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It is some time around midnight and the party has just entered the Merchant's district. The guard that let them in from outside the city quickly closes and locks the gate. The party has recently acquired three bodies for a buffalo scientist seeking non magical ways to create life, and even more recently foiled a plot by insane necromancers to raise the graveyard and slaughter the city, only to raise the city and assault whatever is within the Forsaken district. From the Merchant's district the party can get to the Residential district, where the doctor lives, or go to the temple district. Once the guard has finished securing the gate he turns to the party.

"Are you lot going far? There are vampires inside the walls, you know."


You are in the caves in the forest. A few minutes ago you were finally able to take control of your curse.


So it seems. But I'm not returning to the others tonight. I think I'll just sit outside and soak in the moonlight for a bit. I've got a bit to think about.


"Something on your mind?"


"We're aware, yes."

"So are we going to try to make it back to the doctor's?"


I nod furiously
"Uh huh! Let's get movin already!"


"Hmm? Oh. Yeah."
I'll look at my paws… hooves. It's so easy to change them now.
"Do you think it was selfish of me to not get cured? To risk the safety of the others, when I didn't even know what I was getting into?"


"We know."
I huff.

"Yeah, let's go already."


"Let's go, then. And watch out for vampires."

Start heading towards the doctor's house.


"I'd say it was stupid, but selfish works too."


I'll frown a bit at them, but then nod.
"What was stupider, I suppose, was going to help them without having a good grip on it first. That idiocy almost cost a friend her life. And I likely wouldn't have stopped there…"


Follow! Also watch out for vampires '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You all set off into the darkness of the merchant's district.
Everyone who is with the main party please roll.


I begrudgingly watch out.

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 4 = 4


"But you didn't kill her, right?"

You can see a few shadowy figures eye you from rooftops, but none of them try to stop you all. The party completes the longest part of their journey and makes it to the Residential district. Now it is just a short trip to the doctor's house.
Roll again.



Roll #1 8 = 8


Shudder as we keep going

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 5 = 5


"What could be more important I wonder.."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I came close enough. Her insides were practically spilled on the ground by the time I could get enough control to attack something else…"
I'll idly rub at my forelegs.
"I can still… still taste it. Her. I've just got a lot to process, is all. To come to peace with."


More shadowy forms appear on the rooftops, and some even drop down to trail to party on the street. Things are starting to look like they might get bad, but the party has made it to the doctor's front door. It is locked.

He shrugs.
"You didn't kill here and you are in control of yourself now. Stay away from sharp silver objects and you should stay in control. If you are afraid she is mad at you, I would be, kill a brace of rabbits and give them to her as a gift. That always gets me out of hot water with the ladies."
The rest of the werbeasts return from escorting your friends.


>front door
"Guys, did you forget about the cellar?" go around to the cellar and knock.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I don't think she eats meat."
I'll look a little queasy.
"And I don't think I'll ever be able to either. The thought of it keeps bringing that back to mind."
I'll look at them.
"So, did they make it to the gates alright?"


"Shouldn't he be here?…"

"Oh, right."
I follow her and knock as well, looking around to see if I see any activity in the house.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I nervously look around
"Door, cellar, who cares? I'm goin' in through the window if I have to…"
Follow them


A very gaunt and pale looking pony steps out off the darkness as you leave the group…

…but scurries back into the darkness when it sees Bessy follow you.

You wisely stick with Bessy.

"Oh, right. How about flowers? Those taste good too."
One off the newcomers speaks.
"They made it inside alright, and the mare wanted us to tell you she is fine now andd isn't mad at you."


"Huh? What was that?"


uh, where is the cellar door thing, go pound on it.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"A vampire.. Or a ghoul."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Vampires?… Grr, can't we just be left alone for five minutes?!"
I walk over and start pounding on the cellar door with Andy.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Flowers might be doable."
I'll sigh a little in relief at that.
"Good. Good… at least there's that. The others, though, I doubt will be as forgiving."
I'll think a bit.
"Don't suppose any of you happen to know where a decent-sized patch of flowers might be?"


I scan the area with farsight

Roll #1 8 = 8


Hide under Bessy, but stick a hoof out and knock. See if it's open first
Here have a roll if I need it '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You all pound on the cellar door. The doctor's donkey manservant (jackservant?) answers.
"Who is it?"

You can see five very gaunt ponies with fangs watching the party from just outside the pool of light coming from the windows.


"It's us! The people you sent to go do your awful dirty work! Now let us in! The big dumb mean vampires are out!"


"These vampires are very predictable."

I take a potshot with the crossbow.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Please let us in, We're with Professor Dreamkicker."


"One minute. Stay outside until I say you can come in. Stand back."
There is the sound of multiple locks being unlocked and deadbolts being slid open. One of the doors swings open and reveals the hunchbacked donkey wearing something that looks like an old pot around his neck. He looks at you all closely.
"Alright, everyone my master hired earlier this evening can come in. Everyone else stays out."
He steps back.

You shoot one in the mouth as it whispers something to a comrade. All five of them hiss at you and leave.


jump inside "Dreamkicker, come on!"


"Hurry up DK! We don't have time for this!"
I grab him and walk inside, dragging him behind me.



I holster my crossbow with a flourish and walk inside slowly.


My eyes widen at Dreamkicker's awesome shot

F-Follow him in


I bop him on the back of the head.
"Stop that. We don't have time for that."
I frown.


I waggle my eyebrows (such as they are) at him.

I scowl and say, "What's gotten into you, Bessy?"


He nods.
"Sure I do. Want me to show you in the morning?"


I'll nod.
"That'd be good. Thanks."


"I just wanna get out of here… be done with this stupid job. I don't like this at all…"



I look around for some sign of the doctor.


I frown and lower my ears
"I get ya. Tonight was terrible…"


The donkey jack closes and starts locking the cellar door. Once all the locks are lock, bolts are slid, and chains are strung the donkey takes the bottomless pot off his neck.
"The doctor is in the lab. Walk this way."
He lurches up the staircase out off the basement.

Want to do this now while the party is still delivering body parts?


Sure. We'll see if there aren't enough flowers to make a shrubuffalo.


I make a conscious effort to not lurch after him.


I follow after him.


Follow in silence helping him balance when I can.


All of you go to sleep in a big werpile and and wake up bright and early the next morning..
"Ready to get going?"

All of you follow him through the house and into what looks to have been a dining room. The roof has been knocked out all the way up to the attic and there is even a hole up at the very top. The room is filled with all sorts of machines and gizmos the whir and buzz and are covered in dials and knobs and displays. In the middle of it all is an operating table attached to chains that stretch up to the roof. There is a sheet covering a body on the table. Docctore Frank Intense is wearing a wite lab coat and rushing around the lab checking on various machines.


I'll nod.
"Lead the way."


I quickly rush forward and deposit the bodies on the ground in front of the Doctor and back up.
"There. We brought them. Now can you please pay us so we can leave?"


"We have your bodies, Doctor."

Do I understand what any of the machines do?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Wave to get his attention.
"We're back… with the uh… bodies."


"Well, boy, I hope you enjoy your exercise in futility! "


"We have the bodies, by the way.. Did you see the green glow from here?"


The pony stands up and leads you out of the cave. After a bit of walking you stop next to a clearing full of flowers that is cut in half by a small stream. There are all sorts of flowers here and the air is full of their scent.

He doesn't notice you until you drop the body bags in front of him.
"Oh! You're back! Excellent, yes, you will be paid as soon as I verify something."
He opens the bags and starts waving a small device over the bodies.
"What was that green light in the sky?"

"Thank you. You will be paid once I make sure the bodies are all fine."
You guess that the machines have something to do with reanimating tissue, but you've really got no idea.


"Enjoy watching me prove you wrong, old goat."

"Yes, I did. What was that about? It looked like it was coming from the graveyard."


"That green light was a whole buncha baddies callin' up the dead to hurt us!"


"A bunch of big mean dumb stupid Grogar followers… they were trying to do something with the… dead. But we beat them all up."


"Yes, that about describes it."


"It was cultists, they raised every corpse in the graveyard as zombies.." I point to the bodies "except those, we saved those in time. but we had to fight them to make the zombies stop coming, and considering there aren't anymore usable bodies, right now.."
I pause looking over the others
"don't you think you could pay us a little more for exclusive materials, or the pure hassle it was?"


That's a lotta flowers. I should be frugal with how many I take, so this place remains nice afterwards.
Rolling for bouquet prettiness. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Can I tell anything of his contraptions?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"That's what I was afraid of. I'm guessing the guard stopped them? Were any of you followed?"

He looks at you.
"All of you stopped them? By yourselves?"

His hoof-held machine beeps a few times as he passes it over the last body.
"It looks like you did save them in time. Very good work, and of course I will pay you all more."

It looks very pretty. You could get the same quality in a store-bought bouquet.

They all have something to do with lightning and electricity, judging by the tall metal spires sticking out of the roof.


"Good point. We did have to fight a bunch of 'em. Plus all the dead they brough up, including a big ol' thing that had giant arms made of bodies… I think a little extra wouldn't hurt!""


I curtly nod once.
"Yes, we stopped them all on our own."


I nod "Thank you doctor. "


Great. Into the buffabunker with it.
"Thank you for showing me this spot. It's… peaceful. I might come out here more, if time allows."


"Yep! All on our own."
I look at the bags with bodies in them
"So you're gonna use these to make somethin' new, right? Just like you said?"


I give you both a stare but don't correct you.


Doctor Frank stops talking and looks at his donkey servant.
"Ritz, go tell the pegasi to get the storm started. Pay them a bit now if you have to."
The donkey grimaces but starts hobbling up some rickety staircases towards the hole in the ceiling.

"See, that is why I need to do my research. Necromancy is fraught with all manner of evil things."

"Impressive. You are all stronger than you look. Care to donate your bodies to science? Once you die naturally, of course."

"Not a problem. You all have earned it."

"It's really great, isn't it? Oh! I almost forgot. We found the last of the missing ones last night and are taking off today. We can wait for you if you think things might not work out, but we want to get moving by sundown."

He nods.
"Yes. I need to attach the arm, leg, and tail to my corpse and it will be ready to animate. You may want to leave the room while I do that. There is food in the kitchen."


"I think we all plan on being far away from this country when and if we eventually die."


I'll nod.
"Thank you for the consideration, but… I don't think I can go with you all. I've got something I'm hunting for. It would be far too selfish of me to drag you all into it as well."


"I don't think I plan on dying, and anyone can be tough if they have a good healer."


"There is as much evil in necromancy as in your work and everything else! Only the evil will of beings give evil to necromancy. "


I look at Bessy and back at the doctor.
"…Bessy's fine not bein donated to anything."
Clear my throat
"By the way, it's kinda dark out. Do you mind if we stay here for a few hours until the sun comes up? Think I saw a bloody sucky guy or ten out there.."


I curtly shake my head to his comment about donating our bodies.
"Are we staying he-"

I nudge him.
"The temple's not too far. We can go there. And be done with all this…"


"But I wanna make sure he isn't gonna use those to make anything bad. Besides, I don't wanna fight anymore tonight…"


"Of course, of course."

"Okay. Good luck with that."
He turns into a wolf, jumps onto your back, turns back into a pony, and claps you once on the back.
"Good luck with your hunt, Brutus. I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for. Swing by the cave and tell everyone goodbye, alright?"
He jumps off your back and walks out of the clearing.

"A necromancer would say that, wouldn't one?"

"Of course."

"The temples are on the opposite side of the city."


I'll probably need the luck.
Following after him, I'll head back to the cave, to bid my farewells to the other werecreatures.


I give the doctor an irritated stare and tone "Please stop insulting our team mate. She was valuable in saving our lives, and I can't stand by and let you antagonize her."


"Stop making fun of Olga!"


"Yes, leave that to me."


"I don't wanna stay here anymore…"


They are all sad to see you go but happy that you are going to try and stay with your friends. There is a lot of hugging and reminiscing about the fights they got in with you while you were training.

"My apologies, but please tell her to stop insulting my ideas."
The donkey toss a few packets full of red stuff out of the hole in the ceiling and starts back down. A few seconds later there is a rumble of thunder.
"I need to finish preparing the body now. I will call anyone that wants to leave back when it is time to animate it."


I nudge him on the side
"Hey, be nice Dreamy!"

"Please can we stay…? You heard him, the temples are too far to go this time of night!"

"Alright. I wanna see it when you're done if you don't mind."


"How long should this take?"


"And what of it? "

Pat Bessy's side >>471380


I nod quietly and listen to his response to the others questions.


That's about all there was, really. Still, I'll miss them a bit. Felt a little like a family, just for a moment.
"You all take care, and stay safe."


I give him a frown.

I sigh.
"The temple's aren't too far to go…"


"I don't mind at all."


The donkey jenny that Olga reanimated gives you a hug.
"The same goes for you. Thank you again for all the help you gave us, and tell your friends we said thanks again."
They all start leaving the caves.

Frank looks at all of you.
"Well, if none of you want to leave I have to get to work."
He grabs a bonesaw off the table and starts cutting the leg off of one of the corpses.


Cover my eyes and head out the room. Tug Bessy along with me
"We'll be somewhere!"
Head out the room


I wince and quickly back away with Pomelo, and leave the room.


I calmly watch for a while, did the donkey make it back okay?


Chant something to attempt to soothe the former owners of the corpses, just in case.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Once they're gone, I'll pace the cave for a few minutes, then leave, closing it up as best I can behind me. Don't want anything else taking up residence here to prey on that town.
And then, it's off to the town. I've got an apology to make.


The two of yoou leave the room.

The buffalo and the donkey work together to remove the body parts and sew them onto the corpse on the table. The buffalo does most of the work. The donkey is fine.

Frank shouts at you.
"Hey! No magic!"


"You'll find that attempting to reason with her rarely works."

I head out of the room.


You have to shirt into your werform to move the rock in front of the cave's entrance, but can do nothing about the river exit. You shift and back return to the town.
I think we need to pause it here for you.


I fake gag for a second
"Gross. I didn't need to see inside another body tonight."
Head to the kitchen I guess!


I shake my head at that. "Actually Olga, its better to listen to him on this one, his project requires that the bodies aren't touched by magic."


"Then pay your dues to the owners as you work."

Now follow the party.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Neither did I…"
I follow him to the kitchen.
I look around the house as we walk through it.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I gallop to catch up to them.

"I think we need to stick together with Andelia and the crone. Best not to get split up in a place like this."


You head out of the room and follow Bessy and Pomelo to the kitchen.

The kitchen is dusty, but there are some tins of food on the counter.

"Thank you."

He rolls his eyes.
You are now in the kitchen with the others.

It's pretty empty. Most of the rooms are unused.


That's fine. Thanks for running.


"Can you… go back and get them? I don't wanna go back in that room…"


"Let's just wait here for them."

What's around us?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Take a seat and look at the tins. What are they?
Any empty ones? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Doctor.. can your servant heal you?"


What's in the tins?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Thanks for playing.

Regular kitchen stuff. There is a table with two chairs, a sink, a counter, and pantry, and a trash can.

They look like canned fruit and hay mush. There are some empty ones on the counter too.

"No. Why?"

Fruits and hay mush.


