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The Light of Equestria has gone.

Without their Sun, the ponies of Canterlot have fallen to chaos and now riot in the street, burning the belongings of those they believe caused the problem.

Namely, every non-pony in town is now a marked target.



accepting to aid the Pegasus in search of his adopted Earthie sister, you've come across a group of rioters in the central area of your apartment. You had opted to attack them.

Here are your choices.
#You can choose any one skill from any class.

Be aware that you will be locked into that class at the moment.

Since you opted to attack the group, you must select a skill that hits multiple or all targets available.


Only multitarget skills?



Roll #1 6 = 6


Though you lack a weapon, you remind the ponies why Diamond Dogs tend to get a bad reputations. With a single swing of your mighty paws, you knock a few of them away.

Diamond Dog
SP remaining: 4

#BDN 5/5

Group of rioters 14/1

"He's one of the ones who made the Princess leave us, don't let him get away!"


"How dare you speak such slander? Your mouth will pay dearly!"

Smack that pony in the mouth.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Buck you!"

You suffer 2 hits of damage, stranger.

You got a name?


Do I?



Fiver-el comes to mind. I think I can use that. Fiverel.

Enough! Grab his whole body and swing him at the other rioters!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Not a smart move, in hindsight. The ponies are on you quickly, knocking you to the ground and kicking you repeatedly.

Fiverel Helpless/4

Group of ponies 14/1

#I'll let you buy Bolster for 2 SP and make it instant automatic right now, or do you want to take your chances with RNG?


Tela, your character is at home, hiding in their apartment with the curtain shut.

How would you describe the character's home?

1. Wealthy, they've got everything one can image
2. Average, a few more hours at work and he can get a real big TV!
3. Poor, a government loaned home. Bare necessities.


Average joe


Very well.

Anyone would be happy to be in this room. Everything is nice and whatever isn't new is well cared for anyway.

Of course, it would help if they could see their _______ in front of them. The rioters outside might throw stuff at your windows if they think someone is inside.

1. Paws
2. Talons
3. Hooves

Feel free to ask any questions if they come up.


What rioters? what's going on?


It be nice to know the full details, wouldn't it?

Alas, all you know is that there was a major announcement on the news, people were attached to their TV and radios, but you hurried home tired.

All you can hear is people wanting "her" back and that it is their fault she left. And by their fault, I mean yours. You've seen a few goats and others beaten from your apartment window.

What will you do?


Hurried home from where? My work? What do I do for a living? Who am I?


Why are you asking me that? You should know about yourself.

Of course, if you've forgotten, just look around. Nice bed, nice TV, very good clothes. Even a healthy wallet. You're not some fast food checkout hoof, that's for sure.

Think of a career or job for your character. Maybe it's in management, and up and coming lawyer, or something else?


But why is it my fault someone left?
I don't know anything.


You can't really trust rioters, though. Who knows what they mean by that.

What is obvious is that they mean you harm. They're setting fire to cars and breaking into stores. Lots of Earthies are attacking houses and sheds and pegasi spray paint everywhere.

Oh, and you can hear hoof steps outside your door.


Let's find something I can use as a weapon to defend myself?


The little table in the living room could make a nice wooden sword and shield. There's always the good stand by of knives in the kitchen.


Just get a damn knife and hide


A good and simple choice. You lean up against the wall, watching the door. Whoever is out there is standing in front of your door.


The rest of the lights cut out. Whoever is outside is still in front of your door.


Well this is the worst
Maybe that person will go away now


Whoever it is seems to be pushing against your door. You can hear it croak under the burden.


Trying to ram it in?


Not really. Instead of kicks or tugs, it has been one long press since the lightsnwent out.

Clearly, if this was a burglar, they should ask for a refund from whoever taught them.


Well okay, I'll stay hidden for now


That might not be such a good choice. The power outage not only took the lights, but the sanity of the rioters too. They're flinging all sorts of stuff, like bricks, car parts, even Molotov cocktails. Those pesky unicorns look mighty smug because they were lucky enough to be born with head cancer.

Oh look, there goes a Molotov now.

It's coming closer to you.


Woah, the wind diverted it to the apartment next door. Look at it burn!


what am I?


Not something with wings, that's for sure.

I haven't taken a good look at you either, but from what I've gathered, you might be a _______.


And to be frank, I haven't checked out what you're packing down there. A bit of a professional courtesy on my part.

Choose Gender as well.


let's go with a male crystal poen


Well, then, now that we've settled that, there lies the little matter of dealing with the door and its new attendant. You've got a good knife in your hooves and you seem fit enough, you could always try to stab through it, unless you want to see what happens to a cooked Crystal pony.


Yeah, time to get out!


Roll a d10 if you want to knife through the door.

Don't forget, your safety is my top priority. Feel free to suggest alternatives. Can't have you say I controlled you and made you act against your will, now can we?


Fuck it. Do it!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wall, wall, wall.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, it looks good on you. But you might want to consider investing in night vision goggles, or candles, those are nice too.

You mistime the thrust and instead bash the door, launching whoever was on the other side. Your knife is bent too.


To hell with it!
Just run!


Ignoring the groaning, you run down the hall. The Elevator to the right, the stairs are to the left.

There is no power anywhere else and only the Exit lights remain lit.




You slam the door that leads to the stairs. There's an Earth pony there, surprised to see you. I'd recommend striking first before he kicks your skull in.

You can pick one skill from any class, even multiclasses., but you'll be locked into them. So choose carefully.


Cheap shot him!


I like your style. I really do.

He's on the ground. He only got one blink in before you felled him. Now what will you do?

Current Class: Bard
1 SP spent on Cheap Shot


Downstairs. Move.


You leave him to his fate.

Getting down to the 12th floor, there's a mountain of trash blocking your way. Seems they were cleaning up an apartment before this went down. If you had wings, easy, but you don't. The door is open, but you aren't familiar with this floor. Go in?


This guy must have come in somehow
Go in


Lots of noise coming from these rooms. It must be a nice apartment that they included sound proofing so you couldn't hear them from just one floor above. There's a group of shadows up ahead, it's hard to see in this darkness.


Keep going, be subtle


What caused this change? But I can't say I disagree with it.

The shadows are nothing but furniture gathered up to make a barricade. It isn't complete, and you can hear the pony working on it fussing about with the next batch of materials.


Can I sneak past?


If you purchase Stealth, I guarantee it, but then you'll be locked in for good.

You could always just roll a d10 and beat 7.

Of course, you're a smart cookie. You can think of something.


Just Cheap shot the pony then, to knock out


A simple idea, looks like I can count on you to make your own decisions.

You knocked him out in his apartment. Want to help yourself to some of his stuff? He won't need it.



You're in the room above your auto shop, holding out as the rioters scream and the fires burn.

Tell me, what type of mechanic are you?

1. You work on Domestic cars
2. You specialize in Foreign vehicles
3. Computer alterations for you, adjusting the built in programming


I've worked all my life on equestrians-made, no matter how horrible they might be, just like my father did!


You went in to the family business, how noble.

Still, this place is interesting to look at.

Is it clean, or is it dirty?

Also, roll a d10.


I've never had time to clean it up…

Roll #1 4 = 4


Pity, despite the drop off in business in the time leading up to this, you'd have had plenty of time to get this place in top shape.

Of course, you have to focus on the right now, this instant is where you will do all your planning. Look outside, there's a few ruffians coming down the street. Their smashing all the low level windows.

What are you going to do as they approach?


That depends. How many of them?
I could maybe take one or two if they tried to break the garage's shutter.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Only about three.

You've got plenty of viable 'weapons' lying around, I might recommend picking one of them up with your _____.


Of course, if you'd like, I could offer you any one skill from any one class. Just be aware, you're kind of locked into if you choose to do so.


Hoof. And I will pick up a decently sized wench, then make my way downstairs, to the shop.


A decent sized Wrench you say? It looks like it would be fit on a battlefield to pop off armor. Pick up a backup one while your at it to dual wield if you'd like.

Now then, back to the possible actions at hand. You can hear them yelling and smashing windows. They are getting closer and closer.

Do you want to take them by surprise, or see if they just move on? They sound more like alcoholics than rioters, might be better to let them pass.


Stay quiet and see them pass.



This was probably the smart thing to do, I should add, but it's going to cost you a pretty bit or two to repair the damage. If you could that is, something is strange around here..

Roll a 2d10.


I will be lucky if I pass the night.
Repairs are the least of my concerns.

Roll #1 6, 4 = 10


Good, keep those repairs out of your head, because you might not get that chance. Smoke is starting to come in from the backdoor!


Fuck I should have locked that!
Grab a mop and throw it over my nuzzle, look for a window.


The big front windows are already pre-broken, but there's a door too.

You could run off towards the buildings across the street, or take chances on your back alleys. You're familiar with those, right Mister… Uhm?



Mister Donkey will do.
I know those back alleys like my hoof, go through them!


We wouldn't want you to run into any undesirable types, now would we? Be careful and keep your eyes out as you approach one of the city built playgrounds. There's a group of people. Think of an action and roll for it.

Then, roll an additional d10 for spot.


I will try to regain my bearings and start heading for where my friends usually gather.
Should be a bar or something.
And keep an eye out for the fires.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


A ninja you aren't. You step on a twig, alerting the group to your presence. They instinctively take cover, with some of the males brandishing deadly brooms at you.

They are attempting to stare you down, it seems, but its hard to see when all you have is a trash can fire.


"Whoa, slow down, I ain't got nothing for you here!"


The group starts spreading out, they only see you and the other one.

"Leave us, then. TV says your types are the ones responsible for the Light leaving us, but we've already lost our homes."


"Yeah man, no freakin, problem, I'm leavin'!"
Rush off on the opposite direction!


As you pass, you notice that there really isn't much for this group. Seems they only have the clothes on their back and whatever trash was left behind.

After a few blocks, looks like only more trouble was waiting fro you on the other side. There's a pair of masked ponies standing around something on the ground. Looking around them, they have plenty of tools to cause lots of havoc.


It's a horrible night, isn't it? The fighting and burning going on outside and around you, ruining the lives of many ponies you've come to like.

