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You are a guard hired to protect the eleventh Treacle's-Trading Company Trade Caravan on it's journey along the long, treacherous expanse of highway from the town of Tortera to Port Callibu, an infamous passageway that has come to be known as Tirek's tail. You can expect attacks from bandits looking to steal your goods, wild animals looking to make you their next meal, and rival companies looking to eliminate the competition with extreme prejudice.

Your journey begins in the staging area in Tortera where all the merchant's wagons gather to prepare for the long journey ahead. You have been assigned to the Chair's Wares section of the caravan, where the merchants of miscellaneous merchandise can be found. The Caravan is almost ready to head out; get your exploring done while you can.


Alright lets talk to the pathfinder and see what are his expections of this trail today? How is the sun by the way? How about my companions? Are they skittish or anything?


The pathfinder? You're not of a high enough rank to report to the pathfinder. You report to the guy who reports to the guy who reports to the guy who reports to the pathfinder. You already have your orders; stick with your section of wagons, and don't let anything get close to them.
The sun? It's bright and warm, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Today's as good a day as any for traveling.
Your fellow guards? They mostly keep to themselves; they're a gruff sort like that. The merchants are quite a bit more chatty, and seem to be in a good mood. After all, if they make it to the end, they'll make a fortune. There any particular wagons you wish to check out? Anything you're looking for?


Ah, I need rations and my own set of water and sleeping gear. Besides that lets check out the guards and nudge them cheerfully.
"Hi, nice to be here, I didnt know this place is journeyed and guarded by this many guards."


The guards just grumble at you. There aren't actually that many of them; probably why they're grumpy, being expected to guard so many wagons with so few ponies.
You have everything but sleeping gear. Lucky for you, there's a wagon just down the line carrying blankets and comforters. The merchant driving the wagon is a cheerful young earthie stallion, who perks up as you approach.
"Good morning, ma'am. Making the rounds before we leave?"


Eh… let them sulk them, us guards will know each other as time pass by.
"Sure do, just checking how the others are doing before we embark on this journey. This is my first time riding on this route so I am excited." I grin and offer a hoof.
"My name is Miyuki."


He smiles back as he shakes your hoof. "Cut Wool. I specialize in blankets, pillows, and other sleepware. It's my first time along this route too.
Say, you seem more cheerful than the rest of these blokes. Mind walking next to my cart when we get moving so I have somepony to talk to?"
He's in the Chair's Wares section, so you could if you wanted to.


"Heh… you've got a strong grip. Where'd a cute thing like you learn to shake like that?"


"Wait! Don't leave without me!"

Where do I report in?


I raise my head and clear my mane off my face.
"Ah, just through enough exercise, work and good diet I suppose. Nothing fancy really like kicking wooden poles or training in underground dojo's and such." I grin at him.

I then chuckle.
"I wonder why you have to ask me to walk besides any of the merchant Cut wool? I do not mind at all, that is our job as guards is it not?" I nudge him.



Don't worry, you've already reported and signed in. You've been assigned to guard the Chair's Wares section of the convoy, which is filled with merchants carrying miscellaneous wares. Feel free to explore before the caravan heads out, but make it quick!
He blushes and rubs the back of his head. "Well, yeah, but… I kinda want you to be the one protecting my cart. If nothing else, you're good converation at least."
He's making a point of not looking at you.


Well, I should find myself an area that isn't taken. Let's walk around, any folks who like they'd be willing to talk for most of the journey?


"Oooohh… your kart?" I grin as I look at his kart and start to climb up on his kart and look down on him.
"Is this your kart?"
I then jump on another cart.
"Is this?"
And another, not minding the other merchants or guards as I go my ways.
"Or this? Tell me?"


There's a unicorn mare guard talking to one of the merchants who seems to specialize in Sleeping wares. There's also a buffalo pulling a cart filled with cooking utensils, a Zebra mare with a wagon filled with potions, an Earthie mare who seems to deal in perfumes, and even a Griffon pulling what looks to be a Library. Take your pick.
He blushes and covers his face with his hooves.
"If you didn't want to, you could've just said no…"


Let's check out the Librarian Gryph. He must have a lot to talk about if he's read all those books.

"Howdy there, compadre! Mind if I give you a little company for the voyage? Those books might be interesting, but they don't seem to make for the best conversation partners on long journeys."


I zoomed up next to him and pat his head.
"Dont worry I will protect your kart, but I also have obligation to protect other carts." I smile and offer a hoof.
"Alright, what if I stay next to your cart along the journey but in case other caravans are attacked it is my duty to protect said caravans. Deal?"


"Eh, this is true, but they help pass the time when nothing is happening, no?" He chuckles and holds out a talon for you to shake.
"I am Irvone, printer and distributor of any and all works of literature. I would appreciate the opportunity; most of your compatriots are either too sulky…"
He glances at the unicorn mare, who is now bouncing from cart to cart.
"…Or too loopy for my tastes."
"…Deal," he agrees hesitantly as he shakes your hoof.

The signal blows, and the caravan starts moving out. Prepare to enter Tirek's Tail.


"Don't worry, I'm no clodhopper when it comes to work, which is keeping you and your precious cargo safe. I'll do whatever dog-pawing is necessary to make sure of that. Still, care to tell a gal about all this literature you have here? At most, I'm familiar with atlases and almanacs, but I reckon you've got plenty others in storage."

"Well, we shouldn't dilly-dally too long, looks like we're off."


Alright lets get this caravan moving.
I look at Cut Wool.
"So why is such a pass called Tirek's Tail? That really doesnt sound safe to me, or even a road-worthy enough name."

I look around and just peel my eyes for anything suspicious on the horizon.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Name's Tosa, by the way. In all this excitement, I can't believe I dang near forgot to give my name."


"Of course," he says as he begins pulling his cart.
You both walk a ways, eventually exiting the town gates. The caravan stretches on for what seems like miles in front of you, and just as far behind you.
"So, you are interested in my literature? Well, I have fiction, non-fiction, reference guides, adventures, mysteries, bibliographies, documantaries, dramas, tragedies, romance novels, horror novels, even a few…" he coughs politely. "…'erotic' novels… to say nothing of the classics of griffonic and equestrian literature."
"Pleased to meet you, Tosa. Don't worry, I doubt the exitement will last. Soon you'll be asking to borrow some of my wares just to pass the time."
Nothing yet.
"Well, it got that name from how dang treacherous it is. The land gets bad and tricky to navigate further on, and this is the only road that goes through that land. That also means that if somepony wants to jump you, they'll know exactly where you are."


"No wonder why guarding the caravans is as profitable as is dangerous. How… exciting." I smile with malevolance as I crack my hoof.

"Say, what is in that cart of yours Cutter?" I look at the cart.


"I'm pretty difficulted as to which to pick, but despite being on an adventure of my own, I wouldn't mind reading those of others. Maybe something with Elephants, if you got any? Used to hear some spooky tales about really big fellas, and that name stuck in my head for some reason."


"Um… well, there's blankets, comforters, pillows, bedsheets, pillow covers, and lingerie. Working with soft things to help you get a good nights rest is my specialty."
"Elephants, elephants…" He taps his chin thoughtfully.
"I believe I have a few that I can think of. For now, though, you should probably stay vigilant; the dumber crooks always attack us shortly after we leave the gate, thinking they'll catch us off guard. Sadly, they've been right about that before."


…. lingerie….
I shake my head to clear my thoughts.

"Oh so you're a tailor am I right?" I smile as we follow the caravan.
How are the other caravans? Doing alright?


"Guess it's the same everyone, sometimes you get euchered and someone is running off with your stuff. 'Course, in my case it was probably one of my brothers, but I have a feeling these folks aren't willing to return things in good condition."


So far so good, but you're beyond the town walls now. Everypony keeps glancing around.
"Indeed. Not too hard to guess, with a name like Cut Wool and a shop full of bed supplies. I'm talented and creating a comfortable and satisfying final product; ponies often say my wares helped them get a better night's sleep."
"Ah, a pony-er, dog with a more expansive vocabulary!" He seems pleased by this.
"Tell me, what brought about your interest in the arts of language?"


"Oh is that so?"
I give him a sly smile.
"Mind if I take that proclaim of yours to the test and borrow some of your ware's? A blanket and a pillow will work fine if you ask me." I raise my head high.


"Well, it's something I kept dry as i grew up, but I managed to find a dictionary to pass the time. Looking back, I don't know how I bored myself halfway to the underworld, but a lot of those words said they were from far off places. Started getting cravings for the outside world, had another caravan pass by and stole myself away that night and now I'm here."


Before your conversations can continue, shouts ring out as a ponies explode from the bushes! They really must not have the best brains to attack this close to town.

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: 5/4 hits/wounds
Zebra Archer: 5/6 hits/wounds
Pegasus Arbalier: 4/5 hits/wounds
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 5/6 hits/wounds


Seeing the archer going to take pot shots at us. I run after him, jump with a single hoof aimed at his face.
"Rider kick!!"
Soul punch -2 to HP

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11


"Looks like these varmints are out and out of their gourds. Watch your stuff, we'll deal with 'em!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Cleave them all '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


They're so surprised by your choice of weapon that not a single one of them thinks to duck.
As she staggers back from Tosa's chain-whip, you focus your magical energy into your hoof and swing, busting her jaw and sending several teeth flying as she flies backwards into a tree. You can hear ribs crack when she hits, her legs giving out as she limply slumps to the ground.

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 3/5 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: 3/4 hits/wounds
Zebra Archer: helpless/4 hits/wounds
Pegasus Arbalier: 1/5 hits/wounds
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 3/6 hits/wounds


Remember that MSS heal +1 hit every turn
"Oooohh! Hey Cut! Just chill back there okay!" I look at Cut Wool and proceed to put this zebra down.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Let's see if we can bring that Pegasus back down to the good Earth."

Use my chain to tie up the Pegasus' throat.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain attack '1d10'
Can I get Grapple's +1 to the attack too?

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Sure, why not.
His eyes bulge as he slams into the ground, pawing feebly at the chain now wrapped around his throat.
"Hey, bitch!" you hear the diamond dog shout. "Let Jerry go, or I'll take ye back to camp so all the boys can have fun with ye!"
It activates at the beginning of your turn, before you can sacrifice hits.
She sits up as you kick her right between the legs, coughing up blood as she fights for breath.
"You cheating whore!" The Goat bleats at you. "you're not allowed to hit them while they're down!"

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: 3/4 hits/wounds
Zebra Archer: helpless/3 hits/wounds
Pegasus Arbalier: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 3/6 hits/wounds


"Nuh uh, you guys attacked us in ambush first!" I go back to the zebra archer and began to put him down!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Alright, just don't come complaining to me about these express delivery complications!"

Swing the Pegasus around and chuck him to his puppy pal.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Horse throwing '1d10+1' Grapple bonus

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


You kicked her right in the mare-parts, and you still think this is a dude?
Anyway, he manages to roll away as the Goat clips you with his spear.
"Damnit, hold still so I can hit you!"
The pegasus' eyes bulge as you swing him through the air, using him as an impromptu club to beat on his companion. Unamused, the diamond dog grabs hold of the pegasus and starts trying to undo your chain.
"That's it, you're getting the slow and painful treatment. Hope you don't need your fingers anytime soon!"

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: 3/4 hits/wounds
Zebra Archer: helpless/3 hits/wounds
Pegasus Arbalier: Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 3/6 hits/wounds


"Ouch! You asshole! Now taste my hoof that is trained in the dojo's of the Neighpon and its secrets are kept to foolish brigands like you for a hundred years!"
"A-ge Tsuki Kami!"
Soul Punch -2 HP

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Also targeting the goat.


"You can have him, but the chain is mine, you flea-bedded mongrel! If you want it, let's see if you can put a paw on it!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Cleave them all '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


His eyes go comically wide right before your hoof slams right between his eyes, the crunch of his nose getting crushed ringing out as he somersaults through the air, landing flat on his back.
Meanwhile the zebra has staggered to her hooves.
"Gonna… make you pay for that…"
She tosses a jar of something at you! Roll to dodge!
Whipping your chain back, you send it arcing through their entire group, Sending them all helpless once more, including the zebra who only just managed to stagger to her hooves.
"Fuck, you little whore! Take it easy with that thing!"

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 2/5 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: helpless/1 hits/wounds
Zebra Archer: helpless/2 hits/wounds
Pegasus Arbalier: Helpless/1 hits/wounds
Diamond Dog Arbalier: Helpless/5 hits/wounds


I look at the goat.
"Stand up and you will be dead!" I grin as I saw the bottle.
"Whoa, careful there!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You think I'm too much for you now, just you wait! I'm going to have me some real fun after you're all tied up before me!"

Hawkeye '1d10
Chasing Grab the Pegasus first '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Hawkeye '1d10'

"Ain't no escape from my chains or paws, you pack of hooved and pawed weasels!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


You expertly catch the bottle and toss it back to her, her eyes going wide as she realizes what's about to happen.
"Oh, you little bi-"
with a *Fwoomph,* she's surrounded in a cloud of green smoke. When it clears, she's lying on the ground, groaning helplessly as she scratches furiously at the bright red spots covering her.
"nnnooooo… mmmerrrcyyyyy…"
You examine him and figure out he's got a gimp leg. Though, which target is this exactly? Whatever, you get +1 against him.
"We'll tie you up with that chain and beat you with it, skank! Oh wait, you'd probably like that, wouldn't you?"

The goat, diamond dog, and pegasi all scramble back up.
"Now you're going to get it!"

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 3/5 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: 5/1 hits/wounds
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated, helpless/1 hits/wounds
Pegasus Arbalier: 6/1 hits/wounds
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 5/5 hits/wounds


"Mercy it is! Now stay put there you zebra ass while I kick your ass."

I then look at the goat.
"So….. how will it be?" I grin as I taunt him.


>While I kick your friends ass


The attack was here, against the Pegasus

Hawkeye over here was to get the extra damage: >>571408

"I'll clip your wings, if I'm in a good mood. Maybe I'll just pluck you in the end!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Grab the Pegasus '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Taunting an armed opponent while he is in striking range is not a very smart tactic. You manage to avoid getting your throat cut, but the flat of his spear still cracks you in the head, sending you to the ground.
"Medium rare, by spitroast over a slow fire, your little prick. Any last words?"
I'm sorry I missed that.
At any rate, the pegasus is so neatly bound up when he lands at your feet that he can't even wriggle, his wings held open at their full expanse as he stares up at you with wide, terror-filled eyes.
"No, please, anything but that! Shave my mane, pull my teeth, hell, cut off my leg, just please don't clip my wings!"
His voice is cracking with fear as he begs for mercy.
"I'll do anything; you want me to be your personal slave? Done! You want me to pull a wagon for you? I've got a good back! I'm sorry, I never wanted to do this, but Dorgan talked me into it! It was a stupid idea, and I'm sorry! Please! Mercy!"
"You little fucking wimp!" Dorgan, apparently what the diamond dog is named, rebukes the pegasus. "You're not getting any when we've tied her up next to the campfire!"
"For the love of Faust, shut up! There's no campfire, no group waiting to back us up, you're just trying to make us sound tough but it's just digging the hole deeper!"

By the way, there's more than enough chain left for you to just leave him there and get back to work.

Goat Lancer: 5/1 hits/wounds
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 5/5 hits/wounds


Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/4 hits/wounds


I coughed and shake my head before pulling his spear off his hoof using telekenesis!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"You should learn from his example Dorgan. You'll be tied up just the same soon enough."

Blow the Pegasus a kiss. "What's your name?"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave the two left. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


He's disarmed, but far from helpless as he kicks you in the teeth.
"Don't need a spear to kill you, ya little shit!"
A split-second later, Tosa's chain cracks him in the head, his eyes rolling back in his head as he crumples like a sack of potatoes, out like a light.
"P-P-Path, O-Open Path, m-ma'am," he stutters, still eyeing you apprehensively, like he's expecting you to do something spiteful any second now.
"D-Dorgan's a decent guy… well, he's not exactly the best at socializing, but he… well, he's nice to me. Go easy on him?"
"You little shit!" The diamond dog roars in pain as your chain knocks him down once more. "Once I'm done with her, I'm going to tear a couple more scars down your side! Maybe then you'll learn to actually be useful instead of an embarrassment!"
"…He's not very good at showing affection, either."

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: Helpless/4 hits/wounds


"Ha tell that to your mother!" I smiled as I wink at Tosa.
"Thanks for that."
I throw the spear out of the place and began to stand up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I've got plenty of ideas of what to do with you and those precious wings of yours, but your friend needs to be broken in first. Just wait for me."

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Grab the Dog '1d10+1'

"Us fair for have to watch out for each other."

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


…nope, you're just gonna have to lay there for a minute. In the meantime, you need to figure out which of the two Tosa's is the real one.
He whimpers fearfully at that.
Unfortunately the diamond dog has had enough. Grabbing hold of your chain, he yanks on it and pulls you right over to him, slamming his fist into your gut and knocking the wind out of you.
"Not so tough up close, are ya, you sicko freak. Seriously, chains? What kind of deviant is into that shit?"

Tosa: 1/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 5/4 hits/wounds


"Uhhh… not good. Not good." I mumbled as I try to stand up.
I shake my head and try to see clearly who of the two are the real Tosa.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Don't need them to put you down, you walking excuse for a discarded carpet."

Hawkeye '1d10'
Grab and twist his arm. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


…Oh, there she is! she was hiding behind the other two! Wait…
On second thought shaking your head right after suffering a head injury probably isn't a good idea.
There's an audible crack as he screams and falls to the ground in pain, not having any witty responses for once.

Tosa: 1/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: Helpless/3 hits/wounds


Eeeep, okay hold steady and try to make myself stable.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Now, let's put him in a little twist and try to lock him down.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Grapple him '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4


…Your leg is numb. That can't be good.
He manages to pull a reversal, but has to pause for breath as he holds you down.
"Gonna… snap your neck… and fuck the hole… while you watch…"
Apparently he doesn't understand physiology either.

Tosa: helpless/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/2 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 5/3 hits/wounds


Oh dear god… dont slip to unconciousness, not now.
I try my best and hold on one hoof to stand up. Now!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Not if I break you into three pieces first…"

Counter him while getting up. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Of course now would be the time when Wool shows up with some of his wares.
"Don't worry, I've had some medical training. First we need to support the neck-"
The instant your head feels the softness of that pillow, you're out like a light.
You manage to break away from him, both of you panting from the exhertion.
"You just don't know when to quit, do you?"
Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/1 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 5/3 hits/wounds


Alright, just stay down now and rest.
"They took a number on me." I grit my teeth as I close my eyes.


"You're outnumbered, partner. Surrender and things might go better for you."

Hawkeye '1d10'
Lead in with a chain strike to his legs. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


You examine him for any weaknesses, but you can't find…
…Oh gods above; he's enjoying this far more than he ought to be.
Luckily, the sight doesn't haunt you for long as your chain trips him up and makes him spin before regaining his bearings.
"Don't worry, your friend seems to have it under control."

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/1 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 2/3 hits/wounds


Rush past him towards Miyuki.

"This isn't a solo dance. 'Sides, you seem like a few rodeos in your life."

Offer him a paw to get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Just one chance…" I stir and try to stand up with the help of Tosa

Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh boy. That diamond dog doesn't mind playing dirty, punching you in the side while your back is turned.
"Don't ignore me, you little shit!"
However, it's enough of a boost to get Miyuki back to her hooves. Now to get back into the fight.

Tosa: 2/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/1 hits/wounds

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 2/3 hits/wounds


"You jerk! I'll tie you up and leave you in the rain!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Grab '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 9 + 1 = 10


I jump in joy and ready my stance as I point a hoof at him, and oogle his bod.
"You bastard doge! Ready yourself and you shall taste the hoof of the east! Honed for a hundred years of training by the masters that kick-ass!"
Soul punch!! -2

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


He falls to the ground with his arms pinned to his sides by the chain wrapped around his chest.
"I can break these chains!"

He's definitely keeping in shape, his body covered in rock-hard muscle that ripples and bulges in all the right places And a massive bulge in his loin cloth.
Unfortunately, you're too busy oggling his bod to pay attention to where you're swinging. Your hoof is the last thing you see before everything goes black. Good night for now; you'll wake up in a bit.

Tosa: 2/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: OUT

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: Helpless/2 hits/wounds


Yank the chain hard and give him a nice and hard knucklesandwich.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Punch '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


The good news? Your fist connects with his jaw, sending teeth flying as he flops around.
The bad news? You pulled the chain just a little too hard, and you are now face-to-face with his crotch.
And because he's upside down, the loincloth isn't hiding anything. In hindsight, it was a miracle it was hiding anything before.
Good luck forgetting that image anytime soon.

Tosa: 2/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: OUT

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: Helpless/1 hits/wounds


"My virgin eyes!"

Toss him away!

Hawkeye '1d10'
Throw him out like week old cowchips. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


You toss him away, but that just gives him the opportunity to get back up.
However, you do notice that he's limping badly, and he's favoring the arm you didn't twist. Looks like he won't last much longer…
"Damn, I love it when a bitch plays rough!"
"Dorgan, you are being really creepy right now!" You hear Open Path call out.

