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Thread #4 Already? Jeez



Give us a prompt.


"I've been l-living in her shadow for years… and now that I'm not, I s-still feel it looming over me…"


There is none to be given really. You are standing in the middle of a factory with dead bodies all around you. You just found a letter that ordered the assassination signed by Ducatia and the armored mare is ded again.


"Well then get outside more often."
I search the bodies for any money or interesting loot.

Rolled 8 = 8


Yo' name
"I-I don't have a p-problem with nature…"


Saying Yo name when my name fell off too


"I meant challenge your fears more often. I was using a metaphor."


The thugs all seemed to have pretty common and standard weaponry on them. You could pick up a shield if you wanted.

You also notice the small bag on the table where the letter laid on. As you inspect the bag you see that it is filled with coins, denarii again. Just like the coin you found earlier they are still very shiny and must be freshly minted.


>your name
oh the irony
I possibly patch things up with Zivur!
My face dons a honest smile and I go help Erumal search through the corpses.

Rolled 10 = 10


"Oh… but fears a-are scary…"


I read my magic book in silence.


I take a shield and the bag of money.


"They wouldn't be fears if they weren't."


"I can hardly understand fears sometimes… others are not afraid o-of h-her, for example, but they are afraid of the dead…"


You pick up a simple leather shield. It wont stop dragonbreath but it could still save your life from arrows or common weaponry.

You also take the bag of coins. There is 30 denarii in there.


"The only thing you should be afraid of is being without any friends. I can't imagine a more horrible existence than that."


"You r- really shouldn't let your f- fears get the better of you, Zivur. I- It's not healthy."
I walk outside and open up another door. What do I see inside?

Rolled 2 = 2


"I d-don't really have a problem with the solace of loneliness… and the dead are always there to listen…"


I think we cant leave.


I start exploring the rest of the factory.

Rolled 4 = 4


I'm just checking out other rooms of the factory. I don't think that really counts as anything major that deserves waiting for the next session.


You walk back to the stock room and try another door on the other side. This room isn't as dark and you see a lot of desks and chairs around. This room was probably used for administrative purposes you also see two ponies laying on top of one of the desks, cuddling each other.

Wait what? You don't cuddle that wa-


Well at least they haven't noticed you or anything else going on in the building.


"O- oh…"
I silently close the door and walk away.
try not to imagine you and zivur doing that try not to imagine you and zivur doing that

Rolled 9 = 9


Yes, let's.
I command Piercy to walk behind me.


Let's get going.

Spellcheck can go fuck itself.


You close the door silently and without them noticing and go on your merry way.

The party walks back outside, leaving the manufactory behind thme. The sun is starting to set and the ponies the party killed earlier have already been stripped of all their belongings.


"Um… s-should we tell the Empress what w-we found?"


"Only if you don't want to take Ducatia up on her job offer."


"No, no, I don't want that…"
After a bit.
"Do you?"


"J- Job offer?
W- what job offer?
A- and why take a job offer from someone who tried to kill the Empress?"


I wonder why.


"Not in the least."

"She offered us a job last time she saw us; I was being sarcastic. Let's go."


So the party goes to the imperial palace again?



Where else would we find the Empress?



The party sets off again and reaches the Imperial palace without any incidents. The guards, knowing who you are by now allow you to pass freely and don't even escort you along anymore. The party walks through the gardens and enters the palace itself, following the same route as they always have. As they reach the wooden doors to the throne room however, they are stopped by two guards, who block the way in.


"Is there a problem?"


Move, we have to talk with the empress.


"Umm, if y-you'd be so kind and l-let us in…"


One of the guards clears his throat and speaks up formally.

"Her majesty is already receiving a visit and wishes not to be disturbed while negotiating."


Is Ducatia with her?


"Umm, a-and when will s-she finish?"


"Is it with Ducatia?"


"D- Do you know when she will be done?"


He cocks an eyebrow.
"Guild Master Ducatia is currently at the guild hall, so if you need her you'll have to go there."

"Goddesses knows what those inquisit-"

The guard is interrupted as Pick Wick suddenly teleports in between you.

"You are here. Good. And you all made it alive too. Even better."

She motions to the party as she walks down the hallway.

"Follow me, you must tell me what you have learned swiftly, in private."


Lead the way baby.


I follow her.


Step back a bit from her sudden appearence, then follow wordlessly.


I follow behind, making sure to keep my distance from Zivur.


She leads the party down the hallway and steps inside one of the side rooms. The door has her name on it as well as her title, she is apparently a baroness.

Inside the room there is a table with a giant map sprawled on top of it. She takes seat on one of the chairs and motions the party to sit down as well.

"So. What did you learn? What did you find? Please tell me this was a good lead or the empress will eat me alive."

She seems quite nervous and twitchy.


This information is for the empress not for you.


"A-are y-you all r-right?"


"Why are you so nervous? Are you sure you're in a fit state for us to tell you?"


"Lavinia has enough on her hooves already. She can't deal with everything herself, that's why me, Ducatia and Polygross are around."

"Yes. I'm fine. Why do you ask? Why would you want to know? You trying to figure me out or something? Trying to find weaknesses so you can come to my chambers at night and stab me to death or suffocate me with a pillow or something? Bah!"

"I am always nervous. I always have to be prepared for the worst. You see this room for example? I already planned out 20 different escapes routes just for this particular situation. I've already thought of every possible scenario where you try to kill me and how to counter it. It's my job after all."


"I think we will wait and tell the Empress ourselves. If you will excuse us."
I stand up to go.


She is going to deal with this now.
Leave the room.


"Wow. That's-

"Sorry, sorry, have to go, bye!"
Follow the others.


"You don't trust me? I gave you this lead. I've been working on trying to catch whoever is responsible for this for so long now. If you go in there and tell the Empress what you've found and it is wrong, she'll have my head for wasting resources. Because it's my lead, my responsibility."


Lets go together but this is something we have to tell her right now.


"T- that's absolutely awful!"
"M- Maybe we should listen to him…
I mean, what r- reason would he have to lie to us?"


"We have irrefutable evidence implicating all the parties involved in this."


"S-sorry but in the l-light of things we f-found we can't t-trust anyone."



"Irrefutable? Nothing is irrefutable."

"Fine, I'll trust you. Which is weird, I haven't trusted someone since…"
Her voice falters and a sad look creeps on her face.

"No. No. No. Can't linger on the past. Need to look forward, stay vigilant. Let's go."

She leads the party back outside the room into the hallway near the large wooden door.

"And now we wait."


Wait for what?


"For her m- meeting to finish."


"She's meeting with the Inquisition?"


"For those inquisitors finishing their business."

She shudders.

"They are nasty types. But good investigators. They are good at tracking down. Too bad they don't track down our assassins."


Right, right is hard to pay attention sometimes.


I know I worked with them back in canterlot.


After waiting for a while, the doors finally open up again. Three ponies step outside wearing inquisitors uniforms. One of them you recognize as Vigil, who doesn't pay any heed to the party whatsoever. As they walk out one of the other inquisitors speaks up.

"Out of our way, wastrels, we don't have time for the likes of you."


Step aside son.
Walk in.


I obediently step aside without a word.


I step aside and wait for them to leave. Once they're gone I go inside.


I shoot the one who said that a nasty look and step aside.


She shoots you an even nastier one back. Damn, they must be trained in making nasty faces.

You let the three pass and walk inside, Pick Wick walking alongside you. The empress is sitting on her throne again, staring out in front of her as she appears deep in thought. She doesn't even seem to notice you entering. Polygross is standing near one of the windows, looking over the gardens and also appearing deep in thought.


"We found a letter from the mare that hired the assassins."


Good morning your highness I have something for you.
>levitate the card to her.


I just stand there silently as usual.


I stand there quietly and let the others explain what we found.


She blinks a few times and snaps her attention to the party.

"Oh, it's you."

She looks at Dusk, confused.

"It's evening."

Grabbing the letter, she reads it over casually without any trace of emotion… until she reads the last part and does a double take.

"What is it, dear?"
"What's wrong your majesty?"

Instead of answering, she just stares at the letter for a while.


"Oh dear… I have a bad feeling about this…"


What should we do know your highness?


I stay quiet.


I keep quiet and wait for the inevitable explosion.


After a while, her expression changes into one of sheer unadulterated anger


She jumps from her throne and shoves the letter in her husbands' hooves.


"I don't understand, what do you mean, love?"


Pick Wick trots over and glances at the letter too.

"That's her hoofwriting. And signature too."

She then turns to the party.

"Is this all you found? Was there anything more? Anything at all."

The Empress in the meantime simply rants on about decapitation and putting heads of traitors on the walls of city while throwing some vases around.


"A- aside from about a d- dozen gang members, no.
W- we got the leader to t- talk and this is all she gave us. I think."


The real leader of the gang is not here right now.


Try not to collapse on the floor whimpering at the sight of the raging mare.

Rolled 2 = 2


"We found a bag of freshly minted denarii. We were also told that the gang's leader was in Ravelsburg meeting with the bandits there."


"O- oh! Right.
I- it was just a lieute- lieut- lieutenant. N- not the leader."




All you can think of is your wife. It's all coming back to you again. All the abuse, all the tears and the despair. You curl up on the floor and start sobbing quietly.

"Freshly minted? Show me."

Polygross speaks up again after finishing reading the letter a few times.

"Ravelsburg? That's Oddomane territory…"

The Empress continues to rant on, having run out of vases and now using a sword to wildly slash around in thin air while yelling about how she will execute her whole family in front of her.


I show her the bag of denarii.


Do you have enough horse power to resist a zebra invasion?


I move a bit closer to Zivur, while making sure to keep a decent amount of distance between us, and call out,
"C- C'mon Zivur… Be strong!"

Rolled 2 = 2


Just stay there on the floor while crying quietly and rocking back and forth a bit.


She inspects them closely.

"Oh yes, freshly minted indeed. And guess who is in charge of minting money? Hmmmm, indeed."

Polygross and Pick Wick exchange quick glances with each other but quickly look away again, trying to avoid eye contact with eachother. Pick Wick is the first to speak up.

"They have more troops at their disposal than us. Bu-"

Polygross is quick to interject.

"Please now, let's not jump to conclusions. War shouldn't be on any of our minds right now. As for this Ducatia matter, I simply find it hard to believe. Why would she want to do this? She has no reasons for it…"


Are you blind? She want the throne for herself and she is going to form a alliance with the zebras.
We should gut her in front of all the city.


"If that's the case, then it might be a setup. She doesn't strike me as a stupid mare, and she would have only paid with denarii that only she could provide if she were stupid."


Polygross chuckles a bit at this comment and even Pick Wick smiles slightly.

"Come come now, Ducatia is not of nobility. She's a mere commoner. She cannot possibly get a claim on the throne, no matter how rich she is. Besides, Ducatia has no interest in ruling a nation."

Pick Wick pipes in.

"Ducatia is cold and calculating. Oh yes. But she cannot hope to ever seize the throne. She must be working together. Someone who could claim the throne. A member of the nobility."

She shakes her head.

"The handwriting and signature are hers. Ducatia has a distinct style. Impossible to copy. She made sure of that. She is a merchant after all."


"D- do you have any idea who it might be?
A- any suspicions?"


She could claim the throne with the help of the zebras.
I suggest we set our own inquisition miss Wick.


"There's no way to magically copy a signature?"


Try to get my shit together.

Rolled 7 = 7


"It could be any of the counts or dukes around the empire. The most powerful and richest one of them all is Duke Quake of Trotopolis…"

Pick Wick snorts

"Duke Quake is loyal to the empire, he wouldn't."

"Unlikely. Zebras want to conquer, not give away titles to ponies. But yes, inquisition. We must set up a inquisition… a crusade to find out who else is behind this."

"Yes, of course, but I can easily find out if it's legitimate or not using a spell. I'm good at my job. That's why I'm here."

Your shit has been collected.


I think between your mind magic and my anatomy… knowledge we can find this noble.


After wiping my tears, I stand up, and point at Polygross.
"C-can't h-he claim the t-throne?"


Polygross looks positively insulted.

"What? But… Why you insolent-!"

Before he can continue Pick Wick pipes in.

"Yes, he can. As can any of their children."


"I j-just asked, I d-didn't say anything m-more… Or is there a reason why y-you act so a-affronted?"


So when are we going to public execute Ducatia?


"You did just accuse him of trying to kill his wife."


"I w-was accused of the s-same while b-being innocent."





Alright, sorry but we're going to have to stop here. I need to go do some stuff. We'll continue from here next time.


Don't even bother to report in and refer to /arc/q/raw/raw/groves/trotantium/46638.html#47680 for a quick recount of last session




"Shall we go after Ducatia? If I remember correctly she offered us a job earlier. We can use that to get close to her."


"Yes, that seems like the best course of action."


We should arrest her in public.


The stallion huffs loudly
"You come here and try to hint at me attempting to kill my wife and expect me to stay silent!?"

The Empress seems to have regained her senses in the mean time, though at the cost of much of the furniture.


"W-w-well nopony c-can be trusted…"


Lavinia clears her throat as she sits down on her throne again

"Ducatia needs to be arrested, trialed and eventually executed for her treachery."

"You could do that. Though if she is as involved in this as much as this letter suggests she'll probably be prepared for anypony. If I send in the imperial guard she'll see them coming and flee before we even get the chance of catching her."


"Well t-then w-we need to t-trick her…"


"So…us trying to do this under cover would be pretty much perfect?"


In that case Erumal is right.

This is a good idea too, invite her to a party or something.


"Well then gang, let's go get ourselves a job."
I bow to the Empress and leave the throne room.


"As the goat suggested, she wont suspect you coming to arrest her seeing as you are outsiders… You'd still need an official with you though…"

Pick Wick pipes in again.

"I can do it, your grace. I'm official. And I can be sneaky."

The empress nods firmly.
"That is the alternative. Tomorrow evening I'm hosting a ball and everyone who is anyone is invited. She'll be surrounded by my guards in that case anyway and an easy catch…"


"So s-should we wait u-until tomorrow to b-be sure, or go an-and get her now?"


Do you think thats a good idea? She is going to suspect if she see you.


"She's quite rich, isn't she? For all we know she could have bought enough of the guards at the ball to get her out safely if things go wrong."


"Rich? Yes, that she is. She is richer than I am. However, I trust Commander Tyrone and his ponies with my life. They all swore their oaths to serve and protect."

"Yours to decide, you are of course invited to the imperial ball either way, which reminds me. My dear, could you please fetch the invitations."

Polygross quickly grabs some papers from a nearby table and hands them over as the empress continues to speak.

"Five invitations, each of you can bring a guest of course. There will be dance, song and drinking, so I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Maybe it will be less boring too with you ponies around, we'll see."


I turn to the others.
"So, now what?"


"I wonder if miss Crescent would like to come with us…"


"Let's take that job."

"My my my, you aren't sweet on her, are you?"


I ask Pick out.


"No, what would give you that idea? She said we can bring guests, and I'm certainly taking you with me!"


"Just so long as you don't invite a wall…"
I laugh and take an invitation.
"Thank you for inviting us, your majesty."


"I should slap you."


Oh and take the invitation and bow.
"I guess we'll try to meet her in the ball tomorrow."
After a moment of silence
"Should I wear my armour?"


"Sorry, but I don't swing that way."


I slap him

Rolled 1 = 1


"Oh please, it's the least I can do."

The mare looks taken aback for a moment, unsure how to respond.

"I-oh um… I am… flattered. I normally don't attend these… things."

She seems extremely uncomfortable and starts to get even more anxious than usual.

The empress lets out a small laugh.

"I would wear mine too if I could, but it wouldn't be appropriate unfortunately. You don't have to wear anything if you don't want to, I wont force you to buy a pretty dress or anything. Though you still can of course."


Is a good plan we can keep an eye on her, together.


I step away.
"Please keep your hooves off my rear. This is hardly how you should act in front of the empress."

"Although if that's really how you are maybe you should buy a pretty dress to wear."


"Th-there w-will be lots of p-ponies there r-right? The ty-types that h-hate m-my kind…"


"I guess I'll buy a suit…It's customary for soldier to wear their swords right?"
I grab him by the throat and drag him outside the throne room.

Rolled 7 = 7


I punch him in the snout and return to the throne room

Rolled 5 = 5


"Y-yes, ofcourse."

She quickly clears her throat and looks around her.

"I'll um… join you. At the ball I mean."

She waves a hoof in the air dismissively.

"I am Empress and no one will speak ill of my guests or they'll answer to me. Don't worry yourself about it."

"Yes, you may carry a sword seeing your status as paladin of the night."


