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The party has arrived to Silent Lake Town Square.
The sun has set, and fog is rolling in from the lake. Visibility on the streets is poor, and there seem to be no lights on in the town hall. Though most of the windows have been boarded shut or otherwise covered, so it's unlikely light sources would even be visible.
It is quiet. Very quiet.

Cloudcover takes a look around
"The front door has long since collapsed. We will need another way inside. Possibly through the side building."


"I could try and dig through. Think that would work?"


I turn to Dulltooth. "Back there was pretty rough on everyone. How are you holding up so far?"


"Dig, doggy, dig!"


"Does anyone need some medical attention? Now would be the best time to mention aches and pains."


"My ears still hurt from Coral's singing, but that's it."



"Well, I still have some splinters from getting through the door, but other than that I'm fine."


"Then my prescription is to wait it out, but don't hesitate to let me know if it gets worse."


"I'll give you a treat if you do it!"


"Dust not that scary. Giggly voice perhaps more so."
Cloudcover looks at the mess
"Lots of old nails and wood shrapnel. It's up to you, but I'd be careful.
Digging under is unlike to work. Most of these places have solid stone-lined basements and tons of old, now underground walls."


"I will."

"You know what would be a real treat? You shutting up for once."

"I'll see how bad it is."
Rub my paws and carefully start to dig through the rubble.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You manage to avoid getting tetanus on the first scoop.
There's an entire collapsed balcony here. Getting through will take a while


"I think we're all on edge right now. The sooner we can get out of here, the better."
Look around for a side door or window we can use. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Tsk, I was just poking fun. You deserve it after what you said earlier."


"I'm trying to focus here."

Well a doc is near at least.
Get to work.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll have my assistant assist Cassie with the dig. Not worries about infection there. '1d10'

I'll help Amber look for an alternate entrance. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Tap my hooves while waiting.


The place is boarded shut pretty tight. But there is what seems to be a side door near the back of the side building, partly buried in dirt.
By the time you're maybe a quarter way in, you tear your palm open on a rusty nail. The helpful mechanical assistant gets to work patching it up.


"Hey, there's a door over here!" Walk over and inspect the door. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Ow, damnit!
Stupid place, why is it even falling apart?"


"I'll get our Diamond Dog compatriot for this one."

"We may have found an alternate route, but we might require your paws, if isn't too much trouble."


"Most places we visit are in a worse state than this, Cassie."


"Why can't we go to nice places…"

"I'm coming, I'm coming."
Dirt is easier to dig.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You were an archeologist, correct? What other places have you been to?"


"Dulltooth, could you help her with that?" [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's a painful dig with a split open hand, but after some blood and sweat you unearth a rusty, long-forgotten door. By the looks of it, someone tried to bury it ages ago but did a crap job at it. The lock is rusted shut but the hinges are barely even there. Kicking it down should be trivial.


"Here and there. Could you patch my paw up real quick? That nail did a job on it."


"Don't act like you don't enjoy this stuff!"

"Anywhere we are able to."


Knock on the door.
"'Ello, 'ello, this is the EIRS! You 'ave several 'unerd yeah's o' unpaid backtaxes, an' we're heah to collect!"


"I'd enjoy some luxury every now and then too."


"Primrose can attend to that."

Heal '1d10'

"But tell me, how did the two of you meet? You're quite 'candid' with each other."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Please don't ask her that, don't even let her get started."


"Hey, don't be rude!"


The hand is soon repaired to workable condition.
It will leave a it of a mark, but nothing more.
No answer. The fog grows thicker around you.


"I don't know how I went so long without Primrose. I could never give her up now. But this fog is terrible, let's get inside at least."

Try to get in if the door is open.


"I just don't want you to get yourself into that story again."



"Fine, my lips are sealed then!"


Shrug. "Well, we tried the polite route." Break down the door [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You'll need to tell me the story when this is all done."

"My colleagues said I should end such statements with, 'promise'?"


"An evil wizard cursed me with a terrible fate worse than any other.
The next day I met her.
The end."


"If Cassie can stop being such a grump about it."


With a simple kick, the door breaks loose.
Inside you can see dirt that leaked in from the loose door frame. The door leads to a small corridor that has two sets of metal bars in the middle, and a side room near it. Possibly a security checkpoint from back when the place saw official use. Old and rusty like most things here, getting through should not be a problem.


"Do we break down this too?"


"HA HA! Come on, everyone! These "ghosts" have been nothing but tricks and illusions! If this is the extent of their defenses, then surely our task is an easy one, for we are not so easily scared by childish attempts to unsettle us with paltry smoke and mirrors!"
Inspire to make party brave [1d10+1]

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Let's not damage the building anymore. We'll investigate first and determine from there."

Let's look at the security checkpoint, maybe there are papers about this place.


Supreme surivor then, is there a key for those metal bars?


Some of the bars have old bloodstains on them.
It would be easier to feel confident about that if you could make yourself unsee the ghostly figure of a pony briefly appearing in the checkpoint booth window.
When you try to look again, it seems to be gone.
There is a window that lets whoever is in the checkpoint booth to see into the cage. It is reinforced with bars, probably in case someone tried breaking in.
Cloudcover looks around
"Most likely used to check those entering for weapons, and as a defensive layer against potential threats coming in via the door."
Yes. On the table behind the checkpoint window.
Reaching it will require you to break the glass though.


"Stand back."
I'm going to get injured again for these ponies aren't I.
Why can't they have digits like normal people?
Break the glass with my elbow.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Are you damaged?"


It seems the glass did not hurt the dog this time.


"I'm fine."

Reach in and grab the key.


"Cassie, you big dummy, I could have used my telekinesis for that."


Are there any weapons laying inside the checkpoint? If the purpose was to confiscate any weapons, there should be some laying around. [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I trust my paws more than I trust your magic. I want to keep my pants on this time."


As you touch the key, you see a glimpse of a pony's shadow reaching for your hand. It vanishes before it can touch you.
There are some spears and clubs. Possibly used by the guards to subdue or attack those in the cage.


Silly ponies, they can't wait a second, can they.
"I've got it, jeez, be patient!"
Take it and open the metal door/bar/cell.


Let's take a look past those bars.


You unlock the other cage door and allow access to the rest of the building.
There are some stretchers here, along with ropes and leather straps. Perhaps this area was used to bring in wounded guards?
You can also access the security booth from here via its door if you want to have a look around inside.


Take some of the rope, that might come in handy.
Open the door to the booth too, anything valuable?
Supreme Survivor for spot check.


I'll look for some supplies in the booth.


Scavenge the straps and anything else that looks useful. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


There are some books, including logbooks in the security booth, as well as a decayed note pinned to the wall
It reads

Secure possessed patients firmly
Do NOT attempt to communicate with possessed patients
Pacify violent patients
Eliminate dangerous patients
Log all incoming patients


Scratch my head.
"The heck is this about?


"… Patients?"


"Eliminate dangerous patients? That is not proper procedure."

Look through the log books, is there any patterns or visitors I could recognize? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well, that's not disturbing in the slightest." Look through a few of the books. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


The amounts of patients logged seem to grow in clear waves, and then cut off completely for months before slowly starting again.
Not a single patient has been logged as "cured" or even "released"
One of the books is open. It's about how to protect oneself from angry spirits of the dead.


Look through a book myself.
"I thought this was town hall?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"This place must wasn't a hospital, it was Quarantine zone. None that entered here 'possessed' left."



Roll #1 6 = 6


"This is new…"


"It might have been, but in an emergency, we're trained to use whatever is available. A town hall has plenty of rooms, and staff trained in handling paperwork. This one already seems to have had some decent security."


"So they made it into a hospital?"


"No, a hospital has a chance of healing people. This would be more akin to a prison, a death ward."


Put on my 'not amused' face.
"Great, just what we needed."


"Sorry, but it seems no one who was checked in left. However, we are walking in of our own will. Perhaps there lies our saving grace."


You pick up a note

#Please bring all full logs to the Archives in the Town Hall.
If you are unable to bring them in person, please ask for a guard or courier to handle it.
Asylum Doctors and Exorcists are not to be tasked with patient log transportation. They do not have keys to the Town Hall sections.

[-while most ghosts are simply incorporeal beings, some can possess dead bodies or even living ponies. To ward them off, wear charms of faith and ensure you make up for any ill deeds you may have done against the dead. Vengeful ghosts who know you have been known to amplify in power when attacking.
If possessed, seek an exorcist as soon as possible. Signs of possession include paranoia, hallucinations, sensations of dread, loss of sleep, bouts of anger, blackouts and hearing voices.]


"I don't know about this, Cassie… I've got a bad feeling about this place. Like when we went into that burial tomb and that mummy started chasing us…"


This place was turned into an asylum for freakshows and loonies."
Toss the note behind my back.
"Let's just get past this place fast, find that mirror, go back to town, and have some sleep."


"We're here with a purpose, not an order to be locked up. We'll find what we need and move on, quickly, preferably."


"Locked up by who? Ghosts? I just don't like how no one thought this was anything worth mentioning about the town!"


"Anyone have some spare charms of faith?"


Cloudcover opens the door leading out and shines some light around with his torch


Walk over.



"What did you find?"


"What is it this time?"


The door opens to a hallway of what appear to be cells. The far end of the hallway is entire collapsed.
"This place looks like something of a dead end."

There is a noteboard outside the security room door. There are a few notes on it.


Read those notes!


"Just our luck."
Check the notes.


Go look at the notes. If this was used as a makeshift hospital, I will need them.


#Cell 19 is not to be used until repairs are complete. Diamond dog patient severely damaged the east wall.


Start checking the cells. [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Well this is convinient."


"It must have been a large Dog to get through some of these bindings."


Cell 19 seems to be towards the end of the corridor. As you walk there, you can't help but feel like you can hear an extra set of hoofsteps, but as you stop, they are nowhere to be heard.
…maybe it was an echo?

All the cells have barred observation slits.
You can peek in or just kick the door down.


Kick it down.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Wait, there might be something inside! Remember that nothing left here!"


Kick it down, just like the last one! [1d10+1]

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Something like what? Spooky scary skeletons?"


"Or contaminated cells and and uncleaned tools. Ghosts may have started this, but there are plenty of diseases that can spread if proper procedures were not followed."


You stub your toe. It's a heavy iron door.
You instead pull it to open it. It wasn't locked, since it wasn't in use.

Cloudcover shines his torch inside. There are deep claw marks on the floor, several bloodstains on nearly everything, a large dent on the inside of the door, and a considerable hole that has been dug through the east wall stripping away the rock and revealing what looks like a far older wood wall.


"As much as I'm up for underground exploration, do we not have any other options?"


"I'll try not to eat with any of the bloody spoons then."

"Looks comfy."
Let's just move, towards the wood wall."


inspect the wood wall. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm really glad this place is abandoned…"




"Well if I haven't lost all sense of direction, this wall should lead us closer to the town hall itself. There may be no need to go underground."
It's old. Possibly a wall from an old burned down building from the town's past.
You feel something pass between your legs.
It felt cold, but this time there is no way it was a draft…


Look down.
"The heck… I think there are rats down here!
Try not to get bitten."


I roll my eyes.


Try to bust through the wall. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


You smack the wall a few times with limited effect.
More strength is required


Help him.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Use my shield for greater effect. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


A dog is good at finishing a dog's work. You break through to what is a fairly unmistakable smell of burnt things.
You peek in and notice there is something of a drop. The floor of the cell must not be aligned properly with whatever room was on the other side.


Look around, what was burnt here?


I'll help trying to identify those things.


At least the dead guy in the corner.
Odds are this is part of an older building that burned down in one of the fires. That would explain the older wood and style.
Now all you need to do is find a way to get back up to the proper town hall from here.


"Mind the drop, everyone." I enter through the hole Cassie made. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


You fail to mind the drop, and fall on another dead guy.


"Well I have to drink a few beers to get this memory out of my mind."
Look around for ways to leave this place.


Help her up.

"They may have been dead for a while, but I'd still rather not roll around in them."


"T-thanks. Oh jeepers, I'm going to need a shower after this…"


It seems a much newer wall was hastily put up blocking this small space out. The room you are standing in is more of an alcove really. Possibly a walk-in storage closet of old. The new wall looks like it was put there only a few years ago. Well after the town was abandoned.


Tap on the newer wall and listen. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


It's thin. You can hear some hoofsteps, but it's impossible to tell if they are coming from the room behind the thin wall.


Kick down the wall.
"We're roughing this place up, aren't we."

Roll #1 1 = 1


This should be good.


"Alright Dulltooth, help me out with this." We work together to knock down the wall.
Me [1d10]
Dull [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Cassie kicks at the wall, making her leg fly straight through.
However, the rest of the wall holds, leaving her hanging by that leg on the jagged hole, splintered edges grinding into places she absolutely do not want them in. As she struggle to get loose, something clamps down on her leg. It is cold, slimy and apparently starving given the vigor it gnaws with. She scream, doing your best to pull yourself loose
Dulltooth comes to her aid, his powerful hands grabbing around the base of her leg and holding on tight as he pulls back, making whatever grabbed the leg only bite down harder.
As this is doing nothing but pulling Cassie's pants to shreds, He instead decides to force the issue in the other direction and rams directly into her, smashing the wall with her body before landing on top of her.
Amber tries to follow with the torch but slips, tossing into the room. A loud roar later, the entire room is alight. Several sacks of unknown substances merrily burning, releasing a sharp, oddly sweet smoke.
With all the fire, it's easy to see around in the room. This was clearly a storage room of some sort. There was a table and many chairs, as well as makeshift beds and weapon racks.
Half a dozen dead ponies are in the room. It looks like they were all trying to escape, or fight something off. The door at the top of the stairway is still locked though. Locked from the inside. The pony closest to it has a wooden stake driven through the back of his head.
Another, similar stake has been hammered into Cassie's leg.
And in the middle of the room lies the doll with no eyes, still holding her hammer, and still bleeding from her head.

Cassie is helpless.
You will need to escape before you burn to death.


Get up, somehow!
Use my sword as a crutch!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"WE. ARE. LEAVING." Help Cassie up. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


"LUNA'S BLUE BALLS! What is that!?"

Pull her the fuck away with my telekinesis

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You stand up shakily and take a step, at which point your abused leg gives way in what a culinary review would call a moist yet crunchy noise. You pull off some very acrobatic splits and in the process cause irreparable damage to your already much suffered pants.
The impact leaves many unmentionable places on you throbbing and numb. Walking may not be an option until you get some healing, or at least get that leg popped back in place.
Cloudcover bucks the lock off the door


Tear up silently from one eye with a scrunch.
"I hate everything so much."
Try to crawl to the exit!

Roll #1 2 = 2


We've got to help Cassie get out of here!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Damnit! Dulltooth, help me carry her!"
We carry her out the door. [1d10] [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Dulltooth tries to grab Cassie in a less than gentlemanly hold but >>515530 Eira kicks him away and carries her out herself.

You manage to escape the fire, and Cloudcover shuts the door before jamming a chair against it.
"Ok… I think…. we made it. This should… be… the city hall.
Everyone ok?"


"Oh, I'm fine.
I can't stand on my leg which I think is broken and gnawed on, I don't feel my crotch, my pants are gone and I almost burned to death, but apart from that?
All is dandy."


"Here, let's see if we can use these leather straps to form a makeshift splint." [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Looks dislocated more than broken."
Cloudcover tries to snap it back into place '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I let out a deep sigh.
"You're alive… Thank god we got out of there."


With a bit of fiddling the leg is back where it should be, and can at least be walked on to a reasonable degree.

You can hear wailing in the upper levels, soon followed by a crash


"Why am I always the one to get hurt?"

Stand then.
"If anyone sees some pants, do tell me…."


"Dulltooth, let her lean on you for support. We need to get moving." Look around for a way out. [1d10+1]

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Accept his help.
"Keep your paws at appropriate places this time too."


"I don't know… but this place is nothing but trouble. I'm sorry you got hurt, I should have reacted quicker."


"Don't beat yourself over it."


Attempt to make Cassie some pants using the leather straps. [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


You make something of a leather hula skirt
"Not like you'd feel it."
Dulltooth raises a brow and then nods
"If the boss insists."
There is a major staircase leading up on the side of the main hall. Several doors also lead off from it, labeled
[Waiting Room]
[Archive] [Authorized Personnel Only]
And a metal door labeled [RESTRICTED AREA]
The door you came in from is marked [Storage] [Authorized Personnel Only]
A sign near the stairs reads
#Second Floor
[Mayor's Office]
[Town Official Offices]


"That's not an excuse!"

"The Mayor's Office seems like our best bet."


Dulltooth just keeps a little smile on his face


Narrow my eyes.
"I'm watching you."


"Alright, it's a place to start. Just… be careful on the stairs, alright?" Go up the stairs, staying between Cassie and the railing.


"I feel like a granny… I really hope it will be in his office and we can just leave."


