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Seaddle is a massive city, dying because of its success. International corporations commit countless crimes in their skyscrapers while the people become complicit on the street.

There are countless stories being told here, but there are a few ones we will be focusing on these days. Who knows what the future has in mind for them?


Hawknia greets the morning with her sister Cita. It wasn't an easy night for Cita, learning that her memories are just bits and pieces copied from Hawknia. She's even begun to doubt her college years.

>Hawknia has a broken front leg, but it is healing

>The Typhoon Clan, a foreign gang with tendrils in Seaddle, is on the lookout for whoever took their explosive expert
>The Typhoon Clan was involved in a Corporate killing, but as long as Hawknia keeps her head down, they won't be able to pin it on her.
>Cita's kidnappers arranged it so that she was sent to their location. It was mentioned that the whole thing was arranged quickly.
>Cita's kidnappers were involved in a Mana-Cart accident, allowing Cita to escape. She does not recall where it happened

Sheeva has had to deal with another job ruining her appearance. She spend the day changing the way she looks and doing odd jobs. She's currently driving around with Whitne-yi, a drunk Gryphon who many people owe many favors too. Currently, a pony by the name of Potok is dealing with the situation.

>This cart is carrying important papers.

>There are several locations that have been sent to Sheeva from a previous employer. They are most likely dangerous.


I groan and roll over looking out the window, how thick is the smog today?


Jenner is setting a metal hoof into unknown territory after being discharged from the hospital. Following an old lead by a deceased coworker, Jenner will struggle to seize a future.

>Sent directions by friendly but cautious people over the Com-Link

>The Hospital has stated that they only received Jenner from a much closer clinic
>News organizations blame the dead CFO for embezzling funds. This is a pseudo-lie.
>Important data storage systems containing their company's work were stolen

Sympathy Pain was finally able to return to work after her first Running job. She now shares the house with Rhodon Emera, a pony slowly becoming Crystal and heir to monstrous import company, as well as Alowishus, a robot capable of learning new physical actions Open Seam built from scraps.

>Rhodon is about to make a call

>Alowishus is still inside her house
>The Runners were exposed and have gone into hiding or are leaving the city


It's always thick at this time. The sea breeze, the cars, and the factories are always making it dense. At least the it isn't coming from the Forest. Things always get worse when the fog rolls in from there.

Cita finally got up and starts ruffling through your cabinets.

"Are you really this poor?" She says sarcastically and with tired eyes.


Precious Fleetwings is a homeless pony about to lose even that. After a thwarted pickpoketing attempt, she was finally able to get warm food. Unfortunately she was shot at right after. Now there is a scary looking group right outside her 'home'. I hope she can move quick.

>Her laptop is talking to her

>The laptop is afraid of the people outside, one person in particular.
>Who were the girls who had the flash drive in the first place even working for?


"Alright Rhodon… You know the number right? Oh and when you do call, maybe you should talk to your father first, ease him up, tell him that you're okay, and say that you were rescued by a nice nurse Lady alright? Don't forget to tell that you were taken good care of as well!"


"You try getting a well paying job with no references or job history or even a proper diploma.." I reply grumpily and look around my closet for something normal enough to blend in on the street.


"Uh huh." He says in compliance. It takes him some effort to reach the phone.

You, on the other hoof, are immediately swamped the moment you clock in. There are sick Gryphons whose numerous limbs hurts, a repeat wino or two, and then there is the pregnant filly who just walked in through your door.

"Miss Sympathy, my tummy hurts." Rhodon mentions after getting off the phone.

There's a few rags and accessories lying around that might pass as an ensemble if you were drunk and hit over the head with a hoofball bat a few times.

"Mine are fake, so why couldn't you make your own? Maybe we can ask my OW OW OW!" She yells as she quickly holds her head.


I hurry to her side and examine her for wounds.
"What's wrong Cita? Are you hurt?"


"It's a buzzing noise, in my head." She takes a few deep breathes. "I, I… We don't have a family, do we?"


"…Not a traditional one. No.. I did have my team, and the scientists were pretty fatherly. Particularly one Donkey, Dr. Orglog, he helped me understand a lot of things about being a gryphon and where eggs normally come from."


She stares at you, then looks down.

"It must have been nice… So what do we do know? Risk taking some money out of my account so we can get a real meal or something?"


"Hmm those suits are probably still after you.. or me.. "
Then I suddenly smile "Hey, maybe they just wanted me, so that I could do a job for them. A real assassination contract would pay so much. We could have steak."


"I'm a secretary. Maybe I was even born or made to order to become one or something, but I'm not a killer." She looks around, then back at you. "Besides, it doesn't seem to pay that well."


I go recheck the address and get dressed in those rags ignoring her negativity.
"Well, decide if you want to use that secretary cash to buy us breakfast. I'll do what I can to cover you if you do."


"I want food. I want a thick piece of meat put in front of me after all this crying. I saw an action movie where they baited the bad guys, can we do that so we can eat?"


"Well, do you see any helicopters or mini turrets or rocket launchers around? I think those are required for crazy action stunts."
"Also my leg is still broken. And we know nothing about what these suits are capable of."
I sigh. "But I am hungry too, I think there is an ATM nearby, and fast food should be safe enough, maybe some kind of burger."


I believe I was handing papers over to Potok previously, yes?
"Sure thing, just gimme a sec to find the ones for you…"


File: 1445487108332.png (586.26 KB, 1024x669, LabeledSmartCard.png) ImgOps Google

"I knew you'd see it my way!" She gets up and spreads her wings. "You might not have had a need for it, but it's a smart thing to hide your Smart-Chips in your wings."

On the inside of her wings, you can see a few bits of metal flash.

"There should be another green bag containing the papers I need. Just make sure you step on his tail on your way into the Cart. He always flicks it at me."


I blink in surprise at her.
"Whoa.. hey.. Where did you put those when you showered?"


"It's water resistant, showering won't affect them. And then there is this."

She claps her wings and two front legs together, and now the chip has switched wings.

"I thought it was a silly thing I could do. Is it one of your memories?"


I silently pick up a piece of paper, rip a little piece off so its about that size, hold it in my wing and copy her trick.


It gets stuck in your first set of talons.

"Hmm, is this actually my own trick?"


"Oh, I'll do more than that…"
Dig out his bag and hand it off to him, then heave the drunk into the passenger's seat.
"Sorry to run, but I gotta get the rest of these delivered. Nice meeting ya!"


"Looks like it!" I pat her on the head. "Maybe show me how to do it, and I'll show you some of my tricks?"
'1d10+1' pluck a feather of hers with my tail.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"Avoid the freeways. They get rushed at this hour by people trying to avoid the rush."

"Don't ask me how that works, it just does. Here, I'll upload a map from my Com-Link. Take the streets and you'll get there faster."

Roll a three d10 for your trip.

>Overwhelm + Skill Tier difference
"Oh, like what?" She says with the eyes of a kitten.


"Thanks for the tip. Now, let's see if I remember right… this lever is the…gas?…"

Roll #1 6, 4, 5 = 15


I chuckle a bit, and dangle the feather in-between us with a claw.
"Like how to pay enough attention that you won't lose your feathers."


"Eh, a chaffeur! Ha, I knew I was going places in the company!" Your passenger yells, shortly before you brake and launch his head against the dashboard.

A few false start and several angry Cart Drivers later, you're making good time. You can see the the freeways on occasion, and even your slow speeds must look supersonic to them.

You're even able to brake quick enough to stop from crashing into another Cart that rushed in front of you and stops. A well dressed pony and gaudy dog get out in front your parked vehicle.

They flash guns.

"What, huh! No way, when did you do that!? And you'll teach me!?"


Oh goddammit that's the third pregnant Filly this week!
And the matter with Rhodon doesn't help either
Ugh, I'm so glad I had that break yesterday, else I wouldn't have the mind to deal with this bullshit.
Should I roll 4 times? Each to deal with every problem?


Yes, you're a busy Nurse and your skills are being tested.

Actually, use 6 dice. The pregnant filly just started leaking.


Well Fuck, let's see if I still got it

Roll #1 2, 5, 4, 2, 10, 7 = 30


"Sure. I don't see why not. You have the agility for stuff like this its clear." I set the feather on her head.
"For today the lesson is being silent and blending in. Getting to the ATM and pulling out cash without catching any attention. Think you can do it?"


You're overworked, no matter how much of a break you take.

You do not have the necessary supplies or equipment. The power starts to cut off halfway through your tasks. The water is of questionable quality.

But you're able to pull through right at the end. Everything comes through properly, and Seaddle has a new baby girl to deal with. You should call social services and the shelter.

Rhodon is looking very sick, sitting on one of the chairs.

"Does this happen everyday?"


"Just another average day at Maven's Clinic…" I groan, exhausted as I sit besides him "How about you? Need anything? Also, how was the call?"


there windshields on these carts?


She looks down.

"I've been mugged three times." It takes her a while to admit that it happened three times in a row.

"Just a glass of water. But I could only get one of the maids to pick up." His health and his mood starts to pick up. "Everyone was worried, and she sounded relieved when I said I was okay and where to find me. They said they'd find a ride for me! Oh, and maybe you can come too! And Seam!"

At the same moment, an out of place Mana-Cart begins to pull up.

Yours does, it's a heavier, company car.


Kick the windshield out at the dog!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"Alright.. Well. When you walk, you need to walk upright, with confidence, you need to scan the road around you, look at the corners. Keep your head down, and don't linger in eye contact with anyone, but know they are there. If someone tries to talk to you, just nod or say 'good day' in reply and move on.."
I go over these city roaming tips for several minutes.


The Dog yips at the sudden material coming at him! The well dressed Pony leaps back behind the cart!

She's a diligent student, even writing down your notes like a good secretary would.

"Okay, I'm ready to go to the ATM!"


Oh shoot
Let's stick close to Rhodon and watch that car, see who will come out of it
"Seam is at school right now though… I'm sure he would love to come but he can't miss classes! Uh… Maybe you could invite him to play on the weekends or something?"


"Alright. Lets give it a try."
I open the window as usual and hoover outside waiting for my copy.


"Yeah! Alowishus can come too! The maids might like having a day off." He's starting to jump around, his heart is pumping, just like it was during the street fight.

Out of the Cart, a Buffalo comes out and starts walking toward the clinic while two take watch.

You can see he's carrying a big, shiny metal stick.

She follows along as well as she can. She can fly well enough, but it's obvious she only does it to get around and doesn't have your practice.


I can tell this might not be good…
"Rhodon… Do you know this guy?" I mutter to him


"No. I've never seen him before."


Well. Lets land about a block away from the ATM and I'll stealth. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Even your sister has trouble spotting you, and she saw you land!

She shows some initiative and starts approaching the ATM. Then she looks at her notes and you can vaguely make out her saying: "Walk upright."


Roll #1 2, 2, 7, 10, 1, 8, 10 = 40


"Then stay behind me… If you see the slightest hint of danger, run and hide…"


Drive into the dog while he's stunned!
Is there any way to drive around their vehicle?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Keep an eye out for anyone trying to sneak up on her.. '2d10' spot checks are like this right?

Roll #1 7, 4 = 11


She looks like she's part of some comedy routine. It's hilariously bad how she tries to act incognito. But that might be the jitters getting to her. She manages to regain her composure and not look like a living example of Copy-Paste.

A crowd of people appears, since it seems many take their breaks at the same time. Cita winds up in a line, which should make her safer as there is no chance of someone just nabbing her.

Except you do see another odd Pony. He seems to be staring in her direction and pacing around.


Shit, I curse to myself and try to grab that pony and pull him around the corner.
'1d10+1' backstab.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


He fixes his suit collar as he comes in, Rhodon hiding behind the reception desk. He walks in.

"Hey there toots, I'm here to, uh, pick up my cousin. He's been through a lot. He looks like this."

He flashes a photo of Rhodon before he became a Crystal pony.

"He caught something, and now he looks like one of them crazy ponies. His mom sent me to pick him up."

You can smash past it, your Cart is much bigger and heavier.

The Pony gets out of hiding. "Get out of the car!"


I do a practiced smile as I glance at the picture "I see… Could you please inform me of his name, sir? Also the name of the mother and the address receipt of course, as well as your documents and preferably, the colt's documents as well, if you have them"


I set my suit to Recovery mode and leap out the empty windshield, tackling the pony and and smacking his head against the concrete.
'1d10+1' Tackle, Stance of the Cross

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6



"Heh, I don't got any of that. Isn't a picture enough!?" He answers with an angry tone.

"What in Hades?! Get off'a me!" He says struggling to push off your much heavier body.

Sheva Helpless/5

W.D. Pony Helpless/4
Snazzy Dog 4/4


I keep smiling "Sir, we need documents to approve any takeoff of our patients, and we need them to look for the patient. This colt may not even be here anymore or could have never been here in the first place, who knows? The only way we can know is through documents."


He melts like butter into your arms. No one saw anything, it just looks like you're carrying a drunk friend around.


I can't go too far, but far enough that no one will bother us.. just into an alley should be okay.
Put my sword on his neck.
"Hey, don't scream, just answer my questions calmly. And you might even walk away from this."


He smashes his metal rod into the reception desk.

"Where's the kid!? Talk fast before I break your mouth."

"Rainey, what game are we playing?" He says with a big goofy smile.