Tosa: 2/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: OUT

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 5/1 hits/wounds


"You won't like it when I'm through with you! You'll be begging me to throw you into the calaboose."

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Grab, keep this critter away from me. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4


You can't quite keep him back far enough to avoid taking a hit.
"hehehe… almost over, little bitch…"
"Seriously, cut it out! You've already lost, and you're making this worse on the rest of us! For crying out loud, show some common decency!"
"Shut up, you pussy little copout! You're next when I'm bored with her!"

Tosa: 1/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: OUT

Goat Lancer: OUT
Zebra Archer: Incapacitated
Pegasus Arbalier: Bound
Diamond Dog Arbalier: 5/1 hits/wounds


"Dagnabit, his upper story is flashing a vacancy sign! No negotiations with his kind!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Trip, try to get him on the ground before he reaches me. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


OUCH, right between the legs! He ain't having grandkids!
He's also out for the count; getting hit in the diamonds will do that to you.

All the attackers have been subdued.
Lemon, you can hop back in.


Try to tie him up without touching him.


Roll #1 3 = 3


That's not very easy to do. Maybe if you wake up that unicorn she can use telekinesis?


I open my eyes.
"Uuuughhh.. what happened?"


"Sorry to wake ya, but could you use your magic to tie up our last bandit? He's slipperier than an oily snake and smells worse than a stampede of diarhettic hogs."


Wool smiles as he pats you on the back.
"You won. They got you good, though; you've got a big old shiner there. Knocked you out for a bit."


I chuckle.
"By Celestia's mane, that is embarrassing." I smile.

I shake my head.
"Magic… well I am not really good at it but I could try…. ow my head."

I close my eyes and manipulate a rope through telekenesis and tie that doge up.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Thanks. It was downright revolting being near him."

Let's round up the other ones with a good bit of rope and chain. They awake yet?


Well, it took far more rope than it should have, but he's immobilized.
The zebra is still scratching herself, whimpering as her skin continues to torment her without relief. The goat is passed out nearby.
Open Path, the pegasus Tosa captured, is shivering inside his restraints as he tries in vain to turn and look at you while unable to move his head.


I look at the doge as I tie him upand oogle before looking back at Tosa.
"Why what happened?" I look at Tosa with concern.


"He was difficult to put down. Got a lucky shot at the end there."

Pet him a little.

"Now then, you know the punishment for Banditry. If you and your friends behave and do as your told, and I mean do everything your told, I'm sure we can put in a good word to keep the lawman a little far off. You understand me, birdy boy?"


"I see, well now that he is all tied up you dont have to worry a little bit." I smile proudly.


"Y-yes, ma'am! Your word is my command! I'll do anything you tell me to, just please, if you have any mercy in your heart, don't clip my wings. Please…"
If they got turned over to the law, they'd not only get their wings clipped, but the tips would be cauterized so that the feathers would never grow back. However, the company would probably be willing to forgive and forget if they provided compensation. Say, pulling the wagons for some of the merchants…
"Glad to see you're all right there, Miyuki," Wool says. "Now, I'll see if Malaia has something to cure that zebra, and we'll get these vagabonds hitched up to the carts."



I smile warmly at wool.
"Thanks. I appreciate that."


Open Path lies on the ground before you, tied up in chains so tightly he can't move an inch, his wings spread out wide and unable to fold in.
"So…" He cautiously pries. "W-what happens now?"


"Well, compadre, that depends on a few things."

Sit on top of him.

"Most of the merchants here wouldn't mind if I left you a little more dinged up than you already are, a little closer to your doggy friend of yours. Thing is, I'm sure a little taffy from you might make them feel better about keeping you around."

Put my paw on his head.

"If you and the others haul your weight and then some, we might look kindly on letting you keep your wings. So whats says you? Willing to work from sun up till sun down and those extra bits too to keep your wings, on top of whatever little things a nice lass like me asks you for?"


He gulps heavily, a shudder running down his body as you touch the back of his head.
"O-of course, ma'am, a-anything! Your wish is my order. I'll be the hardest-working colt you've ever seen!
Though, um… out of curiosity…" he blushes and looks away- well, his eyes do, since he can't move his head. "N-nevermind. It's not important."


"You getting a cold or something?"

"Anyways, now that the deal has been struck, I'll let the others know. They ask you to pull a cart, you do so. Someone asks for a hoof massage, you do it. Anyone needs a bed time story read, they only tell you once or they start chopping off those feathers of yours and make a hat out of them."

Lift him up in his bundle of chains and stare him in the eye.

"Have we come to an acceptable agreement?"


His lip trembles as he fights to force the words out.
"It's not my decision… it's yours. You own me now, I am your… property…" his voice cracks up at this, leaving him fighting to hold back tears as he struggles to continue.
"…And as your property, it is you who decides what I do. Tell me to do as you said… and I will do it."
His eyes are wide and scared, but there's also a hint of something twinkling in the back. Deception? no… anger? uh-uh…
He seems rather calm about this.


Give him a Diamond Dog smile.

"As long as you remember those words and don't wind up as some tendsome filly, you'll be able to keep those precious wings of yours."

Start carrying him over my shoulder and see if I can go grab the others too.

"We're going to get you fitted with a nice piece of iron jewelry for those hooves of y'all and especially for your wings. Every night, I'm going to tie you up and have you sleep at my feet and those of the other guards. Don't try anything funny and you might just get to use them when we let ya."


You carry him off as you go to collect the others.
The diamond dog is tied up tight and getting dragged off by several other guards. The zebra is getting some sort of bath by the wagon of the zebra mare who sells perfumes; at least she isn't itching anymore. You're only really able to retrieve the goat, who's still out for the count.
You can hear a soft sniffling sound coming from behind you, but when you turn around there's no one there. The sniffling sound is still behind you.
…Is he crying?


Lift him up to eye level.

"Hey, don't be pretending now. You picked to attack us, now you gotta set up the supports on the tunnel you dug."


"I know," he sniffles. "I knew this would end badly from the moment Dorgan told us about it, but he just kept telling me I was being a wimp…"
Hiccuping, he fights to get the tears back under control.
"I didn't wanna do it. I don't want to be here, I don't wanna be a robber or a free-liver or any of that stuff he told me… I-I just…"
He chokes up.
"I-I just wanna go home! I wanna go home! I'll take the beating, I'll gladly do the chores for the next ten years, I'll listen to mom and dad next time the tell me someone's bad, if I just… I wanna go home…"


"And I wanna see the world, but both of us are right here, right now. Listen, you do what you're told, and you do it well, you might actually see your house. Maybe they'll even keep ya on board as an honest to goodness em-ploy-ee."

Put him back under my arm and keep walking towards any blacksmith or metal seller.

"However, don't forget your words. Right now, you belong to me, and by extension, all these righteous folks who count themselves as my employer. Once we get you fitted, me and the other guard will probably use you as pillows or paw stools or whatever we deem necessary or entertaining."

"Just remember, you take your licks now, and you might end up better for it."


He manages to quiet his sniffles, for now at least.

There's a blacksmith's section just up ahead. One of the ponies there waves you over.
"Hey there miss! What brings ye down here?"


"Don't know if you managed to catch the show, but these here varmints tried their hoof at banditry. Needless to say, it didn't work out. He took a proper lacing and now we intend to make them pay their way like civilized peoples. Hoping you could press some shackles and such for their hooves and fly-boy's wings here."


He just tilts his head at you. "Why didn't ye jest kill 'em? It's faster and simpler."
Path has gone completely rigid in your grip.
"It's not like they'd be missed; fer each one we cut down, three more pop up."


Put him down and run a claw over his neck.

"That was the original idea, but this group proved to be easier to deal with than a sick squirrel after drinking himself stupid. Figured we could make them pull the carts. Plus, you need someone to do something you don't wanna do, you've got two volunteers right here."

"Well, one volunteer and one unconscious goat, but he'll be available soon."


"Well, can't argue with that logic. Come here, big boy, let's get ye fitted fer yer new bracelets."
Path just sits there, staring off at nothing in particular.
"Err, miss? We kin get started on the goat's, but… could ye take those chains off'f him so we kin get to work?"


"Sorry, got so used to him being like that. Flew from my mind."

Start undoing Path's chains.

"Remember, keep it straight and narrow and you keep your wings. If you so much as look at the sky with longing, I'll tie you up so much that you'll only be able to move around by rolling."


He blinks, chewing on his bottom lip as he processes this… and nods dumbly, continuing to stare straight ahead even as he's led over to where the manacles are being made.
"Want them to be a tight fit, ye know. After all, yer wearing them fer the rest of yer life."
There's a round of laughter that sweeps through the metalworkers at that.
Already the goat's manacles are almost done, his unconsciousness contributing to the ease with which they were fitted.


I'll go grab the Zebra too, make sure she gets fitted properly before she gets any ideas. I'll let the others handle that Dog.

Once they're all done, I'll take them to whatever place I call my sleeping quarters and make sure they're tied down good and solid.

"Path, lay on the ground, on your belly."


He clinks loudly as he stumbles over, wincing and limping as he goes where you instructed. The smith's didn't wait for the metal to fully cool before clapping the manacles on; his legs are pretty badly burned.
Wordlessly, he lays down on his belly, ears drooping as he rests his chin on the ground, rolling his shoulders once to adjust the thick leather vest trapping his wings against his body.


"Those morlocks, how can we expect you to earn your keep if they melt your legs off."

Grab some water and some cloth, then sit on him again.

"This is gonna sting, but it'll be worse if I don't."

Start washing the burns on him.


He hisses as you start washing the burns, but manages to stay completely still.
With his cooperation, you're able to wash all of his legs off rather quickly. As you're turning away, he finally speaks up.
"Why?" he asks quietly. "Why do you care?"


I'll reach over and do the same to the others, trying to clear up their burns.

"Because you said you belonged to me. I didn't like it when my brothers rough housed with my things, I certainly won't take it from no strangers."


He thinks about that for a minute. The other ones didn't get burned as badly, except for the goat, but he's still loopy.
"…Could we… get me a nametag or something?"
He glances away, a slight blush coming to his cheeks.
"Maybe a collar… so that everyone will know I'm yours?"
He fights to remain relaxed but can't help but give you a hopeful glance.


I'll shoot him an inquisitive glance.

"I guess, you did surrender to me in particular. Tell you what, next morning, I'll see if the scrap sellers have anything and I can use my claws to put my name on it. It's a weird suggestion coming from you, but it works, so what the hay? Now then, like I said before, you do as a I say. No more words out of your mouth for the whole night while I fall asleep. Tomorrow is when you start paying us back."


Though he's blushing brightly, it's pretty clear he's happy about the idea.
He barely manages to catch himself from giving you a confirmation, his jaw snapping shut as he nods, returning to his position on his belly as you instructed him.


Toss a blanket on them, the nights can get cold.

Go back to Path, put a blanket on him, and sit on his back.

"My brothers kept taking my things, so I got used to keeping most of my precious things near me as much as possible. Seeing as how you belong to me, I won't be hearing any complaints coming from you tonight, tomorrow, or ever."

Wrap myself in a blanket and get some shuteye.


It takes you a moment to get comfortable, finally getting in a good position to sleep.
Then, after a moment, he sits up a little, craning his head back in order to tuck your blanket in around you, before returning to his assigned position.



You wake up well-rested and refreshed from having a warm mattress to sleep on.
Your mattress, however, is looking a little bleary-eyed this morning. To his credit, though, Path managed to avoid moving an inch last night. Maybe his special talent is actually being a mattress?


Scratch him behind his ears as we wake up.

"Alright, as bad as you look now, you'll look worse if you don't get up. Today is your's and your friends' first day on the job."

Let's look around for some breakfast to give them.


For Security purposes (and because I hadn't really given them much personality in the first place), you've only been assigned the one prisoner to guard. You'll be able to guard more in the future, but for now, Path is all you've got.
There's a small gathering of ponies and other equines nearby cooking various vegetative dishes. Path keeps his head down and ears flat as he clinks along beside you.


Might as well get in line to get my ration. Do I recognize any of the others who are here?


Irvone, the book-selling griffon, waves to you from off to the side. You recognize a few of the ponies by sight, but not by acquaintance. Most of this caravan is a collection of strangers.
Eventually, it comes your turn for rations.
"One carnivorous meal, coming right up!"
It's some eggs, bacon, and hash browns. nothing elegant, but enough to fill your stomach.


Try not to salivate too much, but I am hungry after all that fighting yesterday. '1d10'

"Can I get some leftovers for the prisoner over here? It'll be his first day of paying for his deeds."

Roll #1 7 = 7


The cook grumbles, then goes to the waste bin, eventually returning with a plate of cut-off ends, roots, and basically all the parts of the plants considered unfit for cooking.
"Guess we can't let him starve, but he's not benefiting from my hard work."
You manage to contain your salivation. For the most part.


"Thought never even crossed my mind."

Let's get him a plate or a bowl for all of Path's food. The other's wont take kindly to him eating with them at the moment.

Wave back at Irvone and head over to him.

"Tell me, was the food as good as it smells? Oh, and don't worry about the hanger-on here, property like him knows to keep quiet unless spoken to."


"Oh, it is magnificent, my friend! So, the troublemaker finds he has only made trouble for himself, eh?"
Path just keeps his head down and his eyes on the ground, waiting for instructions from you.
"Come, sit, sit! I enjoy speaking with you, my friend."


Look at Path.

"Sorry little fella, but the others might object to you eating on the table with us."

Paw off his bowl to him.

"You seem awfully cheerful after this attack, Irvone. Are you just that confident in us, or did you read a really good book?"


"I'm used to it," he quietly acknowledges. "Thanks for remembering to feed me."
He hunkers down underneath the table near you and starts tearing into his 'food,' holding it close as he shoves as much food in his mouth as he possibly can while still remaining quiet, his eyes darting about as if he expects someone to try and take the food from him.
"These attacks, they are expected, you know? I am happy because of how easily they were dealt with! Surely this is a good omen for the rest of our trip."


"I hope you're right. 'Course, I'll still be on the chain if anyone else tries to mix it up with up. Maybe seeing others like Open Path here getting put to work will make 'em think twice about their plans."

Start chowing down on the food.


Well, the cook certainly knows how to do his job. Your food is gone in no time!
"I doubt it. Either their skulls are too thick to see that they would suffer the same fate, or they are too cowardly to defy the leader. Whose skull is often thick."
Irvone eyes Path appraisingly as he wipes his beak.
"Say… what plans to you have for that one, exactly? Anything specific yet, or…?"


"First thing I need to remind him is that he belongs to me. Second if that he'll be doing work and earning his keep. Seeing as how we just have open road ahead of us, I was thinking of offering him to you so you can read while he pulls. I'd say it's a fair way to start the first day of the rest of the life he owes me."


"Ah! Then we are of like minds on the matter!
…Pardon my asking, but, ah… what would 'reminding him' entail, exactly? I do not wish to have any blood getting on my books…"
Path's ear twitches as he stiffens, gulping down his last mouthful.


"Nothing of the like! I'm pretty protective of my property, no way I'm risking putting him out of commission. All I meant to do was make sure he was tied real tight to the cart and bring the chains along if he starts getting uppity."

Look down at Path.

"Even I'm getting tired of repeating this, but if you try anything, you'll be lucky if I manage to cook you into overland trout. The others here won't be so kind when dealing with property that starts trying to leave on its own."

"Irvone, you ready? I can tie him up for you and you can read in peace if you want."


"Ah, yes! As a matter of fact, I am! I shall take our dishes back; go ahead and hitch him to my cart."
Once he leaves with your dishes, Path sighs and rests his chin on the bench.
"I get it, okay? Same deal as back with the gang, same deal as before that: I step out of line, I get messed up and what's left of me gets tossed in the gutter."
He starts tilting his head upward before jerking it back down and clenching his eyes shut.
"You… you let me keep my wings, even if I can't use them right now. I've got nothing to gain from misbehaving, and a lot to lose."


Give him a smile and start petting him.

"Sorry, but you're in a bit of a tizzy, aren't you? I gotta make sure I press it in, but I'm not so cruel as to hurt you. As long as you do as your told, everything will be fine. Besides, these are hard working folks out to make ends meet. You'll be asked to pull carts or clean things up, but it's honest work. Keep your eyes and ears focused on that and you;ll see it isn't so bad."


He sighs and relaxes as you pet him.
"I know; I usually get the grunt work anyway. I'm just… I'm scared. Not all of those ponies are as nice as you, and fewer have your inhibitions about hurting us… hurting me. That's… part of why I want a collar. It's… something to remind me that I'm yours, yes, but… it would also be a protection against the rest of them. A way for you to be protecting me, even when you're not present, if you will.
…I don't know why I started thinking about this, but it just… sorta makes sense."


What did I just sign myself up for?


You are a guard hired to protect the eleventh Treacle's-Trading Company Trade Caravan on it's journey along the long, treacherous expanse of highway from the town of Tortera to Port Callibu, an infamous passageway that has come to be known as Tirek's tail. You can expect attacks from bandits looking to steal your goods, wild animals looking to make you their next meal, and rival companies looking to eliminate the competition with extreme prejudice.

The caravan set out yesterday, and was almost immediately attacked by bandits. Your fellow guards swiftly repulsed them, even taking some of them prisoner.

It is currently breakfast-time. Line up and get your rations.


"It'll really drive home the fact that your property too. You sure about that? On one paw, it'll protect you. On another, it'll condemn you. Maybe in the future you could take it off, but it'll still exist and your neck will always know the weight of it."

"I can probably find some scraps to put together, but this is your last chance. I don't like doing things in half-measures."


Food. Meals. Eating the act of taking into self to sustain. I sure could swallow more than this for now.
Line up


It takes him several moments of thought and strained breathing to respond.
"…I've never been free. Not really. If it wasn't the leader of the gang, it was the guy with the most muscle, the most influence, telling me where to go, what to do. The truth is, I've never made a single meaningful decision in my life."
He takes a deep, shuddering breath, his lips trembling as he steels himself.
"So here and now, I'm deciding to make my own choice, for the first and probably last time. I may never be free… but I can at least choose my master."
He kneels down, shaking nervously as he fights himself, before the shudders go still. Slowly, he leans forward and gently kisses your foot.
"I am yours, body, mind, and soul, from now until the day I die. If you will have me…"
Eventually, you reach the cook who is currently passing out food.
"One herbivore meal, coming right up!"
It's SugarGrass and Prench Toast for breakfast today.
There's a couple different merchants you can sit with, or you can go eat by yourself.


"May I order a omnivore meal next time, please?"

Take it anyway.


"Honestly, you make me feel like I'm the bad guy now. It's true you've done wrong, but you're also paying for it. I'll get you your collar and even I'm praying you made the right choice."

Let's go find a piece of metal, something that will work for his collar.


He blinks in surprise, then smiles warmly.
"Of course! It's been a while since I've cooked for others with such tastes. It would be a pleasure."
There's a couple of guards sulking in the corner; they don't look very talkative. There's also a zebra mare, an earth pony, and a unicorn.
"Bad guy? You are the first pony-er, dog- to really show me any kindness. Trust me, this is what I want."
He fidgets nervously.
"Though… would it be too much to ask that I be allowed to fly every now and then?"
There's actually a merchant that specializes in customized belt buckles. That could work. Then you'd just need to stop by the belt merchant nearby and pick up a suitably thick belt.


"That's fine, but only because I'm small enough to ride on your back. Sorry, but the only times you'll take to the sky is with me on your back."

I'll want to pick up both things then, hopefully they're close.


"Thank you."

Let's go somewhere nice and peaceful to eat. Don't mind if there are already people.


Yep, they're right next to each other. In fact, it looks like they're run by brothers.
"'Ello there!"
"Welcome to my shop-"
"They're here for my shop, brother dear."
"Preposterous! My wares are far superior to yours!"
"But our products are required to work together, brother dear."
"Quite right, dear brother, quite right. So, what can I-"
"-He means me-"
"-I mean we, do for you today?"
The zebra mare is sitting in a pretty quiet spot, calmly acknowledging your presence as you sit before returning to her food.


Acknowledge her back.
Sit meditatively and consume into my belly.


"I'm here for an accessory for the Prisoner here. A large piece of metal for a collar and a belt to keep the wings bound better than just this piece of leather."


"Ah yes!"
"Of course, of course!"
"Allow us!"
"Allow me."
They both descend upon a very nervous Path, poking, prodding, wrapping measuring tape around his belly and neck, muttering and bickering all the while.
"Anything you would like the collar's buckle to say?"
"Yes, perhaps a name or a date."
"Or a destination, perhaps."
"Two names?"
"Possibly. Would you like the collar to have spikes?"
"Make him keep his neck nice and straight!"
"Make's him intimidating, too."
As she sets her plate aside, she folds her hooves and examines you.
"Forgive me, for I do not mean to pry
but in you I do sense more than meets the eye."


"Just my name will be fine. Let the others know he belongs to me. As for the spikes…"

"Nahh, it'll be an inconvenience if someone orders him to help them and he keeps scratching up the place. Just a nice, big collar will do."