"Watch any part of me you like."
You help her onto the stairs and start climbing.
As you ascend, you hear a cry of pain from somewhere up there. You press on and turn to the final portion of the winding stairs, and as you look up to the second floor, you see a pale, translucent pony stare down at you.
Or he would stare, if he had any eyes.


"Guys, I think I'm seeing things."


"There's no shame in accepting help from others when you need it."
"Good evening there! We're looking for an ancient magical artifact; have you seen it?"


He walks away without a word


"… Okay. That's not creepy at all!"


"ooooookay…let's just find our stuff and go!
Right? Right."


"Well, at least he didn't seem hostile like everything else we've met. Let's find the mayor's office."
Continue up the stairs.


At the top of the stairs you find notable signs of a struggle. Furniture has been broken, bloodstains can be seen here and there, and one of the town officials' doors has been smashed.


"We aren't the first one to rough up the place it seems."


"No shit! Didn't you see all those bodies earlier!?"


How fresh are the bloodstains? [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


Very. Probably less than an hour.
A blast of energy bursts from the room, accompanied with an otherworldly howl.


"How could I miss them?"

Ready my sword.
"That sounds like trouble!"


Put myself between the room and the rest of the group and raise my shield. "Come out, or we're coming in!"


"Joy of my life!"
Ready my crossbow.


"Brave to the end, Glorious?"
"Brave to the end, Sweet. Let them come. Hope dies last."


"Keep the volume down, will you?"


I frown.
"What? Who are you!"


"…I don't think they're ghosts, Glorious"
"Nobody here but ghosts and us, Sweet. You saw how it is. The closer we come to death, the more they started talking."


"We only just got here!"


"Wait, are you two the ghost hunters we heard about back in the town? How the hell did you two survive this long? We've already got injured, and we're a pretty large group!"


"Paladin Glorious Grace, Celestia's eternal servant"
"And Sweet Potato, priestess of Luna and the night."


"So you are them then.
Well, it's nice to see you are still alive."



Whisper to her
"Watch out, they might be here to spoil the fun again!"


"As long as we make it out alive I can hardly care."


"That damned filly has been trying to kill us for days now."
"We are fairly sure whatever gives it power is held here. Probably in the mayor's office as it's the most well secured part of this town."
"We made it this far even after the thing collapsed a balcony on us at the front door. Ghost activity has gone haywire as well. They were just watching at first but now the things are everywhere."


"Are you sure it's ghosts?"


"You tell me what else that eyeless beast was just now if not a ghost!"
"Perhaps you saw the filly. I believe her name was Sleepyhead, or at least that name seems to be on one of the last gravestones in the graveyard, and the ages match.
She seems very fond of… nailing things down. Possibly out of fear that otherwise they will get up and leave. Like everyone did when the town was abandoned…"


"So, is it like, black magic? A nercomancer or something?"


"Sounds like some kind of foul magic to me…"


"For all we know it's one pissed off ghost of a dead kid who didn't like that her parents moved away after she died"
"To have such anger that it granted her so much power over this place… Terrible."


"Well you're paladins aren't you? Can't you fix this with your own magical powers?"


"What do you think we've been trying to do here?"
"We have made it this far, but it has not been easy. We were getting overwhelmed, and hunkered down to rest here before the final push."
"If there will be a final push."
"Hope dies last, Grace."


"What stops you from getting in the mayor's office?"


"And let me guess, you're going to ask us to help with that now?"


"Wait… There's blood in this hallway. Whose blood is it?"


Grace turns his head. His other eye looks oddly sunken and hollow
"A ghost does not simply attack the body. It rends the soul in equal."
"I've done what I can…"
"Mine. I'm surprised there's still some left inside me."
"HA! That's a good one. Hear that Sweet? These tourists came here to save us."
"Calm down Grace… maybe-"
"MAYBE WHAT? Maybe I am too weak to make it?
…maybe I am…"


"We might not be able to do anything about the soul, but we've got a doctor here who might be able to help fix you up."


"That didn't tell me much."


"I'm an adventurer, not a tourist."


A sharp laugh echoes through the building
It feels as if the fog from outside is seeping into the buildings, covering the floors.
"Grace, we may not have options."
"To think we cleared the way for them like this… only to be forced to yield the final battle…"


"Just speak like a normal person, for Pete's sake!"


"As I just explained to my friend with the injured leg, there is no shame in admitting you need the help of others. After all, you two worked together to get this far, did you not? How is working with us to vanquish this evil any different?"
Inspire to raise their spirits. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


The only spirits being raised are those of the restless dead. And they have come for you. Dragging the heavy stones that were bound to their bodies, dripping water from their cut and burnt bodies, their gouged out eyes still somehow glimmering with embers of sheer fury, they slowly phase through the walls and converge on you.
And above all this, the piercing voice of a filly echoes through the halls
Nopony will ever walk away from me again! I will not be abandoned! Not left alone! NEVER!

"She was the mayor's daughter. Go, she must have manifested there. The office has a view over the entire town. That must be where she chose to stay."


"What, and leave you to die? I don't think so!"
Face the spirits and defiantly bash my sword against my shield.
Inspire the others with this act of defiance. [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


In this moment of defiance you hear a massive roar that shatters the windows of the room.
Looking out you hear the lake wailing and stirring. The beast has awoken.
And it hungers.


"Can we just blow this place up instead? I've got explosives!"


"This… is bad.
Eira, if we don't make it, I want you to know that you could be really annoying at times."
Get my sword out and head towards the Mayor's office.


I take a deep breath and go after her.


"…Well, shit." Turn to the two. "I promise, we'll be right back. Just… Hold on. Just for a little bit longer."


"And what of the Mirror?" reminds Cloudcover
You rush past the advancing ghosts. A sickly glow surrounds the mayor's office. That really must be it…


"Luna watch over us in our darkest night… grant us your shield… your watchful eyes…"
The Paladin's first strike blasts a few ghosts back, giving the rest of you a clear run out to the corridor and into the mayor's office


Ram myself into the door!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Smash through the door with a furious battle cry! [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Maybe Dulltooth will have better luck? [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


You slam against the door
Dulltooth then slams against her, knocking then door down and landing on top of her.
You then smash Dulltooth with a furious battle cry, making his curl up and whimper on top of Cassie

Inside, a ghostly filly stands on the mayor's desk, her mane flowing in an unseen wind, her eyes radiating foul light, her voice a mix of the voice of a small filly and a grown stallion, making an unsettling combination.
In her hooves she holds the eyeless doll with a hammer.
You should not have come here. This is my room. And you are not allowed in here.
You are hurting my friends, you are hurting my home, you are hurting my feelings, and words of all you hurt my doll!

Ghosts float in through the walls, weapons readied
The lake boils and heaves, a great shadow looking just below the surface
And in the corner of the room stands a great, black mirror. The Mirror of Inner Demons.


Roll out of under the pile and stand up.
"We'll just take that mirror and be on our way!"


"What in the grand fucking hell!?"
Try and grab the mirror with my telekinesis!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"I am Amber Dawn of House Angelite, Third-born of Ardent the Fifteenth, and I AM SICK OF YOUR SHIT!!!" Leap of Faith to cut her precious doll in half. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Dulltooth, grab the mirror!" [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9



Inure myself against spectral assaults first.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


The ghost filly screams, ripping the room asunder all around you. Distances distort and you find yourself and the others lost adrift in what may as well be an arena built from the shattered remains of the room's walls, now filled with thick spectral fog. Glimpses of the room still fade in and out in your peripheral vision. Flashes of the mirror. Of the bookshelf. Of the mayor's chair and the window it was facing. And of the angered, awoken lake waiting to crawl out and devour this town once again.
The filly and her spectral sacrifices are blocking your way. And her grin is outright evil as she hugs her doll, pulling out a wooden nail.
Stay. Forever.

#Ghost Filly - 20/1
Hammer Doll - 5/1
Sacrificed Hero A 10/1
Sacrificed Hero B 10/1
Sacrificed Hero C 10/1



You face the ghost filly and three ghost sacrifices.
Down the corridor Glorious Grace and Sweet Potato are fighting off the ghost horde that is slowly floating over to the building.
The stinging stench of the smoke from the burning basement is making your eyes water, and the fog seems to be seeping into the room, giving it an unearthly feel.
And the Mirror sits there in the corner of the room, seemingly miles out of reach as reality distorts around you, showing you twisted visions of the world around you.


"Everyone here!?"

"Primrose, stay close for now!"


Haha time for dance of blades on these motherfuckers.
Start with the doll

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Rolling until I'm helpless.

Roll #1 5, 5, 9, 7, 8 + 2 = 36


Moar '5d10'

Roll #1 7, 7, 2, 10, 7 = 33


Shake my head and stare her down. "Stop this game little girl."
'1d10' Shatter the doll. "Or I will stop it for you."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"No choice but to strike, it seems."

I'll go after Hero A with Primrose's assistance.

Dual Tonfa '2d10'
Primrose's Great Weapon '1d10'

Roll #1 7, 6 = 13 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Well if the +2 is in effect for every roll then I'll keep going

Roll #1 9, 5, 2, 9, 3 = 28



Roll #1 3 = 3


+2 to Dance of Blades only applies to the initial roll, not the extra ones.


Okay that's it.


Well that's still a lot of rolls.


Get my weapon ready.
"Creepy doll ghost please just die."


"Dulltooth, crush the zombie on the right, I'll take the one on the left!
Dulltooth's Slam [1d10]
my basic attack [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1


You leap at the doll, cracking its delicate porcelain face, revealing bloodied red flesh underneath. Whisper forces his blades into these cracks, stabbing and prying until the doll explodes into fragments of white shell and shreds of bloody meat, and keeps going at the ghost herself, slashing away until she blasts him back with a forceful scream
You leap in to face the first of the ghost sacrifices, nimbly evading its heavy, slow blows and striking away at its surprisingly corporeal form
You throw a nearby book into the corridor. You are not entirely sure what went wrong with your master plan, but the magical blast from the ghost filly painfully snaps you back to reality.
"Yus boss."
Dulltooth leaps into the air and lands with a thundering elbow drop
You are so busy cheering him on you fail to evade the last ghost moving in for the kill, and get trapped under its dripping, mutilated body as it starts hammering at you with the heavy rocks tied to its hooves.

The smoke is making you all feel a little light-headed

Ghost Filly - 11/1
Hammer Doll - DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero A 5/1
Sacrificed Hero B 5/1
Sacrificed Hero C 10/1

Amber Dawn HELPLESS/4
+Dulltooth 7/5
Cassie 7/5
Eira 2/5
Dr. Jonica 5/5
+Primrose 5/5
Coral Burst 5/5
Whisper Helpless/4


Attack Hero B, "See, not so fun anymore is it?" '1d10' blast.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Assistant Primrose uses Bolster on Whisper.

I'll help Amber Dawn up. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'm not trying to educate them to death!
Bah, get out my repeating crossbow and lay down a repeating shot using Silence trick ammo. I'm sure she must be using some kind of magic!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Get off me, rot-breath!" Kick the ghost off and pull myself back up. [1d10]
"Good work, Dulltooth! Keep hitting him!" [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Well that was a good start.
Get up '1d10'
"Don't worry, I'll send you to it."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Silly pony.
Use Protect on her and make sure she doesn't hurt herself.
Slash at the ghost with my claymore as well.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You smash the spectral beast back, making it flicker heavily
Whisper gets back up
One of the other ghosts leaps at Grey, smashing him down with a heavy rock
You stand back up with ease, but Dulltooth looks a little confused at your command and gets thrown back as a result
You get between Eira and the Filly, and attack her
Your crossbow misfires, sending a bolt into the ceiling.
Carrie blocks the ghost's retaliation with her big butt.

You hear someone cough sharply, but the distorted space of the room makes it hard to tell where it came from.

Ghost Filly - 9/1
Hammer Doll - DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero A 5/1
Sacrificed Hero B 1/1
Sacrificed Hero C 10/1

Amber Dawn 5/4
+Dulltooth 6/5
Cassie 4/5
Eira 2/5
Dr. Jonica HELPLESS/4
+Primrose 5/5
Coral Burst 5/5
Whisper 5/4


Stabbity stab the ghost that tries to make a move at Grey '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Sigh at the ponies falling down again.
"Try to stay on your hooves everypony."
'1d10' hack and slash at Hero A

Roll #1 3 = 3



Cleave Hero A and B!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Come on everyone! Victory is almost ours!" Inspire [1d10+1]
Come on Dulltooth! Take him down!" unarmed attack [1d10+1]

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


Fine! I'll just shoot one of the heroes then!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your attempt at a wide swing proves fatally flawed after your already beaten up legs cramp up, slip from under you and cause you to crash into a shelf which falls on top of you.
You stand up shakily, feeling considerably worse for wear and incapable of being much of a meatwall right now.
You force the ghost to change its tactics. Retreating from your assault, it attempts a flanking move
Your shot knocks the third ghost back before it can flank anyone however
Dulltooth punches up and sends the ghost reeling, while the flickering, wounded one tries to smash you from behind, and though its blow misses its mark, it still leaves a painful bruise
Determined to cling to undeath, the ghost blocks your strike before smashing you on the side of the neck with its rock

The filly pulses with power and grins grimly.
Out in the corridor, the sounds of battle move closer, and it seems Sweet Potato is shouting something.

Ghost Filly - 9/1
Hammer Doll - DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero A 2/1
Sacrificed Hero B 1/1
Sacrificed Hero C 4/1

Amber Dawn 4/4
+Dulltooth 6/5
Cassie 4/4
Eira 2/5
Dr. Jonica HELPLESS/4
+Primrose 5/5
Coral Burst 2/5
Whisper 5/4


Stab his flank then! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Ouch… Well, I guess I won't do that again."
Try a smaller swing at Hero C.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Leap of faith the filly. [1d10]
Dulltooth keeps up his assault. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Finish off hero B "Keep it together."



Roll #1 10 = 10


Keep the heat up on Hero B! Shoot him! Try to repeat my shots again!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Your attempt to become a serial butt-stabber ends with a wet rock to the face
You take a firmer stance and bring your sword down on the ghost, making it flicker as well
You leap at the filly, making her stop whatever she was doing.
Dulltooth rips the ghost he was wrestling with apart in a loud roar
You blast the other ghost apart as well, and it vanishes in a shrieking implosion

The filly floats up to take the high ground near the mayor's chair

Ghost Filly - 8/1
Hammer Doll - DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero A DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero B DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero C 1/1

Amber Dawn 4/4
+Dulltooth 6/5
Cassie 4/4
Eira 2/5
Dr. Jonica HELPLESS/4
+Primrose 5/5
Coral Burst 2/5
Whisper 3/4


>tfw 0buttstabbing
Buttstab the filly some more '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Shoot her! Continue the repeating shot!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Little girl. Get down from there right now. That's for big ponies."
'1d10+1' Attack her.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Time to go for the filly!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Good job Dulltooth! Now take this filly down!" Slam [1d10]
I stab the filly with my sword. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 = 2


The filly pulses with energy again and unleashes a powerful blast that knocks you back
However your shot forces her to lose her focus
And you leap on the table, shoving your dagger up her spectral filly butt, making her shriek

The last remaining ghost hero then pushes Whisper off the mayor's desk

Ghost Filly - 5/1
Hammer Doll - DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero A DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero B DESTROYED
Sacrificed Hero C 1/1

Amber Dawn HELPLESS/3
+Dulltooth 4/5
Cassie 1/4
Eira 2/5
Coral Burst 1/5
Whisper 2/4


"Please just die already.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Pull myself back up. [1d10]
"Dulltooth, hold her down!" Suppress [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 = 2


'1d10' cleave on the last hero and the filly.
"No standing on the tables!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Another! Pop pop pop!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


That was metaphorical!
Stab the filly normally! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6



You can hear your bones groaning as you try to move, and get nowhere fast.
Dulltooth tries to grab the filly, but like an angry little sprite she keeps evading him before ramming herself into his chest draining life from him and making him fall down
…crashing right on top of Coral as she readier her strike, leaving both of them helpless.
You focus yourselves and unleash hell, finally dispatching the last of the ghosts in a flurry of attacks.

As the filly ghost explodes, her death scream dispels the distortion of the room. Your heads are still spinning from the smoke as the world fades to normal. Sweet Potato and Glorious Grace are still locked in combat in the corridor.
All around you, the walls are peeling away in large flakes that burn up as they touch the fog. Beneath, an intricate lattice of gnawed bone and burnt flesh is revealed. The surfaces that remain twist and writhe, taking on shapes reminiscent of agonized faces.
And slowly, the Mayor's chair turns around revealing… a rather normal looking pony. He is dressed in well-made clothes, his eyes are a little sunken and his face looks older than his body and voice imply, with some deep wrinkles and a few scars.
"I suppose you think yourselves clever having made it this far, but my operation has survived worse than a few foolhardy enforcers who don't know when it's time to turn back."
He yanks a rope, ringing a distant bell
"My boys will be up shortly."




