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The White Gatewyrm makes landfall on a beach between the City of Dreams and the Temple of Love.
The far shore is collapsing into the sea, taking the houses on the beach with it. The Temple of Love is ablaze, with bodies littered everywhere. In the distance, Midnight Castle is slowly collapsing.

Gather up those you want to save. This island will not last much longer.


"Let's see if we can find that kid and his dad!"
Head to wherever the survivors are!


This place was picked for a reason by the wyrm. Not far from here, you see Sweet Potato and a few others coordinating the battle efforts.


"Hey there Sweet Potato! What the heck happened here?"
Wait, is there going to be trouble between Sweet Potato and Grace?


Run over to them


'1d10' find a good place to get at the battle

Roll #1 3 = 3


Rush for them!

"Cease this NOW!"

'1d10+2' Wrath our unholy enemies.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Rushing in there now would probably mean you will go down with the island. This whole rock may sink in a few minutes.
Her aside, a few of the dream heralds are here, along with Darkwhisper.
"Two of the Faithful came to us, rousing us up to arms against the Lovers. At first we hesitated, but once they convinced the Witness of Dreams, we followed suit.
The witness is gone now. Struck down by the will of the High Priests. That leaves me in charge."
…are you attacking Sweet Potato?


You said he was coordinating the battle efforts, that means there's a battle going!


Yes, in the Temple of Love.
Rushing in there might mean you won't make it back in time though.


That's silly, let's not do that.


Instead I will just shout at them


"The father and his boy? Thank goodness they made it! Well, the fighting's pointless now. Tirek's dead, and this whole island's about to crumble into the sea. Have everyone retreat to the Wyrm, it's our way out of here."
Turn to Grace and see how he's reacting.


He keeps a distance, scowling.
"…I see. I might not be able to get everyone back however."


"Then we need to hurry. Get everyone back that you can. Where's the boy and his father?"


"How do we fix that?"


"….Get those who you think are most serious about changing. They tied their fates to this island long ago.."


Darkwhisper pokes his head out from behind her
"…father is dead."
"Very few of us would truly desire to leave. many of us gave up everything to come here in the first place."


"And then this place crumbles to nothing.
Get it straight, it's death or the wyrm, a chance is better than none!"


Give a flat stare.
"If you plan on dying with the island stand aside for those who want to live."


Grab the boy.
"What happened?"


Blink then hang my head.
"I am… truly sorry to hear that. He was… a very brave stallion."
shake myself then turn to Sweet Potato.
"Any who wish to die are free to remain here. The rest need to get a move on; this place isn't going to last forever."


"Not everyone wanted to rebel. Those who did not were cut down. But not before they killed father.
…I will carry on his will from now on."
The priestess sighs, and raises her voice at the resting heralds
"LISTEN UP! The island is lost! All who wish to flee to equestria must fall back into the white wyrm NOW! The rest…
…may they dream forver."
The heralds take flight to spread the word.
Sweet potato gets off her vantage point, glancing at Grace
"…am I allowed to come?"


"You're a brave kid."


Exchange a look between Grace and Potato…
And then look at him, sighing a bit.
"I'm not the one you deserve. And she is the one you need."


"to leave her is to condemn her to death. We bring her. That's final."


Glance at Grace as well.
"…Of course you are. After all, we never would have gotten as far as we did without you."

Turn to the boy and put a hoof on his shoulder.
"You're a brave lad. That is… an honorable goal."


"It's why I'm still alive.
That's what dad and uncle always told me, anyway."
Grace and Potato stare eachother down for a moment, but say nothing. Grace then nods, and lets her pass to the wyrm.

Dreamers are starting to flock over to you. Some wounded. Others carrying all they can with them. Money, clothes, furniture, foals…


stop the ones with furniture or other outrageously big objects.
"Leave that. There is no time for it."


Stand aside and let them in.


"Do you have anywhere to go?"


Stand guard in case anyone tries to attack them.
Stay by the kid.
"So… What will you do now?"
"I know what you're trying to do, but I honestly doubt they'll be able to forgive each other and move on. Grace is… far too stubborn for that."


"Too late."


"But they're our stuff!"
"We worked hard for these!"
"No. That's why I came here with dad, remember?"
"What can I do, but live on and try to make something of myself?"


"Too bad."


"Well, first off we need to find someone to take care of you with your father gone. Anyone in particular catch your eye?"


Are we back with the Wyrmgate?


