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The Underkingdom.
Once a mighty realm of the undying Underdogs, now a public road network.
But somewhere in the deep forgotten darkness, lies more than any dares imagine.

Chapter 1 - The Forgotten Depths


I take a deep breath and look around, what's it like down here? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Codar lead you down here, past old forgotten tunnels marked unusable for transport, through collapsed paths and caved in rooms.
But here you are at last.
It looks much the same as the kingdom did before it was made into roads. Eerie. Silent. Lit by those odd crystals


"Well, this is a cheerful place." I comment. "A lot more spacious without that mining operation.." Check one of the rooms.


It seems this place was once home to various laboratories, studies and even libraries.


"I confess I thought it would be darker. What are those crystals made out of?"


Well, my hunch was right at least. He did collect information. '1d10+1' any sign of where that data went?
smile "You can pry one off you're curious."

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5



Go over to the wall and examine the crystals. Does a cursory examination reveal anything? '1d10'

"Really, I should take it back to someone who knows anything about minerals. Maybe Boltgun or Clear Vision."

Roll #1 2 = 2


It seems these places have been entirely cleared of anything worthwhile.


cleared by our own ponies no doubt.. Well, lets keep searching. "Codar, what does the guardian look like?"


"If you believe they'd be interest you can ask but, I'm sure we can find more interesting than a shiny rock."


He was known as the Hollow Prince. Much like Cassit he was a prized pupil of the king. But he was chosen for another kind of task. To safeguard the king's creations.


But you just said they were covered in crystals which were lighting the room. Is it dark in this room? Go back to the lit room and get one there.

"It doesn't take more than a second to collect one… And think of the amount of fuel we could save across the North if we could light homes with crystals instead of burning trees… or at least Northscrown."


I nod slowly "So, he would have taken anything useful.. but where?" look around for a secret door. '1d10+1'
I smile "That sounds like a project for the mage academy, thou they would probably rather have floating lights than dim crystals."

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Nod. "Though they might be loathe to use anything from here… It's our job to see past prejudices and blind hate to help ponies."


You break one of the crystals off.
It gives off a steady blue glow and feels slightly warm.
Most likely to the deeper sanctums and vaults. His scribes most likely began moving everything when the king fell.


"Id, I don't think using a brighter light is hatred.."
"Deeper, well that makes sense.. just how deep does this path go I wonder.." I continue down.


Deeper than any of us ever dared to dig. Deeper than the throne and the dragon. It was a safe place, hidden away from any possible danger.


Chuckle. "Perhaps not. Still, it's good to have options, isn't it?"



The path gives way to a grand cavern.
A walkway-like cliff extends around it, and a stairwell leads down to the bottom, where some small figures are carrying books


"A place to flee to, should the world turn against him…"
"Those must be the scribes" I whisper, and follow them.


"I thought this place was abandoned. Are they dogs?"


"Yes, remnants of the underkingdom. They're who we're looking for. "


"I see… are they subjects of Frostmourn? Renegades? Beholden to the scythe and crown?[/b]"


"Id, I briefed you on this already didn't I? The underking, that legendary story of the necromancer who kidnapped bad children, and took them as slaves. Well it was mostly true. He had a full kingdom down here, full of undead mining for him so he could feed a dragon. That they still honor the crown and scythe is my hope, but it seems they were not discovered and hid the secrets of the Underking well..


The scribes don't seem to have noticed any of you yet


calmly follow them. can I see where they are going? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


They seem to be putting books in boxes, and others are taking the boxes past some large doors to a deeper area.


"Maybe we can see how amenable they'd be…"

Try to mind read them to figure out where their loyalties are…


Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Must work… for the prince… must keep books safe… until the king returns… must help with research… keep books safe…


"that they are still moving the library means it is quite the collection." I suppose we won't be able to stay out of sight much longer. just follow that deeper path.


A few of the scribes look up from their boxes


"They are working for some prince until their king returns."


"Hello scribe." I greet him. "Where are you moving that box?"
"Thankyou Id."


You… don't sound… like the king…
…moving books… to vault…
…to prince…


I ignore that first comment "Is the Prince ahead then?"


The prince… is at the lake…


"The lake at the end of this tunnel?"


The lake… at the bottom…
…the pool of souls…
…the prince… goes there to… think…


"Thoughtful. Interesting."


"Looks like we're going to be walking for a lot longer." I whisper to you.
"Thank you Scribe. Please carry on with your task."


Yes… king…
It picks the box up again and keeps walking down into the darkness


Keep walking down, down, to the bottom.


Yes indeed.


This place looks different already. It was clearly once a place where experiments took place. And some of them still linger. Half-finished and unliving.
Save for some Deathguards, who patrol the area.


"Is this.. where you were created Codar?"


"Do you think you could replicate the act?"


I smile confidently "Should be simple enough."


This is where we ceased to be dogs, and became Deathguard. Before we ceased being Deathguard, and became Codar.


"What a locus of power."


"Does it bring back memories?" I look around a bit curious '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


All manner of things here. Great monsters of bone and flesh. Texts on fusing souls together. Diagrams of the bodies of countless creatures. Formulas of reagents needed for enhanced spells.
We do not remember. We exist to serve. The books remember. The scribes remember. The princes remember. We guard.


"Perhaps its better that way. No regrets." Take a look at that text on soul fusion first.

"Id, check those regents out."


Investigate the books on formulas. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


'1d10' roll for reading if you require it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


[Soul Fusion - to add select parts of one soul - memories, skills, etc - to another. Or to create a greater soulmass by simply fusing full souls or fragments thereof with no heed for the sanity of the outcome-]

[Greater magic has proven difficult without the aid of enhanced reagents. Though fusing excess soulmass to various catalytic objects, and burning them along with select herbs, allowed me to create a potent incense that aided in the natural control of magical power-]


"It seems as though casting these spells required the sacrifice of large amounts of what he refers to as 'soulmass'."


keep reading that book.
"Soulmass, yes that's listed here. Made by fusing many souls together."


[-Soulmass can be harvested from any living being, but Tambelon, the City of the Dead, houses near endless additional Soulmass. Were I to find a way to access it, these pursuits could end-]


my eyes light up at that. Is there any more written?


"I'm sure there are ethical concerns here somewhere."


"Yes, yes. But look here, Tambelon houses near endless soulmass.. Do you think that the pool of souls could be?"


"Lake I mean. The one the Scribe mentioned" I blush "Sorry I'm just excited."


Chuckle. "Well, don't slip. Let's investigate."


I look away from the journal for a moment and calmly watch you smiling. "I won't slip. You can trust that."


Return the smile. "Famous last words."


Smirk at that "Yes, but I've got an advantage." poke you in the chest "A moral compass with a very nice voice."



"I knew I should've been careful about splurging for a model in stripes."


I wink at you "Well, you couldn't pass up a once in a life time offer could you?"
I look a bit distant "Id, you know I trust you.. but after all this time, You still don't know much about my past, do you want to know?"


"Well, I told you much of mine, but you had said you wanted to tell me, rather than share it mentally, so I was just waiting."