I blink "Because, if that thing comes up.. not friendly.. you'll be hurt, it seems foolish not to have someone who can at least patch you up a little. "


I take an empty one and begin chewing on it.
look around. Nothing suspicious around, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Not too hungry after all that…
I guess I might as well go try and find something interesting here.

"Careful Pommy, you'll hurt yourself on that…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I can heal myself just fine, but thank you for worrying."
He finishes stitching at the thunder grows louder.
"Go get your friends. It's time."

Nothing suspicious at all. You cut the inside of your mouth up pretty bad on the sharp edges of the metal can.

In another room you find a dream journal belonging to a pony that had the most boring cutiemark in the world.


Cover my mouth with my hooves and heal '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"alright." I go find the others, probably checking the living room and kitchen first


How bor-

I run out and rush over to him.
"Pommy! What's wrong? Are okay?"
I look him over and try to find out if he's hurt.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What's wrong? Are you alright?"


You heal your mouth and even make it tougher than it was before.

You find them in the kitchen.

He looks perfectly fine.


I give him a hug and reassuring kisses and pats regardless.
"Are you okay Pommy?…"


Seeing them all crowded around pomelo I approach slowly. "Did something happen?"


"I'm fine!"

"I was attacked by a snack but I'm all better now!"
Give her a big smile to show off my unharmed mouth


I tussle his hair a bit.

"I think it best if we find a library or study and stay there for the night."


"Remember to chew carefully, and only eat dead things.." I say concerned.
"I can agree with staying over, its not really safe outside."
after a pause to be sure they are all fine.
"if you want to come, the doctor is ready to try his experiment"


I give her lots of hugs back!

"Oh, alright! I wanna see what he had us go through all that trouble for."
Hop down and start heading back to the doctor


I frown, but reluctantly follow because of Pomelo.


I tag along.


The storm outside is much louder in the lab than it was in the kitchen. The machines are buzzing and whirring and whizzing much louder now and arcs of electricity jump between electrodes and flash inside them. Both Doctor Frank and Ritz have tinted goggles on.
"You are all here? Good! Watch in amazement as I prove everyone who has every called me crazy wrong!"
He hooks wires up to two bolts coming out of the body's neck then starts turning a wheel near the table as fast as he can. The chains clink and start to lift the body up into the air. The storm grows even more intense as the table travels through the hole in the roof.
"Ritz! Throw the switch!"
The donkey pulls a massive switch and every panel and machine in the room starts to shoot out sparks and small gouts of flame.


I hide behind Dreamkicker and peek out from over him
"Are you sure this is gonna work!?"


"Whoa.." keep a safe distance from those sparks and flames


I scan the scene with my see 'ems spell. What can I see?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


The buffalo grabs the wheel and starts turning it again.
Ritz pulls the switch this time and most of the sparks stop. The donkey grabs a heavy blanket and starts beating out a few small fires while Frank Intense lowers the operating table back down. It hits to floor with a loud clunk. Frank Intense tears off the sheet that was covering most it it and disconnects the wires. The stitched together diamond dog's fur now has a greenish tint to it. It stays motionless while the doctor stares at it.

Dreamkicker stumbles around, bounces off Bessy, and falls over.

You open your third eye and everything goes dark. You try to close it, but you can't. In a panic you move around until you hit something large and fuzzy. You fall over and when you hit the ground sight returns to you.


I hide behind DK as well.
Is it… supposed to be doing that?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Stare at it and tilt my head
"Is it… alive?"

Lift Dreamkicker up and dust him off '1d10'
"Was it too exciting for you Dreamy?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


I wave a hoof in front of dream kicker "hey, you okay?"

I spare a glace for the project, does it looks like its working? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You see one of its fingers twitching.

You trip and fall over on top of Dreamkicker.

One of its fingers is twitching. Frank has not noticed yet.


"Uh… is its finger supposed to be twitching now?"
Is it doing anything else?

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Is it now? "

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I- I can't see!"


I try to regain my sight. Where's that dismiss 'ems spell?

Roll #1 2 = 2


I let out a short bleat and hop off
"Ack, sorry!"
B-Bolster him


>You fall over and when you hit the ground sight returns to you.


I continue watching.. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"It's twitching? It's twicting!?"
He looks down at it then starts jumping up and down. The entire paw clenches then relaxes.
He caries on like this for a while.

He is bolstered.





I stare at him and at the thing he created. '1d10'
"I see.."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Yes, excellent. Good for you. Now I believe we were promised payment."


Carefully take a few steps toward it and look it up and down. There any signs of life or was the body just hit by lightning and spasming from it?

…Also poke it '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Don't touch that."


wos happening

"You sure?"


It is moving both of its hands and lower arms now.

He runs over to a chest and pops it open, then tosses bags of money at all of you.
Everyone's cash amount has increased by two levels.

It groans at you angrily.

The party helped hake a Frankenstein.


My eyes widen a bit and I take a few steps back
"Uh… hiya? Can ya speak? Can ya even understand me?"
Wave my hoof at it


Dreamkicker: Medium
Brutus: Very High (next purchase will make it High.)
Pomelo: High
Andelia: High
Happyhorn: High
Olga: High (Rich if counting Hornbeard's money)
Bessy: Medium


"Well…nice doing business with you, doctor? What're you gonna do with this thing?"


Can I detect a spirit inhabiting the body?

Roll #1 2 = 2


It groans again and sits up on the table. Frank Intense is still dancing around the lab. Ritz is throwing more red packets up through the hole in the roof.

"I'M GOING TO-Ahem, I'm going to teach him to be a person then show him off to my colleagues."

You are too unnerved to sense much of anything right now. Try again.


I chuckle a bit "Yea, at least he doesn't seem hostile, treat him well okay?"


"Teach him, huh? You think it'll work?"


"Speak to me! "

Attempt a commune as a test.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Wait, what's that?"
Eye the donkey
What the heck is he throwing up there? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"It's the substance the doctor uses to induce the lightning, Pomelo.

"Actually — wait, is that a good idea? Should you be doing that?"


"Of course. What did you think I was going to do, call him an it, keep it locked in a small room, belittle it with simpleton experiments, and talk as if he isn't even there?"

""Why wouldn't it?"

Your commune doesn't work. You get closer and try it again, but the green furred diamond dog picks you up and starts petting you too hard. Frank Intense notices.
"Hey! Put her down!"

It's obviously strawberry jell-o.

The donkey shouts back down at you.
"Of course I should!"

The storm is starting to die down.


"You are the expert, aren't you? Should he?"


"I'm an expert on trans-modal and trans-temporal divination, goat – not a weatherpony.

"And in any case, you don't need a weatherpony to know–

I interrupt myself to laugh at Olga's mishap. How heartily do I laugh?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"No, no, of course not." ..I look concerned for Olga.


"Hey! Put Olga down!"


Could I have used that moment of contact to detect a spirit?

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Well dead things don't really make good students, ya know."
I snicker at Olga.

"You did a great job with it in the graveyard, though."


I drool at the thought of jell-o hard enough to not notice Olga being picked up
"H-Hey! Why're ya tossing out perfectly good jell-o?"


"Heheh, well, yes. I am also a dab hoof with the lightning spells.

"But that is greatly different."


Pretty heartily, but it's broken a bit by deep down concern about Olga's spine getting snapped.

The green diamond dog reluctantly let's go of Olga.

It has a spirit. A very, very young spirit.

"It isn't dead. Look at it. Hahaha, it's alive!"

"Jell-o? what are you talking about?"
He tosses the last bag through the roof and starts coming back down the stairs.


"I don't think that's jell-o…"

What is that stuff for real?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yeah, I'm sure. What was that anyway?"

"I dunno, I've never seen a green dog before. What's that all about?"


"That stuff you just throw out!"
I point at the roof


"I'm fine! This.. child is merely curious as to its new form. "

"Good child."
Pet its head.


"Huh? A child?"


They were in plastic baggies and looks like they were stored in a chilled container.
you aren't sure.

"I have absolutely no idea. There are some many things left to find out! Haha! It's alive!"

"That's blood, not jell-o. Why would I give vampires jell-o?"

It wags its tail and tries to pet you again.


I scrunch up.
"Why were you giving blood to vampires?!"


"…Why were you giving vampires blood?"


"wa-at, wait, vampires?!"


"Yes, congratulations. Alive."

"What? Vampires?"

Scan through the roof for vampire scum.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Seems awfully friendly…"


"It appears the attempt may have succeeded. It now bears a young soul."

Let it


"To pay them. You didn't think the storm started on it's own, did you?"

Your magic flashes for a few seconds and you see some vampire pegasi sucking on the blood packets.

"They weren't going to work for free."


Roll #1 6 = 6


It pets you a little more gently this time, but not much. Hornbeard looks worried.
"Olga? Are you sure that is safe?"


"Ah, well.. how did you find these vampires?"


"How'd the vampires start the storm?"


"Maybe hornbeard has a point, you're not a dog Olga, you don't have to let him do that."


"Wait, we weren't' the only ones you hired?"


"I dunno, she seems to like it."


"I presumed you had developed some new method of chemical cloud-seeding. Well this is much less impressive, though perhaps more dangerous."

"They're pegasi. It seems even in a state of undeath, our birdbrain cousins keep their cloud expertise."


I stare up at the roof
"…Is that safe? They didn't do anything to taint the body, did they? How'd you even hire them without being attacked?"


"All very good questions, Pommy."

I think for a moment.

"Perhaps the vampire pegasi were the surest way of getting a storm, yes? Hire untainted pegasi, and you have many questions being asked. Bribe the vampires, and nopony has to know what strange experiments you're running.

"And, besides, nighttime storms are so much more appropriate for the mood."


Frank answers.
"How do you find vampires in this city? Wait for the sun to go down then open a window and throw a stick."

"They are pegasi, dear. They make weather."

"Of course not. None of you can make a storm."

"It's not too dangerous if you are careful. Why would I spend funds and time developing a new way to make weather when a perfectly fine one already exists?"

He waves another device over the diamond dog.
"No, he is untainted. I hired them by opening a window and asking if they wanted to earn some blood."

"Exactly! I knew another scholar would understand. Both about unwanted questions and about the mood."


"I didn't think you'd appreciate things like mood."



"I'm willing to take the risk. This spirit is a soul like any other. It should not be outcast just for its shell or creation. "

Mutter a prayer for the dog.

" You, doctor, you will take this one under your charge as a child and not a minion, will you not?"


"That's a very weird way of gettin' help! But if you say so."
Turn to the diamond dog
"So it has a young soul inside, huh? You wanted to make a kid?"

"Of course he does! Sometimes he likes to set a few candles, play some music, and practice the best dances when he thinks nobody's looking~"


I keep my eyes on the Diamond Dog "Alright, you said we could stay until dawn? Is there a bed, or a sofa or.."


"Pommy, please!"


"A child? It shouldn't be a child, it has an adult brain."
He frowns and starts muttering as he starts attaching wires to its head. The diamond dog whines and starts petting you even harder.

"No, no not at all. Children are not reasonable."

"I assume so, but if you want to make a break for it while the vampires here are full now is your chance."

The donkey raises an eyebrow.


I snigger.
"Oh really? What sort of music and dancing?"

"Hey now…"


"All the vampires are pegasi?"

I giggle.
"He's a really good dancer! He always does lots of pirouettes and spins and twirls and it's all really neat looking!"


"What of it? The body may be developed, but his soul isn't. It needs time to grow as well. What are you doing now? "


Smile and ruffle his hair
"But you're so good at it!"

"Just the slow classical stuff. He gets all grumpy anytime I put on something fun and bouncy."

I frown at the doctor
"Well now what? You made him, so he's your responsibility!"


I sigh "Lets just leave them alone.. Olga, be careful with him please… if it is a child it won't know how to hold back.."
I leave and go look for a comfy spot to lay.


"I wish I could see him too then!"


Doctor intense ignores you. He is too busy hooking up wires to the diamond dog.

The hunchbacked donkey speaks this time.
"No, but some of them are and the rest are probably trying to steal the blood packets from them."

"Trying to figure out why the brain is not implementing itself properly. Brains are tricky, so I may have made a bad stitch somewhere."

"What now is a figure out why it is a child instead of an adult."

You find a couch.

He finishes connecting the wires and goes to look at a few machines.


sleep mode. rolling for dreams '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Maybe you didn't bring back whoever that brain belonged to."


I hop on Bessy's back and yawn
"You're not gonna hurt him, right?"


"It's a child because it was just given life! It's a soul you created mere moments ago! How difficult is this for you to understand? "


"For you I may charge admission."

I watch intently.

"So you are attempting to erase its brain?"


I toss Pomelo up and place him down on the ground, then turn to DK

-and grab him.
"Play some music Pommy!"
Rolling to do a tango (with DK as the girl)

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Now's not the time, Bessy!"

I grimace and just accept it.

"Play something actually danceable, Pommy."

I try to gain control and turn it into a nice polite waltz.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I play something upbeat '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


You dream about picking flowers with the Twins.

"Maybe, but….hmmm. I need to learn more about brains."

"Of course not."

"You have a point. Maybe it will take a few days for the brain to kick in."

"Nononono, if the brain is erased it will be as close to a failure as it can be while still being a success It should be using its brain to remember things so I do not have to teach it everything from scratch."

You nearly step on him then start swinging him around the lab.
"Careful! There is lots of delicate stuff in here!"

You do exactly that. As you dance you can almost feel Bessy becoming more cultured, but that must be your imagination.

You play some waltz/party fusion while they dance. The diamond dog starts laughing and clapping.


"Something in three Pommy! Something in three! Y'know, 'One two three Two two three Three two three'!"

Have… have I become more cultured?

Roll #1 3 = 3


what a pleasant dream.
I'll be waiting for the others then


I bow politely towards Bessy.

I turn to the Doctor.

"Well your creation seems well-versed in the acts of breathing, laughing, clapping, and petting. What more could you ask for?"


"Oh wow!"
I laugh hysterically.

"I know, isn't it great?"


I giggle.
"That was fun! Though it is really late… maybe we should hit the hay."
I yawn.


Not at all.


"It's a very good start, true. Why don't all of you go get some rest?"


I nod and hop back on her back
"Yeah, I'm super tired!"


"We're gonna hit the hay then. 'Night everybody! C'mon DK!"
I start walking off towards where we're sleeping and nestle in, noticing Andelia.
"'Night Andy…"
Off to dreamland.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Fall asleep and dream '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I follow Bessy and Pomelo and fall asleep, too.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"If you're offering. It's been a rough night."

Is there anyplace comfy to rest here?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"… and what would you do if it remained as a child? Would you accept him as is and raise him as yours? Or would you reject him? Because it would take years like a real child if you have been truly successful in creating a soul to inhabit this shell. "

What do I know of oaths reinforced with curses? And how to lay them?

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 = 5


You dream of being cluttered enough to host a waltz to raise funds for the Party Church of Pinkie Pie.

In your dream Bessy and Dreamkicker get replaced by the Twins, but you are the only one that notices.

You dream that Pomelo and Bessy are cultured enough to take to fancy restaurants that don't have kids menus.

Bessy's back or a couch.


I guess I'll take the couch then. That is not my buffaback.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Of course I would raise him. I'm not going to throw him out just because he isn't mostly perfect."
You know that magical oaths with sever consequences for breaking can be made, but you don't know how.


"Well that's great. He deserves that much now."


You dream of having your buffaback back and a big strong minion to keep you safe while you sleep.

"He does."