But this isn't about them. It's about you, uhm, sorry, I forgot what you are. Care to remind me?


The sun has gone? This cannot be! I carefully pull aside the heavy curtains on my window and check.


But it is, and your eyes can be believed, judging by all the other rioters. People are starting fights and looters are running about everywhere. Some are crying about in the streets.

Before we go anywhere else, we should determine where you're starting from.

1. A studio apartment
2. A house
3. A mobile home


A house. I can't have much of a social life so I keep most of my earnings.


It must be such a lovely house if you've put your earnings into it. A shame it might end up like your neighbors, looted at best, currently burning down at worse. It really was a nice neighborhood, no one batted an eye when you went out on your nightly walks.

You've got a few moments to prepare. I might recommend arming yourself, but you seem capable enough in a fight. What will you do before they come for your house?


I'll grab my sword from over the mantle and put on the suit of soft armor I wear when hunting down criminals.


Well, you are an interesting one, right off the bat you have this lying around.

Looks like the looting ponies have made their way to the houses right next to yours, yelling things about how they've lost the Light and how its all the foreigners fault.

It seems a foregone conclusion that you'll go after them, and I wouldn't blame you, but I'll remind you that they are a large bunch. Those Earthies look like they could buck a mountain, and those Pegasi with them seem quick enough.

If you choose to go after them, how's about this: I look away from what you use those fangs for and let you choose any 1 skill that targets a group.


This is an AoE skill and not Life Drain, right?




Yes, go ahead and pick any AoE skill, but you will be locked into that class for the moment.


I'll run back to grab the mask that covers my eyes, the hurry back outside. Once I've gathered my thoughts I cast Night over the pegasi.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's not exactly pitch black, but in their frenzy and the sudden lack of sun, they are clearly panicking. They don't like this one bit, they were expecting a night of wanton destruction.


Now that it is even darker around them, I attack. These ponies are panicked and not in their right mind, so I shall use my hooves to attack them. They fliers are the weakest, I hope, so that is where I will start.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Not the best entrance. You manage to hit a few, but most start throwing punches everywhere and you get caught in the crossfire.

Sauna Fret 4/6

Rioters 10 HP

Better hurry up, the effects of Night are starting to dispel and they seem quite willing to take on someone they blame for losing their Light.


Can I use Night again after the cooldown period, or only when you say I can?
I focus and aim my bounces better, being watchful and dodging what attacks come my way. These ponies may not be evil, but they still must be stopped.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Go ahead and roll once more, the roll determines the length. Every number after 5 gives you a bonus to your hits, so 6 would give you a +1 to hit, a 7 a +2.

Roll a 2d10, though. You seem capable enough to multitask spell casting and hitting people.


Am I at home?


I use my magic, now free of the shame of blocking out the Light of Justice, and continue my assult against them.

Roll #1 6, 10 = 16


That's up to you, little Doggie. If you are, I might recommend calling the police. Looks like your place has been robbed.

Oh, and get something for that bleeding on your head.

*Applause sounds and whistling*
I'm not one to recommend violence as the solution to most problems, but even I can recognize a true artiste's work. It was both cruel and efficient and proper the way you defeated these deviants who now lie at your hooves. well, except that Unicorn pony there whose frozen in fear of you.


How hurt am I?


Just a little scruff from jumping into the fray. I'd say a simple soft drink will take away the memory and the pain of getting hit.


Sigh. I just hope they left that beer I was brewing.

Look through my first aid box to put a gauze to my head, then call the police.


This pony is too innocent. No doubt there are monsters out there more deserving of my bite.
I take a step towards the pony.


Seems they were after valuables, but they did take the time to smash everything else you owned, except for the beer. That's still good.

Picking up the phone, there's no signal. Those rioters outside might have something to do with that.

In your case, I'll recommend grabbing something to protect yourself in all this fighting and cold and head to a friends house. Staying in an already burgled home isn't so smart, even for you. Are you able to recall any friend's names, or at least tell me what race they are?


He quickly rushes to his hooves and trips over several times as he cries into the dark.

Roll a 2d10. There's somethings around here that should catch your sharp ears.


I listen. The night is you-no, the night is old and shows no signs that it will not get older still. If I'm going to get to the castle and find where She has gone then I will need my strength.

Roll #1 10, 3 = 13


Far be it from me to offer forceful suggestions, but I wouldn't recommend heading to the castle. I'm sure what's left of the Guard has amassed there. But that's for later.

Right now, one of the other homes is being broken into! You can hear screaming, and you can barely make out a solid thwacking and thumping noise. Several Earthies are terrorizing a family of Goats!


Of I go to the rescue! As soon as I can seethe attackers I darken the surroundings and bite into the neck of an assailant.

Roll #1 8, 2 = 10


Well… is that nice Zebra next door alright? I should probably check on him.

Put on my robes. Hopefully knowing I'm a fighting instructor will ward off most


The already dark house is practically pitch black now, enabling you to approach a panicking Earthie unmolested and bite into him.

The pain causes him to start bucking around. Roll for how much blood you are able to take from him, if that is your desire.

Your size alone should deter most, but whoever broke into your home might have lucked out and taken you by surprise.

Knocking on his door, all you hear is him yelling: "Stay away, I'll hurt you if you break in to my home!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Just enough to heal myself and weaken this criminal.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Hey! It's me, Bonnie! Are you alright? I got attacked!"


I've seen professional grade needles leave bigger marks and drain less blood. I'm also not to keen on how you licked your lips afterwards or that glow in your eyes afterwards.

He's pretty helpless after separating him from his vital fluids, and the way he ran head first into the wall trying to buck you off didn't help. He's on the ground.

Another Earthie barges in, "Galiciano, answer me! Where are you!?"

The Night is still in effect, but his eyes are getting acclimated. +2 to your next attack.

He opens the door, nervously looking all around before inviting you in.

"I didn't think you of all people would be attacked. If they got to you, I'm really worried about myself."

A noise outside has him rush over to a corner of the living room.



Ahhhhh, nothing is better than the taste of blo-justice. Nothing is better than justice for criminals.
I quietly trot around the stallion and strike him in the back of the head with a hoof.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"They took or broke everything. Well, aside from the old tonic, luckily what's been going on?"


"I think there's someone outside."

The poor Zebra, despite possessing a powerful kick you can attest to, is frozen in fear.


"What, right now?"

Assume a cautious Stance. Might burst in at any moment.


Look, a moving trash can. I'm sure that in the middle of this riot, nothing bad could possibly be inside.


Lunge at the trash can and remove the cover.


And inside, the prize is *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

*Drum noises*

*Drum noises intensifying*

A gryphon butt!

Attached to the rest of the gryphon to boot!



"You, what are you doing inside?"


He tumbles outside, a pineapple on his head.

"Some of the kids grabbed me and shoved me in here," he responds, "thanks for getting me out." He says in a surly manner.

A sudden noise, however, puts him on edge.


"What kids? Just what's been going on? I got attacked, but I don’t know by who. So someone tell me!"


Poor thing just looks down.

"I don't know, I was at the arcade all day. I was finally getting good, and then I got lifted off and beat up. All I can recall is something about 'You made the Light go away!' and 'The Sun is gone because of your kind!'"


"What? Sun gone?"

Look out a window.


Yup, it's gone.

Not turn around, it's night time anyway. The sun *should* be gone. Who knows what those jerks meant by it. What I can confirm is that there are plenty of crazy people about setting fires, and as your skull can testify, beating up people.


"Who knows what they mean. The sun will rise in the morning as usual."

Check the clock, or whatever.


Taking the kid back with you inside the Zebra's house, the clock barely reads 10:30 PM. The night is still quite young.

Now then, let's review your situation, if you don't mind.

You're already a pre-injured Diamond Dog, you've got a scared Zebra, and a Gryphon who seems to have left his predatory instincts at home, and a city full of angry Earthies, Unicorns, and Pegasi.

I think you know what you should be doing from here.


Bunkering down and hiding?

Turn to zebra.

"Your place is still safe. Mind if we hide here for tonight? Maybe we could check the news."


I was suggesting leaving, but I can understand not wanting to leave what stuff you have.

However, there's a reason its so dark outside as you learn when you try to turn on his TV and radio. The power has been cut. I doubt it was completely intentional, just some punks letting their inner pyromaniac out.

I've already scouted the most important part of Mr. Grevyi's house, the kitchen, and can tell you he lacks the supplies to make a proper sandwhich. It's dark out, and you should be able to defend yourself properly now, what say we head to the nearest food dispensary and stock up on the essentials, like Twinkies.


That's probably a good idea, voice-in-head.

"Alright. Maybe we should go out and get some supplies. I'll go. Anyone want to accompany me?"



Roll #1 2 = 2


Looks like you're on your own.

The gryphon isn't very big and has already suffered a smelly loss.

The Zebra looks so tightly wound even I think he's going to start spinning in place.

Now then, the closest store isn't all too far, let's see how good you are at getting from Point A to Point B.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Sorry, left my rolling hat on.

#ROLL A 3D10



Roll #1 8, 5, 2 = 15


You started off strong, but couldn't quite seal the deal. Just a few blocks away from the store, you run into a pair of Unicorn Hooligans! They seem young and inexperience, but that makes them all the more dangerous. They don't know they shouldn't mess with a Dog like you.

#You're free to pick any one skill from any one class to deal with this situation. Just note that you'll be locked into that class unless I give you another opportunity.


I'm just going to go straight for mountain spring style.

Take up a defensive stance.

"Hey look, guys, I don't want any trouble. Let's just go on our way, huh?"


Impressive. Having paws larger than their bodies helps a bit. Let's see if they take your advice.

Roll #1 4, 4 = 8


Nope, seem sense is something they have yet to loot. And look, they're charging you with their horns. Maybe you can knock 'em around a little, no?

Blue Unicorn
White Unicorn

Roll #1 2, 10 = 12


"Look, I said I didn't want any trouble."

Hold one of them by the horn and throw to the ground.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Tackling a Unicorn like that isn't the smartest move in your arsenal. I'd recommend a little more force, maybe even escalating to a boop in their nose. At your full force.