"I-I don't w-want to trouble y-you… I'm not s-sure I should ev-even go…"


>this site in charge of letting me post

I heal myself and walk back into the throne room.

Rolled 6 = 6


I bow.
"We'll meet you there."
I walk outside
Is this that RP thing you were talking about back then

"Of course you'll come! We need you!"


Excellent, ill wait for you.

>I bow

Your highness.
>Walk outside


Or I just go wherever the party is. Is this site slowing down a lot or is it just me?


I just get lots of 502 Bad Gateway errors.


"It is nothing, speak no more of it. I shall see you all tomorrow evening then, my husband will lead you outside."

Pick Wick teleports herself away again without a word.

Polygross is leading the party out of the throne room and speaks up as soon as they are outside.

"I do not like this Ducatia business. There is something fishy going on."


"Y-you don't think s-she is behind it?"


"How many other players do you think there are?"


What do you mean?


"Well that much is pretty clear."


"I… I don't know. I really want to believe she isn't. I mean sure she's a calculating and ambitious mare and a true business mare, but I can't believe she would want to kill Lavinia. It's just so unreal."

He shakes his head

"Impossible to tell."

He looks to you and opens his mouth to speak but hesitates to do so.


Let me guess, Pick Wick.


"Is it Pick Wick? She seemed really nervous."


His eyes widen in surprise and he hangs his head sadly.

"Yes… Pick Wick. She… my wife had a affair with her once, you know… Didn't even know she had a thing for mares and I'm married to her."

"She always has been paranoid and constantly anxious but it got worse after my wife… Well after she pretty much got bored of her and let her fall."


I pick up my jaw from the floor
"Nope, I did not know. Aaand I was happier not knowing."
I get uneasy
"Uh, I need to go, you smarter people solve this one."


"M-mares are all evil…"


Interesting in one hoof she could hate your wife but on the other hoof she may love her and give her life for her.


"If you don't mind me say so, you wife doesn't see very…Well, she's no Celestia."

"Good luck with your dress hunting."



I punch him and walk to the ECP headquarters.

Rolled 9 = 9


"They can be strange creatures sometimes…"

"As my wifes' husband I'm not sure if I prefer the former or the latter."

He snorts.
"One thing you should know, if you strike up conversation tomorrow, don't mention her or her sister."

"Things like that don't stay secret for long, unfortunately."


Do not worry I will keep my eye on her.


"S-she has si-s-sisters?"


I stand back up and watch him go while rubbing where he punched me.


He is talking about Princess Luna.


"What's wrong with them? Aren't they l-like the leaders of all ponies?"


"They're just big ponies."


You leave the group as they stand talking to each other and head over to the EPC headquarters. It's evening and starting to get darker by the time you arrive. Again, there is light burning inside of the building.

"Yes. Yes indeed."


All the ponies of this land will flock to her eventually.


"Then why do they have shrines and stuff like that?"
I look out a window.
"A-and where are we going to stay for tonight?"


I knock and enter.

Rolled 6 = 6


"Hmph, not if we can help it."

"Those shrines and temples are dedicated to the sun and the moon, not to the two pompous mares claiming to be the avatars of said deities."

You enter the building and see Crescent sitting behind a desk with a lot of paperwork on it, staring out in front of her into nothingness.


"Cults of personality."

"Could you give us a place to sleep tonight?"


Unfortunately Nothing cant stop them.


"You ponies are strange for sure… I thought all of you worshipped them…"


"Um, miss? Are you alright?"


"Only the very same idiots who followed chancellor Puddinghead from the Old Lands do."

"We have too many guests as it is I'm afraid, many nobles have already arrived earlier today and our servants have their hands full on all their needs."

No response comes from the mare.

You see she is drooling a little.


Oh fuck. Tap her on the shoulder, check if she's alright

Rolled 7 = 7


Go figures, we should go to the EPC.


"We'll just crash at the ECP then. I'm sure Falkmar won't mind."


"Oh… Okay… Well, farewell then.."
I try to find where Piercery wandered off.


You give her a strong tap on the shoulder, making the mare yelp loudly and jump on top of you in complete surprise.

"Sorry we can't be of help."

The party starts heading over to the EPC headquarters, Piercy in tow. They arrive there next turn.


"Do y-you think we should get some clothes for Piercy?"
I turn to him.
"Do you want clothes, Piercy?"


I jump a bit too
Get it together
"I am terribly sorry, miss, you just looked like you were not well! You really should regulate when you go to sleep more!"


Are you crazy? They are not going to let him in.


"The Empress is very understanding, but I don't think she will let you bring your minion. You could always try though."


"I didn't m-mean for tomorrow… I know they wouldn't… but he did so good I think he deserves at least a cape…"


I guess you are right, until you get a new pet.


The mare clutches her heart as she breathes loudly and recovers from the shock.

"I'm sorry if I startled you! I just dozed off again! I'm just such a busy bee all the time I forget to sleep…"

You try to trace any kind of reaction, but most of his facial features have been burned making this hard for you to do. You briefly wonder how the minion can shoot so accurately without working eyes.

The rest of the party just reached the EPC building.


"A cape, yes. And a mask of some sort. Maybe an opera mask?"


"A c- cape wouldn't look too bad on him."


I go inside.


I put a hoof on her shoulder.
"I'm terribly sorry. You really should take some time off for yourself."


Walk inside.


"Well, we'll buy some tomorrow then…"

I walk inside.
"Oh dear, I hope we are n-not interrupting anything…"


I look at the building. What's it look like?


Are you ready for the dance little pony?


"I- I have to go?!"


They may attack the empress again, we need you.


"Of course you do. You can't turn down an invitation from the Empress."


"I d-don't really fe-feel like going either…"


"But bees don't take breaks! They just happily buzz along as they work without rest!"

The pegasus mimics the buzzing of bees for a while as she rocks back and forth with her eyes closed.

It's quite simple and small really. Nothing really stands out about it except the sign above the door with Equestrian Peace Corps written on it. The inside is filled with desks, cabinets and paperwork, indicating that this probably used for administration rather than for treating and aiding ponies.

The rest of the party enters the building, Crescent waves happily at them.

"Oh hi! The rest of you are here too! Fu- OH MY GODESSES!"

Crescents lower lip trembles as she sees Piercy.

"Wha- what happened to him!? Oh goodness he needs treatment!"

She quickly rushes over to a cabinet with a red cross on it and starts taking medical equipment out.


"Or the two of you could stay here and get to know each other better."


Oh dont worry miss he is another undead friend.

No we need them.


"It's for your own good, miss. How about I take you to the royal ball tomorrow night?"


"It a bit late for him."


"Spend an evening with uptight ponies who hates zebras or spend it here with a m-mare?"
After just a moment.
"Do you think my black cloak is good enough for the ball?"

"Oh, he j-just burned to death, nothing major…"


Now that you mention it, we need better clothes.


"D- do we even have the funds for new clothes?"


"I have some coin here. I think everyone does."
"Maybe your minion ought to wait outside."


"If you're that worried about them knowing you're a zebra we could paint you. I painted a pony to look like a Zebra before so it shouldn't be that hard."

"Crescent, do you know where I could get my cloak washed?"


Maybe we should ask the emperor.


"I'd rather have him guard me while I sleep…"

"I don't know… I like my stripes… it's just that everyone else doesn't…"


"We can't sleep here, it's an office!"


Camping time?


"We could always find an alchemist that specializes in coat changing potions. After that all we'd need to do is order a large stripe-making potion and pay some servant to spike the refreshments."


"I- I don't mind your stripes, Zivur."


"No one does!"



"I think they's j-just blame and hate me even more after th-that…"

My eyes widen in fear and I look around.
"Y-y-y-y-you wh-what?!"


She covers her mouth in surprise and squints her eyes.

"Oh… oh dear. That's so sad! How… what happened to him?"

"B-burned to death? That's horrible!"

"The ball? THE ball!? Oh my! That would be amazing! But that's not for common ponies like you and I…"

"Me neither! They're really pretty and so exotic!"


I say, a bit more quietly with a very red blush,
"I- I actually, um, kind of, um…
like them.
T- they m- m- make you look… cu- exotic! E- exotic and i- i- i- interesting!"


"Don't feel too bad; he tried to kill us."


I show her the tickets.
"Oh but it is. Would you like to come with me?"
Rolling not to loose my spaghetti

Rolled 7 = 7


I take a step back, and glance around franatically.
"Please stop saying things like that! I'm just a plain normal zebra, nothing more!"

"No, no, I'm terrible, please stop liking me!"
I hide behind Erumal and whisper to him.
"She'll kill me if she finds out someone likes me! She'll beat me to death! She'll come back and kill me to death that even I can't control!"


"She's dead. Acting strong and brave is the only thing that will keep her dead. Now buck up before she starts crying again."


"B-bu-b-but I don't even k-know how to behave in a si-situation like this!"


"It's still a very sad thing when a pony dies!"

"Oh! A new friend I haven't met! Hi! I'm Crescent and I work for the EPC!"

She gasps before shrieking loudly with pure joy.

"Oh goddesses yes! I'd love to! Where did you get those!?"

"But we're friends too! And you were like the first zebra I ever saw! That's really special!"


"No, no, I-I'm not special at all… I'm not even a good zebra…"


"She complimented you. Compliment her back."


"H- Hi C- C- Crescent…
I'm, um, S- S- S- Sol."
I awkwardly hold out my hoof in a hoof shaking gesture.


"Uh, the empress gave them to me. Us. I mean me and my party. We're allowed to bring pairs, and you're about the only pone I know in this city, and I thought…anyway! I need to go and buy a suit!"


Do you know a good tailorer miss Crescent?


"But what do I say? I don't know how to do that!"


"How should I know? I only know what to look for in goats. Compliment her mane or something."


"Compliment her armour"


I act like I said nothing


Spoilers are whispers between players.


"uh…h-here I go…"

I come out form hiding behind Erumal and turn to Sol.
"Uh th-tha-thanks… and I… I-uh y-you have mane in y-your armor."


I know, I was supposed to spoiler my text too


I look at Zivur confused.


"No. You like her mane, not she has mane in her armor. Or just compliment her armor."


"Don't be silly! You are surrounded by all these good friends and you helped the EPC out, you are a good zebra! You have to be!"

She eagerly returns the gesture.

"That's a really nice name! Where are you from? You're wearing pretty armor, are you a knight!?"

She gasps again

"THE Empress!? You know her!? Oh goodness, I didn't realize you were celebrities!"

"Sure I do! The best of them are in the Upper city, but they cost a lot of money! Oh gosh, I need a dress too! There's tailorers here in this part of the city too! But it's late, they must be all closed by now…"


We seriously need money.
/check inventory


"I- I- I- I'm r- really not…
K- kinda? M- maybe? I- I dunno…
A- and um, t- thank you for complim- complimenting my armor.
Y- you have a p- p- pre- pretty mane."


"Not Celebrities, we just were in the right place at the right time. I'm sure they have at least one 24/7 tailor here. Come with us, I couldn't choose a suit for myself anyway…"
>check how much money I have


I look around and shuffle my legs a bit then try to speak quickly in embarassment.
"I, I uh.. what I w-was trying to uh- y-your m-mane is armor!"


"You can do it. Say 'I like your armor.'"
Do I even need to say what I'm rolling for?

Rolled 8 = 8


I look up at Sol and say "I-I l-li-l-like yo-your armor."


God damn it Gateway.


I need to go for about 15 or 20 minutes.

Rolled 4 = 4


"I- I- i- i-"
Roll to not spaghetti.

Rolled 7 = 7


Not when Zivur needs your backup!




Uh, whoops, switched to phone because I'm walking somewhere else. Left that name on by accident.


Dude I was kidding.


Well never mind then.


"Thank you! You're really nice! And you look like a real knight with that armor and sword!"

You still have your broken lance with you by the way.

You contain your spaghetti fairly well. Still a bit awkward though.




We'll continue exactly where we left off.


"It seems I haven't got any denari with me, maybe it would be better to wait for tomorrow. I do hope you'd come shopping for clothes with me, I'm lost with anything that isn't made of steel or iron. Should we head to the docks warehouse to sleep again?"


Last time on Trotantium: The decline

Lots of chatter and discussion, probably much like how this session is going to turn out. The party is prepping for the imperial ball they've been invited to by the Empress. Aside from drinking and other activities the ball will also act as bait for guild master and steward Ducatia, who is suspected of supporting or perhaps leading the assassination attempt on the Empress.

Players report in


Morning satan


"I- I still need to find something to wear!"


The party awakes nice and cozy together in Crescents bed, except for Zivur, who slept on the doormat with Piercy.


We should go to the upper city.


Crescent yawns and stretches herself out.

"Right! We need attire to wear for the ball! Oooooh I'm so excited! Cross is going to be so jealous!"


I hope we have enough money.


"U- Um, Crescent?
D- do you t- think you could help m- me pick out something to wear?"


You need a shinning armor Sol.


"I need to go and exchange some money, first."


She boops you on the nose, smiling brightly.

"Of course, silly! We're going to pick out the best dress in the city!"

The party leaves the EPC headquarters,eager to continue to the plot , and sets out to the Upper city. There are many clothing stores around, all of them bearing very haughty and uppity names such as Petit Canterlot, Mare Nostrum and Atelier du Cassis.

Crescent lets out a impressed 'Ooooh' as she looks around at all the different stores in the street.

You do so on the way and exchange all your bits for denarii


I let her pick out the store.


We should visit that one miss Crescent
>Point at the petit canterlot


I check my money I have 300 bits, yeah?,
"U- uh, Crescent, d- do you think this is enough for s- something g- g- good?"


You have to exchange your bits for denaris first.



"Ummmmm… I don't really know, I don't really come here all that often…"


"Bits? Oh no you have to use Denarii around here! Equestrian bits are usually not accepted."


"Okay I guess!"

The party enters said store
The store clerk is a chubby unicorn mare
She smells like she dumped several flasks of perfume on her this morning
She also speaks with a french accent for some reason

"Bonjour noble warriors! What can I do for you?"


After all we are equestrians.

Good morning maam, I need a new robe, a fancy one.


"Uh, Clothes for the ball tonight, I guess?"


"U- U- Um…
I- I need a- an outfit for the ball t- t- tonight."


I try to slip away without notice and find the bookshop from before.
There's nothing wrong with my black cloak…


I think that's a roll-worthy attempt.


Slipping away…

Rolled 2 = 2


Can we just assumed I exchanged my 265 bits for denarii? Am I with the group or in a shop for fancy male attire.


damn it


"Aaaah Oui, bien sûr! You have something in mind, yes? What kind of colors or patterns do you want, monsieur?"

"You want a costume? Robes? Toga?"

"But of course my dear! You want a dress? A beautiful dress to accent your own beauty?"

You are with the rest of the party. This store sells attires for mares and stallions alike

No! You must have new clothes! The book store is too far away anyway!

"And what of you? I think I can do something with those stripes of yours, non? Something to accent them!"


"Uh, I'll just take something that goes with Ms. Crescent's dress, I guess. I'm not really good with these…fabrics."
I motion towards Crescent.


Midnight blue with silver moons in the flank area.


"N-no, no, my cl-cloak is fine…"


"I was never one for high fashion. What would you recommend for a goat?"


"O- Oh… I'mnot…
I- I just want s- something c- comfortable."


Crescent gets herself a pretty pink gown to fit her white coat.

The mare gets you a black tuxedo, you look swag as fuck now.

"This good, hmmm?"

"Un instant s'il vous plaît!"

The mare hurries to the back of the store and comes back with a robe that looks exactly like the one you described.

"Very popular with followers of Luna, yes."

"As you wish, monsieur."

With some help of Crescent, you choose a pretty dress that complements your coat and mane.

What is your colorscheme anyway?

"Hmmm, le goat fashion est un strange one. un moment…"

The mare disappears for a moment, searching around for something fitting


"Y-ye-yes, that's wh-what I wish…"
I walk out and wait in front of the store.
I'll be back soonish


"Ah, yes, it's great. Do you have any jewelry with the symbol of the moon on it?"


Yes this is appropiate.


I count my denarii while I wait.


I'm… actually not quite sure.
While waiting for her to come back, I idly start browsing the other sections.
"M- maybe this is a bit too much…
M- m- maybe if I- I just wear s- something like a suit coat then n- nobody will pay m- much attention to me."


Are you kidding? You look great.


I always thought of Yellow/Blonde mane and white coat
"oh come on now, you're a pretty young filly, there's no need to hide yourself."


I shuffle my hooves a bit,
"I- I really don't…
A- and i- it'll draw t- too much attention to me…"


"How do you expect to be a knight if you are shy?"


