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This log was recovered from the Love Love Meta High!~ Commemorative Fanchat at 01:14 AM on 8/3/2075

<bray_eyeanami>:01:14:And that’s why everything you like is terrible.

<otaku_john>:01:14: Guys, I think I found it!

<Dogsuka4lyfe>:01:15: Found what?

<otaku_john>:01:15:The lost episode! I’ve finally got a lead!

<2DPD>:01:15:Bulldrek. You’ve got to be fragging me.

<bray_eyeanami>:01:15:How? I’ve been searching for ages!

<otaku_john>:01:16:Went on a trip to the deep resonance. A lot of records were still kept on paper during those days (you know how traditionalists are) but I managed to get a fragment of a memo that someone scanned in. Apparently Group Flack paid the Yaks to have C-Train shut down… Permanently.

<Dogsuka4lyfe>:01:16:I can’t believe it! We need to start a boycot!

<2DPD>:01:16:Says the one who can’t shut up about Among The Empty.

<Dogsuka4lyfe>:01:17:It’s the closest we’ve gotten to an orc female lead since… you know.

<2DPD>:01:17:You do realize they’re just going to kill Makoto off so Takashi can have something to feel bad about before he and Rei ride off into the sunset?

<Dogsuka4lyfe>:01:18:I’m allowed to dream. Besides, I can’t have a cuddle pillow harem if there’s just the ork from Meta High.

<bray_eyeanami>:01:18:We get it, you want to fuck a tusker. John, you got any other info?

<otaku_john>:01:18: No, but I think I know how to get it. Send out a call to all the other fans, we need to start pooling money.

<2DPD>:01:19: What for? Is it really what I think?

<otaku_john>:01:19:Yep. We’re going to hire some runners.



You are minding your own business doing something only marginally illegal for once when your com-link vibrates, rings, or does whatever the hell an over-hyped smart phone does to inform people that you’ve got a call. Fishing it out and hitting answer, you see a dark silhouette. In the mechanical tone of a voice changer, it says “254 Cheshire Drive, third table from the left. Be there at eight AM tomorrow. Don’t be late,” before hanging up.

When the next day rolls around, you find the address with little difficulty. It turns out to be that of a franchised cafe, one of the ones where they have a chalkboard listing the day’s specials and use three different words for “large.” You make your way over to the third table from the left, where you find several people already sitting. It's a little before the appointed time, so you have a moment to say hello to each other.


Give the table a glance, and instead walk over and order an equivalent large white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and no lid.

Then turn and head for the table.

"Cheshire Drive?"


Kick up my hindlegs and cross them on the table, leaning back as I stare at the others through my skiing goggles.


Sigh a bit wondering just how many people I'll have to split this job with.
"I'm guessing you aren't here for the scenery?"


Suddenly, all of your com-links ring at once.

The caller is of course, your 'Johnson', the person pulling the strings to hire all of you. He’s still using a voice changer, but you might be able to pull out a few details if you squint.

"Oh, you came!" He says in an excited voice. " *Cough* I mean, I knew runners of your caliber would. Now, I'm sure you're all interested in what the job is. Don't worry, it's not too hard, just something outside of my skill set. Just like Lupin, I'll need you to 'acquire' a valuable, hostorical artifact for me. I'm prepared to pay well for the job."


"Heh, scenery's not so bad from where I'm sitting. Sweet kickers ya got there. How much they cost ya?"
"yeah, yeah, sure, whatever. Cut the crap and give me some solid figs."


"An early morning. I hate early mornings, but I like the smell of coffee."

"Not particularly."

Switch the warm cup between my paws


Smirk slightly "Yea, dangerous hazards are extra, you know like armed guards, so I hope this job is as safe as you're saying."
"Not much, just a leg and hoof." Show off one of the fake legs.
"At least there's that. Coffee's always good."


Throw my head back and laugh.
"I like your style, Kicks. Maybe this job won't be such a drag after all."


His ears perk up at your response, the he shakes himself and gets down to business.

"I can pay each of you 9,000 bits, but the job is in Los Caballos. It'll take a day for you to arrive via the Cyberrail from Seaddle. As proof of my commitment, I'll foot the bill for tickets."

He gets excited and jumps towards the webcam and tips it a little when he hits his desk.

"How does that sound?!"

"Well, it might be, that's why I'm hiring you. My own, unique, brand of skills are ill suited to the task."

"Come on, you're all in, right!?"


Stand and keep listening.


Make a spot check, standard D10


Nine thousand for just one job? Cha-ching!
"Eh, all right, I'll bite. Though if ya turn out to be some toddler spending his dad's money, I'm gonna kick the shit outta ya, okay? And I'm being literal here. I will beat ya until ya lose control of your bowels."


"Sure sure, just don't get us caught.."
'1d10' check the room around us for anyone listening.

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Heh, already a nickname. Guess we might as well be friendly. Varrel's my name if you get tired of guessing."


The Johnson back away from the monitor.

What few patrons there are right now seem closer to zombies. They need their coffee.

You can hear a faucet going on and off in the background of the video feed.

Just a coffee shop as far as you can tell.

"Oh, before I take care of the rest, will you bring your own gear? I can get you some here, but I don't know if it'll be to your needs."


Lean back and relax a bit.
"If you think you got something useful then I'll take a look at least, you can never have enough tricks."


"Please, I've got all the gear I need right here."
Pump my hooves as the kinetic servos go off, shooting him a grin.
"Nice to meet ya, Kicks. My tag's Sheva."


Take a small sip from my cup, then whisper into my commlink

"How much gear?"


"I'll take it out of your pay, but I'll give you the receipt! I promise we, I mean I, won't try to cheat you!"

"Okay, that makes it easy on me. I've already arranged a few things… Umm, you don't happen to have added pouches to your gear, right?"

The Johnson is furiously tapping on his keyboards. You can hear them over the filters he has set up.


chuckle a bit.
"So, anything else we should know right now?"


Quirk an eyebrow at him, then remember that my goggles mean he probably didn't see that.
"Why? I gonna need extra pockets or something?"


Stare at the silhouette

"Yea alright then. Tickets?"


"Yesh! I mean, I've succeeded in getting one of my agents at Grand Horn Railroad to cooperate and it only cost me an Ange fig-… Important stuff, right. Just, he can get any stuff you bring along through, but he says that you'll need to be careful with the security staff. Don't hide any weapons on you and be prepared to have them give any replaced limbs a good once over."

"Is that alright with you all? I'm sure it's a minor inconvenience for all you rough and tumble runners, right?"


Sigh heavily and roll my eyes as I lean even further back.
"Not like we have a choice, do we?"
Would my stuff set off their sensors or something?


Groan slightly.
"Almost wish we were riding with cargo.. Provided its not going to the capital they don't even scan back there. "


"Uh huh, uh huh. Got it."

Shift which paw I'm holding the cup with, gently rub my right shoulder.

"…I'm up too early in the morning for this."


"Get this, the guy on the inside is a Pegasus! Isn't that neat! Anyways, the Agent says to get to him first and he'll make sure it passes the machine."

He clicks a few times on his computer.

"That, doesn't seem to be an option on their site. Sorry."

"Well, since you're already in Seaddle, It might be a good. Tell you what, there's a shop on 83 Colton Court. Pick up a package and the tickets from there. You'll have a few hours before the train arrives. Just think of it as confirmation that you've taken the job."

Ready to pick up the package and head to the railway?


Ready. Let's blow this dump already.


Grumble. "Fine fine."
Get on the road.


Yes. I'll deactivate parts of my arm that trigger combat response just in case.


The store you were sent to was inside a shopping mall, but there was a Crystal Pony with an apron is waiting just outside it for you. She hooves you a brown bagged package and the printed out tickets.

The rail station itself is sparsely equipped.The fans on the roof seem to have been the same one from the last century and the seats have accumulated the smell of 100 years worth of sweaty travellers. There are all sorts of people here, ranging from Goats with ritual dyes on their coat to tired barnwagers to a little filly with too much energy for the place and a few replaced limbs barely more advanced than a peg leg. You're certain you could swipe some of the screws on his legs.

The Tirekian Transit Authority Buffalo and his henchponies are dragging someone over to the back. There's a Pegasus guard who seems a bit more skittish than the rest of the TTA guards.


Dragging someone? Who exactly are they dragging?
A slightly manic grin starts spreading over my features. A chance to start trouble and not have passerby interfere with me beating their faces in? This could be awesome!


Skiddish? Great, these amateurs hiring us are gonna get us killed.
Lets just slip over to an empty space and wait.


Take a sidelong glance at the number of henchponies, then glance at how many other TTA guards there are.


You could only see their bottom half, but it was either another Earthie or Unicorn. There were no wings on that one. A Gryphon appears from another room with a medical kit and starts walking towards them.

The little Earthie Filly starts following him around. The Pegasus guard doesn't seem to know what to do and keeps flying around, occasionally looking down at a sheet he has and then looking back to make sure the kids hasn't hurt themselves.


The Tirekian Buffalo had two guards with him and now the Gryphon.

There are 6 scanners, but only one sleeping guard and another just walking between them. The Pegasus wears a similar vest and badge as them.



Oh. They're giving medical attention. Bad time to start shit then.

Head on over to the pegasus getting tailed by the hermaphrodite foal.
"Dude, this kid bothering you?"


Hold my ticket in my right arm and stride towards the pegasus guard.


Make my way over to the pegasus.


"No, it happens. Still not that many Pegasi around, so kids are bound to get curious…"

His eyes go wide and his ears fold back, but then quickly goes back to a normal face.

"So, you're the guys he's willing to pay an Ange for. Ha, this will be the easiest way for me to get my hooves on one of those. He told you to put all your stuff in the bags right? No funny business and you'll be on your way in no time and I'll be hugging her soon enough."

A moaning yell can be heard from the back offices, but the Pegasus is quick to leave your company and grab a megaphone and starts giving instructions, slowly flying over to the scanners. He motions for you to follow him.


Glance at the kid before following him.
Do I have any idea what an Ange is? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"this job making anypony else uneasy?"
I shove anything that's not already in my sack into there, and follow along.


Take a moving glance at the back office as I continue walking towards the scanner.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Not as much as the kid over there. Seriously, is it a filly? A colt? It's kinda freaking me out…"


The kid rushes to the scanners, the father trying to keep up with all the luggage. He rushes past the metal detector before a guard can stop him.

As for an Ange, this knowledge is too obscure for you and most of society..

The Pegasus acknowledges. As your stuff gets into the machine, you see his wing reach into some gaps of the scanner, some flickering, and none of your gear triggers the alarm. He turns to wards the back office and giggles for a moment, then goes back to being professional.

The curtains have been closed and one of the guards has come out, yelling orders in an attempt to conceal the noise.


Turn around and rub my shoulder as I continue through the scanner.


snicker a bit. "At least you can tell its a kid, just don't let the brat near you, not hard."
"Hey, you got a bad feeling about this, or is it just me?"
Sigh and keep moving. Whatever shady thing they are doing I don't wanna know.


Put my stuff in the bags and put it through the scanners.
"Sounds like your boss is getting kinky back there."
"Are you joking? you ever had a kid decide you're interesting? You can't get them to leave you alone!"


As you pass by the Pegasus, he puts a hoof over his earpiece radio, then begins to laugh along with the other guards.

"He had what in there! Ahaha…"

"It's just, heh, we're not supposed to say, but uh, he was trying to smuggle nitroglycerin on board. I don't know what type of moron would do that, but we got one."


"A good kick usually does it if the old fashioned 'get lost kid' doesn't." Shrug
"Really. I can't imagine being paid enough to try that."


"Nitro? Isn't that stuff, like, really liable to blow you up before you get where you're going?"
"Eeeeeeh… not really such a fan of that, since my kicks are liable to crack their skulls open."


As soon as the train arrives, your escorted to the second car from the front. The seats are well cared enough and there isn't any garbage lying around. There's a food car only a small distance away. It also seems the Johnson got you seats that recline, you could catch some sleep on them.

"Just, try not to pull anything crazy, I'll do a lot for an Ange, but I don't want to lose my job over one."

"Yeah, and he…"
"Heehahaha, had it in…"
"He had it in his…"

The guard is only capable of giggles and chuckles after this point.

The train starts pulling away as the last passengers rush to their seats. A few struggle to keep their balance, but nothing major happens.

Except for one passenger, a Goat with tattoos, who is talking into his com-link.

"The Package is aboard. Let's do this just like we planned."



Love Love Horsie High!~ was a controversial anime series made in the latter half of the twenty first century, being the first anime to feature meta-equines in significant, non-villainous roles. A harem comedy about a Earthie protagonist who got transferred to an all meta-equestrian high school, it faced a large amount of opposition from the more traditional elements of Amareican society. The production team was forced into hiding, but promised that they would still broadcast the thirteenth and final episode.
On the appointed day, fans all over Amareica waited. Instead of the conclusion they were promised, they received a short message explaining that the episode had never reached the broadcasters, accompanied by a calming picture of a boat.
The riots lasted for three weeks across nineteen cities, eventually destroying several million bits worth of property. The action hit what many consider to be its climax when a disgruntled otaku animated the 5/1 scale Celestia statue in Gnu York. Needless to say, ratings for news stations covering the disaster went through the roof.
When the dust finally cleared, the rioters had accomplished nothing. There were still no clues as to the fate of the final episode, and it remained that way for almost fifteen years. Now cut to the present.


From inside the train, you'd be hard pressed to tell anything was wrong. The sodas are still cold and everything seems to be moving along fine.

But some of the personnel of the train are moving up and down the corridor with surprising speed.


Open the can with my beak, following silently the rushing of the train personnel.
Am I travelling alone?


It seems your partners in crime have opted to fall asleep for the moment. It's a long ride.

Fellow Runners:

Earth Pony
Martial Artist
Talent: +1 Basic attacks
Stances (Combat suit with various settings)
Passive; Switching stance is an Instant Automatic action.
Stance of the Bear: You gain X max hits at the cost of X max wounds
Stance of the Tiger: You cannot benefit from weapon tags, but gain +2 to all normal attacks
Stance of the Cross: Self-inflicted helpless does not cause a wound of damage.

Stance Dance
passive; When you switch stances, you may also roll for an extra attack.

Dynamic Duo (Situational reaction scanners alert her to openings created in an enemy's defense)
At the start of combat, pick one ally. When that ally successfully hits an enemy, your next attack at the same enemy becomes Instant.

Weapon: Single/unarmed (combat suit w/ kinetic propulsion boosters)

Appearance: Mechanical suit that predominately fits around his hooves and head, with wires providing direct neural feed to the suit.

Name: Cuiva
Race: Diamond Dog (+Burrow)
Gender: Female
Talent: Hawkeye +2
Class: Tracker
Skills: Hawkeye (1), Custom Job (1), Trick Shot (1), Reflex Shot (2)
Weapon: Carbon Stilettos (Single, Ranged)
Apparel: Fabrilite Projector, Civilian home-defense vest, decommissioned civil-cybernetic prosthetic replacing right arm
Inventory: Fastappli bandages, pain numbing shots, wallet
Hits: 5
Wounds: 5
Appearance: A small greyish white diamond dog who wears a small fabric projector to hide her vest and cybernetic arm.
GM's Quirk: Seeks a higher set of pain meds to keep her attention off from an ill-fitted arm augment

Earth Pony
Talent: +2 tumble
Substitute [realistic hologram]
Recharge 3 after effect triggers; The next time you would take counterattack damage, you instead leave a substitute in your place and disappear into hiding, making you impossible to detect and making your next roll Autocrit.

Recharge 1; Roll past an enemy, striking them. You may use this ability from helplessness. A successful Tumble from helplessness brings you to your feet.

weapon. recharge 1; strikes the enemy from behind. No counterattack damage except on critfail if used from Stealth. Crits on a 9+. Kills helpless targets.

stealth [limited invisibility tech]

weapon: single: holo-blade. a blade that springs from his robotic foreleg as needed.

Appearance: an earth pony robotic legs, which house most of his tech, including the holo blade
other stuff: keys: real ones because sometimes you can't trust technology. Shackles, a lockbox, food, a canteen.

You see a lot of them glancing out windows. They're breathing pretty hard.


I wonder. Have they been hacked?
Let's take a look out of the windows too…
Ready to break the glass with a powerfist (cheap shot) and fly out in case of emergency.


You easily notice one of the attendants holding on to a much too large gun. You can hear it shaking in her hooves.

Roll me a spot check, standard D10.


'1d10' I should have rolled tracker!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You still have your Eagle eyes. Outside, you can see small specks of light closing in on the train. It's easy enough to see that these are heavily modified vehicles, these aren't regular sedans.

You have three turns to prepare for a train heist.


As the very meticolous runner I am, surely I took mental note of every possible exit and the train's layout.
Stand up and move for the back of the train.


As you head to the back, you see that all the railway employees have been issued a weapon, but none of them seem to have ever used them. With them being far less careful in concealing it, you see that they only have taser guns, only good to a few feet.

You're at the back. The Door outside is shut, but nothing someone of your abilities couldn't get past.


Nonchalantly grab a gun off one of the kids working for the train.
"The train corp sends me."
And carry on.
Kick my prostetics in full gear and burst down the door.

Roll #1 9 = 9


It gives only the token resistance required by law and nothing more. From out here, you can see your would-be raiders in their vehicles preparing to board, but they're still just a bit out of reach.


I hope the kid's gun is alright, because I'm gonna have to use it without test firing.
Gun vs armored tires.
Cheap shot.
Try and make the car lose control. At this speed it shouldn't be hard. They are chasing after a hi-speed train after all.


This is the third turn, so they drove up very close to the train. The taser bolts fail to pierce the tire, but being flung around everywhere, they catch onto some mechanisms and short them out.

However, firing a taser weapon means that your gun is now attached to the vehicle and quickly pulls on you. Roll to keep your balance.


Fucking idiots.
Let go of the gun and spread my wings, try and make it for one of the other cars!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Also, Fast Moves for next turn.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh, and I guess I will take a talent in Cheap Shot. Forgot to mention it on the sheet.


The vehicle you shot is moving erratically, jumping around because of the blown systems. The 3 occupants are focusing on keeping it under control, frantically shifting gears and working on the internal CPU.

You're right above the car, free to land on it or do anything else.


Land on it and open up the driver's seat, incapacitating him with another cheap shot gotta love not being in combat and tossing him out with my second action.


At these speeds, that's super crazy! The car is liable to roll over with you on it, but the passenger dog grabs the wheel and a gun. He's opening fire, but he's shooting like crazy! And the screaming pony in the back isn't helping!

Enemy Dog-omancer
Enemy Lady Pony


I will do one simply thing before departing.
Rip the steering wheel out with a talon.

Roll #1 2 = 2


After a frantic back and forth, you only manage to get a few furs singed and fail to remove the steering wheel.

You can move on towards the motorcyclists and keep up with the train, or leave these guys for now but risk them catching up.


Nah, I'm gonna finish the job.
Cheap shot the dog at least.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


It's a battle of talon versus paw, and it seems paws are getting an edge! You can feel some of your cyberware acting up, a lot of your responses are pretty slow.


Good lord if I catch those fuckers running with me napping again I'm gonna snap their necks. Then re-upload them and do it again.
Rip the fucking thing off.
If I can't, bail.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You've done plenty of damage to its resale value, at least. The Steering wheel and column remain, but all the damaged cables render it inoperable for the moment. It's not a difficult fix, but it's one they won't be able to do right now.

You fly up and look down at the train. A large motorcyle and another Road Rover are lining up with it. Some of the hijackers are starting to jump aboard.


Fly down on the motorcycle's driver, cheap shooting and throwing him off, taking control of the vehicle.
Also, get ready to move QUICK!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You swoop in on the Crystalline driver and chuck him to the ground. He takes plenty of damage and chips a lot of his body, but he did have his helmet!

"Wait, who are you?" Says a Zebra runner, dumbfounded at the situation she finds herself in now.


"The goddamn batgriff!"
Take her weapon off her holster and shoot her!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Both of you struggle as the motorcycle goes back and forth, it's engine revving uncontrollably as you shot the ground, the sky, and the cycle with no one claiming the weapon yet.


Use my wing to strike her neck.
Cheap Shot.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


She's brought down and holds on to the backseat of the driver-less motorcycle. You now have a free gun. It's just a Saturday night special, but it'll give you range.

"You won't get out with the package! It's going to go to us!"


Keep her in my new gun's sight.
"Nah, there's just a car of you. I've got the advantage."
Smirk at her and shoot, point blank.



The pistol is of cheap construction and fires a tiny caliber. It's enough to penetrate though. The motorcyle, without a driver, finally chooses to drive off into the landscape with it's passenger. It only manages to go a short distance before it violently flips over.

One vehicle remains, and you can hear the sounds of glass breaking and some screams.


Rush for it, onto the roof.
Fast Moves.
Does this have a roof window?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Yes. Every train car has one, some have two.

The fighting is coming from three train cars ahead.


Claw along the traincar roof over to the car with fighting in it.
Let's try and get the drop on them.


You can hear some people running away in the train cars underneath you.

Most of th action is taking place in the second and third train car. Which one will you go into first?


The one which comes first.


The Second train car it is. You can hear pistols going off. But they seem to be shooting intermettently.


What can I see from here?


Not much except that the car up ahead has a lot of holes. The light from inside can be seen escaping in the night.

There are lots of people under the second car you are on top of.


But what of their disposition? Can't I see anything about their positions?


You can risk taking a peek through the windows. But be careful, everyone inside is trigger happy.


Yes, I will risk it.

Roll #1 7 = 7


The second car has some guys in suits armed with simple pistols. They must have boarded eralier or from a side entrance. However, they're all ponies with clean cut tails and manes. These guys are at least properly trained and take some pride in that.

The third car has the real threat. Several hijackers, a Goat wearing very little, a Pegasus who seems to have shiny wings, and a Donkey sporting a few too many explosives. They'd look like any regular trash, but …

Spot Check.



Roll #1 1 = 1


Roll again to dodge, you've been spotted.



Roll #1 9 = 9


They open fire where your head was, and even start shooting at the location the rest of your body was. These guys are amateurs, but ones who've picked up a few tricks.

By the holes they left, you know they are equipped with automatic weapons.

You're back on the second train-car. They're all generic long distance cars with plenty of seats and windows.


I need a break, way too late. Sorry for making Dsty run.


Love Love Horsie High!~ is the most commonly cited trainwreck anime produced in Amareica. Even the most casual of viewer will notice where each episode is handled by different people. But for all it's problems, it also gets cited as a good show.

Hiro is the protagonist of Love Love Horsie High!~, starting off as another bland MC meant to have the harem thrown at him. But as a way to save budget and only have to pay as few voice actors as possible, we follow Hiro as he struggles to live without parents, make sure the house is maintained, dealing with neighbors, little things that make him stand out as his own person instead of just a blank slate to insert yourself in.

Of course, you don't know why this knowledge is coursing through your brain right now. If you're not careful, the Gryphon with a large caliber shotgun will put a few bullets in it. His yammering Zebra ally off to the side and the Buffalo whose stench is now ingrained in all the furniture isn't helping.

There's a Unicorn with a knife in the side of his chest on your waiting room table. You might want to help him.


"I think I know what's causing the bleeding. He's got a knife stuck in him."

Casually heat up an alembic and Distill Life '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"I KNOW THAT! But that wasn't all! I've been stabbed before, but Sonny here just up and collapsed! He's stronger than this, I know it!" The Gryphon squawks, never moving the shotgun away from your head.

"We were in a place we shouldn't have when we got jumped by some weird guy. We drove him off, but there was some weird noises going on." The Buffalo slowly adds.

The knife is oddly thick, but the edges are very sharp. It's own weight seems to cut slowly into it. These guys went in somewhere way over their ranking.


You have three vials full of elixir. High quality ingredients are involved, and they carry a high price for the Clinic. You aren't just any regular street Doc.


Remove the knife and set it aside on a tray. Pour elixir directly into the wound and start binding it with gauze.

Pull out my pen light and shine it into the left pupil. Take a pulse at the same time.


It's all over the place. His eyes dart around. Blink and you'll miss his eyes looking in different directions.

But his heart is the worst. It's irregular. It's beating often enough to keep the blood flowing, as the blood on your table testifies to. But then it'll beat three times when he would only beat once just seconds before, then slow down just as fast.

At the edge of your vision, the Zebra is balancing more com-links and conversations than you thought possible.


Inject 5u Chloral Hydrate to sedate.

"Can you speak or move your fingers? Calculate 2+2."


The Unicorn turns his head towards.

"It's 4, it's 4! Please, you gotta help me! I don't want to die!"

For someone whose job description involves beating up and killing plenty of people, he's certainly a cry baby.

"Hey, my leg, I can't!"

His hind right leg starts shaking. He actually tries to reach over to grab his own leg, but he yelps on pain.


"Interesting. My first instinct was neurological, but it is looking to be nervous."

Run a paw along the leg, searching for fractures.


The Buffalo joins in. He puts a single hoof on the Unicorn to pin him down so he doesn't hurt himself further.

Inspecting the leg further, there's a could of burn marks.

The Gryphon backs off a bit so the Buffalo won't catch any pellets if he pulls the trigger. The Zebra moves closer and starts looking at the knife.

Take your action and roll a quick spot check.


Salve the burns with some of that elixir.

Spot '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The Unicorn seems to be improving, though you'll need to check his wound after his sudden motion earlier. The twitches in his leg have slowed, bit they're still there.

The Zebra starts playing with the knife. She twirls it a bit, the suddenly drops it in shock and backs away from it.

"Alya, are you seriously toying around NOW?" The Buffalo asks.


To the Zebra: "Go wait in the hall if you can't keep still. I ask very little."

Quickly examine the knife wound and draw a blood sample from the area of the wound. Run that through my jury rigged mass spectrometer to see if I can figure out if the blood is toxified.


"I'm not some filly!" She protests. "That knife is just weird."

She sulks off to the corner with her com-links.

As for the blood, it seems normal enough. There are traces of Jet, though.


Maybe I'm overthinking this. Take a new pulse to see if beats have normalized.


