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The spring has come once again, signaling the ninth year of this fortress existence. The fortress grew during the first years thanks to migrants, and now that the pups brought into the world years ago are starting to grow up the fortress has more able paws than ever before. The workshops produce goods, the salves toil quietly, the larders are stocked, the mines yield copper and silver and gems, and all is peaceful aside from the occasional thief. Boyar, the alpha of this growing pack, has dreams of great ambition and sees in the future a new nation with him at the helm. Seeking new hunting grounds, places to settle, and news of threats, he has ordered three expeditions be sent out consisting of two dogs skilled with digging, at least five dogs skilled in arms, and laydogs with skills which may prove useful.

The signup sheets for the three parties have been up half the winter. Now that the last pile of snow has melted it is time to depart. Please, sign or name or place your mark under whichever group you wish, or stay at home and continue your labors.

Expedition 1

Expedition 2

Expedition 3


I summon Prophecy to my office.


Kopaz dig, Kopaz not read


Check expedition 1, what does it read?
Also how am I doing when all of this is happening?


I'll read this while going on with my duties with Quill.

"I was able to find a few good things last time I went out, and that was just with he Buffalo. Going with Preofessionals might make it easier and more profitable for me. No doubt Switch is getting her squad ready for this and preparing the rope to bind me along, so I might as well sign up and prepare, but for which?"

I'll check if there is any information on where any of the three groups are going.


I am not an adventuring dog. I am a dog of words.
I shall stay here and go check in with Prophecy to see what needs to be done.


Ah'oughta check out sum of 'em x'peditions.
See if they need a cook in their travels!


He arrives.
"Will you be seeing them off, Alpha? It would be good for moral."

Memory leads you to the signup sheets.
"Want to dig in some new ground, Master? I'm sure that new scenery would be good for you."

It just says Expedition 1. Like the others it will be heading off into the wilderness in search of anything, whether it be food, water, materials, enemies, a source of trading/slave taking, caves, etc. Expedition 1 will be going northish, Expedition 2 will be going eastish, and Expedition 3 will be going southish.
You have made a deal with the slaavekeepers to get a goat once they are finished being trained. You yourself are doing fine. Your slave is doing well and her foal is now able to do basic tasks with its mother's supervision.

"Very profitable. You and your squad will have first claim on whatever nodog else hears about. The only difference between them is their rough direction, I think. We know very few details of the areas around us."
Expedition 1 will be going northish, Expedition 2 will be going eastish, and Expedition 3 will be going southish.

Prophecy is speaking with Boyar in Boyar's interim office. He has an armor stand, two nice silver statues, a chest for his things, and a table and chair.

All three have need.


"I'll sign up for the Southern one, since I don't recall even passing that area when we came."

Sign up for Expedition 3.

"Quill, how are the rest of the slaves doing?"


Well sign up for…
South! I like warm places.


"Of course. Are the expeditions ready yet?"


Lets see, how about we sign up for expedition 3.
Also lets how are traps doing?


"New dig good. Dig where?"


I'll wait and listen then.


I'm going south. Anything else is too cold and horrible.


"They are doing wonderfully, mistress. The females are numerous and fruitful enough that the fortress will soon not need to buy slaves anymore except to bring in fresh blood. The oldest ones are old enough to start receiving trainers from their parents or owners and will be ready to adopt or be assigned to a task by this time next year. The goats are much quieter now and should be almost all ready to enter the workforce by summer."
Your name is signed up.
Come Spring you are standing in a crowd of thirty dogs.

You signed your name under 3.
Come Spring you are standing in a crowd of thirty dogs.

"They are waiting for you now, Alpha."
Moloch, your larger brother, is at the door.

Your traps are doing fine. All your work on traps has been done, both in the fortress and the mines. Once the old sandy fortress has been emptied it may be a laugh to fill it with traps for thieving adventurers.
You placed your name under the third expedition.
Come Spring you are standing in a crowd of thirty dogs.

"Ooohhhhh..south. South sounds good."
She signs your name under Expedition 3.
Come Spring you are standing in a crowd of thirty dogs.

You wait and listen as your runty brother talks with Prophecy.

You sign your name under the third expedition and return to your room to escape the cold with a warm blanket and good book about unicorns.
Come Spring you are standing in a crowd of thirty dogs.


Make sure I have my things ready and listen for further instruction.

"Hope Quill and those Hunt dogs I recruited won't have any trouble without me."


"Going on the expedition, brother?"


"When we go?"


My assistants should be able to fill in for my medical duties while I'm gone right?


I look at the crowd of dogs, how are we handling things?
"Who is leader of group?"


"Not a chance, brother. I am not cut out for fighting, you know this. And besides, I am needed here to smith things."


You have all your things. Some dog who makes his living talking is trying to stall for time while waiting for the alpha.

"Soon, master. The alpha must send us off first."

Yes. They are doing very well.

A few of the other dogs in your group look around and ask the same question of the others.
"Good question. Who is in charge?"


"Pony on leash?"


"Fair enough. I don't believe I will be going, either.

"Come with me when we see them off, however."


Look around for our Militia Dog leaders, isn't this their area of specialty?


"Who should be in charge?"


She frowns.
"No, master, just this morning you told me I didn't need to be on a leash. And I'm a zebra, not a pony."

You aren't sure if you can see them or not. Everyone is packed together waiting to go, and it doesn't help that half the fort is trying to watch the sendoff too.

"Well normally its either the smartest dog or the dog that hits the hardest."


I shrug.
"Barkspawn is not sure, but Bark is not good in managing things."


I nod.
"Of course."


I'm going to try to get a better look at all of the group and see if there is a higher spot. If we're this hectic now, did we make sure to even bring supplies?


"Despite my brilliance, the outside world is not my area of expertise."


"We go out of fort. What if zebra run?"


The two of you set off and arrive at the room where the expeditions are being seen off. Everydog gets quiet when they see you.

"What about her?"
He pats your >>513426 shoulder.
"Want to be boss dog?"


She smiles up at you.
"Why would I run, Master? I am a good slave."


"Me, but I've never led an expedition like this before? But if there isn't any objection, I'll do it."


I shrug before readying my weapons and standing straight.
"Bark is okay with that."


"Whatever works."


"Alright, boss dog. Want to name a second in command?"
He waggles his eyebrows at you.


"Well, I don't see any reason not to nominate you as the second in command. Everyone here seems to respect you enough."

"Let me ask you a question then, where are the supplies for the voyage and how long did they plan on us being out?"


"Slave stupid. Slave run from dog. Dog have to track slave."


"That sounds fine to me. Is your expedition ready to leave?"


"I think we have enough Dogs as it is. We can send a few scouts back and forth if we need anything extra while traveling. You think we're ready?"


"Hardtack, canteens with water, tarps to cover our holes if it rains, hunting supplies, flint and tinder, and stuff like that. We should be back anywhere between summer and the start of winter depending on whether or not we feel we have found anything worth reporting."

She shakes her head.
"Master gives me a warm bed, good food, and good drink. Why would I run?"

Prophesy whispers in your ear.
"They are all ready. If they haven't sorted themselves yet they can do it outside."


"Slaves stupid. Slave want 'freedom'. Slave not want work."


"I have the utmost confidence in you."

I turn and address the rest of the expeditions.

"I believe in you all, and I know that you will perform admirably. Remember your goals: Find places suitable for expansion, find out more about the region, and look for game, if possible. These are simple missions, but they are of the highest importance to our pack. The Most Noble One will watch over you all."

I try to inspire them a bit

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"You know, yeah, we're ready."

Turn to the crowd.
"Eveydog here ready for Adventure and Glory and Profit!?"


"She shakes her head."
One of the diamond dogs sighs.
"Just leash her already if that is what you are going to do. Aidi handles slaves, she should have one."

Most everydog in the expeditions and watching the farewell cheers. You are certain you can feel God Supernoble's blessing descend on them.

They keep on cheering.


"Get to a cart and let's head out! Remember to make room for all the treasure we'll bring back!"


Nod and find this slave-handler.
"Need leash for slave."


I nod at this and raise my hand.
"We're ready?"


"There's some stuff in the cart you can use, but you can rush down to the slave pin and get a proper one while we're moving out."

"Now rather than later. As the carts move out, take an inventory of who is coming and what we have. Send a young pup back if you think we need anything and have the others add it as we move out."


"Anything good."
Let's find that stuff in the cart.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Ah well.
I suppose I should go check up on my assistants. How have they been progressing?


"Bark will do that… or try to do that?" I scratch my head.
"Now what do we need to make this expedition possible leader?"


The mass of moving dogs pushes you all out into the the Pit, up the stairs on the sides, and into the open world. The trees and grass are green, the bees are buzzing, and the birds are singing. The other two expeditions move to their carts. The buffalo pulling the carts set off with their groups while yours looks at all of you.
"Ready, masters? I have orders to hide if we encounter any nondogs."

One of the diamond dogs nods.
"Just waiting on Boss Aidi."

You find a long leash with a hard leather collar.

They are now all smiths in their own rights. Not masters like you, but very capable of making most things the fort needs.


"At this point, I'll have to do my best to keep everyone under control and make sure the whole thing gets managed properly. We don't know if we'll find another camp, a mine-able area, farmland, or even a roosting dragon, but we need to make sure we have the supplies to get there and back."

"As for others, why don't we start organizing some scouts and guards? Finding out where to go and making sure nothing of ours get stolen before we get there."


Now… how are they progressing in their independence?


I'll just slap the slave if she runs.


"You got it. No need to cause any more trouble before we have to. We have some sheets you can use to keep you warm in the mean time. Now, make sure you're strapped into the carts securely and lets move out."


At this point they only act like slaves in public. You've had a little trouble with backtalk in private though.

"Why not just go and stay with the cart? I think the alpha will get mad if we sit here and send out scouts when we are the scouts."

Memory stays on the side of you opposite the leash.

"Thank you, mistress. I am strapped in and ready."


"Oh, I had thought we had a few others… Still, we should organize something for guard duty, and I'll see if we have a cook dog who can help plan out the rations we have."


Oh this is simply excellent!
I am going to go and pay them a visit right now!
What are they doing?


"When go?"


I retire to my office. Do we have a map of what we know of the area? What settlements are nearby, where the expeditions are going, etc.?


File: 1388093478659.png (2.99 KB, 149x226, surrounding area.png, IO Google TinEye)

"There's just the ten of us, Boss Aidi. Koka the run can cook."
Sylt dropped so Koka is an NPC now.

Taking the day off in your new room.

One of the dogs shrugs.

All you have is a large copy of a map stolen from gryphons a few hundred years ago during a war. There is jungle in every direction and beyond that ocean in every direction except south and sortof the north. To the south of the fortress are rivers large enough to be noticed from far up in the sky. A grey dot represents the cave of a horrible monster of the class called Megabeasts. To the north are islands and thin pieces of land. A dog with a boat could go that way and make it to the northern continent.
The fortress is the green Ω.


"Now. Hope on a cart or walk along. Make sure your equipment is with us."


"Kopaz dig with paws."


Hm. What other settlements do we know about? There's our homeland, of course. They're sending more settlers every now and then, right? Do we know where the various merchants and stuff come from?


"Then you won't need much, eh? More room for valuable loot."

Then, to be fair, this makes things easier. I've had more difficulty helping the farmers plan out their things or even just making the slaves had been checked out properly. Let's see what this land has in store for us, we should be able to manage ourselves fine then."




Memory starts walking with the others.
"This way, master."

The flow of refugees coming to your fortress dried up a while ago. All of you here are less settlers and more deserters. You have learned of the following places.
Zebra capitol - Akon Spusp
Pony Town - Deeptrodden
Pony capitol - Fameskirt
Pony city - Cloud Touch
Donkey town - Lookpillage
Donkey capitol - Baldtome
Only Deeptrodden, Cloud Touch, and Lookpillage are close enough to reach without sending an army large enough to be noticed. Cloudtouch may or may not be on an actual cloud. Deeprtrodden and Lookpillage are each roughly a month away and to the south.

Are you all ready to timeskip to what the RNG has in store for you, or do you wish to enjoy the journey?


Of course!
"Hello assistants! How are you all feeling today?"


Follow her

I'm ready for a skip


I'll take the skip then.


I ask a slave or passing dog to send for my brother.


"Pretty great."
"How are you?"

One moment. Something else came up.

The slave nods and runs off.


"Very very good!"
My methods work! Now if only I could just convince the rest…


College application website is being an asshole, sorry for the wait.


File: 1388098330932.jpg (206.17 KB, 1152x752, lake.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

The slave returns to tell you that Moloch is napping.

Expedition 3
You all spend a few months wandering through the wilderness. All of you find a few minor things, but they are to be jotted down on a map because none seem important enough to end your quest over. One afternoon, in the thick and humid heat of the summer, your expedition comes across a very large, still lake. The sounds of wildlife can be heard all around and fish can occasionally be heard jumping from the water. There is more than enough lumber here and the ground slopes enough that this place could house an outpost of decent size.
Roll for spot if any of you are still here.


Kopaz, not Spot.
Not all dogs Spot.

Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1388098738615.jpg (Spoiler Image, 597.92 KB, 2160x1440, friends.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

You can see some large, fat looking things in the water halfway around the lake, past a large boulder near the shore. They are huge, round, hairless, and are eating plants.




On the Alpha's orders three expeditions have been sent out to explore the wilderness around the fortress. Your expedition left during the beginning of Spring. Now, it is well into summer and the heat and humidity is murderous. Your group of ten diamond dogs has found a large jungle lake. There are plenty of threes for timber, hills for an outpost, and a lake for water and fish. In the lake, beyond some large, mossy boulders, are a herd of large, round, fat creature munching on plantlife.


"The heck are those? Some kind of weird water pig?"


Poke my pony in the side.
"What that."


"As long as they're just as quiet, I'm okay with them. What I'm more interested is in this area. We could settle down here for a good while."


