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In days long past, man wondered if we would ever see a day where technology would at last surpass magic.
We did.
Advances in all fields of science have forever altered our lives. Medicine is no longer merely sorcery and prayers, the lives of the sick and wounded in the hands of the few born with enough power and innate skill to be trained as healers. It has become accessible to any who wish to aid others, much as once the art of making fire became common knowledge. Nor do things end there. The drakin no longer own the skies as they once did, but now share it with the machines we built to make the world a smaller place. Information is shared in an instant across vast distances in ways that would make the aeons of old faint in gluttonous euphoria. We live longer with each passing generation, even the once-fleeting humans and capra.
And with all this, magic has slowly become obsolete. A flickering remnant in this changing world on the verge of being snuffed out forever. Or so most thought. Yet the past generation has shown more signs of magical attunement than many before it. Of course the reaction to this has been mixed. Some are terrified, others… hopeful.
In days long past, man wondered if we would ever see a day where technology would at last surpass magic.
Now, I wonder if we will once again see a day where magic surpasses technology.
If I have anything to say about it…
We will.

Our story begins in the city of New Everbright. A prosperous place that drew in a massive amount of residents thanks to its rise to the status of one of the world's economy hubs over the past century, even eclipsing the original Everbright. Aside from housing several major corporate headquarters and one of the world's most prominent schools, the Joint Everbright Collage (along with several lower-profile, but still decent ones) it is known for its racial diversity and on a less marketable note, considerable income differences.
But then, as the Everbright Suns' fan motto goes - can't win 'em all. Just stay out of the bad parts, like Redrock, and you'll be fine.

But enough talk. Just who ARE you?


I'm the shadow on the wall, the guy you never see coming because you'll never remember me.
I'm Mr. Sandman, and five minutes from now you won't even remember this conversation.
Nothing personal; hell, I actually wouldn't mind if you remembered me. Thing is, what I do… doesn't really have an 'off' switch.
Better get going. Was nice seeing you again.
Oh, and you will remember one thing from this:
If you ever need a friend… If you find yourself in trouble… just whistle a tune. I'll be there.
Mr. Sandman
bring me a dream

*snap* *snap* *snap* *snap*
make her the cutest that I've ever seen…


I'm a blonde haired blue eyed girl, I'm just making my way to class, as normally as possible. Luckily warm hoodies with small gloves doesn't stand out too much.. And when someone asks I just say Its something I saw in a PRINCESS video and thought it was cool and they all agree, probably because they just think I'm some weird rich girl.. Oh well. No sense in over thinking this right? Lets check the schedule again.. I don't want to be late.


And so you leave, refreshed and smug as always, heading back into the streets. Did you wish to explore the southern Waterfront and its offices and docks, the expensive districts of the west parts of town, the poorer parts towards the east or go mingle in the city center where most of the action is?
If anything you might be early at this rate. You could probably even afford a detour.


Let's explore the rich sections to the west. After all, criminals go where the money is, right? At least criminals who have money of their own.
Besides, rich folks have the best food… and they rarely mind if it goes missing.


I suppose I could stop for something to eat. If you don't eat properly you can't focus after all.


They also tend to have the most cameras, private security and worst of all, private parking spaces
Of course if you want to go extra swanky, the small islands of Dusk, Dawn and Day, commonly called the 3D, out in the bay are known for being prime spots for people who want to ensure their neighbors can't afford to be anything but rich. It will take a while to walk there though.
You could either turn back and retrace your steps a few blocks to get to a deli, or take a quick detour in the nearby shady neighborhood to grab something to eat there.


Ugh… I'm not that intent on wearing out these shoes just yet.
I'll head into the shady neighborhoods to the east. It's closer and it's easier to explain away any attention I draw. not that I ever draw any…


I've been to that deli tons of times, I'll be adventurous and check the shady neighborhood.


Not the nicest of places, really. Granted, only the worst of the worst parts have fallen to disrepair since the city still has to keep up appearances, but the grey blocks and joyless streets are a far cry from the creative freedom of the rich areas and inviting open design of the market districts. Then, many of these areas were originally built in haste to house workers and not to act as selling points…
A bold move from a rich girl like you. Try not to find any trouble on your way. There is some sort of junk food kiosk not too far from here, you can smell the grease and salt clearly from where you are.


I'm aware. I've spent a lot of time here… oh wait, you don't remember that. Sorry.
Aaanyway, it's been a while since I last ate. What was it, two days ago? Or was it three?
Either way, I'm starting to get hungry. That means I need money.
Let's see who's up to no good in this neighborhood…


Well.. those stories about horrible things happening in the street are mostly media hype anyway.. right? '1d10'
And besides nothing could be faster than fast food. I'll try to find something edible there and be on my way again.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Trouble is never too far here. If you look around hard enough you might find a dealer to shake down. Or you could go snoop around the back doors of some of the shops that still bother to run their business here in case someone is breaking in. It's doubtful anyone would try breaking into the only bank that operates in this area again since the last guys got killed by the teller…
The only thing you see on your way to the fast food joint is a passed out Drakin.


Let's check the backs of a couple businesses. Considering most of these shopowners are armed, I'm probably saving the crook's life… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hopefully they aren't some drug addict.. I'll stop and try to get their attention by talking "Hey. Hey. Are you okay?"


Wait… who in their right mind tried to break into a fast food kiosk?
He seems groggy
"No, I'm Ashkarian. I don't know any Okaye."


Shake my head. "You shouldn't lie in the street. Go home."


Whoever they are, they're in need of a nap. Can I make out any features on the thief?


"Nah I… kinda like it here. Five more minutes."
Looks like a drudge. Malnourished, matted mane, busted nose.


Sigh and move on to the fast food shop. He's fine..


Huh. I'll go ahead and approach. He'll never even notice me…
Stealth '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You head to the ordering window and a capra peeks out
"Morning, morning. Welcome to the horns of the goat, what can I get you?"
Hard to hide in this open ground and bright morning sun…


Well, is the guy still concious and trying to break in?
Eh, whatever. heck with stealth, I'll just approach him.


A capra run place, I better watch to be sure i'm actually eating food.

Smile politely. "A hotdog please. ketchup and Extra Relish."


He seems to be listening to what's going on inside. Given his condition he probably just wants to steal some food.
"Never got why these are called hot dogs. They got no dog in 'em. Don't even taste like dog. 'Course not like they taste a whole lot like pig either hey you want some pinecone on this?"


Raise a brow at the talkative capra
"Its the shape. and hold the pinecones please. Uh, does that come with a soda? "


In that case, I'll just keep watch. I don't begrudge him wanting some food; I've been in the same boat myself. Still am, in fact. Still, best to hang around and make sure he doesn't get violent.


"Soda's extra, flavored soda's extra on top of that and believe me nobody drinks the flavorless stuff unless they're so poor it hurts and even then they just ask for water. Really why do I even stock the stuff."
He jabs four toothpicks on the bottom of the bun and puts a little wiener on top
"Dog shaped hot dog for the miss with the fancy getup. That'll be five and a half."
He does have some sort of club on him. Looks like it might be a piece from a bike frame.
He seems… impatient somehow. Someone must be inside.


Shit. Ah well. Still, he hasn't done anything yet… See if I can sneak closer so I'm in a position to do something if he does break in.
'1d10' stealth

Roll #1 3 = 3


Giggle a bit and Give him a little extra for the shape and enough for a flavored soda. "An orange flavored soda to go with that please."


Move from your current vantage point and he'll see you. Busted nose or not, Drudges are hard to sneak up on.
"That'll be another three then."
He swipes up the cash
"A tip?
You uh… in need of something extra?"


Hmn… then I won't approach him…
I'll just go around and enter the joint he's casing. I think I've still got some money… maybe…


What day is it, again?


Tilt my head confused. "Nah, the tip is just for you, have a nice day.." And then I turn to leave with my snack.


Roll for having money
Also it's a kiosk. And someone is already at the window, but she seems to be leaving.
"Right right fine day to you then.
Oh would you look at the time. That took a whole lot longer than expected. You might need to take a shortcut…
A school day, young man.


short cuts? I don't know.. randomly guessing might get me into trouble.. maybe if I see a clear path? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Checking for money. '1d10'
Keep my eyes on the girl as she leaves, noting which direction she's headed. If she heads towards that drudge, I'll have to step in.
Oh, and a friendly greeting as I pass.
Touch the top of my hat and nod at you.
"Morning, miss."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Rolling over, rolling over, rolling over…
Sheets folding in process, please wait.
Okay, time to unravel my human burrito self.
Let's see how sleepy I still am as I climb towards the mirror…

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh, excuse me. Was I in your way?"


"Not at all. Just waiting for the excitement to begin."




Even better. You find unexpected help.
The drakin from earlier lands next to you
"You look lost."
A drakin lands near her. She should be safe.
There is a sudden knock at the back door, which makes the capra spin around, hop off his stool and go check the back door
"What, NOW you show up!? This delivery is three hours late!"
He seems to have some trouble opening the lock on the back though.
You feel less than fantastic and look even worse.


…What's the weather like?


Look surprised. "Oh, actually I'm running a bit late. If you drop me off at the university, I can buy you some lunch?"


"Just you and your friend stick around a moment and you'll see. It starts in three… two… and…"
Move into hiding in the shadows near the back door, shushing the girl and her escort, then wait for the Drudge to bust in. Can't act till he actually commits a crime, you know…
Stealth '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8




It's a lovely morning. Bright as shit too.
"Sounds good to me. Though don't expect me to spend too much time around that place."
He grabs onto you '1d10'
As the capra struggles with the door, the Drudge dashes around the kiosk, nabs a few patties over the counter and sprints off

Roll #1 8 = 8


Fuck, my eyes!
Get my ass into some jeans and a shirt, wash my face real quick and let's roll out.
Before the bus' gone if possible.


Or he would, if he hadn't suddenly found himself very sleepy…
Sleep Serum '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


geez, poor drudge must be starving to steal food.
Ignore it for now, but maybe I can have some baskets of food sent here later..
"Yea, don't worry about it. I can find my way when we are there."
Take a deep breath, stay calm, and he's only touching clothes, he shouldn't be in danger.


After subduing the drudge, give her a little salute.
"Don't worry, you won't remember a thing."


Frown even more confused. "How could I forget something like that."


"Well, you'll remember this, but not me. Nice to meet you, miss."
Start whistling merrily as I lean back against the wall.
mr sandman
bring me a dream
make her the cutest that I've ever seen…


"You're a little cold ain't you?
Hold on now, this might feel weird the first time."
He tries to take flight '1d10'
He takes a few steps with the patties and then collapses, further busting his nose as he falls.
Ah the little problems of suburban life. Well at least both your parents are at work so they didn't see you get up this late.
You barely make it to the bus, noting your best bro taking a nap in the back

Roll #1 8 = 8


Walk on over, pick him up and sit him down at one of the stools, retrieving the patties in the process.
I've got the money, might as well do an act of charity.


Will I have to remind his uncle how he's called?
Time to wake him up. Badly.
Drop the bag onto his lap and sleazily seat beside him.
"You have fun night written all over the face."


He remains passed out.
The capra looks deeply annoyed
"Who the FUCK plays knock knock runaway on a fucking restaurant kids these days are terrible anyway what'll it be for you and your uh… dog?"
"Ugh… ow…
The parts I remember were fun anyway.
So how was your night? Bed by nine, up at six?" He puts on a sneering grin.


"Uh, that's what sweaters are for." I smile awkwardly and hold onto him in return.
wave goodbye to you.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You know your mom's an early bird."
Punch him on the shoulder.


Return the wave.
A few minutes later, you find that you can't recall my face.
A few more, and you don't even remember me, just 'some guy at the kiosk.'
Well, I've got the patties hidden away…
"I think we'll have a couple of patties, please."
Basically get him as many patties as he stole, plus some for me.
Now to wait for him to wake up…


It's a little awkward finding a place to put your hands since the wings seem to be everywhere.
He eventually lands you a short walk away from the university and lets you down
"First time flying?"
"Yeah real biting and original broseidon.
Any reason you decided to intrude on my last chance to sleep today like this, or was that, too, a part of your hilarious morning repertoire?"
"Just the patties, no burger no fries no salad no nothing? You some kinda weirdos? 'Cause I don't serve weirdos this is a classy family friendly restaurant."


"I need to keep myself awake somehow.
Got plans for the evening?"


"Of course the burgers and fries! Though my friend here might not appreciate a salad, if you know what I'm saying."


"You could tell?" I laugh a bit "Ah, course you could tell. How silly of me. Anyway. I'm Tenille, and I did promise you lunch, but in case I don't see you again.." give him like ten dollars that should buy him some food.


"I hope you don't mean that. I know I wouldn't mind flying with you again.
…anyway, enough of me sitting around here. This is not the sort of place I fit into."
"Might hit the gym, work on the guns a bit. You know, little oil, little polish, few practice shots."
"Yeah good alright great that'll be a tenner each then."


"Hey, at least tell me your name too. How else will I find you again?"


"Instead of making up big names about your masturbatory habits come with me, I was planning on hitting the park and throw rocks at caprae to see if they eat them!"


Pay him; I've got money.
Hmn… how to wake him up… didn't send him to sleep that hard…
I know. Set his nose back in place. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"That's racist bro, but I'm totally in."
It's still a bruised mess, but it does wake him up


Grin and give him a fist to bump.


Nod. "See you around Ashkarian."
Time to go to class.


"Have a nice nap?"
Grin and relax in my seat, leaning on my staff.
"Sit a while, fella. Our food should be out soon."


"Try not to do it any of your classmates though."
Well you made it through that morning without anything harrowing calling for power use. Do you wish to play through the schoolday to see if excitement awaits, or skip on ahead?
The capra plops down your burgers
"You plannin' to sit there all day?"


"Psssh, can't even joke a bit around!"
Ready for school.
I still don't know the name/race of this guy.


Grab my food and stand up, motioning for the drudge to follow me once he has his food.


I'll get the express route to the next event. I am probably a very a good student.


His name is Bron Butcher, a human male slightly older than you.
The same question applies - do you want to explore your school setting or skip ahead?
The drudge looks confused but shoves the food in his face and follows along
And so a day passes without much excitement. It's not until you head for home that something noteworthy transpires. Namely, Ashkarian coming to collect your promised meal. Lets see if he can land as gracefully as he intended '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Once we're away from the booth, I'll smirk at him.
"That was better than when you just steal the food, wasn't it?"
Go ahead and start eating my food.


He looks around
"…what's the big idea?"


I'm just a normal, not really that popular kid.
Which means I should probably find an impossible girl to settle my eyes on, and make enemy with a real jock.


"The big idea is that trying to steal stuff often lands you in trouble."
Smirk and tip my hat as I turn away.
"You should probably get that nose looked at before it gets any worse."
And I'm off to somewhere else!


Wow, that's impressive.
"Oh, good evening Mr. Ashkarian."