"When my temple holds our annual Invitation of Souls next year, I do not wish to hear a child's soul calling to me and asking why he was thrown away. Goodwill to you."

Whisper another prayer for the dog and go to bed '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


While sleeping you have good dream's about the diamond dog's future.

It is now tomorrow! Everyone wakes up bright and early to start their day.


Wake up and nudge Bessy and Dreamkicker
"Morning you two!"


I'm up, I'm up. How's the day look?


"Mm good morning, Pommy.

"We still have that advertisement for helping to take care of a vampire problem. Should we try to find that today? Or do you think the Doctor still has work for us?"


Take a bite out of some blessed paper.


I yawn and get up.
"Mornin' Pommy."

"If the Doctor does have more work I hope it isn't like his last job…"


I suppose I'll amble into town somewhen soon.


I stretch and smile at the others.
"I doubt he needs anything else, now that he has his experiment complete."


"Well, I kinda wanna stop by the temple of the Pink One. Me and Bessy need to pick up something. Plus I wanna see our little friends we left there!"


The streets are still wet but the sky is clear.

It tastes good.

The donkey pokes his head into the room.
"The doctor has nothing else he needs doing. He wants me to thank you all again for your help."

You pass through the Adventurer district and wind up in the temple district.


"Hey, did you see any good gift shops while you were exploring the city? I'd like to pick up something nice for the twins, and maybe a suvenier for mirabelle."


I nod.
"Yeah! We gotta go do some stuff over there!"

"Uh… we found this neat joke shop, but I dunno if that's what you want. Who's Mirabelle?"


"Mornin Andy!"
I wave

"Hm.. gift shops? We found a weird prank store but no gift shops. Then again, we weren't looking."


I suppose I should start hunting down the others, then. I've got an apology to make. And those flowers won't stay fresh forever.


"Uh.. my old traveling companion, we became roommates, I'd like something to take back to her. You might remember her as the maid with a mace?"


Did you guys ever spend you points you got from beating the skelingtons?

"I am sure the Merchant district will have everything you need."

You quickly make your way to the other side of the city. You are now at the doctor's front door.


"Friends? Whozzat?"

"Well, he knows how to find us, right?"


Are they even still there, though? I almost hope not, since Bessy didn't want me coming back. I'll knock a few times.


"Alright, I'll check out this joke shop.. where was it?"


"He means 'vagrants.' Street urchins."


Also, we got a skill point?


What's our skill point total supposed to be now?


"Oh! I remember her now! It's been a long time since I've seen her…"

Will we be getting two other skill points before the quest ends?

"It's on the way I think. Just follow us!"
I start hopping my way out through the way we came, the cellar, then start making my way to the joke shop.


I nudge him
"Dreamy, stop that!"

"We met some friends on the street! Olive Twist and Fin Berry. They didn't have much place to stay so we brought 'em to the temple!"

"Somewhere in the market district. I'm sure we'll pass by it on the way."


Don't think so.

"Really? How'd you meet them?"


"Sounds perfect" I start to follow you, opening the door.


"We found 'em!"


"On the street! They accidentally took some money from Bessy and things went from there!"
I smile



"Hmm. I wonder just how accidental it was…"


"No. Keep an eye open for more jobs."

You knock on the door and…

Bessy, Pomelo, and Andelia come around the side of the house and see you with your bouquet of flowers.






"Well. Ahem. Good, uh. Good morning."


I walk over to Brutus put on a smile. "Morning."


I narrow my eyes and lower my voice.
"What are you doing back here?"

I hold out a hoof in front of her to stop her.
"Don't go near him Andy."


I hop on Bessy's back and stare at Brutus


"Hey. How you doin'?"


I let you stop me.


Wait, everyone should have 9 skillpoints now.


I'll smile back.
"I heard you were feeling better, but it's a relief to see it's true."
My smile will fade a fair bit, though.
"I came back to apologize, of course."
"Well. And in control."
Noted. I think I'm going to take Landkeeper.


"You sure?"


Can we use 2.0 skills?


"Yea, Pommy fixed me right up. Its good to hear you have it handled, does this mean your training is complete then?"


Not unless everyone wants to advance to 2.0.

Which one of its skills do you want?


"Apologize? You really think you can APOLOGIZE for that?!"
I huff and starting urging everyone to move on.
"C'mon… let's go."


"Apologize all ya want, just don't get too close to Bessy. Not after you hurt my best buffalo like that…"


I'll nod.
"I would not be here if I wasn't."
"It is. I, uh, brought some flowers. I didn't quite really know how else to apologize."
I'll hold out the bunch of flowers.
"No. I don't think I can apologize, not really. But if I don't at least try, then how am I supposed to be a friend?"
I'll nod.


"And what does 'in control' mean?"


Stick my snout up in the air
"Hmph! Let's!"

I have three unspent, right? I want prayer of healing


"So is that it? No more going crazy or running off at night?"


"Friends don't beat up other friends! Or… or keep evil spirits that make them want to hurt their friends!"
I frown and start really urging everyone to get a move on.


"It means that I can change at will, without having to fight for control. The warg in my head is subdued, and a part of me. That's all."
"Yes, that's it."


I'll remain silent at this, and let them pass.


"One slip-up and we're taking you to the pink temple to get cured."

I follow her.


I stop for a second and accept the flowers. "Well, thanks for coming back, that's pretty brave of you. I'm doing a bit of shopping.. come to think of you it you didn't get paid for helping us.."


The three of you return to the Laughing One temple in the Temple district.

The hunchbacked donkey opens the door in response to Brutus's knocking.
"Wait here. I will get you your pay."
He returns a minute later with your money.


We were going to the Prank Shop with Andy and Happyhorn in tow!


"I didn't really sign on, though. I only showed up when things got hairy, so I can't possibly expect payment for… that."
I'll shake my head.
Well, I'm not one to look a gift donkey in the mouth.
"Thank you."


Oh I wanted soul return

Need to go


"Ferreal? I don't wanna see you hurt anyone again."

I look between them anxiously.


The four of you find The Joke Shop's door in the back of a broken down cart in an alley.

Alright. See you and thanks for playing.


I look between Brutus and Bessy with concern
"Hey, I'll catch up to you later big guy, get yourself some breakfast and i'll probably be done with the joke shop by then, we can meet up in the adventure's district."
Then I catch up to Bessy and her group


"For real."
And I suppose I'll let them go.
I've got an enchanter to see about some armor.
I'll wave as they leave.

Off to that enchanter, now that I've got the rest of the payment.


I eye the place suspiciously "Are you sure this is the place you went before?"


I wave him off and catch up with the others.


"I'm pretty sure! It looked a lot more like a temple the last time."


"It should be."
I give a curtly hmph.


"Oh yeah, I remember this place!"


You go to the merchant's district and find the armor shop you went to last time. The store owner greets you as soon as you enter.
"Brutus, darling! How wonderful to see you again. Please, come in and see your armor."
She leads you to the back.

All of you are still in front of the door.


Back we go. Though I could have sworn it was a male who used to work here. Perhaps my memory is a bit fuzzy.


Go inside!


"Are you gonna go inside or what Andy?"


"I will!"
I go inside.


"Might as well.." I go inside.


Was it? I just got the idea to make the armor store owner into Edna Mode.
The owner leads you to the back and shows you your armor. It is sitting on a buffalo sized ponequin.
"We can finish the enchantments now if you have the money."

It looks just like it did last time.
"Ah, little goat and friends, welcome back!


I'll have to go look. But s/he was friends with the smith.
"This should cover it."
I'll hoof over the money I just got from the mad doctor.


"This would be my first time here." I smile politely and look around.


I follow her inside, still grumpy.

Maybe this time… can I find any interesting alchemical ingredients? Maybe… some candy I can mix?

Roll #1 1 = 1


It was a he. But who says there can't be two of them?


"Heya! Back to see if you got any neat souvenirs for my friends here!"
I idly look around


I look around, too.


"It will be a few minutes."
She takes you money and wheels the armor off to another room.
Your cash level is now Medium.

The donkey jack working the counter.
"Oh? Then we must be out of synch. That happens sometimes. Take a look around, I already know you will find what you are looking for."
The front of the store looks like a normal joke shop. There are rubber chickens, whoopee cushions, cans of nuts, fake mustaches, and other comedy mainstays. The shop goes farther back that you can see and is much wider than the dart the door was in, much less the alley.

You look around and find a few boxes of candied sorrow.
"I'm sorry, but someone just came by and bought almost all my stock of candy."

You can both see all the same things that were here last time.
"Any particulars you two are looking for this time?"


And I'll wait. Not like I have anywhere I need to be.


I pick up a whoopee cushion and a pair of fake mustaches
"Hey, think Olive and Fin would like some of these?"


"It's alright…"
I sigh.

I turn around and look at what he's holding, and eventually let out a small giggle.
"Classics like those? I'm sure they'd love them!"


"I'm not sure what you mean, but you certainly are confident."
check out the back area.
"Oh, well.. They do look fun." I hold the mustache up to my face, and make a 'dashing' look. "Hey. I haven't seen you around before little goat."


I let out a giggle
"Lookin' smooth there stranger!"

So how much would some whoopee cushions and fake mustaches cost?


The pony brings your armor back out.
"Here you go. Try it on."

"Of course they would."

"Something wrong?"

The mustache attaches to your face. As you walk towards the back you pass rows and rows of books, pillows, masks, balloons, needles, rugs, furniture, clothing, rubber animals, and boxed pies.


"The ones at the front don't cost hardly anything."


I giggle.
"Hey there handsome!"

I frown for a moment, but shake myself out of it.
"No, nothing's wrong."


And on it goes. I'm certain it feels Magical.


"So masculine~"


I smirk and flex as I walk "Why thank you, I do work out."
Neat, I guess it doesn't need any make up to help it stay.
"This shop is huge!" look at the masks '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Am I in the joke shop?
Look for something holy or interesting to me.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Buy them them. Two each. Also anything else I see like the can of nuts
"I think the kids'll have tons fun with these!"


I giggle even harder.
"It shows!"

"Of course they will! They're classics, why wouldn't they?"


It certainly does.
"There you go, sir. This will conform to any new shapes you acquire."

All of the masks on the shelf are finely crafted and detailed, but none of them catch your attention. You dig through an open crate full of masks and find a very curious looking pony mask down at the bottom. It's coat and mane colors match yours, but are washed out and dull. The mask is so stretched and skinny that it hardly looks like it would fit over your face. You feel compelled to touch it.

You find a book of holy paper with a large hole punched through it.

There are all sorts of nuts.
"I've got more cans of nuts in the back. They are better, I think."


"As long as we're bringing gifts, maybe we should stop by a proper bookstore after this."


"Excellent. Thank you very much. It takes a bit of worry off my mind to be prepared for that sort of thing."


"Hmm.. they safe enough for kids?"
Walk in the back and look '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


..compelled? I suppose I'll pick it up and examine it. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yeah, we're gonna be giving these to kids!"
I follow him and look as well.

"Stop by a bookstore for what?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yea, some picture books might be good."


"Ohhh yes! That'll be perfect! And I can get the kids some too!"


I giggle at that.


What's the hole even for?

That's less value for money.


"First, I want to look for some magical works. They may be of use. Second, they probably need a basic education, and some books would undoubtedly help them."

"No eating before we purchase, Pommy."


"Glad to help. Would you like to purchase more upgrades?"

"Kids? Maybe. Some of them of cobras, some have vipers, and some has lots of little biting snakes that get in your eyes. The ones at the front are the boring ones with the fake snakes."

You can see a warning sign that says all of the snake cans back here are filled with real snakes. You've got the feeling that the farther back into the shop you go the more dangerous stuff gets.

You are alone in the mask isle.

Compelled? You are the one that chose to pick up the mask. Now that you have picked it up it looks like it would easily fit you. You also notice two white nubs sticking down from its top lip.

The sign says its a holey book of holey paper.


"How much would an enchantment of Returning cost? I seem to tend to throw my shield quite a bit, so having it come back would be convenient."


Oh, I see. But why is there a mask of me.. as a vampire? This is spooky, I'll hold on to it and see if I can find a pair of matching masks that would make nice gifts. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I stop in my tracks and start walking backwards
"Neeeevermind! I'll settle for the safe non-bitey fake ones."
Buy them


"They can't even spell properly! "

Wait for them to go to the bookstore


"Yeeeeah… let's go back and just grab the regular ones little buddy."


"Binding your shield to your armor, hmm? That costs one cash level."

At the head of the isle you find a pair off matching cat masks.

"Boooo-ring. Here you go."
You are both suddenly back at the front of the shop. He rings you up for two fake cans of nuts with fake snakes plus all the other stuff you bought.

You wait at the front of the store and watch as Pomelo buys his stuff.


"That'll do, then."
This puts me at Low, correct?


alright, pick those up and take one more look around for anything interesting back here '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Wait around for Andy


"Very well."
The pops off part of your armor and scratches a rune into the underside of it then does the same for your shield.
"Alright, that's that done. The money, please?"

There is a lot of interesting stuff back here, but a lot of it leaves you feeling uneasy. Maybe looking closer to the front would be better?


Ah, I thought finishing off the enchant would put me at medium.
"Here you are. A pleasure doing business with you."


uh, lets just go up front and find the shop keeper.


"You are welcome."

"And with you."
The pony takes the money.

"Oh, what is that you have there? Hahaha, okay. That will be one cash level."


I suppose I should head out, then. Maybe find a nice park and start reading those language primers I bought… was it only a few days ago? It feels like so much longer.
'1d10' to retain what I read.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Find anything neat, Andy?"


"Right, this mask.. it seems a little odd to me, anything special about it?" indicate the mask that looks like me.


"Make, I think that a set of masks might be a fun gift for our twins."


It's like learning a whole new languages, wait, it really is. You can make much sense of the gobbledegook in the book.

He looks down at the mask.
"You shouldn't of done that. Ah well, what's done is done. It a real sucker of a mask."

"They would love those, I am sure."


"Ooh. What kinda mask?"


"Huh? What's wrong the mask?"


I look worried. "Shouldn't have done what?"


He smiles.
"Are you going to buy that?"


"Well, It does resemble me.. so, yea." I hoof over money for it.
medium level correct?


"Why'd you say it was bad that she picked up the mask?…"


I don't think running headlong into this problem is going to work. I might need help from…
I'll frown.
With Bessy being so protective of her friends, that's not really a choice, relying on the others, is it? Not that I can blame her…
"Well, Brutus, it seems that once again you're on your own, at least as far as this is concerned.".
I'll put the book away, and then get something to eat. There are cheap places in the market district, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Enjoy that mask, but only when you meet those two friends of yours, okay? They might even send you to buy something from me, but who knows? You'll be seeing me."

"I never said it was bad, per se. Don't worry, things will be fine."

Yup. You spot a baker's cart and a fresh vegetable cart.


Bread and veggies, lunch of champions. I'll buy enough to make a decent sandwich, and then eat it while waiting for the others.


"Have you sold any of those blocks?"


"Ah, okay.." I smile at him.


I tilt my head and give him a puzzled look


How much longer are you all going to want to play?

You eat your sandwich and enjoy it.

"Not a single one, I'm afraid. Seems no one wants to build an arch."

"Anything else?"

He tilts his head in the opposite direction and gives you the same look.


I scratch my head and give him a confused look.


