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It is now 2 weeks into the 2nd Month since the founding of Horton.
72 Settlers remain. 1 refugee and 1 captive native also reside within the walls.
Having experienced combat for the first time, the Competent militia is now more effective, becoming a Regular Militia.
The Ramshackle Militia, having taken heavy losses, is absorbed into the Makeshift Militia, their experience making them a Competent militia.
Current group statuses
GROUP 1: Town Repairs
GROUP 2: Town Repairs
GROUP 3: Town Repairs
GROUP 4: Clearing land for farming
The Colony has food stores for: 5 Months
Time until next Shipment from Investors: 6 1/2 Months


Is Sweetherb doing okay?


Got stuff to do before beb, I'm here for the next hour.
What do?


How's sis doing?


With help from you and a pegasus who introduced herself as Clouded Skies, she's improved, no longer as exhausted as she was. It helps that most of the wounded have healed up by now. The only ones still remaining are a few with deep injuries or severe burns, and the goat who lost her leg.
She's in the clinic right now, changing bandages. It's a much more relaxed air than it was last week.
Wake up on top of Boon, of course!
…Looks like you never made it to the bed either.


We pork like birds freshly in love.
I kinda am.
Okay, Wake him up with a kissu.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Watch her work for a moment.
"So what do you think? About these natives, I mean."


Strange how I don't remember anything at all way back during that evening when we went to 'celebrate'.
I do remember one thing though, my garden was exhausted. I need to tend to it.


He grunts, then settles into the kiss happily before you pull away.
"Morning, beautiful," he sighs groggily. "Guess we slept on the floor again, huh?"
The plants have some meager offerings, but not much. It'll take time for them to recover, same as anything else.
The strange plant, in contrast, looks bigger and healthier than ever. Dog stays plastered against your leg as you approach, keeping you between it and him.
"Well, they're experienced warriors, I'll give them that. Plus, the injuries from some of those weapons they're using are like nothing I've ever seen. On the other hand, the majority of them were young, between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five. I think they're used to being top dog around here, and as such weren't expecting any real resistance. At the very least, they expected that firedrake to be a trump card if things went bad."


Poke the plant experimentally.
"You look healthy."


"I think you're right. They seemed like the type who bully people into doing their bidding. It irks me how we know practically nothing about them though. They could be gathering themselves for a second attack for all we know."


Smile on top of him and rub his cheek.
"Guess so."
Roll over, rubbing my head.
"Gods I can't imagine the buzz in town after last night…"


It rustles happily, brushing against your coat gently before settling back down, its movements sluggish and lazy.
Dog gives it a cautious sniff, and when it ignores him, promptly raises his leg and urinates on it.
"Probably, but they won't be back for a while. That seemed like an outing for getting captives from beaten enemies, not a real military attack. They might assume they screwed up and ignore them, but I doubt it."
He chuckles and rubs his hoof up and down your back.
"Won't be doing much of anything today, I reckon. Sleeping off the alcohol sounds likely."


"Maybe we can tag along with one of the scouting teams some time. I'm willing to bet they'll be extra busy the coming weeks."


"Oh, so now being so horny we have to run back home and shut ourselves in all night is called alcohol?"
Smirk at him.


Strange plant.
Is there any way I can expand my garden? Or is there no room?


He smirks right back.
"Well, if it is…"
He rolls over on top of you.
"I'm thinking about having another round~"
Hmn… now that you mention it, there is room to expand your garden. You'll have to take it a bit at a time though if you don't want to wear yourself out.
"Alright… but what are you expecting to find exactly? Some magic artifact that explains everything?"


I will start on that then. The bigger my garden, the more I can grow. More growth means I'll run out of ingredients less quickly.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Not really. But these guys and gals no doubt know this terrain on the back of their hoof. It's up to the scouts to make sure we know what's around us."


Purr softly and coil my talons around his neck.
"You sure you got the stamina, cowboy?"


You've cleared a large square of land beside your garden of rocks and weeds. Now till the soil (1d10) and start planting.
"…Huh. I must be hearing things; I could have sworn I just heard you say something intelligent."
He chuckles and leans down to kiss you, running his hooves gently along the nerves on your wings.
"Oh, I've got the stomach for it all right," he growls huskily down at you. "The real question is whether you can take it after how wild we got last night."


Hard labor, is there any work more honest in life?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Please don't tell anypony, I have a reputation to uphold."


"I will drink you under the table. Literally~"
Go full power bottom.

Roll #1 4, 4, 6, 3, 1 + 10 = 28


No there isn't, which is why you don't mind doing more.
It takes longer than you'd like, but eventually you manage to get the ground tilled to a point where it can get planted. What do you wish to grow here?
"I doubt anyone would believe me." She sighs and injects something into one of the burn victims as Sweetherb approaches.
"Well hello there!" She greets you before turning to Clouded. "Is this the brother you were telling me about?"
"Not if I have something to say about it~"
Full power Top

Roll #1 4, 4, 2, 3, 10 + 10 = 33


I was helping clean the town I think.


I was offering kinky oral sex, doesn't he like that?
Okay, officially exhausted.


More ingredients used for medical purposes! I don't know what I'm specifically growing already aside from poppy.


Give Clouded a look.
"Am I?"


Oh, he did, he was just better at it than you~
"Damn," he groans as he rolls off of you. "We really gotta stop doing this. At this rate, we're gonna kill ourselves."
Yes, but this is a week later. You wake up in the tent assigned to you. Not like you had trouble sleeping though; you've got this big, warm teddy to snuggle up with.
I really need to do some research on that to make it more defined. As it is, you've officially planted your garden further. By this time next week, they should start sprouting.
She has a perfect poker face.
"Yes, he is. Unfortunately."
"Well, nice to meet you!" Sweetherb exclaims. "I must say, your sister is a lifesaver; I don't know what I'd do without her!"


"Death by orgasms is a sweet, sweet death…"
Roll into his side and cuddle a bit.


I said CUDDLE!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Very good. I will continue to slowly expand as time goes by.
Now where is Wheat Field?


Stretch and comb over my fur a bit to get rid of any feathers or dirt or such.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"She's such a sweetheart."
Flick Clouded's nose with a hoof.
"Make sure to give her a daily pat on the back, doctor. She loves those."


He chuckles at this.
"Yeah, I guess it would-"
That's a very good question, actually. You saw her leave earlier this morning, but you're not sure where she was headed…
Perception check.
Ugh, there's so many feathers in your fur. They're literally everywhere! No matter how much you comb it, you can't get rid of them all-
This is a wing. You're combing an orange wing. That's why there's so many feathers.
…This is not your wing.
She frowns and scrunches. Sweetherb gives you a look.
"If you're trying to trick me into stroking one of the pegasi's natural erogenous zones, I will remind you that I am a doctor with a very thorough understanding of basic anatomy."


Alert pone

Roll #1 8 = 8


"No no, no stroking. Just patting."


BLush furiously and pull back!
Watch for damage…
"What if I make it better?"
Smile at him before licking, since I've a beak and can't really kiss without further damage the offended part.


o-oops. I um.. That probably woke him up..
just get out of bed and see what's going on outside pretending nothing happened! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You accidentally dug your talons into his chest, deep enough that it's already drawing blood.
"It's okay girl, I understand- ah!" he gasps as you start licking them, settling back onto the ground with a groan.
"D-damnit girl, stop being so damn sexy an' irresistible before ye drain me dry…"
Redstone blinks blearily and looks around, catching sight of you leaving in a hurry.
"What…" he mumbles sleepily before the tent flap shuts behind you.
You have to pull up short to keep from running into Ruby, who gives you a smirk.
"Ah, good, I was just on my way to get you two up. We got work to do today."
The two females share a look.
"…I see what you were talking about."
Sweetherb sighs and shakes her head.
"Is there anything I can do for you, or can I return to my patients?"
Oh, there she is, behind that building there. It looks like she's trying to sneak up on you, grinning confidently to herself.


Chuckle and lift myself away from him, a smile on my face.
"I will go get a bandage for that, okay?"

And then I play the nurse but I really oughta go now.


"Nothing for me, doc. I am feeling fine."
Be back in 20.


"Hmm what kind of work?" I say sleepily.


G'wan, get outta here.


Wander over to her.
"Here I am."


"In that case," Clouded remarks, "could you go oggle mares for a while until I finish my rounds? It should take about 20 minutes or so."
She looks up in surprise and frowns in disappointment.
"Aw… and I was sure I could surprise you. Ah well, straight to it it is then!"
She picks you up and carries you off to the area right behind your garden, where your plants obscure the rest of the town from view.
"Training and productivity in one!" She announces proudly. "We're going to go help clear the land around town for farming, so put on your-"
Redstone bursts from your tent and throws himself at your hooves.
"I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't mean to end up in your sleeping roll I must have rolled out of mine in my sleep and snuggled up because you were warm please don't hate me I didn't mean to!"
Ruby arcs an eyebrow. "What's he talking about, Krystal?"


Let her drag me.
"Do you wish to show me something, Wheat Field?"


Pet his head and bend down to his level. "Uh. its okay Redstone. It was cold last night anyway..I think your feathers are still stuck on me a little, I thought it was Feather Dance messing with me again at first." I whisper with a blush.


His face goes crimson as he notices his feathers on you.
"D-don't worry, I can take care of it!"
Before you can react, he starts trying to groom the feathers out of your coat. '1d10'
Ruby starts smirking at you.
She plops you down on the soft earth, the smell of fresh dirt filling the air as she straddles you.
"Yah know those little things that just turn you on? Well, I remembered that one of mine is the smell of soil and sweat, of hard honest work!" She chirps happily, bending down to give you a kiss.
"So, I hope you don't mind, but I really really really wanna fuck you senseless right now, so let's do it here, where nopony can see us. Okay?"
She smiles down at you, waiting for an answer.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Stare at her silently for a moment, processing this new information.
"… Okay, Wheat Field."


Oh… oh my. He's really good with his tongue. Your skin tingles at every touch, each gentle trail across your fur leaving you feeling sensitive and vulnerable. By the time he's finished your coat is absolutely spotless.
Ruby stares with an open mouth, a little bit of drool trailing out her mouth. "Damn that was hot…"
Redstone's face goes an even darker shade of red. "Oh my goodness, I-I didn't mean it like that! I wasn't thinking I just… It's not what you think!"


"Alright. Play nice now, would you? I'll go see whoever is in charge of the scouts."


"I.." Stare at him a little lost looking.
"um.. t-thanks reddy.."


>no nurse description
Anyway, I should go check on tah baws!


Her mouth locks with yours, her tongue probing your mouth as she immediately begins grinding into you, rubbing herself right on your loins.
…That is some damn impressive aim she's got with those hips.

He buries his head in his hooves. "Y-you're welcome," he stutters, a red glow shining out from between his hooves.
"Hey!" Ruby protests indignantly. "Don't I get a grooming too?"
We'll do that later on steam~
But yeah, she seems to be laughing evilly as she eyes up some pegasus in front of her.
The boss of the scouts, Risky Venture, is a pegasus mare. You find her laid out on a cloud, rolling over and yawning as you approach.
"Yeh, what is et?.." She stops and blinks, focusing on you before adopting an evil grin.
"Well, if it ain't mister high an' mighty hisself. Fell from glory an' had te duck off te a backwoods hidey-hole like this'n to get away. Whut brings ye here, need yer sippy cup?"


"Uh… Bad moment, boss?"


"Um.." take each of their hooves and lead them back into the tent. "Okay. Now each of us on one side." I put Redstone on Ruby's right and I go to her left. "And then we groom her."


Kiss her back. Let her do with me whatever she wishes.


"I'm very sorry, but I can't understand your thick accent. Should I get you something to write on? … You can write, can you?"


"Oh my~" Ruby coos, fluttering her eyelashes. "Looks like I'm getting the 'special treatment.'"
Redstone just nods, blushing so hard you can see steam coming off his cheeks as he starts to groom her. '1d10+2'
"Naw, naw, stay and watch me put this high-flier where he belongs."
She laughs at that. "Ah, yer a clever one, ain'cha? Well, this ain't yer precious Cloudsdale, kid, this is Horton, and 'round here, ye learn right quick how to get along, one way or another."
If you want to act it out I can, but I'm also willing to just FTB and continue the plot if you wish.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


'1d10' groom my half

Roll #1 1 = 1


Up to you! I don't have anything important that needs to be doing so I'm not in a hurry


"Oh, it can speak a vague form of Equestrian after all. Very handy. When you're done putting on the silly tough act, I'd love to talk to you about the scouting missions you have planned."


Okay, facetalon.
"You are two special kind of kids, that's what."


Redstone manages to do a decent job, though his embarrasement means it's not quite as nice as the one he gave you.
You, however, find a knot of fur and, in trying to get it loose get it stuck between your teeth.
"Ow! Stop pulling, Krystal! That hurts!"
…You're stuck.
Her grinding slows, her hooves trailing down your sides as her wings embrace your head.
"Now, last time was pretty intense," she says seriously, "but this time we're going to take it slow and draw it out, okay? I'm gonna enjoy you as long as I physically can."
With that, she starts pecking at your neck, interspersing kisses with nips to keep you guessing. Her hips slowly drag herself against your folds, back and forth with calm, unhurried movements, your juices already starting to mix.

"Oh really? An' why would I share anythang with the one who jest insulted me?"
"Ah ain't gonna take none'a this fella's shit in my town, no sirree bob! Ah came here ta git away from entitled brats like him!"


"Oh I'm sorry, but she's the one who started this."

"For the good of the colony."


"I will take a guess here and say you don't like each other."



Look dumbfounded.
"I just approached her and she started up this little condescending tough gal act. If I can help out with some of the scouts and make sure no more settler lives are lost, then I want to know about it."


"Mhm-orry" '1d10' I need to carefully get out of her, massage the fur away with a hoof.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Let out a half chuckle.
"Trust me, I'm not suggesting the scout life to anyone."


"Yes, Wheat Field. Slow and steady. I understand."
Mimic her motions.


"I used to be military, I know."


"Well noooow, that sounds nice enough.
Which kind?"
Flap over there.


"Aerial branch. The Wonderbolt flight team."
Spread one of my wings.
"Until I crashed and seriously injured my wing here."


"This fella 'ere got hisself kicked out of the Wonderbolts. Thinks he's some kinda special 'cause his sis saved him from a court martial, way I hear it."
"Ah say ye'd be better off grounded, where I ain't gotta worry about ye trying to show off and gittin' somepony kilt."
Ah, what a fine day it is! At least, it would be if not for the fact that natives attacked last week. The town gates are still in shambles.
You manage to free yourself with a minimum of fuss.
"Glad you figured that out. If you hadn't, Reddy here would have had to taken care of that knot with his tongue."
Redstone in question is blushing so hard he's gone from red to purple.
"Now come on," she announces as she leaves the tent, "We've got work to do today!"


Wince at the mere thought.
"We could use a fast scout though.
Me and Boon are not exactly the quickest duo."


Clear a few stands of fur from my tongue and whistle for feather dance to come along. "Right, what are we doing today?"


If I'm not a new arrival then I'll need to know what has been going on and what I've managed to do so far.


Shake my head and flutter off. Inbred idiot.
"Fine then. I'll get out of your mane."


She gives you a long look, scowling at Blue.
"Well… ye do have a point, at that…"
He flies over and lands on top of your head, pecking at Redstone once.
"Ow! What was that for?"
"We're headed outside the walls to get the land around the town prepped for farming. Planting season won't last forever, and heading into the woods for the ready land is too dangerous right now."
She clocks you square across the jaw, knocking a tooth loose.
"Don't ye dare say one more word 'bout mah family," she growls dangerously, dropping into a fighting stance.
Last week, first contact was made with the a native tribe when Julia found a mare running for her life. It turned out this mare had been captured by the other tribe and was going to get sacrificed. Long story short, shots were fired and the settlers won.
You've been keeping to yourself, mostly setting stuff up for making potions and planting your garden for ingredients.


Rub my jaw, looking at her like she lost it.
"What? Are you out of your fucking mind?"


I head out to my garden and see what is ready to be picked.


Giggle a bit at that.
"Alright, its a far cry from the excitement you promised before but it sounds important at least."


"Nopony calls me inbred and gits away with it.
Ye wanted a scouting job? Well, one jest opened up; Ah want ye and yer sister ta head south and map out that swamp we've heard tell is down thar.
Pack up, an' head out tonight."
Plenty of the plants are in full bloom, ready for harvesting thanks to some nature magic. This soil is incredibly fertile.
"Didn't I say we're headed outside the town walls? That practically guarantees some kind of wildlife is going to try to make a lunch out of us. Keep your eyes peeled, and your weapons nearby."


She moans softly into your neck, her wings brushing against yours and sending tingles down your spine. Your body is feeling incredibly sensitive, making you aware of the soft shifting of the grass beneath you, the scent of fresh dirt mingled with sweat, the soft pants she gives with each rise and fall of her chest…
Moaning softly, she leans down and suckles your neck, her hooves shifting to your flanks and squeezing them as she continues grinding.


"Hmm okay if you say so."
'1d10' eyes peeled.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll go ahead and start to harvest them, whistling as I do.


"When the hell did I call you an inbred?"
Spit on the ground.
"Nevermind the damn job if this is how you operate around here. Next thing I know, those voices in your head are going to tell you to get me killed."


The three of you aren't alone; a group of about twelve ponies heads out with you, along with five other members of the regular militia.
Everything looks clear, and Feather Dance doesn't seem to think there are any predators nearby. He's usually a good judge of these things.
"Are ye calling me crazy?! Listen up, ye little shit, ah got pony's lives depending on me! Ye want something, ye gotta earn it, same as everypony else! Ye come back from this job, I'll consider ye fit te join the scouts."
You can see another garden a little ways over. That must be Ambrosia's place; she makes potions too, as well as supplying medicines for the clinic.


Just kill me now


"Wheat Field?"


"Yea, this is easy so far."
'1d10' lets prep some land.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I finish harvest my small crop and look at herself. I've been far too much of a shut-in since I've gotten here. Looks like she will be a good place to start.

I leave my harvest inside, then head over to her place and knock on the door.


"What are you even talking about? You think you can just hit me and knock a tooth loose for no reason at all, then insult me by calling me names? You are one vicious little mare. Get the heck over yourself and grow up and I might consider helping you."


