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Julia, Ambrosia, and Figworth are exploring an ancient Primedian ruin. Julia has just discovered something terrible about them, but it raises more questions than answers…

Everyone else is back in town.


I think…
I just swore of never touching this console again. Help myself up and look for the others.


How do we get out of here?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Did you find anything of importance?"


Where else but in town would the mayor be?


Drinks where?


"I wish I knew."


"Something bad's in those things," Boon says, standing next to Julia supportively. He's clearly worried about her.
There seems to be a very orderly layout to this place. If you head down the hallway, you'll probably find a way out.
There's a bar at the side of town.
I believe you were last looking into some noise complaints?


That I was. Is said pony around?


"We should find the exit."


"Yes. Unnatural ruins."
Use the hallway to find the way out.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Good, let's head inside.
"Anypony home?"



Judging by the muffled mumbling coming from the very large tent, yes. This tent is much taller than any pony, probably so that things don't splash up and hit the roof from the inside.
There's a total of eight rooms in this hallway. At the end of the hall,you find a set of stairs going up!
A colt looks up and smiles as you enter. "Welcome! I'm Keg, and this is Figworth's famous bar! What can I get for you?"


… A colt? How young exactly?
"Uh. Do you folks do takeaways as well? I need some drinks for a friend of mine who's in the clinic."


I don't want to just barge in.
"Um, excuse me?"


Up we go. Happy to be out of here.


Probably about twenty-ish, just barely out of his teens.
"Sure thing. Just place your order and, ah, we'd appreciate if you brought the mugs back."
No response.
"That's not going to work," Geneva informs you. "She won't notice you unless you put yourself in her way; it's difficult to break her concentration."
…It leads to another dark hallway.


"Sure. Uhm… could I get some whiskey maybe?"


Stare at it, then look at the party.
"We are not outside."


Let out a sigh of relief…
And then a groan.
What's in this room?
"No, we are not."


Wake up, where am I?


Anything special here? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Enter the tent then.


"Sure thing!" He grins and leans over the counter towards you.
"I take it you don't frequent these establishments very often."
"Oh really?" Boon drawls lazily. "I hadn't noticed. Thank ye for that astute observation."
You'll just have to take a look around, now won't you?



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well… no, not often. When I do I make sure to have somepony with me because I tend to have poor self-restraint when it comes to drinking…"


"No problem, I live to please."


It's a… well, it's certainly a mess… in fact, it's such a mess, you don't even know what most of the stuff's supposed to be for.
There's a mare at a table of bubbling vials, muttering to herself as she scribbles at her notepad, at least three different books laid open in front of her. Pausing, she takes a swig from her inkwell and dips her quill in her drink, grimacing and muttering something about coffee.
"Ah, a lightweight, eh? What are you doing getting something as strong as whiskey? Got a wild night planned out?"
There's only three rooms up here, seeing as the hallway's collapsed halfway through. You do, however, manage to find a room that looks like it might have once been an armory.
The hallway's collapsed about halfway through.
He just looks at you before shaking his head.
"Yer something else, gal," he mutters out loud. "Don't know what that fool sees in ye…"


Anything useable? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


No other ways out?
A map would help.


"Not a lightweight! Just hard to stop sometimes. But I'll manage."





That cannot be healthy. Walk closer and tap her on the shoulder with my TK, from a safe distance.
"Excuse me?"


There's a long rectangular thing set up in the corner, a few swords on the wall bearing magical signatures, and a few smaller rectangular things in a row. The rectangular things look oddly similar to what Julia's carrying…
Roll to search for a map.
"All right then, but I'd hate to see you hurt yourself." He passes you a mug. "Enjoy."
"Nevermind, ain't my place to say."
Passed out on top of a pile of mares, though it seems most of them wandered off before you woke up.
She jumps, whirling and dropping into a combat stance before she sees you and relaxes.
"Oh. Good evening Magistre. Pony of authority; personal visit unlikely, as we aren't acquainted; accompanied by assistant, means business visit. How may I be of assistance?"


I'm an explorer!
I'd obviously draw a map of the rooms I've visited so far.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"One mug?"


"Very astute. First of all, good day. Second of all, I hope you realize you drank some of your ink, which is probably not good for your health. The matter that brings me here, however, is some voice complaints we have recieved."


"Miss Julia, there are more of these contraptions here, like what you carry."




"Pick one, it's gonna be useful!
These are blasters."


He looks puzzled.
"Well, I'm not allowed to drink while I'm working…"
Incoming. Give me a sec.
She frowns, then looks at her inkwell.
"Knew the coffee was too bitter. Ah well. Noise complaints? Implausible. All experiments have been kept below standard decibel limitations."


Pick a few of those things.
"How do I use them?"


"I am afraid your calculations may have been incorrect, because there was more than one pony claiming the opposite."


Stand up and clean myself up! Wait anyone of them still here? What time is it?


"What? No, I told you, I'm visiting a friend at the clinic!"


Which ones?
"Careful," Boon cautions you. "Those things are dangerous."
"Unfortunate. Very well, will readjust noise parameters. Also, have you experienced an odd desire for bananas or oranges?"
"Oh, right! Here," He passes you another mug, then leans across the counter.
"So," you can hear the grin in his voice, "who's the lucky stallion?"
Stream and Moondancer are still here, sleeping soundly. Ruby's passed out over on the pillows. The others are nowhere to be seen.


the smaller ones?


"I wouldn't call him lucky seeing how wounded he is, but his name is Blaze."


Inspect that room aswell. How many blasters?


"…an odd desire for bananas or oranges? Can't say that I have."


I go and peek outside, what time is it?


"Any stallion who gets to spend the night getting drunk with a mare as lovely as you is lucky in my book."
He goes back across the counter and waves a hoof at you.
"Now go have some fun. Just don't open any of his injuries back up!"
Two small ones like yours, and one large one that's probably a rifle.
There's also two magical-looking swords on the wall.
You pick one up. It's rectangular and covered in odd markings, with a red gem imbedded in the back.
She nods and scribbles something down. "Good, good. Be sure to get plenty of bedrest and chicken noodle soup. No wait, that's a griffon cure for the common cold…" She trails off, muttering as she returns to her project.
Still evening. Guess you weren't out that long. You're definitely feeling sore, though.


Look at Geneva with a lost expression.
"You think she registered what I even said?"


Well now. Plenty of loot. I'd throw the rifle to Boon, but he's not gonna give up Bessy.
Instead, open it up myself and try it.


Well if that is so, perhaps hanging out with these ponies and get to know them a bit more will not be a bad idea.
Go and close the tent before approaching Moondancer and lie next to her as I cuddle and nuzzle her tight.
"Looks like Holly has gone back to her tent it seems." I whispered to her.


To the clinic!


"Eh, not my thing," he shrugs. "Hey Figworth, catch!"
Boon tosses you the long rectangle thing.
Blaze looks up as you enter.
"What did you get for us?" He asks hopefully. He sounds happy to see you.
She shrugs.
"I guess we just have to hope for the best."
She groans then kicks weakly. "Fuck, big guy," she moans, "you packing a log down there? I won't be able to walk straight for a week."


Pick a sword. Or is it just a hilt?


"Some whiskey from the bar, hope you like it. I sure love me some malt!"


Float over a piece of paper and levitate the pen out my attire's pocket.
Write "REMEMBER: LOWER NOISE " with big letters on it, and float it between her notes that she is working on.




I chuckle and nuzzle her/
"Dont blame me, you ponies are the one's who approached me not the other way around." I then just cuddle her more closer, as one of my hand slowly drifts to her flank and into her snatch to see if my seeds are still flowing out of her.

"Say, Moondancer what is your job in this settlement?" I asked curiously.


"Didn't take you for a drinking gal," he jokes as he takes his mug, then raises it to you.
"To a job well done."
Roll to see how sneaky you are.
Full swords. One glows green, the other glows blue. Which do you take first?
She gasps and shivers under your touch. Only a little bit, but she's really sticky down there.
"Aah, I, ah… I'm a woodworker. I make furniture, walls, floors… stuff with wood."


"Maybe we should bring these back to the settlement. For the guards."
Even though one would be nice, to cut plants to bits…


"I don't drink that often really, certainly not when I'm alone."
I probably don't notice the gesture he's making, so just take a small sip instead.



Roll #1 9 = 9


These are not mine to take…


I chuckle, "It seems I really made a number on you. I' lot of my seeds is still down there."
Seeing her current situation is still good enough I stop touching her down there and just cuddle.
"Can you make shields, spears and such? If not perhaps practice weapons?"


"Eh, most of them would probably cut themselves before they got any use out of them," Boon remarks. "'Sides, yer the one risking yer hide out here; ye need the best ye can get."
He's quiet for a moment, then takes a sip.
"…It must be difficult at times."
Boon sees your hesitance.
"Gal, we're in the middle of who-knows-where. We need all the advantages we can get to get out of here alive. Now go grab one of those swords; ye look like ye know how to use them."
"I, ah, I suppose… you'd have to come by later and give me specifics."
She's quiet for a minute as she cuddles with you.
"…what exactly am I to you?"




… I like green, that's the color of nature.
Carefully grab the green one!



Pick the blue one then, weight it in my talon.


Acquired Renervating sword!
#Renervating sword: single. On a successful hit, regenerate 1 hit. Crits restore 1 wound instead.
She'll never suspect a thing. You make sure to leave it right where she's sure to find it. All in all, a masterful job.
"Not being able to tell how other ponies are feeling. At least not as easily as the rest of us."


I stop and ponder for a moment.
"You look like a decent unicorn, though a bit of a curious and adventurous one I can tell, not to mention sociable too considering you have many friends and does not shy away to do social gatherings… like these one."
"I also find you particularly cute." I nuzzle.


Smile to myself and put my pen away.
"I think we are done here, Geneva!"


"Oh… yeah, sometimes. Not being able to read expressions like you guys can makes it pretty tricky. I tend to listen to the voice instead. The tone of voices can tell you a lot!"


I like.


Acquired mystic sword!
#mystic sword: All abilities with the spell tag have their recharge reduced by 1. This can reduce recharge to 0.
Boon smiles and nods.
"It suits ye. Now let's see about getting out of here."
"Well done, miss Magistre. Shall we return to the Townhouse?"
"It can't tell you everything."
He's quiet again for a minute.
"Is it true… is it true that you can see things by touching them?"


"Yes. Let us."


How useless to me!
Sure, I could use it to spam Earthen Strike, but that's asking for troubles. But I will keep it good for the moment.
Now about the map…



"We shall!"


"Kind of. I kind of know what my mother's face 'looked' like by touching it with my hooves, for example. That said, my magic is still the best tool to use. Hard to beat that."
I smile.
"… Except with working eyes of course!"


There's eight rooms in bottom hall, and three rooms up here. Maybe one of them has a way out?
She giggles and nuzzles back.
"I'm… glad to hear it. I mean, I know you don't see us as just pieces of meat, but… I had to hear you say it.
I think you're a kind and caring diamond dog, always putting yourself between others and danger. You've paid for that, if your scars are anything to go by. You're also a bit too focused on satisfying yourself in bed." She giggles. "You're lucky that we don't particularly mind."
"Magic? Oh, of course! Can you see my face right now?" He takes another swig.


And back to the Townhouse you go.
"So, there doesn't seem to be anything else pressing for today, and… I've been wanting to get to know you better. Mind telling me some stuff about your past?"


"Well… no. I know where you are and what your position is, but I can't read your facial expressions without… well without using my hooves I guess. Which would be very awkward to do to friends and strangers alike!"


Try one of the two other rooms up here.


Follow the two explorers.


I look a bit surprised at her.
"Oh? Myself? I'm not that interesting, really!"


"…I want you to see my face."
He takes your hooves in his.
"You at least deserve to know what I look like… considering you saved my life and all."
One of the rooms opens up into a huge tunnel. It looks like something dug into this room. Maybe the tunnel leads out?


"You- … oh. That's… very nice of you. I'd be happy to."


He gently guides your hooves to his face.
"I'm, ah… not actually sure how to do this…"
His breath tickles your hooves.

She smiles at you.
"Everypony says that. Let's start with where you worked before you came here. I worked as an accountant at a banking firm in Canterlot."


"Okay, let's see just how deep the rabbit's hole really is.
I'm fully expecting to actually find a rabbit on the other side."
Groan, and flap inside.


"I was a secretary myself for a long time, but with enough ambition, managed to be the Deputy Mayor of a small town in Equestria."


"Would rabbits be bad? They are small and harmless."


"So are squirrels, but they nearly chewed my throat off. Things here are ten times their size."


Boon looks around appraisingly.
"Pardon my Prench, but that's a damn big rabbit."
"Oh? I take it you enjoyed your work. Why'd you leave?"


"… All of it? Like that badger?"


"Because I got this opportunity of course, and it sounded so exciting!"


I shake my head and bite my lip, moving my hooves closer to touch his face in silence. Try to feel every single one of his facial features.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"After the roaches and the squirrels, I'm pretty sure anything here is magnum sized."
"Like that badger we haven't even met yet and now I'm fearing for my life once more.


"My pleasure."


"I knew you'd have said that."


Stare at her for a moment.
"You did?"






"Ow, careful there!" he giggles.


"I'm a great detective."


"Sorry. I'll be more careful."

Roll #1 4 = 4


I nod slowly.
"You are."


"Hey, that tickles! Here," he places his hooves over yours, "let me help."
Rollan to see how he does helping you. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3




"Really? I took this job because nopony else would hire me."
She looks away.
"Though the fact that it was an adventure was a nice bonus…"
Nothing so far, but it seems to be sloping upwards. You're definitely on your way out!


Yes, how does that work out?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Since I have the forebonding feeling of something horrible coming up ahead, let's take this moment to part with all those I ever loved.
Starting with the shadow guy I talked with only once.
Gotta roll?


"They were imbeciles then. Your service so far is more than I could ever ask from anyone, and I'm very happy that I can work with you!"


Decently. His features are a little blurred, but you can tell he's smiling, his muzzle smaller than most stallions, high cheekbones and a small forehead.
"Sorry, the alcohol must be getting to me."
Nope, since he knows you.
Hey gal, about time you called me! So, how'd you like peeping on other ponies' journals?
She sighs.
"It was politics, more than anything. I just ended up on the wrong end of an upper management deal gone wrong."


Number one, not ponies. Number two, not gonna do that again for a while. Number three, what are you, always watching?


I smile.
"Thank you. Not just anypony allows me to see them in this way."


"You know how the saying goes. Politics is more dangerous than war, for in war they can only kill you once."


Me? Isn't it obvious? I'm the blaster! Didn't you talk to that long metal gal once you were done talking to me? Come on, get with the program!
Anyway, what happened? Find a stash of some pervert's fantasies?

"Not just anypony would fight so hard to keep me alive. You can touch me anytime."
"Ain't it the truth."
She shakes her head and pours some whiskey into two glasses, passing you one.
"It's been a long day today. What say we unwind while we can?"


I chuckle and retract my hoof.
"Just doing my job… we got pretty lucky all things considered."


"Yeah, things got hairy for a while there."
He chuckles, then sighs.
"I just feel so useless. I mean, ponies are counting on me, and when push came to shove, I wasn't strong enough. If you hadn't been there, we'd have been toast, and it would have been my fault."


In a way. I've seen the last days of your city. I've seen when the monsters took over…


"I'm glad you think the same way I do!"
Clink our glasses together.
"To the best secretary on this continent!"


"You're just militia! Without training, you've done waaaay better then you ought to have had. On the contrary, you should be really proud of yourself. My responsibility is to provide security for the colony and I'm going to help the militia train for combat situations for your safety. Why, you'll be better than me in no time!"


He goes silent for a moment, becoming absolutely unreadable. When he finally speaks up, he's quiet and apprehensive.
Those guys are bad news. You listen to me, and you drop this right now and look the other way, because these ain't the type of beings you want to know that you exist.
She smiles as she clinks glasses with you.
"To the mayor of Horton, Best boss I've ever had!"
"Really?" He sounds excited. "You could train me? That would be awesome!
Wait… you think I did good?"


Blaster- It's been sixty thousand years ago.
I feel pretty safe right now.


Horton…My own little town~

Smile back and down the hatch it goes!


…Do you know how they converted Primedians to their side?
Geneva knocks it back too. Roll to see how well you take it.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You are about to tell me 'immortality' I bet.


I can drink!

Roll #1 7 = 7


The Primedians had unending youth. These guys promised unending life. And they delivered.
Yes you can. You actually take it better than Geneva, who's already sporting a bit of a blush.
"So, any guys in your life? Some special somepony you're holding out for?"



I hate your kin already.
Who were those guys? How did you even call them?


"I'm single for the moment, but this settlement has me do better things than to chase stallions. What about you?"


I said it before, I'll say it again: Drop. It. You do not want to draw their attention.
"Oh… I haven't found the right guy yet."
She looks out the window wistfully.
"Don't imagine I'm going to find him here either.
What do you look for in a guy? Do you like a comedian, a musclestallion, bishi?"


How can I do that if I don't even know what they are?!


"Don't give up hope so easily!"
I have no idea what that last one is and don't intend to find out!
But smile.
"Well, first of all, it has to be a stallion who isn't afraid of me. Somepony who can be a real charmer, and I have a lot of experience in diplomacy!"


