to properly use a Shield to defend yourself with after your less than amazing debut on the island. Rhodan isn't the best fighter, but he's a learned one.

A bell is being rung on deck today.


You're never too protected…I hope this shield won't fail me in the future…

I assume I have been given a room, and that I am there at the moment.
I head down to the deck, rememering the directions I memorized so I wouldn't get lost, wondering what was going on


Rhodan the Diamond Dog greets you as you turn a corner and puts a paw on your head.

"Hopefully it's just another meeting. Try not to fall asleep this time."


I jump a little in place as he does that
''Meeting what?'' I turn to him, gently taking his paw off of my head


"Oh yeah, you're still learning. We're all meeting up. Sometimes the Cap'n wants to make us all aware of something."

Getting on Deck, you can see the day has taken a turn for the worse. Dark clouds are gathering.


I watch the clouds with a bit of worry
''…Rain come…Big rain…''
''Um…Where Captain?''


Captain Corsican is a little less imposing than most. As a Goat, he stands even shorter than you.

"As you can see, weather is going to be turning bad, so I want you all to tie down anything that moves. Next thing is, we found an island up ahead through the scope. It wasn't even on any other maps of the area we have and we're headed to it. Seems like the only safe place to be in a storm like this."

"Ever see any big storms in the area, little Deer?"


I lower my head ''Never travel in sea…Sea scare…Big and Deep And I bad swim…'' I rub my arm, remembering how it took two weeks until I managed to get used to being in the boat sailing through the sea.
Needless to say, being away from land and nature was a terrible shock for me, but by now I am over it.


"Since you're the special project of that Jenny, I'll expect you to go along with whatever crazy plans they have. The Dog is already salivating at the thought of making new maps."

Behind you, Rhodan is salivating as he searches himself for pens and quills.


''Miss Poitou…No 'Jenny''' I mutter as I glance at Rhodan
''Captain…Where go after island?''


"Back to port. The ship will reload on whatever we need for the next job. Miss Poitou and Rhodan there will be responsible, more or less, for what you do after that."

The storm winds and waves are starting to hit. A lot of the rest of the crew starts getting angsty.

"Don't worry about that Goat," Poitou says when she finally shows up. "He'll make sure everything is alright. Plus, he's right. Still lots of light out. Enough for us to go into the island. Aren't you excited?!"


I smile as I see her and nod enthusiastically
''Very! No touch nature in so long…I feel bond weak… I Miss hear them…'' I touch my necklace, holding it against my chest


"Good. As soon as the anchor comes off, so do we." She says with a big grin.

Despite the weather's efforts, the boat manages to reach the newly formed island in time. While the rain has started, Poitou and Rhodan rush off. There's a new island to explore, and they mean to do it.

The boat is lowered with some supplies. Are you ready?


I make sure I have all my things packed, then casually walk after them, hoping around and enjoying the rain, dancing with my arms open as my make my way to their direction
Aaaah, to feel the firm land beneath my hooves again, and sensing the life in this place. It feels great!


The sand is still very warm. There is a lot of green, even near the water.

Roll a d10



Roll #1 9 = 9


It feels warm. Like you're being held by your parent's.

But then it feels like you're being constricted.

"Hey, get over here!" Rhodan says. "There's a cave we can set up in!"


my eyes open up
why was I feeling constricted?…
I shake my head and walk over to Rhodan, soaking wet from the rain


"We'll put down some supplies here. This place needs to be checked out."

Who will you go with deeper into the Cave


I don't even need to think about this aswer. Poitou of course! She is the one I feel safe with the most
''I can go…''


File: 1448684342640.gif (9.3 KB, 167x149, Cavemap1.gif) ImgOps Google

"Rhodan, make sure to document all the things you can here. That's your specialty." Poitou exclaims, but Rhodan is already sketching a leaf now that they are away from the rain.

The cave is getting darker, but you have torches. The route up ahead quickly splits, heading north and east.


[''Let's go over here miss Poitou…''] I say in the ancient language now that we're alone


North or East?


Oh right!


File: 1448685173607.gif (21.82 KB, 356x298, cavemap2.gif) ImgOps Google

It's a short hallway, but then you spot a pool of water.

There's another Crab like the one that attacked you! It hasn't seen you!


[''Um…Excuse me…We are just passing through…''] I speak up, meekly approaching it
>animal mastery


File: 1448686141105.gif (33.04 KB, 303x445, cavemap3.gif) ImgOps Google

It moves around, seemingly twitching as if it was on drugs before it heads back into the water.

Nothing else comes out as you move ahead.

Roll to spot.


I Frown. that ws odd…Maybe it ate something it shouldn't?

Roll #1 9 = 9


File: 1448686735001.gif (29.28 KB, 264x454, cavemap4.gif) ImgOps Google

You feel foul magic welling up in front of you. A pool of water gathers ahead unnaturally.

It's a water elemental, but something's wrong with it! It's moving in crazy directions, hitting the walls!


My eyes widen. Both at the sight of the elemental and at in the state it is in
[''Oh by Gaia!''] I rush closer to it [''What happened to you? Are you alright?!H-hold on I can h-help you…'']


"Something isn't normal with it…" Poitou says.

The Water Elemental starts throbbing as you and Poitou approach it.


[''C-calm down…Please…'']
I hold the utmost respects for these creatures, as they are the embodyment of what I worship…
I kneel and pray, calling for nature to lend me power to heal the water elemental
'1d10' natural remedy. Healing status ailments

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's twitching slows down, but then it somehow manages to start melting despite being water to begin with…


Oh no
No no no no no no no no no
In panic, my body bursts with energy as glowing white flowers quickly start blooming in my arms, legs and shoulders. Made of my own energy and essence of the nature around me. I channel the magic of those flowers to the elemental, hoping… No, PRAYING that it would help
>Nature elemental. Life


You feel the life flowing through you.

And you feel it flowing out of you, like a kiss that happened in the past. The Water Elemental, seemingly happy now, dissolves away, its liquid floating back out of the cave.

Poitou is leaning against a wall, looking at you wide eyed.

"What happened? Are you, you okay?"


I shake my head, panting a little
["I… I will be fine… It's just a spell I… I haven't completely mastered yet…" She can see the flowers in my body loosing their glow and their life as they wilt and fall off my body, the petals dissolving into the air


"You should have told me about that. It would have helped with the crews' hangovers." Poitou says.


File: 1449884842304.jpg (79.34 KB, 600x900, cavemap7.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

So after entering a cave with Poitou, a Donkey Researcher, Maali ran into a giant crab. It acted much more strangely than the ones that had attacked him earlier. With just a little more travel, they ran into a water elemental which was acting bizarre in these strange caves.

After a placating it by surprising Poitou with Maali's Life Elemental form, the Water Elemantal dissolves towards the exit of the cave you ventured through.

Poitou takes a few steps forward to investigate the rest of the cave.

"There's a little ridge heading up, and I can hear water. You think you can walk or do I need to carry you?"


Blush slightly
"I-I can walk by myself just fine… Thank you…"
Let's head towards that Ridge


File: 1449886768037.jpg (98.51 KB, 600x900, cavemap8.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

As you start your climb, you find a small spring bringing water to the cave. The water is pretty polluted, though. You can see lots of particles of something.

As you climb higher, a sinister smell starts appearing. The higher you climb, the worse it gets. There seems to be a pool of something ahead.



Crinkle my nose "Bleuhgh!… What… What is bad smell?" I turn to the Jenny, waving a hand in front of my face to fan away the bad smell


"It somehow smells familiar, but I don't like it either. Don't get too close to it, you don't want to fall in."

She walks toward the pit, covering her mouth and nose. You feel a bit of a rumble as she approaches.


"Wait… Poitou do you feel this?" my ears perk up at the rumbling "G-get away of that thing!" I shout at her in panic, pointing at the pile of pollution "Might be bad thing! Bad!"


A massive, scaly body quickly floats out and coils itself around Poitou!

"My, my, aren't you a curiosity?" The scaly creature says.


"Miss Poitou!" I shout and draw my shield
"Let miss go! Who are you?!"


"Me? I'm everything you see around you…" It winks at you as she says that, the ground shaking. The creature has a feminine body, but you can slowly see it become more and more like , Miss Poitou.

"Hmm, maybe you'll want to play too?" It says as it lunges at you!


My eyes widen as the creature reveals it's form, but before I can say anything, I jump backwards to try to dodge it's lounge

Roll #1 5 = 5


Maali 4/6
Poitou Held/5

She manages to tear some of your clothes as she coils back.

"Oh, something here with a bit of pep?"

You can hear Poitou struggling in the coils.


Oh no..
"Miss Poitou hold on!" I raise my shield and charge towards the weird female… Thing "You let her go!"



Roll #1 1 = 1


Maali Helpless/5
Poitou 3/5

She knocks you off your feet and you land badly, spitting blood all over the floor.