"Y-yeah?" she pants softly, looking you in the eyes as she keeps massaging your flanks.
Wish granted. The sun is officially burning two holes into your brain. Soon it will achieve total penetration, and your brains will begin spilling out of the back of your skull. There is no escape. What did you do to deserve this?
"Okay, first we need to dig up these stumps," Ruby explains, tossing you and Redstone shovels and taking one herself, then pointing at a random stump. "Let's start with this one."
You draw back, dig your shovel in…
Ruby stares at the splintered handle you're holding, then the shovel head buried in the ground.
"Could have sworn we fixed that… it's all right, just grab another shovel while we get started."
There's no answer. Roll Perception.
"Ye called me, and ah quote, a "inbred hick." That's why ah hit ye."
She snorts and kicks back on her cloud. "Whatever. Do what ye want."


I was a terrible mayor, that's what…
Embrace it, don't fight back.


"Mmm okay."
'1d10' dig with a fresh shovel.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Odd. I know ponies are lazy, but she should be up by now.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I didn't call you an inbred hick! Just… when the hell did you even hear me say that?"


"Do you… care for me?"


There isn't any noise coming from the house. Maybe she isn't home.
There's… some kind of noise coming from over in her garden.
It takes a while, but eventually you manage to dig out around the stump.
"Now for the fun part," Ruby groans, putting her shovel aside and retrieving an axe.
"We're going to take turns with this. Stay clear of whoever's swinging until they give you an all-clear."
She starts chopping at the roots.
"Ye muttered it under yer breath, ye snake! Right before ye went to leave!"
"Magistre?" You hear someone call. "Magistre, I know it was a rough night, but…
Oh dear Celestia… you drank the whole thing?"


I'll walk around and look into her garden, but stay outside of it if it is fenced off.


Stand back and watch her. "Wow, you're pretty strong."


"I didn't. I told you I was going to get out of your mane. That's it."


Cover my head with my hooves.
"Did you come to replace me as mayor?"


She looks at you for a long time.
"Y-yeah… I think I do. It's weird… I feel like you're my sister, but… different, you know? I want to protect you, hang out with you, work with you… everything it is sisters do, just with some sex thrown in too. And the… not-growing-up-together part… and the p-part where you make me s-so horny oh fuck this is good I can't believe how amazing you like right now…"
She kisses you hungrily, lifting your hips to better grind into you, making her hooves dig into your flanks.

It's not fenced off, but there's a strange plant nearby. It's like a large clump of tall grass, only it reaches above your head and all seems to be connected at the base.
She flashes you a grin, though there's a hint of pink around her cheeks. She's always pink, but moreso than usual… you know what I mean.
"Thanks… This isn't easy! You really work up a sweat! Right, Redstone?"
You're starting to see why he got his name, despite being orange: it's like there's a permanent blush fixed on his face, his eyes glued to her sweaty figure as her muscles strain and pull in response to her movements.
She stares at you for a long time, trying to decide whether to believe you or not. Finally, she sighs and hangs her head.
"…Ye sure ye didn't say it?"
"No such luck, I'm afraid. You've got duties to attend to."
Strong hooves pick you up and put you on a nice, warm back, a gentle rocking motion beginning as she starts walking.
"Don't worry, I know just how to fix this…"


"Would you feel better if I did? No, I didn't."


"I thought the settlers want me out of office…"
Just groan.


Strange, that plant should be a good conversation breaker. Can I see the source of the noise?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Tilt my head a little as I glance just a little bit too much at what's got his attention. "Let me know when its my turn."


"… That is good. Thank you. I am happy to have you with me too. I hope we can stay together."


"Well, then… I'm sorry for socking ye."
She groans and rubs her head. "Damn hangover's pounding a number on mah skull, is all. Mebbe we should try this again when ah'm actually thinking straight."
Nope, it's all the way behind the garden. Roll perception to determine what kind of noise.
"Just so that we don't ruin the floor."
She sets you down gently on the ground. Feels… spiky? soft? Both?
"Now, get ready dear…"
After a while, she stops and wipes the sweat from her brow and hands you the axe.
"I need a breather. Your turn, Krystal."
"O-of course we're gonna… s-stay together…" She moans and moves her wings and yours down, guiding yours to her teats before she starts playing with yours.
"I mean, we've been together since we got here! E-except when I was… in the hospital… b-but that doesn't count!"
Her tongue lolls out; you can feel her climax slowly but steadily start approaching.
"P-point is, we're gonna… stick together… until we've succeeded. And even t-then, we'll together… be success… for fucks and dirts… you're Ambrosia sweet…"


Behind the garden? Well then, over to there I go.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Cover my head with my hooves again.
"For what?"


"Alright. Watch this!"
'1d10' chopping time

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Uh-uh. For the sake of my teeth, that might be best. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get this checked so it doesn't just fall out or something."
Flutter off. Where's my sister? She still not done yet?


You've identified the sounds as voices, two in fact, as well as some heavy-sounding breathing…
And as you peek around the corner, you see Ambrosia and that other mare, Wheat Field, with their legs wrapped around each other and going at each other with a relaxed, casual pace.
There's a loud *thunk* and a reverberation that jolts through your hooves.
"Uh, Krystal? You're supposed to use the other end? You know, the sharp bit?"
Both Ruby and Redstone take a step back.
"For you own good." You wonder what that mea-
After a few moments of agony, you blink and come back to your senses, realizing that you're both soaked and freezing right now. You're also thinking clearer, though the throbbing pain is still there.
She sighs as soon as she sees you.
"You've got to stop hitting on mares when they have coltfriends, brother."


I nuzzle her cheek but keep my voice neutral.
"I am yours forever, Wheat Field. I will go where you want me to go and do what you want me to do."


"Hahaha. I was just messing with you." do it right! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Groan, but not so terribly this time.
Reach up with a hoof.
"Towel, please."


"One of my teeth is slightly loose… Do you think you can mend it back in place?"


Well, maybe I can talk to the chief of the ponies here about helping the wounded and the guards. Off I go to wherever the mayor lives.


"Oh, I… I love you, Amby… I-I love you…" She moans, giving you a sloppy kiss before having to break off for air.
"A-Amby…" She shudders, her movements growing stronger, though keeping the same slow pace as always. "I-I'm close, so close, so close… a-are you close t-too?"

They both sigh with relief as you start chopping properly. You've done this all the time!
These roots are thick, but you manage to get two-thirds of the rest done before you start to feel strained.
She immediately hoofs you one, then starts drying you off with a towel.
"Sorry about that, ma'am. Best way I know to chase off a hangover."
She sighs and walks over. "Open up. I'll see what I can do."
The mayor is currently in front of the town hall, sopping wet and getting toweled off by her assistant.


"What is going on here?"


"Okay, Your turn Red-feathers" I say passing off the axe to Redstone with a grin.


"It was nothing…"

Fuck me.
Stand up, quick.
"Nothing? Is there something you want."


Open up my mouth.


"Hello. I was going to ask the mare who grows plants how I could better help out, but she was busy. I create potions and do healing."


a short pause.
"…I am culminating this very moment."


"Good, that's good. I believe we will need healing quite a lot. Have you been to the clinic to see if there are any wounded you could help?"


I shake my shaggy head.


The nickname is pretty accurate, his wings tinged red and standing straight up as he stares at you. After a moment, he shakes his head and looks at the axe.
"Huh? Oh! oh yeah…"
Taking the axe, he starts chopping too, as you notice Ruby looking at you strangely.
"You're no slouch either, Krystal. Where'd you get muscle like that?"
She unceremoniously janks your mouth further open and peers inside.
"Stupid brother who can't keep it in his sheathe…"
She tries to mend the tooth. '1d10'
"Goooood~" she coos, shifting her movements to grind gently on the most sensitive areas, keeping the movements short so that they get the most attention, drawing your culmination out longer… and longer…
"A-Ambyyyyyy…" With a sigh, she shudders and culminates as well, her orgasm as slow and steady as the fuck you just had, her hips still gently grinding into yours as she gasps and sighs into your neck, pecking at your lovingly as she strokes your body with her hooves as it drags out.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Maybe you could, until Ambrosia is free again? She's in charge of the garden, so I can't help with that."


"Must have been all that time with just me and my hawk in the wilds. I mean sure it takes a little muscle to shoot a bow, but really living in equestria wasn't that hard.."
Man, that stallion blushes more than a school filly.


When it's mended, flex my jaw a few times.
"You always assume these things. You know I haven't slept with anyone since the accident. Just remember to keep your distance from that mare in charge of the scouting parties. She's a little jumpy."


"Then I will. Which way to the clinic?"


Let out a long sigh and close my eyes while she's riding it out, listening to my own heartbeat and hers.


Try to orientate quickly after my anti-hangover bath.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well, that explains it," she muses, her gaze shifting to Redstone. "Speaking of muscles," she whispers to you, "Check out Red-cheeks there. Ow!"
"…Please tell me you didn't flirt with a dyke again."
She shakes her head and starts walking towards the door.
A female pegasus exits the building as you ask.
"Just inside. Go on in; Sweetherb's almost done with her rounds for the day."
Eventually, her movements still, resting on you as she breathes heavily. There's a burning sensation in your legs, as if you just ran a marathon.
"Fuuuuuuuck," she moans after a moment. "soooooo goooooood…"


"I did that once. I wasn't thinking straight! But no, I didn't flirt with her. Is she a lesbian? I don't even know. She just punched me because she thought I called her an inbred hick. Which I didn't."


"well he is a guard.."
Blush a bit and watch sneakily. '1d10' rolling for sneakiness.

Roll #1 1 = 1



I look between them.
"Right…So many wet mares out today."
I head off to the clinic.


"It was pleasurable. I am happy you enjoyed it as much as I did."


That's easy enough; you're right outside town hall!
…Oh, crap. You're right outside town hall.
Geneva puts a hoof around you.
"Let's… get you inside, okay?"
"And why would she think that?"
Oh… lordy. This dude's ripped. Like, those abs look like they can bend steel, pecs that can crush rock, buns that can probably shatter bone, wings that could carry him over the highest mountain with a single flap… you have to wonder why he doesn't just oh fuck he just reached down and ripped the whole fucking stump up with his bare hooves!
And he's got such gorgeous eyes, looking right into yours, his perfect lips moving gently…
"-all right, Krystal? You look a little…"
Ruby elbows you hard. "Krystal, you're drooling!" she hisses.
You don't immediately see Sweetherb.
"Haah… glad to hear it… we should do this again sometime…"


I look around the clinic for her.


"Good day…"

Hang my head.
"Yeah… let's…"
Walk inside.


"Don't ask me, she must be really insecure if she instantly jumps to that conclusion. I didn't say anything, but she claims I muttered those words."


"Yes. I wish to do it again as well. Many times if possible."


"…You really are an idiot, aren't you?"
She sighs and turns to you.
"Look, let me talk to her. Go… oggle the mayor or something while I fix this."
With that, she takes off.
"Many times?" she croons, sliding her body against yours. "How often are we talking about here?"
She guides you back to your office and sits you down in your chair.
"I'm going to go make some coffee. That should warm you right up, okay?"
There's a young female buffalo moving from patient to patient, sometimes sticking something into them. She's young enough to still have her yellow fur instead of the usual brown.


Nod, and bite my lips.
Don't tear up. '1d10'
"I'm sorry…"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Grab her and pull her back.
"No. Why the heck am I an idiot now?"


I'm not the only buffalo here? My my, I really do need to get out more.
"Hello, sister. I was told to come here and be useful."


"Whenever you wish to have intercourse with me."


Seeing your eyes moisten up with unshed tears, she pauses, then pulls you into a big hug.
"Hush now, I ain't mad. I know you had a lot of pain and needed to drown out the sorrow. It ain't no thang."
She turns to you and blinks, then speaks with a disturbingly adult voice.
"Oh, another buffalo… I'm Sweetherb. Doctor Sweetherb. How exactly were you asked to help?"
She grins at you.
"But I always want to have intercourse with you~"
She gives you a flat look.
"I may not know the whole story, but your version is very one-sided. If you expect me to believe such a jaded interpretation, then you're an idiot."


Shake my head and shiver.
"I'm sorry for being a bad mayor… it's all my fault…"


"I am a healer of some accomplishment. What is wrong with your voice? Perhaps I can fix that."


"… Then we will have intercourse very often."


"You ain't a bad mayor. Shoot, this whole place would fall apart without you."
She frowns. "There's nothing wrong with my voice. I sound like any other female my age."
She giggles and kisses you. "Hope I don't wear you out~"


"Go ask that hen. Julia I think her name is."


Guuhh.. where am I?


"Then, then perhaps I can fix whatever has happened to your body?"


"A good mayor wouldn't have let what happened happen!"


"Very well then. Maybe a third opinion would be best."
She flies off.
She scowls darkly. "I was born this way, and no doctor alive can cure it. I know, I've checked.
Now, there are ponies who need my attention to change their bandages, so if you'll excuse me…"
"You mean how we won? How we pushed a larger force back with a bunch in inexperienced militia? You done pulled off the impossible, ma'am."



"Ponies died…"


"Yes, that is what I am here for. Who needs healing?"




In Moondancer's tent. That raises the question…
Oh. There she is. and uh… ooh. Now you know why you're awake. She must be having a pretty sexy dream.
And you didn't pull out before falling asleep.
"Weren't nothing you can do about that. Nopony could have done more. You saved lives by making sure they didn't get through."
"Several ponies, over on those beds there, have third-degree burns over much of their bodies. Do you have something to help with that?"
She smirks and slips a hoof between your legs.
"I'll take that as a challenge~"
Sighing, she stands shakily, then stretches.
"Well, we've both got jobs to get back to."


Get up as well.
"Yes. … I may require a bath."


"Oh! I do, yes, I do. How did this happen?"
I quickly uncork the flask of burn ointment I keep with me and start spreading it across one of their burns.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Try not to cry…

Roll #1 10 = 10


Why would you cry? You're Magistre, mayor of Horton and slayer of a firedrake! Fuck the Natives; you're fucking invincible!
It helps a little, but not much.
"The attack last week. They got caught in the firedrake's flames. They're lucky to be alive. Not everyone survived."
"You and me both! Come on, the bath-house is this way!"


Cuddle more tightly to this pony burying myself deeper in the process and coo. Perhaps lick her face to wake her up.
"Rise and shine littlle po…. uhhrmmm . I mean time to wake up Moondancer." I nuzzle.


"Oh! If it was that bad why wasn't anyone brought to me?"


We have a bath house?
follow her


cough a bit and wipe up my mouth "Um. Is it hot out here? I think we need some water. Lots of water. I'll got get it." '1d10' compose myself on the way there.

Roll #1 9 = 9


She moans and starts rocking back into you, squeezing your shaft with her walls.
She doesn't wake up yet, though she starts panting.
"Well… this is the first time I've seen you around. You've been keeping to yourself, haven't you?"
It's new, but it's got private stalls and running water, courtesy of a pumphouse run by a few of the settlers.
"Two stalls?" the stallion at the counter asks.
"No, just one," Field replies, accepting the towels and soap and motioning for you to follow her.
You dump some on your head to cool yourself down, then head back with water for all of them.
He's not that ripped… though he is pretty muscular…
You banish the though and pass out the drinks, watching Redstone blush and meekly thank you while Ruby smiles and snatches hers.
"Thanks Krystal!"


Just gulp, no not this morning. I got some stuff to be done, after that attack the town needs more of me…. I mean needs more of my duties and not… that.
Now plant a kiss on this pony's neck, and try my best to pull out of her.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Yep. So how many more we gotta do? Only so long we can be out here before something big comes around right?"


Follow her obediently.


I nod.
"I assumed that the hurt would come to me like they did in the old land."
On to the next patient.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


She giggles as she pulls you into one of the stalls and tosses the towels onto the designated hangers. The stalls aren't very roomy, and with two of you in there you can't help but be in constant physical contact with her.
"Well, this isn't the old land. Ponies aren't buffalo, and their customs are different. I became the town doctor because I called attention to my skills."
Much better effect on this one; even some pink skin starts to show through.
As you pull out she moans and squeezes, making you instinctively thrust into her. With a wordless gargle, she climaxes, your mind going white as she milks your shaft in the most mind-blowing way. By the time she finishes, you're so hard it hurts, a stirring pressure in your loins that needs relief one way or another.
Still delerious from her climax, she looks up at you with blurred eyes. "Askeladd?…" she mumbles questioningly.

"That's right! Come on, we've got a lot to do!"
There's a lot of stumps; it takes several hours to dig them all up, even with Redstone using his incredible strength to rip them up once their roots have been cut. It's afternoon before you all collapse in a heap, gulping down water desperately.
"Thank goodness," Ruby pants. "My back's killing me."


D.. damn it.. I gulp and nuzzle.
"Good morning Moony."
S.. steam so it wont clutter the thread?


"Ah, you were a medicine-cow too before coming here?"
I tend to the third victim.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"And not a single monster. You said this was gonna be exciting!"
I poke her gently.


She tenses up and looks away.
"I studied to be, even went to a pony school so I would know their medicine too… and they would not have me because of my condition. Smallskins are forbidden to hold authority, remember?"
Smallskins are the buffalo's equivalent of Dwarfism.
She cuffs you lightly on the back of the head, then falls on the ground with her legs splayed out.
"Don't jinx it, newbie. Ugh, if wolves attacked right now, I wouldn't be able to do much but lay here and let them eat me."
Redstone is staring at Ruby with that stupid blush on his face again. Seriously, this guy must have bloodflow issues with how much is constantly going to his head.


"Ah, yes. I had forgotten."
On to the next one. This is probably the last of my ointment.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Well you did work pretty hard today.." I smile at her and then frown at Redstone.
"Hey, Reddy, why not do something besides stare and help her back to camp?"


And it must have condensed at the bottom, because this mare's burns immediately begin to fade, getting replaced by raw pink skin.
A few moments later she sits up.
"Ugh, my head… what happened?"
"Sorry, sorry, slipped my mind, I'll get right on it!"
He jumps up and runs to her side, picking her up and putting her on his back.
"Oh, you're probably tired too, don't worry, I'll help…"
He picks you up and puts you on his back too, then sets off for the town as if he was completely unburdened.


wow, I reply as if there was nothing unusual about this. "Uh, good job. Finally looking out for us ladies I see."
I hope Feather dance isn't too jealous.. maybe i should find her a hawk of her own to play with..


"You were burned by a firedrake, from what I have heard. How are you feeling?"