They called themselves the Advent, okay? Now seriously, don't go after them. You'll regret it.
She chuckles and pours you both another glass.
"I'll admit, that might be difficult, finding a stallion who isn't intimidated by you. Me, I want somepony who can sweep me up and carry me off into the sunset, yet gentle and caring enough that I know he'll never hurt me."


I won't, but if they are still around I need to know how to protect my people!
What they want, who they are!


"Aww, that's really nice! Maybe one of the guards?"
Snicker, then down the glass.
"And I never realized I was that scary."

Roll #1 5 = 5


They want the continent, and they have it! You don't think everything was naturally bigger here, did you? That's their work!
You want to protect your people, just lay low and don't make any waves.

You're getting a bit tipsy too. '1d10'
"You didn't see the way you went charging in after that settler when the wolves got him. You one crazy lady when you get your mind set on something. I feel sorry for the fella when you set your mind on him."

Roll #1 9 = 9


I guess my ears will start feeling hot, but not much more!
"I am crazy about ensuring the safety and well being of my settlers, yes!"
Allow myself a sly smile.
"But why should I be the one going after a stallion? I thought it is them who should court us!"


Blaster, every word you say is crazier than the one before!
I want a full explanation and I want it now!


"Somehow I can't imagine you just sitting still and waiting for him to come to you. I think you'd rather take matters into your own hooves."
I Can't! I just know things, all right? Sixty thousand years is a long time! I don't remember the how's or the why's, I just know! and I know the Advent will do horrible things to you if you draw their attention!


"Can't I indulge sometimes? I have so many matters to take care of, why should I do the work of a stallion too?"


At least tell me who they are!
Where they came from, who you were, why they want this continent!


"I'll admit, there's a certain thrill in knowing you're being chased."
She sighs and pours another glass.
"Ah, but it's just a dream for me."
She raises her glass.
"To impossible dreams." '1d10'
…Nobody knows where they came from. I don't know who I am. They want the continent… fucked if I know. The same reason you want a roof over your head? Maybe they just want a place to call their own. I don't know. I just… I don't know.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You drama queen, I'm sure you'll catch the eye of some dreamy stallion soon."
Then drink!

Roll #1 4 = 4


How many of them?

Start creeping towards Boon, scared.


I don't know. They just… by the time ponies realized they existed, there were too many, so many joined their side… Those rituals you saw performed on that native? That's the first step in the process, but I don't know the rest. I'm sorry, if I knew I'd tell you. I just don't know. Nopony knew.
"Julia?" Boon whispers quietly, hugging you from behind. "Ye okay there?"
The alcohol's really starting to go to your head.
"…Maybe… maybe it isn't a stallion… mares can sweep you off your hooves too… But I'm not sure how that works. I mean… how do you, you know…"
She makes a lewd motion with her hooves, giggling behind her blush. For some reason that makes you start giggling too.


We are fucked…

"No Boon, not today."


Giggle and get comfortable in my office chair.
I should get a sofa or something.
"I'm sure you could find a mare who could teach you all about that is that is what you are looking for!"


I'm sorry.
"Sweetheart, what's wrong? Ye got that spooked look in yer eyes again. Talk to me."
He stays still, content with simply hugging you from behind, letting you know he's there.
"Is it? I don't know…" She hiccups.
"You know, I never talked about this stuff with my other bosses. They were always like 'rarr, get back to work,' 'yaah, yaah, no fun allowed.' But you? You're all right."


Clear my throat and give her a stern look.
"Well, why aren't you back at work now? Do I pay you to mess around and drink on the job?"
Try not to giggle at the end.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Drop the link.
"We are fucked. Screwed ten times over and our only chance is to run back away from this damned world."


"Sweetheart, what's got ye so spooked? Yer starting to scare me, and I don't scare easy."
You titter rather loudly, though nopony else probably heard it.
"Ma'am, yes, ma'am," she barks, attempting to throw a salute only to start tipping backwards off her stool.
"Oh no!" she giggles with wide eyes. "Save me!"
She keeps falling in slow motion… no wait, she's just slowly leaning backwards whether she wants to or not. Eventually she hits the ground with a soft thump and stares up at the ceiling.
"Oh dear. I seem to have fallen." She giggles again.


Snicker softly.
"Oh nooooooo! Should I run to the streets and call for help? Call for a strong stallion who can carry you?"


Look at the other two, then to Boon.
"I can't tell you in front of them…"


"Yesss," she slurs, " a nice, strong stallion with a nice flank and nice…" She waves her hooves around, searching for the words.
"…who's nice. Nice, strong Donkey to stuff me full…"
She titters and covers her mouth.
"Oops, shouldn't have said that last part!"
He looks back and forth, then leads you back behind the rest of the group aways. You're all alone now.
"There, that should give us some privacy. What's eating ye?"


Get up from my sat and slowly start to walk towards the door.
"Should I tell the ponies who intend to help that those are the parameters you're looking for?"
Tee hee!


"You really want to do this now?"
"It's kinda heavy. Lots of stuff."
Awkwardly brush one of my arms.


"Oh noooo!" she squeals, giggling. "I'm indecent!"
She does her best to strike a snobby pose, but it doesn't really work since she's laid out on the floor.
The ground is really unsteady for some reason. Roll to keep your balance!
He takes a deep breath, then lets it out in one big sigh.
"Not really, no. But if I don't do it now, I might jest try to forget about it when we get back to camp. Better to just get it over with."


"I should have you caned for that!"
I totally have stable hoofing!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Good lord… Fine."
Sigh and start pacing around, explain him how the journal woked.
"And then I started watching those logs. The first gryphon whose memories I went into, she was a guard.
She died horribly, Boon…
So horribly…"


You somehow manage to reach the door without losing your footing.
"Not the cane!" she squeals, laughing uproariously. "I swear I'll be good! Here, I know what to do!"
Rolling to get up, she stumbles over to her bed and fumbles with one of the drawers underneath it.
"Ye… watched her die?"


Raise a brow.
"I'm intruiged."


"That's not the bad part.
I lived her die.
And then again, but from the other side, those of her killers…"


She fumbles around in the drawer, then pulls out…
…Oh dear. Since when has she had lacy black socks?
"Here we go," she giggles, struggling to put them on. She does a rather poor job of it, failing to get any of them all the way on before smiling at you.
"There. Now I'm decent!" she titters at her own joke.
Boon looks absolutely shocked.
"…I'm listening…"


That's… certainly intruiging. Then again, I wear stocking all the time so I can't really judge.
"Lovely! I bet stallions would be much more eager to help you now!"


"Seems like there are things…
I can't even remember-
No, I don't want to remember their faces. They were not right.
They were here sixty thousand years ago, killed the ponies who lived here, who created these things…
And are still here."
Look up at him, expecting him not to believe me in the least.


"Well, what are you waiting for?" she guffaws.
"Send him in! After all, I am a damsel in distress, am I not?"
He looks into your eyes intently for several long minutes.
"…Shit. Things were hard enough without ancient bogeyponies haunting us…"
With out warning, he hugs you close, clutching your head to his strong chest, where you can hear the thump of his heart beating.
"I'm so sorry ye had to be the one to see that. To live that… Yer stronger than any mare I ever met."


Snicker. Let's see if she'll actually stop me.
Leave the office!


Just wait until I tell you the rest nigga.

Hug him back.
Maybe sob a little into his neck.


She makes no move to stop you, and probably couldn't if she tried. You stumble out into the main hallway, eventually reaching the front doors and nearly bumping into Captain Cloud Cutter.
"Excuse me, Miss Magistre, do you require something?"
"Shhh," he whispers soothingly as he strokes your neck. "Ain't no shame in it. Strong ponies ain't afraid to cry when they're hurting, and yer hurting bad. I'm here, sweetheart. I'm here."


"Damnit we are making a scene… Let's leave."


Boon isn't moving.
"Nopony's around to watch, so go ahead and make a scene. Better to let it out than just bottle it up."


Try not to snicker.
"I'm afraid Geneva is not feeling very well, and only a strong stallion can help her!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I want to be home for this. Please."


You laugh uproariously right in his face, making him scrunch at the scent of alcohol.
"Geneva, you say? Where is she?"
"…Okay." He lets you go…
Then, in a daring move, darts in and plants a light peck on your cheek.
"It'll be okay. I promise."


Sigh, and without turning around go back into the tunnel. Blushing.


Try to recompose myself!
"The… in the office!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


At least you're only giggling now. Cutter doesn't have too much difficulty guiding you back into the office.
"All right, now what seems to be the… problem?"
You swear his voice when an octave higher as he spotted Geneva sprawled out on the floor with her socks half-on.
"Oh, brave sir, help me! I've fallen and I can't get up!"


Pout and nod.
"She fell and couldn't stand up by herself!"


"Er, uh…" His cheeks go red as he stammers and looks towards the door.
"Please, sir," she pleads gigglingly, "I require your assistance in this most unfortutant matter." she scrunches.
"Umportutant. Untortutant. Uniformulant."
She busts out laughing again.


Try not to laugh at that myself.
When did everything get so much more fun?

Roll #1 1 = 1


You laugh so hard that you fall on the floor yourself, dragging a surprised Cutter down with you.
"No fair!" Geneva pouts. "I saw him first!"


"Technically, I did!"
Then pout.
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry for being so clumsy, Mister Cutter…"
On the list of terrible ideas that I could do right now, Mind Reading him is near the top.

Mind Read him.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You're too drunk to make out anything of what he's thinking. In fact, you're so drunk that it actually transfers through the link, making him drunk too!
"Ish nothing, milady," he drawls lazily. "Jush give me a second to compose myself."
Giggling, Geneva manages to drag herself over to the two of you.
"Aw, look at him. He can't even stand! Should we fix that?"


"He is a strong stallion, he can fix that!… Can't you, captain?"


Do we 2 men the boss?


"Of course you did good! I would've gotten seriously hurt if it weren't for you!"


Magistre and Justicia
Since you were drinking last night, both of you roll for hangovers.
Julia, Figworth, and Ambrosia
You are in the room with the tunnel. Head towards the surface or explore the ruins some more?
I believe you were flirting when we last left off?


Ugh… what happened yesterday…
I remember laughing a lot in my office…

Roll #1 3 = 3


He beams with pride. "I'm glad to hear you think so." With that, he takes another swig.
You spend the rest of the night small-talking and laughing until you both fall asleep. See

Maybe you should teach Figworth how his new weapon works first.
Also, there are still three extra blasters identical to yours. You could take one and dual-wield, or save them all for the militia, or take a third option.


The light, it burns!
Why is your bed so hard and lumpy? At least it's warm and fuzzy. So warm and fuzzy you can't help but nuzzle into it, taking a deep breath as you do.
…This doesn't smell like your bed.


Oh my gosh…

Shield my eyes from that deadly light and blink my eyes open…. Am I still in the office? Maybe I'm in the bed of Geneva?


I blush at Moondancer and lick her cheeks.
"I'm sorry, I am just so excited at your presence that I cannot control myself during that time and you are just too cute to resist. I'll be more considerate next time."


"You better," she scolds you in a teasing tone.
"So, I know that you're a guard, but what else do you do? I can't imagine that you spend all your time fighting off savage beasts."
You're still in your office, thank goodness. And this isn't Geneva's bed, this is the floor.
Or it would be, if there wasn't somepony under you.


First we take them, this much I know.
About the rest… No idea. Especially since Figworth's busy right now.


Alright. Do you want to keep one of them so you can dual-wield, or is just the one enough for you?


For the moment, I will take two, thanks.


Stand up, tentatively… I can stand, right?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Nope. You get about halfway up before you slip and fall, sending a jolt of pain lancing through your head.
The pony under you groans and shifts their weight.
"…Ten-hut, fresh meatsticks…"
…Captain Cutter?
Primedian bolter now has Dual Tag.
Boon whistles to himself as he cleans Bessie.


"Watch as I get murdered by the next pack of rabid squirrels."


Oh boy… Ugh, I need a glass of water and some painkillers…
Don't stand up then, just roll off the pony.
Is it him?


He chuckles and shakes his head at you.
"Now ye look like a right proper gun-slinger, sweetheart. Just remember to aim where they're going to be, not where they are."
Yup, it's him, and as you roll of of him you land on… Geneva?
She cracks her eyes open, then groans.
"Bright… Too bright…"


"You know all I used before this was a damn pea shooter, and only fired a dozen shots in my whole career…"


I load up a blaster myself


"Then I'll have to teach ye sometime."
…There doesn't appear to be a loading mechanism on the long rectangular thing Boon tossed you. Maybe you should ask them how it works?


"How does this thing work?"


Show him the button combination to enable and shoot the gun.
"These things hurt pretty bad, too."


Do that.
"I see."


"Let's move on ahead, I can't wait to be out of this shithole."


"Ah, I'm a also a smith by trade." I stretch.
"I always like fine quality weapons and armor, specially those made with intricate marks and designs. I mean one can only truely appreciate a weapon and armor if one knows how it is made. Smelting steel, pounding away the impurities and then after that honing and sharpening it to perfection."
I then boop her nose with mine.
"I take it its the same as woodcrafting, the small details matter if you know what I mean."


Roll over Cutter again and land on his other side.
"Uh… did we keep drinking yesterday?"


Uh oh.

Roll #1 8 = 8


It pops out into a long thin rail-like fascimile similar to your hunting rifle, and just as long.
Acquired Precision Beam.
#Precision Beam: ranged. Crits and supercrits deal double damage. autocrits apply.
Boon nods to you both. "Let's get going; this tunnel ain't getting any shorter."
She scrunches at you, then smiles.
"I guess so. I mean, different kinds of wood are needed for different things, how you prepare it determines how good it is… It can be a lot of work!"
"Drinking?" He mumbles. Then his eyes shoot open.
He tries to scoot backwards, but bumps into Geneva. Whirling, he gapes at her groaning form.
In an instant, Geneva bolts upright.


Luckily, you're hangover's not that bad, though the sunlight still hurts your eyes. Besides, Blaze's lap is a surprisingly comfortable pillow.
"Morning sleepyhead," He greets you.


"Yes, let's go."


Groan again.
"Does anyone remember what happened last night?!"


>though the sunlight still hurts your eyes

I yawn.
"Morning already? Is it light outside?"


Nod and move.


"So you got any clients since you arrive in this settlement?"


"Wait, last night?" Geneva rubs her head, then shrieks as she jerks her hoof back, staring at…
Oh dear. She's wearing lacy black socks. And your own clothes are very slack…
Cutter's face is completely white.
"…But I don't remember drinking…"
That's proving harder to remember than I thought!

"Yeah. I've been watching you sleep for a while now. Your nose does this cute little twitching thing when you're dreaming."
You head on up the tunnel a ways. Boon looks nervous.
"Really hope we don't run into what make this…"
She groans and rolls her eyes.
"Are you kidding? I've been working nonstop with the demands for building the walls, building houses, building building building! It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't just the same thing over and over and over again nonstop!"


"Giant. Death. Bunnies."
Flash him a smirk.


"Uh… thanks?"
I rub my neck with a hoof.
"Gosh, I hope I'm not late for work! I should get going, I think. Thanks for the company last night!"


I grin.
"I suppose I wont bother you with that request of mine, I didnt thought you had your plates full."
I then slowly stroke her mane to calm her as my hand slowly caress her flank.
"But I suppose what happened today is a good break from the monotonous day to day life here in this settlement eh."


Chuckle a bit awkwardly.
"Hehe… don't you?"
Damnit, how slack?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Nah, thank you. You made what could have been a really boring evening interesting."
He groans and rolls his shoulder.
"Go ahead and get back to work. Don't teach the other militia too much, okay? I don't want to fall behind the curve."
He whitens a little and shoots you a glare.
"That ain't funny. If ye just jinxed this, I'm gonna haunt ye and the rest of yer family till the end of days."
She blushes as you stroke her and knead her.
"A-actually, I wouldn't mind making training gear for you. Like I said, the same thing gets boring after a while. I'd like the chance to do something different."


What's here?
More tunnels?


"Gotcha. Catch you later."
Let's head out and find the captain!


"Is that so? If you really want to help, how about making dummy figures made out of straw and wood so the trainee's can whack unto something? It will greatly help with the training of the militia's. Not to mention that they can use target for using their bow as target practice. Do you think you can do it, I can help too if you require someone to provide 'back' support." I grin as I squeeze her flank.


Thank goodness! It's just a little loose is all; you're still decent.
Geneva is hiding her face in her hooves.
"Not again, oh please don't tell me it happened again…"
Cutter is examinining his crotch with a panicked expression.
Hmn, he's not at his post… roll to see if you can find him.
There's light ahead! Just a little further, and you'll be out!



Roll #1 7 = 7


Okay keep going


Oh dear.
"Uh, is something wrong?"


"Not the first guy who does that."


"T-that would be nice," she squeaks as she goes red. "I-I mean, yes. I mean I can use some help!"
After a moment, he breathes a sigh of relief.
"I've never been so glad that I didn't have sex last night!" He announces as >>565487 enters the room.
A loud rumbling growl sounds behind you.


Turn around.


Share a look with Boon and turn to look, ready to run.


"… Reporting in for duty, captain!"


"Just tell me when you will get started to making them so I can help. Alright?" I yawn as I snuggle more closely.


Glowing eyes glare back at you, the tunnel shaking as the beast gives a furious roar!
"Git to open ground!" Boon yells as he runs. "We're sitting ducks here!"
You hear panicked shuffling as the donkey scoots away from him.
"Shit! I mean, uh… this isn't what it looks like!"
"Sure thing," she breathes as she snuggles right back.


