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Another day dawns on the lonesome, tedious trek on this endless journey. At least you'll be getting out of this forest soon.


Yawn and stretch is how I'll greet the morning. How is Path doing this morning?


He blinks blearily as he looks around, then smiles back at you as you shift on his back, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
"Good morning. Did you sleep well?"


Maali wakes up slowly,he rubs his eyes and sits up
Groaning he does a small stretching,snapping a few bones
''Ah…A new day awaits…'' He says as he prepares himself for new adventures


"With my pup here, how couldn't I?"

Pet him between the ears.

"Of course, I hope you haven't forgotten what I said yuesterday."


A dopey grin crosses his face as you pet him between the ears, eyes half-closing on reflex.
"O-of course! How could I forget? Don't worry, I'll do everything I can, I promise! After all… you're worth it…"
Your rather small tent is empty except for you. It's good to get a good night's rest after all the excitement earlier, what with wolves attacking the caravan.
Of course you weren't near the action, but still! Exciting stuff!
First though, your stomach is growling.


He chuckles a bit,he then searches for his saddlebag for some fruits,but he was all empty…
''Oh…I suppose I'll have to need aid from mother on that mather…hehe…'' He said,stomach growling, he slowly crawled out of his tent and searched for some delicious fruits to start the day


"Honestly, what am I going to do with you."
I'll give him a smile before going over to grab some water and rags.
"Stay down for a little. I haven't cleaned those burns recently. It looks better than before, but I won't take any more risks, okay?"


The rest of the caravan is still waking up too, though most are making their way to the Cook's meal line. Maybe you could go there?
Of course, this is the forest, so you could certainly find better-tasting berries and fruits growing naturally…
He folds his ears a little, but stays down, holding his manacled hooves out for you.
"Okay… Thank you for taking such good care of me. I'd hate to cause you trouble by getting infected or something."


''hm…Maybeee…'' He started reconsidering as the caravan was still waking up,maybe he could get the best food before the others.
He felt a bit bad for thinking such selfish things,but his hunger was stronger,so to the caravan he went to get food


"Exactly. Focus on pulling Irvone's cart and make sure you take in his lessons real well. I'll be in charge of your well being outside of that, so give it your all, got it?"


Slowly open my eyes as I shift from my/on a bed, where am I?


"Got it. I really look forward to learning how to read. I've always wondered what's inside those books some ponies are so fascinated by."
He winces a little as you clean the burns. They've gotten better, but the skin is still raw and hasn't quite grown back yet.
Wrapped tightly in Big Spear's arms.
By this point you don't feel sore in the mornings anymore, just a strange sort of tingly numbness. Small blessings, I suppose.
The line isn't very long yet, so you quickly get to the front of it, where a stallion grins and adjusts his tall white hat.
"Good morning, sir! Haven't seen you around before. Did you just get transferred back here?"
(Yes, yes you did)


The deer smiles and politely bows,a small leaf from his tree-like antlers falling of and fluterring to the ground
''Yes sir I did,it's a pleasure. My name is Maali''


"Looks like you might be needing some of those fancier hoof shoes down the line if it doesn't clear up soon. Still, I'm sure my little pup will get better."
Give him a strong hug.
"Let's go, we could both use a meal, but I'm making sure you get a nice and proper one today."


Hmmmphh.. boys, really. I just sigh irritatingly
Slowly try to wriggle out of his grasp without him waking him up if its an option.


Roll for how stealthily you escape his grip.
"I know I'll get better… special hoof shoes? I don't want you to have to spend that kind of money on me, just because I got a little singed…"
"Nice to meet you. I figger you'll want the veggetarian meal? We got hash browns and Chopped Fruits this morning!"


Ughh..~ slowly try to crawl out of this doge's grasp.

Roll #1 4 = 4


''Oh yes,I'd love too…I've been pretty hungry you know?…Lonely night on my tent and such''
He waits in the line eager to get his meal


"Ah told ya to leave your health and happiness to me. No need to worry yourself about it if it comes to that."
I'll get in line after making sure Path is just waiting for us at the table. He doesn't need to worry more when I get him the regular pony meal and not his usual slop.


