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The colony's survived so far, but this place is starting to get dangerous…


"I will not fail the ponies who trust me with this."



Something something waking up?


You were out drinking last night, right?
Roll for hangover level.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Not the worst you've ever had, but still not much fun. At least your bed is warm. Why is it so furry though? Maybe it's just your hangover messing with your senses.


Stand up, I need alcohol to drown this hangover in.


Am I up?


Survey the shores and the beach, what can I see from here? Is it good for fishing or laying in the sand and making a resort?


Getting up is a bit more awkward than usual…
Wait, that wasn't your bed. That was that bartender from last night.
You're awoken by Julia's waking up and getting off of you.

The door opens and Boon walks in. "Hey, Julia, ye in here? Some kid said he saw ye here, an' I-"
He freezes as he sees the two of you.
"…Is this a bad time?"




Freeze up aswell, eyes wide.
Just to wince in the pain of the hangover and fall to a chair a second later.
Clenching my head with a talon, extend another towards Boon, or where I believe him to be.
"Wait, it's not what you think."


'"It definitely isn't!"


If you're up on the wall, you've got a good view of the shore. The area where you all landed is nice and deep. Building a pier nearby shouldn't be too difficult, though you'd need ponies who know how to hold their breath.

Conflicted emotions cross his expression as he looks between the two of you.
"Why would it matter what I think? Yer a big girl, ye can decide for yerself who ye…"
He looks down and turns for the door.


Hmmm… that could wait though, we need houses or hovels first before winter comes. We dont want the settlers to freeze to death.
Lets pass by the smithy and see what is being done, perhaps nails are forged, axes sharpened and or.. stuff.


Power through the hangover to stand up and stop him?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"And I won't fail our mayor and the ponies counting on us to keep them safe."


I let my head fall on the floor.
This day is starting off bad.
Get up.


"I have seen that you stood your ground against those boars!"

I was talking to the smith, I recall?


"Well… I wasn't alone. It's good to have ponies to count on."


Crookear's hard at work on the woodcutting tools, sweat coating her body as she hammers away. Girl's got some serious curves going on.
"Hey, Askeladd," She pants as she notices you. "Mind lending a hand here? I'm starting to get a bit winded."

You trip and fall flat on your face. At least you stopped him from leaving, since he immediately rushes over and picks you up.
"Julia, what's wrong?" Wrinkling his nose, he takes a sniff at your breath, then scrunches.
"Bit too much to drink last night?"
Yes, she's currently working on the woodworking axes. Askeladd's there too.


Boon gives you a somewhat suspicious look.
"What's yer name, fella?"


"Not my worst…"
Use him to stand back up.
"Figworth, I'm sorry for…"
Motion with a talon to the bar.


She was excited too, when I asked about her work, so I was listening to her, I think.

"Having ponies to count on is good no matter the situation."


"Figworth, the innkeeper. I can assure you this is all very different then what it appears like."

"It's okay, young lady."


"Oh goodness did you have to spend all night like that?"
Gasp and cover my face in shame.


"Right! Well, I just came to you to see if you had any specific requests or input."


"Eh…don't worry too much about it. It was an accident…but I'll admit I should try to get some rest now.."


"You are eager, I like that! Sadly, I do not have anything specific at the moment. The guards are just tasked to protect the settlement the best they can until a mission comes along."


Hang my head in shame and don't say a word.


Eh…I should get going as well.
This is 2awkward right now.

Trot away to my tent to get some real sleep.


"Alright then. I'll let you get back to it, mayor. Good day!"


"Ah yes indeed, I've been looking forward too do some smithing after doing some boring patrol. Got to get these paws some needed exercise ya see." I nod and start to work.


Roll #1 1 = 1


"Good day!"


A relieved smile crosses his face before he adopts a neutral expression, nodding sagely.
"I see what happened. Come on, ye little spitfire, let's sit ye down for a moment."
He helps you to one of the bar stools, then turns to Figworth.
"Were's the water? A glass of water always helps after a night's drinking."
"I'm not the best with weapons and armor, but stuff like this," She gestures at the axes and wedges she's currently hammering out, "There's nobody better than me at getting this stuff in top condition!
Askeladd here is a smith too! I'm not very good at making weapons, so I mostly leave that to him."
The tongs are slick with her sweat, and combined with your inability to keep your eyes from wandering, you drop the axe on your foot. At least it landed blunt side down…


I hold a bit.
"It's over the bar, help yourselves. I'm sorry, but I need to rest for a little while. Keg will come soon, just tell him I'll be here in a few hours again."


I've met the mayor briefly, but let's get back to patrolling for now!


He reaches over and pours a glass of water.
"All right, we'll tell him for ye. I think we'll be here a while 'till she works this off.
You notice somepony approaching, though their footfalls seem lighter than they should be. Roll perception.


"I see. Still, good tools are just as useful as good weapons!"


"Yow!" I yelp and sit down to nurse on my hurt toe.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Be perceptive.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Old man, I…"
"Thanks for last night.
And sorry for the mess."
Smile at him.
Then take the glass of water and offer Boon a smile aswell, moving my beak just a little, as if to tell him something.


"Yep! That's why I always try to make sure my tools are the best!" Setting aside an axe as she finishes it, She stretches, then starts as Askeladd yelps.
"Oh, dear, what happened?" In a flash, she's at your side.
Luckily it doesn't look like it's too damaged, just throbbing and pretty painful. You manage to keep it under control though.
Nothing that you notice.
"Good evening, ma'am," You hear him speak, his voice clearly male. "How are you today?"
He seems to speak in a controlled monotone.
He offers you the glass of water.
"Shh, just drink up for now. Ye've had a rough night."


Glug glug.
Set the glass down on a table and relax.
Try to stand once more.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Is everything allright?"


I smile.
"Pretty good, can't complain. Anything you need?"


"Baahh…. I slipped one of the hammer and hit my toe, I got to be careful next time." I yelp.

"My bad for delaying work, please I can take care of myself, I just need some gauze and rest to keep this under control." I grin at her.

I look at her direction.
"Yes mayor, I just got careless thats all."


Boon catches you before you fall, setting you back down gently.
"Stop that, sweetheart, ye'll hurt yeself. Sakes, yer in a rush to get somewhere."
He's quiet for a moment.
"Not at the present time. May I ask your name?"
"Doesn't look like anything's broken," Crookear speaks up, "just let me grab the gauze real quick."
In a moment, she has your foot bandaged up, returning Askeladd's grin.
"One of the potential hazards of working in a forge is all."


"I'm Justicia, nice to meet you mister…?"


Shake my head.
"No, I just-"
Wince and cover it with a talon again.
"That was a mess, wasn't it?"


"Thank goodness it was only a minor injury! We absolutely cannot afford to lose any workforce!"


"Thank you Ms. Ear." I grin and start to stand up.
"Aaah… perhaps I can settle on something less hazardous." I grin at her.

"I agree with that, sorry for my carelessness, it wont happen again Ms mayor"


"Do not worry, accidents happen!"


"Amor. I am a relationship counselor, though I also help resolve personal conflicts. As you are a guard, it is prudent to make sure you are informed of my abilities in case you require my services."
"Shh," he strokes the back of your neck soothingly, "Ye ain't the only one what gone and got yerself shit-faced every now and then. Hell, I can't begin to count the times I woke up with no idea where I was."
"Oh, don't worry. This guy's too tough to let a little thing like this keep him down!" She pinches Askeladd's cheek affectionately.
She hands you some dented armor. "This stuff's pretty simple to fix, but I don't trust myself to not make it worse. Why don't you try?" She returns your grin, her tail wagging happily.


"I feel safer just knowing we have such good people guarding us!"


"Haha! I would try my best with this."
Repair the armor
>rng pls

Roll #1 9 = 9


You fix it right up, even making a few improvements. Crookear whistles.
"See? I told you he's good with this stuff!"
Next piece of armor in need of repairs. Go ahead and roll with your response.
"Yup, he's one of the best! Not many could fight and fuck at the same time, but this stud here pulled it off!" She pats him on the back with a mischievous grin.


"Amor huh? I'll try to remember your voice sir."


Give her a look.
"Please, that was not something to be proud of in the context that he was supposed to be only doing one of those at the time, which was the former."


"I just need to focus that is all." I then try my best to keep my focus on it.
"Say, are you doing some work to help in building the houses for the new settlers? I mean like forging nails, hinges and stuff?" I smile at Crookear.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Very good. I shall see you when we have further business." And with that, he's gone.
"What? As long as he's doing them both well, I don't see the problem! Give the mare a weapon, and he'd be unstoppable!"
Her teasing is too distracting, and you end up denting it further.
"Yup! Right now it's mostly stuff to cut the trees down, but I've already got plenty of nails stored up and ready to use!"


He seems nice. And a relationship counselor might be useful when there's a dispute going on.
Keep up the patrol then!


Whelp repair it.
>rng pls
"I see, that is good news then. Once we got enough lumber, then perhaps erecting the houses would be easier after all. Because I am looking forward to make a small hovel just for myself, even just a single room or two with a small fireplace would be enough and comfortable for me." I laugh.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Gods, I just hope I didn't tell him too much…"


"It might be distracting to some, not to mention much more easy to get hurt."


As you pass the forge, you sense Magistre, Askeladd, and another diamond dog inside.
This is the work of a master. Whoever goes into battle wearing this is sure to be safe!
New Unit: 1 Armored militia
7/5 hits/wounds

"Ain't nothing ye can do about it if ye did. I'll be there to help ye, should worse come to worse."
"Askeladd's a big boy," she giggles, "in more ways than one. I'm sure he can handle it."


"You had gotten all the wrong ideas, didn't you?
And you were jelly as fuck!"


>dat discussion.
I just blush as both of Magistre and Crookear talks to each other.

"Ah there we go." I showed it to Crookear.


Time to change topic.
"When do you think you will finish these axes?"


Diamond dogs are pretty easy to recognize.
"Uh… what are you guys talking about?"


He scrunches and looks away, but not before you see the blush forming in his cheeks.
"No I weren't," He grumbles.

Her eyes go wide and her tail starts going at a hundred miles an hour.
"Wow, Askeladd, that's even better than before! You really are good at this! Here, try it again!"
She passes you another piece of armor, watching you eagerly.
Oh! Right," She blushes. "Just a few more minutes and I'll be done. Sorry, I just got caught up in it." She starts hammering at one of the axes again.


"Sure, you big baby.
Now help me up, would you?"


"Oh hey there!" You hear the other diamond dog call in a female voice. "We were just talking about how Askeladd here managed to fight off those boars with a mare riding his knot the whole time. I hear he even managed to get her off too!"
His face is still red as he helps you up, letting you lean heavily on him. You can feel the hardened muscles on his back; if you didn't know better, you'd swear he was an earthie.
"Okay, darling, where to?"


I gulp.
Oh dear god, I hope I make this right.

"We will see Ms. Mayor." I look at her smiling~, waging my tail.

"Ah, hello there slugger." I greet with enthusiasm.


>pls rmg

Roll #1 3 = 3


"That's… pretty weird, but okay?"

"Hello! Are you Askeladd then? I'm Justicia."


"Show me the world, explorer."


"I was just asking them about the smithy!"

"Do you have any idea what your next project will be? You might want to start working on farming tools next."


This one's a bit more damaged than the last one. Try again.
"Well, it's not like he had any choice. Once you tie off, you're stuck together until the swelling goes down. Still, it's pretty impressive if you ask me!" She giggles; it's clear she's having a great time poking fun at his expense.
His cheeks flame even brighter. "O-okay, um… so, a walk around the town?"
"Oh, really? What kind of tools? The kind for pulling up stumps and the like?"
You want stuff for tilling land already ready to be planted.


"Yes, I am Askeladd. one of the guards in this settlement. You did some great work bringing those boards down Justicia." I grab her hoof and shake it.

"Yes indeed, we are just finishing some needed arms just in case." I smile.

Alright, lets do it again.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What about…
Someplace quiet, with some nice shades?
You know, hangover and all that."




"What's your name, miss?"

"So you're my colleague then, good to know. And nice to meet you! You'll soon be able to eat those boars that were slain too!"


"Yes, but hoes and all kinds of regular farming tools as well. I want work to start as soon as possible, and that can only happen if we have all the tools."


I laugh.
"Too late, the other settlers has already taken care of it and has taken their piece. I dont worry much, they needed the food than me."
"So where are you posted by the way? I myself am posted to take watch of the workers cutting the tree's for houses."


"Town patrol and wall duty!"


That's better. The armor's back in working condition.
"Good job! Only two more, and you're done!"
"R-right, quiet and shady… Maybe my tent?"
His blush brightens as he starts stammering. "Wait, no, that sounds creepy, uh… your tent? Wait, that sounds worse! uh…"
"I'm Crookear! Mind if I shake your hand, miss…"
You can sense her extending a paw towards you.
"Alrighty then! I can only work so fast, though, so I'll get started on preparing the stump-clearing tools as soon as I finish these axes!"
She stops to wipe the sweat off her brow.
"And after I get a drink and sit down for a few minutes…"
You actually got part of the boar meat, as did most other carnivorous settlers. After all, don't want it going bad, do we?


"Justicia, one of the guardsponies."
Extend my hoof and shake her paw.


She has a very firm handshake.
A very, very firm handshake.


He's kinda cute when he's so awkward.
"The closest tent sounds great right about now…"


"Town patrol and wall duty, safer than guarding the forest cutter but all important nonetheless. Just be ready to ring that bell if you hear or smell anything suspicious from a distance."

Alright, lets do it!

Roll #1 9 = 9



"Smell? I don't know how good my sense of smell is from that far away, but alright."

Roll #1 5 = 5


I nod at her.
"Smell is important you know, specially when there are fire's and stuff like that. The more choking the smell is, the more dangerous a fire mostly was."


"…T-that would be my tent…" He does this adorable little lip-twitching thing when he's flustered.
"N-now, I don't want ye thinking I'm trying to take advantage of ye, cause I ain't. Yer my partner and I'm gonna take care a ye. That's all."
Her handshake grows painful as her surprising strength starts crushing your hoof. By the time she finally relents, your hoof is throbbing painfully.
"I did it again, didn't I?" She sounds very sheepish. "I keep forgetting my own strength, and then this happens."
Good as new! Better, even!
"You're on a roll! Alright, Askeladd, last one. Knock it out of the ballpark!"


I gulp, I hope this one is a good one.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'd slap you if I could walk on my own."


"Oh you mean like fires… that's a good point actually, if there's a fire do we just use water from the sea?"

Bite my lip and rub my hoof.
"It's uh… fine. Really."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I'm not rushing you, we still have some time."


You finish the armor with a flourish. This stuff should hold for quite some time!
Makeshift Militia now have +1 hits.
"Great job, Askeladd! I knew I could count on you!"
With a sigh, she sets the last finished axe to the side and wipes her brow.
"Looks like I'm done too. Want to go get a drink with me?"
Suddenly, her paws are back on your hoof, massaging it with… well, what passes for tenderness with her.
Still, you find the pain starts fading into a dull throb.
"Again, sorry about that. It happens every time!
Anyway, want to come with us to get a drink?"
"Thanks, Magistre. I'm going to get a drink since I'm done; you gonna come with?"


"Yes, thank you for the invitation."


I stand up and wipe my brow.
"Yup, that would help really, a good drink after a hards work is always welcome."

"Most likely, we cant waste drinking water you see, food, water and shelter are still limited and we are doing our best to provide it."
I then look.
"Say want to grab a drink with me and Crookear?"




"Well… I'd love to but I can't just forgo my duty, can I? I'm working."


"Well, excuse me fer worrying about ye cutting me up in my sleep because ye think I been doing stuff to ye without yer permission."
You all leave with Crookear, passing a very tired-looking Julia being half-supported, half-carried by Boon.


"Oh. I understand. Well, maybe some other time?" You can sense her tail wagging; she must be hoping you'll say yes.


I stop at Julia, and ask Boon.
"Is she allright?"


"Nothin' to worry about, jest a bit too much to drink last night. She'll be right as rain come evening."


"Sure, that'd be great!"


"…Nah, that's a fair concern."
Give the mayor a little smirk.


"Alright then, safe guarding Ms. Justicia." I nod before looking at Crookear.
"Lets go and grab some strong cider then." I smile.

"Hmmm… Julia? Whats wrong with her?" I look at them with a bit of amusement.


"Great! See you around then!" She leaves with Askeladd and Magistre, leaving you free to continue your patrol.
"Told ye," he snorts, though he's grinning now. His blush seems gone too.
"The drink went to her head, is all. Now I gotta get her back to my tent afore she cuts me to ribbons." Boon smirks.


I will do so then.
Somebody has to keep watch!


Wave a talon dismissively, trying to look dignified.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ah, I see. Good thing you have the day off, right?"


Smirk again.
"Wouldn't want to missh work…"


Look at her suspiciously.
"You look….pretty awful, you really need to slow down the drink there Julia."

"Alright keep her safe and sound. We cant afford anyone getting sick." I nod.


"Naaaah, I'm ghoood!"


Somepony approaches rapidly, bumping into you before you can react.
"Excuse me," a strangely familiar voice huffs, "But is it too much to ask for you to-
Wait… Justicia?"
You recognize that voice! It's one of the professors from Mage Academy, Celery Stalk!
As she attempts to wave her talon dismissively, she stumbles and falls, dragging Boon down with her with a yelp. There's a crash as they fall onto the nearest tent, the thick fabric falling on top of them. In their flailing, they only entrap themselves further, ending up pressed together and unable to move.
It is the least dignified display of clumsiness you have ever seen.


I laugh before looking at Crookear.
"Should we help these two or what?"


My fucking head…
Willpower to stand?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Actual physical power to back it up?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Sorry I- Oh… oh wait, I recognize that voice! Mister Stalk!"


"Do you two require some assistance?"