Oh come now, what sad jock would pick you for a target? You're so… ordinary. I mean c'mon Chuck Upchuch is quality freakshow material. You get people fighting over who gets to dunk him in the toilet. Or Unicorn, that capra who only ever grew one horn. Or The Great Hamboni, the fat kid who takes every drama class out there. See, those guys are somebodies. You, you're just that kinda generic filler nobody really pays any mind to.
"You got any more money on ya?"
"Good evening indeed." he lets his wings rest on his shoulders like a cape
"Now, there was a meal you promised to treat me to, no?"


Perfect, ordinary life.
Time to get on with it then.


"Why do you ask?"
Is this guy really stupid enough to try and mug the guy who just bought him food? I hope not.


But is it perfect? Don't you ever long to actually be worth more than background noise?
Is that all you ever wanted to really be?
"…cause you seemed like the kinda guy who could get more if he wanted some, unlike me."


Smile and nod.
"Sure did. So, what's your favorite type of food?"


I will worry about that when I-
Wait, I should worry about that right now.
"Pal, I need an idea."


Eh, why not? He's right about that.
Pass him like twenty bucks or something.
"You'd be surprised some of the jobs out there that need workers. Look around a little. You've actually got a better chance of getting hired than me."


"My favorites are… boring.
You look kinda rich. Why don't you show me how your kind dines?"
"Yeah wassup brah?"
"Nobody likes an unwashed drudge. Least of all one with no nose.
…you a swell guy, helping me like that. I'll keep ya in mind."


"I need an idea.
A big one, to grab their attention.
To make something of me!"


"Hmm you want something fancy alright, lets see what we can do."
Go to the upscale restaurants and look around for one that seems not too busy, they are probably all together anyway.


Smile and offer to shake hands. Even though they all say that, it's still appreciated…
"You do that. Name's John Doe."


"Now why the shit would you want something like that?"
He looks a little uncomfortable being in the rich part of town. His clothes are far from the latest fashion and his wings keep twitching, as if he wanted to just fly off in shame.
"You uh… you really hang around places like this?"
"Yeah yeah and I'm Mike Hunt. But hey, that's fine. I don't need yer name. The cash is plenty."


"I have a neeeeeeed!"
Do this grasping motion as I move my hands close to my chest.
"The need for cool!"


"See you around, Mike."
Okay, time to head out. Let's see if there's some action going on in the richer part of town.


"Yea. whenever i'm not at home anyway, well I guess that's gonna be all the time now that i'm going to university." I laugh to break the tension. "Still, its nice to have some company that doesn't feel the need to comment on how boring everything is."


"Well you could try not spending your free time picking on minorities for one.
And you know, maybe getting a girl. Or even a boy hell I ain't judging. Well ok yes I am but seriously bro, the whole loner whitebread silent virgin thing isn't getting you anywhere.
You want to be seen, you first gotta be visible."
Isn't there always? Do you want to walk along the coast or cut through the city center?
"I uh…
…can we… get out of sight a bit? Or at least go inside? This standing around is making me nervous."


Okay, lets go into the smallest least crowded place to eat.
"sure, but, a big guy like you has nothing to worry about."
maybe I can pick up something nicer for him to wear sometime


Through the city center. There's always something happening there.


"You're the womanizer here!"


He looks around with mild amazement on his face
"How very classy…
…it's not that I worry. It's just… it feels stranger than I expected. I've never been in these parts before."
There is indeed. Roll for level of HAPPENING
"Yes well what can I say? I look good and can lift like a Hork. That gets you some types of females.
'Course if you're desperate you could just go hit on a capra."


Shudder a moment at the thought of hairy capra legs.
"But seriously, I'm not cut for that shape man.
Guess I will have to pick one of those hipster girls."


"Or you cold try being less of a tasteless colorless blob and have some smarts or personality for once. I hear that's all the rage now."


"Does that mean like, being politically active and stuff?"
Look at him worried.


Oh boy… '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Smile and wink a bit. "Well, it would be a shame if a Bright didn't treat her hero properly." then feign distress by putting my head on my forehead. "Why, mother would be so disappointed." and then guide him over to where we would wait to order our food, showing him the menu with a friendly smile.


"No dummy. Unless you want like… crazy politician chicks. Try being in on the popular culture curve. Know what's hot and what's not. You know.
…you do know, right?"
Looks like one of the private security teams is frisking someone behind a store while his victim is trying to stop her nosebleed.
A guy with a bloodied fist is trying to walk away from the scene
I uh…"
He looks at the menu for a moment
"…I can't even pronounce half of these."


"Yeah! Tsk!
Of course I know!"
Don't give in that I don't know it be.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I knew you wasn't dumb brosauce. That's why I put up with you.
Oh! Dance. The ladies love dancing. And horse riding. Maybe you should pick up horse riding."


"…What kind of money do you think I have bro?"


explain what a few of the meat dishes are, drakins like meat right?
"Well, at least someone who I owed a favor, maybe a new friend.."


"Wait, you gotta pay to sit on those animals?"
"…yeah Friend sounds more accurate. Not like I did anything heroic or anything or…
…yeah I'll have the one with the… onion sauce. Yeah."


"Good choice! I'm sure you'll love it."
Order that, and order myself something with noodles.
"Yea, so what do you do? Do you live nearby that stand?"


"And to own one! And to feed it! And to pay the stable!"


Intercept him quietly, blending in with the crowd so he doesn't notice my approach.
stealth '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I… don't really do much. I mean I try to find things to do to keep me away from home but not a whole lot of people like hiring my type."
"Whoa whoa bro, who ever said anything about owning? You just like.. ride them."
You trip over your cane and fall over like a dunce


Roll back to my feet and keep after the guy with bloodied fists. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


He vanishes into the crowd. A missed opportunity if there ever was one. You can still try to intercept him by cutting through an alley and hoping you get lucky.


"I see.." Look a little sad and reflective. "Uh, what if we meet up regularly, we could.. go to the mall? Say this Saturday?"


Damnit… Cut through the alley!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"If you don't mind I…
…I've nowhere to go tonight so maybe we could just, get off street level and go watch the skies for a while? Or do rich girls even like that?
…I'm being too forward aren't I?"


Blush a bit and look frustrated.
"Um. well first off rich girls are in all kinds you know! But I really should study tonight.. class tomorrow again, and I can't risk falling behind.."
"But if you aren't doing anything then you could walk back with me."


You turn a few corners and slam right into a sturdy looking Myrmid and his buddies just as they pry loose a back door to a jewelry store
"…what the fuck?"
"Flying is faster than walking. We could…
Oh hey the food's here uh…
…ok. I'll walk you."


"…nevermind. Go about your business." Jedi mind trick!
Stealth '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You hop a fence and disappear
"Should we give chase?"
"No, finish the job and move on."


Peek back over. Any of them isolated from the rest?


They left a lookout while the rest went inside.


"Hey, relax. I just said walk, because, you know. I walk pretty much everywhere."
okay.. nothing to worry about just a normal meal. geez, he probably thinks I'm anxious because I like him.. but he is a lot more honest than those other guys at least..


The lookout is feeling very sleepy…
Sleep Serum '1d10+3'

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


He wolfs down his food with little care or hesitation. Flying probably eats up calories pretty fast…
"you uh… gonna eat that?"
A swift mental blast later, the lookout is out, but certainly not looking any more.


Heheheh… move in and pick his pockets for spare cash, then bind his hands and legs and sneak inside.


..that or the poor guy is staving!
"You can have half."
I carefully portion off half and slide it to his plate before focusing on eating.


An old crap phone, some coins, a blackjack and some gum. Not much of a take.
Inside, you see the others looking around with a flashlight.
"That's very kind of you."
He quickly finishes it off and sits there waiting for you.


Keep the coins, blackjack and phone.
How many others are we talking here?


Finish at a reasonable pace and then get up to leave, smiling and offering Ashkarian a gloved hand as we leave.


Seems like three. Two humans and a bigass Myrmid


And the myrmid is likely the leader… Pick the human at the back of the pack and put him to sleep.
Sleep Serum '1d10+3'

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


She goes down with ease and silence. You remain undetected.
As soon as you get out of the busiest sections of midtown he calms down visibly
"That was some really nice food."


"Oh, so I was right, drakin do love meat then!" I declare with a grin. "That place is pretty nice for a quiet meal anyway, but its that special to me. Nah, my favorite place is the sushi bar run by the those drudge, they really know how to roll up their fish."


It's going to take me a while to prepare that again… check around to see if there's any alarms I could pull once I've got them all down.


"I heard drudge food is really tasteless because they can't handle spices at all."
A few shadows pass overhead
It's hard to see anything. This is a windowless storage room and the lights are off.


"Hmm well they you don't eat the rolls plain, you dip them sauces. Its really neat."


'1d10' spot check on the shadows

Roll #1 10 = 10


Three drakin. Big.


Move close to Ashkarian. "Hey. Those aren't friends of yours are they?" I said pointing out the drakin.


Hmn… I'll figure it out later…
Almost ready… The big guy's got to go down first.
Good thing my hickory stick's got brass on the ends…
Take aim and crack the Myrmid on the back of the head.
'1d10' autocrit from stealth

Roll #1 5 = 5


Dc-1 as well from single weapon.


"The very opposite. I suggest you run now. This will not end well."
You smack the myrmid, who puts down the television he was carrying and turns around
"Big. Mistake."


"Just you against those three? You're gonna get hurt." I stay right here.


"Wouldn't be the first time. And I doubt I can outfly them on a full stomach."


"Come on, we'll just go inside, and that way you'll have a better ground to fight them."
'1d10' find a building to go in.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nothing immediately available. At most you could try to break into one of the warehouses here, or try to run back to the more heavy traffic areas for help.
The trio land before you can think further though
"Well well, would you look at that"
"Everyone's favorite culture traitor has promoted himself to a race traitor"
"With his types around, no wonder nobody believes we're dragonkin any more."


"I'm Mr. Sandman," I smirk. "You wanted me to bring you a dream?"
Sleep Serum '1d10+3'

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


"Don't you boys have better things to do?" I say folding my arms in annoyance. Maybe if I don't act afraid they'll just back off.


"See what I mean? Drakin used to eat humans like you"
"We still could you know"
Myrmids are trained for physical endurance, not mental barriers. He crumples with surprising ease. That just leaves one last guy.


"Yea, when was the last time you actually did something like that?
Come on Ashkarian, lets just go.."
try urge him to walk around them.


"Well now…" Turn to the last guy with a grin. "Do you want a dream too? Give me a moment, and I'll make sure she's the cutest that you've ever seen."
Lean on my staff and cock my head at him.


"Last night."
They seem to be blocking your path
"Though she wasn't as pretty as you"
"Or keeping as terrible company"
"I ain't into gals"
He pulls a gun on you


"Bad move, mister."
Crack him in the head with my staff!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Next thing you know you wake up in an unfamiliar hospital.


Shiiiiit… Ah well, I'll just lay here a while then.
Where'd he hit me?


Roll 2d10 for location and severity



Roll #1 3, 7 = 10


"Is that line supposed to scare me? Look. I said we're leaving."
okay, that's enough, the gloves are coming off. step up and push one of them covering my hand with ice to give it more effect. earthen strike '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You send him reeling
"What is it?"
"She pushes like a fuckin' Hork that's what!"
Ashkarian looks worried
In the leg, but the damage won't be permanent.


grab Ash's sleeve and start dragging him away '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Good. Let's see if I'm alone in the room right now…

I wish mom and dad were here… that I could pretend they'd walk through that door any minute now…


Looks like this will devolve into a fight after all…
Well, someone does.
Though that ain't dad. And woe betide anyone whose dad he might be.
Looks very military. Kinda gaunt, but clearly be used to be ripped when he was younger. Greying heavily, and sporting an eyepatch.
"John Doe. We finally caught up to you."



Those just joining us, where are you and who are you?

Those who were here before, lets pick up where we left off.


Recline back in my bed and smile at him.
"Caught up to me? I'm flattered; didn't know anybody was chasing me. It's not like I've put much effort into hiding…"


'1d10' aw man.. mom is gonna kill me later.. throw an ice dart at one of them.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Just a girl with a bright red shell heading off to high school on the city's public transportation system with some other classmates and assorted people. I just want to make sure I didn't forget anything in my duffel bag, because I have class work to turn in, then a bunch of clubs I'm helping out in after school, then the temple…


"You never needed to. Passively manifesting magical attunement can be very handy like that."
You kick some water up from a nearby puddle and flash freeze it into a sharp ice dart that embeds itself into the drakin's elbow
He falls to a knee in shock, and his friends take a step back
A busy life, for sure.
But surely nothing unexpected will happen


Not as long as I keep my eyes on the road and make sure I get off on the right exit this time. Last time, I got so involved in talking that I had to run all the way back. It wasn't much for me, but my poor Human classmate, I had to help carry her for the last stretch.


Give him a hard look.
"Well, you've found me. What do you want? Going to take me off to some lab to study me until your scientists forget once too often?"


"Um.. I really have to go now.."
time to run.


Lucky you.
But adventure tends to happen after school more often than before.
"That would be an option, yes. As you may or may not know, your generation was one of the first to start exhibiting extraordinary levels of magical attunement. A phenomenon entirely unseen in centuries."
The other two leap over you and try to block your path
Ashkarian tries to shield you


That's true, and less distracting!

Alright, I'll make sure to take notes in all of my classes. Can't be borrowing them all the time.

If everything goes as planned for the day, I should be free to see if I'm needed in the clubs or to go help at the Temple with Haneul.


"…Who'd give horses away like that? And you know how bad a horse stinks?"


"So I'm not the only one…"
Sit and mull this over for a minute.
"…How'd you find me? Is there… Is there a way to turnit off?"


'1d10' I will make a pole arm out of ice (great weapon)

Roll #1 9 = 9


Well, school does tend to be the pinnacle of mundane boredom.
If you don't think anything worth experiencing will happen, feel free to move on.
"I dunno man, I ain't no horse expert.
Still up for the park?"
"It took a while to develop, but yes."
he places a small device on the table next to you
"This negates certain magical energies near the wearer. It has limited applications, but we found out it does indeed block your particular powers, Doe"
You yank a long, thick ice rod out of the same puddle as before
Ash falls over in surprise
"Wha- what are you!?"


Yeah, as much as I like my clasmates, I wouldn't mind getting away from the school. Might as well get dressed and get ready to help out at the temple. Hope I can beat the crowds.


Go ahead and strap it on, then see if there's a button or something to turn it on.
"Stuff like this never comes free. I assume there's something you want from me that my… Special skills can assist with?"


"Yeah, sure. Catch you after class."


"Right now I'm trying to save us. Get up."
'1d10' cleave the three bullies.

Roll #1 4 = 4



Drakin are swift when they need to be, and you are far from a trained fighter. You miss, and they dive in for a counterattack. Ash takes the hit from one of them, but the other slams into you.
"Try not to vanish into the background noise by then. I'll be waiting."
You might save time by finishing the dressing up as you walk. Otherwise you may need to take some shortcuts.
It has a switch, and a slot for a battery
"Indeed. Our organization is one that seeks out promising candidates for magic training, and uses the graduated individuals for various tasks ranging from peacekeeping and security to construction and rescue services. On the side, we study the nature of magic."


