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Settlerquest, where drama and danger are even thicker than the sluts, a nd where flipouts and sex are the order of the day. At least, until another creature from the woods attacks. Then the order of the day is death.



So, last time you were flipping out andflew up into a tree.


I think the last time I played, I was speaking to my lovely sister. I think we were going to spar to work away some tension and make sure we don't get rusty.


This bar is lame anyway. I'm out of here.
"Hey, I'll see you again soon Keg."


That happened.
Glare daggers at Boon.


After my 'meeting' with Gron is done, I'll need to talk to Geneva.


"See ya."
As you leave the bar, you hear somepony whistle to get your attention. But it sounds like it came from above you…


Groan slightly and look up.


That you were-
"Ready? Good."
-INCOMING '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


See grins knowingly as you hobble out of your office, then gets back to work.


uh was that for me?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hmmm. I'll talk to Geneva later


Just trip her as she charges at me clumsily.
"Come on, what kind of move was that?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


He can't see it, considering he's currently got his head in his hooves at the base of the tree you nested in.


I'm not hobbling!
"Geneva, in my office please, now."
Get back and sit down at my desk…
And fill another glass of whiskey for myself.


OW. That faceplant was just humiliating.
"You were right," she grumbles sa she gets up. "We need to make sure we dont get rusty."
She tries to buck you with her hindlegs.


…Swat his head with my tail.


No response.


Keep going.
In the meanwhile, what's the bitch doing?


A pegasus mare grins down at you.
…Have you met the leader of the scouts, Risky venture?


"Maybe you need a drill instructor screaming at you again like back in basic."
Try to dodge and swipe those hooves from under her.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Suuuure you aren't.
"Don't worry, maam " she assures you as she sits down. "I know these things require a certain… Discression."


Ignore that.
Make sure the door is locked and everything.
Down my glass of whiskey.
Immediately after that, speak.
"The troublemaker is dead. He killed him for me."


I'll take a stroll around town.


Don't think so. Blink at her with my darkish ruby eyes.
"You want something?"


"Yes, Julia?" He mumbles, wiping his eyes before looking up at you.
Lavender is currently curled up next to Pejula, looking thoroughly chastised.


Look down at him, silently. Eyes red as if I cried, but determined and fierce stare.


There's a gemeyed pone talking to the leader of the scouts.


"Yer the new gal, ain'tcha?"
She grins, and floats herself down low enough to shake your hoof.
"Hear ye did right gud by yerself out in them woods. How's yer leg?"


Gemeyed pony?
This is weird.
Observe him/her.


"Call me Krystal," I shake her hoof "Its healing up.. but its still slowing me down a bit."


Trying to sweep out the hooves kicking you doesnt reaklly work, though it partially deflects the blow.
"Like you ever paid attention to them anyway."


His eyes are a bit red too.
"Ye gonna tell me I screwed up?"


"….run that by me again?"
She stares at you, sinking down into her seat.


"You? Nah ponyboy.
I was going crazy out there…"
Keep swatting his head slowly, and hazard a smile.


Shes shaking hooves with Venture.


"There was a slight miscommuncation…. He is dead."


I chuckle.
"More than you think. Did you?"
Try to grab her in a headlock.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Who's venture?


"Right sorry ta hear dat, miss." Her grip is firm and rough, her hooves worn; theyve seen work, and lots of it.
"Still, ah hear it aint gon last much longer. How ye feel about a job offer?"


Leader of the colonys scouts.


Approach them.


He smiles back, if cautiously.
" no worries. Happens to all of us…"
The smile falls a little.
"I hadnt realized how… How badly rhat thing had hurt ye…"


Grow serious.
I don't want pity or anything else."


Look kind of surprised. "Don't get many new comers around here do you?"
I step away from the door a bit.


"Goodness mercy me… A miscommunication?"
She gives you an apraising look.
"I know i suggested hiring some mucle but this…"


Well, here goes…
Take a deep breath, and sigh… then speak very, very seriously.
"Maybe it is better this way."



He frowns at you.
"Ain't sympathy, it's worry. Cuts need to get cleaned so tbey do't get infected gets infected, ye gotta do thd same for injuries of the mind."
He sighs and sakeses his head.
"What a lawd'awful mezss this is…"


Stare at your gem eyes.


I'm slow right now, nigga. Call m your tits.
With a smooth reversal shes got you in a chokehold.
"A bit out of practice, aren't you brother?"


"Not usually… Though this last week was a bit of an exception" goddamnitshardtexting her accent.
"Point is, Ah'd like ta see if yer intrested in joining the Scouts."


"Which part of it…"


I am calm, I'm just making sure you didn't miss it. No need to get worked up.

Escape Artist out of her grip.
"That's rich coming from you! How long until you start putting on some extra pounds at this rate?"


She stares at you.
"Did you just say what I think you said?"


Sorry, just feeling strai,ed with kids getting loud next to me.
She glares daggers at you.
"Youre going to regret that comment."


They look like ruby pupils, they kind of seem dull right now, with the white fur and red mane, she kind of reminds you of a mint. The eyes are also staring back at you.
"Hmm you are a little late. I've already got a job with Ruby."


"This whole damn continent… Ain't got a clue how we survived this long…"
He laughs bitterly.
"And ye know the worst part? I still prefer it to Equestria."


"You have very beautiful eyes. Very shiny."


I laugh.
"I really am. Come on then, put that anger to use. Attack me."


"I am sorry that I had to say it, but I do not think he could have been changed. He was a settler of mine, yes, but first, he compromised us by stealing. What if he did it again and we did not know? What else could have he done? You saw how his spite for me was strong enough that he started spreading rumors that could have lead to the downfall of Horton. What if he sold us out to the savage natives?"
Stare back.
"I did not like this, but he was a danger. And I'm not going to let anypony endanger my town and the good ponies in it."


"Oh. Thanks. I'm Krystal. Kind of got stranded here a while back."


"I am Gron.
I could say the same."
Offer a hoof.


Shake your hoof. "Nice to meet you."


"I'm afraid I'm a bit new to town. Who's this Ruby you speak of?"


See stares back for a moment.
"…You know how badly this could go if word got out."


"She's my new boss for now. A bit of a slave driver but she's pretty nice. We're mostly doing clean up from that attack.. Pretty boring.."


You asked for it.
Brace yourself.

Roll #1 8, 2, 10, 10 = 30


Oh goodness me. I made her angry.

Roll #1 6, 7, 1, 3 = 17


"Well, now, that don't bother me none. Heck, you want her te be yer partner, jest say the word. Might have ta convince her, but I don:t mind none."


"Eh. This place only needs a murder and corrupted politicians before it becomes the very fucking same."


"Do you work for the guard?"


"Is that really okay?" I looks sincerely confused.
"Yea, that would be correct."


"I would be remiss if I didn't help the guard. Any way I can help clean up the attack?"


Yes you did, and you find yourself hardpressed to hold your ground…
And then s left hook fully catches your jaw, sending you staggering as you see stars, the dim fuzzy outline of her holding your attention until you feel something connect dead center of your chest.
By the time the world stops spinning and youre breathing again, you realize youre on your back. Shes a short distance, panting but smirking.


"Sure! Scouting means going out into them thar woods. Dangrous place; makes sense te take armed backup. 'Sides, everyone gets to pick their partner."


Spit on the ground. I can taste blood.


"They were working on the gate earlier. My stupid leg made it impossible to help.. I can't wait until its better."
"This place.. is very different.. so basically we'd just take a day or two to go scouting?"



"Eh, Magistre don't strike me as tbe type for that."
He sighs and looks at Lavender.
"Ye realize shes jest a kid, right? Might be as old as ye or I, but her mind aint quite caught up, ye know?"


"You calling her a retard?"


"Thats the idea! So, intrested?"


Look at the leg.
"Ah it doesn't seem too bad, you'll be okay in no time."


"Wanna keep going? I can only fix so many of your bruises you know."


"Hmm Well It does seem more interesting than fixing up things.. how many ponies are we allowed to bring with us?"


Nod. "The doctor says I almost lost it because of infection, so I'm grateful enough for it just being here, even if its weak for a little bit."


Escape Artist back onto my hooves.
"Don't get cocky, sweet sister. Come at me then. I'm ready this time."


"Nah, jest… Impulsive, ye know? Still feels and thinks like shes invincible. Point is, she weren't yrying to hurt ye, and now she seems rather torn up knowing she did."


"That is why word will not go out. Officially, he is missing."


"I get what you want, ponyboy…"
Sigh and look at Lavander, try to make eye contact with her.


Which one of your legs is it?


She smirks, then comes at you, not as intense as last time but still pressing hard. '2d10'

Roll #1 5, 9 = 14


back right i think?


See if I can counter her blows.

Roll #1 4, 4 = 8


She quirks an eyebrow.
"How many ye wanting te bring?"


Look to the leg and reach for it, but don't touch it.
"May I?"


"Of course, of course..," she sighs and rubs her temples.
" Did he at least make sure to… Cover his tracks?"


Look confused once more.
"Um.. it looks kind of gross, but I guess if you help bandage it again and really want to look."


"Yes, he did."
Since my first Mind Reading was a 10 on her, can I make a telephatic link with Geneva automatically?


She catches you looking at you and glances away, stiffening a littl, before getting up and walking over to you.


"That's not what I mean."
Gently touch the back leg and feel it for a few seconds.
"…It doesn't feel that weak. That's a good sign."


Yeah, just be careful not to freak her out.


"Ah can do dat." She spits on her hoof and holdd it out. "So, we got a deal "


Wait for her.


Keep looking at her.
I trust you, Geneva. I have something else to tell you.


"…what did you say you did again?"
Look a little grosses out at the uncouthness and tentatively reach for it "When is this scouting trip"


Just like always, shes faster and hit as harder than you, leaving you with a few more bruises.
"You've never beat me before, brother. Just let me know when youve had enough." '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 7 = 16


Let your leg go and trot up.
"Oh I do this and that, right now I got a job as a courier. But I've seen my share of diseases and infections in my homeland. And a sick leg doesn't feel like that."


She wasn't so fast when she faceplanted into the ground earlier!
"Now you're just making stuff up!"

Roll #1 4, 7 = 11


She jumps up five feet in the air.
"Da heyall was dat?!"


She grabs your hoof and shakes vigorously.
"Great! Come see me when yer legs healed and I'll have something for ye."


Another bruise, though you're starting to hold her back.
"Name one time you beat me oneonone."


I'm pretty sure she hasn't won every fight ever!
"Right now!"
Charge at her. Time for a slamdown.

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5


Do not move my mouth, just look at her.
I'm telepathic. I can talk to you with just my thoughts.


She comes to as stop beneath you and hangs her head.
Slowly she draws a small knife and holds it out to you.
I am sorry that I hurt you.


"Ah. I see. Before I was stranded here I mostly worked with animals. You know those tamed bird shows? I used to do those."
"Alright. Have a good day." I say and wait until she turns around to shake the spit off my hoof.


"What you plan on doing with that, kid?"


"Sounds interesting. I wonder what could possibly send you from doing shows to this backwater."


well some warning woulda been nice! Lawdy, i bout jumped out mah skin!


I did say I had something else to tell you.


Knowingly or not, i still hurt you. As is customary in my tribe, you have the right to hurt me.
She passes you the knife, then holds out her leg..
Thats a lot of scars. She must get in trouble a lot.


"Shipwrecked I'm afraid."


"That's what I was gonna do a few hours ago.
Now, not of that mind anymore."


"Ah, I'm sorry."


I frown a bit. "Well its okay. I'm really just glad to have found some other equestrians.. the natives are terrifying."


"They are the ones who did this?"
Point to the leg.


Shake my head slowly. "No, it was a plant. Something i'd never seen before."


"These are strange lands.
Wicked natives, ferocious plants, we should feel lucky to be alive."


Trot further.
"Anyway, any idea where I could get a drink?"


It's a slamjam all right, all in your face.
Cloud dusts her hooves as you find yourself eating sand again.
"Thanks, bro. I feel much better now. Much as i've enjoyed this, though, we should stop before I wear myself out hitting you."


Nod. "I do feel that way. And I'm trying to work where I can to earn it."


Gesture to the building behind us. "Yea, this is the bar."


"You feel like a drink, or shall we part ways?"


She keeps holding it out to you.
Please? I would… I would rather not leave animosity between us.


Rub my jaw.
"You've been practicing."


"Lawdy…" she mutters.
"You just wanted to scare me, didn't you?"


"Actually I should go check somewhere else while I have the time off, there are so many ponies I have yet to meet."


"And you clearly haven't. Just because you're retired doesnt mean you can just let yourself go."


"Warm winds to you."


"And also to you Gron."


I take it you ready to advance?


"That'd only fix it for you.
What I want is you to understand what that meant to me.
Read my mind.
Go back to those moment.
See what I felt. With my own eyes."

Squint at her.


Go into the bar, what's going on here?


"Everypony has a bad day sometime, sis. Don't worry about me. I'm still as sharp as ever with a blade."


"No, of course not!"
This is something that a few ponies know of. As for that… We will need to make some precautions.


"That would be a great invasion of your privacy!"


"I see… What are you going to do?"


Get one of the mages, probably the mare. Make her enchant this room, so no secret can go out. There are a few individuals who could learn a lot from this room. Preferably, a magic field could be set up here, in which the only person who could use magic is only me.


Sure. Where else can we go in this town?


Not too much, though a couple patrons are getting rowdy.
"Hello, sir!" The barkeep hails you. "What can I do for you?"


"I'm giving you permission."


"Some gin and tonic."


"I'd test that, but I still remember your performance in training. I'd rather not see you cut yourself again."
She helps you up and dusts you off.
"Now let me see those, try and minimize the damage…"


She gulps. "You realize this means… You'll remember too, right?"


"You can do quick, right?"


You could head over to the forge. Theres also the guardhouse, and the graveyard just outside the walls.


Grin as she patches me up.
"You're too kind to me."


"You wised up to the reed-dick being a slippery snake, did you? That certainly sounds reasonable. Doubt it could be accomplished by a single unicorn."


Forge seems like an important place to know.


Coming right up!
"Say, i've not seen you around before. Care to share your story?"


I'd rather not get the snooty one involved in it. He seems to be up to something…


What's he look like?


"…okay… Ifyou're sure…"
Her horn lights up and the world fades away…
Though its an abbreviated version, you still find yourself reliving that day…
Whrn it ends and the world comes back into focus, Lavender falls to the ground in exhaustion, her horn sputtering fitfully..and then she starts sobbing hysterically.