That would be a good idea; she's looking pretty miffed.
"Damn, Redcheeks," Ruby finally manages, "are you a machine or something? Like, aren't you tired?"
"Exhausted," he responds calmly. "But you two are tired too; I don't mind giving you two a chance to rest. You both earned it."
She groans and lays back down.
"Like shit. My skin's all tingly and itchy for some reason, and I'm exhausted…"


"That will happen after being set on fire. Take a day to relax."
I turn to Sweetherb.
"I will be back later. I need to gather more ointment and see if that Ambrosia mare has any."


"Don't worry.. we'll get back to the tent soon and then we can sleep for a while. Maybe give a massage to those tired wings."
"And you two Feather Dance, you can have a massage."


She nods stiffly. "Of course. Be sure to give Ambrosia my regards."
"M-massage?" he stammers out, stumbling a little as he reenters town.
"Why that's a great idea, Krystal!" Ruby chimes in. "I imagine poor Redcheeks here is absolutely covered in knots by now; he did so much of the work by pulling up those stumps for us. He's earned something nice."


"I think so. At least I don't hear him complaining." I say cheekily as I climb off his back.
"And I promise to do better than the preening before. Really."


"I will."
After I fail to get an answer from her I shrug and return to my home to make more ointment.
Thanks for the game.


"B-b-but…" he stammers as his wings start to rise, the redness spreading from his cheeks down his neck.
"No buts," Ruby scolds him, pushing him inside the tent. "We're giving your wings a massage, and you're going to like it. Now lay down."
He gulps and lays down flat on the ground with his wings folded in.
"Spread your wings, dummy."
"Do it."
With a sigh, he spreads his wings in all their glory, a slight tremble running down his spine.
"Ready, Krystal?" Ruby asks.
Thanks for playing.


Nod. "Ready!"
"Just relax, we won't hurt you.."
'1d10' lets break out the oil and massage those wings.

Roll #1 9 = 9


He stiffens at your first touch, then relaxes as you continue pressing your way along his wings… before a quiet mewl rings out through the tent.
Ruby freezes.
"What was that?"


"It sounded like.. a cat? Stay put Red-Butt, I'm not done with you yet."
'1d10' spot check

Roll #1 1 = 1


You can't see anything! Eventually, you shrug and get back to work… and a soft whine rings out!
Again you can't find the source, and again when you start back up, there's another noise!
Ruby snorts and starts giggling.
"Oh geez, I can't believe this!"


Blink "Redstone.. did you make that sound?"
massage a little more to see if it happens again.


Sure enough, the minute you start massaging his wing, he gives a soft little squeal, his cheeks burning as he refuses to look at you.
"Aw, that is adorable!" Ruby gushes, beginning to massage her wing steadily. "I knew he'd like this, but I didn't know his wings were this sensitive! Come on, Krystal, let's show him how much we appreciate his help!"


Giggle a bit as I continue.
"I bet he'll purr if we do well enough."


"Let's see," she giggles.
And sure enough, he eventually does start purring, and moaning, and generally making every sound it's possible for a pony to make, his blush fading as his eyes roll back, completely losing himself in what must be an overwhelming sensory overload. It's very… empowering to see this incredibly strong stallion helpless and vulnerable at the gentlest touch from you, completely at the mercy of your whims.


Massage him just a little more and then lay down.
"that should let you get some sleep.. you know we make a pretty great team like this.."
'1d10' rub on ruby's back now.
"All of us."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yeah…" she gasps, groaning as you work the kinks out of her back. "We… really do."
After a moment, Redstone manages to compose himself enough to help, gently working the kinks out of her neck as she sighs in rapture.
When you're done, you both sit back, before Redstone turns to you.
"I could… give you a backrub too… If that's okay with you…"


Knock knock on the mayor's door.


"Come in!"


Open the door and walk in, looking around your office for a moment before settling my eyes on you.
"Mayor Magistre. I understand you've seen better days, but can we speak?"


"Do I look that bad?"
Motion in front of the table.
"Of course, please, take a seat. Is something the matter?"


After getting my tooth knocked loose, I'll go find that hen again. Julia.

"When is there not? It is not your looks I comment on, but the recent events surrounding this colony."
Sit down.
"One event in particular caught my attention. The sudden weather shift which was clearly unnatural. Not that that dwarfs the demonic creature that was summoned, of course."


And I'm flapping towards you, worried expression on my face.
"Hey wonderbolt.
You alright?"


"Oh, you're one of the weatherponies. I'm sorry, what was your name again? I do not know everypony personally just yet."
"And what are you suggesting happened then?"


"Yes, but I'm not a Wonderbolt anymore."
Rub my jaw.
"She's certainly fiery, that boss of yours."

"Blue Skies. My sister, Clouded Skies, is the other. And what I am suggesting is that somebody here is capable of temporary manipulating the weather with magic. Not exactly as permanent as the classic approach, but effective nonetheless. Your assistant seems to think this is not very important, but I disagree."


"She is but…
Never seen her act so aggressive before!"
Wince at his jaw.
"Maybe you should go see the doc?"


"I'll go see my sister, she's had her share of medical training. It's just a loose tooth, no broken jaw or anything."


"Why, we have pegasi. As far as I know the connection of pegasi flight to the weather is stronger than any non-pegasus could hope."


"Seriously, I have no idea what was on her mind.
Must be the recent events with the town and all."


"How many pegasi in this colony are there? Ones that know magic, I mean? I've spoken to Sticksenstones and she doesn't appear to know any."

"I imagine so. Stress all around for everbody. I expected her to be a little more… open to accepting help with the no doubt big workload she has on her shoulders right now."


"Neither do I… but why would anypony here try and control the weather on his or her own?"


An idiot, there, I said it."
"I'm gonna talk with her, get her to apologize at least. You did nothing wrong."


"Because I imagine it could be very helpful with ensuring the colony receives the right amount of crop yield."

"She already apologized. I'm glad she did, because holding grudges in a place and at a time like this? I can't see it being good for the colony's health."


"Of course, but then what did you mean about the unnatural weather?"


"And I'm pretty sure whatever's bad for the colony's health is bad for each and every one of us.
How many there is? One hundread souls here? Two?
Time a year and we will all know each other. Maybe even less if you are chatty."
Finally sit down.
"Have you decided what to do about the job?"


Gasp and slap my head.
"Oh, and by the way, I'm Julià."
Smile and offer a talon.


"After the battle had ended, some of the buildings in town were still ablaze. We had clear skies at the time, so there was no way for my sister and I to use rain to help fight the fire. Not until they magically appeared mere seconds later at least."

"I'm not sure, even though she apologized I get the distinct feeling she doesn't like me. And while I'm not someone who shies away from conflict, I'd rather not go looking for it in a situation like this."
Shake her talon.
"Blue Skies. From Cloudsdale."


Let go with a smirk.
"Alright, I'm sure the weather team will love to have you around if that's what you wanna do the rest of your life."


Nod and scribble something down.
"I will definitely investigate what might have caused it."


"I'm very flexible. Always have been. I appreciate the concern regarding my ambitions in life though."

"I'm glad to hear that, mayor. I know you've probably got other priorities on your list right now, so if I find anything more on the subject you'll be the first to know."


"Eh, I was trying to rile you up, I admit."
Give a coy smirk.


"Honestly, I could join the guard force or the militias if I wanted to. But why would I? When there's fighting, I'll fight. When there's no fighting… I'd rather not get stuck on guard duty at night in the rain. Without weather factories, somepony has to organize the skies when a natural depression rolls in. Or a magical one."


"You think the natives would sabotage us like that?"


"Well, somebody in this colony knows how to magically manipulate the weather. I've gathered that much already after the attack."


"You mean the rainstorm that came upon us?
That did seem fortuitous enough…"
"I thought that might be the case. But haven't had the time to investigate it."


"Thank you. Any help is much apperciated, especially now."


"That's the attitude I like to employ. A shame not everyone else around here does as well."

"Some say it was a case of pegasus weather magic."


"That sounds…
Now onto making a list of pegasi who are known for weather control."
"Anything to declare?"


"Others say it was shamanic magic. I don't do magic. It's not exactly a subject I'm very learned on. My sister does, but not that kind of magic."


"I will be keeping an eye on her anyway.
But. You should get checked right now, I won't keep you further."



"Watch out around my sister. She's not really… approachable. Some would call her blunt, even."

Mislinked there, sorry. First post was for you.


Raise a brow.
"Oh? Who are you speaking of."


"Your scout leader wasn't exactly… thrilled, when I offered my services. I had thought she would be grateful for the help given the enormous amount of work she must be facing, but she disappointed me by proving me wrong."


Facehoof and sigh.
"Yes, I had trouble with her attitude in the past myself, but while she is harsh and slightly… unpredictable, she just tries to do her job her own way."


"Of course. Still, she nearly knocked a tooth loose. She was lucky enough that I wasn't so rash as to strike back."


"I can understand if tensions are high after what happened… but rest assured, I do not want infighting. Horton cannot afford that right now. We need to stick together, all of us. I will try and talk some sense into her."


"I agree. This isn't the time to let emotions run free. That is exactly what the enemy wants."


"Then there is that matter, yes…"
Shake my head.
"I was expecting a lot of obstacles to overcome, but nothing like this."


"I wonder how the ponies at home will react to this chain of events. Will they care at all? Will they want us to take revenge?"


"We cannot focus on revenge… we need to make sure something like this doesn't happen again and strenghten our defenses."
Furrow my brows.
"Yet, they will have to be dealt with, one way or another. They are a threat I will not allow to run wild. We just don't have any means to do so yet."


"What kind of means would be sufficient? Well, that is what the scouts are for. To find out the size of the threat we are dealing with here."


"And what they are capable of. We cannot underestimate them, just because they look primitive."


"After seeing that large dragon creature, I think it'll be hard for us to underestimate them."


"They might still have more tricks… then again, so do we. We have powerful mages."


"There's also multiple tribes. Who clearly don't get along. Seeking out the enemy of our enemy may be worthwhile."


"I was planning to do so. It seems we share a common enemy with them."


"As for the language barrier…"


"We already started working on deciphering their alphabet."


"I imagine that process may take a while."


"…there might be certain other measures."


"Those being?"


"It's experimental. I wouldn't want to say anything until it is confirmed."


"What do you have to lose?"


Wave a hoof around.
"When it is time. Be patient."


"As you say, mayor."
Stand up.
"I'll leave you to your workload. Maybe we can speak again when things have calmed down."


"Definitely. If you have any problems, you know where to come."


"That I do."


Let's go knocking.
The same night of the attack.


You hear some shuffling around and sniffling before I say "Yeah?"


"Got a moment?
It's me, Julià."


There's a bit of silence.
"Sure… The door ish open…"
Some of the words are slurred.


Uh. Familiar sensation.
Push the door open and slip inside.
"Hey. I wanted to talk about today…"


You see me slumped in my chair with an empty whiskey bottle on the table.
I cover my face with a hoof.
"It was terrible…"


Smile and shake my head, scooting cover to her and patting her back.
"There, there, we fenced pretty well for ourselves…"


Sob into my hoof a bit.
"Ponies… Ponies died…"


Mane brushie.
"And many more lived."


Shake my head then look at you with a sniffle.
"I'm a bad mayor… I should resign… I let my townsponies die…"


"Nopony could have seen that coming!
You were even on the frontline, giving the ponies strength!"
Make a sweeping motion towards the ceiling as I say that.
"Wanna know a secret, Magistrae?"


Sniffle and look up at you, then nod.


"I thought I'd hate you!
A mind reader and a politician on top of that!
But instead, I lipe you!"
Poke her nose with a smile.
"You have what it takes to see us through this hellhole."


"B-But I didn't want my town to be a hellhole… I wanted it to prosper…"


"Better start working then!"
Flap on the other side of the desk, eye level with her.
"Got plans for the natives?"


"We make sure the town is safe…"
"Then we kill'em all!"
Motion with my hooves extended in the air, then slump back in the chair.


"Whoooa there sugar…"
Climb over the desk and get comfy on it.
"Not all of them are bad!"


"That one tribe… we kill them all… I've read his mind…"
Shake my head.
"The things I saw… they want to burn and kill and sacrifice everything that aren't themselves."


"Yeah… I saw that too."
Inspire sharply through my beak and look guilty at the ceiling.


Raise a brow.
"You… you did?"


"I wouldn't be a good investigator if I missed something like that, would I?"


"Then you know why I want them dead!"


"Oh believe me, I know how shit they are waaaaay better than you do.
But not all savages are the same. The one we rescued, she showed me things."




"You don't look too good…
Maybe we should talk about this another time."


Hiccup and weakly wave a hoof.
"I'm fhine…"


"My great detective senses say something's off…"
Sigh and get off the table.
"You should bed. Got a tent?"


Shake my head.
"I sleep here in my office. Work is close to home, for me…"
Chuckle a bit, then sob again.


"Well here, let's get you on the couch, okay?"
Get the bottle off the couch and walk over, offering a wing.


Shake my head and lean on my table with a groan.
"I don't wanna'… I'm fine here…"


"You are gonna wake up sore."


"That's going to happen no matter what…"
Levitate the empty bottle over and try to drink from it.


"No excuses."
Lift her up by force.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Grip the table.
"Nooooo… stop it…"

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


>implying you are sober enough to AWIYE on normal dc
"Nope, you are coming with me."
And since you are not putting up a fight, here we are, on the couch.


-2 for being drunk, nigga. Nobody takes a drunk seriously.


Groan and kick the air with my legs.


Ur drunk 5 real nigga.
"There. Get some rest. I will come see you tomorrow. Maybe not early morning."


Cover my eyes with a hoof.
"I'm glad…you don't hate me…"


"I'm glad you are a cool mayor."
Smile and pat her head with a wing.


"Good mayors don't let their ponies die…"
Curl up a bit and mutter to myself.


"Shh, don't think about that now…"
Gently pet her back with a wing, careful not to push to hard and hurt her drunken head.


Keep softly muttering and doze off.


Okay, time to leave. She's drunk yo.


Knock on the mayor's door.
"Hello. Yes, this is Ambrosia."


I'm sitting at my desk.
"Come in."


Enter as told. Close the door behind me and turn to the mayor, staring at her and waiting.


Motion at the chair in front of the desk.
"Do take a seat."


Look at the chair, then back at her. Move forward and sit down on the chair, waiting obediently.


Raise an eyebrow.


Take out a small bag and place it in front of me.
"I brought herbs for you, mayor."


Look at the bag, then at you.
"What kind of herbs?"


"They have narcotic effects when chewed on. They help you relax and sleep. Putting the mind at ease."


"Thank you, but wouldn't that get in the way of doing work?"


Cock my head.
"Do you never rest?"


"I do, at nights…"
Look at the bag again.
"What kind of herb is this again?"


"Papaver somniferum."


"I see…"
Levitate the bag and put it in a drawer.
"I will try it if I can't sleep."


"If you have any other specific wishes, I am at your service."


Shake my head.
"If this helps me sleep, that will be more than enough."


"Okay, mayor."
Keep staring at her.


"…was there something else, Ambrosia?"


"Yes, mayor."


"Yes? You can speak without my permission, you know."


"I failed my healing task on a goat after the attack occurred. She has lost a leg because of me. I am responsible."


"You tried to help. It was a very hectic time… Do not blame yourself for it. The blame lies at our attackers."


"What of my punishment?"


Raise a brow.
"Why would I punish you?"


"… Failure."


Keep frowning and sigh.
"What of my punishment then? For failing to protect Horton?"


Cock my head.
"Horton was protected."


"Ponies died."


"Ponies die often. Nature wills it, mayor."


"Then maybe Nature willed that the goat you tried to heal lose a leg too."


"Our bodies are nothing compared to death."


"Still, you tried your best and failed. You cannot blame yourself for it. We all make mistakes."


Stare at her for a moment, then nod.
"Okay. I will not blame myself."


"We are all shocked… but we cannot falter, not now. I don't want you to beat yourself up over something you couldn't prevent, Ambrosia."


"I do not participate in self-harming rituals, mayor."


"Not literally beat yourself over it. Don't be depressed by something that was out of cour control."


"Oh. No mayor. I only wished to know my punishment. If you say I deserve none, I will listen."


"You deserve none…

How is the garden?"


"I am expanding it to increase herb yield. Must have more ready for emergencies. It was exhausted after the assault."


"When can you get it back up and running?"


"Very soon, mayor. I work hard. I will not disappoint you."


"I know you won't. Thank you for your hard work… and thanks for thinking of me, with those herbs."


internet is being a cunt
"I live to serve, mayor. I am pleased that I can be of service."


"…Just let us keep this between us, okay?"




Same week, different day. In fact, today's the day the gates are going to go back up. Get ready to earn your keep, ladies and gents.


So what's my job today?




Hopefully with less punching involved.


I believe there are some natives who you were wanting to get some answers from?
No promises. Looks like some rainclouds blew in from out at sea. What you gonna do with them?


So let's bring my friend the tribal to the mayor.


Well, how has the weather been lately? Who's in charge of the farms? They're supposed to tell me whether they need more or less rain.


How are the things with their alphabet?


We're repairing the gate?


Well, it's been pretty rainy these past few weeks, with showers followed by sunny days.
It's only just in the last few days that they've managed to clear some land for farming, though. They still have to plow it and plant seeds for them to be farms.
You've got a complete alphabet, though that doesn't exactly help without speaking it.
Julia and Boon enter your office with the rescued native in tow.
That's what you've been assigned for today! However, the first thing you notice upon waking up is that Redstone is oddly absent.
Ruby's still asleep, snoring gently as her front hooves kick a little.


Oh dear. I better go look.. check outside the tent '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"How's my favorite mayor doing today?"


Just land somewhere near one of the farmers.
"Who is in charge of this whole farming business?"


"She must be comfortable back in Equestria."
Shake my head.
"Let's get down to business."


Well that's a very dickish thing to say. Go fuck you too, mayor.
"Let's see how much we can understand."


"How do you think we should begin?"


"You are the one who made an alphabet! Don't ask me!"


"I'm asking for advice! I'm not an interpreteur!"


Not anywhere you can see.
Behind you, Ruby groans as she sits up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she bats at the sheets covering her.
"Ugh… hate mornings. What's up, Krystal?"
"Uh…" He thinks for a moment, then shrugs. "Guess that's Twitchy. He's up by the warehouse."
The mare cocks her head at the two of you, remaining pressed against the wall as your voices rise in volume.