"Assuming there are no other locals to make a bother. We should check the hills, see if there are any gem deposits, or if there's good stone, at least. Maybe even metal ore."


"I don't know, Master. I was raised under a mountain. Why would I know what those are?"

Some of the dogs with you murmur their agreement.
"Can we go for a swim?"


Approach Aidi.
"Do we stay here in this place? If so we build tower on watch tower on hill using tree's."


"Pony know things Kopaz don't."


"Sure, we could use a break, but we'll be setting up camp shortly."

"Let's look for some Ore, then we can build on top of it to claim it as ours."


"That is why you chose me, Master."

"Great! Four dogs shed their bags and vest then run and dive into the water. They start laugh, splashing, and paddling around. A few of the large, fat things watch them from their part of the lake.


Poke her again.
"So pony know what that."


"Well, let's mark a spot then."
Look for a good spot on the hill to mark for digging. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


She shakes her head.
"No master, I have no idea what they are."

You aren't too sure about what a good spot would be, but the two miners, Kopaz and Barkspawn, might know.


I'll have the buffalo set the cart down and help him unload some of the things we'll need for the camp. I'll get some of the rations prepared for the other dogs.


I nod at this and start looking for any signs of area's where ore's are present to start digging. Preferrreably near the hill.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Grumble, then touch the water.
Is it hot or cold?


"Hey, quit playing with your pony and come look for a good digging spot! You can have fun later."


Walk over.
"Dig now?"


You untie him from his harness and help him unload the cart.
"Thank you for helping, mistress."
After that you clear an area of stones and sticks, build a fire pit and a fire, then set a pot of water to boiling.

It is nice and cool.


"Go help Barkspawn find a good spot, and then dig."
I'll point at Barkspawn.
"He's got a better nose for metal than I do."


"Can't have you do all the work. A dog like me would get rusty. With this heat, go ahead and join the others, I can tend to things here."


You jog over to the largest hill and start digging some tunnels. All the ones you dig reach an aquifer only two units below the ground level. There is no ore here, but the soil is dark and rich and good for farming. You estimate that the hill could comfortably house house thirty dogs and a few slaves.


You see that Barkspawn has already dug several test holes.

"Thank you, mistress."
He walks into the lake and starts swimming around.


Nod, then start to look for good places where I could dig!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Good for him. I'll watch the huge water pigs for a while, from the shore.
Did Poet sign up for this team, or no?


You pick a few more spots to dig and find a small area where dry ground goes down three units below ground level instead of two. There is no ore here, but there are a few common, shallow gems of low value. A thinking dog would realize he just found room for five extra diamond dogs and a few more slaves.

She did. She has taken first watch and is keeping an eye on the treeline with her bow.


Inspect the gems.
"Pony! Tell dog Kopaz found gem!"


go back and report to the others about my find.

"Bark find no ore but find this place is good for farming, We can also make dig holes to stay for the night."


I won't bother her, then. I wouldn't want anydog bothering me while I'm busy, after all.
So what are those wet dogs up to now? They're going to smell terrible later.


"Kopaz found gems."


"Good enough for now. An outpost that can be used as a supply point never hurts."
"Now that is interesting. Where at?"


"Yes, master."

Kopaz's zebra mare runs over to you.
"My master wants me to tell you he found some gems."

They are swimming around.

Roll #1 10, 8, 8, 5 = 31


"I'll set up the food for now, the other dogs can get that new area clear and set up afterwards."



Roll #1 10 = 10


Point at the place where I dug and show the gems.


One of the dogs bobs underwater and comes up a few seconds later, thrashing. All of the dogs start screaming and they run out of the lake, followed quickly by the buffalo. The dog that went under is badly bleeding from his leg.


I'm with the supplies, get some bandages over to him quickly!


Head over to the wounded dog.
"Did you see what pulled you under?"


Glance at them.
"What happen?"


Ah fuck help them out!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Something in the water tried to take that dog's leg. If the water is dangerous, we need to know."




Oh! Oh! Ahahahahahahahahah!"


You rush over with some bandages.
Roll to apply them-

You grab the bandages from her paws and wrap up the diamond dog's leg. The wrapping is tight, but it is managing the bleeding.


Briaq wakes up from his nap in the cart.


"Well well hehe, what fun to have come!Ahahaha!"


"Stop squirming!"

Apply. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll let my hackles down a bit.
"You got mauled… by a fish."
I'll shake my head.
"Looks like the first order of business is to set up a fishery, and start cutting down on the local fish population, then. So it's fish for dinner."



"We'll need the proper tools. Fishing rods, at least, maybe spears. Maybe a few barrels to store them in until we can get them cooked."


The other dogs are all paying attention to the wounded dogs and glancing at the lake. It looks peaceful now.

Barkspawn took your bandages and applied them already. Not being trained as a doctor, you aren't sure you could do better than he did by reapplying them.

"Giant fish! Big as the buffalo!"

"Good luck!"


"That room that was mentioned, we can prepare it for ourselves and then dig an area to keep any fish we catch. It'll let this injured dog heal in the mean time."


"Lure it?"


Strut over to the lake edge and peer into the water. Then start swishing the water with a finger


"So we'll need bigger spears. Or at least a decent net."
I'll think a little.
"So, who wants to show those big fish that Diamond Dogs are at the top of the food chain?"
I'll nod.
"A lure might work. Especially if we've got a floodgate that we can drop to close of an enclosed pond that the big fish are drawn into. That way, it's fighting on our terms."


The other dogs shake themselves off and nod their heads.

You swish your finger around in the shallow part of the water. Nothing happens.

None of the wet dogs raise their paws.


"Dig channel?"


"We'll need a decent 'fort' then."

I'll look at the wet dogs.
"Dry yourselves off, and fell some trees. We can use them to fortify our new little house and use any leftover parts for spears and weapons so we can dine on some fish. How's that sound?"


"Bunch of sissy pups, the lot of you."
"Maybe. We'll have to draw it out first, make sure we're not just digging in circles."
I'll head over to the carts.
"Did we pack any axes in here? We should have."
Dig through the carts for axes.


"Hehehehahahaha! Come 'ere fishy fishy fishy!"

Throw a rock, or nearby sand, into the water!


They nod and grabs axes from the cart before heading into the jungle.

"I don't think that will work, master. We don't have the time to dig something big or deep enough to drain the lake."

"Why don't you get in there then, Bite Sized?"



"Pond for fish?"


Tap him on the shoulders.

"Let's get decent base set up first. We can plan and work from there. Especially since I don't want to lose any tools to the river."


"Did I say I wasn't?"
"What did you think the axes were for? I'm not stupid enough to go diving into the pond with a wood axe."


"That might work? Talk to miss Aidi first. I think she wants shelters made for everydog."

They have already left and gone into the jungle for wood.


"Just mentioning it."

I'll help the buffalo dry off and get the cart put back on. "Looks like we aren't getting to rest like we wanted. I'll help you move the wood back over here so they can focus on cutting it down."


Walk over.



Roll #1 3 = 3


"Hm? Oh, there's a small cavern we found over there, can you start digging it out into a room while we get the support wood?"


You dry him off with a few towels and make sure he gets hooked up.
"You are as kind as ever, miss Aidi."

There are a few ripple further out from where your rock lands.





Ready my pickaxe and ripple the water with my hand again

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, I'll do what I can, at least. Start digging a pit that we can channel the water into. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Actually, you were the one who dug this >>513833, right? Can you just work on making it more stable so we can get the wood in place for good support?"


"Kopaz try."
Try to dig some support pillars!

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Nothing responds to you ripple the water in a part of the lake that is not even up to your knee. You will need to go deeper if you want to use your paw.

Memory taps your leg.
"I think she means the hill where you were digging."

You start digging out a pit for safer water. You start to channel out an area that is two units wide by two units long.


"Hm.. hehe. None want to play? well foo foo then ok!


Head over to where the others are digging


We'll probably have to make it deeper if we want to get those fish in there, but I'm too short for that shit. So I guess I'll settle for getting the surface down. Once I've finished with that square, I'll lead a single-cubit-wide path to the edge of the lake. Not far enough for the water to start going in, but close enough that we can just make a straight shot of it once the time comes. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


There is no one digging currently, but you walk over to the hill with a few shafts dug down into it. It shouldn't be hard to make yourself a small burrow to sleep in. You've been doing it every night for months, after all.

After you make sure the pool is a unit deep you dig a unit length path to the lake. Water quickly rushes over you as you destroy the last barrier of dirt.
Roll to make it to the ramp you left in the pool.


I didn't want to break open the water, though! Stupid aquifers!
'1d10' to leg it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


If we've cut down any wood, I'll help with getting it taken out of the cart and put into the place. The Buffalo can go get whatever they've cut down.


You let the water push you back to the pool then crawl up the ramp on all fours and shake off. Poet is laughing.

The dogs have mostly filled the cart by now. You guide them all back to the camp with the buffalo and his cart of lumber.


Crawl down there and look to see if there was anyone in it!

Rolling for perception down here! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Kopaz's tricksy zebra is freaking out near the hill.

The holes are empty of people and creatures.

You finally wake up. You are totally encased in dirt and it is hard to breath.


Shake off.
"Laugh it up, Poet. The dirt gave out earlier than I thought it would."
Sneeze a little, since some of the water likely went up my nose.
"I was going to make that basin deeper, eventually, before letting the water in. Looks like I'm just going to have to try from another spot."


This isn't my bed
Blow my nose.
Is it any better?


Let's start bringing some wood down then.

"Look out, materials coming through!" I yell as I go down.


Take some of the dirt and feel it out for firmness

Roll #1 4 = 4


She laughs.
"Maybe let one of the dogs that is tall enough to keep his head above the water do it, like Kopaz."
She looks at the hill.
"What's up with his zebra?"

Nope, but you can smell dirt now. And feel it. All around you.

Kopaz's zebra runs over to you as all of you get near the hill.

It is a bit crumbly.


"Who's buried, oh, you, where is he!?"

If she points where he was, start trying to dig him out. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


That means dig.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


I'll give her a sour look as only a sopping wet midget dog can.
"Well, let's go find out."


"Heh… needs timber. boxing, and METAAALLL!


Ok ok ok! Climb out and see what the others are doing again!

rolling if I need to '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


She points at a shaft. You run over to it but the ground gives way and you fall to the bottom, only to be burried by dirt as well. Suddenly…

You decided to go back to work and dig upwards. You find the bitch in charge of your group under the dirt above you and carry her to the top as well. Memory is freaking out at the top of the shaft, but stops when she sees you are okay. Digging your paws into the wall, you climb up and out of the hole.

You see a bunch of dogs and a zebra slave crowded around a shaft down into the hill. Kopaz suddenly climbs up out of it with Aidi over his shoulder.

They are watching two dogs climb out of a hole. You grab the best support beams from the cart while they are distracted.


"Having fun over there?"


Put the bitch down beside me.
"That not bed."


"Ugh, I hate digging. And here I was supposed to be saving you."

"Just, let's get back to work. The ground is pretty soft, so watch out."


"Save Kopaz? From what?"


"Tell me about it."
"Boredom. Back to work."


"Nothing, just put me down and help get the supports in place."



Memory shakes her head.
"No it isn't. Be more careful, master."

"No kidding? Maybe they should dig our sleeping room closer to the surface if we are going to have one big room instead of simple burrows."

"We're waiting on the digger. I think Boss Aidi wants us to have a communal room for sleeping."


"Well, watch where you dig. There's water everywhere."
And since this is all taken care of, I'll head back to the wagons, squeezing more water out of my fur as I go. This is going to frizz terribly.


I already put you down.

"Kopaz careful."

Start digging properly.

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Good! Drop them into the hole and jump in myself!


"One big room will be easier to manage. We can expand afterwards, but for now, I'd settle for a sturdy roof overhead."



Poet follows you.
"So, think a big room means we'll have beds too? Careful you don't catch cold, otherwise we might have to share one so you will stay warm~"

Your shovel-like paws quickly dig out a nine unit long by four unit wide room in the hill with a three unit long and one unit wide hallway leading into it. The diamond dogs cheer as they watch.

You drop them down and climb down after.

"Boss, should us carpenters build a workshop to make some beds, or should we add supports to the room?"


"Supports. We might have found a very good place to clamp down on, and I don't want it falling down on us. We can expand after a good nights rest."


Walk back to the bitch.
"This good?"


Now! With my pickaxe, measure the length of the logs! Then apply that measurement to widening the hole i'm in!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Yes, very good! It saves us a lot of time getting it cleared. We might even have room for all the supplies too."


#It will be getting into the evening when they finish. It is currently the afternoon. Tell me when you wish to timeskip. None of you have Woodworker and none of you have trade skills to spend, but can try building a carpentry shop then building beds at DC10 while you wait.

They have the buffalo back the cart up to the entrance and start bringing the lumber into the tunnel. There is much hammering and sawing for as they work.

You measure them perfectly then decide to cut them into shape. Before long you are lift with sticks as long as your pickaxe and absolutely no good for making supports.


Eh, they'll make good spit roasters or something!

Throw them near the entrance and then start to widen this hole 'around' pillars of earth!


Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll try to get some tables and beds set up. They'll be more useful when we start expanding and get dogs with proper skills. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Dig out space for shop?

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Help Aidi in setting up the bed and tables. Well set up the place in general.

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1388183388664.png (7.88 KB, 640x400, rooms.png, IO Google TinEye)

You leave them by the buffalo then start to widen your room. You now have a five unit by five unit room with two pillars each a unit wide providing support. The shaft leading up to the outside is rough outside your room.

You dig out a four by four area for a carpenter's workshop to be in.

You and Barkspawn try to get a workshop set up, but a large piece of timber falls and crush's one of Barkspawn's feet.


Go outside.
"Kopaz dig workshop."


Lift up the timber.

"Sorry, but maybe we should hold off till everyone gets here. We've gotten a good amount started."




"Arrgghh…" try to pull my foot off from that timber and attend to that wound.