"Plenty of eligible mares around. Just go talk to some of them!"
He hands you your plate, then shoos you off so he can attend to his next customer.
"Y-yes mistress!" You can pick up just a hint of giddiness in his speech as he acknowledges your status over him.
There's a deer standing nearby, looking a little lost.
You forgot that he was still… well, lets just say that you got a surprise as he "slipped" from you. He mumbles in his sleep, giving you a squeeze as he nuzzles your mane.
He's starting to stir, but you might still be able to sneak out before he wakes.


I'll make sure to get the food real fast then. No need to clue in the Chef's and give 'em a chance to mess with the food.

"'Hoy, haven't seen you around these parts? You one of the guards making their round's round here?"


''O-oh um…Ok…'' he says as he walks away,a bit lost.
''B-but I don't want to talk to mares…'' He says to himself.
''I-I just want to eat…''


I gulp and try to stiffle my voice as I slip out of him,
With that I then grab his wash clothe's and clean myself off of any of his stains and start my way out of the tent slowly and make sure this dum dum knows not a thing at all.
"Ah! What a good morning." I stretch and began to inspect how the caravan is doing. Are the merchants looking lively today?


He turns around,seeying the large diamond dog.
''O-Oh goodness…'' He stops for a moment,looking him over. He sure was big…
''Y-yes I am…M-m-my name is Maali…It's a pleasure'' He says with a bow


"No need to be so formal, but don't say I can't reci-procate."
I give my own curtsy in response.
"Now, I may be a lady, but I can deal with everything the same as anyone else here. Name's Tosa, it's a pleasure to meet you."


They're all on they're way to the breakfast line.
Of course, cleaning yourself beforehand proved a problem, since there wasn't much cloth in there that wasn't stained already. He doesn't mind it, even if you do.
"Coming right up!"
It's assorted veggies and Hash Browns for vegetarians, and breakfast sausage and eggs for the carnivores.
Strange definition of "large." She's practically face-to-face with you when she stands up straight!


''O-oh I apologize…I thought you were a man for a moment ehehe…'' he chuckles awkwardly
''Nice to meet you miss Tosa
He turns and requests a vegetarian meal to the chef


Let's start walking towards our usual table.

"Come on, now that we have our food, we can chat a little 'fore the Caravan takes off and I can introduce you to Path and the others."

"Speaking of Path, you know about his situation and those of a few other bandits we caught?"


''Oh I'd love to,thank you'' he says smiling to her
''Also no I do not know…What happened?''


What an ass.. he really is unforgiving just sigh as I look at myself still smelling of him and his scent. I then lower my head as memories of him starts to come back, I then shake my head, Gaahh.. if he is not cleaning his stuff then I would do it, perhaps clean and wash myself too along the way.
Is there a nearby river or source of water? Perhaps I can sneak in his tent and gather the clothes that I can clean so I can at least use something to clean myself, unless he stains it again that bastard.


"To be honest, not the first time, or probably the last it'll happen. Getting mixed up in a job like this won't help my reputation much." I sigh.

"Like the job poster said, we're liable to be ambushed at all points. A few bandits tried their paws at it, Open Path among them, and got plastered to the floor thanks to yours truly and Miyuki, a strong Unicorn lass you should be nice to. Instead of just tying 'em up and carting them the whole way through, we put 'em to work for their food. Path gave himself up to me and I'm in charge of him now. Better way to pay for their crimes, don't you think?


As it so happens there actually is a stream nearby.
Path looks up as you approach the table, focused on Tosa and not immediately noticing the plates she's carrying.
"Who's this, mistress? Another friend of yours?"


''Oh my…That is pretty amazing…I suppose it is fair…since they started it after all right?…

''M-mistress?'' He asks blushing.Maybe it was the golden ring on his ear…


Alright just peek in his tent and swiftly grab some of the clothes and that needs washing, perhaps my soap too to make sure it is clean, after that make my way to the river.


"More 'n likely, Path. Usually just us guards who wander around. The vendor types don't like leaving their wares, for good reason.:

"Oh, and I managed to snag you the regular meal. No more leftovers for you if I can help it."