>Pull her infront of the mirror
Yes you do.


The mare eventually returns with… a sailor suit?

"Ze latest goat fashion!"

Oh well, let's just say the dress fits your colors

Crescent puts a hoof on your shoulder.

"Don't be silly! You look great! and you ought to be!"

"I have some jewelry, oui."

She takes out some boxes from behind the counter and hands you a silver collier with a small medallion depicting a crescent moon dangling from it.

"Zis good?"


"Uh, I suppose."
I pay and walk out.


"I…uh…thank you, but no. Perhaps just a traditional suit instead."


Would work with her Canterlot background. Maybe an grey-ish off-white with some light shade of blue for the hair…
"O- okay. I- I'll wear it."
I motion over to the attendant.
"A- also, um, miss? I- is there a place I- I can take my armor to t- to get i- it cleaned a- and touched up?"


I wait patiently outside


"I know a good smith around here, he can probably do that."


You pay up.

It's not cheap and you spend the last of your money on it, but at least you look like the swaggest donkey around. Crescent seems happy with your choice of attire.

The mare looks disappointed.

"You'd look fantastique! But ah well…"

She takes out a black tuxedo, similar to Falkmars instead.

"Zis good?"

"Yes, yes of course. We offer cleaning services for ze armor as well for ponies who want to wear it during special events."


"That is a nice suit, but if you really think that the sailor suit would look best on me then I will take that instead."


By the way, is Piercy around?


Nope. No sailor suit.


Yup, he's standing outside. Ponies in the area make sure to go around him and you.

"No, no is fine. Goat fashion is not for everypony, I suppose."


I pay her and leave.


I pay her and take my tuxedo.


I talk about the weather with him.


"I- I think I'll take the dress. B- but I would like to have m- my armor cleaned."
I pay and leave, trying to get used to the dress.
Can I wear my sword too?


"Well, are we set for the ball? I could visit the smith and sell this sickle of mine, I don't really use it after getting this sword.
Oh, and I should finish the moon shrine too…"


"Why do you worship a pony deity anyways? Don't donkeys have their own?"


"None that I've ever heard of. What's it to you anyway?"


"Just curious."


You pay up for the dress and get your armor quickly cleaned and polished up. It looks good as new again.

The Empress said that you are allowed to carry a sword if you wanted to

It's expensive but you can both afford it.

No response comes from the undead archer. He just looks at you with a blank stare.

The rest of the party also leaves the store and are now back on the street, all looking like they fit in this part of the city. Except for Zivur and Piercy.

"Are we gonna go to the palace? Oooooh I've never even been in there! This is going to be the best night ever!"

"The moon shrine? But that's all dirty and detoriated… Nopony ever visits it anymore!"


"I-I'm re-really not sure if I should g-go…"


"What? This is an outrage! I need to see it now!"

"…if we have time, that is."


"The Empress will be mad if you don't go."


"B- but you s- should!"


"Sh-she never liked m-me in the first place…"

"N-no I shouldn't…"


"But who would miss Sol dance with then?"


"But she invited you personally."


"J-just because s-she didn't want to t-tell 'Don't bring the f-filthy zebra pl-please' in front of m-m-me…"

My eyes widen and I take a step closer to Piercy then look at the ground and mutter.
"N-no no no no no no… I d-don't want to g-go…""


"Don't make us drag you, now."


"She's the kind to speak her mind. Just imagine how mad she will be if one of her guests doesn't show up. She'd have you drug in front of her, alone, and then yell at you."


My eyes widen and I blush madly at this statement.
"P- please?"


"Th-that's zebranapping!"

"Then I'll ju-just flee from here…"

"No, n-no… I do-don't want to dance…"


"All running would do is make her even madder. When you were caught she'd have you beaten, or she may even do it herself."


My legs start to shake.
"Sh-s-she really hates m-me that much?"


She is not going to touch him but im sure the general would.


"But we need to go to the ball! We can still visit it tomorrow, it wont run away!"

Crescent put a hoof in front of her mouth in shock.

"I didn't know she was so mean!"

Go to the palace or RP some more first to resolve the situation?


"No, she likes you. That's why she invited you in the first place. She'll only hate you if you don't go."


"Erumal's just trying to scare Zivur into submission. He's a follower of Discord, you see. Loves chaos."
I turn towards the Palace.
"Shall we go?"


Lets go.


"O-okay, I'll g-go… but I w-won't da-dance!"


"I've already told you I'm a follower of Pinkie Pie. Insult me like that again and I will have no choice but to start being serious."


"Y- yes, let's g- go."


The party sets off and heads over to the palace. When they arrive at the gates they are stopped by some guards, the party shows their invitations and they are allowed to pass. Though the guards seem apprehensive about Piercy.

"What's this one's deal? Burn victim?"


"H-he's my bo-bodyguard…"


I walk past and offer my hoof to Crescent.


Are you insane? Send him back to the EPC.

Walk inside.


I go inside.


"I-I'm allowed to take guests.."


They both grumble a little.

"Could you at least cover him up somewhat? He might scare the guests."

She graciously accepts and the two of you stroll through the gardens, heading to the palace itself.

You follow them as well. It's late in the afternoon and unlike the last few times you came here, the garden seems quite empty. Everypony must be inside, including the servants.


I go inside and try to act inconspicuous.


"B-but I don't have anything on m-me now to co-cover him with…"


No garden party? Odd.
Go inside.


>not rolling
I look for anything suspicious while walking inside.

Rolled 4 = 4


I go inside and look around.


I shoot Zivur a hopeful look and walk inside.


One of them sighs and hands you over his cape.

"Use this as a cloak or something for heavens sake."

Everything seems peaceful and quiet. You can hear music coming from inside the palace building and some of the large windows on the main floor are opened up.

You enter the main hall of the palace. There are several well dressed servants standing about, probably waiting to lead guests to where they need to be. One of them approaches the party and speaks up.

"Here for the her majesty's ball? Follow me please."


I follow.


Thank you.
Follow him.


"Th-thank you, thanks…"
I cover as much of Piercy as I can, and head inside.
Then I look for a quiet place in the Garden and just sit down on my rump.


I follow the guy.


I'm pretty sure I didn't refresh the page.


I follow him and walk up to Zivur, making sure to keep my distance from him,
"U- um… Zivur?"


I sat down in the garden


Didn't you say you went inside though?


The Garden, not the palace


You settle down on a bench near a fountain and watch over the water. It's warm outside and the afternoon rays of the sun feel pleasant on your face.

You follow the mare as she leads you through the palace, this time not going to the second floor but staying on the main level. Eventually you reach the large room where the party is being hosted. To the sides of the room there are tables filled with various aperitifs and digestives. Large glass cans of wine, champagne, and other alcoholic drinks can be seen as well as a large bowl of fruit punch. There are baskets filled with fruits and pastries on the tables as well. The middle of the room is completely open and a lot of well dressed ponies are standing talking to each other in groups. There is a ensemble of musicians playing classical music in one of the corners too. On the walls there are many paintings and portraits of ponies, you notice all of them are mares and none of them seem like unicorns. The windows are opened up, bathing the room in sunlight from the outside.

The servant bows to you and takes his leave.
"Please, enjoy yourself. If you need anything, just ask one of the many other servants walking around."

Among the guests standing around you see a few familiar faces, perhaps you should walk over and strike up conversation.



Ah, gotcha.
Scratch that,
I stay outside and walk over to Zivur, keeping my distance,
"U- um, Zivur?"


I turn around to Crescent.
"I wouldn't mind having a bite. How about you?"


Remember we have to protect the empress.

Look for Pick Wick.


I shift a bit on my seat.
"Y-yes, yes? Wh-what is it?"


I take a glass of champagne and start looking for Ducatia.


"U- um… I w- was just w- wondering… i- if…"
Rollin' to not lose spaghetti.

Rolled 5 = 5


"Oh yes, I'm starving! I could use a drink too."

You walk over to one of the tables with the food baskets on it. Crescent takes out a pear and starts eating it.

"Oh this tastes great! They say the Empress spends more money on importing food than on health care for the poor…"

The both of them are standing together with another very young mare talking to each other. They haven't seen either of you.

There is tomato sauce leaking out of your pockets.

How strange, you didn't know this dress even had pockets…


"Y-yes? Wo-wondering what?"


I sweat a bit.
"uh, yes, I've heard something to that effect too…"
I pick up some fruits and a pastry on a plate and take a glass of champagne.


I walk up to the group, but don't interrupt the conversation.


>I clean my throat
Good night miss Ducatia.
Pick can we talk for a minute?


"I- I was j- just w- wondering, i- if… u- u- um… y- you wouldn't m- mind d- d- d- d- dancingwithme?!"
I madly blush and look away.


My eyes widen and start to stare at the ground.
"N-no, no! I'd ra-rather n-not! I to-told all of yo-you I won't!"


Idly wander out into the garden, eyes closed, assuming I still in the company of others
"-so I look at him and say 'Too feminine? Darling how is that even possible?' After all, I may be a knight, but I am also a lady as you surely have no-"
Open my eyes and realize my company is no longer with me
"…Huh. Now where did they go? Oh, excuse me? You over there! Yes you, you the only other ones close by in the garden! Hey! I'm talking to you!"
Try to get their attention. In a ladylike manner.

Rolled 1 = 1


"O- okay…"
I dejectedly walk back inside.


They are talking about books and different authors they enjoy.

They all turn to look at you, stopping their previous conversation.

Ducatia is the first to speak up again and makes a small bow to you.
"Ahhh it's our resident plumbers, it's a pleasure to see you again."
She motions to the young mare next to her.
"May I introduce you to Princess Lavinia?"

Pick Wick nods and excuses herself from the group, following you.
"Yes. Yes. What is it? You look… good."

She also takes a glass of champagne and takes a little sip from it.
"Are you okay? You're sweating! Please don't tell me you are sick!"

You start jumping up and down wildly, shouting and grunting loudly like a uncouth savage beast who just killed its prey. That sure got their attention.


I give a curt bow.
"It is a pleasure to meet you, princess."


"Eh.. hehehe… well now, um, now that I have your attention, have you seen the um, company I was with… just now?"
Poker face roll

Rolled 9 = 9


"Oh, it's just a little hot in here, that's all. Should we…uh…dance?"
I take a sip from my champagne and eat some fruit.


I mutter to myself
"I told them… I told them I wo-won't dance… I told them, didn't I, Piercy?"

I look up with fright and wide, terrifed eyes.
"N-no, no, no, I ha-haven't, so-sorry."


You look perfect Pick.
So do you have a plan for tonight?


"Oh my, you do a very good impression of a zebra, good sir. Wait there just a moment. If my company has indeed gone somewhere, I might as well enjoy the air for a while."
Make my way towards the others out in the garden.

Rolled 6 = 6


She looks around her carefully, making sure no one can hear the two of you. Then speaks quietly.

"Yes. Well, the Empress has a plan. While Ducatia is here she has send some guards with a warrant to search her estate. Hopefully we'll get more evidence. Either way, we wait to do anything. Commander Tyrone will give the word to the guards to cease her. And thank you… I don't dress up often."

The mare looks down to you or up to you seeing as she is probably smaller than you are with disdain.
"I don't understand why mother allows goat peasants in here. Ridiculous."

"Dance? Oh goodness, of course! But… nopony else is dancing right now… Maybe we should wait until there are some other dancing as well? Otherwise we're all alone!"

You can choose to dance now or wait till later. If you do choose to dance roll a 1d10 to see how you fare.

Piercy would agree with you

Alas, he cannot speak and thus stays quiet as a grave.


I find that hard to believe, you are so pretty.
If we have to wait, would you like a drink?


If there is still enough light, I just sit there and start to read the Madness of Xanthi again.


I sulk over to where my friends are standing, I guess.


"You're right, I wouldn't want to showcase my talents to the whole castle…ms. Sol seems to be all alone, maybe we should go talk to her?"
Start making my way towards Sol.





I laughed


"Yes, who would let a goat of all people in here. Sheer madness."



She lets out the faintest bit of blush.

"Um. Thank you. Look, umm Dusk. I… I don't know for sure what your intentions are but. Well, you're not my type…"

She scowls at you.
"Don't be so sarcastic! I could get you thrown into the dungeons if I wanted to!"
Ducatia smiles amusedly at the scene.
"Now now princess, I'm sure he meant no offense to you."

You open up the book again and start flipping through the pages when suddenly a pegasus mare crashes right into you.

"F-fucking bullshit s-sidewind. You a-alright buddy?"

She seems to be more than just slightly intoxicated.

The two of you walk over to Sol.

"Hi! Why are you standing all alone? There's no point in wearing a beautiful dress when you hide yourself away in a corner! Cheer up!"

You leave the garden behind you and enter the ballroom yourself. Pick Wick and Dusk are standing nearby and Pick quickly looks over to you, anxious that you might hear what the two of them are talking about.


"Indeed, what's the matter, Sol? You don't mind if I drop the missus, I hope?"


I crawl away on the ground and order Piercy to stand between me and her, while screaming.


I understand, we still can have that drink if you want to.


O- oh, i- it's fine… I- I'm fine…
A- and I don't mind, Falkmar. I- I actually kind of p- prefer it."


"Would you like a bite? Maybe a glass of wine? There's a whole table over there. Dancing hasn't began and I don't really know what to do in the mean time…unless you wanted to do something, ms. Crescent?"


"She's right, Princess. I was simply trying to make a joke."
I turn to Ducatia.
"You are the head merchant of this city right? That sounds like an interesting job."


"I- I guess I c- could go for some drinks…"
I sulk over to the refreshments table and grab myself a glass of wine. I take a few sips. Is it any good? Will it alleviate the pain of a broken heart?

Rolled 2 = 2


"Ah, a grand and glamorous greeting to you both you two. I trust we have not met, but am sure we can become best of acquaintances in no time at all."
Give them a charming, ladylike smile
"But, woe is me, I am quite thirsty. Would you be a couple of dears and get me something to drink, hm?"

Rolled 5 = 5


Go away we are busy.


"Well, I'd never! Hm. What manners. This is no way to treat a knight, nor a lady."
Try to flag down a pretty stallion to get my drink instead.
Surely someone around here will appreciate a knight who is also a lady enough to get here a simple drink.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Of course. Not too much though. I don't want to get drunk. I want control over myself."

Pick Wick looks at you apprehensively.
"Who are you? I don't recognize your face. And I know a lot of faces."

She shoves Piercy away and puts a hoof around your neck.

"Don't be such a w-wuss buddy, it ain't all… bad! H-here drink something too! Calm yourself, it's p-party time!"

She puts a bottle of wine she's carrying on your mouth and pours some wine it it.

"Sure we can drink somethi-"

Crescent is interrupted as the Empress walks over to your group.

"Glad you could make it. Or well… most of you at least. Welcome to the ball! Enjoy yourself, grab yourself some drinks, dance a little, maybe grab some whores and have a fine evening."

Crescent quickly bows to her.

"Your grace! I-I'll keep it in mind! thank you your grace!"

The princess gives a disdainful snort and walks away from the two of you.

"Such a fiery mare. Just like her mother. To answer your question, yes. Yes it is quite the fascinating job. One that I didn't get by… fiddling in bed with high authorities."

She looks over to Pick Wick and Dusk with a smile.


What about >>52078?


You were interrupted before you could do that.

My own fault for being so slow.


I blush at the 'whores' part
"Last I checked we had everyone with us. Zivur is enjoying the night in the castle grounds right now though. And a fine evening to you too. Is there anything special coming up?"
I give a little bow.


"Yes, I had heard about their affair. I wouldn't have thought her the type. Anyways, when we last met you said you may have a job for us?"


Of course we have to be ready in case something happens.
Lets go.


"Who am I? Who am I? Oh, silly me, it seems there is still someone here I've forgotten to introduce myself to. I am lady Adrasia, Templar of Celestia. Yes, I am a mare, and a knight. And quite a match for any stallion I assure you."
Rolling to look important and respectable.
"But now as I think of it, I don't think I know you or your… delightful companion either. Who are you and what brings you here?"

Rolled 5 = 5


S'all right man.
"I- I'll try to enjoy myself…"
I give a half-hearted bow.

Rolled 3 = 3


I whisper to her
"It's about Zivur, isn't it?"


"Wh- n- no! I- it isn't, I- I swear…"
I look away.


"I saw you stay behind him."


"I- I…"
I let out a sigh,
"Y- yes, i- it is about him. B- but i- it's fine! Really!"


"You never know what the heck will happen during these feasts, especially when everypony starts getting really drunk."

"Who? Her Highness or Pick Wick? And did I? Well I suppose there is always jobs to be done for the guilds."

