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So, the kids are leading Magistre and Gron to where they got out of the town, Krystal is headed to surgery for potential amputationstitches, Julia and company are headed through the forest with their new companion, and fuck if I can remember what the rest of you faggots were up to.


Now let's see what those kids got up to.


Run through the jungle?


Approach Lavender and look at her.
You really do know the local wildlife here Lavender, I didnt know how dangerous some of the creatures here
Follow her as I keep watch of the surrounding jungle.


They lead you into a very small, cramped space between one of the buildings burned in the raid and the town walls. They point to a small gap in the wall where the heat caused the wood to warp.
"See? It's a secret door. Well, it was a secret…"
Not jungle so much anymore, though the tree canopies are getting thicker, the air growing muggy and heavy with the stench of rot as the soggy ground begins to give beneath you with every step.
We're getting close to the swamp, Lavender says, her tone very serious for once. Do excactly as I say, when I say, if you want to live. And if I say run… don't look back. Just run as fast as you can, and pray to the gods for mercy.


"Another damn afternoon."
Grin to Boon.


I gulp as I keep close to the group.
Uhmmm… a.. alright.


I look it over.
Then look at the kids.
"Are there any more of these secret doors?
No lies now."


"…Just a few…"
"We just wanted to go exploring, honest!"
"Like the big ponies!"
He grins back, wrinkling his nose a bit at the smell.
"Yer lucky. That there beak means ye ain't getting the full effect of that smell. s'why I always hate working in swamps."
The rustling of bushes is your only warning as Greenbite exits the brush right next to you, his massive form sliding over to Lavender as he exchanges hisses and clicks with her. You sense Lavender getting annoyed, swatting him on the shoulder as she flips her hair.


Are you okay Lavender? Will that lizard be fine?


"Ahw c'mon, I'm nearby if you want to smell something good~"
Okay, this was the last of the teasing. Back to work.
And there's the big lizard.


"Good, a good sense of adventure and courage is important."
Look them over.
"But there's a time and a place for that, all of you scared your parents to death.
Now you should tell us where those holes in our walls are, not because we want to ruin your fun, but because if you can get out, other things can come in. Large animals, monsters, you don't want that, do you?"


He chuckles and gives a telekinetic tweak to the base of your tail, then returns to the important task of watching his step, jumping a little as Greenbite shows up.
"Sweet baby rays, where'd he come from?"
Clearly, dissappointed, they still show you where all the holes they know of are.
"Now how are we supposed to explore?"
"Yeah, there's nothing interesting in here!"
"Why we gotta stay inside these walls all the time?"


"Hmmm, perhaps we could start a scouting group for you kids?
You surely seem talented, with the right guidance, you could have fun and learn about the wilds."




Sometime after returning from meeting the native tribe

Amon's shack is a modest little building, more cramped than even the other small constructions surrounding it. Tucked away in one of the isolated corners of Horton, the wall stands just a short distance away from his abode. A small sign hangs on the rickety door: Amon's Counseling/Private Affairs Consultant Services. The path to his door seems decently well-used; you even saw a young couple leave with their heads on each other's shoulders, looking a bit nervous but still at ease.

Boon is standing next to you, casting an uneasy glance between you and the door.
"So… how we gonna do this?"


Look at him in a mixed expression of worry and guilt.
"You really don't have to come with me for this, you know…
I'm the one with the problem here.
I'm the one who nearly jumped at you."


He looks at you a moment, then pulls you into a firm hug.
"Yes, Ah do gotta go with ye," he sighs, stroking the back of your neck reassuringly. "I was there with ye… I want to be there for ye when ye need me."


Close my eyes and smile, rubbing his back with a wing as my tail coils around itself almost instinctively.
"It's not gonna be pretty…"
Whisper softly, almost begging him to rethink about this.


"Ah know," he whispers back, resting his chin on top of your head. "But we're partners, through thick 'r thin. Even if we weren't, I'd do it."
Lifting your beak as he loosens the hug, he smiles tenderly into your eyes.
"Yer hurtin, Sweetheart. I hate seeing ye hurt, knowing I can't make it better. So please… let me help make it better."