"Yuppers. Poor little fellow tries his best, but he's basically having to work himself up from property."
I'll turn to Path and apologize.
"Sorry about that, but I need to clear up any issues with others."
Turn back to Maali.
"O' course, his welfare is assigned to me, so I won't tolerate anyone trying to take advantage of him. I'm right possessive of my belongings."


''I see…I will be good to him,I-I'm sure hehe…'' The deer said looking Path over,blushing a bit with a cute giggle


A stallion stops you as he sees you and points downriver.
"That way if you're going to wash things up. We don't want soap winding up in our drinking water, after all."
"Yes, she is my mistress."
He smiles warmly in her direction.
"And I'm very grateful to her for that."
Finally noticing the plate for him, he just stops and stares, his eyes wide.
"I… t-thank you, mistress…"
He smiles as you mention his status.
"I've always been little more than property. You're the first master I've had who's taken such good care of me."


I smile and nod at the stallion.
"Ah thanks for pointing that out." As I head down river… but before that I turn.
"Say, when will this caravan start moving? How far are we from the destination? Any news from the head?"


"We've got a long way to go with you, don't we?"
Pat him on the head and start digging in.


Path is a pegasus. his wings are currently strapped down, and he's wearing a belt/collar with a nametag that reads "T O S A."
There are manacles on his legs, with some visible burns around them, since they were attached while still hot.
He also seems very fixated on Tosa, a constant smile on his face while she's around.
He looks at you a little funny as you look him over, but doesn't flinch away or try to hide.
"It's not about the starting point, but the pathway. Er, I think it goes something like that."
He curls up happily at your feet and starts eating slowly, savoring every mouthful. From the look on his face, you're not sure he's ever had fresh fruit before.
"We'll start moving when everybody's good and ready! and we'll get there quicker without constant "are we there yets!""
No news from the head, but no news is good news, aye?"


"Well, that's a good way to look at it. Now eat up, and don't leave a crumb. Irvone is probably waiting for us."


I shrug.
"Got to agree with that. Dont worry, we will keep all of you safe as long as this legs of mine is able so rest easy." I smile
Alright lets head down river and start cleaning these clothes, by Celestia I didnt know how dirty it has already gotten.. and his smell is all over it.. does that buffoon even washes?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Maali simply gives him a small smile,thena cute wink ''Heeeey'' before turning to his own plate and eating slowly,savoring the fruits
''I belonged to someone in a similar manner before,Glad that I'm free now though…'' He says after swallowing his food

''I'm ready to go by the way''


"Ouch. Sorry if this brings back bad memories. Let's talk about something else while the Caravan moves along. Usually pretty dull and just being around seems enough of a deterrent to the dastardly types."


'' oh no it's no problem at all…just funny thing to remember,that's all…She was nice to me at least.
She was the one that gave me this ring though'' he says poking the pretty ring on his ear.mobing along with the party


"Yush'm," he mumbles through a mouthful of food.
You notice that his fur is starting to get a bit matted and dirty.
He blinks and shrinks back a little, giving an uncertain smile in return.
Of course he washes his clothes! He just doesn't wash them often.
The clothes are easy enough to clean, though some stains are permanent, and his scent still clings to it.


Alright put it on a rock to dry and just jump in the water to wash myself and use the soap to make myself clean before doing my scouting round.


"Nice enough gift. I'm happy to know it wasn't a bad memory for you."

"Reckon the Caravan might take off soon enough. Most of the vendors are decent enough, but not exactly the fighting type. Their eager to get to their destination."
Maybe I should find my brush and clean him up a little before we leave.


He gives him a few glances once in a while,he was eager to know more of him

''I'm glad to''
''So,where exactly are we going miss Tosa?''


He matted you up pretty good back there. You're going to have to really scrub in order to get completely clean.
A little ways upstream, a few other ponies are also washing both their stuff and themselves, chatting and laughing amicably.
There's a river nearby where you could wash him off. You've also got a brush back in the tent. You picked it up somewhere because it was shiny. Not in the best of conditions, but it should do.
"So…" he finally ventures, "You were owned once too?"