The Empress pats you on the back with quite some force.

"Come on now missy, cheer up! Enjoy!"

"One moment."

She mumbles your name to herself a few times in contemplation, then looks up to you again.

"Never heard of you. Don't know you. My name is Pick Wick, Baroness of Kimi and imperial Spymaster."

The music starts picking up and increases in volume as a few ponies start dancing.


"Perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me again. Whatever the case may be I believe I see some of my friends over there. Good evening, Ms. Ducatia."
I walk over to Sol and Falkmar.
"Is something the matter?"


Rolling not to lose my cool over a spymaster having no idea who I am
"Well then, most ever so pleased to meet you, Pick Wick. I'm not interrupting anything important, am I?"

Rolled 9 = 9


Something wrong?


"It's clearly not fine, you look like you're about to take your own life. Come, let's get you something to drink, and maybe we'll talk more."
"Nothing scheduled then? Excuse us, we're gonna get some drinks. Uh, unless ms. Crescent wants to do something else?"
I start walking towards the table.


"A- alright…"
I follow him to the refreshments table.


It's cool, it's cool. She's just a terrible Spymaster, that's all.

"As a matter of fact, yes. We'll be taking our leave."

"No, let us get something to drink."

"Of course."
She bows to you a little and goes along her own way again.

The Empress takes her leave and goes talking to some different guests instead.

Crescent nods eagerly
"Well, we just have to dance at some point! This is a ball after all!"


Sorry for the short and relatively boring session.


I go find all the stallions.
One of them damn better get me a drink. I'm not lowering myself to getting it on my own.

Rolled 3 = 3


No problem.


>Offer her my hoof


Last time on Trotantium The decline:

The party went shopping for pretty dresses and swag as fuck costumes after which they went to the imperial ball accompanied by Crescent, who Falkmar invited along. RPing and talking ensued. More will follow today.

Players report in




Just as I was about to vidya



Nopo should be here soon, we'll start when he comes back unless you all want to wait for Sol? I don't know where Sol is but I assume he'll be coming on soon as well.


Nopopopopopo and Sol are my best best for roleplaying right now. I'll just read some more of this Mouseguard rulebook I found for ideas on what to throw at you guys during DDF Quest.


Well I was just in the middle of something with Sol but I don't know if we should


A quick sketch of the situation by the way.

Sol, Falkmar, Crescent and Erumal are standing at the table where all the drinks are set up. Dusk and Pick Wick are making their way over there as well. Zivur is outside in the garden with the drunk mare. The music has picked up in volume and several ponies have started dancing some kind of waltz.


I'm here!


Just woke up, I'm here!


Report in again all.












"S-see, that's sum quality booze right there buddy."

She puts a hoof around you and starts dragging you inside.

"I hear m-music! And where there's music theres d-dance! Dance with m-me!"

The three of you are standing where the drinks are and are joined by Dusk and Pick Wick who speaks up.

"Hello to the rest of you. Where is your zebra friend? Are you enjoying yourself?"


I try to push her away from me.
"N-no! NO! Stay away! LET ME GO!"


I think he is in the gardens.


"I'm not sure where our zebra friend is, but most of us seem to be enjoying ourselves."
I look at Sol.
"Is something the matter Sol? You look so sad."


"Zivur's enjoying the night outside. I'm having a decent time, how about you, Ms. Crescent?"


I glance around nervously and rub the back of my neck,
"O- oh…
I- It's, um, n- nothing…"


She moves up her face until you are practically booping noses, then speaks in a very sultry voice. Or tries her hardest to at least, she is quite intoxicated after all.

"What's the m-matter handsome? Shy?"

"Oh, it's fun! So many different ponies from all sorts of places!"

She takes a sip from her glass.

"And good wine too."

Pick Wick puts a hoof to her face, thinking for a moment.

"The gardens… yes. Very nice. Very… pretty at night. We could make a walk in them later tonight. But first, let's drink something. I don't often get the chance to these day."


Let me get you a drink, do you want something in particular or jst wine?


I get another glass of wine
"It's something personal."
I glance at people around us
"Not vital for everyone to know."


I pour a glass of punch and slide it towards her.
"You can tell me. I love helping ponies with their problems."


"Ah, we can talk in private if she wants. There are four very nice corners in this room."



Push her away with both of my hooves.
Try not to accidentally activate Touch of Death from fright.

Rolled 1 = 1


I take the punch and drink it it's totally spiked, isn't it?,
"T- thank you."
"I- if you insist…"


One more thing, you should start rolling if you drink. Just to see how well you take it.

"Hmmm, something strong, if you will."

She points towards a dark red bottle on the table.

"Hiraclo's Brandy"

As soon as she touches you, you touch of death her and start farting.

Roll to see how much it affects her.

DC5 to not kill her immediately


Oh no nononononoonon

Rolled 8 = 8


"Follow me. You can tell me more once we are alone."
I walk off to an empty corner.


I levitate the bottle and pour her a drink, Im going to take a glass too.


I gulp the glass down
"I would love to help you with your problem, Sol, but I have company, and the clown here is as good with relationship advice as I am."
rolling to see if I get affected by the wine

Rolled 5 = 5


"A- alright, thank you a- anyways."
I follow him to the corner,
"A- am I… p- p- plain?"


>slightly tipsy
"Ms. Crescent, how about that dance?"


"Plain? I'm not the best judge of mares but I would say you are reasonably attractive."


You activate your necromantic powers while you shove her away. While you don't outright kill her, you do manage to cut away a chunk of her lifeforce, making her suddenly look 10 years older. She falls down on her back, unconscious from the shock. It doesn't seem like anyone noticed you.

"To… justice? Tonight?"

She clinks your two glasses together as a toast and drinks it up in one smooth swig.

Rolling to see how much it affects her. You should do the same. This is pretty hardcore shit.

It's only champagne, you feel its effects but you aren't exactly drunk yet.

"Oh goodness, yes! I… it's been a while though, I hope I don't make myself look too silly!"

The two of you walk to the middle of the room where other ponies are Waltzing already.

Roll to see how you fare.

Rolled 10 = 10


To justice? Sure why not.

Rolled 1 = 1


Run to Piercy and then look for a dark and quiet corner in the Garden and make him follow me.


"It is me who will be in trouble, if anyone is going to."

Rolled 4 = 4


"W- well, just…
I- I asked Zivur i- if he would like t- to dance earlier, a- and he d- d- didn't sound a- at all interested.
I- I know he said he wasn't inter- interested in dancing, but it sounded l- like it was more than t- that."
I sigh.


I tap my hoof against my chin.
"Hmm, really now? Well this just won't do. I trust that you didn't violate his personal space or break any of those other silly rules he has?"


Oh fuck, that IS some heavy shit. It goes straight to your head and you stumble for a moment to keep your balance. Pick Wick raises an eyebrow with a slight smile, not affected in the slightest.

"Bad drinker? Want another one or… do you want to dance?"

The two of you manage to not fuck up too terribly, but it's still a pretty bad show. Crescent looks around, slightly embarrassed.

"Oh goddesses… This is a bit too exciting for me."

Roll to continue dancing, let's see if you can save yourself.

You quickly drag Piercy along to one of the edges of the garden, into one of the bushes. You are fully hidden from sight.


I collapse on the ground and start to cry.
Roll to see how violated I feel.
Th-that terrible mare was touching me, and she was so close and it was simply terrible…

Rolled 5 = 5



Rolled 2 = 2


Im not really a drinker and I love to dance.


"I- I don't t- think I did.
I- I kept my d- distance from him and d- didn't touch h- him…
A- are there m- more rules I don't know about?!"
I start panicking a bit.


"He is an odd little zebra so there might be rules neither of us know. Hmm hmm hmm, maybe you should have a drink or two to calm your nerves while I go out and talk to our rude friend. I'll be back once I've learned some things."
I drink the rest of my champagne and go back to the table. Once I've poured a glass of something strong I head out into the gardens to look for Zivur.

Rolled 10 = 10


It doesn't feel like you got raped or anything, but still… goddamn she was close by. You even felt her breath and everything. It's a good thing nopony saw you.

You stumble over your own hooves and fall to the ground. You accidentally drag Crescent with you and she falls on top of you pretty hard. The ponies around you are looking at you with a mixture of amusement and disdain. Crescent is red as a tomato from embarrassment.

"Okay then. Let us try. Again, it's been a while for me."

Roll to see how your moves are.

It doesn't even affect you at all. If anything, it makes your mind even clearer. You head into the gardens, coming across a mare laying down on the ground, probably passed out after drinking too much. Using your goaty sense, you also find Zivur very quickly hiding in some bushes, crying a little bit.

While you are alone, you get approached by a nicely dressed Unicorn stallion.

"Good evening fair lady, what is a beautiful mare such as yourself doing all alone?"



Rolled 3 = 3


Help her up
"M-maybe we should return to Ms. Sol."


"A- alright…"
"O- o- oh, um, h- hello!"
Roll to not lose my spaghetti.

Rolled 8 = 8


"What are you doing in these bushes Zivur? Why are you crying all by yourself?"


I look up at him with terrible fright in my eyes.
"I-I-I th-thi-think I'm i-in terrible tr-trouble!"
Try not to cry even harder as I'm saying that.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Now why would you be in trouble? All you did was turn Sol down for a dance, which was a very poor decision if I do say so myself."


"No, no no no no, you don't understand!"
I look around again to see no one else is around.
"Th-there was this ma-mare and she cr-c-crashed into m-me, and the-then s-s-she assaulted m-me!"
I start to sob and put my hooves up near each other.
"Our m-muzzles we-were this cl-close!"

Rolled 9 = 9


You stumble over Falkmar and Crescent lying on the ground and fall onto the floor as well. Pick Wick sighs and helps you get up.

"You alright? Feeling a bit clumsy? Come on, let's dance."

Roll again.

"Yes… please!"

She covers her face in embarrassment as she follows you towards Sol and the stallion.

You contain your spaghetti completely. Your dress isn't getting dirty tonight!

He bows to you like a true gentleman.

"My name is Orion, I'm the ambassador here in Trtoantium representing the Principality of Equestria. May I inquire what your name is, fair lady? Perchance you would be interested in dancing with me today? I do not know many ponies around here unfortunately."


"Really now? Well if it was that passed out mare back there I doubt she'll cause any more trouble for you. Dry those tears and tell me why you passed down a chance to dance with Sol."


That wine was a little too much.

Rolled 9 = 9


"Miss Sol, I see you've found company! Good, I wouldn't want to mull over on that stupid zebra on a night like this."
I turn to Crescent
"I assume you'd want a drink now? I could do with a whole bottle. Do you need anything, ms. Sol?"


"Pa-pas-passed out? Yo-you mean I didn't k-kill he-her?"


I give an awkward curtsey bow in return,
"O- oh, um, I'm S- Sol.
A- and I'm not t- too great of a d- dancer…"
I shuffle my hooves and adjust my sword in nervousness.
"I- I'm fine, thank you."

Rolled 3 = 3


"She was breathing when I saw her, and even if she does end up dying I'm sure it will be written off as alcohol poisoning or political backstabbing or some such. Could you please answer my question now?"


I pick up two glasses and a bottle of wine from the table and return to them. Pour them full and offer one to Crescent, then drink mine
Seeing how hard it hits

Rolled 6 = 6


I look down at my hooves and try to avoid the topic of Sol.
"I-I was ju-just so frightened and I ha-had flashbacks too a-and I don't even kno-know how I activated m-my spell…"



You get your shit together and dance with Pick Wick like a true pro. Leading her the entire dance and even doing a better job at it then her. She looks at you impressed.

"You've been holding back, haven't you? You're very good at this…"

She shifts around on her hooves, still embarrassed.
"Ummm, yes please."

It's starting to stack up, you're really starting to feel tipsy.

Rolling to see how Crescent takes it.

"Oh please, a pretty mare such as yourself cannot do anything else but shine on the dancefloor! Even your name says so!"

He chuckles at his own joke and offers his hoof to you.

"Don't worry, you'll do fine!"

Rolled 7 = 7


"Oh Zivur why are you such a difficult Zebra? I don't care about the mare you were touching, I just care about you and Sol. You should tell me why you turned Sol down for a dance."
Rolling A Word In Your Ear to make me tell me why he shot her down.

Rolled 6 = 6


>to make him tell me


Canterlot love dances after all and you are not bad at all, I thought you said you didnt like this events.


"I- if you say so…"
I hesitantly take his hoof and join him.

Rolled 6 = 6


"W-well I ha-have never dan-danced in my life… and I b-bet s-she'd want t-to touch me wh-while dancing…"


"I am terribly sorry about what happened there on the dance floor, it's been ages since I danced. I think it was…uh, at any rate, what would you like to do?"


"Most of these formal dances involve touching, yes, but think of what you could get by dancing with her. Come on, stand up and really think about it. Try to come up with things aside from the obvious."


"I don't want to be touched… and why w-would I want to do an-anything with he-her? It's not li-like sh-she looks go-good for being a pon-pony or anything!"


"She is a little plain, there is no denying that, but there are advantages to pushing down your fear and dancing with her. You keep telling me that you are no good in a fight and that you are afraid your dead wife will come back to punish you. What better to protect you than a knight bodyguard that loves you and thinks you love her back?"


"I appreciate a dance and a drink once in a while. I'm just very busy with work all the time. No time to relax for me."

"See? That's not so hard is it? Pray tell, are you Equestrian too by chance? You sound like it to me."

The two of you walk over to the dancefloor and start dancing, Orion taking the lead.

Roll to see how you fare.

Crescent takes it slightly better than you do, but she's tipsy as well.

"It's okay! I… um… I don't blame you or anything. It's just a shame you know!"

The two of you are approached by Ducatia, who is snickering slightly.

"My my, you sure know how to make an entrance Paladin. It's good to see you could make it to the ball, would have been a shame to miss out on your dancing skills."

Rolled 5 = 5


I blush a bit.
"Sh-s-she's what?"


A real shame but I know that feel, princess Luna is a real monster some times.


I don't look amused.
"Yes, it must have looked very amusing for everyone not involved. Miss Crescent, how about another glass of wine?"


"She's smitten with you. Full blown fairy tale love. A smart zebra like you can use that to your advantage."


O- Oh, um, yes. I- I'm from C- Canterlot, actually."

Rolled 9 = 9


"Sh-she is?"
I look away and circle my hooves then gulp.
"So yo-you say th-that all I ha-have to d-do is da-dance with he-her?"


"Just dance with her and don't do anything to insult her. You may have to stay with her after the dance for a while, mares are like that, but there isn't any gain without any pain. You need to be fast though, there are plenty of stallions in there that might steal her away from you. One dance won't be all that you will ever have to do, but it will be a strong start."


"B-bu-but s-she will touch me! With he-her hooves!"


She quickly looks around her, looking a bit alarmed.
"Princess Luna? A monster? Why would you say that? I didn't know you were so close to her…"

Crescent nods enthusiastically.
"Yes please!"

Ducatia stops her snickering and goes back to the regular smile she seems to be wearing at all times.
"I'm sorry, you shouldn't worry so much. These nobles are more concerned about their own appearance then what you do. You should try to enjoy yourself more."

"Oh? So am I! Though I admit I haven't visited our fair capital in a while. Work and all, you see."

You too dance like a true pro together with Orion, who is quite good himself. The ponies around you seem very impressed at your skills.

Keep rolling.


"Would you rather have her touch you with her hooves now, or have some bandit cut your throat or a monster eat you in the future?"


"I have Piercy and Nid to defend me!"


"Y- yeah…
I- I haven't b- been back in a f- fair while m- myself."
This isn't so bad…

Rolled 4 = 4


"I am terribly sorry for the cold reception. I am just not used to situations like these." I motion to the ball room and then to Crescent, but try to make it so she doesn't see it.
I pour Crescent another glass and take one myself.
"How about you, miss Ducatia? Enjoying yourself?"

Rolled 3 = 3


"They won't last forever and you know that some ponies fear Necromancers. Piercy and Nid may put you in more danger than you would be if you were alone."


Close? No not all I was just a servant.


I shift my weight around for a bit as I'm thinking, then look at the ground.
"b-but just this once! And somewhere wh-where other po-ponies can't s-see us! I ha-have never danced b-before!"


"Who says you can't dance out here, alone, in the moonlight? That's fairly romantic. And you would have to dance with her again at some point in the future, but what is a dance and a drink and some contact every now and then compared to paying a mercenary everything you own to keep you safe and going to sleep every night hoping he doesn't kill you you and take what little is left?"