I willl…
Curl up on this branch, hugging myself and filling my own personal space.


Young stallion. Wears his hair long, so probably a faggot.
"No offence, but you have a rather… Rugged appearance."


Probably, who knows.
"Do I?"


Therea short diamond dog is hammering away at the forge, turning with a smile as she notices you enter.
"Well, hi there! Havent seen you before! Names crookear, what can i do for ya?"
She holds out an enthusiastic paw.


She keeps crying for a good long while.
"I…I am I…"


Just glare at her.


"Yes, I really am."
Shepats you on the back and grins.


"Krystal, and I'm just trying to get settled in.. Hmm your shop seems fine, I guess the natives didn't touch it?" Shake the paw.


"Want to go get a drink or do you want to get back to your job?"


"Im sorry!"
She grabs the knife and slashes down her leg, leaving a thin red line that slowly grows.
"I-I'm sorry…"


Flap down. Stop her hoof.
"You are hurt enough for one day."


"Nope, I kept them far away from it."
Her grip is… Strong. Overpoweringly strong.
Roll to see how well you take the handshake from hell.


She sighs, then nuzzles you. "A drink sounds good great right now."


'1d10' This reminds me of the time I had to feed to bear..

Roll #1 8 = 8


Return the gesture.
"Let's go to the bar then. I'm buying."


"N-no I'm not! I-I hurt you i hurt you so badly…. She just starts sobbing again.




"Least you can do is make me decide what's enough then.
And this is enough."
Take the blade off her hooves.


And just like back then, returning force with force is a great solution.
"Wow, thats a firm hoofshake! I knew i saw some muscle on you.
Say, you're that pony who just wandered in arent ya? Welcome to Horton!"


Agrreed. Now, to something really important…"
She grins and leans forward.
"How was he?"


Laugh a bit, and my eyes brighten up too "Yea, animals don't respect you if you're too weak. Its nice to meet you."


"Lots of the ponies here do."


Roll my eyes.
"Geneva, please."


She sits and sniffles a little.
Boon looks visibly shaken by this whole thing.


Take a sip of my drink '1d10'
"Is it because I'm a zebra?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hey, you comparing me to an animal?"
She chuckles and leans back against a support.
"Youve got really neat eyes, ya know that? Who did them fir ya?"


Drop the blade to the ground and sit with her.
"Sorry for aiming a gun at your head, earlier…"


"O-oh I'm sorry. That came out wrong.." I face hoof. "Sorry. I know I was out in the wild for a while, but that's no excuse. As for my eyes, they're all natural." I smile and they shimmer a bit with my improved mood.


"It's the look in your eyes. That dark, hard little sheen that says you've seen death far too many times."
Its pretty good: not mindblowing, but good.


"My homeland was in civil war when I grew up, it changes you."


"Hey, I had to cover for you and listen to you two going at it. I want details."


"You didn't need to listen in, I am sure."



I probably deaerved it…"
She smiles hesitantly at you.
"S-so…. Are we still friends?"


"Natural? Wow! You said your name eas crystal, right? You ever need some tools mended, Im your dog!"


You reach the bar. Theres a zebra there. Go faff.


Nod. "Thanks. I'm actually wondering if you have enough materials? I can't imagine its safe to mine here."


"My desk is right outside yours hun. And the wallsaint soundproof."
She wriggles her eyebrows at you.
"So, what was all that about "striped shlong of the gods?"


She chuckles and scratches her neck.
"Yeah… Thats why i said 'mending. Metal rerves arent great."


"Then I'm going to get them soundproofed."


Sis is ded?

Take a seat at the bar as well and order a drink.


Nod, and offer her a wing for a hug.


"I see.. I don't have a lot of experience in mining. But I might be going to scout next week. If you tell me what to look out for. I'll try to spot a vein of useful metals?"


Look at you and size you up


Pegasus stallion, in his mid to late twenties. Wearing a flight suit to protect from the weather. Probably looking a little ragged too.

Size you up as well.


Slow on the uptake, lets say. Texting these descripts aint easy.


"…you do realize you left the mental link up, so ive been getting a slideshow of the whole thing, right?"


Saw she wraps her hooves around you and holds you close.


Zebra stallion around mid thirties.
Wearing some dirty armor and has a stubbly beard.
Wears a giant greatsword on his back.
I look a bit rugged as well.
"….You look like shit."


"Do you realize I read your mind the first time we met? I've heard aaaaaaall those thoughts, so don't even try."


"Let's sleep now, and get you back home soon, okay?"


"Really?! Oh, thank you thank you thank you! Now, best place to look is in rocky areas; if you catch a glint in the area there's probably metal there. Iron has a rust-dirt smell, anf copper has a topaz-ashen smell…"
She blinks and smiles sheepishly.
"Thougj that doesnt help you much does it?"


Raise my glass to him.
"My sister beats me when nopony is looking. She has a pretty mean left hook."


'1d10' try to pick on what she means.
"Well, if you explain what to look for. I'll look."

Roll #1 1 = 1


She blushes.
"I aint gonna share with anyone! I just, you know…"
She fidgets and looks around.
"It can get lonely around here, you know?"


Look past you to her.
"Dear Sun, her left hook must be meaner than it looks."
Raise my glass.
"To looking like shit."


"You really need to find a stallion."

"You're not jealous, are you?"


She blushes, and you catch a mental image of her getting sandwiched between you and Boon.
"C-certainly, I-I'd be honored!"


"….maybe a little…"


Its all greek to you. Just random stuff about rocks.


Sigh and rub my temple.
Pour us both a glass of booze with magic.


After seeing THAT, she has those mental images?
"Tell me about your village. About your life there."


rub my head a bit.
"Hmm maybe you can draw a picture?"


"You were asking for it. Literally."


She sits and takes her glass.
"What should we drink to?"


"You haven't seen half of it. At least she heals most of the wounds once she's done. Do yourself a favor and never piss her off."



"Me officially becoming evil?"
Raise my glass.
"All I need now is an eye-patch."


"Well, it's nice. The meateaters go hunting in the morning while the herbivores harvest…"
Ill tipe it up when im home, okay?


"You're a healer then?"

"In my homeland we had to deal with many lionesses. Pissing one of them off would be a death sentence."


Time to bid her goodnight then. Give her one last squeeze and off to Boon I go.


"Yeah well… I know my sister is about the only mare alive who wouldn't kill me for commenting on her weight."


"Nah, not evil. Youre right, we're better off without him."
"She raises her glass.
"To being paperpushers in over our heads."


Take a look at her again but say nothing.
"What's your names?"


"That eas something else. Glad it worked out, though. Ye okay, sweetheart?"


Climb onto his hooves, purring a bit.
"I'm okay. You okay? I saw you were not all here…"


I can t re y…
Rolling artistic skills.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Name's Blue Skies."
Nod towards my sister.
"Clouded Skies is hers."


"Yeah. He busts himself up, i put him back together."


"Quite a team.
The name's Gron.
I'm a courier."


He smiles at you, running his hooves through your down.
"I'll live. After all, I've got ye by my side, dont I?"


Talons around his neck…
"I treated you mighty bad, I reckon."
Try to make a mock up of his accent.


Look at the sword on your back.
"I didn't realize our little colony was that big already."


'1d10' maybe I can make out the scribbles

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I guess…"
Down it, then pour another and down it again.


He chuckles, hooves moving to the sde of your flanks… But no further.
"Ye kidding? Yer the best thing to ever happen to me."
He quirks a brow at you.
"Though ye've been a mite ornery lately…"


"I make sure messages from the mayor get delivered in a timely and correct fashion.
After all that's happened lately, correct communication and coordination between the different groups in Horton is extremely important.
The mayor wants to make sure no natives try anything stupid."


Its a crude, childlike drawing, but youre able to understand the important parts.
"That any better?"


She holdz out her glass too.


Take a sip.
"Nice sword."


Nod a bit. "I think I've got the idea. And its a scout's job to find useful things right? I'll do what I can."


Take a gander.
"You like it?"


"A bit too big to my tastes. I prefer shorter blades. I'm a fan of speed."


"I wont be disappointed if you cant find any but if tberes any out there I could really use it.
So, scouts work in pairs. Whos your partner?"


"Do you? You one of those prize fliers?"


"Well.. to be honest I haven't chosen yet.. but I have two in mind."


Refill her


"Was. I'm the weather manager around here now."


"Hmn… Anyone I know?"


"Ruby and Redstone."


"We should probably avoid getting shitfaced again… Pardon my language."


"So what's the weather for tomorrow?"


"Ooh, the lovers in denial. Hate to breakit to you, dear, but theyre a package deal; you want either both of them or neither."


"I know, I know… Just something for my nerves…"


"More rain, most likely. There's no cloud factories here, as you might have noticed. It's all natural. It's up to me to organize the clouds, make sure the fields aren't too arid or wet. Also makes for a good source of drinking water…"


Stare at her and my eyes go a little dim. "Right… that.. confuses everything.. I.." I sigh. "Well, I did get permission for two. But.. you've given me a lot to think about.." I whistle for feather dance.


"Alright…. But after this shot, we should head to Figworths, try to pick up some stallions."


"Must be nice flying up there with the birds."



Roll #1 1 = 1


I nod.
"I don't know how you landwalkers do it, living without flight."


"Glad to be of help! See you around!" Feather glides over, huffing and preening himself.


Blush a bit, in shame, burying my head into his neck to hide it.
"It happens every time I think about that…"


"You go ahead and do that, I'm spent… I should do paperwork anyway."


"You too huh?" Pet her as I walk toward the gate again. "Hey, lets go outside of these walls, just a little."


"It makes us strong however.
If you flyers had to actually climb something, I'd bet you'd break like a twig."


"…if i come back and find you drunk again, I'll lock you in the stocks, douse you in water, and leave youthere till morning."


I shrug.
"Not in my prime right now, but I could probably climb decently well. Maybe."


"Shhh," he soothes, bringing a hoof up to stroke your neck.
"Everybody got something that makes them mad. Least you know to fix it afterwards. Some dont."


"I won't be drunk!"
Make sure the connection is severed.
I'll just lock the door…


Stay silent for a while, playing with his mane.
"I really oughta fix it, uh?"


She chirps happily and preens your mane as you head ot the gates.


"You feel like a friendly competition sometime in that regard?"


"Alright… She gets up hesitantly and leaves.


Time to do paperwork.
Thanks for running, but I gotta bed

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Goota face yer fears sometime."
He turns your chin and gives you a soft kiss.
"But fer tonight, just stay close to me, ok?"


"Sure, I don't see why not. Whenever the mayor lets you off of the leash."


"Hey, thanks for being such a nice guy with me…"
Lick his neck sensually.


Smile a tiny bit and take another sip of my drink.


"Nngh… Y-ye make it so easy, being so beautiful…"
The hoof on the back of your neck slowly trails down between your wings, while the other gives your flank a tenative squeeze.


"You know…"
Lean close to his ear and whisper.
"You deserve a reward tonight."


"It's a deal then."


"But where should we run? Perhaps we should ask one of the scouts."


He gulps, your actions having quite an effect on him as he rapidly begins to harden.
"If ye insist… I ain't complaining."


"You could. Just steer clear from their leader. She's not the friendliest of the bunch."


"Really, what makes you say that?"


And then we fucked.


"We've had a bit of an encounter a few days ago."


"That sounds interesting. What happened?"


And for once, it was Julia in charge.


Thanks for playing.


"She was antagonizing me for no reason, then proceeded to hit me for no reason. I know this sounds like me pretending that it wasn't my fault, but she literally hit me square in the face when I tried to leave. I suppose she might have been under some stress at the time, but I was just offering my help."


Take another drink.
"If true, it sounds like it might have been that time of the month or something."


"I sure hope so. If it wasn't, I'd hate to be around her when it is."


"How does her left hook measure up to the left hook of your darling sister?"


"That's a good question actually…"
Glance at my sister.
"My sister is strong, but she didn't knock a tooth loose like the scout did."


"A duel would be lovely."


I chuckle.
"If you want to propose one to them, it's your head."


"Perhaps if you told your sister you already bet a lot of bits on her she'd agree?"


"… Maybe, after getting angry, calling me an idiot and hitting me a few times."


"Splendid, I'll go make sure that scout participates!"


"I'll try to convince her without the money part first. May Celestia take pity on me."


I slap you on the back and laugh.
"I was just joking!"


"Really? Because she'd do it, I'm willing to bet."
Glance at her.


Look at both of you.
"You are a bad stallion."
Offer a hoof.
"It's a deal."


"Honestly? I want to see Cloudy beat that mare into the next dimension without me having to feel bad about it. No promises though."


"Hmmm, I'll see if I can't get that other mare in some kind of mare stampede."


"Good luck."


I trot away from the bar looking for somepony, instead I find….


Me. Staring intently at a pear lying on the ground.


Inspect the pear.
"…..what are you doing?"


It's just a normal pear.
Look up and stare at you
"Zebra. Hello. I am observing this pear."


"Gron. What's your name?"
Look at the pear.


"My name is Ambrosia."
Keep staring.


Let some moments pass in silence.
Then poke your pear


Look down at it falling over.
"It is supposed to be an apple."


"Uh…I see. What do you mean by that?"


"I made it. Nature's magic helped me grow it. But I did not expect it to grow into a pear. It may be a sign."


"A sign of what?"


"I don't know. This is why I was investigating the pear. Perhaps it was a sign of unexpected things to come."
Look back up and stare at you.
"Perhaps this is why you came to me."


"Or perhaps you accidentaly planted an apple seed? They look alike, you know."


>pear seed instead of an apple seed


Tilt my head slightly.
"I grew it with nature's magic, not seeds. I'm also capable of distinguishing the two types of seeds."


"Wait, you can grow a pear from nothing?!?"


Stare at you.


"That's amazing!"


"Yes. Nature is amazing."


Put a hoof on your back
"Say, can you make hayburgers?"


"No. Hay is dead. I grow living things."


"Uh….what about carrot pancake?"


"I can grow carrots. Not pancakes. Nature allows me to grow plants, fruits and vegetables."


"So you're the village herbalist then?"


"Yes. I also tend to a garden."


"Uh…Can you grow any…calming plants?
Ah I've been stressed lately!"
I rub my forehead.


"Opium poppy is popular. I have grown much of it."


"You have? Do many ponies here use it?"


"It contains morphine, which is used in the hospital for treatment."


"Heh, yes of course.
Um….in my country we have a plant and we make hashish from it.
Very calming."


Deadpan stare.
"What plant is this?"


"[Insert whatever the name for marijuana is in poniland]"


"I am familiar. If you wish, I can grow it for you."