"I should tell you then.. I do have a family far away, a mother, a father and brother, but, when I arrived in this country I didn't know anypony. I was from a far away land, and many were cruel to me for it. I found a friend who made me feel special. A pink unicorn called Prima. She and I were close as we attended school together here in wintergrasp, until.. " I look sad "We had a fight just before one of her biggest parties yet and then the night of the party.. the equestrians blew up her house.." I get red with anger at this. "All because she wanted to marry a prince."


"That sounds very complicated at the end… What were Equestrians doing in the North? To marry a royal… that's probably every little filly's dream, but did they think she had a chance?"


I nod "The Union of Prima and Frostmourn would have united Wintergrasp and Rosefall. The Equestrians didn't like that idea, so they had her killed, tried to kill Frosty too.." I blink trying to sum it up simply. "Perhaps.. It would be easier to show you, at all once like you showed me your past once before?"


"It would make it clearer, if you're comfortable with it."


I nod slowly "yes.. I want you to know this, I want you to know me." I take a deep breath and offer you my hoof "Hello, Imminent Domain, I'm Kilana."

these are some things she is attempting to focus on
[horse high] [the fight over the bathroom rape][the party and being drunk enough to have a three way with those mares][shopping with prima][verne helping me][prima loves frosty more than anything]
[after prima's party the explosion: fighting the lord blade, checking on frostmourn, dragging unyeilding's body to the safe room, asking valerianna to teach me] [finding that branch and making it into a staff, I mess up the runes despite looking at the book next to me] [finally speaking to prima again, a lost friend, a sister, perhaps some greater feeling][seeing her bound to that cold dagger, the slow chill that over takes her restless spirit][fixing up that cold dagger and then trying to find frosty but seeing him in bed..Prima's spirit is shocked and I can't console her][the effect of prima's vengefulness bearing fruit as I try to attack those boys in a fuitile attempt to protect pumpkin and make things right][letting go of prima once again, watching frostmourn walk away with the dagger twisting in his magic]
you may peer further into any of these


Best to start at the beginning. Horse high.



Its seems this is a more general idea of what happened to her that could lead you to those other specific events.

it is a nice place, newly built. Frostmourn is still a prince, and is really cute. Prima is chasing after the prince, I try to help her, set traps from the competition and try to get close to his friends, who seem nearly clairvoyant, while in disguise. skip a lot of classes but still learn the important things.. until a strong memory appears [an explosion, a mansion on fire, an assassin..] after this memory flashes by another appears [the entrance exam from valerianna first time using magic at all, the bones in the room danced for me as I sang to them] the rest is long nights spend with valerianna after normal classes, becoming more reclusive as the extra study leaves me too drained to socialize much anymore.


In the cold depths below the Underkingdom, the scribes of the long-dead Underking toil for the Hollow Prince.

You came to this place to seek answers to the questions of life and death. And the one who has the power to hold them lies beneath you, at the shores of the Lake of Souls.


Indeed. We should pack up these journals and head down further.


Examine the walls. Are they all natural, or carved out?


The walls have been dug out of the frozen bedrock, much like all of the Underkingdom.
There is a way deeper down ahead.


"I wonder how the Prince will react to us." I comment as I continue downward, can I hear water running at all? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


If there is water, it is as still as the dead.


"They don't strive for much permanency, do they? It's unlike our culture, where we adorn our structures with art."

Head on with her.

"How did the previous Underking react?"


Though until now, the deeper you went, the darker it got, at the bottom of this last staircase you can see an eerie glow of flickering pale blue that engulfs the last few steps.


Tread closer, quietly. To Kilana,

Something's close.


"Such things, were probably secondary to them. And he.. was aggressive, but sad, a sad old dog who had lost his kingdom due to his love for a baby dragon.."
I nod to Id. "You can stay back if you want."
I take my minions and step into this light. '1d10+1' do I spot anyone here?

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


I'll linger at the threshold for now.


The light blinds your eyes for a moment.
Echoes fill this chamber, echoes that imply the place is larger than the grand halls of any palace.
And as your eyes slowly begin to see in the light, you see hundreds, if not thousands of flickering revenants floating in the air.
This room is domed. So far up you cannot even see the ceiling. The air flickers into darkness as the glow dies out high above.
There is not much floor here. Merely a small stretch of rock bordering a huge, glowing lake.
In the water, reflections of ghostly faces can be seen. And in the center of the lake, on a small island, stands a lone figure.


Join her again.

Could be him.


Get closer to the lake, and investigate it, does it seem safe to cross? '1d10+1'
Well, who else..

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Though it looks deeper than you can fathom, it supports your weight with ease.
This is no normal water.


Clearly not.. water doesn't glow.. Walk across to the island. "Hello, Hollow Prince?"


Glancing at her on the water, stand carefully on the shore.

Be careful. I can't lose you here.


File: 1377980654384.jpg (8.87 KB, 183x275, 1373151166345.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

What is your purpose here, child of the living?


"To seek the lost knowledge of the Underking, and to know the state of his lost kingdom."


Then tell me - what does it mean to life in truth? To wage war on the passing of days, praying to the unseen for a few breaths more?


"We all wage war against time, it is always our enemy. But, for that to be your only goal.. would be lonely."


And what of building grand cities and spawning new life to fill them with your blood and legacy?


Silently glance at the walls. They're still bare here, too?

Some grand city.


They are smooth
Disturbingly smooth, like stones in a river.


"There is joy in such a goal, improving the land you live on so that your children will be better off than you." I pause thoughtfully "Perhaps, since we can never win against time, we build things that will outlast us."


Most of equinekind is easy to fathom. They go on living from simple fear of death.
But not all. Some welcome the end with hearts ablaze, while others march to face death incarnate, hearts equally high.

So I ask again - what is your purpose here.

He moves a ghostly hand to the hilt of his sword


"I came to see what your purpose was actually. Now that your underking is gone, what do you do?"


I wonder. How alien is his mind? Probe it with a mind reader. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


You stare into a bottomless abyss of lost souls, frozen in rigid formation, unmoving and uncaring. A static mind of static thoughts, as dead as all down here.
I am the last remaining member of the hierarchy of this place. That makes me the guardian of all the King's achievements and creations, as well as the only one capable of crowning a new King.


"Then.. What must I do to be recognized by you as the new King?"


Prove that you are worthy of the secrets of the dead. Worthy of the regalia you so boldly carry. Prove that you have the will to best death itself.


"You speak of lichdom? The secrets to obtaining it are not known to our land.. and I bear many secrets already Hollow Prince, a few more would be no greater burden to me."


A lich is no more truly free of death as a raised corpse is truly free of life. There lie but two paths to true immortality - one far beyond the means of any not born with it, and another our former King came close to unlocking, but was not strong enough to finish.
He pulls out a twisted, ornate key from his robes


A key? Spot check the key '1d10+1' and nod to him waiting for him to finish.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


It is decorated with symbols of Tambelon and Death. It is also clearly hollow, as if made to hold something in it.
The path the King took was to reinforce the fire of his soul until it was too bright to ever be snuffed out. To feed it the excess soulmass he sought within Tambelon. But for all his toil, all he managed to make was a hollow key. You stand atop his failed efforts to fill it.


"How can they key be filled? What does it open?"