"I… I gu-guess you a-are right… I'll apologize and a-ask her to d-dance with me he-here then…"
Then I look him in the eyes and poke his chest with a hoof.
"B-but you can't watch either!"


"I promise not to watch as long as you promise to do your best to not freak out and hurt her like you hurt that other mare. I also want to know how it went afterwards."
I walk back into the ballroom.


I follow him and look for Sol.
I order Piercy to stay at the door of the gardens.

Rolled 8 = 8


You stumble a little, distracted by talking, but Orion is there to catch you.

"Careful now. So what brings you here to Clopantinople? To the Imperial ball no less!"

Continue to roll.

This time the alcohol hits you slightly harder. It's really starting to get to you. Crescent empties her glass pretty quickly too.

Rolling for her

Ducatia shrugs indifferently.
"I've been to so many of these gatherings. They are usually boring to me. I'd rather concentrate on my job and keeping the city running. But her majesty insists that I attend anyway of course."

"You are some kind of mage, correct? What did you do exactly?"



Rolled 8 = 8


"T- thanks.
I- I've mostly just been traveling around from p- place to place.
A- and the ball?
It's a l- long story."
I chuckle a bit and keep dancing.

Rolled 4 = 4


"Miss Crescent, you seem to not be enjoying yourself. Maybe we should take a walk in the park?"
I turn to Ducatia
"I'd bet running this city is interesting. You probably meet a lot of foreigners too?"


The two of you arrive back at the ballroom.

The Empress notices you walk in and approaches you, stumbling slightly.

"Zebra! G-glad you could make it to the feast thingy!"

She grabs hold of you and pulls you in close.

"How a-about a dance?"


I tap her on the shoulder to try and make her let go of him.
"I'm sorry, your highness, but he already has his eyes on another mare. Perhaps I could dance with you instead?"


Try not to break down into sobs while talking.
"S-s-sorry bu-but I wa-was goi-going to d-d-dance wi-with som-somepony e-else…"
Try to step to the side out of her reach.
"An-and I'm sure a ze-zebra like m-me couldn't co-compare to so-somepony like you at dancing…"

Rolled 1 = 1


I see Zivur about the break down and try to stop it.
"Keep it together, Zivur."
A Word In You Ear.

Rolled 4 = 4


Research about old magic mostly.


"Oh? A wanderer? Must be a very exciting life to see all those different places, acting however as you please."

You stumble a bit again, but Orion again manages to not let you fall to the ground.

Roll for more, or you can stop if you please.

"Huh. You probably know a lot of spells."

She thinks to herself for a moment.

"What's your most powerful spell? Mine has to be my magic bolt. I'm not the best spellcaster but I practice a lot to keep myself in shape."

"Sure! The gardens are supposed to be really pretty! Many exotic things!"

Ducatia nods in agreement.
"The gardens are quite beautiful. Mind if I tag along? And yes, I do meet a lot of foreign merchants. Trade is very important for the Empire. We are renowned for our steel and wine for example. As well as many other minerals coming from the Shudderpeak mines."

You lose your shit.

You lose it so hard that it takes off at terminal velocity and enters orbit around the planet. This would later inspire ponies to find a way to reach the stars using spacecraft.

You break down crying, hugging the empress tightly. Looking a bit confused, she pats you on the back to try and comfort you.

You fail to calm him down, he seems to absorbed in his crying to hear you.

The Empress notices how Ducatia is walking with Falkmar and Crescent into the gardens and shoves Zivur into your hooves.

"Here hold this. DUCATIA! Leaving so soon?"

Ducatia turns to the empress, looking quite surprised at hearing her name.

"Why… no your grace. I was merely setting out for a walk in the gardens with these two lovely individuals."


Try to magically collect my shit from outer space.

Rolled 3 = 3


"Stop crying. Come on Zivur, stop crying."

Rolled 5 = 5


"B-b-but th-the Empress…"

Rolled 3 = 3


I bow to the Empress.
"my…dancing number was less than satisfactory, so I thought me and ms. Crescent would get some fresh air outside, and mrs. Ducatia offered to join us."


My most powerful spell? Chain lightning you can cause alot of damage with that spell.
Maybe I can help you practice one day.


With the help of Erumal you manage to calm yourself just a little bit. You're still crying but at least you aren't wailing so loudly anymore. Instead sobbing a little bit.


Look around for Sol.


"T- thanks again.
I- it certainly is in- interesting."
I pause for a moment,
"A- and, um, thank you. F- for this, I mean. T- the dancing and all that."

Rolled 4 = 4


"Hush now. You should be proud that the Empress, of all ponies, offered to dance with you. There's no time for that though, you have a bodyguard to recruit."


She looks a little unsure and anxious at the offer.
"I don't know… I'm really not THAT great at magic. That sounds really difficult. But we at least try to exchange spells I guess."

"I see… Try not to stray too far."

She winks at you non-sexually and goes back inside.

The three of you continue walking in the gardens. Crescent occasionally runs off to sniff a flower. She seems pretty content now.

Ducatia continues to talk

"Pick Wick told me your search for the assassins who tried to murder the Empress hasn't been successful. It's a true shame that justice cannot be enforced on those guilty."

She's right there… already dancing with a unicorn stallion.

Once again you stumble, almost falling this time.

"It's no problem at all. I'm honored to be able to dance with you. And don't be nervous, just let it overtake you and you'll dance even better."

Roll again.


"O- okay."
I try to do as he says.

Rolled 3 = 3


"Well, that settles that. Don't follow me goat. I mean it. And I don't care what you have to say."
I turn around and walk out to the gardens again, commanding Piercy to follow me and try to find a bench again.


I wait for a chance to approach Sol, then go up to her.
"Sol, Zivur is waiting for you in the garden. I think he's ready to dance."


It would be my pleasure help you with the magic bolt, you can improve it in to Storm bolt with enough training and I know you have great mind spells.


Your mind goes blank as you try to clear your thoughts from uncertainty. Unfortunately you clear them a bit too much and forget to place your hooves correctly. You fall to the ground, Orion unable to catch you this time.

"Oh goodness gracious! I'm so sorry!"

He helps you get up again.

"Are you okay?"

Continue dancing? If so, roll again.


I blush a bit as I get up,
"O- oh!
T- thank you. I- I'm fin-"
My face lights up at this,
"Y- you talked to him? A- and he agreed?!"
I grin a bit wider, then gasp and turn to Orion,
"O- oh! I'm so sorry!
B- but my friend is really shy you see, a- and I was hoping to get him to open up a bit by dancing with me.
I- if that's alright with you, of course."


I follow Crescent with my gaze while walking.
"Yes, it is. Really annoys me, too. In Equestria this would have not passed."


"He did see you dancing with your friend here though. Chances are that you will need to explain that to him before you ask him to dance."


She smiles a little.

"That would be great. When can we do this? Maybe I could teach you my detect alignment spell…"

He makes a little bow.

"It would be rude of me to say no to such a pretty face like yours. Enjoy yourself and remember to keep calm. Do that and you'll dance well. I hope to see you again some time."

She sniffs and looks around her to see if nopony else is near.

"Maybe I could help."


I start to talk to Piercy.
"I-it's not like I wanted to dance with her… You understand me, right?"


"T- thank you! F- for everything!"
I give him a hug, a small peck on the cheek, and a curtsey bow.
"O- oh.
B- but still! Thank you Erumal!"
I give him a hug and a peck on the cheek as well then dash out chasing after Zivur.
Do I find him?

Rolled 8 = 8


Clearly he doesn't. He just stares at you with those lifeless eyes.

You manage to find him again pretty quickly. Those stripes really do stand out around here.


My ears rise.
"Hm, really?"
I try to check that Crescent isn't too close


I go pour myself a drink and hope that the childish zebra doesn't screw up all my hard work.

Rolled 4 = 4


Whenever you want to and I like that idea that spell can be really useful.


I happily trot over to where Zivur is, still keeping my distance of course,
"U- um, Zivur?"


I look up to her with disdain and speak with a sarcastic voice
"What is it? You can just stay in there and dance with that superioir unicorn of yours. I bet he's better than me in everything, and he's not even a filthy zebra like I am… I bet he knows more about magic too…"


She off sniffing some flowers near a small puddle of water, she's not within hearing range.

"Yes, really. As the head of the guilds around here I meet quite a lot of interesting people as I mentioned before. And I may know someone who could be of… help. He's very knowledgeable about these types of things."

You drink some a lovely glass of red wine. It's stronger then you expected and it hits you pretty hard.

A fat earth pony stallion pats you on the back as you cough a little.

"Are you alright? Having a little trouble keeping your alcohol?"

He lets out a loud and boisterous laugh.

"That's some of out finest wine, grown on the vineyards down south and distilled in Trotopolis."

"Now? We could go to one of the empty ballrooms around to practice. There's nothing in there of value that could break."


I cough a few times.
"It's very good. Did you supply any of the other wines here? Maybe something a little lighter?"


"I- it's not like that…
H- he just offered to dance with me, a- and I felt it would be rude to deny his offer.
A- and you're not a filthy zebra! Y- you're a good zebra! A- and there's plenty of things you're good at!"


Well if you want to lets go.


I huff a bit.
"What do you want?"


He pours you in a glass from a different bottle.

"Sure bud, here taste this one. Should be lighter and fruitier."

He pours in a glass for himself as well and drinks it down in one swoop.

"I should know, as you can see I'm an expert at drinking and eating."

He let's out another very loud laugh.

"Okay then."

She leads you outside, grabbing the bottle of brandy with her and taking a swig from it. Then handing it to you as you walk out of the ballroom.

"Want another try?"


>Give her a smile
Maybe later after we finish this lesson.


"I- I just was wondering, um…"
'Steel yourself, Sol.'
I clear my throat,
"I w- was wondering if you'd like to dance."
I hold out my hoof and give him a hopeful expression.


I look at her hoof.
"Y-yo-you st-still want to d-do it? Wi-with me?"


"Yes, I can imagine that being a noble has its perks."
I take a sip.



holy hell

Rolled 9 = 9


"Y- yes."
I fidget a bit,
"T- there is something that I need to tell you though.
I like you. I- in a romantic way.
D- do you still want to dance?"


"Do tell me more."


My legs start to shake a bit.
"Yo-you what? A-a-and how?"


She leads you away from the ballroom around the palace until you reach another set of doors, this one unguarded. She opens up and walks in. The room is quite big again, fit for holding feasts though not as big as the one you were just in. It's quite dark inside and almost completely empty. Pick lights some candles to create some light and turns to you.

"Now, let's get this started. I'll teach you how to use Detect first. Please clear your mind of thoughts and try to hold still."

She lights up her horn and moves up to you, touching hers with yours. You feel a sensation of something trying to enter your brain.

Roll to see whether you can keep up.

"Of course it does! Money! Mares! Power! Great food! Feasts! It's a good life."

This one is so much lighter, almost like grapejuice. The stallion looks at you expectantly.

"And? You like it? Want another glass? Or something stronger again?"

"I will. But don't tell this to anyone. Not Pick Wick, not the Empress, not her husband. You'll have to promise me."



Rolled 10 = 10


"Another of the same please. I guess you are a duke or a baron or somesuch?"


I glance around
"I promise."


I blush bright red and stare at the ground,
"I- I like you.
Y- you're cute. A- and um, n- nice a- and…"
I stop and take a few deep breaths to calm myself.


My legs are still shaking, and as is my voice.
"I… I guess we c-can dance… bu-but only if nopony else can see it!"
I look over my shoulder.
"Except maybe Piercy."
Then I look at her again, then to the ground.
"An-and only if you finish th-that sentence…"


It's easy enough for you, you're a mage after all and used to learning spells.

Pick Wick manages to store the spell inside your head and horn. Roll again to see how much of it you can master.

I'll explain in a moment.

He pours you in another glass of the same wine and hoofs it to you.

"I'm Duke Quake! Duke Quake of Trotopolis. I have many other noble titles of course but duke is my primary and highest title."

She clears her throat and nods slowly.

"Alright then, there is a smuggler that I know that operates primarily around Trotopolis, smuggling in exotic goods from places around the world. He sees and hears quite a lot of things and told me in a letter that he might know something of interest regarding this matter. However… He was reluctant to tell me by mail and told me that he only wanted to say it to somepony in person."


"R- really?"
I look back up at him, eyes shining,
"U- um, I- I like you mostly because you stand up for w- what you believe in. E- even though you're really shy, y- you still have strong opinions and y- you don't back down to very many people. I- I find that really admirable…"
I turn back to looking at the ground and pawing at it,
"A- and, um, thank you. Thank you so much."


And I thought keeping my mind clear will be hard with a pretty mare touching my horn.

Rolled 4 = 4


"I see. Should me - and my party - go see him?"


I take a sip.
"Trotopolis makes some very fine wine. What else do they do? I'm new here and like to learn everything I can about the places I visit."

Rolled 8 = 8


I smile a bit at that.
"W-well, le-let's find a pl-place where we c-can be alone th-then, shall-"I gulp a bit "w-we?"
Then my smile turns into a frown again.
"B-but no t-touching until I say so!"

Try to look for a quiet little place.
And Piercy will stand guard.

Rolled 5 = 5


You understand how to use it… to some degree. It's a real quick crash course you got on how to use it, so it's a little bit shoddy.

You now know Detect Alignment, however it is only successful when you roll a 7 or higher. With practice and time, you might learn to master it completely.

Pick Wick takes a few steps back, sweating a little bit.

"There… How does it feel? Did it work?"

"I don't know. Do you want to? I'm not telling you to do anything, Paladin, I'm merely trying to give you options on how to solve this matter."

You again take it like a champ, this shit has nothing on you. You're safe.

"Trotopolis is one of the oldest cities of the realm. Trade is of great importance to us, just like Clopantinople. We are best known for our wine. We're also an important producer of salt and pearls."


Yes it did, thank you.
>hug her


"I may be the leader of our motley crew, but I don't make the decisions without consulting the party - and the goat- first."


I look back up and him with a dreamy smile,
I follow him.


"Pearls? I thought ponies would just magically create those instead of going to the trouble of harvesting them."


You find your spot. It's near the bushes you hid in earlier. Nopony around to see you. It's pretty romantic actually under the roof of stars.


I turn around to face Sol, steel myself, and step a bit closer to her.
"Ju-just give me a se-second to collect myself…"


"T- take as long as you need."


I take some deep breaths, then look at her.
"O-okay, I think yo-you can touch me now…"
I raise my own hooves in a dancing pose.
"B-but I ha-have no idea of wh-what I'm d-doing… I n-never danced…"


I walk over to him,
"I- It's okay, I'll lead."
I place my hooves on him as light as I possibly can and start leading him.

Rolled 4 = 4


Rolling to see how much I freak out.

Rolled 7 = 7


She blushes madly as you hug her tight and anxiously returns the favor.

"Of course."

Crescent returns to the two of you, she's put a couple of flowers in her mane and is smiling happily, having forgotten about the dancing fiasco.

"Ahahahaha! These flowers smell so nice! I love them!"

He motions towards his head, showing the lack of horn.

"Magic? When this land was settled, it was colonized by Earth Ponies alone. These days our population is more varied but Earth Ponies are still vastly in the majority."

You both stumble clumsily. You might want to clear your head a bit and calm down.

It's cool, she's just a little unsure, as are you.


I inspect the flowers closely
Do I recognize them?

Rolled 9 = 9


"Umm, a-are you su-sure this i-is how it's do-done?"


"S- sorry."
I try to clear my head and continue.

Rolled 8 = 8


"I- I'm not really used to leading."


"How interesting, I didn't know that. I assume they were the earth ponies that broke off from the group that founded Equestria?"
I take another sip.

Rolled 7 = 7


I can teach you fireball or lightning if you want it, thats my favorite spell.


"It's okay… You're good…"
I blush a bit.


They are just simple tulips of various colors.

There, that's much better. You take a firm lead on Zivur, remembering how Orion did it.

"Well, we Earth ponies had already settled down in these lands, just limited. Trotopolis was only a tradepost back then. But yes, not everyone was keen on following Chancellor Puddinghead and a lot of them moved towards this country."

He drinks another glass of wine.

"Who did you say you were again? Are you an ambassador? I don't recognize you at all."

"Sure, fireball sounds like it could be powerful. I hope I can handle this…"

She puts her horn against yours again and clears her mind.

Roll to see how you fare at exchanging your knowledge.


Ok let me see.

Rolled 3 = 3


"This… th-this isn't that bad at all…"


I smile too.
"I am just glad you're enjoying yourself."
Put a hoof on her shoulder
"What would you like to do now?"


"I helped the Empress out with a few problems and she thanked me with an invitation to this ball. It is very nice, but I fear there are too many ponies and not enough goats for my taste."
I take another sip.