"That would be great!"




"What kinds of other plants do you grow?"


"Ingredients for potions. I am a healer. Not a doctor."


"…what's the difference?"


"I can cure diseases and heal minor wounds, but I am not learned in surgery or treating complex wounds."


"Ah that's lovely. Where are you from, miss Ambrosia?"


"The North. There are few zebras there."


"Yes, I heard it's very cold there."


"You speak Equestrian. Are you from Equestria?"


"No, but in my homeland I worked for an equestrian colonist. An apple farmer.
I was his bodyguard so I had to learn the language.
Do you think I speak it well?"


"Yes. I knew another zebra once. She spoke similarly to you."


"Oho, what's her name? Maybe I know her."


"Kilana. She's a… necromancer."


"Never heard of her.
What was she like?"


"She was nice to me."


"That must have been weird, you a shaman and she a necromancer. But you still got along?"


"Yes. It was complex."


"What about your family, are they here too?"


Don't answer immediately.
"… My half sister lives there, yes."


"Here…or you mean in the North?"


"The north."


"Oh, but none of your family are here? You must miss her very much? Do you write letters often?"


"I miss her."
Stare at you, tilting my head slightly.
"There are no ships to send the letters back yet."


"Ah, how sad, I miss my friends in Zebralands very much too.
I hope I can make many new friends here."


"I have nature. Nature provides. I am happy here."


"…you don't look happy, if I may be so bold."


Stare at you silently for a time.


"Well, most happy people smile for starters."


"I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't express my emotions in quite the same way other ponies do."


"You don't say."


"I do say."


"You know, I heard ponies with that often get a pet or something."


"I have a dog. What do you mean?"


"Oh you have a dog? That's cute, what's his name?"




"Just dog? How…original."


"I think it is a fitting name for a dog."


"Yes, it fits him perfectly."


"I am happy you agree."


Turn back to the pear.
"Have you figured out what it means yet?"


"It is a mystery to me. Nature works in strange ways. It is not always easy to understand."


"Perhaps it means Nature wants us to eat pears instead of apples."


"That would be strange. Nature does not interfere like that."


"Are you sure?
Nature works in strange ways…"


"It still has laws."


"When an apple turns into a pear, it seems to me like those laws don't apply anymore."


"It never was an apple. It grew as a pear even though I wished for it to be an apple."


"Maybe it was just a little mistake. You should try it again."


"I performed the spell correctly. Nature does not make mistakes."
Grow a daisy flower this time, because the DC for that is probably pretty low [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


I guess that's a daisy?


A small one I'm sure!


"Hmmm, it seems to have worked."


Slowly reach out and eat the daisy flower, staring at you the whole time


"Anypony I should know in town?
Who's your best friend around here?"


"I am close to Wheat Field and Amor. The other settlers are all nice to me as well."


"Oh well."
Look towards the Sun.
"Seems I have to go again.
Nice meeting you, Ambrosia, I'm looking forward to your plants." Wink.


"You can come by to pick them up whenever you wish."


"Good. Good. See you later."


I should go grow weed immediately. If my garden is big enough


I was gonna talk a walk. Got things to think about. Maybe mice to catch for feather.


I should talk to the pony that beat up blue skies.


Where are we now btw? Look around and just keep close to Lavender.


Well, you've recently expanded your garden, so it shouldn't be to difficult to find a spot to plant in.
Right outside the walls, right?
Off to the right, you can see the small graveyard with nine small graves. There's a pegasus there,sitting in front of one of the graves with his head hung low.
To the left is the forest. You can hear numberous birdcalls from within, and every so often you see a small rodent scurrying through the underbrush. Which way do you go?
That would be Risky Venture. She tends to wander around; roll to see how long the search is. You find her regardless, but low rolls mean you reach her after a long, annoying search.
She seems better after reconciling with Julia, leaning in and snuggling against you.
With the conflict resolved, tensions have disappeared, enough so that Julia and Boon went and had sex somewhere nearby. You couldn't see it, but your doge ears mean that your certainly heard it.



Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


See if I can grow some Cannabis sativa seeds

Roll #1 2 = 2


I should probably let the pony mourn in peace. To the forest. '1d10' use hawk eye to look for where the animals are moving.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I just chuckle at Julia and Boon doing their thing, still this thing delayed the trip but doesnt matter as long as things got straightened out.
I look at Lavender.
Are you and Julia fine now? By Celestia I was worried and confused that she would've have shot you with that gun of hers just because.. I would have not forgiven her if she's done that I frown and pet her head.


It takes a bit longer than you'd like, but you eventually find her reclining on a cloud.
"Heya there, fella! Ye want sumthin?"
This soil is far too dry for Cannabis. You'll need to saturate the soil, then continue to saturate it regularly. Watering it twice a day should do the trick.
You can see everything. All the birds in the trees, all the rodents moving about, building homes and dens, even a few larger beasts roaming about, though they don't pay you any mind. You can see the tracks of wolves, large cats of some kind, boars, tiny pony tracks, beaten paths where animals funnel through regularly… all the secrets of the forest are yours to know.
It's fine… I definitely needed it.
she hangs her head and shudders.
What she went through… I-I've never seen a pony-or griffon- so scared and terrified in my life. It was… absolutely horrible to watch….


I was asked to grow these, so I'm going to grow them despite the effort.

Miracle Grow the necessary seeds?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Smile softly to myself feeling at home. I point out a rodent den to feather with a hoof silently commanding her to go fetch one. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


I see, then that violator thingy is a danger indeed. I need to tell Magistre about the plant and perhaps remove it from the surrounding area of the settlement if spotted. I then look at her and squeeze her cheeks.
Come on, smile a bit. Its not your fault since you didnt know. I smile.



You've got a couple of them, but they look rather sickly. You're going to need to be extra careful with them.
You can almost make out a grin on her face as she takes off, circling overhead as she picks her target, then folds her wings and dives down, picking up incredible speed before spreading her wings at the last moment, flapping powerfully as she pulls out of her descent, kicking up dead leaves and debris as she returns to you, a large mouse in her talons with it's neck expertly snapped.
She gives you a small smile.
I'll be fine. Still, I'm just glad she's not upset with me anymore.
Ready to move on?


Okay then.
Get to planting them. I'll need to warn Wheat Field about these sickly seeds.

Roll #1 10 = 10


That is good. I nod I then stand up.
Are you ready to move now?


Hold out a bag of bits.


Good for you that nature provides. As you dig to plant them, you find yourself getting into clay. Digging a little deeper, you find a small reservoir of groundwater. This should keep the ground saturated enough for them to grow properly!
She looks at the bag of bits, then raises an eyebrow at you.
"What ye up to, mister? Money don't come free."
Yeah. We really should get going.


Perk a brow.
"You know what I mean…"


You do know how to get there right? Leave me in this forest and I will be totally lost that is why all of us should stick together. I grin and scratch her ears.


Accept the mouse from her with a proud smile, she's such a good girl, and let it set in my pocket, she can have it for diner when we're done.
For now, lets check out the small pony tracks '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Thank you nature.
How is the rest of my garden doing?

Roll #1 10 = 10



"Ah know yer paying me, Ah don't know what fer. Jest spit it out aw'ready."
The groundwater is also watering the rest of the garden, albeit not as heavily as right above where you pierced it. You're plants are all healthy and green, practically all of them ready to be harvested again. You won't be lacking ingredients for a while.
They obviously started back at the town, but they're going deeper into the forest.
There's about three or four different sets. Looks like they were traveling together.
She leads you around the plant, eventually bringing you back to the river you'd originally stopped at with Boon.
We should be able to follow this downstream until we reach the village camp. It should not take us long.


I should probably harvest and replant then.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I bet a considerable amount of bits you could beat Clouded Skies in a fair fight.
If you win, I'll split the money evenly."


Ah, and the larger predator tracks do they go the same way?




Follow her along.
Well now this is progress. I smile


What's up?


Collected and replanted.
As you work, you hear the door to your house open and close.
Wheat Field exits, giggling to herself about something as she flies off to her work.
She stares you down.
"Ah ain't opposed to the notion.
…Define "fair." Backwoods rumble ain't big on niceties them city folk seem to fancy."
…One of them does. It looks like it was keeping it's distance…
But these tracks are relatively fresh. They could be five minutes old or fifty.
Julia and Lavender resolved their little drama, and she led you to the river that you'll follow back to her village.
As you move further down the bank, you start seeing large flowers as big as your hoof, drooping down like little bells. In this well-lit area, they appear a faded white, like a dirty pearl.
Lavender seems to be stepping around them carefully when they appear in her path.


Follow her lead.
Whats with avoiding the flowers?


"No weapons, just hoof to hoof.
And the fight ends when one opponent surrenders."


She has her own stuff to tend to, yes. Maybe I should go check on the hospital stocks. We have two doctors now right?


"What are those flowers?"


….Maybe I better follow to be sure. '1d10' rolling to keep tracking the big animal while I follow the scouting ponies tracks

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Whut about bitin' and buckin'? Wings tied er free? Shoot, ye sure ye know how these things go?"
Well, there's Sweetherb as usual… who would the other doctor be?
These are chime-bells, she replies. Watch.
She reaches out and gently pokes one. The bulb flashes faintly, and a faint chiming tinkle begins to fill the air.
One or two is harmless right now, but too many will bring unwanted attention.
You manage to stay on the ponies tracks, but you lose the predator's tracks.


Is she an earth pony?


I heard something about another doc
Maybe I'm wrong, so let's just find Sweetie


'1d10' see if i can spot the predator tracks again, it can't have gone that far

Roll #1 9 = 9


I nod and try my best to avoid the flowers as I follow her.
I take it we are avoiding the attention of something dangerous… that is potentially nearby is that right?


Ah wait no.
"When I fought in my homeland we only wrestled with our hooves. I didn't know things were different here."


"I see."


Attention like?


As you enter the clinic, you find a group of very distraught ponies and two donkeys babbling around Sweetherb.
"I can't find her anywhere!"
"Oh, my dear sweet Petunia, I don't know where she could have gone!"
"Mulio was right beside me one minute, and the minute I turned around he was gone!"
That's easy, considering it looks like it jumped them here. there's a lot of hoofprints and crushed brush in a circle here; looks like it was quite the scuffle.
The tinypone tracks lead off further into the woods, now paced out and meandering. They were running with everything they had, and it looks like whatever was chasing them wasn't far behind. Further investigation hints as to why… there's blood on the leaves here. not much, but still not a good sign.
Not right here, no. At least nothing particular. Still, it's best not to make a lot of noise when there's predators hunting. In the swamp, however…
Eventually the ground starts to get softer and squishier, water beginning to pool in your hoofprints as you continue along.
Soon we'll hit the swamp. We should stop and check up on my friend before we try to pass through them. Plus it's getting late, and navigating the swamps at night is suicide.
"Well, when ye got two 'er three more appendages, ye tend te need more rules. Still, Ah'm game. When's this go down?"


In the swamps, what?


"That sounds like a good plan."


I frown in concern and follow the tracks faster.


Approach them and observe in silence.


"In a few hours. You available?"


I think I was in the bar.


In the swamps, they're like dinner bells for the hydras.
"Calm down, please!" Sweetherb protests over their chatter. "Would you please explain what this is about?"
"We want the native you've been keeping here!"
"Yeah, we want to know where she's hid our kids!"
"If she's hurt so much as one hair on my boy's head…"
"Where's the mayor? She'll sort this out!"
"I want my baby back!"
The blood starts appearing more and more often, even as the tracks grow closer and closer together as the fillies tire.
Up ahead you can see the beginnings of what appears to be some sort of rock formation. You also hear an ominous snarling noise, followed by a wet crunch.
My friend's home is just over this way a bit. I'm sure Greenbite will love having company over for once! Now, don't let his looks scare you. Underneath that thick hide of his, the guys a big softie.
She stands and cracks her neck.
"Sure thang, mister. Jest lead me there."
Yep, you were. Clouded wandered off, and is now sitting with a couple of mares and sharing drinks. She looks as droll as ever, but her companions don't seem to mind.


"In just a second, might I ask what you do around here?"



Take my drink and slide over.
"My sweet sister, I bring grave news."


"What is happening?"


Okay, time to run over there, bow drawn. '1d10' use hawk eye to get a scope on the situation

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Is he a dragon?"


"Ah oversee and organize the colony's scouts, mister. Even go out myself, every so often. It's a real bit of work, keepin' all them hotheads in line."
She shoots you a bland look.
"There's no cure for your hyperactive libido?"
The group of mares bursts into a fit of giggles.
"My son, Mulio, he's missing!"
"As is my daughter, Petunia!"
"Cedric hasn't come home in hours, and I can't find him anywhere!"
"That damn tribal kidnapped my little Jennica!"
"She took all of our kids!"
"Want's to cut them up in her sick rituals!"
"Hand her over so we can get our kids back, before it's too late!"
She giggles.
Don't ask him that to his face. He's very irritable when it comes to that misconception.
Up ahead, you can see a large rock formation, spreading out for a good several miles. It's surrounded by a heavily wooded area.
Come on, it's this way!
She heads into the woods.
A bush obscures your view, your vision clearing just in time for your field of vision to become one big sea of fur as you barrel into something big and heavy!
A loud growl rumbles through the clearing as the beast turns it's eyes on you.

Krystal: 5/5
>Feather: 5/5

Slavering Wolfbeast: 8/3


What's out there?"


"Do the guards and scouts know of this? The tribal prisoner was under guard the whole time."


'2d10' feather dive in and attack
'1d10+2' I'll try a marksman shot

Roll #1 2, 6 = 8 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10


"There is a tried and tested medicine for that particular thing, but no. You need to fight the leader of the scouts for me in unarmed combat."


Follow her lead and look around to make sure nothing is folliwng us.


"A lotta trouble, Ah can tell ya that much. All sorts of beasties are out there, lot of 'em with a hankering for pony flesh. Our job's mapping out where they nest, doing what we can te keep 'em clear of us, and finding anything of note, like ruins an' such. Ain't found mucha those, though."
"We don't know how, but who else would have done it?"
"You saw them, they're all monsters, rotten to the core!"
"Kill her before she hurts our kids!"
The parents are starting to get really riled up. Sweetherb is visibly sweating as she slowly backs away.
She blinks at you.
"I'm not going to beat her up just because she hit you. If I beat up every pony that slugged you, most of the wonderbolts would have had to retire due to injuries."
These woods are really thick, making it very hard to see. Roll perception.
With a shriek, the burning comet that is Feather dives down and claws the monstrous thing across the chest. However, as she flaps away, the beast roars and swings it's enormous claws, making her shriek as it rends into her flesh.
The good news is that his made it turn it's back to you, giving you a perfect point-blank shot into the small of it's back. The beast crumples to the ground, snarling as it fights to get back up.