Run '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I giggle.
"I don't even know what it looks like!"



Roll #1 2 = 2


With that I just held her in my embrace and sleep.
Next day or will you pause?


Quickly stand up!
Find the power in my legs!
"A-Ah, heh, good day Justicia!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


You're up! You even manage to not collapse from your splitting headache!
He breathes a sigh of relief.
"Sorry, Justicia. It appears I had a bit too much to drink last night and woke up in a… rather strange predicament. Was there something you needed?"
We can go to the next day if you want.
You book it out of there, even moving fast enough to find a good firing position! +1 to your next roll.
You get thrown through the air as it slams into you, and would have had a hard landing if Boon hadn't caught you and put you back on your feet. Looks like you've got a fight on your hands!

GIANT BADGER[/16] 25/8 hits/wounds

Julia: 5/5
>Boon: 5/5
Figworth: 5/5


Turn to Geneva.
"Would it be awfully terrible of me to ask you for a glass of water and some painkillers?"

Then listen to the Captain and Justicia


Shoot muh blaster '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Alright lets wake up, are the harlots still in the tent?


We still in the tunnel?
Boon uses Bessie, of course.

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


"Just awaiting your orders for today, captain. I'm sorry if I came at a bad time."


She manages to pull herself to her hooves. "I'll… see what I can do."
With that, she stumbles off.
"So…" Cutter begins. "Do you remember anything from last night, miss Magistre?"
"I'll, ah… How about you, uh, train some of the militia?"
Stream and Moondancer are snuggled against you, but the rest are gone.
You missed, and it's claws knocked you away from your position!
One manages to hit and burns it badly, while Boon shoots it right in the knee. It roars as it starts limping.
Boon gets +2, by the way.
GIANT BADGER 18/7 hits/wounds

Julia: 2/5
>Boon: 5/5
Figworth: 3/5


Marksman Shot '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yes sir! I'll get on that straight away!"
Salute and leave the building. Time to round up the militias.


Alright lets slowly unsnuggle with them and stand up to clean myself a bit before shaking Soft Stream.
"I'll be going now to check out on the milita, you two stay good alright?" I grin as I began to wear my armor.



"Geneva and I were drinking a bit, then you came around and joined us and… I don't remember much after that. It seems we all ended up on the ground, however."


Pew pew pew!
Boon! Be my knight in shining armour!

Roll #1 8, 4 = 12 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


Roll to see how many you manage to round up.
"No promises~"
Right in the shoulder above the knee Boon took out! It roars as it's flesh starts sizzling.
One hits just above it's eye, but the other goes wide as it knocks you to the ground! Before it can do anything about it, Boon draws it's attention by shooting it in the leg again.
GIANT BADGER 3/7 hits/wounds

Julia: Helpless/4
>Boon: 5/5
Figworth: 3/5



Roll #1 8 = 8


Another shot '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Geddup quick.
And Boon, fire away.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


"Oh you~" I pat her head before heading out.
Lets go to the barracks and meet the captain.



"Alright… But where did she get lacy black socks?"
He's not in his barracks. Justicia seems to have gathered the militia for some reason.
You manage to round up almost all of them, even picking up a few volunteers.
"So, uh…" one of them begins. "What exactly are we doing?"
Before you can line it up, you get swatted aside.
You're still down, but you're fine for now. Boon hits something big inside it, making it roar as it goes down!
GIANT BADGER Helpless/5 hits/wounds

Julia: Helpless/4
>Boon: 5/5
Figworth: Helpless/4


Boon gotta keep hammering.
I can get up on my own.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Get up '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


… Does the colony have wooden swords by any chance?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Hmmmm… where are they?
Ask the locals where the militia has gone too?


Boon takes a glancing blow. Damn this ground's slippery!
It's too slippery!
They're right over there. No, the colony doesn't have wooden swords yet. They do have poles, though.
GIANT BADGER 25/5 hits/wounds

Julia: Helpless/4
>Boon: 3/5
Figworth: Helpless/4


Get up!
If it fails, Boon helps me.
Otherwise, he helps Figworth.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Get up '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Approach Justicia.
"Hey, how is the training going? Looks like they are lacking basic training materials."


Boon helps you up just in time! This badger's mad!
You're up!
GIANT BADGER 25/5 hits/wounds

Julia: 5/4
>Boon: 3/5
Figworth: 5/4


Marksman Shot '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Earthen Strike!
Boon fire!

"Maybe we should just run!"

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


"Haven't started yet! I'm going to have to use poles for now, I guess."


That badger has some really sharp claws. Maybe just laying down is a good idea…
It lashes out at you and scores a hit before Boon shoots out another knee.
"This fight ain't over yet! I've got a potion the old man can use to get kicking again!"
GIANT BADGER 20/5 hits/wounds

Julia: 3/4
>Boon: 3/5
Figworth: Helpless/3


Get up '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Start training recruits with poles?


"She brought them along, I suppose. She had them! Just like-"
Cough cough!
I need that water…


I help figworth up.
Boon fires away!

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


"Well we can do to train them with that." I grin.
"Say I already think I found someone who is willing to make target and training dummies for the militia, so that is something we can look forward too."

Train these pone's.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Eventually, she comes back in with three glasses of water, tossing hers back as Cutter does the same.
"Well… that was certainly something."
Boon draws it's attention but almost goes down! Figworth still isn't up!
Use healing potion?
A decent start; at least they stopped hitting themselves in the head. Now you just need to teach them to hit other stuff…
Julia: 3/4
>Boon: 1/5
Figworth: Helpless/3


I'll get up first '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Figworth totally should.
Meanwhile, I go rambo on the thing!

Roll #1 3, 3 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


Back on your hooves, old man.
Guns akimbo isn't the most accurate strategy. You shoot yourself in the foot and go down.
Boon shoots the other knee out.
GIANT BADGER 15/5 hits/wounds

Julia: helpless/3
>Boon: 1/5
Figworth: 5/3


SHOOT Marksman shot '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Boon, keep going, you are doing god's work.
"Hey! Throw me a potion!"
Get one from Boon and use that to heal myself.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Drink mine.
"We should repeat it sometime in a more controlled fashion."


"What are you doing you bastards! Come on swing those poles and stand still! SugarFree you oaf what are you doing dont point that stick at Starbuck, face the other direction!!'
Alright more training!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your shot goes right through the small of it's shoulderblade, making it scream as more of it's flesh burns.
Full hits and wounds.
In a perfect one-two punch with Figworth, Bessie barks and knocks the badger down.
GIANT BADGER Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Julia: 5/5
>Boon: 1/5
Figworth: 5/3

She blushes as she realizes she's still wearing the socks and begins removing them.
"Maybe minus a few more embarrassing bits."
Cutter clears his throat.
"Well, it's been interesting but I really must be going I'll be at my post if you need me good day ladies!"
He leaves in a barely controlled trot, nearly tripping as he rushes out the door.
Your authoritative mentoring gets them doing the right moves in no time! They've got the basics down; how about a little one-on-one?
Each sparring match requires a roll of 3d10.


Haha, shoot '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Akimbo godness.
Boon, the real hero of this fight, fires away!

Roll #1 7, 1 = 8 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


Oops, looks like you've aggravated that old stomach injury again. Maybe that healing potion you have would help?
Some goddess. You shoot yourself in the side.
Boon gets hit by a claw swipe and goes down.
GIANT BADGER 25/4 hits/wounds

Julia: helpless/4
>Boon: helpless/4
Figworth: helpless/2 DANGER!


Yeah you're right.
Drink one


Oh gee.
'2d10' For me and Boon.

Roll #1 5, 8 = 13


Almost as good as new!
You're not quite up, but Boon is!
"Come on, we almost got 'im!"
GIANT BADGER 25/4 hits/wounds

Julia: helpless/4
>Boon: 5/4
Figworth: 5/4


Wait until he leaves.
Then snicker a bit.
"That was… something."


Marksman Shot '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You almost got him!"
I have to get out of this mess already, I've spent more time on the ground than up!
Boon fires since he's our carrier.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


"I can't believe he saw me in lingerie!" Geneva squeals, her face crimson as she hurries to stuff her socks back beneath her bed.
"Now I'll never be able to look at him again!"
You're up, but Boon gets clipped.
"He's a lively one, that's for sure!"
Zap. That's definitely hurting him. In fact, he's started bleeding rather profusely.
GIANT BADGER 15/4 hits/wounds

Julia: 5/4
>Boon: 4/4
Figworth: 5/4


"Alright you bastards! Anyone able to stand up after fighting me will get a free mead!"

Roll #1 6, 1, 2 = 9


Another shot '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Good lord this thing is tough!"
And Boon fires again.
Gotta love Bessy.

Roll #1 1, 2 = 3 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"Honestly, he seemed more embarassed than you did."


That seems to motivate him at first, but then he stumbles and manages to knock himself out.
The other six militia groan and facehoof.
Right in the side! Didn't hit anything big that time, but you've definitely got his attention.
…The bolters shoot the other way, you big dummy.
Boon puts a shot right through it's gut; now it's definitely moving slower.
GIANT BADGER 7/4 hits/wounds

Julia: helpless/3
>Boon: 4/4
Figworth: 5/4


Marksman shot '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Pop a potion as Boon fires.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Almost there son, looks like you need more training and all." I help him up.


"I know! That means it'll be awkward every time we get together, so I can't be around him or I'll start doing something stupid because I'm nervous!
Wait, why would he be embarrassed? It's not like I'm attractive or anything…"
Bam! Right through the chest!
The monstrous rodent collapses, taking great heaving breaths.
Potions all gone, but you're good as new! Boon only makes a meat shot, but that's enough for Figworth's new toy to finish taking it down.
GIANT BADGER helpless/2 hits/wounds

Julia: 5/5
>Boon: 4/4
Figworth: 5/4

This one's a mare, who seems a bit intimidated by your size. roll 3d10.


Now focus on that thing and smash its head apart!
'1d10' Earthen strike!
'1d10+2' Boon's shot!

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


Finish it '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Tilt my head and give her a look with a smile.
"Well, it was either your socks or my bedmane, but as you saw something made him nervous as well."


As Julia slams it backwards, Boon and Figworth both line up, firing simutaneously into each eye. The giant badger screams, then collapses to the ground, twitching a few times before it goes still.
Everything's quiet for a moment as you all wait for any sign of life from the beast. When none comes, Boon sighs and wipes his brow.
"Well that were something different."


Huff, out of breath.
"Next time, we run."
Pat him on a shoulder.


Boon snorts.
"We won, didn't we? Now we won't have to worry about him bothering us next time we come around this neck of the woods."
She blushes and looks away, excusing herself with making herself presentable for the day.


I sigh.
"I felt a young man again for a while."


Sigh and hang my head in a talon.


Boon looks at the sky and groans.
"Looks like we were down there longer than I thought. We'll have to camp out here for the night."


Train her good!

Roll #1 6, 7, 2 = 15


I should probably do the same….

Let's get prettied up!


"Good. "


Look at him in deep worry.
"You sure it's a good idea?"


Roll to see how well you do in your hungover state.
She shows good promise, but makes a clumsy mistake right at the end that knocks her on her flanks. There's scattered stomping/clapping as she walks off the field.
An eager-looking zebra jumps forward, grinning as he dances back and forth.
He shrugs.
"We could always try to go through the woods while it's still dark out, but that might be dangerous if we run into something before we reach the town."



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Laying low seems the best choice at this point…"


"Alright, lets see what you got."

Roll #1 9, 4, 2 = 15


You're presentable, at least.
"I don't know about you, but I think we should just take it easy today," Geneva groans.
"Those scouts should get back today; that seems simple enough to deal with."
For conveniences sake, we can skip over the night and have you arrive back at Horton in the morning, where the other players are currently at.
He starts out really strong, but burns out fast, ending up on his flanks as well.
He's replaced by a nervous billy-goat, holding his pole with shaky hooves.


Sure, but I have to chat with Boon tonight first.


Alright. You decide it's best to camp outside the tunnel, since the ruins are infested with cockroaches. Boon is cooking Badgermeat over a small fire while Figworth does whatever away from you.
You can intiate conversation if you want, or wait for him to push.


"Sounds like a plan. Nothing else?"


Nope, I will have to start this.
"So… I saw something bad, today."


She groans and thunks her head on the desk.
"I dunno. Can't think right now."
"That's an understatement." He puts the meat aside so it doesn't burn and turns to face you.
"Mind telling me about it?"


"Promise not to freak out?"


"I promise. I ain't freaked out at any of the weird shit we seen so far, I won't freak out now."


I listen.


"Oh come on, show some spunk kid! You got more spirit than that."
Alright lets go easy on this one.

Roll #1 4, 2, 3 = 9


"Okay. Then…"
Take a deep breath and explain this all in one go.
With me so far?"


I nod.


…let's find some paperwork for myself.
To distract myself from the hangover and everything.

Roll #1 8 = 8


It takes him a minute, but he finally nods.
"Thats… pretty strange. But that ain't what spooked ye, is it?"
Even with you going easy on him, he barely keeps hold of his pole most of the time. Maybe he isn't cut out for the militia after all.
Up next, it's… Amor?
Distracted until later.


SHake my head and look at the fire.
"So… One of them was there, when the Advent attacked, and was on the wrong side of things. She killed herself.
Tried to. But they got to her before the drugs worked.
She… Killed herself and her lover. With one of the blasters.
But that's not the worst part."
Put a talon in front of my beak, stopping a few sobs and the hurge to throw up.
"She was pregnant."


"Amor?" I look at Amor.
Who's Amor?

Roll #1 9, 4, 5 = 18


The strange psychiatrist pony and assistant to Celery Stalk.
He catches you off guard at first, and though you manage to put him at a disadvantage for the rest of the fight, he's actually good enough to give you a workout.
"…Oh dear Maker…"
He wraps you tightly in a hug.
"I am so, so sorry ye had to see that."


Put a wing around him.
"It… Gets worse."


He continues to hold you close.
"I'm listening."


"I've seen it from the other side, too…"


"…Ye… Ye can't be- No. No, them tears back there weren't faked. I just…"
He sighs and takes a deep breath.
"How did ye manage that?"


"I didn't know what I was in for…"
Rest upon his shoulder.


He sighs and softly strokes the back of your head.
"I can't imagine what it must have been like."


"Well Amor, you are a good one. Made me think twice of going all out on you the first time friend."
I then look at the others.
"Now do you see how Amor fights? That is how one must fight, with strength and courage at their heart and a vibrant yet calculating mind at the head. I hope you recruits learned a thing or two at this training." I grin at them.
"Now tomorrow we will train more and work out on those stamina. Running exercise at the morning till afternoon, got it?"


"Advent? This is very troubling."


"That does make me wonder… What's the Advent?"


They groan but acknowledge your orders as they begin to disperse. Amor nods to you, then begins to wander off as well. You can also see Crookear on the sidelines, waving you over.


Go over to Crookear.
"Looks like we need to train more these recruits before they can even be called militia's. So whats up?"


"Not much, just watching you work. Other than some basic repairs to tools and armor, there's not much work at the forge for the moment. So, I hear you had a bit of excitement yesterday."


"…Right, the name means nothing to you.
They are… Like…
Monsters that rule this continent. And sixty thousand years ago they kicked those who lived here, through their rituals and their subtelty, and siezed power. Forever.
To this day, those same… Things are still alive, because they are immortal.
And the faces, oh god, their faces…"


I remain silent.


Boon gives you a comforting squeeze.


Stare awkwardly at the ground.
"We are not off to a great start. Not exactly."


"But where are these…Advent now?"


"I've only seen the past, not the present…"


I blush upon hearing that and lower my head in embarrassment.
"Uhhmm…. uuhhh…. yes."
"W.. where did you hear that Crookear?"


Boon remains quiet for a moment.
"…You know what I think? I think these Advent sound just like any other bogeyman who turn out to be real. And just like all those other bogeymen, they probably ain't so special once ye know how to kill them. And there's always a way to kill them."
"The whole town's talking about it! Man, if you don't know that much, you must be denser than an anvil to not hear ponies chattering about it!"


"I… Think they might not be that tough.
After all, they used deception to overthrow the Primordians…"


"That's right. If they really was immortal, they'd just stomp over everything with nary a care. If'n they used sneaky tactics, it means they got something to hide. And yer real good at finding hidden stuff, sweetheart."


"Are they? Oh dear me, I really shouldnt have jumped on them that night." I bite my lips.
"Oh please dont think me as a dirty lech, its just too hard to resist." I hold Crookears shoulder.


She gives you a funny look.
"I thought it was that blind mare who started humping the jackals. That expedition must have been wilder than I thought!"


"Wait what blind mare?" I raise an eyebrow.


"You know, the guard with the blindfold on all the time? Justicia or something? I heard she came back with one of the militia half-dead on her back. There's a hundred different stories about what actually happened out there going around, it's all anypony can talk about! You were actually there, what happened?"


I chuckle.
"Ah! That one, its all a misunderstanding. Justicia herself is pretty embarrased at what happened since she did not intend to do those… things to that jackal. All I can say is that we are pretty lucky no one died that day since they are too many to handle and too few guards to spare, that is why training more militia is a must and once we've done that we will go and try to access the farm-land area's again if we can."


"I see… is it true you had to fend off a giant boar? Some ponies are saying you took it on all by yourself, even though it was taller than the trees!"
In case it isn't obvious, no it wasn't that big.