Turn to him, with a concerned expression for a moment…
Then frown and flip him off.
To class I go.


"Seriously, why don't you three chill out"
'1d10' focus on attacking just one.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I might have a shell on me, but how could I expose myself like that in public!? I'll take those shortcuts, I need to be decent if I even want to wear these clothes.


"…Would you be able to provide housing for my parents, in a facility where I can visit them once a week?"


Do you wish to play out the schoolday or move on?
He manages to pin you down while his buddy clashes with Ash
"Because I'm only just getting warmed up"
And to think a few short centuries ago Myrmids hardly even wore clothes…
Time's a wasting young lady. Do try to hurry up.
"We are not a charity, Doe, nor are we a special needs home."


Nah, move on please.


And they had to haul their weapons and supplies with them, up a mountain to the enemy encampment, both ways, of course. Hey, the uniforms make us feel like we're part of a whole. Everyone going to school here has one, and all the business people wear similar stuff. Makes it feel like everyone is united.

Alright, double-timing it through the back alleys and short cuts to the Temple. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You look a little frosty to me."
'1d10' maybe I can push him off?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Alright. This device should fix that anyway… So, you know a lot about me. Tell me something about you. Your name, for one."


Afternoon. Still not a cloud in the sky.
Guess you best head to the park
You make excellent time with the shortcuts, but as you leap over a fence on one of the back streets, an armored car crashes into a nearby wall. You remain uninjured but the car looks pretty wrecked.
A swift kick and icy grip later, he is left twitching on the ground, grasping at the air and his new and fashionable frostbite scars.
Ash on the other hand seems to be losing his power struggle.
"My name is not important. Not until I know you agree to work for us."


'1d10' help Ash by ice-punching his attacker

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh no! Someone might be hurt!"

I'll look around, was anyone run over before the truck crashed? What about the people in the truck? I'll have to go help them and make sure someone calls an ambulance.


Time to watch the gypsies caper..


"You're the only employer offering, and I'm sick of living hand to mouth. You want Mr. Sandman? You've got him."
Swing my legs over the side of the bed and get up, leanilg heavily on my staff.
"So, what's my first assignment?"


You punch him back, leaving icicles on his cheek
"No forget this. Ashkarian, you are one huge freak!"
The last drakin takes flight and leaves.
You'll probably need to climb over it to reach the diver.
For a brief moment, you hear some distant thunder.
"There are some other heavily attuned individuals we have detected. You might be able to help us track them down.
Or if you'd rather keep off your leg a while, we have plenty of things that call for researching. Including the exact nature of your powers."


Watch them leave and find a wall to lean against.


That's impossible.
Must be some hork shooting his six piece around.


Yeah, I will! Someone might be in danger! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'll live. Besides, I kinda fit the profile for 'mysterious recruiter.'"
Follow him out of the hospital with the device turned off.
"So,, any specific individuals you're looking for?"


Ash gets back up
"What did you just do?"
It's weird. It almost sounds like words. Or angry shouting.
Still not a cloud in the sky though.
As you hop on the toppled truck, the torn side gives in and you fall inside.
Something grabs you
"Tracking attunement is not an exact science, but once we had an idea of who you were we were able to keep tabs on you. We believe you may have been near another attuned person earlier today."


Uh… Keep an eye out?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Look down a bit "Please don't tell anyone.. I just didn't want to be eaten."


What kind of something?

"Hey, are you alright? Are you hurt?"


"Hmn… Doubt it was one of the thieves… And Smith had nothing to lose, so wouldn't make sense for him to hide powers… That leaves the girl and the drakin."
Tip my hat to him.
"How do I let you know when I've found them?"


Nobody to your left
Nothing to your right
Nobody under you
And then from a clear sky above, lightning strikes you.
"Ok lets start with just the bare bones basics here. What kinda crazy powers are those?"
For a moment, you see a vaguely person shaped blob reach out at you, before it starts grabbing onto more and more places on you
"You will be given an earpiece so we can keep contact. Follow me to the armory so we can get you geared up."


…Am I dead?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Whoa, hold on, what's happened to you?!"

Try to pull myself up and away through that hole. Something is terribly wrong here. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Well basically, I can manipulate ice to a certain point. Like you saw."


Follow along.
"Mind telling me your name? Kinda want to know who I'm working for now."


Surprisingly enough, no. In fact you feel fine. Better than fine. You feel better than ever! Energetic! Strong!
As you struggle to climb out of the darkness, you can feel this stranger clambering all over you. Once you do finally get back topside, you don't quite feel yourself anymore.
"…how does that even…?"
"Call me Commander Fury."
As you reach the armory, a capra walks by who waves to Fury
"'Sup Dick?"
"Not now Grim. I have a new recruit to work on."
"Later, then."


"It works with water mostly. I'm not really sure why I've just always been able too.."
I sigh. "Figures this would happen as soon as I get a little freedom.."


Wait but, a thunder just struck me!
Check myself over a moment, try to understand reality.


"So is this like a human thing, or?"
The only thing that seems weird is the incoherent echo inside your head. Maybe it would make more sense if you focus on it.


"Very well, commander."
Look around the armory and whistle appreciatively.
"Didn't tell me you were running a private army on the side."


"What was THAT?"

Check myself, maybe the truck was carrying chemicals and I just inhaled fumes. '1d10'

What about the driver, or the paramedics? Is anyone else coming?

Roll #1 5 = 5


This is gonna be one heck of a headache…
Focus on that noise.


"Not really.. its a freaky magic thing.." I give him puppy eyes. "So.. are you gonna run away now?"


"Private security company. Not an army.
Now, two things come as standard for operatives. A tattoo of your designated operative number for easy identification, and a communication earpiece/failsafe device. If you need anything else, you will need to requisition it."
You seem fine, save for a strange lump on your back. It seems to be stuck there pretty firmly.

You feel your arm cramp a bit, as if it was trying to move on its own
"Given the damage you dealt to the others for laying hands on you, I'm not sure if I'd be taking a bigger risk by running or staying."


No fucking way.
Clench my fist on my own to assert dominance!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Sigh and turn away depressed pulling my hoody around myself.
"..I understand.. if you want money for your silence on this I can arrange that.."


I probably bumped into something inside the van…

Let's get some help over here. Are the police, firefighters, anyone equipped with sirens coming? This van didn't drive itself into a wall.


"That's fine. Not like I need much else."
Lets just grab my earpiece and get moving.


…it resists
Then… trapped.

"I… uh…
…that's not what I want to be. You know, greedy. Guess I kinda suck as a drakin.
You ok?"
You can hear some distant sirens. Someone must have called for help.
"Not so fast.
It needs to be calibrated."
He grabs a small remote and taps in a few codes before pressing it against your earpiece
"There. Now it should give us your ID when you call. And explode if you take it off."


Freak out and slap myself.


Nod slowly and look over at him hopefully. "Yea. I'm fine. A few scratches nothing more.. What about you?"


"Of course."
Prepare to get going to the rich districts.
"I'll call you when I find them. Till then, Fury."



"Just hold on," I yell into the van, "help is on the way!"

I'll get off the van and keep my distance. I need to tell them to be careful, they must have been carrying some industrial stuff that causes disorientation and stuff.


Next time on this
I will be focused on what I'm doing


"Not nearly as bad as I'd usually be after running into them…"
Be still…

"Exit's on the top floor. Giddy up."
The lump on your back heaves and detaches, before oozing away into the shadows. This almost throws you on your back.
You can smell gas leaking from the truck.


Am I crazy yet?"


"Hey, if you can hear me, please respond! It's dangerous in there!"

Keep stepping back, I don't want to do anything to trigger a fire.


"…so.. you still wanna walk me home?"


Oh boy…
"You know I'm not certified to fly, right?"
Head on up anyway.


I am… the spirit of thunder…
…you have trapped me…

There are plenty of exposed wires to do that already
This thing might blow any moment now.
You can see someone in the driver's seat
"Would I dare say no even if I didn't?
..That is to say… yes. I do.."
Once you get near the top floor, some armed guards check your earpiece and let you into… a room with no visible exists. Just some guards and scientists.


"You are what?!"


"Well, let's get this over with, shall we?"


I don't have a choice! I need to try to get to him! It's what anyone would do! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Laugh a bit and offer him a gloved hand.
"Lets go.. Ash."


The spirit of thunder…
…once known as the god of thunder…
I know not how you trapped me…

"What is your designated exit, Agent Sandman?"
You clamber over to the front of the truck and pull him out.
It seems the gas pool has caught fire. This thing might explode…
he shies away from it at first
"You, uh… sure that's safe?"


"I did nothing! I was just walking! THIS IS CRAZY!"
Tap on my head to make him go away!


Nod. "Yea, I'll have the gloves on the whole time. I promise."


All that matters is running! Make some distance with the driver! '1d10'

"We're almost out of the way, just hang on!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Let's see…
"As close as you can get me to that girl I met this morning… Probably in the money district somewhere?"


You have done what even a god of war failed to do…
I suppose… I owe you a boon for this feat.

You feel your body tingle. As if energy had built up in it.
"Is all of you that cold under those clothes?"
A moment later he realizes what that probably sounded like and tries to shut his face
"I mean uh…"
You might make it safely, but if you want to be sure, now might be a good time to use those powers of yours.
"Very well. You will be exiting near the southeastern end of the central district. Call us when you need a pickup."
He points you to a doorframe in the middle of the room, which now has a door in it.


Jerk my hands and fingers, as if reacting instinctively to the tingling, and look down at them.


Blink at that, but decide not to question it.
"Understood. See you around."
Exit the room through the door.


"The driver's life is on the line, nothing else matters!"

"Okay, try to breathe without taking in too many fumes, and…"

" I am the Chitin of my shield…"
" Steel is my body…"
"Protective Bubble!"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


So long as I am trapped… I suppose it is in my best interest… to try and please you. As such… I share with you… a fraction of my power.
You exit out of an apartment complex' bike shed, too small to even house the room you just left, let alone the whole top floor of that place.


"What are you even…
I feel it, but…
What is this?!"


"…uh.." I blush intensely as I realize what he's thinking. "Hey, where do you live?"


Interesting… but I'll look into it later.
Now, to find that girl and drakin… Then figure out which one has powers.


Whistle a tune as I walk walk walk walk around, exploring what the world has to offer!


A shimmering shield materializes around you and the driver, and you ride the blast wave of the exploding truck, skidding safely onto the pavement on the other side of the road.
The driver finally wakes up
"What… happened?"
Somewhere in the unknown far distance, three beings sense what just happened…
"Where I can.
I suppose I have an actual home with my folks over in the… poorer districts… but I don't really like it there."
We share this body now, you and I. This means part of my divine powers are yours. But also that you now share some of my divine obligations.
They should be somewhere between here and the poor district where you first met them.
Try searching
The world has plenty to offer to a capra willing to look deep enough. Amazing how even in a place line New Everbright, which is a city built over a city built over a city by now, the traffic sort of dies away once you walk outside its borders.


Let's have a look around, shall we?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Need to sit down."
Find a bench or something.
"So, god of thunder, what's your name?"


Does it still have the green fields my pop's told me, whose pop's told him, whose pop's told him?
Keep walking and whistling!


"You got into an accident. Don't worry too much about that and tell me how you feel. Does anything hurt?"


I frown. "I see.. I guess I shouldn't have asked.. sorry."
Start walking with him toward my place.


It seems your exit was not too close to them. You may need to expand your search.
I have had many names over the passing ages. Call me what you wish.
The greenery starts not too far away from the city. What there may have been to mine here has been mined long ago, and there are fertile lands not far from here for farming. This has left plenty of untouched greenery in some of these parts.
"I may need a doctor. But thank you for saving me. Did the truck survive?"
"It's fine to ask. I… It's nice that at least someone asks."


Before I get out of bed today, untie my backpack from my leg and check my bracelet.

What are the chances of a portal anomaly happening today?


"That doesn't help.
Really, really doesn't help…
What were you doing zapping through the sky like that?!"


Brush some of the grass with my hand.
Rip out and nibble on some of it too.


Hmn… Try heading for the food area. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Nope! The truck blew up and is currently ON FIRE. But whatever was in there got a hold on me and managed to make a break for it, so don't worry too much about whatever pet you had in there."


"…I'm just glad you didn't run away.. Uh.. maybe I can help you out, find you a couch to sleep on or something.."


magic 8 ball says [try again later]
The god of war demanded a duel. My repeated refusal angered him, and I was forced to fall back after he attacked me.
This is not the first time. But it is the first time I was captured by a mortal in the process.

Still tastes like exhaust and trash. Tangy.
The nearby woods seem a little more pristine.
You see two injured drakin youths
Neither is the one from before. One has severe frostbite on his chest. The other has an icicle embedded in his arm.
Somewhere in the distance, an explosion is heard.
"Shit. I will need to reportARGHH…
…call an ambulance, would you?"
"You're acting awfully nice towards me.
Usually I just get looked down upon for not really acting like a Drakin… 'should'"


"I'm not a drakin. Why do I care about that?"


"Hey you were the one who zapped me!
It's a miracle I'm even alive!
And now what of this god of war?"


Bleath, spit it out.
Let's go for those woods then! I might find berries even!


"Don't worry, I can already hear the sirens. But you really should be more careful when moving those things. It was pretty crazy in there, and small animals should be in a cute little animal carrier!"


One of THOSE days.
Pack extra ammo today and wear my tougher boots. It's time to go to school. I got physics class, I think.


"Well, well, well, what have we here? Looks like you two tangled with an ice machine and lost."


"I dunno. I've had humans take out their drakin-hate on me before.
But now I'm just making this all about me, aren't I?"
A spirit of combat that has fueled the conflicts of this world for as long as I have lit its skies. A wild, easily angered force that seeks to prove itself to all, most of all to itself.
You might find bigger berries at the farms, but wild berries are a delicacy after all.
Try searching.
Yeah gotta be sure those physics textbooks don't mug you.
Try not to get caught toting that in a school mister.
"Real funny old man"
"What are ya some kind of hobo too proud to admit how poor he is?"


I keep it concealed! And I got a license and everything!

Am I at school yet?


Look for some!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm somebody you really don't want to mess with."
Get down and grab hold of the icicle.
"Now, the one who did this. What did they look like and where did they go?"


Sounds like a pretty cool dude.
"And you instead, what can you do?"


How far away are the ambulances?


Depends. Did you decide to walk or just port there?
Right there on that hill. Loads of bigass bushes.
"Some human and the biggest failure of a drakin on this planet, monkey."
I am raw energy granted form. A force greater than any other once I choose to stir. Swift in my fury and faster than any.
The ambulance finally curves around the corner
The driver smiles "It wasn't alive, just some tech we were moving. Don't worry."