The key opens the gates of Tambelon itself. It must be filled with a soul whose passing bears deep importance to you. A soul which you would desire to follow even to Tambelon itself.
Once filled, and turned, the soul will be sent forth, and the key will open a path for you to follow it to the city of death.
The king never cared for any soul enough to find a suitable candidate. That, is why he failed.


I look concerned. "And you have the same problem then? Is that why you do not seek to be King yourself?"


It is not my place to be king. I am a preserver of knowledge. A monument to his achievements. I have forsaken all to pursue that reason.
That is my purpose.


"Alright, then.. So, I just fill this key, with a loved one's soul as they die.. and once in tambelon, I would collect the soul mass there, and use that to gain true life, and I will be your new king?"


And just what makes you think I will relinquish the key to one I do not call my king?
Oh no. You must earn it first.

He slowly draws his sword, the phantoms beneath the surface fleeing from him
Show you are worthy of holding his scythe, before I take it from your unworthy, dead grasp

The Hollow Prince



I stand back and draw by bow. "If this is all that you respect, then so be it. I will not go easy on you."
I motion for my minions: there should be stronhooves, Iris, and Codar here, and Id to come into the room beside me.


I will not relinquish the secrets of the Underking to one weak of body, mind or soul. Prove yourself worthy as a warrior, as a leader and as a necromancer.
Then, and only then, can I permit you to have that title.

He plunges his sword into the water and forces a tangled mass of souls to the surface

Hollow Prince 30/1
Soul Abomination 10/5

Kilana 5/5
Id 5/5
Codar 6/6
Stronghooves 6/6
Iris 3/3


I'll begin by shooting the prince with an arrow, '1d10'
'3d10' minions try to take down that ..soul abomination.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8, 6, 4 = 18


Your arrow sinks into his hollow body, and he nods approvingly
I can see there is no lack of bold courage in you.
Meanwhile, Codar rams into the Soul Abomination, loosening a few of its souls, as Stronghooves slashes at it, ducking under a blow that lands on Iris.

Hollow Prince 25/1
Soul Abomination 6/5

Kilana 5/5
Codar 6/6
Stronghooves 6/6
Iris 1/3


"No, I did not come as far as this without courage."
'1d10+2' try to active death volley "And I assure you, I have the prowess to lead."

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


every minion attacks twice focus on the soul abomination. '6d10'

Roll #1 1, 5, 5, 8, 5, 10 = 34


In a flurry of blows, Iris gets nearly torn apart but Codar and Stronghooves bring the Abomination down. For now.

Courage and leadership I will admit. And you marched here with proof of power as a Necromancer. As arrogant as it was to bring the mutilated remains of my brothers to battle against me.
Now show me that you have power. Best me, or my creation.

Hollow Prince 25/1
Soul Abomination 0/4

Kilana 5/5
Codar 5/6
Stronghooves 11/1
Iris 0/1


"Proof of my necromancy." I nod
'1d10' Try to finish off the creation with lifestream, give the hits to iris.
'2d10' Codar and Stronghooves keep the Prince busy.
'1d10' Iris try to get up.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 9, 5 = 14 / Roll #3 2 = 2


Healing Bonds those minions '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You stay out of this.
With a flick of his ethereal wrist, the soul water gives way from under you.
You should probably try swimming to shore or to the island.
There is too much life in that dead thing to kill quite yet. But what you manage to pull from it tethers Iris to this world a moment more.

Hollow Prince 21/1
Soul Abomination 0/3

Kilana 5/5
Codar 5/6
Stronghooves 10/1
Iris 3/1


I explicitly said I said on the shore, though.

Try to disrupt his control with Transfix. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2



Sadly, the distance is too great, as they are both near the island in the center.
You may, of course, command the water to carry you to her side if you so desire.


well, its pretty weakened.. '1d10' control the abomination
'3d10' minions focus on the prince.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 6, 4, 6 = 16


The hollowed, frightened souls cast a lingering gaze at you before forcing their twisted form back up, standing at your side

Now all that remains is to strike me down.

He once more pulls out the key
[Come. Fulfill your claim to the throne.[/b]

Hollow Prince 19/1

Kilana 5/5
Codar 5/6
Stronghooves 8/1
Iris 3/1
Soul Abomination 10/3


"Why not surrender, I have proven myself now haven't I?"
'1d10' shoot him with an arrow.
'4d10' minions attack him.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 7, 1, 6, 8 = 22


But I have a telescope that lets me Tranfix at long range.

Okay, command it so '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Because a crown won by right of an enemy's weakness has no value.
He raises a hand, blasting you off your hooves.
Codar then slams him back, but as Stronghooves charges in to land a blow, he gets impaled on the Prince's sword and falls over. However before the Prince can end him, Iris and the Soul Abomination force him to fall back a few steps.
The souls seem scared, but they try to hold you aloft.
Safe passage is MIN4

Hollow Prince 13/1

Kilana 4/5
Codar 5/6
Stronghooves 3/1
Iris 3/1
Soul Abomination 10/3



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Then why force me to kill you?"
'1d10' lifestream on the prince, let him feel my power, hits go to stronghooves.
'4d10' minions attack with me.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 6, 1, 4, 9 = 20


You fall face first into the pool.
The souls around you shrug apologetically.
Swimming to Kilana is a total of MIN10. Take all the time you need.
You cannot kill me.
Tough you drain the prince, it is not enough.
As proof of his supremacy in this place, he lifts up Stronghooves with a motion of his sword, and with a crushing gesture, explodes him into a mass of screaming energy which he plunges into the depths of the lake.
He then nonchalantly swats Iris out of the air, before your big hitters smash him back all the way to the island
Fuck me this is getting old.

Hollow Prince 6/1

Kilana 4/5
Codar 5/6
Iris 1/1
Soul Abomination 10/3


Double undead.

Swim '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"The old King said the same, but he is no more.."
I winch at stronghooves destruction. "you will fall as he did. What then of your purpose?"
'1d10' attack the prince.
'3d10' minions help out.
"Learn to dodge already Iris."

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5, 7, 6 = 18


Your waifu is in danger. There is no time for faffing.
You reach the island in record time.
My purpose is to serve my liege.
You can see his form flicker and the souls in the lake gather to witness the inevitable
Prove that you are worthy of my loyalty. Finish what you so foolishly started.



Hollow Prince 2/1

Kilana 4/5
Codar 4/6
Iris 1/1
Soul Abomination 10/3


My lamp struck down a monster machine, maybe it will work here.

A light, shining in the darkness! Mine is the lantern that will pierce the shadows! '1d10'


Roll #1 3 = 3


"A dead servant is no servant at all." I hold the scythe to his chest. "Will you choose to join these souls instead of recognizing me?"


His sword passes through you, feeling as if it had wounded your very soul
You fail to understand the purpose of this battle.
I cannot die. I am beyond the fundamental concepts of life and death as you understand them. If this body is lost in battle, I can be formed anew to serve the needs of the new King.
But if you do not desire that. If you wish to instead force me to admit defeat, rather than suffer a fall…
Then so be it.


"The purpose was to test me, yes? You said yourself a crown won at your enemies weakness is not a crown at all." help him up. "If you are satisfied.. we have much to discuss, Hollow Prince."


"Id, are you alright?"


