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Space is a huge place with big jobs and big trouble.

It's going to be up you to deal with some of those.

>Voldran Drone

The Network has picked up chatter about a new race, and you're the closest one to them. You're traveling through space, waiting for the Fold Field to align and allow for safe travel.

But you are sensing several ships headed to you.


Your Com-Link is loading the data for the target. Seems the humans want you to bring in some kid who committed a few crimes around the embassy, like Breaking and Exiting plus some IP theft.

Of course, they want him alive. Though you might not be able to find them in this massive alien city that reaches into the sky.

>Frank Smith

This is probably not what you had in mind when you signed up. Sure, you're in a heavy walker, moving the equivalent of an apartment building around, but the constant package moving has become tiresome.

Except for a moment like this, when they're about to come down on people's head!


Space can be quite boring when it just becomes a job. Go here, grab this, take it there, repeat. But at least it's getting broken up with some flight practice.

Try to avoid the asteroids and your friends' shots.


From up here, the city seems so much more normal. The giant aliens visiting the starport seem similar to you now, but you have work to do.

There's a purse snatcher!


Ships? Are we aware of any scheduled transversals through this sector? Other-hives tend to do strange things from time to time.


When I was told about this new job, I thought I would help protect an embassy or something…
But not having to deal with petty thieves of this low level…
Well let's brush these thoughts aside, first let's stop the guy, and then complain
should be a good enough warmum at least…


"Hey, Nal, look at this. Sounds like an easy job right?" I call smugly to my best friend as I make note of the details.
"This better pay well and not involve me flying around some alien sewer.." The small grey winged humaniod replied as he floated over to look at the screen.
"Well.. I actually have some bad news about that second part.."


It's not a hive your feeling, but moatly two merchant vessels. Instead of paying the starport docking fees, they'd rather wait out here with you.

Roll 2d10, you're getting a strange feeling…

Since you're in one of the mass produced units capable of flight, catching up isn't hard.

>Currently in +2 Ago mode.

You're above him shortly, what will you do?


The sewers here are massive, to deal with the materials needed to keep a starport standing. If you don't mind the smell, it's the fastest way to get around.

There's an attached file with the last known location. A seedy bar with plenty of low lifes.

Knowledge check, roll a d10


The suit has a built in mic was in my hand in a moment as I shout ''You have been spotted robbing purses near the startport. Stop right now and this will be brief. But keep going and I will be allowed to kick your ass''


'1d10' rollin

Roll #1 1 = 1


The alien, which resembles a massive frog, uses his long tongue to grab a trashcan and chuck it at you!


Looks like another bar to you. Someone should be willing to talk for a few credits.


Easy peasy

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Course, anything else about this hacker?
Aliases, appearance, or something?


Ah, the lonely-ones then. If communication with the merchant vessels-
>"Merchant-fleet 055673 requesting permission to dock at-"
-is required in THIS sector, we shall need to use our transmitter-device.
'2d10' there are ripples in the Fold…

Roll #1 2, 6 = 8


He actually manages to clip the 'arm', but it'll just be a simple paint job afterwards.

He's running off at full speed now!

While non descript even as far as humans go, with brown hair, brown eyes, and brown skin, the fact that they'd be even smaller than Nalor is a huge giveaway.


Your transmitter has a handy radio ability, you'll have no difficulty communicating with the ship.

There's an Active Scan! Someone is pinging you and the two merchant vessels!


''Oooh, thank you for that. I was needing something to unload some anger on today''
Full speed after it then! Fly down to try to dive into him and pin him to the ground!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Scanning? What purpose is served by-
>"-scans of debris-field complete. Charting a safe course-"
-scanning us and the merchants? If they were curious, they could simply hail us.


"Time to head inside then." I confidently walk into the bar, looking who's here tonight.
"You don't have to announce it every time Gonz" Nalor commented back with a slight grin.


He manages to leap away as you try not to hit some trash bags.

The source of the Ping quickly makes itself clear. A free floating asteroid seems to open up, and several small ships start rapidly rushing towards you and the vessels.

It's a day of the work week, it's pretty empty except for the bartender, the janitor, and a few other aliens trying to drown their sorrows.

Two of them look over at you and quickly change what they were looking at on their com-link.


Damn he's slippery! I'll make sure to break at least one of those springy legs of his
'1d10+2' catch up

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


I roll my eyes and take a seat at the bar. "Slow day?"


You get close enough in your AGI form that you can see his scales. It'll basically be impossible for him to run away.

So he doesn't. He's going to try and tackle you!

The green, bird like bartender just sits down with you.

"Yeah, just doing some make work now. It'll pick up later, but what can I do for you now?"


"A tall glass of beer. You know I'm just getting started on some work myself, boring stuff isn't it?"


Analyzing: situation displays high probability of pirate-defects in the smaller vessels.
>remove pirate
>no certainty in their pirate-status. Should confirm first
>irrelevant, human-hive portrayed as fascinating. Disregard merchants
Situation requires clarification. We open comms with merchant vessels.
"Greetings, merchant-vessels. There appear to be several other vessels approaching you. May you clarify their intent? They appear rather hostile at the moment."


Also charge up some spore missiles in preparation.
'1d10+2' spore generation

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"It pays the bills. What type of work are you into?"

"We don't know either. They aren't responding to…!"

Missiles fired! A whole host of them! And you haven't made such spores in a while, it'll take a bit more effort for them to come out.


''Resisting arrest aren't we?'' I land and switch to PWR form. Taking my shield and my gun, then to taunt him, I tap my shield with the gun, as if daring him to come get me
>Arsenal, changing shield to great weapon


"A little of this a little of that, tonight I'm looking for a human.. you seen one lately?"


"You're not ruining this for me, tin can!"

His tongue comes out and strikes toward you!

Dodge it! Beat 5 and you can Counterattack.

"You too! They're kinda cute aren't they? Being all small, like your friend there. Though they must be really popular or something, the human met with a bunch of other aliens yesterday. Those guys were bad tippers though."


"Missiles fired! Recommend immediate evasive maneuvers!"
>hostilities confirmed. Defend merchant-hive, clean out infection
>Murder tiiiiiime…
>Incorrect phrasing, hive-brother. We are-
>remove hostiles, then resume drone's mission
Hostiles confirmed. Missile production priority!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


''Oh trust me, this isn't the only thing that will be ruined by the end of th- DA-hay!'' I shout as I move to the side to dodge

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your body produced the full compliment of spores! There are 4 enemy ships, but they are blanketing the are with missiles, aiming at the engines.

Your evasion is perfect. The giant is actually thrown off balance at how easily you dodged.

Go ahead and attack.


"Trust me, I can be a very good tipper, if I'm engaged in a good tale that is."
"Tell me about these guys he met with?"
Nalor broods over being called small by someone of his own race.


I let him have a brief moment to realize just how fucked he is, hoping he can see the smirk on my face before I slam my shield down on his ugly head

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Not much more than you couldn't get with a warrant." The Bartender says, shooting some of the Drinkers a look. "A couple of them were well dressed, but clearly from off world. All had body guards. One managed to let some stuff slip, but I just can't recall."

His squishy head doesn't take as much damage as you thought he would. He manages to punch in a bit to your joints.

"I'm gonna prove myself by taking you down too!"


Four drone - sized ships, or larger?
>alerting nearby authorities. "Two merchant vessels under attack in quadrant-"
>get closer; we want to hit them with our claws
>avoid their missiles. Increase proximity
A short Fold-jump into the middle of their formation should bypass their missiles as we make contact.
"Pirate-Aggressors, cease your attacks. We do not wish to silence your voices, but will do as we must."


Ie teleport.


''Yeah, you can prove yourself guilty once I'm done'' I say, already losing my patience with him. I draw my pistol and shoot him right in the stomach at point blank range
>arsenal, ranged

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


About three times larger than you, but only big enough to house the pilot, engine, and weapons.

Several blasts come from the merchant vessels as the missiles are being shot at, but some make contact with the ship.

"Heh, stay out of this bug! Those ships have something we want and we'll blast you to pieces to get it!"


The rubber bullets you were armed with do some damage to him. He stumbles back, looking like he's about to throw up.


"I see.." give him a few bills. "I'm not after those guys, just trying to find a lost kid.. His folks miss him."


now that he's stunned, I shoot him again, on the face. aiming for an eye. I can just say he got it bad when I crashed down on him and it was just an accident
After all, no one would believe in a criminal over me…

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Certainly didn't seem all that lost to me. Anyways, this warehouse managed to make itself slip through some tipsy lips."

He slips you the address.

"And here, a free drink for your friend. Not like it'll hit the bottom line."

He manages to duck your shot, then scrambles to run away. He drops the purse, then starts vomiting just a short distance later as he tries to crawl away.


"Unprovoked aggression is unbeneficial to others. Proper authorities have been notified."
Fire on all four ship's weapon systems. '4d10+2'
"We shall minimize injuries from your aggression until authorities arrive."

Roll #1 10, 8, 1, 10 + 2 = 31


Oh no he won't
Casually make my way to him
''You know. Before you decided to steal that purse, you should have thought; 'Man, I might end up making a certain cop really mad doing this'…''
Raise my gun to him again ''Well, now just look at the situation you got yourself into''

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Two of the vessels get a whole side of their combat ships sheared off. Their engines are damaged to. They aren't moving.


The front side of their missile boat is gone, but it is still operable.


This must be the Leader. He managed to evade your attack and fire back.

Voldran Drone 3/5

Pirate Boss ?/?

Even a rubber bullet does damage. He's holding his bleeding head as he cries on the ground, rolling around in pain.


''So, what have we learned today?'' I stomp on his stomach HARD as I stand about him, keeping a good pressure, but just enough to let him barely speak


Move in and latch onto his hull with my pinchers, putting myself in position to attack and reducing his ability to fire at me. '1d10' AGI check?

Roll #1 9 = 9


All you hear is crying from him.

"Rachel, respond! Rachel, what is your location!" Comes over your radio.

You're on top of him, but he's rushing towards the asteroids to try and knock you off!

"I'm gonna splatter ya' for that! It was going to be a good score!"


''Yeah, I hope you won't forget this lesson, you filthy garbage.''
I wish I could spit at him from inside the robot, but oh well.
Pick up the radio ''Yeah, Rachel here. I just got a purse robber trying to resist arrest and reacting with aggresion. Don't worry I dealt with him''


"It was not your score to take. Contributing to your hive is the acceptable method of aquisition, not taking without giving in return."
Now that we're latched on, we start removing weaponry manually, keeping an eye on the asteroids as they get closer.
'1d10' pincher attacks

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Then cuff him and get back here! You're the only flyer I have!"


He tries to fire on you with the machine gun, but it calls out its position with its movement. It's easy enough for you to rip it out.

He's firing his missiles at an asteroid ahead!


I turn off the radio and let out a sigh, then take my foot off the guy
''Man, you're lucky I got called. I was thinking of breaking your hand or shooting off your eye, but I guess I'm in a better mood after this.
''Now Get your slimy ass up, I'm taking you to where scum like you belong'' Start cuffing him


Perhaps he does not realize we have a missile remaining. Fire the spore missile on a trajectory that carries it through his engines, while we Fold away in the gap between firing and contact.
Teleport: automatic
Missile: '1d10+2' instant

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


He doesn't fight back when you restrain him. Despite his size, he'd probably still comply even if you got out off the robot.

There's a nearby police precinct nearby. They quickly take him and download your edited video.

When you get back to the Chief, who looks like a towering Goat, he's handling several phones.

"Thankfully, someone here understands the concept of responding to calls. Got a simple job for you Rachel. You know about the Aquus?"

He can't steer anymore, and the missiles that struck the asteroid create both a wall and a shotgun attack to his ship. The micro fragments damage and destroy the remaining missiles, taking the ship and pilot.

The massive asteroid they were using as a base begins powering up and starts fleeing. You can feel its Fold engine lighting up!


I sigh as I stretch a bit ''No sir. Some kind of water alien?''


"Then I wouldn't call you. Worse, they're flyers and they're wealthy. I'll be needing you to stay on point with them while they come close some trade deal. Seems they like to bring their whole family with them, and I want you to make sure none of them venture to far without supervision."

"But keep everything on the down low. I don't need any trouble being seen on the news."


A regrettable loss by silencing his voice, but acceptable.
Spore pods are still charging. Likelyhood of burrowing deep enough to reach engine in time: uncertain. Stopping the asteroid might be beyond this drone's capacity.
Hail the merchants. "Immediate threat neutralized, authorities have been notified. Are you well?"


"Yeah, thanks for the interruptions. Just some surface damage, nothing we can write off. How about you? All your Chitin in tact?


''Psh…Alright, I can handle keeping a snotty flyer in their place. Is that it, Chief?''


"Cracked here and there; similar to what you would refer to as 'bruises.' They will heal. We regret that we cannot stop their base, but they will likely jump before our spores recharge."
>how soon until authorities arrive?
>wwe can take them; pursue asteroid!
>negative. Situation resolved in a satisfactory manner. Resume main objective.
"FFair travels, merchant-hive. May your voice always be heard."


I laugh and gently pat my friend on the back, making him lung forward just a bit. "See Nal, you do get noticed."
"At least its not half as large as me like the last place.. Thanks by the way." The wingling says and relaxes a bit with the drink.
I glance at the address, do I know the area already? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Just don't cause me any more trouble. I have enough complaints to throw everyone here out on their butt or butt equivalent. Now get out of my office!"

The coordinates to their docked ship is given on your Com-Link.

"Watch yourself out there. Maybe next time we'll bring the firepower."

While the Merchant vessel turns to head back towards the starport, the Fold Waves begin to calm themselves. Travel to the next sector is now possible.

Nope. New planet, new town, new dangers. It's easily located on the map system they offer around here, at least. Looks like any other warehouse district in the universe.

The Bartender smiles as he leaves you.


We will just have to stay sharp. Finish our drinks and move out to that address..
What's the area like? Spot check? '2d10'

Roll #1 4, 3 = 7



Pretty bad, as much as the locals try to clean it up. There's some freshly painted over blaster shots on some walls, and a few too many hobos actively looking for their next dealer.


I groan, but at least these kind of people are easy to intimidate, and being large make it easier.
Size up the building itself? '2d10'

Roll #1 6, 6 = 12


Fortified. They didn't even try to hide it all that well. The lock is bigger, stronger than the warehouse directly in front of it. The windows are new, but boarded up on the inside.


I thought those loaders were supposed to secure these damn things before we moved them!
Are they just precariously perched and leaning, or actually falling down? Because if they're just leaning then I can probably solve the issue. Not sure how fast this rig is.


Leaning, the low gravity of the place is helping you in that regard, but it's still trying to bring it down on the unsuspecting crowd!