''yes…It was a little…bad in the beggining,but we warmed up to eachother…
She was a gryphon…She was pretty harsh…''


I just gulp at the thought, he really is messy like that…..
Perhaps they may got something to scrub myself, damn that bastard.
With that I approach the group and go see whats the thing they are all laughing about.
"Hey, anyone have something that that I may borrow so I can scrub my coat?"


"Port Calibu. Lot's of the people here are headed there to peddle their goods and a few are looking for passage out of these lands. Our job is to make sure that happens for 'em."

"Hmm, looks like we might have a chance then… Path, let me know when you're done and we can freshen up for the journey."

"You don't have to give m ethe details if you don't wanna. If she's as big as that bookkeeper Irvone, I can imagine the hurt they can bring if they really felt like it."


"I'm sorry to hear that," he comments quietly. "What happened to her?"
"Sure thing, miss," one of the stallion says, tossing you a brush on a handle.
"Name's Leafy Green. Need some soap too? I got plenty to spare."
He gulps down the last of his meal and sighs happily, then gets up and stands beside you.
"Sorry for keeping you waiting, mistress. I'll try not to eat so slowly in the future."


"Now now, I already told ya not to worry about that stuff. Make sure you properly digest your food, I don't care for any more stomach incidents. Get better and I'll be happy too."


''Oh um…I have a towel here with me…''
He said handing her a light green towel with white leaves etched into a patern on it
''will it do?''

''I see…'' He says walking long
then he turns to Path
''It's ok really,it's not traumatic or anything''

''Oh nothing…We just parted ways…one days she allowed me to go,when she finally understood me…
I admit I miss her…Just a bit…''


"I already got mine." I smile as I grab the brush and start scrubbing away.
"Leafy green? Are you a merchant?" I then look at the others.


"Ah perhaps after I wash myself." I nod at you.
"Hmmm… a deer?" I look at you a bit confused.


''oh…y-yes…sure thing.
Yes i'm a deer…is there something wrong?''


"Let's leave the reminiscing for the trip, we've got to look presentable for a bit, at least."

"Counts for you too, Path. Fact, when was the last time you remember getting clean?"


"Well, its the first time I noticed a deer companion amongst the caravan, your guys are a rarity in these area's if you ask me." I grin as I wash myself.
"Say. are you a guard? A merchant? Someone's relative?"

I then look at Tosa.
"Hey hows you're doing?"


''Yes maam''

''yes…My kind is quite a rare sight sometimes…
I'm a guard actually…and no I have no relatives here''


"Good enough, if I say so. Just taking care of the morning duties and making sure Path and I are nice looking for a moment."


"Yes, ma'am." He smiles proudly as he walks beside you, head held high and collar clear for all to see.
"So… you wish to freshen up? How may I assist?"
He pauses, ears flattening as he looks away.
"…found some running water to rinse off in a couple weeks ago… maybe a month or two, actually…"
"Yup, soaps and bathstones, toiletries and towelletes!" He grins and winks at you as he scrubs his back.
"Come on by if you ever run out, I'm sure I could sell ye something!"
"I see… Would you stay with her now, if you met her again?"
A tall, light green earthie stallion is washing off in the river next to the unicorn mare. He waves as the party approaches.
"Howdy folks! Care to buy some soap?"


''I admit I would…She was nice…when she was drunk…which was weird compared of how harsh she was when sober…'' he said shuddering a bit


"We'll be reducing that amount of time then. With those burns and the way the dust swirls all around us in the best of times, I'll be making sure you look tidy much more often."

I'll check out what the vendor has right now.
"I'll take a soap big enough for the both of us. Gotta make it count today."


"That is good, cant hurt being too clean. I mean it feels fresh after a deep wash."
"Say where is Path?"

"Bathstones… that sounds heavy. Well, we will see if I can get something good. I may need a thing or two, perhaps a breath freshener too come to think of it." I smile.

"Glad to know that there are more guards here, we need all the helping hooves we can get. With monsters and bandits along these roads, its not bad to be too carefull."