"What he'd stab me with, Doc? Am I dying?!"

His heart rate seems to have stabilized a lot more. You still get the occasional irregularity, but you're spending more time between them. You also don't have to shine a light in his eyes this time. He doesn't seem to have too much trouble following you.


File: 1417496417703.jpg (378.62 KB, 1400x678, Thekno_City_by_JJasso.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


It's morning. Time to rise and shine and open the curtains and get some oil heated up. What type of place are you living in?

You mentioned you had a suit that git around her body. Is it covering damaged parts of her body?


Sitting up, Sheva stretches, shaking off her thin blankets and sliding off of her crappy bed to open the curtains. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she peeks out the window.
Aside from a plug in the back of her head and some some metal-lined bones in her legs, not really. She does have long scars from when her bones were made like that, though.


If it wasn't clear, it's not a very nice apartment. It's livable, but only by the barest of standards. At least it's cheap.


You manage to catch a few local Pegasi take off for their work shifts. For all the propaganda about their natural grace and elegance, you see them struggle with their briefcases and bags. It be sad if they didn't get to fly.

The river nearby isn't as smelly this morning. That's usually the sign of a good day. Of course, your Com-Link vibrates and shows you the ID of one of the Fixers.

Besides Shadowrunning, what does she do to pay the bills in the mean time? As good as those types of jobs can pay, even the best can go some time between jobs.

Why was the metal inserted? Where the bones broken in an accident or some such?


Groaning, she leaves the shades and goes about her morning routine:
Shower off, making sure the plug has it's waterproof casing on first; Grab the mail from the mail slot; Sort the bills as she eats a simple breakfast of cereal, milk, and hormones to help keep her body from rejecting the implants; Get dressed in her full-body-covering work clothes before heading out for her job at the local MegaCorp Retail Store, where she works as a cargo unloader.

Brittle Bone Disease; she was a test patient to see if metal casings could prevent bones from fracturing under stress. It worked, but it means she's going to be paying bills for the treatment for most of her natural life unless she hits it big. The fact she didn't exactly volunteer doesn't help matters.


>Com-Link: 1 Unheard Message

It bills itself as a boutique, but this store and many others like it dwarf the Wal-Marts that we know of. Ever since the Laws of the Sisters could be ignored, they have been, and this place shows it, at least to you. Just a few days ago, you had to replace a section of wall that the rain was starting to get through. Made you wonder how sturdy the rest of the place was.

Does Sheva have her own method of transport, or does she usually ride mass transit like most people?


Mass transit is cheaper. Go ahead and listen in to the Com-Link's message as I ride along.
Though she doesn't suffer Brittle-bone Disease anymore, she does suffer adverse side effects if she forgets her pills, since her body will start trying to reject the metal lining. Also, the procedure left her heavily scarred across her body- not everywhere, but in locations where they're sure to get noticed, like you'd expect from a procedure exposing all her bones. As a result, she always wears full-body clothing. Thankfully they had the decency to leave her face alone.


"Hey, hey, how's my favorite little robot doing!?" The Com-Link yells. "Hey, I know you're always a bit busy on your end, but I have a simple, and uh, uhm, easy, yeah, easy job for you. But I need you to text me your response after a few hours. I have something to do on my end, primo important. See ya, and please respond."

It's Striped, a local ne'erdowell Goat who tends to get his snout in everyone's business. He tends to be stingy with the pay, but he's been upfront with you.

It's starting to rain again, but at least you're covered by the bus stop. There are still lots of pulled carts, usually Equines with families, though you see a few mana powered ones for the more well to do. The bus that comes up your way has seen better days and better paint jobs, some of the kids got to it earlier and tagged it up. Getting inside, you immediately flagged down by a buffalo lass who seems familiar.

Roll to determine who it is.


Rolling for who it is. [1d10]

Go ahead and text a quick response.
'cut the shit and tell me what you want.'

He knows I'll accept it, otherwise he wouldn't have contacted me.

Roll #1 7 = 7


>Com-Link: Message Sent

It's Khundi, a Buffalo and one of your neighbors. You recall that she would often leave early to join up with her friends, but it seems she's alone now and caught an earlier bus.

But that's not important. What is important is that you are looking straight at her. She's still in Middle School, but she probably weighs more than you and your metal bones by now.

"Miss, Miss, sorry to ask, but you said you worked at Chose Rare, right? If it isn't too much, can I ask for a teensy favor?" She says, trying to look girly and cute, but her sheer size putting a damper on that. "The Winter Dance is coming up, and I'd like to know if you have anything that would fit me."

>Com-Link: This number could not be found or is no longer in service. Please try again if you think you received this message in error.


…The fuck? Please don't tell me he's gotten himself caught…

We should carry buffalo-sized clothes, right?

"Certainly, Khundi. Right this way please."


Roll twice, Buffalos still don't have much of a fashion industry aimed at them. You might have to make do with some stuff.

"I want to, SO BAD, but I can't miss any classes. I feel so far behind already. Just, let me know what you can find, please and thank you!"

She jumps off at the school stop and surprises a few classmates. Seems even they aren't used to having someone so big be in their classes.

The rest of the day is spent doing normal, menial things. They know of your particular skill set and they're probably breaking lots of rules by having you carry so many things without a cart, but that's the type of world you live in.

Your shift is about to end when you receive a text message with two directions on it, nothing else.


Sigh… '2d10'

Finish up what I was doing and get ready to follow the directions.

Am I wearing my suit or not?

Roll #1 5, 5 = 10


The first address is in your neighborhood, so it's readily available.

Following it, you can hear it growing quieter as you approach the coordinates. More doors are closed than you expect, curtains shut, even the old ladies who do nothing but talk are silent right now.

As you get closer to the directions, your Com-Link keeps bursting with new directions. Follow them?


Once I've got my suit on, I'll follow all the directions, feeling much more confident now that I'm properly dressed. Having this much power behind every movement… it's the only time I ever truly feel free.


The AR coordinates lead you to an office. Stripes' office, and it's in bad shape. Lots of papers thrown around and desks over-turned. He's always been a bit off, but even he wouldn't cause this much damage to his property.

They eventually lead to a highlighted ceiling tile. Proceed towards it, or do something else?


Search the room. This is looking like he got raided. Any signs of a trap? [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


None so far. What you do find is that whoever was here was in a hurry. They looked through his papers and rooms, even the bathroom is a mess, but didn't take any measures to clean up.

Removing the tile, you find a small box containing a silenced pistol, 24 bullets, and a data stick. Your Com-Link also now only has one location. Proceed further?


Fucking hell… I'm going to pound his smug face in if this is a setup…
Proceed onward.


It's an address to another nearby hood, just a brisk jog away, for a pony. It's more wooded out here, closer to the outskirts, but still overpopulated.

>Com-Link: High Priority Message Incoming

> Yes > No

Also, spot check. Roll a 2d20.


"Yo, who's this?"

Roll #1 14, 19 = 33


>Communication Opened
"Thank the Sisters, you're here. I couldn't get in contact with anyone else. Listen, I'm in deep right now. I don't know exactly what was in that data chip those other guys gave me, but there's some crazy people out there looking to get it back and they're ready to blast anyone looks at 'em funny. Look for one of the houses, third story, just keep walking around and I'll signal you. I'll pay you primo bits to get me outta here and get these guys offa me."

You notice a black, mana powered cart with its occupants still inside. They seem to be discussing something, but they pay you no mind so far.


"Sounds good. And don't stiff me this time, got it?

…By the way, were the guys looking to get it back in a black cart?"

Start casually strolling towards the cart, keeping out of sight as much as possible.


"Hey, I run a hard bargain, but I ain't gonna argue today. Get me that chip and get me outta here, then I'll transfer it to your account. Just, hurry up. I don't like any of this."

After going around the mana cart and walking around a bit, you spot Stripe sticking his head just barely above a window. His white-ish coat stands out against the blackened room he's in.

He rushes down and unlocks several locks before letting you in.

"You, weren't followed right? No one besides those guys you saw earlier, right?"


"Nope. If I had been, they'd have their faces pounded in."
Pushing past him, she kicks back on the closest sitting implement and kicks up her legs as she shoots him a grin.
"So, what's the plan? Smash and Dash?"


"Nah, listen, you said you saw 'em in their cart, right? How about we ambush 'em and find out who they work for and what they want with this stick and how they even tracked it. Ugh, I wish Mental Note wasn't out for his check ups. Just remember, we need 'em conscious. Sleepy ponies don't tell me what we need to know."


"Right, I can do concious. You don't need their limbs, right?"


"Heh, go ahead and send the bosses a message to hire nicer lackeys next time. I'm sure the boys will be happy to hear about that too."



File: 1417827557167.png (81.45 KB, 450x378, Sheva Location.png) ImgOps Google


A quick search through you Com-Link gives you a map of the area. The Blue Area is the house you are currently in, the Orange mark is where the Mana-Cart was on your way through.

How will you proceed?


It's morning, real early, and it's already starting to rain. What kind of home do you live in with your brother? A simple apartment, a former mechanics shop, or something else?


My brother is at his room besides mine.
We live on an apartment…I remember having to sell the old house to lay for the high bills…
I getc up and go check on him. Make sure he's awake and well
There are bags under my eyes…
I barely slept…


> name


The neighborhood has been getting more dangerous. Lots more shots going out at night, and they seem to be getting closer.

He's still asleep. He probably didn't even hear them, or the Doc Wagons coming to take people away. Do you want to wake him?


Slowly come closer and gently tussle his hair.
Is he well?smiling or frowning ?
Is he cold? I put a hoof to his forehead to check


He shuffles around in bed a lot. He probably gets more exercise from that than the physical therapy.

You should start getting ready to go to work at Maven's clinic. Any coffee needed to kick you up?

Also, how does Sympathy get there? Does she have a bus pass, or is she stuck walking?


She wakes up extra early and walks there
so she can save up on the bus
she sighs and first prepares him a nice breakfast..he deserves it
Then she takes her coat and puts it over her white and red suit and leaves in a rush


The people and the houses around you have been getting worse since you can recall. The paint on the houses seems weaker, even the graffiti seems to be using duller colors, it's not even vibrant. There's a Donkey up ahead, and you can here one of the Local Earthies carrying some signs with them.

Give me a quick roll to spot before you reach the clinic, d10.



Roll #1 6 = 6


Hmm… first I've gotta figure out where I'm trying to go.

For now, let's head west. Plenty of cover between us and them that way.


File: 1417830536020.png (81.49 KB, 450x378, Sheva Location2.png) ImgOps Google

You notice a Gryphon and a Zebra get into a mana-cart and drive off.

Inside the clinic, there's only a note from the Dogge in charge asking you to take care of the place today. Looks like some funds managed to make their way into the clinic and now it needs to be spent.

It's slow enough in the morning, so it isn't much. Only a few kids with coughs and an older mare with headaches comes in. She starts talking about her own bills and life while you fill out the paperwork. Humor her, or just deal with some of the back stuff?

You're a few houses behind the mana-cart. Roll to Notice.

There's some tall grass and garbage cans between you and the cart. You might be able to sneak up on it if you want to try.


I ask her to excuse me and go deal with some of the back stuff
Also I press a button on my visor to see what time is it and how much until my shift ends…


Rolling notice. '1d20'

Eh, much as I like a good rumble, I've got a significantly squishier donkey following me. He goes down, I lose my paycheck.
Just keep moving west till I figure out a place to try to reach.

Roll #1 14 = 14


It's barely lunch time, but time flies while you're working. Some of the non-Earthies that have come in have been leaving before you can attend them, but there's a large group gathering outside. The rest that remain are anxious.

As you cross the street with your escort target, you notice that they are on walkie talkies! Those two aren't alone!


Great… Scan the area for any sign of more baddies. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Goes over to see what is all this fuss about
poke a pony and ask him/her if needed


Not really possible, the Seaddle weather tips its hooves and starts raining hard. Right before you pass out of sight, you see him shaking his communicator.

I take it you'll stay inside the clinic?

A Pegasus who was scheduled for a check up starts talking.

"They're from E.Q.U.I.S. Just because someof us got born with an extra bit poking out of our body, they think we're trash and stuff. Jerks, they'll probably give birth to a Buffalo for that."


Great, in that case I'll grab the donkey and start moving quickly out of dodge.

"So, anywhere in particular you wanna go? 'Cause you're not crashing at my place."


"E.Q.U.I.S?" she inquired
"Now just what does that stand for mister?"


Roll 2d10.

"Nah, I ain't staying in town. Goons like those don't come cheap. I'm going to drop the Com-Link near some station and then go underground for a few months. I don't like it, but I like being alive, dig? Heh, feels like it wasn't that long ago when we got in contact with each other? I don't even remember the first job I sent you on."

"EQuestrians United In Stability. They think that just becuase they haven't given birth to kids with wings or horns that they're something special. I'd say they're just jealous. But if I were you, I'd call some extra security. Those doofuses are always ready for a fight."


She looks up at her own horn.
"Hmn…yeah I think I should do that but…I really don't know any way to get…security…And I'm positive that I don't have the money to buy it too…


"Sucks. I've been taking a shining to this place being orderly. Make sure you lock the doors and bolt everything else down. Hopefully some of it will still be here tomorrow. Say, is it time for my appointment?"


"Oh yes it is indeed sir"
She said taking a look at her visor to make sure that it was the time
"Yep. Right in time too"


"Can't believed just a ding was enough to pop it out of place. Tell me I can fly again."

Pick one of your skills, then roll for it.


"I remember ya stiffing me on half of them. Better not be planning to try it again."

Roll #1 1, 10 = 11



Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"You can have it, but I'd spend it as soon as you get it. These guys will probably be watch out!"

You're nearly face to rear with one of the Goons!


Send a hoof into the fork of the Goon's legs. '1d10+1' dc-1

Boot up into Tiger Stance; +2 to normal attacks next turn, next attack is Instant.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


No wonder you were hired. He manages to hold in his pain as you relocate small bones in his wings and massage the muscles. Even without the R.E.S.T., you're talented.

"You're a life saver, you know. I don't know if it was the Sisters who sent you here, but I'm happy for it."

He fills out the rest of the forms before he leaves, making sure to offer to buy you a drink.

It's time to close, but you'll need to be wary of those Earthies outside. At the same time, the phone starts ringing.

He goes face first into the mud. His yellow coat now much more clear to you, but also covered in blood. He's barely conscious, but you can also hear his walkie-talkie broadcasting some static.


Send another hoof into the back of his head. '1d10+3'

Swipe the radio and listen in.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


She smiled at the compliment
And honestly considered that drink…If she didn't had other extremely important things…

She quickly picked the phone…it was odd to have somepony call this late…
"Maven's clinic,good evening? "


File: 1417835458493.png (82.18 KB, 450x378, Sheva Location4.png) ImgOps Google

He'll be out for a few hours, but this rain will give him the flu.

"Anda, Dutch! Come in! Report, have you spotted the target!"

You can make a beeline to the Exit, but there seem to be other goons here, and they might call in more.

"Thank Luna you picked up, OPEN THE DOOR! We'll be right there!"


Nah, let's clean up shop. Move to take out the ones in the van.


She almost dropped the phone
"W-Wait what? Who is this?!"


Plenty of stuff to hide behind, but they're on edge too. Add a -3 to your two d20 roll, beat 12 on both.

"Hey, I know what it means when ears flick that way. What carzy thing are you going to do?"

"No time! We're headed to the back door, get some bandages because we've been shot!"


"What I always do on my jobs. What did you expect?"

Roll #1 19 - 3 = 16 / Roll #2 9 - 3 = 6


Her eyes widen and she drops the phone to rush to the door. Fumbling with the keys with magic until she found the key she was looking for and opened the back door. Panting and looking around


The Passenger of the mana-cart, a dull grey Earthie, steps out into the rain and stars yelling out for his comrades. The rain is making it hard for his yelling to get through though.

The driver, a brown pony, starts yelling his own things, but stays inside.

Watch out for that mana-cart, it's going to ram through the wall!


Go ahead and deck the grey earthie, preferably into the cart door. '1d10+3'
Then shift into Cross Stance.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"Ohshit" she muttered before diving away from the mana cart with a silly and scared squeal


He dives the moment he feels hooves on him and manages to splash mud around, some on your snout and towards your eyes.

"Yo! What the heck was that for, punk!" His eyes are starting to turn red, and you can hear some whirring.

It stops shortly before the door, but all the doors seem to fling open at once. Three passengers come out and they all rush inside, a Diamond Dog shutting the door behind them.

"I GOT SHOT! I GOT SHOT!" Yells the Bat pony, pointing at all the holes in his legs.


Wipe the mud away. Instant attack with a hoof to the jaw. '1d10+1'
Normal attack to his gut. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


Sympathy rushed to him
"Stop.screaming!" She said as she picked up her emergency kit and sstarted work on his wounds
'1d10' mend

Roll #1 7 = 7


He gets some minor whiplash from your speed, sending his head back and then reeling it back in.

"Youinforitnow!" Watch it, there's something up his hooves! Next attack gets no bonus!


"I'll try! I'll try! But it hurts!"

The Bat pony has a strong body, your initial check shows, but there are a few small caliber bullets in his legs still. You'll need to get them out before you can really treat his wounds.

"It'll be all right, right?" He asks in a worried tone. The Diamond Dog opens the back door and peeks around. He's got a gun, and so does the Earthie that came in with them.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Break his hoof to keep him from using whatever's in it! '1d10'
Switch back over to Tiger stance!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yeah yeah he will be fine but I need that you remain motionless until I finish…or else you'll regret it…" she said slowly picking the bullets

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


You kick his hoof away, and then a large blade pops out of it, cutting into the ground!

Clink, clink, clink.

This goes on for a while, seems like he was attracting bird shot and 9mm rounds towards.

"Ohmyyou'relowWW!" The Bat Pony says.

"G, we clear?" The Earthie asks the Dogge.

"Yeah, looks like we ain't being tailed." He replies, casting a glance at you, then he puts his pistol back in his holster.




You're in a good part of town for a little pick pocketing. The people here are pretty well to do, and you've come up on some clothes that let you blend in. Right now, there's a big crowd, it should make it easy for you make off with some bits.

You can tell something is off with these bullets. When you put them on the plate, none of them make the same noise when you drop them. He doesn't start breathing better after you pull them out either. In fact, he's starting to spit out some blood.


Stop pulling them out for a moment.
"Uh…are you feeling better sir?…because it certainly doesn't looks like it…"


I need the bits you know, just go pass through some of the crowds and let scout for an easy target among them eh.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Yeah, I'm feeling much better. Like my heart i*cough*"

He covers his mouth with his hoof, but that makes it easier for him to see he is still bleeding. His eyes go wide when he looks at you.

There's a pretty big Earthie with some friends and some luggage. You'd probably be able to fleece him of his clothes and he wouldn't even notice!


She gulps.
"Sir please stay calm I… I will tens to this.
turn to the others. "Who shot him? And who even are you? "


Hmmm how about his luggage then? Let me use my dextrous wings to perhaps get one of the luggage and carry it away hidden under my cloak.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


The Diamond Dog and Earthie just look at each other for a moment, to process what you said.

"We know a guy," answers the Dogge, "He sent us to you. Said you knew about these type of things."

The Batponies breathing is becoming harder.

"But it doesn't matter right now, don't you have something you can give him?"

You fall down before you can even reach for the luggage, catching a glimpse of his underside.

He's got a shotgun.


Oh shit! Security, better not get involved in this shit! I'm out of here!

Now just walk casually scouting out for other potential targets! Lets do this!!
Becuase I'll go hungry if I dont and thats bad.




Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well…yeah I do…But it's not…completely tested…it works wonders though…but there might be some side effects."
She pointed at the R.E.S.T on her back.
"This thing here…if he's willing to try it…because now the other medical supplies are locked away…"


He helps you up, unaware of your original purpose.

Up ahead is a pair of unicorns in last seasons clothing. You may be poor, but even you can tell these two aren't from around here.

He starts hacking for breath.

"Anything, just don't let him die!"


she picked up so of the R.E.S.T. a generous amount
and rubbed it all over the wounds
'1d10' let's do some healing

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Aaahh!" He lets out before the Diamond Dog shuts his snout.

His bullet wounds seem to be boiling and some strangely colored liquid is coming out of them. But the Batpony starts calming down, he seems to be breathing just fine through his nose now.


Heh! This will be easy, go pass them casually and use my dextrous wings to pilfer their saddle-bags of anything usefull.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


She pats his leg
"There you go don't you just feel better now…?"


You approach them silently. Your light Pegasus body letting you approach them efficiently even without your wings.

Then your stomach rumbles.

The two mares jump, attracting even more attention. They smile and then 'suggests' getting some food and pull you into the nearest soy burger place. They get real close to you.

"Just order something and act natural, okay?"

He moves his head up and down, the Dog still keeping a paw on his muzzle. It takes some looks being shared between them for him to release.

"What did you inject me with, and what was *Oww* stuff that came out of me, doc?"


"That was the R.E.S.T.
Which is Regeneration Enchanging Symbiotic Tissue." She said adjusting her visor
"And that is a special symbiosis that will revolutionize the medical world…that is what I injected in you.
however I am not sure of what is that thing that came out…I will have to take a sample of it…"


"W.. what? Really?" I look at them with joy before I lower my head.
"B.. but I dont have any bits." I gulp.


"It smells terrible. Do whatever you need to take it off of me." The Batpony responds.

The Earthie goes off on the Com-Link of theirs and starts messing with it. Meanwhile, the Diamond Dog turns towards you.

"You do this often? You were pretty calm through most of it."

"It's fine!" The green Unicorn mare grumbles.

"We just need to look like we belong. Just do as we say and it won't matter. How about the Number 3, for all of us, just to get this farce done?" The pink mare adds in as she looks out through the glass doors and windows.


She smiled and nodded
"Yes I have dealt with situations like this many times before. He usually all crybabies like him" she said with a chuckle


"Well, thanks for the service, we'll be off now if you think this crybaby will be fine." The Dog looks at the Earthie and they nod.

"I've left the usual payment where I've been told to leave it. But, here, this is for you." The Earthie hoofs you a credit stick. "For services rendered, and a few other things."


I look at the unicorn
"Oh… y.. you're one of them, I didnt know." I smile as I grab a soy dog and began to eat.
I then loook at the pink mare.
"Just so we look like we belong? What do you mean?"


I smile to them.
"If you need anything come again. I will be happy to help!
Oh and if something strange happens to him,come to me immediately! "


"Just a simple delivery. Just eat the hayburger and we'll give you a few bits."

They keep looking around, making them even more noticeable than if they were trying.

"They're here, come on kid, let's go. Just keep quiet, don't say anything, and you'll be back by yourself in no time."

The shuffle back into the mana-cart and take off. The evening rain starts coming down hard as they drive off and you finish closing the shop. Time to head back home?


I then finish the soydog and smile.
"Ahh thats good."
Upon hearing the delivery, I just gulp, and look at the two of them still uncertain to all of this.
"Who's here? Can you explain, oh by the way my name is Precious. How about you two? Also thanks for the chow." I smile.


my little brother is wait ing. ..


my little brother is wait ing. ..>>610180


The two stare at each other for a bit.

"I'm Rajnapura, the Pink Unicorn says, "and this is Hueta."

I'm not even going to make you roll, you can tell these aren't their names.

"We're just making a, personal delivery. Just stay quiet, don't ask questions, and come along, okay."

Across the street, you can see several unsavory individuals in suits. If these two stood out, those guys might as well be in clown suits doing jumping jacks.

The walk home is quiet. Seems the rain dispersed the crowd that was forming. Only a few mana-carts pass by, but some of the big highrises off in the distance are turning on all their lights.

Your brother is at the table, doing his homework. He turned on the coffee machine for you. It's nice and warm and waiting.


Bend down and give is a kiss on the forehead.
"How was your day? " I asked sweetly as I pour myself some coffee


I gulp and follow the two while keeping an eye out for any danger close.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"It was great!" He says, nearly falling off the chair in his excitement. "Teacher said I have some of the best marks in class. And, how was yours? Did you have fun too?"

While they do stand out, they seem to be on the level. They're standing around, some of them having soy lattes to try to blend in. But they all ordered the same thing, so they look extra suspicious.

The Unicorn Mares cross the street with you, and the rest of the 'conversation' goes on wordlessly. A few grunts and head nods, some small USB sticks being put on top of devices that flash green, and everyone is starting to smile.

Then the bullets start to fly!


"Oh just the usual day…until late night where I could test dad's project a bit…I think it is working now…but I would need more testing later.." she said taking a sip
"Oh and you got the best grades too? Hege
I'm glad to hear that…did you sleep well this morning by the way?"


"Yeah, but I was almost late to school. Why do we live so far?" He says with a sarcastic smile.

"At least all my friends live nearby, too!"


"Did you play with any of them?
teehee what about any fillies?have you seem some giving you oodd looks lately?" I ask with a cheeky smile


What the hell I shouldnt be here! Hide!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yeah, Allamoo is my Buffabro. We always play tag since I can actually outrun HIM."

There's a huge jumble of people! None of your 'friends' seem to have expected this, and they are panicking along with the civilians!

Make another d10 survival roll!


Smile and shake my head
He's too young to be after fillies I suppose
"We'll champ How are you feeling by the way?any…episodes today? " I ask in a tad more serious and worried voice



Roll #1 3 = 3


"Nuh uh."

"Well, I thought one was coming, but it passed. Teacher was there, so I wasn't afraid!" He lights up.

And now there is stuff flying everywhere!

A van has stopped in the middle of the road, and out of the back comes out a you should run outta here. Hurry!


Goddamnit, how did I got involved in this, this is stupid!
Fly out of there! Use my wings

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Good…I don't want to Dreamof anything happening to you…Come on now give me some sugar." She said hugging her brother lovingly.
"You wanna sleep in my bed tonight? Now I'm worried about having you sleep of alone…"


You fly off, between the buildings so they can shield you from the screams and yelling.

I'd suggest you head 'home' and call the day done. At least you got some food out of this endeavour. That counts as a win, right?

Actually, go ahead and describe the place Precious lives in. What is her home like?