It's right behind you.
"I can take care of myself."
They ignore you and try to carry the futon in anyway.


"But can you take care of others? Being self-sustaining is only part of the equation. The other part is being able to help others. For that, you need somepony to teach you."
Look after Sweet Potato thoughtfully.
"You were sticking awfully close to miss Sweet Potato…"


'1d10+2' shatter one of the big pieces

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You shatter the skull of the dreamer.
His five looks at you in terror.
"She had power over the dreamers. I needed someone like that to get the message across…"


"Go stick with her a while longer at least. She seems to be a good influence on you."
"Coral, what the hell do you think you're doing?!"


Guess I'm a lot angrier than I thought.
"Now. Anyone else want to be a dense fuck and try to overload our ride?"


"..overdoing it a bit. But they were ignoring me."


The others leave their things and sheepishly walk into the gatewyrm.
"…you think I can't make it on my own, don't you…"

A massive chunk of the nearby cliff falls into the ocean below


"Okay everybody!
Time to leave!"
Onto the wyrm, now!


Get down on my knees and look him in the eye.
"No. You can't. You want to know how I know? Because I can't make it on my own. Nopony can. Without my friends, I wouldn't have been able to beat Tirek. Everypony needs other ponies. That's how we get stronger."
Sigh and roll my eyes.
"We really need to work on that temper of yours sometime…"


Is that everyone?


He walks in to find Sweet Potato.
The island is collapsing. There is no time to wait for others.
Give the order, and the wyrm will return to Equestria.


I'll get back in.


Head on in after them, finding Sweet Potato and Darkwhisper to just watch their interaction.


Reach the caretakers.
Even if I can't understand them…
Smile at them.


We're all inside here at least?


Your last vision of Midnight Island is the skies being filled with the light of a million starts as the rock beneath gives way, collapsing everything into the darkness of the sea below.
The gatewyrm closes, and swims through the darkness once more. At last free of fear, no longer vulnerable to the claws of the Old Dark Ones. Its movements more fluid and happy, devoid of pain and doubt.

When it opens its mouth again, you see the sun. It's been a long time since that has happened.


For once, I'm happy to see the sun.
Smell the fresh air.


"Well cloud.. we made it.."


Smile, and look at the sky.


Take a deep breath of fresh air, then give Silk a hug.
"Great to see the sun again isn't it?"


It smells like grass, flowers and sea air.
"That we did. That we did…
A few clouds lazily drift by. The sky is blue. Blue and bright.
"It really is. I almost forgot how nice it was."


Any ponies here or are we in a wide open field somewhere.


Give her a gentle, chaste kiss on the cheek, then lean against her and smile as I look up at the sky.
"…Nopony's ever going to believe us, are they?"


Smile slightly. "Hey.. you think.. that we could take a vacation.. together?"


What do I see from here?


It looks like you're not too far from Marenburg, the port you left to reach Midnight Island int he first place.
"Maybe not.
…but we have proof."
I think we should share a lifetime together."
Looking at the shoreline, you can guess Marenburg is just a few minutes walk away. There might still be Royal Guard stationed there after the uprising before you left.


I look towards Fire Blossom.
"It seems this is the end of our adventure."


Turn to him, and smile.
"It seems so."


Look surprised. "Um.. Cloud.. This isn't how I expected you to ask but.. OF COURSE!" I tackle him into a kiss. "I love you. Forever."


"By any chance, will you be visiting Canterlot again?"


"They better make some darn good statues of us then. Tirek did not go down easy."
What are Sweet Potato and Darkwhisper up to?


"Gonna have quite the story to tell the princesses, aren't we?"


"It's going to be my first stop."
Smile warmly.
"I have… Never met them yet."


"Well, I think we're going to meet them now, what with having just killed that grumpy old demon back there. What's the first thing you're going to say to Celestia when you see her?"


I open my coat and take out a pin with an emblem on it.
"Should you pass by, bring this to House Sterling and tell them Whisper is dead.
And tell them that whatever reward I got from my mission is to be given to you."


His guard training has not gone to waste. He turns the tackle on you quite easily, gently laying you down on the fragrant warm grass.
"I love you too."
While most of the Dreamers are dispersing, she remains off to the side, talking to Grace.
Darkwhisper keeps a distance.

Lady Sunset and her company are comparing scars and laughing a little way away.


Listen in on her talk with Grace for a bit. Dulltooth's a friend, he won't wander off without saying goodbye.