Damn right I do.
I can go on a bit longer, but you shouldn't stay up too late.


"Good. We don't need more archways being built."


I perk up at this. "An arch? You have those sort of blocks?"


"Wait, an arch? What kind of arch…?"


I'm good for stopping now. ded tired

I scrunch up


He scratches his head.

I want to stop soon.

"Blocks for building an Arch of Changing, one of Discord's best gifts."

He scrunches too.


I stick my tongue out at him and shake my head


"Oh, I see, how much for those?"


He sticks his tongue out too and shakes his head.

"A whole lot. There is no way a regular individual could afford them."


"Why do you want those?!"


"I see, well, I'll be in touch then."
I look surprised "Oh, I don't particularly, A friend wanted them, to build an arch."


"Yes we will."



"Well I'm stayin faaaar away from whoever's makin it! I remember it being dumb and weird in there last time."

Thanks for running


Thanks for running!


Thanks for playing.


You have just left the magical armor shop, full of all sorts of armors and wondrous magical upgrades at reasonable prices, and have bought yourself a meal.

>Everyone else

You are in the Joke Shop. Andelia has purchased a pale, fanged mask that resembles her face. No one else has made any purchases. The party has inquired about the blocks and learned that they are very expensive and meant to be used when building an archway similar to the one they encountered in the lich's crypt.

It is currently the morning.


>No one else has made any purchases
We bought prank toys for the kids~

"I think that's all the supplies I need here. You done Andy?"


I check around for some books on magic.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I suppose I should visit the Nature temple. The others might be there, though Bessy still probably won't be too happy to see me. I'll expect the vines this time.


Wait, they have masks?
What can I find?

Roll #1 7 = 7


The Magic of Butts
The Magic of Friendship
The Magic of Art

You make it down the path and are not waylaid by vines, but when you arrive at the temple the priests and priestesses are wery of you.


"Magic of Friendship? Who comes up with this stuff?"


Har har.
I'll nod to them, and bid them good morning.
Then I'll go next to that lake thing, hunker down, and try to make more sense out of that language primer. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hey, that other book looks tasty!"



I take a look at the butt book.


"Some redhead."

You geta good grasp of a few words, but you still have a ways to go. You recall that the Twins have a library. Reading in a quiet space like that should make studying easier.

"It's alright."

It is full of all sorts and sizes of butts. Some of them are very magical indeed.
"I've got more…discerning…books in the back. They take pictures of whoever reads them and teleports the pictures to their grandparents. They make great white elephant gifts."


"That sounds like it wouldn't pay very much."


Nature's quiet, though. And I don't know how vampires deal with wuffalos.
Though… I'll go to one of the nature priests, the one who helped me with the helmet.
"Pardon me, do you have a moment to spare?"


"Yes, I can only imagine the Baron's reaction."
I turn the butt tome over a few times.
"In the mood for a snack, Pommy?"


"Hmm… nah, too mean. Silly though!"

I happily shake my head up and down


He shrugs.
"Money is secondary."

You cannot get to the Grand Seed, but you are able to find the priest that confronted you the other day.
"Yes? How can I help you?"

"Oh? You are the foal of a Baron? I would this this would have been worth mentioning."

"Being mean is what makes pranks so good. Without meanness they are just boring old jokes. You are entitled to your opinion, however. All faiths are welcome in the Joke Shop. I also offer books in flavors like horseradish and earwax."


I give the shopkeeper the money for the butt book before giving it to Pomelo.


"Grandfoal. He's hanging on. It'll be a few more years before mother inherits the title."


"I would like to be shown to where the Twins are being kept, below the temple. I plan on waiting there for Andelia and the others."


He is suddenly by your side.
"Well well well. Interesting."

The pony considers it.
"Very well. What do you plan on doing while waiting?"


"What are you doing?"


"Why are you sauntering up so close? Keep your hooves away from me."


I put it in my bags for later
"Thanks Dreamy! I'll save it for snack time later. So uh… are we gonna go to the temple soon? These toys ain't gonna deliver themselves ya know!"


"Standing and speaking. How about you, sir?"

"But I'm not touching you."
It's true. He is staying a hair's breadth away from you.
"Was there anything else you wanted from here?"

"Remember to pay for that."


"Read. I picked up this language primer before… well, becoming as I am now, and I think it would be good to speak the local language. Your average vampire isn't going to speak Equestrian out of courtesy, after all, especially if they didn't know it in life."


"Trust me, he's not that much more fun up close."



"Yes… let's… go…"


>I give the shopkeeper the money for the butt book before giving it to Pomelo.

"What're ya talkin' about? He's super fun up close!"


"They are actually from Equestria. Follow me."
He leads you through the small area where the priest's and priestess's rooms are and into a broom closet.
"You won't go crazy if you smell blood, will you?"

"If you say so."

"Your loss. I shall see you later, lord of the dance."

"My apologies."


"Yeah. Hey Andy, we'll be riiight back for you! We just gotta check on something at the temple of the Pink One!"

"Wanna come with us?"

Walk out the door


I'll shake my head.
"No. I've got that under control."


"Yeah, why not."


I glare at the shopkeeper before leaving the store.

"Alright. To the temple."


"If you say so. Please turn around and close your eyes."

He glares back at Dreamkicker while doing a dance involving a lot of legwork.
All of you leave and nearly run into a ground of people coming out the same door you do. They all huff at your rudeness and walk off.


I suppose I will go to find brutus.


I do so.


What happened since we left doctor frankenstein


Your gut takes you to the Nature temple. Asking around tells you that one of the priests is taking him below.

You can hear teeth grit in pain, smell fresh blood, and hear the sound of stone grinding against stone.
"Alright. Turn around."

Not much. Andelia, Happyhorn, and the Pinkie Pie Gang wen to the Joke Shop. Brutus went to a magical armor shop (you should really go there if you want to be more useful in combat). Brutus and Andelia are now at the Nature Temple.


"Any idea what he's going down there for?"


And I do so.
"That sounded like it hurt. I suppose they've got blood locks on there for a reason?"


Here! Sorry for taking so long… Brief summary of what happened so I can hop in?


Obey the great spirit's will and get to an armoury.


Butt books


I huff back at them
"Rude! Anyway let's get goin'!"

Head to the temple!


The priestess shrugs.
"Something tells me it's not the same reason we go down there for. You can catch up and ask him if you want."

"It's blood magic. Being vampires, they have a knack for it. It's also not something that would be obvious to anypony that decided to snoop around."
He leads you down to a round room full of doors and opens one seemingly at random.
"If you ever come down here by yourself do not touch the doors. The Twins were very creative when coming up with what the fake doors do to people. Follow me closely."
He walks through the open door.

Andelia bought a strange mask of her face, Dreamkicker bought a butt book for Pomelo and revealed that he is the grandson of Baron von Meaniepants, and Pomelo, Happpyhorn, and Dreamkicker are on their way to the Pinkie Temple.

You wander through the Merchant's district and wind up in front of an armor shop with a large prop anvil on the roof.


Actually I wanted to visit the armor shop too.


You are now at the armor shop with Olga.


I'll follow.
"I'll have to ask, though I feel they'd just leave it as a 'surprise.'"


I nod "Alright, thanks." I go down stairs to try and catch up.


Huzzah. Now let's go in and see what they could do again.


Are we at the Pinkie temple yet?


"They would. Most of them will as good as kill you, but leave you alive. I think that's all I can say."

You roll under the door just as it is closing. You can hear a door shut below you.

One of the sales associates is glad to tell you about their offers.
-Medium money level premium enchantments offer +1 Hit, +1 Wound, a +1 to resist attacks of a chosen element type, or a hidden compartment for a small weapon
-High money level you can buy +2 Hits, +2 Wounds, a +2 to resist attacks of a chosen element type, or a +1 to get up from Helplessness
-Very High money level you can buy +3 Hits, +3 Wounds, a +3 to resist attacks of a chosen element type, a +2 to get up from Helplessness, a hidden compartment for a medium sized weapon, or a +1 to Spot rolls
-Rich money level you can buy +4 Hits, +4 Wounds, a +4 to resist attacks of a chosen element type, or a +3 to get up from Helplessness, a hidden compartment for a Great weapon, +2 to Spot rolls, or a +1 to regular attacks.
-All premium enchantments come with the rain protection.

You, Dreamkicker, and Pomelo arrive at the Pinkie Temple. It sounds like there is a party instead, but it always sounds like that.


okay, nice. I'll walk down the hall. do I notice any signs of him? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Head in!
"Before we go find the kids, I wanna pick up my cannon. That okay with you Bessy?"




I perk my ears up.
"It sounds like… a birthday party! I wonder if it's for the two foals?"
I hop inside.

"Sure! I can pick up mine too while we're there."


You somehow manage to take a wrong turn and run into an apple flavored gelatinous cube. It's not trying to melt you like the last one did, but it is awful sticky. You coat i covered with jelly gunk when you finally get out of it.

A few of the priests and priestess wave at you when you enter.

He leads you through a variety of rooms, all filled with nonleathal traps. Eventually the two of you get to a small room with two doors. The stallion pulls one open and leads you inside. The room is the same as it was last time, except darker and empty of people and pillows. It is large and there is a slightly raised platform at the back with two coffins on it. Near the coffins is a bead covered passageway.

You bounce over the bouncy floor. A donkey bounces over to you. "Hey there, come to check on those orphans you found?"


"Have they stolen all of the temple's candy yet?"


Go in.

Rolling for luck with the first thing I see

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 2 = 2


well that's silly.
'2d10' transform into wolf and use my nose to track down brutus.

Roll #1 10, 3 = 13


what was my money level again


"Yes yes yes! Have they been good?"


"Only the caches we let them find. We'll find a constructive use for their habits."

You find a nice, light looking set of armor that could fit you and a simple set of armor that could fit on Hornbeard.

You catch yourself growling when you smell two vampires in the room. You try to stop, but its very hard and you cannot stop grimacing. The stallion reaches for a knife.
You don't need to roll again.

You turn into a wolf and go through the maze, stopping every now and then when you find neat smells. Eventually you reach the Twin's room and find Brutus growling at a pair of coffins on the other side of the room.


"Except for the candy plundering, yes. We made it their birthday today."


"Yeah! Are you guys throwing a birthday party for them? The beats for minute seemed to belong to a personal celebration, and the ratio of party horns to poppers going off points towards it being a birthday party!"
I give an excited little hop.
"Though Pommy wanted to go pick up our stuff reeeeal quick before we went and saw them!"


"I'm… fine. It seems that I still have to get used to the smell of vampire."
Grit my teeth a bit and force my hackles to lower. Probably step back once or twice.
"I expected this, honestly."


jump in front of Brutus.


I hop up and down
"That's perfect! Wait… for the both of 'em?"


"How enlightened." I roll my eyes and smirk.


"Hello, Andelia. Ffffancy seeing you here."


do you speak wolf now?
Hello, brutus, staying calm, I bark at you.


The donkey hops too.
"You heard it right, sister! What did you get 'em?"

"And why didn't you see fit to warn me?"
He stops moving his hoof closer to his knife, but doesn't move it away either. Andelia, in wolf form, jumps in front of you.

"Yup! We have no idea when it is so we made their birthday be today."

"Why thank you."


I'll get the Medium for now then.


I giggle.
"I can't go and spoil the surprise! That'll ruin the gift!"
I start walking and talking with the donkey to the smith to pick up our respective cannons.


Which one?


Any good robes here?

Let hornbeard take what he wants.


I don't know. Do I?
Do I speak wolf?
"I had hoped it wouldn't be as bad. The fact I have it under control means that at least I wouldn't attack anyone."


"Oh gosh! We'll be right back with some fun gifts for 'em riiight after we pick something up!"

Follow her


I go with both of them.


The donkey hugs you.
"Hooray! You passed the pop quiz!"
He follows you to the smith's room. Your canon is on the counter neaar a note that says the Smith is on break.
"What was the deal with that green light? Our party sleuths haven't gotten back to us yet with the information."

Warg. It's about as similar to Wolf as Spanish is to Mexican.
"Very well. Keep following me."
He leads you past the evil evil kill them evil smelling coffins and into a long hallway. Near the end he stoops and opens a door.
"Here is the library."

"They are going to have so much fun unwrapping the gifts!"
You are in the smith's room with Bessy and see the same note. You also see your canon near it.

You see what your friends are seeing.


follow him.


"Wrapping! Oh gosh we need to wrap their gifts! Do you have any around?"

Pick up my cannon and strap it on!
What was the cooldown/effect again?


"There were a bunch of big meanie necromancers causing a bunch of trouble…"
A frown flashes across my face, but I quickly wipe it away.
"But we took care of them ourselves."
I walk over and strap my cannon on.
What did I upgrade again? Cooldown and I can use Trick Shot?


So I guess I understood it. Mostly.
"Thank you for the guidance."
And I'll settle next to one of the tables and put my language primers on them.


The +1 Hit.


You are now in the library with him. It's not very big, but there are lots of books.

"Of course we do. Where do you think we are?"
He pulls wrapping paper out of a drawer.
Boxing cannon: (Single. Crit success and fail range extended by 1. Two turn recharge. Not a ranged weapon)

"Oh. That's nasty. Glad you fixed it."

You find a chair big enough to accommodate you.
You can read twice here every day. Because you have already read the book once you can only roll once more today.

The gryphon takes your armor and scratches some runes onto the inside then gives it back to you.
"Here you go."


Once I'm in a chair, I'll look at Andelia.
"So… I take it the others still aren't terribly pleased with me."


Wrap up the prank toys we bought for Olive and Fin '1d10'
I can still use the cannon to shoot normal rocks like my slingshot did, right?

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That's it? Wow…"


I give a slow nod…

And join him in wrapping.

Roll #1 6 = 6


It is done.
Your cash amount is now Low.

You wrap them up very nice and give each one a bow.
No. It's a canon with a springloaded boxing glove inside it.

"It's very fast. Impressed?"

You draw some smiley faces on it.
"It's fine now, right? Smile!"
The donkey pulls your face up into a smile.


Nod and give him a small lick before laying down next to him and wait to change back.


"Yeah. I expected a lot more hitting or swinging something."


I'll smile just very slightly.
"Well, I'm happy you've forgiven me, at least. And Happyhorn as well."
The problem, though, is forgiving myself.


Oh well. Time to go see them!
"Can you take up to em?"


Good robes?


"Hold on, Pommy."

I dig through my pack. Do I have any books the foals might like? You know, fiction or bestiaries or something. Even if they can't read, they might like the pictures in those.


Roll #1 3 = 3


You poof back into pony form.

"Not for the easier ones, no."

"Sure thing!"

There is a wall showing off a variety of robes. A pony walks over to you,
"Can I help you?"

You find a collection of poems Pomelo wrote you about your butt. They might get a laugh out of those.


"Oh, lookin' for something to read to 'em?"
I dig my face in his pack and snatch out one of the better books with nice pictures '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You find the butt book. Foals like laughing at butts, right?


When she lets go I sigh and give her a forced smile.

"I think I know something they might like…"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Aw, c'mon. There has to be something good in there.

"Dammit, Pommy, I hope you didn't eat what I'm looking for."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Quickly slide the book in my pack
"Leeeet's go see the kids!"


"Then I'm only sorry I couldn't afford something better!"