I smile at Crookear and chuckle.
"Uhhmmm Naahh… it wasn't that big. Almost as tall as you and me you know. I just hit it in the head and down it goes. Though the boar is running away from the jackals if I remember correctly that is why it attacked us."
"Truthfully during those moments I was thinking of just sleeping the whole day and letting Justicia handle the job but it turns out that is whats nature's plan all along."
"So how about you Crookear? Anything happened in town while I was gone during those times?"


"Nah, it's been pretty boring. Just working on getting stuff built!"



After a night spent camped out, the scouting party returns the morning of the next day. Thankfully, your trip back was uneventful. The guards quickly open the gates to allow you inside.


Dog with me?


"We have to warn the mayor. Now."


"Yes, we do."


I hope Geneva and I are both in working condition already.


Yep, he's been sticking close to you this whole time. Right now he's sniffing at the gates.
Boon nods grimly. "Yep. Afraid this just can't wait."
One of the guards says that she hasn't left the townhouse yet today. You'll probably find her there.
Relatively, though your head still hurts. The scouts should be in today.


Zap there at the speed of light.


"Come, dog."

Trot after her.



I am in my office, but I guess Geneva will recieve you first.


Geneva's at her desk, dark bags under her eyes as she scribbles tiredly at some piece of paper. She doesn't even notice your entrance for a few minutes.
"Oh. Hello there. Back to give your report?"


Land on her desk.
"The mayor. Now."


"Hello. Yes, this is Ambrosia."


She jumps back for a second, then narrows her eyes and glares at you.
"You best reword that into a polite request, miss Julia, because I don't take kindly to ponies or griffons trying to intimidate me."


"Boon, you deal with that."
Flap off past her, to the major's office.


Boon shoots you a terrified look as you leave him with the irate jenny.
Julia bursts through the door.


"Bad moon rising.
We need to talk, in private, now."


Follow Julia or stick with Boon and Geneva?


Follow her


Raise an eyebrow.
"What's the matter?"
Sit up in my chair.


Uh… follow? Even though that pony said we should wait…


The four of you are alone in Magistre's office. This is about as private as it gets.


Quite the crowd.
"What is going on? What's the matter?"


"Hey Boon! Come in here!"
Wait for him to join us.
"We are not alone. In more than one way."


He enters with a rather frustrated Geneva trailing him.
"I demand an explanation for how you think you can just waltz past me and disturb the mayor without so much as a by your leave!"


"I found a dog."


"Because I have a real job. Now get lost."


Hold up a hoof.
"Geneva, please, I will handle this."

Raise an eyebrow.
"That's very nice of you."

"Elaborate. What do you mean not alone. Did you find natives?"


"His name is dog."


"And then some."
Turn to Ambrosia.
"Tell her about the dog and where you found it."


Narrow my eyes.
"Watch your beak and remember where you are."

"What is so peculiar about a dog called dog?"


"It's about where we found it.
In a settlement of natives. All dead in the most gruesome fashion imaginable.
And not even a day old."


Stare at her uneasily.
"He was at a camp filled with dead ponies with stripped coats. He was hurt so I helped him. I think he belonged to a colt who died."


Her eyes narrow.
"You treading treacherous ground, gurl…"
"Begging your pardon, but part of my job is taking the scout reports. Ah should… I should be present for this."


"Stay and listen then, pull up a chair.
It's gonna spare me the problem of telling it twice."


"Yes, but this seems important, no wonder they were in a hurry."

"An entire settlement slaughtered, and it was fresh? Why didn't you start with that?! Where did this happen?"


Geneva's eyes are wide.


"On our way to the ruins, incredibly close to them."

Pull out the map and mark the spot.

"So we decided to move on.
It only gets worse."


I wince and look down.


"I'm not faulting you for it, don't apologize!"

"Worse than this?"


"Okay. Sorry."


"You might want to sit down for this."


I'm already sitting.
"Just tell me already, damn it!"


"Sixty thousand years ago, an advanced civilization owned this land.
Sixty thousand years ago, they were wiped out by horrors not of this world through dark magic and subterfuge, and those same creatures, now immortal, rule this continent to this day."

How's that for a good morning.


Hold my head with a hoof.
"Are you… are you certain of this?"


"And more.
I could give you every last gruesome detail, but I'd need a paper bag for that."


"And do you believe this freshly killed settlement was their work?"


"I doubt it.
These guys seem to only take on stuff that gets really big.
Or so I've been told. The ones who killed the tribals might be a different faction.
Oh, and here comes another favorite of mine.
The tribals sacrificed one of their own to summon a demon as counteroffense to the guys with ray guns attacking them."


"It is very unnatural."


"Demons, ray guns… what sort of madness is this? Where have you learned all this?"
Glance at the others too.


"Nothing? I see. Looks like Moondancer is correct that the settlement can get dull at times." I shiver.




Open one of my guns.
"First talon witness, let's say.
We found a bunch of these in the ruins.
The summoning, it was a hunch but the surroundings confirmed it.
One of the natives had been killed from the inside in a ritualistic fashion.
Let's just say I've seen it before, in manehatten.
Being a prize investigator has its perks."


Askeladd beat up a couple trying to train them with poles. Perhaps you'll have better luck?
The first pony approaches, hovering in the air as he grasps his pole tightly. Roll 3d10 to see how educational the sparring session is for him.


"En garde!"

Roll #1 1, 9, 7 = 17


"Moondancer? Isn't that the mare who likes working with wood? Wait a sec…" She takes a sniff, then leans toward you and starts sniffing.
"Not just her, but Stream too… Holly… Ruby?…"
She blinks, then leans back and grins at you.
"You sly dog."
He panics at first and whacks himself in the head, but when he finally gets back up he shows some decent fighting skills. Even if you were holding back, the fact he manage to hold his own against you is impressive, which is reflected in the applause that follows him out of the ring.
A Unicorn mare approaches next, apparently unable to decide whether to hold it with her hooves or magic. next 3d10.


"Make up your mind! Don't hesitate! It'll get you killed!"

Roll #1 10, 1, 6 = 17


"This is a lot to process… and cause for great, great concern."
Turn to Boon.
"Get me the scout captain, right now. No bullshit this time, excuse my french, get her here whether she wants to come or not."
Back to the rest.
"I want to get every little detail. What these… ancient things are, how that settlement was attacked, if there was any apparent weakness in their defenses. I will not let Horton fall."


I gulp.
"Uhhmmm… yes that is true."
I then look at Justicia's fight before returning back to Crookear.
"In my defense, they ambushed me with their numbers."


"It was more of a camp than a settlement.
No walls, for one. And only primitive weapons."


"Any signs of what the attackers had, how many of them were there, or if any of them died?"


"I saw a dead pony that belonged to a different tribe, mayor."


I honestly don't remember.
Let me take out my notepad and see!
Hey notepad, my old friend!
Did I scry how many attacks there were? I remember something like that…


Her indecisiveness gives her an unpredicability that lets her land a hit that sends you onto your flank. however, as you're shaking the stars out of your vision it finally backfires as she trips herself up. Finally settling on using her TK, she manages to finish passably well.
She's replaced by a middle-aged donkey leaning on his pole. He cackles as he motions for you to come to him.
"Ready fer yer spankin', youngun?"
He nods and runs off.
Geneva sits down and wipes her brow.
"This is… a lot to take in. At least we know we aren't the first ones here. What are the natives like? What race are they?"
"Suuure… and a big, strong dog like you couldn't possibly win against four soft, squishy ponies, right?"
A lot, more than fifty if Boon is correct.




Relay that info.
And answer about their races aswell.


"Let's see what you got."

Roll #1 5, 1, 4 = 10


"And it's worth mentioning, Primordians had griffons amongst them.
And the Advent…
They just look like a mix of all races."


"Describe that dead pony."

"Well sh- oot."
Take of my glasses and rub my eyes before putting them back on.
"We will need that tower for the cannon raised at once it seems."


"I just cant help it." I lower my gaze as I hold my legs.


"You do that."


"He had a red headband. He looked like a normal pony"


Not much. Looks like creaky bones have left this poor fellow with a body that just can't keep up with the strength of his spirit. You feel a little guilty as he limps off.
The next to last militiapony is a griffon, who cracks his neck as he enters the ring.
"Let's just get this over with."
"Aw, don't worry about it. I'm not judging you. Though now I have to wonder about why you keep dropping things while you're working in my forge…" she giggles as she looks at you knowingly.
"…How did you find all this out?"


"It was already started… we also need to clear the rest of the nearby forest as fast as we can, so we cannot be ambushed."

"The rest of his clothing, his weapons, did he look primitive?"


"No need to be pessimistic."

Roll #1 10, 6, 4 = 20




"Machines which housed the memories of two griffons who were there, sixty thousand years ago."


"How primitive, work with me here!"


I flinch.
"Very primitive. Tribal markings. Primitive weapons."


He's surprisingly good, managing to force you back several feet before you manage to recover. However, he seems to lack stamina, ending the fight panting as he leans on his pole.
The last militiapony is a Crystal, Her body radiating a sort of warmth as she bounces from side to side.
"My turn!"
"Swords, arrows, and magitek weaponry are not primitive!"
Boon enters with Venture in tow.
"Naow, whut's all this about?"
Geneva arches an eyebrow.
"…come again?"


"You heard me.
Machines which house memories of those who were here sixty thousand years ago."


"Brace yourself, girl!"

Roll #1 7, 5, 5 = 17


"As long as it's worse than what we have…"

"Ah, yes, thank you Boon. Venture, I know you don't like to be told how to do your job, but I will need your scouts to be working a lot more in the future. The latest report is more than concerning, and I will need scouts to patrol the surrounding area and make sure we will not be attacked. When workers are out in the field, the scouts will have to extend the patrols to a safe distance of the fields."


I should probably slink out of here…
and go outside to check on the settlement.


"O.. oh my. I am sorry, next time I'll come by in full health and keep these ponies away from me if I can help it."


"Not exactly.
They had some of these too."
Gesture at my gun.


"Is that one of those 'ray' guns?"


"It is.
They need a few to operate.
And pack a real punch."


"Do you think they might have scavanged it somewhere, or is it their own?"


"I'm guessing scavenged.
The ones I've found are tens of thousands of years old."


"Still, this is a serious cause for concern…"
Bite my lip.
"It would be very unfortunate if our first contact with sentient, living beings would result in a war and not peace."


"Let's avoid wearing green for the moment."


Nod with a frown.
"If there is any other detail you think you'd share, now is the time."


"Can't think of anything…"


"This is bad news, very, very bad news…"


"That much we figured out ourselves.
Now, if you don't mind, I will go take a shower."


"Go ahead."


"Oh, I don't mind what you get up to in your free time. After all, a few stallions have actually caught my eye…"
She titters and shakes her head.
"Well, I better get going. See you around, boy-toy!"
With that, she sashays off.
Where to?
Venture listens raptly to Julia's story, her serious expression never changing. Finally, she nods and stands up.
"I agree, we need more scouting to make sure the area's safe. I'm also going to give orders that if natives are encountered scouts are not to engage, but retreat and report back."


What's going on in town?


Nod to her as well.
"Exactly what I wanted to ask you. Furthermore, if they saw a big force of natives while the farm workers are out, they should warn them as well and retreat together."



Leave with Venture, once she does.


Justicia's over in the commons, training some militia. Askeladd's here too. Amor's over in the corner, watching the militia passively.
She's energetic, but her aggressiveness leaves something to be desired. Still, a decent showing.
Ambrosia exits the courthouse. Maybe she has news to share?
Once you leave the office, she sighs and rubs her temples. "Whut a fuckin' mess this is."


"I know right?
Even the huge animals.
They are linked to this."


Maybe, but I'm on duty!
"Not bad! Maybe a little bit too enthusiastic though!"


Militia… like guards, only not as good. I should not bother guards, guards can get angry.
Maybe I should ask Wheat Fields how the farming is going.


"Really? At least we know who ta blame now."
She shakes her head and sighs.
"Yew two are jest magnets fer trouble, ain't ye?"
"Thanks! I had fun!"
Looks like that's all of them… wait, here comes a late entry! It's a female pegasus with her leg in a cast.
"Hi, I'm Wheat Fields! Am I too late to join?"
Wait… Is that Wheat Fields entering the ring?


"Uh… No, but you're wounded, aren't you?"


Sit down and observe.


She shrugs. "Aw, it's not that bad, and it isn't messing with how I use this stick. Er, at least I don't think it is… am I doing this right?"
…Maybe you should demonstrate the proper way to hold it before starting the sparring session.


"Well… I won't turn down an eager recruit. Just take it easy, okay? Follow my example."
I'll take it very easy on her.

Roll #1 3, 6, 9 = 18


Doctor Sweetherb would probably not be happy if she knew about this.


It takes her a while to get used to it, but once she gets the hang of it she starts coming after you with startling ferocity, pushing you back until you make a mistake and get whacked in the side of the head, collapsing in a heap.
Her pole drops as her hooves fly to her mouth.
"Sorry sorry sorry! Are you okay?"
Speak of the devil. Here she comes, and she looks absolutely livid.





I rub my head.
"Yes yes… that was good! I think you really have some raw talent there!"


"A' course. An' if'n any mer ruins are found, they ain't te be explored with any group smaller'n three ponies."
She giggles and blushes. "Really? My friend's a really good fighter, so I want to learn to fight too!"
Before she can continue, a demon from the very pits of Tartarus appears trailing steam and smoke.


"That sounds wise. We must stick together."


Get up and perk my ears.
"Excuuuuuse me?"


I just cringe.
I really hate shouting…


She nods, then looks around as a small silence ensues.
When no move is made to continue the conversation, she bites her lip and starts fidgeting.
"Out of my way, I have an unruly patient who needs her bedrest," she growls as she takes Wheat Fields by the ear and starts dragging her back to the clinic. "We need to have a talk about proper care for a broken limb, Miss Fields."
Fields shoots you a pleading look as she gets dragged away.


Raise a brow.
"Is something wrong?"


"Now hold on one second!"
Block her way.
"She has a broken leg, not a broken spine. As long as she takes it easy, she'll be fine."


Sorry Wheat Fields. But I don't dare defy the doctor.


She sighs and hangs her head.
"Ah'm sorry about earlier, all right? I jest… Ah get real protective of mah ponies, an' usually when important ponies come meddling, they've got some selfish motive.
Ah pegged ye wrong, and made a right fool of meself."
She stares you down and growls. The staredown isn't as effective as it would usually be, considering the fact that you're blind.
"This patient has given me nothing but trouble ever since she regained her mobility! I don't want her fracturing her leg again! Now out of my way."
She gives you the Puppy Dog Pout. Rollan for effectiveness. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Smile at her.
"Oh, it's water under the bridge. We are, after all, both in the pursuit of the same goal, making sure all the ponies here are safe."


Sorry Wheat Fields…


"Yeah… thanks fer understanding."
She smiles, then spits in her hoof and holds it out.
To be fair, that pout made her look guilty as sin. She probably deserves whatever Sweetherb has in store for her.


"I'll have you know she performed very well just now. We were very careful about it, so I don't think your worries are warranted!"


I really wish she didn't do that.
Accept it though.


Maybe I should go check on my garden.


Dog immediately starts barking at the tall grass, refusing to go anywhere near it.
The rest of your plants are growing nicely for now. You should probably harvest any ingredients that are ready.
She nods as she shakes your hoof, leaving it sticky and wet.
"Well, Ah'm off ta deal with this crisis on mah end. Ye take care now, ya hear?"
With that, she's out the door.



At least we made peace!
Wipe my hoof into something that isn't me or my chair.


I will. Harvest them up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Sweetherb snorts, pawing at the ground. "That still doesn't mean she can run off whenever she pleases!" Her words carry a hint of uncertainty, though.
A decent crop. Nothing spectacular, but certainly nothing to sneeze at either. Are there any potions in particular you wish to make?
You wipe it off on the floor. Now it's sticky, wet, and grimy.


Get a napkin or tissue or something!


She stumbles into the room, clutching a clutter of papers.
"Yes ma'am?"
Roll to find something suitable.


"I realize you're worried about your patients, but you don't have to take it too far! If I can show her some basics of fighting, maybe next time she'll have a better fighting chance when something happens! Physical conditions shouldn't hold back progress, not here where every able pony is worth their weight in gold!"


I'm not going to risk paperwork!
"I'll have to go out and see to the guard captain, take the office over in my absence. And get me a tissue, will you?"


She's quiet for a moment.
"I want her supervised at all times. I'm not having her break her leg or wing again because she had a clumsy partner."
"Certainly, miss Magistre." She passes you a tissue as you leave.


Wipe my hoof.
Go see the Cap'n


Health potions are always useful. But I think I should consult the doctor too about this. Maybe she needs a certain potion really badly.


"Of course. She's certainly not going to be on active duty as a militia. Not until she's fully healed anyway."


She turns and twists Field's ear, making her yelp.
"But you better be back the minute training is finished, or else!" With that, she leaves.
He's up on the walls.
"Something you need, Ma-am?"


"… She seems nice!"


"Yes, something very important. That tower for the cannon we discussed? It needs to be up and operating as soon as possible. I also want you to cut down on any unnecessary guard operations and have more of them on the wall."


"She means well," Fields grouses, rubbing her ear. "She's just a little protective is all."
She rubs her cast absentmindedly.
"Thanks for sticking up for me. I don't wanna know what she had planned for me this time."
His expression goes serious.
"I take it we're expecting trouble, and soon."


