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A new day dawns in the capital.
Today you were to report to the Inquisitorial Headquarters to report on your success in killing Rotunda.
You can then explore the capital itself, but it would be polite to go meet the Inquisitors first.
Bringing them some of the corrupted items you found in Diligence might also get a few favors.


Right, then let's be punctual.


I guess we'll go to the Inquisitors then.


Do you wish to take any of the stuff you got in Diligence along, or leave it at the inn?


Take it with us. They need to be appraised.


I'm not. I rather wouldn't go to the Inquisitors but I don't want to appear suspicious.


Which of the following would you like to take
-Remains of Rotunda's Blighted Heart
-Wand of Many Things, made out of Chairface
-Mutated bones from the Abominations
-Essence of Life from the Hand Creature
-Meat Cleaver from the Chef


The heart, definitely. What do the other things do again?


#Mutated Bones
Remains of badly mutated bones recovered from the ruins of the Experiment Tower.
A skilled smith could probably make a weapon from these.

#Wand Of Many Things
Catalyst made from the remains of Chairface. Can be invoked. If invoked, roll 1d3 and 1d11. You may then cast a spell that costs up to that many points from the class you rolled, provided one exists.

#Essence of Life
The purest sample you could find from the remains of the Hand Creature. A skilled smith might make something interesting from it.

#Blighted Heart Remains
Proof that Poxmother Rotunda is well and truly dead. Just holding it makes you feel ill. However, it also seems to have much stronger effects on those you turn it against.
Bound: Cursed Seal, Corpse Explosion. -1 max Hit and Wound.

#Meat Cleaver
A huge slab of metal made for food preparation, not combat
-1 Great Weapon, crits on 8+


The heart, and maybe the bones and essence.


Any items submitted to the Inquisition will be lost forever.


Has the wand been claimed? It looks fun.


Right now, none of the items have been claimed.


Let's go to the Inquisitors as I am.


Oh is that what they're doing? Then maybe just the heart. I though that they would have smiths available.


The wand is my top loot choice, the bones is second because Star does need a decent weapon.


Smiths can be found in the market district. The Inquisition deals in purification, restoration and safe disposal of corrupted materials.
However, they also have extensive amounts of… less corrupted items they might be willing to give to those who have proved themselves reliable and responsible.


Is that so? Well then we'll have to visit there afterwards.


So you'll only bring the Heart then?



I'm not bringing anything else than what belongs to me



You can keep the wand, and discuss the fate of the bones with the party

And so with the corrupted heart remains in tow, you head to the Inquisitorial HQ.
An imposing building to say the least, built on a small hill on the west side of the capital. From there, it overlooks much of the city, being raised above most rooftops, much like the Castle itself on the north end of town.
At the gates, several guards patrol the area. Their armor is a little more ornate than that of most town guards, and they wear black cloth with it rather than the usual blue.


Keep on walkin'


Such a haughty piece of construction. Anyway, I wave to the guards, presenting my credentials.


Keep my head down and move.


I think I'll stick close to my fellow equines.


Keep quiet and follow Danner storing the wand safely away.


A few of the gate guards check you over
"Welcome back Inquisitor Danner. We were informed you'd be arriving today.
Your inquisitor lord awaits your news in the library. Then, you are to make a full report to the Witch Hunt Council."


"Thank you."
I'mma go on inside.


Nod slowly to them and follow Danner.


Walk walk.


The inside of the structure is every bit as imposing as the exterior. Walls of harsh white with floors of polished black marble that give a sharp echo with every step you take. Darkly clad inquisitors moving around from room to room and floor to floor looking as they go about their daily work.
The library should be on the second floor, if you want to head straight there.


Try to remain calm '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I head in that direction.
"Don't wander off in here."


Go on, with my head held high


"This place sure looks warm and inviting."


I'm sweating.
It must be warm here.


"It helps foster a healthy work environment."


As you don't take any detours, locating the library is easy enough.
However, before you can get in, two of the guards stop you
"Are you carrying any unauthorized items?"
"Wet items, food, drinks, tinderboxes, matches, and so forth are not permitted in the library"


Am I? I'm pretty sure I'm not.


Roll my eyes.
Even if I do, how will they know?


"I don't have any of those."