That we do, Underqueen.
He points his sword at the Soul Abomination
They should disperse.


"Fine, just a bit out of my element."


I nod in agreement and release the soul abomination.


"You weren't hurt then?" I smile.


It crashes back into the lake like a pale blur wave
Perhaps you wonder how I am so confident of my immortality. I owe much of it to possessing a soul that has no place in Tambelon's halls - the soul of a Lifebinder.
Now then

He gives you the key
I will answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.


I accept the key.
"Then we should begin, what will you do with the librarians I saw on my way here? How many of the undead still roam these caverns?"


There are '10d10' scribes left down here. They exist to keep the knowledge I preserved. And to aid in your coming coronation.

Roll #1 6, 1, 3, 6, 10, 9, 7, 1, 7, 1 = 51


"51 scribes, I see.. and what will be involved in this coronation?" fix up iris a bit while we chat.


We will guide you in letting go of your mortal self, and help you cross to the other side.
…unless you plan to use the key, and achieve true immortality.


"Alright." I look between the key and Id. "I don't believe that I can use this yet."

"Do you, have anyone left here besides the scribes? Will you continue researches here or simply preserve what already is? Are you aware of the Equestrians?"


I do not research. I only preserve. That is my purpose, as given to me by my liege.
The scribes assist me.
We know of an Equestria. But I do not know if that is what you mean.



I will gladly answer any further inquiries you have.
Beyond that, all I ask is that you give me a mission, and a purpose, so that I may serve you in a meaningful way.


I nod
"Yes, That is the same that Codar said. I have a few thoughts, that we should prepare to defend our right to exist." I pause "When I go with the ritual, I'll be an undead like you?"


If you so decide, I can help you shed your mortal body. This will provide you with considerable longevity, but as the old king came to discover, also rob you of a chance for true immortality via soulmass.


"Well that's no good. I'll have to fill the key then." I stare at the thing for a long while.
"For now, your scribes should finish their work, I saw them moving the books earlier, those can't be left out. I will return shortly. "


Your kingdom shall await your return, Underqueen Kilana. The dead are patient.


"Return? From where?"


I nod and begin the climb out. "Until then My Hollow Prince"
"Come on Id, we're going home for a bit." I smile at you.
Don't worry, I could never kill you.


Return to Wintersgrasp?



Laugh a little.

Not that I was worried.


Your return to Wintersgrasp is uneventful. The Deep Roads are as mundane as ever, all those traveling along them oblivious to the major shift in power that happened below their hooves.

Who do you wish to seek out?


While we're at Wintersgrasp, I could check in with Frostmourn as to the status of the construction of the Dark Academy. I need to have my workspace so I can begin that research into time magic he so dearly wants.


I know who it must be..Naik.


You find him atop one of the palace towers, looking northward


"Waxing philosophical again, Your Majesty? We haven't been able to have tea due to all of the traveling lately. I promised Her Grace, Lady Venia of Wintersgrasp an invitation to our tea at some indistinct occasion in the future."


"I've just been thinking.
I look north, and I can already see the foundations of Northscrown being built. Soon… so very, very soon, the monument to my greatest success will be complete.
…and then what."
You find him having a snooze in your room


Slip into bed next to him "Comfy?"


"Perhaps your work is ending, but mine is just beginning. I've been busy recruiting staff for the academy… I'm looking forward to continuing my research into the sciences of the mind, the physical brain, and of course, our secret project. Kila has her own projects to research, mostly involving the Underkingdom… as for your own tasks, do you not have the alliance with Trotantium to secure? Rosefall and Hardflank to unite? No doubt your epithet in time shall be 'the Great', for conquest of clay alone. Few could aspire to what you've accomplished. Do you thrive on what lay ahead?"


He lets out a soft groan and lits his head a bit
"Hm? Hey~"
"Ah yes, the Dark Academy. A bit of a foreboding name for what is indeed more of an… Academy of Freed Knowledge.
Work is progressing well. Soon, it, too will be done. Indeed I expect it to be ready before Northscrown.
And yes. Work still remains. I plan to invite some of Rosefall's notables to attend my wedding."


"I certainly agree with you. I had suggested the name 'University of the North'. But I am certain you have many years left within you. Slowing down for a time certainly can't hurt."


"Still tired huh?" I sigh and put a hoof on his chest. "Would you like to hear a lullaby?"


"I'd rather a kiss good night where it counts~"
"Work is best done young, when we are still full of life."
He sighs and smiles
"I can't believe how time flies.
…can I ask something? It's a bit personal."


"At your leisure, Your Majesty."


"Have you found love in this world for yourself?"


Blink. "I think so, yes."


"I see you're just as eager as ever, but just listen." '1d10' try a lifestream on him.
softly sing The darkness will rise from the deep, and you down into sleep

Roll #1 3 = 3


"In things other than your studies?"
His head slowly turns to look at you
"Are you trying to cast some bullshit on me?"
He sits up


"Of course not, dear" I say with an almost natural grin. "I just want you to relax.. You do like it here? The kingdom the way it is?"
try again '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


His breath goes shallow and he lies back down
"Must have just been your… bewitching gaze my love…"
He reaches out with a hoof


"A complicated answer. If you mean – do I have mutual love with another, yes. I am confident I do. In time, I will act on that… after things settle down a little."


"Just.. sleep now. You'll feel better in the morning. Naik.." give him as passionate a kiss as I can manage. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


He breathes out softly
"Must have been something… I ate. Feels like i have heartburn.
Or then it's just… how happy I am… to feel you near me again.
He pats the bed
"Lie down. I'd rather… cuddle a bit to help me… fall asleep."
Settle down?
This is the grandest peace the North has seen in centuries."


"Yes, but I'm not in the business of war. Peace time is when I find myself the most busy. Organizing classes… research… political activism… personal life… and of course, tea. It's a lot to keep track of. I might have mentioned that the Underkingdom demense has fallen under your direct vassalage recently."


Embrace him. "shh, the feeling will pass, probably just some bad wheat.."
'1d10' finish him.

Roll #1 3 = 3


His eyes flare wide open and he punches you in the throat, quickly tossing you on the bed and climbing on top of you
"Little bitch! Just what the fuck do you think you're doing to me?"
"It almost escapes my mind at times. I do not see myself as an emperor, but technically… I rule nearly everything I can see from here."


"Why do you always have to be this way?"
'1d10' try to get on top of him and finish this.

Roll #1 3 = 3


His eyes are burning with anger. And… more.


"It has been said that the wisest emperor is not an emperor."


"I'm just trying to do my best. Right the wrongs of my fathers. Make a better home for us all.
…can you really blame me for anything?"


'1d10' with a tearful glare I'll keep trying, aim for his heart with a lifestream.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You can feel his heart stop for a moment and see his eyes lose focus.
He rolls off you, clutching his chest, and slams onto the floor, gasping for air and pounding at his heart
Why? All I wanted… was to love you!"
You can feel the key whispering. It can sense death nearby.


"This is not flattery, Your Majesty. If I did not view you as the most enlightened of the rulers of this continent, I would not avail my services to you."