Stare up at him as I make myself stand again.
"What? A little girl throwing a tantrum was supposed to be time to turn back?" I ask with a bitter tone.


Try to pull myself up. Again. [1d10]
"And just who in Tartarus are you?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You look awfully alive for a ghost."
Put a dagger to his neck if I can.
Not killing, just taking him hostage '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Wait… who are you?"


You stand up
"Most who come here were smart enough to leave after they saw the hauntings. Nothing quite like a ghost town to deter investigators. And nopony asks questions if some foolhardy urban explorer goes missing in a dilapidated ruin either."
Your move is entirely too predictable and he wrestles the blade out of your hoof before stabbing it in blade first and pushing you back
"I didn't think necromancers would be so unheard of."
"No real loss in telling you since you're going to die soon anyway. I'm the leader of this little operation. I provide a safe haven for all sorts of goods that need to be stored out of sight before they are sold further. Weapons, narcotics, stolen art… all for a little cut of the profits of course."


My luck's gotta change soon. Leap of Faith the jerk. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


"A necromancer, a smuggler, and a drug dealer?" Smile slightly.
"Man, Its a good thing I'm here. Any other things you wanna confess? Demonology maybe?"


Let out a laugh.
I told you there were no such things as a ghost!"


"Tut tut miss. I only store goods, don't sell them."
You leap forth, smashing him out of his chair and making him tumble on the floor
He spits a little blood and gets up angrily
"Oh there are ghosts all right. You will be joining them soon enough!"

His eyes light up as more ghosts slowly force themselves through the floor and walls.
"Now, normally I'd have let my boys do this for me, but I'm willing to make an exception just for you.
They should be here in a few seconds anyway."
He coughs a few times
"…and they better not be smoking our stored goods again…"

Necromancer 4/5
Sacrificed Hero A 10/1
Sacrificed Hero B 10/1

Amber Dawn 5/3
+Dulltooth 4/5
Cassie 1/4
Eira 2/5
Coral Burst 1/5
Whisper HELPLESS/3


"I think you're the one who will die."
Continue my repeating shot. Silence him.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


"Hey, hey, pony. Just so you know, you started this."
Swing at him with my weapon.


Now with roll too

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Dulltooth, hold him down!" Suppress [1d10]
"Come on, everyone! We're on the final stretch!" Inspire [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Someone get Whisper up. And somepony block the door, I'll try to keep them busy."
Cleave all three of them '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I get up '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


He evades your shot and sicks one of his ghosts on you
You manage to throw off his focus enough to make him stagger, followed by Dulltooth grabbing him and smashing his face on the floor
The ghosts start going haywire, shrieking and attacking blindly

From the sound of it, Sweet Potato and Glorious Grace have almost made it to the room. You can just about make sense of their shouting now.

Necromancer HELPLESS/4
Sacrificed Hero A 10/1
Sacrificed Hero B 10/1

Amber Dawn 1/3
+Dulltooth 4/5
Cassie 1/4
Eira 1/5
Coral Burst 1/5
Whisper HELPLESS/2


Get up '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Sigh and pull whisper to his hooves. "Come on. We can't slow down yet." '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"On your feet, Whisper!" [1d10]
"Dulltooth, smack him around!" Slam [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Cleave those two hero ghosts!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Throw a sticky bomb at him!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Whisper is finally back up! Yay!
Dulltooth stands up, climbs onto the table and leaps off with a somersault, landing fists first on the necromancer's ribs, making him spit out a fountain of blood.
As he gasps for breath, Eira saunters up to him and calmly inserts an explosive charge into his butt.
Cassie's efforts to fight the ghosts backfire as they dodge past her and lift the Necromancer up.

Necromancer 5/2
Sacrificed Hero A 10/1
Sacrificed Hero B 10/1

Amber Dawn 1/3
+Dulltooth 4/5
Cassie 1/4
Eira 1/5
Coral Burst 1/5
Whisper HELPLESS/2


BOOOOOOM! Make it explode!


It was just pretending.
Some health would be nice.
Stab the necro '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Damnit, just take off his head then!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"…What is going on in that hallway?"
Blast Ghost B '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Hit the necromancer with my sword! [1d10]
"Good job, Dulltooth! Now hit him again!" [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7


You force the necromancer back, smacking him around before tossing him against the window
The explosion sends fragments of ass in every direction. A supersonic butt cheek hits Whisper in the face, making him slam into the back wall. A piece of tail bone pierces Cassie's belly. Flaming tail hairs whip Coral.

The bloody mess of the Necromancer slumps on the floor, coughing and wheezing
His eyes then wider in terror as he glances into the mirror, and then up at the top of one of the bookshelves.
They aren't coming for you. I made sure of it. I don't like you stealing my playmates. In fact, I don't like you at all.
But now you will get to play with me. Forever. And this time, I make the rules.


what is he staring at? try to clean myself off a little and check over the situation '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's the doll's head.
Still cracked and bleeding, seemingly floating in the air.


I thought I killed that thing.


"What is that doll made of old man?" I ask him aggressively.


"This is getting next levels of creepy."


"It will be okay. No matter the evil, there is a way to vanquish it." I assure you.


"It's possessed by some kind of demon, I bet…."


"I'll need some sleeping aid for years after this, how about that?"


"Focus on the here and now. The hallway is very quiet, can you go check?"


Silly old pony. You cannot kill the dead.
The necromancer seems entirely overcome by fear
"It's just a doll, I-"
It's my doll. You stole it from me.
No. You just called me back. And now it's time for you to come with me.

The filly ghost from earlier slowly floats down from her vantage point at the top of the bookshelf and presses the doll head on the Necromancer's forehead. In a scream that shakes the walls and rattles the windows his soul is torn from his body. As the empty husk falls over, the filly turns to smile at you
Thank you for this new playmate. He was being terribly rude to my friends lately, so I'll forgive you for breaking my doll. I can always fix her later.
The remaining ghost warriors join her side, their flesh healing and their eyes reappearing as they walk, the heavy stones falling off and the water drying from their coats
Come along friends. We have lots to do!
They start walking through the wall and into the sky, dragging along the necromancer's ghost with them.

Moments later, Sweet Potato the Cleric and Glorious Grace the Paladin finally reach the room. Both look rather beat up.
"What happened!?"
"It seems the ghosts just… gave up fighting"


"I guess we won?
I'm not entirely sure, you two are the ghost hunters! The filly was talking about the doll, then did something spooky with the guy then left!"


"Turns out the only thing the dead fear, is the dead."


"…be a good girl, or we'll have to come back and break your toys again." I caution toward the wall with a gentle waving of my hoof.

Toward Sweet Potato and Grace I'll give a tired look. "We're really tired. Lets grab the mirror and go."


Sweet Potato looks you over
"Your eyes look red and glazed. How much of the smoke did you inhale?"


"Smoke? ..you mean that weird mist?"
Shake my head, and look around for the mirror, hopefully its not broken '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7






"Uh… a little bit?"


"Probably more than was healthy for us."
"Hey Dulltooth, are you alright?"


The mirror is fine
"Yah. Nothing rest won't fix."
"The smoke from what we assume is the basement is highly narcotic. It took us a while to notice, but the hallucinations it caused were quite vivid."
She opens a window to let some fresh air in


"You've got to be kidding me."


"I doubt that all of that was nothing more than an acid trip."


Good good.
"Well, the mirror is fine. The bad guy is dead. We can go now."


"It depends. What did the ghosts look like to you?"


"It was…. fake?"




"That was some good kush then."


"The most prominent one was a little girl. The rest… well, they had rocks tied to their hooves and their eyes gouged out…"


"Like ponies, and their leader was a very ill mannered little filly."


"Rocks… gouged out eyes…
Does that description match anything else you know of? It's possible that in your drugged state your minds gave them a guise similar to something you are familiar with."
"Sure as the Sun didn't look like that to me. Looked more like ponies with their heads replaces with the bodies of diamond dogs, with great big horns on their heads too."
"I'm sure there is a lot of logs here that help to explain its nature, and the rest of whatever has been happening here since the town was abandoned."


"It felt real enough to me! I mean, it messed us up!"


"The ghosts were real, that much is certain. It's their appearance that may have been a product of your imaginations."
"After she cleared my head with a cure spell they just kinda became transparent, featureless ponies."


"I don't care if it was drugs or not. I just wanna go to bed."
"…and maybe get some food.. Is anypony else hungry?"


"Let's see." Check the desk for any papers or documents that might explain things. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I could use something strong to knock me out.
As in booze."


A somewhat singed looking Cloudcover stumbles in
"Sure. Sorry for taking so long, I had to try and put out the basement fire."
There is a wealth of information here on the criminal operations the necromancer ran, as well as the town's history. Odds are there is even more info in the archives and library.

You may #keep exploring Silent Lake or #return to New Silent Lake


"You were there all along?"


"It took me longer to get there than it took to put out the fire.
And then the staircase turned into teeth and the floor was lava and I just sorta rode it out on a chair made of tiny cats."


Give him a hug. '1d10' "My hero."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Keep exploran '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well done Cloud!"


Keep exploring. [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That sounds almost as wild as what happened here. You missed the biggest ass-plosion ever."


"Ah, Cloudcover, just the stallion we need. You need to take this mare to the nearest bar, get the two of you so drunk you can't see straight, and fuck each other senseless. Do not feel obligated to do it in that order if you want to mix it up a little. You may also want to throw in some chocolate and flowers if you have the spare bits."


He looks very red and uneasy
He swallows and tries to return the hug '1d10'
The guard looks entirely dumbfounded
"I- uh… I…"
You find a ledger containing information on the illegal goods he had been hiding, as well as a complete history of Silent Lake. From the looks of it, the history book hasn't been touched in ages.

Roll #1 3 = 3


He's really shy, isn't he?


Check the ledger.
What kind of goods?

Roll #1 1 = 1


And apparently I'm really high, keep hugging him for a moment more.
"Just ignore that guy, he's got a girly name and falls down a lot. Well. Everyone was falling down alot. But not me. I showed those ghosts who was in charge. And now we need some food, and sleep. "


check the ledger. [1d10]
"On the other hand, might be moving a bit fast, make her uncomfortable. Better to stick to cuddling for now. Oh, who am I kidding? Clearly she's the dominant one in your relationship. Remember, chocolates, flowers, booze and cuddles. Possibly backrubs, if you're at all confident in your skills."

Roll #1 10 = 10


This must be written in some incredible secret language! Even with all your training you can't make heads or tails of it!
You take the ledger and turn it the right way up.
Many kinds of narcotics, some illegal, others probably not even officially known of. Tens of thousands of bits worth of stolen art. Banned weapons. Copies of dangerous magical research. Fugitives. Forged documents.
This operation was massive.
"Well done on that."
When nobody is looking, he does actually hug you back


Let go of him with a satisfied grin.
"We got the mirror. And the necromancer admitted to being a criminal just like you thought in the first place."


"How could something this massive go practically undetected?" hand the ledger to Sweet Potato. "By the way, how are you two holding up? Last time we saw you, you weren't in the best of shape."


"We still aren't. But with the necromancer removed from power our primary job here is done. I still took it better than Grace did, I think…
As for the operation, I suppose the ghost town cover really was a good deterrent. Well, that and the goons."
"Well, that's a start. But we still need to recover the jewel and the book, don't we?"


"Let's see if we can recover any of the stuff from this ledger." Let the looting begin! [1d10+1]

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


You go around the town hall looking for information. Several of the painting on the walls are not the old garbage they look like, but extremely valuable stolen art hidden behind old paintings and hidden in plain sight on the walls.
The narcotics storage burned down, but samples remain, as well as some of the sacks which could help authorities find the distributors.
A vault containing piles of stolen jewelry in neatly marked and sorted boxes had been built into the reinforced asylum cells.
The Library contained many of the stolen research books and documents hidden inside the covers of innocuous common old books.
And perhaps most interestingly, as you venture outside the town hall and check the other houses, you find a mare in one of the basements. She looks rather spooked.
"Are you here to get me out?"


Oh dear…
"Yes, we are. Are you all right? My name is Amber Dawn; what's your's?"


"How long have you been here?"


"Amber Dawn? What happened to Flickerflake?"
"Too damn long. They said they'd find me a way out within the week and I'm pretty sure it's been longer than that by now."




"Well that's the name they told me. He was supposed to help me get south."


"But instead they kept you here? Who are you?
Why do you want to go "south"?


"Waitaminute… you guys aren't like… with the law or anything are you?"


"Not exactly. But we're not with this…Flickerflake either. Call us contractors."


"Well I suppose anything works. Any name is fine so long as I get to safety."


"Who exactly is after you and why?" What condition is she in? [1d10+1]

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Tell me then, what are you running from?"


Her condition is as fine as her body
"I thought the deal was 'no questions asked'."


"You didn't make that deal with me. So call this a renegotiation."


"That was the deal you made was with this 'Flickerflake.' Flickerflake is probably dead."


She groans
"You'd think there would be less hoops to jump through just to escape a damn country…"


"Your deal didn't seem to go that well anyway, if you're still here. Maybe we can help you better."


"We could just leave you here if you don't want our help."


She rolls her eyes
"Well I suppose it's better than sitting in a moldy basement some more.
I need to get to the borderlands without a whole lot of noise."


"How about this: you work for me while we finish this job, and in return I'll get you out of the country when the job's done." Command [1d10+2]

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"You killed somepony or something?"


"If you say so. But lets try to keep this quick and low-profile."
#New Minion!
Smooth Silk
Unicorn F
Master Thief
Smooth Talker
Con Artist

"If you must know, yes. My husband from an arranged marriage. I won't bore you with details but his family wasn't too happy, or exactly above hiring assassins.
Obviously telling that to the guards would have been a little pointless considering the whole… murder thing."


"I see. Oh well, none of my business I guess."


"So, were you originally a noble? Not many families still use arranged marriages."


"Yeah it's a little… complicated."
"Good attitude. Keep it."


Start looking through books for more info on the gang '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Don't worry, I know all about the Noble houses; reason I came down here was to try to get away from them for a while. Hasn't been working so well, though."


She looks a little shifty but nods
Looks like they mostly just kept records of what they were holding. Odds are they were worried about keeping too many logs would increase odds of discovery. And given all that you saw, it's probably they only acted as a no questions asked storage house and little more.


"Just because I was born into the same type of system doesn't mean I don't sympathize with your situation. I promise, if you stick with me, I'll see to it that you get out of Equestria safely. You have my word."


"Awfully kind of you. Now what exactly does 'sticking with you' entail?"


"We've been hired to retrieve some artifacts that were stolen from several noble houses. Apparently these artifacts are important beyond mere monetary value, but everyone in the know has been keeping very tight-lipped about why they're so important."


"So thief hunting? I suppose it could have been worse."


"Yeah, you could have ended up as one of those zombies, for one thing."


Too bad.
Check one last time '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I doubt they'd kill a paying customer. They seemed very professional about the whole business."
From what you can gather, the operation has been going on for years. An elaborate cover was built and periodically altered by making various fake hauntings in the abandoned houses while keeping the vaults and living quarters out of sight. The ghosts were real, made from the spirits of those who had died here over the centuries, but they were simply minions of the Necromancer. Or, so he thought at least.
There is also a wealth of information on the town's history here.


"You do realize this operation was being run by a necromancer, right? If you'd already paid, what reason would he have to not make you 'disappear' and increase his own power at the same time?"


"Keep a close eye on her.." '1d10' look over this new recruit to our cause.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well, for one that would have upset Flickerflake. As you probably guessed by now, he's a professional pony smuggler, who was also getting paid for this."
She is quite something. Slim, firm and noble with elegant features and a smooth, calming voice. Indeed you seem to be finding it awfully hard not to stare.


Well, noble ponies are supposed to be well bred.. I'm probably still stoned.. fuck..
"Just don't think about stealing our mirror."


"I'm not that kind of a thief, doll."
You could probably ask Sweet Potato for help if you want your head cleared.


"Fair point."
Shoot Coral a quizzical look. The poor girl looks ready to go down on anypony who catches her eye.


I should probably have her look me over anyway. Make my way over to Sweet Potato.


"What. I'm fine."


"Still feeling the effects I take it?"


"That obvious?" I look a little embarrassed.


"…Sure you are."
Pull Cloudcover aside. "Dude, seriously, you need to give that mare a good dicking. Look at her, she desperately needs one right now."


"The amount of cures I needed to cast on Grace to keep him sane was already quite something. You took the full brunt of that smoke."
He looks more than a little surprised
Smooth Silk slinks out of sight the moment she sees Cloudcover's guard armor.


Lay down somewhere near her try not to look directly at her just in case. "I don't wanna move right now.. You know I barely even drink.. this stuff is way out of my league.."