You can show the heart if you want, but it's in a watertight bag anyway.


Well I guess I'll do that, but I doubt it's much of a fire hazard.


"Impressive specimen, Inquisitor"
"We can look after it for you while you're inside, unless you demand otherwise."


Can I go in?


"Go on. But remember, all books with a black label are for Inquisitorial use only."


"Of course."
Are books about Witch Speak labeled black?


Enter as well.


At least half the library seems to be labeled black. The floor is also carpeted here, and the walls are very thick, completely killing the noise from outside.


Look for books on Witchspeak not labeled black '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


reroll '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Let's find that guy we need to find.

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 1 = 1


[Common Knowledge of Fringe Magics: Witches. VOL 1]
Volumes 2 through 49 are black label.
He is hard to miss. A stern looking man joined by a pegasus stallion, both sitting and reading in one of the reading booths.


No one will notice if I take a sneak peek right? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Silently walk beside them.


Probably not. There are even curtains on the reading booths if you want privacy.
The pegasus turns his head towards you
"What do you want?"


Time for a sneak peek. What's inside '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I could ask the same."


You take the first volume, and the Complete Series collection next to it, and sit down to read behind a curtain.
[Witchspeak is based on a fairly simple cipher used in spellcrafting. It relies on rhymes and synonyms, and many witches use literal translation between two or more languages to mask the true meaning of words. The reader needs to know the languages the witch used in order to effectively find the meaning of each word in context. For instance, when translated, the witchword rake can actually mean castle. Because rake rhymes with cake, which in turn when translated directly to Finne can also mean prison, and castle is slang for prison, so when translated back, it becomes castle.
Other cyphers try to obfuscate the meaning further still, but once a common key is found, it's easy to crack with the right knowledge.
"My master awaits important news."


Aw shit.
That sounds hard.
Study more, make some exercises if they're in there '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"See to it that you do. It's very important."

And inside I gooooo


You find a separate list of known witchspeak cyphers. It looks like it was forgotten in the book by someone, and nobody will notice if you take it.
They salute and take the bag.
Seems like Honeysweet found the Inquisitor Lord in one of the reading booths.


"I wonder about what."


I head on over.
"Greetings, sir. It's been some time."


Hehe. Stash that.
Look through one last time quickly '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


As Danner arrives the Pegasus snaps to attention and stays silent.
A second one joins him, after setting down a few books he was getting.
They look like they could be brothers, or at least cousins.
The Inquisitor Lord closes his book and stands up. He is a tall man, even if the grey hairs are winning dominance over his head. Imposing and sharp-eyed, he lets his raven land on his shoulder
"Indeed it had, Danner. I believe you have good news?"
Sounds like Danner met the Lord Inquisitor. It would be impolite to keep them waiting.


Get out before anyone sees me, put the books back and get to the Inquisitor


"Yes. Poxmother Rotunda has been tracked down and exterminated, as has one of her acolytes I believe."


Let the human speak.


"You refer to the Carnival? Some of our men found the Ringmaster later, and got a full report on that.
However, you are the first to bring news from Privilege at all. I am interested in hearing how you and your procured allies handled the outbreak."


"We killed everything that wasn't alive."


"Our information suggested Rotunda may have been training apprentices. Was that the case?"


"It took quite some doing, but Privilege is free once again. If you'd like, I will take the time to explain."

And then I'll sit down and explain everything.

"Yes, though they apparently abandoned her not long afterwards."


"They weren't any threat."


"Interesting… Diligence will require some heavy surveillance. But you did well in ending the immediate threat and securing her remains. They will prove vital in ensuring traditional necromancy will not be used to revive her.
What became of the apprentices she had left?"




"Thank you, mister Inquisitor."


"So Rotunda wasn't much of a teacher. This is good. It means there will probably not be many others like her."


"We coerced them into leading us through the castle. Their faith in her was thankfully lax, but apparently they were at least schooled in fleshcrafting."


"I think those two were the only ones."


"And what became of these two?"


"We offered them some form of clemency for working with us, and the inquisition. Their knowledge of Witchspeak was indispensable in manufacturing the cure."


"We brought them with us. They're currently being held at the inn."