She grins and shakes her head. "Nah, they look pretty comfortable like that."
You stand up, dragging Boon and most of the tent with you.
He's dangling beneath you, blushing hotly at your display of strength.
"L-land sakes, girl… nothing slows you down, do it?" You can feel him shivering where he's pressed against you.
"Justicia! It is you! My word, but this is a welcome surprise! What are you doing here?"
He sounds really happy to meet you again.


I laugh.
"I pretty much agree with that. Come one, lets go grab some booze before they ran out."


"Nah, not now mayor.
I just need to get to a bed reeeeeal quick."
Smile weakly.


"And you, professor Stalk! I work here as a guard, I arrived not too long ago actually."


"I take that Boon can escort you there from here on then?"


"Is that so? It's great to see you putting that potential to good use. This new land is so fascinating! I actually came here in order to further my studies, away from the noise and ponies of the big cities."
You recall that Celery Stalk was a professor on Love magic, producing several ground-breaking theories and dissertations on the subject.
Boon's blush intensifies as he remains helpless beneath you, his mouth opening and closing as he continues to shiver.


"It sure is a lot quieter here, I like it. Makes it easier to discern individual sounds."


Sigh and set Boon up straight.
"You okay?"


It takes you a minute to untangle yourselves from the tent, and Boon seems to be shuffling awkwardly as he picks you back up.
"Let's just… get ye back to the tent, all right?"
"Yes, nice and quiet, plus there isn't some Inquisition lackey beating down your door every week to make sure you're not practicing 'heresy.'" He snorts.
"The only heresy I ever saw was how they kept holding magic advancement back."


The three of you arrive at Figworth's bar.




I grin sheepishly.
"Hahaha… yeah…"


I laughed at the two as we both te three of us arrive at the bar.
"Funny that we had a bar this early when we still dont have enough houses dont you think." I scratch my head.


Eventually, the two of you make it to Boon's tent.
He gently lays you down on a thick pile of blankets, draping several more over you as he sets a bucket nearby.
"Now, if ye need to hurl chunks, use the bucket. I don't want ye ruining my bed, ye hear? Now get some sleep so ye can let this hangover pass."
The sheets and pillows have his scent. You have to admit, he has a really comfortable bed…
He sighs and pats your head. "I know that they are necessary, what with those mages who don't know that there is such a thing as too far… but that doesn't mean they have to be quite so… zealous about keeping us from doing anything they consider dangerous.
But that's neither here or there; I'm estatic to find you here! It's so nice to have somepony to talk to about magical theory who won't just give you blank stares."
He pauses for a moment. "Whoops, sorry. Slip of the tongue."
"Well, that Keg kid was very determined to get this built before Figworth got here! He put a lot of sweat and tears into building this place."
Still, it's very thrown-together and makeshift; not a truly stable building by any stretch of the imagination.


I've yet to try it!


"Hey, Boon."
Stop him.


Enter then.
"Hello there, me, Ms Crookear and the Mayor want to know what you got here." I smile at the bartender.


Shake my head.
"Don't worry about it. I'd love to hear your findings! I learned a lot of stuff since I graduated."


He smiles as he brushes some of your feathers out of your eyes.
A young stallion looks up as you enter.
"Hello there! If you're looking for Figworth, he's not available right now. I'm his assistant Keg; if you're here for drinks, I can take your order!"
He chuckles. "I'll be sure to share my results with you as soon as I actually find something. but for now…"
He sighs regretfully.
"I really must be going. It was wonderful talking to you!"


"It has been, it's fun to run into old aquaintances in unexpected places."


"Is Cider available?" I then look at Crookear.
"What drink do you like Ms. Ear?"


"What kind of drinks do you serve?"


"Hard cider, with a cherry hit!" she smiles.
Keg nods as he takes down her order.
"Would you like your cider hard as well, or non-alcoholic?"
"Various ciders, juices, and alcohols."
"Until next time, Justicia." And with that, he's off.


The world is a small place. Even if you can't see it.
Thanks for the faff.


"And what types of alcohols would those be?"


"Ciders, stouts, ales, whiskey, beer, even a few bottles of wine, though those will cost you a decent sum."


Look him in the eyes.
"You were shaking."


Pretty sure I could get a decent discount with who I am.
"I'd like to try the whiskey then."
What time of day is it?


He blushes and tries to look away. "I don't know what yer talking about."
It's a little after noon the day after the attack.
"One whiskey, a hard cider with a cherry hit, coming right up!"


"Hold the hard cider, please, I only came in for a taste!"


"Well I do. And I'm worried now.
Tell me at least, it was me, wasn't it?"


"Hard it is." I smile.


The hard cider's not for you, it's for Crookear.
He puts a small shot of whiskey in front of you.
Two hard ciders are placed on the counter, one tinged red. Crookear smiles and grabs the red one.
"Well, bottoms up!"
He goes quiet. "It ain't what yer thinking," he says quietly.


Ah, okay!
"Thank you!"
Raise the glass with my TK.
"To the prosperity of this settlement!"


"Isn't it?"


Crookear smiles and clunks her mug with your glass.
He shuffles awkwardly.


"Bottoms up!" I grin and take the drink!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Smile back and clink!
Down the hatch it goes!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"It's not the plant, right?"
Bring a talon closer, almost to his face…
But don't touch him.
Look at him with a worried stare.


The sweet taste of apples is an interesting counter to the bitter alcohol, so much so that you drain half your mug in one go.
Your vision's a little blurrier, but you're mostly fine.
Your vision's a little blurrier, but you're mostly fine.
Been a while since you've had whiskey…
He shudders at the memory, then gently grabs your talon and presses it against his cheek, smiling down at you.
"Nah, it ain't nothing like that. I sure ain't over that yet, but… I find it easy to forget about it with ye around."


Let out a sigh of relief and drop down onto the sheets, closing my eyes.
With a smile.


"Uuuhh… that hits the spot." I grin to both of my companions.
"So say, are these drinks good or what?" I grin.


You hear Boon chuckle quietly, then feel the sheets around you shift as he gently tucks you in.
"Sleep tight, sweetheart."
The tent flap opens and closes, and you're alone in Boon's bed.


"Yes, they are quite fine!"

Let's stop before I begin then!
"How much does a bottle cost?"


What a shame.
Guess I will just sleep now.


He gives you a fairly reasonable price, considering they have few ways of restocking before the ship shows up in eight months.
"Yup!" Crookear giggles, taking another slug from her mug. "This place is the best! We should come back here more often!"
That it for your faff, or do you want to keep going?


Nah I'm okay for now.


"I might consider buying one at some later date!"


"Quite fine indeed, if we got those farms going, crops can be grown and with crops we can make more alcohol! Dont you agree?"

"Indeed, I hope so too." I laugh before drinking.
"No really, I really appreciate that I have someone I can drink with." I grin to Crookear.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Let's just make sure we have food out of the crops first!"


Both of her smile back at you and giggle. "Wow, you're not much of a heavyweight, are you?"
Why is the room starting to spin?
"I'll be sure to let Figworth know you asked."


"Thank you! However, I'm afraid duty calls!"


"…. wait, why are there foursh of yoush..?" I squint my eyes


"I think you might have had just a bit too much."


"Do I? I dont thinks so…. or maybe yes?" I try to keep myself awake.


"It seems that you have, yes. Try not to overdo it next time."


Ah some rest did the old bones good.
Now where can I find this blind newcomer?


"Unnghh… yes captain." I lie my head on the table.


Patrolling the streets and on the lookout for trouble.


I trot to you.
"Ah hello miss. I believe we haven't met before."


I perk my ears and turn to the source of the voice.
"Hello? I don't recognize you at least. I'm Justicia, one of the guards here."


Captain Cloud Cutter approaches you; you can recognize him by the unique sound his Crystal Pegasus wings make.
"Guard Justicia, anything to report?"
Askeladd is currently drunk in your bar with Crookear the blacksmith and Magistre looking on.


"Mayor, not captain. Try drinking some water."

Time to head back to the office?


Salute in his direction.
"No sir, nothing out of the ordinary at the moment."


"Ah pleasure to meet you. My name's Figworth, the innkeeper here. As part of my job, I like to get to know everypony in our little town."

I'm sure Keg can handle it.


Geneva is waiting for you with a smile. "So, how'd it go?"
"Good. You've been working hard today, and you've earned a break. Consider yourself relieved of duty until tonight."


"The innkeep huh? You must know all of the town's rumors then!"

I smile.
"Thank you sir."


"Alcohol tends to loosen the lips."


"Which matter do you want to know?"


"Ah yes yes!"

"Water!" I called out.
I then look at Crookear and how she is doing.
"I thinksh I drank too much?"


I chuckle.
"Hehehe, it really does. Say… aren't you the one Julia spoke about? Are you from Manehatten?"


"Like I said, you've earned it. Now go have some fun." With that, he takes up the patrol you were just walking. You are now free to explore the town.
She smirks knowingly. "Which one's the most interesting?"
You're having trouble finding her because of the big female diamond dog blocking your way. She puts a glass of water to your lips.
"Yes, I think you did," she giggles.
Oh! The big female diamond dog is Crookear! Who would have known?


"Oh!! OH!!! I see."
I then drink the water and try to sober up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, you're not sober, but you're not seeing double anymore. Crookear smirks.


I smile.
"Much better."
"One more drink or should we wrap this up?"


"It was not the most interesting of days. There is one matter, however."


I nod.
"Guilty as charged." I smile.


"Oh? Do elaborate; I'm all ears."
She gives you a credulous look.
"Just the one nearly knocked you on your back. I don't think you'd survive one more."


"I'd like to get a bottle of whiskey for this office. For guests, mostly."


I grin.
"That is just a fluke, now watch me." I offer a toast.


"Oh, so you know her! She's quite nice, isn't she? A shame I probably won't see her a lot because of her job though."


She looks at you for a minute, her face betraying nothing.
"All right, I'll make a note of that. Where would you like it kept?"
She somewhat nervously returns it.
"If you pass out on me, I'm going to leave you tied up in the middle of the mare's section of the camp."


"If we can find a decorative glass for it, not just a bottle, then somewhere visible, with the drinking glasses beside it."


"Ha! Like you would." I laugh and raise my glass.
"For the success of this settlement. May we gain prosperity, good fortune, good health and peace." I smile to Crookear before drinking.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"She definitely is. she sometimes comes around for a drink at the bar after duty. If you're not opposed to a drink yourself, why not meet there?"


She seems to relax a bit, nodding and writing something down.
"Very well, I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, there's a report on the incident yesterday that needs to get filled out on your desk, as well as a few other documents which require your review and signature."
Well, at least you didn't pass out. Unfortunately, you're not only seeing triple, but you probably aren't going to be walking anywhere for a while.
"Damn it, Askeladd," you hear Crookear off in the distance, "I knew this was going to happen."


Mind Reader, let's see what she was thinking about. Or what she is thinking now.
"I see, thank you for notifying me!"
Walk back behind my desk and sit down.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Sure, whenever I'm off-duty of course."


"That would be best, these are hard times.
I'm glad to see there are many young ponies so determined to defend our little town."


I just lay my head on the table and try to rest.
"Uhh… my bad hehehe *"hick*


You feel her pick you up and start carrying you.
"Come on, let's get you back home.
…Where is your home? Or I guess I should say your tent, or whatever."


"Ha! Somepony has to do it. Might as well be me, I know how to fight anyway."


"Hmmmm….. "
Wait, where am I staying btw?


In a tent somewhere. Roll to see if you're coherent enough to give her directions.


Nope, no mindreading this time.
There's a decently-sized stack of papers on your desk that you need to go through.


Damn donkeys…
Float a pen over and get to work then!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Uhhmmm… there." I keep my footing steady while giggling like a girl.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Your mind must be elsewhere, because you're having trouble focusing.
You eventually manage to direct her back to your tent.
"Think you'll be all right from here?"


I lay my head on the pillow, and put an arm over my eyes.
"How about you Ms. Crookear? Will 'you' be alright?"


Snap out of it, paperwork is my job, it always has been!

Roll #1 1 = 1


She snorts. "I'll take that as a 'yes.'"
Your quill snaps, spilling ink all over the paper you were working on.


Oh, crap!
Lift the paper with TK and quickly start to shake the ink off of it!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You manage to mostly salvage the paper, though there are still a few splotches you're not going to be able to get out. At least they aren't on any of the important parts.


"What is your favorite weapon? I'm an old hunter, so I tend to use my favorite rifle."


I laugh weakly.
"It is a yes…"

"Thanks for carrying me here. If not, I would have waken up in a ditch somewhere…. " I burp.


I'll just blame it on something that wasn't my fault.
Back to filling it out properly!



Roll #1 10 = 10


"You're welcome." She pats you on the head, then goes back to the forge.
You're in the zone now! You get all that paperwork filed properly, and even find some more and file it properly too!


Call in my secretary once I am done!


I unsheathe my sword slightly so he can catch a glimpse of it.
"I guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist. But it works well for me, so I've stuck with it so far!"


Geneva looks sufficiently impressed.
"Wow, miss Magistre! You're really good at filing paperwork! I don't even know why you need me around."


"For making the paperwork!"
"I've been in this business for a good while, and I was a secretary too once, when I started my careeer!"


I nod.
"Wielding a sword is an ancient, honorable art."


She grins and chuckles. "All the more reason why you'd be able to do my job. You'd probably enjoy it, too. I must say, though, aside from the attacks, it's been pretty quiet here."


"G'night." I mumble and rest.
Rest and dream.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Good sleep. Nice dreams.


I nod.
"It has, hasn't been? I am slightly concerned though… about that crop field."


"Yeah… I also don't think anypony would trust me with a gun in my hooves."
I chuckle.


"Oh? What part are you concerned about?"
Do you want to keep going?


"I didn't want to talk about it, but…might I ask how you fight without…"


"Who prepared it, and more importantly, where are they?"


Just rest for now. Also thansk for running.


Tap my horn with a hoof.
"Magic! I use a spell that allows me to sense the world around me. I can't see your facial expression or what color your mane is, but I sure can sense your presence, your shape and how big you are."


No problem.
"I think that it might be related to some old ruins that have been reported to be over to the west. Of course, we'd have to send some explorers that way, but… they might be related."
She shrugs.
"Or maybe I'm just grasping at straws."


"Astonishing. Sensing presences you say, why you must be able to sense ponies behind you better than those of us with sight."


"Oh yeah! And in the dark too. My field of 'vision' is pretty good!"
I chuckle.
"That's why I like dark places so much. I'm not at a disadvantage there."


"It is a possibility, but someone preparing a whole field then just abandoning it like that… it's concerning."


"…Ma'am, if I may… If their buildings are in ruins and their fields abandoned, then maybe they didn't abandon it… maybe they all, well…"


Nod and bite my lips.


"Well, it's no use just idly speculating without further evidence one way or another."


I'm back.
What's happening?


"It makes me nervous, that is why I want to make sure the town is safe from attacks."


I nod.
"Remarkable, simply remarkable.
I'm sure you'll do great things here, miss Justicia."


You wake up in Boon's bed to the smell of food cooking. Your eyes have barely opened when he enters with a plate full of food.
"Morning, sweetheart. Breakfast in bed, jest like ye ordered."
"An admirable goal, and one you have done exemplary at so far. We all sleep feeling a lot safer knowing you're in charge."


Rub my eyes.
What damn time is it?"


Blush a bit with a smile.
"You are?"
Glance around, it's just the two of us.
"I will sound very unprofessional but… do you think they like me so far?"


He smiles gently and holds the plate out to you.
"Jest a little past noon. Don't strain yerself, ye had one heck of a hangover."


"I remember not a thing…"
Groan loudly.
"This is not my te-"
Widen my eyes and look at Boon.


"Thanks, I'm happy to hear you think so, sir. Uh…"
I scan the area.
"Are you alone by the way? You're probably one of the first I met today that is! Seems like everypony really likes to get together with different races too."


He recognizes the look and chuckles, though he looks nervous.
"Found ye passed out on top of that bartender and had to carry ye hear. Don't worry, I didn't try nothin'. I'd rather keep my hide in one piece."
She smiles.
"They definitely like you, Magistre. They know you're going to do whatever's best for them."
She giggles into her hoof.
"And they know to take cover whenever you start aiming your pistol."


"That was an unfortunate accident!"


"…On top of…
Old man Figworth?"
Blush furiously.


"Yes, I am. I'm Figworth Barrelton. My friend Keg is running the inn at the moment."


He busts out laughing.
"That's what I thought at first too! Luckily, both of ye were very insistent that nothing had happened."
She giggles even louder.
"That hasn't stopped the rumor from spreading. Don't worry, they all know it's not your fault."


"But I saw them diving out of my way…"


"Oh, that can't be easy, to maintain an inn with only two people!"


"Trust me, I had a good education on that in Manehattan."


"Better safe than sorry!"
She snorts.
"Just because you're not deliberately aiming at them doesn't mean it's not a good idea for them to get out of the way!"


Shake my head.
"My job is not to fight anyway. I will, for anyone from this town, but the guards are better trained to do that."


Let out a sigh of relief.
"Good, wouldn't wan-"
Shut up.
"I hope I didn't do anything worse."


"Did you have an inn there too?"


"Yes, in the harbor, quite a bit more rowdy than here."


"Unfortunately, this land seems to want to make sure that we all have to fight to hang on to what's ours."
He blushes and looks away.
"Not anything… too bad."


"So… why did you leave it behind? Did you just sell it?"


"We will. This will be the capital of this continent one day!"


Wouldn't want to come off as a goof in front of my partner~"
Smirk teasingly from under the sheets.


"I thought living my last days in a more quiet town would be better than Manehattan."
I chuckle.
"It seems there's trouble everywhere however."


He blushes harder, but returns the smirk.
"T-too late for that, sweetheart. I already knew ye was a goof."
"I'm sure we will. Now, is there another matter you wish to attend to?"


"Of course there is! The world isn't a safe place. That's why I'm here!"


"Do we have a map of the surrounding area yet?"