They don't make boys like him in the city.
Through a smile, kiss him, and stand again trying to give myself as dignified an expression as possible.
"Let's go in, okay?"


He smiles back and nods, leaning against you supportively as you approach the door.


Silly boy.
Let's move in. Knocking, I presume.


Even with him there supporting you, even having made up your mind, it's still hard to bring yourself to knock. You do, of course, it just takes you a minute to work up the nerve.

"Come in," Amon's voice calls out from inside, as calm as usual.


Exhale and open the door, walking in with confidence.
"Working all alone?"


His office is simple, a comfortable couch in one corner and several chairs in another, with a single cushioned chair facing them next to a desk bearing neatly-stacked papers. From this chair, Amor regards you and Boon with interest as you enter.
"Ah, Julia and Boon. I am glad to see you both.
As for your question, yes, I work alone. Nopony else in the colony is versed in the matters of the mind aside from M-mister Celery Stalk… who is decidedly uninterested in "wasting his time" supporting me."


"Crack in your voice?"
Walk up to the chairs.


"I certainly hope not, considering I need it for my job."
As Boon sits down next to you, Amor shifts forward attentively. "So, may I ask what brings you here today? Do you wish to use my services, or is it something else you wish to speak to me about?"


Sigh and settle down in a chair, looking actually humble for once.
"No, you got it right the first time.
I might need help."


"We all need help, from time to time. We just never seem to want to ask for it. Please, make yourself comfortable."
He gives you an evaluating look.
"You understand that this may lead into sensitive topics, correct? If a subject makes you uncomfortable, just say so, and we can move on to something else."


"Heard enough about how shrinks work, doc."
Give him a hopeful smirk.


"Of course. Then you know that I'm telling you all of this because I'm required to."
He glances between the two of you.
"When last we met, you seemed very opposed to the idea of coming to see me. May I ask what changed your mind? You don't have to answer, but I am curious."


"Things happened.
I snapped out of control."


"I see. Do you wish to discuss the event in question?"


Lean forward on the chair, looking straight into Amon's eyes with deep focus.
"You know what happened to me on my first expedition in the wilds.
It's about that."


"I admit, I expected as much." He sighs and casually crosses his front hooves, steadily returning your gaze.
"Experiences like that are often traumatic, and the injuries they cause are unlikely to heal properly if left on their own. We don't have to discuss it right now, but I would like to start by discussing this incident you had. Can you tell me the events leading up to it?"


Look, we took a wrong turn, that's all that led up to it."


"I understand your reluctance, but in order to help you, I need you to be willing to discuss it with me. I don't know how to help you if you won't allow me to know what's wrong. I am sworn by oath to confidentiality; nothing you say will ever leave this room."


"It's not about that it's…"
Look at Boon for a second, reddening eyes.
"Honey, I don't want you to hear this again…"


"Do ye want me to step outside for a sec?" he asks quietly.


Nod, almost imperceptibly.
"I think… This is something I have to do alone."


"…Alright. I'll be right outside if ye need me."
Giving you a quick kiss on the forehead, he makes his way outside, the door shutting with a creak behind him.
Amor watches this with interest. "He cares very deeply for you. You are a lucky female."


"Did you have to use the word female just to sound that much creepier?"


"I apologize. I… must admit I am ignorant as to the correct term for a female Griffon."
He glances away sheepishly and clears his throat.
"Getting back on subject… I take it the incident involved him?"


Nod silently.


"And by the way… Girl will do fine."
Say in a low voice.


"Very well. Would you mind describing the incident for me?"


"Would it be enough if I said it wasn't pretty?"
Give him a hopeful smile.


"I'm afraid not. Like I said, this is probably going to be painful for you to do. Let me say that talking about it will help you come to terms with the underlying issues. Let's start with the beginning. Where were you, and who was there?"


"In the forest, something like twenty clicks south of town. And it was just me and Boon."