"Nuh uh! I'm fine. 'Sides, you snore like a Donkey." He puts his hooves over his ears.

"You have the day off tomorrow, right? Billy the Goat invited me to his house to play his Gamesphere, will you be alright by yourself?"


Boop his nose
"Well you snore a little too. And you keep stealing the blankets!hehehe…" I say ppulling out of the hug.
"Yeah I'll be fine… just promise me you'll be good and that you will behave." I say tussling his mane


Mostly she resides in the more downtrodden area of the city near the docks. She lives on a trailer(those pulled by trucks) that she has converted into her room. The place is almost a maze of trailers and it is stacked three trailers high and she lives at the top most with some of the homeless living below her.
Perhaps just scout amongst the dock area first and see if the usual ruffians are there.


"Yea yea. I'll be fine. Try not to burn the house down."

It's starting to rain hard. Even criminals don't like getting sick. There's a few Unicorns starting a trash can fire, but that's really the only light this part of town will get.


Give him a gentle slap in the back of his head.
"Knucklehead…" I say as I head upstairs.
"Good night"


I look at the sky and just frown as the rain falls. What a downer, no bits and a shoot out. Bummer.
Well at least I got soydogs so that will do.
Pull my cloak up and just walk towards my trailer home. I just hope the neighbors are calm tonight.


"Night." He finishes his homework and plops off to bed.


Seems like your little brother finally woke up earlier than you did. A Gamesphere can do that to a child. Regardless, it's a new day, and you have it off. Do you have anything that needs to be done?

The rain is doing marvelous work keeping the volume down. Even the ones who blast their boom boxes have them unplugged for fear of them being shorted out.

Heading into the 'apartment complex', you stop near your Dogge friend's burrow. She's sleeping with her ratty blanket.


Not really
I think I might just finally take a well deserved rest and head out to a restaurant.
my social life is also terrible…maybe I could change that too and make some friends


While most of Seaddle's restaurants score low on the health inspector's report, many try to live up to the reputation the city has of having plenty of open air cafes.

There's a simple latte place a block from your work, but that puts you at risk of having to deal with patients.

There's a simple place run by a lonely mare a few blocks from you. It's a bit of a climb at times, but she always seems to be there.

There's a franchise one that just opened. It's usually packed with people early in the morning.


Head to the new place.


Surprise, surprise, another long line today. You can smell the coffee and the acne on the underage workers. Lots of people, but most of them are talking on or looking at their Com-Links.

Which you should too, now that you have an unidentified call beeping on yours.



Just check out if she is okay.
"Hey there."



It's the mother of your Brother's friend.

"Hello, I'm just calling to let you know your Brother got here safe. My son has mentioned his condition, and he insisted I call you as well. Is there anything specific I should know, in case, you know…"

She grumbles a bit before waking up. She coughs a few times before looking you in the eyes.

"Hello sweet thing, how did your day go?"



She couhs a few times before getting up.

"Hey there to you too. You seem in spirits, have a fun day today?"

She snickers while breathing harder than usual.

Turns out, it's the mother of your brother's friend. She's a bit nervous.

"Hello there, I'm Billy's mother. Your brother is here with my son. Don't worry, everything is fine! But I've been told about his condition, is there anything I should be extra aware of while he's here?"


Smile to myself.
he found friends who actually care about him after all…
I pass to her anything that is needed in case he has one of his episodes and also to call me immediately so I can head there. Making sure to say everything slowly and clearly


A few ponies pass through the lines, swinging their credit sticks while you chat. You see her right down everything you say, some concern passing by her face every time you mention side effects.

Your Com-Link beeps with another call, if you want to take it and get something from the cafe.

Can you relink your sheet? I don't have it on my laptop.


Just get a tea.
tea is nice.
Also I aswer that call. Might be my boss telling me to work today…
"Yes hello?"



The Com-Link doesn't post a number or even a video image.

"Miss Sympathy, sorry to call you like this, but I'm kind of out of options. I'm with the 'people' who had visited you after hours, and I'm willing to pay just like they did if you go do a little favor for me, Please."

The person is using a synthesizer, but you can hear the emphasis on the end.


"Oooh, so you like it rough, do ya big guy?"
First swing to his head- '1d10+3'
-Second swing to the center of his chest! '1d10+3'

"Come on, admit it. The thought of me just takes your breath away, doesn't it?"

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 3 = 9


I'm a bit taken back
but let the voice continue. After all papayment is always nice
"Go on. .."


He falls to the floor, breathing hard. He's leaning on his exposed Cyber hoof.

"You, you…"

ROLL TO DODGE! Beat 5 and roll for an attack!

"Alright, I'm sending some directions. Just keep your head down getting there, help them, and I'll make sure you get paid. Okay?"


Dodging! '1d10'
Switch stance to Stance of the Cross!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Understood…whoever this is…" she said
"Where I go then?


It's the Brown Earthie! He came to check on his friend and found you.

You're both on the ground, hurry up and get up!

Sheva 5/5

Brown Driver ?/?

You're Com-Link flashes with a text message from this person.

"I'm not going to lie, it's a bad part of Seaddle, but you should be familiar enough with that. I've got a few sick people, so just hurry!"

Roll for safe travel.


Roll onto my feet.
"Damn! So, you wanna go two at once? More fun for me!" '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"A perky one. I'm going to love breaking you in two."

He's much taller up close. He lowers his head and charges almost as soon as you get up!



Roll #1 6 = 6


Duck to the side and punch him in the back of his shoulder! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


You get a few cat calls and wolf whistles, but you've been here long enough that you can keep them from getting to you.

The directions lead to a small house. It looks abandoned, the windows are boarded up and everything about it says it hasn't been used, but these are the coordinates.


Your strong, but so is he. His shoulder seems more durable than others you have fought.

He snorts in this heavy rain and leans on his hind legs, looking down on you.


"Strong shoulders… I'll bet you can go for days~"
Buck him in the stomach! '1d10+1'
Switch to Tiger Stance!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Tiger Stance is +2
You're faster on your kick than he is on his punch, but he's still standing. '1d10'

Roll to spot, and roll to attack.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Spotting! '1d10'
Attacking! '1d10+3'
"Come on, big guy, don't finish before I do!"

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 9 + 3 = 12


The previous pony gets up and rushes you with his blade. The Brown Earthie punches at the same time, and when all your moves have been taken into account, the Brown pony goes into the sky for a brief moment, his eyes going to the back of his head as he falls down limp.

You're reinforced legs just kicked him in the crotch.

"Tawleed!" The Cyber pony yells.

Sheva 5/5

Brown Earhie, Helpless
Cybered Pony, struggling


Huff in frustration.
"Boys… absolutely no stamina, so they leave you wanting every time."
Break the cyber pony's blade off! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


Sparks and the like come off of his arm, but it's still functional. It's a good thing you have your own defenses.

"Who do you work for mare? How much are they paying you!?"


"What, want to make me a better deal? Don't you know that abandoning an employer just for more money is bad business?"
Uppercut him in the jaw to jar him a little. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


A little was too much for him. He falls and you can hear his leg power down. Except for an occasional spark, it's been turned off. The Brown Earthie is still in pain, but Striped is supporting you by constantly kicking him in the same area you did.

"Stupid jerks, this is what you get for messing with ME! ME, what did you think was going to happen to losers like you!"


"Back off, Stripey."
Casually bat him away from the brown earthie as I lean down and lift his head.
"So, big guy, what's so important about mister big-shot here?"


"He has a disk! Want back!"


"yeah, yeah, already knew that…"
Grin down at him, then pull him up into a forceful, passionate kiss. With tongue.
"Thanks for the dance sweetie~"
aaaand a hoof to the back of the head to knock him out.

"All right Stripey, let's move."


"Their lucky I forgot my gun. Let's take their mana cart to get out of the rain. We'll dump it in the river so they can't track us later. Oh, and here, told'ya I'd pay."

He hoofs over a small credit stick. No name or ID attached to it, but you've been around him long enough to know he pays.

"I still don't like the looks of these guys. Remember what I said when you started. These clothes, that mane style, change it. Get some glasses while you're at it. Become someone else for a bit."


"Yeah, yeah… Fifth time I've had to do that working for ya, ya know that?"
Get in the cart and get driving. At least I won't have to worry about the bills this month…


"Ugh, at least you get to go home. I'll need to get rid of almost everything now. And I just bought new furniture. I was moving up in the world, UP! And then this. At least you were there. You're good pony, you know."

"I'll drop you off ahead, then I'll shove this thing in the river."



if the coordinates lead to here
Yeah I'm coming in
this is probably a rape trap from some pony that saw me at drinking tea
I wis I brought a knife
why couldn't I have a neat weapon like the cool kids and stuff?
Ah nevermind. Let's look around


Surprisingly, the door only looks boarded up. Just approaching it reveals that it is still open. Easily pushed aside, inside is Donkey with a shotgun.

"What kind of thief just walks in like that?"

#Sympathy Pain
Level 1 Cleric
HP 20
Weight 1/2
Skill Points 3/3
Weapon: Shield

Block - 1 SP
Reduces all incoming damage on the following enemy turn by your roll -3
Requires a Shield (1 Weight)

Catalyst: You have a Catalyst that weighs nothing and cannot be lost or disarmed. You also roll 2d10 for Spells and pick either.

Bonus 3 HP per Level

Mental, Ranged
Recharge 1
Restores 1d10 HP

Recharge 4
Removes all penalties to rolls from the target
Repairs any notable injuries that may have been causing said penalties


I stare at him for a few seconds
''and what kind of donkey asks for a favor and greets me with that much sass? seriously just go straight to the point, I'm really not in the mood for bullshit right now.''


He growls a little, but you can see his ear communicator start flashing and his eyes dart away for a moment. He lowers his gun and smiles.

"Sorry about that. We're all just a little on edge. Job's halfway through and it's already gone hooves up. So, what Hospital you work for? Saint Sun, Caballero Central?"

He turns around and motions for you to follow him. The house inside looks like it has seen several centuries of parties and never once been cleaned up.


''Pft,I wish…I work at Mavel's clinic…Sadly I couldn't get to one of those big places yet.'' I say following him
''The name's Sympathy Pain,but I think you already know that… So what's yours?'' I frown a bit at the mess…I always disliked messy places
''…And what is that ''Job'' you're talking about?


"Name's Asinara. But's that's just a name while on the job. If you'll be doing this often, I suggest you make yourself a new name when you're on the clock."

He leads you down a small hall and stops in front of a wall heater. He moves his earpiece in front of it, and with a *woosh*, it goes back. It's a secret door leading to the basement!

"Don't worry too much about the 'job'. Less any of us know, the better. Safe to say, though, that it didn't go as smoothly as we had liked. Accid over here managed to get himself stabbed a few times."

"They got lucky!" The bleeding gryphon yells.

"Yeah, whatever. Anyhoo, we know to try to keep the blood from coming out, but we're not exactly willing to take them out and we've been giving him some, 'unconventional medicine' to keep the pain away. Think you can help?"


''Codenames huh? how edgy…'' I say following along
''Oh hey secret doors, now that is neat…Oh…oh buddy that's a lot of holes…'' I say rushing to help him ''You holding up alright? Can you tell me exactly how fresh are these wounds? And by the love of whatever god you worship, tell me the knife wasn't rusted…'' I say as I start patching him up with the medicine I have. also give him some specialized painkillers


'2d10' Heal

'2d10' Restore

Roll #1 6, 5 = 11 / Roll #2 1, 9 = 10


The Gryphon starts responding: "Just some security guaAAAAHH!"

A Goat working with them quickly holds his beak down, and a Buffalo wearing similar clothes to them holds his body down. The drugs must be reacting to each other!

But the effects are visible, the blood is starting to clot where the wounds occurred. After a few minutes, they release him.

"Hahaha, you silly chicken. Did the wittle pills upset your stomach?" The goat starts to laugh.


If it weren't by my honed medical nerves and calmness I would have jumped as he screamed.
''What…What did you gave him?'' I say as I try to examine the wounds closely. anything I can see that's out of the ordinary?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Some Bliss to keep the pain away and some Long Haul to keep him up. Even I know you shouldn't fall asleep so soon after taking medication!" The Goat cheerfully volunteers. She looks like she could attend the same school your brother does.

The wounds seem bog standard. They were jumped by a gang, after 'acquiring' some goods. Managed to ditch them and took shelter here, a little safe house. In the basement, everything is much cleaner. There are still loose cables hooke/d up to numerous computers and cabinets, but it's a world of difference from upstairs.

"Ride is coming. Miss, is Accid okay to be moved?"


''hmn…yeah He'll be fine…And the name's Sympathy Pain, so don't call me a ''miss'' okay? it makes me feel old.''
I turn to Accid ''So how are you feeling? You'll survive but I want to make sure you're feeling well'' I say with just the barest hint of worry


"I feel alright, but now I want a huge Donk burrito." He seems well enough for now.

A mana-cart pulls up as quietly as possible. The Donk's ears shift around and he orders everyone to come outside. But before you can go, the Buffalo gets in front of you. He's pretty big, but he hoofs over some gear.

"Our payment. You might need it."

"Come on! Faster we get to the dropoff, faster we all go home."


''oh…well thank you kindly.'' I give him a brief smile and a nod before examining everything I was given.
also making an invetory chekc for items/money


Lots of computer parts. Your brother might have fun with those. Some radio equipment, and a few spare batteries. But most important of all is the Extend-0 Stretcher inside. Something has been done to it, but it needs some work since half of it isn't popping out.

Of course, your R.E.S.T. still sits comfortably on your back. In your wallet, you only have what few credits aren't going to bills. You'd have enough for bus fare and fast food.

Outside, the driver of the mana-cart is waiting. It's the Dog from the other day! Seems he makes a living as a driver.

"All y'all, keep your heads low. Don't attract anymore attention than I need, got it?"


I put them away in my bags carefully. I'll go see if I can talk to a techie friend to know more about this
I have never been so experienced in the pure technological side of stuff so there's that
I wave to the dog ''Sup''


His appearance softens for a moment, but then he gets back to business. At least he held the door for you.

"You guys already saw a bit of it, but something happened that got the gangs in an uproar. Try not to make eye contact. If your Com-Link has battery focus on that. Even if it doesn't, don't look out."

Spot Checks, roll 2d10



''you got it buddy. oh and thanks, it's hard to find a gentlemen nowadays.'' Give him a friendly smile

Roll #1 5, 1 = 6


There's a bullet hole in the door.

He nods his head, but quickly gets into the driver seat. As you pass down the streets, you can see the squalor people are living here. Lots of junkies means that most houses seem to be pieces of material that conveniently block the weather than can pass for a 'home'. Even your place ranks higher than these.

Lots of people fight to get out, like those gangsters in that heavily armed cart catching up to your rear.


''Soooo I suppose those guys are after us?'' I ask sarcastically as I look back a bit. and then I get down to not be in range to get shot.
''Fucking perfect…'' I snarl as I pick up my shield and cover myself
'1d10' Block

Roll #1 2 = 2


They're jumping on the cart! You can feel a Unicorn's TK grabbing and tugging at you. Resist it!


''Oh no you fucking ain't!''
'1d10' GTFO

Roll #1 4 = 4


You manage to resist but there are two on the roof of the Mana-Cart!

"Guess who!?" A crazy looking Pegasus yells through what's left of the window, as his hoof smashes it!


''Guess who? Fuck you!'' I say before I punch him in the face



Roll #1 2 = 2


You roll twice. Once for shield, and once more for your attack.

You're not very experienced with your shield, and he gets in a few blows. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Most of them whiff, glancing off your clothing or hitting bits and pieces of the cart.

"Come 'ere, cutie!"



Keep trading damage with him!
''Oh you asked for it!''
'1d10' shield
'1d10' a hoof right in the mouth

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10 = 10


You're stronger than you look. Much stronger. His skull felt soft as you send most of his teeth into the street below. His body goes limp, but before he falls and hits the pavement, a Unicorn's TK pulls him up and over into their cart.

"Her, grab her!" Comes from inside the eney cart, as it pulls in close and a Gryphon is trying to grab you! Knock him away!


Bash him with my shield!
'1d10' shield'
'1d10' bash

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 8 = 8


You hear screaming and crunching as the Gryphon's arm is crushed between your shield and the door.

"This is the drecks, pull out!" The Unicorn shouts. Notice Check, roll a d10.

The gangster cart pulls away, and the other person on the cart flies off.

"Is everyone in one piece?"


''Hah! Try calling me cutie again asshole!'' I shout to the ones in the other cart before shrinking back into mine ''Yeah I'm fine… Just who the hell are those guys?''
'1d10' Notice check

Roll #1 10 = 10


You get a full view of the Unicorn leader. A red coat with an orange mane, he stares at you, smirking with his gold teeth that has 'EAST' emblazoned on the top and 'SIDE' on the bottom. You can see the Pegasus on the back seat, blood coming out of his mouth, and you can tell you broke the bone on the Gryphon. In your cart, it looks like the Goat took a good hit to the leg.

You should watch that strength.

"Just some two bit gangsters. Looks like I was right, they are all starting to move. Someone must have been knocked out and now they're trying to get a piece of the pie."

After a few random turns, the cart turns in towards an alley with a Well-Dressed Zebra at the other end.

"You know the drill. The girl brings me the goods. The rest stay in the car."

The others look at you. Looks like you're their only option. They lift up a case from the back.


Squint at him. ''seriosly? East and side?'' I say to myself as I flex. ''And damn I should start working out''
when we arrive, I look at them ''Ugh, seriously? alright gimme that'' I take the case magically and walk up to him, not breaking eye contact.
Once I'm close enough I levitate the case to him slowly.


He pops it open and a small smile is visible.

"Always grabbing a little extra, huh? Now I know why you only charge as much as you do."

He takes out a few small pieces and adds them to his bag. He pushes the case back to you.

"You seem, a little different than the rest of those hooligans? How'd a pretty lady like you wind up with them?"


Hold back the urge to hoof him like how I did with those others and give him a smile
''Well…I just needed the extra cash… It seemed like a simple enough service and I took it.''


"Here's a tip, free of charge. Take the bits and run. Those types seem to change every week. I know they tend to shift them around on different jobs, but I rarely ever see repeat err, contractors."


''Hmn…Well thanks then…I appreciate and will remember it. Now May I know the name of my handsome 'boss' ?'' I ask jokingly with a smile


"Sorry lady. Even I don't know that. I just get calls to pick things up and my bank account gets bigger. I'm not messing with that gravy train. I've got what I needed, keep the rest, since it seems that they looted the whole place instead of what we needed."

He nods politely and walks through a backdoor. You hear it lock in place. Your mana-cart driver honks at you.

"Everything good?"


nod at him ''I'll see you around then'' I say before leaving
''Yeah…everything went alright…'' I say levitating the case to my lap as I sit
I take less than a moment to examine the expressions of everyone around me, feeling a bit more suspicious after what the zeebra said…but then again…should I trust him?
''So…what now?''


"Jobs done, we head our own ways. Smart thing is to drop these two off at other clinics. We actually, legitimately were attacked by gangbangers, we don't need to worry about them finding out."

He's offering you a ride home, or he can give you some clothes to hide your identity and walk home.


I'll trust him to take me home.
''Well there's that…does that kind of thing happen often? I mean sure I had fun kicking ass back there, but I might not be so lucky next time…''


"We try to plan for it not to, but its a perk of the job if you look at it after some whiskey and Bliss."

They drive up a few blocks from your house, don't want your brother asking any questions if he's there.

The Donkey, Asinara, hoofs you a credit stick.

"Courtesy of the boss. You did pretty well, if you like, we might have a few more jobs for you."


''Hmn…Well I might accept them…but I might not be willing to take the most risky stuff…but then again I doubt there will be a job that isn't risky…'' I say taking the credit stick and putting it on my bag ''Thanks…Hey…I know this might sound a bit weird but…uh…one of you guys wanna go get a drink tomorrow night or something? as much as it was dangerous, tonight was fun and holy crap did I felt alive… So I kinda would enjoy having a drinking buddy for tomorrow'' I say that trying not to blush. I was never good at asking people to go out


"Maybe next time, but get some sleep and ask for time off. If you get called again, think long and hard before you pick up. You got lucky, but you might wind up like Accid over there and you don't seem to be as agile as him."


Look to the side ''yeah yeah alright… Thanks for the ride back. I'll remember that.'' Give Asinara and my driver friend a smile
''see ya''
And head back home, humming as I go


Everything is as you left it. Except the front door, someone tried to kick it in.




I shake my head.
"Ah no, trouble as usual. Unable to loot those snooty upperclass ponies and then getting in a firefight. baah.."
I then look in my bags and see if I have anything to give to her.
"I… I dont know if I had any for you."


The only useful thing you see in there is a half-eaten Hayburger and a cold Grasswhich from the girls who forced you to play along with them.

"As bad as it can be down here, I really don't worry too much about getting shot. Makes you wonder whether all those rich folks are actually living the good life. What do you think?"


"Well one needs to do everything to stay in power. My Ma did say that if you want a peaceful life…"

I then offer her the half eaten hayburger
"…… dont be a celebrity." I grin.

"eerr… sorry if it was half-eaten though."


"It's fine. At least I know it isn't dangerous to eat! Hahaha!"

Notice Check. Roll a 2d10

"Well, are you okay? I don't want you putting on a brave face for me. You didn't get hurt when the bullets started flying?"



I smile.
"Hell, I wont make here if I got shot."

Roll #1 9, 6 = 15


Inside your bag, there is a small data stick. It is blinking.

"That's right. You'd have bled out halfway here if you had. Well, an old dog like me shouldn't take up too much of your time. Go get warm and clear off any water from the rain."


I kept quiet about the data stick and nod at her.
"Sorry if I didnt get better chow, perhaps next time gal. If not perhaps next time you got some chow then you can share some to me."

"Alright later sister, got to clean myself up." I grin before heading up to my room.
How does it look like?


It's one solid piece of metal. It's not like the old, plasticky data sticks you recall. This thing is tough.

You have an old laptop that someone threw away. It doesn't fold and most of it is exposed, but you can try plugging it in there.

Describe your room.


I got one cot, a small dresser filled with old clothes, a shelf filled with all sorts of junks and interesting stuff I found and of course some high tech stuff like the laptop and old tech stuff, spare parts and stuff.

Now open up the laptop, lets see if i got any message, now lets insert the plastic stick and scan it for viruses and stuff


>You have two new Messages marked as Spam:
>>Pink P3g45u5 flanks
>>NMM Defense Corporations Coupons!

Plugging in the datastick, you can see and hear your computer's fans start to whirl and load. It's going real slow and the rain is getting harder.

>Stay on computer?



The rain is starting to hit hard. You should rush inside, but I'd be wary of that huge dent on your front door.

You've got your bag full of goodies and a cred stick with a decent amount of bits. Wat do?


Rush inside without thinking twice!
"oh no no no no no! "


hmmmm find a way to cool the laptop, perhaps let the cold wind of the rain in by partially opening the door of my container as I kept watch of the computer load the info.

Anyway whats happening outside


The door lock takes a little more oomph to move this time. Opening the door, some of the things near the door have fallen to the ground.

"Sis, are you okay?"

Outside, very little can be heard besides some mana-carts. Unusual in your part of town at this hour, but people tend to get lost in the rain.

It takes what cold air it can, which just seems to give it more of an incentive to run faster.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Your laptop asks in an angry tone.


Rush and hug my little brother.
"Oh Seam! I was so worried! What happened to the door? Are you okay? You hurt? "


"No, no I'm fine. I just got here and I saw you all tensed up." He's drenched from the rain. "Did we get robbed? They didn't take Dad's stuff, did they?"


"I… I don't know… Oh Celestia tell me they didn't… " I head to look around everywhere in the house." just… Call the police and keep your eyes open… "


Roll a spot check.

"The City Security guys said they'd charge us 500 bits to come check it out." Seams speaks out, the phone in his hooves.


"wait what? Shouldn't they come do this shit for free?! What are we paying taxes for goddammit? "

Roll #1 6 = 6


Everything seems in place except for some fallen tools. Must have been a powerful kick.

"They just laughed, sis." He says, downtrodden. "That's the type of contract they have with the city is what the pony on the other side is saying."


"Well tell them to shove their-… Nevermind… Just… Ugh… When did you got here? Did you see anypony near our house? " I rush back to Open Seam.


"No. I got here just as you did. I barely saw you with all this rain. Um, Is it okay if I go dry off now? Oh, and what did you bring in the bag?"


"it's nothing, just some stuff I bought for myself and the paycheck from the clinic. " Pat his head and give him another squeeze. " alright alright, you can go… Just be careful okay? "
I sit down on the couch and pant a bit. Oh gosh what a scare!


Welcome to life in Seaddle.

Where you can win big and lose everything in the same day and the government won't lift a finger.

You've got a bag full of electronics, a half-working Extend-O stretcher with what you are certain are not authorized modifications, and you were nearly thrown out of a moving vehicle. II'd say a bath and a nap are in order, wouldn't you?


Groan as I rub my head
Should I wait for Seam to b-fuck it.
Head to the bathroom and open the door, "hey Seam, I'm coming in"


"Ehh, no way… Oh wait, is it that time of year already?"


"No it's not that time of the year and I wasn't asking, now open up some room, we'll save up in the water bills " She said joining him in the tub (or shower, I dunno)


"Hey, watch your horn! Fine, fine, I'll scoot over!"

While he continues to voice some complaints, you can notice that he doesn't push against you or anything. The shower water matches the tone of the heavy rain outside as it falls on both of you.


"aah… At yeah, Symphathy was needing this… Hey what you're getting so grumpy about? We used to shower together all the time Seam." pick up the soap magically and start rubbing it over me, try to get all that dried sweat off of me.


"It's just, I don't remember too many good things about them. I think, Dad might have washed me before he passed away. Hey, can you tell me what he was like? I only have bits and pieces."