Smush his cheeks and twist his gaze so that he's looking right at her. "Do you see the way her tail keeps trying to hike itself up? That little quiver in her legs? Did you see the way she was looking at Smooth Silk just now? The mare is desperate, and if you don't stallion up and give her what she needs, she'll probably get it from somepony else when we get into town! Do you really want her bending those hips over for some stranger, or do you want her bending over for you?"


"I don't blame you. Grace took it pretty badly too."
In a flash, your mind clears and the colors of the world fade back to a sensible saturation
Your nose still stings a little
"I'm a member of the guard! This isn't proper at all!"


"You're off-duty, remember? Besides, she's a paladin, that practically makes her a member of the guard already! Why are you having so much trouble with this… Ooooooooooohhh."
I smile devilishly. "You're nervous about this because you're a virgin, aren't you?"


He blushes a bit but keeps a straight face


Blink a bit.
"Thanks a lot Sweet Potato. You aren't tired are you?"


"The night sustains me. Though I think morning is just around the corner by now. Was there anything else you needed?"


"Aaaah, don't lie to me, my friend. Don't worry about it. You get her some chocolates and flowers, rent a nice, quiet room in the back of the in, make sure the bed has plenty of pillows and blankets beforehand, I will serenade you with love songs from outside the window, and boom! You shall be a virgin no longer."


"This isn't about virginity. It's about… Gah.
Do I really need to explain myself to you?"


"I don't think anything else was here? We did a good job of clearing this place out right?"


"Why so confused? You want her, she wants you… What's the problem?"


"Seems so. Between your efforts and ours, this place may finally be clean of criminals, though I fear it may never be truly free of ghosts."
"Is bad past experiences a vivid enough description?"


"That pony from the bar will be thrilled to know there was some truth to his story after all."


"Do you honestly believe Coral - that mare, right over there - could ever bring herself to hurt you?"


"I suppose we could bring him some books from the library here. Help him make sense of his confused nonsense."
"It's not so much about hurting me…"


"…are you worried about hurting her if you screw up?"


"That's not a bad idea actually. He would take care of them I bet. Or the town library."


"Lots of old wounds you're opening here mate."
"I'm sure historians and folklorists will consider it a treasure. I have no real love of such things."


"We DO have things that need doing aside from this."


Nod. "I assume you want to stay here then?"
"I don't really want to go alone, but that does seem worth doing."
"Oh, you want to look for history books too then?"


"I should tend to Grace. He looks tough, but I feel he is still more than a little shaken by all this. His pride took a heavy hit, and I fear the same goes for his faith."
Cloudcover takes a look around
"It will be morning soon. We should probably head back then, so we see where we're going."


"Listen, if you need to take it slow, then go ahead and take it slow. Just… I see the way you look at her, the way she looks at you… I've seen other ponies look at each other the same way, though I never see it often enough, and… and I wish I had that. Wish I had someone who looked at me that way. I don't want to see you throw that away, okay?"


"Yes. I need to look at exactly how these items came to be."


"And what, just… go up to her and… ask for it? That seems terribly impolite and…"
You can find information in the Town Hall Library


"Alright, lets see if the others are up for it as well." motion for you to follow
Nod. "Take care of each other. The ghosts should be gone for now."
Go to the room where Cloudcover and Amber are hanging out and give a low whistle. "Hey wanna take a last look around the building? There might be some helpful history books or something."


Sweet Potato goes to her friend, who is waiting for the sun on a balcony
Cloudcover gives Amber a hasty look, swallows and nods
"Alright. I'm coming."


"The town hall library, I believe. Where's the Mirror now, by the way?"


"Forget the sex, alright? Just ask her on a date. Get to know her. Let her get to know you."
"Anyway, looks like you need to go. Just… remember what I said, alright? Don't throw it away."


Tap the ground impatiently.


"The mirror is fine." Show it to you if I'm still holding it.
"Great, At least books shouldn't try to attack us." Smile a bit and start looking '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I go looking for Smooth Silk.


Inure him against mind control.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


[History of Silent Lake]
"This place makes me wonder if any of that terrible folklore is true…"
"The mirror is in the Mayor's office on the top floor of the Town Hall."
She was hiding just out of sight
"You have a guard with you!?"


Well never mind that.

Quickly skim through that.


"He's off-duty. Besides, I doubt he'd recognize you if he hasn't been directly assigned to find you."


Open up the book.
"Well, maybe some of these books have answers? That little girl got stuck here somehow.."


Established on this side of the lake by settlers, the town of Silent Lake has seemingly always had its fair share of trouble. The soil often turned soft and watery, causing buildings to collapse and the area was prone to forest fires. Over time, this lead to the belief of the lake being cursed, which turned to a legend saying a monster lived in it.
As time passed, the people of Silent Lake took to giving it offerings - first just small things of no real consequence, but eventually the tradition developed into a special ritual where a meal of roasted, peppered meat and daisies was sunken into the lake. This particular gift was the amalgamation of many belief relating to the supposed monster. At some point, a blindfold was added to "protect" the offering bearer, and later special music, chants, songs and dances became part of the ritual, turning it into more of a yearly festival. This never became well known though, mostly due to the remote location of Silent Lake.
"Well, alright then I guess.
So, what's happening next? We still have some time until dawn I think."


"Well, looks like the part about the offerings was true." Pass over the book to the others. "We should take that one with us."
'1d10' keep looking around for any others.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"We explore the town for anything of interest or value." Speaking of which, let's see what I can find. [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


"A blindfold's actually a good idea. You cannot believe how many dangerous mind altering magic use vision to infect someone."

The 'curse' looks like nothing supernatural though. Anything else?


give you an odd look. "Alright.."


While a small community, its views and ways did change over time. As time passed, there was a notable increase in necromancers until they started to disappear quickly in the following years. It is possible they were thought to be beneficial at first, but bringers of ill fortune later.
A citizen record also shows that the filly ghost from earlier may have been the last mayor's daughter. She died the day Silent Lake was abandoned when everyone left moved to New Silent Lake.
"Looking to loot the place, huh?
…wait… where are all the sentries? And ghosts?"


"What? It'd good to know. Blinding yourself is one of the first things you should do if caught unprepared."

"So… Necromancers did it? Why here though? Eh."


"Turns out one of the ghosts wasn't happy being controlled. Gave a rather chilling demonstration of why it's best to respect the dead."


Cloudcover thinks for a moment
"It is possible this place was a safe haven for Necromancers for a time. But who would have thought the lingering effects of their magic could still affect this place after so many years?"


"Well, there was a necromancer still active here. Who's to say they never really left?"


"Yes, they might be still here. At least the mirror's safe, though. Wonder what they wanted it for…"

Well, I'm not wondering too much, but I hope the others think about it.


"Well this was a storage for illegal goods, so they were just holding it before it was sold to someone at the auction from earlier and they came to claim it."
"So… they're all dead now?"


"I do wonder what the money would have went towards…"


"Yes. In fact, the necromancer was the only one still alive when we got here. The ghost filly killed the rest."


"That's a… deeply disturbing thought."
She tries to stand a little closer
"Who knows. Supplies, paying the goons for their work, materials to fix more parts of the town?"


Stand closer to her as well. "Well, it's over now. With the necromancer dead, she was free to leave. Which is what she really wanted in the first place."


"I was happier when I thought they were all just some mindless puppets used to scare snoops like he told me…"


"He was a career criminal. Are you surprised that he would lie to you?"


"Well he was being terribly professional about it at least. I can't really talk too badly of criminals given my past now can I?"


"Well, here's the truth. Many work in the shados to combat these threats, things that could break your sanity just by knowing them… you'd do well to keep in mind what lies under everything."


You did one crime; a rather big one, but still just one. He made a lifestyle out of breaking the law. There's a difference."


"In my experience as a guard, it's usually been money or power in order to gain money. And occasionally sex."
"Yeeeeah… sure.
…did you plan on touring this graveyard of a town the rest of the night?"


"…Is there something you're not telling me? If we're going to work together, I need you to be honest with me."


Oh, wait, the pony I was talking with is with Amber and was talking with her


She puts on a downright irresistible face
"Sure a lady is entitled to a little mystery, hm?"
Roll vs '1d10' to see through her con artistsy

Roll #1 4 = 4


You are chatting with Cloudcover the Guard
Amber is chatting with Smooth Silk the Murderer


Suspicious face… [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Say, has your experience shed any light on recent strange.. happenings? Like, unexplainable disappearances or phenomena."


"I don't suppose there are ways for me to stop you from asking silly questions?"
"I'm a simple guardspony, not an investigator. My job is to detain criminals and make reports. Though I admit I do tend to amuse myself with idle theorizing."


"Telling me the truth would be a start."


"Knowing the truth won't make either of us any happier."


"It'll make me feel safer."


"Maybe some day. Maybe.
For now, suffice to say that forcing me into things has ended badly for those who tried."


"…Fine. We'll discuss this later. For now, let's just grab everything and go; we should get some generous compensations for returning all these stolen goods."


"Let me keep some of it and don't say a word and there might be some generous compensation in it for you"


"*sigh* If I don't see it, it didn't happen. By the way, have you met Dulltooth? The two of you are going to be working together."


"Can't say I have. All I saw was you and the other pony."




He lumbers over
And then looks at Silk, raising an eyebrow and doing a surprisingly limber bow
"Nice to meet yet. Dulltooth."
"Hm. Yes. I see. A dog."


"Yes. That's not a problem, right?"


"Not really. They make for fine enforcers I hear. And other… things."



If you want to remain in Silent Lake and still do something, please tell me what you want.

Otherwise, get #ready to return to New Silent Lake


I'm #ready


#Le ready notice


Okay, now I'm really ready



Le ready face.png


And so as morning dawned, our heroes left to return to New Silent Lake with various items from the old ghost town in tow. After some final ritual cleansing, Sweet Potato and Glorious Grace joined them. They both seemed shaken up by what they had faced, but Grace had clearly taken the worst of it. He often glanced at and touched the withered skin on his face and leg, mumbling something to himself about Celestia's protection.
The sun sits high as you reach the town. A lot of ponies are outside, many discussing the strange phenomena they saw last night.


Am I supposed to make a report to the House already or only when I found the particular artifact that belonged to mine?


I just want a beer and something to eat.


I hear you, BPFF!


Check on my followers. How are Dulltooth and Silk doing?


Do you wish to tempt your lord with the power to hold another's symbol hostage and possibly have said house stripped of their title?
That might be unwise. House Falconwreath has a history of being sore losers prone to assassination on a whim. Best hold onto it for now. Who knows, it might be a good bargaining chip later?
The inn is an option, but there are also plenty of taverns around.
Silk looks uncomfortable standing out in the open. She has tossed a scarf around her face to conceal it.
Dulltooth keeps an eye on Cassie.


The inn is fine.

"You coming?"


Trot after her with a smile.
"Of course I am."


It's notably busier in here than yesterday.
The folklorist is busily writing at a corner table. Many other patrons are discussing about last night.


That seems like a good plan.
Better not stir the hornets nest for now.
My goal is to get that other thing.

Buy a round for the party!


"Just another day where we wrote history."


Crash down at a table.
"The first pony who brings me a beer gets his or her ear scratched or something."


Dulltooth seems to have taken a shine to Cassie; good information to file away for later. For now, though, let's follow the party into the tavern.


Does Dulltooth want ear scratches? I watch to see if he does.


The barkeep looks over
"You were the ones from yesterday who went off to the ghost town, right? Perhaps you could shed some light on what happened. We saw lots of strange things happening there, most notably dozens of bright lights flying from the town into the lake."
Silk looks extremely hesitant
"Must we?"
He puts on a dopey smile, but his eyes betray ulterior motives.


"Some bandits stirring up trouble."


"Optical illusion and hallucinations or something."


"Nothing special, it all worked out in the end!"


Hmn… I'm sure I have a hooded cloak or something. Offer it to Silk. "Here."


She looks worried but puts it on
"Lets be quick about this then."
"Huh. Bandits you say? Terrifying to think we lived so close to some. They could have raided us any day."
The Folklorist looks up from his works
"Oh don't give me those horseapples about it being nothing! I know my ghosts, and those were absolutely ghosts!"


"You know what must be a ghost? My beer, because I'm not seeing it when I should be!"


"There's surely a simple scientific explanation for it all!"


"Well, the ringleader was a necromancer, so there was some pretty strange stuff hanging around. It all disappeared when he died, though."


"you a ghost expert? How many ghosts have you seen?"


Dulltooth sits down next to you with a mug
"I get you second one for special scratches."
He gives a slow wink
"…Interesting. Did you, by chance, fund any records of the town's history?"


Take the beer.
"Too bad I said pony, huh?


He frowns
"You pay that one back, then, yes?"


"Give them to me if you're not giving him any!"


Flutter my eyelashes.
"That's not very nice to ask, is it?"

"Really, Eira?"


Flick my ears a few times with a smile.


"Not very nice to take beers of another either."


"Eh, you'll have to talk to the others..I didn't see any."


Give her a deadpan look.

"Aren't you a trouble child."
Scratch his ears.


"As a matter of fact, I believe we did."


He gives a genuine smile in return
"Good bitch."
"Could I see it? Genuine records have been hard to come by."


"Never heard that one before."


"Certainly." Let him see the records.


I'll leave this to the professionals.

Walk over to Amber.
"So Amber, why don't we grab a beer and talk a bit about how the hell we got here?"


Glance over at Dulltooth before following him. "What do you mean?"


"You know, interact, small talk, like friends do. We just saved each others lives. I think we can talk."
Not like I'm walking anywhere, just sitting at the bar.


"Are you saying you're a bad bitch?"
He quickly pages through them before stopping on the parts detailing information related to the sacrifices.
His face grows frustrated and somewhat embarrassed
"…t-this was the truth?"


"Alright then. So, what did you mean when you said "here?" Do mean how I came to Equestria, or this particular job?"


I snicker at his remark.


"Anything you'd like to divulge. So you're not from Equestria?"


"Shut up."

"All I'm saying is that joke is more out of date than living in forts."


Encouraged by his ability to make you laugh, he tries to pull off a charming grin '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Should I leave you two alone? I'm guessing you want some privacy!"


"Is not joke. Is proper word, nothing to be ashamed of.
Know many bitches who proud of their history."


"The only privacy I'd want is with myself."

"I've been stuck with a pony for a while now, how is that anything to be proud of?"


"Looks like it. Though judging by what I saw there, something bad definitely happened with the last mayor's daughter."
"No, I am not. I was born in and raised in the Crystal Empire in the House Angelite." My expression darkens a bit. "Part of my reason for leaving was to get a break from all the politics, even if I will eventually have to go back."


"Fine, fine, you not like being dog. I understand."
He looks rather displeased about it
"It seems a lot was lost in translation when I tried to find out what the roots of the rituals were. I admit I feel a little… stupid right now. Makes me wonder the validity of my other research as well… Particularly all the work I put into researching the history of old deities like Tirek"


I sigh.
"No, I don't like being called a bitch. Because it has two meanings. Get it?"


"I've never been to the Empire…is it true the houses are made of Crystal?"


"Cassie loves being a doggy though."


"Proud dog always take it as meaning doghood. Is only insult to those who are not dog in their heart."
"Any dog should. Dog better than most think at many things."


"Tirek? I swear I've heard that name before. Who exactly was he?"
"Not all of them, but yes, many of our buildings are constructed out of crystals. Every building in any major city will probably be crystal. Don't ask me how, though: I asked once, and the explanation just left me confused and with a terrible migraine."


"And you love being dumb, don't you?"

"Yeah, sure. Just as you say it."
Drink some of that beer.
Does my leg still hurt?


"Hey I'm not arguing, Cassie helps me out a bunch."

"What makes you say that? I didn't mean it in the bad sense!"


"An ancient deity of darkness and destruction. Described to appear as if a massive horse whose head was like an entire diamond dog, with great horns and a heart that spewed black fire. Anything his power touched was turned into a terrible monster, and he reveled in the thought of bringing about eternal night, ruling the world with his armies of mindless beasts."
It's not as bad as it was. Kinda stiff, but not in much pain.


"Any idea what's stopping him from, you know, actually doing it?"


"I didn't either."

Listen in to that other conversation, just for a laugh.


"Dumb kind of has a negative tone to it though!"


"How curious. You must have travelled long to be here. How do you like Equestria?"


"Legend has it he was overpowered and destroyed by the efforts of a legendary hero known as the Nightslayer, and some ancient weapon known only as a 'shard of light'.
What remained of his twisted essence was bound and hidden away so it could never be restored or abused."
You feel a hand on your leg
"Still hurt?"