"Maybe we need one!"
Motion her to come over here.


"And where do you suggest we find one?"


What a name…
"Thank you."
Let's go see this Twitchy stallion.


"Redstone isn't here." I reply concerned.
Whistle for feather to come here. "Hey girl, you seen that orange pegasus today?"


Glancing between the two of you, she slowly moves towards Julia, head low and ears back submissively.
The name fits. He's a pegasus whose build is rather… well, to call him "wiry" would be like calling the ocean a bit damp. He's darting back and forth with rather jerky movements, constantly scribbling on his notepad.
Feather huffs and starts preening herself.
"Oh, yeah, he got assigned the morning watch shift, I think," Ruby remarks, lazily stretching the kinks out of her back.
"Should have been back by now, though…"


"Hmm.. would you go the tower to check?"
pet feather, hopefully that will soothe her bad mood '1d10'. "Hey girl, don't tell me you're jealous. I still have time for you too. How about after work we go look for some nice rabbits?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hmm… what exactly do we want from her? It would be better if we made that clear so we could follow a set of rules and guidelines."


Casually stroll over to him.
"And you… you must be Twitchy."


"Well, you could translate right now!"


"I could try."
Let's try reading her mind.

Roll #1 8 = 8


She tries her hardest to sulk, but eventually starts cooing and leaning into your petting, resting her head against yours.
"Well, okay. You go check over by the townhouse, and we'll meet back up by the barricades, okay?"
"Hmn? Oh, yes, right, what can I do for you, Skies was it? Or was it Fly? Hmn. Nevermind, details. Need something?"
You feel the familiar connection forming, her eyes growing puzzled, then widening as a smile breaks out on her face, her own horn lighting up as well.
Oh, you are a thought-walker too? Goodness, that makes this much easier!


"Sure but I can't imagine what he'd be doing there.."

Walk that way and smile at feather, "See.. you're still my best friend. And such a good girl too~"


"Blue Skies."
Look up.
"Rainclouds are being carried over here by tradewinds. I could clear them up… or redirect them entirely. Unless the farmers want some rain, which I imagine they do not."


Blink in surprise.
Well now. This makes things a lot easier indeed.

"I can communicate with her."


"But does she understand you?
I've been stuck on the listening part since yesterday!"

I will tap into her shadow with commune as well.


"Yes. She calls herself a thought-walker."


"She could have told me sooner!"


You're right, he's not there.
Feather seems satisfied with this, giving her wings a flap before gently giving an affectionate nip to your ear.
That's what I said! Well, thought, but you get the point. My name is Lavender, of the Segaway Tribe. I take from your language and tools that you are not from around here?
A shadow-Weaver? I thought that was just a legend!
"Farms," he snorts, "Not even fit to be called fields at this point. No, don't need more rain. Rainwater, however… yes, a few barrels of freshwater would be very welcome. Idle workers are over there. Barrels behind the warehouse. Much appreciated."


My name is Magistre. I am the mayor of this town. We come from Equestria.


gently pat feather, smiling at her improved mood just for a moment before turning worried again and head back to the barricade.


I've been doing this all day yesterday!


"Of course."
Let's round up these workers.
"I have a job for you all. Twitchy wants to collect the rainwater from those incoming clouds. I'll try to round them up as best as I can in one area while you folks make sure there are some rain barrels set up."


Well met, Magistre. You are… may-are? Let me just… You feel her looking over your intentions. Oh, you mean you're the chieftainess! I don't know of this Equest ree-ah, though.
You hear the sentries before you see them.
"Come on, buddy, we know you're tough enough!"
"Yeah, don't be chicken. Just challenge him to a one-on-one. It'll be awesome!"
"I've told you guys," you hear Redstone sigh as you round the corner, "I'm not going to fight anypony. We've got enough injured as it is."
"What, the big guy too chicken to get his hooves dirty?" you see one of his fellow sentries taunting him. "Or you afraid being that close to a sweaty male body would make it hard to hide your 'seventh limb,' eh guys?"
Redstone just smirks as the others chuckle.
"You're just glad you'll never have to worry about that, right Lance?"
The teaser scrunches and goes red in the face as the rest bust out laughing.
Oh. right. Sorry, it's just… been a long coulple of days, you know? Things keep slipping through the cracks.
I never properly thanked you for saving me. I… I owe you my life. If you hadn't been there…

she shudders.
"Right away, sir!"
About five ponies run off to get the barrels. Now, need any help getting the clouds?


If there's pegasi around here, I'll gladly have them help out.


"Hey, can't leave a mare to those bastards.
I saw the things they do."


Groan loudly. "What are you boys doing?!"


I am voted to be the leader of this settlement. Equestria is a huge country with millions of ponies in it. We have huge cities, advanced technology, and two alicorn Princesses who control the Sun and the Moon.


Well, there's your sister, of course. Let's see how many other pegasi are free to help out. '1d10-2'
Glad to know you're aware of what you're dealing with. I was… stupid, wandered away from the village without an escort, and… Well, you know what happened.
The ponies from across the sea? Stories said you'd come some day, but… I thought that was just, you know… stories. Why have you come here?
Redstone jumps and whips around to face you, cheeks burning as he opens his mouth. Before he can say anything, the rest of the sentries start wolf-whistling.
"Whoo-hee, hey pretty mare, what's your name?"
"Ow! Nice legs, mamasita!"
Redstone's expression immediately darkens.
"Shut up, guys."

Roll #1 1 - 2 = -1


Ooh, looks like your sister's actually busy at the clinic right now. Guess you're on your own, buddy.


"That must have been an urgent errand."


Telepathy was one thing, but this is definitely something else…
To explore, to settle, to spread the culture, peace and prosperity of Equestria.
And maybe to find valuable exotic stuff to take back but I don't need to tell her that.
Who said that we would come?


"Redstone, Lets go. We have work to do." I stand close to him and try to pull him away.


Psh. It can't be helped.

I've lived through bootcamp, I'll live through this as well. Take flight and begin to round up the incoming clouds, packing them together above the barrels so they can catch the downpour. Be wary of static charges.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You also got a lot of PT due to the drill instructor not liking you. This is actually a lot like that. You're so practiced, you end up filling at least six barrels before you've cleared all the clouds.
Valuable exotic stuff? Not sure what that would be, but if you find any, you're welcome to it. Just be careful of the old ruins!
Telepathy, remember?
…It really wasn't…
She looks down and scuffs her hooves.
As he starts to follow you, one of the other sentries reaches out to grab you.
"Oh come on, don't go so soo-urk!"
"I'll say this once," Redstone says calmly, ignoring how he's got the other stallion's hoof locked in a bone-crushing grip. "Keep your Princess-damned hooves to yourselves. Got it?"


"…." Let him do that, try not to look worried or impressed or anything.


"…I never asked your name!"


Very efficient.
Wipe my brow and land.
"Well done. Close them up. I will see where Twitchy wants these."
Back to Twitchy I go.


I wasn't going to share that!
Whatever we cannot find in Equestria counts as exotic.
Yes, I've heard of the ruins and their evil.


Lavender. My name is Lavender. What's your name? Oh, and the rugged fellow making moon-eyes at you like a teen does at a crush. I would know both my saviors.
Not evil, just… dangerous. Evil implies they are inherently bad. What lies in the ruins… they were once the tools of a great nation. They are no more evil than the beasts of the wild, or the winds and the seas.
How soon may I return to my tribe? My C… Father will be understandably worried by my absence.

"Back so soon? Impressive. very efficient. Glad to have you. Now, could you kindly stack them? Over there, with the other barrels."
"Okay, okay! Geez, defensive much? What's your problem, Reddie?"
Grunting in annoyance, Redstone finally lets go, leaving the stallion to nurse his aching hoof and glare at you.
The whole group snaps to attention as Ruby stalks up, glowering at the suddenly-nervous colts.


"I'm Julià, and he…"
Poke Boon's side with an elbow.
"This one is Lavander. Introduce yourself honey."


glaring at me? What did I do?!
"You know.. you didn't have to do that Redstone."


"Of course."
Flutter over to the other workers.
"He wants you to stack them up with the others."


Where is your tribe located? And are you not in danger of those… other natives?


He starts, then smiles sheepishly and shakes her hoof.
"Boon. Pleased'ta meet ye, Lavender."
He has… a strong grip. You must be very happy, with such a devoted mate.
My tribe is… nearby. I know not where we currently are, and I would not wish to bring your wrath down on my people.
The other tribe… they dwell far to the south. It will be many weeks before another raiding party comes this far north.

They nod and comply. Soon the work is done.
Not at you or Redstone, just the troublemakers.
He smiles shyly and kicks at the dirt.
"Yes, I did. They were being jerks, and I will not let them treat you like that. Even if they are a bunch of idiots."
"Glad to see you two are okay," Ruby sighs, flashing you both a grin. "Hope those dolts didn't bother you too badly before I showed up."


"Hey, no memory vouyerism!"


Right now, your minds are open to each other. Roll to keep those memories safely locked away.
I-I meant he seems very… loyal to you. Even now, he sits close to your side.


Why would I want to hurt your people? I want to propose a mutually beneficial agreement.


Smile to her though.
I do love Boon.

"But let's… Go back to your tribe. Maybe we can find them with enough scouting."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Good ponies.
"That's all I need for now. Thank you all."
Well the skies are clear, that just about concludes my work for today.




"They were trying to start a fight is all." I sigh and pat redstone's hoof with concern. "Lets just get to work and try to forget them for now."


…They are camped down the river, where the waters bend and the rocks make it flow white.
You manage to keep anything explicit from leaking through, but her cheeks light up as you remember the general idea of him being… gratifying.
If you wouldn't mind, I'd also like to stop and check up on my friend Darkscales. He's a bit of a loner, and… I'm worried they may have found him too.
So, what now? Want to help put the gates back up?
Hey there! What's the first order of business for the day? You've got some time before the work on the gates begins.


The gates? I'm not a builder pony though
What's been happening?


Do you think we could try to set up a negotiation between the leaders of your tribe and us? It appears that we need all the help we can get… and I suppose you do too.


"Yeah, yeah, we will get to him…"
Flush red.
"We should work on this soon actually…"


If they need the extra muscle, I'll help. Not like I'm an engineer or anything.


His cheeks go crimson as he stares at his hoof where you patted him, stammering to form a coherent sentence.
Ruby scowls and stomps up beside Redstone.
"Seriously? They're still bothering you about that? I thought we'd told them to fuck off already! Redstone, I know you're not comfortable with them, so why are you putting up with their bullshit?"
Not too much. Blue Skies cleared out some clouds, Krystal patrolled the grounds, Wheat Fields ambushed you for surprise sex this morning, and most of the patients are out of the clinic.
You would have to talk to D… the chief… but yes, I think he'd be open to an alliance. Saving me will go a long way towards proving your good intentions.
Y-yes, I am eager to get home. How soon can we leave?
It'll be a while before they start on that, though. Anything else you wanted to do? Ogle mare-flanks, plow fields, just take a nap somewhere?


"Depends on the mayor here."
Turn to her. She hasn't said a word all this time.
"How's it going?"


Oh right
That tribal pony I knocked out, what happened to her?


"Good. They will probably be open for an alliance."

What about trade?


"Her people you mean?"


"Yes. Her tribe sound more peaceful."



I'm going to bug my sister and then fight her. Go find her.


I am not sure what you would want, or what you could offer. We don't have many artifacts from the ruins that we can easily spare, but… maybe you could work something out. It's not my place to decide.
Currently under guard in the Townhouse. Would you like to visit her?
She's engrossed in conversation with a black unicorn, only giving you a glance as you arrive before focusing on him again.


"Yea, you shouldn't just let them talk to you like that. You're plenty strong."


We don't speak the same language. But I'm a pony of few words anyway and I'm curious. Let's go


She's such a charmer!

"My beloved sister!"
Walk up to her and give her a kiss on the cheek.
"I was looking for you earlier so you could help me clear the skies, but you were nowhere to be found!"


Would you be fine to go back to your tribe alone? We could give you some escorts.


"It's not a big deal," he mumbles, looking off to the side. "I can handle it."
"Krystal's right, you shouldn't put up with that," Ruby presses. "Come on, we know it makes you uncomfortable, just request a transfer."
"But I got assigned to this post…"
"I was busy in the clinic," she sighs, rolling her eyes. "I was just chatting with Amor here about another pony I'm hoping doesn't wind up in the clinic."
She looks up as you approach. Her mane is rather unkempt at the moment, as is her fur.
The guard seems rather bored, just looking over his hooves and twirling his spear every now and then.
Yes… but if you want to find us, you'll need to send somepony with me. Maybe these two?


"Just kick their asses and make them fall in line. That's how you gotta do it with some animals too you know."


Stop in front of her and stare at her for a moment, then look at the guard.


Just a moment.
"Julia, Boon, how would you feel about accompanying her to her tribe as a gesture of goodwill?"


"Which pony would that be? Amor…"
Look at the stallion.
"I don't think we've met."
Extend a hoof.
"My name is Blue Skies."


Lets go to the forge and meet Crook-ear.






They will accompany you.


His face tightens into a scowl.
"No. That's exactly what they want. I'm not going to let them goad me into fighting just because they want me to."
"Then tell them to fuck off!" Ruby sighs and rubs her temples. "You know what? Let's just go help with the gates. We'll discuss this later."
Her eyes flash with recognition, and she turns and bows to you.
He looks you in the eye as he shakes your hoof.
"Amor, town psychiatrist and therapist. You have a remarkably intelligent sister."
She looks up and smiles as you come in.
"Hiya! Wild week that was, wasn't it? Glad to see you again!"


She smiles and nods.
Good. The woods between here and there hold many dangers for those unfamiliar with them. I shall do my best to help them skirt these as best I can.


"Fine…" I say disappointed and go to the gates.


I nod and smile.
"Wild it is, I just hope this settlements luck hold out and none of those native show their face here. Curses all of them."

I then approach the forge.
"Say can I borrow your forge? I'd like to make a sword."


"She might just be the smartest pony on this island."
Glance at her and lean in close to Amor, talking in a mocking hushed tone.
"She's also a bit of a grump. But don't tell anypony I said that."


Cock my head.
"Is she behaving well?"


"I understand how you feel, Krystal," Ruby sighs, "But the whole reason this came up is because they want him to fight. Beating them up would just give them what they want."
Several ropes have been tied to the gates in preparation for pulling them back into place.
He just cocks an eyebrow at you.
"That remains to be seen. In any case, is there a reason for this visit?"
The guard shrugs. "Well enough. Hasn't hardly moved the whole time she's been here."
"Go right ahead! What's it for?"


"Let's get you ready and we can go."


Alright lets get some iron and pound away.

"For a friend of mine, I reckon she deserves more than stone's piled over to mark her gravesite."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Groan. "Whatever. Lets just work then. What do we do here?"


I won't keep you any longer then.


"I do not speak the language she speaks. How do you converse with her?"


One last thing… What manner of creature is that large, lumbering thing?
"Well, one group pulls the gates up, one pulls the opposite way to keep it from falling over, and a third group hammers it back into place."
You accidentally shatter the piece of iron beneath your angry blows.
"Wow." she remarks quietly. "It's… really upsetting you, isn't it?"
"I don't. I just stand here and make sure she doesn't try anything."


"There is."
Look him in the eyes for a moment, then turn to look at my sister.
"Cloudy, I think we should practice our martial skills."


Read what large, lumbering thing she is thinking of out of her thoughts like she did with mine.
The diamond dog?


What's she talking about? Askeladd?


"You are a guard. I understand."
Look the mare over again. I can talk to animals but I can't talk to another pony…
"My name is Ambrosia. What is your name?"


Nod. "Right." and go pick up a rope ready to pull.


"Hmmmph.." I then go and pick another piece and try my best to forge.
"I just cant believe she died that way…. thats why I need to do this just so the others would remember."

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yup, that's the one.
Sorry, it's just… I've never seen a creature like that before. It almost seems intelligent!
She says something that sounds like a bunch of gibberish.
She looks at you for a moment.
"…Okay. Where do you want to do this?"
Better. Now it actually looks like a sword.
"She died protecting the town. Still… I'm sure she'd appreciate the gesture."
Redstone has to take up position behind you, while Ruby grabs hold just in front of you.
"Everypony ready? In three, two, one… PULL!"


"When he's not around mares."
"Nah he's great. You two should talk."




It is a he, and he is intelligent. He is a diamond dog. We also have a female diamond dog smith.


Look unfazed.
"I will find you help."


'1d10' earth pony genes stronk

Roll #1 2 = 2


Alright lets finish it more and make it like a real sword
"Yes… I just hate the idea of fading to obscurity. No one will remember your name after… you know the idea? I dont want Justicia to be like that so perhaps marking her grave with something… unique will help."



Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh! Oh, I'm sorry! I just… I didn't realize…
Oh. Oh my. So that's why… Y-yes, I would… like to talk to him sometime.
She shrugs and turns to Amor.
"Guess we'll continue this later."
"Of course. I will leave you to your sibling's desires."
With that, Amor leaves.
Your grip slips and you slide back into Redstone.
"Eep! S-s-sorry! H-here, let me help you up," he stutters, trying to help you back up. '1d10'
She hangs her head and mutters something else, then pulls out a bracelet and offers it to you.
A fine piece of craftsmanship.
well, decent at least. Crookear steps forward.
"May I do something?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh dear..


Well, now you know. They are not ponies, but still people just like you and I.


I let her step in.


Stare at it for a moment, then back at her, making no move to take it.


"So, who were you two talking about?"


"Let's go."
Trot to Askeladd.
"Hey Askeladd, how's it going?
A friend here wanted to meet you!"


Great. Thanks to his clumsiness, you're both entangled in the ropes… with his face pressed into your flanks.
Ruby looks back, does a double-take, and blinks. Her hooves slam over her mouth as she snorts down her laughter.
"Here, let me help you two lovebirds out…" '1d10'
Yes… I really should have known better.
She hammers away at it for a few minutes… and when she steps away, there's a set of weighing scales set in the hilt of the blade. Justicia's cutie mark.
"It seems right, you know?"
After a moment, she nudges it back toward you, then sets it on the ground and moves back.
"Blaze. He's taking it pretty hard."

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's okay, don't worry.


"Wait.. stop helping!" I can get these under control. '1d10' get out of the rope

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I can imagine."
Start walking toward the beach.
"If I died, would you weep for me?"