>[try again later]

Fuck that
I'm walking


"Aww sweeeeeeeeeeeet!"
Run for it!


"Which way. Did they go."
Twist the icicle a bit to make sure i have his undivided attention.


"Okay! I won't worry about it, because I have somewhere else to go and the nice people of the ambulance are here."

I need to make an report, don't I? Are the police here yet?


"Sounds pretty badass."


Shrug. "I guess I'm more opened minded than most humans."


Hiding from danger won't solve your problems forever. You need better control over your powers.
There is some sort of curious hole in the ground near the bushes. Looks deep.
Maybe it's one of the old mines?
He winces but stays strong.
"Towards the fancy residential areas. Now you gonna pay for that info or what?"
They should be here momentarily.
Not sure what they'll think of your shield if you keep it up.
There is a reason we were worshiped, after all. Now, get moving so I can get a feel of what you move like.
"Or you've never had to tangle with 'real' drakin. You know the type. Think they're above all other races, can just take what they want and fly away if questioned?
Like I could have demanded… all sorts of things from you to keep quiet about your powers, and then just broken in somewhere and slept where I wanted.
But… I just don't have it in me."


"…Fine. But then you gotta show me the powers!"
Let's walk.


Grab some berries, start eating them, and look down.


"..I really expected you to ask for something.. but i'm glad you didn't.. It means we might be.. friends.. a friend who actually knows my secret."
I smile brightly. "That would be nice."


Just smirk at him.
"Thanks for cooperating. Now close your eyes…"
Sleep Serum '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Well, maybe if I did a small jump I'd be able to have my bracelet calibrate chances of things going bad today.

Teleport down the street towards school.


Your body feels oddly energetic. It wants to jog, not walk.
Yep. Looks like an old mine. Oftentimes they left all sorts of neat junk down there as they were abandoned too.
"I bet it would.
And I could use a friend who can actually help me stand up to others."
"No, you."
He punches you in the gut with his free arm while his buddy rips your pocket off and grabs your wallet. They both then fly away laughing.
Nothing seems out of the ordinary… the symptoms are same as ever. Your stomach feels like you left it at the starting point, the world looks far too blue for a second or two as your eyes readjust and there's a slight ringing in your ears. But you're unharmed.


Hmm.. could I climb back up if I go down?


…Let's try that, then.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Oh, dear.
Look around me. Where did I land myself?

And take out my gun too.


Fuck. I'm going to remember their faces…
Head off after the direction they said the two i'm after left in.


"You can call me Ten now, if you want."


You're a capra. Your ancestors probably climbed mountains in their sleep to get here.
Your jog seems no different from what it was before, really. You get tired just as easily.
You're on the street outside. Luckily, nobody saw you pull a gun in a residential area.
You can hear their voices. They should be nearby!
"Alright, Ten.
…hey, even with the whole fight, I kinda had fun."


"Hey Thunder Thing, you lying!"
Keep running.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I thought I ended up in another world again. Never mind.

Put it back and put on the white noise. Patrician music helps the nerves. Time for school.


Giggle a bit. "Would you believe that was my first real fight?"


Head in from the shadows, flicking on my device to turn off my powers.
"For your first real fight, you handled yourself pretty well."


Free stuff then!
Down I go, into the rabbit hole!


Jump back bit in surprise!
"Who are you!"


"Oh come now," grin as I shift my hat back, "just this morning you were asking how you could forget seeing something like that…"


Lightning does not run. IT STRIKES.
You suddenly blast yourself into a metal fence and out the other side, leaving the fence sparking.
Do you wish to play out the school day?
"Hard to belie-
Ten, is this guy trouble?"
It's kinda dark down here. But curiously, some of the walls still have traces of ore in them. This mine isn't dry, but it sure is abandoned.


What do you have planned? If nothing then I'll have to bed, dedding soon


"What are you talking about? The only thing that happened this morning was some drakin passing out at a hotdog stand"
"I don't know.. Maybe we should get out of here."




Why would they abandon a perfectly good mine?
Try to grab some of the ore! Is it loose?
Also, let out a metal scream. The accoustics here must be amazing.


I have nothing planned for the schoolday. The only plan I had was to have Dick pick you up when you teleport again.
I showed you a small taste of my powers, now that I got more comfortable with your body.
"Probably, yeah."
The echo carries on deep into the caverns.
You scratch at the ore vein and get some shiny dust on your hands.


"Did I just…
Shoot through that fence?
Can I do it again?"


Start singing!
"I just found some ore!
I should totes' get more!
Until my back is sore!
And I crash and snore!"
Hmm, lick that shiny dust.
Then keep scratching at the ore vein.


Let's get that done first.
Feeling a little more confident, try teleporting down the next street. Right in front of school, too.


"Not trouble. Just here to talk, big guy.
"It was a drudge, actually. And there was a guy in the corner of that food stall… Who told you you wouldn't remember a thing… Starting to come back yet?"
Remember, his powers are turned off now.


"And risk everyone finding out about your ability to cause frostburn on a drakins chest when its seventy degrees out?"


"..You think you can fly yet?"
yea, its off now, but I already forgot you from before unless you are saying those will come back?
"Uh.. Kinda.. I mean.. maybe? I think there was a guy there."
Sigh. "Okay. Look.. I have money. I'll pay you."


You can, in time. But it does carry the risk of your body breaking from too much abuse. Even with me here, you are still meat and bone, not lightning.
It emits some sparks as you go along. The ore dust tastes dusty but makes your teeth shiny.
Something must have spooked all the miners out of here. Maybe they left some nuggets deeper inside, where the veins are fat and exposed.
"Oh right. I think I remember you. But then I didn't really pay attention."
You toss an arm back and pretend to throw a smoke bomb like a ninja as you teleport again. This time you do not come out where you intended to. Given the distortion of this place, you might be stuck on the wrong side of your teleport. The sky seems twisted and alien. There are no structures in sight, only faint ghostly shadows of where they might be in the real world.
"Any time we need to, Ten."


Uh oh.
Teleport back to the same spot.


"I can? AWESOME!
So if I'm lightning now, I should get to fly, right? Right?"


Keep singing some improvised nonsense.
Sweet, keep going deeper and deeper! Did they leave behind a mattock too? That would make life easier.


Nod and stand close to Ash.


"So you're the one with powers. Relax, I don't want money… I'm actually in a similar position.
See, its not that you weren't paying attention… Its that you had contact with me. You throw ice around. I just… Get forgotten. Without exception."
Yes, theyll come back while interacting with him.


"…yea.. well that sucks.. But what do you want from me then?"


Some sort of force is preventing you from teleporting so swiftly. You can hear strange noises in the nearby shadows. You are not alone.
Clouds fly. Lightning strikes.
If they did, it would probably be rotten by now. These mines haven't been in use since the older settlements were built here hundreds of years ago. It's amazing this tunnel is still intact.
"Alright freakshow if you don't want money what is it you want? 'Cause you can't have her!"


Gun out and headphones off. Back away to-wait, fuck.

How long till I feel I can slip back?


"You mean like… This?"
Try and punch something! A Tree, a wall, anything!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll just have to work my good ol' muscles then! Keep spelunking deeper, until I find the real good stuff!


"You misunderstand. I'm not after anything.
In fact… I'm here to make an offer."




You should be able to try in a few moments. It's just the sudden distortion of everything around you that messes with your powers.
Any moment now…
The shadows slink closer
You punch at the ground, and as your fist connects, it sends out a flash of lightning. This flash then immediately conducts itself back into your arm, blasting you off your feet and leaving your arm convulsing.
Fool! You cannot handle my powers yet!
Oddly enough, the tunnel stops looking like a mineshaft and begins to transition into what looks more like a cave. Weird. Maybe they found this while digging here?


Roll over onto my arm, trying to keep it still.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Teleport back!


Is it still lit by the shiny dust?

Is that why they left?
Hah, left the good stuff behind in the cave, that is!


Show the device on my arm.
"This thing turns off my powers, so you should remember this conversation. The man who gave it to me has started an organization to study this phenomena; turns out theres a lot of people out there like us. He recruited me to help recruit these individuals… Including you."


"uhuh what makes you think I want to join some club for freaks?"


It calms down eventually, but you now have a lightning shaped scar running up the fist and forearm.
Just as the shadow lunges at you, you teleport back out.
When you open your eyes, you realize you're in some sort of tech lab, with a few guards surrounding you, and a pair of technicians giving a thumbs up to a tall man with an eyepatch
"Interception successful, Commander."
The eyepatch guy smiles
"Welcome, Mr. Ceele. We've been waiting for you."
There seem to be some jugs of oil here. You could probably improvise a torch out of some stick in the mine shaft and a spark.


Look at my arm in surprise.
You gotta teach me how to use this stuff man!"


"Because you want to know why you're like this?
Look at what happened with those drakin back there. What if something similar happens in the future, and you kill someone because you don't understand your powers?"


Hold on to the gun even more tightly, oh fuck.
"Who are you? What do you want with me?"


"I understand just fine how to control my powers!" I glare at you.


Just like fireworks during the intense parts of that rock opera I saw!
And try not to set myself on fire.
/roll 1d10



Roll #1 5 = 5


"Then why do you always have to wear gloves?"


In time, child of flesh. But this has shown me that restraint is key if I wish to keep you from exploding.
"My name is Commander Fury. My mission is to seek out, and assist, individuals of considerable magical attunement such as yourself. Just now my experts helped pull you out of a potentially fatal teleport."
You singe your hair a bit but nothing major. This thing won't last forever though so you had best explore with haste.


"You can't be serious!
Oh c'mon!
I've got a god buddy and almost nothing to show up for it!"


Start taking longer, hopping steps then!


"H-How can you prove that to me? How do I know I'm in my homeworld right now?"

Actually, check the bracelet. All readings normal for home?


I pause struggling for words. "Its just in case.."


"In case what?"
Lean heavily on my cane, rubbing my gunshot wound.
"Wouldn't you rather find a way… To not need them anymore?"


Had I not done all I just did to help you, you would now be missing an arm. You are not much of a host body. Not yet at least.
This place kinda looks like some sorta temple. Old as hell too. Probably predates the human settlements here.
Looking at what remains of the paintings and carvings on the walls, it has something to do with some kind of twin beings. Or one being with two mismatched halves. Maybe some old deity?
Maybe there's old sacrificial stuff here!
You're in the correct world at least. But your coordinates seem almost nonsensical.
"Well we're all people here. Some of us have intimate knowledge of the arts of teleportation, like Nils here."
He points at one of the technicians.
Ash gives a reassuring look
"You wanna listen to this guy or should we go?"


"Was that an insult just now, Thunder-type?"


Awesome! That would be worth a lot of money on the market, which means lots of food! Keep delving deeper! And keep looking at the freaky walls, do they all have this mismatched thing on them?


Look between them both.
"I.. I guess I'm not a kid anymore.. but how do I know you're not just trying to trick me?"


got to go slp now, thanjks


"To be honest? You don't know, and I can't think of a way to prove it… Unless you want to come see for yourself."
Tap my earpiece.
"Mr. Sandman here. Mind sending a pickup for us at my current location?"


What is an insult is that I'm stuck inside you. But we would be much better off as allies than as enemies.
Some do, some just depict scenes of everyday life. This was probably some old communal area as well as a place of worship.
The area starts to slope upwards. And worryingly, you start seeing bones laying around.
"If he is, can't you just ice him?"
slp well, thanks for playing


Nod to Ash
"I guess that true.. Okay. I'll check it out at least."


What kind of creatures does it describe living their lives?
Well, snap my blackjack out.
And pick up a sharp bone too in my other hand, in case I need to poke things.


"Hey, I agree there!
So, where do we start? Like in movies, it's training time!"


"Glad to hear it. Oh, and you wouldn't happen to know where those drakin stay, do you? They stole my wallet, and I want it back."


They appear to be human. Which makes sense. No capra would have built a place like this.
As you ascend, you start seeing new themes on the walls. A star falling from the heavens is depicted on the ceiling.
Eventually you come to a great set of stairs leading upwards. All over the bottom lay bones, rusted weapons and broken armor. A battle took place here. A great and desperate one.
First, I must properly align myself to your body. Live out your life as normal, so I can attune myself. Then, we can begin trying to test the limits of your body.
Ashkarian interjects
"They're some punks from the poorer parts of the city. I don't know what their gang is called but they often fly in groups. They're walking anachronistic stereotypes, still full of themselves thinking they're better than all the other races and can take what they want because of it."


"Yea, those guys are bad news."


Uh-oh… Well, they are dead, right, not like they can harm me unless I fall on them!
Plus they are definitely not going to use what they were protecting now!
Up the stairs!…. carefully.


"Thanks. I'll pay them a visit sometime.
Hmn,… Hello?"
Tap my earpiece. "Is this thing on?"


"But this is the old boring sh-"
Stop for a moment.
I was waiting for my pal!


[What is it Sandman?]
There are more bodies on the stairs. Near the top you find a big fancy chest, rusted to shit, that looks like it was carried by two people considering the poles on the sides. Inside are some ritual gear, probably meant for a priest.
…maybe the battle happened during some ritual?
It's that, or explode from an overload. What's on your mind?


"My pal, I had to see him at the park! Gotta run back!"


"I"I could use a pickup. Got a recruit ready to sign up here."


Did it kill them?
Like in that one story pops told me when their faces melted and everything? Get to the side of the chest, and poke it open with my blackjack. Don't look at it!


Fine. Go. I will lay dormant for now.
[Take the door behind the barbershop]


"Hey. I said I'd look. I never said I was signing anything."


The lid is off anyway. The contents have spilled out - tatters of a cape, a rusted ritual dagger and a mask with one half different from the other.


Let's hurry back then.


Edge closer. The cape is too torn, and that dagger is rusty… well, the mask seems okay. Pick it up!


"Yeah, I know. Just getting our ride. We need to take the door at the back of that barbershop."


He is waiting for you in the park, punching at a tree
It's kinda freaky. One side has a huge mouth like it wants to eat, the other side has no mouth at all, just a disdainful eye.
There is also an altar at the top
And a massive stone door, slightly ajar


Let's drop the bone and just hold it for now, and approach the altar. Anything there?


"Hey Ash.. If I don't come back tonight, tell my parents what happened.. You should be able to find the place its the one with the gate that says 'Bright' on it."


Call out to him.


Looks empty. They must have interrupted whatever was going on.
Given the scraps remaining on the skeleton nearest to the altar, he was probably the priest.
"You're coming back. I know you are."
He has punched the bark off that tree (and the skin off his knuckles) pretty well… He also isn't responding.


Nod and I guess I'll go into the barber shop door.


"Don't worry, you'll be back before you know it."

Into the door!


I'm starting to get the heebie-jeebies.
I should finish up here soon.
let's check that stone door quick, then I can scrap with the mask.


You enter and emerge in a lab-like room. The same Sandman left from.
A tall man with an eyepatch is waiting for you
"Good job Sandman. And welcome, miss Bright."
Something is in there. Something fancy and glowing.