"Your highness?"
Look at him, surprised, incredule…
But understanding.
Smile, and take the pin off his hooves.
"How should I call you then, my friend?"


I shine really bright with joy. "Cloudy~"


"…I traveled with you, after all, because I feared you still had too many demons in you that might steer you down a dark path. But now, well, you've faced, and bested, far greater demons. I think you're ready to travel without me."
"And what of you, Sweet?"
"Me… I think I have a new somepony who needs my guidance."
She nods at Darkwhisper.
They stand there for a moment, then laugh and share a hug
"Take care of yourself, Grace."
"I will, Sweet. I will. Sun be with you. Both of you."


Laugh and poke his nose before standing again.


Glad to see them make up. Now let's check up on Dulltooth and Lady Sunset and company. How's the mutated guy doing?


Still mutated, but alive.
"So, I guess this was a good way to end our adventured together?"
"Yes… yes I'd say that."
Dulltooth turns to you
"Hello Ember. We just saying goodbyes before move on."
"So… back to Canterlot?"


"Rock will do. But if you tell anypony that, I will have to kill you"
Smile warmly.


"…We should stay and say goodbye to those not coming.."


Give him a big hug.
"Glad to have fought beside you, Dulltooth? What are you and Fern planning to do next?"


Hug him.
Hug him close and warmly.
"I will never forget you. Or your silences that spoke volumes."


Take the hug…a bit unused.
"Yes…I believe I shall be going now.
Take care of yourself in that big, crazy world out there."


"Same to you, Rock."
Smile and watch him leave.


"….I think it is customary to say goodbye to the others as well."

"Goodbye Coral."


That's something I have to do as well.
"Where will you be going now, Coral?"


"..I hope you find someplace and someone you truly love."


"Hmm Well.. Probably canterlot first.. and then I'll go to the Empire.. and ask if I can resign."


"Then our roads might not be parting just yet."


"Hey, maybe we could be neighbors someday."


"In Canterlot?"


"….Thank you.
Good luck in your future endeavors."
Look to Cloudy.
"Both of you."


"Go ahead.
I'm… not good with goodbyes."
"We find somewhere quiet. Maybe Silent Lake. Rest. No more need to fight."

Please state your destinations




Somewhere over the rainbow.
Probably an inn. Spend some time to rest.
Get to my secret stash and then go into the world looking for the Boss.


"Come visit us up in the empire sometime. We'll share stories about the time we killed Tirek together."
I'm headed to Canterlot with the rest of them. As the leader of this group (or closest thing we have to a leader), I'll be the one to take responsibility if ponies aren't pleased with us.
Sweet Potato and Darkwhisper coming with?


"yea…I guess that's a little far ahead huh! But Cloud wants to.. I mean you saw right! We're gonna spend our lives together."
Turn to everyone else. "Hey.. I won't forget you. Not a single one. You're all important to me."
…Canterlot? Unless I need to go to my boss first.


"I'm so happy, for both of you!"
Hug her close.


"You two finally figured out you wanted to get hitched? It's about time he stallioned up and popped the question. Congratulations!"


I laugh a bit at the hugs. "Yea. I mean. I guess now is as good a time as any right?"


I'll give you a nod before I go.


You will reach Canterlot in about half a day if you keep up a pace.
I'm sure there will be something important waiting for you there.
Potato and Darkwhisper will find their own path. If you have things to say to them, say it here.
There is an inn here in Marenburg.


Let's start there. By following the refugees.
I won't be noticed among them.


I don't even know these people!
One pony I have to say goodbye to is Lady Sunset though.


Nod back and give a knowing wink.
"Go get her, stud!"
Don't actually know who "she" is, but of course he's after a mare. Unless…
"Or is it 'go get him?' Not that I'm judging, of course."
"So, Darkwhisper, Sweet Potato. I'm glad we were able to meet each other. Take care out there, all right? I know you'll go places."


I'll just be going.


"Hey you two.." Pull out that seed. "I doubt I'll use. You want it?"


There is a heavy guard presence here. Many stayed to ensure things calmed down after the cultists were arrested.
She and Calming Breeze are looking out over the sea
"Hello Blossom."
Sweet Potato smiles, and pulls out several
"I have plenty, thanks.
If nothing else, let it be proof of your triumph over Tirek and his servants."
Darkwhisper looks you in the eyes
"Be a better dad than mine was, ok?"


"Lady Sunset.
What will you be doing now?"