Ugh. Set down whatever I'm carrying, and move over there. I'm gonna have words with whoever put these things at that angle.
Phys check to reposition the cargo so that it isn't going to murder someone.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"You think you can break in?"
"Of course I can, but you better be ready to smash what's inside."
"I'm not Bulk. I only smash who needs to be smashed, really ."
"So.. that time with the Kitsune was.."
"He was stealing from us, it was our ship money, and we were getting close to en-"
The wingling chuckles. "Yea, I remember, still a good point for you."
Nalor uses master thief to help him break into the door.
'1d10' ?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Many of the aliens here look at you, or your robot to be exact, in amazement. They aren't used to seeing such a big robot acting on its own.

One of the children rushes up to stare at your machine while the mother comes after them.

It's a bit of effort, but his small size and the warehouses' location makes it safe to take his time.

He'll get you in shortly, just '1d10



Roll #1 10 = 10


You hear movement inside.

Lots of movement.


Wave at the kid, and then head back to work, making sure to avoid stepping on anyone. It's probably better they not be aware of how close that was.


You hear someone tap on your robot.

"Hey, once you're done stocking that, I need your help moving you little folks rooms in. Otherwise that boss of yours will get mad at me. and I don't need to read such a long letter again."

It's Andole, one of the Resempians hired to help. She can be a little blank when it comes to noticing things around her, but she hasn't caused you too much trouble yet.


Hopefully she's not the one who stacked that cargo so haphazardly. It's a hell of a lot easier to chew out someone your own size…
"Right, right. I just about finished, so let's get that done."


I get my shotgun ready, load it with beanbag rounds.
"Alright.. let me go first."
"That's what I planned on." Nalor whispers to me and uses stealth '1d10'

I'll open the door.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Yay!" She squeaks as she skips ahead to where the 'apartments' are.

"It's still amazing how small you are. You can fit so many into a spot where I'd have to contort myself to get in. You need help connecting to the bottom of them?"

While not necessarily invisible, Nalor knows to dart around towards hiding spots.

>Nalor stealthed

When you open the door, the movement stops. If you listen closely, you can hear breathing and the sounds and lights of new computers running.


How long until the authorities arrive to take these criminals into custody? There are three of them currently trapped in this sector; leaving them to die would be wasteful.


time to look around then '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well, it's only natural, for a human."
Lessee, where's that connector…
"Don't really think so. We both carrying this together?"


Don't worry about them. The merchant ship is more than happy to tow them along and use any bounties on them to pay for the ship.

You can sense some insults being thrown your way through the radio.

There's more noise coming from people inside than you can see. One of the morons has their tail sticking out behind a small wooden wall they're hiding behind.

Nalor easily slips into the shadows, since none of them are daring to exit their hiding spot.

"I'm not that strong. You'll be lifting it, but I'll be guiding you and doing the final adjustments. After that, I can take you around town to make up for all that help you gave me!"


"Lunch is on you, then."
Alright, let's get in position, link up with it, and… lift. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Resuming primary objective: contact the Earth-hive Humans! Initiating Fold-jump!
…After sending a few taunts in response to the insults.
After which we're off! Next stop, human-hive!


Pull the tail of that guy hiding until he's out in plain sight. PHY roll '1d10'
"Alright. I'm not here to hurt you, I just need some help."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Sync with me when you're connected."

Easy enough to align, and the lock goes in without trouble. The motors still struggle with the weight, but nothing out of the ordinary. Yellow warning lights, but that's to be expected.

"Let's see how humans handle our cuisine! I know a great place nearby."

The Folded space is a strange and beautiful one. There's a feeling there that doesn't exist anywhere else.

Maybe because you're cut off while in there. It's just you, no hive mind.

Exiting the fold waves, you're bombarded with radio signals and sensor pings. It's almost blinding.

"Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I'll just leave!"

It's a Merlen, his big ears and furless tail attesting to that. He's dressed in rags and reeks of booze.


I'll sync up my systems.
"Yeah? What's it called?"


Take a moment to orient ourselves, sending out a greeting in the meantime.
"Greetings, Earth-Hive! We are the Voldra, and we wish to welcome you to the galaxy!"


..put the gun up for now.
"Hey, calm down, I'm just here to look for someone, a nerd really hoping you might know him. He'd stand out a bit, since he's a human."


"Amamina. Really spicy food, but I usually ask for the light stuff." Your Com-Link took a few moments to translate the food description. "What about you, what do you like?"

"Oh, careful now, we're approaching the elevator. Everything still good on your end?"

"Wait what!?" And multiple variations thereof can be heard blasting through the radio.

"What's a human?" Is the second most.

After a few moments, what sounds like the leader finally pipes up on the radio. "Uhm, Voldran Drone, state your trajectory and intention."


"What's a human?" he asks.

Another one jumps into a vent in the floor, leaving the warehouse.

"I'm just here to plug some stuff in, nothing else mister."


"Everything's still fine here. Nothing's gone into the red yet, anyway."
I'm just going to have to trust her not to walk me into a wall.
"As for food, I'll tend to eat just about anything, though I'll admit I'm not too good with really spicy things. So I'll probably just end up ordering what you do."


"Our intention is to make contact with the new race known as Humans. We are currently stationary, as we are reorienting from the Fold-Jump.
…Is this not the correct location?"


I scratch my head a bit and whistle for Nalor to come out.
"A human looks like this, but without wings, and smaller." I explain.
"Seen anything like that?"


"I don't think they make porions small enough for you. We'll share then." She says excitedly before being interrupted.

"Frank, are you hitting on the new girl?" Bailey says over the elevator radio. "Heading up?"

Several of the hive voices start hitting into you. Looks like your connection is back.

You hear sounds of papers shuffling and keyboards being clicked.

"Alright, good news is we have your location. Weird little things, but if you wanna see them, whatever. Thing is, I'm going to need you to check in here with us. Security has been upped in these parts. Come to Port 3, for your safety."


"No, I'd notice something that small with wings like those if it was on the ground. Listen, I was just wiring some stuff, can I go now?"

Nalor's skills come in handy. He's carrying a computer and some clothing. They'd be small, even for him.


"Depends, Bailey. She might be hitting on me. And yeah, heading up."
I'll lean back in my seat as the elevator spins up.


I squint at him.
"So. You've never seen this tiny computer before? Tell me the truth fluff ball." '1d10' power of word!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Understood. We will comply."
Move to Port 3, as they requested.
Does the hive have anything to share relevant to the current objective?


The girls go on with their banter. Bailey usually bringing up some of Andole's mistakes and inexperience. The talk sounds normal, but Bailey wouldn't even come up to Andole's knee, and neither would you.

The Elevator slows to a stop.

Roll 2d10.

"Listen, I'm just here to connect some cables. But I'll tell you what I saw. Some of those fuzzy Vicna guys in suits. When they come around, we clear out. They're bad news, and they were here just a few hours ago."


Now would be a horrible time for mechanical failure. '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 5 = 14


"Fine." let him go and see if any of the others stuck around.


>Why are there so many on the radio?
>The Commander talked to you…
The defense turrets lock on to you, but frequently dart around as you approach. The door opens just enough to let you in and are greeted by an armored Tibber. He only stands about half your height, but there's lots more of them running around.

"Boss said you're heading out to meet some other race? Can I get your intentions and then your radio?"


"Yes, we are headed to meet the Humans. We are curious as to what our new hive-brethren are like, and what assistance we can offer them."
We hesitate when he asks for our radio. "We apologize, but without our soundbox, we cannot communicate in ways understandable to the Linkless. Is there need for it's removal?"


It's not the machine you need to look out for, but the people. Several are waiting for the elevator, when a lot of smoke starts coming from where you have to go.

"It wasn't me! I haven't even been up here yet!" Andole exclaims over the system.

He runs off towards the vent the other jumped through.

But there's another one, playing with a toy. He seems oblivious to anything else going on now.

"Hey, what do you think? You think kids still like to play with dolls? I found a ton of little clothes around here."


"I dunno.. These all seem pretty innocent, we need another lead or to stake out this place.."
approach the one playing slowly and lean down next to him.


Well, I've got my mechanical hands full.
"What's the problem, Andole? Bailey? I can't see around this thing, so can I get a head's up of what's happening?"


"Well, it's just you, so whatever. I'm just here to do my job."

"About the radio, I need to upload our specific Friend/Foe codes. No wireless, I need to plug it in. I'm sure you wouldn't mind not being able to talk to me for a bit instead of getting shot by the system. Though if you came here, you might already know to expect getting shot at."

"Yeah, my daughters, they'll like these." He says to no one in particular. His eyes have that drugged up, glazed over look. "Maybe they'll have more with them if I follow."


"We don't know over here. Sensors started going off. Andole, there shouldn't be any humans there, grab an extinguisher and check it out. Frank, can you part the 'bot and join her?"


"Understood. A temporary inconvenience is no problem.
And we are used to getting shot at. It happens often; we have grown to accept it as part of many greetings."
Surrender the radio, asking the hive where exactly I have jumped to.


"Well, I'm gonna have a hell of a time keeping up on foot, but I'll give it a shot. I should probably not be on the elevator with this thing, though, so people can still use it."


"Who are you talking about?"


There's a lot of discourse going on. The last few Voldrans mention it being easy enough to pass by there.

The Tibber is fussing with his Com-Link, trying to make sure everything goes by the book.

"We've gotten some more pirate attacks and raids in the area. Watch yourself while you're out there. You're only about two fold jumps away, but getting to the points where you can do it will be dangerous."

"Shame too. I was thinking of bringing the family over here. The mining work is way easier out here."

"Everyone who was in the ship is already headed towards Command. It should just be you two, so park the bot where you can find space. Just investigate the source of the smoke. We aren't reading any fires, but the sensors might be acting up here."

He shakes his head and sanity seems to return to his eyes for a moment. Or at least the drugs are wearing thin.

"The Vicnans, they move all their goods to one final area before they go to the starport. If we follow them, can you get me more doll clothes? And food?"

He finally holds up an old doll, clothing haphazardly put on it.



"Aren't you glad we make everyone wear those bulky suits helmets? Lower the visor and you're good to wander around for an hour or two."


I'll make sure my visor is down and secured.
"Alright, heading out of the suit. Radio check, am I coming in clearly over the helmet comm?"


"Like you were here next to me." Bailey responds.

The ship is much larger now that you are out of your robot. It's a much different feeling being in a vessel meant for people several times your height. The smoke is coming through a nearby door, getting thicker by the moment.

Andole is looking at you curiously.


"Right, let's get moving. It's probably gonna take me a while to get there on foot, so don't hold back on my account, Andole."
Start heading over there.
"Hope that, if there is a fire, the extinguishers still work…"


"Oh, yeah!" She snaps out of her trance. "If you need to reach a high spot, just tell me. No shame in asking a girl for help."

You both head off down the smoking hallways. Andole has to get low to avoid the smoke.

Roll 2d10.


The Tibber's ears move towards its side, listening on his headset.

"Are you for real? You sure about that then. Okay, you'll have to tell the board about it, not me." He turns back to you. "If you don't mind a bit of a deviation, we have a job for you. It's still headed towards the location you want, but we can use your particular talents."



Roll #1 9, 1 = 10


"Indeed. We even had to stop one such pirate attack with this drone before jumping here."
>Friend-hives in conflict with this hive need redirecting. Suggested alternative paths include…
"inform friend-hives with time-priority shipments through this sector to reroute, preferably through-"
>Routing shipments with Security-priority through this sector may be beneficial.
"-This meeting is unexpected. When last we passed through, this sector was empty."
Tilt our head in interest.
"Deviation is inevitable. We are happy to assist friend-hives whenever we can. How may we assist?"


It isn't long before you find the location of the smoke. One of the installed apartments has billowing smoke coming out of it. The top floors don't seem to be doing too well. Worse, they're right near one of the air vents, the smoke will get everywhere at this rate.

"Good. This might save us money and ships. You'll be escorting one of our merchant ships out of the system. We've got two more fighters, but they'll be better off with a third." He turns towards his digital tablet and moves some figures around. "They're getting everything loaded now. Do you need anything before you go?"


"Hey, are the extinguishing systems in the hangar here still working? The top couple floors are going up in smoke, and it's heading into the vents. Can you reroute the smoke outside, instead of it spreading through the station?"


>Combat? The loss of this drone would push back contact with human-hive considerably…
>our assistance can ensure the safe journey of merchant-vessel.
>Tibber-hive's gratitude is a worthwhile investment.
>continuing journey with armed escort preferable to risking this drone by isolating it.
"Might we have some high-fiber consumables before our departure? A "snack" to help replenish our spores would increase this drone's efficiency."


"Thanks for the heads up." Bailey responds. "Rerouting now."

You can hear the relatively massive air circulation system change its flow, even through your helmet.

"While I'm doing that, you and Andole need to check out the top floors for that complex. Controls are acting up over here. Might just not be connected."

"Yeah, I guess you are organic like us in there. Here, head to the Merchant ship's dock. They have some to spare, especially for their body guard. Here, Dusky can guide you there."

Dusky, from a species of aquatic aliens that use mechanized suits to travel on the surface, walks up to the Tibber and you. He salutes both of you.

"I heard my name, what's up?"


I'll look at the apartment, and then at Andole.
"Well, looks like we need to make sure this thing was installed properly, or if something on the fritz."
Is there an entrance I can get to, or am I going to have to ask Andole to drop me on the roof?


It'll be faster to ask for help. These 'apartments' have stairs and fire ladders, but you'll be winded going up when you can get a lift instead.


Well, I was mostly thinking of seeing if I couldn't run a diagnostic from a ground terminal, but if that's how it's got to go, then that's it.
"Hey, Andole, mind if I get a lift up to the problem floors?"


She smiles a smile almost as big as you, then lowers her hands. "Just don't look down my shirt." She's having a giggle.

But lifting you up, you can see her struggle for a moment. You aren't as light as she thought you'd be by the time she gets you to the floor below the smoking ones.

"Honestly, do you guys eat metal or something?" She asks.


"Greetings, Friend-Dusky. We wish to be guided to the merchant-vessel's dock to seek nutrients. May you be of assistance?"
>Interesting hive-brethren, using machines to travel even where most do not need them.
>Perhaps offering chum would be beneficial for relations?
>Risk offending Friend-dusky. also, this drone lacks chum.


"Well, iron is an important mineral to have in your diet, though we don't literally eat slabs of it."
I'll chuckle a little.
"Just blame us for being dense."
Right, time to poke my head into this building.
"Going to see if I can't find a terminal somewhere in here, see if the block was installed properly. I'll keep in contact."


"Woah, I didn't expect to be seeing anything else than Tibbers here. But yeah, I can take you there, it's where I'm headed." A bright light is projected onto his eye from the suit. "Wait, are you the other fighter pilot who is joining me!?"

"Tell me when you need a hand to get down."

"You'll have to wait elsewhere, Andole." Bailey interrupts. "The fans are giving me trouble now. Go check that out in the meantime. Frank, I'm getting some readings now. Head to the next floor and check the rooms."

Roll another 2d10


Well, it'll be easier heading down the fire escapes than going up them, if it comes to that.