Oooh, fancy!
I like fancy glowy things!
Squeeze past the door!


"What the…"
Walk up to him, put an hand on his shoulder, stop him!


"No problem, Nick. Any new ones show up?"


"Still waiting for the results."
He throws a punch right past your nose and then smiles
"Sup man?"
You leap past the skeletons with their hands on the door and daggers in their spines, and squeeze in. The glowing thing seems to be on some sort of little stone podium. Given the nature of this room, it is possible that it fell in here from the sky, and that the entrance hole has long since been filled with tons of soil and loose stones. Maybe it's some kind of neat meteorite some primitive folks found.


No wonder they would fight so much over it!
Hop there and grab it!


"All right. Mind if I go retrieve some personal propertu?"


"The fuck is up with you?
And nevermind that, you will never believe what happened to me!"


As you touch it, you feel a strange sensation of power rush through you.
Your skin crawls, your belly roars, your head grows heavy and your eyes go dark.
You drop the stone and crawl out of the door. You need to get out. Fast.
"Go ahead. You have proven you won't run."
Do not! I sense something wrong here!
"I dunno man i just felt super fucking mad all of a sudden. It's over now though. Freaky."


Uh… this was a bad idea… I hope I didn't catch anything nasty… Try to stand up and run as fast as my short furry legs carry.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"…Look at your hands!"


"Thank you, sir."
Head into the transportation room.
"The poorer districts, please, in the direction those drakin flew off in."


"Well shit I hardly even felt that.
You throw up a huge dark blob and collapse.
It seeps away into the darkness. You really need to get a move on.
"What drakins? We don't keep visual track of all our agents, Sandman."


"You gonna be fine? We should get you patched up!"


I don't remember eating that…
Try to scamper away as fast as possible!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Just tell them the direction. I know my way around this city, right? Rolling for how close i come out to them. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Yeah I guess. Got no idea why I flew off like that."
Somehow, things get worse.
The skeletons are starting to move. Or the floor is shaking them around. It's hard to tell.
You black out several times on your way out, but eventually you make it back to the mineshaft and to the hole you entered from.
You got nothing out of that trip save for a horrible bellyache and a looming sense of dread.
"Alright. You have one hour, and if we see you try to leave the city we will have to stop you."
You enter the door and exist where you met the drakin duo. It will be quite a walk from here…


"Seriously? None at all?
What were you even thinking?"


Put a hand on my tummy.
"Oww… that was a terrible idea…"
Climb out, at least I can eat some more berries on the hills…
/roll 1d10+1


Turn my thing off so my power goes back up, then start looking. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Damnit I'm tired

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"I just felt like that tree needed to get its ass kicked. Dunno why it happened. It feels kinda dumb now. Like someone dared me to hit it or some shit."
You enjoy some more berries, but they fail to take the strange hollowness inside you away.
You might need some professional help. And who knows, it might show up rather unexpectedly.
You can slp now
Given their direction and what you were told, you estimate the location of their gang hangout.
Once you get there, you see your assumption was fairly accurate. The place is full of drakin imagery.


"Are you serious?
C'mon let's go back home, I've had a horrible night too.
Lightning struck me!"
Show him the scar.


Enter stealthily. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"What the fuck man there weren't even clouds"
You enter, only to find that there are no stairs in the building. Figures the Drakin just fly to the top…


"I'm fucking lucky, that's what."


"I don't think getting struck by lightning really counts as Lucky. But whatever, lets go tape up my hands."


"Did you punch that tree with your head and lose your sense of sarcasm?"
Smirk at him and home we go.
Mine or his, the closest.
Better if we go mine.


Then head to the next-door building. Safety codes mean they should have fire escapes I can climb. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Safety codes matter in places where someone cares if the tenants survive a fire.
The only way up is with wings.
And so you head home



"Who are you? What is this place?"
I look really worried.


Oh, yeah!


I'm late enough as it is! I hope they don't ask too many questions and let me go with a note.


I am Commander Fury, and this is a place where we help those with high magical potential gain mastery of their abilities. For the sake of their own safety and that of those around them."
If you rush, you might dodge the cops.


Maybe I do need a doctor…


Are my parents home?


Yeah, the Paramedics can give them the statement.

"Poor guy lost control and I pulled him out and that I'll be at the Temple if they need anything else. Bye!"

Let's see if I can make it there without being too late! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"…Oh I see. Well, its nice to meet you Mr. Fury."
I glance around at the lab stuff uncomfortably.


In that case, I'll just hang around until one of them shows their face.
Hide in the shadows waiting for them. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


It will take a while to drag yourself back into the city, but you might make it to a road…
Must be still out for something. You know how they tend to leave thing to the last minute.
You can, certainly.
You might not even seem late if you sneak in.
"Everyone always has questions on their mind. My job includes answering them. Please, go ahead."
You hide for so long your legs fall asleep.
Shortly thereafter, three Drakin land down on the street
"Why can't we just toss the trash bags?"
"Because that's how you get coons."
"But coons are cute. Sorta."
"Then because shut up. Or should I tell Ironhide you're questioning his orders?"


Way less explanations to do!
Off to the bathroom.


Maybe I could try rolling on my side?
I'm on a hill, anyway.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Slip closer. These the three from earlier?


"…What do you want from me exactly? This isn't about those punks that attack me is it?"


Nope, I'll just walk in.

Are my clothes okay or should I try to get some replacements real fast? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'm doing my best to not touch anything man, but I think we might need to wipe the floor."
You roll like a little furball and reach the roadside with little effort.
Not as far as you can tell.
"We were not aware you had gotten into a fight. All we know is that you have a remarkable attunement to some aspects of magic, and that such attunement often leads to powers that are dangerous if not mastered.
What we want, is to release you from the fear of losing control, and to prevent any possible future mishaps."
You're kinda sooty and ripped up.


Anyone travelling here?
Anyone I can see?


Hmn… might as well try to draw the ones I want out. Sleep Serum on one of them from the shadows. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Welp, time to get a replacement! We should have an extra one in the back I can borrow.

Actually, how busy is the Temple today? What about the Priestess, where is she? And my friend? Don't tell me she's late even though she can fly.I hope there's lots of people, it makes the day go by faster.


"Hmm so you didn't know about that.. then how did you find out about me?"
"Oh, and might I have a glass of water please?"


Lots of cars pass by. You might be able to catch a ride.
One of the Drakin in the group just falls over on the street
"Shit, what now?"
"Too much to drink again?"
Busy as ever. Perhaps that's why nobody is back here. Consider searching for them.
"We have ways of identifying high magical attunement in individuals. When they use magic, this process becomes that much simpler.
You wouldn't be planning on using that water against us, would you cryomancer?"


Wave at some! Try to hitchhike!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Keep watching from the shadows. Don't want to blow my cover just yet…


Look innocent. "What, but you just said you wanted to help me. Why would I attack you?"


"Think about that later."
Let's get bandages for him.
Well, more like, gauze.
And alcohol.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yoohoo! Anyone here? I'm not that late that you guys had to close, right?"

Replacement clothing
Finding Priestess
Finding friend

Roll #1 9, 1, 4 = 14


A fairly sleek looking car pulls over. Someone in the passenger seat gets out. They look almost military.
"Are you hurt?"
"Well shit, just fly him up."
"And let him throw up on me? Fuck that. Let him sleep it off. He'll fly up when he sobers up."
"Because you're a kid and kids are unpredictable."
He motions with his hand
"Bring the kid some water. Can't have her dehydrated or she might not grow up right."
You find some bandages, an old towel, duct tape and beer.
The clothes are exactly where they should be, so at least you will be modest.
However, your friend and the priestess seem to be nowhere in the usual areas. Could they be up in the offices?


Is it paperwork day? At least I'll be able to put those math lessons to work.

Time to head to the Office! We have a responsibility to fulfill!


Wait until they leave. Better to not have any witnesses…


Ah yes.
The old duct take bandage thing.
How can a house not have even basic sanitation products.
You'd think a collage student lived here all by himself.
Okay, time to…
"Shit man, stick your hands out."
They will kill me for drinking beer. Oh well.
Let's first wash them and then pour the alcohol over them.


"I think… I'm feeling sort of sick."


"..right, so honestly I've been handling it pretty well on my own.. I mean.. It took you this long to find me.. and.. just how much do you know about this kind of.. magic anyway?"


Once you get there, they are both waiting. And looking quite serious.
"Lotus. We need to talk."
They dump the trash bags and fly back up
You are alone with the sleeper.
"Bro I don't think pouring beer on my hand is a good idea. Lets just clean out this sink and like, tape paper towels on my knuckles or something. It'll hold until i get home."
"Need a ride?"
The driver pokes his head out
"Oh come on we can't pick up every street capra we drive past!"
"The Commander did and he is happily married now! So stow it."
She helps you on your feet
"Plenty. We have some top scholars in the field of magic working here, along with many practitioners. But in order for us to fully assist you, we need to know the current extent of your control over those ice powers of yours."


"Okay, but in my defense, I couldn't just leave the poor guy and his puppy in the over turned chemical truck. The paramedics can back me up on that one."


Walk over and drag him into the alley. Let's tie him up so that he can't get away.


Smile at her.
"Hey, thanks. I really just want to go to a doctor or something to check on me."
Shiver a bit.
"I've been through some freaky stuff."


"That's gotta need a picture, you know it."
Grin and let's clean that shit.


"You mean like a test?"


He is now zipcuffed and still asleep.
"We'll get you to a doctor, explain on the way."
As she gets you int he car, a small device in there starts beeping.
You clean up the bloodstains on the sink and floor. None will ever know.
"You can start by explaining in your own words."
He hands you the water.


Point at it.
"What's that? I'm not stealing the car!"


"Oh, ah, just my voyage here. What's going on? Why are we all here?"


Gag him and bind his feet to his hands, using his clothes to tie his wings to his back. Once he's thoroughly immobilized, I'll rap him on the head to wake him up.


Whip up those boxing gloves made of duct tape and towels.
"How you gonna explain this to your parents?"


Sip on the water a little.
"Well.. I don't freeze things I don't want to freeze. So I guess I'd call that successful?"


"That's confidential." says the driver
The lady who helped you just picks the device up with an incredulous face.
"What did you say happened to you again?"
"It's about these… powers of yours."
You make a strange hogtied package.
Roll for how effective it is against someone like this
"I fell?
I got a little excited and hit a tree I didn't even know was there?
Tell the truth?"
"Mhm. Well it's better than some we've trained here. What about control under pressure?"


"Your parents bro.
Will you be alright?"


Tying good knots. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Frown and rub my belly.
"I got a wicked bad tummy ache."


"Oh, what about? But first, I have to thank you for helping me work on them. They're super cool and I was able to save someone with them. I don't want people in danger but I'm going to keep doing my best to help when someone is in trouble!"


"Yah. It doesn't even hurt."
She might not be big, but Drakin are stronger than humans of the same size…
It might not hold for long.
"From what. Tell the whole story."
She got a lot more serious after the device went off.
"I'm glad I have been of assistance. But last night we were contacted by an organization who wants to further help you refine your powers."


Frown a bit. "Okay, well sometimes it gets activated when stressful things happen.. but usually the gloves cover it up.."


Try to reenforce it with something a bit more solid. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Alright then.
Catch you tomorrow in class?"


"Really, that sounds great! Who are they, when can we start? Can I still keep working here?"


Uh oh…
"Am I in trouble?
I was just looking for food or free stuff, when I found a mine. It had some sparkly ores everywhere, but it looked like it was abandoned in a hurry some time ago, because it opened into a cave, and the cave had this ancient temple thing with strange murals and a lot of corpses and an altar with a dead priest and a freaky mask, and behind it was a large slightly open door. There I found some sort of stone that looked like it was maybe the thing those people killed each other over but when I touched it I got sick and threw up some black blob so I left!"


"And loss of control like that can be very dangerous. We can help you overcome that."
You eventually run out of clothing to tie her up with, and it seems no more solid than it did before.
She is also waking up fast.
"Yah sounds good man. Take care will ya?"
"They said they would send an agent to pick you up when you agreed to go. I did not know how you'd react, so I did not tell them your name or address.
But I'm glad you chose to cooperate.
And of course you can still work here, when you find time."
"Call Fury. We may have a confirmed supernatural here."
She then turns to you
"Could you find that mine tunnel again?"


"Not the one punching trees."
Smirk and part ways.


"A what now?"
Point at the hills.
"Yeah, it was on those hills, beside the berry bushes."


"Good morning, sunshine. Time to wake up."
Tap her on the head with my hiking stick.
"Come on now, I need you awake for this."


"I'll be ready when I'm done with my duties for today! I've already volunteered to help here, I'm sure there's still lots to do."


"Okay.. how?"


"Still getting hit by lightning though. But yeah, lets hit those showers. See ya tomorrow."
"How do you feel?
…nevermind, lets get you checked. We can go back for it later."
The driver is on the phone and ignores you two.
"Wha..? WHAT!? WHAT IS THIS!?"
"I'll ask them to pick you up from the front gates at sundown then. You're both free to go."
"With professional training, both practical and theoretical. In exchange you will help us study the nuances of magic through your action."


That's dangerous!
And how DO I feel now?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"This is a warning. Those two who came back to your hangout with the frostbite and toothpick in their arm? They were picking on some of my friends. I don't like it when people pick on my friends."


"What actions exactly do you mean?"


And then I can go back in my room…
"Okay, why did I just hide you from my best friend?"



Let's walk out, the Priestess probably has more important work to do, and i have my friend here to talk.

"Woah, I didn't think there was anyone but us involved in this magic stuff! Who do you think they are? They must be all right if the Priestess was okay with them!"


Not as terrible, but far from perfect.
"We will observe your training and when need be, send you on assignments to gauge your development."
Something seethes inside him. Something powerful.
"I guess it's some new initiative or something. From what I was told they want to help people master their powers better and at the same time study magic first hand."


"Must be yesterday's steak."


"Oh, I can't wait! It's going to be fun meeting all new people! I wonder how many they're going to send? Or what they'll be wearing. I'm so eager, I kind of want them here now!"

"But, we still have a lot to do here! Come on, just because I have something to do afterwards doesn't mean we can slack now."



"Cool story grandpa. I'll be sure to tell them to go mess with your friends harder next time."
No. A source of magical power.
Do you wish to play this out or skip ahead?


"Okay, let's say I'm listening…"


"Everything I do today just reminds of the evening, oh, I can't wait!!"

Skip Ahead.


"I've been better."


"That would not be wise. Unless of course you wish for them to disappear. In fact, if not for the fact I need you to relay this, you would disappear too. Not like your friends would miss you; when you collapsed they just snorted and flew back up to their hideout."


Frown a bit and swish the water around.
"So, this means you're going to be watching me from now on?"


I do not know anything further. But given the rage that power manifested as, it is best to leave it dormant. And knowing about me will not help him do that.
"We'll get you to a place where we can run some tests to see that this isn't something more serious. Hold on."
"You talk a whole lot."
She tries to slam you with her tail '1d10'
"Yes. Closely.
And that we would like you to report in for training here with us every so often."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Fine. Then… Where were we?"
Look at my arm again.