As can be expected.
Ask one of the guards where the inn is.


Look a little disturbed.
"Very well then."


"Of course! So, when you going to meet each other's parents?"
"…Huh. Forgot I had one."
Start a bit. I hadn't even thought of that…
Look back into his eyes and nod.
"I'll… do my best. Just… remember your dad's sacrifice in the end, okay? He might not have been the best but… in the end, he did the right thing."


"Well, I have my Calming now. So we're off to find new adventures"
"We'll need some new company though. Whimsyshine deserves his rest."
"Around the corner there. Drink responsibly."
"Yeah… you're right.
…thanks dad…"


"..Uh.. we soon probably."


Get to the inn.


"I might want to put adventuring past me, at least for the next few months.
Prayers and rest are what I need."


"Are we invited to the wedding, or are you afraid we'd embarrass you?"
"Remember, everyone deserves a second chance. Now go change the world like hardheaded stallions like you always do."
Now off to canterlot!


Smirk. "Will you be wearing a dress or a tux?"


It's mostly guardsponies here. A few travelers.
"Well, I want to have my life before me, not behind me. But I wish you nothing but happiness my friend."
Skip on ahead, or wait for the others?


Hug her too, and then I'm almost ready…
Just gotta talk with Grace.


Ask the innkeep for a room.
A private room.


He is admiring the sun
"Alright… uh, for how long? Just the night?"


Sit by him, afmiring the rest of the world under Her sun.
Look, about what happened…"


"…go on"


"Just the night."


"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking clearly. What happened shouldn't have."


"Alright. Payment up front, then."
"I think the temple was to blame for that."


I can wait for the others.
Scrunch angrily.
"Hey! That's not funny!"


"Y-yeah, must have been the only explanation."
Look at the 'ground' we stand on, unsure…
Then, hug him.
"Best of luck in your travels, Grace."


"Oh for crying out loud, would you two KISS ALREADY?!"


If I could flip you off, I would.
Alas, I have hooves.


'1d10' clonk you on the back of the head for that.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Same to you, Blossom. Find peace on your journey. Sun knows you deserve it."
You slam his face into the dirt, making Silk gasp


"Blugh… OW. What was that for?"


Let go of him and finally reach Ember.
Pick him up from the dirt and slap the mud away.
"Now, if you'd be a civilized pony for a minute…"


"You were ruining their moment."


"Ow! All right all right, I'm listening!"


Hug him.


Blink, then return the hug.


Throw some bits on the bar.


"I will miss you, Ember."


I'm ready for my epilogue


"I'll miss you too, Blossom. Take care of yourself, okay?"


Nod in the hug, and then let go.
"Where will you go now?"


"First I'm headed back to Canterlot to take any flak we might get, then, well… me and Silk are headed back home in the empire. How about you?"


"I doubt we will get flak for killing a god of darknes…
I will go to Canterlot too.
Gotta pay respect to a friend and then…
I might finally try and meet the sisters."


"'might' nothing. We're strolling right into canterlot castle to tell them to their faces exactly what we just did."


"We are…"


Nod "And Cadence after that."


"And Cadence after that."


"Yep. We ought to get a couple statues out of this. Maybe even a promotion or two!"


#Whisper: Epilogue
As you enter your room, you find a sock on the bed. Inside, is a map. A map signed by the Boss.
Following this map for the next few days, you eventually reach a secluded area far off the beaten path in the mountainous regions of Equestria. There, in a cave network overlooking the dangerously narrow cliffs, you find what you had been looking for. A new haven for those the world turned its back on. And the leader of these forsaken ponies - their Boss. Your Boss. The Boss.
Over time, she learned to truly respect and admire your skills and resolve, eventually growing quite close to you. After all, you were the only lordblades there. Two old shadows brought together by shared beliefs.
Under your rule, many more "unwanted" ponies will vanish without a trace, thought dead by their enemies, brought to new life here in your secret haven.
The world will never know your legacy. But at the end of the day… that's not so bad.
Not with someone like her at your side.


"I'm not a paladin though!"


And that's the story of how I didn't become the demons
Thanks for running DM


"Well, you could have fooled me. Either way, the princesses are going to be very proud of you."


Move on to Canterlot, or go straight to epilogues?


Canterlot plz. I want to embarrass myself in front of Celestia.


I'm fading out here.


one of those.


Your arrival to Canterlot is met with a royal reception. Word of your success, and arrival via Gatewyrm had made it here before you, and they were waiting.
Well, not everyone, obviously. But many key figures, including Lord Falconwreath.
And Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadence.