"Bark just want to help." I whimper.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You try to shift it off from the position you are in, but it falls and crushes your leg as well.
You now cannot walk without a crutch.

You cannot pull it off of Bark before he tries to shift it and ends up maiming his leg.


Dig out the entrance so that it makes a winding staircase out!


Roll #1 10 = 10


Okay try not to move at all.


"Do we have a doctor!"

Try to help him keep off his leg and not damage it more. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You dig a grind, spiral staircase up to the light.

You lie on your back and wish you had a slave to kiss it better.

You keep him on the ground where he can't hurt himself.
Groves isn't around so that means no one has access to Mend.


Find bitch.
Show shop.
Kopaz dig good.


You see Aidi over by the other dig dig. He has mangled his leg badly with a piece of lumber.


Let me try to find something that can double as a crutch. I can't have a good dog down for so long. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


If/when nightfall comes, Spear those stick into the ground all around my hole poking out!


Thanks for quest

Roll #1 2 = 2


Walk over obliviously.
"Kopaz dig room."


"Help me get Barkspawn over there, carefully."


You find a stick that looks like it will work as a crutch, but when you try to pick it up it writes and bites your arm! You start to feel woozy.

You can get them to stay standing up.


Help lifting doges.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"And make the room stop spinning, too."
Try to resist and stay on my feet. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Should I pause until Groves shows up so he can Heal and Mend people?

You can't manage to pick up Barkspawn. He is heavier than you thought he would be.

The snake slithers away. Meanwhile, the world around you starts to spin.


Hold up both dogs!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I look at Aidi.
:"Aidi?! What happened?"

"Help! Help!" I began to shout


Keep trying to stay coherent. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Sna.. Snak… Snack…"


You pick up Barkspawn and Aidi.

Kopaz the dig god lift you into the air and throws you over his shoulder.

You manage to keep the world from spinning any worse as Kopaz supports you with a large arm.

PAUSED due to the good doctor not being around to save lives and limbs.


"I can think of a few hundred worse things than sharing bedspace."




File: 1388966411400.png (7.1 KB, 1000x220, gimp a shit.png, IO Google TinEye)

It is getting dark now, and the diamond dogs are getting hungry for their evening meal. Lorik was able to heal Aidi of her poisoning and mend Barkspawn's crushed leg so that it was as good as new. The carpenters have finished reinforcing the seeping area and the workshop area, but there is no time today to make beds or even set up a workshop for them.

This is in a jungle, so there is plenty of wood. I'm not going to try drawing trees.


We're diamond dogs. We've not gotten so soft that sleeping in the dirt is a bad thing. I'm sure Aidi and the other expedition leaders have set up watch shifts?


I raise my hand
"Is wood needed? Bark can help gather"


No, but Crunch is around I think. You can talk to him about watches.

"We can get more wood tomorrow. Being out in a new part of the jungle after dark is a bad idea. Too many jaguars and things."


So, what have I been doing.


There he is.
"Hey, Crunch. What are we doing for guard shifts?"


I nod at this and sit down.
"Bark is adept at guarding if needed.


The other military dogs with you, plus a few others, are asking about guard shifts.

The top-down map can be found here.




Try to explore the dig site a bit and do some digging. Lets see if there are any presence of gems or any minerals in this mound.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Guard shifts, huh? We should probably start setting them up."
I'll pick out a few of my own trained dogs to stand guard outside for now.
"I'll ask Switch about his later. Do we have any places set up yet?"


"The front of the sleeping area is usually a good spot to start. I doubt anydog would want to go wandering next to the lake at night in this area."


All the test holes you dig end up hitting a layer of water that keeps you from going further.

"Yes, boss."
They sit down outside and start eating some of their rations.
You are all standing at the mouth of a communal sleeping area right now.


Arg, I brush off the dirt from myself and head back to camp.
"Too dark nothing but water and grime." I told the other dogs."


They nod.
"We probably aren't going to find anything useful in the ground here. If there is a lake there is an aquifer, and if there is an aquifer there is no way we are getting into the stone anytime soon."


I nod at this.
"So what is Alpha's plan? Dogs are not going to go out at night so all of us need rest. Who's going to watch at night?"


Timeskip to morning? I started this at night in case any of you wanted to RP, but I guess that isn't going to happen.

"Crunch has some of his dogs keeping watch."


I wouldn't be opposed to it.


I nod at this.
"Bark will rest then for the night."

Approach him.
"Any plans for the morning?"


"Rotating shifts, probably. Were there any places you wanted an eye kept on specifically?"


"Bark will be satisfied on any post, if Crunch wants Bark and him can keep watch together."


I'm fine skipping to morning. It's not like anything's going to attack us during the night, right? Riiiight.


Not with only two combat classes playing. In fact, with only three people here I think all you guys can do is work on building/making things. The real fun will need to wait.

All of you unroll your sleeping bags in the communal room and sleep until morning, with the exception of Barkspawn and Crunch who each take a watch.

The morning hustle and bustle wakes everyone up. Koka, the runt cook, is making a soup in a large iron pot in the middle of the room.


Nothing like a nice soup to brighten up the morning.
I turn to the other dogs as I eat.
"So what is plan? We go explore this place if Bark is correct aye?"


The one who made the strawberry bread thing? At least I know she can cook. Get something to eat, and then we need to start marking trees to be cut down. Gathering food would be good as well, and deciding whether we'll be crazy and have an above-ground outpost.


"We'll need to gather materials for further expansion. Carpentry, fortifications, things like that. Wells, too, so we don't have to risk getting eaten by giant fish just to get water."


"Bark can help making well.:"


"Probably. We might need actual watch stations."


I'll nod.
"We'll also need a fishery building set up, so that we can actually gut the fish we catch more easily. Basic stuff. So that's probably what's going to be done during the majority of the day."
I'll look at my paws for a moment.
"I can at least help with the marking and cutting of trees, or gathering plants for food. Since there aren't any gems to cut, I don't really have much purpose."
"We'll need a crafting station to make sure our archer dogs don't run out of arrows."


They shrug.
"All the alpha wanted us to do was find good places for hunting or expanding. This place looks like it would be good for fishing and farm, so as far as we are concerned we can leave at any time."

"Well need rope, stone, and a bucket to make a well. It might be easier to dig a shallow channel nearer to us."

Poet nods.
"He's right about the arrows."


"We might want to mark it then. But I'll see about getting to work on that crafting station."


"Well, if we're just marking the place, we'll get to marking it. We might need to leave some behind so that nothing moves in while we're getting ready to come back."


"Bark will go to exploring then, where should group go to? Do we have map?"


"What sort of watch stations were you thinking of? Oh, and you might want to let Pom build that crafting station."

"Pom, can you build the crafting station? You have the crafting tools and you know what it should look like."


"I suppose. It likely won't be too pretty, but it'll get the job done."
I'll shrug.


"Hides would work."


They shake their heads.
"Nodog has ever been this far out before so there aren't any maps. If you can, could you stick to circling around the lake and seeing if there are any better places to build an outpost?"

"Alright, we can build those. We think the first thing we need is a carpenters workshop, built by us, and a craftsdog workshop built by Pom. After that we can try our paws at a fishery."

Most of the dogs look at each other when you mention some of them staying behind.
"What if we marked the hill and buried the entrances instead?"


"Right. Need any help with that carpentry?"


"Bark cant go alone, Bark needs some back up if he wants to explore the lake."


"That could work too."
I'll head out to the area dug out for workshops. Taking a corner near the entrance, I'll mark the ground for the craft shop.


They finish their soup and stand up.
"Let's get going."

"Hmm. Maybe you should wait until Aidi and Crunch are free to go? We could use a few more rooms for workshops dug into the mountain, and either a channel to bring water from the lake or a well to draw water from."

This place only has room for one workshop. Are you sure you want to mark it?


What a bunch of lazy dogs! Only making room for one shop. Looks like I'm going to have to dig out room for another two, at least.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Bark can help with that."

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 5 = 5


The dirt here is soft and easy on your paws. You dig out space for four more workshops instead, and give each of them their own separate area while keeping them connected to each other.

You aid him by digging out two separate stockpiles for goods produced by the workshops.

You get together with the three other carpenters and start to gather the wood for your workshop. The building is slow going thanks to Pom and Barkspawn digging near the area, but eventually you all get the Carpenter's Workshop set up.
With the Carpenter's Workshop built, you and every other trained dog can now make beds, doors, wheelbarrows, buckets, wooden blocks, and anything else you think might be useful.


I'll dust off my paws.
"There. Plenty of room."
Now, I'll mark my craft area, and get to building.
I'm assuming that Crafting Necklace doesn't apply to buildings. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1388973131003.png (6.99 KB, 292x408, workshops expanded.png, IO Google TinEye)


As payment for all your hard work you claim the very back room where people aren't likely to bother you. It only takes you a few minutes to use the leftover lumber and your tools to build a workshop meant for making all manner of crafts and other things, such as arrows.


Swell. Now to build a small stockpile of arrows. Crafting some good wooden ones. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Great. Let's get started on some extra tools for everyone.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Working with wood isn't like working with gems at all. You nearly cut your paws a few times and only end up with some stripes of wood. Maybe Poet can give you a lesson?

You start churning out extra tools for everyone. Tools for all the carpenters, tools for making crafts from various materials, fishing rods, tools for making leather, and all sort of other tools.


I'll frown slightly. Should I bother her? Is she busy? Only one way to find out, I guess. Head on outside, look for Poet.


She is checking the fletching on her arrows at the base of the hill.


Good, she's not terribly busy.
"Hey, Poet."


She looks back at you and her tail starts to wag slowly.
"Yes, Pom?"


"You… wouldn't happen to be able to give me a few pointers on making arrows?"
I'll fold my ears a bit.
"They're a bit different than working with gems, and I've not quite got the hang of it."


"So is gem dog ready for exploring?"


"Got to make a bit of a stockpile of arrows before I go off wandering."


"Of course I can."

Poet shakes her head.
"He's not a really outdoorsy type. I can go exploring with you after I teach him how to make arrows, though."




I just nod at this.


The two of them walk into the workshop area.

The two of you walk to your workshop. She sits down at it and begins to make arrows. While she does so she talks about how to hold the knife, how much pressure to use while cutting, how to get the tip right, and other things.
Now that her demonstration and lesson are over, you can roll to make arrows at 1d10-1.


Great. Now this area will never run out of tools. I distribute them to all the workers.


Ah. That makes much more sense. And with the crafting necklace applying to all crafts, I can roll it flat. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Lemon seems to be dozing off so I will pause soon.

All of them thank you for the tools. The carpenters in particular.
"We're going to be making beds to sleep in. Want to join us?"

That was taking your necklace into account.
Working slowly you carefully whittle down a piece of wood until you have a mostly round, mostly straight thin with a sharp point on one end and a notch for a bowstring on the other. Poet claps her paws.
"Very good, Pom!"
You can now roll a d10 to make arrows.


Ah. Well, a 9 is good too.
I'll idly wag my tail.
"You're pretty good at teaching the finer points of this. Any thoughts on giving the fletchers a few pointers back at the main fort?"
let's make another score of arrows. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Sure. We'll need some after last night."
Make some beds.

Roll #1 3 = 3


She laughs.
"They're way, way better than I am. Focus, Pom."
Distracted by being near her, you end up making a score of crooked arrows.

You and the other carpenters spend too much time talking and laughing and not enough time working.


I'll grimace a bit at the arrows.
Let's try that again. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


How unprofessional of us. Let's rally up and try again.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You spend several hours working on making a lot of arrows that are worthy of shooting. Poet leaves once she is sure you have things going well.
You can either toss a few dice now to see how you do, or do it next time.

You and the other carpenters spend the next few hours working on beds. By lunch time you have enough made for everyone.



I'll toss a few dice now. Let's say for four hours worth of work. '4d10'

Roll #1 5, 5, 1, 7 = 18


Try to see what I can do for this little outpost. Perhaps digging a temporary well might work.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You slice your paw up pretty bad after a few screwups. You wrap a banadage around it and, being unable to find Lorik, suck it up and continue to work slowly. You make enough arrows for everyone, and by everyone I mean just poet.

You dig one unit back into the sleeping area then go straight down until you hit water. After climbing back up you pile some dirt in front of it so no one will fall in. You will need wooden blocks from the carpenters before you can finish constructing the well.


It is noon and all the dogs are settling down for lunch. The carpenters have just finished ten beds for the sleeping area, enough for every diamond dog. Barkspawn has dig a hole for a well, and now all it needs to be built is a bucket and some blocks of wood. A few of the dogs are talking about hunting to get themselves some fresh meat.

It is Spring, and a day after the expeditions have departed. Boyar and Moloch are each in their rooms.


I get a runner to call Moloch to my office and I meet him there.




I guess…I'll get started on those blocks of wood then.

best slave

Roll #1 9 = 9


What's this about?
I go meet him at his office.
"Yes, brother?"


"I have been thinking… we need to establish ties with the surrounding pony kingdoms. We can't afford to be fighting constant wars or to become isolated from trade. We are too small and too new for that.

"Doubtless, the dogs would prefer we march on the other kingdoms immediately, but I think it best if we send a diplomatic mission to one of the nearby towns. We can demonstrate our value as a potential trading partner and ally in this way.

"I want you to come along. But also I want you to provide some trade goods to show to our potential partners. Can you do that for me?"


I nod.
"An excellent idea. Diplomacy is always preferable to bloodshed. What kind of goods shall I make, and when will we be leaving?"


You dispatch a diamond dog to fetch your brother and bring him to your office. meanwhile, you set off through to fort to get there. Moloch is already waiting there for you. Boy that runner was fast.

The two of you meet in Boyar's office. Two silver statues stand in the far corners of the room.


"Swords, armor, tools, perhaps some sort of machinery from the trapmakers. Something from the silversmiths, perhaps."