I look at Julia.
"Hammering something for her gravesite." I show her the sword."
I then think for a moment.
"Who is it?"

"Ha! That is great." I smile.


Is the sword ready to be used? Also try to polish it a bit.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Stare at her for a moment longer, then lean down to inspect the bracelet.

Roll #1 1 = 1


She eeps and blushes as she looks up at him.
H… Hello, mister Askeladd. N-nice to meet you…
"What the… hey, quit squirming! Aaaah! Dangit!"
Now she's tied up too, the three of you ending up hopelessly tangled together.
Due to unfortunate(?) positioning, your vision is now filled with a close-up view of her flanks. And everything between them.
Ready as it will ever be, and polished to a sheen. You have a visitor!
You trip and land face-first on it.
"…Very funny. Your humor is unbreachable."


Blush and my eyes get all dull like I'm annoyed. '1d10' Maybe Feather is feeling in a mood to help?

Roll #1 4 = 4


That is good, perhaps just add some wieght and if I find some way to cement it on her gravesite so no one will steal it then it will be ready to go.

Now look at the visitor, who/what is it?


"You would. And so would I for you. I'd also want to be left alone."


Pull myself back up and sit on my haunches. Pick up the bracelet delicately with my hooves and inspect it.

Roll #1 2 = 2


He just pompously preens himself. You'd swear he was smirking at you.
Eventually, the other workers get over their snickering enough to untangle the three of you.
"Heheh, having a little fun there, ladies?"
"It's a special knot called the twister!"
"Hey, don't leave me out next time!"
It's the native mare that got rescued from the woods. She's communicating using Julia's shadow-commune.
H-hello there, sir… I-I wanted to say hi… since you were so nice to me…
Roll perception.
It's pretty battered. You did just land on top of it.
The mare just curls up into a ball.



Roll #1 9 = 9


Groan even more. "No more helping from you Redstone! It always gets me into situations like this!"


I hang my head.
"…. I'm sorry. I wish to help you."


I smile and nod.
"Think nothing of it. I am just doing my job to protect the place and anyone who has seeked shelter under it. I am glad to help.
I then carry the sword and look at her.
"What is your name?"


Wait now.
She is communicating with her own telepathy here!


You catch her sniffing and blinking back tears a split second before she manages to get her usual deadpan back in place.
"Good," she says with a barely-detectable waver in her voice, "Now, are we gonna do this or what?"
No response. He's keeled over, his entire body blazing bright red.
It doesn't look like he's breathing.
Lavender… She stares at your paws as you carry the sword.
Your paws are… fascinating. Unlike anything I've ever seen!
She gives you a smile and waves her hoof. Apparently she's just happy you accepted the bracelet.
Oh right. Sorry.


After this thing with Askeladd, I need to ask her a few more things.


I'll need to ask for it to be repaired…
And a way to talk to her
Maybe the mayor knows, where is the mayor?


"Of course, big sis."
Unsheathe my daggers and drop them in the sand.
"No weapons, just hoof on hoof combat. We need to practice and prepare for any situation."


'1d10' give CPR!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I look at my paw.
"Is it? I take it you havent seen any diamond dogs in this place huh? Its nothing that special you know, its just a paw after all."


Diamond dogs? Is that what you call yourselves? Anyway, no, we don't have any like you here.
I've seen talons and hooves and claws, but paws like that are… different. Would you mind if I got a closer look at them?


Put down the sword and extend my paw.
"Go ahead."


Work plz


Let's go back to the infermery as the mare is talking with Askeladd.


Perhaps before forging a sword for Justicia's grave, it may be the time to visit one of the most mysterious settler in town.

Perhaps meet her along the town square and approach her.
"Ambrosia there you are. how good to see that you are fine and well."


I'm sitting outside staring at the horizon.

Stare at him as he approaches.
"Hello Askeladd. Yes. I am well."


Wave at her.
"Hey. Taking a break?"


Turn my head to face her.
"Yes. I have been attempting to speak to the native pony but she does not understand. This is distressing for us both."


"You probably don't wanna talk to her too much.
She's with the guys who attacked us."


"She was struck by the leader pony."








Cock my head and stare at you for a moment.
"With his hoof. He struck her with his hoof."


"You have no idea why he did that?"


"She protested."


"Still with them."


"I do not think she is malevolent."


"That is good to hear, I'm glad you are not distressed or anything with all that action and danger this settlement has experienced."
I smile and sit down to rest.
"You hold yourself quite well in battle back there Ambrosia."


"Okay just…
Don't let her get to you, alright?"

Sit down beside her.

"She might want to use you to get out of this scott free."


"There was great pressure. I was trained to handle great pressure. I had to aid in protecting the town. The mayor was counting on me. Wheat Field was counting on me."

Look down.
"The mayor decides what happens, not me."


Poke her chest with a finger.
"…You still watch out, okay? If she asks you to do something you are not okay with, come to me running."


"Okay, Julia."


"Well everyone is counting on each other that day, to keep everyone safe and to keep everyone alive. I am glad that we can count on you. You even saved my back when I was down a couple of times and with that you have my thanks."


Smile at her.
"Maybe I can help you with understanding that mare later, once I'm back from this trip. How about that?"


Shake my head slowly.
"I did not save you. Nature saved you."

Neutral look.
"Sure. That would be great."


"Catch you once I'm back in town then?"


"Pfhahahaha….. nature?"


I nod slowly.
"Okay. I can join you if you wish me to. Do you require potions of healing?"

Stare at him.
"Nature provides."
Touch the runestone hanging from my neck.
"I am no more than a catalyst of Her will."


"Nah, it's just gonna be a brief thing, no need to sweat it.
Maybe a potion or two, but I doubt we will have much problem."


I tilt my head after hearing that.
"…. A catalyst of her own will? Whose will? I am getting lost here…"

I sit and think hard.
"You mean nature? The surroundings wills you to be its catalyst to protect the village am I getting that right Ms. Ambrosia?"


"Okay. As you wish."

I nod slowly again.
"Nature grants me powers to serve Her better. The ability to heal your wounds was one of these powers."




Go back to staring at the horizon.


I give you a dubious look.
"Well that is neat… well the healing of course Ms. Ambrosia it is proof of your power…. but the surrounding commands you… it kind of sound… new to me, I mean worshipping the surroundings implies that you worship everything and ou draw power from everything."

I then pick a rock.
"So this rock compels you to heal me?"


"…Don't stare the sky too hard, okay?"
Pat her on the back and leave.


"No, it's just a rock."

"My break ends in two minutes."


After that talk with Ambrosia, lets find the mayor.


I am at my office, as usual.


Knock on the door and enter.
"Mayor, Askeladd reporting."


Motion at the pony sized chair in front of my desk with a nod.
"Good day. What can I help you with?"


"Well you can help me by telling me your plans for this settlement. You know that we and the guards must talk more about security after the recent raid, not to mention that we havent secured those planting fields in the east plus the housing problems.. this is a lot of work now that I look at it."


Sigh, but the nod and fix my glasses on my muzzle.
"Yes, the security of the settlement is indeed something we should know about. However, the mare we rescued told me that another such raiding party won't be this far north for a while now, so we have time to raise our defenses. By that time, the turret for our cannon will be operational. I also have plans to get our mages working on a magical protection field around Horton."


"I see, besides the magical defenses any plans that you can assign to me and to the other guards or are we doing our work just fine? The magical protection field does sound great but… what does it do and protect us from what kind of attacks?" I raise my eyebrow.

"Also, we need to stablish a perimeter for the town and after that… perhaps a moat?" I scratch my head.. " argghhh.. damn it."


"I do not know what kind of protection it could offer, I haven't talked in detail about it with the mages yet. As for a perimeter, yes, maybe more of the surrounding forest could be cut down."


I paced back and forth a bit wagging my tail.
"A perimeter is indeed needed Ms mayor, so that we can stablish a base where we can erect towers then a wall… and in front of that wall we diamond dogs can easily dig a ditch and if we have time a moat, either fill it with water or wooden log spikes for those tribals who are unable to fly. The perimeter must be also has enough space for the current settlers… and the others who will come later."

I then pace back and forth a bit more.
"Any idea when will the next batch of settlers will land? Any news from Equestria?"


"Not for months I'm afraid. As for those plans, I will talk with Captain Cutter in more detail to decide what would be the best set of defenses."


"Good and I like what I am hearing, tell me when you and captain cutter will meet so I can also be there and able to listen to his suggestion and provide mine, if needed." I smile.


"I most definitely will, yes. Were the defense plans all you came for?"


I chuckle.
"I was, but then you asked and now I was thinking of other things besides business and relax."
"So how are things holding up on your part? The milita's are holding well… as you've seen from last time, thanks to me and Justicia's effort… may her soul rest in peace, they are able to hold their part quite well."


Nod with a frown.
"Her sacrifice for Horton will never be forgotten. How did the other guards take it?"


I breath out a tired breath.
"Blaze is really depressed, that young man is in love with her you know. Its sad seeing him like that, I doubt he would find peace as long as these natives keep threatening us… nor will he forgive them now that I think about it."
"Wheatfield is also sad for it is Justicia who trained her too with help on my part, so are the others too… as well as me. Been planning to erect a sword on top of her grave to mark her where she is buried, just cant leave her forgotten that easily you know." I give a sad smile.


"If you do, I will make sure to get Ambrosia to grow some pretty flowers on it."


I smile.
"Thanks for that."
"So how about you, how are things holding on your part?"


"This attack on the town shook me deeply… but at least it seems the other tribe is friendly and a potential ally, so I am trying to be optimistic."


"The other… tribe, yes I heard of that from the native that we have secured here in the settlement. To tell the truth that native is quite fond of us… specially to me." I smirk as I scratch my head.


"Is she? I thought she was scared of you, initially."


"Well with Julia's help she was able to communicate with the others.. looks like there are no native doge's in these part of the world she told us and she is quite fond of being petted." I chuckle.


I chuckle a bit as well.
"It is good to see that she could develop friendly relations with others, not just me."


"Oh so both of you talked already? How did it go?" I grin.


"We had a way to communicate, yes. I think the most important part was that it seems like I managed to set up a diplomatic channel, so we might be able to negotiate or even trade with them."


"I see… that is good news, we are still unable to make that much food for ourselves so trade with the peaceful native tribes is a must for this settlement to have a steady food and a full granary."
I then think for a moment.
"Hmmm…. i really liked to come with her just in case she returns back to her native village for diplomatic talks. She is of great asset for us and I dont want any harm to happen to the only one native who think good of us."


"That is very noble of you, however, I already assigned Julia and Boon to that task. Julia can communicate with her, and in case they get into trouble, they are nimble enough to escape instead of fighting."


I close my arms and sit.
"That is true, but I think otherwise. I do feel the need that this guest of ours needs protection, the hostile natives want to sacrifice her and besides if what Lavender has said is true then we may need all the help that we can get and I wont stand idly and regret it later if she got kidnapped and we lost her."



"I am sure that you know that Julia and Boon are one of our best scouts. If they escort her they will be able to take care of themselves in a fight, but more importantly, they can stay low and hidden instead of engaging, or even flee quickly. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this mission is safer for them to do."


I sit and think for a moment grinding my teeth before I nod to you.
"Understood Ms. Mayor, I just want to make sure Lavender is safe. I have trust on both Julia and Boon on this and hope they are able to make it safe and sound."


"I promise you, no harm will befall her on her way home."
Smile at you reassuringly.


"No need for that I believe they will make it safe." I nod.


"I chose them for that reason."


I scratch my head.
"I'd really like to explore more out of these settlement and see the place, but perhaps next time."
"Let me guess, you are not getting that much sleep these days?"


Shake my head.
"Not as much as I'd want, no… But Ambrosia gave me something already that might help."


"I bet you it is coffee." I smirk.


Smile but shake my head.
"No, it supposedly helps with sleeping, not staying awake."


"Ambrosia….. hmm… is a bit quiet and… blank." I look at you with a scrunch


Clear my throat.
"She is certainly… unique. Let's just say that."


"Have you talked to her? Is she always like that?"


"Of course I've talked to her, and yes, from what I can gather she always behave as she usually does."


"Really? That is quite odd for a pony, I mean ponies are quite upbeat. Always happy and smiling and easy to approach, but her… she is like the opposite of everything that you expect of a pony."


"I do not think she is not happy, despite her attitude."


"What do you mean by that?" I tilt my head in curiosity.


"That she might seem bored or uninterested all the time, but I think she is quite full of life. She just doesn't show it."


"Pff… pffhahahaha.."
"I.. I didnt expect that, she speaks in a monotone voice and is a bit creepy for a pony I got to admit that…. but if you say that she has something hidden under her hoof then that is a surprise to everyone in the settlement indeed." I then relax on the chair.
"I do wonder how she is when she's drunk."


I put a hoof to my mouth to hide my chuckle.
"That would indeed be interesting, I bet."


"Do you think she is capable of making her own brew? If I have her talent I might just make beer or wine instead of putting it to good use."


I talk with a joking tone.
"I do not think booze grows on trees, Mister Askeladd, as much as we'd like that."


"Well there is apple cider I guess." I smirk


"Not all apples are cider."


"Yes that is true, cant have it all I guess."
"Say, this settlement will surely prosper. What do you think we shall produce for the mainland? Well unless if we find a gem mine or anything we do need some source of trade for mainland Equestria to take notice."


"I think one of the ponies wanted a lot of lumber from here, but we used up most of it for building the houses.


"That is true, the houses are far more important now that winter may come."


"If we extend the perimeter, however, the wood we cut down there could be shipped back to Equestria."


"Well having a surplus sure do help though, I hope they bring grain, chicken and cheese as payment." I chuckle.


"Only time will tell!"


"Well we still have winter to mind too, not to mention food and those hostile natives…" I sit down and think for a moment, obviously worried.
"Some of us already died even before winter came…. its just worrying.."


Shake my head.
"While their loss was tragic, we mustn't lose our optimist. We will be prepared next time."


I nod.
"Yes we shall."
I then stand up.
"Alright talk about being prepared, its time for me to prepare the defenses. Thanks for your time Miss Magistre, I am feeling more confident of this settlements success, specially wiht you leading it." I smile.


Smile back.
"Thank you for your confidence in me. It helps me through troubled times like this."


After that discussion with the Mayor, lets go around the settlement and try to talk to some of the settlers that I have not yet talked too.


So, Askeladd was just headed to put a sword on Justicia's grave, accompanied by the friendly native. Magistre was in her office, Blue Skies was about to spar with his sister, Ambrosia had a 'conversation' with the captured native, and Krystal…
As you press your lips to his, you can't help but notice how soft and warm his lips are, his neck gently shifting as his tongue wraps around yours…
As you pull away, his tongue hangs out lazily for exactly one second. Then his eyes shoot open, his whole body going red as he squawks and flaps away, stammering out gibberish before he takes off.
Ruby sighs and rubs her head.
"Maybe you ought to go… help with something else, okay? Ropes and you just don't seem to mix well…"


I should seek out what's-his-name the psychiatrist.
He was kind to me before.


Looks a little sad and nod.
"Yea, It seems like I'm just having some bad luck.. I'll just go into town and see what I do there.."
and then I'd head away.


I should see the mages.
Or call for them.


That would be Amor. His place of operation is a small little building on the far end of town, barely more than a single room. You could head there to see if he's there.
He's been rather busy this last week. A lot of ponies were pretty shaken by the raid.
Where to? You should probably check up at the clinic, make sure that infection has stayed cleared up. Then again, it doesn't really hurt anymore, so if you want to put it off and do something else, you'll probably be fine.
Which ones? The two main ones, or everyone with magical ability?


That is part of the reason why I wish to speak to him. Go there and check it out


What was happening?


The main ones.
About the magic shield plans.


Alright lets head to Justicia's grave and bow my head as I began to slowly plant the sword. Make sure the weighing stone's and metals that are tied on the sword is buried securely so the sword will not be retrieved unless the thief has to waste a lot of time to retrieve it. After doing that do a gesture and pray silently.
Wait, the native… I mean Lavender is with me?


I dunno, everyone here seems pretty crazy about following orders. I better see the doctor.


As you arrive, the Zebra and goat couple exit the building, calling back some quiet thank-yous. The nanny looks a little pale, some dark sacks under her eyes as she leans against her husband.
You were with Askeladd and the native I believe.
Yup, she is.
So, this is her grave? Such strange customs you outsiders have.
There's a small graveyard recently dug outside the walls. It's not large, but each mound of dirt and rocks is a reminder of just what was lost last week. And sitting in front of Justicia's grave is a familiar figure.
Blaze doesn't say anything as you plant the sword. He remains silent as you tie on the weighing stones and metals, barely even acknowledging your presence. Only once you've finished your prayers does he speak.
"What," he asks quietly, "is she doing here?"
Sticksen arrives first, several inkstains in her fur as she scribbles on the ever-present notepad.
Sweetherb looks up and smiles as you come in.
"Hello there Krystal! Have you been changing the bandages regularly like I told you to?"


"Hey, hey, she's on the other side of this, Blaze!"
Rush for him, arms open in worry, as if I wanted to hug him.


Perhaps I should give her something to aid with sleeping.

Knock on the door.


"Uh.. Well the assignment I have has kept me pretty distracted.. But It feels a lot better."


Let's wait for both.
"Good day. Please, do take a seat."


Uh oh….
"I'm keeping a close watch on her, its my duty you see." I nod at Blaze and give a reassuring smile at Lavender before patting the grave marker,
"A marker not only for Justicia but for those that we lost in this new world. Dont want them to be forgotten you know what I mean."


Hello this is buffalo.


At first he doesn't react, then he sighs and opens his arms too, wrapping you in a gentle hug.
"How can you know that? How do you know this wasn't their plan to plant a mole in our town? Because of them, Justicia is… she's…"
She nods thoughtfully.
I see… but why do you bury them? Is it not customary to burn the dead so they can know peace?
She clucks her tongue and shakes her head.
"They never listen, no matter how close they came to disaster… very well, get over here and let me take a look."
She collects some bandages, salve, and pointy-looking metal tools.
Amor's voice calls out from within.
"Yes, Zephyr? Is there something else you wish to say?"
Well hello there! The potion business has picked up recently; you've got an order for something to ease creaky joints to whip up.
"May I ask what this is about? Don't worry, he'll get here in about twenty-three minutes."