Bonnie 1/4

Blue Unicorn
White Unicorn

Roll #1 1, 2 = 3


Fine. Quickly slam into one of them and try pinning them down.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Come on, put those doggy legs of your into it.

Bonnie Helpless/3

Blue Unicorn
White Unicorn


Hng. It's dark.

Throw myself up.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Honestly, it's too dark. I might agree with these ponies about the sun going away, but the sudden, large light show nearby sends them flying.


I reckon that's a good 20 feet of distance they got thanks to that explosion. Good thing you were already down, but in the future, try to stay away from flammable gases and crazed out rioters carrying torches.

Now, let's see what we can find inside the pre-looted store.

#Roll 4d10



Well, thank fortune's favour.


Do those unicorns look fine?

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 10, 4, 6, 8 = 28




You call that a trot?! I thought you teleported over and unleashed some horrible magic on that stallion! Granted, he deserved it, but even I didn't see that blow that just knocked his consciousness away.

"Hey, you two, where are you!? Don't leave me alone like this with the kid!"

"PAPA!! Please, wake up!"

Don't worry about those Unicorns. Nothing a whole bottle of Tylenol can't handle. Fortunately for them, you've found quite the stash of them.

The store was vandalized, but no one actually broke in. A big doggy like you wouldn't have been stopped by those walls anyways.

And look, they still have the limited edition Twinkies. I thought they were gon and it was all ogre!


For emphasis, Bonnie has a whole store she can loot. Get those supplies back to your hideout.


I hope there's a doggy bag I can carry all this in


Doggy bags are usually meant for unfinished food. I don't take you for one that would do something so petty so quickly, but there are plenty of plastic bags you can use.

You can still hear the sounds of the rioters, but they're a good distance of.


Any backpacks around? Fill them with dry foods. Hurry.


Mostly the little kid ones with Batmane and Captain Amareica, but they'll do the job too, and with your paws, you can stuff a lot into them real fast. I still wonder how they don't panic more when a carnivore twice their size with paws bigger than their heads shows up.

Anyway, it doesn't take you long to get back. People are more willing to stay inside after that explosion.

When you make it back to Mr. Geyvi's house, the Gryphon is fast asleep, but the Zebra looks like he's going to take off any moment.


"Mr. Geyvi? What are you trying to do? I got supplies."

Hope I remembered the bottled water.


You know how important that is, of course not.

Mr. Greyvi looks at you, then the kid, and then back.

"This is why I originally left my homelands. All these fights. When I saw you were my neighbor, that it didn't bother you that I was foreign, how no one else was affected by my presence, I was happy. But now…"

He loosens up a little and looks down.


"But where else do you have to go? Aren't you being hasty? We don't even know why this is happening. Who knows, it might all blow over tomorrow morning. If not, well… we'll need to find shelter elsewhere, but I'm coming back.


"You're right, you're right. It just brings bad memories back."

He chuckles to himself.

"Sorry, it's also strange for me to be trusting you. A lot of my childhood was spent running from Dogs and Gryphons, and now I have two in my home. So, what do we do from here? We have supplies, but there are still rioters outside and no way to know when it's safe to go outside."


"We wait until morning. Can we get the news somehow?"


"The power is out. My clock runs on battery, but no radio inside of it. You might be able to check out the garages, maybe someone has a generator, or even find a car that hasn't been looted, we can use the radio from there. Wait!"

He pulls out his cellphone, but his smile as he thinks he found a way to reach the outside world vanishes.

"No signal."


"Damn. It's unlikely news stations would be able to broadcast, then. Still.."

Alright, may as well take a look in the garages.


The garage is locked, of course. This can't be made too easy for you. It's one of those little standalone garages made separate from the buildings.

Roll a 2d10 to see how easily you get in.



There's a few bats and other "weapons" here. You've got a few more floors to go through, I might suggest taking them.


Take a bat then. What kind of other weapons?


Golf clubs, lamps. Not exactly military grade, mind you, but enough that a good Crystal Pony such as yourself could do some damage, not to mention all the other dangerous things people tend to keep in their homes.


I'll take a golf club.
Aside from that, what else is there?


About the same as you'd find in any apartment. Some water bottles and beer, and unmade bed with a wallet on the bed stand.

This pony should, however, take the time to clean this place up if he doesn't burn up first.


Take some water then.
That guy will wake up again soon enough.


Well, I'll accept your judgement. You're taking only the supplies you need, nothing else. I think we'll get along very well.

The walk to the next flight of stairs is rather easy, barring the darkness of everyone keeping their lights off. The only thing that is visible are the glowing EXIT signs and those strange boxes on the wall.

However, the door has been blocked from the other side. Give it a few bucks if you want to force it open.

Roll a 3d10 to kick, or offer an alternate solution.


I'm just a horse, not a innawoods expert.
As for the door, try to force it open [3d10]

Roll #1 10, 4, 10 = 24


Are you a Diamond Pony? Those are some powerful kicks. I'd hate to meet you in battle, though I'd love to have you on my side.

Now, seems like some bandits have gone around blocking the doors. The door to the next floor has been barricaded, but nothing is stopping you from walking down a few more flights of stairs.


Let's go down then


The door to the 10th floor is in the same condition. Barricaded to prevent further entry.

Roll a 2d10 to spot.


Trouble? [2d10]

Roll #1 2, 1 = 3


Roll to evade with a -2 modifier



Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


You focus too much on the details of the materials. It slows you down when if all comes flying out, flinging you against the railing.

Tela 2/5

In the midst of all this rubble, an Earth pony stands up, looking aggressively at you.

Now, I remember letting you take Cheap Shot earlier, but I wouldn't say anything bad about you if you decide to take another skill to help in this situation.


Whoa now. Let's hope this is not what I think it is.
Creep along the shadows to walk away from them but…
Keep an ear out.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You're not exactly trained in sneaking around, but there is a large riot going on around all over you.

Let's see if they spot something. They have to beat six to hear you over everything else. '2d10'

Roll #1 5, 1 = 6


You are one fortunate Donkey! They're so obsessed with their powders and pipes that they don't notice you at all! You're free to just continue trotting away if you so wish.


I'd like to see what that thing on the ground is.
Can I identify it from here?

Roll #1 1 = 1


It's just a cylinder that they are pouring things into, not much more than that. However, I am one who is familiar with laughs and chuckles, and I'll tell you, those two aren't up to anything good.


I guess they saw me already.
Time to leg it.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You should have run earlier, then. They don't appreciate others nosing into their affairs.


Roll #1 1, 2 = 3


Still, seems that these are your textbook anarchists. Anything that isn't in a textbook that explains what to do is beyond them, like physical exercise.

With not but your two shadows, you find yourself in a mass transit hub empty of people. The bonus is that there is a nice map that gives you a few options on how to escape the city.

The Pier
The Freeway
The Airline


The freeway. That's my best bet.
I'm not a pilot or a sailor after all.


Makes sense. Now, according to the schedule, the next bus should be here in about half an hour. We should find our seats, no?

Oh wait, there's the bus down the street.

It's on fire.

Well, it seems we'll have to walk.

Roll a 3d10 for travel to the bridge.


I could find a seemingly broken car and try fixing it.

Roll #1 9, 5, 2 = 16


See, here's something we can both understand.

A vehicle that fails because the owner forgot to change the motor oil 100,000 miles ago can be fixed, or at least replaced after waiting a few hours for delivery in a big city like Canterlot.

All these vehicles here have been vandalized. Kicked in, burned, all those ponies finally let out their anarchist tendencies. At this point, even the most devout member of Omnissiah would have to call it quits. Quite sad, wouldn't you say?

However, roll another 2d10 for supplies you find, things that could be useful to your journey.


A crime against machinekind, really.

Roll #1 5, 8 = 13


Too true. I'm sure he's got his revenge planned. Like making sure their batteries die right after their warranty expires and that their alarm clocks always strike late. The guy could be so vindictive.

But anyways, you find quite a good supply of food. Seems someone left their groceries in their car, even some spare clothing.

Roll another '2d10'. There's a barricade ahead and a few too many shadows.

Roll #1 10, 4 = 14


With all this stuff on my back I'm gonna look like a looter.

Roll #1 2, 4 = 6


You look like such a cute one too. If you got rid of all that powder on your face, and that smell, please consider taking a shower when you're done.

It's hard to make out anything else in this darkness, and your best bet is to go through the area. I can hear lots of fighting and rioters in all the alternative routes.

Give me another 2d10 roll, let's see how much you have left when traversing the first part.


'2d10' mother, I don't wanna die.

Roll #1 1, 9 = 10


But that's exactly what's going to happen.

Well, if you weren't paying attention and noticed that falling piece of metal.

Or strong enough to keep it from crushing you.

As for your supplies, you should kiss them good bye, if you could move without getting crushed. Children and a few teenagers quickly move in and steal them while you're occupied.


Help me get outta here instead of stealin'!
I'm givin'em out for free after that!"


Most of them look at you with fear in their eyes and then take off. Looking at them, looks like these are the street children, this might be the first real meal they've had in a while.

Suddenly, the stuff you're holding up starts lifting up.

"You okay?" you hear from above.


Pull out of there and fall onto the ground.
"Yes, now, yes."
Panting, look up.


There's a Goat Kid up above you, waving. When you step away from the weight, he lowers it into the ground. Looks like the kids here set it up as a purposeful trap.


"That would'ave killed a pony, you know that?"


"I've been following you and I just saw it now too." He says as he hops down to where you are.


Look at what's left of my supplies.
Anything I can share with him?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Actually, he has more he can share with you! He's been following you, so anything you left in those vandalized cars, he brought with him. He offers you some lettuce leaves after he notices you fumbling around in your pockets.


Crystal Pony
Skills: Cheap Shot
Weapon: Baseball Bat

You focus too much on the details of the materials. It slows you down when if all comes flying out, flinging you against the railing. In the midst of all this rubble, an Earth pony stands up, looking aggressively at you.

I won't say anything bad about you if you decide to take another skill to help in this situation.