"So, you and Boon were scouting together. Twenty clicks is a pretty specific distance; any reason in particular you bring that up?"


"Because it's an off-limits area now."


"I take it this is where the incident occurred. We don't have to get right into the incident itself, but can you tell me what happened leading up to it?"


Raise my voice and begin moving my talons to exasperate the words.
"Absolutely nothing!
There was no sign anything was gonna happen at all! It came out of fucking nowhere!"


"And because there was no warning, you must not have had enough time to react."


I had almost managed to fly away…"
Look at the ground, biting back my anger.


He sits quietly, waiting for you to continue.


"Doesn't matter now, I'm here, aren't I?"
Give him a sour smile.


"Indeed you are. I get the impression you believe that means you failed somehow."


"We wouldn't be having this chat if I had gotten away, would we?"


He sits quietly, thinking for a moment.
"You said Boon was with you at the time, correct? If you had managed to get away, where would he have been?"


"Hoof deep in shit?"


"Then you would have had no problem with saving yourself and leaving him to his fate?"


"The fact we are here shows how things didn't go that way."


"I am aware of that."
He adjusts his seat, then settles in once more.
"You seem rather reluctant to discuss the incident itself, so why don't we backtrack a little to the blow-up that brought you here. What exactly caused you to blow up?"


"That tribal girl. You remember her, right?"


"Of course. She was with you at the time?"


We ended up close to where it all happened and then… She just started laughing at me.
At what had happened."
Sink my head inbetween my talons.


"Do you have any idea why she started laughing?"


"Of course I do. Now.
I explained her why this area was dangerous, and she said there was just a stupid plant they used for fun and then when my face went pale she started laughing because I didn't know!
Because I fell in it and didn't know better!"
Raise my voice even higher, anger swelling in my throat.


"That couldn't have come across very well, for her to start laughing about what for you was a very traumatic experience."


"No shit?"


"Would you like to expand upon that?"




"Describe to me how you felt."




"You felt like she was mocking you for being in pain."


Yeah I guess so.
Mocking me for not finding that deviant trap funny."


"That sounds very insensitive of her. How did you respond?"


"I tackled her.
And pointed my gun at her head."
Look at the ground, each word leaving my beak in a slow and controlled fashion.


"So it's safe to say you were angry. Do you remember what was going through your mind at the time?"


"I… I wanted to show her.
To show her what it meant. How bad it hurt."


"You wanted her to understand that she was hurting you."



"That's a perfectly understandable reaction; when someone is hurting us, we want them to stop. Often the first way of doing that is by letting them know they're hurting us in the first place.
So, you had her on the ground, with your gun pointed at her head. What happened next?"


We were broken off.
I don't remember.
Boon talked me out of it, or Askeladd stopped me.
I really don't remember.
And then I showed her. I showed her what that meant to me."


"How did you do that?"


"She can read minds."


"…you had her read your memory of the incident."


And I had to go through it all over again."
Close my eyes and sigh.
"I just want to forget…"


"You think forgetting about it would make the pain go away?"


"Look, it's not like I hurt all the time.
It's just when the thing comes to mind, okay?"


"Wounds often grow numb over time, yet pressing on them still brings back that sting.
Still, we have made some good progress today, I think. It was very brave of you to talk about these things with me."


"If you feel like we have…"
Stand up from the chair.


"These things take time. I won't lie to you, it's probably going to take months of sessions like these before we can start helping you come to terms with this. Still, this was a good first step."
He gets up and offers you his hoof.
"Would you mind sending Boon in on your way out?"


Shake his hoof and nod.
"I will tell him."
Off I go, poking my head out of the door, ushering it and looking at Boon with a smile.
"Honey? The doc wants to see you too."


He gives you a questioning look, but entering anyway.


"I will leave you two alone."
Exit the room and wait for them outside.


Thanks for playing.


Thanks for running.


Its bben way too fucking long. Let's see what we can do.
Gron and Magistre, babysitting duty.
Krystal? Your leg is fucked up.
Blue Skies? Wake up snuggled with your sister, who you fucked last night.
Anyone else need a summary?