Krystal: 5/5 hits/wounds
>Feather: 5/3 hits/wounds

Slavering Wolfbeast: Helpless/2 hits/wounds


"Not the point, dear sister. One zebra named Gron has made a bet that she can beat you in one on one combat. We have to take up this challenge."


Follow her and keep an open eye to the surroundings.

Roll #1 4 = 4


'1d10+1' finish it, it won't survive here like this
'2d10' feather also attacks the beast.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 6, 7 = 13


"They may have ventured into the forest. In that case the scouts and guards should be warned."


"Do you have a map of where they nest? I'd love to know exactly how to steer clear of them.
And what's the biggest threat to Horton right now, in your opinion?"


She glares at you.
"I am not some prize-fighter for you to wave around like compensation."
Her startled gasp is the only thing that keeps you from stepping on the corpse of a pony.
They're not paying attention to you right now, their call for the native to be brought out getting louder and louder… this is getting ugly.
"Them's loaded questions, son. Right now, we got fifty different kindsa trouble, an' they all gotta be dealt with."


Hydras? Plural?


"The family's name is on the line here, sister. That and gold. How could I decline?"


Your shot misses, but as it tries to get back up, Feather dives back down and plunges her fiery claws deep into the beast's neck.
With a howl, the terrifying hulk of shaggy muscles falls to the ground with a loud thump.


"I hope your scouts are up to it."


Walk over to Sweetherb and stand next to her.
"This is troublesome."


W.. What happened with her?! You told us we are almost arriving with your people. I stepped back and draw my sword as I look at the corpse


I sigh relieved. And toss the feather the mouse she killed earlier, giving her the go ahead to chow down.


"Why have we stopped?"


"Goddamnit, Blue. Why do you always do this? You act on your gut without thinking it through, and it always comes back to bite us."
She sighs and hangs her head, then pushes her drink away as she gets up.
"Sorry girls, looks like this is gonna have to get cut short."
It is a rare creature that is able to survive without others of it's kind to mate with.
There's a pony corpse that Askeladd almost stepped on.
I'm not sure… What are they doing here? Oh, this is not good…
She kneels down to examine the mare's bloated corpse.
The shouting is growing louder and louder.
"Get the mayor!" Sweetherb yells over the crowd to you. "Get Captain Cutter! Get someone, please!"
There's a pony's corpse on the ground. Askeladd almost stepped on it.


"Blame the zebra, Cloudy. He challenged us."


"Now then, shall we go fight?"


The guards. Go find captain cutter

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Doing here? You mean you know this dead pony" I kneel next to her and examine too whats the cause of death.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well I assume feather is eating now and you just forgot, so I'll check out the area for the pony's tracks

Roll #1 8 = 8


She smacks you on the back of the head.
"Don't give me that crap. I know damn well it was you and your inflated ego that started it."
"Sure thang. Lead the way."
The mare is all swollen up and bloated, foam puddled beneath her mouth as her swollen eyes stare straight ahead. She did not die a good death.
Strangely, the only injury you can see is a rather jagged bitemark on her back leg. nasty for sure, but not nearly enough to be fatal.
No, but I know their wear, she holds up the pony's green headband. The Chosen.
He's at the front gates, overseeing their rebuilding.
He glances at you as you approach.
"Evening, miss Ambrosia. You seen Amor around recently? He seems to have just disappeared on me today."
Sorry about that.
You find the tinypone's tracks, all right… the same ones you followed in.
Search as you might, you can't find any pony tracks leaving the area… and these rocks don't leave tracks for you to follow.


Whoa nelly!
Stop everyone.
How old is the corpse?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Trot back to the inn.
Let's see if our opponent is there.


"Yes. But there is trouble in the clinic. Doctor Sweetherb has called for you and guards at once."


…really, not even a blood trail or bit of fur or anything?
Well, look for the easiest trail then that's probably where they'd go since they were wounded and clearly aren't here '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The chosen? I shake my head.
What is she doing here? Also… that bitemark, seems like she is bitten by something poisonous…
I look around the tree's and the corners to make sure no snake is nearby.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Judging by how bloated it is, probably several days old.
At least, you're pretty sure it would have to be that old for it to bloat up like that…
Fight time?
He frowns, then turns to the side.
"Zephyr, Oak, get down to the clinic on the double and see what's going on!"
As the two guards leave, he turns back to you.
"What's going on?"
There's some blood on the rocks, but it's hard to tell which is the blood from the beast and…
And the beast is gone.
No snakes.
You know, the ones who attacked the town? Come on, we've got to hurry!
She starts running for the rock formation.


"You know nothing, sister. Now stop complaining and go defend our name."


Wait. Are you telling me a dead animal just vanished?


If there weren't so many people I could ask its shadow.
"It's all soaked up…"


"There are children missing and several of their parents wish to kill the tribal prisoner because of it."


Oh no…!!
Run after her with sword drawn.

"Come follow her! Something is up!" I called out.


There's a large puddle of blood on the ground… and what looks like a trail of it starting towards the woods…
You find yourself looking into glowing yellow eyes, a loud growl rumbling through the air…
And as fast as you see them, they vanish, leaving you alone among the rocks as the silent forest shadows box you in.
You can't shake the feeling of being watched…
"Looks like poison to me," Boon remarks.
Lavender's running off for the rock formation, with Askeladd in tow.
Please be okay, please be okay…


Walk over to both of you.
"Seems we're ready.
Now, any rules that we should establish before we begin?"


Well then no one will mind…
Commune with the shadow.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Oh dear."
I run after them.


"Feather. Go get help. Find Ruby and redstone."
scrawl out a note and attach it to her. it will read
'wolves attacking ponies in the woods, need help - kystal'


"No weapons, hooves only. The usual wrestling rules."

Look at the two mares.
"Of course… the rest of those rules are yours to decide."


Calm down Lavender! Tell me what has happened? I run after her.
Follow her from behind and all the while scouting what has happened


"Goddamnit…" he mutters, putting his head in his hooves.
"Right, I'm headed over there to see if I can restore the peace. Somebody find the mayor! We need to keep this from getting out of hand!"
She was hunting. It was rare they found one of the scaleskins, but when they did it was always a good way to gain honor by sinking your weapon into them…
The group closed on the cave, her comrades pressed close as they crept forward…
A yelp, and someone vanished. The stallion to the right screamed then dissappeared into the forest.
Everything devolved into chaos as fear reigned. You through down your weapon and ran, before a stinging pain in your leg made itself known…
Got to… get away… can't stand anymore, have to crawl… can feel the sickness in the wound spreading… heartrate slowing… pain! Pain! Every muscle on fire! Froth in your mouth chokes you! Pain! pain… pain fades… all fades…

With a call, she takes off, yelping a little from the slash in her side before winging it towards the town.
Another growl fills the clearing. Shadows flit back and forth between the trees.
You emerge from the woods to find a scene of intense carnage. Dead ponies and even a few griffons and goats are strewn everywhere, many of them bloated and swollen like the other. They all wear green headbands, and all but a few died painfully, with a few having instead had their necks snapped.
Several bloodtrails lead inside the cave… which Lavender immediately beelines to.
No no no… this is where Greenbite lives! How did the Chosen find him?
The mares eye each other and nod.
"Nah, le's be civil. Buckin'?"
"No reason why not. Wings tied or free?"
"Free. Toe the line or free range?"
"Free range."
They shake hooves.


"Is inside this establisment a good fighting venue?"


Can I get a feeling of how long ago that was?


"I should check the forest."


I ready my tomahawk and rush in after her.


"Maybe the beach?"


"Also good for me."


"Though I have to admit I like the idea of drinks while I'm watching."


So they want to play like this..
'1d10' try to get up higher so i'm not as easy a target.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Greenbite? Who's… What happened here? Who would do this to them? I grit my teeth as I keep close to Lavender with sword drawn and keeping an eye out to her and Pejula


File: 1404174384925.png (4.81 KB, 240x285, Cave1.png) ImgOps Google

"Why? Think the kids wandered off?"
"Whatchu talking about? This is tumblin', ain't nothin' fancy bout it."
"Agreed. This is going to get ugly before it's over."
>see image
Lavender follows the blood trails and takes the left path.
The mares square off… then begin. '1d10' '1d10'
As you climb, the rocks give way, and you land on your back. A howl rips through the air, and you hear something rapidly approaching.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 = 6


'1d10' get up

Roll #1 2 = 2


Can I identify the blood trail? Is it the blood of a pony… or that of something else?

Roll #1 10 = 10


So they just went at it in the bar.
Order another drink.
"So, Blue, 200 bits?"


I head south.


I have no idea how much that even is and how much I have.


If you can't pay right now, you can pay it later~


"It seems logical."


I guess.

How much money do I have?


"Boon! The others!
We are all in danger!"
Let's run to them!


File: 1404175475146.png (2.78 KB, 227x299, Cave2.png) ImgOps Google

There's plenty of pony blood around… but the majority of the blood smells too acrid for it to be an equine. It's an almost sulfuric scent… and it seems to make up the majority of the bloodtrail.
You landed on your bad leg, and as you try to get up it lets you know on no uncertain terms that it is sick of your bullshit.
The snuffling is getting louder… almost loud enough to drown out a snuffling noise.
Money don't matter, just state whether what you're betting is reasonable or not. Let's say that five hundred is a good chunk of your money, but not enough to ruin you if you lose.
Clouded, fresh from the sparring match earlier, quickly gains the upper hand, putting a solid kick into Venture's chest. She just grunts and comes right back at the mare. '1d10' '1d10'
"Very well, go ahead."
You see Krystal's flaming falcon fly out of the woods and make a beeline for two of the ponies working on the gate.
The blood trail veers to the east, and Lavender follows it.
Oh no… they're taking him to the Center room!

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Trot over there.


Fly over there in front of them!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Groan in pain.
'1d10' maybe I can crawl away and stand

Roll #1 2 = 2



I hold Lavender and stop her in her tracks.
Lavender Stop! We are in the dark here, whats happening here?!

I then look at Julia and Pejula
"Found anything? I smelled the blood and its smells too… acidic to be that of any Equine. Sulfuric if you ask me."


"The central chamber! Don't go there! Whatever killed the pony is in there!"


Drink part of my whisky.
This is not going good.


200 is good enough then.


"A monster then, we have to get out of here." I frown and hold Lavender to stop her from running any further.
We need to get out! You hear me? Julia said there is a monter in the central chamber of this cave


I shake my head.
"I'm as confused as you are."

I head to the center room.


I stare dagger at Pejula.
"Stop! Julia said whatever killed these ponie's is residing in the central room."


I frown.
"Then we must kill it to sooth their spirits, mustn't we?"


"No! Then we must steer clear and report it!"


I frown.
"You really think their spirits care if we kill whatever beast is inside this very cave? I think not, not to mention that I dont plan on joining them this early in my life and die in a deserted place like this Pejula."


I frown.
"That sounds cowardly."

"Yes? Or were the Chosen the bad ones?"


"Hey, you asked to come with us.
These are the rules. Period. Me and Boon are the scouts here.
You are not gonna die by fighting whatever horrors this place has, and neither are we."




I nod at Julia
"Correct, we cant risk anyone."


You manage to cut them off.
Of course what killed it is in there, it's Greenbite!
You can hear what sounds like ponies laughing in the Center room, as well as some sort of muffled growling.
As you roll over, something slams into your head. A blurred bloody figure standing over you is the last thing you see before your head hits the rock and your vision fades to black.
"Oh crap! Krystal's in trouble!"
"Come on! Fig, sound the call, we're going after her!"
The stallion passes the note to a guard, then they both take off following Feather, much to their fellow guard's disgruntlement.
Venture's starting to get her stride, though Clouded keeps pummeling her. '3d10' '3d10'

Roll #1 9, 2, 2 = 13 / Roll #2 5, 8, 7 = 20


Who the heck is greenbite?


I will follow them.

Roll #1 10 = 10


So how does this end?



Come on sis…


I hold Lavender close as I ehar the laughter.
Who's Greenbite? Explain.


In I go.


For a second, Venture gets the upper hoof, but then Clouded flips the tables once again. Venture's looking bruised as she goes in for one more surge.
'3d10' '3d10'
You're being dragged somewhere… fuzzy… everything's fuzzy… can't move…
Something's dragging you… you don't know where to.
He's my friend, I keep telling you that! Can't you hear them laughing in there? We've got to save him!
As you creep forward, you peek around the corner and see several ponies in green headbands gathered around, laughing as they poke and prod at their captive.
Their captive is an large lizard-like creature, with dull gray scales and wicked-looking claws, it's teeth serrated and built to kill. It would be an intimidating sight, where it not currently tied down with all four legs spread, nails driven through each appendage to hold it down, countless cuts covering it's body as they continue to jab their weapons into it.
The blindfolded head keeps whipping around trying to trace each pony as they laugh, growls rumbling around the enormous rock shoved into it's mouth as a gag.

Roll #1 6, 9, 9 = 24 / Roll #2 4, 10, 7 = 21


"If it's too many, we run."
In we go.


try to open my eyes '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I gulp before gathering my strength and nod
I see, so that monster is your friend. Then lets rescue him if that is the case. But stay close to me alright. I then follow Julia and Pejula inside.

I nod as I follow and keep Lavender close.



I shoot one of them with my blowgun/tomahawk.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Though they have panicked drive, you have the blessing of nature. You weave through the forest as though it were open plains, quickly overtaking them as they arrive at a rock formation in a small clearing. There's a blood trail leading off into the forest.
You can see the forest canopy passing overhead as whatever it is drags you to whereever you're going. The light hurts your eyes, your head bouncing as you hit a bump. Everything hurts… it hurts to exist… why can't you go back to sleep…


Follow the trail. Swiftly.

Roll #1 7 = 7


because I need to figure out who has me or where i'm going keep looking '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Thanks for playing guys.


…it's that thing you killed. You can see the clawmarks where Feather sank her talons into it's neck.
And it's taking you towards a cave.
Which one? There are two bloodtrails.


What's the difference between them?


what the.. cough a bit and try to ask "not dead?"


One is thick, but tapers off. the other is smaller, but consistent.
Roll perception.
It glances back at you and growls, yanking you and making you hit your head again.
When you next come to, everything is so blurry… you feel a strange rushing pressure in your head… a weightlessness as you're lifted… tugging on your back legs… then your front… You pass out again.
Some time later, you finally come to. Roll perception.



Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 9 = 9


You're hanging upside down in a cave by your hindlegs. Your forelegs are tied as well, to a weight that pulls them down.
You smell smoke.
You hear crying coming from the rocks. It sounds like a scared foal.


I thought as much.
Let's go seek this foal out.


'1d10' look around some more and see how much I can move.

Roll #1 3 = 3


There's four of them- well, technically three foals and a young donkey- but they're all well-hidden in a gap in the rocks only something their size can reach.
You're pretty immobile.
The thing is over to the side, stirring up a small fire and throwing wood into it, occasionally scratching at something on the ground.


"… Hello. I've come to aid."


'1d10' try.. swinging from side to side to create tension on the rope.

Roll #1 4 = 4


One of the fillies has a large cut on her hindleg, and the colt has a lot of blood on his side. It looks like he carried her.
"I-It took her, miss! y-you have to help her!"
Oh. The one tied to your forehooves isn't tied to a weight, it's tied to the ground.
The thing walks over, trailing it's claws over your body in an almost gentle fashion, though he pricks you several times.


Does she need immediate healing or should I get her to the hospital quickly?
Nature help me… natural remedy on the wound.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


What, that's a awkward position.
'1d10' animal mastery to try and talk to this thing
"I've never heard of a wolf that cooks."

Roll #1 4 = 4


He growls at you, then says something that sounds… oddly like those natives.
Those claws… he was scratching them in soot. he's tracing black lines over you.
He's… quartering you to get butchered.
Healed like it was never there.
"Thank you, miss… please hurry! It dragged that nice pony off, and… and I think it's gonna eat her!"


Stare at him.
"Where to? Did you see?"


Tear up a bit. "Please.. I was just trying to help my friends.. they're lost out here.. I've got to help them."


He points at the consistent bloodtrail. The other two ponies are already gone.
He growls as he comes to your injury, carving a line around it, before stepping back and nodding at his work.
Raising one claw, he places it gently at the top of the first line…


I close my eyes and scream in terror. as loud as possible


"I will return for you. This place is safe for now."
Get to it!


In the distance, you can hear somepony scream. They sound absolutely terrified.
The claw sinks into the bottom of your bad hindleg, Slowly and methodically slicing it's way down towards your thigh in a spreading fire of absolute agony. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts so badly… you can feel your skin tearing beneath it, blood starting to trickle down your leg and over your torso.
You could swear you heard him chuckle.


Swift like the wind!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Keep screaming. Its the only thing I can do now.


The screaming grows louder in the distance as you rush through the forest, praying you arrive in time…
The claw continues down, down, slowly down…
Then gets yanked swiftly to the size, slicing right across your leg.
The beast roars and draws his claws back, preparing to finish you…


Yep, just going to keep crying and screaming and squirming away '1d10' to try and roll away now that part of the rope is gone.
Feather Dance….ruby.. redstone.. somepony..

Roll #1 5 = 5


As the metallic soundwaves barrel through your ears, you look up to see Redstone in front of you, straining to keep his shield up as the beast keeps pressing down on it.
"H-hey there…" He grunts with an uneasy smile. "We… r-really gotta stop meeting like this…"


Whimper and shake in fear and pain.


Digging his hooves in, he finally manages to throw the beast back, giving you a good look at Ruby as she clings to it, driving her spear into it again and again.
"I'm so, so sorry we didn't get here sooner," Redstone stammers as he cuts you down, holding you close as he rushes you out of the cave.
"I've got her, Ruby! Let's get outta here!"


Just shake my head and cling to him for dear life.


Feather lights on you, pecking worriedly at your neck as Redstone strokes your cheek… Then kisses you full on the lips.
"D-don't you EVER scare us like that again!"
Suddenly, you hear Ruby cry out from inside the cave.
"RUBY!" Redstone screams, turning to go back inside.


I kiss him back, I smile but then look even more confused, maybe even depressed.
'1d10' spot check the cave, do I still have my stuff?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Yes, you do.
Ruby comes flying out of the cave, landing heavily on her back as Ambrosia arrives.
The beast stalks out of the cave, throws it's head back and howls to the skies.


The Bipedal wolven creature howls at the sky, baring it's fangs as it advances on your group as Ruby struggles to her hooves.
"Look out, it's stronger than it looks!" She calls out to you, clutching at a large gash in her side.

Krystal: 2/6
>Feather: 5/5
Ambrosia: 6/6

>Redstone: 7/5

>Ruby: Helpless/4


Pejula's dart hits one in the neck, sending him sprawling on the ground, legs twitching as he spasms feebly. Their attention leaves the lizard and refocuses on you. Two run for the far end of the cave, while the rest advance on you.
"Well, that's torn it," Boon mutters, sighing as he brings Bessie to bear and fires off a shot. '1d10+2'

Pejula: 5/5
Askeladd: 5/5
Julia: 5/5
>Boon: 5/5

>Native evicerator: 5/3

>Native tormentor: 3/6
>Native Unicorn: 5/5
>Native Brawler: 7/4
>Native archer: 5/5

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I shoot another dart at the archer.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10



That fucking thing does not look natural. Not a usual animal.
Charge at it and give my sword a powerful swing. COG gives +1.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Where was I?


Watching two mares go at it in the sand.


I probably whimper in fear at the thing that was just cutting me up instead of talking.

'1d10' Try to look for a weak point on the wolf-thing with hawk-eye
'2d10' feather attacks him with her firy talons.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7, 2 = 9


Paperwork… it's not really much more elaborate than that. Easy to lose yourself in the monotony of it all, a nice way to relax and not think about anything while still being productive.
Unfortunately it doesn't last. Geneva barges back in, breathing hard and sporting a bright black shiner.
"Miss Magistre, we have a problem."
And what a fight it was. Venture surges back strong, cracking Clouded Skies in the head before grappling her and putting her in a submission hold.
However, Clouded soon wriggles out of it and reverses it, locking the two in a writhing tangle of limbs and flying dust.
One last test of strength to see who comes out on top. '1d10+1' '1d10'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"Again? What is it?"


This sure is close


"Come on Cloudy! Did you go through bootcamp or what!?"


The sight of your own blood running down it's arm is rather distracting.
Feather manages to scratch him across the face, eliciting an ear-splitting howl as he claws at the burning flesh.
It's fur is thick and matted, but your zeal still manages to get through, glowing bright green as you slash into it's side.
Even it's blood smells wrong, oozing blackish-red instead of the usual healthy crimson flow nature's creations bleed.

Ruby screams as he tries to stomp on her, only for his foot to clang against Redstone's shield.

Krystal: 2/6
>Feather: 5/5
Ambrosia: 6/6

>Redstone: 7/5

>Ruby: Helpless/4


"Apparently several children have gone missing, and the parents are convinced the captive is to blame. The guard's already arrived, but… we could be dealing with a lynch mob here."
Your dart goes right into his eye as he aims, sending his arrow wide. Your dart's won't pierce his skull, but that should throw his aim off.
The fact he's now laying on the ground screaming helps too.
Will have to wait for Lemon or Sylt to respond to advance you.


Perhaps I should heal her so she's not completely helpless. Natural remedy on Ruby.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Venture's clearly the better grappler, but she's in rough shape from getting used as a punching bag earlier. Their contortions and struggling gets downright awkward at times.
Soon, the dust obscures your view for a moment….
When it clears, the two are locked belly-to-belly, glaring each other in the eye as they find themselves unable to advance on the other.


Jump up from my seat.
Rush to her.
"Where were they? Was no one watching over them? When did this happen?!"


"This is….interesting."


'1d10+3' well he still counts as scary right? I'm gonna take my bow and shoot him with a marksman shot.
'2d10' feather plz keep fighting.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 6, 7 = 13


"… Looks like a tie to me."


"It seems so."
Clap my hooves.
"Well played ladies."


Sentried Sharpen.


Clap too.
"Good show. I'm impressed."


That makes one native screaming on the ground, one clipped by Boon's shot, and three closing on Askeladd. Think fast if you don't want to get shredded!
In the back, the two that ran have started chanting.

Pejula: 5/5
Askeladd: 5/5 +1 to rolls
Julia: 5/5
>Boon: 5/5

>Native evicerator: 3/3

>Native tormentor: 3/6
>Native Unicorn: 5/5
>Native Brawler: 7/4
>Native archer: Helpless/4

THey both strain at each other for a while longer, then sigh and gently knock their heads together, slumping tiredly in the same position.
"Heh," Venture chuckles through a fat lip, "Yer… pretty gud there, darlin'."
Clouded just looks at her, a tiny grin lifting her cheek. "…you too."
"I don't know, okay? That's why we need to get this mob under control so we can find some answers!"
She nods to you as the wound in her side heals.
Staying behind Redstone's shield, she starts jabbing at it with her spear.
That one managed to hit it in the throat, sending it to it's knees as it tries to pull the arrow out.
Feather keeps divebombing it, tearing flaming wounds down it's sides…
Krystal: 2/6
>Feather: 5/5
Ambrosia: 6/6

>Redstone: 7/5

>Ruby: 5/4


The Wolven Cannibal starts to glow sickly green…


"Right, right…"
Rush outside.


I shoot the evicerator.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


'1d10' keep firing
'2d10' keep clawing

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1, 8 = 9


Go after the Native Unicorn and put him down!

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


He can glow every color of the rainbow, but I'm going to stab him nonetheless.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Don't say nothing.


"… I guess we both owe you two a round of drinks for that performance."


"Yes indeed."
Wave to the bartender to get us all a round of strong drink.


His eyes grow wide as saucers as all color drains from his face, unable to do anything but stare at what must appear to him to be a hulking demon emerging from the shadows and charging at him.
His skull makes a satisfying crack against the cave walls as his comrades scream in terror.
Your dart makes him go rigid, making him a sitting duck for Boon's long rifle. Gore and grey tissue splatter as the back of his head explodes into a red mist.

Even though you can't understand their language, you somehow begin to catch the meaning of their chanting…
Come forth, blessed dark ones, take this blood and remake us
Dark flames sprout around them as their chanting rises in fervor.
Pejula: 5/5
Askeladd: 5/5 +1 to rolls
Julia: 5/5
>Boon: 5/5

>Native evicerator: HEADSHOT

>Native tormentor: 3/6
>Native Unicorn: Helpless/4
>Native Brawler: 7/4
>Native archer: Helpless/4
A swipe of his claws smacks Feather from the air, a growl leaving his throat as he turns his gaze on you.
A backhanded swipe sprawls you out on your back, your leg protesting as the gash in it makes itself known.
He looks down at the blade in his side and snarls, knocking you away and smirking as his wounds begin to close and knit themselves back together.
Krystal: Helpless/4
>Feather: Helpless/3
Ambrosia: 6/6

>Redstone: 7/5

>Ruby: 5/4




'1d10' get him off of me
'1d10' feather please get up.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Now lets go and put down the Tormentor guy!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


I close in and try to finish off the archer.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Natural remedy on feather

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


There's an angry mob beating against the door to where the native is being kept.
Captain Cutter makes his way over to you.
"Thank goodness. I can't hold them much longer!"
They both nod, then slowly untangle themselves.
"Gotta say," Venture remarks, "Ah ain't never seen the gal what could lick me hoof-ta-hoof, but Cloudy here… If ye weren't so uptight, ye'd be a right terror ta face grappling too."
Feather just caws weakly as Ruby carries him to a safe distance as Redstone pulls you to your hooves.
"Come on, we gotta take him down! There are kids nearby!"
With a burst of flame, he soars into the air, giving off a blast of light as he rises.
When you stop seeing starts, you see the wolven stumbling around, howling as it rubs at it's eyes.
Krystal: 6/4
>Feather: 5/5
Ambrosia: 6/6

>Redstone: 7/5

>Ruby: 5/4



Clear my throat.


"I.. He.." I stutter in tear and whimper a bit as I try another marksman shot '1d10+3'
'2d10' keep attacking feather.
Give you a small nod.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 9, 2 = 11


Where's muh drinks?


That's a chance I can't miss
Charge at the wolf and swipe him with my sword

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10



"The Wonderbolts aren't amateurs."


All eyes immediately turn to you. Make use of the split second of silence while it lasts.
On the counter in front of you as the rest of the bar cheers.
"On the house for you four," the bartender winks, "As thanks for all the business that little show stirred up."
"Guess not. I had ye pegged wrong if'n yer half the pony yer sister is."
"Not nearly as good with his hooves," Clouded remarks, grinning wryly at you. "Still… he's a decent flier at least."
A glancing blow as he staggers back, screaming at you in terror as his eyes bulge out of his skull.
His flailing results in you getting kicked in the jaw.
Boon yells a warning right before you get slammed by the Brawler. In addition to your next action, roll to avoid taking damage from his charge.
The flames grow higher and engulf the chanters. Blood begins to rise from the thrashing lizard…
Pejula: 3/5
Askeladd: 5/5 +1 to rolls
Julia: 5/5
>Boon: 5/5

>Native tormentor: 2/6

>Native Unicorn: Helpless/4
>Native Brawler: 7/4
As Krystal, Feather, Redstone and Ruby pepper him with blows and make him bend down, Ambrosia closes and raises her sword, glowing bright green as she slices cleanly through his neck.
His head hits the ground with a thunk, rolling a few feet, before getting bounced in the air as his body Slams into the ground.




Raise a glass.
"To what shall we toast?"


shoot the body again just to be sure!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Which ones are chanting?
I attack a chanter.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Stare at the head.
"The beast is dead. What was it?"


My head's killing me…
Time to repay them the favor.
'2d10'+1 each on the Unicorn.
'1d10+2' for Boon, on the Tormentor.

Roll #1 3, 4 = 7 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"My baby girl got taken by that dirty native!"
"She's going to twist them into monsters, and you want us to just stand around?!"
"I lost my husband to those bastards; I'm not letting them get my son too!"
The body shudders, the arms pulling it back to it's feet as it turns to face you…

Then falls to the ground again, becoming wrapped in a wreath of dark flames.
the ones listed are the diversion natives. The Chanters weren't listed because they weren't 'attacking.'
Your dart strikes true, making the chanter choke as he staggers back, clutching at his throat. The other keeps chanting, even as the flames consume his partner… until his flesh starts to morph and bend.
After the body's last movements, the flames eventually fade, revealling a much more shrunken form.
As always, shooting from the hip doesn't do much for your aim.
At least Boon is able to pick up the slack, a point-blank blast to the chest sending the tormentor flying. And not the controlled kind.
Pejula: 3/5
Askeladd: 5/5 +1 to rolls
Julia: 5/5
>Boon: 5/5

>Native tormentor: Helpless/3

>Native Unicorn: 5/4
>Native Brawler: 7/4


Shrunken form?