"We are bringing her back to her tribe. She's not staying here.
If they wanted a mole, it was a poor plan."
Sigh and pat him on the back.


"Yes, about the magical defenses of Horton."


"Hello. This is Ambrosia."


"Well, the major said I'd have to work to stay here.. so its expected."
Hop up on the exam table and let her look.. staring a bit at the sharper tools.


I nod at her
"It is custom, do ponies in this land burn their dead?"
How is Blaze holding up?


Well all I need is a tea made of ponyfennel and treewart. I can boil that up quick enough.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


He sighs and leans into the hug.
"I guess… I just… I'm so angry right now, and I just… I want them all dead right now. I know that's wrong, but… I do."
There's a moment of silence.
"…Come in."
She carefully unwraps the bandages, though you wince as she peels back the final layer.
"Now, let's see how you're doing…"
She starts looking in the hole, poking around with the metal tools.
He's hugging Julia, and quite frankly, he looks like shit.
It's a bit thinner than you'd like, but it still tastes fine! This should do the trick.
"We don't have magical defenses, told us they weren't necessary. Tell us a lot of things. Learned to tune them out; less distracting that way."


"That's the problem. We do need some now!"


Time to deliver the pot of tea to the customer.


talking with distract me from the poking.
"So.. What have you been doing lately?"


Enter the shack.
"Hello, Amor."


Wow that is pretty hard core, culling a whole native population… well let him grieve for awhile, Julia can handle him.
I then turn to Lavender and just look at her and speak with my thoughts to her.
Dont take it personally, Blaze is just confused and hurt with the loss of his love Justicia. I smile.


"Agreed. Glad to see you understand. Had idea: giant thorns. No no no, never find enough fertilizer, scratch that."
"Taking care of the injured, following up to make sure injuries don't get infected like yours did. See, this is why I told you to change the bandages; the flesh is all inflamed and red here. I'm going to touch this spot, and I want you to tell me if you feel anything."
Roll to see how well you handle the pain.
The house is just down the street. You see your customers approaching, the Zebra and Goat couple.
The building is very small, barely large enough for the single room. Amor is sitting on a cushion in the corner, an empty couch to the right of him and a shelf with a few books opposite of him.
He regards you quietly as you enter.
"I was not expecting you so soon. I am glad to see you again."
I… actually didn't understand what he was saying. It's not polite to mindwalk with someone who isn't trying to communicate with you.
She glances at him with a worried frown.
Is he… unhappy I am here? I know losing a loved one is painful, but… why would he be unhappy at me?


Raise a brow.
"Okay… what then? I was thinking of maybe a magical field or shield of some sort could work."


I wait by their door with the pot of tea.
"Hello. Remember, drink before bed and right after waking. Come to me when you need more."



Roll #1 4 = 4


Approach him but make no move to sit down or anything.
"I am happy to see you alive as well. Did you get hurt in the battle?"


I shook my head.
He… well lets say its misplaced anger, he is still confused with the difference between you and… the other tribes.
I then think for a moment
Say how about we talk about those other tribes? If I and the settlement knows more about them then we can perhaps better defend ourselves from their raids.


"Bubble shield? Decent short-term solution, but difficult to maintain over time. Unimaginative too. Still, suppose good enough to buy time for creative planning. Ooh, spiked bubble shield! offense and defense at same time!"
The nanny smiles tiredly and nods at you.
"Thank you. I've just been so creaky lately, I… I feel like an old house!"
She chuckles as the zebra nuzzles her.
"Nonsense, my dear. You're three years younger than I, and twice as beautiful."
You have to bite your lip, but you manage to only whimper quietly.
"Hmn," she nods to herself, "Nerve endings are growing back, but are far more sensitive than they should be… looks like that infection's starting to come back. Good thing you came in today; a disinfecting swipe should clear it up. But from now on, Change your bandages. Twice daily."
He regards you for a moment, then shakes his head.
"They never laid a single blow on me. You appear to be in good physical health as well."
He gestures towards the couch.
"Please, sit. My next appointment is not for another hour."
Which tribes would you like to know about?


"I doubt it would need to be spiked… but if you have a more premanent solution, I'm open for ideas."


"I'll try to forget this time." I sigh a bit.


>not too


Do as told and sit down
"I am. Wheat Field is too. But she is distressed. She had never spilled blood before. I am concerned about her."


I lead her to a more quiet place away from Blaze and near the woods before I look down at my sword and sit down.
The one who attacked us. I'd like to know what you know about them and why they have gone to the trouble of… chasing you.
I hope you feel safe with us… I am doing my best to protect this village you see and of course anyone who seeks peace and shelter here… and incidentally that includes you.


"Perhaps Runes? One-time use, small area of effect, but quick to make and easily distributable. Hard to make them not target nonhostiles, though."
Celery Stalk has finally arrived.
"It's about time we got called upon to set up some magical defenses. Honestly, politicians these days…"
She looks up at you as she prepares a cloth with antiseptic.
"Something on your mind dear? You look like you've been through a rough patch recently."
"I noticed."
He looks at his hooves for a moment, then sighs.
"You two are… good for each other. You have… improved drastically since… growing closer… but you are both hiding things. Things that you must face, sooner or later, if you are to… remain together."


I nod.
"We all grow old eventually. Tell me if you need any other medicines."
I smile at them warmly and walk off, leaving the teapot with them.


Stare at him.
"I do not hide."


"I do not want to take the risk of having our own people hurt by our defenses."
Look at him.
"At least they are always on time."


Rub my forehead a bit. "I guess its just a lot to take in. I thought I was the only civilized pony here for so long.. And this place isn't exactly like home.."


I was… stupid. Wandered away from the tribe and… got caught. They were planning to… to sacrifice me and the rest, like they always do. It's why they go on these raids.
I managed to escape, and… they came after me.

She smiles and puts a hoof over your paw.
You are… very kind, sir Askeladd. Far kinder than almost anyone I've ever known. This whole town is more… welcoming than even my own tribe would be of outsiders. It is… humbling.
They wave and take the teapot inside.
You're running low on ingredients though; maybe you should restock.
He snorts and sits down.
"I was in the middle of a very delicate experiment; such things cannot be simply dropped at a moment's notice."
"Oh? Feeling a little homesick, are we?"
She pats your leg, then hands you a stick of rubber.
"Now, this is probably going to sting really badly, so I want you to put this in your mouth and bite down, okay?"



Time to head over to…what was her name? The shameless lesbian? Well, whatever her name is I head over to her house.


"Hmm not exactly.."
'1d10' bite the rubber thing.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"We all have our excuses, do we not?
But instead of bickering, we should focus on the matter."


"Not physically, no. Have you discussed with her the reason you bear scars upon your back? Or your aversion to flight? Such aversion is atypical of pegasi."
She's outside, watering the garden. As she sees you, she smiles and waves.
"Hi there! What's your name?"
It stings like a motherfucker when she swabs the hole out with the antiseptic, but the rubber saves you from teethgrinding or biting your own tongue.
"There we go," she reassures you as she starts bandaging it back up. "You'll be right as rain soon as long as you take care of yourself.
Sounds like you're glad to get away from home."
"Very well, what do you require of us?"


I meant Ambrosia.


I know, but she's not around right now.


"I need the two of you to plan and apply some form of magical defense for the town of Horton. It should be your number one priority."


Spit the gross tasting this out and try to answer correctly.. She probably talks o the mayor!
"Uh.. Well, I can't say I feel at home here yet.. but Its got its perks for sure. Well worth working for."


Sacrifice…. that sounds kinda dumb. For what purpose? Hell why sacrifice anyone in the first place? Sounds dumb to me.

Stare at her as she puts her hoof on my paw.
I.. well that is what we do here, we are also intrueged by new cultures and are quite ready to learn more about this new land you see. Frankly we are quite ignorant…


"She has not inquired. Nopony has inquired. I did not wish to bother them."


I'm confused, because I see her posting in the thread right now. Does she live with that other mare or something?


His eyes take on a strange gleam.
"Certainly. However, we may require access to other unicorns to help sustain the system we come up with. I trust you can supply some volunteers?"
She raises an eyebrow.
"Perks? Like those two you've been hanging out with lately?"
She shivers.
Don't you dare say that. You managed to take down a firedrake and repelled a direct assault from that tribe with an inferior force. Even the Golari tribe needs numberical superiority to beat them. You're also strong… She shivers and nuzzles your chest. …Very strong.
He gives you a soft look.
"Well, I am inquiring now. Are you… willing to share?"
Yes she does.
"I haven't seen you around before, are you new here?"


"Um.. Like good doctors!" I grin. "Those two are just my friends. And co-workers. "


I shake my head sadly.
"No, I am not. I did not know people would not be coming to me for my medicines as they normally did, so I stayed inside with my herbs and books. Are you the business maker here, or is your partner the one I must speak with? I need plants that I am not already growing."


"Yes. I have nothing to hide. What do you wish to know first, Amor?"


…Try and Mind Read him.
"I will do my best. I want to see the plans first, and a calculation of how many spellcasters the maintenance would require."

Roll #1 5 = 5


I pet her head, a bit confused at her suddenly being this forward as I gulp.
Well all of us are strong in our own way, I cant take them all without the help of my friends you see. Ambrosia, Julia, Krystal, Justicia, the Mayor, Blaze… all of them did their best. I smiled.


I hope I didn't miss too much…


"I see…" she chuckles and shakes her head. "Glad to see you appreciate my work. It's… nice to be recognized, you know? Not everyone was so grateful back home…"
"Oh, that's Amby you want to talk to. Wait a minute!"
She scrunches and gets in your face.
"Amby's the potion-maker here! Are you competition?"
He sits back and relaxes, keeping his eyes on you.
"Why don't you start at the beginning, and we'll see where we get."
You can't quite get a read on him; his thoughts are flying by far too fast.
"Of course. Well then, Stones, shall we?"
With that, he turns and leaves.
Not really. Blaze has just been hugging you for a while. He finally lets go, looking like he's about to say something…
Then he starts looking past you and snirks.
"Looks like even the natives aren't immune…"
She raises her head and looks into your eyes, sliding up you as she blinks.
And what about me, sir Askeladd?
As she crawls up your torso, her hoof slides over your crotch.
Do you wish for me to be your friend as well?


I shake my head.
"No, ponies cannot compete with the ancestral skill of buffaloes. Where can I find Ambrosia?"


Look where he's looking at.


Roll my eyes, and turn to her.
"I hope you can get some results soon."


"I am from the North, outside of Equestria. I was originally born in servitude under a master. My mother was too, but I never knew her."


"She's out."
She glowers and pokes you in the chest.
"And she's twice the brewer you could hope to be!"
Looks like Lavender's getting really touchy-feely with Askeladd.
"Horn-dog just can't keep it in his loincloth, can he?"
She looks after him for a moment, her pen stopped as she remains silent for a whole twelve seconds.
"…indeed, as do I. Shall begin work immediately. Shall I go?"
He nods.
"So, you were born into servitude. You must have worked from a young age then. Who raised you?"


"Yes. Dismissed."
Wait for her to leave then slump in my chair with a groan.




I gulp and look at her with uncertainty as I look down at her hoof touching my crotch, I then look around to make sure no one is watching, specially Blaze.
W.. well, both of us can be friends… I.. I mean we are already friends as you can see and I think you are quite enthusiastic with being friends with the way you are acting ms. Lavender but are you sure you understand what you are doing right now? I grin a bit embarrased as I hold steady.


"The others who also lived in servitude. My master also taught me herbology. I was never taught to read but I learned it myself over time."


She gives you a grin, then sends you… very explicit mental images of exactly what she intends to do to you. Though some of them are rather… frightening, you get the sense that you'd enjoy them anyway…
She gives Julia a smirk.
Excuse me a moment, but I have an itch I need scratched. Where is a suitable private place?
The room is quiet for all of five seconds before Geneva enters.
"Ma'am, we have a bit of a situation."
"It sounds like you were very self-sufficient."


Perk up.
"What is it?"


If this isn't clear enough, I'm shouting at them.
"Don't know. Don't care."


"We lived to serve. We had to abide to the master's will. It was all I knew. I was not unhappy."


I shake my head! No! I must be extracting information from her not her extracting from me!
"I.. its not what it looks like!" I look sideways embarrased before looking down at the native pone.
We really should be talking more about your tribes than about ourselves.


"Remember that fellow who we had to put in the stocks for thieving?"
She taps her hooves nervously.
"Well, he's started spreading a rumour that the natives have managed to brainwash you. And it's spreading."
It's clear.
She smirks at you, then gives Askeladd a predatory look before dragging him off into the forest.
We can talk about that later. For now, I'm going to see what those paws of yours can do~"
Before you can react, she drags you off into the woods. She's stronger than she looks…
"Something changed."



"He died. His guards did bad things. I was without a master to serve so I left. I met other ponies who aided me and allowed me to choose a name for myself. I learned how to fight even better and how to fly as well. They eventually freed the others from my master's domain as well and killed the guards."


Furrow my eyebrows.
"What rumors?"


"H.. hey! Where are you dragging me?" I look at her and Julia as she keeps dragging me to god knows where.


"You did not know how to fly?"
"That the natives have managed to brainwash you. It doesn't have much credence yet, but… well, it's a delicate situation."
Soon you're out of sight of Julia and Blaze, the stallion smirking and giving you a little wave before you disappear from view. Soon you find yourself somewhat roughly thrown down on your back at the base of a tree.
Now then…
She immediately straddles you and starts grinding against your crotch. HARD.
I suppose I should ask if you're a male or female… but I'll know soon enough. Either way, this will be fun~


"My wings were always bound. I never had the chance to fly. They did not develop well and are weak."


He blinks, but manages to hide any reaction he has to that well, aside from the pause before he speaks again.
"…That is… something that would be… very traumatic for someone born with wings. Did you ever experience an urge to fly? How would they react to such urges, if you brought it to their attention?"


Sigh and facehoof.
"And we cannot really punish him for spreading rumors, can we?"


"I was told I was never allowed to fly. I obeyed. Another servant who was also a pegasus had his wings crippled when he tried. There was no desire for me to do the same."


"Fear of punishment led you to dismiss any urges to fly.
What happened once he and the guards were dead?"
"No, we can't."


"Any suggestions? I doubt I can talk any sense into him to stop."


Will I have to wait for this to finish to go on with the quest?


"The master had a daughter. She did not get along well with him and helped my friends kill the guards and free the others."
I pause for a moment.
"… I had feelings for her."


W.. what?
Are all ponies like this? I knew that mayor is eyeing me specially when she laughs at my jokes! What a slutty race!
Well except Ambrosia, that one is cold as a rock.
I then gasp and wrap my arms around her as I hold her close and nuzzle a bit.
I.. I was just taken back at how… aggresive you are. Are ponies that live here really this… forward to others?
And yes I am male


Nah, me and Lemon will take it to Steam later.
After a while they both stagger out of the woods, Lavender with a smug grin on her face and Askeladd looking rather… winded.
That was… different. You're sore in places you didn't even know you had…
Boon wolf-whistles as you emerge from the woods.
"Not that I know of. I was bringing it to your attention so that you'd be aware."
She frowns.
"We could rough him up a bit if we were in Neigh Orleans, but I'm not sure that would work here…"
"What was her name?"


That took longer than expected.

"I'm sure she makes delicious sweets and drinks. When will she be home?"


"Took you long enough."
Frown at her.


"Mistral. She was called Mistral."


I just look down a bit embarrassed and try to not look at Julia in the eyes.


[Disapproval Intensifies]


"Dunno. Probably later tonight. Why don't you go see if you can find her, if you're so desperate?"
She smiles, a hint of a blush tinging her cheeks.
I was… not expecting the knot.
"Your feelings about her are tinged with a strong sadness. Did something happen?"


"I don't want to know." Flat stare.


"We grew close for a time. It was pleasant. But it was not meant to be."


"I…. err…" I just look sideways.

Look at her.
I cant help it!!
I then fidget a bit.
So.. what now?


"Do you know where I can find her?"


"What made you reach that conclusion?"
So, you were asking me about tribes as we left for my tribe?
"She headed to the Courthouse last I saw."


"If we used the guards to abuse him, that would make me seem like a tyrant, or worse, confirm those baseless lies in the eyes of the townsfolk."


"Thank you."
Off to the courthouse I go.


"She was my half sister."


I then sit down to rest
So… what can you tell us about your tribe? You did hint about them.. being not that friendly.


"Yes- How many different ones?"


"We'd need someone outside the guard who wouldn't mind getting their hooves dirty. Not sure where we'd find someone like that…"
Sweetherb looks up as you enter.
"Hello there! Can I help you?"
"And discovering this changed your feelings for her?"
Well, about seven that I know of. Though we haven't heard from the Croatoan in a while…
Not that they're not friendly, just… suspicious of outsiders. You have to be, with the Chosen running around. We're probably one of the strongest tribes around; that's why I was such a big prize for them. They can't take us in a direct assault, and they know it.


"And how large do your tribes get?"


"Somepony who could discreetely take care of matters such as this would be helpful, yes…"


"I am looking for the pony named Ambrosia."


I see, so they are the one's who are slinking in the shadows… so what is the name of your tribe and that other tribe that attacked us?

Also, Croatoan?


"It changed things. I care for her still and she cares for me, but we never had intercourse again after we learned. It would be unnatural."


…Depends. The Chosen are the largest; I hear they've got several hundred thousand living in the Old City. Most tribes only have a few thousand…
"Oh, she chatted with the prisoner, then left to go see someone. I think she said something about Amor?"
They wear red headbands and tend to be rather proud of their self-reliance. Good ponies if they don't think they can beat you in a fight.
The Chosen are the tribe that attacked you. They wear green. I am of the Whotan tribe; we wear purple.

"Do you regret this? That you cannot have intercourse with her again?"


"Where can I find Amor?"


"It is how it is. I am happy I have family left alive now."


"Chosen… By whom?"


So what are Whotan's best at? Are you agricultural or hunter based… well if ponie's do hunt for food that is.


Walk around.
This town is pretty new.
Is anything involving the mayor going on?


"His clinic's just on the other side of town."
She gives you directions I can't be assed to elaborate on right now, but you know where to go.
…by the Advent.
"Where is she now? Do you stay in touch with her?"
There's somepony on a soapbox shouting about how she's going to get everyone killed, if that's what you mean.


Trot over there.
What is she saying specifically?


"I have not spoken to her in a while, but she remains in the north. I hope to write to her some time in the future."