Can I leave this swamp now?


Scrappy kids.
Where exactly where we?


Oh… right. Is she awake yet? If not, I'll probably get up and leave her be while I go get us some breakfast.


You literally just got there, but sure. For the trip through to the village, there are no incidents because you have a guide.


So what's going on and are we anywhere near the dropoff point for the girl whose name I can't remember now?


Gron just founded whats probly going to be a scout club…. Thing
We can go ahead and assume he informed you that the kids got out through gaps in the wall. Gaps too small for adults, but clearly a decent fit for foals.


Sorry kids, but that gap is going to get filled.

And the guards are going to get reprimanded.


It takes you a moment to free yourself from her embrace.
Tell me, how are your cooking skills?


Maybe I can get a cool peg leg or something if I keep messing it up.
"Hey, so this means I'm excused from work right?"


I think I can cook some basic stuff, but nothing too fancy. Let's see about making us a meal with what we have.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well, you exit the swamp with a layer of smelly mud on your talons, though being able to fly means you didn't get it as bad as Boon did.
"Wait here," Lavender instructs you. "My tribe is wary of outsiders, so please don't be too aggressive if they seem hostile."



They should'a sent a diplomat.


You manage to start burning the meal just by boiling wager.
Luckily, the smoke wakes Clouded, bringing her grumblinginto the room as she limps past you.
"We agreed I would handle the cooking , brother. This is why you're banned from cooking for life."


"You can't expect to stop a true artist from expressing himself, my dear sister. Cooking is a true art!"


"Miss, you are not doing any heavy lifting for the next three weeks," Sweetherb huffs. "Once I've sewn this up, youre going to stay in this bed until tomorrow, then going home to stay in bed for the next week. Now this may sting…"
She jabs a siringe into your thigh and injects something into it, the pain beginning to dull, though still present.


Perhaps you should inform the guards?


She grumbles quietly as she stars cooking pancakes, the stench of burnt things being driven out by more pleasant scents.
As she cooks, her legs keep shifting, her passive exprression occasionally giving way to a wince.
"…Is it supposed to feel this sore the next morning?"


Let's find the Cap'n


"That would imply we were expecting you."
Any further comments are lost as your head explodes in pain, making the whole world go white.


I smirk slightly.
"Don't worry about it, not many can stand a night with me and walk away from it without trouble."


I actually meant in my place.
But all I can think of now is OHW!


"The parents trickle in and retrieve their children as the Captain looks up. "Thanks for handling that riott, maam. I wasn't looking forward to having to arrest a lynch mob."


"Meet me in my office in ten minutes, Captain."
Be cold and strict, and head there myself as soon as I'm done talking.


"Hmn." She focuses on cooking, eventually putting a plate of flapjacks in front of you.
"Hope we don't have to go flying today."


When your vision clears, you lind yourself sitting in place, several dozen heavilyarmed ponies in the clearing, the largest of whom is yelling rather loudly at lavender, making occasional gestures at you.


"Knowing our luck and this place, we will. But… you know… if it's not too much, I can do it alone."


"Yes, ma'am."
Fast forward ten minutes?


Bring a claw over my eyes, groaning.
Gimme five more minutes…


Drink a glass before he arrives…


As the two of you eat, her hoof reaches across the small table to gently rest on yours.
"Its fine. After all, I've put up with you all these years, I can handle a little discomfort."


Smile at her.
"I'm glad to hear your spirit hasn't wavered a single bit. If we're lucky and no cataclysmic events happen today, we might be able to finish early and rest for the remainder of the day."


Your claws stay firmly on the ground, your eyes refusing to blink or narroww in the painful light.
Eventually, the big guy stomps over to you.
"You saved my daughter, so for that I will allow you and your friends to live. But do not think I am a fool who would sacrifice my people on a whim."


"You are welcome."


The captain looks like he could use one, considering the bags under his eyes.
"Did you discover how they got out?"