I think for a moment

"I also have been thinking about one of our more recent trade caravans. The ponies were… understandibly upset at seeing our slaves. I think it is very unlikely that we will be able to survive long if we continue taking prisoners from the surrounding kingdoms.

I make sure the door is closed and I lean in a bit.

"I think we could institute a new system – a slave, so long as he is willing to adopt dog customs, might serve his master for a few years, and then become a full member of the pack if judged worthy. This, coupled with stopping any more capture raids, should gradually phase out our slave population and make our new kingdom into a more palatable option for the surrounding ponies."


I noticeably perk up from his statement.
"Are you- y- yes! Of course, that's a brilliant idea Boyar!"
A small smile appears on my face.


"Don't get too excited, we'll need to sell it to the other dogs, as well. The slaves will need to adopt our customs – worshiping the right gods, speaking the right tongue, barking at the moonlight, introductory sniffings, and the like. And the largest objection will of course be from those devotees of the Most Noble One… I will have to find a way to deflect their criticisms."


Sorry, I could have sworn I responded.
You carve several blocks of wood, a few more than are needed for the well. Looking at everything, you feel confident that you know how to put it together.


"Of course, of course… Do you have any ideas of how to do so?"


"I have a few ideas for some basic theological apologies, yes.

"I think that a lot of the criticisms could be blunted if we introduce the right slave into the pack. One who takes well to the pack customs, who performs exceedingly well. A model slave. 'One of the good ones,' as it were."


Great. Let's do that, then. Water is important.


"And do you have any suggestions for a candidate?"


"I don't know many of the slaves personally. I assumed that you might have a better idea of whom to select."


"I have a few ideas. But you have a better idea of what you need. Describe it in further detail."


Roll for constructing it.


"A pony who is going to fit in well with the dogs. He needs to be a hard worker, capable of thinking for himself but not so willful that he defies authority."


I nod.
"Alright. I definitely have ideas in mind now.

"I'm assuming the diplomatic trip to the pony kingdoms are the more pressing issue at the moment, though?"



Roll #1 3 = 3


Working together with the other carpenters you are all able to build a rickety well. It might collapse if somedog leans on it too much, but it can still be sued to draw water.


"Yes, for the moment."


Well that's no good. Can it be relied to stay up in rough weather?


Probably not. You can all try to rebuild it.


"Then I shall take my leave and begin work on the goods you want. Good day, brother."
I leave and head back to my workshop and get started.
I start off simple. A sword.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let's do that. Or at least reinforce it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You grab a bar of steel from the stock and begin to work. When it is finished you are left with a beautiful steel longsword that is sharp enough to shave a unicorn with. The blade is finely detailed with swirling designs.

You all take the well apart and rebuild it much better this time. It should last through anything a well could reasonably be expected to be exposed to.


Ah, perfect.
Now… a chestpiece of armor. For a pony. I'll just use Brown's measurements from whenever I last took them.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I just remembered that I have to go clean the kitchen. I'll be back in ~15 minutes.


And now I'm being sent off to the store for food. Sorry about this.

This is much harder to make, but you still do an excellent job. On the chestpiece itself you inscribe humble boasts about the wealth of your fortress. You make steel plates linked by chainmail to protect the back ad sides of the pony.


And now I need to go take my dad too pick up a car from the mechanic. Sorry about all of this.



File: 1389215277012.png (36.66 KB, 1000x744, expedition map.png, IO Google TinEye)

It is noon. Crunch and the carpenters have just built a well in the communal sleeping area.

Pom has finished a few arrows, but cut his paw up to the point where he cannot use it will without healing.

Aidi has been taking it easy after her snake bite.


And Switch has been taking it easy too.


This is why I stick to gems.
I'll make another bundle of arrows, and then take a break. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Inspect the ten soldier dogs brought here. Did we bring any slaves along?


I can busy myself with the paperwork i n the mean time. Where do our supplies currently stand?


Well is done. What's next, everydog?

Oh, right.
"Did you have preferences for the watch? I've been organizing them up to now, and we're working on some hides outside."


"I trust your judgment. I'm more concerned with what's outside this pile of dirt than in it. Wildlife. Potential enemies. Climate. Food sources."


"Yeah, my thoughts exactly."


Your paw hurts too much to do anymore crafting.

Only four soldier dogs came along. You, Crunch, Poet, and Glass. Barkspawn and Kopaz could serve in a pinch, but are not formal military.

All of your vest are getting very ragged at this point, but otherwise things are good. Foraging and hunting has kept you all from digging into your food supplies much, and Crunch was able to build more tools for everyone should things start to break.

There are a lot of things that have been suggested, such as a fishery for catching fish.


Fishery, huh? Can I carpentry that into being? Are we going to have to dig closer to the shoreline to do that?


Going to have to get that kook to look at it later. Let's go inspect the grounds, see what the other dogs are doing.


Alright, since that issue seems to have resolved itself, I'll do what I can to help outside if we need anything dug.


Bleh. What do we have for food stores? Obviously we have no fishery or farm. That means it's up to us four dogs to provide food.

Go topside and have a look about at local wildlife. Apply tracking skills to see what has passed through this area instead of following one particular thing. I just want to survey. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


There is also a buffalo along to pull your cart of supplies.
The lake itself is large, and about a quarter of the way around there is a large group of fat, four-legged creatures wallowing in the water. There are many reads along the shore between them and your group, and also a few large, mossy boulders.

As a carpenter you can build anything, so long as it can be built out of wood. The best place for it is close to the shore, because if fish start to rot you want it to be outside where the bad smell will not build up.

Crunch and Switch are talking with each other. Poet is on top of the hill with her bow. Aidi is inside sitting on a bed and going over the supplies.

A few dogs have suggested digging a tench that will bring in smaller fish, but leave the giant, dangerous ones in the lake.

You all have a good supply of foraged plants and some jerky that was made on the trip. The hunting around here is alright, but there are dangerous predators such as giant jaguars around.


These are Savage wilds. We should have brought more soldiers.

Since I would rather not pester Barkspawn about developing traps, I should use this opportunity to attempt honing my own trap skills with some simple snares. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I thought as much. I'll go outside and get to work setting up a foundation.

Roll #1 10 = 10


What I'll do is start building some deeper holes a short distance away from the lake, about the size of a barrel. Give the smaller fish the thought that they found a secure place for themselves.

After, I'll start digginging a small trench towards the lake, a bit more than waist high.


Aidi's the one in charge, right? I'll go talk with her.
I can't let Poet see me like this, she'd never let me live it down.
"Hey, Aidi."


"Oh hello Pom. Out working today?"


because it has been so long since I last handed out Splat Skillpoints, do you want me to give out another one now?


"Sort of. Have you started considering how we're going to get past the aquifer around here? I'd think a small plug to get a mineshaft started would work."
If you think we've earned one by now.


[S]if we're going to drop slaves, I'd have to rebalance Aidi, wouldn't I?

"Is there a risk of our new base getting flooded? We just got it up, and I'd hate to lose it."


Carpenter - Can cut down trees and make various items out of wood. Examples are shields, doors, arrows, beds, mugs, and doodads.
Miner - An extension of a Diamond Dog's natural talent. Diamond Dogs with the skill have a better idea of where gems and other underground resources can be located and can get to them more easily than their brethren.
Stone Crafter - Can make various item out of stone. Examples are arrowheads, mugs, toys, footballs, and thingamajigs.
Farmer - Understands how to make plants grow and take care of animals. This applies to both above ground and underground plants.
Cook/Brewer - Understands how to cook delicious meals and brew delicious alcohol.
Trap Maker - Understands how to make various traps and their mechanisms. These can be simple stonefall traps or complicated weapon traps. Also knows how to make other things that require mechanisms, such as machinery.
Gem Cutter - Gems are nice, but cut and polished gems are better. Items inlaid with cut and polished gems are the best.
Fisherdog - Useless on our map because there are only small puddles filled with rain water and a sealed aquifer - Fishing seems like a simple enough task, but you are one of the few Diamond Dogs that has mastered this ancient art.
Leather Worker - Knows how to make hides into leather and leather into useful things like armor and clothing.
Bookkeeper: A very important skill. It allows you to keep stock of what is in the fortress and conduct trades with traveling traders and caravans.
Smith - Can work with all sorts of metal to make all sorts of things
Hunter (Can only be taken once) - Trackers get this free
Doctor (Can only be taken once) - Clerics with heal ad Shamans with Natural Remedy get this free.
Slaver - Points will transfer to Teacher.
Teacher: You can train other diamond dogs how to do things. Useful for teaching puppies and recruits.

I do.

See the revised Slaver entry.



"Pretty sure there isn't. It's not like I'm suggesting we do it in the middle of the workshop area. A little ways off in one direction, we get a plug set up so we can dig past the aquifer, and maybe we'll get lucky and find some decent metal or stone that's worth settling for."
I'll drop a point in Teacher. Also it seems I have one floating regular skill point, though I don't remember what I was saving it for.


How many points are we supposed to have? I remember I have a load in Slaver (Teacher).


"I think we have almost everything else settled. Our supplies are secure, and we have a roof over our heads. See if you can find another dog or two to make sure no accidents happen, and start on it. We could use the materials to improve our lot."



The original PCs should have 5 by this point. I will be reexamining after the time skip. you have spent 4.


I'll nod.
"Though I won't be doing much digging. Until that quack doctor can take a look at my paw, I'm down to one arm. I'm no architect, but how hard can throwing dirt into a hole be?"
And I'll go off to hunt down Crunch and Switch, since they were talking together previously.


"Gather some dogs with experience in the mean time." I yell out. "I don't want to lose a good dog because they sank into mud."

Get back to making the small trenches to the lake.



At DC8 I should have succeeded with my little trap experiment, I think.


I'll put one into Hunter, then.




You make a few small snares for rabbits and other little creatures and leave them scattered around the area.

You dig down a little bit and give the workshop a good foundation with the leftover wooden blocks. After that you grab and axe and fell a couple more trees to make more wooden blocks to built the fishery with.



Time to craft.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 2 = 2


Well, Crunch and Switch aren't where I left them. I'll have to check inside. Who's in the workshop area?


Good. And uh… while I'm just standing around, I'll clear out a little area for a 'dead pit'. Not that I expect we'll use it much, but it's good to think of these things before the miasma sets in. A goodly distance away from the burrow.


Things are going well as you build the workshop at first, but you become distracted by watching Aidi struggle to dig a trench and smash your paw with your hammer. You get it bandaged quickly, but until Lorik can take a look at it you will be restricted to using only one hand with things.

You try to dig a trench leading up to the lake, but the soil here is very loose and collapses into the trench behind you as you dig, eradicating your work.

Koka is taking a nap on top of the buffalo.

You take a axe and removes some bushes and shrubs from an area from the settlement. Once that is done you mark it as a refuse dump.


In the crafting area? Bloody cook, she should be gathering plants and such. Which buffalo is she sleeping on?


Try to keep a stiff upper muzzle. [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


Oh kibbles n'bitz. I can't build with one paw. Lorik's not here, is he.


"I meant to do that. The soil is looser now, making it easier to dig a right and proper trench"

Try again. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


In an empty stockpile area. She is sleeping on the only buffalo you brought with you, the bull that pulled the carts.

You look like you meant to do that, and mean to keep doing it.

Lorik is playing vidya off doing something.

The soil is loose indeed, and keeps falling into your trench. Maybe you should move to a less sandy area?


Lazy dog.
Let's find something I can do. Maybe help Aidi with that trench.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Yes, but we gave most of them names.
Anyway, I'll shoo him out of the storage area, since there are things he could be doing instead. If Koka wants to sleep on him, let her. Falling off would do her some good.
Head back outside. Can I see Crunch, Switch, or any of the other miner dogs? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Right then. I should go survey our stores, lacking anything better to do. Who's in charge of this expedition again?


"Yeah, its the ground that's bad, not me."

Look for a better area to dig.


Roll #1 4 = 4


You jump down into the trench with Aidi and, using one paw, manage to dig it in a way that it will stand up. There is a trench, as deep as a normal diamond dog is tall, leading back seven units from the lake. There is a one unit block of dirt keeping it from flooding if you wish to make it deeper or wider.

The buffalo have drastically increased in number, as have the farmers, come to mention it. Must be something about working hard in close proximity all day. You think this buffalo may be Clod, although he could be Mud or Root. you wake him up and scold him out of the room.
Crunch and Aidi are digging together. Switch is examining the stores in the other stockpile room. Bark and Kopaz are asleep.

One of the carpenter dogs took command when no one else wanted it. You could always fight him for position as Boss Dog.

As you start to climb out Crunch jumps down and starts to dig with you. With his help you are able to get the channel dug.


Let's go bug Crunch.
"Hey, you got any plans to dig deeper through the aquifer? I'm trying to round up dogs to get a plug ready so that we can try what we did at the main fort, only smaller."


"Thanks for the help. Hopefully we'll get a nice source of fish soon."


Peh. Not like I care. How do these stocks look? What've we got lying around?


"I should have asked, what materials will you be needing? We've moved a lot of things you might be able to use."


The food is good, and more can be foraged or caught. Crunch made new tools for everyone, and even more to spar. The weapons and armor that were brought along are all in good condition. The supply of clothing is gone, and yours is starting to wear a little thin. More can be made out of leather. The supply of water is, of course, fine. Barkspawn has a small collection of stone mechanisms used to build certain things.


"Well, I didn't help set up the plug last time, but most of it was packed dirt. We should only need enough of a hole so that we can get a mineshaft through, so a nine-foot square should be more than enough if we just want to squeeze down there without getting our paws wet."


Sounds like a good time to start planning a hunt. Go search the fort for Crunch.


"I was working on that, but…"
I hold up my paw.

"I don't think so at the moment, but it's probably a good idea to plan for that in the future."


"Well, if we manage to hit some metals down below the aquifer, that'll make this location even more attractive to the dogs back home."


You find him and Aidi talking together inside a channel they dug from the lake.


"Ow. We'll need to get the doc to look at that. Let me know if I can be of help."