"Heh, is that all you've got?"

Miss Poitou keeps making hand motions towards you.


I fall to the ground, recoiling meekly on the ground away from the monster, glancing at Poitou's odd hand motions while trying to get up
What does she means with that?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Maali Helpless/4
Poitou 2/5

She takes a few more slashes at you, drawing more blood but not able to sink them into you as you roll around in the ground.

"Hehehe this is fu-Ahh!"

The snake like imitation of Poitou screams as it let's go of Poitou, backing off from both of you.

"What witchcraft was that?" It asks, stupefied.

>Maali is no longer helpless.


I don't waste time hesitating and stand up "Miss Poitou?" I quickly glance at her for a sign "Have you done this?"


"No, something else started it, but I know exactly what she is now."



My ears perk up suddenly before I jump rolling to the side

Roll #1 3 = 3


Maali 3/4
Poitou 1/5

"She's a Construct, something someone made. Don't feel bad about hitting it!"


I give her a quick nod and turn to the monster construct. Preparing a stone hoof attack and jumping to strike!
'1d10' earthen strike

Roll #1 7 = 7


You knock off of an ear!

Or at least an imitation thereof. The Construct recoils and turns back towards you, now looking like an angry Poitou.

"Don't think that's enough to harm me! I will not die here again!"

"It's an old one, and I don't like the idea about what's powering it…" Poitou adds.


Glance between Poitou and the construct "It looks like is live…" I say with my ears folded back as I jump to try and pin it down

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Get up, we need to get out of here. We're the source of it's power!"

Maali Helpless/ 3


I must have tripped in a mildly embarrassing way
"W-we are?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"It's a Necromantic construct! We need to head out and get it away from that smelly stuff!"



Time to do what I do best then!


Roll for it



Roll #1 9 = 9


She's right behind you!

"I won't let you get away. You won't turn me off so easily!"

You're able to hightail it almost to the exit, you can almost see that pool the weird crab went into.


"Back to Rhodan, miss Poitou? I quickly speak to her, staying on my toes as that crab might still be around, and that monster, closing in…


"To the ship and it's cannons!" Poitou yells out before you are cut off.

"You're the same as me, don't think I didn't notice." The Construct says as it gets closer.


I glance back at it, surprised it caught up with us two so quickly
"What you mean? I nothing like you! Monster!" shout to I as we both make our way back to the ship


"Not you. Her."


I don't waste my breath replying this time, instead I just focus on running as fast as my hooves can carry me


The door is right there! But she closes the gap and blocks your way!

"If I take her, then I'll finally be able to live!" The creature says as Poitou holds her ribs in pain.


''You look lot alive for me! Why want Miss Poitou? She did no thing to you!'' I shout at the construct, glancing at Poitou with worry ''Are you alright?…''


"I'm alive, for now. I can not leave this island as I am now."

"But I will show you a kindness. Leave her here and I'll let you go. Unless you want me to crush you as well…" She hisses.


''…Why?…Why can you not leave the island?…'' I ask in a gentler tone, relaxing a bit from my defensive stance


"Because I am not like you. I don't have a body. I don't have a heart. I'm just a forgotten toy!" She writhes around at the last comment, smashing against the ground and walls with her body.


I flinch a bit at her released anger on the poor wall
''No body…No heart…Wait…forgotten? who forgot you?''



She screams into the cavern which multiplies her anger and despair.


''S-stop! no shout!…'' I raise my hands defensively, fearing she might snap and jump at me at any moment
''If you don't remember…Means that you had memory…You had heart before…Someone must taken it from you…'' I carefully take a step closer, keeping my hands raised and my head low as I stare at the construct in the eyes


"No, this has to be a trick! Are you messing with me!?" She says as she cups her head.


''Is no trick…I…Listen, I can help…We both can…Find your memory…Your heart…you body''
I scoot closer, standing in front of her


"I want my FREEDOM!"


I recoil a bit, shrinking at her shout
''Y-you can have it! but kill miss Poitou is not right…Stealing body will take her freedom away!''
I raise my head to confront her
''You want someone else to feel pain like you? stuck with no heart and no soul? Is what you want?!''


She coils up in herself.

"No… I don't want this for someone else…"


''Then let me help…I find your body…I find your freedom…''
I lower my hands, letting my arms rest besides me


She stares at you, directly in the eyes.

"Will you hold yourself to that?"


I move my hands to hold hers, smiling a little ''You not deserve fate like this…I know you are in pain and alone and just want to be over…I felt like that before…'' I lower my head for a moment
''So yes…I promise I will find a way to free you from island, and then you see world outside!'' I move one of my hands to grasp at my necklace, it glows for a moment


She lowers her head to be eye level with you.

"Your necklace, what's going on?" Poitou asks as even she notices the glowing.


''I make…uh…'' I ponder for a moment, struggling to find the right words ''Big promise…Elduari glow when I focus or do magic or in deep contact with nature…It is heart, is part of me…'' I turn to the construct and nod, releasing her hands and stepping back


"You're full of surprises for something we fished off an island." Poitou remarks.

"I, I believe you… Thank you…" The construct says, imitating Poitou's softer features as she starts dissolving.


I give Poitou a bashful smile

''Wait, before you go… you have name?…'' I mutter to the dissolving construct


"I have a name? My name was… is…"

All that's left in your hands after the goop dissolves is a hollow gem.

"Poitou! Maali! Are you okay!?" You hear Rhodan yelling from afar.


I hold the gem in my hands, watching it sadly.
''I won't fail you…'' I mutter to myself, putting the gem in a safe pocket
''We alright mister Rhodan! no worry…'' I turn to Poitou and place a hand on her shoulder ''Miss poitou, are you okay?''


"Hurts to breathe a little, nothing a little lying down for some time won't fix. Can you and Rhodan carry me?"


''Of course!'' I smile and nod, about to try to carry her before stopping ''Oh, one thing'' I take off my coat and hand it to her ''Here, still rain out, cover you from rain''


"Thanks. Let's get back to the ship and check out that baubble of yours."

"Oh, and promise to me not to let others know what she said, okay? Let me handle that."


I nod again ''Yes Ma'am…Now let's go'' I carefully try to lift her along with Rhodan, hopefully she's not too heavy for me




As the bits of pieces of the creature dissipate, leaving Maali with a promise and a small orb to remember it by, Rhodan the Diamond Dog finally reaches the beaten pair and helps them gets toward the ship.

But without a focus, the island begins to shake and scream, tearing itself apart as it falls back into the waves just after getting on the boat.


I stand in the deck, leaning against the corner of the ship as I watch the island sink. I reach for my pocket and grip the gem with a heavy sigh, not bothered by the rain

I turn around and start looking for Rhodan


"Looks like both of you went through quite the trouble and this weather isn't helping. Let's get you two down into the ship, you could use some rest. Should I bring more bandages for you?"


Shake my head ''Not needed…But thank you …Um…Mister Rhodan, where we go now?'' I say while following him down the ship


"Inside, to the beds. Miss Poitou should just lie in bed and you look like you've been thrashed too."

"I'm not that hu-ow." Poitou yelps.

"See, you're going to lie in bed this time and stay there. Don't even think of using that."


''Don't worry miss Poitou, I be here take care of you'' Give her a smile
''But uuh…Not what I mean mister Rhodan…Where is Ship go now?''


"Right now right now? Just focus on keeping your head low. It's too dangerous to move in this weather. We're getting Miss Poitou to lie down."

"Hey, uhm, I think you'll need to tell him. He's a curious one…" Poitou states.

"After I attend to you." Rhodan adds. "But Maali, can you keep a secret?"


I glance at them, my ears shift a bit to hear better ''Hmn? yes I can…what is it, mister Rhodan?''


"Miss Poitou is, sort of, a Necromancer."


my ears fold back
''…W…What?…'' I glance at her with a worried expression


"Help me get her on the bed first."

"I'm not that inju-yeouch. Watch the paws, okay?"

"Let me explain this and just calm down. Miss Poitou can use Necromantic magic, but that's a problem in most places, because it is illegal in most of them. Did Miss Poitou's lesson's go over that stuff?"


I glance away, rubbing my arm ''Ermm…No…What is…illegal?''


"Something you aren't supposed to do. Sometimes it's something everyone knows about, like not stealing or hurting others. But in this case, it's just because someone in charge tells you. Necromancy is like that. You aren't supposed to use it because you are told to. You understand?"


I nod
''I understand…But…What IS Necromancy? why is it so bad?…Why does Miss Poitou does it?…'' I ask a question after the other, sitting on the edge of the bed Poitou is in


Can I join your quest? Couldn't find a qt.


I've been occupied the last few days, but you should introduce yourself in http://mlpg.co/qt/res/670985.html and I'll see what I can make for you.


"It's a way of using a certain type of magic that exists in the world. Problem is, most people who used it tended to use it to animate dead bodies. Hmm, think of it like this: how would you feel if those dead people you saw suddenly woke up and started to attack you?"