"On the one hoof, it's so much more diverse here! Just look at our party: Diamond dogs, zebras, unicorns - in the empire, a single non-crystal pony in a city is a rarity! It's not nearly as shiny, but the colors everywhere are so varied in their shades and hues; it actually hurt my eyes at first.
*sigh* On the other hand, it seems that even here I can't get away from politics. I sign up for an adventure, and suddenly there's all these shadow-dealings and secrets. I've escaped the arena of one set of noble houses only to find myself in a new one."


Move my leg away.
"It's better. Now I just need to get new pants."


"Bound and hidden away? Wouldn't you want something like that destroyed?"


"Bah. Dogs never needed pants before. Know many who prefer just vest."
"If it took the power of some mysterious legendary weapon to defeat him, perhaps those remains were impervious to common means of destruction."


"There's nothing wrong with wearing pants."


"What connection is there between Tirek and Old Silent Lake?"


"Nothing, really. At least geologically. Some thematic elements could be argued, as Tirek's castle was located on an island. Some legends refer to a great sea monster that could transport his minions there and back, but many of them seem much more recent than the core legends, and thus could well be fabrications."
"Always found pants confining."


"I won't have that problem I think."


"I guess there's just no escaping the fight. Wether it's politics or deadly ones."

"Sounds logical. So you're saying that somewhere out there is a half pony half dog that wants to kill us all?"


"No, no, Tirek has been gone for thousands of years by now. His legend was simply one of many I researched."
"I would, if we keep at this."


"Did your studies happen to branch into evil artifacts? Say, an artifact referred to as the Mirror of Inner Demons?"
"Guess not. How about you? Where do you come from?"


Give him a deadpan look.
"Keep at what exactly?"


"Fighting. Restricts movement, makes grapples difficult.
Then, you probably not know much of hand to hand."
"Huh… the name sounds vaguely familiar. Tirek's power was said to reflect and amplify the darkness in anything it touched…"


"Born and raised in Equestria. My father worked as a mercenary wherever we could, so our family traveled around a lot in those days."


"That sounds exciting!"


"I like my sword better, yeah."

"Everything sounds exciting to you."


"And you decided to continue the family trade. He must be proud of you."


"Hmn. Sorry if this is a bit off-subject, but do you know anything about what happened to the last mayor's daughter?"


"I suppose it was. But as a kid I didn't really see the fun in it always. But my dad was a great guy, taught me a lot. So I became somewhat of a mercenary myself later."

"I think my mother would have liked me more to become a doctor, but I guess she's accepted it by now."


"It's called optimism."

"Yeah but… you must've seen a lot of different places! Did you ever went and saw Neighara Falls?"


"Eh. Never was fan of weapons. Feels better to feel opponent as you hit them."
"Well according to this citizen registry you brought along with known history of the area… I'd wager she died of an illness on the day the last ponies left for New Silent Lake. The Mayor was among the last to leave, and there is no record of him bringing a daughter to New Silent Lake."


"Whatever does the job works for me. I'm not saying I never knocked someone out with a punch."


"Honestly, you not look like much of puncher."
Given his rather powerful build, it's easy to see why he'd think that in comparison.


"I asked because I'm pretty sure she's the one we were facing most of the time in there. When we got there, everyone but the one in charge was dead in the basement with her doll, and… and she was the one who finished off the necromancer once we'd beaten him."


"Tell that to the ponies."


"Yes, one of my favorite places, when I get some time off I love to travel there to rest."


"Iiiiiinteresting. I should write this down. Incidentally, if you want to know anything else about myth and folklore, just ask.
Heck, here. Take this."
[Midnight Forever: The Legend of Tirek]
"Disclaimer - it may contain some errors in translation."
He shrugs
"Ponies are different"


"Isn't it just the end? I met Cassie not too far from there!"


"I'm curious, how did you end up together?"


"You don't say."

"I was cursed with the most annoying pony ever to follow me for eternity. The End."


"If you're going to write it down, do you want me to walk through what exactly happened?"


"It's more detailed than that!"


"It sums it up nicely, doesn't it,"


"Now hold on, I want to hear this story too. How did you two end up together?"


"That would be appreciated, yes."
He gets out his quill
"Maybe we spar some day. Teach you what real brawl is like."

Cloudcover finally arrives as well
"Oh, this is where everyone went.
Are you looking to rest here or should we make our way to the next destination?"


I smirk.
"Bug Cassie about it!"

"Hey there!"


"Maybe we could, but not today."

I sigh.
"Do you really want to know?"


"I think we can wait a little while before leaving. Talk a bit, we just got back from a haunted town!"


He nods and sits down at a side table
He grins a bit and clenches his fist
"That will be fun"


Tell him everything. Start with when we had to detour through a house because the road to the square was blocked, the room with the dolls, looking in the skylight and later finding the mirror, the room with the mannequins and the hanging mannequin, the mist over the town…
…Going through the asylum, our glorious fumble getting through the wall, the way the dead ponies were strewn about the room, the doll sitting there with it's hammer, how the room was locked from the inside…
…Our meeting the two ghost-hunters, the awakening of the beast in the lake, our battle with the girl and the sacrificed warriors, our fight with the necromancer… and said necromancer's ultimate fate.


"Now I'm really curious."


"Winner gets a beer?"

Lean closer and look around, like I was about to say a secret.
"I lost a bet and sold my soul to the devil. I think this is Hell and she is my punishment."


"So you're a servant of this Tirek fellow then? I should have known."
I chuckle.


"Hey, I'm the victim here!"


I frown.
"You're still leaving out a lot of details!"


"Well you're in a bar drinking booze with friends. Can't be too bad."


"Winner gets anything they want?"
He puts on a sly look, or the closest he can manage
He seems deeply interested
"Asylum? Very VERY interesting. And you saw the Lake Monster?"
In fact he looks giddy.


Let out a laugh.


"You tell it then!"

"Just wait until you get to know her."


"Well… I recall me saving you from being killed!"


"Well you sure have picked up the bravery of ponies."


"Kept my dog common sense though."

"Not how it happened…"


"Eira, why don't you tell us your version of the story?"


"What happened then?"


He grumbles something and gets up


"I was totally fine."


"Well… Kinda. I saw it's outline just beneath the lakes surface, and the lake itself was churning and frothing like it was being churned by a thousand invisible… things. …It was strange. You don't so much see it as you see it's effect on it's surroundings."


Also, take a read through that book he gave me.


"I helped Cassie get out of a bad spot, that's what happened!"

"Nooooot really."


"This all sounds…very mysterious."


"Curious. Nobody in town saw anything like that."
[…Tirek's powers allowed him to twist any living being into a terrible monster. Even mere butterflies touched by his fire would become mighty dragons. This may be because his Black Fire brought forth the inner demons of any living creature. Legends say this fire was born from Tirek's disembodied dark heart, which he kept in a bag around his neck, perhaps as a symbol of the fact that he was, in fact, literally a heartless monster.
Following his demise at the hands of the Nightslayer, Tirek fell into obscurity for all but a select few who worshiped him as a deity of change, power and the night. Through these rare cults the ancient language used by Tirek's minions, known as Dark Tongue, was preserved. However, without the eyes of one touched by the Lord of Midnight, reading such text was difficult indeed…]


Shrug. "Just telling you what I saw. I don't claim to understand any of it, really."


By the by, what's Silk up to?


He is busily writing it all down anyway
You really did make him very happy
She's hiding under a table


"What are you doing under there?"


"It's better if you don't know."

"Yes really!




"Barkeep, how much to rent a room for the night?"


"That's cruel. Teasing us like that, but not telling anything."


The Folklorist pushes a coin purse at you
"Consider it payment for the town records."


"I told you everything, didn't I?"


"Oh! Why… Thank you! I'm glad I could be of help!" I get shinier as this display of generosity lifts my spirits.
Now, to see about getting a room…


The innkeep checks the coin purse and hands you a key
"Second floor, on the left."


Lift up my hooves.
"I surrender!"


"Thank you!"
Turn to Silk. "Follow me." lead her to the room.


It's not a big room by any means, but it has a pair of beds, a closet and a table. There is a deer head mounted on one wall. Silk throws her cloak over its eyes before turning to you
"I can imagine what you want from me now…"


I whisper.
"She doesn't like talking about it. She gets really embarrassed."


Can I hear that?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh…it's one of those stories. I understand."


Loud and clear


"Is it? I wouldn't know!"



"What? What's wrong?"


"I WANT THE TRUTH!" I get right up in her face.
"What have you done that makes you so terrified to show your face in public? Why do you think it necessary to hide under a table in a town in the middle of nowhere! What are you trying to hide from me?"


"Don't whisper things about me!"


She backs up, looking a bit spooked
"I… I told you! I had to kill someone!"


"It was a strategic decrease of volume, that's all!"


I groan.
"You just want to embarass me every turn you've got, don't you."


I frown.
"I don't."


"But that's not all, is it?" Advance on her as she retreats. "A murder in the noble houses doesn't draw that much attention! Tartarus, assassination attempts are almost commonplace! Even if it did get any attention, do you really think ponies outside the cesspool we call the nobility would care? I don't buy it! There's something else, isn't there?"


"I… may not be noble by birth."


"Yes you do!"


"I was trying to prevent embarrassing you by telling him that!"


Listen in on this.


Point at one of the beds. "Sit down."
Take a seat on the opposite bed. "Now explain. From the top."


"That's still embarassing me!"


"You're being very critical of me today."


Smile at the pair. That must be how good friends operate.

Try to stay calm and keep an ear on everything going on.


"Because you've been giving me a hard time yesterday!"


"What? What did I do?"


They are in a private room upstairs. Roll to sneak in quietly.
She hesitates but sits down realizing you'd just send Dulltooth to subdue her if she ran
"In an effort to improve my quality of life I falsified evidence that I was in fact a forgotten branch of a noble family tree. The direct descendant of a supposedly childless couple from a few generations ago. It took some setting up, but I managed to plant my forgeries in their family library and the Canterlot citizen registry in order to make the ruse complete.
However after the noble line I cheated my way into tried to marry me off, things got… difficult."


Sneaky sneak '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Drink some of my beer.
"Nevermind… At least you didn't get yourself hurt in that town."


"You still needs pants! We should go buy some!"




""Difficult?" How so?"


I shrug.
"Or tomorrow!"


"Do you think they even have pants for a dog in this town?"


"Who knows?"


"I think only if we go to a tailor."


"Well, no part of my plan involved marrying some count twice my age. And… some theft may have been involved. And a few other less legal things."'
You nimbly slip in via a window and come face to face with a disgruntled stallion.
"Why the hell are you!?"
…wrong room.


"Let's find one then! Adventure!"


"I heard there was something here that needed to be fixed?"


"I can understand not wanting to have someone else choose your marriage for you. What happened then?"


"Would it be wise to leave the others here by themselves?"


"Uh… I don't even know where they went, they are the ones who left us behind!"


He glances at the door, which you didn't use
"Discreet, ain't you."
He pulls out striped socks
"Put these on."
"I'll spare you the details but it involved a lot of him not taking no for an answer, a bit of me stabbing him with a broken bottle and a whole lot of political fallout between two noble houses.
…and a bit of me maybe looting everything I could before running. Which is how I paid to get out of Equestria."


"If you must go, then I can stay here. I'll have Primrose to keep me company in the meantime. Just promise to meet back here in a few hours. I can make whatever arrangements are necessary until then."


"I'm sure they can take care of themselves."

I sigh.
"Fine, let's."
Finish my beer and stand up.


Jump out of the window, I don't give a fuck '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Stand up as well.

"Sure thing."


You jump out the window and do a less than graceful landing in a berry bush.
The stallion looks outside but can't see you. He then goes back in looking very confused.


"Alright. And you're afraid that these two houses have the clout to find you anywhere in Equestria?"


Fuck, that was a close one.
But my butt is still as virginal as ever and so it shall stay.
Guess I blew my chance at the sneaking.
Go back inside and order a large triple malt cider.


Seeing as how I'm alone now, what can I do here to make sure the rest can be ready to go when they come back?


Let's leave.
What time of the day is it again?


The Folklorist can tell you things about Tirek if you want to know about that mythology stuff.
Cloudcover can give his thoughts on the next objective.
Sweet and Grace are in town if you want to meet them.
"Most likely. I'm directly responsible for the murder of one of the high-ups of one, and betrayed and embarrassed the other.
Aaaand stole a ton from both of them.
And falsified records, so Canterlot as a whole probably wants my head. Who knows how many hundreds of hours it will take to check all the records for potential other tampering."
Dulltooth is sitting around.
Cloudcover is looking over some maps
The Folklorist is writing stuff down
Your drink feels refreshingly fizzy
Early afternoon


Go to Cloudcover
"So where to next?"


Look over Cloudcover's shoulder. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let's find a tailor.

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll talk to the Folklorist.

"Tirek isn't exactly known for his kindness. Why would some Equestrians willingly follow him?"


"I'm not the most familiar with the specific houses of Equestria. Would you mind telling me the names of the two houses? Seeing as our group is currently working for one, I'd like to avoid putting you in unnecessary danger."


There is one in town. Not a fancy place, but it seems they do custom clothing given the wealth of novelty outfits on display outside the door.
He turns his head abruptly to answer Whisper and ends up giving Coral an accidental smooch.
"To some, he is seen as the true deity of the Night - older and mightier than Luna. At least that's the most popular dogma. Other sects seem to have followed him in search of lost magic, or in a pursuit of martial power."
"They weren't major houses. Just smaller, younger ones. Though I think the count I killed was in some way related to House Starling, while not a member of it. At least I remember Starling being mentioned when they explained his lineage. Granted, it was boring so I didn't pay sharp attention."


"Lost magic and Power seem like nice offers, but coming from Tirek, aren't they traps at best? Working for him seems to come with a variety of downsides."


"This looks fancy!"


"Does it?"

Oh well, it's the best I'll get.
Let's enter.


"Hmn. That's unfortunate. House Starling is the one that hired us. We're going to have to be careful."


Back up a bit and frown at Whisper.
"Excuse me! Why did you do that?"


The shopkeep gives you a curious look as you enter
"Hello! How can I help?"
"Perhaps some were willing to accept those sacrifices for their goals. Perhaps others simply refused to believe there were downsides."
Her eyes widen
"Oh nonononononono…."


"I'm looking for a pair of pants."


I nod.
"A fancy one!"


"Addicts. It won't happen to me, I can handle it. At their peak, do you know if they had an organized clergy? Maybe we can use that information to start looking for other individuals."


Cloudcover looks worried
"Sorry! Sorry I… I didn't see you there!"
He gives you a curious look
"A dog? Oh my, we are getting exotic types here more and more aren't we?
Pants you say?
I don't think I have anything quite your… shape on hoof. I suppose I could make some though?"


It was Cloudcover you crazy


"That's why I was looking for a tailor, yes."

"Nothing too fancy."


Look a little embarrassed.
"..Its okay you just surprised me."
"Yea, you were standing so close, and that's why.. Oh never mind."


"If you two need some time alone, I can come back later."


"Silk!" Rest my hooves gently but firmly on her shoulders. "Calm. Down. This isn't nearly as bad as you think it is. Consider this: how likely do you think it is that they'd expect you to join an adventuring party that they hired? The answer is they won't. A little guidance, and you'll be right under their noses without them realizing a thing."


"I doubt it. The information I've managed to patch together has always implied Tirek cults have sprung up and vanished in small bursts as someone find information about him and looks into it. In fact, at one point it lead to several texts being banned in some regions entirely. Fascinating, no?"
Cloudcover tries to clear his throat
"As… I was going to say, our next goal is Bare Hills. It used to house a major gem mine which dried up some time back. Indeed after last night I'd bet my mane it now works as a similar hideout/storage and keeps intruders away by being so dangerous and prone to cave-ins."
"W-we should talk this over alone. Later."
"…or you will have to deal with hitponies sent after me…"


"Any stories there about crazy ghosts or demons or leprechauns?"



"Is he really that dangerous? It's difficult to imagine that even a little text can turn people crazy."


"Its fine!"
"Right." Nod firmly.
"..cave ins.. sounds bad, we should be sure to bring a diamond dog or two in case we need to dig out."


"I've dealt with hitponies before, if it comes to that." Granted, I wasn't their target at the time, but she doesn't need to know that.
"Hey, look at me, look at me." Put a hoof under her chin and gently lift it until she's looking me in the eyes. "Everything is going to be all right. I promise."


"Guess we best get you measured up then."
"No. Just an old, empty mine.
The craziest I might expect is a pack of diamond dogs nesting there."
"Well, we have two."
"This is all just really… overwhelming right now. I'm used to being able to lie and sweet-talk my way out of trouble.
…that made me sound terrible, didn't it…"


"Okay. Where do I stand?"


"And you already have a route laid out for getting to Bare Hills?" Smile proudly at him.


"That's worse! At least they're real."


"Were there any items they all had? Something specific they used in their worship we can look out for?"