"I'll make it so that we gather any loose materials in one area. We can pack the stuff together and make it a ready source when we decide to dig deep."


"Sounds like a good idea. Once we've got a decent plug set up, and anything worth finding is found, we can reinforce the shaft with wood or stone after widening the plug."


"I've been looking at our stores. We need leather, and this post is lacking many hunters."


"Poet should be able to do fairly well in a pinch. She's a solid archer dog, and she's probably getting a little bored."


"One of the dogs under my old retinue, if I recall correctly. She was there at the battle of the caves, before the goats."


Look at my vest again.

"Would you and Crunch be able to get some hunt dogs selected then? Some of us will stay behind to finish construction and any hunt dogs can help us by mapping what's around us."


"Maybe. There's about four real hunters here in the fort, total, but I am a drill instructor. I could whip some of the others into shape."


"Yes, I'll take a look. Though with a paw like this, I don't think I'll be able to train much."


"We aren't that many, so emergency procedures will need to be enacted. Would you two be able to show everyone here how to hunt? We don't know who we'll need to rely on, so everyone knowing how might save all of us."


I have 3 ranks in Teacher.

"If it can hold a bow, I can teach it to hit a bullseye."


"Switch would be the better bet for that. He has the training and knowledge, plus both good paws."


"I've learned thanks to the militia dogs, but with the others knowing, we'll be safer."

'Do you at least know how to hunt and track? We would need that."

"I don't think I've said, but thanks to both of you, we made it here safely. Everyone is glad you came."


"I can track, at least."


"You could still help in hunts then. A good tracker is important to every hunt. You could guide us and make sure we know what we are doing."



Did I miss something?


"Well, enough standing around talking about it, then. Let's get a move on while it's still light out."


"Ask any dogs if they want to volunteer. I can hold a weapon and I'd gladly do what you need me to do Switch."


"We still need to leave some dogs behind to watch the fort. There's few of us here as it is, and we still need to get established. Why don't the three of us go out with someone greener who needs the experience? Like this squirrelly little gemcutter. He may be a bit of a runt, but he was at the battle of the caves, too."

Give him a playful punch. "Little lionheart he is."


"Little Lionheart?"

Try not to giggle. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I nod enthusiastically.

I smirk at that.


You keep a completely straight face.


Let's organize the dogs to keep watch while go hunting and scouting our immediate area.


I'll remain as impassive during this as possible. They're just trying to get my goat.
"Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm fairly useless outside of making noise until that quack doctor we brought along fixes my paw. Not a lot I can do with only one."


You leave Poet in charge of the camp while the rest of you are gone.


"Well, I'm in the same boat for the moment. I've still got two eyes though."


"I suppose."


"Think of it as a learning expedition. Find out what we can use 'round here and fix our clothes too."


"While I'm a fan of leather, I'm sure we could turn some of that plant fiber into cloth. At least until we get something sturdier."


"Just how long are we making this hole in the ground a base? Farms are long-term."


"I was under the impression that we were looking to expand our borders. This would be our secondary fort, and a good public 'face' for our pack. Besides, it'll give us a place to shove any more migrants that show up at the main fort."


"We need an outpost, and this place isn't mapped. We expand our territory wwith it, and hopefully open more trade opportunities."

Try not to drool when thinking of the money to be made. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


A waterfall of slobber starts pouring from your mouth and down your chest. You wag your tail like a happy fool, too. If yu were lying down your leg would probably be kicking.


"Mmm, I'm all for expanding, but shouldn't we have more than a handful of dogs here if we already have overcrowding at the fort? If nothing else, set them to work on a road or guard duty."


"Other groups were sent out, if you recall. We're one of three."


"That still only makes some thirty dogs, givertake."


Wipe some of that saliva off.

"We've been gone for so long too. The fort was just hedging its bets. We prove this place can handle an outpost, and then they'll send us more dogs."


"You talk of 'the fort' like some entity, but we talk to Boyar enough. Anyway, I suppose it doesn't matter. Better to focus on the hunt for now."


Say Ready when you want to go hunting.





"Well, they can't leave the home fort underdogged. Some other tribe might get uppity."
I'll grimace a bit.
"Nodog better be in my workshop. Gem's got orders for that."
#Ready as I'll ever be.



The four of you set off into the jungle. The trained hunters moves quietly, while Pom and Aidi seem to step on most every leaf and stick.


"Sorry for that."


I can do better than that. If I try. So I'll try. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Nag at those two to keep them quiet. Teach them to be quiet. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hopefully I won't make more noise. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You walk more carefully, and instead only step on a little less than half the sticks and leaves you come across.

Your nagging gives them a few tips.
+1 to all future rolls to move quietly on this hunting trip.

You move as close to quietly as Pom does.


Now that we're quiet, start looking for signs of something to track. Bigger game: we need the leather.


"Picking up anything just?


I keep an eye out for something. Hopefully my paw won't end up being an issue.




Roll #1 8 = 8


You spot some deer tracks. It looks like there are several of them in this group.


Gesture to the others and follow 'em!


Follow behind and keep quiet.




Both of you rolll to keep moving quietly.


Totally quiet. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I follow in his tracks, keeping quiet as well.


I can totally be quieter than Aidi. '1d10+1' due to the nagging from earlier.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5



You crunch through the detritus on the ground seemingly without noticing.

You move quieter than her, but only because she already broke most of the things you step on.


The noise the other tw are making make you both flinch.


"Maybe I should've practiced this more."


Shrug. "We're not in any dire needs, and I didn't expect to take down a pack of deer with two injured dogs and one close-range fighter."


I flinch.

"Well still, it's a good tracking exercise."


I'll shrug.
I'll sniff the air a bit. Do I smell any deer? '1d10' We can't be too far away from them.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You have no idea what deer smell like when they aren't cooked.


'I'll try to be quieter."


They smell like deer. They have that deer smell.
I'll scratch my nose a bit. Well, whatever. I'm just following these hunting dogs.


I look over the map in my office. What are the nearest cities we know about?


I get started on some more ornamental pieces.
Perhaps… some kind of ornate candleholder, I suppose? Those are popular, right?

Roll #1 7 = 7


The pony town of Deeptroden is about a month to the south. The donkey town of Lookpillage is two months to the south then west.

You grab a bar of copper from the mound and begin to work it into shape. Soon you are left with a very nice looking candlestick that could easily fetch a good price from traders.


Have I gained any ranks in trapmaking during the timeskip? Could I work on making a device on my own without the assistance of the trapmakers now?


You can put a splat skillpoint into trap making.

You have one splat skillpoint to spend.


I'll do that then.
What does that put me up to?


Splat Skills:
Smith (2) - Can work with all sorts of metal to make all sorts of things
Carpenter - Can cut down trees and make various items out of wood. Examples are shields, doors, arrows, beds, mugs, and doodads
Trap Making (2) - Understands how to make various traps and their mechanisms. These can be simple stonefall traps or complicated weapon traps. Also knows how to make other things that require mechanisms, such as machinery.


I'll put it into teacher.

I call Prophecy into my office.

"How many troops do we have on paw?"


"Only a small militia. The squad leaders and most of the squads were sent away on the expedition."


"Right, hm. How soon should the expeditions be back?"


"They should be getting back anywhere between the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter."


I start brainstorming a visually impressive device to forge and construct. Think, what could I do…

Roll #1 8 = 8


You could try to make a fountain, or an artificial waterfall. In fact, you heard a little talk about that by a few miners. Maybe that is worth looking into?


Or maybe you could make a diamond dog figurine that moves his arms when you turn a crank. that would be impressive.


"In any case, I'd like to put together a diplomatic mission to Deeptroden. I will go, as will my brother. We will need an entourage for protection and to carry the appropriate gifts.

"Do you think we have enough dogs around to put together such a party?"


That seems like it would be rather complicated to transport and set up…

That's a better idea.
I try to construct one. Perhaps with a sword…

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll be pausing soon.

He blinks.
"Are you sure it is wise for both you and your brother to go? The ponies were the ones making war on us just as often as we made war on them, after all. We certainly have enough dogs, but I would not trust them to fight and win against trained ponies."

You make a lumpy looking hollow diamond dog, but cannot make mechanisms that are small enough to fit inside him.


"A good point. What about the donkeys further to the south?"


Scrap it and remake it. What if I just made the joints separate pieces this time?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"The same, unfortunately. I'm not saying peace isn't possible, I am just saying that both of you going without a group of trained dogs ready to carve a path free isn't a good idea."

You make the shell of it much better this time. The joints and bend and move, but you still need to make and instal the internals.


"Indeed. I'll consider this further. I'd prefer not waiting until the expeditions returned, but it may be that we have no choice. I doubt going alone with a small entourage would be a good idea, either."


He shakes his head.
"If you go with too weak an escort they may just take you captive simply to take you captive. I'm sure the leadership at our old home isn't happy we've struck off to form our own nation, and would pay well if they were suddenly offered your head."


"Right. Waiting seems to be our only real option.

"Start putting together a list of dogs for the expedition. Certainly the ones who stayed behind would enjoy an opportunity for travel, but we will need at least some of those who left for the exploration missions."


He nods.
"Should it just be you, your brother, our best traders and speakers, and our best military dogs?"


That shouldn't be too hard.
Perhaps… I can construct a simple winding and loosening mechanism for the rope. That seems like the best method.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yes, we want something impressive. It's a diplomatic mission, but that doesn't mean we should appear meek."


You get a length of string and make a few tiny gears and wheels. Working slowly, you get it all put together and snap the back-plate on. When you pull a string on its back both arms move up and down, flexing when they reach the top.


"Alright. Shiny, steel weapons and armor, plenty of good trade goods with jewels and precious metals, and stone crafts. Maybe some food too? The dogs can set up a kitchen a day or two out and do their cooking there."


…Hm. What if I adjusted the pull of rope and the joint of the figure so that the one arm made a swinging motion, and the other a shield holding motion?
I'll get to work on carving a small sword and shield, then adjusting the figure appropriately.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You carve a small square and rectangle of wood. They aren't exactly a sword and shield, but they will do for now.
Roll to adjust the mechanisms.



Roll #1 1 = 1


You try to adjust it, but end up pulling the spring too tight. All the little gears a wheel shoot out, and one embeds itself under your claw.


I whine from the pain and growl in annoyance, and try to retrieve everything that was lost and reassemble it.
'1d10' to find
'1d10' to reassemble.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 9 = 9


You cannot find everything, but you find enough to make the sword arm swing in two different directions depending on how the string is pulled. The sword arm can be moved by paw and will stay in position.




File: 1400524150431.png (323.46 KB, 900x900, Lake Map.png, IO Google TinEye)

Ten of you left the fortress to seek out things of interest. Instead of finding riches or threats, your group has found a nice spot by a lake to build a small outpost. With a major amount of work the aquifer surrounding the lake can be bypassed and the outpost turned into a full-fledged fortress, but that is different work for different days. In the time you have all spent here the lot of you have dug two group sleeping areas for ten dogs each, a barracks that can house and train a full squad of ten dogs, quarters for around fifteen slaves, two offices for the dogs that will over, room for five workshops, all the furniture and tools needed for the rooms that were dug and the workshops that were built, several traps too keep the outpost safe, and a small fishing pond near the lake.

Only one thing is left to do. A herd of hippos is on the other side of the lake. Reports about the aggressive nature of these creatures are conflicting. It is up to the military dogs, and all others who wish to help, to conduct some reconnaissance and determine whether or not the hippos will need to be annihilated. There are two ways to get to the hippos. One is a wide stream (almost a river) that they are near. It could be swum across, but the last time some dog went swimming something nearly pulled him under. The other way is to stay on dry land and head past the mossy boulders.

Until this has been finished and everyone has returned to the fortress (or wherever else they wish to go) this will be play by post.

Rule changes:
Those of you with swords, axes, spears, etc. are assumed to have steel weapons.
Those of you with warhammers, maces, etc are assumed to have silver weapons.
All of you are assumed to be benefiting from copper armor.

Here is the splat:

Please post your character sheets here with the following categories added.
Age: (Their age when they joined the game. I will adjust this to reflect the years that have passed)
Total Hits/Wounds: (Base + modifiers such as armor and skills would be appreciated)
Weapon Type/Material: (For example: Slashing/Steel or Bludgeoning/Silver)
Armor Material: (What a majority of the armor pieces are)


Here are the character sheets.



Name: Crunch
Race: Diamond Dawg
Age: 30
Hits: 8/8
Wounds: 5/5
Class: Knight
Abilities: Sentry, Martial Defender, Suppress, Slam
Splat Skills:
Carpenter (1) - Can cut down trees and make various items out of wood. Examples are shields, doors, arrows, beds, mugs, and doodads
Leather Worker (1) - Knows how to make hides into leather and leather into useful things like armor and clothing.
Hunter (2) - Can hunt.
Weapon: Giant saw (slashing/steel)
Armor: Copper plate
Other items: Assorted knives, nails, hacksaws, carpenter's tools, carved figures.
Background: A woodworker who sometimes hires himself out as a bodyguard. Has as bit of a soft spot for pups.


Post your actions along with your sheets if you want.

Crunch's age is now 38. His Hits are 5 (3 from Copper armor and two from Martial Defender).


I won't be responsible for losing any more dogs. We take the boulders.