"Stop hold on a second!"
Grab her and stop.
"They still exist?"


"Thank you."
I go there.


Well… if that is the case…

I look at Julia
"If their tribe are capable hunter and farmers then if we are able to negotiate and stablish a trading route to their tribe then our food scarcity might get solved, what do you think?"


"One minute here, there's actually bigger problems going on."


It's a he.
"She's one of them, I say! They got into her head, and are using her to get into ours! Soon we'll be opening the gates for them and smiling as they slit our throats unless we stop her!"
They are immortal. Of course they still exist.
The door is closed, but you can hear muffled conversation inside.
That is the purpose of you accompanying me, yes?
"That would be wise. You still care for her, so you should remain in touch with her.
What led you to come here to Horton?"


"What… bigger problems?" I look at you curious.


How rude.
Are ponies listening?


I hit my head.
"Ah yes the other hostile tribes, stupid me."


I knock on the door.


"I wished to explore other parts of nature I had not seen before."


"We need to leave this place."


Accompanying you? Back to your home? Well…. I look at her thinking yet hesitant

"Right now, I got to gather my armor first." I stand up.
"Where to?"


"Back to Equestria."


I look at you surprised.
"What? And leave this settlement? Are you sure you are thinking clearly Julia? Do you know how much this will cost us? Imagine those who sponsor this settlement will say, the amount of bits for food, the ships… "


"I need the mayor."


"You do need the mayor to talk about this. I doubt she will approve of this… unless we have no choice."
I then look at you.
"Why leave now?"


Please? These woods are dangerous…
She looks up at you with puppy-dog eyes.
"I see. I believe these are things you should discuss with Wheat Field, for both of your sakes."
There is a knock on the door.
"Just a moment," you hear someone male call from inside.
They don't come out of the Old City, so I've never actually seen one.
Most seem to be ignoring him, but a few have stopped to listen. Worse, he seems to be starting to sway some of them.


I wait.


Dangerous indeed.
I smell gold.
Let's see the mayor.


Stare at the door.


"…I want to investigate them."


W. well… alright. I smile at her faintly.


"For what it is worth, I am glad to see you again. I wish you…" He pauses, and something flickers over his features. "…I wish you the best of happiness with… with her."
"Come in."
Okay… how so?
She's in her office. You can hear talking inside.


Hmmm. Can I hear something? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Turn back to stare at him and cock my head.
"With Wheat Field? She is nice."


"To defend against them! Do you even need to ask?"


In I go.
"Hello, my name is Pejula. I am looking for Ambrosia?"


I really wish I could drink something right now.


You can hear the mayor and her assistant talking. From the sound of it, whatever they're discussing is worrying for them.
He looks at you with an almost… sorrowful expression.
"…She makes you happy. That is… enough for me."
Duh. I asked how, not why.
Geneva frowns, her ears swiveling.
"Somepony's at the door."


"You never seen this Citadel of theirs?"


Stare at him for a moment longer, then turn to the newcomer.
"Yes. Hello. This is Ambrosia."


I gulp and look at her.
Well how far is the place btw? Will it take days?


"Mind seeing who it is for me?"


"I need to buy some things from your garden. Seeds too, if you have any."


"What do you require? If you can make a list, I can gather or grow them for you."


Nopony who's ever seen the Old City has ever returned.
A good two or three days, yes.
She nods and opens the door.
The door suddenly opens, bringing you face-to-face with a jenny.


I have a list already made. The contents are obviously all for remedies for various sorts of illnesses and maladies.


"Are you the mayor?"


That is far, but I'll make sure all of us will make it there. I nod.
Old city?


"I will take care of it as swiftly as possible."


"Thank you. What will you charge?"


"I do not charge."


"Thank you."
I give you my address then head out for a walk around town.


"No, I am. Do come in."


Step in and look through the office.


"I live to serve."

When she's gone, stare back at Amor.
"You are troubled."


It is said it was the center of the Fallen Nation, who built the ruins scattered throughout the land.
A zebra male enters the Mayor's office.
He looks down at his hooves.
"…I am."


"What troubles you? Perhaps I can aid."


Motion at a seat in front of my table.
"Take a seat. What can I help you with?"


Sit down.
"I thought you should know there's a stallion in town, stirring up trouble."


"It is not my place to…"
He sighs, fiddling with the green pendant around his neck.
"…I am hiding something. Something that… could get me kicked out of town or… worse, if it became common knowledge. Yet… the need to share is growing… overwhelming.
As a professional, what my patients discuss with me will never leave this room. However… I have no such guarantee about what I discuss with them."


Cock my head slightly but keep my voice as even as ever.
"Did you do something bad?"


"This is about the vile claims about me being manipulated by the natives, I take it? My assisstant just informed me."


I nod.
"Seems like a naughty boy."


an ancient society you say? I look at her curiously with fondness.



"That is… not exactly correct, yet not incorrect. It is… what I am."
He glances at you, clutching tightly at his necklace.
"I am… not as I appear. I am… afraid of what will happen if I am discovered… when I am discovered. It is a certainty; illusions cannot be maintained forever. So, in light of the inevitability of discovery… I wish to confide with you. If you are willing."
She nods.
We don't know much about them, but they left a lot of stuff behind. Things we don't know how to make more of. Things we don't even know how they work.
You hear a roar of cheering as the gates are finally put back in place.


That's nice. I keep walking.
Are there any other PCs out and about I can run into?


"He has been caught red-hoofed stealing supplies before."


"I do not understand how you are not who you appear you are but if you wish to tell me and keep it secret, I will do so."


Is this sword part of it dont you think? How about Justicia's Polearm? I showed her the weapons.


I'm gonna say the cheesiest one liner ever…
"I am no pony."


"Quite naughty indeed.
Any idea what you're going to do with him?"


Askeladd and Julia are talking with the native girl.
She glances at them.
Those look like the work of the Torhan Tribe. They are known for their skill as smiths and magicians. Still, these are very nice quality.
She shakes her head and puts a hoof on your shoulder.
I'm serious, that place is dangerous. If you wish to find out more about them, perhaps some of the ruins throughout the land will hold answers for you.
"Uh," Boon speaks up, "I kinda feel a bit out of the loop here."
He looks at you for a moment, then gets up and shuts the door, locking it and bolting it shut.
"I… I cannot expect you to make a promise you cannot keep… but I cannot keep hiding any longer. If you see me as I truly am and believe I am a threat… then you may go ahead and call the town guard. However, if not… I would appreciate you telling only those you trust to not spread the word."


"I assume he does this to spite me because he was put in stocks, but I can't exactly send the guards on him for spreading lies."


"We are all doomed and stuff.
Another friday, really."


"Hello there you three. I see they are getting the gate put back in place."


"Are you a demon?"


"Hey. Never seen you around, thought I'd notice a big guy like you."
It's probably four of us.
Me, the two npc, and lemon.


He chuckles a little.
"Some say that we are, but no. Have you heard of Changelings before?"
He ponders this, then shrugs.
"Jest tell me who to shoot, and we'll be fine."


Smirk at him.
"I bet we will.
Now. Should we get you back home?"
Turn to the girl.


"How troublesome these types. Can't ignore them, can't put them in jail…if only they..disappeared."
Look at my hoof.


Lean forward on my desk and fix my glasses with my magic.
"As a mayor, I obviously cannot advocate any sort of agression towards the inhabitants of Horton… then again, I cannot prevent all of it, can I?"


Think for a moment.
"I have heard of them once."


Torhan? If that is so then perhaps those that we saw… or we might have saw back then came from Torhan… We kind of looted these from their dead..


I frown.
"I am a cow, mam, not a bull."


Any pony in power needs somepony who can….take out the dirty laundry."


"Well… what have you been told about them?"
She smiles and nods.
I am ready when you are.


Cut me a break. I thought you were a buffalo, go figure that out.
Write it somewhere.



"I only heard the name once. I know nothing of them."
Look him over.
"You are a changeling? You look like a pony."


Female buffalo.
I shake my head, wondering at the blindness of ponies. It's not like I'm wearing anything.
""Let us not mention it again. My name is Pejula, I am a healer."


"If only I could find someone who would be willing to do that here, so far away from Equestria… I would be very grateful for their services indeed."


…. yes, we did saw some of them if my memory serves me right. I frown a bit.


"… funny that I never saw you around these parts, I mean being a buffalo and all." I nod.


"Julià. Scout."
Offer her a talon.
"We were about to head out tough, you caught us at a bad time."
Nod towards the forest.


"Hard to find such ponies.
But I might know where to find one, how would such a pony be rewarded for his services?"


"That's why we're called changelings; we can change our appearance however we want, usually to mimic the form of a pony so we can feed on their love."
He stands in the middle of the room and braces himself.
"I am going to show you what I really look like, okay? So… please don't scream."
Where were they? How did they die?
She nods and starts walking.
This way.


Off we go!


Give him the usual deadpan look.
"On love?"


"I'd like to see the speed and discretion of said pony first, but I assure you, the reward would be negotiateable and more than fair."


"I'll see who I can find."
Stand up and walk out.


I think for awhile.
I really dont remember much, my head is kind of fuzzy about the details, but I do remember that a bunch of them running away from us, leaving these lying around..


Where is the naughty pony?


"I stayed in my house. No one ever visited me for their aches or pains."

I shake your hoof.
"Out? That sounds lovely, I would like to come along."


"Well now, do you have a weapon ready?"


"I can go get mine. It will only take a few minutes."


"Really that is a long time to be cooped up in one place." I chuckle.
"Well I hope you are ready to contribute to the welfare and safety of the settlement, that attack recently surely shocked the whole place."


"Yes. We… eat normal food, but require love energy too. I'll explain in a moment.
We are born into a hive, with a single queen who rules over us. We are not allowed to disobey, question, or leave our queen for any reason."
He sighs and looks at his necklace.
"That is why I chose to reveal myself to you; you can understand what it is like, to run from someone who has controlled you for all your life."
There is a flash of green fire, and Amor is gone.
In his place stands a ponylike creature covered in black chitin, with several holes in it's legs. Dark blue eyes without pupils or corneas open and regard you apprehensively.
"So… this is me."
I see. You probably scared the daylights out of them.
Same soapbox as before.
She leads you, Boon, and Askeladd through the forest, pointing out potential dangers, guiding you around thick brambles as if it were second nature.


"Hope you can handle yourself in the wild.
Also, it's gonna be a first contact."


We are waiting on Pejula now.


All right then, you're waiting!
What manner of creature is she? Is that what a female diamond dog looks like?


"Not even close. That's a buffalo."


Size him up for a moment, focusing especially on the legs. Keep the same neutral expression on my face as always.
"Insectoid. I did not expect that."
Stare at his legs now.
"Your legs are damaged."


Write down a little note.
"I can help. Meet me tonight at the edge of the forest. Come alone."
Fold it and keep it in my hoof.
Trot up to him.
"You certainly are a born speaker."


I nod.
"It is. If people will come to me, I will help them."

"I can. First contact with what?"


Nod to the mare with us.
"Her people."


I look at the mare.
"Oh! She is a native?"



Buffalo? Fascinating. So many new races…
He looks at them, then chuckles.
"Actually no, they're not. These holes are for… well, they're pheremone glands or something. I… didn't actually pay attention when they taught us about that… it's just something everybuggy has."
He gives you a relieved expression.
"You are not scared of me?"
"Thank you, sir, but it is just the power of THE TRUTH!"


"Keep it up brother. There should be more like you who stand up against the powers that be."
Shake his hoof and slip him the note.


Off I go to get my hatchet/blowpipe.


I cock my head.
"You do not seem dangerous. If you meant me harm, you would have struck the blow already."
Shake my head.
"You do not scare me. You are a creation of nature like me."


He gets a puzzled expression as he gets the note, then grins and winks at you.
"Can do, brother! You hear that, ponies? Not all are blind to her lies!"
You've got them!
"That is… good to hear."


Nod and walk away.
Spend my day walking around town.


Back to the others I go.


"When I served under my master, I had no name of my own, only a number. Did you have a name?"


That evening
It's just gotten dark out, light quickly fading as crickets sound. You're at the spot you indicated, lying in wait at the perfect spot.
You're back. Ready to go?
He smiles.
"I was number 93521231121. The first thing I did upon leaving the hive was to give myself the name Amor. It is gender-neutral, and ironic in that it is based on a word for love."


Spot check '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10




There he is, right on time. Even better, his back is turned to you, giving you a perfect shot.
"Hello? You hear, brother?"
NOW you all get led through the forest by Lavender.


"Are changelings hermaphrodites? "


Oh well, I was going to lure him further first but…
Surpress him '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8



Press my hoof against his mouth to prevent shouting.


"Yes. As a shapechanging species, we must be able to mimic both male and female ponies. I decided on a male disguise because the pony I learned psychiatry from was male. Also, as there is a gender imbalance in Equestria, being of the rarer variety made it easier to explain away quirks that arose from flaws in my disguise.
Would you like me to show you?"
His yell of surprise is muffled by your hoof crushing down over his mouth, hitting the ground hard as you restrain him. predictably, he starts thrashing and trying to get away.
You notice the path is taking you close to where that Plant is.
"Er, darling?" Boon speaks up nervously. "Ye sure we're going the right way?"


"I would like to see."


"…Hey Lavender. Where are we going exactly?"


Automatically restrain him.
"Shhhh" I say. "Stop struggling. You were shouting out there like a beginner. This is a secret meeting remember?"
Look right at him.
"I needed to shut you up. You never know if some sleepless guard hears you."


To the river. We can follow it back to my tribe. Why do you ask?
He stops squirming and nods as best he can.
There's a flash of green fire, and Amor is back in front of you, only… different.
Her muzzle is much shorter and rounded, her body thinner and softer, with a longer mane and tail… and thicker, well-rounded hips.
"Well," she asks quietly in a clearly feminine voice, "what do you…"
She blinks.
"You are not as… apprehensive as before… the constant caution you have shown before is gone… you even…"
her cheeks start to faintly flush.
"Do you… find this form attractive?"


"Gave you been here before?"
Embrace my weapons.


"Good. Were you followed?"
If he nods no, I'll ask again "you sure?"


"I don't know if you have noticed, but I do not hold the same kind of interest in stallions like other mares do. The memories that surround them are unpleasant."


Yes. Have you? There's some pretty nasty stuff around here.
You come to the very familiar wall of brush.
We need to go around this. You… don't want to know what's inside.
Both times he nods.
"I am sorry that I have made you uncomfortable before now. I cannot assume a different form without drawing suspicion while in public… but if you wish, I will assume this form whenever we are alone together. Would that be acceptable for you?"


Nods no, I mean.


He nods yes when I ask "you sure" surely?


"If you wish. I do not fear stallions, but I am not attracted to them. … It is unnatural of me."


Can I hear what she is thinking to us?


"How large is it…"


Nope. You could bring that up if you wish.
Yes, he's fucking sure. Geez.
"Then I shall. I…" She looks down and scrapes at the floor. "I wish for you to be attracted to me… because… I am attracted to you."
Big. It's a plant that… well, you won't forget your first experience with it, I'll tell you that much.


"Why are you talking to yourself?"


Just making sure.
Sentry Backstab him.
I'd appreciate it if in this case the Backstab could be fluffed as strangling him to death.


Flick my tail.
"… I am with Wheat Field. She would be angry with me if she knew. I like you, but I like her as well. I do not wish to hurt her. I never want to see her be hurt."


Har har.
"How do we tell the size?"
"The mare is psychic."


"She's what?"


"Try it yourself. Talk with her."




Clearly he wasn't expecting this, so he's helpless to resist as your hooves constrict around his windpipe. Choking and gagging, he flails about wildly, unable to land a hit from his pinned position beneath you.
Gradually, his struggles grow weaker, his mouth opening and closing as he gasps for air that never comes.
Eventually, he goes still. You keep the pressure on, waiting until his pulse also fades away into nothingness before letting go.
He's dead, Jim.
…What do you mean?
She nods.
"I know, and I understand. This does not change the fact that I am attracted to you. There are cultures where multiple lovers are allowed, and even encouraged; if Wheat Field was open to such an arrangement, I would be very happy. However, if she wishes to remain exclusive, I understand and will not press the issue. I sense your love for her; I would not interfere with something so… clear."
Hello there! Sorry about this, it's the only way I can communicate until we learn each other's language!


I blink in surprise.
"How are you doing that?"


"The size of this thing. I've fallen into it once, won't happen again. The telltale signs of this plant."


That was easy.
Drag him deeper into the forest.
I made a grave before. Throw him in.
Before I start burying him, take a moment to inwardly say a silent prayer to the zebra gods.
Then bury him, nice and good.


"I do not know what to think. Master often shared his bed with several of us. I must consider this."


She taps her glowing horn.
Mindwalking! Not the easiest thing to do, but definitely worth it in this case! I've never met a buffalo before; Aren't you warm beneath all that fur?
She stops dead.
You've… fallen into the Violator's den before?
Roll to see how undetectable you make his grave. bad rolls mean he might resurface if it rains hard enough.
"I understand. Whatever your decision, I shall abide by it. If you do bring it to Wheat Fields attention, inform her that I am a changeling. I would not wish for her to agree under false pretenses."


Another time.


I have good eyes to see if it's a good grave '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Very interesting. And yes, I am very warm. Why are we stopping?"


"Okay. Thank you for your trust. I will keep your true nature to myself for as long as you wish."


Just for fluff, I know there's no apple in my inventory, but can I be eating one while digging the grave and after I did the little prayer but before I close it I throw the leftover in there?


Indeed. Your experience guides you to the perfect spot, filled with bugs and insects. The corpse will decompose swiftly removing any evidence of who it once was.
She stares at you.
Then snorts.
Then, right then and there, she falls to the ground, breaking out into gales of laughter.
This is where the Violator dwells.
Further answers are hindered by her rolling on the ground laughing.
"Thank you. Take care, Ambrosia."
There's a knock on the door.
"Just a moment!"
In a flash of green fire, Amor is male once more.
"That is my next appointment. I am… glad we were able to talk."
Sure thing.


Stroll back to town and go to sleep.
As shall I.


"What is the Violator? Why are you laughing so close to where something called the Violator lives."
I ready my hatchet and look around cautiously.


"Let's keep going and not get too close to those bushes… I can get us to the river and we will see from there.
Let her have her laugh."
Leave her there and keep going.