"Quite right, quite right."
"Quite pragmatic, indeed."
"Don't you mean practical, brother dear?"
"Indeed, my dear brother, that's what I said, isn't it?"
A few headache-inducing moments later, they finally emerge with two large belts. the first is small and clearly meant to be the collar, made of tall, thick belt material with a single metal buckle, bearing stylized feathers and wind gusts around the letters "T O S A"
The second is not a belt at all, but an oversized saddle modified to completely cover his folded wings.
"Will these satisfy?"
"Of course they will; we made them, didn't we?"
"You never know, brother dear."


"Can the ant comprehend to majesty of the world it lives in? Nonetheless, I appreciate your perceptiveness. Who are you? "


Give it a paw thumb up.

"I like it! You two do the best metal work I've seen from surface folks!"


"Zenthia is my name, a merchant of smells,
peddling perfumes, powders, and occasionally spells.
The work satisfies, for I have a knack
though my most popular products are aphrodisiacs."
She smirks knowingly.
"Now I am introduced, as you did ask;
So may I be enlightened on who I speak to at last?"
"Just our job, miss."
"How we make a living!"
Granted, there's a lot of metalwork involved, but the majority of this is leather and other belt materials. An iron collar would weigh him down and make his neck weak, and an iron saddle would probably break his back.
Path eyes them both appraisingly, shying away from the saddle instintively. However, the collar seems to command most of his attention.


"I hope you like, you asked for it and you'll be wearing it for a long time."

Thank the Brothers kindly for their efforts.


"I am Luvi, follower of the Walking Ways elucidated by our Princesses. As a crystal pony, I am closest to Cadence, though I will take lessons from the others also. I am primarily a warmage, to hone both mind and body to reach heaven by the means of violence. You are a peddler on this caravan too?"


They return the thanks once they've been paid and return to their shops.
"Come back soon!"
"But if she comes back soon, it means our product isn't working."
"Oh, right. Come back eventually!"
"He means come by anytime!"
"But what if she comes while we're sleeping?"
"Then we'll work in our pajamas."
Path is turning the collar over in his hooves, finally holding it still as he examines the buckle.
Finally, he chuckles and gives a slight grin.
"It's… nicer than anything I've ever worn before."
He holds it out to you and tilts his head to expose his neck.
"Indeed it is so, though if I may,
I would ask that you accompany me today."


"You asked for this in lot's of ways, partner."

Make sure I get it on tight.

"But, that doesn't mean I have to make you suffer for it."

Then loosen it a little. I don't need to choke the poor horse.

"I am thinking of keeping you for the rest of your natural life, but if you do good, I could see it in me, and I could talk to the others, to reconsider your situation in the future. Now, let's get a move on. Irvone is waiting for us."


Stand up.

"What does one like you have in mind?"


He rubs his neck experimentally, getting used to the feel of the collar. Then he smiles, though there is at least some sadness in it.
"…Thank you."
He walks with a somewhat straighter posture as you go to Irvone's wagon. Sure enough, Irvone is already there waiting for you.
"Ah, there you are! I was worried you had skipped out on me! Ah, I see the pet has some new accessories, eh? You make sure they are on good and tight?"
"Some company on the road would certainly be nice,
But for now I seek you for a different device.
Later this day, we shall near a place
where a carnivorous pack of wolves lies in wait for a feast.
Given the chance, they would leave too little of us for a hearse,
So it is thus I propose that we strike them first."


"Certainly. I haven't done much today."


Will wait until Knight returns to initiate combat.
As you walk beside her, Zenthia fills you in on this pack of wolves. Apparently they've attacked the caravan every time they've passed through this area, often dragging several ponies off to be eaten. This year, however, she wants to attack them first and try to wipe them out.


"Eyup. Help me make sure he's connected to the cart, I'm still not familiar with all the aspects of the job."


It takes a bit of straining, grunting, and a bit of chafing on Path's part, but soon the two of you have him hooked up to the cart and ready to begin.
He pulls experimentally, then smiles softly as he nods.
"Alright. This isn't so bad."
"Just wait until the middle of the day," Irvone cautions him. "When you're sweating buckets you may sing a different tune."
You're approached by a zebra and a crystal ponyBDN. The zebra speaks up.
"Good day to you, and well met.
Is a moment of your time something I can get?"


"'Course! We're just finished here and helping you fine folks is how I get my pay! Anything you need?"


"A den of wolves lies just ahead,
in times past they have left many ponies dead.
It is my thinking that it is time we must act,
to drive them from this place without subtlety or tact."


"Golly, why hasn't anyone gone after them before!? Well, this is what I get paid for, so I'll rid you and the caravan of that pesky pooch problem."


She smirks at you.
"Forgive me, but I find it plain to see
that your statement carries much irony."
Do you want to wait for BDN or Lemon, or keep going?


Stare at her for a moment in confusion.

"What are you getting at, oh… Heh, not my best word choice. Anywho, you must have been part of this caravan before if you know about those wolves. Have they sent anyone after them before?"


"A few times have ponies been sent that way,
but they did not act to prevent the problem today.
To drive them off, we must strike at their nest,
Destroy where they sleep and get their rest.
Simply backing them off will no longer do;
The time has come to get rid of them too."


"You're right. It ain't enough to just cork a gopher's hole, or a wolf's den. Let me get mah gear, but do you have anything that might help throw them off our scent. I don't want them following us to get some revenge."


"Ah, yes, how forgetful of me.
I've already prepared for that problem, you see."
Reaching into her bags, she pulls out a bottle of some greenish fluid and tosses it to you.
"Pour this on your hooves to mask your scent.
The wolves will have no warning of your intent."
Path paws the ground nervously.
"Isn't this, you know… dangerous? What if you get hurt out there?"


"What id in this potion?"


"Great, now we won't have to worry about leading them accidentally!"

Turn and pet Path.

"I'm strong enough to take you down, those wolves will be like walking down the carpet on my wedding day. You just make sure to keep this cart moving and I'll be right back with you."


She blinks innocently.
"What is this? You ask my trade secrets to tell,
When I've already assured you that all will be well?"
She chuckles lightly.
"It's purpose is to mask your scent.
I much doubt it could be used for any other intent."
"Taking me down doesn't take much…" he mutters softly.
"I'll make sure this cart keeps moving, then. I'll… see you when you get back."


"I suppose I will have to take it for what it is."


"Hey, don't sell yourself so short. You made me have to reach out to get you, that's something. But yeah, don't worry about anything else but doing your job. We'll be back before you know it."


Having split off from the main caravan, you are now deep inside the woods, following the zebra mare as she leads you to a large clearing. Your hooves and paws are still sticky from that potion, but at least it just smells like… the absence of smell.
"The wolves den lies just ahead.
I hope they chose to stay in bed."


Can I spot any wolves that are walking around? Hawkeye '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"They will be sleeping ever after this when they are fed."


There's about five of them walking around outside of a cave in the back. There's a large one that's probably the sentry, judging by the way he's sitting on the highest rock and overlooking the rest of the pack. There's a she-wolf beside him that's probably his mate.
One is laid out on the ground napping, while the other two are play-fighting.

Wolf Sentry: 6/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 6/5 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: 4/5 hits/wounds
Wolf hunter: 5/5 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: 5/5 hits/wounds


"Ready yet? I would like to topple them. "

Ready and conjure a flaming spear.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm always prepared to kick some tail!"

Cleave, let's see how many we can get in one swing. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


A spear of pure fire and arcane energy forms beside you, drawing the attention of every wolf in the area. They snarl as they drop into aggressive stances and advance on you.
The Sentry and his Mate are safe up on the rocks, but the other three are sent sprawling!

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 6/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 6/5 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Wolf hunter: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: Helpless/4 hits/wounds


Is that single or Great weapon?


"Hey, are we related?"

Reach out and try to grab one of the wolves with my chain.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Grab '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


Let's make it great.

"Come, insects! You are only stepping stones!"

Magic firebolt the Hunter.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


The scout "hurrs?" in confusion as your chain wraps around it, tying it's forelegs to it's chest.
He yelps and whimpers as he's engulfed by flames, rolling around desperately baying as he tries to put himself out.

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 6/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 6/5 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Wolf hunter: Helpless/3 hits/wounds DC 5+ TO HIT
Wolf Scout: Helpless/4 hits/wounds Grappled


"I bet you took my stuff when I was little!"

Whip the chain around and smash him against the burning Hunter.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Grappled Scout Damage '1d10+1'
Hunter Damage '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #3 10 = 10


Power strike with my Weapon. That Hunter will be down.

Roll #1 7 = 7


The scout howls as you spin him around faster and faster until he becomes a blur, then swinging him into his packmate with an impact so hard you hear bones crack.
The Sentry pounces at you! Roll to dodge!
You pin the hunter to the ground, then rip your spear from it's chest. Quick and clean.

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 6/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 6/5 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Wolf hunter: DEAD
Wolf Scout: Helpless/2 hits/wounds


"Why do other Dogges keep jumping at me!?"

Evasion '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Now the scout. Power strike?

Roll #1 1 = 1


It manages to latch onto your arm, hanging on tenatiously!
The Mate pounces you and knocks you to the ground!

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds INCAPACITATED
Luvi: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 6/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 6/5 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: 5/2 hits/wounds


"Get off, I need that arm to pound you with!"

'1d10' Liberate Arm

Roll #1 9 = 9


You punch him in the jaw, making him release your arm and drop to the ground, growling as it backs off.

Tosa: 5/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 4/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 6/5 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: 5/2 hits/wounds


Lemme up fast

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Eh!? I'm surrounded!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave right through them. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"Good. Makes my job easier."


With Tosa swinging that chain around, you decide to stay down a little longer.
Your chain whips through them all, but you've made yourself dizzy! -1 to your next roll.

Tosa: 5/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 1/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 3/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: 2/2 hits/wounds


I can't stay down. This won't do!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh no, did more Wolves show up! Luvi, you gotta get up!"


Roll #1 2 = 2


As Tosa tries to help Luvi up, she gets dog-piled!

Tosa: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Luvi: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 1/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 3/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: 2/2 hits/wounds


"Get off of us!"

Stand and Fight! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'm not down! I'm already up!

Let's make that true.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You manage to toss them off and get back to your feet!
You are a liar, and wolf-meat, as the pack tears into your flesh.

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds
Luvi: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 1/4 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 3/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: 2/2 hits/wounds



Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave all the Dogs. They can't attack if they're down. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


What is the difference between truth and falsehood? Let's blur that.


Roll #1 7 = 7


You hit them all, but the strike's weaker than usual. Maybe you're getting tired?
Finally you rise to your feet. Is it time to unleash Muatra upon these beasts?

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/3 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf mate: 2/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: 1/2 hits/wounds


"You stupid wolf. If you hadn't bitten me, you'd all be dead and I wouldn't have teeth marks on my arm!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Grab '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Not yet. Open with a Firebolt on the Sentry.

"Look! You're ascending!"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Your chain wraps around its throat so tightly its eyes begin to bulge, kicking around everywhere in an attempt to get free. Unfortunately this results in dirt getting kicked into your eyes.
You finish it off with a great bout of flame and carnage, barbequeing it on Tosa's chain and leaving the metal glowing red-hot.

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/3 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: DEAD Grappled
Wolf mate: 2/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: 1/2 hits/wounds


I've still got my ears!

Launch the body against the nearest wolf! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


The scout now. Stick this hot rod through it.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


No bonus

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You hurl the body into it's mate, scorching her with the red-hot chains and covering her with her late mate's body fluids as she writhes on the ground.
Still, that's a pretty damn impressive hit! The wolf's barely clinging to life now.

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/3 hits/wounds

Wolf mate: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: 4/2 hits/wounds
Wolf Scout: Helpless/1 hits/wounds


"Even if I'm related, most of my family were jerks. Never giving me a moment of peace!"

Cleave them while they're down. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Who are you even speaking to?"

May as well strike into the Layabout. Powerstrike.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"These stupid wolves! All they do is snarl and bark, just like my folks back home!"


Damn, you've really got some pent-up anger over your family, don't you? The poor wolf-pack's decimated by your furious chain-swinging.
You finish it off with a powerthrust of Muatra. Only one remains.

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/3 hits/wounds

Wolf mate: Helpless/1 hits/wounds
Wolf Layabout: DEAD
Wolf Scout: DEAD


"It was always dig a hole here! Or get those sticks of dynamite out of your brothers' mouths!"

"I had a lot of brothers! They all had something in their mouths!"

Rub my eyes, try to see clearly again. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Patience. Leave them behind and erase them if you dislike them."

Skewer it now.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You're seeing pretty clearly now. Your eyes are creating a lot of tears to clear out the dirt. That's the only reason. Because you've got dirt in your eyes. That's why you're tearing up. Yeah.
With a mournful howl, the last one dies. However, it seems there are probably more further into the cave…



Morning, sleepyhead! Ready to face the new day?


Sitting on top of Cut Wools cart, I meditate and try to recal what happened last time. Anything happened?

By the way how is Cut wool and the caravan? How about the bandits a.. andtheir leader?


The caravan's just fine; it's early morning for you.
As for the bandits from yesterday, the pegasus is pulling a cart for that griffon who sells books; you notice he's sporting a new wing-restraining saddle and a large collar bearing a buckle that says "T O S A."
However, the leader is pulling a cart back behind Cut Wool, wearing heavy-looking manacles and chains.
There is also another guard nearby; a Diamond Dog, in fact. He's a big one, too.


Slowly approaches the guard and the prisoner doge and just eye both of them specially the prisoner.
"….. is he causing any trouble yet?" I just growl.


The prisoner mumbles something very loudly around his gag that sounds extremely insulting.

The guard doesn't answer you for a minute, his eyes simply running up and down your body.
Finally, he smiles slyly at you.
"No trouble, once we got the gag in," he rumbles, reaching up and stretching slowly. His muscles ripple and bulge, stretching his skin taught as he reaches for the sky. Since he's not wearing much aside from some shoulder armor and a pair of shorts, you get a good look at the entire show.
"So… what's your name?"


I just glance at the prisoner as I clench my teeth.. as I stare at the guard I just clear my throat and look the other way and just let out a tired breath.
"That is good to hear, I was just concerned about the well-being of the caravans. If we are only near civilization we could have just dumped them in the prisons, but well since we are now here we got no choice but to… babysit them am I right?" I glance at the guard and give him a confident and challenging look as I raise my head.
"My name is Miyuki sir." I stare at him slowly just glancing at his bod for a moment before looking away.


He steps forward until he's towering over you, looking down with a smile that carries something… knowing?
"I'm Bigspear. It is nice to see you, Miyuki."
His gaze openly shifts to your flanks, his smile widening before he looks back down at you.
"So, Miyuki. The caravan doesn't set out for a while yet this morning. Care to join me as I make my rounds?"
His entire body is like one mass of muscles, all of them swelled and taught beneath his skin. He could probably pick you up and throw you like a football if he wanted to.


I raise an eyebrow at him a bit unsure of why he is staring funny at me. I then lower my tail to cover my flank.
"We can do a round to check on the other caravans, though who will guard him?" I point at the prisoner.
I shake my head to try to clear out any thoughts that are unnecessary.

Roll #1 10 = 10


…You're no fun.
"The shopkeeper can keep an eye on him. Right, Bert?"
"Right!" Calls a rather large earth pony, who cracks a whip for emphasis.
"So," Bigspear growls warmly as he scratches you behind the ear, "Why don't you come with me for a while? Let me… show you around?"


I chuckle as he scratch my ears and flick his paws away.
"H… hey, that tickles, we are on guard duty you know that, alright lets have a look around shall we? With how these bandits are able to creep up so close to us it will be good to keep an eye around right?" I then follow Big spear around and keep my eyes on the horizon for anything.

Roll #1 9 = 9


As you glance to the side, you notice Bigspear openly staring at your flanks with a lewd little smile, a small tent beginning to form in his shorts.
"So, miss Miyuki… sleep well last night?"


W.. what the?
I look at him a bit disturbed as I blush and gulp at the sudden sight in front of me. I then lower my tail even more to cover myself.
"Uhhmmm…. yes Bigspear, I mean yeah I slept alright, how about you?" I try to said in a confident tone.
"Hot weather today is it not ehehe… "


"Oh, it could have been better… with how cold the nights are now, having someone to keep you warm would really help."


I then tilt my head a bit confused before contemplating.
"Well one can keep close to the campfire right? That is practically easy but I guess I can help you set up one if you are having trouble. I mean are you having trouble with that? That is basic survival skills." I smile at him before looking away so I would not glance at anything.


With that I then look over at the horizons again to keep a close eye on activities that may disturb the camp.
"It looks like to be safe for now, this place that we picked up to camp is very secure if you ask me."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Very secure. In fact… you notice that you've both wandered into a very secluded part of the caravan.
"Actually, I think I just found one."
Suddenly his arms are wrapped around you, pulling you close to his chest before you can react.
It's like being surrounded by muscle, squeezed gently but firmly from every direction, your forelegs pinned to your chest as you feel his hot breath on your ear.
"So, what do you say, pretty pony?"


"W.. what!? Hey!"
I gasp as he picked me up, seeing him hugging me tight I try to get off of his grapple.
"W.. What are you doing? Stop it!" I gasp at him as I try to avert my face from him.

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8


Well, you somehow manage to slip free, seeing him give you a sad confused expression.
"But… doesn't pony like belly rubs? Here, I show you."
Wub wub wub da tum-tum '1d10+4'

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


I gasp as he does it again! How could he?
"W.. wait! Are you not a guard too? Why are you doing this?" I bite my lips as I try to resist the rub.

Roll #1 9 - 2 = 7


After a bit of squirming from his grasp I then gasp out and slowly go limp an let him do his rubbing of my soft belly.
"A.. ahh.. stop, why my belly?"


Wub roll is higher.
You go limp in his grasp, allowing him to embrace you once more, his other hand beginning to rub your chest as he nibbles your ear.
"Yes, I am a guard. Why am I doing this? Because I know it feels good, and feeling good makes ponies happy. You are very pretty pony, but very tense; very unhappy. I want to make you happy, Miyuki. I want to make you feel good…"
And you have to admit… it's working. This feels… really, really good…


I should not… I really should not but it feels good….
With that I let him rub my belly as I raise my head to slowly nuzzle to his neck.
"Gaah.. no we should not… this is embarrasing. What if someone saw us?" I gasp.


"No one will see us, Miyuki," he rumbles approvingly, kissing you on the nose as you start sliding lower down his body.
"This part of caravan not going to have anyone come for a few hours. We have all the time in the world…"
Fade to Steam


I want to catch a glimpse of what Irvone is reading.

"Tell me, which of these hardcovers caught your eye today?"


It look to be a copy of Gall Liver's Travels: The Director's Edition.
"Eh, a few were mildly entertaining, but certainly nothing to sing about. I tell you, the writing industry today, it is ridiculous- the same thing over and over again with slightly different skins each time."


"You're talking to a gal whose lived under a mountain most of her life. All these common things to you, I kind of want to pick up my own cart and bring 'em back to the folks. Maybe my brothers might be able to pick up something close to an edumacation. So, what's that story about? Give me something to ponder before I go out and do my rounds."


He gives you the cliffs-notes versions of not-Gulliver's Travels.
"These novels of which I speak, though, they are no good for brain. They are fluff, mindless romances with no logic or thought. This one," He gestures to a book with a picture of an apple being held by two pale white hooves, "Is the worst of the bunch. A girl - with no personality of her own! - goes to a town surrounded by fog, only to find VAMPIRES! Oh, but these are only misunderstood vampires, who fall in love with her for some reason or something. and then she dies, only she doesn't die, and has half-pony, half-vampire babies. Did I mention these vampires SPARKLE when exposed to sunlight?"


"Thing is…"

Get up and see where my rounds will take me.

"I don't really know what a vampire is… I kind of have been living under a rock, to borrow a term."


He just stares at you.
"…You poor, neglected girl."
Suddenly, he stands, snapping his wings out with purpose as he puffs his chest, accidentally cracking Path on the rump, who just jumps and flattens his ears while lowering his head.
"I shall show you the world you have been missing!"
With that, he grabs you and pulls you inside his cart.


"Whoa there, I gots work to do too you know! Can't b reading all the time."


You find yourself in a massive library, with books piled high in the air as far as the eye can see.
"Nonsense! There is always time for reading!"


"But, muh job. It's what I'm getting paid for…"

Try to resist. My job also means defending these books. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"But there are others out there too. They won't mind. I mean, I'm just making sure your stuff is all here. Yeah, that's it. Just making sure your cart is good."


You spend the rest of the day getting sucked into the world of Dracula, Gulliver, and countless other stories of adventure and mystique. You have to practically get dragged off to go take care of the wolves.



Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 6, 6, 1, 7, 3 = 23


All right, the party is currently gathered outside the wolves lair. There are four paths into the cave that you can see: The north, the northeast, the East, and the southeast. Which path do you wish to take?


Which one could possibly lead the wolves to safety, an exit they could run to? I should block that first.