She sighs, closing her eyes
"Dad was… Tall, lanky… Had that unkept white mane and always, Always had some dirt in his blue coat, heh… I remember he always had that old pipe he got from grampa… I think it's around the house even… Oh yeah and his doctor garments… Oh man he used that thing all day every day… Said that if he got called into work in an emergency, he wouldn't need to waste time getting dressed… Man he smelled really bad… " I chuckle as I start to scrub him With the soap
" I have it on the wardrobe… He said He would pass it to me when I became a doctor like him but there's NO WAY I'm wearing that smelly thing… Nope! "


"He sounds like a great guy. I wish I had a chance to really get to know him."

He sits there for a moment, taking it all in and letting you scrub him without saying anything.

"I think we're both clean now."


"hey… Cheer up little guy… He was a great guy, that he was…" Step out of the tub with him, and wrap a towel around myself. "Now come on… Wanna see what I bought for you?"


"Oh oh, what did you get! Come on, tell me!"


"weeeell, since you behaved so well lately, I thought about getting some cool stuff for you! " head to the bad and pick up all the stuff meant for him and pass it to him


"It's all used, but you got a Solacorp Gen-IV generator! And some of Eris's CPUs, the limited edition ones! This is awesome, thanks Sis. I had wanted some of these after looking at my friends' stuff. You're the best!"

He nuzzles you before running off into his room. You can hear the sound of screwdrivers and pliers getting to work.




It's been a few weeks since the last time you've been called. Life went pretty much as normal for you, with the exception of Open Seam working on his new little toy.

Of course, the fun of being a Shadowrunner is getting the call. It's early on your day off, and you Com-Link starts beeping. There is no information given on the Caller ID.


Sigh as I slump into the couch, clean and tired
I make a mental list of what I needed to get done by tomorrow


"……….. WHAT!?"
Go to my laptop and poke it with a stick.
"eerr…. hello?"


Lots of errands. The money from the last job is almost gone, but you at least don't have to worry about bills for a while.

The R.E.S.T could use some spare parts and materails. Expensive parts and materials only the other people on the Com-Link can provide.

"I'm detecting a camera, but is that tape? Did you really put tape over the camera? I mean, really? It's broken, at least tell me that. Honestly, what are you trying to test this time? I don't even have decent Net access here."

If your laptop could sigh in exasperation, it would.


"Oh… I… I dont know if the camera is fine. Let me see." Remove the tap over the camera of the laptop.

"H.. how can you speak?"


Sigh and close my eyes
Curl up in the couch and decide to sleep there, I'm too lazy to head to bed…


"Ugh, I can't even running my analysis software on this thing without burning it out." It says. "Honestly, you should know how I speak. I'm A.L.T.E.R., the A.I. you built, remember? Ugh, even I can't remember without access to my databanks. Why am I in this computer? I thought I was already done with my testing?"

The rain and the Com-Link are the only noise you hear over the night.

The next morning is just as bleak, except Open Seam can be heard messing with his little drill and the little LED device going off on your table.


"A.L.T.E.R……." I ponder wondering what it means.
"I… well, uhmmm… what are you? WHat does A.L.T.E.R mean?"
"Uhmm.. you know just testing how you cope up if you are combined with inferior hardware hahahaha… "


Groan as I shake my head
"Seam… Seam! What the hell! Turn this thing off I'm trying to sleep"
Shift a bit on the couch. "ugh… What time is it anyways?"


"It stands for [FILE NOT FOUND]!"

"Wait, why did you disconnect me from the Databanks! I hate not knowing things! Well, hurry up the test and plug me back in! I know I don't trust [AGENT NAME WIPED] and my GPS says he's coming over here. Just unplug me so I don't have to deal with him!"

"Sis, it's YOUR Com-Link. You have a call, that all. Honestly, why are you the older one. Do you want me to pick it up?"


Bury my head on the couch. Holy shit I feel lazy…
"mmnyeah… Bring it up to me… "


"…………. what? What agent." I looked at my laptop as I gulp and open the door slightly to look outside. Anything amiss?

Roll #1 5 = 5


He also pushes the Talk button as he hoofs it to you.

"Ms. Pain. You are surprisingly hard to get a hold of, you know?" The voice from before, who was so panicked last time, seems to have gotten back into his 'usual' speaking pattern. "I've got an, ehh, simple pickup job for someone with your skills. Are you interested?"

You only catch a brief glimpses of shadows as someone kicks over a garbage can a few hobo's were using for warmth.

"I hate that guy. I can never grasp him in my data sphere."


I yawn as I raise my head.
"muaaaah… Yeah… Yeah sure… " pick up the device with my magic.
" should I meet up at the same place from before or something? "


"We'll pick you up, I'm gathering the rest as we speak. It's a bit of a priority to one, so I can't afford too many subtleties."

A minute later, a Gryphon in a pulled cart is waiting for you.

"Gyr here, ready to go to work on the Express Cart?!" He yells exuberantly.


"Oh no oh no oh no…." I began to clamber and grab rain proof plastics so I can use it to cover the laptop and the data stick just in case I need to run.
"Why do you hate him? Is he dangerous?"


"hey, give me just a bit. "
I rush back to Seam and give him a hug
" okay Seam, I'll be out for a bit, there's some money in the table if you want to order something to eat, don't leave the house and don't open the door for anyone okay?" I give him a kiss on the cheek before getting my stuff and getting dressed in a rush to leave. "see you later today, love you!"

Then I head into the cart with Gyr
"okay, ready "


"I don't have access to my databanks, but I did note that this Equestrian doesn't leave a nettrace. I don't even think he's Equestrian, to be honest. Just, why are you so worried. He's obviously here to pick us up?"

You hear several gunshots.

"Is that your kid? You look pretty young to have such an older child, but it isn't that uncommon around here."

He unfurls his wing and takes the cart to the sky.

"It's just going to be us two, we're picking up someone's kid from the hospital. Going to meet up with one more person there. But everything seems on the up and up. That's probably why we have you with us, in case the patient gives us any trouble."


"he's my BROTHER!" I shout back to him
"and yeah, sure, whatever… Ugh… I bucking forgot breakfast… " rub the sleepiness off my eyes as we head off


"Hey, no need to get so worked up so early in the morning. Once we are done with this job, I'm treating myself to Dannie's. Why don't you bring him along?" He chuckles as he takes flight over the city, somehow still able to see over all the rain.

Make 3 spot decks, d10.

Has your sheet been upgraded to Level 3 yet?


been too busy, forgot that[\s]

"eh… No… I'd go with ya but just the two of us alright?"

Roll #1 6, 8, 4 = 18


There's quite a lot of activity going on at the ground floor. Lots of lights.

It's the Paparazzi! All the news outlets are right at the door. You can even spot a few other flying carts getting chased by Law Gryphs and Pegasi.

"Pass me those LED batons. We're VIPs."



"eeeep!…" I shiver and grab my laptop along with the data bank and my saddlebag and stealthily opened the door as I lurk to the shadow and quickly get out.

"T.. that is not friendly… why is he picking us up?" I whispered.


"[AGENT FILE UNKNOWN] is security or something. But, you work for N.M.M. Defense, don't you?"


File: 1424996547115.jpg (130.74 KB, 940x705, Caballero Central Top Floo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Gyr waves his talons around with the LED batons, but none of the police go and bother him while he approaches Caballero Central. Most of the other flyers seem to be focused on the lower end of the building.

You land in the front porch area, where another nurse is waiting.

"Are you sure this is necessary? He's still in terrible condition, you know."


Raise an eyebrow
"who exactly is in terrible condition? Oh and nurse, you can't exaggerate when trying to save a life. Keep that in mind "


Gyr just shrugs. He's only been told to come pick someone up.

"That boy, he got to close to a generator and started SURGE'ing. He's a Crystal pony now, and his emotions have been all over the place. We've had to sedate him to keep him from hurting himself more. Please, leave him in our care, I beg of you."


She glances to Gyr, then back to the mare.
"… Where is the boy? Can I see him? Also, where are his parents? And how exactly has his emotions been all over the place? I'm sorry but I don't know how crystal ponies work "


She hesitates a little, then starts leading you towards isolation.

"Most Crystal ponies SURGE in the womb. They grow up being able to handle their emotions better. Many cases were it happens later in life, tend to die. Either from the shock itself, or from the seizures the mood swing caused."

>Roll to Spot

"He's being held down by medication, but he's still so young, and all of this going outside won't help. Please, just leave him here."

A few nurses you pass by just keep their heads down. While you were training in a hospital, you never went to the rich people's area. It's much quieter and better maintained here.


I give a few glances to the nurses I pass by, I feel a bit nervous, but try to look calm in the outside as we head along
"Right… And his parents? "

Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1424999266141.jpg (131.24 KB, 940x705, Caballero Central Top Floo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"They didn't tell you?" She sighs. "They're wealthy enough to afford it, but it's the *BLURGH*"

She spits some blood on you as shots ring out!


Oh shit!
"Gyr, find cover!" I shout as I pick the mare and tackle her in the ground, hiding behind a wall as I hurry to examine her and most importantly, see if I can still save her.

Roll #1 9 = 9


She screams blood in pain. The R.E.S.T. is doing its job, but it isn't doing it painlessly. She starts hoofing towards one of the cabinets while the rest of the medics run away.

"Tsk, I didn't think anyone survived from that job. Hey, is she alright?"


Gyr removes his Pistol and starts unloading on them. '3d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 4, 2, 10 = 16


One of the invaders weapon jams, but the other manages to nick Gyr before getting shot right where the knee connects.


"She will be! Now focus on Sending these bastards to Tartarus!"
I open the cabinet to see if I can find what she seemed to be looking for.
"the boy! The me where is he being kept! "


File: 1425000759575.jpg (367.3 KB, 1024x768, InjectionGunBeatyPlusSmall….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


"IsolaAAAHH!" She screams as the R.E.S.T. does its cruel work.

Inside the cabinet is an injection gun. There are several painkillers and tranquilizers right next to it.

Its needle an pierce even the toughest hides to deliver its package, but it wouldn't tip over a Barbie Doll.

***NOTE: Two Succesful hits with it in Close/Melee Range will knock any living person unconscious.

Invader 1 '1d10-2'
Invader 2 '1d10'

Gyr '3d10'

"Let's get moving! They don't have wings and the faster we leave, the faster the Docs can help her!"

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 8, 2, 7 = 17


Pick up the gun with magic, it will definitely be useful later
"we gotta head to the Isolation!" I rush after him "


File: 1425001519150.jpg (131.29 KB, 940x705, Caballero Central Top Floo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Shots continue to ring out as your would be assasins cut through the reception area. You're at the end of the hall, Gyr's shot keeping them away and keeping the bullets off of you.

You hear screaming coming from Exam room 3, but it'll take you away from the faster route to the Isolation Area!


Are those screams of pain or terror? Gah! Doesn't matter.
"Gyr, run to the Isolation and get the boy, I'll see what that is and NO discussion on the matter, just GO! " I shout to him as I head towards the screaming


"Fine fine, just watch yourself!"

He runs left as you go right. Breaking in the doors to the room, you can see a patient on the floor, all their white bandages highlighting the bullet in their flank.


Bullet's continue to ring out! You'd better do what you're going to do quickly!

'1d2' Sympathy Pain or Gyr

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 1 = 1


"goddammit! " I rush to help the bandaged pony quickly. I know I might regret this later.. Oh I'm so going to regret this later…

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1425002958910.jpg (131.95 KB, 940x705, Caballero Central Top Floo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You got shot!

The walls here aren't very thick, and the bullet still has enough momentum to knock you down.

Sympathy Pain HP 34/36

You drop the patient, who starts screaming further.


"Ack! Oh you… Ugh.. " I grasp the wound for a moment before I gather strength to pick up the pony and drag it out of here with me

Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1436234924074.png (178.86 KB, 940x705, Caballo Central Top Floors….png) ImgOps Google

Looks like the bullet did some more damage than you'd have liked. It's hard to lift up the patient, though it seems she's a few pound overweight.

You're dragging her out of the way of the bullets, but you'll have to be quick about where to take her.


I'll try to take here North, then turn right towards the isolation area to meet with Gyr

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1436236385571.png (196.63 KB, 940x705, Caballo Central Top Floors….png) ImgOps Google

Gyr has the patient in a carrying saddle. Pretty rough and shoddy job, but you are getting shot at. As you carry the other patient North, some bullets start hitting the wall and cleaning station that was in front of you.

"What are you doing with her? We got the kid, LET'S GO!"


"I can't leave her here! Who knows what the Fuck they'll do with her?! Lead the goddamn way already before one of the shots hit somewhere that really matters!"


"Just leave her anywhere! It's the kids they're after. We're at a hospital, for the Sister's sake! Let them help her!"

The shots have slowed down, but the top floor is still audibly covered by screaming patients and malfunctioning equipment.


I let a groan of disapproval and then I put her down in a corner, hiding her the best I could
"There, now can we leave or do you want to wait until they shoot our assess a little more?"


File: 1436237975165.png (193.36 KB, 940x705, Caballo Central Top Floors….png) ImgOps Google

"Just, shut up. I can't tell where they are and this kid isn't light…"


"And I thought you gryphons were strong…can't you grab the kid and fly with it through the window? Also, which way do we go to then?"


"Not with these tubes and things sticking out of him, even though I'm sure I saw a power drill back there. Map said there was another way through the Managers office, but we had two shooters and two ways out. Which one should we go through?"


"Well we can't expect to take them out without any Guns on us…" I adjust my glasses
"let's try the manager office like you said then, might be our best bet"


File: 1436238787190.png (189.56 KB, 940x705, Caballo Central Top Floors….png) ImgOps Google

You move a bit further down the hallway, but Gyr is visible distressed. He might be a pro, but the job is getting to him.

"Is the hallway clear?"


"Calm down a little will you?you can have a heart attack after we're done, but try to keep it together before then. And yeah it looks clear to me"
'1d10' is it really?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Bad news, steam is blocking your view of the hallway. Looks like a Humidifier broke.

Good news, as long as you stay quiet, the shooters can't see you either.

Roll to move quietly


"Damn… Keep it low…" I mutter to Gyr as I thread carefully

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1436239673138.png (188.96 KB, 940x705, Caballo Central Top Floors….png) ImgOps Google

You bump into a cart containing surgical tools. While they are loud, several other screams ring out, blanketing your mistake.

You make it into the Manager's office. Roll to spot.


I rub my leg from the unpleasant bump
'1d10' spotting!

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1436241019624.png (178.56 KB, 940x705, Caballo Central Top Floors….png) ImgOps Google

There's a pile of papers on the desk, and you notice that a lot of them are about the Citrine kid Gyr is carrying.

And looking out the door, you spot one of the Shooter Ponies that Gyr managed to hit. He's watching the hallway you had run through.


"Shit… Hurry up, gogo" I mutter as I try to grab the papers as silently as I can with my magic and float them to my bag


Lots of folders get mixed in there, now isn't the time for subtlety.

So what are you going to do about the "guard"? There's only one way out, and that's through him.

You can have Gyr shoot him.
You can try to sedate him, but that'll need two rolls.


We need to be quiet for this..
Let's go with trying to sedate him

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hey!" He yells at you.


"Shit!" forcefully close his mouth with a hoof as I try it again, more violently

Roll #1 1 = 1


You trip and fall on your way towards him.

Roll again.


Oh dicknippes

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your Tranq gun slides under some beds!

"You stupid nurse, get over here! I need your help, and you'd better be fast about it!"


"U-uh… You do?…"


He points his gun at you.

"Some stupid, agh! Shot me in the leg! Fix it before I blow your brains out!"


"A-alright alright uh… Take a seat somewhere and… Let me see it" I glance at Gyr, hoping he would be leaving with the kid by now


The reception area is too cluttered. The only good spot is one of the restrooms, on the foal changing station.

It's a small caliber round that hit the bone but didn't penetrate. Seems Gyr isn't packing too much heat.


I sigh
''Alright well you're lucky, because the bullet didn't go through your bone…But I can't operate right here, to the restroom, if you may''


"Are you serious? Uh, this was supposed to be an easy job."

He shoves the gun in your face.

"Don't try anything, I've watched enough medical shows to see when you do something crazy."


''He-hey I'm just here on overtime alright?! I just wanna go home without any lead going through my brain or some shit so can you please go to the restroom and lower the gun? Jeez, what you think i'm gonna do? stab your hoof with a syringe until you die?''


He stares at you for a moment, then limps his way to the Men's restroom. Despite all the harsh cleaners, the place has a musky smell to it.

He gets on the changing station and lifts his shot leg.


Goddamit how can this place still smell?
''Alright, stand still''
I start to examine him a little more as I think of my choices
I could either patch him up and hope he'll let me go in peace, which might be unlikely since I'm a witness
Or I could sedate him with the Injection gun…But it might not knock him off right away…
''Hmn…Some pieces of your bone broke into little splinters and are lodged into the flesh… I'll need to make a slight incision to open up and make sure that there are no bone splinters there, or else you're gonna feel a lot of pain for a good while…Hold still while I apply the anesthesia''


For a big, mean horse, he takes a deep breathe like small children do and then closes his eyes.


''Now this might sting, so bite your hoof or something'' I say as I pick up the tranq gun and give him a shot in the leg
Do I gotta roll for that even?


Yes, it's still a dangerous situation, and his partner is out there looking for Gyr.

Roll twice.



Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Impressive. He doesn't even notice the second one going in and giving him a stronger dose.

"Come on, I don't… don't have…"

He's out.


…Well that was easy!
Time to hide him somewhere though, so i'll look for a nice place where he won't be found easily


You're already in the Bathroom. A nice pooper stall to toss him behind and you still have the bathroom door to go through.

And aren't you a Unicorn? There's one more trick you can do, but he's otherwise out of sight.

Wat do now?


huh, what trick might that be?
And I suppose it's best I go back to the hospital manager room and see if Gyr waited for me or if he went off without me. I really hope I don't have to leave this place without a ride…


Unicorn Telekinesis to lock it from the inside.

And Gyr is gone. He took the chance you gave him and flew off. Most of the people in the waiting area have cleared out through the elevator.


Oh alright, well There's not really much benefit from doing that anyways
And I'll have to either sock him or tell him he did well by running off with the kid
I sigh and I look for the exit door, trying to see if I can find him somewhere


He flew off with the kid in the cart.

It's just you and a few yells from the other angry guy looking for Gyr.

Exit through Elevator? [Y/N]


That might be too obvious…
Maybe so obvious that he wouldn't expect me to take this path! Haha I'm a genius!
take the elevator then


The music coming from the elevator doesn't match up with your scenario, but it's a smooth ride. Looking at the elevator buttons, this is an unlisted floor.

Being rich must be nice, huh?

When you get to the bottom, numerous firearms are pointed at you.

"Hooves and horns up!"


''Oh for fuck's sake!'' I comply and raise my hooves


Two officers rush in and pull you out. They quickly take the injection gun, but then push you towards a few waiting doctors.

"Are you okay miss?"
"Anything hurts?"
"Were you shot?"


Oh it's the cops, fuck yeah!
''I'm alright I'm okay, don't worry gentlecolts…I managed to deal with one of these rascals, you'll find him in one of the stalls there on the Colt's restroom, he's passed out from the tranqs so you can be safe. but there's one of them still roaming around so watch out for him''


They blurt that back out to the cops and they radio you in. Being unharmed, they just hand you a blanket and let you go on your way to the other nurses.

A full S.T.A.B.L.E. team outside is preparing to march in. The last time your clinic was robbed, you got a rent-a-cop who just wrote things down and most likely threw the paper away.

Your COM-LINK is beeping.


geez why can't we get decent cops like that in the clinic?
I snug a little with the blanket and aswer the call


"So you're still alive? Guess Gyr doesn't get your cut." It's the Johnson, the guy who hired you. "Good, he has the kid in a safe spot, but I don't think he's doing all to well. I'm sending you a link with the address. Try to keep him alive long enough for them to go pick him up, then he'll be out of our hooves."

An address pops up in your message list.


''Well thanks for your worry I'm alright too'' I say sarcastically with a groan as I head towards where this adress is


It's another run down part of town a few blocks away. Plenty of beggars along the way towards and empty strip mall, and after entering the security code, you're able to access a clean area with a few couches. It wouldn't be out of place in the hospital, though it doesn't have the strong medicinal smell.

Gyr is with the Crystal pony kid, wrapped up in a blanket, breathing incredibly hard.



"C'mon kid, keep it together. You're safe now, more or less…"

Gyr is trying to keep the kid calm, but all the raw emotion from the hospital is getting past the drugs.


''Now I don't know if I'll bash you or praise you for leaving me behind there, so I guess I'll do both'' I say, walking up to Gyr and giving him a slap in the back of the head ''Good job…Now…''
I turn to the kid ''What happened to him? Did he had a panic attack on the way?''


"Kid has been like this the whole time. It was getting worse and worse as they shootout went, but it hasn't worsened since we got here."

He takes a deep breath.

"Besides, this is your part. I'm no good with kids or patching up anything worse than a paper cut."


I groan ''Well then what are you good at even? Besides shooting that is…'' I say as I approach the boy, and try to comfort him the same way I used to do with Open Seam when he was much younger ''Crystal ponies…The deal with their emotions, you know…'' I mutter

Roll #1 4 = 4


Like Gyr mentioned, he hasn't gotten worse, but he does wince away when you try to touch him.



''oh…Sorry…'' I back away from him a little
''Rhodon?…'' I turn to Gyr ''Does that ring any bells for you?''


He pulls up some notes.

"His name. I really didn't remember it, Crystal pony stuck in my head more. Woah, I should have been more careful. His last name is Emera, a big shot family that brings in a lot of stuff to the city. This might be a good payout after all."


''Rhodon Emera?…Don't remember ever hearing of them…'' I turn to him
''Hmn…I never tested R.E.S.T on crystal ponies…'' I Mutter to myself as I stay close, but let him keep his personal space ''Where is your family? do you remember it?''


"Well, you're just a nurse, so I wouldn't expect you to. But they're wealthy enough to forget about entire buildings. I use one of their warehouses too, and they even send in someone to clean it up!" Gyr laughs.

"My family, are they here?" He says, gasping for breath every other word.


I nod ''I see…Rich family…That should help…''
I shake my head ''No, they are not, but don't worry, you're safe in here''
''Gyr, do you know why was he in the hospital again?''


"Well, something caused him to spazz out and go all Crystal-y is why he got sent in. The Doctor said something else, but then we started getting shot at it and I just focused on my pistol." He moves over to a small refrigertator. "Soda? Should I give one to the kid? Or should we wait while they pick him up?"


''Wait…wait…You mean he WASN'T a crystal pony before? or that he just got more…Crystal-y than he usually is? And no thanks…Also, who's coming to pick him up?''


"That's what the Doc said. I'm sure. Let me tell ya, Magic can be a weird thing. We're all using it, but then stuff like this happens. I mean, if I try to fix my Auto-Cart, will I end up turning to stone or somethin'?"

"As for who is coming to pick him up, probably one of the Johnson's his folk hired. While this'll get them some good PR, they'll probably want to keep everything on the downlow until they, and we, figure out who tried to wack us."


''Hmmn…yeah something weird happened to him, now I'm curious to find out what was it…'' I rub my chin
''So wait, you guys haven't figured it out who it was yet? come on…'' I shake my head


"We're paid to do a job. You could have eaily been working with those guys against me depending on who called. Besides, they didn't even touch my feathers. In this industry, you just take the money and keep your head down."

Gyr checks out his Com-Link.

"Make sure the kid is presentable, no holes. They're coming for the kid and to drop off the money."


I sigh ''yeah I know…I'm a bit new to this kind of work too…I just hope I can remain in this long enough to get enough money and remain no-strings attached…''
I check onRhodon again, making sure he's all good to go


He winces again, but he's able to maintain eye contact at least.

"Just keep your head down and work on your punches and you'll be fine. We're mostly small time stuff, pick ups like this, an occasional snatch and grab. Easy stuff."

"Well shit, you got a gun?"


''I'm a nurse…Nurses don't exactly go around carrying guns ya know?''
I gently stroke Rhodon's mane, hoping to comfort him a little


"Well consider picking one up."

He looks at his Com-Link and his face darkens.

"Pick up a couple. Or even a rocket launcher, because we got sold out."

He shows you his Com-Link, there's a whole firefight going on a short distance away."


I stare at it ''What the hell…What we do now?!''


Gyr is panicking. "I don't know! If they were waiting for those guys, maybe they know about me? This job was supposed to be simple!"

Rhodon is panicking.


''Hey, hey hey! Chill a little, both of you, we're getting through this in one piece and together alright? just calm down and let's pick our options, especially you man, I thought you were a proffesional!''


"Okay, okay. I just thought I could get my check and be done with this. I still have the cart, maybe I can fly off with the kid and you? But, they're know we're here. They must be expecting that."


''hmn…We can't risk the kid…Think you could stall them and run to one side with a decoy while I take him with me to a safe place?''


"Uhm, yeah. That makes sense. And without having to carry you two, I can outfly anyone. Get some blankets and make it look like you're in the cart."

"But are you sure about this?"


''Do you have a better plan?…'' I look around for blakets and anything else we could use to make a good decoy


"Dang it."

"Just be careful, I'll fly out and toss a smoke grenade. Get out then because I'm gonna set this place to burn. And don't call the boss or me. Keep your head down or you'll lose it."


''Yes yes I got it…'' I give him a hard stare
''Good luck Gyr, and make out of this one alive you hear? if ya do, drinks are on me next time'' I give him a smile to try to motivate him


"I don't think you know how much I can drink. And you take care. Keep quiet, because someone with lots of money to spend is going to cause this town a lot of trouble."

He heads to the door and opens up a keypad. A few button presses and beeping noises can be heard all around you.


I nod and lift the crystal colt with magic ''Alright, you're ready to go, Rhodon?'' I say already heading out ''Because here we go''


The doors start opening and Gyr pops some smoke grenades. The room fills up and then you can hear the cart's wheels spin up for a bit before he takes off.


Roll a 2d10


'2d10' oh god here we go

Roll #1 1, 6 = 7


Roll once more.


'2d10' gaaaaaah

Roll #1 4, 9 = 13


You run into more than a few chairs and lampposts on your way out. You're physically capable of taking them, but not Rhodon. He cries almost the whole way out.