Roll #1 7, 7 = 14


A few rooms into your investigation, you notice that some of the smoking rooms have had people put stuff in already. There's a few medium sized bags with what looks like drinks in them. Blues and greens and yellows, they might be tasty if you didn't have your helmet on right now.

And then you find something bad. A set of cellphones wired to duffel bags…


Ah shit. That had better not be what I think it is.
Appraise. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


''Don't cause trouble, got it. And hey, sorry about the complaints but I can't be perfect now can I?'' Walk away through the door with a smirk and close it behind me
''Alright, time to keep my eyes on some rich fliers…''
Head off to their ship


"We are assisting in the defense of merchant-vessel. However, we were informed we would be the third escort; there is another we have not met."
>Hive-Tibbers outsourcing protection for their merchant-vessels? Perhaps this piracy is more serious than previously believed.
>Hiring of outside escorts not unprecedented.
>Yet is uncommon. Hive-Tibber is a very proud hive, they dislike reliance on other hives.
"Encountering your hive is unexpected. What led to Friend-dusky taking this job?"


Yup, it is. It's straight out of the ancient anarchist archives. It feels like it was almost pulled out of time.

One of them is releasing plumes of smoke. The others are still beeping.

He downs a bottle of medication.

The docked Aquus ship looks like a delicate toy. Sharp but well painted and very thin. It's obviously meant to look good for the press photos and to impress planet siders.

"Hey, you made i! I thought we weren't going to get any support at all." You hear on your radio. "Can you come to this location?" The voice on the radio asks.


"Oh my god, Bailey, it's a bomb."
I'll look at the beeping ones. Is it on a countdown, or what?
"One of them seems to have malfunctioned, which is where the smoke's coming from. Checking to see if they're on a timer."


"Best way for us Ceteans to get combat experience. Says here you're a hive mind, so they should let you know how important rank is for us. Still have to go back and take the tests, but more hours means less time then. Come one, last one is a surprise, even for me." He guides you down a few elevators to where the Merchant Vessel is being loaded. It holds Tibber colors on every part of it, but Dusky's ship next to it stands out with its bright yellow.

"There it is. Loading some stuff for the Tibbers. What do you know about Humans?" Dusky asks, pointing to a robot loading things with guidance from the crew.


Whistle as I watch it from afar. It was a pretty fine ship
''Yeah, I'm on my way'' I reply as I keep going
I can't help but feel a pang of envy as my gaze lingers on the shi´a bit more…


"Very little, hence why we have sent this drone to make contact."
Search the hive for what info we do have on Humans. '1d10'
"It is a fine merchant-vessel. Where might we aquire the nutrients?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


They are counting down, but it won't blow anytime soon. Whoever tried to use them had them set to burst hours from now.

"You got to be kidding me! We don't even have anyone here who has the training to deal with that."

Moving them is an option, but the makers might not have assembled the others properly either.

The location leads you to Edart. He's a short guy and chubby, but the Quills on his back make him someone to want on your side.

"Yo' Rachel. Long time no see. Wish it could have been under better circumstances, though."


"Well, they're not set to go off for hours yet, so barring any of them malfunctioning like that other one, they should be safe to dispose. I'm going to take a closer look at them, see if they're working properly. If they are, I should be able to disable them. They're kinda… well, I guess calling them a hack job is being gracious."
Time to flex my engineering skills. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Nod to him
''Sup. How has life been treating you, shortstack?''
Snicker ''Also, I noticed you ain't calling me Rivet anymore. What gives? you finally grew up?''


"Fen, you got a moment to introduce yourself to our new combat friend?" He asks.

"Hold on, just gotta load this…" The robot replies over the radio.

One of the Tibber crew comes out of the back of the ship, your nutrients at the ready.

"I wouldn't have minded a bit more help, other Tibbers at that, but we'll be counting on you three to get us out of here in one piece."

Whoever made the first one did a sloppy job. As an Engineer type, you should be angered by such a terrible job of wiring and soldering.

The first duffel bag bomb is easily disconnected, leaves just one more to disable.


Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'm way to tired to even think right now. I'm just operating by reading what comes out of the Com-Link. These Aquus don't stay near the ship like we tell them to, and we've got several people trying to sneak on board in the past half hour because of an internet rumor. Can you believe that?"


I'm glad, really, because that means there's a higher chance of them being duds.
Moving on to the last one.


Roll twice



Roll #1 4, 5 = 9


"Internet rumor? Really? What was it?"


The second bag takes a bit longer for it's reverse complexity. Not that it was well made, but that there is unnecessary clutter everywhere.

You hear a mechanical grinding behind you and manage to dodge a Delivery Droid's attack!

"Two of them, actually. One, giving your beloved an Aquus feather guarantees your love life. Most of the throngs of people outside saw that one on the RegularReading site. Two, unsavory folks believe that… Oh you have got to be kidding me!"

He points up to the air, there's some really big bird flying!


"Understood. We shall assist in the escort of the merchant-vessel."
Accept the nutrients from him, then start consuming them, remembering the "manners" several hives find important.
"Speaking machines? We did not think the Hive-Tibber had such technology. Is this a new development?"


What? Delivery droids don't attack people!
"Droid, state your ID and purpose."


"I told you." Dusky speaks up. "That isn't a machine. That's a human!"

"Use my name Dusky! I'm Fen." The machine radios back as it walks out of the ship, having finished loading the contents. "It's nice to meet you, uhm, uh… Sorry, what's your name and what are you?"

No response as it rears up to punch you again!



Look up, scowling
"HEY! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING?! " I shout and run after it


It'll be hard to catch up to it on the ground when the Aquus is flying up above.

Roll 2d10 as you approach the alien in flight mode.



Roll #1 6, 7 = 13


You notice another vessel approaching the Aquus! This place is restricted!


Great. Either it's malfunctioning, thinks I'm a thief, or it's under remote control.
"Bailey, I've got a delivery droid taking swings at me. I think it's compromised."
Dodge that droid. It can't be but so fast, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


It telegraphs its moves, but it is in no way slow.

Frank 3/5

Enemy 'bot ?/?


Erf. Appraise it. '1d10'
And continue to dodge. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Change my direction a bit to fly besides the vehicle
"Hey, sir, this is a restricted area, I have to ask you to turn around" I say while trying to keep my eyes on the aquus


This drone pauses, it's gaze focusing on the machine.
>This is a human
>human there
>this is meeting human-hive
The drone's eyes slowly close, then creep back open in an extremely slow blink.
In an instant, the drone has closed the distance and is looking over the machine.
"GREETINGS HUMAN-HIVE! We are extremely pleased to meet- You are within a machine, much like the Ceteans. are you also an aquatic species? Possibility that you ARE the machines: which hive created your hive? Your vehicle appears very high-density, is this a result of- We are Voldra. We offer assistance- Query about habitat, diet- Greetings! We are pleased to meet you- OFFER THE HUMAN-HIVE SUSTENANCE! We are sorry, what form of diet does your hive require? We have-"
"-We have several contracts for disposal of slag metal. Perhaps human-hive has use for them? We have little need for-"
And so forth and so on, a thousand different voices all pushing their own queries to the forefront, until the drone finally just locks up in place, finally falling silent.


It's been poorly modified. Like a child found a junked robot and failed to fix it properly. It's got lots of exposed bits and pieces. You can see where it's winding up for a punch and learned to dodge it this time.

Frank 3/5

Enemy 'bot 4/3

The pilot/driver is shocked to see you pull up and turns sharply. This guy speeds off towards the sunset, away from you.

"Oh, I didn't know this starport had robot guards." The Aquus says, flying right next to you.


Engineering check, look for off switches, exposed wiring that looks important, anything like that that will let me shut this thing down with a minimum of fuss. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"The star port doesn't. But you do… Can you tell me what were you doing flying away from the ship like that?"


The machine is silent as it can be. Only the marker lights on it continue to move. Even its camera eyes remain locked.

"Ahahaha!!" Dusky lets out. "I didn't expect for Fen to meet a mirror image! You to were made for each other!"

The lights go on and off and turn yellow.

>"Launch Preparation"

>"5 Minutes"


You can see the internal battery, as well as a few small boards that would control its movement.

The 'bot continues to attack, its camera constantly trying to track you.

"Oh, it talks and asks questions. Surprising. Anyway, I wanted to go and stretch my wings. A ship is no home for an Aquus!"


"…Apologies for our outburst. We were not expecting to meet human-hive so abruptly. Our voices were not properly prioritized.
We are the Voldra. We are… very excited to meet the new hive."
The drone finally breaks it's gaze to look at the flashing lights.
"We have five minutes to prepare for launch. Hopefully we may have more… coherent sharing of voices during the trip."


Right, let's just pull its battery. That should stop it, unless it's got a backup somewhere in there.
Dodge and yoink the battery. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well that's too bad mister, but a restricted area is also not a place for an Aquus, so, now if you could come along like a good bird thing it would make my job easier…"


The camera eyes shake for a moment.

"Yeah, sorry. I was a little taken aback to. It's nice to meet an Alien who isn't shooting at me for once. I'd like to chat a bit more once we're out of here, I'll just need to run some diagnostics for me and Dusky here. Where's your ship?"


"Why would we shoot at a new hive? In our experience, it is usually the new hive doing the shooting."
The drone's head tilts as it starts finishing it's nutrients.
"Voldra do not use ships. We are born of the Fold."


You pull out the battery with a hefty pull. It isn't a combat droid, it has no backups except for the camera. It stares at you while it's body is immobile.

"Frank! Respond, are you there!" Bailey shouts into your radio.

He folds his wings and dives.

"Once you catch me! No way I'm going back to that coop without some air time!"

"Wait! Really!? That's incredible! I didn't think that was possible at all without some heavy shielding!"

>"2 Minutes!"


"Yeah, I'm fine. This droid's a real hodge-podge, though it managed to move everything on here."
"Could you get the hazardous materials team down here to clean this up? And get one of the tech guys, too, see if we can't dig whomever did this out of its memory banks."


"We are shielded. The carapace of our drones is simply thicker than that of most hives."
Can this drone take-10 on prepping my Spore Missiles? This is a combat escort after all, and it has just finished refueling.


I swear to god if I could I would break his wings
Let's just catch him and get this over with, I don't want to get in trouble for strangling the guy

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Just what the heck is happening down there? Andole mentioned finding a bunch of little bags up in the vents. Get back to your VF and go down the elevator. Got it?"

>Full spore missiles
"They aren't gonna believe this when I get back. This is so…"

>Gate Opening Preparations Initiating

>All non-essential personnel please leave the area

"That's our cue. We'll talk more once the job here is done."

You're keeping up, your jets helping you keep up. But it isn't enough to catch up as he turns towards some warehouses.

"Not bad. You've got decent speed there, but try keeping up down here!"


"Agreed. Drone is armed and ready for launch."
Let's escort this merchant-vessel to safety and show the Human-hive what the Voldra can do.


"It's probably sabotage. This cabin's got two sacks of home-made bombs that were set to go off in a few hours, most likely after this bucket was out in space. At any rate, I'm heading back to my rig, should be there in a bit."
I'll start making for the fire escape. Hopefully nothing eventful will happen on the way back.


"Are you crazy?! We might crash into someone! You crazy bird!"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


The Tibber space station personnel move with mechanical efficiency. Everything is clean and by the books. The doors open slightly, allowing you and your two comrades to exit first. Dusky's ship seems like a slightly larger version of himself floating through the waters. You can see where it can bend and where the engines can twist and turn alongside it. The Human, however, seems to be able to change its configuration and fly alongside you! It's carrying some rifles and a number of grenades on it's underside.

>"Escorts, all clear out there?"

The radio asks.

It's an easy slide down. Though it seems Andole had a harder time. She's covered in dust and dirt from the vents.


Efficient uses of technology. We admire that.
"Voldra reporting; this drone detects no obstructions."


You turn on the afterburners for all they've got and quickly catch up and get ahead of the Aquus.

"No way! I lost, so quickly?" He says this with a smile on his face. "You surprised me."

He lands on one of the benches. "So, what are you?" He asks.


>"Alright, the others are giving us the clear signal. Opening to the gate for the Ship. Keep your sensors peeled."

The massive door opens up and the ship starts drifting out.

Even in the vastness of space, you could hear a pin land on an asteroid.

Roll 2d10


Land in front of the bench with the robot arms crossed
"A human cop. Now that we are acquaintanced, let's go" I say, very serious


Remaining vigilant…

Roll #1 4, 9 = 13


"One condition, then I'll do as you say."

"Let me see your face. Not often I meet such a fast alien."

You can feel the fold waves start tingling as the ship begins to turn to pull out.

It's an Ambush, but you were able to detect it early! You can see where the ships are folding in! 12 of them!


"Contact. Twelve vessels folding in. Human-Fen, Cetean-Dusky, prepare for combat."
Take up a defensive position along the merchant-vessel, tracking the incoming vessels for an opening.


I sigh and open the cockpit, letting him see my light brown face and my hair tied back. I stare at him with an impatient stare "Happy now?"


"Really, my sen…"
"No way!"
>"Cease opening! They were waiting for that! Return the ship!"

The ships begin to materialize outside of Fold Space. They can't move until they exit!


Stationary targets that won't remain stationary long. We must seize this opportunity.
"Ships are currently stationary as they de-Fold. We shall attempt to thin their ranks."
Five Spore Missiles, five targets. Odds are good that we can even these odds.
'5d10+2' +2 AGI tier

Roll #1 10, 9, 7, 10, 4 + 2 = 42


"Well, you look like you had fun, Andole."
Amble on back to my suit.


He seemingly teleports in front of you. His head is bigger than you, his eyes as big as full body mirrors.

"But you're so small! You're the smallest one I've ever seen! Can I, can I pick you up?" He says eagerly.

Two of them are bisected clean in half. Two more have chunks ripped off of them. The last one tanks the hit, but it's left smoking.

"You can do that…" Fen says, flabbergasted.

"Hey, don't gawk just yet!" Dusky yells over the radio.

Voldran 5/5
Fen 5/4
Dusky 5/5

8 Pirate Ships remain

"I just had my feathers cleaned at the Stylist too…"

The journey to the Mech is quieter, in a sense. Bailey is ordering people around and you can hear the elevator start up. Andole helps you into the mech, but spends most of the ride down trying to clean herself.


"I'm sure it'll wash off, Andole. Though it looks like maybe we'll be ordering in instead of going out for lunch."


"Spores will require time to reform. Eight aggressors remain. Recommend targeting damaged vessels first, then engaging remaining enemies."
We lack other ranged weaponry, so must wait and focus on maneuvering while we close the distance.


"But I want to look clean for…" Her feathers rocket upward. "Wait, isn't that a little fast? My place isn't exactly clean, and maybe…"

The elevator approaches the ground level.

The nearby asteroid will help take some shots for you and cover your approach while Fen and Dusky cover you.