Sniff the air for wind currents. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


As a canine yourself, the scents and air currents are something you can read like the back of your paw.
The air current from the North is slow and meandering; the tunnel probably curves in on one of the other tunnels somewhere.
The Northeast smells of Wolves and meat; that's probably where most of them are gathered.
The East has a cool, constant aircurrent. There must be another exit on the other end of this tunnel.
The air from the Southeast tunnel is still and unmoving. Must be a dead end.


East it is! Any Dog capable of digging knows you always have to make sure you have access to air. Hopefully there aren't too many wolves waiting for me.


You move forward without problems, finding your path mostly unblocked.
You come to a crossroads; one path splits north, smelling of wolves and meat; The other continues east, still carrying the cool, constant aircurrent. You also pick up the faint scent of wolves; there must be sentries in the back.


Let's see if we can check on the wolves and the meat. Approach carefully, I don't want to tip them off but I need to make sure the meat isn't some poor ponies or others.


Three more tunnel splits; left, right, and center. The center smells the strongest, but the right carries the scent of meat too. The left only carries the scent of wolves.


Let's check out the meat to the right first.


Looks like it's just some woodland creatures; no sentients getting eaten here.
Unfortunately, there's also three wolves!

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: 6/6 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 5/6 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 6/5 hits/wounds


Let's break some jaws so they think twice about biting me or calling for help.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave 'em '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Well, their jaws are busted, but that didn't really do much to take them down!

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: 5/6 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 4/6 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/5 hits/wounds

One of them pounces at you! Roll to dodge!


"Not again! I'm not that delicious!"


Roll #1 1 = 1


Apparently you are, as it drags you to the ground and starts tearing into you ravenously.

Tosa: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: 5/6 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 4/6 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/5 hits/wounds


"Get off! Go chase your own tail or something!"

'1d10' get it off and get up

Roll #1 7 = 7


You're up, but these wolves have a taste for your blood now and have started circling.

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: 5/6 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 4/6 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/5 hits/wounds


Grab the closest dog and start choking it.

"I'll teach you to bite me!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Choke hold '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


It's eyes start bulging as you squeeze, even cracking a few ribs in the process.

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/5 hits/wounds Grappled
Wolf 2: 4/6 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/5 hits/wounds


"Try to bite someone again!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Smash him '1d10+1' into his friend. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #3 6 = 6


You hear his bones crack as he bounces off his packmate and hits the rocks hard. That's going to leave a mark.

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 2/6 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/5 hits/wounds


"I'm not done with you all just yet!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave through them, ending at wolf 1. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7


Damn, girl! The weights on the end of your chain shatters and crushes everything in it's path, ending by smashing into the first wolf's stomach. That's definitely going to cause internal bleeding.

Tosa: 7/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/1 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: Helpless/5 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: Helpless/4 hits/wounds


Grab Wolf 1 with the chain and crush his organs.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Grab '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


Grab successful!
On the other hand, getting yourself wrapped in the chain as well makes this plan rather hazardous.

Roll to get free before you get mauled!

Tosa: 1/4 hits/wounds Bound

Wolf 1: 6/1 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: Helpless/5 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: Helpless/4 hits/wounds


"I blame you for this, Wolfy! Why couldn't you just die?"


Roll #1 10 = 10


Not only are you free, but the wolf is now securely bound! He won't trouble you anymore.
His friends, however, are a different story!

Tosa: 1/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: OUT
Wolf 2: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 6/4 hits/wounds


Fling the dead wolf around like a flail!

"Bad wolves! You'll all get what's coming!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave them both '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


Corpses are not the most effective weapons. the wolves seem more annoyed than hurt.

Tosa: 1/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: 4/5 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


Release the body and rush in with a punch to Wolf 2's snout.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Uppercut '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4


It bites your hand and throws you to the ground! You must be really tasty.

Tosa: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: 4/5 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


"Get off or I'll have you turned into a blanket for Path!"

Push him off. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


He's having none of it. You better get aggressive before he overpowers you and starts eating you alive!

Tosa: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: 4/5 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


"I'll make your friends into talon warmers for Irvine for this."

Growl and kick him off. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


That got him off you! Now to finish the fight before they take you down again!

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: 4/5 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


Dropkick the wolf that bit me. '1d10+1'

Hawkeye '1d10' aim at his face.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2


You catch him in the chest, but still a good kick.

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: 1/5 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


While he's recovering from the blow, rush over and go for a grab.

'1d10' Hawkeye
'1d10+1' Make sure it's a tight hold.

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


Good and tight.
He's trying to claw his way free! Roll to keep him restrained!

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: Helpless/4 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


"No you don't!"

Turn it into a choke hold!


Roll #1 9 = 9


That got him to stop struggling, at least. What now, though?

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: Helpless/4 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


It's Suplex time! Lift the wolf and crush them into each other!

Hawkeye '1d10'
Break them with proper form. '1d10+1'
Wolf 3 damage '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #3 4 = 4


Missed the other one, but that looks like it hurt!

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: Helpless/3 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


"Sorry, I made a promise and I can't back out now."

Twist one of his legs.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Grapple '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


He manages to claw at you!
Think I need to pause here; getting called away, and you need to get ready for work.

Tosa: 6/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 2: Helpless/3 hits/ wounds
Wolf 3: 5/4 hits/wounds


Jump away and grab the chain.

"I hope you didn't like your teeth."

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave 'em '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


So what is happenign?!


You have two choices: Combat or Caravan? Which dogs would you rather deal with right now?


COMBAT! Let justice be served!


Well, you were sent to clear out a cave full of wolves that were harrassing the caravan. Tosa went one way, while you went the other.
You find a room with several wolves settled down to rest, including several nursing mothers. As you enter, three of the wolves move to block you as the rest start herding the pups over into a corner.

Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: 5/5 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/5 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/6 hits/wounds


By Celestia's mane! Three wolves? This is going to be tough! I stand at the ready and readied my stance.

But nothing is too tough for a pony like me!
Soul puuunncchhuu!!
-2 hits

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13



The wolf goes flying and cracks into the cave walls, slumping to the ground. The rest of the wolves immediately give you some space.

Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: 5/5 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/6 hits/wounds


"Haha! Take that!"
Lets attack the helpless one with my hoof!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You kick him while he's down. Enraged at this dishonorable tactic, his packmate pounces at you! Roll in order to not get mauled!

Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: 5/5 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/6 hits/wounds


Haha! Cant touch this.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You just barely avoid his snapping jaws. Now hurry up and defend yourself!

Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: 5/5 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/6 hits/wounds


My HP should be at 5/5 now
Looks like my luck is holding out, thats a close call!
Now lets put out these wolves out of comission! PLANT A HOOF ON WOLF!
Soul punch.
-2 hp

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


Also on wolf 1.


You are on a roll, girl! It's like Bigspear stuffed you full of superpowers or something, the way you're pounding on these wolves! Another wolf sent flying by your magical hooves!

Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/6 hits/wounds


I frown remembering him again, that bastard asshole I will pound him! I mean pound his face! With my hooves!

gaah.. not now not now not now! attack the last one that remains standing!

Roll #1 5 = 5


That tingling sensation between your thighs that you get when you think about him or the collar around your neck distracts you enough that you get bit!

Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/6 hits/wounds


Accckk! Asshole!
"Ahh stop that!" I shook the wolf away and land a hard boop on its nose!

Roll #1 6 = 6


He scrunches, seeming more annoyed than hurt.

Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 5/6 hits/wounds


"Stop that!" I look at the wolf as I recover my stance and seeing the other one standing up I look at the one I am facing and rush it, with hooves raised!
"Sutā no hidzume!!"
Soul punch!
-2 health

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10


Wolf 3, sorry if I forgot.


Wolf three goes flying! You're really cracking bones right now!
Seeing how bad things are getting, the mothers and pups just cower in the corner, trying to make themselves as small as possible.

Miyuki: 3/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: Helpless/4 hits/wounds


I grimace at the family as I look at wolf 2 and then try my best to land another hoof at him!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Don't get distracted!
The wolf pounces at you! Roll to avoid getting pinned!

Miyuki: 3/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: Helpless/4 hits/wounds


Whelp! roll!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Whew! That was close! Get your head back in the game, girl!

Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/4 hits/wounds


By Celestia this is not good. I then gather my strength as I run and make a charge! Using myself as a cannon I direct my hoof to Wolf 2 and attempt to knock him out!!
-2 health

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


You use yourself as a cannon, alright… barreling face-first right into his crotch! The smell is a familiar one…
The wolves look a little uncertain what to make of this.

Miyuki: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/4 hits/wounds


Whelp! No not that! Not that!
Try to brush him off and stand up!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You brush him off and pop back up, blushing profusely as you become very aware of the collar pulling at your neck.

Miyuki: 5/4 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/4 hits/wounds


Nope nope nope! Not right now!
Lets kick the Wolf3!

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you kick, you feel a twinge as something back there reminds you of just what you were up to this morning, making you collapse on the ground in an embarassing position.
The wolves are now at a complete loss as to what to make of you.

Miyuki: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/4 hits/wounds


I groan on the ground.
Is his trace still inside me? By celestia that is….
Nope! Nope nope! Dont thinK! Stand up!

Roll #1 8 = 8


You shakily regain your hooves.
Feeling something sliding around inside you in the dirtiest of ways~
The wolves quickly compose themselves as they drop back into a combat stance.

Miyuki: 5/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: 6/4 hits/wounds


Whelp! Lets finish this business! Right now!
Soul punch!
-2 hp on wolf 3

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10


That's it, now your head's back in the game! Once more you send a wolf sailing!

Miyuki: 4/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 6/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: Helpless/3 hits/wounds


Last wolf standing!
Hoof punch!

Roll #1 6 = 6


It's a glancing blow at best. You know you can attack helpless enemies to deplete their wounds faster, right?

Miyuki: 5/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 5/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: Helpless/3 hits/wounds


Yes lets do that! Attack Wolf 3!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Looks like you're a little wobbly on your hooves. Wonder why that is~

Miyuki: 4/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 5/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: Helpless/3 hits/wounds


That bastard… I grit my teeth as I try to stand still and attack wolf 3 with my burning hoofsies!
Soul punch!

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


The wolf is now splattered all over the cave walls. I hope that helped burn off some of that aggression you're feeling since Bigspear might punish you for it~

Miyuki: 3/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 5/2 hits/wounds
Wolf 3: OUT


Haha! now that is what I am talking about!
Lets fight off this other wolf and put him down!
Wolf 2

Roll #1 1 = 1


You're the one who would have gotten put down- if not for the massive paw that grabs hold of your collar and yanks you away into a familiar embrace.
"Pet pony should be more careful," Bigspear rumbles as he backs off from the wolves, still holding you close. "Wolves not as gentle as me."

Miyuki: 3/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 5/2 hits/wounds


I look back at him and tremble a bit.
"B.. bigspear? What are you doing here?!" I grit my teeth as I look at the wolves.
"Well now that you are here, pray that we take down these bastards before we are ripped to pieces!"

Wolf 1

Roll #1 3 = 3


You stumble as you force your way out of his grip. Luckily, he blocks the wolves from being able to attack you.
"Silly pet pony. Why you go in without me? Now you are hurt because I not here to protect you."

Miyuki: 3/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: 5/2 hits/wounds


I shake my head as I look at him.
"Are you going to help me take out these wolves or are you here just to fuck me?! Come on assist me you oaf!"

In my irritation at this doge I channel my energy on one of my hoof as I shout and charge!
Soul punch!
-2 hp on wolf 2

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


Another wolf down! Bigspear chuckles as he sees this.
"Of course I here to help," he comments as he knocks the last wolf back down. "Fucking comes after, while still hot from victory."

+2 to next roll against Wolf 1

Miyuki: 2/3 hits/wounds

Wolf 1: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf 2: OUT


I attacked the last wolf and put him down!

I stopped and look at him.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


As you put the last wolf down, Bigspear smirks and begins advancing on you.
"You feel energized, yes? Hot, sweaty, loose in the muscles, heart pounding? Is perfect time for sex."


I back up from this bastard and stand my groud.
"No! BigSpear not right now you horny fuck! Stay away from me! We are still in enemy territory you bastard!"

I then try to avoid this dog and make my way outside of the cave.


Actually, you are very much alone in this room right now…
Aside from the very large doge now holding you close. Despite your protests, it looks like you're going to be here for a while longer…



Roll #1 3 = 3




Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 1, 1, 1 = 3


Tosa and Miyuki meet up back in the crossroads of the cave, with Miyuki accompanied by the massive diamond dog guard Bigspear, whose weapon reflects his name, with Miyuki bearing a noticeable limp that makes her collar jingle.

There's only one cavern left to explore; this must be where most of the wolves are centralized around.


I smile warmly at Tosa as I lower my tail and stand straight.
"Hey… we have took care of a wolf den containing a family east of here. We have taken care of the three patriarchs and left the matriarchs and their childs alone."


Flash 'em a smile and wave."

"I've gotten around to finding an exit, all that's left is to make pelts of whatever remains in here."


Bigspear nods and pets your mane.
"Miyuki good fighter. Tossed wolves around like sacks of flour."
"Then we will finish job and clear out wolves once and for all."


"Ah.. I see, damn. We've forgotten to retrieve the pelts." I grimace.
"Anyway are there more wolves to take care of are are we finished here?"

I shiver at his touch and lower my head.
"Y.. yeah we did! I was smashing that moment."


"I got a scent on 'em earlier. I'll lead ya."

"Do all you ponies like getting patted there?"


"Ah… well, depends really." I smile as I look sideways.

"A.. anyway lead the way Tosa!" I stand firm and get myself ready.


"I'll ask Path, if he's been doing what he's been told."

Let's find those last wolves.


"Yes, but they really like ear scratches." Bigspear demonstrates by scratching Miyuki behind the ears, grinning all the while.
Head down the center path?


"I'll add that to my notebook. Path might like 'em."

Now is the best time to head straight down to 'wm.


"Path? Is that not the bandit?" I look at you as I follow.

I groan at his touch and then swat his paws off.
"Focus Bigspear." I scrunch at him seriously.

Center path it is.


"Yuppers. Trying to keep him on the straight and narrow. If all it takes is a firm voice and a few pats on the back, well, I can't do anything else but that. Our fight seemed to have taken a lot out of him, hopefully I can add some work ethic in."


I smile as follow.
"Ah I see, then perhaps a guiding hoof like yours can help him. Last time I see he seems cooperative unlike the others."


As you enter the center chamber, countless eyes turn your way, glowing yellow in the dim lighting. There is a large rock dominating the center of the room, towering several feet into the air. Sitting on top of that rock is the biggest wolf you have ever seen.
He is covered in scars all over his silver pelt that bulges around swollen muscles, his bared fangs as long as any knife and twice as sharp.
Leaping down to meet you, he howls to the sky, the sound reverberating up and down the tunnels as several wolves join him to repel the invaders. To repel you.
"I take care of rest of pack!" Bigspear yells to you as he dives into the fray. "You go for leader; they run when he dies!"

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 20/10 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 6/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 5/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 8/5 hits/wounds


"That reminds me to check on the others when we get back. We did take 'em in, might as well make sure they're doing alright enough."


Knock out the other wolfs with a Cleave, open a path for Miyuki.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


"Yes we shall but after we taken care of that bastard." I point at the alpha wolf

I scrunch as I still clearly limp and look at Bigspear in disdain as he jumps into the fray.
I then hope in my heart that his abuse~ of me earlier will not hurt my fighting capabilites

I then look at the alpha wolf and steel myself as I gather my chi-energy from my horn nad into my hoofs as I look at the wolf.
"Prepare yourself! I'll make you mincemeat you ass! Hiyaaa!" I jump at the alpha with my chi-focused hoof directly flying to his face
"Sutā no hidzume!!"
Soul punch!!
-2 on alpha

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


You just barely manage to knock them all back, but the Alpha bites down on your chain and starts pulling you in! Roll once to keep from getting pulled in, then again to try and get your chain free!
A good solid hit that pushes him back a few feet, but he stays standing. He's going to be tough to take down.

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 10/10 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 4/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


Actually, Miyuki is 4/5 hits/wounds.


"This is my chain you silly mutt!"


Roll #1 7 = 7


I pant as Ianded a solid hoof to that wolf when suddenly my hind legs buckle at the stress, still tired weak to undertake this fight. I then grit my teeth as I look at Bigspear with a scrunch and a blush.
"T.. this is your fault." I breath in a low voice when suddenly I saw Tosa being dragged.

"Tosa!" I then tried to stand up straight and go to the alpha wolf and buck his teeth off!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You knock a tooth loose, keeping Tosa from getting pulled any closer. Unfortunately, one of his lackeys pounces at you! Roll to dodge!
With Miyuki's help, you manage to keep from getting pulled any farther. Now roll to get your chain free!

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 6/10 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 4/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Miyuki!" While he's struggling with the other end of my chain, go clothesline the wolf attacking Miyuki with it.


Roll #1 5 = 5


Dodged so perfectly, you redirect it into one of the other wolves! That probably hurt!
When Miyuki redirects it, you fail to correct in time and end up getting rugburn from your own chain!

Tosa: 6/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 6/10 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 2/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


"Ow, OW!" Switch arms and pull my chain away!


Roll #1 5 = 5


"Thanks Tosa!" I smirked, then saw my opening as the alpha wolf is now busy!
"Duck!" I then run in full gallop as I jump again with my hoof straight in the air about to land on to this dog's face! Again!
Soul punch!
-2 on my hp, target alpha


Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


Being immobile is making you a perfect target for the wolves! Get that chain free already!
You time your punch horribly, your hoof just dissappearing down his gullet, making him bite down on your shoulder, trapping your leg in his mouth! Get free, or you'll lose the leg!

Tosa: 5/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 6/10 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 2/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


"Let go, Miyuki is in trouble!" Yank it out, along with his teeth.


Roll #1 2 = 2


Ah fuck!
"Fuck! I try to pull out!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Both of you pull at an inopportune time, making his teeth sink deep into Miyuki's leg! Get it free NOW!

Tosa: 1/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 6/10 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 2/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


"Miyuki, one motion to get both out, okay!?"


Roll #1 9 = 9


Goddamnit! If I wasnt this weak…. I bite my lips.
Pull free goddamit!
>rng pleahse

Roll #1 5 = 5


You leap on his back and use your chain to pry his jaws open, allowing Miyuki to pull both her leg and your chain out! Take advantage of this while you can!
With Tosa's help, you're free from his jaws at last. However, you're bleeding pretty badly… best to not use that leg more than you absolutely have to until it gets checked.

Tosa: 1/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 6/10 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 2/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


"You're going to wish we never met, wolfy."

Start chocking him with my Dogge arms.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Choke time '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 9 + 1 = 10


Ow… ow…. feeling weaker now I then try my best to stand up despite panting and shivering from the pain. If I stay down I'm dead.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You're signature chokehold is enough to bring even this mighty Alpha low. You could make a career out of doing this!
However shakily, you're back on your hooves. Now to clear these dogs out before Bigspear gets overwhelmed…

Alpha Wolf: Helpless/9 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 2/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


Lift him up in the air while choking him. Make him waste effort pawing into the air.

Hawkeye '1d1'0
Tosa powerlifts '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


I limp but stand up straight. Now lets try to this correctly! I then gather my energy and attack this helpless alpha! Bring him down.
Soul punch!
-2 hp

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6


You pull him up-
-And you punch him right in the throat! One of the other wolves moves to attack you to keep you off the Alpha!

Tosa: 1/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 4/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: Helpless/7 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 2/5 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


whelp! dodge!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh no you don't!" Slam the alpha into the wolf going after Miyuki.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Alpha Slam '1d10+1'
Wolf attacking Miyuki '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #3 9 = 9


You not only dodge, you kick it straight in the jaw!
You then slam the Alpha into the other wolf with a move that makes Bigspear's jaw drop as the crack of bones echoes through the caves.

Tosa: 1/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: Helpless/6 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


"You're not getting a moment of rest." Aim to grab his head and break his jaw.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Hold him down '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


"Yes I will!"
Lets aim for the alpha and buck his head!

Roll #1 4 = 4


There's an audible crack as you twist his head in an unnatural angle. Just looking at it makes you feel a little queasy.
He snaps at you, managing to score another hit on you!

Tosa: 1/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 4/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


"Come on, girl. You've seen worse but you're causing it this time." While the Alpha is struggling, use that momentum and flip him towards the Guard!

Hawkeye '1d10'
Alpha Toss '1d10+1'
Guard crush '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #3 2 = 2


Whelp! Lets not hesitate! Destroy the alpha!
"Puunnchuu!!" with my not wounded leg of course!
Soul punch!

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


Your punch cracks several ribs and leaves him coughing up blood! Doesn't look like he'll last much longer…
…until Tosa's ill-timed toss ends up putting all the wolves right back on their paws.

Tosa: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 3/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 20/1 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 6/3 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


"Sorry Miyuki, didn't expect them to recover like that!"

Make it up with a Cleave '1d10+2'
Hawkeye '1d10'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"That is fine! Lets bring him down before we get overwhelmed!
I then use my telekenesis to back up Tosa! Throw some big rocks at the alpha, as I try to recover my strength.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Missed I was helpless. I'll just take the 1.