Tela 2/5

Weapon: Wrench

Congratulations, you have a kid! That's something I would be saying if he was your child. You just managed to get out of a trap with this help and now find yourself planning on getting to the Freeway. Up ahead is a lot more burning cars to deal with, but you could cut in through the houses and buildings here. Keep yourself hidden from all those prying eyes.

Oh, I forgot you haven't taken advantage of my offers yet. Any skill, whichever you want, just name it.

Diamond Dog

You've managed to acquire a good deal of supplies to help you last through these riots, but there's a few more you can use in the garage. You just have to break a little lock with a bit of effort, roll a 2d10, or you could just pick a skill you think could work for this situation. Any one of them, just choose.

Sauna Fret
Vampire Bat Pony
Skills: Night
Weapon: Sword

You've defeated two of the home invaders, but now you've got the last one to deal with, and she's got a hostage. You can tell by her voice that she's female, and that he hostage is a small child. The effect of Night is starting to fade away, and I can see it in myself to offer you another skill, but it comes with a caveat. If you pick one from another class, you're locked into both of them.

Attacks have a +1 because of the weakened Night.


Autoupdater broke, sorry.
I'll take Transfix.

Getting just close enough to see the mare's eyes, I force my will upon her to lock her muscles.

Roll #1 7 = 7


The effect of Night begins to fade, but it only serves to terrify the mare more. Her body tightens when all she wants to do is anything but sit here. She tries to breathe, but even that seems beyond her control.

You can hear the roar of the crowd all around you.

Or maybe that's the ringing in your ears from taking a bad fall. You know you should work on those, but they always wind up on the backburner and this is what happens. Oh, and roll to stand up.



I must not disappoint the fans!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I urge the foal she is holding to run while I maintain the Transfixion.
/roll 1d10>5



Roll #1 1 = 1


I think you pulled something. Something important.



Never! I am unbeatable!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Eyes on the prize, remember? Don't get so easily distracted by a child that trips over her own hooves, no matter how funny it was.

She lets her anger power her to give you a good kick in the jaw, but she didn't think her actions through either and banged herself against a cabinet.

Sauna Fret Helpless/5

Hostage Taking Horsie Helpless/4

There we go. That's how you play to the crowd of one. That little unicorn is yelling to your sparring partner to turn around, like the Pegasus was oblivious to you getting up. He turns around and gives a faux surprised look, something that even a C-List actor would be disappointed in.

I'll let you have any one skill, as long as you can make it into a safe and flashy wrestling move against your friend here.


"Run, foal!"
I try to get up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You jerk, you gave me a fright!"

Sauna Fret Helpless/5 Takes a wound on a roll of 2

Hostage Taking Horsie 5/4


What other skill could it be? Submission hold with Suppress!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'll do more than that you monster!"
I keep trying to get up.

Roll #1 9 = 9


If this was planned, you certainly made it look genuine. I'm sure there's no way you messed up that close to him, right? He takes a hop and trots along your back as you run into, and get tossed by, the springy ropes.

Tiburon 1/5

Pegasus Pal 5/5

You stand up in a flurry causing the hostage taker to skitter back and the child to start crying louder for her father to awaken.

Sauna Fret 5/5

Hostage Taking Horsie Helpless/4


It's all about the show after all. But I refuse to lose! Even if we do this every day!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I bring my hoofs down hard on the hsotage taking mare.
"How dare you attack a foal?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


He rushes to your side to both help you up and to make himself look good to the spectator. You know, it's funny if you could see this tiny little Pegasus pretend to be overpowering a Buffalo who could just fall on him and win.

Roll Stoneguts to keep up the Ruse.

"They, did this!" She tries to get out between gasps.

Sauna Fret 5/5

Hostage Taking Horsie Helpless/2


Rolling Stoneguts.

Roll #1 1 = 1


The little Unicorn starts clapping as the Pegasus poses, making it look like his wings are holding you down.


"You have no proof!"
I keep stomping.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Then why is the Light gone!? Who else!?"

Sauna Fret 5/5

Hostage Taking Horsie Helpless/1


Well, if he's enjoying the show that's all I can ask for. It's my job, after all.


"Sorry, I think I'm going to have to call it in for tonight. I've got plans." Caique the Pegasus says, or the White Wind as you may refer to him right now. "Any plans for tonight?"

The little Unicorn is bouncing around, which only serves to attract the attention of her mother, who stomps applying make-up long enough to come get her.


"I don't know!"
I knock her out then tie her up with what I can find.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I get back up and smile at him.
"Nah. My job's done for tonight. Great working with you. Maybe we can do this again sometime."


There are some towels and belts available that make it easy to restrain her. You shove a used hoof warmer in her mouth to keep her from yelling more obscenities.

"Please, my dad, he isn't waking up!"

"Yeah, I keep forgetting just how big you are. Any more weight on you and I wouldn't be able to make you budge an inch. Where are you headed off to now? Weren't you getting a part-time job or something?"


I check the dad's pulse.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yeah, I think I got one working security somewhere. What about you?"


Seems normal enough. It's there, so I take it as a good sign. No bleeding outside of bloody nose, no doubt from one of those hooligans you have tied up.

Meanwhile, the child is crying. Might want to calm her down before she attracts more attention from nearby rioters. Her screeching is starting to get to me.

He sighs and looks down.

"Hayburger flipping tomorrow. It's a nice job, easy enough, but then you get weirdos who order everything on the menu and proceed to eat it in front of you. Take a shower before you leave, you could knock me out with your stench alone." He holds his nose, as if we weren't expecting that by now.

Your lone fan waves at you two from the door as she leaves.


I shush her.
"Be quiet, he will waken soon. I cannot stay to help if you draw more rioters though."

Roll #1 1 = 1


She screams even louder.

"He's dead! Daddy is dead!"


I grumble and Transfix her.

Roll #1 9 = 9


That shut her up.

"Why, why is everyone so mean…"


I give her a hug.
"Shush, little child. It will all be fine."


Sorry, this is too sappy, even for me.

She starts sobbing and holds you as tight as possible. Which isn't much, to be fair. She's like 6. Her father starts coughing, you can see his eyes start opening.


I set her down and quickly leave the house.


Good. It was too mushy. The heroic stranger saves a family when they are at their weakest. Such a cliche storyline. But the story outside, this I can get behind. There are groups of Pegasi, letting themselves go who break into houses and smash all the windows. You can taste their exuberance as they smash everything.


I smile and nod, then wave enthusiastically back at the little fan before I go hit those showers.


My work never ends.
I dash towards them and cast Night.
What were my skills?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I don't know how you can handle to carry around those gallon jugs of mane and tail all the time. Maybe we should make an appointment with a stylist to trim some of it off.

Now then, heading off towards your locker, you're already packed to head to work, but where was it? I forgot to tell my little phone to write it down for me.

1. Museum with lots of old pieces to keep an eye on
2. Small military repair bay, mostly focused on fixing their trucks
3. Corporate security at a big building.

Night and Transfix, you only have two more point available to spend when the opportunity presents itself, but focus on the task before you. Your spell isn't as strong when cast over so many targets in such a wide area, but you do manage to confuse them a little. I'm sure you can take advantage of that, n'est pas?

+1 to next attack


I come down from above and strike the wings of a pegasus.
/roll 1d10



Roll #1 6 = 6


Nice, you bounced him right into the Recycling bin. I can make so many jokes about taking out the trash that are still applicable, but you might want to watch out for his friend there.

Sauna Fret 5/5

Punk'd Pegasus Helpless/4
Pretty Peeved Pegasus 5/5


I keep on attacking from the darkness.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The Pegasus in the bin might consider re-using his wings while he's stuck, it's reducing his chances to get out. His friend is having a bit better luck, but he's still on the defensive, unable to get in a good swing with his Great Golf Club.

Sauna Fret 5/5

Punk'd Pegasus Helpless/4
Pretty Peeved Pegasus 4/5


I dart around and continue my attack.
"Return to your homes!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"No way, not when we got full run of the place!"

Even the Pegasus in the bin starts laughing. His container falls over.

Sauna Fret 5/5

Punk'd Pegasus Helpless/4
Pretty Peeved Pegasus 1/5


"You will regret your poor choice."
I keep on attacking.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Stop, you jerk! Where did you even get that thing!?"

Normally, I'm opposed to such violent behavior on both your parts. But I should add that you should hit him again. He's got a nice crunching sound going.

Oh, and don't look now, but you should be looking around for a surprise. Roll a d10.


I think I took that job on the motor pool. Unique opportunity, since you almost never get to work with stuff like that normally, right?


Me? Snuck up on?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, it's a bit of reverse psychology thing going on around there. It's small, so lots of war protesters tend to treat it as their personal backdrop for photo ops, but it loses some punch when photos have a bored guard sitting in a folding chair playing on the Gamesphere Portable. That, and most people tend to think thrice before antagonizing someone at least 4 times their size.

The sun seems to be setting at a faster pace than normal tonight, but that means you won't have to fidget around with the brightness settings. Let's see just how good you are at noticing your surroundings while occupied. Roll a 2d10.

Not you exactly. You wouldn't have been his target. That stallion with some holes on his neck that he dropped right into your hooves, he failed his spot check.

"Would you care for an hors d'oeuvre? You seem to be tenderizing those two nicely, but I might recommend staying away from the packaged one."


Holes? Could it be?
I look up.
"Who are you? Show yourself!"


Look, how unexpectedly fashionable of a Vampire Bat Pony to pose in front of the moon. And that smirk, I want it. It's a good smirk.

"Seems like I was not the only one who prepared for this. Tell me lovely, are you enjoying the blood as much as I?"

He should wear a bib. There's blood all over his shirt.


Hopefully I don't get distracted.

Roll #1 5, 2 = 7


"No, I am not enjoying the bloodshed. I seek to learn what happened to Celestia and who managed to oppose the Destroyer's will."


You do, but it's a proportional thing. Most ponies would pass out from the thought of being struck with a bottle. I don't even think you registered it until the fourth hit that had the pony try to tackle you.

"You, stupid jerk. is your fault…" The Earthies says in an alcoholic slurr.