"Huh? What does she usually do?"


"Medicine." She shudders. "Awful, foul-tasting medicine."
"So, do you really think I could make it in the militia?"


"Well… I think anypony could given enough training! Even if you don't go with the militia, at least you'll know how to fight! The more ponies around here that do, the safer the colony will become."


"Thanks! My friend Ambrosia's a gardener, but she's a really good fighter! She saved my life when those wolves attacked; that's why I wanted to learn how to fight to! If you want me, I'd be proud to join the militia!"


"What's your current job?"


"I'm a farmer by trade!
…though since we don't have any farming land ready yet, I've been mostly doing any work that needs doing."


"We do not know when, but we got troubling reports from scouts indeed."


"Farming? Oh that sounds nice… to be able to grow plants and flowers. I love flowers! People always tell me about how beautiful they are."


"What kind of reports? Are we going to be dealing with pirates already? Is there a hostile colony nearby?"
"…So wait, you're actually blind? I thought the blindfold was just some mystic training thing or something!"


"Oh no, I was born blind. I'm not a mystic or anything at all, just a mage. And a fighter."


"Oh my gosh. That is… so… COOL! Do you know any good spells? What am I saying, of course you do! You must be like the coolest guard pony ever!"


I chuckle.
"Well… that might be pushing it. But I do know a bunch of fun spells. And techniques to capture spells. I graduated from the mage academy back in Canterlot a several years back."


"Capture spells? You can do that? Can I see?"
She sounds very excited.


"Sure, but I'd need a spell to capture first! Doesn't matter if it's divine or elemental or arcane magic, I can take them all!"


She sighs and rubs her temples. Boon gives her a quizzical look as he comes out.
"Something wrong, lass?"
"Yeah," she drawls, "An' it involves yew two."



"A camp of natives was destroyed by other natives who killed everyone there."


"…Natives? So we're not alone here?"
He sighs and shakes his head.
"I suspected as much, but still, hearing it confirmed… Do we have any intelligence reports on them?"
Also, if you want we can say you got one of the two unclaimed blasters.


I'll claim one then.
"They seem to be a primitive tribe, but they have a few scavanged advanced technology weapons. There is at least fifty of them."


"Appearance? Races? Any way to identify them? What kind of advanced weaponry are we talking about?"
His face is straight, and he's in full-on military commander mode.
I'll note that in the doc; successful attacks with it now deal an additional hit of damage.


I like that professionalism.
For the sake of convinience, relay all the information I got from the scouts to him.


He hums and looks out at the woods.
"Looks like we finished clearing the forest around the town just in time. We've got clear firing lines all along the perimeter, and the first watchtower just needs some finishing touches. I'll double the guards on the wall and have the cannon cleaned and prepped, just in case. We'll also need to double guard details on work crews… But that would stretch us too thin if we send too many beyond the walls. I suggest keeping most of the workers in town next week, focus on construction and building the defenses. That should give us time to raise and train some more militia; hopefully it will be enough…"


"A good advice. We can't do much with food if there is no town to speak of… You must also know that the scouts will be on the lookout as well. Their orders are to retreat if they spot any natives, especially if it is a larger force. The same goes for your guards. If you are out there with the workers, do not try to engage."


"Scouts can run because they only have their own hides to worry about. If guards run, settlers will die.
Still, I understand your intention. If we get attacked, the guards will take a defensive rearguard action as the settlers retreat inside the walls. Once the civilians are safe, the guards will retreat inside and shut the gates behind them."


Where was I?


Right outside the townhouse, if I remember correctly.


I should go see the doc.
Give her a piece of my mind.


"Obviously, not running back without the settlers, but escorting them back here at a hasty pace."


Before you leave, Venture stops you.
"Ah got news fer ye and Boon here. An' it ain't the nice kind."
"Exactly. Though if there really are multiple tribes, perhaps some of them will be friendly? In any case, we won't engage unless attacked.
Askeladd and Justicia have begun training the militia. With any luck they'll be a respectable fighting force by the time we need them."


"I can only hope we'll be ready… yes, and I'd prefer peace over war with any natives myself as well."


"Lemme guess.
More work, more uncharted lands."


He sighs and rubs his head.
"I seriously hope the Inquisition doesn't get wind of this… I don't want Horton being turned into one of their puppet states."


"Even if they did, what could they do from across the sea? Not that I'd let them do that, mind you."


"Nah, that's yer job."
She sighs and rubs her head.
"Magistre came te me earlier, an' well… she says she thinks whatever ye ran inta last time may've messed with yer heads. She wants ye under constant watch in case ye go loopy on us."
"Send a division of their zealots over the sea to take control of Horton by force?"


"Over my body. Preferably not dead, but you know what I mean. This is nothing we cannot solve."


"That's bullshit. High tier bullshit!
Mayor or no mayor she's not got the authority to do something like that."


"I agree. That's why I hope they don't get involved. At least not until we're entrenched enough that they can't push us around."


"Ah know, but ah can't do nothing bout the fact she's gonna have a guard tail ye while yer in town. Thing is, she also wants me te send a scout te keep an eye on each of ye. So here's what we're gonna do…"
She looks you dead in the eye.
"Julia, ye watch Boon like a hawk. If'n he starts gibberin' or foamin' at the mouth, ye hogtie him and bring him back, ye hear?"
She turns and locks eyes with Boon.
"Boon, ye keep yer eyes on this chickie's flanks-" she mutters something you'll have to roll if you want to hear- "-an' knock 'er out at the first sign she's going loopy. Do ye understand?"


"Gotcha boss."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"-like… hard-" You can't quite make out the middle part.
"Glad ye understand. Ah'm real sorry bout this. Jest watch each other's backs, ye hear? Yer one of the best pairs ah got."


"Even if they somehow caught wind of it now, it would take them ages to arrive."


Give her a cocky smile.
"Of course we are."

Now, off to that doc.


Sweetherb looks up as you enter.
"Ah, Julia. I've been meaning to speak with you. I finished some longer tests on that substance and… I have some news for you."
"True. I suppose it would be better to just focus on the here and now."


"Oh. Let's hear it."


"And heavens know we need to do that now… just when things were going so well…"


"I'm sorry I wasn't able to tell you sooner, but these tests have to be carried out over the course of a week before I can get definitive results.
The long and short of it is, it's a substance designed to alter your physiology and your thought patterns."
He chuckles.
"Going so well? It's been nothing but one disaster right after the other. We've just gotten unusually lucky with dealing with them, that's all."


Do a double take, taking a step back as I look worried at her.


"You both got lucky," she quickly reassures you. "You purged enough of it immediately after exposure that it most likely didn't have time to take effect. Still, further observation is needed in order to make sure it hasn't hurt you in any way."


"Good fucking lord…"
Sit somewhere.


"Dealing with everything without casulties is going well in my books, considering where we are, Captain."


Boon sits down too, looking pale.
"I truly am sorry that I wasn't able to tell you sooner. I promise, even if it did affect you, the results should only be minor.
Still, you got very lucky. This is… one of the most sinister forms of feeding I've seen."
"Well, we've certainly taken our share of lumps and bruises. One of the militiaponies came back half-dead from the farming group."


Gulp down.
"So… What would it have done?"


"I am sure Sweetherbs can treat him. As I said, he was not dead, and we have managed to pull ourselves through every calamity so far."


"I can't be certain, but if my intuition is correct…
It would have started by making you more complacent, with a desire to feed that would override signals telling you you were eating too much. Eventually, you would start feeling a… pull, towards the plant, that would grow stronger as time went on.
It seems to feed by capturing wildlife, sending them out to feed until they've completely gorged themselves, at which time they return so they can be… consumed."
"From what I hear he made a good showing, fighting right up until the last to repel the jackals. That boy will go places, I'll tell you right now."


Askeladd, feel free to drop in.


Calmly stand up, walk up to a toilet and puke some more.


"That kind of spirit is what we need to keep this settlement up and running."


Has my bar burned down yet?


Boon walks over and starts gently rubbing your back, letting you purge yourself as he and Sweetherb look on.
"Indeed, and it's starting to crop up in more and more ponies. Did you see that mare on the training fields? Her leg was in a cast, and she still managed to beat one of the guards."
Nope. In fact, it looks like they managed to make it a proper building now. Keg is working the bar, and looks up as you enter.
"Like the new place?"


"Do you think this might be even a bit… concerning?"


Detailed description.
I'm quiet as I inspect it


Sigh and step away, clean my face.
"C-c'mon Boon, that was supposed to be private…"



"Not really. When ponies have their backs against the wall like we do, they tend to start showing some surprising strength. You wouldn't believe the number of scraggly recruits I've seen barely make it through training who turn into first-class soldiers once the fighting starts."
He doesn't say anything, just quietly pulls you into a gentle embrace.
"Neat! Could you show me a spell you know? Please please please?"
It's made from logs and timber, but seems to be of solid construction. A mix of gravel, mud, and sand has been used to caulk the walls, making it airtight and warm inside. There aren't many windows, and they're small ones; perfect for turning the bar into a defensive position if required. There's even some rooms in the back, including separate bedrooms for you and Keg.


That secret thing I wanted in my room is there?


"Sure! Hmm… how about this one?"
Cast Night.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Pat him back and sigh, but let go soon enough.
Turn to Sweetherb.
"There's another reason I came here.
You told about what happened to that unicorn."


Refresh my memory.
The area gets shadier for a moment… then the spell sputters and fails.
"oh. Was… that supposed to happen?"
She narrows her eyes.
"I assure you, I have not broken my confidentiality with anyone, unicorn or no."


"Yes… however, I think we might have to do some community events soon, to strenghten the bonds of the settlers."


The secret basement with the map and the Inquisition stuff.


"Then how did he know?
Just a few moments after you told me to go visit him, there he is, asking me to take sessions."


"Hmmm… no, not really. This is what I get for drinking whiskey…"
One more try.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


There's a little trapdoor hidden under a rug.
"Well? Did we do a good job?"
"…You're talking about Amor, aren't you?"
She sighs and shakes her head.
"I swear, I didn't tell anypony. Amor is just… very good at reading ponies. And not so good at minding his own business. I'm not surprised he figured it out so quickly."
The field goes dark for a moment, brightening as you let the spell dissipate.
"Wow, that's pretty neat! But how do you… Oh, I get it! You make the bad guys blind, but it doesn't affect you at all!"
"That's a decent idea. Did you have something in mind?"


"Nothing planned out, but I was considering making a festivity of sorts once all the houses are raised."


Give him a pat on the back and a nod.
"It will do."


What a liar.
"That fucker…
It's not a good way to make me talk."


I nod.
"Yeah. Evening the playing field always catches them by surprise."
I giggle.


He smiles, then blinks as he sees your new weapon.
"What's that thing?"
"That sounds perfect. Gives us time to plan out something concrete, too."
"Amor is… strange. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was a mind-reader. But of course that's impossible, those are just rumors spread about the Academy!
He's just good at reading ponies. Unfortunately he seems to forget that other ponies can't do the same and… assumes you see things the way he does.
Even so, he really is good at helping ponies deal with traumatic events. He once ended a fight just by whispering something in one of the fighter's ears that made both the fighting ponies back down and settle the matter civilly. Just… give him a chance, okay?"
"I'll bet! So, want to train some more while we talk?"


"Some kind of strange weapon.
It seems we are not alone on this continent."


I smile.
"I want food, drinks and music for the occasion, as a reward for our hard work for becoming a real settlement not just a tent-camp!"


Shake my head, tired.
"Not tonight."
Slap with a wing Boon's flank.
"Let's get going, I oughta watch over you, remember?"


"Sure. Just take it easy, promise?"


He jumps and blushes faintly, before fixing you with a teasing grin.
"So, if we got to keep an eye on each other, do ye want to sleep in my tent, or should I sleep in yers?"
You both exit the clinic.
"I promise. Maybe you could show me some moves?"
This isn't a sparring session, so no 3d10. Instead, you can try to describe a move you want to teach her and roll for how well she learns it.
"I'm not the pony to discuss that with, ma'am. You'll have to go to Twitchy for that."
"Really?" His eyes light up.
"So you met some natives? What were they like?"


"My tent is no-boys-allowed."
"Oughta be yours."


"I know, I'm just excited about it! Are you not excited?"


Nigga I'm drunk as shit, this probably won't end well.
Anyway, let's show her how to block first. Building a good defense is an important step.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"They were very dead."


He smirks, though his cheeks are still a little pink.
"I guess that makes sense. Should I expect to be cooking dinner for ye too?"
"Right now, I'm focused on making sure nothing happens that would ruin those festivities. I'll think about it further when I know the colony's safe."
She's a natural! Before long, you're not sure you could land a hit on her if you tried.
"Wow, this is easier than I thought! What next?"
His face falls.
"…Oh. What happened?"


Any fort happenings?


"You would be a very mean guest not to!"


"We didn't do anything, they were dead when we got there. We believe some kind of infighting might have happened."
Did we bring those food supplies to the colony?


"How to parry and dodge through anticipation of your opponents movements!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You are doing splendid work so far, Captain. I'm sure there will be no troubles with you around."


Justicia's training a pegasus mare in a cast. The mare seems to be winning.
"Don't ye mean host? But sure, I suppose I could fill yer bottomless gullet just this once."
He doesn't sound too disappointed about this arrangement…
"So wait, the natives are killing each other? Did we walk into the middle of some kind of war?"
He nods in acknowledgement as he leaves.
Where to next?
She just keeps trying to block again, starting to grow frustrated when it becomes clear she's not doing what you want.
"I don't understand! Can we try something else?"


Yeah, meant host. Whoops.
"You don't have a bed for guests, do you?"


"Nope. Guess ye just have to use mine. I've slept under the stars before, I won't mind doing it again."


"Alright alright, let's try the offensive side of fighting then."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Scouts and guards taken care of… who should be notified about the threat?


"I do not know. It seems this place still has many secrets."


Give him a costanza stare with a widening smirk at the end.


Better, but she keeps tripping up or failing to follow through.
"I think I can get it. Should we try it again?"
That's about everyone who would need to be notified about it. You're free to pursue other tasks.
"Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually.
There was a bit of excitement while you were gone; one of the militaponies came back half-dead. Apparently they got attacked by a giant boar and a pack of jackals."
He scrunches and looks away, his cheeks growing redder.


"Sure! One final run for today."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Look, I ain-
I won't let you sleep outside."


"Hmmm, it seems to happen quite often now."


Approach her.
"Looks like that new recruit is giving you some trouble."


"Huh? No, not at all! She's performing pretty well."


"…Well, then where am I supposed to sleep?"
You suspect he already knows the answer, judging by how he's refusing to look at you as he gets redder and redder.
"It's a dangerous land. I guess we've got to fight to earn our place here."
She's a natural at this!
#Wheat Field has learned Master of Arms!
Wheat Field is now a member of the militia.

"I feel great! Thank you so much for teaching me; now I can help defend the colony!"


Let's go back to Geneva for now.


"Nonsense. We belong here, it is the others who have to go."


"I can see that, not to mention that she is in cast."
I laughed

I look at Wheatfield.
"Looks like Justicia is teaching you very well Wheatfield, I didnt know you are a natural at this."


"Let's think about that tonight, uh?"
Smirk and start leaving. What's the town like?
I have seen remarkably little about it!


"There's going to be more training to come… but you should get some rest now, your leg could probably use it. Well done."


I look at you.
"Any plans for today? I heard the mayor will erect more guard towers the coming days."


"If they were here first, isn't it wrong to kick them off their own land? Besides, I'm more talking about how we have to push back the dangerous animals to make the town safe."
"Askeladd!" She flies over and gives you a hug. "I haven't seen you since we got here! How have you been?"
That's because there's not much to see. Most of it's a tent town surrounded by wooden walls. There's the townhouse, a couple residential building recently put up, Figworth's bar, a forge, the storage building, the armory, and of course the wall. It looks like they've finished putting up one watchtower, working on the rest and a new tower much bigger than the others.
"Yes ma'am! Thank you so much for this; I promise I won't let you down!"
She seems to have recovered from her hangover.
"So, we're not alone anymore. That's going to twist a few tails."


Just shake my head at that first line.
"Yes, the animals are a concern."


"You tell me… It almost made me want to… ugh. What's next for today? I made sure the town's defenses are up to date with the information."


"I've been training some of the militias today so far… I don't know what the rest of the town is planning really. I think once my shift is over, I'll enjoy the last hours of sunshine, then visit Blaze in the clinic."

"I'm sure you won't!"


Inventory of the weapons I took with me from the journey?


"I've been great so far, no trouble's or anything if you ask." returns her hug in a friendly manner.
"So looks like you will be joining us in protecting the workers now that you've shown some talents in handling weapons, I tell you thats pretty great, we need all the hoofs we need since the guards are spread pretty thin."

"Looks like Blaze got a beatin I tell you, though fool-hardy, he had shown bravery and we need that; We still lack capable soldiers but in time Blaze might prove as a worthy asset." I nod.
"Ms. Herb said he will be up in about a week."


You have two bolters for yourself, and gave one to Magistre, leaving you with one free to give to whoever you want. You also have a mystic sword. Maybe one of the magic types could use it. Maybe that blind guard over there? She graduated from Mage Academy.
She'd probably pay well for it…
"Glad to hear it! So, how's Crookear? The two of you getting along okay? I remember you being worried about there already being a smith in town."
"I've been thinking… maybe I should join the militia."
"Well, let's see…" She flips through some papers.
"…I'm not seeing much else scheduled for today."