Rolled 6 = 6


I smile and lean in ever so slightly closer,
"Y- you think so?"

Rolled 1 = 1


Your horn goes out with a sad farting noise.

"Uhhh… Come again?"

Roll to try again

"We should try and dance again!"

It's starting to stack up, but you can still handle it.

"I see, I see… Quite the shame yes. The nobility is pretty limited to Earth Ponies I'm afraid. My spymaster is a goat though! She's been in service for a while. A foreigner, just like you!"

You try to lean in closer but fuck up your momentum. Instead you headbutt the poor zebra full force and he walls backwards on the ground. His nose is bleeding pretty hard.




"I was going to suggest that…"
I walk back inside


Sorry, let me try again.

Rolled 5 = 5


I command him to stand between me and Sol and grasp my bleeding nose.
How bad is it?

Rolled 5 = 5


"I- I'm so sorry! Are you okay Zivur?"


"Really now? I don't suppose you brought her with you? It's been months since I last saw another goat."




"I- I'm just s- so used to wearing my armor all the time t- that I- I usually p- put a lot more f- force into my motions a- and oh sweet Celestia I- I'm so sorry a- a-"
"I- I'm sorry!"
I run off crying and try to find somewhere to hide.

Rolled 2 = 2


So I spot her when she runs out from the bushes?


You start walking back inside with Crescent, Ducatia in tow.

This time you manage better, though you do it pretty forcibly. Pick is gritting her teeth in strain.

"Just… a little… more."

Roll again.

"I'm afraid not, she's back in Trotopolis at work. She's working together with the Empress' Spymaster to solve the case of the assassination attempt around the clock."

Piercy quickly stands in front of you and makes sure Sol stays on a distance.
Pretty bad. Your snout and forelegs are now red with black stripes. At least it doesn't hurt too much. Still a gruesome sight.



Rolled 10 = 10


"The Empress's spymaster is in Trotoplois? Has she found any leads?"


So if I see Sol, I step in front of her
"Ms. Sol, what happened? Last I saw you dancing with that unicorn Stallion, and you seemed to be having a good time!"


Make sure Piercy is not looking and use the end of the cape he has on to dry the blood on my hooves and nose on it.
"I knew I should have trusted her… she was lulling me into a false sense of safety just to beat me… well never again! Isn't that right, Piercy?"


You do see her running around aimlessly while crying


I try to shove him out of the way and keep running and trying to find some place to hide,
"I- I don't want to talk to anyone! I- I'm just a great big fuck up who's a disappointment to everyone and I j- just hurt people!"

Rolled 3 = 3


Do I have to roll?
Hug her non-sexually
"No you're not! Stop telling yourself that!"
"Now, tell me what happened?"


Your horn lights up brightly and explodes with a lot of force. Pick Wick lets out a yelp as she gets knocked back a bit by the force.

She blinks a few times in surprise.

"That was… wow."

"Oh no she is still here in Clopantinople. To be fair, I don't really keep myself busy with what they do. I'm not a pony of intrigue."

You clean yourself up a bit. Now your cape is all bloody though. Piercy still stands on the same spot, frozen.

Crescent gently rubs your back with a concerned look.

"Come on Sol! Don't beat yourself up like that! It's okay, everypony makes mistakes sometimes! Falkmar and I made a fool of ourselves earlier too."


Im so sorry!
>Help her get on her hooves
I was saving the best for the last.


"Come on Piercy. Enough is enough. We are leaving… though I'm not sure where…"
Start to walk towards the gate where I entered.


"Do you have any ideas who is behind the assassination attempt? My name is Erumal, by the way, and it is a pleasure to meet you."


I keep trying to escape,
"I- It's not like that! I- I- It's so much worse! J- Just leave me alone! I don't deserve anything!"
'You fucked up again Sol.'
'All those things your aunts and uncles said? They're all true. What use is a child to a knight when they can't even follow in their footsteps?'

Rolled 1 = 1


I don't let her go
"No, you're not a fuck-up at all. Look at Dusk for example. Have you ever killed a royal guard by accident? Didn't think so."
I hug her tighter
"And everyone can learn. Just calm down, tell me what happened, and I'll help you to the best of my abilities."


"It's okay. Just… surprising that's all."

She dusts herself off a bit.

"It worked, that's for sure. Care to try out your spell?"

You and piercy walk back to the gates where you entered through. You are now standing on the street again. It's late at night and everything is closed and locked up. There are no ponies in sight aside from the occasional guard patrolling around.

He shrugs.

"Again, not a pony of intrigue. I don't keep myself occupied with politics and investigation. Could be anypony for all I know."

Crescent hugs you as well now and pets your mane softly.

"Oh Goodness! Why would you say that? That's not true at all! You're a good pony! Just tell us what happened."


Sure thing.
Cast detect alignment on her.

Rolled 5 = 5


I try to get the attention of one of the guards.
"Umm,pardon, excuse me? Do you know where I can find a cheap place to stay for the night?"


"How far away is Trotopolis from here? The group I am with travels often and I'm sure they would love to visit your fine city and do any jobs that you could throw our way."


You don't feel.jpg

She doesn't feel evil though… but there is no real presence of good either. Hard to pinpoint.

The mare eyes you carefully and cocks her eyebrow at the bloodied cape as well as Piercy.

"Sir… please get down on the ground"

"Walking? A few days off to the south from here. And I'm sure there'll be work. I'll keep your name in thoughts."

He drinks another glass of wine.

"Maybe you can get together with my spymaster."

He guffaws loudly again.


I laugh with him.
"I'm sure I would enjoy working undercover with her."
I take another sip.

Rolled 9 = 9


Hmm maybe I just need more practice.
Is there anything else you want to do?


All right, that was enough bullshitting for today.
"Oh, you want to know about the blood? I was ASSAULTED! by a mare in the Ball! She lured me away to 'dance', then assaulted me! She even made my nose bleed! You should take her to custody!"
I point at Piercy.
"And he is my bodyguard! Instead of accusing ME, just because I'm a zebra, you guards should do your jobs properly, and defend the innocent!"


I slump down, give up, and start crying harder,
"I- I- I we- went and h- hurt Zivur. I- I went and hurt t- the one pony w- who I felt close to! T- the one pony t- that I lo- liked! A- and now he h- hates m- me b- because i- i'm just a w- worthless p- pony who d- doesn't deserve to live…"
'Who are you fooling?'
'You can't protect anyone. You're just a foal playing dress up. All those other ponies back at school? They were right. You're useless.'
'And you can't even protect for the ponies you love! All you do is go and get them hurt and make them hate you! First Cloudchaser and now Zivur! You're USELESS!'
'Maybe everyone would be better of if you were dead.'
I feel for my sword.


Trying to spot that she's going for her sword

Rolled 4 = 4


I guess not
"Don't be like that! It's not your fault! Zivur is just awkward around mares, even afraid of them, it's only natural for him to defend himself more…aggressively in a situation like that!"


"Under the covers of her bed!"

He explodes in roaring laughter, stomping his forehoofs on the ground as he does so. some of the ponies in the area around you look at the two of you angrily.

She raises a hoof to her chin and thinks for a moment.

"I guess I could try Fireball. But that seems like a bad idea to do insi-"

She can speak no further as all of the sudden, a steel bolt hits her square in the chest. Her eyes widen as she gasps, looking over to the blood spilling out of the wound. You hear how a window quickly gets opened and how something flies away out of it, but don't see anything.

Pick Wick collapses on the floor wide eyed and looking very panicked.

Crescent gasps loudly as she hears what you say.

"No! Don't say that! Calm down please! Everypony makes mistakes! I made so many in the past! You just go on with your life and do better tomorrow!"

She doesn't even blink and just gives you a hard stare.

"Sir, get down on the ground, NOW."


"I am a Citizen! I have my rights! I was attacked, and I get accused? I'm in good terms with the Empress you know! She'll hear about this uncooperation of yours!"


Carry her in my back and run to the main room.


I look around and notice the ponies staring at us.
"Yes, yes that is what I meant. Well I hope to meet your fine spymaster sometime soon, but I have lingered by the refreshments table for too long. Goodnight."
I refill my glass of wine and wander the ballroom looking for any of the others.

Rolled 8 = 8


"I- I know! A- and I still tried to anyways! I- I f- fucking knew it and I still tried to anyways! I- I- I tried to lean in just a little bit cl- closer and I h- headbutted him! I- I made him bleed!"
I start crying even harder.
'Do it. You'll be doing everyone a favor.'
I grab my sword a bit tighter.


Trying to see it again
I grab a handkerchief and clean the tears

Rolled 8 = 8


I put a hoof on her sword
"Now, I know you're an intelligent mare and you wouldn't do what I think you are going to do, but give that sword for me for the rest of the night, please."
after a moment, with a stern voice
"You need to realize that everyone makes mistakes. And if Zivur can't see it, it's entirely his fault, not yours."


>TO me for the rest of the night


Not backing off, the mare continues to stare you down angrily.
"Citizens still abide to the law. Get on the ground, RIGHT NOW!"

You put her on your back using your magic and carry her out of the room towards where you cam from. Her blood is drenching your coat and she is shivering pretty badly. You eventually come across >>60046 just outside the ballroom who is looking for the rest of the party.

Crescent continues to hug you tight and pets your mane some more.
"Sssshhh, sssshhh it's okay. Just cry away your sorrow. Don't worry, we're here for you!"


I huff angrily, then get down.
"Just because I'm a zebra? It's about that right? Is it my stripes? Look at them, is it my stripes?"


Erumal! Quick you have to help her!


"What happened!?"
Rolling for Heal.

Rolled 5 = 5


"N- no…
p- please, l- let me have this… i- i'm just going to hurt more people"
I tighten my grip on my sword.


Rolling to take the sword from her
"You've clearly had too much to drink for tonight. Ms. Crescent, where do you think we could spend the night?"

Rolled 6 = 6


Rolling to resist.

Rolled 8 = 8


"THE LAW applies equal to all, citizen."

She starts cuffing your hooves.

You barely manage to stop the bleeding. The steel bolt is still sticking out of her.

"Oh goodness don't! Please! It's sad when ponies die and I don't like sad things!"

"You can sleep over at the EPC HQ again! No problem at all."


"Go get more help, but be discrete."
Trying again.

Rolled 5 = 5


Medic! We need a medic!


"Yeah? By taking away the INNOCENT and letting real criminals roam free? Is this justice for you? THE EMPRESS WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS! WHAT IS YOUR NAME?!"


"Please, Sol, don't make us drag you"
Start walking her towards the exit

Rolled 7 = 7


I start following behind, dragging my hooves and my head hanging as low to the ground as possible.

Rolled 2 = 2


You again fail to do much to help her. She's whimpering slightly and still shivering madly.

You alert some of the servants. One of them, a unicorn stallion speaks up and rushes to your side.

"I'm a doctor at court! Show me the way quickly!"

She smacks you on the back of the head with the hilt of her sword.

"Be quiet. You are disrupting public order."

You start heading towards the exit, Ducatia is still with you and speaks up.

"If you wish, you are allowed to spend the night at my home. Your friend is clearly upset and could use a nice bed to sleep in."


Keep walking
"Hmmm…how close is it? We spent a wonderful night last night at the EPC, and if it's closer, I'll have to decline."

Rolled 6 = 6


Someone shoot her in the chest with a bow.


Trying again.

Rolled 1 = 1


Hiss when she hits me.
"What? Are you afraid of the consequences of your racism? Tell me your name, pony! I'll make sure the Empress will make you scrub outhouses the rest of your days!"


"Hn the Upper City, not far from here. Admittedly I don't spend much time there as I usually just stay at the Guild Hall, but you'll find it to be quite luxurious. I can show you the way if you want."

You rip out the bolt forcefully and she cries out in pain, she's bleeding even more now and a puddle of blood is starting to form around her.

The stallion quickly follows you and starts casting spells on Pick Wick without say a word, concentrating on his work.

She finishes cuffing you and now starts cuffing Piercy, ignoring you completely.


What the fuck is wrong with you goat?


"Well…I suppose it will do. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Both to you and you, ms. Crescent."


"Don't ignore me! Tell me your name! You are in trouble! Big, big trouble!"


"I'm under a bit of pressure here! What happened, did you see who did it?"


I try to slink off while Falkmar is talking with Ducatia.

Rolled 3 = 3


No, not really, we were talking and suddenly she was on the floor.


I hug her a bit tighter with one hoof
"Please, ms. Sol, this is only for your own good!"
Keep walking, following Ducatia


"Humf. Well I've found our group's next destination so at least one thing has gone right tonight. I wonder how Zivur and Sol are doing."
I look around to see if I can spot any trace of them.

Rolled 3 = 3


The unicorn is still healing Pick with the best of his abilities.

"I think she'll be fine…"

She finishes cuffing Piercy as well and pulls you up.

"Yeah, yeah, act tough all you want, see how you like spending some time behind bars."

Crescent quickly shakes her head.
"It's okay! I guess I'll just go back to the EPC… It was… nice tonight. Even with all that happened. Thank you for inviting me!"

Ducatia pipes in.
"A friend of the empress is a friend of mine. Besides, you seem like nice enough ponies."

As you walk outside the palace gates, you notice a guard standing by a cuffed Zivur and Piercy.

You cannot find them anywhere nearby.


Next destination?


Should we take her to the hospital?


"Yeah? Well you won't be acting so tough when the Empress will have your filthy pony head on a spike!"


"You can still go back to the ball, if you wish, Ms. Crescent!"
Turn to the guard and hold Sol still
"Excuse me, what's happened here?"


I notice Zivur,
"W- wha…
N- no!"
I try to force my way out of Falkmar's grip and make my over to the guard,
"Y- you have the wrong person! I- It's me! A- arrest me! L- let him go! P- p- please!"

Rolled 7 = 7


I mutter to myself.
"Not here? Maybe things went even better than I thought they would."

"I'm sure the empress has better doctors here at the palace. You stay with her while I go find the others."
I walk through the gardens looking for any sign of the other members of the group.

Rolled 3 = 3


Rolling not to drop spaghetti
"Please, ms. Sol, you're not on your right mind right now, let me solve this with the guard!"

Rolled 4 = 4


I look up to her with disdain.
"There she is! There's the pony who attacked me! She's the reason I'm bloody and in cuffs! Take her, not me!"


"Y- yes! P- please! T- take me and let him go! He's innocent!"
I throw my sword at her feet and get on the ground near her.

Rolled 3 = 3


I growl at her.
"Stay away from me, harlot."




the guard


The guard. She's a she, isn't she?


I didn't know that
I pick the sword up and put it next to mine, then turn to the guard
"Please, this whole thing has been an misunderstanding!"


"The palace has its own medical bay, don't worry."

He picks her up gently with his magic and starts carrying her away.

"You two gentlecolts may have just saved her life, good job."

They aren't in the garden anymore, that's for sure.

She lets out a giggle as you drop your spaghetti a little bit on the ground.

"I thought you'd never ask, of course!"

She rolls her eyes and starts leading you away before >>60118 comes up.

"This stallion and his… companion was walking around with a piece of bloodied cloth disrupting the general peace."

She cocks an eyebrow at you

"Lady, you need some sleep… or something else. I don't even know."

She smacks you on the back of the head again.

"Silence, dissident."

"Seems pretty clear to me. This idiot was disrupting public order and I arrested him. No room for misunderstanding."


Ill go with you.


I see the guard smacking Zivur,
I try to slam into her.

Rolled 5 = 5


I look for any guards or ponies by the gate and give them descriptions of the others and ask if they have seen any of them leaving.

"Are you sure?"

Rolled 8 = 8


"Condemning the innocent because he's a zebra and letting the guilty be free because she's a pony! This is an atrocity! She is right here!"


"Uh, how exactly? Was he walking too loud? I think-"
I try to grab her

Rolled 1 = 1


Of course im sure.


Are you going with erumal or with the unicorn?


The unicorn.


"Look lady I- URK"

You slam into the guards chest and she stumbles back a bit.


She takes out a whistle and blows on it.

You grab Crescents ass tightly and squeeze it! Oh shit! That's not what you meant to grab! She lets out a loud yelp and looks at you astoundingly.

"W-what are you doing!?"

Ducatia is standing back, looking at the scene amusingly.

You hear a whistle going off and see the all of the above.

You follow the unicorn carrying Pick Wick through the palace until you reach the medical bay. The unicorn gently lays her on top of one of the beds and gives some orders to the two nurse ponies already present, before going back to tending to Pick Wick.

"Are the two of you family?"