Chuckle a little. "To be honest, it makes you sound like my sister. She's got her husband and most of their staff wrapped around her hoof. She never means any harm, though, and I doubt you do either."
Return to my bed across from her. "Now, for some practical advice. Hiding under at table? Worst thing you can do in your position; the minute somepony sees you, the game's up. My instructor once told me that to escape authorities, you need to walk, not run. Guards will be on the lookout for somepony fleeing the crime scene; a pedestrian walking openly down the road won't draw so much as a second glance. The most important thing to blend in is to act like you've done nothing wrong. That alone will deflect a lot of suspicion."


"Please come to the back room."
"It won't be a short walk by any means. But yes."
"I have more experience with non-supernatural threats."
"All I know is that remnants of Tirek's essence should still exist, as without the legendary weapon of the Nightslayer it may have been impossible to destroy them."
"I guess I'm just really… jumpy. Out in the open like this… I just feel so exposed."


Look at Eira.
"Don't break anything."
Follow him to the back room then.


"The Nightslayer? What kind of weapon is that?"


"How long do you think?"



There is a little podium there surrounded by mirrors
The shopkeep gets his measuring tape
"The Nightslayer was a legendary hero who slew Tirek thousands of years ago. Her weapon was called the Shard of Light… or, well, that's how I'd translate it."
"Probably almost a day. If we leave soon we might get there by tomorrow morning."


"Interesting. What other translations are there?"


Stand on it patiently.


"Hm.. Traveling that far without rest first sounds like a bad idea."


He shrugs
"I suppose you could translate it as 'Luminous Fragment' or 'Piece of Rainbow' if you wanted to go for alternative names."
After some poking and prodding he is happy with the measurements
"Any material wishes?"
"Well, we could sleep now and head off at nightfall?"


"We can work on that. Here, that scarf idea was pretty good. Put it on, and we can practice by going downstairs."


"Some extra pockets would be nice."


"It gives us more options for what to look out for. Last thing any doctor wants is to miss something because of a name. Thanks for your time."

Who are Sweet and Grace? I'm still a little behind.


Shrug. "This place doesn't have any other issues we need to fix right?"


Two ghost hunters we encountered in the ghost town. They got pretty messed up by the spirits before we even got there.



I'll go take a look at those two after letting the Barkeep know of our whereabouts if anyone comes asking. I can't let a patient go like that.


Sweet Potato is a cleric of Luna
Glorious Grace is a paladin of Celestia
They fought the ghosts in Silent Lake before you arrived. Grace was wounded pretty badly.
"Is it ok if I don't… have to just yet?
I feel safe up here…"
"Alright… and how will you be paying?"
You find the pair on the shore of the lake.
Sweet is comforting Grace, who just stares at the sun reflecting off the water's surface.
"I doubt it."


Sit down with them.

"Sorry, but is there anything I can offer to help?"


Sweet turns to look at you
"Just trying to heal the wounds of the soul."


"I'm a doctor, but I'm not certified to deal with those. I'm sorry for what's happened to you. Will you be coming with us or trying to heal here?"


"You have to learn to deal with being in the open." Gently put the scarf on her. "I'll be right beside you every step of the way." Take her hoof and start leading her out. "Trust me."


"We have our own paths to follow. Our own fows to face."
Grace breaks his silence. His voice sounds hollow and bitter.
"Our own demons to hunt. Our own gods to pay tribute to."
She takes a few timid steps but then, with a deep breath, switches to a more confident stride


"By gold, duh… I must have enough left."


Nod slowly and order a drink.
"Well, whenever the others want to leave then.."



"We all have that chance still. I didn't join here voluntarily, and after going through all this, I won't even if it's my only option. But the both of you, you're much stronger than I. I'm sure you'll be offering your tributes for a long time to come."


"That's it. Confident and proud. You have nothing to hide, and nothing to prove."
Lead her out into the hallway and to the stairs.


"Gold's fine by me. Gonna take me a while to sow these though."
"Hey you uh…
…want to… maybe…
…take these drinks upstairs?"
"It would be nice to see something in return once in a while." remarks Grace, rather grimly
Her stride is strong but her eyes are shifty, never resting on anything for long.
Dulltooth is sleeping at a table.


"How much?"


"Double what the storefront stuff is. This is a little complex for me."


"…Yea, lets go." Small smile.


Look down.
"I've done this too often, so I'll apologize now. You'll be hearing it often and I always get the same results."

"But you are alive. That's all I ever dedicated myself to. I might drown myself in medical texts if it meant I could save one more life. But I can't. All I can do is try to help those in front of me."


"It's the challenge of an artist. Makes it one and a half of the storefront price if you look at it that way."


"Eyes forward now. There's nopony after you; why would there be? You've done nothing wrong. You are Smooth Silk, and you have nothing to be afraid of."
Lead her to a table that's not in the spotlight, but still clearly in the open.


He glances over his shoulder and notices Amber coming down the stairs
"We could… borrow his room I think."
"It will take a lot of fabric to cover all that up."
Grace stays silent
Sweet gives him a lingering look
"He fights so hard for his sun and princess… I only wish I could help him feel more fulfilled."


She can't help but glance under the table, and over her shoulder as you sit down


"Not more than it would on a pony!"


"For all my training, with everything I can do, sometimes,"

Look away a little.

"Sometimes all you can do is be there."

"I'm sorry if this has brought up any more pain."


He rises a brow and looks at your butt
"About twice as much."
"It's okay. Time will heal us both. Time and faith…"


Nod slowly. "I guess he wouldn't mind.."


"It was chance that we met, but come talk to us if you think it will help."

I'll leave these two alone then and head off towards Cloudcover and ask about our next objective.


"Good, good. You're doing great. See? We're in the open, right where everypony can see us, and nothing's happening. None of them suspect a thing.
Are you hungry? It must have been a while since the last time you ate."


"Hey, you did not just imply what I think you did!"


With a moment of hesitation he gets up and heads upstairs.
He seems to be going upstairs with Coral.
He did leave some maps and notes on the table.
"You are a rather big creature."
Granted, diamond dogs are bigger than ponies.
Her eyes follow something
Looking that way, you see Coral and Cloudcover heading upstairs


I'll look over the maps. He must have marked our next destinations.


Look back at Amber one more time before following upstairs.


"Well, well, well… Looks like Cloudcover finally got the nerve to actually do something."
Give them a big smile and two… pony-equivalents of a thumbs-up!


"I can't help it that your ponies are so small!"


Bare Hill mine. By his notes, it should take about a day to get there.
"And my goods are prised for ponies.
Unless you'd prefer shorts."
Silk just sits silently
He opens the door for you and lets you go in first before sitting down on one of the two beds
"We… should talk."


I sigh.
"Shorts are fine."


Does he have a list of any supplies we will be given. I don't like the thought of going unprepared.


"..If its about the kiss.. Well it wasn't bad." Small and sit next to him.


"Alrighty. Come back in a few hours."
It's a mine, so lanterns and rope would be good, obviously.
He blushes a bit but doesn't move
"Kiss… um… yeah.
It wasn't…"
He seems awfully nervous


"Sorry about that. Cloudcover and Coral have been eyeing each other for the longest time, but he was scared to death that he'd screw it up."
Carefully hold her hoof. "How are you doing so far?"


Leave to the other room and flick one of Eira's ears.
"Time to go."


If it seems like we'll need to get our own, I'll head out into the market to get a few, along with some matches for them.


"..That wasn't it? Was it the Mansion?" pause
" Honestly that place had me spooked a little too. Even though I knew it was mostly fake."


"Can't say I like it. But running will do me no good either.
…I suppose it's fine so long as you're close."
Where to?
You find a general store in town
"Off to adventuring are we? You don't happen to need bombs too, mm?"
He sighs deeply, then gets his chin up and tries to stop blushing like a schoolcolt
"…about you. And me. About us."


I think I'll wait on Groves on this one
It was fun though, thanks for running!


"I, uh… thanks." I blush a little. "You didn't answer my question, by the way. Are you hungry?"


That's pretty adorable. Stare at him trying not to blush, better to let him finish.
"..Go on.."


"Hopefully, it's just a simple excursion. Most likely, though, how many of those bombs would you recommend if we were visiting an old mine?"


"…maybe a bit.
And not like that. I mean you seem like the closest thing I have to a reliable protector right now.
…wait… exactly what do you think of me as?"
"Mines? Sounds dangerous. But bringing one or two might help if you get trapped."
"Well, certain… observations have gotten me thinking. About you. And how I should view you and…
…how you view me in turn."


"I'll take them. I have a feeling we might have to get creative in their use."


"…Well.. we are both very brave well trained ponies.. and we've been in battles together.. And this quest we're on is actually quite dangerous.."
Look at him a little unsure.
"Unless you're saying, in all this seeking of lost artifacts.. we've found something more than friendship?"


"Well… you're somepony who wanted something more in life, went after it, and… got in way over their head. I, uh… It's flattering that you see me as a protector. I mean, I've always tried to be one, but most ponies just think I'm being theatrical or flamboyant."
What's on the menu?


"They're yours my friend, as long as you have enough gold."
"That is what I'm asking. Because this constant worry of overstepping my boundaries is dangerous to us both when we get back into action, and, well, as a guard and all… I jsut feared it wasn't proper to even ask."
Mostly lighter lunch things at this hour.
"It makes you easier to be around. You don't seem like much of a backstabber willing to sell a gal out for a higher bidder."


Do I have enough for them? Otherwise, I'll let Cloud know where we can get some.


You probably have enough on you if you picked anything up in Silent Lake.


Laugh slightly.
"You know. I was afraid too, since I thought it would distract you.. Distract us.. if I did bring it up.."
Breath slowly and stare into his eyes.
"I would be lucky to have a stallion like you at my side.. in any situation.."


Probably not then. I'll have to let Cloud know when he's available.


"Never." Give her hoof a comforting squeeze. "There are things in this world that you can't put a price on. Fortunately, food isn't one of those things. Why don't you decide what you want, and I'll go up and order it for us."


"So… is that a… yes… then?"
"I'll keep it wrapped up and waiting for you."
"Just.. get me something that comes in bite-sized pieces I can eat without focusing."


"Yes Cloud. It is."


"Thank you for that."

Head back where we are staying and check into my room then.


"Alright, I'll be right back. Just sit back and… try to smile. You look nice when you smile."


I go up and order us some lunch, something that comes in bite-sized parts for her, pay for it, and return to the table.


"So… we should now… consider eachother special someponies?"
A hot skewer with assorted things on it. Not exactly the lightest meal, but easy to eat.
"Skewers eh? Hm. That's nice."
She slides the scarf down to show you her smile before digging in.
Like most of the rooms, it's on the second floor. Two beds, a table and a closet.


"I would say so." Glow slightly with joy. "Special somepony. I like the sound of that."


"There, see? Much better." I too start digging in.


He looks a little down
But he shakes it off quickly
"…maybe some day we should talk about my past a little to… clear a few things up. But for now… this clarity will help me focus on the task before us."


Will you eat from the other end of her skewer?




"Try to worry about the present, because the present is what becomes your new past. Make it full of the things you want to remember."
Lean closer, and give him a kiss '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


She stops and raises a brow
He feels a little coarse and hard on the surface, but you can feel the emotion behind those lips reaching a boiling point. His body shudders as he reacher over to embrace you and softly pull you down on the bed, yet he makes no further advances, just lays there, staring into your eyes.


Raise a brow back at her. "What?"


She gently pokes the skewer forward, poking your mouth with the other end. And then puts on a sly grin.


My expression grows a bit puzzled. Alright, let's see what she's up to.


[shining intensifies]
Pull him in closer.
Stare back and run my hoof along his side.


She eventually takes the skewer out of her mouth
"I thought this was mine?"
He cringes a little
"…I'm really ticklish…"
Though encouraged by your intimacy, he does reach a trembling hoof over to embrace you more firmly


"Half yours, half mine."


He seems pretty scared.
"Don't worry. We're safe here." '1d10' cuddle him until he stops shaking.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You press against him, feeling his warm, soft coat brush against yours. His breath, though shallow and dotted with sharp gasps, feels equally warm, even hot, across your cheek. Soon enough he does stop shaking, but tenses up notably. It seems you are having quite an effect on him.
"Oh, ok then."
She bites another plump tomato off her end


Keep eating my way towards her. "Is that a problem?" I ask in a tone that could be construed as teasing.


"Are you suggesting something?"
She skips a piece of corn and instead runs her tongue around the last tomato, slowly pushing it around


"What if I am?" We can't be that far apart now.


"Then out with it."
She grinds her teeth into the tomato, biting down until it bursts, getting a few droplets on your nose.


"What was it you said back where I found you? "Everyone's entitled to a few secrets," or something like that?"


"Well, seemed like I was wrong if our earlier talk was anything to go by."
She goes back to the skipped corn


"Touche." Slowly eat the next piece on my end. "So, what do you think I'm suggesting?"


"That my body is the price of your protection."


Smile softy. "You know we are alone here.. " kiss~ '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"No. No." Frown and back off from the skewer. "I- I apologize. I have overstepped my bounds, and given you the impression that-" My tone is neutral but tight. "I should get us a different room, as I believe our current one is… already being used. Excuse me." Get up and go rent us a room.


He relaxes and just lets it happen. What worries he may have been harboring are forced into the back of his mind as he reciprocates the kiss. Perhaps not the most gentle one ever given, but there is great honesty in his rugged lack of grace. His heart cannot lie, this is all he ever dared hope for.
She scrunches, and finishes her food alone as the Innkeep passes you a second key.


Maybe we should.. make a memory.. And try not to blind him with crystal light. '5d10'

Roll #1 7, 8, 4, 5, 2 = 26


In a move that, to him, was unexpected but far from unappreciated, you dispel any remaining doubts he had about this commitment.

Roll #1 1, 3, 10, 10, 2 = 26


Return to my seat. "I- I truly am sorry. I never meant to imply- I would never-" I sigh and rub my temples. "I-I'm sorry. I was being an idiot - again - and I… gave you the impression that…" My head thunks against the table. "You have no obligations toward me or anyone else in the party. There is no "price" for me getting you out of Equestria - you agreed to work for me for this adventure. That's all. I-"
"*sigh* Once you're done eating, let's… call it a night."
I assume Dulltooth already has lodgings taken care of for himself? After all, he is a very resourceful doge.


"See, its nice to focus on today."
Smile and then cuddle the rest of the night.
good night


It's like… 2pm right now.
That's a lot of cuddling.
Dulltooth seems to be enjoying an afternoon nap at a table. Remember that you arrived in the early afternoon. Night is far away.
"Little early to call it a night."


"…You're right." Take one of the kebabs and start eating it. "Just so we're clear, you don't owe me or anyone else… sexual favors for your protection. Anyone tries to say different, or starts pressing you, just tell me and I'll make sure they… get the message. Again, I- I really am sorry."


well uhh.. we can leave after like an hour.
not sure what else we are doing


She wipes the burst tomato off your nose
"By that point I'm pretty sure they will have gotten it."
"That was… really nice actually. A bit sudden, maybe. But…
…it helped me over some bad memories."


Maybe you could… you know… try again?


"Yeah, I just- I really feel bad for making you feel like that." Look around. "Hey, you know what?"


She raises an inquisitive brow


"We're sitting right out in the open for everyone to see, and you're acting relaxed and natural." Chuckle a bit grimly. "Guess all it took was me making a complete idiot of myself."


"I.. I'm not usually so impulsive. But, it was nice. My special somepony~"


"Or maybe we finally found a subject that took my mind off things?"
He just gives a satisfied smile and buries your head in his chest
"I can put up with a little impulse if it feels this good."
His heart is still pounding in there. A strong, steady beat befitting his will and body. A beat that now beats for you.


"Well, uh… Yeah, I guess." I sigh, then look her in the eyes.
"Since I've already made a fool of myself, I might as well keep going. No secrets, right? I- I am attracted to you, in more ways than one. That's why I- why I did what I did. I was being stupid and-
You're very pretty on the outside; I'm sure you're already well aware of that. That's nice and all, but- that moment up in the room? Where you finally dropped the barriers and told me the truth? I got a look at the real you then, and- and I think you're lovely on the inside too, when you let yourself.
And then I had to go and screw it up. You probably think I'm a pig now, only…
…just, forget I said anything. I'm just… a stupid boy with a stupid crush on a girl I've known less than a day."


Glow softly in joy. No need for more words.
thanks for running DM


She pokes you in the chest with the now-empty skewer
"I admit myself a thief, liar, murderer and all-round troublemaker, and the phrase you describe me with is 'lovely on the inside'?"
She snickers a bit
"You are one strange lad aren't you?
Crush… Hm.
Maybe some day. Maybe. At least you tried a nice approach, so points for that."
She doesn't seem upset. More like relieved, and perhaps a little amused




Lets see where it takes us


"So Silk, once we're done eating, how about we go shopping?"


Eira and I had some time to kill


Look for a curiosity shop!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Should we see what the others are doing?"


