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This is the story of an empire united in harmony and love

Episode 21: Two Empresses One Emperor

The day of the great Imperial Wedding had at last arrived. Every detail was seen to, all preparations finished. Across the United North new holidays had been declared. Grand festivals arranged in commemoration of the magnificent event in Northscrown. This was to ensure that every last common pony regardless of their homeland, could take part in this day of joy, each in their own way.
Representatives of every noble house of every nation in the North had been invited. Selected commoners as well. From the dressmakers of Wintersgrasp to eccentic enchanter of Rockeye - those who had touched the life of the High King and his closest friends. The Viceroys were all gathered, and each allowed their input on the wedding. As this would be the first imperial wedding of the North, it was a time unlike any to establish traditions. From the music based on Ironfoe's coronation march, the catering born of the greatest feats of Wintersgrasp, the great parades based on the drills of Eaglecrest's elite, the otherwordly displays of magical fireworks from Rockeye and the grand (if temporary) party structures courtesy of Timberjaw.
And, as a surprise, Rosefall had sent their representative as well, bringing gifts of fine clothing, and promises of important news.
However, among all the gifts from near and far, from close friends and nobles he has never heard of, one gift had stood out and earned the place of honor - the Crystal Heart of Lavann. This artifact of magnificent power had been placed upon a pedestal in the center of the throne room for all to behold. And by chance ,aligned with the Focus Chamber on the floor above.
Once the hundreds of guests of honor had been gathered to the throne room of Northscrown, and Frostmourn himself looked over them, joined by his oldest and most trusted partner in faith, Manifest Destiny, the ceremony itself began. Countless rehearsals allowed things to proceed with remarkable smoothness, from the music that filled the hearts of all present with hope and pride, to the flawless execution of the hails of the honor guard as the two empressess marched to meet their high king. Dressed in the finest the empire could offer, provided and cared for by the most dedicated of dressmakers, some imported from Rosefall for this very occasion, they were more than a sight to behold.
As they took their places alongside the High King, three crowns of white, gold and gleaming black were brought before them. And with a few words as meaningful as they were brief, the three vowed to forever keep their love pure, regardless of misdeeds or adversities, and to rule together without quarrel or jealousy, giving their all for the North they rules and served.
With the music reaching its final great height, the part everyone present in the rehearsals always had looked forward to thanks to how empowering it felt, the three rules of the North leaned in to seal their lives together with a kiss, as Destiny lowered the crowns upon their heads.
And then, as the music peaked, lips touched, and crowns were placed, something unexpected and amazing happened. Resonating the hope, love and pride that gripped every heart in the room, the Crystal Heart in turn let forth a mighty pulse of energy that washed over the room, the city, and with the power of northscrown, the entire North.
As the guests opened their eyes again, they saw the High King and all others present gleaming as if their flesh was pure crystal.


After the initial shock had passed, the newly crystallized guests felt their hearts rise unlike ever before. The Heart of Lavann still pulsed in tune with them, and it was accompanied with anticipated silence that Frostmourn ordered it to be moved into the Focus Chamber itself. Once in place, the heart's power surged through the great catalyst spire once more, blanketing the land in a blast so strong it lit the skies aflame with the northern lights in its passing. All over the North, those whose hearts were touched with hope and joy saw themselves transformed to gleaming crystal, and the aftershock of the event reached as far as Equestria and Canterlot, where, in a sudden burst of emotion, Celestia herself embraced her faithful guardian Radiant, and a father had a closer moment with his once lost son than they had shared in a long time.

In the following days, the crystal bodies faded from some, but many remained in this form. The exacts of this were not figured out, but Mage King Longshanks himself requested that he would be permitted to study the heart after hearing of it. Such was his devotion that he gave up his title as Mage King, passing his crown to his best student and faithful captain Highhorn in order to move to Northscrown. The change of power was not given much celebration beyond what customs demanded, but Highhorn did take to making several changes to the way things were run almost immediately. Longshanks did not protest openly, and chose to focus on his new work instead. He had made his choice, and would live with it.

Finally, in the final days of the grand celebration, the envoy of Rosefall asked to speak with the High King in private. He had news from his homeland. News that while a great portion of Rosefall would gladly join the Uniter North, many of the most powerful families had such strong ties to Equestria and Prance it was not possible. Not without… help.



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