"I will send for them, then. Presenting them to the Witch Hunt Council will be important.
Unless you oppose to this for some very good reason?"


"Unless you have inquisitors trained and versed in witchspeak, they are our best bet at learning it. Being able to read the witchs' playbooks will be able to tell us how to stop them."


"None, my lord. Though I suggest we glean as much as we can from their knowledge."


"They are useless idiots."


The Inquisitor Lord motions to one of the pegasi, who nods and leaves
"They will be delivered to the Council then. You can speak on their behalf when we meet them.
Now, was there anything you'd like to tell or ask before we move on?"


"It was disgusting. Nothing much more."


"Nothing I can think of. What will happen to the swamp villages?"


"Probably nothing. There are more pressing things than tramping around in mud and sinkholes. There are still more witches, after all."


"Privilege will be allowed to request imperial aid for rebuilding purposes if they need it.
Diligence will be placed under extreme scrutiny, but if all remains peaceful, it may be accepted on official maps once again. I will request we direct some forces there as soon as possible."
"If that was all, then lets head for the Council's meeting room. You are all to receive commendations for your actions, as well as the promised bounty for Rotunda's demise."


I look happy at that.


I'll just nod.


I nod.
"I promised the watch captain of Privilege that I would secure aid for their reconstruction. They will appreciate that."

Let's go to that meeting.


The Inquisitor Lord gets up as his pegasus helper takes the books back.
You leave the library, and as you return, you see someone walking away, and the door guards putting the heart back in its bag.


I retrieve the heart. Who is that walking off?


Is that person leaving going for the witches? Perhaps I should follow them.


He isn't dressed like an Inquisitor, that's for sure.
His outfit featured purple, commonly associated with the Royal Guard.
Seems this person is headed to the Council Meeting Rooms.


Well, we're going in the same direction, then. Let's follow after him.


I frown.

Yes, let's go.


You take the Heart and bag and head to the meeting.

The Witch Hunt Council is made up of five Inquisitor Lords, each joined by a few assistants.
"We have heard you bring news of the demise of Rotunda"
"Present your evidence"


I pull out the heart for all to see.


"She's not alive, for starters."


"They'll need something more concrete than that. Such as the Heart Danner is presenting."


There is am approving murmur among the Council
"Most impressive."
"This, coupled with other reports is proof enough for us"
"You may claim the reward for the killing of Poxmother Rotunda."
"It can be collected from the treasury with this."
They present you with a sealed scroll

The purple-clad man stands off to the side of the room, taking notes.


"Thank you very much."


I look away.
"Big reward after all we've been through…"


"So is that it? No information or context about what we do next?"


I'll take the scroll, I guess.
"Thank you."
I'll shrug.
"Well, there is only so much they can offer."


"This was the first of it. Most hunters want the rewards up front."
"If you wish for more work, we can gladly fill you in."


"Won't make up for the things we saw, will it?"

"You mean kill more witches?"


I'll shrug.


"Indeed. We have outstanding warrants for several more. Both high level and low level."


"News would be appreciated. I'm sure the rest of her family will know of this soon enough, if they don't already."


"That is exactly what we were going to ask."
"We have some information about the locations of Harrowld the Summoner, Ghaston the Timeless and Attrocia the Beastmistress."


"Really? What is it?"


This is running? What did I miss?


You turned in Rotunda's heart and got a voucher that can be exchanged for the bounty. You are about to be given new orders
"Harrowld was seen taking over the old weather research station on Stormtop - a mountain to the northeast that always seems to have curious weather patterns. It was researched for years before the project was dropped, concluding on it being the result of intersecting magical fields."
"Ghaston may be hiding among the ruins of the Gilded Port, once a major, important city for commerce used to ferry cargo and people over a major river. At least until a bridge replaced it entirely."
"Attrocia is somewhere in the deeper parts of Giant's Woods, but we have no better info since next to nobody can traverse that place."


"I see. What do we know about them so far?"


"Not even a ranger?"


"Gelded Port?"
I shudder.


"Gilded. With an 'i'."


"Oh. That sounds much better. Let's go there."