I just lie down on the ground and close my eyes.
"Fuck everything."


I let go and stumble backwards.
"Lady Ducatia, I don't suppose you could help us with this situation?"
Turn to Sol
"Sol! That is not good! You are breaking the law!"


I… We… Its complicated doctor.


I keep trying to pummel her,
"I'm t- the one who deserves to b- be arrested!"

Rolled 5 = 5


I grab her again
"I am sorry, ms. Guard! She…she had a little bit too much to drink and then an accident in the garden! It's very, very difficult to explain!"

Rolled 7 = 7


A Word In Your Ear.

Rolled 9 = 9


"Isn't it always?"

He continues to tend to Pick Wick, who is still unconscious and muttering a little in her sleep.

You try to slam into her again but are stopped by Falkmar

"She assaulted a guard! I don't care what happened to her."

"And who are you!? Why are there so many people!? Where are you coming from?"

Six more guards rush to her aid and surround the party.

Ducatia his still not doing anything standing in the background and looking very amused.


I stand up.
"You know what? Just take me then already. I don't even care anymore. Looks like my kind are not welcome here in this city."
I turn to the others, but I don't even glance at Sol.
"I'll be seeing you once I'm out of jail."


Word of Power

Rolled 6 = 6


"Ducatia, can you please get rid of these guards for us? We all need to get back to the palace now."


I thrash around and try to get out of his hol-
I stop.
"I- it's not his fault…"


The guard puts a hoof on you and shoves you back down onto the ground.


She nods silently, before putting her hooves together and starts applauding.

"Good show, all of you. Very good show indeed."

She turns to Falkmar.

"I told you things would get more exciting now that you are here… Guards, if you please."

The guard holding down Zivur widens her eyes as she recognizes the mare.

"Guild Master Ducatia! I didn't recognize you there! At once!"

She quickly uncuffs both Zivur and Piercy.


I nervously shuffle my hooves.
"Thank you, now if we could all please return to the palace? Something-"
I look at the guards.
"We just need to return. The fact that I was sent instead of a palace messenger should tell you enough."


"I can't…"
I sigh loudly
"We should get to your house now. Or the EPC headquarters. What are you doing here, goat?"


I brush my hooves where the cuffs were, and head towards a random direction without a word, Piercy in tow.




"I can't-Once the guards are gone, but not now. Please just trust me on."

"Zivur get back here your skills are needed!"

Rolled 2 = 2


Ducatia holds you back.

"Hold on there. You aren't going anywhere."

Crescent puts a hoof on your back.
"Falkmar, please stop shouting!"


"Oh! I'm so sorry, miss! I…this night just hasn't gone as well as I might have hoped. Not at all."


I shove her hooves away.
"Why? My free will has been restricted enough!"

"See if I care!"


That was A Word In Your Ear, I forgot to mention that.


He was stopped by Ducatia anyway for this turn, so he's halted for the moment, he just responded that way


The guards have fucked back off by the way.

She smiles widely as she ruffles your mane.
"Come come now Zivur. No need to be hasty."

She turns to Erumal.

"What happened exactly?"


You dont mind if I stay here right?


I take a step back and command Piercy to stand in front of me.
Then I point at Sol without looking at her.
I speak with disgust.
"That pony assaulted me, and when I left I was arrested for nothing!"


"Maybe, just maybe we could start walking while we're talking?"


I look over my shoulders a few time before speaking.
"Pick Wick was just assassinated. The Empress has decided that you are the next best thing to her spymaster that she has on hoof right now and needs you circulating the ballroom trying to find out if anyone there is connected to what happened. Please, she wants us all back as soon as possible."


I stay silent and stare at the ground.


"What? All of us?"
Rolling not to explode in a ball of rage

Rolled 4 = 4


"I don't want to go back to that damned place!
Especially not if you're taking that with you too.
You'll do fine without me."


I just hiss at him and put my hoof on Sol's shoulder
There's more important business for us now

Rolled 8 = 8


"Of course not, I'll be staying here keeping watch over her as well. You want some coffee? Nurse! See that the Empress is told of what happened, and bring us a can of coffee too!"

One of the nurses quickly scurries off.

"So somepony tried to murder her?"

"Now now, It was merely a misunderstanding, no need to get upset. You have my sincerest apologies. It must have been a rough night for you all."

You are the leader of the party nigga

"Of course."

The party starts walking back to the palace gates.

Ducatia's smile instantly fades away.

"Pick Wick? She's dead? Oooooooh boy, we are going to hear it now. Let's go quickly!"


"Ducatia and as many of us as possible. She can't have so many of her guests disappearing at the same time."

"You're the only one that can talk with corpses. Hopefully once they put her mouth back together she can tell you if she saw what killed her, but that could take hours."


I go with the rest of the group.
"Remember to be discrete everyone. The Empress wants this kept hush hush."


I walk at the very back and nicker to myself.


Thats right.


I follow with them.












I am here.


I'll be making coffee if ya need me


Im here mom.


>extension in charge of updating




Thread seems kinda broken, but it'll do for now. If it gets too bad, I'll make a new one.

The party is currently heading back to the palace, accompanied by Ducatia and Crescent. Dusk is in the medical bay with Pick Wick and the Unicorn doctor. A nurse was just sent off to warn the empress and her entourage of what happened and to fetch some coffee too.


I keep walking.


Keep grumbling at the very end of the party.


Doctor I need your help, can you help me?


"Falkmar, I know there is bad blood between us. If you want to run off back to the ECP with Crescent I'm sure the Empress won't hold it against you."


"I can't dodge my duties for personal gain."
I turn my head to Crescent
"For the first time in a long while, I'm sorry for it."


The stallion looks at you, confused.

"Of course, that's what I'm here for. What is wrong?"

Crescent pipes in and corrects you, chiding you in the process.

"EPC! Not ECP! Equestrian Peace corpse!"

The party enters the palace and stands in the main hall. It seems everypony is still at the ball.

Ducatia speaks up.
"So, what now? Where is she? At the medical bay? Where is the Empress?"






Dont let anyone inside this room, tell them is a royal order.


I look at her but stay silent.


"I'm not sure where the Empress is, but she was in a mood and made it clear that she wanted you in here trying to learn who hired the assassin. Pick's body was taken away and I don't know where it is."


I give her a shrug and go back to staring at the ground.


He looks even more confused now.

"But what about the Empress? I just sent a nurse to warn her!"

"Well I suppose we'll just go find he-"

Ducatia is interrupted as the Empress suddenly opens up one of the side doors coming from the ballroom and storms into the main hall, followed by a nurse and a few guards. When she sees Ducatia standing with the party, she narrows her eyes and glowers.


Ducatia looks around confused, before realizing she is the one the empress is pointing at.


The empress stomps a hoof on the ground and yells at the top of her lungs.



Im talking about the others, everyone except her and your staff is not allowed inside.


"I wish I had just gone to the EPC HQ…"
brace for impact


Rolling to seize her.

Rolled 7 = 7


I shot a cruel look at Ducatia.
"Get Her. And you don't have to be gentle."

Rolled 4 = 4



Rolled 3 = 3


"Alright, but I think we should wait for what the Empress tells us to do…"

Pick Wick stirs a bit and opens one of her eyes, groaning.

Ducatia looks very confused, but keeps her apparent cool.
"There must be a misunders-OOF"

The three of you dogpile her, joined by one of the two guards the Empress has with her who also cuffs her hooves.

"You are under arrest for suspected treason and two murder attempts! You have no rights and will remain silent!"

Ducatia frowns, still keeping her cool.
"I think there must be a misunderstanding here, I know nothing about this. Why would you think this? Who did I even try to kill or betray?"


I keep quiet and get off her.


"Piercy, every time she opens her mouth, kick her."
Her yapping annoys me.


>hold her hoof
Hey try not to talk, you are still weak.


I step up and walk next to Crescent.
"No one should treat their prisoners like that."


"They treated me no differently just now. Let them have a taste of their own medicine."


"Because it happened to you doesn't mean it should happen! Besides she's the only reason you're not in this mess right now!"


"We should treat her a bit better on the off chance that she is innocent."


I look away and mutter.
"See if I care…"


She looks and stares at you for a while, before closing her eyes again and passing out.

"She lost a lot of blood. She's going to need some rest to recover."

He takes a closer look at the steel bolt she was shot with and eyes it carefully.

Crescent looks very confused at the entire scene.

"What's happening!?"

"Can somepony please tell-URK"

Piercy kicks her hard in the ribs. Silencing her. She is cringing a little now.

"You tried to not only assassinate me, but also my Spymaster and your fellow councilor Pick Wick."

Ducatia's eyes widen and she shakes her head, not daring to speak up.


Just do what I said please.


I whisper in his ear.
"You should be respectful to people in power, even if it is only to stay off their bad side."

I walk over to her and lower my voice.
"Perhaps she was just a dupe, your highness. Did anyone ever check to see if the coins were counterfeit?"


I drag Piercy away from Ducatia, and return to Crescent.
"It's very complicated."


I quietly say,
"Th- y- you found proof b- besides what w- we found?"


"She'll be dead by the end of the week anyway…"

I command Piercy back to his 'post'.

Rolled 4 = 4


I hold him in place

Rolled 2 = 2


"Of course sir."

The nurse returns with a can of coffee

"I warned her majesty, doctor. And I brought some coffee. Do you want some too, sir mage?"

Piercy goes back to standing with Zivur

The Empress nods solemnly.
"Those were freshly minted coins coming from the Bank of Clopantinople. They weren't even in circulation yet so the only ponies who could have had access to them are me or the members of my council, namely my husband, Ducatia or Pick Wick."

The Empress shifts her gaze to you.
"No. No there wasn't. No doubt she got rid of it all after she heard what happened to that gang. Probably afraid we were on her trail. Rightfully so."

She turns to her guards.

"Lock her up in the dungeon. Or no, straight into the oubliette. We'll decide what to do with her tomorrow."

The two guards pick her up and drag her away. She stays silent but the look on her face betrays fear.


Thank you doctor.
Yes please, no sugar.


"May I have a chance to interrogate her? I have a way with words."


I sigh
"This whole business stinks."


"Can I leave now? Without getting arrested this time?"


The nurse hands you a cup of coffee as the doctor continues to talk.

"She is lucky the assassin did not use any poison on the bolt. He or she must have been confident in his marksmanship… unrightfully so it appears."

The Empress puts a hoof to her chin and thinks for a moment.

"Maybe… We will see tomorrow. Thank you all for your assistance in this matter. I was a bit worried she would get away for a moment, but you managed to lead her back here. Good job."

She smiles a little, though it doesn't seem like a genuine one.

"I can get a good night's sleep again tonight, I'll need it. I'm blowing off the ball, Pick Wick could have died tonight and that's a little more excitement than I can bear."




I listen to that without a motion on my face, then turn around, and start walking away.


"Please make sure that she is guarded well. It would be a shame if she died before we could get answers from her."

I follow him but keep my distance.


Drink my coffe.
Indeed, she is going to wake up soon?


I turn to ms. Crescent
"I am terribly sorry. This night must have been awful to you."
Then to Sol
"How are you doing?"


"S- still pretty t- terrible…"
I go back to staring at the ground.


"Of course, she'll be heavily guarded."

The Empress turns away and starts heading back to the ballroom.

"You lot can report back in tomorrow. We have things to discuss. Sleep well."

Crescent quickly shakes her head, her eyes gleaming with excitement.
"Are you kidding!? This is so exciting! You are like… like… super secret agents or something! Oh gosh I didn't know! But then it wouldn't be secret of course! Still! Gosh!"

"Doubtful, I'm afraid she'll probably stay out cold for the rest of the night. Looks like you're going to be here all night."

You can either decide to go to sleep here or somewhere else or pull an all nighter using the power of COFFEE.

You are back into the gardens, Piercy following you closely.


I keep following him.


Im afraid I dont know much about healing doctor.
Im going to abuse the power of coffe.


I put a hoof on her shoulder.
"You'll need a good night's sleep, and the world won't look so grim in the morning. I'm sure Zivur will forgive you with time. You're an attractive, intelligent mare, don't let others tell you otherwise."
"Well, uh, I am glad you had a good evening. Should we head back to the HQ now?"


Look before my hooves and talk to Piercy quietly.
"I just need a place to stay… to sleep… that's not too much to ask is it… I'll even sleep in that Death damned park again… no, no… yes… that'll do…"
I start to head outside.


With the power of COFFEE, you'll pull an allnighter. You might feel shitty in the morning but Pick Wick will surely appreciate hearing about this when she awakens again!

"Sure! You are always welcome there! As long as you don't bring any undead things along!"

You walk back to the same park you slept in before, Piercy in tow.

You follow him from a distance.


I start walking towards the EPC HQ with Crescent and Sol.


Find a hidden spot, and put my cloak on the ground.
"Piercy, guard. I want to rest…"


"Zivur, what happened tonight? Did that guard break your nose when she was arresting you? Why was she arresting you in the first place?"


Can I practice my detect spell?


I jump up and around in fright, and backpedal before realising it's just Erumal, then just snarl at him.
"I don't want to talk. Leave me alone."


"I t- think m- maybe I should j- just go and sleep somewhere else.
I- I'm s- sure I c- can find s- somewhere else…"


I take a step back.
"It's okay Zivur, it's just me. Please tell me what happened. I thought things were going so well when Sol went out to dance with you. You should have seen how fast she abandoned the stallion she was with."


The three of you walk back all the way over to the EPC headquarters, tired of the long and terrible day. The three of you settle down in bed. It's nice and comfortable, Falkmar lying in between the two mares. You can try to stealthily move closer to Crescent and try to spoon her but you'll have to roll for that of course.

Wouldn't want to pass up the chance of a critfail.

Sure, you can roll to see how well you do. If you roll a 10, you will be successful on 6 and higher when casting it


"No, no, I'll let you and Crescent have the bed, I'll just sleep on a bedroll or something downstairs. I can't let you go the way you are."


Cast detect on Pick.

Rolled 2 = 2



Rolled 6 = 6


My face twitches when I hear her name, and my voice trembles with both anger and upsettnes.
"It was terrible. All of it! Of course she was just trying to hurt me! Like all the mares do! All the live ones!"
Then I look him in the eyes.
"Did you set me up? Was this another of your joke for- whatever God you believe in? 'Let's kick in the zebra'? Did you two plan this?"
I take and angry step towards him.


"N- no! R- really! It's f- fine! I- I'll just find somewhere else t- to sleep!"
I quickly make my way to the exit.


"No this wasn't a joke. I set you up with her because you are my friend and I thought she could be of use to you. How did she hurt you? Did she try and slash you with her sword?"


"No… worse…"


Your horn is unwilling to cooperate right now. You are probably too tired after all the excitement of today and the exchanging of spells earlier. Oh well. You can try again once more if you want to. Keep in mind that a 1 will get rid of your progress and put the success treshold on 8 instead of 7.

You manage to somewhat stealthily move in closer to Crescent. You aren't outright cuddling but you are close enough to smell that nice mane of hers. Smells like… lavender.





"What could be worse than her trying to kill you with a sword?"


Do I at least have nice dreams? Will they help me forget my pain?

Rolled 1 = 1


I rub my eyes with my hooves.
Not a good night for magic.


Can I try again?

Rolled 9 = 9



I swear that was an accident!
Also rerollin'.

Rolled 10 = 10


"I…I let h-her close to me… I trusted her like you said… and when we d-dan-da- did that thing s-she headbutted me!"
Show him all the blood on the cloak.
"That's all mine! I… I fell back an-and I jus-just started bleeding…"
Tears start to flow from my eyes and my shaking legs give away.
"Th-then that gu-g-guard hit m-me t-too j-j-just like… just li-"
I hiccup the last words with sobs and start to cry on the ground.



Or well, maybe not. But at least you move in much closer. She doesn't seem to mind at all and murmurs happily as the two of you cuddle each other. You bury your face into that mane of hers. You really needed this after this long and awful day. To just lay down and relax with somepony in your hooves. You'll have sweet dreams tonight and will feel much better tomorrow.


There is only happiness and no sadness! It's only a minor detour on the road to glory! You can try again! Just gotta give him some time and he'll get over it. Be confident! Be strong! You can do this! You are a strong and independent mare who don't need no sadness! However… This also means you lose Despair.

Welp, can't win 'em all.

Just waiting for Zivur and Erumal now


"Oh Zivur, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry"
I sit down next to him and put a hoof over his shoulder then pat him on the back a few times.
"I'm sorry that happened, I should have known better than suggesting that the two of you dance in that garden after it had been watered so recently. She must have slipped on some wet grass or mud, but I know she didn't meant to hurt you. You should have seen her eyes light up when I told her you agreed to dance with her. That guard though-"
I turn my head away and spit.
"-almost every guard I've ever met is like that. They enjoy abusing others and making them do what they're told and hurting them if they don't. That's just one of those sad facts of life."