I give him a horrified look
"I… I was feel disgust… Messing with dead forbidden… a-and…" I turn to Poitou, a heartbroken expression on my face
"Insult to M-other Gaia…"


"Okay, now how did it feel when she healed you with it? When we got you on the boat, your arms were all chewed up, right?"


"Wha-" my eyes widen when I understand what was told.
I take a step back, and raise my arm in front of me, pure horror splattered on my face
"B-but…" I shake my head in disbelief


"And now she went to sleep. Typical." Rhodan sighs.

"At least now you know what Miss Poitou had to deal with. If I wasn't as nosy as I can be, she'd likely have never told me."


I slump down against the wall, still shocked
"How… Miss Poitou is so nice… Why do she necromancy?…"


"You'll have to ask her about that when she gets up. Come on, let's give her some room and tend to your wounds. Sheesh, do all Deer like getting walloped like you? Keep this up and she'll have to bring you back from the dead."


"W… Wa.. Wallop?…" I get up and follow him


"Sorry, I still need to pick my words. In your case, it means to get injured. You almost look as bad as her, even through your fur and shirt. Just what happened down there?"


I pull my shirt a bit. He was right, I look terrible…
"True… Um… Can I have another?"
I start taking off my shirt


"Yeah. Let's get you settled down and you can tell me what happened. We'll probably be heading straight home after this."


Take off my pants and such. Now completely nude


"Well, home for us at least. Back to Grange, the port town we're both from. You never went to a city, right?"


Shake my head and scratch my shoulder
"What is like?"


"Lot's of houses everywhere, and places almost as big as that tower you entered. With less bloodstains, at least. Yeah."

"Oh, and there's one more thing I forgot that Poitou probably hasn't mentioned. Your magic abilities, can I ask that you keep quiet about those?"


Look down at my necklace "Is nature magic bad to ponies too?…"


"I don't think so. But I've been away for too long, so things might have gotten worse since then. Just promise me you'll try not to use it, okay?"


Nod quickly
"I'm hungry mister Rhodan…"


"I'll get you some food. Get comfortable, as much as you can, and I'll bring you some food."



Look around the room and check out for things to keep me distracted


It was two painful weeks as the crew makes its way to Grange, hometown to Rhodan the Diamond Dog and Poitou the Donkey. Poitou has spent her time fighting off the injuries caused by the golem creature, while Maali has had his own injuries to deal with.

"Maali, come on up to the deck if you can! We'll be getting to the city soon! Are you feeling better?"


I was sitting in my room, caressing the soft surface hollow gem in my hands.
When I hear someone calling for me, I put it back in the safety of my pockets ''Yes, I'm feeling well… Can't wait to get there!''


"Good. I want you to be prepared. Or at least with someone who knows what's going to happen. I mentioned that, uhm, Miss Poitou's abilities are questioned because something happened, but I never said what exactly. Here, it's going to come into view now."

Make a roll.


My previous excitement from finally going to land again fades away as he reminds me of Poitou…
''Oh…Wh-where is Miss Poitou?…''

Roll #1 3 = 3


You feel a pressure all over your body. As if weights were put onto every part of your body.

"She's sleeping it off still. We'll get her to a hospital when we dock." He says. "Look, you can see it there. One piece of the Catastrophe."

A marvelous city comes into view. White and Earthy marble buildings, many with vines growing into them start appearing through the fog.

And then, as if someone had simply scooped up the land into the sky, a massive crater takes over your view. Some buildings are cut in half near it. You can feel an ominous wind coming from it.

"This is why magic is looked down on."


I let out a faint gasp the moment my eyes take in the sigt of the crater, and the destruction of the land
''W-what…how…H-how did m-magic did this mister Rhodan?!'' I lean against the edge of the ship, looking for other signs of destruction


"That's the thing. No one really knows. Necromancy is an easy scapegoat," he mentions, turning around and leaning on the railing, "but no one really knows what caused it. Look, even the crew is afraid to look at it."

There's few people on deck, less than should be, and the air is quiet.


I glance back at the deck to comfirm it before my eyes are pulled back to the crater
''When…WHen did this happen? Was you here when it happened?''


"It was a few years ago. World went crazy bright that night. Even from the islands I was visiting, I could see it. Look, see how there's no one living near the crater?"


I nod, my ears perked up to listen


"Everyone is afraid to approach it. If we need it, we can probably claim one of those houses…"

"All hands ready, time to dock!" One of the sailors yells.


''YOu don't have your own house? or miss Poitou?…W-wait, what are we going to do now that we are here?''


"Lots of people lost their homes. The rest learned to share. Families and friends have gathered together, since everyone is afraid of being alone if there's another blast." He points towards some of the towers, how there's laundry hanging off of many of them.

"As for us, the Exploration Society will be handling that. Lots of foreigners with plenty of skills we need are there. Say, did you ever meet anyone besides your deer family and us, Maali?"


I look down and search for my memories, then look up at him and shake my head


"Well, you're about to be dumped into them. We had lots of travelers in town who can't go home. We gathered up, and we're trying to find our ways back home, if there's any left. So, whatta ya say about joining us?"


I look away
''I don't have a home Mister Rhodan…Not anymore…''


"Yeah, I should have thought about that part. I think you don't really have much of choice, or a chance, out there on your own anymore. Don't worry, we'll take care of you."

Suddenly for you, three winged figures land on the deck! They have talons like Rhodan, but also sharp beaks and wings! One of them looks at you!


I give him a smile ''thank you mister Rhodan…I-'' I am cut short as the three winged ones appear. I only blink at the one looking at me with confusion ''Uum…Mister Rhodan…Who are this?…''


"Heh, first time meeting Gryphons, huh? Don't worry, their beak is worse than their bite." Rhodan smiles with his toothy grin, but one of the Gryphons just flicks him in the ear.

"Oi, another one, Rhodan? How many does this make now?" The Gryphon asks Rhodan. He turns towards you. "At least you're older than his usual haul. What's your name kid?" The Gryphon remarks, with a smile this time.


I lean back a little, intimidated from their size and sharp assets, but Rhodan trusts them so…
''M-muh…Maali, Sir…''


He starts chuckling, then laughing harder as Rhodan joins in.

"Geez, you don't warn them at all, huh Rhodan?"

"Sorry, it's the little things like this that I like. Maali, don't worry, this is Gyr, a friend of mine from way back."

Gyr the Gryphon extands his paws towards you. "Don't worry kid, we'll be looking out for you."


I hesitantly look up at him with a shaky smile ''P-pleasure to meet you, mister Gyr…'' I take his paw and shake it a bit, remembering when I was taught how to greet others


"Another unusual. You bring in the weirder ones Rhodan. Don't worry kid, you're in good hands now. We'll lock the boat in and get you settled in. Ever been to the city before?"


I shake my head quickly ''What are we going to do first?..' I take a step closer to the larger Gryphon


"We'll get you checked up with the Doc. And since Rhodan is up here alone, I take it it was Poitou's turn to get hurt?" He says, rather solemnly.

"So, when was the last time you actually had something fresh to eat?" The Gryphon asks.


I nod ''Mister Rhodan said she needed lots of rest…And she should be take to hospital''

''Um…Ever since before Getting in the boat for first time?…''


"Don't worry then, Rhodan here will treat you. The old lady set up her stall again. You'll get some fresh stuff first, then we'll take you to your new home."


I chew on my tongue a little
''What old lady?…A-and My…My new H…home?…''


"Well, don't let her hear that. She'll snap you in two. But there's another Diamond Dog running a restaurant. She's got plenty of food for sale that you'll like." Rhodan says. "Don't worry about Miss Poitou, Gyr here will get her to the Hospital."



''Food sounds nice…L-let's go then!'' I look up at Rhodan, beaming


Rhodan guides you off the boat, as other scholarly types begin to board. It's a lot of races there, many that you don't recognize.

As you walk the two city blocks towards the restaurant, you see some of the destruction up close. While the main epicenter is obvious, a lot of buildings have been damaged. Walls are cracked, roofs have fallen in, and general disarray in a lot of places. Fortunately, the people seem to have cleaned up what they could and boarded up the rest.

"Oi, Rhodan, you got another one?" A short Dog yells from afar.


It is a sad sight…But…I feel some comfort in seeing that these people still manage to live here and survive despite this destruction

''Hmn?…Who is that mister Rhodan?'' I turn my head to look at the distant dog


"That's Aidi, the chef of the place. And another displaced Dog, like myself."

She's much shorter than Rhodan, even smaller than you. She's wearing a now gray apron and chewing on a stick outside.

"I didn't think you were due back for a few days. Plus you managed to get another one, huh? Hi there, I'm Aidi. Your name is?"