No. All your other books have vanished, with the exception of your magic book and your language book. A closer inspection shows a hole in the bottom of your saddlebag.

You find the bad potions and some money.

"Alright! Are your friends ready?"

"I'm sure you can make more money."


"Why yes! What do you think of these on me? "

Reach for a random robe.

Roll #1 4 = 4



I fold my ears down. Wait… if there's a hole then that means maybe the good books are along where we walked!
I start backtracking the path we took from the temple entrance.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You know, I'm just worried about you.."


"We'll find them later, Bessy."


"I think so."
Look at Bessy and Dreamkicker


"I think it would suit you very well if we take the hem up a bit. Would you like any enchantments with it?"

The hole looks easy enough to fix, and all you lost were the books your bought from the Joke Shop and got from the Inquisition, and you bet the Twins have another copy of it.

No luck.


I sigh again, ears still folded down.

"I guess…"
Can I at least put on a happy face?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm sure I can! See you then!"

Now where are the others?


Can I use my time-vision spell to look at my pack and see where they fell out?

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"I'd like something that can bolster healing enchantments. Whether it be a ring for my staff or robe sleeve enchantments. "


You are one sad buffalo.
"What's got you down?"

The Pinkie Pie temple and the Nature temple.

You can. It looks like they fell out of you saddlebag while fighting in the graveyard and down into a deep crevice.

"That sort of enchantment? You would need to be Rich to buy that."
If you use all of your money and all of Hornbeard's you can buy a +1 to Heals here at the armor shop.


"For taking this whole…"
I'll gesture idly to myself.
"Thing on?"


"Nevermind that, then."

Hornbeard's funds are his to spend.

"What can you give me for what I have? "


"Alright, let's go."


"Yes, do you.. really have it handled now?"


I'll nod.
"I'd be dead if I didn't."


Off we goooooooooo


I frown "dead?"


You currently have a High level of cash.

To which one?

"Hold on, let me figure out why your friend is so sad."


I frown for a moment, but quickly force a smile. '1d10'
"It's nothing. Really. See?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


I frown and hop on her back
"What's wrong best buddy…?"


"I lost my books, it seems. That's why she's upset."


I'll nod again.
"You see, when becoming a lycanthrope, there's a merging process between whatever you are, and whatever is the Other. If the Other takes over, you go feral and may as well be dead. If I took over, which I have, then I'd be able to shift back and forth at my whim, with no more fighting for control."
I'll demonstrate by shifting shape briefly, and then turning back.



"Yeah!… It's that. It's nothing really."


"It is something. I'm very upset."


The donkey doesn't buy it.
"If you say so. Come on, maybe the party will make you better.

The three of you all go to another room. Each of the two foals are blindfolded and chasing around pinatas that are being moved around by unicorns. There are streamers and confetti slowly falling from the roof and a table with a massive bowl of punch.


"Nothing you have to resist attacks from evil spirits do you? Bah."

I'll just save up.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh. Me too. All those yummy pages, lost…"

I lean in to Bessy
"Now what's really wrong?"


Nature temple, I suppose.


I sigh a bit "Well, that's good. In time, you can show the others you're okay.. You were growling back there.. so, I guess you've not come to the temple to pray.."


"I… I don't really wanna talk about it right now. I can't be this sad at a party…"
I take a few deep breaths. C'mon… think back to SMLE 110… Happy thoughts! Bring that smile out!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I came to wait for the rest of you. Thought I'd read up on the local language."
I'll tap the primer books.
"Wouldn't hurt to be able to ask directions in the local tongue, after all. And I doubt that most ponies or other folk would have the decency to yell at us in our own language."


"Evil spirits? We might be able to help you."
There are others stores no one has though to look for yet.

You find the forest and walk down the winding trail. There are plenty of priests, priestesses, and worshipers here all praying, chatting, or relaxing.

You start crying.
Roll to see if you can get out of here before you bring the party to a halt.


"Well, eventually we'd need to learn it, but for most of us.. they'd be leaving when the vampire issue is solved, and want to focus on that as much as possible."


Buy hornbeard +2 hits with his money if he likes.

Go look for… religious artifacts and prayer tools.


Well this is all very quaint and relaxing. Not much stuff to hop on though.


"Oh, what a great party this is shaping up to be."


Can I see if any of my friends are here?


"True, and I don't plan to linger much longer afterwards either."
I'll scratch my chin.
"Speaking of vampire issues… did you ever talk with the temple folk about that weirdness?"


I tilt my head at you "You mean the vampire bite making everyone different? The ones I asked about it earlier seemed oblivious to effects so I think its best to speak to the twins directly, when they wake up."


"Are you sure, m-Olga? Please, let me use as much of my own money as I can."
After the payment issue is settled buy him a nice set of armor and find a few different shops selling what you are looking for.

There are vines on the walls you can try to climb.

They tell you that Brutus and Andelia went below. They give you a wink so the worshipers don't catch on.


HUG 250! Get outta there! I- I just gotta… let it out…

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That might be for the best, I suppose. While we wait, do you want to help me with this language thing? Might be easier with a partner."


I pat her head and sing the bedtime song she usually sings to me to calm her down '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


REROLL '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I frown "Wouldn't it be better to look for a lead about the vampires? I mean, I plan on staying here long after we finish that, but.. the others most likely want to move on.."


"The twins are probably our best lead, outside of my currently sensitive nose. And it would be rather odd of me to start sniffing around a town that has a local garrison of inquisitors. So, patience is the name of the game."


You break down and curl up into a ball on the floor. Every bad and sad thing you have ever seen or heard about comes out your eyes in the form of tears. At first there is silence, but after that you feel dozens and dozens of hugs and gentle pats.

You very nearly hit her in the eye. Your pats don't help to cheer her up.




Pausing is fine. Preemptive roll to study while waiting for the others, after I finish talking with Andy. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Pausing is fine with me.


I look confused "But the twins asked us to come here so we could look into it. I doubt they know anything other than what they've already told us."



After your heart to heart with Andelia you make some progress learning about verbs in the local language.


"Well, we've still got that one job left, don't we? The one about the vampire preparedness meeting that convenes at dusk? If it's a trap, my nose will sniff it out."


"Right, Brutus.. I don't know if you want to talk about it, what it felt like to fight that monster, but.. I'm ready to listen, if you want. "


I'll look at her quizzically.
"What do you mean? The warg, or the thing in the cemetery?"


"The warg, is the thing that made you attack right? Or if you want to talk about the skeletons that's okay too."


"The warg is the thing that made me attack, yes. It… well, until I merged with it, it existed within, but separate from me. I could see it, if I thought hard enough, and once I could see it, I could fight it for control, and to change."
I'll frown a little.
"During the fight with the giant skeleton… thing, it broke out of the little prison I had built for it. I suppose losing one of my lungs had something to do with that, but he broke out and I couldn't take full control back until near the end. By then, I'd almost… I'd already…"
I'll fall silent a moment.
"I'm likely never going to forgive myself for letting that happen, Andelia."


I stare at you as you explain. "Brutus, we've both survived this long, if you keep beating yourself up over this.. your life will be hell. I don't want that for you, I don't want you to survive only to run from your guilt forever. That's no kind of life to live."
I motion around the temple. "Everything has its place in nature, even wargs and vampires, you should find a way to accept your place in nature, or I fear you will never rest easy."


"I'm not running from what I am, Andelia. I'm running from and trying to fix my failures. You aren't the first I've let down…"
I'll grimace slightly.
"But that's not really a problem I intend to saddle the rest of you with. Once this mess is wrapped up, we'll likely all go our separate ways."


"Brutus, I'd encourage you to think this over.. Where you really feel you belong. I have come to see you all as more than just friends.. but as sort of.. a family, a pack, and seeing even one person leave that family for good, makes me sad.. but I intend to.. stay with the part of the family that needs me, I've come to see where I will be needed most. and its here, with the twins. I haven't told the others just yet, but I thought I'd tell you.. I plan to stay with the twins permanently when this is all over, and I'll probably make a few mistakes of my own when the time comes"


I'll be quiet for a good while.
"I had a family, once. A whole herd. I grew up with them, I fell in love with one of them, and I was planning on growing old with them. But then one day I went to run an errand. Something simple, that would only take a day or two at most. When I came back, everyone was gone, our home abandoned. Food left half-eaten, fires left untended, everyone was just… gone. It's why I started traveling, really. To find them, or at least what happened. It's been a few years already, and I know whatever trail there was has long grown cold, but it led here."
I'll take a small breath.
"And here is where I met you, and the others, and you've become almost like a family. Something I had thought I lost so long ago. And I'm terrified of losing it again."


I smile at that, and put a hoof on your shoulder. "Well brutus, my brother. Its been an honor to be a part of your family, and.. if you really feel you must leave, please, know that you can come back here, that I'll be here at this temple when you're done wandering, and that I'll be waiting. Family doesn't give up on each other, not easily, that's what brought me this city after all: helping family out. So, that's why.. I'm not giving up on you, you say you've beaten your otherself, and it seems true.. So, I will believe you.. I will believe in you, because I know you're not really a monster Brutus."


I'll smile at that.
"Thank you for that. Though if only the others were so easily convinced. I don't think Bessy will likely be trusting me for a long time… And with her are Pomelo and that grump unicorn."
I'll snort a little.
"Though I doubt that grouch ever trusted me in the first place."


"No, you're going to have to prove it to them, and I'm counting on you, to prove me right."
I stare off a bit.
"They're not able to look into someone's heart, so, its harder for them, they can only rely on actions.. and aren't easy to forget about about the past.. they even stay suspicious of the twins.."


"That's all I have left, since my words aren't enough. Maybe with time, they'll trust me again."
I'll sniff a bit.
"Though I don't blame them of their suspicions of the twins. Vampires are hardly known for their reformations."


I nod "Its.. and this whole situation looked bad on them.. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I thought they had strayed.. just the evidence makes it seem that way.. but once I told them, their reaction made it clear."
I nod again "And, you did bring me this."
I set down the flower, and try to make a little vine statue of a wolf that can hold the rose in its mouth. '1d10'
"Its a good start.."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ah, yes… the flowers. I have to admit I actually have very little idea of how to make formal apologies, so one of the other werebeasts helped me find those. I'm glad you liked them."


I smile "You know, I had a lovely garden at home. All the nieghbors where jealous I'm sure. Mirabelle with her maid background took care of the inside, and I made the yard luscious. It helps to be able to work with the earth, allowed me to do things like this." I pick up the little wolf and stick a flower into its mouth, and then hoof it to you.


I'll accept it.
"Impressive. I never realized you could manipulate plants like that, without any carving or working."


I nod "Being devoted to nature, has given me many gifts. Including my wolf form, which is the pure form of what you have now.. I know its sounds silly, but it gives me a kind of peace, knowing everything has roots in the earth. Maybe this will help you when you feel times are tough Brother."


I'll chuckle.
"Brother, hmm? And I will keep it safe. Thank you."


I smile and nudge the book toward you. "Well, you'd better get studying if you want to be able to question the locals. Go ahead, read me a few lines."


I'll smile, and we'll work on the book.


>Andelia and Brutus
Both of you are sitting in the Twin's library. A couple of ponies with feather-dusters walk in and stat cleaning, before jumping when they realize they aren't alone.
"Oh! Hello! People don't come here during the days, normally."


I think you were in the Nature temple?

>Everyone else

All of you are inside one of the many party rooms in the temple of the Laughing One. There is a long table covered with a festive tablecloth. On top of it sit bowls of punch, bowls of candy, plates of snacks, and a large and completely untouched birthday cake. The walls and ceiling are decorated with pink, yellow, and blue steamers and balloons. Inside the room are dozens and dozens of worshipers, mostly ponies, and two young foals that were the focus of the party until just a few seconds ago. Bessy, sitting near the door, has broken down and is crying her eyes out. All of the worshipers in here are hugging her and making soothing noises. The little colt looks confused and the filly looks a bit angry.


"Sorry for startling you."


"Uh…what just happened?"


"Uh.. there there, Bessy."
I pat her on the back and give her an awkward hug.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I smile at them "Greetings, I am more or less waiting until the night. I don't believe I've met you, I'm Andelia."



Pat Bessy on the head and give her a huge hug
"Hey buddy, it's alright. Cheer up… pleeease…"


"You don't need to apologize for anything, handsome."
The pony flutters her eyelashes at you as she cleans.

One of the ponies hugging Bessy makes a shush! gesture at you.

It's a very awkward hug. Maybe if you weren't scowling and hoverhugging her it would be better.

The other mare waves at you while spraying some cleaner onto a rag.
"I'm Moon Bounce and that's Fall Leaf. Are you two new to the temple? We've never seen you around before."


My tears eventually are reduced to sniffles from the massive group hug and reassurances.
"I- I…"
I perk up in shock.
"Th- This is a party! Oh gosh I- I'm soooo sorry! Turn the music back on!"


You pat her pretty good.


I take the scowl off and hug her for reals.


"I'm an old friend of twins, I just got in town the other day.. its been a very hard couple of days for us, so I hoping to relax a little and talk with them tonight."


I'll be a little amused at that. Handsome, am I?
"I'm not quite part of the temple, miss Bounce."


"It's nothin to worry about!"
I smile

"Woohoo! That's what I'm talkin' about!"


I stick my tongue out.

"Uh…okay? Now what's goin' on here?"


There is the scratch of a needle then the music starts up once again. Most everyone goes back to partying but a pegasus stays next to you.
"What's wrong? Do you need to talk?"

You mentally go through the 1-2-3's of hugging that Pomelo insisted you learn and give Bessy a genuine hug.

Her eyes go wide.
"Oh! You're A-uh-An-mm-that one pony. Right."
Fall Leaf looks at her and rolls her eyes. Moon coughs awkwardly then reaches out a hoof for you to shake.
"It's great to finally meet you. I had heard that the Twin's old friends were here but I thought that was just people messing with us."

"Do you want to be?"
She batters her eyes at you then laughs and keeps cleaning.
"I'm kidding. I don't remember hearing the Twins ever talk about a buffalo but I might have missed it. It's a pleasure to meet you."


His face lights up.
"You wanna have a silly face competition?"


I firmly shake my head.
"Not now. It's time for a party!"
I smile and hop over to the kids and present them their presents.
"Happy Birthday!"


I blush a bit and shake their hooves. "Andelia, and Hey, don't act so nervous, If you're a friend of twins, that makes us friends too, I want all my friends to be at ease around me."


"As it is to meet you both. I've only met them recently, so it's no surprise I've not been mentioned."


"I dunno, I've seen some silly faces in my time."


I hop up and down
"We picked a few things up on the way over for ya!"


Their eyes light up when they see the whoopie cushions, rubber chickens, and can of nuts.
"Wow, thanks!"
"Nuts! My favorite!"
The colt opens his can.

"That's great! It's good to have friends. The Twins say everyone needs friends."
She finishes polishing the table and starts polishing bookcases.

"Are they as cool as the Twins say they are? What about that goat that shaves ponies?"

"Psh, and I've vented some.. Let's go already, you first."

The filly hugs you.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"Shaves ponies?"
I'll look at Andelia curiously.
"Sounds like there's a story there."