Roll 2d10 for approaching the folded in fighters


We are shot at regularly. Use that experience to predict and avoid the incoming fire.
'2d10' I'm guessing an AGI check?

Roll #1 6, 3 = 9


"Slow down there a bit, Andole. I just meant that this place is probably gonna be on lockdown for a while, so it's either we get delivery, or see what they've got in the cafeteria."
I'll flip my visor back up and rub my eyes a bit. Think I got some smoke in them.
"At any rate, we've still got work to do. Though we're probably gonna have to fill out a report or something for that mess."


Ignore these rolls '2d10'

Yup. These guys are more professionally trained than your last batch based on how they try to stick together, but you still have the jump on them.

Two of them are within range. You can close the distance on them when you wish.

Voldra 5/5

Enemy Fighter 4/3
Enemy Ship 4/3

Roll #1 8, 7 = 15


"Oh, yeah. That's what I was worried about. Staying late, what about my house and all that…"

Sure enough, Gar is down there waiting for you down there. He's pretty big with the typical military cut as expected of a human. He's already got his clipboard ready and Andole is sweating.

"You two know the drill." He says.


I suppose I should be getting out of my suit.
"Down in a bit, Gar. Figure it'll be easier to do paperwork if I'm not trying use a pen with three-ton fingers."


Ships are probably what they use to target the Merchant-vessel; therefore it takes priority.
We fly over and latch onto the ship, then start tearing off what we can with our pinchers. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yeah, yeah. Standard Procedure for the two of you. Just fill out what you saw, what happened, and then we'll all be on our way." He sends Andole a copy of the forms to her Com-Link, while he's got a nice pile of papers for your to fill out. "And all this before we even head out. Sheesh, what a bad sign."

It takes a few hours of forms being filled out before the two of you are allowed outside contact. You're finally free to call in that order or head to the restaurant.


Well, it's really up to Andole. If she wants to take a bit to freshen up, then I can stand waiting a little longer. Though at this point it would be more of a dinner date than lunch.


Ignore these rolls '3d10'

This one is harder than your last efforts. The Enemy Fighter vessel constantly hounds you while you are trying to attack it.

You can sense more explosions elsewhere, though the radio chatter from your comrades implies they aren't exploding.

Voldra 5/5

Enemy Fighter 4/3
Enemy Ship 3/3

Don't respond just yet '1d2'

Roll #1 7, 9, 5 = 21 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Once the paperwork has been cleared, you're allowed to go out into town with one of the basic machine bodies. It lacks the transformation abilities, but it's much better looking in a crowded area.

The restaurant is a family run place. The chairs were bought from local store, and so were the ingredients. Two of the patrons look on as Andole walks in with a robot behind her.

"So, what do you think? Nice little place isn't it?"


Continue on digging into it; we should stay the course and try to ensure the ship is disabled, to protect the merchant-vessel.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"It is. And judging by the smell coming in through the air vents, this place is going to live up to your glowing review."
I'll do a quick look-around of the room. Are we supposed to wait until being seated, or is it a do-it-yourself kind of restaurant?



The fighter ship actually did it! He shot at his own ship to get to you!

Voldra Helpless/4

Enemy Fighter 4/3
Enemy Ship Out of Control/2

Roll #1 1, 8, 10 = 19


An understandable tactic; however, in this scenario, he has furthered our own goals.
Focus on reorienting the drone and recovering from the blast; we can then focus on continuing to protect the Merchant-vessel.
'1d10' recovering.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Sit yourself kind.

"Today could have been better." She says as she sits down. "But at least I wasn't the cause of it this time." She finally smiles.

"So, did you find yourself a boyfriend?" The waiter asks, arriving with your menu.


"I'm pinned down on this little rock!" Fen yells over the radio.

"I'm coming for you! Just stay out of their sights!" Dusky yells.

You're able to reorient yourself, as the fighter heads off to help the ship.

Voldra 5/4

Enemy Fighter 4/3
Enemy 4/2


Hoo boy, I'll just let her fluster herself with that one a bit.
And very pointedly look at the menu, even though we're probably going to end up splitting a meal.


"If Human-Fen wishes, we can assist."
Produce Spores so we can engage at range, scanning to find where Human-Fen is pinned down.
'1d10+2' Spore Generation

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"He's just a coworker! Can't a girl have some food with a friend?" She scowls back at him while he laughs it off.

There are several fish dishes on there, or at least comparable ones. The other items are still being tested by human scientists.

You're struck in the back by a run away asteroid, but at least the two enemy ships seem to be counting their luck and have run off.

Voldra 2/4

There are three ships remaining that are fighting your comrades! Get to them with a 2d10!


Closing in to assist.
Let's try making those Spores again… '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1, 7 = 8 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7


"Still, I think hearing you don't have a romantic partner is the most unbelievable thing I've heard today."
"Say, which did you say was the one you usually got?"



The asteroid particles crashing on everything make it hard to approach safely, but you at least manage to get into spore range. You've got two shots.

Voldra 2/4
Fen Pinned/2
Dusky 3/4

Enemy Fighter 2/2
Enemy Attacker 6/1
Enemy Scout 2/4

"Not you too!" She exclaims as the waiter chuckles.

"I'll get you the regular drink. And your metallic friend, would you want some oil?" The Waiter asks, writing things down.

"I usually get these. Not too big a portion, since I'm trying to make sure feathers don't go bad based on my diet." She points to at least one fish like item you can eat.

Roll #1 2, 8, 6 = 16


Fire one Spore at the Enemy Fighter, and another at the Attacker. '1d10+2' '1d10+2'
"We see you, Human-Fen. Providing assistance."
Fold-Teleport him away from where they've pinned him, preferably behind this drone so he can recover.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


"Well, I wouldn't mind a glass of water to start with. Though… how small do your glasses go?"
As for the food choices…
"How about that one?"
I'll gesture towards the one I can safely digest.
"Think that should be good?"


"My arm!" Fen yells, as bright flash comes from her general area.

The Fighter loses control and flies off into the rest of the asteroid field. In combination with Dusky's shot, the wounded Attacker explodes, forcing the Scout ship to retreat.

"I need to eject, this thing isn't in good shape! Dusky, or VOldra, you around!?"


You've got some paper cups on board and a decent number of ammenities. Looks like the last person who used it left some care packages.

"Hmm, that one? It does come with a bunch of small entrees, so it should be good for me. But if you can taste the stuff, trust me, you'll love it."

Taking the order, the massive waiter brings over the plates. Lots of comparably small plant dishes, as well as a fish that could probably have eaten you in a single gulp.


"We are here, Human-Fen."
Did we not Fold her machine close by? If we did, then we are already nearby and ready to catch Human-Fen.


Fen was busy trying to keep the machine intact to notice.

"I can see you. Catch me when I come out okay." A compartment of the robot opens up and out floats a very tiny being. It stares up at you briefly before bending the knees and 'jumping' at you.


Well, in that case, it'd be rude not to eat. Hopefully the cockpit is low enough that I can get onto the table. And I'll have my headset, so conversation shouldn't be a problem.
"I'm going to have to be sure to try and get a piece with some of the seasonings on it, then."
Considering the scale of it, though, even a hefty chunk for myself is less than a nibble for her.


Reach out and catch the tiny creature, being very careful not to apply too much pressure on it.
"Human-Fen, is that you? You are much smaller than expected."


"I'll cut it for you." Andole says as she casually wields what would be the Buster Sword to you like the child safe knife it is. Some of the remaining customers take pictures while the waiter stands there.

"It was mentioned that you Humans were small, but I didn't think you'd be that small. Maybe like those Tibbers, but wow." The Waiter finally exclaims.


I'll shrug.
"Takes all kinds to fill a universe."


"Yeah, uhm. I'll leave you to your date."

Andole's feather rush up again at the mention. "It's not a date! Just getting some food after a day of work."


"Seems no matter the race or species, people love to gossip."
I'll chuckle a little.
"Still, I don't mind the assumption. Though it does bring to mind some odd subjects."


The Human puts her arms around your fingers to hold on.

"You're much bigger than I thought too. Our suits give us a weird perspective sometimes." She looks at you for a moment before you're interrupted by Dusky.

"You two need to be hauled back to the Station?"


The rest of the dinner goes as expected with Andole trying to let any comments about dates wash off her feathers while the waiter and chef come and make some comments at her. The fish is still plenty spicy, though, but you'll have plenty of leftovers.

End of Frank's intro


"Negative. This drone still retains flight capacity."
Fly back to the merchant-vessel, taking it slow so as not to lose our grip on Human-Fen.
"You are much heavier than your size would suggest, Human-Fen. Is Earth a high-gravity planet?"


"You and Dusky said the same thing, you know. But yeah, it seems Earth is much higher than the galactic average. Hey, if you don't mind, put me down on that rock over there!" She points to an asteroid spinning in place.


"…If you are certain, Human-Fen."
Try to fly along with the asteroid's rotation, synchronizing with it so that we can drop her off with little margin for error.
"Might we inquire your interest in this particular asteroid?"


Fen walks along it at such a tiny rate. A single step of yours would equal ten of the Humans. Then the Human raises an appendage and points.

"There, that shiny thing, it's a camera!"


Observe where she is pointing. Does this drone see the camera as well?
"Then our altercation was observed. For what purpose?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"They came out right as the ship showed up, so it should belong to them. Can you carry both of us?" Fen inquires. "Sorry, but this is still weird to me. I'm not used to having to ask for this kind of ride."


"What other forms of rides are humans used to asking for?" we inquire as we latch onto the asteroid, doing our best to slow down it's rotation so we can control it's flight over to the merchant-vessel. '1d10'
"Will Human-Fen be able to replace the lost machine? We will do what we can to assist in acquiring materials if needed."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Much smaller things. Or our machines give us rides, just nothing of your scale. Until now, I guess."

Fen holds on to you as you move the space rock.

"I think with you and Dusky around, I won't need a mech anymore. I'm his bad luck charm and he won't let anything happen to me until he gets his promotion. And you, were you really looking for Humans?"


"Yes. We are always glad to meet new hive-brethren, especially ones who are not immediately engulfed in a war. At this time, this drone is all we can spare, but in time we will be able to offer more assistance."
The drone's head tilts as he pilots the rock back to the ship.
"We will ensure no harm comes to Human-Fen. We enjoy your voice, and wish to hear your answers."


"You and Dusky will really get along then. One bodyguard to lead me into danger, another to try and save me from it."

End of Voldra's intro


He could see my eyebrowns furrowing as I fight the urge to punch him with my on hands right there
''No. Now let's. Go. Back'' I speak with clenched teeth, closing the cockpit


"Right.. follow them.. that's a good idea.. you go first so you can have first pick of the treasure. It was your idea to go, so you earned that much."


He puts his head right up to your cockpit. "Come on, you can trust me! I won't drop you! I promise, and I'll fly you towards the ship too! Two things done at once!"


''I said no twice already…And believe me when I tell you, sir. I will not say it again. Come with me and let's return to the ship, or else I will have to use force''


"They aren't very careful. They take a little off the top, and I skim that too. No one bothers me if I hang around them." He says as he gets up. "Just, stay quiet and stay low. They still don't like people getting close."

Once out the door, he points to an apartment complex a ways away. "Do you have a weapon?" He asks hesitantly.


"No way. I'm going to get you out of there some way." He hops off your mech. "Alright, but I'm going to take it slow then. I was serious about getting some exercise."

Your warning lights turn on just as some force knocks your mech over!


''Are you fucking…''
Well I can't say I didn't warn the guy

Get myself up and switch to PWR mode and try to grab him and hold him to the ground

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


As you get up and rush towards him, he's already on the floor with a heavy bean bag next to him.

Your computer is picking up two targeting lasers on you!


I nod following him as 'low' as a giant can. "I can fight."


"Try not to. I like being near them." He says as he leads you out of the warehouses.

He leads you through back alleys and small doorways through old buildings. He pokes his snout through some doors, sniffs around, and then turns to you.

"The real bodyguard is here. He's always mean. There is a way around, but it can take a while and might be risky…"


"…and you didn't want me to start a fight with him?"
I sigh. "Alright feline, lead the way around."


"He's loud and annoying and he calls his friends. They smell." He leads you a way, towards some maintenance shafts. "Cold and dark, easy to get yourself misplaced."

>Roll a 3d10 for travel

>Nalor can boost one roll, use a d20


"I don't mind the cold, Its always cold back home. Nothing could be as cold as the ladies thou." I joke a bit with him.
'3d10' travel
'1d20' I guess I should roll it now?

Roll #1 2, 8, 5 = 15 / Roll #2 17 = 17


''What the…''
Try to locate the lasers and jump to the aquus fellow, raising my shield to cover him and protect him from possible incoming attacks as I try to find where are the sources of the laser aims


Nalor has no trouble moving through the shafts here. It's pretty big for him, and he scouts ahead where he can.

You're only two blocks away from the building. A couple of Gangers and more than a few punks around, but you can act cool and blend in, or try any other way you can think of to reach the apartment complex.

There are two more laser lights! Move out of the way!

>4 shooters


"Dammit" I mutter as I hold the shield with a hand and pull the aquus With the other "Get up, MOVE!" he has one Second to get up on his own or else I'm dragging him back with my other hand… Just hope this doesn't overload the robot or something…


Flight won't be possible with the Aquus in tow! The sensors won't let you fly off with him!

"Just take down it's guardbot and we have a payday on our hands!" You hear from afar!


No flight huh?
Alright, change of plans
Drag him into a corner and find somewhere to take cover with him
Once I get us to cover, turn on my Com-link and contact the chief "CHIEF, THIS IS OFFICER RACHEL REQUESTING BACKUP. THERE'S FOUR SHARPSHOOTERS SURROUNDING ME AND THEY ARE AFTER THE AQUUS, I REPEAT, I NEED BACKUP NEAR THE WAREHOUSES BY THE PORT, THEY ARE AFTER THE AQUUS" I shout for help, glancing up from the cover to see if I can spot any of the shooters.
Draw my gun… It won't kill them, but it might hold them off long enough…
"I should just let these guys take you away… You would be a good example for the others…" I mutter to the aquus, unsure if it even heard me


"Just stay where you are, we are tracking your signal!"

"There you are, you tin can!" It's one of the shooters! He's headed towards you with gun drawn!


Stand behind cover for a bit, the get up with my shield and gun raised as I point the gun at him "One move and your alien brain is gonna make a new paint job on the floor." I say loud and clear, hoping my gambit works… Because if they find out these bullets are rubber…


He thinks you're a guardbot. He takes a shot. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


It barely misses! You're lucky he didn't aim for the cockpit!


Is he a human, an alien?
I lift up my shield a bit "This is a sign of aggression, if you attempt this again, I WILL have permission to kill you"
Come on chief, get here already…


Alien. '1d10'

He also takes cover. Roll at a -1.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Rachel 4/6

And another Alien shows up, two attackers are here!