''Yes I knew you would need help…I heard about the monsters around this place…''


"Right here. Some of the marks haven't cleared up yet, so I'm making sure it doesn't get worse and I didn't want to pass up the chance for a wash."


"Ah, I have just the thing!"
He hoofs over a jug that smells of cloves for a decent price. Your wallet didn't even feel it.
"They're actually rather light! Not sure I have breath freshener, but I can check!"
"Hey, you want soap too?" the stallion in the water calls as he scrubs his sides.


''O-oh sure thing…'' He says looking the stallion over,seeying if he could get a peek of his stallionhood without being noticed


I am going to be meditating.

Let me see if any flashy results come out, like a ring of fire around me.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Alright Path, time for us to get in the water. I'm gonna have to have ya help me get clean first. Here, can you hold the soap and rub my back."


He comes out of the water to get you some of the soap he's selling. Roll to see how good you are at sneaking peeks.
"Um… sir?" A stallion calls out nervously to you. "You're making the merchants a little nervous, sir…"
Considering that a tornado of fire is swirling around you and extending far into the sky, their concern is understandable.
"Y-yes ma'am."
He takes the soap and waits for you to get down, then starts rubbing it into your back.
It seems he's also a very talented masseusse, his hooves finding knots and cramped muscles you didn't even know you had and working them until they get loose, what feels like years of stress and tension simply melting away over the course of a few minutes.
"I-I'm not hurting you, am I? I haven't done this very often…"


"No, no… Sorry to ask, but, could you keep going? You're doing real good."


"Really now? It really is not by the sound of it." I smile as I finish scrubbing myself and give him back his scrub and dip my whole self under water before resurfacing. Am I clean?

I nod.
"Good we all need a good wash after that wofl fight."

"Well there are lots so you wont run out of monsters dont worry." I chuckle.


"I am a lady."
Look intimidating


Roll #1 1 = 1


"Don't remind me. I think I still have bits of claw in me."


''thank you good sir'' he says innocently on the outside,but takes a peek under his legs


Roll #1 5 = 5


"Pfff… it is a good fight, but yeah my mistake for bringing it up." I grin.


"R-really? I-I mean, certainly, of course!"
Soon he's worked your entire lower back looser than it's ever felt before, his hooves lingering indecisively before moving up to work on your shoulders and neck.
"Ooh… that's a big knot… you need to stretch more often. I-in my opinion, of course, not that I'm telling you… what to do or anything…"
He starts chuckling.
"Sorry miss, my mistake. Here, I'll go find your mother if you'd like. Whereabouts is she staying?"
Yep, clean as you can be.
Green wolf whistles at you.
"Well, don't you clean up nice!"
You manage to get the barest of glimpses before you notice him grinning knowingly at you.
"It's polite to ask before browsing the merchandise, sonny."


"She's here. I am my own mother."

Let's stop and go help the others. What are they up to?


"I'll, I'll take it into consideration. Just keep going, a little more… Then we'll switch."


Green wolf?
I then shake myself to get off extra water off me and dry myself using Maali's towel.
"Well I need too, I mean by Celestia I was quite dirty and …. uhmm yeah. So yes, I am clean." I grin.


They're all washing themselves off in the river nearby. A stallion is peddling soaps, as they're not the only ones with that idea.
"Got it. If you ever need my help with these again, just let me know. I actually kinda enjoy it, you know?"
Soon your arms feel limp and dangle loosely by your sides as he focuses entirely on your neck, making you instinctively crane your head back.
"You have… really soft fur, d-did you know that? It's… really nice. I wish I could take that good of care of my fur…"
"Come by next time you need soap!"
Don't forget Big Spear's clothes!


"You're really good at this Path, but I need to clean you know. I'll take off your saddle so we can get those wings clean too."


He finally relents, leaving you feeling springier and looser than you've ever felt before.
He shudders a little as you remove his saddle, wings gently fanning out and stretching.
"J-just be careful, p-please? T-they're… really sensitive…"


"This is my first time dealing with wings, so no promises." '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Whelp, grab that and go back


Considering the way he melts into your paws like wet putty, it seems you're doing a pretty good job. Guess focusing on the front and following the direction of the feathers was a good call.

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