Trying to cleave from helpless ends about as well as you'd expect, with the only dog getting hurt being yourself.
Luckily, with Miyuki's help, you're back up on your paws and ready to fight!
Got it. Already done.

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 4/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 20/1 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 6/3 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


"I owe you one!"

Run at the Alpha and kick in his face since he's on the ropes still.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Poochie Kick '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


"You okay Tosa?" I glance at her as I try to use my telekenises to lift their legs and outbalance the alpha wolf and the others if I can

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm good as can be in a den of hungry wolves."


The kick knocks some loose teeth out, but he's still fighting!
You manage to trip up all the wolves, making them stumble around in confusion!
+1 to all attacks next turn.

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 4/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 17/1 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 6/3 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


My opportunity! No time to think about anything! Time for rider kickuu!
Soulpunch! on alpha! Take him down!
-2 on hp.

Roll #1 7 + 5 = 12


Hit them all while I have the chance!

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Cleave '1d10+2'

"Dang, I didn't know you could do all this!"

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


That certainly stung! The already-winded wolf has to stagger back several feet as you pummel his already-abused torso.
and with a gory, blood-splattering swing of your chain, the Alpha's skull caves in, sending him toppling to the ground in a pool of his own blood.
For a moment the chamber is silent as the Alpha and his guards fall. Then, every last wolf still standing turns and runs.

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 3/3 hits/wounds

Alpha Wolf: 7/1 hits/wounds
Underling wolf: 5/5 hits/ wounds
Guard wolf: 6/3 hits/wounds
Strong wolf: 7/5 hits/wounds


Ignore those stats. They're all dead.


"Nice! The Caravan folks are going to be happy to hear about this!"

Let's start collecting some of the dead wolves and wrap them up with my chain. I'm going to have some blankets and clothes made from them for all the trouble they caused.


They're all gathered up on your chain, though you're going to need help hauling them back.
You could also explore a little in case they had something interesting stored away.


I raise my hoof in victory!
"Yes We did it!" I jump up in happiness.

Wait where is that dumb oaf!


I look at the damage that she did.
"Good job Tosa! That is quite a beating! How did you do that?" I smile


Let's start looking around then. We still have to make sure that there aren't other wolves using this place. What other area remains?

"We can expect a good bit of pay for this."


"Most likely, those caravaneers better know how much work that we've done here.'
I then look at you doing your thing.
"Are you looking for things that they might have got from past hunts?"


Panting and covered in scratches, though he rushes over the minute you land on your bad leg and collapse to the ground in pain.
"Stupid pony," he mutters as he does his best to bandage your leg, "why you go get yourself hurt like this?"
Once your leg is bandaged up, he picks you up and starts carrying you.
"Need to get you to see doctor soon."
Well, there's this main area to explore, then there's the dead end you avoided at the entrance.


"Lot's of practice digging back where I'm from. Had to help pull people and stuff out of sudden holes so much that it's a part of me now."

"Maybe. They told us that these wolves have been attacking the Caravan a lot."


Let's look the dead end over then, then we should start sealing up the entrances so they don't think about using it again.


I nod at you.
"I see, then lets take a look, perhaps the big dumb dog can help you in hauling whatever we find." I smile.

"Ahh.. h.. hey.. ow…..:" I wince as he began taking care of my bad leg and just scrunch as he carried me up. I then glance at him with a look that both read irritance and affection.
"I… its all your fault you know that you horny bastard…." I grit my teeth as I said in a hushed voice.


"I'm sure he can, and you should be able to get a good view around from up there."


You find the bones of some long-dead adventurers, as well as their gear! Roll to see what you get.
"Not one who shoved hoof down wolf's throat," he points out, giving your rump a teasing pinch.
"Besides, pony had fun too, remember?"


"Poor fellers. They at least deserve a proper send-off after this."


Roll #1 10 = 10


"I kind of do, well I think he should help out." I then look at Bigspear.

I blush and scrunch at him as I lightly slap his nose.
"I am limping and can barely even walk as we make our way here to Tosa. Dont tell me you are not part of why I got in danger stupid dog." I look at him and wrap my hooves around his neck.
"I.. if you just control yourself… you always wanted to use and release yourself inside me… you horny bastard…. " I wince as I boop his nose affectionately, my tag jingles slightly.

Should I roll too?

Roll #1 1 = 1


You find a sizeable collection of gems and and coins… as well as a length of chain that seems to be impossibly well preserved!
As you pick it up, the reason becomes clear; this chain is enchanted!
Grappling is now a Ranged ability in addition to it's other tags. Grabbing objects at a distance is now an automatic action out of combat.
You don't find anything but his eyes looking into yours and his paws on your flanks as he kisses you.
"I am sorry for that, pony," he rumbles affectionately. "Next few days, I let you recover, okay?"
Then he leans in and whispers, "Then you get to meet my friends."


"This chain, it was meant for another purpose… Mine's a work chain, but this one."

Let's gather the remains of the adventurers. They deserve a proper ending.


My heart flutters upon hearing this and wrap my hooves on his neck as I coo.
"Thanks… thanks, I needed the rest, Yes really." I nuzzle at his neck before looking worried.
"W… what friends?"


I then look at Tosa.
"Poor buggers…. "


"Yeah, no one deserves an ending like this."


There's not much to gather, but eventually you have a neat little pile ready for burying.
The chain might not be a work chain, but it's sturdy and solid enough to do the job.
He grins widely and nuzzles you back.
"Thickear and Rockjaw… maybe Rockjaw bring his pet pony too~"


"So you plan to bury them? Perhaps I can help. I dont know about this one though….. " I look at Bigspear with doubt.


Let's put these Diamond Dog paws to work.

"I can dig, so if you can make a little something of a headstone."


Soon you have a hole big enough to fit all the remains.

Bigspear breaks off a large rock and sets it as a headstone.
"Maybe pony can use horn to carve something in rock?"


I look at him a bit worried.. and look down. Already having idea's of how this will end.
".. you're so cruel.. and unmerciful… I nuzzle to his neck.

I then look at Tosa and compose myself.
"Alright I will help. Perhaps a reminder that they where here will do the trick."
With that use telekenesis with putting the tombstone.

Carve carve… something.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Good work. It wasn't proper that they just ended up here in some dark cave."


He just chuckles and rubs your blue flame cutie mark.
"I think pony will like my friends…"

You manage to carve a simple message:
Here lies some unknown wanderers
Who met their demise in this cave
May they rest in peace

"Agreed." Bigspear then shoulders one end of your chain to drag the wolves back.
"Shall we get going?"


"Yeah, lets. We'll see if some others can come by and help us seal the place so the wolves don't come back."


I just scrunch at him before looking at Tosa.
"Alright lets put this place to and end and leave."


Oh, you did manage to find something! It's long and thick, and has all these wierd bumps and ridges. There's also a weird set of half-circles on the bottom, and a switch on the flat side.
Bigspear archs an eyebrow at your find before giving you a knowing grin.
"Agreed. We'll come back and collapse the caves."

You all head back to the caravan. Event complete!


"Well, after all of this, I wouldn't mind sitting down for a nice meal."

"Hope you don't mind if I join you for company at the table?"


I look at him and scrunch.
"I'm not going to pick that up." I said in a flat tone.

I look at you then to Bigspear then back to you.
"Yes I really dont mind. Lets go." I smile.


You arrive back at the caravan about an hour before dinner and drop the wolf carcasses off with a skinner, who promises to pay you when he's done.
Where to in the hour before dinner?
He grins and picks it up, putting it in his pack.

Back at the caravan, Bigspear immediately carries you to the nearest doctor.
"Well now," The mare says as she examines your leg, "What happened here?"


I'll go let the Zebra know that the job is done and check out some of her wares.


I gasp as the doctor began the work.
"Bitten by a big wolf that we dispatched earlier, we did kind of a good job since with them taking care'd of they will never bother any caravans anymore, it will be a fast job… if I had my whole body working fine and not limping….. no thanks to him." I glance at Big spear.


She smiles as you approach.
"I see the task I gave to you
was completed, and you saw it through."
She has potions, lotions, even some aphrodisiacs if you're into that sort of thing.
What are you looking for?
"Mm-hm," she mumbles, glancing at your collar before getting back to work. "Well, it's not pretty. You're going to need stitches for this. You also have some bites on your neck; not as deep, hardly broke the skin actually. You're a lucky mare."


I blush as arrange my mane to cover the bite marks on my neck.
"Ah… well they are no…. I mean yes they tried to bit me but I slipped ahahaha…" I smile.
I then look as she began to stitch it.
"It will not cause that much damage right? I mean it will heal in time." I look at my wound a bit worried.


"I got bit a few more times than I liked. Y'all have anything that helps with the healing that doesn't smell too strong? Some of the stuff my folks used kept me up at night."


"Nah, it missed all the important bits. You'll be right as rain in a week or two."
She pulls out three different potions.
"This one is for illness needing remedy,
This one is for scratches that continue to bleed,
This one is for wounds that carry disease,
and this one is for one with grievous injuries."


"Thanks." I smile at her before looking down and look if Barkspawn is here watching me.


>Big spear.


"I don't think I'm that far hurt, but I might take the one for wounds if I could. I don't want to wake up with these gnashes getting infected."


He is, smiling gently as he sees you looking for him.
"Glad pony will be all right. Would be sad if she was hurt."
"Yes, thank you for bringing her straight to me. It helped minimize the damage the tissue suffered."
It takes a bit of the money you found, but you still have plenty left over.
"Is that all you seek today,
or should I send something else your way?"


"Nah, I gotta get back to my new charge. Thank you kindly for your help."

What's Irvone up to now?


I smile at him and just lightly touched my dog tag on my neck.
I then test my kicky legs.
"Will that do doctor?"


He's… yelling at Path, who currently has his ears laid flat as he waits to be unhitched from the wagon.
"No, no, NO! Try again!"
"A, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, m, l, n…"
"No, you imbecile! It is "j-k-l-m-n-o-p!" Try again!"
"a, b, c, d…"
Still sore, but functional!
"I believe so. Just make sure not to overstrain your leg for a week or so, okay? Don't want you tearing the stitches."


"Well, I guess I should be glad to see you have things under control here Irvone, but why are you having Path repeat the alphabet?"


"Because I cannot let such a travesty stand!"
"I told him it wasn't a big deal," Path mutters quietly, looking away as he blushes.
"Not a big deal?! Boy, not knowing how to read is a very big deal! Why, you don't even know the alphabet!"
"I can talk…"
"'I can talk,' he says! Phah!"


"Thanks doctor." I then stand up and approach him as I obviously limp.
"Well that is taken care off easily, thanks for carrying me here." I nod at him with confidence.



Roll #1 4, 4, 3 = 11



Roll #1 3, 2 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1



Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 2 = 2


The caravan has been covered by a thin fog this morning; perfect cover for you to move about unseen. Even your fellow guards are unlikely to notice your absence for a good while.

The unsuspecting merchants in the caravan are ripe for the picking. What path do you take now?


I make sure my cape is properly covering me before I start to move about. If nothing's happening, I'm gonna look for anything interesting that might be happening. Maybe there's something small I can pick up too on my morning round.


Tell me if I need to roll


Not much is happening aside from breakfast being served. This also means that most of the wagons are getting left unattended. You can roll to shift through the contents of any cart you wish.
Right now, there are three carts nearby; a rundown patched-up hodgepodge of scrap wood that looks like it's about to fall apart any second now, a simple four-wheel cart with subtle patterning on the sides and a discreet cloth covering, and a pioneer wagon with stylized artwork along the sides.


I'll check through the second carriage's contents. Also make sure to check for any hidden caches, I remember that one time in Hoofboken when a merchant had stored all his bits in a box between the axles of the cart…

Roll #1 9 = 9


This seems to be the cart of a wood-carver, filled with various carvings and stylized pieces of furniture. However, your knowledge serves you well, allowing you to find a hidden box between the axles of the cart. It's locked, so you'll have to roll to pick the lock, but there's definitely something worthwhile inside.


Shouldn't be too hard to do. Can I just take the whole box with me to tamper somewhere more safe if this goes awry?

Rolling to lock the pick

Roll #1 5 = 5


No can do, compadre. This box is attached tight; besides, the merchant would be sure to miss it, and something like this wouldn't be easy to hide.
You manage to pick the lock, but it was more difficult than you thought. A thorough examination would make it obvious the lock was picked, though a passing glance wouldn't.
Inside, there's quite a large stockpile of money; several bag's worth, in fact! However, if you take it all, that would be pretty obvious…


I'll take a quarter.
"King's taxes, as they say."
Quickly exit the wagon and get some distance.


A clean getaway; he probably won't even realize he's been robbed until he takes count of his stash.
You came out with about enough money to buy a small wagon if you wanted; not sure where you'd get one. The point is, it's more than enough to live off of for the next few weeks.


I put my wallet in the folds of my cloak. It's a good start of a day, so I might treat myself to some breakfast. I wonder if they have coffee in the caravan?


Sure do. It's more expensive because the maker only has limited stock, but that's not a problem with your new earnings.
How do you like your coffee?


Black. Maybe with some sugar. Gotta get some bread with it too.


"'ere ya go, mon," the zebra serving it calls, sliding you a mug full of the good stuff. "Bring dey mug back when ya done, a'ight?"
There's plenty of places to sit with your food and drink. What type of area are you looking for?


Somewhere that's dry, preferably. Doesn't matter if I have company or not.


Plenty of dry places around. Just eat your breakfast in solitude?
After this, I'll try some combat. Not the most elegant transition, but hey, it's a casual quest.


Yeah, crowds are good for disappearing into but that's not what I'm after right now.


Some time later…
You and the other guards were assigned to eliminate some wolves that have harassed the caravan before. As you creep through the woods, you can see what looks to be the entrance to a cave up ahead.
Roll perception.



Roll #1 8 = 8


You can see two wolves patrolling the cave entrance. They must be acting as guards; this is probably the back entrance.
They haven't spotted you yet.

Morris: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 5/5 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 5/5 hits/wounds


I take my bow and shoot the sentry.
Marksman shot

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Using the element of surprise, you land an arrow right between the wolf's ribs, sending him to the ground. That got his partner's attention!

Morris: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 5/5 hits/wounds


I had better shoot the guard then, before he bites my pretty face off.


Marksman shot '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Well damn son! Right in the mouth! No wonder he falls to the ground whining; that probably hurt like a bitch!
Of course, now his buddy is back up and looking for vengeance! Roll to dodge!

Morris: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 5/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: Helpless/3 hits/wounds


Dodge roll
I better draw my sword while I'm at it.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Good dodge! A little too close for comfort, though.

Morris: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 5/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: Helpless/3 hits/wounds


I stab the sentry and try to get some distance so I might use my bow.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Clearly your sword skills are not as practiced as your bow skills. The wolf pounces on you and takes you to the ground!

Morris: 5/5 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: 5/4 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: Helpless/3 hits/wounds


Oh crap
Stab at the wolf!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Well, you manage to stab him enough to make him get off you and get back up to your feet.
His partner's back up, though.

Morris: 5/4 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 5/3 hits/wounds


Quickly draw my bow and Marksmanshot the guard.
"You shoulda ran when you had the chance, laddie!"

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Good hit, right through the neck! It'll be a while before he gets up again!

Morris: 5/4 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: Helpless/2 hits/wounds


I try to finish the Guard off with my sword.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You manage to trip yourself up and flip positions with the wolf! How in the world did you manage that?

Morris: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 5/2 hits/wounds


Oh crap, I need to push the sod off me, hopefully with my blade!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Well, you're back up. Now finish them off quick!

Morris: 5/3 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 5/2 hits/wounds


Marksmanshot the guard

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


One of the wolves bites you before you can get the shot off! Better shake them off before they do some real damage!

Morris: 3/3 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 5/2 hits/wounds


Smack it in it's ugly head with my blackjack.

Roll #1 6 = 6


That makes it let go and back off, shaking the stars out of it's vision. Still, you need to finish this fight!

Morris: 3/3 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 4/2 hits/wounds


Stab the wolf in the face while it's still stunned!

Roll #1 7 = 7


A good hit, but the face doesn't hold many vitals. You should aim somewhere you can do some damage!

Morris: 3/3 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 2/2 hits/wounds


Wail at him. I'm bound to hit something.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Flailing about? Really? That leaves you open to counterattack! Aim, you fool! But first, you need to get back up!

Morris: Helpless/2 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 2/2 hits/wounds


Get up and away from the wolves

Roll #1 7 = 7


You've put some good distance between you and them; now use it before they close the distance!

Morris: 5/2 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: 2/2 hits/wounds


Marksman shot the wolf guard

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Right through the eye and into the brain! He dead. Fine shot, by the way.

Morris: 5/2 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Wolf Guard: DEAD


It shouldn't take too much to bash the last wolf down. The fur will fetch a better price if it has less holes in it.
Blackjack it '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


It snaps at you from the ground, glancing you. Be a bit more careful; just because it's down doesn't mean it's not dangerous.

Morris: 4/2 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/3 hits/wounds


"Down now, ya damn pest!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


sorry, got called away.
He whimpers and scoots away as you wail on him. He won't last much longer.

Morris: 4/2 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/2 hits/wounds


Smack him in the back of the neck

Roll #1 8 = 8


He's just twitching now. Go ahead and finish him off.

Morris: 4/2 hits/wounds

Wolf Sentry: Helpless/1 hits/wounds


And I thought I was supposed to have some other guards with me. Where the hell are those sods?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Going in through the front, I'd imagine.
That's Knight and Lemon and BDN, who aren't here right now.
With one last whine, the wolf shudders and goes still. Mission accomplished.


Well, I might as well skin the animals and see if their pelts are worth anything.


Roll to see how good a job you do of skinning them.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Eh, the hides aren't in the best of shape. You might get a little money for them, but there really isn't much to justify the effort.


"Eh, I might leave them here then."
Might take a look inside the cave, but I'm not going to go forward without a bit of help.


Looks like the other guards have already cleared the caves out; your mission is complete. You can explore the caves in hope of loot if you like.


Oh. In that case, let's enter.


There's three passages in front of you; left, right, and center. Which do you go down?


I'll toss a coin. If it's heads (1), I go left. If it's tails (2), I'll go right. If it lands on it side, I'll go middle.

Roll #1 3 = 3


How did you make a coin land on it's side?
anyway, the middle path leads you to a large room where most of the wolves denned. Roll to search for any loot the other guards might have missed.


"Wolves aren't exactly crows but there might be something hidden in here…"

Roll #1 1 = 1


This place has been picked clean. The only thing that hasn't been looted is a giant dildo that one of the wolves must have been using as a chew toy.


"…You don't see that every day…"
Fine, I'll pick up the slack and head back to the caravan. Time to get paid.


Collecting the pay goes off without a hitch. All in all, you've made quite the decent haul today.
I think I'm going to pause here until more players are available.


Nevermind, here comes Knight.


Makes sense.
It was fun.


So, you're back at the caravan with a wad of cash in your pocket. Where to now?



I might see if there's a bowyer or a smith in the caravan. Something fancy. Or if there's something happening, I'm interested.


"I'm going to have to agree with Irvone here. You need to know your 3 R's if you want me to keep you. I mean, what if I leave written instructions for ya? What'l' you do then?"


A bowyer? There's actually one a little further up in the caravan, if word of mouth is to be believed.


He goes pale and gulps, then starts again.
"A, b, c, d, e, f, g…"
Help Path learn his letters, or leave that to Irvone and do something else?



"Wait, you forgot another one there, after the 'C'. You need 'CH', like in chocolate."


I'll go and meet him then. I need to get a bit of string and some arrows.


Irvone looks at you slack-jawed as Path obediently begins again.
"A, b, c, ch, d, e, f, g…"
Irvone shakes his head and stares at you.
As you head up that way, you pass a runt diamond dog and a griffon trying to teach a pegasus the alphabet. The pegasus has his wings tightly bound and is wearing a collar with a tag that reads "T O S A."


Well, you don't see that every day. I slow my trot.
"Oi, what's going on here?"


To Irvone:

To Path:
"You forgot another one. After the L, it's LL, as in elle."


Irvone shakes his head.
"Excuse me, which alphabet are you using, exactly?"
Path hangs his head in shame and starts again.
"A, b, c, ch, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, ll, m, n, o…"
The griffon glances at you.
"Oh hello. We are trying to educate this poor soul, but are running into some… difficulties."


"The one in the dictionary."

Look at Path. "Once more, after the n, it's ñ."


"Why's the lass Pegasus tied up?"


This is Tosa, Knight's character, and an npc.


"Howdy there, you must be one of the other Guards that got hired. I'm Tosa, pleased to meet ya."

Offer a paw.

"Don't worry too much about Open Path here. He's just doing his time and we hope he learns from it."


He blinks, then slaps his head.
"Of course! You're meaning the Saddlish alphabet! It has three more letters than the Equuish alphabet, you see. Did you… did you have to teach yourself how to read?"
Irvone guffaws as you refer to the pegasus as a lass. The pegasus himself just blushes furiously and scrunches as he looks away.
"You hear that, Path? Better do a better job hiding that makeup!
Ah, but I joke. Path here is a criminal captured by my good friend Tosa here when he tried to attack the caravan."