"Naik.. I'm sorry, you were living half a life.." draw the key "I am glad you're yourself again, one last time.. Goodbye."
kill him so the key can take his soul '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"…thank you.
Know that I respect you as well. You and your ideals.
If you ever have a request, do not hesitate to ask."
His pained expression yields to a split second of terror, but it quickly melts away, leaving behind only regret and sorrow.
He is a sad sight, laying there. Naked, panting, rotten on the inside. His desires and hopes awakened by his beloved joining him in bed, and those same hopes swept away as she turned on him.
Without a word, you press the key against his chest, the rough iron splitting his striped hairs and scraping his skin. His eyes focus one last time, first on the key, then the hoof holding it, then up it to your lips and finally meeting your eyes as his vision darkens.
"You have such… beautiful… eyes…"
And with a last ragged gasp, his body falls limp, the key glowing softly as it traps his escaping soul. Slowly reeling it in, filling the void at the core of its twisted, cage-like shape.
After ten minutes, the deed is done. His soul is trapped, his body is now empty and worthless.


"Two, in fact. The first is mundane. I'd like to know the progress on the construction. I am eager to pursue my research. The second a bit more personal, speaking to what we discussed before. I may have to take your court necromancer from you, in time. To that end, I am asking your permission to take her hoof."


"What Kilana does is her own concern, not mine. Provided, of course, you do not intend to take her away from the North entirely. I would hate to lose the two of you.
As for the academy, the core of it is already built. The area it will be housed in is excavated, and the support structures exist. Rooms and floors will soon follow."


"Its almost pretty.." I put it away with a heavy sigh and call in Codar.
"We have a body to bury, I need your paws."


Is this of some ritualistic importance to you? There are more efficient methods.


"That's good to know, though I suspect she'd be relieved to have your approval as opposed to your disinterest. I am of the belief that she respects you more than she does her blood kin."


"No, just anyplace where it won't be found."


Why not simply tear it asunder? Or take it to the Prince, if you truly wish to see it obliterated.
"If the north has taught me anything, it's that blood is a poor excuse for loyalty."


Words are so inefficient! Just read his mind to see if he approves of it or not. I'm tired of his dancing answers!


Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"No this is something, I should do."
'1d10' destroy the broken flesh of this zebra.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Kilana, I'm so very happy for you. He seems like an upstanding donkey. I only wish Naik takes this well.
I should arrange these two a big, proper wedding…

You stab at the body, making it bleed some still blood on the floor and drop off a few ragged pieces of skin.


Smile and nod, "Yes. I do think it is something that must be earned. We'll have to get together for tea again soon. It's been a pleasure, Your Majesty."


"Enjoy the day, Id. It is a lovely one, in this north we built together."


Nod, and depart. Go find Kilana.


I shake my head "This isn't the way, lets just bury him." sneak out and bury him somewhere in the woods.


You run into each other outside Kilana's room.
Kodar has Naik's body held in his ribs.



"Kila… What happened?"


"…he had a heart attack." I continue going toward the words. '1d10' cast night on us.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You can make a neat exit without being seen.
Where to?


Keep up with her.

"What? But shouldn't we tell someone…?"

What's going on?


Deep into the woods. Once we are deep enough. "Codar, dig here."

we need to bury him.
'1d10' try to block out the racing thoughts of killing him just now.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Codar digs. '1d10'
A bowstring is drawn.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Why are you acting like this? Words… are so inefficient. Share what troubles you with me.


A bow string now? '1d10+1' spot check.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


She's only a few paces away. Just a shadow. But with eyes focused on you.


I had to do this, to fix things. and he.. had a condition, Naik.. was violent one moment and peaceful the next.

"You can't even bother to kill me yourself" I sigh. "Come here." '1d10' control this shadow.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Shocked, the shadow tries to resist
"What is the meaning of this! Kilana! Stop!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


However, the power of the Underqueen far outclasses that of one petty Dark Ranger. The shadow's link to its mother is torn asunder, and its consciousness fades in a wailing scream.
It stands still, devoid of will, awaiting your command.

Somewhere in Rockeye, Valeriana screams in pain.


"Kilana, what's going on? Why are you acting this way?"

Approach to embrace her.


I sigh "Sorry.. Teacher.."
"Make sure no one else followed us." I order the shadow.
"Codar, that's probably deep enough." have him come out and slide in Naik's body.


The shadow turns around and silently pins a squirrel to a nearby tree with an arrow.
"Nothing else living is left nearby."
Its voice is like a cold, distorted echo of your own


I let you embrace me.
"Id, I killed him. I can't be sure, but she may be angry with me about it. It is the only way to keep living with everyone and keep them alive."
I nod.
"Codar, please bury him" burying efficiency '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I just… don't understand. You killed him because he had a medical problem…? And now you wan to cover it up by seizing your teachers' shadows…?"


It will be covered in moss within days. And nobody comes out into this shitty wood anyway. Not any more, now that Valeriana has a home.


"Yes.." I shake my head "I didn't know it would be like that for her." I sigh. "You can leave if you want to."
"Shadow, go back to your old master." I urge it away.


It stares at you with piercing red eyes
"And do what?"
It taps at the bowstring


Hug her a little tighter. "You need to be with someone right now."


"and do nothing, let her take command of you again, I took control of you so you wouldn't attack me, I have no real need of you."


The shadow looks worried and confused, but slinks off.
It will take a long time for it to reach Rockeye…


Well, It will eventually get there. I'll go underground and take my time to make sure I'm not followed '1d10+1'
"Id, we should go." I lead you with me.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Frown at her. "Okay…"

But we need to talk about this, once we're somewhere safe.


Did you forget who my teacher is, no where is going to be safe.


There are three more, bows drawn, waiting for you barely a few steps away
"I am giving you exactly one chance to explain."


"I didn't want your shadow to kill me. Unless you meant Naik, that's a bit longer to explain."


We should seek asylum with the High King.

"Something is wrong. I think… that something is wrong with Kilana. Paranoia or stress, maybe. She needs a doctor, not an arrow."




I shake my head at you.
"Sorry, I sent your shadow back to you." I back away a step. "I didn't realize that it would.. be painful for you."


"Never crossed your mind that severing my eyes would hurt? That tearing off a piece of my very essence would be a less than comfortable experience?
These are not some random shadows I found in a crowd. These are pieces of myself, cultivated over decades of toil and solitude. They are my children and my friends. They mean more to me than any mere student could!
You will explain yourself. Either to me, or to the High King. But there was more power in you than I could ever have given you. And I will not see that kind of thing, and this level of reckless transgression, simply slip.


I close my eyes and nod "Fine.. You deserve an answer. Where do you want me to start?"


"What possible transgression could drive you to such paranoia you result to murder and stealing the creations of your own teacher?
And where did you get the power to do so?"


"Power yes.. I am a were step away from grasping great power. I would yield this power for the north, but It requires a sacrifice." I gesture to the spot where Naik is buried "Someone that meant something to you. And when I saw your shadow aiming at me, I thought you had figured this out, and were going to kill me fore I could do.. I wanted the power to save us all."


*mere step


"What is this power?"


"To take innocent life…"


"The underking's power." I say plainly, letting a single tear fall down. "There are still undead remaining below.."
"He was only innocent half the time.."


"So you intend to take command of the dead beneath the north? Create endless, tireless labor like he did?"