"The game of street interrogation. The rules are like this. You will answer me calmly, promptly and honestly. Don't follow my rules and we have problems." Wait for him to answer.
"Why are you stalking me?"


"Oh fine, mister demando…"
Propel myself up and off him by slamming my hooves into his chest.
'1d10+1' Tumble

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


He takes a breath, then stares at you directly in the eyes.

"Because I love you, with all your eccentricities."

Roll to spot.

Your weight and metal bits dig into the well dressed ponies, even trying to get off of him hurts!

"Get off of him you Cow!"

Sheva Helpless/4

W.D. Pony Helpless/3
Snazzy Dog 4/4


"You can't be serious.. Who are you even?"
'1d10+1' is he just lying?
'2d10' spot

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 6, 5 = 11


I remain calm, still holding on that fake smile
''Sir, please keep in mind this is a public place and silence is appreciated. Now I will repeat myself if you had not heard me correctly. But We are not sure if this colt is even here, If you would like, I could make a reception call and ask through the speakers if anyone has seen him.''


"Check my pocket." He says.

Right where he used to be, another you appears. This one dressed in 'natural' leathers and garments. A hippy.

"Yeah, yeah, hurry it up then!"


''Grand. What is his name then?''


I look confused and pick through his pockets.
"What the.. Hey, stalker guy, quiz time. What do I do for a living?"




His eyes go wide for a moment.

"Eh, you work with those animals near the forest. Why?"

The other you is now circling the area. Cita was occupied with dealing with the ATM.


But what's in his pocket?
"Right. Guess you are interested.. Do you know anything about my family?"


I knew it…

Roll #1 4 = 4


A simple Wedding band. You can see where the jeweler had to make alterations for it to fit a "you".

He's positively beaming at the word family. "That means you accept! I get to meet them!"

I don't have your 3.1 sheet. Can you upload it?

You're able to raise your hooves and your magic up before he can get a good hit in! Wat do now that a fight broke out!?

Sheva 3/5 Temp HP for now

Belligerent Buffalo 5/5


"What? I mean of course.. this is your dream.. and I'm your ninja girlfriend~"
I stick the ring back into his pocket and KO him. want me to roll?


Yes. For the Narrative of it.


'1d10+1' rollin'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


It's too good. Too clinical. Textbook. He's just a lump of flesh that you can do anything with while your 100% copy flies around trying to look for him.

SO now you've got an unconscious suitor and a worried Gryphon flying around. Wat do?


Ruffle him up a little and take his cash. Make it look like he got mugged.
Then I can leave him at the end of this ally where his tail is sticking out.


Try to back off and calm him down
''Sir! Direct assault to one of the Clinic's workers is a terrible crime! Please drop your weapon and calm yourself! This is a family enviroment!'' I shout, trying to kick some sense into the big guy
'1d10' Penitence

Roll #1 1 = 1


He had a grand total of $350 bits on him. Looks like he was planning on taking her somewhere nice.

He knocks you to the ground with his girth! Get up and get out of there! Keep Rhodon safe!

Sheva Helpless/4

Belligerent Buffalo 5/5


I winch a little bit, but it would be odd for a mugger not to take all of the cash..
just nudge him a little more into the open so he can be seen quickly..
Get onto the roof and hide.
'1d10+1' fly '1d10+3' stealth

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 9 + 3 = 12


Wasn't there a little button under the counter to call for the cops in situations like these?!
I struggle to get up, glancing at Rhodon who is hiding to see how is he doing, before turning to face this buffalo guy

Roll #1 9 = 9


The other you, not the one at the ATM, finds the body. She screams for help and several on-lookers come to her help.

The button is pressed and an alarm goes off. The Guard Dog runs in and shoves the Buffalo to the ground.

Only for the Buffaloes friends to join in.

Sheva 5/4
Guard Dog 4/4

Belligerent Buffalo 5/5
Pony Gangster 3/4
Banger Pony 4/4


They'll be fine.
Time to get out of line.
"Hey, sis, lets get out of here." I whisper to her.


Get Cita I mean.
Her name dropped somehow.


Time to show them why I have PAIN in my name
Hop from the counter and jump at the buffalo to give him a good jab in the mouth
'1d10+1' just a plain old attack

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"So, where to? Jennies? Jack in a Bag? McDonks and order everything from the breakfast menu?"


"Uh. Jack in a Bag. That place is filling enough.. not to mention lots of windows and doors for quick escapes."


Cita squeals like only a catbird can.

"Oh, they have a new Soylatte that is totally unhealthy, but I don't care anymore. And there's a burger with, get this, THREE SOYPATTIES! I know I said I wanted steak, but I'm sure I want to drown in guacamole with my burger!"

She's squawking loud enough that she's attracting onlookers' attention.


I cover her with a wing and hurry her along the street.
"That all sounds great, but we really need to move. As in. Not. Stay. Here. Where everyone is staring at us. "


She nods her head in aggressive agreement, but she still hops along.

The restaurant is just down the street now, but you can smell it way before then.

The Pony Gangster just throws you off after you slip on a loose bit of paper, but it's enough for the Guard Dog to get a solid punch in.

Sheva Helpless/3
Guard Dog 2/4

Belligerent Buffalo 1/5
Pony Gangster 2/4
Banger Pony 3/4


Okay, stop short of the restaurant.
First did anyone follow us? '2d10'

Roll #1 3, 8 = 11


Let's try to get up again

Roll #1 7 = 7


Nope, the only people following are another couple headed in the same direction. At least it isn't another you with them.

Your Guard Dog goes down, but managed to knock down the Buffalo, hurry up and help him!

Sheva Helpless/3
Guard Dog Helpless/3

Belligerent Buffalo Helpless/4
Pony Gangster 1/4
Banger Pony 1/4


I'm on it!
''Go get them guy!''
'1d10' heal
what was the dog's name again even?

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'm starting to get a little freaked out, good thing that Cita didn't see the shaman hippie me..
"Whew. Alright. Its clear. Lets get some food." Walk in to the restaurant together.


Alsatian, judging by his name tag as you lift him up.

"Thanks, now get out of here!" He yells at you, worried about your safety.

Sheva 5/3
Guard Dog 5/3

Belligerent 5/4
Pony Gangster 1/4
Banger Pony 1/4

It's you at the register.

Roll for Spot Check


'2d10' Rolling.

Roll #1 3, 7 = 10


''That fool just tried to hit me in the middle of work, I am not letting him go before I whoop his ass and remind him to not mess with the crew of Petey's Clinic!'' I say as I turn back to them and head to the Banger pony, maybe punching his face will be easier?

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Nope, she's got a Leopard print on her. And she looks like she's had one too many burgers from here.

"Welcome to Jack in a Bag, where we'll buck your order in no time!"

Her eyes look dead.

It's not so much your hit that knocked him down, but trying to avoid it caused him to band his head against a chair.

Sheva 5/3
Guard Dog 3/3

Belligerent 3/4
Pony Gangster Helpless/3
Banger Pony Helpless/3


Can't help but laugh at that a bit
Let's try knocking him out now that he is down!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


My eyes narrow at that insult.
"Oh you did NOT just go there, motherfucker…"
Brace myself and shove myself back up and off of the pony.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"…Sure I'll have two orders of the Jack-o-Burger Large fries, and a milkshake.. and what do you want Sis?"
Read this cashier's name tag and share a glance Cita.


"Cheese it, this took too long, the cops are here!" One of the criminals says.

"Cover the tracks!" The Buffalo yells, shortly before several containers are thrown into the clinic!


You can hear him yelp as you get up off of him, just as the Dog is about to focus his gun on you!

Sheva 5/4

W.D. Pony Helpless/3
Snazzy Dog 4/4

The Leopard Gryph is named Lɛpə, based on her name tag. She mindlessly taps onto the register.

Cita is too happy to notice you. She seems to just be reading everything off the menu, and then supersizing it.


Oh fuck what are these containers

Roll #1 1, 2, 6 = 9


I snort and dodge into cover behind their car, kicking the W.D. pony along the way.
'1d10+1' Tumble

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Riiight. I'll find us a table.."
'2d10' look for a seat close to the windows in case we need to flee.

Roll #1 4, 10 = 14


It is white phosporous. A chemical concoction that burns at an insane temperature and sets fire to almost everything it touches.

Like your clothing and hooves!

The Clinic is on fire, but at least Rhodon is yelling at you from the door!

You're behind their Mana-Cart, using it to absorb the bullets from the Dog, who is checking on his unconscious ally.

A long stream of expletives comes out of the dog's word hole.

Sheva 5/4

W.D. Pony Unconscious/1
Snazzy Dog 4/4


The whole restaurant is close to a window, since Equines can get smelly in enclosed spaces.

It takes Cita a while to finally finish ordering, the poor Cashier Gryph still busy inputting the order.

What you do manage to notice is another well dressed pony looking at a picture and looking into the restaurant.


Oh fuck no, not the clinic
Look around myself, did anyone stayed behind or needs help? I have to act quickly before I burn here as well!


You can hear some screaming from the nurses!



"Come here, you little shit!"
Set the suit for Impact mode and hit the dog right in his jaw.
'1d10+3' standard attack
Stance of the Tiger: no weapon tags, +2 to standard attacks

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


It could be nothing..
I'll move to a different seat and see if he keeps staring at me.

Roll #1 5, 7 = 12


I have to help them!
rush to the sounds of the nurses, ignoring my own safety

Roll #1 7, 2 = 9


In one blow, you've removed all his teeth and sent him unconscious.

There's a drunk Gryphon in an industrial Mana-Cart without a windshield. A Pony and a Dog lay on the ground next to a mana-kart full of bullet holes.

He looks down at his picture when you move, and you can tell he's focusing on what's going on inside. He can see Cita, and he's walking closer to the restaurant and has opened up his Com-Link.


Full alarm mode. Go to Cita's side and pull her away, moving anyone in the way out with a shove and a "SORRYLADYEMERGENCY!"


It's standard procedure, you all practice what to do in case of fire and everyone follows it eventually while the clinic burns. Rhodon hides underneath you as the place goes up in flames and the police finally arrive.


Once I'm finally outside, I sigh as I feel emotionally and phisically drained
I wrap Rhodon in a tight hug ''I'm sorry you had to go through that…


He doesn't say anything and just holds you close.

"Rhodon, you're safe!"


Shoot the pony in the leg with the dog's gun, then leave them there; classic case of an attempted robbery gone wrong.
Now, get in the cart with all the papers I need to deliver and drive off. Don't want to fall behind, after all.


I turn to the sound of the voice ''hmn?''


'1d10+1' Rolling for speed.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


There is a good number of Equestrians coming out of their houses now, looking on at the carnage as you pull away.

Your destination is only a scant few blocks away, but there's a Donkey outside, waving you in.

The voice belongs to a beautiful Crystal pony. She's dressed in elegant clothing, no doubt worth more than your clinic was.

"Mom!" Rhodon yells as he rushes up to her.

It would be a touching scene, if a bulky but well dressed Goat guard didn't stick a sword up to your face.


"Hey, what was that for!" Cita shouts. "I was just about to get my order!"


Aww that's so swe-HOLY SHIT put my hooves in the air and back off a little
''W-woah there…''


"Yea, with a side of kidnapping. " I give her a slight growl "again."
"We gotta fly, no time to wait."
Force her outside with me.
'1d10+1' flying roll.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Damnit… gonna have to switch the plates for this cart now…
Pull on in and nod to him.
"Sorry if I'm late, ran into a bit of trouble. I think you've got someone who didn't want these getting delivered."


"Boer, it's okay." The Crystal pony mother says. "Excuse her, she's been on edge since the incident. Are you Sympathy Pain? Can I ask you to come with me?"

Boer lifts her sword up again. But only a bit.

"You, you gotta pull on that one…" The Cashier tries to say as you finally manage to get out.

The Pony watching you scowls as you take flight.


"Come on, we have to get somewhere safe."
'1d10+2' pegasus flight bonus for aerial dodging tactics.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


''Um…Yes, that's me…And of course Ma'am…'' I slowly get up, glancing at the damage done to the clinic


The Donkey shuts a gate to the parking area, then directs you inside.

"I know, I know. It's why we've kept this buffoon on the payroll for so long. So, while I decipher my new orders, my name is Grandu, with whom do I have the pleasure?"

You fly low and between buildings. In this cyberpunk era, you're out of visual range after the first building, but you manage to get a bit further.

"Hey, wait! What's going on?" Cita tries to yell out.


"Call me Veevee," I offer as I follow him.
"…should I bring the lardball along, or is he good where he is?"


"There was a pony stalking us. Stalking you. He had a picture of us."
I land in a space between the building looking around the corners cautiously, my feathers stiff and standing on my paw tips. '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 8 = 17


The clinic is burning, but all the patients are out and the nurses are attending to them.

Rhodon hops in and quickly says hello to the driver.

Rhodon's mother keeps a stern face as you come in, Rhodon's hugs failing to change her face much.

"I must thank you, deeply from the heart, for keeping Rhodon safe. If there is any reward I can offer for your cooperation, just name it."

"He's fine. It's the paper they want, and now that we have I have it, they won't dare to come in." He says with a sick chuckle.

"Hmm, that Gryphon always has people owing him favors, but you're the first coherent one he's brought in a while. Mind if I show you what you were safe guarding?" He adds with some glee.