"If she is gone, what hope do you have of defeating whatever manner of beasts caused it in the first place? You are a fool if you think you can save her."


"It is our duty to guard the Destroyer and keep safe her chosen people."


Weren't we running from attacks before?


"It is a duty taken by those with no will of their own. I ask you one last time, will you join me in this buffet that has been laid out before us?"

Uhm, you're in the wrong time period and quest. Is Bonnie, the Martial Arts Doggie available?


Wait, I seem to be having one of those visions again. Too much honebrew. What's with me now?


I scowl.
"If you wish to dine only on the most heinous of criminals this disaster as raised and attempt to reclaim the sun then you may join with me. Otherwise, we shall not be friends."


Well I'll have to curb my natural showmanship here.

"Move along, sir."


There's a particularly persistent lock that refuses to open, hiding the goody known as a generator. It'll be nice to have some reliable power in the middle of all this.

Roll a 2d10 to break its will.

"Pathetic, but an opportunity. I wonder what your blood tastes like?"

He whistles, and two other Bat ponies appear, one darker than the night, another whiter than snow.

"Take care of her, my sweets, in the way only you two know how." They turn to you, and open their mouths to show an entire mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Nevar 6/6
Oscuro 7/7

"She left, 'cause of you." He headbutts you in the chest.

Roll to resist the heat, d10.


I growl.
"This is your one chance, ladies. Join with me or I will take your strength and leave your bodies as dust for the sunrise."
/roll 1d10



Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 7 = 7


Hey, don't blame me for that one, that Vampire Pony is totally trying to get under your skin. Him, not me.

A good choice, saw it coming a mile away, but you only get a surprise bonus on this one. These two aren't as vulnerable in the dark as the rest have been.

+2 to next attack.

Like a solid stone wall, the explosion nearby barely moves you, and a good thing for that Earth pony too. Keeps him from flying everywhere. Of course, all this damage is going to come out of your paycheck.

A car passes by, a masked pony with a rather heavy looking piece of weaponry is looking at you and surveying the damage he caused.


I dart behind Oscuro and smash at her wings.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9



My glorious paws can do it!

Roll #1 10, 6 = 16


Yes, that is how an attack should sound like. The Night spell also absorbed the outside noise, so you could perfectly hear you sword pulverizing her wings. Do it again, I want to record it this time. +1 next attack.

Sauna Fret 5/5

Nevar 6/6
Oscuro 2/7

Indeed they can. You just close you paws around the lock, crushing the poor thing. After all is said and done, remind me to sell my stock from that company.

Inside the garage, you find your prize, a small generator. It looks like someone's weekend project, but it should hold as long as it has gas.

And just between you and me, pretend you aren't hearing the shuffling of hooves from behind one of the cars. It's nothing, I'm sure of it.


Now I shift my attack to Nevar. I will drop both these fallen monsters at once so I may end them unopposed.



Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


I will play this sound over and over when we're done here. Just wanted to let you know. I will treasure this.

As the Night spell ends, at least for these two, you see Oscuro rush after her sister, comrade, coworker, whatever they are to each other. Every few moments, Oscuro shoots you an angry look.

Sauna Fret 5/5

Nevar Helpless/4 Falling '1d3'
Oscuro 2/7

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You still have your chance to forsake your wicked path and join mine of righteous destruction of evil!"
I swoop down and strike Oscuro.

Roll #1 8 = 8


They don't say a word, they just try to right themselves and occasionally flash their dangerously white teeth.

Sauna Fret 5/5

Nevar Helpless/4
Oscuro Helpless/6


Roll #1 8, 4 = 12


"You think you can save them?" The Vampire Bat Pony mocks you.


"Now that you mention it, I know I can. Fight me one on one if you are not too much a coward to hide behind your mares."


"Even if I was struck down, do you truly believe you can save this world? That you can somehow fulfill that delusion of yours?"

Oscuro and Nevar appear at his side once more. You should learn how to do that. It looks good when they do it.


"So you admit that you are a coward, then?"


"Hey! Freeze!"

I call it in and try to maintain order!


I'm sure it's nothing either. Time to take my loot and run from that nothing.


Oscuro and Nevar glare at you, then bite into their master's arms. Their forms begin to dissolve, leaving a white shield and black spear behind.

"I am Fernando Gutierrez de Villa, I say this to give you the honor of knowing who will kill you."

How coordinated of you. It isn't a good idea to head into a battle with someone who wields a smoking bazooka. When you head back into the protective walls of your office and pick up the phone, there's nothing on the other end. No static, no voices, just emptiness.

Off in the distance, you hear what you hope are stashed fireworks that are all going off at once.

We both know that isn't happening.

Roll to fit the thing through the door. It's going to be hard to get it through with two additional pairs of eyes watching you from underneath a car.


I give a genuinely impressed whistle.
"That's impressive, but you're going to die once again."

Roll #1 1 = 1




Roll #1 8 = 8



He just destroyed your armor.

It takes a bit of fiddling, but you manage to get the thing past the door, the pair of eyes underneath the car occasionally trying to glance at you.

So, will you be heading back, or do you have any other ideas. You're a strong doggy, I'm sure you can handle carrying around the generator.


"Who's that under the car?"

Call them out.


"GAAAAAHHHH! That armor was centuries old!"
I strike him.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Stay away, we're warning you, okay?!" You hear squeeked from underneath. I've heard bigger threats from a mouse. The little Pony and the littler Donkey don't seem like they'd put up much of a fight against one either.

Hey, listen. Run. Fly. Move it. This guy seems out of your league right now.


I grit my teeth and try to cover my escape with darkness.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Faster. Flap as much as possible. Do it, or I'll be forced to break one of my own rules. That's how bad this guy is.



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Did something happen to you two? I won't hurt you."


I think he let you run. Maybe he was just having some fun with you. My advice is you take this as a victory.

Of course, I know you. As well as anyone who has been talking to you for the past few hours could, but I'm 99.9% certain you want to take this guy down, right?

"Mom said to just hide here if anything happened, and I kind of thought you were her when you came in. We're sorry." The little donkey speaks up.

"Have you seen her?" The pony asks.



Right, and save those two mares if they are not beyond saving.



It's cold, very cold, where you are. It was supposed to be safe, to head into a government building when the rioting started just a few blocks. It's an old, sturdy building that has seen its share of upheavels and you hope it'll survive this one too. There's lots of others who ran in with you, some with children, trying to keep them quiet. Others are trying to keep themselves occupied reading or going through stuff, but it's obvious enough they are trying to ignore what's going on outside.

What type of government building did you run into?

1. Tax building, looks like you had to explain some expenses you claimed

2. DMV, you were around even after you submitted some forms for your vehicle doing errands

3. Clinic, you need to make sure you take good care of yourself and others


"Sorry, I don't think I've seen her. When was the last time you saw her?"

Poor kids. I hope I can help them fast enough.


I was at the CIRS, trying to settle my taxes. Because of just a simple clerical mistake, I'm sure.


Even from this distance, you can see the signs of panic on the children and they scurry back underneath the car, as much as they can.

"You know, you should keep it down, some undesirables like us might overhear, you know." A beige unicorn that has appeared behind you says.

"That's a mighty fine generator you got there, which means you have things to power with it. Care to show us?" A red Earthie with a devious smile adds.

There's a Diamond Dog handling the paperwork. She's been working on your stuff for the past hours since this has all started, but she's spent a good bit of it shivering with cold and fear.

"Do you have, the 40-WD forms, or, I mean, the D3, wait, maybe its these here…"

There's a Buffalo child holding onto a Unicorn, crying his heart out. The fact that he's as big as her would be hilarious if they weren't both scared for their lives. The Unicorn keeps looking at people.


"Not until I get it back home, I'm afraid. I don't have anything with which I'd like to power, you know."

Look polite, but brace for a quick punch soon.


"Is that so?" The Red Earthie snorts.

"What do you say Caspian, should we have a little fun while we get ourselves a nice new generator?" The Unicorn lowers his head and horn, you can see it start glowing.


What an adorable family. A kind and caring unicorn adopted a poor buffalo child and now he's scared because he's in this strange and familiar place…
Everything is perfectly normal and perfectly fine.

I turn back to the dog handling the paperwork.
"I gave you all the paperwork that was requested… d- did I miss something?"


Jump at him and grab his horn! Pull him to the groudn with it!

Roll #1 3 = 3


She taps at her computer, but you can see it just repeat the same thing over and over.

"Error, connection lost."

She types a few more things.

"Error, connection lost."

She even brings up Command Prompt and types in something.

"Error, connection lost."

"I, don't know anymore." She looks down. "It's too cold to think, I'm sorry. I'm making this situation worse for you, aren't I?"

The Earthie kicks you before you could get a good grip on his horn.

Bonnie 2/5

Caspian 6/7
Orlov 4/5

#I could see it in me to give you another skill, but you only have two points to spend. Use them wisely.


Any skill?


"You're trying the best you can… I'm sure it's just a momentary error with the system! It'll be fixed soon, I'm sure of it."
I give a nervous smile.


You heard me, you have two skill point. Any one or two point skill is fair game.


Several loud bangs occur outside and the lights flicker. The computers all reboot. So much for your taxes.

"Yeah, it's just a glitch in the system. I'm glad you understand." She tries her best to smile, but she shows all her teeth.

"Maybe we should reschedule?"


"That might be for the best… oh well. I'm sure everything will be fine."
I give a nervous smile to her this time.
"My schedule is very… tentative. But! I think I have time ope- I can clear time for any time this month."


Can I take two 1 pointers?


"Let's see, it's still tax season, so let me see what I have available."

She double clicks an icon on her rebooted computer. And then she double clicks it again. She could be a Korean Starcraft champion with such furious clicking.

In the end, she puts her head on the keyboard, the computer poorly trying to implement what it is she's typing with her forehead.

"I'm sorry, I just can't…"


Where would the fun in that be? There are rules, my dear Doggie, rules that I am not about to break.

Just one skill.


I give a slightly weaker smile again.
"I'm sure it will all be resolved soon… if it isn't working now I… we could schedule something over the phone?"
I look around for a clock. How long have I been here again?