And an update for Pom under the break.
Name: Pom Rainian
Race: Runt Dog Age at start: 31
Gender: Male
Class: Bard
Align: CN
Talent: Gemcutting +2
HP: 6/6 -> 4/4 Weapon: Short Spear (Steel, Piercing)
Wounds: 5/5 Armor: Copper

- Burrowing: Racial. Diamond dogs can dig tunnels with ease, setting traps and moving unseen in unexpected directions.
- Gem Cutter: gems are nice, but cut and polished gems are nicer. Items inlaid with them are the best.
- Gem Cutter II: gems are nice, but cut and polished gems are nicer. A second point reduces DC to 3.
- Gem Cutter III: Gems are nice, et cetera. A third rank adds a +1 to craft roll in addition to the reduced DC.
- Miner I: An extension of a Diamond Dog's natural talent. Diamond Dogs with the skill have a better idea of where gems and other underground resources can be located and can get to them more easily than their brethren. Reduce Digging DC to 6 (7 for runts)
-Stone Crafter I: Can make various item out of stone. Examples are furniture, trade goods, etc. Cannot make tools. Reduce Stonecraft DC to 6.
- Cheap Shot: weapon. Outside of combat, this skill is automatic and renders target helpless. In combat, renders helpless on a 9+
- Improvise: Instant, recharge 3. Tossing a solution together can sometimes be better than making a plan. Next roll succeeds on 4+, but cannot crit.
- Bluff: Whatever you say to someone, they firmly believe it. Critical failure makes target less likely to help you.
- Defense Mastery: passive. Gain +1 hit before going helpless.

- Floating Skill point

Gem-cutting gear, cheese recipes, sturdy vest, black iron collar that menaces with spikes of tourmaline, magnifying lenses, small club, short spear, small necklace of Glitter Bronzelilac (+1 Crafting checks), 2 crystal mugs (8/10 quality), small copper amulet w/leather strap

Apperance/Background: short, fluffy, and all in all too cute to be taken seriously. He has used this to his advantage multiple times, taking those who'd make fun of him quite by surprise. His fondness for finding and cutting gems is unsurpassed.


On a side note, I vouch for the mossy boulders option.


Name: Aidi E'betting
Gender: Female
Race: Diamond Dog
Class: Knight
Hits: 7/7 [+2 from Martial Defender]
Wounds 5/5
Deity: Ward Castleloves the Symmetric Blankets: loyalty, oaths
Talent: +2 to Negotiating
Weapon: One-handed axe and shield [Piercing/Steel] [d10+1]
Armor: Heavy plates that make a mockery of real armor [Copper]

Skills: Martial Defender, Protect, Suppress

Splat Skills
Bookkeeper[2]: The Bookkeeper keeps a record of all the items, wealth, livestock, and people in the fortress as well as records of purchases, sales, losses, and gains. [DC 3]
Broker[2]: The Broker judges the worth of the trade goods and other items in the fortress, as well as conducting negotiations with traders. [DC 3]

Items: Small traveling gear like hammers and knives, a few almanacs to help judge the future weather conditions.


I'd go for the Boulders. We don't have a way to safely cross anyhow.


Your age is now 38 and you have 4 Hits.

What was her starting age?
You have 5 Hits.

The three of you rally the diamond dogs to take action and tell them the plan.
I'll give the others a chance to post and make my own tomorrow.


I'd say 25 at the start. Young enough to want more, but not old enough to break through because of inexperience.


Keep a keen eye and try to spot what those hippo's are doing.
Survival spot

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


They are too far away to see very well from here. It looks like they are standing around doing animal things.

All of you, plus the other dogs, head out.

You are all now halfway between the boulders and the entrance to the fortress.



I direct a couple of dogs into them.


I'll hold back, behind Crunch. I can defend myself and others, but I'm not that good at attacking like them.


I'm mostly along for the ride. Once we get to the rocks, I can probably scramble up them to get a better look.


Into the boulders?


Perhaps follow Pom from behind as I ready myself.


Yes, into the boulders.


I'll go with them. Anything suspicious appears, I can at least block it with my shield.


You accompany the diamond dogs.

You send a pair of diamond dogs into the grouping of three boulders. They splash their way between them.

The two of you walk into the water as well. Pom begins to climb up the side of a mossy boulder, but as he does it starts to sink into the water.


Roll #1 6, 3 = 9


All three boulders sink into the water, then with a large splash rise up. Three massive heads lift up in front of the boulders and open wide, toothless jaws. The three giant snapping turtles spot the two dogs among them, and react at once. The first one vanishes under the water, but the second doesn't even have time to scream before he is snapped into chunks.

Barkspawn and Pom are luckily out of their line of sight, but the three turtles spot the group on the shore. Each of the beasts advance at once, then begin to fight after bumping into each other. Bits of shell and flesh go flying as they do battle, and after only a few seconds the two smallest ones swim off towards the wallowing hippos. The largest one, slightly bloodied by the fighting, pulls itself onto the shore.

Opponent: Giant Snapping Turtle

Diamond Dogs (Including the PCs)
Active: 8
Missing: 1
Dead: 1


Oh for the love of… well, if it's a turtle, then it shouldn't be too much more difficult than any normal turtle.
I'll jam my spear into one of its legholes. If we get it upside-down, it's helpless.
Steel spear, going in. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Use my training and my axe to attack the turtle, I want it's shell to use as my trading hut.

Steel Axe '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Suppress it back to the water.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Poison trick shot. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Help Pom in getting the bastard go upside down! Avenge our brother who died!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Let's see what the other three dogs are armed with:
1-Bows or crossbows

Let's also see how they fight:

Roll #1 1, 4, 4 = 9 / Roll #2 7, 3, 2 = 12


You slide down off the shell of a leaving turtle and your tiny body skips across the lake like a stone. After closing in with the giant snapping turtle threatening your packmates you jab your spear up the hole of one of its back legs. The giant beast makes a strange, but pained, noise as the tip of your spear pierces its protections and jabs deep into its muscle.

You slash as hard as you can at the turtle's neck with your axe, but the steel blade doesn't bite very deep into its thick scales. It's swinging head forces you to duck down and roll away.

The swinging head of the giant snapping turtle slams into you and knocks you over, but you are able to quickly stand back up with only a few bruises.

You keep your distance and fire a poisoned arrow at the giant snapping turtle, but your arrow is stopped by its thick shell. It cannot retaliate against you from this distance.

Despite your impressive muscles, you cannot to any more with your axe than Aidi did and are forced to back off before it cna stomp on you with one of its thick legs.

One of the diamond dogs hands back with Switch and shoots an arrow at the giant snapping turtle. The arrow hits the turtle's flesh and easily pierces through its scales. The other two dogs get close, but both knocked off their paws by the monster's swinging head.

Pom Rainian: 4/4 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Aidi: 6/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Crunch: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Switch: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Barkspawn: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #1: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #2: 0/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Dog #3: 0/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds


Aim for the legs then! If it can't move, we can attack it at our leisure.

Steel Axe '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Right, well, I'm probably not getting that spear back.
But I can at least smack it in deeper with my small club. I don't think I'd be able to jam it in deeper with just my arms.
Wooden club, away. '1d6'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh what's this.
Healing Bonds on dog 2, 3 and Barkspawn.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The missing dog pops up from under the churning water. The other three keep attacking.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2, 7 + 1 = 10


The titanic turtle shifts its weight and its spiky shell painfully connects with your cabeza, leaving you dazed.

The turtle lashes at you with its long tail. Thick as a tree truck, it easily knocks you off your paws and submerges you in the water.
You can keep using your spear.

You attempt to gather your magic but are unable to.

The dog with the crossbow bounces a bolt off the monster's shell. The second dog as to keep rolling around to keep from being squished. The third dog, however, is able to stand back up.

Pom Rainian: 0/4 Hits 4/5 Wounds Helpless
Aidi: 3/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Crunch: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Switch: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Barkspawn: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #1: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #2: 0/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds Helpless
Dog #3: 3/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds

Diamond Dogs (Including the PCs)
Active: 9
Missing: 0
Dead: 1


Crap. Just normal Heal Pom then.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I'll what I can to help Dog 2 get on his paws. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Gurgle gurgle.
Get outta the water. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Slam it!

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9, 4 + 1 = 14


You focus your divine magics on Pom and visualize his wounds healing. As you watch he stands back up and gets hit by a rock knocked up by the giant snapping turtle.

The giant snapping turtle tries to bite one of the diamond dogs, but misses. Instead its powerful jaws throw up a spray of dirt and rocks, a few of which hit you nearly hard enough to knock you silly.

You feel the strength to push yourself up and out of the water. Your body heals quickly, but spraying rocks give you quite a few bad nicks and scrapes.

You throw your armored form against the giant snapping turtle. You are heavy, though not quite as much as a dig do, and know how to use your body as a weapon, but the giant snapping turtle outmasses you by a very large amount. Despite that you do make the beast look a little unsteady on its giant feet.

The archer dog manages to get another shot placed on the turtle's neck, making it look even weaker. The second diamond dog stands back up and the third is hit in the head by a flying rock.

The giant snapping turtle is looking very weak!

Pom Rainian: 2/4 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Aidi: 1/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Crunch: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Switch: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Barkspawn: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #1: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #2: 3/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Dog #3: 2/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds

Diamond Dogs (Including the PCs)
Active: 9
Missing: 0
Dead: 1


Try that spear thing again through his leg holes. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


I'll keep Protecting the other Dogs. I have shield to guard them while they keep shooting at the turtle. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Let's try to suppress it again. If we can just drive it off…

Roll #1 7 = 7




Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 6, 8 + 1 = 15


The giant turtle's tail swings once again, but luckily Aidi is there to save you from a split head.

You leap in front of Pom just in time to take a blow from the monster's tail across your shield. The force of it makes you legs wobble, but you have enough energy to stand for a while longer.

You grab the spear Pom jammed into the turtle's leg and twist it hard. The giant snapping turtle rears up on its back legs and roars in pain before losing its balance. The heavy creature falls onto its back with a large slpash, soaking everyone.

The archer dog bounces another arrow off the turtle's shell but the two hammer dogs leap onto its exposed underside and start bashing until cracks appear in the shell.

The giant snapping turtle is helpless! The underside of its shell is starting to crack!

Pom Rainian: 2/4 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Aidi: 1/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds Helpless in 2
Crunch: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Switch: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Barkspawn: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #1: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #2: 3/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Dog #3: 2/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds

Diamond Dogs (Including the PCs)
Active: 9
Missing: 0
Dead: 1


Even though it's down, make sure no one falls off or gets hurt. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Phew. That was close. I'll have to whip up something to show my appreciation later.
I think they've got this covered, but I'll Improvise a bit of a hammer to help with the shell cracking. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Healing Bonds on Pom, Aidi and dog 3.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7



Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


I don't think you need to keep rolling while Protect is active.
You keep a watchful eye on your comrades as they attack the helpless monster, but can feel your strength quickly fading.

You tap out a rhythem on the turtle's shell with a rock you find, but deal no actual damage.

You try to charge up your magical abilities to help your packmates, but it doesn't work.
Perhaps building a shrine back home could earn favor from your god?

One of the hammerers cracks open the shell of the giant snapping turtle. Most of the pieces of shell punch inwards, cutting up the guts of the turtle and causing blood to seep up and flow across the flipped turtle's shell. One piece, however, flies up and hits the other hammerdog in the head and knocks him to the ground.
The archer clibs up a tree and shoots down into the opening.

The giant snapping turtle is helpless and near death! The underside of its shell has cracked open!

Pom Rainian: 2/4 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Aidi: 1/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds Helpless in 2
Crunch: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Switch: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Barkspawn: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #1: 3/3 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Dog #2: 3/3 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Dog #3: 0/3 Hits 3/5 Wounds

Diamond Dogs (Including the PCs)
Active: 9
Missing: 0
Dead: 1


Alright, let's, uh… stay out of the way of the attack dogs as they finish this thing off.


I'll go and offer my shield to protect the hammerdogs.


Alright lets see if I can help them into finishing the last snapping turtle and put it down now.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I wish I was at home reading my pony books.

Heal Dog 3.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Don't let up, you pups! Tonight we done on turtle soup!"

I lead a charge on the plastron.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11



Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10, 5 + 1 = 16


You scramble backwards away from the lake, dripping water and mud as you go.

Your legs finally give out and you collapse, tired from having kept all your packmates safe.

You just cannot summon the strength to heal that diamond dog.

>10 for Barkspawn
Barkspawn, Crunch, and one of the diamond dogs rush at the flipped over giant snapping turtle. Barkspawn and the unnamed diamond dog leap into the air. The unnamed dog brings his hammer down hard and pulverizes several shell fragments. He rolls out of the way just in time to avoid Barkspawn as he brings his steel pickaxe down on the turtle's exposed heart, destroying it. At the same time Crunch places his large saw on the neck of the turtle and goes to work. With a few powerful strokes he cuts the creatures head off its body.

The giant snapping turtle is dead. After the fighting Lorik was able to fix up everyone who was hurt. The turtle was processed, creating plenty of edible meat, a good amount of useable bone, and a giant turtle shell.

Aftermath: Lake Party
The two giant snapping turtles that left after being awoken gorged on the herd of hippos. After a few days of careful observation it seems like the sedentary turtles feed on the hippos, and that both the hippos and the turtle ignore what goes on near the outpost. Given that the year to spend exploring is almost up, all of you make the journey back to the fortress and share what you have seen. It is decided that neither the turtles nor hippos should pose a threat unless they are bothered, but they can be dealt with easily enough if the situation calls for it. Aidi was able to set up the hollowed out giant snapping turtle's shell back at the mane fortress as her trading hut, where she can show off the finest examples of the fortress's wares and make deals with visiting merchants.

Aftermath: Fortress Party
Moloch and Boyar talked a little about better treatment for slaves, but were too busy with other maters to focus much on them. While there was no cruelty that needed to be stopped, it was decided that raiding for slaves instead of buying them should be avoided. Slaves are still a common and accepted thing in the fortress.


And now that that is taken care of, I can just keep working with my gems, maybe raise a few pups with Poet if she's in the mood for it, and see what my horses got up to in my absence.


Next session:
The structure of every session I run in the future will be a semi-private thing focused on each player unless two or more players attempt an Endeavor together. PCs can talk to each other and interact as they wish, but pay attention to make sure you don't get timelines mixed.
The next session, for everyone, will be set in the spring of 109 which is nine years after the fortress was established.