I keep shooting chanters.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


I can finish off Boon's job now.
'2d10'+1 each.
He focuses on the Unicorn.

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"Don't let your feelings get the better of you, think rationally! How could she have done anything to our foals? If she did, she wouldn't be still here to let us kill her, would she? You all need to calm down!"


I stand frozen in terror watching it burn.



It's covered by a layer of… sticky soot, is the only way you can think to describe it.
However, after rolling it over, one thing is certain:
This is the body of a large earth pony.
Your head gets whipped to the side as you find Ruby pulling you into a crushing embrace.
"Don't you ever ever ever run off on your own like that again, you hear me Krystal-eyes? That's a bucking order! Do you have any idea how scared we were?"
Redstone just looks on, his ears flat against his head as he looks between the two of you.
Some murmurings started up. They're still angry, but they've stopped beating on the door.
"Well, what else could have happened? We've searched all over town, but can't find hide nor hair of them!"
"And she's the only one who would do such a thing!"
"Why is she still alive anyway?"
Venture laughs and kicks back as she raises her glass.
"Ta a good ol' rumble with one what knows whut they're doin'!"




"I like that."
Drink some '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Poke the pony.
"… Unnatural. Demonic."


"She might end up to be more useful to us alive than dead, one way or another.

As for the more pressing matter, I will send all my available scouts to look through every nook and cranny in and outside of Horton. They cannot have gone far."


I nod and try to stop shaking.
"t-thank y-you.." I stutter out. "H-he.. s-spoke like a na-native."


The other one clutches his throat and falls, the flames slowly beginning to dissipate. Even so, his features continue to warp and mutate…
The Brawler slams into you and cracks you against the ground repeatedly, making your headache worse.
Boon manages to keep the unicorn down, but not before getting hit by a stray blast of magic.
"Fuckin' lilly-liverd varmits o' jumping jimbo, that shit burns!"
Pejula: 3/5
Askeladd: 5/5 +1 to rolls
Julia: Helpless/4
>Boon: 3/5

>Native tormentor: Helpless/3

>Native Unicorn: Helpless/2
>Native Brawler: 7/4
>??? ?/?


"ROAR!" I shouted. Put the screaming bastard down!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Kick this fucker off me!
Boon, don't mind me, finish the Tormentor.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


I hack up the tormentor.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9



'1d10-2' look over the demon corpse If I can. -2 because fear

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


"That freak spoke? And he still…"
She glances at your leg, shudders, and holds you tightly.
"Motherfucker got what was coming to him. Just stick with us next time all right? You don't get to die until I say so."
Redstone slowly approaches.
"…H-how's your leg?"
Clouded kicks you under the table, rolling her eyes as she lifts her glass, then tosses it back.
Venture grins and tosses hers back, slamming the empty glass down with a happy sigh.
"Damn. Ain't had a fight like that fer years…"
Ruby glances at it and scrunches.
"Looks like it… not any kind I've seen before, though."
The rune drawings across his body scream wrongness… but in a manner more… brutal than the Demons of Tartarus.
It's a pony all right, but covered in arcane writings and paint that give you visions of blood and hunger and…
"Hey, snap out of it!"
Ruby shakes you and looks you dead in the eye.
"Don't look directly at them like that. out of the corner of the eye is the only way to keep them from… affecting you."
A single flurry of blood and blades later, and the tormentor is missing all eight of his extremities.
"Hang on darling!"
The Brute grunts as Boon's shot slams into her shoulder, glaring at him as she keeps you pinned down.
Yes, it's a she. Somehow.
>Boon: 3/5

>Native tormentor: DRAWN AND QUARTERED

>Native Unicorn: Helpless/2
>Native Brawler: 6/4
>??? ?/?


I move on the the unicorn now.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Holy shit.
Punch her face in myself!
'1d10+1' Get up!
'1d10+2' to finish the Unicorn off.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Now lets go and finish off the unicorn!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Blow her a kiss.


A shame this is completely out of my knowledge zone.
"What did he say?"


"Where did you learn to fight?"


"w-what?" I shiver in terror and close my eyes.
"I.. I D-don't speak native.."
I sniffle a bit.


Inspect your wounds.

Roll #1 4 = 4


She doesn't even flinch, picking you up and throwing you at Boon.
He manages to catch you, grunting in pain at the impact before pushing you back to your feet.
"Mebbe the scaley fella's itching fer payback?"
You get blasted back by a bolt of dark energy that sets you flat on your back.
From the ashes of the second chanter rises something… wrong. It's shape is vaguely equine, but it's head is covered in patches of thick scales and lumped flesh like melted candlewax, Three eyes blinking sluggishly as it slowly rises up. One hoof bearing a single enormous claw clacks against the floor, followed by a talon bearing eight claws, crackling with dark energy.
It's a twisted abomination from your darkest memories…
And to Julia, it's terrifyingly familiar.

Pejula: 3/5
Askeladd: 5/5 +1 to rolls
Julia: Helpless/4
>Boon: 3/5

>Native Brawler: 6/4


"Oh, Gem-eyes…"
Her hoof gently raises your chin.
"I swear to you, nopony is ever going to hurt you again if I can help it. I promise."
Her eyes aren't on you. They're on her former opponent.
"Only place it matters; wherever they found me. Bullies, rivals, challenge-seekers… Ah learned quick, but ah got the lumps to show fer it."
She glances at Clouded before taking her next drink.
"Whatever it is, it's dead now." Redstone speaks up. "We should get the kids and head back into town."


Arrgghh what the hell!!
Stand up!

Roll #1 9 = 9


She's got a really nasty gash down her leg, almost surgical in it's precision. Without medical attention, the muscles might not be able to heal properly…
And this could be a challenge to fix, even for you.


"O-okay.. I want to go lie down.."
I say as I let ruby and redstone guide me.
"Did you.. see the kids?"


"Yes. Krystal needs medical aid, swiftness is advised."

"Yes. I can retrieve them."


"Thanks.. I.. without you.. I.."
then I burst into tears.
and start crying on '1d2' ruby, or redstone

Roll #1 2 = 2


Not too hard for an old soldier like you. You're used to getting knocked down.
And now you're back up, ready to face this abomination.
They guide you over to a tree covered in moss, Redstone laying down first and wrapping his wings around you, holding your back against his chest as Ruby snuggles beside you.
"We've got to keep you warm so you don't go into shock," she explains, shifting in closer. "Now take a rest. you've earned it."
She sighs, holding you close and stroking your mane as you cry your heart out.
"There there, you've been through a really bad thing haven't you? But it's over now… Me and Redstone are here for you now…"
"Please do. And get Sweetherb or somepony. I'm not sure if moving her in this condition is wise."


You won't be seeing any emotional reaction from me!

"I will be swift."
Time to gallop back to where I found the kids.


"Out of here! Now!"
Get up!
Boon fires at the gal because I'm angry of this now!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"y-yea.. you two.. are always here for me.. I'm so glad…"
I close my eyes laying here still sobbing.
"please don't leave.." I say my voice fading as I try to sleep. "..don't ever leave.."


They poke their heads up when they hear you approach.
"W-we heard it roaring… d-did you get it?"
It takes you a minute to catch your breath.
Boon fires right into her stomach, making her double over as she rolls away.
"Wait, where's Lavender?"
The abomination starts to charge up another blast of dark energy in it's talons…

Pejula: 3/5
Askeladd: 5/4 +1 to rolls
Julia: 5/4
>Boon: 3/5

>Native Brawler: Helpless/2



"Hey, hey, stay with me," Ruby slaps your cheeks lightly. "Don't you dare go to sleep right now; with that much blood gone, you might not wake up, so stay awake. Let… let me see those gorgeous eyes of yours. please?"


Go full out on the charging talon!
'2d10'+1 each.

Roll #1 10, 6 = 16 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


'1d10' will to stay awake

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yes. It's been slain. We should return to the settlement quickly, our parents are very distressed. Come, I will lead you back."


For once, you take the time to actually aim.
And it works wonders.
The beast screams as the dark magic explodes in it's talons, splattering them all over the room and burning away at the side of it's body.
It's hate-filled glance turns to you, it's one large talon dragging on the ground…
As you notice Lavender untying the giant lizard.
It's hard to keep your eyes open, but the fact that Ruby is looking right into them helps. She has pretty eyes; nothing as special as yours, but a very soothing shade of pink… she looks so concerned about you…
It's hard to remember what exactly happened while you waited… but you know you didn't fall asleep once.
"Really? It looked dead before, and it just came back…"


I go after Lavender
"We must get out of here now!" I shout at her


I then try my best to help her untie the giant lizard!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It has no head left and transformed into a pony. Shapeshifting magic was involved."


Then help me untie Greenbite! she 'yells' back.
As you loosen the restraints, she rips the blindfold off him and takes his head into her hooves, looking into his eyes…
Without warning he surges up, breaking the few remaining ropes you haven't cut through and pinning her to the ground, spitting out his gag…
then blinking down at her and running his tongue up her neck, making her giggle.
"You cut off it's head?"
they all climb out and stare at you.
"That is so cool!"
"You're like a knight or something!"
"Can you be my new mommy?"
They all stare at the filly who blurted the last line, who blushes and hides her face.
"What?" she huffs indignantly.


The fuck…
Let's run for now! Think later!
Cover fire as I retreat!
'2d10'+1 each.
"Boon! Fall Back!"
Cover fire!

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


One of your shots connects, but the other goes wide as you get slammed back by the Brawler.
She grins sadistically at you as she draws her hoof back…
Only to scream as the lizard bites down on her hind leg, yanking back and dislocating it as she starts to convulse.


Lets get going now! I stop both of them and head out of the door as I try to screen both Lavender and the giant lizard as I attack the monster.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12




You drive your blade in deep, sending it into convulsions, it's talon clutching at it's chest where you stabbed it.
It glares down at you, but before it can respond…
Greenbite can help! Look at that!
Sure enough, the lizard thing, bleeding as it is from multiple wounds, still manages to drag itself over with impressive speed, latching onto the warped abomination and starting to tear it to shreds, first ripping off it's legs, then tearing into its torso in a horrific explosion of thick black blood and gore.






"I am overcome with complex feelings."
Look at the filly, then the others.
"We should go back. I need to fetch a doctor for the gem eyed pony."


"She got dragged away by the monster!"
"Did she get eated?"
"Are her guts hanging out of her stomach?"
"Can we go see?"
The kids start following you as you make your way through the woods.
So, the drinking spree goes well, and soon you're all good and buzzed, if not drunk.
You're not sure how much time has passed, but you do realize something much more pressing… you are no longer alone.




You're not sure how much time has passed, but you do realize something much more pressing… you are no longer alone.


"She's alive and well. No spilled guts, but a serious wound on her. I don't have the medical experience to heal it."


groan and look around for the intruder. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


That's good, but I think I should say my goodbyes unless Blue has other plans.


Aye, let's wrap this up.
"Maybe next time… Cloudy can fight the mayor. We'll charge people to watch it or something…"


"Now that would be interesting.
Both of you mares certainly are a force to be reckoned with."


"Brother dear, I know how to pick my battles. That wouldn't end well for anypony involved."
Still, there's the ghost of a smile on her face.
There's multiple intruders, about six or so ponies. They're rather easy to spot, considering they're standing around in the open. They all have bright blue headbands with angular lines and patterns stitched into them. Two of them are approaching your group, making Redstone tense and cover you with his shield while Ruby levels her spear at them, while the rest are busy examining the remains of the wolf-pony-thing.
"Aww, I wanted to see guts!"
"You dummy, that would mean she was hurt!"
"I know, but guts are cool! they're so slimy and icky and slide all over the place-"
"So how'd you kill the monster? did you grind it up?"
"Chop it into pieces?"
"Burn him?"


Now I should talk to the ponies in charge here.
What's the main kind of divisions?
Who's the captain of the guard?
Who's big around here?


"Yea, that's right we killed it."
'1d10' feather dance please show off your firyness to intimidate them.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Just keep a level deadpan stare and be wary of my surroundings.
"I removed its head with my sword. The fight could have been far harder but we were fortunate that that killed it outright."


"Well, we'll talk later then I guess."

"I don't know… Magistre doesn't strike me as a strong pony. Knows how to use a gun though. … Sort of."


There's the regular guard, comprised of about five to seven ponies, depending on whether you count the PCs. There is also three platoons of Militia.
Captain Cloud Cutter is in charge of the garrison.
Lot's of ponies are 'big.' you'll have to be more specific.
They seem more interested than intimidated, Oohing and reaching out to pet him. He ruffles a bit at first, but once he realizes their intent he perches near them, stretching with a smug look on his face as they stroke his feathers.
One of them approaches slowly until Ruby yells and brandishes her spear, then takes out some… leaves and pastes of some sort, gesturing towards your injured leg.
"You cut it's head off! Cool!"
"Hey, maybe we could use it as a football!"
"I'm not putting my hooves near those teeth…"
"Aw, don't be a baby! We'll just close it's mouth!"
"But, would it even roll right? That nose might make it bounce around…"
"Aw… phooey."
"Physical strength's not the only kind. Sure, I'd win in a physical contest, but we'd regret it afterwards. Don't bite the hoof that feeds you, and all that."


I'm talking big as in "in charge of stuff"


Some people
>in charge of food supplies
>in charge of the harbor


Children like talking a lot
"The forest is not safe for you. You should not return there. You could all have died today, mother nature shows no mercy."
But that creature wasn't natural…


"…uh.. maybe they didn't like the wolf thing either?"


"She's just the mayor, not an alicorn princess. Celestia pulls all the strings when it comes down to it!"


Twitchy is a thin, jerky pegasus in charge of Provisions and inventory. He works out of the warehouse.
Sweetherb is the colony's doctor. as there isn't a hospital or the ponies to staff one yet, she works in the townhouse.
Sticksen Stones is the colony's assigned head mage. She's… rather eccentric.
Risky Venture you just met. She's in charge of the scouts.
Crookear is the town smith. She works in the forge.
Stout Frame is Head of Construction. You'll find him wherever stuff's getting built.
Amor is a black pegasus, and the town psychiatrist. He has a small office on the edge of town.
Geneva is the mayor's secretary, and as such does a great deal of the work involved with governing that's too minor to concern the mayor with.
Ruby looks between you and the natives examining the corpse, who have started jabbing it with stakes and cutting it apart.
"Maybe… and your leg does look pretty bad…"
The native draws a rather well-forged axe, then tosses it aside, holding his hooves up to show he's unarmed.
"Celestia doesn't say who gets rationed if food shortages come up."
She's eyeing you strangely.
"How did it feel?"
"Yes, ma'am." they reply sullenly.
The rest of the trip back passes in silence.