If things get ugly, I might have to do something really crazy…
Hide behind cover, and shoot some fake shots near them just to keep them away
What wouldn't I give for real bullets right now…


Also roll '1d10-1'

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3


It's hard to aim with two shooters on your tail pipe!

Rachel 1/6

Alium Shooter ?/?
Alien Gunner ?/?

Taking the shot exposed you and they capitalized on that. They're wearing down your cover with their shots and more will get here soon!


"Fuck off already!"

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


The constant pounding knocks your bot offline! Get back online, they're coming for the Aquus!

Rachel Offline/5

Alium Shooter ?-1/?
Alien Gunner ?/?
New ET Blaster ?/?

"Ugh, what happened?"


The Star-Port city of E'bren is a big and dangerous place. The massive tower that reaches into the heavens in the middle of it attracts all sorts of aliens from the nearby sectors. The opportunities it offers for legitimate living attracted numerous aliens and organizations, as well as numerous criminal groups to the region. With it, the lower areas have become more grimey and desolate as they steal funds, making large parts of the city mired in squalor and poverty.


You are under fire from three different assailants! There's one more rushing to finish you off and take the Aquus alien you've been charged to protect. You can't fly with him and you'll have to hold out until backup arrives, but he's slowly waking up. Do what you can to survive just a little longer and get your Mech back online!

Rachel Offline/5

Alium Shooter ?-1/?
Alien Gunner ?/?
New ET Blaster ?/?

"What's that noise?" The bird-like Aquus alien says.


You are making your way towards an apartment complex by a large, rodent-like alien. Between moments of lucidity, he's been telling you and pointing out numerous places and members of a local criminal group that the Human target is with.

"Hey, do you hear that?" Nalor asks, pointing in the general direction of the east, opposite of where you are going. Gunshots and the sounds of police sirens can be heard. This might make your approach to the complex and your target easier, depending on how you want to act on your way there.


"That's the noise of our impending Doom. All because you just HAD to race me"
We can't die in here! Get the system back online by the only way I know how
Kick it good until it works again
"Work! *CLANG* you fucking *CLANG* Stupid *CLANG* Thing!" *CLANG*

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Sounds like a shoot out, let's hope our boy isn't involved.."
I creep closer to the building, looking for entrances '2d10'

Roll #1 5, 3 = 8


"AHHH! Are we going to die!?"

You're getting thrown inside the cockpit with all the damage you are taking!

Rachel Offline/5

Alium Shooter ?-1/?
Alien Gunner ?/?
E.T. Blaster ?/?

And one more person has just arrived!

"Take down the bot and the Bird and payment is ours!"

Several people scope you out, but the noises are distracting most. Plenty of other folks providing cover as they head home, away from the violence.

>Nalor's Master Thief skill

"Over there, there's a fire escape ladder even you can use."

It's behind a simple gate, just be wary of everyone else.


Rachel Offline/4


"Not in my watch we ain't"
God how I wish I actually remembered how to operate this thing
"Come on don't fail me now…" I pull and push levers and buttons on full despair mode, hoping something useful would happen

Roll #1 9 = 9


The engine comes back to life, readings are yellow! Hurry up and keep them off of you! Just hold out, you can hear your boss coming for you on the radio!

Rachel Offline/4

Alium Shooter ?-1/?
Alien Gunner ?/?
E.T. Blaster ?/?

A crazy looking guy with 4 very thick arms and two larger guns on each has just entered the area. He begins aiming at your direction…


"Nice catch Nal."
"I know, just hurry up and try not to break it this time.."
"Well if you didn't always pick rickety old pathways.."
>everyone else
I'm not clear on how many that means or where, but I'll try throwing a chunk of broken structure toward the opposite way of the ladder. '1d10' STR

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's near a busy street that the material lands. 4 vehicle alarms go off and now you have some panicking. Lots of aliens of varying sizes are rushing to their homes, unsure of what's going on. Now is the best time to sneak in!


"Oh yeah" I mutter as I get back online
"Oh Fuck" I mutter as I see who's coming for me
"Chief where the hell are you?!" I shout at the radio as I shoot blindly in their direction to keep them away

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Rachel 3/4

Alium Shooter ?-1/?
Alien Gunner Helpless/?
E.T. Blaster ?/?
Quad Limbed Alien ?/?

The Alien Gunner takes the full brunt of your shot, flooring him. But his friends don't let up.

"Hurry up you louts, we can take down a tin can bodyguard like that!"

"No you can't!" The Aquus yells back.


Time to take full advantage.
"There you go, even a glacier like you can get in now." Nalar sneers at me as he stealthes easily '1d10'
I will just climb the ladder and hope for the best. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Yes they can if we don't get backup! I'm not a freaking super hero!"
Keep firing and ducking

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


The four story apartment complex you head into is mostly empty. Some signs of people staying overnight exists, like rolled up mattresses and blankets can occasionally be found, but the place is empty except for the sound of talking down the hall.

Nalor check his own Com-Link, a very strong wifi signals is blasting, and you can hear some laughing from a television.


Rachel 1/4

Alium Shooter ?-2/?
Alien Gunner Helpless/?
E.T. Blaster ?/?
Quad Limbed Alien ?/?


Your system blares, the mutli-limbed alien is about to fire his charged weapons!


We will go down toward the voices, trying to hear them '2d10' '2d10'

Roll #1 7, 9 = 16 / Roll #2 7, 5 = 12


Oh Fuck
Get down and cover myself with the shield!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You are a professional at this. Despite your bulk, you'd probably be able to sneak up on Nalor if you really tried like this. There's a room on the third floor, right by the stairs, where what looks like a guard is wasting time watching TV. He'd a furry looking guy, with a plasma rifle by his side.



One of your Mechs arm is literally blasted off! There's no way you can fly at all!

Rachel Damage / 2

"Ditch the bot! Make it go crazy or something and we'll get out!" The Aquus begs you from his cover, fear in his eyes as your Mech has taken a beating.


Alright.. I'll try to KO him before he can do anything, if it doesn't KO him at least he'll be vunerable to another attack '1d10' (shatter)

Roll #1 7 = 7


What the hell is that guy holding? a rocket launcher?!
Open the cockpit of the robot and try to sneak off it "Finally you had a good idea, let's move!"
Run! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The couch cracks under your blow, the guard going unconscious from the sudden blow. Saliva comes out of his mouth as his eyes dilate randomly.

"You could've just asked, you know?" Nalor says. "I can hear more talk and walking down the hall. Two guys, at least."


"Here, hop on," He extends his wing towards you. "and I'll keep my promise." He says under the roar of gunfire. "I'll be faster than you."


Get a good grip on him
"Oh my god can you just go already?!" shout at him, giving his back some fierce taps


He grabs a bunch of dust and throws it into the air to distract the shooters, then fly's as fast and low as he can to get out of the room you were holding out in. He tries to dart between buildings to keep the shooters confused but looses a few feathers in the process.

"You OK back there!?" He yells.


"What happened to you being lazy Nal?"
"I'm. Not. Lazy. You're just more.. suited to the actual lifting of most of the aliens.." The wingling explains while searching the guard for keys or something useful '2d10' "And I'm more suited to the fine details."
"Yea yea, I know I'll see who's in the hall." '2d10' look around the corner of the door into the hall to see who's coming.

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7 / Roll #2 4, 2 = 6


"I'm fine, keep flying!"
Do I have anything with me?


The only thing this guard had on him was his Com-Link and some cash. You can probably pawn it off.

"So, how much are they asking for access to their network?" A chitinous voice asks, down the hall.


Nothing but your radio and your pilot suit. You can already see the flashing police lights approach from the sky.

"Rachel, respond! Do you hear me! Answer me!"


"Rachel here. I'm fine… Can't say the same about my robot though…"


"Dang it! You nearly gave me another coronary. What about the Aquus, did he manage to make it? I haven't heard reports of the one that left coming back."


This is weird, keep spot checking them '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 7 = 16


"He's with me right here. Where should we go off to now?"


Another raspy voice chimes in. "It's a high price, but it's obvious you are telling the truth."

"Even if half of it can be acted on, we'll still make a profit." The chitinous voice asks.

"I'm going to call the bosses. It's more than I can authorize…"

More bargaining can be heard with an unknown third party.

You can hear a couple sighs of relief in the background.

"Just take him back to the ship. Do you need an Ambulance sent your way? Your machine reported a ton of damage before it went offline."


"I'll live. Nothing a good meal and a whole day in bed won't solve… I WILL get a day off after this right? I mean I deserve something from that!"


"By the way," The Aquus interrupts, "my name is Bertok!" He yells over to you as he dives, trying to go as fast as he can.

End of Rachel's intro.


This all very shady.. but isn't anything about the target..
"Nal, go around and see if you can get a look at them.."
'1d10' nalor stealth's towards the two.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Nalor sees a tall and lanky insect person on the phone, while another scaled individual seems to be talking to something on top of a table.

Taking to the air, he spots your target, the Human.


"They are talking to him on the phone?" I squint at Nalor for confirmation.


"Nope, in person! I didn't think they'd actually be this small! Smaller than me!"


"Oooh, is he their hostage? I can't see a thing from here."


"I don't think so. If he was, he seems perfectly calm about it."


"Alright, you extract the little guy, I'll take of these two"
'1d10' nalor backstabs the human, attempting to KO or at least knock over.
'1d10' I cleave the two talking to him with my beanbag rounds.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 = 5



Not expecting to get shot in the back, both gangsters fall to the floor as Nalor only manages to bring the Human to his knees and pain to his hand.

The Human is barely holding on to consciousnesses, looking up at you.

"Who are you?"


I carefully disarm him and Nalor helps to tie him up.
"Name's Gondango. This is my friend Nalor. We're what you call.. guns for hire, and today you're our job, so don't make it hard on us."


"Ugh, we were so close…" The Human gets out before collapsing. Nalor actually can't lift him up!


"Can't even manage someone this size?" I laugh heartily.
"You were almost sneaky this time, but I'm not impressed yet. Lets see how your exit is."
"It will be fine, they had one guard."
And then we head to the ship!


It's easy enough to just get out through the window. You went in fairly fast and no one is the wiser as you hide the Human and just pretend to be on your way. Your rodent escort quickly heads as you leave.

Your ship is safe and secure on the docks. Must feel nice to be back home.


And a job well done too.
We just have to keep an eye on him and make sure he gets back in one piece.
"I think we earned a nice meal once we get paid here, don't you Nalor?"
"I dunno, the ship could use a few upgrades, and you know how expensive a professional is."
"She's floating just fine, we don't need to change her yet."
"Yea, I guess you're right but I get to pick the planet this time. No more weird places with purple slime creatures.. their food was disgusting to look at even, I don't know how you ate six plates.."
"It was part of our reward, would have been rude not to."
"I'd hardly call a discount coupon part of a reward.."
"It was all you can eat for 60 percent off! That's a good deal Nal."
"Right. I'll just be checking my e-com."
"Still hoping that brightwing girl is gonna message you?"
"…That's private."
"Come on' "
"..Maybe a little.."
and then satisfied with the day I also check my messages.


Just messages about payments due from the docks and spam with a letter or two from the family. Your system already has them marked as spam.

The Human Embassy's finally got around to sending you the forms for the bounty. They even have a slot for job expenses…


Huh, that means I can bill them for my parking and drinks.
thanks for running


It's going to be a busy day for a lot of you. The U.H.F. Ankylosaurus is finally loaded and prepped to go. While much of its weapons have been removed, they've been replaced with factories to help make the voyage easier. Now, what is important is to make sure the crew is brought on board!

There's numerous lights going off in the space port's personnel area, with lots of aliens coming and going. Did you remember to pack your things and have your ticket ready to board your new assignment?


Voldra do not have things to pack. We aquired our ticket recently though, when Human-Fen and Friend-Dusky aquired positions aboard for us.


Let's make a checklist of all the things I brought with it just to make sure I didn't forget anything.
Check my things


Of course I did.
Nalor has his too.


As if anyone would let me forget.


"Even with this machine doing most of the work, I still feel tired. Why couldn't an aquatic race have hired us?" Dusky complains, his mech suit loaded with more filters and cleaning kits for the ships tanks. "At least the Resempians are closer to our size. Mind helping me out here?"

Both of you are in a floating Tram headed towards the ships, numerous bags of yours on the ground and in the slots above you. There's a lot of other humans looking out through the windows at the aliens walking around below them. A few wave down.

"Over there, that guys looking for a pocket to pick. Or is it a girl? Either?" Nalor looks at you confused. "Neither? Anyways, remind me again why you so quickly took up the Humans on their offer? I'm sure we could have gotten a better job eventually."


It's like they don't see them every day.
Shuffle my duffel bag to my other shoulder, and wait for the lift to reach its destination.


"We are pleased to assist, Friend-Dusky," we reply, taking some of his excess baggage to carry for him.
"You are unhappy with our current work? You seemed most eager when we were accepted."


It's like these people never seen these stupid big aliens before… "Ugh"
I pinch the bridge of my nose as I'm reminded of that day with that Aquus… What a bust that was…


"Nal, why should we wait when opportunity presents itself now!" I grin and Nalor frowns at my diversion I lower my voice.
"Fine.. When we finishing up lunch, my sister suddenly went insane, way worse than her usual fussing, I just didn't want to be on the same planet as her for a while, and this happened to show up at the same time."


There's a group of female staff already near the door, huddled around a blocky satellite receiver.

"Gotta update my status."
"Last selfies on this planet."
"Giving up my blog is going to hurt. But, look! She's wearing my design down there!"

Your own Com-Link is showing only a few bars too.

"Well, I knew it wasn't going to be trouble. But the contract was just long enough that I can apply for a promotion." He says, smiling now. "It's a hassle, but free room and food AND pay! There really isn't a better deal out there for us. And since we're showing blanks on that area, I'm sure I can talk my way into getting some finders fees added when I get back home. You, are you getting any signals from your bros over in that Sector?"


Any Voldra in that sector have matters of interest to report?

Roll #1 4 = 4


You're also reminded of that big, stupid grin he had through his beak as he came to pick you up for your new assignment. How he thought this was a better fit than just being a simple officer and the Human Embassy agreed.

You even have a message from him.

"What's this bottle of 'Colgate' you left over here? Did you need it?"

"You're going to have to deal with this eventually, but a few hundred Light Years might be what you need to cool down. At least they offered to fix up our ship as part of the deal. Look, you can see it over there."

Nalor points to one of the big windows, looking out towards the ship. Your ship is parked next to another one on an elevator, being risen up to the ship you'll call home soon.

"Did you at least leave her a message about where you're going?"


Might as well ping out a few messages.
Send one to Bailey, telling her she'd better not have replaced me by the time I get back.
And one to Andole, telling her to stay out of trouble while I'm not there to pull her tail out of the fire.


"Well, I actually.."
I start walking toward the ship. "I wonder if they'll fix that dent on the right side, its making the whole thing turn weird."


"Oh goddammit…" I mutter as I lay back in my seat
I take a second before replying "It's fine, I'll just buy another or something…"
Stupid bird.