''Oh…You are…'' I lean down a bit
''You are so small…Oh! My name is Maali, nice to meet you mis Aidi''
I give a little bow before turning to Rhodan ''So, she is like the one that made the food in the ship?''


She sighs a bit at the 'small' comment, but lets it go as Rhodan smiles.

"Oh, I guess you might not have been all that familiar with it. A restaurant is a place where you can pay to have a meal made. But with us, we've come to an arrangement of sorts."

"Yeah," she says out loud, "you'll have to help out!" She takes off her apron and hands it to him.

"Don't worry, we'll get something warm out of this." Rhodan adds. "Let's get inside before it starts raining. THe sky is getting gray."

Inside, there's only a few ponies on a table enjoying some drinks. They give you a look, then go back to talking.


''Yes Mister Rhodan'' I nod and follow him inside

I stare at the ponies a little, some questions run through my head, but I push them aside and walk up to Rhodan
''Hey…Mister Rhodan, I want to help too…''


"You can help me wash the dishes. I think she does know when I'm coming and saves them all up for then."

Roll for the effort.


''Hehe, that's so mean of her''
I…never washed dishes before
but it shouldn't be too hard

Roll #1 10 = 10


You breeze through the dishes in no time. Even Rhodan is surprised.

"I think we even beat Aidi to making the meals. I can still smell the oils she's using. Let's take our seats."

He's right, it takes Aidi a bit to finish up your meals. She's made a thick sandwhich for Rhodan, but a cooked salad for you.

"Go ahead and start eating, I'll explain anything if you have a question."


''Yes''I nod

''Well…'' I start, taking a bite of the salad
''Can you tell me more about Miss Aidi?…And Who are these other ponies?''


"Miss Aidi, is uh, a Dog from far away. She was here on business, and then the disaster happened, same as the rest of us. Grange used to be busier, as you might have guessed."

"As for those ponies, just other sailors or workers. Most of them have little to do when the weather starts getting like this."


I look out the window, my gaze lingers outside for a bit
''…Where are we going after this… Mister Rhodan?''


"The Exploration Society's building."

You can hear laughter coming from the other table.

"Or at least, that's what we call it. The Mayor and lots of staff were visiting another country. Since they never came back, lots of us foreigners have moved in. It'd probably be the place you'd be sent to, if anyone else found you."


I look down at my food
''And…Is…Is Miss Poitou…Coming with us?…''


"Don't worry, she's at the hospital instead. I'll take you to visit her when everything is given the clear."

"Anyways, are you ready to head towards your new home?"


I feel a slight pain at my heart when he says 'new home'

''…'' I intently stare at my plate, It was empty…
I nod without a word


Rhodan also stays quiet, looking at his plate.

"Yeah, I should have thought of that. Can I ask you a favor. Don't tell anyone about the island that sank, at least not yet."


''Yes Mister Rhodan…''


"I'll show you the real reason when I can, but for now," he puts his plate down, "it's because there's lots of other kids there. I wouldn't want to give them nightmares." He says with a goofy grin. "Right now, it's still hard to believe, right?"


Even feeling gloomy…I can't help it…His smile is infectuous…My lips tremble into a sad grin ''Yes…You are right!…Ehe..hehehe…''


"Come on, let's wash the place there and show you around. I'm sure you'll like sleeping on a bed that doesn't move anymore."

The rest of the sky is starting to become gray as you leave, and the wind is picking up. Both of you rush to get there before you get drenched.

Rhodan slows down a bit away from the building and takes a more casual walk. It's a bit separate from the city, built into one of the hillsides, for defense. You can even see the port from there, even with its impressive gates.

Thing is, you can see lots of laundry hanging out the windows, even from your distance. Children can be heard yelling and running.


I just hope those are yells of happyness and they're just running because of a game…
''Mister Rhodan…Can I ask another question?…Why are your clothes so…Uh…Why do they cover almost all of the body?…''


"Oh, I guess someone like you wouldn't have needed them much. Tonight, you'll learn why, but until then, You should relax. You're home now."



''If you say so…By the way…Is there any forests or more natural places nearby?''


"There's some trees nearby. We're kind of North, so you won't get the type of trees you're used to. We'll take you in a bit, let's get you settled in first. But if you don't mind grasslands, you'll have plenty of that."

You have a bunc of children from different races running towards you, looking up to you and asking a bevy of questions.


Oh gosh
I imagine I wouldn't be much Taller than they are yet, so that's a bit embarrassing

At first I back off a little from the swarm of children, but I compose myself, trying to look friendly and answering to their questions


"Alright kids, give him some space." A big Buffalo bellows out. "Sorry, herding kids is as hard as herding Gryphons." The children run around you a few times, looking at your antlers and trying to tug on them. One of the Unicorns manages to and starts comparing the hardness of his horns.

"You aren't the only lost kid we've found. There's a whole lot of them out there in the world." Rhodan adds as they leave.


"I-I'm alright, it is fine, Mister… They are just playing…" I say while trying to entertain them a little, they must have never seen a deer like me before
"Hehe… It reminds me of when I was a child and a pony couple stumbled in our tribe…"

As they leave, I wave at them and turn to Rhodan "I know… I know…"


"I feel bad about asking you join us, seeing you with them. You can stay if you want, your healing magic you showed would be useful here. But we could use your help when we'll go trying to find what happened."

He leads you inside the building. There's a strong, lived in smell.


I shake my head "No… There is nothing for me here… This is not my place… Besides, if I come with you, I will have more chance of find others of my tribe"

Once inside, I speak up again "What is this place?"


"It used to be the mayor's residence. Think of something like, the village Chief." Rhodan looks away for a moment. "Sadly, he was caught up in one of the magical wakes, along with other important people. So, we took it for ourselves. For safety." He looks at you with concern. "For the moment, can I ask you no to go into the city without an escort?"


I stare at him with the same look of worry
"Yes… Of course… But why? I thinked this place was safe?"


"It usually is. But lots of good people are still suffering the effects, and they'll blame anyone who stands out. And you," he points at your antlers, ""tend to stand out."

He walks forward, pointing towards the sleeping rooms, the bath rooms, and all the other places you'll be using.

"Oh, and here's one person you might be spending some time with. That over there is Vahan. When you're here, he'll be your new teacher. He'll teach you about reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, but more importantly," Rhodan kneels down at eye level, "magic. He may not look like it, but he's real accomplished in that. Helped me refine a few of my own tricks."


When he mentions Vaham and what he would teach me, I get more and more excited, until he mentions magic
I turn away from Rhodan a bit, my face showing doubt
"Magic?… What kind?"


"Like how to control fire, or lighting. Or he can help improve your stuff. He helped me out too. He might not be able to do much for your more, uh, Natural, magic, but he should be able to get something in for you."


I rub my arm, looking at the floor
"I… Not sure if I want to learn from… From him…"


"I know your style is different, but you'll at least want to know. His style is the most common in cities, so you'll at least want to be able to recognize them. But come on, there's one more thing to show you."


I lower my head and ears with a sigh "Okay, Mister Rhodan…"
I follow behind him


File: 1454357343180.gif (Spoiler Image, 296.56 KB, 2000x1000, worldgen.gif) ImgOps Google

"I'm sure you'll like him. But here, this is the important piece, in the old meeting room."

"Say hello, and goodbye, to the World."


I look up at him, freezing in place for a moment "W-what?"


"This is, or was, a map of the world as it used to be. You're island, would have been there in the middle. But after the Calamity, well, you saw the damage. The sailors we've been able to recruit so far have verified it. Islands and lands aren't where they used to be. The whole world was changed underneath us."


I stare at the map, trying to figure it out like a puzzle
"The world… It is moving? Changing?…"


"It changed overnight. At least that's what we though. Then we ran into that little island where Poitou and you got hurt, and it sank. We might not even be able to trust the maps we just made."


"That… That can not be happen… Islands don't sink in a night! What happened mister Rhodan?!"


He keeps looking at the map before turning to you.

"I don't know. No one here does."



"Then… Then what are we going to do? How long this is been happening?"


"Don't worry too much about that." Rhodan puts his paw on your head. " That's why we're here. We're going to try and make the new world map. If we can find other cities and countries, it might help things here."

He turns towards you, much more seriously. "You must have felt it too. There's been a dark covering over the city. It's been long enough that the feeling has started to go away, but so far, it feels like we're the only ones left on this world."


I return his gaze with my own, looking as worried as ever

''The… Only ones…This cannot be… Something must be causing this! It is the only way!''


"We found you, didn't we?" He tries to smile. "But that's what we're trying to do is find the homes of other people. You've seen the odd ast that calls this place home, but they had, have, families and friends they want to get back to."


I lower my head in silence for a moment
''Can you excuse me for a little Mister Rhodan?…''


"Yeah, I'll actually have some work to do now with the maps."


''Alright…I will see you in the night''
Walk out


"Don't go too far."

Outside of the main room is the rest of the house. You can hear someone giving lectures, and children running around some drying clothes.