"It can only be one or the other."


"I at least want to give the ones that exist a purpose. Without their leader, they amble aimless in the dark, with my leadership they would be a service to the north. If anything you must know my loyalty to Northlands is undying. I will go as far as it takes, and I will restore you, all three of you. This is the only way to make it work."



"I leave judgment to the High King.
But if you with a sobering second opinion, speak with Raging Storm in Eaglecrest. Or Windy Valley in Ironfoe."

The shadows leave.


"Don't act in haste. Don't lose yourself to something that you can never take back. I myself need to meditate."


Sigh. "Why did you have to come check on me just then.."
"I understand.. I'm doing what I feel is necessary.. I'll find you again.."


I guess I should take this last piece of advice. Go to Ironfoe and track down Windy Valley.


"Just remember… our dream for a world where necromancers walk free and unjudged. Ask yourself if your actions would further that goal if they came out."


She is taking a break from her work at the golem forge
"Yes? How can I help?"


"good day, Miss Windy Valley. I was wondering if you had a moment to chat about the Northlands. Your feelings toward it."


"Well, I have some break left. What is this about, exactly?"


I sit down next to her. "Its about.. I think.. how far one should go for their nation, how important is power."


"Hm. What a curious topic. I wouldn't possibly know… I've never had power. Or even thought of power. I'm just glad I'm able to finally be in charge of my own life, work because I desire to, not because I am a slave."


"Hm, it is nice to find joy in something.. how far would you go to protect that freedom? How far would you want someone else to go?"


She leans on her hoof and scrunches, thinking hard
"…damn. That's a hard one.
…as far as we must? I mean… I'm making weapons here. Weapons I hope are to intimidate, not kill, but… I know they are intended to kill.
I just… look, I'm a simple pony with a simple job. I try to leave the big world-changing politics to kings and emperor, and just enjoy the sunlight out here, in a world where I know I have my own bed, my own home, and will not be chained up to corpses and forced to mine gems for a monster to eat."


I nod "I'm sorry if this is a hard topic. I was actually looking for a common pony's view on these things." I look thoughtful
"I won't take up more of your time if you don't wish to speak about this more."


"…you're one of the good ones, right?
Necromancers that is…"


I give her a pained expression "I am trying to be, its a very hard to see line sometimes."


She gives you a hug
"Please stay good. The world does not need another monster like the Underking…"



I find a moment alone, go somewhere safe, somewhere quiet, have Codar and Iris on watch.. I take out my old worn down staff, little more than a stick with some metal melted on it and some spotty rune work.. '1d10' Commune with Prima.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Hm? Kila? Is that you?


I smile "Prima, gurl how are you? Holding on okay down there?"


Oh, heeey Kila! Long time no… hear?
I'm doing fine, but I miss taking hot baths a Lot! You can't even imagine!


I laugh a bit
"Yea, things got.. uh complicated after we last talked.. I was banned from using magic for a week after ..the incident with those two stallions.. " I sigh
"But that was.. 4 years ago now? ..I should have talked to you sooner.. just ignored what the others said.. I am sorry its been so long, but I never forgot you.. never.."


I think about you every day too… And Frostmourn too, of course. I'm really missing both of you…
And uh, do you know how boring it is down here? No shopping, no cosmetics, no pretty dresses, nothing! Only gossip!


"Well, if its gossip, then I know you must be ruling the market on it. "
I smile at you and then sit down and look a bit tired.
"You might want to sit down, a lot has happened, and I might not have a lot of time to explain.. So just listen for a moment.."


Go on, tell me everything!


I take a deep breath and monologue the whole thing for a while, telling it with a flare of my old bard talents, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying. I tell you just about everything that has happened in the last four years.. leaving out the last 2 days.


That's… a lot of things that happened.
You barely notice the time move here…

But girl, how are You holding up?


I shake my head
"Pretty bad. I.. when I found out that Pumpkin actually died.. again.. and Valerianna she.. gave her life up for him.. and then High horn gave half his life for her.. the whole thing really upset me, she should have let me help.. I have more life to give than her.."
I shake slightly and look at you.
"I went back to the Underkingdom. Determined to find a way to fix everyone. I brought Id with me, that donkey.. he wasn't a lot of help, but it was nice to have some company.. What I found down there.. I have a way to come to you Prima, to bring you back to our world."


I stay silent for a bit.
"Y-You're… serious? I could live again?"


I nod "Yea, you could. You could see frosty again, you know.. I think he still misses you.."


I think in silence again for a while.
"And…. what about my sister?"


"She is alright now. I made sure she had what she needed to heal.. I didn't know she was your sister.. or I never would have.." I shake my head. "She's fine, and I didn't talk to her much, but she seems like a good pony.. it was painful to do speak to her.. she reminds me so much of you.."


"I didn't even know I had a sister…"


I smile a bit "Well, now you would have two.."


"You and Mistral?"


I nod. "That's right. Sis"


"I would hug you right now, sis, but…"


I smile. "Prima, you have no idea.. I care so much about you.. This means you want to come back right? I'm so glad! " I tear up a bit. "We can hug when I come find you down there in Tambelon.. Now.. we should make a plan, I don't know how much I will have in there, or what its like.. is there a way I can find you easily? A big building? A sign?"


"There is a well that's easily found, but I don't really like going near it… and aren't you afraid you'll soul will… you know how things work here, right?"


"Afraid? of dying? No. I will be careful.. and you're worth it to me.." I pause
"..a well?" my eyes light up and I quietly say "It can't be the same.." then with more boldness I go on. "Prima, on my end, there is a.. sort of lake of souls, it goes so far down.. Prima, If you go near that Well, you might be right next to where I'll come in.."


"I'm not so sure.
They say that well leads down to… something very very bad."


"Alright. If you think its not safe, then stay back from it. I don't want to get there and find you've vanished.."


"I wouldn't want to vanish before you come here and I can see you again…
And, Kila… Can I ask you something?"


"Of course Prima, what's on your mind?"


"Could you get me a pretty dress?
So I can look good when I leave?"


I look surprised and laugh a bit "Yea, that shouldn't be a problem. You know the two tailors in wintergrasp? I helped them patch up their differences and now they are married.. so, those two owe me a bit of a favor. I hope I can get your size right.."


"It didn't really change."


"That's true but still.. its been an awful long time.. and none your clothes survived that fire.."


"Maybe the tailor who made that very pretty dress for me for that ball still has the measurements?"


I nod slowly "Alright, you wound up going with the male that time right?"


"I think, yes…
Sometimes details are fuzzy when I try to remember."


"Right, well.. it doesn't matter too much since they are both together now.." I smile and let a few happy tears fall.
"Soon Prima, I'll come for you.. So be ready.."


"I will be! I'll be waiting!"


"Good.. Uh, before I head off to prepare, Is there anything else you can tell me about tambelon?"


"It's pretty bland… and most ponies here are either depressed or apatethic, it really gets to you…"


"..Oh?" I frown "So you don't have any friends there?"