"What, where? I didn't see anyone? Oh Luna, what is going on now!? What did he look like? Was he wearing a suit or what?"


"…sure thing."
This guy does NOT seem like one of Cunic's buddies. I covertly brace to take this fucker down if he's not legit.


"He was well dressed, and he called someone. Probably back up."
I narrow my eyes and look at the buildings around us. Anywhere building I can perch in to look out for a bit, maybe a dark window that I would be able to open? '2d10'

Roll #1 3, 2 = 5


now found myself facing a dillema
Abuse of this situation
or look humble
For Seam's sake, I couldn't afford being humble…
I lower my head ''Well Miss…I'm very thankful for the offer, but I don't want a thousand bucks, or a fancy house…If you could, in any way…I just wanted to get me and my little brother out of this city…Or at least live in a better, safer place for him…I don't want to raise him in the slums anymore and without my parents with us…Rhodon was a sweetheart by the way, always polite and obedient. He even became friends with my brother…'' I give him a sweet smile


"Finally. With this, I'll be able to finish my masterpiece. And you, you'll get to be my witness. My first one!"

"Tell me. Tell me how much you know about Magic?"

Most of the ones here have been closed, a better part of town. But you do spot one where there are some workers. If you wait a while, you can get in while they leave.


"Not much… s'posed to be why all the weird stuff's popping back up, right?"
"…Just how do you know Cunic?"


I can wait.
But I doubt my clone is willing to.
And we'd lose time on the trail of that guy.
Instead I'll take a breath. "Okay. Lets just circle around, maybe we can spot him and his friends.. follow them or something."
'1d10+1' flyin'
'2d10' spot check

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 2, 8 = 10


I need to review my situation.


"Remarkably admiral. While Rhodon described you as a good person, I thought you were going to be just another mercenary."

She sighs.

"Which makes this all the harder." She pulls out a gun and shoots Boer.

"Ugh, people only know about magic when it benefits them. But that'll change soon." He leads you down a few steps in the non-descript building they have. "See, it's dangerous, so I can understand why lots of people ignore it. But do you know why it's dangerous?"

He ignores your question about Cunic.


the fuck…
TIme slows down for me for a moment as I watch her with my eyes wide, mouth agape as my body tense up


"Cuz people don't know how it works, so it keeps blowing up in their faces?"
I gently but firmly grasp his shoulder.
"Look buddy, I just beat down two guys cuz they started shooting at me. If this whole vague shit is to draw me into a trap, it's gonna end badly for ya."


It's more than a few passes around the neighborhoods, but Cita stays quiet. Yesterday's memories are still fresh. You pass above traffic and crowded streets, looking for the Pony.

And then you find him, in a Mana-Cart looking upwards, trying to track you down. And there's another Pony in the Cart with him.

"When you get to that location we sent you, just smile for the camera. We'll be taking care of the rest. Just, uh, try not to attract too much attention, alright?"


"No one cared who I was until I put on the lab coat."

Is it time to head off? I'd like to do this.


"Found them. Alright.. Now.." I look at her with a frown. "I really am not used to having someone else here.. we need to hide you somewhere nearby.."
'2d10' look for a nice spot to hide her where she won't be spotted.

Roll #1 6, 3 = 9


Some of Boer's blood lands on your face as the driver smashes on the brakes, but the effects have yet to be felt.

The gun slowly starts coming towards your head.

"A trap. Hmm, yeah, that's a good way to call it. Yeah."

You feel the air start to become thinner.

"This is going to be great. This information is everything I need. I can't wait to show them that my project succeeded first, and you'll have the honor!"

"Right this way!" He says as he points to a door, with a strong light coming from underneath it.



The directions are for a small Dock area. A cursory look through your Com-Link shows the area covered with foreign shipping containers. The crime index is pretty low for that area.

Roll Two D10 for your travel.

There's a big tree nearby. Cita blends in well, but anyone who looks up from under it will see her. But it's next to a building, so that is a very tiny spot to chance.

"What are you gonna do?"


Okay, Fuck. This. Shit.
Grab him, slam him against the wall, and keep his neck trapped under my hoof.
"Listen, dipshit. I have had too many people trying to kill me in the past few days for me to put up with these vague generalities.
Talk. Details. What's in that Room? Either answer me straight, or I crush your windpipe, go back upstairs, and drive to the next dropoff. You UNDERSTAND!?!"


"Follow them a bit, Kidnap a kidnapper maybe. If I don't come back by noon or you hear my screams get yourself back to my place as quietly and safely as you can.. It should be safe since they are after you not me.."


With the sudden adrenaline rush
I don't think
I merely act
With my body, I jump at her to try and push her against the wall of the car, headbutting her to jab her with my horn

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



Shouldn't be too dangerous. Nit that I really care right now.

Roll #1 2, 5 = 7


"The Future."

"The future of the world and of Magic. Your delivery confirmed my theories, and now all I have to do is input them. Right now, we all have to live in squalor because of the Forest and its weird magic. But in there, well, imagine what it would be like to be able to have your own home. With a yard, instead of these apartments?"

She resembles the Cita you rescued just yesterday. She looks up to you, but this time manages to at least keep her head up as she nods in agreement.

"Be safe, I still owe you that burger."


You slam into her, her weapon going off and shooting into the rest of the limousine.

"You stupid whore, you're ruining everything!" She yells out.

Traffic. Loads of it in this area, lots of Mana-Carts carrying containers and plenty of pedlers going between them.

And of course, the local hoodlums. You can see them pull away and punch one of the poor Earthies selling fruit. They are blocking the way with so many of them.


All right, loosen my grip, but still follow behind him, ready to strike.
"With my medical bills? I'd never be able to afford something like that. And I've gotta say, I don't think it's the Forest that're shitting everything up. It's ponies. Or donkeys, or what-have-you… people screw someone to get what they want, screw someone else just cause they can, and all you can do is try to keep your head above water."


''Rhodon I don't know what's going on here but get down!'' I shout as I hold her down
''Ruining everything? Miss I don't know who you are but don't fucking kill a guy in front of me then point a gun to my head! What the hell do you think you're doing?!''


Nod at her.
'1d10+3' stealth up and after that mana cart.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"It's because we're all locked in here. It'll make anyone go crazy. Think about it, what'll happen to the gangs and corporations once people can just up and leave?"

He opens the door, and beckons you in to the brightly lit room.

"I've found a way to truly capture magic. The Forest's days are numbered."

She's trying to kick you as the limousine swerves into the road wall. The constant jumping of the Cart causes the gun to fall near the crying Rhodon, both of you tossed around.

"We just need the boy! And no witnesses!"


"…Neat as that sounds, I'd be a bit more careful if I were you. Those corporations aren't going to like the idea of losing business. If they catch wind of something like this, you and everyone you meet on the street is dead."
Follow him, but only enter the room if he goes in first.


You're just a shadow. These guys aren't exactly pros, making it obvious that they're looking for you. Their Cart is stuck in traffic, but the new Pony you see is a Unicorn female, talking into her Com-Link.


Get close and listen in to their conversation..


''You're not his fucking mom! You're a changeling aren't you?!'' I punch her in the face

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


You know, if I have a better body, I could destroy them no problem. For fun.

Bah. Why am I turning to such barbaric acts to amuse myself? Keep traveling.


"There's no one who would like to stop it. Everyone likes to think of them as Non-Equestrians, but there's a pony or a goat or someone else at the top. And they can see the Forest approaching. As much as they like profits, they'd need to be alive to enjoy them."

He walks in and shows you his invention. A contraption in a closed off room, perpetually spinning.

"See that glowy thing in the middle, it's absorbing the nearby magic. It's already making this whole place safer. And with the paper you brought me, I'll be able to up the efficiency of it!"

"They took a risk funding me, I had to fight for every bit, but at last!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm keeping my eyes on the road. I'm not gonna be like those idiots. I swear, they get into an accident on a street like that?" The female Unicorn says.

"Don't get so riled up, you'll crash too. And I for one, don't need to meet with the boss if we fail to catch her."


This double confirms it. Keep listening.. but I might have an idea..
look for something.. maybe a rock or pole to jam into their tires so they have to stop. '2d10'

Roll #1 8, 3 = 11


"Aaaand their competitors probably hired someone else to do the exact same thing, and want you dead so their guy can finish first. Seriously, up your security."
Info on this could sell for a serious chunk of cash. There anything around I might be able to grab and sell off?


She's not trained to fight. She actually manages to struggle and shove her face right in the path of your hoof. She's unconscious.

Then the car spins out as the Driver falls on the horn.

You black out for a moment.

Roll three D10.

One of the Gangers with stupid hair spots you and calls a friend over. They trot along and then get in front of you.

"Hey, don't you know this is a toll road?" The stupid hair'd Earthy says.

"Yup, you gotta pay a fee for passing on it, and a penalty for not paying it up front." His Pegasus friend adds.


What a crrrrrrazy day
'3d10' when will I ever catch a break

Roll #1 7, 2, 6 = 15


I'm in a car, right? And are there other civilians around me?


"Just what is that lady thinking? Sending us, US, out on a wild Gryphon chase. We have better things to do, you know."

"Watch the road!" The male adds.

There's a pony working on an Electrical shed by the road. His truck is loaded with tools.

"Not for this. You need special equipment, lots of it. And plenty of people to use it. They can try to steal their way in, but it'll never work." He laughs. "Besides, all the good scientists know to lock a little up here." He points towards his head.

"I, just wanted someone else to witness this thing with me. As it is, it'll barely be able to purify a city block. No one believed in me, I'm almost certain that the company keeps paying me because they forget to write me off. If my coworkers leave, they might all just forget about me. But with this, it'll take a load more research."

Roll for it.


Alright, I'll snatch a long wrench or pipe or something like that off his cart.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


You awaken to the music of an opera. There's a Gryphon singer whose audio has been licensed on all the Com-Links.

It's annoying.

When you manage to come to, you spot Rhodon asleep on one of the seats. Boer is unconscious and losing blood.

Rhodon's mother has had her neck snapped.


"Well, that's pretty neat, but what happens to the magic once captured? Are you gonna be dumping filled cells in some dump somewhere and turning nearby residents into spider-ponies or something?"
Just a quick glance around, nothing risky. This guy's unhinged as it is.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well the bitch deserves it (She IS dead, right?)
But Holy shit I am so Fucked
First things first, let's see if we can still save Boer
'1d10+1' mend

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Lots more, though traffic is starting to thin out as they knock on your windows. They have some metal pipes on them.

They knock on the window again.

"Didn't you hear? You gotta pay up!"

Lucky, this guy is packing some heavy gear. He's got a thick, long screwdriver that could probably double as a fencing saber in a pinch.

"That's where the real money gets made, or at least where I can pitch it. It'll be a Catalyst. A strong one. Better than all the rest. They won't even have to hide it. Just get the other groups to bid on it, or sell it in bulk."

"That's the dream, of course. I wanted a witness, now I'm worried what the other groups are getting."

He blabs on, but your eyes are aimed at older samples. The notes are all over the place, and a few have already been broken.


"Do you need a loan? I'm going to need your name, address and number."


I discreetly move towards the nearest of the older samples, ready to grab it whenever I can.


Prefect. I'm gonna just slide it into the wheel..
'1d10+1' get it really stuck.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


She got shot in the shoulder, but it won't be lethal. She won't be raising that sword, though.

"Ugh…" She groans. "Rho…"

The Stupid hair'd pony rears up! He's going to smash your window and your face!

"Don't mess with me!"

"At least I won't be let go for not providing results." He takes a deep breath and looks down. "Of course, now comes the paperwork…" He laments, as his gaze is drawn to the glowing catalyst.

A smaller screwdriver would screw up the delicate systems of the Mana-Cart, this thing won't even feel any pressure.

"Honestly, is she really making them go through all that? What for? Just for ego or something." The female blurts out.

"It's a green light, go already!"



As the wheel starts turning of the Mana-cart, the screwdriver jams the mechanisms and pipes. It resists the Carts attempts to spin.


The Mana-Cart jumps up and then lands on its side as the wheel falls to the ground.

The two occupants get out in a hurry, the femal holding her head after being shoved into the roof. Both are stunned.


Grab the girl, she was the one talking about how she was too important for this right?
'2d10' look for an appropriate spot nearby to hide with her.

Roll #1 4, 9 = 13


''It's alright, I got him…Try to not move your arm…''
Let's look out the windows, see where did we crashed


She struggles a bit and drops her sunglasses as you drag her away from her partner. There's a back alley you can drag her too, but be quick about it.

Near a freeway entrance, about a block away. You crashed into one of the big stone walls that guide traffic.


Let's try opening one of the doors
''Get up, we need to get out of here, quick.'' Tell Boer
Then poke Rhodon to wake him up ''You too, come on Rhodon..''


Into that back alley we go, cover her mouth and keep an eye on what her partner does.

Roll #1 5, 4 = 9


It's gonna need a few good kicks. It doesn't open well upside down.

Boer nods when you tell her about getting up and goes to get Rhodon.

"Mom? Where are you?"

She's kicking and biting. You're going to have some marks in the morning, but this is pain you've been trained to handle.


"Settle down. You're wasting your enegy and making me mad." I whisper into her ear.


Ah fuck he asked for his mother…
''Rhodon we…have to get out of here fast''
I feel a tight squeeze in my chest, pursing my lips I close my eyes and kick the door as hard as I can with a hoof

Roll #1 4 = 4


She simply mumbles expletives and the equivalent of "Let me go!"