"I am pleased too. I hope we can speak again soon. Be well."
Off I go.
To Wheat Field…


Eventually she recovers from her laughing fit.
The… the Violator is a plant… that takes it's prey and… and injects them with it's fluids… everywhere it can…
She giggles again.
Some ponies take antidote and… voluntarily go in because they enjoy it… But she stumbled in… not knowing what it… hahahahahahahahaha!
The minute she sees you, she flies over and tackles you into a hug. Or tries to. However, it fails to move you so much as an inch.
"Hey there, Amby! Where you been?"



Roll #1 1 = 1


Turn around in rage and seize her neck with a talon, pinning her to the ground.
Bring out my weapon and aim it at her temple.


The implication goes miles over my head.
"That sounds incredibly painful. I can hardly see why ponies would want to get stuck and shot up with needles by doctors, much less plants."

Off I go-

I grab your talon and yank it into the air.


"I spoke with Amor."
Take out the list Pejula gave me.
"I must first gather some of these requested ingredients. Perhaps we should talk after."
Can my garden supply all this?

Roll #1 3 = 3


And I punch you into next monday.
Earthen Smash.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Her eyes go wide, trembling as she fearfully puts her hooves over your talons, too scared to actually try and pull them off.
P…please… I-I-I'm sorry…
Boon tackles you off her.
"Julia, what the fuck what that?!"
Some, but nowhere near enough.
"Amor? What did you two talk about?"




"I said-"

I take a step to the side as the groof slams into me. I galre at the two gryphons and speak in a sharp voice.
"What is going on?"


Miracle Grow could help out?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Get a fucking hold of yerself! Yer talking crazy!"
Boon's a unicorn.
Nature hears, and Nature provides. It only provides enough to fill the list, but it provides.
"Us? …Have I been coming on too strong with the sex? I tend to come on too strong with the sex."


Push him off.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I speak in a stern tone.
"Calm down or I will dose you with something foul tasting that will last the rest of the day."


"Oh not you too. Just stay out of this!"


He's got a lot of experience keeping you pinned beneath him, though this is admittedly more violent than usual.
"Julia? Julia, sweetheart, look me in the eyes. Look into my eyes, baby. Come on, look, look at me."


Put it neatly in a bag so I can bring it to the buffalo later.
"No. That part is… very enjoyable."
Turn to her.
"We have never discussed our pasts before."


Nope. Not having any of that.
Avoid his gaze.
"Get off me. You're hurting…"


She pauses.
"…Yeah, we haven't." she slowly turns around.
"We should… go inside for this…"
He grabs your jaw and forces your head around to look at him. '1d10'
"Julia, listen to me…"

Roll #1 3 = 3


I glare at you.

Then turn to the native.
"Are you alright, sweety?"


For god's sake I'm freaking out here. Push him off.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"As you wish."
Follow suit.


She just curls up in a ball and whimpers.
"For crying out… please fergive me fer this…"
drawing his hoof back, he gives you a slap to try to knock you back to your senses. '1d10'
Inside she sits down and smiles uneasily at you.
"So… how much did he tell you about me?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Shiver and sob a bit at that, stopping my fighting.


"Nothing. He said we were both troubled."



Alright back, where are we?


"Julia… Julia please…"
With you no longer fighting back, he's able to turn you to look at him, his eyes briming with unshed tears.
"Julia baby, please… snap out of it… I'm right here…"
Whooh boy. Check these posts.


Sibil through my beak.
"Get away from me. Now."


I lay down next to her and stroke her head with a hoof.
"There there. You are safe now, little one."


Laugh a bit to relieve my own tension. "Yea. I mean you have a pretty hard work out here."
Whew. "I guess is should bring a roll of bandages with me for later?"


Run towards Lavender.
"What has happened, is she okay?"


He just leans down and hugs you.
"I was there too, remember? I know it hurts, I know."
She sniffles and huddles up.
I… I didn't know… I-I'm sorry…
"That would be wise."
she hands you a pack of gauze and bandages.
"Now, do you know how to use these, or should I demonstrate?"



All the while, stand still, teeming with anger.
"Hey, fuck you. I don't need this.
I don't need to be reminded of that by her, by you, or by anypony.
Let me go now."


"I just wrap them around my leg right?"


"I… I see. So, you want to tell me about your past… or should I tell you mine?"
You can summarize your past if you want.
"No. I'm not going to let you do something you'll regret. No matter how much it hurts me…"
She sighs heavily.
"All right, time for a crash course on proper bandage application…"
Roll to see how well you pick up her teaching.


"That gryphon pointed a gun in her face and started yelling."

I hug her against me.
"It's okay now."


Just dont do it anymore okay? Specially in front of Julia, she is kind of uppity as you can clearly say. I smile and pat her head.
Aint she a meany is she not? I grin.

I nod at Pejula and look at Julia.
"What happened?"


'1d10' Psh I bet I can get this, its part of survival and I totally should be good at that by now.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Boon you have five seconds to let me go or I'm going to kick you so hard in the babymaker you won't walk ever again."


Kinda pinned and in a deep relationship crisis right now.


"We should both. It is of no matter to me who goes first."
Sit down somewhere. We'll probably be here for a long time. Maybe get some water to quench the thirst from all the talking.


"That gryphon pointed a gun in her face and started yelling."
I point at Julià.


N-no it's not… s-she's mad at me now because I laughed at her… I didn't know she doesn't like getting laughed at…
D-don't say that… I'm the one who screwed up…
Yep, it's basically a refresher course on what you already know.
"Well," she says, sounding pleased, "looks like you know more about this than you let on."
It takes a moment, but he finally lets go and steps back.
A long time later, you finish telling your story. She sits quietly for a moment.
"Wow… not being allowed to fly… I… I can't even…"
She starts to sob as she pulls you into a hug.
"Oh you poor thing! I'm so, so sorry you had to grow up like that!"


I frown at the sight of Julia being pinned by her lover. And she is disapproving of what Lavender has done to me I think on myself.

I approach Boon and stand next to him and ready my paw to my weapon.


Finally stand up and clean myself, glaring daggers at Boon all the while.
Pick up my weapons again and holster them.
Flap up a tree and nest there, in silence.


Hug her back. Not too strong though.
"It is okay, Wheat Field. I am at peace with it. I am content now. Happy, thanks to you."


"Well, Its been a while since the filly-scouts, but you never really forget do you?" I chuckle.


I keep hugging her and making soothing sounds.
"Relax, little one. She is calming down now."


"Julia! What the hell happened? We cant delay or this travel will last us five days or a week!"

I then look at Lavender
What happened? Tell me?


"Get lost."


Boon sighs, then silently sits down at the foot of the tree.
"Guess we're camping here tonight."
He glares at you.
"Put yer goddamn weapon down, boy."
She chuckles too.
"Guess not. You're good to go. Now CHANGE THOSE BANDAGES!"
I don't want her to hate me…
"You wouldn't be, if you'd known me before."
She pulls away.
"I'm a whore, Ambrosia. Whenever I wanted something, I'd sleep with whoever I needed to in order to get it. I discarded partners like trash, and… eventually it caught up to me…"
I-I screwed up…


"Yes Maim." Whistle to my firy-hawk and go explore somewhere else in town.


I cock my head.


I smile at Pejula seeing her calming the native pone down.

I huff at her and turn to Boon clearly irritated before put down my weapon then approached him.
"What happened? Why did she point that gun to the native? She is crucial for the negotiations with their tribe and Julia knows that."


I shrug.
"We can't always get what we want."

I smile back.
"You've been very quiet until just now. What is your name?"


I nod to the Buffalo.
"Askeladd, a guard of the settlement, you're Pejula if I am correct?"

Telepathy to Lavender
Screwed up how? I am lost here and if things dont clear up then this little travel of ours might be cut short. I cant let people who hated each other travel you know.


Where you want to go?
"Because I figured out that ponies will give you whatever you want if you fuck them, okay!? I was selfish and arrogant and thought I was fucking invincible, that I'd got the game rigged and just needed to sit back and count my winnings!"
She sighs and slumps her shoulders.
"Then I found out that not everyone likes to just drop it.. that leaving the wrong guy lands you in a heap of trouble…"
I… I found out that she'd been caught in the violator and… it was funny, so I started laughing… and she got really angry because I laughed… I didn't know…
She just curls up tighter.


Give me a couple couple choices?


I nod.
"I make medicines, tinctures, and such."

I keep hugging her and making soothing noises, but don't say anything else.


Take a step back as she has her outburst.
"… I'm sorry."


I turn to her.
What is a violator?
Whatever it is, you need to apologize, clearly whatever that is Julia is clearly pissed.

I look at Boon scratching my head.
"Will Julia be… fine? We cant linger until nightfall."

I nod.
"All of us need some healing, whether it be physically or emotionally, looks like you can handle both,"


I smile again.
"What a polite young man."


I shrug with a grin.
"I'm just stating a fact.


Well, there's Figworth's bar downtown, The guard barracks, a forge if there's some stuff you'd like made, or a quick trot down the streets to see who you bump into.
"Don't be," she sighs, sagging in place.
"I was living like an idiot, and it came back to bite me. Slept with the wrong guy, and when I took his money and ran, he came after me. Turned out, he had connections to some… very bad ponies."
She shudders to herself.
"We can and will. Start setting up camp."
she explains the giant tentacle rape plant to you.
b-but everyone knows about them! Some even take antidotes and go in willingly because they enjoy it! I've even been in one before; I didn't realize she'd get so upset about it!


"… You fled here. They are still looking for you?"


"Oh you, such a flatterer."

I help set up camp.


I.. I see, well… not everyone are really into that… thing. Whatever that thing looks like, you even laughed that cause more injury to her. I pat her head.
Alright then, just tell her a sincere apology. Whether she accepts it or not what matter is the thought. I smile


"…that implies they didn't catch me."
She shudders and hugs herself.
"I learned pretty quick that I… wasn't all I thought I was. Sure as hell wasn't invincible…"


"They… hurt you…"


Lets go to the bar. Surely I can't mess up that.


"Am I now? Not many got to tell me that come to think of it." I smile as I help set up camp and let the angry griffon sleep on top of the tree.


She hangs her head.
"only reason I got out was… after a few weeks they decided they'd had their fun, gagged and blindfolded me… tied my hooves to a bunch of cinderblocks and… dumped me into the harbor."
It's not very crowded. a young stallion behind the bar smiles and waves to you.
"Welcome to Figworth's bar! What can I get you?"


I laugh.
"I'm sure all the lady dogs tell you that."

I pull out my supplies and start brewing us all some relaxing tea.


Clench my jaw.
"But you survived."


"Uh.. some-"
wait, how I do even pay for this, have they been paying me?
"-Hmm maybe some water while I decide? Can I have a menu? And maybe your name?"


"Well not many lady dogs are in the settlement and amongst them Crooked ears stand out." I smile


"Ahh, love. Does she return your affections?"


"I do like her… but settling down with someone is not within my agenda as of yet. Until I am able to earn my own plot of land here without hitches or anything then perhaps I can think of settling down."


Boon sighs as he leans against a tree.
"She's… been through a lot. Don't be too hard on her okay?"
"I shouldn't have. I still remember holding my breath as long as I could…choking as I made the mistake of trying to take a breath… feeling my lungs fill with water… and the one thing that kept going through my mind as everything started to fade away… was how fucking worthless my entire life had been. In all those years since I'd left home, what had I accomplished? Fucking a few guys out of their money? Abusing the charity of a couple mares, only to leave in the middle of the night because I got bored? I was dying… and I started to realize I'd never even lived."
She takes a sobbing breath, rubbing tears from her eyes.
"I woke up getting CPR from some old fisherstallion. He'd seen what had happened, and came as quick as he could. He saved me… but I still can't go swimming or… even stand walking through a puddle."
"Name's Keg, gorgeous," he winks as he passes you a menu.
"You the latest addition to the guard?"


I nod approvingly as I sprinkle dried leaves into the boiling water.
"That is very responsible of you."

I look sideways at him.
"If you say so."


Check over the menu for whatever currency they use here.
"Hmm yea. Kyrstal. I'm working under Ruby.. Though.. Arriving at the same time as a native attack was a spot of bad luck on my part. Its been nothing but clean up."


Move closer again.
"This is why you left for this place. Yes?"


"Every time I woke up, I kept thinking I was back there, that I was going to wake up to getting…"
She hangs her head almost to the floor.
"I came here because it was the only place I knew I wouldn't have to always be looking over my shoulder. Where I could start again and… maybe start a farm of my own. I'd always wanted one… a place of my own, where I could work and fuck all day and go to sleep next to somepony each night…"
She hugs you.
"Thanks for letting me pretend I could have that. Even if it was only for a while."
"I can imagine. Krystal, eh? Well, darling, first drink's on the house for militia and guards."
He leans in and smirks.
"Second drink's on the house for cute mares."


I nod at Boon.
"I see, I'll put that into mind. Feisty is she not?"

"I… want a new life here. Its an opportunity you know. Little point if I just end up as a landless guard again like my past life back in the forts."


"I would kill them if I ever saw them."
Hug her back.
"Why only for a while? Do you wish to… stop?"


Just leeean on back a bit. personal space! Smile though.
"Well, Keg, I'll take that first drink. Hmm maybe you could tell me more about the ponies here? You all seem.. so special.." dance my hoof across the table as I say that.


"I see. I came here seeking a place where newage medicine would not threaten my way of life."


"You… don't?"
She blinks as you hug her.
"B-but I… I slept around with… with so many ponies! and non-ponies! And… and I was a bitch back then; how… how do you not hate me?"
He goes ahead and fills your mug.
"Well, we're all here in search of something. Gotta say though, we're a ragtag band of misfits if ever there was one. You got all sorts living here in town."


Drink slowly. "I'll say.. there is a certain.. uh. free spirit in your town. Its nothing like where I thought I'd end up."


Nuzzle her cheek in affection.
"You are not a 'bitch' now. I do not wish to see you sad or hurt. And… you… love me, no?"
Look at her in the eyes.


"Newage? What does that mean?" I chuckle


"Yep," he remarks cheerfully. "Not having to stick to the stuffy rules back home makes ponies feel free you know?"
He smirks a little as he leans on the counter, this time far enough back to not invade your personal bubble.
"Though, some ponies get a little too free, if you know what I mean. Still, better to go nude than in a straight jacket, am I right?"
She blinks, looking you in the eyes. She looks absolutely terrified.
"I… I don't know… you're important to me… more important than anyone's ever been before… I-I don't know how to know if I'm in love… I don't want to say no, because… the thought of you leaving makes my heart ache… but I can't say yes, because… I don't want to hurt you if… if it turns out I'm wrong…."


"Pills and shots and other unnatural things like that."
I frown and pour myself some tea.
"Care for some tea?"

"Do any of you want any tea?"


"Sure, why not," Boon remarks, scooting a little closer.
That sounds nice…


"… Do you think you can love me one day?"
thanks for running


"Oh! I understand pills but shots? What is that?"
I then get the tea from your hoof and slowly sip.
"Well, a little tea here can calm anyone's nerves." I smile.


I relax my shoulder popping the joint a little and smiling, and even laughing a bit.
"Would you believe I was headed for prance, one of the stuffiest places in the realm?"


"Shots. They inject liquid medicine into you through a needle. It is much healthier to simply drink a potion or some special tea."


He busts out laughing.
"I'm sorry then, this must be the exact opposite of what you were wanting then!"
"…I… I'd be an idiot not to try."
No prob.


"Really? That sounds… kind of painful… but it does sounds quite effective. So it goes directly inside you instead of going through your stomach right?"

I sip my tea and finish

How is Lavender holding?


I pour each of them a cup.


I laugh even harder in response.
"Its so ridiculous. I thought I was dreaming at first."


She seems to have recovered a bit. The tea is certainly helping. She still looks terrible, though.
The both thank you and take their cups. Boon immediately chugs his, his cheeks bulging as the tea scalds his tongue before he manages to gulp it all down.
Lavender giggles at this, then claps a hoof over her mouth and looks around fearfully.


"Well, sorry you didn't end up where you wanted, but hey, at least the company's nice, right?"


Take a large sip.
"Ah, I think its probably the best company I'll see for a long while."
"Hey.. it wasn't made totally clear to me.. so I'll ask you.. Why build a town way out here?"


I nod.
"Right, but it is unnatural. Better to stick with the traditions."

"Be patient, Boon."




"I see, it really depends on the patient but I prefer to drink my medicine than sticking it within me. " I grin with a hint of uncertainty in my voice.


"That is very wise of you."
I keep sipping my tea.


Keep nuzzling her.
"Thank you, Wheat Field. You have made me happy so far. You must know this."


"I… Thank you. I'll do my best to keep making you happy."
She continues to hug and nuzzle you, her hooves starting to roam a little.
"You've… made me happy too. Happier than I've been in… a long time."


"I will do what I can to keep it that way. Your happiness is most important to me."
Let her go ahead.
"There is something else. It is not an easy matter but it cannot stay unresolved."


She pauses, then continues to softly knead the area between your wings.
"I'm listening…"


"I have been asked to only tell this to ponies I trust. It must remain a secret."


"I understand. This stays between you and me."


"Have you heard of changelings before, Wheat Field?"


She freezes, stiffening in your grip.
"…Yes… why…"
chuckling nervously, she slides back a bit.
"Y-you're not going to stick me in a pod and drain my love, are you?"


"Pod? I am a mammal."
Cock my head.
"I am not a changeling. But somebody else is."


"How do you know? Did you see them?"


"There is only one. Amor is a changeling. I am not familiar with the species, but he has found a way to break free from his brood queen. He did not wish to serve her further."


She relaxes a little.
"Um… how do you know all this? I doubt he just told you…"


"He did. He says he feared he would one day be discovered and wished to confide his secret with me. Are changelings and ponies natural enemies?"


She blinks at you.
"How can you ask that? They're love-sucking monsters!
Wait… Amor is a changeling? That… that can't be right…"


"It is right."
I cock my head.
"Why are they monsters? He seemed insectoid. Not demonic."


"Well… I dunno, they just… are! I mean, they eat love! That's pretty demonic if you ask me!"
Despite this, she looks a bit shaken.
"Are… are you sure he's a changeling? He… he was always so nice… knew exactly what to say…"


"Demons come from Tartarus. Insects are nature's creation. I did not sense any corruption or demonic influence."


Look at Lavender
Wait, are there anymore things besides violators that we should be worried about in this forest? How big can the animals get here?