"I was hoping we could talk more often…"


I look down and paw at the ground a bit "Prima, I.. I know I should have talked to you more.. There isn't any excuse for it.. Its true I was busy, and that pumpkin told me to leave you in peace after you went crazy in that dagger.. but I should have made time.. I..I'm sorry for leaving you alone down there.."
I gulp and stare at your image.
"I will be there, two days tops in my time.. I don't know if that helps you from there, but I won't be longer than two days.."


"After all this time, two days won't be anything!
And at least it gives me something to look forward to.
I hope I can find a hairdresser in time, the last one gave in to True Death some weeks ago."


"Alright Prima. I will see you see then. " I sigh a bit relieved and let your connection slowly close. "luv you.."


>Pumpkin Swansong [Spymaster] Mon, 23 Sep 2013 18:37:33 No.224586
>>>224584 (You)
>Move closer and take her hooves into mine.
>"You stop that talk.
>I've got decades ahead of me.
>More than I ever deserve.
>More than anyone does, if it's up to sacrificing another soul!"

breath deeply and squeeze his hooves, living, warm body, well mostly.. I will give him a small sad smile. "Bro.. I don't have to sacrifice anyone else, I could revive you everyday with a normal life span and still not really feel the change."


"Kilana, what you did…
Nobody should gain anything from it…"
"Will you be able to bring Naik back?"


keep hold your hooves, tightly. perhaps I can stop crying, just for a moment '1d10-2'
"I am able.."

Roll #1 8 - 2 = 6


keep hold of your hooves*


Hold them back, moving closer, and whiping the stains from her cheeks.
"Would this drain you? Like it normally would?"


Stare at you becoming more calm "Ah, it should work normally, I would just choose how much life to pour back into him."


"Then… All of this, his death and your reaction…
Why? What was the point?"


I look tired.
"Pumpkin.. I still killed him, he still knows I murdered him. And I was scared, so scared.. and then Id and Valerianna.. they both saw me with his body.."
"..I really messed up back there. She might never forgive me after all this.."


"I'm not sure I can, either.
You just…
You killed him.
He was not your enemy, not your target, and you killed him.
You were the aggressor!"
Sroke her cheek.
"What has this world done to you?"


Sigh as he touches me
"It was stupid to try and hide from you both.. So stupid..
But, Listen.. what I did when I saw her looking at me, aiming at me.. Pumpkin.. I took her eyes and ears away in panic.. I stole one of her shadows.." pause to let that sink in.

"I have never seen her shadows move so fast. I barely had time to bury him and turn around.. before three more were on me.. and she was just so mad.."


Let go of her hooves and look with a serious face, coldly.
"That is between you and her."


Nod slowly.
"perhaps I am not the same.. perhaps I can never heal this damage..
I am sorry that it happened like this.."
sigh deeply


"I think you should rest. Take some time away from all this. Fix your mistakes and think about…
A family, pretty dresses, dusty books, young mares…
Just, fix this."
Hug her.
"And don't hurt me like this ever again."


hug you back.
"I'll try.."


Later that day, Kilana sits on her bed old bed, the same bed that Naik was in just last night.. Her green eyes looking calm but distant as if in thought.
Curiously all her mirrors have been covered with cloth sheets. The window is open, but the door is locked.


This is not the time to come in unannounced.
Knock on the door.


after a moment the door unlocks, and opens.
"Hello Pumpkin."


Gaze into her eyes for a few moments, standing on the door's threshold.
"Hello, Kilana."


sigh "Do you want to come inside? Or should we go somewhere else?"


"No, here will be perfect."


stand to the side and let you walk inside, closing and locking the door behind you.
The mirrors remain covered. I trail you with my eyes a little sad but say nothing.


Raise a brow at the mirror, but turn around and move to a corner of the room.


sit down still staring at you.
"something you forgot to say earlier?"


"I've been trying to…
Make sense of this, in my head, while you were here.
Mother is furious."
Keep standing up.


"I know she is."


Underqueen. Sounds important."


shake my head.
"Its only an important title if you're undead."


Tap on the metal plate on my chest.


smirk "Well, then, why didn't you bring your queen something to drink?"


Don't show any emotion, just stare at her back.


back at her*


Frown "Don't tell me Bearing made you put away the bottle for good."


"I'd not enjoy the drink, I'm afraid.
Something in my throat.
And no, it's not the piece of sharpnel from the last time I died."


"Alright bro.. I get it.. just say what you need to say.."


"I'm still trying to accept it.
That this is now you.
But I guess it is kind of my fault.
Just, I had hoped it wouldn't have happened again, after the mansion."


sigh and pull out a bottle of wine, and a glass.
"I hope you don't mind if I drink.."


Nod slightly and finally sit.
"Of course, go ahead."


pour a glass and start to sip on it.
"This isn't your fault Pumpkin. Its mine."


"Blame isn't a single thing you can pinpoint.
The girl who just came into town to study at the academy almost a decade ago would have done this?"


"Perhaps she would have. If someone gave her a way." drink deeply "She was very desperate to have her friend again.. any friend again.."


"How is Prima doing?"


"She is, great, healthy, happy to be alive again. The first thing she wanted was a bath and a dress. I assume she's talking to Frosty now." Smile softly. "She was so happy."


"How much does she remember?"


"She remembers it all as far as I know. From when she was alive and her time down there." drinking intensifies "I filled in the blanks for her before I brought her back, told her was happened while she was gone. She wanted to meet Mistral.."


"Must have been long since they last talked to each other."


shake my head slowly and refill my glass
"No, actually. Prima had no clue she existed."


Keep the even face.
Guess the father had one more secret hidden under his yoke."


"We all have secrets Pumpkin."
Quickly downs this glass and starts to fill it up again.
"And stop looking at me like that. I'm starting to think you really are an undead." I say with a bit of sarcasm.


"I'm talking with somezebra I don't know anymore, Kilana.
What should I do?"


I look a bit hurt by that and silently drink.


"And the fact that all this, the murder and the secrets and what you did to mother…
The fact that now we all are probably so removed from you as ants are from us…
It hurts.
Not knowing what goes on your mind."


"When did I ever say I was above you?"


"Maybe you don't think it.
Not yet.
Maybe you won't for the first few thousands of years.
But then?
What keeps you from becoming just another Empress of Equestria?"


finish off this glass and set it aside.
take off my bracelet, the one with your same feathers and stare directly at your eyes.


Stare back.
Then, finally, close my eye and slowly exhale.
"Let's hope I'm enough of a role model, then, for ponykind's sake."


nod at you
"I will never forget what you have shown me. I can not say if that will be enough, but.."
put the bracelet back on.
"Its probably the best I can do."


Lie down on the ground.
How was it?
I can't remember anything."


"Its the land of the dead, where all souls end up. Its pretty dark, since there isn't a sun or moon. "


"Sounds like a happy place…"


chuckle a bit and smile
"You know, you don't have to go there. I could.."
then I stop myself and shake my head.
"But.. you don't want that do you?"


"What, live forever off the souls of…
Damnit how does this even work?"


pour myself another drink.
"Its not easy to explain." I state as I take a sip.
motion to the bed "You might be more comfortable up there, than on my floor."


"Half of me is stone and metal."
Move over to the bed.
"But the other half is not.
Not yet."


Give you an odd look with a bit of a smile "Do you plan on getting the full set?"


"Not if I can help it."