"I suppose some gear might be good. I heard something about a mine being our next destination.
…or did you mean some other kind of shopping?"
"If you think this moment is over now, I suppose we could."
After looking around for a while, you come across a slightly worn and smudged sign advertising the [Stitch Britches Boudoir of the Exotic and Curious] in a small yard behind a bunch of other stores and houses. Most of the doors back here look like they are used as employee entrances, emergency exits and back doors for loading, save for one with an elongated red lantern on one side. This door opens to a stairwell which probably leads to a basement. An odd place for a shop, but the rent is probably really cheap.


"Well, I meant shopping for gear.
…are there other kinds of shopping?"


"Aha! I love these kind of shops, they have so much weird shit!"


Scratch my neck.
"I don't know Eira, seems pretty fishy.. you sure you want to go in here?"


"Might as well have a look around, no?"
Go down!


Oh for…
Follow her.


"You.." Boop his nose and then smile. "Was there something you wanted to talk about first?"


"Well, most of the boys who wanted to get on my good side have tried buying me nice things."
The stairs aren't very long, and they end in a heavy door with a brass knocker vaguely resembling an upside down heart.
This was probably originally intended as a storage cellar but was later converted into a store. That would explain the door at least.
He stares at the ceiling for a while, then sighs with a smile
"I guess the ghosts of the past can wait until another time."


"Oh? and how did that usually turn out for them?"


Let's go ahead and knock.


stare at him for a moment "This things you're afraid to tell me, It wasn't cheating was it?"


Knock knock.


"It was a start.
Granted, I think my standards got a little high as time went by."
A little hole on the door opens up and someone looks outside.
The door then opens and you are let into a small yet comfy lobby. The low ceiling and stone floor confirm your thoughts on this being an old cellar, but a few carpets and paneling on the walls goes a long way it seems. A mare is sitting behind a counter in the back corner, and a large diamond dog is holding the door open with a stern but vacant expression.
"Welcome ladies."
He looks genuinely surprised
"Huh? No, no, where'd you get that kind of an idea?"






"Sorry, its just that usually when a stallion is holding something back from their special somepony.. that's the cause."


"First time here, hm? You two look like fresh faces."
"I wouldn't know… I've never been special to anypony before."


"We're new here, yeah."


"That's right, we're not from around here."
Look around for interesting stuff!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well, I doubt we'll find any jewelry stores, but I've always liked my tools to have form as well as function.
First thing we should look for would be some kind of cover-up for you, just in case we run into any nobles."


Smile at him. "Well, if it isn't about somepony else.. Then just share when you feel comfortable, whatever it is. In the meantime, we can go look around." give him a peck on the cheek and get up to lead him downstairs.


And I'm here too.

We still in the inn?


There seem to be a few more doors here leading to other rooms. They must be fairly small rooms given the spacing of the doors.
"Tourists, huh? Well, we get a fair bit of those too.
Did you have something specific in mind, or would you just like to browse?"
"I've plenty of jewels, but a nicer way to hide my face and flank might be appreciated."
Yes, except Cassie and Eira who are out shopping, and Grace and Sweet who are by the lake.
"Well… hopefully I won't need to have it on my mind at all soon."
He follows you down.
Roll for how you look after all the wild action '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


'1d10' crystal pony looks not-too shiny

Roll #1 7 = 7


Point at Eira.
"I'm just making sure she doesn't get in trouble."


"I'd just like to browse! Where's the stuff though?"


"Well, well, the young couple returns." What condition are the two of them in?


"Hey Amber, did the others come back yet?"


You look entirely presentable.
He on the other hand has a messy mane and is still visibly at half-mast.
"Aaah. Right, I get ya. Moral support.
There are some books if you want to read while waiting."
"Do you have a preference or would you like the full selection?"


"Uh… the full selection please?"


"What kinds of books?"


Uh, maybe I can fix up his mane a little '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Nah, they're all still out. We were actually going to go shopping ourselves in a bit." Toss them the key to the room they were using. "Here; I've already booked a different room, and you two seem to have enjoyed your time in that one."


Look a little embarrassed "Thanks. I'll pay you back for it."
"Shopping for what if you don't mind my prying?"


I shouldn't stay still.
Are there libraries around here.
I want to see if I can find anything on our next destination.


"Supplies for our next excursion to those mines, among other things."
Lean in and give them a warm smile. "Hey. I'm really happy for you two."


"Well the latest Red Rocketeer was added recently, and a few other well known adventure classics like The Bone Pit and Deep Lancer."
She nods with a quaint smile, then rings two bells on her desk.
The dog nods and closes the door, before two other doors on the side wall open, producing a seemingly endless selection of undressed and eager looking folks.
An earth pony stallion. Strong, tough and rugged looking, with a coat of peachy orange and a mane of dark chocolate, his balls the biggest you have ever seen, hanging low towards the floor as he rears up for a pose.
A noble unicorn of flawless white, his horn ribbed for your pleasure and his long silvery mane billowing in an unseen wind as his perfectly smooth body displays its finest sides.
A pegasus with a touch of danger in his eyes. Mischievous, unpredictable and carefree, a bit of a scoundrel and clearly a bad boy at heart, his wings pulsing with excitement and his smarmy brows emphasizing his roguish charm.
A pair of earth pony mares. Twins they were. Nearly impossible to tell apart as their lean bodies snake around one another, their eyes never breaking contact with yours, their hooves adventuring all over their bodies in anticipation.
A shy looking unicorn mare. She only glances at you from under her mane, keeping her tail low and trying not to show too much of herself, her face as red as a tomato, yet her backside leaving a moist trail on the floor.
Another earth mare. A big one at that, and a bit older. Motherly may be a fitting word here for some, as she radiates confidence born of experience, sporting a body of a born childbearer.
A smaller pegasus stallion. Or maybe a big colt. Young and excited, he keeps winking and blowing kisses at you, waving at you with his wing.
A mule. Not the prettiest face of the bunch by any means, but she carries herself with unmistakable pride. Perhaps a career born from the fact that she is sterile?
A diamond dog. Not nearly as hulking as the door guard or Dulltooth, he is shorter and sporting a more downplayed frame with slimmer shoulders and less disproportionate legs. However, judging by the raging red rapier he is wielding, he was hired for a reason. The door guard rolls his eyes at the display.
Another dog. A bitch, this one. Shorter than Cassie but notably ample in all the best places, her coat looking rather plush and well groomed.
And finally, a zebra mare in rainbow socks
The receptionist pony nods with a smile
"Browse at your leisure."
Cloudcover had made some notes about it if you wish to read them or talk to him


Keep it there to cover my eyes.
"Oh my fucking god. Eira, I never should have listened to you."


I blink a few times, looking from the group to the receptionist pony and back.
"… What? What's this!? These aren't curiosities at all!"


Smile softly. "Thanks Amber. I think I'll head into town as well since the others aren't back."
"Cloud, you want to explore the town a little?"


I smirk at Cloudcover. "Hey there. Finally mustered the courage to talk to her, I see. So, was it worth it?"


Eh isn't he too busy fucking?
Let's take a look at them notes '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You are correct. Here at the boudoir of the exotic and curious we treat our customers to the finest local selection of the exotic and curious"
The unicorn made raises a hoof "and bi-curious"
"Certainly. Though someone should probably stay here and tell the others to wait as they return so we can gather up and get going."
"Yes. Yes it was."
He just came back down.
The notes mention Bare Hills is an old gem mine that was abandoned years ago. He suspects its an operation similar to the ghost town, using the danger of a collapsing mine to keep snoops out. He also expects a possibility of meeting diamond dogs there.


I facehoof.
"I'm sorry, but this was a horrible, horrible mistake. I thought you sold curiosity items!"


Give him a smile. "Glad to hear it."
Turn back to Silk. "Ready to go?"


Nod. "Well, its up to you, if you want to stay.. I'll be back in about an hour." start to walk outside.


"Told you something was wrong about this place."


gem mines usually have more than one entrance.
Any notes about a secondary passage or something? Any maps? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well, now that you're here it seems like a perfect chance to make a dynamic and daring change of plans!"
The entire selection strikes a pose
"As ready as I'll get."
He follows
"You won't lose me that easily. Not any more."
Only a map of the general area, none of the interior. There is a note saying maps probably still exist in Canterlot, and most likely some where left on-site anyway since who'd bother cleaning those up when they left.


Cast a quick glance at Dulltooth. Should I take him along on this shopping trip or leave him here?


Give a flat look.
"How about no."


"Uh… I think not. I'm not into those things."


That's unfortunate.
Any notes on what kind of gems were excavated there? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Have we gone to the mine yet?


Nope, still in town.


I'll take the opportunity to follow up on what Eira and Cassie mentioned before. How would I go about giving Primrose, my Mechanical Minion, a voice. Is there a Smith's shop I can check out?


Smile at him. "Well, I'm not exactly good at hiding."
'1d10' pick a direction and walk.

Roll #1 7 = 7


He's happily napping. Wake him up if you want.
The selection looks disappointed and a little hurt.
The receptionist looks surprised
"Nothing among our wide selection suits your tastes?"
Seems like a wide variety. It is possible the area used to be diamond dog lands at some point.
There is, but as a peaceful and out of the way town, it's not very big and deals mostly in repairs.
You pass some kids playing on the side of the road and eventually find what seems to be the New Silent Lake market square


"Call me picky but this is not my style."


Gently tap him awake. "Silk and I are headed out to buy some supplies. Would you like to come with us or stay here?"


I neglected all the options available to me and simply rushed for the most efficient parts for me. I never bothered to look at what else could be used for a Mechanical Assistant. I'll ask him if he's ever heard of giving an Assistant a voice.


"Well, this is a pretty quiet town." Maybe there is a souvenir stand here, or gift shop.. '1d10'
keep an eye out for the others in case I see them.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I'm not looking for sex, just curiosity items!"


The door dog gives you a hopeful grin
Can stay here. Leave some beer money."
He looks entirely confused by your minion
"A what to a what now?
How's that thing even work? Gears and springs?"
The receptionist thinks for a moment, then pulls out a large box labeled [Dragon Dildos]
As you pass the general store and circle around the back you notice a sign for a place called [Stitch Britches Boudoir of the Exotic and Curious]
There was also a selection of commemorative clothing available at the tailor's


I facehoof again.
"Just… nevermind. I'm sorry for wasting your time."


"Don't even think about it."


"Sure." Leave him enough for a few beers, then head out with Silk. Let's see if we can find a tailor shop.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Go toward the general store.
"So, what's your favorite food?"


"The limbs are, if I I remove some of her protective fabrics. I used some optics and thin strands of metal in the ear to simulate sight and sound. One of my medical texts had the rest of the plans for a magic engine to give it a bit of autonomy and to be able to follow commands. With all the hours I've worked some times, it's a wonder I don't see more like it."


"Alright, well, I suppose it's ok to have second thoughts. Do come again when you feel braver, and tell your friends too!"
His ears flop down with his frown
There is a tailor in town. His store front is full of commemorative souvenir clothes
"I've always been fond of cinnamon rolls."
He scratches his head
"Sounds mighty complicated. I'm used to fixing fences and making tools, not magico-optiwhatever"


"Sure, we will. Bye."


"Uh… sure."


"This was an errand I took up on a whim. Sorry to interrupt."

Let's check out any Mages or libraries then. I only bothered to follow the instructions on the first guide I came across.


Enter his shop. "So, Silk, any particular ideas on what you'd like to cover up with?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


This is going nowhere.
Any notes on the surrounding area then? '1d10'

Order a drink. Strong one.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I like cornbread as my over all favorite, but carrot cake has to be the best dessert." what does this general store have to offer? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


They shut the door behind you
There is a library at the town hall
"Depends. If we will be traveling a lot, I'd prefer it be windproof. If not, something that breathes well so I can wear it anywhere. Complimentary, not clashing with my coat."
As its name suggests, it's a hill. Two locations are marked as former miner campsites, both with an entrance to the mine itself. An extensive minecart system should exist inside the mine itself as well.
Dulltooth comes sit with you
Mostly ingredients for various foods, some maps and souvenirs, and general goods you'd expect the locals to need.
It's nothing special, though it seems to have an attached bakery.


Give Eira a mean look.
"What's the worst that could happen, Cassie?"


Alright, look around the shop. "Anything in here catch your eye?" See if I can find anything that might match her description.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Time to go in and hit those books. Looking for any magic books that deal with voice or sound.


I raise a hoof with a happy smile.
"What's important is that we both still have our good health."


"I saw things I wish I'd never see. My mental health is scarred forever, thanks to you."


"I've been trying to get an idea of our destination. But it seems like we don't have too much information. You know anything about it?"


"Don't be so dramatic!"


Go to the bakery window/counter "Good afternoon, what's today's special?"


"That one guy had balls like a flood defense sand bag! It made me want to claw my eyes out!"


I nod.
"They were very big weren't they… That was too weird."


"Everything about that place was weird."


"Let's just never talk about that again!"


A true miracle in clothing design - a dress you can turn inside-out to change it from windproof outdoors outfit to a fancy and comfy dress. It even comes with a matching scarf!
"Is old dog lands. Plentiful gems, solid ground. made for fine tunnels."
"Cupcakes are the order of the day, along with cream buns."
[Sound is Not Silence - By: Funky Garfield]


Interesting. Pop it open and take a look.


"Check this out. Think you'd wear it?"


"I figure there must be more than one entrance into those mines. It might be a better alternative rather than walking in the front door. Unfortunately I don't have a clue where we could find one of those entrances."




"Okay, I'd like a dozen cupcakes then. Vanilla with strawberry icing.. And two cinnamon buns."
Smile sweetly.



Now… is there an actual curiosity shop in town?

Roll #1 10 = 10


It details the theory of what sound is, and makes multiple notes on how musical instruments produce sound.
Perhaps that would be an approach. Vocal cords much like violin strings?
Her eyes shimmer
"Oh yessss~"
There is.
In fact it's right on top of the exotic whore emporium. You're practically at their door.
"Alrighty, coming right up."
A few minutes later she returns with a big bag
"There you go."
"Two points shown on map.
Probably not may others, unless we dig our own. That will take time."


"… Oh hey look, a curiosity store!"
Go inside.


"Well go on then, try it on!" Hand her the dress.


Perfect, now. Lets look for a post card or a picture of this place. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Of course, that would make sense in hindsight. I'm using strings so Primrose can hear, a few additions and she could 'talk'."

Read on. What could I use to approximate a regular speaking voice, but even using music to 'speak' would be helpful.


"I swear…"
Follow her.


"Digging doesn't seem an option. Too rocky. And if there's really an operation out there, they'll spot us if we stay still too long."


All sorts of oddities line the shelves, from southern tribal fetishes to lightning in a jar. Knotted rope with wind tied inside the knots, clearly fake exotic weapons, cheap fool's gold dragon idols, the list goes on.
You are interrupted by a painter
"Excuse me, terribly sorry, but could you spare a moment of your time? I'm trying to paint a landscape of the lakeside and I need some models.
I'd gladly let you have a copy of the painting if you pose for it."
It looks stunning on her. Not flashy or attention grabbing, but still mysterious and flattering.
Guess we just kick down door then."


Perhaps you could rig some method of playing a series of strings to simulate vocal tones?
You'd need an expert clockmaker for it though.


"Maybe we can find somepony who knows the area around there. Ask him."


Does this town even have anyone capable of that? However, a basic motor might make a good start. Let's try to find one.

Letting Primrose access sounds means we can communicate, in a way.


Blink in surprise. "Wow, I was actually wanting a picture of this place." Pull Cloudcover over with a grin in the general area that I think is correct. "How should we stand?"


I'm not an amateur!
Lightning in a jar though? That sounds interesting. Shake the jar!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well, it certainly suits you." Let's go pay for it and move on to the next place.


Well now, this is actually interesting!
Anything like a two handed sword?

Roll #1 1 = 1


The lightning bounces around
The shopkeep frowns
"Please do not agitate the merchandise."
"Sounds like plan. I fine with just kicking down front door too."
At best you might find a basic clock here. It will take a lot of rigging to make anything from that.
The artist takes you to a little hill overlooking the lake
"Just pose in a way that feels natural. Try to capture the serenity and peace of this town in your being."
Cloudcover gently puts a hoof around you and pushes your head against his chest, then rests his chin on top of your mane
"Is this good for you, Coral?"
She stops you as you're about to go pay
"No shopkeeper in sight. I can pinch this easily."


Since I don't have the opportunity to work on my patients, this will have to do. With a basic clock motor, I can at least get an understanding of what I'll have to deal with and my own notes on the matter.

Let's procure a clock and let's look if they sell the string for any musical instruments as well.


Fine, put it back and keep looking! Anything magical!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Sigh a bit and rub against him a bit. try not to turn all translucent '1d10'
"Yea, I think this is perfect."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You could, and then in a small town like this word would spread quick about such a nice piece of craftsmanship going missing. Considering that we're staying in town for the night, odds are good that somebody would recognize it, and then we'd have guards raining down on our heads.
If you're going to steal in a small town, only do it when you're on your way out."