You can go outside, but it's mostly grass all around with the occasional hill.


Rhodan mentioned trees somewhere didn't he? let's look for them


Two big ones, right before a small stream hits the sea. There's a few pots and pans nearby, but no one else.


should be good, at least it's nice and quiet
I lay down near any of the trees, close my eyes and take a deep breathe as I let my mind wander free, Listening to the shaking of the leaves to the sound of wind blowing the grass, maintaning a calm and steady breathing as I meditate and make contact with nature… Maybe I will have this will guide me to the aswer…


In the nice, cool air, you find yourself over the ocean. You feel like the sea gulls, letting the current guide them while heading towards its destination.

On the back of your neck, you feel childish glee.


I am one with nature
I am one with my Mother…

Can I hear her voice? can I hear anything?


"You're new. What's your name?" You hear a childish voice ask.


[''New?…M-my name is Maali…You know it, don't you? Mother?''] I speak up in my native language, wondering why her voice sounds like a child…And why is she speaking to me in pony language…


"Eh, I don't know how to pronounce that! Say it again!" The voice asks, this time with some pressure appearing on your arm.


What the…
Open my eyes and look at my arm


There's a teenage girl looking real close at you.

"You have strange horns." She says.


A teenage girl?…
Let's slowly get up, looking at her
''Uh…You are not Gaia…are you?''


"Uhm, no, I'm not. I'm Coiled, what's your name?" The Earth pony asks.


''Coiled…Oh! M-my name is Maali…N-nice to meet you'' do a little bow


"Wow, you're from the city or somethin'? I've never seen someone like you, or with horns like yours."


''Um…No…I am from the forests… A deer from the forests…''


"Not the forests from 'round here. I've never seen you before."


''I…am from forests very far away…Mister Rhodan and miss Poitou found me and brought me here… Um…Sorry but…What are you doing here alone miss Coiled?''


She puts her hands behind her head.

"I've always been like this. Going from empty houses to the woods before they cut 'em down."


''Why?…Wait wait…They cut down the woods?''


"The ones nearby. Some of the houses needed to be repaired, and they needed firewood." She sits down. "Nights get cold here, if you aren't from around. That, and lots of people who could use magic, didn't make it."


''Oh…I suppose that is fair then…''
I sit down as well
''…Can you use magic too?''


"Kind of. But you'll have to show me yours first!" She says with excitement.


''H-how do you know if I can do magic or not?'' lean away a little, giving her a questioning look


She points to the ground at your hooves. It's covered in flowers. The other tree is not.

"That's not an appropriate thing to ask of a guy you just met, you know that Coiled?" A voice from above responds.


Curses… I didn't know this would happen
Before I can aswer, I look up at the source of the voice ''W-who is there?''


There's an exasperated Gryphon up on the tree branches.

"Honestly, can't you go easier on me. You always run off and I get sent to find you, Coiled. Oh, and you must be the new guy." The Gryphon teen says as he turns to you. "I'm Carmesi. Nice to meetya'."


''Oh… Nice to meet you too… My name is Maali though… Um… What were you doing up there?''


"Your little pony there keeps running off, even though we tell her not to. Thanks to these wings of mine, I'm the one who has to find her every time."


Turn to Coiled ''And why do you keep running off then?''


Because there's all kinds of cool places to see! If you stick to the alleys, you'll find all sorts of cool things!" Coiled says.

"And more than your share of trouble." Carmesi says, tired.


''But this is a safe place, right? She would not run into trouble here…right?''
I sit back down and pick one of the flowers to munch on


"It'd be easier on me if she did. The town is still a little weird. They'll give us odd looks, and probably worse if they could, so they don't want us going alone. Remember that."


''Why would they give you odd looks?…Who are 'they'?''


"The townsfolk. I don't know if you've seen how different most of us are from the people in the city. But it would have happened anywhere. When something bad happens, people seek someone to blame."


''…And they want to blame you because you can use magic…Yes?''


"Just anyone who is seen as strange. Like you and me. And Coiled here, based on how she acts."

"Oh, has anyone had a chance to mention a bit of the history of this town to you?"


''Uh…Mister Rhodan told me that some kind of bad thing happened and caused that huge crater overnight…I do not recall much aside from that…''


"Ah, if you just arrived, that'd be probably all you'd hear. We'll, most of us Gryphons arrived about a week before it happened. Simply put, this town, and lots others, relied a lot on magic. They used it for everything. But when the calamity hit, a lot of the people that died were the magic users that made life so easy."


''Oh…So that means…''
Turn to Coiled with worry, afraid to continue but hoping she will get where I'm going with this


She's off looking at the flowers.

"See what I have to deal with?" Carmesi asks.



''She is…very distracted…''
Pick one flower and hand it over to her


"Can I have it?" She asks as her eyes open up.


''Of course'' I smile and hold it up at her, then sit back down, looking at the little flowers surrounding me
''I forgot that I could do that…hmn…''
I look up at my hands…Maybe…
I set the palm of my hand on the floor and gently feel it


The soil here is untainted wilderness. You can feel nature at work here.

But there's something else, though. Roll for feeling.


'1d10' close my eyes and feel

Roll #1 3 = 3


You can feel the warmth of nature, but you can also feel something burning. This second sensation is not to your liking, like approaching still burning embers.


What the…
Get up and look around in the sky. Can I see smoke anywhere?


"Yo buddy, you okay?" Carmesi asks, flying down from the branches, unaware of what you just experienced.

There is no smoke.


''Huh? O-oh yes yes just…Just a moment''
I'll climb up the tree…


File: 1459123658240.jpg (157.96 KB, 600x368, mongolia1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It's an easy enough climb. From the top of the tree, you can see the way the river bends and the grass in the wind. It's not your forest, but it's very much alive.

But you can't escape the burning feeling now that you've become aware of it.

Below, Coiled is having Carmesi gather something.


I sigh and slowly climb down, turning to the two
''I…um…I have to go now…I'm Sorry''


"Are you headed back to your house? Why not come to ours!" Coiled asks gleefully.


''I-I…I don't know…''
Glance away, rubbing my arm


Carmesi looks at both of you before chiming in. "Coiled, you have to go back. The others are worried. Maali, right? Just follow the river to the bend when you're ready."


''N-no it…it is alright…I will…I will go'' I turn to Coiled and force a smile
''Its…not good to say no to an invite…''


"Great! Here, put you arms out." Coiled asks.


Do as she says, looking confused as hell


She plunks a chunk of dirt into your hands and runs off, Carmesi going after her.

It has the flower you gave her on top.

"Don't drop it and hurry up or you'll be late for supper!"


''Oh, right!''
Run after here, carefully cradling the flower


Carmesi constanly hops into the air to keep up with her, which makes it easy enough to follow.

Approaching the Mayor's Manor, you can see that almost everyone has gone inside. The wind is picking up, and you only managed to see one other person going inside with a pile of clothes.

Coiled is waving you towards the backyard.


That sure is a big house…
I almost trip on the way, but I keep following the over energetic girl


"Bring it in here!" She yells as she stands in front of a literal glass house. Even at this hour, you can see a ton of colors inside.

"Don't stay out for too long or I'm gonna eat your food Coiled." Carmesi adds before going inside.


Woah…T-this thing is scary
And kinda pretty…
''I-i'm coming!'' Get inside the weird water house


You're back in the forest.

At least for a moment. There's a variety of beatiful flowers all around you, life still growing in the cold of this land.

"In here, bring the flower over here!" Coiled brings out what looks like a big bowl.


Look around as I walk to her
''What is this place…''


"It's a green house, of course!" The plants around you are of countless colors, even some you've never seen. "Don't they have them where you're from? The Mayor had it built to hide some money from the books, but I'm glad he did. Do you like it?"


''I…I never seen anything like this before…I-it's like a small forest inside a house of ice…I-it's beautiful…''


"Thanks! Or you should at least thank the mayor's wife and the smugglers, they brought in seeds from all over the world! The others will come water the plants on occasion, but I tend to take care of them more, at least when I'm not allowed to go into the city. Here," She offers you a container of water, "let's water the plants before we go in, okay?"


''O…okay!'' I nod and smile at her, taking the container in my hands…It's kinda cute


"I always feel calm here. Everything is from a bunch of different places, but I think they work out well, don't you?"


''Yes…This place is…Nature is…''
I crouch down to water one of the plants, sighing
''It reminds me how perfect the world she made is…Thank you for bringing me here, Coiled''


"I figured someone like you would. Okay, I think it'll go great here." Coiled finds a spot for your red flower. "I think it goes well with Carmesi's and his brothers." She puts yours next to an Orange and Yellow group of flowers.


''Carmesi has brothers?''


"Yuppers. I think it's Karen or something?" She giggles. "Him and Carmesi are always looking out for me, so I hope you'll be their friend too!"