"You really got into this sweetheart thing, uh?"
"If we were together what'd you call me, smoochy-doopy-sugar-pie?"


"Well, you're always welcome at my inn for a drink and a talk."


File: 1396906387186.png (846.65 KB, 1412x952, Current Colony Exploration….png, IO Google TinEye)

"This is what we've been able to map so far from the explorer's reports."

He glares. "I'd call ye a pain in the flank what don't let me get away with nothing."


I nod.
"I'll be sure to keep that in mind, maybe I'll swing by later today! I'll leave you be for now though, you probably have stuff to do."


Make a coy face and feing innocence.


"Take care, miss."

I'll go to the inn.
It hasn't burned down in the few hours it was gone did it?"


Point at the fields.
"We will have to estabilish a safe, well guarded road to there in the coming months."
Point to the forest between there and the fields.
"Somewhere around here is a patch of flora that must be removed for the safety of all of us."


Nope, it's still standing.
"Had a few customers while you were out," Keg reports as you enter.
"So, ah… have fun last night?"

He snorts and shakes his head.
"Eat yer damn brunch, ye soft-feathered tease."
She nods and notes them all down.
"Maybe we can use the river to set up and irrigation system when we get the chance."


Chomp chomp.
"Getting shitfaced wasn't that bad!"


"First thing first, we will need to scout around that there are no dens or other sources of dangerous animals, maybe even set up a perimeter fence."


"If almost getting crushed by a drunk griffon is your idea of fun, then yes."


"Neither was having ye rub yerself all over me."
He immediately claps his hooves to his mouth.
"So… What happened? Did you find anything useful?"
"Of course. This is so much more complicated than it is back in Equestria!"


Make a little 'o' face, with a widening smirk as I glare into his eyes.
"And here I thought you were the pig."


"I think we should keep our eyes on mr Celery for now. Find out what his experiment is."


"A lot more stressful too! We will need pegasi for the weather, and weather schedules too!"


"I'm glad it's you in charge; I'd never be able to keep track of all this."
"Noted. His assistan Amor seems a little strange too, but he's really good at his job. Just a week before you got here, he stopped a fight with just a few words to both sides."
He glares at you. "I ain't never touched a gal without her permission, including yerself!
Ye got no right to go calling me a pig!"


"It's like neatly organizing a desk, only the things on the desk are alive and doesn't want to be organized."


Roll my eyes and get outta bed.
Good job in not seizing the moment, Boon!
"Not what I meant, ya dumb pony!"
Let's poke my head outta the tent.


"Really now? Interesting..he didn't seem like ponies person…"


She giggles.
"That's a… very creative analogy."
"Yer the one that was making moves on me! It's not like I was able to go anywhere, with how ye had me tied up!"
"He usually isn't, but give him a conflict or relationship trouble and he comes to life!"


"It's the best I could come up with over the years."


"Huh…I suppose everypony has a special talent. Now, we should either investigate this ourselves or…..get somepony else to do it."


"Oh, I had you tied up?"
Smirk, moving towards him.


"Somepony else? You wouldn't suggest it unless you already had an option in mind."
"Better than I could come up with?"
He blushes but stands firm, even taking a step towards you.
"We fell into a tent, and ye went and got us all wrapped in it. When ye stood up, I was pressed against ye, unable to move. So yeah, ye had me tied up and rubbing yerself all over me."


"What would be your's?"


Stare into his eyes for a few seconds more, grin widening.


He stares right back.
"What? Ye want to try it again or something?"


"Perhaps…Julia is quite inquisitive, perhaps a small hint is enough for her to check it out."


Shake my head and turn around, leaving the tent.
Must be getting carried away after all."
Poke my head back in, but don't look straight at him.
"Hey. The food was great."


"…Thanks. Ye coming by for supper?"
"Julia? Who's that?"
"Herding cats."


"You want me back?"


"Why cats?"


"…Yes," he finally admits.
"I don't know, because one boss had a few cats and they never wanted to be in the same place? I'm not good at analogies!"


"The griffon girl. The one who collapsed on top of me last night."


"If only it was that easy as cats, give them some yarn and milk and they are immobilized!"


Smile at him and leave.
Okay, that was damn silly of me.
But so much fun.
Now, back to my tent.
Heck, I haven't even chatted with my tentmate yet.
Or seen Marlene in what seems like weeks!



In wake of the repulsion of the boar attack last week, some of the settlers have started referring to the town as Boarsbane. Whether that name sticks or not is up to you.

There are three tasks of immediate concern; The clearing of the forest near the town walls, the cultivation of the farmable clearing discovered last week, and the exploration of the strange ruins to the west in hopes of finding answers about this land.

There are five groups of ten settlers you can assign to work. How do you wish to divide this workforce up?

You and Boon are going to be exploring to find these ruins to the west. Make sure you're ready before you leave town.

The rest of you, decide where you want to help.


Water, my weapon, food, rope, torches, FLAMETHROWERS, vials to gather samples if needed…
Oh, and medical supplies. Can anyone here make healing potions?


Can I get a map and an update on how the previous work went?


My garden?
Have I found anything new?

Roll #1 5 = 5


This is the current map of the colony.

Ambrosia can probably make you some healing potions. Don't know where you expect to find flamethrowers, though.

Not really, but at least all the plants are growing big and strong!


Wake up.
What are my chances waking up next to Soft Stream?


That was mostly a joke.
Can we skip the request part and just say I have those potions?
Also, that I gave her the blue flower.


I want to help with the ruin exploran


No further attacks or incidents? Good! Let's make sure the ponies outside the walls are safe though.


Two groups need to continue deforesting to the west, one group should begin preparing the ground we have now for farming, and the rest should start preparing for building construction, and even start if they can.


Oh well.
Let's go see the doctor. Maybe she's solved the healing mystery.


Nah, you're waking up in your own tent today. What guardwork do you intend to get up to today?
It would be a really quick stop to drop by and give her that while picking up potions. Also, looks like you've picked up another companion for this trip.
There's Julia over there. Go pester her about it.
Nopony's headed out yet, but there's two sets headed out today; one to continue clearing the forest, and one to cultivate the field.
Geneva sends out the work orders, and the settlers begin preparing for their work for the day.
As you're headed over, you bump into Julia.


Oh look.
"I was just looking for you!"
Show her the mangled blue flower.


Let's go with the woodcutters and make sure their flanks are safe and sound.


Alright, stand up stretch and lets check out the woodcutters as before like the mayor instructed.


"What do you think?"


"I am here."
What flower?


The one I shot to hell and back.
"I need some healing potions for the trip."


"Excuse me, miss Julia."


You both bump into each other as you report in to Captain Cloud Cutter.
He looks up as you approach.
"Morning, you two. Ready to earn your pay today?"
"It's a safe strategy, at the very least. However, we should probably have a strong escort for the party heading to the field; we have a decent idea what to expect near town, but they'll be much further from help."
It looks like the flower you found and ate in the woods!
…If it had been shot several times and then trampled, that is.


Turn around and blush a bit.
"Old man!"


Show my rifle.
"I was hoping I could join you for a hunt."


"Okay, I can make some."

Stare at the flower.
"Can I examine it?"


Raise a brow.
Give the thing to her.
"All yours!"


Salute him as I hear his voice.
"Yes sir."


"I heard you were going to explore the forest. I want to join."


"Are you…


"Of course. I want guards with both the field workers and the ones who are deforesting. We can let some wall stationed guards go with each team, since they pretty much cover all sides expect from the sea."


"Thank you. I will try to restore it for you. Very powerful flower."

Can I mix healing potions? Do I have the ingredients?


"No, it's a gift.
I really don't like flowers…"


"Yes sir." I nod.

"Good morning."


I nod.
"I would be more useful helping you then here.
I can still shoot well, and I have hunted a lot throughout my life in my spare time."


Stare at her for a moment.
"… Okay. I will still try to restore it."


Raise a brow and share a look with Boon.
"I mean, no offense, but can you even run?
It's a jungle out there.
Stare back.
I wonder why I don't like flowers!


Boon chews his lip for a minute as he thinks.
"Ye any good with that peashooter?"
It's pretty damaged, but salvagable. Maybe now you can find something out about them!
"Good, we just got our orders from miss Magistre. Looks like we'll be sending a group to the clearing our scouts found last week. Since we don't know if something will happen out there, I'd like to give them a strong escort to make sure they all get back safe and sound."
You have enough ingredients for a few, but try to be careful about it; don't want to waste any, after all.


Get to gathering and working then.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I can assure you that despite my age, I won't be a burden to the group."

Nod. "I shot a number of boars when they attacked us. They didn't even get close."


"Okay. Let's go then. Are you bringing basic supplies along?"


"Alright I can do that and I am ready." I salute.


I nod.
"I'll pull my own weight, don't worry."


"Should I come with you too?"

I don't think I have met this stallion…


You carried my bags!


"Now you gotta watch my back, old man."
"Do you want to come?
It's dangerous out there."


"We'll take care of it, sir. We won't let anypony mess with our workers!"


I smile.


"I also trust the Captain has been told about the… dangerous plantlife they might encounter?"


"Looks like we shall stick together."




Shrug again!
"Welcome aboard I guess.
Can you defend yourself?"


"How goes the farm, miss Ambrosia."



"The garden is well. It grows. Nature provides."


"It'll probably be best to leave our militia here and send the professionals with the farming group."
You seem to be having trouble getting the mix just right! Try again.
"…Alright, I suppose we can give ye a chance."
Boon nods and shoulders Bessie.
"Volunteering already? I like your initiative. I'll send a few militia with you, just to be sure. I know you'll be able to bring them back safe and sound!"
He stands and salutes you both.
"Though… there is the matter of some… local plantlife that may be hazardous."
She grimaces. "Yes, they'll be sure to avoid that area."


"Oh like nettles? Or poisonous flowers?"


"Grand. What's next?"



Roll #1 7 = 7


I look at him.
"How hazardous? Anything we should watch out for?"


"Guess we got two travel companions then.
Should we get on moving?"
Let's help Ambrosia gather basic supplies for the trip aswell.


I'll wait to start and check my supplies


He looks around, seeming a bit embarrassed.
"…Tentacles, actually. From what our scouts report, the plant is… very aggressive. They were lucky to get away with their lives.
Luckily, it seems to be a singular phenomena, located here." He points out a location on the map.
"Just steer clear of here, and you should be fine."
There you go! That's 2 healing potions, but you're almost out of ingredients. One last try!
"Next? Well… Doctor Sweetherb said she wanted to talk to you about something. She seemed to think it was very important."
Keg gives you a hug as he agrees to watch he bar while you're gone.
"Who knows, maybe we'll have it built by the time you get back!"


What is he, a faggot?
"Make sure it doesn't burn down."


"… Tentacles? What, like an octopus?"


"I'll see her in my office then.

…how is that whiskey coming along?"


I'll leave the rest of the ingredients here.
Give the potions to Julia.
I know how to heal too.

"Here you go. If you empty them, I can heal myself too."


Okay, it's just two potions.
But the chick can heal.
So give one to Boon and one to old man Figworth.


I just look at him with raised eyebrows.
"Alright… well we can cut any bush plants, but if you recommoned on steering away from these then I think that is for the best sir."


He gives you a deadpan look.
"Your faith in me truly knows no bounds, does it?"
You feel him shuffle a bit; this subject seems to be making him nervous.
"Yes, like… that. We don't really know what to make of it yet; all we know for certain is that it's dangerous."
She hesitates for a moment, then pulls out a bottle of whiskey and some clean drinking glasses.
"It… was reasonably priced. I hope it's to your liking."
Boon accepts his graciously.
"Thank ye kindly; hope I don't get too many scars on this trip! Now, ye all just about ready to head out?"
"The scouts reported that the plant is… resilient. We'll probably end up having Sticksen Stones help get rid of it."


"See you in a few days, son."
Trot out.


"Sounds freaky. I'll keep it in mind sir."


"Let's hope we reach the ruins before anything too exciting happens."


"Alrght, give us the map and we will avoid the area." I smile
"Who is Sticksen Stones btw?"


I have my sword and stuff.


Smile at her.
"Thank you! This shall do perfectly!"
Levitate them over to a nice spot in the office.


"She's the town's official mage. A bit of an odd bird, but she's good at what she does."
You have a map of the surrounding area now.
You set them off to the side, well in view but not the center of attention.
"Very good Magistre. Shall I go summon Doctor Sweetherb?"
Boon nods in a satisfied manner.
"Let's stop by my tent real quick so I can pick some stuff up, then we'll go."
"Glad to hear it. I'll have the militia meet you by the gate in half an hour. Dismissed!"
"What's this?" you hear a familiar voice behind you. "Leaving without coming to say goodbye?"


Meant to link you to this.


"Alright thanks for the map, me and Justicia will be going."


Turn around the face whoever just addressed me.


"You shall, yes. Thank you."
Sit down behind my desk.
Make sure my mane is tied in a proper bun, my glasses are straight, and go over some paperwork while I wait.


I have nothing to do for now, so I'll wait by the gates and 'see' who we'll be escorting.


Flap down there and wait.


"Okay, sir."


Sit next to her.
"What do you think about that tentacle bullshit?"


I shrug.
"I think we should steer clear from whatever that stuff is, it sounds freaky!"


Wheat Fields has the biggest grin you've ever seen as she hovers in the air behind you.
"Surprised to see me?"
Roll to see how prim and proper you manage to make yourself look.
He nods as you both leave.
You don't really recognize most of the settlers you're going to be escorting. The militia, however, look like the same ponies who were there during the boar attack.
Askeladd also recognizes Soft Stream, who blushes and waves.
"Sir, nothin'. Ye can jest call me Boon."
You run into a black unicorn wearing a green necklace. It seems he was waiting for you at Boon's tent.


I'm a very prim and proper mare!
Totally not a nervous wreck full of stress!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Today is full of fateful incounters.
You are?"


"Sounds like a joke but yes, we better stay clear out of it."
I stand up.
"I had a map for it just in case."

Wave at her back and go to them as I shout.
"Alright boys, stick together and dont let anyone wander too far off and keep an eye on your buddies. We dont want any workers going missing alright?!"


"No. Are you okay, Wheat Fields?"


"Certainly, mister Boon."


"And watch out for tentacles! Those are bad as it turns out!"


Very prim and proper. Nopony would know you were stressed if they weren't looking for it.
"Amor. You require my services."
His voice remains a consistent neutral drone.
"I would like for you to come see me once you return from your scouting trip."
"I feel great!"
She dives into a hug, then winces as her leg-cast clonks you on the back of the head. "Well, aside from my leg still being broken. But hey, at this rate, I'll be all better by next week!
So, where you headed off to now?"
The tentacles comment gets some strange looks, but for the most part they simply acknowledge you and head on out.
Begin journey to the field?
You all find Julia talking with Amor outside Boon's tent.
"Well, looks like the shrink's shown up," Boon comments, scratching his head.


"Hello, mister Amor, are you joining us as well?"


Yes. Tread carefully and keep those ears peeled.


Why would they be looking for it?
Go through some paperwork while I wait.


"Yes begin the journey."


"Wait a fuckedon, you…
How do you even know?
The doc said she wouldn't have said a word!"


Aaaand suddenly you are here.


"Exploration. I am happy you are feeling better, Wheat Fields."



"No. Simply making an appointment."
A few moments later, Sweetherb enters.
"Ah, good. I've been wanting to speak with you. Unless there's another matter that requires my attention?"
Roll to see how eventful your journey is.
He tilts his head.
"Sweetherb has not broken her oath. However, from your obvious distress when you returned last week, the fact that you spent a total of one hour twenty-three minutes in Sweetherb's clinic, and your general skittishness since, it is easy to deduce that you and your companion must have suffered some traumatic experience while scouting. As a therapist, it is my job to help you deal with this trauma before it begins to affect your work."
"So am I. So, I hear you got a garden started?"
Up ahead you see Amor talking with Julia.


"Of course. Good day to you.
Give mr Celery my regards."


Well lets see now.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yes, it is growing much. Interesting plants in this place, look forward to expanding garden and growing more. Nature is strong here."


"As a patient, it's my job to tell you to fuck off."


"Good morning. No, I've been actually waiting for you."



Roll #1 4 = 4


He stares at you for a moment, then nods.
"Well, that's great! I hope I get the chance to start planting stuff soon. So, did I miss anything last week? You never came by to visit!"
He blinks in a bored fashion.
"Do not trivialize the importance of dealing with emotional trauma before it scars. It is best dealt with sooner, rather than later."
"Good, good." She gives the whiskey a surprised glance, then turns back to you.
"I assume you want to know why I wanted to talk to you?"
As you go through the woods, you come across three wolves tearing into an unrecognizable carcass.
They haven't noticed you yet, so maybe you can avoid them?


Stare at him, eyes narrowed.
"Go. Away."


Look at the workers.
"Stay behind us."

I then look at Justicia.
"Should we take care of them or leave them be?"


"Of course I do. Please, do tell."


"If we don't take care of them now, they might be a problem later… but we might not be able to take them. Can you tell me how strong they look? How many there are?"


Wait for things to start.


"There are three of them, eating a.. carcass so far."

Can I assess how strong they will be?

Roll #1 8 = 8


I probably did.
"I grew plants."


She looks around for a moment.
"It's about what happened to Julia and Boon last week. I recommended she go to Amor for therapy to deal with what they experienced, but he's said nothing about receiving any new patients.
Ordinarily, I'd just sigh and accept that some ponies-or griffons- aren't comfortable seeking the professional help they need to deal with these things-"
She takes a deep breath and puts a small container filled with some kind of fluid on the desk.
"-but in light of some recent test results, it may be more urgent than we think."
They look pretty strong, and the worried murmur of the settlers has drawn their attention. They take up defensive positions and growl at you, but make no move to attack.
"So, the same thing you've been doing since the boar attack? Come on, at least tell me you've been making some friends out here!"
"Of course. I did not mean to imply that we have our appointment now. We will work that out when you return."
He bows to you and walks past you.
"Good day, miss Julia."
You are approached by Amor.
"Good evening, Ambrosia. How is the garden doing?"