A large and very real looking snake pops out the can and hisses as it coils around the colt's face. He screams at a pitch high enough to hurt everyone's ears and runs out of the room. The snake falls off and, with a puff of smoke, turns into a bunch of small plastic snakes. A few of the worshipers here are a upset by the presence off Trickster magic, but most are either smiling or trying not to laugh. Some of them rush off after the colt and bring him back into the room. He still looks a little shook up, but he smiles when he sees that it was only a trick.

The filly, her hoof plainly in Pomelo's bag while she hugs him, is laughing her head off.


I snicker a bit
"For a while dreamkicker was bald, on the lower half."
"Yes, everyone needs friends. I'm surprised you haven't seen me around actually I've been spending as much time as possible here at the temple."


"He must have been a joy during that time."
I'll chuckle and shake my head.
"I wonder which of the two had the dubious honor of shearing him."


Rolling to not be startled by the very real looking snake

Roll #1 10 = 10


I try to think back.. "You know, its been so long I am not completely sure.. was it that slime cube or was it an acidic spider, or maybe.. it was fire.. I remember giving him a remedy to try and help, but it just took time."


"Perhaps we'll have to ask."


"That's what they said, I think."

"We're new so we get the jobs that have us working and sleeping odd hours."
She laughs.
"You should have see our faces when we learned there were vampires living under the temple and that they were in charge instead of the Seed Council."

You checked inside the cans before you bought them. The workspony ship on them is impressive considering that the thing that made them wasn't a pony, or even sane. The filly's can has some sort of fake hooded cobra in it.


I frown.
"Oh no! I- I'm so sorry… I didn't mean to startle you like that!"


"I doubt its something he wants to talk about."
"Ah, I see.." I give them an odd look "What do you mean by saying the Seed Council isn't in charge?"


"Speaking of the Seed Council, I will have to speak to them at one point, and thank them for the help with this helm."
"All the better. Perhaps with enough cajoling he'll be able to loosen up."


"I-it's fine. Heheh, this is a lot better than the time we found a real snake in our trashcan. Does the balloon thing explode or anything?"
He looks like his heart is beating a mile a minutes, but he smiles and carefully pokes the pile of fake snakes with a hoof and quickly pulls it back. When nothing happens he picks one up and starts playing with it.

"Well they never really do anything except what they always do, ya know? Whenever somepony needs to talk about something that isn't all formalized and ritualized they talk to the Twins instead."

Fall Leaf looks confused.
"Why do you need their help with a helmet? We've got a smith here you know."


"Maybe if you bring him enough books, he does love his literature."


"Ah, but isn't the council the ones who are letting the twins stay here?"


I stifle a laugh and give him a hug (after pulling any gives out of my bags)
"Sorry, we didn't think it'd do that!"


I'll tap it twice.
"This one's… a bit special."
"I'd need more than books to get into his good graces, I wager."


Hooves not gives


"Eh, I guess."
Make a face.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Maybe, if you want to check out that meeting this evening, and bring back any information we get from that.."


"That might be the best way of going about it. Though hopefully we'll be able to sniff out any trouble before it begins."


"Any plans for your birthday after this? Trip to the opera? Going slumming at a bar?"


"The balloon shouldn't explode…"
I check out all the other things just in case.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yea, if you're worried about it, then the best thing to do is try and follow up on a lead."


She nods.
"They said he could, but if they changed their minds what could they do about it?"

The filly frowns when you pull her hooves out.
"No secret presents? Awww. It's fine, I mess with him all the time. You ever put bugs in a pony's mouth while they are asleep and wake them up? It's fun."

"Like an heirloom?"

His sticks out his tongue and crosses his eyes.

"Uhh, I'm like five. Why would I want to go to an opera?"

The whoopiechushions are safe and farty, but the rubber chickens could hurt if you get hit on the nose.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Not quite, but… the spirit might be the same. It's more of an imprint of the former owner? Something like that. One that was powerfully tied to nature."


I frown "Don't high seeds have the ultimate secrets of nature? I'm pretty sure they could make the twins leave if they really wanted to, but would rather not since they are of a good hearts. "


"Don't play too rough with the chickens! They look kinda hard…"
I give a satisfied 'hmph' having investigated everything.
"So what are your guys' plans for today? Huh? Since it's your birthd-"
I gasp.
"Did we miss the song?!"


"Oh? Well why didn't you say it was magic?"

"Ultimate secrets of Nature? Did you get that from a comic book or something? They are just the oldest members of the temple."

They shake their heads.
"That's not until the cake gets cut."

His face isn't as funny as yours so he tries sticking his ears out and puffing up his cheeks.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I enjoyed the opera when I was five. You could use some culture."


"Hmm.. nothing else in there… What do you two like anyway?"


"Because… well, I'm not sure."
I'll shrug.


I frown even deeper "So you would choose to expel the oldest and wisest of your order, in favor of the twins? And you feel this way even thou you are new?"


I let out a sigh of relief.
"Oh phew… I thought I missed the cake cutting and you CAN'T miss the cake cutting!"


"…how are you doing all that?"


I nod furiously
"That's the most important part!"


"Doesn't that sound kinda like…"


"Pff, you sound like a nerd. I bet you like reading too."

The colt starts trying to count on his hooves as he lists things.
"Uh, we like finding food that isn't too rotten, tak-I mean finding money, and not getting killed at night. Also parties. Parties are really great."

"What? No! Well-I mean-I don't."
She folds her ears back and scrunches. Fall Leaf speaks.
"Why would we ever have to choose between them? Let them sit up in their roost and think they are in charge."

A zebra with blue and yellow stripes and carrying a fancy looking knife while balancing plates on his back steps into the room.
"Did someone say cut the cake?"


"Nerd?! And what's wrong with reading? I bet you don't even know how to read."


I'll go a little silent at this. Something is up here, and it's not just my wuffalo instincts telling me that.


"Read too much and you might end up like this guy, kid."


"We have to be sure.."
"I've heard that many left the temple, once the twins were granted a home here.
I've also heard of this distancing before, that few seek the high seed's council anymore.. More so.. while I'm happy for the twins, that they have found such loyal friends.. I believe that tradition is still important..

Tell, me something, did you start feeling this way, after you fed the twins?"


I nudge him hard
"And there's nothing wrong with that!"

I shake my tail excitedly
"Yes! Oh gosh the best part!"


"Uh, right. But aren't you glad you got some lessons, at least?"


"Oh gosh, cake!"
I give an excited pirouette and toss Pomelo, DK, and twins up on my back and hop over to the table with the cake.


They both ignore you, having instead rushed over to the brightly colored zebra.
"Cut it!"

The two dirty vampires are obviously plotting to overthrow the Grand Seed and turn everyone here into their minions.

"A lot of the donkeys left for some reason. Maybe donkeys really hate vampires, I don't know. Anyways, tradions are great and all, and rituals are important, but we like the Twins more. They aren't old and stuffy."
They both nod when you mention the bloodsucking.
"We were the first two to pass the final test of initiation, turns out it's just agreeing not serve Nature with vampires and not tell anyone else, in a long time so there was a big party. It was…"
She struggles for words and Fall Leaf takes over.
"A blur. I can't really remember much but I remember having lots of fun. My neck was sore but the Twins are great when you get to know them. Not at all like the vampires attacking the city each night."

The zebra laughs.
"This party isn't for you, friend, it's for two little foals that aren't here for some reason."
He makes a show of looking around for them while they try their best to be seen.

You scoop all of them up and rush over to the table.


Obviously. And the donkeys that left were immune to their mind control chicanery, which made them a threat! It makes perfect sense! Around vamps, danger ramps!


I help Fall Leaf sit up and give her a remedy '1d10+2'
"That's right, they aren't like the other vampires, you should just take a break, you both look a little weak."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



"We can't cut it to the cake, silly!"
I giggle at my awful pun.
"We gotta sing the song first! Everyone ready?"



"You're gonna sing, right Dreamy?"


Maybe they are even involved with the vampires attacking the city? Maybe they have gone from temple to temple and turned all the people in them into vampires before you got here?

She looks at the concoction you give her.
"It's a bit early in the day to drink, but a break sounds great now that the library's clean."
They both sit down at the table with you and look at your books.
"Interesting reading material."

The zebra laughs.
"But them down, friend. They need to help cut their cake after we sing the song!'"


"I wouldn't dream of staying silent."


I set them down at the Birthday Seats at the head of the table!
"Ready everyone?!"


Okay, little warg brain, that might be a bit much. It's not like they've been allowed to leave. Right? Right. Time to reenter the conversation.
"Trying to learn the local language. It's been pretty slow going, but I think we're making headway."


"You suuuuuuuuuuure?~"


"Oh! I bet he'd love to sing it with you! Like a duet!"




I let out a loud gasp.
"Oh gosh that would be so cute!" You two should totally sing it as a duet!"


"Yea, I'm helping Brutus study, Haven't gotten much if it myself, but I just keep him on track and check the word he is trying to say in the book."


"I was the chief soloist for the Princefield School's colt's choir, you know. I'm more than capable."


"He would! Just don't get too close. I don't need any girly stuff rubbin' off on him."
I smile


"Can you do it without someone telling you what notes to hit?"

"But you gotta be in synch for this to work right."


"I suppose you'll be able to hit higher notes without your former equipment, yes?"


They all gather around the table.

"Oh. That's a good idea, really. Lots of ponies don't like learning Equestrian."

The pony looks at you for a few seconds then facehoofs.
"Oh! Now I remember why I didn't recognize you. I thought the Twins had said you were a stallion. Haha, how did I get that mixed up?"
She laughs.

Suddenly two party hates covered with lit sparkles are thrust onto your heads and elastic straps are pulled under your chins.


I wiggle my eyebrows.

I take a deep breath and start us off.

"Happy birthday to youuuu~"
"Happy birthday to youuuu~"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I've noticed. Seemed incredibly put-upon to speak it when asked."



"♫Happy birthday to you♫"

Roll #1 10 = 10


I laugh. "Oh dear, they have been telling stories about that archway? I was a stallion, for about 10 minutes."


"That's one too many birthdays, Maestro!"
Bring us home!

"Happy birthday dear…childreeeeen!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


I smirk.
"♫Happy birthday to you♫"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Your singing sounds like a bag full of empty cans being shook, which is appropriate considering that was your breakfast this morning. Your lack of a tune shaters the singing started by the others.

Jjaws drop all around the table as the grumpy grey unicorn sings one of the most beautiful renditions of Happy Birthday they have ever heard. Tears are shed, kerchiefs are used, and a few of them provide backup singing and dancing for you. You hear somepony sniffle.
That was beutiful!

"Well, they also hate Equestrians."
"We do to, but you are all okay because the Twins say you are all okay."

They both look at you.
"Was it hard to walk?"
"Did you know there is one of those here?"

Your singing isn't as bad, but is still drowned out by Dreamkicker's beautiful melody.

The zebra pics up both of the foals and tells them to hold onto his leg just behind where he is holding onto the knife. As soon as they do he vanishes and reappears behind the cake. There is a flurry of blows as he keeps vanishing and appearing around the cake and throwing plates with slices around the room to everyone.



Bop both the twins on the head with my staff for a traditional birthday blessing.

Roll #1 6 = 6


What is going on

Roll #1 9 = 9


Their mouths full of cake cause them to take the popping without complaint.

A birthday party for two foals the Party Three found. This is pretty much a session to relax and unwind.


"Seems fairly shallow not to make your own opinions by judging the actions and words of individuals, as opposed to painting us all with one brush."


"Thank you, thank you." I give a little bow.

I smile smugly at Happyhorn and waggle my eyebrows back at her.


I roll my eyes and bounce off to the zebra.

"Hey, you got any pinatas?"


"Yes, No, and Yes, but Its not finished last time I looked. I'm surprised you knew about that arch."


I give massive applause!


"Well your princess did sort of go insane and unleash monsters that killed lots of ponies and birds all the way here on the other side of the world. Sorry if we hold a grudge."

They pull off your hat and give you another hat. This one has a #1 Birthday Singer statue crazyglued to the top of it.

"Tons, but those are for after the cake. They help burn off the food."

"Of course we do. The Twins wanted it built in case the vampires or inquisitors ever figured out they were here. They and anyone else that got found out could go through it and flee the city with no one any the wiser."


"Uh, thanks."

I adjust the hat awkwardly.

I give Bessy a hug.
"Thanks, Bessy."


"One of them did, and she wasn't my princess. The other one seems sane enough, though."


"The work of demons cannot be blamed on mortals. Miracle enough the Nightmare Catastrophe was recovered well!"

Light my holy torch and soak the foals in some light for another blessing.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I frown "As far as religion goes, I place nature's order above any princess."

and then smile at the cleverness "Yes, that's a good plan really, a switch in gender or race could make you a new pony."


I join in the hug
"That was amazing! And Happyhorn did okay too I guess. For a girl I mean."
I clear my throat.


I blush a bit and clear my throat, too.

"So… time for cake."


"No problem!'
A plate of cake lands in front of you.

"For now. I bet eventually the sun one goes crazy and the sun temple turns into a death trap too."

Andelia and Brutus are elsewhere.
An overeager party-goer blows out your torch and makes a wish on it.

They nod.
"That's why the Twins wanted to build one. They were missing the last stone though."

Everyone at the party now has cake, punch, ice cream, etc.


"Girls can sing too Pommy! Like me!"

Has everyone else gotten their slice yet?


"That's a fairly defeatist attitude. You might as well say that one day nature will turn on its head and throw the world into chaos."


"I found a store that sells that type of stone. Its quite expensive thou."



"You don't count! You're… you!"

Are the kids enjoying themselves?


"Nature isn't controlled by anything except Nature."

"Really? I'm sure the temple has enough money for something important like that."


I munch on it as I talk to one of the other Pinkie followers.
"So how have the kids been doing here?"


"But it can be twisted, as we all know."
I'll flick an ear about their spending habits.
"I doubt that the Seed Council would approve of that expense."


"Yes, I am fairly sure they could, but I wanted to tell the twins personally, I thought they could use the good news."
"Brutus, where are you going with this?"


"Have you considered why the donkey nature worshipers left? Why you all seem to be so ready to overthrow your own elders? How often do you let the twins feed on you? Once a week? Every other day? Whenever they want?"
I'll shake my head.
"Don't you think it kind of odd that you are so willing to bankrupt an entire temple for a single rock?"


"They've been doing great! They keep trying to take things when we aren't llooking, but once they figure out they have a home here and aren't going to kicked out after the party I think they will settle down."

They sure are. The filly keeps trying to hide slices of cake in her saddlebags and the colt has frosting on his nose and ears.

"Anything can be Twisted. Just look at the Tirek temple, for example. They do some sick crap in there, I hear, but it always stays inside the temple."
Roll, Brutus.

"I'm sure the Twins can talk them into it. They're good talkers."

"I bet they will."


Oh boy, they said the magic word.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Brutus, we know why everyone feels this way.. I talked to you about it earlier, remember?"


"Its a good thing the temple doesn't cost too much to maintain. " I smile and attempt a jestful laugh "Hey, maybe the twins will want to hold another party once its complete, wouldn't that be fun?"


Yoou start growling loud enough to make the mares jump up.
"What's the deal with you?"

They are both distracted by Brutus.
"Uh, sure."
"Sounds like a good idea to me."


"Could you… please not say that name? It… does not sit well with me."
"I recall, I was asking them."
I mislinked a bit.


I groan "Don't talk about the charioteer so easily, his name carries power you know."