"You think so?"


That sounds smart.
Let's go see the militia in general.


"There must be something to do!"


"We're spread thin alright… We really need all the militia help we can get. I think it's good that the mayor and the captain are focusing on building up defenses."


They've just finished training up, though three of them are still here, including the unicorn. >>566702 >>566711

"I don't know, I just… I kinda want to… do my part, you know? I don't even know if I'd be any good at it, but… this place is dangerous. Can I really sit back and do nothing?"
He sighs and rubs his head.
"I don't know. Maybe I'm overthinking this."
"Nothing management-wise, at least. Maybe we could go help with the construction? Public works are good for building a favorable reputation…"


"If that's what you need to do, that's what you need to do. I'll look over the bar."


"Crookear is doing fine though I reckon she is having too much work on her plate, I helped her last time repairing the armor of the militia's so if I have free-time I will help her again afterwards/

"Talking about defenses, you do remind me that I need to check out on those training dummies, perhaps later I will visit Moondancer and see if she is already starting on making those." I began to ponder and get lost in thought.


"Oh, I'd still work here! I just want to be available if they need me. Do you… what do you think?"
"Moondancer? Who's that? I don't think I've met her yet."


"I think it would be a great way for you to get to know others."


"Yes, that does sound like a good point with the settlers."
Nod again, then open the door to my office.
"However, I have something to discuss with you in private first."


"You should. We need all the tools to help train these ponies that we can get. Maybe some of them can learn how to use guns as well… though that's not my forte as you can imagine."


She gives you a curious look, but follows you into your office.
"What would you like to discuss?"
He smiles at that.
"That's true… You know what? I think I'm going to do it. I'll take this week to make sure everything at the bar is set up so I can leave quickly if I have to, but… I'm going to sign up next week."


Whistle at that unicorn.


Close the door and sit down at my desk.
Be very official about this.
"Some recent events have made me think, and we must be prepared for everything."


"Well…. Moondancer is a pony I've meet yesterday, a woodcrafter of no small talent I reckon." I gulp.

"Ah, you might like to approach Crookears about weapon requisition, she is a good blacksmith I tell you."


Perk my ears. Do I remember that voice? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Easily. Turn to the source.
"Julia? Need something."

"I'll keep that in mind!"


"Nah, I just came back from a mission.
Think I can do you guys a solid, I've picked up some special stuff."


"Oh? How'd you meet her? She sounds nice."
Field seems genuinely curious.
"Of course… What are you thinking?"


"… we cannot rule out the possibility that something might happen to me during an ambush or attack on Horton."


"Huh? Special stuff you say? What kind? Oh, is it flowers!?"


She gulps.
"That would be… devastating. I'm not sure the colony could go on if that happened."


I nod.
"Good, now did Amor happen to come by while I was gone?"


I gulp as I scratch my head.
"Oooohohoho… she was introduced to me by Soft Stream. She told me she is good at handling wood so after a bit of demonstration I told myself. 'wow, she is good at this."


"No, I'm sorry it's not flowers.
We have to go pick those together, remember?
These are just weapons. Strange ones, at that."


"Oh… too bad. What kind of weapons? We found some weapons too actually!"
Show her my pike.


I have no idea about the pike!
"There's a magic sword and a ray gun."


"That is what I want to avoid. Should I die or go missing, the colony must proceed with it's goals, to prosper and grow.

This is why I'm naming you as a Deputy Mayor in case the worst happens."


"Wow! Those sound nifty!"
Piercing Pike: Great. On a crit, deals a wound of damage instead of hits. if the target would have been knocked helpless, they still become helpless, taking an extra wound of damage.


He scratches his head.
"No, I… can't say that he did. He tends to keep to himself."
"Soft Stream…" Her eyes light up.
"Oh! Do you mean the sluts?"
Her eyes go wide as she claps her hooves over her mouth.
She stares at you.


Where was I? Looking after my garden? how is the special plant doing?


"Celery? That mage?"


Stare back.


"Mighty looking spear!
So, do you know anyone good with a rifle?
I think you'd love the sword."
Chuckle, since she can't see smirks.


"Uh… I don't know actually. Maybe you should ask the captain of the guard… or the town smith! But a magical sword does sound interesting. What would you… trade for it?"


"Well, you are a friend, so I'm giving it off for little.
What do you have?"


It's doing all right, though Dog is refusing to go anywhere near it. I believe you were going to take some ingredients to see what potions could be made from them?
She's not even blinking.
…I think you broke her.


"Miss Geneva?"


"Well… not that much, actually. I'd certainly trade the pike for it, but do you even need it? Do you have any suggestions?"


"Maybe when you find something neat, you can come show me. I'm no good with melee weapons to begin with.
Mostly, I'm looking for stuff that'd help me survive in the wild. Healing is a priority."


I should… write down all the ingredients (I can read and write! … a little.) I have and present them to the doctor and ask her what she needs. Make a four health potions already though if I can.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Alright! I'll keep an figurative eye open for you."


"I won't give the sword away in the meantime, rest safe.
Gotta go now. When does your shift end?"




"See you for lunch by old man Figworth?"


"Sure thing."


"Catch ya later!"
Flap off.
To the guard's captain.



Dear God.
I blush and grin at her.
"Ahhh…. well yes?"


Is my shift over soon?


"You… really think I'm capable of it?"
Health potion made and ready for use!
Captain Cutter looks up as you approach.
"Good evening, Julia. Something to report?"
"Nope. That Justicia gal came by though; picked up some whiskey for herself and a friend, then left."
"Sorry!" She squeaks. "I don't mean to be insulting, but… well, they are!
They're still good at what they do. Wait, that came out wrong! I mean that they're very talented! Aah! They're good with their hooves!"
She shrieks and falls to the ground, trying to hide her burning cheeks.
Technically, you're already off duty.


"Hey Cutter.
Found stuff you might life."
Pull out the spare blaster.
"Ray guns from sixty thousands years ago.
Don't ask."


"Who was that friend?"


"You are the most capable for it, yes."


Go find Julia first.


Oh! I guess I can go to the bar then.


He quirks an eyebrow, then examines it.
"That's… oddly specific. How does it work?"
"Blaze, I think his name was? The militiapony who came back half-dead. Come to think of it, Justicia's the one who carried him back… and I hear he got hurt protecting her…"
"I… I don't know what to say, I'm… shocked, to be honest. I'm honored.
If you think I'm the best for the job… Then I accept."
She's with Captain Cutter, showing him the blasters you guys scavenged.
Figworth is talking to Keg about something.
Keg turns as you come in.
"Well speak of the devil!" You can hear a smile in his voice. "Welcome back, Justicia! How'd it go last night?"


Offer him a live demostration.


"Oh boy. What about that other mage? The one who came by asking me all those stupid questions?"



I will wait patiently until addressed.


Take out a parchment and make an official declaration about it, so she cannot be doubted.
"I haven't known you for long, but I know that you are very good at this."


"I didn't wake up with a headache this morning, so pretty well!"

"Hello? I don't recognize your voice."


"Figworth? We met yesterday, briefly."


"Oh! Right sorry, it takes a while to memorize everypony's voices."


You show him how it operates, his eyes widening with interest as it pops open.
"Fascinating… but what does it shoot?"
Want to pick a target and show him?
"Oh, Sticks? Yeah, she's been by a few times, always muttering about something or other. Tried talking with her, but only ended up getting a headache."
You write it up and sign it, making it official.
"…Thank you. This is… I mean, I hope nothing happens to you, but… nopony's ever trusted me with a position like this before."
"How's Blaze? You weren't too rough on him, were you? You look like you've been working up a sweat."



Smile a bit.
"Well, allow me to hope that you won't have to take it permanently. Of course, during shorter absences, this will still be valid."


"Uh? No, he's not allowed to spar yet, he needs to stay in the clinic for at least another week."


"Hmmm, I'll speak to her later."

"No problem my dear. Would you like a drink?"


"Do you folks serve food as well?"


Pick a target! or do you just shoot him in the hoof and hope he doesn't get pissed?
"Oh! Oh, of course! I'll handle things here if you have to go to diplomatic meetings or something. Oh, I should start getting things ready, just in case…"
"I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure he'll be quick to make up for lost time, though."
"Your funeral. Just don't go crazy on me, okay?"


"I'm glad you took the offer. Just don't get too excited."


Don't they have training dummies or such?
If nothing else, hit a tree!


"Well Moonstone I assume is good at woodcrafting so we will see."

I then smile at her blushing.
"Hey that is fine." I stroke her mane.


"Sorry," she blushes, "I just don't want to get caught unprepared! Um, so, let's get on a different topic, shall we?"
"Thanks for not getting angry about it," she sighs with relief. "You have to admit, though, they are pretty colossal sluts."
Not training dummies yet! You shoot a tree, his eyes widening in surprise.
"That's really impressive. Where did you say you got this?"


"Small dinners yes."

"Keg, what do we have in stock to serve one of our guards?"


"Ruins out of town. I might pick up more stuff I don't need.
So, any offer for this little baby?"


"It's not for now yet, I'm just wondering because Julia invited me to share lunch."

"Oh I know he will!"


"Such as?"


"For ponies, we have some flower sandwiches, a few hayburgers, or even some pastries that got dropped off today."
"Oh! For griffons, we still have some bacon and pork from those boars last week, or some salted meats that got brought over."
"Um…" She thinks for a moment. "truth or dare?"



"Offer? Well, let me think…"
What exactly are you after?


"Excuse me?"


Armor, gadgets, tools, currency, better housing, favors.


"Well, I can't offer much monetarily, but if there's something I can do for you, I'd be happy to help. As long as it isn't illegal or detrimental to the colony, of course."
"Sorry. I'm just… my head's still spinning from all this. It's been a very eventful day."


"You tell me! At least we didn't get attacked by wildlife today."


"Oh, fine.
You guys need it more than me anyway.
If I find other stuff, I will show you."


"Gotcha, thanks! I'll be back later."

… Who haven't I met yet?


Approach her and bow my head.
"Julia. I have more potions of health for you if you wish."


That's been fast!
I'm not even leaving town for another couple of days, but thanks!
What do I owe you?"


I tilt my head and stare.
"Owe me? How?"


"You know, for making the potions!"


"Thank you. I'm serious; if you need something and it's within my power, I'll get it for you. I pay my debts."
I don't think you've been by the forge before.
"…but they did attack yesterday…"


I laughed so hard at hearing her saying this that after a moment I wiped tears out of my eyes.
"Oh dear me, yes if you say so. To tell the truth, I havent known that there are ponies that acts in ways like that, but hey its their kink so no judgement." I grin.


Nope, never have I.
Neither have I needed to!
Let's check.


Do you want something to eat?


"I do not understand. You help the colony, I help the colony."




"…Guess that's a way to look at it."
Smile at her.


"Not today at least, not today…"


Give her the four potions I made.


She laughs with you.
"…wait, what do you mean 'ways like that?'"
"Yeah… so, what should we do now?"


"Planning on coming with us on our next trip too?"


"If you wish me to, I will. If not, I will focus on gardening and potion crafting."


There's a female diamond dog working inside. She's shorter and thinner than you'd imagine.
"Hi there! I don't think we've met before. I'm Crookear!"


"Well… my exposure to pony kind is kind of limited and so far I've read that they are a harmonious and very tolerable race not to mention kind and reserve. I was caught by surprise when I meet them." I nod.


"But what do you want to do?"
"Julià, pleasure to meet you.
What are you working on?"


"I wish to aid the colony."


Lean back on my desk.
"I should head out and check on those buildings."


"Okay different question.
Do you like scouting with us?"


"It was okay."


Roll my eyes.
"Well make up your mind and come tell me next time."




"Ah. Yeah, they come on pretty strong, but once you get past that they're pretty nice ponies. Or at least that's what I hear."
"Just fixing some axes that got damaged. Clearing the trees has given me a good supply of work!"
She offers her hand with a smile.
"Alright. Maybe you should start with Figworth's bar; it was one of the first to get put up."


Shake her paw.
"How long have you been in town?"


"I meant the ones that are being constructed right now."


Wheat Fields? Is she still in trouble?


Roll to see how well you take her crushing grip.
"Oh right. Of course."
Nah, Justicia got Sweetherb to back down, then had a pretty intense training session. She's now talking with Askeladd and looking rather embarrassed.


I need this talon.
If a nigger shanks it, a nigger pays for it.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Stand up.
"Take care of the office in the meantime, will you?"
Smile at her.


Approach her
"Wheat Fields?"


You manage to hide the pain and return the grip partially, though your talon is still a little sore afterwards.
"Glad I didn't accidentally break your talons! That happens way too often.
Anyway, I've been here since the first boat. Always need a smith, you know! That's how I was able to get this forge built."
She returns the smile eagerly.
"Of course, Magistre."
"Hey Ambrosia! Glad to see you're back! Did you have fun?
Oh, by the way, I'm going to join the militia! Isn't that great?"


"Yes. Much fun. … Are you not a farmer?"


"Having a place like this oughta be quite the thing."


"Yeah, but the militia's just a part-time thing, and Justicia says I'm really good at fighting!"
"Nothing like living in a place you built with your own two hands. So, what brings you here?"


"Looking around town.
So you double as carpenter?"


"… Okay. Will you be careful?"


"Of course! Say, why don't I show you what I learned?"
She tosses you a wooden pole, picking one up herself.
"Don't hold back now!"
"Nah, that's Moondancer's thing. Though, ah, she's a… very frivolous mare. If you know what I mean."
She giggles.


"I can guess it."


"Okay, Wheat Fields."
Pick up the pole. I don't want to hurt her…
Just let her attack me and try to defend myself [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


She's coming at you faster than you expected! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Uh…anything I should do?


That was a pretty nasty hit!
"Come on, Ambrosia, show me what you've got!"

Ambrosia 2/6
Wheat Field 7/5
Do you want to investigate the mage Sticksen Stones?


Who's that?
Did I meet him before?


Hit her… gently.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Her. The mage who asked you all the crazy questions.
This is a sparring match; neither of you is really trying to hurt the other.
I'm just using the same combat system because reasons.
"That's more like it!" '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


She doesn't manage to block it in time and gets pushed back several steps.
"See, I know you're good at this!"

Ambrosia 2/6
Field 1/5


"Yes. Thank you Wheat Fields."

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Ah dont worry they are pretty nice indeed, not to mention pretty and nice." I smile.
"So how about you how goes planting?"


Good, talk to her.


"Pretty good," she grunts, more focused on her sparring match with Ambrosia.
Care to watch in? Maybe you can give her some pointers.
"You're welcome!" She's really good at this. Maybe you underestimated her… '1d10'
Roll to find her.

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Ah! yes! Go for the flank and dont stand still!"
Coach her. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


…OW. She's so fast! With Askeladd's coaching, she takes your legs out from under you and whacks you in the chest before you even realize what happened. You actually slide a short distance before coming to a stop.
"Sorry! Wow, you're slower than I remember…"

Ambrosia helpless/3
Wheat 1/5


That's fine… she can beat me up.

Roll #1 5 = 5


She helps you get back to your hooves.
"Remember, this is just some friendly sparring. We're not trying to hurt each other, just trying to win, right?"

Ambrosia 6/3
Wheat 1/5


When I'm up, I will go in for an attack.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Whoah!" She tries to block; can she do the impossible? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Doing things.
In my free day!


Not quite, but she manages to at least block some of the blow. Still goes down pretty hard.
"Wow! Nice hit, Ambrosia!"

Ambrosia 6/3
Wheat helpless/4


Help her up quick! Natural Remedy

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"So, what brings you to my forge today?"



There's a lot of activity getting building materials set up for the buildings and towers. You get lost in the confusion.
"Don't be! We should probably stop, though. Don't want anyone getting hurt!"


What is getting built?


"Well, let's say I need some kind of armor to survive out in the wild. Light and sturdy.
What can you get me?"


"You're doing great Wheatfield!' I cheer on her.


Watchtowers along the wall, one of which is now complete; A larger tower intended to house the colony's cannon; and several residential buildings.
"Hmn, light and sturdy you say? I'm not so good with armor, but Askeladd's a master with it! Why don't you go get him and we'll see what we can whip up for you?"
"Thanks, but I think we're going to stop before somepony gets hurt. How'd I do?"


"Eh, maybe another time. Got stuff to move.
Catch you later."

I do have a tent, right?


Who's in charge here?


"You've done great, I really like to see you demonstrate your skills when the time calls for your aid Wheaty." I smile


Yup. Marlene looks up and blinks as you enter, curled up on top of your sleeping blankets.
A rather portly goat with a booming voice seems to be directing the work.
"Wheaty?" She giggles. "I like it! You're pretty funny… Laddie. Hey, that actually works!"


Didn't you mention tentmates? Or did she move out?
"Hey little pussy~"
Go over there and brushie brushie the cat.


Walk up to him.
Afternoon or morning?


Yes, but they're not here right now. You didn't really meet them either.
…judging by the scents coming from their sleeping areas, that's probably for the best- oh wait, there's one of them! she was just buried beneath her blankets.
"Hey there," she calls tiredly.
Marlene purrs as you brushie her.


"Afternoon there, sir! How are you this fine day?"
This guy's got a voice like a foghorn.