Look concerned.
"Like… if that was a meteorite I might caught some space aids or something?"


"Bad move."
Sleep Serum '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"I see. You know I am starting to get the feeling you wouldn't back off if I said no."
I look suspiciously at Fury.



We were testing how I adapt to your body and its limits
"No. You may have caught magic powers."
The driver turns a sharp corner and drives into a garage.
The other side looks far too spacious to be the same building he drove into…
She falls asleep again. This can't be healthy in the long run for her.
"It would be a considerable setback, and we would need to keep an even closer eye on you for the rest of your life, since you'd be a rogue element with possibly highly dangerous out of control powers."
The day passes quickly, and as the sun sets, a car is waiting for you outside.


"Waiting on you!"


Maybe I am just getting dizzy.
"Magic powers? Like super singing? That would be awesome!"


No, it most certainly isn't. Now, let's see… what is it that Drakin consider important? Something that would send chills down their spine that I could do?
Knowledge check. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"H-ello! I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long?"


Find a target we can practice on. It will be destroyed in the process.
"The nature of your powers is not yet known, but the item your found in that cave may have either triggered them in you, or passed them onto you.
In either case, our magic tracker picked up your powers when we got near. And the readings indicate those powers are not natural."
Drakins are known to be greedy, callous and confident. Their strength and speed matches and often surpasses that of humans, but they are slow breeding and do not mature quickly. Many Drakin believe themselves to be the ancestors of dragons, and use this as an excuse for their treatment of other races.
"Certainly not. Please, come with us. We'll take you to see our leader."
They seem polite enough, but their outfits are pretty military…


Sigh. "Alright. Well."
Pull out my university schedule. "If we're gonna do this thing. We need to work out a time. This is schedule for the semester. And I have family night every other sunday.."


"Oh, are you expecting a shoot out with bad guys! You seem well prepared for giving me a ride?"

Hop in anyway!


"…Oh I just fucking know what!"
Get outta this house.
Time to have my revenge on the minigolf club for calling me a kid!


Frown again.
"They are not dangerous, are they?"
Fidget a bit in the seat, towards the door.
"I'm not going to be put in a lab and vivisected and stuff by people in suits and sunglasses, right?"


Hmn… I'll take a sharpie pen and write "Watch out for Mr. Sandman" across her forehead, empty her pockets, then graffiti a little more on her wings before leaving.
Not as effective as I wanted, but it's a start…


"If need be, we can explain your condition to your school and family."
"It helps when you don't need to change outfits between missions."
"This will only take a minute. In the mean time, you can fill us in on your skills."
Just say when you're ready
"We can skip the vivisection if you cooperate."
They open the door and let you out
"The lab is on the floor above."
They'll find her eventually.
Your loot amounts to a twenty and change, a file and eyedrops.


Let's sneak into the course and find the windmill…
Grin in malice.


"I don't want to get cut up!"
Hop out of the car.
"Should I go there?"


"Oh, no need. My family already knows."


"Makes sense. I wish I had thought of that earlier."

"Anyways, my powers came from a book I ordered from the internet and then combined with some prayers and I learned from the Priestess here, but I thought I could spice up the chant a little and added in my own touch and then I started glowing and got this strange armor around me that can survive explosions, like really big ones."

"Now, how did you get your armor?"


Huh. Let's head back to Command central and Fury.


Perform a basic physical attack
"We'll take you there. The Commander will want to meet you anyway."
The walk doesn't take long, but this place is slightly unnerving. Probably because it really has no reason to fit into that tiny garage you drove into.
"Yes, we assumed that. We'll still be in contact with them regardless for legal reasons.
Should we tell your school to provide time off for training?"
She probably has an infection or something.
You can call for a pickup any time.
"This book, do you still have it?"


Punch the windmill.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hop along them, they probably take big steps.
"Uh.. who is the commander? And how does this place fit in that garage?"


"Or you could arrange your training on days when I don't have class? I mean you're the ones who suddenly showed up in my life. Why do I have to stop everything?"


"Yeah, it should still be in my locker. No way I am leaving it in my home. They'd tear the poor thing apart and I worked a lot to buy it. Do you know how hard it was to make the account? They don't make it easy for a high-schooler."


Your arm reacts violently, making the scar pulse. You smell charred meat.
Do not overdo it.
A fairly tall man in a dress uniform steps out of one of the side room
"The commander would be me. You can call me Fury. As I understand you have been confirmed as a rare source of supernatural magic attunement?"
At least his tone is friendly.
"Agents, you're free to go. You will be given a bonus for this find if everything pans out."
"Because if left unchecked, you might kill everyone at your school by going absolute zero when someone pops a paper bag behind your back.
When dealing with attunement as strong as yours, half-ass…butting your training can be extremely dangerous. Even if you have a degree of control with what you have now, your powers may evolve or mutate unexpectedly."
"That book will be safe with us. Tomes such as that should not be in open circulation to begin with."


Shake it off.
Try with the other arm!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Look around the room with a nod.
"I don't understand at all, they just told me that I am. Before that the only special thing about me was that I was the only one among my brothers who could burp the ABC backwards."


"Base, this is Sandman. Ready for pickup."


"Fine.. I'm guessing you don't use normal phones?"


This time the energy discharges outwards instead of inwards, leaving a charred mark on the windmill
So this is how careful I will need to be…
"Well now you may be truly one of a kind. Come on, lets head up there and get you scanned so we can be sure."
Nils the door guy yawns
"Right, right. I'll reopen the garage a few blocks down. It'll save some time and effort."
"We have those too, but it's often easier to use a dedicated communicator."
he taps his ear


Nod and follow him.
"They told me I won't get vivisected if I cooperate, right?"


Pull back and look at it with a smirk.
"Can you give me some more juice now?"


"I'll try not to go sub-zero on your ear piece then."


"There should be no need for that. Unless it's a parasite, in which case we may need to operate."
You finally arrive to the lab. Thankfully it's more tech stuff than medical stuff.
If you so wish.
"Luckily, we had a cold-resistant variant made."
He signals one of the technicians to go get it, but leans in and whispers something to him before he leaves.
"We will begin training tomorrow"


Let's try again!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Let out a whistle.
"So, what sort of group are you? With this kind of stuff that you have?"


"Gotcha." Head inside the garage, turning my power-restraining device on.


"Right. I'm sure that was just luck."
Sigh and drink the water in an attempt to relax.


This time there is a visible flash of lightning from your fist as the hit lands, cracking the windmill's side
"We are an organization dedicated to the study of magic and the training of those with magical potential.
Sit down and face the scanner."
The garage door pops you back into Fury's base
"I hope I'm not scaring you. But these are the facts."
The technician returns with the earpiece
"There we go. Put this on and we'll know it's you when you call us."


"Well, hello again. My business is concluded, so I'm ready for another assignment."


"Like… goverment and stuff?"
Sit down in front of it.


"Nah, I'm more scared of what my mother will think of all this." put it in my ear.


One more!"
'1d10' to sneak in one more punch, and then let's start running away.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Fury is conducting checks on some new arrivals. Go have a coffee or something while you wait."
"We are not directly affiliated with the government. We're more of an independent scientific organization."
A researcher sits on the other side of the device and starts to focus.
You feel a strange sensation inside you. As if you could sense magic being aimed at you.
"For the good of everyone, she should cooperate.
If she refuses, that makes her a direct threat to the well being of possibly hundreds of others."
The last punch makes you fall on your ass as it backfires
I said. Do not overdo it.


"Okay, fine, fine… I think we should go. Someone might have heard that."


I.. I burst out laughing.


"Okay. Will do."
Slyly turn off my power inhibitor and make my way to where I last saw Fury.


Try to lean to the side to take a peek.
"So uh…see anything?"


Call when you need my powers again
"What's so funny?"
You walk down the halls and catch a glimpse of Fury in a lab inspecting a capra.
"Yes, it seems to be a magical signature alright. An odd one. Almost like a void of power, yearning to be filled.
Sir, I can with fair confidence say that the readings were correct. This capra is a supernatural."



"Really? But all I was able to do was make a shield for me, even when I asked the Priestess to help me with it."

"And besides, I didn't get your names or who you work for. I'm Lotus Berthelotii!"


"We should still check it. Often these sorts of tomes contain only fragments of full spells.
You can call me Agent Starstrike."


Well now. Stand by for a moment to observe and get context.


"I'm sorry Mr. Fury. Its just.. the idea that my mom is a direct threat to the world?" I snicker. "Its so silly."


"You mean someone only sold me one part of the set? Maybe that's why he didn't get so many bidders, maybe they wanted the whole thing. Hmm…."

"It's nice to meet you Agent Starstrike! Let's work together to make the world safer then!"
"But, uhh, from who exactly? Have people already used their magic for bad things?"


Look excited.
"Freaking awesome! What can I do! Does it say?"


He and an assistant seem to be checking some readings from a scanner. Given the assistant's glowing eyes it is likely that he was using magic to help the process.
"Well, more of an indirect one. You're the one who could be a real threat if treated incorrectly."
"The author of this book may not even have been aware of it being merely part of a larger spell, let alone the seller. That is part of why we exist - to piece together the shattered origins of magic.
As for people using magic for evil, that is a daily occurrence. We cannot intervene on all cases, but we can provide assistance to the police, and step in when times absolutely call for it. Not all of us are magically attuned, like me, but even those without powers are a welcome help."


"I never even noticed! How long has it been going on and what can I do to help? As a Myrmid and a citizen, I can't let mean people hurt the city!"


Beep beep

Why did I ever take this job. Nobody in their right mind drives downtown, and I made a career out of it.


Settle down to just smiling.
"I can keep my composure really.. So, Do I get to look around this place?"


"It's not just here in NE. We are sometimes called to assist in other cities as well. Most places do not want magic crime to be highly publicized to avoid panic and outcry."
Well look on the bright side. The day is almost over. All you need to do any more is get back to the garage.
Without warning, he pulls a gun on you
"Well, I have no certain answer, but it may be some form of a power siphon. Perhaps it absorbs, negates or copies natural magic?"


"Evening, Fury. Who's the capra?"


Indeed I do. Maybe since my fare is up I can take some of the back streets to avoid the traffic.


get down and don't freeze anything.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Blink a few times.
"Do what now?"


"You've been doing a good job! Except for the book that got through, I haven't heard anything about it."


You burst into icy treats, severely damaging equipment and wounding those who did not duck for cover.
Fury puts the gun away
"That was not very composed. But I believe it demonstrated my point quite well."
He taps his ear
"Get us some medics down here."
"It may absorb, negate or copy natural magical abilities from others."
"We try to keep things on a need to know basis, and keep in contact with any who might have information."
The driver interrupts
"Almost there."


"You must have really good contacts if you were able to call us first? Or did you just search for words on the internet and my book came up?"

What does that facility we're entering look like?


Bite my lip a little and sit here for a moment.


Nod like I understood what that means.
"Are you a super? Can I get your power?"


Turn on my power suppressing device.
"I believe that could be as much a curse as a blessing."


As the medics rush in, Fury offers you a hand "I hope you now understand my concern."
"You'll need to ask the research team about that. I'm just a field agent."
The car pulls into a garage. On the other side is a considerable larger interior. Fairly techy by the looks of it, but showing signs of budget constraints.
"Welcome to the other side, Lotus."
"Yes, I am magically attuned. My powers were best utilized in scrying and other forms of true seeing. Until I enlisted here, I worked as a doctor."
Fury turns to you
"Agent Sandman. I see you're back from your… personal mission?"


You take a turn for the less populated streets of the poorer district. Not many cars here, save for cops…


Shrug casually.
"More or less. "



"Are there lots of places like this?"


"yea.. I understand.."
tentatively take his hand.


Well they're always here. As long as I cruise through and keep to myself, there won't be any trouble.


"Good. Because we'll need you in here for a group briefing."
"Not as far as we know. It took a whole lot of effort to build this too.
Follow us, we'll take you to see the commander."
"Now, I hope you're ok with staying a little longer before leaving, so you can meet the other newcomers."
At least they keep the place kinda safe…
You make decent time with the lack of traffic. Nobody even out at this hour.
Just a few more turns…


"Right behind you!"

What does the rest of the inner facility look like?


"Ooh, nice. Lead the way, commander."


Well that's gratifying. Soon I'll be home free.


Nod. "Sure.. What are these others like?"
And then pull out a mirror and fix my hair, who knows if it could be some cute boy or something.


It all has a fairly high tech vibe to it. Lots of cameras too. Very clinical and not too inviting.
They take you up some halls and into a larger meeting room, where a tall man with an eyepatch waits
"Welcome Miss Berthelotii. I am Commander Fury. Take a seat."
Right this way.
He starts heading upwards towards the meeting rooms.
As you turn the next corner, a strange figure stumbles on the road. You barely have time to slam the breaks before you hit it.
When you snap out of it, you have a hole in the windshield and a bad case of disorientation, but there is no body anywhere.
"We'll see soon enough. Come on."
He starts heading for the upper level.


Follow him. and try to remember where i'm going '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Follow to the meeting room.
"So, what is this, standard orientation?"


Scratch my head, then hold my hands out.
"So, how does this work exactly?"


What the heck was that?! Jaywalking is how people get killed! Or worse, how to cost me money!

I groan and get out of the car to inspect the rest of the damage.


"Don't try it on me, unless you want everyone to forget you for the rest of your life. Still, it's good to see you again."


"Of course!"

I'll take the closest chair and keep an eye out for new arrivals.


"Well, that's no good, how would I greet my siblings?"


"…Act the part of the friendly stranger."
Keep my eyrs forward and quicken my pace.


"So your power is making others forget you?"


"We will need to do some further tests to figure that out. I trust you don't mind staying with us until we're done with those?"
Some scrapes on the hood but nothing more. It's almost like the guy tried to jump at you on impact.
"Pretty much. This is the first time we've had so many newcomes at once though. Here we are."
A myrmid girl is waiting inside.
Another Fury comes in, along with another man.
Well the place has a fairly simple layout. It's not hard to find your way here.
You soon come to a meeting room.
Inside are two Furys, along with a myrmid and another man.


"Yup. In fact, that's not the first time you've asked that question. Catch is, until Fury came up with this doohickey" show my bracelet, "it didn't have an 'off' switch."


"Huh, two Fury's?"


Look confused.
"Excuse me, but are you twins?"


"Evening, miss. Nice to meet you."


"…I didn't? I don't remem- OOOOOH I get it!"

"Not really… Do I have to pay for staying? I'm sort of broke."


"Hi, Tenille! Remember me?"


"Yea, you're the guy who still never told me your name, but now magically knows mine." I look annoyed.


"Oh! Hello! It's my pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Lotus!"


It's all I can do to not kick the tires as I get back in. Great. How am I going to explain this? "Some idiot decided to jump in front of the car on the way back, but no I couldn't find the body ?" And what caused this enormous hole in the window?