"A ranger might work. Or a sherpa. But we have not been able to enlist either."
"Harrowld is a remarkably skilled summoner and conjurer. His research into elementals was astonishing."
"Ghaston was a fan of history and complained he was born too late. His research into chronomancy was deemed too dangerous and heretical, so he was branded a witch."
"Attrocia is one who consorts with beasts. Her skills with them are almost as if she could speak and understand their language."


"It's likely fallen to some degree of ruin."


"It has to be better than the last place we went."


"Lucky you, I used to be a ranger."


"Chronomancy? Ghaston sounds like a formidable opponent. Does anyone have a preference?"


"True, but it will be no less dangerous."
"I have no preference."


"Says you."


"You may engage any of them in any order. Indeed following the initial news of your victory over Rotunda, word has come from the castle asking about you. Bring proof of the deaths of these other witches, and the Emperor himself will grant you an audience."


"…..the Emperor? Like the real Emperor?"


I whistle.


"Yes. Emperor Esten II."


"That's quite the honor."


Look very timid at the idea. "That's Um.. really great for everyone.."


"So, what do you plan to do?"


"Some handsome, rich guy."


"…someone needs to stop the bad witches.. I think I'd like to help.." Look to Danner for assurance.


"It seems that we'll be picking our next target from between the three of those. The chronomancer might be the one, though it would probably come down to a vote."


"We will talk over which witch to hunt next. I'm voting on the one in the woods."


Quietly whisper "Can I vote too? I'd like to go after t-the Elementalist.. Harrowld.. I-I can use elements so.. I'd be helpful there.."


"Of course you can vote."


"I suggest the summoner, but it does not matter to me."


"You're a person, aren't you? You can vote as much as I can."


"Very good.
Pick up your reward from the treasury, and if you happen to run across any corrupted items, please deposit them at the purifiers in the third floor. We are always on the lookout for more potential tools to help us learn about, and counter the evil of witches."
"If you need more information, our assistants have worked on dossiers on our enemies. They can be found in our dedicated witch hunt office on the second floor."


Are we still in town? I need to sell my goods.


"…" tap the ground a bit with my hooves.
Nod slowly at that. "O-okay, The elementalist then.."


I'll nod, then turn to head out towards the treasury. I'm assuming the others are coming with me as I've got the scroll.


"Thank you."

I'm going to the records to check out the dossiers.


I scratch your ears.
"People talk with their mouths, not their hooves. Come on, give us a few words."


"Why couldn't you vote?"

"I don't really care for money, never did."


Smile a bit and tentatively reply "Its nice to be traveling friends."
follow Red to the treasury
"…." look down awkwardly


Yes, you are still in the capital. And now that it's daytime, all the stores are open.
As you show the scroll, one of the treasury guards heads in to count your money.

#Please vote for the next witch

#Harrowld the Summoner
#Ghaston the Timeless
#Attrocia the Beastmistess


I head to the market and look for a place where I can get good prices.

Roll #1 2 = 2



But I'll pick up the dossiers on all three.






#Harrowld the Summoner


Let's go with #Harrowld then


With your lack of experience in big town commerce, you feel more than a little lost.
You will need a partner…
Do you wish to read them now?
Looks like your next destination is the Stormtop Research Station.


Yes. It always pays to do research.


Where is that little queer?


[Harrowld the Summoner is one of the oldest living wizards of the empire, having taught for decades at various academies. He specialized in conjuration but was equally well known for his research into elementals. Though nobody can deny his brilliance, many questioned his mental fortitude, expressing concern over how he refused to cease his work or consider the safety of others in his pursuit for knowledge. This ultimately lead to him outright clashing with authorities as he seized dozens of forbidden texts, spreading them among his students and himself, stating knowledge must be free and never locked away.
Finally, after repeatedly refusing to end his experiments seeking to summon a Titan, he was declared a Witch and chased out of the civilized world.]
Probably at the inn enjoying the soft bed.


I go to our room and jump onto the bed.
"Rise and shine, friend! There is money to be made and things to buy!"


I need some alone time.
Find a place where I can be alone with that book.


Interesting. Sounds like he has a load of minions.

Where is everyone else?


You have a room at the inn. Or you can just hang out on a rooftop or something.
Do you want to hide your considerable bag of gold you got for killing Rotunda first, or show it off?


Let's go to the room.


I'll hide about half of it and show the other half off.