"Oh, I see."
Smile wryly.
I shake Tosa's paw.
"Name's Morris. Don't forget the Ä Ö and Å of the alphabet."


"I had to teach myself to figure out some of the bigger words. Everyone gets taught the basics, since you need them to follow instructions others leave behind, but not much more than that. Got lucky and found the book and just tried to read what I could."

"Well, I'll be darned. It's the first I've ever heard of those letters. Where you from that you get those?"


I make a dismissive gesture with my hoof.
"I've been around. They're popular in the North. Trottinghäfvn and such."


"Hold on, I'm writing those down. Must be a heck of a place if they had to add words to describe things."


"Oh yes, dozens of words. Like…"
I tap my chin.
"I'll get back to you about that."


"You'll have to tell me about that place. I joined up here to get a chance to travel, that place just jumped to the top of my list."


"It's chilly and nice. The guards are corrupt as all hell though. You could get away with murder if you had enough bits. Not that I ever had to. Trottinghäfvn is a huge port city on the ice sea too, a lot of fishing and some cold-water piracy there."


"Enough, enough you two!" Irvone interjects. "The poor boy doesn't even know one language's alphabet, and you're trying to teach him three!"
For his part, Path has curled up as best he can in his harness and put his hooves against his head. Realizing your eyes are on him, he stumbles to his hooves.
"I-I can do it, really! Uh, A, ae, o, b, c, ch, l… um… I…"


"Woah, that does knock it down some. I want to see the world, not get buried because of it."

Just sigh.

"It's going to take a lot of work, isn't it?"

Give Path a compensatory pat on the head while he's down. At least he's listening.


"The lad can talk, can't he? What's the point of teaching him the alphabet anyway?"
"Ya just gotta have some warm clothes and your wits with ya and you can do well in the north."


"Because we might leave him written orders on what to do for the day. The plan is to run him ragged during the day, but we at least want to make sure it's to do work for us."

"Never really went shopping for thick clothes. It'll be an experience just planning to go there."


He hangs his head in shame.
"Sorry for being so dumb… I'm not a very smart pony…"
The pat on the head seems to have calmed him down, though.
The griffon screeches as if you'd just kicked him someplace sensitive.
"What is the point?! How can you expect him to read if he doesn't know the alphabet?! Imbecile!"


I shrug.
"Why does he need to read though? You turn your back and he'll be back in the wild, won't he?"


"Least your trying. And don't worry, with a little more effort, it won't be beyond your bend for long."

"Poor little guy gave that up on his own free will. He knows that if he stays here, he can at least expect a decent meal and me not going after him to clip his wings."


"Oh, in that case. I've not seen slavery since I was in Saddle Arabia, but I'm not the one to judge. Better for him, I guess."


"No… I wouldn't last five minutes out there… besides, I chose Tosa. I'm not leaving her."
"Thanks… Is Irvone right about three languages using the same alphabet? It seems a little silly to borrow an alphabet, add a few letters, and say it's a new language…"


"It's a bit more complicated than that. Punishment for Banditry is harsh for a reason, but him and his acquisition oriented friends did less than a stellar job of that. Company seems fine with putting him to work instead."

"Guess so. I'll admit that my learning is based on an old dictionary I found under the Earth. I'd listen to what Irvone has to say about all that."


"Well, I suppose you know what's best for you."
I nod.


"Seems Path, despite his height, ended up with the short end of the shovel on most life decisions. After a story like his, even I had to accept his surrender."


"Well, if he surrendered…"
I look around a while.
"So, anything else happened recently?"


"And I'm grateful for that," he interjects, smiling as he nuzzles your paw.
"You've been really good to me."
"Better than any other deal I've ever gotten. I spend so much time as a lackey and essentially a whipping-boy for the strongest gang member, I figured I might as well get to choose my master."


"Between Path's friends and those wolves we were sent to clear out earlier, it's been just a boring haul so far."

"You're going to wear yourself out thinking on that. Focus on the now, you've got me and Irvone trying to get you an education. You're still closer to a pet, but even you can see the light at the end of this tunnel."


"Well, it looks like your new cub certainly likes you."


He shivers and blushes as you refer to him as a pet.
"Yes ma'am. So, which language do you want me to learn again?…"
"Let's start with Equuish," Irvone interjects. "Maybe after that, he can move on to the Saddlish."
Want to roll to see how well you do teaching him the alphabet today?
He just looks away and blushes.


"If you're here, might as well stick around and try to help him learn."

"Follow Irvone's lead. He's the one with the books. Sides, I could use a course too, judging from the way he reacted to my own learnings."

Path's Education Roll '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Unfortunately, it seems having three alphabets thrown at him at once left him having much greater difficulty, often accidentally adding a letter from one of the other alphabets or getting them in the wrong order. Finally, Irvone sighs and waves his talon for silence.
"Enough. We have done all we can for now; the rest shall have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, we should all go have some dinner before it gets dark."


I ruffle his mane a bit
"Nothin' wrong with that."
"Of course, I'm warming up to the lad."
Trying to teach

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Least you tried, Path. I'll be here with you for most of these lessons too. Let's go get you something to eat."

Unhook him from the cart and bring him along with us. Are the other captives here as well?


Yup, the zebra and the goat seem to be doing all right. The Diamond dog, though…
"I can break these chains!"
"No," Bigspear sighs, "you can't break those chains."
He seems to be doing a better job of just flexing his muscles than he is of actually having an impact on the chains.
"Jerob, stop," the goat groans. "Just… just stop."


"Those were Path's coworkers, to say it nicely. As you can see, I think he made the right choice to give up when he did."


"I can see."


Path just siddles closer and tries to hide behind you.
"Can we… can we please just move on? I… I don't want to have to deal with them right now."
"Tosa," Irvone remarks, "It looks like you gave that one brain damage."


Pat him on the neck.

"Don't worry, I'm hungry too. Let's all line up together and you can hide amongst us."


I blink
"You wot?"
"Feels like just an hour ago I had breakfast. Do you know any cooks around here? I just had a coffee by some Zebra's wagon in the morning."


You all line up together, Path easily keeping you all between him and his former companions.
Soon you reach the front of the line, where the same cook as before recognizes you.
"Ah, good to see you back. The same as last time, I presume?"
"Oh, a new addition to your group?"


"Yeah. Carnivore dish and whatever leftovers you have from making the Herbivore lunch."


"You could say that, I guess. We did a job today and I'm always looking for good food."


"Yes, we already have the disposal's portion prepared," he chuckles, hoofing over a carnivore dish of a burger, fries, and some hushpuppies.
and a bowl of… something nasty-looking. Some pieces of vaguely recognizable vegetables are floating in it, but… ew.
"Hope the boy likes stew!" The whole cooking crew busts out laughing.
"One herbivore meal, coming right up! It's Daffodil sandwiches and Hay-fries with broccoli tonight!"
He passes you your plate.
"Bring it back when you're done!"


"Oh, looks good." Let's take it back to a table with the others.

"Here you go Path. Doesn't seem like much at all, but they might start looking, and cooking, kindly once they see you're willing to put in your share of work."


"I'm not above a bit of meat snack then and now, but thanks, that'll do."
I grab my lunch.
"So, who hired you lot then?"


He accepts the bowl gratefully and curls up under the table.
"…I'm used to it…"
He doesn't dig in with his previous ferocity, though, opting to pick through the mess in search of the edible bits.
"I see. I'll remember that when preparing your breakfast!"


"You can have my broccoli and fries, pup."
I eat my sandwiches and taste the fries.
"I'm not a big fan of them, actually."


He looks at the offered food, then looks up at Tosa hopefully.


"Just volunteered as a way to earn money and move another part of the world."

"It's fine, go ahead."


"You just volunteered? I had to go out of my way to get a place here."
I quickly take the plate back to the cook and return.


His eyes light up as he smiles to you in thanks.
"Thank you, sir." He immediately starts in on the offered broccoli and fries.


"A life time of working underground gives a Dog some strong upper paws. They just looked at me while I was eye'ing the listings and let me in when I said I was interested."

"Don't make a mess of it."


"I see. Guess the fat merchant that pays my salary wasn't very convinced of needing a…scout."


"Yes, master." He slows down, taking his time and making sure not to waste any of it.


"They're just minding their bits and dunderlings, but once they catch a whiff of how much you saved them, they'll be begging you to keep coming back."

I smile at the Master part. Never thought I'd wind up this way when I left the mountain.


"You seen the merchants carrying around anything really special? I saw some oriental pony carrying a really well crafted sword. Probably worth quite a few bits to the right person."


"I haven't really noticed. Outside of the Zebra's potion and Irvone's books, my eyes have focused on the pup."

Laugh a little as I use that name for him.


"Hmm. Was just wondering, Ponies who have something to lose often have jobs for ones of our employment."


Sorry guys, but I think I need to pause here. I've plumb run out of ideas on where to take you guys next.


It's fine. I had fun.


Another day, another paycheck. The Caravan continues along it's way, free of wolf attack thanks to your clearing their cave out. This morning dawns on a rather rainy day that has all the merchants scurrying to cover their goods and themselves.

Lucky for you that your large hat is keeping the rain out of your eyes. Unfortunately, now your tummy's rumbling. Too bad you were stationed someplace where none of the interesting stuff happened, but now you've been transferred to where the real action will be!


Open my eyes…. where am I?


Now wait a minute did I get lost through the forest again?


Get my hood over my head. The merchants seem to be running about like headless chicken, a great chance for me to get an extra…


In Bigspear's tent, of course! Which of course explains the enormous arm currently wrapped around you.
Even as you realize this, Bigspear grunts in his sleep and pulls you closer, nuzzling into your mane as the collar tag around your neck jingles.
Umm… maybe? Where's the last place you remember being?
Possibly… there's a lot of carts around here; plenty of targets for you to choose from.


Let's use my thief-sense.

Roll #1 7 = 7


A place with ponies in it?


Uhhmm… perhaps nuzzle a little to feel good a bit, before thinking this is a bad idea since well… diamond dog kind of smell.
Alright lets try to wriggle out of his grasp and stand up to stretch myself.


There! That cart's untended; perfect opportunity for you to sneak a look.
Well, this place has ponies in it, and a lot of carts too. Maybe you didn't get lost after all!
Bigspear's really strong- as if you could forget that -so you'd need to roll to get free without waking him. Unless you want to wake him…


So what's this about my job?


Get around the back and make sure no one's close by. Are there any boxes or other stuff immediately visible? If not, let's just climb inside.


Well…. lets not wake up the horny bastard shall we, while getting out of his grasp all the while.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Basically, there's a bunch of meanies out there who want to hurt these ponies and take their stuff. Your job is to keep the meanies away if they ever show their faces.
The inside of the cart is filled with cases of silverware. This must be a silverware merchant's cart.
You could pinch some silverware, or keep looking for some more solid currency.
He's sleeping soundly enough that wriggling out isn't too much of a hastle. You're free of his grip, though it looks like he won't stay asleep for long with your warmth gone.


Have they so far?
And am I here on the job all alone?


Perhaps check on myself if any damage is done. Am I fit for fighting? Rested well? No limping? No weakness? no wet spots from my flank?
Also gather my gear and get ready to get outside, let him sleep in his bed alone.


Well, I have the insulated bag for carrying loot. I'll hoof a considerable about of silvers and make my exit.


"Can someone turn off the light?"
Guess it's time to get up. Is Path here with me?


Well rested, yes. No limping or weakness either, though you're still a little bit sore. All in all, you're fit for fighting!
…Though you may need a bath. And it'll be several days before you reach the nearest river.
A few times, but they were all swiftly repulsed.
Everyone's waking up and headed out to get their breakfast.
Carefully skimming only a few from each case, you make off with a decent haul. You might not be able to sell them until the caravan reaches civilization, but hey, money!
Of course he is; he's your bed after all!
Looks like yesterday wore him out; he's still sleeping like a rock. Though he is pretty comfortable…


I like breakfasts too! Of stones, of grass, of sticks and bones, of everything!


Well, looks like I can afford another coffee now. I wonder where that dog and his little pup are…


I'll pet his head, near the ears. Maybe keeping him was a good idea after all.

"Come on Pup, time to start another work day."


Ugghh… I knew it, but no wasting water on such trivialities is questionable.
Anyway lets head out and see how the caravaneers are doing.


Well, the line of ponies doesn't seem to be walking away with sticks or stones, but they do have plates with taters and hot porridge.
Her, you mean. Tosa is a girl. Unless you meant Bigspear; in which case, his mare is right over there, emerging from his tent right now.
He sighs contentedly, then snorts and shakes his head.
"Hushubawhu? Whut ti-" His jaws stretch as he gives a great big yawn. "Time to get up already?"
Well, it's raining, so that might help wash you off. Everyone's covering their goods up before heading to go get breakfast. That one unicorn Morris seems to be scanning the area.


Yes. Her. Tosa.
Anyway, I'll make it over to the breakfast wagon.


I never had borrindge in real life, you know.
But let's try it and then sit down somewhere, making loud comments about the quality.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Ahh! Yes that is good to see, lets get my soap ready and let myself be ready to get washed off.

Anyway lets allow the other ponies do their thing. Time to wash myself off.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yupper doodle. Also means its time for breakfast. Get that sleepiness out of you so we can hit the breakfast line."


Your getting it is accompanied by a request for you to bring the plate and bowl back when you're done.
The porridge is actually pretty good; the chefs must have mixed in some spices.
Nice and clean pony, even managing to clean under your collar.
Unfortunately, there's not really any way for you to dry off, so you're going to be soaked for a while.
"Yes, master."
He waits for you to hop off, then stretches long and hard, sighing as his back pops back into place.
"Sounds like it's raining outside."
Looks like it's taters and Porridge for breakfast today.
There's a goat commenting loudly on how good the porridge is over in the corner.


I'll walk near the Goat to eat my porridge, and keep an eye out for Tosa.


So let's look around and see what other fine gentleponies are enjoying this food.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You just get ready for now. I'll gather the blankets and find us a poncho for this rain. I'm not gonna let you get sick so easily, not on my watch."


Alright lets go back to a shade and try to dry off

Roll #1 4 = 4


He blinks in surprise, then smiles gratefully as he submissively lowers his head.
"Thank you for thinking of me, master. I think I'm ready; should I help gather the blankets?"
Well, here comes a unicorn who hasn't started eating yet. He's making his way right for you!
Well, you're not soaked anymore, but you're still wet. Maybe you should just go get breakfast already.


Wave with a big smile and push my hat back.
"You should try this! It's great!"


Ah! Correct, at least I am clean now that is what matters!
"Yoosh! Lets get to it." I head to… whereever food is served in the caravan for us guards? I mean we do need sustenance so I expect these caravan owners owe us specially with how we kinda killed those wolves who are buggering us."


I smile back and sit down.
"I was intending to."
Eat food
"So who're you then?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Of course. You're my responsibility, which means I gotta look out for you. Stuff like that means making sure you're safe and dry. Now, put these in the high up shelves, then we can skedaddle."


Nod vehemently, hat flopping up and down as I do.
"Last place I was at was so boring. Hope we have more fun here!"


I munch on my food.
"You and who?"


"Me and you! And everypony and everygoat and everyone!"


Today the breakfast is spiced porridge and taters. There's a goat and unicorn chatting nearby.
He does as he's told, folding them neatly before putting them up on the shelves you indicated.


Grab my food and perhaps lets socialize shall we? Approach them and eat.
"Hah, a rainy day and a monday huh? Talk about a downer double whammy." I sit and began to eat.


"Come on, I can hear the others chowing down from here. Let's go before all we get is the leftovers' leftovers."

How long is the food line?


"Oh right! So, where were you previously?"


Not very long today. Did you remember to get him a poncho and one for you?
You're approached by >>577727 , a unicorn wearing a large collar with a tag that reads "B I G S P E A R S P E T S L U T." She's also very wet, and smells faintly of soap.


'Course! The food'll get wet if we aren't covered and his usual eating spot is probably not dry either. What's on the Carnivore menu?


That tag isn't pg-8, I can't read that.
"Eh, it's not a monday if you don't believe it's a monday!
It's just another day!
I don't believe in mondays!"
"Somewhere, doing somethings…
I tried hunting big walking statues but it didn't work out!
Who are you? I'm Canela!"


Sausage and bacon. The chef passes you a bowl filled with slop and… other stuff for Path.
"Remember to bring your dishes back when you're done!"
There's a goat chatting loudly with your other companions about the food.


I chortle as Miyuki approaches.
"That's an interesting piece of jewelry you have on your neck!"
"Name's Morris. I'm a burglar and a scout."


Okay lets just continue eating.
"Taken the time to wash myself so sorry for the mess, it is raining and the river is several days away still so if you guys need some washing nows the time."

I smile at you.
"Why is that? I mean how can you monitor the time without having a standardized system."

"Ah Canela, my name is Miyuki." I offer my hoof.


I scrunch.
"Not a jewelry, some asshole stick it to my neck and I cant somehow take it off. Fucker is of good help and defeated the wolves but he is still an asshole." I grit my teeth as I eat.


"So you do good deeds and then steal precious stuff?"
Look interested.
"There's only one time, and it's now!"


"Why does your mouth make beeps instead of words?"


"Morning y'all. Hope you don't mind us two breaking up the conversation to sit down."


"More friends! More fun!
I'm Canela!"


"Oh, that is interesting… I mean wow. I didnt thought of that." I smile.

"Beeps?" I scoop a mouthful of spiced porridge and eat.

"Hello there Tosa, whats the situation?"


"That's the short and long of it, aye."
I chortle even louder.
"Haha! And I thought I was the only one who didn't have an affinity to collars!"
"Hello there, Tosa, was it? And you brought your pup too?"


"Yeah, like, you said-"
Clean my throat and imitate his voice perfectly.
"some *beeeep* stick it to my neck and I cant somehow take it off. *beeeep* is of good help and defeated the wolves but he is still an *beeeep*!"
And then look at her like nothing happened.
"I like you!"


"Mornin', I'm Tosa and this here Pup with the collar is Open Path, my charge."

"The situation is that breakfast is starting to get cold. After yesterday's adventure, I'm still famished."

"Yup. Can't leave without the poor little guy. Gotta keep a watch over him against the less savory Caravaners."


"You are biiiig!"


"That's great news for me, then. Maybe we'll get an assignment together."
"Yeah, that makes sense. Never know what kind of ne'erdogoods we have in this here caravan. Excuse me as I return my plate."
I return the plate and come back to the group.


"I try to pay no mind to it but yes I am not fond or even a fan of it you see. It feels constricting at times, no a lot of times."I then eat my porridge.
"How about you? Came here for an easy bit? This caravan business is good for us guards I mean they are willing to hire this many to guard them right?"

"Uhmmm… alright? That sounds kinda weird but are you sure about that?" I raise any eybrow as I eat.

"Then come join us and eat." I smile


No, she really isn't. She's actually runt-sized.


"Yeeeah! And then I can show you all my magics!"
Watch at him go.
I'm smaaaaaall.
"Totes happened! Cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye!"


"First time I've heard that compliment. You haven't been around too many Diamond Dogs, have ya?"

"Most are good folks trying to make a living. Some just let their darker side take over when the chance shows itself."

"Please don't mind if I do. Got the carnivore meal on my plate."


Shake my head, sending water flying everywhere from the hat. Not like it isn't raining anyway.


"Careful now."

"Miyuki probably already told ya about her Dogge friend, right? You'll get used ta craning yer neck up eventually when you want to chat."


"Maybe I will learn a spell to float! Or to shring him down!
You are big too!"


Disregard second sentence thanks.


"Alright? I smile, how about I say bastard bastard holy ass-hat?" I give a smug smile.

I look at your plate and frown a bit.
"Well… dont tell me that is something that is related to any of us here Tosa."


"Ouch! Why did you say *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*?"

Get stuck on that note for an uncanny amount of time, too, always making it perfectly even.


"Oh, you're a magic user?! I've only met a few, ever, and most of them have been on this Caravan. Whenever that Crystal pony manages to wake up, you should have a chat with Luvi."

Wave my paws in front of me.

"Hey, I got this from the Chef. Unless he's a killer too, you shouldn't worry."


"Uuuuh! A shiny pony?
I've only seen a few of those! They are squishy and comft!"


"You'll have to find out for yourself. All's I know is that she can handle herself in a fight. If all then shiny pone's are like her, I'm wondering how they haven't already conquered the world."


"Excuse me, we were just chatting about some odd hunting jobs with the chef there."


"But it's obvious silly!"
"Conquering the world is booooring!"


"Speakin' of the chef fellow," Turn to Path, "you done down there? Paw me the plate and I'll take 'em back."

"Figures running the place might get boring."


He silently passes you back the bowl. There's still a lot left in it; then again, looking at what is left in there, you can't really blame him.
A loud bell sounds to signal that the caravan is getting ready to leave. All the merchants start hooking up their carts and making sure their wares are okay.


I chuckle.
"Alright I'll stop as long as it does not hurt you. Sorry for that Canela." I finish my food, bring the dish to the washer and head straight back.
"So are you here to be a guard or are you also another caravan owner Canela."