Not meeting my tentmates for something like two weeks is strange!
"Hey. What happened here, a typhoon swept the tent?"


And I'm not communing with her or the tent's shadows just because I know I'd regret it.


"Ha we can be Wheaty and Laddie, the scourge of the new world." I strike a pose.


"Yeah, and his name was Askeladd~" She sighs.
You've met them, but not really gotten to know them; you've been out on minor scouting missions a lot, and they don't sleep in their own tent very often. You recognize this one as Ruby.
That would probably be wise. Maybe you should hurry up and get your stuff out of there too.
Roll to see how good a pose you strike.
"Yeah, we'll be unstoppable together!" She strikes a pose too. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm having a fine day, sir.
How are you?"


"Will I have to UV light all my stuff to see if it's clean?"


Strike my pose!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'm doing just fine- 'EY YOU! YEAH, YOU WITH THE SPLIT-END. IT GOES TO THE BULWARKS, NOT THE BUTTRESSES!!!- but anyway, what can I do for you?"
"I don't think so." She giggles.
"Then again, it got pretty messy last night~"
She sighs, then groans as the blankets shift around her.
"Ooh, I'm gonna be sore all week after that."
You two are a dynamic duo, posed and ready to take on the world!


"Lucky you, slacking off like that."
Smirk, and start boxing my things.


"I was wondering how the work is going?
Everything going fine?"


"Yep, but we could always use some more help! Feel like pitching in?"
Marlene yowls questioningly as you box up.
"Oh trust me, last night was very tiring~
Where are you off to?"


"Moving in with a guy."


"How can I help?"


"Hope he's cute~"
She disappears under the blankets.
Stuff's all packed now.
"You can go help those lads over there lift the logs into place if you have the back for it. If not, you can always hammer the spikes in or put on the caulking mix instead."


Plenty cute~
"Hop on Marlene."

Off to Boon's tent.


"I'll take that hammer and show how it's done."
Hammering '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Yes! YES!!" I laugh.
"Want to pick up something to eat? I am hungry."


Your long history of hammering heretic heads lets you hammer in spikes at a furious rate, finishing at a record-breaking pace. You end the day feeling tired, but satisfied by the fact that you helped get several more houses erected than would have been otherwise.
You smell it before you see it; smells like Boon's whipping up something mouth-watering tonight. He doesn't see you approach at first, too intent on his cooking to notice.
"Sure thing! I hear Figworth's place serves some decent food."


Well, shit. He's got the night all planned out, isn't he?
Approach quietly, trying to sneak up on the cooking pony.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Marlene hops down and tries to get into the food, alerting him to your presence. Maybe it's the heat of the fire, but his cheeks are a little red as he looks up and smiles widely.
"Hey there sweetheart. Smelled it cooking, didn't ye? This little rascal yers?"
He gently pushes her away from the food.


Don't worry too much, she's mostly inoffensive."
Look at him for a moment, before moving away in a hurry.
"So, where do I drop my stuff?"


"Eh, anywhere ye want. What's mine is yers."
He watches you for a moment too long before shaking himself and returning to his cooking.
"Food's almost done. Hope ye like honey tenderloin."


"I thought you could only cook bacon!"
Snicker at him.
Into the tent I go, what's it like?


Cleaner than last time. It… almost looks organized. There's plenty of space to put your stuff, though not enough for a second bed.
Speaking of which, his bed looks… different. The blankets are all clean, and there seems to be more of them than before. He obviously tried to place them neatly, but… needs a little work in that department.
Off to the side, you notice a few blankets set aside, along with a single pillow.


"Do you have a tentmate, Boon?"


"Nope. Been on my own since I got here."
He nods to himself and takes the stuff off the fire.
"Food's done."


Silly pony.
Okay, set the stuff down quick and scoot over.
"Working real hard on this."


He's cheeks are definitely a little redder.
"W-well, I figured that after what ye been through, ye deserved something special. It's the least I can do."
He hands over a plate with a delicious-looking tenderloin and various sides.
"Plus, yer one of the few around here what appreciates my cooking."


"Guess you just are a very lucky guy."
Smirk at him and dig in.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"…Yeah. I really am." Is it just you, or was he… yes, he was definitely looking at you when he said that.
What are you rolling for?
At any rate, it's delicious, and he seems pleased by the gusto with which you wolf it down.
"Heh. Guess I musta done all right, to get that kind of reaction."


For gulping it down, of course!
"Plenty right! It's great!"
"You'd only need a few candles and some wine to have the perfect romantic evening."


There's a clatter as he drops his silverware, barely managing to save his plate as he sputters and goes redder than a tomato.
"W… W-well, uh… T-that is, I… um…"


Groan. Oh god you could cut his sexual frustration whole.
With a talon, take his jaw and turn his head to face me, as in a swift motion I prance upon him and lock him in a kiss.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Is that so? Alright lets go there, if I am not mistaken i've been there once."


He stiffens… and then his hooves are wrapped around your neck as he melts into you, moaning gently as he attempts to return the kiss. '1d10'
There's a young stallion working the bar as you enter.
"Good evening! I'm Keg; how can I serve you this evening?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


You're definitely on top in this, his efforts hindered by your total domination of his mouth and the shock having not fully worn off. Still, he's gasping for air as you finally pull away.


Wipe my beak with an arm, and look at you, waiting for him to say something, anything.


He calmly stands up, walks over to retrieve his coonskin cap from the bushes it rocketed into, walks back, and sits down, his cap now askew. His eyes have a glazed-over, dazed expression.
"…am I dreaming, or did we jest kiss?"


"Guess you will have to ask the great detective."
Lean forward, smirk on my face.


"Is that so? Alright lets go there, if I am not mistaken i've been there once."


He blinks, then throws his hooves around your neck, pressing his lips to your beak in another kiss as he pulls you under him. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Fight for dominance~

Roll #1 2 = 2


He's so much stronger than he looks, and he looks pretty toned. You're not going anywhere unless he lets you.
Eventually, the kiss breaks, and you're both left panting as he looks into your eyes.
"So… wow. If ye wanted to make my day, ye succeeded. I…"
He shudders, running a hoof down your side.
"…I think ye better stop me now, or I… I don't know if I'll be able to control meself."


Lock eyes with him.
"Shuddup and let's go in that big bed of yours~"


For just a second, you see something dangerous glint in his eyes-
and then you're being lifted and thrown over his shoulder as he practically runs into his tent, halting just in front of his bed before gently (if hurriedly) putting you down, starting to pepper your neck with kisses.
"Ye have no idea… how long I been wanting to do this~"


Put my talons on his head as he does, pressing him against my body.
"I might have an…


Good night.
We'll continue this on Steam~




"Something light, perhaps if you got eggs and vegetable soup that would be nice. And also cold water." I grin at him then look at Wheatfield.
"How about you?"


"A dandelion sandwich and a germane stout, please."
He nods and reaches under the counter to pull out your drinks before sending them your way.
"I'll have your food ready in just a moment."


I look at wheatfield.
"Hmmm… I havent asked you yet but what are you good at besides weapons?" I drink some of that water.


She takes a sip of her stout as she thinks.
"Well, I like farming, especially when it comes to growing stuff like barley or oats," she giggles, "and wheat, obviously.
Other than that… I like hanging out with my friends and having a good time. It always feels good when I put a smile on somepony's face."


"Well you are quite good at that last part, as for farming, if we are able to access the said farming area east of this settlement then perhaps you might be able to get a small parcel of land for yourself."


"I hope so. Someday I want to have a whole little farm all to myself. I'd decide what to grow, and when to grow it, and wouldn't have to listen to ponies who don't know what they're doing…
But I'm rambling, and that's no fun. Say, you never told me what you want to make for yourself here."


I most likely wanted one day to live quietly in a small village or hamlet in this new frontier with a small land for me to farm and a nice cozy forge for me to work with. Mostly I'd like to just work on agricultural and working tools, shovels, shears, scythe's and hoe's but if the need arises weapons and armor will be the trade, but if peace do stay with this settlement I would likely pick a more quiet life than that of action."


"I can kinda get that, wanting some quiet after a lot of excitement. For me, though, a little danger just makes things more fun!"
Keg shows up with your food.
"Anything else I can get you two?"


"Well that is true, why do you think I am in the guards anyway." I agree.
I turned to keg.
"So how's your day Keg?" I then began to eat.


"Eh, can't complain. It's nice to finally have a real roof over my head, and the patrons seem to agree.
You two were training, right? Training militia, I mean."


"Ah yes indeed, Wheat field is so far the best one Justicia saw. The others maybe with time and practice you know." I just grin.


"Yeah… I've just been thinking recently. About a lot of things, and…" He glances around nervously, then takes a deep breath.
"I want to join the militia."


I stopped eating then look at him.
"Y.. you too?"


He shifts and fidgets nervously.
"Well… yeah. I mean, I've had some combat training before… and it's not like it's a full-time job or anything… I just, want to do my part, you know?"
"Aw, that's so sweet!" Field burbles. "I just joined the militia today too!"


"Well if you think you can handle it, which I think you can regarding that you have experience, you can join. Just tell the mayor or the captain of the guards that you want to sign up then you are on your way to go. I might need to train you too though just to reignite that flame inside of you eh?" I then fisnish my meal.


He beams at that and nods.
"Of course! I have some things I need to get set up first, but you can expect to see me ready and waiting next week. I won't let you down!"
Field finishes her food and drink too, watching him with amused interest.
He flushes as he realizes you're both done. "Uh… let me get that for you." He begins clearing your dishes.


"Ah thanks." I nod at Keg before looking at Wheatfield.
"Well that is a good meal, but I need to go and check out on moondancer and see how she is doing, how about you?"


"Sweetherb's probably worried sick about me," she gestures at her cast, "So I better get going too. It was nice talking though!"
Go find Moondancer?


"Take care of yourself alright." I wave as she leaves.
Lets go find Moondancer.


You find her helping with a building's construction, holding a log in place while another pony hammers in a spike to secure it. She's having to stretch a little to reach high enough, leaving her back arched and her rump sticking out, her tongue protuding from her mouth as her tail swishes in concentration.
She's so focused on the work that's drawing every muscle she has taunt that she doesn't notice you approaching. You could take advantage of that…



Warm… so warm…
You're awake, but right now you don't much feel like getting up. These blankets are so soft and cozy, you feel more relaxed than you have in… ages, it seems…
And there's the fact that Boon's hooves are still wrapped around your chest, his body warm against your back as he holds you close, his chin resting on top of your head as he breathes slow, even breaths. Though his eyes are closed, there seems to be a relaxed grin permanently fixed to his features.



A new morning?
Well, let's get presentable!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh dear. You appear to be having a bad hair day.
Geneva enters with some papers.
"Good morning, miss Magistre- oh."
She winces as she sees the condition of your hair.


"Uh, yes, good morning!"
Nothing my telekinesis and a comb can't fix!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Combing your unruly hair into a bun helps hide the knots and tangles, though you'll probably need to see somepony skilled with hair at some point to really get it fixed.
"So, I've been thinking," Geneva starts, "and I had an idea. It's… actually kind of silly and probably won't work, but… Well, I wanted to share."


Buns save lives.
Nod at her.
"Go ahead, I'm listening."


Five more minutes…


"Well…" She lays out some papers on your desk, all covered in strange symbols.
"Julia had the presence of mind to record in her journal all the strange markings they uncovered in the ruins. She allowed me to make copies from her journal, so here they are."
She leans back a little and forces herself to take a breath.
"I don't know if we can actually do it, but… maybe if we use these markings and analyse them, it's… plausible that… we might be able to decipher their writing system."
Boon's grip tightens for a moment as he snuggles closer to you, mumbling something as he adjusts his chin before making a deep sigh and relaxing again.
As his hips pressed closer to yours, you were reminded of your activities last night, and the delightful soreness they left you with this morning. These sheets are probably going to need to get washed. Several times.
Marlene mewls questioningly from atop a pile of Boon's things, regarding the two of you with a bored, indifferent stare.


"You tell us, girl."
Snicker, and try to wiggle free. I should make breakfast.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Look at the symbols…
"I see… do you think we will require help with this?"


As you try to pull yourself away, Boon begins to stir, effortlessly pulling you back into his embrace in a way that immediately makes you think of some of the more… intensive activities last night.
"Mornin', sweetheart," he rumbles gently; from your position in his embrace, you can feel every rumble, starting from his chest pressed right into the small of your back, vibrating up the back of your neck as they travel through his throat, before finally echoing against the back of your head as they leave his mouth.
Though the nickname is the same, the way he says it this morning carries a new tenderness and reverence that you've never heard from him before.
"Yes. I know I wouldn't be able to do it on my own, but maybe together we can at least make some headway? Maybe start to try and figure out their alphabet?"


Can I make any sense of it?

Roll #1 4 = 4


This is a really confusing layout, and without a reference sheet it's hard to tell which are letters, punctuation, or even possibly a single word.
"Let me see if I can find a way to make this easier…" Geneva pulls out some blank paper and tries doodling with some of the symbols. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9




Bury my head into his shoulder.
"Plans for today, big guy?"


Wait… you're not sure if you see something definitive, but… you seem to get the sense that she's on to something! See if you can figure it out!


She's better at this it seems.
"I think we can identify and categorize some of them by comparing where they are found in relation to other symbols, don't you think?"


It's a new day, and you're on patrol duty! Let's see if the town is peaceful and orderly today.
"Mmm," he nuzzles into your cheek, planting a kiss at the bottom of the joint in your jaw.
"Was thinking about laying here for a while… spend some time with the most beautiful girl in the world~"
"That sounds like a great idea!" She starts scribbling furiously. Roll to see if either of you finds something. '1d10'
That means you roll too.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You plan on introducing us?"


Maybe I'll get to beat up some disorderly citizens today!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I totally can!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh dear. In your excitement, you spill ink all over her doodles. Luckily, you're able to save the originals, but you'll have to start over again.
"That's okay, I think I remember what I had down so far…" '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oh, sorry…"
Make up for it!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Of course what else should I do but help.
Position myself at her flank while helping her lift the log in place.
"Quite busy today it seem.s"


He chuckles too. "Well, I just might. She's got these sensitive wings that ye can make her squeak if ye groom 'em just right…
Feather's and fur softer than the smoothest silks… a dangerous streak a mile wide…"
He begins trailing kisses down your neck as his hooves begin to roam.
"She ain't afraid to go after what she wants… and is stubborn enough to always get it sooner or later… but if'n ye can get her to let her guard down…"
…Oh wow. He's already… got most of your sensitive points… mapped out already… and he's not being shy about using them.
"Ye find this gentle and kind gal, with a heart as big as a mountain and a sharp mind to match it.
She makes me… the happiest stallion in the world."
You arrive on a scene just as an argument between several ponies breaks out into blows!
Step in and defuse the situation by any means necessary!
She manages to perfectly recreate her previous notes, even improving on them.
"Oh I think I see! Let me try a few things, just to confirm…"
Between the two of you, you quickly figure out which characters are letters!
"Now to try and form their alphabet…" '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Even with your height advantage, you have to press close against her to reach.
She gasps, then looks up as you tower over her, blushing as your hips press into her flanks.
"H-hey Askeladd… didn't see you there."
She glances around to make sure nopony's watching, then carefully shifts back into you.
"Yeah, there's a… lot going on today…"


"Stop right there!"
Try to use telekinesis to pull them apart!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh do tell." I grin as I shift again to have a 'secure' footing all the while helping her lift the log in place.
"Any news on the training dummies or would you like a partner to help out with making them?"


They're pretty strong! Unfortunately, their friends seem to have noticed you and have stepped into the fray!

Justicia: 5/5 hits/wounds

Brawler 6/3 hits/wounds
Rumbler 5/3 hits/wounds
Crusher 10/1 hits/wounds

judging by the way they're stumbling and the smell of alcohol, you figure out that they must be drunk!
She squeaks as you press even closer against her, unable to move without risking letting the log fall.
Of course, if the damp sensation you're feeling is any indication, this is really turning her on…
"P-partner! I'm ah, d-definitely going to need a parther!"


(You don't have to worry about accidentally killing settlers; for this fight it's assumed you're using non-lethal tactics unless you say otherwise.)


"Confirm what exactly?"


Fine. Lights out then. Night.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Just an idea that maybe…" she explains her idea, but she's having trouble. Roll to see if you can help her.
This is some Sleepy-Hollow levels of darkness here. If somepony were to hold their hoof right in front of their eyes, they wouldn't be able to see it.
Take no counterattack damage except on critfail this turn.

+3 to all rolls.

Night lasts 6 more turns.

Justicia: 5/5 hits/wounds

Brawler 6/3 hits/wounds
Rumbler 5/3 hits/wounds
Crusher 10/1 hits/wounds


This is sort of like paperwork isn't it?



Roll #1 3 = 3


Time to knock some heads. The Crushes first.

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Yes it is. Unfortunately it turns out to be a dead end.
"Oh well. Maybe it's more like cuneiform?.." Roll to try and find a different lead.
You accidentally trip and stumble into his legs. Rearing back, he stomps you into the ground.
Take no counterattack damage except on 2- this turn.

+3 to all rolls.

Night lasts 5 more turns.

Justicia: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Brawler 6/3 hits/wounds
Rumbler 5/3 hits/wounds
Crusher 10/1 hits/wounds

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ah and who do you think will be a good partner in helping making those dummies? Whoever it is I will approve him or her to make those target with you for I trust your judgement."
Wait is the guy nailing the log doing his job?



Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Oh. My.
Give him a lustful glance and slap his butt as I pull myself onto him.
"You really want to waste all day…"


There must be something!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I-I was thinking… your paws could… r-really come in handy… with the more difficult parts…"
She's definitely getting turned on by this, so much so that she hasn't noticed that the guy hammering in the spike finished and left to work on the next one.
Nobody's paying attention to the two of you at the moment, and as far as she knows she has to stay here for a while.
You're up, and even manage to trip up the Crusher as you roll back to your hooves.

Take no counterattack damage except on 3- this turn.

+2 to all rolls.

Night lasts 4 more turns.

Justicia: 5/4 hits/wounds

Brawler 6/3 hits/wounds
Rumbler 5/3 hits/wounds
Crusher 8/1 hits/wounds
He archs his back, pressing into your hips and growling playfully in your ear.
"I wouldn't call it a waste…"
He chuckles ruefully.
"And I doubt I have the stamina to go all day."
And then suddenly you're on your belly, flanks propped up just slightly by his as his full weight presses down on you.
"All morning, however? That's a different story…"


Now, take down the Crusher!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


You're not having much luck until Geneva discovers that some of the letters are actually two letters stuck together!
You now have a partial Primedian alphabet.
"Come on, we're making progress! Don't give up now!" '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Basic attacks? For a mage, you sure put a lot of emphasis on brute force.
Still, in this case you prove rather good at it, cracking the Crusher so hard atop the head that he stumbles backward and passes out on top of the Rumbler!

Take no counterattack damage except on 3- this turn.
+2 to all rolls.
Night lasts 3 more turns.

Justicia: 5/4 hits/wounds

Brawler 6/3 hits/wounds
Rumbler Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Crusher OUT


I just needed a crit to take the Crusher out, no need to waste a spell on that. Besides, it makes sense that she doesn't want to unleash her magic fury!

Beat up the Rumbler!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"By how much will my hands help hmmm?"
With one hand lifing the beam I let the other one go down between her legs and start touching her.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Smirk and fight for dominance, but after that let events play themselves.

Roll #1 9 = 9


This should make it much more clear!
Can I work some more things out with that?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Pinned as he is beneath the Crusher, he's unable to dodge your crushing blow to the back of his head! Sweetherb's going to have to make sure these guys don't have head trauma once you're done with them…
Take no counterattack damage except on 4- this turn.
+1 to all rolls.
Night lasts 2 more turns.

Justicia: 5/4 hits/wounds

Brawler 6/3 hits/wounds
Rumbler OUT
Crusher OUT
Crusher OUT
You're a bit rough, but she recovers quickly and shivers, eyes darting about to confirm nopony's watching.
"By… a lot… n-no way would I get done… w-without them…"

Let's take this to steam so we don't clutter the thread, shall we?
You manage to surprise him and turn the tables. Though he's just as enthusiastic, if not more so, it's clear this morning that you're the one in charge.
Several hours later…
Boon gasps for air as he lays limp underneath you, completely and utterly spent.
"I'm… not sure I can last… another round, sweetheart… m-mercy…"
You just get yourself stuck in a rut.
"Come on, we can do this!" '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Kiss him on the forehead and get out of bed before we both die of dehydration.


You did say it wouldn't be lethal!

Let's just… use this last turn to summon some magic orbs.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"Maybe we can find some repeating patterns?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


You may have been the dominant one, but Boon's still done a number on you. It's proving extremely difficult to walk straight, much less hide your awkward limp.
There's some fresh water in his supplies. He pours you a mug and hands it to you before pouring one himself and starting to chug it down.
Just because it's nonlethal doesn't mean it doesn't hurt them.
You've got three orbs ready to go, carefully powered down to a level where they'll just give them a powerful jolt; nonlethal but extremely painful.
You can target the actual fighters too now. They've been wearing each other down.
Take no counterattack damage except on 4- this turn.
+1 to all rolls.
Night lasts 1 more turns.

Justicia: 5/4 hits/wounds 3 orbs

Fighter 1: 5/1 hits/wounds
Fighter 2: 3/2 hits/wounds
Brawler 6/3 hits/wounds
Rumbler OUT
Crusher OUT
Brilliant! That answers it perfectly!
You now have a complete Primedian Alphabet.
Geneva wipes her brow and whistles.
"I think that's enough brainstorming for today. We've made some real progress with this!"


Hit the Brawler with the magic orbs '3d10+1'
I will attack Fighter 1 like this! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8, 2, 1 + 1 = 12 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Nod with a smile.
"I'm afraid this was the easy part!"


"You cruel, cruel monster~"
Smirk at him and slip into one of his shirts.


Night finally dissipates, but you use the last of the darkness to knock the brawler back and send the fighter flying! Unfortunately, the brawler's still standing and lands a mean left hook.
Justicia: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Fighter 1: Out
Fighter 2: 3/2 hits/wounds
Brawler 2/3 hits/wounds
He blushes and smirks at that, rubbing the areas where you scratched him.
"Speak for yerself, sweetheart. Yer the one who likes it rough~"
You can smell his scent on his shirt. You have to admit, this is pretty comfortable wear.
Acquired Boon's shirt!
#Boon's shirt: Carries Boon's scent and keeps you warm. Provides no combat bonuses, but can keep you from getting cold or scratched by thorns.
"Yeah, but at least we've gotten started! Maybe if we figure out their written language, we can figure out their spoken language too!"


Get up!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Grin at him and go back in bed.
Ignoring all my duties is so nice~


"It will be a tough nut to crack, starting from scratch."


Lets just skip that stuff and go back to faff.
"Come on now, be a good girl and behave alright? Once you are free I will help you pretty much with making those dummies." I laugh as I pat her head.


"Didn't say I mind, did I?~"
He walks over and nuzzles your cheek gently.
"I'll go whip up some brunch. Ye just rest fer now."
He pulls away… And then his teeth are gently dragging down the small of your back, right where your wings connect and oh jeebus that's sending jolts through every feather in your wings and down your spine damn he's good at that!
He gives you a smirk as he leaves the tent, though you manage to catch that he's also limping pretty badly.
Nope, still down. They're too drunk to take advantage of it though.
"Yeah, but at least it's a first step. From now on we have a reference, however imperfect."


Gah! Stop fooling around and get up!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Let's hope we can learn what their mistakes were, and avoid them."


I seeeeriously hope we don't get a mission during this week. Wouldn't manage to handle it.


Nah, nothing but minor jobs scouting the perimeter for the rest of the week.
These sheets are pretty sticky now; you'll have to remember to wash them.
The scent of something cooking begins to filter in.
"Indeed, though I'd be more interested in learning to communicate with them."
Since that didn't send you helpless, lets say that was an attack you botched. You're taking blows, but not down yet.

Justicia: 2/4 hits/wounds

Fighter 1: Out
Fighter 2: 3/2 hits/wounds
Brawler 2/3 hits/wounds


"That would be definitely beneficial for negotiating peace."


Just… Heal myself first.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You get hit!

Justicia: 1/4 hits/wounds

Fighter 1: Out
Fighter 2: 3/2 hits/wounds
Brawler 2/3 hits/wounds



Roll #1 5 = 5


I could go wash them right now, probably be ready by the time dinner was out.


"I just hope we find a tribe willing to try peace first…"
Yes. Do you do that?
Nope you're down.
Justicia: helpless/3 hits/wounds

Fighter 1: Out
Fighter 2: 3/2 hits/wounds
Brawler 2/3 hits/wounds



Aaaaaaah whyyyyy.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"So do I, Geneva, so do I."


I wanted to talk to that mage?


Boon smiles at you as you exit the tent, smirking and blushing as he sees your cargo.
"I guess we did make a bit of a mess, didn't we?"
There's a bucket for laundry nearby. Roll to see how well you do cleaning them.
Yeah, but you started helping with construction instead. Continue that, or start looking again?
"So, should we go help with construction today?"


I thought I worked all day and now it's the next day, so I'm gonna look for her again


Nod and stand up.
Take a quick look at myself.
"Do you know if any of our settlers are hairdressers as well?"


"That's an understatement."

Roll #1 10 = 10


I don't want to die…

Roll #1 10 = 10


All right, roll for it.
"Hmn… well, I've heard Soft Stream is really good with a brush and scissors. Maybe you can try her."
So clean, they're practically brand-new! Boon whistles as he examines your work.
"Dang. I've never gotten them to shine like that before!"
He looks back to the fire.
"Brunch is done."
You not only get up, you kick the second fighter in the face!
Justicia: 5/3 hits/wounds

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds
Brawler 2/3 hits/wounds



Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Lay it on me partner."
Scoot over to him.


"Thank you!
Still, duty first!"
Let's go see some constructions!


He smiles as he passes you a plate of eggs and bacon.
"So, I guess the question of who gets the bed is rather moot now?"
There's a portly goat with a voice like a foghorn directing construction.
Darkness descends once more.

Counterattacks on 3-
Rolls +2
3 turns remaining
Justicia: 5/3 hits/wounds

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds
Brawler 2/3 hits/wounds


Homing magic.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Oh c'mon Boon.
It was moot to begin with, wasn't it?"
Smirk at him.


Do I know his name?


Three orbs. They're starting to get a little wary of you, despite being drunk off their asses.

Counterattacks on 4-
Rolls +1
2 turns remaining
Justicia: 5/3 hits/wounds 3 orbs

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds
Brawler 2/3 hits/wounds
He chuckles.
"Yeah… I suppose it was."
He keeps looking at you, a dopey smile beginning to cross his features.
Not yet.



"So… You are okay with me moving here, then?"


Time to introduce myself then!
Walk up next to him.
"Good day!"


Attack Fighter 2 '1d10+1'
Send the orbs after the brawler '3d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 7, 1, 7 + 1 = 16


You can't find shit, captain.
He smiles and kisses you on the cheek.
"I ain't spending another night without you by my side."
"Evening! I'm Stout Frame, and- Oh, hello Geneva! I take it this is miss Magistre?"
You miss, but your orbs nearly finish the brawler off.
Counterattacks on 4-
Rolls +1
1 turns remaining
Justicia: 3/3 hits/wounds

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds
Brawler helpless/1 hits/wounds


Finish the brawler.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Oh, you two know each other then. Yes, I am indeed."


Blush violently and dig into my eggs and bacon.
Once we are done, finally speak up again.
"What do you wanna do today?"


Eh, return to the bar then.


He's out. only one left…
Justicia: 3/3 hits/wounds

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds
Brawler OUT
"Yep! I'm Stout Frame, master mason and the fellow in charge of construction in the colony!"
The guy's got a voice like a foghorn.
"So what can I do for you today, madame mayor?"
"Well… haven't really given it much thought. Got my life turned on it's head last night, after all."
He smiles and takes your talon in his hoof.
"Is… is it too early to say that I love ye?"



Finish him!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Justicia's dealing with a drunken brawl outside the bar. Judging by the number of unconcious ponies, she's winning.
Skipped, but not omitted~
She leans against the wall, panting heavily as her legs quiver.
"L…looking… f-forward… to it…"
He manages to pop you good!
Justicia: 2/3 hits/wounds

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds
Brawler OUT


Headbutt him!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"What's the meaning of this?!?"


I can hear that…
"Just came here to see how the houses are shaping up!"


Keg sticks his head out the door.
"Sorry sir. They were getting rowdy, so I kicked them out, then they started arguing with each other and suddenly hooves were flying!"
He doesn't feel it, but you do.
Justicia: 1/3 hits/wounds

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds
"Pretty good so far! Care to pitch in?"


"Pitch in! If I can, sure!"


"It would be, yes."
Boop him on the nose.
"If it wasn't true."


Bah, Heal myself then

Roll #1 9 = 9


"And you don't help when they get rough with a lady?"
Smack fighter 2 '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"All right! Do you want to help hammer in stakes, put on the pitch and caulking, or do you think you have the back to help move the logs?"
Full health! But Figworth takes a hit!
He's charging you! roll to dodge!
Justicia: 5/3 hits/wounds
Figworth: 5/5 hits/wounds

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds


I said, slap him down '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


He goes crosseyed, then gives you a dopey smile.
"Well, it is. Least I think so… I ain't never felt this way about somepony before…
Ye make me happy, Julia. Ye make me feel ten feet tall just by being near me. To know ye want me too… I could practically fly."



Roll #1 10 = 10


"I think I can use a hammer with my magic just fine!"


"Buckle up, Boon."
Flap behind and above him, give him a big, tight hug…
And then start flapping my wings harder and harder, getting us off the ground!

Roll #1 6 = 6


You take the full force of his charge and get thrown on your ass.
You dodge with ease, landing behind him ready to strike.
next attack autocrits.
Justicia: 5/3 hits/wounds
Figworth: helpless/4 hits/wounds

Fighter 2: 1/2 hits/wounds
He directs you to where you're needed. Roll to see how well you do.


He squeaks, then goes limp, clutching your talons tightly as you lift him above the ground.
"W-what are ye doing?!"


Finish him off!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You young wippersnappers…."
Get up '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"C'mon, it's gonna be fun!"
Off to the nearest cloud!



Roll #1 7 = 7


And another one bites the dust! all hostiles subdued, and crisis averted. What do you do with these criminals now?
He tenses as you get higher and higher, stiff as a board by the time you reach a cloud.
"I-I don't want ye to drop me!"
Great job! With your help, one of the houses is completed in no time!
"Great work, mayor! Come on, let's try building this one next!"


Put them in chains or tie them up.


You don't have chains, but you're able to bind them securely. There's some stockades you can put them in if you so choose so they can be ridiculed in front of Town hall.


"This is sort of fun!"


I will do that. Stupid drunkards.


"That'd make me a pretty sad girl, wouldn't it?"
Shift around, landing with my back on the cloud to offer him something he can stand on.
"C'mon, have a look down."


"Thank you, miss Justicia."


"Huh? Oh, Figworth! You were the one helping me out."


The cloud is soft and almost ephemeral beneath you, but holds your weight easily. Boon gulps, but relaxes as soon as you begin supporting him.
He gulps, keeping his eyes tightly shut.
"I-I ain't gonna!"
Anything in particular you want to do with them once they're in the stocks? They're partially concious now.
Some of the other settlers have started throwing mudballs and other things at them. At least you hope they're mudballs.
"I've gotta say, I never expected a mayor to be willing to come down and really get her hooves dirty."
Roll to see how well you do on the next one.


Hug him close.
Not gonna let you fall!"


No, the crowd will do the job for me.

I'll stand guard though.


"Cumon," one of them groans, "I didn't do nothing! Fucking pigs, messing with other ponies business…"
He slowly opens his eyes, but refuses to look down.
As his eyes focus, he blinks, then stops short, eyes widening.


"We need all ponies to help, don't we?"
Hammer time!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Shut up, drunkard."


Stare into his eyes as he looks over, at the ground from the sky for the very first time.
A lovestruck smile growing on my face.


Yes, you do. Without enough ponies, you can't hammer the logs in!
"OIY!!! YOU LOT OVER THERE! GET OVER HERE AND HELP! Yeah, not many politicians have that attitude. I'm glad to see you're different than the rest."
try again?
A mud(?)ball does the job, landing right in his open mouth.
His mouth is gaping open, eyes widening by the second.
"Wow. This is… this is what ye see every day? It's… oh wow. I feel… small. Like the world is so much bigger'n me. But it's… it's beautiful. so beautiful…"
He looks down at you, seeing your smile.
"…Thank ye. Thank ye so much for sharing this with me."


"That's what you get for causing trouble! Like we don't have enough to worry about already!"


"You said it.
Love makes ya fly."
Say that last line imitating his accent, a silly smile on my face.
Then, flapping my wings, paddly us both down to the ground together with the cloud.


Ouch, my poor ears…
Try again.
"I do try to be different than what most ponies assume about politicians."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Before you can flap down, he pins your wings to the cloud.
"Where ye going in such a hurry?"
You lose your balance and almost fall off!
"Glad to hear it- whoa, I got yah! Sorry about that; I have to holler to be heard around here."
He sputters and coughs, trying to spit it out.


"Now, Boon?"
Blush violently.
"What if somepony saw us?"


He blinks than blushes.
"I was just thinking it was awful romantic up here."
He smirks uncertainly and leans down to whisper in you ear.
"But now that ye mention it… who would think to look?"


"Imagine if somepony looked up in the sky! Or if it went raining down!"


"I understand! Sorry if I'm clumsy, I'm mostly used to paperwork!"


"Shh," he coos, brushing your cheek with his hoof.
"Ain't nopony gonna see."
His lips descend onto yours.
"Last night was one of the wildest nights I've ever had. No, the wildest."
He kisses you again.
"But now, up here, against this beautiful picture ye've just showed me… I want to show ye just how special ye are to me."
"Ain't your fault. Now try again."


Stay silent, growing a bit redder, and move the cloud just a tad higher….


I can totally do it!

Roll #1 9 = 9


There you go! You hammer those spikes in, and the house is up in no time!
"Now you're getting it! You'll be a mason in no time!"
You can keep helping, but no longer need to roll for it.
Last night was wild, raw, primal, a contest of wills and strength and dominance. This…
This is different.
His movements are slow, precise, methodical. There is no straining, no tensing or pounding, just one natural, flowing motion. There is no rush to it, no hurry.
Each and every moment, every movement, every touch, is drawn out as long as possible as you revel in a myriad of sensations.
By the time