Blink and try to process this.
"Well… this is quite the reception, isn't it honey?"


I'm kinda frozen solid now.


"Indeed. I'm not surprised though. I told the messenger to hurry before we got here."
"We understand you are the ones who braved the darkness and defeated Tirek's cult on Midnight Isle"
"If this is the case, present proof, and you will be duly rewarded"


Do not faint?

Roll #1 1 = 1


shit. auto bow activated.
"Of course My goddesses."
Grab the crystal thing from whoever has it and put it at their hooves.


"Um… Of course!"
Looks like Coral's got it…
"Uh… wow. You three a lot taller than I imagined."


Princess Celestia holds you upright with magic.
"You have done well, my little ponies"
"A grand victory, surely."
"For your bravery, we both salute you, and humbly ask if there is any way we can reward you."


That's the only way I'm staying up.


"Um… wow. Sorry, but, uh… my friend seems to be a bit… Excuse us for a moment while we compose ourselves…"
"Blossom, are you okay?"




My hooves are shining on their own.
"It was you three who gave us the strength so go on.. Fire Blossom here was truly a beacon for us.
And.. Cadence.. I.. it is so great to meet you. I saw your image in the darkness.. I knew you were watching over me. Supporting me. And all I ask.. is that I be allowed to stop.. I want live in canterlot with my true love.." Gesture to cloud. "And perhaps show others what I've learned."


"So share and spread love is among the noblest goals a pony can have. You have my blessing."


"Thank you. I am truly honored."
I just stare awestruck at her.


"Uh, well… It's such an honor to stand before you three today. To be honest, I was certain we'd be getting in trouble when we got back. Facing Tirek wasn't without cost…
…But I can't help but fear that we haven't seen the last of such threats. Someday, something similar might rise against Equestria once again. If that day comes to pass…
All I ask is that I be in a position where I can help the defenders of the empire prepare for such a day. To help the ponies tasked with defending everyone be able to best do their jobs."


"Tell me your name, so I may place it in my hall of heroes."
"And how would you wish this position to be granted to you? A noble title, perhaps?"


Stand tall for this shining bright and pink.
"Coral Burst."


"Um, I already have that… Lord Ember Dawn, of House Angelite, at your service, your majesties… What I'm asking for is… Not to sound self-serving, but… I have a talent for leadership, and… it was that talent that helped me persevere on Midnight Island. A position of command would be where I could best use that talent… though I feel as though it is not my place to ask for such a thing."


The moves forward and gives you a hug
"You did good, Coral Burst. I'm proud of you."


"You prevented the further spread of a dangerous cult and the return of a great evil. Equestria is in your debt. And if such a time will arise again, we will know to grant you a place of command within our ranks."


"T-thank you, your majesties. Though, uh… Princess Cadence? May I ask you something of a… private nature? It, uh… concerns the nature of love…"
Blush and look away.


"Speak your mind"


"My clinic, I would like to go back to it or to find any way to use the knowledge we've gained to help others. We have learned so much that I wish to put to use to help as many as possible."


"Very well, doctor. If there is anything you find you need in your research, it shall be yours by royal decree."


"Well, uh…"
Lean in and whisper so I'm not overheard.
"See, Silk here, we love each other, but when it comes to the bedroom… well, she likes to watch while I get… you know… by other stallions. That… that's not blasphemous, is it? I mean, it's fun, but… Is it wrong?"


"Thank you. I'll do everything in my, our," turn to Primrose, "capabilities to help all those in need."


"Lord Ember, I'm not the princess of that sort of thing. That is between ponies. I merely embody the more general concept of love."
"An honorable goal. Is there anything else you wish of us?"


Blush and look away.
"Sorry… just… after what I saw in their… 'temple of love'… I just wanted to be sure."
By the way, what's going to happen to Sunsong?


Unless you hire him, he will go find employment elsewhere.


"So, um… Sunsong… Do you still want to work for me, or… would you rather go your own way?"


"That you place your trust with us is enough. Thank you for everything you have done for all of us."


Feeling Cadence so close, I hug her back and tears of joy stream down my shimmering cheeks. Its all I ever hoped to hear. In my mind and my heart, this moment will last forever.