"Until I met you, it was."
Where the fuck are the others anyway?


"I am not sure it will be good to bother them." I look at Justicia.


This sounds bad.
"What kind of test results?"


"Then… we should go around! Make sure to keep an eye on them though."



"Alright then, escort the workers while I keep an eye on these wolves so they dont make any funny movement." I nod before looking at the workers.

"We will keep an eye on these wolves while you guys go around and avoid them, Justicia will escort you guys while I will guard the rear."


Right behind you. Boon gives you a worried look as he approaches.
"Sorry about that. Amor's not really good at taking no fer an answer."
"Tests on the stuff that plant filled her and Boon with. At first, I couldn't determine anything hazardous or beneficial about it, so I started running tests that take a while to get results. Well, the results are in, and I think I have an idea of what the purpose of pumping her full of the stuff was."
They keep their hackles raised as you guide the group around them, but when it becomes apparent that you're not going to bother them they turn back to the carcass, paying you no more mind as they feed noisily.


"Sure gonna trust a shrink with that attitude.
Are we gonna move?"


Good end! Stay on the move.


Look at him.


Alright, keep my map handy and keep moving all the while keeping the workers accounted for.


"Don't keep me guessing then, what does it do?"




Avoid to make eye contact with him.


I don't say anything.


He nods.
"Good. Good…" his hooves shuffle a bit.
"Can you introduce me to your friend? She appears to be injured."
The rest of the trip is relatively uneventful, as the crew arrives at the clearing with no further problems. The militia turn to you nervously.
"Okay, you two know what you're doing. Where do you want us?"
"The reason it took me a while to find it is because it's a very slow and gradual process. If my findings are correct, the substance slowly begins to alter neurological functioning over time; changing the way the victim thinks, speaks, acts… you get the picture."
As soon as Ambrosia is done talking with her friends.


"…this is very concerning. Can you work an antidote of sorts, something to prevent this process?"


"We should secure a perimeter around the work area! Set up guards along it!"


Look at her, then back at him.
"This is Amor."


"I know him.
And he should leave."


"Basically what Justicia said, also all of us better be within earshot okay, no one should go too far where no one would be able to hear them if they shout for warning or dangers."

"Keep close to the workers and keep an eye to them, to the militia's near you and to yourself also."


Look at Amor.
"She wants you to leave, Amor."


She shakes her head.
"I've never seen anything like it before. Luckily, both of them managed to purge the majority of it before it could enter their system, but it also appears to require prolonged exposure to fully set in. The initial stages are very gradual, and moving beyond that would require additional exposure to the substance… but thankfully they were able to purge themselves of enough of it immediately after that effects should not take full effect. If they had… I believe they would be the plant's next meal."
You set the five militia up in a perimeter as the settlers get to work tilling the field.
You're free to talk to each other and the workers while you stand guard. Roll a d10 every turn to see how attentive a guard you're being.
"I am already acquainted with Julia. I was asking about her." he points at Wheat Fields, who waves to him.
"Hi! I'm Wheat Fields!"
She then gives you a devilish grin.
"Ambrosia, you didn't tell me you have a boyfriend!"
Amor freezes.


Might as well strike up a chat with someone of the militia while we're looking out.
"Anything to report?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shake my head.
"Still, I want you to check on both of them regularly, and find a way to purge all of the substance from them… I'm afraid I will have to take some other steps as well to make sure they won't just go right back to that plant in a moment of weakness."


I tilt my head and stare at Wheat Fields.


Hmmm…. better keep an eye on the workers then while Justicia keeps an eye the militia.
Is there anything I can help with?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Groan at the scene.
"Can we just go now?
We can't lose the morning's light!"


I turn to her and bow my head.
"Yes. Sorry Julia."


Judging by the heaviness with which he lands from his jump, he must be an earth pony.
"Nothing to report yet, ma'am. Do I need to call you ma'am? I'm not very used to this whole guard thing. I came here to plant, not fight."
All clear for now. Looks like those wolves finished their meal, one of them turning to look at you and nod before following his brethren deeper into the forest.
"That may be wise, but first I highly suggest they see Amor about the trauma they experienced. A psychiatric evaluation will help determine if the substance is beginning to affect them or not."
She plants both hooves over her mouth and giggles. "Oh, I'm sorry Amor, you hadn't asked her yet, had you?"
Amor seems to be sweating, pulling at his necklace nervously. "I should go."
He gives you a quick nod. "It was nice to talk to you again."
With that, he runs off.
Ready to go when you are.
You accidentally trip, though luckily something breaks your fall. Unfortunately, that something is a mare, one who is now blushing hotly as you lay on top of her in a very compromising position.
"H-hi there."
Somewhere in the back, you hear a male voice call out.
"Oi! Ye planning on screwing every mare in the colony, or just the pretty ones?"
This is met with an explosion of laughter.




"It was nice for me too."




"I shall get them to see Amor at once then, but I will have to ask you that you try and work on something as well. We can never know…"


"You don't want to get gobbled up by a random animal do you? Better keep those eyes of yours open, because you're the only one out of the two of us who has a working pair!"


B.. bastards, I am working.
"I didnt intend that." I look at them.
I blush and stand up before helping the mare stand up.
"Are you okay, my bad." I nod and lower my head.


"Yes, of course I will continue working, but I have other duties that keep me occupied, and I cannot guarantee results."
"R-right, right!" He turns his body to face the forest.
"…How do you get around anyway? For that matter, how do you fight?
-Not to be insulting your ability or anything, just… curious, is all."
Roll again.
And so, after a strange start, you all head off for the wild unknown. All three of you, roll 3d20.



Roll #1 17, 4, 2 = 23



Roll #1 18, 8, 10 = 36


"You are clever, I am sure your research will yield results."
Smile at her.


Email field cleared for some reason, sorry.
"I hit things with my sword or with magic, duh!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Nature protects.

Roll #1 19, 17, 11 = 47



It takes you a minute to untangle yourself.
"N-no harm done," she stammers, refusing to meet your gaze. "I-I should get back to work now!"
As she runs off, Soft Stream comes up with a smirk on her face.
"Already tired of little ol' me, mister Askeladd?"
Roll again.
She smiles softly at that.
"Thank you for your faith in me. Now if you'll excuse me, there are other matters I need to attend to.
Unless there's something further you wish to discuss?"
Coast is still clear.
"Well, how do I know you're not going to hit me? Barry already got shot by the mayor; I don't want to be the next stallion hit by friendly fire!"


Tap my horn.
"Magic! I can sense who is where, how big they are and what shape they have. Objects are no problem either. You know how bats have the ability to use soundwaves to find their way around? My magic is very similar to that!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


An hour or so into your journey, you begin to smell smoke. Roll perception.



Roll #1 9 = 9


"You are free to leave. Thank you for telling me this, I will take the necessary steps."



Roll #1 10 = 10


Smoke? Forest fire?
Better not be.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I smile.
"I.. oh no no, its an accident." I grin before keeping my focus on the environment and the workers and make sure no one wanders away.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Your point loses some of its merit as you accidentally bump into one of the workers.
"Oh. Well… that's actually kinda neat!
So, uh… what's your name?"
With a nod, she stands and walks out the door.
Geneva steps in once she's gone.
"I take it the news wasn't good."
You both see exactly where it's coming from. It's not large enough to be a forest fire, and it seems localized in a small area up ahead. Julia is able to see what appears to be several of some kind of tent in the area the smoke is coming from.
Judging by the thickness of the smoke, this must be a dying fire that's probably been burning a couple hours.
It's hard to concentrate with all the looks you keep getting from the mares.
"So, when are you going to come by again? The nights are so cold here~"


"I'm Justicia, you?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Get my gun.
Nod to Julia.


"Holy mother of…
There's somepony here!


Meant to link you.


"No, it wasn't. I need the schedules of explorers. Both Julia and Boon will need a new partner, sadly."




"Is this your camp?"


Motion her to shut up and come closer.
Pull out my weapon.


I tilt my head and just stare at her.


I wipe the sweat from my brows as I try to keep my focus and lower my voice.
"Oh.. I will visit you dont worry, during the nights at least but not now. This is quite a dangerous territory you know." I grin.

Roll #1 10 = 10


She grimaces.
"I'm… afraid that's not within your authority, ma'am. If a pair of explorers cannot work together, the matter must be handled by scoutmaster Risky Venture, and I doubt she'd be willing to break up a complementary pair with out good justification."
So, do you approach the camp?
"I'm Blaze. So… are you doing anything later?"
Looks clear for now!
You don't really hear her reply as she wanders off, your focus drawn by the birds leaving the trees in droves off in the distance. As you keep watching, the trees seem to rustle, and the rustling seems to be headed right for you.



"Probably spend some time in the bar once my shift is over!"

Roll #1 1 = 1



"It is for their safety. Get me the Scoutmaster, will you?"


I shouted.
"Justicia! Something big is coming here fast!!"

I turn to the workers.
"Workers! Come over here and keep yourselves behind me and Justicia! Militia! Cover our flanks will ya!" I shouted as I draw my sword.


Draw my sword!
Get my homing magic set up!

Roll #1 5 = 5



The field immediately is filled with fearful murmuring and nervous glances as the workers huddle up, the militia lining up on one side while you stand on the other.
The rustling is getting closer.
As Askeladd yells, you both turn at the same time into each other, tumbling to the ground. When you finally get your senses back, you find yourself on your back beneath him.
"Uh… this isn't what it looks like?"
As you approach, you notice that the tents appear to be in disrepair. Some of the trees around bear scorch marks that both Julia and Boon recognize.
Roll perception as you enter the camp.
"…You haven't met Venture yet, have you? That girl doesn't come when called; you have to go find her to talk to her."
Geneva sighs and rubs her temple.
"I know it's frustrating, but she won't change for anypony."


No inhabitants?

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Huh? Ah!"
Crawl from under him and ready myself for battle!

Roll #1 8 = 8


alert pone

Roll #1 4 = 4


I ready my weapon
Sentried Sharpen


"I'd lie if I say that isn't something I'd expect from the leader of the scouts."
"Take care of the office in my absence, will you?"


"Of course, ma'am."
You're up and ready! And just in time, too- whatever it is is nearly here!
You ready yourself for battle as the trees right outside the field rustle-
and the air is split with a familiar-sounding, now-deafening squeal.

You trip in something wet and sticky, landing face-first in-
Oh. There's one of the camps inhabitants. Or former inhabitant, at least. He looks like a surprisingly normal pony - except for the fact that his skin has been almost completely peeled back from everywhere but his face. And you're lying right on top of him.
Clearly there was a battle of some kind here, considering the number of bodies here. Most of them died to weapons, so this was probably an attack by their rivals or raiders. One thing's for sure, though: whoever was here before is long gone. It looks like there might still be some stuff lying around to salvage.
Whoever lived here before is now dead, their corpses strewn through the camp. The stench of blood and death is everywhere. No wonder the woods are so quiet; no living thing would come near this place of death except for the flies.

It looks like whoever lived


"Thank you Geneva."
Gotta find a scout.


Goddamn. Homing Magic please!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Askeladd and Justicia
The workers are huddled behind the line you and the militia have formed, shaking almost as badly as the trees as whatever is coming towards you barrels closer and closer. The militia's grip on their weapons tightens as another squeal splits the air.

Figworth & Ambrosia
The destroyed camp is eerily quiet, the soft buzz of flies the only thing breaking the silence. The smoke gently wafts from a few dying embers, covering the carnage with a thin gray shroud.

This earthie must have been killed in a ritualistic matter, or in an attempt to make an example of him. His eyes have been gouged out, and his skin peeled back and pinned to the ground beneath him and OH DEAR GOD WHY ARE YOU STILL LAYING THERE YOUR STOMACH IS LAYING IN HIS GUTS AND YOUR FEATHERS ARE GETTING SOAKED OH GOD


Look at it all with a neutral expression.
"This is not natural."


Investigate '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Flap out of here!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"…I think you're right, miss Ambrosia."


Set up Homing Magic.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hold steady boys." I shouted to them.
Sentried Sharpen.


"Who did this?"


"That's what we're here to find out."


Sit still for a moment.
"How do we find out? We cannot ask them."


"That is why, we must search for clues!"


Stare at him.
"What clues? I think they are dead."


"Clues in the foliage. Weapons they left behind. Something that might tell us more about what happened here."


"Oh. I could ask an animal."


"…that's quite an ingenious idea, miss Ambrosia."


No, it most certainly isn't. Most of these bodies bear signs of injury by weapons, several of them riddled with arrows or with swords or spears piercing their hides. Some of them have strange burn marks, others bear signs of what Figworth recognizes as magical attacks.
This was a battle, and this tribe lost.
You've got two orbs at the ready!
Sharp as it'll ever be.

From the woods in front of you, out bursts… the biggest boar you've ever seen. It stands three times as high again as a Diamond dog, with tusks like massive curled scewers. Several of the colonists scream and cower in fear, and the militia look about ready to run for it.
Both of you, roll perception check.



Roll #1 6 = 6


Are there any animals that I can approach?
Birds? Insects? Anything?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Somepony attacked them, with swords and magic."


I sure won't be using my eyes for this!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Flap over to Boon.
"Hey. Got a favor to ask.
Can you get them distracted while I… Gather clues?


He looks askance at your rather grisly appearance, then nods.
"Shouldn't be too hard. I'll jest say yer washing off; that should be enough to make 'em avert their eyes."
You can't tell shit. In fact, you stumble and would have fallen if Blaze hadn't caught you and propped you back up.
You see something running around underneath the boar, but it's moving too fast for you to track.

The boar charges your group, squealing and bayng as the ground vibrates beneath it… then slams to the ground and slides toward your group.

Boon walks over. "Julia's gonna try an' wash up over there. Would ye mind, ah… searching the other side o' the camp?"
You hear a soft whine coming from inside one of the charred tents.


Check inside.


And while they are busy, I will Commune with the shadow of the pony.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Moveeee iiiit! Dodge!"
Push the others out of the way!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Certainly, sir Boon."
I go search the other part of the camp '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


A small dog looks up at you, it's foreleg curled up against its chest. It looks pretty badly injured.
Pressing itself against the back of the tent, it bares it's teeth and growls at you.
You manage to call it up, but all it can remember is pain. You're not going to get much information out of it.
You notice that while some of the bodies are wearing green headbands, most of them are wearing red headbands. The red headbands seem to have been guarding those tents…
You manage to push them out of the way…
Not that it matters, as the boar slides to a stop well short of your group and lies there, kicking and squealing. Roll perception again.



Roll #1 2 = 2


Time to try with the shadow of one of these tents.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"You are wounded. Let me help you. I can help you heal the wound and make the pain go away."
animal mastery

Roll #1 10 = 10


Different tribes….
Anything in those tents? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Lets put that boar down then!

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Still can't see or sense it, but for some reason the boar isn't coming any closer…
The shadow is much calmer than the last, giving you a nod and a sense of tired curiosity.
He looks hesitant for all of three seconds before he pins his ears back and whines, dragging himself over to you and licking at your hoof.
These were the tribes food supplies! This ought to be enough to last the colony at least three weeks!
You trip and fall to the ground, sliding over to the boar. This close, you can hear a ripping and wet tearing sound coming from near it's belly.


"This might hurt a little but it will be better soon."
Natural remedy to take care of his wounds.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Food here. We should bring it to the colony."


"What's going on? What happened!?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


What the hell is that sound?
I try to roll around and stand up..

Roll #1 2 = 2


He doesn't have the strength to give any more than token resistance as you bandage his injuries and force some medicine down his throat.
After a few moments, he sits up and starts limping around, ragged tail wagging as he nuzzles at your leg.
Boon comes over and looks, giving a whistle.
"Ain't that fortunate. But… if these ponies got massacred… why did whoever killed 'em leave all this food behind?"
You manage to stand just long enough to catch a glimpse of what looks like a large wolf before the boar's tusks knock you back. Luckily, it was just a glancing blow.
"I don't know," Blaze responds, looking around nervously. "Why isn't it attacking? It's just… laying there."
He looks around suspiciously.
"Maybe this is a distraction. A trap of some kind! …That's a thing, right?"


"What happened here?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Just stay calm…"
Circle around it. What's going on here?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Aaahhhh damnit!" Try to crawl as fast as I can away and stand on a distance.

"Justicia! Keep them safe!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"…Perhaps something scared them off before they could loot…"


He pins his ears back and whimpers, limping over to the body of a colt who couldn't have been more than eight years old. Nudging the body's face, the dog whines as his efforts continue to fail to rouse the boy.
From here, you're able to sense the cause: a pack of the largest wolves you've ever seen are tearing into the boar's stomach, gulping down giant pieces of its flesh as it kicks feebly, it's squeals now quiet and listless.
More importantly, you sense a group of smaller, leaner animals headed straight for the settlers!
You crawl backwards so fast you end up sticking your head underneath a stallion.
"Whoa there, buddy," He stammers as he pushes you away, "I appreciate the sentiment, but isn't there something more important for you to be doing?"
On the plus side, you're back on your feet!
"Nope," Boon shakes his head. "See the red markings on the tents? Most of the bodies have the same markings on the bands on their heads.
This was a route, no doubt about it. Even took the time to torture the boss -assuming the headdress on the guy Julia landed on means he had authority- so they had time to kill.
Naw… I think this place were an example, a warning to other tribes."


"That could be the case too.
Perhaps even a warning to us?"


Stare at the body but don't show any kind of emotion.
"I am sorry. Who did this?"
Animal mastery

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Gaahh.. not now." I grit my teeth as I look at the boar.
"Aha! Here I come!" I look around and try to see if there is a wolf nearby as I attack.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"Watch out!"
Charge at the charging animals and let Darkness reign over them. Night.