Show it off to him, right?


I'm going to go looking for supplies. Foodstuffs, that sort of thing. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"That's quite the sack you got there."
The market district is so big you could probably get lost there… Everything from full meals to rare spices is sold here
You are now alone


Time to read.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Yup. Reward for helping kill the witch. Stick with us and you'll be able to feel my sack whenever you want~"

I jump off the bed.

"But we need to get things sold and bought now. There is another witch to hunt."


Getting lost would be fairly bad. But then again, am I really ready to go after those other witches?
Look for a stall that deals with dried/preserved foods. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


The gist of it seems to be that the most important thing to do is move on. Find new things in life. New things to do and to look forward to. New goals, meanings and purposes. And to not let the past weigh you down.
"So you aren't too keen on just selling to the fence then?"
You find one that sells canned food, salted food, smoked food and sun-dried food.


New goal… kill witches…

So… am I supposed to feel good already?


I'll finally leave the castle and go to the town. I'll also check and see if our reward was picked up.


"He said these goods would fetch a better price in the legitimate market. They are looted, not stolen, remember?"


I'll make you feel good~

How is my witchspeak improving anyway?


D-Doctor pls


I'll pick up some salted food, and some dried vegetables. Now off to find a fruit stall. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Did I hear food?


Well you have all the basic needs now. When you run across some Witchspeak documents you can put yourself to the test, and you can already pass on this basic knowledge to others.
You each got an equal share of gold. This was mandatory, to keep hunter groups from fighting over their shares on Inquisitorial premises.
Available at the market
The fruitiest there is. Even the vendor has a hat made from fruit.


Go check the market then! I want fruits! The sweetest fruits there are!


I want to test my increase in necromancy too.
Any graveyard around?


All this reading just made me hungry…
Let's try and get some food somewhere.


You find Red at the fruit vendor's
It's probably near the church on the outskirts of town.


Fruity indeed. Pick up enough fruit for a week. Apples, oranges, that sort of stuff. Next on the list, lanterns, oil, and firestarters…
"Oh, hello there."


Are you hungry too or something?"



"Stocking up for the trip, actually. Might as well, while we're here."


See if I can buy some apples here. They're good food.

"Oh. Lookie who's here."


How thoughtful of them. Now let's go find everyone else.


Give a small wave.

"Not a bad idea. Do you think this one will be just as bad as the last?"


I'll nod at you.
"Not as dirty, but I'd think no less difficult or dangerous."


Go there without being followed.
Is there anyone here?


"We killed one. How hard can the next be?"


"We killed one that took more than just beating her to death to kill her. Who knows what other tricks the others have."


"The inquisitors maybe?"


"Nothing a bolt to their heads can't fix."


I'll shrug.
"It's likely not going to a simple matter. The chronomancer will be annoying, no doubt, and the summoner will be able to do what Starburst does, only with a more murderous intent."


"They're still capable of bleeding. No manner of magic is going to change that."


"Maybe Starburst can undo what the witch does then."


"Perhaps. That is a possibility I hadn't considered."
"Rotunda's magic seemed to be making strides in that direction. And just because something bleeds doesn't mean it can die due to it."


"We'll see."


"That would turn the tides for sure."


"Careful there friend. Fruit is rarely good past three days."
"True, but I only know so many good buyers"
Apples, oranges, and plenty of other stuff
Lots of folks over at the fruit vendor
Just some priests


"That's what the dried vegetables are for. I'm not just buying for myself."


Oh, those old guys won't do shit.
Look for a more secluded part of the graveyard and cast Raise Minion on a random grave '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Eat something right now.
I'm starving here.


Fruit vendor? My my my. Off we go. Do I recognize anyone?


An old gravedigger seems to be following you around…
You buy a delicious looking deep red apple and bite in.
Red is here, and so are Honey and Iron Dust


"Well, how is everyone?"


That fucking….
Go sit in front of a grave and start talking to it.
Just a random idiot visiting the grave of a loved one and crazy enough to talk to it.
He's going to believe that right? No need to check on me '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Buy a few more.

Speak through a mouthful.
"I expected to be not-alive at this point in time, so I guess I'm better than dead."


"Then lets visit the most legitimate one."


I smile.
"Each day is a blessing. Living through that is an accomplishment."