'I will try…''
''…You are going to stay here…right Coiled?…''


"Uhuh. This is my home since I can remember. Well, not this little place, but the whole thing outside too. It's all I know."


''Oh…Well…I am going to leave soon…So I don't know when I will come back…''


Coiled smiles.

"You and everyone wants to go home, don't you? Your real home."


''I…Don't have a home anymore…''


Coiled seems definitely taken back.

"Ah, I'm sorry. The Calamity took it too?"


''Nnnnoo…It was something else…But it's alright, really…''


"Sorry, sorry. Come on, let's get some food before Carmesi does eat it. Have you ever had potatoes?"


''Oh, sometimes on the ship yes! I never thought they could be so tasty when you ponies prepare them''


"That's good. Really good! I grew most of those here! It's cheaper than buying it in the city."


''Oooh! Let's go then! I'm getting hungry!''


It's actually much more crowded and loud inside than you'd think. Lots of people with no way of knowing if they have a home to go back to share stories, while orphans play with their dolls in between bites of potatoes.

Rhodan is raising his arm and waving you over.


''T-that's a lot of people…Normally this would feel kinda scary but…This place feels warm and friendly…

I make my way to Rhodan, waving back a little


"You enjoy yourself outside?" He asks, handing you a cup of water and a bowl of potatoes.


I carefully take them and sit down crosslegged, setting the water down in front of me and eating the taters
''I did, yes…That gave me some time to think too…''

''Hey…Mister Rhodan, when are we leaving?''


"Twp to three days away, but I'll explain tomorrow. For now, get some food in you. Did the grass around the Manor fit your tastes? I know it isn't the forest you're used to."


I shake my head, looking up at him with a smile
''It was perfect''


"Get some food and then some rest, or try to, anyways. Eston's snoring will keep you up if you don't have ear plugs."

"It's not that bad!" The big, furry Buffalo protests, though the rest of the table gives him a look.

"Say, they haven't shown you any new clothing, right?"


I chuckle ''Don't worry mister Eston. I will manage to sleep somehow''

''New clothing? but these are still good, aren't they?''


"I think you only have two to your name. The ones a snake monster tore, or the ones from the dead pirates." Rhodan says jokingly.

The room goes silent and looks at the both of you.


Look away from everyone, look away!


"Guess I should introduce you to everyone. Y'all, say hello to Maali, the newest addition to the Manor, so treat him right, okay!? Oh, and I'm not telling half truths about his clothing." He laughs and pushes his chair closer as everyone starts asking you questions about your adventures.

It's a hectic mess with Buffalos and Saddle Arabians and Donkeys talking over each other with their weird accents.


''H-hi…Hello I'm…Uh… No I didn't…Yes but…N-no! Wait…Ho-hold on… E-e…EXCUSE ME!''
I blurt out and rush my way out to the nearest exit, gasping for the outside air and holding my chest. My back against a wall as I try to calm myself


You can still hear some questions through the thick walls.

"Don't worry kid, we all go through that." A voice says from above.


Jump slightly from the sudden voice and then look up, my mind and body still in slight panic


There's a brighter looking Gryphon looking at the night sky sitting on the roof above you.

"Sorry kid, didn't mean to startle you like that. Hope they weren't too rough on ya."


I sigh and slump back on the wall
''It's…Alright…It's fine…I know…I'm sure they did not mean to scare me…''


"At least you're able to stand. I ended up falling backwards in my chair and hitting my head." He points at his right side of his head. "I'm Queren, you?"


''I'm…Maali…Just Maali…Hello mister Queren…''


"Take a breathe, kid. We're all stuck here just the same."


''Yes…Yes…But at least not for long…I will be leaving soon…''


"Sorry about that." He floats down to where you are. "Truth is, I'd rather not send you, or anyone else, out into the sea. But I guess that's how things work out in this world."


''…What? Why are you apologizing to me?''


"I'm apologizing to all of them in there too. Truth is, I'd rather have me and Carmesi trave around with Rhodan, but we can't all leave at once, at least not now. They tell you about the town folks, right?"


Lower my head and nod


"Under any other circumstance, they'd be good people. Problem is, losing so many people has 'em ready to blow and I'd rather not be here to see that." He leans back. "Figure they haven't told you all the plans with the ships of theirs, right?"


''Uuh… No? I don't know… Now I'm not sure…''


"So, yeah, Rhodan wants to re map the world. I'm afraid he'll have to, if the ones he's made are accurate, cause then the whole world might be different. Who knows what other countries are out there and what the Calamity did to 'em is important." He turns towards you. "Listen, this is on everyone's mind, but they want to keep it unofficial. They want out. This place is a powder keg and the magic is out of whack to boot. So, if we find a calm enough place, we'll want to get everyone off this land."


''…You mean…What happened there…The crater…It can happen again? And how… how are we going to take everyone from here and take them to another place? That might take a really long time…''


"Happening again is the worry from that magic teacher. Mine is the city. If we can find another country that can take 'em, I want you to come back with as many ships as possible. I don't want to leave anyone behind. Even that strange girl who keeps sneaking around the garden like she's been told not to! shouldn't stay here if we can help it."

You can see a pair of ears suddenly drop behind a bush.


Sneaky girl…
''Are you sure…That you don't want to come along?''


"I'd be good for a fight, but that's why I stay here. At least with me and Gyr around, they'd be more willing to keep their distance. You, I heard you stood up to some creature from Rhodan, but it didn't go so well."


That's what he thinks…
''Uuh…Yes I got beaten up really badly…I am terrible at fighting…'' Chuckle


"Come see me about some lessons then. Security is an important, but boring job. I'd rather much teach someone the ways of the blade or whatever you get your mitts on."


''I…I don't think I want to use swords or blades…''


"You have some magicks to you, right?"




"Well, you want to keep that as a Trump card. Don't let folks know you can, even if it's just to freeze things with a touch. You'll get a Crossbow bolt in ya before you can say another word with most folks. The rest will be pointing one at ya." He looks at the moon for a bit. "'Sides, you never know what you'll run into out there. I've run into my share of beasties and fighters that could slither in before you can utter a single magic word, so how about a shield?"


I nod ''That sounds good for me!''


"I'll let you sleep on the fact that just putting it up between you and somebody won't be enough. But that'll be for some other time. Take the girl and go back inside, get some food and sleep, understand me?"


''Yes…Yes sir…''
''Come on Coiled!'' let's head back inside, now calmer


"Show him towards the bunks when your done, little Missie." Coiled is informed as you head inside.

It's been a busy day for you. It's only going to get more so soon.



Nothing to do but face it the best I can
Let's head inside and prepare to apologize to everyone


Dawn of the third day

You spent most of the day being walked around the Manor, helping pack what else was needed for the upcoming trip. Everyone here helps in some way, even the children. You can feel the tension at times, but this is usually interrupted with someone bringing drinks around.

You've got a cart load of other goods being taken to the docks, along with Carmesi, who is walking you towards the ship. Did you remember to bring your equipment?


Oh curses I forgot about that! I'm such a moron
Now to remember where I left it…


Fortunately, you haven't left the manor yet. It's most likely in the chest by your bed.

Armor Description:
Extra Items:


Phew, what a relief
Now let's see…


Elduari, the sign of my tribe and our oath with nature also part of my being. Everyone says it looks like an 'emerald' tied with roots… It is also with me at all times, so of course I didn't put it in the chest!


Mister Queren gave me that little round shield…He said I shouldn't take the big ones because they would be too heavy and would slow me down…And that I'm not even strong enough to wield them anyways…

>Armor description

It took me a while to get used to these clothes ponies use… I'll just take what felt best: A pair of loose cloth pants that reached a bit below my knees, a light white shirt and a tunic along with a scarf to cover myself when it's cold and of course, my bag


Can't forget my canteen, the ivy I had was changed with a rope, my seeds that I collect to make new antlers, the extra clothes, the knife everyone insisted I carried along…But I doubt I'll ever use it, Some snacks rolled up in a pack to preserve them…And finally the hollow stone left behind by that creature…
She never told me her name…


"You seem prepared for an adventure, Maali. You sure you haven't been doing this for a long time already?"


''W-well I had to live alone for most of my life. I learned that value of being careful…''
Who is talking to me?


Carmesi. He's waiting for you by the cart.

"You ready to go? We might not have a chance to come back?"


''Yes…I am ready…I just need to say bye to Coiled and Mister Queren…''


"Queren will be in the Manor. Coiled is probably in the Green House."

Which one will you go to first?


''I will not take long''
Let's go see Queren first


The kids inside, of various races, easily direct you to Queren's location. He's currently working on a broken window.

"Hello there Maali. I thought you'd be off already."


''I just came to say…Erm…Bye…And thank you for your help, mister Queren…''


"It was nothing. Felt good to train someone, to be honest. Hand me that tape, would ya?"