Boer rushes in front of Rhodon and holds him. "Huh, what happened?" He asks.

One more kick or he wakes up to his dead mom.


''Goddamit MOVE''
'1d10+1' Wait a minute I have a bonus

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


And the door goes flying into the street and manages to reach out to the other side of the street. Boer grabs Rhodon and rushes him outside.


"No. Not happening. I need to know a few things about you and your boyfriend."
I huff and push my sword against her neck so I can search her. '2d10' look through all her pockets

Roll #1 8, 5 = 13


''Any idea where we go off to now?!'' Turn to Boer, shouting slightly more than what necessary
I also frantically look around to see if anypony is seeing us


I want to clarify that she doesn't know who you are. You got behind her and have been dragging her around.

Cell phones, wallet loaded with case, and some work IDs, the type that let you get through doors.

While the sword made her calm down, she's still being belligerent by being stiff as you try to rob her.


She grabs Rhodon and you and heads down a side street, away from the dead bodies and over turned car.

Then she stops after a few blocks and looks down.



Let her keep the wallet, look at the last number talked to on the phone, I bet it was her boss.
"So.. what's you names? What are you doing out here circling our turf? You don't look like a gangster."


''Not much of words huh?…Alright, lemme think of something…hmngh…''
Look around, can I recognize where I am or can I find myself in this place?
If not, let's look for a street sign to see where am I


"Is that all, you ganger trash? You think I belong to some stupid street herd? That I'd want this trash you call your own. Just hurry it up!"

You recognize the street at least, but you've rarely been this far away from the clinic or home. You're at least 8 miles from home, judging from your previous experience.


"If that's not it, then what? I could hear you talking about wantin' to nab someone, a catbird, tell me about that huh? Maybe I'll even help out for a fee.."


Well, that's not too bad at least…
''Are you good for walking for a while?'' Ask her as I head down the street, hoping this might be the right way, if I see we're getting lost…Maybe I shouldn't ask anypony I meet…Look down at myself and the others, how are we looking? TOo badly beaten up and bloody?


"Why would I want…" You can hear the gears in her head spinning. "What's your fee?"

You look as bad as you feel. Boer keeps clutching her wound, and Rhodon hasn't stopped crying since Boer stopped earlier. What little clothes you had left after the fire are even more damaged.


I groan and rub my head. This really is just the worst possible thing that could have happened…
At least We're alive…
Keep walking, it's all we can do.


"How about.. 300. That'd cover my membership fees for the month and leave me a little change for good food.." I sigh as if I were imaging the food. "Tell me about the target, what's special about her? Dangerous or trained?"


"I shouldn't have trusted her. I'm sorry." Boer says as she walks ahead of you, trying to fulfill her bodyguard duty.

It's starts to rain. It'll help cover your tracks and Rhodon's tears.

"Fine, if I'm being mugged I might as well benefit from it." She goes on to describe you. Even tells you how to access the pictures of "you" they have, or at least Cita.


"Alright.. where should I take her when I find the bitch?" I say with a hint of joy in my voice. "Are you gonna do something bad to her? She owe your boss somethin' Come on, I love a good story."


''I'll find out about her and just…What the hell was all that…'' I mutter to her, glancing at Rhodon, I want to say something but I can't…Not right now
''What about Rhodon…What we'll do with him?'' I whisper to her again


"Who knows? Who CARES? Just do it and I'll pay you." SHe says non-chalantly. "Where is that idiot?"

"Run. Hide."

"Hope." She stops to rub her wound for a moment. You recognize more of the buildings, you're much closer to your house.


I sigh and keep going, hoping to Celestia that we don't run into anything
At least there's some relief
What time is it? Is Seam back from school already?


"Fiiine, just meet me at [street corner in a shady area], tonight around sunset. I'll bring your girl, you bring your cash ya?"


It's 2:00 PM. Classes will be ending soon. At least he won't have to see you as you are. The streets are quiet right now as the sirens from the Clinic fire can still be heard. Everyone is keeping their head down as the rain pours too.

"Yeah right. I'll give you my number. Send me her pic and I'll come get her, I don't do so first."


"Sure.." I copy down her number and get a look at all her IDs, try to memorize what the names and titles are on the badges, could be a clue.. '1d10+1' remember them

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Good, at least I'm not drawing much attention
''You want to stay at my house for a bit?'' Ask her as I start to pace a bit faster to home


She works for L'eau, a Magnate Company, based on her ID. Security Level A in big blue letters. The rest is hidden on the embedded chip.

She cooperates as needed, though you can tell she won't warm up to you anytime soon.

Boer considers her options, then perks her ears up in shock.

"I know where you live. That means they do too!"



I can deal with that later. Let her keep all her stuff.. by throwing it down on the ground just in front of her.. and let her go..
'1d10+3' stealth away before she can turn around to see me.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


I have a similar reaction as her
Let's run the fuck away to somewhere else.
'Wait… Seam''
Let's rush to his school


You're too fast. She barely has time to react before you vanish behind walls and fences.

"What the HELL!?"

You're actually closer to his school than you are to your own house. It's kind of a sloppy place, where windows have been boarded up and walls visibly repaired.

But at least the children seem happy. You can feel the anticipation for the end of the day even a block away.


Flawless jerk ganger move. Now. I'll just look from the roof tops for her van and stallion partner.. '2d10'

Roll #1 1, 2 = 3


Let's run inside and desperatly look for Seam
''Seam? Seaaaaam!''


She's berating the partner. Calling him names, mostly around stupid, for not noticing she was being mugged.

Also, you step on some poop.

One of the supervisors stops you when he sees you, but Miss Silkie, Open Seam's teacher last year, comes out.

"Heavens above, what's gotten into you?"


''Where's Seam? Please tell me he's still here!'' I shout, looking rather desperate


Ewww, I try to scrape it off onto the sidewalk and keep watching them for now.
With any luck they'll go back to their base and wait for my call..


"He's just down the hall. What's going on, who are these people?"

It's going to be a while, since they're stuck in the middle of a road with a dead Cart. The female goes off on her phone to everyone while the male walks around, glancing up, trying to find "you". It's about an hour later when their new ride shows up. Two other well dresses Equestrians are inside the fancy Mana-Cart, a Crystal pony and a Pegasus.


I sigh
''Can't explain right now, I'm here to pick him up, excuse me''
Try to Walk past her and look for seam in the hall


This is getting dangerous, but I have to at least try to follow them. For thoroughness.


"You need to sign in first!"

SOme of the other teachers pop there heads out, and many of those lock up their doors after doing so.

Seam is already waiting for you. You could tell he had an annoyed face for you, but then his eyes go wide when he sees the condition you and Rhodon are in.

Roll three d10. Then roll one more at -2, due to worsening weather.


'3d10' '1d10-2'

Roll #1 7, 6, 7 = 20 / Roll #2 9 - 2 = 7


''Yeah yeah fine…'' Let's do this whole stupid sign in process and just get this over with


It's a textbook chase where you come out the victor. They followed protocol of taking side streets and detours, but you were able to follow them through the city. Not even getting close because of the rain was able to stop you.

They pull in to a large facility full of buildings and warehouses. A lone guard asks for ID.

The Secretary helps you fill out the form, but not before the Principal Zebra shows up and asks about "the nature of this emergency?"


A lone guard and four mysterious ponies.
Are there other entrances to the building? Windows or doors? Security cameras visible? '2d10'

Roll #1 2, 1 = 3



Seaddle weather won't let you see. Visibility is non-existant thanks to the rain.

Roll #1 10, 5, 10, 8 = 33


You do see the lights of the Cart, though. It waits in fron of what you can make out is a building, then the doors open and it goes in and "down."


''There was a fire in the clinic I work in, these two are with me, And I'm taking Seam out now. I have things to talk about with him, So please, excuse us, Miss Principal''


Miss Selkie helps vouch for you.

"Do be careful, Miss Pain. We wouldn't want anything too happen to you or Seam."

Will you head home, or do something else?


I blink in actual surprise, try to fly in after their car before the door can close '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Can't head home…
How much money do I have with me?
Also, do I have any relatives that live near or friends I can ask for a favor to?


It's an automatic garage, the door closing with no one there. Inside the warehouse, you can see that it hides an underground area. You can feel the ground slanting.

There are several other cars you can hide behind.

"I knew you were dense, Dosako, but not that much. How did you not notice your partner was being mugged?"

You've only got some change on you. Carrying money in large quantities in that neighborhood was dangerous.

As for friends you could trust, there is the Donkey Du Berry. She's always slacking off, but she at least invited you to her house a few times and accidentally told you were she keeps the spare key. Boer cautions against that, though.


Hide behind one next to them, This many cars.. their operation must be bigger than I first thought even.


The lights flicker while they berate each other. They head in through the only door available, arguing even further. If you were to look through the window, you'd see the that it's a long hallway with numerous other doors.

They round a corner, but you can still hear them.


This place would be easy to get lost in.. I keep trailing them for now..
'2d10' anything special about the doors? Do they have little windows that I can look in?

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7


Lot's of chemicals and medical equipment. Exactly what is hard to make out.

Right before you hit another door to follow the group, you spot another "you". She's tied up and seems significantly bigger and more roughed up. You can hear her crying through the thick door.


I'm gonna bust me out of there.
Open the door.


I don't think it could be enough to buy some new clothes for all of us, sadly…
And well, Du is pretty much the best choice we have right now, why would Boer advice against that?
Let's go head to her house


She covers her head with her arms, but doesn't stop her crying.

The room is dirty and there are a few more cages that haven't been used in a while. There are many of her broken feathers around.

"They could come after her." She explains. They might think she knows what you did or where you are.

But you'll have lots of trouble on your own anyway. You can see Boer thinking about your options all the way until you are only a block away from Du's door.


Carefully approach her..
"Hey. Calm down. I'm not one of them."


''They?…They who?''
Let's keep going, but let's pay attention to our surroundings
anyone following us or something looking suspicious?

Roll #1 3 = 3


She unfurls her arms, revealing one of them to be missing shortly before the elbow. The rest of her is pretty big, as if you'd been binging on candies since you left Aqualesia and even before.

"Who are you? Please, let me out…" She says meekly.

The weather plays havoc with your senses. It's hard to see anyone else through the stormy weather now, but it is hard for them to see you.

"Us. And Raiku. Rhodon told us about you when he called. Our phones are tapped."


"I'll do my best.. are there.. Ehem" I cough into my beak a little. "Are there others of us here? Have you seen them?"


''So Raiku is part of this…'' Keep going until we're at her house
''Do you have any idea why they wanted Seam?''
Also, glance back at Seam and Rhodon, see how they're doing


"I, don't know. I was dropping my children off, and then I got pulled into a car and dumped here." You can see her breathing with some difficulty. She's trying to stay in control of herself.

Seam is helping Rhodon walk. He knows that whatever is going on involves him staying quiet.

"Trade company. Trying to break into Equestria. Shady."

She signals for Seam to wait and pulls you behind a nearby wall.

"Rhodon's mother, and him, are from the main family of Raiku. Control Rhodon, break into Equestria."


"Okay Just stay calm. You think you can walk at all?" Is there like a medical table I can roll her out on? '2d10'

Roll #1 10, 9 = 19


''Control?…Control Rhodon?…'' I raise an eyebrown, pratically begging for an explanation


Not a medical table, but a strong one is in the room, good for heavy and dirty things.

"Emera family owns most shipping companies here. Lots of contracts. Rhodon is heir to that. Kill father, raise him as their own, win for Raiku."


Alright, I'll wheel that over to her, try to keep her engaged with me.
"Hey. What's you name? Can you move?"


My eyes widen ''They killed his father too?…''
I lower my head, a hundred thoughts racing at once
Suddenly, all of this starts making sense


"It's Acino. And I can move well enough. I'm used to being without this thing." She points at her missing limb.

"Not that I'm complaining, but why do you look like me?"

"No, plan to. Need Rhodon first. But his mother, I didn't think she would have betrayed all of us. Even her child."


Roll my eyes. "First off its you that looks like me. Second off, I don't have time to explain it, I need to look for other copies of us, this place is collecting us for some reason.. Did they ask you anything? Let a clue slip?"


''You have no idea what some ponies would do to get rich…Now what do we do? Try to contact his father and warn him?''


"Other copies? What's that mean?" She hesitates before answering. "No, they just grabbed me and beat me up. I was blindfolded and they called me names before they threw me in here."


"I promise I'll explain what I can when all of you are safe.." I frown "Alright, what names? It could help."


"Risky. Give away our position, your friend." She points at the door, waiting your decision. "Hide, run away, go through?"

She looks downcast.

"Overfed chick. Waste of good DNA. Ponylover…"


"Alright.. I think I get the picture.. Lets get you into one of their carts for now.."
Guide her down the hall. '2d10' keep a sharp ear out for anyone coming.

Roll #1 6, 7 = 13


I shake my head
''Run away to where?…Hide. Where?'' I look pretty shaken up as I stare back at her


You can hear some angry noises. Looks like the boss is tearing into them.

It wasn't much of a walk, and the garage is empty but for the two of you and the heavy sound of rain. The button is clearly lit to open the door.

"Anywhere. It's just. Bad choices, all of them."