"Now just stay still."
And so time passes to the beat of his heart
A couple of hours later, the painting is done.
"Aaaaand there! Haha! It's GREAT!"
Nope. At least not really. Most of them look like fakes.
You find a clock and some violin strings after a couple of hours of searching.
"Well do we come back when we are leaving then, or?"



"If we don't find somepony, maybe we'll have to."


"If you're going to be wearing it for everypony to see, I'd prefer to legitimately purchase it." I go find the clerk.


What a shame…
The lightning is cool though!
One last check for anything that catches my eye.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Smile, stretch and.. look at the painting!
"Wow, isn't this exciting Cloud?"


Put them all down on a table. Let's start by simply finding a way to reliably start and stop the second hand. This way, Primrose could control when she talks instead of always being 'On' and damaging the string.


Yes. A giant one made of glass. It's both too heavy to lift and too fragile to wield.
He is in the back, working on some big pants
There is a hoof-sized hole on one shelf. You peel it off like a sticker and put it on another shelf, moving the hole there.
It's like some kind of… portable hole.
The artist casts a spell on the painting and it splits into two copies
"There you go kids. And thank you!"
He then trots off.
Cloudcover looks at the painting and smiles
"I never imagined being part of something like this…"
The warm sunlight reflects off the surface of the water in the painting, bathing you in a soft radiance amplified by your crystal body. The sheer use of light and shadow in the painting is breathtaking.
You get to work, aided by a book on the basics of clockmaking from the library.


"Good evening, sir. I would like to purchase this dress." Motion towards the dress Silk is wearing.


Take Primrose's measurements. Would I be able to put this experiment inside of her, or will it have to exist outside of her?


"Ah? Hm. You have a good eye on you. Most folks thought it was pointlessly multi-purpose. Nonsense! It's functional AND comfortable.
It has a price tag, please just leave the money on the counter."
You might need to rethink the mechanism that turns her head if you want in in the throat, or you could sacrifice storage space inside her to fit it there.


"Very well. Thank you!" Go back out to Silk and check the price tag. How much does it cost?


Right now, I should focus on getting it to work. I can take on some of her burden until I can find someone more professional to give it a once over.


It's been marked down no less than four times. The original price was ridiculous, but now it barely costs more than a normal dress.
At most, you can rig this thing to play a specific note in correlation to a specific moment on the clock. With some work, you can at least give her a distinct noise for different actions. As a start, fixing it to play a note only on the exact hour is easiest, so you can give her 12 sounds with relatively little work.


Well all right then. Leave the money on the counter and head outside with Silk.
"Next order of business is protection. Do you have anything to defend yourself with?"


It'll have to do for now. Let's see if I can get her core to connect with it so she can respond to commands.


"You don't really grow up a lifelong criminal without learning to fight dirty.
…but I never could stand to see blood. Even broken bones make me feel sick."
It takes quite some tweaking and setting gears in place, but ultimately your ugly tumor of a primitive voice box seems to be kind of working.


"Primrose, can you respond to me with your new voice? Anything at all?"


"Even so, not everything we go up against is going to be flesh and bone. Besides, sometimes the simple act of revealing that you are armed is enough to end a fight before it starts."
Let's see if we can find the smithy.

Roll #1 4 = 4


She plays a smooth tone to indicate an affirmative response.
There is one, but there are no weapons for sale. This is a getaway resort by a peaceful lake, after all.


Well, are there any stores in town where we could get a weapon of some kind?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You have a few other, notes, you can play. Can you try them for me, to make sure they are working?"


Not really. At best you could get some kitchenware, or talk to the few heavily armed people in town like Grace and Sweet.
She plays the same affirmative tone, then proceeds to play ten other tones of various pitches


I'll note down my results.

"Good, you're doing well with such a new addition. You're a model patient. Now, we'll have to assign a meaning to several notes."

Start with two simple ones. Yes is higher pitched, No is low. Let her practice them.


"Well, guess that will have to wait. All that leaves is supplies." Any place in town sell stuff we might need? Say, ropes or torches?

Roll #1 3 = 3


She processes the information and assigns the tones.
Indeed I think someone already made an order for those, which is simply waiting for Cloudcover to go pick it up and pay for it at the general store.


More notes.

I'll spend the remaining time I have asking her questions like a good doctor would.


"Well, I think we did alright. Let's head back to the inn. How are you liking that dress?"


"I think it'll serve its purpose well.
And that was a really sweet thing for you to do overall~"



Whatever you had left to do, now is the time to get it done.


Just make sure that Cloudcover doesn't forget our materials and then keep working on Primrose.


You leave a note for Cloudcover on his notes. He will surely see it when he returns.
Primrose now has assigned notes for "yes" and "no"


Make sure we have rooms booked for everybody, then go wash up.


I'll add 4 directions and up and down to that list. She can better take and receive orders if she can respond with those.


I take it you plan to stay the whole night then?
Silk stays courteously out of the way.
You have now assigned 8 of possible 12 notes


I'll take 2 more nd leave the rest open.

1 for Attention. Make it clear that this is for non-emergencies. A minor thing that merits attention.

The 2nd for Emergency. When it requires immediate attention at the expense of all others.


The assigned tone for Emergency almost makes you jump when she tests it. It's far from subtle, a shrill shriek that could be heard from quite a distance.


I courteously return the favor as she goes to wash up. I think it's been established that we're staying at the inn for the night and heading out in the morning.
Once she's done washing herself up, I'll start polishing my armor, my sword, and my shield.


"Deep breathes. This is just the first prototype." I tell myself.

I'll leave the other two for whatever context becomes necessary. But now that my Assistant can communicate, I should give her a 'checkup'.

"Primrose, can you feel anything when I touch you?" Put a hoof on her chest.


She just sits around, counting money she pulled out from who knows where, stopping now and then to examine her new outfit


"Very well. Now let me try something else. Can you feel yourself expending effort, energy, as it were when doing tasks. Can you tell the difference between lifting a scalpel and lifting that board of yours?"

Point at her imitation Great Sword.



"So you can feel energy going out, that's important."

Write this down.

"Now, regarding your new voice, as it were, can you feel the string pushing back on you, do you feel it move when you say something?"


How's Dulltooth doing?


After finishing his beers he decided to go out to enjoy the sun.
Looks like right now he's playing with some kids.


Guess he's got a bit of a soft side after all. I sit and watch him for a while.


"So only things directly linked to your core can 'feel' and provide feedback? Since, I'm already here, I'd be remiss if I didn't ask this."

"Are you happy?"


Little fillies are climbing around him like was a mountain. He seems quite happy to be with them, and after a while he waves them goodbye as they leave and he lumbers back into the inn.
No reply
Perhaps she has no real concept of happiness


"Maybe I spent too much time with the others and it's starting to rub off on me."

Note down that mark, that she may not understand emotions.

"Now, since you can respond, I'll undergo a brief experiment. We'll go down where the others are. I'd like to know if you sense any changes within you." Head downstairs with her.


Give him a small smile as he comes back. "You're really good with kids."


She follows, not really saying anything
"Kids innocent. Not mean harm. Just want to understand world, eyes full of wonder.
…sometimes wish I could see world like that."


For this first part, let's go the long way when looking for a table. She knows the area and the patrons saw her earlier.

"Did you feel any internal changes, Primrose? Either when walking around or just sitting here. Something besides the amount of power used?"


"So do I, my friend. So do I.
…Have you ever wondered what it would be like? You know, to… have kids of your own?"



"Not really. Kids fine in small doses. Having to care for one every day… too taxing."


"I expected as much, but I had to perform this experiment. This next part may be difficult, so I'll ask, are you okay with trying something else? I don't know how it'll go, so I'll give you that option."


"Yeah, they really can be pretty draining. Besides, I always worry that if I had kids, I'd just screw them up somehow."


"Is fine. Where is Silk?"


"Hopefully, it won't be much, but I feel better giving you that option. All we're going to do is go into town and pass the shops and people. It's a bigger source of stimulus, so let me know when you sense any changes."

Let's go outside, heading towards the library."


She's up in the room, isn't she?
"In the room, last I saw. Had to get a little angry to get her to be straight with me, then I had to help coax her into being able to appear in public without diving under a table every five minutes."


She follows, showing no indication of any change.
It's probable she only measures internal changes and disregards external stimuli that is not a direct threat or order.


He raises a brow at 'diving under a table'


"Heh. Turned around to find her at the inn and found her hiding under a table. A bit silly, perhaps, but understandable, considering she ticked off a couple of powerful noble houses.
By the way, did you notice Coral and Cloudcover?"


"Hmm," Sigh and drop my head. "I apologize if this has been awkward. I hastily put you together to get an Assistant that wouldn't tire out and ignored everything that didn't have to do with that. Perhaps I should review my books when we get back."

Does Primrose have any clothing on and are there any exposed gears?


Exposed parts are a liability. She is wrapped in a washable cloth "skin"
She has a little nurse cap purely for decorative reasons
"They went out, right?"


"Oh, right, you were asleep at the time. Yes, they've gone out now… but before that, they went up to the room I'd just rented. Together."


"So they fucked?"


"Now that you can talk, in a way, it might be necessary to provide a better appearance. We won't be back at the hospital for some time it seems."

Head towards any women's clothing shop. Try to help her blend in better.


There is a tailor in town. His store front is full of commemorative souvenir clothes.


"Yup." Snort and cover my mouth. "You should have seen them when they came back down. There was Coral, all nice and proper, if a bit tired… And right next to her was Cloudcover, still at half-mast and looking like he'd been run over by a carriage!"


Let's check it out. Something that helps her blend in will make our job easier.


"Glad they had fun.
I wouldn't mind some myself."
Inside, there are some more traditional dresses available as well. The tailer himself comes in from the back
"Welcome. Hope you didn't wait too long, had to get a package ready for a client."


"I understand. If you can, I'm looking for something that helps my Assistant here blend in better."

Point towards Primrose.

"Preferably something that covers a lot. An extra layer of protection, if you will."


"I knew I saw you eyeing Cassie up. Gotta warn you, though, she's… prickly. Doesn't seem to want to let anyone get close."


He looks at Primrose
"Is that one of those new-fangled wife dolls I heard about?
Well, no matter. If you like something more traditional and a bit heavier, a longer dress and shawl keeps you warm and doesn't show off anything you don't want to. It's not great for anything that requires a lot of moving around though."
"…a pony is fine too…"


"Oh? Any particular pony you been eyeing lately?"


"No, she's an Assistant. But she'll need to help me with some operations, so it might have to be more form fitting without limiting access to her internals. Do you have anything that would fit those requirements?"


"Right about now any would do."
"Easy access huh…
…I keep that stuff in the back. Can't have tourists getting the wrong idea."


"Oh, have many asked for those things before? I wasn't aware Assistants were all that popular."


"Most folks prefer to play nurse with living ponies."


"Getting kinda pent up, huh? Any aversion to going out and… hiring someone to take care of that? I'm sure they have a brothel somewhere; every town does."


"She's not a nurse. She's a surgical assistant."


Easier to just grab someone."
"Whatever stuffs your sausage, I guess."
He points at the back room, where keeps the… easy access outfits


"Thank you."

Look them over with Primrose. Are there any that match her coloring, at least?


"Maybe, but not many ponies are willing to just do it with a complete stranger, and… "forcing" someone would create far too many problems and headaches." Do I have enough money left to feasibly pay for a whore or something?


You'll probably want to modify them a bit. These are outright lewd even at a glance. But they do offer easy access to most parts.
It won't be the best one in town, that's for sure. Since you haven't really been rewarded yet for your getting the mirror, not to mention buying a dress for Silk, this is cutting into your travel funds quite a bit if you keep it up.


I'll take a few basic ones then for when we go into the mines.

But for city use, I should look into one of those older style dresses, or at least a cape. What colors do they have those in?


Well, let's look around. Do any of the mares here look like sluts? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Mostly bright ones. You could possibly get a cloak over the easy access sex suit to make it look passable in everyday context. Or add a skirt or something.


The biggest slut around here is Silk, probably.


"A cloak might be more suitable. We can use the smaller garments for tourniquets and a cape as a blanket if we need it to."

Let's pay off the nice tailor.


Alright, who is around?

Roll #1 10 = 10


…Do any mares that I am not currently working with or hiring look like sluts? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Not in the least.
There are good, upstanding people. You could, of course, always give it a try yourself.
You could probably go pick up those pants for Cassie now, or check back at the inn if you're not buying any curiosities.
"Have fun, sir."
He waves you goodbye and goes finish the previous order


I'll make sure the cloak is on properly. I want to see if there are any differences now that she has been covered.


Cassie can pick those up herself! I'll look for curiosities some other time, I shouldn't be squandering money just yet as much as it pains me.
Let's just have a drink at the bar and look for someone to chat with

Roll #1 4 = 4


Her lack of mane makes her look a little weird, but is helpful in medical situations.
Most everyone is back at the inn, save for Cloud, Coral and the doctor.
It seems Amber is having a talk with Dulltooth.


"Have you tried masturbating? That's usually how I take care of it whenever it becomes an issue."
…Any sluts at all in this town? a mare willing to make a bad decision, even? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's all we can do for now.

"Primrose, I'll be relying on you as well to maintain those. If you think they'll hinder you later, remove them if necessary. For now, let's head back."


Approach them.
"Hey! What up!"


Oh look, a giant slut >>521311
"Always told not to do that. Makes hair fall off your palms."
She follows silently, occasionally stumbling as she compensates for the new restrictions in movement.


"You'll get used to those." I laugh as I remember my own coats. "For now, just think of them as an extra layer of protection. We'll be going to dirty places, unlike the hospital we used to work at."

Head back in.


"That's just a superstition. I'm not missing any fur, am I?"
Turn to Eira. "Hey there. Mind if we talk to you about something?"


"Yeah sure. You wouldn't believe what kind of a weird place I found by accident in this town!"


"Oh really? What do you mean "weird?""


"Ponies work different…"
Seems like nearly everyone is back by now


"I was looking for a curiosity shop and found one… except the curiosities weren't objects but people! It was a whorehouse!"
I shudder a bit.
"The things I saw down there… that was disturbing."


"Hello everyone. Did you all have a fruitful time?"


Give Dulltooth a sideways glance at Eira's explanation. "I'll bet. Where did you say this place was? We don't want anyone else accidentally wandering in there."


"Below the actual curiosity shop, in the basement or something."


"You be a bit more specific? Like I said, we don't want any mishaps."


Point at the curiosity shop outside.
"There's steps at the back leading to it. Whatever you do, do not go down there!"

"Sure did. We bought Cassie some new pants!"


"Seems we all went clothes shopping then. What do you think of Primrose's new appearance?"

Point to the Mechanical Assistant and her new cape and easy access undergarments.


"Alright, thanks. Hey, Dulltooth and I were about to head out and buy some food for the trip; mind pitching in a few bits?"


Remember that Silk also has money on her


"Looks really fancy. I like it, doctor."

"Uh… Well…"

How much can I give him?


"I thought Cloudcover already had that handled? Besides that, I've already located the gear we'll need and need him to go pay for it."


Money is a bit abstract here, but you can either give him enough to buy you a day's rations like one might expect, or less if you don't want to tip him for going out shopping.


I'll give him enough for the rations but keep enough to buy myself a drink.
Now… let's get to it. Order a drink.


"Thanks. I'll go see if Silk wants anything, and then we'll be off!" Calmly head up to the room Silk and I am staying in and close the door behind me.
Turn to Silk. "We might have a bit of a situation."


She seems to have more money than she had before
"Hm? What now?"
The innkeep passes you your mug
"Planning to stay the night too, then?"


"Yup. I could use the sleeping aid."
Take a swig.


"Well, to put it bluntly, Dulltooth is horny. To the point were he seems willing to go for anything that offers. And… I really don't want to wait and see how long it takes for him to decide to skip the asking."


"Always nice to have good customers. Don't be afraid to ask if you need anything else."
"That's very brave of you. I can hold your hoof if it helps."


"W-wait, what? You think that I- well- what?"


"I'll be fine, thanks. Just enjoying some R&R for now…"


"Hmm, Primrose, would you like to sleep in a bed?"


"Just remember to relax. It hurts more if you're tense. I think most learn that the hard way…"
"Good, good.
I'm all yours so long as they gold keeps flowing."
Her internals probably get confused if she lies down.


"Let's get you prepped for tomorrow then."

"Oh, would you like to learn how to help maintain Primrose?Should anything happen to me, you'll still be able to keep her running and helping you."


"Y-you're suggesting that I… I could never…
but hiring a whore would nearly bankrupt us… and this… needs to…"
Gulp and sit down, hard. "I-I never actually thought about… that… possibility…"