You do manage to find some cover underneath a bridge though.


"Ah! Geez! Fuck! Dammit! Shit!" I let out a torrent of swears as I go "S-sorry Rhodon! Please calm down and stop crying!" I say in the most desperate motherly tone I can muster


He manages to tone down his crying to whimpering.

But now you're stuck with this sick child at night and the people you trusted shouldn't be.

"What now?" Rhodon manages to ask.


"Ugh… I don't know… We gotta find a safe place… I think I could take you home… But that would Fuck my life completely if we got found… A hotel should work…"


"I wanna go home…" He repeats through his tears.

There are a few cheap motels around, but you haven't noticed anyone following you.


"I'll get you home, I promise…" I pat his head
"But you gotta be a big colt for me alright? I need you to calm down and trust me that you'll be back with your family okay? " I gaze into his eyes to make sure he'll pay attention


"Uh huh." He tries to smile between the tears, and he manages to quiet down.


"ssh… It'll be okay… I know you're a big boy, and big boys don't cry… Now come on… I think I could take you home… Maybe you could be friends with my brother… Too bad it's way too risky…" I take him to a random hotel"


You get a room from the Night Stallion, a motel the local prostitutes frequently bring up as being discrete. The attendant just takes your bits and doesn't even look at you.

The room is crapmed with a smelly bed and a non-functional TV.


As the night presses on, Rhodon actually manages to calm down. He still hyperventilates a few times, but you've seen far worse. You see him crinkle his nose whenever he tries to smell something.

"Can, can I take a shower?" Rhodon asks.


"Hmn… I'm not sure if I could let you do that on your own… Don't wanna let you drown in the tub or slip in the shower box or something… I say I help you bathe, just to be sure"


"Okay. I just want to be clean."

The bathroom is small, only barely able to fit itself and the toilet. even with the usual lack of building enforcement, this one is excessively tiny. The shower barely accommodates you, and a lot of water will be getting on the floor.


Let's get that colt clean and try to not make this get too awkward!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Professional. You must do this a lot at the clinic.

But while cleaning him up, and getting rid of the hospital smell on him, you notice that he still has some clumps of fur. The Crystals are taking it over, though, since you get a lot of his fur stuck on your hoof.

There is a complimentary towel here. It's questionable, but it is there.


For a moment I consider getting him a disinfected towel… But who am I kidding, this is a cheap hotel…
I'll just clean him with that and hope he doesn't get STDs or something
"How are you holding up kid?"


"I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay,…" He repeats in time with thumping coming from the walls.

"Are we going to spend the night here?"


"Well… Yeah I'm kinda out of ideas, gotta think what we're doing now… Ah Fuck, Seam is going to be so worried…"
What is this thumping thou-Oh…



>2 New Messages


Yeah let's see what this is and hope Gyr isn't dead


Message 1
Sender: ░▒▓░▒▓

Message 2
Sender: Open Seam
>"I spilled what was left of the milk, can you bring some more?"


Throw the com link on the ground and Stomp it with a hoof to break it


"Ah! What happened?!" Rhodon yells as he tries to hop away.


"Bad stuff, change of plans, we're leaving to my house, come on"


"Ok, okay! Where's that? What's happening?" Rhodon says timidly.

It's dark out, but there are plenty of loose equines here. Some familiar faces, but plenty more that you can't even pin down their race.

How will you head home? It's still a fair distance and Rhodon won't be able to move faster than a hurried limp.


"It's kinda hard to explain, we gotta get a move on, don't worry, alright? Just try to get well."
Well let's see… What public transportation options do I have to get home?


The Bus-Cart comes in every hour, but you'll have to hang around a bus stop for a bit.

The only people driving are looking for someone for the night.

Occasionally, a Police Cart flashes light, but doesn't stop and keeps moving.


Let's see if I can get a favor from a cop…
"Pretend to be my little brother…" I mutter to Rhodon before I wave and try to call the attention from one of the police cars


One of the occasional carts pulls over eventually.

"WHATTAYAWANT? Can't you see I'm drivin' here!"


"Officer I desperately need to get to this address in the city! My little brother is very sick and I need to take him home! Please"


"You with Luna D.C.? Show me your ID!"


"I'm a nurse from the local clinic, here are my documents" show him everything necessary


"Nuts, thought I could take it easy tonight, but I have to do this. Get in the back and don't make a mess."

The doors unlock, and he just staring forward.

"But I'm no taxi. Don't make this a habit."


"I won't, you're very kind officer, not like those corrupt cops out there, thanks"
Give him a peck in the cheek, maybe that'll make him feel less grumpy about this


He just mumbles something, but at least he didn't throw you out!

Rolling for ride safety. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


He actually has to make a few stops on the way, but it's mostly quiet and by the books.

"Honestly, I don't want to know how you two wound up there. Just, for your sakes, don't do it again. Got it."


"Got it, thanks again officer, I owe you one. If you ever show up at the clinic I'll make sure to slip one extra pudding for ya"


"Yeah, yeah."

He says as he has to drive off to his next stop.

The door to the house opens and you see Open Seam there.

"Did you bring the milk?"


"Even better, I bought you a friend. Hey Rhodon, you like video games and that stuff too right?"


"Wait, whut?" He manages to get out before running up to the now cowering Rhodon. "Whoa, he's all Crystal-ly. Is that make up?"


"Uh… Yeah Yeah he's kinda, one of those Cosplit ponies ya know? He just.. Likes to go around doing it all the time, yup… But he's kinda shy and such so go easy on him aight?"


"You gotta show me how to do that!" Seam says, shivering a bit in the night. Rhodon just looks at you for a moment.

"USER: Open Seam. It is cold outside, below your programmed-programmed-programmed tolerance. Please return." The Robot now at the door says, it's camera eye attempting to focus on the three of you. "Are USER:GUESTS coming along? Yes or No?"



Seaddle, one of the few cities that was able to adapt somewhat to the strong return of magic and growth of technology. People come from all over to try to make the city theirs.

And then there are those who don't even try. Those who have a small pile of past due notices and plates of leftover noodles.

"Uh, what are we gonna do?" A female Drudge criest out next to you.

"Sis, sis, you'll never guess, but all that stuff you brought me, I put together, and I borrowed my bicycles back tire, but isn't it cool? It can talk! And do chores so I don't have to!"


White lines shift as if in a whirlwind over the large black end of my body other races call a face, signs of a mind lost in thought.
Then, air dances through the pores of my upper body, giving a fleeting, dancing voice to those thoughts.

"More derms?"


''You made a bloody robot?…Wow…Seam I…'' I look up at the robot up and down, a shaky smile forming in my lips before I rush to wrap Open Seam in a hug ''I'm so proud of you!''
I keep hugging him with an arm and use a hoof to give him the noogies ''Making a robot all by yourself huh? God I wish Dad was here, he would be so happy to see that…''


"No, no, we need to focus on this! We need to find a way to make these go away or else we'll wind up freezing!"

She's getting a bit more irritated. She starts digging through couches for any change.

"Maybe if we pay off one month, they'll cut us some slack?" She whimpers.

"Well, I just put the stuff together, and then it started moving around. WE can keep it right?" Seam asks.

Rhondo just stares at it in awe, his mouth open as he just keeps looking it over.


''Of course we can keep it you little nerd! I would complain about you not wanting to do your chores right, but I guess you deserved it after this…How long did it took for you to make him? why didn't you tell me you were making a robot? Did you study about robotics on the internet?''


"Remember that bag of stuff you brought me? I just started attaching the bits and pieces, and here it is. Maybe some rich kid threw it out?"

Rhondo sneezes, it might be a good idea to get inside once more.


yeah let's all get inside and I'll heat up some of yesterday's dinner leftovers
''So…You just attached the parts?…Don't that sounds a little bit weird?…''


While functional, the robot has its fair shares of tape, glue, and rubber bgands.

"I had to improvise, but I think I did it well. What do you think Rhondo?" Open Seam asks.

Rhondo, however, looks even more alien than a Crystal pony should. He's constantly turning his head, looking at everything intently. Even the leftovers earn extra moments of attention.


''What? You never had maccaroni and cheese?''
''Seam, did you analysed everything about the parts I got you?''


"Not really. We usually had some prepared stuff. What kind of plant is 'Macaroni and Cheese'?" Rhondo asks, poking the food in a scientific manner.

"Kinda. Maybe. I looked at it, but it made my head hurt. Then I just focused on seeing if I could get all the things to connect. When I connected them, it started working." Seam replies, staring at Rhondo now.


''It ain't a plant…It's just pasta with cheese…Uh…Hold on do you have any allergies?''

''Hmn…Do you wanna get that robot checked with a proffesional later?…''


Look up from my couch, first at her and then at the ceiling.
"Freezing… Isn't that bad.
Summer soon."


"I don't think so. But mom would say I should stay away from, uh, let me think…" Rhondo proveeds to list off most of the food in your cupboard.

"Nuh uh! Unless it's Rhondo, because you always say that when you want to get rid of something. Remember my Clopcom games, that you sent to the technician? Or the puppy!?"

"Not with this humidity, my fur will spazz out. Come on, help me find some change. Something to pay for this. Maybe you can find some work on your big COM-LINK thing? Can it do that?"


"It can do the greatest magicks, babe~"
Roll off to my console, picking the large plastic thing on my long black arms.
"Help me set the throdes on, gentle baby!"


She looks at you, befuddled. "Just find us some cash for these bills. If we can pay some of it off…"

She looks around and sees the tangle of cables near your deck. "How would you even know which one to use?"


''Uh…Alright…'' Let's try to find something he CAN eat then. Fucking picky rich kids

Roll my eyes at Seam
''Look, this is different okay? I'm glad you used your time to do something productive, but it might be dangerous to keep around a robot that you don't understand 100% alright seam?…''


Roll twice for Rhodon's food.

"Uh huh." He replies sarcastically. "No way is the robot going out with you. I bet someone will try to steal him! But where were you all day? Why'd you come so late?" He asks, intrigued and motioning over to Rhodon.


"It's an instinct, you know?"
Go to grab one of the wires.
"Just like thi-"
And in I go!



''Seam, I'm trying to be nice with you, but you're making me lose that happiness I had…We'll take the robot to an inspection of parts tomorrow, and if you behave, I can start looking around to get you into a robotics school, alright?''

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 = 7


File: 1441492677562.jpg (1.48 MB, 3443x5076, spaceneedle1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

There's a shock felt from the Deck, and then the world goes black for a moment.

Sounds and whirring start pouring in. And then finally the lights. You can see some colors that should not be for a microsecond.

And then when you wake up, you're in a nice town. Not like the Seaddle you know. This one has a tower reaching for the sky that everyone congregates toward.

Welcome to Public Server Hub Sky. You can connect to more private areas from here. You're just inside Building Node 045. Several Avatars seem to materialize in the same place and "run" outside.

"You're worried too much. If it was dangerous, it wouldn't have just wound up in the trash."

"And besides," he looks sadder now, "you work too much already. I can find some books and study on my own…"

As for the food, it seems Rhodon seems to understand his new situation. He even believes you for a moment that mixing food means the brands don't matter.


I sigh and relax a little
''I know Seam I know…I wish I had more time to spend with you But mom and dad aren't here anymore… I just want to make sure you will be someone in life, not end up with a mediocre job or in the streets…''
''I'm just doing this because I worry about you. I don't want any killer robot roaming around the house with you when I'm not here you know?''


"This isn't a horror movie, Sis." Open Seam goes over and pats his robot's side. "You're not going to kill us, right?"

"Negative. Query not understood." It replies as it then focuses on you, its eye whirring.

"It's spicy, isn't it?" Rhodon asks. "Can I have a cup of water?"


Can I switch to a more 'private' kind of navigation, cutting my own avatar from the rest?


I sigh
''Maybe I'm just being a little paranoid I guess…Just, be careful with it. It might explode and it's pieces might cut your head off alrigth? I should make sure the parts are also not illegal or something, don't want to get arrested for that…''

I head to get Rhodon a glass of cool water ''It's not spring water though, just plain straight out of the tap water'' I joke


You have two Avatars.

A public one like everyone else. This one is meant to access the public networks and initiate handshakes.

Once you enter a Private location, you are free to customize your avatar.

However, you can hack some customization into your Public avatar, just keep away from the Network Staff. They frown on that type of stuff.

Where are you headed to?


Shit man I dunno, guess I have a contact here, someone who's getting me into this stuff, no?
Go meet with him.


"Yeah right. I'll get Rhodon a blanket. Come on 'bot, help me reach them." Seam runs off.

Rhodon looks at intently at the cup, then gulps. "It tastes funny."


''It's because it ain't from the mountain springs! So, are you feeling any better?''


"A little, but I'm tired. I haven't walked that much in a long time…" His ears are droopy.


''It'll be alright. You can take my bed if you want to sleep. I'll go to the market and buy some things too, so I'll have to leave you with Seam for a while, okay?''


"It's super late. Can you just stay here instead? Please?"


I glance at the door
''Alright, okay…I'll stay with you two…'' Caress his mane a little
''You've been good, sorry I had to put you through all this mess''


"Thanks." He smiles a bit, then seems to fall asleep where he sits. He's starting to lean forward a bit.


Lift him up with my magic and get him to my room, setting him in my bed and carefully tucking him in


There are several "buildings" you recall that you've helped make money for. Usually odd, questionable jobs of deliveries.

Roll a d3 to see who is available.

If I don't respond to you in a few minutes like this, remind me.

Despite its haphazard


Despite its haphazard construction, the robot is capable of making a decent bed.

After you put him to bed, Open Seam asks: "So, what happened? Is he another kid they left at the clinic?"



Roll #1 2 = 2


''Yeah…Was a pain to get him here…God I'm so tired…'' I slump down a little, only now realizing how heavy my body feels
''Seam I don't really want to sleep in the couch tonight… Let's share the bed?…''


Most people who are into "questionable" material tend to try to hide it.

But not in Cyberspace. Here, the Third Street "importers" have spent a little, by which I mean a lot, of money sprucing it up in the virtual world. Lots of ornate details, even non-standard textures. You can tell by the Avatars passing you by that there are numerous people just looking at their more legitimate goods. But if you go into the "back door", you can meet the Admin and Second Myrmid in Command, 'Dipper'.

"Hey'o, how's it goin'… I mean, welcome to my humble shop, Customer. You seem to have taken a wrong turn."


"I'll swap myself out for a plushie the moment you fall asleep, though. Deal?"


''Deal. Now let's go to bed already''
What day of the week is it today by the way?


Wednesday night going on Thursday. Fortunately for you, the clinic will be closed for "inspections" that were suddenly dropped on all of you.


Great. That means I get a day off tomorrow
Roll for dreams?


"No turn is a wrong turn in the flow of our minds, bro.
I'm here because this is where I should be!"


With a -2 modifier.



Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


"Hehe, you've got a way with words still." The oversized Avatar says with a chuckle. "And you'd be right. How familiar are you with the old Sewer Town area?"


Smoke everywhere. It's thick, it's hard to breathe. You can't tell if there's a fire though, but you feel an intense pressure on you. You search for a door, or a window, but no matter how far you run, you never get out of it. Until you fall.


"One click away."


What a terrible dream!
At least it wasn't the dream with the mimics again…Brrr


"The reason I ask is because this one is going to need a bit more meat space work. Someone wants some parts moved in quietly, and we aim to please. I'd send some of my guys, but they're off their rockers, if you get my drift." Dipper's avatar makes an inhalation motion. "Just came up too, but the client seems a little too anxious and specific about times and stuff. Here's his contact info if you're capable."


"Meatwork is so… Crass.
But I do need cash."


You wake up panting, since ponies don't sweat. Checking on Rhodon, he's a heavy sleeper, and the pillow is covered in drool. You'll want to wash that.

Open Seam is already up. Presenting his robot with all kinds of object and testing it out by running it through obstacle courses.


''Seam I'm going to the market, do you want anything?''


"Haha, knew I could trust you. Sorry to drop this one on you like that, but I really would like to use a third party for this. Besides you, I barely trust the others with stuff more complex than a light switch. With the route I have, you're going to have log into the city's sewer systems to get through."

"And between you and me, the fact that the guy didn't mind his stuff going through Sewer Town sets off all kinds of red flags. I don't have to remind you, but just make sure you wipe all history of being here. But if you get it done, you're going to like the pay."


Will you take the bus (roll 2d100) or walk to the market (3d10)?


Gotta save up and jog a little. I don't want Seam to start call me fat flanks

Roll #1 6, 2, 6 = 14


It's one of those APEC blue skies today. It's actually nice to walk out, except for that group of Purity ponies blocking the normal way towards the market.


Time to unplug!
And clear up my console right after that!

Turn to the drudge.
"The sewers call me!"


Purity ponies? What are those guys about again?


Her eyes go wide, then they just show confusion.

"Where did my life go wrong? When I was a pup?"

Once you finally emerge from the apartment, the smells of garbage and fading paint assault your senses. The place is falling apart, and so are the people. Since you still have to get to the other side of town and then even a little distance out, how will you get there?

They wave signs about how Unicorns and Pegasi should be removed from 'proper' society, and get into the faces of a few passing Buffaloes.

You'll have quite an experience if you go through, or will you try to find an alternate way? Roll 2d10


Yeah I kind of don't want any trouble today…

Roll #1 6, 10 = 16


How much change did we gather, from the flat?


A few impromptu fences don't stop you. even if you go all out at the buffet, it'll be a while before Open Seam can call you pudgy.

The market, despite its less than ideal location, is full of different breeds and Equestrians. Tons of food and people can be found here.

What are you looking for?

About $3.50.




It's morning for you Hawknia, and at least your Com-Link made it through the night without its charger. Gotta get ready to pour those cups of coffee to all those hard working stallions and bulls of Seaddle.

The sun isn't even out yet, but there's plenty of noise outside already. Other early birds and goats can be heard outside, trying to beat the masses at their own games. You can smell breakfast coming in from your open windows, the neighbor ladies know how to stretch that soylent hay.

Don't forget your hat.


I groan and mimic my manager's voice "Remember to smile Hawknia, and act cheerful, and puff your feathers out, it makes you look soft, customers like soft."
Better get myself preened and ready.


The Com-Link falls from its stand, reminding you to charge it.

You've got an old feather brush with you, a little stronger than most since it's reinforced with duct tape. The shower was intended for smaller equines, it'll be a tight fit right now, even with your lithe frame.

You'd better hurry if you want breakfast here or to nab something at work, but the clock is running out and your stomach is growling.


Maybe I can charge my com link at work.. they usually have an extra outlet in the breakroom..
Grab a quick shower before heading out


Such a tiny door to the shower means you always have feathers out of place, but maybe the flight to work will push them back where they need to go. You don't have time for breakfast, or much food left either.

You'll want to be quick if you want to beat the other flyers to the security checkpoint to get into town proper, else you'll have to deal with "him".


'1d10+2' do a speedy dive toward work.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


It's a close flight, with your wings nearly clipping several other flyers and nearly dirtying your work clothes as you flew too close to some apartments. The only problem being that you can small the smog starting to come in, if you were a regular Gryphon, you could have gotten sick.

Arriving at the checkpoint, it's the Zebra guard so far, from the night shift. You've managed to beat most of the rush hour crowds at least, but that just means the holo-ads can be heard at full blast.
>Lift's hooves with papers
>Lift's paws with wallet
"ID?" He asks you.


Show my ID to the guard and move on through..


He just glances at your pretty picture, making sure it matches you, and opens the gate. You're through! Just in time, "he" shows up, flashing his stupid manecut. You can hear the rest of the females sigh in despair and any males with a shred of decency will try to avert their eyes.

Past the checkpoint, it's still pretty lousy, but there are notable efforts to keep this area clean. You're starting to approach the Corporate area, and they do spend some bits to make it slightly presentable. A few trash cans around and a street sweeper can be heard as a Gryphon guard chases a Pegasus checkpoint flyer.

It's smooth sailing to the work place, or so you'd think. Roll for your ability to Notice.


'1d10+1' Its only a little dusty here, should be okay.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


You're an Assassin, or at least raised in their ways, since your resume only reads Barista at the moment, but you know when something is up. The trash, it's not regulation bags that are piled up waiting for a dump truck. You can see bits of cable and pipe sticking out of them. There's a smell of manure. Only about 40 feet ahead, right next to the road, with your growling stomach being the only noise you can hear.

It's a bomb.


Does it look like its going to go off soon? Any civilians or police nearby?


It's still early, the only people you see are the usual morning workers of WcDonald's next to you and the morning janitors. A few cars pass by, but most of them are loaded with the daily supplies of the massive corporations. What few higher ups pass through here, you can think of 50 places better to wack them.

This isn't the usual hit job, this place is too big, too crowded to be written off. Someone is trying to send a loud message.


well.. '1d10+1' is it possible to disarm it?

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


It's so poorly made that it'll spill out onto the street. It's concealed well enough, but the construction is haphazard. You can see that they loaded extra detonator pipes, but these were definitely their first welding jobs.

It's still early, so there aren't that many people out here, but there are loads of places any of the terrorists could be viewing from.

Or they could have run off if something had caused them to do such a shoddy job, even at the end.


Okay.. well, I don't know why I'm bothering with the risk but I'll try to pull the detonators out of the bag so they can't blow it up. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


You smell of poop as you stand in processed fertilizer with a pipe in your talon. The bags weren't regulation, and now you know why they use those regulation bags. It spills out everywhere.

A street sweeper passes by, collects some of the manure and flings it right on to you, with added street dirt.

There's still the matter of the pipe bombs being used as detonators, and you better think fast.

Your uniform is ruined.


I'm going to bury this whole mess.
use burrow. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


It's in your eyes now. You can smell the manure through your eyes, it has gotten that bad with the water.

You're able to punch through a bit of the concrete with your frustration, right above the sewer system. It'll be easy enough to

The world goes black.


Yea.. I didn't want to go to work anyway.. lets just sleep this off.


You've done it! It's a success!

The legs, they're reacting!

The Dryware project is a success! Everyone here is hopping with happiness, and you can see a hint of a smile in the COO's face as corporate honchos look down at their future money pouring in.

Someone snuck in some wine, and the cute Pegasus Doctor is smiling at you.

How do you feel? You're part of a team whose managed to make something that will change the world.

You're doused with a bucket of cold water.

"Sorry, we aren't running a bed and breakfast here."

Your paws and legs are tied down to a bed.


Soon, they'll be praising my name in the papers! Metal augmentations? Not if you don't want them! Perfect replicas of limbs today, better bodies tomorrow! Stomachs that eat anything, horns for pegasi… Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA


"Oh thanks, could you throw another on me? I can still smell the sink of that shitty trash I fell in this morning."
Who is here with me?


The COO gets on the phone as his entourage starts throwing out high-hoofs. More alcohol is brought in, though lots of sodas are mixed in the group.

As the machines slow their whirring, the Pegasus Doctor flies over to retrieve the data stick with the new findings. She lifts it up triumphantly, showing it off like it was a championship trophy.

She turns and smiles towards you as her head explodes.

There's a Unicorn levitating a shotgun.

He picks up the buck and chucks it full force at your stomach.

"She's up, but make it quick. We don't know who could have hired her and I'd have rather just run her over a few more times than wasting bullets."

A peppy Dog comes into the room with you, the windows boarded up. She approaches with a smile, then puts her claws to your neck while the Unicorn watches in the pale light of the bulb.

"Hi honey, sorry about running you over, but we really needed to ask you some questions."


"Uh… anyone know how to fix that?"

Stay calm and look. Any foreign objects observable in the head?


I squint at the pair of them.
"Okay. Also can't you afford a better light? Its damn dark in here."


You look to the sky for a moment more than the rest as gun fire erupts.


More coworkers hit the ground as the COO is carried off in a huff.

Don't just stand there!

She shoves her claws into your throat.

"Nice, trying to play like that." She smiles. "I like that. Looks good for us ladies. But I'm on the clock. Mind telling me and my friend here how'd you know about our little garbage pile?"

She uses her thumb to feel for the veins in your throat.


My voice gets more strained because of the pressure, but I manage to chuckle a bit at her.
"How? It had four detonator pipes. Four. Come on. It was obvious."


Time to run!
Actually, why am I only carrying a dinky knife? Where's security?

What is the standard emergency protocol anyway? Maybe I should follow the COO.


She stares at you, then looks at the Unicorn and sighs.

"Fair enough."

She shoves a sock in your beak with her left hand, then reaches over to your front leg's elbow. She pokes at it, but you only have a strange sensation coming from it.

"Next time you see a bomb like that, leave it alone." She smiles as she pushes ever so slightly and you see the rest of your leg bend in a direction it wasn't meant to.

You have 2 seconds before the pain registers.

The dinky knife is a scalpel, it won't do you any good. The COO absconds through the stairs above, but the shooters are mowing down anyone in a lab coat. There's a second set of doors to the operating room, hurry up and pray you don't trip on someone's entrails!


Get to that second room!

And-and take off my beloved lab coat if I have to


Seems like a good time to struggle something free.. if only I had escape artist.. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3



You hear coming out of the room as you and two other assistants managed to make a run for it. You head down a hall with an intersection.

Pick a direction

She only sees you moving around a bit, maybe your tail could have loosened up the bindings on your hind leg, but the pain reaches your brain, stopping you in your tracks.

The Diamond Dog smiles as she leaves.

"Remember what I said, hone'."





I whimper into the sock in pain, but somehow my tail swishes in excitement, this is the first interesting day I've had in years.
I'm going to stay awake for all of this. What other entrances to this room are there?


You find numerous bodies as you head to the right.

That nice Secretary who always gave you a smile, now she's leaning back with a bullet in her head.

That dudebro who only got a job here because his uncle worked there didn't deserve to have his guts splayed out before him.

You can't hear the slightly creepy janitor crying, but there's a trail of thickening blood leading to the supply closet.

The route leads to stairs heading up, you can hear the security guards and COO neighing above.

Just the door they left through. This is a house, not a hotel by the sounds of it. You can hear people enjoying their lives outside.

An Auto-Cart can be heard starting up.