"Are you just going to keep them here? What happens to them after they get 'settled'? Are you going to try to find them a home?"



"I think the plan is to keep them here, at least until the vampire problem blows itself out."


"Yaaay! That's great to hear! Is there anyone they like in particular?"


"Its fine, you're still new after all, you couldn't have known." I give them a small pat on the hoof for comfort, "Hey, maybe you can help us with learning the native tongue here? Unless you have something else to do?"


I pull the cake away from her bags
"Hey, no reason to get your cake all squishy. Not like there's a shortage of it around here anyway!"
I pat her on the head


"It's alright, just… don't mention it."
I'll focus on unclenching my jaw and returning to a passive expression.


"All of us? I only got here for the party, it's a great break from party-paper work."

"Well we are supposed to be cleaning this place."
"If you help us we can give you some tips."

She looks at you like you might be trying to trick her, but puts the cake back on the plates.




Everyone but Brutus and Andelia are at a birthday party in the Pinkie Pie for the two street urchins Bessy, Pomelo, and Dreamkicker found. Cake has just been served and the party is going swell.

Brutus and Andelia are in the library talking to two mares that were cleaning the place. The two mares are a little unsettled because Brutus started growling at them.


What flavor of cake is it?


"I don't mind cleaning for a while, Mirabelle gave me a few tips about doing it properly." I smile and do my best to help them.


"So how're ya guys enjoying your party? Is it great? Is it…. SUPER GREAT?!"


I eat my cake with my hooves while my tail wags really fast
"So how about it kids? The temple really knows how to celebrate, right?"


I poke the cake.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Which I apologized for.
Now, I believe they were going to help us with the local language in exchange for a few chores?


It changes with every bite. These party ponies really know how to make a cake.

You go from room to room with them and dust the furniture.

They both nod. One of them tries to speak buts its mouth is full of cake and it spits crumbs at you.

The slice you poke giggles.

Tell me when you are ready to timeskip and meet back up.


Yup. Roll three times.



Roll #1 6, 7, 3 = 16




You now have a very rudimentary grasp of the language and know simple phrases like "I'll order the salad" and "What time is it?"


Yeah, that sounds like a good cue to #timeskip


Ready I guess.


Now we're just either killing time until the others show up, since I doubt Bessy would much care to run into me on the street.


Yea, lets meet back up.


'3d10' did I pick up on anything?

Roll #1 7, 9, 2 = 18


"Great! There's so much fun stuff to learn here, and how to party's just one of 'em!"

Ready to skip


Not much. Their lesson was the first one you have had.

The party ends with presents and hugs, and the cleaning ends with sore hooves and knowledge. All of you set out to look for the missing members of your group and eventually run into each other at the gate between the temple district and the residential district. The sun looks to be about an hour or so from setting, maybe less.


"Hiya Andy! Where were ya? You missed a great birthday party!"


I'll probably be a little off to the side. No sense in starting anything.


Wave at Andy
"Find any nice souvenirs?"


I'm gonna go over to him still.


I'll smile a bit.
"Hi there, little one. Enjoy yourself?"


"I guess. It's kinda hard to get into a party when you know someone else is off having a hard time."


I smile "Oh, and whose birthday was it?"
I add with a slight pause and a smile "..It wasn't yours was it?"
"Nah, I ran into Brutus and the temple and we studied for a while."


"Ah, it wasn't so bad. Spent most of the day in the library under the nature temple, learning a bit of the local language."




I give a small wave to Brutus then look back at Andelia
"You find any good books? Dreamy found me a really nice one!"


"That's it? That sounds boring though! Did the books at least look tasty?"


"Well, you tell me."
I'll show her the first volume of the primer.
"I'm not quite a good judge of taste."


"Nooo. Mine's not for another few months! It was for a pair of cute little foals who were living on the street and we helped join the temple and have a home now!"
I give her a wide smile that immediately falls into a frown when she mentions Brutus.
"I told you he was dangerous!"


I lick the cover.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I nod "Yea, Brutus is making real head way on the local language, me not so much, I mostly helped him."
"Well, I don't eat books, but they are useful."
"Oh, that's awfully nice of you. I haven't met them yet you should introduce me sometime."
I shake my head at your last statement.
"I had a talk with him, I think he's fine now."


It tastes like knowledge.


I frown even deeper.
"He's still dangerous! You should stay away from him Andy!"


"Whoa, so that's what erudite tastes like…"


Whoops misread. ignore that :v


wrong book, goatley


"It's been quite helpful in learning what these locals actually say."


"F'real? I just kinda make stuff up."


The sun is dipping lower.


I'll chuckle.
"Well, it's not quite as fun, but there's certainly less of a chance of insulting someone."
I'll put the book back in my bag.
"So I take it we've not decided on the next job? Wasn't there one more on the flyer?"


"We should get moving before the sun sets."


I grunt
"Just as long as he doesn't hurt my Bessy again!"


"Guys, I think we should get goin'. It's getting late.."


"Was there? I can't remember any of them."

"Yeah, seems like a good plan."

don't forget the sauce~


"I'm sure he won't be a problem"
"Hey, lets go to that meeting."


"The meeting at sunset?"
I'll nod.


"Yea, the one about hunting vampires, lets check it out."



"Huh. It's been a while."


"Well, we've had a busy couple of days."


"We sure have."


I continue frowning and hmph.
"I'm gonna keep my eye on him… if he even lays a single hoof on anyone…"


"Where's it at?"


"There was an address on the flier. A warehouse I believe."


"I thought your group had the pamphlet."


The sun has almost set. You guys better get moving.


I pull out the flier and look for the address.


You've got it. A quick question directed at the gate guard can send you on your way.


I find one and ask.

"You there – where can I find this location?"


He looks at theflier and gives you some quick directions, as well as a command to get there fast.


Execute #Gofast command.


well better hurry then


Off we go then.
I spend the entire time glaring down Brutus.


Use goat speed to get there fast
By goat speed I mean ride on Bessy in that direction


I hop on Bessy, too.



I hop on Brutus.


All of you rush through the merchant district and eventually reach your destination. Standing apart from the rest of the temple here are several large warehouses. Brutus and Dreamkicker, having studied the local language some, are able to determine that these warehouses are meant to store food and material tithes to various temples. The two large doors at the front are closed, but there is a side door with a Home Sweet Home sign hanging over it. Warm light spills out of the doorway and inside conversation can be heard.


I give him a funny look and scoot close to him


I'll sniff the air a bit before going in. Anything worrying yet? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


It… looks homely at least!
I walk up and knock on the side door.


get inside before the vampires come out.


"Is this where the meeting's at?"
I walk up to the door and put my ear up to it, then open it up


I strain my neck to look inside.


All you can smell is food. You haven't eaten since this morning.

The conversation goes silent. After a few seconds a male voice calls out.
"Any reason you are standing outside?"

The three of you see several people in here. There is a youngish looking unicorn mare with a long blond mane, a snarky look on her face, and a wooden stake cutiemark. Standing by a table with food is an older earth pony stallion with leather pants, leather armor, a leather vest, and a wide brimmed hat. He is armed with a bandolier of stakes and a large, complex looking crossbow with a tube under it. Standing next to him is a unicorn stallion with red and gold armor. He is armed with a whip, several throwing daggers, an axe, stakes sharpened at both ends and lashed together to form Xs, and jars of water. Standing away from everyone else is an older zebra stallion with a black mane that has a single grey streak running through it. He is wearing a suit and a necklace made out of fangs, and is armed with two thin curved swords holstered on his back.

The mare rolls here eyes.
"How much later can you get?"


I'll go in with the others.
"Not much, before it becomes too late."


"We came for the job – not a cutlery show."


"Well, we're here now."


I hmph again.
"I bet we would be faster if we didn't have him…"


"I dunno! We could go back outside and wait a little longer, but I kinda wanna keep my blood."

I gaze at the zebra's necklace
"Ohh nice. Where'd you get that?"


The mare snorts.
"Right. Well, before we get started why don't you all list what qualifications you have? I think at least one of us would have heard of a hunter group as big as yours."

The older earth pony laughs.
"What makes you think you'll survive to get paid? You look like a scholar, not a fighter."

The mare rolls her eyes again.
"Yeah, yeah, what ever."

"From vampire mouths, where did you think?"


"Well shouldn't you introduce yourselves first?"


"We're not officially a hunter group. We did help the inquisitors retake the manor, and cleared out the werewolves in the nearby mountain, though. Also, you do recall the trouble in the cemetery the other day? Without us, it would have swallowed the town."


"We personally stopped a bunch of necromancers last night. The ones who were causing that green light."
I offer them my hoof. "I'm Andelia, a shaman."


"I've probably fought more vampires than you have, meathead."


"We took down that big group of nasty necromancers in the graveyard! By ourselves! We can totally take down some vampires!"
I hold out a hoof.
"I'm Bessy!"


"I'm Pomelo! I'm good at reading and fixing up scrapes and cuts."
I extend my arm out for a hoofshake


"And that! We also did that!"
I nod my head furiously


"We also defeated an elder vampire in his lair a year ago."


"Well! I am Nanny Olga of the Spirit's way. I speak with and recall spirits for assistance. Why, even long lost ones to living bodies. "


"As for formal introduction – I am Dreamkicker, Professor of Divination, Royal Academy of Magic. I am more than capable of protecting myself, thank you.

"I am also a decent shot with the crossbow."


The mare scowls.
The zebra sighs and points his hoof around the room, first at her then at the earth pony, then at the unicorn, then at himself.
"Stuffy, Bus Wellsing, Bellmount, and Jackson Evening."

They all look surprised.
"Well well well, maybe all of you will be useful after all."
All of them shake your hooves.

"That could be useful."

The earth pony stallion raises an eyebrow.
"You call that a crossbow?"

The older earth pony stallion clears his throat.
"Now that the bird living here has gone to bed and the sun has set we can call this meeting to order. This city's government has started a small fund that will go to what ever individual or group can get rid of the vampires here. We need to figure out where the vampires are coming from and what our plan of attack is going to be. Any ideas?"


"We go someplace reeeally high and look out over the city with a telescope or something!"


"Oh, so you don't know either." I laugh a bit. "Hey what side of the city are those caves on?"


"That all depends on what info's been gathered so far. They nest somewhere, and we can be fairly sure that it isn't the mansion, since we helped the Inquisitors move in. So that leaves the rest of the city."


"We leave a bloody meat-shaped pony outside and watch where it goes?"

"Ohh yeah. Wait, did we remember to pack a telescope?"


"That doesn't really narrow it down."


"Every time we find out where they aren't, we get closer to finding where they are."


"I doubt it. But, as you may remember, my little goat: I am an expert in divination, and so we do not need a telescope."


"Unless they move around."


"Bad idea. We can't see at night and at least a few of the vampires can turn into bat monsters. Next?"

"What caves?"

"All we know for certain is that there isn't a central nest. There may even be rival factions. Personally, I think we should target the largest one, as it is likely to be the oldest."

"A pony made out of bloody meat? That might work. Next?"

"That is a very real possibility. We have found a few old nests in the cemetery that were already abandoned."


"So they're migratory?…"
I scratch my chin.
"Ooh! If they're migratory, then maybe he can be useful and sniff them out since they're all travel-y and stuff!"


"Any pattern to the old nests that you might have found? The ones in the cemetery can't have been the only ones."


"If only we had a few victims that maybe saw them. They might know something before they died. "


"Its something I heard from a while back, that they won't go near the caves." I shake my head "Probably not important, we could just try to captures one and make it tell us?"


"Wait, maybe we bribe one for information with some blood instead of going through the trouble of catching one!"


"Some are, maybe. In a few of them nests we found piles of ash. Either there are other hunters in the city or there is infighting, which I think is more likely. The rate that people are disappearing at means that if all the vampires are working together the city would have been emptied out a long time ago."

"There were some in abandoned houses in the residential district and abandoned shops in the merchants district."

"Lots of the vampires only leave bits and pieces. That means they are they type that cannot hope to pass as a normal person, at least when seen face to face."

"Vampires aren't exactly easy to take alive, but that is as good an idea as any."

"What would keep it from lying or leading us into an ambush?"

Everyone roll.



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Uh… we also ask really nicely?"

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 6 = 6


"They might move in a set pattern, maybe?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


You look up and can see several ponies crawling across the ceiling. They have large saddlebags obviously full of something.

Both of you hear some noises coming from the other side of the two large warehouse doors.

The two of you do not spot anything out of the ordinary.
They all start laughing when Pomelo gives his suggestion.

Your nose picks up the scent of vampires creeping around outside the doors, on the cieling, and coming up the stairs out of a basement under the warehouse.

Andelia and Brutus are the only ones that can do anything this round. Andelia can roll once and Brutus can roll twice.


I give them a confused look and laugh along with them.


"They're here."
Toss my shield at the ones on the ceiling '1d10+1' and then Slam through the doors into the other vampires. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"Look above us!" I try make them fall down somehow '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Actually since I have Sentry I'll use that for the slam.


"Whoa, hey!"


You toss you shield into the air then spin around and charge through the door right before it is slammed shut. There are a few ponies out here missing all color in their coats and manes. Their mouths are full of snaggled fangs.
You are now surrounded by three vampires.

You try to make the stone ceiling push them off, but are too slow. You see them drop their saddlebags as Brutus's shield hits one of them, then everything goes dark.

A screaming pony falls to the floor in front of everyone. It is very pale and has a mouth chock full of long fangs. A few seconds later several large bags fall to the floor and burst open; sending black power into the air. The powder quickly fills the room with darkness and absorbs most sound.
Everyone inside is now fighting blind and will suffer from increased DC to hit with attacks or spells until the air is cleared.


I attack the screaming pony with a lightning bolt.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Guardian goes up. And even if I can't see the bastards, I can smell them. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Fire an Explosive Shot at the nearest group of vampires I see! Maybe also try blow away some powder with the explosion too?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


fine, at least I can reach them now. '1d10+1' I try to attack a vampire with my spear.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


I rush to push open the door to let the powder air out '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


>+1 from Vantage Point


Mmm…. reroll '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shoot one!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Your lightning bolt lights up the air a few inches around it, just enough to see that you have missed.

You are not in the same area as your friends. Gaurdian has no effect.
The three vampires leap onto you and start pummeling you through your armor. The weakling, puny vampires are somehow able to hit you hard enough that you can feel it through your armor. Pomelo suddenly bursts through the closed door and out into the street where you and the vampires are.

You fire an explosive pellet into the darkness and are rewarded with a loud explosion and the sound of shouting vampires that you can see through the thick darkness. A fanged head flies past you, trailing dust like a comet.

You pick a direction and run as fast as your legs will carry you. Miraculously you manage to avoid all obsticals and headbutt the door open. You can see again, and what you see is three vampire ponies attacking Brutus.

You stab wildly into the darkness but get hit by an unseen hoof.

You fire a shot into the darkness but cannot tell if you have hit anything.

Dreamkicker: 6/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Bessy: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 5/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Andelia: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Hornbeard: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Do I have any skill points to spend? I have 8 points spent


Anyway, focus and Raise Dead. I need an empty shell…


I suppose I can't use Farsight to see better while shooting, right?

I fire a crossbow bolt at the same weirdo pony.

"Good thinking, Pommy!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Right, time to get to work. Shield Slam one of the Vamps attacking me. Should have come back since I got that returning enchantment on my shield. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


er, +1


"Guys, over here! Get out of that black stuff and into the open!"