Bailey sends you back a few pics of the mountains of applications she has for your job. Even with the contract for the Ankylosaur done, there's a few more ships they've offered up for sale.

Andole sends you numerous emojis. Roll for being able to make out the meaning.

"And the environmental controls. The temperature regulators jump on me. You might not notice, but I have to switch clothing all the time."

He pulls out his new Com-Link, a better Human model. "Should I take the initiative for you then?"


I'm an engineer, not a cryptographer.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I thought you were just bored!" I smile for a moment and then the mood fades.
"If you want to message her fine, just don't make up stories about an alien wedding: she does not find it funny."


You overhear the people behind you talking about their room assignments. The rest go on and on about leaving their last good byes.

You make out a smily and a sad face, at least. The rest rely on Resempian features you still weren't familiar with.

>Human Players

"Please prepare for docking." Is announced on the overhead PA.


"It might work if that wasn't your go to response. Or if you had more friends than me. But don't worry, I'll deal with her. Just make sure we actually get on the right ship this time. I don't want them making off with ours into who knows where."

Several posters begin flashing for the last location of boarding the Ankylosaurus.


Well, I'm going to assume they're positive in nature and that she's wishing me a safe trip.
And I've been prepared for docking since I got on this elevator. I know they've got to cycle us in, but did it always take this long?


"Actress Xi'Ghotda Boo-Ti has become involved in her thirty-first scandal since becoming a popular Vid Star, Xhirian Rebels are continuing to attempt an overthrow of their current government with another attack on a major trading city on-world, The Fedoh-Rafahgs have begun denouncing Humanity of undeserving of equal rights, as they do with every newly discovered species…"
We pause, then simply continue moving.
"It appears we have no immediately relevant information on that sector, Friend-Dusky. However, splinter factions of the Fedoh-Rafags may attempt to sabotage colonization efforts. We will continue to monitor them as best we can."


I stretch in the seat "Finally…"
Realizing that I can't be any more ready for docking than I am right now, I just sigh and idly check my messages, anything to keep me distracted while I wait


"Yea, well.. is not easy to meet reliable people."
Double check the ticket and hurry to the right gate.
"Really, thanks Nal."


It's more regarding the stop. It's a bit hard for most people. A few are flung forward since they were too busy chatting.

Thing is, as the Tram's doors open, you're witness to another large line. It's pretty loaded as people are escorted onto the ship, paperwork constanly being scanned.

You get a guy in a military suit waiting for you up ahead, flashing replicas of the papers you'll need to show him.

"Sorry, they're being extra careful for all this." He says as he gets his scangun ready. He walks you into the ship as he oversees everything.

The first thing all of you are exposed to is the very clean look of the ship. It's much brighter than a military ship normally would be.


I'll groan inwardly.
This is probably because of those bombs we found earlier. Better get my papers ready…


"Sheesh, those guys are so much trouble. Can you believe they're still giving us trouble? We basically have to go completely battle ready whenever they're around. Did they ever give you guys trouble?"

"To be honest, I already had one written up. This thing is fast, but I wanted to be sure. Still, you should send her something before we take off. It'll be a long time before we come back." He gives you a serious look.


Good thing I didn't forget to bring the papers
As we approach the ship, I get entranced for a bit… I got to admit that is a pretty fine ship…


I sigh.
"And what, write her about how I'm going on another mission that she doesn't approve of? No thanks."


A lady in simple military outfit flags you down and starts going through your papers.

"Oh, you're one of the folks who assembled it, right? How was it? Did you go into the city during your off time? I'm still too scared to do so."

"Alright, pull out your ComLink and let's synchronize the final map. I've loaded your room assignment there, and a few routes that I found made it easy to get around."

"While we wait, any last question?"


"At least say good bye. I know how much she can stew and boil over when you just disappear. It's not like you'll be able to read it. By the time she responds, we'll be lightyears away. At worst, she'll yell out into the void."


"City's fine enough, as cities go. Assembly went pretty much like it was supposed to, aside from that little surprise in the apartments earlier."
Scratch my chin a little.
"You're missing out on the food, though. There are some decent restaurants out there, and even a few alien ones that serve humans. Make sure to do your research on what you can and can't eat, though. I was lucky and one of my coworkers pointed out the ones that wouldn't make me violently ill."


"For a certain definition of 'trouble.' Mostly it is the splinter factions, or lone renegades seeking to further their agendas. Those tend to be more annoyance than threat, as they often come unequipped and lack practical experience. When they show up in force, however, then they are most certainly 'trouble.'"
We shake our head to show our disapproval.
"They are like petulant children, unwilling to learn from others. They have cost us many voices, yet theirs grates like claws on shale."


"I ain't sharing the room with anyone, am I?"


"Fine. I'll write her something."
I write a short and rather to the point email, saying I'm going on an escort job, and won't be in touch for a while. Ending it with 'May the mountain favor you, Gonzo.'


She messes up her scans as she writes down the tips.

"Okay, I'll definitely do it this week. Hopefully…"

"Let's just focus on work. Get your ComLink ready, I have your room info and all that other stuff ready for you. They've even got some tips!"

"That's being too kind to them. Come on, the elevator for us is up ahead. Hopefully I can go to my ship before I head to the tanks."

"Nope, you managed to get one of the single ones. Pretty small, you'll probably be able to hear your neighbors. Hope you brought headphones."

It takes a while for the message to go through the network, being up so high.

"Now turn it off. I don't want to receive one of her messages. She can type fast, and they're flagging us up ahead."

With that, the new crew of the Ankylosaurus is slowly but surely brought aboard. Rooms are being divied up, supplies are being loaded, and the situation looks like any other space vessel getting ready for space.

And then the lights go red.



Once I've got my info, I'll head off towards my quarters.


"Attention, all combat capable crew should head towards their prescribed locations. All Non-Com staff should head to their rooms. This is not a drill." The PA system blares in numerous languages as metallic curtains start coming down around the station.

It repeats it warning, but now crowds of people are headed towards the elevators.


Must be getting ready to launch. Step up the pace, and hopefully I'll be at my quarters before countdown.


I guess that's my queue to get moving
Where exactly is this 'prescribed location' though?


We tilt our head at the flashing lights, listening to the announcements until it fully registers.
"It appears we are now under attack," we announce to Friend-Dusky, generating as many spore missiles as we can on our way to our station. "This is unusual. Humans have yet to create any major enemies, at least to our knowledge. Is this information faulty?"


You've got a few other people hurrying around you, but there's one of the assisting crew trying to flag you down from a set of stairs ahead.

"Hey, you two were with the defense force, right? Boss wants everyone who can pilot to head to the hangar. Didn't say why yet."

You can see Dusky pull up some of his notes through his visor.

"Uhm, no! This doesn't seem to be about them, there's all kinds of chatter on the military network, though. Come on, let's get on the ship before it leaves us behind!"


"Nal, looks like we're already on duty."
"Yea, don't let it get to your head."

Hurry to the hanger, we'll need our ship for this part I bet.


"Alright, I'm already there!" shout back as I make my way through the crowd


"Agreed. We can find how to assist from the humans stationed there."
All legs devote to running to reach the ship. Getting left behind would be inconvenient; exiting the atmosphere of this planet on our own would be… exhausting.


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Don't know what they'd need a mechanic for. All the pre-flight checks should have been made already."
Readjust my carry-sack, and change course to the hangar.
"Can't even board before they put me to work…"
Grumble a bit as I walk.


Aproaching the ship entrance with your papers, one of the humans in their robot suits lets you in. Approaching the ship, you feel the air start to become heavier.

"The boss is being coy," the machine pipes up, "but he wants everyone ready for something bad happening."

"Don't look at me like that, I just got orders to gather the combat crew, that's all. Head down the hall, the Tube will take you to the hanger. Head to your station and wait for further orders."

The human machine is taken back when you and Dusky approach, but he quickly regains his composure. It's still weird to hear the machine, cough, though.

"Something's going down, or up, but you'll need to head to your rooms, or ships, if you have them. We haven't been told what's been going on, but that just sounds like it's worse."


"He better tell us sometime before we have to start shooting."
I better get suited up in case this becomes a space fight.


Let's head off to my station then, like a good soldier


"Coughing can be a symptom of respiratory illness. Are you feeling well?"
We tilt our head as he tells us to head to our rooms.
"We are Voldra. We wish to assist. In what manner would our assistance best be provided?"


To the tubes, then.


"Hey, I don't even know if I should arm my gun or leave it to the side."

Your ship and suit are ready. But then your partner points you to a rather telling sight. The combat machines are having their weapons attached.

"Just, something in my throat. Scans already showed you had your papers, just get on board, we'll find out what we need in a bit."

Your Com-Links start beeping, showing some of the equipment lists and displaying images of the Hanger.

"Attention crew, we've received word from the Orbital Platform crew. There's a large number of civilians aboard, and we have a large number of meteorites en route. We still have some supplies that haven't been loaded. We'll be offering our defense of they system until we get the all clear."


Oh joy. So I get to hit rocks instead of lift things. Just how I wanted to start the trip. Hope they provide weaponry, because I don't want to have to try and catch those things.
Unless they're using my suit to move things in faster, anyway. I'd rather not get hit in the face with giant slabs of space ice.
Grumbling to myself on the trip down the tube, I'll see what I've got to work with. What have they made available?


"Understood. Thank you, Informator-Human. We shall await further voices of instruction."
Get on board and head to the area we would best be suited to.


Equipment list huh? I wonder if they got some fancy toys here

"It's just some flying rocks, can't be all that hard to deal with…"


Both of you are directed by the crew to the outlying are of the Hangar. The ship will try to bring as much firepower as it can alongside the Platform's laser system.

But you can see the sky starting to darken.

Dusky tunes into the Voldra's radio frequency. "There's something else going on. The station should be able to handle this stuff, and usually there's a ship or two nearby…"


"What, are you saying you want one to?" I smirk at him and wait inside the ship checking the screen for more instructions.


Groan inwardly.
So what have I got to use, anyway? Ballistics weapon? Energy-based? A peashooter?


"Perhaps there are ships hidden within the meteors? It is a common tactic of pirates and other fallen voices."


They aren't taking any chances. They're actually filling up your reservoir to max capacity. Soon, you get a thumbs up from the crew.

"No, just doesn't it seem a little too much for a simple cleaning job?" Nalor finally chimes in with.

You're equipped with Ballistics. Breaking up the meators into small chucks isn't the best thing, but it's better than letting them land on the planet.

"Yeah, keep your, uhm, eyes right? Keep 'em open. I'll be scanning for anything weird, but I think the guys in charge are worried about the same thing. They're even recalling a few other battleships."


"Maybe someone bigger is after these humans?"


Maximum Capacity… I like the sound of that…

Return the thumbs up and let's get everything ready for another day of work


Suppose I should pick a spot and wait until they're just out of range to start firing. Given the delay of ballistic weaponry, by the time the shell reaches them the meteors will be in effective range.


"Indeed… I will attempt to observe these rocks. Please stand by…"
Astral Projection to scan these incoming asteroids for Fold ripples '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Timing is bad for them, but not like we haven't seen others try stunts like these."

The 'ground' personnel point you towards your firing spot.

The PA System comes alive again. "All non-combat personnel, please leave the area. We will begin fire support in 3, 2, 1…"


Everyone, please roll for attack.

You can feel it. One, two, no three, wait, there's a lot of small Fold ripples coming from the middle of the meteorite pile!


Righto, here we go.
Take aim at a fat one, and fire. '1d10'
I'm pretty sure ranged attacks don't rely on PHYS, so I'm not adding the +2 for robot mode.

Roll #1 6 = 6


'1d10' for Nalor, and his 1 agility mastery.
'1d10' for me if anything gets close enough for that.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Return to my body immediately.
"Observation complete. Multiple Fold ripples detected within the meteorites. Armed assault is likely imminent. We must alert the humans and prepare for battle."
Take-ten on generating Spore Missiles?


'1d10' let's try to not screw up

Roll #1 6 = 6


Only for CQC.

All very good hits. You can see meteorites being blown away, running into others and smashing more. The Orbital Platform performs its own light show.

Yes, now roll for your action.

"Hold on," Nalor yells through your Com-Link. "There's some weird readings the sensor is picking up on."


Take a moment and watch, can I see any more of them big enough to break up?"


Fire Three Spore Missiles directly into the middle of the meteorite cluster where I detected the ripples.
"Humans! We are under attack! Prepare for combat with hostile forces!"
'3d10+2' for those Spores

Roll #1 1, 7, 6 + 2 = 16


Well, keep firing as I move onto the next one. Let's not forget to lead the shot.

Roll #1 10 = 10


There's an odd coloration you can see from your scoped weapon. Might be a good place to hit?

Not a single wasted shot. You hit right on the weak spots, the rocks immediately turning to dust.

Two of your shots hit the meteor 'armor' they are using. There's a bit of pain in your head that you feel as one of the ships starts smoking.


Maybe some sort of crystal?
Let's try hitting that

Roll #1 10 = 10


Keep on keeping on. Let's aim for one of the larger clusters this time. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


It seems the humans are not listening. Perhaps they did not hear us? We crank up the volume on our vocalizer as high as it can go without causing damage.
Send out the last two Spores to act as beacons and further damage the attackers.

Roll #1 7, 1 + 2 = 10


Holy shit what is that loud voice
"Hostiles? INSIDE the meteorit-waaaaait a minute…"
Turn to the one I just shot



Instead of dispelling the chunks like you expected, your bullet is simply moved aside. You didn't even put a dent in that thing.

The shot goes wide, but there's plenty of other targets behind it that it smashes into. You can see another color start coming out of a big meteorite.

Several of the mechs turn towards you, but you can see them tracking your bio missiles. When it hits the spot, you can see half of them aiming for the right area where a massive fold signature is, but the missed shots expect the target even more.

You get another headache.


Wince slightly, as that was a bit of a surprise.
Ah. That would explain the shouting. These can't be the same guys that put those amateur-hour bombs on the ship, though.
Appraise. '1d10'
And keep picking away at their meteorite shell. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5


What the… How?!
Nevermind, it's alien tech.
keep shooting!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your mech's magnification system can't get a bead on it. Something is jamming you!

Your gun jams! Roll to clear it up!



Roll #1 4 = 4


Izzat so? Time to tinker with my sensors. Luckily I've got all my shit in my carry-on bag. All I gotta do is pop off that panel there, fiddle with this wire here, maybe clean that connector there…
Tinker '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Wince and grasp at our head as the second headache hits. What is this? Is something attacking me?
"YE-" Adjust the vocalizer to a more reasonable level. "Yes, human. Multiple Fold ripples within the meteorite cluster. It is a tactic we have often seen amongst pirates and other fallen voices."


If possible I want to use a cleave attack on these hostiles. '1d10' phys +1
Nalor keeps firing '1d10' 1 agi

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"Oh so those things are pirates? Fantastic. Wait, what the hell is a fallen voice?"