Fortress Information:
Population: ~310
Population below working age (pups and children): ~40
Slave population: ~80
Slave population below working age: ~20

Famine?: No
Drought?: No
Siege?: No
War?: No
Plague?: No
Embargo?: No
Cavern breach?: Plugged

Excess: Uncut stone, copper bars
Scarcity: Silver bars, steel bars

Fortress depth: 22 layers below ground level
Mine depth: 29 layers below ground level
Rooms for Nobles: Insufficient


The two of you live happily along with your pups and slaves.


Year: 109
Season: Spring

All three exploration parties spent most of the winter trudging back to the fortress through the thick, snowy jungle. To celebrate the safe return of all thirty diamond dogs a celebration and general vacation was called for the few remaining weeks of winter. With the only work being done work necessary to the survival of the fortress, everydog had plenty of time to eat, drink, be merry, and make new friends. There have been a few changes while you were all away. The old fortress was completely abandoned and all the workshops and farms were moved to the new fortress, the few dogs with jobs in high-standing in diamond dog society were given simple accommodations befitting their rank (although they do demand more), and sharp eyed guards were posted on the surface around the entrance of the fortress to catch wild thieves and cuthroats.

The snows are finally starting to melt, though, and it is time to get back to work.


I'm going to get things started with some example endeavors. Feel free to choose something I've not thought of.


Move the giant turtle shell into place to create your trader's hut and decorate the area around it to impress merchants. (Simple)
Thoroughly investigate the crafts produced by the craftsdogs and how they can be improved to fetch better prices, as well as new crafts that can be made. (Simple)
Return to the lake outpost and oversee the creation of workshops that will produce trade goods. (Grand)


Oversee the excavation and decoration of the grand dining hall, a room large enough to hold the entire free and slave population of the fortress and rising three units into the earth instead of one unit. (Legendary)
Oversee the instillation of waterwheels, axles, gear assemblies, floodgates, mechanisms, levers, and other such things to complete the fortress's power system. (Simple)
Oversee the miners, ensure they do not breach a nearby cavern, ensure any breaches are sealed, and ensure monsters do not get through the breach. (Simple) (Can be repeated once completed)
Return to the lake outpost and oversee the bypassing of the aquifer. (Grand)


Oversee the training of new military dogs. (Grand) (Can be repeated once completed)
Lead a patrol between the fortress and one of the known locations on the map. (Grand) (Can be repeated once completed)
Return to the lake outpost and establish a permanent garrison. (Grand)
Scout for new locations and threats. (Grand or Legendary, depending if you want to scout out one or two locations)


In addition, everyone now has one Splat Skillpoint to spend and one regular Skillpoint to spend.


Bad ass.

Lets oversee the waterwheels, axle's and gear assemblies, not to mention the flood gate and the mechanism that powers it with my slave pony Green as she tally notes on what is needed to be done and what I have observed. What is need repairin?


Training would be a good idea, especially after that snapping turtle worked us over.
What about the griffon hatchlings?


Let's focus on what we have at paw. Improving and making new crafts can benefit everyone and I'd like to get this base established before moving out. What do I need to do to start this?

Sweet, I'll see what I can think of.


File: 1403286447063.png (25.9 KB, 1000x327, water system abstract.png, IO Google TinEye)

The few mechanics that remained in the fortress to work instead of explore walk with you and Green as they show everything off to you. All the tunnels needed have been dug, and the water will be flowing downwards so you do not need to worry about pumping anything. A few of the floor grates still need to be installed in the water wheel room, the water wheel parts need to be brought to the water wheel room, assembled, then put into place, and the floodgate holding back all the water needs to be linked to a lever so that it can be opened and closed.

The fortress currently has two squads of melee dogs and two squads of ranged dogs. The ranged dogs stay in a large barracks overlooking the entrance to the fort near the drawbridge. The melee dogs live in barracks elsewhere. In order to train new dogs you will need to see that a barracks is dug out, needed furniture is acquired, find dogs willing and able to join, then beat them into shape.

You must visit the metalsmiths, jewlers, woodcarvers, stonecarvers, bonecarvers, glassmakers, potters, farmers and cooks and listen to what they have to say about their crafts. After that you need to put your mind to work and figure out how to improve on them.


Dogs need a place to stay first. Let's do that.


I'll begin by talking with the farmers. I'll focus on making sure the fortress is supplied with food.


Would you like to track down miners to do it for you while you look for recruits, or would you like to find recruits and have them dig, or help you dig, their new barracks?

You talk with a few muddy diamond dogs and an equally muddy buffalo.
"Food? Oh yeah, we've got plenty of food."
"Well, plants and stuff cooked out of plants. we should be getting more meat soon, now that new hunting places have been found."


"Yeah, I wouldn't mind a little more meat on my plates. We could start a few things that would help, actually…"

Let's head towards the cooks and ask them a few questions. "Mainly, what type of animals could we keep around here? Are there rabbits, chickens, anything we can keep around for food and morale?"


You manage to get a few puggy dogs wearing white chefs hats away from their kitchens long enough to talk.
"Animals? Hmmmm. Chickens sound good."
"So does anything that lays eggs."
"We tried raising some larger animals before, but it wasn't possible to keep them fed through the winter."
"If we want red meat it'll need to be hunted or bought, I'm afraid."


Hmmm lets assemble the water wheel parts first before making any levers for the flood gates. Bring down the parts to the area and start assembling with the help of the mechanics.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Chicken would be the easiest, and if we ever get the crazy idea to get bigger things, we can use them. Hmm…"

Since we should have plenty of wood, let's see if the woodcarvers could make us some cages, and if they've seen any birds or small animals we could keep in them.


As soon as you mention moving the waterwheel parts down to the waterwheel room all the other mechanics find something else to do, and unfortunately the things really do need to get done. The waterwheel parts are large, bulky, and heavy. Working together, you and Green are able to move one at a time from where they were left in the old fortress down to where they are supposed to be in the new fortress. Each one takes the two of you about an hour to move, and leaves you all too exhausted to carry another one down for a while. After about a week the two of you have finally brought all the parts down to the water wheel room.
You will need to track down those other mechanics and get their help again. The water wheels are twice as big as you are, so putting them together without a lot of help is an impossible task.

I momentarily lost track of the scale the time should be at. Can we say you spend a few days to a week talking with each type of workdog whenever your duties and theirs do not get in the way?
While talking with them you learn that none of the woodcarvers are very skilled at that craft, as they spend most of their time making furniture instead.
"Cages? I think we can make some that can work as traps. You'd need to bring in some hunters too, though, because I'm not too sure about that."
"If you want bigger cages I hear the smiths have a bunch lying around waiting to be melted down into bars. You can get some from them if you want to trap bigger things."


That works.
"That would be good. I'll look for the hunters, see if they know of anything that can be kept that can serve as a good supply."

When there's a chance, let's see what the hunters say about the local fauna. Plus, if we're outside, check on the bee hives I had set up. Are they still active?


Holy that is a lot of work. We need those mechanics and some workers after we rest.
"Is Green alright? How is Green pony faring?" I wipe my sweat.


The hunters have already departed to the two new hunting grounds, but you are able to find an ex-hunter. After his leg got ruined during a hunting accident he joined the younger, unskilled dogs smoothing and carving the tunnel walls inside the fortress.
"Around here? Nothing. We hunted this place out completely before we realized what was happening. Maybe in a decade or two the animal population will rebound enough to hunt, but until then the freshest meat will come from animals bought off traders."

The number of behives has gone up slightly since you left. Come summer, if someone organizes enough dogs, it should not be hard to catch more than enough bees to make honey and mead commonplace instead of rare treats.


She shakes herself off, spraying sweat everywhere.
"I'm fine, Barkspawn. Let's get a drink and find those mechanics with their oh so important work."
She rolls her eyes as she says the last bit in a sarcastic tone, leaving no doubt what she thinks about the other mechanics.


"Pfffhaha pony does not like the other mechanics and workers much." I smile as we go and find a place to drink and cool off.


Well, there goes that plan, but now I have another. I'll see if the Woodcarvers can make me a few simple boxes to get the bees ready. If there are other dogs like this one around, he probably wouldn't mind being able to get back outside.

Let's see the jewelers when we have a chance. I'd like to have things ready to trade when we get a caravan.


She shakes her head.
"Not when they run off and make us do all the work."
The two of you go through the grand dining hall, currently less than halfway excavated, and grab two mugs of ale before heading to the surface and sitting down near the stream. The two of you relax there for a while, watching chunks of ice occasionally bob along the flowing water.

You set the carpenters to producing hive. They assure you that they will have plenty ready by the first day of summer and be able to make a few more during the season.
You gather all the jewlers, save for Pom Rainian whose crafts are more valuable then all of theirs put together, during a meal and talk with them.
What do you wish to talk about?


I'll do the former, if they have some to spare. If not, then I'll do it myself.


"I'm taking stock of things we can use for trading with the caravans. It's important for us to get any outside material we can't find here, and I'd like to know what projects you have going on. It'll clue me in on what I have to use for negotiations."


I look at Green as I drink my mug.
"Would pony want to dip in stream for a bit or would pony rather get to work?" I smirk.


You gather several miners as they are leaving the mine. They agree to dig out the barracks for you, they've done that sort of thing before, but want to know where it should be.
You have already identified a few places where a barracks could be useful. The miners have already breached a cavern and let monsters into the mines a few times, so a barracks down there could be helpful. A barracks near the drawbridge leading into the fortress could also be useful in case of an attack, but you would need to decide if it should be on the side of the drawbridge nearest the fort or nearest the stairs leading to the surface. Another good place for a barracks would be near the living quarters in case a riot or mad dog sprang up.

"We cut gems and attach them to things the stonecrafters send us."
"Every now and then we'll get a real, real big diamond and be able to cut it until it can be sold by itself."
"I think we can make windows out of gems, but we would need several of the big cut gems to try."

She looks at the stream as another piece of ice flows down.
"I don't really feel like getting frostbite, Barkspawn. Let's finish our drink and find those mechanics."


The entrance is covered by the archers for now, so let's dig it closer to the work areas.


I smirk and nod before putting down my drink
"Bark agree's. Lets go and find those chair warmers and make them help us." I smile.
Lets head go and ask for those mechanics and the other doge's for help in fixing and making those waterwheels.


Roll if you are going to help them dig it. Otherwise state how you go about finding recruits.


Okay, so it seems they're being used more as middledogs and decorators. Since we're expanding, let's see what the stone carvers and miners could use to help them. The faster they can dig and make things, the faster we can get them decorated and sold.


I'll head through the living areas, loudly extolling the virtues of being a militia dog and the need to protect our miners so they can get the ore we deserve.


The two of you spend the rest of the day finding the mechanics and threatening convincing them to help you both out with the waterwheels. The next morning all of you show up at the waterwheel room and get to work on the wheels.
Roll 4d10 to build the wheels and get them into place.

You sit with the stonecarves during meals for the next several days and speak with them. They are some of the busiest dogs in the fortress, they tell you, constantly churning out stone mugs, toys, instruments, and figurines which are sent on to the smiths or gem cutters for decoration before they are ready to be sold. They nearly beg you to get them more dogs or slaves that can haul their crafts around. Their shops are cluttered with finished objects and they don't have the time to carry them themselves.

The miners, nearly all of them the fortress's undesirables, makes a few lewd comments when you ask what they need help with, but a glare or two is enough to make them shape up. They tell you they could always use more dogs that are exceptionally good at digging, and more dogs and slaves to haul raw stone away to stockpiles. They also want guards, but tell you that Crunch has set some of them to dig out a barracks near where they are currently digging.

You catch the interest of a few dogs.
Roll to see how many.



Roll #1 4 = 4


"More slaves, huh. I might have to stop myself from getting you too many in the end."

Actually, do we have of the freed ones to spare who I can assign to help haul things around? I know the farmers took the buffalo's and most of the Earthies. I should find out how they are doing.


Alright, lets get this shit going!
"Green keep close to Bark." I smile at her as we… I mean, all of us work.

Roll #1 9, 3, 7, 1 = 20


It takes you several weeks to recruit enough dogs who are both willing and able to serve as in the military. Most of the ones you get need to be turned away because of age, old injury, an obvious lack of nerve, or the inability to submit to authority.
Finally, though, you recruit ten capable dogs and lead them down to their new home deep, deep below the surface. All that is down here currently are a few torches for light and a few new beds. You'll need more beds, as well as chests, armor stands, and weapon racks. You are also going to need armor and training weapons for your recruits. The furnature will need to be made or ordered, but the armor and weapons should all be in storage.

Neither zulu nor sol did their part during the play-by-post segment so no one was freed.
There are plenty of goats, pegasi, donkeys, and even some mixed breeds like mules you can pull from other tasks and send to load and haul carts around for the stonecrafters and miners.
The buffaloes and earthies working with the farmers are in prime condition. The only oddity is that the farmers treat the slaves like equals, and the slaves do the same to the farmers. Still, they work hard and produce plenty of food, so whatever works works.

Assembling and installing waterwheels are things all of you have only read about, never done. Working carefully, all of you are able to assemble the first water wheel. It takes you and some carpenters a few days to get the needed scaffolding built and ropes made, but eventually you are all ready. the installation of the wheel is difficult, to say the least. There are several injuries, including broken bones, while getting the wheel alined with the axle it will attach to. After a couple of annoyingly slow days you all get the first waterwheel locked into place. The second wheel is even more difficult to build, thanks to all of you working fast to try and catch up on lost time. When you try to instal it, disaster strikes. While lifting the wheel into place a rope holding it snaps. This causes the dogs holding the other ropes to lose their grips and drop the wheel entirely. The thing lands on a dog, killing him instantly, and flying ropes and wood wound several others. It takes a week and a half to gather up more workers, rebuild the wheel, and get it correctly installed.


The Pegasi I should keep on paw for the military dogs, in case they need to keep an eye on anything outside. Any like the mules that we can pull off from other duties or are not assigned will be sent to help with the mines.