Tilt my head slightly, giving him a confused look


"Oh, I forgot, you're still new to the language. That meterial, to the right of you."


''This thing? What does it do?''
Fumble with it a little


"It helps hold and seal things, but it's only so good. I'm using this until I find a better solution." Queren looks up, then smiles. "Shouldn't you stay in bed?" Queren asks of Poitou, who is standing behind you.


Oh gosh!
Turn around, is it really her?


Yup, though still looking a bit bad with unkempt hair and crutches to stand.

"Already getting sent out, little one?" She asks.


''Y-yes Ma'am…But I will come back fast, I promise!…Are you…Are you going to be alright, Miss Poitou?…D-do you want me to try healing you one more time before leaving?''


Poitou rubs your head.

"I think I just need time now. But I'll be fine. It's you I'm worried about. I want you to stay safe out there, okay?"


''W-well I want YOU to stay safe in here too!''
Gosh these rubs are so nice…
''If something bad happens while me and mister Rhodan are out, who is going to help you?''


"Don't worry, crutches or no, I can handle myself. And Queren is here too! You don't have to worry about us."


''I can't help it… Only hope you will be better when we return so you can sail with us again! So please get a lot of rest''
I turn to the Gryphon, handing him the weird tape thingy
''And mister Queren, please take care of Miss Poitou''


"I'm sure I have more to worry about now that she's here." Queren says as Poitou pouts.

Coiled is walking up to you.


Smile to them and turn to Coiled, walking up to her as well
''Hello Coiled…I…Am going to be away very soon…''


She just smiles.

"It's okay. I'm already used to that. But here, take these." She hands you a small bag with a few seeds.


''M-more seeds?'' I hold them up, trying to see if I recognized the seeds


"They're ones that we could never grow. No matter what I did, I just couldn't get them to sprout."


''Oh! I can make them into new antlers and plant them down in the lands we find! I am very fertile and there are no plants I could never grow!''


"Wait, you can turn seeds into horns?! Are those seeds?" She points at your current antlers.


''Well, yes but they are just sprouts right now… See? they are going to be two nice healthy plants that I will plant on land once they get too big and heavy, then I will try one of your seeds!''


"Oh, okay! Make sure they get real big, alright!" Coiled yells excitedly.


''Hehe alright…See you Miss Poitou, Coiled, Mister Queren! I will come back soon!''

Time to run to the ship and find Rhodan


It'll take a bit of travelling through the city to get to the harbor.

"Keep your head down, got it?" Carmesi explains while the others wave you away. "Just be quiet when the townfolk yell anything at you, okay?"


''Y-yes I understand…''
Wave back at the others too!


"Ugh, sorry." Carmesi pats you on the back. "Don't look to dour, but just don't give the people any crazy looks. Let's go."



The trip to the harbor is a quiet one. Carmesi makes small talk, though he frequently looks around.

The sun is still low in the sky, all the better to make the preparations. Nearing the ship, you can see Rhodan, Aidi, and Eston moving supplies a board. The hired sailors seem to stick to themselves, cut Captain Corsican keeps them moving.

The ship they are using this one is a much bigger, more supplied red ship.

"Wow, guess they finally managed to get that one fixed." Carmesi says.


''fixed? It was broken before?''
I'll walk up to Rhodan and the sailors, looking to see if I can help move the supplies


"Somewhat. The Calamity destroyed the place where its sails and other supplies were stored. This is the first time they are really going far." Carmesi responds.


''R-really far?'' My ears fold back. That must mean that I'll spend an eternity in this ship…Gaia help me
''Where are we going then, Carmesi? Do you know?''


"It's got supplies to travel around, but none of the crew are too keen on heading out too far. You'll likely just do a further lap out, so don't worry. Sheesh, you're making me nervous." He adds as you approach the bridge to the ship. He starts pulling out a few bags.


I relax a bit ''Hehe, I'm sorry for that…I just really don't enjoy being away from land for too long.'' I run my head through my forehead, clean of antlers for now, before I walk back next to Carmesi, watching as the other sailors go by and admiring the ship


Rhodan waves you two down from the port side of the ship.

"Hey, help me haul in those supplies, and we might be able to finish today."


''Yes sir!''
Time to put my hands to work!


"Bring in the bags and chests towards the sleeping area. Most of that is the basic gear. When you're done, help me haul on the food, got it?"


''I understand…What are in those chests and bags though, Mister Rhodan?'' I ask as I help carry


"Blankets, clothing, and whatever extra supplies I could nab. We'll be needing them, depending on how long we'll be out and what we run into." Rhodan stares at you for a moment. "This is the longest you've ever been away from your home, huh?"


''The forest?…I never have been outside of it since the day we met…But the whole land that Gaia gave us is my home…'' I stare longily at the town and take a deep breath of the fresh, salty air of the sea
''I just hope I don't have to stay too long on the ship…Being far away, stranded at the sea eats me slowly inside…''


"Bring the supplies aboard, and I managed to bring in something else besides your lessons. You might like it." Rhodan says with a smirk.


''Oh what is it mister Rhodan?'' I ask with a lot of excitement in my voice


"I'll show you once there's a good moment out at sea. For now, finish helping loading stuff, okay? And don't forget to put things down for your bed."

So far, the wind and the sun feels real good as it shines off the white buildings.


Lets get this work done with quick so I can get to my room!


Even with the damage, it still glistens. But, there are very few people out. Even in your memories, your home was far more active.

A bell starts ringing.

"ALright, double time it you lazy landlubbers! We're almost ready to go, the faster we finish, the faster we take off."


Go faster then!
I can feel my stomach getting a bit tingly from excitement too!


Lots of heavy things still needed to be brought aboard, along with lots of loose things.

But with everyone working together, it gets done easily. The Captain continues barking orders, but you're free to check out the ship, or at least your bunk.

Which isn't all that impressive. It's mostly the same hammock as before, but with a small chest with your name on it.


Huh… It feels kind of weird to see my name written down
However I feel very compelled to open this chest so I'll do that


You open it, and to your surprise, it's homework! Lot's of paper and writing tools and school books!


Oh my! this is pretty nice!
I'll grab them and play around a bit…Let's try to draw…Me! I'll draw myself in the paper!


Using your dexterity, roll for how good your drawing comes out.


I'm very dextrous!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


It looks closer to stick figures, but at least you drew all your antlers!

"Get ready to drop the sails!" You hear coming from outside.


Sounds like we'll get going now… I'll leave my drawing proudly open with a big smile
Time to go out and explore this ship


It's bigger than your first ship, but much the same too. Lot's more supplies this time, since you're catching the ship when it takes off.

But it's still pretty empty. Even you can tell it's hard to get lots of people to work here.

"Maali, come say goodbye to the others!" You hear someone yelling from the door.


''Oh, right!'' Run towards the voice and the door and look for the ones that are staying, Coiled, and Miss Poitou and wave at them


Eston and Carmesi join them in waving good bye. Looks like for this trip, it'll just be you and Rhodan.

"Bring me back some seeds!" Coiled yells out to you.


''I won't forget!'' I yell back at her
I pray to Gaia they will be alright…


"Don't get hurt!"

"Follow orders!" and various other things are yelled at the two of you as the ship pulls out. The crew keeps itself busy making the ship floats, but it's going to be up the you and Rhodan, and the rest of the Exploration Society, to make find out what has happened to the world.

"We've got a big job ahead of us, Maali." Rhodan says as he puts a paw on your shoulder.


Tense up a bit at his paw
''Y-yes…We do mister Rhodan…'' I reply, staring at the land as we slowly drift away in the ship before I look up at Rhodan, nodding
''I won't let you down''


"Neither will I. So hopefully we'll bring in good news for everyone. Now, come on, we've got a bit of work to do. You'll need to help the rest of the crew until we have some down time."


''Help? With what? T-there's still even more work to do?..'' I rub my arm


"The best kind of work, at least for me, and maybe even for you. Explore the new world."


It's been a few days. Most of them have gone the same as the others, waking up and making sure the ship keeps afloat, with the occasional night spent on the watch.

Rhodan has been busy chatting with the Captain. Every once in a while you can hear them argue, the Goat Captain's language veering off in ways you couldn't properly understand.

Today is another one of those days, except for the fact that Rhodan is holding up a book for you.

"I wanted it to be a surprise, go ahead and take it."


''A surprise?…'' Pick up the book and strain my eyes to read the cover. What could it be…


"Eston and Coiled thought it would be perfect for you."

It's a book about sea life. There are drawings of plants and animals that live under the water.

"They said it might help you, but they just giggled to each other when I tried to press for details."


I look down at the cover with worry
''Um…T-thank you?…I-I will make sure to take a look at it tonight…''
I try to not look nervous
''S-so…How close are we to the l-land, mister Rhodan?''


"That's the thing. We don't know, but we will! All my old maps are useless now, since even the sea has changed. I mean, look at those fish following us! I've never seen them at all. Try finding them in your book."