I look up at him.
"No! It was on purpose! I know it! S-she just wanted to hurt m-me! Ever since sh-she showed up! All the m-mares only ever cause is t-trouble and hurt!"
Mutter very very quietly, so even I can barely hear it.
"I kn-knew I sho-shouldn't have l-liked an-anyone…"
Then stare at Piercy.
"A-as for that guard I…"
I look at Erumal with concern.
"If N-Nid was with m-me… I would have killed her…"


rolling to overhear what he said.

Rolled 7 = 7


"I'm glad he wasn't then because I wouldn't have been able to keep Falkmar from killing you in return. And she didn't want to hurt you. If she had wanted to hurt you she would have attacked you with her sword when the two of you were alone instead of headbutting you after she danced for a little bit. Did I hear you right when I said you liked her? that's good, you should like her."



>implying Trickster


How did that happen?


"I… sh-she was just… I mean for a po-pony…"
Then I cross my hooves.
"Well not an-anymore! N-not after she sh-showed her fangs! If Piercy wasn't th-there to save me…"


"You aren't listening to me Zivur. If she wanted to hurt you she would have used her sword, not her head. Didn't you see her trying to get herself arrested in your place? Why would she do that if she wanted to hurt you?"


"Sh-she just wanted to kn-knock me out and then fi-finish me so I can't com-command Piercy!"
I think a bit at the other part.
"I.. maybe sh-she was hoping we'd get into the same c-cell… The only thing I know is that she ever tries coming close to me again, sh-she'll only get one thing! I w-won't let my guard down again!"
i place a hoof on my shiv.


"If she wanted to knock you out she would have used the pommel of her sword. Pony heads are soft, trust me on that."
I tap my horns with a hoof.
"They wouldn't throw a male and a female in the same cell, that's common knowledge."


"I don't care… just let me sleep now… this was the most te-terrible day ever si-since I got here…"
I lie down on my cloak.


"She really loves you Zivur. Even if you don't love her anymore you'd be a fool to not use that."
I give him a bit of space and take off my suit. Once I've folded it and packed it in my bag I lie down and wrap myself in my cloak.


I mutter without even raising my head.
"Only the dead are useful to me…"


"The living are good if you know how to use them."


"The dead are easier to handle… more obidient…"


"The living have more uses. They can also think out the best way to help others."
I yawn.


"I help myself…"
I close my eyes and try to sleep.


"That's inviting life…"
I yawn again.
"…to teach you a hard lesson."
I close my eyes.



Last time on Trotantium The Decline:

The Empress got mad
The entire party got mad
The Imperial ball was cut short
Ducatia was arrested and thrown into a dungeon
There was some horse cuddling and sleeping

Oh an Dusk drank a lovely cup of coffee

Players report in.


I'm not a Trickster this time.


w-walks into thread


>laughing pony drinking coffe




The two of you awaken in the park where you settled down the evening before. The ground was uncomfortable to sleep on and you talked a good portion of the night away. You pretty much feel like shit right now. Doesn't help that it started raining slightly the last a while back either. At least it's still slightly warm outside.

You didn't even sleep at all, marching through the night using the power of COFFEE. You stood guard to make sure Pick Wick stayed safe and she has just woken up, groaning in displeasure and wiping her eyes confusedly. The doctor went to sleep an hour ago or so.

The two of you had the most amazing of nights. Comfortable bed, nice company, sweet dreams, all was well. You feel especially happy this morning, despite the weather.


> the last a while back eithe


Good morning sleepyhead.


I pick my cloak up from the ground and grumble.
"Why can't everything just die…"


She looks up at you, still confused.

"Wha… What happened? Why am I the hospital?"


>Point at her chest
Someone try to kill you yesterday.


She looks down, noticing the bandages on her chest and blinks a few times, her expression unreadable.

"I see."

She looks back up to you.

"How long was I out?"

The rest of you can take action too, you realize this right?


"I could do with some coffee right about now…"
Try not to wake Crescent or Sol if they're still sleeping


"Because that would be no fun. I need to get back to the palace and interrogate Ducatia so I will be seeing you later. Don't do anything that will get Falkmar angry with you."
I shake the grass off of my cloak and coat then walk back to the palace.


"T- today is the start of a n- new day!"
I get out of bed and stretch my hooves in a joyous manner.


All night.


I sigh, then look at Piercy.
"What do we do now?"


Crescent is still sleeping happily, snoring slightly in the process. You get up and make yourself some coffee… Which is not simple without coffee machines and with hooves, but you manage doing it the old fashion way anyway.

You do so, man that feels good! Crescent stirs a little in her sleep after you yell out what a great day this will be, but remains asleep.

You looks down with a sullen look on her face.

"I can't believe I let my guard down. I could have easily been killed if I was alone…"

You head back to the palace, the guards letting you through the gates. When you enter the palace, a servant approaches you.

"Can I help you sir?"

Piercy is still standing on the same spot where you left him, unmoving and not giving a single fuck.





Is not really your fault, noone expect that kind of surprises.


"I'm here to interrogate a prisoner that was taken last night. Please lead me to her."


"Ms. Sol, would you care for some coffee?"


"Yeah, you are right… Let's check those archives… maybe a good read will refresh my mind…"
I try to find the Archives in the Inner City.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Y- yes please."
Man, today's shaping up to be great!


"I see you're already feeling better."
I drink my coffee
"I wonder if I should go wake up ms. Crescent…"


"I should. It's my job. I need to stay alert when others keep their guard down."

She hits her hoof against her head a few times.

"Stupid. Stupid. Stupid."

The servant looks a little unsure.

"Does the Empress know about this? We can't just let anyone pass through freely, I hope you understand."

Try as you might, the city is just so big and confusing and you can't seem to find where it was again. Instead you end up at the EPC warehouse the party slept in the first night again. Unlike last time it is filled with ponies, both sick and injured. There are several members of the EPC tending to them, including Cross, who approaches you as he sees you coming in.

"Zivur? What are you doing here? Need some medical aid?"


"No… I… I actually was trying to get to somewhere else, but I can't even do that it seems… I'm just lost…"


Dont be so hard on yourself and you didnt let your guard down, you were learning new spells in case something happend.


"I asked her for permission last night when I helped catch the prisoner. If you really want to I'm sure the Empress won't mind if you go interrupt whatever she's doing right now to ask her."


"L- let her sleep a bit.
A- and yes, I'm f- feeling much better today!"
I do a little twirl.


"Would you like to retrieve your armour from the shop? Oh, and here's your sword back."
I give her her sword from my belt.


"T- that would be lovely, Falkmar.
A- and thank you.
I- I apologize for how I was acting last night. T- thank you for being such a good friend and b- being there for me."
I put on my sword and give Falkmar a hug.


I hug her back.
"It's not a problem, I'm glad you're feeling better."
I wait for Groves to get back so we can get going.


He shifts his eyes uncomfortably.

"Ahhh… Yes… Um… The Empress is still sleeping, and I don't dare wake her up right now…"

He raises an eyebrow curiously
"Indeed? Lost in town or lost in life? Or both?"

"Still, poor observance on my part."

She tries to get out of bed, but almost falls out instead.

"Oof… Did the would-be assassin get caught?"


Me and Sol head to the store to collect her armour
I presume I just had left mine in the Pone Center


Doctor orders you have to rest and no he ran away.


My head drops and I let out a sigh.
"I th-think both…"


"Excellent. Lead me to wherever Ducatia is being kept."


"Do you m- mind if I wait for Crescent to wake up? I wanna a- ask her a few t- things."


"Of course."


"What about Ducatia? Was she arrested?"

"Well I'm all ears if you want to talk about it. I'm a good listener."

He looks back sadly at the room filled with beds and patients.

"I've had a lot of practice listening to the stories of these poor souls…"

The stallion leads you deeper into the palace and eventually descends from a stairwell guarded by several guards and a heavy iron door. After a few minutes of descending down the stairs the two of you walk into a long hallway. Both sides have the occasional iron door in them but most cells seem empty. There are several ponies standing guard around here as well.

"Not many ponies get locked up here. And if they do it's usually not for a long time. They either get moved to a different prison or… well… executed."

Falkmar walks up to where Crescent is sleeping and prods her gently. She murmurs a little and buries herself deeper under the blankets, still sleeping fast.


I tap her again
"Ms. Crescent, would you care for some breakfast?"


I have no idea, probably, I spend the night with you.


"Yesterday was just terrible… the worst day ever since I got here… I was dragged to a fancy Ball where I didn't want to go, I was a-attacked, I bled, I wa-was almost arrested fo-for being a ze-zebra, I slept in the p-park and my ba-back hurts, I was outside when it rained and I cou-couldn't even get to where I wanted to…"
Try to hold back tears.

Rolled 5 = 5


"Well? I'm a busy goat. Which cell is Ducatia's?"


"I- I suppose if she d- doesn't want to wake up, we c- could go get my armor and come back."


"let's wait and see how she reacts first…"


She opens up one eye and looks at you sleepily.

"Wha? Falkmar?"

She blinks a few times in surprise.

"You… You stayed with me all night? Why? Did you even sleep at all?"

He pats you on the back as you start to sob a little again.

"Come come now, we all have our bad days. What matters is what you make of your future, not what you did in the past. You are still a free zebra, free to go and do as you please. You are healthy, young and smart, the world is your playground! Just keep your head high and show the world that you are not so easily beaten back, even if you doesn't feel that way to you."

"Patience now."

He leads you to the end of the hallway to a large wooden door. Unlocking it, he opens it up and motions inside. The room is completely empty and very small. No furniture whatsoever.

"Here you are, the oubliette. The worst of dungeons."

He points at a large iron grate on the floor. As you walk over you see that there is a hole under the iron grate. It's a few meters deep and very narrow, almost too narrow for a pony to fit inside. At the bottom is a very dirty looking Ducatia.


I walk over to the grate.
"Hello there Ducatia. Are you ready to talk about the assassinations?"


To keep an eye on you, make sure you were ok and no I didnt but dont worry about it.


"Would you care to wake up? I made coffee and Sol wishes to speak with you."


"Thanks… I just wish I had something to live for… well, I kinda want to go to Pegasa but the others are busy licking the hoof of the Empress… and I don't really want to leave them… most of them, at least…"
I wipe my tears.
"Maybe you could point me to the archives after we're done? Please?"


She looks up at you weakly

"I… I don't know what you are talking about. I already told every single one of you… I don't know what you are talking about."

She looks at you dumbfounded.

"I… I don't know what to say. That's so nice of you…"

She gets up, yawning loudly as she stretches herself out.

"Sure! What's up?"

"You have yourself to live for! What is it you want most in this world, Zivur? What is the one thing you would die for to achieve or get to? And of course I can point you the way."


"You can either talk on your own or I can make you talk. Both are fun but I think we'll both enjoy the first option more. Tell me how the assassins got freshly minted coins."


>Smile at her
Im just glad you are ok.


"First, I'd like to thank you for last night, I had a wonderful time despite anything. Second, Sol, did you want to talk in private?"


"Y- yes please."


"Well, I don't really want to die for anything… I… I guess I could die to live forever…"
I scratch my back.
"But if I can stay alive I'd go to Pegasa, and learn more about my craft…"


I scratch the back of my head*


She grits her teeth, getting upset.

"I. Don't. Know. I'm not involved in this. I don't know what everyone is accusing me off. I have no idea what happened or what is going on."

"Me too, obviously."

She gets up, firmly on her legs this time.

"But there is still work to be done. If Ducatia got arrested, that's only one step of many. There are more ponies behind this. And I only have suspicions to work on."

"Thank you too! It was great! Crazy, but great!"

As soon as Falkmar walks out, Crescent turns to you with a wide smile.

"Soooo, whats up?"

"Come on, there has to be something! A childhood dream? Anything?"


"I'll wait outside then."
I walk outside the headquarters to wait by the door.


"Tell me if you just told me the truth."
Rolling A Word In Your Ear.

Rolled 2 = 2


"I don't remember much from my childhood be-befor-before…"
I shudder and change topic.
As a thought hits me I freeze for a second, then just frown.
"I t-think I h-had something… bu-but that wa-was crushed yes-yesterday…"


Are you sure this is a good idea? Im sure the empress will understand if you take a day off.


I scratch the back of my head,
"Um… I- I need help apologizing to Zivur.
I- it's pretty obvious he hates me now… b- but I at least want to try and mend things. I- it's worth a try! …Right?"


No you don't.

Before you get the chance of using your special persuasion skills, a voice rings through your head and you are interrupted.

Come on Erumal, where would the fun in that be? That would just be too easy.

She shakes her head.

"No. I have rested enough. Lives are still in danger and there are still enemies of the Empress walking around… probably even inside this palace."

"All things can be mended Zivur, even if it seems beyond hope. Now I don't know what happened to you, but you must know that you cannot lose hope. If you're going through Tartarus… keep going! Just try again. And again. And again. Until you get what you want! Never give up you hear me? Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something, because you can if you set your mind to it."

She boops your nose happily

"Of course silly! And I'm sure he doesn't hate you! He was just a little upset, that's all. Happens to all of us sometimes, even to me! If you just give him some room and let him calm down, you can try again. Sure you'll need to work hard for it, but you have friends who can help you, including me!"


Im just saying they can hit you again and you are not ready at least let me help you.


I contemplate that for a moment, the let out a heavy sigh again.
"All I kn-know is that I only want to read something to calm d-down now… Ca-can you tell me which w-way to the City A-archives?"


Oh fine. I needed a break from that Zebra and his problems anyways.
"Okay Ducatia. Tell me how someone other than you could have gotten their hooves on a bag of freshly minted coins and your signature without your help. Cooperate with me and maybe the blame will shift from you to someone else."


"You t- think that's it? I- I just need to g- give him space?"


I keep waiting.


She puts a hoof to her chin for a moment and thinks.

"Let's go down and see if Ducatia is locked up. We can interrogate her."

She steps out of bed, not even caring about the bandages on her and starts walking out of the medical bay.

"Sure. It's easy, here let me show you."

Cross shows you the way to the Archives from where you are, you now know where you need to go.

"Remember to stay positive and more importantly; to keep your eyes on the prize."

She sighs and sinks her head in her hooves.

"Only the Empress and her council could get their hooves on those. Otherwise it would have been marked down in the ledger."

She looks up to you again.

"Imagine you would believe I was innocent. Could you tell me where you found those coins? And why do they make me look guilty? I don't even understand."

"As long as he is upset, yes! But you shouldn't wait too long either, because then he'll think you lost interest. It's really up to your judgement for when you start trying to get closer to him again!"


Right behind you.


"I'll try… Thank you, thanks… Goodbye…"
Make my way to the archives and hope I actually make it there without disturbance this time.

Rolled 3 = 3


"We found the coins next to a letter ordering the assassination of the Empress. The letter had your signature on it. Refresh my memory: The only ones on her council are you, Pick Wick, and her husband, right?"


She nods, absentmindedly.

"Yes… You said it had my signature on it? On a letter plotting to kill the Empress? I never even signed a letter like that, it must have been a fake."

You make your way towards the Archives, but are stopped as you hear a very familiar voice call out for you.

"Sister of mine I think we have a customer!"

"My my, a recurring customer at that!"

"Nopony can resist our candy! These are facts sister!"

"Nozebra can either! Haha!"

As you turn around you see two familiar mares standing behind a candy stand, smiling widely at you.

Pick Wick starts leading you down the same way the servant led Erumal into the dungeons, but is interrupted as you come across a very tired looking Lavinia.

"Pick Wick! Good to see you're alive and well. You had us worried there for a moment."

Pick Wick bows before the empress.

"It was merely a fleshwound your highness. I'll be fine."

The Empress cocks an eyebrow, not seemingly convinced.


"Ms. Sol, are you ready yet? I think it's gonna rain soon."


It was pretty serious to be honest.


"S- so that's it?
…E- easier than I t- thought it'd be.
Still, t- thank you."
I give her a hug and head out to catch up with Falkmar.


"That's what I told her, but she was able to confirm that it was your signature. Is there a specific pony you or someone else would have gone to to get those coins? Someone that I can question?"


"N-no. Ju-just no…"
This is the last thing I need.
"Piercy, if you would please…"
Command Piercy to take off his hood and show a wide grin for them.
I turn around and start walking towards the archives again, praying that they don't follow me.


I guess we walk to that boutique to retrieve Sol's armour then.


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