Time to break out the big guns. Shatter this guy's horn.

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's ten o'clock. they were open late because a whole lot of somebodies decided to include such strange things in their tax forms. You managed to snag one of the last few appointments before the deadlines, hopefully clearing the tax hurdles without suffering penalties. It was shortly after that the explosions rocked the city and chaos broke out.

Without lifting her head, she picks up the phone to reveal it's dead.

"I tried calling on my cell, but it was dead too. I hope they're alright? You, any family waiting outside?"


Everything stops except for the sound of breathing. Orlov looks down at his shattered horn. He tries to cast a spell, but nothing comes out. Not even the glow associated with magic. His eyes turn red, his mouth full of saliva as he collapses.

"Orlov! You'll pay, you stupid dog!"

Bonnie 3/5

Caspian 6/7
Orlov Helpless/3


Explosions? Those were just fireworks!
There's no chaos going on at all… it's just enthusiastic celebration. Festivities!…
"I meant… you could look through the system when it comes back up and see if there will be any opportunity in the future?"
I give her an even more nervous smile at the discovery that the phones are out too. I nod.
"Outside… you mean outside the city, right? I have family back home, far away from here. I haven't seen them in so long though…"


"I do good the best I can. But for you? Only retribution."

throw this Orlov towards Caspian.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Yes, and the firefighters where just going to light up a rave. The Ambulances were just filled with people who partied too hard.

"I hope they're okay. It was just supposed to be another late shift. Heh, can you believe I'm starting to wonder if I'll get overtime for this. Everything going on, and now I'm wondering about my pay-check." Tears start forming in her eyes as she finally lifts her head.

The power goes out. Only emergency lights remain and that of ponies and others fidgeting on their phones.


Orlov clips a few boxes as you send him flying while Caspian gets in a good headbutt. You're pretty much locked in a struggle now.

Bonnie 2/5

Caspian 6/7


"I'm sure everything will be back to normal soon…"
I put a paw on her shoulder.
I guess I should check my phone as well. I completely forgot about it this whole time… Nobody's messaged me while I've been here, have they?


"You can run, you know."

Punch him!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Who would, with a phone like that? I'm surprised you use such an atrocious thing in public.

Just a dinner invitation from the Peach ponies down the street. They're so cute, but it's like a literal ocean of fur when you walk into their apartment with all of the ones that show up.

Your Gryphon friend invited you to a roof top picnic atop some stranger's house. He's nice, but sometimes he forgets you can't fly and he leaves you on people's roofs. They don't like that.

A local business group has invited people for a meetup, most likely trying to scout some fresh talent. Always a good idea to keep an ear out for future, far-away opportunities, no?


"After what you did, I'm going to!"

The right side of his face is impacted by your massive paw, making it swell up. It does little to quench his hate.

Bonnie 3/5

Caspian 3/7


Hurry up and get out if here, then.

Defensive stance. Let him drag his friend out if he will.

Roll #1 9 = 9


My phone is the newest model, thank you very much!
I mark them all down on my calender app and put my phone away.
"So… I guess that's everything then?"


He trips on his own hooves as he tries to get at you, which serves to hammer in the fact that he's going one one one with someone who is willing to do terrible things to win. He takes the opportunity to get to his friend and trot off, yelling expletives all the way.

"Are they gone?"


"Mmmhmm, I took care of bad guys. Where's your mommy?"

Beckon them out of hiding gently.


Please, there are those of us who know where the phones really come from. I'd give it to a child rather than be seen with that.

"Oh, umm, yeah. We have your papers. I'll just stamp everything."

The power goes out, this time for far longer and the darkness plays host to more screams. Only a few emergency lights remain and whatever glow the cell phones have. Outside of this, the only light is the burning cars outside and the roar of the rioters.


I shiver…
What… loud partying! Yes. Loud partying…
I patiently await her to stamp my forms.


"We were playing in the park while she went to the store, and then everything got loud and everyone was running." The pony says.

"We don't have a key to get in. So we hid here." The donkey child angles his neck all the way up to try and see you. "Please, you seem nice, can we go with you?"


She dropped the stamp, leaving a mess of papers fall to the floor as ponies outside start banging on the windows. They pull on the steel cables meant to prevent break ins and you can hear numerous things being thrown at the building as the doors are being damaged.

My recommendation. MOVE, NOW.


Ooooh dear oh dear…

Roll #1 3 = 3


The nice CIRS desk attendant just wants to take me to the back room to help me fill out replacement paperwork, since the current ones are dirty. That's all.


"Oh, goodness. Does your mommy have a phone? Wait, are the phone towers even working now?"


She grabs you by the paw, but trips. She's twisted her ankle, and some punk pony is coming after you two!

You check your phone. No signal. Not even the wifi seems to be picking up anything. Maybe you should consider getting a real phone, off contract of course, next time your in a well-lit place without rioters.


"You boys had better come with me first. You think she'll be home waiting for you? Any idea?"


Oh no!
The poor thing… I help her back to her feet and help her over to the back room!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"We don't really know where we are. There was a lot happening, and we just started running. We found the garage, and it seemed safe enough." The donkey points to a small hole that was blocked off, big enough for a child to get through.

The punk pony with a jerkish smile closes the distance and bucks you in the leg!

"You twat's, it's all yo' fault this happened, and I'mma make sure you get what's coming to the likes of ya!"

Sol 1/5

Punk Pony 6/6



Roll #1 2 = 2


I don't even know what he's talking about… He must have partied a bit too hard and now he's all drunk and mad. That's it.
I continue trying to get to the back room with the Diamond Dog lady so we can finish my taxes.


"Alright, follow me back first then I'll bring you out to go look for her, alright?"

Let's go back.



Roll #1 10 = 10


You're right, seems he isn't all in there. He starts yelling at a wastebasket next. Or probably to some other people trying to run away after you dart away.

You're in the backside of the building, where the only source of supplies is a vending machine, a coffee warmer, and a big windows

"Let's get out through there, the back area is hard to get through if you don't know about it."


They nod and stick as physically close to you as possible.

Your Zebra friend sighs as you appear with more people. "We'll end up with more people here than the Livoberezhna Metro." He takes them to the kitchen, where they grab some orange juice.

You know have a source of power to get you through the cold night, but what awaits you later?


She's probably going to take me to the main building now where we can fill out the replacement forms, I'm sure…
"Alright. Let's go then."
I follow after her- or perhaps, still continue supporting her as she guides us out.


The back alleys get really narrow at times, making it difficult for the two of you to get past at times. Even ponies would have difficulties here, but her twisted ankle slows you down even further.

When you finally emerge, you're in front of the Dnieper River, that runs through the center of town, and all around you are crazy rioters mildly disgruntled revellers.



The two of you take cover behind a garbage container after getting out of the back alleys. There's a group of revellers ahead who don't seem agreeable. From my vantage point, you have two options.

1. Make a distraction and let your tax collector make a run for one of the non-burning buildings

2. Help her move across, but suffer a negative modifier thanks to her ankle.

Of course, I can sweeten the choices. I could let you have any one skill, from any class or multiclass, just like that. What do you say?


Engineering with related talent.
"So, what did you say was your name?"


Good, this will come in handy.

Or is that hoofy? Whatever, you have a few options before you.

You can try sneaking through a few houses and buildings, plenty of safe spots, but lots of places where you can be attacked.

There's a subway entrance ahead, but I can't say for sure what to expect down there with all this rioting going on.


Monsters mutated by this thermonuclear wasteland.
Or more probably, just rats and streetgangs.
But streetgangs might be behind every corner anyway.
So… Let's run through a place with plenty of emergency exit routes. The buildings.


Roll a 3d10, because you're going to have to make a run for it through a bit of open area. Plenty of room for people to either take a clear shot at you and your little friend, or to just be spotted and have a tailor made ambush waiting.


Can't I move through the shadows?

Roll #1 9, 10, 5 = 24


It's a renovated area. It's like trying to stick to the shadows in a shopping mall, the place was altered to make it easier for parents to let their children run around, but there's nothing to worry about as you ran through the area in record time, save for that pony who watched you run the whole thing.

You're in the building proper, but the main exit route that would let you just walk through is barricaded. You could try going around it. The left side has a particular smell to it, but you can hear lots of things going on in the rightside, but its hard to tell exactly what it is.

"Philippe. My name is Phillip. What's yours, uhh?"


"Buto. And don't you dare call me what you are thinking about right now."
Give her the stink eye but quickly move past.


She giggles, but keeps up with you.

Now, left or right?

The smell from the left side is getting stronger, but it's something that really makes your stomach panicky.

Right side has some audible thumping, but there are other noises in between.


Fuck, this is bad.
Maybe the left side only has dead bodies and whatever made the mess is here on the right, but the kid really shouldn't see that…
But going right into thumping, pounding sounds?
That's like asking for it.
"Phillip, let's play a game…
How long you can hold your eyes closed."


"Uh, a while? I guess."


"Good. Start with that and give me your hoof. And breath with your mouth."



She walks up close to you and gives you her hoof. You can tell she's making an effort to close her eyes, you can actually see her face straining. Don't keep her that way too long. It might become permanent.

Ready to head down the left side?


Yes. And make it quick.


You were right. There's several charred bodies. A big buffalo body is inside a burned room, but there are lots of glass bottles and the smell of gasoline. There's a pair of bodies, one on top of the other, looks like they were trying to protect each other. There's a burning smell coming from inside another room, but no other motion.

A few steps down, you come across a door which seems to have experienced better days.


Push it ope-
No, put a hoof on it.
Is it hot?


Not really. Whoever went around throwing molotovs didn't hit the door, or even around it. You do feel some vibrations coming from the other side, though. It has a certain rhythm to it. You certainly have a sensitive hoof when you put your mind to it.


…Is it music? Is it an engine?


It must be an engine. It's a small one, something a powered bicycle or lawnmower might have, not a big car engine.

It's waiting for you, on the other side.


Open the door. But standing on the side.