Make Knowledge check with a +2 bonus. It should be on your sheet.


''F-fish following us? W-what fish following us?!'' My voice cracks as I ask a bit too quickly

Roll #1 9 + 6 = 15


It's a group of really ugly fish following right by the ship. There are red, white, and even some spotted ones amongst them.

They look just like the Barracudas you quickly glanced over, if they had more fins.


Roll #1 13 = 13


You also notice, one of them seems to have a weird, golden necklace…


''Uuh…Shouldn't we be worried about that kind of thing?…''


"Can't you, talk to them or something? Because they are weirding me out too. I'll get the Captain…"


''I…Will try…''
Walk over to the edge of the deck and lean against it, waving at the fish, speaking in the ancient language




[''W…What? We are not enemies here…Who are you?!''] I glance at Rhodan, hoping he is already going to get the captain


Rhodan is walking back with the Captain when you hear and feel a crashing noise. The fish are throwing themselves at the ship!



[''Please calm down! W-what you mean it is not your flag?!''] shout at them, glancing at the flag of our ship


["DEATH TO YASNIA!"] The rest of the crew is coming over with crossbows and spears in hand.


''No no no wait!'' turn to the rest of the crew and raise my hands
then turn back to the fishes [''Who is Yasnia? Who are you?!'']

''Mister Rhodan! What was the name of the place that we stopped? The place with the crater?''


One of the massive fish pulls away, yelling about reinforcements. The rest quickly dart off into the sea.

"Those islands, they were, uhm, Yustean territory. Why?"

The rest of the crew is looking to see where the fish went.


''This can't be right…Mister Rhodan. WHat, or who is Yasnia? Do you know?''


"Ancient enemies." The Captain interrupts. "They were at war since before I was born, and they'd probably still be fighting after your grandkids pass on, if the Calamity hasn't stopped them."

"But, why are you asking about them Maali? We haven't even taught you history. How'd you know those names?"


''Those fishes…They were shouting about Death to Yasnia…'' I keep looking for them in the water
''They left…But only to gather reinforcements…They will return''


The crew looks at you, then all around with worry. Some of them tighten their grip on their weapons.

The Captain taps on the floor.

"All right, as crazy as all this sounds, I have to act on it. First, I'm tripling the night watch, and I want everyone with a weapon at all times. Secondly, you," he points at you Maali, "keep the talk to a minimum with them. Seaponies are a tale we told to children, so I know one thing they aren't. Come get me before anything else, got it?"


''Um…Yes Captain…'' I walk up to him ''B-but what are we going to do when they return with even more numbers?''


"I don't reckon we'll have a choice but to duke it out. They had weapons, so all I can hope is that they don't have too much training in it.." He sighs, then walks away. "Keep an eye for land. If they stole those, there might be a place to land nearby." The Captain walks away and starts ordering the others around, but they all have their weapons at the ready.

Rhodan approaches you. "Maali, did you bring your shield aboard?"


I lean back against the wall of the deck, watching the captain walk away ''Stolen weapons…'' I mutter before turning to Rhodan
''Yes, it is in my room with my other things, mister Rhodan''


"Have it ready, we don't know what could happen and no one is taking any risks right now." He reaches over to his bag and paws you a long metal tube. "Have you ever used a Spyglass?"


Is this…some kind of weapon?…

''Uh…No I have not…I'm sorry mister Rhodan, I told you before that I won't fight with weapons.'' Push it back to him


File: 1463272265845.jpg (39.71 KB, 420x339, spyglass.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

He giggles.

"It's no weapon, unless you have some hidden eye powers you aren't telling me about. Here, look through this part here."

Make a Search roll with an +2 bonus.


It's…not? it looks like one…it's hard and metalic…Looks like a weird clu-ooooh!''

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


You spot some smoke in the distance.

"You'll be helping us by being a lookout. Don't let anything sneak up on us, okay?"


''Yes, mister Rhodan!…Wow…This thing is amazing, I can see all sorts of things so far away as if they were so close…The sea, the clouds, that smoke…''


"Smoke, are you sure? What kind of color is it, how thick is it?" He starts looking in the direction you were looking at.


''Uuh…It is grey and pretty thick…I like smoke? It is rising up fast too…'' Hand him the spyglass ''Here, look''


Rhodan quickly goes and informs the Captain, then the whole ship starts getting busy as they turn towards the smoke.

"Maali, are you feeling any more of those 'seaponies'?"


''Feeling?…Um…I am not sure if I can do that Mister Rhodan…My touch with nature is most on land, with earth…I am not so close to water or air…'' Rub my arm


"Okay, but just keep an eye out. We don't know what's going on out here." Rhodan says.

The wind is on your ships side, pushing you towards your new destination. But there's a strong smell in the air as you approach. The smoke is closer and lower now. The ship passes through one of the clouds.

Roll a d20 with your Constitution modifier.


do I have any idea what this strong smell is?

Roll #1 13 = 13


It's a smell you've smelt before.

The burning of people.


''Oh no…''
lean against the edge of the deck, looking for anything
No, wait ''Mister Rhodan! I need the spyglass!''


"Sure, but what's going on?"


''Burning…fire! We need to help!''
Point the spyglass to the smoke, looking for its source, if I can find it


It's visible to the naked eye now, but you could see it growing. Off in the distance, you see what looks like a burning tower.


''We have to hurry! There is a tower on fire there!'' Point towards the tower, shouting back, hopefully everyone hears me


"At least we know more managed to survive from he old world." The sickening smell of burning flesh run over everyone. Even the crew with the worst sense of smell feel dread heading there.

"Maali, can you get a sense of the land from here?"


''I…I think so?…I will try…''
Sit down and cross my legs, focusing as I try to block everything else…
Slowly reach for the earth…Can I feel anything?


Feels like you are approaching something large, something tense and angry…


''Hmm…Something big…Filled with rage…''
Focus! What else do I feel?


For this, roll Wisdom + your modifier.



Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You feel the land reaching out to you.

But not in kindness! The land itself is clawing at you!


''AHCK!!'' I hold my head and break the connection, gasping for air ''Mister Rhodan…The earth is crying…it is upset…We need to get there fast!


"I don't like that, Maali. According to, everything, if we're approaching Yasmin or Yustean land, there might be a battle we aren't ready for. Get ready to use that shield, okay?"


I get up and nod ''Yes…''
Run off to my room to get my shield


Even from inside, you can still smell the burning flesh. Your buckler is a basic one, simple in design and color.

"Everyone, keep your wits and your weapons about you! No one knows what's waiting!"


I run back to the deck, holding my shield. I quietly start muttering a prayer for Gaia to protect us all


The ship approaches cruises to the dick, but stops just out of reach.

Something burning rushes out of the thick smoke that covers most of the tower and surrounding area, then jumps into the sea.


''Someone is at the sea! down there!'' Point to where the something jumped, hopefully someone that knows how to swim will help


"Dang it. Get a boat down. You two," he points at you and Rhodan, "this is your part. Get over there and see what's going on!"

One of the small rowboats is immediately readied to be put I to the water.


''Y-yes Captain!'' carefully get in the boat and hold on to it. i don't want to fall in the water


It's tense. Rhodan has his weapons at the ready. You can see the crew taking aim in the area where the body is. The wind and sea have calmed down. An arm or two occasionally breaks the surface, where the person jumped in.


Can I reach for it?


In a moment, but the smoke and dirtied water make it near impossible to see the body under the waves. You can make out two arms right underneath, but little else.

If you reach out, you can touch it now…


the water is pretty scary…But I muster the courage to reach out and try to pull it ''Mister Rhodan, help me with this!''


Two arms grab onto you.

Then three.

Followed by a fourth.

All attached to the same charred body.


pull out! PULL OUT!


The charred body holds on.

"Death to …" it tries to say, the familiar yet strange, burnt face says.


''Mister Rhodan help get this off me!''
Keep pulling! AAAAAAAH


Rhodan bangs and bangs on the arms, which loosen their grip so you can escape.

"Death to…" It gurgles as it falls back into the sea.


I pant, holding my chest in fear as I cling to Rhodan's side
''W-what was THAT?!''


"I don't know! It wasn't in any if my books." Rhodan tries to say, as a thunderous screech can be heard from the city proper.

Two more bodies run out of the smoke and jump into the area, but there's something weird about them.

Roll your Notice skill.


''T-there is more of them there!'' I point at them

Roll #1 14 + 6 = 20


You can feel their desperation as they jump into the sea, but you also notice that one of them has big arrows through his body.


An explosion rocks the rest of the city and even the sea!


Shield my eyes and myself with my shield
Can I even see with the explosion?


Not much unless you turn around. But you shouldn't, as a large groaning sound comes from where the tower was. It's at a weird angle now.

"Maali, help me row away NOW!"


Oooh boy…
Look for the rows and let's get to work!

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