"Good." I lean against the bed sitting on my floor and stare back at you while I drink.
"It would be pretty awkward to have to help you remove rust."


"Doubt I'm gonna have that luxury."
Raise a hoof before she can talk.
"And no, don't say that.
I'm not ready to outlive all my loved ones.
Or to forgive what you did entirely.
Not yet."


drinks slowly
"I didn't expect you would forgive me. Not for a long while at least. But you did come back to see me..
Thank you for that."


"We don't forsake a friend.
Not for a single mistake."


I smile relieved at first "Thank you.. Friend."
and then look around as if expecting someone to pop out.
"We? Did you bring someone with you?"


Shake my head.
"Bad choice of words.
I'm not even sure Peach is around, right now."


"Oh? Did you have a fight?"


I just asked her not to follow.
But I have no reign over that mare.
Not when she wants to protect me."


"Ah, I see." continues to drink slowly.
"So she doesn't know about what happened with me yet?"


"Oh, she does.
She was in the throne room.
You know, in case Frostmourn had ordered your death."


Look at you a bit sad.
"If Frostmourn had ordered my death. I would have offered to do it myself."


"That's very noble of you."


"If he really had no use for me but to kill me, then I could at the very least do that. Maybe give my lifespan to someone more worthy."
drinks deeply
"You know bro, I'm not good at much of anything. I'm shit with a knife, I can't sneak or hide evidence worth a damn. I fuck up my only aggressive spell half the time."
Laugh suddenly
"The only thing I can do is use my voice, a voice that makes the dead stand up and listen."


"It's been a long time since I heard you sing last."


"I haven't felt like singing." I say absently and finish off this glass
"but if you have a request, I'll give it a shot."


"Maybe after a glas.
After two or three more I might even join you."


pass you a glass of your own and open up another bottle.
smile slightly "I think I would like that."


"You go first."
Take a sip.


I try to sing something, I hope I can remember how. '1d10'
'1d3' topic:
1: life
2: love
3: death

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Shake my head.
"You have too much regrets to sing that right now, don't you?"


"Sorry, happens when you spend all day around the dead."
try again
1: love
2: life

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Now, I think I can do a slightly better job at telling love…"
Clear my throat.
"Well I wonder
who's with you tonight?
And I wonder
who's holding you tight?
But there's nothing I can say
To make him go away
Old true love
ain't too hard to see
Don't cry no tears around me.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I smile you're not bad.
"You would know more about love than me, having two lovers."


Smile and pat on the bed beside me.
"I'm sure you have had your adventures too."


climb up next to you.
"Well, maybe.. Did I ever tell you about those unicorn mares?"


The smile will become a smirk.
"Well now.
That does sound interesting.
Are we talking pretty unicorn mares?"


"Yea, three of them. All gorgeous."
I chuckle slightly
"One of them had the funniest name, Jingle Balls. Met them a party, we were young and drunk, and.. do you know the things that telekenesis can do?"


Keep the smirk up.
"I do love the tingle."


Smile at you "They were all sweet mares too stayed until morning, and damn.. they still looked so fine."


"I'm gonna need more infos here~"


"Oh, yea?" I tap my chin a bit. "Their colors, one was yellow with a blue mane, her flank was so soft.. "
I say explaining the more interesting parts and then pausing to swirl my drink, looking at it as if looking at something interesting.


"Damn, that was what, a year ago?"


"..four years." keep staring at the drink.


Gulp down that drink.
"This is what sweet dreams are made of.
Old, juicy memories of the past.
Memories we don't even realize how old are until we think of them…"


"…seems like there are too few good memories to hold onto lately.."


"You want to make a memory?"


Look up at you a bit surprised. "What did you have in mind?"


"A few holes.
And a few pieces of metal, too."


smirk back at you "You know, I think I've had about enough to agree to that kind of craziness."


Roll around to the opposite end of the bed, putting space between the two of us, looking towards the ceiling.
"What you want to do, zigga?
Just ask.
I can take you over the highest peak of the North."


"Something.. that will make me feel alive." finish off my drink.
"Something anywhere but here."


"Drop that bottle and come with me."
To the window!


Put it down and follow you.


Open the window wide, letting the cold air in.
Smiling fully, look at the white-covered castle outside the window, and the long reaching fields beyond that.
"I hope you are dressed for bad weather.
It's cold up there."


smile at you. "Its always cold, I kind of like it that way."


Shake my head.
"I'm talking up there!"
Point at the sky and flare my wings.
"I'm taking you for a ride."


"Ooh, a ride with the swansong." I say mockingly swooning.
Laugh a bit and offer my hoof to you.
"Just don't drop me. I don't know how to do that wing spell."


"I thought you were a bit past… Dying."
Smile and take your hoof slowly, before quickly spinning around and throwing you above my back.
"Hold on now, uh?"


"I am past dying naturally" I correct you. "I can still die if someone killed me."
hold on to you tightly.


"That just means I will have to do double duty while watching over your striped ass, uh?"
And as soon as the sentence ends, away I dive, straight out of the window and plummeting into the field of white snow below.
'1d10+1' for a last second wing spread and climb.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


A mere few meters off the ground, as the earth comes running closer to me and you, I spread my wings and let them catch the freezing wind of the north.
The rush is gone, the momentum has subsided, and what was a ruinous fall has become a soft climb.
We are now up, above the towers of the castle.


gasp amazed and keep clinging tightly to you.


Take a deep breath and finally stabilize myself in midair.
Talk in a sharp, deep voice, throat burning due to the frozen air.
"See the world from here.
Like a pretty picture on a wall. A model on a table.
It makes you think about the value of every piece on the board."


Shout back at you over the wind
"Its amazing. I really can see things different from up here."


Find a cloud, and lie there.
"Don't let go. I'm not sure zebras can walk on clouds."


squeeze you a bit in assurance.
"Yea, I'm almost certain they can't."


"The moon will soon be up.
There is a good and a bad side to this, wanna hear it?"
Thuck my wings in and spread all fours across the cloud, to better grab hold of it.


"What could be bad about the moon?"


"The moon, nothing.
But nights are cold. Very cold.
But, if you stay up here…"
"Guess I can show you a star or two."


"Stars huh? You know I've never really understand why you liked the sky so much.. Its becoming a bit more clear now."
I glance around at everything that I can see from here.. its quite a lot to take in.


"It's changed for me a bit.
I don't exactly see the moon as a goddness anymore.
But it's beautiful nonetheless…"
And then wait for the night, protecting her from the cold and showing her the stars, pointing at the constellations and staring at the nightsky,
[1d10] endurance roll.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's been a busy day, and a busy night.
Somewhere before dawn, finally, all of it catches up to me.
"I think… I think we should go back inside."


"Alright, bro." I give you a pat on the back.
"When we get there you should tell me what changed your mind about the moon."


Shake my head.
"That's not a story for tonight. Not any more than the tale of your brief insanity would be."
Slowly, fly her back.
"Tonight, I want to leave you with asmile and an happy memory."


"Smiles and happy memories.. I don't know that I've earned such things.. but promise to tell me someday alright?"


Place a kiss on her cheek and flutter out of the window, offering a smile, but not an answer.

And fly off.

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