"Yes, I'm so glad everything from my life is gone and I have all those wonderful memories."


"Necromancer, huh? Got a permit slip on you?"
You can afford plenty now.
"I know an auctioneer who can sell stuff for us, or give us a client list."


"Great. let's go."


"What you do with them is up to you, but if you don't move on, they'll destroy you."


Half a dozen will do it.
Eat another one.

"Those things destroyed Honeysweet on the first day."


"Only if you let them."


Grumble a bit.
"What do you know…"


There are some fine-ass apples
"He lives in fairly close by. Unlike most, his shop is in the expensive part of the residential district, rather than in the market district."


"Okay. Let's go."


Eat my fucking apples!


go look around the town for a weapon shop.


"You'd be surprised."


"You'd be surprised too."


"I hope so. All I see is you rushing to your own death."


After the fifth one they start tasting a bit samey
There are several. A weaponsmith, a general-purpose blacksmith, a magical reagent and catalyst merchant…
After a short walk you reach a rather fancy house. The entrance leads to a spacious display hall that branches off into the actual auction room.
A butler comes to inquire about your visit


"We have items we wish to auction of."


That's enough for now.
Maybe get some Oranges

"I'm over that. Sort of. New goals in life and everything."


Hmm. Let's go find Danner.


"Then start showing it."


Go see the general weapon smith, I need something to use between my spells, surely there will be something I can use at a range.


"As soon as I get my hooves on another witch."


"Certainly. What kind of items?"
Roll to peel it neatly
He's right there at the fruit stall
"Ranged weapon fir for a pony, eh? Got any preference?"


"That's all?"


Oh. Convenient.
"Inquisitor, can I borrow your ear for a moment?"


Use my mouth.

"What else do you expect?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"N-not really.. just something easy to use that can be enchanted later?"


You peel it neatly and don't even get any in your eyes
"Enchanted later… hm… that might call for special materials."


"What is it?"


"Special material?" I look sad. "Does that mean its really expensive?"


Munch down on it.


"Not really. Enchanting just tends to be easier if the material has meaning to the wielder."
Juicy. Tangy.
Kinda makes you want something savory to balance out the sweetness.


I'll move a little off to the side.
"I was thinking of taking a separate path, Inquisitor. I'm not going to abandon you all, but I find that, in the general sense… I'm superfluous. Until I can hone my talents further, then I have no place fighting here."
I'll hand off the supplies I got, the salted foods, dried vegetables, and sack of apples/oranges.
"Until I feel I am strong enough to stand with you again, this is where we part."


What's on the shelves that might work?


"Are you sure? You've been an invaluable part of our team up to now."


You could try the soup at from the lunch vendor. It has shrimp in it.


Smile a bit "Oh, okay. What range weapon is good for a pony then? It should work since Its something I am buying to defend my friends. And I never had friends before.." Looks a little shy. "Or is that not right?"


Let's get some of that soup then.
Gosh, I don't even remember if I ate anything much through this whole thing…


"The challenges we're going to be facing are no doubt beyond my current power. I doubt we'll find another font of healing goo on the next witch."


"Defending others is always a good reason to arm oneself. Have you considered a throwing weapon?"
Adrenaline does that.
The salty shrimp soup and juicy fruits make for a lovely lunch.


"Which is why we'll need all hands on deck. It's downright expected for someone like me to have an entourage after all."


Nod "That sounds simple enough, no ammo to worry about . And I can throw things. I know how to do that."


Just enjoy it.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Crossbows are also popular."


"..maybe this?" select a strong looking throwing weapon '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You pick out a heavy throwing hammer with a length of chain attached
"An unusual choice, but brutally efficient."


Smile a bit "Yea, I think this will do." buy it.


"Jewelry, mantlepieces, gold, decorative items, etc."


You buy a hammer and chain for maximum ranged bashing.
The blacksmith smiles brightly as he counts his coins
"Do come again!"
"An impressive array. Would you like them evaluated first or will you just leave them for auctioning?"


"Evaluated, of course."


"Yes sir, I will if the zombies don't eat me." Go to the inn again and see what my friends are doing.


They seem to have gathered at the fruit vendor
"Very good. I will inform the master."


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