As for those others, as long as they don't try to run away or give me any more work to deal with, they're fine.


All the slaves are well trained. They aren't going to run off.
It's about halfway through Spring now, and you've yet to meet with several of the types of craftsdogs down here or really put your mind to the task of figuring out ways to improve things.


God… that is really annoying and dangerous. No wonder only a few of them wanted to help us. Anything we can do to that dog who died or for his family if he has any?
Anyway lets test and see if this wheel works… or is there other things that we need to do first before we test the water wheel?


Hey, even a place like this has lots of paperwork to deal with!

Alright, the slaves should have helped the miners move materials around, which means the jewelers will have plenty of work to do. This also means the metalsmiths will be busy with all the ore. Let's find out what they could use to improve their situation to start making better equipment.


The dog is buried and the pack gives his family some condolence gifts, but accidents aren't uncommon here in the fortress.
Before the tunnel is flooded you should probably check the entire tunnel and make sure there are no blockages, leaks or people down there.

You've spent a long time talking with all of them and learning a little bit about their crafts.


"I think I have a few ideas of what could work." '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Good thing I wrote them down! Now, to get to the real meat of the matter."


Alright lets check the floodgates first and see if it is secure and if the levers are connected to work crrectly.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You spend a few weeks sketching designs, writing out ideas, and going over them with the other traders. In the end you come to the decision to have the stone carvers avoid regular looking stone and use rocks with colors other than dull grey, of which there are plenty. You also speak with the metalsmiths and gemcutters so that objects can be decorated with both copper bands and studs, of which there is more than plenty, and cut gems without looking gaudy. You also ensure that wooden toys and instruments are made in the same way, although drill it into everyone's heads that they are not to be traded with the nature loving donkeys.

You ensure that the tunnel is clear and that there will be no leaks. Once that is done you have and Green work together to instal a lever behind a lockable door and connect it to the floodgate.
The only thing left to do now is attach the axles and gear assemblies to each wheel, set up levers that can separate the gear assemblies from the waterwheel axles in case of an emergency, and flood the tunnel.


Okay, now that those plans have been implemented, I should go check on our outpost. How are the dogs and slaves we left there doing?


Spring ends with you certain that you have increased the prosperity of the fortress.
Only ten dogs, yourself included, and a buffalo went there. All of them came back with you. Some were dispatched as soon as the snows started to melt and are probably arriving right about now. Journeying there will take a single session, and doing something up there will take at least one more depending on what all you want to do. In short, it would be a Grand endeavor at least.


"It's nice and warm out, and there are plenty of good dogs staying behind to keep things running. Now would be the best time to start on the outpost and get it running."

Oh, and see if I can assign anyone to be our beekeeper before we leave.


Hmmm… alright I look at the workerand the mechanics.
"Lets do this dogs!" I grin as we start to work.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Before setting out it would be safest to find several dogs that know their way around weapons as well as bring a slave or two to haul along a cart full of provisions, supplies, and medicines.

You are able to find a dog who knows her way around bees and their hives. She promises to take good care of them until you get back.

All of you work together to get the gearboxes attached to the axles coming from the waterwheels then attached levers to the gearboxes. When the levers are pulled the gearboxes will detach from the waterwheels and the gears inside will stop spinning. This will allow you to hook up axles in the future to carry the mechanical power to where it is needed.
Time to flood the tunnel.


"Ha! Good work work men!… and Green." I smile.
"Now what does this thing power by the way?" I smile as I look at them.


I'm sure Crunch can spare a few guard dogs. He's already training a few more. It would be such a waste to let the outpost go unused.

As for the slave, let's see if the Buffalo we used last time is around. It'll save time if they already know what to expect.


File: 1403297176435.png (2.05 MB, 1000x740, Map of the known area.png, IO Google TinEye)

Green smiles back at you. The mechanics all relax by sitting down on the copper gratings or leaning against the walls.
"Nothing, yet. Once the miners find magma we can use these water wheels to power pumps to pull it up closer to the fortress."
"We can use it to power forges, kilns, furnaces, keep the fort warm during the winter, maybe even make traps with it."
"If we mix it with water I bet we can even make obsidian."

You gather up four military dogs and the big buffalo from last time. It takes a few days to secure supplies and permission for everyone to leave, but eventually you are all ready to go.


"Okay, let's go! We'll fix up what we left behind and we'll be hauling in goods before you know it!"



Roll #1 3, 2, 5, 10, 6, 4, 5, 9 = 44


"Ah then there is no reason to open it yet do we?" I smirk.


A few days after leaving the fortress you and your party are ambushed during the evening by a giant jaguar. The beast stands half again as tall as a diamond dog and strikes quickly from the shadows.

Aidi: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Buffalo: Hits: 1/1 Wounds 5/5

Giant Jaguar: Healthy

They shrug.
"We should open the gates to make sure everything we've made so far works right."
"Yeah, we don't want to wait to find out whether or not it really works until we actually need it."


I nod.
"yes, doge mechanics are correct."
"Lets test it then."
open the flood gates.


"Time to use my training, then." Go in with the Steel Axe '1d10+1'

Do I roll for the other dogs?

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


You leave a line of dogs behind you, spread out just far enough that they can pass a shout along if you need to shut off the flow of water. You pull the lever and, through the stone wall, hear the sound of rushing water. A few minutes later word comes up the chain of dogs: Everything is working perfectly.

I'll do it.

Roll #1 8, 1 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 5, 5 = 10 / Roll #3 6 = 6


"Wohoo! Good work!" I shout at the others and shut down the flood gates.


Another attack, we can at least try to wound it more before we pull back. Steel Axe '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


You rush forwards and hack open a large gash on the underside of the giant jaguar as it leaps from the shadows. Another dog braces his spear against the ground and takes the giant jaguar's leap head on, skewering it. The weight of the creature pulls it to the side where it lands on top of a swordsdog and savages him with its teeth and claws, spraying blood into the air. It is hard to tell in the dark melee, but it looks as if that dog is not long for this world unless he is helped soon. Both the archers miss, but the buffalo bellows loudly and rushes forwards to start goring the jaguar with his horns.

Aidi: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 1: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 2: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 3: Hits 0/3 Wounds 3/5 Bleeding out
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Buffalo: Hits: 1/1 Wounds 5/5

Giant Jaguar: Helpless

YOu push the lever and listen as the sound of flowing water quickly dies away.



Roll #1 9, 3 + 1 = 13 / Roll #2 1, 9 = 10 / Roll #3 5 = 5


You are unable to get close to the giant, thrashing beast this turn. The speardog quickly pulls his spear out and sticks it through the ribs of the jaguar, making it yowl and bleed from the mouth. The swordsdog, his paw covering his badly bleeding throat, tries to crawl away but doesn't make it very far. One of the archers misfires his bow, somehow managing to shoot himself in the arm with his arrow, but the other stick a crossbow bolt into the jaguar's neck. The buffalo keeps trying to gore the monster but is in too much of a rage to aim correctly.

Aidi: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 1: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 2: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 3: Hits 0/3 Wounds 2/5 Bleeding out
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Buffalo: Hits: 1/1 Wounds 5/5

Giant Jaguar: Helpless, near death


"Try to hit it from afar. Keep your distance!"

Get to Dog 3, try to help stop the bleeding. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 5, 6 = 11 / Roll #3 5 = 5 / Roll #4 4 = 4


You try to stop the dog's bleeding as he goes still, but you have no training in this sort of thing. All you can do is press your paws against his messy, mangled throat and blood gurgles out of it.
The speardog stabs through the jaguar's ribs again and gives his spear a twist. The jaguar's cry fades away as it dies, leaving only the sound of other dogs panting and the last dog bleeding out.

Aidi: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 1: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 2: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 3: Hits 0/3 Wounds 1/5 Bleeding out
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Buffalo: Hits: 1/1 Wounds 5/5

Giant Jaguar: Dead


"Someone, help me! Bandages, rags, anything to stop it!" '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smile at the mechanics.
"Thanks for help. at least this one is finished and we can do more after we rest." I grin.


All of you make a noble effort to save the dog, but with none of you trained to deal with this sort of wound everything you all try amounts to too little too late. The dog gasps one last time through his ruined throat as you all try to stop the bleeding, then breathes no more.

They all grin back.
"Spring's almost over and we've completed a big project. We say we've all earned a little rest. You too."


"No, please. You were supposed to help us build, you know, not to wind up like this…"

Let's wrap up the Dog and give him a proper burial when we get back. As for the Jaguar, we'll make it pay for what it did. Let's carve it out and use all of it. No piece of it is going to escape.


I nod at them.
"Alright then doges. Dismiss."
Go back to my room and just lay my head to the bed and rest..
"That is some project…." I breath out weakly.


I mean wrap up the Dog and bury him when we get to the outpost.


The outpost is seven weeks away still.


Okay, that's going to be bad. We'll bury him here, but mark it with a gravestone, something that won't waste away so soon.


After posting two guards you and the other dog dig a deep grave for the swordsdog and bury him. Stones cannot be found so instead you carve his name into a nearby tree, hoping that this will be enough to placate his ghost. All of you, save for the two dogs standing watch, bed down in a somber mood. From then on all of you always stop before dusk and dig out a large burrow that can contain all of you, the buffalo, and the cart.

Halfway through your journey you all get a little bit lost, but find a large grove of fruit trees. All of you take as much fruit as you can, and while climbing the trees to pick them spot the trail again.

Only two weeks out from the lake outpost, you are all attacked at midday by a small swarm of mosquito men. They are about the same size as runts, but agile, capable of flight, and have proboscises as long and sharp as daggers.

Aidi: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 1: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 2: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Buffalo: Hits: 1/1 Wounds 5/5

Mosquito Man 1: Healthy
Mosquito Man 2: Healthy
Mosquito Man 3: Healthy
Mosquito Man 4: Healthy

They all head off to enjoy their vacation. You and Green, tired and sweaty, return to your room. Green's colt is playing with your nanny goat slave when you get there. They both greet you as you lie down on your bed.
Spring ends with you relaxing and happy that you were able to set up something with will, eventually, be vital to the fortress.



Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 5, 6 = 11 / Roll #3 3 = 3


"Bring them all down in one swift attack!"

Steel Axe '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


They mosquito men are too fast for most anyone to hit, but you manage to hit one hard with your axe. It lands a few feet away from its wings and a leg, but isn't quite dead yet. One of the archers does manage to score a glancing hit on a mosquitoman, though.

Aidi: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 1: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 2: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Buffalo: Hits: 1/1 Wounds 5/5

Mosquito Man 1: Healthy
Mosquito Man 2: Helpless, near death
Mosquito Man 3: Healthy
Mosquito Man 4: Healthy


Strike while it's down! Give its friends a glimpse of their future!

Steel Axe '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9



Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 1, 7 = 8 / Roll #3 2 = 2


Wait, buffalo should be rolling Stoneguts.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You easily bisect the mosquito man with your axe. The speardog manages to stick one of the flying monstrosities with his spear and bring it to the ground. One of the bugmen, however, manages to stick an archer with its proboscis. The dog screams in pain and the other archer shoots at the beast, causing it to flee, but the dog is already bleeding on the ground. Luckily, it looks like his wound isn't that bad. The buffalo manages to withstand the attacks that come against him.

Aidi: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 1: Hits 2/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 2: Hits 0/3 Wounds 4/5
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Buffalo: Hits: 1/1 Wounds 5/5

Mosquito Man 1: Helpless, near death
Mosquito Man 2: Dead
Mosquito Man 3: Healthy
Mosquito Man 4: Healthy


"Archer, help that Dog up!"

Finish off the other Helpless Mosquito. Steel Axe '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11



Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 8 = 8 / Roll #3 10 = 10 / Roll #4 4 = 4


You cut off the mosquito man's head with a powerful swing of you axe, the spin around and slash again at another mosquito man attempting to attack you from behind. It goes spinning to the ground where the speardog skewers it with his spear. The helpless dog jumps back to his paws on his own and whacks at the last mosquito man as it passes him, damaging a wing. The buffalo is hit by the last bug and collapses to his knees.

Aidi: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 1: Hits 2/3 Wounds 5/5
Dog 2: Hits 3/3 Wounds 4/5
Dog 4: Hits 3/3 Wounds 5/5
Buffalo: Hits: 0/1 Wounds 4/5

Mosquito Man 1: Dead
Mosquito Man 2: Dead
Mosquito Man 3: Dead
Mosquito Man 4: Healthy


"Put that Mosquito down!"
Steel Axe '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5



Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 7, 10 = 17 / Roll #3 3 = 3


Both you and the speardog are scratched by the mosquito man before a bolt and an arrow put an end to its life.


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 6 = 6


Your turn .The results of those rolls come into play later.


We'all check if they had any materials we could take, bandage ourselves up, then move on.

Roll #1 10 = 10


They had nothing useful at all, but you do make sure that everyone takes some medicine, and make sure the dog who got stuck in the chest takes double what everyone else does. The next day during lunch you check on everyone and notice the wounded dog acting oddly. You discover that he has a fever and ensure that he takes medicine and keeps taking it until you all reach the outpost. He gets worse quickly, and you all spend the last three days of your trip carrying him in the cart and forcefeeding the deleterious dog medicine. When you all finally reach your destination the two dogs training in healing there take him to their makeshift hospital and see that the rest of you accompany them. When you are all finally released they tell you that the diamond dog will survive thanks to your quick distribution of medicine while on the road.

Summer ends with you familiarizing yourself with the changes to the lake outpost.


How many Dogs do we have to work with here? What is the most pressing issue for them?


About twenty. The only pressing issue is getting a farm set up so that they don't have to forage for food when they get tired of fish.

Mind if we pause here?


I and the Buffalo had worked on farms, we can get that started.

Pause is fine.


Thanks for playing.



I'm enjoying it when I get to interact with the Dogs and Slaves more, but this outpost looks like a good challenge of Aidi's leadership abilities.


I'm glad you had fun.


Yup, thanks for running!

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