There is a string on top. It connects to a lever. The lever controls the engine's speed. The more you opened the door, the faster the engine would spin. It's really loud now and Phillipe is shaking.


Fuck it's an alarm's system.
Other ways out, now!

Roll #1 6 = 6


You slam the door shut and start turning for the right hallway. You can hear the engine slow itself down.

Ready to proceed down the thumping hallway?


More thumping? Heck no! Stop! Carefully listen around.
Also, are there any more bodies?


Actually, this area seems free of bodies. Looks like it was a maintenance area for the building, lots of water pipes and electrical conduits and closets. There's a generator that is making the odd thumping noise. The place is dark, seems the generator isn't doing its job well.


"Okay Philippe, open your eyes."
Let's start going towards the generator.


Roll for it, a single d10.



Roll #1 3 = 3


You get a janitor's fallen rake in the face. Phillipe holds down her giggle.

This time, there was an odd noise following the sound of the rake, but goes as quickly as it came. The generator is in bad shape. A few of the pieces are loose and every sense of your body can tell that something is wrong, your ears with the thumping, your nose with the leaking oil, even your taste buds can feel the metallic after-taste of an unkempt machine.


"This filthy thing…"
Sit down and start working on it.
"Phil, check if anyone comes, okay?"
'1d10+2' Engineering.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


The power goes out for the whole building. Granted, it was just the emergency lights, but it was something. You can hear the cries of people in the building as everything goes dark for them.


Fuck! Fix that!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


The light's come back. The Emergency lights are good again, plus you get brief flashes of the regular lights kicking on and off.

In those lights, you can see a pair of Equines in the back of the hallway. Another donkey protecting a pony, a "weapon" similar to yours drawn.


"Phil hide. Now."
Stand up and draw the Key aswell.
"I'm not looking for trouble."


"Neither were we, but it still managed to find us." Responds the Donkey female. The pony behind her is cowering. Roll to spot.

"What are you doing here?"


That was supposed to be a spoiler.
"Running from trouble. It seems like whoever made a mess of this place left."

Roll #1 3 = 3


"That's where you're wrong. I'm sure they're still around. If you keep your ears up, you can hear them. Thanks for fixing the generator, though. Old hooves of ours weren't doing any good to it anymore."



Pull the wrench away and smirk.
"It's an old sixty-five. They made dozens of these in the buildings around here, worked on so many, with a few pieces I can get it full up and running."



Your job requires you to investigate any suspicious activity. Tonight, everything has turned out suspicious and dangerous. So much more that the old horse dealing with his drunkenness by falling asleep in your little guard room is the least of your worry.

There's a crowd of rioters gathering down the street and a few blocks down. What's your call?

And don't forget, someone just cut the phone lines, so no calling out through the normal means.


Well I'm not going to abandon my post so early. They're outside my jurisdiction for the moment.


"For the moment" being the keywords.

They walk down the streets, throwing rocks at windows and smashing cars, gradually making their way down towards you.

"All non-ponies GET OUT!"
"This is YOUR FAULT!"
"She left us because of THEM!"


Well that's not very nice. They're gonna hurt my feelings.

"Please disperse. This is not conductive behavior."


Several sticks strike, and bounce off, your think buffalo coat. Some hoist signs into the air and several get up close to you.

"It's because of those like you that the she is gone!"
"Our taxes pay your check! You should move!"
"YEAH, just leave Canterlot and Equestria while you're at it!"


Well, if they won't listen to reason…

"I expected better from my fans! Don't you know I give back to the community every day?"


An Earthie and a Unicorn start to wonder after your outburst, then respond.
"What the heck!?"
"Are you crazy or something? What are you talking about?"


I take the opportunity to flex a bit.

"What, don't my greatest fans recognize a show without a stage to frame it on? Come on guys, let's hear you shout!"


They're blinded, or at least clouded, with rage. They don't even note the massive body before them moving. You get a repeat of the earlier shouts of racism, with a lot more cursing thrown in. The sounds of burning cars punctuates there anger and you are now surrounded on all sides by rioters. Not protesters, they at least keep their distance. These kids are a few seconds away from trying to tackle you.

Now, you have Suppress, but I could see myself letting you take another skill to deal with this situation.


Have I made it back safely with those kids?


Yup. Except for just having a heater powered with your new generator, tonight would have been a nice night. Your neighbor and the kids are just talking to each other about your normal daily lives and what you'll all be doing next week.

Then there's a series of noises outside and everything goes quiet.


Well, let's give it a shot.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Look outside, quickly.


These aren't your sparring partners, they're just some punk kids deciding to cause some delicious damage.

The Earthie and the Unicorn are brought down to their knees with such a blow. The others jumb back, but a few are coming after you with some improvised weapons.

Tren 5/5

Earthie Rioter Helpless/2
Unicorn Rioter Helpless/2
Pegasus Combatant 3/4
Pegasus Pugilist 2/4

Several shadows dart off into the spaces between houses.

Roll to detect.


Slam down that pegasus before he can get too far out and drop something on me.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You manage to move out of the way before the Pegasi can hit you. They aren't used to attacking people or trying to attack people who are trained.

"You moving hay pile, why don't you stay in one place so we can teach you a lesson!"

Tren 4/5

Earthie Rioter 3/2
Unicorn Rioter 2/2
Pegasus Combatant 3/4
Pegasus Pugilist 2/4


Oh, dear.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The shadows seem to move on occasion, seeming to try and get a glance around the corner to where you are. You catch a few ears and snouts trying to look, but then they pull themselves back.


Well, I'm going to stay here and keep looking.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Because that's not how you put on a show, little mustachios!"

What else but Grapple!

Roll #1 6 = 6


The others get up to the window and watch.

"Was that a horn?"
"No, I think it was a beak."
"Wait, it's too big for a buffalo, right?"

The only other noise you are picking up is the hum of the heater and generator.

Don't forget the +1!
The poor Pegasi was preparing his kick, but you managed to jostle him before he could even really wind up for it.

Tren 4/5

Earthie Rioter 3/2
Unicorn Rioter 2/2
Pegasus Combatant 2/4 Grappled
Pegasus Pugilist 2/4

You can hit an enemy with another enemy. Roll a d10+1 for the enemy you are holding and a d10 for the other one.





Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"Looked like ponies or other dogs."

Keep looking!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Let me go!"

The Pegasus manages to escape your hold in the end, but not before being taken for a ride.

Tren 3/5

Earthie Rioter 3/2
Unicorn Rioter 2/2
Pegasus Combatant 1/4
Pegasus Pugilist 2/4

It's starting to snow pretty hard. Plus, all the hot air coming from you five is really fogging up the windows. The children run and play under the bed, where it's warmer and safer. The Gryphon teen just grabs a blanket and bunks himself against a corner.

"I never thought I'd be playing guess the shadows again." Mr. Geyvi laughs. "I only hope it doesn't end the same like it usually did for us back home."


"How did it end for you then?"
Make sure the entrances are secure.


"I wound up in another country."


"Let's do our best not to make it happen. Hah, I wonder if I'll have to quest like adventurers of old to do it."

Wait out the night.


Roll a D10 for it.


"Most people pay for seats this good you know!"

Suppress again!

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 3 = 3


Both Pegasi wind up under your massive frame as you tackle them just as they were about to attack together. You can see their hind legs kick back and forth under you as the two others struggle to pull them out.

Tren 3/5

Earthie Rioter 3/2
Unicorn Rioter 2/2
Pegasus Combatant Helpless/3
Pegasus Pugilist Helpless/3

Even with the heavier snowfall, you can make out the smoke burning through your neighborhood. The rubber smell punctuates the fact that the rioters might be approaching.


Look outside the window now.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The smoke is starting to color the falling snow, giving everything an ominous color.

What's worse is what you can feel. The sounds of many hooves approaching and those of many people starting to run.


Now that I have a captive audience, I shall finish them off!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Damn it.

Wake the others up.

"We may have to run soon. A lot of people fleeing something. Or coming here. Pack up."

Prepare my own backpack near the window so I can keep looking.

Roll #1 4 = 4


They manage to pull themselves out and quickly get the crowd involved. But you're not one to go down that easily, aren't you?

Roll Stoneguts, you might be able to still stand.

You have plenty of bags to use, especially after you managed to loot that small store. You should consider sending them a check, just to be nice.

Not much to look at outside except for the smoke and the terrible feelings they inspire. You should focus on other things, like where you'll be headed.

You've got a few options I've mapped out.

1. Head to the River
If you can get to a boat, just sail away, but you'll be visible all around

2. Head to the Freeway
There will be others running away using these routes, so you won't be alone. Downside is you'll be surrounded.

3. Head to the Trains
Emergency operations might make it easier to just be driven out, but it's going to be a tight fit.




Roll #1 3 = 3


They're on top of you this time, kicking and screaming. Numerous epithets are thrown your way and a couple just seem to be swinging wildly and hitting their own.

Until the explosion,

The air and smoke throws most of the ones that were on top of you off, the rest scatter like the scared little ponies they are.

Just a short distance ahead is a smoking subway entrance with multiple screams coming from inside.


The freeway. Hopefully we'll be surrounded by ponies also running. And maybe the parents of these kids.


Leaving the fort you called a house with everything you could carry, your next destination is the E40 road out of town. It's the straightest shot out of here and to safety of everything that isn't Canterlot.

But the route down the Kharkivs'k Highway isn't that safe to begin. There's other groups heading down there as well, some being more careful than others.

Approach them or keep to yourselves?


Better approach before we get approached.
Ask t he kids to describe their mother to them?


File: 1400993020195.jpg (276.78 KB, 1280x652, Canterlot Highway during t….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Her ears were covered in piercings."
"I said that if she listened well enough, she could hear the radio."
The two start giggling.

There's a pair of Pegasi and a Gryphon overlooking everything going on.

A group of people sneaking around the shadows, but they frequently stop when thye hear a loud noise. You've been passing each other for the last few minutes.

A Buffalo with a Red Sun vest is pulling a cart, there are several people on board.


Take a look in the cart when we pass them?


These are the more heavily injured individuals. Those with broken wings, bandaged eyes, and other serious but non-threatening injuries. Seems the hospitals aren't a good choice to head to in this chaos.