No good, the gun is still coming up red!

You manage to break their frequencies and cloaking tools. Looking at the ship in the meteorite, you can tell something big about.

Your being inundated with feelings of sadness and despair. You've never felt this bad before.

You clear out a lot of the rubble in front of the ship, giving Frank, Nalor, and Dusky the chance to analyze the ship in the middle.

It's Resempian!

The small ships are escape pods!


Ah. Well, shit.
Transfer the decryption frequency to nearest suits with a small "pass it on" message, and let's take another good look at this thing. Appraise '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Damn it, work you stupid thing!
Shake it, hit it, twist it, anything to get it working!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Time to chase one of the escaping pods.
"I read you buddy."
'1d10' cut one of them off with the ship.
'1d10' I try to shoot its engine to stop it from fleeing.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Several of the mechs stop shooting, but then start aiming towards the meteorites instead of the pods.

The Engineers might not like you after they see what you did to make it work, but it's ready to fire. All green.

The Resempians are the aliens whose planet you are on. It's their ship that's inside the meteorite.


Right, let's clear some more of those meteorites off that tub.

Roll #1 4 = 4



"Attention all crew! We will be heading into combat! Radar confirms, the enemy is behind the Meteorite! Do not shoot on the pods! We repeat, do not shoot on the pods!"

The Ankylosaur's engine start up, you're moving up on the side of the meteor and entombed ship.


"Friend-Dusky… Something is wrong…"
We must overcome these feelings! The humans require our assistance!
'1d10' to fight off the despair.
"Those… who are… no longer of their hive… Your races have… many words for them…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Ah to hell with them, their job was to prevent this jamming from happening in the first place
"Don't shoot the pods.. Alright"
Let's hold still for a bit and take aim while waiting for the ship to be in the best angle for a good shot




"This is pretty strange.."
Keep an eye out for the enemy.


"That is one… Criminal is another… outcasts… enemies… terrorists… those who no longer… speak in synch… Their voices have… Fallen…"


"You tell me, big guy"
"Oh, really? I love dealing with that kind!"


With a side of the Resempian ship being exposed thanks to your attacks, you can see that it's been gutted. Someone did a number on it, as you can see its insides.

Your radio opens up with a frantic operator. "We've got numerous bogeys inbound. Prepare for combat outside the ship! We're sending you the information now!"

Your HUDs open up to reveal a dangerous number of red marked ships headed towards you! Protect the ships!


Very well. Move out to protect the ship, to make up for our mistake.
'1d10+2' to generate more Spore missiles

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Son of a…!
I hope I've got enough bullets for this.
Take aim and open fire on the nearest enemy ping. '1d10'
Pray that it's not a decoy.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh hey… Full House
Joking aside, let's open fire at the first bogey scum I unlucky to be in my sights

Roll #1 7 = 7


You're head starts buzzing now. As the enemy ships get closer, the pain sensation is becoming stronger.

2 Missiles created. Don't forget to post your Agi bonus

It's still far away, but you can see them starting to take evasive maneuvers. There's some intelligence behind them, they aren't just missiles headed your way.

You're able to track one target and damage its wings and engine. It starts hurtling towards the Meteorite.


'1d10' Nalor keeps using his agility bonus to hit the aggressive ships.
"Wait, terrorists? Are you sure?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Shit shit shit
Blow it up or push it away with a shot before it hits the meteorite!

Roll #1 6 = 6


That means they aren't just transmitters plugged into meteorites, either.
Let's fire another salvo. Maybe I'll hit one this time. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Some sort of jamming feature? What is going on?
"They… have some sort of jamming… it makes this head hurt…!"
Try to focus and send the two missiles into enemy ships.
'2d10+2' AGI 2 bonus

Roll #1 5, 8 + 2 = 15


He's able to provide aiming assistance while you shoot. Several lights turn away as one goes out, but there is a buzzing in your head now.

It explodes into pieces. It'll damage the ship, but it'll be better to have the engine explode now that inside of the vessel you're trying to save.

Good shot. One gets clipped, but the pilot is good enough that he seems to keep it on track towards your ship.

"I'm not picking up anything!" Dusky yells. "Hold on, I'll check my systems again!"

One enemy ship bursts into pieces, while another is sheared of its wing.

"Any available Mech and Crew who can, please try to pull in those escape pods! Sensors indicate there are people inside them!"


"Someone take over for me! I'm going in!" I shout, hoping that anyone free takes my place as I rush to my mech. I'm going in there


Oh. That's just peachy.
Let's shift to jet mode and hope that I can actually redirect those pods without them being torn apart.
Dodging this shit is going to be fun. Fly through the meteorites to the nearest pod. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Understood. We shall assist."
Attempt to latch onto one of the escape pods. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I should probably go there and help, Maybe pull some of the survives into my ship?
'1d10' 1 agi. Nalor helps us dodge
'1d10' 1 phys, I shatter any dumb space rock in our way

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5 = 5


There are several escape pods with smoke coming out of them, hurry up!

Your able to dance around the meteorite chunks and grab onto a pod. The glass that would have let you see inside has been spray painted opaque.

Your shell will need a good cleaning after this, but you grab onto one. You can feel someone banging from the inside.

Your ship is able to clear some rubble. Nalor is already hard at work sending you the approach vector. Try to recover the pod as best you can!


Of course it is. Because that way they can use them as decoys and drive up the body count.
Latch on with the magnetic docking gear, and let's try and steer it towards the hangar. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Do we have a cable or something to help pull it?
'1d10' rolling.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Quickly! But carefully…

Roll #1 2 = 2


Tap back as I guide the pod back towards the ship. I do not mind getting my shell dirty if it means I can be of assistance.


You've done this numerous times in a simulator. You're able to bring one of the pods in with a little strain.

"We can use some of the bindings we use for live captures. It should hold in this trouble." Nalor adds in, already prepping it. "Just keep the ship steady this time and we can drag a few of them back!"


You're being pummeled with rocks. Any more damage like that and your mech will give out!

You're able to push one close to the ship, but now you find yourself experiencing a terrible pain as the enemy ships close in!


Well, time to head out for another one.
On my way out, I'll shoot a quick message to the hangar crew: "Make sure to doublecheck each pod; small chance could be pirates sneaking in using hostages as cover."
And then out we go, into the hellzone that is space. '1d10+2' to fly between meteorites to the next pod. I had forgotten the Agility bonus last time.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Alright.. I'll do what I can."
'1d10' wrap a few of the bindings around the escape pod. 1 phy
'1d10' Nalor does his pilot magic. 1 agi

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Stop pushing to dodge those damn rocks
"HEY! Can I get some backup here or what?!"
'1d10' haha I forgot these +2 are a thing

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Everyone! Enemy ships are within range of small arms! Please be careful!"

Several black ships approach as you start pulling in another pod. You'll have to defend it!

Escape Pod 0/4


Welp, here we go. Shift to Robomode and latch onto the pod. Bring gun to bear on nearest ship. Really starting to wish there was some kinda middle form that could use a gun right now…
Fire away. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Two ships approach yours and start shooting on you! You're able to tie one rope properly, but the pod still isn't secured!

Nalor can take a shot at the enemies, but no bonus at the moment for him.

Followed by red lights as your Mech takes massive damage and shuts off the engine! Get it restarted before you burn up and lose the pod!

Rachel Helpless /4


Outrun them to reach another pod!
'1d10' AGI 2

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Keep them off me while I get this rope secure."
'1d10' 1 phys, '1d10 nal shoots back.

Roll #1 9 = 9


'1d10' nal roll

Roll #1 3 = 3


Time for the miracle kicks!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"We're getting a Resempian ship performing an emergency Fold near us. Prepare yourselves, it'll mess with the systems!"

You manage to grab one of the remaining ones as two ships pass you. One of them with blue markings seems to be causing more pain as you look upon it!

Everything is hooked up! Drag it back before Nalor eats all your ammo!

Yes, giant robots can be restarted by kicking them! You should send a message to the Engineers about that when you return. Now grab that Pod!


Rolling to bring the pod home. Nalor for piloting '1d10' agi 1, and I'll take over firing '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1 = 1


File that away for later while I drag the pod back to the ship.
Try to generate some more missiles to take advantage of that knowledge while hauling the pod to safety. '1d10+2' AGI 2

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


And let them know my secret technique of robot revival? Never
'1d10+2' pod grabbing go

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


The enemy mothership is coming into sight. Despite its sleek fighters, the base ship looks like it was welded together from several ships. Non-standard markings can be seen all over it.

You're almost near the Ankyloaur when your ship is rocked by the enemy ships. One of them with a green marking turns back towards you, aiming to finish the job.

Getting you focused enough to make 7 bio missiles probably wasn't its plan. You can feel the pain lessen, even as it turns towards you.

You're able to output even more energy from the engine than you'd safely try to and grab onto one of the pods. You can actually feel the frantic banging of someone inside of it! But watch out, radar is showing two bogeys approaching you!


Oh this is grand, isn't it.
They really were those amateur-hour bomb makers!
Start firing at every pirate I can hit. '1d10' Well, the closest one, anyway.

Roll #1 5 = 5


'1d10+2' really focus, try to shatter the enemy ship.
'1d10' nal, please help the ship dodge.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Send Two missiles into the two ships to clear them out of the airspace.
'2d10+2' AGI 2

Roll #1 8, 1 + 2 = 11


Get my shield up and hold it against their incoming attacks with a hand while I push the pod with the other
'1d10+2' push the pod into safety
'1d10' Hold on against the shots (if I'm allowed to roll for both things at once, if not ignore this)

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 7 = 7


The Fold Field makes its appearance, as a Resempian combat ship starts appearing.

Your frantic firing doesn't deter the boss, or at least the ship with yellow markings, as it manages to ding your mech. You're much closer to the ship with your pod, just a little more…

Frank 4/5

Nalor manages to get you into the Ankylosaur with your prize as you're able to put a few holes in one of the ships.

One of the ships is torn in half and starts spinning in space, inertia keeping it moving forward.

But the Blue marked ship manages to avoid your missile and put a few shots into you!

Drone 2/5

Blue Ship ?/?

You're still not out of trouble. Just a bit closer and you'll be covered by the Ankylosaur's lasers. You can feels some thunks hitting the shield, but better it than you.


Well, as long as it doesn't shoot the pod I can just buff out the dings.
Take a second to aim, and fire at the yellow-marked ship. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Put two more missiles into it in order to make sure it's dead.
'2d10+2' AGI 2
Keep moving back to the ship with the pod; just because this ship is painful to me doesn't change that there are voices in need of assistance.

Roll #1 9, 4 + 2 = 15


Every time it turns to try and shoot you, there's a volley of your bullets keeping it away. Just a bit more and you'll be inside the Ankylosaur.


Here's hoping the lasers don't hit me by accident
'1d10+2' keep pushing
'1d10' keep defending

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 9 = 9


One more shot, and we'll see if I can't knock it out of commission before I get into the hangar. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Enemy ship is pulling out of its trajectory! Shoot as much as you can at it, but do not pursue!" The radio blares.

You're able to block the few potshots they take at you as the enemy ships start leaving. Another Mech flies out to help you.

Direct hits!

But this ship is uparmored in comparison to the other one. It starts retreating with it's remaining engine, sputtering smoke as it tries to limp away.

Successful enough hits to deter it. You don't penetrate its armor, but your optics let you see that you actually managed to hit the windshield and crack it. It turns tail and heads away with its fleeing motherbase.


Disengage maglocks, swap back to jet mode, and bring this pod to a gentler-than-crash-landing. '1d10+2'
I can leave mop-up to the military types.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Great. Now let's get this pod to safety and take a look inside for survivors


Send one last missile to finish the job. '1d10+2' AGI 2
With that taken care of, let's get this pod back to the ship and hope there are still voices inside.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


One of the Resempians who came along for the trip is waiting for your pod with a medkit.

"Can you rip that door open?" He asks. "It's been welded shut!"

They park it in the Hanger and some of the crew jumps on it. They start using their welders to cut into it. The occupant is frightened and banging on it.

"Keep your rifle ready, Squaddie." The radio operator tells you. "We don't know what's inside."


Of course it was.
Let's see… let's use my knowledge of engineering to determine the weaker seams and such. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Nice shot." Dusky chimes in from his ship. "You didn't even look, did you? Remind me to put in a report note not to get on your species bad side."

There's a flash of light and the pain is gone. One of the Human mechs, less dangerous looking that their other combat models, floats towards you carrying a medical bag.

"Hey, bring it over here! We've got some space for it."


Do as told and prepare my shield, standing right in front of it so it runs right into me


"Thank you. We do not wish to be forced into conflict with such an interesting hive; the galaxy would suffer from the loss."
Fly the pod over to the human mech.
"We are happy to assist. Have all the pods been recovered, or should we head out to retrieve more of them?"


Bad news, whoever did the seal job took pride in their work. The Fold Drive is disconnected from the internals. It's just a sealed cylinder. You'll have to rough it out.

The Crew is working slowly but surely. The 'top' part of the entrance has been cleared, and the occupant banging is opening it more.

"Does anyone have confirmation on the occupant!?" The operator yells into the work crews ears, followed by another bang.

"It's all the pods we could detect." The medic mech chimes in. "I'm going to open the hatch, but watch out for whoever is inside, okay? Ready?"


"We are prepared. Proceed."
Stand ready to react to any occupants, friendly or hostile.


Great. Juuuust great. Can't use a plasma torch or anything either, because there are people inside.
"Right, this is probably gonna get loud."
Use some leverage, and pull the engine section of the pod off from the rest of it. That should open a big enough hole for the rest to get out of there. '1d10+2' PHYS check.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Oh for Fucks sake. Move!" I shout and get in front of the door, using the robot to deal with the door faster. By ripping it off!


The mech opens the escape pod, and out floats a bloodied Resempian. He just moves his eyes, taking in everything with fear as his breathing skyrockets.

Inside, the pod is full of blood. They must have shot him when they put him insides.

"He's in shock!" The Mech yells. "Hold him down while I try to help him!"

The engine litters the hangar as one of the operators complains to you. But that doesn't matter.

"Help me."

The door goes flying, to the shock of everyone around you. Inside, there's a Resempian soldier wielding a pipe, his legs bloodied.


"Understood. We will provide assistance."
Hold him down so that the medic can tend to his wounds; having multiple legs is useful at times like this. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I need a medic over here, if we've any to spare."
Right, squat down a bit, and see what I've got to deal with.
Changing to external speakers.
"Hey, it's going to be alright, we've got you. Just keep calm, and we'll have you out of there in a few seconds."


Give him and the other men some space "Get this guy to the medical Bay, now."


You pin him to the floor as the Mech gets to work on fixing the wound. It opens up the sealed medical kit and equips it on its hand. Whirring can be heard coming from inside as multiple devices come out from it, getting to work.

But this only helps to increase his breathing!