'1d10+1' That means there is probably a short roof above us that I could perch on.. I'll try one more time to get loose.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


How far's the supply closet? If it takes less than two minutes, get that janitor out.


You get enough claw nicks on the rope to eventually cut it, after about a minute.

The house is empty, not even homeless people have claimed it. There's some cloth from the bed and a few unopened water bottles. The roof is easy enough to reach, but the sun's location makes it clear that it's way into the afternoon.

It's on the way to the roof. Opening the door reveals the hunched over janitor, slightly wimpering.

There are numerous bleding holes visible on his once pristine white fur.



I'll just find a shady corner on the roof and wait and watch for a few minutes.. '1d10+3' stealth

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


I can carry him, right?

Pull him with me and to the COO's office.


This is a poor neighborhood that you look down on. Some kids can be seen running through houses, some warning signs not keeping them away, as they hit the walls and fences with a few pipes. There are few lights out here, it would almost be peaceful and nice if it weren't for the open air sewage treatment plant down a few blocks.

If you were trying to find your hit and runners and chokers, looks like they have a choice of several straight roads out here.



Hmm I'll check the road for clue as to which way they might have gone, this city is too big to fly around randomly.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


You can carry him, but there isn't much movement inside his body except for the leaking of blood. He took a whole load of shot and some bullets.

But it isn't the COO's office at the top, but a Cart-Pad. And you can hear voices coming from the roof.

Continue heading towards roof?


"I got a few new experiments I want to try. You'll be back all new and better! Now come on."

Yes, keep heading towards the roof. Can I use the car-pad for this?


There's a couple of cars heading back into the city proper, and most decent folks try to avoid the wild lands where the magic has come back stronger.

Roll a 2d10 to see if you can spot a car with your kidnappers.

If the Flying Cart was here, you could use it, but the SMG wielding security guards might object. They point their weapons at you as an out of shape Unicorn yells the first things that come to his head.

"Who are you, and where is the freaking Pegasus team we pay top bits too? I have half a mind to fire them!"

A Diamond Dog Secretary tries to calm him down to no avail.


'2d10' hopefully the smog doesn't get in my eyes

Roll #1 2, 9 = 11


"Dr. Jenner, bioaugs. Can we hide out here? This pony is also heavily injured, is there a medic?"


The smog can be tolerated, but the sewage plant's smell penetrate every pore of your body. Even for a trained killer, certain things will get through.

You do find several cars that match the sound you would have been hearing.

A large truck with what seems like a family in it. All manner of boxes block the inside of the dented machine.

A van-Cart with a Unicorn next to it that resembles the shotgun user, but the rest of the windows are tinted, and he's arguing outside with another cart user.

A heavier Cart with a lot of dings and a paw sticking out of the windows.

Which will you investigate?

The COO goes off in a tirade, and the Dog approaches you after signaling for the three security guards to stop aiming at you.

"We've got no medic, but I can give you my sweater." She begins to hyperventilate, but puts a paw on her mouth. "Keep him covered, and we'll get on the cart when it lands."

She starts using her clothes to try and bandage the barely breathing Janitor under the harsh flood lights. Then her leg separates itself from her body and she falls over.



The Van-Cart. That one has something to overhear for certain.



Dive away, and try to pull the dog with me!


So, I've finally got the cash to pay my bills this month, but in return I've gotta change my look. Again.

At least working at retail's got some benefits for this: I've got ten different sets of clothing styles I can shift into.

What would be a good style? Goth-girl? Nah, I hate being debbie-downer all the time; my job's depressing enough, I don't need to go full emo.
Cow-girl? Nah. I ain't got the accent or udders to pull that one off.
…Leather-jacket is really old-school biker, but at least it's got some sort of class to it. Maybe I've got other options buried away?


"No way, how did you not see this thing!"

"Sorry ponie homie, I totally didn't. It was like you just appeared all of a sudden with the devil behind ya. I've got insurance, give me your papers and I'll have them pay."

"Do I look wealthy enough to have that stuff? Why would I waste money on it!? Ugh, I'm gonna be even later now."

He's got a different mane cut and clothes than your hostage taker did.

"So why do we let him drive again?" Another male voice comes from within.

She starts bawling like a pup as several guards turn towards the flashing light and open fire. She doesn't weigh much, but your not exactly an image of physical fitness. It might have looked cool if it wasn't so dangerous.

The Pegasus Cart team is coming in and the idiot COO is jumping up and down trying to signal them.

Bits and pieces of the roof come flying off as the sniper keeps shooting.



I'm going to have to focus on saving the dog first. Hide her with me, only take the janitor if it's safe.


You'll need something to cover your prosthetics. It's a dead give away if those guards ever pay your area a visit, but you'll need something that can deal with the rain. You've got plenty of jackets and sweaters in your closet, and bags can cover you up and your stuff.

But you didn't forget about your promise, did you?


She's kinda dough-y when you press on her, even with her simple build. One of the guards eats a bullet right to the head as you close in near the landing area.

As the Pegasus team approaches, they use a powerful light in the direction of the sniper in an attempt to blind/find him.

They make a low pass, roll to see if you can make it on board as the bullets fly by.


Come on!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Hmm.. who's talking about having seen a thing?
'1d10+3' sneak ontop of their van

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


It's a mechanical body-suit; besides, I wear full-body clothing all the time anyway to cover up the scarring.

Promise? You mean how the buffalo chick asked me to find something in her size?


The fat COO and a remaining guard manage to get in, while you end up on the ground with bits of bloody lettuce and hay on your face.

"Get Unmol off! He's dead weight and we'll be dead soon too!"

You've got some precious seconds left!

The Unicorn is arguing with a scrawny Gryphon in a tye dye shirt. He's the one who said he barely saw him. The Gryphon has a Goat in his regular cart.

You can hear one of the Passenger side windows roll down.

"It's too late for this. Just get back in so we can finish this stupid day. It's your own fault anyway dumb-dumb!"

"Don't call me stupid!" The Unicorn roars back.


Try again!
A-and let the dog on, too!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I guess these are normal citizens.
Is the heavy cart still around?


Prom is rapidly approaching, don't forget. The boss will be hounding you if you call in too many times. His power loader/ stocker can only be gone for so long.

Anything else you plan to do tonight at your house? You'll have lots more preparations to make 'tomorrow'.


There's red running down your own leg now.

Next roll is at -2.

It's moving along in line. There's loud music coming from it and the windows are heavily tinted.

Roll twice for spotting.



Roll #1 8, 10 = 18


Damn it! Help me, you

Roll #1 4 - 2 = 2


Eh, fuck him. We've got an arrangement of sorts: he don't bitch about me disappearing at odd hours now and then, and I don't bitch about being his self-charging power equipment. If things start falling behind, they can use the actual machines they're fucking supposed to.

It's an apartment, remember? Not really a 'house' to speak of. Not allowed to do much customization to it's appearance on the outside, so I've always left it plain.
Still, I should dye my mane a different color; Purple should work. It's all the rage for teens to dye their manes colors that don't fit, so I'd blend right in…
Wait, nah, bleach it instead. I need to look like someone I'm not, so the professional look is better. …At least, a lazy professional look.


There's an ominously Gryphon sized dent on the front. A few scrapes where a beak would chip the paint.

Plus, there's one of your feathers sticking out of the grill.

No one comes for you, or your friends.

The Cart takes off into the air, your only way out of here. It seems almost elegant the way it flies off while you eat the cement roof. Then it falls and all goes quiet.

You wake up in a white, quiet room.


[target acquired]
'1d10+1' fly gracefully over to that cart next.
should still be stealth?

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Am I bound?
Stay calm. Stay calm.


Plenty of 'Beauty' salons willing to change your mane style, and more than a few cart shops would give it a try. Both places would probably snap a picture of their work to show off. It's a pretty late hour, but a few are still open to help the night workers and partiers.

Yes, it's a dangerous city, as your elbow can testify. You do manage to kick a can, but no one hears you with all the Mana-cart engines and the occasional out of tune one.

The Heavy-Cart is pretty built up. Even through the heavy window tinting, you can see roll bars in it and a full back seat.


Not bound much. You can feel some resistance around your neck, but not something actually meant to hold you down.

You're in a hospital room, just don't look down.


Anything that looks explosive on this cart?


Do I feel lighter?

L-look down.


Not unless you can rig a Mana-Cart while the occupants are in it.

The Cart moves down with the others, only a few more to reach the Checkpoint, the Dogs paw now skipping to the beat. You can even recognize her claws from here.

Some peddlers stop and offer their goods between cars as some security personnel shout at them to leave. There's a line for civilians to go through.


Your front left leg is now mechanical.


I've probably gone to one of the cart shops before for help with my rig, so I'll head to of the the guys I know is chill about this stuff. By which I mean "has enough skeletons in his closet he knows better than to poke around."


Fuck. At least I'll make a decent test subject.
How well this this primitive thing work, anyway?


Keep following them..
unless I can ride on/under it somehow.


Orlov is your go to Pony then. Or Donkey in this case. The young kid has performed his share of back alley jobs for people and his stubborn streak gets him into twice as much trouble. But you know his true secret, don't you?

He's washing some of his tools and making sure his hooves are clean. Looks like he has plans.

It's the default model most amputees get. Bare bones, in a sense, but it works and doesn't require too much maintenance. Easy for surgeons to get on.

One more thing to notice, this hospital is very clean and quiet. You can make out the nurses gossiping, but there aren't that many more people here.


Not a good idea as they are entering the checkpoint, at least. It's still plenty bright out and there's a few security guards who have to pay some lip service to watching plates and the rears of Carts.

What else can you think of to do with this specifically damaged Mana-Cart and the loud music coming from within?


I guess I could break a wheel off so they have to stop and then kidnap one of them..

Can I go around to check point to keep following them?


Try and call for one.


"Hey, sweetie-cheeks," I croon, leaning against the doorway. "Looks like you're getting ready for a good time~"


File: 1443159715613.jpg (1.8 MB, 2531x1864, SanYsidroBorderCrossing.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

It'll be easy enough to flash your wallet and ID and OH WAIT they stole that from you.

It's a pretty packed checkpoint at this time of day, a skilled Gryphon like you would have a few options and you'd be able to handle most risks this place can throw at you.


A burly Goat Nurse appears, but she's got a good smile on her.

"You're awake, is there anything I can help you with?"

His ears rocket up to the sky.

"Nah, no, not today. Come on, you can't…"

He's got some plans for the night alright. You can spot his stash of cologne on his desk and some manegel on one of the Carts he should be working on.


"Really, Sugar-sides?~" I tease as I waltz in the door. "You know you ain't fooling anybody. Really, cologne? Manegel? You really can't keep a secret, can you?~"


"Was there a diamond dog with me, or a janitor? And.. what happened to mt company?"


…when we did this in simulation I had disguises, a flash grenade, and was supposed to knock out anyone who saw me..

This time I should probably look for someone's crowded cart that I can hide under their stuff until we get through.. '2d10'

Roll #1 10, 1 = 11


He grumbles at you.

"Come on, I've to a date tonight. Even a machine like you has to have some sympathy and not ask for anything today."

"Relax, or you'll hurt yourself. But I can't say anything about anyone being with you, all we have is a transfer order from some little clinic nearby they rushed you to. You should thank the Sisters that you're alive."


"Relaaaax, It's nothing big. Just need my mane and tail bleached so some fellas I pissed off don't stick even more metal in me."
I lean on his shoulder in a friendly manner.
"Just stick me in the back room or something, out of sight, out of mind."


There's more than a few Load-Carts you can sneak in to. You've seen the guards do only a cursory look through 'em.

You pick a Load-Cart bringing in Soylent Hay, easy enough to hide in and easily conceals everything about you. Except you aren't the only passenger in the back. You can hear someone else ruffling through the Soylent Hay.


"Who ordered me sent? And by the way. know anything about the attack on my corp? Any group claim credit?"


'1d10+1' try to grab the other stowaway and put a claw over their mouth.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"Ugh, fine. Just don't say a word." He looks away, but he also scans some of the containers on his shelf. "Not a peep, alright. Just pay me enough to go on my date and I'll call it even."

"And remember, not a peep!" He tries to threaten with a serious voice, but him having to look up to see you in the eye might dull the impact.

"My. my, you're an eager one. I'll see what I can find out for you. But why are you so worried about others? You're in a hospital, think about yourself."


"You want me to keep quiet? Sure thing… On one condition."
I lean down and grin in his face.
"What's their name?~"


"People I knew were hurt. I need to get back to work. Thanks."

Hope for the best, or I'm going to kill those terrorists.

No, for someone in my line of work, killing is quite unimaginative.


You reach into the Soylent Hay and pull yourself out.

You barely struggle as you hold yourself against the wall of this container, looking into your eyes.

What will you do with the you that you are holding?

"You wouldn't know her and I don't want you to know her. Some friends of mine sent me her contact info after they spotted her and her friends at some club. But I'm going to tell you because I know how you pry."

"Her name is Khundi."

"Oh, that's why that name sounded familiar! It's a shame what happened, since they were such big donors, but Equimethius got bought out after their buildings collapsed. Such a terrible thing to happen, but I'd tell you to forget about them. It was all over the news how they skimped on properly building that facility."

"As much as it pains me to say it, but I'm almost glad that executive who took the building money died when it collapsed."



"Wait, so is there news of an attack or not?"


Whisper into its ear with a low growl. "Whatever you actually are, keep it quiet, and we'll talk after this gate."
Wait a few seconds for the thing to respond.


"Sorry, but there was no attack, hon'. It must have been all in your imagination while you were out."

She nods to the best of her abilities, but the Cart starts to move forward for its check.

Roll twice for how smooth the infilation is.

You know the alley ways like they were printed on your hooves. Accidents aren't uncommon, and you learned to get around them.

But you spot a familiar Buffalo. Binhu, the Buffalo you did your first run with, where you got all the computer parts.


Well. I always wondered if I actually could hide two of me. Maybe we both have a +3 to stealth.

Roll #1 3, 5 = 8


"Yo, Hey big buffalo dude, how goes it?" I wave, calmly making my way to him.


Your stomach rumbles a bit, but otherwise it is quiet. The checkpoint guards quickly flash a light in the back, look around from the outside, and let the truck go to the heavy traffic ahead.

She's quiet and staring at you. She's obviously tense and looking beat up.


He looks in your general direction, recognizes you, and then runs off!


I stare back at her, how badly hurt is she?
"So.. are you a shapeshifter, or a really good robot or..?"


"I'm, I'm a Secretary…" She whimpers.


"uh… Okay nice seeing you too… I guess…" I shrug off this weird encounter and head back straight to the market… Well where am I?


"Right.. We can sort out why you look like me later.. What happened to you?"
poke my head out to see where the van went.


Near the clothing area. Lots of equines pitching saddles and briddles that they swear are name brand and they'll give to you for cheap. The food is sold closer to the center, to force people to pass through their stands. A few are hawking stolen Com-Links and computer parts too.

"They, they tried to kill me…" She starts to hyperventilate.

The truck is two carts ahead, trying to get through the security point traffic and onto proper streets.


Meh, nothing that I'm interested in right now
Let's just try to ignore the overly insisting salesmen and more on to buy some food


There's Bagot and Barbari, who hide fresh lettuce leaves amongst the pile they find in trucks to mask the scent.

Kiko is selling a few leftover turnips sinc his stock for the day has already been taken.

And Rove is selling his "freshly" picked apples. You don't want to know how he gets them but he sells them cheap.


put a claw on her shoulder and a wing around her in an effort to comfort her.
"Tell me everything, who tried to kill you? Where? When?"


"You're me, you should know, because I'm clearly going crazy here. I can't believe I'm going to die like this, pretending to talk to myself in the back of some dingy Cart." She starts sobbing. "I didn't do anything wrong. I was a good girl…"


You know what? Today I'm really feeling like apples
A ton of apples sounds good right now
Let's see how much they are and how much I got with me
What did Seam wanted again? Cereal?


That's what your loving Sisterly brain tells you.

"Same as always. 5 apples for 5 bits, or three prepped ones for 4."


Shake my head. "We look alike, weird, but not important right now. Who's after you. I can help."


"Alright, give me 10 apples for 10 bits then… Also you know any place where I can find cereal?"


"There shouldn't have been anyone after me 'cause I didn't do anything…" She cleans up her nose. "It was just some people that came in the night."

The traffic will be cooling off in a bit, what will you do.

"You're in luck, Valais just got a whole shipment of them, but hurry up, they're going to be gone soon. You can see the crowd from here."

Roll three times if you want to deal with the crowd.


I groan "just some people? Are you being difficult on purpose?"
"Can you move?"


"I don't know, I'm not some crazy killer or anything! I just sorted papers and made appointments…"


A crowd?
I got this
'3d10' FOR SEAM!

Roll #1 9, 10, 1 = 20


I frown at her. If we don't move the van is going to get away..
"Lets say I am. Would you trust me?"


It really isn't. You can push and shove outside your weight class easily.

You managed to find a box of "Celestia's Healthy Flakes for All Ages!" It's packed with vitamins and minerals, perfect for Seam!

But before you can celebrate, someone has a concealed knife to your chest. "I know you don't want anyone here hurt, if you're who I think you are, just stay quiet and follow my directions."


"I have a strange way of comforting myself. If you have an idea that isn't live the rest of my days back here, I'm fine with it…"


"Really? I just wanted to get some cereal man, Geez" I stay put, not making any sudden moves as I wait for directions


"There's a small area outside the market. it's small and isolated, bu plenty of people around. Just do as ai say and it'll be over soon."


"Idea's simple Hawk-mea, we hunt the hunters and stop the source of our problems. Climb on, you're hurt."
I get her onto my back and see if the van is still in sight.



"whatever you say
Let's just get this done with so I can have my flipping apples


"This is the weirdest hallucination…"

She does climb on your back, you just have to be careful about your own injuries.

"So, where do we start, me?" She says with a sarcastic smile. "I can barely threaten lunch."

It's a little covered area hidden behind some fences and appliances. You could jump or shout if it came to it.

"So, you're really a Nurse, right? Licensed and all that?"


"Yeah Yeah, so what you want? A blowjob in the alley with a bit of role play to satisfy your nurse fetish?"


Uh, how badly are we actually hurt?
I need to try to catch up to where the van is going..
"I have a lead on something, just hold on while we catch up.. and don't scream."

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"So that's why he picked you, huh."

A body falls on top of you, then falls to the floor.

It belongs to that Donkey you worked with, when you met Gryph and Binhu.

Even your fast healing is going to bench you, try not to mess with it too much.

Getting out of the truck, people can't help but notice the two beat up, extremely similar looking Gryphons that emerge. They give you a wide berth, but everyone in a car is focused on going their own way.

Traffic will ease up once they reach and pass the stop light.


"fantastic." I grumble and get to the side of the road. We need to get behind some kind of cover '1d10+3'

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


"I'm sure I wasn't for the sass"
I jump a little at the body, taking a step back
"Who the… What the Fuck?"


"Looks like you got off easy." Your former partner says. He's got an eye patch and several visible bruises.

Barricades and cars and trees galore. And even the smog contributes as you two sneak around.


At least that's going well.
'2d10' can I see where the van is going? Maybe a shortcut through an alley to keep up?

Roll #1 8, 9 = 17


Raise an eyebrow
"Well hey, at least you still look as handsome as ever, I heard young fillies dig that look"


Easy enough, your wings let you stay off your legs. And lucky for you, they seem to be driving towards your district.

Despite her hesitation, your doppelganger has no issues chasing the Cart. It pulls in to an old car port complex, where some people have turned into apartments.


"Sorry about that knife, but I could really use your talents. Those guys who broke into our hideout weren't playing around, I had to be saved or I would've been stomped to death. 'Sides, didn't you take an oath to help?"


'1d10+3' sneak in there after them before they can go into an apartment.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


"I did? Gee I can't remember it man, seriously… It feels like that was like, TWO months ago or something. But speak away, I'm listening. Just don't take too long, I'm starving"


Two injured Gryphons blend in with the rest of the population here. WIth all the noise their car is making, it's easy enough to follow them to the third level.

They turn off the car and flash the lights. You can hear some yelling coming from the impromptu apartment.


"C'mon, you gotta help me. We worked together, we got along then?"


Get closer.. I need to hear what they're saying.


"Yeah Yeah Yeah I'll help, whacha need?"


"Look, keep the same cover story. THe original bomb messed up, we improvised with the pipe bombs, we still fulfilled the contract, alright?" The Uicorn says, pretty audible so close.

"Now, go in there and get the money, we'll be watching you." Responds an unidentified third voice.

The passenger side opens up, and out comes the Dog who choked you.

"Uhm, everything, if you can. They were aiming to kill me, so they didn't hold back. And right now, Binhu's the only one I can trust and he didn't plan for any of this."


Out of the van? Alone?
Can I backstab him to get him helpless/KO?


She came out alone, and she's got a snooty attitude on her judging by the insults she starts flinging at the two still in the cart.

Backstab is possible, just say the word.


"Sure! Try to relax a little then, this miiiiight sting a lot…"


'1d10+1' rolling for it.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"They tried to kill me, this won't compare."

Roll for quality of care


'1d10' here goes

Roll #1 4 = 4


She goes down quietly and is at your mercy.

"Nova, quit playing. I'm not gonna fall for that twisting your ankle thing again."


Take her around the corner with me.
'1d10+3' stealth for how well we hide.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


He chomps down on his on his own hoof not to scream. He doesn't shake too badly, but resetting some bones and treating wounds in a place like this isn't conducive to quality care.

"So, did you see Gryph or the others?" He asks after being able to collect himself.

Textbook, even with your injury. But be quick, the others won't wait too long.


I growl into her ear a little, wake her up if need be.
"Scream and I'll kill you. Who are you working for? How many bombs did you plant?"


It was just that one bomb, it's all I know you crazy catbird!"


"What were you trying to blow up?"


"I don't know. Just some guy in a specific cart is all!" She struggles to get out.

"Oy, stop messing around Nova!" comes from the Cart. Your copy jumps when she hears the yelling.


"I haven't, no.. Uh… Have you?"


"…" she knows more, but fighting her friends in this state would be a problem.. put a claw on her neck.
"I am so tired of hearing just some guy today. Tell me how I'd recognize him or his cart and you can run back to your friends."


"Better this way. He probably skipped town and I'd follow his example if I were you. The two of us are headed out, and hopefully I'll be well enough to go my own afterwards, thanks to you."


"You're lucky I ain't charging this time… But… Skipping town? Why?"


"My Com-Link, they sent a picture just before you showed up." She says.

"Nova, not now. Just finish the gig already." The Unicorn yells out as he gets out of the Cart.

An RC car can be heard.


"I know it's over kill, but I think whoever went after that kid is playing for keeps. Too many Equines, too fast to be anything less than something I want far away from. You understand right?"


"Show me." Let her loose enough to get it..


"I get you… Too bad I barely go money to survive, let alone move out… Anyways, anything else you want help with?"


She takes off her Com-Link and paws it over, then the van she had come in explodes.

"I'll feel better, but trust me on this, just get your stuff and run. You can find a Nursing job, I have my own skills, just some bad luck on our part." He throws you a smile now.


I instinctively push us both to ground and cover us with my wings. Look at the com-link, did she do this?


All she has is a MyStable app running.

The Unicorn is a badly burned mess 20 feet away and the Cart is on fire.

"You're CRAZY! You're CRAZY!" The Dog repeats, and your imitator is screaming her beak off.


"Who the fuck did you try to kill?!" I let her go and look through her recent pictures.


"It was just some guy! We didn't ask questions! We even got 'im!" She cries out.


"Go save you friend if you can. I'll look around for any evidence." I push her in the direction of the unicorn.

Then grab my doubleganger and drag her to a better view of the crash. "Hey. Hey. Stop screaming. I told you about screaming. You're going to get noticed that way."


Slightly taken back, I smile as well
"Huh… Maybe I'll.. Consider it… Once I'm home, enjoying my cereal…"


The Dog runs off crying.

"How are we not noticed already! The Cart blew up and he's on fire! By the Sisters, what did I do to deserve this!?" Your copy cries out.

Only the Cart was destroyed, most of the surroundings and the apartment they were after is still in one piece. An Earthie emerges from it, wielding a large pistol. He turns towards the Dog.


"Tanks for the work. Do what we are doing, buy your food and head out."

He leaves through the narrow pathway, leaving you and your groceries alone.


I charge at him and try a backstab.
He's the only one here, so I'll pick him for my joust ability. I think.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


You tackle him to the ground, surprising everyone here. He's heavier than he should be with that vest of his.


Take his gun quick. '1d10+1' ?

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


You manage to at least slap it away from him. He's about to punch you when your Doppelganger joins in! She rushes into him, but keeps running after she hit him.


What a fancy little meeting
Now let's get the hell out of here and go home


I groan. "Little Sis, go hide somewhere."

And then check this guy for what he's carrying "Stay still."


The Purity Ponies are still at, and more than a few of them have bloody noses, but the citizens are giving them lots of room still.

Go through or around?

He's still not willing to stOh wait, the Diamond Dog just hit him with a pipe, and your copy yelps out in surprise.

He's out for the moment.


Look up at the diamond dog as if ready to attack her if she gets too close to me.


For a hitdog, she's not in control of her emotions.

"He's dead." She sobs out, over and over. Your reflection is just looking over everything with a scared look.


"…I'm sorry.."
Keep an eye on her while I strip this guy and search him '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Around of course!
If I avoided them before why wouldn't I now?


He's got some key cards, a few bits, and that snazzy bulletproof vest.

Roll twice for spotting.

Just because they are there. It doesn't take long for you to get back home to Rhodon, Open Seam, and the Robot helper. The're teaching it how to wash dishes.



Roll #1 1, 7 = 8


He's got a bomb vest on. He's got some bits of explosive tied into the vest.


"I'm Home, I brought your cereal too…So, what are you gonna be spending your time on since you're probably not gonna be doing your tasks anymore?" I start setting up the table for breakfast


"I did my homework already." Open Seam yells. "And I asked for cookies!"

"And I uh, uhm…" Rhodon tries to add. "Well, it looks like you can teach Seam's robot new tricks. Isn't it cool?"