The Buffalo just lets out a lot of hot air due to the cold and a Goat nurse attends to the injured.


"Hey, man, want a drink to keep you running?"

Offer him some of my home brew.


"I shouldn't, but with all this going on, heh, pour me a cu[ and walk with us. We could use a pair of good eyes and ears and wings. Where you headed to?"


Give him a cup.

"…no idea. I was thinking about my family's old farm out there. At least, there'd be room for these kids and my friends. By the way, seen their mother?"

Describe her.


File: 1400994414151.jpg (127.3 KB, 1005x602, Canterlot mile.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

He takes it all in one drink.

"Sorry, but the fact is too many fit that description. They've been riling up the people before this all went hooves up. Plenty of kids got caught up in it and that was one of the fashions that caught on."

There's an explosion from a building a short ways down the street.


"Damn! Stay close together!"
Rally everyone in the party near the buffalo. Brace for another.


No explosions, but the fire consumes the other buildings. Some of the frailer members of the Red Sun cart begin crying and sobbing. The two children stay close to you, but Mr. Greyvi keeps his eyes firmly focused on the back area of the cart.

"Hey, get those kids on board and I'll pull them out of here. I don't think this vest is going to do too much to deter whoever is bringing in that much explosive."


"Alright. Kids, remember, stay safe, okay?"
So this leaves me with zebra and gryphon, right?


The Nurse welcomes them and finds them a few seats.

Your Gryphon teenager is taking after Greyvi and keeping an eye out from the top of the cart. Mr. Greyvi himself doesn't leave the back half, constantly peering around for trouble.


"I just hope we don't need to arm ourselves."

Really, I can only keep a lookoout and stay near the cart. Stay uin front to lead on, then.


It's a much quieter walk towards the E40. And in its own little way, the explosion helped. Many are either bunkering down or choosing to leave. The rest of the road down is less eventful, but roll to spot.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh no!

Clear it out!

Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1400996704730.jpg (88.62 KB, 622x490, Canterlot Medical Center.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The Pegasi and Gryphons don't really struggle to hide their presence. They snap a few photo's too, with their flash giving their cameras away.

The Buffalo stops his cart in the road separating the Centerlot Medical Facility and the Park, which is being used as a staging area. There are lots of garbage can fires and plenty of nurses and other volunteers doing their best to keep order.

"Sorry, I'll be picking up more injured. Get yourselves signed in and get ready for the march out of town."

The smoke is too thick, and you can feel the temperature increase greatly. Keep trying?



Roll #1 4 = 4


"I'm going to stay and help you."

Turn to zebra and gryphon.
"You guys can run if you want and help those ahead. I'm going to do whatever I can."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Valiant effort, but unfortunately, too late.

There are lots of bodies around, but mostly a limb or two and some clothes that hinted at a complete person. Down one of the tunnels, you can still hear mechanical noises.

"The Children are safer with you." Mr. Geyvi replies. "Me and the boy are in good shape, but we'll slow someone like you down."

"You sure about that?" The teen Gryphon asks him.

"I've already lost my home. That meant something to me. Canterlot is just another place I've been in. Bonnie, watch the kids and make sure all these people make it out. I'll be waiting to have another chat with you outside of town."


"Fortune be with you."

I'm just going to stay with the cart and help tend to injured.


I suppose I had better investigate that, huh.


An armed Riot Gryphon lands next to the cart and starts talking to the Buffalo. Up in the air, there are constant airlifts of the really injured being taken away.

A few people are brought over to the cart from the park and it looks like you've just been recruited. The Nurse Goat is signaling for you, she'll need your help to set a few broken limbs.

Roll a 5d10.

There's a lot of metal pieces on the subway tracks that aren't sparking, so you don't have to worry about ending up cooked. Heading down the tunnel, you see that one of the train cars has derailed, but there's still lots of noise coming from something that should've been destroyed.




I should know how to do this.

Roll #1 8, 2, 1, 9, 10 = 30


You know how to disable them, at least. That gives you an edge on others. You and the Nurse get a good number of the recent arrivals in good enough condition that they can go back into the park on their own, and even the children do their best by giving people water, but a few are too far injured and have to be taken inside. Sadly, most of those were women and children, those not able to properly defend themselves even in the best of times. The smoke from the garbage fires is starting to get into your nose, and all the sounds are merging into one big caucaphony of suffering.


Well that can't be normal. Maybe they know what happened down here.



Is the sun up yet?


Someone pops their head up over the subway car railing and checks you out through a windows. Seems the laugher is a Unicorn, but he doesn't seem too bright to be here or to be wearing that garrish outfit. A spiked mane dyed red, spiked collars, and even a piercing on his horn.

He looks you over and his eyes take on a glower look.

I don't think he's happy to see you as he takes off and starts banging on one of the rear doors.

No. The tears and screams from the people in the park and those entering the hospital make that much clear.
"She left us. What did we do wrong?"
"Pray, pray for forgiveness and she might rejoin us!"
"It's cold, when will we go home?"



"It'll just need to run out the night. Those tanks over there are all we have left for it. All any of us here in the building can really do is sit it out."

The donkey lady reaches for some rags and starts wrapping them around the Pony's head.

"So, I don't really recognize you now that I've had a good look at you. You're headed out of town, through the M06 route, correct?"


"That I am.


"Up ahead, there's a place where they fixed all the schoolbuses. If you can fix one, you got yourself a hardy set of wheels."

"Of course, in this darkness, you might run into some unsavory types whose idea involves hijacking any working vehicle."


"I'm more concerned about the roads, they were a mess coming here. What's to say they'll be usable on the other side?"


"Not exactly talking about the roads. Up ahead, maps might say its Canterlot, but its really a suburb type. Those old buses are strong and most of the land is level, take it off the road if it comes to it. Worst comes to worst, their hardy enough to double as a bunker or a home."

She smiles. "I should know, served in the Security when I was younger and fixed em up before I met him."


Look over at the pony behind her.
"Is he hurt?"


"Yeah, from the sounds of the other hallway, I see you encountered the work of our intruders. He tried to stop them, but he isn't as good for fighting as he is for fixing."

"That hurts, more than the pipe you know…"

"Stay quiet, you were always too soft. Look at that belly, a child could mistake you for a doll since it's so squishy."


"I've not met them yet though…"
Raise my wrench.
"They could still be around."


"They are. Lots of them were our tenants, our neighbors. We fixed their homes and said hello to them when we saw them this morning…"

"Head out the backway. We'll lock the door if you decide to leave the little one here, but it'll be dangerous if you take her along too."


"We could wait out the night here, locked in…"


"You know that isn't smart. You've already encountered the heartlessness they left behind. If you've already made it this far, the best option is to keep going. He might not be as thick headed as I, but we've been here too long to think of leaving, but that should be your only thought."


"So you know that staying here is suicide… Yet you don't want to leave? And even suggest I leave the kid here?"
Exchange a quick luck with the goat, and nod her to come closer.


"It probably is. Only difference will be is we have four walls and a roof at the moment. That's all we have for certain right now."

"Terrible, isn't it? Too think about the people who are likely to hurt you probably would have been her friends if you met them a few days ago."

"We're too old to leave this place. It's been our work and our home for too long. The only decision you have left is whether to risk going it alone, or risk her going too."


Look at the goat whose name I forgot.
I even forgot mine.
"What will it be?
Are you coming or will you stay?"


Her name is Phillipe.
She just stays close to your legs.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'll go with you. I just want to get away from this place. I can look for my parents once we're out."


"Let's go then Phil."

Outta this door.


"Someone like you deserves Her light, but stick to the shadows and head straight up the road for three blocks. Stay out of the buildings. Any of the people in them could be your, and hers, doom."

She locks the door when you step outside.

The next building you can use as cover is a short run, but there are two of you. Roll a 3d10.


Rng be with my ass and his goat.

Roll #1 4, 6, 9 = 19


It is. Except for a few gunshots and the far off explosion, your able to make it. In fact, you have to say that the explosion helped cover your tracks and distract everyone.

Just shy of the old building, you spot a pony with a pipe. He seems to be patrolling, since he hasn't gone inside and shown no intention to do so.


If someone's patrolling the outside, it means there's more inside.
I can't really work in secret if there's a whole crowd.
Let's sneak around, past this guy, to confirm.

Roll #1 2 = 2


His ears start twitching and he's looking around. Roll a 2d20.


I can always play my ultimate card if he does find me…

Roll #1 20, 19 = 39


File: 1401066375661.jpg (163.89 KB, 803x347, Canterlot investigating in….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

He must have been extra thick if whoever is inside put him on guard duty. He heads off into the tall grass and vanishes in it.

You sneak around the other side. Listen checks. 2d10.



Roll #1 3, 1 = 4


File: 1401066744508.jpg (134.69 KB, 1044x363, Canterlot Just one more ro….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I can say things like this. But sometimes, losing is winning. Ignore what's going on here, it's for the best.

Sneaking through, you know the higway you need is just past these buildings. You've got a little goat with you, Mr. Donkey, and there are a few others on the street in this terrible night.

What's the plan?


Oh gee, now I'm not gonna think about horrible things going on in there at all.
The plan was to reach the garage and fix a bus.


It's just a little up the road. Get to the highway and you'll run into it after a brisk, pursued walk/run thing. You just need to make it past these buildings.

Now, I'm seeing that you've never taken advantage of any of my offers, so I'll lay them down again. Any one skill, any cost, all yours. Just think of a way for them to help you get past this stretch.


I did actually. Took Engineering.


Ah, I need to update my notes. Point stands, I made an offer. Plus, you get to pick how to handle this part.

You could try running through, but I don't know about all those still walking the streets. Sneaking is safer, but it'll slow you down.



You're being escorted inside the hospital. You're the only one big enough and strong enough to help keep the calm. The Nurses are having you help carry people to the elevator while the two kids are hoofing out water to allthere's someone having a heart attack!

The nurse get's the poor stallion on the ground, do the compressions while she breathes.

Roll a 3d10! Quickly or he'll die!

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