Sing a song to guide them towards me
Inspire '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9



Hornbeard uses his shield and defends.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Smart idea Pommy!"
Now ram one of the big meanies!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


this darkness, probably can't fool a good nose. '2d10' transform and then try to attack something.

Roll #1 10, 5 = 15


"The heck is goin' on?"

Another shot.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


I'm only counting 6 points spent with the skills Raise dead (1), Commune (1), Resurrection (3), Reincarnation (1 discounted).

The dead body of Stuffy walks over to you. Hornbeard gets hit by a flying body but it bounces away into the darkness before you can see what it is.

You can use it every other turn to lower your DC down to normal.
You cannot tell if you hit him or not, but something hits you in the side and disappears into the darkness.

A vampire leaps into the air and bucks you in the head, sending you skidding across the ground and cracking the wall of the warehouse opposite the one your friends are in. Your vision is tinted a very light red by the sight of the vampires around you and it is all you can do to not turn and rip them apart before they kill you or your friends.

You stick your head into the darkness and start singing. You aren't sure if your friends can hear you.
+1 to everyone's rolls next round.

You charge through the darkness and run headfirst into a large, empty box. The thick splinters scratch at you.

You quickly turn into a wold and your nose is able to pinpoint the locations of the vampires, the friends, and the two hunters that are still alive. Your sharp nose gives you just enough warning to duck and a vampire's leg grazes your back.

You shoot again into the darkness.

Dreamkicker: 3/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Bessy: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 1/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Andelia: 2/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Hornbeard: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Well then I use Farsight this turn to find what hit me. And then I shoot that thing!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"You three are making me very, very angry. And you'd like me even less when I'm angry."
Bash the one who hit me with my shield. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


>two hunters still alive
'1d10+2' attack a vampire

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Okay, this isn't fun anymore! Let's lighten up, huh?"

Raise dead, fire. Maybe it can shed some light.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Heal Brutus! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Shake 'em off and try to reestablish my Vantage Point!

Roll #1 6 = 6


er, +1 in addition to that


Farsight is automatic, not instant, but I'll let it slide this time because of the 11.
You peer through the darkness and zap a vampire just before it can crush Bus's head. It starts jerking around like an epileptic marionette then explodes into dust. You feel that you will be able to attack again instead of re-verifying their positions.

You bash it with your shield and hear some bone sin its face break. It flips over in the air and lands on its hooves.

You try to go to their aid, but the vampire that just attacked you picks you up and throws you across the room. You hit the ground hard.

The smouldering body of Jackson Evening walks over to your side. He isn't able to shed enough light in this darkness.

One of the vampires pries up a tilestone and throws it at you. It hits the wall behind you and explodes into shards that pelt you.

You shake them off and try to find a vantage point in the darkness, but it is too dark.

Dreamkicker: 3/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 4/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Bessy: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 1/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Andelia: 0/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Olga: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Hornbeard: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


"Go forth, spirit! "

Heal Horn, horn defends, minion attacks.


Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 5 = 5


Now to finish him. Slam his ass through the wall, back to the others. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


That's it!
Load up an assault pie.
Time to get serious.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


'1d10' get up

Roll #1 2 = 2


I wince and scurry back.
"Is everyone okay in there!?"
Try healing Brutus again '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


One vampire, at least you think it was one, lands in the middle of your group and strikes all three of you before disappearing. Hornbeard is hit hard enough to go flying off into the darkness.

You slam the vampire into the wall one more time and it explodes into dust, but you cannot put a hole in the wall.

That's 12, you lost Vantage Point and your CM is +1
You shoot towards the sound of some commotion and more vampire parts go flying past you. you hear another explosion come from farther back in the warehouse.

You try to stand up as your paws turn back into hooves, but a vampire attacks you and knocks you down.

You duck as the vampire throws another tilestone and heal Brutus with your magic.

Dreamkicker: 3/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 4/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Bessy: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 9/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Andelia: 0/5 Hits 3/5 Wounds
Olga: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 4/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 0/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds


"Aw man, that's not good."
Take another shot, maybe at something Brutus is hitting. New guy can try and sniff one of them out. He should be good at that, right?

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Right. Too dark to rely on my eyes now. And Andelia's hurt. Shift, and then go help Andy up. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I glimpse through the darkness… '1d10+1'
and I lightning bolt the first vampire I see! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


right, sorry. Thought CM was still +2
Try to reestablish Vantage Point now!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hey, I could use a hand here." try again to get up '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Andy!? Don't worry I'm coming!"
I poke my head in and try to bolster in the direction of her voice


The darkness is starting to thin.

You see an unarmored pony outline in the darkness and fire at it. It hisses and disappears.

You are outside. Everyone but you and Pomelo are inside where it is too dark to see anything. No one knows Andelia is down.
There are still tow vampires left, and one of them tries to tackle you to the ground.

You cannot use Farsight at the same time as any other skill or attack. Farsight does not need to be rolled for.
You spot some vampires.

You keep on trying, but it is still too dark.

The vampire disappears, then reappears and starts beating you with Bus Wellsing's body.

You couldn't hear her.

Dreamkicker: 3/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 4/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Bessy: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 5/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Andelia: 0/5 Hits 2/5 Wounds
Olga: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 4/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 0/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds


"A- Andy! You stay away from her you monster!"
I rush over there and try to help Andy up and away!

Roll #1 2 = 2


'1d10' please get up now

Roll #1 4 = 4


Tries will be the operative word. Rip out his throat.
I did shift, correct? If not, just slam him into the door. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


>nobody knows Andy is down
I continue to try to reestablish Vantage Point?

Roll #1 2 = 2


I start to get nervous at all the rough noises I hear inside and try a panicked prayer of healing… '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I shoot at one of those vampires with a lightning bolt!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Dang. Well…let's try and find him again.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


The darkness clears. The vampires are easy to see now. It looks like all of you are the only ones left.

You run over to her but are stopped when the vampire attacking her launches itself at you.

You cannot get up, but the vampire changes targets when it sees Bessy coming.

Woops, missed that.
Your body ripples and you shift your form when the vampire hits you. It hisses and wraps its back legs around you while pounding on you with its front hooves.

You start quickly praying, but are stopped when a vampire picks you up and throws you across the street. Your goaty nature lets you land on your hooves.

Your lightning bolt misses the fast moving vampires and one of them responds with a lightning bolt of its own. Those things really sting.

You can see all the vampires now; even the one that threw a dagger at you. Ouch.

Dreamkicker: 1/6 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Bessy: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 1/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Andelia: 0/5 Hits 2/5 Wounds
Olga: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 4/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 0/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds


"Hey, Can someone help me please?"
'1d10' keep trying to get up.

Roll #1 3 = 3



I try shooting at where they were with the ol' crossbow.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Ignore him for now. Andelia needs help. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Tackle him out of the way! Get to Andy and HELP HER UP!

Roll #1 10 = 10


There they are! Shoot them!
Fire dude helps! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Charge back over, chanting a prayer as I run in
Overhealing '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You keep on trying, but another vampire catches sight of you and makes a B-line for your prone form.

You can see them clearly now, but that doesn't help when one of them covers your face with ice. You start shivering and curl up into a ball.

You ignore him and he takes the opportunity to grab your ears like reigns and steer your charging body into the wall. You crack it and collapse.

You hook the vampire on your horns and toss it over your back. You pick Andelia up and dust her off.

Both of you attack the vampire Bessy tossed away and turn it into dust.

Something goes terribly wrong and you black out. When you wake back up you feel very weak.
You will need to use Mend at DC7 to fix this.

Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 2/2 Hits 4/4 Wounds
Bessy: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 0/9 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 4/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Andelia: 5/5 Hits 2/5 Wounds
Olga: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 4/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 0/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds


Get up. The others need help. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Shake it off! Stand up!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Thanks Bessy." '1d10+2' heal myself.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Bleh… I don't feel so good…"
I shake my head and shuffle towards the others

"You don't look so good either big guy.."
Bolster Brutus


Time to end this!
Load up another assault pie and bring the BOOM.
Explosive Shot + Assault Pie

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Keep trying to heal Hornbeard, who tries to recover, while the minion keeps trying to suppress a vampire.


Roll #1 10, 5, 8 = 23


You try to get up but cannot. The vampire keeps pounding on you but your armor absorbs it.

You can't get up, but sparking your horn keeps the vampires from piling on you.

You are feeling good so you heal Bessy instead.

He starts glowing pink.

You hit a vampire and send it rolling across the group and burning apple chunks cling to it.

You heal Hornbeard and give him the strength to stand up. You minion hits a vampire.

Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 2/2 Hits 4/4 Wounds
Bessy: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 0/9 Hits 4/5 Wounds Bolstered
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 4/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Andelia: 5/5 Hits 2/5 Wounds
Olga: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 4/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds



Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 2/2 Hits 4/4 Wounds
Bessy: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 0/9 Hits 4/5 Wounds Bolstered
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 4/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Andelia: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 4/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


The party attending a meeting to discuss the vampire problem plaguing the city and ways to solve it. Unbeknownst to the party and the vampire hunters attending, it was a trap. Although the party has survived and managed to clear away the magical darkness, the vampire hunters have not.

There are not too many vampires left now. All the other vampires have retreated to the back of the warehouse and the ones covering their retreat are now falling back as best they can.


I try to rise to my hooves.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll get up, thanks to the bolstering, and then hurl my shield at one of the stragglers. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


'1d10' try to pin on down.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Gently hug Dreamkicker as he gets up and heal him '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Light my torch and wave it at the vampires.


Cannon fire awaaay!

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 3 = 3


You stand back up like a stronk unicorn.

You stand up and throw you shield, but the vampire is easily able to jump out of the way. Your shield returns to you.

You grab one of the vampires with thick rock claws.

You get distracted by how soft his coat is.

The vampire knocks the torch back in your face. The heat makes you fall backwards.

You brace yourself and fire you cannon at the retreating vampires. One of them is knocked over but it pulls itself back up.

Dreamkicker: 6/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 2/2 Hits 4/4 Wounds
Bessy: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 0/9 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 4/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Andelia: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga: 0/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 4/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Follow up with a Slam, leading with shield. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"Ack! Don't go anywhere granny I'm coming for ya!"
Help Olga up '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I fire a lightning bolt at any that haven't retreated yet.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


[1d3] turns until the vampires are able to reach the back of the warehouse.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I take a potshot at some retreating ones.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Sling an Explosive Shot at them now!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Necromancers, remember your minions.

Everyone, roll to dodge the explosion Bessy caused. No actions this round.

Your clattering armor lets them hear you coming. One of them pick up a large crate of something and throws it at you, but it bounces ff your armor.

You hit the vampire that Bessy shot with her cannon. It stays down this time and none of the others try to help it.

You shoot the one that Dreamkicker hit through the heart. It explodes into dust.

You fumble the explosive shot and end up throwing it into the middle of the party.

Dreamkicker: 6/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 2/2 Hits 4/4 Wounds
Bessy: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 8/9 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 4/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Andelia: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga: 0/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 4/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds



Roll #1 5 = 5


'1d10' to dodge, and '1d10+1' to toss the shield at another fleeing vamp.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


Roll out of the way '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 1 = 1




Me Hornbeard and minion

Roll #1 2, 2, 4 = 8


Both of us, dodge!

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Take aim with the crossbow at anything attacking the crone.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


I mean that I dodge!


Two turns until the vampires escape.

You help Olga up and somehow find the time to heal Bessy.

All of you are hit by the blast, some worse than others.

You nimbly roll away from the explosion.

Dreamkicker: 4/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 2/2 Hits 4/4 Wounds
Bessy: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 6/9 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 2/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 2/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Andelia: 4/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 2/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


I'll try and cut off the escape route, and Slam my way to door they're trying to leave from. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


'1d10+2' give happy horn a remedy.
"Try to keep at least one here."

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Where are the vampires escaping through? Is there anything that I could, say, collapse to stop them from escaping? I use see 'ems to find out.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Try to tackle one down then!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Heal me and pat Pomelo pn the head.
Hornbeard does his best to not get hit
Minion tries to drag back a vampire


Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 4, 6, 1 = 11


"Bessy I think you missed by a tiiiiny bit."
Hop up on Bessy's back and heal her '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Plug them!

Minion helps!


Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 = 4


One turns until the vampires escape.

All you are able to do is catch up to them and bump into one of them. You can see a stairway leading down that they are headed to.

You try to make one while chasing the vampires, but drop it.

They are escaping down a staircase, into a basement, and through a hole in the wall. It looks like there was a bedroom of sorts where they made the hole. There are several tall columns of boxes you could collapse to cut the running vampires off and force a fight.

Never having been trained in the ancient and difficult art of knocking down and pinning an enemy, known to the masters of the art as Suppress, you instead headbutt one and knock it into some boxes.

You try to muster the strength to heal yourself but cannot. Hornbeard dodges what the vampires throw at him, but your minion is incinerated by a vampire unicorn when it gets too close.

You leap up onto Bessy's back and take away her aches and pains.

Your bowstring snaps. You will need to spend a turn replacing it. You minion tries to catch up to the vampires but is too slow.

Dreamkicker: 4/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 2/2 Hits 4/4 Wounds
Bessy: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 6/9 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 2/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 2/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Andelia: 4/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 0/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Headbutt it again! Make sure it's out cold and ain't going anywhere!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Plant myself between them and door, and then shift shape '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"They're gettin' away!"
Try to hit one in the back legs with a cheap shot '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


'1d10' help stop a vampire.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Throw my staff at a vampire in a last-ditch attempt.
Hornbeard stays down

Roll #1 5 = 5


I zap the bottom of a column of boxes with a magic bolt (no lightning – don't want to cause a fire!) and try to knock it over.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Oh mealworms.
…Throw an arrow at them! Minion dogpiles!

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Hornbeard isn't Helpless.


He jumps at one vampire then

Roll #1 4 = 4


Moving to new thread.

You crush it up against the side of the box again and hear a few things snap.

You shift into your werform, but are still unable to place yourself between the fleeing vampires and the staircase they are going to. You are able to nip at one of their rumps, however.

You very nearly are able to catch up to one, but at the last minute notice it is a mare. Fearing what vampire girl germs may do you back off and let her flee.

Wooden spikes shoot out of a crate and skewer a vampire, turning it into dust.

Your staff misses the fleeing vampires.

He cannot catch up.

You throw an arrow like a tiny javelin and strike the vampire Bessy is crushing on with it. The vampire turns to dust. You minion runs forwards but gets its head kicked off by a vampire.

The box you hit explodes into dust and sends the wooden tower crashing down. Crafts, jewelry, and boxes spill out in front of the vampires and block them from reaching the stairs.

The two vampires left turn to fight.

Dreamkicker: 4/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 2/2 Hits 4/4 Wounds
Bessy: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Brutus: 6/9 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 2/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 0/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Andelia: 4/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Olga's minion: 0/5 Hits 0/0 Wounds
Hornbeard: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Doesn't minion crumble into dust?
Quickly heal Hornbeard while he protects me.

Roll #1 4, 9 = 13


Maul one of the remaining vampires. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


'1d10+2' try to make a natural remedy for Happy horn.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


>but your minion is incinerated by a vampire unicorn when it gets too close


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