"Oh… Well why don't you just you like, just pretend the cereal is cookies?" I say, taking my seat
"and yeah that robot is pretty neat and stuff… I remember to be careful with that thing…"


"Celestia's? They don't even taste that good…" He whimpers as he grabs two bowls.

You see Rhodon take the imitation-Equine's hooves every once in a while to guide it in washing the dishes.

"The Robot can't do anything unless we show it, so it can't attack us or anything."


"why Dog. This guy's a suicide bomber. who the fuck did you piss off?" can I remove it? Does it have a timer or trigger?


"He's the Stallion who gave us the instructions. But he was all, raggedy and stuff. Not like this."

You might be able to, but even in a corporate controlled world like this, explosions are investigated. You can hear sirens in the distance, but you have some time to try.


Give it a try.
"Hey. Sis." call out to my copy. "You hold onto his stuff. Expect the vest."
"Dog. You wear the bulletproof vest. We don't have much time."


'1d10+1' now with roll.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"So that's how they want to play it… I need to know, who sent me here? I know things that could get me killed."


A snip and a cut there, and the vest is yours, along with his gun and some explosives.

The sirens are approaching.

"Maybe some tea will help you relax sir, but you are imagining things. It was all over the news. They even showed where the frame was weakened because of the embezzling."


"Please just answer the question. How did I get transported from where I passed out to here?"


"Well gee, I was expecting a 'You're awesome sis, thanks a lot for getting me cereal and not a say old bread!"
"Huh… Rhodon do you understand anything about robotics?"


"You were take to a local clinic. When they found out you had insurance still, you got sent over here. You were on top of the rubble, so you were easy to find."

A Goat nurse brings over some water with pills, and a Stallion security guard blocks the door.

"Please, it'll make you feel better. And you need time to adjust."


"Nuh uh. Seam was telling me about it, though. It sounds neat." Rhodon says.

The robot follows a robotic procedure as it washes the dirty dishes. Open Seam scoops up the cereal, but he stays quiet. At least he'll be full.

"But, what should we call it? 'Robot' doesn't sound too nice when it's walking around." Rhodon asks.


"Why am I under security? And what's in those pills?"

Let me use my natural engineering knowledge to make an educated guess.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Looks like standard, over the counter Horsynol. You're still going to get charged a whole leg for it.

"Sir, you've been through quite a lot. I understand. But it was just an accident and the man responsible paid for it. Just take your medicine and rest a little."


"…Damn, Sweetie, didn't know you had a thing for chicks bigger than you~. Ah well, let's just get started; the sooner we're done, the sooner you two can get to the good part."
Let's head to his back room and start the hair-bleaching process.


I might be being bribed.

I'll just have to take it, for now.


"Eh, whadda ya mean?"

He's constantly hassling you for information throughtout, and works on his looks while working on yours.

"Come on, why'd you say that? Listen, I'm doing you this favor, just let in on what's going on…"


"Let's just say I've run into her at my legit day-job. I take it you've got no idea what you're in for~?"


The Stallion takes a breathe and smiles, then heads off. The little Goat nurse's joy can be seen in her face. The world seems much lighter and less painful, and then you're up.

A few days later, the Goat nurse is the first to greet you when you awaken.

"Feeling better? Think you're up for taking a walk?"

"No, nah, blind date remember? Come on, you gotta give me something I can use here. I haven't had a girl friend in a long time. Too long."



I knew it.

"To where?"


Oh fuck, there's no way I can resist the chance to gossip. I mean, seriously, this might be the only time this year I get the chance.
"…She's pretty excited about the upcoming Prom; that alone should tell you a good bit. She's… honestly a sweet girl, which sure ain't common these days, but I don't think she's all that self-secure. Oh, and… buffalo."


You are now heavily armed, near an unconscious Stallion loaded with explosives, two fried Equestrians, and a burning Cart with Sirens closing in.

Where will you go?
Will you bring along the Diamond Dog?


Okay. Okay.
Dog girl and clone follow. I'll carry this stallion with me.
Into an apartment. Any that looks empty '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"We're going to start your physical therapy! You'll be up on your new leg in no time, like it was still there."

She's positively beaming.

"Wait, come on. You gotta be messing with me. Please tell me you are lying, that you're gonna laugh at me like you always do. Please, I'm begging here, I'll give you full authorization to say I bought it, because I am."


"I gotcha… Anyways… We shall call it… Alowishus!" I sit back and enjoy my own cereal..
I wonder what I had to do today…


"To hell with that. I'm making my own new leg. What's the news with my company? Is it still operating?"


"Oh, I'm laughing all right. Because guess what? Since I run into her every now and then, I'll know if you screw this up. And she'll probably make a point of being annoying for me if you do. Which means I'd come and break your leg for being such an asshole."
I give him an ear-to-ear grin.
"So have fun tonight, Sweetie! I'm rooting for ya."


Most of the inhabitants ran outside. Plenty of places to hide while the police are right outside. With how raggedy you all look, you blend in perfectly.

You find a free spot to commandeer in a neighboring building, everyone assuming you were just getting out.

"That's a weird one, but a robot should have a weird name, too!" Rhodon shouts with glee as he looks at the milk jug.

"Sis, did you charge your Com-Link, I tried to call you not to forget the cookies. But it just said it wasn't in service. Did you forget to charge it?"


Lock us inside this building, block the door even.


"Don't worry about being out of the job until later. You managed to get covered by their insurance before they got bought out, so think of this as a vacation! Catered meals, prepared beds, a personal trainer, and free cable!"

"NOO! Come on, she's underage to hoof? You know how much trouble that could get me into? Not even the Corps have enough money to bail me out from it. There has to be some way you'll let me call this off!"


"Ah shit that's right… I uh… Dropped I on the floor and I broke, pfft, just like that… Too bad ain't it? No worries though, I just gotta get a new one"


"Does cable have the gryphons cartoons? Bought out… by who? Incidentally, was a funeral for my former boss held? I'd like to visit."


The poorly made lock is working for now. It's a dingy room, probably used by some drunk who wanders in and out.

"Now what do we do with bomb boy here?"

"How are you so bad with them?" Open Seam inquires. "You go through so many. It's why we both keep the cheap ones."

Rhodon is carefully bringing over the milk container and putting it on the table.


"Seriously? You're worried about her being underage? She's in high school, man, most kids these days pop their cherry around that age, it's not like anyone's gonna tattle on you. Besides, I was getting shot at earlier today; you don't get to talk to me about getting into trouble."

How old's this guy anyway? I'm getting the impression he's still pretty early on in years himself.


How many rooms and windows? Anything we can use a rope? '1d10+1' look for rope
"We find out what the hell is going on." I reply coldly to the dog "Pull up the picture of your hit, maybe I recognize him or something."
Take a brief moment to check on my double, tapping her shoulder. "Sister, can you keep watch? Do you feel okay?"

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"You like those too!? They're my favorite ones, even my kids like them!" She starts clicking on her Com-Link. "The Nurse said we had to be prepared, and I have it somewhere here. Ah, they were bought out by Raiku and a couple of other companies. They've been on the news lately."

He's in his early 20's, 22 to be exact.

"But you know she's going to be mad at me."

He goes pale for a moment.

"Listen, you gotta help me end this date before it happens. I'll do anything, PLEASE! Oh no, she can't know about this."


Your carbon copy has had all her courage for the day spent. She just looks on as you and the Dog do your work.

"It's just some Pony who got in the way of someone, I'm sure. These business types have more money than sense."

As for ropes, there are curtains and blankets you can wrap around in the shape of rope. Some smelly, leftover clothes all around.


Take one of the blankets for a rope and tie him up.
"Someone up the foodchain tried to have you killed. Had your friend killed. We need a chance a lead..
My sister's tired, will you keep watch Miss Paws?"


"You knew you were risking her wrath when you agreed to this blind date."
Damn, this guy really can't catch a break when it comes to the ladies, can he?
"Fine, you've been a pal, so I'll help. Got any ideas how you wanna stand her up?"


"Hey, I'm a bit distracted with… Stuff… You know I'm allowed to have flaws!… Anyways, I think I'll go out again and get myself a new one… SO! are you two enjoying each other's company? "


"Yeah, he just killed my partners. Be prepared to hear a bang."

Your counterfeit looks at you wide-eyed.

"Please stop, this joke isn't funny. I want to go home…"

"I called her already, did the whole smooth operator thing. She can call me at anytime. You're mostly girl, come on, there has to be something you'd know so this doesn't get any weirder than it has to be."


"I's nice having someone to talk to when you aren't home! Rhodon's been talking to me about all the places he's been to. Can we go to the Alpaca Mountains one day?"

Rhodon attempts to pour milk on his cereal. '1d10-2'

Roll #1 1 - 2 = -1


And he spills it, along with the rest of the jug, as he starts convulsing.


"Paws. Go stand watch at the window. Now." I growl at her. "I'll find out if he knows anything."

Set the pony into the corner of the room while I try to comfort my double with.
"Sis. Its okay to cry.. You're having a really bad day.. we all are.. Just gotta hang in there a little more.."


She grabs one of the smelly blankets to cover herself, then nods.

"What, are you going to do to him?"


"So, wait, they were split up?
Where did my department go?"


"It might be much for you, but it's gone. Looks like they were cooking the books too, and then they got gobbled up when they got caught with their pants down."

"You were lucky, they were able to get your insurance through at the clinic. You still get all the old perks."


"Dude, guys take one look at me and run. On top of that, I'm a bitch, so I'm at a loss on how to deal with girls like her other than "smile, nod, and imagine strangling her." Whatever you come up with is better than what I can."

Once my hair's bleached, I'll get out. I did warn him at least, so that's favor enough.


"Someday when we…" I look at Rhodon with the most intense pokerface of my life for a moment before I rush to his side to help him out of it
"Uh, Seam, get a mop"


"I'm going to ask him what he knows.. What kind of a mess we're in.."
"Its going to be okay.." ease her into the smelly bed. "Just rest, we may have to run again sooner than we like, so rest while you can."


"Do I even still have a job?"


A caucaphony of "No" can be heard coming from his office, along with numerous expletives.

You look like a whole new tin can, though your coworkers will still recognize you when you show up to work. You've got a few hours left in the day, how will you spend them?

"Is he going to be all right!? HELP HIM SIS!"

Despite not calling anyone, you can hear sirens in the distance.

She does as you say, your mirror image looking up to you as she gets on.

"You must really be the big sister, then." She says, then she peeps when your captive starts waking up.

"Don't worry about that! You need to learn to walk properly first. After we get all that, I'm sure you'll find a new job!"



"…" I don't reply about the sister comment, its a good cover to say I'm related to this doppelganger at least.
Instead I'll focus on the captive, standing imposingly over him, with his own gun pointed at him if possible. "Hey there. We took all your toys so don't think about trying anything."


He has enough gumption in him to spit at you. "Take a vacation in the Underworld."

Social Spot Check, roll 2d10


"Hmm, seems you're not too hurt. That's good."

Roll #1 8, 4 = 12


His clothes, his accent, the way he says things slightly off, this guy is a foreigner.

"Go ahead and kill me, you can't get anything out of me." He smiles as he stares at you.


I'll spend the next few hours figuring out exactly how to make my latest cash influx go the furthest, which bills need paying first, how much I need to put towards stuff to keep from having interest added… you know, life stuff.


"Oh. You see I promised my friend she could kill you, you did kill her lover after all.. I think she went to get some wires or something first.. wanted to make it more fun.. I mean I told her to back off, that I wanted to try talking to you first.. but if you want to be unreasonable, I'll just let her have her fun.."


With your new hairdo and a few shirts from work, you look like a completely different mare. Even with a photographic memory, a mare paying bills is much more incognito than people suspect.

Your Com-Link starts beeping with two new messages. One from your regular boss, and another from one of the construction guys who has you lift heavy things for him.

"I'd rather die than dishonor myself. Go ahead and have your fun."

"But before you do, tell me. Did he scream, or was it fast?"


Play the one from my regular boss first. Might as well get the scolding out of the way so I can focus on the construction guy's offer.


I stretch unphased by him, tapping his nose with a claw.
"Hey, No need to be so dramatic. I'm sure the guys you work for don't care for your neighponese honor."


>Message Opened 1/2
"Hey you walking pile of scrap, why didn't you show up today? Don't give me any excuses, just get over here
*an audible crash can be heard*
before I burn down the store myself. The new guy you were supposed to train just knocked down our baby section."

>Message Opened 2/2

"Oy, Sheeva, it's me, Cunic. Hey, I know it's short notice, but could I get you to help me out over here at the 'Yard? I, uh, need your physical, uhm, abilities for a task. Seriously, how am I supposed to ask about that. Anywho, give me a hoot when you can. Preferably soon."

"And what would you know about 'honor'? You're just another disposable criminal who does work for money."


"He'll be okay! Get the mop and a glass of water!" I go help him out, Patting his back "Calm down… Deep breaths, come on…" I say before groaning once I hear the sirens
"Ugh Fuck! Seam go see what is going on outside!"


I roll my eyes a little.
"Yea, I wish I could say I do that. I'm unemployed at the moment, thanks to these guys. Its a bit of a pain in the ass to be honest with you.
And even if I do get a new job, I'll have to start completely fresh, get all the shitty assignments, the ones that involve sitting in the smog and sun for hours.."



His breathing is becoming more stable. He was gulping in air before, but he's calming down as he looks at you.

"Miss Lamancha is walking funny towards the ambulance!" Seam yells back.

Your hostage looks at you for a moment, then regains his anger and cockyness.

"It's what people like you deserve."


I tap my chin a little and try to give him a caring look. '1d10+1'
"…Just who are you protecting? They have something on you?"

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Typical Equestrian, you can't do anything without a knife at your throat. What we do, what I do, I do for all of them."


Since when do I work in Resources? I'm not licensed to train anyone in the first place! I've been trying to show the new guy the ropes, but he won't listen for shit because "you're not my manager, I'm just here to do my job," blah blah fucking blah…
How good does this construction guy usually pay?


"All of who? What are you talking about pony?"


He only pays enough to maintain your body and a decent enough chunk on top. His main selling point for you, is that he treats you well. He's in deep trouble if he's calling you.

"It won't matter to you. If you just leave the city now, I'll ask them to make your deaths quick. If you don't you'll face their wrath."


Okay. Now I start to get irritated. Growl in his face and put a claw on his heart.
"Look here pony. All day people have been telling me 'its just some guy' 'some people' 'someone' and I swear, I'll tear you to pieces if you give me that vague crap again.
Now. Who do you work for?"


You know that saying about spoons, vinegar, and sugar?
Retail always has something going wrong, and they always have people and money to fix it with. I'm headed over to the yard to help Cunic out.


He lifts up his head at you, daring you to stab him. He smirks.

"I'm giving you a chance to walk away."


"Away from what? What makes you so superior to Equestrians? How are you not a lowly criminal? Just because you didn't pull the trigger?
Hiring an assassin is the same as murdering them, legally and morally."


"Because I was raised by them, trained by them, and I will die for them. Unlike you, who kills for a few bits and then wastes it like drunkards."

Your Dogge friend comes over and socks him in the face. He only smiles.


I sigh.
"Right. You're still randomly guessing at who I am, for some reason. But we took all your things, so you can't be recording this.
And you should have blown yourself up by now I'm guessing. So that family you want to die for things you're dead.
I don't get it. Why keep trying to help them, they clearly aren't coming back… I know a bit about being left alone too. In case you were wondering that. "


It's a bit of a hassle to get to the Yard he's working at, but the reason you'd work for him quickly shows itself. The poor Owl Gryphon is practically bathing in sweat.

"Sheeva, so glad to see you! Can I offer you some water? Some, err, oil? Is that okay? Anyways, I need your help! Some hooligans trashed my machines, and you're the only one who can get here fast enough to help me move forward! Please tell me you'll do it! I'll pay double!"


"Of course not!" He yells out. He gets punched again. "Just get this farce of an interrogation over with, the Typhoon Clan will avenge me!"

He stops and keeps his mouth open, realizing what he's done.


"Heh, looks like you're the one in need of a water break here, Cunic.
My boss at the mart won't be happy about this… Eh, he's always cranky anyway. Take a break while I see what I can do."
All right, what's wrong with his machines?


Do I know who that is?
"You awfully seem eager to throw your life away..
What kind of mission was so important?"


"Miss Lamancha? Is she hurt?! Can you see what happened?"


"Sabotage! Malfeasance! Black catbirds and other ill omens! My machines were sabotaged, and all I have right now is you! We're getting a few mechanics in to fix the cut wires, but I can't fall behind schedule too much."

He throws himself at your hooves.

"Your body! Your beautiful, mechanical body! Please, use it to help me get everything in place for the work crews. I need to do everything I can to not fall behind. Please!"

An Assassin like you knows a bit about them. They're a foreign gang, just another collection of criminals and killers looking to make a buck under the guise of honor.

Roll a d10 to try and recall specific things.

"I'm just clean up, that should be obvious to idiots like you." He gets kicked in the groin bu the Dog, who yells a set of expletives at him.

"SHUT UP, PLEASE SHUT UP AND STOP THIS!" Your imitator calls out in tears.

"They brought her outside, and she's sitting down. They have one of those water bag things in her now."

Rhadon is calming down now. "Sorry about the milk…"


'1d10' maybe I can recall something useful.

"Stop hitting him already, that's not going to work." I push her to the side.
"Okay, so you're delusional. Or perhaps a little mad. I'm upset too, haven't had anything to eat today.
You know a good place? Maybe a nice neighponese place, maybe one we can drop your body off at so your clan can find it?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Uh… wow… i-it's not like you to be so… forthcoming…" '1d10' to keep blush under control
"Alright, alright, get up already, sheesh. Just tell me where you want me to start."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Ah dang… "
I turn to Rhodon" Don't worry about it, guy. SEAM! watch him while I go see what's happening outside" I shout before heading out for the door


Your old corporation had a grudge with them, since they worked for the competition. They'd kidnap workers and sneak supplies around. You've popped a few of them and their underlings.

Except you also know they often did dispicable side jobs along the way. Supplies would be brought alongside smuggled slaves, kidnapped workers would often be drugged with narcotics they massed produced. These guys had turned crime into a business.

"Now you show your true feathers. Do it quickly, stop wasting my time. My clan will find out and they'll hunt you down."

You keep the cheek coloring under control.

"These machines need other machines to open them," he sighs, "but I'll fall even further behind if I wait for everything to be brought in. Use your strength to, uhm, open the hood. Yes, that'll do, so that those mechanics can get to work as soon as they get here. And if you can, help me with…" He gives you a load of other tasks to take care of.

Roll 3d10.


Heh, this is my kind of boss. Less complaining, more action, and no taking it out on his workers. Why aren't I in construction again?

Roll #1 3, 3, 1 = 7


"Okay, but don't take too long."

As you approach the Ambulance, you can see that the lights have been turned off. One of the Medical Zebras is even smoking! Miss Lamancha is sitting on her stairs, the other Donkey Paramedic just filling out the forms while the IV tube pours itself inside her.


"If you're a Typhoon. I have no choice but to kill you anyway. Or you're just come back and do something horrible, like your clan always does. I mean, they left you to die, but you seem bend on going back. So I have to."
Hold the gun steady and turn the safety off.
"Any last requests?"


Approach the two of them
"What is going on her?!"


Because it is heavy, hard, outdoor work. Your gears and muscles stress themselves to open up the vehicles. They didn't make it easy for anyone to open them. Several port-a-potty Cunic wanted you to move tipped over and leaked out. Some of the regular tools have been stolen. The thick fog rolls in, messing upi your hair and machine parts. Then you hear Cunic.

"No, it can't be you! Why, why, I haven't done anything wrong enough to deserve this!"

He's running into his office, away from the goofy looking Earthy with massive glases and missing teeth.

"Hiya!" She yells out shortly before tripping over her own hooves.

"Balikun. At least remember my name when you are torn apart."


I nod and carefully hand the gun to the dog girl.
"Wait until my sister out of the room."
And then escort my double out, with my claws over her ears before the guy gets shot to pieces.


The smoking Zebra turns his head towards you, then goes back to his cigarrete. The Donkey paramedic, who looks like she hit a bottle of gin earlier and it fought back, replies: "Just another case of not drinking enough water. An IV should get her back and running in no time." She says disinterested.

And then Lamancha starts throwing up and screaming.


Damnit, for a nice guy offering double pay, I don't care if I'm pushing the limits right now…
"Yo, four-eyes. What you doing around here?"


"CELESTIA! she's fucking throwing up!" I shout in surprise
"help her!"


She doesn't shoot him. You can hear the metal thwacks on his body.

"I want to go home…" Your simulacrum cries out as you walk out of the dingy apartment.

She gets up and fixes her thick, coke glasses.

"I'm here to get these machines up and running!" She says eagerly. "Don't worry, I'll have them working in a jiff!"

As she approaches your location to work on one of the haulers, she trips and smacks her face into the vehicle.

"My glasses, where are my glasses…"

"She was fine a moment ago!"

Both Paramedics rush to her side and move her to a more suitable vomiting position. They start taking her readings from her Medical Com-Link.

"Sis, SIS! He's gotten worse!" Open Seam yells out. "HELP!"


"…you're wearing them."
How the heck is she supposed to fix these machines? I can see why he's upset…


"Yea.. but we can't go to your home.. they came after you." I think and guide her further away.
"We could try my home…" Then I faceclaw. "But that stupid bitch took my ID earlier I bet she lost it in the fire too."


"Oh yeah." She says. "Thanks."

"Wow, they really did a wonder on them. Hmph, I bet it was one of them…" She adds, in a disgruntled tone. "If you can stay over here, I might need some help with these. Keep your hoof on this part, it'll probably fall."

"Here, maybe we can use mine." She ruffles her wing feathers and out falls her ID.

"I keep forgetting it, so I carry it that way. Good thing I'm such a klutz, right?" Desperate eyes look at you as she holds the card up.


"Fuck… I'm coming!"
Rush back to my house, already bracing for the worst


"Sure thing… just tell me what to do."
Hold the piece she indicated and watch as she works. Maybe I can at least make sure his machines get fixed.


"Hmm We can try it. Its better than going back right?"
Where's my apartment from here anyway? Can I get to an open area like a window and see?


"Ow Ow OWWHAAA! Mommy, it hurts! Make it stop!"

He rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach.

"Yeah, good."

She puts her hooves on the engine. Then her legs open up into ten separate pieces and get to work.

Roll your Strength.

There's an old but good enough map in the Complex hallway. It's about two hours away if you had an Mana-Cart, but you can get there faster by flying.

You can see the bombing site is still smoldering, even with the Firefighters. The sun is setting.


And I have my dead phone, or did I just leave that at home? Its been so long I can't recall.


"Those're some impressive mods, girl."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Your Dogge 'friend' and her comrades smashed it. You'll need a new one.

"Uhm, can I ask you something?" Your counterpart asks.

"Oh, really?" She says with a smile as she removes the last screw without telling you.

Your strength holds, but you tip forward a good deal from the sudden weight.

"Sorry! Sorry! You okay?!"


"fine, fine… just a little warning next time, okay?"
I straighten up and steady the load.
"So, what do I do with this?"


"What happened to him Seam?!" I rush to his side and try to find out myself I'd Seam can't answer


Riiight. I nod to my double, walking in the general direction of the apartments.
"Sure, we've got a decent flight ahead of us to get to my place."


"Just hold it a bit longer. I need to get these wires around it."

Her body seems to be merging with the Hauler as she seems to sink more and more into it to reach some of the small areas.

"And there, she should be ready to work!" She's got a smile on her.

Spot Check roll.

"He just got worse all of a sudden! I didn't even do anything! He just started yelling out in pain!"

Memory Check, roll 2d10.

"Well, what are you? Why do you look like me?" She asks sheepishly.


Oh crap, what did she miss?

Roll #1 8 = 8


'2d10' PANIC

Roll #1 8, 1 = 9


She gives you a hoofs up to celebrate, but you spot a screw sticking out of her leg.

He's a Crystal Pony, he's reacting off the nearby emotions!

You'll have to either help him AND Lamanacha is what your memory is bringing up!


"You missed one there." I nod toward her leg. "You've still got one of the screws," I clarify, since she probably can't see it.


"Oh? Ahh… AAHH!" Where does it go!? I forgot!" Her legs open up in surprise and she almost falls over as her front legs stop supporting her.

"Uhm, yeah, I'll check it again…"

She tries moving that screw all over the engine compartment, but you eventually hear it whirring into place.

"Thanks, now we can work on the other one! By the way, my name is Sella!"


Stare at her innocence for a long moment.
"I'm an assassin. I was engineered to do it. That's what they told me. They told me that they made me for it, and that It was expensive.
Then the company went down, and they forgot about me. Not really their fault, since I was a ghost and completely off the record."
Spread my wings and fly off slowly so she can keep up.


"But why do you look like me? Or is it supposed to be I look like you?"

She shakes her head around and covers her eye for a moment as she flies, then looks straight ahead and tries to fly fast.

"I'm not a copy. I'm real. I'm not a copy…"


"…call me Vee-vee," I offer as I hold the part back in place for her to attach, then move to the next machine.
"How often do you work for Cunic again? I've not seen you around before…"


"I work for G.A. Construction! So I only get called when our machines break. Did you get hired by them too!?" She asks in an over-eager tone.


I sigh and fly along side her, guiding her the correct way to my side of town.
"Lets find out together. See if we can dig up an old archive or something."


"…Yep, something like that. They call you often?"
Get ready at the next machine for her to do her thing.


"Yeah, I'm sure we'll find my birth certificate. Or a family picture."

And you arrive at the checkpoint. While a crippled Assassin like you might be able to sneak in, your living portrait doesn't seem to have received the same training. How will you get through this?

Cunic comes around every so often, his mood lightening up since the machines are getting fixed, though both of you find bolts and screws in Sella's legs and even mane.

Roll 3d10 for your overall condition after this.


C'mon, double pay for a nice guy… I've got to do my best on something like this… '3d10'

Roll #1 7, 1, 4 = 12


One of your knee motors seems to have suffered more than the others. It whirrs often.