You've got a small gap you can see in from. The occupant looks just like Andole, if she was clutching her chest to keep from bleeding out.

"No go, all the medics are busy. We'll need you to help him! We'll get some supplies to you, just keep him calm!" The radio operator blurts out.

The Resempian starts breathing hard and looking around frantically. You can see drops of blood start floating around.


They picked the wrong girl for this job
Let's try Uh… Holding him down? That ought to get him calmer


"Please calm yourself. We are here to assist you. It was a hard battle to drive off the ones who assaulted you. We would like to ensure your survival, if we can."


Shit. Back to comms.
"We've got wounded here, looks like a chest wound."
After hearing the chatter from the others all shouting for medics, I'll come to the grim realization that everyone is busy.
Back to speakers.
"Okay, this is gonna get rough for a second, but I've got to pop this thing open, okay? Just stay calm, and we'll have you out of there, patched up, and on the way planetside in no time. It's gonna get a little loud, so don't get scared, alright?"
Time to set one foot on the bottom of the hole I made, and then pull up and hope the pod gives way before my suit does. '1d10+2' PHYS check.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


He tries swinging his pipe at you as you hold him, but there's no strength behind his blows.

"We've got a kit in transit, just help him a little longer."

He's still breathing rapidly, but it's less than it was before.

"Hey, can you spare one of your arms to help me?" The Mech radios you. "I'll need to exit my machine to check on him."


Part of the pod loses stability and falls on top of you. The girl inside starts screaming in fear!


"It's okay! It's okay! You're alright! Something just came loose, that's all."
Now, carefully, carefully, move that piece of pod off me and by extension her.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


She stops crying and starts coughing blood.


"And how the FUCK do I calm him down? I'm not a damn therapist!"
Turn to the alien below "Uuh… Okay look, calm down alright? Alright?"


Fuck. That means it might be getting into her lungs.
"Hey, could I get a little help over here!?"
Okay, so, recap. When I got shot earlier, that must have damaged something. Probably a tube or hose that regulates pressure. No time for finesse now, I've got to get that girl out of there or at least exposed enough that the medics can reach her wounds. So, gonna let the leg servos do the hard work on this one. Angle the shoulder a bit to get under the roof, and then stand up. I know for a fact those ones still work fine. I don't need to rip it off, just get it open wide enough for the team to get in there and get her out.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Dang it, I don't know. Uhm, let him see you. Open your hatch, let him see you aren't some killer robot or something!"

The pod and your machine roar in protest, neither wanting to give way. Your mechs limbs protest and fail, but not before giving you the hole the occupant needed.

Your now useless mech is shoved aside as the medic gets to work on pulling the occupant out and getting to work on her. She's got blood everywhere, but she's safe now.


Hold an arm out to the area where the humans exit from.
"Careful now. These humans are quite small, so please do not make any sudden movements while he tends to you."


The Medical kit continues to do its work as the hatch opens, revealing a pink suited operator. She 'jumps' towards your leg, pointing at the Resempian's snout.


"I swear to god if he hits me…"
Open up and let him see me, raising my hands "I'm just a human, hoooo maaaan, see? I'm not gonna hurt you"


Great. That's gonna take months to fix. Probably. But at least the girl's alive.
Time to start running diagnostics, seeing what's failed. Hydraulics are a wash, no doubt. Hope they put me far enough out of the way so that I can actually make this rig mobile again.


Lift her up to his snout very gently.
"Please remain calm. She only wishes to assist you in your recovery."


He stops trying to hit your mech for a moment, then his fear seeps out of him as he starts having a giggle.

Red all over your HUD. You've got enough thrust to park yourself in a corner, but your mech is basically a paraplegic now. You're going to have to bust out your tools and replace most of your limbs.

He nods as your help the human approach him. You can see his eyes look up her as she uses a flashlight to look into his eyes. She signals you to move her towards the Resempian's right, away from his wounded side. She keeps the light on his eyes.


"Oh look, he's having a giggle. Hahahaha"
SLAM the robot fist on the ground near him, grinning down at him "Are you having a giggle mate? 'cus I don't see anything funny here"


Groan audibly.
Hope they keep some of the scrap from those pods, because otherwise I'm going to be in the hole before I even get paid. Well, further in the hole because I'd still have to pay for the scrap, but…
"Figures. First day in space, and I get pirates. And we're not even in space yet."
Sigh heavily, set my suit's status to "in need of repair", and pop the hatch. It's gonna be a long goddamn walk across the hangar.


Follow her signals, moving her around as needed.
"Humans are fascinating, are they not? When we first met them, we believed them to be entirely mechanical, but have since learned that they simply use machines to move around in space and contribute to the other races. We look forward to learning more about them over the course of our trip."
Conversation is the best way to calm someone down, we believe.


He stops giggling after the noise you make, but he's still smiling. A medic equipped Mech comes over.

"I got him from here. Have your mech checked for damage."

Several yellow suited people in the hangar start pointing you towards your spot.

Several other mechanics do their best to put their hand on their foreheads through their helmets. It's going to be a lot of work in the future.

But at least the Resempian medic is giving you a thumbs up as they take the girl out of the hangar.

The Resempian's tension levels start lowering. His breathing starts stabilizing.

"And, they're kinda cute."

The Medic stops moving for a moment.


Let's get our mech fixed up and get something to drink


Wave back.
Then turn to look at my suit. Internals are probably fucked to bits, but how's it looking externally? Aside from the damage I just did to it by prying that pod apart?


"Indeed. They are most certainly appealing and delightful, especially when excited. Their small size makes their energy very endearing."
Tilt our head at her.
"Is something the matter?"


The red lights finally turn off. It's much more calming now.


There's some red dust marks on your unit, but nothing a little cleaning won't fix.

Most of the armoring is still fine. You can probably salvage most of it, but there's still dents and dings in it that will force lots of replacement parts.

"No, uh, nothing. Just had to think there for a moment. I think he can be moved safely now. Let's get him to Medical, if you can."




You've succesfully managed to stop an attack on the Resempian Orbital Tower and the Ankylosaur is being escorted out of the current Solar System. As it stands, everyone has been put on stand by. The local Space Navy has turned on all its sensors as your ship slowly makes its way. Everyone is free to explore the ship and make preparation for Fold Space jump.

The lights go out for a moment as power is directed towards the civilan areas.


I still need that drink… Let's look for the kitchen or something


Is there any way we can continue to assist with the medical efforts to treat the injured, or is our contribution required elsewhere?


Some of the smaller hallways are packed, full of people bringing in their own stuff or moving items the ship will need.

Your ComLink map gives you two locations with alcohol. A simple restaurant and a small bar conveniently located near the transport hubs.

Now that the current enemy has been removed, they've been taken to the medical ward of the Ankylosaur. You're free at the moment.

Dusky is lost in thought at the moment, looking at his map while the rest of the hangar is busy.


Push around my way to the bar


That is reassuring. We are certain any off-world news covering the event will be glad to hear that information.
"Friend-Dusky, might we share in your current thoughts?"


It's a packed lift ride to the Diesel bar, and it might not have been worth it. There's still 15 ft tall boxes full of booze that need to be put where they belong. Some of the human stalls still haven't been built, and the sun lights are still open air windows at the moment.

There's a huge Walger male with huge tusks sitting down, wearing what was supposed to look like a bartenders outfit.

"Sorry for the mess, just getting set up still. Is there anything I can get ya'?

"Yeah, they're worry. There's still no news about the guys who attacked. I'm sure they're still out there." He looks at you for a moment, thinking. "I don't think we were the target, but I don't like the fact that we might be an easy one."


''It's… Fine, whatever, just get me a cold beer''
Can I find any seats around?


I suppose they want us to go over there?


"Just ho ahead and take, uhm, the seat." There's only one finished Human stall. The current one is designed for two people. "The tablet nearby should be working, just input your ComLink number and it'll deduct from your account. Oh, and they told you about the rules for it, right?"

You'll be free once you land your ship in the hangar. Coordinates and orders are being sent to Nalor, while your passengers are struggling to stay seated in the zero-g.

"Hey, you think we're in the clear?" Nalor asks over the intercom.


"We have seen the humans in action. Their technology and combat skills are not insignificant. Perhaps you could inquire into having them attempt to improve your own technology, to further your own combat effectiveness. That may assist in making us a difficult target."
Some of our legs idly fold and rub together as we debate the best wording to continue the information exchange.
"We also do not know the motivations behind the attackers. However, this does work to our advantage; the human-hive understands how dangerous such flights are, if they did not before. They will reach conclusions and decisions accordingly. If nothing else, we are here to assist them."


''No? What rules?''


"I hope its not, I wouldn't mind actually earning my pay this time." Smile at him and look ahead at the hangar.
"Rules? Like don't sit in my chair?"


Meant to reply to >>657838


"Yeah, you're right. Wait, I need to be elsewhere! You don't know where the Water Tanks are, right?"

"There's a blood alcohol level that can't be exceeded here. You'll get a notice on your ComLink when the alcohol might have been too much. Frankly, I'm grateful. No more drunks to throw out."

The hanger is packed, lots of machines being reloaded and repaired. There's a Medical Crew waiting at the edge of your landing area and a set of repair droids coming to check out the ships damage.


I grunt in response and start putting my ComLink number
''There, now can I have the booze?''


"Looks like there is a med team waiting for you." I report back to the guests.


"Make sure to savor it." He smiles as all bartenders are paid to and presses another set of buttons on his end. On the wall, a large cup appears behind a plastic screen and booze is poured in. It nearly reaches the top before it stops pouring and the little gate keeping you from it lifts away.

"Ugh, I'm glad anyone was waiting for us. Didn't think we were gonna make it after waking up in those pods. Thank the stars you folks showed up."


"Unfortunately not. Shall we seek them together?"
Are there any directions marked anywhere for us to follow?


"That's what I'm here for."
Check behind us to make sure we weren't followed.


''Yeah, thanks…'' Pull the cup and stare at the Beer head, if any and take some sips


In the Hangar, just the signs towards the insides of the ship. You can see Dusky hard at work getting the directions.

"When not fighting, the Humans are having me maintain the water system. It's not exactly glamorous, but I can easily spin that around on the paperwork for back home. Will you be doing the messaging thing, or something else?"

The route towards the tanks are quite crowded. Lots of human machines and other races moving materials around.

Behind you, the cameras only glimpse the infinite blackness of space and the walls of the Hanger enveloping you.

"Landing in a bit. All the sick and injured get ready to be probed." Nalor jokes as the Medics come in. One of them, a Resempian from the world you were just in, stops and asks if you're alright too.

It tastes a lot like the cheap booze you used to drink when you were younger. They probably have tankers full of the stuff. While not strong, it does make your body feel a bit more loose.


''Tsc…Gotta pay for cheap drinks like these…Defender of people…Protect and serve…Yeah my ass…'' I grumble between sips as I lean back in my seat, looking around for anything to distract myself as the buzz starts kicking in


"Mostly messaging, though we were also requested for some examination of their scanning arrays and Fold Drive. From our understanding, our role will mostly be that of watching the ripples, so as to warn in advance of danger."
We are not very skilled with technology, but we know the Fold on a level few other races do.


There's not much going on in this bar, at least not yet. The huge bartender is still moving around boxes containing the stuff for the next guests that come in. You can hear trucks hauling lots of equipment around, and the 'sky' is still giving off the standby lights.

"There's only a few other races that can do the Fold Stuff naturally. Figures the Humans would want one around, or anyone else for that matter. Oh, here's the transport for the tanks." Dusky points at a busy elevator, opening up for a few other passengers waiting to travel along it with their gear. "I know you can travel through space, but have you been under water before?"


"We have been to and are at many aquatic worlds, and been under water many times before; This drone, however, has not."


"Really?! Then I'll show you! Look, the rest of the elevator is translucent. You can see into the water tanks."

Through the glass, you can see what looks like a chunk of the ocean had been brought up into space. There are numerous plants and aquatic life throughout the hold.


My god
Let's finish our drink and ask for another. This place is too dead


"The ship took most of the heat, but thanks for the concern."


"Fascinating. We did not know the human-hive was so accomodating to aquatic species; to our understanding, storage is very limited for long voyages."
This drone's head turns back and forth, taking in all the sights as the hive sends a stream of information identifying those plants and fish we recognize.


The Bartender authorizes your purchase.

"Wasn't expecting a client so eager to drink, especially after the action from today. Were you involved in any of that? They're keeping mum on the details."

The medic bows politely before turning towards the rest of the injured Resempians.

"A'hoy there!" Your radio shouts at you. "You guys there need yer ship patched!?"


''Yeah yeah I was there alright… Almost got killed inside my mech because of those fuckers when I was trying to rescue a pod…Inside we found a dude shitting his pants in fear and what's the thanks I get? None. Not a lil' smile or a 'thanks you', Nothing…Bleh… Gimme another''
''Who's Mum anyways?''


"Remember, we're going to be here for a while. A natural filtration system actually works better in the long term. And maybe you don't have to deal with it as much, but the rest of us like that the water can push off the radiation. It works well for all of us." The Elevator stops as Dusky finishes his lecture. The 'top' of the container looks like the sandy beaches on the planet, with a number of living quarters for humans and a little bit more for the intelligent aquatics who'll be living there.

"Wait, hold on." He taps on his translator application. "It's just a manner of speech from back home. Means the people in charge aren't saying anything besides that the attack happened."


''So they didn't tell you anything about how the things attacked and their spaceships or anything?…''

''…Another'' I ask, raising my mug


"Last one. After that, both of us get locked out." He says in a professional manner. "Not a lick. Just that we encountered hostiles and to tie ourselves down in a corner. Any word on who or what exactly was attacking? I know the Resempians made some, antagonists, but they haven't done anything big in a long while."


"Efficient," we remark, enjoying the blending of functionality with beauty.
"I suppose this is where we shall most often find you in the future?"


''Heh…Well I can tell ya suuuure…But you'll have to do a li' thing fer me…I want ya to look away of the monitor of the ComLink when the alcohol gets high. Don't worry I ain't gonna pass out or start fights or anything''


"Correct, just call me Maintenance Engineer Dusky!" He says with a smile. "There's a radio over there you can use to reach me under water. Oh, what about your residence? Where are you assigned?"

"Nice try, but the system won't allow me. Booze has gotta come out of someone's allowance, and every one gets a notification when it does. But if you tell me, maybe I'll give you a discount on the next time."


''Meh…Whatever just give me the last fill so I can get out''


"We have not inquired yet, we found it unimportant. When we are informed of our residence, we will let you know so you may reach us."


Before the Bartender can respond to that, your ComLink buzzes with two messages.

One, that you're at your daily limit. And second, that you're needed back in the Hangar.

"You'd better hurry. At least just so you can tell me where you'll be at." Dusky says before he's interrupted. "Looks like one of my Human handlers is here. Hopefully this one will be easier to deal with than the other races I've worked with."

Your radio flares up as Dusky heads into the water. It's a summons back to the Hangar.


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