Also, fire off my homing missiles at them! '2d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2, 5 = 7


"Hmn…" Boon looks around, then shakes his head.
"No way to know for certain, but I doubt it. Ye don't wipe out an entire group jest to warn the newcomers. Odds are this was just a dispute between tribes, and this tribe lost."
The dog turns and growls at one of the other bodies, then keeps trying to wake the boy.
You notice the body it growled at is wearing a green headband, while the boy is wearing a red one.
They're not wolves; they look more like jackals! Regardless, you knock one back with a good-sized injury.
There's a series of confused yelps as the area goes pitch black, as well as several surprised cries from the militia. One orb goes wide, the other hits a tree nearby and pelts you with shrapnel!

The militia are shaken, but hold their ground as eight jackals attack!

Jackal 1: 5/4
Jackal 2: 8/4
Jackal 3: 8/4 Blinded!
Jackal 4: 8/4 Blinded!
Jackal 5: 8/4 Blinded!
Jackal 6: 8/4 Blinded!
Jackal 7: 8/4 Blinded!
Jackal 8: 8/4 Blinded!

Blaze: 7/6 Blinded!
Armored militia 1: 6/5 Blinded!
Armored militia 2: 6/5 Blinded!
Armored militia 3: 6/5
Armored militia 4: 6/5

Askeladd: 7/5
Justicia: 3/5



Okay. Go back to the others.
"There is a dead colt in the tent with a dog."


Stab jackal 8 right in the neck.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Look At Ambrosia.
"Let's check it out."


Boon quirks his eye at Ambrosia. "Begging yer pardon, ma'am, but there's lotta dead ponies here."
He has a point; the campsite is filled with absolute carnage. Bodies are lying everywhere, young, old, and middle-aged alike.
Boon crouches down and examines one of the smoking piles of ash.
"Fire looks like it must be less'n a day old. Since the bodies ain't been et by scavengers or rotted, I'd say this happened recently."

In your haste to defend the settlers you've separated from the rest of the group! For a moment, it looks like you might be taking on these jackals on your own, when suddenly Blaze and another militiaman take up positions at your flanks.
"We're with you, Justicia," Blaze states, fighting to hide the tremble in his voice.

Luckily, this group of jackals has also split from the whole. Bad news is you're their target now. At least your Night spell is keeping them blind for now.

+1 to your rolls against blinded targets.

Jackal 1: 6/3 Blind lasts 4 more turns
Jackal 2: 6/3 Blind lasts 4 more turns
Jackal 3: 6/3 Blind lasts 4 more turns
Jackal 4: 6/3 Blind lasts 4 more turns

Justicia: 3/5
>Blaze: 7/6
>Militiapony: 6/5


How did this pony die?


Where the scoutmaster at?


"Hold the liiiiine!"
Very well then! Attack jackal 1!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"The dog is alive."


The pony you landed on, I assume?
Apparently she doesn't stay in one place very long. Roll to see if you can find her.
"…Well, at least that's sumthing."
He sighs and shakes his head.
"I just don't get it. What did they stand to gain through such… slaughter? It don't make sense to me."
The combat posts will probably end up separate from the rest of the party's posts for now.

Roll #1 8, 5 = 13


I must!

Roll #1 4 = 4



"I do not know either, sorry."


"Perhaps a territorial dispute?"


Your lack of sight is now an advantage in your artificially created sphere of darkness, allowing you to catch one off-guard and strike home. It collapses, whimpering as blood pours from the gash.

Blaze might not have night vision, but he's sticking with you, managing to fend off one of the others. The militiapony takes a glancing hit but stands his ground.

Jackal 1: Helpless/2 Blind lasts 3 more turns
Jackal 2: 6/3 Blind lasts 3 more turns
Jackal 3: 4/3 Blind lasts 3 more turns
Jackal 4: 6/3 Blind lasts 3 more turns

Justicia: 3/5
>Blaze: 7/6
>Militiapony: 4/5

She's nowhere to be found!


She must be somewhere around!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I jest don't like it. I don't like it one bit."
He stands up and walks over to the tent you indicated.
"Ye said there was a dog alive in here?"
There's a challenging bark from inside the tent.
"Mebbe, but why not jest drive them off? Ain't nothing to gain from slaughter, especially when ye just leave their stuff to rot."
He groans and rubs his temples.
"We roll this thing 'round and 'round, but it still don't make sense."
The spirit almost seems to sigh as it projects…
figures moving. stripes of red. slow. peaceful. then…
more figures appear. stripes of green. fire. Bad! Fire BAD! Fire and smoke everywhere!
A large figure emerges from within. Glowing red. he yells, charges…
Fire. Smoke. Pain.
The large red still moves. Stripes of red are still. green stripes hold him down.
Pain. red pours from him. red lines cross him. green stripes pull at lines, stretching, growing… lines are bars of red. Now stripes. Now all red.
He screams. green stake the red lines down. push into him.
the screams stop. Large red struggles as they pull clump of red from him and hold it to big Blue Above. Red drips from clump. Clump beats in green-stripe's grip.
Big red struggles less and less. soon, green stripes gone. Big red still struggles. much time. All quiet.
Finally, Big red moves no more.

You can't seem to find her anywhere! Where could she be…
Looking skyward in frustration, you find what you seek; a pegasus mare snoring softly on a cloud above the town.


Look at it.
"Yes. You can come out, dog."


Well, that's just…
Clear my throat.
"Ahem… EXCUSE ME!"


….I understand it.

How many, stripes of green?


She grumbles something you can't hear and rolls over, waving a hoof dismissively at you.
A fuzzy snout cautiously peeks out of the tent, making Boon chuckle as he kneels down.
"Easy there tiger, we ain't gonna hurt ye."
The dog seems uneasy at first, but doesn't resist as Boon begins scratching behind it's ears.
"Ye did a good job patching him up, ma'am. He'll be fit as a fiddle in no time."
Many. More than all Red Stripes by many tents.
You see many green stripes, two for every red. Red stripes big, small, slow and fast. Green stripes all big, all fast. Come from everywhere at once. Bring fire. Burning fire!


Finish off the wounded jackal 1. Impale him through my sword.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Can I grab the cloud with telekinesis?
If so, pull it closer to the ground.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Where did they go after?


"I think so too. But he will not survive on his own in jungle, I think."


South. Take nothing with them. Leave tents. Leave dead. Leave everything.
You sure can. In fact, the cloud moves faster than she does, making her yelp as she suddenly freefalls several feet back onto her cloud.
"A-right, a-right, Ah'm up!" She glares at you.
"Whut do ye need?"
"Well then, we can't just leave him here, now can we?"
The dog is now on his back, tail thumping furiously as Boon rubs his belly.
"Got any ideas who would want him?"

Roll #1 4, 10 = 14


"I don't know, sir."


Drop the connection.
"Boon! I got something!"
Rush to him.


"As much as we all love naps, don't you have a job to do?"


Also, in which direction are the ruins we are headed for?


In your haste to finish him off, you forgot about the other jackal. You are forced back as you take several hits, allowing the jackal to raise to his feet.

Blaze takes solid hit but stays standing. The militiapony scores a devastating hit on one of the jackals, sending it sprawling to the ground.

Jackal 1: 6/2 Blind lasts 2 more turns
Jackal 2: 6/3 Blind lasts 2 more turns
Jackal 3: 4/3 Blind lasts 2 more turns
Jackal 4: Helpless/2 Blind lasts 2 more turns

Justicia: 1/5
>Blaze: 4/6
>Militiapony: 4/5


Finish that downed Jackal 4!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


When Boon stops petting him, the dog wanders up to you and sits down, staring up at you with his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging.
"Looks like he's got an idea," Boon chuckles, before he's interrupted by Julia.
"What is it, sweetheart? Trouble?"
The ruins you were headed for are west-southwest from here.
"Yeah, except all the scouting parties have already been assigned, and ah ain't headed out fer serv'ral hours!"
She groans and flops back on her cloud.
"Why ye meddlin' in mah business, missy?"

Roll #1 1, 5 = 6


You score a hit on it, injuring it badly! It's almost dead now…

Unfortunately, the darkness finally disoriented Blaze. You hear him scream as a the second jackal pounces on his back and starts tearing away at him. The other militiaman is getting pushed back too.

Jackal 1: 6/2 Blind lasts 1 more turns
Jackal 2: 6/3 Blind lasts 1 more turns
Jackal 3: 4/3 Blind lasts 1 more turns
Jackal 4: Helpless/1 Blind lasts 1 more turns

Justicia: 1/5
>Blaze: helpless/4
>Militiapony: 2/5


"I need you to reassing one of the scouting pairs to new partners."


Attack jackal 2 that is attacking blaze! Let my blade strike true!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"Most likely, yes.
Whoever attacked this place?
They are going south."


Tilt my head sideways as I stare at the dog.


She rolls back over and gives you a bored glare.
"…No. Go play favorites with yer own lackeys."
With that, she rolls back over and curls up.
He adopts a thoughtful expression, then starts examining the tracks on the ground.
"…I think yer right. Lot of them too; easily fifty in number, if not more."
He bounces, tapping first one paw then the other on the ground, and gives a strange growl that first drops then rises in tone.
His tail is still wagging as he pants at you.

Roll #1 4, 4 = 8


"And they all have that weapon.
But it's not the biggest thing I've learnt about.
You. Will not. Believe it."


Shake her with my TK.
"It is not about playing favourites, it is a safety measure!"


What is he trying to say? Animal mastery

Roll #1 10 = 10


You just barely miss it. Looks like your dark sphere has dissipated. That means they can see you now. Already weak from your injuries, you topple over as one tackles you.

Blaze can't shake the dog, but manages to keep from taking further damage. The other militiapony gets knocked down as she's overwhelmed.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 6/3
Jackal 3: 4/3
Jackal 4: 6/1

Justicia: helpless/4
>Blaze: helpless/4
>Militiapony: helpless/4

Remember, you have Homing Magic.


Get up!
Send my magic missiles at jackal 3! '2d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8, 10 = 18


No they don't; it appeared most of them had more conventional weaponry. However, a decent number of them did have them.
"I got a bad feeling about this…"
She growls at you.
"Look, if ye want me tah break up one'a mah best duos, or any'o'them fer that matter, ye better have a fucken' good reason."
He… wants you to pick him up.


Roll #1 8, 4 = 12


Pick him up then?


"You know the ponies here?
And the one I fell into?"
Lean closer.
"He was a sacrifice."


"Watch your language please. I have a very good reason indeed. Scouts Julia and Boon have contracted a toxic substance on one of their missions. The doctor Sweethearb has told me that this toxin affects their nervous system, and changes the way they think. They have got rid of most of it from their system, but not all. Should the toxin overcome them, they would no doubt cause harm for themselves. This is why I need each of them to be watched by someone who is not affected by this substance and can stop them in case they have a moment of weakness."


You kick the jackal off and roll to your hooves. Your first missile knocks the jackal into the air, where the second hits it in the stomach. It falls limply to the ground and doesn't move.

Blaze manages to buck off the second jackal and adopts a position on your flank. The militiapony is still down, but her armor's taking most of the damage.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 6/3
Jackal 3: dead
Jackal 4: 6/1

Justicia: 5/4
>Blaze: 7/4
>Militiapony: helpless/4

He leaps into your hooves, snuggling into you as his tail thumps against your chest. He nuzzles into you and relaxes, breathing easier.

His eyes go wide, and it takes him a minute to force a response.
"Yer shittin' me."
"Look, ah don't think ye understand what yer asking fer. Scouts don't click with jest anypony; ye gotta make sure they head out with somepony they click with. I ain't breaking up one of the best complimentry pairs ah got. If yer that concerned, ah can send a third partner with 'em, but I ain't breakin' 'em up on worries an' suspicion."


"A third partner? That works as well, but this partner should be able to be with them at most times, not just during scouting missions."


"To summon some kind of…"
Make motions with my hooves.
A monster."


"Okay, you can come with me, dog."


"Ah ain't having one'a my ponies stickin to em an' watching em fuck. Have sumpony of yer own watch em while they're in town if ye think ye have to, jest don't expect me to take the heat fer it. I'll send sumpony with em on expeditions. Nothin' else."
"…Well, shit. Looks like this just got a lot more sinister."
He groans and rubs his temples.
"As if we didn't have enough problems…"
He yips happily and licks your face.


"We do.
Because those guys might very well come from the ruins."


I'm keeping up the attack. Jackal 4, down it goes! Hack and slash.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Set him down again.
"Are you hungry, dog?"


"If you can spare a scout for their expeditions you can spare one to make sure that they are safe at all times, can you not? I do not want to lose any lives, and I am sure neither do you. We do not know how that toxin works, or if it will get stronger after an incubation peroid, but I will not take any chances. I must ask you to comply with my request."


He gives you a long, flat look.
"…I never had to deal with this shit before ye showed up."
After a moment, he flashes a grim grin.
"Can't say it ain't fun, though."
He trots between you and some bags in the tent, looking at you expectantly.
Boon looks over from his conversation with Julia.
"Ye can't jest keep calling him 'dog,' ye know. He needs a name."
"Ah can spare a scout fer expeditions because they'd still be doing their job. If ah have 'em tailing them off-duty, that's three less ponies working at making sure the shitstorm of the century ain't about ta hit.
Ye got plenty'a ponies here in town; ah got a limited number'a scouts at any time, fewer whenever one gets injured, which happens often."

Roll #1 7, 2 = 9


Stare at him, glancing at the dog momentarily.
"He is a dog."


You hit, but not as strongly as you would have liked. He's still up.
Blaze manages to nick the second jackal, but the militiapony gets torn into again.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 5/3
Jackal 3: dead
Jackal 4: 4/1

Justicia: 5/4
>Blaze: 7/4
>Militiapony: helpless/3

"An' dogs need names. Everypony knows that!"


"Fine, I will have a member of the guards watch them within the city limits."


"Welcome to my everyday's life."


That little shit!
Attack the jackal tearing onto the militiapony. Make sure she's safe.
"Come on! Get up damn you!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Why? Plants don't have names. Those boars we fought had no names. Nature does not give names. You simply are."


"Glad ah could help. Ye get ta explain why they're under armed watch to them yerself."
With that, she pulls her cloud back up into the air, then flops back down and curls up.
"Stupid city-ponies, telling me how te do mah job…"
"Well, hey, at least now ye've got my dashing good looks to take yer mind off things."
He grins and strikes a pose, trying to look attractive. '1d10'
He sighs.
"It ain't fer nature, it's fer other ponies. He ain't the only dog around; if ye name him, it's easier for other ponies to know who he is."
The dog starts trying to drag one of the bags over to you.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1, 5 = 6


"I will, do not worry. And I've heard that…"

Let's go find the captain.


"Okay. I will name him dog."
A bag? What's inside?


The jackal dodges and scores a hit on you, though it's only glancing.

Blaze yells as the first jackal jumps on his back. "Oh, not this again!"
The militiapony avoids taking more damage, but is still down.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 5/3
Jackal 3: dead
Jackal 4: 4/1

Justicia: 4/4
>Blaze: helpless/3
>Militiapony: helpless/3

Night has finished recharging.


Help her up myself then!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Moment, devilishly hot guy."


Captain Cloud Cutter looks up as you approach.
"Ah, good evening miss Magistre! Er… is everything all right?"
Long, dried strips of… something.
Dog is watching you intently, tail wagging furiously.
"Well… it ain't original, but I suppose it'll do."
Boon chuckles and shakes his head.
"Yer a simple sort, ain't ye? See things is what they is, so ye don't try to complicate it."
His grin widens.
"Is that a blush I spy?" Looks like his little show had some effect, even if it was stupid and juvenile.
"So… what do we do from here?"


Roll #1 2, 8 = 10


Oh… some sort of food for him maybe. Put the bag on my back.
"Yes. I am very simple."


"Yes, no need for alarm… I just have a request. Do you know the scouts Julia and Boon?"


You get taken down again. Blaze yells as they tear into him again.

However, the militiapony is up now, and she looks angry.
"Why can't you stupid things just leave us alone?!" '1d10'
"Best kind of pony to work with. Glad to have ye with us."
"Yes? Have they… upset you somehow?"
He looks very worried for you. Your frustration must still be showing.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 5/3
Jackal 3: dead
Jackal 4: 4/1

Justicia: Helpless/3
>Blaze: helpless/2 DANGER
>Militiapony: 5/3


Get up! NOW

Roll #1 1 = 1


Mask it, with a smile!
"No, no, they have nothing. After a chat with the doctor Sweetherb, however, I have come to the conclusion that while they are within the town's limits they must be supervised. Now, to make things clear, they have done nothing wrong, this is a measure for their safety, to make certain they do not do anything to harm themselves."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Dog is still staring at you intently, his eyes on the bag on your back.
Pretty convincing!
He seems troubled by this news.
"Alright, I can have a few ponies assigned to theim… should we try to be discreet about this, or do they already know?"

Roll #1 5, 10 = 15


"Where are the others? We should move."


"I am happy to be here too. Happy to help out."

Maybe he is hungry.
Take out one of the strips and put it on the ground.


"They do not know, so be discreet, please. And you don't have to assign more than one or two ponies for this."


Whatever the militia-pony was planning, it gets interrupted as another jackal takes her back down.
One of the jackals manages to tear into your neck, just barely missing the jugular. You're losing blood fast and can no longer get up on your own.
However, as Blaze fights to get away, a brilliant flash of light surrounds all three of you, Lifting you all back to your feet and healing some of your injuries.
The settler, wearing a conspicious Celestial necklace, looks relieved for all of three seconds before all the jackals focus on her.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 5/3
Jackal 3: dead
Jackal 4: 4/1

Justicia: 5/2 DANGER
>Blaze: 7/2 DANGER
>Militiapony: 6/3
>Celestial Priest: 4/4



"Looks like we're all here. Where we headed? To the ruins, or back to town?"
He happily wolfs the strip down, then gives you a grateful yip.
"Alright, I'll try. May I ask why this is necessary? They didn't strike me as the type to hurt themselves."