I chuckle.
"Sorry for that, I assume thats chicken?"


"You should really teach your friend to cook, Tosa."
That said, I get up and straighten my clothes.
"Looks like we're moving."


"I'm way too goat to own a caravan!"
Stick with the others.
"Where to?"


I'll take 'em back 'for we head off.

"Nah, just some bacon and sausage. Reminds me to thank the chef on his work."

"Hmm, that actually might be a good idea."


"I'm not sure, exactly. I know we're somewhere between Tortera and Port Callibu, and I don't smell the sea."
"Also to hunt. Or forage, if you don't eat meat."
I look at Tosa's pup.


"No silly!
Where are the bad guys gonna attack us!"


"I haven't seen a bandit attack yet. Would have to be a damn huge one, too, seeing how many guards we have."


"Don't think the others will like that. Obedient as he is, they might not take it well if he can run off and survive on his own, even with the collar and saddle on him already."


You all take your plates back up.
"Ah, what's this?" The chef examines Path's bowl. "Not hungry today, eh featherhead?"
There's a series of snickers as they start washing the dishes.
Head over to Irvone's?
He just keeps his head down submissively. Roll perception.


I guess we'll head back.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I just gulp,
"Alright. hehehe." I smile.

I tilt my head as we head out.
"Too goat? What does that mean?" I smile with interest.


Alright lets do this and see how the caravan is doing.


Yeah, gotta make sure Open Path is properly set to pull the cart.

"Don't worry, you'll be keeping the Poncho throughout this. You gotta pull, but I'll be with you too."


"Just this!
Nopony would sell me a caravan!"


Eh, it was nothing.
The caravan seems to be doing decently, though a few carts are needing an extra push to get unstuck from the mud.
Suddenly, a massive paw is picking you up and hugging you close to a massive, ripped chest.
"Hello, Miyuki pony," Bigspear breathes as he nuzzles your mane. "Sleep good last night?"
"Thank y-" His stomach gives a loud rumble as he shoves a hoof over his mouth.
"T-thank you…"
"Hello there!" Irvone calls from his wagon. "Good to see you; let's get going before my books get soaked!"
There's a funny griffon wearing glasses waving you all over.


I push the cart from behind with my head to get it moving.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You all right there, Path?"

Look at Irvone. "Let me just make sure the Pup is alright before we get him set in."


This mud isn't giving you any traction!
"I… I don't know…" His face is starting to get a greenish tinge, and he seems to be breathing heavily. Irvone gives him a concerned look.
"Is he feeling well? He looks a bit under the weather; more so than we, it seems."
Path's stomach gives another gurgle as he clutches his belly.
"S-something's not right…" he groans.


"Oh… well that is kind of a bummer." I scrunch.

I look at him and scrunch as I look down.
"Yes.. I've been able to sleep well to be honest."


"Uh, I think we'd better to get a healer or take him to the side if he's gonna be sick!"


"Eeeeh, but I like it like this!"


"Woah there, let me untie your stuff. Sit down and just let whatever's inside of you go."

"Irvone, you got a spare cup of water?"


"But caravans and carts are cool, I mean you can have a mobile home in where you can stay and sleep and its not that hard to pull them."
"But yeah caravan and carts are restricted by the road so you cant and be unable to go trek the higher and steep parts of the landscape, I mean goats do love climbing if I am correct." I scratch my head.


"Is good to hear," he croons, giving your ear a lick before setting you back down.
"Pony smells good. Do something with your fur?"
"Why hello there!" He greets you cheerily. "Who do we have here?"
Before you get the chance, there's another loud gurgle. Path's cheeks bulge as he clamps a hoof over his mouth and starts limping as fast as he can to the side of the road.


"Nogoat! I have only myself!"
Smile brightly.
"You think a lot."


"Yeah, help me make sure he makes it over there."

"Don't you worry Path, we'll be here for you."


I facehoof.
"I think we should consider finding another cook."
Be helpful

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'll have a talk with them. Whatever their opinions, Path can't do anything for anyone if he's throwing up his insides."


He chuckles at that. "Fair enough, but who are you, if I may ask?"
Morris accidentally steps on his chains, tripping him up and causing him to fall into the ditch. He only manages to get pick himself halfway up before he starts retching his guts out.


"Canela, I do magics!"


"Ah crud, I'm sorry about that."
Let me see if I have something to drink on me

Roll #1 10 = 10


Pick him up and get him in a safe position to vomit.


"Just let it out, just bad food. You'll be good soon."

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Do I?" I smile.
"…. well maybe yes, I mean I have too. I dont like to look boring in front of magician."


"Nah you are funny! The beeps are funny!"


I shiver as he licks my ears.
"I kind of did, I mean that smell of yours stuck to my coat so I kind of needed that… not to mention the way you do things.. are kind of messy." I frown as I step back.


Also this is creepy and I hadn't noticed it before and now I will step away.


I smile sadly as she steps away and whisper before her going.
"Stay away from him alright." as I wave


It takes a while, but thanks to both of you, he finally finishes, leaving no trace on any of you as he rinses his mouth out with some water Morris helpfully provided.
"T-thanks… I-I don't know what came over me…"
"Oh, a talented young nanny, are you?" He chuckles as he leans forward. "Tell me, what all magic tomes have you been studying?"
He just smirks as he gives your tail a tug.
"Thank you for compliment. I have to help push carts now…"
He bends down and pulls you into a kiss.
"…but will see you tonight, pet~"


"Must've been that soot those damn cooks keep giving ya. I oughtta have a word with them…"


"Probably just a bad meal from a bad chef. Don't worry too much about that, though."

"We'll both have a word with them. Stuff like this ain't right."


"Oh I don't do studying."


"Well, for now, we need to get moving. I'll pull the cart for now."


"Thanks for offering. When you get tired, I'll switch you out."


"N-no… there was… was something in the food…"
He has to pause and gasp for breath, his face still a little pale.
"I-it tasted off… like someone mixed in bitter nuts or something… it's why I didn't finish."
"B-but if you're pulling the cart, then… what am I supposed to do?"


"Which part of that exactly means I shouldn't go rough up the cook? You can walk alongside if you feel you can."
I take off my cloak and get on the harness.




"Don't you worry your little head about that. I told you I was going to make sure you're happy and healthy enough to work, just go ahead and walk along or ride if you feel you can't tough it then."


I smile a bit as he kiss and nuzzle.
"Alright, perhaps I will accompany you, I better give you a chance so perhaps it is good to know a little thing or two about you."


"…I suppose I should focus on learning the alphabet…"
After getting an approving nod from Irvone, he hops up into the cart and settles down.


We'll have a few choice words with the cooks when we're done, but for now we'll pull and make our progress for the day.



He smiles and motions for you to follow him.
"This way; big cart stuck, they need my help."
As you walk along he reaches down and scratches you behind the ears.
"So, what Miyuki want to learn about Bigspear?"
The first part of the day goes well enough, with the rain letting up around noon. Path continues to make progress with his studies, eventually managing to repeat the entire alphabet in order.
It's later when Irvone pokes his head out.
"If I may be so bold… why do you take his health so seriously? Most would be content to work him to death, but you…"


"It's just, I don't think I've ever seen someone so defeated that they think giving themselves up is their best option in life. I feel a good bit a pity and a deal of remorse for having him broken him that hard, so much so that he offered himself as property for a smidgen of mercy. I know he shoulda gotten worse, but if I, we, can help him, I can't deny that."


My ears swat his paws off as I follow him.
"What is it that sets your eyes on me?"


He nods thoughtfully at this, eying back into his cart where Path presumably is.
"Indeed. I've never seen anyone like him before; I think he was broken long before he showed up here. Considering that he did not actually harm anyone or anything…
Regardless, I find myself impressed by your compassion; few would have spared a bandit enough of a second glance to realize how defeated he truly is. I think you can do much good for him."
He smiles fondly down at you.
"Miyuki pony very pretty; very lovely face, beautiful eyes. Wide, child-bearing hips too.
Also strong, very strong; fight good, fight hard. Know how to hit, how to win. Yet also have sense of justice; know when to strike and when to hold back.
And Miyuki strong-willed; not bend to others easily. Do things because you want to, not because they want them. If you not wanted to be my pet, could have busted my jaw and walked away."
He leans down and nuzzles your cheek.
"But Miyuki pony chose to stay."


"THanks, but don't discount yourself. I'm counting on your educating him to really get the best out of him. 'Sides, I never really knew my own strength. Poor little Pup was wrapped in so many chains when I managed to pull him in that all that was visible was his head and his wings. After a lifetime of being tossed around, to wind up as close to a cat's toy like that didn't help."


I blush hearing all of this from him and lower my head as he nuzzle's.
"I.. uhmm.. thanks." I gulp upon hearing all of this.
"Yes, I fight hard, and I am strong, a bit pretty too now that you point it out." I blush as I held my head high and follow him.
"But wide-child-bearing hips?" I scrucnh.


He chuckles and waves his talons dismissively.
"Ah, I simply could not abide such a sharp mind as his remaining ignorant; I simply had to act!
Though… perhaps you did overdo it just a tad."
He laughs and pats your back.
"Yes. Good cushioning too."
He gives your rump a quick squeeze.
"Lots of fun to hold. Ah, here we are!"
He leaves your side to brace himself against a large wagon clearly stuck in the mud.
"Now, Miyuki pony watch me work, yes?"


"Maybe, but I shouldn't be holding you any longer. You've got your books to ready and Morris and me have to keep the cart moving."

How is the rest of the Caravan doing?


I squeek as he squeeze it and just look angry at him.
"Hey, come on. You squeezed me a lot when we are sleeping back then so focus on your work."
"Also… holding lots of fun?" I just raise an eyebrow.
As he ask if I am going to watch him work, I just raise my head and act snooty.
"It is your task, my task is to guard not to help you in anything… baka."


There seems to be a bit of a holdup; one of the wagons ahead busted an axle when a wheel got caught in the mud.
He chuckles, a glint flashing through his eyes…
And then he's straining against the cart, flexing every single muscle in his body as hard as they can flex as he slowly lifts the cart out of the mud, actually holding it up in the air for a moment before gently setting it down, the rainwater on his fur highlighting every curve and bulge as his muscles ripple beneath his skin.


I'll go check on it. Can't do my job if all the carts are separate from each other.

"'Lo there, need any help?"


"Actually, yes," one of the ponies working on it turns to you.
"See that strap under there? We need that undone so we can pull the broken axle out and replace it."


"Sure thing."
Let's get under the cart and cut out the strap. I can burrow a small ways too it if it's too low.

"Just the one strap, right?"


"Yes, that's right. Now- Whoah! Get out of there now!"
Before you can react, the cart starts to collapse on top of you! Act fast if you don't want to get trapped!



Roll #1 7 = 7


Your quick thinking allows you to dig down just deep enough when the cart slams into the ground, missing you by less than an inch!
"SHIT! You all right in there, girl? Answer me, lass!"


"I'm all right, no need to worry."

Wait, if I'm underneath it, like a car.

"Actually, I'm going to dig my way out and around the party. We can fix the cart without worrying about lifting it. You guys have the spare parts at hoof?"


What's with the caravan now?


I just try not to look as I bite my lips looking at his physique..
"Well you did that quite easily, as expected from someone as large as you. Hmmm are you going to pull that too?"


"Well… Yeah. That's pretty smart thinking, lass!"
Well, Tosa was fixing a cart, but it just collapsed while she was still under it.
Miyuki is with Bigspear, watching him dislodge a cart from the mud (It's a rainy day today.)
He laughs and pats you on the rump.
"Silly pony, guards don't pull carts, we guard them!"


While they get the parts, I'll dig them enough space to replace the part.

"Just doin' the job you pay me for. Can't protect ya if you fall behind."


I should probably help dislodge the cart.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"ah yes that is true." I smile and follow him as the cart goes.


With your help, it's not long before the axle gets replaced.
"Well, you have my thanks for your help. Here, I'm a merchant of various cookingware; maybe I could let you take a look through my stock as thanks."
I assume you're meaning Miyuki and Bigspear? Bigspear clearly didn't need any help, lifting the cart into the air before setting it back down.
You notice Luvi trailing along behind you.


Yes, I was. Oh, well.


I just gulp as Bigspear began walking at my side and do his thing: guarding.
I look at Luvi.
"Hello there." I smile.


"Well, I could use a few utensils after an unfortunate incident earlier. Whatta you have?"


He grins widely. "A better question would be what don't I have. Here, let me show-"
His spin is interrupted by an ear-splitting roar.
The whole caravan goes quiet as an ear-splitting roar echoes from the right. Bigspear glowers and tightens his grip on his weapon.
"Think we soon have trouble."


"Get in the cart… Get IN THE CART!"

Head over to Irvone and my weapons.


Where did it come from?


"… w… what is that?" I try to see what it is.

Roll #1 4 = 4


With a ground-shaking crash, the trees burst open to reveal a hulking monstrosity of glowing blue flesh and fur, an enormous maw filled with razor-sharp teeth as large as blades lifting to roar to the sky as it bears down on the caravan, countless spots of light dotting it's hide.
"Well, fuck," Bigspear sighs. "Not ursa minor, but baby cousin is still bad news."

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 30/8 hits/wounds


"Time to earn our pay, ladies."

Aim for the legs, priority is protecting the Caravan carts.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave its limbs '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


"Uhhhmmm… that is one big ugly thing." I frown as I step back.
"Well not as ugly as you." I smrik at Bigspear.

Yoosh! Alright lets get this big-ass out of here i ran suddenly and built momentum and throw myself in the air! With my hoof landing in this big monsters gut!
-2 Hp

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


Alright. Summon my spear. Make it flame alight.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Your weighted chain cracks it right across the knees, making it roar in pain as it flashes with blinding light!
#-1 to your next roll.
Your spear is ready, and burning with the flames of passion! Now pierce your prize and show your dominance!
As Tosa brings it to it's knees, you get the chance to sock it across the jaw. Unfortunately, that just seems to irritate it.

Tosa: 7/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/5 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 16/8 hits/wounds


"You came to us, you won't get away so easily!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Chain Strike '1d10-1'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 - 1 = 4


First, prepare it. Shoot a firebolt.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Whelp alright lets straight mess up with this beast while I recover!

Roll #1 4 = 4


It swings a paw at you, only sheer luck saving you by having it clip you. Damn if it doesn't feel like getting run over by a speeding cart, though!
It snorts and flicks you away; at least you landed on your feet.
It howls as your firebolt burns it's flesh, then turns its piercing eyes on you.
#-1 to your next roll.

Tosa: 6/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 3/5 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 12/8 hits/wounds


"You're going to wind up as a tent if you keep that up, critter!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Wrap the chain around its snout, keep it from looking at us and doing the flashy thing it's been up to. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


Damn one last time and hope he doestsquish me or anything.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Let its eyes meet its milk-taker. Skewer it with the flaming spear!

And if possible, right in the eye.

Roll #1 9 = 9


It grunts and tosses it's head, throwing your chain right back at you.
That kick probably hurt! It's leg will bruise for sure!
It howls as your spear pierces it's neck, glaring at you with unbridled hatred as it struggles to stand.
#-2 to your next roll.

Tosa: 4/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 4/5 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 4/8 hits/wounds


Twist the spear inside!

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3


Lets scare this beast out of here! Send it backs to its cave with my HOOF!

-2 hp

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


Follow up Miyuki's attack with my own strike to the legs!

'1d10' Hawkeye
'1d10+2' Cleave the legs

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


It's the Ursan who does the twisting, throwing you aside as it shakes you loose.
Your punch crackles with magical energy, making the beast scream to the heavens as it falls to the ground. Eyes filled with hatred come to bear on you.
#-1 to your next roll.
Your strike helps bring it to it's knees, making it cry out as it's weight rests on it's damaged joints.

Tosa: 4/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: 3/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 3/5 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: Helpless/7 hits/wounds


"You'll stay down if you know what's good for ya!"

'1d10' Hawkeye
'1d10+1' Chain its legs together, not letting it stand up.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


"Wohoo! Take that!" I smile with glee and take advantage to smoke the sucker!
Buck the sorry ass in the head!

Roll #1 3 = 3


also -1


Right then, let's shoot another firebolt.
What were my skills again?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


It explodes in your face, throwing you to the ground as you burst into flames!
DC+1 to attempts to get up from helplessness.
With a roar, it swipes at you as it stands, knocking you down as it's claws dig into you.
The same swipe nearly knocks you over too. Judging by the way it's glowering at you, it doesn't intend to miss twice.

Tosa: 2/5 hits/wounds
Luvi: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/4 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 30/7 hits/wounds


"Ouch! Ahhh! help! Help!" I shout as I try to get free from this bear and stand up!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Talent: +2 Magic Bolt
5/5 hits/wounds
magic bolt: spell, recharge 2, ranged; this volatile energy attack deals one additional hit of damage, but crit-fails on 2-. This spell can apply one Elementalist effect when cast.
conjure weapon: instant spell, recharge 3; conjures a magic weapon of any one type for the duration of combat. Can apply any Elementalist effect you know. Crit applies Quality +1 to the weapon. Summoning a second weapon destroys the old one.
Elementalist: fire: a target rendered helpless by a fire attack has a reduced chance of recovering (DC +1), and especially flammable targets take ongoing wounds. Fire spells can be used to warm and burn objects and the environment.
Elementalist: lightning: target becomes helpless for one turn on a critical hit. Lightning spells can be used to shock and charge objects and the environment.


"Luvi, get up and get out of danger!"


Roll #1 1 = 1


Those strong in mind can come up from anything.


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


You're back up! Unfortunately, so is it, and now you're bleeding from a few scratches!
You should have paid more attention to your surroundings; maybe then you wouldn't have gotten literally stomped into the ground.
And you are very strong of mind; so strong that you rise as if from a midafternoon's nap, ready to strike once more as the beast glowers at you.
#-1 to your next roll.

Tosa: Helpless/4 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/4 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 30/7 hits/wounds


I'm a Dogge, I can just burrow away from the attack. I hope. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Uggh,,, bastard! I clench my teeth seeing at how big this monster we are fighting.
Anything I can see that I can use against him? Anyway lets use my telekenesis and throw some pots and pans at him!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Firebolt again!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Burrowing almost works… until it digs it's claws into the ground, impaling you.
At least they won't have to dig a hole to bury you in…
…They have about as much effect as you'd expect throwing stuff at a giant carnivore to have. Which is to say, you made it pay attention to you enough for it to hurt you.
#-1 to your next roll.
Once more you call upon the flames to strike down your foe; once more they explode in your face.

Tosa: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Luvi: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 3/4 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 30/7 hits/wounds


"I'm not going to be buried in my own hole!"


Roll #1 7 = 7


Those who are truly ruling kings only return to the waking world when they fall.

Get up!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Ack lets get serious then and concentrate my strength on my hoof! Lets hoof punch the sucker!
Soul punch!
-2 hp

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


You manage to dig your way out and get free!
Once more you rise to your hooves.
Your hooves crackle with energy as you crack his jaw upward, his flesh burning away from the magical energy as he screams in pain. The massive bear howls and turns his furious gaze upon you.
#-1 to next roll

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 2/4 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 10/7 hits/wounds


"You're going to make me lose out on pay getting these wounds tended, you mangy beast!"

'1d10 Hawkeye
'1d10+2' Strike its legs, bring it down to pay it back.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Hawkeye '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


This IS going to work now. Firebolt!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Bring it down!" I shout at the others!

Roll #1 1 = 1


That definitely brought it down! It sounds like you just shattered at least one of it's kneecaps!
The creature screams as your flames burn it's flesh away, dissolving sections of it away into nothingness.
Well, they brought it down… right on top of you.

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: Helpless/5 hits/wounds



'1d10' Help her out

Roll #1 5 = 5


Ack! Try to get off this monster!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Miyuki's back on her hooves!

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Luvi: 5/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: Helpless/5 hits/wounds


"Now you're gonna get it, you overfed vermin!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Get the chain around its neck '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


The Ursan Offshoot gets up with a roar and charges the group! Everyone, roll to dodge!

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Canela: 5/5 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 30/5 hits/wounds



Roll #1 1 = 1


Enfeemble the Ursan!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Getting out of the way! Burrow!


Roll #1 9 = 9


This isn't Dragonball Z, mare; striking a pose then leaping at the charging Ursan does not grant you magic powers, it just gets you trampled.
Dodging when your instincts(aka me) tell you to dodge would be a good idea. As it is, the collision causes you to enfeeble yourself!
You are now helpless and Enfeebled. You cannot get up without help.
Digging gets you out of it's way, but it decides to show you that it can dig too!
#-1 to next roll.

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Canela: Helpless/4 hits/wounds ENFEEBLED
Miyuki: Helpless/2 hits/wounds DANGER

Ursan Offshoot: 30/5 hits/wounds


I totally missed the request to dodge!


Ouch… ouch… alright that is stupid!
Try to stand up

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oh no no NO!"

Burrow harder! '1d10-1'

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


The Ursan might be good at digging, but panic fuels your paws into tunneling harder than you ever have before! By the time you stop and look back, you can barely see the surface. It did the trick, though; he's no longer coming after you.
You're up! Literally! Apparently your leap did something after all, because you're now on top of the Ursan's head!
It's K.