"I did tell you my name, you just don't remember. Name's John Doe, but I go by Mr. Sandman."


"Your payment will be your cooperation."
To make it worse your shirt feels tight and your seat is uncomfortable.
What a shitty night.
The multiple Furys father up front
"Welcome everyone. You've all met me by now. But in case you forgot, I'm Commander Richard Fury and I'm magically attuned. My powers include projecting multiple copies of myself.
Now, lets hear some introductions from the rest of you."


"John Doe, though I go by Mr. Sandman. If it weren't for this bracelet, none of you would remember ever meeting me."


"Sooooo… the food is free?"


"I don't think I would have forgotten you, so I'm sorry if I did!"

"I'm Lotus Berthelotii! I can make an extra magic shell for myself, but I think that counts as over-accessorizing, don't you think?"


"Rations are free. There are vending machines for snacks."


"You would have, because everyone does. Its useful for hiding in plain sight."


Shitty is an understatement. Goddamn stress just does this shit to you.

Goddammit I need a shower.


"Sweet! Where's the dining hall?"


"Mm well sorry then."
Smile. "I'm Tenille Bright. I can freeze things and make some basic stuff out of ice.. but they don't make very cool accessories,"


"It's not your fault. So, that one boy seemed pretty sweet on you."


"Well, I won't. I'll make sure to write your name down and I'll even get you a notebook with your name on it so everyone will know it's you by looking at it!"

"They'd melt in the sun, but maybe they'd last a long while in the winter and you can sell them as little knickknacks."


Well at least you're here now. Best just call it a night. You feel kinda itchy to boot. That shower will do you good.
"Now, it's a bit of a tradition here for everyone to pick a codename for field operations. Something you like yourselves. A stage name, if you will. Like Sandman here."
"Bottom floor, next to the elevator."


"Am I needed now, or can I visit now?"


"I've tried that; doesn't work. Still, I appreciate the gesture."


"Really, then how about Armor, or Shield! Or even Hazmat? People might think twice about attacking in that case?"

"Aww, that sucks. But you have it fixed now, right?"


Yeah, I better. At the very least it'll calm me down. That'll be priority #1 when I do get home.


"You will not be approved for active duty until the full nature of your powers becomes apparent. Go on."
"Anything you like, really."
Your skin crawls. Something feels wrong.


Without another word, dart for the bottom floor!


"Controlled, not fixed. Fixed implies there's something wrong with it."
Groan and rub my leg, leaning on my walking stick. "Wish this would get fixed faster…"


Kind of fluff my hair a bit. "Oh, he's nice enough. But I really just met him, seems like he has kind of a hard life."
giggle a bit. "I think we're going to get along pretty well Lotus."
"..Oh, that sounds fun."
"What do you think of Sapphire Frost?"


"Oh, I guess Armour will be alright. I mean, it's straight to the point, no? But, why us exactly? Don't you have other, better trained and available people to do all of this?"

"Let's get along then!"


"Leaping to protect a girl he'd just seen wreck two drakin? Guys with that kind of caring nature don't come around very often. From the look of it, he could stand to have a few more friends."
Think about your codename.
"Eh, I think i like Ice Queen better."


Well I'll scratch it then. Man, I hope that wasn't the world's biggest bug I hit on the way home.


Stairs or elevator?
"Sapphire Frost. Check. I'll have it added to our callsign list."
"Even the most trained professionals start as rookies. You're the latest batch."


Elevator, because I don't usually get to use those.


Kind of nod at the first part and then shake my head to your comment.
"but that makes me sound so old!" I complain.


"Question, why us? You seem to have a lot of people working for you?"


"Good point. Sapphire Frost sounds all right, I guess."


"..So you like the Dixie Drakins?"


"Yeah, but each person who develops powers appears to be rather unique in the way those powers manifest."


"Well about as good as Sandman anyway." I smirk.



"Oh, so only a few powers are good for going out and fighting. That makes sense."


"What about the Rolling Horks?"


"Touche… But at least I have a theme song."
Smirk right back.


"Sports teams. Never really got the appeal."


"I thin we could make better names that just taking them from sports teams. Besides, are we even getting any Horks?"


You get in the elevator. There is another capra there, and the bottom floor is already selected.
"Every new arrival helps us develop our knowledge further. And it is important to teach mastery to all new notably attuned individuals for reasons of public safety."


Another capra?
"Hey! I only saw humans here, I was starting to feel alone!"


"Well okay. What DO you two like then?"
roll my eyes.


"Music, for one. Reading is a good way to pass the time. Other than that, most of my energy has gone towards surviving."


"Yeah, it would be pretty bad if someone's power went crazy."

"Well, how do you usually refer to our groups?"


"How about Bubble Betty?"


Sigh depressed.
"..you are way too serious Armour."
"..oh yea? What's your favorite book?"


"But I don't even have Betty in my name…"

"Well, we did just meet. It's not like we're going to settle on a name like Majestic or something."


"I mean, is this even all of us? I'm really not too sure how this team thing even works."


"That's like asking which ice cream is the best; how are you supposed to choose just one?
Still, I tend to like adventure stories; seeing the unknown nobody get recognition for saving the world makes me smile."


"You must be new. I'm Grim, working as an assistant here."
"An occurrence all too common. Many 'industrial accidents' and the like are caused by powers going haywire in a stressful situation like a fire at the workplace."


Offer my hand.
"Mávros Ioannis! Apparently I became a supernatural or something today, which means free food!"


"Kinda the point. You don't want people to be able to follow you home."
"Something those drakin would have done well to remember."


"Well, Agent Startstrike said they've been keeping things quiet. It's not like we should go announcing ourselves all the time."

"Oh, just how many have there been?"

"Well, Bubble Betty might not fit. I don't look that much bigger with the armor, I think."


"..Yea.. I guess its good to watch out for each other.."
Kind of sigh and sit down somewhere.
"Hey. Mr. Fury. Do you really think its a good idea for us to train together? I mean isn't it dangerous?"


"Hmn… A second shell… How about Roadblock? Because nothing gets through you?"


"It'll be fine after we hang out a little!"

"Yeah, that sounds pretty cool!"


"Don't worry, I just gave them a message and a quick nap. I made sure they wouldn't connect it to you."


"Ah. So you're a newly awakened recruit. Yeah I can imagine that makes you hungry. Come on, the chef knows me so we can get a little extra."
"That information will be made available to you after basic training is over."
"You will not necessarily always train together, but this way you will at least have someone you know in here who is on the same training and clearance level. This idea was implemented based on requests from past recruits."


"'I'm all for extras!

What do you mean awakened?"


"Alright then, Roadblock! I look forward to working with you."


"Yea, do you maybe wanna go to mall sometime?" I suggest with a hopeful smile.
Look concerned. "Wait, what?"
"Pretty cool of you to do something like that, and yea.. its nice to know i'm not alone."


"So, when do we start? And do I get a pass from class?"

"I do too!"

"This is a pretty big event, so I think some new clothes are just what the situation calls for!"


"They stole my wallet, so I went to their hideout then told them not to mess with Mr. Sandman, then sent them a dream to keep them from following me."



"Well, that's the term they use for those who only just recently gained enough magical power to actually do magic."
"I'm sure you'll all fit right in"
"We can contact your school and tell them to give you time off"
Your back feels… solid. Like a Myrmid's armor plate.


"Yeah, well… they say I can, but I don't really know how yet. They just say I do."


"And don't forge the Temple, but I think they already expected it. Oh, and the clubs! I need to tell them I won't be available to help them!"

"But, this is such a great opportunity!"


Grin. "Yea, Exactly!"
and then frown. "Uh, thanks I guess? But will that kind of tactic really work?"


"Maybe not right away, but getting stalked by a bogeyman ought to knock them down a few pegs."


"Should we coordinate outfits? How about a red theme!"

"Do we get uniforms?"


"I don't do uniforms."


…eh? That's definitely not normal. Assuming I made it back home, I'm going to take a look at that in the mirror.


"Well I hope you're right."
"I don't think we'd want to wear uniforms to a mall trip, but maybe we can wear the same color shirt? Do you like blue?"
"Anyone else coming to this meeting?"


"Sometimes magic is subtle. Give it time."
The doors open
"Cafeteria is on the right."
"Just give us a list and we will take care of it."
"When you are promoted to full agents."
Your back is covered in strange plates. They seem to be fused to your flesh, and slowly expanding.
"Not right now. You'll meet the rest soon enough."


"But, we're a team now! Team's were matching stuff, right?"

"It kinda goes against my shell unless I adjust a lot to highlight the difference."

"Yay! So, when do we start?"


"Well, they seem really stoked about it, I guess I just don't know why since I don't feel all that different."
Go right!


"We work together, but I don't do uniforms. If you won't remember what I'm wearing, I'll dress comfortably."


"At least a matching shirt, or shoes? Maybe?"


"…I would consider wearing a badge of some kind."


Okay that's definitely bad. I grab at them with as much leverage as I can get and start trying to pull them off.


"Green then?"


"Aw come on, we do remember what you're wearing now."


"It could double as our pass. We could all wear one!"

"Yeah, that does contrast well with my shell. I think I have a dress somewhere…"


"Training begins tomorrow."
The place is fairly big, but nobody is eating at this hour. The chef is cleaning some tables
"Oh, hello Grim. Who is your friend?"
"New guy. He needs something to eat, I could use some too."
The chef gets a bright smile on his fat face
"Ah, good. Go on. We have plenty leftovers I would need to throw away otherwise."
It hurts like a motherfucker. And what's worse, it seems to agitate them into growing faster.


"A badge works better, since this is my only pair of clothes."


"Hey! Just show me to it and I'll take care!
I'm used to leftovers anyway!"


"So quickly! It must be important to get us trained so fast. Well, I'll be ready!"

"Huh, no way! You'll need to come with us when we go shopping then. You'll need lots more clothes, even for a guy!"


"Yea, we could- wait. Your only clothes? Really? We gotta fix that!"
"So actually its pretty late by now isn't it? Can we go home?"



"Don't have the money. Kinda hard to get a job if the employer never remembers you."


"Well, that's what Mr. Fury is for. He can't have people moving around in the same old clothing and we'll be in charge of making sure we all look presentable."

"Actually, why don't we share colors? As much trouble as it takes me to coordinate blue, it would look close to your ice powers, right? And you could take a red theme, then Mr. Sandman here can take a mix of both!"


"There's a capra too, remember? He ran off to the kitchens."


Okay, so obviously I can't just pull them off…I need something to pry them! Where's my…uh…spatula?!


Grim smiles
"He doesn't mean any harm. It's just that most races don't seem to like the idea of leftovers."
The chef lets you into the back, where he has several big drums of leftovers waiting to be dumped
"Dig in."
"Better start sooner than later."
"Yes. You may go home now that introductions are over."


As you scramble to the kitchen, you see the plates engulf your arms and start taking over your chest


"What if you don't have a home?"


"Then he'll get to come along too!"

"We should go get some food together, at least! Or do you have phones, let's share contacts!"


"More importantly we should get Sandman some new clothes in general! If its about paying for it I'm sure I can cover it. Maybe after training.. I'm honestly a little tired."
"I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Fury."
Lets go to the 'door' or room I was teleported into.


"See you around, Sapphire."
Give her a salute.


"I can check if the others have spare clothes at least. Hand me downs, but better than just one."


Wave a hand.
"Psch, they don't know the joys of eating like we do."
Dig in!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Okay, fuck the spatula, I'm getting the pliers for this shit. What the heck is going on?


"We can offer a bed."
"That reminds me…"
Fury hands you an earpiece
"Put that on. It will let you contact us and other agents."
Nils, the teleport engineer, is waiting there
"Evenin' miss. Where to?"
Try not to overeat.


"….I'd apreciate that. Now, what do you say we go get something to eat?"


Willpower roll not to overeat.

Roll #1 1 - 2 = -1


"I would appreciate that."


The plates keep expanding as you rush to get your toolbox, and eventually they lock your knees in place, making you fall.
However, they also swiftly engulf your face, shielding you from the impact.
For a moment you are completely paralyzed, but then, the shell starts to conform to your body. It loosens and becomes more cooperative, eventually allowing you to sit up and breathe again.


"I feel so official now."

"That sounds good. I wonder what they make here?"


You eat so much you fall into a coma.
"Try the bottom level. Ask the guards for a room."


Give the street intersection near where I live.


"Thank you."
Head on down to the cafeteria.
"Whatever they make, I bet its better than my usual fare."




When do I wake up?


"I hope they have some fresh apples."


I get back up and look myself over. I need a mirror.

…does it hurt?


"Good night to you then, miss."
You enter the door in the center of the room and exit out a block from your home.
You ride the elevator down to the cafeteria, where the chef is still cleaning up
"Oh. More newcomers? How nice. Pleas,e browse at your leisure."
The very opposite - you feel as tough as a myrmid. And looking in the mirror… you kinda look like one too.



Some time later, our young heroes to be are undergoing their first training session together.
Plenty of effort has gone into researching the nature of Mavros' powers, but the more delicate methods have provided no clear answer. As such, Fury has greenlit a more… direct test. Lets just hit him with stuff and see what happens.
But first, the others will need to catch him.

Meanwhile, Chris is getting off the floor in his new armor symbiote thing.

And Kayle's best bro Bron seems to have missed their date for the evening.


What have I been equipped with?
I accepted that guy's offer…


I KNEW they were going to do freaky experiments! I don't want to get hit by stuff!


Sup with that dick?
I should go over there and punch him in the face.


A hunt then? good… Let's check my surroundings. Any hints or clues as to where a capra might go?


"Right.. so this is.. just like tag?"


"I have a feeling it's more like Hide and Seek leaning closer to Seek and Destroy…"


So…I can move?


You were given an earpiece you can use for communication. Fury also promised to help develop further failsafes for your teleportation.
Then you'd best be good at running away.
There has been no work of him. It looks like he just sorta went out on his own.
An obstacle course has been set up in one of the larger training rooms of the facility. It boasts a surprising amount of vertical space and plenty of tight quarters, with very few good vantage points.
Yes. The plates around you have conformed to your body and no longer lock joints in place. However, moving feels heavy and jerky, as if this new body was overcompensating for its own weight by enhancing all your movements.


Uh. Strange. Let's check the usual places we hang at.
The park, the stadium after dark, the bowling hall…


Let's try hiding in a cupboard.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"So we just got to catch the Capra, right? When do we start?"

Try and get good bearings around me.

Roll #1 1 = 1


'1d10' Okay, I'll check the tires area. He's small enough to hide there.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Man, I'll have to learn to walk all over again. Let's try to get out of here at least. Hopefully I can still fit through the door.


Start whistling "Mr. Sandman" as I start climbing, leisurely looking around for that little furball.
Mr. Sandman
Bring me a dream…

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Oh, so just like we played it back then!? Alright, I guess we give you a head start and then start looking."