Snarl as I pounce jackal 1 and start stabbing him forcefully.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Something they have contracted on a mission. Not to worry, it does not appear to be contagius."



Roll #1 4, 3, 5 = 12


Just follow wherever the others go next then.


Being able to see them would have helped. You crash to the ground and would have been vulnerable to attack, had the priest not thrown herself in front of you. Unfortunately, she isn't nearly as armored as you.

Blaze and his fellow militiapony aren't having much luck either.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 5/3
Jackal 3: dead
Jackal 4: 4/1

Justicia: 5/2 DANGER
>Blaze: 7/2 DANGER
>Militiapony: 4/3
>Celestial Priest: Helpless/2 DANGER

"Okay. Let me know if they need to be quarantined."


Shake my head.
"Heavens no, nothing of the sorts. Please, try not to make a big deal out of this. Let's keep it low."


Help the priest up!

Roll #1 8 = 8


He looks at you for a moment, then nods.
"Alright, I'll do what I can. Also, some of the lads have been talking about the possibility of us needing Firemouth before we've got a tower built for her."
Firemouth is the name of the eight-pounder cannon that is the colony's only artillery piece.


Roll #1 6, 2 = 8




"Need it for what exactly?"


You manage to pull her out of danger just in time!

Blaze scores a glancing blow, just barely saving the militiapony from going down.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 4/3
Jackal 3: dead
Jackal 4: 4/1

Justicia: 5/2 DANGER
>Blaze: 7/2 DANGER
>Militiapony: 1/3
>Celestial Priest: 4/2 DANGER

"Well… If we get attacked en masse again, for one. a blast of miniballs can clear a group out quick. Or maybe something big will hit us. The point is, they want to know we're prepared if trouble comes knocking."
"Well, all right then, but be careful. We don't want to wake any enemies up before we're ready fer them."


"I suppose a firm tower could be built for it, but where do you suppose it would have the most strategic placement?"


Now come on! Kill number 4 already!

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 5, 2, 5 = 12


"This is why we have to find out who they are."


These jackals are tougher than they look! You all take damage, the militiapony falling to the ground.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 4/3
Jackal 4: 4/1

Justicia: 3/2 DANGER
>Blaze: 5/2 DANGER
>Militiapony: Helpless/2 DANGER
>Celestial Priest: 3/2 DANGER

"That depends on where we expect an attack from. Come, walk with me."
He gets up, then starts walking for the wall.
"Agreed. Just lay low and keep quiet."


Godsdammit. Help up the militiapony.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Follow him.
"Do elaborate. I'm probably not as good of a strategist as you are."
I'd try and read his mind, but that has proven to be dangerous.



Roll #1 8, 4, 7 = 19


"Let's get going."


The priestess focuses on her pendant, bright light once again filling you, the militiapony, and herself.

Strengthened and emboldened, you strike out at jackal 4 and cut his leg. Blaze roars as he smacks the second jackal back.

Jackal 1: 6/2
Jackal 2: 2/3
Jackal 4: 2/1

Justicia: 5/3
>Blaze: 5/2 DANGER
>Militiapony: 6/3
>Celestial Priest: 4/3

Roll 2d10 each.

He leads you up on the wall, giving you a good view of the wall.
"I'm going to point out the potential threats, so this next part will make sense. The forest-"
He points to the trees to the south.
"-is clearly dangerous, but we also have to worry about the sea. Now, Seafaring ships would come from that direction-"
He points north-west.
"-because the waters deeper there. However, if the locals have boats and are hostile, they're going to come from the river-"
"-over there. You following so far?"



Roll #1 3, 4 = 7


I nod.
"Yes, go on…"


No imminent deaths? Good, cast Night.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11



Roll #1 1, 4 = 5


"Now, we could build the tower in the center of town, but we'd have to build it higher to shoot over the walls, and that would consume most of our lumber.
Building it on the wall would leave us enough lumber to get homes built so ponies don't have to sleep in tents, but would make it difficult to shoot at threats in a certain direction.
If we build it here," He stamps his hoof, "we'd have clear shots at both the river and the forest, and I don't think we'll have to deal with ocean raiders just yet. We don't have anything for them to take.
But it's not my call, it's yours."

…I'm going to let Sion roll too. Just in case.


Roll #1 4, 4, 2 = 10


"I think we need those homes more, so the proposal of building it where it can oversee everything but the ocean sounds good. Maybe as time passes we might be able to acquire another cannon to protect ourselves from such threats too."


I don't know what for but here's mine '2d10'

Roll #1 10, 6 = 16


The shadows rise and swirl through the area, chilling you all with an invisible breeze. It's pitch-black, so dark that a pony wouldn't be able to see the hoof in front of their face.
That's not a problem for you. This is where you thrive.

You and npcs do not take counterattack damage except on critfails. +2 to all of your rolls, -1 to all of their rolls.

Jackal 1: 6/2 Blinded for 5 turns
Jackal 2: 2/3 Blinded for 5 turns
Jackal 4: 2/1 Blinded for 5 turns

Justicia: 5/3
>Blaze: 5/2 DANGER Blinded for 5 turns
>Militiapony: 6/3 Blinded for 5 turns
>Celestial Priest: 4/3 Blinded for 5 turns


I'm going to slaughter these cunts and no one is going to see me do it.

Good. Jackal 4, go for him first. He's been surviving my attacks for too long. Ram my blade through its head.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Good thing Figworth had his eyes open- otherwise you might have walked right into a group of ponies!
"Shit," Boon hisses quietly as you all take cover.
Luckily, they don't seem to have spotted you yet.
He smiles and nods.
"Glad I could help, ma'am. We'll get started as soon as we have the workers. If we get about twenty ponies working together, we can have the tower and several homes built by next week!"

Roll #1 4, 6, 5 - 1 = 14


Are they wearing headbands?


It must have heard your swing, because it just barely manages to dodge out of the way!

"Justicia? Where are you?" The rest of your group is stumbling blindly around, but they don't run into any jackals yet.

Jackal 1: 6/2 Blinded for 4 turns
Jackal 2: 2/3 Blinded for 4 turns
Jackal 4: 2/1 Blinded for 4 turns

Justicia: 5/3
>Blaze: 5/2 DANGER Blinded for 4 turns
>Militiapony: 6/3 Blinded for 4 turns
>Celestial Priest: 4/3 Blinded for 4 turns


Roll perception.


Holy jacuzzi.
What do they look like?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I smile back.
"That would be splendid! I just love how we progress! This colony will soon shape to be just like any one you can find back in Equestria, and more!"



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Don't worry, I'm fine."
That little cunt. Grab him and snap his neck.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Indeed. It almost worries me, wondering what will happen when things start going wrong…"

They look… surprisingly normal. Some of them have makeshift armor, bows and arrows, a few swords, and there's even a griffon carrying a long tubish block that Julia recognizes as bearing striking similarity to her blaster.
In fact, the only thing that marks them as natives is the dark blue headbands they all wear.



Roll #1 1, 8, 7 = 16


"No, not when, if.
Let's be optimistic."


You snap his head clean off, then crush it into a mushy little pile of goo. Talk about overkill.

Blaze's scream gets cut short as the remaining jackals find him and take him down, though this lets the militiapony get a good whack in.

Jackal 1: 6/2 Blinded for 3 turns
Jackal 2: Helpless/2 Blinded for 3 turns
Jackal 4: DEAD

Justicia: 5/3
>Blaze: helpless/1 DANGER Blinded for 3 turns
>Militiapony: 6/3 Blinded for 3 turns
>Celestial Priest: 4/3 Blinded for 3 turns


That's another tribe I guess.
They're probably not going to be friendly though.


Grrrr. Help up Blaze.
"Come on! Up!"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Stop the others and watch this group pass.


"Ma'am, a rather famous fellow once said that anything that can go wrong, will. I've had a lot of successes because I bet on that rule being true and it paid off."
"Jest stay down," Boon hisses.
They certainly look nervous and jumpy, but they're headed away from you. If you wait, they'll probably just leave without knowing you're there.


Roll #1 4, 2, 7 = 13



Let them pass.


"Of course I am not saying we should not be prepared to the worst, but we shouldn't live our lives expecting it to happen."


He's up, but he's shaky on his hooves.

the rest keep stumbling around, the militiapony tripping and falling on her weapon.

Jackal 1: 6/2 Blinded for 2turns
Jackal 2: 6/2 Blinded for 2 turns
Jackal 4: DEAD

Justicia: 5/3
>Blaze: 7/1 CRITICAL Blinded for 2 turns
>Militiapony: helpless/2 DANGER Blinded for 2 turns
>Celestial Priest: 4/3 Blinded for2turns


Attack Jackal 1! On the double! Slash him up!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, eh?"
He chuckles.
"Got to admit, you run a pretty tight ship here. Everything keeps going smoothly when you're around."
Eventually, they dissappear into the forest, and you continue on your way.
The ruins are just up ahead.



Roll #1 10, 5, 3 = 18


Let out a sigh of relief and share a look with Boon.
Let's walk forwards.


"Well… I do try my best. Nothing makes me more glad than knowing that the ponies here are safe and happy."



Blaze knocks the last one down, but your spell is about to end!

Jackal 1: DEAD
Jackal 2: helpless/1 Blinded for 1 turns
Jackal 4: DEAD

Justicia: 5/3
>Blaze: 7/1 CRITICAL Blinded for 1 turns
>Militiapony: helpless/2 DANGER Blinded for 1 turns
>Celestial Priest: 4/3 Blinded for 1 turns


Just cut its throat open and finish this.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11



Unfortunately, that's not all of them; looks like Askeladd needs your help!



"You three, stay back and heal up! You've done enough!"
Homing magic.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Exploration Party
You've arrived at the ruins, but thick brush is obscuring your vision. Boon signals for you all to keep low and makes a shushing motion.


You've just finished deciding on where to build the cannon tower when you see Twitchy headed your way, dragging a protesting earth pony behind him.


Twitchy? Remind me who that is again?
Anyway, investigate what that is all about.


Look for signs of trouble '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Climb a tree and scan around.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Just wait and stand still.


Twitchy is the wiry pegasus in charge of provisions and supplies for the town.
He looks up with a furious expression as you approach.
"Miss Magistre, thank goodness! I caught this no-good layabout trying to steal from Storage!"
The branches and leaves are too thick for you to get a good view.
You notice some very large tracks on the ground. There's a lot of them heading to and from the ruins, though all of them seem rather old.
Dog seems nervous, his ears pinned back and hackles raised. Surprisingly, he doesn't growl; he must have been trained to keep quiet or something.


"Something has been here, some time ago."


"Is that so?"
Narrow my eyes.
"That is certainly not something I will tolerate!"
Turn to this pony.
"You, explain yourself!"


"Probably the same guys who attacked the savages."


What a coincidence, I've been trained to keep quiet too.


"Been here recently, too," Boon remarks, crouched down next to a fresh set of tracks.
"Big fella. Lots of gouge marks; must have claws like kitchen knives."
"If this thing talks, well and good, but I ain't betting on it," Boon retorts.
"Hey, girl" Boon calls to you, "Ye seem pretty good with nature! Ever seen tracks like these before?"
"I wasn't stealing!" he protests, trying to stand up.
"I forgot my tools in the Storage building, but it was locked up when I got back! That's the truth, honest!"
"Poppycock," Twitchy snorts. "You're a thief and a vagrant, and I will not stand for such actions. Magistre, please assign this ne'er-do-well his punishment."


Mind Read Poppycock.
"Poppycock, why did you not find somepony with the aproppriate acces when that happened?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Have I?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Boon… Bring the others back. Tell the mayor what's going on."


His eyes widen as your magic link connects backwards.
"W-what are you doing in my head? What am I doing in your head? Oh Celestia, you're going to lobotomize me!"
He throws himself at your hooves. "Please don't lobotomize me, ma'am! I swear I'll be good, swear it on my mothers grave!"
He can now read your thoughts.
If you didn't know any better, you'd say these were badger tracks. However, they're easily ten times larger than any badger tracks you've ever seen before.
"No can do, sweetheart," he shakes his head solemnly. "We're partners, ye and I. Whatever trouble is up ahead, we face it together."


"It's a big badger."


"That's a….really, really big badger."




Boon chuckles. "Badgers get pretty big, but I don't think…" He frowns, then starts examining the tracks again.
"…Hooh boy. This is gonna be a right fun old time, isn't it?"


Damnit! Stop it! I swear to all things holy in this word you speak one word about this to anyone I will fry your brain with such magical power that you will be drooling for the rest of your life!
"Come clean then, did you or did you not steal from the storage?"
I will know if you did and you will be even bigger trouble! Gosh, how does this keep happening all the damn time? I should have paid attention during magic classes but I had better things to pay attention to at the time…


"Boon… Remember the huge Squirrels?"


You manage to cut the link, but not before every last one of those "better things to do" has crossed your mind and entered his.
"I didn't do it, I swear! I was just grabbing my tools, that's all! Please don't murderfy me, I'm too young to die!"
His wailing is starting to draw a crowd…
"Exactly why I ain't leaving ye behind. We made it through that cause we worked together."


"Get up.
Stop making a scene."
Look at Twitchy.
"Have you checked him for stolen goods yet?"


"Okay, okay, but let's calm down. Maybe we can avoid this!
Let's get closer to the place."


It takes Twitchy a moment to compose himself.
"No. Caught him before he could take anything, brought him straight here."
Poppycock does not get up; if anything, he starts yelling louder. The crowd is starting to buzz with hushed murmurs.
"Maker knows I hope yer right," Boon mutters.
"Okay, everybody stay low, stay quiet, and if ye see a big burrow, fer pete's sake don't get anywhere near it."


Smile softly at him, just for a moment.
Then lay low and creep towards the ruins.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I nod. I really hope the Captain is still around, because I will need his help.
Turn to the crowd.
"There is nothing to see here! Please move along and return to your work! There is a slight issue and a possible misunderstanding, but it will get sorted out!"


Stick close to the catbutt.


You approach the ruins stealthily, using the stalking techniques of your ancestors to avoid making any noise. Boon keeps pace with you, staying just as silent despite his having hooves.
Finally the ruins come into sight.
Roll for how much you notice.
It is a very firm, toned catbutt, her tail constantly lashing about and giving her no modesty whatsoever.
They do not dispurse; in fact the murmuring grows louder as Poppycock continues.
Captain Cutter forces his way through to you.
"Pardon my language, ma'am, but what the hell is going on here?"


'1d10' for noticing

Roll #1 3 = 3


How observant am I, really?

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 2 = 2


Sigh and facehoof.
"I will tell you soon, just, please, could you disperse this crowd?"
Turn to Poppycock again.
"Cease that wailing and stand up before, you're only making this worse for yourself!"


You notice that the ruins are big. They are also pretty thickly covered in moss and vegetation.
Catbutt is still in the way. Unless you were examining the catbutt, in which case you can see everything.

The captain sighs. "I'll do my best, but you've got to get him to quiet down!"
He heads off and starts trying to get the crowd to disperse.
Roll perception.



Roll #1 8 = 8


Very carefully, scan the plants.
I don't wanna run into that again.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Try not to stare for once.

"Is everything ok?"


"Just… Watch out for the plants."


"They are very pretty."


"Not like that."
Flash a deathglare to her.


You catch a sly smirk on Poppycock's face before he resumes his wailing.
He's doing this on purpose!
Oh… oh Maker…
There are vines everywhere, EVERYWHERE, and oh jeebus you just know they're waiting for you to get close enough-
As you lean forward, the ground crumbles underneath you, and you tumble head over heels into the darkness.
There! Catbutt is gone!
…where did she go?


I wince under her glare and hang my head submissively.


Narrow my eyes.
"You will stop yelling at once and confess what you did."
A Word In Your Ear.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Wait I have so much more to live for!
Flap out of here!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Your wings feel sluggish as they fight against some strange weight. You feel something land on your head, your back, moving beneath your claws…
Boon charges in with Bessie leveled and horn blazing with a light spell. What you see makes you regret it.
Cockroaches. Enormous cockroaches as big as your head cover the walls, floor, and ceiling of whatever room you fell into, piled several bodies high. You can feel them clinging to your stomach, chest, legs, wings….
Your vision is suddenly filled with a squished visage of and feelers attached to a long, flat body, mandibles flicking as the giant cockroach chirps curiously at you.
He sits up ramrod straight.
"I never forgot my tools in the storage. That was just an excuse in case I got caught. I was really trying to grab some extra preserved food in case we ever had a food shortage.
When you caught me, I realized I could discredit you and get off scot-free if I managed to draw a big enough crowd. Once they heard how you're able to read minds, nopony would trust you anymore and they'd all forget about me stealing food."
He blinks, then slams his hooves over his mouth.


Raise a brow.
"Then again, who would believe a liar and a thief? Captain Cutter! Arrest this pony!"


Shut my beak first of all, and flap harder!

Roll #1 9 = 9


I should help.
Flap my wings and fly into the room as well.
"Many insects."


The crowd is still there, but now all eyes are on Poppycock as Cutter slaps him in chains.
"I'll take him in front of the townhouse so you can pronounce judgement on him."
Beak's shut.
You manage to knock the ones on your wings off and take off, almost knocking your head on the ceiling. The cockroach on your head chitters angrily as it digs its claws in to keep from being shaken off. More are still clinging to your back, stomach, and chest.
Boon looks at Julia indecisively, wanting to help her but not sure how.
"So… what do we do now?"


Pop that motherfucker out!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"They don't look poisonous."


"How fast do you think a carpenter can make some stocks? Letting everypony see him in one and know what he has done will be more than enough, I am sure."