Nod. "Okay, let him through."


"What a vague question. If it's about seeing you fight, it felt pretty good to see you direct your anger at somepony else instead of me."


Perhaps I should visit Geneva first she can give me some advice on where to start.


She hesitates, then relents, stepping back but keeping her spear trained on him.
"I swear, if he so much as looks funny at you…"
The native grabs his stuff, then starts tending to your leg.
"Back in the bar. Being on the receiving end for once, when you blew that kiss at me."
That would be wise-
Oh. Oh dear. There's a large crowd of very angry ponies at the town hall.
And no nopo so I can't continue that storyline just yet.


"It's fine. Your parents were worried, but they will be pleased by your return. I am pleased that you got out as well. Death is always a sad thing."
Pause for a moment, then add
"… Almost always."


"Oh. Hm… painful? You kicked me pretty hard for that comment."


"I know I can count on you.. all three of you." Smile between my friends and let the pony work, its probably better than nothing.


Can we pretend the conversation with Geneva was before the crowd gathering to speed thngs up?


Or nevermind, I might just bed and continue this later.


The guards start as you lead the kids into view.
"Where did you find them? We've been looking everywhere!"
It stings, but he works fast patching your leg up. Soon the injury starts to go numb.
One of the other natives approaches with the head of the pony. Interestingly, the pony's teeth are still those of a wolf.
She gestures at the clean cut through it's neck, then at Ruby's spear and your bow, and archs an eyebrow.
Roll perception.



Roll #1 1 = 1


"The forest. Krystal was hurt in battle and requires a doctor."


You can't get a read on her. As far as you're concerned, she's happy as can be!
"Never mind. Come on, let's go home."
She takes off with little warning, leaving you coughing in the dust.
"The hell were they doing out there? Never mind- get those kids inside, we'll start organizing a rescue party. Can you lead us to her?"


Point at my leg and then make a walking gesture with my hoof while frowning.


"Yes. I can show you."
Usher the kids back into the safety of the settlement.


Spread my wings and go after her. To home.

Roll #1 5 = 5


He nods, then turns away and starts doing something with the head.
The one working on your leg finishes up, then dips his hooves in something and draws his hooves against your cheeks three times, smearing lines of something that feels a little sticky across them.
"Whoah, whoah, what's up with that, buddy?" Ruby and Redstone are understandably tense.
Some guards take the kids and usher them towards town hall.
Sweetherb, looking extremely haggard, stumbles up with the rest of the rescue party.
"Okay, okay, right. which way, deary?"
She beats you home by a good margin. the door's ajar when you arrive.


I flew casually anyway.

Enter our home. What's it like anyway?


"Its not good talking to them.. I was trying to answer his quest about ambrosia killing it.. but i think he misunderstood and thinks i killed it."


Gesture at the right direction and start walking
"We were attacked by a strange creature which shapeshifted into a pony when it was slain. It had also attacked the children but they managed to run and hide."


Like most homes here, it's a simple log structure lacking much in decor or originality, but it makes up for that in functionality. It keeps the rain out, stays cool when it's hot out and warm when it's cold out, and basically serves as a dwelling. Clouded is seated on one of the sitting cushions, not looking at anything in particular.
After a moment, he nods, then starts painting Redstone's cheeks with what you can now see to be some sort of blue paste. He tenses, but doesn't interfere.
"I know that, but… geez, this is creepy. What do they want?"


"What kind of creature? Another boar? Wolves? I swear, this place is trying to kill us all…"


"How should I know? Just don't let them take us anywhere and it should be fine. I think they're.. trying to thank us."


I yawn and grab something to eat, then crash on one of the cushions as well.
"You went very fast back there. Did you forget to turn off the stove or something?"


"It appeared vaguely canine."


Ruby relents as the native paints her face too.
"Maybe… I guess they don't like it either…"
The other native turns around, then puts a string necklace bearing several large, sharp teeth into your lap. He gestures to the neck of the beast, then the necklace, and back.
"No." She's not looking at you.
"…did you even notice?"
"How bad are the injuries?"


"… Notice?"


look kind of confused and try to pull a tooth out of the dead head '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Why am I asking. Of course you didn't notice. You never do. Not when you're too busy checking out every last other mare in existence."
There's not any teeth left in it.
He frowns and shakes his head, gesturing to the cut in the neck with a chopping motion, then to the necklace, then makes a gesture as if holding something out to you.


"Okay. I'll make sure Ambrosia gets it."
Nod a bit and take the necklace.


"Situational awareness. As a professional flier, I have to be aware of my surroundings at all time."


"Severe. I didn't dare try to heal it on my own because failure would mean amputation or even death."


He watches you for a moment, then seeing that you're only holding it and not putting it on, he nods and steps back, as do the other natives.
Turning away from you, they all head off into the woods, disappearing as suddenly as they came.
"Then how have you not seen… Am I not part of your 'situation' then? Is that why you never noticed me?"
"Oh dear. The poor girl seems destined to become an amputee. Still, I'll see what I can do."
You arrive at the rocky outcropping where you found the kids.


"…well on the bright side we don't have to clean up that body.."


"… What? You're my wingpony! You know how much I love my big sister."


"This is where the foals were hiding. Krystal is nearby."


"Yeah…" Ruby just stares after them.
"Well that was wierd," Redstone mutters, glancing between the two of you. "Though I must say, I might not know what it's supposed to mean, but that facepaint looks good on you two."
"Then why, Blue? Why are you always eyeing up every other mare who passes by, saying how fine their flanks are or how beautiful they are… why don't you ever look at me?"
She grimaces as she sees the blood on the ground.
"We better hurry."


"Yes. Hurry."
Lead her to Krystal quickly


Chuckle a bit. "Hey, how did you get out of being painted? We should fix that shouldn't we Ruby?"


"Because… well I always figured you wouldn't appreciate it if I made comments like that. That maybe you'd find it embarrassing to hear from your brother?"


She remains silent for a minute, then stands up.
"All right then… go ahead. Make any comments you want to about me. How do I compare?"
She adopts a smirk, then grabs some of the stuff the native was painting your faces with.
"Yes, we should~"
Redstone chuckles nervously, squirming underneath you.
"Um… can we talk about this?"
Upon my next reply, you shall emerge in the clearing where Krystal is.


"We can talk about it sure.. do you want us to stop at you face, or should we keep going?" Snicker 'evilly' and scoop some of the paint up myself.


I cough.
"Well… you're… very athletic for one. I can appreciate that in a mare. You've trained your body well and it shows."


He gulps as Ruby starts scrawling on his face.
"Good idea, Krystal," she snickers, "we can make a smiley face on his belly."
She stretches, giving you a good view of every muscle and curve as she bends and twists her body.
"I could say the same for you. You've got that lean, toned look that doesn't make you look like a blowup balloon, but instead like an athlete. I like that in a stallion."


I'll start drawing squiggles on his hooves and legs.


I smirk.
"Glad to hear you approve. You're usually not one for compliments either, you know."


He groans in defeat as Ruby draws a very crude smiley face on his belly, then starts drawing something on his chest. He giggles a little as you paint his hooves.
"Aw, he's gonna be so pwetty," Ruby snorts, scrawling "property uf Rubi & Krystul" on his chest. "isn't he, Krystal?"


"Hmn… Well then, let's do this: you tell me something you find attractive about me, and I'll do the same for you."


I smirk.
"I like your eyes. They're really intense, especially when you glare at me, which happens fairly often."


She fixes her eyes on you, that intensity… not subdued, but not angry either.
"I like your confidence. No matter what, you believe you can do it. Sometimes I hate you for it when it gets us in trouble… but I wouldn't have gotten nearly as far as I did without you pushing me to the limit."


"Hmmm… your smarts. You've got a good head on your shoulders, you're probably the smartest pony on this damn island. Not just anypony can achieve what you've done."


She slowly starts walking towards you, a faint blush on her cheeks.
"Your shoulders. The way the muscles bulk up there… I like stallions with some endurance, and you like you've got that in spades."


I laugh.
"So I've been told. I've got to be careful not to stop maintaining my body though. This place is making me feel lazier than usual."
Look her over.
"… Your character. I know I complain about it sometimes, but you've kept me in check pretty well and you're hard to bend."


She sits down in front of you, close enough so that your chests are just barely touching as she looks you in the eye.
"Your heart. Beneath all the bravado, you care more than almost anypony I know. It's not often I get to see that side of you."


Give a her a warm smile.
"Yes well… I'm sorry for being a prick sometimes."


"I forgive you. I'm… sorry for being so… uptight all the time. It's… hard to let other ponies get close, you know?"


Wrap my hooves around her and give her a nice hug.
"It's alright. We've got each other. We'll always have each other."


She returns the hug tightly.
"Will we really? What happens when… when a mare finally catches your eye, and you decide you… want her? What happens then?"


"I dunno, what happens if a stallion catches your eye, huh?"


She bites her lip, a frail look of uncertainty taking hold on her usually stoic face.
"…I…already found him."


I scrunch up for a mere second.
"… You have? Who is it?"


She just looks you in the eyes, looking more vulnerable than you've ever seen her before, her hooves hesitantly finding their ways to your cheeks.


"… Oh."
Let that sink in for a moment.
"I never figured… you… damn. I'm flattered, Cloudy. And you know in truth… I-I always thought you were attractive as well."


She blinks once, twice.
"You… do?"
Her expression goes back to her usual monotone, if a bit softer, but her hooves are shaking on your shoulders.
"We… nobody would… accept it if they found out…"


She blinks once, twice.
"You… do?"
Her expression goes back to her usual monotone, if a bit softer, but her hooves are shaking on your shoulders.
"We… nobody would… accept it if they found out…"


"… I know. I never knew you thought the same about this though. Damn…"
I sigh.
"Somepony is bound to find out eventually…"


"Let them. Back in Cloudsdale, I never would have dared… but here? Sure, they may talk about us… but that's all they'll do, talk. And how would they find out? As long as we're careful… they won't suspect a thing."
She starts pulling herself closer, then hesitates.
"I… I will agree to whatever you decide. You… always seem to know the best thing to do…"


I bite my bottom lip, unsure what to do.
"We'll have to be… very… careful…"


"Of course…"
Slowly, hesitantly, she starts pulling herself closer, her expressionless facade doing nothing to fool you as you feel her heart hammering away in her chest.
"I am… always careful. I… I want this…"


Mother and father forgive us. Celestia have mercy.

Breathe evenly, then close the gap and press my lips against hers.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


She doesn't press back, but she doesn't pull away, simply turning her head in order to better fit your lips together, her hooves wrapping around your neck as she hangs against you.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Wrap my wings around her tenderly, keeping the kiss up for a while longer before breaking off.
"… No turning back now."


She wraps her wings around you in kind, looking up at you expectantly.
"Then there is no reason to stop…"


"Hm. You're absolutely right once again."
Drop back onto the cushion and drag her on top of me for another kiss.


This time she presses back, her tongue prodding at your lips as her hooves start to roam over your body, seeking out any sensitive spots they can find as she shifts on top of you.


Let my hooves roam freely too. Caress her wings, her back, her flanks and anything else I can get my hooves on.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


She tenses a little as you rub a little too roughly, then relaxes back into your grip, giving a little gasp every time you find a nerve bundle.
Finally working her tongue inside your mouth, she starts aggressively exploring inside your mouth, filling it with the taste of lilacs and a hint of alcohol.


Battle her tongue with my own. I can just enjoy this and not think about what I'm doing with my own blood. Damn the consequences.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Enjoying it isn't that hard; her body is soft and warm, her muscles pliable beneath your touch as she relaxes utterly on top of you. Soon your own tongue wins dominance, drawing what seems suspiciously like a moan from her as her hooves grasp your flanks.


Break free and pant. That was a long-ass kiss.
"I love you, sis…"


She's left panting too, a distinctly pink tinge to her cheeks as she looks down at you.
"I love you too… bro…"
She starts to rub against you, never breaking eye contact.
"I want this. I want you. Show me. Show me how much you love me."


Stare her back in the eyes. Those pretty eyes of hers.
"There's nothing I'd love to do more."
Flip her around so that she's on her back with me on top.
"… Is this your first… time?"


She looks up at you expressionlessly, mouth slightly open as she breathes heavily in anticipation.
"…Yes. I… have not desired anyone else… for some time now. Yet I knew I could not have you, so…"
She bites her lips and looks down, opening her mouth as if to say something, then stops, her mouth gaping open.
"O…Oh… that… that is…"


"Lots of veggies and fruit, sweet sister."
I smirk and kiss her on the forehead.
"I'll be gentle. Let's take it slow and steady."


"Y… yes…" She seems unable to tear her eyes away. "slow and… steady…"
Her hindlegs gently wrap around your waist and lock together, forehooves quivering as they grip your shoulders.
"…Do it. Please."


Never figured I'd see her act like this…

No time like the present though.

Roll #1 8, 5, 10, 7, 3 + 10 = 43


She doesn't respond much through the act, her voice restricted to the occasional gasp or moan.
Her body, though… it's a struggle not to blow your load for every minute you're inside her, with the way she's milking you.

Roll #1 4, 1, 9, 1, 8 + 10 = 33


At least she didn't have to go through too much pain then.
"How… how was that… for an introduction?"


She just embraces you and nuzzles her head into your chest, sighing in contentment as she holds you close.


I let out a content sigh and bury myself into her mane as well.


And so you both rest, closer than you have ever been before, and happier for it.
Thanks for playing.


Thanks for running.


So, Magistre was in the middle of an angry mob, where things are currently starting to get ugly.

Ambrosia just led Sweetherb and a small group of guards to find Krystal and Ruby painting up a disgruntled but resigned Redstone, her injured leg mysteriously bandaged up, and all three bearing facepaint in the form of three blue stripes across each cheek.

Oh, and Julia, Askeladd, and Pejula were battling an Eldrich abomination alongside an enormous lizard thing. So there's that.

Also Blue Skies is screwing his sister.


I'm starting to enjoy this!
'2d10'+1 each.
Boon, keep firing.

Roll #1 5, 6 = 11 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"Oh, welcome back."


Empty stare.
"You've decorated yourself."


"Not exactly.. we only decorated Red here.."
I bring out the tooth necklace.
"We met some natives.. they took the body and left this. I think they wanted you to have it, since you did the killing blow."