"Okay.." '1d10+1' open one of the bigger carts with darker windows?
"..you should be able to hide in here while I look for others. Think of your kids and keep quiet Acino.. Its important you don't tip them off about me."

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


''We'll Just be found, unless I somehow can run away to the other side of Equestria with Two kids, and even then, they STILL can find us…Running forever won't solve this…But I…I just don't know what to do anymore…'' I sit down and exhale deeply


"You're not going to leave? Are you sure?"

The key latch takes some damage, it'll be easy to tell it was tampered with if they pay attention.

She leaves you and goes to pat Seam and Rhodon on the head.

"I can take Rhodon. You can just fake your ID, go back to your lives."


I stare at her sadly
I turn to Seam, then to Rhodon, my mouth slightly open as if I was desperate to ask something, but words couldn't come out, they could see the despair in my eyes


I look over the latch with a cringe but give Acino my best confident face.
"I'm like the super spy version of you. I'll create a way out."
"That said, wait here in case I find more so we can leave together.. but if someone besides me comes, then start the car and barrel down that door to escape. Just get out and go somewhere safe, but not your house since they'll look there, a neighbor or something." I explain while helping her into the cart.


"I can hide him and get close to his father. Hotels, abandoned places. Gone." She looks at Seam. "Go home."

"I can do that. Be careful."


Nod and close the door behind her..
Now to go back into the hall way, looking at each door carefully now '2d10'

Roll #1 7, 6 = 13


''…Can I talk to him one more time?…''


You spot more weapons and restraints in other rooms, but you don't hear anything until a door click open AND A PIPE COMES FOR YOUR HEAD!

She nods and steps away.


I Take Rhodon to a corner so I can talk to him in private
''Hey…'' I sit down in front of Rhodon to be at eye level with him, giving him a weak smile


'1d10+1' use the long sword to parry.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


The pipe is so old and rusted that it gets broken anyway.

"Stay away from my sister!" An angry little "you" yells, guarding a Jenny behind her.

He clears his sniffles and quiets down as he stares at you.


I squint in confusion keeping my sword up and my wings flared for take off.
"Are you prisoners here?"


"You jerks threw us in here! And why are you copying my look." Your child version asks.


''I know we didn't had much time together, but… I had fun, I like you Rhodon…It felt like I had another little brother that I had to take care of…'' I rub my neck

''You know…Part of the reason I don't want to let go is because…I…Have this stupid hope t-that…That we could live together…'' I start stuttering
''And I wouldn't even mind taking care of you and Seam t-together…I thought we could…B-be a f..f-f…'' I can't even hold back the tears anymore, staring at him like that breaks my heart, and leaving him just makes it worse.


I smile.
"Hey kid, I'm Hawknia, and I'm here to save you. I look like you because I'm your cousin. Bring your sis and lets get you two with our auntie Acino. Sound good?"


"What are you trying to say!? Please, don't say good bye! Please!"

The child version of you doesn't flinch, but its the little Jenny who gets up and follows your orders.

"I don't have a cousin, don't lie like that, okay." Every step of the way, she stays between you and her sister.


"You do now. Even if its just for today. I'm the cousin of all of you other mes."
I declare and guide her to cart where Acino is.


Acino acts like a worried mother, quickly lifting the sickly looking Jenny and looking her over, asking her questions about her health.

"Fine, just for today, you're my cousin. Doesn't mean I owe you." Your child version says, hopping into the Cart.


"Nah, family doesn't owe family kid. Don't you know how that works?" I pat her head gently.
"Going back for more, if those goons come out make a break for it. Don't worry about me."
then turn back without even waiting for an answer, gotta go back in the hallway.


''R-Rhodon I can't…I-I can-an't stay with you…It's dangerous…P-please understand, you have to understand…'' I sniffle

''Don't you w-want to be back with your dad?…L-live happy with all the toys you want and living in a pretty house? S-safe with your father?…You know I can't give you any of that…I can't give you the safety and the happiness you need to grow healthy…I have to run…To hide…For Seam and for you…'' Wrap him up in a hug, a tight one filled with love


"Let me go!" You hear yourself yelling and struggling down the corner.

"Just shut it you." One of the ponies from earlier says as you hear the opening of the door. "It's time for your inspection."


I peak around the corner, what's happening, can I get a good position? '2d10'

Roll #1 10, 8 = 18


"I want to stay with you…"

"You" are putting up a good fight. Looks like you've managed to knock down one of the Ponies and are wailing on him. The Female Unicorn is trying to concentrate to pull you off, but her magic keeps failing.

You can easy sneak up to them, the hallway hasn't been cared for very well. Lots of litter everywhere.


'1d10+1' lets backstab the unicorn.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


''S-seam…What about your dad?…Your life?…Don't throw all that away for us…It's not worth it…'' I whisper to him in the hug, gently stroking his head


It goes in cleanly, but she just happens to be a bleeder. She's on the ground, frozen in pain.

"Sis, wait. You're going to leave me too?" Open Seam asks.


I look down on the unicorn with pity, but finish the job. "You were not prepared."
'1d10+1' kill it.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


I shake my head ''N-no no…Sorry…I just got so emotional…And you two are so alike…heh…I looked at you two and it was almost like you found a new brother…'' I slightly pull out of the hug, wiping the tears with a hoof as I look at Rhodon
''But yeah…Rhodon…What about your dad and living a calm life?…''


Your blade cuts through the heart and lungs while the other two are occupied.

The other you is actually doing well, bashing the Earthie's head against the ground.

Rhodon rushes up and begins to hug you.

"You're the one who actually cares. Let's go together, or run away together. I don't want to be without you."


Time to move over there and help her out.
'1d10+1' attack the earth pony, his legs or something.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


The pain from his leg causes his body and head to react upwards, only for "you" to knock him back down and knock him out.

"You jerks!" She begins punching him.


"Hey. Just kill him so we can move on. You seem like you can fight, wanna help me out?"
I say to the other me.


''Rhodon….Oh Rhodon…''
I usually wouldn't let myself get so emotional like this
But you know what
to hell with it
''Alright…A-alright…You can stay…We-we'll be…A family…'' I smile and hug him back, holding him close to me


"Huh, what?" She turns to you and freezes, then jumps away. "Who or what are you?"

"Thank you, thank you…"


"Your clone. Hawknia. Here to bust out all my clone relatives from this twisted place. You in?"


She just looks exasperated, then gives in.

"You got a cigarette? I'll do anything for one now, like believe your story."


"Sorry. I don't smoke." check the bodies of these two for badges to access more of the building '2d10'
"It doesn't really matter if you believe me, there are a bunch of gryphons, innocent gryphons, trapped in here, I'm gonna rescue all that I can. You don't wanna help, you can wait with the cart while I go on ahead."

Roll #1 8, 2 = 10


Looks like the Earthie was smart enough to leave his wallet away, but you do get their badges with computer chips and some blood stains.

The rest of the room you're in connects to another hallway. There are other doors, but they are broken.

"Hey, I'm a Nurse. I'll do anything it takes to help innocents. They might have something I can smoke on them too."


I sniffle and keep hugging him ''No need to thank me…not yet Rhodon…I'll try my best…my very best to make I can give both of you a happy life…I promise…''


"Alright, then its settled. Lets go Nurse Hawk."
'2d10' examine the doors, what broke them?

Roll #1 3, 2 = 5


And with that, Sympathy Pain and Open Seam decide to run away into the storms with their new brother.

Will the weather ever break for them?

Age and water. There are leaky pipes everywhere, but it wasn't as visible as when you entered the old bathrooms. It's almost dangerous levels of mold in there.

You do spot lots of tools. Looks like the new owners were trying to fix it up.


I look a little concerned and move down the the hallway. "Stay sharp Nurse, I don't trust this place at all."
'2d10' keep spot checking as we work our way further in.

Roll #1 1, 7 = 8


One of the tiles gives way and you slip in front of the nurse. You can see her cover her chuckling beak.

Ahead, you can hear the door opening.

"What's taking those two idiots? How hard is it to bring in one nurse?"


"Quick get ready to fight." I whisper to her ignoring my embarrassment.
'1d10+3' stealth to hide behind the door.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


You have the element of surprise and hide behind the doors where they can't see you and shouldn't bother to look.

"Is this what I went to school for? I know she pays well, but can't we get paid more to do it?"

Roll for your Doppelganger's attack if you want her to join in.


'1d10+1' back stab that pony.
'1d10' nurse helps with a kick

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 6 = 6


The Pegasus loses a wing as you strike into his chest. You can see him gasping for air. He'll be dead if he doesn't get attention soon.

The Nurse kicks the Crystal Pony in the head, cracking the skull and knocking him out.


Pull the sword out cleaning it and look at her and then the pony my mind turning wondering if I made a mistake.. "Think you can save him? If we kill everyone here we might not learn anything. I saw some restraints in the other rooms we can use if you can manage to save him.. so we can question him.."


"I swore an oath, but on these two, I'm going to forget it. I can keep him stable enough, but he's going to die if we don't get to a hospital. I can kick the other one a few more times, that might wake him."


With a quiet sigh I'll finish off this pony. "..They didn't teach me holding back.."
"Think you can handle restraining that guy you were beating up? I'll investigate this room a little, maybe there is a hint about their boss here."


"Just so you, or is it I, know, I do this for a living. I'm always assigned to the crazies." She manages to tie the Crystal pony's limbs behind him using his own clothes. It's a tight knot, he isn't going anywhere.

The door he came through is partially opened. Looks like he never closed it all the way.


One prisoner should be enough.
Lets looks inside that room. '2d10'

Roll #1 7, 7 = 14


It's full of test tubes and blinking computers. Several of them are not functional. There are loads of papers scattered on the ground and plenty of post-it notes.

"Beryl! What's taking those nincompoops so long!?" You hear coming from behind a set of servers.


Sneak over and see what the mystery voice is doing '1d10+3'

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


"How am I expected to read these notes!? A decade of education, and a kitten would have better writing than them. Beryl, hurry it up!"

The person there should be obvious, with one major difference. Her fur is whiter with age, the spots starting to become the same color as the rest of the fur. Her feathers are more separated, a little looser.

It's another you, but 20-30 years older.

Roll to two d10 for spot check.



Roll #1 9 = 9


One more.



Roll #1 8 = 8


She's got a pistol hidden in her wings, as well as another one on the desk.

"Bring those copies and my coffee already!"


I'd like to grab the one on her desk.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


She'll immediately see you in this case.

You'll beat her to it, though.


This is okay.
I will immediately aim it at her.
"All your ponies are dead. Don't even think about drawing your weapon."


She does as you say, but then she smiles.

"So, it looks like one of you has a backbone, at least."


My eyes are narrowed at her, claw ready to shoot her if she tries to do anything.
"Okay. Who exactly are you? What is this place?"


"Hmm, so you aren't one of the originals either. No matter. All you need to know about this place is that you are 'home'."

She giggles.


"Mmm No. I had a home. I had a job. I was good at my job. Maybe you even had something to do with it. So.. are you my 'Mom', did the scientists lie to me back then?"


"Seems like you were one of the special projects…"

"And of course they lied to you. Think about what we were doing, what we are doing. I'm surprised you believed them for so long."

"Or are you just asking for confirmation? Did you ever suspect something was wrong?"


"I.. I didn't care about the lies, as long as I had a purpose.. but.. I've been out of that for years, none of my contacts.. maybe none of them were even real.." I shake my head thinking of the past. "I didn't care about it, I was.. fulfilled by being good at my job, being better than anyone else.. Then I lost that.. I was lost for months, I didn't know how to get a real day job, wound up with one that barely pays the rent.."
Then step a little closer to her. "Then I did start to care, I demand a better explanation."


Her face becomes much colder at the mention of your coffee job.

"So once you were let go, you wound up doing nothing. You're like all the other derivatives then. To think I got my hopes up…"

"Well, I guess I can give a failure that little bit of kindness. How much did they tell you about this facility, about where you came from?"


"Just that I was genetically engineered to be an assassin.. They also took credit for it, and mentioned how ridiculously expensive it was.. The way they told it I thought there might be another out there, but.. I thought they'd be assassins too.. Not normal citizens.."
Then my wings flare with anger. "If you knew about me, why didn't you come find me? I could have worked with you! Retrieved all these clones for you."


"You are expensive. Though it might be different for us and those at the top."

"Didn't you think they would have had more of you together? It took a full staff to monitor just you, didn't it hit you that it would be more economical to train and raise more of you if we could?"

"I managed to read some notes a few times. Tell me, you were sent to a public school for some time, right? Did they tell you it was for 'training'?"


"…So you did know.." I forcibly relax my wings. "What, it was some kind of test?"


"Don't give me too much credit. We just worked for the same company, that's all."

She spots your Nurse double.

"Have you managed to talk to them, to the knockoffs? What did they tell you about their memories?"


"I talked to one.. She seemed confused, and her strongest memories were the same as mine… Or are those actually yours?"


"So they heeded my advice after all. I guess I can't blame you for how you came out too much."

"Which are your strongest memories, training as it were, or other activities? If they took my advice, did they have you go into the woods to learn "tracking", learn how to sow "wounds"? Did you have a "friend" you snuck out and talked to?"


"…Yea, that stuff.. That happened.. And a lot of training in simulations.." I glare at her.
"Why do you keep talking like you were directly involved? What's this, some twisted immortality project?"