#Coral: Epilogue
Following their adventures together, Coral married Cloudcover, who continued in active guard duty in Canterlot. Coral found a living in training young promising ponies at the Paladin Academy, and eventually spread this training to her own many children.
Some would wonder if such a quiet closing chapter fits a hero as great as one who defeated Tirek himself, but in their hearts they both knew they wouldn't change this anything in the world.

"I am a guard at heart. If you need a guard, then your money is as good as anyone's. At least I know you."
"No. Thank you for saving Equestria."


"Great! I hope you don't mind the cold; winter in the Empire tends to last a while."


I'll take a bow at this.



#Ember: Epilogue
Returning to the Crystal Empire, Lord Ember Dawn married Smooth Silk soon afterwards. His wisdom in leadership was consulted several times over the coming years by the Equestrian military when dealing with uprisings and cultist activity, and he earned a decent bit of respect for this even in his homeland. His private antics also were the source of many rumors, but nopony who ever had a chance to see them up close ever dared disclose any details to official records. Eventually he sired heirs, putting an end to most of the cruelest rumors. Though debate remained open whether those heirs were only begotten for that exact purpose.
Only the Lord and Lady know. And they aren't telling~

#Epilogue: Dr. Jonica
Returning to his work after a harrowing adventure, Jonica found out the extent of the changes in Primrose following her repeated exposure to the energies of Midnight Island. Over the coming years, he cultivated this primitive, budding sentience into something almost pony-like, over countless hours spent teaching and modifying her. The nature of her intelligence, and its origins which traced back to dark magic, meant her kind could never be replicated. But what he lost in scientific discovery, he gained in companionship. Projects started and ended, but Primrose stayed with him to THE END.


#Fire Blossom: Epilogue
Fire Blossom was given a honorary position in the Royal Palace by Celestia upon hearing of her contributions and displays of power. She even found a small moment of retribution as she was tasked with visiting her old church to heal an ailing sister. In time, she grew to minor fame among pilgrims, as her efforts to aid them at the end of their long journeys gave new life to even the most tired legs. She was also eventually given two statues - one among the great statue in Canterlot depicting the heroes who helped stop Tirek's return, and another in the Royal Castle of the Sisters, holding a light that helped guide pilgrims to a place where they could rest. It is said that of all the statues in the castle, it was hers that had the most genuine smile.

#NPCs: Epilogue
Whimsyshine and Grandheart
With his extensive mutations, Whimsyshine no longer had a place out in the public eye. He retired to spend his remaining days in a secluded home away from prying eyes. Grandheart spent those final years with his old friend, keeping him company and doing errands for him as needed. When Whimsyshine eventually passed away from complications brought on by his mutated body, Grandheart carried his memory with him on all his adventures since.

Blazing Sunset and Calming Breeze
Though disowned by her royal house for marrying someone like Calming Breeze, Blazing Sunset left her pampered life behind with a laugh and a flick of her tail, dedicating herself to living life to the freest and fullest, never settling down, never bowing to anyone, and never taking no for an answer. A life that, though maybe half as long, was certainly twice as bright.

Dulltooth and Fern
Dulltooth retired to New Silent Lake to live with Fern. They never got to raise children of their own, but they became very popular among the local kids for generations, becoming something of an unofficial uncle and aunt to every kid in town.
Fern kept the basket for the rest of her life, saying it was the place she felt most comfortable and safe in.

Sweet Potato and Darkwhisper
With Glorious Grace gone, Sweet Potato found new purpose in her life in hew new adopted son. Darkwhisper had many lessons to learn about forgiveness and learning to see the good in ponies, but he was a strong willed and clever colt, who, in time, grew up to be a wise and thoughtful stallion. When Sweet Potato grew too old for the open road, he took up her mantle and set off to spread her teachings to others, in his… own way.
Let those who fail to heed his words tremble.

Glorious Grace
Having faced many challenges, within and without, Grace found new strength within himself to go on and seek a new path in life. His journey took him across Equestria, and where ever he went, those in need of aid found it in him. But not only through violence, not any more. He opened up to solving problems in other ways, following the sun as Sweet Potato had taught him - not just as its blazing hot fury, but also as its gentle warming embrace.

Sunsong moved to the Crystal Empire to serve under Lord Ember Dawn. It was something of an uneventful life, but that was the kind of life he liked anyway. At least the lord was easier to watch than Lady Sunset.

The Gatewyrm and its Caretakers
The Gatewyrm left the dark and swam off into the light, where no Dark One could chase it any more. Its Caretakers rejoiced, for they were, at last, safe.


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