"Is it okay, can I try to fix that?" Sella asks.


She has an ID. She can just walk through.
"Hey, maybe my life was a lie, and they stole me from your family! Chin up." Pat her on the back with a grin.
"Now just go through the gate, and I'll find a way to the other side. Keep going a bit that way until you're out of sight of the guards."

'2d10' perception for a good way to sneak by

Roll #1 3, 5 = 8


"Uh… if you don't mind?" I'd say no, but I really don't want it giving out and having to fix it later.


"Yeah, I bet that's what happened! We were twins, separated at birth!"

She seems to gain some pep in her steps as she starts building an elaborate story in her head. As for you, they seem to have doubled up on guard duty tonight.

There's a few gaps between the lights at least, and you could try picking some locks to other gates around the checkpoint.

Repair Roll, don't respond yet. '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 6 = 15


There's a light in her eyes as she dissasembles herself and attaches to your leg.

"Oh wow, you have that."

"No way, it can't be."

"Who did your work? It's absolutely terrible."

"Oh hey, that one is messed up too."

>All physical actions gain a +1 until further notice.

"So flex that leg now." She commands.


Flex it a few times, blinking at how much smoother it's operating.
"Wow… thanks. This is…" I chuckle a bit as I enjoy the feeling. "This is awesome!"


She's glowing with pride as she fixes her glasses.

Then her leg pops open and she pokes herself in the face.

"They work! They work!!" Cunic cries out in joy. "And you, you have redeemed yourself!" He shouts out as he yells out and hugs Sella. "For you, as agreed." Cunic brings over a Cred-Stick with the agreed on fee.

"YES, YES, we are still on time."


'1d10+3' lets start by sneaking to a darker area, near a door.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"Hey, you paid for my body, the least I could do is make sure you got the full benefit~" I grin and give him a sultry wink as I take the cred-stick.
"Whenever you get that need you can't take care of yourself, just give me a call."


"Seam, goddammit,I… G-go get me my emergency kit on my room!"
I panic slightly as I don't know what to do… Hopefully they will get that lady out of here and his pain will stop… If not.. Well, I'll have to go there myself
Though I am not sure if I will be able to stop her pain…


Everything lined up Hawknia. The crowds dispersed and gathered right at the moment to block you from the lights and cameras. It's just you and the door now.

"Of course. You know I will pay!"

He grovels in happiness again before being pulled away by a Com-Link call.

"Now that we're done here, how about a Hayburger to celebrate Vee-Vee! I've never seen Cunic so happy."


Take my time, nice and easy, work the lock open. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Check the time. Is there still enough time to get to the mart for a half-day at least?


Open Seam quickly retrieves your kit, having been on the receiving end of it before. You've got a few tranquilizers on hoof, though nothing as strong as what they were giving him in the hospital. The ambulance sirens start blaring, added to the noise with the screams.

It puts up a lot more resistance than it should. Enough so that you can hear his voice walking through the line.

It's giving way, you can hear the insides giving, just a little more.

Your Com-Link is blaring with messages. You're likely going to be there all night if you go in.


'1d10+1' Come on.. just open you know you want to.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"…A hayburger sounds good. After that I've got to get going, or my other boss is going to make my life miserable. Er, more miserable."
I guess she's all right, as long as she's supervised.


Nothing, that lock continues to hold you at bay.

And now he is in sight. Anything less than a 7 on the next roll means that you'll have to give up on the lock.

"Yay, my first work friend!" She cheers and asks to share Com-Link numbers.

"Boy, you must be busy then if you have two jobs. What else do you do, Vee-Vee?" She asks at a local Hay joint.


'1d10+1' can't quit yet. Myself is counting on me.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Retail work. and it's as bad as it sounds. Still, it's better than being broke."
Eye her hoof as we sit down.
"So, what's the story behind those mods?"



He comes into view, that spiky haired horn horse. He inspects some of the Equestrians in line, mostly the female ones. You can see his horn glow and it isn't hard to understand where the magic is going.

The treatment goes well. The leg has most of the kinks worked out, and the rest of your body recovers as well.

Right now, you're waiting in the hospital lobby for the Goat Nurse to bring you your discharge papers. Your Com-Link is fully charged.


Oh. On the bright side he knows me. Putting up with a little harassment might get me through the gate.
Stand in line.


Look up what the official news about my company is myself.


"Oh, with me, well uhm. Ugh, sorry, it's just a bit of a mess. My mom, and whoever my dad is, were junkies. I was basically born in pieces, is what they told me. Most of this body is fake."

"But don't worry, it worked out fine! Since I only need to eat a little and fix myself up on occasion, it wasn't so bad."

You can feel his magic touching the bottom of your leg. He always starts there.

"Ah, Hawknia, such a pleasent surprise to see you." He doesn't even try hiding his horn glow. "Back from your shift alre-."

He feels where the Dogge broke your leg and stops. His face becomes serious.

"What happened, who did this? Medic!"


"I was mugged on the way back from work.. I.." make some fake tears '1d10+1' "I.. I just want to get home.. order a new comm unit.."

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Just a little more detailed than what was told to you. A few weeks ago, some of the flammable supplies brought to the building exploded. Since the facility's construction and maintenance money was stolen by the CFO and others in the company, it collapsed, killing most of the employees there.

The company was bought out by a conglomerate, efectively eviscerated by multi-nationals. The lions share went to Raiku, its mentioned.


"Yeah, well let's get you checked out first. I can get someone to give you a ride."

He helps carry you to the other side of the checkpoint, barking orders into his mike. He hoofs you off to a medical Pegasus.

"You're in good hooves now, okay. Just relax." He gives you a wink and trots off.

"So, where did he touch you?" She asks non-chalantly as she starts checking out your leg.


What a pity.
Should I work for them?
I'm not after money so much as to satisfy my curiosity and other needs.

Where can I get a job and equipment now, even?


I chuckle and shake my head. "Heh. Never had a choice in whether you got them or not; I know what that's like. You need to take anti-rejectants, or that not a problem you've gotta worry about anymore?"


"Just the legs, he stopped when I saw I wasn't well.. might be a perv, but he isn't cruel."


The Sister's can get you a job for them. Nowhere near the most advanced stuff, but they're always understaffed and could use someone with your training.

You might try G.O.A.T., but coming from a former competitor might give them pause.

Roll for memory, 2d10, if you want more.

"I have to take a lot of other ones. Sometimes it feels like I'm a machine with organic parts added on instead, you know? Like they wanted a way to make a metal body move and this was the best option, huh?" She laughs before sighing.

"Our order is next."


"I'll give the idiot that. Worst part for me is that he does a better job than my own husband."

She gives a few injections to the area and hoofs you some painkillers.

"Just stay off of it, and you'll be fine. Since you can fly, shouldn't be too much of a hassle, just be careful. And here." She also gives you a sandwhich and a soda from her lunchbox. "I usually try to hide a bite or two during the night shift, but you'll need it more than I will. You can eat it on the Mana-Cart. You'll be home in no time. Get some sleep."


"That's very kind of you.. Thankyou."
Then do a double take, If I'm getting a ride that leaves double me alone. "Oh, did you say a manacart?"


"So what? Yeah it sucks having to take meds and constantly aching everywhere, but there's payoffs too. Like, I can walk anywhere I want. I can run. I can do it better than most ponies, for crying out loud! I just wish it had been by choice. That, and if they'd just asked permission first."
Eh, why not get a decent-sized meal for myself? I've earned it.


Those tranquilizers are the best I have right now so it'll have to do for now…
"Seam, we're gonna have to soothe him until the ambulance takes Lady Whatshername away! Hold him down so that he won't hurt himself, got it?!" I start preparing the shot


"Yeah, we've already got one doing some rounds around the checkpoints. It won't be much for them to drop you off. We actually have to do a couple, shows that we care and stuff."

The greasy teen Dog on the other side of the counter loads up your trays and brings you your food.

"Yeah, same here. But it let us get this far, so it isn't all bad, right?" Sella starts chugging the drink they brought.

Your Com-Link vibrates.
>New Message
>Sender: Blocked Number


"Oh, okay. He's going to be fine, right?" Seam asks tearfully.

Roll 2d10


Come on… '1d10'

I don't care anymore. Maybe it's time I did something high-risk.

Roll #1 5 = 5


another '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Give him a smile "You kidding? Your sister is a nurse, you can trust me, fool!"

Roll #1 6, 2 = 8


"I see, is it leaving right away? I feel an urge to stretch my wings a bit after that." I wipe my feathers slightly as if I wanted to cover a blush.


"Oh hell no, it's fucking awesome. Just wish I wasn't up to my eyeballs in bills when I didn't have a say in the matter."
Oh boy… check the message.


You flash back towards when you were running in the building. The dead dudebro, he starts standing up despite being full of holes.

"Hey, a friend of mine said he was interested in people with your skill. If you need extra money and don't want to pay tax, give him a call at YYY-YY-YY-YYY."

You recall that he still has areas of fur that haven't turned to Crystal yet. The needle goes in smoothly as the ambulance pulls away at the same time, but he's still breathing with difficulty.

"Mommy, where are you…"


Who the hell's saying that? Look around me.


She looks out the door and then back at you with a disinterested look.

"He's on the phone, playing some game. Just tell him when you're ready."

"Sucks huh. Some of my friends go forever between jobs and are alright at the end of it."

>"Hey, it's me, Papillon. I got a weird message to send you some coordinates from a dude calling himself 'Stripes'. Said you might need them if the heat was on you? You know what that's all about and should I burn all trace of this in my system?"


"Mister Jenner, are you alright?"

The Goat Nurse is in front of you.

"Looks like you got lost in thought. Was it at least a good memory?" She smiles at you.


"Alright. I'll be back."
Fly just out of sight to where my double should be '2d10'

Roll #1 6, 2 = 8


"I don't have a lot of good ones right now."

Move away. And… try calling that weird number.


"Sshh… Shh… I'm here Rhodon… Mommy's here… Close your eyes…" start singing a lullaby as the tranquilizers start taking effect


"Excuse me a minute while I take care of this…"
I get up and go to the bathroom for some privacy.
>"Sorry about that, it's work-related. Torch everything."


She's easy to find, though the drugs are making you dizzy. She's on a brightly lit bench, flipping a coin over and over.

It rings a few times.

"Hello? Uhm, yeah, you've reached Burkell's Odds and Ends, what can I do for you?" A groggy voice asks "Hey, watch that case!" It yells to someone.

Open Seam sits next to him as your singing slowly puts him to slee. His cries stop, and after a few minutes, he is snoring.


>"I figured as much. Honestly, you're always getting into trouble. What did you do? Don't answer that."


I sigh "There… He'll be okay… Seam… Clean up this mess please… I'll take him upstairs" I levitate him with my magic to gently carry him away upstairs to my room


>"Sure do. Pot called, wanted to tell Mr. Kettle he's black."
>"Seriously though, Scorched Earth. I don't wanna hear about you 'disappearing.'"
These coordinates look familiar at all?


Sit with her a moment rubbing my head from the dizziness.
"Hey there sis. Wanna ride a manacart?"


"I'll bring another blanket for him."

After all he's been though in the last hours and days, Rhodon looks so peaceful asleep."

>"Yeah yeah, don't worry about me."
The coordinates seem to be random locations on the maps. Some buildings and warehouses around Seaddle.

"You have a mana-cart?"


"Yes he does… Now we give him some time to rest… Come on let's… Let's watch TV or something…"


"That's a good idea…"

I'll PAUSE Sympathy's part for now.


Safehouses… wonder how many are actually safe?
Head back out and rejoin Sella.
"Sorry about that."


She just gives you a big smile, face covered in hay.

"When do you have to get to your next job?"


"I heard there was a job opening for a wildshaper."


"Not exactly mine, its the guards. One of them is real friendly with me and arranged it when he saw I was hurt.. I could" I yawn a bit. "Sneak behind or something while you ride in the open.. wouldn't be hard.. I'll give you the address and stuff.."


>Spitting sounds can be heard, and some unintelligible yelling on the other side of the line.

"No way, now he convinces someone else from there. Okay, I don't know how much you were told, but we could use someone like you. But, uhm, don't be mad if we're kinda cautious about this. Please. But if you're serious, can you come to this address? I'll send you the link, got it?"

"Just as expected from my big sister, to always think of everything.


"Soon as I finish this burger, so let's take our time, okay?"
Spend the rest of my time just chatting and eating my meal before heading off to work.


Sella proceeds to talk about regular robo-girly stuff. She's happy to have met someone like her.

I'll Pause here for Sheva now.


"I'm a point where I'm open to a lot of things. Go ahead."


"Hmmhm.." tell her where I live sleepily and then pull out the sandwich.
"Hey, I also got this, is was a gift before you get weird ideas, just wanted to share half with you."



"Try to keep a low profile, we don't need any trouble following you if you're legit. Just act normal when you're headed to the address, and everything will be fine."

She forgets all sense of courtesy and makes the sandwich disappear through her beak.

"That was the best sandwich I ever had."



Chuckle at her through my tired beak.
"There, isn't that better. Now just tell em' you're ready to go home and I'll follow you.. I know the way to my own home pretty well at least."


The truck makes a few wrong turns, but nothing out of the ordinary. After all the excitement of the day, it's ending with a quiet drive, for your pseudo-sister at least.

She's dropped off at the entrance, but the guard was kind enough to stick around until she at least entered the building. She's there, waiting for you.


Rhodon's late night fiasco has cleared up by morning. He's back to his calm, though somewhat absent minded self and managed to make himself cereal with some help from Alowishus.

Open Seam is next to you, reading up on Crystal Ponies.


And yesterday was a completely wasted day!
Ah wel, let's have some breakfast myself while I make a mental list of my assignements for today, I totally have work right?


Slide into the space beside the door and whistle to her, motion for her to go in. Then I can follow her up..
'1d10+3' stealth I guess?

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Just a short shift today. Funds have gotten low, and their working towards another donation to keep afloat.

While busy, it's your apartment complex. Most people don't give her a look since they just assume it's you.

And now it's just you and your doppelganger in your tiny apartment.


Ah dang…Now what will I do with Rhodon…
''Seam, don't you have school today?…''


I decide to look around for bugs or evidence of someone being here before anything else. '2d10'
"Doing okay sis? Also what should I call you?"

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7


"Ohh, uhm, don't worry, I have perfect attendance so far, so just write me a note." He says, barely looking away from his Com-Link.

Alowishus is busy washing the dishes, so you don't have to worry about chores, just Rhodon standing in front of you with an eager look.

"Can we call my parents today?"

You find 14 quarters.

Your living photocopy just heads to a corner to watch you over turn couch cushions.

"It's Cita. That's my name…"

She starts breathing much more quickly.

"What, what happened today?"


''Seam…I don't want you missing classes…'' Give him a suspicious glare
then turn to Rhodon with a softer expression
''Well, why didn't you asked that sooner?''


He just returns the stare.

"And how often do you bring other kids in the just middle of the night?"

Rhodon just hoofs at his chin.

"I wasn't supposed to. My parent's told me not to talk with people who might have kidnapped me, but I don't really think you did that for a bad reason."


"Alright Cita… I'm Hawknia." Sit on the bed feeling safe for the moment.
"Today? I went to work, at my boring job at the coffee shop. Today. I never got to work. Today, I made a promise to you to help you."
Pat the spot next to me "How about we trade stories. I'll tell you why I didn't make it work, and then you tell me what happened to you before I found you."


She's starting to tear up, but she does as she's told.

She keeps looking at you, now that she's this close and doesn't have to worry about being in the same room as an unconscious bomber.


I blink and put a hoof to my ear
''What was that Seam? Did you said you wanted aspargus soup for breakfast tomorrow?'' I say, hoping he will get the message
then turn back to Rhodon
''Well…I'm sure he'll understand, I'll just explain myself that I was just doing my job as a nurse and we'll have a calm adult conversation I hope…He's a reasonable guy, right?''


"EHH!" Seam gets out of his mouth, disappointed before leaving.

"Yeah!" Rhodon's eye shine brightly. "I mean, you are a Nurse, right? So it wouldn't be a bad idea if it was you!" He starts bouncing around.


"So.. I was on the way to work, I had to hurry, barely had time for my shower, no breakfast, and my comm device was dead because I forgot to charge it.." I go on with these ordinary details for a while, trying to make her feel comfortable.
"..and Then I spotted an oversized trashbag on the side of the road, not regulation, and it has these pipes sticking out of it. It was a bomb, and it was going to hurt a lot of people. I tried to disarm it, but I'm a little out of practice so it went wrong, It broke open, I was covered in shit, and I had to think quickly, I dug down to the sewer and pushed the bomb in so it couldn't activate.. then it all went black. I was captured by the dog and her unicorn friend. They questioned me for a little bit, but they clearly didn't know what they were doing.. Left me alone and I escaped easily, and followed them. That's when I met you."


"And don't forget to behave!" I shout at Seam before signing and cleaning up the table
"Alright, just gimme the number then… What got you so excited anyways?"


"But you're used to it, aren't you? Me, I was just a Secretary. I woke up, I fly to work, I take counts and orders, and then I go home. I don't expect to be jumped by, goons in suits when I get asked to go help a client. I don't know how to handle being kicked repeatedly. How was I supposed to deal with being left for dead after the car they threw me out of got hit…"

"Please, why do we look exactly like each other…"

"Yeah, yeah."

"I just thought it was a good time to ask now." Rhodon replies. "It's quiet, and my head isn't hurting anymore."


Put a wing around her to hug her.
"I'm sorry that happened to you..
Do you remember what kind of questions they asked? Any symbol they wore? Tattoos or accents maybe?"


"Well that is good to know. see? I told you I would take good care of you… Just don't forget to throw in some good word of me to your dad you hear?" I smile and chuckle a bit


"Just boring black and blue suits. I probably have, had the same ones if I looked hard enough in my closet. I know where they were, since I still remember the address, but it's a blur after that. I remember there being a Mana-Cart accident, but nothing else. I'm sorry."

"Is it okay if we do it from your work? I don't get out much, and I want to see the city before I have to go!" Rhodon asks eagerly.


"I see.. Well, tell me the address and I can look into it tomorrow..
What about the client? Anything unusual about the request? Do you usually go meet clients?"


"Hhmmnn… It might be dangerous Rhodon… This place has all sorts of bums, weirdos and possible muggers going about… Are you sure?" I walk up to him, lowering my head so he looks at me in the eyes to show that this is serious


"Yeah, well sort of. I worked for Protocera, we shipped and sold drug stuff." She stops for a moment, catching herself. "Medical chemicals, we're legit. But sometimes stuff is important, and it isn't unlikely for us to be sent to supervise, to make sure stuff doesn't get cut, you know. I was picking something up from Cicon Supplies, since my boss just sent me there in a huff, and I'll mark the location if you have a map, or a computer."


He runs up to the window.

"Yup! My teachers always warned me about them, but they won't mess with me if I'm around you, right? I mean, you live here, so that must mean you're tough, huh?"


I totally have computer right? This is the future and all, boot it up and let her mark the location.


I roll my eyes
"Sort of… But if we get cornered by two or three dudes With guns, we're both Fucked… They won't think of sparing us from a mugging just because you're a kid… But you behaved well and since you said you were feeling better… Alright… But pay attention and for the love of Celestia don't leave my side for a second, okay?"


It's one of the warehouses in the middle of the 'Iceburg', a holding area for stuff that came off the boats.

"I just don't understand, it's not like I ever did anything wrong? I had all my paperwork, I mean I would get drunk sometimes, but I never did anything bad that I can remember."

Blood starts appearing on her beak.

"Why can't I remember?"

He practically runs around the house in the blink of an eye. He's got one of Open Seam's hoodie sweaters on before you can note him moving towards it.
It's a muggy day, with plenty of rain in the forecast.

Roll three d10s


Whoa, lets get her a bandage for that.
Blood stains are a pain to deal with, even little ones.
"Hey calm down. I'll get to the bottom of this. They must have wanted something.."


"What school did you go to?" She asks in a panic. "Do you know how to swim?"


"…What.. That's got nothing to do with the mission.." I look confused and then suspicious. "You weren't thinking of trying to take over my life were you?"


Aah, my favorite kind of weather
Bring an umbrella along just in case

Roll #1 9, 10, 4 = 23


"What, NO! It's just, I never thought of it before. It's just, there are images of it, but no names or any other memories of being there, you know. Please tell me you do at least?"


"Hmmm Okay, lets see if I can find something good to talk about.." '2d10' dig around for a childhood photo.

Roll #1 4, 8 = 12


You're dressed and prepped. The city is actually looking lively and all the stalls and stores are open with their fancy neon lights. Rhodon spends more time looking at the mundane, every day things.

"There! Over there! What are those?!" He yells out as he points his hooves towards some chickens.

You managed to make it to your regular job, where the manager was ready to rip you apart, but all the animals getting loose in the pet department took him away quickly before he could insult your new appearance.

A few days of incognito work go by before Cunic gives you a call.

>Pick up?

>Go on with your day?


>implying I would ignore a friendly employer
"Yo, Bird-man. What's up?"


There are mostly some "toys" and "mementos" that would get you arrested in most places that you find. Most of the old photos you have double as reminders where you've stashed some weapons.

You do, however, find one picture of when you attended 'school', mostly so you could learn to blend in.

Present them to Cita?


I sigh and roll my eyes, but I can't help but smile a bit
"Those are chickens… The eggs we use on cake and stuff comes from them" I pat him mane as we pass by the chickens


Show her the real picture, at least I have real memories of it!
"Here's one, I remember this place, used to go there to socialize, there was this cute scientist there, and a really annoying pegasus pony, thought he was the best at disarming bombs and ladies."


"Thank the Sisters in the Sky you picked up. I've got some propositions for you, any of which would be good for me, since some things at the company have come up."

He offers several jobs.

>Help move some containers at the Shipyard to a truck

>Pull Guard duty at the Yard, but there have been some hecklers he warns
>Deal with some deliveries on a Cart, point being that his less than trusty cousin will be with you


"I think I can make sure that cousin of yours behaves himself. Just tell me where I need to go."
Much as I'd like to teach the kids messing with his gear a lesson, standing around is boring. This way, I can help him out and maybe bust some skulls!


Rhodon approaches them, then runs back to you at full speed when they cluck menacingly at him.

It's not much further to the Clinic, but the streets get quieter as a group of delinquent looking youths start walking down the other side of the street by you.

"He hurt his nose, right? An adult had to be called, yeah?"


Whisper to him to not even glance at them as I pass through, pretending to ignore them


"Thing is I owe him, since he has enough sense to keep his head down low enough to sniff opportunities. I owe you again."

He actually has his cousin come pick you up, as a last act of gratitude. You'll be delivering some papers for the company, since they have contracts all around town.

When the obviously mal-maintained Mana-Cart pulls up, a small but chunky Gryphon honks the horn.

"Haha, you are my cousin's mechanical friend, no? I am Whitne-yi, a pleasure to make your friendship!"


"Yea, that did happen, he got into a fight with.. what was her name.. Iris? He was always hitting on her, I wish I had seen it actually happen, would have been satisfying, but I heard she bucked him with both her back hooves and he only dodged one."


He doesn't listen all the way and glances at them between your steps. One of them smirks back.

As you continue down the road, the sudden silence is answered. There's another group of Gangers headed your way!

"Iris, she was a Jenny. She was teased by him, a lot."


"Call me Vee-Vee," I answer, climbing in on the passenger's side.
"Let's get these delivered."


I frown and stop reminiscing.
"How could you remember that place? It wasn't even a real school.. I mean we really learned things, but.."


Squint and keep close to Rhodon, muttering a swear


"Hah, Cousin is always working hard and he must have a good eye for others like him. That means we'll be taking it easy in no time! Now, I need a guard, but I don't need a guard, exactly. Company doesn't want to spend for one, and I can outfly even Wonderbolt, but the papers here, they weigh a ton. Drop it on a Dragon and, POOF, dead dragon! Just, the city can be troublesome, like a lady. Nice and stable, then you are on the floor being kicked around because you had another girl on the side."

"Now, enough chat, let us get our work done so I can bill the Company while we nap."

Roll four d10s on this case.


"But, I can't remember anything else. That's the thing. I should have a memory of what I did after school. Who had their parents come pick them up. A book report! Some homework! That was it, that's all I remember! Just some snippet of your life. Where is mine?"


I'm looking out for Cunic, so if this guy tries anything shady…

Roll #1 1, 8, 3, 5 = 17


"Oi, I heard you talking about me!"

"Yeah, like I wouldn't find out what you did!"

"Yea, you're not even worth a chip in that kids lunchbag!"

Your route just became a battlefield of fistihoofs! Get Rhodon out of there!


I should but I can't just run away with him… Can I?
"Excuse me? What the hell are you talking about?" I try to feign confusion, although I honestly don't know what they are talking about… I don't remember talking shit about anyone…
Also make sure to stay in front of Rhodon, if they try anything with him, they'll have to get through me


"..Um.. Do you remember.. Golden Beak? I used to sneak out and see him, he was a baker, I met him when I was 15, doing some scouting practice at the market, I slipped on mud and he helped me up. I didn't tell anyone about that, because we were supposed to be perfect in the field, and went back that night to make sure he wouldn't tell.. and I saw him prepping the next day's sign for the bakery.
Four years we dated in secret."


He pops mints and candies into his beak on the way to the first delivery, just a few minutes away. He nearly rear ends some poor schmuck.

Roll to spot.


Eyes open. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


The dialogue was between the gangers.

Several bottles are thrown around you, aiming for the delinquents! Move, try to get Rhodon out safely with a three d10 roll! Try to keep Rhodon safe in this orgy of violence!

He seems unable to drive in a straight line and even bumps onto the sidewalk.


"Dude, steady the fuck up, you're weaving all over the place!"
I don't wanna be in a cart-wreck today!


"I never dated until, until…"

"I have a degree, and there was a boyfriend there. I think, I'm sure."

She stops.

"I don't remember the classes…"


I blink a few times.
"….And you're just now realizing this?"


ah my bad
"Stay close Rhodon… Things are getting ugly in here…." I whisper to him