"Isn't obvious I am? You were born of me, even when the project was taken away from my talons. They used my notes and theories, I might as well take the credit."

"All those memories were fabricated. They did happen, but all the people you thought you met were in on the joke."


Don't show signs of shock, that's what she wants.
"…What are you even doing here? If the project is over.. What are you doing?"



"This project is isn't over! Look at yourselves! Did you run into that fat pony toy on your way here?! Or the yappy little kitten made to order!? The project only ended here, not elsewhere."


"Then lets stop it. There are more than enough of us out there. Lets stop them from cloning more. Steal the formula, kill the scientists that know it, delete all their research."
"Its what we are good at. Destruction."


Her face gives off a sour expression.

"I intend to create. I am here to make sure the project resumes properly this time. I'll make Gryphons with a real purpose. Do you know what so many of you wind up as?"


I won't even hazard a guess, keep up the cold heartless glare.
"No. I haven't seen many of myself yet."


"Toys. Pets. Trophies." She points at the Nurse. "Do you know why you were given that job at that hospital? Did you ask the child why she was so insistent on guarding that sick jenny? Or that fat hen, do you know who she is married to?"

"Each of them, custom ordered. That child back there, did you know she will never get bigger? Do you know why? The fat one, do you think she's just the victim of an unfortunate accident?"

The nurse stays quiet.


"I suppose you have all the answers." I humor her "Why?"


"Because some fat executive somewhere wanted one. They had some idiotic plan about making money, and then you were presented as tools to do so, sullying ME and everything I wanted to do! You are so close to my goal. With you, I know I only need a little more to succeed!"


"That almost sounds like you want to kill them. To kill me."


"I need to make sure the next generation of Gryphons comes out as intended."


"What intention? What's your plan Mother?"


"My intention was to harbor the next generation of true Gryphons. We've lost our way in the world. Most of the ones you'll see outside are much closer to that hen. Content to make money and feed themselves with the provided food. But with the return of magic, we can return to power."

"In my image."


"I always did feel like I was superior to everyone else, to ponies, to gryphons..
I do long for something else.."
Bring myself right next to her, "That's you isn't it Mother, your thoughts, your inspiration."
Then press the gun right up next to her chest. "Your curse."


Her eyes get narrow, but her smile grows.

"So did you see it? Could you glimpse that dream the return of the Magic brought to me!?"


"Yes Mother. I felt your dream."
Stare at her for a moment, let her reply even. Then shoot her.


"Why then?"

She falls, clutching her chest. She is failing to stop the blood.


"It has to end now."
"Life can not be controlled this way."
Stay with her until she dies. She might be crazy but she deserves not to die all alone.


"You've damned them all. They'll live and die like kittens." She tears up in her last moments as she sees the last of her blood spill out in the room she gave birth to.



It's a slow night for the Bartender Raito Tailwind. But it is to be expected, the Swinging Tail Bar isn't usually packed during the week. Just the occasional Equestrian tired from work who needs to forget a bad day, or an anxious Lady Zebra hoping to find him willing to do after hours work.


It's the Tuesday crowd alright. Only those four long faces I've come to know and… Tolerate.
Hazily clean a glass under the purple light of the UV oven.


Nigishu does her usual slow walk towards you, trying to scout out the other regulars, to make sure they aren't cops or informants. She's done it a few times and they pay her no heed as she sits on one of the corners and beckons you over with a green business card.


Eye the girl up with a flash of silver from my synthetic eyes. What is she wearing tonight? You can tell a lot of a girl's mood from what she's wearing.
Move over slowly, pacing in time with the music playing in the background.
"What a lovely sight."


A simple but long red suit. Won't get caught in the legs or tail, but nice enough to fit here.

"What a lovely opening, I love it every time you use it."

She puts the green card down, within your easy reach, but she is eye'ing the drinks behind you with her tired eyes.


Swirl together in a single small, tall glass the purple liquors and green hazes of her usual drink, long rays of gold reflecting off the surface coat.
With just two fingers of my talon, push the glass towards her.
"On the house."
Let the talon fall down on the card, picking it up and reading it.


She takes to it like a babe suckling on their mother. The whole thing goes down in one motion. When she puts down the glass, she becomes one of the regulars. Remember, don't give her too much, she's the crying type when drunk.

"It's an easy gig, just straighten up a group of boys and girls getting too confident. They've been giving us lip, or is it beak? Eh, they've been reneging on paying us our due for services rendered. Simple job right up your alley."


Pocket the card, going quickly into a pretense of business, a series of entirely pointless, practiced motions to make the untrained observer lay off my back.
"I thought the deal was over, Nigishu."


"Not as long as I can find you and I have jobs to send out. Hmph, don't tell me you thought it would be that easy, did you? How many of the people back there do you think have the same idea?"

She looks at you with serious eyes. "As long as you're here, you're mine. But I'm not cruel, do the job and you'll make more than you ever could in a month here."


Let the lens over my eyes glimmer as I stare back into hers.
Then break away from the serious, deadly glare, my beak spreading up in a grin.
"Well then, how lucky the two of us met.
Two non-cruel souls in the midst of the night."


"And for many more."

Her face goes back to her practiced smile, every bit of her going through the motions. She orders another drink before heading out, something sweet to wash out the taste of the day. And at least she tips decently.

The rest of the regulars begin to clear out, their rides waiting for them, hoping for a good tip from an inebriated customer. This leaves you and a green business card with an embedded chip in a bar that could use a good cleaning.


I think it's time to call it a night.
Pour myself one for the road, and lock the place behind its thousand firewalls, letting the buzz of the neon lights die out, drowned by darkness.


The water starts coming down as the city weeps for its soon to be dead, the sound of the only physical lock in then place clicking in place.

Outside, you see a few Taxi-Carts sweep the street for drunks to pick up and charge a hefty fee to take home. Ahead, over the river, you can see the splendor of the business district, the towers trying to reach higher and higher.

Head Home, or scout out the job?


First of all, open an umbrella.
Then head for this gang's hideout, just poking around. This is a nice suit I'm wearing, wouldn't want to stain it.


File: 1446937251439.jpg (75.91 KB, 600x450, Busy_marketplace-06317519-.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The place is the same as always. A ratty apartment over some stall in the business district where even the roaches refuse to do business. There's still a few peddlers outside offering their goods, but I'd recommend against them if you haven't had your shots for the year.

A Pegasus carrying saddles full of fast food appears and flies in front of the second story window. After knocking, a big Diamond Dog opens the window and begins chatting it up. Even from your distance, you can hear the yells of Equestrians in the third floor as they watch the game.


Delivery under 10 or it's free.
Not even a superhero could make it.
Take my eyes off the night-flier and keep them on the road. For today, I will just walk down this road and back to my place.
Not trying too hard to avoid troubles.


There's more than a few drug pushers giving you glances from blind alleyways. It'll be a coin toss if they're legit or just junkies looking to rob you. There's the hoofful of prostitues offering you a good time, several of them already stoned and a few more looking like they just came out of elementary school.

From here, the rest of the route is going to be full of packed Mana-Carts trying to do deliveries before the sun rises and a few break ins.

Roll to Spot.


I should maybe stop for noodles…

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, it seems you caught a potential thief in the act. Your eyes spot a Gryphon trying to jimmy open a window lock. She's a bit thinner than the Gryffs you're used to seeing frequent your bar.

Best yet, she's only a few floors above a little noodle stand. There's a few ponies and a Buffalo there, at least you know you won't get terrible food poisoning there.


Now, what to do. Smelling burnt feathers and gunpowder would ruin my night terribly.
Where is she in relation to me right now, and are there other presences in the area?


File: 1446939230589.jpg (178.96 KB, 1131x707, tkjGXSA.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

About three stories above the Noodle stand and a smidge to the left. She's making a big showing of herself, at least to you, with her constantly moving her wings around.

The Equestrians enjoying their meal occasionally glance out when the rain gets hard, but do little else but enjoy their warm meal.


Throw a pebble her way.
See if she reacts.


She quickly flits to the side, looking all around her. She spends a good minute just checking out her immediate surroundings before going back to her break in.


While she looks around, smile wide up at her.
Seed some Irrational Fear into her mind as her eyes meet mine.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Looks like you're to far to get it to work. The rain is making it just as hard for your illusions to manifest as it is for her to get inside.


Guess we establish human interaction old style.
"Quite the show you are giving."



She screams as she jumps back, assuming a fighting pose at you. She might be more threatening if she wasn't so thin like the Cheetahgryffs are.

"Who are you? What do you want?! I'll scream!"


"I'm sure the cops will love the half finished job you have going on here."
Smile, umbrella held over my head as we float midair.
"Care to answer a few questions, out of the rain?"
With one talon, point downwards.
"There's free noodles in it for you."


She eyes you suspiciously for a moment before composing herself.

"Yeah, if the noodles are on you." She smiles. "It's a bit cold out here."

The wind starts to push on you a bit more, though her black peregrine features seem to have no issue with the weather.


Grab tightly on my coat, tucking myself in and flying down, wordlessly.
Sit by the noodle stall and motion for two large ramen.


"Did you bag yourself another one Mina?" The old chef Earthie asks.

"It's not like that you old horse. He's a real gentleman, Mister, uhh?"


"Like a knight in waterproof armor."
Smile at the chef, putting away my umbrella.
"Mina, uh?"


"Thought she was a thief, eh?" The Old Horse laughs as Mina becomes indignant. "I keep telling you to change the lock, but you never listen, just like my daughter."

"Yeah, I'm Mina Studeri, the [i]thief you caught. It's actually my house, but I always fly in. Very few ways to get in unless you have a pair of these to help you get up there. So what brings a big strong Gryphon like yourself here?"


"I'm actually disappointed, Mina. Thought you'd be the perfect girl for the job, but I might have been mistaken.
You see, I need the lay of the land around here.
Figured a thief would know."
Then give her a long look, not letting those words die in my mouth.
"But a local might too."


"Oh, are you one of those types? Are you on a job for a big company? Are you paying off your lense thingies?"

"Wait, you haven't even introduced yourself! I don't even know your name…"

The Old Chef brings your orders up, the Ramen warm and clean this time.


Ignore the question, breaking up the throwaway chopsticks and blowing cold air on the order.
Take a long whiff off the soup and smile, waiting for it to cool down.
"Raito. And no, I'm just looking for some lost kids."


She's got a steel look in her eyes.

"There are lots of lost kids here. But if their parents are looking for them, I can help! I wouldn't want any of them to wind up too much like me."


Start eating away.
"Not that kind of kids."
I say, as the noodles roll down my throat.
"The kind of kids who go around doing bad business and badder drugs."


The Old Chef gives a cold laugh. "Then you can just throw a stone outside and hit one of those. Lazy, good for nothings, they don't actually try to find real work like my Mina here."

"Pops, not so loud." She says to him with care. "I wouldn't mind helping you find whoever you're after. I can use the distraction since I'm between jobs again, as long as we can keep this in the down low."


Can I slot the chip the zebra gave me in right now?


Yes, it's a basic one.

Despite being less than agreeable at times, Nigishu does go out of her way to help you. The chip has a video of their base from when an underling of hers went to visit, and she has numerous photos of the three main individuals you should focus on, with notes.

A Pegasus, a Diamond Dog, and Buffalo she hoofs as the ones leading the others to hold out. You can distribute the pictures to Mina's Com-Link if you wish.


"Open your link."
Mutter quickly, in a direct, business like manner as I focus on the negative space of video information laying beyond my vision.


"Those guys. Pops, he's after…"

The Old Chef smiles and laughs. "If it's them you're going after, make sure to wallop them for increasing my fee. Just be careful of their guard Dog."


Snack down on some of the chicken in the ramen.
"They don't have many friends, do they?"


"They've been pushing their weight around." The Old Pony answers. "Everyone here is losing money because of them, and then they don't bother actually protecting us! The nerve!"

"Pops, you never told me that." Mina sighs. "If it's for him, tell me what you need me to do."


"Finding these guys is enough. And what is this about the dog?"


Mina eyes the Old Horse cautiously, then gets quiet and whispers.

"He's a Magic user. The weird stuff, not the basic Unicorn things you see either."



Crack a tiny smile.
"Now it's getting interesting."


"That's just the Dog though. I don't know what's up with the other ones in the gang. But it'll make a lot of people happy if they go away."

"Something else weird about that Dog." The Old Horse pipes up. "I've been seeing him around, but that means he hasn't moved up in the organization."


"Maybe he's not a people dog."


"Yeah, but here. I like it, but if I could do what he does, I wouldn't be here." Mina says.

"So, what else do you need from us. The faster these jerks go away, the better."


"Silence, that's all."
Put down a few old and crumbled paper bills to pay for the dinner.
"I hope you don't mind if I don't use my account for this."


"Oh, before you go. I need to hand off my notes."

His notes are all scattered on the floor and he's struggling to gather them.

You also hear some talon steps coming.

"Easier on me. That's just straight profit." The Chef says.

"Watch yourself."


"You too old man."
On a full stomach, I brave again the evening rain.
"What did you say your name was?", ask the chick.


"Mina, Mina Studeri. I've a few surprises if you send them my way, but try not to get caught!"


I look at one of the gems for a moment… That could bring a lot of money…
But I've come this far doing… not honest work, but I earned every chip of it. Not sure I want to give that up now.
"By the way, what would happen to the, like, unicorns and such caught in it's radius? Wouldn't that be bad for the-
someone's coming."
Get up beside the door and get ready to jump whoever's coming in.