No, it does not take long at all. Soon there's a new set of stocks set up in front of the Townhouse, their hasty construction meaning their occupant is probably going to get several splinters before he's released. The rest of the townsfolk gather to laugh and jeer at him, even tossing a few mudballs at him.
"Nicely handled," Twitchy remarks, with a hint of respect. "Got a bit dicey for a bit, but very efficient nonetheless."
"Then what's wrong with Julia?"
You pop him good, crushing him with a satisfying crack and rumble.
Wait… rumble?
You realize too late that you popped it against something you shouldn't have as the passage you entered by collapses behind you, trapping everyone inside.


"I hope this shall discourage everyone else from trying to commit any sort of crimes. I also hope he managed to learn something about this, no matter how thick his skull is."


Massive roaches…
Keep shredding them off like a madcatz!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"She seems angry."


"One can hope," he sighs, though he doesn't sound very optimistic.
"However, this does raise the question of what our standard judicial process should be. This case was obvious, but how shall we handle further incidents?"
They're too fast, scittering and hissing everywhere but where your claws fall!
"Julia!" Boon shouts. "Julia, what's wrong!?"
"I can see that! Maybe ye can convince the slippery fellas to skedaddle?"


How can he not see!
Shout, before yelling in desperation!
Keep flailing around!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Flutter above them.
"You should skedaddle please."
Animal mastery.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Once the guard barracks are complete, they could use a cell or two. I don't know who we should nominate to be the judge, however."


You've got them all off of you, even managing to crush a few, but there's so many left!
Maybe your magitek gun would be faster?
They hiss confusedly at you. Why would they leave? It's comfortable here!
"I suppose until somepony is selected, you will have to fulfill that duty," he sighs.
"I understand why you say to build cells… but personally I believe public humiliation like this to be far more effective."


"I know, but it could also be demoralizing after a while. Sometimes it is better for the criminals not to be seen."


"The gryphon is very angry. You should go."

Roll #1 10 = 10


They take one look at the rampaging ball of screaming fury and decide that this room is hazardous to their health. Within moments, they have all skittered down the hallway and out of sight.
"If you say so. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be off to replace the locks on the warehouse."
He flaps away, muttering about figures and no-good thieves.


And let out a sight.
Let's get back to my office.


Don't use cannons to shoot flies.
And rifles are terrible in CQC.


Geneva looks up as you enter.
"When I saw a crowd forming outside, I started getting worried. I don't much fancy the idea of getting run out of town, especially considering where we are."
It's a blaster; essentially a pistol.
And when you're having a panic attack you don't think straight.
Yup, roach-free. Unfortunately, you're all now trapped in here, with Boon's horn providing the only source of light.


Gasp and look around, still running claws through my fur.


Plop down in my chair.
"Why on earth would we get run out of town?"


"That's what I was wondering. All I know is that a crowd outside the place I work is usually bad news. What exactly happened out there?"
Boon starts reaching for you, then stops and jerks his hoof back.
"Julia… ye alright, sweetheart? Come on girl, talk to me."


"A thief was caught and tried to make a scene."


Were huge."


"Yes. Many huge things here, like badger."


"The Roaches!"
Look at her in horror.


"…I take it ye don't care for roaches."
He pulls out a torch and lights it, handing it to you.
"I can't keep this spell up forever, and we need to find another way out of here."
"I assume they have been dealt with?"
"Do ye think it's something in the water?" Boon remarks, only half-jokingly.


"And… Did you make them leave?"


"He, single, and yes, we have a stocks now."



"Yes. Boon asked me to."


She quirks an eyebrow at that.
"If I may say so, I didn't take you for that kind of mare."
Boon looks around. "Well… at least it looks like we're inside those ruins. These walls were built. Haven't been repaired in some time, though."


Raise an eyebrow in return.
"What kind of mare?"


"Let's just…
Find the main entrance. As a waypoint."
"They felt… Huge. Everywhere."


"They were the biggest cockroaches I have ever seen."


Nod, in a mix between embarassment and fear.


Justicia & Askeladd

Justicia just finished clearing out one group, but there's another one coming in, and now you're down two militia as they recover from their injuries.
Justicia has just joined Askeladd and the militia still standing to help repel this second attack. Though injured, Blaze has managed to limp his way over to you and join the defense.
Askeladd used his Sentry to sharpen. +1 to all his rolls.
Justicia has a single use of Healing Bonds in her Spellcatcher.

Jackal 1: 6/3
Jackal 2: 6/3
Jackal 3: 6/3
Jackal 4: 6/3
Jackal 5: 6/3
Jackal 6: 6/3

Askeladd: 7/5
Justicia: 5/5
>Blaze: 7/3
>Makeshift Militia 1: 6/5
>Makeshift Militia 2: 6/5
>Makeshift Militia 3: 6/5



"The kind to enjoy, well…"
She blinks, her mouth opening in an "Oh" before blushing.
"Oh, you mean as a form of correctional punishment! Of course, that's a… interesting discipline method, but certainly effective."


I still have my blade sharpened right?
Now lets go and attack Jackal 1!

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Set up homing Magic.

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 7, 8, 6, 2 = 23


Yes, it's sharpened.
There's a resounding crack as the jackal reels and starts limping badly.
In a flurry of arcane power, you summon five orbs of energy to fight with. Several of the settlers and militia ooh at this impressive display of magical prowess.
"Dang, Justicia," Blaze breathes, "You're just one surprise after another."
Blaze teams up with two other militiaponies to drive two of the jackals back, scoring several hits in the process while only one of them suffers a glancing blow. The last militiapony takes a hard hit but stays up.

Jackal 1: 1/3
Jackal 2: 6/3
Jackal 3: 5/3
Jackal 4: 4/3
Jackal 5: 6/3
Jackal 6: 6/3

Askeladd: 7/5
Justicia: 5/5
>Blaze: 7/3
>Makeshift Militia 1: 6/5
>Makeshift Militia 2: 6/5
>Makeshift Militia 3: 1/5


Now lets finish that Jackal!

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Night, lights off.

Send my magic balls at Jackal 3 '5d10'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 1, 4, 8, 8, 7 = 28



Roll #1 6, 6, 2, 2 = 16


Roll my eyes, but chuckle.
"Not even if he was the last stallion on this continent… But at least you brigthened my day after all that hastle, Geneva. Thank you."
Smile at her.


Oops. You took a pretty big hit from one of the other jackals. Lucky you're so big, or that might have taken you down!
The darkness isn't as thick this time, and it probably won't last long. Multitasking is hard on a unicorn's horn, after all!
Three of the orbs strike home, one flies off and hits a tree, while the last explodes in front of you!
You brace yourself for the hit, but it never comes as Blaze throws himself in front of you and takes the blast with his heavy armor.
Blaze is using Protect on you. Lasts all of next turn.
The militia are getting hard-pressed, as one goes down and another takes a hard hit.
Night lasts 1 more turn. +1 to Justicia's rolls, dc and counterattack thresholds are 1 dc higher and lower, respectively.
Jackal 1: 1/3
Jackal 2: 6/3
Jackal 3: helpless/1
Jackal 4: 4/3
Jackal 5: 6/3
Jackal 6: 6/3

Askeladd: 2/5
Justicia: 5/5 Protected
>Blaze: 7/3 Protect lasts 1 more turn
>Makeshift Militia 1: 5/5
>Makeshift Militia 2: 1/5
>Makeshift Militia 3: Helpless/4

"Always a pleasure to help, ma'am. Though, now that you bring it up… Any of the stallions in the colony catch your eye recently?"


"Of course, I try to take time to make sure all the ponies here are both happy and healthy!"
Totally oblivious here!


Ouch, that sucks!
"Go get them boys! Scare them away!" I call out to the others."
Go help Militia 3 and cover him, attack the Jackal that is attacking him!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Stab Jackal 3 to death!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


She giggles. "Now that would do wonders for your voting campaign…
Nevermind, I was just… thinking out loud. So, what's next on your schedule?"



Roll #1 5, 10, 4, 4 = 23


Tilt my head.
"Well of course, I think keeping everyone content does help with your popularity.
On that note, if I did not officially put you in charge of my schedule yet, I will do that now."


It manages to scoot away, while Blaze takes more blows.
You only get +3 when you use slam, but since you basic-attacked last turn I'll assume you Slammed this turn.
You knock the jackal to the ground!
Despite the darkness, one of the militia lands a devastating blow on one of the jackals, causing it to collapse! However, one of them goes down.
Jackal 1: 1/3
Jackal 2: 6/3
Jackal 3: helpless/1
Jackal 4: helpless/2
Jackal 5: 6/3
Jackal 6: Helpless/1

Askeladd: 2/5
Justicia: 5/5 Protected
>Blaze: 7/3 Protect ends
>Makeshift Militia 1: 5/5
>Makeshift Militia 2: Helpless/4
>Makeshift Militia 3: Helpless/4
Blaze goes helpless as Protect ends. Night ends, the field returning to it's well-lit state.

"Very well then." She jots a few things down.
"Now, there have been some calls to increase the number of militia being trained."


"Trouble with wildlife?"
Pout a bit.
"That will slow down our workforce, but safety comes first."


Put them down! Go attack the other one that put down militia 2 and protect him

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13



Roll #1 2, 6, 4, 8 = 20


"Understandable. Having more ponies armed will make the rest feel safer.
Also, there's the matter of training. The guards have been giving lessons on the basics, but several are complaining that the training isn't enough."


Again! Finish jackal 3!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Did they suggest anything?"


You used slam last turn, so that was a basic attack. 11 is still enough to do the job, though.
Yet another jackal down!
Nope, it managed to get away. You get hit for your trouble.
The militia is having a hard time of it, but Militia 4 manages to pick himself back up. Unfortunately, so does one of the jackals.
Jackal 1: 1/3
Jackal 2: 6/3
Jackal 3: 6/1
Jackal 4: helpless/2
Jackal 5: Helpless/2
Jackal 6: Helpless/1

Askeladd: 2/5
Justicia: 3/5
>Blaze: Helpless/2 DANGER
>Makeshift Militia 1: 3/5
>Makeshift Militia 2: Helpless/4
>Makeshift Militia 3: 6/4

"Some more intensive training with the experienced guards. However, the guard force is spread thin as it is, so they'd only be able to devote one or two guards to such training at a time."


Little cunts…
Help up Blaze!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"One or two guards at a time to assure the militia can handle themselves better will pay off in the long run."


Protect Blaze and stop any jackal that may tackle them!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12



Roll #1 3, 2, 6, 7 = 18


You fumble around and accidentally stab him! He collapses, groaning weakly. He's not moving without help or healing.
You finish off one of the jackals as it tries to take advantage of the opportunity. All the rest back off as their comrade gets skewered.
one goes down, but another gets up while the third finishes off another jackal.
Jackal 1: 1/3
Jackal 2: 6/3
Jackal 3: DEAD
Jackal 4: helpless/2
Jackal 5: Helpless/2
Jackal 6: DEAD

Askeladd: 2/5
Justicia: 5/5
>Blaze: Helpless/1 CRITICAL DANGER
>Makeshift Militia 1: Helpless/4
>Makeshift Militia 2: 6/4
>Makeshift Militia 3: 6/4

"I agree. I would recommend Justicia and Askeladd, as they have the most experience dealing with the local wildlife."


"Justicia! Blaze!" I look at them and groan at their condition.

Now lets drive off the one that looks strong enough to resist!
Attack Jackal 2

Roll #1 6 = 6


Grab him and pull him back up!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I see. Let us hope the blindness of Justicia will not hold her back from training others."



Roll #1 7, 8, 3 = 18


Sharpen means you still get +1.
It yelps as you cut into it, leaving a sizeable gash.
Careful, you might make his injuries worse at this rate!
"Ignore me…" He wheezes, coughing up something that doesn't sound healthy. "…I signed up for this… now protect the workers!"
Remember, Spellcatcher has 1 charge of Healing Bonds right now.
The militia rallies, one getting to his hooves as another scores a good hit on one of the jackals. The other jackal struggles to it's feet and swipes at the third militiapony.
Jackal 1: 1/3
Jackal 2: 4/3
Jackal 3: DEAD
Jackal 4: helpless/1
Jackal 5: 6/2
Jackal 6: DEAD

Askeladd: 2/5
Justicia: 5/5
>Blaze: Helpless/1 CRITICAL DANGER
>Makeshift Militia 1: 6/4
>Makeshift Militia 2: 6/4
>Makeshift Militia 3: 2/4

"It doesn't seem to slow her down at all. Besides, getting beat up by a cripple is great incentive to try and improve your combat skills, if you ask me."


Also, Justicia took damage.

Justicia: 4/5


"Still not going away you bastards! Shooo! Leave us be!!" I shouted to the jackals and attack Jackal 2.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Oh right!

Healing Bonds on Askeladd, Blaze and Militia 3.

Roll #1 2 = 2




Roll #1 10, 4, 3, 3 = 20


Frown a bit.
"Please don't call her that."


Well, shit. The spellcatcher must be malfunctioning from disuse, because the spell backfires and knocks you helpless!
You catch the jackal as it makes a lunge, impaling it's entire body on your halberd. It struggles and whimpers, then goes still.
Seeing Justicia in trouble does something to Blaze. Slowly, painfully, he defies all expectations by struggling to his hooves, standing tall, if shakily, between Justicia and the jackals.
"Not… out… just yet…"
The rest of the militia is so awestruck that they stop paying attention for a second and get swarmed.
Jackal 1: 1/3
Jackal 2: DEAD
Jackal 4: 6/1
Jackal 5: 6/2

Askeladd: 2/5
Justicia: Helpless/4
>Makeshift Militia 1: 3/4
>Makeshift Militia 2: 2/4
>Makeshift Militia 3: Helpless/3

"Call her what?"


Up up up I go!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"A cripple!"


Ah by the rocks, go to Justicia's aid and help her up.
"Now is not the time to rest! Up you go!"
Help her up.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Oh. I'm sorry, what's the correct term? Disabled? I didn't mean to be offensive!"

Roll #1 10, 5, 10, 5 = 30


Nope, it's too painful to do on your own…
…And then there's a paw wrapped around your hoof, pulling you back up.
She's back on her feet.
Blaze roars and slams a jackal against a tree in a burst of strength, making it collapse and whimper pitifully. Another militiapony tears into a jackal, making it start limping.
Jackal 1: helpless/1
Jackal 2: DEAD
Jackal 4: 6/1
Jackal 5: 1/2

Askeladd: 2/5
Justicia: 5/4
>Makeshift Militia 1: 1/4
>Makeshift Militia 2: 2/4
>Makeshift Militia 3: Helpless/3


"Thanks, whoever that was!"
Jam my blade through jackal's 1 skull to finish him!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Or handicapped. I know you didn't mean it, but I do not want her to think we mean offense to her."


"Dont think about it, just drive them away." I nod at Justicia.

Go and approach Blaze.
"Blaze cease that attack of yours and go to the back!" I yelled at him.
Now lets go attack Jackal no.4

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4



Roll #1 1, 7, 7, 2 = 17


You distract Blaze long enough to get you both jumped! Blaze is still standing, but he won't be for long. You, however, are on the ground!
It isn't pretty, but it gets the job done as it stops moving.
The militia knock another jackal down and wound another, but the one down gets bit.
Jackal 1: DEAD
Jackal 2: DEAD
Jackal 4: 5/1
Jackal 5: helpless/1

Askeladd: helpless/4
Justicia: 5/4
>Makeshift Militia 1: 1/4
>Makeshift Militia 2: 2/4
>Makeshift Militia 3: Helpless/2 DANGER

"Of course. It would be like talking about Doctor Sweetherb's condition."


Jackal 5, kill it! Kill it kill it kill it!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I shout at Blaze
"Just stand in the back! Go!"
Stand up

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 8, 6, 4, 10 = 28


Raise an eyebrow.


"…M'not a coward!" he pants.
You're up.
the last jackal still on it's feet jumps to defend it's packmate, clawing at your legs.
Blaze knocks the jackal away before it can do more damage, while his comrade pulls herself to her hooves. The other militiaponies trip over each other and go down.
Jackal 1: DEAD
Jackal 2: DEAD
Jackal 4: 3/1
Jackal 5: helpless/1

Askeladd: 7/4
Justicia: 2/4
>Makeshift Militia 1: Helpless/3
>Makeshift Militia 2: Helpless/3
>Makeshift Militia 3: 6/2 DANGER

"…You didn't notice? How many buffalo have you known before?"


"Get fucked, nature!"
Finish off Jackal 5! He just needs a single hit!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Tripping over each other, that is something you dont see everyday. I grin
Now lets put Jackal 4 out of comission

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


You trip and land on top of the jackal, mashing your hips into it's crotch.
It's snarl shifts into a look of befuddlement at it's new predicament.
"Uuur?" it goes as it looks up at you questioningly.
You don't know whether the fact that it's female makes this better or worse.
The sight of Justicia getting busy with one of the jackals distracts you long enough for the other to score a glancing hit, but the jackal seems distracted too.

The militia just stares, not taking any actions this turn as they wait for this bizarre scene to play out.
Jackal 4: 3/1
Jackal 5: helpless/1

Askeladd: 6/4
Justicia: Helpless/3
>Makeshift Militia 1: Helpless/3
>Makeshift Militia 2: Helpless/3
>Makeshift Militia 3: 6/2 DANGER


Okay… that is something.
Focus! Hit this jackal and fight it off!

Roll #1 6 = 6


I frown and kick it to get momentum to get back onto my hooves.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Not a single one, to be honest."


You forgot to make sure you actually had some footing under you, and instead end up grinding into the she-jackal.
She whines and starts panting, her tongue lolling out as she grinds back into you.
Several of the males in both the militia and in the workers are starting to react rather… obviously to this strangely erotic scene.
You manage to tear yourself away long enough to get a light tap on the jackal. However, it no longer seems intent on attacking you or the settlers, staring at Justicia and the she-jackal.

Jackal 4: 2/1
Jackal 5: helpless/1

Askeladd: 6/4
Justicia: Helpless/3

"Oh, that explains it. Well… most buffalo are significantly larger than ponies, but I believe you've noticed that Sweetherb is pony-sized?"