Put it down put it down put it down

Roll #1 4 = 4



"Teeth on a necklace?"


"Uh.. you don't want it?"


"I'm confused. Why did they wish to give it to me?"


"Do not do something you will regret! Violence and murder will not solve anything!"

Gosh am I a hypocrite or what


What's with all these angry ponoes?
Get through to Magistre.


"Because you cut the head off the monster, these are its teeth." I say with an awkward smile. "At least that's the part I understood, they helped patch up my leg too."


The hail of bullet and magic-fire leaves the abomination unbalanced, allowing Askeladd and the Lizard to slam it back into one of the pillars supporting the cave.
Your strength combined with his crashes the mutant into a pillar of rock, shattering it as Debris pummels the unholy thing. With a roar, it throws you both back, panting heavily as it clutches at it's wounds, suffused with a green glow.
You hear the ceiling shudder and groan, dust raining down on your head.
Sweetherb immediately starts examining your leg.
"Well, whoever did this, they have a decent understanding of what they're doing. It's temporary at best, but it certainly bought you some time. Still, we need to get you back, and soon."
Apparently their kids have gone missing and the captive is to blame.
She's right in the thick of it.
You sure are. It looks like you're losing the crowd; they've started to crash against the door, making it's hinges shudder as the wood cracks. Off in the distance, you see a guard waving frantically.


"It was some natives. And I agree with going back asap."


"Let's get lost people!"
Start receding out of the cave.
We could collapse the ceiling if everyone left.
For the moment, lay suppressive fire.
2 with +1, last with +2 from Boon.

Roll #1 10, 7, 9 = 26


Wave back at the guard, motioning him closer.
A bit busy right now.
Try to stop the ponies who are trying to crash the door with TK, to at least slow them down.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I nod at Julia and look at Lavender
Come! lets get out of here! Tell that lizard friend of yours we need to get out fast!
I then let the others go first before me.


Push through to next of Magistre.
"All right, everypony give the mayor some space.
I said give her some space!"
Push them a bit away from the door and stand inbetween them and Magistre '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"… Okay. I understand."


"You're just in time…"


"All right, you two support her," she motions at Ruby and Redstone. "Take it slow, but keep moving."
The two press up close against your sides, Redstone spreading his wing and draping it over you and Ruby to hug you both close as they support you through the woods.
Your shots knock it back even further, causing it to stumble, then fall, crushing several more support pillars.
Catching your intent, the lizard swipes his tail and knocks down another support, then runs with the group for the entrance.
The roof shudders and groans overhead, then cracks and starts to fall.
"We're not gonna make it!" Boon yells.
It takes Gron's intervention to make them back off, several gearing up to charge only to think twice as they examine the scarred zebra.
Fortunately, a distraction arrives in the form of several children.
"Hi Pops!"
THe crowd immediately seems to forget their earlier venom as they rush to embrace their children.


"Time to fly, baby!"
Grasp Boon in my talons and give a powerful wingbeat, propelling us outta here.
'1d10+1' because of diveattack.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Sigh with relief.
"Thank the Goddesses…"


Look at them, then back at Magistre.

"You okay?"


"Yes we are going to make it!"
Grab Lavender and run the hell out, using my strength to clear out and tunnel our way out of any debris and falling earth that blocks our way.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Sure.. I'll be okay."
'1d10' rolling for steady

Roll #1 9 = 9


"So.. you want it then?" place it around your neck.


What' the deal with this necklace?


"If they wish me to have it, I will have it"


It's a string of beads with several sharp, jagged teeth threaded through it. It looks sort of like a trophy necklace, or a fancy piece of jewelry. Though, it seems much more natural than most stuff you'd find in jewelry stores; the beads are organic instead of metal, the teeth are real, and the colors seem to compliment the forest around you.
Steady as a rock with them supporting you.
"So," Ruby chats idly as you move along, "what was with that you two did outside the cave?"
You can feel Red's heartrate increase.
"You… must have been focused on fighting that thing, and… seen something you didn't see…"
Dodging artfully through the falling debris, you get out of the cave entrance just as it collapses behind you, pulling in for a graceful landing without so much as a single ruffled feather.
"…Warn me next time," Boon wheezes, clutching at his chest. "Damn ticker nearly gave out on me when ye grabbed me!"
The cave entrance collapses right in front of you, only Greenbite pulling you back with his tail saving you from getting crushed.
Raising up on his hindlegs, he groans as he tries to support the ceiling, his legs already beggining to buckle under the strain.
Oh no oh no oh no, Lavender whimpers as her eyes dart about, what do we do what do we do what do we do?


Little time to chat! What of the others?!


God damnit, help greenbite with all of my strength and find something to help him get out of there!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Look kind of confused. "Did I.. imagine it then? I didn't think I was delusional.."


Okay. I'll keep it on then.
Walk with the others.
"Which color of tribals approached you?"



"W-well, no…" He blushes and looks the other way.
"So, what did you "imagine?" " Ruby asks playfully, though there's a bit of strain in her voice.
You manage to keep the roof stable, but it's only a matter of time before you're overwhelmed.
They're nowhere to be seen, and the entrance has collapsed behind you.
"Blue, I think," Redstone remarks absentmindedly.
"They know their medicine," Sweetherb remarks, "though their supplies are rudimentary at best."


Let's get the out!
Start digging through the collapsed entrance!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Go and let the other run and get out of there!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm fine, I'm fine, yes… Thank you."

So lynch mob averted?
Who found the kids?


I open the door for you.
"You should get to the bottom of this.
I'll stay close."


"Yes, they seem learned. I would hope to speak to them and learn at some point."


"…" remembering what the smith told me and stay silent.
"I think it was the heat of the moment."


"I doubt it was the native."


"No, since otherwise the kids wouldn't be here, let's find out who saved them."


It seems that way. Captain Cutter walks up, wiping sweat off his brow.
"That was far too close," he mutters, before turning to the guard. "You there! Where did you find the children?"
"One of the scouts found them out in the woods, sir! They were wounded and had to send them back with a guard!"
The Lizard lowers his chest and charges out of the entrance, knocking rocks loose and clearing a path…
Before slamming into and landing on top of Julia.
Lavender follows him out, then turns and yells to Askeladd.
"Come on, RUN!"
"Didn't look like that to me," she remarks dismissively.
"W-why are you concerned about this?" Redstone stammers. "We're not even dating yet…"
"I know we're not- wait, 'yet?'"
"Uh… I-I mean-"
So do I. Now, that gash doesn't look like the kind a wild animal leaves. It's too precise and measured. What exactly happened?"


Run outside!

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 7 = 7


"I have a more important question too."

"Captain Cutter…"
Once I have his attention, give him a stern look.
"Would you mind to enlighten me as to how your guards could allow a flock of children leave the walls that your guards supervise?"


"The creature cut her. It was intelligent and unnatural. It knew where to strike and how to inflict most damage."


"I'm wondering that as well…" he growls, glaring at the guard, who gulps and stands straighter.
"T-they never left through the gate, sir! Only some scouts and workers have been through!"
"Intelligent? What was it's purpose? This seems… cruel."
Boon helps you up as the lizard rolls over, giving a loud hiss that you assume is a groan. He's bleeding pretty badly from countless wounds.
With rocks falling all around you, the sprint for the entrance ends with the walls collapsing so close behind you you can feel the rush of air on the back of your neck.


Well, I do have one potion around… Give it to him.


I wipe my sweat and pant.
"I'm getting too old for this, that is a close one" I nod at Julia and Boon, before turning to Lavender.
Are you okay? I inspect her and see if she is hurt
…. what is that thing back in the tunnel?



He gulps it down greedily, a long prehensile tongue reaching out and swirling around inside the bottle to lap up every drop even as the bleeding starts to slow. His reptilian eyes regard you curiously as he lays back, mumbling something in Native.
"Eh, care to translate, ma'am?" Boon asks Lavender.
He's wondering why you are not trying to kill him.
I'll be fine.. she smiles and shakes herself vigorously, creating a large cloud of dust.
Whew! That was incredible! I haven't had that much fun in a while!


"Their faults are not only theirs, Captain."
Keep staring him down.
"The hostile group of natives have assassins who managed to sneak up on me on an open field without anypony noticing. How do you expect me, or anypony for that matter, to feel safe within a walls when a group of children can outsmart the guards?"


"Kinda dumb, for a big lizard, then."
Pet the thing's muzzle.
"Can't it see we are friends?"


Now my eyes are completely dull again.
"..yea.. I'm sorry I guess.. I couldn't stop him in the condition I was.. I know you like him.."


"I gathered that it wanted to eat me. Since it was.." and then I freeze up at the memory.


"I believe it wanted to kill and eat us."


Stand next to Magistre.


I frown as I scratch my head, feeling and realizing that I am acting like a parent for this adventurous little pone.
…. fun in a way yes. But that is quite dangerous. Something like that can keep the blood running after for sometime but we cant take such dangerous risks like that. Hell we can.. and almost got killed by that you know that Lavender.
I then close my arms as I chuckle at the lizard
I'm glad that lizard or friend of yours is safe and all of us got out of it, but we need to get out of here or maybe more of those hostiles might come back, we need to get to your village ASAP. Alright? I pet her head softly.

I look at you and chuckle at the sight.
"Pfff.. We cant linger here, lets pack up and get straight out of here."


"No arguments from me there."


"Those assassins were camoflauged, and we've got detection spells ready for next time. What I want to know is how they got out without anypony noticing."
Several of the ponies nod their heads.
"I was wondering that myself…"
"What were you thinking, boyo?"
"Well? care to explain yourselves?"
The children chuckle nervously as they become the center of attention.
"Um… through the secret door?"
"That… makes a sick sort of sense."
She shudders.
"I just don't understand what makes one resort to such… barbarism."
"Duh, of course I like him! Why else would I put up with his lack of confidence? My problem is that he kissed you! Without my permission!"
"W-wait, what?" Redstone sputters, "s-since when-"
"Oh, come on, you know I've been obsessing over her eyes, and her flanks, and just about her in general since she showed up! Why'd you go and shoot me down like that?"
"I…I didn't-"
Well… most ponies don't like Lizards like him, they're loners, so most don't know much about them.
He mumbles something else.
He says that… generosity is… unusual for ponies. Which… isn't necessarily false…
True… I suppose we should get goi–WWWHAA!
Suddenly, the lizard lunges, latching onto her leg and flipping her over, grinning evilly before diving in and starting to blow loud raspberries on her belly.
nnnnnnoooooooooooo!!! She laughs uncontrollably, the connection flickering as her legs kick uselessly in the air. s–sstttooopahahahahahaha–


Goddamnit she's a kid.


Raise my eyebrow.
"Secret door?"


"Look.. I'm just happy to be alive, when he did that I was so scared I couldn't even talk! I'm sure he was just trying to help.. and he did look really heroic."
I ramble on a lot like that, leaning closer to Ruby as I do, out of consequence from leaning away from Redstone.


I scratch my head at the sight before chuckling and rubbing the lizards back.
pff alright we can blow raspberries all day once we get somewhere safe.
I then look at the lizard
He's a big guy


"Perhaps it was acting territorial in a sense."


Pretty much, yeah. Her body's mature, but her mind… not so much.
Greenbite finally lets up, nuzzling her cheek and flicking his tongue out as he says something else, making her flush red and swat at him.
Damnit, now's not the time for that! Maybe later, when you're not cut to shreds.
He nods, then glances at his home and continuing to speak.
yes, i know you liked it, but we'll find you someplace new to live, okay? besides, it was worth trapping one of them inside, wasn't it?
He grins and nods vigorously.
"Well, if he was helping, then maybe I should help too. After all, we're a team, aren't we?"
With that, she leans in and kisses you right on the lips, her tongue immediately forcing it's way past your lips and into your mouth.
Redstone gapes at the two of you, his wings starting to stiffen even as he tries to pull closer to you.
"…It's right against the wall, where nopony would look."
"It's our secret place, for when we don't wanna get followed!"
"Shush, you're gonna get us in trouble!"
"Perhaps… maybe it was mentally unstable. Intelligent species are still subsceptible to many forms of Mania and Dementia…"


Whistle to get their attention again.
Time to motor!"


"I do not know. It is dead and that makes it hard to determine its motives."


Time to scoot Lavender, yohoo! I stretch her face.


Nodding, Greenbite pulls himself up, then takes off into the forest, disappearing before you can blink.
don't worry, he does that, Lavender sighs. He'll be back before you know it. Come on, let's go.
And so the group heads out once more.
"Yes. One less thing to worry about, I suppose."
You arrive back at town, where several guards are waiting.
"WHat happened out there?"


Marching… Please wait…


"If you could track down the natives, they might know more." I suggest.

rolling to contain spaghetti '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Follow the rest as I keep my guard up.


"You are already in trouble.
Where is this place?"


"We were attacked by a creature, but we killed it."


"There was some kind of wolf monster.."


Soon you hear a series of screams and weapon fire, followed by several cracks.
A dead body bearing a Green headband flies out of the brush and lands in front of you, neck snapped.
That would be Greenbite, Lavender sighs. Don't worry, he'll be done soon.
"Come on, let's get you to the Ward," Sweetherb interjects. "That leg needs attention…"
She gives Krystal an exasperated look.
"…Over by the north wall."
They point to one of the buildings off in the distance.
Spaghetti contained, though you find yourself leaning on them more heavily.
"Mmm," Ruby smirks as she pulls back licking her lips. "So, did that help?"


Motion to Cutter and Gron.
"We're going to check it out. You kids come with me too."


Lower my voice and assume a stalking stance.
"With his number of wounds?"


"Yea, thanks both of you." I smile and my eyes shimmer a bit.

followed by dullness again when I hear 'injection'.
"Right.. can't wait for that.."


… I didnt expect those hunters are that many amidst these woods… good thing we have your friend.


I follow.


Interjects. As in interupts.
"Our pleasure," Ruby smirks, bumping your side a little. "So, how was Redstone? A little clumsy at first, or was he a natural kisser?"
Redstone seems to be having trouble keeping his wings down.
"We're coming too," the parents state. "and then we're going to have a long talking-to with them about sneaking off into the woods! Somebody might have gotten hurt!"
I'm linked with him right now. There's only three-
a wet-sounding squelch sounds out nearby, making Lavender wince.
-two of them left. And Lizards are very good at sneaking when they want to be.


"Oh well."


"He was.. heroic? It was a big passionate moment." I giggle a bit.


…… That pet of yours is a good help…. He can be really good to use to mount a defense..


"You should. There will be consequences of this, do not worry."

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