"You could blow one up if you managed to dig the spellbooks out for something that flashy. As they are, they can do any one spell, but you'll spend more time recharging it. That's what we're trying to work on, since only the specialized catalysts are working easily nowadays."

Roll to smell


"That's not what I was asking. That thing drains magic from an area. What would happen to unicorns who got drained?"
'1d10' sniff sniff

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Now calm down Mina, we aren't doing anything reckless just yet. I just need to see their place."
"…I wanted to sleep tonight."


"You'd probably knock them out. Unicorns and Crystal ponies rely on Magic more than an Earthie or a Goat. Thing is, you'd have to tie them to it 24/7. There's so much ambient magic…" He trails off.

You get a strong vinegar-y smell.

"You shouldn't have picked this line of work if you wanted that." The Chef adds as he picks up the plates.

"Here, I've seen the insides of their building, at least the second floor, from when I'm making deliveries for Pops."


Hold my breath and charge out the door.
Vinegar is not a good smell. Vinegar is the smell of bad things.


On the other side is Whitne-yi.

"Hah, has that scientist's mouth farts finally pushed you out?"


I sigh and relax.
"Fucking hell, man. Don't sneak around like that."
I head back into the room.
"Yo doc, those notes ready yet? We gotta get moving."


"Show me."


"Sorry, sorry. Just need to make copies."

"You got the backstory on his work? We'll be visiting several others. Always on the brink of a discovery, but they can never make one. It's a lost cause." Whitne-yi laughs. "Oy, mind if we make off with one of your failures?" He asks in a mocking tone. "Maybe this Earthie here can make use of it. Come on, it's their first day!"


The second floor is just two rooms and some stairs. Some blankets on the ground, minimal furniture, but she saw several pistols lying on the floor.

"If they have it like that, the rest is probably just going to be a desk with the papers and a safe for everything else. The first floor is just storage for the connected shop."


"Well, I am leaving with you, so there's that," I retort.
Maybe it is a lost cause, but I don't like assholes.


"Not much cover to work with."
Better not let on I'm unharmed.
"How well guarded is their window?"


"Wait, that's it! Research!" The Scientists jumps up and approaches you. "How good are you at taking notes?!"

"Usually just a simple lock on the inside. It's almost as bad as mine, they keep trying to argue that the time it takes to open the door counts against the delivery time."


"I can't pick that lock on my own, it'd take me forever and they'd see me coming. Can you take care of that?"


"I've had to it a few times when they lost the key."

"I could also pretend to be making a delivery, would that work?"


"Uh… I suck at it? I'm hired to hit things, not write stuff down."


It'd get her in troubles too, most likely…
Raise a brow. Not about to look a gifted horse in the mouth.
"If you think that's wise."


"Hmm, how can I? Aha!" The scientist claps his hooves. "Will you be doing more deliveries with Whitne-yi in the next few days? Your movement is the perfect catalyst for my tests. Just use my catalysts and use my tools for measurements of the area. Maybe they just don't work well here."

"It's cold out and they don't take care of themselves, I should be able to pass. Worst case, I write it up as us being set up."


"Uh… maybe. Just have everything ready the next time we come through, okay?"
I'm kinda wanting to get out of here now… Something tells me this guy isn't gonna pay me for doing his busy work.


"Fine by me. I will lay in wait until the way is clear."


"Yes. YES! This is a whole new area of study!" The Scientists goes and retrieves his notes for you, but quickly begins writing obscure things into his journals with a delighted smile.

"The next two are going to be same." Whitne-yi adds. "The company is always looking for the next big thing. They all are, and they hire these crazies to do it."

"Gives me a reason to get rid of the old stuff without throwing it away."

Mina goes into the back for her prim and proper delivery suit. It won't be long to get to their hideout, and Mina won't have any difficulties knocking on their window.


Just grab the notes and go.
"Uh-huh. And that's different from every other company how, exactly?"


Whitne-yi leads you outside.

"They do it in more secure areas." He locks a door. "With more security." He locks a second dorr, but waits for the beep. "ANd those companies don't have so many focused on magic." He gives a camera the finger, and a door begins to fall behind you. "And these are the saner ones that we do overland delivery with. Imagine the ones they actually guard."


"Yeah, just imagine."
Hop in the cart.
"All right, where to next?"


"A Goat who is more horn than head and in a bad part of town, of course. All these kooks are. But that's why they asked you to come, no?"


"That and the fact they knew you'd be drunk off your ass, yeah."
Head on down to Downtown.
"So what's this guy's project?"


Alright, I won't have much trouble disabling the three of them if I can just establish visual contact…


"She's a new one. SOme medical research. Just watch your limbs and don't get too close to this one. She throws me off."

She knocks a few times, and just as she said, they had to rustle and jimmy the lock before it finally opened.

It's just an Earthie guard on the other side of the open window arguing about the delivery.




Before you lies the cold, dead body of your "mother". Her blood is still trickling out, but much slower, in this forsaken laboratory. In the next room, you have an unconscious guard who had been coming after you, along with several other dead bodies. Acino, another copy of you that is missing her front left leg, is waiting for you in the car you broke into. Inside the car is a smaller, angrier duplicate of you waiting with her "sister", a sickly Jenny.

Wat do?

Your delivery Gryphon is arguing with an Earth pony guard. He's supposed to keep an eye on an apartment complex holding several individuals you've been tasked with "taking care of."


I am going to look at the computers she was with, delete the formula and copy down orders or names.


Most of the 'computers' here are just sequencers. They have your genetic code, but no other data. Even a little damage will render them useless.

Your 'mother's' Com-Link is on the table, so that'll be a good source of info.

Give me a quick Computer Use roll.


'1d10' rollin

Roll #1 5 = 5


Try as you might with your computer skills, there are certain files you simply don't have admin privileges to delete. A quick look at WHERE they are located gives you the bad news.

Your genetic and mental information, that they can use to program other Hawknia's, is stored on their servers.

Your only living kidnapper is starting to recover from his beating.


Perfect timing. Take the comm link just in case.
I go over to the kidnapper and pin them.


He can only manage to open one eye. He can barely keep his head steady.


"Hey, you still alive down there?" Check his vitals real quick.


His eyes can barely focus on you, but you can see them zooming in and out. His ears are pointing all over.



"You work here right? With the cheeta-hawks?"


"Ugh, I think?"


"…You landed on your head didn't you.."
Sigh at him and drag him into the room, pull out a couple of wires that are linked to monitors and tie him up with them.


"Did I?" He says, leaning his head forward before returning to the proper position. "Can you shoot the boss a message that I might be late?"


"Your boss was the original?" I will just make sure we completely disarmed him earlier.


"Probably. You'd have to be pretty crazy to do all this." He starts laughing. "Heh, she's been chasing her own tail, if you think about it…" A goofy smile shows up on his face.


"Haha, yea. Hey she ever send you someplace else? To check on something?" I try to pick him up over my shoulder.


"Pfft, I just work here, catbutt. I get paid to do what she says, then I go drinky drink." He smiles as his head starts swiveling.

His Com-Link starts beeping.


Pick it up, but don't say anything.


"Hey buddy, you keep holding yo9ur girl up like this and she's gonna leave your butt. I'll try holding her down at the Rocket Lounge, but you better get he*HEY* I have him on the phone, he's on his way! You owe me, okay!?" *CLICK*


"Hmm sounds like a hot date. You wanna go to it, buddy?" Nudge him slightly and start walking toward the exit.


"Ever dated a Pegasus? So limb…" He passed out again.


I sigh, this guy doesn't know anything.
I look thought 'mother's ' comm link for her contacts, maybe an address..


There's a fair number of names and phone numbers. Make a recognition roll.


'1d10' ?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Your 'Mother' didn't leave too many helpful names. No Boss, Babysitter, or even Janitor title on any of the contacts. Just names and their numbers.

But one stuck out for you.

Cotentin Burro. The Donkey who ran your ID information at the DMV.


I need to get a tech pony to track all these numbers for me. This is so much harder without any backup..
Leave the guy here, and fly to the van, I recall telling them to leave if I took too long.


She didn't get far, though. Acino is busy trying to get the gate to open. She's hitting all the buttons on the little control panel that she can.


"Its stuck huh?" Walk over and look at the door.


The door is a simple push design. The buttons she has been pressing just control some lights and the PA system.


Raise an eyebrow at her and push the door open button.
"You feeling okay Acino?"


She stares in awe at the motion of the fence before regaining her senses and protesting.

"I've just never seen a fence like that! All the ones I've seen have used a remote…" She looks downcast.


Snicker a little. "You didn't get out much, huh?" Pat her shoulder.
"Come on kids are waiting, I'll drive."


In the back seats, your tiny duplicate glares at you quickly, then turns towards the sickly jeny, trying to keep her in an upright position.

Acino gets in quietly, though has a bit of discomfort putting on her seatbelt.

Head Home?


"I'm gonna drive fast, so keep those seat belts on girls."
Yes, home is the best place to sort this all out.


Getting back home is a mostly quiet affair. Even the city seems to be in silence. Getting past the checkpoint is easy, since that Unicorn doesn't handle vehicles.

It's a short elevator ride with the kids later, and you're back in your apartment, with Cita trying to clean up everything.

When she sees the other copies of you, she just sighs and opens up some bags with blankets.


"I picked up a few more relatives, hope you don't mind them staying for few days." Smirk at her as go over to check the window.


"Just, how many of us are there?" She asks while handing out going to kitchen and coming out with some apples.


"Too many." Sit down with an apple and a groan. "And worse. They can still make more. I wasn't able to destroy our DNA data, its hosted on some server.."


You kill the mood with that, but only before your old alarm clock starts acting up.

"Do you have any energy drinks?" The miniature version of you finally pipes up.


I'm not in a good mood, this situation has got my feathers more than a little ruffled. Smack the alarm clock a few times.
"I might have one, check the fridge, my food is your food for now." Point in the direction of the fridge.


You hear the opening of it and her ruffling around in it.

"Uhm, so we're all clones here? But, I have my memories, a family, and…" She looks at her missing leg with sadness before looking at yours.


"…Yea, It wasn't easy for my to accept either, but we're all clones.. of a crazy gryphon scientist."
"Many of those before our jobs and families are actually her memories.."


"But then why…" Cita goes towards Acino to help her.

"So, Yura is going to be as big as you?" The little Donkey finally talks, sitting down.


Shake my head. "Her goals.. I still don't get it.. but it didn't turn out how she hoped."
Seeing the little one I calm down and smile. "Well, of course, but only as long as she eats all her fish and vitamins."


Yura comes back with a frown on her face, but hands off the soda she found.

"Don't give my name out so easily, even to… me…" She says, losing her train of thought at the end. "Uhm, is it okay if we ask for a ride back home?" She asks, staring at you.


get up and kind of lean down so I'm eye level with to Yuna.
"Actually. I don't know if its safe for you to go home. I'd like you all to stay here until I can make sure. They kidnapped you once and might do so again.."


"But, Providence needs her medication…" She says downcast. "Can we call, or send a text message?" She asks eagerly.


"…How often does she need medicine?"


"Every few days. It isn't completely serious, but we've had to take her to the doctor sometimes."


"Alright.. what if you we get her medicine and bring it here? It could be like a secret mission from an action film."


"I can try, but, it's a long way away. I don't want to, but can I ask that you come with me then?"

"What about my children, and my husband? Shouldn't we at least let our families know we're safe?" Acino asks.


I sigh at Acino. "Its better that they don't know anything, that way they can't be questioned."
Then turn my attention back to Yura "I could go alone if you're too tired from this, you'd have to tell me where you live and what the medicine is called so I can find it."


Acino droops as Cita tries to comfort her.

Yura gives you directions to the Xoslou Apartment complexes, a very high end set of homes. Getting near would be difficult.


"Alright, I'll get the medicine. I have a lead in that direction anyway.."
Then I… Look myself over for injuries, and when is the last time I slept? I am even okay to go anywhere?


The only one who looks remotely passable is Cita. Two of your clones were pulled from their hen houses forcefully, and you just got jumped by four goons.

You also have some spattering of your mothers blood.


I close my eyes rubbing my head just above the beak.
"…First I need to shower and change. Maybe wrap up this wing.."
I comment and head toward the shower with a towel.


The shower is still too small. Only the children you've brought along won't have a problem with it.

You can hear some noise from them as you bathe.


Just ignore it and let the chatter of the day wash away. I need all my focus to sneak into a secure apartment like that.


At least the heater isn't broken today, so the water comes out warm today.

Some crying starts making it's way through the walls.


I would give them space, but my apartment is not that big.
Instead I'll take my time drying off and checking myself in the mirror for injuries that need to be tended to.


Your damaged limb is feeling much better, one of the perks of being a corporate product. A few of the big feathers have been knocked out of place, but Cita and Acino can probably help with that.


At least there is that, emerge with a calm stride and see what my other selves are up to.


Peering into your main room, it looks like a sleep over for refugees. City bought a lot of supplies from the local stores, so everyone is covered. Acino has the little Donkey with her, while Yura both leans her head on and pecks at her pillow. Cita has a new Com-Link with her, or at least the refurbs you see being hawked around.


Go to Cita and point at her Com-Link.
"You did a little shopping huh?"