"You disgusting little rat! I'll drench this damned forest with your blood!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yes… and is that a bad thing?"


I frown at the sight…. and gulp.
Oh whatever, just knock out this jackal that I am fighting

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


It squeaks as one last thrust pushes you back up.
Pulling itself up on shaky legs, it casts one unreadable look back at you with ears laid flat before taking off into the forest.
You finally finish it off as the last one dissappears into the forest.
On the plus side, you're no longer going to be the talk of the town for that incident last week!

"Most buffalo grow to be easily five times her size. She's a… well, one of the terms for it is "dwarf." Basically, she's never going to grow any bigger than she is right now. And with internal organs bigger than they need to be… there are certain complications that arise."


I growl and yank it back with my telekinesis!
"You're not going anywhere!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Put a hoof over my mouth.
"Oh… let us hope she will be fine. We are, after all, in need of her."


I just stare in awe.
"Well that is something." I pant and look at the other settlers.
"Anyone hurt there?" I yelled at them.


She yelps as you pull her back by her tail, spreading her legs and bending over with ears laid back submissively.
They absentmindedly shake their heads, their eyes all fixed on Justicia.
"From what I understand, it's not so much life-threatening as it is… causative of discomfort. She'll be fine health-wise."


Don't care. Finish her off.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I just scratch my head at the sight before clapping my hands.
"Alright shows over! Get your shit together and we will head out before more wolves shows up here!"


She yelps as your blade slides home, then shivers and goes still.
"J-Justicia?" Blaze approaches cautiously.
"Are… are you okay?"
There's a lot of murmuring, plus several pained grunts as the militia finally start feeling their wounds as the adrenaline wears off.


"Well, I do hope she knows that she can turn to us for support should she need any. This goes for every settler."


I also approach Justicia.
"Justicia…." I said worryingly.


Wipe the blood off of my blade.
"Yup. What about you? You took some serious hits, I noticed."



"Are you wounded? Many of us are worried for a moment when you go down." I pat her.


"A little bit beaten up, but I'll live. Don't worry."


I nod at her then whisper.
"Should we call this mission off? If we are ambushed again I worry we will not be able to protect these militia's and the settlers."


"True, but that would mean this entire day will have been wasted! All that work for nothing!"


I look at the settlers then back.
"You sound like you are still fired up for this mission, then that is good. If you are still up for this then I think I myself will not rest."




"Who, me? I'm feeling swell," Blaze says cheerily, his eyes rolling back in his head as he collapses to the ground.
He's losing blood fast.
"I'm sure she'd be glad to hear that, but she's rather reserved about it, doesn't like other ponies to know. Still, I don't know anypony who wouldn't help her if she asked."


"Alright then."

I yelled at the guards and the Settlers
"Alright time to move!"


I look at Blaze.
"Ah goddamnit, I told him to back down!"

I then shout.
"Any of you guys know how to help him!"


There's a lot of murmuring as settlers begin to crowd forward, but none step forward to help.


"Just goes to show why we must show sensitivity to each other!"


"Uh oh… I think we might want to return to the settlement."


Alright lets see, tore some parts of my dress and apply pressure…. apply first aid if I can.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I think we must" I frown at Justicia.


Askeladd's wearing a dress? That's… interesting. I had no idea he was into that.
Unfortunately, lace isn't very good at stopping the bleeding.
That seems a foregone conclusion, with the rest of the settlers already packing up their tools and gear.
Blaze's breathing is getting shallower…


Pick him up then.
"Let's go people! On the double!"


I mean shirt.
Lets go at it again and grab more shirt/clothing or whatever and try to stop the wound. I then look at the other militia's.
"Come on you bastards! Help me in here in stopping the wound!"
First aid
>rng pls

Roll #1 7 = 7


You manage to patch up enough of the bleeding to make sure he survives the trip back and load him up on Justicia's back. The rest of the settlers are ready to move out as well.
"Of course, ma'am. Also, we've recieved some noise complaints about the resident mage Sticksen Stones."


Now get back home.


Nice that will do, I will have to hit this bastard in the head for not following orders.
"Alright then, Stick together and do not get lost or something okay!"


Roll for how uneventful the return trip is.


"Did you? What kind of noise complaints?"



Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh boy…

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Strange smoke, 'spooky noises,' hissing, and even one report of demonic laugher." She looks further down the last paper and frowns. "Though I wouldn't put much stock in the last one. The mare who submitted it has also put in complaints about the trees spying on her, the grass in Ambrosia's garden trying to eat her, and 'evil humors' giving her an enormous zit on her nose." She snorts. "It's actually not very noticeable, but she doesn't seem to care."
The group is making good headway, when suddenly you stumble right into another group of ponies!


Huh? Another group from our settlement?


Roll perception.


I look at the group a bit confused.
"Hey! Where are you going? Didnt hear a new group would go this way."



Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 2 = 2


These are definitely not settlers. They're all wearing blue headbands and makeshift armor. A few even have facepaint on or feathers stuck behind their ears. most of them also appear to be armed.
However, that doesn't matter much, as the minute they see you they jump up in surprise and run for it!
You don't know, they're all running away for some reason!


Clear my throat.
"This mare is mentally stable, right? Did the journey affect her? Maybe she should have a session of therapy as well, just to be on the safe side. As for the noises, I shall take steps to investigate."


"Hey! What's the big idea!?"


"Hey! Hey!!" I called out and chase for a bit to see where they go.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"She already does attend therapy regularly. It seems she's just easily excitable, always jumping at shadows.
As for Sticksen, I could show you to where she's staying if you like."
Too late, they're gone. Looks like they left some stuff behind too.
They're headed south, but they seem panicked, dropping some stuff as they run. You seem to have spooked them pretty badly.


"I do not have any other matter to attend to anyway. From what I heard, there is also an apprentice, is that correct?"


Dropping some stuff?
What are these stuffs btw? Pick up whatever they left.




Right now? Cooking supplies, beads, mostly junk. However, it looked like they left some good stuff back at their camp.
It looks like they left some of their weapons behind. One of the settlers huffs nervously.
"What was that about?"


"I dunno… were those from our camp?"


Alright lets gather those and head back to the others.

"Lets get out of here, if those bastards are calling for reinforcement then we are so screwed."


"No, that would be the other one, whatisname? Celery Stalk! He's the one who has an assistant.
Sticks is… a bit of an odd bird."
"I don't know, didn't recognize any of them."
There's a lot of chatter going on right now.
Roll to see what you find in their camp.


"I didn't know there were other ponies living here…"


"Sooo… we have two resident mages then?"



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well… yes and no. Celery Stalk is unofficially retired; he'd prefer if word of his being a mage didn't get around.
Sticks is the one who came with the colony specifically to help with all problems magical in nature."
Most of the weaponry seems standard, if surprisingly advanced, but two weapons catch his eye: a sword and a pike. The pike seems to be of expert craftsmanship, while the sword glows softly with runes along the blade.


"Dont worry, I myself am surprised, we should report this to the mayor."

I showed the things I got from the camp to Justicia.
"Look what I got from their camp."


Feel it with my magic.


Do you two want to keep the weapons for yourself, and if so, which weapon do you each take?


"I see. Show me the way then!"


Askeladd can choose first.


I take the sword and hand the pike to Justicia.
"Keep this, I think this are magical in some way."





Julia, Figworth, and Ambrosia
You are currently in a room that seems connected to the rest of the ruins. the way you came in got collapsed behind you in Julia's panic.
Boon looks around and snorts.
"Right fine pickle we got ourselves into here."
She leads you towards one side of camp. You feel the familiar hum of magic as you approach.


I play with it as we approach the town.
"It seems primitive and old but I think this will help us. Not to mention that we may use this as evidence if the settlers wont believe us that we say native ponies living in the area."
"Should we be concerned?"

Head back to camp.


"I like pickles."
Is it dark in here?


"Uh… maybe? Depends on whether they're hostile or not! … I don't get it though, where did they even come from? Another expedition?"


"Keep it together. There's a way out, there always is."
Look around '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I chuckle.
"Well I sure hope so it is not a failed pony expedition. The last thing in my mind is that we will all be naked and be wearing feathers or something."


New weapons acquired!
Runic sword: Single, Catalyst: Applies elemental effect: Fire on a successful hit. Targets on fire require dc+1 to recover from helplessness.
Piercing Pike: great. On a crit, deals a wound of damage instead of hits. if the target would have been knocked helpless, they still become helpless, taking an extra wound of damage.

Not right here, since there's a lit torch and Boon's horn lighting up the place. The hallway beyond is pitch black though.
No way out, no way out there's no way out you're trapped down here trapped with those roaches that chitter and skitter and oh makers you're going to die down here you're suffocating the walls are closing in you don't want to die no no no nonononono…


Can I miracle grow a plant that gives off light?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Sweet! Back to camp we go then!


Try some breathing techniques to calm down '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Keep following!


First off, we got torches.
Let's light one up.


Lets head back to camp and sheate this sword of mine.
Where is Soft Stream by the way?


As you approach the camp, Blaze stirs, groaning as his weight shifts slightly on your back.
"…Justicia? Where… where am I…"
Off in the group of workers. As soon as she sees you looking, she comes over.
"Oh, thank goodness you're all right. For a while there, you had me worried."
Without sunlight and with ground that used to be laid stone, growing anything would be difficult at best.
Okay… better. The realization that there's a hallway connected to the room also helps calm you down.


"On the way home! You okay?"


How do we get out of here though? What's ahead?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I am more worried about you and the others. I do not want any pony be missing in my first watch you see. I am just glad you are safe." I pat her head.
"Too bad one of our numbers are seriously wounded. If he had just listened to orders." I bit my tounge.


Let's check it out '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Let's stick together, and keep your eyes on the ground."
Into the hallway.


"Hurts…" He groans and hangs his head.
"Sorry that I'm so weak…"
A dark hallway. Pitch black, with paved stone walls-
All of a sudden, you're back somewhere just like this. Somewhere from your past. Somewhere you never wanted to be.
And worst of all… He is here. You know it.
"Aw, he was just trying to be brave," she coos, nuzzling into your paw and licking at your fingers.
"Can't fault him for wanting to protect a gal he's sweet on."
Can't see anything right now, and it looks like Ambrosia's freaking out.


So, is Stick around?


Try to make some fire. '1d10'

"Easy, miss Ambrosia."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh wow, freakout number two?
Bring up the torch and look at Ambrosia.


I smile as she does her thing.
"So she is showing to her gal is it? Thinking with his dick first rather than that of the group, I will have him clean the barracks for a month after her recovers from his wounds." I grin.


"Ha! You did pretty well! I did pretty awful today, took me way too long to dispatch them. The militias all fought well actually!"


If he is… no he can't be. He's dead.
Would he be mad? Probably. Very angry with me. Best to avoid that, it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I hope he's dead. Just make sure not to tell him that. If he's alive.

Stare at him for a moment, then nod slowly.
"Yes. Easy."


"Hmn, so harsh~" She suckles one of your fingers gently, then pulls away.
"I better let you report to your boss and clean up, but… will you be stopping by the tent tonight?"
"Really?" He sounds proud before he starts coughing again. "'Cause if that was you doing awful, you must be unstoppable on a good day."
Captain Cloud Cover approaches with a concerned expression. "What happened here?"
Already several torches burning!
You manage to get yourself under control, but the hallway still looks foreboding.


Before you can reach her, there's a great hubub at the gates. It seems the work party is returning early.


Oh. Look them over, there wasn't any trouble, was there?


Salute him.
"Sir! We were attacked in the forest by a pack of jackals. No casualties, but some were wounded. We decided to return to tend to these wounds."


"You know that it will be my next stop after reporting.~ It will be nice sleeping next to someone after what has happened." I flick her tail upward.


Can I see anything? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Considering the bloody body draped over Justicia's back and the number of injuries, it's a good bet that there was.
She eeps, then shoots you a sultry look as she keeps her tail up just a little longer before dropping it, walking off with a deliberate sway in her hips.
"Damnit, I knew something like this would happen! Good work on holding the line, you two. Now get that stallion to Sweetherb before he bleeds out!"
There seems to be some doorways further down the hall. There's also some patterns on the wall in this room.


Did we manage to leave the one empty room already or not?


To the doc!


Study the patterns '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Study the patterns.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh dear!
Trot over.
"What happened? Is everyone allright?"


I bite my lips before heading off to the mayors office.


You are in the hallway. There's two doors ahead, one on either side of the hallway.
They seem to be a written language like none you've ever seen. At the same time, they're strangely familiar…
Whatever they mean, they seem more like decoration than anything important.
Maybe you should ask Justicia or Askeladd.
Sweetherb gasps as she sees Blaze.
"Quick, bring him in here and lay him down on the bed!"


Do so.
"He got bitten a lot…"


No need, I'm here!
"What happened out there?"


Spend some time memorizing them.


"We went to our work spot for today and started our assignments when these jackals showed up. They were really vicious, miss mayor. That forest is a real hazard."


What is beyond either door?


"Indeed, and those dogs were probably carrying all sorts of diseases. I'll need to sterilize the wounds."
She looks between you and him and gulps as she pulls out a vial of clear liquid.
"Please, hold him down. This is going to hurt quite a bit."
Committed to memory. You'll recognize them if you see them again.


Pick one: left or right?



"I know it is. No one died, right? How many injured?"


"A lot, first there were these jackals that attacked us, that is why we are unable to go to the worksite today. Not to mention Blaze being foolhardy not to backdown. He is lucky I am able to save his bleeding ass and covered his wounds."


"Just Blaze, and no one is seriously hurt."
"Beyond that…. " I paused thinking.


I nod and quickly hold him down using telekinesis '1d10'

"Nopony died… though it did get a little too dangerous and close to my likings. Most of the militias have some minor wounds, though Blaze is in bad shape as you can see."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Roll for reflexes!
All five militia have at least minor injuries, and a few settlers got scrapes and bumps, but Blaze probably got the worst of it.
"Hey, Blaze saved our lives, and that blindfolded chick too!" Somepony calls out from the crowd, getting murmurs of agreement. Looks like they have a high opinion of his stand.


"Good choice."


Frown again.
"I see…. although, now that I have both of you here, this got more relevant. I want you two to be in charge of further training the militiaponies. Teach them how to fight better than just the basics."



Roll #1 9 = 9


"Huh? Just the two of us? Understood ma'am!"


"Our forces are stretched thin as is."


"Good." She sticks a rolled-up cloth into his mouth good and tight. then begins to splash the liquid onto his bite marks, where it sizzles and fizzes.
Immediately Blaze comes to life, straining against you as he screams into the the cloth. He manages to thrash around a bit, but you're holding him steady so far.
"Good, just like that. Keep it up, and we'll be done in no time."
You're well clear when several cockroaches skitter out the door and dissappear into the darkness down the hallway.


Hirk back and shiver, then move my torch in front of me to light the room.


"I noticed. We could use the extra help, we really could."

Keep him tight.
"Blaze this is for your own good. Just hang in there buddy, it'll be better soon."

Roll #1 8 = 8


I just raise a hand in defeat.
"He is brave but I still what he does is reckless. That is all."

"Hmmm… Understood." I nod at Magistre.
"That sounds easy but I think we need more willing volunteers to train.:


"Are you okay?"


"Yeah, yeah…"
Wave away with a talon.


It's clear the crowd doesn't agree, but they're already dispersing and probably wouldn't have done anything about it anyway.
He screams again as she splashes more onto another wound, tears pouring from his eyes as he bites down on the cloth. Still you keep him still.
"Good, that's good. Just like that. Keep it up."
There's rows of…Something metallic in the room. More writing on the walls too.


Can I make any sense of it?
In any case, write all of that down.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Keep holding him still.

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's no language you've ever seen, but it's probably a designation of what room this is or something. You write it down for later.
As his pained thrashing grows wilder, it becomes harder to hold him down.
"Careful now, get him back under control! We're almost done."


Am I there?
Help in holding down Blaze.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"He's very rowdy!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


What's the metallic thing '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Now, inspect the metal things.

Roll #1 1 = 1


With Askeladd's help, you get him back under control.
"I'm not surprised; this is painful, and he's got a lot of bites that need it. This must be excrutiating for him."
Before you fully manage to get him under control, one of his hooves slips free and grabs Justicia's hoof, holding it tight like his life depends on it.
They're, um… You have no idea what they could possibly be.
You accidentally poke a red button, and the whole thing starts to glow red! You can feel the magical buildup; get out of there!


Outta that door, now.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"That doesn't seem good."

I run out '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 4 = 4


Keep him under control.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Just try to calm down Blaze.
"Come on man, you can do it."

Roll #1 1 = 1


You both get glancingly hit by the blast of energy, knocking you both on the ground as if you'd just been struck by lightning.
You barely manage to avoid the wave. Strangely, it doesn't seem to affect the walls or any of the equipment, just Julia and Ambrosia.
You squeeze down on one of the bite marks, making him scream even louder.
Thinking fast, you squeeze his hoof just as tightly, holding it close as you stroke his cheek while your TK holds him down. His screams grow quieter, turning into agonized whimpers as he fights the urge to thrash.
"That's great, almost done" Sweetherb whispers encouragingly.


I help Julia up '1d10'
"Are you both alright?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


She's been saying that for the past five minutes!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Ah fuck.
"Holy shit, sorry."
Just stand back and let Justicia calm him down, looks like she is doing a good job for now.


Try to help myself up.
"That.. Thing was a machine!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"What could it be doing here? Do you both feel okay?"


As the last of the vial sizzles and fizzes on a bite mark, he manages to avoid responding with anything but a hissed exhalation, his cheeks soaked with tears.
"There. That's the hard part over, now we just need to cover most of them up. Unfortunately, this one and this one need stitches. Just keep holding him down a few more minutes, okay?"
Of course she is, that's what doctors are supposed to say to keep patients calm!