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds OUT OF COMBAT
Canela: Helpless/4 hits/wounds ENFEEBLED
Miyuki: 5/2 hits/wounds DANGER

Ursan Offshoot: 30/5 hits/wounds


"Hey, don't think you got rid of me yet! I need your hide to get my pay!"

Start burrowing back up towards the surface!


So can I at least roll to remove the enfeeblement?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Seeing my chance, I then channel my energy to my hoof in one stomp bring all of it down to its head!
Soul punch!
-2 hp

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


Tosa digs up under Canela, knocking her back to her feet! Hooves! Whatever!
It roars in pain as your hooves burn it's flesh, then starts shaking it's head to dislodge you! Roll to hang on!

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Canela: 5/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 4/2 hits/wounds DANGER

Ursan Offshoot: 24/5 hits/wounds


Natural Remedy Miyuki, she's bad off!

"Thanks doggie!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ahhaha! Oh dear this is getting ugly!!" I shout both in excitement and fear as I try to hold unto dear life!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Don't mention it!"

Strike its legs, it'll make it easier if it isn't jumping everywhere.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Cleave those knees '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


Canela heals Miyuki, who manages to hang on and stay on top of the Ursan's head!
It's caught on to your strategy, and it's sick of you busting his kneecaps. With a snap of his paw, he pins your chain to the ground, disarming you and pulling you to the ground!

Tosa: 1/3 hits/wounds
Canela: 5/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 24/5 hits/wounds


Okay, time to stop the big meanie!

Voodoo Doll the Ursa!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Then we'll go paw to paw!"

Hawkeye '1d10'
Desperation strike on its leg, knock it off balance '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


"Alright stop that right now!"
I then stomp on this Ursa's head in hopes of knocking him out!

Roll #1 4 = 4


No good! You don't have any Ursan teddies!
It… goes about as well as you'd expect. The Ursan archs an eyebrow as you punch it's leg, then casually raises it's paw and flicks you into a merchant's cart.
Getting flicked through solid wood doesn't feel great.
With a final shake of his head, he manages to dislodge you!

Tosa: Helpless/2 hits/wounds DANGER
Canela: 4/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 5/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 24/5 hits/wounds


"As long as it doesn't come out of my pay…"

Get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Start running around in panic, looking in my backpack for one, and meanwhile throw a remedy Tosa's way!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Seeing Tosa and Canela in danger, I then try my best to telekenetically stop this Ursa's advances to them. trying to stop it dead in its track.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nope. Considering the fact that it's advancing towards you, that's really, really bad.
That was flea powder! A remedy, sure, but not the kind she needs!
Bear stronk. Bear knock you out of the way as it stalks toward Tosa.

Tosa: Helpless/2 hits/wounds DANGER
Canela: 1/4 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 2/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 24/5 hits/wounds


Okay this is getting dangerous, I hope I found that teddy bear yet!
Stop, turn around, and DOLL!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Get up, get UP!" I've been under that paw too often already! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Gaah! Oh no you dont!" Diverts its attention to me by hitting its face hard and strong!!

Soul punch!
-1 hp

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Well, you saved Tosa by distracting it at least. However, brandishing a squeaky toy at it wasn't very effective at anything but getting yourself bit.
You manage to stagger back to your paws, but your chain is still on the ground behind the Ursan!
A good, solid hit! It definitely felt that one!

Tosa: 7/2 hits/wounds DANGER
Canela: Helpless/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 2/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 20/5 hits/wounds


Get up.

"-ot my day…"

Roll #1 6 = 6


This is not going well.. alright lets telekenesis this sucker and try to stop it from moving so the others can hit it well!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I can't fight it close, but I can't just run around. Grab a piece of the cart he threw me at and chuck a piece of it back at his face.

Hawkeye '1d10'
Throw '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1 = 1



Spring out from my Provisional House, or hiding spot, and firebolt the Ursa some more.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Going to take more than that to keep you down! Even if this isn't your best day…
That's a big thing to try and move, and you're already weakened from numberous injuries.
That just makes it mad. Raising one massive paw, it stomps on you, crushing the remains of the merchant's wares as well as you.
At least it didn't explode in your face, but it missed.

Tosa: 1/2 hits/wounds DANGER
Canela: 5/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: 1/3 hits/wounds
Luvi: 4/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 20/5 hits/wounds



"Hang in there doggie!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Stupid moving tent cover…"

Get out and try to reach my chain. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Ram the flaming spear right into the Ursa's face!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I then try my best to still hold it steady, hoping that my body wont give out amidst the strain of casting magic

Roll #1 2 = 2


You close up her wounds like they were never even there!
Finally remembering how you've evaded it up till now, you burrow your way behind it and pick up your chain.
It chokes and gags at the foreign heat piercing it's jaws, tears streaming from it's eyes as it gurgles on Muatra.
…Not the brightest pony, are you, for trying to do something even after being told you can't do it? Your body does give out, and it gives out HARD. You'd have hit the ground painfully if not for Bigspear catching you.

Tosa: 7/3 hits/wounds
Canela: 5/3 hits/wounds
Miyuki: Helpless/2 hits/wounds
Luvi: 4/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: 16/5 hits/wounds


Now enfeeble the ursa!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Back off and firebolt the face some more! Cleanse it in fire!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


I cough and try to stand up.
"Thanks." I nod at Bigspear

Roll #1 1 = 1


Aim for the ears, pull it down!

Hawkeye '1d10'
Grapple '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


…You're sleepy all of a sudden…
It's scream echoes for miles as it's flesh burns away, sending it collapsing to the grounds as more of it evaporates away into nothing.
The attempt nearly makes you tear something, making your eyes water as pain shoots up your spine.
"Stupid pet!" he scolds you. "Not hurt yourself further! Let me fix!"
He pulls out some bandages and gauze.
You only barely manage to avoid losing your chain again!

Tosa: 5/3 hits/wounds
Canela: OUT
Miyuki: Helpless/1 hits/wounds GETS HEALED NEXT TURN
Luvi: 4/3 hits/wounds

Ursan Offshoot: Helpless/4 hits/wounds


Reach over to Miyuki. "Get up and get out of the way!"


Roll #1 3 = 3


I then hold steady as he heals me.
"Ow… oww… okay okay, sorry for being too aggressive." I then eye him making sure he doesnt do anything dirty.


"Kill it now!"

Charge forward, spear raised! Annihilate it and take its milk!

Roll #1 10 = 10


The claws reaching for you probably would have hurt if not for Luvi finishing it off.
With one last thrust of Muatra, the beast is slain, disintegrating into seven brilliant orbs of light as the rest of it evaporates into a mist that races away into the sky!

Victory Achieved

You're too injured to do much more than watch, and even then you're too busy celebrating the thing being slain to notice anything amiss until his fingers slip someplace that makes you shiver and blush. It's only then that your realize the bandages are also pinning your hooves against your chest, leaving you completely helpless in his grasp!


Just lay down there and start looking around. Except for the cart I helped wreck, everything else in one piece?


I look at him with an annoyed yet blushing expression
"Seriously? Right now?" I frown disapprovingly.

"So far I am doing fine." I announced.


Return my spear to the mist, and slowly walk away.


Can I see what's happening to Miyuki?


"Good bit of news. As long as the others are okay."

"Hey there, I knew you were strong, but not that capable. How'd you get so good?"


"Thank you. People of my order are taught the many lessons of the crystal Queen, and we are encouraged to hone ourselves according to them in whatever way we see fit. This is the Walking Way I've chosen. Learn by serving."


Well, one or two other carts are in shambles, but other than that, the caravan's fine. Which is practically a miracle, considering the size of it.
He smirks as he puts you over his shoulder, your tail hiding his paw as it parts you open and several fingers slip inside, immediately lighting upon the most sensitive nub and rubbing it gently.
"Best way to celebrate a victory," he purrs into your ear.
You'd have to roll perception for that.


Surely I can tell when an act of Love is occurring.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You're going to need to give me a course on them teachings. That magic came in mighty hoofy."

Well, let's get up and see if we can find the broken carts owner.


I frown slightly as I gasp and blush..
"Come on now Big spear, not in front of them." I whisper as I telekenetically try to stop his paws from doing inappropriate stuff at me.

I nod with a frown as I try to do my business with this companion of mine.

Roll #1 2 = 2


He's already here, sobbing over his lost wares. He'll have to trek back to wherever he came from now, his big gamble having come to naught. This is the fate that so many face upon this trail, but the prize makes it worth the risk.
You would have missed it, had not her attempts at TK brushed her tail to the side just long enough for you to see what he is doing to her.
You end up instinctively brushing your tail to the side, putting yourself on display before Bigspear pulls it back over.
"Then pony not try to put on show, lest they see."


"Don't stray too far. We might need to clean up this mess."


"It's an endeavour not for war, it's a journey that takes many lifetimes. I can show you some scriptures if you wish."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"eep…" I blush so hard realizing what I've done as I lower my head in embarrassment.

I just nod with my head lowered.


"Sorry, feller."

"Sure, it'll help pass the slower parts of this trip."


"Oh, dog, please excuse me.'

Walk up to Miyuki and her partner.
"Improper, improper, improper. What is Love when it is under one of your wills only?"


I bite my lips seeing that she already noticed.
"I.. I know, but this horny mutt wont stop." I squirm and try to get off his grasp.


"I should teach him the proper ways of belly magic for you. Leave him to me."

Go up to her partner.

"How about it? Shall I show you another walking way?"


The big dog grins at you.
"Pony here want it, but have too many taboos, culture voices saying 'no, bad, bad!' for her to admit."
He archs an eyebrow.
"Oh? What way is this?"


"The way of Nobility and Taking."
Summon now a spear lightly heated to be warm.


Roll #1 7 = 7


"Its proper etiquette you stupid fuck, like hell you would know what it is considering you live in a goddamn cave. Now put me down right now!" I try to jump off of his shoulder in anger.

How is Tosa and the ded ursa doing?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Oh, and rounder, not sharp at the tip. Warm, not flaming, as mentioned.


You're off him, but now you're squirming around on the ground. Forehooves still bound, remember?
He archs an eyebrow at you. "Think I know what you have in mind…"


"Ah! damnit!" I bite the bounds on my hooves as I try to remove it.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yet you are coated in shades of Wonder Why and insecurity."

Compare my spear to his.

"Look at yours, full of nothingness, you don't even know why you are shaped so. Let me teach you."


You're successfully biting them, but you're not quite out of then yet.
Bigspear picks you up and sits you in his lap with your back towards him, your legs automatically splaying out.
It's shorter and not as thick as his, though he didn't get the name "Bigspear" ironically.
"You think I not been bottom for Alpha before? When one in charge tell you to bend over, you bend over. Is rules."


"Who makes those rules? You should think of the answer. Come, bite onto mine."

Put my spear into his mouth.


He glurks, then eyes it curiously, rolling it around in his mouth for a minute before taking it back out.
"Is warm. Not expecting that. How you do that?"


"The same way you keep your own spear warm, of course. But I have more command, because Love is under my will only. I will have your head for a few moments more, then I will use tenderly your apertures. You would be wise to hide them. CADANS AE REKTI."

"You are free to watch. Maybe you might learn something."


Um… what? I'm legitimately not understanding you.
"Not liking your tone," he growls warningly. "You not my Alpha, yet think you own me? Leave, before I get annoyed and turn tables."



"I welcome it. You want to topple me?"

Interpret it how you wish. I'm being only vaguely comprehensible.

Bend him over with a charging firebolt as a threat.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


He yelps and bends over to avoid the bolt, pinning Miyuki beneath him.
"Watch it!"


Kick Miyuki out, before piercing the dog's Second Aperture with Muatra.

"This is a means of learning. Bite it from down there now. "

Roll #1 8 = 8


He has no choice but to accept your lesson. Glaring back at you, he growls, "Fine then, point made. What intending to do anyway?"


"Ahh! What the?" I squirm underneath and trty to get off his grasp.


Also, Miyuki is indeed still under him, as it's only one action that roll counts for. Besides, it's more fun if everyone's involved.
Miyuki can feel his hot shaft rubbing between her buns, a very familiar smell surrounding her: Bigspear's scent.


"To show you what it is like to be taken to refine your rapture. I must say, your boy-pussy is well-used. Now I am your ruling King."

Take her with me and leave.
"Did you like what he was doing?"


I blush at what has happened and just lowered my head.
"It… really depends, but him wanting it in front of anyone is kind of a no no to me."


Oh, it's still going on?

Cover his eyes and ears.

"Come Miyuki, use the spear now in him. "


I just clenched my teeth, looking the other way.
"Uhmmm…. I really dont know." I gulp with uncertainty.


"You should show him some punishment."


"But not like this… it feels… dirty" I gulp with uncertainty, as I start to poke Bigspear with Luvi's spear uncertainly.


He growls impatiently. "Just do it!"
Thrusting backwards, he takes you by surprise and forces it in, growling in humiliation at being taken like this.


"It goes back to another one of his lessons. You must cast away your fears of other's judgments and do as you wish. You don't want him taking you in full view of others? Show him he can't make you."

Beckon Miyuki to take it and jam it in.


"Eeeppp.." Really weirded out I do the deed.

Roll #1 4 = 4


He groans softly as you work, panting lightly as you work away at him, obviously fighting against the urge to thrust back gently against you.
"So show I am wrong… by doing same to me? Not seeing your point."


"Wrong or not is up to you to decide. You are well-used. I wanted to teach you how to do this magic."

Hold his head still and knock on the back.


Alright…. lets use this spear on him. Lowering my head in shame and embarassment as I continue.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Take more pleasure in it!
Grab her hooves and push through the motions.

Roll #1 3 = 3


A strange noise starts up as you continue. Is he… whining? Whatever he's doing, the fully-erect shaft dribbling precum shows that he's enjoying it, whether he wants to or not.
"F-fucking… magic spears… n-no fair…"

He gasps as you make her be more forceful, shuddering as another batch of pre splatters onto the ground. He whines, pinning his ears back as he starts gently humping the spear penetrating him.


"Look! He's giving in! The earth is now wet!"


I blush seeing him all like this, my master… now my slave. I pant at the idea as I continue to do my thing to him hoping that he likes it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Rebel overtakes King, and becomes new King, who is overtaken by rebel who becomes Master again."

Sit cross legged and meditate at the sight.


He growls angrily, but it trails away into gasps as he starts moving into it more and more. His shaft begins to twitch, swelling already beginning near the base.


I just grin seeing him react before looking at Luvi.
"Damn this is working, I didnt know you can get this kinky." I chuckled worryingly as I continue to dig into Bigspear.
"Well I dont know who overtakes who but as long as he aint humping me likes he is used too then I am fine with that."

Roll #1 8 = 8


With one final submissive whimper, he sprays his load all over the ground, knot swelling on empty air as he saturates the ground with his spunk, a few spurts getting on his stomach and legs.
"F-fuck, pony…"


I pull out the spear out of him and gave out a breathe of relief
"Well he aint bothering anyone after that.:" I smile gladly.


"It's a belly magic of Nobility. There's much more you can do to expand the house of the spirit. Break chains and push yourself."

Send my spear away.


Bigspear groans and rises to his feet, a little unsteady in his stance.
"Point made. No more public sex."
He leans down and takes Miyuki by the collar, dragging her over to him and whispering in her ear.
"But I think tonight, I'll invite my friends over.~"
His voice carries a dangerous undertone.


"Uhhmmm… uhh..:" I look at him uncertainly.

OOC: I needto sleep.


Good night~


Let's head towards Irvone and check on Path. All we could do here has been done.


Luckily, the wagon was out of the way of the fighting. However, it was pretty close by, and is peppered with debris. As you approach the wagon, Irvone pokes his head out.
"Ah, Tosa! Good to see you are alright!"


"Nothing bounce off your cart? We lost one of the carts today, but everyone else is safe. You and Path alright?"


"Plenty bounced off, but thankfully that's all it did. Shame to hear about that, but only one? From an Ursan attack? Hah! I told you I had a good feeling about this trip! Usually we lose five or six before the beast gets driven off!
The boy's in here. Poor lad's been worried sick about you. Could hardly focus on his lessons!"


"Honestly, the Pup."

Let's head in with them and start petting Path.

"How's your stomach doing? You feeling better, Flyer?"


The moment you touch him, he looks up with wide eyes, then leaps at you before you can react, wordlessly hugging you as he buries his head against your chest.
"To be fair, it is a valid concern. How many guards did we lose this time?"


"You missed me?" I laugh with Path.

"Out of all us, you're looking at the most banged up one. I might sleep like a log tonight, but don't go off and get my measurements just yet."

"I've got a responsibility to make sure he keeps to the straight and narrow."


"I… I felt so useless," Path whimpers into your chest. "Knowing you were out there fighting and I was just sitting here… I hate feeling useless. I hate being useless. I… I wanted to help. To make sure you were all right…"
"Really?" Irvone looks impressed. "You truly are an amazing dog, Tosa. Don't worry, I think he'll do just fine."


"Thanks, Irvone. I'm counting on you to help too. He needs his basics down."

"As for you, Open Path, I'm going to count on you to make sure you escort this cart and any people away from danger. I'm fairly certain that they'll shy away from arming you and letting you come with, but they won't think twice if you offer them a hoof out of danger."


Path bites his lip and nods, his grip loosening, though he continues to nuzzle your side affectionately.
"Of course, of course!" Irvone proclaims proudly. "Though I must admit, he drinks it up like dry parchment draws water. He may lack the knowledge, but he has the heart and drive of a good pony."


If he loosens his grip, I'll tighten mine.

"That's good to hear. I'll be leaving instructions to you Path, written ones, if we keep getting sent away like we were with the wolves. It's going to take some time and effort, but you're on the way to freedom, my little Pegasus."


He pauses at that, one hoof holding you tighter as the other absentmindedly touches his collar.
"…And what if I want to stay with you?"


"Do you want to see the world?"


He smiles shyly.
"I kinda do… but I'd rather not have to see it alone…"


Shout out: "Then we'll be together for a long time!" as I rub my head on his chest.


He laughs happily at that, eyes glistening with unshed tears of joy as he looks you in the eyes.
Gradually, his laughter fades, though his smile remains. Something flashes through his eyes, some sort of… hesitation.


"Come on, what's on your mind? Don't you want to try out new skies too?"


He starts to blush.
"Yeah, but… that's not what I'm thinking about…"
His face is getting pretty close to yours…
"Though, I… suppose this would be… new for me, too…"
He almost looks scared, like he's ready to jump away at any second.


Start scratching him under the head with one paw and between the ears with the other so I can keep his eyes focused on me.

"Go ahead and let it out. Your thoughts and opinions are partially mine at the moment, so just say it straight."


His eyes unfocus at your treatment, his mouth hanging open before he gets ahold of himself again. His blush is even worse than before.
"I… that is, uh… well…"
He takes a deep breath.
Determination flashes through his eyes, and he gives a defeated sigh.
"Ah, the hell with it."
Darting forward, he presses his lips to yours. It's just for a moment, but… has he been chewing mint? You distinctly taste mint.
Barely has he started before he pulls away, his face absolutely crimson.
"So, uh, yeah. Feel free to, you know, slap me now. Or just hate me forever, that works too, I guess."
He sighs. "…Sorry. I… overstepped my bounds. I'll… punish me how you see fit."


Walk to his side.

Then start tickling his belly.

"You are going to take responsibility for that kiss! I might not get another Dogge interested in me if they know my first kiss was from a pony."


He starts giggling uncontrollably as you tickle him, his eyes wide as you admit it was your first.
"T-that- heeheehee -was your first -hahahah, mercy please!- kiss too? heeheeehee W-what if hahahah y-you don't want another dogge? heehee, oh please, my sides!"


"Well, what'll I offer now that you stole my first kiss! They'll probably smell that kiss on me! I'm going to make you work twice as hard to make up for it and I'll be expecting exceptional progress from your education, got it?"


"Of course, yes, anything! Heeheehee! Please, make it stop! hahaha! I'm sorry! hahaha! I'm an idiot who- heheheh -can't keep his emotions in check! hohohoh! Mercy! hahaha!"


"Fine, just lay down, I'm going to use you as a pillow because I'm tired.."

"And I meant it, you don't get to take a girls first kiss like that and get away with it."


"B-but I gave you my first kiss too! Doesn't that-"
He sighs dejectedly and puts his head on the floor, letting you use him as a pillow.
"Never mind."
He mutters under his breath, but with your doge hearing you still hear it.
"Should have known she wouldn't be interested in a loser like me… stupid, stupid, stupid!"


Turn my head and smile at him.

"You really can be."

Then turn back and see if I can take a nap.

"Because I told you I expect you to make up for it. I expect a lot out of you, okay? Don't let me, or yourself down. But especially me."


He just stares at you for a moment, blushing furiously.
"…I won't. I swear I won't."
As you drift off to sleep, the last thing you see is Path's head nuzzled up against your side, a smile on his face as he goes to sleep too.



Roll #1 86, 35, 33, 21, 99, 74, 14, 59 = 421

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