"A shopper blends in more, right? And a mall, or markets, is my self-proclaimed natural environment."


I chuckle softly. "You're learning how to blend in pretty well. Good job apprentice."
Then get a more serious tone. "Really, good work. I couldn't have set this up alone."


"Thanks, but how much longer are we going to have to keep up the lessons? Are all of us going to have to have to live here for the rest of our days?"


I look surprised. "What? No. Of course not."
The look over at the other three with concern whispering to Cita "but if tonight didn't stop the ponies hunting us, then we may have to get new identities. New lives. Be prepared for that."


"I want to at least say good bye. Even if he bought me, my dad has taken care of me."


I nod. "I understand Cita, I'm going to do everything I can to get you back to your old life, I just wanted you to be ready in case.. Just don't say anything to the others yet, they are still in shock."
Let my eyes linger a moment on that serious note and then cough a bit stretching my wing. "Can you help me with this feather? I just can't quite reach it."


"Yeah, thank you. We all owe you."

She starts looking at your wings, and then her eyes go wide. "Don't you ever take care of your feathers? Don't you have a make up kit?" She starts getting to work.


"No.. I don't think about them unless they start hurting." I rub my head a little in embarrassment.


"We can use that as cover, right?" She says as she starts preening your feathers. "Twins or sisters, going on a make-up run. No one would look at us funny."


I actually smile with pride at her.
"You're getting really good at this, little sis."
"Actually, are you getting restless paws? Want to come to get the medicine? Its all the way across town."


"Yeah, I'd rather not stay too cooped up tonight. Are we going to go right now?"


"Well, its been an hour now, and we haven't been followed. I think its safe to go."
Check the window to be sure.


Outside is the usual crime activity your neighborhood breeds. Two Earthies are in a hoof fight and one of the local dealers is about to make his drop.

All in all, a normal evening.


"Yep, lets get ready."
Pick up my swords, and rope, and look through my closet for a something decent so I don't stand out in the rich part of town, like a dress, hopefully I have two so Cita can wear something..


Both of you are still young, you could pass as the daughters of almost anyone in the city as long as you aren't wearing rags. Cita borrows some of your clothes, and a small jacket to cover anything else up.


"Prefect. Uh, before we go can you take a look at this Com-Link and tell if you recognize any of the contacts?" Show her 'Mother's ' Comm Link


"Hmm, oh, that one!" She points as well as she can to the screen. "Danah Grande. She's one of the contractors who calls us for some jobs. I have some notes if we can get in to my workplace."


"…Hmm, and one of the gate guards was on here too..
Do you know a tech pony that can help us look at all the numbers?"


"Not any good ones. Our IT guy isn't all that reliable." She looks a little downcast, then mad. "I mean, it took him a week to fix a printer. A week!"


"That's okay.. we'll find a way to do this." Pat her shoulder.
"For now, lets get that medicine."
open the window and hoover outside of it.


The evening air is chilly, but there's no wind tonight. Cita easily glides out, but has some issues staying in place.


I slow down for her and guide us toward the Xoslou Apartments.


"There's going to be a checkpoint between here and there. A swanky place like that is going to have a few Pegasus guards."


"True, how do we want to get around it?"


"I might be able use my work ID, say we have a job. But, couldn't that expose us? You think you have it in you to sneak in?"


Snicker into the wind.
"Yea. I think I do. Long as its a normal gate I"ll find us a way."


"For once, I'm hoping it's just a few regular rent-a-cops they have."

The flight over to the apartments isn't very eventful. You only fly into a few other Gryphons and Pegasi at this time of the week, and make good times with a couple of breaks for Cita.

You wind up about 2 blocks away from one of the Checkpoint entry ways. Behind the big fence, a huge helping of proper apartments and homes surround a hill. Even when it was new, your apartments never looked that nice.

So far, seems like this checkpoint is less packed than the one you normally have to go through. There's a small line, but only a few people with two guards checking IDs.


'1d10' Check the fence line for an easy path over it. Perhaps one with only one light on it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


They put in some money to make the fence presentable, and lighting is one of them. Lots of LED lights all around it, with the occasional tree a few feet in front to make it look nice.

But the Pegasi guards seen to hover around the donuts now that they've made themselves visible.


I hesitate to watch them, are they just staying at the gate or going in a patrol of any sort?


Just stepping in to the guard room after a flyby. You can see them eating through the windows. Seems the whole crew is gathered here.


All of them are having some kind of party huh?
This is probably the best time. Signal Cita that we're going over.
'1d10+2' stealth roll

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You're able to keep Cita close enough that she doesn't trigger the alarms. It's a quick hop, skip, and jump for those with wings. Now you're on the other side.

The world behind the fence looks much nicer than you thought. Even the grass here is softer. There's a handy map ahead.


"Huh, the grass really is greener over here." Approach the map and look for routes to The Xoslou Complex.


It'll be the third building complex to your left, 7th floor. You see a security cart doing its rounds.


Just as long as we don't act suspicious it should be fine..
Walk calmly toward the complex.


The Security Cart pulls up, a Unicorn in the Driver seat and Buffalo beside him.

"Hey, you girls need a ride?"


I giggle and pull Cita over with a wing, flicking my other wing tip under my beak.
"Sis, these guards wanna give a ride. Isn't that sweet?"


"That's uhm, great." Cita throws a terrible attempt at flirting. "But we're just over there, officers."

They just look at the two of you.


"Yea, we just got back from this great party, you wouldn't believe who was there. Ooh tell them about the thing that Ollie did, that trick with the cups! You saw it right?" I nod encouraging her spreading my wings to describe it.


"That's what you remember? It was *blugh*!" She points at he open mouth. "Please tell me you aren't dating him and this is your way of telling me."

The two guards seem to know this isn't their best shot of the night.

"Just stay safe, and call us if anything happens." They drive off.


I laugh a bit and then get my serious face back on surprisingly quick, going toward the building.
"Okay, there won't be another car for a while, let get inside."


File: 1461906058266.jpg (127.86 KB, 960x640, Tlumacki_futuredevelopment….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The clearly labeled buildings make everything here easier. even finding the apartment on the seventh floor isn't hard. Thing is, you can see some movement through the curtains. Their parents must still be inside.


Groan internally, but study the movement in the curtain, are they staying in one area?


Just focusing on the living room. One just sits there crying. The other occasionally goes to grab something and then returns.


Ah, of course. Worried parents up through the night.
"Cita, you think you can knock on their door and get them to check the hallway? You could hide and pretend to be the Yura. I'd go in the window and get the medicine while he's distracted."


Cita nods and gets in front of the door.

"Good luck." She says. "I'll knock in a few seconds, that'll be your cue."

Roll #1 4 = 4


'1d10+2' sneaky beaky gryphon.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


A little bit of jiggering and you easily get in, though you knocked an expensive little ornament off the shelf. Fortunately, you catch the little vase before it alerts anyone.

The little Donkey's pills are right where you were told they'd be. You can hear crying coming from the next room.


Ignore the crying and grab the pills. I doubt that little ruse will last long, so I can't linger…
'1d10' but one look for obvious bugs/cameras.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The only sensor there is a basic baby monitor. They probably never even thought about putting additional security.

Must be nice having such a good job, huh?


Not even a dog to bark at me.. I almost feel bad for breaking in.
But I must leave with the medicine, no time to feel bad or really comb this place for signs of the kidnappers.


Cita meets up with you just outside the apartment.

"Did you get it? Everything fine?"


"Yep. No problems at all." I show her the medicine briefly.
"What about your end? Did they see you?"


"They did, but it was fine. I talked to Yura a bit, and just pretended to be a worried school employee who lived around here. That should work, right?"


I nod slowly. "Even if they check up on it, the school won't have an record of us."
I check the time. "This went so smoothly we might have time for another stop."


"We aren't headed to your apartment? Where do you want to go at this time?"


"I dunno about you, but I'm eager for answers. We have two names we can look into to start with, wanna stop by your work?"


"At this time of night? It'll all be turned off. Worse, I have to sign in to access my notes, so everyone would know." She racks her head for a moment. "But there's one thing we can do. Break into the house and steal my dad's Com-Link."


"Your dad's?" I tilt my head a bit in curiousity.


"I mentioned it, right? I work for my father. But I sync'd our contacts together because he couldn't use a Com-Link for anything other than calls."


"I see. Sorry for forgetting, its been an eventful day." flap my wings a couple times.
"Lets go get that phone."


"I want to leave a message that I'm okay, but like you said, that could get him hurt. Let's do this quickly."



A few back alley twists and turns to shake any followers and you find in your self in the modest Establos District. Nothing as big or as glamorous as where you've been, but you can tell they have a decent share of money from such a nice house, even a block away.

There's actually a bit of traffic and a late night Walker and couple tend to pass by every few minutes.

"Part of me just wants to turn the key and go sleep in my bed."


Snicker at her.
"Soon. Well, actually. You could maybe grab a thing or two without rousing suspicion, if you want."


"But I want everything…." she says with a sigh. "Maybe a blanket or two. Something for the sleepover, since I don't know how long we'll keep that up."

"So, this is your thing. Should we just march straight up and act normal? With two of us, we could pass as unrelated sisters."


"Hmm, Is there an entrance from the back you can get in? How's the sidewalk access?"


"There's a backdoor for the garage. A key should be hidden in the tree, I just need to fly up for it."

"Though, he might have left the front door opened."


Roll #1 2 = 2


"His car isn't there, so maybe no one is home?"


"..Maybe, but keep your eyes open for other signs of something out of place."
Do a scan myself. "We can probably just walk inside.."


Give me two spotter rolls.


'2d10' Okay!

Roll #1 5, 4 = 9


The house looks like any other house on the neighborhood. Nothing about it really sticks out except their questionable taste in lawn ornaments.

However, this is the second time the same car has done a loop around the block. You can't make out the passengers.


I whisper to Cita "..either someone is lost, or they are looking for you here, lets sneak in the garage."


The Cart passes by at a slow pace, the windows tinted so the passengers aren't visible at this time of night.

Strolling up to the house like you own it, you easily get around to the back and grab they key. The garage door doesn't put up a struggle. Now all that remains between you and the house proper is a single door.

Turn the knob? y/n



The knob is turned and the door opens.

Inside, you see a normal house. Their TV is thinner and nicer than yours, and you can smell fresh fruits, even though they are locked away in the refrigerator. Cita goes off towards the charging area of the Com-Link.

"It's dead, I'll have to charge it for a bit before I can use it."


"Stupid things have no battery life huh." I comment. "I'm going to check around."
'2d10' investigate for bugs.

Roll #1 5, 5 = 10


You don't find any noticeable bugs, but they've got a lot of technology toys you could hack to listen in on them. Anyone coming to repossess the clones would probably have one or two hackers on their payroll.

The Com-Link reach 5% charge as you looked around and Cita was grabbing blankets.

The mysterious Cart stops in front of the house.


Turn it on so it gets the start up process out of the way and go to Cita.
"Roll those up quick, we may have to go sooner than we liked."


Focusing on the recent arrivals, they quickly turned off the lights and closed their doors as silently as possible.


Wait they must have seen the lights we turned on, or heard us talk. I face claw and then put a chair up against the front door so they can't open it. "Cita, we have to go now, they noticed us."


"I'm just going to have to take the Com-Link then! I won't be able to look anything up now…"


"I'll grab it, lets just go before they get in here."
Snatch the comm link and add it to my growing collection.


The front door knob jiggles a bit. You can hear some hushed conversation going on as you make your way out of the garage with your loot.


I look back to see if Cita followed me out, and then dart across the street as stealthily as possible '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


She lagged a bit, not wanting to knock things over with her hard won supplies.

Otherwise, the two of you are able to make it out with none the wiser. Maybe Cita has more of your Assassin skills than you thought? As you make your way out, you hear the sound of glass breaking.


I cringe at the violation.
"Lets get back home, dealing with more lackies isn't something I'm keen on tonight."


"Okay, but how do you think they knew? Where they just waiting there for us?"


Take to the air, forcing her to do so as well to get her answer, which I give with a grumpy scowl.
"Its like I was saying about not leaving notes and not going home, they knew where you worked, of course they knew where you lived and were waiting for you to come back."


"It's the thing I wanted most after all of this. Let's just get back to your place. Maybe some sleep is what we all need."


"Yea. Its natural. I remember.. one of my lessons was about that. Taking advantage of target's instincts.. Overall this went fine. Those guys won't find anything that wasn't already there."


"The transfer might as well wait. I'm sure there's a million an two things tracking the Com-Link, just like the internet said." Cita takes a deep breath. "You've got any beer? After all this, I just want to get hammered."


"No, I don't really like drinking, dulls my senses, we can get some for you thou, not like there isn't a gas station or pub open at all hours."


"I just want to forget everything. Maybe if I drink enough, I'l think I always lived with you and this'll be my new normal. Actually, how much food did you have in your refrigerator?"


"I haven't even been home long enough to check.." I sigh turning a bit on the route to vary it.


"Let's get everyone some food then. Some soups will probably go down easier at this hour. Which is your favorite?"


"Soup? Well, actually, Calm Chowder. I know its an acquired taste, but its so much better than carrots with noodle or tomato."


"I just like pure tomato soup. It's just warm and nice."

You've all found yourself in a much better situation now. A place to call home and some warm food to keep you going.

But what will the next day hold?


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