"Yes Maim" Time to sit still through this operation.


"I did. Through a hole in the walls. I will send for ponies to patch it up immediately, and have them look the whole lenght of it over."
Stare him down.
"I want you and some of your guards to do the same, routes along the walls to check for holes, weaknesses, and anything unusual."


"Forget this place, and never return!"
The pain returns, and when the world comes back into focus, youre on the side of the swamp towards Horton, laying on the ground with no natives to be seen.


Rub my eyes and stand up, trying to assert the situation.


She puts a cloth soaked in something over your muzzle, making you lightheade.
"Hold her down, please. The anesthetics will help, but I don't want to take chances."
You feel Red and Ruby move to comply, pinning you against the bed as Sweetherb prepares.
"Easy, Krystal," Ruby soothes, stroking your cheek. "Be strong for us…" she slips a bridle into your mouth, your teeth gripping the metal just as Sweetherb starts working the needle into the cut skin.


This would all be very kinky if I wasn't in so much pain.
'1d10' try to sleep.

Roll #1 3 = 3


He sighs and rubs his head, groaning a little to himself.
"Of course… The heat from the firesmust have warped the wood… That means I'll have to have the militias patching holes instemad of training… Need to see about getting some mortar, or hay and mud if necessary…. Can't take ponies off the gate crews, so I'll have to change some scheduled shifts…"


Boon and the rest are around you, also rubbing their eyes and groaning.
"Real friendly fella, weren't he?" Boon groans.
You seem to be holding something.


"What intruiges me is how a group of fillies and colts could easily go out and get in the town, without a single guard noticing."
Be harsh.


Please let it not be something gross…
"All this mind magic will give me brain cancer…"


Not a chance in hell. The anesthetics do make the whole thing fade into one long, painful blur.
When you wake up, you fin d your leg all sewn up, . This also appears to be the tent you shared with Red And Ruby.
…Maybe you did sleep after all…



Its a necklace of blue seashells.
"Well, there'r worse ways to go."


"I'm not gonna deny that.
Let's get back home, shall we?"


Groan a bit and try to see what time it is.
"Hey.. anyone here?"


"I wouldn't count on it," she smirks as she clears the table, then pauses.
"…It was worth it."
With that, she starts cleaning the dishes.


Help her with that. Once we're done, it's time to see about getting to work.


"I don't know," he snaps, "maye we were focused on the fact OUR TOWN GATE WAS ON THE GROUND?! Or maybe we were too busy looking for stuff trying to attack us that we missed a group sneaking away? Or hell, maybe the fact we're working ourselves to the bone is making us slip up! My ponies are doing the best they can, but we can't be everywhere at once!"


I'll timeskip for convenience, your journey was uneventful.


Sounds good.
I have to inform the mayor of this, though.
And take a better look at the necklace.


Keep calm.
"Watch your tone, Captain, you'd do well if you refrained from yelling with me. These were hard times, yes, but we all have our responsibilities. Your responsibility, your duty and obligation is to keep the town safe. A town where a bunch of foals can outsmart the guards when the natives have rogues that can turn invisible is not something I would call safe."
Lean closer over my desk.
"Do you think you can handle this responsibility?"


No response. Judging by the light outside, it's early morning. All their stuff is just lying around in the tent.


Well I can't just stay in bed, crawl over to the entrance of the tent and look around.


There's a little doll at the foot of your bed.


pick up the doll and examine it.


It's a little filly's type of doll, with brushable mane and tail and a frilly little dress. They're rather popular back in equestria.. this one is just big enough to fit in your hoof.
It seems to have lost a few of it's accessories, though.


This reminds me of the one I had as a filly.. it had a purple mane and lots of dresses..
brushie the doll '1d10' for style.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It wouldn't win any fashion shows…. But it's exactly the same way you'd always style her mane, so you don't really care. Sentimental value beats fashion any day.
Though… is that another dress under that bedsheet?


Oh, somepony is really looking out for me.
I'll play dress up and try to sleep again.
thanks for running

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