Let's go looking for a Capra then! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


It will take a while to comb all those places. Where do you want to start?
Unfortunately, this is an obstacle course, not a kitchen. The objective is to run, not to hide.
Wow this place is disorienting…
It was clearly built to give the capra an advantage. You might need to teleport up to see anything more than what's right ahead of you.
You've climbed fences before, so the modular obstacles here should be no problem.
Indeed, you soon enough notice the capra trying to hide in a little crevice, looking for something to cover the mouth to his hiding spot with.
You can hear him rummaging around around the corner.
You have to turn sideways to fit, and you still dent the top of the doorway with your head.
Myrmids are kinda big…


The closest place there is, of course.
And maybe one of his girls might have seen him.


Run then!
I don't want to die!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Make her the cutest that I've ever seen…
Let's see how he handles psychic attacks.
Sleep Serum '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



Try to keep up now that he's taking off.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hang on you guys, lemme get a better look."

Teleport myself to some high ground. Hopefully I remembered my binoculars to look for that goatthing.


"Wow, he's faster than he looks."
'1d10' rolling to get through the obstacles I suppose.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sheesh, they are. I remember a few times carrying them around…

But that's not the point! How do I get this thing off?!


The bowling hall is close by at least. Maybe the usual patrons there know something.
It seems like a quiet night. The owner is in, as are a couple of the most dedicated bowlers, but not much else.
You miss by a mile. That capra is quick.
Capra have been evading myrmids for tens of untold ages, and this is one fact the modern era has not changed. Lotus puts up a valiant effort, but can't quite keep up.
Then, if bards are to be believed, capra have been running into human maidens for as long as people have been punched in the face for injecting their fantasies into stories.
And this is another fact the modern era has not changed. Now is your chance Tenile!
Well luckily this hall isn't big enough to warrant binoculars. But from up here you can see the capra practically jump into Tenile's lap as he evades Lotus.
It's hard to say. You barely even feel anything when you poke it, and it protected you from hitting your head and falling on your face. So it seems to somehow be tied to your subconscious or something.


Go by the desk.
"Seen Bron around tonight?"



Teleport over to Tenille.


Head after him, taking my time as I sneak through the shadows.
Give her two lips
Like roses and clover…

Stealth '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ahh! Please don't kill me!"
Jump and roll!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Then I have to redouble my efforts!

"You won't be getting away for too long!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


grab the capra. "I know you ate the last cupcake you monster!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well I think I already demonstrated that it won't be forced off, so if I just will it…



"I couldn't resist!"



"There were cupcakes here?"


"were, until somecapra ate them all!"


"In my defense they were delicious!"


"Y-yeah, some Capra."

Look offended at this Capra.


"This is an important question, so answer carefully."

"What flavor were they?"


"Not tonight, no. One of his cronies came by earlier though, said he saw Bron heading for the park, but the guy seemed somehow angry and distant."
You quickly pomf down to the alley she cornered the capra in
You hide in the shadows, thinking of people made up of sand that have plants for lips.
Which is kinda weird.
Fury's voice pops in via your earpieces
"Good job everyone, you've captured your first escapee in a simulated urban obstacle environment.
As a reward, we'll let you try out a little more use of your powers for the next round. First one to land a hit on the escapee wins a bonus cupcake. But to make things a bit more challenging, we'll be altering the environment to give a more direct advantage to your target. Remember - you might end up facing someone who just outright moves better than you do. You need to be prepared."
+1 to all Capra rolls.
"Return to your starting positions and begin at will."
Try feeling safe.
Maybe the armor senses that you're concerned and scared, and thinks you need protecting.


Just poof back while the plebs have to walk.


tickle capra belly before letting him go '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Uh… uh…"
Come on, make up a taste no one likes!

Raise my hand as I go back to starting position.
"Can I just say that I'm not one hundred percent sure this is safe?"


"What a dick!
I'm gonna tell him a piece of my mind!"
Off to the park!


It's called metaphor!
Anyway, return to my starting place. and get started again. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Got it."


"I'll catch you this time, because those are delicious."


Tenile pls
Not all capra are like the ones in those stores your mom doesn't want you to read


"They were actually vanilla!"

I'm still going to chortle a bit.
A tickle is a tickle.


"Ugh, you can have them then."


Don't look guilty

Roll #1 9 = 9


Well it's kind of hard not to when I'm encased in invulnerable plating that nearly suffocated me.

Okay. Okay…calm. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well.. can you blame me for trying.
"For victory, and cupcakes!" '1d10' speed
"Hey, don't worry I'll share a little with you if I win."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Nah, it's okay, I-I've had enough."


"Woah, watch your step!" '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


And then i start legging it, hopping over whatever is in the way to get away.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"We have medics."
As you get there, you see some dented up trash bins and a knocked over tree. There are also lots of deep footprints near them, but they seem to disappear further away, like someone was purposefully stomping around here.
Get your mind out the gutter little lady and focus on the task at hand.
You sit down and just breathe slowly for a while. As your heart slows down again, the armor starts pulling away from your face and limbs.


The fuck?
Did he grow crazy all over again?
Follow the footprints.


Start looking again. Come here, you little fuzzball… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Here we come!" '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Can I remember where he was last time?

Poof a bit in front of what I think his most likely path was.

'1d10' for guesswork

Roll #1 9 = 9


Phew…progress. Keep it up until it all goes away.


They seem to be leading towards the industrial district.
The natural agility and evasiveness of the Capra proves too much for Sandman's detective skills, and Lotus' pursuit prowess (mostly thanks to her larger solid frame not fitting into nearly all the places a capra can)
However, just as victory seemed certain, Al came out of nowhere and grabbed the leaping capra by his leg, ending the chase.
It takes several mutes of calm breathing and psyching, but eventually the armor retracts to just a solid hard lump on your back.


"No fair!"


This is bad. He could hurt himself if he's as crazy as he was last time.

Hey thunderthing, what do you think of this?

Rush for the district.



Grin a little.

"Actually, if we don't know what your abilities are, why are you here?"


"I'm kinda stuck here. Give me a hand, please?"


"Here, let me see what I can do."
Use my walking stick to wedge her out. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"They say I have some! I just don't know what, or how to use it!
And hey, free food!"


"Gee, I dunno, have you ever noticed yourself doing crazy stuff?"

Use Superior Human Knowledge to help out this Myrmid.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hey, that feels weird."

Wait, don't put your hands there!"


"I can hold my breath until I pass out, we used to make contests about that with my brothers."


I sense strange power, but it is hard to know details when you move so fast.
It takes a bit of trying, but at the end of the day teamwork pays off for everyone but Al, who gets to play the role of pillow for the falling Lotus.
Fury chimes in again "Alright everyone that should be plenty for now. Go grab some water before the next round."


Phew. Still, if it takes several minutes to just get that far, this is going to be rough.

I reach around and feel it. It's probably too much to hope that that comes off as well.


"Uh… ever tried blowing down a house?"

I'll actually walk this time, with the Cap.


Hey I thought you were the lightning god!

Slow down for a moment, are there still tracks?


"Not really… You think I should?"

"Do we get snacks?"


Head out to wherever the water is.
"Gotta say, I'm not really sure what it is we're trying to accomplish, but it's fun."


"Be careful next time."

"I think I got more tired trying to squeeze around things."

"At least we're getting to know what everyone can do. You can count me out of back alley chases though."


"Yeah, 'Roadblocks' are better for stopping them cold, am I right?"


You can't seem to find any seam between it and your skin. That's rather worrying.
Less. They just turn to normal footprints after a few steps
I am. But that does not mean I can do everything fast.


"I guess that name is fitting, thought I probably won't tell my friends about it. It's not a name you write in on nice calligraphy paper."


Stop entirely.

Go on then. Do your thing!


Shit. Find a mirror, somewhere!


"Uh.. blow down stuff? Not houses, and especially not mine."

"Yeah, yeah. I wanted to get out of the way, but bringing you with me might have been dangerous. Never tried it."


Start blowing air at something!
Really hard!
Power, here I come!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh, but have you ever actually teleported with anyone else, ever?"


Maybe he needs a push? Tap him on the back. Or horns, something about where the life energy of a creature is concentrated.


You stop and touch one of the deep prints
Curious… it feels like the aura of a god…
You get a pair of mirrors to check it out.
The lump is large, black and armored. It seems to be perfectly fused to your back.
You blow at some papers and make them fly around.
This is not a super power.


Now, I'd remember walking this way!


"I don't think that's it."


"Well, not while leaving."

"Gah. I dunno, maybe you could try doing whatever we're doing and see what happens."


"Why not? It's a cool name."


"Well, how are you doing what you are doing?"


"We should try it out then! It'll be a good way to get ahead of anyone running away."

"I keep seeing one of those big containers on the freeway, you know."

Motion with my arms, those big containers meant to stop vehicles filled with sand or water.

"I know Myrmids are supposed to be big and strong, but I spend so much time working on my shell. I'd at least like to be known for something else."


I fear this may be my worst fears made real. My rival, the god of war, has chosen to manifest on this world like I did. Probably to put an end to our feud.


Yeah but these are Bron's tracks!


"See, I just.. stop concentrating on where I am, and I think about somewhere else. It's like you have to be somewhere in between where you are and where you want to be, but not exactly physically. Then when you're a little closer to where you want to be you concentrate back and you're there. Well, at first it wasn't my choice, I kept getting dragged off to… places, but now I'm better."

"I really don't know if it's safe. Even if you leave with me, what guarantees you'll come back?"


Shit. So I've contracted some sort of super-empathic cancer on my back somehow. How much worse can this day get?

I put the mirrors away and…go take that shower, I guess.


"Have you ever tried teleporting with other things? Like a back pack, or a pet fish?"


"Uh.. maybe you can try this instead?"
'1d10' make an ice duck.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Hmm… I see…"
Think REALLY hard wanting to be in the mess hall.
I could go for a bite.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh, I do that all the time. Nothing alive, but I need my backpack in case I can't find my way back for a while. Also, a gun. You'd be surprised how many otherworldly things can be put down by trusty old bullets."


"You don't WANT to be there, you just ARE."


"..its supposed to be a duck.." I frown at the half formed ice and drop it letting it shatter.


"It was a nice try at least!"

"Just there?"
Can I be just in the kitchen?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Not yet. You're in the kitchen, but you're also here. You're still here, but you'll be in the kitchen, then you are. It's a little hard to put into words, but it's how it works for me."

"Oh, I thought you were giving me the duck."


I believe this is what humans call 'irony'
The lump seems inert to water.
Perhaps you could learn to control this armor feature? Make the most of it?


"Well.. its hard to keep it, since you know.. it melts."


"Just how many of these things have you shot already?"


Rush in the direction the footprints go to.


smile at you. "So.. are you teleporting yet?


Scratch my head.
"Now I'm just confused."


Shower helps clear my head, something I really needed after all this. I certainly hope so, since violently shifting whenever I get upset wouldn't be a good thing. Now let's see…can I summon it willingly?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"No, I don't. Maybe my super power is to fool their tech into thinking I have any."


"Makes sense. The same laws of physics have to apply, or else you'd just…"
Phantomine an explosion, throwing my arms out and making a wet "sploort" sound.
"So something that works here, would likely work there. I guess."


"Uh.. Well maybe you've got some kind of voice power? Try singing!"


"I-I don't know. I first took my dad's gun with me when I knew I was going to get pulled away, then I learned where the head on this… human-shaped white thing was. Then I always made sure to have a gun with me."

"Try to think of it this way. You're not moving from here to the kitchen, and the kitchen isn't moving to you either. The kitchen and here are the same. Or something."


"How can the kitchen be here without me noticing?"

"Damn right!
That might be it!"
Clear my throat.
Rock ballad time!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Wow, that must have been scary. Do you still get pulled in every once in a while?"


I look confused too.
"You have a really complex power. And I'm sorry. I forgot your name.. I'm Tenille.. but my code name is Sapphire Frost."


"At times like these you learn to trust in your weapon. Remember, inventions like weapons are what separate us from mere animals! If not for that I'd still be really scared."

"Cool, I'm Alfred… or Al. I… don't have a code name."

"It just is!"


"Well.. just make one up! Its easy."




"You have a surprisingly deep voice! But I don't know if that's a super power.. I mean nothing broke.."


"Don't neglect working out! You still need strong arms like these to pull you through if you lose it!"

Raise up my chitinous arms and strike a Rosie the Riveter pose.

"You should come work out with me when you're free!"


"I've been practicing..
And they say my power maybe something to do with other powers. They just don't know how."


As you start getting closer to the industrial areas, you begin seeing more and more signs of his rampage…
Nothing happens.
It must be linked to you on a more subconscious level.
Fury call again
"Break time is over. We have a situation in the industrial area and the agents there are calling for backup.
Get your stuff, this should be a good chance to get a little field experience in you."


Ponder you thoughtfully. "okay.. I have an idea! Try standing right next to me, and I'll make a tiny ice goat. Maybe it will trigger something?"


"Uh… Blink? It feels boring."

"I guess you have to experience it to understand."

"I-I get enough exercise carrying the heavy guns on the range!"



"Why an ice goat?"
Give you a look.

"Uh… on the field?"


Everything I own is already on my person, so I'm good to go.
"Well, well. Looks like we're going to get some action. Be sure to hog all the glory."


"Oh, this is exciting! I can't wait!"

"That doesn't count. You need to really press them hard to get the most out of them."


Such as?


"Its easy to call out in a pinch at least. Easy to remember too."
"A-already? Uh, yes sir.." assemble myself quickly.
"Yes. Of course. I think just being near when powers are used would work. We can test it later." I smile proudly at my logic.


Oh, so it's picky.

Well, it's not like I could just throw myself out into traffic. Could I…?


What's my stuff? Aside my weapon.

"Let's just see Al for now. Or Allaround. Hahahah..ugh."


"That might work! After we come back. When we come back. If we come back."


"We'll come back."


"Yeah, but how!"


"With whatever bad guy is out there, all tied up and stuff?"


"If we are lucky! I can't really fight! I mean, I did fight with my brothers and my sisters when they took my share of the desserts, but that was different!"


Frown. "There are other people here, if we get into trouble we can just call for help."


"Well… they wouldn't send us if they didn't think we can do it, right?"


Some security guards seem to have been heavily injured. Several fences have large holes torn into them. A few walls are badly cracked. A van has been smashed.
Well one option would be to just fall over or someth-…what's with all the noise outside? I mean sure, the industrial areas next door are always noisy, that's why the place was so cheap. But not noisy like this.
"Just grab anything absolutely vital, keep these channels open and report to Nils at the teleporter. I will be on-scene by the time you get there."


"Yea! That's right."


To the teleporter. Quick.


"What? But I'm–oh."

I already have my gun and watch. Just grab live rounds if I don't have any, then get on my way.


Already on my way.
As far as they know, I'm already there.


"Okay then.."

Well, grab my blackjack and let's head over there.


"I'm good, but does anyone have a medkit?"

Head over to the teleporter.


That nigga be crazy! Rush on ahead!



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